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The Review Jul 1, 1915

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Array m
Tan not lie done any 1 etter, and
not i|ilite so well anywhere else
hereabouts. (lur type and machinery is complete nnd The Review
prices ire rijdit
2 Classified Ads.
; M;ike your little Wants known
! through ���* Classified AdvorUattinaat
X in The Review - - - Plume .r>9
VOL. 3
NO. 31
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R. Biscoe
Real  Estate and  Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
Boys or
Mens Shoes
Telephone 34
Next Royal Bank
Where  everybody  goes  for  choice
Gaudies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
'All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Local Lines I
Mr. Iv T.inrlon is quite ill with
Miss Belle Berkeley is home from
Miss Alice Beaton spent the week
end at Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. \V. J. Watehorn
are moving Iuto their new home up
tlie Lake Trail,
K. Aida. the tailor, lias moved'
across the river into one of O. H,;
Fecliuer's stores.
The baseball Club held a Smoker I
and "Beer   b'est"   iu   the   Opera
House oil Monday night.
Misses Oladys Jackson and Maiy !
Anton, of Vancouver are tl.e'
guests of Miss I.ila Boden.
Percy Saddler  left  ou   Monday
morning for Victoria, where he will
endeavor to enlist with   the  Army!
Medical Corps.
Showing this week ladies' white
pique skirts, made in the newest styles
with full ripple Hare. White and
printed piques at 20c and 35c per yard
at Campbells, Cumberland.
A garden party will be held at
the Vicarage on Thursday, July a
f om 3 p, iu., weather permitting.
under the auspices of ihe local
branch of the Woman's Auxiliary
The entrance will be free, and
there will be games, tennis, and refreshments, such as fruit, ice-cream
candies, tea. The Rev. John Antic, Sup. of the Columbia Coast mission, the well known medical Mission to the logging camps of B. C
has promised to be present and to
give an account of the work. Any
profits made will be given to the
work of the Chinch in the parish
to be voted upon at the next meeting of the W. A.
On Monday evening the Pen
Pushers defeated the Roughnecks
the score being 8-6,
> iss Margaret Beattie is spending a two-weeks vacation with her
aunt, Miss Beattie.
The Dominion Agricultural Department, Ottawa, have just issued
the second number of "Seasonable
Hints." From tiie Atlantic to the
Pacific oceans especially trained
men are devoting their time to the
study of your problems, ami will
be pleased to discuss theni with
you, A communication will cost
you nothing, ami may result in
suggestions of value,
We are sorry to learn that Dr.
Crompton is leaving for Parksville,
where he has purchased a practice.
Tlie Doctor has always taken an interest in all matters appertaining to
the public welfare, and that the
citizens appreciated his efforts was
proven last January when in a close
conte. t he was elected lo the important position of Alderman, and
afterwards appointed License commissioner for lhe city, We feel
that our loss will be Parksville's
gain, and the Doctor will have the
best wishes of our citizens for success iu liis new field of labor.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
aud Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. in.    Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p. in- All welcome
Comox Creamery
40c per ib. this week
On Thursday of last week the
Mission Church Hall at Grantham
was formally opened by the Yen.
Archdeacon Scriven. Tiie service
was read by the Vicar, and the
lesson by the Rev. l'\ X. Willemar
The little building was crowded to
ils utmost capacity, and a number
were obliged to stand. After the
servi; e someof the ladies serve ! tea
and happy time of social intercourse
followed. Short speeches were
made by Messrs Bailey, (Churchwarden) C. Jackson, and by the
Rev. F. X. Willemar, and the Vicar. Mr. Bailey proposed that a
vote ot thanks be given to the
donor���a clergyman in England���
and al.so to all who had helped the
scheme forward. This was seconded by Mr Jackson and carried. The
building is situated in a centra! position close to the school OU a - te
given by Messrs. S aitb Bros.
There have beeu many requests
made for an Anglican church and
a building was promised definitely
at the Bishop's visit iu 1913. The
builder was Mr, S. Tailor who is
to be congratulated upon his success in producing so admirable a
piece of work, The painting, etc..
was done by Mr, C, Ilerc.iper of
Sandwick. The clearing of the
site was carried out by a number of
local men and represents considerable work.
The Grantham ladies intend holding a raspberry festival en Monday
evening next at the home of Mrs.
Janes, commencing at 6.30. The
program will consist of refreshments, games, and concert. ���\d-
niission, Adults 25 cents, .'hildren
10 cents. The proceeds will go towards the building fund of the
new Methodist Mission church, tor
wdiich Mr. lanes his kindly donated a half acre of gtound,
On Sunday tiie regulars were defeated at Cumberland bv 150. 5.
if. v- mw %t
When is a Kitchen
Not a "Kitchen"?
With a Hughes Electric Range, it
is a parlor. Just as cool and clean
and airy.
The modern "kitchen" deserves a
better name. In truth, it is a cooking apartment���as bright and tidy
as any other room. For since the
perfection of electric cooking, all
the clumsy ugliness and every
trace of dirt and soot and gas
have gone.
The modern cook works with her
head and not her hands. She has
hours of time that were never
hers before. Simple figures show
that in a life time five solid years
of drudgery are saved by this
practical invention.
And that isn't all. Consider the sacrifice of
happiness, health and youthful charm. Old-
fashioned methods have truly exacted a heavy
Hughes Electric Ranges
Beauty fades fast over a hot, dirty coal stove. Gas positively poisons! In combustion, gas takes up oxygen and gives out poisonous fumes. That is why plants
will not live where gas is burned. ���
* Mr. Master-of-the-House, this is not a luxury but a choice���not a choice but a necessity! Think it over. Then come in and see this Range. You will hear some facts
that will astonish yoa
For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power Co., Ltd
Phones: Off-e 35, R?s. F68
Office: Mil St*��.t THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
The Mystery
of tho
By Fred M. White
W.ird,   Lock   4   Co,   Limited
m London,  Melbourne  and  Toronto mi
' v.. i     t   , i    .    ��    I i()*U.     The ilnwi'i's nn I hi1* iliinicr tiihlu
^===55.    i   I ,,  .,il.""\>,rJ'T "|M;:!l;""(""1 "���'   50l"��  ����������    Kalph  appeared   to  be  tonlgll, ���,.,. ���, ,���inl; u, ,,.'J',,^,..'1
SS\   Hm belike, Mrs  Jessop, deeply cog tang, bo deep j that Cleof-      Marlon nausod in tha -ni' ���i ��� ,., ii,���
* \\l    nark a,,d handsome,   An.l dressed l tre> asked of wbai he was thinking. L  nl       '        '  "       '' ' "! '""""'
stPW 'y,:!' ,nn,,u.y">?":':::: V:::  -i ���������Hiinuuu.-u��n.i.saidsiewiy,  ..,���;������,., rHnc) r wouM..8he   di
Sow Flaxseed
lnul Just  slipped ell' her throne. And  yol  drily, and  with  lhe  same dense I "After al
clover     she  dad  im.,i.s    und  books, j manner, "thai u pair   of rtiirlt, sold-
lomo In languages thut look like Chin-  rimmod  glasses  would    Improve  no
���bo puzzles personnl appearance."
"Some  great    sbclcli    dame,    nu
Profiuble    Crop    lo    Sow    Thi*
Farmers win do well to bow bouh
"I shouldn't in> surprised, Mr. Ueof
i'i �����.,. Hm nu; English, I should fancy
1 hough she bpen lis tl i Inuguiigi as
The White F lowers
Surely enough, when Halph  llavea-
���ll us yoti or I.    Vmi simple   loo,  si'"r caniQ Iuto the greui hall, where .'.*���'
i ica nnd toast for breakfast  ivlili   tea was being served  lie "as wearhii  '. ��!,..",
ii..i ,   ..i            , i     ..  .,, ii- ..r ,i���,,|.   ,.,.....!..   ,,.;,,, ���,,ln  ���:,,.,,     Slltlosli
nd Ihougllts am lies!
While flowers on table do BUggosI
�� funeral, that Is If ihey aro all white . llll)iSL.(,tl ,hte BBrlng M pr,cea ,���,,���,
U['\yuynyvyu:'U)Unn^ u\iv ,h{sUse ,o be hlK��.   Winnipeg   October
Max already beinj; iiid up to over fl.8!
per bushel. The favorable weather
llitu spring Iium enabled farmers to
get Ihelr wheat, seeded fully iwo
weeks earlier Hum usual, thus affor
anything melancholy is to be diseonr
aged. I think I will throw these
blooms away   ���"
"Vmi win ilu nothing of llie kind,"
V'i ra cried,    "White it  shall be, and
I h
Coiilim   uj
tlo  llrst here, sir." Jessop re
"The     dy (..one over and Bald
wit ii -nlil rims
i v
i  week  in   food   nltlon    lie hud been doin
ii  little  una'  and  rice  for luncheon  a pair of dark glad
��� nd dinner  with stewed  trull
irange ihem in the best pos
li     "
ini; additional time to gel  Max seed
Vnd  Bllglu as the ulteratloii wus In Itsolf, J'.6lul> ,.Co,ue ill""l; ,:""[ "'"" ,|h' llD I conditions,
she never drluks unytlihu inn water,  H nhiuiged him almost beyond recog- '"';, V.1..'..!',,'!', '.'.".'''.'.   ' "  Ralph, hnH      Furthermore as flaxseed Is the best
Whal     bIh   spends u  vein, in  food  nltlon    lie had been doing something > ,.,,[".".','.','',', '!"'.              ,.    ���.           crop to put In on first breaking, everj
wouldn't   keep ouu  ol  our  laborers   to his face also, foi  the dlsllgurlug   . ,1,,u '���  ,   , p ,   !!�� v    ,c,,ncy | effort should bo mado to break up all
\nd  she  has  pounds'  worth of hot'  soars hud practteall} disappeared  as t i�� iny mission in life lo startle poo'  lne ,,���,, possible and bom lo flaxseed,
I' "       !,     ,   '���,'���  '                .i I house flow ei'B sent from Vork everj   he came feeling bis way to u chair, J f ���   w,^.^v�� >'uu two b8l'n I1"""  thereby preparing the land for wheat
""mended to come to |,,.   ��� '! the slight thread    ul    uonversailon  <-m 'K >'1""11 ���  m year and nt tba samo thus gol
Mrs. ,iesBon paused   Then   was a  snapped altogether. ,V8,  ""',','  ""'  Jl��srrellln��,    Vera  ,|���    A round orop of flaxseed  thu,
replied. ' "
us.   Not us l wanted her at llrst, bin
guineas n weak  for iwo months
Why, yon have enough nl-   ,.,,  ������  K0<><l   time  nnd  under  Ideal
e ul  '    ���   '  ���
liirll nl  mi'
I IV" llulpli
iiy mission
What  iiim   yuu two been qunr
ing,"  Vera
n   Insists  Ihul   while
ain't lo"^ SenUed     Bin Ve'Tad? ��'��""��� ��(^uiuetl.iig idc    and     ady      "Don't  mind me," l.e said  quietly.  �����    "M"'��� }����"���  """ ,f Hyow ��� pr|eM llull  ,���,������,���, ,��� mVt
a,in  to be deaplseu.    But the   ad> eutercil  ���     , ���,.,���,,;-    {!(, ���-,,,���   ,,,,,, -you win get used to the change, and  fl,��.n61B on ." dln,16J U,lll�� J"? c ,""1 It a most profltab o crop,
��     "".rrnd   s reh     T. n's'V'i    I'm ''"""""j   ^m th    , Me upon' w hi.-h ' vou eau,.,/? deny  1,   . ���  change for ��WlHr.tao   to s���y tunerea      say Ihey      ,���������,  Sotmal   ffoalUer   i���,nl;,i������.
" .'', ' '���        } ' he had been seated the better   One d the causes leading h1,18 c,lmslc '���".'' L' <e8a",' ,A'itl  " m',F, flnxseedlng can be extended well Intm
l,l,,,u "'","���   .,,.,,     ���     , lie saw a tall woman   who might to this t ly was a remark I over-   '"it 1 am rlghl,  he table I gb  will ,Iune, tbua glvlnB ample tlmo to break
Fovailme  llllb was'slen ' ��'W���    '""" aSytl^bel     I try, heard on the' part of one of   ser   b8���''8li01'ft ,e,'' "'"' "lhl" '.'''"'o    , ""  ll '"'   "' "" r  "hi'h  r'al  ",!
'���V's's   ���.'        tl ..I      L, vi��.  and  fifty years ,,t  ,?ge, a  woman of ;rants. She express d ih Inlou tbat'   ��?L^[    ,  ?���  "?"" ''  ���"!  !! vantage shonld be taken.
For a lime Halph was silent. !'"",",. '"'''" ""S111"1!! between thin
"It's son,,' time since 1 las. visited   Hllu  " '-v  !'w* ��'  aXe<, �� ,u,"";'"  '"
an KngliBh watering-place," he said,  Krettt., Utility.    It was the hard, com
"aud   Scarborough   was   the   spot   in [ I!!:,.!!,,1"IB.,s,5'.1.B,.0,tJ,.,a"l>',1""1 l,u'".''lll: i!',!'.. !!.",';., ..s..'   .'.'.'.'. , ���
question,    We had a furnlslied house
vniils. siie express d ihe opinion thai ,.
1 should look better iu ulusses. Tliai",u?"e.ll,il
no  doubl   "K8'"8' ""' whole business, Uut spoilt
regal.   She'mlghl hnve been u queen" I tlie maid was correct
tiiere one reason, a
furnished,  and   beautlt
All   this   was   uiti red   III   ihe   dry
house   well! but for the faint suggestion of the uii
situated M'enluress about her. To OeolTrey's soft, caustic manner Itulph constant
Wepald"elgiit pomids a week tor it bow she made the slightest possible !>' affected, N'obody unswered, mostly
nnd it' wns considered to be a lot uf  haughty recognition. jbeeaues it was assume,
liionev. Don'l vou think thai Jessop's ,lm soltifi out, Mrs. Jessop,' she was expected, \Vlth n enn ol tea In
lodger n,ust lie a very extravagant said. "1 shall be back lo luncheon, If his hand Rtilph begun to speak ol
l.iud of ��� oman?"        ' a telegram should happen to eome for  olher things,
(lenlVrev Innclied     I Ike most vniins   "le, I sllull lie alone Ihe cliffs between ���     Loading from llie hall was a big con-,
iTiiiniii   j.tui.11111      i.ise   lllutsl   ..iiiliiK    ,      ' , ft  ,. ,, ., , iiiini'    :i       ee   tur   end   ill     he   entl-'el'l n
���  ' ��� Bervntory,    Here    Marlon  was  busy  r  ' 	
Veru always gets lier own  way
Vi"ni smiled as she passed on wllh
lr armful of Ihe nodding  while flow
irs     llalph   passed  Blowlj   intu    thu
no reulv t conservatory nnd closed tbe stained-
'���  : glass doer behind  hlni.
Then he crossed Ihe tiled tloor rap
Idly ns If his eyes were all that could
be   desired,   and   slipped   up   u   glass
men horn to the purple, he had a light
estimate of lhe value of money.
"Now yuu come lo think of It, perhaps SO," he said. 'Ovei- at Bl'igg, Ihe
farmers fumy ihey do well if ihey get
ten shillings a room for the week."
Again Ralph was thoughtful. He
and his companion tame up out of the
lane, nnd then ll dawned upon Geoffrey lhal the other I.ad turned, not
towards the cliffs as arranged, hut inland in the direction nf Jessop's farm.
There was u long, deep lane to the
west side of tlie stone farmhouse,
Into which Halph turned, from a gap
In the hedge u peep into the garden
could be obtained. There wus a trim
lawn bordered by old-fashioned llow-
ers. two bay windows led Irom lhe
house to lhe garden. These buy windows led from the show rooms of the
house, rooms never opened except on
statn occasions. The house mlghl
bine been made I'm for anybody with
very little alteration.
Kalph sal down in, the grass and
slowly tilled an uged black pipe.
"I'm joins' to smoke here while you
fei .\irs .lessop. | have a fancy to find
out nil iilioiii this fashionable lady
who buries herself iu the country like
tills, If you can see the ludy so much
the better."
Geoffrey agreed cheerfully. A moment or two later and he was gossiping with the buxom armor's wife
in tiie kitehen, a Rlass of amber, home
brewed ale before hlni, He was a favorite wllh the tenantry, and none llie
1'-,-s beloved because of the cloud that
was hiiiiKii.'.', mer llllll.
"It does one's eyes good lo see you
again, Mr, Geoffrey." Mrs. .lessop
cried. "And you so elicerful and
bright, and all, dear, dear! I'm main
sorry I can'l ask you in the parlor,
but we've got ii lodger."
"So .lessop told me. Nol thai I
rton'i feel far more comfortablo here.
and Ueuulmveii"
Tl,,    Vgjll.-Hifi ::mi
She Unshed oul of the kitchen all  among her (lowers.   She was singing
to a hard
railing and gleaming, and leaving I gently as she snipped a hud here and sheer tall down the
the faint suggestion of some lutoxl- there, and Vera was helping her. ��� "'���'"">' ,,r:" ' :'"'"''
eating perfume behind her.   And yet, furled up in a leisure chair. Geoffrey] ,
notwithstanding her   proud    lm r-  was absorbed In n  book. The smoke!   ���N,1.'llllllg_"",",.'I''li .i,Alul. !".sl l|K ,''"s'v'.
ence, it seemed to Geoffrey Hint she ' from  his  cigarette circled  round hi
bad   regarded   hiin   with   more   than  head,
passing Interest jnst for the moment. I    flaipli placed his cup   down agali
"She   is   very   beautiful
"She is a total stranger to uu
ULOVlia AN'IJ Ml 113
Dd.oii Made
from  this point   lliere  was n   HT, QUALITY und WORKMANSHIP
Rumples scni your dealer on request
H. G. LONG ol CO., LLMlTllo, Toronto
He crossed the liles again and pus:
ed Into lhe greal stone flagged hall
in liis slow way.   Then he proceeded
he  said, land  felt  his way  lute  lhe oonservn-1t0 lish,' "!? p'l, 1",ui stl'oll,ed Into llie
lory,   lie stood In the doorway listen-1 grounds, Past the tertace he went un-
yet she reminds me of somebody else, Ing lo the coutroversj  going on be
lli lie came to (lie cliffs where he was
somebody whoso name 1 can't recall, lyond. I oul ��r *[&M '"' ""' house,
but  who is totally different,  It is a      "I don't fancy I shall like it," said (To Be Continued)
strange sort of feeling that l cannot  Vera.    "It  will be too eold, too fun- ���	
explain." ereal." Possible tenant (to house agent)   I
"She's interested for nil het' hnught-      "My  dear    child,'    Marion    cried,   thought you said there was n charm-
ness," said .Mrs. Jessop. "I'm sure It "then we will abandon the Idea, Only   ing   view   from   the   front   windows?
she lies asked me one question about  don't  forget  that  it   was   your  own  Why,  there  are  only   houses  to  be
your family, sho I.us asked a  thous I suggestion.    You said  It  would  look  seen,
nnd." I chaste-" House Agent   -So there Is n charm-
Geoffrey strolled around the lions:-. ] "Did I really! Then I had forgotten ing view, sir. In lhe house oppOBlto
There was n short mil to the place aboul it. And we are nol going to lives the most beautiful widow yon
where Halph was sealed, and this , abandon the idea. It shall not be said ever clapped eyes on, and she's a'.-
shorl  cut  lay along the lawn. Oeot'-1 that I change my mind like a weather i ways at the window."
Keep Dairy Records
Where no cow-teat iug has been
practiced, a moderate estimate is that
three out of ".n cows consume feed
valued as high as the price received
for milk ihey yield. Dairy records aim
at detecting these bovine crooks; but
furl lier, a study of records, kept so
easily, shows the dairymen which
cows produce the most milk and fat.
and which produce them the cheap
Policeman���Stand back and give
him air!
Voice (from crowd)��� 'E don't nee,;
hair. ..officer! 'IS needs fog! 'K'-.
from London!
When people gel to lie F>0 and 00
and 7U, llicyueedaliltlehelpsome-
tinic lo get through with the day's
work, Tlieir backs can't si mil lhe
lie.ivy loads the steady strain, of
lusty youth, 'i'hey need
I Out., Jan. Cih.
"l-'our yearn jw, I lim! sucli piiihh In mj
back lhat I coiiIJ nol work, Tl o imiimex
IrnHcil to my nnns, titles flnd shottliteri, I
n.cit many kinits of medi, i.tc fur ovfrayear,
none of whli li did me very mil, li good. 11 end
uboiil Oin I'mIh mul sfi-i for i, inmule and
ii'-r.l diem and found die puiim were lea' in(f
me and I v.-.ii fcelino belter.   So 1 l�� until
��� box ond before Iliad u��ed Ihem nil, die
pains were ulmnbl ffoneand I could la'.-ji at
nerk. After I liadtokeil lix olbcr bi ,1
v.m entirely cured anil I teel a? strons an at
IbeaKeoftJO. i am a Farmer, now lit i,-a:-.
old." 1'TIANK l.l-AI.A.M)
t'.in rills are "Made 111 Canada".
Bite a box. li lor $2.50 ntall dealers.
Hold i:i U.S. tiinler the name ol
"t'.IXO" Tills. Trial treatment
free if you write National Drug &
Chemical Co. ol Canada, Limited,
Toronto. 8iil
is good tea*
W. N. U. 1063
trey's feel made no noise. As he passed the window of the sitting room he
looked  in.
The place was full of Bowers, white
(lowers everywhere. There were azaleas and geraniums and carnations,
wiih delicate foliage of lender green,
thousands ot blooms, arranged wherever ii specimen glass or a bowl could
Standing with his hack to the window, a man was arranging .hem. And
the man was a Hindoo, or olher Eastern, one of the men Geoffrey had seen
going through iliut queer Incantation
on the cliffs. Strange, more than
strange, that Mrs. .lessop hart said nothing of him.
Geoffrey prudently slipped away before lie hnd been seen. He found his
uncle doggedly smoking under the
hedge, lie looked like patience person-
"Well." lie said, "have you anything
wonderful to relate?"
"Pretty well," Geoffrey replied. "To I
begin  Willi,  I  have actually seen  the
"Ah! Hut go on. Tell me every
thing, everything, mind, to the minutest detail."
Geoffrey     proceeded     to     explain
Whether lio was Interesting liis listener or nol he could not loll, for Ralph j
lnul assumed his most wooden esp.es-1
lion; indeed. :i casual spectator would
have said lhat he was not paying the
slightest attention,   Tben he began tot
ask questions, In  0  languid way, but ;
Geoffrey could see thnl  they  were nil j
to the point.
"I should nol i,e surprised," he said,
"it the man you saw In the house was j
one of the men yon suw on llie cliffs. '
Mrs. .lessop said nothing aboul him, !
because she knew nothing. So he was I
arranging the lady's Powers. What ���
"Azaleas and carnations and geraniums.    .Nothing else."
"Well, there may be worse taste, if i
there can he bad laste with flowers. !
Any color?"
"Ves, they were all white. I was a
liltle sin prised at thai, considering
that ths lady was so dark and eastern-
"(if course you ascertained her
"Indeed, 1 did nothing of Ihe kind. I
forgot all aboul it. Hut 1 had a good
look nt her, and Hie description I gave j
you ii quite correct. Uncle, I don't I
want to seem unduly curious, but I I
fancy you expected to find this lady j
Ralph rose to his feet slowly, and
knocked out the ashes of his pipe. He i
turned  his   face  towards  the  castle.
"1 am not altogether surprised," he
said. i
Not  another  word  was    said    for I
i, "."f' M
1   Oil  Cookstovc,  for years
manufactured in the United
States, i.s now made in Canada.
The Perfection Stove Company,
Ltd., at Sarnia, Out., is manufacturing tliese stoves for distribution
by The Imperial Oil Company,
Ltd., throughout the Dominion.
the best-know n nnd most-liked oil
stove in tlie world. Over 2,000,001)
are now in ust���saving money and
labor for their users and keeping
kitchens rlean and comfortable.
brings gas stove conveniences to
the kitchen. It lights like gas,
cooks like gas, I, 2, 3, and 4
burner sizes.
Ask your dealer to show you a
stove���made at Sarnia, Ont., by
Canadian workmen. If he can't
supply you, write us direct.
Made in
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine tiuiM in ten when In* li���� ii ri|lit tlie
itomtch and I.".- A, ue right.
irntlyluit fin,ilv,���ri,
eel * \sr.y livei ti
do its duty
Cures Con
��� lipalion,
Headache, and DiitreM after E.fing.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine mun i*ar Signature
mm;      Cleaning Seed Grain
The Old  Reliable
Established isio
Tiie   World's   r'astost   Weoltly
Mull uud I'iiBBeiiger OceanServleo,
Reduction Second Cabin Ratei
qjl-n     ALL STEAMf.RS
Th" largest, titBtoat nnd Unesl
Btoamcr now in gorvloe,
Prepaid passages arrangod. Apply to nny  lt.lt   or S.S.  Agout, ur
arrlta foi FREB
V. Ill A I) UK ft, Nl (ttiii !, ii", i w  .
w.i I.i t> KS.SKIN HMI'PI ION8,Pll.Uti
I 1)1 II   111'!  -'Ill   MH'K Al.   Hll'IH ().*
IlllttlCI.   ( VHK.%   rrir. ������*.{   t..'
I����rima4r im vour own Biitnei,t. Aliwlntelv FRER
Ni'follow im iii, in.nl. Ho otilliBtlona. ok. I.kCi rko
W*   W.K1    lO   I'rtOVt   HO'KM'lim   WILL OtfttC   IOU.
Seed and Table Potatoes
Prompt     Delivery���Reasonable
l'ricos.    Wo   finance Government
and Municipal Holier Orders.
Wire, I'liouo or.Write to
Wilton Produce Co.,
502  Confederation  Life  llldg.,
Have You Seen Our
Ask For
The Buffalo'
Look for tlie   Buffalo on  tlie
Hull,   -   Canada
Type  of Screen  Neiessary to  Use to
Ensure Clean Seed
The tut;; geeil hranoli Inquiry inlo
the condition of seed grain used in
Canada showed  that  an average of
It noxious und Its common wed
seeds   were    he llll!    Beetled    on  oni-h
square rod of land in outs. Seed
wheal uud barley were equally foul
uml Hex was aboul tour times worse.
Over olghty.etgln per cent, ot the
3,065 samples of wheat, oais. barley
und Hh\ collected us belug sown
were reported cleaned with n Canning
iniil, imi most, of the samples showed
thai either ihe mills were not equipped with lhe proper sieves or else
iiie> were nol well operated. The
remaining home-grown seed, almost
eleven per cent wus befog sown ill-
reei front the threslior will, no clean-
in;   whatever,    Small,  broken    und
shrunken b i    in the Buniples nlso
Inilleal id the failure in grading.
Cereal grnlni should lie grail 'd lo
remove trom one third to one-hall of
the iiiini  bulk, und must  uf the weed
seeds ��iil he removod with the
screeninus. Homo of tiie weed kcciIh
ure dlffleull to Bepnrato hut most of
theni inn lie removed hy it faunlng
mill. Vnj mako of mill whlolt tins
sufficient Bliake, iingl t or slop t ot
sieves uud wind supply "lay he provided Willi BUltllblO sieves. The lop
Slaves should he just course enough
lo let the grain run through uud need
suiTii'ieni slope io run coarse Impurities over llie mil ol ihe mill. The
lower screens should have openings
nf the sizo required tor grading or
removing weed seeds.
With wheal tin' grade for high,
class s.-'i'd is made over un s-ui Inch
perforated nine screen, The grade for
oats is made over n Bcreen with slots
niil b) 'rineh. Barley roqulres the
same type with slots larger depending on the si/.e of lhe seed. Wild
buckwheat mny he removed from
wheal hy n screen wtlh triangular
perforators ti-til Inch or larger. Flax
requires on top u woven wire sieve
3x16 Inch mesh (8 spaces lo lhe inch
one wiiv uud 16 the other) und a 1-1-
Inch perforated screen below.
If sieves or scroen of .lie desired
size nud type cannot he had from the
fanning mill manufacturer, the sheet
material may he obtained through
any reliable seed lioii.se nnd made up
hy a carpenter.���Seed Branch, Ottawa.
Indian Farmers Told How
lo Cultivate the Land
k��' ApntUilOC,     NrW
llscoveiy,   Wonderful    "��� i
ibuoxioiu springs or i ...u.
TOR. oveo 40 YEARS
Lecturers T.iiic Advantage of Ration
Day   to   Hold   Institute
ITiunder  Butte  Siih-Slutlou,  s u       JfV /\
llv  lur  Ihe  most   successful  Institute   r\.\^��kc^Bi>t/, aMgsa��4jhaw��lk��brakw
"vn  held  nino,,,,   ,1���.  ludluns  of      - vi^O/   ���^'.���l^"-''.""��-
reservation    wus   i u.il    held   lure   re     I \fh*\7        I Ko plnnlen,   No lies.   inn.
icutiv when ii tarmors' institute wur |          tt        i,:' ' ��� ���'������   Bentuniriii
'combined wiih the regular Indian ra-  tloutuiUi lmfrei;.'" |:"'"'   '''" "i:"!""1-
lion duy. Tlu- Indians were preseu 0.1S.BBOOKVlOH:i��t.t.��i.,Miir��lmll,MloU.
: in driiw   their  ullowaace of  federal
rations from the governmeni i
��?{Ok&S ���
Doss Farmer Forrest H  stone presided ul the meeting,   lie hud Invited
j u nuuiher of [itipioc people to tie pres-
i cut and nssist in the Instruct ion and
] mnny respond' '..
I,"wis Speaker devoted   un   hours
! time explaining to   .he Indians the
, proper  wny   to  pln.nl  potatoes,  whal
varieties   brought   the  besl   results,
how   lhe seed  potuloes should   he rut.
hn�� deep to pinn 1 thi'in uud other vnlit
iiide Information along this line,
I'nls iin-llls-Slioi'S. om'    ot lhe llrst
, Indians in tills soctlon to adupl eh
; IIIZDtloit-   from w It lell lull  he derived
i his name   told of his experiences In
H ; raising potatoes.
I  )     (I. S, (leesey spoke on tin-  value of
g   proper horse raising, showing .he in-
! dlnns how much money they could derive from Mils source by following c t-
! luiti rules In breeding,
Straight  lieu,i and   .indue Charley
i t'ui'ii   tulked    along   the same line
onlnrglng somewhat mi Mr, Goesey's
i romarliS,
j    Airs. Tony    Acker   addressed    lhe
| mooting to some ienglh on .he value
of sheep raising in  tlie reservation
Country where paslurago Is bountiful'
I She impressed lhe tied Men  witli the
' fuel thai  with sheep there wer i two
proflts to Ik' derived u year from the
I wool, while the animals could he marketed for nm. ton ut uny time,
The second duy of the institute was
devoted lo nl fulfil und corn raising,
Robert .Million Room, Cliles Tapitolu
and Frank Corn being th������ principal
Keep    Minard's    Liniment    In    the
A loi-ni preacher who wus In tha
hiihil of lulling his wife with llllll lo
his preaching appointments, suid, on
arrival at the chapel: "Hy dear, you
go in there; you will he nil right I
must ro round to the vestry." in the
vestibule the wife was met hy n kind-
hearted steward, who, after giving her
a hearty welcome und a hymn book,
conductod her (o a comfortable sent.
At the close of the service (he same
kind-hearted steward gave her a hearty shake of the hand, adding how
pleased lie would he lo sec lier at
the services each Sunday, Then,
whispering, he said: "Bul let me tell
you, we don't get a duffer like this
In  the  pulpit  every Sunday."
1100   REWXRO,  1100
The   readers   of   this   raper    will    b��
pleased  lo  leni-r.  that   tlicre  la  at  leatt
one dreaded    disease   lhat   science   has
been able to euro tn all Its maces   and
hat ts Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Clire la
tho only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity Catarrh helnc a
constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hairs Catarrh Cure
la ii sen Internally, acting directly upon
the Wood and mucous BUrfnces of the
ST���*?/ $lerS?y  ''"'I'OJ'hie  the founda-
ton of the. disease and giving tho pat-
ent strength by building up tlie constitution and assisting nature In doing Iti
wore. The proprietors have so muoh
faith In Its curative powers that they
offer One Hundred Dollars fnr nnv case
that It falls to cure. Send for list of tea-
limontals. -
Address  f   J.  CHENEY  t,   CO.,  To-
e ?' cli ���?0,<i, b" a" Druggists, 7Jo.
lake   Hall's   Family   Pills   f���r   consupa.
Thousands Face Famine
Mnny     Persons     Are     F.ating   Herbs,
Roots and  Dirt  to  Keep  From
Many persons nre starving to death
in  the province of Szeeneun, China,
and despite the decree of President
Yuan  iShi   Ku:  contributing  $100,1	
for the relief of the famine sufferers,
thousands of porsons ure subsisting
on herbs and roots, according to it
note from 10. Carlton Bakor, American consul nt Cliutig-KlllB, which wns
received by the state department recently. The note cume liy mail and
was dated March 10.
The famine, Mr. linker stated, Is due
to u drought, id' snld that the price
of rice had doubted.
'Some of the people nre so dosper
Has been your
horse's best
friend for years.
It makes pull-
ing easy. The
mica docs it.
Dealers I'neriuhero
Corns    Applied m
r-t        \ a Seconds
l^UrCGi      Sore,   blistering   I i
_     .     ,        from      corn- plni a  :
Mrs. Chas.    IS.   White,   Waterford,   QliipL-      toes can  be cared by
N.S,,  writes:     "I   have  itsei   Unbys  tyUl L IY     prim's   Extractor ta
own Tablets tor hoth my babies and   ,,,, h "Putn,-.m' " soothes   n ���- a
"" am excellent, My baby girl ivaa  that llnnvil;|,  ,,,,,..    eaSes  In
11'''' makes the [oet [eel Rood at ouce. I    '.
a _'.''C bottle of "Putinim's tO'UT
cross and sickly bill utter gtvi.
tlle Tablets siie became strong, heal-l
thy uiul happy."   Buoy's Own Tablets
never    fall  to  muke sickly children i
well mul ihe mother enn glvo theni to
her  children   with   absolute    sut'ety.
They are guaranteed hy a government i
nalysl  to be  freo    from    lujiirlou
Bismarck's Punk Suc:;j50'-3
The edillce    which   Bismarck b
in largely out of the high   Imm u   '
�� il.ll im       in      in-      iiii/ innn i ii j ii i i> "i,-   i       ' n      ��� , ,
drugs. The Tablets nre sold by modi-  lal ' e.ueu.s ,u  life   - is  become t   ���
cine dealers or by mall til LT, cents a  plaything    ol   smo ler
box from The Dr. AVllllanis' Modlelne   nioaus,   .he   methods,  ol      ���    ft
Co    Brockvllle  tint ' l,ian nre mistaken tor Ills Ideals, and
_ ' his alms aud the future ot golde   pr
. , ,'     _     ..     ^ | cress nnd prosperity which h ' ut '
Advice  For thc Farmer clouded  with the smo;-." and  stained
Before farming as a business or pro-  wm, i1h, M()iul through which he  i
ate  thai   they  ure  eating  roots and   teaston can ba eoluiuored succcshI'iiI J not  )���,,.,,. ,,, pass UU|  (tom   ,. ,
conceived emergence had
bark from trees and even clay," he |in tho highest and best sense, tbo prof
said. "Others are lilllinu; themselves i.s arising from production uiul dls
to escape the terrors of starvation." trlbtttion of farm products inusl lu
Conditions   in the province cannot  shared by tho household
into a  brighter phase of clvilizal   1
New York Evening Sun.
become normal until the next crop is
harvested lute next summer, the re
port staled.
Tumors, Lupus cured with ftut ltnl
|^ pain, All work miaranlced. f&f&JFij}
tlHffi  '
For   Yonr   Children   Willie   Teething
It south.--- tin   Child, Soflcns Ihe (lions,
',11,'l.VH llu-  I'.iln,  Dispels  Wind Colic, nnd
Is the  Best   Re y  fnr luinntlln  Diarrhoea.
"He's iu social servi e work."
"What's he doing?"
"Bartender downtown."
Minard's   Liniment  used   by   Physi-
dans.   .
The First Step
"Pa," plaintively coaxed Mrs. Nook-
Dyne, "I want to sit iu society."
"All .right," resignedly assented Mr
Nookoyne. "I s'pose we kin hire a
reporter to write somethln' scandalous about us"
Cf*��,A Granulated Eyelids,
IvFUB C l''vcs inflanieil by expo.
,���^ . sure tn Sun, Dost and Wind
&*'mrf*f-i quickly relieved by Murine
LjCS Eye Bemedy. No Smarting.
���     *J just Eye Comfort.   At
Your Druggist's 50c per Bottle. Murine Eva
Bruggists or Murine Eye Remedy Ce., Chicago
W. N. U. 1053
A   Loser  in   Ruin  of  Steamship  Line
There are nol many who know that
the capture of certain ships of the
Woermann Line, recently announced,
wus a direct, blow at the pocket of
lUmperor William.
Until a few years ago the Woermann Line was a private enterprise
ot the Woermann family, but on the
death of the head of the lirm the
business was turned, for family reasons. Into a limited liability company.
siiii later a controlling Interest
was acquired by the Hauiburg-Auier-
I. ii Company and lhe Kaiser himself,
the sum paid being a huge one, the
Emperor Investing a large portion
of his guvlngs in this very prosperous
Ilo bus now lost thnl proportion of
liis money which is represented in
the cap...red vessels, and also no
doubt the exclusive privilege which
this line hnd for trading with what
have been German Colonies In Africa.
Sores Flee Before It.���There ' are
many who have been afflicted with
sores and have driven them away
with Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil, which
nets like magic. All slmlllarly troubled
should lose no time 111 applying this
splendid remedy, as there is nothing
llko it to bu hud. It is cheap, hut its
power is in no way expressed by its
low  price
Hilton���Whnt did your wife say
when you go. home at two this morning?
Tilt on���Nothing! She sal. down to
Ihe piano and played "Tell .Me the Old,
Old Story."
The following story is vouched fur
by a well known .Scottish AI.I*, some'
whore off the east coast. A trawler
was-on naval patrol duly. The skipper thought he would like some lish
l'or breakfast, so be commenced operations- Soon he popped a German
submarine close by. The trawler's
skipper, an Abordonlau, wus uhuut lo
tain it and earn the prize money,
when the submarine commander, not
suspecting this evil intention, offered
to buy some lish. So the canny Scot
went* alongside, sold his lish���and
then rammed the submarine,
Good breeds of live stock and the
most approved und up-to-date labor-
saving farm iniplem .nts are a necessity on the farm.
Likewise up-to-date, sanitary and
drudgery conveniences ure as appropriate for the homo as this machinery
Is for the farm.
Thu wife and children inusl not be
The home is, after all, the tiling
most desirable.
Ask for Minard's and take no ether-
'Why, what in the world hus become
of your watch? Tlie cue you used
have had a  handsome sold case."
"I know  it did, but  circumstances
niter cases."���Philadelphia Telegraph
The Retort Personal
lie   -If you get the ballot, aren't v iu
afraid  yon   will  neglect  rite   family
,     .    . . ,   . She���No;     nol  at  all.    I  wonldn t
lite goal ot tl.e successful tarmer Lal    ���,,��� prel.0gatlve away tx, n
should be the home tlmi satisfies, "ie Ip...,,.
home that is restful, delightful, enjoy- ' .
able���a  home   such  us  .he  children      ���Bv ,,,,, wav - F.i(1  M;,   De  gi
ere loath to quit, wheu they arrive I    "Yes?"
it maturity, but ambitious to prepare      ,.Do'' ������ know of nny poor pers   is
"Isn't .lones a dreamer?"
"Well, not exactly. Vou see. liis
castles in the air generally include an
another one like it. for themselves on
sonic other farm.���Dr. .1. II. Worst.
who    would    care
The Dog Fancier -This pup is a
thoroughbred French bull, madam.
The Customer���He's awfully sweet,
but I can't take him because I don't
speak French.
In A Shadow
Tea   Drinker  Feared   Paralysis
Steady use of cither ten or coffee
often produces alarming symptoms,
ns the poison (caffeine) contained in
these bevorages acts with more potency In some persons than in others.
"i was never u coffee drinker,"
writes a lady, "bul u tea drinker. I
was very nervous, had frequent spells
of sick hoadachc and lienrl trouble,
and was subject at times to severe nl
tacks of bilious colic.
"No end of sleepless nights- -would
have spells at night when my right
side would gel  numb and tingle Ilk
A   Safe   Pill   For  Sufferers.--There
are pills tltat violently purse and till i
the stomach and interlines with pain. '
Parmelee's  Vegetable  Pills are  mild ;
and effective.   They are purely vegetable, no mineral purgative entering
iulu their composition uud their effect
is soothing and beneficial. Try them
und lm convinced.   Thousands enn attest Ihelr greal curative qualities because  thousands  one  their    health
and    strength  lo timely use of litis
most excellent medicine.
Fireproof Clothes .
Dr. William If. Perkin, the 13ng
lish chemist, lu.s found n method of
making cotton cloth absolutely fireproof, so thai ii will nol burn emu
when' held In n gas-flame One fireproof garment wns unharmed by
twenty washings, and another which
a thousand needles were pricking my i had   been   worn   lor  iwo  years   nn
flesh. At limes I could hardly put
my tongue oul of my mouth uud my
right eye and car were needed.
"The doctors told nie lo quit using-
tea, but I thought 1 could not live
without it that it wus my only stay.
1 had been n tea drinker for twenty-
five years: was under the doctor's
care for fifteen,
'���Aboul six months ago, I finally quit
tea ami commenced to drink Postum.
"1 have never hart one spell of sick-
headaches since nnd only one light attack of bilious colic. Have quit having
those nuiiili spells at night, sleep well
and my heart is getting stronger all
tlie time."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Wlpdsor, Out. Head "The Road to
Well', ilie," in pkgs.
Postum comes in two forms:
Postum Cereal���the original form���
must be well boiled. 35c and Jjc. packages.
Instant Postum -a soluble powder
��� dissolves quickly in a cup of hot
water and. with cream and sugar,
makes a delicious beverage instantly-
30c and 60c tins.
Hoth kinds nre equally delicious
und cost about Ihe same per cup.
'There's a  Reason" for Postum,
���sold I y flrocers.
washed every week. Neither could
bo burned, though the latter was
worn almost to rug's. This fire-proof
cloth costs about a penny a yard more
than untreated cloth-
Nol only will this fireprool'ed material he found suitable for firemen,
bul ii may also be used by women
for the finest party dresses, the
mo.-t delicately-colored fabrics lieing unharmed by the process nnd
even given u softer appearance. For
eliifilren's clothes it should be particularly desirable, since it is likely
to prevent ma".v accidents.
Unless worms uro expelled from thc
system, no child can be healthy. Mother Graves! Worm Exterminator is
the hest medicine extant to destroy
Simplified  Spelling
The dentist has just moved Into a
place previously occupied hy a baker,
when a friend culled.
"Pardon me o moment," snid the
dentist, "while 1 dig off those enamel
letters of 'llakcshop' from lhe front
"Why nol merely dig oft the 'IV and
let it go at that?" suggested tlie
Would Burn. Suffered Great Pain,
Grandchild Also Afflicted, Used
Cuticura Soap and Ointment,
Now Perfectly Well,
Poulftmon, N". 3. -" I luu] eczema on my
right wrist for over a year, it broka n;;c
llko a rash, it would itch and burn and I
had lu scratch. The ,:.in x. ���.- broken and
tho blood came through Sometlra i It
spread all over my hands and I Buffered
ureal pain when 1 pul tbem in w,;-.-. i
1'ORan to use Cuticura Soap and Olntniem
and tbey b&vo me quick relief, healing my
wrlat and baud in a few months,
' "My graud'.-hikl was also afflicted with
that troublo. He had It on his head, fa��"o
and hands. He wa�� treated for threo or
four months and wa1? no better, Then wo
began to treat iiim with Cuticura Soap and
Ointment and he began t-> improve. So we
continued the treatment for a few months
and ho is perfectly well." [Signed) .Mrs.
Joseuh Fougere, May 28, 1914,
40M& ���        ���-
Samples Free by Hall
' Tor pimple and blackheads ihe folUcsiog
is a mosl effective and economical treatment:
Gontlysmear the affected parts with Cuticura
Ointment, on the end of the finger, but do not
rub. Wash off tiie Cuticura Ointment biflva
minutes wltb Cuticura Soap and hot water
and continue bathing for some minutes. Thjs
treatment is best on rising and retiring. Al
Olher times uso Cuticura Soap freely for Iho
toilet and bath, lo assist in preventing inflammation and clogging of the pores, the common cause of pimples, blackheads and other
unwholesome condition;? of lhe skin. Cuticura Soap and Ointment are sold everywhere. Sample of each with 32-p. skin
Book will be sent free i.p.on request. \d-
Ar��w; "Cuticura, Dopt. 1), liustou, \j*i.*\*% THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weeky   Newspaper,   1'ubishcd  al
Courteuay, D. ('.
N. H. Bodbn, Editor and Proprietor
���nbscriptiuu Sl.fot per Year ill Advance
Telephone 59
THURSDAY, .HI.Y    1, 1915
Mr. Idiens Is again up in arms
at the editor of The Review. Mr.
Idiens Isold eroiigh, and surely
has written letters enough to tbe
press to know that the editor is not
responsible for opinions expressed
by correspondents. At nny rate
he wrote under that heading in last
week's Herald. With the first
two paragraphs of Mt- idienslettei
we have no particular fault to find.
We did (.probably foolishly,) publish ti letter without first reading it
carefully, from a correspondent
whose previous letters have generally been instructive and entertaining. We fail to see why the Board
of Trade should be dragged into
the matter at all They were not
even mentioned. In fact uo one
was singled out for special mention, With the last paragraph;
"The Board of Trade must say
definitely at tlieir monthly meeting next Thursday, what action,
if any, they will take," we heartily agree, and trust that they and
the Herald's correspondent will
dig into their jeans and nettle accounts with The Review. We
would draw Mr. Idiens' attention
to a paragraph in The Herald, ju t
above his letter; "Take the real
estate agent business. It ran the
country like the gold rush in the
Kloudykc .... It became a men-
ance to the country. The very
name of real estate agent became
odious." How does that strike
Mr. Idiens?
volunteers to fill the decimated
battalions sent but a few weeks
ago. And the reason assigned and
frankly admitted for the lack Of
fighting material for the British
army! is that Ilritish workmen
refuse to work.
Is is a fact that our country
towns are not what they ought to
be; a large proportion of the business that should lu* theirs as a
matter of course is snatched fro 'i
their hands by the mail order
houses; that in their rush for civic
expansion, etc; they have in recent years neglected their best
CUStomer8, the farmers, whose cooperation is more vital to them
than till other consider tlions totalled  together,   Present conditions
can only lie changed very slowly
but if we all work together we can
set them right in time Before we
can say to the farmer Support
Your Home Town" lhe hometown
service must be made worthy iu
every way of his support. And
uot only the business custom of
our farmers must lie solicited, but
also their advice and cooperation
as citizens, having equal interest in
our community to those of the
merchant and the banker. What
is Courtenay going to do in this
matter? Are we going to sleep
along or are we going to wake up
and make a bid for the fanners'
Since the outbreak of the European war no one month has beeu
so filled with tragic surprises and
humiliating disappointments as has
the one now ending. It sees dissembling abandoned and the British
public is faced with startling sud-
diness by some very unpleasant
truths. It has been hinted at before
but is now frankly confessed that
the GerlUan invasion would have
long ago been turned to a route of
the Teuton had the Britisli army
only been furnished with ammunition sufficient to the need of the
hour, It is now also clear that the
many 'brilliant bayonet charges"
by the British and Canadian troops,
of whicli so much has been made in
the official dispatches, were necessary only because of lnck of atti'
munition for the supporting artillery. For lack of Jibwder and shot
title best manhood of the empire has
been squaiideted to an appalling
extent. Recent dispatches from the
capital announces an immediate
call  for  35,000    more   Canadian
Here's to the Glee Club, founded
by Dr. Crompton I Its cheerful
mission is to blend the human voice
and lift the heart above and away
beyond the realm of sordid care
At a time when the value of everything material seems to be melting
into nothing, the Glee Club springs
into being and shews us that there
is that with us which war's panic
cannot touch nor trade depression
tarnish- The Glee Club should be
established or. a permanent footing.
It is a medium for expression of
the community's gladder moments
it is a tonic for the drooping spirit.
It is never out of place. Without
it man would retrograde to a level
with the brute, but with its aid he
may mingle with the gods.
I<adied   V   Vests iu   elastic   ribbed  and
porus knit cotton, lisle and m .sceriml
lisle frjin ASc to Jl
A complete range ol Ladies and Misses
U Wear in cotton crepe uiul cambric
Ladles'   and  misses   Mouse   Dresses  iu
muslins, chanibruya and crepes
In Patent aad Vici Kid
Voiles, cotton   crepes,   poplins,   printed
piques, fancy   muslins,   percales, prints,
ducks and zephyr glllghauis
Ladies' and Misses Tennis Shoes
Sir Richard McBride, who has
spent llie last three months in Kngland is back as far as Ottawa on
his returu journey. He is expected home at any time now, The
"guessers" are already busy in
prognostignting Ius future career.
It is said that failing his appointment as Canadian High Commissioner in London, Sir Richard will
likely accept the position as Agent
General for B. C- in London. As
far as we know Sir Richard has
not as yet signified his intention
of abandoning his job r.s premier
and leader of the Conservative
party in British Columbia.
Curtains  and  curtain  muslins,   scrims,
Madras aud art muslins, sunproof   casement CO til, art sateens und cretoiies
In order to reduce our stock of men's
ready-to-wear clothing we are offering a
discount of 2i) p. c. for two weeks ouly.
Men's 3-Button Sack Suits in black and
navy serges, light und daik tweeds and
men's 2-plece outing suits
Summer V Wear, balbriggnn   iu natural
and white  at SOc  and   75c 111   short aud
long sleeves
Elastic ribbed mercerized cotton U wear
at $1 and Jl.25,   II, I). V.   Combinations
at $1.50
Athletic   U   wear   in   open   mesh   and
porus knit
Summer  Half Hose  in  all  shades at 3
pair   for Jl
Invlctus  Slioes   for  men   in   the   new
lasts with   blind eyeleta   and plain   re-
ceedhig Jtoe
Summer Shirts in plain, self colours and
stripes from 75c to Jl .75
Novelty  patterns  in   mushroom  pleats
with soft detachoble collarj and French
culls from $2 to $3.50
Well stocked in Men's  Straw  Hats and
Silk Caps
Men's Gutiug Pants and  Tennis Shoes
Mr. Taxpayer, how do you like
to be called "ill-advised, ignorant
and petty " by a minion dominee?
~- m. ** - m	
H. R H. the Prince of Wales
celebrated his twenty-first birthday
last Wednesday, at the front in
The Port Alberni News says;
"Don't blame us for using a dollars
worth of stamps in the vain hope
ot collecting a two dollar subscription accouut. Our foolish persistency along this line helps the
revenue for war."
Barrister and [Solicitor, Notary Public
P. O. Box 209
Phone 24 Courtenay
Painter and Paperhanger
First Clou Carrlngo Painting nl Low ('out
All Kinds of ITurnltura ftop&lrod and Polutod
Work (liiuiMiituud A Trlnl Solicited
Mitchell & Son
Milk and Cream Delivered
Daily in Courtenay
Telephone R 81
To whom it may concern,
I hereby give notice that I will not be
responsible (or any debts contracted in
ihe name ol Grlinsley & Hodgkinson,
Wood Merchants, Courtenay, from ihis
Signed, Harry Hodgkinson
Courlenay, lt. C, June IS, 1915 lm
Dyeing, Cleaning
and Pressing
Garments turned out line new
Alterations and repairs
of every description
Old Hank Building
Phone 17 Courtenay
NOTICE is hereby Riven that I intend to apply to the hoard ol License Commissioners, one mouth Irom
this date, lor a transfer of the license
held by me to sell spirituous and fermented liquors [hy retail from the premises known as the "Courteuay Hotel,"
situate in the City of Courtenay, Iiritisii
Columbia, to the building in the City ol
Courtenay, on I.ot .5(1 in subdivision of
part of Section 61, registered as No. 311,
and uow occupied by W. (1. McKean as
a General Store, the hotel to be known
as the "Hotel Alexandria," according
to plans and specifications which will lie
laid before the Hoard.
Dated this 24th day of June, 1915.
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
Courtenav's only male teacher
left Courtenay on Tuesday morning. He has announced his intention of going to the front. If his
nerve holds out he may have n
chance to "tickle" Germans, Providing he dosen't get "pinched"
on the way over.
'May the Lord gie us a' a good
conceit o' onrsels," was the slogan
of a famous Scotchman. Last
week's editor of The 'Krald evidently thought likewise. He used
the best part of three columns
eulogizing himself and his achive-
About six thousand pieces of
property are being advertised for
sale by the Municipality of South
Vancouver for taxes wiich are in
arrears. This is the result of wild
cat speculation, Thousand* upon
thousands of lots have been surveyed out of primeval and logged off
forest, and sold broadcast through
the Dominion, and for the past
three years no taxes have been
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  (nun   heading Musician*
from lhe Atlantic lo the Pacific,    Copies
of same furnished on request
\V. J. Goard   will ne  in this city  nboul
August I.    heave orders  at Ihis  Ollice,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
Victoria,���The Hon. W. R. Ross
has received information from the business,
Agent General for British Columbia to the effect that the cargo for
160,000 creosoted Douglas Fir ties
shipped to Iudia to the order of the
Bengal and North Western Railway last fall per the sleamship
���'Queen Helena" have arrived and
have given full satisfaction.
The ties are described in the
words of thf agents in India as
being "au all round good lot, well
cut, of full dimensions and well
The agent general goes on to
say that he has been requested to
convey the thanks of the Railway
Beard in London to the Govern'
ment of Britisli Columbia for un
dertaking the inspection and despatch of the ties.
It Will be remembered that this
order was secured for the province
as a result of strenuous efforts on
the part of the Minister of Lands,
and the Agent General in co-operation with the Canadian Trade
Commissioner in London, the Railway Company stipulating that the
B. G. Government undertake the
inspection of the ties before shipment.
Further orders for the Indian
railways were in prospect but the
lack of tonnage has caused them to
be held ill abeyance; there is every
hope however that when the shipping offers, those orders will be
placed, the success of the trial order leading   naturally   to   further
Remember Courtenay stores will be
closed on Wednesday afternoon, June
23rd, and hereafter
Wednesday will be
the closing- day instead   of   Thursday
Palaee Livepy
Herses and  Buggies for Hire kr.-
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling'.
Courteuay Phone s$~
First-Class Plumbing;
Hot Water and Steamfittiug
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courteuay
General Blacksmith
olie.lt Your PntromiKO.   Careful Attention
Given to Hiii'Hi,. Veei
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best.
Quality Wines Liquors aud Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken
Oppositenew P ruLjtttiu. lliuh 91
Big Sale Now Proceeding
Sugar $1.60 [or 20 pounds, ?4.oo for SO pounds, $7.90 for 100 pounds
Hums 20c per pound Uncoil 24c per pound
Pry's and Cowun's Cocoa 2 tins for 45c Walkover Shoes from $2
Old Countty K Shoes from ��4.50 to $5.50
25 per cent, off all other new shoes,  men's women's and children's
Cent's uiul hoys wool underwear from 60c per garment
Penman's  Underwear,   $1.10 garment;  Penman's Blue Tipped Wc
A. B. BALL     Phone R88     COMOX
All roads lead to Arthur's.
Services at Anglican church on
Sunday as follows: St. Peter's at
ii a. in., Lazo Mission at 3 p. 111.
and Denmau Is. nt 7 p, tu.
Born���On Monday, June 28, to
Mr. and Mrs, A. B. Ball, adaugh-
Iu answer to one of the entrance
examinations, ''Who is the Member
of Parliament for the district in
which ynu live?" one of thc pupils
wrote "11. Stewart."
Have you been to Arthurs'  yet ?
The school martini gave a reception at "Spinsterville." There
was a large attendance and everybody enjoyed themselves. ' 'Planta
Uuio'' was one of the supper items,
and the pies were a dream, What
wives those ladies will make ! The
attendance in the kitchen was excellent, the young bloods seemed
to have a very ��<xnl no'ions about
cooking in general, and all appeared anxious to acquire more
Capt. Guthrie had the misfortune
to cut his hand badly with an axe
on Sunday, Dr. Montgomery lias
bandaged the wound up, and says
the Captain will soon lie better.
Finest ice cream and soft drinks
in the world at the Carlton Ice
cream Parlor.
The annual sclicot meeting will l��e
held on Saturday July 10th.
J. McKenzie, Jr. hat signed on witli
ship's company of S. S. Charmer.
We still need a barber in Comox.
Following are the results of the  examinations at Comox school:���
Division I.    1'roficieiicy���Flora  Piercy.
Attendance -Winnie  Ball,   Geo. Davis.
[Deportment���Monti Barlow.
Division   II.   Proficiency -Clive Davis.
Attendance���Gladys Carthew.
Deportment���Wilbert Moore.
The report of i the concert will
appear next week.
A prominent bank official of
Western Canada, who is taking a
keen interest in the   utilization   of
vacant lots fnr the growing of garden crops, says: ''It seems to me
that the 'daylight saving scheme'
would be one of the greatest factors
in helping ou the kitchen garden
movement. Il wou'd giveeveryoue
from Halifax to Vancouver an
hour's more time to work in (lav-
light than ihey would otherwise
have and it would be a great thing
for the health of the nation to have
an extra hour for outdoor recreation
and last, but by no means least
there would be a wonderful saving
of light, electricity, gas and oil.
The one hour extra daylight would
mean that liy the time darkness
came it would be pretty nearly
bed time, going by ordinaly rules.'
The report printed iu this issue
of the success of the first shipment
of British Columbia Douglas Kir
ties to India will cause universal
satisfaction. The lumber industry
supports a large proportion of the
population of 13. C.. directly or indirectly, and the opening up a
market in India for lumber will
mean much to the Province. When
it is remembered that the Government have undertaken an active
campaign for the extension of mar
kets for B, C, lumber iu Europe,
Australia, South Africa, aud the
Orient, the results of which are already coming in, a ten million feet
order only the other day for the
Admiralty, we are sure that this
praiseworthy venture will be approved by everybody having the
interests of the country at heart.
Notice to Contractors
SUM,HI) TBNDBRS, superscribed
"Tender for Union Hay School)"
will lie received by the Honourable tlie
Minister  of  Public   Works up   to   Utlltl
o'clock noon of Saturday, the 17th day
of July, 1915, for the erection ami completion of a two-room school and outbuildings at Union Bay, in the Comox
Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender DUIV lie seen on ami
after the .loth day oi June,   1915, at  the
offices of Mr. J. Ualrd, Government
Agent, Cumberland, It. C,| Mr, George
Thompson. Government Agent, Nanaimo
II. C; Mr. J. Mahoney, Government
Agent, Vancouver 11. (.'.; Mr. W. IIiik-
gurt, Secretary to School Hoard, Union
Bay, u. C.| or Ute Department ol Public
Works. Victoria, II. C.
[mending tenderers can obtain one
copy of plans and specifications by applying in the undersigned witli a deposit
of Ien dollars, (Jin,) whicli will be refunded tin their return in good order.
Bach proposal must bettccoiupaiiied by
��� a accepted bank cheque or certificate of
deposit on a chartered bank ol Cauada
Maile payable to the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works for a sum equal
to tell per cent, of tender, whicli shall
be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract when called
upon to do so, or il lie fail to complete
the work contracted for. Tlie cheques
or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will lie returned to them upon
tile execution of tlle contract.
Tenders will not lie considered unless
made out on the forms supplied, signed
witli the actual signature ol tlie tenderer
and enclosed in tlie envelopes furnished,
The lowest or any tender not necessarily acceptetl.
Deputy Minister   and   Public  Works
Public Works Department.
Victoria, B. C, June 24th, 1915.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Tibere is reported to be a consumption of box timber in the
United Kingdom alone totalling
15,'fM>0 tons weekly, aud as prices
are on the rise there is every chance
for the mills of B. C- to find an
outlet for box shooks as soon as the
necessary tonnage is obtainable.
Already some nice orders have
!>een booked by Vancouverl and
Victoria firms.
The Canadian Consular Agent at Port
of Spain, Britisli West Indies, is of the
opinion that the opening of the Panama
Canal affords opportunities lor trade witli
Western Canada which tire not being
overlooked by merchants. He states
that it Douglas Fir has the qualities
whicli will enable it to replace .Pitch Piue
now secured from the United States,
there will be au excellent market (or it
in the Ilritish West Indies. The first
large carjjo of Iiritisii West Indian sugar
is about to be despatched by the new
route to Ilritish Columbia, and lumbermen will recognize the importance of the
new conditions as affecting return cargoes of lumber,
The superiority of Douglas Fir is being
being brought tn the attention of the
Consular Agent in order that he may distribute information concerning it to local buyers,
In connection with the foregoing, an
article on the West Indian lumber trade
in the June number of the Canadian
Lumberman quotes in American business man. lacoatetl at Kingston, Jamaica
who says: ���
"A great ileal of pitch pine imported
here from tlie Southern States is very
defective. We would not use it in the
United Sta es, you would not use it in
Canada. It is used in Jamaica because
there is nothing to compete with it. i
would like to see your Ilritish Columbi
Douglas Fir iu coming here. a
' m
Qn Friday last Mr. and Mrs, N.
H. Boden celebrated tie 25th
anniversary of their wedding day.
Counter Check Books
Loose Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples, etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59 Isabel Street
Blacksmith aid Tarring? Builder COURTENAY
Comox Co-Operative Society 1 -td.
Dealers in all kinds of Aleuts,
Butter, Eggs and Parmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty. We tell only tiie
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. Wc pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Insurance Company Limited, of London, England
Fire and Accident
Assets Exceed
l'titnls Invested in Canada Bxceed
Are You Insured Against Fire?
Now that the warm dry weather is coming on, when the 'jlighest i] ark
on thc rool of a store or dwelling may result in a disastrous tire A
fire insurance policy in a good company is the hest of all nssets. We
are agents [for the Law Union and Rock, a company with a recori
second to none.   See us for rates
The Advance Agent of
Comfort and
For a limited time
Business or Residence Telephones
will be installed upon payment of
$5 Rental in advance
For Particulars
W. D. Denholm, Mgr,
B. C. Telephone Co., limited THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C
Mail  Order House  Failure      Feeding1 SiIu,rG
Its Strange Power  is   the'   Rt'emnatum    i tho greatest test
Marvel of Thousands it
Bas Cured
Vou will welcome the ;; >otl now ���
thai "Nerviline" rapidly relieves the
most excruciating pains.
Nerviline penetrates deeply into tlm
tissue, aiul possesses pain subduing
power at. lensi flvo limes greater than
anything heretofore discovered. Ils
curative Inlluciieo upon rlieinnutlc
pains is really wnnucrful.
Nerviline is offered to the people ot
this QotntnuiiHy under a positive guar
aiiicc nf its rellahloncsB,
As a i uratlve ngeul ot Boveresl litiln
every riu'iimnllc ulioulil tesl this Rival
Nervlllno lias to meet. It cures pains,
big and little, but to lhounmtlcs especially ii is ;i great blessuig, jusl us
Tlieir  Own   Interoste  Are   Best
Served   It  They   Patronize
the Loc:d Merchant
Many ot our fanners, especially In
the inOro progressive cominunltles in
Tests   at   Brandon   and   Indian   Head
Show  Economy Compared  with
Hay and Grain
In the Fuelling work, last  year, at
Indian  I load,    II  was found that the
luge iniide u great  liuproveiuoul on
' ,' ��� V'-'      ,,   -7, ,?,:  ,;.,���',! ! the wesl, are beginning i<> realize that   "����K��  ����'����� il sreai improveiuoni ou
t Is to thoso who snllor trom neural-    .. ��    , served Hue ord nary drj rat ons ot gran and
,la  sola.lea  Inmbngo, stiffness or en-   ^ ����� XShelr S'SjItay tba, ;���v fen throughout the pro
'a'seujotuis towu.   They    have learned to resist   "> ���   Steers fed on hay, straw and
llemember this:   There is nothing j tlio  lompiatlon  of  mall  order cntn-  ��als and barley chop, eosl ten cents
harmful in Nerviline. ' logues and to give their cusli bitslnoss ' '���> uihkb ono pound of gain, or made
rl. I Instead   to   their  own   local   stores. I a profit.of ouly $:i.0i) per si ', whin
!"ii fur iln'ir nehes uud pains, It Is d
Vou can ubo tt freely en yourVhihl-   Instead   to   their 	
Nol  only  their own experience, Imi   " l"1   ' �� on   siiage,   uay, stiaw ami
nml    hai'ley    chop   cost ,s iven
,   IIKlk-
'���      ii'i      ui i,   i ' "' ������  ,  ii      I'.ni, ^.   i l   i.i  vi' ���                          ���         ,   ,,            , .                   , ,, , i <      ,,,,,(       .ni'lal       ,,iiiii      i.i iv
iieiuhihlo   reliable   safe     Nolbinu   tu   ""���"'���'   especially      experience of oula    und    liuilej    eliop    tost
11 . 1 111.1 1111  .      I i   l III 'll     ,     r��iM< .         .Niiiiiilt ���      ni   .                                 ;                           .ii i    ...     , i-i.ii'.      tn     lii'il'i.    nl'ii     ii.iiim   '     ���������iill
',,. i ..I,, v,,|V iii,,,. ���o ���  f.,.,.1  brother turmora m the t tilted States, I' wits tn in.u.   om  pounu gum
I'i   11,1      '...IUM     C'       .M  I . I   I He   .IS   ,1    . i III 1 ,1 I      ,                                                        , , ,         ,           ���,    , , i,.,   ,,   ni',,, i   nl    H1 ll     ll   inn'   ., ,'.,,'
,..���,!,.  ,���,,                                        haa unulit   tin'in  ib.it iiie luevltablo '"a a piout ot ��iu,'iu pel aieei.
fnniily n in  il
Oel  the t.ii'1'
Nitrate of l/mic
.outcome of sending their cash orilora      M Brand    Manitoba, Mr. MeM ���
it   i.i in ity  hot-   away  to mall order housea is the de-   !i;'"�� >'"'1 "''"Be    hi comparison unli
tie;   it   is  tar more oconouilcnl  Ihan   generation of tholr o\\ nlrv town,   eorn   fodder;   with   the  com   fodder
Iho 25 oeut trial the    Sold hy dealers fand   ti'.'  deeruaso  In   valuu  of  their   lie I id ll took  10.06 cents for one
everywhere, or direct from The Cat 'hah furm properly, | pnund  gain  and   made    a  prolll  of
arrhozoiic Co,   Kingston, Canada Perhaps loo llie fuel thai our farm-   onl)   $1,011  per steer,    while the sil-
 ers ai'3 begiuuliig to think along those  aK�� t'',\   lot   cost ',.7 cents for one
; lines, is duo lho recent failure of lho pound gain, malting u profll ol Jn.su
ilrm ot Christ (.Irani (tompanv, lior steer This 'ould seem to lit-
Limited,    Winnipeg     n    mall    order J 'Heato  Mini   ensilage  is  u   very  pi'O'
in thi,' foi 'I for fattening Bteers; und
Field Root and
T7 .    , ,      ,., ,   Ium-,���    that    leapt    Iiii" ;i  llame In i nuiuto t ir luiieuiug Bieers; ami
VPCPTflhlP SfPfl   to prominence for a f.t�� brie ntha,   '���'; t'<" ilalry eow responds lo a sue
' vgvmuiv  ,IVVU Wl, mi,i,m-i,m,i iliiil   "   ,r illtors ni    ''Ulem   feed  more tlitui other classes
,. .niei Hi.' gen i.'I ue cling li till some   "' live -1'"'1" silage would be ol
Farmers   and   Gardeners   Maet   Plan   little    while bud;, nud oven this 'lit   '"" '' "*)}to to hoi'
How to Supply for-iaiti ! "'"   I'epi'esenl   the   mini   number  of      All
For   three  uiiuiiiu
bi'eaii of war mucli
after   the   out-
inxlety was felt
Aa a Portillzer ll Is Particularly Suitable  to  Peaty   and  Clay  Soils
Nitrate nf llmo    Is a  rei'tHln '
reaciil Introauctlon, containing front
12 to it per cent, of nitrogen present
in ii hlghlj soluble anil iivullublo
form,   Tills material is nol pure ce.l-
cluin nitrate bul is essentially a mix    [hnnghottl North Amerha ns lo
tur.- of this compound and lime, iis   .,; ei 0( poid |.00j lllu| vegetable :
manufacture ou a large sea!.- is now  ,]',���',' come princtpntlj  trom the war
carried    on    in   several    Kuroponn   ,.|ng countries of Kurope.   Tho Held
countries���nolahiy  In  Norway,  Aus-  officers of the seed branch devoted
triii  and  Prance���and  though  lliere  much of this time to it study of the I
nre several  processes  ln    operation,  possibilities of creating a supply of
they ure all the .same iu principle -  Canadian grown seed for  two plant-,,,
the  oxidation  of  atmospheric   nttro-   |ngi   |, ��-ns advisable In the minium | J ��,
gen   by means nf an electric arc or  Ul Biect alu| Spndnlly store uny bten- ' ,,
flame  nml  tho  subsoQiietii   uoutrnll-   aia|   roi)tH  to   be  transplanted  this1
u Head feeding wu- slai'lctl
creditors, it appears tlmi it Is Ihe In-   v.'llb  nlimit   30  to jr.  pi Is  of on
teiitlon nf tho heat i".
Improving the Roads
station of the nitric acid so formed
spring lor seen piuducltou,
Fortunately   the   Ktiropean    seed
Hugo mul this wai: iniH'iuisuil up
,i aboul from :lu in ::.i His. \a the
illase was Increased so wus lhe
nc ii ration, bul  Hi" liny  iind si raw
pulrt, T|ie Bnr| 'iilaloglic, Whliih bus   *'i>ro clll down, Great   Benchta  Accruing   to   Farmers
been  mailed mil  to u very largo ex-!    '"   view   of    tliu    nhove    fuels,  il From Good Roads
lent. H expected lo bring In business i would seem advls e for faniiers In      rhl, ���guod 1,0|u|(j., movonum, la ,.#
that will help to llqitlaato their lossos.   lie  southern  and  conlr l'ou, "flcolvlng attention much mure propor.
U farmers arc  begl ig lo  learn   Mnn  nlin  to grow  corn and  I I'M tloiwlc In lis Importunoo Hum it has
ison   thai   lltcj   must   supporl | as  sllngc us soon as lltej   hum.' tlio  ,n  ,,���, pual    A(  |h,. |||s|  8esslou ���,
lounlry  town   in  order  to  art-|caiillal to Invest in a silo. |lh(,  tll���.|���,,.   iUKlBlalm-o.  lho  premier
tholr own b si  Interests, ii  Is       liter.'   ure   some districts in   llie  vo|cou  a ,.,.���,,,,,! aemaud  for bolter
ot very  groat   Imporl ���.���  thai   retail j "orlli   whore  corn  cunnnl   \y.   K'/'wu ! muds, and had u lilicral sum voted lo
rodltors. i\in
wor ���  in u fail' waj to lose 1 ii'ge bum . of
money ovt r lho v nilure, to contlniiB
,' I the businos ; it itll their ui counts nr
Silver Gloss
means perfect starching,
whether used for sheer
Laces, dainty Dimities, delicate fabrics, Lace Curtains
r^ or Table
has been ths
favorilr inthe
than 50 years
Ihe Cimdi Sliroi
lio. I l.��lltil
slllllllll        lil!.''
sfiilly.   bet
ut tin
a       ,   .,        ���   ,   , i-i.i           ���               I'-oriumuei}   un.'    i^uiopt'iin     seen :   . .      ,,     .    (.,,.mB,.a ���  ���������.,. cr.' mutn    nn. excess ve    mo
As yet, tlicre Is but little expo ���once   ,���,,,,  ,������   ,.,,:;   waa   ,,,i,cl.   above  HtoJ'     , ..S1. Uian the host he baa   > 'e these condillons exls
on  this  conliiioni   Willi   lime  niti'itie,   .,,���,.,.,    ,������,.     nrnelicallv     nil   kinds    ....             ..      .          V                                        ,. ,r   .,.,t* ....,i  ,..,
imi  exiiei'tnieiii^ of an  ciensivc n-i-  ,    ���  '              punuuiiij    .ui   i,inns. ,     hi (     .,..,          f the country mer-   dam rl"i' "*   onts and pe
niu   i xpei nnt ii [ s   in   .in   exiusi.e   n.t-   Ou'lnn   in   iii'ciiui,,   slinifaff'   in   s   n-���    . ���   ,      ..,..,,,.
line  wlib.l,  lev,,  lioon   I.,  nrnirl'nsa   I'.ii' '    ,.      *           ' .                 suoiuifa      ill   niip ,        g   sn||.���)n.. |     ,v   ||,,,   Inriller's    mown,
tine winch iKuc been  n progiess lot   pllea mos, Canadian seed houses had     ., bugt���Mg  as ,un, ... i.i8 cl.0,iii :    Where these crops   arc
en    iinni'   v,,,i vu     in    li-noi-i in    ,i in     ii    ii.,' ' .                      .   .,     ,         ......          I ' .1 sn IJil^iin ?-s.    ., i    m i II    .I.i    in"    i 11 111'   , i_
moist ure and
si. iill ii iiini-1
cun 'lu1 I
so many years, iii Kngland and other  tucreused their orders by n�� percent.
European countrle:, go to show that  ol.  raol.0  ;,���,l  bad   received   full  tie-1 _      . , ���,., , _..,.,,.,. ... .. , .
Its nitrogen, unit for unit, is just as  L,,.    Tiu.  evccilonl  seed crop of  ?,     ,    u.,' , ' sorvice equal l
vile-ihle  -is   licit   of  nltrntp  nf sndn     ,,     '            i      A        ,   i  i.      ���        iI tlie  best    hat   any mail  order  lions:
iilllltiiilc   us    iinii    ui   nniiiic   in    slill.I. ���     (ii.     ii'is   nlian   ti:l)\'"s    ''     11]    sill c   i't .. ,
..  i-    -- --.   '   ' '   w,'h         i   i   ji              Menu  oiler, holh ns regards I
It is considered as anions the mos    wa]. con,utlons and,    although dollv-l     ,   ... l1Uv ,,, .
promising ot lho competitors of Chili  el.les  aave  boou aetayed  nud  Irans- anac|1  ���   '" "
saltpetre In the fertilizer markets ot  portatlon excessive, mosl seed houses AT~~ ,
the  world.    As a source of Immed-  llave r3cetred the greater part if not, "Maw   Qtvmnvin
lately assimilable nitrogen it is c:i��-'an   uL-   tttelr contract orders    Cana-  -LivVV    OULCJllgMl
ablo of  wide application,  hut   it  is ! tlUm  seotl  |,ollsoa ���,��� goou  financial t      qti   ���  C?,^���" ��ra
thought   it  Mill be found, by reason   stanuing  ara  thua  |n  a  position  to III   IUG  ODllllff
of  its  basic  character,  particularly   carry over sufficient supplies to meet r a
suitable  for peaty and  clay  sods.      a very considerable pari of  1916 re- 	
���        ���       quirements. Nature Needs Aid in Making
ThcV Helped HilH    tabie0seedns ytb��at 'ulay"!'..' producea    New Health-Giving Blooil
i  tt��      rt   ���         i   '"   ISuro��e  t""'i""  tlle Present year h, tll3   apr[ug the system ncods n
and   HiC   h riPllf! I'"   ""'  liexl   ls    llig,,ly    speculative. tonlc    To be healthy vou must have
clIIU  J.J.19 J. 11C11U  Ti,is  work    requires    much    skilled new blood, just as the trees must have
I labor of winch tlicre must be a mark- new sttp to ,.Bnew ,!���.;,. vitality.    Nn-
THAT  IS  WHY  h. A. CLARK   RE-  ed  shortage    for    agricultural    pur-Uure demands lt, and without ihis new
commends DODD'S kidney        poses.    Kuropeaii   governmental   ill- blood you will feel weak und languid.
rectum ot increased  food production you mnv havo twtt.ges of rhcumntism
_      _                           and   relatively  high   prices  for  food 01, the'sharp stabbing pains of neu-
Western Man TeliTwhy Dodd's Kid-j^   a^Lfto' 'ihMe^iSd^roM h'8^    0tte"    r""   "?t "W'^IS
' aieas   uevoteu   to    these   seen   < ,ops   punplcs or eriuilions on the skin.    In
ney Pills Are So Popular ou the        uiul lo stock seel roots which would  0[her cases there is merely a feeling
Prairies normally   be   grown   ihis    year   for 10r tiredness and a, variable appetite.
Homeglen,      Alberta.���(Special),���  transplanting In  11)16. I \llv 0[ theso are signs that Hie blooil
Jusl  why Dodd's Kldnov l'ills are sol    <:iiiiiiiliiin  farmers    and    gardeners ha nut 0f order  -thai  the indoor life
popular on the prairies'Is shown by   should   give   tills  unstable   situation  0f winter   has lessoned your vitality.
tlie statement  of Mr, II. A. Clark, a I Ule''' serious consideration.   The soil  what you need ln spring Is u ton!
ismess   us well  as liis credit I     wuoro    these crops    ar<> used for
iness, tlviv is no reason why lie | this  purpose, tho mixture  should  be
sown us noon as possible after tiie
oals for threshing have been pul In.
I' '
One bushel uf Hidden Vine or Arthur
Peas and Iwo bushels of Bniinoi
Outs, per acre, makes a good mixture Tlie crop should be cul when
ih,< oats are in the dough stage and
put in the silo ul once. Prof, T .1.
lhe work in this province, lu
the iiii" 'i Slates lho govi rnmcni ims
just croiited a special department to
enquire Into countrj roads und to report on the best methods of Improving ihem, rile Washington buroiui
bus worked largely on tbe plan uf
organizing stato road associations.
Model sections of roads are built uud
literature concerning them is sent to
country und city councils. Three-
fourths of the cost of construction
and maintenance of the roads iu Massachusetts is paid by the stnie. and
nnefoui'th by the municipalities. Tbe
benefits arising from jtood roads ure
i incalculable. Kuriii produce reaches
the markets in belter condition, par-*
tlcularly trull, vegetables and other
'perishable stuff. In dairying districts,
the cost of hauling milk is much rt-
Mluard's Liniment Co., Limited. | duced,     Faotorias   can     he    further
Dear Sirs, Your MIN'AKD'S I.INI- apart; the cost of making cheese re-
.Ml'lNT is our remedy for sore duced and greater uniformity eiisur-
thi'oui, colds und all ordinary all- ed. Towns and cities benefit iiiuler-
ments. ��� hilly by Hm tourist trade which good
II   never falls  lo relieve and cure   roads always attract,   when prosper-
Port Mulgrave.
Growth of the West
Ity  is so largely Influenced by good
roads, attention  to the  best  method
i of acquiring them ought to he more
I marked���especially in Canada.���Montreal  family  Herald.
Soft corns nre difficult lo eradicate,
inn llolloway's Corn cure will draw
tbem out painlessly.
well  known  resident, of this  place.
mditioiis    in different  mC(]icine to put you right, nnd in nil
is  ne
"Since   1   came   west."   Mr   Clark   Parts  '"'    Canada ure equally .favor- the  world  of medicines  thet
states,    "I   was  often   troubled   with   !ibl'' "' no' superior to those of Bur- tonic  can   equal  JJr.   Williams'   Pink
my stomach    nnd    back.    Finally    I ' ��>"'-   The growing ot these seeds In pmg,   These pills actually make new
decided to try Dodd's Kidney Pills an 1   Quantity   for    commerce    has   been Pjcn| ,.en hl.od  -your jreatest need in
before  I  hail  taken  more than  half I llmilei1   "'   knuacla     lj.v    tlle  '"Slier spring.    This new  blood  drlvos  out
a box I was so much benefitted thai   l'rloG '"' labor and because few farm- the seeds of disease and mak
1 recommended them to a friend. lie  evs ll;"' 8N'Perienee wltu biennial seed '
also found them a benefit.   1 am still   ''''''l'^    A   r��w  ''"'���''"  '"' il  lew  llllu
The Meanest Remuneration
Alborla's teachers and Canada's,
too, for that matter, nre loyal, hardworking and selt-sacrlticing. Considering tli" training, tho talents and the
time   iliev   bring  to   hear    on   their
tired men,
> omen and children In ight,
strong.   -Miss Rdith Brous- i
"I   wus  as
Remarkable Expansion Since Completion of C.P.R. Main Line in
Referring to the C.P.R. records, so
precis:' and adequate, and kept  with chosen  occupation,  they  receive llie
such religions cure, it is Interesting to meanest  remuneration of any profes-
recall   that   in   1880,  the  year  when sion In die Dominion, excepting, per-
, ,  .,    ,  -    ,-,,������,   I-,..     .  v ,,-..,    il sound shapely roots set out tills   scan   Savona, H.C.   says:  "I  was as   the main lino was completed and the haps, the ministerial.   This is a great
,,ot bf without them''                            spring mny give  niluable experience  pale'as a ghost, lultered trom bead-  system bocame a truly transcontlnent- pity;  but  the day is coning when a
,   new" i liies bad water is on"; *M<a   may be much needed as well | ,ches. severe palpll ttlon of the heart  al one-provoking the publication of eacher wu  be rewarded  in prapor-
<,f  he l ffi ��� It os set  ers li .v. to flaht   as  some  good  seed.    A  bulletin   on ' nt  ihe slightest exertion. 1 had little   a souvenir booklet, giving a short his-1 ton to the va ue ol tl.e service be or
and u 1(1 water makes its first attacK i Held root and vegetable seed produc ���,- ������ appetite and seemed to be drift-  tory of the operations of the company sbe renders the community. Doctors
on the kidneys.   To resist this attack 11'"" "'">' '"' hai1 on application to the
tiie Kidneys   must he stimulated and   Puhlication  Branch,  Ottawa.
strengthened.   Iu   other   words   tiie,	
Kidneys  need  Dodd's    Kidney   Pills.      Long     Standing     Asthma.���Many 30
By giving tlu.-Kidneys the help they  have  suffered  so  long from  asthma  j���8' Toon u^ u"lvice ,Vu'friend'I ! ure greatness.    The Indians  throng- gran..
need People gel new health a  odd s   and hnve tried so mnny so-called rem- \ >����'���    "'     : �� ��!  '     UM    ' i od tlfe tl,���linK posts, whlch aro ������v. - -
Kidnej   Pills add to their popularity,  edes they tl t that there is no real  ^nf ?'a vfrv short time thev gave  great   cities,   pulsating   with    eager, Minard's   Liniment,    Lumberman's
_                     , help ror Ihem    '1 hey should red the ' <          . ' \��� ,',.," ' , ,     ".��� u"t\^, %(j I modern life. The most sanguine neve, Friend.
Brown    I  want to cable lo a tier- , lei lers rennved b, H,e man.il'nctu.'ers ; n ,    "^Bciu?ep1^ S^'" VaVeX   inMBlned   tl.e   expansion   which   the 	
man hi a neutral country about some   ol Dr. .1. I . Kelloggs Asthma Remedy   ,,;.,,.    ,     . ;     ��� ..' i.galt1l  ajnco   al���|   Canadian I'm iiie made possible bv lay- Illustration Stations In the West
money owing to me;   what  Immune,,.   ^^'J'"11   ,';,'^���()l ,���s:'s,^"[;''/'K,,l,,'i'I nw'.'. ii all to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."   Ing down rails across the  Illimitable Mr. .1.  II. Clrisdale, director of �����
These l'ills nre sold by nil medicine | prairies,    It  Is n"i   (if one considers pei'imental  farms, has completed ur-
lealers or can bo hud by mail at 50 I the brevity of tliiuns) so long slnco | rangements for tbe operation of twon-
���cuts u box or six boxes for $2.60 from j ISSii when tiie company may be suld ��� ty-flve illustration stntioiiH In South-
I The   Dr.    Williams'    Medicine    Co.,  to have found Itself on iis lens: hut era Alberta und Southern Saskatche.
hi 'spare the rod and spoil   rlrockville, Out.                                    i the record of the growlh of the cities wan.   The Bations ure forty-live acres
e child?"'                                                          '                      mentioned Is one thai Is full of human each and situated about  thirty iiiIIpi
���| don'l  remember, but probably it                     Prayer Soldiers                  [inlerostS'    Winnipeg -old Fori Clarry j apart, so as to give easy access
  ..,   ,  decline     l was attending I troin the beginning���Winnipeg boast- and lawyers command high prices for
-Ugh School ln Vancouver nl the time,  ed a population of 13,000 people. Cal- their services, but the News-Telegram
and doctor advised me to stop. I did  gary, Edmonton and Lethbridge were believes   hat  the  teachers   work  is
ind  (..ok his treatment for some  simply Hudson Bay posts in the great, equally Important nud should be eqmil-
ut  it  did not help me in ihe I lone wesl   -without n thought of I'm- ly recompensed.   -Calgary  News-Tele-
might  I use'.' I perate ns their own.    Even in long-
Cheery   clerk  Well,   sir,    I   don't   neglected oases this famous preparu
suppose    the censor  would  pass  the   Hon brings prompt help.
lnngmige you'd    like    to    use, sir.   - - ���.
Taller. "\\
"I have n splendid idea for a mnga
ziun poem" ,     . i
"Save it.    You don't  need ii  tor
magazine poem."
iy who was trying to tell
nie announcement below   prepared    -showed eager signs of growth once  inost of the settlers.   They will b	
i   ihe neighbors bow they ought to bring   .     ���i,,������, ,,,,,��� ',,,. ,i._ n,.niharlinnil nl'! the railway was assured.    It weni on ' voted lo showing tl e great advantages
up tliotr children." ^ \!'^:[lZZ   MnUliow's church   Cram strength  to strength, until lo-  to be gaini y n scientific prepnra-
1 Winnipeg, explains itself.   Cul it out ) ''!!-v, "   w' the  Rlilcago of  the  west, | tlon of the soil, rot-.Uoii of crops, etc
oulist am endeavor to recruit others ; w'lh �� popa'a "n o  over 200,000 peo-,     _ ���_ -���- _
in the smile army' l,le' '""I l,l��mlso ot millions. Calgary      Kale   So Alice broke ber engnge-
Vi ill vini enlist'   Wo wu nf 3 001 0l'lns '"���ll1"1 people, uud every modern  ment  wltb .luck    because tlio doctor
���niviii"' BOldlers    You can enlist iind' f��?atni-e Unit could promise further ad-  said ho bad n tobacco heart.
, III jiij-jji ,|( |10j]i0 I vnncemenl,    Edmonton    and    Leth-l    Mario   Ves. uml l don't blame ber.
Tibjemn for Prnvei'   r/or removal of 'bridge, which used to be trading posts,  What   girl    wants a husband Hint's
,,ll  which   1 p us apart  from God, are. also flourishing cities, damaged hy smoke?
iliul   wo mny light on Cod's side and I     m       ���������������-���_������___���  ^
win  ills victory in  this terrible war:   "
Operation Decided On
As Only Means of Relief
But the Writer of This Letter Resolved to Try Dr. Chase's
Ointment First and Was Cured.
r, for removal of all vices which mny ,
I offend u  merciful Cod;  or, for complete removal of the liquor traffh  as
beverages, us a menace lo our soidiors
This i-i not an isolated i-.uie. for -,v
frequ'.'iiily hear from people who hav.
been   cured   of   piles   by   using    Dr
Chase's   ointment
ii f r i; r  physicians
had    told    i li e ni
nothing    short    of
an operation could
bring     relief    und
If you could ren
the-n letters, com
inn as thoy do, da
afmr day and yea
a f I e i' year, yo
���wuuiil realize whe
e wonderful curs
tivo agent r��
Chase's Ointment N;
really Is. Few ailments are more an- ,,_ ���,.,..,.,,,
noying or m o r e >tB' BEATTVAIS,
persistently torturing than pites, and
���when thiSj|SUfferlng is promptly relieved by lho application ot Dr,
Chase'y   Ointment   thier��   cin   ha   n��
and clttf.ens, wheiber in war or pence.
citizen  ef St. Join
"l'or M years I suffered from ohronlo
plies or  bemoi'i'holds and  considered
iloitbi   n^   to   where   credit   Is   due.
Friends and neighbors are told of tbe I ������ '���
results and sn the good word spreads, i Miller's Worm Powders nre a pleas-
and Dr. Chase's Ointment is becom- ant medicine for worm-Infested child-
tng known far uud wide as the only ren, and they will take it. without ob-
actunl cure for piles or hemorrhoids, jeclion. When directions are follow-
invais, a respected er] \, w\\\ nut injure the most delicate
Que., writ" - I child, as there is nothing of an injurious nature in its composition.   Tbey
,.l.e     Wl      Jl.-iii,': . I.i ..un     .lim     I'll 11.-.IU,:t I'll . ,, , . , .   , i-i! !���
my cas,. very serious, I wus treated W1" speedily rid a child ol worms
by n well-known physician who could and restore the heallh of the little Sllf-
n.'i help me. und my doctor dm-iiled fevers whose vitality bus become im-
on an operation as <lie only means of I paired by the attacks of tliese Internal
relief.    Ilowever, 1 resolved to try Dr. I ppsts
Chase's Ointment first.    The lirst box '	
broug-ht me great relief, and by the j     ���w request to Iilifkins for
tlnie   I  liad   nsrd   three   boxes   1   was     ,, ,    0 , ,    ,       , , ,��� ,.,.,
completely cured.   This is why il gives I tIlj* 1'and of his daughter successful?   |
me audi great pleasure to recommend j       Not exactly.   The old man demand
Dr.   Chase's   Ointment   tn   everybody ! ed to know If I was prepared to sup-
suffering from hemorrhoids as a pre- j port hlni ln the same style his daugli-
paratlon of the greatest value." I ter was accustomed to do."
Dr. Chase's Ointment. GOc a bo.t. a l ;	
dealera.   or  Edtrianson,  Bates  tc Co., I -
Limited   Toronto. " VV. N. V. 1053
Strength and Beauty
Come With Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery
This in a blood cleanser and alterative
that starts the liver and stomach into
vigorous action, lt thus R3sistft the
body to manufacture rich red blood
which feeds the heart���nerves- brain
and organs nf the body. The organs
work smoothly like machinery running
lu oil. You feel clean, strong ana
strenuous instead of tired, weak nnd
faint. Nowadays you can obtain Dr,
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
'fable's, or well as the liquid form
from all medicine dealers, or trial box
of tabletn by mail, on receipt of BOc.
Address K.V.Pierce, M.D.,Buffalo,N.Y.
Dr. Pierce'c Great 1008 Pns�� llluitrftted
Common Sem�� Medical Advliar will bo sent
FREE, Cloth Bound for 31 One-cent SUmpi, THE
The Allies Made an Agreement to Carry on the War in  Unison
toils End and to Conclude Peace in Common Only
After They hud Won a Complete Victory
"Germany dues not want any peace
terms discussed just m present,"
writes a. FlU-Maurice in u hue Issue
of tha Paris Figaro. "The proper
time lias not arrived yei, according
lo the organs of the German chancellor's office, hut ihis does not prevent
the government's aecrei agents from
making periodical attempts to find
suitable mediators. Wo have noticed
tlieir activities ever since the lialile
of the Marne, and although tlio have
been rebuffed lime ami again this
teems not to have discouraged theni
TIhv nn- in evidence everywhere,
nou at Washington, Iben nt Koine,
then iimiiii nt 'fin' tiimnc.
"In one place lhe) have liieil lo
Show how advantageous u separate
pence would l"' i" France, tlei'iiutiiy
does iiui wish Franco an) luirni. No,
Indeed! It admires France uud could
almost love Iti in another (luarler
llieir proposition has concerned an Immediate peine treaty hetweon itussia
ami Austria, luiseil on the cession uf
(inliciii to tlie former puwc" anil the
return of Bosnia nml llerzegovlun to
8  iliin.
"Still another peace arrangement
has been rumored about, ihe pintles
to il lieing tiie Allies nml Turkey
The Sultan Is supposed lo have de-
clarod himself willing to lay down
arms un condition Hint Turkey be allowed to retain what is left ot its
European possessions and that Hie
attempt io force lie Dardanelles be
ahnndoned forthwith. Tbo straits
woulil henceforth be open lo mer-
clianl vessels of all nations without
any discrimination, As mediators tin;
1'ope and Presldenl Wilson are mo.it
frequently mentioned ns the alleged
sponsors of the various peace
"There is only one of its enemies
witli whom Herman;, never talks of
making soparale peace, and that ls
England, In one of Its outbursts of
frankness, which have become quite
frequent lately, the Cologne Zeltung
uttered a few days ago tbe significant
remark: 'Peace is impossible as Ions
us England, which makes war'at the
blooil, refuse
expense of ber allle
to agree to it.'
"lt Is true that England spurns any
pence oilers ill tlle present situation,
Inn Hi" saun.' is also true about Hussia nml France. It mlghl he well for
Germany to realize thai ii is only in
Berlin thai signatures don'l count and
treaties nre considered mere scraps
of paper, on September 4 last Greal
Britain,  France mul  Russia  made an
agree .1  in carry mi  ihis  war in
unison tn Ha end to conclude peaco,
also lu common, j afler a complete
victory. This treaty will hold, ami
it bas a bearing on iiistrls nml Turkey no less than un Germany,
"if. however, one of the powers
lighting on the German side should
acknowledge defeai and cease hostile
operations the Allies v.ill, of course,
discontinue tlieir attacks ou it, but uo
peace negotiations win be opened
anyway until the whole wnr Is over.
Ami ii will be only m the conclusion
of lhe ilellnile treat) which is going to
readjust the mnp of Europe that lhe
ultimate fate of such a power will be
decided, ut the same lime that lho
Indemnity charegable to each of the
defeated nations will bo settled and
Hie benefits, territorial and oilier, of
the victorious Allies will be. apportioned.
"lu order to reach litis goal the Allies ure exerting ul their resources in
perfect unanimity and without keeping jealous count of one another. Assuredly Great Britain does not conduct this war with the blood of her
allies, as the Cologne Zeltung contends. It lias set up a formidable
arm.v, which has by no means said its
lust word yet, and which will soon be
at least doubled. It is destined to
take great part in the decisive buttle
which is impending, and the certain
success of which is foreshadowed by
tiie recent actions at Perthes an 1
Neuve  f'hapelle.
"Our resolution Is Irrevocable. It
aims at peace in Europe, and this
cannot become possible- before Germany is Irreparably defeated. And
it will be."
Turned the Trick
Knights   in   Shining   Armour   Against
the Germans
"When it comes to real dare-devil
bravery, our friend.; tlie French are
second io none," declared William
Blackford,  war  correspondent.
"1 happened to he with the French
���just got mixed up with them after
having lost my own company���in a
trench that was about 1100 yards distant from a German trench, lie-
bind that Geramn trench there was
a town, 1 could not tell you the
name, as 1 never knew it. In that
town there v.i.s a museum, and in
that museum there were two suits of
armour, such as the knights used to
wear in the days when they did not
dream of a '860' gun.
"From whnt 1 understood, Ihese
armour .clothes belonged to two great
local authorities who fought against
ihe 'Bosches' n few hundred years
ago; but the German's respect no living or dead man, and they hit upon
a clever trick.
"One night they brought out the
two soils uf armour and placed them
about TS yards from their trench.
They rigged up the figures in a w y
that it looked from a distance as if
these were two German officers giving orders to their men. When the
dawn arrived, the French sentries
opened lire upon Ihe two figures,
and then, every man in our trench
took a pop nt them, including yours
"it was spine time before the
Frenchmen discovered the joke und
ilien they just turned pale with an-
ger. 'Allons! Allons!' the) began la
hlimit. but the Oerntans hmi the'r
machine guns well trained on the
space between lho trenches uud the
angriest   man   bad  ti  see   reason.
"The whole day long two steel-
plated dummies teased the French
until some nf them jusl cried with
helpless fury, ami the Germans roar-
wiiii laughter, It was maddening,
II   you.    But     then   night  came,
hit, but the string of language this
chevalier, as they called (hem in
France, let out was not of the kind
a wounded man would be likely to
use. Vou see, he was swearing at
; the contraption, which was so made
thai if the one wearing it stumbled
down lie would never rise without
being lifted up.
"I'll bet tickets for the next Drury
Lane pantomine that the gentleman
for whom the clothes were made never
saw such :' hot action as took place
in the German trench."
Why We Are at War
i ti
unit iwo of lhe Frenchmen concocted
a sc! erne, uml started out of the
trench. Of course, I bey risked tlieir
lives, hut it was worth it. Can't et
the (lii'iiu ns Inn c ihe best uf th i
'"fn make a long- story short, it
look the two dare-devils the better
pan of ihe night lo reach ihe smith-
made clothes. Our hearts beat like
nip hammers, uml not one of us
closed his eyes.
"Morning dawntd, nm! then we
saw tlie steel-clad figures move to-
WRl'ds the German trenches, and ihey
wore Bring as fast as they cotilil
for lhe two Frenchmen hud taken
their rifles with litem. The Germans
were stunned at llrst. then they began to shoot, hut rifle Inillcls weve
no more harmful lo the* armour than
peas would be.
"Well, tne Germans became so engrossed in tbe performance that they
forgot lo wnlch us, and wc just nu-
turally followed the lead of the two
knights and Marled an attack tbnl
cleaned out  the German trench.
"In the midst of our advance wa
|mv one of Hie knights tumble down.*1
We  ran  up lo  him,  thinking be  was
Germany's Object Was to Destroy the
Free Empire of England
Germany boasts that it  is her appointed  mission  to conquer a great
world-empire through which she may
impose her ideals upon mankind. Our
empire and  our ideals are tlie chief
obstacles in lier 'path.   This consideration  is the key lo all h>r world-policy.   That is why she has grasped at
the   trident.    That  Is   why   she  has
been intriguing for years in Egypt, in
India,  and  in  South  Africa.  That  is
why  she  has watched  our domestic
controversies and the supposed symptoms of onr decadence with malignanl
vigilance. That is why she bus "ought,
again and again, to sow mistrust between us aud our partners, and why i
at the last she tried to bribe us into I
treachery.   Her object in this war is
not only to shatter the triple entente,
hut  to shelter tlie entente in order lo
destroy the free empire of England,
nnd lo rear upon Us ruins a German |
world-empire of militarism ami bureaucracy, She hales us, she proclaims,
with  a   hatred  more  vindictive than
she bears the Belgians or Hie French.
Kile  hales us because sh? envies us,
nnd because onr honor nnd our plain j
sense hnve broke  Ihr. ugh- the flimsy
lolls of her diplomacy.   It. is to save
ourselves   from   lhe   deadly    conse- ,
quences of her considered mullgnilyj
thnt we stand in nrins.   To shield our'
homes from lhe murder nnd the rape,
from the organized loot ami the systematic  arson  we  have  seen  across
the  seas;   to protecl.  the  empire our,
race bus reared at so dear a cost; to
secure for our children and for mnn- j
kind  the spiritual  heritage of whicli j
it is Hie embodiment and the guardian
these uie the end; for which we are
launching upou the battlefields of |
France Ihe greatest uml Ih; most
powerful armies our history bus ever
known; the ends for which England
has pledged her lust shilling and her
lust man.���London   rimes.
in England
The    King    Drinks    Barley   Water   ir.
Place of Stronger Drinks
Pleas     ior elder, small beer and
drinks of low percentages of alcohol
are   filling   lhe   open   forum   columns 1
of tlie Uriiish newspapers. The rector of Exeter College advocates the
causes ol cider,   He snys::
"if Hie government determines thai
total prohtbltton of ihe manufacture
uud sale of alcohol is possible ami is
the only nunns of dealing wiih the
drink trouble Hint diminishes our
wnr efficiency evetry patriotic citizen
will suppori il. Uut such a measure
which would bur Devonshire, ior instance, from its innoceni and immemorial habit of drinking cider, mlghl
produce grave discontent and law
Another writer In Hie Times says:
".My friends in Scotland hnve olien
told   me   Hint   there   was   litlle  nr  no
drunkenness in Scotland in tin cigh-
lecniii century, before lhe taxation of
Hie Napoleonic wars had extinguished the custom ot drinking small bier.
Thet'o is surely no reason why Hie
blunder should be repented as regards this country In these days."
"Have the teetotalers," asks ii correspondent, "never beard uf cMiaci
of mult, us a tonic for invalids? Or
of stout to restore health nnd vigor?
Mult and hops nre a good tnnii for
the stomach, taken in moderation in
ihe shape of beer, and have been used
hy our workmen for COO years or
more, i.ei .Mr. l.loyd George reduce
the lux ou beer io reasonable limits
und then call the brewers together
and put tbem on their honor to brow
good beer with only malt uud Imps,
and ulso appoint trustworthy men to
see that it Is done - any brewer breaking his word to he heavily lined.
All sorts of temperance drinks arc
being served ou lhe tables at Windsor
Castle, now that King George has put
in io effect his decision that no wines,
spirits or beer shall be consumed iu
any of bis bouses. Tlie king's favorite drink, it, is snid. is hurley waler,
made in the ordinary way by pouring
boiling waler on the barley.'letting it
boil for a short, lime am then straining it. and adding a little lemon. Tbe
king ulso is fond of homemade lemonade.
Many applications have been received at Lloyds for insurance to cover
tbe risk of the tolal prohibition of
spirituous liquors, but as a rule the
applicants have been unwilling to pay
(he high rules asked. Such insurance
as has been written has been at rates
of from thirty to thirty-five per cent.
Fifty per cent, has been paid to
cover lho risk of an increase in (be
duly on spirits in the forthcoming
budget, and insurance nlso has beer,
taken against the risk ot increased
duiies on a number of other commodities, including tobacco, cocoa, tea and
Farming in Ancient Times
Agricultural Advice 1,000 Years Old is
A number of ancient Sumerlan tablets recording the deeds of the Babylonians thousand; of years ngo, have
just  been  deciphered   by  George   A.
Barton at the  University ot Pennsylvania Museum.    One of these tablets, which tells how a farmer rid his
fields  of  locusts  and  caterpillars,  is
dated    4000  B.C., and  is tlle oldest
piece of writing extant, according to |
an announcement made by officials of
the museum.    Tlie    farmer,    Doei ir i
Barton's translation says, called in a '
necromancer,   who "broke a jar, cut
open a sacriflce, a word of cursing he
repeated, und the locusts and caterpillars fled." For this service he ra- \
celved a tall palm Iree.
Dr. Bernhard Dernburg says Germanj is  "Too .Modest"  to be
Ambitious tor World Empire, and Might Surrender Occupied Territory if Free Sea is Guaranteed Her Trade
A letter from Dr, Bemhurd Deriv
burg, formerly colonial secretary ot
tin German empire, was read at a
meeting held at Portland, Me., at
which the German side ol Ihe European war wus sei forth. Ur. II.'I'll-
burg lnhl stress ou the German tight
for an open sen and asserted the advantages accruing  to Germany  from
be a Chinese wall around each country. It there is no tree Intercourse
every country must become sell ufflc-
lent    Germany   lias   proven   that   it
cl n  h '  done.     But this  policy   n    lid
mean very high customs barriers, .ns
crimination, unbounded egoti in aud
a world bristling in arms.
"Germany dues not .-ui. tor territory aggrandisement in Europe She
'iocs  no;   believe  in  eonqiierlni   an.
irwSMffSWSlgSS r;:r,,::;i::::,:.^
ing peace, und "the nan,mi commer    ,'  M '! V        l" !''' ls l,n��   "'   :  '
: ..I.", ......,!. ",- r,..i    foreland oi tlie empire and hai   ieen
permanently retaining the laud �� ilch
I it lias iai.cn iu Europe could be dls
regarded If nil the other German de
cial rel.iHons of Belgium to Germany
conquered  wllh  untold  sacrifice   of
were considered in a Jus, and work- h=-|   -�������� -��- Q��
I),-.  I>e,���i,:,rg's letter    iu  part   foi-. ^" ''TV'"' ,'""> ""re *?,;'" T��
,���,..., ' sea  nnd   lias   been   politically  estab-
Ilshed, maintained   and defended by
l  can   Willi   lull  uuiiiiiiiiy  disc Mini    ,���,���,���,,   , ,      ,     , 7	
anv  ambition   for   my    country   tor    ���"'���"'. In, ��rder. l0 "JMP these na
world  dominion.    She  Is  much  too ul'��l dotages from Germany.
modest on ibe one bund ami loo ex-
"The   love  for small  peoples  that
perienced on the other not to know  Kngland heralds now will never stand
I that such a state will never be toler-  investigation,  us  shown   by   the  delated bv tbe rest. The aim of Germany  struotloil of the small Doer republics,
lis lo buve the seas as well as the nar- So Belgium cannol be given up. How-
rows kept permanently- open fnr the  ayer,   these  considerations  could  be
free use of all nations in times uf wnr I disregarded  if ull the other German
ns well ns in times of pence.   1 per   demands, especially a guaranteed free
I sonally wuuld even go as  fur uS ln:i""'  ",,|r  fully complied    wltb  and
neutralize all Hie sens nml narrows \\"B natural commercial  relations of
permanently by a common and effec-   Belgium to Germany were considered
live agreement guaranteed by all the  "t il J'""1 and workable form.   In this
powers. enBe Germany will not fail, when thi
"A free sea is useless except cum time comes, to help in rebuilding ihe
bined with freedom of cable and mail | country. In fact, she is doing so
commuulciitlon.    1 should like to see   now.
ail the cables jointly owned hy lho In-     in closing bis letter Dr.  Dernburg
terested   nations  and   n   world   mail   v. ole:
system  oversea established  liy coin ;    "A permanent peace will mean that
mon consent. German activity inusl get a wide .-   i>
"Tbe only alternative in an open without Infringement upon the rights
sen and free intercourse policy would . of others."
How Germany was Deceived    Ma(je jn Canada
The Englishman indeed is not to be
classed among human beings, lie is
lather n boil, an ulcer, on the hotly of
mankind. .May the coming of the
day be hastened when the good German sword may remt ve this monstrous
parasitic growth, ami henceforward
guarantee to the world as its Inviolable possession that life-blood of freedom and kultur of which the robber
state bus for so many centuries
drained its arteries.���Hamburger
Plays Violin With Magnet
The Paris Figaro announces lhat
tlio electro-mugnel which Is used to a
very great extent in wur work, both
in the manufacturing of munitions
und the extractions of missiles, has
been utilized by an engineer named
Bevierre to draw sustained, continuous, organlike tones from stringed
instruments, such ns ihe piano, violin
and harp. No details are given of
ihis remarkable discovery.
Johnny -Whnt is an expert, pa?
Pa���A  fellow who tells others bow
to do the things he enn't du himself.
If you think your town's the b st.
Tell   cm  so;
if you'd have her lead the rest,
Help her grow.
When there's anything lo do
Hot the fellows count on you,
Vou'll feel bully when it's through,
Don't you know'.'
If you want to muke a hit,
Get a name;
If tlie other fellow's it,
Who's to blame.'
Spend your motey  in your town,
Thu sly  keep your prices down;
Hive ihe mail concerns u frown������
That's the game.
If you're used to giving knocks,
t.'hunge your style;
Throw bouquets instead of rucks
For a while.
Let the oilier fellow roast,
Shun him as you would a ghost.
.Meet his hummer with n boast���
And a smile.
When a stranger from afar
Comes   along.
Tell Iiim who and whnt you are-
Make  it strong.
Needn't flatter, never bluff,
Tell Hie truth, for that's enough;
lie, a citizen���they're thc ttufi -
Be along.
Berlin Journal Heaps Anathema on
Those  Who  Deceived  Germany
The Paris Matin reproduces the
following article from thu Berlin Tug,
a conservative newspaper, according
to the Eeluireur ile Nice:
"We have been deceived in all our
"We expected that the whole of India would revolt al the flrsl sound of
the guns in Europe, hul, lo! thousands
aud tens of thonsat ds of Indians arc
now lighting with the English against
"We, expected thut the British empire would crumble to pieces, but the
British colonies lu.ve united, us they
have done before, with (he mother
"We expected a victorious revolt in
British South Africa, and we see there
only a fiasco.
'We' expected disturbances in Ireland, nnd Ireland semis against us
some of her hest contingents.
"We thought the pence parly all
powerful in England, but it bus disappeared amid the general enthusiasm
that the war against Germany has
"We reckoned that England was degenerate and incapable of lieing a serious factor in the wur. and she shows
herself to be our most dangerous em-
"It was tlie same thing with France
and Hussia. We thought that Fram B
wus corrupt, nud that she bud lost the
sense, of nntionul solidarity, but wo
now learn that the French ure formidable adversaries.
"We thought that Russia could do
nothing; we believed that her people
were too profoundly discontented to
tight in favor of the Russian government.; we counted on its rapid col-
lapse us a great military power, but
Russia has mobilized her millions of
men very rapidly and very well. Her
people are full of enthusiasm, nnd her
force is crushing.
"Those who have led us Into all
these faults, iill ihese calculations, all
these mistakes nbout our neighbors
and their affairs, have assumed a
liiuvy bur. ed nf responsibility."
Scientific Methods Pay
James Taylor uf Edgerton, Alberta,
] who  bus  been    tcllowlnf;    approved
scientltlcmelhods, annum r tilling,discing, plunking, dragging, packing, etc.,
! reports for ten acres a lotal cost the
���first year of $-10 ami the second year
, iirsi year of $m and second year $111.
| , is  wheat averaged  -8  bushels;   his
acre cost of production was $n;i8;
! and bis m re profit was $2:'.11,
When Germany is at peace ihis establishment    (Krupp's) produces and
I sells munitions of wur to every nation  on  earth   wanting  Ihem,  except
France.    It is ilie most powerful ud-
vocate  of  war  in  existence.    It  conspires for war at home and abroad,
I Less ihun two years ago a Krupp cm
I ployee of importance ; ml several offie
j ers of the German army were convict
j ed in German courts of giving   and
receiving bribes in llie interest of big
j armaments,   nnd   ii wus proved thai
j agents of ibe Krupp's. in order to sell
their guns, hud, with money, tremendously   incited   the   war    spirit    in
I France.    New   Vork   World
There will be a number of dais
ibis month when lhe llehls will be
too wet or working. These are ihe
iii.ji when the roads are in just thu
,.i��t conditions for drugging.
Subsidizing     Privileged     Interests   at
the  Cost  of the  Population
When a country is bombarded with
literature regardless   of cost,   we assume   that   ihere is some Interest behind   the   advocu y    The    people ot
the  United  States,    especially    Uio3��
with German names, have been snowed upon lo the replenishment not only
of their knowledge boxes, but of their
dustbins,   with    pro-Prussian*,    aaH-
! British   pamphlets,  papers    au J   fly-
sheets;  and all but ihe simple have
i no doubt that the Berlin authorities
are behind it  all.    There are  times
! when such un advecacy is carried on
out  of  pure   patriotism.   When  .Veal
Dow carried prohibition in Maine, th*
enlliuisasm with which the fund was
raised to   "sow the state  knee-deep"
with literature, posiibly ,iid as'much
lo curry the law ns the literature itself,    We ull know where this Made-
I lii-('anuda   literature,   of   which   out
correspondent,    Mr.    C. T.  Watklns,
complains, conies l'r ri. lt is from the
[ same   source   from   which   our   new
| tariff has ;ts Inspiraticn, strangely a*
these iwo  developments are at  war
with ench other. Tbe sentiment of the
country     had     been     rapidly     rising
against duties  whicli  taxed  the pe>
! pie, not to meet the cost of the pub-
I lie, works and services, not for the ben-
eltt of the  factory  workers,  bu:  for
I that of the factory owners, who. if we
take llieir own showing, are carrying
j on losing business, which  need subsidizing, and are herefore pining the
money     luxed   from   lhe  people  int.;
'u bag with holes. Tbis sentiment had
resulted   in  a considerable  reduction
of the  tariff, and that  in  a quarter
in   whicli   it   wns   peculiarly   difficult
' for its beneficiaries to agitate for its
I restoration.  There  wns  not  ouiy  the
sentiment of the country against subsidizing  privileged  Industries  at  the
| eosl of a population feeling more and
j more the increased cost of living, but
! tiie reduction was tow-am Great Britain, and ihey wen  our shouting Imperialists, the ouly  people,  who.  ac-
cording to themselveB, tune stood by
lho empire, all others but they being
traitors.   Montreal   Witness.
To Teach Danish Farming
Professor  Ravin  Arranges  Jour.-ey te
United States With American
Professor Koeplin Ravin, who is re-
guriled  ns  the  greatest  authority  on
I the composition of soiis in Kurope,
goes to tho United states at the Invitation of the American departmev.
of agriculture,  accompanlod  by    his
i American wife. Professor Ravin's
trip to America will be for tbe purpose  of  continuing  the   work   which
, lias been conducted for several years
by Dr. Maurico F. Kgan, American
mlnlBter  to  Denmark,  of  introducing
; Danish farming met .ods In the Uuit-
i ed States.
Agriculture in motion pictures it
the latest Hiing. .lust ns the churches
and    the    schools,    the    commercial
��� bodies,    the amusement public,   and
I pretty much all others are taking to
pictures, so    thev ure being use,I iii
I the count!') ami 11 exemplify how
agricultural  meiliods    may    be  best
I pursued.
"I do love to henr Margaret slog."
remarked dear old Mrs. Blunderby;
"thc has such a malodon us voice." THE COURTENAY REVIEW
xlStW^UN* vPOWDEti, .
~-ZZ-^nr.f-n i.e, ,.��,,..,.*' MITlfrthV
Mavflo ver Talcum Powder
Nyal's Mayflower Talcum is an ex
perioncc to every first time user. Its touch
is soft, soothing and refreshing. Its distinctive Mayflower perfume, delicate, individual,
elusive. Ideal for every use to whicli you
can put a Talcum.
Nyal Quality preparations can be obtained only in
Nyal Quality Stores. Ask one of them for free copy of
Booklet entitled " Your Complexion," giving full particulars of but methods of massage.
Local Lines
Tlie 48th Battalion left   Victoria'    See   the   full   selection   of War
on Thursday evening lust, the 24th | Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each.
. idUi
_'. j Ti ���������    *****  mmamemtgimmemm���mi
Drug Store Courtenay, B. C.
iust., their send-off being none the
loss enthusiastic for following so
closely upon the departure of the
Canadian Mounted Rifles, which
regiment by the wny has arrived
sniVly in England. The bauds of
the 5th and 88th Regiments played
the 48th down to the wharf, nnd in
addition the gallant cruiser II. MS.
"Kent" sent along the fife and
drum hand of bluejackets, who
hnve seen something of war off the
Falkland Islands, and also off the
island of Juan Fernandez when
the German cruiser "Dresden"
went to "Davy Junes' locker."
Tlie troops swung pust in won
derful fashion, carrying heavy kit,
nnd it was not easy to pick out the
Comox valley
I cotiespondent
Will sell tor a bargain���Piano.
Cost $450, Will sell at $1.25.
Apply Box 33, Review Ofiice.
Early and late Savoy Cabbage
Plants, also cauliflower plants for
sale at R. Ferris' Greenhouse, I.ake
Trail loud.
Siwlug���J. Anderson, Denman
Island, would like work bv day or
week. Suits und dressmaking in
all its branches.    Work guaranteed
For exchange���One of the best
building lots iu Courtenay for one
or two acres of good garden land.
Will pay cash difference. Apply
Pox A, Review Office.'"
For Sale���One-horse mowing
machine, new, $40. One chestnut
mare fi years old, good general pur
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.     Baths in connection
C. E.  DALRYMl'LE, Prop.
contingent,   vour| pose,
Conservative Meeting
The South C ntox Central As-
sociatiou held llieir animal meeting
in 11 e Coiirtem . Opera House on
Thursday evei ing. Several matters of importance effecting the
district came up for consideration,
chief among which was au import
duty of tv, o cents per gallon on all
fuel ' il imported into Canada, Mr.
Wm, Duncan of Sandwick, the
mover of the 1 solution on fuel oil,
produced statistics to shew conclusively the effect of fiee fuel oil
upon the coal industry of this province, causing disastrous 1 fleet upon all othet industries, cither di-
tu th or indirectly. It was pointed out that the railroads operating
i-t tl is province, with i' c 1 xception
of the Canadian X- rt In rti, were unfair to the laboring rlaa.-es of
British Columbia 111 burning oil,
thus compelling thousands i f coal
miner.-, and tht.it depen 'tuts to be-
come paupers 011 Govern.ueiit re
lief. The resolution was adopted
by all Ihe exe utives throughout
the dist'ict without a dissenting
voice, snd wi" lit forivsu'ed lo tlle
proper authorities.
The annual  election   i.f  officers
fer the eiisnin'    ; cat   . .stilled  a
Dotia'd R   McDonald,   Cumber-
Millard,   Courtenay,
U'.'.C.  t'.'eSUI
Wi him 1
Presi -nt,
Prank I).
Cameron,   Gctirtcnay
��� taaaeea bhussusoi
lowever um mauagc
i to shout a farewell b> Capt, Mogg,
late of Grantham, mil to  Howard
Ellis, of Courtenay.
This is tlie last occasion that
Victoria will be privileged to wit
ness the depart 11 re of such a large!
body of men, as in future men enlisting here will be drafted to the
camp at Vernon as they become
efficient, and it will be from that
point that tlie active service contingents will leave for England,
Recruiting,  ever  since   the war
. broke out. has   been kept   ti|i in ill
j marvellous manner,  and   there ap-
pearstobe   no difficulty   in filling|
the ranks,   while   the heroes   who
j join today  aie justas   rcpresenta-
i tive of the population   of 11.   C, ns
', they were when the first contingent
, was   formed,     Ju   those   stirring
times the   recruits   were men who
; either were iu a position to go anywhere at short notice, or those who
hastily cut all ties ill order to join.
Todav the   recruits   as a   rule are
men who have been   settling  their
affairs tliese   last few   months and
are now able to devote their attention to the   Empire's business.    It
is truly a wonderful thing to say of
the Dominion, and especially of B
C, that so far the Ottawa authorities have not had   to send   out th j
1 "S.O.S." cal)   for   men; tlie   men
j are there, lr.o-e   men   so far   thro
; could he taken, so that many have
! left for England  at tlieir   own ex j
peuse in oilier to get   to the   fight
. __ j ing line without   delay.   That B.
Showing this week, ladies and misses' C' wiU   be .^f.   "{?�� for  ,uai!>
��       iwjj- j   ���   r   i- l  more men slill. lhat tliese men will
Navy Middies made in fcnghsh be wanteri quickly when   lhat ' S.
:->.   White with navy trimming at 0. S."   call does  go out,   that it
.HO.    Newest novelties in ladies'  may becoiie necessary to  exercise
ar, muslin collar and cuffs, tt' Pressure upon tlie many single men
without le? who have so far held
back,���there can be little doubt,
The Dominion has yet to take lhe
war more seticusly, there is only
loo much roeni for a decline in liquor consumption, there is far too
much attention paid to party politics at a time when partisanship is
held by honourable men and patriotic politicians to be suspended,
there is even every reason to deplore the interchange of cheap wit
and bald sarcasm between rival
newspapers throughout B. C. and
Canada, and it seems incredible
that with the greatest war in the
world's history being waged, there
is time to wrangle over the position
of a post office. Caiianian boys are
being crucified, Belgian women and
girls, like   their   sisters of   Poland
,'orks anywhere,
for fresh cow.
will   ex-
Dr. II.  1
Delegates were present from the
various pot lions of the district, including Cumberland, Bevan, Union
Bay, Comox, Courtenay, and Sandwick. The meeting adjourned with
three rousing cheers for Sir Robt,
Borden and Sir Richard McBride,
and the siitying of God Save the
Letter to The Editor
h'ditor Coiirtc-inn  Review
Dear Sir,���As a resident and
business man of Courtenay I deeply regret your ill-advised action in
publishing the anonymous and
scurrilous article appearing in last
weeks' issue of your paper under
the heading of ''First Impressions
in Courtenay," The w.itir of
same whoever the gentleman may
be, deserves a dose of tar and
leathers from the citizens of this
town as payment for his mental labor in concocting an article so misleading and detrimental to the interests of lhe City of Courtenay.
Yours truly
IT. D. Forde.
Courtenay B. C, June 24, 1915.
l'or Sale - One 6 ll, p
Morse Gas Engine, one   .1   k.
Dynamo switch hoard,    etc,
ptltlip and    belting.    Capacity
gallons   per   minute,   Apply
Riverside hotel,
Vancouver City Market
 10 to 1.: 1
'Is, Cumberland.
��� tiTTCff-.-"!!'!*^
TJAVB you ever eon-
* ���*��� sidered the quality of
your work from the standpoint of careful type composition and efficient proofreading? The reputation
of this house for good
printing has been established through accuracy and
attention to the little details. Send your printing
here and we will do it right
The Courtenay Review
Salmon, spring, ll>....
Snl nu ni trout, each 25
Coil 12 I 2
I''in.'in liaililii-, Hi In
nrolicrs, averaging 2 lbs,,   enclt 50
I'owls, Hi ,. 20
Red curraiits, Iion in
Green currants, box lo
Black currants, box In
Raspberries, box..., s
Cherries, eatiitg.jlb 7
Cherries!, Okanagiln preserving, baskei 25
Gooseberries, box 8
Rhubarb, lb i
ICggs, new laid. dn/. 21 1 -2 to . 0
nutter, Hi in to 35
Hens, dressed, lb 20 to 22
Lettuce, head, each .1
Lettuce, leal, eacli 1 I 2
Cucumbers, each 12 1-2
Potatoes, new, .lb  3
Potatoes, old. sack ' 5
Tomatoes  15 to -0
Sausage, lb 15
Carrots, bunch 5
Deans, broad, l'> 5
Oiiiuiis, bunch 5
] Peas,  green, lb 4
' Cauliflower, each 10
\ Tic e'esing 1 xer 'ses of the
Covrteuay scho '1 lo k place on
Thursday afternoon last. A goodly iiiinib.'r of the parents of the
scholars were in attendance. The
prizes were presented by Mrs. McQuillan, chairman of the School
Board as follows:
Division 1 Proficiency, Hugh
Regular Attendance and punctuality, (perfect) Jean Meuzies.
Division 2 Proficiency, Mary
Regular Attendance and Punctuality (perfect) Caio Menzies.
Deportment    Muriel McPhee.
Championship Plot Silver Medal awarded by Messrs. 'Rennie &
Sons, Tom G. McQuillan.
Senior Boys Presented by
Messrs. Tarbell & Sou, Gordon
Senior Girls Presented by McPhee & Morrison, lean Menzies.
Intertnediaie Presented by Aid.
Robertson, Edith Fitzgerald an 1
Dirrel Johnston.
Juniors    Presented  by   Mr.  O.
H, Fechner,  ist.    M.    McQuillan, j
M   Fitzgerald, M    Morrison.
2nd C. Menzies, M. Johnston, 1
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
J.    E-  ASTOJS
Logger's  Slioi": made lo order,
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan 1 the Test.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine I
nl   Mors
���   blankets,    Lap
Suit Cases, lite.
Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courlenay
begs to announce that he lias
repurcli'ised his old barber
business from Mr, Smith and
will lie pleased to meet all his
old customers at tlle old stand
Next to the   Opera   House
Comox, B. C.
Best. Meals North of Naniair.o
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
Plimley's for Bicycles
and France, are being treated in an
unspeakable manner by the German j Daliyniple.
beasts   of war,   the vioundetl   are j TEACHERS'PRIZE
fired upon, aye even murdered, the 1    Enlraiice-Class   R. Wilmshurst
Red Cross is not   recogi ized   save  q; Gibson. Q, McQuillan, M. Sut-
as a larget, and with all this going
on��� mean     lit'.le   politicians   are
thumping the tub, editors are wanting costly ink and   costlier  paper,
and the post office   site rivals that
of that   uiipronouncable place   the
Teutons retook from the|Rus��iansthe
olher day.    As Mr,   Kipling   says
grimly and so aptly:
"Yea though we sinned--Itlltl our rulers j
went from righteousness��� 1 	
Deep in all dishonour though nre stain-  *   ""c ".
ed our garments'hem. I     Mr. and Mrs. K C. Brock arrived
Oh be ye not dismayed, , .  ...������,.ri������ ��,.,���:������
Though we stumblecl and we strayed,      J,lome on  *��� Uesday eV =!1111K'
We  were  led by  evil  counsellors���tlie
I.ord shall deal witli them."
ton, T,    Meuzies, ~W.   Cliffe,   J,
junior Fourth   Viola Campbeil,
E. Fitzgerald, C. Ployart.
Intermediate Grade   B. Duncan I.
Sutton. N. Fletcher,
.School Garden Certificates T,
Menzies, W. Cliffe, R. Wilmshurst
C. Gibson, V, Campb-.ll. E. Wilmshurst, C. Ployart, M   Sutton,
The Proven Best Aulo Oil
By thc comparative results of actual
service tests 'VKKDOV has proved
to oi'i- satisfaction to be the finest
auto rid 011 the market���it is economical, efficient and always reliable
Be sure  and  name   "VREDOIv"  as
there  are  other oil  similar in  name
Write for prices to
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Caiis .Promptly
A farewell party was luld at the
home of Mr. J. H. McMillan on
Tuesday evening when Mr T. W.
Scott, resident engineer of the
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Ltd., was the guest of the evening.
Mr. Scott intends joining the Canadian forces at the front.
Try an Ad. in The Review
Remember the farewell dance oil
Friday night.
A meeting of the Comox hospital I    Collrte       won the first roulid' 0f
^'i'frf.be,'!Ck\l\.. !f   �����S;|the E. & N.R. appeal against their
pit.il on Wednesday, July 7. and
every first Wednesday in the month
hereafter.    All  ladies   wishing to
Dominion Day passed off quietly,
become members are requested to A number going to Bevan, seme to
be present. ., Union Bay and others to Campbell
On Sunday evening' Rev, T. .River. The Courtenay baseball
Menzies delivered a very eloquent team won two games at Bevan, the
and patriotic service. The church 'other team won one game and lost
was prettily decorated, and the I one at Campbell River. A good
music was supberb, rthe male programme of sports wes pulled off
quartette and the choir surpassing! at Union Bay, where the local boys
themselves. The church, despite defeated a crack team f<-oin Nanai-
the warm evening was comfortably mo. Leo Anderton got Ins jaw
filled. .broken by a pitched ball at Bevan.


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