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The Review May 10, 1917

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Can not be dona any better, and
not riiilte so well anywhere else
hereabouts. Our type anil raa-liin-
ery is complete ami The Kevievr
prices nre ri��ht
i ******** ���+***>* ������**
Classified Ads.
Make youc little Wants known
through n Cla&siftod Advoittht.ui'.ui
in The Review   ���   -   ���   I lione M
VOL. 5
NO. 25
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We lead, while others follow,  with  II   S. & M,   Clothing.
We take your measurement and guarantee a lit
In all shocks, stoles and prices.    If you   should  need a new
hat for the 24th of May,  see our  stock���just arrived from
the East, before'purchasing elsewhere
Summer Underwear in all Sizes���Come and See for Yourself
Youth's Misses i\vt\ Children's Shoes   in Tan and Black
Leather also an assortment of white canvas.
Our prices are right and we guarantee them to wear
Courtenay   Geit's   Furnishings   Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
What  does  the   Puntledge
River do for Courtenay? *;
It lights our streets, business houses
and residences.
It cooks our food.
It prints our " Review "
It runs our machine shops.
It charges our storage batteries.
It pumps our water.
It makes our sausages.' '���"
It washes and irons our clothes.
It presses our suits.
It runs our sewing machines, and
many other things too numerous to
Although it is but a humble stream it
does its work just as well as the mighty
Niagara does nil these things for the
great cities of the Bast.
It does them better than anything else
could possibly do.
It is the liver Willing Servant. It
stands ready to do your bidding twenty
four hours of the day, und three hundred and sixty-live days in the year.
Its power is furnished to us through a
wire anil exactly where it is needed.
It does its work silently, aim it brings
not the least bit of dirt with it, nnd it
leaves not the Ilightest bit of dirt behind it.
If you have nny work for this wonderful servant to do just phone
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
Local Lines
Miss D.ncy Smith arrived home
\ from Victoria ou  Friday afternoon
Joseph Shaw lias been appointed
police majfistrate for tlie City of
Cumberland and coroner for the
Province of Britisii Columbia,
P, I,. Anderton and Hugh Stew
art have started an action against
A, ]>,. Graham for foreclosure on
lands south of the city.
Mis. Sam Calhoun arrived home
from Victoiia on Thursday Inst,
where she has been residing since
the destruction of their home by
fire last year,
Thi.-Dominion Govt, dredge, iu
charge of Capt. Stutt, has been
laid up at tbe condensory wharf
over the week end taking on coal
and having new bearings and new
leaves put in her orange peel dipper.
Wanted���Young girl agod 13or
14, care of children only. Apply
Mrs. Bayley, Comox.
Lost���On Little River road, par.
eel containing lace fichu Will
finder please return to Mrs, Bayley,
10 acre farm, all cleared, with
good modern house, barn, and outbuildings For Rent. gio per month
Money to loan on farm hind,
Hicks Beach & Field.   Courtenay.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
For Sale���Baby buggy, Almost
new. Apply Mrs. J. Haimay,
Courtenay. B. C.
For Sale- Grade Jersey cow, six
vears old, fresh, Also Gent's bicycle, iu good condition. Apply
Grain Growers Association, the
Dyke. Courtenay.
For Sale���1914 Ford runabout,
in good condition, speedometer,
battery ignition, good tires, 5225
cash. C. Thomas, wireless Station
Cape Lazo.
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford Garage,
For Sale���Bay Mare, harness
and light express. Apply w,
Douglas, Courtenay.
Seed Potatoes���For Sale. Early
Rose aud Burbanks, Apply to
Pritchard & Sons, Comox.
Mammoth White   Pekin  Duck;
Eggs for sale,   $1.00  per  dozen.
Book your orders now.   Apply at
Review Office.
House to Let���At corner of Un-
ion Street and Cumberland Road.
Also lot adjoining For particulars apply at Review office.
.Stanley Piercy i.s home from
Cowichan Lake
Chas. G. Callin was home from
Union Bay over the week end.
Miss Lila Boden is spending n
two weeks' vacation at Vancouver.
Dan Kilpatrick's mill is clo.etl
down for a few days while the
boiler is being re-l)i'icked ir.
A herd of young cuttle have been
roaming about the streets for the
past month, They are getting mischievous already. Its time something was do.ie lo abate the uui
The fellow who has been devoting a loi of his time during the past
, couple of months " to the'good of
the community" would do the
community a great deal more good
if lie did some  real work and paid
I a few of his creditors.
Go to
McBryde's  for  quality I
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
55c per Ib. this week
In response to a request made
through the Conservative association some weeks ago. the mail
which comes in on the steamers
Charmer anil Cowichan on Sunday
mornings i.s distributed on Its arrival at Courtenay. Box holders
can thus secure their mail on Sun
day afternoon if necessary.
' Mr. Mitchell of the Domini m
government engineering staff, was
in Courtenay last week looking
over the work the dredge is doing
in the river. He s.tys there need
not be any fear of boats colliding
or running aground, as after the
dredging is done the work will be
protected by piles which will clear-
lv mark the dredged portions of
the river,
The girls basketball team which
went to Cumberland ou Friday
evening last met defeat at the
hands of the Cumberland ladies.
The score stood __���n -.hen time
was called. The players trom
Courtenay were���The Misses Doris
Glazbrook (Capt,) Katherine Glaz-
brook, Minnie Leighton, Charlotte
Gibson, Janet Hayman, Mary Sutton and Ethel Sutton, Geo. Millard referee.
Brave Men Fall
Among   the   gallant   men   wll 1
have recently fallen on  the field of
honour in France and  whose death
was announced   111  these columns
was Capt  j. i)  McLennan, son-in-
law of Mr.  Alex.   Urquhart,   who
left Field foi tbe front as a lieutenant and had since been promote ! 1 1
a c tptiancy,    Besides his  ��il
children   living   here,   he leave?   1
sister, Miss   Maude McLennan, 0
the  General  Hotpital  staff,   Van
comer,   Mrs. McLellau has received the following message from the
'Acting Premier of Canada :
i Mrs, J . G. McLennan
My   colleagues   and  i sen i   1
deepest sympathy in   the great be-
reavemeut  you   have  sustained in
' the de.itli of your gallant husband.
G. E. Foster,
Actiug Premier
Corporal Bert Vogel   is .another
who-.- memory will everbei h
ed in this district.      Lieut,   J, ;,,
Bailey, in a letter lo  The   ';���'���
in ani ithcr coluin says : '��� h
in no mail's land practii ill
rfight scoul ing for '.lie Hun   un
: isol 11 tely fearless,''
Born  -At(Irantham, on ','.
day Maj 2nd. to Mr.   and Mi -. A
W. Salmond, a son.
The ladies   of   tlle    i'r< -'  .- ���
-hurcb  are   arranging   to  have   1
���  abau-t entertainment in the Agri-
1  uluiral hall  on Wednesday-evening next.
Mr. W. (',. Robertson   is at Vic
; totia today.    While there  he will
call upon Premier Brewster and the
Admiralty   department   at   Esqtri-
J. B. Bailey, who left -sandwick to go overseas .vith the 'lo_���d
Battalion as lleut.i.niit ha_ been
promoted to Captain and Adjutant.
His friends are pleased to learn of
his preferment Mr. Bailey wa.
churchwarden of St. Andrew's
church, Sandwick up to the end of
last year.
Sutton's seeds are RELIABLE 1
and it always Pays to get the best.
Write   for  catalogue.     F. R, F.
Biseoe. Comox P, 0,    Also  agent'
for Layritz   Nurseries,   All stock
propagated tiear Victoria,  and ac- i
climatized   to   Vancouver   Island, j
Thoroughbred   White, Wyandotte
eggs $1.50 per setting.
Wood For Sale��� $4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done. L.
Alexandei, Courtenay.
Seed   Potatoes!
We have a splendid stock of " Early
Rose " Seed Potatoes. These are
fine large clean goods for which we
anticipate a large demand, so you
will be well advised to place your
order at an early date. Few Bur-
banks and Elephants
Chas.   Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
Special 15 Jeweled  Lever watch       -       $ 6.50
Special   7 do do ��� 4.53
Waltham 17       do do ���        12.50
Fully Car nteed in Screw Cases
Cures llic sick nnd acts a$ a prevent!
on tlie totlffue. Salt: for brood mares i
remedy, Sold by all druggists. -Jooiv
Cure," Tree.
���c (or olliera.    Liquid given
nd-all others.    Best kidney
*t, "Distemper,    Cause and
Chemists and Bacteriologist!*,
Goshen, Ind., U. S. A.
Highest prices paid
for Old lion of All
Kinds, Lead, Bottles, Rags, Sacks, and Horsehair.  Write us for
full information.   Established 1894.
Phone St.  John 2788 Cor. Sailer   &   Sutherland,   Winnipeg
Dos Remedies
HOOK   o.
And How to Feed
Mulled fr.... in in; nil.Irons ly
tlio Aullior
Ui Wesl31��tSlroet, New York
PILES H ITU en N. r ll ��� i , ItSTSOl mail 31 post 4 CTt
tOfr.nift* co  it  BBSKHAN91   M.W V..HK or LVMAN BBOi
Tw* NBwp lu&EhiiA*-! r ,.i.s.iniri\m.    EASV T0 jfjm
THERAPION k;;.s_..,
I   l".I    IKADK   MARK.O   WuKl>     TUKSAPION     IS 01
I aovt SIAMI-    .     ,..:   TO ALL   .r.r.nwl.AC-IXS.
The Great Americali Desert
When the Ul_.li prohibition la* be-
coiii<-'r effective one can go from
oci'nn lu ocean, 3,500 miles, without
seeing a saloon, Starling' from Wilmington, N. C-, ihe traveller on ihis
boozclcss higltw-j* i-oulcl traverse
North Carolina, South Carolina,
Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado,
Utah,  Idaho and Oregon.���American
No foolishness! Lift your corns
and calluses off with fingers
���It's like magic!
Bam Fires
Lack of Windows an    Incentive   to
Dangerous Practices
In any statement of buildings destroyed by lire, bams and stables occupy a prominent place- One of the
chief reasons for this is the necessary use of lanterns and other lighls.
In many barns artificial light must be
used at almost all hours, with thc result, mt element of danger.
'Ihere is nothing more dangerous
than a lighted match in a barn, with,
probably, loose straw or hay on the
floor, and everything as dry as tinder.
Daylight is one. of the cheapest of
our natural resources, and il is easily
transmitted. While making use of
df.ylight, farmers will at the same
time remove a very serious element
of lire danger���a cause of fires in
barns and stables which can only be
charged to pure carelessness-
To whom it may concern: This is
to certify that 1 have used MINARD'S LINIMENT myself as well
as prescribed it in my practice where
a liniment was required and have
never failed to get the desired effect.
C. A. KING, M.D.
The Australian Rabbit
When the native Australian or the
long-time resident hears the cry,
"Rabbo, wild rabbo! Rabbol" he
knows lhat lie can also get a cheap
dinner that will also taste good, for
the rabbit huckster is going by. But
rabbits are not now nearly so cheap
as they were before the war. The demand for meat of any kind has raised the price- The supply, however, is
almost Inexhaustible, and since refrigeration and canning have been undertaken on a large scale rabbit flesh
has become an important item in the
food supply of the world. One Australian linn last year canned 385,636
rabbits, and millions go to Kngland
and other countries in cold storage-
For Sale by all  Dealers
Douglas & Company,  Napance, Ont
.Sme corns, hard corns, soft corns
or any kind oi a corn, can harmlessly
be lir ud right out with the fingers ifj
you apply upon the corn a few drops
of freezone, savs u Cincinnati author-1
For little co.st one cau get a small
bolilrr of freezone at any drug store,
which will positively rid one's feet of
every enn nr callus without pain,
This simple drug dries the moment
It is applh-d and does not even irri-
tatc lln- surrounding skin while applying it or afterwards.
This announcement will interest
many of mir readers. If your druggist
hasn't any freezone lell him to surely
get a small bottle for you from his
whoh sale drug house.
A Home Truth
Hcnpcck fto son)���I can't understand ynu giving your mother so
much impudence. 1 never dared talk
back to my mother.
Son���No, and you wouldn't dare to
talk back to my mother, either.
Miller's Worm Powders arc par ex-
cclh 'nr' the medicine (or children
wlui rue found suffering from the
ravages of worms. They immediately alter the st> inachic conditions under which the worms subsist and
drive them from the system, and, al
th-' sam ��� lime, they are tonical in
their effect upon the digestive organs,
rcsti ring them to healthful operation
'and 'i u ing immunity from further
tiir."i .ii i - from such a cause.
The Lady Bank Clerk
The lady bank clerk had completed
her first week, and a friend asked her
how she liked the work. "Oh, it's
beautiful!" said the girl. "I'm at a
branch where nearly all thc peopl-i
we know have accounts, and it's so
nice to see how little money sonic of
your friends have  in  the bank.
The Beauty of a Clear Skin.���The
condition of the liver regulates the
condition of tiie blood. A disordered
liver causes impurities in the blood
and these show themselves in blemishes on the skin. Parmelee's Vegetable I'ills in acting upon lhe liver
act upon thc blood and a clear,
healthy skin will follow intelligent
use of this standard medicine. Ladies,
who will fully appreciate this prime
quality of these pills, can use them
villi the certainly that the effect will
be most gratifying.
If People Will Herd in Cities
It is unfortunate, of course, that
more of the ultimate consumer's cash
il ir.: reach the producer, but if
lhat individual will insist upon living
in congested centres of population,
rcnii I from fields, gardens, orchards
; nd     i illol     li-'    in : d    noi    expect
cln r o [ Istuffs,   vegetables,   meals
its mi ill'- presenl at least.
'I I... i who li\��� "n iin land certainly
! . best of .xi-liriL- ronditions,
.... far as The tabic o- concerned, .nul
thai is ii     I-    innin , '���     II ':i aturc
comfort      i.t   ��� ill r ������'  I ll .n He.
Spain Provides For National Parks
The Spanish government has enacted a law providing for the creation of
national parks. All exceptionally picturesque regions, forests or lands
lhat the Slale may select for this purpose are to bc considered part of thc
park system. Access to limn will be
facilitated hy suitable means of communication. The natural beauty of
the parks, their fauna and flora, as
well as geological or water features
of interest, will be protected from
destruction, deterioration, or defacement-
Minard's Liniment   Relieves   Neural.
"Save and Lend"
To save aud lend is a trifle when
compared with what hundreds of
ihousi nds of soldiers of the Empire
are doing (very day; that, however,
,.i li-ast ���.'.. i an do, li llu rc cannot,
in Mr. Lloyd George's fine sentence,
he equality ol sacrifice, there can br
i qualil v of sen ice. I li rc is the opportunity; if we shrink from our responsibility wc fail thc Empire in iis
supreme moment.���Thc Time- of India.
A Landmark in History
The revolution in Petrograd may
easily prove one of the greatest incidents iu the war, one of the decisive
facts in determining German defeat,
and one of the landmarks in human
history, as it indicates bringing 180,-
000,000 of people within the frontiers
of democracy, hor Germany any uprising of the Russian people would
Ik- a defeat beyond all compare, because the national will of the Russian people at all times has been to
drive the Germans oul of Russia���
both the German armies and the
German influence. If Russia has al
last awakened, if Russia has at last,
through patriotic Russian leaders,
taken charge of her government, her
army and her resources, we are
bound to sec a recrudescence of Russian victory at the frontier and a
complete change, in the whole prospect of thc war-^The Tribune.
Doctor Tells How to Strengthen
Eyesight 50 per cent. In One
Week's Time in Many Instances
following the simple rules. Here is the pre-
icription: Go to any active drug store ana
ffcl it bottle of Uou-Opto tablets. Drop ono
Bon-Opto tablet in a fourth of a glass ol
water and allow to dissolve-. With this liquid
b.itlie the eye. two to four times dally. iotl
should notice your eyes clear up perceptibly
right from the Hart and Inflammation will
quickly disappear.- If your eyes are bother*
itig you, even a little, lake steps to savi
thein now before it is too late. Many hopelessly blind might havc bcrn saved if they had
cared  for their eyes In time.
A Fiee Prescription You Can Havt Pilled
an 1 Ure at Home
LONDON.���Do you wear glasses. Are
fou a victim of eye strain or oilier eye weak*
Besses? If _o, you will be glad to know
that according to Dr. Lewis there i-* real hope
for you. Many whose eyes were failing -.ay
they have had their eye- restored through the
principle of this wonderful free prescription.
One man says, after trying it; "1 was almost
blind j could nol see to read at all. Now 1,
can read everything without any glasses and
my eyes do not water any more. At night
they would pain dieadfully; now they (eel
fine all the time. It was like a miracle o
me." A lndy wlio used it says: "The atmosphere seemed hazy with or without flasses,
tut alter using this prescription for fifteen
days everything seems clear. I tan even read
fine print without glasses." It i�� believed
lhat thousands who wear glasses cifl now discard them in a reasonable time and multitudes
Snore will be able to strengthen their eyes
fO as to be spared the trouble and expetue of
Iver   gelling   glasses.     Eye   troubles   of   many
ascriptions may be wonderfully benefited br
Note:     Another    prominent    Physician    te,
whom  the  above article  war- submitted,  taio,:,
"Bon-OptO is a very remarkable remedy.    Its
constituent ingredients, are well known to eminent eye specUllstl and widely prescribed by
them.      Thu    manufacturers  guarantee  it  to
Strengthen eyesight 50 per cent, in one week's
tiir.e in man/  instances or refund the money, j
It  can  be  obtained   from*any   good  druggist I
and ii one of thc veiy few preparations I
feel  should  be  kept  on  hand   for  regmai   UM
in   almost   every   family."    The   Valmas   DiuJ
Co, Store 6, Toronto, will nil .vour orders U
your druggist cannot '
Victims Can Cure Themselves With
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
With thc coming of March people
who are afflicted with rheumatism
begin to have unpleasant reminders
of their trouble. The wcalher is
changeable���balmy nnd springlike onc
day, raw, cold and piercing the next.
It is such sudden changes of weather
lhat sets the pangs and tortures of
rheumatism, lumbago and sciatica go
ing. 13ut it must bc borne in mind
that although wcalher conditions
start the pains, the trouble is deeply
rooted ill the blood, and can only be
cured through the blood- All the lotions and liniments in the world can't
cure rheumatism. Rubbing may seem
to ease the pain while you.are rubbing, but there its value ends. Only
llirougli the blood can you cure rheumatism. That's why Dr- Williams'
Pink I'ills have so many thousands
of cures of lhis trouble to their credit. The new, rich blood which they
actually make drives out the poisonous acid and rheumatism is vanquished. Among many sufferers from
rheumatism who have been cured by
this medicine is Mr- C. 11. McGee,
freight shed foreman for thc G.T.R.
at Peterboro, who says:���"In the
course of my work 1 am naturally
exposed lo all hinds of weather, with
the resull that about two years ago
1 contracted rheumatism which sc-
tled in my legs. At times I could
hardly walk, and often had lo quit
my day's work owing lo the stiffness
and the paiu. 1 tried different remedies without getting any help until 1
began the use of Dr. Williams' l'ink
Pills- i. used six boxes of these and
can say that 1 am about as well as
ever 1 was. I still take the pills occasionally, and I hope thai my experience may be of benefit to some oilier
rheumatic sufferer."
If yo'ii suffer from rlleumatism, ninny other disease of llie hlo.nl, begin
to cure yourself today with Dr.
Williams' l'ink I'ills. Sold by all
medicine dealers or by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $-*-5ll
from I lie Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co.,  BrocUvillc, Ont,
German Efficiency a Curse
Germany's efficiency is granted.
I hal, from the beginning of its development) it was a mere appanage
of German militarism has been the
curse Bismarck accepted the llohen-
.ollcrri dynasty as a necessary evil.
'Ihe Ilohenzollern accepted Bismarck
as a temporary means to an end.
the efficiency ship was well under
way the pilot was dropped. The entire economic system of Germany is
pledged, perforce, to the spirit of aggrandizement and conquest, "My noble armyl" has been the unbroken
expression of lhe Kaiser. Chemists,
inventors, hcrr professors, captains of
finance have, fallen meekly into lhc
rear���Washington Posl.
AMI AM Prrr. high grade tested onion Veed
Yellow Globe Danvers Onion, black seed   oz. 25c, Ib. $2.10
5 lbs- $9.25.
Giant Yellow Prizetaker Onion, black seed  oz. 25c, lb. $2.10
5 lbs. $925.
Large Red Wethersfield Onion, black seed oz- 25c, lb. $2.00.
5 lbs. $9.25.
Market Maker    Golden Globe Onion, ..oz. 25c, lb. $2.10, 5 lbs- $9.2S
Early Yellow Danvers Onion, black seed  oz- 20c, lb. $1.90.
5 lbs. $8.25. '
Southport White Globe Onion, black seed  oz. 40c, Ib. $4-00,
Red Globe Prizewinner Onion, black seed oz. 25c, lb   $2.10.
5 lbs. $9-25.
Select Yellow Dutch Onion Setts lb. 35c, 5 lbs. $1.70
XXX Guernsey Parsnip, fine smooth roots  Pkg- 10c, oz. 20c,
4 oz. 50c.
Detroit Dark Red Table Beet (round) ..Pkg. 5c, oz- 20c, 4 oz. 50c
Chantenay Red Table Carrot  \ Pkg. 5c, oz. 25c, 4 o_- 65c
Rust Proof Dwarf Black Wax Butter Beans lb. 50c, 5 lbs. $2-25
Early White Cory Sweet Table Corn  lb. 35c, 5 lbs. $1-50
London   Long   Green   Cucumber (great cropper)  Pkg. 5c,
oz. 15c, 4 ozs- 40c.
XXX Solid Head Lettuce  Pkg. 10c, oz! 25c, 4 ozs. 75c
Improved Beefsteak Tomato  Pkg. 10c, 1-2 oz. 35c, oz. 60c
XXX Scarlet Oval Radish (mild, crisp) Pkg- 10c, oz. 20c, 4 ozs. 50c
Little Marvel Garden Bush Peas, very early ...4 ozs. 15c, lb. 40o
Early Branching Asters, Crimson, Pink, White or Mixed ..Pkg. 10c
Mammoth Fringed Cosmos, mixed colors   Pkg. 10c
XXX Mammoth Verbenas,   superb mixture of colors  Pkg- 10c
XXX Spencer Giant Sweet Peas, all shades mixed  Pkg. 15c
oz. 35c.
"Pakro"    Seedtape.       "You plant   It   by   the   Yard."
2 pkts. for 25c.   Ask for    descriptive    list-
Ronnie's Seed Annual Free to All     Delivery     Free    in    Canada.
Order through  your  LOCAL DEALER    or    direct   from
394 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
Aunt���Won't you have some more
cake, Willie?
Willie (on a visit)���No thank vou.
Aunt���-You seem to be suffering
from loss of appetite.
Willie���ft ain't that. I'm suffering
from  politeness-
N.     U.     1152
An Aerial Battle
Airmen in Fleets Fought While
Thousands Gazed
The Paris Libcrtc's correspondent
on,the Somme gives an account of
an aerial battle which took place over
the German lines near Baupaumc, the
fluctuations of which were followed
by thousands of anxious spectators.
lhe battle was joined at a height of
9,000 feet. The German fleet consisted of at least 38 Fokkers and
Rumplers, while there were only 30
British machines-
The issue hung long in the balance.
The first to bc put out of action was
a Fokker. It whirled giddily for a
moment, burst into flames, and then
crashed to thc ground. Soon afler-
v aids a British biplane was badly
hit- Next Iwo German aeroplanes
came to grief at a short distance
from their line. Thc British .airmen
displayed very great superiority and
in the end remained masters of the
air, pursuing the enemy with the utmost daring. The enemy squadrons
were completely routed with losses
considerably greater, than those sustained by the British-
Chemically Self-
What do these words
mean to you ?
They mean greater safety
in the HomeT
Perhaps you have noticed
these words on our new
match boxes. The splints
of all matches contained
in these boxes have been
soaked in a solution which
renders them dead wood,
once they have been lighted and blown out, thereby
reducing the clanger of
FlRE from glowing
matches to the greatest
Safety First and Always���
When Holloway's Corn Cure is applied to a corn or wart it kills lhe
loots and the callosity comes out
without injury to the flesh.
The  Very Best
"What's lhe best perfume you
"Extract of potato, $6 an ounce,"
said the druggist.���Buffalo Express.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc
In the Earber's Chair
A man stepped into a barber's shop
thc other day and as he was being
shaved the following dialogue took
place between him and the operator:
Barber���Have you ever been here
for a shave before, sir?
Customer���Yes, once.
Barber���Hut I do   not   remember
your face.
Customer���No, I suppose nol; it's
healed up.
This language is quc-r
That wc speak beyond doubt,
When man's binning wilh rage
Then wc say he's put out.
Thc Scot and His Bible
An English visitor was being escorted round the city and shown the
historic spols by au industrious and
philosophic cabman. "Stopping near
to Grcyfriars," the cabman said,
gravely. "Il was here where John
Knox studied his discourses. Yonder
is the place where John Knox sprained his knee, hurrying up the hill to
talk straight to Queen Mary," and a
little later, "Up there is liie place
where John Knox made the jado
tremble." The Englishman, not profoundly impressed, inquired, "But
who is this John Knox, Sandy?" The
Edinburgh cabman, stunned and indignant, cried, "Mon, do you tiae read
your Bible?''
Mrs. Ilubb���Oh, John, you say that
if you lost me you v. ould lake to
drinking, neglect your personal appearance and go to the bail iu every
llubb (firmly)���Yci, my dear; you
can bet I'd fix it so's I'd never bc an
Inducement to a woman again.
Women, more than men, have excitable nerves, because
tiring work and physical strain tax their more delicate
nervous systems and bring premature age and chronic
weakness���unless treated intelligently.
Drug-laden pills and alcoholic concoctions cannot build up a
woman's strength, but the concentrated medicinal food properties in
build strength from its very source and are helping thousands
of women to gain control of their nerve power���overcoat
tiredness, nervousness, impatience and irritability.
SCOTT'S is a liquid-food���free from drag*.
Seott * BesnM, Tt-��s_s��, Ostt
m-r THE   REVIEW;* TOUBtNKYti   B. C.
IS ISSUING a new policy contract which will
pive your beneficiary a guaranteed monthly
income for life-   Write for pamphlet.
Suit the Work for the Man, and Give the Man Skill for his Work
������Brains and Boldness Required in the Development
Of iiie- Problem <>f Placing ihc Returned Men
1 .orel Shauglincssy may be besl
known now a.s President eft the Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
When lhc inner hisioiy ol iiie war
comes to he written lie will bc slill
belter known ns one of the effective
organizers ol victory, From the he-
fcillllillg he threw his energy, and directed lhe energies of many of his
stall, iulo the national cause-
When asked for a statement as to
Canada's grcatcsl needs at ihis critical lime, especially in making arrangements for returned soldiers,
Lord Shauglincssy said in part:
Thc return ol our soldiers will be
a tremendous opportunity for the
counlry. Shall we seize it, or bungle
and miss il? Thai will be the test
of the quality of Canadian statesmanship,
W'e havc always wanted men to
develop the country. Well, there
tl-cy are, or will bc���ready lo our
hand- Immigration is desirable, but
uncertain. These nun of ours .will
conic home as a matter of course.
They will not come back exactly
the same as they were, but Some people have an absurdly exaggerated idea
of the change we may expect. The
slacker has been improved by discipline, and the downright steady' man
lias certainly not been turned into a
slacker. Taken as a whole, the men
v>ho return able-bodied will be found
better men than ever, physically and
menially���more hardy, self-reliant
and enterprising; their minds widened by experience- Some of them
will naturally take a littc time to settle down and get their bearings. But
that will bc only a passing phase.
1 take for granted that the present
system of getting cx-soldiers employment will be greatly improved
and developed, for it is barely able
to place the few thousands already
with us. But even if the system is
eo improved that every man returning after the war gets some sort of
a job, it docs not follow that wc
shall have any great cause to boast.
We shall have achieved a negative,
success; but wc must aim at something higher, a more positive success.
There is too much haphazard employment, at the best of times; and
witii a flood of men having to be
placed simultaneously llicrc is a
greatly increased danger of shoving
them inlo places without enough regard to suitability- Pulling round
pegs into square holes does not pay.
Having still some lime to prepare,
there will bc no excuse if we do not
devise schemes of employment which
will use a high percentage of each
man's capacity, instead of a low percentage.
The man and bis employer and the
country at large will all gain by this
The man can make most by work
that he is interested in, and has skill
for. The industry that he is engaged
In prospers by his good work, and
the counlry as a whole prospers or
suffers according to the prosperity or
depression of its various Industries,
I am glad to hear that the National
Service Commission is taking steps to
discover the previous trade or calling
of each man now under arms, aim
iiis intuitions or capacities for his
future career, a't any rate in the matter of agriculture- This is the foundation Industry of the whole country.
Farming should be made so profit
able, by educational and financial aid,
and lhe social conditions of rural llffl
should be so improved, that thousands of men wilh natural Inclinations that way will be attracted to
agriculture and will succeed at it.
But evctl when lhal is done, the
great majority of lhe nun will have
lo he provided for in other kinds of
work, I should like lo see thousands
of them, not now highly skilled, given special training lo equip them wilh
lhe skill they lack- I am sure it
would pay the country to give it
We must use brains and ingenuity
in forming our plans for doing the
best that can bc done for���and wilh
���the returning men.
Good people often say to them,
"Nothing is too good for you." It is
easy to talk like that, in vague generalities- But we have got to conic
down to particulars, and lind oul in.
detail what is best for the men���yes,
and for each particular man, with his
individual capacities and aptitudes.
By doing that very thing for men
returning disabled, the Military Hospitals Commission has given the
| country a splendid lead. This lead
should bc followed in dealing with
the mass of men returning later on.
The benefits of this system , should
finally be extended to our people gen-
crally, so that every boy on leaving
school should be directed and helped
into the occupation that he can do
best in���anr\trained specially for it,
whenever that is by any means possible. In some cases, of course, it 's
hard to tell what a boy will be most
fit for, until long after he leaves
school- But even in such a case a
gcod deal can bc done to keep him
out of work that lie i.s positively unfit for.
Thc Commission, I notice, gives
men a good deal of occupation and
instruction, while they arc still under
medical treatment. In fact, these occupations form part of the curative
treatment���a really valuable part. But
they also help to develop a man's
technical skill- Often they reveal astonishing talents wliicli even thc man
himself did not know he possessed.
This skill is developed, and these
talents are discovered and trained, as
they never would havc been if the
men had not become hospital patients. It is a striking case of getting
good out of evil.
I am not surprised to find that
riany returned soldiers, simply
through the training they have had in
hospitals, have gone out to take positions better than they ever occupied
An extra privilege is. given to mm
who arc so incapacitated that lhcy
cannot take up llieir old line of work.
They arc given special training for a
new occupation, in technical colleges
or otherwise. And lhcy arc helped
to choose the occupation most suitable and profitable for them, by the
advice of medical and vocational experts. The cost of the training is
paid for them, and so is even their
maintenance and that of their families, for as long as the training lasls
���and a month longer-
It is an admirable system, and I
shouM like to .sec every man seizing
the opportunity who has it offered to
Next Forward Move
The Woman on the Farm Deserves
Conveniences and is Gradually
Getting Them
Never in the history of The. Farmers' Advocate have so many Inquiries
conic to this oflicc regarding water
systems and sewage disposal contrivances for country homes. In this issue is published an article dealing
sewage disposal on the    faru
Much of this information has been
published in these columns on previous occasions, but wc are pleased
to meet the demand for more information on a subject which interests
such a large percentage of our clicn-
tclc- There is a hopeful sign in the
inquiries, Conditions in ihe farm
homes are improving. All too often
the fanner has bought new machinery
and Implements to lighten his work,
forgetting aboul the ceaseless toil of
his wife. Too often, also, has the
barn been a model ofhandiness while
the house was anything hut such.
Many a man had running water iu his
pig pen while the only running waler
in llie house, where his wife toiled
without ceasing, was iu the attic
where the roof leaked and the water
soaked through and spoiled llic paper iu the front room- The woman
on the farm deserves conveniences
and she is gradually getting them.
Running water and sewage disposal
arc important in farm home comfort,
and they are not costly beyond the
reach of the farmer.���-Farmers' Advocate.
The War's Nerve Centre
Vast Nitrate Deposits in Chile Avail,
able to Entente Allies
Iu an area of 350 miles of arid, barren desert in Chile lies the nerve centre of the great war. If an unfriendly power had held control of this desert tract, the war would have ended
long ago with the crushing of the
Entente Allies. It is the famous
Chilean nitrate region.
Wiliam Howard Russell; a famous
English war correspondent, wrolc as
long ago as 18S9: "Without Britisii
control of the sodium .nitrates of
Chile the map of the world would bc
very different today."
Germany now docs not need to depend upon thc Chilean nitrate deposits, for .lie German chemists are
making synthetic nitrogen. However, for six months before the outbreak of the war in 1014 Germany had
been receiving enormous shipments
of sodium nil rate from Chile. It is
estimated, in fact, that Germany had
on hand 1 million tons of nitrate in
August, 1914.
Some engineers say there is enough
nitrate in the Chilean desert to supply the world for tw-o hundred years.
There arc about fifty thousand Chileans employed in the industry. Nothing grows in the region about the ni-
tiate deposits; it is a dead land. To
al! appearances the Chilean nitrate
towns are like the old time Western
American mining camps. A great
deal of liquor is consumed in the districts and consequently there is considerable lawlessness.
North and Harvey, two British adventurers, originally owned the nitrate concessions, but now the Chilean government controls most of the
valuable tract. Chile fought a war
with Peru for the northernmost part
of the nitrate beds and won. The
British, through their financial
strength, exercise thc greatest control of any foreign power ovcr the
fields, though three German brokerage houses wcrc big producers before
thc war.
Air Comes High
It is inspiring in these hard limes
v lien the cost of living is so high to
read that Andrew Carnegie has paid
! $2,000,000 for a corner lot 100 by 225
firt to prevent a building being pui
up on It, Thus lie gets more fresh
air, and thai is said to bc highly advisable, especially for those who have
to live in big cities.���-Hartford Cour-
Count Keventlow's Language
Count Revcntlow is irrespressible.
"This is what he says about the
Uniled States, "A great nation without an army to smash a highway
robber, a great people who builds
ships to run them on the rocks." In
one of his most vituperative passages, in .his latest personal appeal to
the German nation to have confidence in the Divine Word of their
War Lord, he adds: "The bluffing
Briton always whines when he sees
that he is to be beaten. He knows
that we have struck terror into his
heart by our daring submarine war
ships."    Fancy thai!
"Now, if you have it in your head,"
Said the professor, who had explained a theory to his students, "you
have it all in a nutshell."
Millions of colds start with wet
feet, which could and should be
prevented by wearing rubbers,
rubber farm shoes or high
rubber boots.
Through the slop and slush of
Spring you can work better, be
more comfortable, and enjoy
better health, if your feet are
protected by rubber footwear
bearing one of these famous
Trade Marks:
Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co.
Lurgejt Manufacturers cf Rubber Coo's in thc British Empire
maple lea.
Notwithstanding  the  Many  Obstacles to Political Reform,  the
Members of Russian Duma Have Always Taken Advantage
Of Freedom of Speech and Voiced the People's Views
Newfoundland Fisheries
Lack of Tonnage and Loss of Ves
sels Alarming Fish Exporters
Newfoundland's fish exporter's arc
disturbed over tlur difficulty of obtaining enough vessels to market
tlieir product tllis year. The fisheries constitute the main industry oi
the colony, and in normal times a
large licet of schooners and small
steamers is engaged throughout the
autumn and winter in carrying to
Europe and South America fish
caught in the spring and summer
and cured by being pickled ami dried
in the sun. The vessels trading principally with Portugal and Spain, Italy and Greece, bring back cargoes
of salt from  Sicily and  Spain.
Until recently thc war has not seriously itilerttn u with this trade except for a temporary shutting off of
the Greek market by ihc Entente
blockade. Since Jan, 1, however, six
fish-carrying vessels have been torpedoed oli the Portuguese coasl and
iu tl.e Mediterranean. l-'ishing
agencies here have purchased .ill ves.
sels at present available, bin as the
Hriiish admiralty has requisitioned
many steamers formerly used in tlur
trade there is a growing shortage of
The trade will rnjuirc at least 35,-
000 tons of salt to cure lhis \ear's
catch of fish. Thus far.only enough
ships have been secured lu bring in
9,000 tons.
Russia's Treatment of Her Prisoners
At the end of 1916 the prisoners
employed in slate and agricultural
work in Russia numbered 1,1.18,000.
Of these 515,000 were under the jurisdiction of the ministry of agriculture;
29-1,000 mines and factories, and 169,-
000 ways ami communications, No
Intoxicating litfuors are allowed to
prisoners, Including officers
"food is passed by local boards, under
instructions laid down by the minister of the interior. No discipline is
meted out to prisoners without the
consent of the commanding officers'.
The percentage of complaints by the
prisoners has been so small that the
|/i i -v ��� 111   i .>    linn    .��.._..    ww    w.......    -.,.-.     ��� .
American Ambassador at   Petrograd j clared, and has been
The unpopularity of the Russo*
Japanese war led to an insistent demand from the Libera! and Revolutionary leaders in Russia for a "Con-
slituent Assembly," which should re-
' place the hated bureaucratic regime
by democratic institutions, and tha
Duma was the "sop to public opinion-" It lias had a checkered career,
but, despite the continued opposition
of the Czar and his��� followers, it has
forced itself on the administration,
i-.ntil it has become a vital factor in
the administration of tl.e affairs of
the Empire.
Ils short history has been characterized by Imprisonments oi its leaders of the more radical sections, and
asr-assinations of leading bureaucrats.
The first Duma wns opened in 1906.
It. lasted only a few days, when it
was dissolved by M- Goremykin, the
leader oi the Czar's government. Tha
house was opened again the following year, and, to soothe the demands
of the members, Mr. Stolypin, the
then leader of the government, promised all kinds of reforms; butniinor
revolutions were the sequence, of
much disappointment on the part of
the various parties composing tha
The competence of the Russian
Duma hai been strictly limited It
shared with the Emperor the legislative power, including the disctis.-ion
and sanctioning of lhc budget. All
measures dealing with the army and
the navy were outside its competence;
these were not laws, but "administra.
live rules." The procedure of tha
house practically placed the control
of the legislation In the hands of tha
ministers. Any member could suggest
legislation, but its introduction waa
at the discretion of the ministers,
though the ministers were not re��
sponsible to the Duma, but to tha
But, notwithstanding these ob��
Their I atactes to political reform, the mem��
bcrs of Russia's "Popular House'
have always taken advantage of free��
dom of speech, when it existed, and
have at least voiced the views of thf
It has been noticeably on the lid*
of the allies since the war waa de��
closed    mora
asked  to make independent in-1 than once by an Imperial ukase Co.
*' being "loo pronouncedly pro-ally.
quirics by Germany, and he reported
that in all camps tiie conditions were
most satisfactory,
"Who stood up for   Jark whan ha
married Miss l-'lirtlrigli?"
"No ona-   Everybody called liim a
fool I"
"I havc never yet had    ft
bution rejected."
"Writer or ehurchgoerr
w   N.   v.   usa TD OOUBTINAY RITOW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   We.ky   Newspaper,   I'ubished   at
Courteuay, B. ('.
N. II, IIodi-n, I'ditor and Proprietor
Balisci iption tl M' per Year in  Advance
THURSDAY MAY 10,  19 7
There has been a lot of grumbling and dissatisfaction expressed
with the mail service between here
ain't Vancouver. Ol course these
kickers probably do order goods
from Vancouver semi occasionally
ami it seems a great hardship lo
them Mint the- government will not
hire a man every Sunday to carry
nn o cnsional 2 com h tie from
Cou tc-iiny to Com it and alio charter n steamer to carry it to Vancouver and thus gel llieir goods up
one day eiulu-i in (lie week llian it
is possible now If the lei ter is written on Saturday, The n ��i r>f us,
responsible buMtiesn men, who
order goods b\ neaii\ e\ei) mail.
are quit�� satisfied with the service.
W'e-  kti )i otu credit   g 1  at the
other end <rf tlie line and there is
no delay when an ordei reaches the
wholesaler ;it Vancouver. It we
are iu a desperate hurry there is
always the telegraph or llie long
distance telephone and nn obliging
operator to hasten our messages.
For a small place over a hundred
miles from Vancouver we are exceedingly well served with five
mails in and out weekly.
It is openly stated in political
circles that the prohibition question
is dividing the government ranks.
One section led by tlie Premier and
the Hon. John Oliver favour a bill
to introduce prohibition until the
end of the war, while the other
camp prefers to deal with the liquor traffic only by further curtailment of hours, abolition of
treating, etc. It would be interesting to learn what Hugh Stewart
is doing in this connection, and we
are sure that a statement from him
will be timely in view of the fact
that the Valley voted " dry."
Sandwick has been signally lion
oured by the appointment of Mr,
James II, Parkin us Justice of the
Peace. The new J. P. is very
widely known  and  esteemed   and
both as postmaster and proprietor
of the Comer store has widened an
attracrive personality. The Provincial government has done well
to single oul such a man for the responsible position to which lie has
been appointed, for while "Jim "
is a " hai! fellow-well.111.t," he is
not the sort to stand any rough-
house conduct from anybody.
Wherefore let the wrongdoer amend
his ways, for J, H. Parkin, J. P.,
from his seat on the bench will
hand out justice with an iiidiscrim-
inating and firm hand.
The new city flagstaff wns sue
cessfully raised yesterdna afternoon
Miss Agues Beard of Cumber-
laud was the guest of Miss Jean
McKenzie this week.
Will, lease and deed forms, score
cards and pencils for whist, at the
Review Ofli.c.
Mr. Homibrook of Duncan, for
inerly with the Bh 11V of Commerce
here, is spending a holiday in our
James Aitken failed to pass the
final military medical examination
at Vancouver and lias returned
R. Willoughby and Rev. II. Wilson attended the Nanaimo Distiict
meeting of the Methodist church at
Nanaimo on Tuesday evening.
" ]joliy " Wright, lor many
years a familiar character about
Courtenay, died at the home of his
sister a few days ago lie left here
a couple of mouths ago to make
his home with hi-s sisler.
From an Australian Newspaper
we note that Pte. J Cheffers, who
is a nephew of Mrs. R. Willoughby
of this place, who was serving at
the front, reeeived a bullet in the
shoulder which passed through the
lung and lodged in the- heart, yet
marvellous to relate he is alive and
well, He t-as hit on August 2nd
just outside Pozieres and walked
three miles before lie got to the
ambulance men, being then taken
to the military hospital at Stoke-on
Trent where he- has been interviewed by all the doctors who could
possibly see hi '. At last accounts
lie was walking about and expected
to start for bis home in Australia
Sport Silks
Sport Silks in I'ongee shades, with
colored stripes and large colored
spots, iii purplex, 11M rose, cadet
ami paddy,
Sport Hats iu I'aiiiiinn ami Leghorn
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l.arlies'  washable   Chamois Gloves
with black cord ' arks
[,ndies   White Cape   Kid   washable
Gloves with white and   black  cord
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Georgette Crepe Waists ill the newest styles in nil light shades and
tints, Ladles' white embroidered
voile niul mercerize' voile waists 111
exclusive designs.
A large assortment of ladies' ready-
to wear skirts in all sizes in the prevailing styles in .serges, Panamas
and Tweeds, at popular prices,
Middy Waists and Belts
Ladies' Middy Waists and Wash
Skirts in rep, pique and India head.
Also black patent belts and black
patent edged with silk cord in all
widths.    Middy strings and ties,
Wash Goods
In Yoile-s, Zephyrs, Ginghams, Gal-
ateas, Kepps, Ducks Piques, Pon-
gevs iu natural and colored.
B.C. CoastS. S. Service
Comox, Union Bay-Vancouver Route
B. C. Commercial Travellers
War Dane. Excursion Bates
Going Dates April 29th to May 4th inclusive.
Final return May 9th, 1917
Fare and One-Third for   Round Trip
Children Under 12 half fare
General Passenger Agt, Vanconver
Advance styles in ladies trimmed
and ready-to-wear hats. Children's
wash ha's and infants' bonnets,
also all inUIini- y rieeessc.ies.
C-C A La   Grace   Corsets  and
Invictus Shoes
of May
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni
From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,     Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni,   and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10
Phone R 60
Agent ���urten.jr,
will "oon be here. On that
day every man wants to put
on his summer suit. Each
suit is made with regard to
what suits the individual.
St\le is one point to remember
hut SUITABLE style is what
is aimed at here. Its no use
putting a young man's coat 011
9 mail of 50 or 60 years,
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Hay Road
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepared to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
in the home has no terrors
for the cook who ruses
Royal Standard Flour
ROYAL STANDARD is scientifically perfect
It is made .1 om No. 1 Canadian Hard
Wheat���pure���strong���cream white-- thoroughly dependable- never changes.
Our own daily laboratory tests guarantee
absolute uniformity.
Get it at your grocers���look for the Circle
" V " trade- mark on every sack.
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End of Bridge
B. Towler,  Mgr.
Tourng  $495;   Ruuabout $475
F. 0. B. Ford, Ont.
E. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch, Motor Cycle, Gas Engine and
Bicycle  Supplies, Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
Your Telephone
Isof Greater Value Every day
The more telephones there are, the more value your telephone is.
If you could reach everyoue by telephone, your telephone would be of
maximum value.   Thisf however, Is not probable.
The number of telephone users is increasing every day. It means
that in British Columbia the telephone subscriber is able to reach 300
more subscribers each month.
No other commodity gives such good value as your telephone
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High GRAND DISPLAY
Still There's Nothing Like Leather.
Willard'. Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
Love and reason are seldom on
i '''.\ II.: it4,
Tuning and Repairing
Here about April 1
Leave orders at Review office
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
w-in's Old Stari.Ctu; l*i *J p'
Editor Courtenay Review
Sir;���I receive your paper   ro
gularly through my wite  in England, but 1 mn always   very   dis-
appointed lo see no   reference   to
this battalion in  it.   Tiie   people
of Courtenay and  Comox  bhould
be very proud of llie doings of the
mem hers of the 102nd.    Most   of
them were tasting the joys  of tlie
Spit this time labt year, and quite
a few are inhabitants of   the   dis
t'rict;    They have all   done    well,
and the battalion has   a   splendid
record, and lias had many   eoiupli.
ments paid to it.    Many   ol   tlie
old   faces   have   gone,' amongs-l
others, Majors Rothuie and Johnston both Killed.    MeNaiielit and
Salinity Watson, whoti.ed to be nt
Etude's garngo, are missing; both
Wlinlens gone,    Amongst honors
Sergt. I,. Brown of Cumberland
.iiii'ied till) 1). C, M��� and Swaii.oii
the M- M.    Both Symonds   boys
aie wilh un rn- nt least were  It   lil
a COliple of week's n^rn,    when the
elder left for England to   get his
Commission,     Harry Grieve   is
hero and also M.   Piercy;   young
Berkley wns wounded and 1 have
not heard of him lately.    The elder Vogel is out in No Man's I.niid
practically every   night   scouting
for the lluns,  'and   is   absolutely
tearless,   Creech   cuts   our   hair
when it is needed.    Peterson   has
fr good job now . Those of us who
are here are looking   forward   to
seeing Comox  again   very   soon.
Myself, I often   think of   it   and
long to lie back with you all,   but
we mean to put the Bosche where
he   belongs before we return.
Yours truly
Comox Valley Cow Testing Association
last ol cows that have given 50 lbs of butter during April
Name of cow
Polly, 2 months
Beauty        9-1.
Beauty, 3 months 4050.
G. 0. Giune
A. McMillan
lbs milk lbs butter owner
..1488  72.9  A. McMillan
..270*   143.8
..1482   72.6
 1012  66.4.-. BdCalnaii
2 months 1933    126.1
Quecnie 1167 65.1..
Heather 1041  64.4.
'���     2 months 1947   119.3
1056  60.2 G. O. Game
 55.9....   W. -. Wain & Son
^__________    238.1
Darkie     996  55.8 A. McMillan
"     2 months 1998 111.9
Fern 1086 55.7 G. Hornby
Fern. 3 months 4449  239.9
Rose  915  5.5.5 A. McMillan
Cantlv  891   55.1    II. w. Bailey
Blackle 1173 54.7.
Nora 933  54.4.
"   6 months 5268 309.0
 11)14 54.4  Tl). Smith
2 uroliths 1995   136.6
   729 53.6
SinontliR 4156 S02.2
 1065 53.5
���'     2 mouths    1995 1(11.2
Dell 2nd ol Blue Ribbon    609 52.6.
II mouths. ,9042 676 7
    S7II 51 8.
nibs    1725 105 7
���\. McMillan
, .G. Hornby
,T. D. Smith
. A. McMillan
Simply a little rub with a cloth keeps the highly burnished cooking top always glistening, dustless clean, with*
out blacking; in four pieces it cannot warp or bulge.   *
It won't be hard to decide what range you want in your
kitchen after I show you the Kootenay's special features.
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son. Courtenay
I' inline..
Boss, 5 mn
Bessie ������
Young Tiger, 7 months
jewel, 6 months 	
Leonette, 6 months ���
. 705..
. 999..
. 651..
. 5371 ..
. 843..
. 5813..
..51 8..
..51 3..
..50 7
...50 2..
.259 7
.  50 2  .
..50 2
.352 1.
,35 i 8.
W. T
, lid. Calnan
. A, McMillan
Wain & Sons
Wain & Son
. S. Calhoun
I. Williamson
. 11. Gurney
,T, D. Smith
.5362  316 3
Mrs. Chalmers of Thrums, gaye
two very interesting addresses to
th_ members of the Womens' Institute last week. The first was
given at the Sandwick hall on
Monday evening on " Churning
and buttermaking." On Wednesday evening at the Agricultural
hall she told those present " How
to make a good  living on a small
way to tell the difference at the age
of five or six weeks was by the
wattles which started to grow on
the cockerels al that age. One of
her hearers decided to try the test
next morning on their eighty
chickens, and found that by it they
were all roosters.
On Tuesday afternoon a couple
of Indians discovered the body ot
the many things I Alex, McDonald in the river a few
farm "    Among  ....           ..  ,   .
she  told   the   audience was   that rods below the mouth of the slougli
coekerels should be separated from Constable Hannay was notified and
J. B."Bailey,  the pullets,  and she said a sine
^^���^L^___i_____M^__^________|____i ____________________________
M    ^^ff*^n*W^tmMW>w^*w^i^^^>^f'^rmm^'^Stt^mmrmmm
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Order* Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
I beg toJannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fe.d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   Tlovitz.
#^yy^M<y>��y�� m*m*****t**simi*tltr*
he had the body removed to the
undertaker's and notified Coroner
Small who instructed the constable
to empanel a jury which was composed of J. H. Macintyre, foreman
H. McKenzie F. Cucksey, II. V.
Collins, W. Cessford and C. S,
Wood. They brought in a verdict
of death by drowning. Deceased
was a native of Avondale. Picton
county, N. S., where his parents
reside. One of his brothers is with
the overseas forces and a sister is
teaching school at Calgary. He
came west about four years ago
coming to Courtenay from Campbell River last fall to work on the
new opera house, and afterwards
ou the Comox Logging & Railway
Company's new bridge. His genial
personalty won him many friends
who regret his demise. After the
inquest the remains were handed
over to Undertaker Banks, from
whose parlors the funeral will take
place on Friday to the R. C. cemetery at Comox.
The Red Cross concert in the
Agricultural hall last night was a
verv successful affair.    The   hall
was    comfortably    filled.       Tne
"Dwarf"   troupe's, concert was a
feature of the evening,  and   was
taken part  iu   by   the following
young ladies and gentlemen repre
different   nationalities:   Mrs.   J.i
Mitchell,   the   Misses  Doris   and
Violet Hicks Beach,   Olive Bird,
Dorothy Jackson, Phyllis olazbrook
Effie Parkin, Carrol Jackson and
Mr. Neary.    *> r. Jackson acted as
leader of the troupe.    " P-or Pillicody " was presented very skilfully
by J. H.   Macintyre  as Pillicody,
Mrs. Cokeley as Mrs   Pilicody, F.
} C. Brock as Capt.  O'Scuttle, Mrs.
Macint��.re as Mrs. O'Scuttle.  Mrs.
Hicks Beack as Sarah Blunt.  Mrs.
cla .brook accompanist.    The refreshment table was presided over
by Mesdames Parkin and Cairns,
and the music for dancing was supplied by Miss Doris dazbrook and
Wm. Booth.   The receipts were :
Amt taken at door $76 50, dance
$27.50, refreshments $u._G, total
$115,10.    Expenditures,  rent   of
hall   and   janitor  $io,   returning
chairs and piano, O. Davis,  $3.50,
printing posters $350,   Music $i,
leaving $98.10 to be handed to the
Mooring & Ingram
General Blacksmiths
Bee to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds ol repairs at raoderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty   U
Red Cioss Society.
Mrs. Hicks Beach wishes to
thank all the ladies and gentlemen
who so kindly helped her to make
ir e entertainment last night 11 success, also tltose who so generously
donated towards the refreshments
Mr. Fechuer for Ihe free use of his
piano and Mr R. Creech for hauling the chairs to tlle hall.
Letter to the Editor
Editor Courtenay Review
Dear   Sir���,1  would   like verv
much to mnke an appeal llirougli
the columns of your valuable paper
on behalf of my comrades and myself for some little article of the list
which is appended. I kel confi
dent that this appeal will not be in
vain and it will help considerably
to keep the men   doing somethihg
fthat will restore them back to
themselves again : Magazines,
books ftr library, games, tobacco,
cigarettes, cricket outfits, golf
clubs, football, baseball, bowls,
tennis. We have two good tennis
courts but nothing to play with,
Anything of the above will be
thoroughly appreciated.
Yours sincere y,
Corp'l All' Jones
Otiiilicuni     Military   Convalescent
Hospital, May l, 1917.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew.''  .Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday   School und   Bible Clas
10:30 a. m.   Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
Barrister and  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cnsine Excellen
Wm. Merry-field
Palaee Livery
Horses ami   Buggies for   Hire  ���*
Terms cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
TAKE NCTICK that Timlin Bros,,
the Campbell River School, and the
Campbell River Hospital, whose address
is Campbell River, B, C, will applv for
a license to take and use 10,000 (ten
thousand) gallons and to store 100,000
gallons ot water out ol a stream known
as Camp Creek which flows northerly
and drains into Campbell River tbout
half a mile from its mouth. The storage-dam will be located at a point on the
creek, Lease 49, lot H4. The capacity
of the reservoir to be created is about
100,000 gallons, and it will flood about
three acres of land. The water will be
diverted from the stream at a point
about six hundred feel north, twenty degrees west of the south-east corner of
lease 49, and will be used for domestic
land and premises described as lots 69
and 73. This notice was posted on the
ground on the 27th day of April, 1917.
A copy of this notice and an application
pursuant thereto and to the " Water
Act, 1914," will be filed in the office ol
the Water Recorder at Cumberland, B.
C. Objections to the application may be
filed with the said Water Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Water Rights, I
Parliament buildings, Victoria, B. C..1
within thirty days after the first ap-;
pearance ol this notice in the Courtenay'
Review, a local newspaper. The date '
ol the first publication of this notice is
May 3rd, 1917.
Thuun Bros.
Thr Campbei.1v River School
Thr Campbell Rjver Hospital
By Chas. Thuli*",
Phone 35
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days alter
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Minister ol Lands ol British
Columbia for a license to prospect for
coal on the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of Lot No. 42, Comox
District, II. <���'., thence north eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
thence south eighty chains thence west
eighty chains to point of commencement, and containing six hundred and
forty acres more or less,
Courtenay, B. 0. April 3, 1917.
Do You
The  Courtenay  Review
Family Herald and Weekly S.ic
and the Daily Province
for one year
(or $6
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
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Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
A Matter of Protection
Actor- I sny, old man, I wish you'd
advance me $5 and take ii out of my
lirsl  week's salary.
Manager���But my d ar fellow, suppose il happened thai I i ouldn't pay
your lirsl week's salary, where would
I be?
���\   *s*   la__��_s__
In every home Sloan's Lini��
ment has earned its place in
lhc medicine chest as a relief
from pains and aches.
Quickly penetrates tulthoat rubbing and soothes the soreness.
Cleaner and morc effective than
mussy plasters or ointments, it docs
not stain thc -kin.
I'or rheumatism, neuralgia, gout, lum-
fcago, sprains nnd strains urre Sloan's Liniment.   At all druggiMs, 25c. 5ue. $1.00.
what lie lind given Mary Cltainpncy3.
For the moment there wns no passion in his feelings for the girl, who
wns crying :is though In r heart were
"You poor liulc thing!" lie said,
with n tender hand on her golden
hair,   "Vou poor child."
Outside the garden basked In thc
June sunlight. 'I'he leaves danced in
the south wind. The bi c buzzed In
lhe heart of the rose; n bed of pinks
gave out a spk" fragrance. Through
thc opening in the private hedge thc
sunshiny lawn beyond showed a little white-clad figure toddling wiih
Uncertain feet.
"Come, my dear," he said, with a
hand irn Dolly's shoulder, "I see
little Susan is looking for you. She
is coming this way."
Dolly made n spasmodic effort to
dry her tears. Half-blindly she let
him lead her down the path, by the
herbaceous border. Susan hnd begun
to emit small sounds of distress,
"Dolly, where are your" 11 was
quite an adventure for Susan to have
sought out Dolly. Apparently she
wns in hnstc. She had pr< bably escaped from ber mother, and wns apprehensive of being caught.
I A sharp note of recall rnmc upon
Susan's track. Susan looked round,
tittered a little cry, ninl stumbled.
Dolly ran to her, picked her ui>, and
covered   her   with   kisses.
The Squire lefl them lor. iher, and
went on to talk to Mrs. Egerton, who
was surveying the scene from an upper window of the house,    with    a
; sour expression on her beautiful lace.
The Squire's
l__rloa. Melbourne, t__ 1 orotitt
The Squire stood watching her
miserably, wishing he could hnve
borne the grief for her. Now and
again he spoke to her ar though he
soothed a child. At the moment he
had hardly more consciousness about
it than if she had been a child. Hc
had not realized altogether that his
feeling for Dolly Egerton was conic
to be something very different    from
Tasty and
The convenient soda biscuit
becomes a real treat when it's
It is quite out of tbe ordinary in crisp-
jicns and flavor; as well an in price���
In Packages only.   1 'lam or Salted.
Another inexpensive and dcliciou9
Vanilla Wafers
Packages only.
North-West Biscuit Co., Limited
W.     N.     U.     1152
Man to Man
After all the Squire hnd something
'to do to catch his 2:-15 train. He
had carried off Dolly and thc child
and Mrs. Egerton to Silverthorne
and left them there, exacting a promise that they would remain iill hc.
returned by -ihc 5:45, by which train
; Lionel Egerton wns coming home,
That would put out of the question
his seeing Hilary. Just as well; he
was not very anxious to scc Hilary
till lit had sonic satisfactory news of
Lndy South and Margaret. He was
not sure how Hilary would lake it.
He and Margaret had been like
brother and sister. Too close, the
Squire said to himself, for love to
spring up between them, else they
ought to have been lovers.
Airs. Egerton had no objection to
spending the day at Silverthorne
rather than at the New Cottage. The
meals would be much better cooked
and morc daintily served, and, oddl^
enough, the lady, for all her grave,
serious beauty, was not insensible to
such considerations. The comparative poverty of the New Collage
fretted her. She felt herself much
more at home at Ihc Manor, where
she could sit the long golden afternoon through with a novel or lie on
the softest couches if she would, anil
not fear to hear the village beauty in
'the cottage kitchen breaking the
crockery or stumbling over her own
She had assented graciously to the
Squire's suggestion lhat Dolly should
not be allowed to sleep at the Old
Cottage by herself for a while. She
had been very gracious lo the Squire,
especially since lie had become an art
"She need never have slept there,"
she said, "if it was not for her own
odd ways and her attitude about that
horrid old dog. If it had been mine
should have had him put oul of
his misery long ago. I never thought
it was sanitary lor Dolly to have
him in the coltage; hut since she
would have liim 1 did my best to
keep Susan from going llicrc, I do
not mind a cat In the house, but I
think a dog's place is out of doors.
I've taught Leo to think with me; or
at lenst not to think against me.
When we married, Leo wns as bad
about  Keeper ns Dolly."
The Squire was glad that Dolly
had not heard the Bpccch. He
thought he could trust Lionel Egerton il he could nol trust bis wife,
lie would speak to him on the journey down. Meanwhile (here was
something lo be done with which hc
could trust the old gardener at the
Manor  House.
Afler all he only just caught the
2:-l5, and when he reached Chappcll
Place he found that it was Mr. Lang-
ton's hour for seeing patients. He-
was shown into the waiting-room,
where there wcrc half a dozen people before him. There was nothing
to do but await his turn with what
composure he might,
He experienced all the dreariness
oi the doctor's waiting-room, dim
will, the colored pictures in the lower panes of the window that else
would hnve looked out ou leads. The
window was tightly shut, as it Invariably is iu such places. There
was a woolly plush cloth on thc dining table, on which lay the pictorial
papers of sonic weeks back, an illustrated guide-book, a book of
photographs, and one or two sixpenny novels. Plainly Mr. Langton
did not keep his own rending for the
J wailing room.
Hc sat down on a slippery leather
couch by the wall. Though there
were several people in lhe room,
llicrc was a silence only broken by
the ticking of the clock.
The place got on his nerves. He
began to wonder what the oilier
wailing people about him had to tell
the doctor. There was a smell of
disinfectants, of antiseptics   In    the
mum. He remembered his hospital
days. His soldiering days. How far
away they wcrel lie felt that he
was growing old.
One by one those who wailed with
him were summoned to lhc surgeon's
Consulting room. One by onc they
passed iii and the door closed behind Ihem. At last il was his turn.
He, too, was beckoned by the manservant and passed tlirougli the door
wilic!) was tlie gate of life or death
to many who took thai way.
The surgeon was bending ovcr his
rase book, writing some observations
when lhc Squire came ill. He looked
up. The light wus strong in the
room despite lhc blinds half way
down, alniosl meeting the brise-bise
curtains below. Mr. Langton recognized his visitor.
"Ah," be said, "you do not come
to consult me professionally. Won't
you lake a seat?"
"I must apologize for coming in
tllis way���intruding on lime which
must be valuable." The Squire spoke
stiffly, and remained standing, "I
meant to have called earlier in the
"Don't apologize. I should have
been at the hospital or visiting patients at another hour. 1 am only
afraid you may have had to wait."
He find sat down with something of
a weary air.
He leant back in his chair and
wailed for the Squire to speak. He
looked what he was in his profession,
al sail of solemn black. It became,
him. Ccrvasc Langton was one of
those men who, being plain-looking,
pass for handsome, especially with
women. His clean-shaven face, with
the commanding mouth, the searching eyes, was of the kind to inspire
confidence in nervous patients. He
stood up after a pause with an air of
saying that since his visitor would
not sit he would not. The two tall
men  faced  each  other in  the    room
Counter Check
Or Sales Books
Mr. Merchant:���
If you are not already using our
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All classes and grades of paper are
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Carbon papers, waxes for coated;
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Notwithstanding these facts, our
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smelling of chemicals, which the sun-
ray, piercing under the blinds, made
full of dusly notes. They wcrc both
tall men, equal adversaries, as they
stood and faced each other,
"You wished to see inc ?"
The Squire, never very eloquent,
found a difficulty in beginning. When
he spoke it was to the point.
"It is about Lady South. Where is
"By what right do you ask?"
"The right of an old friend, Lady
South and her daughter arc dear anil
honored friends of mine."
"Oh, I concede your righl." The
surgeon walked to the chimney-piece,
picked up a cigarette, lit it, nnd came
back. I
"I am very sorry 1 cannot tell i
you," he said,
Against thc liehl his profile revealed a linggardness which had not
appeared in  full face,
"You know where she is?"
"Certainly; 1 know where she is.
She has given me no permission to
reveal her address. She is with her
daughter. I am sorry I can sny no
The Squire's face darkened, His
eyes suddenly blazed. j
"You know that a lady does not
leave her home in the circumstances!
in which Lady South left hers witli-j
out provoking comment���-gossip, if|
you will." He brought out the words
with a jerk.
"I  am very sorry.      If there had i
been any other way she would have
taken it."
The Squire was very angry.
"Do you understand," he asked icily, "that when yon and Lady South
used to meet���suircptitously���there,
was bound to bc gossip?"
The other mail answered him with
a weary air.
"1 suppose so, things and people
being what lhcy arc. It was the only
way. Margaret had sent for mc. Wc
had to persuade her mother between
us. She took a good deal of persuasion, but wc succeeded at last."
(To Be Continued.)
Good Going
A Northumberland county (Ontario) man says in part: "One of our
good old cooks said the other day, in
reply to a query about the nature of
the forthcoming dinner. 'Men' he
said, 'you don't seem to understand
army cooking. Wc just throw everything into lhe pot and offer up a
prayer. If it burns you'll have a
roast, and if it boils you'll bavc a
slew, and there you arc.'"
Dd You Play Any
Outdoor Game?
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is if you're physically lit.    Our
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Main St
Monejr Spent By Tourists
C-  P. R.  Formulating Plans to Induce Tourists to Visit
Western Canada
^Acording to figures compiled by
Canadian Pacific Railway officials, 10
per cent, of the money spent by tour-
of the various boards of trade in
Western Canada wil co-operate with
the railway officials to bring this id-
ditional revenue to tho west. Plans
to induce American tourists to�� visit
the various tomisls resorts in Canada arc now Hearing completion-
Hoard of trade members will distribute literature, which is now b'-ing
prepared, relating to their respective
cities at all Canadian pleasure resorts.
All tourists travelling through
Western Canada will be taken over
lines which go through the most attractive districts- An effort will bc
made to impress upon the tourists
the advantages Western Canada offers to settlers. The officials hope to
induce tourists to urge their friend?
ists in Europe would amount' to
$500,000,000, a sum equal to the value
of the Canadian wheat crop in 191 fi.
This money spent annually in the
west would develop a record era .:f
prospcriiy, officials assert- Officers
at home to visit Western Canada and
see for themselves the opportunities
that await settlers- C.F.. Mcl'herson,
assistant traffic manager of western
lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway
has returned from a trip to Califor-
i ia, where 10,000 American tourists
nic spending the winter and early
spring. Many- of these tourists will
icltirn lo tlu ir homes In Chicago,
New Vork, Detroit, Boston and other
(astern cities over the Canadian Pacific through Western Canada, Mr.
McPhcrson asserted-
Passenger officials are receiving
many inquiries from American tourists regarding traffic accommodations
lo Alaska, where extra efforts are be-]
ing made this year to attract tourists!
who before Ibe war visited Europe.
These visitors will pass through'
the grain districts of Western Caiia-I
da amtefhe Canadian Pacific Rockies, j
The unusually interesting attrac-|
lions at Skagway, Alaska, 1,000 miles
from Vancouver, and the health-producing climate at Atlin, one of the
greatest summer health resorts in the
world, arc making a strong appeal to
Men Killed in War
The casualties in the European war
to Jan. 1, 1917, according to a competent list issued in Washington, based on expert comparison and assembling of figures compiled from every
available source, liavc been 9,203,200
combatants killed, wounded, captured
and missing, of which the loss sustained by thc Entente Allies is computed to bc 5,819,400 and by the Central Powers, 3,384,800.
The compilation estimated that the
total of men killed has been 4,341,200.
the number of wounded 2,448,500, and
tlie number of captured and missing,
20.000,000 Casualties
A German who became a million*,
aire from making war profits has
founded a Frankfort institute for the
study of the consequences of war, and
is now publishing a monthly journal,
in the German and English language.
In the last issue the total losses of
men in killed, wounded and sictt ir;
all theatres of war is estimated at*,
about 20,000,000.
Well-known WomeM.
Chatham, Ont.���"I wus Bick for about
four years. Got very weak, could not
eat lo amount to
anything. I got
very thin and had
no strength at all.
I was very much
discouraged at
times��� thought I
was never going to
get better. I
could Dot walk a
block without feeling all tired-out.
���'���'������*__������ ���*��� '������.' ���V'. I'I took different
& "W. SsTf^SflM medicines but did
not get tho ludp I needed. A friend of
mine advised mn to try Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. I began to take it
with tho 'Pleasant Pellets' and by tha
time I had taken two bottles I was well
on thc road to recovery, and in six months
I was entirely well. My appet.i'�� cara.
baek and 1 gained in flesh. Now I um at
strong and healthy aa any one could wish
lo be. 1 owe it all to Dr. Pierce's mod-
ieiues and I am glad of the opportunity
l*i give testimony in their favor; they,
have done wonders for me."���Mis.
Thklma Paukuu, 141 E. King St.
Chatham, Ont.���'1 have token Dr.
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was weak and run down. Tost my appetite
and got very thin. I took 'Favorite
Prescription' and 'Pleasant Pellet.' and
these two medicines built me up in a very
short space of time so that I felt us well
as ever. I found them to be all that iu
recommended of them; they are good."���
Mas. Wm. W__S_, ('or. Taylor & Grand
Ave., E., Chatham, Ont.
Every woman who has backache, head*
ache, low spirilH, sleepless nights, owes it
to herself to speedily overcome lhe trouble
before a breakdown causes prostration.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription I*
a non-alcoholic remedy that any ailing
woman can safely Indus because it is pro-
pared from roots and herbs with pure
glycerine, containing tonic properties.
A War Innovation
The war has produced thc lady
chimney-sweep- In I'ambenvell, Lon��
don, England, Mr. G. Gould's daughter, whose, husband joined the army
in the early days of the war, line
bravely cast aside all feminine prejudice against smeary work and assist*
her father on his daily round. She is
only twenty, and not only docs she
push tlie barrow, but she can push ���
the brushes and carry the bags on
occasion. She starts out fresh and
neat in the early morning, and ar��
rives back tired and sooty���but always happy-
When Your Eyes Need Care
UaeMnrlnaEve Medicine. NoBmartlng���Feele)
n��e ��� Acta Quickly. Try It lor Bed, Weak,
Bore B. ea and Orannlnted Ejrellda. Murine Is
compounded byourOenlt.te���not a "Patent
Medfclne"-but naed In succenafnl Phyr l.-lane*
Practice for many yer.ra Now dedicated Mi
���he Public and acid by D> ..gists at bus pe-
Bottle. Murine Rye -aire ln Aseptic- Tulreij
_Sc and 60o. Write for book or tlie By* tree*,
Murine Eye Remedy Dampen* OMeeie. **\%;
_______��� KHE   EEVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
"I havo been for the lost two
years a cripple with Muscular and
tniliimniritoiy Irlionmatiam. I tried
almost everythtu_ known to medico] oclence to relieve me of tbe
Intense pain and Inflammation. I
touglit chance of climate lu Kentucky and other Southern points
without roltef. Your manager la
this city rocommenSWrtSIK PILLS
and I have since taken eight bozee
and am now cured.   I consider
The Growth of Canada
the conqueror of Ithcumatism and
Kidney Diseases.
O. D. Held."
All druggists sell Gin Fills at
fide, n box, or 6 boxes for $-.00.
Samplo free if you wrlto to
Toronto, Out. Tt
Prevent locked wheels
anil hot  boxes  by  lhe
use i if
Mica forms a smooth
coating on the axle
spindle���keeps it cool
and well lubricated.
The Immense Strides Made by    the
Dominion During the Past
Fifty Years
Mr. Frank Yeigh's 5,000 facts
about Canada, always a valuable publication, seems particularly timely in
the year of the jubilee anniversary of
confederation, Out progress in fifty
years may be illustrated by a few
figures. Population hns increased
fiom less than three and a half millions to eight millions, as estimated.
Postollice savings deposits have increased from less than a quarter of a
million to forty millions. Trade is
more than ten times as great as at
confederation Railway mileage i.s
sixteen limes as great. Wheat cx-
lorts have increased sixty limes,
manufactures have increased live
times. All this, of course, refers to
material growth. Many things cannot be expressed iu figures-
Yet without this material growth
Canada might have been a source of
v. i akuess and anxiety lo the rest oi
lhc empire, instead of a source of
confidence and strength, Education,
political development, all the signs
of a high civilization will be observed by those who rend lhe history of
hulf u century of United Canada,
From the Toronto Star,
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
Dominion Express Money Orders
arc on sale in five thousand offices
^throughout Canada.
Their Dangerous Enemy
Germans Admit That England's
Strength Was Underestimated
The Lcipzigcr Netistc Nachricten
says: When, in August, 1914, Lord
Kitchener coined the phrase "For
England the war will only begin in
1916," wc smiled at him, since wc
believed that long before then wc
should have resumed our peaceful oc-
cupations. But in thc meantime wi
had to learn that wc gravely underestimated the English as a nation- We
know now that our real enemy sits
upon the islands, and that he will
ruthlessly employ every means to
bring us to the ground. The English
will.fill all gaps and store up new
Slid colossal supplies, which will enable them to expend many times
more ammunition Ihnn they have now
at tluir disposal- What we have to
do is lo turn all Germany into one
colossal munitions factory.
i.H��*L_fc ��� Jr.-J...  r-."".____ajjy
contains the rich
supplies of
-   ���
phosphate of
potash grown
in wheat and
Its mission is
therefore, clear
and plain���it
supplies what
ordinary food
And it does its
work in a
' ..j
way, as tens
of thousands
of its users
can testify.
, "There's a Reason"
if'v^jsjj-.'.-���, - ���'��� -V/Mi
N.     U.    11S2
Says She Suffered
For Many Years
Mrs. Felix Ascah Found no Relief in
Doctors or Hospital Treatment, but
Dodd's Kidney Pills Brought a
Speedy Cure.
llaldimniid, Gaspe Co., Que. (Spc-
cial)���Mrs, Felix Ascah is 'telling lier
numerous friends here that her co:
plcte recovery from kidney disease
from wh:'-h she suffered for years is
due to the splendid work of Dodd's
Kidney Fills.
"My trouble started from a strain,'
Mrs. Ascah says. "I suffered for
years. 1 was attended by a doctor
and wns also treated at a hospital. I
suffered from stiffness in the joints,
I had a bitter taste, especially in the
morning, and at times was subject to
severe headaches- 1 had a pressure
and often a sharp pain at the top of
my head and my skin itched and
burned at night.
"Neither from the doctor nor at the
hospital did 1 get any permanent relief. Then 1 started to use Dodd's
Kidney Pills and two boxes did mc
so much good I feel like recommending them to everyone who has kidney
Dodd's Kidney Fills cure sick kidneys. Cured kidneys strain all the
impurities, all the seeds of disease,
out of the blood. That makes good
health all over the body. That's why
those cured ate so enthusiastic in regard lo Dodd's Kidney I'ills.
"Is your wifc economical?"
"Wry.    Look at the    clothes that
she makes mc wear."
There is more Cararrtl In tills section ol
the country than all oilier diseases put to.
tether, and for years it was supposed to ha
ticuinble. Doctors prescribed local remedies,
���nd by constantly (ailing lo i-uie with local
treatment; pronounced it incurable. Catarrh
Is a local disca.se; fiicatly influenced by constitutional conditions and therefore requires
ionstiiution.il treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by .. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, is
fatten internally and acts through the lllnod
On the Mucous Surfaces ol thc .System. One
Hundred Dollars reward is o(i..red for any
��ase that Hall's Catarrh Cure tails to cure.
Bend for circulars and  testimonials.
. J-J- CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Drus.ists,  75c.
His Bit
Small Boy (to wounded Tommy in
street)���"If you ever feci that a little excitement would buck you up,
my scooter is always at your service."���Windsor Magazine,
Wise mothers who know the virtues of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator always have it.at hand
because it  proves  ils value.
No Doubt About That
"What! Paid $50 for a hat, Woman
are you mad?"
"No; but it's plain to bc seen that
you are''
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
May Soon Be Wearing Codfish Shoes
The United Slates government experiments to develop leather from
shark and olhcr fish skins arc crport-
ed lo be progressing .satisfactorily.
In addition to the skins of sharks
experiments wcrc made with thc
skins of such fish as cod, hakegroup-
er and stingray.
Canning* Whale Meat
Flesh of the Whale Now Being Introduced to thc American Table
Fresh whale meal is bring sold in
the markets at Los Angeles, while at
Long Beach a fish cannery is pit paring and packing it for general consumption, Tllis is thc lirsl time, so
far ns can be learned, that lhe flesh
of the whale has been introduced for
the American table- In Japan, however, it forms an important part of
the diet for the poorer classes, and in
New Zealand large quantities of il
arc canned for Soulh Sea islanders.
A humpback whale will yield as much
as 80,000 lbs- of meat, in addition to
lubber, oil, and bone. The flesh is
of coarse grain, and when prepared
has a distinctive flavor that is somewhat similar to that of venison, liul
besides being palatable, 98 per cent,
of the material it contains is digestible, a ratio lhat i.s 7 per cent- higher
Ihan ordinary beef. The ndversion
which persons iu this counlry usually
manifest when attempts nre madi
to encourage the consumption
things known domestically but not
popularly  looked  upon  ns  foods,  has
not been experienced iu California
with whnle ment. A few weeks ago
five tons of the menl wns retailed in
Los Angeles at 14 cents n pound.
No Asthma Remedy Like It. Pr.
J. D.-Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is
distinctly different from other so-called remedies. Were this not so il
would not havc continued its great
work of relief until known from
ocean lo ocean for its wonderful value. Kellogg's, the foremost and besl
of all asthma remedies, stands upon
a reputation founded in the hearts of
thousands who have known its benefit,
Soothe   Dry,   Irritated   Throat   With   I'annint
Syrup.    Ksys This Olrl-l-'ashioncd
Cough Medicine Is the Hest
We arc told that thc old tunc rcnu-'f:ei are
, best  and   invariably  contain   less  hare.nil   yel
| belter  medicine  Ihnn  those  which  are  in  u.o
today.    Tins  being so,  undoubtedly  the foi*
��� lowing old fashioned tecipc which is quick
l acting  will   be   welcomed   by   many  as    there
��� seems io bc a regular epidemic of cou_hs at
I the present time. Secure Irom yum ding.
| gist l ouu'.e Parmint (double strength), take
this home and add to it a quarter pint ol
hot water and 4 ounces of granulated sugar,
stir until dissolved. Take I tablespoonful
four times a day. No mote racking your
whole body with a cough. Clogged nostrils
should open, air passages of your head should
clear and  your breathing  become easy.     Par-
1 mint syrup is pleasant to take, easy to pre.
oare   and   costs   little.     Every   j.cison     who
, has a stubborn cough, hard cold or catanh
in any form should give this prescription a
Any  druggist  can  supply  you,  or  a  bottle
will be snit or receipt of 75c, po-tal nore of
\ money order. Address International I.ab-
oratories. 74 St.  Anionic St.. Montieal, CatU.
' _J.	
Wood's rho.pltoi._EUb
Thi Orrnt Ttni/li'sri _efii��4f,
Tones and invigorates tbs -lists
nervous system, makes new !...��d
in old Veins, fnrel ,V.rro_l
gytbility.&Itntnl and lirain Ir'urrv. lie.-jicr*.
ttrncti, I.nst cf Knerp", Palpitation of Its
Heart, Failing Memory. Prico $1 per box. sta
for $3. One will pleftoe.rit frill euro. _oldbyaU
druggists or inriil. il in plain ptrg. on receipt of
Brice. jl'einpn-mpliletrnailed tree. THE WOOO
���EPICIK��tO.,T0"0rlI0,(..T.  (firasrlj -iiiaoj
Large Lumber Exports
From British Columbia
Sickly babies���little ones who arc
troubled with their stomach and
bowels; whose teething is painful; digestion bad and who cannot sleep
well���can be made healthy and happy with Baby's Own Tablets- Concerning the Tablets Mrs. Wilfrid Damons, Val Brilliant, Que., writes:���
"Please send mc a box of Baby's
Own Tablets as I would not care to
be without them. I have used them
for constipation and vomiting and am
well pleased with the result." The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail .at 25 cenls a box from
The Dr- Williams' Medicine Co.,
Br'ockville, Out.
Careless Hero
The Morning Caller���Vos you ze
man vot safe mine little boy from
drowning yesterday?
The Rescuer���Yes, I am,
The Morning Caller���Zen vhcrs's
his cap?���London Skethc,
The Poor Man's Friend.���Put up in
small bol tics that arc easily portable
and sold for a very small sum, Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil possesses more
power in concentrated form than one
hundred times thc quantity of many
unguents. Its cheapness and the varied uses' to which it can be put make
it the poor man's friend. No dealer's
stock is complete without it.
Never Can Tell
He���Do you think your father
would consent to my marrying you?
She���Hc might. Father's so eccentric.
Minard's Liniment for    Sale   Everywhere,
No Peace for Him
Willie was out walking   with    his
mother when she thought she saw a
boy on  the other  side of the street
making faces at her darling.
"Willie," asked    mother,    "is    that
horrid boy making faces at you?"
"He is," replied Willie, giving   his
coat a tug.   "-Now, mother, don't start
ny peace talk���you just hold my coat
or about five minutes."���Exchange.
Newly Wed, Apparently
Doctor���You    must    give    up
sweet things-
Patient���Good     heavens,    doctor.
Must I divorce my wife?
Ovcr thirty million feet of lumber
board measure, wcrc exported irom
lhe province of Britisii Columbia
during the year 1910, according to
the Industrial Progress and Commercial Record. Of this, 1,800,000
feet went to Australia, 124,000 feet to
New Zealand, K.OUO.UOO feet lo Great
Britain, 11,360,000 feet to South Africa, 2,600,000 feet to Japan, 62,899,000
feet lo China, 40,000 feet lo Siberia,
948,000 feet to Fiji, and 627,000 fett
to Peru.
Dull and Depressed.
When off colour suspect your Ivor. Ba.
���nnd it is a very big but���don't weaken
your system by taking strong purgatives
or blood-chilling salts. Follow the natrir.-
way. Strengthen your liver and bowels ot
moans of Dr. Cassell's Instant Relief, acd
bright health will follow l.atural ac'..cti erf
the rcinvigorated organs.
Take Br. Onssell's Instant Relief for
constipation, biliousness, torpid liv.r. =r.r_
headache, dizziness, specks be/ore tho eyes,
flatulence and windy spasms, acidity, heart-
burn, impure blood, and that dull, heavy
feeling which Is a sure indication of live-
Ask for Dr. Cassell's Instant Relief.
Pries 50 Cents, from all Druggists and
or direct from tho Solo Agents for Canada,
liarohl F, Ritchie and OS., 10, Medal-street,
Toronto.   War Tax, 2 cents extra.
Dr. Car-sell's Instant Relief Is the companion
preparation to Dr, Cassell's Tablets.
Sole Proprietors: Dr. C-SMlt'l Co., Lt_-
Manchester, England.
Dr. Cassell's ,i#^
p'':'%__rS'*te*',*fc* -i?. fc___5
7j   """"
..- Liver tonics
"*K .ACIDS '.-,���
The Horse's Shoulders
When the spring work begins it is
high time to give the horse's shoulders proper attention, To work aj
horse with a sore shoulder is barbarous. Thc collar should lit so that onc
can easily get the band between thc
bottom of it and the horse's throat.
If it is too large it will bc sure lo
make the neck sore, and if too small
it will choke when the horse pulls.
Never use a pad under a collar so as
lo make it lit; a pad keeps all air
out from under the collar and the
shoulders-soon scald in hot wcalher.
'1 he first thing to do -when going to
work a colt is lo see whether there
i;��a collar to lit him- 'if not, go and
buy one,
For Duty off
the Coast of Canada.
Pa's Interpretation
"Pa, what docs it mean about
riches having wings?"
"It means beware of taking fliers
in the slock market, my ton-
Applications for immediate service as officers in
the Canadian Naval Patrols are requested from ex-officers
in the Royal Navy, the Naval Reserve, or men holding
Officers' Certificates' in the Mercantile Marine.    Seamen,
Stokers and Engine Room Ratings are also wanted at once.
PAY 0fficer9 ,rom  $2-50 P�� day and $30.00 monthly and
sns upwards to dependents.   Men  from $1.05 per day   and
separation allowance. Must be sons of British subjects. Ages 18 to 45.
Men from 18 to 38 are wanted also for immediate service in
the Overseas Division of the R. N. C. V. R.   Experience not
necessary���accepted recruits proceed at once to England
fortraining.  PaySt.lOadaymdupuardt. Separation as in C.E.F.
or lo Tho Naval Reetrultins. SocraUry,
305 Wellington St, Ottawa.
**�������� THI 00U1TIHAY MfllW
The regular meeting of the city-
council was held on Mond ly evening, the only absentee being Aid.
The following accounts were presented, and wilh the exception of
the Electric Light bill, were referred to the finance committee :
Harry Idi-US $12 00
F, Movitz   15 00
J, Stevenson    1,. 50
Electric Light Co   5�� 5-1
L Berkeley     6 00
W.Flelder   17 '5
A. Beaton ��� ���  11 25
I,. Alexander      1. no
R, McOiiilliii.      3 00
Courteuay Hotel     -' 00
The clerk read ti financial state-
ment which showed lhe receipts to
he jjS817y.11) uml the disbursements
87901.00, leaving a 1ml.nice 011
hand of $2yS.ly
Aid,Hurford informed the council that he had been assessed for
nine acres of land inside the city
whereas he had but eight,
Aid. Aston reported that the side
walk between the  bridges   needed
raising and repairing. He also
wanted permission to build a drain
in frout of the Riverside hotel to
carry the water off Isabel street.
He was requested to get estimates
on the work for next meeting.
Aid- Hurford again brought np
the matter of having a lane put ill
the rear of the business houses on
the main street. Aid. Drown and
Hurford were appointed a committee to look into the unit ter.
Aid. Aston brought up the mutter of Mr. Biscoe's garage, When
the city cut down the hill it left
the garage about ten feet higher
than lhe roadway, The council
agreed to remove the dirt in front
nl it and lower it to the level of the
street. When tlie wink was stalled
they ran into hard pan and then
ceased. Now Mr. Biseoe says he
will call the matter square if the
council will tear tlie building down
und haul the lumber lo his ranch.
The aldermen cannot see llieir way
to do this.
Aid Andeitoti wanted to know
what was being dime about the
bridge over the slough. 11 null
Stewart   had   promised   that    lie
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New Spring  Goods  Now  on Hand
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Bestead cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves  for $1, 7 for SO cts,    for 30cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Ibought the government would
build the bridge, but they had got
uo satisfaction yet. The clerk was
instructed to write him.
Aid. Aston got a resolution passed asking the government to do
something to reduce the high cost
of living.
\ long discussion took place on
the proposed bylaw to purchase
the electric light plant, during
which one of the aldermen remarked that it would be very cm harass-
illg if they passed the bylaw and
110 one would buy the bonds. Finally it was decided to issue ��20,000
sinking f 111.tl bonds for 20 years
bearing 6 per cent. Interest, aud
Bodwell x- Lawson to be instructed
to prepare the bv.law.
Oil Saturday Inst Constable liaii-
nay was notified thai an old man
named Louis Matsou was h ing ill
in a cabin across the river from
Headquarters. When found lie
was in a precarious condition and
was at once taken to the Comox
hospital where he succumbed 011
Monday. He was a native of
Sweeileu and was d,S years of age.
Anglican  Church  Notes
5th Sunday after Easter, May 13
9,30 a.m., Holy Communion at
St. Mary's, Grantham.
11 a. in., Morning prayer and
I Holy Communion at St. Peter's
3.00 p.m. Evensong aud sermou
' at Lazo Mission.
7 p, 111., Evensong aud sermou
at Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
7.30 p.m., Evensong and sermon
at St. Johu's Courteuay.
NOTICH is hereby given tli.it the Dog
Taxes for the year 1917 are past ilue.
and any dogs found running at large
without a tag are liable to he impounded
and dealt with according to the Dog By
City Clerk
Dated 8th May, 1017.
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant Land*
Title to same revested in Uunited
States by Act of Congress, dated
June 9. 1916. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up for homesteads and sale.
Timber and Agricultural lands
Containing some of the best land
left in United States. Now is the
opportune time. Large map showing lands by sections an d description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, ect. Postpaid $1, Grant
Lands Locating Co., Box 610.
Portland, Oregon.
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review
��� >.., -j/
something for his
Some can bear arms
Some can produce food
Some can make muni l ions
Some can give money
It is the privilege of all to help.
Are YOU doing your part ?
\LL EYES turn now to
X\ the Canadian Farmer,
for he can render the
in this sternest year of the
But���our farms are badly undermanned���25,000 men are needed on
the lahd.
With insufficient help, the Man on
the Land fights an uphill fight to
meet the pressing need for Food.
can help.
* Municipal Councils, Churches and
Schools, and other organizations,
both of men and women, can render
National Service by directing all
available labour to the Land.
Farmers themselves can exchange
labour.   School boys can assist.
Were you raised on a farm ? Can you
drive a team? Can you handle fork
or hoe? If you can't fight, you can
produce. Spend the Summer working on the Farm.
Let every man, woman and child in
the Dominion who has access to
Land, no matter how small the plot,
make it produce Food in 1917.
For Information on any subject relating to
the Farm and Garden write:���


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