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The Review Jul 30, 1914

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Array &
-ti. '*
iList Your Property with      |
Island Realty Co.       j
J We Cati Sell It 1
_ I
[| _��._***_�����*���_*������_�� ��t*4 *_*_���****('���_. ��___.���������_>__
!       Have You Monty to Invent, |
Sec us; we Can Make You t
��� I_xge Dividend! t
j      Island  Realty  Co. I
VOL. 2
NO. 36
8   1-2  Acres in  Courtenay
One  Mile  from  Station;  Good  House  and Barn,
Fronting on Two Roads; Good Fresh Water
Stream, all in good state of cultivation
This will make a lovely home for the
man who is lucky enough to buy at
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
ione 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Messrs. Hardy & Biscoe have received instructions
from Mr. Spence Teed, who is leaving for the
east, to sell by Public Auction, at his residence, Union Street, Courtenay, on
MONDAY,   AUGUST 4,   1914
at 2 o'clock prompt
The whole of his Household Furniture, without reserve
For further particulars see Posters
Hardy & Biscoe
Phone 10
UU 1
On Easy Terms While Prices Are Low
5 Room House, on Lot and Half, $1,700
4 "       "     "   "    "     "      1,400
5 "      "     " Large Lot       1,300
Well situated with good view, about five minutes
walk from Post Office. Only a moderate cash
payment required and balance at $15 per month
It's Just as Easy as Paying Rent
R. fi. Allan
Real Estate Insurance
Give us your order for
Letterheads, Billheads,
Statements, Envelopes,
Wedding Stationery, Etc.
Mrs. Cook entertained a nninl.er
of her friends on Monday evening,
'���Cuddy" Johnston is very ill,
having taken a heinmhorage
Monday night.
Dr and Mrs. Crompton were
''At Home" to the members of the
Glee Club on Thursday evening
Mr. John Urquhart of Vancouver
irrived on Tuesday's boat. He intends .spending a month with his
brolher Alex, here.
Mr, Brock, of Grand Forks, formerly of the Hank of Commence
here, spent his holidays with Mr.
R. M, Glazbrook, Grautha.u,
While leaning against a showcase on Sunday, Jim McKenzie
Ml. lied his hand through the glass
culling bis thumb so severely that
it required several stitches lo fix il
A large number of friends of Mr.
and Mrs. Willemar gathered from
far and near to the rectory lawn on
Tuesday afternoon to welcome
them home from their extended
trip to the Old Country. They
are both in the best of health and.
they are very glad to be hack in
the Valley where they ate amongst
the friends with whom they have
labored so long.
If we do not get a public building
of some sort here shortly it will not
be for lack of trying. Last night
someone signing himself Won Idiot
circulated a pester praying that the
British Columbia government build
an asylum at the corner of Cumberland road and Union street.'
The-Imperial Laundry Company
of Nanaimo, wish to announce thai
they are prepared to give good
laundry service in this district, and
respectfully solicit youi patronage.
All orders will receive careful and
prompt attention. At present work
obtained on Monday will be delivered on Saturday, but a more prompt
service will be inaugurated when
the train i.s iu operation.
Miss Blanchard wishes to announce that she has moved her
dressmaking establishment into the
Perez Block on Isabel Street, aud
is prepared to do all kinds of dressmaking and Ladies' tailoring, at
reasonable prices, Fit and work
Horse, Buggy, and harness, for
sale cheap, for cash, Apply Box
C, Review Office.
For Sale���i bay horse, 5 years,
good to ride or drive. Single or
double. Apply Box 378, Cumberland, <
Lost���Irish Terrier Pup, two
months old, last seen at Parkin
Bros, store on Saturday night at
6 o'clock, Finder please notify
Berkley Grieves.
Maternity Hospital���Maternity
patients taken, livery care given.
Mrs. Marshall, Sandwick.
For Sale- Sixty-live acres in
Happy Valley, will sell 20 or 45.
Good first class soil, ��00 fruit trees,
100 bearing, Good buildings.
Apply box X Review office.
Do you want cordwood or poles
cut with circular saw? If so call
up Grimsley & Hodgkiuson
Telephone 36, or enquire B. C.
Investments. Wood delivered $4
per load.
Cumberland Sleam Laundry For
Sale���Buildings, boiler, engine,
_nd machinery and all utensils.
Good business will be sold at a
bargain. Can be seen at anytime.
Price $1250.    Liberal terms.
Mrs. Millard gave a lawn tennis
1 party on Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Wm. Lewis is still very
weak, but otherwise seems lo be
improving iu health.
Miss Gleniiy, fori icily principal
of the Courtenay Ladies' College,
was iu town ou Saturday afternoon.
.oggie Bros have added a Tine
show case to their new premises,
which shows up the stock in  good
A garden party will be held on
the A anse lawn on Wednesday
afternoon next, Aug. 5. Kvcry-
bodv invited.    Admission 25c
Mr. Spence Teed has sold his
house and lot on Union .Street to
Mr. Idiens, of the 1! C. Investment
Company, lie will sell all his
household effects by public auction
ou Monday next, and he ant' Mrs.
Teed and daughter will leave for
their old home in NoAa Scotia on
Tuesday, where they will spend
the winter' and expect to return to
Courtenay in lhe spring.
The Womens' Institute are holding their Flower Show this afternoon.
The Yin Moore Stock Company
opened a three night's engagement
here on Monday evening. The
opening play was "The Mau of the
Hour," and was greeted with a full
house. On Tuesday evening "Home
Comforts" was presented, also to a
good house, On Wednesday evening they presented "Meile of the
Mountain," This company is by far
the best that has visited Courtenay
for many months, and .succeeded iu
1 'leasing 1 he audience every evening.
One of their best features was the
splendid music furnished by the
orchestra. Ou Wednesday evening
an enjoyable dance was held immediately after the performance.
To-night the company goes to
Headquarters, where thev will give
a performance in Hart's Hall. On
Saturday night they will return to
Courtenay aud present "The Circus
Girl," and there is no doubt but
that, they will be greeted with a
crowded house.
B. S.   Fenn  begs  lo  announce  that  he  will
return to Courtenay at the end  of  July and
will   open   his   Photographic   Studio   in   the
early  part  of  August
H.   H., M.   BEADNELL
Courtenaj Avenue is to be shortly oi;ene��� *.,. . rorn
the Union Bay Road to the Station. The cheapest
and largest lots in Courtenay, 50 x 120, face on
this street. Prices to be raised shortly. Now is
the time to buy
Sea Frontage with Beautiful Sandy Beach
25 1-2 Acres, good land  and most of it is easily
cleared, on Kye Bay, road to  property.    Price  for
14 days $135 per Acre.    Terms, 1-3 Cash, balance
in one and two years
Phone 24
7 Passenger Cole Car
;for hire
Kates Reasonable
Palace Livery & Feed Stables
Everitt Car For   Hire
at Duncan _ Birch Garage
Union Hay Road
Telephone 38 COURTKNAY
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and  Cigars in large variety
All Fruits and Vegetables in Season
Nothing hul the Best.    Plicps Right
Local Delivery Telephone 40
Is Your House Insured?
If Not,  Why  Not?
Call or telephone for rates in reliable companies
Telephone 42 COURTENAY ._���
By L. T. Meade
Ward,   Lock   &   Co.,   Limited
London,  Melbourne  and Toronto
Amongst the girls who hail lived
part of llieir lives at Worthing-on-the-
Hill was a London girl who hail come
there for a year, she hail come to
occupy tlie place ot under-housemaid
at the Rectory. A friend of Barbara's
lather had recommended the girl to
tlie place, not that she was a good
servant, she was nothing of the sort,
hut for the sole reason that the girl
seemed honest and wanted change and
country air, also that she had the ele>
meats of what was good in her, and
it was a pity that her life should he
sacrificed to the hardships of a London career.
. So Kate .lessop had come to the
Rectory, hail spent one beautiful year
there, had got quite well again, and returned to London. She was now a
woman of about three or four-and-
twe.nty. She was stoutly built, with a
plain face. She had taken an enormous fancy to Barbara, she had loved
Barbara with a fervour that most glrli)
give to their lirst sweetheart. She had
lingered about passages just, lo see HV
lie Barbara pass by, if Barbara smile.l
at her. the whole day for Kate he
came filled witli brightness and sunshine; for Barbara's sake, she le.irut
her work fairly well, and Barbara, in
her turn, liked Kate, and was good to
It was more than a year now since
Kate had left Worthington-on-the-Hill,
hut during that, lime siie had written
occasional letters (o Barbara, who replied to them. It now, therefore, flashed through the girl's mind that Kate
was the one friend who might help
her In her present necessity, who
might give her advice, and even tell
her where she might find a suitable
lodging for a night or two, while she
was looking for employment; for the
five pounds which Barbara liad taken
on her journey tc London were already
considerably diminished by the expenses of ber railway fare to town
find her cab fare.
Kate's address was Cliesney Street,
From Head to Foot. Itched and
Burned. Disfiguring. Face and
Arms Worst. Cuticura Soap and
Cuticura Ointment Cured.
Legem Corner. Moncton, _. B.��� "TVlirn
__ liiiby was nvo nmnlhs old ho had n mull
Which used to troublo hlni very much. Tlio
rash was very bad and ho
vas covered from head lo
fool. 1 got no rest day
or night -Iih hlni. It
would Itch nml burn so
much that ho used to
Bcratch till lie used lo
bring tlio blood and then
It would l urn t o a mal tery
soro which disfigured liiiu.
The worst was his fare and arms.
"1 li'led a good many different salves anil
���caps bul. lo no uso; ho got no better. But
after a whilo 1 thought I would Iry Cuticura
Hoap and Ointment and had only used Ihem
1 wo or t hree I imes when 1 saw a great change.
Tho sores dried up and camo off and ho was
cured." (Signed) Mrs. Georgo French,
May 20, 11113. t        |
Yor pimples and blackheads tho following
Ss a most effective and economical t reatmenti
Gently smear the affected parts with Cull-
i-ura Ointment, on the end of I he linger, but
do not rub. AVash oil the Cuticura Ointment in five minutes with Cuticura Soap and
hot water and continue bathing for someniin-
uies. This treatment Is best on rising and
retiring. At other times use Cuticura Soap
freely for the toilet and bath, to assist In presenting Inflammation, Irritation and clog-
plug of Ihe pores. Cuticura Soap and Ointment aro sold everywhere. For a liberal free
���ample of each, with 82-p, book, send post.
run to Potler Dnig _ Chem. Corp., Dept.
_>. __tou. I', a. a.
W. N.  U. 1006
Pimllco���20a, Chesney street. Barbarr,
determined to lisii Kate in Chesney
street. But how to get there was a
I puzzle. She hail no notion where
| Plmlico ��as: Plmlico was somewhere,
ln this marvellou, labyrinth of streets
and houses and rushing men and
I rushing women, of bustle, of noise,
and of turmoil, Chesney street had
doubtless its ran Ilttlo niche. But
where, oh, wncre was it to be found!
Barbara ll teniiincd lo go out of the
cul-de-sac, where she had quieted her
healing heart, and ask a policeman lo
guide her to Cliesney street. She found
a tall policeman standing not far from
the Fleet street end of Chancery Lane.
lie observed his wistful and sweet
face aud came at once to speak to
"Ves. miss," he said, "can 1 do anything for you?    What is it. miss?"
Barbara explained ber difficulties.
She wished to get. to Plimico; sbe did
not know where I'imiico was.
"Vou lake a 'bus to Victoria; It's
nulle easy. Here's one coining along
now. Tel] the conductor to put you
dowr. al Victoria Station, and thee
you ask again."
thank you!" said Barbara.
A minute Inter ahe had mounted on
top of the 'bus and was looking around
her. a seise of novelty taking possession of her and crushing back the
cruel sorrow which was eating into lier
She reached Victoria all In du;?
course, and from thero was directed by
more than one policeman lo Chesney
street, it certainly was a low-down,
unattractive part of the world, it seemed to be behind all the respectable
streets. It seemed to be full of dirt
and squalor and misery. Barbara ob-
serbed the name at one end of the
street. It was written up in bold
characters: Cliesney slreet. Ves,
there could be no doubt about it. It
was here that Kate .lessop lived. Kate,
who had enjoyed her year in the
country, who had adored lier pretty
little bedroom, and the flowers which
Barbara gave her from time to time;
her country walks; her seat in church
on Sunday; Kate, who had sung so
joyfully with the other girls in the
choir; Kate, who had grown bonny and
almost good-looking by her life in the
healthy, pure air, by her consumption
of the excellent food which abounded
at the pleasant Rectory. Barbara gasped a little.
But No. 20a was not hard to find,
and presently tha girl stopped before
a dirty house with some broken steps
leading up to the front door. The door
was shut. The steps were extremely
dirty. They were also slippery with
the first cold mud of a London winter.
The windows were begrimed. There
were tattered curtains to one or two
and broken-down Venetian blinds to
Barbara very nearly turned away.
Kate must have mnde a mistake, or
she herself must have made a mistake.
There was surely some other Chesney
street where a girl who had lived for
a whole year at the rectory in Devonshire could find a home. But the address had burnt, itself into Barbara's
brain. She could not get away from
A couple of ragged-looking urchins
came up and stared at the neatly dressed girl.
"Wot be yer wantin', lydy?'1 said the
more impudent of the two.
"I want some one who may be living
In this house," said Barbara, in her
sweet voice.
"Then yer'r better ring," said the
smaller hoy. He and his mate were
both, as they afterwards expressed it,
attracted favorably by Barbara's face.
"I'll ring for yer, miss," said the,
bigger boy.
He ran up the steps and pulled vigorously at tho broken bell. The wire
was very loose, and the bell hiing
down; but a tinkling noise was heard
within, and presently a woman put a
frowsy head out of a basement window downstairs. The boy who had
rung the hell, said:
"Come along, and wait on the lydy
'ere.   Come this minute."
The woman wiped her hands on her
apron and a moment, later had opened
the doof for Barbara.
"Wot Is It?" siie said. "What be yer
wantin', miss?"
"I wish to know���I'm sorry to
trouble you," said Barbara, "and 1
don't suppose she is here after alii
but I used to know a girl called Kate
lessop. I've written lo lier sometimes,
and she gave me as her address, 20a,
Cliesney i.lreet."
"Well, miss, and whal. about her?"
"Do you happen lo know if���if���she
is here?" snld Barbara, her heart beating.
"Yus, miss; she be 'ere; but. not
now. she's out at the present moment; but ef you'll come in and wait���"
"Oh, I don't think I can," said Barbara. "I'll come back, though. What
time will she be in?"
"This is her early evenin' in," said
tlie woman she glansed at on. ot
tha boys, who no'.ded a> her. 'She'll
be in, miss, all things bein' suitable,
and no greater attractions offered, by
aboul eight o'clock tonight."
"Very well; I will come back then,"
said Barbara.
She turned and walked down the
street.   Tbe woman gazed after her.
"She's a lydy, she is. You get out o'
the way. you Ben--Bob, what are you
doing, idling yer time. Go and help
your mother to clean up and put
things strayght. I'm ashamed on the
pair of yen."
Tho boys laughed insolently. One
boy glanced at the other, who gavo a
knowing wink, and, without taking any
further notice of tlie woman who had
opened the door, they sped down the
street after Barbara- She turned
when she head their patting feet.
"Well," she slad, "what do you
"Maybe, miss, yer'd give us a cop
per each, seein' we're vurry cold
and 'ungry."
JHarbara felt ir, her pocket. She had
a few loose coppers. She gave one to
each boy. Tltey looked at the coins
and then at each other.
"Be yer cumin' back tonight,
"Yes, 1 think so," answered Barbara.
" 'Taint a nice street for a young
lad] to he in at night-fall," said the
bigger boy.
"That it alu''," remarked the youug-
"I'm  sorry,"  said  Barbara,    "but  1
must come back."
"Shall us meet yer at the corner
'ere on this vurry spot'.''' said the big
boy.    .
"Will you?" said Barbara.
"Thai ua will."
"Do," said tlie girl.
She nodded to Ihem, smiled faintly,
and walked away. She found a res-
laurant nor far oil' and entered. She
ordered some tea and buttered toast.
The tea was anything but good and
Ilie toast was not to her tasle; but she
knew she must ii. future give up hi
ing fastidious. She drank every drop
of the tea and ale all tho buttered
toast, and felt belter In consequence.
Then she glanced al her llllle watch
She must havo seme sort of lodging
for tlie night, and she could not sleep
in Chesney street. Her waffli lold her
that it was between live and six
o'clock, she ought lo look for a lodging somewhere near.
Sho did not know anything whatever
about London. A girl came up to clear
her tea things. Barbara looked into
her face. The .girl had a kindly expression.
"1 wonder," said Barbara.
"Yes. miss;  some more tea, miss
Certainly, miss."
"It Isn't _iat," said Barbara. "It's���
I am a country girl. Do you know of
some quite cheap, quite clean rooms
that I could take for a night or two?"
The" girl looked interested.
"To be sure now," she said. "There's
rooms, and quite decent rooms, too, In
Chesney street."
"Oh, no; not there," said Barbara.
The girl put on an offended air and
tossed her head.
"Just as you please, of course, miss.
I thought   you    said   cheap   rooms.
They're cheap In Chesney street, and
it's there I live, but it don't matter."
(To be Continued)
Keep it handy on
liver and Bowel* slow down.
Ton* them up wilb
25c. and 60c. at all druggists and
stores. Take Abbey Vita Tablets for
Sick Nerves.
The Apple of Discord
At the marriage of Thetis and Pe-
letis, where all the gods and goddesses
met together. Discord threw on the table a "golden apple" for "the most
beautiful." Juno, Minerva and VenuB
put in their separate claims and, not
being able to settle the point, referred
the matter to Paris, who gave judgment to Venus. This brought on him
the vengeance of Juno and Minerva,
to whose skill is attrlbtued the fall of
Mr. Vayback���Be yew the Waiter?
Walter���-Yes, suh.
Mr. Wayback���Dew yew know, I've
been a-wondirln' all nlong why they
called these places chop houses. I
know now. Will you please bring mo
an axe?   I want to cut this steak.
"You shouldn't treat your boy so
harshly;  you'll break his spirit."
"Well, he'll probably get married
someday, and he might, as well have
it broken now."���Penny Magazine.
Young Bride���Who does the housekeeping?
Her Companion���Oh. we take turns
forgetting to do it.���Exchange.
Good  Health  Frofo  Right Food
"It's not a new food to me," remark-,
ed a mau, in speaking of Grape-Nuts.
"About twelve months ago my w.fe
was in very bad health, could not keep
anything on he.- stomach. The Doctor
recommended milk, half water, but It
waB not sufficiently nourishing.
"A friend of mine told me one day
to try Grape-Nuts and cream. The result was really marvelous. My wife
soon regained her usual strength and
today Is as rosy and plump as when
a girl of sixteen.
. "These aro plain facts and nothing
I could say in p-.eice of Grape-Nuts
would exaggerate ln the least the value
of this great food."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Read "The Road to
Wellvllle," lr. pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
When you open a tin of Red Rose
Coffee, you will surely be pleased
with its unusual fragrance, and
you will note particularly the
small, even grains, free of the
yellow flake or chaff which you have always
been accustomed to see in the ground coffee
you have used. This is the result of our new
crushing process. The Snail grains settle quickly,
so the coffee is never muddy, but always bright and
clear. You will be convinced before you taste it,
that it is a coffee of unusual quality. 4S,
Red Rose Coffee
Where Class Didn't Count
A young woman from abroad was
Starting her conquest ot Ihe country
by entering domestic service wiih a
haughty east end family- She bad an
afternoon off and put on her finest
. ncry and paraded down the street
witli another domestic. As Ihey were
walking along, talking of Ihls and
that, comparing experiences and notes
and other such things, tin.' companion
"Look. Norah! There's the woman
you work for on the other side of the
"Heavens, Maggie! I hope see don't
see me!"
"Why? Are you afraid av yer
"No, yer fool. But. il would be just
like her to see this hat. an' go an' get
one just like It!"
Certain Relief
from headaches, dull feelings, and
fatigue of biliousness, comes quickly
���and permanent improvement in
bodily condition follows���after youi
stomach, livei and bowels hav��>
been    toned    and    regulated   by
Sold erprt wlicre.   Ia btixet, 25 *****.
With His Whole Soul
"If my her.s get into your garden
why don't you shoo them out?"
"I'll <b more than shoot them oul;
I'll boot tlieir owner."
Minard's   Liniment   used   by   Physicians.
None Perfect
There Is a waiter in a certain
boarding house' in Cleveland who has
a keen sense of humor and is quick
at repartee.
The other day one of ihe female
hoarders, who is blessed with a healthy appetite, took two pieces of cake
at once when the dish was passed to
her. Then she Hashed her most winning smile on the waiter and said:
"I suppose 1 am a perfect pig.''
He did  not  lini .11.    Put  he  cjm_
baik at her with the quiet answei
'" "None of us is perfect."
The Wedding Present
Young Bride (after placing the new
vase aloft)���I suppose there's no fear
of it falling?
Groom���Vou  mean,  no  hope.���Thf
Minard's Liniment Lumberman'!
Divided Opinion
"Are you really going to marry Ha*
"I don't know what to say. All the
girls in my class read his letters."
"Eighteen of them think him a dear,
and nineteen say he's a dub."���Wat,-
Ington Herald.
"Your boy has all soils of athletic
"Yes," replied Farmer CorntoBsel,
"But there's cne line o' physical culture he has mksed. 1 wish 1 could
send bim to some gymnasium where
he could learn to swing-a scythe without looking like he was goi'to cutoff
both his feet."���Washington Star.
Pills of Attested Value.���Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are the result ot careful study of the properties of certain
roots and herbs, and the action of suc'n
as sedatives and laxatives on the digestive apparatus The success thi
compounders have met wllh attests
the value of their work. These pills
havo been recognized for many years
as the best cleansers of the system
that can be got. Their excellence was
recognized from the first and they
grow more popular daily.
The Wonderful Aphis
The aphis is in one way the most
startling of all forms of insect life,
for, although the females can and do
lay eggs, its usual method of Increase
Is by a sort of budding process, the
young growing on lhe bodies of the
parent exactly as brussels sprouts
grow out of the stalks of the plant.
Tho old produce young nt the rate of
twenty-five a day, and as the young
are nt. once mature each can produce
Its twenty-live on the following day.
It positively frightens one to work
this multiplication out to a conclusion,
for it. means this: Supposing that the
aphlde could increase nnd multiply
without Interference, the twenty-fifth
generation would he a number too long
to quote here. Put. down a 1 and follow it with twenty-eight naughts and
you will he w'thlr. a few millions of it.
No Asthma Remedy Like It.���Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy Is distinctly di-erent from other so-called
remedies. Were this not so it wopld
not have continued lis great work of
relief unitl known from ocean to ocean
for Us wonderful value. Kellogg's, the
foremost and best of all asthma remedies, stands upon a reputation founded
in the hearte of thousands who have
known its benefit.
The Chicago Record-Herald lost
$400,000 In 1913, yet in many respects
It has been for years one of the very
best newspapers In Its section of the
country. The Int.-r-Ocean Is to be sold
at auction. In New Orleans the Timis-
Democrat and the Picayune were
forced to unite, ns two morning papers
would not be supported in the territory. The number of wrecks ln Journalism recently Is significant of the ef>
feet of the higher cost of newspaper
J living.���Philadelphia Public Ledger.
v_>/._~  SO ���/./ S"v
W^th the Trouble
Clara���Isnl it perfectly lovely���this
higher education ef women?
Clara���The paper says 80 per cent
of college graduates get married.���
New York Weekly.
M__Doucette Tells of her Di*>
treising Symptoms During
Change of Life and How
She Found Relief.
Belleville, Nova Scotia, Can.���"Three
years ago I was suffering' badly with
what the doctors
called Change ol'
Life. I was so bad1,
that I had to stay in
bed. Some friend*
told me to take Lydit
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
it helped me from
the first It is tha
only medicine I
took that did help
me and I recommend!
it. You don't know how thankful and!
grateful I am. I give you permission
to publish what your good medicine ha_
done for me. "-Mrs. Simon Doucettk,
Belleville, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia,
Such warning symptoms aS sense of
suffocation,hot flashes,headaches,back'
aches.dread of impending evil, timidity,,
sounds in the ears, palpitation of the
heart, sparks before the eyes, irregularities, constipation, variable appetite,
weakness and inquietude, and dizziness,,
are promptly heeded by intelligent women who are approaching the period in
life when woman's great change may
be expected.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com"
pound invigorates and strengthens the
female organism and builds up the weak'
ened nervous system. It haa carried
many women safely through this crisis.
If yen want special ad t teo write to'
Lydia _. Pinkham Medicine Co. (�������*;.
dentlall Lynn, Mass.   Yonr tetter wil
be opened, read and answered by #.
w. ninn. and held In strict conBdene" M
THE WSVTF-W. roiTT>^vAv  t> n
The embodiment of
all that is requisite  or
desirable in    modern   witch
construction i_. found  in tba
"Omega" --dCCtiraft   ______ ft
~alto��tllier taUt/adory,
�������  PLUM
R_��ly to lenre ��� ft_ htatinii-uiuu.
___a for quality aud flavour,
I Don't watte your thnt In pre __r__oa.
.        -Bu�� "Clark*_ .
t\ ������_  Uiu Simulation
A !___ fhtfMWUd iMMroui
offer .Irnoi Mi ��__tl1.___
Ann. W�� m rlvlnf _w_r
W��t_a_g to thouMndf ot
pMpt* ill ov_r Um
worl _ ������ * hon
__?___ ��m__t, Nov
U jour o_4u_m to
obtain oat.    Wrlto
BOW,     MfilQtlBf      _���
oNnU tor on. ot ottr
f uhl._��bl- L-dill1
__���__ Qnardi, of
Osnu' Albont, ttnt
c_rH___ i)_ld to w��ft_
with tli* wftloli, which
wilt b. _>!*__ . r<_
(Umm ff-t�� h�� uo
���n_r_n_Md fit- !___!��,
���houl _ roa Uk. __���
T��nUf_ of o nr marvel
Mi ���**- *��� ixwet toi to toll your Irleiida
kboat M Md ���bow __m Um _*_ at!(ul wtteh.
Dm t ttl_k t_U oflor too good to b�� ttnn. but wnd
BS MB _��� lo-dft. tad ti-tn ft fit. W_t_fa. Yon
Btll to ��M��-WILLIAM. * LLOYD. WholoMl*
Jow��U-��UJ��-1.1*1). W, Cornwftllli Ro_d, I_uiiou.il.,
Need_ Our
Of Marking Devices.   Send tor It
DICKINSON,  The  Stamp Man.
3UA   First   Street   East,   Calgary.
Old Sore . Lumps
B]   In Breast Growth!
�� m removed and heal.
tl  ed by a simple
^^ Home Treatment
iMo pain.    Describe the trouble, we will seat
i_ ok and testimonials free
10 Cburchill Ave.. Toroole.
"What's the matter with your
-Ife?" "      .
"She has fretted herself Into a sick
"ieadache over' her paper for the
Don't Worry club.' " i
Your Grocer.
come from the ovens to your
table in tightly scaled packages ��������� ready to eat when
opened ��� with cream, good
milk or fruits.
Every crisp flake of this
attractive food represents the
best part of choice white
Indian corn���
Perfectly cooked, delicately
flavoured and toasted to an
appetizing golden "brown."
Post Toasties are made for
your pleasure and nourishment.
Sold by Grocers
Canadian Postum Cereal Co., LtL,
Windsor, Ont.
He Telia of Hia Sure Clew in a Chicken Guessing Match
At a dinner in a siiuiirbnn district,
where  all the kiu-sis were amateur
chicken raisers, after a discussion ot
the e88 problem the conversation turned to the best Breed of hens. Aft_
the good poll ts of Orpiii-tons, M.n-
orcaa, Leghorns aud others   hmi   all
been brought forth, the host snid:
"Well, the ultimate end ot every
chicken is the liot, and you can't tell
the difference when it is on the table.
Let's see ho'v many can tell what liiud
of a hen we have just eaten."
All agreed It was a very (.ood kind,
bill, there were many guesses us to the
breed. The only child at the table, a
twelve year old boy, was the one who
guessed correctly.
The hosi beamed on him and said,
I'Jluinile, how did you know II was a
Plymouth Rock?"
"Oh, that was easy,'' he replied.    "1
found a feather in the gravy.'    ��� In
burgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Worms are encouraged by morbid
conditions ol tho stomach and bowels,
and SO subsist. Miller's Worm I'ow-
ilers will alter these conditions almost
Immediately and will sweep the worms
away. No destructive parasite eau
live In oontacl villi this medicine,
which Is nut only a worm destroyer,
bin u health-giving medicine 'most
beneficial to the young constitution,
and as such it. has no superior.
She Was No Easy Mark
Martha Is seven anil has shown more
than the ordinary childish aversion to
learning lessons, being washed and
having I'urls made smooth and shining
and less than the average delight lu
fairy tales. One day upon her return
from Sunday school she was Questioned as to wliyt she had learned from
her nice teacher tli is time. She cried
out with flashing eyes and an indignant toss of her pretty head, "Why,
mamma, my teacher told me today
that story about the children of Israel
walking across the Red Sea and not
getting theirsolves Wet one single bit,
and she es-pected me to believe it!"���
Mothers. If your baby suffers from
constipation, if his little stomach or
bowels are out of order, give hlni
Baby's Owu Tablets. They never fail
to give relief and an occasional doco
will banish constipation aud keep the
stomach and bowels in perfect order.
Concerning t.lie Tablets, Mrs. J. H.
Gngnon, St. Simon, Que., writes: "I
cannot recommend Baby's Own Tablets too highly as a cure for constipation, as I have found tbem the very
besi medicine In the world for this
trouble." The Tablets are sold Ly
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Out.
Tlio lilnd hearted woman stopped
to reprove tlie youngster who had
chased a cat up a tree.
"You bad boy. suppose you were a
cat, would you like lo have any one
chase you in that fashion?"
"Gee! wouldn't I though, if I could
climb like tbat," said the youngster,
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re-
ward for any cpso of Catarrh that
cannot ba cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHQNE- * 00. Toledo, 0.
We. the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last IR years, and believe
him perfectly honorable In all buslnesa
transactions and financially able to carry
out  any obligations mado  by bis llrm.
Toledo,  0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, actlnff directly upon the blood and mucous Burfacea of the system, Testimonials sent free. Price, 75 cents per bottle.
Sold  by  all   DtUKKlats.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
A certain kind of blunder Is supposed to be characteristically Hibernian, yet this story ts told of a Frenchman: Prince Talleyrand was suddenly wakened one night hy the discharge of a pistol. Seeing his valet
iu the apartment, he asked what the
trouble was.
"Your highness," replied the man,
"there was u mouse in tlie room, and,
fearing it, might disturb your slumbir,
1 shot It."���Boston Transcript.
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Advantage   of   Early  Training
A Chicago business man is the father of a youth of a most literal tendency. Last spring, when the father
left for Km ope, where he was to spend
the entire summer, he promised, the
lad that, if he were to attain a certain mark in his studies, his reward
would be a-continental trip with bis
Tlie prospect ot such a trip stimulating the lad to such a degree that he attained a mark even higher than that
set him by his parent. He cabled his
father the oue wjrd. "Yes."
It would seem, however, that the
pnter bad forgotten his offer, for, after
thinking over the message, he cabled
his son, "Yes, what?"
Then, in turn, the son was perplexed- Finally after due reflection he
cabled lo bis tather, "Yes, sir."���Detroit Free Press.
W. N. U. 1006
Elsie���Mamma, I don't feel "well.
Mother���That's too liad, de.ir
Where do you feel worst?
Klsie���In school, mamma.���Christ-
Ian Register.
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Why You're Tired���Out et
Sorts���Nwf m Apttlit*.
will put you rijbt
in s lew days.
They do
llieir duly.
Bifiossiuu, IWifMfio*, and Sick Headache.
Small fill, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine m_tt__ Signature
John Thompson was a good hushatnl,
but he possessed a weakness for teasing Ills wife about dress- One day
lie found her silting by the window.
"Watching the styles, Minmy?" he
asked. .
"Now, John, give me creilit for having thoughts higher than dresses now
nnd then," she answered.
"Then yon must be t.hlnkin' of a
new hat," lie retorted.���Llppincott's.
w*i _   i    ���   r*> J
\-y     m   ��    ���     *-**    P     __    _h_r
__ pills
Mi i,
IfiMT'S  DIS*.
No matter how the waist line swerves
With fashion's fluctuation.
Somehow a fellow's arm still curves
Right round the true location.
An Error in Geography
On one'occasion the Ilritish lost a
point in thefc. war with llussia u. reason of an error in their geography,
This was when Commodore Elliott had
succeeded in blockading tbe Russian
fleet lu the culf of Saghallti, on the
east coast of Siberia. The Russians
were iu n cul de sac, aud the British
ships awaited contentedly for sueh
time as tho enemy should venture to
put. to sea But they waited In vain,
and at last an investigation was made.
It was found that the Russian ileet
had vanished. While the British commodore waited at the south end of lho
gulf, the Russian ships slipped away
through the shallows at the north en
Into the sea ot Okhotsk. Until this
discovery was made the British gov
ernmeni bad believed Saghalln to he
a peninsula. Now, 100 late, they
learned that it was au island, with a
very narrow channel al lhe north end
of the gulf running into the sea of
You will find relief in Zam Buk!
It eases the burning, stinging I
pain, stops bleeding and brings ;
with Zam-
Why not prove
thi _ ?    AU Uruaait's and ijtortx.
M<  _   ��� _,_. _.���_.
To-Al.'- _U_A_\__ SO ...^
Do You Feel the Pinch of Coins?
Loosen up, with twenty-live cents
buy yourself about ten dollars' worth
of foot comfort which you'll gel In a
bottle of Putnam's Com and Wart Extractor, Its soothing, h, iiliug balms
painlessly cure any corn or wart In
twenty-four hours. You'll be more
than satisfied by Putnam's Painless
Corn and Wart Extractor. Try it.
Not Long
"Is your wife golii;? to be .away for
some time?"
"I don't think she'll be gone for
more than a week or iwo. She took
only three trunks and a couple of suitcases-"
Complete Iu itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not require
the assisti.uce of any other medicine
to make It. effective. It does not fail to
do its work.
"Are you aware of the fact, Madame," lis asked, "that the Bible does
'not mention a single women angel?"
"I suppose that is because things
are arranged in heaven so that no
woman has to be single."
Keep    Minard's    Liniment    In the
Of Chile's 187,000,000 acres of land
only about 20,000,000 acres are suitable for cultivation.
In less than two years  it "ill
be unlawful to buy nr use
poisonous white phosphorous  matches
Everybody    should   begin
now to use
and thus ensure safety in
the home
Well Arranged
Maid���Mrs. Nuylor returned Due.
cheaper cocoa than siio borrowed,
Mistress���Well, Mary, put it In *
jar by Itself and lend it to her a _ _ _
she sends over again.
The Silent Band
"I am a men ot few words."
"Shake!    I'm married, too."
This Boy Had Fits
I Two best doctors
gave him up
Wonderful Cure
rj   effected by
Dr. Chases^-
This Letter Tells the Story
Mrs. J. D. fainter, 38 Park Street, Amsterdam, N.Y., writes .-"When six
years of age my boy began to have fits. They came on in the night. He would
make strange noises, stiffen out, froth at mouth, face would twitch and sometimes turned purple.   After the fit he could not talk.
"The family physician said all he could do was to keep them down somewhat. The second physician pronounced trouble Jeffersonian epilepsy, but could
not cure him. He suffered for six years and before beginning the use of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food had three fits in about five days. Our druggist recommended Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. He has taken seven boxes and has not had
the symptom of a fit since beginning this treatment five months ago. His color
has greatly improved; he is not nervous and irritable like he used to be, and we
consider his cure a most remarkable one."
Makes Puny Children Strong and Robust
Epilepsy is ��� form of nervous exnaustlon and
disappears when the vigor of the nervous system is
restored. Such symptoms as headache, dizziness,
ringing in the ears, irritability of temper and speckj
before the eyes give warning of danger ahead. It
may be paralysis, epilepsy or some other form of
nervous collapse. The warning tells you that such
restorative treatment as Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
is nccessar]* to revitalize the feeble, wasted nerve
cells, to fill the system with vigor and ward off
dangerous disease.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food Is so mild and gentle
in action and at the same time so powerful id' its
reconstructive Influence tbat it Is admirably suited
as a means of restoring pole, weak, nervous
children to health and vigor. Such ailments aa
Rlcketts and St. Vitus' Dance are overcome and
vitality Is so Increased that trouble from indigestion,
headaches and weak eyes disappear.
This food cure is a wonderful help during tha
growing period when physiological changes are
taking place and when school work is particularly
trying on the nervous system. Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, SOc. a boi; 6 for $2.SO. All dealers or
F.dmanson, Bates * <_o., LlmltcJ. Toronto. Writ*
for free booklet on "The Nerves."
Note the increase in weight while DR. CHASE'S NERVE POOD U _elag mi THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869
Capital Paid Dp 511,.-0,000       Reserve and Undivided Profits 113,000,000
Payable In all pails ���l tin- world
Special attention given to Savings Department .unl Transaction] i ul Ordinary Banking Business by mail
1). M, MORRISON, Mgr.
The Courtenay Review I
Ami Comox Valley Advocate j
A  Weekly Newspaper,  Published at '
Courtenay, I! C.
N. II. Borau. Bdltor and Proprietor
Subscription W.60 per Year in Advance
ti! _jT
THURSDAY, JUDY 30, 191-1
For Choice
Mr,  Justice  Morrison and ^n |Fami|y QYQCQYles
Justice Macdonald, of tbeSuprem
Court Bench, have been appointed
a Koyal Commission to report on.|
tbe basis of a redistribution measure |
to be presebted to Lhe Legislature
at its next session. Tins means
lhat there will not be a Provincial
election until late in 1915, or perhaps
early in 1916.
On "Tuesday evening next, Aug.
4, the Central Conservative Associations of North Comox will hold
their annual meeting. On Wednesday a general meeting ol all the
Conservative Associations of Comox will be held, at which Messrs.
Clements and Manson arc expected
to be preseut. This will be an
important meeting, and as many
Conservatives as possible should
try and attend.
Boots and Shoes:
Dry Goods
One   Price   to
152 Discount
On all
The post office and Mr. Idiens'
circular are the two all absorbing
qtiestious of the day in Courtenay
this week. Even the anticipated
arrival of the first train and the
incoming of the Electric Light
Company have lost their claims for
consideration. Had the lots in
question been offered a year ago,
when the matter was decided, they
might bave been accepted, but now
at lhe i-lh hour when the plans
have been made, the lots cleared,
and lenders for the building all in.
its simply out of the question, A
year ago everybody was enthusiastic and satisfied when the Perez
lot: '.vere chosen The majority of
the people are satisfied today,
and do not take kindly to having
any change made, and rather than
sec any, announce their intention
of petitioning the Government and
Mr. Clements to stop the work for
all time.
Alice, Where Alt Thou?
(Cumberland News)
It is high lime the Liberals were
.starling in 10 do something np this
way. H 'hey expect to carry this
constituency at next election without proper organization and hard
work, they will be badly fooled,
Vou don't catch the Conservatives
asleep. Where are 111'.' big e.lins of
While building a fence on Miss
Payne's place last week, Mr. Thos.
Knight unearthed a skeleton Ix.
ncatli a large stump, The bones
were apparently those of a white
person, the teeth were small and in
good shape.
Born���To Mr. and Mis. Howard,
wireless station, on Sunday July
19, a son.
A couple of weeks ago, G. R.
Hales found a boat washed up ou
the beach at Kye Bay. The next
tide brought in a man's black hat
and a lot of oranges also a box containing a quantity of canned goods.
Mr. Bales suspects that an accident
has occurred, and is watching the
beach in case thj body of a mau
may come in.
Knight is Rifle Champion
Vancouver, 11. C, July 26 ���The I
forty-first annual prize meeting of j
the B. C. Rifle association closed 1
Saturday afternoou with lhe presi-1
dent's team match and lhe final
Stage of the lieutenant-governor i
match. !
The President's match was fired j
at 600 and 900 yards, ten shots at:
each range.    The io.|lh Regiment,
won  the  cup with  fifteen  points
above the 6th Regiment. D, C. O.
_,, their nearest rivals.
Ii'     the"   lieutenant-governor's
match, the pro\: ���: al   '���    ipionship
at 600, 900 and 1,000 yards, sev ������*
shots at each range,  Lieut, Knight,
won by four points,
"They'll  Not  Be Happy Till They Gel There"
If you wish to please your children and
see theni grow strong and health}', buy
a waterfront lot at Rov's Beach. On
asking a seven year old of one family
located there if lie was having a good
time, he quickly answered "Ubetclier."
British Columbia Investment- Ltd.
"Hirner" Fashioned Foot
This   is   the only   sock   made   that  fits the foot
No pull on the garter as in other socks
More  room in the heel which  prevents   pulling
on the top of the toe
The wrinkles at the instep are absent
Price 50 cents
Call and examine them See our window
For sale by
Loggie Bros.       Phone 34
252 Bis.
Misses and Childrens
and RUGS
Ladies', Misses and
The  Corner  Store, Sandwick
for the Rush of Fruit. Remember the
Fruit Season does not I_st long and
its a long winter without lots of fruit.
We have a sull line of everything
you may   require at   lowest   prices.
Prompt Delivery Is Our Motto   |
Phone 4
Parkin Bros.
Uuidrens nam ana
Ready-to-wear Hats
at  Reduced Prices
Gents' Department
See Our Stock of
main an<
Hamilton Watches
tf^.yM      HORNBY
Shannon Bld'g      Courtenay
.��__-��__������- __-._���__
on all
MENS   and   BOYS
of tho bargains [we  are offering  before the  alterations to our store take p! i ce
Waists with new sailor collars, #2.50 values  for $ .50
Girls Summer \\ reight Middy Sweaters, $2.85 values l'or, i.oo
"        '���        Wash Dresses, 6 to 10 years    1.00
Womens " "      34 to 42      r.oo
" " "       $i-2$, Si.75 values for....  1.00
���' Pique       "       34, 36 only  2.50
"             Embroidery Corset Covers, $2,75 values,.      .95
'" " Cliiius 81.75  values 75
2 and 3 year Girls Dresses, white embroidery, very
pretty designs, excellent washing goods, to clear
$2.00 lo $3.00 values 95
All our goods are marked down to effect .1 quick clearance and we can
mail  you any  goods iu  ladies' or  children's  wear at prices  that will
please and suit you
Why not give this department .1 trial?
623 Johnson St. Victoria
The Duke  and Duchess of Con-      Mrs. James Knight was visiting
naught  and Princess  Patricia, are | in town a few days last week.    Mr
at Calgary this  week.   They were
extended a royal reception.
Knight is not improving iu health
and 13 unable to leave the homestead. /3.
MONTH K.U���n.YMOl. TU���
Macula..ni   N.w   Tivln--_ir����
O-UHANU"- Hiilldlm)
Ous-OkM    (II.)    0_bln    ud   Third
OlMt   pntttnir_���    mtl_     __���   <��� rrl.it.
lb-   <Id_   l.l�� Hm   <ul>in   lire .iiiiilud _tt_ n
laolucUi t
\>r_n Ull   r_f��,       I -Mint-,
(���vtun nilum, I'i mn ____*..
Hmoklng   Houm,       ItnitvLu.   lt_��m,
Ittnlnj  Bftloan, ! Iitrnrr
H_ it. I .ii*   Sl��tm_��m_
fl��rrlctt nlio b_ twa en New Tork.
MMlttrm nf��n, A.I r tut to, l_o_t<m,
_|af��a_tonn,   1 .1?. rnool,   New    York,
Ftihui .rd,   l.lvrrpool.
Th*   F.tt.it   !*_*_*__*.    and   U_ll
B��rv)-��  In   til*   World.
Fer    Information    a, y.f    ta    u;
Railway   or   8: eimmhlp   Aff .at,   or
Till    -'UNAlll.    STEAMSHIP   CO.,
1.1 Mil BU
804   MAIN    ST..      1TMNIPE-.
_���{��� _k__t|t * __�����*����-. >|l _�� _��|�� _���__ l|f ��_��||* _H_ *J�� __<   .
Something   _mi<-    than   linen   anil   l)l��
laundry  bills     Wash  u  with  soap   anil
inter.   .All stores or ilirect.    Slate style
and sue    For *_r  wo will mail you
N   61 Fraiar Avtnut, Tor onto, On.w *���
THERAPIOI-. __.!__--_
* VIM, K1D_ XV, B _..D_K. , n IS...S... BLOOD POISON,
!_(LSS> BITHXft . 0, D(HJ_O18T8 0rMA1_$l. POST 4 CT��
irOLTiE.IA Co, M. . BEltUAM BTJIBW K>R .or I.Y. i.\_ B _f>S
HI ro, Co, Havers iock Un. U ami _, ikah, lo:;U-��, bmu.
1 _YN _WDR.--iESUASTB!.l._SH*0_ MOE   r.ASV TO  TABS
111   ill .K    I'i'  Cittir'i Blutkl _  Pills.    Im-
UlltlVIl   jirlr.,1   (r��_. miiiilo: ����(��-_ i.r
Vr'oi'.-i iiooltotea liocti ia. th _ pro-
m    mmm __f^    IHt    wher.    -liar   vi-lnai    fill.
���     W7tT *    Wrll�� lor lirjoMat >n,l tt-_i___l_
1      W* I   ��     10-doH pk|>. Olieklil -III 11.00
_   j 1   A_    60-_ll . k����. Bliokln Pllll   4.00
Uie ��ii.  Iiii. tor. bul Cutlw'f !>����*���
Cht superiority ol Cutt_ product* li du, la om 15
ISSTt el ipkIaIIiIiK In VAcoin- ind nruitti only.
1 n��1_ Bn Cuttsr'l.   If linobLIO&bU. nrilor direct.
IHE CUTTER  LABORATORY,  Btrkil .,-C_l__l���
It   Worried   Her
How the C.P.R. Look After Their Efficient Employees
That si'lioino nf tho Canadian
Pacific tn discover the _ mil unil bad
points of its employees, wiih the Men
ol readoilug mure adequate Justice
to the inilividiial, i�� creating Interest;
on the his American systems, it
wus tlio origination ot Mr. Grant
Hull, general manager ol Uio west"
em lines, with about 40.0011 employees
under bin direction. Sir Thomas
Shaughiiessy, at tamtly tanquets lins,
before now, exprossed regrel that
good mi'ii might be overlooliod, notwithstanding the I'ni'i that the com-
pati) was on tlie koeu lookoul for
the men wiui were to como atlcr the
present oflloers.
li ims beon ti it iimi while the men
cIobo iii liuiiil could iin measured ns
to capacity, the thousands al a distance, working on all purls nt the line,
extending for LlioiiBnnds of miles
mlghl be overlooked in spite ot lho
mosl  iimli nlalilo i|nnlilU'ullniiH
Mr. Hall thon, uppolnts trustworthy
persons who shall no over Uio west-
oi*n kv_ tfin regularly, watch Uio men,
themselves unsuspected, and report,
nol tbelr bad, but their good qualities;
liow Ihey ilu lliolr work; how thoy
conserve Ilie Inlorest) ol the company!
how Ihey show tlmir zeal. If bud,
things mtiBl bo reported. Those
Ogalilsl whom the lihir.lt mark Is made
will havo a ihane i to be board before
judgttienl is londorcd. In Ihls way,
It is bolleved tho merits of tli_ men
will be more certainly discovered, and,
belug dlBcovored, promotion will follow upon thn discovery���whon lhat
Ib possible.
This idea, Which Is even now lieliiR
luit Into effect. Is regarded by the
big American systems us nt onee novel and excellent. Tlm wonder ia Hint
it was not tried before. The.men who
aro at the elbow of tbo president or
ai the hcniis of departments ure. of
course, nolkeil and promoted, which
may be just enough; but those who
nre not scon, have not the Biimo
chance and yet Iliey might bo just
as capable as tlio more favored ones.
This has been felt to bo a grievance
from the beginning, but a grievance
which could not, apparently, be remedied. Mr. Hall has found a way.
lie brings each employee rloso by tho
reporl lie will receive respecting him.
Of course, lhe Investigation which tho
secret Inspector can rank, must nee
essarily be superficial; nevertheless
it will have value. They can see whero
there is courtesy, a willingness to
help; zeal for the service; and theso
enter into character.
Few Escape Corns
Tbey come t > the young, the old,
tlie weal: and the strong In all cases
cure is effected in twenty-four hours
by Putnam's rainless Corn and Wart
Extractor. This remedy is painless,
it's sure, it always euros. Don't expert
ment. Use tho old and reliable Putnam's Painless Corn and Wart Extractor. Price 25e.
I "Fred, do you cemomber where you
I were In 1010?" aslted the bj'ldc ot a
i few months,
"Why. nn dear; I don't iviiirnilier
exactly." replied the young busbaii*
"Why do you ask?"
"Why. l was reading today In the
paper that it is snid that In 1910 one
I person  In every son wns in  prison."
.. Chicago banker waa dictating a
I ������,'.. r to bis stenographer.
"Toll Mr. So-aud-So." be ordered,
"that I w m meet him In Schoiu a-
"llow do you spell Schenectady?"
asked the stenographer.
"R e _-c -er - or--it Toll bim
I'll iiii et him lu Albany
Pain In   Back   All  Gone
Cin Pills Completely Cured
Mr. II. (' David of I'nrnwullis, N.S.,
says, "AInnn a year ago 1 wus Buffering so much With a dreadful l.umn
Back nnd Hips, t'.int 1 could nol stand
up straight. I was Informed by a
friend about QlN PH.I.s I got n box.
ll helped mo Immediately, 1 have
takon about twelve boxes, and lho
pains in my back and hips ure nil
Roue. 1 cannot, speak- too highly of
your '(UN PILLS.'"
50c a box, li Tor $2.60 Sample Tree
if you write National lung _ Chemical i.'o, of Canada, Limited, Toronto,
Sandy (nowly arrived in Canadian
forest land)���Whatna beast's you?
Native���A' young moose.
Sandy���Och, hand yer tongue! It
that's a young moose I'd like to see
ttne 'o yer auld rats! Punch.
The Reason
Farmer���See that there pig? 1 call
him "Inlv."
Visitor-Why  so?    lie Isn't bla<_.
Parmer���No, but he keeps rtiunlng
from the pen
Xj0f      Handing Out
"" Horse Power
The Ucst lubricant for wagons is
Mica Axle Grease
Suves repairs and makes hard   roads easy.
"It's tht _,'.������ that Jots it."
Winnipeg Toronto St. John
Vancouver Montr<_l tUHU-
Cr.rns cause much suffering, but
Holloway's Corn Cure offers a speedy,
sure and satisfactory relief.
Bobby���Papa says you are a self-
made man.
Homely caller (proudly)���YeB, my
Bobby���I guess you didn't havo
any looking glass when you made
your face, did you?
Strsngt Growth
"Pa, what's ii feebly?"
'There isu'l 1111 v se'li thing, Ifur
"Ves there Is. li Bays In this book
thai the young innn had a feebly growing down on bis i licek." -Christian
Keep Minard's Liniment in the
The   Explanation
The Customer���These eggs   you've
been selling me tor fresh laid are ou'.
of cold storage,
Thi' Merchant -They're fresh laid,
all right, but the temperature bus
been so low lately Hint the hens bifve
been laying cold Storage eggs.
."What is a gusher in au oil Held?"
asked  ibe Old  Fogy
"Tho mnn who writes the prospectus," replied Hm Grouch.
Girls, if a young man doesn't know
bow to make love, It is neither arduous nor unpleasant to teach him.
Servant (rebuked tor bringing in a
dirty cup)���Funny thing, mum, 1 always seem to hit upon this one when
you have company.���Punch,
Bride  Cot  Pussy
Scott���How long were you nwny on I
your wedding lour'.'
Mott -Too long; il developed into a I
lecture lour.
Are you one of tho.-e t: whom
every meal Is another source of
suffering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
Will help your disordered stomach to
digest any reasonable meals, ar.i will
soon restore It to such perfect condition thai you'll never feel that you
have a stomach. Take one after
each meal. 50c. a Box at your
Druggist'-. Made by lhe National
Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited. ue
Jack���I was just admiring Mabel's !
hair.    How pretty il is!
Mabel's Rival���Oh, she bus some .
prettier than that! I
Guarding   Them
The Employer���By the way. t-t
children usually eat with us.
The New Governess (firmly)���I
must ohject to that
"They're sure to pick up tnch faulty
notions ot grammar."���Ctevi land
Plain Dealer,
Johnnie's Comprehension
"You know what a boomerang is,
Jon't you, Johnnie?"
"No, ma'am."
"Why, a boomerang ia something
you throw out and after a little while
it turns and comes hack."
"Please, ma'am, it's somethtn' like
tb' prodigal son, ain't il?"
Aik for Minard'i and take no other.
"Tbis girl Is only a college flirt. Hew
lo you know that she really loves
"She dyes her hair to conform with
my class colors, dad. A folio . could
not ask for any greater proof of devotion than that."���Judge.
The Friend of All Sufferers���Like to
"the shadow of a rock in a weary land"
h Dr. Thomas' Belectrlc Oil to all
those who suffer pain. It holds out
hope to everyone and realizes It by
stilling suffeiing everywhere. It is a
liniment that has the blessings of
half a continent. It is on sale every-
���-here and can be found wherever enquired for.
Not a Thief
Manager���You haven't stolen a base
this season.
Baseball Play���Well, I���
Manager���1 want you to understand
that there Is such a thing as being too
honest. ""���
Try   Muriri-   Eye    Remedy
K yo�� havo Rei. V.'ea_t Watery Eyes
lor Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Small
USoothes Eye Pain. Druggist*-Sell
Murine Bye Remedy, Liquid, 25c,-SOc.
-fiirini Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,1
415c, SOj.    Eye 8oo!.s Free by Mat?,'
j S3 i. . __��� ��odU ter All 5.  ��� _at N_xl <_ _  I
:*iu_k>; Bye Rociadp Co* Chloaao
The Professor (interviewing applicant for position of page boy)���Well,
young mau, wbat is your name, where
do you llvo and whal does you father do?
The Applicant���Tommy Tubb. Paradise row, ain't got no farver, only a
Tbo Protessor���Well, wbat does
your stepfather do?
Tho Applicant 'E ain't done no-
think, not siuco we've 'nd 'im.���London Sketch.
The High Cost of Living
At the present time possibly no
other subject is receiving quite as
much attention in Canada as tills
oue. It will bo a surprise to most
readers to know that during the liscal
years which ended March lilst, 1013,
Canada paid $11,500.0.0 in duly on
food, and all of this largo sum is
virtually a direct lax on tho consumer.
In glancing over tlio list it is easy
to understand that Hie buying public
are themselves largely to blame In
many Instances, tor there are articles
of food produced in Canada tbat are
equal in every respect to those made
in nny country in the world.
In tbe baking powder line alone
there were 607,904 lbs. Imported into
Canada, and this mean:- the consumer paid In duty the enormous sum of
$117,000. There are no better goods i.'.
the world In this line than magic bak-',
ing powder, and il is nindo ln a
model sanitary up-to-date factory, and
can be procured in any first-class
store at one-half tbo price the Imported article sells for.
-neb articles as raisins, currants
and many other things, which do not
grow In Canada, or are not produced
here, bave of necessity to be imported, and tbo duly paid.
If 1hc consumer would devote a Utile thought and attention to this subject a large amount, of money could
and would be saved.���Canadian Home
W. N. U. 1005
A gentleman who had married bis
cook was giving a dinner party and
between the courses the good lady
sat with l.er hands spread on tbe
table cloth.
Suddenly the burr of conversation
ceased and in the silence that followed a young man on Hie right ot bis
hostess sa'd pleasantly:
"Awful pause."
"Yes, tbey may he ' said the old-
time cook, wltb heightened color;
"and yours would be like theni if you
l.ad doiu half my work."
'"Jenlts will never make a good golf-
"lie's  tongue-tied."���Penny   -Magazine, i
An Author's Experience
 WITH ���
Shock and Overwork caused Nervous Breakdown-Never found anything
to compare with Dr. Chase's Nerve Food as a Restorative.
Miss Innes is widely known in New York, Toronto and other large centres as a
Teacher of Dressmaking and as author of the most complete work on this subject:
" Scientific Dressmaking and Millinery." This book has been ordered by the government for use in Woolen's Institutes throughout this province, and is being put into
practically all Public Libraries. The experience which' Miss Innes has had with Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food is told in such an interesting manner in her letter that we shall
quote it in full.
Miss I. Innes, 245 Huron St., Toronto,
writes:���"I have a strong constitution and
do not neglect the health as many do
whose strenuous lives of overwork lead
to breakdown of the nervous system.
Consequently when, on receipt of a telegram announcing the death of a brother
who was very dear to me, the nerves
failed me, I went to my doctor and bis
prescription acted beautifully and restored
the nervous system for a time. Again
in New York I felt the need of a tonic
and had the doctor's prescription filled
but to no avail, and just here I want to
emphasize the necessity of going to a
reliable'druggist who you know will use
only the best and purest drugs. I was
benefitted to some extent by trying a
prescription which is used extensively
by stock brokers on Wall Street, where
fortunes are made and lost in a day,
and the nerves give w_y under the
enormous strain.
This helped me but 1 am writing this letter to say that nothing I used could
for a moment be compared to Dr. Chase's Nerve-Food. This treatment restored my
exhausted nerves, gave me new vigor and energy, and banished the many distressing
���jnd disheartening symptoms which only nervous people will understand.
I know there are authors, journalists and business m_n with whom I come in
contact daily who should know about this great nerve restorative. 1 know there are
women in the home straining the last nerve to make the best use of the income in
these times of high prices and whose nerve cells have been sapped by worry and
anxiety until they live in misery and do hot understand the reason. It is because I
know this that I want to tell these nervous, worn out people about Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food. From my own experience I know just how they feel and just as certainly
know that Dr. Chase's Nerve Food will prove a wonderful blessing to them."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a box, 6 for $2:50, all dealers or Edmansotl, Bates
6? Co,, Limited, Toronto.
Comox, B. C.
First-class  Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
Cumberland Hotel
Cowl Accomodation     Cuslne Bxcelleu
Wm. Merryfield
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Comox, B. C.
Beit Metis North of Nauiauio
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Ilnr supplied with the finest brands of
Liquors and Cigars
JOS. WALKKR       -       -      Proprietor
North and South, in
and West,
Aston'sHandmadeShoes will
stan I the Test.
J- E-   A^TOJN
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Advertise Your
Wants in
Largest circulation in Comox District
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
C. E. Tildesley
B. C. L. S.
Apply at
Riverside Hotel,   Courtenay
I Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipmentsj-ompt-
ly Installed. Electric Wiring ai_P_nstal-
lation of all kinds of Electrical Work
isolated Lighting Wants s Specialty
Box 195      Phone F95      Courtenay
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
R. N. Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans *_ud   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
Sheaf and Grain Competition
Open to the World
Conditions:-- i. Open to Province or State iu any country.
3. All exhibits must be grown
by the exhibitor, and be the product of the crop of 1913 or 1914.
3. All exhibits must be sent
through tlie Minister of Agriculture
Commissioner, or Secretary, of the
Province or State, or Officer in
charge of Agricultural Department,
4. Exhibits must be sent by express addressed, "J. O. Orr, General Manager, Canadian National
Exhibition,   Toronto,     Canada,"
|withalabel enclosed stating, the
name and variety of the exhibit,
and the name and address of the
5. The exhibits will become the
property of the Exhibition,
6. A statuory declaration must be
made and forwarded to tho Manager of the Canadian National Exhibition, giving the date of the
growth of the grain and sheaf, and
stating that both were grown by
the Exhibitor, This certificate
must be forwarded at tiie making of
the entry.
7. An exhibit shall consist of
two bushels of grain in a sack ac-
combanied by one of tlie same
grain, tightly bound, and not less
than 8 inches 111 diameter where
tied. Sheaves not required for
entries of Peas and Beans. Com
to consist of 70 pounds each iu the
ear, crated.
8. In judging, the quality of the
grain in the sack, the straw aud
graiii iu the sheaf will be considered.
9. No Givernment, Experimental or Demonstration Farms, or institutions receiving financial aid
from a Government or Municipality, can eompe'.e,
10. Each Province or State can
exhibit in one or all of the sections,
11. Judges will be selected by
the Minister of Agriculture of the
Dominion of Canada.
The Milkman
I am the guy that revolutionized
the milk trade,
I am tlie   guy   who  introduced
the bottles iu this town.
I'm the guy, don't pass nie by,
Buy my milk and drink it down.
The  Comox Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courteuay
Nothing   But   First  Class  Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
I deliver you milk tight.oil
I deliver it once, aud
sometimes 'Telephone M 9_     COMOX, B. C.
I am the guy, don't pass me by,
Buy my milk and drink it down.
I call around every morning at
your back door,
Please leave the M. T's
night before.
I am the guy, don't pass me by,
Buy my milk and drink it down.
Don't interrupt ine ou my wny,
Nor at the end of the month forget to pay.
I am the guy, don't pass me by,
Buy my milk and drink it down.
Plastering Contractor
out the Estimates l'urulshed   Work Guaranteed
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Palace Livery
& Feed Stable
Wood!_ Wood!
Price $4.50 per load
or cord delivered
Price $3.25 per load
in the bush
D. CUDMORE - Courtenay
and Buggies for Hire
Reasonable Rates
We ��l��o attend to wood hauling
Builders of
Oars and Paddles
made to order
Accessories for Motor Boats
District   Agent  for  Ferro,
Honest]Clay and Foos Engines
Patronize Home Industry
Boat Builder Courtenay
Brcnze Medals
To the Editor:���The Minister of
Education wrote to a Comox supporter on Sept. nth. 1913, that
the Governor General s bronze
medals, ten of them, are giveu
annually to the town which shows
the best result in the Entrance
Cumberland city sent up ig
pupils to try this examination last
month. Suppose the whole 19 had
passed, aud that these 19 had got
over 1,000 marks apiece: yet Cumberland could not have got a medal
because a pass list of 21 pupils was
the lowest that got oue this year,
Only 32 passed at Nanaimo uut
of the 79 who tried, and the best
pupil got only 666 marks, yet that
pupil got a medal. There are 11
districts in the province whose best
pupils got over coo marks, yet
only 4 of these got a medal. There
are 467 pupils who got more marks
than Nan limo's best
The city of Finiie sent up 10
pupils 10 try and they all passed,
the best one with 744, but no
1 edal,
The Minister's statement was
very plausible, but false.
J. N. Muir.
July 25. ��9i .���
Health Rules
Some people are continually
harping on health rules, Others
seem to think such rules are all
bosh, and a Kood healthy disease
is desirable. Still others are rather
reckless and make an effort to enjoy life and run the risk of several
healthy diseases. One observer
advises the people to take their
choice of several courses. Thus
runs the menu: Drink water and
get typhoid fever." Drink milk and
get tuberculosis, Drink whiskey
and get the jimjams. Drink soup
and get fat, Eat meat and encourage cancer, apoplexy, and appendicitis- Eat oysters and absorb
typhoid gastric poison germs.
Eat vegetables and give the system
Asiatic thin-blooded weakness,
Eat dessert and die with paresis or
something else. Smoke cigarettes
aud die too soon. Drink coffee
fall into insomnia and nervous
prostration. Drink tea and get
weak heart. Drink wine aud Ret
gout. The majority of people
however, prefer to do most of these
things, and let the insurance companies take the risk.- Peterborough
0. Box .
tary   Publio
Phone 24
has a fine new stock of
Fancy Dry Goods
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ot Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, lite.
Harness Repaired Neatljfl
Cumberland and Courtenay
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really uu necessary when Bread from the
Court .nay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -    Prop.
Opposite new Presbyterian Churcli
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Culls jProiuptly
Phone 27
At Ad. in The Review Pa/
Phoas as
Try an Ad. in The Review I Council
Labour and Monopoly
Labour organizations can be
rendered unnecessary for the
protection of labour only through
abolition of monopoly of natural
opportuities. If that were done
there would be jobs open to all, and
laborers would get their entire
product without organization. As
long as monopaly of Nature's resources is allowed to exist laborers
will be driven to organize and to do
much that is unethical in self defence. These facts must be borne I
in mind in judging the labour'
unions' case.���Ottawa Citizen.
 1  - -
A Motor Bus Company has offer-1
ed to install a motor bus service iu |
Nanaimo if the city would grant
them the use of a free site for a
garage, a franchise for ten years,
free taxes for ten years and tree
water for the same period. The
proposition was turned down by the
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the _owest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Ca.-iag-i Builder COURTKNAY
Fly and Insect Destroyer
This preparation is guaranteed to protect horse*
and cattle from fly and insect pests Mid to destroy vermin. While being perfectly harmless it
acts as a Grand Disinfectant and is easily applied.
Once used, always used
14 gallon tin 60c      14 gallon tin Mc      1 gallon tin $1.50
COURTENAY    >    and     ���     CUMBERLAND /Set
SIR E-MUNn WALKE_,C.V.O.._I... ., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER 1.A1KD. General Manager JOHN AIK I), Aas't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards.   Careful attention is given to every account.   Small accounts   |
nro welcomed.   Accounts may be opened and operated by mail,
AccoiuiK may be opened In I li_ nanus of two or more persons, withdrawals lo be made by any one of theni or by the survivor. 821
W. S. LONGHURST, Acting Manager. Courlenay anil Comox Branches
Comox branch open ou Tuesdnys, fimn it to 3
The First Train v/'" so��" "*e 'iC,e'aiK' ^oa cannol;
 ��� _r__r_=__  afford   lo   let  litis  chance go  by
Corner Lot, adjoining ihe station, 40 x 100 at the
very low price of $425.00, with the easiest of
terms.    See us about this
Hicks  Beach &  Field
NOTARIES l'l'lil.lC
Letters to The Editor
Editor Review.
Sir:���In regard to the circular
sent out by Mr, Idiens, allow me
in state that in England we do uot
have real estate ageiits hanging
round bars nor,applying for bar
licenses, we do have policemen
about liars during off hours. References to what is done in England
is far-fetched and do not appeal to
Canadians or n&lit-tli___ii_ Englishmen, who are greatly annoyed
that they should be mentioned in
this unseemly squabble, which now
looks like a real estate gamble.
Yours truly,
.-Courtenay, July 29.
i; liter Ctfurtenay Rtview
Si��:���111   attehipting  to  defend
Conservativism   from   the   hostile
critcism made from lime to time by 1
Socialists   1 wish to make  it  clear
that I have no   qnai rc-1   with   the
Socialists as regards tlieir progres- ]
sive ideas and inspirations  to   im- i
prove  the  political  conditions  of
the working class.
The points of difference between
us arc not  only   the   methods   of
criticism, but in their hostility and
and in mv estimate unfair and malicious assertions which appear to
me as altogether ilogical-
Tlie Socialist members who are
elected to parliament, claims to be
entirely independent of all political
parlies, if We refer to history we
see where the Socialist members
have invariably pulled for the conservative party, this must prove
the measures brought ill by the
Conservatives me somewhat progressive- But we must not close
our eyes to the fact thai n critical
time confronts the Conservative
party is not only confronted with
the bitter hostility of the Socialist
party but other orgauizati ins who
have their missionaries out in every
industrial constituency in the province, preaching Conservatism
worn out that it ciimbereth the
ground and must be swept away
to make room for tlie Socialist or
other Commonwealth, Meanwhile
some of the weak and timid Conservatives have been influenced by
tlie Socialist party and are seeking
to temper the winds of hostility for
themselves and have become docile
and harmless.
They are bleating for admission
into the Socialist fold, they are
pui'stiaded that advance and   social
G?__- Clearance Sale of
Prints and Oinsrhams
- _%.    -v.,-- - ��� -.--  __-..**'. ,v.r���_�� 1
(Mi Monda) next, Aug. 3, we propose putting on sale
for two weeks only, our entire stock of Prints and
Ginghams at 9 Yards for $1.00
Regular IS, 20 and 25c Values for CASH ONLY
Also a targe quantity of Remnants
progress  c*n   only   be   made   oil
Socialistic lines.
Hut before the Hag is struck and
Conservatism destroyed it may
serve some purpose to examine how
far its principles, logically applied,
would go to reform the present
social conditions which are fil[ ing
tlie minds of the working class
with revolt'
Yours truly
N. II.
Happy Valley
eGtff-i.r; ]���;* rr.T.'-
._>:_>':-  ;.:���.   ..,.."*'  PH.   .-_S,   EtC_
10c Per Yard
As the end of the season is now approaching we
are offering the above  goods at the very  greatly
reduced price of
For I Week Only, commencing August 1
Hurry, only a limited  quantity, you  are  advised
to corne early
Our stock of Blouses will  also be cleared  at a
big   reduction
See Our Windows *
W. G.
The town of Hearst, in Ontario,
was rccenlh destroyed by a forest
fite, Several villages in New
Brunswick have been swept away
by forest fires this summer, During the past four summers at least
two dozen villages have suffered
through fires in Eastern Canada.
The prime cause of these fires is
neglect in protecting young timber
from lire. Since the burning- of
the Crows Nest Valley in 1908,
with the loss of hundreds of lives
and millions of dollars worth of
property, special care has been
paid throughout the Province of
Ilritish Columbia to the prevention
aud control of forest fires in young
timber as well as mature limber.
It has been found by experience
that a large proportion of the fires
which start in slash or young timber will, if allowed lo run, spread
to valuable timber or property, and
when beyond control des'.roy the
homes of settlers in the small villages now being built up throughout the Province and cause loss of
life. The protection ot the settlers
as well as of the timber, is not assure! unless all bush fires are kept
under conrrolduring the dry Sea-
Young timber growing on non-
agricultural lauds i.s au asset worth
protecting from lire. Nearly every
settler knows how rapidly young
timber grows lo pole and tie si/.e,
In most districts in British Columbia timber reaches commercial si/.e
in sixty cr eighty years. * Il requires no planting, grows without
care or expense and produces a
valuable crop which no -.- beautifies
the hills, protects the -watersheds,
and will in another generation support industries, These facts are
so well understood in British Columbia that the Forest Branch is
everywhere sceuring the co-operation of the resident in preventing
destructive fires in the young as
well as the old timber,
Phone No. 2
Dealer;; in all kinds
Butter,   Eggs  a id
Produce,    Cooke        " .   ���
Specialty.    Wc sell    n!
best.    Prices  art  ..'���
and   satisfactory
best prices fi ;
Timothy, Clover and Ear ^ds
at greatly reduced pri
the next two weeks
Phone Y91 and your order wi!! be fill
Summer Boat Schedule
Tuesday Cowichan arrives at
S. 15, leaves at ii, phnrmer arrives
a'. 6, leaves at 7-ij Wednesday
Thursday. Charmer arrives at 6,
leaves at 7 15 Friday morning.
Saturday, Chamfer arrives at
7 p. in,, leaves at 11. p. m.
vSituday, Cowichan arrives at
8.15 a, in., leaves at 4 p. m.
Misses Elliott Are
Hurt in Automobile
Accident at Duncan
Duncan, B. C, July 27.���Two
persons were hurt, one seriously,
when au automobile owned, by R.
T, Elliott, K. C, of Victoria, struck
the . outhern cud of the bridge over
the Cowichan river 611 Sunday
morning. The injured are: Miss
Ruth Elliott, concussion of the
brain and severe bruises; Miss Grace
Kliiott, painfull, but not serious|
bruises. j
Miss Ruth Elliott is lying at the
Duncan Hospital in a critical condition. Miss Grace Elliott was able
to proceed home to Victoria shortly
a/ter the accident.
Iu the car when the accident occurred were Mr. Flliott, his two
daughters and the chauffeur. Mr.
Elliott and the chauffeur escaped injury. The car sideslippep on the
sandy approach and crashed into tlie
southern end of the left side of the
The collision jolted the Misses
Elliott out of the car and over the
rail of the bridge. They fell
twenty feet below on the rocks
forming the banks of the stream at
the point. Miss Ruth Elliott landed on her head and was severely
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���   I
3 _. _ ���
Ri      ve,   1 ni
the Briti h 1
day of I'i eeuil
far m- it relal
l>i.-.1   Timber   1.
known as I_t ...   ;
and that lhe
(or staking
ed  lan.ls '������;  ���  ���
visions of th
I- (Re for.
1914.    Foi  ....
tlx-   Goverm   ml     I
itiu i be madi
.amis Deparlmenl
Victoria, I:. (
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"A Pound makes More Cups
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Advantages of a  Flood
The championship modal for optimism lias been awarded In u resident or
nn Ohio village which was Hooded last
The old man was found on the roor
of his house watching iln> wa.ters llow
pusi. A neighbor who possessed a row
boat rowed across to rescue him-
"All your chickens washed away
ihls moral-1, itiir." ��-
"Yos, hut tlie dudes enn swim."
"Apple trees gone, too, eh?"
"Well, they said the crop would bo
a failure, anyhow."
"1 see the river roach.'.1 above your
"Thai's all right, Sam. Till m windows ni'odod wasblu'!"
What about your wife and children? Will they
dress well after you are gone ? Will your children
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OFFICES:���Winnipeg,   Edmonton,   Saskatoon,
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MnsnlQcent   New   Twin-M,-r��w
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live  0ne-C'la_  Cabin accommodation
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Fishguard,   Liverpool.
Tha   Fastest    1'.i_<hi_  r   _id    Mall
Service  ln  the  World.
Fnr    tnrormstlon    ai.-iy    lo    anr
Railway   or   Steamship    Ai.nl,    or
TUB   CUNARII    _'_ l.ilNlill-   CO.,    ,
S<!4   MAIN   ST.,     WNNIPBC.
By Contrast
"Ho is pretty bald."
"Bald? He makes a billiard hall
look ns if it had a full hoard."���Cincinnati Commercial-Tribune.
Captious Critic
"I lore, waiter, what does this
mean? I ordered veal polpi,c and 1 find
several chunks of cbckoii moat in it."
"1 can't understand it, sir. But why
do you complain? Would you kick if
ynu bought a copper mine and found
gold in it?"���Chicago Record-Herald.
Warts  will  render    the    prettiest
I bands unsightly.    Clear   the   ex?i_:
cences away hy using llolloway's Corn
Cure, which acls thoroughly and painlessly.
Self Preservation
Old Roxlelgh���Marfy my daughter?
Why, you are supported by your fat lier-
Suitor���Yes, sir; but my guv'nor is
j tired of supporting mo, ho says, and
; I thought I'd get into another family.
I ���San Francisco Chronicle.
Fetlierstonhaugh _ Co., head off ic .
King street east, Toronto. Canada.
Alver's Restorative Herb Capsules
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Hiss Passoe says she just dotos on
"Then .1 wish someone would administer an antidote!"���Judge.
In tin
Bobby's Way
o~-After I wash my face 1 look
��� mirror to see If it's clean. Don't
j    "Pa. what is Lent?"
"Lent, my son, is a short period of
j penitence entirely surrounded by so-
1 cial dissipation."
At the Yarmouth Y.M.C.A. Boys'
Camp, held at Tuslcet Falls in August,
beneficial for sun burn, an immediate
relief for colic an1 toothache.
General Secretary.
by���Don't have to.   1 look at tho
Philadelphia Bulletin.
ss Flirt���.Tack told me last night
1 was his very life.
r Brother���Jnek will soon (Ind out
uncertain life Is.���State Jouriiul.
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W. N. U. 1006
A Tactless Menu
"What was the business   of   your
friend  you  brought  home lo  dinner,
hy dear'.'"
"lie Is a Wall street man."
"And wo gavo him lamb to eat. No
wonder ho looked so sheepish."���Baltimore American.
1 lunched with the Conservative candidate, had dinner with the
Radical, and coffee anil liqueur with
the Socialist."
Ibe Socialist.
"And then bow did  you vote?"
"My dear sir, how can you ask?
course   ibo   most  simple   regard
delicacy kept me from the polls a
:....   1...T   " I    'll]ll.l|...l!...l
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Furiner���See that there pig? 1 call
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The Financial Statement
Statement of the result of the business of the  Hank  for the year
ending 30 April, 1914, submitted to the General Meeting
of Shareholders hold in Montreal on May 20th.
The Net Profits of tho year, after payment or charges, rebate
on discount, Interest on deposits, nud malting full provision for bad ami doubtful debts, bave amounted to ....   $1,218. 04.41
Premium on New Stock         180,826 i>*
Tbo balance brought forward  from 30th   April,  1013,  was.,       401,014.24
Malting a total oi     $1,800,533.61
This has boon disposed of as follows:
Dlvldeud No. 104, at tho rale of 10 P.C. per annum $100,117.60
Dividend No. 105, at the rate ot 10 P.C per annum   109,907,00
Dividend No. 100, at the rate of in P.C. per annum   172,8*9,52
Dividend No. 107, at tlio rale ot 10 P.C. per annum   175,000.00
Trnnsterred lo Reserve Fund from Profll and Loss Account., 400,0 UQ0U
Transferred lo Reserve Fund from Premium on Now Stock., 180,825.00
Contribution to Officers'  Pension  Fund     50,000.00
Written oft Banli   Premium Accounl     ���    100,000.00
Written  .it.   tor depreciation   in   lion.is  ami   Investments,... 135,000.00
Balance  curried   forward     -i,.,i::i.i.T
Balance, 30th  April.  1913      $6,419,175
Trausfi .rod  from  Profit &  Loss Acoount        400,000
Premium  on   Now  Stock           180,8X6
Average Paid-up Capital during the year, $0,808,500
General Manager. President
Statement of Liabilities and Assets at 30th   April,   1914
1, To the Shareholders.
Capital stoclc paid in      $7,000,000.00
Rest  or   Reserve   Fund          7,000,000.1)0
Dividends declared and  unpaid   ���     1T6.0S8..0
Balance of Profits as per Profit and Loss Account submitted
herewith            248,134.67
2. To  the  Public.
Notes of tho Bank in  Circulation    $6,597,714.00
Deposits   not  bearing   Interest        13,309_94.1_
Deposits bearing interest, including interest accrued to date
of  statement   ...,     45,916,680.08
Balances due to other Bunks In Canada        Iyl88,383-31
Bnlain.es due  to  Hanks and  banking  correspondents  in  the
Culled Kingdom and foreign countries        2,278,387.51
Bills   payable           ......'....
Acceptances under letters of credit       "    76,039.00
Liabilities   not  Included   In  tbe  foregoing   	
* i
Current Coin held     $2,993,802.00
Dominion  Notes  held     4,8112,603.00
Notes of other Bauks     519,109.00
Cheques on  other  Banks     l'.,_7G,:i0_ .7*
Balances due by olber Banks in Canada  ������ 2,688.0|
Balances due by Banks and banking correspondents elsewnei _
than  In  Canada     1,039,702.71
Dominion and Provincial Government securities, not exceeding  market  value    ����� 308,991.01
Canadian Municipal securities, and British, Foreign and
Colonial public securities, other than Canadian, not exceeding  market  value     636,990.61
Railway    and -other    Bonds,    Debentures    and    Stocks,    not
exceeding  market  vulue     4,183,007.7*
Call Loans In Canada on Bonds, Debe ntiires and Stocks  .... 3,119,841.67
Call Loans  elsewhere  than  in  Canada     3,770,117.27
'  a
Other Current Loans  and Discour.ts  in  Canada  (less Rebate
of Interest)     $53,603,073.2*
Other  Current  Loans   and    Discounts    elsewhere    than    la. .
Canada  fless  Rebate of Interest)            181,010.18
Liabilities of customers under letters of credit as per contra 76,039.00
Real Estate other than bank premises    79,734.90
Overdue debts, estimated loss provided for   74,113.41
Raul; Premises, at not more than cost, less amounts (if any)
written  off    ���      3,720,038.81
Deposit With the Minister for the purposes of the Circulation
Fnml           325,000.0*
Deposit in Ibe Central Cold Reserve 	
Other  Assets  not  Included  In  the  foregoing           137,734.70
'General Manager. PresideUI
One may dominate moral sufferings
only by labor. Study saves from discouragement.���D'Abrantos.
Radium may cause as well as cur*
cancer in human beings according t_
au Knglish physician.
For all shoes - Easy to vise
In Our New Patent 'Easy-Opening-Box
Ten Companies. With a Combined Capi-
1_l   Approaching   a   Million   Dollars
Are Now Operating In tie Province
cf    Alberta���Protection   For  Breed-
Mile by mih thin lines of s-teel are
weeping rapidly northward from
Edmonton into the groat blnterla.iJ i
ol Alberta. Civilization Is making Its
way Into Hold" long the home of the
Jnilinu antl ibo trapper. Not ctin-
tenl with this lhe men ot civilization
un- offering opposition lo the Indian
uml ibo trapper. Pur farms, upon
which live black anil sliver grey foxt'B
nro carefully raised and nurtured III
surroundings mado as much like the
wild iis possible, nro now being
started extensively throughout the
The black fox is probably the most
valuable fnr bearing animal in oxis-
ience today, and its comparative
rarity, couplod wiih ibe uncertainty
In the supply or shins as taken hy
the Indians and trappers each year,
has turned tho attention of fur men
throughout the western provinces to
tlio possibilities that He In the raising of those anlinalB In captivity.
Although ibis business of raising
Hack foxes, Is by no means new,
having been carried OU In Prince Ed-
Ward Island for some twenty years, It
was not- until recently that men in
the western provinces became alive to
the prollls that exist ln this Industry.
The Influx of a large number if
buyers from Eastern Canada, and tho
United SiateB during the seasons of
1912 and 1913, however, started a
tioom. The great number of live
loses brought down from the north
during lhat time, and the huge sums
raid In many cases for these animals
when delivered to Athabasca Landing,
��nd Edmonton, instantly brought the
business wide publicity.
The boom reached its height during the spring and summer of 1913.
During the months from March to
September- of last year, over halt a
million dollars was invested ln fox
puppies, and grown animals of the
black and silver grey varieties. Most
of this was spent by buyers from
Eastern Canada, although William
H. Kane, representing the fox farm
cf that name at Ogden. Pennsylvania
took out animals to the value of
Following the wide publicity given
Hie various big deals, business men,
as well as fur buyers and traders. In
Northern Alberta turned their attentions to the business, and fox farming
Is now stepping into the ranks as a
very important Industry.
Ten companies, with a combined
capital approaching a million dollars, are now operating In the province. Ranches have been started ln
several districts in North and Central Alberta where conditions are
said to be Ideal for the rearing ot
these expensive little animals.
The enormous export of live black
foxes during the prst two years did
not, however, go unwatched by the
government- During the winter sitting of the prov.nclal house of Alberta a bill was passed prohibiting
the taking of the animals from April
to November. As the puppies are
whelped at the latter end of April,
and during the month of May, thU
law gives them sufficient time to
Flow large enough to avoid the digging out process, which, In the last
two years, has been so successfully
resorted to by tivppers.
Permits must be now secured from
the office of the provincial game
warden by people desiring to take
foxes during the close season.
It is now also illegal for any person to export live foxes beyond the
boundary of the province without
first obtaining a permit. The cost of
n permit ln respect t_ animals raised
on fur farms In the province Is $15,
iind In the ca��e of 'animals not reared on the farms ". 1 Of for eveiy black
or silver fox exported, nnd $15 for
any other species of the fox family.
These last two regulations arc in the
way of protection for provincial breeders.��� Fal-fly Herald and Weekly Star.
To Start Australian Building
C. J. Oakshott, official architect
���for the British colonies, Is In San
Francicso to begin arrangements for
Ihe construction of the Australian
building on tho grounds of the Panama-Pacific International exposition.
"Because Australia," said Oakshott,
"has ambitions plans for participation It Is possible that an application
will be made for a larger building
site than that which ha# been allot-
. ] to us, it Is possible' that a little
delay will occur in carrying out our
plans. In the end, however, it Will
give us a chance to make a better
Oakshott promised, however, to
have the building completed several
months before the scheduled opening
of tbe expoi.itlon.
Platinum Company In B.C.
The British Columbia Platinum Co.,
lacked by English capital, Will start
operation In the Tuluamen district.
Four mining leases have taken on
Tuluamen Creek, and 361 acres of
crown granted land, and, known as the
Babbit ranch. Tha ground is known to
he thoroughly rlcb In gold and platinum.
Practical Conservation by the Water
Powers Branch
Tbe minister of Ihe Interior has
authorized the reservation ot all the
available Dominion lands contiguous
to the Grand Rapids of the Saskatchewan river, In the province of Manitoba, until such time us tbe superintendent of tbe Dominion water power
branch Is able ta make a di finite
statement respecting ihe lands actually required tor power purposes at this
point. During the summer ot 1913 an
extensive topographical survey of
ibis Important power silo was made
by the Dominion water power branch,
lo enable the eugineirs ot the government Interested In power and navigation to design a scheme ot power development which would realize the
best use of the power resources or tbe
river without any Impairment of future navigation, Tht bydrographio Investigations thai bnvo been Under way
for the last coup', ot years Show that
the river varies from L2HU second ft tl
at low water io about if.ii.iiim Becond
feet at flood time. While this variation Is very considerable regulation
can be provided tu make a power development at Grand Rapids a profitable undertaking. In any event, the
action of the engineers of the Dominion water power branch In having a
thorough survey made and in arranging for ri-orvatiou of the Dominion
land required for power shows lhat
conservation Is being carried out in
practice as well as In theory.
Barbers Come  High In Canada
The barber shops of Canada and the
United States are said to be as line aa
any In the world and to charge the
highest prices. Comparatively few
clticB of Europe use high revolving
chairs and many of these run their
barber shops In connection with me.Vs
furnishing stores.
In most European cities a hair cut
and a shampoo costs six cents, antl
In parts of London a Bhave costs four
cents. In some Italian cities one cent
Is charged for a sliave and two cents
for a hair cut, and In Turkey barbers
take their entire pay  in tips.
Many German barbers make wigs
and switches while waiting for customers and many French barbers
do ladles' hair dressing. Austrian barbers are compelled to serve apprenticeships for four years, on pay beginning
at 41 cents a week antl ending at $1.02
a week, before ihey can own their
Syrian barbers seat their customers In straight backed chairs before
tiny wall mirrors, and fix queer
shaped pans i.bout ���* their throats.
Then they rub or. with their lingers
lather made from cheap soap.
In India your barber calls at your
house and shaves you every morning
for $2 a month.
In China the barbers carry stools,
small tubs, razors and scissors about
the streets, stopping on tjie sidewalks to perform their work, just as
scissors grinders do In America.
Mr. Lee Scheff Making Tour of Dominion
Leo Scheff, the well known British
journalist, Is again touring Canada,
and will contribute to many of the
leading papeis In Britain, writing page
articles and Canadian supplements.
He intends to describe the rapid
progress of the Dominion and the op-
portuntles offered to those who wish to
settle on the land or to investors and
Mr. Scheff says he regards.it a privilege to be able to direct the attention
of many millions lo the opportunities
that await them i.i the development of
Some of the papers to which Air.
Schetf contributes arj. Glasgow Htr-
ald, Graphic, Truth, Sheffield Mail,
Manchester Guardian, Weekly Freeman (Ireland), Hull Mail, Mark Lane
Express, Farmers' Gazette, Heading
Standard, British Congregationalist,
and other well known papers.
Dominion   National   Park   May    Also
Be Located In the Cypress
In all probability ihe antelope park,
which Is to he located on the prairies,
will be down the river some twenty-
five miles from .Medicine Hat, and It
Is likely that a Dominion national
park Will be established at the Cypress hills, south of there.
Tlje location mentioned for the antelope park Is one which it ls understood appealed very strongly to Maxwell Graham of Ottawa, and Ernest
Thompson Seton, of New York, who
have been in that district seeking a
possible location for the park. Tho
visitors also Investigated conditions
at the Cypress hills, and It is said
they will recommend the location
there of a Dominion park in which
animal life of the prairie will be protected.
A Preliminary Trial  Expedition to be
Made to Norway to Test Rations and
Equipment Before  Leaving  For the
Antarctic Cont'nent.
With the thoroughness which    has
always  characterized   his work,   sir
Ernest Shiieklelon is about to make a
preliminary trial expedition under Arctic conditions In the glaciers of Norway. This will h for Ibe special purpose of testing lhe rations for his nip
across tlie Antarctic continent, which
he hopes to make in four and a half
months' time.
No parly ever started out, without
having food depots, lo make such a
distance as that ln a straight Hue, but
Sir Ernest and bis men have made
special preparations tor the attempt,
Thoy have, with the aid of the Royal
Army .Medical corps, evolved tho "perfect ration." It will average only
lbiriyllve ounces dally, as compared
with the three pounds or more consumed by the average man, but It is
believed it represents the highest nutritive value for polar travel.
Sir Kmcst will be accompanied by
five members of his staff whon he goes
to Norway to conduct experiments
wiih these rations and also teBt bis
tents and motor sleds.
The party will don polar kit. and
travel among the glaciers. While the
cold will not be as intense as in the
polar regions, the country will furnish
the same sort ot sudden blizzards as
are experienced in the Antarctic The
parly will test the effect and potency
of the rations In most detailed fashion.
Shackleton's new ship, the Endurance, has been almost completely fitted In Norway and will arrive at the
London docks ths month, it Is eighteen
feet longer than his last ship, Nimrod.
It- is a beautiful specimen of wooden
shipbuilding, and probably the last of
Its class that will be constructed, lis
whole keel Is made of solid oak five
and a half feet thick, and its sides are
two feet thick. It belongs to the bark-
entine class, has the latest triple expansion engines and will steam ten
knots an hour. It ls fitted to consume both oil and coal. When ln the
Ice oil will be substituted for coal,
which will mean economy if il, is delayed ln the pack, as the boilers can
be kept warm and full heat generated
quickly. When the oil has been used
the tanks will be filled with water ballast.
The dogs, which constitute an important, factor in the expedition, are a
cross between a wolf and a Scotch
stag hound, and, have been bred in
Northern Canada. The lightest of
them will turn the scales at eighty
pounds, whereas the heaviest dog with
tre last Shackleton expedition weighed forty-five pounds. They have been
selected by the experts of the Hudson Bay company and will be* under
the charge of one of the most'experienced drivers from Canada, who was
chosen by the commissioner of tho
Northwest Mounted Police.
The latest appointments to the expeditionary staff are Sir Philip Lee
Brocklehurst, who was with Shackle-
Ion In 1907 and 1909 and who made the
first ascent of Mount Erebus, and his
brother, I_cut. Courtney Brocklehurst,
of the Eleventh Hussars Hundreds
of applications for positions Wth the
expedition have been received.
Over Four Million Dollars Are Paid In
Death Duties
The personal property loft by the
late Baron Strathconn and Mount
Royal, former high commissioner 'or
Canada, amounted to $23,267,000, This
was disclosed when probate was granted,
The preoltie value of the real estate
left by tho lestalor, who dii tl in :.n'<-
don ou January "i this year, was not
made public, but the tacl that the duty
puk'. amounted to $4,189,100, indicates
that his entire eslate, real and pergonal, had a total value of $27,928,000.
The deceased Pel r'B holdings consisted of si\ million, six hundred and
six thousand dollars of slock In the
Great Northern Railway of the Cult-
ed States; three million, three hundred and eighty thousand dollars of
Northern Pacific railway stocks; foil*
million, one hundred and twelve
thousand dollars of Canadian Pacific
railway slock; six hundred and forty-five thousand dollars In the llnnk of
Montreal jfour hundred ami stxty-ftx
thousand   dollars  In   the    l.anrentiile J
Company, nnd four thousand dollars In
the Dominion Steel Corporation.
The family anil charitable bequests
under the will have already been published.
The household effects iu the Gros-
venor Square residence are valued at
twenty-six thousand pounds, Hie pictures being worth sixteen thousand
pounds. Ills Lordship's Interest In
the Hudson .ay Company amount lo
two hundred and forty-eight thousand
pounds, and Baring Brothers forty-
four thousand pounds.
If the will had come under the pio-
vision of the Lloyd-George's budget
fllust Introduced the duty payable
would have been over one mitlon one
hundred and seventeen thousand
pounds, Instead of eight hundred and
thirty-seven thousand pounds.
Magna  Charta  Septecentenary
The 700th anniversary of the grant
of    Magna Charta    by    King John
occurs on June 15, 1915.
The Royal Historical Society ls
organizing a commemoration of the
event and has invited English, American and foreign scholars and others lo form a general committee. The
general committee will appoint an
executive co-mittee to supervise the
arrangements necessary. Lord Bryce
has consented to act as chairman of
tlie general committee.
Tlie famous old foundation ot political freedom won the condemnation
of John from the Roman power. It
declared not. only the liberty of Individuals, but of national institutions
also. Its tirs; words in the Latin run
In English, "The Church of England
shall be free, and have her lights
entire, and her liberties Inviolate."
Thnt wns in the year 12)5. The event
was of more than national Importance, at. the tirm), and has exerted
an Influence ever all English people
down to the I resent day.
Not Youngest Governor
A corrcspondent'of the Ottawa Free
Press points out that Prince Alexander of Teck, r.amed as the new governor-general lor Canada, is not the
youngest governor-general yet appointed in Canada, or, for that matter, in any other dominion. Although
one of the youngest, he is not the
youngest. The Marquis of Lome was
only 33 years of age when appointed
governor-general; the Earl of Elgin,
35; the Marquis of Lansdowne, 38;
Colonel Slmcoe, 39, and Poulette
Thomson, later Lord Sydenham, was
within a week of completing bis 40th
Buying by Weight
Ohio housewives are assured of getting just what they pay for. The State
Agricultural commission will enforce the law requiring ihat all package of food must be marked with accurate net weights. Violators will be
prosecuted. The greatest abuse, state
officials say, is in the packing of lard.
A weight is stamped upon the can, but
it does not specify whether it is net
or gross. Retailers have endorsed
the law. They have written Commissioner Strode telling him that
sales of weight are far more satisfactory than measure. They declare
customers are better satisfied and
clerks save time.
Greece to Get Warships
The United States senate amended
the naval apfiropriailon bill so as to
authorize the sale of the battleships
Idaho and Mississippi and the construction of a modern dreadnought
with the money. Greece Is understood
to be the prospective purchaser.
New Calling Proves Attractive to
Persons of Education
For sonic years an Englishwoman
living in Paris has made a. capital living as a guide, and an advertisement
appeared ln a London daily paper recently in which aa English woman
"speaking live languages" offered io accompany visitors of her own sex
around London.
There should be, one would Imagine, a big demand for women guides
in London, but an official at. Thomas
Cook & Son's head office did not take
this view.
'We have a number of women
guides on our list " he said to a correspondent, "but we are very rarely asked for their services."
On the ether hand Ilie Women's International league orgawtzes trips
abroad conducted exclusively by women and women guides are always
available for visitors lo London. It Is
found that their services are greatly
appreciated, and mothers often ask
for women who car. meet their children In London or at seaports on their
journeys .o and f'_m school.
It ls obvious too that In shopping
expeditions a male guide is useless,
and there must be many foreign, American and colonial women now in
London who would be glad of the services of a capable woman with an
Intimate knowledge of the west end
Saskatchewan -Government Appoints
Commission to Conduct Inquiry
A royal commission has been appointed by the Saskatchewai.'govern-
ment to conduct an inquiry into the
manner in which the sale of farm implements ls carried on in ibis province. They will make si.ch recommendations to tlie government regarding legislation as may be deemed desirable in the interests of both farmers and implement, companies- The
commission is comprised ot the following: Mr. Justice Newland, Mr. Justice Lamont; Hon. A. Turgeon, attorney-general; Hon W. R. Motherwell,
minister of agriculture, and .1. A. Ma-
harg, president of the Saskatchewan
Co-Operative Elevator Co- and cx-pres
idcut of the Grain Growers' association. A preliminary meeting will be
held without delay, In order lo map
out the course of the inquiry ir. detail.
The Implement dealers find the farmers are showing considerable interest
in ibis lutPBt movement of the government.
English Woman Headed Expedition to
Cocos    Island,   Which    Meets With
Failure���Others    Are    Anxicus    ti
Take up the Quest
Maurice Eugene Gllraore, former
head ot ihe department of sanitation ot
the city of Panama, anil at present
manager of a large subdivision ou the
outskirts of that city, says thut while
nearly the whole world is now awake
to the fact tbat fortunes may be mado
iu Panama by good, hard work, there
are still a lot of fortune-hunters who
expect lo get their money by a much,
easier route. A short time ago ihe
latest expedition In search of tho pir-
ales' treasure on Cocos Island returned to Pans a confessing i'? failure.
A fe .' iiou. .mil doi.ars more :i money
and sev nil lives have be'n poured
inlo Ihe quest, and the tret sure rests
as secure from the hands of mod-rn
argonauts as It has been lor nearly
a century.
About three years ago an expedition organized by two English women,
whose object In searching for tbe treasure was to devote it to charity in
which they are Interested in London,
spent six weeks on Cocos, and camo
away confessing that their plans cad
gone wrong.
Mr. Mills encountered his adven-.ire
had finished there was not a man
rating himself as a fool for engagixg
in such an enterprise. Vet when he
bad finished there was not a man of
the dozen at the table with him but
would gladly have, enlisted his resources and strength in another trial
al ihe pirate's treasure. Fortunately,
they are all poor, and could not ruls*
the money among them to buy tto
treasure ship.
"The expedition left England, made
ihe Strait of Magellan, and then sai: .d
direct for Cocos Island, which lios at
Hie mouth of the Gulf ot Panama,
about 300 miles distant from the city.
At that time of the year the s'irf cine
high at Cocos, and it was Impossible
in land In the slips boats, so witli
much toil a raft was launched, and by
tbis means iho tools and provisioaa
were put ashore. The work extend*:ii
over tW3 months.
There are two well-known clues to
Cocos treasure���the first that to the
loot taken from Lima in 1818 by aa
English sailor named Thompson, and
thi' second that to the treasure sroieu
from Vera Cruz in 1821 by the Spanish pirate, Benito Bonlte t Little Bea
the Good!. It was during the civil
strife tbut followed the war f.r
liberation from Spain In 1821 tbat
Litile Ben and his cut-throats surprised the treasure house at Vera
Cruz In broad daylight and mail*
away with the gold and silver ca
pack mules.
Tbey crossed the whole of Mexico
and took to their ship,    which     .u��
failing for them in a cove ou the Pa-
He. The value of their bcoty is variously estimated at from $9,000 000 to
$29,000,000. Tbey. were not pursued;
and yet the first thought appears to
have been to hide teh loot. Ttey
made straight for the well known watering island of Cocos, and there, ic a
cave in the side of one ot the steep
cliffs that rise black and steep above
the water they hid their treasure.
Mr. Mills said that there had been
Feveral slides of earth and rock along
the cliff to which the bearings point,
and that If the cave and its treasure
were over there ihe is skeptical Just
now) it would take a vast amount of
excavation to reveal them- The labor
Involved vas too great for the resources of hi_ -Ompany, so the search
was abandoned.
The woman whi. headed the expedition of two years ago, and was a
member of this latest oue. is a matter-
of-fact sort o.' woman past 50 years.
"Our expedition failed,' she said,
"for the reason that so many others
have failed. We could not give sufficient lime to the search. 1 have the
clue. I know where ihe treasure lies,
and only work Is necessary to uncover
It. 1 am lot satisfied with the result.
1 shall return to London and organize
a in w company, and then try again '
King as a Landlord
The subject of housing Is now foremost In the mind of King George of
England, according to cable dispatches
says the Chicago Tribune. Tlie king
is lntereste din housing, however, not
as a ruler of a nation, but as a landlord. One of the many estates from
which his majesty derives his revenue
happens to be one of the worst slum_
in London.
The king proposes to raise the old
buildings in his slum holdings, wide,
the narrow streets, and construct in
their stead 'substantial, commodious
and comely dwellings." In these new
buildings he will give every attention,
it Is announced by the sanitary engineers carrying out his wishes, "to the
mainstays of domestic life."
Persia's Ruin Complete
The once world empire Persia is described as a land lhat has gone "completely to rack and ruin" by a German
army officer writing In the current
number of the official organ of the
General Staff lie says that the
country is pracUlally descried by al!
persons of either wealth or refinement
and that those Who ate left behind are
going into bankruptcy lu increasing
numbers from day to day.
Turkish Telephone Girls
�� It seems hard to believe that tf.o
telephone system Is a new thing in
The Anglo-French Telephone Company, which obtained a concession
from the Turkish government to Instill a telephone system in Con-
etantlnople some time ago, has completed the w-oi'k of laying about 'Jt,-
000 miles of wire, including eight
submarine cables The service opened with 4,000 subscribers.
The operators are all ratlve giris���
Greeks, Armenians, Jewish and ���
few Turkish. This is the first time
Turkish women have accepte*. work
in a public place. A school is maintained for teaching the girls the uses
of the exchange.
Government Organ Speaks
In  an  editorial concerning    Asiatl*
immigration, the London Daily Newt
says that opinion on the Pacific coast,
-md doubtless throughout Canada, is
is emphatic as    opinion    !n    South
frlca. and It will not suffer the immi-
.ation   of  Asiatics,    because    that
would lower the st.udard of living and
make the Pacific coast Impossible aa
a white man's country.   Should it be
found  -that the existing law does not
suffice to exclude Asiatics, there will
be found a demand for most offt.ctl.%
legislation, saya the News-
We air Specialists in
and Evervthmrf E
.NAY      -
���ly  Co.
3. C.
Local Lines
Try An Ail. Iu|The Review.
Km- Sale��� Good teut 16 _ 2 \ It.
Fly and building complete,   Apply
Review olh^e.
Wanted���Good   ranch   eggs  2 j
cases  weekly,   also  strawberries
Berwick Store, N0.8 Mine.
l'or Sak���Two grade Jersey
cows. Apply li. I>. Broughton,
Happy Valley.
Strayed ou to tlie Harmston
1 riuii 1 black cow, owner please
apply at once.    Phone Moo.
New Courteuay post cards, finest
selection bj first class photographer
at Robertson's Drug Store.
For Salo   Gedar posts aud noli sj
I nan I loss barley and good seed no,
tatoes,    _,   C. Woods, Saudwic'
; Phone R 96.
Wanted ���Acreage near railroad
as first payment on residential prop-
Films Developed and Printed
at Reasonable Rates
A Camera from Robertson's; a Bo
nf Can.lie--, nice
anil fresh, and a
erly in Oak 3ay,
Review Ollice.
Victoria.   Box 5
___ji S___
��� A%_.-.
'" ,.- v __��___{. _,
The ford Motor Co., nf  Manchester, England, makes and sells more
'���   England  todaj   than   the combined output of the  next five
largest automobile manufacturers in England
Hn Eotd was the first public taxicab in London, as in  St.   Petersburg
and New Vork
;e  battery   charging  and repairing ignition
lighting, etc.     Gasoline 15 cents per gallon
W.   :.. ���:.
.'���__���_* 1.- Uhum
,_S-_>__       _X     _*��_ _._V_..__ __
Perez Block
C< . .v
III.II   KOVAI.   HANK   mil ium:
in w clothes consult us and ascertain whal  can
I.  done   with  your o'.d  or  soiled  garments
li: tl Will Coiivinc
Phone   1 7 Collector Will Call
hor Sale���Oue Us'iin horses
weighing 2800 pounds, general
purpose, Can he seen at .\. Piercy's
sawmill, llanpy Valley. $250.00
takes the pair,
For Sale���8 fine buggy  and   express horses, 8 tine pedigree Yorkshire sows,   young   pigs,   and   one
Jersey cow, cheap for cash.   Apply
Frank Childs. Saudwick
For Sale���Drop Head Sewing
Mac' ine, good as new j.10, Large
Old Country Wringer and Mangle
$15. New Tent V x in' $7. Apply
Mrs. Shannon, over Furniture
From MY liens to YOUR
kitchen direct, I deliver eggs every
Tuesday in Courteuay, :il current
market rate You want my eggs;
I want your money. Write and
ask me to call. H. W. Heberden,
Phone Y 96.    Sandwick.
For Sale--Pure bred Yorkshire
pigs, 6 weeks old, sired by pedigreed
���boar, mother also sired by pedigreed
boar; in Rood shape, flood chance
to improve slock; delivered in
Courtenav, $5 each. Apply J.
Lawrence, Comox, li. C.
A few choice young pure bred
Yorkshire pigs of either sex for
sale. Parents prize winners at
New Westminster, Price to you
registered $10 each. Now is your
opportunity to get a really good
anninial.    R. U. Hurford,
For Sale���Gasoline launch hull,
_5 ft. "Columbia River" type fish
boat, practically new since overhauled, sheeted bottom to above
water line, new cabin, ready for
engine, Al. shape, snap for $75.
Want casli immediately. Box 61
Review Ofiice.
The British Columbia Nurseries
Co. Ltd. have appo'uted Mr, W,
D. Stoker, of Courlenay tlieir local representative for ibe sale of
their web known nursery stock.
Mr. Stoker is now taking orders
for Fall 1914 and Spring 1915 delivery, of fruit and ornamental
trees, etc., Intending planters
should place theii orders NOW.
l'or Sale���Thirty acres, within
two hundred yards of station, with
daily train service, close to school
and wharf, aboul 18 acres of first
class alder bottom; with never failing stream through property, first
c'::s-- soil and very easily cleared
Price $100 per acre, one-quarter
cash, balance over three years 7 per
cent, llickey & Thwaites, Parksville.
Large tract of good farming land
now open for free settlement in
Oregon, Over 200.000 acres in all.
Cood climate, rich soil, aud does
not require irrigation to raice finest
crops of grain, fruit and garden
truck. For large map, full instructions aud information, and a
plan of several sections of exceptionally good claims, send $3.40 to
John Keefe, Oregon City, Oregon.
Three years as a U. S. Surveyor
and timberman. An opportunity
to get a good fertile free homestead
near town and market.
All the provincial papers have(of the steam locomotive nl the Al-
somcthing to Bay about Courteutiy |bernia in December, 1911. Al-
these days. The following is takeij ready the Govern neut is calling
_om the Victoria Times. [for tenders  l'or mw  public build-
Ig lo
lhe Comox extensiou of the
l.sipiiinaltlt iS: Xanniijio railway
will be opeui d from Pai ks\ ilie to
Courtenav next week, accord!
Stipt, 11. E, Beasley, the ex
date depending on the inspect
by tlie Government engineer of
line.     Tile   line    lias    been    unci I
construction for some mouths, an
lias   involved   sonic   considered)!
bridges ovei  the riv
tlie railway. Traol
sonic time ago, and
been in progress for
The building of a
contemplated by residents for a
quarter of a century, Comox is
the most fertile valley on Vancouver Island, and up to the present
the district has been entirely dependent on waler' transportation
for its intercourse with the outer
world. Willi the 'airier removed
the same development may be anticipated which marked the arrival
its en
ballasting  ha
a considerabl
line has   be.:
iugs ai points served by the extension, and development has anticipated al one bF the chief stations
on the line, thai at Qualicnni Bench
while the hotel will be the centre
of a new ami handsome residential
town and where the golf links arc
being laid out foi the attraction of
holiday makers. Sonic handsome
summer homes have been designed
,md are in course of erection at
ibis point, the first depot of importance aftei leaving Parksville,
where   connection   will   be made
with the main line, and a  junction
effected with tbe Alberni trains on
alternate days of the week.
A schedule of the train service
will be announced in a few days,
and generally speaking will be on
alternate days to the routing
through to the west coast. The
tbree stopping places will be at
Qualiaum Beach,' Union Bay and
Courtenay, 'Plains will return on
the following days after reaching
Jack Martin and party hnd some
lino, sport at Cape Lazo last week,
returning borne with some line salmon. We still have some spoils
in Comox,
Another parly of fishermen from
A Heroic Action
On Saturday last Mr, and Mrs.
E, J. Black, of Allison, Out., who
are visiting and cruising along the
coast of the Island, were fishing a
short distance below Roy's Beach,
Mrs. Black stood up for a  moment |
and the boat immediately capsized, the Elk Hotel did not have such
They had beeu in the water over i good luck, but the fish said they
half au hour and were nearly ex- enjoyed the feed they got,
liausted and were slowly drifted Clay Welsh, Geo, Cliffe. and
out to sea when Fred Currau, who Bob MeCuaig spent the Sunday
had had been visiting   relatives   in'with us.    They all look well after.
their first months wotk Ibis year.
People are complaining about the
disagreeable odour iu the ditch
near A. B. Ball's store. I don't
think its pigs this time, so we
should worry.
Mr. Albert, on the Dyke sold out
on Monday for a handsome sum.
Comox is slill having her .share
of tourists this year, All are speaking very highly of the beautiful
scenery which we all know takes
some beating with such accommodations as the F.lk Hotel affords,
with its fine tennis court ahd fine
boating system, we predict a great
future tor the Queen of Nature's
beauty spots.
While fishing in Comox Bay or.
Sunday, Hugh Stewart had the
misfortune to land a Tyee salmon
that weighed about 30. pounds.
I _��_.��� ������-5   __    F_._ _ll__ Canadian I* airl miiks-Morse   .11
Lids m . SI <X   rOriUlie gines and Tumping Outfits
General Blacksmiths
COMOX        ���       B. C.
Telephone M92
Horseshoeing and  Boat  Irons
a Specialty
'fry oar Bxcelslor Hoof
All Work Guaranteed
It Pays to Advertsie in The  Review
The game at Bevan on Sunday
between Courtenay and Bevan resulted in a win for the Bevan aggregation bv the score of  13���11.
On Sunday next Cumberland will
play here, game to be called at
2.30 p. m,
To-night (Thursday) the Lake
Trail boys will play all comers and
they expect to win at that,
the Valley happened along and
seeing their plight, immediately
swam out and rescued them, Mr.
Black pays a very high tribute to
Mr. Currau's courage and bravery
and thinks he is the best swimmer
he ever saw. So thankful is he
that he offers to lake Fred back to
Ontario to compete iu swimming
contests. This is the third time
Mr Currau has been in the waler
at the risk of liis own "life in an
attempt to save others. Ou March
2i-t lie rescued Miss. O.T, Miller,
a few weeks ago he made a gallant
but unsuccessful effort to'save his
brother, who was drowned at Mud
Bay, and this time when ha saved
Mr. and Mrs.  Black.
Opening Date Uncertain
Mr. II. E, Beasley, Geueral Superintendent of the E. & N. Railway Co., under dale of July 21st,
writes US as follows:���"We cannot
open the road until the Inspector
of the Board of Railway Commissioners passes over the line. We
have been expecting him since July
151I1, lint at this date, July 21st, he
has not yet arrived; however, we
hope lie will be here in sufficient
time to allow the opening of the
road on August ist.
Tlie first service io be inaugurated will be the regular train leaving Victoria at 9 a. m, which will
run through to Courtenay ou
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday.*, making commotion at Nanaimo with tile "Princess Patricia"
which leaves Vancouver at 10 a.
in. on those days; also making
connection at Parksville Junction
from the West Coast, arriving at
Courtenay at 16.10.
Returning, the train will leave
Courteuay at 11.35 a. m. on Monday's,. Wednesday's, and Friday's
connecting at Parksville Junction
for Alberni antl other West Coast
points, and at Nanaimo with the
steamer leaving for Vancouver at
15.15, arriving at Victoria at 18.15,
Another Post Office Site
Mr. J. B. Holmes says   lie   will
give an acre of land upon which to
nil.!, the Post Office if the authorities will accept il,
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
������    Courtenav
Sunday  School aud  Bible��Class
10:30 a. in.    Service 11:30-   Evening service 7:30 p. 111. All welcome
There's no reason advanced yet
why the post office should be
changed. Wallace street is too far
west.tnere's nothing beyond it, and
perhaps never will be. Courtenay
is growing to the north of the proposed site more than in any other
direction this year.
Mr. aud Mrs. H. Watehorn and
children, of Nanaimo, are guests
at J. W. Watchoru's,


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