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The Review Aug 14, 1913

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Array I
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
**9���99*9*.***** + **********9***9******************
Ilnye You Money to IiiTtut,
See us; w�� Can Make You
I<arge Dividend!
Island  Realty Co.
VOL. 1
NO. 38
Fronting on Good Road Easy to Clear
First Class Soil Price $60 per Acre
1-4 Cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 Months
Fronting on Good Road Easy to Clear
Fresh Water Stream running through Property
Good Land Price $50 per Acre
1-3 Cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 Months
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Keep Your Veranda Cool
bv investing in one of our Bamboo
Veranda Blinds.    Kept in all
** sizes and prices.
Meat Safes that keep out the flies,
save     yt cost in a short time
Linoleums, Oilcloths and Mattings in great verity,
from 20 cents per yard
Do you sleep on a "Restmore" Mattress?    If not,
why not?   A full range always in stock
Step inside and see them
Sewing Machine and Gramaphone Needles always in Stock
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
B. F. KRAUSE, Propiietor
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have Lots fronting on the Station Grounds.   Also on the  12 Acres
which the C. P. R. have cleared (or Station Buildings
Lots from $30Q to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a Chance we will sell these Lots on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
Case Threshing Machine for sale.
Apply Grieve Bros. Sandwick.
Wanted���Office or out door work.
Apply Box 3, Review office.
Strayed���Light Jersey, branded
T. Leave information at this office,
Piano For Sale or exchange for
Real Estate. Apply, Elk Hotel,
If you want pictures framed,
cabinet or sign woric done, go to
New Courtenay postcards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey's.   *
For Sale--- Two year old, pure
bred Jersey bull. Apply H. Fiske,
Sandwick P. O.
Dr. D. E Kerr, dentist, will be
iu Cumberland two weeks, beginning August 27.
Young Pigs For Sale���$5 each.
Apply, J. }��� 'Ba'nnerman, Point
Holmes, Comox.
Situation Wanted���On .Ranch,
by experienced farmer, Apply
Box 220, Courtenay.
Thoroughbred Berkshire broad
sow for sale cheap. Apply John
Smith, Courtenay.
For Sale���Good "second hand
Salmon net, 50 fathoms long.
Apply R. Stewart, Comox.
When you Want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Stucjio.   Local views for sale.
Wood for- Sale- $3,75 per cord.
Block wood sold by the inch. Apply
O. Bridge, opposite The Builders
Snpply Co..
Dr. Morrison, dentist, will go to
Cumberland ou Tuesday morning
aud will remain there the balance
of the week.
For Rent���Large room 24 x 50
above the new butcher shop,, T��ill
be fitted to suit tennant.    Apply
M. Parez, Courtenay.
L. L. Stevenson, Ph. B.. Oph. D.
Graduate Optician. Eyes tested
an,d   glasses   fitted.      Enquire at
Peacy's drug store.
Lost���One Lady's purse on the
12 of July, between Sandwick and
Grantham, Lower Road, valued as
a keepsake. Finder kindly leave
at Sandwick store.
Switches aud Puffs made from
combings. $2.50 for three stem
switch, $1.75 tor two stem, $1. for
one stem. Miss A. Sylvia, Lake
Trail Road, at Mr. F. Burnett's.
Strayed onto my premises on Friday last one part Jersey cow with
letter K branded on hip, piece off
one ear. Owner will please come
and take her away aud pay ex-
pensis. Chas. Davis, Cumberland
Just arrived at WiHard's Harness Enipoiium: a fine line of horse
blankets, lap rugs, trunks and suit
cases at all prices. Harness repairing promptly and neatly doue.
Wesley Willard, Cumberland and
Certificated Nurse���Mrs Samuel
Carter who has been in the profession for 20 years is prepared to
attend patients at their own homes.
Charges reasonable. Apply second
cottage past school house, Little
River Road, Comox P. O,
Wanted to Trade���Equity of
$10,000 in two houses and three lots
in good part of Victoria, value
$15,900, for improved farm in
Comov Valley, ^pply, Cameron
& Allan, the Comox Valley Specialists, Courtenay.
Wanted���a  lady  apprentice   to      Mr. B. F. Krause has sold his
,,     , .   ...     ...    .. . t la 1 -��� a- m-    T> ���    ~e
the tailoring, at Hind's tailor shop,
Wanted���a boy to learn pressing.
Apply Hind's tailor shop.
Miss Krause, who has been
spending the past few mouths with
Mrs. B. F. Krause, left for her
home in Red Deer, Alberta, ou
Tuesday morning.
To Let���N ew 3 roomed House,
Grantham, about 6 miles from
Courtenay, 1 mile from schoo-
house. Apply, J. B. Bailey, Sandl
wick, P. O.
furniture business to Mr. Brown of
Mr. V. Collins is home from a
weeks visit at Duucaus, his sister
returned with him.
Married��� at Vancouver, Monday, August 4, Mr. Chas. Ashen-
felter, of Campbell River, to Miss
Matilda Scott, of Seattle.
All aboard for the Conservative
pic-nic at McCutcheon's point,
next Thursday. A splendid programme of sports has been prepared.
Boats For Sale
and Hire
. ���>��� aa> ,��>--	
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short  Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
.Representatives in  the Comox  District of Thos.   Plimley, Victoria, f0 r
Russell and Overland   Cars
Henderson, Indian and Douglas  Motorcycles
For Information and to View write
The Courtenay Ladies'  College
Autumn Ttr.n Ik-Kins  September 15, 1913
Terms on Application
Phone X S7
160 Acre Farm
with usual buildings, iu good   shape, stock, etc.    About   25
acre* cleared,   $67 an acre
seafrontage, part cleared, from $125 an 2cre up.    Easy terms
Real Estate and Auctioneers
Phone 10 COURTENAY, B. C.
This Space is
The leading Real Estate, Financial and
Insurance Agents in Comox District
Courtenay - and - Comox, B. C#
Haste Qultu Unnecessary
Tho evening was damp and cold and
tossy, and ilia Rev, Sandy Macgreg-
gor, whll.' walking absent-mindedly
along the street, fell heavily Into a
deep hole which had just been made
by order of tho local Banltary authorl- j
For a long while the Rev, Sandy
struggled to escape, Then despairingly hu began to thout for help. A |
passing laboror hoard hla cries, and
looking down into thu hole, asked
who was there,
The minister Informed him, but In
return received only meagre comforl.
Wool, weel, said tho laborer, ye
neodna kick up sic1 a uolae, You'll
im' lm needed afore the Saw both, and
this Is only Wednesday nlelit!
. %MNEMtiMw&y
���Jj.      A7 *i.jV-  - f:       ,T   . .   > .    ������
Guaranteed by the maker and
guaranteed by evert) McClary dealer to
be the most efficient heater money will buy-���yet
it costs no more than an ordinary furnace. Fills the
house with Dure, warm air, even  in the coldest
weather and consumes vera little fuel. V/rite to
the nearest McClary Branch if you do not
know the McClary dealer of
your locality.      ���""
'������ftAym>:<y~y,,, ��� -v.->-,-������   a-n >  ���;;���-1 r.:-erymti?-r-v��- .������.���a-m%:l^:*<>&<*-.. v. ���������"���������
Of Course the Boy Won
Friday afternoon, Mr, Grlgson was
busy, and beins particularly anxious
to gat away from Uie odlc.', greatly
resented Uio arrival of visitors,
Still, business Is business nnd word
had oomo up that there was a gentleman downstairs waiting to ,soe him on
un important matter, So Mr, Grig-
son swallowed his resentment and
bade the messenger bring up tho gentleman.
The gentleman entered���a cheeky-
looking Utile whipper-snapper, four
feet nothing in bis socks.
Mr. Grlgson glanced al him angrily.
What lhe dickens do you mean by
6aylng you want to see me on lm-
portant business, he thundered, Are
you the boy who was here a week
or so ago looking for a job?
Yos, sir.
Then what lhe��� began Mr. Greg-
son, now purple In Ibe face. but the
youth  interrupted hlni.
You said then, Blr, he remarked
calmly, that you wanted an older boy.
That's why I've come back again now.
Minard's Liniment usii by Physlclanr
A Guaranteed Article
Two travellers In the fireproof safe
Hue were soliciting orders from El merchant, who decided to bestow Ills order upon the one whoso advocacy
proved the most convincing.
Well, remarked Number One, a cat
was put In one of our safes, nnd a
lire raged all roiud tbe safe for 21
hours and tho animal came out alive.
A cat. was put in one ot our Bates,
asserted Number Two. Then the
safe stood in a lire for 48 hours and
the animal w:is taken out dead!
Ah! snorted Number One triumphantly.
Yes, added Number Two. The cat
wni frozen lo death.
Number Two got the order.
Relief from Asthma.���Who can describe the complete relief from Buffering which follows the use of Dr. J.
1). Kellogg's Asthma Remedy? Who
c.i.i express the feeling of Joy that
comes when lis soft and gentle Influence relievos the tightened, choking
air lubes! It has made asthmatic affliction :i thing of Ihe past for thousands. It never falls. Good drug-
gisls everywhere bavo sold k for
Wanted to bo Realistic
Sho could not soo his face iib he
knelt and asked her to bo bis. Sho
was glad of that, for sho did nnt wish
lo know bow much suffering her refusal caused hlni,
She told lilm as g"inly as she could
that their lives could not bo linked together; that, although sho admired
hlni and esteemed hlni, sho felt that.
It would be risking his future as well
as her own to consent to a union
where she was sure no affinity existed. It was a touching speech, and
sho threw so much heart Into It that
she did not observe that he was talcing
notes lu shorthand, When she had
concluded he arose and put his notebook In bis pocket. Extending his
hand, ho remarked, genially;
I'm ever aud ever so much obliged
to you.
You said It so nicely, and I'm under
a thousand obligations. I'm writing
a novel, and 1 have a sceno iu which
a. girl refuses to marry a man. I
was anxious to avoid the stereotyped
style ot depleting such Incidents and
make It realistic. You're the seventh girl I have proposed to, and every
one of the others accepted me. If
you had said: Yes, I think I'd have
been completely discouraged.
There ought to be only one head to
any family, shouf?d tho orator.
That's true replied a married looking man iu the audience.
You agree with me? shouted the
I do, replied thn married looking
man; I've just paid for hats for nine
No other medicine will so quickly
euro colic as will Baby's Own Tablets.
They regulate the bowels, sweeten the
stomach and drive out every trace of
tbls trouble. Concerning them Mrs.
Wm, A. Smith, Rockhaven, Sask.,
writes: "I like Baby's Own Tablets
and always keep them In the house.
Whenever my baby has colic 1 give
her a couple ot Tablets and she is
soon well again. I know of no other
medicine for little ones to equal
them." Tho Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents
a box from Tbe Dr. Williams' Medi-
clno Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
To those About to Wed
For the benefit ot prospective bridegrooms, a vicar bus proposed several
dou'ts. Whatever you do, ho says,
don't spoil everything on lhe wedding
day by lolling your wife what ripping
larls your mother makes. Swallow
Iho bride's pie, tell ber It's a dream
of delight, and then lake a pill on the
When you marry a woman don't Imagine lhat you know her. You'd he
a fool if you did. She knows you
right enough, or alio wouldn't marry
you. .Tlldge a person by Intellect
rather than tulk. I'd back Disraeli
any day agalust Jack Johnson, Because a woman Is well dressed. It does
not follow that she Is clever; some
stylishly-dressed women are fools.
Don't judge her by her lips or nose,
or the quality of her dimples, but by
Intelligence and goodness.
Tho vicar told an amusing story of
a good-living lass who was asked by
a chap sitting next In her in a railway carriage whether she believed
every word In the Bible. Sho said
she did.
Surely, Ibe man exclaimed, you don't
believe tbat Jonah was swallowed by
a whale?
1 do, she answered. When I get to
heaven I'll ask him about It,
But supiiose he's jot In heaven?
said the mau.
Then you ask him, the girl replied.
Obliging Him
Arthur Roberts, the famous comedian, like most celebrities of the stage,
was from time to time pestered by
would-be acloi-3 who had nn Idea that
they were born geniuses. One young
man was particularly persistent In his
attempts to see Mr, Roberts, and
wrote to him frequently asking for advice as to how he could get on the
Mr. Roberts politely advised him to
give up the Idea, hut the young man
would not do so, and began haunting
j the ttage-door of the theatre, until at
last the comedian could Btand It no
! longer.    The aspirant was invited ia
i one evening, aud  Mr.   Roberts  met
him on the stage after the fall of the |
Furnished with 1, 2 and 3 burners, with shelf and
racts for keeping food hot, and indicator on oil tank.
For best results use Royalite oil. Stock carried at
all chief points.
4V���*ek. Limited
Montreal       Toronto       Halifax
Winnipeg    Vancouver    St. John
Tommy  Knew
The teacher was endeavoring to Illustrate to her pupils the association
of different species of life with common Biibstances.
For instance, she explained, you will
always find plants where (here is soil,
birds where there are trees, and so
nn. Now can anyone tell ine what
we assoolate with fish?
Suddenly, with the velocity of au
aeroplane, a hand shot, up from Ihe
back row. It. was Ihe property of
Tommy Jones. Please, miss, 1
know, piped that worthy.
Well, was lhe teacher's query.
Chips, was lhe unexpected reply.
Might Make a Mistake
1 have often stood In a slaughter
house, observed the fleshy man from
Chicago, while the butchers were killing hogs ou all sides of me.
Ob. exclaimed the tender-hearted
but tactless New Ha von girl, wero'nt
you dreadfully i.fraid?
60c. a box or six ; txes tor $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
Tired of Waiting
PudiHelon aud Mudmore were met
to decide supremacy at cricket, and
the newly-elected captain of tbe Pud-
dletotiians. to signalize tho honor done
to him, was defraying the cost of a
hot luncheon. This repast was to be
taken at lhe clos-1 of tbe first innings
and things looked promising for an
early meal until the last two Mud-
mere batsmen took It Into their heads
lo offer a sturdy resistance to the
home bowling. This fact seemed
particularly disquieting to a a'.out man
In a white aprcn, who stood at the
entrance to tho pavilion signalling to
the home umpire.
How's thnt? bellowed tho howler, at
length, as the ball struck the batsman
on tbe head.
Hoiit, came Ihe reply.
lloul! cried the batsman, scornfully.    Well I'm done.
Yes. snapped the umpire, and so's
Ihe mutton, guv'nov. 1 ain't golu' to
eat cinders for nobody.
I curtain,
You are the gentleman who wants
I to know how to get on the stage? he
j said. Well, Isn't It simple? Isn't
It. easy? You're ou it now! No, not
a word ot thanks! I'm delighted
I'm sure! You'll find find it just as
easy lo get off. Good-night. After
that he was left In peace.
A Household Medicine.���They that
aro acquainted with the sterling
properties of Dr. Thomas' Bclectrlc
Oil in the treatment ot many ailments
would not bo without it in the house.
It Ib truly a household medicine and as
it Is effective In dealing with many
ordinary complaints It ls cheaper than
a doctor. So, keep It at hand, as the
call for It ruav come mo3t unexpectedly.
Tl! for Tat
The other morning a warder entered
a cell and found the prisoner had not
llnlsbod his allowance of breed, nnd
was trying lo hide It. The warder
immediately threw it out of the window, remarking that It would do for
the birds to pick, and gave the prisoner his supply of oakum to do. He returned some time later to collect tho
prisoner's work, but found him asleep,
and upon remonstrating with him, and
inquiring where his work was, received the following reply;
Well, guv'nor, yer see you threw
my breakfast ont of the window, and
1 threw lhe oakum. lf_the birds
can pick my bread they can pick my
oakum, too!
A Tiffin. Ohio, man once discovered
In ambush a sad-faced little girl with
a fistful of mud. She was Btandlng
In a sheltered corner of a grocery
store and was from time to time peering around down the street.
Who are you waiting for, little girl,,
asked the man.
What's Henrietta done? asked the
man With a significant glance at the
mud in the child's hand.
Nothin'. Don't you know she's
she's queen of the May?
Served Him    Right
At a local cricket match In a village
not far from Durham the cap ��11 of
the home side, in playing a fast ball
from the crack bowler of the visiting
eleven, received a sharp crack on the
knuckles. As the batsman danced
round the crease In obvious pain a
small boy In the crowd was heard to
exclaJm;   Serve him right!
You shouldn't talk like that, my
lad, observed nn old gentleman, reprovingly. The man's hurt, you
Yes, Aa knaw, retorted the young-
ter, an' it'll leach 'lm what a rap o'er
the knuckles Is like.
The batsman whs the village schoolmaster.
Mlnard't      Liniment      Lumberman'!
W.  N.  U.  9s*
Young man, we need brains In our
1 know you do. That Is why I'm
looking for a job here.
Human Nature
She began ber career selling gloves
for McKnlght���
Grant Street entrance, first floor, to
lhe right;
And quite of I en at night she would
go home aud cry
Over what she must stand from the
people who buy.
But she married a broker���Lord only
knows how!
And she's riding around in a Limousine now;
And the sales ladies    down   at   Mc-
Knight's all declare
That she's meaner than anyone else
who shops there.
11 '      '
Little Sarah was watchlug her
mother who was ironing some linen.
Is it hard work to iron, mamma?
she asked.
Pretty hard sometimes, the mother
The little girl was thoughtf-1 a moment, then she exclaimed;
Oh, mamma, wouldn't It be fine if
you had married a Chinese laundry-
Must Have a Grumble
I have a complaint to make.
It was a guest at tlrj seaside hotel
who spoke.
What is it? asked the pol'.te proprietor.
My room, said the angry guest, is
comfortable, and the bed is soft.
But, my dear sir���
The bathing Is actually good, and
the London newspapers reach here in
three hours.
Wby, I���
The table is good, and the waiters
do not expect to be tipped.
But sir, I don't see���
In fact, tho place Is delightful, and
your bill last week didn't bear a single thing that I had not had, I can't
stand It I
But what do you mean? I have
purposely arranged everything for the
comfort of my guests, and thought I
had done all In my power.
Thai's the whole difficulty. Every,
thing's ��0 good lhat I can't believe
it's true, and I lie awake all night for
something to happen and my dream
to end. I'm fretting myself 111 over
tt, and if you can't give me something
to grumble about pretty soon 1II have
to pack up and go home!
When lhe new girl from the employment agency had duly presented hor
references and the mistress had read
them over, she regarded the girl with
a stem eye.
I am not satisfied with these references, she finally said.
I'm not, ayetber, mum, said the
frank- Celt, but they're the bc-st 1
could get, mum.
She (reading)���And so they were
married, and that was the last of
their troubles.
He (sotto volcel���Last, but not
Do you need Money ?
Send for our application forms.
Do you need Land?
Send for our list and terms.
Do you need an Executor?
Send for our Will forms supplied free.
Do you need an Administrator?
Confer with us if deceased left
no Will.
Do you need an Assignee ?
Confidential interview invited
and best advice given without fee.
Agents wanted In all Unrepresented Districts
Apply to���
The Standard Trusts Company,
directing your leiter simply to Its
offices in
Winnipeg,    Saskatoon,    Edmonto.i,
or Vancouver
According to locality in which you
Defective Children
More than 400,000 New York school
children are    annually    referred    by
school  authorities  to  physicians  for
medical treatment.
Italy's last census gave Rome a
population in excess of 538,000, an Increase in ten years of more tban 1if
Do  they   etudy  the  three   R's  tm
your son's college?
Yes.     Revelry, relaxation and rot.
Those Who Rely on
the great home remedy which has proved its power to
relieve safely and speedily the minor ailments arising
from defective or irregular action of the organs of
digestion, find themselves spared hours of suffering
and able to ward off the attack? of serious sicknesss.
never disappoint those who take them. They help the
digestion, stimulate the liver, clear the kidneya and regulate the bowels. By purifying the blood they increase
cheerfulne33 and create confidence. As actions depend
on health and strength, those who know Beecham's Pills
Enjoy Life
Prepared only by ThomM Beecha n. Si. Helena, Unoeeliire, England.'
Sold everywhere in Ptosis and U. S. America.   In botei, 2S cente.
The Slory ol lhe Two Unfortunate Princes
Tho romance-tragedy of Engllsli history Is Ilie career of the Duke ot Gloucester, afterward King Richard III.
Within it nre many stories, and Richard Is both the hero und tbo villain
of every one of tbem.
When King Edward IV., Richard's
brolher, died, Edward's oldest son, who
became king, wus a Ilttlo boy. Richard, whose courage wus equaled only
by bis ambition and who possibly nt
lhe time designed to muke himself
king, al once dllsbed ut the head of ll
troop of his adherents lo where young
Edward wus and captured blm,
1 The uo.u linportUUt scene In Ihe tragedy Is lhe little king riding on horseback from tile city of London to Westminster abbey, bis Uncle Rlcburd riding beside him, regarding Ills nephew-
���OTOI'OlgU with every pretense of reverence und affection, it is probable
thai Richard wus even then plotting to
���upplunt lhe child; thai this apparent
devotion wus to win ihe confidence of
the people with u view to furthering
bis opportunity, but whether lhe arch
tleiul then contemplated murdering big
brother's son bus not been proved.
The little king's mot ber us soon as
sho saw reason lo fear her brother-in-
law took refuge with her other children In lhe sanctuary of Westminster,
for in those days no person, king or
commoner, might drug oue from the
lanctunry without Incurring the anathemas of the church. Hut Ihe boy remained with his uncle, wbo ulso secured possession of Ills younger brother, the Duke of Clarence.
The Tower of London, which for
more tban two centuries has been only
a fortress and Is now mostly an object of curiosity for tourists, wns then
also n puluce and n prison. Richard
Bxed tbe residence of his nephews
there, assuming to reign in the minor
king's name. England nt the time
needed a strong governing hand. Richard succeeded in convincing certulu
persons of inlliienee that bo hnd better
be king. Others be threatened; others
be put out of bis way by beheading
tbem. Many of the commoners were
with him.
When ull was ripe he seized the scepter. From tbo first the little princes
���were virtually prisoners in tlie Tower,
though they were treated with all the
reverence due a king and a prince of
tbe blood. But tbey never came out
from the gloomy walls. The people
never saw tbem. Young ns they were,
they were old enough to realize that
tbey were In the bands of oue lu whose
way they 6tood nnd their lives were
Id danger.
Richard had a son of his own whom
be Idolized and whom he desired
should succeed him on the throne of
England. Probably this feature of the
case turned bis mind to the murder of
tbe two princes, his nephews, for so
long ns tbey lived their title to the
erown would stand before that of Richard's sou. At any rate, there came A
time wheu Richard determined to murder bis nephews and looked about for
���ome one to do the deed.
lie sent an order to the lieutenant of
the Tower to have tbe princes put to
death. The ollleer refused to obey It
Jn this he braved the king, then nn all
powerful sovereign, but to force a man
to commit the murder would have at
once made the murder known, and this
did not suit Richard's purpose. When
he received word that the lieutenant
would not do his bidding he lamented
aloud that he had no one ou whom he
could rely lu his extremity. A page
overheard what he said and, knowing
bis meaning, told him that be know a
man who would serve him ns he wish-
ed to be served. Tho man wns called,
accepted the commission and left for I
the Tower.
For four centuries a pitying world
bns been wondering us to the death
sceno of the poor little king nnd bis I
brother. All that Is known ls that to
keep tbelr cries from being heard they
were smothered In their bedclothes.
tv"hou all wus over their bodies were j
taken down to tbo foot of the stairs
below the room In which tho deed
was done and there burled. Later,
when the murder became known, It
wns given out that they bad been burled In Westminster abbey. Rut this
story was disproved many years Inter,
in the reign of Charles it., when on '
malting changes lu tho Tower tho skeletons of two children were found nt the
foot of thn stnlrcnse, ns recorded by
one of the murderers at lhe time of tbe
Tho taking off of tho princes, being
known only to n few, wns kept for a
long while. Hut there were whisper
IngB, and In time It became known ta j
the quean mother nnd ber daughter!
that their dear ones had been mfiriliT
��<f by their t-.nrte. m anmtion to men
horror at Ihe crime and tlieir bereavement, Ihey dreaded lest the king murderer, defying Iho BSCrednesa of Iheli
lefnge, would drug them from the
sanctuary and kill them also. As tlmi
passed und nothing was heard by ths
people of Hie princes, who wero supposed lo be living In the royal apurt-
inents of (he Tower, they began to wonder. Then the dreadful news spread
from mouth to month, und u great horror fell upon nil England.
At Inst Ihe murderer received hf?i first
punishment Ills beloved son, for whom
be bad committed the crime, sickened
��� ml died. Richard nun no otner sou,
ami ut his death, after all, the cruwu
would rest on another heud ftin 11 one
uf his own family.
Mi.'ajjrthilc lhe queen mot.-or of the
murdered king remained in tlie sanctuary. Uer oldest daughter, Elisabeth,
S.-.S now heir apparent lo the throne.
lhe Duke of Buckingham, u powerful
noble, conceived lhe Idea ot marrying
this princess to a prince of the blond,
Ibe Earl of Richmond. The princess
being of  the  house of  York uiul  lhe
earl of lhe bouse of Lancaster���two
families that hud kept Bnglnud in a
nrnlriicleil warfare hv Ihelr dlSDtltOS
for Ihe crown���tho marriage would
nolle tho two families uud end tho
wars. Richmond wus in France, but
ho crossed Iho channel nnd landed in
Kngland ut lhe bend of a French force,
iho uttempt, however, wns n failure.
Richard with his accustomed energy
��� Hacked bim before the French and
English columns were prepared to
fight nnd defeated and routed them.
The Duke of Buckingham was captured
by Richard nnd Immediately beheaded.
A second binding wns made by Richmond, uud Richard again sprung forth
to his work.
On the king's way to the battle which
wus to decide his fate he slept in an
inn culled (he Blue Boar. Richard
took with him his own bed und hud It
set up for him to sleep In the night before the battle. lie bad ou his conscience the crime of murder, his nobles
were beginning to desert bim, and
there was no one to whom ho might
turu for comfort i
In a house not far away lived a boy,
under the cure of u man who, though
he gave him every comfort and educated him, told lilm that he was not
his father. The boy's name was Richard Plantngonet, und tbls is all bo
knew of his parentage.
Tbe night before the battle of Bos-
worth n trooper rodo up to tbe bouse
where the boy, I'luntngenet, lived and
told him to come with him. Tbey
went to tbe Inn where tbe king wns
lodged, and the boy stood In the royal
presence. Rlcburd embraced hlni nud
told him thnt be was bis father, though
tho lad bud not been born lu wedlock,
"Tomorrow," snid Iho king, "I fight
for my crown. If I win I will ncknowl-
edge you, and you shall hereafter live
with me us my son." I
Quite likely Richard contemplated���
In case be won the light���to force this
natural son upou tbe English people as
his successor. lie this as It may, young
Plnntagenct the next day took position
on a hill overlooking the battlefield on
which wns to be decided whether be
wus to live the life of n royal personage or thnt of an outcast. I
The king awoke In the morning
showing by his appearance that he was
under a terrific dread. Ills fnce was
livid, and he complained of having had
frightful dreams. The crime of murder being on his conscience, knowing
that he could not rely upon somo of
the nobles who hnd brought tbelr retainers to serve him, It Is likely that he
feared defeat uud punishment. I
And whnt saw young Richard Tlnn-
tagenet from the hilltop? When the
battle was well on, one of tbe nobles
who formed n part of Richard's army
swung his troops to the other side.
Tbls was tbo signal for tho defection
of others, nnd presently the greater
part of both armies were opposing the
Then tho boy saw his father make a
marvelous dash to turn tho tide In his
favor, Tho king saw the Earl of Richmond and. putting spurs to his horse,
followed by only a handful of retainers, made straight for his opponent
Coming near the earl, he struck down
single banded those who defended him.
But tho struggle wns too unequal. A
soldier bore down tho king and dispatched him.
History gives no definite account of
fhe subsequent llfo of the boy who
from tho hilltop saw the dashing ot
bis hopes. But there Is nn account of
a man who was n bricklayer nnd who
at noontimes, when his fellow, workmen were resting, would bo found to
be reading. On one occasion n person,
curious to know what he read, looked
at the book. He found It to bo written
In Lntln. i
This mnn wns Richard Plantngonet,
who from a hill near Bosworlh field
saw his father slain and his sudden
hope of living tho life of a prince go
out forever. This man afterward was
for many years known to be tho nnt-
lira! son of Richard III., king of England, On n tombstone over n grave
nenr by whoro ho lived Is his name,
Richard riRiitaRcnct,
Tbo king being dead, the bedstead he
bud slept In the night before his death
remained In the Blue ponr.lnn,   0n��
flay many years artcr these events happened the landlady while cleaning tha
room heard something drop on the floor
��� nd roll away. Ticking It up, hIio saw
that It was a gold coin beating u data
)ust previous to Richard's death, The
bed was eiamlncd and found to have
a false bottom, which was full of money. It bad been bo fitted by the king
to carry treasure
Tbo victorious Earl of Richmond
went from Bosworlh field to London,
where he wns received by tbe people a��
their sovereign. Ue married tho Princess Elizabeth, thus uniting the families
of York nud Lancaster nnd ending Um
celebrated wins of the roses.
For four conturlcB the fate of tha
little King Edward V. und his brolher
hns stirred (he sympathy of all peoples,'
Artists have chosen the children f��r
themes for pictures, and Shakespeare
made (he deeds of King Richard the
���subject of one of bis principal tragedies. It wns the Inst act In the real
tragedy, the wars of the roses, In
which multitudes perished while kings
fought for n crown. But when the other historic events shall have passed
Into oblivion tho murder of lhe royal
Ililldren will continue to excite ths
ivinunthy of tho world.
Tattooed Royalty.
Quito a number of members of European royal families bear tattooed designs. Tho Grand Duke Alexis of itus-
sin, for instance, is most elaborately
tattooed; likewise his cousin. Iho Duke
of Snxe-Cobiirg nnd (lolba. The queen
of Greece and tbe king of Sweden are
ulso tattooed. On bis arm Prince.
George of (ireece bus u wonderful rep-
reseutattou of u flying dragon In many
colors. One of King George's arms'
bore a similar design, nnd Prince,
Francis of Tcck bus a curious picture
of n frog leaping for a small beetle
tattooed on his right forearm. \
In Fact, th* English Huntar Wm Bure
It Was Quito So.
In tho Nairobi club 1 met n gentleman wltb one arm gone nt tbe shoulder. Ue told his story lu a slightly
bored and drawling voice, picking his
words very carefully und evidently
most occupied with neither understating nor overstating the case. It seems
he hnd been out and hud killed some
sort of a buck. While his men were
occupied wllh this he strolled on alone
to see whnt he could Und. He found a
rhluoceros that Charged viciously and
Into which he emptied bis gnu.
"When 1 came to." be suld, "Jt wns
Just coming on dusk nnd the lions wero
beginning to grunt. My arm was completely crushed, and I wus badly bruised uud knocked about. As near us I
could remember, I wns fully ten miles
from camp, A circle of carrion birds
stood ull iiliiiul me not more than ten
feet nwny, nnd a great many others
were flapping over ine und dghtlng In
the ulr. These lust were so close that
1 could feel (he wind from their wings.
It was rather grewsome." lie paused
und thought u moment, ns though
weighing his words. "In fact," he lidded, with uu ulr of final conviction, "It
was quite grewsome." ��� Stewart Edward While In American Magazine.
When You Aro Tired Mentally.
Are you weary! Breathe more; ent
Active cxerciso will not rest you
from mental work.
"When you nre tired with menial
work," says a well known physician,
"do not think you must take active exercise. That will muke you more weary.
All you need ls rest nnd moro nlr In
your lungs. Sit down quietly nnd comfortably nnd breathe deeply tweuty-
live times.   Rest a moment und repeat
"This air forced Into tho body removes the waste material which makes
you wenry.
"Don't eat nil you want
"Food not needed for support of the
system ls so much extra work for the
body nnd requires more ulr to dispose
of It.
"This regimen will diminish your
grocery bill and snve your shoo leather."���Sau Francisco Chronicle.
A Very Poor Shot and a Perfectly Good
Natured Target.
An Incident that occurred In the experience ot nn English ollleer Is told by
tho London Spocntor to illustrate the
calmness and Indifference to deuth nnd
bodily duuger characteristic of the
Turkish soldier.
The officer, accompanied by a guard
of Turkish soldiers, went to the edge
of a cliff overlooking the sea to shoot
at a seal that he saw disporting itself
In the wnter below.
He fired a good many limes, and the
Inst shot had gone very near tbe bobbing murk when one of the soldiers
cume to blm uud politely asked, "Do
you not think, sir, that you have fired
often enough nt Sergeant YussufV"
Tho supposed seal was Indeed the
Presently the sergeant came ashore,
put on his clothes und en ine up the
cliff smilingly. The ollleer apologised
handsomely nnd blamed himself freely. But Yussuf. like his companions,
did not think there wns much to be
concerned about. Alter nil, tho mark
had been very small. It was natural
io (Ire n( It, It was unlikely (hut the officer would hit ir, nnd Liu (Yussuf) bud
uot minded It lit all.
New Wrinkles About Wrinkles.
It is a great mistake to suppose that
ill  wrinkles  Indicate  old  age.    Some
wrinkles and lines nre Indications of
temperament and character and result
from n muscular contraction of the
cheek or brow. These lines become
permanently engraved in (be fucc aa
the underlying tissue shrinks from ibe
ttefldy contraction und consequent hick
of circulation.
Wrinkles aro oflen caused by ill
health, mental strain und nervousness,
uud generally (hose wrinkles can be
Induced to leave by careful treatment
and by building up the health uud
nervous system.
Whatever tends to promote (he general health, to Increase (he deposit of
fnt In the skin tissues of the face, will
help to obliterate these telltale Hues
and restore firmness and smoothness.
Very often the skin of the face has
become extremely dry, and lines form
themselves very quickly and for no apparent reason.
While it Is absolutely necessary to
keep the face perfectly clean, soma
skins aro sn delicate nnd tender that
tho use of a bland sonp is harmful, nnd
such skins need an entirely different
treatment from the stronger, courser
skins. It ls nlso necessary to give the
skin n cbnnce lo recuperate from the
drying und parching effect of lhe sleaui
heated air of modern houses. Skin
thnt is parched and Inelastic will
wrinkle much sooner than soft, pliable
skin. Use plenty of good skin food;
don't skimp it; it renlly does not pay.
then wipe It off with a soft towel or
piece of cheesecloth.
Quite a Difference.
When the Baroness BurdeltCotitts
was Miss Contts, the great heiress, It
wns rumored that she was to wed tho
Duke of Wellington. A friend asked
the duke If the rumor was true, and
tbe duke answered Irritably:
"I snld Miss Angela Coutts deserved
to bo n duchess. I never snld that I
would make her one,"
This observation of the duke's wns
repeated to the heiress. She flushed
nn hearing It, smiled a little bitterly
snd remarked:
"The duke should have said 'could,'
not 'would.'"
His  Only  Subject.
Mile, van Vorst In a recent book tells
a story of a dinner at Chicago given
by the ambitious wife of n millionaire
tanner. The ludy noticed, to her annoyance, thnt her husband did not
speak a word to tbelr smart guests,
snd when sho got un opportunity she
whispered angrily, "Why don't you
"Whnt's the good?" replied the tanner contemptuously. "There ain't one
uf 'cm us knows a thing nbout leather."
When You Aro Y/csry.
Are you wenry?    Breathe mure, eui
! less.   Active exercise will not rest you
from mental work.
"When  you ure tired  with  mental
1 work," Kiiys u well  known physician,
"do not think you  must lake active i
i exercise;    Thnt will  niako you more
I wenry. All you need are rest und more
ulr lu  your lungs.    Sit down quletlj
and  comfortably  nnd   breulhe deeply
twenty-tire times.   Rest a moment und .
"This nlr forced Into the body re
moves Uie wnste material which
makes you wenry.
"Don't ent uii yen want.
"Fond nol needed for support of the
system Is so much extra work for the
body uud requires more nlr to dispose
of It. ���
"This   regltucn   will   diminish   your'
grocery    bill   und    snve    your   shoe
leather."���Chicago Tribune.
How to Massage.
Massage the face with a good skin
food for twenty minutes nt night after
the face has been washed with tepid
wnter nnd tho sonp paste. Massage,
besides stimulating tho skin by Increasing the circulation, smooths tbe surface. Think of tho skin as a piece uf
wrinkled soft paper. To make the paper smooth so lhat it can be used again
one puts nnd smooths out the creases.
The sumo treatment should be applied
to tho face, the main difference beimi
thnt tbo flesh requires n firmer stroke
thnn would be given to a more periaii-
able material.
The following Is an excellent skin
food for tbls purpose:
White wax, ono ouuee; spermaceti.
one ounce; lnnolin, two ounces; cocoa-
nut oil, two ounces; sweet almond oil,
four ounces; rosewnter, two ounces.
Melt tbe first fire ingredients In a
double boiler, tnke from the fire and
while beating slowly add the rosewa
ter. When quite cold put into Jars.
This food will not cause a growth ot
hair on the face.
A good lotion for use ia treating
prcmnture wrinkles Is made from tlie
following formula: Alum, sixty grains:
almond milk (thick), one and one-half
ounces; rosewnter, 6lx ounces. DLs-
solve tbe alum In tbe rosewnter; tben
pour gently Into tho almond milk,
shaking constantly.
An Odd Business. -,
"Insurance people uro queer."
"Uow so?"
"First they convince you thnt you
may die within a week to get you to
apply for a policy; then they must convince themselves thnt you'll live for
years and yours before they'll Issue It"
���Boston Transcript
H�� Could Run.
An anxious traveler on n (street enr,
with watch In band, seeing ho hnd
only n few minutes In which to cntch
a trnln, snld to the conductor, "Cnn't
you muke nny fnstcr tlino than this?"
"Yes," answered the conductor, "I
can, but I have to stay with the enr."
I An Awful Threat,
Kitty-Why are you so fearfully
glum, dear? Marie���Jack made an awful threat last night when I rejected
\ him.   Kitty���Whnt, to shoot himself?
' Maf|e���Oti, worse than that,   Ho suld
j he'd never propofo to me ugnln.-.New
York Sun,
1    "How, Thomas," asked the t?:o!iot
of a small pupil, "can you tell rae
' what a Junction l��P"
"Buro I can. A junction Is a pines
where a railroad gets a divorce from
Age of Westminster Hall.
Westminster bull Is quite live centuries old, possibly more, for Richard IL,
I who Is credited with its building, wns
' really little mere than n  repairer of
"Ritfus"  roaring  hall,"  ns  I'ope de-
I scribed It.   The hull, so Intimately lu- i
terwoven with Ibe history of England, j
has, according to Fuller, thu dlsttnc- |
tlon of possessing "oobwebless beams." j
j Tbey were, so a popular tradition nf-
' firmed, of Irish oak, lu which It was '
1 Impossible for spiders lo live and spin ]
' tbelr webs.   Cunningham tells us that
| lhe roof "Is of chestnut and very Line,
the linest of Its kind III this country."
It wns tho meshes of the law, If not
spiders' webs, ono might have looked
for hero of old, for (luring long centuries England's courts of law were
held   In   Westminster   hull.-London
Bigger tho Steal, Smaller the Crime.
Thu Manx law of old times bud]
miiny oddities, but none, surely, quaint
er than to make tho greater the crime
the less, because of tbo Iruposslblllly,
within Hie narrow limits of the Isle
ot Mnn, Unit tlu bigger thief should
bo successful.
"If a uutn steal n horso or an ox," so
ran the law, "it Is no felony, for the
Offender cannot hide them, but If ho
Steal a capon or u pig he shall he
A Contractor,
"What's your husband's business?"
"What line?"
"Dubls."-Ncw Orleans Times-Democrat
How to Remove Dandruff.
An excellent dandruff remover Is
made up of alcohol, rcsorcin, clnconci,
cuuthnrldes nnd quinine.
A shnmpooer who takes nn Interest
lu her work pays ns much atteiilion to
tho removal of the dandruff as she does
to cleansing the hair. Tbe dandruff
should be loosened from the scalp by
massaging the scalp with the finger
tips or by tho use of a small brush like
a nailbrush, Tbe hair should be parted nt Intervals so that tha scaly substances enn be easily reached.
Dandruff on a neglected scalp cakes.
When this happens there ls nn Irresistible Impulse to remove It Do not do
this with the linger nulls, as It often
causes tho blood to flow nnd may destroy tbe root of the hair.
Not only does dandruff retard the
growth of the hair, but It certainly offends tho eye of every one wbo has nny
conception of uentuess to Eee the cloth-
lag of another covered with these scaly
particles. Each of us ought to have
sufficient pride nbout our appearance
to endeavor to keep our scalp clean and
our clothes Immaculate.
Mistress (whoso cnanffenr has Just
Informed her that Fido has been shut
np lu the stable because be leaped up
nt a strange lady In the roadi���How
odd ot hlni! Do you suppose he
thought It wns me? Chauffeur���
Conldu't say what ha thought my
lady.���London Punch.
As Ho Diagnosed It
"I fear you do not really lore fl��e,"
said the young doctor.
"Why do you say that?" demanded
the girl.
'Tour pulse does not seem to at>
eclorate any wben I bold yonr band,''
^AYnsblngton H��rtJ4, The Royal Bank of Canada
Deposits of $i   ar.d Upwards  Received  and  Interest
allowed at Current Rates
on All the Principal Towns in  Canada,  tlie  United
States and Europe
R. H. HARDWICKE    -     ���   MANAGER
The Courtenay Review
Anil Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly   Newspaper,   Published   at
Courtenay, B. C,
N. H. BODBN, Editor ami Proprietor
Subscription W.60 per Year in Advance
At the present tirnewhen so much
is being written about the high
cost of living, the tightness of the
money market and other kindred
subjects which so closely affect the
pocket of the aveiage citizen, anything that tends directly or indirectly to solve these important
questions is naturally deserving of
the closest investigation.
One of the most beneficial schemes in this connection is that for
obtaining money for legitimate industrial enterprises, for improvements to farms or for home building, at reasonable rates of interest
and on long terms, and the average
workiugtnan who can take advantage of facilities of this kind for
building and owning his own home
and pntting the profits of the landlord into his own pocket has gone
far towards a solution of the piob-
lem of living.
There are many incorporated
companies and societies who make
loans for building and other purposes, and which have undoubtedly
been the means of a large proportion of the working population of
towns and cities owning their own
homes instead of paying a large
part of their earnings to landlords
and having nothing to show for
their payments but rent receipts.
One of the best propositions of
this kind that has come to our attention is that offered by the British North American Home Investment Company of Vancouve r The
company in the fust place is sound
and reliable, their directorate and
managers being composed of shrewd
business men of unquestioned integrity and tlieir plan of making
loans on the contract system at a
low rate of interest and repayable
over a term of ten years or less, is
one that should be carefully looked
into by every one whether of small
or large means u ho contemplates
making an investment or building
a home.
Mr. E. A. West, the Vice-
President of this company is in
Courtenay at the present time for
the purpose of looking over some
property here on which they contemplate tusking loans in the near
future, also property on which they
have already made loans to one of
our citizens who is now erecting
thereon some very attractive houses.
Mr. West is greatly impressed with
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Local Lines
Dr. Gillespie was in town for a
couple of hours on last Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. Willimar, aud Mr,
John Mundell, sail from Montreal
for the Old Country on Sept. 6th
by the S. S. Andanda.
A typographical error occured in
Mr. Hurford's letter last week in
which the word ounces was used
instead of per cent, in two places,
this will considerably alter the
sence ot the paragraph.
The Post Office Department has
selected the site for the new Post
Office to be on Mr. Parez's lots ou
Isabel street, aud he has been instructed to have the deeds to the
three lots made out aud forwarded
to the Department.     It is likely
that the building will be erected:
this fall.
Mr.  Harry Loggie one  of our
popular young business men journeyed   to Vancouver   on   Sunday
evening and on Tuesday morning
returned with a blushing bride, nee
Miss Edith Loggie, who had come
| from New Jersey,  N. B., for the
purpose.      They were married at
the   First  Presbyterian   Church,
I Vancouver, by Rev. Dr. Fraser on
j Monday afternoon.    After   a trip
j about the city they took the night
boat for   Courtenay.     The   news
leaked out shortly after their arrival
| home and despite the rain in the
evening Harry's many male friends
got together and started them oil
in life with an old fashioned chiv-
ari.   They will reside iu their new
house in the Orchard, I3f
When under our plan you can buy for payments LESS THAN RENT
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Representatives  of   B. N.  A.   Home   Investments   Co.,   Limited,  Vancouver, B. C.
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Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
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This '-ear tomaioes were ripe in
the la;ter patt of June at Arni-
A deputation from Cumberland strong. The leaser & Bishop wharf Ls
was accorded an audience  by tlie being widened   in older  to allow
'rentier on
londay  last  on the      At the  Ha:tney   mine back  of  more room for landing auddis-pe*-
questiou   of the  railway route of New Denver a mill is being erected  jng 0f freight.
the.C. N. R. to treat the oie from that property,   time.
Not before it WJ
Knights oi Pythias
The Knights of Pithias held a
meeting in the opera house Gourte
uap on Monday evening last for the
purpose of instituting a new lodge
in this town, Dr. Millard occupied
the chair and gave a short address
on the aims and objects of the order. T. D. Hind gave a lecture on
" Our ancient and noble aucestry"
commencing with the Knights of
Pythias, organized 1864, and extending back into the prehistoric
age. Showing that the Knights of
Pythias are the successors of the
Pythian Society, the Pythian Society was the successor of the Pyth.
agorean Society, of which Damon
and Pythias were members, and the
Pythagorean Society was the successor of the ancient Egyptian Society. The Pythagorian Society
was introduced into Greece in the
year 540 B. C. by Pythagoras the
great philosopher, who discovered
the world was round. This society
aimed to select only the best type
of manhood as candidates for membership, who were in some instances
required to study for years before
being admitted to full membership.
It was the leading educational society of the times. It not only required that its memebers should develop a high standard of morals
and full  rounded   character
were schooled in arts and sciences.
This society stood for progress
along all lines, for the highest development of man', ii;d and for the
best form of government, It was
the constant effort of Damon and
Pythias to maintain a free government along the lines of our own
government; which caused the
difference betweeu them and tlie
tyrant King Dyonecotis, who
caused the King to sentence Damon
to death, and given but four hours
to live, Pythias became a hostage
for Damon, that he might go and
see his wife and child before he
dies. The headsman's axe was
raised when Damon appeared aud
saved his friend.
The meeting was enjoyed by all
present, and a number signed the
list of membership.
The motor truck which has been
working on the roads here for the
past six weeks, left for Cumberland
on Monday morning. The motorists will bt sorry to have it go as
the driver was alwrys ready to help
a "stalled" brother.
The " tower of babel " fell down
one day last week. There was a
great scattering of the Amorites in
b utthe vicinity.
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St. Peters Church, Anglican.
Services during the month of August.
17th: 7,30 p.m., Evening Prayer.
24th: 11 a. m., Litany aud Holy
31st: 7.30 p.m., Evening Prayer.
Musgrave Hilton,
Officiating Minister.
Miss Anderson is spending a few
days in Victoria.
Mrs. Beswick Bailey and Miss
Jean Bailey were on the S. S,
Charmer on Saturday night en
route for Victoria.
Mr. H, Smith was in Victoria
last Monday in the interests of the
Corner Store.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Parkin left
on the Cowichan on Tuesday last
for Vancouver, accompanied by the
Misses E. and L. Parkin, in order
to put in the Christmas orders with
the wholesale houses,
Notice boards have been erected
this wetk at Sandwick, for the
guidance of drivers, giving directi an
and distances. Needless to say
there is trouble ahead for the automobile drivers who so jauntily disobey the request, "Auto's go slow."
More anon.
St. Andrew's Church, Antilican.
Services during the mouth of August.
17th: 8 a. m., Holy Communion,
11 a. 111., Morning Prayer.
24th: 7.30 p. m., Evening Prayer.
31st: 11 a.m., Morning Prayer
and Litany.
Musgrave F. Hilton,
Officiating Minister.
A Conservative picnic will be
held at McCutcheou's point on
Thursday, August 21. Representatives are expected from Denman,
Hornby, Cumberland oud Union
Bay, etc. Mesrss. Clements and
Manson and other prominent politicians will deliver addresses.
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By R. T. Lowery.    	
Be careful of your camp fire for
the next two months,
Bill Yates has lived in Hope
since 1856.
A telephone line is to built
between Lytton and Lillooet.
Cement sidewalks are being built
in Cranbrook.
Andrew Hoggan has opened a
$40,000 hotel in Merritt.
The second crop of alfalfa has
been cut at Keremeos.
In the Lardo the Government
has built a bridge across Cooper
The new Agricultural building
in New Denver will be 55x100 ft.
in size.
A gold brick worth $5,667 was
shipped last week from the San
Poil mill at Republic.
Last week a carload of potatoes
was shipped from Keremeos to
For killing deer in the Simil-
kaineen, Johuie Aslmola was fined
Gypsum from near Granite Creek
is being used in the cement works
at East Princeton.
About 1000 carloads of produce
will be shipped from Armstrong
this year.
Notice is hereby given that all debts
dm' the above mentioned Instate must be
paid forthwith. Payment nl such debts
must bo miiilc at the office of the Acadia
Trust Company Uniited at Courtenay
11. C.
Executors and  trustees of above-mentioned estate.
Executrix and trustee of tlie above-mentioned estate.
May 14, 1913.
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CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.  Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.        8.4
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Comox branch open oil Tuesday, from io to 3
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Union Street
Local Lines
Married���at the Mai se, Sandwick, on Thursday last, by Rev.
T. Menzies, Mr. John Potter to
Miss Ida Hanson.
Mr. and Mrs Krause left on
Tuesday for Vancouver, where
Mrs. Krause expects to remain for
a few weeks.
Boys, get your bathing suits
ready for the Conservative picnic.
Good swimming races and walking
the greasy pole, etc.
The Crawford ranch has not
been leased to the Japanese. This
year's crop was sold to them however, as no white man bid for it.
Percy, the 1 u'cher boy, took an
involuntary bath in in the Tsolum
River last Thursday. At latest
reparts he had fully recovered. Our
genial friend, the Good Shepherd,
managed to keep himself dry.
Courtenay is a dry town to-day.
Owing to the threatened trouble at
Cumberland the chief constable ordered all bars in the district closed,
and it was done this forenoon by
' Qonstable Haunay.
The Board of Trade has appointed a committee to interview > essrs.
Clements and Manson when here
uext week, in the matter of having
tlie Courtenay river dredged.
Leo Anderton caught 27 fish one
day last week. The next time Leo
goes a fishing he should take some
friends along, not necessarily to do
the counting but just to show them
how it is done.
Keep Thursday August 21st
open. This is tlie date of th?
Comox Conservative picnic, at M -
Cutchion's point. Speeches by able
politicans. Games for the youngsters etc.    Full particulars later.
The Presbyterian Sunday school
I held a picuic at McCntcheon's
I point on Monday afternoon, where
thy spent a very enjoyable time,
oue of the exciting events was the
pack-a-back ferry which was run
by a couple of ardent boatmen,
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Conservative Picnic
McCutcheon's Point
Thursday, August 21, 1913
picnic Grounds to be opened at 11
a. 111. Sports to commence at 12
p. m. and will include boy's and
girl's races, obstacle races, potatoe
race, sack race, fat man's race and
od man's race, also cachiig
the greasy pig
Speeches by  H, S.   Clements,  M.
P., anlM. Manson, M. P. P., aud
other prominent   politicians during
the afternoon
Swimming Sports to commence at
4.30 p.m., and to include boy's
and men's races, greasy pole racing
A Brass Band in Attendance
At 7.30 p. m, a meeting of the
Executive of each Association will
be  held in  the Courtenay  Opera
H. S. Clements,   M.   P., aud   M.
Manson, M. P. P. "will be present
at 10.30 p. m., supper at   the Riverside Hotel
Frank D. Cameron,
Hon. Secretary-
If you want pictures framed,
cabinet or sign worK done go to
J. Sutton.
Have a photo of your residence
taken bv the Courtemay Photo
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The wagon trail between Lytton
and Lillooet is to be doubled in
In Delta there are 78 bee farmers.
There are more would-be farmers
in other parts of the province,
Advertise in The Review.
The Undersigned hereby give notice that
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford
will not he responsible for nor pay any
debts or other obligations contracted by
any person without the written order of
the undersigned.
Bertha Gracr Crawford.
Acadia Trust Co., Ltd.
Executrix and executors  respectively of
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford,
June 3rd, 1913 ft
rioving Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a new up-to-date electric plant
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Lake Trail Road
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By Moiice Gerard
ularlt; of tho occurrence suggosled
that homo ono was paolng tho lloor.
While Jordan watched, the light In
tho bedroom went out. After a minute or two the blind wns drawn aside
sufficiently for a head lo appear. The
action wan furtlvo and secret. Tho
face, formed a silhouette In tbo moonlight. Jordan easily recognized tho
massive outline of tbo master of Highdene.
The face remained Tor some seconds
and then disappeared, The proceed'
lug was repeated at intervals. On
the first occasion Jordan muttered ���
The beggar's going to let 'cm in him
self. Ho don't trust that footman
of his with all hla affairs of State,
then. A wily customer you are, my
i friend Muller; but you've got n hit to
The whole rrocess toolt about au hour j learn for nil that. There's a trick or
from the time Jordan had first obsc-rv- tv����,���JeJn Jordttn c!m ten,ch >'��". ��8
ed the approach of the little vessel. ) >'���� �� fln<l out precious sharp before
Out came the flald-glass again.      It   you re many houre older
The steamer drew near, slowed, shut |
off steam, turned round, and anchored.
revealed the landing of three men by
means of a small boat which had been
hanging In the wake of the steamer
attached by a hawser. As soon as
tho steamer hnd landed its passengers
and Jordan hnd satisfied himself thero
was nothing more to be expected in
that quarter, he turned round tho corner of the rock In tho opposite direct-
Ion taking a narrow path between two
high hanks which led towards Highdene. There waa an elation In Jordan's step, a light in his eye of be-
neigu satisfaction, which, to any who
know him, and who happened to be
As Iho clock at Highdene atahles
struck the midnight hour, Jordan's
quick eye deteotod a movement on the
bridge ovor tho moat. First one figure passed, then another, then another
���throe In all. They weto going In
single file, and very quietly. Having
reached the Highdene sido they stopped and waited, sheltered from observation by the ornamented termination of the parapet of tho bridge.
When the first figure had reached the
bridge the face had been at Iho window. After the third had crossed It
vanished.     A minute later there was
would have   betokened   that  a tiny gleam of light at the great door
things were going well with him, and
in accordance with his preconceived
There was no hurry in his movements. They wero those of a man
of leisure, taking a stroll on a beautiful moonlight night.
To approach the house In a legltl-iIn hl8 mov^i and w.th hIs quietude
mate manner, it was necessary to exchanged for palpitating activity,
crew a stone bridge over the moat grcat Lace acrogg tho green8W6ra)
form-cd ot a single arch; but an ague leapeQ the moat and doubled at a
man could Jump the narrow stream ol, Ending ag ]ow ag waa compatible with
of the entrance-hall. As soon as It
appeared, the three men who had been
watting crossed the Intervening space
and one by one disappeared, passing
through the entrance afforded by the
partially opened door, Aa soon as
the latter was shut too again and fastened, Jemmy, no longer with a pipe
water at almost any point. Jordan was
not. apparently la a hurry to enter .the
demesne of the ancient monastery;
for, after leaving the public pathway,
ho struck into a small wood which
bounded the moat on the further side,
and from which views, both of the
house and the bridge, could be commanded In the clear light of the moon.
EUll smoking his pipe, he took up his
position by the side of the gole of
a largs elm and waited. Completely
sheltered himself from observation,
tho keen eyes of the watcher were on
the alert to take in anything which
It wc-3 now nearer 12 than 11 p.m.,
nnd the greatest part of Highdene
was shrouded In darkness, but there
were lights In the smoking-room, and
in Mr, Mullet's bedroom, which was
on tho floor above, Immediately over
the dining-room, Tho bedroom wa��
occupied; for now and again a shadow passed across the blind. The rcg-
Pi in pies on Legs and Arms, Scratched
and Mads Sores. Kept from Sleeping. First Application of Cuticura
Soap pnd Ointment Gave Great
Relief.   Cured In a Few Weeks.
/'' '     \     pimples
If    r-   cA       <""J "������
Lariilno Locks, Quebec���"I had Itching
commencing with ir.y lego and Increasing
fc ".dually until It reached all parts of my
body. Thero wero small
pics on my legs nnd arms
bo skin wan red and In-
flamod all over the body and
Itched end burned io badly
that I scratched und made
cores. It caused mo io
much palu tbat It kept mo
\ from sleeping during entire
< nights. I was troubled with
It foe about two years,
"After having tried several remedies
without success I used Cuticura Soap and
Ointment aud from tho first application I
felt a great relief. Icoutlnucd the treatment
taking warm baths with Cuticura Soap followed by the application of Outlcura Ointment, and tt iho end of a few weeks tbo
trouble- had disappeared completely and I
was cured.'! (Signed) N. C. Boulcl, May
27 1913.
For red, rough, chapped and bleeding
hands, itching, burning palms, shapeless
iitdis and painful fljiger-omls, a ono-ulght
Cuticura treatment works wonders. Soak
hands, on retiring, In hot water and Outlcura
feoap,, Dry, anoint with Cuticura Ointment,
and wear old, looso gloves during the night.
Cuticura .Sonp and Cuticura Ointment aro
sold throughout tho world. Liberal samplo
of each mailed froo, With 32-p. Skin Hook.
Address post cr.nl Potter Drug & Ci"��ia.
Corp., Dept, -l.;0, lloslou, V. S. A.    ,.
W.  N.  U.  955
great speed. Jemmy could have arrived at hie destination with less likelihood of being observed by a moro
circuitous route; but lie risked something so as not to miss the beginning
of the conference about to take place.
One window of the dining-room was
in deep shadow, caused by one of the
main buttresses of the house. He
climbed up to It, removed a diamond-
shaped pane of glass, which ho had
purposely left insecurely fastener from
a previous expedition, shot back a bolt
and lifted the catch, and noiselessly
swung himself into the room.
Jordan had hardly landed, after securing the window, before the door
opened on the opposite side, and Muller entered with a light. Fortunately
the light served to show Muller to
Jordan, not Jordan to Muller. Thle
security was momentary only, as Jemmy well knew. Ily a wriggling motion, which could only have attained
the perfection of present performance
after years of practice, he got across
the floor to a long hor&ehatr sofa
which left sufficient space at the back
to admit a man of not too bulky proportions. The transit was performed
without a rustle. Arrived at his destination, Jordan comfortably ensconced himself in tlie recess the sofa afforded him. Muller euspectod nothing of course, but with habitual caution held the light above his head and
glanced round the room���a very fine
apartment with a handsome Turkey
carpet on the floor. Nothing attracted his notloe, and he at once went to
the sideboard, taking from It a spirit-
decanter and three or four loug glasses, which he placed on u silver tray.
He then returned to the smoking-room,
carrying the tray In his bands,
As 60on as Muller's back was turned
Jordan crossed the dining-room lo the
aperture which connected the two
rooms. Ou lhe dining-room sldo the
space was covered wllh a small curtain, on tho Bmoklng-room sldo hy a
glr.sa let Into a frame, which could be
moved Into tho wall when the aperture was roqulrcd for the purpose for
which it was originally constructed.
This hole was a foot broad and eighteen Inches In height, Jordan held the
curtutn aside and peeped through tho
glass Into tho room beyond,
The three men were seated round
the five, and wero looking up nt Muller, who was Just entering the
door. They wero all Germans, and
their faces and drceo suggested the
brine. None of tho threo was equal
In social rank to his host. Jordan
knew one of them hy sight, He had
seen him in London, where ho waa
ccncrally regarded as a political agont
of the baser sort, not too r.crupulous
about the agencies he might employ to
accomplish his ends even to the
bounds of abtolute criminality, The
other two wero grangers to Jordan;
but previous knowledge of Muller's Intentions, coupled with an Intimate acquaintance with the icainy eido of
character, led him to frol that they
Wei's a desperate set of ruffians to
Ideal wii'.i,    Jordan had borrowed Mur-
 ' | gatroyd's dainty Ilttlo rovolver bofora
Halving tha Fallen, mi lighter to carry
and handle than a clumsier weapon of
the same kind he possessed himself.
Ile new felt that It lay handy in his
breast pocket in case of a scrimmage.
Muller had taken his place in tbo
arm-chair In which he hud eat when
talking with Murgatroyd. By his
side was a small table, upon which he
had placed the silver tray with ihe i
whisky-decanter and glasses upon it. i
By the side of the tray were the materials for grog, and on the fire was a
large pannikin filled with water. It
was a conspiracy tempered by comfort. By the side of the man Jordan
had known In London as Metzler, was
another small table, upon which a
packet of papers was placed, tied up
with a thick string. An oilskin
wrapper which had evidently been
round them lay by Messier'a elbow,
which rested on a corner of tho table.
All the party were taken up with
tho brew that was going on at tho
fire. The solitary lamp stood on the
mantelpiece, shedding plenty of light
on the group of men, but none on the
rest of the room. Jordan saw that It
was his opportunity, He had no intention of remaining where ho was;
for he was perfectly certain that with
tho glass between him and the purlle
carrep, he would hear next to nothing.
They were not at all likely to speak
loudly, as Murgatroyd aud Muller had
done on the last oocasdon when he
had occupied the same vantage
ground. it was necessary he should
be in the room.
Jordan went out of the dining-room
and listened nt tho door of tho smoking-room. Then cautiously opened
it with one hand, holdiug his revolver In the other. Ho glanced In,
All four wero watching tho pannikin
with tho selfish Interest of keen an-
ticipatloii. Jordan glided in. lie
had fixed beforehand on his place of
concealment, viz., under tho card-
table Itself, which, when not In use,
stood against the wall furthest from
Iho fire near the door. There wan
no sofa in tho smoking-room, aud tho
only chairs capable of affording any
concealment were In us-o. There was
of course the tlsk that the oard-table
might be wanted for Its original purpose, but Jonimy argued that the lateness of the hour, and the probable
wish of the new-corners to return to
the vessel aud oteam out of harbor as
soon as possible, precluded the probability that cards would be Introduced
when the busln&zo which had brought
the party together was transacted.
In any case It was necessary to run
the risk, or the information he had
come to obtain v/ould be loBt. 8o he
dived under the card-table and awaited the denouement, wllh the toy revolver held looseJy In his hand.
Some explanation is now due of the
extremely hazardous course Jordan
waa taking, and the reasons which
led to its adoption.
Jemmy had told Murgatroyd just as
much of the story of hl3 former visit
to Highdene, as he had thought expedient; not that he had any sinister
Intention In concealing what ho had
not disclosed, but simply because he
did not care to expose hie cards before
(ho game was played out.
(To be Continued)
Worms feed upon the vitality ot
children nnd endanger their lives. A
simple and effective cure ls Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Not Another Word
Sir, began the young man nervously,' I wish to ask your consent for my
marriage with your daughter.
Eh? quickly rejoined the parent.
What of your income? Is it sufficient
to support a wife?
It is, boldly returned the slightly
nettled aspirant, and what Is more,
It's sufficient to stand an occasional
touch from my wife's father!
Then she's yours, my son I
Mah bredder, cried a Boston colored preacher, ye must bo like great
Caesar's ghost���above suspicion.
A Beautlfufflacs
Fair, fat, spectacled, nnd blg-mous-
tnched, It needed not his guttural tones
and Teuton accent to acquaint tho hotel manager lhat (ho now arrival ��wed
allegiance to Europe's Inexhaustible
Burprise-paoket, iho Kaiser.
Vrom Potsdammerburg I vas come
sir, announced tho now-ooiner, pleasantly.
A very fino place, sir, returned the
manager, politely.
Dor vas a potter,
Yes?      Berlin?
Neln.     Ohm.
Ohm? In ��� cr Ormni.y, of
Donner and lill-lzen, nelnt In England- -In dla Kountry.
Ohm? said tho manager, thoughtfully-
Yn, growled Iho German. I vas
come, from Potsdammerburg to s.-o
Ohm. Der wis no hlaee like Ohm.
I vos at der gonoert In Berlin, ami 1
hour der great Eugleesh soprano slug
dot der van no place like Ohm, nud
vas no blare llko Ohm. and all der
Engleesh beobles lu der goncert gry
like der leedle babies. I>ol must be
dor vonderful blace, Ohm, to make
der Engleeell boobies giv, and I doll
mlneeelf dot t vill go und sec dls Ohm
vor der vos no blnco like. Now, sir,
vich ls der vuy to Ohm?
Pat Meant Well *JI
An Irishman made his way to t.
OOuntj Jah and asked to be ullowed to
see (he governor. Ou being ushered)
into thnt functionary's presence h��
begged for Iho favor of an Interview
with a prisoner who was to suffer th*
extreme penalty of tho law In th*
course ot the morning.
No, my man, snld the governor, oo
being appealed to, you cannot see th*
prisoner. Ho Is to be executed Id
halt an hour's time, and It U uot allowed for visitors to see a prisoner
on the day of execution. But what
might be your business with him?
Shnrcv eorr. atvswered Pat, It's hlr
birthday, and I was afther wlshltj
hlni many happy returns av the day.
Are Appetizing
Mlnard's  Liniment Co.,  Limited.
(rents,���I Imvo used vour Mlnard's
Liniment lu my family and also In my
stables for years and consider It Ihe
best medicine obtainable.
Yours truly,
Proprietor Itoxton  Pond    Hotel    and
Livery Stables
Jackson���Whew I  that's some cliff!
Johnson���Seems to fascinate you.
Jackson���Yes.   Thai's the way my
desk will look wheti I get back.
Had Every Time
Smith was a constant worry to hit
friends. They never snow when te
anil when not to treat him seriously
since, as ho frankly admitted, he d��
lighted in pulling other people's legs.
One day ho and Brown met casually
In the street, nnd stopped aa frlcndi:
often do, to gossip tor a while.
Big blaze -that lira ut (ho factory
in Johnson street last night, wasn't
it? asked ilrown.
Yob, replied Smith, I went down tc
have a look at It. And my word,
there wero several mighty narrow escapes there, loo.
Escapes, cried Brown, excitedly.
But the morning paper said thai
there was no one In the building.
Smith nodded.
Oh, lie said, the firemen brought tlie
escapes down with them. So-long;
old chap.
Both Leak
Why don't you buy an automobile?
I get sufficient excitement out of
the management of my fountain pen.
The Reward of Art
No wonder he felt proud���After all,
he was quite a young artist and there
it was���there could be no doubt about
it���his picture, his grcat picture, was
hanging iu the Hoyal Academy. What
Is more, two people stood motionless
in front of it, gazing at the canvas in
rapt attention, while tho artist stood
gazing at them.
Then, I say, Charlie, he asked a
friend, do saunter carleessly by and
llnd out what Ihey aro saying about
my picture. Perhaps they want in
buy it.
Forthwith Charlie set out to do a
careless saunter. Presently���to the
expectant artist the wait seemed an
eternity���he  returned to  his  friend.
No business doing, he sighed. She's
only blowing him up for leaving off his
winter flannels too soon.
Miller's Worm Powders never fall.
They Immediately attack the worm*
and expel them from the system.
They are complete in themselves, not
only as a worm destroyer, but as a
highly beneficial medicine for children, correcting weak digestion and
restoring ihe debilitated system tc
health fulness, without which the
growth of the child will he retarded
and its constitution weakened.
Man snd Wife Fatten on Grape-Nuts
The notion that meat is necessary
for real strength and Ihe foundation
of solid flesh Is now no longer aa prevalent as formerly,
Excessive -meat enters are usually
sluggish a purt of the tlrao because
they are not able to fully digest their
food, and the undigested portion ls
changed Into what la practJcully a
kind of poison that acls upon tho
blood and nervoj, thus getting all
through tho system,
"1 was a heavy meat cater," writes,
a Western man, "nnd up to two years
ago, was in very poor health. I suffered with indigestion so that I only
weighed 95 poundti.
"Thon 1 hcaid about drape-Nuts
food and decided to try It. My wlfo
kughed nt me at first, hut when I
gained to 1��5 pounds and felt so flue,
sho thought sho would eat Grape-Nuts
too. "Now she ls fat and well nnd
has gained 40 pounds. Wo never
have Indigestion any more and seldom
feel tho desire for meat,
A neighbor of ours, 68 yoars old,
was troubled with Indlgostlou for
years, and was a heavy meat eater.
Now sines he has boon eating Grape-
Nuts regularly, he says ho Is well and
never has Indigestion.
I could nair.o a lot ot persons who
have rid themselves ot Indigestion by
changing from a heavy meat diet lo
Orape-Nuta," "There's u Reason,"
Name given by Canadian Poatiim Co,,
Windsor, Ont, Head tha liulo book*,
"Tho Houd tq Wcdlvjile," |n pkgs,
Ever read tho abavs Utter? A new
ono appears from tjme, lo Urns. They
nro Genuine, true and full ef human
Confusing but Clear
It was a sad day for Mrs. Mullet.
The last of her family now was married, and the poor old lady had tho
dismal prospect of living henceforth
all alone.
The vicar was duly sympathetic
when he called to see her some few
days afler the wedding.
You must feel very lonely nowadays
Mrs. Mullett, be remarked, especially seeing that in the past you've had
so many children to brighten your
Mrs. Mullett sighed.
Yes, sir, she replied nt las!, I do
feel lonely sometimes. One day, you
know, I misses 'em and lhe next day
1 wants 'em. But, all said and done,
I thinks 1 misses 'em more than I
wan Is 'em.
One dollar will procure you foro;
pairs of socks which can never bs
worn out.
So ran the advertisement,, whlct
caused Jones, bachelor, to spend fouj
shillings on a postal-orde.'. . When
the socks arrived Jones surveyed there
Socks received, he wrote to the advertiser. T,he patterns are vile. 1
wouldn't be seen out with them on.
No reply reaching Jones to this, he
sent a further letter threatening pro
eeedlngs, and then came this answer!
What are you making such a fuel
about? < Didn't we guarantee that
you wouldn't wear the socks out?
5100 Reward, $100.
The rnvlara ol tills paper v. 111 bo pie awl to IMI
thnt 1hr.ro li at lout wo dreaded Ubeap;- that aolenal
1;iih been able to caro in all Its stoma, n���d tbat K
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh euro In tho only potltlvt
euro now known to tho medical fraternity. catarrl
hem* a coastltuUonal dlscaw, requires a rotielltte
ttnnal treatment. Hatra Catarrh Cure Is taken lo-
u-rnally, act's*- oln-etly upon tho blood and timeout
iitrlaees uf the system, thereby destroying the
loundallo-i ot the disease, e nl KK-tnit tho patient
irr.ntth by bnlldiiip; up tho consututlon and nw-iafr
itiB natnro In doing its work. Tha proprietors hart
so much faith In Its curative powerH that they oRek
One llimdred Dollars for any caso that*It tails tl
*ure.   Send for list, of testimonials
Aclr'.ress F, .1. CHENICY It CO   Tolodo, a
Ho.d by all DrugclBU, 7lio.
Toko Hall's Family IMHs for HX-.stlnatloa.
If You Want to Know
Tlu> Anxious Inquirer (assuming the '
KeW  Tea  Pavilion  lire being  caused j
by militant vote-seekers):    't)w    did
them Suffragettes get Into   the   gardens?
The Constable���On tho Kew Tea!
Was Too Busy
You say that you witnessed thle at
tcrcation? inquired lhe judge.
No, sorr, said tho witness. O!
didn't see that. Oi wuz busy looking
at the fight.
The horse and the cow Is In th��
field, read the teacher. Mary, whM
is wrong wiih that sentence?
.Mary was evidently more versed If
rules of poli'ieueas than in the rutet
of grammar, for she answered prompt-
ly; The lady should bo mentioned
pains, ltwditude. nervouHqiiBB and grains upon v
often ��e��s wrinkles, hollow clrclf* under *j**\<
...    .,      ���-"��� vight r��ra��d| whea^fltot.
In the looking-glass * woman often �������ii nn����.>>|.-.-. ������.������ v-i-" -���?-���a
"crow's fset,,f-all bocauia she did not turn ta the r��at WOW vh��VfyT��
down with those trouble* widen W# dMUincuy J��r'-'-"     ������--����������� i.���,,��.���i,��
with those trouble? which w�� distinctly JsmlnlM., WW"?*!, VwMJWii
lassitude, nervouniwa and drains upon vitality-Mna untold SliTOlW
.manhood and the faco shows It, The n��rvt>u>.lijr��W�� JP ���� *��W��
nly niako-up fcc-la tlia touio effect o(
It allays and lubduff Mpous e^el&hUHy, |rrltablllt/, nwvous ��*����jHVJi M(
other d stressing symptoms ooismonly attendant upon (u.ncUan.��l M\fl SwWWl
dlscstds of the feminine prB*n��.  It InaW refreshing sleep m rtllf.TM
niontal anjl��ty anil deopencTenoy,  Rnpwn everywhere M��l f�� over iOIWit
si the niaudnrd retnodyfer the dieoasoi of women, your rjaalor | jy
soils It in liquid or sugar-coated wMli forrnj cr yW W '""
Clamps foe ��� trial bo* of be, florae's Favorite Pri��cr|pt[<IP
Pv, ri V, Fien. i, Invalids' Hotel and Burgles! Institute, But,
ft   '?7
Not Friends Now
Two young lady friends  met, and
���after an interchange of the usual sal-
'itatioiLs. one remarked:
Oh, May, I'm so glad to see you.
Indeed, I was Just on my way to call.
Tho fuel In, I want you, as my oldest
friend, to he one ot my bridesmaids.
Bridesmaids, Daisy I How lovelyl
exclaimed May. But I didn't know
you wero engaged.
Well, I know It's Huddoii, was tho
answer, bul he's awfully much lu lovo,
you know; aud It's really. Just too
sweet to live.     Will you act, May?
Act? Of course I will, 1 shall bo
Unarmed, But, and sho look a slop
as though to movo off, do come round
ihe corner and toll me all about It.
Hero Is Bob Henderson, that laughing Idiot. Ho Is grinning just
as. though ho meant to stop und I do
not care to be soen talking to him.
Bob Henderson! exclaimed Daisy, in
in amazed fashion. Why, he's tho
man I'm going to marry!
There ls no poisonous ingredient
In. Holloway's Corn Curt?, and It can
be used without danger of Injury.
True  Business Instinct
Toplum's was the smartest emporium for miles around. You had to
be (he last word In go, before a situation was obtained In that establishment. Keen business men filled
overy post.
Ona afternoon when trade was In
full swing an unfortunate customer
fell down tho first iloor stairs.
Help! he groaned In agony. I do
believe I've broken my leg!
A shopwalkor Immediately flew to
his sldo.
Broken your leg, sir? he inquired
3ytr.pa.tr etloally. And then. In sharp
olear toVee! Cork legs! Third counter on ths tight, sir! Forward, Mies
Sediouiuia'am���Now I want all the
children to look at Tommy's hands
and observe how clean they are and
see If all of you cannot come to
school with cleaner hands. Tommy
perhaps will toll us why he koeps
'jbeui so .nice.
Tommy���Yes'm. Ma makes me
wash the breakfast dishes every
Recommends Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
for Backache, Nervous-
ncss, Headaches.
Lyndon, Ky. ��� "I havo been taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
for headaches.ncuralgia pains, backache,
nervousness and a general run down condition of the system, and am entirely relieved of these troubles. I recommend
your remedies to my friends and give
fou permission to publish what I write."
-Mrs. H. Von Roden, Lyndon, Ky.
When a woman liko Mrs. Von Itoden
is gonorous enough to write such a let-
- tur ns the above for publication, she
should at loast bo given credit for a sincere desire to help other suffering women,
for wo assure you thero is no other reason why sho should court such publicity.
Canadian Woman's Experience I
Windsor, Ont. ��� " Tho birth of my first
child left mo a wreck with terrible veak
spells, but I am glad
to tell you that I do
not havo those weak
spells and I feel like
a new woman since
taking Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, lam
now well and strong
and can do my own
housework. Ido
not take medicine of
any kind. It was
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-'
pound that restored me to health,"���
Mrs. Robert Fairbairn, 72 Parent
Avenue, Windsor, Ontario.
If yon want special advice writs to
Lydia tl. Plnkhain Medicine Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Tonr letter will
be opened, read and answered by s
irnmin ii�� i.-M |n strict confidence,
W. IM. U. 956
Surprised the Manager
An increase of salary! exclaimed
the pompous manager of a small omnibus company to a clerk who had just
made that request, I am afraid, sir,
that you are too extravagant!
He toyed with his heavy wateh-chaln
and looked severely at lhe young man,
who returned his slaro boldly. It
was tho set phrase on such occasions
aud the applicant had heard It all before. Ho meant to have his rise or
go���go somewhere else.
Excuse mo. sir, ho replied, respectfully, I haven't i.ny chance to be extravagant on what I earn.
Young mau, continued the pompous
gentleman, I have risen from the
ranks. How? By being careful.
When I was young I made money by
saving 'bus fares.
All, lhat was in tho old days, said
tho young man, with a knowing wink.
Hut with tho bell punches and the
present system ot Inspection, you
would Uiul you couldn't save sixpence
without being collared, however careful you were.
The manager nearly falnled, and
tho young man had to look fur other
Ask for Mlnard's and take m othuf
Did She Know Anything?
Mildred was visiting her soldier
brother at tho barracks.
Sis, ho said. 1 wish you had said
you wero coming. I'm on duty, hut
a fellow bandsman of ml io will show
you Iho sights.
Tho girl naturally asked many ques-
llons of her brother's friend aa they
went the round.
Who Is that man? Bho Inquired,
pointing to a color-sergeant.
Oh, he onco Bhook hands with the
King, said her escort. That's why
he wears a crown on his arm.
Tho gymnastic Instructor, with a
badge of crossed Indian clubs on his
arms, was standing in the yard.
That's tho barber, replied the girl's
campanlon In answer to her query.
Can't you see he's wearing tha scissors?
A number of siars upon the staff of
a veteran next aroused the fair visitor's curiosity.
He's the battalion astromer, gravely
explained her caviller. Guide us
home by the stars when we've lost
our way on night manoeuvres.
Very interesting, said the girl, with
a twinkle in her eyes.
Then noting his bandsman's badge���
the model ot an ancient stringed Instrument��� Bhe asked sweetly of her
escort: I suppose that design on your
arm denotes that you're the regiment
Always Serviceable.���Most pills
lose their properties with age. Not
so with Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.
The pill mass Is so compounded that
tlieir strength and effectiveness ls
preserved and the pills can be carried
anywhere without fear of losing their
potency. This Is a quality that few
pills possess. Borne pills lose their
power, but not so with Parmelee's.
They will maintain their freshness
and potency for a long time.
Johnny, who had been forbidden to
ask for Ice cream cones at the candy
store, disobeyed and was kept In the
Why Isn't Johnny out playing? asked tho storekeeper of Johnny's little
Mamma wouldn't let him because
he asked for a cone.
You wouldn't ask for a cone, would
you? remarked the proprietor.
No, replied the little girl. But I
would .take ono.
A fellow we know���one of those
chaps who affect a terrible Bcorn for
the lower classes, but who always
pauses to hear a tale of woe from the
lowliest victim of the present state of
society���this fellow stopped on the
curb the other day to hear tho story
of a little plckannlnny who was weeping and alone.
What's the trouble? asked our
friend gruffly.
Ah, got a new baby brother at our
house!  wailed the child.
Then why do you cry? Angels
bring baby brothers.
Das3 what dey done to! me. But
why does do angels pick out all de
blackest ones fo' our family?
A New Invention
Jlmmle entered the large chemist's
with a coin clutched tightly la his
Well, my Ilttlo man, said the assistant, what can 1 get for you?
Please, I want a thermometer! piped
Did your mother say what sort of
thermometer sho wauled? asked the
Jlmmle looked slightly perplexed.
Then a bright idea camo Into his
Why, Just give me the very biggest
you've got, he replied, cos It's to keep
my bed-room warm!
Hubby returned home rather late-
well after midnight, to he precise���
and, as often happens In such cases,
wlfey, though abed, was not asleep.
In consequence, breakfast that
morning was a gloomy, silent meal.
In vain, hubby strove to clear the air
and by Ill-timed levity, to dispel the
atmosphere of constraint which hung
heavily everywhere.
A penny for your thoughts, my love!
he ventured presently.
The lady thus addressed stared at
him grimly.
For tuppence, she retorted, I'd say
exactly what I thought of you!
Hubby made'no effort to raise the
Outing Shoes
A Future Financier
Ma, exclaimed young Toddle, bursting Into the house, Mrs. Johnson said
alio would give mo a penny If I told
her what you said about her!
I never heard of such a thing! answered his mother Indignantly. You
nre a very good hoy not lo have told!
I wouldn't havo her ttilnU I oven mentioned her. Here's an apple, sonny,
for being such a wise llllle lad!
I should think I am, ma! When
sho showed me tho penny I told her
that what you said wns something awful and worth sixpence at least.
When the Stomach is Wrong the
Whole Body Suffers-How to
Keep It Healthy
Indigestion Is one of the most distressing maladies afflicting mankind.
The stomach is unable to perform the
work nature calls upon It to do, and
the result, la extreme pain after eating,;
nausea, heartburn, painful fluttering
of the heart, sick headache, and often
a loathing of food, even though tho
sufferer ls half starved. People with
poor digestion are prone to try all
���sorts of Experiments to aid tha process of digestion, and there ts only
ono way In which the trouble can be
actually cured, and that Is through
the blood. That ls why tho tonic
treatment with Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills cures oven the most obstlualo
cases of indigestion. They niako the
rich, red blood that strengthens.the
stomach and Its nerves, thus enabling
It to do its work. The process is
simple, but the result means a good
appetite, and Increased health and
pleasure in life. Mr. It. Lustier, of
Sorel, Que., offers ample proof of
this. He says: "For several years
I was a sufferer from Indigestion, anil
the torture I suffered after meals
was often almost unendurable. Often
I would go without a. meal rather
than undergo the suffering that followed. Accompanying the trouble
I had headaches, dizziness, and often
a feeling of nausea. All the time I
was taking one medicine afler another in tho hopo of getting relief,
but. without avail. Finally I read of
the case of a similar sufferer cured
through the uso of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills and I decided to try them.
I took tho Pills steadily for about six
weeks with result that I was fully
cured, and could eat anything I cared
for. 1 may add that I havo not. siuca
had any return of the trouble."
If you aro suffering from Indigestion
do not waste time experimenting, but
begin to euro yourself today with Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, which go right
to the root ot the trouble through the
blood. Sold by all medicine dealers
or by mail at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50, from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Walking Through tho World
I walk beneath   mysterious   autumn
An autumn twilight hour -
But  when  I   walked  in  summer Held
and bower
These loo, wore mysteries.
Always  there is  a    Bplrlt    and    a
Beyond my spirit's call,
Almost tho living trees confess tho
And  yet I know  not  what creation
Bllitll -
But lie who walks    here    with    me
knows it all.
There was an hour. O friend nf mine,
when we,
To each drew very near,
When  hand In hand  wo    both    grew
silent, dear.
Hecause love could not Bee;
Always there is a secret yet untold
Tlie harriers tlo nol  fall,
Almost I find your life whose hands
1 hold,
And yel 1 know not whal my bauds
But love Himself is with us, knowing
Three-yeai'-old-Arthur was taken hy
his parents to cull upon Mrs. 1...
who had recently come to (his country
from London. He was greatly Interested lu everything lie saw. particularly iu a little English Hag.
That is my Hag, Arthur, suld Mrs.
L,, in answer to li is enquiry, aud,
showing him au American flag, this is
your flag.
Has it always been my flag?
He was (old that it had always been
his flag.
Nothing more was said until time
for their departure, when Arthur calmly remarked: I will take my flag.
And ha took It���for, some way or
other, explanations seemed lnade-
Actors frequently receive unexpected proof of the realism of their art.
Not long ago, on the occasion of the
performance of Hamlet by a distinguished English player, (here were no
more interested, aud absorbed spectators than two newsies lu (he gallery.
Tho boys had been watching (ho
performance villi breathless Interest.
The last act was drawing lo a close.
The duel almost dragged the lads
from their seats.
Before their eyes the queen was
poisoned, Laertes killed, the king killed, Hamlet killed. On the final tragedy the curtain started down. The
audience was spellbound.
In the gallery there was a clatter
; and a crash as one ot the boys men-
| tioned started for the door.
Come on, Tommy! he shouted back
j to his companion. Hustle! Dere'll
i be extras out on di3!
The .Army of
Is Crowing Smaller Evory Day.
teuMHuible��� they not A
only give relief ���
ihey permanently
cure Con.il'j
lion.    Millions tue
them lor
ness. Indigestion, Sick Headed.; ScltctiSkia.
Small Pill, Small Doie, Small Pries.
Genuine must bear Signature
Bomething   better   ihun   linen   und   nt>
laundry   bills.       Wush  It  with  soap and
Water.     All stores or direct. Suite style.
nn-1  size.      For 25c.   we  will  mall you.
58 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Mrs. Wimi.ow'a SooTiuno Svrup hu been
wed (or over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ot
la the beat remedy for DIARRll'JU. It ia absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
Winslow's Scot lung Syrup," anil talc au otiaW
kind.  Twenty-five cents a bottle.
The Soul of a   Piano  is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
In one o' the most obstinate '.f dtoi
lo cure.   Wo hnve a remedy that
largo percentage  ot  eases cures.
Im ii proscription of a practicing ph
Inn   of    forty-three     years    export-
ONE uOLLAR only by mall p.vupui
no relief or euro follows, we refund
money.       See  your illtlKKist or  writ
to-day  for  full  Information.
Co.,   315,   Collage   Street,   Toronto
-use a
In a
1   if
Keep Mlnard's Liniment In ths houtt
The Plumber
Wo had a gentle plumber once,
We thought he came to plumb;
But by the time Ills coat  was off
His dinner time had come.
He went at twelve and s(ayed away
An hour and minutes forty;
Ho 'wiped a joint,' then wiped Ills lips
Then trotted off so horty!
The pipe was only half an inch
(In width I mean, not tall),
Yet you could drive a motor through
The hole cut iu tho wall.
And after having had his fill,
Oh! see hlni slow returning!
j "To one day's work" is on the bill;
He's thus his living earning!
The Straight Tip
The old farmer was malting his usual! weekly call on Mrs. Wiggins.
P'taters is good this mornln', ma'
am, lie said, casting an admiring look
at the basketful he had brought.
Oh, are they, retorted Mrs, WIggin
That reminds me. I want to have a
word with you about them you sold
me last week. Mow Is It that them
at the bottom o' the basket Is so
much smaller than them ut the top?
Comos about like this, replied old
John, a knowing look on Ills face.
P'laters is growing' that fast now, (hat
by the time I get a basketful dug tho
last ones 1s about twice tho size of
the first.
| An old darkey, sent to a hospital,
on his arrival was placed In a ward,
and one of the nurses put a thermometer in Ills mouth to take his temperature. When the house doctor
made his rounds he said: Well, my
man, how do you feel?
I feels right toldle, sith.
Have you hud anything to eat yet?
Yessuli, I had a little.
What did you have?
A dame gimrnie a piece ot glass ter
suck, suli.
He���How do you llko Fopplngton,
Miss narrow?
Miss Barrow���Not at all. Ho can't
pronounce his 'r's' and I do detest being addressed as Miss Bow-wow .
Shakespeare says there are sermons
lu stones.
And object lessons, adiiod tho niil-
Itant suffragette, in windows.
The average man thinks he Is doing
well If he stays on the water wagon
between drinks.
Cleans (itrl disinfects
everything in your
honi" from tht! csl-
Itir to llu* attic. Put
It on your duster imi
Uitat Hardwood Floors.
Woodwork, Linoleums.
Pianos, Furniture, et.'
Makes everything Jus:
likf new. Money refunded if not saUsfs :-
tury.   Made by the
Hamilton,  Canada.
iffatifetrourorsoRT9"Ri;npowvor,,:oT rassLtntf
it/rris'from kidney, sladdsr, nervous pwsasml
writ* for my FREE book,   tur host ItUTRUCTtVS
��� It I tha rami.,, for VOUR own allieaot. Dont Meal least.
AbeolutelrPREK. No'/otlowaa'clrciiUri. DR LtCtlM
IItu. Co. UaVtUIOCI to. HAM Fit IAD, Lo�� og��,Ul2
folder to National Securities
Corporatio Limited, Confederation Life Bldg.   Toronto.
A man having hurled his wife, a
woman of unusual sine, a neighbor a
few days afterwards attempted llt'.la
lu tho consolation line by remarking:
Well, Mr. ���, you have met with a
heavy loss.
Yes. replied the mourner; aha
weighed close upon four hundred
Nervous Sufferers
Often Look Well
The Man Who Drives An I
Automobile Find* I
The Only cleaner that will
-effectually remove (rcase,
oil or paint stains and leave
the hanja smooth and soft.
100% better than soap.
Toar IfeaUr Sella Snap.
S������ tha Coapou.
hit Cismsy Hail, J, Moilritl
While persons subject to disorders
| of the nerves are frequently thin and
j weak, such ls not always the case by
any means.
Many are of ruddy aud vigorous
strength and so healthy In appearance
that they receive little or no sympathy.
In such cases the symptoms indicate trouble In the head and spinal
cord. Though strong In a muscular
sense, the nerves are affected, and
spells of helplessness come over tha
sufferer. Tho condition la alarming
because the result to be expected Is
As In all forms of nervous exhaustion, Dr.  C'haso's Nerve Pood ls the
I treatment from which the best result*
| are to be obtained.
You cannot sleep, and feel restlas*
and Irritable; you gain strength, and
i then a little extra excitement bring*
! on a nervous collapse, and helpless-
| nes3 and discouragement come over
' you again.
ft seemS Impossible to concentrate
the mind and to apply yourself to t'h��
duties ot the day. Y'et your appearance ls such that people are Inclined
to think you shamming.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food will do
wonders for you If you only give It a
chance. Gradually and naturally It
restores new vigor to the nerves and
new hope and confidence to the mind.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
CO cents a box, 6 fo   $2.50, at all dealers, or Kdmanson, Bates & Co., Mat
Ited, Voronto. Is In The Eating
And your house will prove   to be   well built  if you   purchase your   lumber from
The Builders' Supply Co., the store with the first class goods
Most of the best   houses in   tha   district   are   being   finished with   Beaver   Board,
the modern home beautifier.   Let us show you samples of this wall
board before you build
Door and Window Frames always on hand
Detail Work Undertaken
Agents for the Famous "Eveready" Batteries
Phone 66 COURTENAY, B. C. P.O. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
Stoddart, the Jewelei
Is now locoted where he gets the most business
You all know where?
The future business center of the
Comox District
Direct Irom the Heney Manufacturing Co., ol Montreal, a car load of
Buggies, Democrats and
Express Waggons
Also a Quantity of Extra
Wheels, Shafts and Buggy Poles
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Hints to Housewives
In using a frying basket, always
let it get heated in the fat before
putting in the foodstuffs to be cooked; otherwise the foodstuffs will be
apt to stick to the basket.
The torture of an ill fitting shoe
will bring about a state of irritability often resembling nervous prostration. This condition soon becomes habitual.
Soiled clothing should always be
put into a hamper, preferably away
from the sleeping room.
Blankets should be put out in
the sun and air at least ouce a
Poultry fat is excellent shortening for ginger cookies and spice
Fowl for chicken salad should be
cooked the day before it is to be
Tubing makes the best pillow
slips, and it may be had in two
Before making new sheets, always measure the bed for which
they are intended.
Wash Krceii vegetables iu warm
water to remove the insects, and
finish quickly in cold.
Daks and fins are both much
improved if thoroughly washed and
then allowed to drain.
Innnkiig meringues, the rule
is a quarter of a cupful of powdered sugar to the white of an egg.
Geo. Leighton
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
COURTENAY   -   ���   B. C.
Tarbel's have a fine assortment
of shot guns and rifles iu their
window.   See them.
A large number of dairy cattle
will be brought this fall to B. C
from Eastern points.
By using a grading machine the
city of Calgary is saving $390 a
Last week a carload of potatoes
was shipped from Keremeos to
For killing deer in the Simil-
kameen, Johnie Ashnola was fined
In the Lardo the Government
has built a bridge across Cooper
The new Agricultural building
in New Denver will be 55x100 ft.
n size.
Courtenay Bakery
Homemade Bread
Biscuits, Pies,
Cakes   and
Wedding Cakes Made to
W. Alt KEN, Prop.
M.ssrs. K. T. Cliffe and W. B.
Higgins have purchased the Comox I,ivery Stables from Mr.
John McKenzie, and will continue
to carry on the business as formerly. Your patronage is solicited.
E. T. Cuffe
W. B, Higgins
Chicken Ranch
To Lease, with option  of
purchase, or to manage on
reasonable terms,
Box M   Review Office
Just Arrived, a Full line of 1913 Model
Kodaks and Brownie Cameras
Prices from $2 to $20
Call and get a Catalogue, You will wan.
One Soon
We are the Only Store in  Coniov Vallej
selling Kodaks and Kodak Films
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. 111. on Thursdays
Estate of Walter S. McPhee, Deceased
All persons having claims against the
above estate arc requested to furnish
particulars thereof, and all persons indebted thereto are requested to pay the
amount of such claims to the undersigned at once. (
Agffhfor Executrix.
Union St., Courtenay,
July 24, 1913.
DR.   MORRISONi   Dentist
Dr, Morrison is a graduate both of the
Chicago and Detroit Dental Colleges.
Having a central office in Courtenay he
will visit surrounding towns at regular
Diseased  Horses  and  Cattle  carefully
Calls Promptly Attended
COURTENAY       ���      .      ���       B. C.
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUIIXAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtena
Gatolin* Engine* Repaired 4 Ortrhati


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