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The Review Nov 23, 1916

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Can not lie done uny 1 otter,   and J
not unite so  well anywhere  else !
hereabouts.   Our typo uml uiaolilu- )
ery Is complete anil The Uevlow j
prices are right {
Classified Ads.
Make ynut littlf Wauls known
tliuuyliJ* ClMftfled AiUfitiM-ii.. nt
in The Itavit-w   -   -   ���   Phono 50
VOL. 5
.._>.  I
*1 V
JLd _'._,_,'���_.__.'-     _i ji <w*k����ii' 'j JL
Telephone 1
GAT:  /���'"
Delivered in Courtenay
AH Order. Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43
Last year about this time we offered to rent a Sew K Z Sewing
machine' motor to anyone for a
very small sum per day.
To every dollar paid in rent for
the motor we gave one chance'in a
drawing which was to be held as
soon ns we had received the price
of the motor iu rents. There are
still a few chances left, and we
would strongly advise anyone who
has any sewing to do to uive this
proposal a thought,
Thc motor does all the labor of
sewing, leaving nothiug for j ou to
do but guide the material, and does
all this at a cost of about half a
cent an hour for current,
Gourteuay Electric Light Co,
Mrs. Watchorii arrived home
In in a mouth's visit u i V'ancotuer
on Saturday lust,
News has p. ached here that W,
Halerow is mi. shift and likely killed in action, Mr. Hulerow.shoiue
was iii Cumberland, and he wns
well known and highly esteemed
Plan vour gardeii uow for next
year. "Oardi n Magazine" tells
you liow, Published monthly,
5o cents a year, J-ample ci py free,
������335 Granville St,, Vonci uver, Ii.
The Sandwick Lndles Aid So-
ci ly will hold ;i Sa e of W'.ik and
llean supper in tin las* room of
ii.' Sandwick Pn sl j i. rian church
on Wednesday, Dee, 6, A sum 1
program is arranged, Come and
riij'i;, your sill-; ,, at 25c, from 4
o'clock until Lo,
tin c,
leof wo
k ivil
be   held   in
bouse  by the
>i the M
l tllOCl
st   church on
ii, Ni
v, 2 itli,    Af
tcrnoon tea will be si rved. In the
evening a conoert will be held; at
which the Cumberland Glee Club
will assist.   Admission 25c.
The Utilities Committee will bold
a public meeting in .he City Hall
on Friday evening al _ o'clock, for
the purpose of Explaining tlie
Electric Light situation lu the citizens, This is a question of much
importance to the ratepayers, and
a full attendance is ijequested.
There will be a grand Sale of
Work in the Orangemen's hal;
(above Grieve & Dargie's store)
on Tuesday, November 2s. The
s It is orgauized by the Local Women's Auxiliary in aid of parish
expenses and Foreign Missions.
The Very Rev. Archdeacon CollisOU
will open tlie sale at 3 o'clock. A
delightful afternoon tea will be served at 15c or 2 for 25c, and in the
evening all are invited to an attractive cold supper at 50c There
will be on sale many useful and
faucy goods suitable for Christmas
present?. Home made cakea and
candies, most delicious, also bottled
fruits and pickles. Ccme over aud
have a try at vour luck in the com*
petitions and let the kiddies dip in
the lucky tub, There will be an
entertaining programme of songs,
aud music iu the evening. Come
and have a good time.
Found���Ou Saturday   night,   a
gentlemen's watch,   Owner please1
���eave description at Review   office. |
For Sale���10 young pigs, 7 weeks
o'.d, 55 each.    Apply W. Fletcher. ���
Courtenay, B. C.,   or   enquire  at
Shepherd & Co.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Fi rd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear ami Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
Miss Lizzie McQuillan has resigned her position al the post effice
and taken one with the Hank of
New telegraph poles were put in
along Union Sl reel between the
bridge and Comox road by Messi -.
Hudson and Coe, the Dom Govt,
linemen here, The old ones had
been ill for tnanv years,
The further sum ot $17 has been
col ecled by the school children for
the relief of Belgian children since
Inst week, making a total of $(,o,
which has been forwarded to Dr,
Robinson, Supt of Education,
I Victoria.
I Messrs, Kirkwood, Sutton, and
McQui.Uau spent last week on the
1 mainland hunting deer, They re-
: turned on Sattl day with four fine
fellows, The thanks of the editor
j are extended lo Mr Kirkwood for
; a delicious haunch of venison
The Cumberland Islander says
that Courtenay prefers darkness to
lii;ht these days, and that Cotlllell-'
ay is slid disagreeing and remainig
in darkness, and short days at that,
A few short mouths ago the same
paper was comparing our beaiitifullj
lighted streets with Cumberland,
Now, unfortunately the tables are
turned, and Cumberland's streets
are all lighted np, while we flounder around in darkness and mud
Mr R. U, Hurford has been experimenting with various varieties
of roots to find out which was the
most suitable for this district, He
found that thc Irish King turnip
was the best, and Brp��ze top swede
next. The impi 1 ��� d cream sugar
beet was the best ol that variety,
and the Sllldshrup Mangolds were
the most profitable croppers.
In connection with a patriotic
concert held in Vancouver a few
days ago, the total receipts are given as gi 14,45. The printing account for same was $38,70. In
this disl 1 ict whenever a patriotic
concert is gotten up, all the press
notices are given gratis, aud if the
organizers are particularly liberal
they pay the printer from $3 to 65,
or else hand print their own notices
The Corporation of the City
of Courtenay
The Voier'a Usl lor tl
Municipal Elections is cm    ;
pared,    Xbose whose nai
led to be placed ou tlii*-   II
personal   declaration   arc  ail   a._.j...
owners who  ;irt-   also   registered   need
holders,    All other persons desiring   to
have their names placed on iin* Vi t<
List must file with the  .it\   Clerk, declarations ns below mentioned,   A  list
of those whose nanus nre   entitled 1" be
placed on the Voters' I,i*i   wilhoui
declaration may be seen ai the Clt- H
asses * 'I om uei <>l real   pro i
holder ol the laatagreeuienl
or the last assignee of such   ....
or the holder of an   unregistered deed,
such owner,   before   having   his   n n e
plai - il on lhe   Voters'   l.i :   uu
. itli the Liu Clerk before  i  o'el
tlie afternoon ol the 3oih day ol November next, a declaration proving   that  I
or she is the bolder ol   the  lasl
inc;,' to purcl
thereof, or the holder of an am
deed, and thai BUch holder  or assignee
is liable to pay and has paid the current
year's taxes,
whose unities nre on   the
can only vote by a dull authorizi .
whose authority must be filed  with  the
City Clerk before the iotl
such ngenl shall ' ���   i
province and a Bi iti li si
ace of Jl years.
HObDKRS.   Persons of this  .'
are desirous ol having tin  :
ed on the Voters   l,i:.t mu
mouth "I ii '  bi -,    liie   .vitl
Clerk ii  Statuti n    I
seribi d by tl
p.iiii l.ii'ii Ri ..'I Tux "i  bi
lleelarntii.u forms ma)
the City Hall,
\V, A,   ���'.    !:
A Thing of Beauty
is a Joy Forever
NyaVs Face Crea i
25 and SOc
Anglican Church  Notes
Sunday next before Advent.
ii a. in. Holy Commuuiou, Holy
Trinity, Cumberland,
3 p. in, Sunday School, St. John
3 p. m. Evensong   and Sermon,
Lazo Mission.
7.15, Evensong aud Sermon, St
Peter's, Comox,
7.30, Evensong and Sermon, St
John's, Courtenay.
NyaPs Beef & Iron Wine
$1 per Bottle
If you feel good, All isGood
Braces you up
Tenders Wanted
Tenders are asked for purchase of properly situate mi lhe l.ittle River Road,
belonging to-G, II. Knight. Property
consists of half an   acre,   being Section
No. 7.', Co ;. 11. C, used formerly as
a school house. Tenders lo be forwarded lo A. 11. Hill, merchant, Comox, by
November 30, I'll6.
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft  Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
Buy Your Christmas Presents
Early This Year
p,r SHEPHERD & CO. &
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Etc
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
,Get our prices^for goals in la.ge_quantities
Telephone 1 Courtenay '������SI
. ^���'rS;V_*-_^��:-_r.-:Si-*_..
II'..../.��,'. 6 i*.,t.imiud
lie fell that lie would have given
the worltl lu meet one of those sunny
looks of trusl und affection, onc of
those hatf-sinilcs "f ndorinp; confiil-
ence which hud become a common-
place <>( their everyday existence, and
which In had begun lo enjoy as he
had iirvcr thought himself capable of
enjoying anv mark ol love from a
Something struck him with vague
horror and dislress, some change in
her looks deeper than anything lhal
could possibly have been expected
even from the cITiels ol lhe seine sin-
hail gone tlirougli with him nnd her
Suddenly he slid down on his
knees beside lhc couch,
"Ursula,  what's  lhc  mailer?    Arc]
you 111, dear':'"
She shook    III
looked   ai him,
struck, frightened, pitiful lopk in her
blue i yes lhal lie, uol knowing what
to make of it, hesitated what to say,
Finally, he said nothing, hut bent
down and kissed her tenderly, Then
from her lips there came one of the
nl   sighs lhal   hc   had
to look into my eyes and  lo swear putting disturbing thoughts inlo your
that I can trusl you fully, that  I can [head.    Thoughts which   you   would
pui myself into your hands and know I never have insulted inc. by entertain-
lhal    ymi could not do   llu*    things ing without him," burst oul Paul,
you did once���now." She shook her head sadly.
"You  can  trust me," said   Paul in     "Vou do him less than justice, and
a husky voice, nol  looking at  her.     | inr. more," she said in a gentle tone.
liul  she was nol  satisfied, I "What could  he say, what  would it
"That  will not do," she snid earn- matter what he said if only 1 could
cstly,     "Forgive ine,    bill   I've been'believe it wasn't  Iruc?"
frightened,    1 can't help inysilf." "You don't trusl inc?"
"1 know.   Your confounded brother     "1  will, if only you will swear to
inc that 1 may."
has been distressing    you, has been
Three months before Paul would,
have sworn such an oath lightly enough, no matter how deep the perjury had been. Now he could not.
lie was under the spell of the pure-
love of his wife, he had almost a superstitious feeling for her, and if he
had tried to utter the words which
would have calmed her doubts, held! that he would have betrayed himself.
So he had to take time.
(To Be Continued.)
il, bul
such an
11 ontimtcd.)
Pot one moment Gane appeared lo
inr preparing lor n physical < oni ist
with Paul, lie made a movement as
il lo throw off his coat, But suddenly an idea struck hint, and uttering an odd sound compounded of an
oalh and an exclamation of satisfaction, hc began lo laugh to himself,
as he smoothed Iiis bat rapidly and I most hcart-rci
walked lo thc door. ever heard.
Then he Stood for a  few moments      "What  shall   I   do?    Whal   shall  ll
with his    fare turned    to ihe door, do?" she moaned under breath,
without speaking.    Wheeling    round,      He shrank back, full ol  contrition
he laced Paul again wilh an uuplcas-  and alarm.
ant smile on his face. |    Pot' a few moments there was dead i
"Well, I'm sorry as we couldn't silence, and then she raised herself
pari more friendly," hc snid, "and I quickly oil her elbow,
Will, he'll he sorry, loo. Put of; "I've not been well���these last two
course a gentleman like you, a real weeks," she said. "Thc change from
gentleman what has married a lady lhc Continent to England���1 suppose
in her own right���well, naturally, he 't's the climate J'
don'l think so much of us poor chaps 'he words died away,on her lips,
what don'l pcrfess lo havc dooks and and she sank back again and rcinain-
such-likc  for father-in-laws.    So it's | <**.�� silent.    Ue caressed her fair head
e%4Me^iftd JfuLwi-iCt,,
Jfcwt e%M<C0Wfol>C6,
V/UuaMej ^TtacAicej
���  ie- "".:,,"���'     ��� ��� .    - * ;**m. ���������
ta-la, Syd.    1 mean, your lordship."
He   made  a  profound  but  exceedingly awkward bow, narrowly missed
knocking down a small Italian statuette  from  a  pedestal  which  seemed
quite a  long way off, and edged hi
way, chuckling   lo   himself   malev
cntly, oul of llic room.
Paul   threw  open   the  ���
ished his i igareltc with 1
"You shall go away to the sea," he
*.nid gently. "You would like lhal,
wouldn't your You were born by
lhe sea, and I suppose you have the
sea in your blood and arc pining for
|.' ii in ihe.-c midlands."
The words were commonplace, but
low, fin-1 the feeling expressed under then, was
head nul ' true and deep.    I.ady Ursula's cxprc
.ver the climbing ivy, and then walk-1 sion of pain and doubt altered and
cd quickly upstairs. gave place to a calmer look while his
llis   steps   grew 'slower  as   he   ap-   hand  rested oil  her chair.
proached the room where he had left !     Presently  she  looked lip  suddenly,
his  wifc.     He  had  just  escaped  one;    "Paul," she raid, "has the man gone
danger, but he was only at lhc begin-'away?"
ning of Ids difficulties, with thc   two     "Whal man, dear?   Tlie fellow who
confederates whom he now haled not came from the jeweller's?"
with the old hatred and contempt for      Her eyes were fixed upon llis.
a  pair  oi common  rascals  who  had'    "Ye���es,"    she.    said      under    her
becn    alternately    his tools    and his  breath,  staring  into  his   face  inquir-
mastcrs, but with thc new-born   and ingly.
virulent   dislike   of   Creatures   who!    "Oh, yes, he's gone."
stood  in   thc  way  of a  life  happier, I    "And   you    didn't   give    him    the
better,  more satisfying, ihc life    to stones?"
which be. was bom,' and out ol which ' "No. 1 lold him I'd send them or
he had flung himself in an acccs; of j bring Ihem. Your brother didn't ap-
youthful waywardness and folly. 'prove    of their being    sent by lhis
What would his wife sav to him fellow, and I thought it better not
when he met her for thc first lime to reopen a discussion which had
since that uncomfortable scene, in ,ier been very unpleasant."
presence, with his brother-in-law? She lay back on the sofa and clos-
What had she thought of il all? Had ed her eyes. 11 ut although she seein-
shc believed bis slory about lhc jew- cd to bc for the moment satisfied by
viler who was come lo lake the
stones away to be re-set? Or had
her brother been with her again, iu-
stilling suspicion into her mind, poisoning her against him?
Even as hc thought of this, Paul
could not help admitting to himself
that Lord Eastling would have a
good case if he did lhis.
He quickened his pace at last, and,
with a strange, new hesitancy, opened the bedroom door.
I.ady    Ursula    was lying   at    full
length on ihe little sofa at the   Tool
of  lhc bed,  facing  the  fire
not  move when lie came i
his answer, thc expression of vague
distress remained upon her features.
There was between them a sort of
harrier, raised up by the altercation
between her husband and her brother. Paul was shy of probing thc
wound left ill lhc heart of the sensitive woman. Lord Eastling had
boldly spoken of a scandal which he
had suppressed. Did she know whal
those words meant? Did she believe
them? (Jn lhc whole it seemed heller not to raise the question.
Hc rose lo his feel and she lhrc,w
She did out her hand io detain him,
nor did1    "Paul," she whispered, looking    up
she divert her o.v/.e from lhc lire.      i into  his  face  with a  searching  gaze
"Ursula!"  hc  said  in  a  low  voice  which he found it hard to meet un-
Vthicli  sounded almost timid. I moi cd, "I   must  ask  you  something.
She made    uo answer,    but a lillle' You mustn't be angry  with  me.  Bill
restless movement of one ol '.he lorn;  if you knew how much   I  have suf*
white hands showed him thai she liad.fcrcd, ihinking, and Ihinking, and ������
heard him. praying, and never quite sure what to
Tllis reception alarmed him,      [To]believe, you would forgive my���well,
tried    to speak  with    some dignity,  my doubts!"
sonic stiffness. If he did not man-1 lhe la*l word was formed wiili
age to lake a somewhat wounded and her lips, but he had to guess what il
authoritative stand, hc fell lhat all was, for no sound came to his ears.
was ovcr, |Hc uicd to dissuade her from further
"Your brother has been with you, discussion,
1 suppose?" he said slilily. "Ask me by and by, when you feel
She shook lur head,    lint she did more yourself," snid he, with an af-
iinl   speak,  so  lor  came  further  into   fectionate caress.   "You look so pale,
lhe  room, and Stood  where he could   SO tired today "
sec her face well.    Hc was touched,      Hut she cut him short.
annoyed,  irritated  by  the  expression!    "1  musl  ask you now," said she.
of doubt  aud  distress upon it.    But      With  a  valiant  attempt  to appear
worse than this was the fact lhat not entirely at his case, Paul said: "All
once  (Inline    all  his  restless    move-! right."
incnls from one side of the room lo And he dragged a chair to the side
the other did she raise her eyes to.oi the couch, and again look lur
meet his. I hand in his.    All the while she con-
tinucd to gaze at him wilh the same
I penetrating expression, and at lasl
she spoke ill a very low voice���
"Paul, I want you lo tell tne whatever they may think about you now,
whatever wrong things they may believe you capable of���I want you tiled me that it is untrue.   1 wanl you
Strengthen, Build up, and Nourish thc Children, and you are conferring
incalculable benefits on the counlry. You are also ensuring the physical
well-being aud success of future breadwinners and mothers.
Dr. Cassell's Tablets, whose success in Canada has been both immediate
ami sinking, owes its popularity in great part to its safely and unquestionable
medicinal activity, It is now doing more for the 'liltie ones of three
continents than many mothers realise.
A powerfully nutritive food-medicine which can be given to thc youngest
infant, Dr Cassell's Tablets feed the entire system, vitalise thc nerves, and
create healthy flesh, blood, and muscle in a manner truly remarkable.
lhcy are the recognised modern home remedy for Nervous Breakdown
Nerve and Spinal Paralysis, Infantile Paralysis,' Rickets, St. Vitus' Dance
Anaemia, Sleeplessness, Kidney Disease, Dyspepsia, Stomach Catarrh, Brain
tag. Headache, Palpitation, Wasting Diseases, Vital Exhaustion, Loss of
Mesh, and Premature Decay. Specially valuable for Nursing Mothers and
during the Critical Periods of Life
Druggists and Dealers throughout Canada sell Dr. Cassell's Tablets. If not procurable in
your city send to thc sole agents, Harold F. Ritchie & Co., Ltd., 10, McCaul Street, Toronto,
who will see that you set them, One tube 50 cents, six tubes for (he price of five. War Tax,
2 cents per tube extra.
.loir.   Pniprniiir.i-.���Dr.   Cassell's  Co.,   Lid.,   Manchester.  Ene.
Send yattr name and address ar.d 5 emit far
postage, etc.. o Harold F. Ritchie & Ceo., iU.t
10, MeCaul Street, Torvnta, snd a gencn
tampis will '���_��� matted you free of charge,
Give the "Kiddies"
All They Want of
When Your Eyes Need Care
Vee Murine Ere Medicine. NoSmaFtlng���Feels
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compounded by our Oculists���-not a "Patent
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MuhnuEysRsmsdy Company Chicago. Adr
Lady of the House: Vou can earn
your dirnirr if you'll chop that jrile
of firewood.
Tramp: I'd like to know de menu
fust, lady,���Boston ''.'ranscript.
W.       N.       U.
It is one of Ihe delicious "good Ihings" that has a real food vak.e.
A slice ol your good homemade bread, spread with "Crown Brand", forms
a perfectly balanced food, that is practically all nourishment,
So--let Ihem have it on biscuits and pancake.-., and on their
porridge if they want it.
You'll like il, too,  on Griddle Cak-s -on Blanc Mange and
Baked Apples. And you'll find it the most economical sweetener
you can use, for Cakes, Cookies, Gingerbread and Pies.
Have your husband get a tin, the next time he is in town���
a 5, 10 or 20 pound tin,
i com starch���
hc Mi
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^Buwsmmmm wmmmamxtn
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and Candies", will show you
how to make a lot ol rea.ly
delicious dishes wilh "Crown
Brand". Write lor a copy la
our Montreal Qifisg.
will I    "And pray, madam," asked the pen-     "You can't tell; that hoy of Todd's
sion examiner,   "why   do vou   think may hc a Congressman some day."
.. .!....�� J      .'I...I 11     M/l...    i   .t. _..��*,*--._ ._.
���kcr: The
er: But the President himself'yourself entitled to a pennon
V   i.e.   a   _.ufc;i (oatuuii   .v....   _.*j.
Indeed!   Why, 1 thought he seem-*
ot know whether Mexico is an I    "My   husband    and    I fought   all|cil unite bright."���Life.
an  entrance���New    York through lhc war," was the reply.
thc doctor pay you a visit?"
, and the visit paid the _.->c-
"YYi'll, Bobby, what do yon
of lhc new baby?"
"All right, only he's awfully sun
OoulU'inan of the Road: Kindly 'elp
think!a pore lonely, 'oinelcss man, iruv'nor,
jwot's got nothink in the world but a
loaded revolver and no conscietrtiouj-
objection to usin' it!
EDl-OSETEA-sgoodte*. THE   REVIEW,   COU��TNT_Y_   9. CL
Cleaning the steps, either
wood or stone, is a lot
easier  if  you  use
 '"'""ii i.,.nu_trss,
_~_^__.. ...;;.;.'___;i'i'ii,'. \.-.-,.
There is no way in wliicli iinr na-
tional habit of carelessness shows it-
siclf more clearly than iu llie size of
<jur garbage pail. A physician who
*kas made a stud)' of social and iudits-
exi.-.t conditions here and abroad isi
authority for ihe statement lhal an
American community produces from j
three lo live limes as much waste
s.s an I'.uropean lown of llic same1
(tote.���Youth's Companion,
Huge Arms Output
Italy Now Has Adequate Supply of
Munitions From Its Own
The enormous progress that the
manufacture of munitions in Italy is
making was revealed for lhc lirst time
by Premier Bosello in a recent speech,
Notwithstanding her poverty iu iron
and other raw materials nml the high
price "i ihe transportation ol coal,
|ihc premier said today Italy was able
to manufacture munitions nol only
for herself, but to supply lier allies.
"Sin* had ''00 military establishments ol the lirsl class going and 800
.in .Ui 11 v faclorii *, which are worked
by 425,000 hands, oi whom 45,000 are
women," *-aiil lhc premier, "Italy is
now in.iking as many guns ill a month
in.iih: in a year formerly, I ler
machine gun   outpul   has   multiplied
*ix hundred  limes  and thai  oi   shell-;
one hundred and ten limes, Her automobile outpnl also has nu reascd,
while lhe avinlion industry i* making
;cst 1
ution c
sed In
e   and
u ri
8  1-2
ray ami 1')
es Ibe
, \
three |
Is Worth   Morc Than   Experiment. 1
Farms' Total Cost, Says Expert
"The  Marquis variety    oi wheal is
The Army of
.* Crowing Smaller Every Day.
fleiponsible���they nol^
only give idiel���
they permanent'
cure Constipation.   Mi
lions u-*e
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Genuine must bear Signature
ilh more to Canada than all lhe
Canadian experimental farms have
cost," said I- 11. Newman, secretary
of lhc Canadian Seed Growers' association, upon his return from an extensive lour of lhc prairie provinces.
I "li is hard to compute its value. Although  il  was only  lirst  distributed
. about five years ago, it is now the
most popular wheat in Western Canada,  and  probably  seventy  per  cent.
I of this year's crop was lhe Marquis
strain, 1 think 1 am safe in saying
that if the Ucd Fife wheat had b;cu
grown all over lhc country aud Marquis had not been produced, wc would
this year have a crop of fifty million
bushels less, which at prevailing prices would havc meant a loss to the
counlry of from fifly to seventy-five
million dollars."
It should bc added that it was Marquis wheat which won thc $1,000
prize at the New Vork Land Show in
"Brock's Book on Birds"
-eonuiii-i mnlr 200 p.r_*-�� tvitb��_07illuiir��b*.*iira.
fide wiih ibionattion. tdvica and bctp oa tiie cara ol
WtherrH p-tt-lbeir U.-imenl id health and dueaM.
��vrry lord owner should have ij.ii book., Si-fld 10c.
wi wt wiil sv-nd you timplca ol Brock'* Bird Seed
���sd Bird Tie*! toBWthrr with the Book on Birdi.
KIcWmq k Br��k, Zi    ��_*-ci-St.,Taroa.o,Oat.
Artillery Need Men
Every Man Rides
Write  76th   Battery,  Winnipeg,  or
77th  Battery,  Regina.    Ask for railroad fare.
HundredsFind Sloan's Liniment
Soothes Their Aches
The shooting, tearing pains ol neuralgia and sciatica arc quickly relieved by the soothing external application of Sloan's Liniment,
Quids the nerves, relieves lhc
numbness feeling, and by its tonic cf-
fed on the nerve and muscular tissue,
gives immediate reliei'.
Sloan's Liniment is cleaner and
easier to use than uiussy plasters and
ointments and docs noi clog the
Just pui it on--il penetrates. Kills
pain. You will find relief in it from
rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica, slilf
neck, toothache, elc.
l*or strains, sprains, bruises, black-
and-blue    spots,    Sloan's    Liniment
B. C. Salmon
Sockeye Pack Was Much Less Than
in Previous Twelve Months
The B. C, sockeye pack is .'1,000
cases, as compared with '177,000 cases
last year, revealing a condition Ili.il
does not make the packers optimistic.
It is said to be a bad year, and this
was due to the fact that weather conditions through the whole season
were wet and cold, causing fish 10
swim low in llic waler and thus escape lhc 2_ft. ncls. The lish wcrc in
thc livers and inlets, but they were
not caught oil llieir way up to the
spawning grounds.
It was an "oil" .war for ���*..: keyc on
lhe I'raser Kivcr, but llic falling off
was greal''!' Ihan had been expected
i vin for a slim >tar. I Inc ; acker
contracted to sell 15,000 cases before
the Benson began, but all he could
pill np was 4,000 cases, and he was
hard pui to do rvirn lhis. In general,
contracts arc being filled pro rata,
anil ih- buyers arc glad lo take what
III   v    .ill gel.
You will find relief In Zam Buk I
II eases the burning, itingfog
pain, stops bleeding and brings
this 7
Perseverance, with Zam
means cure. Wl.
Drugpintt and Store*.
too box.
is one of the greatest foes of
womanly beauty. It is quickly
cleared bv correcting the cause
���slugf'ish liver���with the aid
of the gently stimulating, safe
and dependable remedy���
A  local  Territorial  was  placed  oil
guard for the lirst time,   About mid- i
night he observed    a  shadowy form :
approaching from lhc distance,    Fulfilling his duty, he immediately presents and shouts: "Halt!    Who gocsj
A somewhat husky voice replies:
"Shut up! I ain't going; I'm coming
back!"���Current Opinion.
Worth a Guinea a Box
_im_ot_ with Eicry 801 of Sped*) V.U. Is Wt*
.alaclirrwhcrc.   la tt.iet, _j _��_.
No More Asthma...T)r
logg's Asthma Remedy i
death knell of lhis trying
stops the awful choki
j. 1). Kcl-
ounds 'he
I rouble. It
and painful
breathing, ll guards against night
attacks and gives renewed ability to
sleep and rest the whole night long.
Much is claimed for this remedy, but
nothing but what can bc demonstrated by a trial. If you sulTer from
asthma, try it and convince yourself
of its great value.
1911, for the best milling wheat grown quickly reduces the pain.
anywhere in the iwo Americas, anil
which also won the grand sweepstakes prizes for hard wheat at the
International Dry Farming Congress
for three years in succession���1913,
1911 and 1915.
Is Your Tongue Furred ?
Have You Headache ?
liow few feci well this time of the
year? Thc whole system needs
housccleaning; lhc blood is impute;
it needs enriching. Nothing will do
the work more effectively than Dr.
Hamilton's Fills. Take them at night
and you feci heller next morning.
They work wonders in the body
while you sleep, flcing composed of
pure vegetable extracts and juices,
Dr. Hamilton's Tills are safe lor the
young and old alike. Try this wonderful family medicine today, it will
do you a world of good. Whether for
biliousness, headache, lack of appetite or constipation, Dr. Hamilton's
I'ills will quickly cure, 25c per box at
all dealers.
When buying your Pianc
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
It Doesn't Pay
To buy inferior articles
for home use, no matter
how small the article is.
With matches, as wilh
everything- else, it pays
to buy thc best.
Will save your time and
temper, for they are good
strikers, sai'B, surk, aud
= EDDY'S =
German's View of the Battlefield
A  man in the 3rd battalion of the
l.dth  Regiment, Germany,    writes a
Idler in which hc pays a doleful tribute to our flying men:
"I am on sentry duty, and it is a
very bard job, for I dare not move.
Overhead arc the English airmen
and iu front of us llic English observers with telescopes, and as soon
r.s they perceive anything twenty-
four "cigars'' arrive at once, and
larger than one cares lo scc���you understand what I mean. The country
round mc looks frightful. Many dead
bodies belonging lo both sides lie
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
A Cold Deal
Mrs. Yoinigbridc: "I'm getting our
ice from a new man now, dear."
Vo'.mgbride: "What's    wrong  with
lhe olhcr man?"
Mrs. Yottngbridci "The new deal
er says  he'll give  us colder ice for
the same money." ���  Boston Transcript.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
.iiiuiot reach lhc sent of the disease. Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly influenced by ton
stitutioual conditions, and in order to cure i
vou must take an internal remedy, Hall'i
Catarrh Cure is talrcn internally and acts
tlirougli the Hood on the mucous surfaces
jf the system. Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre-
rcribed by one of lhe best physicians iu this
.'ouiitry for years. It is composed of some
ol the best tonics known, combined with
some of the best blood purifiers. The per-
feet combination of the ingredients in Hall's
Catarrh Cure is what produces such wonder*
lu! results in catarrhal conditions. Send for
testimonials, free.
P. J.  CHENEY.  ��r CO., rrop;., Toledo, O.
All  Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family pills for constipation.
W.      N,      U.
Teacher: Willie, who was lhal that
prompted you then? I distinctly heard
someone whisper that date,
Willie: Excuse me, miss, bul I ex
pect that it was history repeating it
self again,���-Puck,
It's  really  a friend of
family,     Your  druggist
'5c, SOc and $1.00 bottle*.
il  in
Dasher: How did you enjoy your
Jerome: Fine; thc hotel where I
put up didn't seem like a strange
place at all. It had all the discomforts of home.���Life.
Better Jewish Schools in  Russia
Jews will enjoy greater educational
advantages in Kussia in the future, A.I
series of high  schools  and  technical i
schools exclusively  for Jewish  students is to bc established, and greater
freedom will bc accorded    wiih respect to their entry into lhe universities.
The Russian Governnieni, ii is ill-
tiounced, in the interest of education,
extends this greater advantage lo the
Jews. In addition to the large number of schools exclusively for Jewish
students which exist at the presenl
time, permission has been granted for
tlie establishment ol Jewish gymnasiums (high or preparatory schools) in
Petrograd, Kiev and oilier cities and
towns, as well as colleges, among
wliicli is the polytechnic institution al
The increased facilities for the entry of Jews into the Petrograd University are to bc seen in the fact that
this year 94 out of 807 matriculated
students attended the university, or
about 11 1-2 per ccnl.
Artillery Recruiting
'lhc 76th Depot Battery, C.F.A..
Winnipeg, and the 77th Depot 3at-
tery, C.F.A., Regina, have orders to
enlist more men as gunners, drivers
or signallers, etc. Experienced harness-makers, carpenters, shoeing
smilhs and cooks are also wanted.
Railroad fares arc paid, and as soon
as men are sworn in a complete,
smart, well-litting artillery uniform,
kit, spurs, etc., arc  issued.
Write Officer Commanding for information,
is the
s worms bc expelled from the
no child   can   be    healthy.
Graves' Worm Exterminator
best medicine    extant  to de
stroy worms
German Potatoes Rotting
Something appears to have gone
wrong wilh lhe arrangements for the
distribution of Germany's potatoes,
aud a serious crisis is threatened.
When thc new crop came on lhc market there, was a glut, but this was
soon followed by a famine owing to
the drastic action of various local
authorities in culling down prices and
countermanding orders. Now there
is a bitter feud between ihe agrarians
and thc townsmen. Yorwarls says
that there arc quantities of new potatoes al the very gales ot Berlin,
which arc being hoarded up uniil
they arc iu danger oi rolling. The
regulations of the War Food Bureau
arc declared to be "a deplorable
The fall is the most severe season
of    lhc year    for colds���one    day    i
warm, the nexl is wet and cold- .   :
unless  the   mother  ii  on   bet   guard
the Utile ones are seized with ���     Ess
lhat may hang on all winter.    Baby ;
'.Own    Tablets    arc    mother's    best
friend    in preventing    or    banishing
] colds.   They act as a gentle laxati   -.
keeping the bowels and stomac    free
land  sweet.    An  occasional dose  will
prevent colds or ii it dec, come  in
1 suddenly lhe prompt use oi the Tib-
; lets will quickly cure it.   The Tablet.!
'are  sold  by  medicine  dealers  or  by-
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams    Medicine    Co., BrockviHe,
The Honored Guest
First Gent: Come and dine wilh me
tomorrow evening, old top.
Second Gent: Afraid    1  can'l, I'm
going lo see Hamlet.
First Gent! Xcver mind, bring him
witli you.
"A flippant answer."   said Senator
Williams, apropos of a war arg.rri-'"".
"That answer in its flippancy." he
i continued, "reminds me of the co-
I quelle to whom a young man, driven
I to desperation said:���
I "'If you don't answer me one mi*
j or the other���yes or no���I'll hang
| myself in your front yard.'
j "'Oh, no,' said the coquette, 'you
'mustn't do that. Father does not like
j young men hanging about.'"
i$ wearing and dangerous because the inflamed,
mucus-filled tubes interfere with breathing and the
fresh air passes through that unhealthy tissue.
Probably no other remedy affords such prompt
and permanent relief as Scott's Emulsion; it
checks the cough, heals the linings of the throat
and bronchial tubes and strengthens the lungs to
avert tuberculosis. This point cannot be emphasized too strongly���that Scott's Emulsion has
becn suppressing bronchitis for forty years and
will help you*
Be careful ta avoid substitutes and insist on SCOTT'S.
Minard's   Liniment
for   sale   cvery-
Also Numerous Encores
"This   is an act   of affection," he
said, hissing her.
"ll takes more ihan onc acl to fill
om an evening's entertainment," she
returned, glancing at him coyly.
Onc dose of Miller's Worm Powders wiil clear lhc stomach and bowels of worms, so that the child will
no more bc troubled by their ravages.
Thc powders arc sweet to the taste
and no child will object to taking
them. They arc non-injurious in
their composition, and while in some
cases they may cause vomiting, that
must not be taken as a sign that they
are nauseating, but as an indication
of llieir effective work.
470 Grain Exchange
Write for market information.
Two members of thc Massachusetts
Medical Society met lhc olhcr day.
Said one:
"1 heard today lhat your son was
an undertaker. I thought you told
mc hc was a physician."
"Not at all."
"f dou't like to contradict, but I'm
positive you did say so."
"Vou misunderstand me. I said he
followed the medical profession."
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
Western Offices      ���      ���      Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon
Specialists in the handling of iarmers' shipments. Write, wis-*
or 'phone our nearest  office for quotations or information.
LIMITED," to insure careful cheeking of grades. Liberal advances
on bills of lading. Quick adjustments guaranteed accompanied by
Government  Certificates  or  grade and weight.
You will profit l.v Seeding ui Batnplea ind Obuiuinc our -.dvict ss lo Dest
Destination ucf'.-r-: Shlppuig Yqui Grain, pariiir.-rli- Barley. 0_tsaad tlrt.
��� Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky  Newspaper.   Publshecl  at
Courtenny, B, 0,
.11.  r.oni-n, I'ditor and Proprietor
Subscription $1,110 per Year  in  Advance
i illll'SDAY, NOV, 25 1916
The announcement of ihe   reilfr-
in of Sir Sam Hughes   by   re-
��� of Uie   Prime   Minister   was
mosl welcome to   the   m ijoi ity  of
i ��� . nlinns, find will Increase their
respect I'm Sir Robert Uorden  ns a
slnii -man nml lender of the people.
\ Minister was an   imp rs
f i ;ii", Ii lleving  in  iT'iils
i it hor than deeds, wiih  a childish
The presidential choice  having
lieen made, the question of the re-
_rr*__._t_r*< *-.**-.��� -    ���
���di-ion of the tariff on a higher scale .���,   /^      ��� ���?
is coming up, altou-rb it is believed "',���..        ....;*.,-'.                  . j'
tliat;iIiiRhcs was in favor. ,fr, hi,-!,- UXtffjWef/tf^    ' IjOF
er tariff than   is   Wilson   ami   his v         _.���;'...
party.    The explanation .given   is
thai such ;m increase  is  necessary
for revenue purposes, nnd  lint the
people of the   Slates   ���re   already
taxed a', ns high a rate is they will
stand.    But as the . niisum.r  pnys
ihe i ii ill   thai irill not go down  nt
all, tlie truth of ihe   matter   being
lhat lhc moneyed   interests   wllii li
have so great u null in   tin'   Stales
will demand tnnflincreus"s io u  '.
i"   rover over-capil tlizalicii    ;; d
other sins.    Also,  with   the falling
oudness foi   the   spectacular   and |��T of war orders, the  American in
picturesque   in    things    military, dustrlal interests intend to   furthei
pi   I wilh a weakness   for popii- Pre(-*",ve Uieir   home   market     In
ipplatise,    He sought  and  at-1 view of the large export.of C
oiuinence altogether out of
i h with regard to to Iiis po
Shipm ' is
8 Coat i
Ian products to the U   S   the
minion Go.-erninenl   will   have  to   "
i watch closely miy utl mpl   to   ex-
nini-rter     When   he c      I dude tliein from that market
1   -       ' ������ . . ii id  Skirls,
Sweater Coats
man,        :* un   Hughes   miserabb
failed, - u 1 when   w :-.-   men   wr-re
ire verv  mucli   'if aid   thai   '" !' ' ".!,,'1 : .' .'  .       ***������"
: :'"..'.  lie   SpilKi
no time for such i
worlhh r su :c "**'
���     ���- ��� ancy     It
n   .vi' ning th il !
rode tn hi  fall, at
II th ��� I 'ml! ���
i   .���  cos's  if  our St. Mar) ar     '      ya
nol   very   careful Marfan >
the City is joing Hi he let in for   a
lot of i xneii
���i it   foi
;-��� uu   li
C   iservalive purl    I   s
omlv tried.    VVil  ol li
nle ' ��� note lh ��� lesson
,.,,..,.  fj|| The Electric Light controversy ban in  'rim    Navy,  Copciiii     n,  Ciir'Iliml
for W;,���t culminated in lhe  Council   giving 'J"'1 }} !^'|' .."'j-''^''..' ;"!!?,...'."., s,!?_c.1!
. lhe Light Company notice lo   quit      ' "'      ' "n',.v.. ���,,,]
���il'tv both '" 3��davs, or in the alternative give ]
'!,",, ,,,��� ,.,.. i!:-: price- Hi-v wi I sell   their  plant Watson's Ui
i    .,  ,,.;���,, innd equipment for ninl   price   paid ... ,      ... ...   ,      . ,
"-   'i '.Ji' \ . ii        , ,     .  ' ... , Wntsnn All Wool uuderweiir in   I,nd
,. ,|i,ici;,ns ���*���!' energy, when n hy law   will he -.IisBl..S| .������| childrens in tw.
Cardinal, 'ran
i nions.    '' I'he utiitei ivear Ilia
well and will not   liriuk.
It is now nn r-ff nice i i
models hi   l.li
whr ll a hy law   will
submitted to the ratepayers for their
approval for the  purchase   of   the ���
svstein.    Now, without going into]-
nee  lhe merits or demerits of   (lie case
���oriling.it does not seem   feasible   for   the  T:i' " '"���'      "���,dH ' s trimmed
to -'ii order-in-council issued nl city at tbe present time to purchase '" ;ij v^\ '[.'^ ':",;\'',".,'. a'?,' I'.'.1,.'.'"1 '"
Ottawa, and heavy penalties a-vails or conslrucl a system  of   it-  own,
those found guilty of such a grave The Council cannot get  iu   money Invictus shoe3
ciime.    A press repori   from   Vic   enough by taxation to pay ctirrenl   The best Kood'shoe for randies and Gents
ia r centlv contained   an accus-  ruiiniiig expei ses, and the tax rate   _jp_;ciril i-alnesin r,rdies HighTop shoes
al ion thai in al least two comi'.iod-   is now as high  as   we   cau   .stand. p-_.i
ities, a combine existed among   the And while we are now paying aboiu KlDbons
w 1   ''""!ir-  there.    This   goes   to 120 net for'electricity for   lighting   Special showing this   week   of  holiday
liow   .ii '   government was   only  purposes, the Citv if it owned   the   ribbons in Checks, i~laid�� nnd Dresdeus,
timelv   [Jnfortnnalelv local author-   plant could not sell it any  cheaper   Newest patterns  in   Hlnck  and   While
..-'.,, , , ,        , .,., 1       i    .11 stripes, am   hrokeu cheeks.
ities are enher lax  or  powerless in and break even,     I hen why should '    '
lhis so-called demccralic counlry,we have out taxes doubled in order j bents   Hatss
���so that the public needs to keep to have the privilege of owning and ! Newest styles in Men's Head wear in
vide open eves for all violations of paying interest on a plant th it will I"-'"''-- Navy, nrown and Green. The
tl,e law. lco=t a lot to maintain and  have   to   l��'est eren.ions u, MJm's flowinij   neck-
be rebuilt .'.gain 111 20 or 30   years. '
--are kmnvii bv lhc
&*-&,*' V    on e\  t\
';   The
Ii is vi: y impoi'tiinl thai     11  ' ail' make a
note ol this in ' 11  in
Roy * Sl
.   -
Ro al
Royal''  ���
J s
This  trad' in irk  is  your  gtinranti e  of tho
ighest p     ibl     |im! of the  Ri<\,\i,
Standard Products,
So, look for lln' Cu ci .; V    il your dealers.
Royal Stao 1."! kcts
Phone 2?,, End of itri'lgc i:. Movilz,  Mgi*.
-*���*���* *^> ��� *���**--
Notes _Jy the Way
S"..~l s'^7^;l* .^ ffi/Very"
>tflr3_____52HBK;T___.__is:,- ������
to defend their rights in Mexico,
much less to interfere in a conflict
among first class powers.
_"_*���_���__���_ -   ���*_.______������*
The inli restiti���; even', lite   1 1- ct-
ion of a new president of the United
States, is  now over,   and   broadly      The remark is sometimes   heard,
speaking, no one is any the  worse   "I don'l care if Germany does win
Dr. "Won't row" Wilson 111 imtgedi for 1 would as soon be under   Ger-
to scrape in, niul   will   presumably! man rule a.s any."    It is doubtless
go on writing notes in that   accom-. intended to be a terrible statement.
plished s'-'eof his.    Mr.   Hughes 1 calculated to shock one's audience,   "'rule" means iu   Germany,   where
could only have done the same, for1 but, like a daaip squib  it  need not   before the war supervision  was  so
the States arc not in a positi in even scare anyone, for the person   mak-   stncl tll,,t " vvas Impossible to drop
ing such a statement is betraying a scrap of paper In the gutter with-1
a poverty of thought. He cannot oul ���'<; olicemnu appearing to order1
have anv idea, for instance, of what   ln* offender to pick it up.    Official.
dom in Germany was   the leading
 calh'ng and   sonic   of   our   friends
who talk so glibly   about  German
rule would be in prison   six   hours
out of the 24, in ad lition to another
six hours occupied in working   out I
the fines.    Toclav,"in Belgium, the
civil population, men,  women, audi
children, are experiencing the bles- I
sings of "German rule"  just as  it
would he applied today to the Canadian people had the Germaus   the!
chance to exercise it.    Enough said I
Read the papers! ]
An echo of the o lebrated plank , j
cass came up in Council again on
Monday night when Bodwell ,!_
Lawson si nt in .111 account for ��15.
for 1 e*_;.-\ 1 s rvires therewith, ft was
understood at the time when the
sqii ibblewason foot that Mr, Johnston wou'd save the 'city   harmless
F^    ^R   H. If
riWf,_fsK^ira/f5_ e
Is,   o   ,_Vaf!9-r^:-'!i   \f K^w, > -si
32vy ana  Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
l.*t cln
srtificate technics of In
eriiiie.iU' bakiug nnd c
The place to buy good  bread,   made  from   "letter  1'lour.   Petter and
healthier veast, and belter methods.    Buy direel from
The baker ..1 Del
Opposite the city hal
j*n uuuy,
/^_i if". ."��������� -"1 TT/"*'! Q '.*��
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
Expansion d B.C. Telephone
This year the llritish Columbia Telephone Company has
spent a very large amount of money in making itn pro vein ents
toils system in various parts of tlie province. This supplements work that was done last year, the policy of the company
being to keep its equipment tip to date and to anticipate the
demands of the public ill the matter of service. Never hns
its system Veen ill better shape
Achievemente of the 13, C Telephone Co. are an earnest
of future accomplishments, to provide a more comprehensive
as well as more perfect telephone service.
British   Columbia  Telephone Coin the 111 itter a_ it was ills squabble /"��� IJ A Mfk   HICDI  A V
and lhe plunks did not   belong   to ljl\jf\lll/   1/lul iulii.
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday ant-
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING---Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on alljincs to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Disl. Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Conrlensjr, Phone R 60
the city.    He now  repudiates   lhe
Willard's Harness Emporium
Corp, Alfred Joues w;ites from Fine Slio*,vlng ot Horse Blankets, i,np
somewhere in France, and in refer- i R��8S. c'loveB< Trullk8' Smt c,,scs' lilc'
erence to some  notes in Review of Harness Repaired Neatly
Aug. 31st, says " I may tell you
that all the battalion had been in
action that week and when our
gallant comrade fell he was with
No. 3 Company in the front line
trenches and No. 4 company was
in the reserve. We are in the best
of spirits and have given a good
account of ourselves. One of our
comrades has been recommended
for the D C M, which honor is
hard to get. The other day I ran
up against a Courtenay soldier who
has been out here since the war
began, and I am pleased to tell you
he looks fine- It was Malcolm Benton. To-day Wallace McPhee came
into our camp. He looks fine, He
is not with his own battalioti. It
disbanded in England and he joined the 47th,
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
Cumberland and Courtenay
When  In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Iixperieuce
Recommends   Irom   Leading Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.    Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will De   in this city   about
Oct.     1.     Leave orders at tins Office,
or write direct to
845. 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.	
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay 1/2
jiunbie   aie
ILV         r   i   ' :           ','.   &        &'<������'       \ [ '       lhe building jusl ���. icat
UK"J  ' ' -"'i' J'         ** " is.     The* sale   will!
_*. ,, ,      r,     , ���!-, COllllllfl '       ' 1011
Q--_.' ~       SOUWr,,,","       I    , [l!(rih ;    ,
_J*8SSM)I1��.     ",V   ,   at       "'*���-*  "����-��--���t����j)  to act ns auctioneer,    A canvass of
iw. thB  Mr. Johns on  was to pay a 1   ,   d    .,.*., ,���. ,���  ,, , ,..,,. ,..,
The CDiincil held a snecial meet- C��S ,��" co*1*,MJ?10.n w��ththIe P-M,k of the c   nmiltce,
.uiiiei i iu.ni ,i spi cm  meci controversy.    Ins   Mr.    o buston     .    ,,      .      .,   u,    ,,   ,, ���
ing on Saturday   evening for  the deiiied ' asked to give   a   .mull   donation,
purpose of  passing  the   following ' Anyone who is not called upon will
resolution : ~ ~* *~ please consid r tli ifficient
Moved by Aid. Hurford, second-      The question of employment for and leavi theii I n-
ed by AM. Auderton, that the Util- re-*"''-*'d soldiers is   liecoinlng   an   bers of lhe   committee,    ot   bring I
ities committee be given full power "'K."' "' lller'    |;'v'!v  week   sees them the  diy   of   the   sale,   The
to take steps to mud a  mandatory '��eir ranks augmented,  the ranks committee is   Mesdames   McPhee,
injunction to lhe  Courtenay Elec- of lllose who, having done their bit   Parkin, Hickman,   Bubar,   Camp
trie Light Co. to remove their poi- m"m'm-1 positional I   bell, Wain,   I
^ssvixraa^'z^^-^'T.'izr-'-'' :_<p :nr. v..*-'.".*"'���.���'.; t-r:
of those who, having ''one their hit   Parkin, Mid
are now in n position to seek   c:vil   bell, Wain,   Idic
from the preciuts ol   the city, and  f---P'0>'---!il!      The    govsrninent|Miss Orimason     Th rill
that thev be empowered to request  1,ils '"l"ul employment   for   some,  go to the local Red Cr ind to
the Attorney Ocuerul to bc made a  ?lld man-  -"-ve returned   lo   their pureh-i  ��� material for  ewing,
plaintiff in lhc ncliou, and lhat they   '"''"i.i- positions,   but by   all   acl
hnve power  lo   indemnify  him ri   col*ms ���������ere ���*���'<-������>nnv   who   have       llio Riim.nn   li   ������       m-crl* that
gains! anycoslsini 'nncction with   "J?1 '" ' : wihxkI titenciy employnieiil   :> -
the action,    Furthermore, that the ,,1'e cn'T Vv,as   l':'' ':" ''   recently jl'my; iimi no ,1.1   i u   ige
utilities conimiltce proceed without  ''^--re tl.e Council ol tl.e   Cuy   of pray twi
Simply a little rub with a cloth keeps the highly burnished cooking top always glistening, dusfless cie-a*, without blacking; in four pieces it cannot warp or bulg_.
.ifi_?A0-7|i __.���_,   ��...
It won't be hard to decide what range you want in your
kitchen after I show you the Kootenay's special features.
For   sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Victoria, so forcibly, in   fncl   ih.it  you  m
delay lo gel signed iiuoliilions from
responsible firms ivho they already  s"mt" ��' ' * A1'.'-nn<-" rese,1,tetl  J1-',".'''   " .
have names ol         m.ipmeul. lo   We "w ��  ��l>">">�� however that thc i Jwnly fills the bill :    .��   g
case for the returned  soldiers  was! is amended by ,.knocking   Lhe "r     a;
Phone 6
be owned by thc inuuicipnlil
Tin iiiuvor refu . ,\ to put the
motion mi which Aid. I liu ford put
thc question " Shall thc chair be
sustain 'il.'" Affirmative, nil. Nck
attve Aid Aston. I-Iurforn, McKenzie, Brown, Anderton, Dunham,
dy n i ��� ni'  d in   inch   a   maimer "ut of praj
because of the   deplorable  apathy.	
of ihe public bodies, ns wel! us of j
the public generally and the cir-
cimi-taiices are such that any excess ',i presenting Ihe soldiers' ease
will li ��� excused, We d > not s iv
that every returned soldier is capable of handling any j )b that is '
going, but we do maintain that the
preference should be accorded lo
the returned soldier, nnd more than
The regular meeting of the city
council was held on Monday evening.
Two communications were read    that, that the public   should insist
one Irom the . lectnc Light U). and   that s,|cl] ;,,, _��������,���_    Th_ bi���.  cor.
one from oodwell re   Dawson  asking pavnieut of $15 re btidge planks
The following accounts were presented and referred to  the  finance
P nations, so prominent in iiu'u.*-
trial activity in this proviuee, could
set a better example in this respect
and give a lead to smaller  employ-
committee to pay if found correct:  erSi   That so ,,,.1I1V are (-U��lllce(J by l (; ';
J* Stevenson, painting ladder $2,50  American capital may  perhaps ex* | ���J
Electric Light i.88
C. II- Tarbell,   hardware       42,95
returned warriors, in   which   ease
Aid. Aston, for board  of works. t]l, government .should brinr ores-' 1""'ses l" ''"" '" '"';;r wltl"n -1'- oty "'
iported that Anderton avenue had   ������,., ,,, i���.....     ���������, ,,,..,���,.  , V', .,��� I Courtenay, and the owners ny such
in <r,-.���i,���l     l ���i    there.  ,�����   me, .        ���          '     but.llevel   ��������"������ *lle: iiiiiiiinls found run iiiu.i;ui   large   ou   or
.CU   L;l'UlL'U.      I'lll      tnerC    VVflS     lOO Ant.-r ir-'*,.  r-ni-mM-at nn.         WMwif  n c/_ 1     r_        .   _.    _  T*.             i                ii  i                        .t
,,..,,                ,         . American corporations.    \\ nat are after istof December, will be prosecuted
Barrister and  Solicitor,   NoUry
Courtenay    H itel
Comfort   With  M iderati   I: I ���
Cumberland Hotel
(Siiiiil Accomodation      Cusine lixcellea
Wm. Merry.ield
pital may  perhaps ex- i " ���'  j
u their lack of  concern for our! nuiu.lC NOTICB is hereby given Hint'
it is illee
il t" rillmv uu
much  frost  in  the proiind  to do  we doing ourselves to promote em-1 under By l,aw No. U
ploy ment for our    heroes,    and   to
City Clerk.
Isabel and Grable  streets.     Work
on Station street  was progressing :.ee   that the public bodies we elect N       . ,. ,. ,,,,-
satislactor.ly.    No  ratepayers  ap- to office are doing all they   can   to |November 23' 1916
parently wanted work   on the job preveut a  national  disgrace?   We
so outsiders had to be employed. -nvite correspondence ou  this mat-
Aid. Hurford enquired what was ier
being (lone by the lane committee.
The city clerk   reported  that he ,   Mr. M. B. Ball is in receipt of   a
bad been  requested   to  notify the leUtr !rom G;'l'*' S- Reeves, of the
council that a herd of  cattle and a 7Ul Middlesex Re;;t, who left   here
number of horses  were slill roam- immediately after tbe  outbreak   of
ut large.    The  pound  bv law pro- ���� war.    He has seen   service   in
vides that uo animal  shall  run at Egypt, and was m France in Aug-
larce after Nov   1 lls*  iiSt   when he was buried by   a
' Aid". Anderton   said  that  some B'Sch shell, and   rendered   uucous-1
cious.    when he received hissenses
he found himself on the way   to   a i
inseiTed iiTthe" Review notifying Red Cross hospital.    He   had been
owners cf the fact slck .for *��>���tus and intended   re-; pU^^|tJffi5.SBMS!:
Aid.   Hurford  moved    that  the P0'-'11!-.   f--r  duty   at    once.    He j cjpni voters' Wst, 1917, shall sit at the
company's letter be acknowledged, t,lll,lks til;U ,tlle war wil1  e��d   l;ext j Chy Hall, Courtenay,  on  Monday,   the
i .,     ,   ,      ���   .   ,       .   ,i   . . Alltrust   and savs that   thiners   are  litu day of December, 1916, at tne noni
and the fact pointed   out   that two ***-;bu*>i. <*'ul sa\s uiai   iinii.s   .ue
contradictory    by-laws cannot  be too awful to write   about     He   is0 c,oc^ ,l- m' w A_ w HAMBS|
submitted at the same time. longing to be   back   on   his   little City Clerk.
The letter from Bodwell & Law- rauch '" Comox. j
Municipal Voter's List |)0 ^0U Read ?!
Courtenay, B. C.     | i
people might not be  aware  of the
fact and   moved   that  a  notice be
We will send You the Courtenay Rev/iew
The Daily Province and
The Family Herald
and Weekly Star for 1 year
The Water Question
Four Good   Houses,
water    and    electric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.   LEWIS
Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician
at Brown's
_��r $5
Courtenay, B. C.
A* fv*, 'V*.,-v*--- *i"*--->*!
_"i   ;: !���  i!      ' ;  "���'     ���    I tjl ''    '
iorj.__3.o_i cf mm 0EiiHiy_E stocs
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, let April and 1st October by cheque (free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent
per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this stock will have tl e -privilege of surrendering at par and
accrued interest, aa the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment
made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasury Bills or other like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications
for this stock which bear their stamp,
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
Palaee Livery -���......$27.,,
Horses  and  Buggies for  Hire i.
Terms cash.
We  also allend  to wood hauling
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies anc! Gents Suits
Suits $2
7 up
Pants $7
$ .75
Suits          $1.2
i up
., 3
*- 1
1 tresses
1 in sses
Rej  Irhlij, Rtc.
Cents c
.then k i|
1 iii order by tl
Courtenay Phone 25
Haney   I.  Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenay
,_7j_ ___�����.��� .'�����: �� mi-reaa
MWO-KOrVf-' T.
First Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steam fitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guarauteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
ttt*tm*m******tP******t*T*tml*i******t*t*t*^ arms review, cohrtnev. b. d.
Hat boon Conada'a favorite yeast for over a
quarter or a conlurv. Broad bukiil with Royal
Yeast will keep fro>h and moist lonr^or than that
iv-irlc with any othor, co that a full woo"., supply
can oaslly bo mailo At ono baiting, anrl Iho l-et
loaf will to Just at good ae the first.
Winnipeg   TORONTO,  ONT.  I
Girl Offers an Eye
To a Blind Soldier
girl  has
an Utilize Sawdust
mercial   Products   M ide
Waste at Sawmills
Experiments by Dr, J. I'. Davi I   n
of tin' University of Briti li Col
have resulted ir;  the disi iverj   ol
process of distilling sawdusl waste by
means of which tar, a li ;l    oil, acetate ui lime and charcoal ai ��� obtai i-
ed.   In the new proci pro
duced by distillation is carried
through a pipe i i ie in :li :s in diarac-
tcr and twenty feci long, In tl - i ipc
is an electrically charged wire, which
causes precipitation ol lhc
tides of tar. 'I he lar, fi
for each cord of wood di-
medium consistency and
The light oil, obtained
condenser, i,s immediately
for ore refining, and tli
twelve gallons lo the cor
Eighty pounds of acetalc
obtained for thc pyroligni
each cord of wood. Ni
pounds 01 charcoal are i
French   Oculist Says Hc  Can   Sa
Man's Sight By Grafting
A  young  Englisl
to Dr. Rochon   I1
lo give one of her ryes to a soldier I
who has lost his sight serving Prance,
lln* girl, who lives in N'orlli Shields,!
had read a  rcccnl  slalemcul by I 'r.)
I lu\ igneaud, one ol lhc mosl fa n -'
oculists in   France, lhat it  was pos-i
sill!-.' lo    save the    sight of   a man
wounded    in  llic eye    by grafting a
peirtii n of the i   ; fica ol .ir''.'1 ���: p ������
son'.-;.    In her I 'Iter she said:
"ii you believe III il  there is    i nc
Useftil Tax I chance ol sm     -* in a million, !   ivi]l|
c land h il ling  ipan-   five you otic ol  in;   eyes  I  i
uld  I -��� i ivcu  lhc privilege ofldiei   \ ho  I i    losl   his seivn .       '.   .
into lhe  I edcral Trea urj  of| brancc     i  "���-
Learned from a Sample
Nineteen Years Ago
That He Could Depend on Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
To Cure Many of the Common Ills oi Life
Living eighteen miles from a drug
store, Mr. Carr found it necessary to
keep in lhe house some treatment to
regulate lhc action of liver, kidneys
and bowel.-.
To the habit of keeping ll
porlant organs ai lice hy llic
Br. Chase's Kidney-Liver
when    required,    he   attributes
had finished one box.
the pain in the back a
Clearly    t!
s  sl
i good h
i      Here,
alili of Iiis large family,
C 111 I'll ei
paying into llie Federal Treasury oil''���������nc*-.    I  would pre   : to gn
Canada (or lhc cosily defence of their -'.'������'. ���" ""* to wl oni il  would I
h r
���  Iracls- of hmd,' A  lax on    lhe I pccialj
currcnl  land vaiui - of Can ida might an
bi"     al  the moderate rate of 1 per |
cent,   Ji would nol require new  ma- coi
chincry lo colled it, j'hc municipal '�� you
authorities    could do (lie    collecting use lo
for the Dominion; and a tax of 1 per  possibl
ccnl.  on  hind values  would  increase
the Federal revenue by possibly $7U,-      K"*
000,000 per year.   Could Ihere he. any  expen
 rc useful tax, aclually tending lo "ax ci
stimulate productive industry and to
bring increasing prosperity    to Can-1    'flic
u id il, ���
great i
(Ter is ai
I'sclf unilei'
an mv.
an  ,
:. .
I -
'      "
i i
lor pen
nunc me   to
null, in   lhe oi
tO   nre.
ia  maintains    at
Mosi  rn
(or  the  study
I manufacture,
-Ottawa Citizen,
r  lun
s arc
lilt lc
but  il
them i
.ut p
Virtue of Advertising
Advantages   of   Advertising   Brought
Home to the Government
The surprise of lhe war ill every
counlry, but especially in Britain,
France' and Canada, is the invisible
wealth of the masses. They have.
been constrained to study and practice thrift, and llicy have done it to
advantage. Thc result is that when
national loans have heen put upon
the market and thc people have becn
Mum Uc Treated Through the
Blood and the Poisonous
Acid Driven Out
The twinges and lorlures of rheumatism arc not due to cold, damp
weather as so many people suppose.
Rheumatism comes from poisonous
acid in lhc blood. This is a medical
truth that every rheumatic sufferer
should realize. Their is only one way
to cure, rheumatism*���it must be treated through lhe blood. All the lina-
mcnls and rubbing and so-called clcc-
trical treatment in lhc world will not
cure rheumatism, and the sufferer
who iries Ihem is not only war.ling
money, but is allowing the trouble lo
become more firmly rooted ill the syslem and harder to cure when lhc proper remedy is tried. Dr. Williams
l'ink Pills have had remarkable suc-
ee.-.s in curing rheumatism because
ihey go right lo the root o( the trou
of Ihe
liver :
���i casi!
Pill,   The
'   i'i -rirl i : -
exposure  i
ulgcncc    in
. in drinkin
���-.    But  wh
,n lion
id. A
lo llie
il, arc
cine i" protect ine nu u
Liniii.'. who use ii from i
ills so many <>i wiiii li ai ii
iii| ni -ii of llic bow��� Is
condition of lhc Iii i r an
Mr. James Carr, Mayi
w i Lie; .   Aboul    19   j :ars
eei'. i ,'i  rin  Cll\ clnpc COIllai
Pr. Chase's    Kidney I.hi
was doctoring al  th" I'm
doelors, and as lhcy did
I  used ihe  I'ills, and by
��� of
'ills, | slon-  ;
llic I nearly
the Thai v
,cdi- tribute
in lh
e. in
II   loll-
and torpid
mih,  Out.,
ago    I    re-
ing iwo ol
��� Pills.    I
��� with Iwo
ie no good
ihe lime  I
1 was cured ol
nd shoulders.
great confidence in Dr.
cines, 1 have a family
cn and have never had
louse tor any o( ihem.
ll miles from a drug
d find lhat these I'ills cure
II lhe ordinary ills by regit-
c li\er, kidneys and bowels,
arc all well and sound I at-
o Iheir use, and 1 have rc-
comincndcd ihem lo hundreds and
given away many a box because I believe llicrc is no medicine so good."
I!v awakening the action of liver,
kidneys and bowels Dr. Chase's Kidnev I iver Tills cleanse lhe system of
poisons and remove lhc cause of bili*
ousness, headaches, backache, lumbago, kidney disease and rliciima-
ti.-m. ('nc pill a dose, 25 cents a box,
all dealers, or Edniauson, Bales &
Co., Ltd,, Toronlo.
Seals in Heroic Charge
16,000 Oul of 9,500 Lost in Battle of
Loos, Says Churchill
A  story of lhc heroism shown  by
he the cause, larmelces \ cgel- Scottish and    other troops at  Loos
I ills enn be rehed upon as ihc ._���<��� by vvinston Churchill in the
liest corrective    that can    he   lake.n.1 Britisii  II
'I'hey arc
lhcy have
the leading liver pills and
no superiors among   such
A Decent German Doctor
As Mr. Philip Gibbs reports it irom
thc Britisii lines, llie truth must be
in ii. A captured German doctor
busy under shell fire with Britisii
wounded is speaking:
f Commons.  I Ic was I
���  disbanding of four j
d   cover- '
lhe fronl,
ipse i
referring  lo   ih
Scottish battalions which 1
ed themselves with glory at
and s.iid:
"The Ninth Scottish Division,
which played a notable l art in the
battle of Loos, lost 6,000 in killed and
wounded out of 9,500 infantry, One
battalion of Cameron Highlanders
'went into action with 850 strong with
Something better than linen and Mi laundry
Mlli     Wash   it wiih Boap  ami water     All
stores or direct    Mate t>i>lc and ui/...    .of
2S_. wc will ninii you.
CANADA. I ii-il-d
B_ I'rancr Avouu*. Taronl*. Oafarl*
1 am not a fighting man.   I did not.O officers, and thc colonel and    ih
help to make this war.    My work in'adjutant and 110 men alone, who were
Dog Remedies
for humanity, and your wounded
the same lo me as our poor suffering
men  needing    illy help, which  I  am
glad to give."
Has anything finer been uttered in
the war? lias anything finer been
done in lhe war on either side?
And How to Feed
���Jailed tree to any aililre-i by
the AuUior
118 West 31 st Street, New York
asked lo subscribe, to them lhcy have .hie in the blood, driving out the pois- Minard's l.inii
gladly done so.   The old slocking  * ' '
Die long stocking, as some have
scribed the recess of lhe people's
ney, has contained    all amazing am
otinl and mostly of the coin that doe
not depreciate.    But thc hidden    rc
or onous
rle- joints,
.no- pain*,
am-! health
sources had to be tapped, and
tapping was done through lhc newspaper';. There ii no doubt of thai.
When thc first loan of $50,000,000 was
floated the Canadian Press Association suggested lo the Finance Minister the. advantage, of advertising' it.
He had only to notice how the brokers made their proposals known,
and he imitated them, 'Ihere was nothing oi the war of partisanship in
thi '
id, releasing the stiff?ncd
clearing away the torturing
and giving the victim renewed
and ease. Mr. Vincent Brow,
Boucher. N.S., says: "For Iwo
1 cc.s nu almost constant sufferer from rheumatism, thc trouble
being r-o bad at limes that I could
scarcely get about. The trouble
seemed to bring with it anaemia, and
altogether 1 was in a very bad condition. I used doctor's medicine for almost a year wilhoui relief. Then on
lhe advice of a friend I decided to try
Dr. Williams l'ink Pills. I think i
took altogether about a dozen boves,
with  the  result that   1 am again  en-
Dear  S
lism and
for both
ncnt Co., Limited.
"Mrs,���I  can recommend  MI-
LINIMENT   for Rheitma-
Sprains, as I have used it
with  excellent  results.
��� ft'ly,
i survivors, took and held llieir objec-|
i live.
j    "Four successive lines were swept j
away, and lhc fifth went on without
hesitation,  while  lv,o  days  later  the
remnant   was asked    lo make an attack and they did it with the utmost
| elan and good spirit.
1    "These Iroops," Mr. Churchill went
on. "1,200 selected out of a brigade of
j 4,000, swept ovcr the parapets to llie
I attack. You talk about (lie charges
at Balaclava aud the Fusiliers at Al-
bucra; even these deeds pale, by these
new divisions raised in the British
army. Needless to say, no account
of these achievements, other llian a
very jejune account published many
months afterward, has reached
treat lucceai, ctiftfts chronic weakness. Losr vioot
Med Co ii.werstockP.d. iiampstead. London KNd..
.. ..-__. .._.,   _-_   -___. _,  ____. __ -    BAFg AND
appeal.   It was non-political, and|joying perfect health."
It was a great success.
White noticed this. A repetition of
tlle experiment had not to bc pressed.
Sir Thomas was ready to act himself
this time, and again lie has been convinced lhat it pays to advertise. ���
Kingston Whig.
Sir Thomas I You can get ihese pills through any
medicine dealer or by mail, post paid,
at 30 cents a box or six bones for
$2.50 from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Salt as a Healer
al   Jdcn   Now   Recognize
Physiological Importance
of Salt
St. John.
A Highlander from Tobermory
asked at the Oban railway station the
price of a ticket to Killin.
"So much," replied the clerk.
"Hoot awa'," replied Donald: "it's
far ower dear! I'd rather walk!" and
oil he started.
He had not proceeded far when the
train came tearing along, whistling
us it ncarcd the station.
"Ye necdna whistle for me!
Donald. "I made yc an offer
and ye wadna tak' it: sac yc cat
on,   I'm no coniiu'."
Had Terrible Pains
in Kidneys and Back.
frc-lb r'.liabl-t
western stockmen, because
prelect where ���
_^a vaccines fall.
5^ Write In booklet snd t-iitmoniate.
50-dut Pks. Blaeklii Pills. $4.00
Use any injeclo., but Cutter's .Implest and strcncKt
The siiprrlority ol Cutter products is due t�� ot_. IJ
years of specl-Jtslns lit VACCINM AND BKRtiiO
ONLY.   INSIST 0*1 CUTTBR'S.   II UOObtillih*
ordei direct. .      - ...    .
TfiB Cutttr Ubofatory, Biritliy, CallftntH
Dear Mr. Editvr���l want to write yon   _,   ,,    m^m^.- n. i r>     mmmM
fcbout "Anuric."   I was very sick, could ! V90&8 bOuOfl IttOt W-BpOB-WS
Clerk; \
can't spend
you  penny
eai ii with ;
ir one
The preservative, lhe clcansii
lire soothing effects of sail havc been
kuouu for aires.   To lhis cslent and
\iiih    some recognition of   existing
practice, the use of saline solutions
in  Hriiish  military  hospitals  is     not
new, says lhc New York World,  'lhe
Iinteresting points arc in the evolution
[of lal I lo llic position of a sole Iieal-
in,; agent, and in the method of ap-
I le'. lion bj .. ' onsianl stream which,
in a siugl ��� flowing washes the wound,
it   from iiii"��-ciiciii and contribute   1 ��� ding power,
An ancient and common household
urtii Ic llu i supplants, after ihc^ Initial disinfi ii"", ihc highly scientific
antisi i lie appliance of the day.
This elaboration of an old remedy
rrc.il!* in mind lln* medical slir which
followed in 1901 the publication from
the University of   Chicago, by   Dr.
Jacques Locb and Prof. IJ. J. 1.ingle,. ,   ,
of the theory that a solution of com-]
mon salt in the blood, neutralized by i
calcium  and possibly potassium  salt
solution, was the cause of the rhythmic healing of the hearl.   All doctors
had  known  of  saline  injections     lo
Stimulate the. heart. Those who hesitated  over the    new proposition  ud-
tuiiicd lhe physiological   importance I
of salt and i!*r ability, afler a Iieiuc.rr-'
hage, 10 supply iiie deficiency in cir
culation until new blood is made.
the Fresh Supplies in Demand.���V, lier-
ever Dr. Thomas' Ecleclric Oil has
been introduced incrc-scd supplies
have, been ordered, showing that
wherever it goes tllis cxcelleu
impresses ils power on the people.
J | No matter in what latitude it may be
found, its potency is never impaired.
It is put up in most porlahle shape
in bottles and can be carried without
fear ol  breakage.
hardly he up; I was in bed most of the i
time. Had terrible pains in mv kidneys
and back, so much so that I had to
scream sometimes when I was sitting
down and wanted to get up, the paiu
was so great. I had tried a well-known
kidney medicine but it didn't help me.
5UI(jj 1 heard of Dr. Pierce's Anuric Tablets
so I thought I would try tliem. I took
only one box of the Tablets, and my
back is now free from pain and I can
work and take care of my family. I
feel I cannot eay enough for this medicine.     Sincerely, Mus. Wm. Kellee.
,, sec
i Iini.
ccnl :
Ciirl: I .cl me
Utile girl, I
day showing
OU want the
ice around it
: it,  ���] ifc.
Notk: This "-Annric" is adapted
Q-} especially for kidney complaints and
diseases arising from disorders of the
kidneys and bladder, such as backache,
weak back, rheumatism, dropsy, congestion of the kidneys, inflammation
of the bladder, scalding urine and
urinary troubles. The physicians aud
specialists at Dr. Pierce's great Institution, al Buffalo, K. V., have thoroughly
tcsled this proscription and have been
with ono acconl successful iu eradicating these troubles, and in most cases
absolutely curing tlie diseased kidneys.
medicine. 80IA In thro, dm
free- ol strength. N*. 1,
fl; No. I, ��: No. I. If
per box. Bold by -U
dr_���_l9t_. or sent pro-
paid In plain p_c__e��o��
receipt ot prlco. Fro*
pamphlet. Address:
HM_K.Mli (ftM*.W-M
WANTED���Representative, either
sex, Europe's Greatest World War
and Lord Kitchener's career. Salary
or Commission. Experience unnecessary. Credit given. Sample free, send
postage, ten cents. Nichols, Limited,
Publishers, Toronto.
Two Tramps
Two wretched looking tramps were
] brought before a justice of the peace.
Addressing the worst looking one, the
justice said: "Where do you liver"
"And where do you live?" said lhe
justice to the other.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Our Daily Duty
to the memory of llie youth
war has stolen from us, nol
ii duty to the  future of our
i-lii-d race, demands that wc
our daily life in the t*niper
our young men have passed
leaih.   Many of our irndi-
1 cautions    and    prejudices
appear, -The    Nation, Lon-
A small boy   astride of   a donkey
j was taking some supplies to an army
camp jn Texas not long ago, and gol
there just as a detachment of soldiers
preceded by a band was inarching
'I he  hid  dismounted  and  held  the
I ridlc   of the donkey   lightly in his
I    "Why are ymi holding on lo your
brother so hard?" asked a group of
soldiers who were standing near and
wanted to tease llie country boy,
"I'm afraid he    might enlist," said
Ithe lad, wilhoui balling an eyelash.
Pnlienl8 having once need "Anuric" |    "I've got the room just above him.'
at Dr. Pleroo's Invalids' Hotel, have re-   ���Exchange,
pcatedly sent back for morn.    Such a -
demand ha.i been created that Dr. Pierce
lifts decided to put"Anuric,'' iu the drug
stores of this counlry, in a ready-to-use
form. If not obtainable send otie dime
by mail to Dr, Pierce for trial package
or 50 centB for lull treatment.
Dr. Pierce's Golden .Medical Discovery
is a blood oleanser and alterative that
Starts the liver and stomach into vigorous
action. It thus assists lhe body to make
rich, red blood, which feeds the heart,
nerves, brain and organs of the body.
Sfou feel cleau, strong ami strenuous.
Minard's    Liniment   Relieves    Neu.
ral.ia. . '
"Why do you call Wiggins an expert accountant? lie isn't up on
"No, but there isn't any phenomenon in the universe that he doesn't
assume to bc able to account for."���
Washington Star.
Everything Going Up ,
A New York newspaper remarks
that while coal lias gone up forty
cents a ton and flour $1.25 a bag,
yeast is still selling at two cents a
cake. It is jusl as well not to lay too
much stress on llie fact, The ye-isl
may take it into ils head to rise also,
a thing il has frequently done.
What He Was Trying to Tell      i
He: I���1 have been trying to 'cli;
you something lor sonic lime, but���!
Shc: Oh, dear me: how romantic!
What���what is it, Mr. Shyc?
lie: Vour���your��� j
She: Oh, do go on-
He: Your hair is coining down f.t
the back.���llorida Times-Union.
I.cliut.  Mills,  F.Q.
' 'I wis troubled for many yearn
Willi Kidney Disease, and a {rli-_
told m* to ta-. OIK FILLS.
Alter taking a lew box.s I wu
greatly relieved, aid alter H-iililng
ti. twelfth box the pain completely left me, Hy wife la now Ming
Gin PUls and fir.da that the has
keen greatly relieved of tht pais
over her kidneyi. I can safely
reco-imend any one suffering from
Xldaey trouble to fir* a fair trial
to  OU*  FILLS.
Thomas Steptienion."
All rtraggiate leU Oin Pills at
60c. a box, or 6 boxes for 12.50.
Sample tree if you write to
Toronto, Ont. 67 ?
Should Success Crown the Efforts of the Allies in Iheir Operations,
Serbia, Italy, Rumania, and Russia will Acquire much
Valuable Territory from the Enemy
Should ihe armies of lhc Allies,
now operating between the Italian
Irridenta aud Galicia. and from Car*
palllia to Salonika, be successful in
their aims, 11)0,0110 square miles will
eventually be subtracted from Austria-Hungary, This territory, sustained before llic war a population of 17,-
000,000, or jusl one-third of the total
population of the Dual Monarchy.
The geographical divisions by which
these parcels of Austrian and Hungarian propcrlj arc known are as 'ol-
The Tyrol (the southern half), the
coastlands (wiih Trieste), Dnlmatia
(wilh Iiii* islands of lhe Adriatic, lull
diminished by a thin paring left for
Serbia), are lo go to Italy. This liiiu
paring of Dalmatia, soulh of lho
mouth of ihe Xarcnla River, Bosnia,
I h rzegovina nnd a portion of Sla-
vonin will (.ill to Scibia; Transylvania, Bukov ilia and llu: Banal of I c-
mesvar will go in Rumania, and < lal
ici.i will become Russian,
Italy will lake some 1,1,001) sipnirr
miles, Inuing a population of aboul
.',000,001). ni ihis population less
iii nn 800,000 are Italian and the major fraction is S!a\, Serb in Dalmatia
and lhc islands, Slovene nboul
Rumania will receive 36,000 square
miles, having a population of *l,800,-
000. Of this population a little more
than half, 2.450,000, is Rumanian, I,-
000,0110 is Magyar, 700,000 German
and 50,000 Slav '-- Serb in lhc Banat,
Russian in Bukovina.
Russia will get Galicia entire, having an area ol jusl over 30,000 square
miles and a population ol slightly
more than 8,000,000. Practically all
of lhis population, save for the lews,
is Slav, and 5,000,000 is Polish, Some
of lhe fairest bits oi the Alps, some
of llle best known places of tourism,
will fall to Italy's share.
In addition, in taking Trieste and
lhc coasiland down to the end of the
Istrian peninsula, she will get the
great modern city of Trieste, onc of
the first commercial ports of the Mediterranean basin, and Tola, the chief
naval station of Austria, Along the
Dalmatian coast she will acquire
other splendid harbors and such famous cities as Zara, Spalatro, Scbeni-
iii. Possession of Dalmatia and of the
islands of the Adriatic will give her
command of the Adriatic and she will
abolish lhc rivalry of Austria, even
ii Finnic remains to Hungary and
Austria and Hungary continue united.
Proportionately, Serbia's gains will
bc greater. Bosnia, Dalmatia, that
falls to her share, the portion of Sla-
vonia, have an area of 21,000 square
miles, materially morc than thai of
Serbia before the first Balkan war.
Acquiring them, Serbia will at hist
gain her window on the sea, denied
her through Austrian interference after her Balkan victories.    But Serbia
lias other hopes. Montenegro, also a
Serb hind, will unquestionably be
joined to Scibia, together with lhe
northern tip of Albania, containing
Scutari. All told, Serbia hopes and
expects to gain 30,000 square miles,
25,000 coining from Austria, and save
for a few Albanians aboul Scutari the
people of these regions arc all Serb
by race.
Even greater are. Rumanian ambitions, Before she entered the second
Balkan war, Rumania was a nation of
7,000,000, and her area was nearly 50,-
000 square miles, about that of England or ni New Vork Stale. The Balkan wnr gave her ,1.000 square miles
and 300,110(1 people lakeu from Bid
garla, If she gets her prize in lln'
Austrian campaign she will get ovi r
36,000 square miles and become a
kingdom with an area equal lo thai
of llm mainland of Italy. Her total
population will bc close lo 12,000,000,
and more |I'.m lull of the new citizens will bc Rumanian by race.
lu Transylvania, too, she will acquire the coal mines necessary lo he"
industrial  expansion.       Shaped     now
like a crescent moon, Rumania1 will
then become a solid block, no longer
threatened wilh bisection by any attack coining from Austria.
The real prize v.ill naturally fall to
Russia. Galicia is onc of the richest
agricultural lands in all Europe ami
ils oil well:- are unsurpassed on lhc
Continent,    By bringing her frontiers
| to the Carpathians  Russia will abol-
j ish the open frontier that has so long
weakened her position on    lhc   wrsi
I and has proved so disastrous in ihe
campaigns of the present war. Lcm-
bcrg, the capital of Galicia, is a city
of nearly 250,000, the fourth in lhe
Austrian Empire and onc of the great
I railroad centres of Europe. Sonic portion of Galicia Russia intends to add
to  her Polish kingdom,  probably all
I west of the San.
In doing this, Russia will restore
5,000,0110 Poles lo their old association
with Warsaw, and if there bc an
autonomous Poland, under Russian
protection, it will contain    at    least
116,000,000   oi the. 20,000,000 Poles, the
i balance    remaining   in    the   eastern
I lands oi Prussia.
|    Such, briefly,   is   the   partition   of
: Austria-Hungary.
ln London, Koine, Petrograd, Paris,
onc may scc, it is said,    maps    on
'which the partition of Austria-Hungary is already recorded ns au accomplished facl. Many of these maps
extend lhe limits of thc dismemberment far beyond those described. But
'the irreducible minimum is the divi*
I sion outlined, a division which subtracts 15,000,000 Poles, Rumanians,
Italians, Serbs, Ruthciiians, Slovenes,
from the dominion of the Magyar and
lhc German-Austrian, and in doing
this takes less than 2,000,000 Magyars and Germans.
iC, P. R. Building Houses in thc West
for Returned Soldiers
The houses which the C.P.I', is
building in lhe West for the returned
[soldiers will cost them about $1,000
each, with out-offices. They will consist oi four rooms each ��� Iwo bed-
Irooms, dining-room and kitchen. Each
farm   will   consist   of   loO   acres   and
:llicrc will bc SO additional acres which
|may bc availed oi in ihc course of
time, and as the settler concludes
that he can work il. The C.P.R, lias
several designs for homes which will
ihc submitted to the intending settlers.   These offer a variety of design
lio suit different tastes ami different
pockets, it may he said, The senior
can choose a house which will cost
him $-',000, but ihe payments will iie.
itnade exceedingly easy, In all llicrc
are probably 8,000,000 acres of land
he'd by speculators in ihe West; bul
apart from thai there arc literally
hundreds of millions ol acres oi cultivable land lying idle ovcr the Wesl
���not close '.'i the tracks, oi course,
but good land with h many have long-
ie.; for S'i ardently lhat they have sal
Oil '.he Mips oi llie land office all
nidr in li-' lhe first in llic morning
in gel tin ir application in. The C.P.R.
i* [ oing nn on i:-, ne ii account with
.lio. colony homi ���; bul u expects thai
'tire Government will shortly outline
a plan oi ,i comprehensive miiurc
which enn be generally appll-d lo 'he
; situation,
Getting the Submarines
Policy of Mystery  ts Terrifying, to
the Germans
The policy which lhe  British have
adopted  of  sn.iriug,  .sinking  or  capturing  German   submarines  and   say-
ling nothing about it, in order to afflict the  enemy  with  lhe dark  mystery  of  ihc vessels'    disappearance,
I has, bred a  policy  ol  mystery in  the
Germans themselves.   The Bremen is
always  coining;   but  which  Bremen?
| A  keen Dutch  captain,  who is said
to know a great deal, says thai the
British have already captured two of
the    merchant submarines, America-
bound, bearing this name, and    thai
the Germans have still another    ou
I the  way,    If  this  is true, and     the
I Germans keep sending out new Bremen., onc of them  may al last get
across, and then thc Germans will bc
I able  to  say  that  "ihe   Bremen     got
'over safely."     The Germ.in authorities havc played a game oi mystification from thc start,   Manifestly    the
i sending    out of chartered tugs here
'and there, the  reporting oi llic boat
j first at one place and then another,
land so on, have been for the purpose
loi" throwing the cruisers oil the Hack.
It is altogether probable that at least
one of Ihcsc under-walcr    merchant
'vessels has been captured, and not at
|all unlikely that two have been thus
taken,   .More llian fifty German sub*
marines    have disappeared    iulo lhe
vast deep and have never come back.
The British admiralty   could   account
for most of them, bul it will nol. The
"frightfulncss"   oi mystery   is sometimes more terrible llian that oi visible,    staring    bloodshed. ��� Boston
At the Close of lhc  War  Ihere Will Be No Longer Any Doubt
But that the Skilled Aviators Developed by tbe War will
Utilize Aeroplanes in More Peaceful Pursuits
No more, thrilling page in the romance of war has yet been written
than that which records tire mastery
of thc air by heavicr-lhan-air machines. The slory lold in The Globe by
Frederick Palmer smacks of tlie talcs
oi Jules Verne arid 11. G. Weils,
when as yel man was limited in his
means of locomotion to the surface
oi the earth and the surface of the
sea. Ten years ago aviation was in its
experimental slagc. 'lln* name bad
not yet found ils way into llm standard dictionaries and encyclopaedias.
Practical men shoo', their heads and
dismissed the idea oi aerial flight as
a passing rrazc lhal would run ils
course and die a natural death, lighl
years ago the improvements effected
enabled the aviator lo attain a speed
of thirty-nine miles an hour for a distance of ninety-five mile*, at a maximum altitude of 400 feet. Frederick
Palmer, in this third year of war, tells
of machines with a speed of 165 miles
an hour, flying at an altitude of 10,000
feci, and capable oi carrying heavy-
loads in addition lo thc pilot and observer. Steadily improving in speed,
endurance and climbing powers, lhe
war has brought the heavicr-lhan-air
machine to a point oi efficiency nol
dreamt of ten years ago, When peace
comes there is no longer any doubt
lhat aerial navigation will be a strong
competitor ou land and across narrow
seas and lakes for the traffic lhal i*
now satisfied to travel a! a maximum
speed of sixty miles au hour on laud
and aboul thirty mile- an hour i u
water. 'I'he spectacle m' an aviator,
who before the war was unversed in
aerial locomotion, lakmg aeroplanes
across from England to France for
delivery al thc front, and ghding
through thc air at lhc rate of 165
miles an hour, shows the tremendous
possibilities that arc opened up by the
developments in aviation.
,    The romance of aviation is bound
inii with two oilier romantic pages in
the history of locomotion. The invention of the pneumatic tire for bi-
; cycles  by  Dunlop,  and  thc  birth  of
;thc motor car, with its internal com-
buslion engine, paved the way for the
'coming of the aeroplane, For without lhc pneumatic lire the motor car
.would not have made such strides in
I popularity, and without the motor
gasoline engine the heavicr-lhan-air
machine    would have been stillborn.
. England was slow to enter thc field
of aviation until the motor had reached a stage that offered every prospect of success. With characteristic
energy Britain set about adapting and
(improving the ideas oi French and
American engineers and aeroplane
builders as soon as the machines had
passed thc experimental stage. This
war has given Britain the control oi
the air. a victory due to the splendid
qualities oi the British mechanic no
less than to thc dash and bravery ot
lhe Britisii aviator, Canadians are
winning llieir way to the front rank
in llic aviation corps at the front. At
the close of the war these skilled
aviators will not again settle down
lo ihe humdrum pace oi tlie street
'cars. I anada will witness the coai-
ing oi lhe aerial bus for passenge.
service on the Great Lakes and elsewhere,     i oronto Globe.
A Blunder
It was bathing time and from the
bedroom of twill boys came lhe .sound
of hearty laughter and loud crying-.
Their father went up to find 'he
"What's the mailer Up here:" hc inquired.
The laughing twin pointed t" llis
weeping brother. "Nothing," he
giggled, "only nurse has given Alexander two baths and hasn't civ ll me
any at all."���American Boy.
Britain's Need of Grain
Au authoritative estimate tUc-i
the importers' requirements at 5*"-,-
000,000 bushels, but this niav be reduced to 560,000,000 owing to dear-
ni ss of wheat and also freights. Exports from Argentina, Australia, India and Russia could aggregate .':���:.-
000,000, having 344,000,000 for North
America, It is recognized that North
America will be called upon largely
during the entire sca-on to supply un-
porters' needs,
War Is Passing
Mustn't Waste Good Shells     For a Greater Canada
Throughout the big naval battle
.off the coast of Jutland the commander of a British sllper-drcadnought
had remained at his post, imperturbable, giving his orders briefly and
making no comments, Until it happened that the gunnery officer trained the huge 15-inch gun on a German destroyer and blew her clean
out of thc water. The captain calls
up the officer on tlle telephone, and
in  that slow, English  fashion, asks:
"Was that necessary:"
Thai was all. 'lhc officer understood. The captain was right. It was
au unnecessary waste of big shells
when smaller calibre would have
served the purpose. Only when in
danger of being torpedoed one forgets occasionally the. virtue of economy,
Thai is ihe spirit oi the British
"Made in Canada"
Best for Quality, Style
nnd Value. Guaranteed for all climates.
ij^jjlgij)     V��UR
Canadian ���West  Indian League  May
Complete the Unification of
British America
There is a movement on fool in
Canada having for ils objective the
inclusion of the' Bermudas and lhc
Britisii West Indies in the Dominion.
The inspirers of the movement include a number of prominent Canadians, who have banded themselves
together as lhc Canadian West Indian
League. The. proposition has not as
yet passed beyond the embryonic
stage, bul il is believed that the people, of the islands would generally
welcome the change, ll die proposed
union should be effected, Britisii
Honduras and British Guiana ��� and
possibly the far away Falkland
Islands- might also bc included in
ihe consolidation. Newfoundland,
I which has hitherto persistently re-
I fused lo become a part of the Dominion, would probably relent aud
thus complete the unification oi British America, if the rest of Britain's
colonics in the western hemisphere
should gei together, ��� Providence
W,      N.      U.
Overhaul C.P.R. Lines
The C.P.R. is going lo overhaul its
trans-Pacific liners nt the beginning
ot lhe new year, The boats will bc
laid up al dry dock at Hong Kong
for renovation and repair. The Empress of Asia will bc lhc first to bc
laid up. She will bc out of commission for aboul a month. Thc Empress
of Kussia and Empress of Japan will
be laid up in turn���-the former having a month and lhe hitler _6 days at
Hong Kong. The big liners arc kept
in the best of trim, being al! thoroughly overhauled once a year. The
Empress . of Asia and Empress of
Russia have not been completely
overhauled since lhcy were released
from lhe Admiralty service, toward
the latter part of last year. The
Montcagle, which is now on her way
across the Pacific, was recently overhauled at Hong Kong.
Greatest   Triumph   Ever  Known   Is
Wc arc coming to the greatest
triumph thai men on earth   have ever
!known, and our hands arc clean.
There have been wars of which wc
have long repented; they have been
stains on our fame lhal wc have long
ago redeemed; but today lct us sing.
;ll is not on us lhat there lies the
fearful burden oi these things. All
lhc neutral world knows that, and all
'history will know it, loo.   This great
Idynastic war to bol.ter up a royal
house, litis*, troubling oi thc lives of a
thousand million people for thc glory
oi an accursed king, is noi our sin!
ll belongs to one man and Ids house,
and ii is finding him out. This ill-
wind for Europe anil lhe world will
blow some good to somebody; it will
sweep lhe Hohenzollcsns from their
llironc, and all llieir gods ol* steel and
blood will perish wiih them; but for
Ins ami our children aud our children's children, lor our allies; and for
the allies of all good things and all
good causes, il will bring ihose years
ni peace i"r which men long have
dreamed. Wc arc watching war pass
from lhc world; (his thing the Prussian worshipped as his god, this foul
tiling that so well companioned him,
will  pass  away  for  ever,  and  peace
'will   reign   when thc   Hohenzollcrn
'tribe lies in a heap oi loathsome dusl.
It is nut iu the dispatches, but it is
written in the skies of France. So let
US sing: Hymn No. 370, Ancient and
Modem: "Now Thank We All Our
God,"   Let us sing.���Lloyd's Weekly,
A young man named Older knew
Ian old man named Younger.
l    Old man Younger had a son youn-
Iger than Older and another Younger
| older.
: The older Younger liked lhc younger Older, and the older Youngcr's
elder was pleased.
I    But the younger  Younger disliked
ithe older Older simply because he
was younger and the other was ohler.
Friction grew between the older
Younger, thc elder Younger and the
younger Older through this dislike of
the younger Voutlger, aud to this day
the   Oldcrs   and   Youngcrs   do   not
| mingle.���Life,
Power of
In the recent independent scientific cxperimen"*
with BOVRIL on Human Beings, reported to
thc British Medical Association, an amount of
Bovril proportionate to the small dark diagram
section of this circle has been proved to
produce an increase in flesh and muscle corresponding to the large light section, showing
tlie   Body-Building   Power  of Bovril   to be
10 to 20 times the
amount taken
���tt aunt fee mvu/ "���]
Letters to the Editor
_���_______ ____���.,_.
.   -.
-.. ,-      - "-
t$f'*:-^f���','f     ��*>,;,Q.     - .
cWi.-l-kJ.-ii.^l.t        U*��'*-_.-
afJpT,'-   ATf    �����"      '    "- '    ' - I -
W <_.(_, ���<����._. W-.        *_.'*.,..���.   / v_ ... .  .
(_'' _l
r finvwhti
J) *!_������������� U4,'.'.   .
N-TC-ag-tta-AiJ.til:. ..'-.     _I
;���    #BllFf L-   -'   J '
���   :
_!__.__.���   I l_,______r_____.-_i_2_ti-..J
I .___       !   , . '
f- "Sir
Liquor License  Act
Notice is hereby given that on the
15th. day of December, next, application
will be made to the Hoard of biceiise
commissioners ol the city of courteuay
for renewal of lhe hotel license to sell li-
quor by retail in thejhotel known as
tlle courtenay Hotel situated in the city
of courtenay, ill the Province of britisii
Thomas noo-H.
Dated this lsFday  of   November 1916,
Lquor License Act-
Notice is herein' given that on the
15th, day of December, next, application
will be iiindc to the Hoard of License
commissioners of the city of Courtenay
for renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor &l-.v retail iu the hotel known a*.
Uie Riverside hotel, situated in the city
0f couTtenay, in the Province of Hriiish
���nated this 1st day of November, IW>.
Presbyterian Church
St- Andrews' Sandwick
.Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.    Evening service 7:30
p. in. All welcome
Accounts Audited and
Books Kept
Ollice with I licks  Beach  &  Field
I have just installed a eider mill
and iim prepated to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
Three   Reasons Why
has lor nine : uccesivc years written the
:...._���.,..._>_ C*x__du_a:i  I_..____e3G
of aiiy company operating hi*Canada
Its Premiums arc the Lowest
Its Policies arc the most Liberal
Its Dividends arc the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
,1. BUBTT MOHGAN, Manager
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. AMUERrON, Agent, Courtenay
j Mrs, Kirk, Supervisor of the B,
IC, Telephone Co. was ill town ou
I Wednesday.
Soft iron castings and forgings
jean he changed into hard steel by a
I new electrical process.
j The Patriotic concert to he given
i in the Agricultural Hall on Thurs-
fday, the 14th of December, has not
1 been postponed, although some of
the children who were to have tak-
I en part in the "Winter Fairies"
I have been withdrawn Their places have been filled,
The 6th Field Co, Canadian F.n
! gineers, whose Headquarters are at
North Vancouver, are offering a
splendid opportunity to Carpenters
Miners, Wheelwrights, Fitters,
Plumbers, Electricians, etc., also
handy men without experience, in
facl anv men with ambition to succeed and learn a trade are wanted,
They sh mid communicate with the
Recruiting office, 6th Field Co.
Canadian Engineers, North Vancouver. II. C.
J0I1111 ��� I iter, who used to run
ii.. ; ol to 111 here has blossomed
iiiii as .. 1 iigilist at San Franc! :o,
I '��� I lie preliminary    to   the
Osl   ��� tch, also to   ihe
��� Hoppe fight. In the
fiisi he defeated a Jnp no pounder
and in the second bent Henry Buck-
er. Johnnie says he hns improved
a lot since he left hole, lie has
had eight hflttles and has won seven
Kelly, also well known about the
Riverside is also in Frisco.
Mr.   I'.   C.  Paterson,   district
commercial superintendent at Victoria, who made a trip up Vancouver Island in the last week   in October snys: "When in Courtenay at!
7 a, tn, a fisherman stood  on   the i
bl'idee fishing for trout with salmon |
spawu,    It just took him 4o   minutes to fill his big with ten beauties
Watching tli; work of this   fisherman, and the play of   the hsh   in
clear water water was an   exciting
Dumb Animal Notes
Kindness is more contagious than
We welcome . into the goodly
fellowship of humane organizations
the newly formed Maine state education society,
Tench a child to be just and kind
toward animals and whatever the
gain 10 lhe animals the greatest
gainer is the child.
If only someone who wanted to
invest a thousand dollars iu the
building of a child character would
gvie it to us to put another workei
in the schools of the country I
Why is ii less noble to maintain
peace by means of the pen, than to
seek peace by means of the sword?
Is "honor" sacrificed in   the   one
ease more than in the other?
Has anyone mentioned th* suffering to fliiiuiflls that would have re-
jflirted from a great railroad strike?)
"I'hey have to be fed iu our   towns
and cities as well as human beings,
ll was the late Frances E, Willard who said ol Mr, Angel! and
his zeal for humane precaution; "I
look upon your mission as a sacred
one, not second to nny' founded in
tbe name of Christ,
After carefully Watching the red
and gray squirrels for many year.--,
Walton, tin- "Gloucester hermit"
tells us in his book that he has never
known one of Ihem to molest a
bird's nest. Has the squirrel been
unjustly accused in this respect?
The President of the French Republic has not been too occupied
wilh tlie greal war .lo write our
European representative, M. Jerome
Periuet, that he would confer with
M. Millevoye, a distinguished
French deputy, with regard to
bringing before the French Chamber the need in France for organizing Bands of Mercy in nil the
schools, M. Millevoye, deeply interested in tills subject, has written
that he wiil speak upon the theme
at tbe "first opportunity granted
him by the Chamber.
cl  I.. l,e I,
ill which
lhal  til
Al Mr. Nation's request we publish the
following letter :
Ii. C. Provincial Brunch
W.  I. Wntchorn, Usq,,
II011. Sterol iry.
Deai sir, -Since lhe inception of the
Canadian Patriotic Fund we have received from Courtenav the .sum of $333,69*
nml advanced $4,023.30
Now, llie fundamental principle on.
which our work is conducted is iu effect
that each community throughout Canada shall raise what it can ami then draw
whai is required for proven needs in
connection wiili tlie care of soldier's!
wives and dependents In their community. Ymi will see however, lhat the
right to draw is contingent up in au effort oeiug made to carry the common
load No community thai shirks this
obligation can rightfully claim a share in
the common purse. It Is not the amounts subscribed, bul the spirit In which
the wuri. is supported that counts, Now
ivi feel i ml your community has nol ns
i rc di n thorough canvass nud has
nol placed the mailer belore yum
citizens ii! such ii way as to secure the
maximum ol support, We feel lhal you
mid do this il you nre lo cuutiliue lo
draw as heretofore. When 11 dlslrlcl
fails '" appreciate the Patriotic I'und,
lhe only conclusion we enn  arrive lil is"
ihai iin- people ui   iii il  district il 1
regard ihe fund ns necessary, lhal they
consider thnl lhe soldiers' wives living
in lhal community are sulTicieully provided Im hy separation allowance nml
assigned pay. II lhe scale of living in
your coiniminit) is so much lowei thiili
ihai i-l . ah. K' 111 llritish Columbia Ihnl
no suppliniciitnr' issistauee is required,
naturally iin' I'alriolic Fund would ex
il from lhe obligation
your lalllllies, 'I'he only wily
iblic si aliment in your coin-'
can give expression lo lhe belicl
��� fuml is needed i.. in having your
help by raising an adequate amount. The only conclusion in your case
Ihen. that we em arrive at is lhat lhc
amounts we are now paving throughout
your district are lou high, hence, hereafter, instead of paying .688 pei month
we shall set aside lor Courteuay *350,
Vonr coininillee will hnve to revise lhe
estimates ol the soldiers' wives so as lo
hring them down lo the level of living
which the people uf your district regard
to he adequate. We- admit that ihere
may be some strenuous objection 011 the
part of your soldiers' families hui th
will have lo hold your coiuillitt
your citizens responsible lor reductions
made. The only Interpretation we can
attach to your inactivity in raising money
must be that the people of your community do not think that the expenditure
of this money is necessary, Vou will
kindly therefore, rearrange your distribution so as to meet with the sum we
will hereafter appropriate for the more
necessitous cases, and reduce the general
scale until it is in accordance with local
public opinion,
Thanking you in anticipation, I remain, vours-trulv,
Sec. Provincial Branch
I We are at a loss to know by whose
orders Mr. Nation lint taken this act.on.
The soldiers who have gone from this
district are* lighting just as much for the
rest of Canada and the l'tupire as for
those of us who are left here, and perhaps nioreso. In this district every nuui
is bled while for patriotic purposes. In
other communities the citizens have
some ways ol making money, either by
war orders or work. Here we have
none, and have to pay, pay, nay for necessities. We have also reason to believe that tlie sum Ur Nation mentions
as coining from lhis district is not absolutely correct. A collection for the patriotic bind Is taken up every month by
the men working in the Comox logging
crimps, which averages about 50c per
mail, and there are upwards of 400 men
working. Kvery railway employee pays
something, and the farmers have for
months paid into the fund. Perhaps the
money has not gone direct to .Mr. Nation, but it hns been collected in this
community and forwarded somewhere,
Some of us have contributed to the fund
in various parts of Ontario. Of course
if tiie funds were getting low and the reduction was general we would have uo
kick coming, hut tbe soldiers' wives nf
tins district arc entitled to just as much
consideration from lhe Patriotic Fund
managers as those living anywhere eke
iu Canada.��� lid. |
Editor Review
Dear Sir, - I have ;.��� ������ received 1 cir-
eiiliu presumably Irom lix-Ald Johnston which sels out at some length the
desirability ol municipal ownership of
light and water. The circular is fairly
bristling with (acts nnd figures all con
tingeut upon one thin,' lin| ; . uiug, viz.
llu city having one hundred nml fifty
con sum ers, I will pass over the ci st ol
the system wilh just a word, il is loo
low by hall, practical builders say it cannot be done for any such amount as
11,lined, Again the cost of maintenance
is figured altogether too low. Now, sir,
I would like to ask when lire we to have
ISO consumers ? Courtenav has been
upwards of thirty years in the making
and all the company can find Is70. How-
long will it take to get 150 ? In the
meantime our taxes would amount to
aboul 50mills on thc dollar of real value
'i'hey are now 8 1-2 mills on an assessed
value of 100 per .cent, more than the
property is worth. I can see no advantage in having my taxes increased four
or five fold for the privilege of paying
the city J15 per annum (or electric light
that I can buy from the company for
���513.20.    How about it fellow ratepayers?
Thanking you, Mr. Editor, I nm
Yours truly.
Another Ratepayer


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