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The Review Oct 28, 1915

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Array w
Can not lie done any better ami
nut iiiiitw io well anywhere f\*v
hwi'ivnmu. (lur type nm) maoktii*
cry iti complete aiul The Review
prices .re rltflit
V   1 rCd
Classified Ads.
Mi.ki.   . ur little Want*) known
111   ii         ' ���    .iiii .I \.|"  ii-. mi nt
in The i.'. li.-w   ���   -   -   I I.   .'.It
VOL. 3
NO. 48
6 Room House, Large Barn, range
of chicken houses, garden, orchard
and 11 acres of land
Excellent water supply, adjoining good roatl, about
2 miles from  Cumberland  and 4 from  Courtenay.
Rent $12 per month.    Further particulars from
Real Estate Agents
Phone 10 Courtenay
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone -43 Courtenay
Thos. H. Edison
the Wizard of  Electricity, says,
" Electrical Appliances mak household drudgery a thing of the past,
and that as soon as woman pleases"
To assist you in making your home
more comfortable and attractive we
give a liberal discount on all Electrical Appliances for the home
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Ret. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Mr, Perez aud familv returned
"ii Friday after a week's visit to
Victoria. ()n ill'' way they met a
bear on tlie road and saw many
pheasants and grouse,
Mis. Walker and Miss Beattie
returned to their home in the orchard on Tim ..iny afternoon, Thev
Intend in siav about a m mill
w hen they will return to Vii im i.i
where they will make their home
iu future,
Trespass Notice- Any p.rson or
persons trespassing en my premiser
will be prosecuted according to law
anil    any    duns    found    piowlillg
around my premises will be attend- j
id to.   John Johnston, Lake Trail. |
Sec the full selection ol War
Spoons al Hornby's, 25c each,
For Sale���;, pedigree collie pups
$5 each.    Apply, Keview Office.
Wanted- Folding baby carriage,
must be cheap. Anply box C, Review Office.
Phone 48, Cooke & Matthewson
the most up to-date butchers in 1 be
district. All orders promptly at
tended to.
For Sale Cheap- 15 light electric
outfit with engine, dynamo and
storage batteries, can be seen in
operation at the Ford Garage,
Strayed ���Dirk Jersey mill, about
6 months old, with strap around
neck. Finder please notify I,mice
nerkeley, phone I.9S and get reward.
Kor Sale--Strawberry plants, $1
per 100; yearling rhubarb plants,
35c per dozen, 2 and 3 year old
plants $t.25 per dozen. Apply to
Joe Davis
Strayed���Onto my premisse at
Royston, a Jersey Cow aud calf,
number on ear. 'Owter can have
same by paving expenses. Anply
to Charles Simms,
Found a lrift ou high seas���deck -
ed scow, 32 feet long, 12 feet wide.
'Owner please see Walter Wood-
httss, Oyster River Hotel, Vancouver Island, where scow is now
��� located.
Strayed���onto my premises about
(two weeks ago, a large white sow,
owner i.s requested to prove proper-
ty aud pay expenses, and take animal away. H. L. Fiske, Sand-
I wick.
Found���At Campbell's Ranch, a
1 cocker spaniel dog, long curly ears,
jtwo white front leet, hind foot
1 white. Owner can have same by
[applying at Campbell's Ranch and
paying expenses.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump aud belling, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Teat", wagon, and
harness, or exchange for cattle,
Also 30 acres 1-2 mile from Grantham school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value.    What havt
1 you to offer?   Apply Box   8,   Re-
. view Office,
For  sale ��� Cumberland    Steam
'laundry, the only white laundry in
the district.    This is a good opening; for man with family.     During
j the stringent     times   the   present
j proprietor has been busy all the
j time.   Apply at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.
For Sale or To Rent���5 acres on
beach at Point Holmes w;th house,
barn, chicken houses and brooders,
green houses and cold frames. Also
store and dwelling, lately occupied
by VV. - Robertson, as a drug
store, for terms etc., apply A, H.
Peacey, Cumberland.
Mr. las. Led ferwood an ind
home from the prairies on Friday
of lasi week,
II \011 were In Austria and Hungary would Britain Russia Turkey
through Greece to Servia? ��� '
The Follies Companv go to Comox uext Fridav evening to give a
ci ncert at thai plan- in aid of the
Red Cross branch ihere.
The heavy r lins of the past two
weeks have caused the water in the
rivers to rise rapidly and the dead
salmon are nearly all washed away.
A through postal car is now attached io the E, & V train* cotn-
ine into and leaving Courtenay,
This will prove a great convenience
for those who make il a point to be
lale in posting llieir letters.
Remember the Pumpkin Pie
Dance to morrow CFridnv) evening
under auspices of the Girls' Sewing
Cfrcle, Ladies bring cako or pie,
gentle nen .so cents, Another .rood
litne is in store for those who attend.
The excavating is being done
this week for the city scales which
arc being erected on Isahel street
light at the orner of Union, 'Phis
is right in Ihe heart of lhe city and
will doubtless be a great convenience lo the public.
It pays to breed good stock, and
it also pays to advertise the fact.
About a month ago M**. R. tT.
Hurford advertised in ,',1'he Review
the fact that he bad a pod gr'ed
bull calf for Sale. lie sold buna
couple of weeks ago to Mr, Harry
Piercy for the sum of jfioo.
Dr. Morrison and J. Sutton arrived home on Thursday evening
from a shooting trip up the coast
of the mainland. They got five
bucks and some grouse, but the
water was coming down the river
too swift for them to get up into
the big game country,
The Master Kev, a mining romance, is the title of a stirring motion picture play now running
every Wednesday evening at the
Opet a House. The plot seem^ to
be a taking one depicting striking
scenes in western mining life. The
films are clear and pleasant to look
at.    There   are   also a   number of
J other films  shown at   each perfor-
I mance.
I     A grand bazaar  will  be  held in
1 the agricultultttral  hall on  Thursday November   nth,  commencing
I at 3 p.m., under the auspices of the
] Courlenay   ladies'  aid.     A   large
! assortment of   home  made candy,
toys, plain and   fancy   goods, and
articles suitable for Christmas pre
sents will   be displayed.     Special
j features will be Kitchen booth with
I its iticky cake, a fish pond and bran
I pie, also a demonstration in biscuit
:' making.      Refreshments   will   be
I served, aud an attractive  program
I has been   arranged,    Admission is
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
i    Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
j and Bible Class 3 p. m.
���     Sunday School and  Bible Class
j 10:30 a. 111.    Service 11:30.   Eveu-
1 ng service 7:30 p. in. All welcome
Sam Watson held a " drawing "
for a Remington shot jun last night
The holder of the lucky ticket, 38,
was 1 His Boden,
Gasoline li ia g me up to j,o a nts
per gallon at tin F ird gw .:������ I'ltis
is necessary owing to the incn ised
wholesale price id Iv ' fi tight
There was  a large ring at
the Agn'ciiliiual hall this Pliurs-
d iy i aftw noon to listen to ihe
lecture on the subject of I he ��� of
lime iu agricultural pursu t
Vliss Ji 'in.'-, -ii the Jubili e li i-:ii-
tal. Victoria, gave a very insti ict-
ive lecture on home nursi ig to the
ladies of Courtenav and disti ' it
the agricultural hall last night
A dance will be held iu 1 (in :rs
II ill ou Friday evening under auspices ol the il irm my Orches 1,
A dance is also being held 1 Comox mi the same e\ eniug I I lie
Girl's Bafketball Club a e '-..>
holding thn'r annual d in iu
Cumberland, The Church C tb
also holds a meeting and Miss ' -
also address  lhe   ladies   il X
on    nursing   at   the    ' 1 rai
Hall,    Plenty   ni  am 1
the evening.
The following were 1 sgi il t I it
lhe Riverside hotlel I isl " ek:���
P, R. Flemi ig, F A I I H.
A, Hoard, W Newtcu, T S. Wit-
sou and C. <), Van Camp tn
Victoria;   H. B,    Mi [ntj k
Evans,   M, 1). Rector,   J. 0   " :-
Leod, T, Barrie, J. Watson, E   'A.
Uyloa,   J. Ward.   \V. A    1
and l. A, Smith of   V ���
McGormick   and   A.   Peel, H    :-
j ([natters;    W.  R. Carter,
11. Sutherland, Seattle; I.   H
livid,    N 'ii IllH .;':!.   I      P    id
I Everitt; K. M. Carruthers S tr-
water; W. H. .Vood, CatH] II
River; T P. McBey, Cameron
Lake; M. G. Wallcce, Toronto.
Campbell River.
In a quarrel, it is supposed, over
[the   ownership  of  some mi.: *a
(claims three miles out from  Campbell River, au   elderly   prospe    >r
, named Lord Bacon has   been    -'1 )t
, in the arm and in the   groin     and
.two other prospectors. John   Smith
and Saul Batman, are   now   under
[arrest   0:1   a charge  of attempted
The two accused are sai 1 to have
come up to where Bacon was at
I work on the claims and opened fire
without without warning, one shot
passing through his hand and the
'other grazing the left groin. The
shooting occurred 0:1 some mineral
claims which the two accused with
others are said to lay claim to.
Provincial Constable Marshall
made the arrests.
**tPy   Vt\
"0 **<.
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
On and After Monday, November 1 we will deliver
twice daily in the city
Morning delivery at 10
Afternoon delivery at 4
USt" YOUR PHONE and get your .groceries delivered at the house in
���rood time (or metis
b��x 256 SHEPHERD'S n���
I Thrilling Deed by Airman J*������������������
for the Home Letters
The Pen for It alwaya ready to wtile on uny kind ol papei
Active Service,     anywhere.   Will lait for yean afler thi warisovei
Kegeler, Safely nml Self-I'illlut Types,   I2.S0 nntl tifi
Sold at the Best Local Stores
..     E .      Wnlfr 111 n 11     Co 111 Mill,      1.1 m 11 * ll i      M
The Match
Of Today
Is the perrt'Ctcd product nf
over 'ill years experience in
the match making business.
11 correctly held and siriick
on an> rough surface, is warranted lo give a steady, cleat*
light, lirst stroke.
The E. B. Eddy Co.
I.!Mil ED
an ad a
Suspcndeil hy One Arm From Machine
to do  Repairs
Tiie tlu'llllng story ot an Australian
[ nil' pi ni  i\ lm clung b) nne hand to thn
' framework  ot a  rtlsubli il  aeroplane,'
'��� Ave tliouaaml feel over tlio enemy's j
lines, ��hii" executing repairs with tlio |
��� other, was told' in London by an of-.
Hoi i' obi crver on  leiive    ot absence '
. innn Northern Franci
"\\'e had crossed tlie Oerman lines |
I and their guns ivi i'o   booming nl us:
from   way  down  below,  when Corn-
I sini'k   uii ���   ptjol i   nnt Iced   thai   our
icfl   ��inn   wns   tilting  (low ll   ami   not '
responding to tho controls," sniil tho
ufMl'l r.
I     "Ho s�� ling mil   of lho  ������' ill   In  ihr ]
rlghl side, laa Iho phi oullnueil to
; uii nnd M looked us ii ive �� ire going
over Biu'o. ;
"Oornslocli  noted  nulcltly.    Ilo  lei
I himself    ilnttn    ��llli    ii ithlng    bul
in..i. unl:: nr i'i'i<i  benoulb him.   i ild
Inn lighl    wiih   ids right  bund nnd ',
1111111.1:11���..���    tt Iiii    ih"    '. in ml    �� ires
'. \, her' i iii'y wer i janinu I  under the ,
, Imily of tho uincliiiir.
"Tlie strain on his rlghl an" mii.'l
bin" beon  tori'lllc,    .-������������ on     secnied
of   the Canadian Wcct Are   pours ns  ho swayed  llioi'o,  his logs
Of New Fur Fashions
Indian Patriotism
Tin    Pntriots
'l In' "xcelli'iil pal rlol i'- wui'li of i he
t'iii' Indians at li ilciirreB, Bush . con-
Unin ami iin' Canadian V "'i'i''
thr at m W. It. Unkei', the Been lar; nt
' he . mpanj. lim n ci It ed another en
ri.lira;-'in- report, it wu i In October
la i ..' ur iimi :::: of tli n e Indians Hub-
scribed ?502..lu to the Patrolle Fund,
i acb ini a" r gli ing ii ci riuln niimbi r
of bin liel' of grain, which whon Bold
iiiiioiiutcil in tin! above sum.
During lb ��� winter thai I'nllowo i tlio
mi", lamiii]. FI] Indlnn Uruss Rami
.;.r. i r im ei'ts i hereb) ralBing anothei'
.-.'I:.: ��hich wini i.i Uie li: Igian Re-
lii'i' Fund, nnd since March lust, the
Red Cms��� branch of thin colony has
raised $.'  und endowed    u bed    In
Cliveden hospital. 'I be young Indian
ivonn ii have done a gn at deal of knit-
dangling In space, while the inachlno
swung ovi'n 'air bumps' and levoreii
in the Bide,
"As  n   muller    n.'  fuel   It   was  all |
.imi;.  in  an   Instant,    lio  was  hue!
in his seat, cool ns ever,"
one   luu
Igbl   n
ulnetj sl
i\    wi
���THI* new FI! En en RBM-DV, tt'i ��>2 UA   Soclet
THERAP30N KgliM #f '
freatiticrfiii cui _e cimonic weakmess, losi vino*     I His
It  VIM   FUPSBV,   BLADDER. DISEASES,  BLOOD   l-'JI.IfiK.      hr.   i a
rpUGERACO, '13 til ..CMan hl'.HBW VORK-tLVMAN -ft"- '   ! '.'.     li'
l'ii :.".iu,    WHIT- I'OR FREE BOOK TO \)H, Lt Cl.ERO      ii,,    ;..
Med.co.iIaverstqckrd. Hampstead. London, hn*.    ''
THERAPION Baa8��._ |>;
BE,  THAI   TRADB   MMH.lUi  WOW)     'IlliaiAPION     15 Q*       Ml
Mll.'iuvl.siAur .Ml...:, in '���'.'. i '".' ink lA'liiai.
i..ii rlol Ism  iii    i hese    Indiana
I stop In ro.    Two yoiuij n
i.   i h     fronl  v, ith   the second
and  b!.\  mora ara going
lie a, \i.   Tin   Flic Indians lay '
a having the oldual Hod Cross
i im inner in    the    Briiish em-
In    tho person  of Pointed Oap, '
r di brnteil   character  sins   thai
,-��� I in' ripe .ie*' nl  107 and on Now j
m m   will   attain   his   lOStb   year, j
i..i now mt "ussociati   member" of
li'.'d cm.-.��� and proudly wears on !
bean tbo little red cross, ihe em-
ii of ihc society.
a_a____ otnejm
r\   I
A   $%\\j
$2 to $
Jf*^    A HAV nu ' i ..ninii.
[..,1 paid. Local rep
'titutlrcs. ICitlii r :������ .. Experlencn
lecessnry, Spari iimi' accepted'
hole  Limit a, Publishers, Toronto.
An Open Letter
I'rom a Well Known Methodist Clergyman of Interest
t!t All Who Are Sick
iii i. of i lie In -i known ministers in
Hi,'  Hamilton c mfcri ncc Is the  llev.
I Chas. 13. Stafford, of Blow, Ont., who
be owes his pn
ii-. Williams' I'inl.
i riles as follows:
is Bererely afflict-
ai ly four months,
n in the lown in
iiloned diagnose
i impli te hi i".(hi
I prostration, broughl on  by over-woi'..
The Dog's Suit am|     w),|cb   superinduced  intercostal
"l   notice,"    siiiil   lho   veterinarian | neuralgia ami  muscular tlieumalismj
after be  hud carefully examined th
dog'i   mouth,    "that    li" has a  thlc
coat mi bis tongue."
' Ab, then, hl�� coal  and  hiii panl
eonirilhiiiK   battel   iban   linen   mul  hi* ��� I'i
mundrj   bills     w.i-n   il   with  sonp  anil ,,
waici     mi etor."s or ilirerl     Slate -tjie . ,,
mil *izc    l'or ���-'���'"'  tt i' tt ni m.rl y.i i , ,
����� Fiasor Avonud, Toronto, Ontario
Pills, .iir. Stan
1 Some years agi
ed for ii perlo i
Tho leading ph
which l wns tin
my case as om
MOHTREA1,        j
Our W'einik'i'ful citlalogui' of  I'nr  I'lishions  fur
l'115-lii is jusl off the presses,  This beautiful book
- an oulstnniling monument of artistic printing
is nil inteiiseh intereHting guide lo whnl is coi reet
in lm ..
Hwrv vmi.in will spend n delightful hotir nr
two iu looking over the clmrtuiiig garments dls-
plnyed In rc for her hcuelit. The world' i most
complete nnd wonderful array ol furs  i-  pictured
lm' vi .ii in llii - I k.
, Paris,
London Styles
Woim n wlw l.ii"�� have alwaysm ccpli 'I Sellers-
Cough sl) li�� us Hi'- aiithorilie i, I'nrl i, S* �� Vork,
l,i,nil  have .Ul contributed tlieir  share  to  thia
marvelous style I k,    Vnu will he clinrnieil witli
Hi.  i-avisliingly beautiful fnsliinns shown li ire.
I    ft I
til.   s
llipl)     Tllll
ile 1 1. ul
ii .in, aiul address on a po ilrard.    Wu will   ��� ml you
S'nii will find every pii|  greal inter, it.  Hi lilies
latest styles, il gives lowest prices ou line furs and all   Uie
details nl i.nr splendid mail order service,    Scud toda) ���
RAW   FURS    Highest   Prices   Paid.
Coininunicale witli Toronto Ofiiee,
244-246-248-2S0  Yonge  Streot,  Toronto.
St. Catherine Street, West, and St. Alexander Street, Montreal
French Aviatcr's Strategy
Thc new French system of handling iin: air Heel, has greatly restrained the German air activities,
according to a letti r from a German
aviator, printed iu the Temps ol
"arls.    lie niys:
Licensed and Bonded Dealers'
Lei the Pione&r Farmer*' Company handle vour
"Mv  snuadron   has lit'Oll   WlClulraWn   S��in on  trnck or on   consignment.    Absolm
n       i-    .   i ���ft..n���in.1BO   nnw   iecurlty,courteousattenlion, prompt returns,
""'"';,"        IB   .'''���<���  ''��������� ,       '     'PS   ill    THC GtlAIN  GROWERS  CHAIN   CO.,  LTD.,
nneai' only in largo numbers, eltliei   __        -....'
lbO McDormot St.,  Winnipeg, or  100   Doujlis
I'luck, (.algaiy
come      together,    dun I     laey:     e
claimed the dog's anxious mistress.
for   reconnaissance   or   to-bar   our|
scouts    systematically'    Tho    latter i
task is accomplished thus: Teiimachines   patrol  our  line at  u  height  of It pays to ship your grain to a reliable
::,nun meters and ten   more at 3,000,1 Commission Firm.   Best attention i;iveu
but flying in  the opposite dlrectlop, [ io consignments,
so  that  If  iiie    German  scout   tries goooebhum a helaov co, ltd,
I in   gel tliroush lm is attacked by the Crain |rXcimnijo. Winnipeg
I ncarest  two    Frenchmen    above and ���-���      -     ^~���
below  simultnneouslv   others   loiiting Ship to samuel spink, Pioneer Craln Com-
ut ..ii.   rtiniiiiuiii   iiio.j,   u            J             : mission Murc-liunt. lor !.-_��. results.  Grades care.
.11     the    tlVO    aro    Insufficient    tO    Slop     (���% watched   -Sales made lo bull  advantage ->
him.    Their bomb-throwing    is oper-  .Prompt returns. Try us. Sliippins bills on request,
ated    Willi      similar     numb'ei'S. We i          20G Qrain Exchange, Winnipeg, Man.
rails'     follow     their example  or yield       Reference   Union and Royal Banks.	
command of tbe air."  Ship Your Grain To
Strangled With Asthma .   the ml)   Cr,lnCo_mi���io���Merch,m5i510GrainExch.n��
expression thai seems to COIIVO)   Wlial , a reliable firm who aim to sivesatislaction. Special
IS   eildlU'Sd   I'rOIU     an   attaclt     Of     llliS    attenlion   given   to   ilradin:;.     Lioeral   advances
trouble.    Tlm  relief from   l>r.  .1.   u. | made.  	
llll iBilllllfl    Kellogg's Asthmo    Remedy is beyniid j RANDAU    GCE a pfliTCHELL, LTD.
 __==---   Sr^ZS^^ .      ,.    O-N COMMISSION       	
Too, a Trench S,nfl,e Handed ^���~I^7J,S^ g h"'^       =  "'JST*.
'���"'���'   '   "'   " '''"' '"'* " !'' ""rn'  '"'""' "niPii.l      S. A. HARGRAFT,
Manajrr SecTreaa.
A   Sentence   Neatly   Expressed oba,n commission mibcimhts
I'hi'l'c  id  a   great dial   in  putting a | 602 Grain E��chan��e, Wlnnlpea. Mais.
from   tt'liii'li   I   suffered   lim  mosi   ex-1     '. ���  '  .  i   \us ,   :  i (  i   . .   i , -.
cruciatlng    pain    nighl  and  day  for  T_��h     w? ��    .In We      and   V;""1".'''   ,:';'1!11:'-\',' ^' ",.' "allJ '"""'j ���09. BRODIK,
weeks.    So weak and  helpless did  I  killed all seven occupants is told in   "���  l"',v to all who use It.
become    that   my  attendants  had  to  tho following Btatemenl   in  a  list  ot
handle me lllte un Infant, raising me I four new  V.u.'s announced the other
nil    and    laying  me  down  with  the | day as follows:
They Cleanse While They Cure. -
I'm' vegetable compounds of which
Parmeli n'a Vogt tabic Pill- are coin-
posed,  mainly  dandell ml    imm-
ilrak ',  '.".cinr tlie stomach  and  Intestines of d 'loterioua matter and restore
lim deranged organs to healthful ac-1 of which I was then i
lion    Hence the) are the besl remedy  to try Dr. William    i
thing nicely.    A  prisoner was  beinj
itenced sonic time ago.
���Vmi   liuvo   a   pleasant  home   nm
bright   fireside,  Willi   happy  cliild- !
greatest c , so lnter.se were my sum    \,,. n;;; |.ce.-Cpl. Albert Jacka, I4lh
ferlngs,   Acting on the advice of my  Australian Imperial Forces.   For most | sentenced sometime jig
doctor, and faking Ills medicine, I did   conspicuous bravery on tho night ol'
not small in Improve,   one afternoon,  Ma)  18-20 al "Courtney's Post," Galll-
wliile suffering grenl  pain, the editor  poll.    While holding n portion,of our; run siltiny; around  it, Haven t  you
of the paper published In the town,   trench  with  four oiln r men  he waslasked  the  judge
nd who was a member of the church  heavily attacked.    Wlmu    all except
ir, urged me  bimseif ..wer ' it
Pills. I was   trench   was  rus
| Licensed. Bonded, solicits youi grain consignments.
Vou    have    a    pleasant   homo    and , nigral Advances -Prompt returns.
Ves. sir," said the prisoner,  who
...ii'.mli'il llie  thought   lie  Baw a   way  oul   of  the
rt" anil  occupied  by difficulty
availnlilo    today.    A I sceptical aa    to tho medicinal -|iiall-1 seven  Turks,  lie  at   once  mosl   gal-'    "Well,"  said  the    judge,    'if    the
in' of ilu in  will establish Ihe truth   ties ot all proprietary   i Helm i, bul   huiily     mimJa I  them  slngle-ltanded phappy children all around the eheei'j
this ii sertion ami do more to con-  on (ho stroni   recommendation of the  and killed I o whole party, five b) rifle) ful fireside   ���'  il you retm . ;"
ii.,.  tin   nlllng  than  anything  thnl  editor,  wlio  had  greal   faith  In    the  and two with lhe bayonet. sl;'.' ll'
n h    vrlltpii of tliese pills. medicine, I decided to try them.    To .- .	
 ���  my greul   surprise  nnd  supreme  ile-     As a vermicide there is no prepar-
Our Office  Uoj   fanxlous to enlist, | light, l booh found lhal the Pills were | atlon   thai   equals    Mother    Qravea'
si fort v-two days
bin ivjncli ill Ml right, (', meral!
11: ' the kill er licks j er, don'l
bl: iin  in  :
Minard'o  Liniment  Curer,  Dandruff.
"Ni i   i
p; il.ii . In war ' Inu1,
\\. . liinin. you'd
leusl live gall ins o
were nwa>  lasl  wee]
: way  boll la)
. uppose, milk-
surprlstfrt; al
m    customers
giving me relief, anil nfl r I hnd tali
ieven boxes 1 was fully pi si nv.l to
hi aii'i. Dr William ' Pink Pills, un-
dei Ood, hat ing mn . me ������ new man.
Evi r sin ��� l imvi hoi n both r and
���:��� ngi '��� p i) Icall i im I had bsen
for a nun In r o   yeui ���.
Tlm !��� ; en: ���������  ago,    afler an  active
mini lr> i : fori;        j i til's, I asked tho
Hamilti u i onl  r   nl the Mi thodlsl
church to ".rani in" sun. I'liiiiiuiilion t'.'-
l ition, v hh li ii did. ni.i for more ihan
two ) ears    I  hat     hi   n supplying a
. ;, ;���.'.   v hie .  neci ssitales a drive (
iweut)   mil     ... .'..   Snbballi.
iVithotll   an
r pain, am"
m lition   I
Williams' l'ink  Pills,   and    can    mosl
heartily recomnn nd  i liom to the af
Worm Enteri
lives oi'
It has saved th >
I-'or dood results and best service ship your  (rain
to   this   auaressive and   experienced  Commissiuil
House, always ready lo buy your srain on track.
S35 Crain Kxchange. Winnipeg
Corporal ito soldier reporl ing sick) | Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited
M hat's the main:' with you'.'
Factory distributors for Manitoba ami
Saskatchewan for Studebaker Cars, Good
territory open Inr live agents.	
Tnmni..  Atkins   Pain In my li ibdo-
Gents,���A citstomi r of inns cured a
nu n.
Oorporul    I lata loi en
I Gtomlck, you  mi an. It'i
i ni's as 'as habdomeus.
li..    'aiigad!
Iionly lioli'ic-
"The car lhat speaks lor ilsell
very bad nan' of distemper In a vain-       Cadillac moioo sales co . ltd.,
able horse by the uko of MINARD'S k,   .,       ,   ,, v-i';*'! ���*���'���.';���   ,���,���.������ s.���j
i   voinvii   ' I Dltlrlbutora for Manitoba and Saskatcnewon. oemi
l,l.sl.MI'..N I. ; (or descriptive literature.   Some territory still open
V'OUl'S .truly. \ (or local agency.
VII,.won-: FRERES.
'day I The Wretchedness
^vsmiinhyiH ��f Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
John���Two poll
P.M.- Drunk at
I    John���Yes,     y
; them.
te (recognizing di-
ali.r in dock)���Ah,
mh;    you here tbls
L'emen, yer worship.
;���  worship,  both  of
Greater In Value
Gel Ihe lD!6C��lalnB
Ay m
urely <a
on ua
A youthful physician had been sum-1
niont'd as a witness in o case whicli i
depended on technical evidence, and :
opposing counsel In ci'oss-ojtaminatlon j
asked    several     sarcastic   question's j
I about  the knowledge and skill of so |
: young a doctor.
You would be surprised  to know no\r
! little money would bo necessary to pro
Are you," he risked, "entirely famii- ! toct your family or estate.   If you would
wilb tiio^niptonni of concussion I ^Ml! ^To*^.^'^
VV. N. U.  1074
Ted -Shs   wrote  asking    to  break
the engagement,    and  I  don't  know'
what to do,
Ned���Send her n diplomatic reply
that will keep tho question open,
and perhaps she'll change her mind.
- -Judge.
cess, and Indigestion.    They do their duly.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Smell Price.
Genuine must b-at Signature
I wwwwww
I lar
Of thc brain'.''
"Then I should like to ask your
opinion of a hypothetical ease. Were
my learned friend, Mr. Banks und myself to hang our he: ds together,
should sve get concussion of tlie
"Mr.  Hanks might-"
When a doctor gives up'hope he
summons the family. When a lawyer
gives up l.one he applies for a writ
of certiorari.
Andrews, branch managor, Imperial Ute
Assurance Co., SOC Union Bunk Buildins.
My full name Is  ��
Oecupa Iimi     Address  .si
J was Porn on.... duy of Iv..
Recruit���Please,  Sergeant,  it said
on tlie poster al the recruiting office
Hint 1 should have a free trip io Berlin 1
Sergeant���AVhat about  it? .,
Recruit���Well, they've just rneaaw-
ed me for a pith 'eimet. M
Marketing Problem
Good Advice to Dairymen in Market
injj Ci ram and Butter
When lhe farmer is noi to i far
awn) from tlm town, Belling whole
milk or sweet I'feiiin in Individual cus
innn rs or i" hotel!. reitnurnnts, etc
od  of iuarkiii.it;.    li  these  markets ' '
  raiiiini be obtain d an I good express I 	
A  ... , .,,   ���      ,.���   ,   .       v ,  ,. ,,.  .,.     .       service can be Becured, the shipping.  .
A \ lotorj tri;tt will giye liirili to a Newer and Freer Civilization 0f cream 11 hotels, r si ants or to Subject of 1 ransportation and Marketing of Crops to be Thoroughlj
In Which this Country will have no Inconsiderable Place        IZTZZ^Z"-^a Z Z
cream, but the skim mill; Is retained
on the farm.   IO* i n though the farmer
uul will l'lay no Unvvorthj  Part
In ti r..lien  oi' his r\pi rloncos ami   itdlana    who had jusl   passed  before is n long wii)  rrom lhe shopping sue
lliiprei  na   gained during Iiin recent, hlni tliul day.' tlon, if It is possible to intere.it enough
tniportiint'vlsh  in Clrem  Britain and'    . ,;,. i.oben (old cf visiting Hi   ('an l:l     'l,s neighbors  In dairy  work, n
tin iiiiitieiieids 11 franco and Belgium ntllan Irenches which wero in bouio ersani route can be organized ami tha
given beforo a gathering nf liundredi U|, s only thirty yards awa) rrom the ercam collected and 'lipied   to tbe
<ii membei    ol the Ottawa Canadian Germans.   The premler'snlil thai tlio! ctenmei'}    Sonn conn iltlcs as far
club,    Premier sir Hubert llonleti ex-  (|uj  |,,. nnd iin. niriv were   in    iim ��s fifteen lullofl from ii shipping Bta-
 i    i.i I.,    e.    ,..l...i    il on.    ...'     . . I'1'. ' im. i......    ,i.,a,.   ,,,.,..,,, ii ., ,i
pre Bed his pride in what Hm Can- trenches ihe beimans refrained from li(i:i "nvo ll,''il' ''ream collected and
adlan troops havo dono tor the Domlu-1 iii-iug any sliolls However thero wbb I ui'�� : l:i"'; ereain '" ;l creamery.
Ion and tin empire In the fronl, In the I no i|���niii they iind a verv'line Intel There li an ndded advanlnge in Boll-
splendid ��� plrll i hown by Hie Canad-1||g,,,���.��� ,| pBrtmeni for on iho dm- ful- lnH c'l'cnm '" ",::! ' " : Mm ml"' ' ���'''
ian.s ai sii'irni'liu'e aiul Hie wounded jpwlnn me premier's >i'.ii thev fired i tallied on Hie innn ami ean be used
in ihe different  hospitals of Hie old   somo dvo dozen sIu'IIb nl tlie Canadian ilor I'01180'10'1' purpo ei  or cun he fed
countrj  and  1'iiinee, In  ttlnil lhe  llril     |, tnlini'te 1<   ' ''���'... .i .
ish navj ha', d nie and is still doing li)   agPi    ii,,,  ,,|
keep in ��� i ens "pen for commerce, ol   t|m'
conlldenc ��� us a resuli nf  what he saw
Iind   learned   IiiiiI   Victory   Is   assured . "" ;'.'"
Ui ih.   arms of the allies,   it  victory i   ,'V,,.'i,   '',-
linn   will  give birth  in a newer amr """""��� ">,';'    ��1'"'11 ���������>'��<   "arAly l.e
ir.,.,.  civilization  and  democracy  im'    f" *��'''    '"' ���tt   ; ���*x}r*��   ll1'11,11"'
,,,,, ,.,,,.,,1 , Hriiisli niiibiiriiies are mlk conscious,
...now   an,l lhai il,, necessary effort is   m(ll,�� ;"";  marketed     wo    or three
Investigated, and Committee will Gather and Arrange ull
Facts and Information Which will be ol Value
Interviewed after lho announcement in cabling    n   lenl  I ..   otfer    .  .. ���
thai he would act \\ th tl ��� commit! e porters   ul    the othei
ei uie goverui n'i   .a -  nm ctlon with I m im" ���.   im . ,'.' '{A,
iiie  marketing  pri   I iu,  \\, H info d action  of    lha    j,. ro] iai
Evmib .-inn .1 ih.i'  hi   .   el  fundi m Bui  If the i ana .
would he i" gatln      ��� I    ,i d opin tremely    'hm tl
Ions  ami   sn  .iii   and  arrange   them tonnage,    ii"  �� l|  bj  li .    a
iimi  ihey mlghl  be of mosi    i rvlc taking the Inltli I        md I
In   III:.'   c ollllll.l I ".���   ..:..!    i ,   lae   ' UJII- tn   ll eal"   loan lgt>
try. Inquiry lm mil   io
"I am  mosl  niixl ,i. I   '.ic   |_v- In tlu s" wnj    a shon        ...
mi������. "iii rei i . uiatter ivould i ml to resti
from e\ erj'ono    li n fuel or an j Canada.
b building, In iliiiiiliiiui"'   :,,'(11:"-'1"'  , chickens, etc. Skim 0p|n|0n   to  ofTer.    I    mi:;,    letl rs, i    ��An  essential  fai
any having   tell  hy this  mllk /*-���> "! " ' V11!1''' ,'"""1 '" '"'*: telegrams,    rkc     -   >. papers and   with this whole ni i     '
or cnlves Is worth from'; cents to (I personal Interviews with Individuals ; ope taliea   deliver
  ,:i'u dspoi i:;:;;i:;:;,;.,;1:' M;ll1'il;:'Vi': or deputations. �����.,  0 c,   ���, ZV*e\\ Ma...:
��� Utsli or preparation, lho   "   *    '  '   ' '  " ls undertake  to    endue     ,   d scusslon   throughout the year iii pr
.   .    .      ' '    .    . .. 11. 1.1'    ....I'vn.:,,,,, I, ,���   . ill,      ,,,.   it i,   if. \. ..,
ir a cream ruin
British authorities ar,' fully conscious |l!!0d '" lhc community, butter can I,
by correspondence    ,v th Individuals, ��� ��� actua|    ,,���,, ,.   Ile,
hut I will undertake to see that all buys  for deliver) ivithln    h
,!!''"i|"l*i,ls      ("���'���'""      oonsldaratlom perl0u mach ������,.', -, ..���   ���
fills   country    musi    think   out   ns .,,,���,,,    ln tb , .        ,
,.;,.   i.,,!���,.,    ���      |.... |   |������,���   ...,|k.l"""     ana   iiini   in.'  necessary ollorl   IS ".  ,'. "      "'    ' "',:      ',    ,'. -      ' '��� ,-aim.a     in   m.l   pe**10.U
!������ ,',.<���   .   ie,!      ie   i  ���,       i "i   i.   I>0ln* lllali"-    ""   stated    iha ��� t"n"."'i"'i' ''"">< or shipped to Indl-  marketing  problem  some time, and the past two montl     I
,;,  mi  -i ,'���,,,,      hi   ear.  ."   he   l'Y"1"'1 tion is thoroughly III earnest virtual  customers    .rough    he  rural  during the next  lew  months  I  shall |la8   ,���,,, ,���.,.,,  ed ,
;,���;;,;.';,',!;,;""v;:,.;' -it vv^or.-;.-��-��� �� ��� * of the ���*e ���^^
'ium lalnn  umnnc onni ' I lie  mis-    M "Utgll'. . ,      '   ' ,���, ,   , _     I ,       ,, v,   ,.   ,     .,   ,,_   ,   ,   _,   "       '' <H   llllll   CiaBS     ii���I,
appreln ns  i mg Borne nl the pas-1 ���"*���"���"��; ' in   |a necessnrv to mako good butter I end.    From tlmo
Bengers na tho vessel entered the war       And so     ('nine hack to you from (||I1    mal.k'et ,,    [n ������ attractive  cording to  the  ��
koiio,   bin   i  wns removed when n  tjj. men ut the front, from the French   paeka��c.    Good    butter,   printed   In   tee, keep   tho pr
British war vessel cams alongside,      people, from tlu  Briiish people, with  rectangular pound blocks wrapped In  progress    of    the
The premier said that shortly aftor  tnat  message���with    n   message  not   parclini4.nl   paper and  enclosed  In  a  the    commute
. .      .     , :i .'     ...I. ..,,,,,   v     i,       ...I,.,-1>, i .,. i in i.       1.,.,      ...     ...... il .1 l '      '
tlmo i Biian, ac-   ourB| um| UUy6 : ,
i of tie commit-  wheat.    Xo niattei
i inini'iiieii oi tbe  0UI. Crop,    the om -i
investigation  and   delivery   iu Its own way
ine premier saui nun biioiu-  n'"'',"""   .��v-=��_.    ...i���    .  iu��m��b��  n.u   parclimeni   paper and  enclosed  in  a I tho    committee    will    promptly    uu-   hlsiorv nf  thn  evnnw    '���
he i;iM,i,;1 |,o s,,��   evidence of what only ol determination, but of confld- nea( ,,���.���,��� hewing lhe name of lhe  noitnce the results of it   ������ irk. "V,    ���  ,,, ��� ",- ���
tho war meanl for Canada, ror   here  once as we11.    One cannot tall what] tarm aml tlle ilame and address of the      "The Hrse essential to prompt and   .',     ,,,   ���"',        .    :.
may ui lhe llnal resuli come from Ihis, ������������,,. wlI1 b,.,ng ;;;, ,,,I|:, ���,.,. ,,ou���d   efl'oclive  co-opoiatlon  is  that   wu gel   ''' , ,
war.    lim events through  which  we | the Vear round and  sometimes even   down  lo actual  ta Is,    Tuke  tor ex   StlUes! Il;l,v" :"" '    '   '
are moviug are so wonderful, so tre-  more ample the problem   of   ocean trans    "" ' ' ���        ee '"''l!'!i
land im weni  to Shorncllffe and saw I memlous, so world compelling that we        " ',������.|;,'ii���,,    'vhinh    ;,:, ��� i,....',,",.���'..,,'.i'.,',.   ;       12,000,000    buslu
Hn- Canadian troops there In review. Can  hardly realize their significance. .   , ~
Tne   slghl of the  17,000 officsrs and  One of my colleagues said to me a  Training'   Canadian    HorSeS
men   who comprise the Second Cana-  year ago thai this war seemed to him 	
diaii division,    marshalled   together, as the suicide of civilization. Let us   , , ,,
wiih the bayonets on their rilles glis-  Imps rather linn  ii may provo to be   How Hoi'seG Shipped to England* Are
tening In the mocnlng sun was both  the death of much thai  marred antl Broken Kor War Purposes
an Impressive and pleasing sight, The  hindered   the  progress   rnd   develop-      Successions or regiments of horses I wheal  In   liuro]
bearing and spirit of all the men wero mont of civilization and   democracy. I for    the army are  being trained  in  wheal  in Canad
sonm wounded Canadian officers
deck to nu e| hint.
nfter his arrival iu ling-
ample the problem ol
porliition which lm i
the mosl ssrlous ���������
llie government- .Vliei
lie discussion so far
be based  upon  an itu
i- lnul  wo gel
T;il,"  tor ex
or.alii   I rams
been engaging
.i-i lei'nlion   ol
Of llle pllll-
vi.n'd seem In
lerfecl   realiza
lhai   Canada
ll may I
ii'.- 1101 mark
ll llninpe lm
ore are  no aii
nun p.
all tlmi could be desired- Perhaps  we  mltrht  feel  like hoping,! the neighborhood ol  Heihill. Surrey. I quale faclllth
"An officer of Lord Kitchener's staff  and Indaed  believing,  that this  war      Thousands of horses pass through I H    possible    for
--sir  Archibald   Murray���told    me," . may prove to b    the birth  pang at-   the hands of ihe largo staff monthly,   to ship  wheal   to   Kurope  mi
the premier said,   "as we rode away tending tho nativity of a  truer ana I They    come over    from Cnnadn    in'own account  and    then   arrange for
from the camp after the review  at  nobler cIvilIs*atton, in which this coun-  shiploads,   and arrive in Surrey dally  wholesal ' retail sales after arrlv
Shorpcllffe, that ne had seen over 400,-1 try, us one of the greal free nations   In large numbers,   The) are a spurn- al.    i'he   risk..   In such business are
nun troops of ih" new  Iiritisii  army i oi the empire, will have no Inconsld-1 did  stamp of  live  and  six  year old | too  great  and   ihere  are  records  of
wheat  In  any one   mum .
nn in  is bused on u car ly c
the   monthl)    i xporl
wheat from  all  porl i,
ihla   and of the I nil   ;  -
the    three    oci u i I
much as  I2, ,oo ���
en   iii   ii month   v  i
which Canadian  �� hi.     vas r     ...
a  bnrgaln, a    in rilii     prlci    ���   ���  ���.
price we have hitlietto
suited in  the ovi - n ��� ���
ns  much  as  12,00i
month excepl on    .
"The problem i. ta u .
under    review, put he had not seen 1 erable  place  and   will  play    no  ua-   animals.    The)   nre  easily  cllmatls- j disastrous    failure.!    in    connection i a'u'e effort   in see
such a line body of men as the Can-   worthy part," ed, and muke magnlfibenl  "gunners."   with   cargoes    arriving  on  shippers'   ""'���  lost  for    Canada
irnes's.    Some ere docile and oil
Coming Winter Campaign
Winter Would Appear to Favor thi
Cuaoe of Alliec in Every Quarter
iti peated evidences arc being noted
by the cables that all the allies are
preparing in earnesi for another win-
ter campaign. This Is net at all in the
nature of news, but ii indicates how
little real disappointment has been felt
by the allled_goyernmeni'.i at llieir in-
abllity to close the war with a conclusive victory Ihis year. I'udoubt-
ediy Lord Kitchener's estimate of a
long war has been always in the mind
o: our military leaders, who fully understood the character of the enemy
tbey liad to laee and break.
A winter campaign is in our favor
on nil fronts. In Hussia, this is especially true. The Hermans will have
either to retire Ignomlnlously from
the far-eastern line tbey have reached,
or endure a winter far from tlieir
liases and dependent on fragile and
slender lilies of railway for supplies.
Tliese lines run through c. hostile population and It will not be surprising if
tbey get uul of commission very frequently and al critical moments. Then
the Russian winter will bo very trying
lo the Germans, ami by no means co
difficult for the inured Russians lo
mept. We may look for heavy Teutonic losses all through the winter���if
war of nations will be resumed In the
spring with our forces in a far better
position     in   win   ihan   the  reduced
ire    aa mud
morning following their arrival  ihey
fore'es io the Cenlra, Em^s.-Mon, , ��  ��K_f "^sfc^ Scyt
i racing stable hoys, rough  riders and
men who lane ridden to hounds,
forming a remount squad of the A.
Amenable and tractable horses
who do not wince at bridle and saddle, and provide a good mount, are
immediately promoted. A white
stripe  i.s painted on  the loins,    and
The Gambler's Toll
Producers of wheat and' corn have
the right to feel dissatisfied witli any
marketing conditions which enable
speculators lo bear prices down just
lo create long profits for the professional operators.   All of the excessive
profits secured iu this wav must come 'tlle'' '"'-' classed as lance-corporal.;.
In the   final analysis,   from the pro-,'    Next  dl1'''  lf tlle>'  takf*  kindly to
ducer lo lha consumer. harness, they���receive another stripe.
Tlie speculator is a parasite, from aml rlse 10 '^ ranlt oJ sergeant with
au economic standpoint, and subsists tnl'eo strW3 i�� !l'p>' take to learn
from piratical raids into the realm or; work ln ���' -UD arrioge,
lecltimate commerce. Some day the It is tha fretful and Ill-humored
citizens of the United States and their animal that tries the patience of the
official representatives will eome lo a ' trainers. Tlie whip is seldom used.
realization that gambling In slocks! It frequently takes an hour to sad-
and grains is no more legitimate or idle one of these Canadians, but it is
necessary tliaii the once famous Louis-, done. .Not a few of them squeal
iuna lottery���and that Hie "iambs" like a rabbil and lie down. ��� others
had a better show for their money in i fight till iliey arc exhausted���but
the old discredited lottery game than I tbey are mustered,
in the "brace" arrangements conduct-' The wildest are either lamed in a
ed ut Chicago and New Vork against! fortnight orUhey are placed oul with
the real grain interests.���Sioux City j farmers, Here they spent! the first
Tribune. j seven or eight days standing in a
 .  stabls  fully  harnessed,  with   breech
The  Belgium government  has pro-  bands dangling round their legs and
tested to neutral states against the ac-! i1 restricted   diet.    Thin    Is followed
tain ��� '    to      '  :'.
surope's i market       not or' lm' countries open to trad
ganized In that wav.   some European   l,:i|V,i  t0 talte ,:'
Importer buys  wheal    and  Hum  the  """"h    "'"'"    "      ''"
Hie  war    ai!  th . cotm-
nieiiiis   that   the   European   Importer "'"'* 0|   '"-111'' '''    !'    a"'-
determ'ines  what    wheal    will cross ',n   'vl"'at nicy n led.
the ocean mid  when ii   will be ship- ,ll;"  daring the  pa I
ped    to    meet  the conditions of the ,ller? 1,as '""" o��ea5 tonnaga i
trade.    Ocean ton.'in      should ba pro-   '"  lh('   worl11  lJ  ' 'r:'\      !
tone losses au   nro u.I'll   ho wnter���p., ��� --:���?---��� " "r . .      .      in- li��lu   wm-k nn  ih,.  1'n-in    .,ul  ,1,,.,-
thev manage to hold at all-ami for    1,,,'.��1 the Oormsn administration In  J> "f e, 1,1
comparatively light Slav sufferings.       ���,',(nK "A and transferring to I'oiand ; "in    cure ���
In  tho  west,    we  have  seen  that  "jf ^e ot the Belgian    railways.  .1.fro.21r)n7I?'".. "^   'ie,S    ���
winter makes for Immobility, and. in  ?*-<- Prot(f*���is "��sf>'l "�� " ��*^d.1 ��.   SbtIiw beeone  use    to H,     oar
this war of attrition, it is we who can   'l,8_..i:,0lrt*1..Ha*^. invent on   which    ;' *������''""' , "^L    ,",..':' ,."r
portionale   to    European    purchases  auer    tna    various admiral td
from  canadu and  cannot  be judged   m*,e   Uieir   requisitions
at any time in  relation lo the Can-  "nderstood that   here  bas
ad inn surplus.    During the first year important    reduction    in the     orlds
of  the   war    several  European  gov-  ocean tonnage during the year    K'ar-
rrnnienls     adopted     tlie     unusual I����es  requitements    o(    ...   ���
course of purchasitg wheat in order iflour aro  expected    io   ba   :
to insure adequate supplies and also '���v('"1' lll,l�� last' certain othei      .
lo he 111 a  position  to regulate  the  ��'  freight,    and    part ii ilarl
home markets.    In   the race   of Uie  l,n"s.    Ul11    undoubtedly
large supplies of wheal. In the world I heavier,   but other class, i nil
at present there Is not the same nee-  Probably bs much  lighti
essity for direct action bv European  available In    the   world ami
governments, and  lhe probability is. i '"'orchil   tonnage   to   move
therefore,    that the business will be  wheat as Europen wants,  in
left again to the private trade. ',lls she wl" Ullie delivery of n
"Transportation      necessities    will '    "It    has  already   been   annou
be fully met  if    ships  enough    are   thai   the government   has
available   to   carry   to   Europe   the   ing every measure open  to  It l    ���.-���
amount   of  Canadian   wheal   the  pri- j slst  In  meeting    aa  actual     lortage
vale traders of Europe will  buy.    It   of    commercial  tonnage    If     ich  U
is obviously    impossible  to  tell    be-1 found to exist.    Ii is pari    ilarl;   de-
forehand  exactly    how    much  these j sired    that  facts    and    suggesti n
Importers will buy in any month.    In   which   are  in   accordanea     with   the
any   particular   transaction   ths   ini-   real    nature  of  the   problem
tintivc  may  be   taken  by  Hie   Euro-   be offered, and it  Is highly un
pean  Importer in  cabling an  Inquiry  able  that  discussion  -should   pro   ed
to exporters on this side, or ii  may   on  misconceptions of whal  Is really
be  taken  by  the  Canadiai.  exporter I required and practicable."
 ,    ,,     ictinal'ilns  thai   'h-> nrniinnttnr   nf ihr.'tne cannon, are shipped to I'l'anee.
afford io remain Immobile, while lhe|?"p,a;e? l.     ma occupation ot tne,
Germans must make progress or lose  Invaded territory shall consist only of  ���
occupation de facto.    Removal of the)     An  English  physician    lias advanc-
railways, the note contends, will make   ed  Hie tljeory thai  the juices of the
their chance, When ths western lines
are finally settled for the winter, our,
lads w ill probably do nothing but hold
them, while the constant Oerman
movement will expose our enemies to
constant losses.
On Uu- Italian fron Hers, the Aus-
trlans "ill be compelled to live thai
winter through under Alpine rigors,!
while the hulk of the Italian troops
will h ��� basking serenely in tlie sunshine of Italy, ll is It-lie lhat our allies are holding many of the Alpine
positions- thanks to their dash and
courage���-bui It will only lie the advanced Iin ��� which must remain tliere.
The main army will he as surely in
Italian suiuhiiiD as the main Teuton
army will he fiou'rderlng amidst Alpine snows.
Then, again, in the Dardanelles we
will have the sunny side of tlie hill���
if we have not in the meantime forced
lb.- Straits.   Our   troops   will   reach
Qallipoll through  the perpetual sum-1
mer of the Mediterranean and will find
on that, war-torn peninsula a lieauti-
liilly warm ilima.e. much belter than
the fervid heat they liave just been
enduring.    Hut if the Hermans fail to
break through the Balkans before win-1
ter comes, winter alone will be almost '
enough   to   bar their path.    Wo have
always considered that there was no
danger of a   Balkan  uprising during j
the winter months.   Onl..    when the
snows in the Balkan mountains melted were we ever in fear of a Balkan
So we laee the prospect of a winter
campaign���not only with equanimity
���but with great confidence that it
will work in our favor. Winter is our
ally all along tho line. We shall come
out of it relatively very much stronger than our enemies, and this wearing
Immigration Will Follow
much more difficult thc transmission
of business by a large portion of the
population of Belgium.
mouth am Intended to keep the teeth
clean, nol i i prepare food for diges
tlon as generahy believed,
Worn in Armies.ofC.car
Many  Women  In  Russian  Army  and
They Arc  Noted   For
Much iuts  been  heard  aboul    tha
v. i men b nring arms in ti
End of War Will Witness flow of Immigration to Canada
Thai Immigration into ram.da will
lie tremendous following the war is
the unanimous opinion of the newspapers of Canada that are studying I
this pha-c ui our future development,(tho Czar. Quite reci Ij ime
and the preparations thai are being from Klet ol th Irl "
made at Ottawa to place ox-soldlcr��, ment of Don Ci isack . \ .. Ira
on the land is evidence that officially Ephimovna Lagen .... bowed
'the Inrush Is regarded as Inevitable, ungual Initiative and i ��� She
Discussing this questloh the Ottawa and a handful of nun of her di
journal miles thai immigration fig- ment were captured by the Germans
urea for the fiscal year show that the and locked up in a church. When
war has bean a revolutionary factor' all was still, the prisoners broke a
: in more ways than one. Arrivals in window and escaped. Al xandra h r-
! Canada from foreign lands during self killing the sentry with a stom
1914-15 were fewer than la any slnil' The little tore", . ven In all, man-
liar period in ten years. Each tw lve aged lo recover their h rse  act-
months since 190!) arrivals luce been ually succeeded in capturing a patrci
over a quarter of a niiliimi, and in M eighteen Lilians, securing impor-
1913 they numhered nearly half a tna documents iuto Hie bargain
million. lain year the figures'dropped These papers Alexandra i
ol 144,000. The cause of litis drop in into tho bauds of the Rust
the immigration tide is, of course, not oral,
tar to seek. Continental Europe Is an a Lithuanian woman in
armed camp, and the young men of sian cavalry named Olga
the British Isles have either felt the er, is a highly experlen ed
call of patriotism or found higher She served under General Rennen-
wages and more plentiful employment kampf In the Manchurian war, ami
at home turning out munitions of war. was in several important ..allies.
With the end of the war It Is reason- sije was of special value In the tight-
able to expect that the flow of Imint- ing around Grodno, because of her in-
gration to the Dominion will reach j tlinate knowledge of the country.
and even surpass the old dimensions, During the fighting at Sokachew,
Labor invariably a to ule.re wages "Yellow Martha," so called because
nre highest, Industry greal I and th of her golden hair, recaptured a Rus-
standard of living best, and we have sian flag from ibe Germans, who had
every ground to believe that In years taken an advance section of the Kus-
lo come Canada will hav.' lhc same at- ! sian trenches. As the Russians were
traction tor those seeking better eon- making for the second trench, the
dii ions for livelihood that it possess- banner bearer was shoi in the back
ed during the past twelve or fifteen Martha aa**. him fall and daahed back
years.-Calgary  News-Telegram.           to pick up   tha flag.   Two   Germans
  i |���irsl.|,.| ],,,,��� as sh,. made oil with it,
Those   who  are   mosl   fond   nf  (lis-1 ood she -hot    them  both  dead.    Bho
(pipy  usually  have the least to show,  has  taken  pan  in  three  battles.
The Courtcr.i   Revitw'   T,,is f;l" tue -a" comes wi
Allil  C.nii.v   V, I    * |.        , K't'Utcl   force   111.Ill     CUT   111   KlllOl
Ami Comox Valli Wlvocate
Weeky   Newspapi i I nbislieit   it
Colllten. , ,   :
H.   I'.olil'N,  Ediloi        , I'ri.pi lelul
en    .ai .sl.ao pei  \,      iii Advance
TIU'l.'i u.w, 0CT01 . .      , 1915
li :',
iii. .I.
gill        |)OS"
iukcii ill
Alderman  Johnstoi
week   1ms   stirred    i
feeling    than    he    tli
sible      Anyone w lio lm
trouble to \vnt< ii tin linns u(
tin- council ennnot lieli Inil know
linn the Mayor has lnul i inn i iliffi
cull posit'* n in fill, and thai tin
nspt isions in '.Imi K iu i aie any
thin." I in u tie, nnd were i ntircl*,
uuwaiiaiiii d. Mr I- ',"'!��� has J
lilli J the office of Muj"i wiiii as
imi' li dignity us it is possible for
anyone to use, with the vet v si unl
coi ;iii ration shown the cluiii by
sunn ni the tin ml ers ol lhe Coun
gre&tei force than ever in Europe,
what were food producing ana-,
notablj the Balkan Si.it' -, have
uow ceased to l��c- such, aud have
become heavy food consumers to be
supplied bj thdse countries which
are uoi in the war zone, lu Canada incre is d activity in the eastern
i    iiufactt ��inn s.  an activity
ii ���; : I fell soon in Hi itish
i'. ilumbi i ultii in a d'eni md
lm food supplies in t >..���. ss ol li cal
production, i he pi iii ie luu i I
tt i.i u ill ( '. bli   Hi" cm  proi
inces to buy fai more I lib yi ai from ���
outside than has  hit  erlo bi i u the
case, in fact, llu   | look all
the fruit li. C, coi sup] ���. I ii
-.' .ii. The ink lim i ,u* mills of U.
t'. are in main casi i woi 1 ing night
ami day in order to i ope with
tin- Prairie demands foi lumber,
and the coasl mills ai ��� also fi ellng
tbe benefit of the same market.
This im mis a largci food demand
from li C, iisi
Railroad and
Teamsters Coats
S- ���-. : il iii railroad and teamster
coati in olive khaki. A conl that
oul .'II the walet all tlie lime,
\, ii can n a ' : the ii e "I your
; wet  in   this i ".'I.     I ts   water,
j.:""! qualities ari excepti mal
Fall Overcoats
and lue,
��� ���-. rcoi
lis III til
s    ill    curl
latest cuts
cil.   We believe Mayo, KiTpatrick's  !""" B<J',itsel,f ,tllm'   waa the cnie
airness. tnithfnliipss. nml i���,���,.ov   'a��jear, tor this yen!   the camps
are beiug kept open  that lust year
fairness, truthfulness, and honesty
of purpose are beyond (| nest ion, and
whi n election timi conn i round,
the people will be justified in again
ni\ ing Iiim Iheir suffi ragi s if he
i-.ui - in be n candidate for the
i l' So far. as the  incident  of
voting for the amendment to the
motion at the last sitting of the
C< ti'u il, the Mayor stated al the
time that lie voted for it. Perhaps
the motions were nol   couched   in
strict parliamentry form,   but the        , ,,        ,                           .,.
i,i,        ,-      ., ���    want the en-n in  many cases with
cm! would have been the  same   no     .,.,-',        , ,���  ,
,                ,. out tlie risk and expense ot storage,
matter now mnnv tunes a vote was   ,,, ,.,,,,-,               ,  , ���
, lint the Australian boatsare taking
' ���   _��.-s��-.s>- ������ all they can find space for,hundreds
T,     ,, , . ,       i   ,,   ,   ,   , i of tons in fact, and tliere is slill tlie
I: will be remembered   Unit  last      ... ,,.,
r ��� ,,!,���.    i.    winter demand,        ilie province is
fall saw a great movement .through- ; . ' .     .
, ,,      i    ,- i       i        to gt t a larger   shaie   ol   the war
out Canada   for   increased produc-        "...       ,h , ,.   ,        ,
,,. , .      ,,     ,      r������  ,,���   munitions lu be supplied, and new
tion of triod in   order   to  place the   .   , .  ���    .     , i
       ���  ""*'   into be estab-
up, the situation
W< re closed dowu in    A llgUSt, and
mining i.-, very active,
Optimism pays !      Now   is   the   SwCftt'TS
time to get ready   for   next   year,
and for the increased  d( maud   for
agricultural produce. Those people
wbo thinned out their poultry early
this \ear are now regretting it,with
new laid eggs at  SO C( ills   a   dozen
and cheaper feed. Potatoes are
I cheap at present, because producers
I wani the en h
M'-n's Rngllsh ralnprool ci
si." a nud popular prices
(its In all
��� -ii.il   value
enter Sets ni
t   anil toqiu
��� --.   browns,  :;rei
while i
le f,
in ll
il.unl   Knit
'der with sweater
eh    iu ..llailes    ol
es.   tangoes.
II-, bill
llil black
I industries are  eei
llished.    .Summed
empire in a stronger position as well
as to grow  in   Canada   what  hnd , ���    ���   , .,.- ���
���,,.,: ,   ,r        ii      is  that  Oppo'utilities,    ren    sonm
previously been imported fn m tlie i        .      ,!' ,   ,'   .
n. .        *.   .      . ������ openings tor   good   business, were
never more   numerous   for people
Ladies Raincoats
l/ulies cord velvol raiiici
mill grey i'i new .styles i
(its iii fawn
ml popular
Stntis and elsewhere, That mov
ment wns a great success, and as a
result the Dominion is in a far better prsition than would otherwise
have been the case. For the seven
mouths ending July last the Canadian exports exceeded imports for
the lirst time, giving Canada what
is termed a balance of trade in her
favor. In this province the move-
mi ut lias resulted in more land
clearing than for many years put
together, cultivation of waste and
vacant ground in aud near cities,
more intensive as well as more extensive cultivation in the farming
dis!Hits, opening of public markets
to sell the extra produce, lower cost
of living in many lines, decreased
opportunities for Orientals and increased exports of agricultural pro
ducc and fruit overseas, to say nothing of utilizing what wuuld have
beeu idle labor.
with grit, and that the province
and Dominion, freed from the
incubus of real estate exploitors
and carpet bag capitalists, can go
ahead ou their own resources.
The Cowichan Tie Company
have practically finished their contract and will probably be closirg
tlie mill down permanently in ;i
few days. Tiie Empire Lumber
Company are still loading and shipping- logs, and in spite of the present hard times uud scarcity of
work, seem to have considerable
trouble in getting mem ft is a remarkable fact, considering the
hard times one hears of ill other
places, that not a man has beeu
out of work all summer,���Cowichan Reader.
Coating suitable for ladies and
childrens coats in checks; serges,
rstracliaii nnd bearskin
Dress Goods
Xewesl fabrics and novelty weaves in
dress goods in all tiie leading shades
serges, poplins, ladies cloths, satin
cliillis, ratines, novelty stripes iu
silk mixture, fabrics in all light
shades suitable (or evening wear
Under New Management
Comfortable Rooms
First   Class    Meals
Electric Light Toroughout
Srtictly ^Moderate   Rates
Only the Best Wines aud Liquors Stocked
Your Patronage Is Respectfully Solicited
T. Booth, Prop.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and   Way  Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship ticketsfon all|lines to all parts
||of the world. Foi (particulars etc., address
Dist. Pagsenfer A^ert. Victoria
Agir.l Courkli.y, Hour R CO
After having been published continuously for 143 years, the "New
btiryPorl Herald" of Newburyport,
Mass., discontinued publication
last week. The paper '.vas started
in .1773, William tloyd Garrison
the Abolitionist, was at one time an
employee of the paper, serving' au
[���apprenticeship as a printer.
Since tlie beginning of the war
2,0(10 public school teachers of
France have been killed on the battle field, and 8000 have been put
out of service, according to statistics given out today by the ministry
of public instruction. The number
of mobilized leachers is 311,000,
Tliere have been 7,000 of theni \
cited :n army orders.
Use Our Telephone
Use our 'phoue for sending in
news items of interest- Don't think
1 in ���. - ti know a bit of news
that everyone else knows it. By
si nding ii to us we in tin u may
impart it to the world, Phone 5'J.
What inure ts vi u is always
sure to interest the readers of the
Courtenay Review; and il will
make the paper more interesting to
you, us you can then read what
someone else sends in. Don't wait
for the other person to start it.
We have a few new bicycles left
over we will sell cheap. E. C
Etude, Ford Garage, Courteuay.
For Sale or Exchange���a 5 foot
cut Mas'sey-Harris binder new this
year, will trade for 6 foot cut or
any live stock, George j, Riches,
Hornby Island.
For exchange���One of the best
building lots in Courtenay for one
or two acres of good  garden  land.
Will pay  cash   difference.    Apply
i Box A, Review Office.
Owner of 320 Acre Farm in one of the best wheat
raising districts in Saskatchewan wishes to move to
the Comox District
He will accept a small  improved  farm here in part
trade for his 320   acres,   thc balance  can probably
be arranged on the 1-2 crop payment plan
Full particulars from
Isabel St.
Comox  Co - Opreative
Society Ltd.
has again opened for business in
Courtenay in the
and hopes to merit
a   Share   of   Public   Patronage
Our Samples of
Xmas. and New
Year Greeting
Cards have arrived
Leave your order early
The Courtenay Review
Telephone 59 Courtenay
��� '62.
L quor License Act.
'omo>   13 C.
Besl M. als Noi
Choi.' -t i.iiji .. rs
(.'.   \    M i i;"    Pi
,<; . i-   Vom   i'
Royal Standard
Prices Better Pread
W In ii yotl uie I'i V.W. STAM ARD
vou ei -i 11 lui n tulli' tlvavi'.. lit (dl
Ciuincln   lliere is   nn  I etlei   l!i in   inndo
nn   ii".i'    i i i Ii 11   I!, in   ii    n iilli i wl at
yoll pay,
Ki IYAI, STANDARD InicaitH blppi r,
whiter, elenuei hteatl ol M I.I, I COD
'I lii.u.'anils nl innilii-is .'imi prantlniotli-
er, will leslifj In llie SI I'lUUORlTY of
ROVAb STANDARD.    Try a  kh-Ij  In
ynlll   111 .111 t-     lln���.
di'unkeliuess.    W'liile   British  Oo-
lliiinbia i.s talking about prohibition,
[tilt British authorities are installing NOTICE is hereb* gW,     iiuil ou
' il step by step      There is lio treat- 15tli day of Decemliei              pplii
iug allowed, aud saloons close at w "'������������'*::"""'*' '" ,"';' '' '; ' *<*!
I �� . , c ��� , ' iiiiiini'--iniiers ni ia, i in .Help, in. instead (if I.\*,i,I.   in.,   nilh for the renewal ol  the  hi       licensi
good results,    SllUday i-   observed sell liquors by retail in  tin I   lei ki
|to a greater degree   titan   was   tlu as the Courtenay   ll.    ;,          led ii
case before the War, and the places ^��jf ^l^ ��-     ''�����*���     ' BENJ.     MOO    SNG
| of worship exercise a stronger in tiioma      hi
fluence. Dated Oct. 13,1915.                                  General
With the recent  arrival  in  Vic-	
toria of a draft   of   recruits   from
Fort George, 15 pei cent of the to- Liquor L.cense Act,
tnl population of lhal  district   lias ���                             	
enlisted.    Imagine the  disgust  of NOTICK is herein : .. 1 thnt 0         _     .
these uieu, the luainrih   of whom isth d��y of Decembei   tu-Vi   ippli      11   Da   aaa
,i             '        ,     '   ,                     ,, wi I be made till:                   .   ',              f   /-J I (���
had come great   distances   to   the commiMloiim of the citi     .-������:->   l   ����lu~
rendezvous at Fort George,   to see, for the renewal ol  the hotel  licem   to
while passing through   Prince   Ru- sell liquors by retail in the    'tej km iu    Q     \Dr* rt    '                      1/
pert, eu route to Victor! .numbers as the Riverside Hotel sin ted .., tl     QUr r
1 ..                                            ,                           , Citv nf   Cnlirlell.n   in    tl         rovllll       "I                 ���      sw   _���   _> . .        >      .              s
i.i young men,  single  apparently, Britlsh Columbia.
euijaged in the profitable pastime ol 0. 11, 1     II.S'BH
frequenting pool rooms mid sal is. Dated Oct. 13, 1915.
And yet the empire, which is wli it
it is as a result ul the   building   up
of centuries   the empire i   fighting
foi its existence,   ns   well   as  for ,           .
liberty, justice and humanity. NO 1 IClv Is hereh,      ven tlmto,
Liquor License Act
11��-: ies and ]       ������    ,
\\'e also atti '"I   .1
JAS.   CAIRNS  &   .-
Pro] : ���
1     tie 2$
, . llrst dnv of December  next  application
llle 88th Regiment of Victoria IS will Ije'miulc  to  the  Superintendent of I
to go ou active service as   a   unit, Provincial I'olice, Victoria,  for renewal I Courtenav
and ts now being recruited  to  full of the hotel license to sell liquors by re-1 *
;       .,,. ,,  ,1,      ,.,i   t>     , ,.,i,.,   ���       , tail iu tiie  linti-l   known  as  ihc  tome
strength     Co, Koss ou Hut, s ask ,  , ,  .,   ,  ,  , ,, ,,   ,,
." . , , lintel situ ited at Cniimx, 111 ilie Prnvitiee I   _,_ _  .   _ .,   _, _      ��� __   ,
ing for   recruits,   appeals   to   '.he 0f British Columbia. 'CHAR*
aingle m��ti of Victoria and the   Is- '  Georgi* Wow       -,UrtI'
�������� r ,���.���,���_���*. n.  )
Royal Standard Grain Products
Wholesale r
AGENCY D   *  'I
hone 33; End ol Bridge; F. Movitz, M, r.     JXetclll
Island especially to answer the call, Dated Oct, 7th, 1915.
reminding them that they not  only _���**���--	
make-Hip one battalion,  but four L; License Act
\\ lule man led men will be received , ^
the Colonel says   that   the   single      N0T|n, is lu,r(.,,v ,,, it ������ 1|R.
men SllOUld Otter first, first day nf December  nexl  application
Four mail " broke ill our wars " will be made   t"  the Superintendent of
have returned to Victoria ineapaci- Provincial Police, Victoria, for renewal of
tf ted foi further  service      Two of 'he hotel license to sell  liquors by retail
lEiea 101 iiiriiier service.     moot ,M t|le llote] knowu ,,, l1lt. B||,  n,,,,.p
them have.secured   civil    employ- situated at Coinox,  in  the Province ol
ment���two   have   not !      Perhaps British Columbia.
some uf  Victoria's   stately   homes Citcn, At.kxandkr Mart
Expert VVatcln
The members of tlle Parish Guild
purpose holding tlieir annual bazaar
and entertainment in Martin's Hall
on Tuesday, November 25, Par
ticulars will be given later.
The Red Cross Sewing circle will
uiiet at Mrs. Wilcox's ou the first
and third Monday of each month,
commencing Monday, November 1.
The "Follies" of Courtenay will
repeat their concert given at Court
and palacial office buildings will.
6, and every two weeks thereafter discharge a few Orientals and so*
from 2 to 3:30, make room for heroes,    There i.s no
The sailors from the Shearwater legislation needed to get rid of Ori-
expecl to be back by Saturday and entals. After all legislation only
intend giving a concert in Martin's keeps Up with public opinion.
Hall in the evening, | When public opinion wakes up the I
Dated Oct, 7th, 1915.
When  Iii  Dc;:bt
Play  Tl...
Have Goard Tune Y<
Orientals will have to go, but while Build up your own city, not
the public, especially the "working Toronto   or   any   other  dty &��'��_��   "
man ' goes to Orientals for tailoring , . '   from the Atluui
e        ���        . ��� ,,f s;une fui
W. J. Goard   will i
August 1.    lc !\    o
or write din
Is selling Spectacle   ai    Eyeglasses from  $2 5
including si; li
eye tested sepa ��� tely I
The Courtenay Jewelry Stow
tion here
  I bartering, laundry work,  fuel and foreign to your own interests-
Tlie   chivalrous   Huns  recently  provisions, so long will tlie "work-' Keep your money in circula.
executed an English lady   for  the  iug man " have the Oriental as a i ,
crime, or rather tlie  accusation of competitor.
having aided  British  aud  Belgian !  ��� ,    ���
enay a few weeks  ago, in .Martin s pr*SOners to escape,    f.et   this   be    T      t^        *  q nm-*. M   I Spp n  r
Hall on Friday evening next (Guv, honle i��� mind when in   good  time M '     ^     -**���*>   L Lf SS      ���>��   c * *
Favvlke's  Day) lor the   ben*nt of the Oermans appeal for  terms of      jogger's Shoes made to order,
the Red Cross Fimd,   This will be peacC] and |et nejther the United In North and South, in East
a.splendid   musical   treat,   and   '* states nor tiie American magazine- and West,
fed pubbc secure anv  remission  of   a.���,��_����� U-_J_!_ J��CK�����- ...Ml
Pie the heaviest penalty on an empire Aston s Handmade Shoes will
stan J the Test.
also for a worthy cause.
Remember   the    Pumpkin    Pie the heaviest penalty on  an empi
Dance tomorrow, Friday   evening, steeped in iniquity, and with blood
under atispieces.of the   Girls Sew- staiued hands,   In  tlie meautitn
ing Circle Canadian parents still stand in the I     t~,     q     r\i T"\T|> A C
Mr.    Robb returned   on   Friday way of sons willing   to   volunteer, |     L/.    1 *    L'UilJL/Ai_)
night's boat. and married men coming  to  their | Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary Public
The Church ol   England Ladies places !   To avenge Edith  Cavell ! | P. o. Box 209
Guild   met' at   the   vicarage   ou      Remember the story of Abraham
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vanes     .
To Bake
Xmas. Toys
and  Dolls
made in Germany, at1 J^q|*   *^q   ��>^|c��g {
not i
Thursday afternoon. and his son  Isaac.
Mr. Kendrick   Sharp   is a guest too.
An only*  son
Phone 24
at the Elk, from   the verandah  of     Advices from London,  Euglacd, It**"
wliieh Denman   Island   looks good speak of the splendid  demeanor of FlFSt-CIaSS PluX-lDing
to him. ,111c Britisli   people.   There   i.s   no
A class of junior red cross work- trafficking, uo boastfulness. no de-
ers will meet at the   home of Mrs. pression, aud no excesses; much less
C. Piercy ou Saturday,   November I crime,   and   comparatively    litile
iooenson s
Drug Stone
S before sending out of lown
Hot Water aud Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle '"
Phone g Courtenay
Advertise In The Review
Tlie former is reall*
sary   when   Bread  from   the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries.    Get ti
habit andjsatisfacti
W. Aitken    -      rop.
Oppositenew Presbyterian C;.i:,h
The Courtenay "FoUIies" will give
an Entertainment in
Martio's Hall, Comox
at 8:15, on
Friday, Nov. 5
' _���"���_. 11 L/ L_
Admission 2Ec      Reserved Seat 50c      Dance 50c
Counter Check Books
Loose Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
p rices as quoted by eastern   houses.
H olders supplied free. Ring us tip
and  we will call with samples,  etc.
The Review. Con:*-"
Telephone 59 Isabel Stre THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
The Mystery
of the
By Fred M. White
W.ird,   Lock   &   Co.   Limited
...London,   Melbourne  and  Toronto ...
^���.���-_-__���5555___5 ^~y   any
(C lUtinui .11 t""1'
ol 11
nml  iiliu'in  fell  mer tlio  recenl  tall
nn b, nnd my i|ubI;,v allies am getting
, ;i  Ilttlo frightened.    I'm- llie noxl day   ,
|or twu I expect   we uh_.ll  He low  and   F*"*st Car Lots Sent to Chio.igo Mnrkct
lilnu sonic Iii;; roup.
From   Lesser  Slave  Lake
l"No\%offfi\Ha8mSS- .-um... West��� Canada Exporting     Capture of Hill No. 60 Will Four
Harare Quantity of Fish I ;��� -7.  .     .    g*.
Turks     Fought     Desperately     B-fore VlCtOrM  CrOSSCS
Surrendering Position _.���������.
\ description o( the lighting In the
"Whntnv  , .mi. now are the      Notable developments    ure    inking j ^Ih'";'^r'':','^..l1;; 'l''l"1';;;'' v';:;rV';-' B��mi'   7*T��2 ?T" ""  "^
princess's private papers.   I knowehe  place thia fall In the lisheries ot West- !!'"     ' "��.,'     "  , , \   k .   ..;,?��"''       . CovUed Ho"��r
Ims them und is In regular commiinlcn   em  Canada.    Tho annouoncement  is A".    '".'���;"   ''''."���' ,'' '"    "s      Ute award of live additional    Vic
   witli Ihe priests nl  Ussa.   Cllvo  mail a   by  the  Grand    Trunli   Paclllc ',,',''    ' ,'*,      ,���'.,.,   ��� I,*!;,";""'lll',i torta CroBBes is announced In the Un
mo thei - and l can expo c the whole authorllles thai White Fish Ib now be- X��' ,���,���.         :;   "'���''���"" don Gn-ette.   Four of them were won
plot.   Let me wipe ihese three people   Ins  shipped  In car lots  from  Lower     .m,*i "���' .������   ���, ,���,, ���    ,.��� ��� by "moBt conspicuous bravery" In con.
I out. and then Lassa shall gel n hlni   Slave  Lake   in  Northern   Vlberta, to I     ''" ,' ''i'-"1��   " "ui e*o. u   wis mi- nection wtbh kumh throwing exploits,
(bul   will save  1'iirihcr [rouble  from  Chicago IP. .I;' Ba>'*! ""' 'omespundent, and which now constitute such an Import.
I thnl
princess   was   regurdiug  Ihc
nuarler j    The c'onsi ruction of lhe  hMtnonton, I J.1'8,"16 ''?' 'AT'Ot.0n1 'innn VSo ;1"'."'"'"" '"' "'"'"''' )wlm'B' " ,vtts
\ bim  irom the India Office that  Dunvegan   ii   British  t'oluntbiu   Hall   ���,���,'"*,��� ,.    ,;,,,!,I,.,���,���, during operations sotltlnvesi of Krlth
more rascality wl >un an ex   was northward irom thc main Hue of P'vi"      ,,   ���',     ���    ',,      ,    ' ,, i:l P" the aalllpoll peninsula thai Cnp
if n to Lassa and t lestnictlon   lhe O.T.P.   Ins made  tbls  lake ac        f a' ,'   '       ,      '     ,,  ,    ,    i,  T �����"��� ';,l'll!l l;"ll��''1 OBnlllvap,    Vint
heir temples will suffice.   Hul first  cesstble and  In Us win rs are great I���itl8R  '       ' '"  "",A"A' ,""s """ Baltnllon, Koyal Innlskllllng Fusiliers
I must have my proofs. W'llhoul proofs
Bl InIng stone wllh ;i hesotte I enthusiasm thai  si i nieil grotodtiui ly oul of      ;.!','.   , P.
">"" Hthe���|n%eve?mind,lttrur,:nem
Perhaps   this  suddenly   Has    upon  j"1""'   ,,r,V��� i. n,i      i
her,  tor she carefully' locked  up lhe   '"'7   *vh*1 >'""'"' "''*'> "*���������''    BrinB the
.  ' ��� matl -i-   home,   bang   those   ��i  tclu ���,
'-. nve  done  well,   Don   fleer,"  '""' w,   a.M l!,'V'1' m?,ro H? l!'oulJlet!
she Bald, "and shall not go imrewarl *V',la ,lnBls)l���,n ,he '*,?** ','
ed. Tlie ..-.-; i pari ���t our task Is 'a.'*..m** v';; ' 8llol,U1 :i|";i,i ""' wl,ol��
over, i lie n sl  Is w.:y." \     ',.    .   , " , ,   -
"Then Ihu princess goes not back to L  *}"d   "'  "-"p'1   '"v, ���'"'"'  'm'Vi
,        .... ., ��� I,,   ��� ,...   , ��� lob gorsky  repli'd       Ah,  mv    riond.
1 ���'''" Heer asked. ,������.,.,. ^Vi'lous ���uwa j..
"   ," ,    ,,'��� ! inal la��s of this fine coun
TV    �� "",'; Patience,  patience,  1   shn
ll:n.'r "?M everything In time."
ot going io '    ..,.-,, .., *;    ,,,��� . , , .
. there arc s?rlous flusvs in tho crlni
,   .,,-���   Inal laws of this fine countrj of yours.
1. root and branch to tho I ������,, ,,.���   ,  ���,,���,,���   ,in;, <]!U
ni yi t. noi yet.   \oi ii
smalli -i t�� ig oi ilu-
spared my elf and I am n
i pare otlu ri.   Vet there remains ih
11 il--. in . nn   .1
in purs.    They I
have thai which
ih.iii mi- ihey  shall  <i
"As my mistress slaw lier husbaiu
v. in n ills llfo was of no more value t:
"Thero is one thing l am curious ti
numbers of llBh.   Two ,-���������.i..H.-s have * ,   ",   '   ..       '-     ",,���;��   ���'  i;1'"1' won the |,lg I    ward for rnlor. This
beon formed to carr,  on the llshlng , '   :, ���;   ' ;.;' '^ ,'v '       '"' leml h wjwi ho ''"'��� bi narrated In ,h - of
In tho lakes and the Canadian ISxprosI ''';-,    -[;.;;       ''.'', ,,,   ,,,, n^ ll'i">'',:
Company Is being calb I upon to sup- ���,, ,''',' "! ',','''.,' ''"���,' A* ',"'   '"'      """ ,u" '""I" "<
:ig called unon in sup-1                                            -....,. .... ii,,  I,,,, nig ii  ol  ihc  lst-2ni   .Iny,
������" ,'   ,.,,,  with    ho  utmosl  doterm nut on, and   nn-, ,,i,,.��� ������ ,,.,^ .,.,,,,.,,,..,.,,  ,
in.   op.. iiii  roirlgeralor cars to lake .   ,       ,, .      ,,,,.,,..���  ��� ,,,,,,.   '���"���'. wl" " " ,u|s ''��� '-1' i thai a poi
tho   lisi.   to   Kdinoiitoi,  and   I!,: ner   hy      .  ' "],' >,.,    ,     ,',..'..  ' "'  "  l,"'"'h   uhi''l!  I""'  '" ' ���'  !'"''
im'    Iisn    io    IMIUInn  (in    ((llll    iniiirr    IIJ   , . . ���.,,���!,|    |.���,|,.    ,.,,.:,.    ���.,,,    ,   ,    i,     ""    "    "    '" "    """'i   ". ��� II    IUBI
way of the Grand Trunk    Paclllc mi "','.""      7 L ,     ,     '    ^n, \*bmM   bo   ''OKnlnod. Captain O'Stilll
\ Innlpegand by connecting lines to ;  ;;���.'."  ;"l!;,.'''", '""s':'      ' van, allliougli  nol    belonging ,., ti���
Chicago. 'm,.gl!  '',"" Broimtl,  lroop    n ,, It    ,,,1,,,,,,.,,,,, t0
,    *.     ,   ,.       ,    win lho romill lha   when lie   ronrirs   i���.|.| ., ,,.,,.,,. ,,,- ,, .������,, , i,;.,.���,,,..  ,       r
A great distributing point loi fres   ; ���    ���  ,.,     u ���   , ,     I a p rly of bomb tbiowers Lo ef.
sh, the Chicago market stales that ll . ���,.,, 'v���rirM, ,,������,    ,   ,������,'.. ,,,,., ���, J I'' .  ibo recapW
enn lake all the while Huh that can bo
ent  i'rom   Western  Canada  ami  the
with Turkish dend,   li i
lo oust     III
three days
, ,    "Ile ndviinccd in the npen under ..'
1'"""'.,,1".",',"," -round  vory lieavs lire, ami, In order"to throw
imil   irom   \\'e.oern  Canada   am   the  ,���,������ T , "     ���'   ,*  '.mi t;:.,,.;,., " "'*. vorj��� iienvy ure, nnu, in order io tnrow
transportation companies, I .peel ' ;     "",   :h::l , ;,,:./���'., '   ;      ffl ",*1 !"""llrf *"" A^r ��"���1' ��01 ��P
ed, will have to enlnrgo their arrange-   Ul  ' ,,,���:,',           J.   i, l"" ""' Parapol, where he wns exposed
 ,   ..   .  -_,.,(���..   soldiers who lell in  the assaults, ,,, ,,,.. i,, ���   i, ,   ,i.���
menis nexl y.-nr iu mei i I
i in the lire of the enemy occupvlni the
It la compr.tod, declares thet corres- troncli.  Ilo  was iinallj  wound .,1, bul
pondent, that ihe I urka lost G.OOO men i
,. '���    ,   '   '   ;;,' X8  know," said aeoffrej*: "l wani lo knosv      C.bKrago Is also taking from Canada      ,  ! ' ',,:'.,   '    ,'   ,." '   "'" '"'""'" h>�� InBpirlng exnm  bad
tnoV?ocfmiioh' nSJ who wnu tbe girl o��� the cllir with Mrs.   large duantlties of rre.li   Prince  llu-  !" "''      '    ',   .!'   "   '   "'.   ""' i    '   ''���"-'"' hta party lo male- h.rther et
i  ��� ��� i     Twin kin   Ull> llul1 ttttern01 "��� llh' S't'l who ins  pe,-i halibut and the fishing liidtislrj   ',,'������.      ik ���'     i���   ie i ��� i, ' !l'"'ts' whloh n't"""1 " " recapture
1      '" ll' ..' ""' 1'1" such an amazing likeness to Marlon.! is very brisk at the new  Pacific roast : V.   ��� ...,!}   t   :,     A '          v     "II1.1" Pf "��' irondi.
a    (US
Igor-1 port.    Over fifteen mill
intls ot  ,
wltb  Australians
.unl   New   Ze
i lish handled 111 ihe month of August i
nol ii
is. ium
otbi rs
I chie
Vet  11   wa
' dor
what 1 am trying to gel nl .was   Prince   Rupert's  record.    Whlli
'cbisorsky     replied    with  the salmon end of tho Industry was
mys- the largest pari of the business, halibut showed    up well,    wilb    2,106,400
point, pounds landed at this port.   The sal-
lad  no  more  to  mon pack l'or the month represented
unting  him  now  12,899,700 pounds of fish, representing
time past, it im     n  modesi   valuation  well on  for
The   correspondent   cxpresbci
i opinion lhal the Turks will nol attack lhe Aivac posttlous again lifter the terrible losses thoy sustained
in previous uttacks, They did "succeed, be adds, in sweeping two lirii-
ish battalions off the ridge thai pre-1
viously  had  been  won    by  lhe  Nesv |
1 Zealanders, but when the,  got aero
I myself,"
so yoli know that.   Vou would  greul gravity,   "li is oi
prouch me, Hen Heer?" terles of the' cnmpalgn."
is ill" slave, reproach iiie master      Geoffrey snid no men
.-.���lis his i urease from ths ken-1
Hon   He r asked   as  lie  bowed
"My   mistress   was   right;   her
hands  wero waslic'
snow  In the
U*was well;  ii . li|(,H]  ,���  his  sllrpriB?|  ns  |���,  gained
\ lor there  (i)l3 gamin ilr sasv a ligure rise from   fresh.   There are about ���;_':! hundred-
''���""���   lhe rod:;: mul (111 along tbe bench un-  weight that was mild cured, wi.il:' lhe
1     ������'���   til  ii   (lashed  round  a  distanl   point,  remainder was canned. In the canning
ll  was the airl who here thai sur-  process, 149,527 cases ware taken care
prising resemblance to Marlon.    She of during August.   Thero svere 14,000 j Machine gunners,    ,	
,1, as before, In ., nil,,, skirl jpounds^of^cod taken and used fresh | cMm ���,,��� (lvo th��usaml Wl,,,, ,;m'.,:
Danger to thts pan of the line, ihe
correspondent thinks, could only conic
through   physical overstrain   o'l   iin
On ihe night of tbe I8th-19lb June
1915, Captain O'Sullivan caved a critical situation in lm Minn . locality by
his great personal callantry and ,iood
On ilie day following ihis announce-
menl came another, more sinister, in
thj official casualty lisi. giving cap-
lain   O'Sullivan   in   the   lisi   of   "miss-
ihod  whiter   ban the    ll0l]  ,,,a ,���;,���, ���s he made his way three-quarters of a million dollars, or! [\ ' ';u]." '"'���   ,l., l'\lv    ;',^',    ,   ;     Sergeanl  .lames Sommers    of   the
lod  oi   the  Christian.  down die clilfs after luncheon.    And   the  salmon    catch,    4,000    hundred-!     ,/r:," ,,',", '"'   A     ,.,. ��� .   ,     '"'��" hanalion won the Victoria Cross
ol,  Bh,     d camo undei the lire oi  British mach-L, ,,K, ,.,,���, ,im���    ..w|u,n] ow|ng lg
" '[[ , .   ,, ,  ���   hostile bombing,   some of the troops
down    in liioiisanils,   ...
id   fresh
ii i pri!
Take t
your finger nnd g
.-.   are  uut! Ido    wnttlng
ne call, thus."
s i made a faint noise li!..-
call   of  n   bird   and   llei
hud retired from a sap," says the re
'land red liini-o' slianler. and    flounder
lloer caught  It up at  onee.  lie had with u sudden impulse Geoffrey l'ol- pounds,
heard it many limes before.   Then he lowed,    nis rem  Desv over tlu  heavy                    ���
sllpp d oul like ii cal in the darkness, on-n
anil presently the call came from tlio -ti
glopm.    A   moment   l.iier ii   was answered and then ull wa ; Bt 111 again,
represented     1,000;
me guns
snid a staff officer of the New Zealand jporl ,n th   Lnnii(l|1 (..lz,       "Sergeant
brigade;   "tbey   won     hack   in bun- UmmeTa l,,lllahK,,1 alone ���n th/spo
dreds.   tho correspondent's story eon-  unt|, ,, ||,|rly brouu���ht ,|p bom����   ^
then climbed over into the Turkish
trench nnd bombed tlio* Turks svith
sonil effect. Later on he iidvnnce.l Into tha open under very heavy lire and
held  hack  lhe    enemy    hy  throsving
ids, linking no noise    As ho turn- HOW'S THIS? trnnns   nn  t'hov liave  miSb tiienns     held  bflclt the    enemy    by throsving
the rocky polnl he saw uo signs of      We otter ��������� ,������������������ Dollar8 Re.    0��n��p8,'lrausaliJVi5-Sn_Me   and even   bombs into their Hank   until a ban-:.
- girl, but .here on the beach wlthk-ard  for any    case of Catarrh  that supplies for th^ mil ue 'nSw UkS  S�����   5fA 'T?,^. ".'".1 'riL, P"ri"!
Mi-.-. May. who
princess for n moi
llow, drew the b
cigarette, It wa
���ai-deil    lhe
nt, rlofH d her wl i-
ids and llghti I a
a  glad  nighl   for
i Dupplles lor t...
ler sketch book on hei knee was Mai-. cannot ,���,    cured    by Hall's Catarrh  up through saps which run right down
Ion   herself,  so  deeply   Interested  in  cure.
lo the benches, while (he sides of thl
hills ure covered  v itli  dugouts.    The
Turkish   batteries   slill   make   ii   ex-
all business I citing for landing pint ien,    bul    once
We i iny ashore there is now plenty of cover
Geoffrey Gets ;i Shock
I-'. .1.  ('IlilXr.V .v.. en.. Toledo, r
Wo,   Hie  undersigned,   have  known   I
.1. Cheney for the li-e-i 15 years, nnd l��
hove him perfectly honosi
transactions nnd flniinclnll,
mil  any obllgntlons mnde by.lils firm,     i ror the men   end since tlie \UEU9t vie-
NATIONAL   BANK  01'*  COMMERCE,   f01,"       , '   ' , ,       ""S"1'';.1 "���
tones    thev have much    mor
manipulating her water colors that
she did not see Geoffre* li:l be bailed
Marion smiled a! his excited face.
���'See   Whom?"  she  asked.  "Oh,  yea,
some   girl   did   pass   mc:    bill    I   was
,.      , so busily engaged that I did not look     itnll's Colnrrli Cure Is taken Tnternam-'I r ��� "
Ralph    Ravenspur    liad    wandered, up.    Bow  do  you   think  my  Bketeh  auliJ,g. tn,-uctlv upon mo. blood and muc-  ���������
along tho cliffs and Geoffres  had foi-  is progressing?    I liave been al il nll|0us surfiices of die system. Testlmonlnls - .������    ,  ��� ���
lowed bim.   The latter came up to tha  the morning.    Vera made me a small   sent free.^ Price 75    cents  per    imiii... I LiO)'Cl (jCOl'ge riaS
Mind man ai ihc lonellesl pari of the  bel thai I should not linlsb il today."  So>'
rugged granite, and there for a tlmo      (leoffrey was hardly listening.    Ilo | lil���,i
ihey sal.   Ralph svas graver and more  recollected lhal lliere lnul bean some j ���,  I 	
taciturn than usual, llll presently his  little chaff at luncheon on the subject Do You Know? Medical    Men    Head  Body    Increase
emadtobel      It svas the same girl    :- ci  ' The |    Tllat  ti|(.  average common  cow  is J Productivity of British
A New Committee
nead was raisei
listening lo sol
"Whet i��s ilu. n
"II was the same girl,'' he said. "The 1
1 girl so iiie you.   oil. Marlon, how nn -
nteiiily. girl so line you.   on, -uarion, noss u_- capable  o[ producing 200 pounds of
bs the matter?" Geoffrey nsk-  lortunate you did not tool- up! butler  fat  a  year   'when    fed    and
ed.        * i    "It  was .Indeed,    Marion    replied.  cnreU f0r properlv.    ���
'Somebody Is close to us," li h ex- She appeared lobe deeply interested.      llmv ���������.,, (lo 'vom. C0Wg produce?
plained,   "Somebody is creeping up to  "I  would have (:iven anything to sec j     Whal     grade    dtriry     cows   cow.-i
ns in the gorse.    Nny, you need not  her.    Bul ii is pot too hue     Pul  my  from     eommoil  cows'and   pure-bred
move.   We are safe her i this bare   materials in your boat, Geoff, und  I   <|ajrv ,_res_are capable 0f producing
will  follow up the elm,:        cant  be  2fj0 pounds ,���  butterfat a vour when
very much use���1 in afraid���bul at any , ted .������, cared tor properly.'
rate  I   may solve  this  much  oi  the |    what  improvement j>*ill    the  sire
vou nre using muke In your herd
ledge. There is one thing there is no
cause lo fear iii dealing with these
miscreants, and thai is firearms. Weapons of thai description make a nois
Hav id l.loyd George, tho British
munitions minister, lias appointed a
committee, "to consider and advise on
questions of Industrial fatigue, hours
of labor and other matters affecting
the health nnd physical efficiency of
workers in munitions factories and
mystery." Iy0u are using make In"your herd?    I    'J'he committee appointed by l.loyd
nd  your Oriental  hates  noise  when      Geoffrey  returned  to  bis  boat.    It      Thal the average price paid to the George  numbers  seven.    Sir  George
lie is out on tha kill. Ah, what did 1 I seemed very strango to him that Mar-  fftrmers  for buttarfal   by  the cream- Newman,     cbim   medical  officer  of
tell you?    Somebody  is  close  by."      Ion  should   not   have  seen   the  girl,  enea    0j    the stale durin" Ibe past- the  l,oanl  oC education   will  lie  the
A  figure  rose oul  of tbe  gorse, a  and also thai on each occasion these  few   vears    lias    been    30%ents pe? chairman. The other members chosen
slender figure    with  a   ragged  beard   two   should  have   been   so  close   to-  pou-d! i are Sir   Thomas   Harlow,   physician-
and lirowii fnce.   The Btranger crept gether without meeting. j    what  svas the average  price  paid  extraordinary to   Kin;;   George;  Dr.
along and dropped bv Geoffrey's side.     Oeoffrey pushed his boat out, got his  bv your creaniery'        '" Arthur  Edwin   Boycott,  professor  of
"Don't he alarmed,'" be said. "Ii Is  sails up, and then stood oul  for the    ������,:,.,    .,,.,      ',' .     ti      pathology,   University of Manchester;   won.the Victoria cross,
.,���!,. i    nvliio-nroirv" i i���,,.     i,  ,,.,.. v,,rv nll|pi   nnd nmotboi'I '       , ,       ' I nr   Leonard  Ersklne  Hill   dlroctor of        At 2 a.m. r. German trench mor ar
on*--  i- icnigorsity. nay.   " ssas veiv (ium, ami miuinu   creamei*v can pay depends upon iwo!       utsunuin _bkiiii   inn, mi nui ui - ,
Geoffrey iviu  astonished, 11iouu.li bo  boats were io be sum.   One or two of  ., ,      . *,���_,   ..   * .���.,,,,,'���(  ���r business  tlle daparlmcnl or applied physiology   bomb landed on inn side oi tne para-
-���         .,,",     '',.'",,;, iof the National Health Insurance In- pel ol    the communicating trench in
.llllt,        h( LOIH(.        ,,..., _.        ,,   ,       ,,      ...           ,,l,i,.|,    1,���   .,,,,���,!   ,.lnun   In   .,    ..,.i-,ll    n'/snl.-.
tliis period he frequently ran lo and
from our trenches lo obtain fresh sup
plies of bombs."
What Second Lieut. Herbert Jump;
of tlio. SS'oireslershire Regiment did
to win the cross In the Gallipoli opera
linns  is  thus   described';
"On llie 28th .lime, lmr,. when a
portion of the regiment bad been
checked, owing to all of the officers
being put oul of action, Second Lieut.
James, who belonged t(jn neighboring
unit, entirely on his own initiative
gathered together a body of men and
led Hiciii forward under heavy shell
and rillo lire. He then returned, organized a second parly, and again advanced'. His gallant example put fresh
life into tlie attack.
"On the 3rd of July In lhe same lo
cality he headed "n parly of bomb-
throwers up a Turkish communication
trench, and, after nearly nil ills bomb-
throsvers had been killed or wounded,
he remained alone al the head of the
trench and kepi back the enemy single handed till a barrier hud been
huill behind him end lhe trench secured. Ho svns throughout exposed to
it murderous lire."
It was between Cambra and La
Basseo, in France, on Aug. " of this.
year, that Second Lieut. George A. B.
Rochefort of lho Scots Guards displayed "most conspicuous gallantry" and
had im oci aslon lo be.   llalph took tho ' the upper window.- of the castla were - d0ne iv the creamer*
matter coolly.   "I expecti I cnim thing : visible from there, but no other signs | ^la (|Ua,i|ty 0[ butter i
Ihls," be said.   "I knesv you would | of habitation
.,    li'i  In see me, and
came aloug tlie  reel:-:. r- icneu mc open s'-.i.    ���uiuc u.^.u...       ,, $*lti,000  a  veal' I
Tehigorsky luj on his In   k puffing  from him ;   pile of wreckage covered      what  was tbo iin nt or
al n cigarette, rith a mass of seav   ed floated on the | iolia by ynm. cl.eamer.v?
��� lute   of   Research; .1   R. Olvnea, which he stood close to a small work-
lnboiite member   of   parliameni for Ing party of his battalion.   He might
linlulal ion Tin.       -ivor-i"!.     bnslnpSR     of     i u,, ' latioi ii e   iiiciiinei     oi     jia: iinioeiii   ior "... i">>>.'  -.   "���-. w��_~..-..-      _-.
Phe breem   rrosbened   as Geoffrey oreameri�� ot the stabo amounts to   Manchester, and    two  women-.sirs, easily have stepped back a few yards
 i the open sea.   Some distance  a,.0Und $36,000 a vear per creamery   Harold  .1.  Tenant,  wlf ' the   par- round tho border.into perfeel safoty,
.        .. .11 .,,,,, i,     ,,,,���,,      ,,    ,\    ...      ,      1"  '      .  , . i, un , . .              ,    |  ,, 1,,,,,    ,,, n.    I ti    1,   ..    ni,.,,       ,.      .,.-,-    ,m, I
liam iitiiry   under-secrotary   for  war,
land Miss Ij. 10. Squire
��� i-.i" ii .. our eyes npi i,'   he i aid t i   wati r
( - iffrej     "OikJ enn't be too pan', a      "I'll anchor hero and
H   my  Inn-
farmi i-    who    patronizes his
local  creai lory.  Increases  the    bust-
outcome  of  lhe  re.
apparel,Ily  lho
bul, shouting In his men to look out,
he rushed al the bomb, seized It, and
hurled il  over thc parapet, where it
discussion in  :|1 onee exploded.
" >--    '-'I    "Tliere  is   no  doubl.
lar. Xoi that th re li anj danger, for  out," said Geoffrey. ������,,,, ,������ raises the mice:  tbe farm-  ��"'   '"'"'^   Association   lor tho  Ad-       '���*!��"  !!      "'   ' A    "A,, ,,m
i t      ml ':���" " is retches ofl on p      He buffed and as be did son i il   ���,. who (]0-   ,,���,  patron|-e his local y��ncemenl ol Scieni    concerning the      ������     1" t,   umt   i b sp  i.      com-
wild |  chase for an hour oi two,   wind filled the Ball.   The mast-rave an   creamerv     decreases    the    business   besl   methods ol  Increasing tho pro-  blnatlonof presence ot mind and coir-
a- 'the she-devil Is dowft with one of  omlnoUB crack, mul  Ibe whole thing am] ]������;.,.., ,,,,  |in .,. ductlvHyof  workmen. _ In  ibis  dls-  ";;';,,.^f'l,.irl1'.'',.      s '    '"i"1>
r blinding lu ulnches.   Vou wouldn'l   snapped anil went by tbe heard. Geor-     some farmers sell only $26  ' ..... ...s.
nk Bhe wns n wonmii ���.-, io .. hearl   (roj   stared   with   widely  open  eye-s.i-f butterfat   per cow a year, o
��� in a weak state, eb?' .The  wind  was    as    nothing,    barely   ,.:ill^ nni,.n, ��j76 .l]U] ���  few  ^'10,
l shouldn'l have   apposed she bain enough  to belly  thc  sail.    Then  lie aj  creamers* prices -for butterfa
worltiflg parly."
iches.   Sou wouldn't   snapped and went by tbe board. Geor-     gome farmers sell only $25 svorth   cusslon   It   svas   strongly   contended
(hlni- she was n woman �� io in   frej   stared  with   widely  open   eyi i   ,,r hutterfal   per cosv a year   otbera  tliat ""'  'lesired  improvement  could      'be wish is expressed in tn*   i.ou
wai In asveak state, eb?' -The  wind  was    as    nothing,    barely U5u   oilnr, $76 ami'a  few $100'   all  "0|- ue  ""lined  by  prolonged  hours |dpn    papers  tn.it some enterprising
I' onoiigh  to belly  thc  sail.    Then  lie a1  creamery i '
oee?'' said Geoffrey.   "Have vou B?eti j looked   down and saw thai the masl :    [.jow  mu'c.h    aro    vour
her?"                                                        had  In-oi almost  sawn away.    Some- cow a ,.ear iri. butterfat?    ' "" ;l!le continuous nervous slrnin nnd by
,"l was in her company for a long | body had cul ii nearly through, so that |        '      '         A. | nourishing food and healthful  recre
of labor,  bul   rather by  111-  Adoption
.,;,     per' ol periods of rest    and  relief    from
time lasl  night," Tehigorsky explain-1 the first puff would suffice. Helen���Father, 1 must have a new
ed.   "1 posed as one of the murderers ]    Geoffrey fell   vaguely alarmed  and  rldine  habit.
ol Voskl;    1 .anv.' proofs of my sue-1 uneasy.    He  was  a  good  four miles]    fjloso   Fisted   Parent���-Bul     Helen,
"The forge I Gnrudn
'The same." Tehigorsky said gravely, 'It .wis ii magnificent forgery, and
calculated to deceive thos,. pious nnu-
di rous old rascals sl Lassa. At any
rate, | am now deep in (lie confidence of the princess, and attached
to her BUbordinat.es, who are pledged
to assist In wiping out the Ravenspur
Geoffrey sighed Involuntarily. He
would have llki I to know why this
vendetta aimed al his family, but he
knev,- Hun the question would be use-1
less. Still, lie tell that a great deal
lnul been gained during the lasl few
������Have  you  learnt   what  the  latest
W. N. U. 1074
from  shore and  was    an  Indifferent  tlmea   are   hard,  and   I   enn't  afford
swimmer.    Tho sen  was loo danger- sucll luxuries,
ous  and  rough   for  bathing.    There      H(,len   (angrily)���But,  father, what
mlghl   be  further  treachery.  He  satL-   ,   l0  d0   without   a   new   riding
down and pulled bard at Um oars svith ,ilabit?
iiie  id -n of returning    18 the beach |
(To he  ."onlinucdl
Onr Office Hoy (anxious lo enlist,
Imt rejected)���All right, General!
Only, if the kaiser licks yer, don't
lilame me!
A veteran car Conductor in Boston
recently lost bis job, and wus obliged
to take the next lest ihing lie could
Iind, the position of sexton In a
He presented Ihe collection box to a
e walking habit.���| pillar of the chnrct. one Sunday, and,
in fishing out some change from his
vest pocket, thc mnn brought to light
Motorist���Reckon I put up a bit of a  two -cigars.
Pitt Paul her.
record just there; I did that last fifty
miles  in  tsvoniy  minutes.
Innkeeper��� Yes, sir, this is a fishing
village, sir.
Tl.e ex-conductor leaned over him,
and, in the most solemn tones, said:
"Smokln' in tlie three rear seats
lilin producer I urn out n series of moving pictures depleting various exploits
by whicli Hie Victoria Cross lias been
"Hang it. .lones, I've just been stuns
by one of your confounded bees! I
demand reparation!"
"Certainly, Hilson. S'ou just show
me which bee It was and I'll punish
tlie horrid tiling severely."
British Tommy (somewhere ia
France)���-Speak  English, Mooso i?
French Shopkeeper -I3ul ���yes���a
leetle, M'sieu.
British Tommy���Righto, then give,
us ten pounds o' spuds, an arnce o'
baccy, a packet o' fags and a box-o'-
lights, an1 be slippy!
Give Their Owners
Great Satisfaction.
Try One /0
Its good
young and old
���loves the rich,
delicious flavor of
Corn Syrup
It is ;i daily treat���iho perfect Bwcet,   Jusl whal lhe
children Hhould liave ou Bread���costs lur less Lhnu
ul let* or preserve!*,   Delicious ivith Hoi Biscuit**,
ami   BaUef Cakea.   Gives a new delight   to
Baked Apples, Blanc-Muuge nml Pudding
-Makes llle lies'. Candy  yoll over tasted.
���-I.Il \ Wil I'I !���;" is ,-i pure white Corn Syrup not ns pronoflticed
in flavor ns "Crosvn llriuul". l'ttttr Grocer lias both Brands,
e, m mill .'a pottiitt fins���or mi/ easily ;;,/ than for yott.
The Canada Starch Co. Limited,    Montreal
lo Break Trade Monopoly    Manure and Pertilizers
Silage Make. Butter
Superiority of Silage Over  Dry  Feed j
For Cows
When clover hay is worth $12 to i
$-S  n   Ion.  silng"  en ill;   bus  a   food |
value of ?���'> per ton.   As a mutter of |
fin i, ninny experlmenl  stations have i
iiiinid   thai   it   Is   worm   even   more j
i than this, bill with feeds al the pre- -.
j which  we must  pay  for Ihem at  pre
sent we may assume thai the silage
I would   return us thai much per ton,
; \S'i!h tt  crop of liny bushels of corn
I per aero, or ten  Ions  of siia-c  per
acre, we tuny consider thai  we have
%',n  worth Of feed.    One acre of corn
allay," properly cul and properly pinned iu lhe soil'will supply enough feed
I for ii cow at Uie nie of fort>  pounds
| of Biiage daily fo" 601) day;.; \\\, cosvs,
100 days; or four rows, U". day i   Al
the sunn- lime ll occupies less space
iium an equal alliounl of bay.
Sn experiment    eouducted   al   tbe
Kansas station bIiowh thai silage re-
Aun ii the coct of pr Kim-��� r i butter ful I
itsiiii DO cents lo ::i  ceuts,  in othei
nor.i:, thero wa..; ii sin Ing of H cents
Imc  n  iind.    The  I ei'il..  in    ibis case I
wore of Btifflclenl  ilze lo sl\ e reliable '
data  and  eliminate  >.ie  Individuality
of the cows.   The Iol which was fed
Huge gavo sov m pounds moro milk
in the summer and Ho.f ire In win-
ti r per monMi ihan did the herd which
was fil dry feed.    The btltter I'al  wan
also incrensed by 1.5 pouuds in sum-
mar and I.i; pounds in winter, Tlio
difference In the c ist Of feed was
even more marked. The sllsge-l'ed
cows saved (In cents per inonth in tbe
I eosl of feed-
Al ihe Ohio Btntli ,t silage produced
| milk- for 68 cents per too pouuds and
I butter ini at i'i wins per pound. The
grain  ration produced    milk at $1.(1.1
i per    Hm ami butter I'al  lor i'-; canto
| per pound.
profits    were
Giant  Factories to be Constructed  in    Government Expert Gives Somo Prac- j *:|'.'^'i '"j' tlTi,51,D*?en?11[! *2'if fol|'1th8
Italy    to    Emancipate Country tic-.l Advice on the Subject waa    mQYe    |j,.ul    two  and  one-half
From German Monopoly        .    '    The   division   of   chemistry of ihe; i f t ��� i - - s thai of tbe dry feed.
Italy's  determlnatloi i   only   to   Dominion   department   of agriculture _ .	
���jglit. out ihe war to a successful iin-   haa 1-siied another of that useful ser-1    n*u mailer how deep-rooted the corn
Bh, but further to ensure Industrial ies ot circular;
���mancipation rrom Austro-Oerman j Shutt, Uomlulon
monopolies when tbe war becomes u Circular .No. 8,
thing of the past is Illustrated afresh i '"'d Fertilizers,"
;.u a colossal .ciienio. for lho realiza-   work of  the  do
by    Dr.  Frank T.
eliemisl. This one,
ii 'ais with "Manures
and. like all the
-tor,    i.s ai once ex-
Newfoundland's  Contingent
Aii army administered by n com-
whlclt the first practical steps lutelt und practical. I he tn-se section mlttee of business men and carried
ready been taken. Ms devoted to a description ot expert-  ,���,.,.,. ,,v patrIotlc transportation coin-
lewhero In Italy an enormous ences al the central and other ex- panie!) nn .u-niv-, moreover, wlthoul a
ground has been purchased | perimental farms, and tho second Is a'ng*e general, colonel, or even lieu-
jply for $400,non, on svhloh |'\ev.0ted, to a summary and to nil-, ice',,,,,.,���, ���,- i|s own appointing,, such Is
or wart may be, ii musi yield In llollo-
way's Corn Cure If used as directed.
lo be built Immed-   thai if followed cannot help hul ban
lately  for the  manufacture of muni-   hi    the farm and profli the follower.
lions for the presenl war. The plants   ll''1'-' al'c a few sentences thai  lllus
svill he divided by some tsvo hundred Urate* the conclusions arrived al  and!
miles from Us neighbor.   Al the outsat ! t;>" counsel given by Dr. Shutt;
the staff will comprise threo thousand j  . Barnyard manure is the most effec
workmen.   Onco iheir temporary pur-  tlve of all fertilizer:;,
pose Is achieved tlie factories will he1    'lhe liquid portion of the manure i.-
transformed ini i laboratories for the ' ,:"-' "'���"���", valuable,
production    of chemicals and aniline      L'se surflctenl litter   in tlie stable:
dyes for-which Italy has hitherto been   to absorb the liquid.   ���
Almost entirely dependent upon Her-]    The amount of manure on a  tarn
many. i being    insufficient,    ft
  dressings are    advisable,    Instead of j ^ contribution of" 2,000 goes far be-
Minard's    Liniment    cures  Burns,   ""-er ones ���"  longer intervals. yond Its promise to the  British  war
Etc. !     rlle manure is most ndvautageottsly -gffice.   The contingent was trained in
 ,  | applied for the root  or corn crop in  Scotland imd Is said to have been the
A voung ladv culled one dav on Itub-1 "",' rotation. j 0n-]y non-Scotch force ev< r allowed to
'������stein   the  great  pianist,  svho  had!    It is not ssise to ' bury   the manure; .garrtson  Edinburgh Castle.
���onsented  to listen  In..her    playing,  a shallow mowing under Is moro ad-	
visable. Minard's Liniment Relieves  Neural-
Rational   farming  involves  u  rolu-1 ���la.
'What do you think I should do now?
she asked when she had finished. "Get
married;" was Rubinstein's answer.
Teacher���What became of the child
.-en of Agamemnion?
tlie contribution made in men by the
little colony of Newfoundland lo the
j cause of the empire. True, the nriny
consists of but 2,000 men, bill considering the size of Newfoundland's
population ths ratio ts a very fair
; one, fo n littlo over 200,000 inhaln-
| taiila.
Originally, according to P. T, Mc-
I Clrnth, a well known newspaper man
of the colony, who Is in the Capital on
o on u larm departmental business, Newfoundland
iqnenl     light  8ct out lo raise but BOO men, so Hut
tlon of crops.
Such,  in   brief,  are
coin Visions arrived at
u   lew   of  the ) German Capitalists Hiding Their Gold
by in-. .Shun -
bm  to get real benefit  from the clr
I    German   journals
announce   (hat
Pupil���I   inumine  they're  dead   by   oular, application should be made for
ftme, It to tha Publications Branch, Depnrt-
y I mein of Agriculture, Ottawa.
CASE of Mrs. HAf
Declares Lydia E. Pinkliam's
Vegetable Compound
Saved Her Lif-
and Sanity,
Shamrock, Mo.���"I feel it my duty
to tell the public the condition of my
' hen'tb before usinp*
your medicine, I had
falling, inflammation anil congestion,
female weakness,
pains in both sides,
backaches and bear-
it Will Cure a Cold.���Colds ure the
commonest ailments of mankind and
if neglected may lead to serious condl-
i tlons.   Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil will
I relieve the bronchial  passages of in-
; Humiliation   speedily   and   thoroughly
and will strengthen tbem against sub-
I sequent attacks,   And as ii eases lhe
inflammation  II  svill stop the cough
! because it allays all Irritation in the
throat.   Try it and prove il.
Weed Seeds in goi(s
there is al least $260,000,000 in gold
still in Germany in pris'ate hands. The
special corresponded of tbe Echo De,
Paris al Geneva, however, says that it j
is vers likely thai gold already has j
crossed the frontier, for soma time
Oerman capitalists have very prudently been putting lh?ir gold ill places
of safety abroad. |
Some    Important    Methods cf  Weed
The presence* of weed seeds ill soils
under different syi lens ,,f culture and
cropping   should   be   Biiggestlre   to
I farmers.   An investigation being con-
j dueled  hy ilie s;-ei'   branch, Ottawa,
I shows a sod Held which had been in
I hay or pasture for six years to con-
"Whal are you going to i un the
mile or the tsvo mile?"
"I don'i know, l can tell you better
at the end of lho mile.1
Ontario Women's Advice.
Hamilton, Ont.
licver in   Dr.   Pic
I am a great lie-
medicines,   I nm
Vi   ������������    AfC
y   vrr^&F&r
*���.. : t______!T   ������   ������'��� .���"��
'/' :>:.::��� '"'      ' '�� ,. . '.'.
Point Blank Aim
You conic nearest to taking "point-
blank"  aim when you uso the famous
"Speed Shells"
Stoel-llnod���an exclusive Remington-UMC feature, Highi c compression greal er power- and straignt-away drive, Vou lake shorter lead
��� -shooi swii'i; r hit harder���and/71' morebirds, Crack-shots anil sportsmen in every country are staunch friends of these "lightning" shells.
For a Hotter FieidBcg���or a Clean Trap-Score
Shoot speed shells In the Rsndngton-UMC Pump Gun.    Tiie fastest
combination in lhe Held.   Improves even tho expert's score.   Your
doaler takes pride in displaying the Remington-UMC Line.
Remington Arms-Union Metallic  Cartridge  Ccrr.pany
(Contractors to tilt Briii It Imperial and Colonial Gocen i wist
London, Eng. WINDSOR, ONT. New York. U.S.A.  ':A
nen look wen when
thoy escape the sallov/ skin, tho pimples, biae;:-
hettds, facial blemishes due to indigestion or biliousness. At times, all women need help to rid tho
system of poisons, and tho .safest, surest, most
convenient   and   most   economical   help   they   iind   in
. ���-, /_f" - ���   tf^'f1***'J?^
��� Si    |r::l;-..-s^L-i-^M '"���
__7r_B*-* VB__B W   W    iK
m   __________M
This famous family remedy hav. an excellent tonic effect apon
the entire system. It quickly relieves tiie ailments caused
by defective or irregular action of the organs of digestion,
headache, backache, low spirits,' extreme nervousness.
Purifying*  the   blood,   Beecham's  Pills   improve   ar.d
ear Tli�� Complexion
The directions with every box are rery valuable���especial.? to women.
Prepared only by Thomas Beechim. St. Helentff Luncashir^, Bntffiiul.
.Sold eycrywli-rc in Ciui-da and ll. S. America,   lit bOXOSj _S Cfiits.
In every town in Manitoba, Sasl;ntcliewan md Albert
Al WiiinlpcK, Kcgiiw, Saskatoon, Calgnrj nnd HUni   '-on
The Solclisr After the War
.Slimy  nf  our  nesv    Boldlers   have
conn' back  frnm the desk. Theirs has
bet'ii a Bedentary lite.    War lias lit-
College Humor
"Do  yi ti  go  aboul   town  mm ..   in
ur peripatetics?'
:-.ii���-si.; i     get: ng i" -       y -
. erallv linen an avenue ot escape for aud- and besides l r m'l - ear tbem!
speaking from the actual use ol tuem and  them.   Their training Ims taken them      Princeton Ti- r.
tho great benefil I havodcriyctl therefram,   |,������ t|,,, ope��� atr, has Bhown them the j ���	
Shortly after my marriage ] began aihng, ( pUysloal blossedm ss of constant mua- j    Mlnard's    Llnlmont for sale every-
had n very bod cough and roI very linn   cu*ar actis*lty, has bred in tbem a dis-1 whe,.e
and was nm dosvn,   My pooplo Ihoughl j -.aste for lhe confinemenl and boredom _ _.
I svas going into n decline.   Thoy got Ut a sedentary existence, perched up-      Bridegroom    Waiti  .    I   '.        v
aoldon  Medica   DUcovcrj    and  tins   0n an office stool,   These    men svill  haven't told  anybody    hen
innlirinc completely cured  inc.    -Mns.   never ivllllngly an luu-k to the lite of  .,, wi, niarrled''
����"!���*'it/JlS  inM,BJon���%8r,Utoa^  A��>=ua Hibbaiio, 20 Chcover St., Ilauiil- .,,���. c|ty, from whicl, limy have been      i,.|sl, Wall r- N . - r, Ois    '   ped I
square  surd  cue  inch   dep,  .S.Ol*J   iu I ton.dni
ing down pains, waa   the Bame volume o! ao|l al a depth     Kilbrido, Ont.  -"When  I  was only
iddenly     torn���to  realize  as  by  a  ���    Bl .,.,:     v  y,   ��� tenever
ml-mlraculous   revelation,   Its   tire-  triji to pump me. Oive told I    i
"ed al all, at all
short, of   memory,    trom isvo  o threo Inches und '1,109 at  eleven monlhs old my mother procured   somenesB, Its tlumnglng offacts upon   vvereiri marrl
nervous, impatient,   B  uoptn five    to s ven  Inches.    Au-  'Golden   Medical   Discostf*/'   for   me,   health, its Inadequacy for the needs of j	
passed sleepless I'''1"'1' l'11'1'1  wlilcn  had  been  under u   whicli emmi mo uf congestion of lungs   a Bound body.    Eltner In the British i
nights, nnd had I ,',���
neither strength nor
energy. There svas always *t fear and
dread ir. my mind, I had cold, nervous,
weak spells, hot flashes over my body.
I had a place in my right side that svas
.so S'.re that I could hardly bear tho
v/ei r'lt. of my clothes. I tried medicines
��nd doctors, but they did nie little good,
*nd I never expected to get out again.
1 pot Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
ol  cultivation and rota-  and svhooping cough,   I have taken il
ood systo
lien contained 4,984 weed seeds In I lie several times myself since and about one
surface soil and 1,020 in each of (he I Vpftr ago I-gavc it to my twi children for
other depths. Tho concentration or Whooping cough. Thev recovered verv
seeds in the surface layer of the snd ��� quickly with no bad results, after taking
liel.l may be explained by weeds being Ono bottle. I have recommended it to
allowed io reproduce themselves from i quitc a number of late."���Mrs. AV. J.
yonr lo year. Information as lo the ' ,smi;i.\>- .Kilbride, Ont.
percentage vitality   of  ss*eed seeds at     ,,..   ,   . .���     ; , ���    .
the different depths ia not yet com- L ^lO best  .me to cure a cough is whon
I it starts.   Ordinarily, a few doses of Dr.
plete, but a largo number of tli
face seeds in the cane of the sod Held
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery svill
tace seeds m tne cane ol tne sod held        '    " -������--���������������-������ ����� r*"v-*,"J
ire vital.   This Investigation indicates <TC a.l0U(5h at,th-e bf8umnW'   But even
Islei or iii the Dominion iliey Hliould
nml  ample opportunities,    Bul   they,
will nol Iind I hem unless the way is I
properly  prepared  before    the    war
comes to an end.���London Times-
Worms,  however   generated,    are
found hi  the digestive tracts, where
ihey set up disturbances detrimental
to the health ol'-the child.   There (an
he no comfort for the little ones until
the  hurtful  Intruders have  been  e.\-
no hot flashes or sveak, nervous spells.
A.11 pains, aches, fears and dreads aro
gone, my house, children _nd husband
are no longer neglected, ns I am almost
entirely free of the bad symptoms I had
before taking your remedies, and all is
���pleasure and happiness in my home."���
"Mrs. Josie Ham, R. P. D. 1, Box 22,
Shamrock, Missouri.
If you want special advice write
Lydia K. Piiikhsuu Medicine Co.,
'confidential) Lvnn.Mass.
W. N. U. 1074
stroy growing weeds, thcroifgb cultivation during the growing season of
hoed crops, and after harvest cultivation of cereal crops which have not
been sodded down.���Seed Branch, Ottawa.
Officer- -Why, what's the matter
wilb, this?    That's  excellent  soup.
"Private���Yes, sir���that's whnt we
sez. sir.
Officer���Very well; then. What's
the complaint?
Private���ll nin't simp, sir; it's the
cook.   '!���; calls it siesv.���Punch.
it is a powerful blood purifier, so penetrating that it even gels at ibe impure
deposits in lhe joints and carries them
out of the system,
Depend upon this grand remedy to
give you the kind of blood thai makes
the skin clear, the mind alert, the sision .
keener, and puts ambition and energy ory In il
jnlo the entire body. You will not be
disappointed. For free advice, wrile
Dr. V. M. Pierce, Buffalo, \. Y.
In sickness and health���send for thc
People's Common Sense Medical Adviser.
a book of HXIs pages. Send fifty cents to
Dr. Pierce, Juvali.K' Hotel, Buffalo, N. V. j It."
A man entered a famous restaurant
and asked for coffee. Afler he had Iin- -
islied his repast he called the waiter
and said: "Waiter, this coffee lias its
good points and its had points. One of
its good points Is this  -it has no chic-1
���Yes. sir," replied the waiter, quite
Visions of a  handsome tip floated!
before his mind's eye, and he rubbed
his hands gleefully.
"But," resumed the customer, "Its
bad point  is Ibis���it has no coffee  in i
Results from neglected chafing
and skin irritation, As a preventive and cure there Ls no treatment to compare with Pr. Chase's
Ointment.   Uso it after Uie bath.
(it) Cents ft Kox, aU DeoJer>, or
I'.ilnunison. Hates & Co.. I.imltod.
Toronto.   Sample free. rhe Telephone
./ays Avai,
.y   or   -Y_g__
HEN Eimergencies arise, and
they  arise  frequently,   as-
i.ce can alwaya lie se-
I by means of Ihe telephone.
>       st yonr ri-rht hp.id, ready for
service day or night.
It nay be  the doctor has to be
summoned,  and   if bo,  no   time
; be lost.   Help may be need-
i  your   neighbor,   from   the
police    rely on the telephone
Telephone is the greatest of
A] domestic utilities.   What is the
compared to the security and
e  of relief  in knowing  that
the means  of  instant communication  is available at any  time
The Ford Garage has installed an
-     mm Welding. Outfit
-    te Oxo-Acetylene System
Something thai has been badly needed in this district for a
longtime, is then ire thousand.* of dollars worth of castings
,.-.oiy lescription in cast iron, brass, aluminum, inalable,
soft steel, etc., thrown avyay every year, that could be made
., i strong aud even .stronger than when new for less than half
" hat a new one costs. Anything from a .stove lifter to a
ci; nksliafr, bring it alou;;  we can fix it
Telephone L46 (COURTENAY
��___���_<_��*������. ecmsTBtnm.'eras.fmi'mitim s��__<_w.;:��-��M
In  exchange for
louse    in   Van-
ouver,    revenue
Box 220, Courtenay
Letters to The Editor       |:	
W. D Stoker writes the editor of
The Review from ihe Red CrQss
hospital.it llassin-.-1 ike, Eng., as
follows :
Oeai Mr, Boden,���1 have heard
of the death of my son Elmer, and
I wish you would think  the coin
nuiiiity   through   the  columns of
vom paper for their heartfelt sympathy extended to  my   wife In her
sorrow,    1   am   lit   again and am
leaving hospital to mot r >w, nt   ia
goi.ng luck to duty, realglml I am
I have lie ii nearly ,* months laid up,
We have lots of men luck from the
front here.    Smile   with   llie   1110 t
in irvelous escapes     ' do n t kn w
how they ever pulled through, We
have on   re illy bad - i >e here now.
I le was buried in the   I lardinelles
with ,. shell, li- lu-i liis hearin : and
speech    liis speech is coming line'
hul he c.pom! licai anything I lie is
only is years of age,    I think he
i.s going in nl,   has   awful   dreams
even night, thinks he   i'i  fightin ���
the Turks, and when  he wakes up
he goes off into a fit, lie strikes oul
at the wall, his   han Is are  all c 'I
ami bleeding every in irniiig,    The
poor lad was ;i|M) wnnuded at Anl
iveij.   1 le u is iii  the   Royal M ir-
ines.    I think  we   have   rather a
long job on onr hands, bul when it
is over I hope to be  hack in good
-Id Courtenay again if I am spared
I would not live in this com.try for
anything.    It   doe- u il seem like
home to me���Canada for me every
time.    I am doing my   best to try
and net   people   interested   in the
country, and   hope   to see some of
iny    military   acquaintances   out
I tliere after lhe war.    We are send-
i iug lots of in in to  France n nv.    1
think before this letter readies vou
there   will   be anoth r   lii0*   move
: coming off.    We seem to liave lots
j of   men bnt   we want   more and f
think conscription  is coining.    All
the towns around here,   Aldershot
to Loudon,   are pilch   dark every
night.    Motor   cars   run   on   two
sinal, lights.    We   see   areoplaues
' up all dav long and   some of them
must he going  about too   miles an
I hour,     I    must   close-   now,    with
I kind regards to yourself   and family.
YouiG sincerely,
Sergt. W. D. Stoker,
Boggies and Express Wagons
All Riga Guaranteed and Sold at the lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ni H r'rrriag^ Builder
or post script or something else, bul
as li" d-' -. not expl un, we will sup
pose the taller i and   says  with re
ff��n nc ��� to the objecti liable part of
si le va'k,    I.et iis see,   did   I  ever
hear lhat lertu used b 'fore, or w ,S
it p'anks or pri.... utioll or whit
was the lenn generally used? We'll
suppose ii w is s dew ilk. as that is
lhc way he p lis it lo the editor
an I !" lit,- ;'.-n i il public, anl il is
llu genel d public lha! the worthy
alderin in i 'Lilies to know nil about
the cuuninglj prepared schemes be
tween Mayor Kilpatrick an.l W.
I todgson Now, right here 1 h oe
to s.!\- Mr. Johnston,   arc   you pre
Cuiiiberlaiid Hold
('."nil Ac< Dilation      Cu.ine Hxoelleo
Wm. Merryfield
Plant Now
Antirrhinum  r.Mnnpdnrgon)various
o s.iv Mr. Johnston,   arc  you pre-       . ,,,:, ,,. ,.'., .**   ,    ,.,
, ,       ��� ,    , ,- ,    ' Ai tn I. v; in   ' t oliiiiiliiiu-    while
'ited to prov.1 what yon state .    I I i . .   . i i>      t ,
,' .   , ,. .     ' | Iceland  Poppies,   yellow
I    I ....    11.1     1 - ... . \S - 1. '. I ... .    ,.1       I II M    I'll II III  II II	
have no knowledge of any cunning-'..-
ly planned   sclj^tn s  between   Mr.
Kilp -.trick and myself.    Neither do
I liave to give or  sell,   nor   have I
asked tlie city or  anyone   for  pay
C ,   l-       ��� ��� ��� I "
tor road limits opposite mv premises
Alderman   Johnston   provided  for  * l'"lls 5 ��
J i ,i  ,ir,
tint when he sold lhe- laud just
which the road runs, and when real
estate jumped to $iooo per acre > r.  Orders may be left  with Shepherd
Sutton's lllood Red
fire Kine ((range
Hollyhocks, Mixed
Coreopsis, Large Yell iw
AlvsMiiu.   yellow
nis each, 6 for   25 cent
luspeclion invited
Johnston got   greedy   and   sold on
& Hornby
the other side of the load a part of	
whal   he   previously   reserved   for
rod purposes a;���i  now wants w. The   Comox   Barber   Shop
ori'l   tit   ni'li.'P ���
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.     Baths in connection
C.   E.   f)V ,K\.sl PEE, Prop.
Hodgsou or Mrs. Ho igson to make
goid tiie agreement whicli he himself made and signer!. Nothing
Yours truly
W. Hodgson
Oct. 25, iy 15.
 -..,���.,��. .
The Importance of
Grain Screenings
* Willard's Harness Emporium
Weed seeds made tip 16 per cent,
of tbe total weight of a car of west-  ��"���� Showing of  IIorse_ Blankets,   I,up
e.n grown flax.    A   sample   representing   over    25,00*)   bushels   of
Rugs, Glpves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Ute.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Editor Review :
Dear Sir,���If vou will  allow me
a little space iu your valuable paper
I will try to correct   a few misleading statements made by Aid." Johnston in his last epistle to the public
in wliieh he seems very anxious to
have  the   public   understand   and
know the whole truth (or what lie
calls the truth I.     Firs'., Mr, Johnston says that   Mr.   Morrissou did
not tell the whole  truth when  he
said Unit he did nol    sell   tlie   road
limit when he sold land tojohiisti 11
and Halliday.    Now  let us see, on
tlie .\ li day of  January   1894   Mr.
Morrison purchased from  the  :ate
John Baskley 60  acres of the west
j half of lot 127, and on the 23rd day
of May, 1895 Mr.  Morrison sold to
tlie   late   Chas.   StOUgllto'l   3 1-2
acres, being a part  of  the 60 acre
purchase.   On or about  that date
Mr. Morrison   transferred   to  Mr.
Johnston and Mr. Halliday 10 acres
each of tbe same tract of land, and
in the 17th day of January,   1898,
Mr.   Morrison   transferred   35 1-2
acres more of tlie 6o acre purchase
. to Charles Stoughton.    This 35 1 2
��� acre plot is now owned by Olive G.
i Hodgson.      Now,   Mr.   Johnston,
j what has become of  the other acre
of Mr. Morrison's  purchase ?   Lei
us see, '.he section of road reserved
by Mr. Morrison across tlie two 10
acre plots sold  to yourself and Mr,
Halliday was 4 rods wide  and 40
rods   long,  or   thereabouts,  that
would make one acre exactly. Now
Mr. Johnston, tell  us how far out
of the whole truth was  Mr. Morrison when he stated that he did not
sell the road limit when he sold the
land to Mr. Halliday and yourself ?
Again, Mr.  Editor and others,
Mr. Johnston goes on iu a long P.S
(I suppose he means past scoundrel
wheat contained onl*- 92 6 percent,   vy     -yer     jrtrts j    * nn
bv weight   of   pure wheat, the   re-    >�� ���    VV .    W ILL.AKLJ
mainder being largely made up of
weed seeds, Such are the st.tte-
UlentS embodied in a phailiphlet issued by the seed branch of the Department of Agriculture at Ottawa
and that can be had graluiously by
addressing, the Publications Branch
of the same department.
Cumberland and Courtenay
Robert Wright,   of   Vancouver,,
was   ou   Thursday��� sentenced   to' X lj)CS,
three months in   jail,   ;t_er a jury
had found him   guilty of  sedition
...111     IUUIIU     .1111. SIIHV.      .'. u.lllHUII. ���       '...��_��._-_.-'_'
Wright's offense was tbe open dec-   _ .   /-,, , -.      ,   _,
laration in front of tlie   central re- \bw*n s ��,d Stand- Courtenay
cri'ithig depot that the Germans i
had not been guilty of any more y^'-"1-'---1-"^-
dastardly offenses than the Ilritish.
and that he would just as soon be
under the German flag as the Iiritisii. In sentencing the prisoner
Mr. Justice Gregory remarked that
people who bad social istic or extraordinary views should keep them
to themselves at this time, as their
utterances were liable to interfere
with tlie enlistment of soldiers.
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Sutton, & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Prompt!)'
1 ttendud
Corporation of  the  City of ���
The 'Voters' List for tlie   forthcoming-]
Municipal Elections  is now   lieing prepared,
Householders  and   License    holders
who are desirous ol having   their names '
placed upon the   list must make   Statu- j
tory Declaration and file the  same ..'itli |
the"  City Clerk   on   or before the Thirtieth day of October, A. D.  1915.
Owners of property under agreement
to purchase must make Statutory Declaration and file same with tlle City Clerk
on or before the Thirtieth day of November A. D. 1915.-
Agreement holders who are not on the 1
assessment roll may have their names
placed 011 the assessment roll by filing a
Statutory Declaration with the assessor
on the terms of Section 23D of the Municipal Act and may then have their names
placed on the Voters' List by filing the
Statutory Declaration above  referred to.
Declaration forms may be obtained at
the Municipal Ofiice.
City Clerk and Assessor
Dated  at  Courteuay  this 20tli day of i
October 1915.
A OtS.Gilb&rt-Hanna-AnAerm h
Go'W Vancouver I
OR. VICTOR^ for.
Raininess Dentistry
These" arc features ill our
offices. It will pay you to.
hvae your dental work done
in Vancouver. All work
is guaranteed for lo years
PainlessOental Parlors


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