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The Review Jan 22, 1914

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Array List Yiuir Property with
Island Realty Co.
Wo Can Sell It
Have You Money i��> In.est,
Bee "���; wt Can Make Vou
I,���(!i;c \t\sidemls
Ul ind   Realty  Co.
��� *.,te. e ****** ******** t* *******
VOL. 2
NO. 9
TI7E wish our
many friends
and clients a Merry
Christmas and a
Happy New Year
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22
Courtenay, B. C.
Some large cleared lots, Union Bay
Road, 52x167 feet, $650, terms "
Two gooa lots adjoining site of E.
.       & N. Station, $600 each
Wanted  $500  for  First Mortgage,
can get 12 per cent.
Phone 10
0��r "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway wiil be Here
We have Lots fronting on the Station Grounds.   Also on the 12 Acres
\vl_ch the C. P. R. have clean, for Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a  Chance we  will sell  these ���ots  on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
Give us your order for
Letterheads, Billheads,
Statements, Envelopes,
Wedding, Stationery, Etc.
Porn���on Jan. 14 to Mr. anil
J. Day a sou.
Born���on Saturday Jan 10 to
Mr. and Mrs. R. McQuillan a son.
Mr. Lyman Hart is opening a
pool room at Headquarters,
Mr. Eustace Smith lias taken
ovtr the nianageament of the C> -
mox sawmill.
Mr. John Altkeu has purchased
a house from Mr. Keiton in the
Riverside .subdivision,
Mrs. Kepner does all classes of
diessmnkiug and tailoring.
Link' l'igs for sale. Apply K.
Stewart,  Comox,  li,  C,    Phone
1'"or fine painting, paperbanglng
and decoratiug don't fail to see
Doyle & Home, Courlenay.
For Hire, 5 passenger Hudson
ear, Duncan & Birch garage I nioti
Bay road, Courtenay, tor hire tariff,
Phone 38.
Coal and Wood���Wood deliver
ed,at $3.00 per load, No, 8 Mine
coal $0.50 per ton, l_ Berkeley
Courtenay.    Phone I.gS.
To Rent���5 roomed house with
basement,    hot   ami   cold water,
modern  conveniences     Apply   J
R, Johnson.   Courtenay Hotel.
Tenders wanted for slashin;
about ten acres of Alder bottom,
Apply Howard Elliott, Beaver
Creek Farm, Sandwick.
For Sale - the best k t on Isabel
Street $10 per fuou frontage, almost
opposite the new post office. Apply
liox 220, Courtenay i'osi Office.
Would like to buy 5 or 10 acres
of cleared or partly cleared laud.
What offers? State lowest price,
Apply liox 142 Review Ofiice.
Wanted���Money. FK. hundred to five thousand at twelve
percent. Secured by firsl mortgage.    Address W. V. U. Review.
For Sale���12 young pigs, about
4 months old, one pedigreed Berkshire boar, one pedigreed Berkshire
gilt, Apply R. H. Barker, Sandwick.
Five acres, part lot 155, with 423
feet frontage on Puhtledge River,
close to Power House, logged off.
Price '$500 spot cash. Apply E.
D. Thwaites, Parksville.
Lost���On Friday evening between Grantham school and Courtenay, a ladies umbrella, pale green
handle, silver mounted. Finder
please advise Mrs. Joyce, Courtenay P. O. box 167.
Seven millions of the pores of
your skin perfectly cleaned and
perfumed. Cures many diseases,
prevents many, helps all who try
steam baths with a shower at
Forciea's barber shop, opposite
Post Ofiice.   Courtenay.   Price 50c.
For Sale���Have deed to 320
acres ou an Island between here
and the city of Vancouver, 100
acres meadow, the rest good laud
will sell for .25 an acre, will consider some Courtenav propery in
exchange as part of first payment.
Balauce on easy terms. This
would make one of the finest dairy
and fruit farms in B C. Address.
A. Jarvis Courteuay,
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or ofiice fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of wlwt you want or we have
sketches for )-ou to select from,
picture framing and sign work
promptly doue. Suttou's Cabinet
Mr, II, D, Forde expects to leave
on a buslue_i trip to the coast cities
I). Irwin was sentenced to two
months at Cumberland For vagrancy,
Mr, W. Dunholine, of Victoria,
has beeu appointed manager of the
Telephone Company here.
The annual district meeting of
the .. O, _. was held here on
Pueslay evening last.
Mr. Jackson, of the Jackson _.
Whittle returned on Sunday from
1 trip East, Ile reports that
business is generally dull there.
The first snowfall of the season
iccurred on Saturday morning
It was all gone by noon but dur'ng
the night another three or four
inches fell which by Monday night
.vas nearly all gone.
Owing to the numerous other
itlraclions this week and the tnas-
pierade ball at Cumberland on
Friday evening the Race Track
jommitte's dance announced for
. riday evening has been cancelled
a id the next one will be a masquerade ball o 1 Feb. 26.
Monday night was Ladies  night
it   the   Debating     Society.    The!
speakers of the evening  talked  on I
the  subject  of   whether   Foreign
Missions were worth while,    After
.h_ discussion  refreshments weie
served and a most  enjoyable  program was rendered by  the   follow-,
mg: Violin sketches,   Mr.   Steven-!
son;   Piano   Solo,   Dr.    Crompton;
song,    Wallace    McPhee; Songs',
Mrs.  Crompton,   Mrs    Kobcilsou,!
Mrs. Campbell; Song, Mr. Burnett;
S ng.   Dr. Crompton; Son*,   Mr,1
R' bertson.      The chairman
thanked the Ladies for, presence,
ind announced that another Ladies
aight would be held in the near
Call and se ��� Mrs Kepner, Isabel
Street, for drygoods and fancy
Mr J.��� 1... Miison is building a
goo 1 sized addition to his residence
on the"t)tiion Bay road.
Mesdames McCnbh and Goode
gave a successful dance at the K.
of P. Hall Couiox, on Thursday
night last.
A grand Masquerade ball will be
held at Comox on Tuesday Feb. 10
a libeial number of valuable pri/.es
are being offered
Mr. guide, Cumberland, has sold
bis Ford car to Mr. Glazbrook.
Mr. Fmdy has also taken the 1KL
barn where he will lit up a .tow
Don't forget the burn's Anniversary Banquet at the Courtenay
Hotel on Monday night at 9 p, m.
The toast list aud the menu will
be well worth dlsceting.
Tlie annual meeting of the Comox District Women's Institute
met on Wednesday the 14th hist,
at Sandwick. The election of
officers took place as follows: Pies.
Mrs. W. Duncan; Vice Pres. Mrs.
Parkins Sr. Secy, Treas, Mrs. C.
The K. of P. Officers wore at
home to th ir fri- n Is on Tu
even! ig. A splendid programme
w is given fo'lowed by dancing and
a dainty lunch. The following
was the programme; Piano Solo,
Mrs Robertsoni Song, Mr S. M.
Hobbs; Song, Mr. W. Robertson;
Recitato'i, J. Forceia; Song, by
W. McPhee, Mis. Crompton, A,
II. .Shepherd, Mrs. Campbell. Dr.
Crompton, E, Lindon. The
Knights are pro.ing themselves
splendid entertainers and their
next affair, the annlvitsar* o*' the
f lundiug nf the orrli 1. ..i'i take
place cu ihe  9th of F _ruary.
H. H.
1 I iL_ __.__.
Local Agent for the E^qui.nalt & Nanaimo Railway
Lands, Comox District
Offices at
Courtenay - and - Comox, B. C.
Telephone 24
For the New Year we have a choice
variety of provisions, fruit, candies,
tobaccos, etc.    Anything- vun  want
ask us
All orders recieve prompt attention
Local  Delivery Telephone 40
Boats For Sale
and Hire
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short   Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
(Formerly of Beaduell & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor
Estate and Insurance Agent
Collections handled with promptness aud dispatch
Phone F91
Courtenay fmt fffiVtfiW. COtrRTENAY. B.C.
Robbers ind
0v_--S1ocklngs In One.
Sta lo put f>i> ai.d t*e�� ofli I'.l *��'i
���Lookwall-IVair _1L AUllUlfaT
v   ! !_._' l:.i. n
Buy laain t_ protttt yoBltalf l_
^faintly fro. wirier' i. 'J
Cinillin CiuiIMiM _M��iCo.
I lmli.4. aa.mr. I
loo l would have been in Familiar ter
Irltoiy again. .
Itueli  of ni'' ii   wgrehoui    lilted Mi.'
,or boyob (looms itorlea iu ilie sky.
'Tin- gate 1 stood in was evidently the
'i ntraneo io Its yard, nnd in facl
All Dealers
;, nuance in us yaru, una in uu'i, soro
uncomfortable movement ol mine jut
then Btrueli the latch and uliuosl I"'
jeipitnleil mo hail.ward by its BllllllO
opening. Beyond was ,i yard full ol
shadowy whe, in aud packing casos
Th, .ir.<i tights ,iiii not penetrate
there, nml with an uneasy fcellne that
' n)in.. i anything in thl
By Mary Roberts Rinehart
Hansom! Miss Lotitln snapped. Mr,
Knox, my father mado his money hy
working hard for It. 1 haven't wastod
It���not that I know of. Ami if .lane
Maitland was fool enough to be ab-
ductod she'll stay nwhllo before I pay
anything tor her. It looks to me lis If
this detective businer.3 wns going lo
bo expensive anyhow.
My excuse for dwelling wltb such
attention to detail en the preliminary
story, tlio disappearance of .Miss Jane
Maitland and the peculiar circumstances surrounding it, win have to
thnl its justification hi the events that
followed it. Miss Jane herself and
tho solution of that mystery solved tbo
even moro tragic ono In wjilch we
wero about to he involved. J say wo
because It was borne in on me at
about that time that Iho things that
concerned Margery Fleming must eon-
corn me henceforth, whether I willed
it bo or otherwise,
At 9 o'clock that night things re-
malnod about tho mine. Tbo man
Hunter had sent to investigate the
neighborhood and tho country just
outside of the town came lo the bouse
about s nnd reported 'nothing discovered.' Hunter called me by telephone
from town.
("an you take the h.'JO up? ho asked.
Yes; I think so.   Is tlicre anytliin
Hot yet.   Thei.  may ho.   Take a
enb at the station    nd come to the
corner  n[  Mulberry  stroot  and  J'nrk
lane.     You'd btttoi dismiss your .
there and wait for me.
1 cent word upstairs by licllu, who
was sitting In tho kitchen, her heavy
face sodden with grief, and taking my
hat and raincoat���It was raining a
light spring drizzle���I hurried to the
elation. In twenty-four minutes I
was in the city and perhaps twelve
minutes moro saw me at Iho designated corner with my enb driving away
and the rain dropping off the rim of
my bat and splashing on iny shoulders,
1 found a sort of refuge by standing
under tbo wooden arch of n gate, and
It occurred to .io .hat, for all my
years in tho cily, thin particular neighborhood was altogether strange to
mo.   Two block' away in any direct-
si nnyiiiuiK In this iiin.e too snv-
, ,���.,   neighborhood  might  be waiting
there I slrink a maieli and looked at
my watch,     II  was twenty minutes
all, v in.    Onee :i man turned the 00.
I,,,,,. ;,,���, ,,,������. inward in",   his   In nil
down, ills inns ulster flapping around
his legs. Confident lhat it woa Hunter 1 Stopped OUl ami iniiehed him on
the arm.     He whoelod Instant y, aud
!������, a,, light which chona on his taoc
1 saw my error,
|   Exouf. me, i mumbled, I mistook
rifewenl on again wltliorfi mtMne,
onl! nullina his soil Hal dawn lowoi
;;'!, 1,1,. i'lee. I looked utter hta
until ha turned the uoxt corner and I
Unew I had nol been mistaken   ll ��as
WThe��nexl minute Hunter appeared
from Hi" came direction, and we ��>��
|       .���Ickly tog. .her.      I.M Wm * JO
the man just ahead had been, ond ...
'nodded without surprlso.
Did vou ever hear nl ihe While Cat.
he asked-a little political club?
I'm a member of It, be weni on rapidly, it's run by tbo city ring <�����
rather, It runs itself. If a good fe 1-
low wiille you're there a.'d keep youi
even open.    It's n queer joint,
The corner we turned found us in a
narrow, badly paved street. Tho broil'
en windows of iho warehouse still
looked down on use, and sross tw
street was an Ice raotory, wllh two de
gerted wagons standing along iho curb
; Tut for a Flfldfllass
Inquiry bus it thnt ibo absolute ami!
Infallible test of a glass by tlio pur-
I Chaser I; lo roe what size litters eau j
be read across tlio street from  tin
! i  ileum's shop.
I     It isn't.   The real test is a climb up
[ a long ami brushy hill until iho breath
comes a hundred In the minute, then
a snatch for the glass, reposing In ft I
shirt pocket, lu sen whither the buck j
is ilin one you wa;:t before you fire,
if it won't, go iu your shli. pocket II !
is not Iho glass you want: others srej
made that will. If It i hakes In your
ajllutcd bands it Is ndt iho glass youi
wani:   you  cannot   see  enough   moro
witli o blgb power glass to poj  for
tho limes when it, _ untlBabla because!
you cannot, bold it sternly.
A Cinch
Howard   is there any advantage in i
hining your 1 ._���_ t  girl iilghlls   odiioilt-
, ed ?
I   Coward���Sure thing! \n uue Irloa
j lo gel Iter away t'rnni you.
REMEMBER I The ointment
you put on your child's skin (jets
into tlie system just as surely as
fuoil tlie child cati. Don't let
impure fats and mineral coloring
matter (such as many of the
cheap ointments contain) gel
into- your child's Hood I J_in-
Bufc is purely herbal, No poisonous coloring;. Use it always,
"Ic. Box at All Dniggiih a.-.d Stores.
'us,e    bNLY.*>'r;-
Very ftcliy. When Brushed, Dandruff All Over. Hair Came Out in
Great Bunches. Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment Cured
Head in Three Weeks,
).���> Hatlam St., Toronto, Out.��� "About
twoyoarsagi > the dandruff began. My hood
not worse and scabs formed on it. which
modolt baldln places. It wm
very It .iy and gave me a
tendency to srrateti it which
mado It worse. I always had
to wear my bat whether hi tho
liousoatworkoroilt. Whenever 1 brushed uiy ludr it sent
thn dandruff all over. Tlio
haircamo out In great bunches
until I was nearly bald iind
when it was at its worst It came out roots
and all.
"luted which made it worse tlianbefore. I tried several tilings after that bub
thoy wire uo good. After nine mouths llko
tlds I had hardly any hair left when ono day
I happened lo seo tho advertisement of
Outlcura troup and Ointment iu tlio paper.
I straightway sent fur a eamplo. After first
willing with tho Cuticura .Soap I applied
���onio Cuticura Ointment and 1 could feel
a, great relief. After finishing the sample I
went and got a cako of Cuticura Soap uud a
bos of Cuticura Ointment, In t bred weeks
they hud cured my head," tSjgucd) B.
Iloru. May 10, 1013.
Outlcura ,Suap and Ointment do so miu-.i
for poor complexions, red, rough bauds, and
dry, thin and falling hair, and cost so little,
that it is almost criminal not lo u_ them.
A single set is oft en sufficient. Sold everywhere. For liberal free sample of each, with
S2-. book, send po?t-card to Potior Drug
_ Cheni. Corp., Dept. 1>, Boston, V. S. A.
V.,  N,  IJ, 978
Too Late
Al  u galo In the fence beyond  Hie
warehouse Ilnntev stopped.     It  was
nn ordinary wooden gale, aid It opened witli   a   thumb   latch.    Beyond
stretched a long, narrow, brick paved i '
alleyway, perhaps three feel, wide and I
lighted by the merest  glimmer of a
light ahead.     Hunter wont on regardless of puddles in the brieli paving,
land 1 stumbled  after him.     As we
advanced l could see that the light
was a single electric bulb, hung over n
| second gate.     While Hunter fumbled
I for a key in his pocket I hud time to i I
seo that this gate had n Yale lock.!
was provided at tho side with an electric button and bad a letter tJot cut in
Hunter opened iho '\.te and preceded mo through It.   Tile gate swung to
and  clicked  behind  me.     Afler  the
gloom  of tbe passageway  the small
brick paved yard seemed brilliant with
, lights.     Two wires wero strung its
length,   dotted   with   many   electric
'lamps.     In a come, a   striped   tent
stood   .iul in   grotesque   relief.     It
seemed to be empty, and the weather
was an easy explanation.    Prom the
I two storey housi   beyond there came
I suddenly a burst of piano music and
a none too steady  masculine voice.
Hunter turned to mc with bis foot _i
tlio wooden slops.
Above everything else, lie warned,
keep your temper. Nobody gives a
hang in here whether you're the mayor of tbe town, tho champion pool
player of liie lirst ward or the roundsman on his beat.
The door at the top of tlio steps
was also Yale locked. Wc stepped
at onee into tho kitchen, from which 1
imagined that Ui. house faced ou another street aud that for obvious reasons only its rear entrance was used.
Tbo kitchen was bright and clean. It
was Uttered, however, with half cut
loaves of bread, glasses and empty
bottles. Over the range a man in his
shirt sleeves was giving his whole attention to a slice ol ham sizzling on a
skillet, and at a table near by a young
fellow with Ills balr cut in a barber's
oval over tin. back of bis neck was
spreading slices nl bread and cheese
wltb mustard.
llow are you. Mr. Mayor? Hunter
suld.   This is Mr. Knox, Hie man who
Is engineering the Star-Eagle light.
I    The man over the range wiped one
I greasy band and held it out to me.
1 recognized the mayor, lie was n
big fellow, handsoma In a heavy way
and Tommy' to everyone who knew
my city government at play.
Hunter \v_j thoroughly at home.1
We take cnro of ourselves hero, ho
explained, if yon want a sandwich
there is cooked linni in the refrigerator and cheese��� If our friend at the
sink has left any. Oct Bome cigars,
will you'.' They're on a shelf In tho
pantry.    I have my bonds full.
I went for the cigars, remembering
to keep my eyes open. Tbo pantry
was a small room, it contained an
icebox stocked with drliiKables, ham,
eggs, and outter. On shelves above
were cards, cigars and liquors, and
there, too, 1 saw a box with an indorsement which showed the honor system
of the Cat club.
Sign checks and drop here, It read,
and I thought about tbe old adage of
honor anions thieves and politicians.
When I came out with the cigars
Hunter was standing with a group of
new arrivals. Thev Included oue of
the city physicians, tlio director ot
public t-hn-Hies and a Judge of a local
court. The latter, Mel _ely, a little
thin Irishman, knew me nnd accosted
j me at onto.   The mayor   vas   busy
over the range and wai almost purple
wllh heal and unwonted an\h!y.
When the llirie iieweoiiierH went up-
tlalrs Instead of going into tho grill"
mom  I looked at  Hunter.
Is this where the political game is
played? J asked.
Yes, If the political game is linker,
he replied.
What time do tbey clooo up? I asked. In answer Hunter pointed lo ti
.sign over tbo door. II was ii card,
neatly printed, and il said: The While
Cat No      Sleeps,
Tlie crowd '..'an good humored. II
paid Ilttlo or i.o attention to ns, and
when some one ut tlio piano bogan to
thump a waltz Hunter, under cover of
the llolso, leaned over In me.
We traced Kleiniug    here    through
your corner man nnd tbo cabby, ho
said carefully. I haven't seen him
bin It is a moral certainty he is skulling in one of tho upstairs rooms, His
precious private secretary is hero too.
1 don't know Fleming by sight and the
.pictures we have ri blm were taken
\\\ good while ago, when ho wore a
milBlnohO. When he was ln local pol-
ties before be wont to the legislature
he practically owned tills place, inlying for favors with membership tickets. A man (ould liido here for a
year safely. Tbe police never come
here,  and   ������ man's  business  Is   Ills
A Pill for all Seasons.-
summer, lu aaj  latitude,
torrid zone   or   Arotio
I'nriiii loo's Vol
-W'int'T audi
whether In
toinporutnrc, I
   , jgetnble l'ills eon be do j
ponded upon to do their work.     Tho j
ilyspeptle  will  nud  the,,',  a  friend  til
ways and should carry them with him
everywhere.    Tiny me inailn to wltb-
sliuiil any climate and are warranted i
lo keep their froahuoBfl am) strength. |
They do not grow stale, ii quallly iiiit i
possesse |  in  many  pills  now  nn   tbo'
Care of the Sickroom
lu tailing onl'O of an invalid il Is a
good idea lo change tho furniture
around a Ilttlo as one becomes bo tired of lb ' same furnlsblllgs iu Ihe
same plaCOS, He sure to coa.1 all tbo
sunshine In Iho room and allow fresh
air to pass through oftt n, Keep a patient's room I Idy. Change your, costume often j'IHt. to make a little variety. Do not let bottles, half niled
.lasses, spoons, si and around, thoy
nuiy seem trifles to you who can gel
about, but aro .sometimes enormities
to one who Is nervous.     Not of small
Importance is tho (iny. Always
have a clean cover���paper napkins
are nice for the purpose. Uso your
besr elilim. Servo hot things hot. and
cold things cold, not warm,
(To be Continued)
will be
at bast
i, no   has
tl CO   REWARD,  S1C0
The readers \, is   pnpi r
pleased lo iearn that there ts
one     dreaded     dt. ease Ihn! s>	
been able to euro In nil Its stages, nnd
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
Ibe only positive cure now known lo
medical fraternity, Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requlr : a consll-
te'tnnnl treatt.er1 Mull's Catarrh Cure
Is taken internally, acting directly upon
Ibo bleud nnd mucous surfaces of the
system, Iherebv destroying the foundation Of the disease, nnd giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature In doing its work.
Tlie proprietors have yi much fnllh In its
curative "��owers that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any ease that II falls
to euro.   R_id for list of testimonials.
Add- : ]���'. J. CHUNKY ��� CO., Toledo. O. Sold bv nil DnigRlsts, Tlio. Take
Hall',': Family Pills for constipation.
Millard's  Liniment Cures    Garget
It Was Doubtful
After a third addition to the family
It became necessary lo secure the sj','
vices of a permanent nurse.
Now, my husband ifl very particular
whom he engages ns nurse, said the
mistress to a girl who had applied for
tho position. Are you faithful, and
have you a kind, loving disposition'.'
Will you	
Excuse mo. madam, am I to tuke
earo of tlie baby or your husband'.'
Japan's Dun my Editors
There is a peculiar person on the
staff of some of the Japanese newspapers, known as t o 'dummy editor,'
whoso sole duty it is to go to jail in
the interests of tb i journal. Whenever
a paper publishes something unfriendly lo the government it is suppressed
and the (lummy editor sent to prison
while the real editor simply changes
the namo of the paper and continues
to publish it as before.
Grape-Nuts �� Perfectly Balanced Food
No chemist's analysis of Grapo-Nuts
can begin to allow the real value of
the food���tho practical value as shown
b.,  personal experience.
'���i is n food that is perfectly balanced, supplies lhe needed elements
for both brain and body In all stages
of life from tho Infant, through the
strenuous times of active clddle life,
and Is a comfort and support 111 old
"l'or twe years I have used C ..r,i:-
Nuts with milk and a lit ie cream for
breakfast. I jm comfortably hungry
l'or my dinner at noon.
I use little meat, plci.ty ef vegetables and fruit, in season, for the noon
meal, a. J if t.red at tea lime, take
Grape-Nuts alone and feel perfectly
"Nerve and brain power and memory nro much imp.'ov-d since using
Urap Nuts. I am over sixty and
weigh 165 lbs. My son and husband
seeing how I bad improved are now
using Gi'.,pe-Nut.\
"My son, who is a travelling man,
eats nothing fc. broakias. i.nt Grape-
nuts and a glass of milk. An aunt
over 70, seems fully nourished on
Grape-Nuts antl crear." "There's a
Name given by Canadian Postum
Cm. Windsor, Oi t. Reai "The Road
to wellvllle," in pkgs.
Ever read tie above letter? A new
ona appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Englit,h  Hand  Made  Lace i
Beautiful lace, possocsing woudorfnl
wearing  qualities  and  daintiness  ofl
design is made by hundreds of work-1
ers in the rural   villages   of   Bucks,
Beds., and Nortbnnts, England, There,
are three varieties of lace mude: 'Tor-!
ebon,' adapted for underwear; '.Malt
esc,' mado of 'nee thread, silk, cotton,!
etc., and 'Point Ground,' the finest pillow lae   made.     They   also   design |
coat, cullurs and even Magyar blousesI.
in lace, as well os stock collars and J
cuffs to match, llonso yokes, lJ'Oyliesj
and tablecloths,     Mrs. Armstrong, of'
Oluey,   llneks,   England,   will   on   re-
. coipt of a postcard,    ml o. booklet on-
titled 'An Interesting Home Industry,'
free,     it contains 128 pages, is copiously illustrated and    tells   the    romance  of English   laei-i..aking   in  a
fascinating manner.
Repeating Shotguns
Over four hundred and fifty
thousand sportsmen use and
endorse Winchester Repeating Shotguns. The U.
S. Ordnance Board after sub-
jectingoncof these gunstothe
severest of tests reported officially that the gun could not
be improved upon. For field,
fowl or trap shooting they
are equally good. Then
why  not a   Winchester?
PKEE���Seni yonr address lor rnl.s-
lonec et iVitichester���the Red I.
II rand ��� Cant and Ammunition.
Worms, however generated, are
found iu the dlgesi ve tracts, whore
they set up disturbances detrimental
to the health of the child. Thero can
be no comfort for the little ones until
the hurtful intruders have boon expelled. No bettn preparation for
this purpose can be bad than Miller's
Worm Powders. They will immediately destroy the worms at 1 correct
the conditions that were favorable to
their existence.
Correctly Classified
A Washington man who was being
shown through ono of tho ancestral
homo.; in tbe Shenandoah valley by
an aged colored servitor stopped before a portrait.
What a line painting' lie exclaimed.
Why, that must, be an old master!
Excuse mo, boss, said tho retainer,
but you're mistaken. Hat's do picture of ole Missus Taylor.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Then There was 'i rouble
Young Wife -Today is the anniversary of our weeding.     1 shall have
ono of the chickens killed  In honor
of the occasion.
Her Husband���Oh, leave it alone. It
wasn't ihe chickens fault.
The chicken wasn't killed and tho
dinner was a failure.
Proof of Value
of the time-tested, world-tried, home
remedy���proof o:C its power to relieve
quickly, safely, surely, tlio headaches, the sour taste, the poor
spirits and tho fatigue or biliousness
���will bo found in every dose of
bold everywhere.   Ia boxes, 25 cer.lt.
Ravj'.lme Oratory
Why do you refer to Hint speech oi
mine us ragtime oratory? asked the
Because, replied the musician, it it
written strictly wltb a view to pleasing the popular last:.
llanild (on a visit)���Do your specs
magnify, grandma'!1
Oiandma���Yes, Tommy!
Harold ���Ho you mind taking their
off while you e.ut m:  cake?
and beauty���to prevent wx'inkles and "crow's
feet" and deep black circles under the eyes���
nothing i3 as good as
Give it a fair trial for banishing those distressing: pains or.
drains on one's vitality. This prescription of Dr. Pierce's regulates all tba
womanly functions. It eradicates and destroys "Female Complaints" am.
weaknc_e�� that make women miserable and old before their time. Every girl:
needs it before womanhood. Every mother needs it. It is an invigorating tonic]
for the female system. All medicine dealers have sold it with satisfaction, t*i
customers for Hie past 40 years. It is now obtainable in liquid or tablet form.'
at drug uteres���or Bcr.d 50 one-cent stamps for trial box, to R.V. Pierce, Buffalo,,!
regnUie and Invigorate stomach, Ihrer and bowel*.
f| Rsxar coated, tiny granules, easy ta take as candy. fv THE REVIEW. COTTRTMAY, UU.
��� vlth K
'. / hn
it one
��� OU Wl'
2o. of
Weak S.icl.s and Headaches
Klliel llaleoiiibe, nt Port Dut-
N.S., writes: "I .BS troubled
llrtney Dtso_Bi for Soveral years.
il< was weak. i had terrible
dies nnd was no restless Hint 1
UOt shop nl. night.   At last a
told mo nbout (UN PILLS, 1
���o got n box and after taking
l fell bettor���after talcing three
I was cured"
n box, (I for _.r,0. Sample free if
Ite National Urug nud Chemical
Canada Limited, Toronto.   216
lloinin;iiiilh;u\ -Wben llennliroiigh
Tol married, one of bis friends threw
_ti old shoe through (be carriage at
dm and hit  hlni oil lim head.
Bhtmmorpate Couldn'i he. iind out
:vho owned do shoe'.'
Ileniinnnilhiiv. No; ll bplODged lo
i horse,
Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound ��� Her
Own Story.
London) "nt. "I am a farmer's wife
ind a very busy woman. Last summer
was taken wilb
severe pnins in my
buck so Imd that I
could not gel up or
scarcely movo without pain, and my
periods were painful. M y husband
called in a good doe-
tor anil 1 was under
bis enre for some
time, but he did me
little or no good.
One day a friend of mine told me to
try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound as sbe had been greatly
helped by it. 1 began taking it and
won got well, und iny periods became
natural tagain. Since then I havo had
perfect health. In fact I have never felt
iowell in my life. Lydia E. Pinkham's
.cgetable Compound is a medicine
_any women need. If you think this
letter will help other women please pub-
;ish it."���Mrs. K. C. Yoiinci, .ambling's
Horner,'London, Ontario, Canada.
ng ills peculiar to their sex Bliould not
-loubt the ability of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to restore tlieir
health, i
If you have lhe slightest,doubt
lhat Lydia K. I_i._ham's Vcgcta-
.bleCoiniin-iiid will helpyoii,write
ttoLydta_!.I .nkhumMediclneCo.
(conlldeutlal) _ynn,l_ass.,fora ��l-
_co. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict confidence.
Bad Company t,
A negro witli f. bad cut in bis head
fame tb a doctor. Tho doctor fixed
I.ira up and us the man was about to
ilopart the physician said:
That's'ii pretty bad cut lu your bead
llonry.' Why don't you profit by this
lesson and keep out of lid company
i.i the future?
Well, I'd like lo, doctor, replied
Henry, fend ly, but I ain't got no money tc get cr devorce you sec.
Some girls can no more learn bow
to flirt, than :. fish can learn how to
awlm. ���
Here, a chance
for you to buy
you range (rem
the factory and
save 30_��� to
buy il on easy
term} and to get
tbe very range
y��_ would choose, even if you
had to pay the retail price.
Our free book shows you
eilclly whtt _ti��i_e i�� like, ll<!������
nsribei eich point cleitiy. u�� we
gutrante* oar rang* t�� b* iuit
at r.pr_eit*d.
Von might M well a�� lHa null
prftSl.   Mail lha coupon u-d��y.
Dominion Pride
���ited bod�����
��� unbftalubb
B dorrs oud
' _���"' b_UliItl 11?
^fcj nickell.
Units. %J^
_illeafa_ ��   ^^
ilttl Kansi Hf|. ^
itt., limiti. Oshiwi.
__._ M_ Book.
Waaw ...���    	
___���      ar
Primitive Fishhooks
What fort of hooks did our ancestors, our really remote ancestors, use,
when wild ip wood the noble savage
run'.' I an Inclined to agree with
Iho American view that the earliest
typo of book, If honk it can be called,
was u straight bit ot Bint burled In
lhe bait. When the HkIi bad swallowed the bit of inent, or whatever it was
Ihe tightening of the line pulled the
flint across Us throat, nnd, ns it stuck
there, the fish could lie hauled ashore
w iiluiiu more ado. Perhaps sumo
bright Innovator ot thai misty past
one day tried a hit, 0�� Hint which hud
a double curve like n pair or buffalo
bonis and found H effective, and perhaps out of Unit developed the genuine double book, which seems to have
boon a vory early form. And perhaps the illigle hook eiime Into being
because ll wus realized thai, one bend
was im etliih'iil iis two for most purposes.
The  Class In   English
The editor ai tlio Wisconsin Expo.
lllli nt Itatlotl, desiring a COluplota ie-
I'ereiieo library of the rosources ot tlio
slate, sent n circular letter to the horticultural dairying and othor agrlctt.
turni orgunl��atlou8 of Wisconsin, asking tor coplos of iheir last reports.
Mosl of thorn came nil right, bul
one orgnnttulton ivrole: Our Insl reporl wc hope is not yol publtsliod,
bul we lako pleasure in Bonding under Bopurnto covor a copy of our latest ri port,
Children Oilen Seem Pining Away
and Ordinary Medicine Does
Not Help Them
Tin health of children between the
ages of twelve and eighteen years, particularly In the eai-e ot girls, Is a
iiourco of so:ions worry to nearly
every mother. The growth nud development takes so much of their
strength that In many eases tbey actually seem to bo going Into a decline.
Vhe appetite Is tickle, brightness giveB
way to depression; there aro often
serious headaches, fits of dtalness, or
occasional fainting nnd a complaint
of weariness ' tho slightest exertion.
Ordinary medicines will not bring relief. The blood has become thin und
watery, and the. child must have some.-
tl ing that will bring the blood back
to U. normal condition, At. thin stage
no other medicine can equal Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills. Their whole mission is to make new blood, which
reaches every part of the body, bringing back health, strength and energy.
Mrs. Janus Harris, Port Rowan, Onl.,
says: "At the ago of thirteen my
daughter began to look very palo, and
seemed listless and always tired. Sho
did not take interest in ber schcoi
work or In those amusements of girlhood. In fact sho just seemed to
drag hersolt about, complaining of always being tired; did not cat. well,
and did not sleep well ut night. I took
her to our doctor who said she was
anncniie. and advised mc to give her
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Slhc took
tho l'ills for nearly two months, when
she was as well .and lively as any girl
could he, gained nicely in weight, and
has since enjoyed perfect health. I'
am qttlto sure that what tho Tills did
for my daughter they will do for other
pale, weak girls. I have also used
Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills myself with
the i.nst results and can only speak of
them in ternn. oi' greatest praise."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail nt. GO ceiii's; a box or si;: hoses for
.JB.ni! from Th- Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockvlllo, Out.
Official Brea
This Is the way to make ofliciul
bread, given out by the chief cook ef
tho department of agriculture:
For throe pound loaves-make ferment of ono ounce cake compressed
yeast, one ounce    granulated    sugar,
half ounce -alt and twenty ounces waler.     Place in even temperature for
uu hour.      Weigh  four and one-half
pounds Hour and Ut it warm.     Mix
Hour and ferment together, (lover mix-
I tiu. and warm for twenty minutes.
I If dough is too stiff mid lukewarm water.    After twenty minutes more take
I up dough with hands slightly greased
' and fold over over and over fourteen
l tiniis. Cover, set aside for twenty iniu-
I ims;  then fold    nine   times.     After
twenty   iniuutos   moro   mould   into
loaves and bake forty minutes lu a
steady oven 100 to 410 degrees 1 ���'.   A
cut) of water in the oven will make a
tenderer crust.
j    A man who leapt a small shop ���..���as
I waiting on a single customer early one
, morning.     His little boy and he were
| alone at the time, and the shopkeeper
j was obliged to go upstairs for somo
| change.     Hefore doing so bo whispered to the little chap to watch the customer, lo see that ho didn't steal anything.
Vory soon the proprietor returned
1 with tho necessary change and the boy
j sa,ng ont; He didn't steal anything,
i Pa.     I watched hlni.
Thousands Stil  Suffering That Can be
Quickly  Cured by  "Nerviline.''
"Threo years ago I disc ivcrej thai
a man subject tt. lumbago mlghl just
us well he dead as olive." Thoso words
open the sincere, straightforward letter ef ]'. I', liiishby, a well-known
man In Hie plumbing and liiisiuiiltlng
"One attack came otter another, and
lumbago got lo be n chronic thing
with nie. I could i.cnreely get In a
ihi.v's wink beti.ro thsi knifing, cruel
pain would attack my baok. i used
a gallon or liniments; net. one of them
seenied penetrallng enough lo get al
the core of Iho pain. 1 read in Hie
Montreal WltUCSB nhoul Xervlllne, and
got five iiotties. it Ib a wonderful
modlolno���1 could foe! it' soothing,
pain .ellovltig action ever) time It was
applied, When I got the disease under control With Nerviline, 1 built, up
my strength and fortified my blood
hy taking 'orroiono at inoalB, Thin
treatment cured mo permanently, and
I urge evcryene to glvo up the thick,
white, oily liniments thoy aro using,
and try an uplo-date, penetrating,
pain-dostroyor like Norvlllne.
"l'lease public my b'll _' the world
over. 1 want all to hoar ot Nervl-
Don't bo cajoled into recelv! -; anything from your dealer lint "Nerviline." Largo family size bottles iiOo,
trial size 2Dc, all dealers, or The Cat-
iiri'ho/.oiio Co.. Buffalo. NY., and
KhigBton, Canadi.
Morals of ( hrlstabel
Savage attache hnie boon  tuttilo 111
some ot the British   paper    nud   in
sonic American papers on ihe articles
which ('hrlstabel Paukhui'sl has be li
running in The SuffrilgettO en the dan-1
gers ot marriage. Thoy have boon nc-
euseii of immorality and Indecency.
CertaiiUj they are neither Immoral or
ludeeenl. They are  perfoctly Btl'alght-I
j forward. and also in substance thev
I are entirely line constituting a needed and valuable warning, and lueronBo
the pressure of men to improve In
sympathy with women and in restraint. The criticism io whie'.i ih iy
are fairly open is Hint they resoluble
i the nillcles on drink Which Hie early
prohibitionist used  to havo printed,
I The) are shrill aid tin.', exaggerate,    i
I .,.,,   ��� _
Xo oin- m i '1 ondttro iho agony ot
corus with Holloway's c r i ('ure at
hand to reinnie ihem.
For nursing mother.;
Na-Dni-Co Laxatives
offer the important advantage that they do not disturb
the rest of lhe s; t lea cr
affect the child.
i^c. :t l>o_ at your
Nalionr.l ll rut- und Cliemiral 0
of C__di��, I!_!__��    178     '
!��_.__.  !
Women give to men the very geld,
of their lives, .and they Invarlali. get'
ii back In very small change.
Distincll.j Dre_ In EnylJnd
Al Coutts1 bank the clerical assist-
I nuts must all wear frocks, und uo
I one in ihe employment ot tho hunk Is
i allowed to go about with his trousers
| tinned up. Al llonro'e bank it Is the
custom of all these employed i" wear
j while ties.     Mollllll IS uf the legal pro-
' I'ossion obsorvo tho otl.Ui tto ot their
| culling hy abstaining from tho wearing
of light or fancy colored clothes nnd
| always wear sill; fiats.   Tho beadles
! of some Presbyterian churches In Bug-
I lund wear dress suits instead of the
I Anglican   cassook,    Some   brewers'
j workmen nnd draymen wear scarlet
I knitted wool nightcaps,   lu fuel, nearly every trade and profession has its
own conventions and unwritten laws
concerning tlio dress oE its members.
Patent  Yonr   ld��ai���Nu  delay  mil   uo
will noil n fnr \  If in- ldf>n i ,������ nu i ���
It. Send Brtclch for free n port, lnf<..
nm thin on putcuts and . ut inn ntlon i
wanted mailed freo, J a MAC-
MURTRV _ CO.i Patfui Attornoyo, l-l
B.iy   sir_:t,  Toronto,   Canada.
The arcnulsUop had preaohed a lino
sermon on 'Married Life and its Dulles.' Two old Irish women wero heard
coming out. of church commenting on
the address.
It's a flno sermon his reverence
would ho after giving us, snid one to
the other.
It. Is Indeed, was the itiiiek reply,
and t wish 1 knew ns little aboul the
matter ns he docs.
I'll have to arrest you, said tho policeman.
The man who was having trouble
with his wife threw both arms around
tho officer and exclaimed;
Tills Isn't nny arrest. This is a
As a vermifuge there is nothing so
potent ns Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, and 11. can he given to the
most, doll.at 3 child without four of Injury to the constitution.
What a change   has   taken   place
within the last quarter of a century In
the method of life of the daughters lu
tho family'.   From the quiet and secluded home tho girls have gone out
to Office, store or factory, to mingle
with tlio great crowd ot workers, and
| whether by brain or muscle to tael the
strain und fatigue of the bread-winner.
This revolutionary change   In    the
method of life has not proved bonefle-
ial to health nud vigor,   aud   in   thl
surging crowd you llnd many a palo,
anaemic face, and many an emaciated
1 lignre.
!    The blood gets thin Hid watery, tho
, digestive system becomes    deranged,
! the appetite falls,   and   the   starved
I nervcB tell Of tbelr condition by nout-
1 algie palna      J bodily   aches.       Dr.
I Chase'B Nerve Pood ls needed, and nothing can so quickly restore health
and vigor to the body and bring back
the inalthful glow to the wan cheek.
Asse'.n   $1,300,000 00
Insurance   $n,300,0'_5(
ABSOLUTE        SolU'lt)
.-.,,_.      , fcr
_^"7TT^.iv Policy   rtoljers
Excfitsior    Tollcy   Forma    Approve-.!    b)
Dominion   Insurance  Department
For Ak.-m.Iim apply to Provincial '.e'.;--i
nt    Whinli-eg     ludmonton,     Bul i tooo
Vancouver, or 1. ad ottice, Torontu
We Pdy Highest Values
Write for Price Lis MB
���ind ShippingTa$_
fianf and _fer_M_; W1NN1F
Litlle Tommy had spent his lirst.
day at school. What did you learn
he was asked on his return home.
Didn't learn nothing.
Well, what did you do?
Didn't do nothiu'I A woman wanted
to know how to spell cat, and I told
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, ��c.
Why la It that you arc so strongly
opposed to extending to women the
right to vote?
My wife has become a Suffragette.
Well, what of it. Do you find that
she Reglocts the children or that she
isn't paying enough attention to the
business of running the house.
No, it's not that. She's becoming
so well informed on public matters
that I have to keep busy reading all
the time ln order to prevent her finding out my Ignorance concerning such
English Harvest Feasts
The feasts that now take place at
the closo of the harvest, season in Nng-
lnnd are small affairs compared with
the old fashioned harvest suppers hold
formerly. In some of the northern
counties tho farmers would give churns
of cream, and it was servved out iu
cups to tho laborers. Nowadays a
glass of alo or cider is tho substitute
for iho old time feast. In some parts
of the north of Ireland the ancient custom slill lingers as the churn supper.
A very old custom Is the baking of a
largo cake by tho farmor's wife. This
is cut up and served out to every one,
including children,' accompanying the
horkey cart, into tl _ farmyard. The
horkey cart, was the cart on which
the last load of the season was drawn.
can use
kThe Guaranteed "ONE DYK for'
*       All Kinds of cioth.        i
I Clean. Simple, No Chan_ of MiaMhaa. TUT '
J   IT I Nandior Free Cofor Card ana _a_l
��� The lohjia_.___daon Co. _n__l,_aatreei
The sell made, man never quite gets
the job finished.
mire ro* _v_o, ' * "���       M.jra.
W. N. U. 978
And He Drove on
Say, calls the bright youth to the
honest agriculturist who is working
In his garden, _'uy don't you set a
hen on your egg plants?
Ma set one on 'em last year, answers the agriculturist, barely looking
Did she? Hatch anything?
Yep.   Hatched   out   that   bod    r
cocks-combs  ' y  the  fence.
What are
Thia, wafer, bits of choice
Indian Corn-perfectly cooked;
delicately flavoured; then
toasted to an appetizing golden
brown, and packed in tightly
scaled packages without being
touched by hand.
"Toasties" are for breakfast
or any other meal-served direct from package with cream
or milk, and a sprinkling of
Post Toasties are convenient,
save a lot of time and please
the palate immensely!
But after all, a trial is the
best answer.
Grocers everywhere sell
Post Toasties
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd.. Windsor, Ont.
Handy Heat
for Cold Nights
On cold, zero nights
you will find the
the best protection for your stock.
It is ready and handy for immediate
use.   Burns all night on single gallon
of oil, and is absolutely safe.   Smokeless���odorless���doesn't leak.
In the home it gives just
the extra heat needed in
bedroom or sitting room.
Torut*       Mutrul       Wi_��ipcr       V��i__r_
OtUwi        Q__c Ctlfiry EJ_c:u_
Halilal        St. Mi Rtfifit onk��loo��
For best results use
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000        Reserve and Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable In all pints of the world
Special iitt_-ntK.il given tn Savings Department aud Transactions ot Ordinary Banking Business by mail
CUM!    I'.l.AM) BRANCH   -   D, M. MORRISON, Mgr.
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtenay, n. C,
N. II. Bodbn, Bditor and Proprietor
Subscription 81 no per Venr In Advance
The I.iulo River Poultry Association held their snd annual meeting in Pigott's Hall, I.azo, on Saturday, Jan. ioth, ami considering
the bad weather had a very satisfactory turn out.
'Phe Association had a total membership of 54 and during the year
handled 205 tons of grain of n total
value of $6360 a saving to its members of over ��1000,
It was iinainiously decided to remove all restrictions limiting the
Association's district aud to take
iu the whole Courtenay District,
consequently the Executive look
for big increases this year.
The following officers were elected:    President. VV. J. Miller; Vice.
President, P. Yv\Ryan; Sec. Treas.!
W. Heard.   Executive Committee:]
Ti Hudson, T. Anderton, B. Vogel
W, Gray, K.  Whalen. '     |
Balance Sheet 1913,
To Grain $6201.11
Shortage claims        75.95
Prinlingand Stationery     22.05
Postage      12.25
Sundries         7.20
Secretary       99.^5
General Store
��� �����-
For Choice
Family Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
One   Price   to   Al
Balance on hand
Total  .r'490.75
By Grain Receipts $6436.75
Membership . Fees      54.00
Total $6490.75
Next week we will begin the
publication of an interesting article
by an old timer on "Early days in
the Comox Valley.
Jeweler and Watchmaker
Union St. Courtenay
New Courteuay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drug Store.
No. 8 Mine Townsite
The Next   Nearest   and Best   Situated   Property
to the Mines
_____/ /o Courfney 2'/-< AMes
It is tbe White Man's City.   We do not sslljto Asiatics
1-4 to 1-2 Acre Lets, 60 aud 80 foot Prontage^byJiZO Deep,    Price $150
to $225 per Lot, on easy terms
Apply, A, Pailthorpe, "TheStore" Berwick, or Harry Idiens
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Telephone 36 COURTENAY
Early Spring Shipments of
the Newest Patterns in Swiss
Embroideries, Allover Lace,
Oriental, Milanese, Torchon
and Valenciencs Laces. Also
a complete shipment of c/c
a la Grace Corsets
Our Spring Stock of Misses
and Children's Shoes is now
complete, comprising:��� Gun
Metals, Vice Kidd, Box Calf
and Dull Kidd with Patent
Vamps in Laced and Button,
all made on well fitting foot-
form lasts. These can be
had in either Tan or Black.
In Ladies' a full line expected shortly
Agents for  the veil known
Dorothy Dodd Shoes
For best wear
For comfort
For style
For quality and best results
Nothing but lirst class leather
New style toe and heel
We have just unpacked a shipment of
Made  up   in   the  different   styles
Call and see them
Phone 35
The  Comer  Store, Sandwick
First Class Groceries, Hoot-, Shoes,
Dry Goods, Hardware, Etc.
As in the past year we are always ready to attend
promptly to your order whether it be small or large
Call and see us or ring up
1 elephaOrxe   4
Parkin Bros.
The staff of the Royal Bank
moved into their new premises on
Saturday last. The new bank
white uot an imposing looking
structure from the outside is a very
commodious building without being
25 x 40 feet, and two stories high.
The interior is fitted up the same
and quite as handsomely as a city
bank. The manager has a commodious office to the right ou
entering, the teller's cage is of steel
with old bornze finish, the ledger
collection and discouut counters
are of quartered american white
oak, with frosted glass screens and
gold lettering. A handsome desk
for customers' use, and a flat top
desk in the managers office is also
of the same material, The vault
islaigeaud commodious and in
which i.s a handsome double time
lock safe with large coinpariment
for securities, cash etc. The staff's
workroom is also large, well lighted
and airy. The upper story is lilted
up for quarters for the staff with
three bedrooms, sitting room, bath
room aud commodious liueu and
clothes closet . the furuiture being
of quartered ork The building
is heated with a larg hot air furnace with hot water in connection.
They are deservedly proud of their
new building which is situated on
the corner of Isobel and Union
Street the most central site in towu
and will be of great convenience to
the public. Mr. Ha-tdwicke is
having a tennis court built on the
back part of the lot.
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfilting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone g Courtenay
Barrister   and  Soliciror,   Notary  Public
P, O. Bax 209
Phone 24
Gasoline Kngiues Repaired ��� Overhauled
BOX  124,  PHONE
Mr. and Mrs. J. LeCerf have left
the district for parts unknown.
Thos. Tame and Thos. Lever
have returned from a trip to Victoria.
Mr. George Winger has left for
Southern California.
Health Factor
Aitken's Bread raised the standard procurable SO per cent*
and dietetically is
the best investment
in  Comox   District
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
The death occurred at J Quensel,!
ou  the t8th inst,  of  Mrs.   Willis,
beloved wife   of   Leonard   Willis.
Besides her   husband    and   infant
daughter she leaves to  mourn her
Courtenay Bakery
Opposite new Presbyterian ' i ur cli
loss, her father   Dr.   E.   C. Foot,
one sister Ida, and  three brothers-
Percy, Claude and Clarence. /?
If You get it at PLIMLEY'S It's AU Right
Big Fall
During stocktaking we have found that wc have quite a number nl
second hand, shop soiled nud "returned Irom hire" machines
nml  are  holding  an  end  of  season  clearance at big
took into this.
739 Yates St.
Victoria, B. C.
Ladies' and Gents'
Fine Tailoring
Having  secured the services of one of
tne best Indies' Garment Makers in
B itish Columbia
I can now guarantee perfect wor'i in
that line
K. of P. Hall Courtenay
C. W.  Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of Charge
Shannon Block,     Courtenay
Cokely & Ferris
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyors
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay - B. C.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Excelled
Wm. Merryfield
Willard _. Harness Emporium
[Express and
Dray Stables
[Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
[Oscar W. Davis
Comox, B. C.
Best. Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans  and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
bT. t. grieves
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
[Palace Livery
& Feed Stable
I_erses and Buggies for Hire
Reasonable P.ates
also attend to wood hauling
Phone 35
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None butth: BEST WINES an
UQUORS at the Bar
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 27 Courtenay
Happy Valley
The comedian has returned, and
his many friends don't know
whether they are Kind to see him
or not? He says he has had a fairly good time, but has not seen any
ladies. He informs us that he has
not seen a better ranching country
nor any prettier girls than are to be
found in the famous Happy Valley.
A bachelors party was held at
Crowton Ranch ou Tuesday evening Jan. 13th, when over 30 friends
took part in an enjoyable evening
consisting of songs, recitations and
various music, with a few funny
stories about fishing, but not quite
a* fishy ns the ducks nre, that are
being captured on the Royston
On Wednesday evening the 14th
in connection with the Mission, a
Young Peoples Society was formed.
Something of this sort has been
needed a long time, the population
of the valley is not decreasing. Mr.
P, Grant, the new principal of the
Minto school presided over the
meeting and the following officers
were elected. President, Mr. W.
Harvey; Vice President, Mr. S.
Robinson; Organizing Secretary,
Rev. S. S. Webster. The meeting.-,
will be held in the Minto school
house every Wednesday evening at
7 o'clock and will be made very interesting and edefying.
The valley is still going ahead
in the right direction.
Mr. Thos. Pearse's many friends
will be sorry to hear of his unfortunate accident, which befell him
while engaged in logging on his
ranch on Tuesday afternoon, sustaining a fracture of the right leg.
He and his family have the sympathy of us all and we hope to see
him jumping around again in the
near future with his pleasant face
and genial manner with which we
are all accustomed.
The road past the Minto school
house does not get into belter shape
with the pleasant continual downpour. One of the ranchers break-
i"ir the wheel of, '''i cyn-n-c
o h .= HCUIli0 s... .. , h til
teams, it being practually unfit lur
foot passengers, who prefer climbing the logs rather than tnke the
road, the road authorities are advised to provide the inhabitants
with gum boots.
Andrew Pirec/s new house is
about completed.
The school house is being remodelled, making two class rooms,
During the past summer Mr.
Brown has built a small house aud
Mr. Williams hns built a large substantial house.
David Roy is at Vaucouver this
Mr. Allen is doing a lot of clearing ou his ranch this winter.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder COURTKNAY
General Blacksmiths
Agents for a full line of Farm Implements All Work Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable Comox, B. C.
myself,"   Also in tlie lnstof Revels o
lie said to his beloved John,   "Surely
come  quickly."   John   makes   answer,
and said, "Even so, come i.ord  Jesus
Now in conclusion, Mr,Editor, I canj
mt understand how any person can call
this Sabbath the Jewish Sabbath as it
was instituted for man long before there
w ,s a Jew; The Christians ke.it it at
Antioch with th; Jews.
The Lord calls it his "Holy day," see
Isiuh 58:13 (fifty-eight) 11-13 verses,
and K/.echiel 20:12,20. Also in Revelations John said he was in the spirit on
the Lord's Day.   Rev. 1:10,
Enoch believed in Christ's advent, see
Jude fourteen. All the Prophets, Apostles and Disciples; in fact all Christiana
whose history is recored in the the Bible
kept the Seventh Day Sabbath and also
believed in Christ coming again or Advent, Eph. 2:20.
"When we walk with the Lord,
In the light of his word,
What a glory h! sheds on our way,
While we do his  good  will.
He abides with us still.
And with all  who  will  trust and
An Adventst.
M. Hanson was fine! $25 and
costs for being drunk and disorderly. Henry Hill also contributed
too and costs for carrying too much
5 Feed and Livery
Letter to the Editor
Editor of the Review.
Dear Sir:- I write this to encourage
peace and good will to all men in 1VI4.
I have often heard slighting remarks
of Seveuth Day Adventists and when my
attention was first drawn to their belief
and doctrine I thought they wer.- erroneous too, and strenuously opposed their
doctrine until I investigated. Thin I
found by studying the Scriptures, tuat
their doctrine was believed and pi actised
ever since creation, Therefore, this is
the oldest Christain institution on earth,
and founded by the Saviour. S. D. Adventists get tlieir name from their belief
and practice. They believe tha'. the
Seventh Day Sabbath was first kept as a
day of rest i,y Jesus Christ Our Saviour
v, ho was the Creator of all things on
this Earth and the word Advent signifies their belief in Clint's personal coming as King.
In prool of this, that the Saviour was
the Creator, read the rst chapter of St.
John, which tells very plainly, that all
things were made by him, and without
him was not anything made, that was
mide. Also the first chapter of Colos-
sians tells us that Jesus was the image of
the invisible God, and that all things
w.ire made by him and for him. Then
i 1 the first chapter of Hebrews we find
God hath in these last days spoken unto
us by his sou, whom he hath appointed
heir of all things, by whom also he made
the Worlds, notice, he created more than
this earth, he made the Worlds.
Bearing this in mind that Christ, the
Son of God was the Creator, let us turn
back to Genises and read about his creative work.
He evidently was with his Father the
Alm'ghty when it was said, Let us make
man in our own image. Chapt. 1 verse
26. When we come to the second chapter and the second verse we find that the
Lord rested on the seventh day, blessed
and sanctified it, set it apart from other
days as a memorial of his creation so
Chrirt instituted and kept the Seventh
Day Sabbath.
Now let us see if he believed i n his
advent or coming again. Read foureenth
of St. J��hn where he tells his Disciples,
"I will come again and receive you unto
A Gun Club was organized in
Courtenay ou Monday evening
when the following officers were
elected; President, W. H. Kirkwood; Vice President, Harry Idiens;
Secretary, J. H. Mclntyre; assistant S-cretary, J. Sutton; Treasurer. P. L. Anderton; Field Captain,
R. McCuish; Vice Field Captain,
H. H. M. Beaduell. Executive
Committiee: H. B. Dawley, W.
Urquhart, C. McMillan, Bruce
Toiler. The membership fee ha t
been placed at 55.00 for the fir t
year and $3 tor each succeeding
year. Application for membership
accompanied by the fee sh uld be
made to either the secretary or the
treasurer. Already about 40 have
signified their intention of joining
the club. A representath e from
the Remmington Arms Co. was
present and gave some valuable
Candies, Cakes, Soft
Drinks and Lunches
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUI . .AN, Prop.
Piioue 7
Union St. Courtenay
Xmas. Suggestions
Hair Brushes
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. tn on Thjrsla. s
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing  and
Shoe Shining done by
John Shelbun
J.   E.    ASTON
Easement Willard Block
Loggers Boots aud Shoes Made
Repairing  Neatly  and  Promptly   Done
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.  McCuish, Prop.
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns in the Comox Valley,  including all of the best and
popular makes, and at the lowest prices!"  Come in and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marlin; Stevens, Savage and Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
COURTENAY    -    and     -     CUMBERLAND nm fiEvmr. cottrwnw. icr
.��   *_.   W///////A 10 Days FREE-Send No Money
Wa don*l ask yo* lo pay m a cmt until you have used
this wonderful modern light In your own home for ten __>���., then
you may return it tt our expense if not perfectly .'���;..hlied. Wo
want ymi to prore for yourwlt that it ��ive_ live to fifteen time, na
much light ns the ordinary oil lamp; beats electric, paaolint' or
act., leu.. Light! und i.s put out just likethe oldoil lamp;
QlTMkpowerhUwUjtahibtbQrmooiutQi mooel
im 11. rum .tt.. ut (id.ir, imokfl nr t.<i|n_ , miu.^i��,
. Ii'.ti.   . .>n ;  . i,il��tl..    lilli,1'AUttNNl.
$1000.00 Reward
HI lm dr
1 ��.���> * (lima
. Itren t<�� mow
in i"viu'' ''     Aladdin luvvi-rv . _v (do*
UlU-rolfer giv.t. u>oiirclnntmr). would w��
(Iriii mnlin ��� ki'Ii _ I'i1 uu >��� l>i Hip ���Mnl.1 If the in
wui the iilibtMt doubl uto tu* iiimh.h or iiio
Aladdin? Wswutl ona ptrtonlncaoh looxilly
tn . li'im i*n ran r��i.r OUn. ilUBjFI,   Writ.) �����>.-���-If.
for mir id |)u fcutiolQtelf Fj*ft Trial Won.
..���I.mii    Afi��it<     .VI ��riIf   It'lii't..   H'i'1   luuii
I.   .������   In  |0_ ONU   ? H!:l .
MANTLE LAMP CO,, 7.��li��lnlM|., Montreal GWInncpeg
ti�� ���lt>inoiii,li-atn 111 tar
I   I'ilv  .   li    , ������ im   lli Mi. _
We Pdij Highest Values
Write for.-p.ri.ee Li$t #
and Shipping J*i^
B__a___________!_L____g -
A Real Genius
Whal kinder a teller le Pi lo Uooll. j
Bright n_ a iliillnr, patlonl an' n
im nl worker,
Why, lie i-iui'i hold ti Job ror more
iium ii week, nml I hoar hie family
linsn'i gol enough to I've on.
Sure, iimi may bo but what's thai
goi in do with It?    Vmi bi o thai moor I
Hcliiiinn pipe o�� his?   Colored II him-
sell'.   Vou see thai    thero   hosshalr
jvatoh chain ho   wotu's?   Uraldod   II
, hlmsoir. aNcitlco Hi" peach stone
charm hanging to It? Carved li himself, anil ii took two months to finish,
Seo lhat lioim' dog lio';-. got? Peto
trained thai. do. lu do overytblng in
civ. is dog can do..   Ever hour Poto
; play on tho mouth harp and accompany
himself nn tin' guitar?    Taught hinv
isclf.    Ever   urn   his   hniulwrltlng?
iJobI like jopporplalo, all Bliadod nnd
I flourished, and he .an make a swan'
without lulling j'-'H pen from tho pa-l
per.    Polo may not keep a ]o_ or feed
liis family, imi he's a gonitis, that's
what he is!
Trees : nd the Soil
The soil is n resource of priceless
valuo. Hs formation on focks is ox>
ooedlngly slow. According to Protos-
him- .i. Bowman, many glacial ���____���'
cs iiini were math on rook during the
la il glai ial period, uetwoon 00,000 and
75,000 years ug", arc slill I'rosh as If
ilu-} lnul Im mi mado only yosterday.
Vi>t since iho glaciers ilius reoordod
thomielvei man hns nomo up from the
rino uiul Um Btone hammer. Bcventj
ilioiisanil years Is a very short time
[or tlio ilovcltipineni of a soil cover,
For unin ii means a period bo greal
Hun lim mind can Imrdly grasp It,
The cutting oft of tho troea exposes
iih' anil so lhai tin ruin boats upon
H, and sluco ii ims losl tho nroli ciloii
lhai Iho roots ami tho Utter on tho
ground afforded the soil Is boom
washed nway. in llftj yearn n single
lumber mercbanl can floprlvo the
moo of si'ill thnl required 10,000 yours
1 i IV I ,'.
Mlnard _ Liniment . uroa Dlstsmpsr.
Minard's Liniment C. res Diphtheria,
Shoes nnd Nei.es
Travelers say lhai the n ason wlij
norvous people don't exist In China
is because It is then li t' oiiBloni to
wear sofl shoes. Thero Is no doubl
iiim iiai'ii soled, croaking [ lotgoar Is
responsible for much nervous wear
mul lour as woll as iniicli pliysloal fatigue in western lauds. Tired feel
and Uroil nerves will llnd solace In n
warm foot bulb "iiii u n mill'iil Of
sen salt Iii It, Mme Iho fool aboul
or keep them still us host ploaBos you
us long im tho water Is plcnsautlj
wai'iir. then drj ihem wiih a rough
towel mul pul mi a fresh pair of Stock
20   GAUGE
n.\ mwMj:s$ repuaving shotgvij
The Model 1912 Winchester is the lightest, strongest
and handsomest repeating: shotgun on the market. It
weighs only about 5 ( pounds, yet it has great strength,
because its metal parts throughout are made of nickel steel.
It is a two-part Take down, without loose parts, is simple to
operate and the action works with an i-ase and smoothness
unknown in guns of Other makes.   See one at your dealer's or
Sr'i.l in Vflsohttltr _ .'r.iri'n;: _rr.i Co., Uric flavin, Cons,, tvr circular4.
_7I_ llt.llT WKtOIl?, NICKliL Wl'l'l.  _./���._'.._.
v,; p ilioi'M i con i, htieep ond plirnlii nucti prime couill-
linn. I'i.'i'uii.*'" il l; conipuHcd nl ihewinio Iicib.a, rooln,
oceUB nml Itulii Uml these niilmalB ent freely wlieti
iniuil'i.i v.-il'l. Mi'i'riuil llii-si'I. n nii'ilii'lii.il iinli: l:nn et
ton Hue pnwileij miv them tlioroimlilv mul nlvellicm
(������ you.nl their hem, lu liiterimltoiuil ___ I'noil,
Thit i.-i wliv ii tahti Bpoouful ot liilernntlonnl Block Pood
.till the reffiilnr umiu feed tow iiii)tlie��vnteinolrhoi'iiei*,RlveH
them new life, mul n |jlo���ycontol lin.li-', It In Uie IwKttnlnB
ynu cult nlve ii lioi-.iir for liutlireittlnu, liver trouhle, cquuIih,
���nam n*n, hide hound oi l>li����l ti-oulile, Iiitcnintlonul Hlock
l'no'l l��cqunlly Kood tar horned cattle,uUcc|> ntidlto((H. ttUcenia
tin- nyiteiu lu n lieulthy condition und promote* miild growtli.
l'or nnlehyilenlei-ri everywhere. Ill
l_ri:__,Viio_..s. STOCK i'OOD CO, liwimi, TDK'IMO. (int.. <���	
Patent Your Ideas���Nu ili-lay aiuT we
*lll Ki-ll It for vun If thn lit��� hns nvr- j
It. Send iikotch for freo roport, Infot-
I'lintlon on patents and r,t of tmc'iUUim,
���wanted mallod fron.��� J. A. mac-
MURTRY _ CO.. Patent Attorneys, 15+
Bay   Street,   Toronto,   Canada.
Assets   5.3.600,000.00
Insurance   $18,500,000.00
ABSOLUTE      Security
Policy   Holders
Excelsior    Policy   Forma    Approved    by
Dominion   Insurance   Department
Vnv Agoniilos ripply to Provincial 0_ces
at    wlnntpeft,    _dmonton,    Saskatoon,
Vancouver, or lit-nii oniee, Toronto.
r \
No Gill Is More Universally
Acceptable Than
Sec that the celebrated trademark,
as shown in illustration, ison every
pair of gloves you buy.
This tr ,d* mark assures perfect
Style, Fit and Finish.
Presence of Mind
Colonol Cody (Buffato   R1IU   onca
told lim following Btory of ono o( his
comrades of I he plains Ituown as wild
! .11!
A mnn who nursed a srtitlge against
Wild will swore t" kill Mm, He
titond conoonled in a doorway, stepped
out nnd confronted Bill ns tho latter
passed and leveled a pistol al his head,
I've Rot you now, Wild Hill, ho said,
and I'm going To kill you, but I will
give you one minute to pray!
Well, Hitld Hill With an easy sniilo,
It docs look lihe the jig's up!
Suddenly Bill peered over the man's
shoulder ami waved a deprecatory
Don't hit him, Andy! he said,
The man whoeled to protect himself from the supposed enemy in his
rear. lie- ga/.eil Into empty space.
Thero was no Andy nor any ono else
behind hlni, nnd before ho could turn
round again Wild Bill bad killed him.
ti. may he only n Bovaloh or mil to
begin -witli, hm the deadly germs got
inlo il nnd soon .Oil lire n victim of
blood-poisoning. Von sny you caught
cold iii tho wound and H festered,
Now It Is red and llery, antl throatens
'.ei'intiM Irouli' .
You can never estimate what il is
worth to Have Dr. Chase's Olntmeut
at hand all tho time to apply In just
such cases of emergency. The most
Important thing this olntmeut does Is
lo prevent blood-poisoning, li depresses the nerves, contracts tho small
arteries and veins, and slops bleeding.
By Its antiseptic Influence It keeps
out the poisonous germs and heals up
the wound.
Hr. Chase's liniment quickly soothe;
itching and burning, and ..coins'to heal
more quickly than anything that lias
heen discovered, As a cure for eczema It Has never been rivalled, and
what more severe lest could you apply? To try Ur, Chase's Ointment _j
to prove Us'unusual merit und to koopi
il always nl. hand for liistitiii use.
"2 in 1" and '"} in 1"
as nood  as
No other Washboards have the
zinc crimped by 'ne method peculiar to EDDY'S Waihlioards.
This patented process eliminates
the dannei- of torn linens���th?
abuse of hands���the unpleasantness
of  wash-day.
It assures i omfort and economy to
the nreatest degree. Insist on
Didn't Walt for Thank You
John Bull, tho scene painter, tells n
story of an occasion when he delivered some scenery for un entertainment
in a lunatic asylum, lie was watching
his mon getting the stuff in when It
was beginning to vain. A big
man with a pleasant smile appeared
and offered to help. They got on
ruinously. Mr, Bull uud his volunteer
were just setting down the last load
when an attendant arrived, caught the
big man a tremendous blow on the
Bide of the head and sent him sprawling on liis baflk. Mf. Bull was
speechless with indignation nt this attack, but the victim got Up, smiling
move than ever, and walked away.
You can thank your stars I've been
watching you, the attendant explained. I suppose when you had the last
lot In' you'd have said 'Thank you.'
Well, that's Ihia fellow's trouble, sir.
Mm lnoineni yen say 'Thank you' to
him he'll wring your neck.
A youngster was rniicli depressed
hy loneliness. Mis own brother had
gone away for a week, and the hid
across the street, with whom lie played occasionally, was III In bed. Moreover, Ihoro were no toys that ho
found amusing.
lu Ibis sad slate his uiothor found
him, Perhaps, she suggested, 1 can
play with you. What is it you wish -
to play. Indians'.'
No, mam, sighed the boy. I wish 1
was two little dogs, so I could play
Placing tbe Goat
An anecdote of Presldenl Hayes Is
told hy an Englishman who formed
one of a party of h!s compatriots
while the president and bis family
were at Clark's ranch, near Yosfemlte.
The two parties were assembled In the
rude kitchen awaiting the coining
meal. A certain stiffness prevailed
at lirst. At list a master of ceremonies and Introducer appeared in Hie
shape ot a small and elegant qiuulru-
ped, evidently n family pel, which
trottod Into tho kitchen lo he caressed. A lady Of tho English party genl-
ly slrokcil its stem, the presldenl. Its
sierii. Presently they met, aboul
the center of the animal, and the interchange of a few remarks became
Inevitable. This Is n very pretty goat,
from ihe English lady. My cud is an-
tfclope, madam, from the president. It
need scarcely be said that both ends
were antelope, but. the reply wns very
Exhausted from Asthma. Man11
who rend these words know the torrl-
rible drain upon health am: strength,
which co_es in thu train of asthmatic troubles, Many do not realize,
however, lhai thero is .ie true remedy which will surely slop this drain.
Dr, .1. D, Kellogg's Aslhnin Remedy
is :i wonderful check to this enervating ailment, It has ii countless record of relief to its credit. U Is sold!
almost, everywhere.
Red Flannel
nod flannel as a cure for rheuma-l
lism has many adherents.   No doubl |
the flannel keeps warm and protects
the stiff joint and    )re muscles, but |
as far as the color goes any oilier In
the spectrum would be fully as effective,     Iillte many of our boy and glrl|
superstitions, the notion Hns become
so deeply grounded ns to Have an uu-
uoubledlj tavornbls mental effect. Perish the Iconoclast who would destroy
A Simple and Cheap Medicine.���A
simple, cheap nnd effective medicine
is something to be de.'red. There Is
no medicine so effective a regulator
of the digestive system as Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. They aro simple,
they aro cheap, they can be got anywhere, and their beneficial action will
prove their recommendation. They nre
(lie medicine of tho poor man and
thoso who wish to escape doctors'
bills will do well in giving them a
The Brave Biittcrf.y
Here Is an unorthodox story of King
Solomon: Que day a butterfly sal on
the Icing's temple and boasted to his
wife: If I elu.se I could lift my wing
and shiver tills building to the ground,
he swaggered. Solomon, overhearing, sent for the boaster. How flare
you-.' he thundoved. The butterfly
groveled. 1 did it to impress my'
wife, he pleaded. The great monarch was instantly appeased and let
him go. What did Solomon Bay to
vou? gasped a quivering wife five minutes later. Oh. he begged me not to
do it said the butterfly airily. And
Solomon, again overhearing, smiled.
For Baking Success
���This Oven Test
Success on sonic baking days
can be expected no matter
what flour you use. But constant .success is rarer. It can
be assured in only one way.
The miller must select his
wheat by oven test.
So from each shipment of
wheat we take ten pounds a.
a sample. We grinc this into
flour. Bread is baked from
the flour. .__ gin a _.��_,_
If this bread is high in quality, PURiT_F
large in quantity, we use the        /
shipment from which it came.      /
Otherwise we sell it. /
Constant baking success comes /
as a matter of course from/
ihmr bearing this name      /
*���_ *
N /
"More Brfeidand Better'Bread" and
Can ��lw��y�� make mre cf getting the hlglteit prlcei for WHEAT, OATi,
BARLEY ��nU FLAX, by shipping their car lota to l-'ORT WILLIAM AND
. QBT ARTHUR nnd having them sold on commission b--
VV. N, U   980
Flattering Epitaphs
Charles Lamb, when a   little   boy,
walking In a churchyard with his sister and reading the epitaphs, said to
j her: Mary, whore are all the naughty
I people buried.
Wasted Sarcasm
Indignant Wife���1 wonder what you
would have done if yo.i had lived
when men were lirst compelled to earn
vh. r bread by the sweat, of their
Indolent Husband���1 should havf
started a little notion store and sold
If wishes were aulos street railways
would go bankrupt
Premiums Upon Babies
Augustus, i mporo. of Rome, made
babies a i n__jicirL to office. By ,hr
Lex Papia Poppaea, jr.sscd In A.l). 8,
definite preference as regards ollle.1
was given to the others of satisfactorily large families, Such fathers were
eligible for office before tweury-five.
They took' precedence ot colleagues
with no children or fewer than lliree
and were preferred all round. The
privilege was called the 'Jus trium lib-
eroruni (three children privilege), but
the qualifying number, throe in ltome.
was four in Italy, five in the provinces. The system, however, never
worked well.
The original Spelling uf ribbon was
ribband, for it was a band that went,
around the waist, inclosing or binding
the ribs. The hair ribbon ts thus a
very odd vi rbal paradox
Papa,'asked Willie, whal la iiUenoii]
It is phenomenal, my son. explninti
Mr. Wisepate, when n lawyer is coj
tent with i nominal fee.
Advices  from  the national  dp'pnil
ment of agriculture to eat what y
like when you feel like it, is not wor.
'. much to those who do not know whej.
to got   money enough  to follow  si\'^
j advice.
[ Try Mtiriu  Eye Remec.
I ^ vou have Red, Weak, Watery Eyj
I or (li'Aiini-jtC'l Eyelids,   Doesn't Smm
l���Soottfes Eye l'alii,   Druggist* K��
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, too, 5flj
Marina Eye Salve In Aseptic Ttihe't
25c,  50c.    Eye Books Free by M.'
An Eyo Tonic Oaa�� tor All I.s that Naaal Car, ]
Uur.'ne  Eye Kims   .   Co.,  Cttlowj j I*
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LI..D., D.C.L., President
Gunerul Mnnaiter Assi-tium Gcnvrul Mnnniier
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch o( Tlie Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mall, and will receive the
same careful attention as is ..iven to all other departments of the
Bank's business, Money may tye deposited or wilhd. "vn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the P  ._.        a_
W. S. LONGHURST, Acting Manager, Courtenay and'Comox BnncSjs
Couiox branch open <ui Tuesday, from io lo 3
_������>���-___* ���__t___a-_.__B^��a_a____"_______���*"*..
Comox Co-Operative Society
Dialers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Farmer's
! rodltce, Cooked Meals a
Specialty, We .'ell only the
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Miss Ailu Gladys Sylvia ol Everett,
Washington, daughter of Mrs, 13, J. Sylvia und sister lo Mrs. Frank Burnett of
Courtenay li. C. was united in .. atriage
January 14th to Mr. George 1'. Glineburg at the home of the bride's uncle
nml aunt Mr. aud Mrs', T. P. Do!won,
2430 Rockefeller Avenue.
The ceremony was preformed in the
living room which was beautifully deor-
nU-ilin ivy uiouutain laurel nud white
Tin- service was read by 'Rev, B. T.
Caiilill ill tlie presence of relatives and
intimate friends. Preceding the ceremony Mrs. W. B. White, of Nortli Yakima, siste ��� of the groom, sang "O
Promise Me" and Mrs. J. H.- Mover
played the Mendelssohn wedding march
for the approach of the bridal party.
The bride's gown was cream silk poplin. She carried a shower of bride's
roses and Her-ci idiire was caught with a
garland of pure white flowers.
Miss Harriet Scott as bridesmaid wore
a gown of filmy white mousseliue. Mr.
Norman Glineburg attended  the groom.
Following the ceremony and congratulations a- buffet Slipper was served
by Mrs. Dobsou assisted by Mrs.
1,'ouise Barndt, Miss Ada Scott and Mrs.
!���;.   J. Sylvia.
Mr. and Mrs. Glineburg received
numerous beautiful presents among h m
a cabinet of silver, a silver tea sendee,
silver extension tray, card receiver,
several pieces of cut glass and table
After Feb. 1st tbey will be at Home to
their many friendsnt 3502 Oakes Avenue.
Robt Graham, who built the
Courtenay hotel, and who has beat
ailing for some years, is seriously
ill ami has been taken to the Sisters'
of St. Joseph Hospital. He is an
old timer iu the district. His wife
is a daughter of Mr. John Piercy
of Deumau Island.
The    annual   meeting   of   th;
j Comox Wharf Conservative Association was held   on   Saturday.
j The election of officers resulted as
[follows: President,  J. B.   Holmes;
jVice President, I . J. Mill-tt; Secretary, Chas. Westtup, Executive:
,C. A. Martin, R, McCuish, G. M.
i Barlow, J.   Toinson.     Messrs.  S.
! Calhoun and Frank Cameron  ad-
' dressed the meeting re affiliation
with the Central Association which
was afterwards agreed to,
Rev. C. R. Luther arrived by
Princess Beatrice. He is to hold a
meeting of St. Peter's Church
p: rishoneers to-night,
Mr. E. H. Ashby arrived by
Princess Breatrice, he is a guest of
J. B. Holmes of this place,
S. S. "Eagle" left Comox this
morning for Mud Bay.
Hobberlin tailors are real
experts.   They study
every part of a garment
from first to last.
Tbey are more than mere
students.   Brain traine*
cloth.   Is what
e designates
We are showing the new
this famous
house now
Suits as Low as $20
Top Coat as Low as $20
Will be "Shoe Day" with us,
will terminate our "Big Sale;" and
will be your last chance to benefit
from our bargains
we mean to clear out our entire Shoe
Stock, acd the price put on every
pair will make the work easy
Phone 6 Courtenay
hee & Morrison
Sole Agents for Hobberlin Tailoring
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.    Local views for sale.
Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installe.   Electric Wiring and Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work
Isolated Lighting Plants a Sdecialty
Boxl 95      Phone F95      Courteuay
Our Xmas goods are arriving by
every boat. Currants, raisins, peel,
sultanas, almonds, walnuts, flavor
ing for Xmas pudding and cakes
We have a full line of Ladies neck
wear, waists ami silk handkerchiefs
table centres
Also gents ties, suspenders, garter
sets, fancy wool vests, silk mufflers
and  gold mounted fountain pens,
all suitable for Xmas presents
A large assortment  of china and
glass ware, Xt-nas and New  Year
TOYS       TOYS        TOYS
This is Santa Claus'   headquarters
for his presents.    Call and inspect
our stock, we cad suit all ages
Don't forget the address
Perez Park Gen'l Store
will be open for business, close
to your house, next week with
all kinds of goods
Your Patronage Solicited
.loving Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a new up-to-date electric plant
An Entire Change of Programme
Twice weekly
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor
DR.   MORRISON,   Dentist
Dr. Morrison is a graduate lx>th of the
Chicago and Detroit Dentil Colleges.
Having a central office in Courtena; he
will visit surrounding towns at regniai
The Comox Barber  Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay'
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E-  DALRYMPLE,  Prop.
Soft Drinks
Swan's Pool Room
Subscribe for The   Reviev E. SWAN, Prop.
The most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria
Rates Reasonable
Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, B. G
.1 THE T.F.V.I.W. rouinT.w.Y.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut outc atliartir i anj purgatives.   TT -v *rt
_nit_l-   ....I.It-UillUi.. IU!}.    ll)
Purelyvegottbla. Act
gently,ui tlu-livi-r,
Cure Con.
���liptf'ii' n,
flan, -
_tH Hendathe and hdtfstthti et niil/iVil  itmaf.
Small Pill, S r.i all Dote, Small Ptic*,
Genuine mux ._ Signature
The tame Trotter
When my father_ got a lame
linn horse.
i rot
Historic Lindon Street
-lilay street Is nm of the mosl In
Bll, mat he's trying to] toreBting and ancient ot th* thorough-
sluiclc off hla hands, faltered the whiteI faros of London, As long ago as|
limn nurse, lie doc".ni over no around 1305 a roforonce lo n> appears iu the
mournful like, with Ids hoed hanging,I oily records, and even ihen il was pro-
tolling lulls about his wonderful trot
liably old.     close by it stood iho-
Full   flavored   aud
perfectly cooked
ter tiu.i's just iho littlest, teeniest Nag's Head tavern, wbloli Is famous
tnlte   lame.      Oil,  no.      Whal   father| In history a.-, the p. 'ended BCBlie 0
does Is to call    l> i very one lie Knows; Uie const oration nf Matthew   rni'Lcr.
within twenty miles and tell thorn; archbishop ot Canterbury, ln the rolgn
Say Tom, lilll, Harry, or whatever his ot Queen ESlUaheth.
a mo Is, whal lu tlio deuce do you Tbo name of Friday street Is dorlv-
suppoBo I iiiw got over hore In my ed from tho fact thai In medieval
I in'.' A lame horso thai wauls lo lime ninny llshmougers resided there
trot, lamer than tho iletico you know,Und hold tholr Friday market I" die
imt can do n mile In S.'IO, Faintly vicinity, By n Btraugo coutrarl
tlio little smile qulokoned again In tho! of nomenclature tho Wednesday olnh
white llnon nurso's oyeB, And tlio mot at a hOBtolly In the slroot, nud
barn will in- full of nun in halt aa there in IflDB, under the dlreolton ot
hour, sho said, Somohow nobody William Patei'Bou, discussed at groal
wants a trotter that's lamo but nlmoBt length tho proposals whloh eventuat-
nn)body soema willing Io risk n lame od in tho oslabllshmonl ot tho Dank of
horse that's plucky oiiourIi to want to I England,
ti.it.- From 'Tho White l.lnrn N'tirso'      ���
ln Contury, Awful Aisiiim.i Attacks.���Is thero n
                  | member cf your tnmllj who Is in iho
A Carelessly Treated Gok1
__________aaa______a____i_a__w_-*-. __MBata____M___l
rs the source of most sickness because dragged
pills, syrups and alcoholic mixtures are
uncertain and unsafe,
Scott's Emulsion has been relied upon by
physicians for forty years as the safe and sensible
remedy to suppress lhe cold and build up tl
enfeebled forces lo avert throat and lung trouble.
Don't tolerate alcoholic substitutes, bat insist
on the Bamtlne Scott's Emulsion.  One bottle usually
lasts longer than a cold.   Every druggist has it.    -. _
>e  J
| GUARD THE BABY AGAINST COLDS ���r..:,;m;U,"S:;,M':,";M:,m:i
  I ihe bringing to his attention of Dr. J.
Tho season tor colds la   nl   l_nd|D, Kollogg's Auilnna Remedy,     This
rem'd,v nsls
118    ri'imla
I'm' others.
W. CUIUC. M.... Mo��t_��l.
make   delicious
and unless ilie mother koctis a omnia
u.ii watch ore: her utlli one cold will] tlon upon what fi has dono for o
setae ihem an.! often more Berloua re- It has a trulj wondortul reoortl
suii.s follow.   An occasional doso of] oi'tng yoars aud years of sttccos
\u : agry mother luvl hoi illiio son
w.> don't print any siioh
! hy tho hand ami held a menacing cttiie.
ihnl!  said  tho editor lotlll
V,   IV
I'll Iciieh yoll In tlo a  la tile to the
handed back tlio mauuscrlpi
cat's  lull,  said   1   o   nillier.
Well,  you  iH'iiiii'i   bo Hi
lin -i
i     ll  wasn't tint eat. aald    .,��� hoy,
���about  ii!  retorted tho Irrea
No, li wasn't, hul ii mis our In Itle,
trtbttlor,     Ynu ure nol ih-
1 mttitt ihe mother,
v, ho wi.' i'i print ll,
Baby's Own Tublots will prevent colds
or If they do come on Diidilonly the
Tablets will clear tho stoma* ii and
bowels and Instautly relievo lhe baby
[rom cold, Tlio T'.hlcls nru sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at _���
COtltR ;l Ims from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Urockvllle, Out.
Mangled Nam<_
r rumomher one Louden critic leli-
Ing mo, writes E. N. In thu Dinning-
ham Post, how he had wired lo n tilns
kow nam r the news thnl tho great
a al
ttj_, W::;._ow'�� BoorniHO S,-ac-p ha* h_n
__ for over SIX. IT VEAIlSt.y MILLIONS _ | . . ,     ,- ���,,
���HOTHKHS for tlieir CHItDRBN \v���__,i'"��� u ' "''"" �� iN
ISOTHES the CHIt.l). SOl'TKNS tlie 00M8,
A?.!,.-.null CAIN CURES WIND COI.IC, and
ia tne best remedy (or jilAKiintEA. It Ij at.
���otlitelv h_mle_. Ile mite and ask lor "Mr*.
Win.1-low's Soothing Svrup," una Uke tto title!
kind.  Twenty-live ceiits �� bottle
Something oottcr than  linen ami big
laundry bills.   Wnflh it wltn   soap   ami
water.    All stores or direct,   Stato stylo
nnd size.   C'or HBo. we will mall you.
68  Fraser  Avenue,  Toronto,   Ontario
�����*-�����. 'out or io_ri'��yii PowM'ar'uot ihiiLuitf
���ft*, tar mt PHI book, tub host instrlctivi
���IDICAI, rOOIirVli_WftlTTIN.ITTBI.L6AI.Lahonttb.lt
���I.l_r_irdrli>rr_a_wi<ii___ D_l�����_>__
XHaimal.rittB. No laUa.aa'ai._iari DlTlCUM
B_. Co. H��Va__ u_ _>.u*vi-.i>al>, LOa_a.lj_,
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
_Tiu!__ii had just arrived anil w
oonducl tho London Symphony or-
cliostra on such and such a date. Tlio
telegraph jpern'tor, tn; usual, spellotl
the iinfainiliar nntno along the line of
least resistance. The Glasgow subeditor, not being a iniisii'iil man, had
Oil, bul as tln> adjective 'great' was prefixed to tho
name, he naturally assumed that he
must bo r Scotchman, ���� tho Glasgow!
public was Informed the uoxt day that
the gront McKisli had arrived lu Lcn-
I remember tilno n London colleague
reduced to a state ct collapse by discovering that ho had huen made to
say that Andrew Blacli had sun;;:
Nlnepln Andrew, lustoad of N'on pin
Fo, Frost Bites and Chilblains. ���
Chilblains come from undue _cdobuiv
to slush nnd t-olil and frost-bite from
the icy winds of whiter, In tlio tr..,it-
liienl, of either there is no bettor preparation than Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlo
Oil, as it counteracts the Inflammation
and rolieves lhe pain. The action of
tli,' oil is liiBlttulaneoiiB and Its niipll-
catlon is extuiuely simple.
must ovory pint of IIiIb colittn.nl,
r ,'ii beyond lhe sens,
Origin of Uie Driima
The drama, In tho only sen.;,' In
which It la worth talking nboul, had
lis origin lu (iri.'i".e immediately following the di IV; i of Darius and .Virion, aliniil 11.0, 1(10, Its I'irlllplaee
was Alliens, and Its fallinrs were Ais
chyliiB and   Aristophanes���Aeschylus
Of Irairedy ;md Al'lstopll' lies of com-
Ody. When the Creel, and Unman
civilisation weni Into ecllpBe under
the biiiek cloud of northern barbarian-
ism the theatre, as with nearly everything else, bocnn.o oxtlnct, 'an during
the middle ngos acting was In a measure resumed In the form of the Moralities, or moral i>la.,s of Ihe ecclesiastics, and  It  was from such plays
i Hmi  tlio nun! r i  Crania  was slowly
j evolved.
,A Oin.idi._n Knight
Distinguished SekviceOrder
C0i_P._r.-r._ON OB  THE R/INCE
A P_st_  I the F FD/iLLEY G>lt_| No Dust
is the boat:
Mathias Foley, Oil City
Josoph Snow, Norway, Me.
Charles Whooten, Mulgraru, N.S,
Rev. it, o. Armstrong, Mulgrave, N.rf.
Pierre Lan.'.cis,   seni'.,   Pokemouclie,
T1ioi.ii-: Wesson, SholTlelil, N.B,
Dally Market Letter an. SumpI* drain Bags.
Bend us your nam�� and address and we will
put you on our mulling list���It's free.   _��t ui
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selllntf Dial grading of all
cars.    Our Car  Tracing  anil  Claim Dopartmnnta  work In  ow
clients' Interests. We have every facility for prompt wrvlce and
we get best resulta for shippers,
Send to-dny for a eupply of sump!* bags ond den.l with a
firm whose business ban been built up by satisfied cuntouiei..
Paid-up Capital, $150,000
References,    any    Bank    or.
Coinmrfclal Agency.
Book Tree.    A Simple
Rome  treotnent r.mov _
Imp from Ibis U .'a bream'
Old serei, ulcers and
tfrowtbo cured.    Deocrib*
four Irooble -, wa will o_d book and lettioiooiala.
For Sunday School Teachers
A teacher In a mission Sunday I
school in a Scottish town lias some!
interesting stories 0> tell, In tho 'Alia-
slonary .Uocord of tlio United Free
church, of tho answers which have
como from lufnnt lips to her Blhlc
questions. Sometimes one gets al
perfectly natural tut wholly unoxpect-1 _e,ro..l]v�� P**.0 "j11,1
cd reply. Asked what Nuaninn did
after washing !u the Jordan he'fore he
j rolurned to his native laud, one m'ito
gave the olivious answer: pry hlsaelf,
The class was told the story of tlie little Shunamite, liis suustroko aud his
restoration liy tho prophet, and wishing to inculcate gratitude the teacher
asked what tlio mother would do when
Shi: got him hack. Pit a hairnet OU i
his held, shouted iinmeditttoly a practical youth.
A popular doctor was not long aso
mtic'.i pleased with a certain aerated
I water, and by his assiduous recom-
I moudalious procnr, 3 for it a celebrity
it justly deserved, Tlie doctor acted
solely in tlio ml'rests of humanity
generally, and expected uo return, To
his surprise there came one ffiornltig
an offuslvo letter Irom tlu company,
saying thnl his lecouuuendntions had
done them  bo  much good  thai  they
ventured I. send him a hundred ���'
in an end. 'lliis
will never tlo. suld the doctor; it Is
very kind, but I could not think of ac-
ceptlug anything. Hor; he turned
the parte aad found Lhe sentence ran:
ot our circulars for distribution.
V our Oven Gains
by Our Oven Test
Vour oven becomes a
certain producer, of more
bread and better bread.
_���*_ __*__���_��*_     ^�� can Prom-'sc ^at-
POliiTy     V��r fl'om each .shipment
-.    -
. ._ -
��� DO
it}    v��;
.rli at 1
; oi ne
; moltG
three to
ti Huh
ivs per
Art    C ..
.   U..  Br
None of Them Horrid
Aliss Prim -Allow a horrid man co
Kiss mo���-never:
Miss Peach���Neither would I; but
thank goodness, (here isn't one among
ull my male ocquatutnncoB,
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Diphtheria.
France's Foreign Legion
The .roach 'ere legion, which
is aiwuys Hi _ cause of so much had
bluud in Germany, is the only regi-
monl of Its kind in existence. Ii datei
from i. ll. when Prance undertook tlie
conquest of Algeria. It consists of j
two reg1meul8, inch four battalions
stron_. drawn from all the advi ntur-
i ra of Europe, li is popular nut only
hecause no questions urn asltod, but|
Tlie irl who looks straight out nf
n carriage window Is often looklug at
the man opposite at tho same time,
nml the man is apl to forget that ho
is reflected through the window pane.
Piesldenl Wilso.t's sangfroid is unfailing, said .i diplomat-- us unfailing
as his fund of anecdote.
Apropos of the shipping rebate. l|
compliment.d the president ou lilsi
sangfroid tho oilier day. lie replied
witli his dry smile, that ho tried lo|
imitate the gravedlgger.
A gravedlgger, ho explainod, laid tlio:
luibio of visiting his cemetery every
night ai aboul midnight to see th..t nil
was going wi II.
Somo bOVS  decided !(.  play  a  trick
on him.    Tin ) aaj; r trench in a dark!
spat which la1   gravedlgger   always I
passed over, aud oua of tlieir 1111111'cr,
clothed in a white phoet, hid behind
a tree ��� I
The gruvcdlggir at mldntttlit duly
1, ami sure enough, ho stum-
1 ihe grave,
in 1 lie si;
el Btepped
DOD__��   .
W-'>\ 1'i.i'^     '.-' *2>A1
. fey. KrwwEYi
50c. a box cr six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Coinp'ny. Limited, Toron*o.
because promotion Is open lo all. witn- ��� b|m,      . . ��� ,n
in limits, and a certain number of thej    T|,ell f|)0 1, ,v
officers  hme  risen  from  the  ranks. 1 .,���.,,;' .������,'     ,,,',    ,. ,Mu,,. lonog.
All classes ur' to be found among ts;    whil|,     ,     , flo,    ,��� ,  . gvave7
mombors and all natlonalties bit  tho     vvllllt .���,, nm {W     01lt oE lt? th(
many Clermans da not (loser ho thorn- eraVedt��_cr calmly   replied
all   Alsai
Inns. The reason for Its continued I
existence is Unit France jannot spare]
ils men nor send enough who would 1
leave the comforts of civllazatlon for
the wastes of Africa or f 1 swamps
of Tonkin.
A Hope at Least
In my time, declared grandma, girls
were more modi's .
1 know, said tt ��� fllppi.ut girl. It
wan a fad occo, We may get back
to it.
1 MwtyB re.u
of wheat delivered at our niills
we take a ten pound sample.
We grind it into flour. We
bake the flour into bread.
If thi.s bread is high in
quality and large in quantity,
we use the shipment.. Otherwise we sell it.
There is no guess-work
about our promise of more
\)\\\\t\ and better bread from
Hum' bearing this name.
and Hotter Bread" anc
Better Pastry Too"       fi23
Can always make sine cf gettlnfl the highest prices for WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car lots to FORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission b"
Blissful Ignorance
A man went ti n judge and asked
whether he could hring suit for slander against a nan who had culled him
a rhinoceros.
Why, certainly,    said    tlu    judge.'
When did .10 call you that'.'
About three years :.go.
Three year.- ngo: And you only
start suit today?
But, your lienor, yesterday I saw a
rhinoceros for the first time.
W.  N.  U. 97?
Try Murine  Eye Remedy
I�� you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
���Soothe:-; Eye Pain. Druggist? Sell
Muriue Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25e, 50c.
J Marina Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
��� 25c,  SOc.    Eye Books  h'ree by Mail.
���n E>o Tunic float! far All Ey_ that Na*_ Car*
Murine Kre  Remedy  Co.,  Chlcafo
Wear them ��� Give them
For Holiday Social Affairs
or for Seasonable Gifts
Seelliat tlie well known trademarks
as shown in cuts arc ou every glove
you buy aud you will then be sure
of perfect
Style, Fit and Finish.
8��* dealers everywhere sell the genuine) PEHHIN'S GLOVES,
New Brunswick's Mlghttl Judicial
Officer Is Seventy.Five Years Old .
nnd Has Labored In His Nativt
Province All His Life-Sat In tin
House cl Commons lor St. John
In  lhe   'Eialtties.
A   distinguished   Canadian,   wlit I
n-H-i   made   a   K.C.M.G.   when   the
King's honors   were, distributed  re. j
cenily,   is   Sir   Frederic   Eustacho
Barker, chief juatics ot New ..runs. :
Seventy-fly. years ngo Sir Frederic ���
��� as bom in .hcllii'Kl, N.B., anil all i
bis Uio ha.- lived and workod in hi' !
One ot the Bi<j Problems In Developing
Flying Machines.
Wind   . iii.iiis  mi   automobiles   ar-
ranged lo deflect tho wind upward so
thai, tlie driver will mil receive lhe full
force nl' the wind c-eii wben his eye*
are above lhe level .if iho top of tlio
���wind shield, are coiimon enough, hut
this iiriuciplo ef win! deflect I m has
now bcon applied Ingeniously to an
in .o|ilui:e.     Tin'   of_Cl   sought   is   tn
tnnke a reduced air pri ���uro above thu
iioropluuo win^s nr planes, and consequently tn Increas ��� their lining pow-
or. The limit of Ih ' wing Is so curved that (lie wind sh '��ls up shove Iho
piano Instead nf sllfl tig ahum- lis lop.
It is the Idea nf una of the groat
number of foreign solnullsts who nre
now studying wing shnpos, liis laboratory tests nml n limited number of
practical  toils lm�� i convtucod hlni
thai a  very cOUlld rnblo Increase of
lifting power eau liu galuod lu ihls
way, So lm is new preparing to make
coin pic to tests Miii a practical machine H is mi tlitf quostlon of wing
shapes that Iho full 'o development of
aoroplaulng largely osls
IJIl'dB   havo  an   e oi'UlOUsly   stealer
lil'llng ability In pro "ition Iii lhe povv-
er iliey exert than '" aeroplanes, duo
Undoubtedly lo lhe s'llipcs nf Ihelr hod-
les iiiiiI their wing I ''ins.
Tho ofllcloney of I in gasoline engine
has enabled t sn in ovorconio the In-
rllieioney nf acrop mio . linpos anil
Mings, lint Iho prevailing tendency In
flying now Is to giv ��� less attention lo
increasing lhe powe- and more attention to shaping the linns sn Ihcy will
lift as much ns tli. v- should, and so
thnt they will giv ��� heller stability
when (lying through the uii'.���Saturday
livening Post.
sir rnFiiFiiif r.rsT.. nr. iiaukf.i:.
native province tliough Iih example
��� nd influence have been fell all ovei
He was called to the bar in 1801,
alter graduating from the Provincial
University nnd"rapidly rose through
ability to important positions in the
legal profession. From 1835 to 18S7
lie represented St, John,' N.U., in
(he House of Commons. In 1893 lie
was mado puisne judgo of the Supremo Court oi New Brunswick and
in 1IX_ bccanio chief justice of that
province. He is a senator and ex-
���minor in law of the New Brunswick
Went  Right To  It.
James France Dwyer, the Au_ra
Han novelist, tells the following story
���bout the Japanese. Dwyer began as
a reporter in Melbourne.
"Japan sent a waTship on invitation
to Australia," said be. "We were tr
unveil a monument in a park in the
interior ot Melbourne. The Japanese
sailors were to grace the occasion."
Not ona ol the Japanese had ever
teen on shore there before. When tbe
morning of tbe unveiling came Melbourne sent a mounted escort to show
the visitors the way to the park. Tha
Escort wasn't needed. At the head of
the brown column marched an officer
with his nose on a map, pinned to a
kit of board.
"He never looked up." said Dwyer.
"Now and then he'd give an order in
Japanese, and the column wonld
wheel to the left or right. Kind friend?
would ware llieir hands at tho mount.
��d escort, marching proudly on the
wrong street, and tell them they ha'-
lust the city's guests."
Two or three times that performance
was repeated. Then the mounted escort gave it up in diEgust. The Japanese went to the park in the interior of
the city straight as pigeon flics to ���
hole in the barn. Aiterwards Dwyer
and other reporters measured the
route and discovered that the Japanese, guided only by their war map,
had taken the shortest route to tbelr
destination through a stram;e city.
The Lady's Choice.
Dr. Maenamara, who started life as
a schoolmaster, has amusing election
experiences to relate. On one occasion, when he was in the middle of a
���pooch, an old lady excitedly asked,
"Are you in favor of the repeal of ths
Hlasplirmy Laws. '
"Madam," was the ready rrply. "I
am a golfer."
Another amusing experience fell to
h_ lot when he was due to address a
meeting at a large board school.   He
arrived somewhat late, and was forced
to muke his way through the crowded
hall.   He found liis passage barred by
a pretty young lady leaning on the
arm of an admirer, and was forced to
overhear the following conversation:
'What's on hero to-night, George?"
'Oh, some spceekifylng, I believe."
'Who is speaking. '
"Dr. Maenamara."
"Let's go back to one of the dark
class-rooms,- George."
That Is What Unci. Gam's Wonderful
Canal R illy Is.
What lhe engine rs of (lie United
Stat is government me Constructing nt
I'ana a is not a muni through tho
(nth aus hut a bridge of water across
and above it. Tlie so called canal is
��� huge water blidg . lhe Orst in tho
���world's history. It is about thirty-
four miles in length eighty-seven feet
high, wllh a channel of water through
Its center varying In lopth i'rom forty-
five lo eighty-seven feet and In width
Ot the bottom from 300 tn 1,000 feet.
Tho bridge is divided into I wo sections, (iatuu lake anil Culobra cut,
the latter being an arm of tho former.
Access in the bi'ldgo by vessels wlil bu
by moans of water elevators, six in
duplicate al; cither cud, each 1,000 foot
long, 110 feet wide and with a com.
blued lift of eighty-seven feet. At the
Atlantic ond tho elevators are grouped
ono above another, like a flight of threo
steps. At the Pacillc end two pairs
of elevators are grouped nt the bottom
and are separated from the third pair
above by a plat form of water in the
form of a lake about a mile and a half
In length. Tho piers or walls which
hold the bridge in place arc tlio fialun
dam and elevator gates at the Atlantic
end nnd tho dam and elevator gales at
Pedro Miguel, at the Pacific end.
About nine miles of tho canal will be
through Culebra cut, aud these uine
miles constitute all that can properly
be called a canal unless (be sea approaches n f either end bo included in
that designution.--Jo.seph Bucklfn Bishop iu Seiibner _.
"He _ Got It."
The very newest slang expression
among college undergraduates, where
slangy and picturesque expressions always are up with and often ahead of
the times, Is 'He's got It." If n man
' lias "got It" ho is distinctly all right.
His fellow students have put on him
the seal of their unqualified approval.
They have bestowed upon him tho
highest praise Hint they con bestow.
There ts ntiont Iiini an Indefinite something, morally nnd mentally, that
makes blm nil right-a s '.are, elenn.
capable, likable chap. A; s (he case
wllh must slang, tho genes of "He's
got It" Is hard to truer,.���New York
Letter to Pittsburgh DlMOtOlt.
Italian Laborers Ends Strikes i>y B.
rmiiliig Ihelr Own _n.ploj.r_
Wherever one travels ihrotmh the
mirth of Italy he sees large or small
groups of wor_In__en, skilled or
unskilled, with no padrone to drive
tbem, making roads, carting tho
gravel for railways for lhe ilovern-
raeut, erecting big apartment houses
for the, working people lo llvi in.
extending ihelr operations lo every
sort of trade hy organising themselves into co-operative BO"iot_B to i
undertake big contracts. Binding
themselves together to work for i
themselves anil for one another, pay-
in�� ihelr own wages, carrying the responsibility or properly fulfilling
tbelr oontraot, and depositing a fund
lo guarantee Its completion, they i
eliminate iho Intervening contractors
ontlroly, saving the middleman's
profit io divide among themselves in
I proportion to the amount of work
I which each man has contributed and
I to lhe oxlslli" wage scnlc for his
trade, Having now become their
own employers 11. y have In tholr
own work eliminated the strike,
The labor oo -operative society is
(lie latest and farthosl advance, of
collectivism to-day, and Borne forms
of it In Italy me unique, Aslt these.
laborers about tbolr work, how tbey
are    holding    together,    how    they
secured the contract and the necessary guarantee   to  obtain   It,   how
I bey havn been able In purchase nil
thn machinery requlrod lo carry it
out, and they will tell you thai thorn
Is u co-operative bank in tho neighboring city lo which thoy belong,
with which their contract is deposit- ,
ed, and which advancer, tliom from j
month to month the necesBary funds
for equipment, cupplics and wages.   ,
Based on tinsels which had previously been of negligible value to ;
the laborer in the securing of credit
���namely, character, thrift, the ambition of every man to get on, his
normal Impulse to produce the greatest within him, mere numbers which,
joined together with their small
mltea of money are no moro to ho
despised than a UotbBohlld singly���
there have arisen in Italy a host of
Hanks of tho People���Banche Popo-
lati���a veritable army of co-operative savings and loan societies which
have given lo Individual members n
credit service previously inaccessible
if nol. Impossible, and which now are
extending their operations to reliable
co-operative groups of workmen.
Owned aud operand by tho people
themselves oh the most democratic
lines, the power ls diffused by the
single vole which each member
wields. Irrespective of the number of
shares he holds.
Only Lcokod  Like One.
The King of Saxony ia a man ol
i democratic tastes, who likes nothing
; hotter than lo be taken for one of
his own subjects. One hot afternoon, when ho was out riding, accompanied hy nn attendant, he
came, It is said, upon a butcher who
was trying to repair tbo broken-axle
of his cart. The king at once offered his assistance, and for ��� .cr an
hour the three men���king, butcher,
and attendant--worked In silence
beneath the blazing sun.
When they lad finished the butcher stared st'lidly at. tho king for a
moment. Then his face lighted up
as he thought that he saw the explanation of the kindness.
"Oh," he said, "you also are a
'No," replied Ihe king regretfully,
"I only look like one!"
Turning a Tight Screw.
' Any one who has attempted to re.
move a very tight screw knows what
a vory difficult business it is. After
���training and twisting for a considerable time the operators frequently
cuds by losing his temper and destroying the bite of the screw, which
remains fixed as lightly as ever. With
the aid of a pair of pinchers, however the affair is quite a simple one.
Place the screwdriver in position and
then caich hold of the blade with
tho pinchers just above the head of
the crew. Press lhe screwdriver firmly and at the- same time twist round
lhe blade with the pinchers. The
tightest screw will yield Immediately
to this soil of persuasion.
w%g mother wm * i*��i>\ ��<> Bncllib suf-
frag, tto:
Bho apont thr.�� yftftra in prlioDi bul bo.
for theft or dobt;
Bho burned a baron's cattle . ml thereby
won renown*
Bho bravely hfipni U\ (earing WoM.nin*
iter abbey down;
Bn. broke a hundred window., the laid ���
joehey low
Art'i pulled King Qeorgo'e whlskera one
day in ttotten row.
. J.* mother woe a lads*,
wiiK'ii no ono shall deny!
Her wu.vs wero never sim _.,
Her alms wore always high;
With raiment ripped and gory
Hiiu earned tlio world's applaue*
And won undying glory
In lighting for iho cauie,
*ty mother wns a lady, lhe wrecked and
tore and Blaihed!
Th. land in fUlod with ru.,_ that show
how well Bho f'inush.il;
B!.. wrecked a railway engine by pulling
np th. aplkoi,
Bho showod hor gentle breeding In .won-.
ty hunger Blrlkpg*
Bhe dynamited brldgee, she put strong
men to flight
Am) pulled policemen's noses to show thai
she v.;.s right
My mother wai u lady, _i.u learned to
loudly screech;
Defying   mobs   she   bravely   Indulged   in
public speech;
Bhe often (ore tho buttons from trembling
statesmen's coats,
She  burned  und  wrecked  and shattered
and bled for women'.8 votes;
6he cause tl St. Paul's to tumble, sho laid
tit. Jamos! low
And pulled King George's whiskers one
day In I.oltGn row.
���Chicago Record'Herald,
All In One Page.
Thrilling Tale of n Small Boy and
a Great Gig Fish.
Youthful An. er Triumphs Ovei Crcwn
Folks With the Rod���Various 13 ts of
Inform.'ilion of Interest to Lilt1*
Tho young gotitloniitu who Is ->>
proudly displaying tbe bin Ml I* : ..
lioil In fooling n Ilttlo colli, [Iv ii "���������'���
tlio ii ,i liluuolf, and nay boy vvlio
earns about Billing knows li in goed it
fools tn capture siii-ii a wboppor. Tha
Hibernian In this case la Count ileum-
dot Uocliberg, nnd ho i. ono of tba
sons of PHiii'o Heavy "f I lor., on
whoso country estate in Obor-Schleslen
tlio big lish   .aa ruptured.   Not long
, A few dtiyi ago a fire occurred in tlie
Itereotypo room of one of '.'oronto'a
large printing offices, and after it was
out Policeman XXIII came ia to make
inquiries und write out a report.
''What do you think was the causa
of the fuel" he asked.
"Spontaneous combustion," replied
tlio manager.
"We'll put it down an an overheated
furracc," said the policeman.
Ottawa Orai 100,000 Mark.
Ottawa's population is estimated now
1>V both the directory publishers and
tie city assessors at more then a una-
ited and one tliousaad.
Who Edita the Magazines.
During n recent discussion of the old
Question, college versus r.o college, ono
of the contestants remarked that the
substantial  monthly magazines were
not edited by c .lege gTOdl. tes.   'J'bo
mnn   who   inndo   tho   remark   whs
promptly confronted wllh the following record:
I    The Century, edited by Robert Sterling Yard. Princeton 'S3; Scrlbner's,
; Edward ���, Bui'Ungnmo, Harvard '(_;
I Harper's, Henry  M,  Aldcn, Williams
��� '57: Atlantic Monthly, Ellory Sedgwick,
! Harvard 'IM; Rovlow of Reviews, Al.
liert Shaw, firiunell '70. nnd World's
.Work, Arthur W. Tnge, nnrvnrd 'O.V
Pay Day.
Creditor���1 should like lo know when
yon nre going to pay (Ills bill, I can't
come here every day In the week,
Debtor-Wbat day would Btilt yon
Debtor-Very well. Then yon ca��
call every Saturday.���London Opinion.
"I  am  going  lo put. Into my now |
hook nil  Uie knowledge  1  havo evet
acquired." ,
"But won't it look more like n leaflet tban a real hook thou?"���Pitt*
bt.igli Press,
Plenty of Doors.
They were planning a state capltol.
"I sec you have only allowed for
pi;;ht doors to (lie senate chamber,"
said tho chairman.
"Thai i.s amply stlfllcleut." declared
the architect, "for purposes of Ingress
��� ud egress."
"No doubt, uo doubt. Hut yon had
better double the number, Every senator likes to appoint n few doorkeepers."���Louisville Courier-Journal,
His  Steady  Job.
This happened to a social worker.
She had been Interested In lhe ease
of a needy family. Tlio father had
been "sent up" aevoral timet for
ahorl terms for minor offences, but
���was now suppoaed to be "out" and
working at a steady job, One day
she thought to Irqulre.
'I haven't seen your father fori
some time," obe remarked to the 11- ,
year-old daughter. "What Is he do- ]
Ing now?" !
"I think he'f doin' a year, mum."
Horses  Nol   Like  Machines.
;      Animal? are uot like tbe machinery
on the farm.  They have a mind und
sensibilities  that,   should   bu   given !
somo   consideration   by   thoso   who j
have to work with them.   A machine i
can be neglected  and  misused, and
the greatest harm that can come of I
it 'h that the owner will have to buy a ,
nfrvv machine, but an animal tbat Is I
treated In a similar manner Is made j
to suffer pain.   Horses get tired and j
need good food, water and rest. Don't
treat them like mere machines.
The Question Answered.
I    Doctor (after examination)���Madam, j
! Ihere ts nothing ailing you.   Von hava j
j * constitution of Iron.   Obese Patient���
I 1 hnvo often wondered whnt made __-|
' ��o hcuvy.-Pbilndelpliin Ledger.
Airy Persiflage.
| "Whal lofty thoughts must come lo
! you, Mr. .lyre, as you go sailing
I through the nlr, thousands of feet
I sbovo the earth, free as a bird! Why
I don't you commit Ihem lo paper?"
| "My dear Miss I'lyppe, such thoughts
wuuld he far, far above the bends of
ordinary moi'__."-Chleugo Tribune.
The Best Man.
"Those etigoulsts have some rattier
upsetting notions."
"What, for example?"
"Well, fnr one thing they sny that nt
i wedding tho grpum ought always to
be the best innn,"-HusUili Transcript
Accomplished  Performer,
Mrs.   Vniiiig-'l'liey  say   Mrs. Tllbbs
treats hor husbnnd like if mandolin.
Mrs. Younger-How like u mandolin]
Mrs. Young���Picking on him nil tlie
time.���Kansas City Star.
(Ilee Club Man -How do you l!i_ (bat
.niippi-ilative Friend���The more
you refrain the better I like It-Pell-
I can.
VMioto hy American Press Association.
ago Ihe boy's father invited a p__3 if
guests to try their skill with tba nd
on a lake near his home. Alexander
went along, too. r.nd when the day
wns over be hud the largest fish of
any caught. In fact, It was one _ lha
largest Uikcn during the season When
the count booked his lish he was nearly Jerked out of the boat, but he tiling
on manfully and with the aid of tba
boatman succeeded In landing tba ii'oi
pike after half an hour's bard work.
Perhaps the boatman helped n ^reat
deal, nobody knows but he and tho
boy, but In any event it was il gmtt
feat to bring homo Ibo best catch ot
the day.
There ts no use as I can see
Iu growling ail tho time.
The roiisli bark of a hickory tree
Ne'er stopped a cheerful tail if he
Had made his mind to climb.
-Uctioit Free Press.
Adam and Evt.
This Is a jolly gain* when i irelre D*
more play. A circle Is formed all
standing, and one is placed In the r_>-
I cr called Eve. Eve Is blindfolded an-l
then tho circle goes around n fcw
limes very quietly until Eve tells
(hem to stnp. Eve then points in somo
direction and the person who la |wlo.
cd to must go Into the circle with Era
and Is called Adam. Evo then _il_
Adam and Adam must answer iind ��ay
I've. Ily Ihls Eve Is supposed lo locate
him, hut when Eve conies toward too
place where Adam answered bo i,:<>:
run to (he other side of the ��� ir le or
nny place within It and always try lo
slay nut of Eve's reach, and as sbe In
blindfolded sbo eanuot tell where
Adam is only by his voice. It Is tlie
most fun when Eve calls very fust, ns
Adam will have to answer fnsl nnd
(hen she eau locale him belter. When
Evo lias caught Adam she milRt gin**
who It Is. If siie guesses right I ���>
loins the circle and Adam roe.-! ne
Eve. But if Eve's guess is wrong sin.
must stand again and Adam Joins the
circle and the same proceeds.- I'rom al
Cood Timer, Bertha Scicbter.
first Studo���How near were you to j
the right answer lo Ihe liflh question!
Second   Studo���Two   scats   nway.���
Cornell Widow.
She struck his fancy.   They were tvea.
The honeymoon was dundy.
And now shj strikes hlni on the head
Or anywhere that's handy.
-Cincinnati Rnd itrer.
Farmer���That's the mother a', thos*
seven pigs.
Vlsltor-So I sec, they are all so like
Iter in the face.-. Ilegende Blatter.
From the window Utile Willy
Dropped his brolher with great !oy.
ToM hla mother as she fainted,
������Wat'ii our bouncing baby boyt"
Monoplane Went Cheap.
The monoplane  of which Colonel
Cody had such greal, hopes fetched
no   aoro Ihan S7f>.    Without the engine Mr. Leon Cody reckoned tn.l it
jhad cost  J  ..000.
Good anil Bad News.
i    The wife of a New Seahani miner
'won $10,000 In a Geneva sweepstake
on the St. Leger.    Sbe received the
news simultaneously with a message
innounciug tte death of her mother.
i Tree From Diseases.
There tt an entire absence of all,
(orma of tuberculosis, malignant die-
1 lases, rheumatic fever, and Infection*
|lie__i In the Falkta. d I��l��._l . THE COURTENAY REVIEW
*   11 J
.-;   ;i_____--. .���___.=    VJ
Paint Oils . Varnishes
Saeh Doors
Lime Brick Cement
Oolors in c il Dry Colors
V Joint", Lath Plaster
Builders' Hardware of Every Description
Special Windows and Frames Made to Your Order
Phone SB
P. O. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
m 5;___^im&AZAAAASi^A^Sm-^S^A.iiiAASiS^ C0N3:_VATi _._���_,_
_ ?_
%�� |(| If jig    *
Y._  _l _r*
1 ��'^____��_<
a__ ___:.;.'. >J    ��'��� ���   .,t ���-____�� i
has  received  the stamp of approval from the most
particular of all judges
ent. o
1 ^o iiace
have been made to residents cf No, 8 Mine Townsite itself. Seme have
bought cur closest _iu! highest priced lots; others cur cheapest and farthest
away; bul even so by measured ��� ver a rough trail only fourteen
minutes walk from the i...,'-.. Mosl important of all is the fact that with
3 exceptions o.ily every purchaser so far has bought to build, and of the total
Eighteen oi the Buildings _re for Business Pi_.'js_3es
The rapid rise in value of well selected Courtenay lots the past twelve
months will undoubtedly  be repeated  at No. 8  Mine Townsite during the
present year
"LJ_L__._       .I X__XbJ____
at $500 a Lot, on terms, are the best buy in the district today for quick profit
Exclusive   Sales Agents
Telephone 31 Courtenay, B. C.
The animal meeting of the
Courtenay Couser native Association
was held in the Opera House here
mi Thursday evening last. In his
address the President S. Calhoun
said that he was pleased to see the
people taking an active interest in
the affair and even if they were in
opposition to the present officers
they would receive a fair show.
He then called upon the Secretary,
Mr, l-'r.ink Cameron, to rend a report of the last year's busill SF,
which showed tin t the Association
has nol been idle, and had accomplished several things. They had
got the old school si'e trouble settled, and a new Const ble's house
and lockup erected; had made application for a new bridge over the
river, and had got it, placed in
Courtenav; had also helped gel tlie
wharf at Royston, and had been
instrumental in getting a granl for
a new postoffice and customs ofiice.
The matter of dredging the river
aid a public wharf, besides other
ma ters w.is still being looked after
in conjunction with the Board of
Trade. The election of officers
was then proceeded with, Mr. Geo.
Leighton in the chair, the voting
to be by show of hands, aud Messrs
McKean and Halcrow vtereappoiut-
. .ruliiKiis.
K. I,. Borden and Sir Richard
McBride trere appointed lion.
Presidents, and 11 P. Clements
and M. Manson Hon. Vice Presi-
For President, Wm, Dnncan
was proposed by Dr. Crompton,
S. Calhoun was proposed by Colin
Cambpell. The vote stood Duncan
18, Calhoun 119
Mr. Calhoun thanked the members from the bottom of his heart
fi r their expression of confidence
in him, and promised to do his best
for all the people, aud would use
his best endeavours to keep Comox
For Vice President J. R. Johnston was elected, with 75 votes,
Mr- Hardy 33.
For Secretary Frank Cameron
received 114 votes, Dr. Crompton
Treasurer, Geo. Leighton by acclamation.
The executive as follows:���H,
Morrison,   \V.  G.   McKean,    Ed.
Stove, Cerd, Alder,
Maple or Bark
M'i-y io
Cliffe k Biggins
comox' ��"
Notice is hereby given that ail the
goods and chattels belonging to George
Winger, on the late Thos. Lever's farm,
have been seized and [taken off the premises by the holder of the chattel
____^    _____ '	
Bar supplied with the finest breeds of
Mquors mid Cigar
JOS. WAI.KI'R        - .    -       ]>roprie_r
Creech- M. Wain, Colin Campbell,
II. Piercy, 0. H. Fechner, R, A.
Allan, John Marsdeu, F. Faber,
M Surgitior, II  Bryden.
During the election some pre-
tinent remarks were made by members, which showed that keen interest is being taken in the work of
the Association.
After the election the President
asked if any one had any suggestions to make. J. W. McKenzie
asked that the Board use their best
efforts to have a sidewalk put down
on Isobel street. Dr. Millard
moved, seconded by W. Miller,
that a hearty vote of thanks be
tendered the ofliccrs of last year,
aft _' which the meeting adjourned ,
The "Birdswell" came into port
on Sunday morning with a shipment of hay for D. Kilpatrick and
the balance of her cargo for McPhee & Morrison.
Messrs. Cook and Grieves have
just finished the fittings of the
Royal Bank and the ceiling of the
Courtenay Hotel bar aud are now
fitting up Chas. Callin's office in
the old Royal Bank building.


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