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The Review Mar 1, 1917

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.M4NHMMMHI IM********** *���***,������++���**���*
Can not lie done uny 1 titter, nml
not tinitii an well anywhere elan
here-bouta, Our tyno and mnoliln.
ery in oomplet. anil Tha Review
prlooa wn right
Classified Ads.
Mnke yi.nr little Wouta known
llu. ugh it Clo-aitled Advertl emenl
in The llevlew   -   *  -   l'hone 5,9
��.���*���� ��.*....*.
����������*�������--+......��....���. ���*���*�����'
VOL. 5
Auction  Sale
The Milligan Ranch, Lower Road, Sandwick
2 Miles from Courtenay, on
Saturday,  March 3rd,   1917
at 2 o'clock prompt
27 Dairy Cows and Heifers, Holstein Bull
Team of Morses, Agod ." and 7 years, weight aboul
1350 pounds i-ucli.   Grand workers
Full particulars and termss from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Phone 43
The quality of
is not strained
It is wonderfully improved if
made in an
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Local Lines
Hoys' suits si/.'.- 2,* tti 30, at cost,'
at Moore's, Coumx.
Born���On Feb 2^th, to Mr, and
Mrs. I''. G. McMullen, a son.
Mrs. (I. 0. Callin ami dau'hter
Marjorie left for Vancouver on
Mrs, W, Grieve,   Missss  Stella
Hrrkl.v an I Pearl Semple   left for
I Viin.-iuver mi Sunday's bout,
A sleigh load of young people
from this district atteuded the
dunce at Cumberland on Friday
evening last, 1
A sleighing;   party   look   palce I
from Courtenay 011 Saturday evening to   Mr.   Win.   Grieve    Upper|
Rodn,   wi*ere   a   most   enjoyable
evening was speul.
The whist drive and dance which
was so successfully carried out was
given by tlu- ladies of the Buying
unci Packing committee ofthd Red
j Cross.
Children's aud Missis stockings
in great variety and prices at Silt-
Mr. Wi Smith of little River has
1 purchased two   thoroughbred   and
one grade holstein cows  from   the
j Fraser Valley.   They   arrived   on
'. the Clansman on Monday.
Mr. J. H. McConnel of Vancouver, ex-editor of the Sun, and Mr.
Hurd, an old time newspaperman
of Victoria, were in town 011 Friday and were Cillers at the Review
'office. Mr. MeConnel is doing
''special" work for the province,
add Mr. Hind was here looking
into the "new" paper proposition.
Wm. Douglas will call for seed
orders at Happy Valley, No delivery charges.
Ladies' rubbers at 60c at Moore's
Left at this office--A leather halter with rope attached. Owner can
have same by ca'ling for it.
Go to McBryde's for quality
Notice���If you have any copper
j Brass, zinc, lead, rags, bags feath-
|eis, rubber, write to the Canadian
Junk Co., 509 Johnston St. Victoria, B, C, ..,....;   . ..... I
Strayed away from A, Ibbotson's
place, Happv Valley���Dark Jersey Heifer, one jear old.
Axes, wedges and sledges at
wholesale prices at Moore's.
i Lost���Ladies purse bag, purple
i leather, between Little River Road
land Courtenay, 011 Feb. 8U1.    Fin
der please return to Miss Game, or
Review office.
Sutton's seeds are RELIABLE
and it always Pays to get the best.
Write for catalogue. F. R, F.
Biseoe. Comox P, O, Also agent
for Layritz Nurseries, All stock
propagated near Victoria, and acclimatized to Vancourer Island,
Seed wheat for sa'e, blue stem.
J. L, McGirr, Roy-ton, B. C.
Wood For Sale-$4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done. L.
Alexander, Courtenay.
Safety First
Go to
For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
T. D. Smith this week soid a
young thoroughbred Jersey bull to
a farmer on Denman Island for the
handsome sum of $100.
Mr. Tims. Hudson has donated
a 2-lo egg inbubstor to the Lazo
Red Cross, to be drawn for. Tick
ets 25c each, on sale at Shepherd's
A. B Ball's and the Lazo stoic,
The fishermen have have had
one of the best season's sport for
many yens during the past few
weeks, Tiie trout in the river ate
very plentiful mid some good catches are made every fine day. Until a few days ago Coiin Campbell
held the reco'd with 17 beauties ill
an afternoon, but two Cumberland
anglers came down and got 50 between them in about two hours,
none less llian hal. a pound. Last
Wednesday afternoon week, over
a hundred were taken at the bend
while the tide was turning,
Anglican Church Notes
2nd Sunday in Lent,   March  4.
11 a m Matins and Sermon at
Andrew's, Sandwick.
3 p 111 Sunday School, Sl, John's
7 p m Evensong and Sermon at
Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
7,30 p 111 Evensong and sermon
St, Mary's Grantham
A service of intercession with a
short address will bc held during
the st-nson. of Lent nt St. Peter's,
Comox on Thursdays and at St,
John's Courtenay. on Fridays at
7,30 p in.
Children's ami Misses  stockings
in great variety and prices -il  Sut
A splendid team of horses will
be included iu the sale at Milligan's
ranch on Saturday afternoon.
Yesterday Mr. J- McPhee's long
; term as postmaster came to an end
land Poddy Perrott was ilistalleo in
his stead,    M- Whitney,   who established a newspaper in 189*1 was
] appointed tlie 1'frst postmaster about
I thut time.    Iin 1894-he   resigned,
and Mr. McPhee   was  appointee,
and has served continuously   ever
since���for twenty-tnret* years, near
I ly a quarter of a Century.     I'm.;:.
that time   Courtenay   has   grown
from a struggling hamlet of half a
dozen houses or so to a   fair  sized
incorporated cil v, and no man li is
watched it grow with keener interest than Mi;. McPhee-
A very successful whist drive-
was held at the home of Mr. and
Mts. F. Swan on Thursday even-
ng. The proceeds amounting lo
$1,. 50 will devoted to procuring
seats and lights for the plibbc ha!l
The winners at whist were Mrs '.-;
Parkin and Miss Palgrave, while
J Blackburn and A Blackburn c��r-
ied off the honors for the gentlemen
On Tuesday evenh-.-r a card party
was held at the home or Mr C, I-'
Jackson in aid of the Red Cross.
Whist and other games were indulged in. tiie honors in whist falling to Mrs. Hogg anil Mrs Ploy-
art for the ladies, and 1". Swan and
Charles Woods for tlie gentlemen..
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Bestrand cheapest b. :���d in the district
14 Loaves  for $1, 7 for 50 cts,    for 30cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
Tlie baker of Better Bread
Opposite tlie citv hall
No Rubbing
No Alkali
Standing one day at my washtub
I was weary and ill at ease
Ily lingers sore with rubbing,
Anil a*trembling in my knees.
1 know not what I was dreaming
Or what I was thinking then,
But I heard tlie voic; of mv neighbors 13
"Why uon't you use WASHCMJAN?" '
Since then it has  brought to  my home-
A peace and a love'y calm
For I boil my.clothes with WASHCliEAN
And I feel like singing a psalm.
I have bought and I use it daily
For my lace and collars line,
And by 9 o'clock in tbe morning
My clothes ire out on the line.
It may be that some day my Grocer
Will tempt me with something akin
But I'll never buy anything Irom him
Unless lean get WASHCI.KAN,
Cold Medal
Grand Prize
No Acid
Two Dipn :
No Injury to
Three Weeks'
Have It
Have It
Chas. Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
has just received a consignment of
suitable for Wedding  presents.   Wedding rings
always in stock at
l  t ��� flU-MWi THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
Conserve Modesty
Of course, when the ��� osl - I leather
Is soaring out of sight, that is Ibe
time when the butterflies of fashion
dictate a shoe reaching lialt way to
the knee. Better lengthen their
dresses, Patriotism and modesty will
fcotb be conserved then l-', Man..
ilion Spectator.
Ultnictlri, Man.
"I lllili- OIK PILLS are tli��
Biiest tilings fur Hit) Kuliittyn.
When lirst I enmo lo Camilla 1
differed with dreadful ruins la
-iv back, Hint in.ilo nm qutto UU
A friend save luo nix trf your
and after I had taken one done I
felt lctts pain. I then gut myself
n box and before half of It wa_
Ifone I had lost all the backache.
"If any one tells me what a
pain they have in their back I
���ay 'You Bhould try Gin Fills.'
Mrs, 3. Plckrcll."
All druggists sell  Qiu Fills at
SOc. a box, or 0 boxes for $2,DO.
Sample  freo If you  write to
Toronto, Out. TT
The Squire's
WARD. I.OCK t,C_.U_1_t
i /������������,������*  Ms-Hmutbc, ud I or-x._��
She turned about and wrut i;i,
closing the door behind her, and the
Squire went on his way, wondering
about Mrs. Bartlclt's mystery antl
the sorrowful story that wa'; apparently hers.
CHAT 11- R IV. ...-'J '111-. COUNTRY
Hilary Strangways was .it Silver-
lliornc Manor for ilu- Easter vacation, He had just gol inlo the lr.O.,
and was finding London o reraarl;
ably pleasant place. 'J'hc chimney-
piece of Iiis sitting-room in '.be liiile
flat in Jerinyii Street held a considerable number of invitation cards.
Hilary, at presenl, bad not learned
to distrust his world, and Had not
considered why be should be so murli
in demand: else lie might have discov--
cred that lie was run after to some
extent because people were i.a.��ing
that since Mr. Mcyrick bad not married he was little likely to marry
now; so that Hilary was coming
more and more to bc accepted as llic
heir to SilvcrthornC Manor and thc
snug rent-roll that went with it.
Hilary might have a very gay lilac
in London, but it had not spoilt him.
Indeed, he had been popular all his
days without getting spoilt, ile bad
been a placid yet rowdy and merry
ebilil, adored hy the servants and dependents generally; hc bad been an
ideal schoolboy, playing tlie [;aiiic always, and with a radiant good humor
lhat carried him tlirougli all his
scrapes. No one could long resist
his liirned-up nose and the appeal oi
bis clean, bright face, lie exuded
happiness wherever he went, and he
was correspondingly loved. At the
early .dances which he had attended
in the weeks between Christmas and
Lent, he bad danced indcfatigably,
wilh a delight in the dancing for its
own sake; had diffused agrccablcness
wherever hc went; had made many a
wallflower happy; had pressed many
hands, and looked into many eyes
with a roguish kindness which    prc-
"I should like a little dog; if I got
him young enough, he wouldn't quarrel with the pussy. He'd let me
know when people wcrc coining. I
shall be too hard at work to ke:p
looking from behind the curtains.''
Hc remembered the sense he had
had while lie wailetl at the door of
being observed, of having eyes upon
"I shall send or bring you a pu.OV.
They are Abcrdeens, very faithful to
their owner, indifferent to the rest of
the world. Don't lct the cat scratch
him "
"She's a young thing yet. They'll
be company for each other. Oh, sir,
1 don't know how to thank you.
Your Aberdeen sounds good; faithful to onc; indifferent to all the -est.
1 shall be like a queen."
She went with him to the door,
remembering that she had not thanked him -for this and that thing. Mis.
Brown bad equipped the lodge as for
one of tlie reduced ladies, putting
into the cupboards and the pantry all
that would be needed. The coal cellar was stocked. She had plenty of
everything to go on with. Presently
lhe would find her own supplies.
"What's out there, sir?" she asked
of thc Stpiire, indicating tbe high
wall, with the cluvaux dc disc of
���harp glass a lop.
"Thc village���-Silverdale."
"1 thought il was a village by the
noise. It made mc (eel happy lo hear
it���with lhc wall between.
The Squire frowned upwards disapprovingly.
"li is rathe, a wicked wall," he
laid, "I .'in not responsible for 't.
I bate that glpss. It was there before my time, Silverdale boys were
fond of apples, like Other boys. Vi
the wav, I was nboul to have a wic-
k.i niad.' In tin' wall, Vou could
keep it linked if you liked. 11 would
br io much easier for your -hopping
and so much less lonely."
"Oh, for heaven's sake, sir, no wicket," she said. "It would spoil everything.    I love lhal 'wall."
Thc Squire laughed at llic intensity of the speech. There was something about ihc woman���something
pleasant which made l.i ill forget tlle
scarred face when be was not looking at il. She had femininity, the
thing, lacking which, many a pretty
woman is no more than a scentless
flower, without honey for the bees.
"Very well, then," he said; "there
shall hc no wicket, You will have to
go nearly a mile to the lodge-gates,
kcepine along ihe shrubbery path by
thc wall, There is a little* shop close
by llie lodge gates, Mrs. Chitty's.
She can supply you with most Ihings
you will waul, without going to the
"Oil,  thank  you,  sir.     Think  that
you have made a poor creature very I
happy.     lio   you   sec   the   patch      ofl
snowdrops, sir, coining up under that
apple-tree?     I  was  thinking just be-|
fore you ramc of all the things thai
would be coming up in  the spring.
It is a .long time since I have had a
Spring in the counlry before. It Oflly
my little girl had lived, sir I"
W.     N.     U.     1143
Depends Upon
Healthy Babies
Properlg reared children grow
up to be strong, healthy
Many diseases to which children arc su.ceptible, first indicate
their presence in the bowels,
the careful mother should
watch lier chiltl's bowel movements and use
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
It is a corrective for diarrhoea,
colic and other ailments to which
children are subject especially
during the teething period.
It is absolutely non-narcotic
and contains neither opium,
morphine nor any of their derivatives.
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Makes Cheerful,
Chubby Children
Soothes the fretting child during
thc trying period of its develop- \
ment  and thus  gives  rest and
relief to both child and mother.
Buy a bottle today
���nd keep it handy
Slid hy all druggists in Canada end
throughout thc tixrld
vented -&iy harm being done. Altogether Hilary was thc good guest to
many a hostess in trouble about hor
dancing men. Thc season was likely
to alTortl him more gaieties than he
would know what to do wilh; for
he found it difficult to say "No" lo
au invitation from a woman.
lie came back to Silverlhorne, as
lie had conic back lo it from Eton
for all tfiose happy summer vacations.
He bad been lhc Squire's own boy
since he was tighl years old; when
his parents, who had sent him home
from India three years previously,
hail been drowned by lhe bursting oft
a dam, which had elided everything
for tlicin at the moment when they
wcrc gelling ready for lhe visit home
lo which they had been looking forward with a passionate anticipation,
Like the Eton boy, Hilary hail been
all round lhc house and llie gardens
before he was many hours at home.
He had talked with everyone���kissed Mrs, Brown while he reminded
her of various misdeeds ol bis boyhood; whisked Caroline, the cook,
who was gelling very shorl of breath
and rather cranky, iulo a wild dance
round the kitchen; picked thc best
camellia in the hothouses for his bul-
ton-hole, while oltl Siilton, lhe head
gardener, who though! Silverlhorne
gardens antl all they possessed his
exclusive properly, smiled sourly, yet
The house was always different
when Hilary came home. He was
incorrigibly boyish aiul school-boyish. \Vhilc Hilary was away, life
seemed somewhat suspended at the
Manor House. The Sriuirc had all
the occupations of a country gentle-'
man. Hc sat on various boards mil
benches, Hc was a churchwarden,
lie shot and hunted, and did the other things oilier men of his class did,
even if he did them somewhat languidly to his inner consciousness.
From bis long devotion lo a rick mother he had learnt a way of going
through life soft-foot. And the companionship of a gentle litlle ghost
like Mary Champncys, with her spiritual eyes, ber cloudy hair, iier wistful smile, told for quietness. Wherefore the servants were wont to complain that you never could lell whether the master was in lhc house or
out of it; Brady, the Irish groom,
would say from time lo lime tl-ot
he'd give anything if ihe master'd
cursed him now and again as the old
Colonel used to do at home in Mayo;
and the Irish horse, he felt sure, was
as lonesome as himself for a bit of
strong talking to.
Hilary had beard all about lhe accident in detail, and about Mrs. Bartlett and hc.r occupation of the old
lodge. Hc was insatiable for nn>\s
of everybody. When it came to the
Souths���Margaret had not answered
his last letter, hc complained ��� the
Squire's brows took a line of pain
and bewilderment. After a lull the
talk about Lady South had broken,
out again, and worse than before. Tl.e
strange gentleman, Mr. Langton, if I
lhat was his name, had reappeared on
lhe scene, not staying this time, bul
coming for a few hours at a time, lie
and Lady South had been r.ecn together, walking and talking in 'ittle-
frcqucntcd places, with Margaret
somewhere not very far off, keepi' u
There were so few strangers at Silverdale that everyone was agog to
know all about one when he appeared. Lady South's visitor was a person not to be forgotten once seen���
tall and dark, clean-shaven, distinguished, with a somewhat worn,
handsome face. The Squire hati
come upon him and Lady Soulh once
in the woods, and she bad introduced him nervously; there bail been a
perceptible pause before the name,
They bad spoken a few words, and
llie Squire had gone on, leaving the
two silling on the seat ;by thc pond,
in tht damp of thc winter day, Lady
South's delicate skirts trailing in the
sudden leaves and wet grass. She
..ad looked miserable, poor thing,
with blue shadows about her lips, he
eyes bright and feverish, a liccli..
spot in her cheek that spoke of pain.
They hail been debating something
eagerly when lhe Stpiire appeared,
lhc man apparently pleading, llic woman looking down immovable a! lhe
dead leaves under her pretty shoes.
The Squire was almost certain _s
he moved away that Margaret eluded
him, gliding quickly down a gamekeeper's path through the thick undergrowth. He might have becn
sure If he had wished; bul he had not
wished; he had walked away wilh a
trouble in his heart. Was the poor
thing being pushed ovcr thc precipice
by.thc brutality of her wicked old
htfsband? and was?���ah, no, it wis
beyond thinking that Lady South
could involve her young daughter in
anything questionable. When lie
thought of Margar.et's clear eyes be
said lo himself that no matter how
things looked, he must believe that
there was a sufficient and an innocent
(To Bc Continued.)
Unfamiliar Uses for Wood
Science Is Constantly Finding   New
Uses for Wood Products
In addition to the ordinary uses oi
wood with which we arc familiar,
mankind is dependent upon lhe forest for u variety of products whose
appearance does not indicate their
origin, say members of the Federal
Forest Service, -iiiin.ei-ous as these
product! are, and a.s extensive .is is
llieir use at the present time, science
is constantly learning new constituents which enter into the make-up ol
wood and is lindiug new uses to
which these constituents and those
already  known can bc  put,
Charcoal, as everyone    knows,    is
essential for the manufacture of black
powder. All ol 111" acetone used as a
solvent iu making nitrocellulose powders is derived from acetic acid, a
product of hard-wood distillation,
Great Britain, it is said, is dependent
upon tlie United Slates for acetone
used in making cordite, Black walnut is a standard for gunstocks, and
has been so much iu demand for the
pasl two years lhat our supply uf this
valuable wood has been considerably
reduced and other woods, notably
birch, are being substituted. From.
Europe comes the complaint that
there is a shortage of willow for
making wooden legs. I
By converting cellulose, one oi the
elements of wood, into a gelatinous
material, known as viscose, a wide
field is opened up for the ulilizalion
of wood waste, and a new line tif
products, varying all thc way irom
sausage casings lo tapestry, is added
to the. already lengthy list. Many oi
the so-called "silk" socks, neckties.
and fancy braids now on the market j
contain artificial silk made flora
���About nine-tenths of. all lhe paper I
we use is made from wood,   .
Pa Has His Doubts
He: Ihu you say yourself that yciir
father is anxious to get you olf Iiis
She: Yes; that's why 1 don't think
he'll listen to you.
Summerf-llow Statistics
Taking 100 as the area under .liui-
mcrfallow last year, the amount of
land under summcrfallow in Manitoba
in 1916 was 10-1, in Saskatchewan 103,
and in Alberta 90, Thc figures for
1915 wcrc 77, 71 and 74 respectively.
There will obviously bc a great deal
more land in cultivation in Western
Canada in 1917 than in 1916.
"I wrote this poem to kill iiuie."
"Well, you may bc sure lhat time
will have revenge and kill thc poem."
The highly orgiuiined, finely strung
nervous lyBtom of women subject- them
to terrors of nervous apprehension wbii-.li
no man am ever appreciate
The peace of mind, the mental pone
anil calmness under difficulties, which
aro necessiiry for happy womanhood, nr*
nnly pussihlo when the sensitive- or nanism
is in n perfectly healthy condition. If
there be any derangement in this respect
no remedy in tho world so completely restores womanly health as the wonderful
"Favorito Prescription" invented by Dr.
It. V. Pierce.
Chatham, Ont.���"A few years ago I
Buffered a general break-down and got
very weak and thin. 1 was in an awful
state. I was very much discouraged and
at times thought I would lose my mind.
I knew of Dr. Pierce's medicine* so I got
his 'Favorite Prescription.' It gave m*
immediate relief, and completely cured
mo in a very short time. My sister used
it with good results also. Sho was in ft
very delicate condition. I got her to
take it and two bottles cured her com*
"I take ercal pleasure in recommending
Dr. Pierce s medicines; they are all that
is recommended of them."���Mas. Margaret Bbtant, 87 Park Ave., Chatham,
Old Gent: 1 hear your son is dig"
playing great ability as a footballer,
Mrs. McLusky.
Mrs. McLusky; Sure, an he's hopin'
to be. picked for next year's team as
onc of the drawbacks.
ept Fit Through
Two Wars
Ontario Sapper Praises Dr. Cassell's Tablets.
That a soldier should use and praise
I>r. Cassell's Tablets is clear pruof of
the wonderful sustaining power of this
great strength-giving medicine. And
thousands .f service
men on and and
soa nro trust ng lo
Dr. Cassell's Tablets
to sustain them
through a!l the
hardships of relentless war.
atltlr.-ss is 800,
is one of ninny who
have written in
prai,*e of Dr. Cas.reli's Tulr-i. ts. He
nays:--" As a constant user of Dr.
C-sae.l'a Tablets t  would like to ndd
my testimony to their -alms. I u>ed
them when I'was in the .South African
War, and, raiding the bein lit of .htm
there, have taken
them since ��he_.
ever 1 felt run-down.
J always recommend
them, for I know;
lhcy do all tint ia
claimed for them.
In my opinion they
are the bet tonio
anyone can take f���r
loss ef appetite,
poorn ef s of tin
blood, or general
weakness of the system. Wc havc hud
a Jut of bard tiruis.
ing hero, nntl soint
time ago 1 began to
feel the (train, hut
I got some Dr. Cassell's Tablets, oni
the boys are surprised at what a
difference they made in me. I mean
to have some with .no alwa/a om
active service."
A Nasty One
She (after a tiff): I presume you
would like your ring back.
Hc: Never mind, keep it. No other
girl I know could use that ring unless she wore it on her thumb.
Dr. Cattail's Tableti put new Uf* and vigour into weak,
vverttrained people. They noarith the nerves, enrich the
blood, strengthen the general tyttem, and create that map
and fitnett which make life a joy. Take a course of them,
and health and vital energy will soon be yourt.       ���
r. Cassell's
On receipt of S
cente to cover
mailing und pock*
ing, a general!
freo lamplu will lur
i e n t at one1.
Address: IlnroM F,
Rilohie A Co.. Ltd..
10, MeCnul-tlreft,
Dr. OaSBell'a Tablets ara Nutritive. RejtOWiW-,  Altorri_��*s\
anil Anti-Siiriniiodic, and llio re-og_i_-_   remedy Tor
Nervous Breakdown     Sleeplessness Malnutrition
Nerve Paralysis Anemia Wasting Diseases
Infantile Weakness     Kidney Trouble      Palpitation
Neurasthenia '  Dyspepsia Vital Exhaustion
Special!,   valuable  for n_r.ing moUiere and durinr Uie
Oritjoal Period- of life.
Sold by Tini .gifts and Btorc.eepcm tbrouRhontOMiafc.
Piioe.s: One  tube. M oenuii nil tubes for tho _��K�� ol live.
Wnr mi. Z cents i��r tube eitra.
Sole Proprietors Or. Cassell'* C... LM��� Manehester, ta*. WEE   REVIKW.   COURTNEY.   B. D.
Boots by the Million
Northampton tho Centre of a Huge
War Industry
No less than $1,6-5,000 worth of
bools a week arc being turned out by
the Northamptonshire factories, who
are supplying not only the British
army with (oolwear, but arc also making boots for the French army ami
navy, the Belgian, Serbian, and llal
Ian armies. Many curious bools arc
being turned out by the Northampton factories, 'there is a thigh boot
lor sailors in which he can almost
���oat; short-fooled boots for Ouik-
has; sandals lor West African soldiers; special boots for thc Flying
Corps; anil last, but not least, mosquito boots for the soldiers fighting
in tropical countries',
Akin to the British
Interesting Conclusions Drawn Prom
Tracing French Ancestry
Thoughtful drivers into Canadian
history have drawn attention to lhe
fact that the French of Lower Canada arc more akin lo ourselves than
we have been accustomed lo suppupc.
Their ancestors came  from  Itrillauy
and Normandy. The Bretons are
brothers to the Celtic, Irish, Ihc
Welsh and lhc Highland Scottish.
The Normans were yf Scandinavian
blood, ami essentially identical with
the Northmen who scourged England under the name of Danes, occupied that par: of France from which
Came William the Conqueror and his
retinue, and even adventured Into the
Mediterranean as far as Sicily. It
would bc difficult, therefore, to say
whether the early explorers and scl-
tlers along thc St. Lawrence in the
ilavs ol Ihe limn lions were more ty.'-
cal Frenchmen���mercurial ami nda*
tile���-Ihan they were typical Britons
���daring, patient, plodding and physically prolific, -Hamilton Spectator,
The winter sensoh is a hard one on
thc baby. He is more or less confined to stuffy, badly ventilated
rooms. It is so often stormy that the
mother docs not gel him out in the
fresh air as often as she should, lie
estches colds which rack hisssliltlo
iystem; his stomach and bowels get
out of order and be becomes peevish
and cross. To guard against this the
mother should keep a box of Baby's
Own Tablets in the house.   They re-
rulate the stomach and bowels and
reak up colds. They arc sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Ont.
' Rejected
Young Man: I asked, but I received not.
Parson Prim: Then you asked
Young Man (sadly): Yes, I asked a
To Asthma Sufferers.���Dr. J I),
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy comes like
a hilping hand to a sinking swimmer. It gives new life and hope by
curing his trouble���something he has
come to believe impossible. Its benefit is too evident to be questioned���
It is its own best argument���its ov n
best advertisement. If you suffer
from asthma get this time-tried remedy and find help like thousand.-, of
Kiwi) Nml guickty Cured wi ���
Por Hale by All lii-i.lfi.
I>umii.>e A Co   prop's*  Majssiaec. Oat.
Had the Drop
I-'irst Motorist: How many miles
can you go on a gallon?
Second Motorist; How many can
First Motorist; I asked you first.
A Thorough Pill.���To clear the stomach and bowels of impurities and
irritants is necessary when their ac
lion is irregular, The pills that will
do this work thoroughly are Panne-
Ice's Vegetable Pills, which _re mild
in action but mighty in results. Thry
purge painlessly and effectively, and
work a permanent cure. They can be
used without fear by the most delicately constituted, as there arc no
painful effects preceding their gentle
Hard to Say
Passenger; What makes the train
run so slow?
Irate Conductor: If you don't like
it you can get off and walk.
Passenger: 1 would, only I am not
expected until train-time.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
is made in one grade only���the highest. So there is
no danger ol getting "seconds" when you buy
Redpath in the original Cartons or Bags.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it." *
io,!o"n5o5.��_CinooTi.__. Canada Sugar Refining Co., Limited, Montreal.
Wisety Chosen Time
"The. time for good resolution making, that is, just after Christmas, wa��
wisely chosen."
"What do you mean?"
"It's so much easier to bc    good
when you're broke, you know."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,���I ' have used your MINARD'S LINIMENT for the past 25
years, and whilst 1 havc occasionally
used other liniments 1 can safely say
that 1 have never used any equal to
If rubbed between the hands and
inhaled frequently, it will never fail
to cure cold in the head in 24 hours.
It is also thc Best for bruises, sprains,
etc.���Yours truly,
In the Toils
First Hippopotamus: What's the
matter, my dear?
Second Hippo: 1 sometimes wish
you had never been so prosperous. I
simply cannot get a servant to 'urn
on the mud in my batli every morning.���Life.
Profits of London Hotels
A hint of the vast expenditure of
money in London al this lime is given by the annual financial statement
of the Strand antl the Regents Palace
hotels, two quite ordinary English
hostels, by the way. The statement goes on to show that the net
profit for thc year for the two was
no less than $450,000, and that a dividend of seven per cent, was paid on
the preference shares and eleven per
cent, on the common. If any Canadian hotels are doing this sort of a
land office business, we would like to
hear from them. As there are unnumbered thousands of Canadian women hanging around London, it is
safe to say that Canadians havc contributed a goodly share of these profits, and incidentally eaten up a good
many tons of precious food.���Toronto Saturday Night.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Binks: Shafer, do you know lhat
woman across the street?
Shafer: She certainly looks familiar. Let me see. It's my wife's new
dtcss, my daughter's hat and my
mother-in-law's parasol���sure! It's
our cook.���Philadelphia Ledger.
In no mnf�� n*��^**��tf
than Sih4.1|*m j., ' ������t
ea pt r lenc. hti fleo-. .-.-.-���I
the almost miraculous t'.'.r*
Ctcr, nnd harmliffnfi*. nf Antityphoid VKCtnttfOfc
Be vaccinated NOW by youi phyii-'Ua. Y i ni
four family. It U more vital i.-vaii doom lawtfM t*
Ask your Bhflleltti druggist, or if a* fjl   'lia-r-t
Vou baa Typhoid/" telling of Typhou t^rin*
le-ulti frmn u* , ai.J -lancer from .>."...���   -. ��� -._.
MMWUM VACUIU ��� StSHIS* y 1*1*1 .J- a. �������. IXI4U
Cock's Cotton Root rotsjwtriidL
_t **/*, ntieioU rtsi-_sst--4
���I/./-*.,*. Bo.J la tttr��� ***.
frees ot strene'h. So. L
II, No t, 11 No. J. IS
per box. Sold 0y til
dniRifists. or sent yrt-
p.j'i in plain i*i ���*.__��� m
rseclpt ot price .TStl
yarnpliiel. Address:
Ahead of Them AU
A prominent phy-i-i.ur. i.-r    -       -st-
iug the door of his consul-.it-   :,>a*
"Who has b-en waiting longest*-
"I have," spoke up a mail in a Mens*
torian  voice. "I'm  your fiilcr.   I delivered your clothes four wtcI-i iga_*
���Chicago Herald.
No Change
age of sixteen Ale:
Both Easy""~
'It is easy to give advice."
"Yes; .Uo to refrain from lul.ing
At the age of sixteen Alice lonc-s
"Wrought poetic changes iu her name.
She signed herself E. Alysse Jones.
Thus designated she entered a new
school, The head mistress asked her
name. "Alysse Jones," she replied.
"Thank you," said the tearl^ r,
"And how are you spelling J one*
now ?"���Argonau
State sl Ohio, City ef Toledo,
Loess County, ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he ls
senior partner of the firm of P. J. Cheney
ll Co., doing business in the Citv of Toledo,
County snd State aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay the turn ol ONE HUNUBKl)
DOLLARS lor each and every case ol Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use oi
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this  ids  day  of  December,   A.   D.
V686. A. W. GLEASON.
(Seal) Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
���cts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces si the System. Send lor t_stii_o-u_s
P. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, a
Sold by all druggists, . Sc
Hall's Family Pills lor ronnigalisss.
A Pleasant
Healthful Habit
A daily ration of
Grape-Nuts and cream
is a splendid food for
those who want vigor
and energy.
is a concentrated
health-food made from
choice whole wheat and
malted barley. It retains the vilal mineral
elements of the grain so
essential to thorough
nourishment of body
and brain, but lacking
in many other cereal
Every table should
have its daily ration
of Grape-Nuts.
"There's a Reason'
No change in price, quality, or size of package
N.     U.     1143
Keeping Account
A Little Figuring Will Usually Pay
Big Dividends
It has been said that if lead pencils were uncommon things there
would be golden opportunities for
slick-tongucd salesmen to sell them
at a substantial profit on the strcnRlh
of the amount of money which could
be saved by their use. This was never more true than it is today when
everything is so high in price. A
lead pencil judiciously used will show
which crops last year returned the
most for the labor put upon them.
Such information would bc valuable
iu planning this year's work. Lead
pencils have been known to save
years of time which was being spent
in,milking unprofitable cows. A little
figuring mighi show where the purchase, of a new machine would morc
than save its cost in time saved during the rush of a busy season. Before lho lead pencil idea is capitalized why not start of your own accord
to ascertain just how things arc going aud where savings of lime and
money could bc made?���The Practical Farmer.
Holloway's Corn Cure takes thc
corn out by thc roots. Try it, and
prove it.
A Sure Way
A Minnesota man relates that one
afternoon a train on a western railway stoppetl at a small station, when
one of the passengers, in looking
ovcr thc place, found his gaze fixed
upon an interesting sign. Hurrying
to thc side of the conductor, he
eagerly inquired: "Do you think that
I will have time to get a soda before
the train starts?"
"Oh, yes," answered the conducto'r.
"But suppose," suggested the
thirsty passenger, "that the train
should go on without me?"
"We can easily fix that," promptly
replied the conductor. "I will go
along and have one with you." ���
oiKcr Machines \
Autos Endirvcs.etc
our own
We study and admire the machinery luvwitafl
by man, and too ofton overlook and neglect; *_t_J
most marvclloua machine���the human bodr.
To understand and take care of the heart, lunfi
���nd liver; the arteries and veins, the skin, the teeth,
the eyes and all the intricate machinery of the bed;, ia
po small task,
But, unlike any other macliine, the body replace*
Its own wear and waste, and, consequently, th* most
attention required is that which has to do with *._.��
organs ot digestion and excretion.
So long as proper food is supplied for nourishment
and the liver, kidneys and bowels are regular in theuj
wprk of eliminating poisonous waste matter from the)
system, the great majority of human ills are avoided.
In this connection Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pill*
are appreciated on account of their promptness and eft
flcieney In arousing the action of these filtering and|
excretory organs, and thereby removing such d_H
orders as liver complaint, biliousness, constipation,
indigestion, kidney diseaso and backache. With t::-s_
organs in healthful action there is no such thing al
Bright's disease, hardening of the arteries and rheumatism.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one pill a dose, 23
cents a box, all dealers, or Eamanson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Do not be talked into accepting & robstitute.
Imitations disappoint.
'"'������  Liver Pills THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
\   Weelcy   Newspaper,   Puhlshetl  nt
Courteuay, B. 0,
N. II, Hodi'.n, I'ditor and Proprietor
Subscription S1.MI per Vear  iu  Advance
for   piui which
A short time ago we pill"
the mining figure
sliowe I a great advance Upon pre
vi-iii-i years The lumber eul Cor
I.i-i year, we ure glnd to see. evidences the revlv.il in 'I'.i1 Industry
ns tlie following statistics will show
Lumber cut igt<| 966,989,800 ft,
" "   11515    1017 <>o 1.11"' Ft,
" "   it) ii    1 iio8.263,000 ft,
But for labor shortage nnd transportation dilli mlties, Inst year's
figures would have heen even more
pronouttced to show tiut her vnsl
niiiiir.il resources will quickly pull
llritish Coltiiiilii.i up hill nud set the
province upon the level high road,
Thu fortunes of wnr continue to
swing, nnd in ihe direction of the
Alii..,. With Kut-el Annr.i taken
und llie road to Bagdad opened
somewhat, and a great advance upon the Somme front, we can thank
God and take courage. True, llu;
. iss of tiie great Cuiiarder at sea
represents a setback, but the tiki-
111 ltd e/feet upon the war may not
be detrimental. Best of all, the
Itritith nation is getting into n real
patriotic stride, suffering self denial
and restrictions alike, glacllv help,
ing the British Government in
every way, in a word, the British
nation is mobilized for war as a
union Would we could say the
fame of Canada, lint we have
i.niiil unrest tlie world over, wiih
serious tiois iii the State*, (lei nuiuv
and Hull.nul. It will spread to
Canada just as surely as disease unless our provincial nnd federal representatives do more ihui lias so
far been done to protect the people
trom vampires,
A number of our friends (?) have
decided that tliev are going to have
n net lier newspaper In Courteuay to
eulogize themselves whenever tliey
sav anything particularly naiy
about our Conservative friends
Some of these would-be patriots
would be much better employed If
they wcr. at thc business end of a
musket at llie front helping their
King and Country, than lu trying
lo 1 uin the business of tlle Review,
one of the owners ol which lias
donned ihe kuliki niul gone OVef
seas in do what they are too co>
wardly to do for themselves or their
neighbors A fine patriotic bunch I
Tli. niijinity of these millionaire
promoters are indebted lo the Review for various amounts, and we
would lit- glad lo receive their
cheques before the. squander nil
their wealth in search of the pot of
gold at the foot ot the rainbow \ ia
the newspaper route.
Spring Showing
Wash Goods
hi Zephyrs, Ciliighiiiiis, Prints, Per*
.nl   ami  Miien
newest   Spring
If 1917 is to be other ihan a lean
vear for all concerned, the production of foodstuffs must be increased
The reiterated appeals of such men
as the'Ion     Martin   Btirrel,   the
Mayors of Winnipeg,   Vancouver,
and Victoria evidence the  urgency,
-���I the matter.   Ii must not be forgotten that, as soon as peace is secured, food will pour into lhe Ten-,
t-. 11 ic countries, and to a lesser extent into all oilier European slates,
all of whitrli or practically  all, will I
have to be drawn from North  Am- j
erica.     This will   accentuate the
general shortage   that   is   already .
making Itself   felt   rtj.;ht   here   in
Canada.    We can pray   and  worg
I'or a good prairie wheat   crop  this
year but we cannot e.xp.ct a larger
oik-than that of lasl  year,   which
was barelv half that of 1915,    The
best crop to offset the high   cost of
dour is potatoes  which even-  person can grow, and   for   which   as
much as 83 and more a sack is bein,!; i Nearly
paid at the present time in   B    0. | ti,js   Vi
Notes By The Way
The Kaiser has not been bestowing many Iron Crosses lately, and
it i.s said that the reason for this i.s
that he intends to confer the decor*
ntioii upon i----tii 1 ���"���I'mdian uinu-
nates, who iiy iheir holding up of
food pri es are contributing to the
success of the Oenn'ins. A booster of food prices is a good pro-Ger-
111 a n,
The collections of old newspapers
magazines, etc., bv the Victoria
rehnol children in January realized
the sum of $547 for lhe Red Cross.
So much for waste utilization.
It seems ce'tnin lhal lhe German
colonial possesions conquered by
the Allies will be retained when
pence is declared, This is only
right, and especially on account of
the awful atrocities committed by
the Germans iu their mv.i colony
Germ 111 K i-t Africa since llie war
began. They also maltreated -the
white people of llritish blood, including missionaries of the Universities' ami Church Missions}' Societies. There is only one concession lhat might be made to the
Germans, and that is a good sized
coffin ami a free plot solvewhere
away from the civilized world,
[iidln lie.nl, Piques,
Wash Skirts
Piques.   Bedford C
YVn-.li Skills   in llu
Middy Waists
Lubes' nml Misses' Middy Waists,
in Plnlii and Belted Styles, with
Striped Collar nnd Cults in Blue
l'ink nml Mack Stripes, Inst colors.
Also iu nil while.
House Dresses
Two-piece- liiuisi
lerus with fancy
culls, '
Special   value   iu  one piece   house
dresses of- self color cliniulirny, irlni-
mi'il wilh pique ami smocking,
Silk Poplin Underskirts in all shinies
Also Hummer weight women's 1111-
ilcrsUitis iu rill similes.
Dress Goods
lu Shepherd's Pliihls and broken
checks, Tweed Suitings uml Poplins
in nil shades. Voile, and CosltlUlG
Velveteens iu all shades,
Children's Pinafores and Dresses.
Hoys' Muster nnd wnsh suits.
dresses iu neat pat-
muslin collars nud
Men's Dept.
G. & R. Shirts
Men's Besl quality Cambric Shirts
Self-colors, I'micy Stripes nntl lilnck
and white stripes, soft front and
I-'reiich eufT, Men's sport shirts, In
plain collars, also with striped collars in line camhrlc ami silk mixture
Complete I,lues of new Spring
Styles of Invictus, Shoes, " The
llcst Good S'uiie for Men,"
Hats and Caps
Newest Spring styles in Men's and
Hoys' P'til Mats In all tlle leading
Shapes ami -hades. Men's Tweed
Cups in Checks and Plaids and Novelty Sport |'i Herns.
A Complete Stock of Men's and
boys' Srindfortl's Rendy-to-Wear
ClotMng at popular price;.
New Spring samples of Campbell's
Made* lo-Measure Clothing, Style
and Pit Guaranteed,
It is even suggested tint the parks
iu Canadian cities shall be broken
up for cultivation a.s iu the Old;
Country, It has beeu suggested!
and we repeat it for the serious
consideration of onr city fathers
(win have done nothing to stimu. j
late cultivation) that municipalities
levy a super tax on all uncultivated
lots. The people have got to help
themselves, for there i.s no salvation
coming from politicians in the direction of reducing tlu high cost of
living, and we are therefore at the
mercy of war conditions plus the
toll enacted by unscrupulous spectators, who donate a small pirt of
thrjir profits to charity, a larger
portion to the campaign fund ot
their political friends an I destroy
what is left of their svil with the
rest.    This is what is causing u.it-
Many app opii.it.ions for  the im-
proven ent of the K. and   N,   track
have been made by   lhe   company.
j*l,.o,000 will   be   spent    ill
ay,   a   substantial   amount
going to the Port Alberni   branch,
W. J. Kerr, who a few years ago
was very prominent in Real Estate
speculation in Vancouver and t
V nisei Valley i.s reported to ha
died recently in a Winnipeg hospital. Mr, Kerr was one of the
greatest boomsters in the west in
the palmy days some five or six
years ago. He was a great user
of newspaper advertising space,
and frequently carried 2 page ads
iu the Vancouver dailies. Many
men who came west with money
put it into Mr. Kerr's schemes, and
witii the inevitable result���lost it
"See that maii Kerr" was his motto, 'Curse that man Kerr" is tbe
slogan of his victims There are
others of Ins ilk still loose in Vancouver wlio could Well be spared.
[.p this Thought
s Ibermost
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni
From   Vi-toria���9.00   Tuesday,     Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni,   and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10
For information regarding your trip to Eastern  Canada.
United States, or Europe, please communicate With
in your mind���it's only five
weeks until Easter, and men
must have new "togs." It's
up to yon to call and see the
new samples I am showing. I
make for the most particular
men in Courtenay and district,
If twenty-five dollars is all you
want to spend on a suit, I cau
do it for you. Any price up
lo fifty.
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Hay Road
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach  &  Field
Phone R 60
Afeat Courlcujr, Plume R60
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepared to make cider
every day. Bring your apples aud
cider vessels.
. inal %mm
Vi���   li. 1 sSt_R_B
(let a sack now���try it-
Mark���the Circle "V"
"^      ROYAL
��� makes ihose great big, wholesome
loans of bread ���- those delicious
buns and biscuits that appeal to
every member of a household,
nnd prove it-     Look   for the Trade
-on every sack.   Vour grocer sells it,
Crown and   Bridge Work
Painless Extraction
Fees Moderate ���*���     All Work Guaranteed
Office Open Tuesday, January 9th
Touring $495 ;   Runabout $475
F. O. B, Ford, Ont.
E. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch, Motor Cycle,  Gas  Engine and
Bicycle Supplies,   Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
Speak Easily and Directly
Into the Telephone
Even telephone men ol long experience are surprised at the greater voice distinctness when speaking directly into lhe telephone, When
you sneak directly into the telephone, a lower tone ol voice can be used
and your friend can hear easily.
Moreover, when you speak lower, the actual tone qualities ol your
voice are transmitted. When you speak loudly you unconsciously
adopt an unnatural tone of voice, with the result that much of that
intimacy that should he associated with face-to-face talk is lost.
A close position to the telephone means easy talking ami easy
British   Columbia  Telephone Co.
Love and reason are seldom on
speaking terms.
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
Sinless Soles Attached GRAND DISPLAY
Speechless Tongues inserted , at
Willard s Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
-   Pipes,
Sw-ri'a ?W Stand, Ccu-*tev._y
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   Leading Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard  will Be  in this city   about
Oct.     1.     Leave orders  at this  Office,
or write direct to
845 'Mb Ave,, W.
Ihose who, from time to time, have funds requiring
investment may purchase
'   Principal repayable 1st Octobor, 1919.
lntoro8t payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st Octobor by cheque (froe of exchange at
any cliartored Bank in Canada) at tho rate of fivo por cent per annum from tho dato of
Holders of this stock will havo tho prlvllono of surrendering at par and accruod Interest,
as tho oquivalent of cash, In payment of any nllotmont mado undor any future war loan Issuo
In Canada other than an issuo of Troasury Bills or other liko short dato security.
Procoods of this stock aro for war purposos only.
A commission of ono-quartiir of ono per cent will bo allowed to rocognizod bond and
stock brokers on allotments mado in rospoct of applications for this stock which boar their
For application forms apply to tho Doputy Minlstor of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7lll, 1310.
^jas*ys^*3!f^ssss*^Kssmmasii^'^:~_.___.;. ���..'. \
Designed this year it will ornament and enhance tho
good appearance of the tidiest kitchen in all Canada.
Come in and I'll show you why the Kootenay rtays as
good as new long after other ranges have to be repaired
or replaced. _����
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
,   .   ,       Presbyterian Church
Extracts Irom   lhe   Meteorlogical
Register, Lazo Station, Comox, B, St. Andrews' Sandwick
C., H, W. Bayley, Observer, Service 2 p.m.     Sunday S.hool
For week emliua; Feb 19, 1-117.    ' aud Bible Class ." p. in.
Max, Min, Courtenav
Feb, 1..
" 14
" 15
" ifi
" 17
"��� is
Feb. 15
.,    IQ
Snowfall   Feb, iK      4 00in
Total prcipitatioi, 1.01 in,
Total bright-sunshine 15 hrs,
1 *>
"    J".��
0,.- iu
o,35 '���������
36.5 I    Sunday School and  Ilibl. Gas
,-.6.0' 10:30 a. 111.    Evening service 7:30
..70  p. in. All welcome
31. o 1  _.	
^"theed pearse
Barrister and Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6
AN. ��, 1917
���fe . .-.. *i._._i^iife_|g_*___a_g_j__^__
"Produce moreii' 1317** -Hon. Martin Burrell, Dominion Minister of Finance.
WH are ext.n.in - oiir already extensive field need business for
1917. It is the desire of tiie Canadian Government thai the
people produce as much as possible during the ensuing year,
and we are arranging with the lending dealers throughout British
Columbia and Alberta to carry a complete line of ROYAI.,
STANDARD FIELD SEEDS. These seeds are the choicest it is
possible to secure in tlle World's Markets. They are Government
inspected and carefully selected for purity.
Seeds should be purchased early as prices inevitably advance as
the Season progresses. In all probability the market will be short
and it will be difficult later in the year to make purchases.
Order ROYAL STANDARD Field Seeds NOW. If your dealer
cannot supply you write us and we will ship to vou direct,
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.
Onuof the new M, P. P's from
the Upper country has a scheme in
his mind to amend tlie Municipal
Act so ns to give village charters
to small hamlets, instead of >-'ii.
charters as lit present. Let us hope
that he gets his amendment through
retro-active, so that Courtenay may
come under it. Our citizens would
be saved a large amount in taxes
each year
Letter to the Editor
Editor Courtehay Review
Is it possible, aud are   we to be-'
lieve lhat our government is calling
out men aud sending them   to   the'
front, depending on haphazard con-'
tribtitions for the supply of absolute
necessities?   It   would   appear   so
from the following  clipping   from
the Vancouver World, of the 22nd.
"The supply of socks for the Canadian
troops lias fallen off fifty per cent, Urgent appeals from llle iliff'-it-ut Bocletles
ia I'ligliuid are coining to the InciO wo,
men's bodies asking lhat ibis need be
iiu-l al once.
livery woman In Vancouver is asked
(by the daughters ol the Umpire to knit
al least tine pair of box  between   March
5 and In, wliicli will btr regarded assock
These should be delivered at the Imperial Order, Dauglileis of tlle Empire
Depot, 7*6 Dunsmuir St. not later liniii
March 10,
Don'l let our meil suffer for the lack
of warm f oolwear.
Begin knitting NOW."
If tllis i.s the slate of affairs it is
high time that whoever is responsible for it should be railed to account.
Yours truly
II. A. Grant.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cuslne Bx-ellen
Wm. Merrytield
Palaee Livery
Horses and   Buggies fot   Hi-e  *
'refills cash.
VV'e  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Courtenay Phone sj
Wliat kind   of   sweetmeats  did
I beg to-iannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fe^d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
**-v. *��-y*~...**~rw ______
Somebody has been talking about
peace having been declared at the
City Hall, It i.s all a mistake.
Such a state of affairs would be unnatural iu Courtenay, aud besides,
there are worse things in this world
than fighting, and worse men than
soldiers. Look at W. J Bryan and
the Ford car. Take it from us,
Courtenay will never be too proud
to fight. Our citizens are a martial crowd, as witness our fine record of enlistments. The leaders of
the factions have the same respect
for each other as Roosevelt has for
Wilson. Anyway, we've got no
use for quiet times up at the 'all.
Neither have the Alderman. They
are going to import a brand new
second hand plant and a printer,
and make the rest of us sit up and
take notice, Also, at the same
time, they hexpect to get their
printing done a little cheaper than
the regular prices charged at the
Review, M-ybe they will. These
press men are a human lot, aud
take a brotherly interest in the affairs of municipalities. There will
still be some good news pickings,
and one of them at least will not:
iose his power in the community,'
The Blacksmithing Business carried on bv McKenzie & Mooring
has been dissolved. The business
will be carried on in future by the
undersigned, to whom all accounts
are payable. First-Class work is
still the watchword at this shop,J
they have in  the  ark?.
pairs (peat's.)
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up        Pants $7 up
A Chit-ago Austrian has com-'
mitted suicide because he thought
war between Austria and the Unit- j
ed States was inevitable. If other j
Austrains i:i the United States and
Canada would follow the scriptural j
injunction and go and do likewise \
no reasonable fa��lt would be found I
with their high minded purpose,
. SO
2 i
.!-��� mil     ���   :
ii .
." i
Do You
The Courtenav  Review
Family Herald and   Weekly Star
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6
.7 .       Overcoats
Rep tiring, lite.
Gents clothe.*, kept in order by the
month $2.50
Haney   I.  Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenay
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
Would you llfce to en- that terrible Itching, that bui-nlnj pain; to
fceal those horrid cores?
You have trlntl all sorts of fatty
���lntments, lotions and powdera. l'nl
them aside now and r,lvn Nature a
���linii,"i an represented by Zam link.
/am link In Hindi! from herbal BS-
Knees; Is a natural healer. Ih not
���oincthtn . you liaio lo send to tha
end of tho world for, and pay a
heavy prlcol    Every druggist win
���oil you Zam-Buk and for Bflc. only.
Jusl |_lvt) If n fair trial and ini'.l-
lently pIv��� ��� yourself rase by tha
qiiliikonl roule.   Hon natuo on box:������
to feel
Fresh and Fit
���you must keep your stomach well, your liver active,
the bowels regular, and your
blood pure. Your physical
condition depends on thc
health of these organs.
When anything; goes wrong
a few doses of Beecham's Pills
and avoid any serious illness.
They are a fine corrective and
tonic for the system, and a
prent help in mainlaining#good
health. A single box'will
prove the remedial value of
The Highways
Of Ancient Rome
Ancient People Knew the Value of
Good Roads
"The capitals of Syria and Kgypt
held a still auperior rank in the empire; Antioch and Alexandria looked
down with disdain on a erowd of dependent cities. . . . All these cities were connected with each other
and with the capital hy the public
highways which, issuing from the
Forum of Koine, traversed Italy, pervaded ihe provinces and were terminated only hy tin- frontiers of Empire.
. . . The public roads were .icc.u-
ralt-ly divided hy milestones and ran
in a direct lint- from one city lo another and with very lillle respect either of nature or private property.
Mountains were perforated antl bold
arches thrown over the broadest and
most rapid streams, . . . Houses
were everywhere erected at a distance only of live or six miles; rath
of them was constantly provided
wiili forty horses and by the help of
relays, it was easy to I ravel a hundred miles in a day along the Roman
Bronchitis or Tonsilitis
The irritating, tickling cough
affects the lung tissue and
wears down nature's power to
resist disease germs.
On the Move
We ran say this for the
btilir.t -lie is  no  idle
suppresses the cold, allays the inflammation, steadily removes the
Irritation and rebuilds the resistive
power to prevent lung trouble.
SCOTT'S hat done more
for bronchial troubles than
any other one medicine.
It contains no harmful drugs.
Scott & ilowiic, Tuiouto, Oat.     Itv-U)
The World's Age
Scigitiiu  mat  HjJ-tlk.Bu.   All
Are Agreed That This Spin
To have the children sound and
healthy is ihc first true ul a mother.
They cannot he healthy if troubled
with worms. Use Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator,
Largo -1 Sale of Any Medicine in t'ne World.
_oM ever, wltoro,   ln boxes, _dc.
Economy and
;s Matches
Buying llie cheapest
article is often the
poorest economy.
We do not claim to
sell the cheapest
matches, but we do
claim to sell
The Most ci the Best
For the Least
Therefore, always,
everywhere, buy
Germany's Home Production
By stopping Germany's supply of
Chilean nitrates and olhcr fertilizers,
the British navy has brought down
Germany's home production (if potatoes and oilier field crops about 35
per cent. That is, it has caused a
shortage in lhe home production far
bigger than Germany's normal imports of foodstuffs, Without fertil-
i.:r-rs, the farm lands of Germany cultivated for centuries', will not yield
more than average, and the difference
iiivoulpiit is sufficient to bring Germany ultimately to the verge of star--
va tion.���-Mail and Empire.
A Difference
'J here is a curious dilTVrrni-e bc-
tween lln- order issue d by the l.ier-
maii emperor lo his troops anil the
mill i- issued bv General .N'i.-'.llc in his
Frcni h Iroops. Both arc call.* to
further lighting; bill lhc emperor's
order is gloomy in tone and speaks
of new sacrifices ,whll< the French
genci rl *|nah* of brilliant auspices al
lln- beginning of the vear and .ays
1 i*. nu ii will make 1917 a year of victory. Is il a difference of race that
makes ihis difference of tone?-���Buffalo Express.
Are Promptly Cure.   Ey the Use of
.Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
If your hand trembles or is unsteady, it is a sure and early sign
that your nervous system is at fault.
The trouble if not taken in lime will
develop slowly to a worse stage, aud
there is no person more to bc pitied
than one suffering from nervous
trouble. Yuu fed unaccountably
weak after exertion, lose tlesh, turn
against food, and suffer palpitations
antl indigestion after eating. Sometimes sharp pains shoot down your
spine and legs, and often neuralgia
lobs you of your sleep at night.
These are some of the troubles that
indicate lhc presence of nervous disorders. If they are neglected they
resull in a complete nervous collapse,
sometimes in paralysis. Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills have    won a great
| reputation in curing all forms of
nervous diseases. The nervous system depends entirely upon the blood
supply for nourishment, Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills actually increase trie
supply of rich, red blood; feed,
strengthen and tone the nerves, enabling them to perform their functions and dispel all signs of a breakdown. Mrs. II. Wainlott, Beaver
Hank, N.S.i says: "I was sick, run
down and awfully nervous. Thc
slightest noise would startle and annoy mc.    I suffered pains around tire
' ln-art and every particle of color left
my  face and  hands.     I  always  felt
| tired, and slept poorly at niglii. f
was so poorly that my friends
thought 1 would not recover. I tried
in an j medicines, but lhcy did not
help mc. 'Ihen 1 read of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and decided to drop
jail other medicine and try t'lir-in. It
was fortunate 1 did, for in lhe course
of a few weeks 1 found Ihem helping
me. 1 continued taking the pills f0r
some weeks longer and they roin-
pletely cured mc. 1 earnestly advise
every v.cal; woman ant. girl to give
Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills a fair Irial,
and 1 am sure they will nul bt dis
Vou tan get these pills tlirougli
any medicine dealer or by mail al
50 cm- a box, or si\- boxes for $2,50
from '1 In- Dr, Williams' Mcdicfue
Co., Brockvillc, nm.
Fact versus Fancy
Showing How a Policy of Pacifism
Does Not Always Ensure
The Conservator, edited by Horace
Traiihe), biographer of Whitman and
saluted by Debs as the master pacifist of the counlry, quotes the following from Emerson: "Whenever
we see lhc doctrine of peace embraced by a nation wc may be sure il will
be one width has a friend in the bottom of the hearl of every man, even
to the violent and the basc; one against which no weapon can prosper."
And Belgium, Quaker among nations, adopted lhis doctrine, dedicating herself and being dedicated to
perpetual peace. She was to assail
no one and never to bc assailed. She
was Irue to her high faith, yet she
is lhc most devastated and desolated
of nations, her women .outraged, her
men led inlo slavery, Iter churches
and art monuments levelled, her
nourishing industries destroyed. No
weapon able to prosper against her?
Would it wcrc so.
Words beautifully allocated arc
pleasing to the car, but when thev
do not accord with fact Iheir ar
rangeinent is a vain exercise, I'd
giuni may have a friend at the *noi-
tom ed the German heart, but not at
lhc apex of the German list. She applied pacifism to her national life to
find that no matter how flawless is
the conduct of lhe lamb lhe wolf slill
holds his appetite, which cites liim a
right lo tear and consume. Anyone
wauling lo t|iitiii- bauersoil siiu.jtl
draw lexis from his Concorl hymn,
when he eulogized the embattled farmers who fired the shot heard round
lhc world, rather ihan from tne
dreaming:! of his genius, which saitl
what hc didn't mean.���From lhe. Yew
York Globe and.Commercial Advertiser.
greed Tbat This Sphere
Is Somewhat Ancient
Science hat becn making the nge
of the world 200,000,000 years, more
or icss. But the latest scientific calculation is 1,000,000,000 years. This
great difference of time arises from
the difference of methods of calculation. The first-named period 'S
reached through geological estimates,
founded on sedimentation and stratum formation,
The longer period is reached
through thc retroactive effects of
uranium and its related elements. It
has taken all this time for uranium
to produce crystallization which
possesses creative force. The longer
period is the estimate of chemistry,
the shorter period, of geology, but as
llicrc is no geology  without chcinis- ...
try, the scientific world is turning to       ders and knees.   Hut here's nn
uranium   as   the   controlling  clement I old friend lhal soon drives oul the pains
iu the building of lhe earth, and lhe and ntrhes.
period -of ils retroactive agency con       Slonn'i Liniment Is io easy lo apply, no
Stltutes the age of the earth.    From fubblnfl al all, il links right in and fines
in allium  ue gel  radium, thr mantel Ihe pnin.  Gleaner th��o nusty plasters nnd
force of all change.    As radium was ointment!-  Try il for |(ou(, luuibiijjo, ncu-
only discovered in 1888, there is plen- rattfln, hruiici and Ipraldl,
ty of time left in which to find how     Al your druggist, 25c. 50c. and $1.00.
old we Eye.���Columbia, Ohio, fournal.
Inventions By Women
Among the war inventions is a
combination glove and mitten, When
thc soldier desires to use his fingers
the glove can be pulled back to form
lhe mitten, Another is a collapsible
bedstead, which can be carried in a
soldier's knapsack. I'or thc wounded there are adjustable; crutches,
which fit persons of any height. Ali
these have been patented by women.
Rheumatism"^^#*�� "tt1'
Ij My Weather Prophet.
Ican tell stormy weather days
off by the twingesin my shoul-
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,
Quill Pens and Steel
The. question of the dale of some
papers was determined in an Edinburgh court recently. In support of
some claims' thc statement was made
that a document submitted was 200
years old. A copperplate engraver,
who was called in, examined Ihe documents llirougli a large magnifying
glass, said the words were obviously
written wilh a steel pen, which did
not come into existence until after
1810. A quill pen left a flat mark,!
while a steel one left a perceptible
space between when a wide mark was
examined closely.
treat mci -J*. cukk_ chronic wc ak-;r v�� lost vtooi
_>ILR_ HITIUCR NO PKUQ01STB Or hi Alt, Sl M.l i ( T��
rour.Ki-tACi. W uri.hMAM *,i nfw vi.hKor jamah limit
Toronto   write rot FRBK BOOK TOD* i.r ci.nl
sUkii Ci  fl AVER STOCK RD. ll.UIPVrKAO  LONOOM   Km��.
Tin-1.1' -\v nu a lift KUA--liu *������.�����' .hhhuf   fcASY to TAEI
ton. oovi _���_AMf uiu��d va ajul obhuinb packet*
Oct Remrtles
,    BOOK ON
And How to Feed
MalM  tie* tl stir ���dtlrosl Itf
tho Author
118 Wert 3ht Street, New York
"Isn't she just nice enough to
'���Nt,: her taste is execrable."
The Oil of the People.--Many oils
have  come and  gone,  but  Dr.  Thomas' Eclcctric Oil continues to main-1
tain    its   position    and   increase    its,
sphere of usefulness  each year.    Jls
sterling qualities have brought it to
the front and kept it there and it can !
truly be called the oil of the. pcpple.
Thousands have benefited by il and)
would use no other preparation.
The Heart ol a Piano it tin
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Kigel Piano Action
Good Reason
Teacher: Why are you so late?
Boy: Please, miss, .1 started late.
Teacher: Why didn't you starl
Hoy: Please, miss, it was too late
to start early.
W,      N.      U.      1143
_.____** J__i/__<:*_
Heinle "Patent Protection" Freo
Formerly Patent Offire Examiner.   Estab. 1877
Branches: Ottawa and Washington
A Nonentity
But what   does y
ee in lilt; lo object to?
Edith; Hc doesn't see anything
you.   That's why he objects.
There is nothing repulsive in Miller's Worm Powders, and they are as
pleasant to take as sugar, so that few
children will refuse them. In some
cases they cause vomiting through
their action in an unsound stomach,
but this is only a manifestation of
their cleansing power, no indication
tjiat they arc hurtful. They can bc
thoroughly depended upon to clear
all worms from the system.
"People should marry thr.-ii
"Mo't people   arc convinced
thev did."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
"Maggie, how was it that T saw a
young man talking wilh you iu lire
kitchen last nighi?'' asked Ihc mistress of her cook.
Tlu. Kir! pondered for a few moments .mil then answered; "Faith, an'
1 can't mala* it out mcsi,f; you must
have looked through the keyhole,"
Meatless Days in Olden Time
There i.s a precedent for a legal cn
actment for a meatless day. In the
middle of thc 16tli century there was
a law In this country enforcing abstinence fioin flesh for political and
economic reasons, not only in Lent
and on Fridays, but also on Saturdays and Wednesdays. The object
was the strengthening of the navy
through the encouragement of the
fisheries, Pour women who had ;
meal of meat in a London tavern du
ring Lent, I5b3, were'put in the
clocks all night and the owner of the
tavern was set in the pillory.���Lou
don Times.
or Btlltlcrlnft overcome positively, \eus
natural methods permanently restore
natural speech. Graeluate* pupils everywhere.   Free advice and literature.
and light sewing at home, whole
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any distance; charges paid. Send
stamp for particulars. National
Manufacturing Company, Montreal.
Hoilowness of Materialism
Rudyard Kipling on the Relative Advantages of Money Making and
Other Pursuits
When Rudyard Kipling visited McGill University a few years ago, he
chose as thc theme of his address to
the student body thc hoilowness of
materialism, Kipling warned the
young men of McGill against the
pursuit of money as an all-absorbing
occupation in life.
The fact that Kipling chose this
subject is evidence worthy of note of
the importance to the nation of the
ideals conceived at college by its
active-minded young men, those who
arc destined for a certain moral and
intellectual leadership. Democracy
is not healthy unless the relative advantages of money-making and other
pursuits in life, arc generally understood and appreciated. ��� (Itlawa
Queer Food Prejudices
The  Scotsman's  antipathy lo  eels
as an arlicli of diet is not without its
parallels. Mr, Houston, the LiverpoolI
shipowner, has given a list of similar
prejudices.   Turnip-tops, he says, are j
a table vegetable in London ami rub-|
hish in Edinburgh; swedes are a table  luxury  in   the   North  and  cattle j
food in  the south; haggis is adored
in Scotland and detested ill England;
and so on.   Dr. Johnson had his cm- j
phatic opinion of porridge; and equally omphalic prejudices persist as    lo
buttermilk, snails, frogs, rabbits and
mackerel,    Al times when mackerel j
arc fetching a shilling each in London they are being pitched back into'
the sea as good for nothing by the
Give the "Kiddies"
All They Want of
net  fishers of  the
Explained at Last
She: See all those bald.heads do Mil
in  tlie  fronl row.
lie: Yes; there's always danger ofl
u panic in a theatre, sei thev put the
cool-headed men iu thc fronl scats. !
It Is one. of the delicious "good things" thai has a real food value.
A slice of your good homemade bread, spread with "Crown Brand", forms
a perfectly balanced food, that is practically all nourishment.
So���let them have it on biscuits and pancakes, and on Iheir
porridge if they want it.
You'll like it,  too,  on Griddle Cakes-en Blanc Mange and
Baked Apples. And you'll find it llie most economical sweetene.i
you cau use, for Cakes, Cookies, Gingerbread and Pies.
Have your husband gel a tin, thc next time he is In town���
a 5, 10 or 20 pound lln,
itlllhliiui, ttohra a} "Lil, nttt" Corn Sutvp-tHumCiiCmtSlerch���
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and Candies", wiil sh.w you
how to make a lot of ready
elellcloua dishes with "Crown
Brand". Write for -copy*
em _ioo.l_.Ou-M. fr
The Growth ol lhe Fighting Machine Constituted by llie Army
lias Been Little Short of Marvellous, and All Resources of
The Empire Have Heen Mobilized for Supreme Lffort
l-.il. I.. Keen correspondent oi lhe
United Press in London, reviews the
year 191(1 as follows:
John Hull spent a goodl) portion
oi l**i'i applying the lesotis lie
h anted llic previous year.
Prom iin- Dardanelles to Mesopotamia, from (suave i hapelle in Looe,
from bono in Alliens, uc blundered
along, but, as subsequent history lias
.It-it slraled, an tin- lime acquiring
im rn. i nn oi every strategic lai.tin. i
every unlultillcd cxpcclaltou, both
uiiinary and political, lie managed lo
ham soiuclliuig, and Hur lessons
b'lrsl of all llic lessons of centralized power iu tin: direction ol war,
oi inlcrnaJ gtfvcrniuciil, ol doinesiic
economy and ol ciucicncy, iliorougmy
learned, led him in put IJavid Lloyd
George into a practical dictatorship
over all most- branches of Britisii activity.
The Asqiiith Cabinet fell because
Hriiish puullc opinion, almost solidly
aligned behind "mc lillle Welshman,"
demanded supreme cincicncy iu ling-
land's light tor hie. li was characteristic ui Mr. Lloyd George, the
breaker of precedent, thai he should
sweep -away nearly all the old minis-
te rial inaciiinery ami substitute for
tin- loosely-knit, slow-moving, over-
Olticered Cabinet, a small, conipai t
war council of live members ��� ard
take this step with the eager acquiescence of John Hull. Anil- John ir*ill 1,
who usually has lo be driven, aud
who generally halts new-fangled
things, showed the transformation in
his character which the war has
' wrought by standing behind Mr.
Lloyti (ieorgc.
By reason of his early unsuccessful adventures in the Near East, l'e
gathered invaluable knowledge in the
matter of organization and equip- \
menl which he has this year applied |
in other quarters. As a result of the
failure of his troops in the West in
lhc spring and autumn of 1915, to
attain their desired objective, hc
made certain changes in personnel,
vastly improved his organization behind the lines, and above all learned
that thc only way seriously to dent
lhc German front was with a preponderating supply of shot and shell.
He lost Bulgaria to the. allied
cause, but the experience he acquired
in that process enabled him to gather
in Rumania. Jusl now, by thc foi-
tune of war, Rumania appears to be
a doubtful military asset, if not a liability; but at the* time unquestionably the enlistment of this country
with the allies was a diplomatic
stroke of first importance.
Early in 1916 he adopted conscription. Had it been introduced a year
before, the war might have been over
today. Englishmen have, responded
in unprecedented fashion to their
King and country's call under the
voluntary system, but it was only
the certainty etf ultimate conscription that finally brought the enrolment up to five million men. The
inoleling of lhis huge lump of human
raw material into an efficient military   machine   has been a   gigantic
i quipment has
lui-nl a gun, a shell
now arc  turning    out
lask, bul   ils   propi i
been a greater,
Little less than miraculous lias
been tin- development of the munitions industry in ihis country during
the lasl year. From tin stars Britain
has Iii-i-ii lln in asurj of the allies;
now it has become their armory,
When Mr, Lloyd ajcorgc began turn,
ing I'm eland's factorii * Into arsenals,
these Germans were manufacturing
and shooting aboul ten slu lis to tne
allies' one. There was a tiiiit- when
on certain sections of the bailie line
Hriiish gunners were limited to four
rounds per day. Upon America and
Japan Britain was depending for the
most part of its supplies iif machine
guns, hoavj artillery and high explosives, Now these conditions arc
all reversed. More than -1,1)1)0 private
linns in England, 95 per cent, of]
'min before- llle war had never pro-
i- a cartridge,
^^^^^^^ munitions of
i.nc sort or another,
Just after the Munitions Act waSj
passed, .Mr. Lloyd George startled'
the counlry by announcing that
eleven new government arsenals had
bt-irii provided for. Today Ihen. arc
more than ninety, mosl of them producing big guns, howitzers or high
explosives. The weekly oulpiil. of
shell cartridges is now greater by
millions than England's entire annual output before thc war. A nm
type of machine-gun is being turned
out by the hundred every week in
one factory buill in lhc last yt nr.
Thc general output of heavy artillery
has increased by several hundred
per cent. The lotal number of war
workers has increased to nearly four
million, of whom hall" a million ate
Practically the whole of England's
vast industrial resources, except
1 Ihosc necessary for the supply of the
| civil population, have becn mobilized
for war purposes. Every factory in
{hejsfnd, if called upon, is required
to devote at least pari of its activities to turning out war material.
The proportion of munitions now fui-
nished by America and Japan has
become almost negligible.
Moreover, England is not merely
supplying lier own big armies. She
has had to help out Russia, France
and Italy, especially tlle first-iian.eil.
It has been largely due to English
guns and English shells that the
Russians have been able to put lhe
Germans on the defensive. Large
quantities of English munitions wcie
sent also lo Rumania, anfel the Serbian army would doubtless still he
fighting for Mouaslir had it not heen
thoroughly rc-cquipped by Great
Giving all due credit to the allied
strategy in general and lo Gen.
Haig's military genius in particular,
as well as to the admitted improvement of Tommy as a fighting proposition, and the present superiority
ol the Hriiish air service, there is,
after all, only one answer for the recent successes along tht: Somme antl
the Ancre���munitions. The lessons
of Ypres, Ncuve Chapclle and Loos|
have been well learned
rfhe blending
is exceptional
Break lor Freetlom
How the Vlan of Two Interned German Officers Nearly Succeeded
Au ingenious method ul escape
was employed hy two German officers who escaped from a detention
camp, hut were subsequently arrested
and brought back. Jl appears '.hat
the tamp waste paper is collected al
intervals ami wheeled in barrows to
a slon- shell outside tin- grounds,
The officers conceived tin- idea ol
being taken lo the slice! as waste )' t-
pi r and consequently hid themselves
underneath it. By using a twig of
eldcrwood' from which the pith had
been abstracted, they managed lo gel
sufficient air in their hiding-place,
When the orderlies came \o wheel
out the waste paper, so natural did
lhe bundles look that the suspicions
oi the, armed guard in charge wero
not aroused. After they had been
tumbled into llic store shed liie door
was locked by the guard, As soon
as all was quiet again, Ihc. officers
managed to free themselves from
theii respective bundles, - forced tin-
lock of the door, antl llm* secured
llieir freedom,
When the German People Finally Realize They Are Not Fighting
For the Freedom of Germany, but Their Own Continued
Political Submission, a Reaction May be Expected
Plans for the Next War
For Production
Minister  of  Agriculture  Makes  Fur
ther  Appeal  to  "the  Men i
on the Land"
Hon, Martin Burrcll, Minister of
Agriculture, in the Agricultural Gazette, makes a further appeal tn llie
farmers tii Canada to increase production. His appeal, which is addressed to "the man on the land," is
as follows:
"For two years and a half, war, red
and ruinous, has raged through    the
world, and slill no decision has been
reached,    'There is    reason lo hope
that before   19)7  closes  llu:  struggle
fur liberty will have been won oi  be
greatly advanced.    Ami.', the varying
phases of this titanic conflict tin: fact
stands out more  clearly    llian  over
thai agriculture is of supreme importance.     Extraordinary measures    arc
being taken by the allied countries io
increase  and     encourage  production,
ll is earnestly hoped lhat every farmer in' Canada will strive to increase
the  food  supply  of  lhe  empire.     A
slill powerful    and unscrupulous enemy openly avows ils intention lo Iry
and  sink all  ships  carrying  supplies
to England during lhc coining year,
ln the tremendous strain yet lo conic
a vital  factor will  be an  ample  and
I unfailing How of food lo England and
France.    No matter whai difficulties
may face us, the  supreme    duty  of
every man on the land is lo use ev( ry
thought ami every energy in llu  direction of producing more, and  still
Dream Came True
11 Germans wish lo know whj lhe
sentiment oi llu- allies is so inhospitable lo peace, let Ihem read llieir
Kaiser's New Year's proclamation lo
his army and navy.
Tin: Kaiser tells tin- German people
lhat liny   have   been "victorious   in
all theatres of war on land and sea."
Tlie campaign in Rumania is described as "our recent triumphal march."
"The greatest naval baltlc lhis year
was our victor) in the Skagerrak," in
I wliicli lhe German flccl retired to its
base and lefl lhc Hriiish iu command
ui the si a.   "The gallant deeds of our
1 submarines have secured for my navy
'glory and admiration for ever.'' "".tod
also iu the future v. nl be with us."
liu- Kaiser could hardly sa\  more
ii tin- lirilish navy wcrc at the bottom
of the sea. ami   the German   troops i
wire in possession of London, Paris,!
Petrograd and Rome.     Thai   sort of'
rhetoric may    he admirably adapted]
to the business of tooling all ol the
Germans some of lhe time and some!
rn' tin: German? all of the time, bul il
is not a preliminary to peace    conferences.
For dynastic reasons it is necessary lo make the German people believe thai Ihey have Avon the war and
that any peace which Germany may
propose is a victorious peace; but
there, will be-no peace on that basis.
France will die first.
Assuming that there.- i.-. aa honest
desire for peace iu Germany, uo progress will hc made until the Kaiser
and the responsible statesmen of
Germany begin to talk tlie language
of peace and stop talking the language of conquest, No nation can hr- g
itself into victory. There must bc
Germans of sufficient sanity to know
j that the Kaiser's proclamation is a
I piece of imperial demagogy, lhal Germany is nut victorious, and al b st
can achieve only a stalemate at inca'-
culablc sacrifices of blood ant] trea-
:.uit. Tlicy must know that the Kaiser's boasts are a form of treason to
Germany; iu that they give aid aid
comfort lo ihc- enemy by inaKing thc
allies more determined than ever to
sec the wir llirougli to lhc bitter end.
Yet tlu- Germans tolerate il. aid
the fact ihal they tolerate it is thc
strongest justification thai ihc Alibis
can present inr iht-ii- refusal to ent'-i
a peace conference. Greal Britain atul
France have not been 'asked lo mak
Germany Making Plans for Another-
War When She Is Better
A  very useful commentary    upi t
Germany's    peace   proposals   is iur-
iii-hcl by au article reproduced herewith wliicli appeared iu December in
llie i.tikal Anzcigcr of Berlin, _ scmi-
ollii'ial newspaper:
"Wc   began this    war a  vear    U I
soon.   When wc have secured a German peace wc must begin at once a
reorganization upon a broader, tinner
basis    than ever    before.    Establish-
jpents that produce raw materials ��-
scntial to the    array must not only
continue their work, but enter into ii.
upon lines of increased energy, tortrir
illg thus the economic, thc kernel o��
I economic Germany    in preparing in
the economic sense for the r.i xt war.
I    "We must carefully    calculate    in
j advance, in   view    of lessons learned
in this war, what our country   lack-Tin raw material or essentials of raw
material, and    secure    immense    reserves lo remain unused until a day
iu the future.    Wc must organize as
genuine    an     industrial  mobilization
as we  had  a     military  mobilization.
Every  technician  or  semi-technician,
enrolled or not in the list of mobilized, musl bc empowered throng- official  credentials to  take  charge and
direction  'of   a given    establishment
upon lhe second day following a new
declaration  of  war.   Every  establishment  manufacturing  for  commercial
purposes must be mobilized also and
understand  officially   that  upon     the
third    day after declaration oi    war
their entire    abilities are    to be devoted to serving  the army upon  demand.
"Wc must finally establish ���.���:
definite commercial understanding
wilh the nations outside Europe that
will offer them advantages to be duly
specified in detail whereby these i -.-
lions as neutrals will find it to :' redirect disadvantage commercially to
trade or sell munitions during war to
either ourselves or our enemies. V'e
can afford to offer such conditions
ourselves. And, finally, when the
next war comes, ii must not bc a
year too soon."
Men Wanted for the Navy
The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer
Reserve, wants men for immediate service Overseas, in
the Imperial Navy
Candidates must be Irom
18 to 38 years of age and sons
of natural born British
subjects. I
PAY Sl-lOper day and upwards. Free Kit.
*���*�����*   Separation allowance, $20.00 monthly.
Experienced men from 38 to 45, and hoys Irom IS to 18
tre wanted tor the CANADIAN NAVAL PATROLS.
Apply to
The Nearest Naval Recruiting Station
or to the
Department of Nival Service, OTTAWA.
Young  Lady  in a  Dream  ;'aw  Ker
Fiance Wounded
One tn' the mosl vivid stories of
warning by dreams is told bya young
lady who dreamed that she saw her
fiance in the trenches preparing for
a raid. In lur dream lhe young l.idy
saw him, wiih many others, climb -rut
oi ihe British trenches, cross No
Man's land, and enter llu enemy's
lines. Her dream became confused
lor a moment, and then quite plainly
she saw him climb on io lln- paVapctl
ed tin German trench and fall fin--!
ward wounded. A big man came up,
took tin- wounded man on his shoulder, ami carried him hack lo the
Rritish lines. I'he. young lady awoke
feeling very alarmed, and tlle next
tlay wrote to her fiance for news. A
few days afterwards she received a
letter from him, in hospital, stating
that on the night of her dream, about
midnight, he was one of a raiding
parly, composed of English antl New
Zcalanders, and was wounded tvlule
standing on the lop of the GcrmVi
trench. A big- Maori carried him
hack to thc British lines, exactly a.s
the young lady line! pictured in her
More Cattle Enter Canada
The total number of cattle entering
Canada from the United Stales
through the port of North Portal
during the year 1916 was approximately live limes as many as came
llirougli tlTc same port during 1915,
From present indications based upon
inquiries    reaching    Vetcriliarj     ami
customs departments, the year I'M"
will equal, if not surpass, liie record
years of 1911-12.
I   I .tne .    in,,.    ....   	
peace wilh the German people, but
with llu Hohenzollcrn dynasty and
with Ju.nkcilinn. Such a peace can
be at best only a truce.,
ll may flatter German pride to believe lhal Germ.my has been "victorious in all theatres of war on land and
on sea,'' Inn lhat sort of pride must
he paid for, ami it will he paid -for,
What llu German people arc actually
fighting fur ts nut a German victory,
but a means of so placating 'heir own
vanity lhat lhcy will nul be tempted
lo revolutionize their government
when lhc wnr is ovcr. They do not
know it, hut they may rest assured
that tin- Kaiser knows it and Ure
Chancellor knows it, and all Jutiker-
tuni knows ii
Thi- Imperial Government would
immediately offer mosl liberal terms
of peace if it could be certain lhal
when lhe reaction came there would
be no change in the German attitude
towards the throne and lhe doctrine
of Divine righl. This is not Ihe: fr't
time that a great people has battled
desperately to insure its own political
servitude and lo save itself from I're c-
dom, ami il may not be the last. But
, there can be no basis for a permanent
peace until thc Germans themselves
i begin to understand what they are
really fighling for, which is not freedom for Germany, but their own continued political submission to the mediaeval system thai plunged ihem into this war.���New York World,
A Plot That Will Fail
Pan-German Scheme of Expansion lithe East Will Be Frustrated
By thc Allies
Germany centred her attention ii
the early days of the    war   on   her
swill invasion of Belgium and France.
Balked    of    Inr.  purpose,    she    now
covets a permanent fouthold beyond
her old eastern boundaries. She is
willing to have tin- world regard the
war as a drawn game, because she
knows that hy trading her western
gains for new influence on the eastern front her Pan-German scheme of
dominion over thc vast territories between the North Sea ami the Persian
Gulf will be enorniouslv strengihcn-
It i* a shrewd plot, but it will fail.
The Entente nations arc pledged to
a very different programme. ihey
have solemnly promised Constantinople to Russia, and they intend that
Rumania, Serbia and Mnntcnttrro
shall hc sei free. Their determination is unalterable; they will not end
the struggle until the menace of
Prussian militarism, both East and
West, has been destroyed.���Providence Journal.
. '^My daughter has obtained a ;iosi
tion in a lawyer's oflicc.    She starts
uu lhc lirsl."
"Ami in tlu- meantime is ^<\e doing
anything lo fit herself for the work?"
"Yes she is reading 'Bertha,    thc
Beautiful Blond Stenographer.'"
When Your Eyes Need Care
BslMurineEreHrtllclne. Xi-Smartinc- "-.'li
Flue.-Arts Qiilnltly. Try II fur Ret), Weak,
Hore K. eo ana Granulated l-s-elitia. Kniine ie
1'cmpoiitnleil by our Oculist-- ma a --P.it.-nt
Metllrlne"-butuaf_lnaucc.,'UifiilPh. Rii-lana'
Praclire for many yean. Now dedicatril lo
the Pubtl.. and w.ltl by ll, iippi*.!* at se*c nt.
Bottle. Murine My* Salse In AaeptleTultrOi
J.'k* and SOt*. Writ* for book ot tlie My* tr**.
Murine Ef ��� Remedy Company Chicago. _4*r
W.      N      U,      1M3 THE COURTENAY REVIEW
How to Produce Good Milk
V. R. Jones of the Dairy Husbandry Department at the South
Dakota State College, tells in the
Farm Journal, How to produce
good milk!--
Cows must be healthy and kepi
The bam should be kept clean,
well lighted and ventilated. The
barn yard should be kept clean aud
properly drained. Utensils should
be thoroughly washed and scalded
or steamed und kepi iu a clean room
Cows should be feel good whole*
some food and pure water.
Milkers and -attendants who come
iu contact with the milk should be
healthy and clean.
Cows .should not be fed at milking time or immediately before.
Dust from feed falls into the ni!lk
and contaminates it witli germs.
Wipe the udder and side of cow
with a damp cloth, and milk with
dry clean hands. Us. a small top
milking pail, This helps to keep
foreign matter from the milk.
Immediately after milking remove the milk to a separate room
from the barn, to be strained and
cooled. Cool the milk to as low a
temperature as possible without
freezing. Forty or fifty degrees
Fahrenheit retards growth to most
germs, and particularly to those that
cause milk to sour quickly.
Iu .summer keep flies out of the
barn and milk room. One fly may
carry as many as 150,000 germs to
the milk. These 'may be disease
germs. Manure should not be allowed to accumulate around the
barn���it is a breeding place for
flies, |
The number of bacteria in milk
depends largely upon cleanliness of
milking and handling, temperature
at which milk i.s kept, and age of
milk, Therefore, clean milk end
ti =
quick cooling are very important
factors in producing pure dairy
Caws fed a ration composed
laigtly of ensilage produced seventeen per cent more milk and twenty-eight per cent mote butter fat
than those given a ratio" consisting
unduly of grain in a feeding test
conducted for 121 days al the Ohio
Experiment station. The silage
ration was also cheaper for milk
The cows gained nearly eight
pei cent iu milk yield when put ou
the silage ration, They produced
butterfat at a cost of 13c a pound,
while tiie cosl of a pound from the
cows fed niaiiil. ou grain was 22c.
The city council decided to ask
the Provincial authorities to close
the general stores of China town
and Jap townou Sundays.
Sniitard Uuo, a resident of No, 1
Japanese town, was electrocuted at
No. 4 mine on Saturday evening.
Corner Bickle held au inquest on
Wednesday evening, when the jury
returned a verdict of accidental
death with  no blame attached to
The Canadian Collieries,   Dunsmuir, Ltd., have decided to build a
new coal chute at No.6 mine where
city wagons will be able to pull up
alongside aud get the coal required
Residents of Cumberland and tion- !
employes of the Collieries Co, will!
then purchase their coal tickets at
the Company's office and hand it to
whichever teamster they may see j
fit for hauling,
H. S. Fleming, chairman of the
Executive of the Canadian Collier-:
ies. granted a  deputation   of the
Cumberland Board of Trade an in-1
terview on Thursday evening which
was held in the council chambers.
The matters that came up for discussion were steel works al Union
Jiay and extension of the cily limits Further interviews will take
place in the future.
Mrs, Margaret Cessfoiil, aged 82
years, died on Monday,   Feb. 19th
at the home   of  her   sun,  Robert]
Cessford,   The deceased lady had
been a resident of the city  lor the,
past seven years and death was ex-1
peeled.    The funeral look place on
Thursday to the Presbyterian cem-
i-liv   at   Sandwick,     Rev.   James
Hood officiating.  Funeral arrangements were in charge of Thomas E.
Gents' Furnishing Store
War Saving? Certificates
$  255.OO    FOR    $21,550
50.00       ���* 43.00
100.00    --       se.oo
JAN. 9, 1917
Finanoe   Department
Slackers, Attention!
Yu Slackers in the billiard room
Whose weapon is a e-ut',
Who u.ive no thought nor cure ll jot
Por those who light for von,
Awaken from your slumbers, hoys,
Vour country is nt war,
Co join the fight for law ami right
Oa hiittlelieltl's alar.
Ve slackers who refuse to lighl
Except as Captains hold.
Who would not share a I'rlvat-'s fare,
Ami not for untold gold,
Thegnrb of glory would ynu doll,
Forget your pride 1 su- .
And play the m.in while yet you can
Get iu the ranks anil stoi.
Ye Slackers who ure songsters sweet,
Ami who will not enlist.
Because, forsooth, uml this is truth.
Vour lessons would lit- liiissctl
Who loudly sing you won't In- slaves,
Your counlry calls again,
And iu this fight 'gainst Oerinan might
Y'our Country calls again
Would you be less than men?
Ye SUickers on the Hockey team
I'eineber pals away.
On fields ol (nine they play the game,
In t older, sterner fray,
In fur off France they fight the foe,"
Mitl'st mud and fiendish din,
Redeem your name, get in the game,
And help your chums to win.
Y'e Slackers who at dances trip
The light fantastic toe, I
Ye Slackers gay. who races play:
And squander all your dough,
Your King and Country call you now,
This is no time to shirk!
Forsake the elance antl go to France
Anel elo some useful work.
Ye Slackers who at Movies gaze
At battles on the serene,
Who yell anil cheer ill safety here,
At everv thrilling scene���
Do our hoys in foreign lands
That yofl may sit in shows?
Don't be such cads-go help the lads
To fight your country's foes!
Y'e Slackers miscellaneous
Who cumber all this land
Who've not been white enough to fight,
Just make another stand,
Our bravest and our best have gone.
Two year's they've fought for you,
Must they your share of war sti.l   bear?
Come boys, and help them! do!
���M. in Toronto Star.
We are going  to  lead  while others follow, with
Hart, Schaffer & Max Clothes
We have a full line of Samples to choose from
We would like you to give us  a  call and see for
yourself.   We also have a full line of Children's
Shoes at all Prices
Remember what we hain't got wc will get for you
Sutliff Gents'   Furnishing Store
Why sell hides to foreign manufacturers when they
are needed at home ? We pay higher prices than American and other foreign manufacturers AND .SPOT GASH.
Send us your next shipment. HIGHEST CASH
Absolutely no delay,
210 Northwest Building
Vancouver, B. C.
When can it be said that a bed is
not a bed? When it's a little bug-
The Farmer's Friend
The Demonstration and address
on " The Dairy Cow" by Prof.
McDean at R. U. Hurford's ranch
on Wednesday afternoon last was a
very interesting one, Owing to
the blizzard of sleet and snow the
farmers were afraid to turn out in
large numbers, The Professor
gave a very important definition of
the necessary points in the dairy
cow with an essential for the profitable upkeep of dairy stock, The
farmers present were much impressed with the need of having their
stock tested and milk weighed
daily.    Much importance was giv
en to the necessity of having well
bred sires from good record dams.
A vote of thanks was extended to
thc Professor by the Comox Farmers' Institute for his thorough
practical demonstration. After
which Mrs. Hurford served hot tea
which was much appreciated.
There is a scarcity of codfish this
year, The Cowichan Leader says
matters will not be improved by the
fact that an Oriental took a boatload of codfish spawn from Sansum
Narrows one day last week.
From heavy-laying " Hoganized " Stock
$1.50 per 15. $4 per 50. $7 per 100
Special Matiugs $300 per 15
_iT_rv\j-xr*i_rij-Lj-u-ij-*.nj-_nrr-^ m ;".*_M**"****"PP' * ' <"j'* " T ��� -l
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review


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