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The Review Oct 22, 1914

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Array f.
M ��� ��� M IHII MM���**���_ ����� _���_������������
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
^Ve Can Sell It
IHHIIWi.milltH   ________ __y
Have You Money to Invest,
See us; we Can Make You
Lui'kc Dividends
Island  Realty Co.
**************** ****************
VOL. 2
NO. 48
P. L. Anderton, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
deo. J. Hardy
F. R. F. Biscoe
Real Estate and Insurance Agents
Phone 10
A Vancouver client wishes to
exchange his residential property,
conservatively valued at $7,000,
for a small farm of same value
near Comox.    What offers?
Other listings wanted of farm lands
for exchange for Vancouver and
Victoria revenue producing property
Plione 33
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and Cigars in large variety
All Fruits and Vegetables in Season
Nothing but the Best.   Pikes Right
Local Delivery Telephone 40
Mr Drinkwater is able to be
around again,
W. Fitzgerald arrived home f rom i
Deinan Island on Sunday.
A number of new maps arrived
for the use of the school this week.
The Trustees paid the night j
school a visit on Monday evening. |
Mr. J. Forciea, the barber of
Bevan, paid Courtenay a flying
visit on Tuesday afternoon
Win. Smith and sou came up
from Qualicum Beach last Saturday, and intend returning home
again to-day.
The steamer ''Clansman" came
into port yesterday morning with a
cargo of cans and boxes for the
Courtenay Condensed Milk Co.,
and left this morning with a cargo
of Condensed milk.
Messrs. Hardy & Biscoe held a
very successful Auction Sale of
farm stock, etc, for Mr. Banner-
man, on Tuesday. Despite the
rain a large crowd assembled,
Fair prices were realized for most
of stock, cows going as high as
Patriotic envelopes for sale at
this office.   Call and see them,
Wanted���A second hand shot
gun.   Apply box 22, Review office.
Eight horses for sale, young and
middle aged, cheap. Apply, F.
For Sale���Trappers outfit including traps and tent. Apply box
23, Review office.
For gale���About 100 pullets,
about 30 reody to lay, Apply at
Review Office.
For Sale���Pure bred Leghorn
and Wyandotte pullets, 75 cents
each, or will exchange for a heifer
calf.   R. F. Goodridge, Sandwick.
For Sale--One pure bred pedigreed Holstein bull, fjrom Steve's stock
farm, 4 years old, weight 1800, will
sell cheap. Apply, Alex Wain,
Happy Valley,
Knob Hill Orchard, Comox. An-
jou Pears, $2.00 a box. Spies aud
Grimes Golden Apples $1.50.
Cooking Apples $1,00 and $1.25.
Hugh Beadnell.
Tenders are required up to the
ist of November, for renting the
Bay Farm for a period of five years,
No tenders necessarily accepted,
W. E. Robb. Comox.
For Sale by Tender���30 full
grown Pekin ducks, 5 pure bred
Yorkshire Pigs, 3 months old, 13
young Yorkshire Pigs 8 weeks old,
5 Yorkshire fat hogs ready for
butcher.    Apply at Review Office.
Mr, W. J. Goard, of Goard Bros,
piano repairers, Vancouver, announces that he will visit Courteuay and District early in October,
Orders may be left at the Review
The British Columbia Nurseries
Co. Ltd. have appointed Mr, W,
D. Stoker, of Courteuay. their local representative for ihe sale of
their well known nursery stock.
Mr. Stoker is now taking orders
for Fall 1914 and Spring 1915 delivery, of fruit and ornamental
trees, etc., Intending planters
should place their orders NOW.
Large tract of good, farming land
now open for free settlement in
Oregon. Over 200.000 acres iu all.
Cood climate, rich soil, and does
not require irrigation to raise finest
crops of grain, fruit and garden
truck. For large map, full instructions and information, and a
plan of several sections of exceptionally good claims, send $3.40 to
John Keefe, Oregon City, Oregon.
Three years as a U, S. Surveyor
and timberman. Au opportunity
to get a good fertile free homestead
near town and market.
There is no definite news of the fighting along the
Vistula. The report that the Allies had re-occupied Ostend
is not confirmed. Three German batallions were annihilated
by the French, who had burned the ground they had evacuated. The German Crowu Prince's army was defeated uear St.
A Paris despatch says the German attacks aloug the
entire front were repulsed ou Tuesday.
Nearly 1.150,000 Belgians have been expirated to date.
F. Stobbart, the Ilritish War Office purchasing agent,
was at Ottawa this week consulting the Goverment concerning
the placing of contracts for army supplies.
Mrs. (Capt.) Vigors returned
on Tuesday's boat from a visit to
Among the unclaimed bark balance published we notice the names
of James Reece, Saudwick, for
$118.49, and Hans Hess, Comox,
There is on view in the Island
Realty Co's, ofiice a large potato
weighing 6 pounds, which was
grown on Mr. Jos, Anderton's
ranch at Comox, This is some I
"spud" aud will be hard to beat.
The Courtenay Literary and Debating Society met ou Monday
evening, There was not a very
large turnout of members. It was
decided to make Mcnday, Nov, 2,
a Ladies' night, with an entertainment. The subject for discussion
next Monday is, "Resolved, that
war is essential lo the progress and
development of the human race."
Mark Coe, of Ouster River, is
in town this week.
Mr. Hairv Beadnell has beeu
officially notified of his appointment
as Fishery Inspector in the place of
the late Johu Masson.
Keep the masquerade dance in
mind for next Thursday evening,
$100 is being offered iu prizes tor
best costumes, dances etc.
The ranchers of Black Creek,
wish us to state that they have no
notices prohibiting shooting on
their ranches. There are plenty of
grouse, pheasants and ducks thert
uow, aud ihey will be glad to welcome Courteuayites ut any tine.
The heavy rains and south east
winds ou Friday last caused the
river to rise very rapidly and by
five o'clock the water was the highest known for years. The road
between here and Sandwich was
overflowed to a depth of about one
foot. Mr.
house was
The lecture in the Opera House
.last Thursday evening, under auspices of the International Bible
Students Association, by W. P.
Jones was fairly well attended bv
an attentive audience. The inclement weather undoubtedly kept
many away.
On the occasion of the first anniversary of Tsoluiu |.odge, No. \t,
K. of P. the members will para^.;
to St. Andrew's AngltAj^ChurcS.
Sandwick, on Sunday, October 25,
Vo_ Shock-'. |oil ware- for morning services. All Knights
fiooded,  and there was to report   at   Castle   Hdl   at   to
Hicks Beach & Field
Safety Deposit Boxes
also about 8 inches of water 011 the
Review office floor. The Athletic
grounds aud race track were flooded to a depth of over two feet, the
new fence being washed away iu
many places. Large jambs of logs
and trees eame dowu the river for
hours, watched by a curious crowd
ou the bridge.
Otto Altschuler takes exception
to the item in last week's issue,
mentioning the fact that he had
been requested to report to Cumberland once every 24 hours, and intimates that it, the item in question
was given publicly for purely personal differences. Otto should
know better, we have no personal
differences with him, and if we had
it would have had uo influence with
us. We never allow our personal
differences to sway our opinions iu
the columns of the Review. The
item complained of was the continuation of a chain of circumstances
arising out of the capture of the
sloop containing some supposedly
German spies, and Otto was in-
advertly drawn into it by an introduction to one of the partners.
The Indian Inspector wasiu town
last week looking iuto several affairs
affecting the Comox Indians. C':: _
Joe had a mare kicked in tie
shoulder by one oi D. Kilpatrick's
horses. To square the matter Dan
gave him one of his fine big horses
and Joe is quite pleased iu consequence.
It is reported that Major Snow.
a former resident of Comox and
the Valley for several years, is uow
ou active service at the front, The
good wishes of our readers will
follow the gallant officer, whose
fighting career was already long
and honorable, and everyone will
wish him a safe return to his family
with added laurels.
Comox Creamery
45c per lb, this week
7 Passenger Coe Car
Rates Reasonable
Palace Livery & Feed Stables
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay -j
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay TIIK   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
By L. T. Meade
Ward,  Lock   _  Co.,   Limited
London.   Melbourne  and Toronto
iCon. nued)
while Dean Chance wns rushing ofl
in Naples nn what proved to be innn'
or less a wild goose chase, tlia lawyers consulted together, nnd decided
to visit Barbara that very evealng,
They wuuld go together. They wer��
both anxious to befriend tho little girl,
nml believed that althougb tlio money,
aocordlng to the directions In the
blink hex. could not bo touched by lier,
yel she might be helped through other
sources, and muni not he left any
longer In a house iu Vauxhall Bridge
Barbara wns tired, after a hard
day's work. .Miss Octavln was more
cranky than usual. She lim. a hnd
eold, which prevented her going out,
nml Barbara herself had caught it
from her, und wns feeling her throat
sore and her eyes watering. We all
know the dlscomforl of tho beginning
of u bad eold: and when Miss Octavia scolded the poor littlo girl for
rending huskily, she hnd grout difficulty In keeping back her tours. She
did so. however, ns well ns .she could,
and Miss Octavia apologized in u lew
minutes for hor sharp words.
'.'Little child," she snid, "you urn
so good to me thnt 1 nm ashamed of
myself when 1 nm cross. Von never
answer back."
"Why should I?" snid Barbara. "Vou
have many things to try you Hint. I
hnve not."
"You amaze me," said Miss Oolnvia.
"1 have mnny tilings to try me Hint
you havo not? Why, you���you havs
no money nt ull, and my sister und 1
are quite rich compared to you."
"I was nnt thinking of thai," said
Barbara, "I was thinking Hint you
are n little old, and a litllo sad; that
you have very had eyesight, and you
cannot hear vory distinctly. 1 was
thinking of those ns trials far greater
than tlie wan., of money. Besides,
dear Miss Octavia"���hero she took the
old lady's hand���"are you not supply-
lug me wiih money, and is not Mrs.
Ilussoll a nitre ungel ?. her kind-
"She is that. Slid always was," said
Miss Octavia. ".My sister and I would
not. have staved here so long, hut for
Mrs. Russell's goodness, for Lavinia
is a  very difficult    woman   lo   deal
Barharn tried hard io suppress a
sllghl smile, for the more difficult of
tlie Iwo sisters was Oelavia. Hut there
was no use in saying a word about
this to tlio poor old lady. The girl
road as hpst she could, and now the
reading was over, und siie wns sitting
In the kitchen with Mrs. Russell polling nnd fussing over hor. Han was
coming in vory soon to go through his
lessons. Barbara was now an established member of the house: there was
nothing too good for her. She had even
been moved by Mrs. Russell���When
the winter set in and hor house was
not (|uito so. full���into a bolter bedroom on the floor below the. attic,
Here she-was���to quote Mrs. Russell
���"reel luxurious." The girl paid her
regularly what, Mrs. Russell would
tuke, and not a ponny moro, und that
was   a shilling a day.    Thus sho was
Assisted by occasional use
of Cuticura Ointment.
Oirtidirafl_p And Olntninit _e will tlirnuction*
tbe World. A iibr-rji __. a of _oh,wl_ :u-p _o
Bunnell).,Rent poflt-freo. Aiair_i Potter Vi-uti _
C'lniu Corp.,- _t. __, Huston, t'._. A.
W. N. U. 101.
| able to put by Bva shillings a week,
j and   she   bail   her  nest egg of  three
I pounds, ten   shillings,   and    the   five
[pounds left from tlie mysterious friend
| who   hud   supplied   her   with   clothes.
I llow   she   talked   of  that     wonderful,
mysterious friend to Miss Laey!  And
how difficult il was for Miss Laey tc
I keep the color oul of her cheeks, ami
I the sparkle of gratification oul of ber
eyes!    Bul she managed to do so. for
she knew lhat little Barbara would re-
turn every pinny, if sli guessed that
she  hmi  given  to her from  her own
slender slorn.    Accordingly,  llnrbara,
nil   tilings  considered,  was    a   happy
girl.   She bad gone through a terrible
llllle, and she hoped the worst was
j at an end. She was gelling BCCU8-
j loineil lo her new life.   The only thing
��� she dreaded was passing .orris's shop.
| l'or Ferris liad a way or standing by
i liis door, his hands In his trousers
pockets, and his eyes watching all lhe
girls that  passed. It wns not long be-
'fore he had discovered who Barbara
| Chance was; from Hint moment, she
never appeared in this neighborhood
without    his saying something very
| rude and insulting In her. She kept
it to herself for a long time for fear
(of gelling poor Kale Jessop inlo
trouble, and being afraid about what
Mrs. Russell would do.   Hut Mrs. Bus-
'sell found the poor cliild in hitler
lours one afternoon, and insisted upon
knowing the cause.
"it's that awful man," said Barbara,
"Sakes alive! Heaven preserve UBl
What  man, child?"
"That  man,  Ferris."
"And how did you gel. to i now him!
Haven't I worked uiy lingers to the
bone to prevent your going near Mm
nnd 'is sort?"
So then Barbara told her what Ferris had done; how be had followed hor
down the street: and offered lo take
lier lo a restauranl and give her good
food; how lie had praised her appearance, and asked her boldly in tho middle of I lie street for a kiss.
"Ilo won't trouble ye no more,"
said Mrs. Russell, turning crimson as
she spoke.
It was on the morning of that very
day when Miss Octavla's cold had
been so troublesome, and when Barbara herself was afflicted with a sore
throat, and the first symptoms of n
had eobl. that she confided her woes
to .Mrs. Russell. Mrs. Russel! know
the exact way that she would treat
Ferris. She went out. therefore, just
about, seven o'clock, leaving Hannah
in charge of the establishment and
tolling Barbara tab l sho could look
after Han's lessons, and she would
he back herself in about, half r.n hour.
Qlio dressed in her most resoectable
stvlfl- her heavy cloth mantle laden
with bogles���hor old-fashioned bonnet,
wllh its black strings. With ber
found, rosy, god-humored face, and
tier stout form, sho looked like n woman whom a man iiihrht. fear if he
"ol into had graces. Ferris was just
shutting un tho slum when she enter-
"l. Oi>e of the waitresses hurried to
moot hor.
"Can 1 do anything for you, ma,'am'.'
Thero is a table vacant just at. the lop
of tho room. These nre our busy
hours bul if you're quick I can secure
the tablfl. Hero's the menon, ma'am.
Wlml will ynu have to eat?"
"Nothiwr. thank you. T want to
snook fo Mr. Ferris.
"Ho!" cried Ferris, who was standing behind his desk. He approached
Mrs. Fhissell and said to her:
"Well, and what ean T tlo for you,
my good woman? What have you
come to mv -establishment for. if not
to eat and drink? You're past flirtation, or anything of that. sort. What
have you come for, my dicky bird?"
"I have come t) say this, sir; and
I say it aloud for Hie benefit of every
young gel in Hie place, that if you
ever again attempt to Insult my
charge, .Miss Barbara Chance, 1 shall
see you before the magistrate. You
have no right to speak to a lady as
you bave done lo her, and frighten her
poor little heart out. How dare you?
You scoundrel of a man! How many
young gels have yon brought to ruin;
lint you won't, touch my little Barbara Chance, and I've come to tell you
so. Von can do anything else you
like, now that you know that, iny
"Indeed, ma'am! greatly obliged.
Prelly little gel, Miss Chance. Understand she is quite penniless. May be
glad of my attentions sonic day. If I
tuke a fancy lo any gels 1 generally
do wtdl for them. I took a fancy to
Mary Findlay, aud she's now living--"
"I don'l want to hear any of your
horrid, nasty. Improper stories," saitl
Mrs. Russell, walking out of the shop.
All tbe girls had stood in amazement. Ferris fell very uncomfortable;
he vented his rage on Kate .lessop.
"You  know thai  woman?" he suld.
"I  tlo," saitl  Kale.
"And you broke your word?"
"I couldn't help ||; .Mrs. llu: sell
wouldn't let her come."
"She'll come yel. She'll be down on
her knees afore me yet, 'eating 'umble
pie, tbat she will. Now get on witii
your work, gels! "(let on with yonr
work! Wot a disgraceful scene! 1
could have that woman up. Talk of
her 'aving nie up fnr speaking to a
pretty gel in Ihe slreet! I should like
to know what a man is meant for, If
he ain't allowed to do that."
Meanwhile it so happened that
while Mrs. Russell was out the two
gentlemen, Mr. Parkes and Mr. Sunningley. called at 124b, Vnuxhail
Bridge Road, and inquired fo.- Barbara
"Miss Barbara is at home," replied
Hannah. "She's down in the kitchen
at. present, teaching Master Dan his
lessons for tomorrow."
"We want to s<e her," said Mr.
Parkes, "but we don't want our names
given. If you can manage to bring
her np to a private room, where we
ran-talk to her. I'll give you five shlll-
ings.    Pon't on any account give our
; names, but get her to come upstairs.
You'll manage it, won't you?"
"That 1 will," said Hannah. "You
are friends ot the dear Ilttlo lady's,
ain't you?"
"We are. Of course, we are," said
Accordingly,  Hannah,    as sbe    ex-
Ipresssed it. "whipped downstairs."
"Master Dan, you must    shut   np
your books for a hit.    Miss  Barbara
I is  wanted  in  the  parlor."
(To he Continued)
Warts will render the prettiest
hands unsightly. Clear the excrescences away by using Hollow ay's Corn
Cure, which ads thoroughly ami painlessly.
Climbing Alps by Funicular Railway
Switzerland's Industries are, as we
all know, the making of mountaineers and milk chocolate; and the former, if Swiss statistics are to be
trusted, Is certainly flourishing, According tO Ibe official records of lasl
year 7,600,000 "Alpinists' climbed
the Alps- by funicular!
Mountain   climbing  by  railway    is
becoming so popular that' Switzerland now boasts of no fewer than
forty-eight funicular railways of assorted lengths, from the litlle Muzll-
Bcrne to the great .lungl'rau line.
The latest Alpine sport Is lo breakfast at lhe station on your arrival,
lunch in the Alps, and dine at your
hotel In the evening--all within
twenty-four hours.
Tale of Two Lakes
Lake Baikal!, In Central Asia, ami
Lake Tanganyika, in Central Africa,
furnish similar problems for scioui.
ists, as both are fresh water, removed
from oceans, yet both contain deep
se . fish.
Koreans antl Chinese
While the Chinese do not care for
alcoholic drinks, but aro addicted to
opium, the Koreans like strong drink
anil do not care for opium.
Mean Interference
Bi.x���My wife Is never happy when
I am out of her sight.
Dick���My wife doesn't trust, me,
either.���Yonkers Statesman.
Only the Seventh
Guest���Delightful party you are
having tonight, old fellow.
Host���Yes. I am giving it to my
wife. It is the seventh anniversary of
her   twenty-eighth   birthday.���Censor.
Minard's  Liniment Cures   Dandruff.
Quick Change
"I would rather soe my daughter
married to a poor man whom she
really loved than to the richest man
in the world if she didn't care for
"Well, you get your wish, I saw lier
about ten minutes ago eloping with
one of your underpaid clerks."
"Good heavens! Where? Speak,
ipan! Maybe I ean head them off he-
fore it Is forever too late."���Chicago
"One-half of the women in this
world retail gossip," remarked Mr.
Stubb as he lit his after-super cigar.
"Quite considerate of you not to to
say all of them retail gossip," snapped
Mrs. Stubb as she washed the dishes.
"Ob, no, only half, Maria. The other
half wholesale it."���London Express.
Pacific Blockades
The phrase "pacific blockade" is almost a contradiction of terms, but is
used in international law for want of a
better. It means the blockade of ports
of another country in time of peace
without the intention of waging war;
in other words, it is a peaceable act of
war. Some writers on international
law insist that the blockade of the
ports of a foreign country is itself an
act of war without regard to the mo-
live of future intentions, but as a
means of reprisal or of compelling the
settlement, of international disputes it
has become an established feature of
the laws of nations.���Philadelphia
Felt Her Part
"She did the mud scene very well."
"All primed  for it.    Sho had just
beeu going over the meagre receipts
in the box office."--Kansas City ,Iour-
Tlie old gentleman's wife was getting into a carriage, and he neglected
to assist her.
"Yon are nol so gallant John, as
when 1 was a gal," sho exclaimed, In
gentle rebuke.
"No," wns his ready response, "and
yotl are nol so buoyant as when 1 was
a boy!"- Tit-Bits.
The First Crude Ones ��� hat Were Is
sued by Great Britain
The adhesive postage stamp hail its
origin in England as a direct outcome
of the poslal reforms introduced by
Sir Rowland Hill, whose master mind
ereatotl not only the inestimable boon
of penny postage, but Hie means by
which It was carried Into effect--the
adhesive  postage slumps.
At the time ot the passing of the
uniform penny postage act in 1880 all
poslal charges wore paid in cash I usually on delivery) Involving an enormous amount of bookkeeping on tho
part oT the post office, which would
havo been increased a hundredfold
when Hie reduced rales of postage
came Inlo force but l'or the suggestion
of the great postal reformer for "a bit
of paper just large enough lo bear the
stamp and coated nt the back with a
glutinous wash," being subsequently
(mhedieil in Hie famous one penny
black postage label and ils consort,
the twopence blue, which made their
debut in May, ISIU, and were Iho progenitors of all adhesive postage
.���'or three short years Great Britain
enjoyed a monopoly of Ihls novel and
handy method of collect!.;; postage,
until In July, 1848, the enlightened
empire of Brazil followed suit Willi   i
series or native manufacture, adorned
wllh large numerals of vnliie in place
of a design,
In ISIS the United Stales entered
the Hold with two beautifully engraved portraits of Franklin anil Washing
ton, while the head of Ci res, lho goddess of agriculture, found place on the
llrst slumps of thn French republic, engraved by tho elder Burro, which
made their debut on Jan. I, 1SI0.���
Strand Magazine.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Subways  of  Knowledge
Tlio following definitions taken
from school examination papers aro
examples of those school mistakes
where ono can see traces of Hie right
'ilea without definite form in lhe
writer's brnln:
"The base of a triangle i ���. the side
which we don't talk about."
"The subjunctive mood Is used in
a doubtful manner."
"Rapids are pieces of water which
run with great force down Hie middle
of rivers."
"lOxcoinumnicalion means that no
one is to speak to some one."
They furnish good illustrations of
the smattering of knowledge. leading
to only n partial development of tho
reasoning faculty, which Is rather
characteristic of our rapid lire present day system of education.
After 10 Years of Asthma Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy pro-, ed the
only relief for one grateful user, and
Ibis is hul one cure among.many. Little wonder that it has now become
the one recognized remedy on the
market. It has earned its farce by its
nover failing effectiveness. It is earn-
in;: It today, as it has done for years.
It. is the greatest asthma specific within the reach Of suffering humanity!
Food Shortage Next Yea.-
Tlie London Chronicle snys: "A
timely warning to prepare against tlie
inevitable shortage in the world's supply of foodstuffs is given by Lord Mil-
ner wbo points out thnt although the
present harvest is abundant, immense
decrease in the production of 1915
must result from the fact that all the
able bodied males of France, Germany,
Austria antl Russia nre now engaged
in fighting.
"Of the 650,ooft,oon quarters o;
wheat and rye annually produced
throughout the world, 350,000,000
come from theso countries, and the
other producing countries cannot possibly make up the deficiency.
"Lord Milner predicts th.it In the
latter half of next year, if not before,
all the nations which live on wheat or
rye, will be competing fiercely for a
share   in   the  diminished   supply."
follow the use of
v-scent ___)Cut.
25 and 60c. at nil DrurjUti
and stores.   Take Abbey Vita Tablets
for Sick Nerves.
Standards of Machinery
The slatomen bas frequently beet
made that farm machinery la not d.
signed SO much as It. It built by rule
of thumb. Tho fuel that practical,
all of II. must tlo Its work while travelling over the ground makes economy of power and light weight Hit
first consideration, Frequently tht
factor of safely in somo Important
parts Is out to too low a pointvas a
result and considerable experimenting
is required before tho machine It
equally strong In every part. It liar
been felt, however, by the manufno
lurcrs and educators wdio nre mein
hers of the American Society of Agri
cultural Engineers that somo basic
principles could be worked out is
connection with farm machinery. Tlu
committee on standards bas made a
good start In Ibis direction, but Is
llrst Inking up some of tbo mln.rt
problems which cause a great deal
of grief for both maker and user. The
question of standardizing parts so
that the cost of repairs can be re
tluced is regarded one of first importance. Such matters as standard
screw threads: height of wheel, width,
of tire and width of tread In waggons; plough sizes and shapes; sin'
gletrees, doubletrees antl eveners for.
implements, are all receiving atten^
tlon by the committee, of which Prof.
J. B, Davidson, of Iowa. State College,
is Hie active head. The gas engine
is receiving Its share of attention,
especially in connection with a uniform method of rating the horsepower. This will apply to both stationary and traction engines. Some
progress is being made also ln recommendations for standard ignition
apparatus. The committee will pre
sent a report at the December meeting nf the society, and the papers
will be printed.
Make up  For It
"So Kate and Alice ire not ol
speaking terms."
"Xo, but they more than make uf
for it by what they say about eact
other."���Boston Transcript.
The Perfect Life
"Their home llfo is Ideal."
"Is that so?"
"Yes; she goes abroad in the sura��
mer and he goes south in the wlntet
Perfect, isn't it?"���Buffalo Express.
Wife (after callers had gone)���How
dare you scold me before company?
Hub���Well, you know, my dear, I
don't dare to tlo It when we are by
ourselves���Boston Transcript.
"I don't like Airs. Wombat. Want!
to talk about her poodle all the time."
'"Is that so?"
"Yes. She never seems to care tt
hear about my ranary."
Amplifying li
"I understand Colonel Flushby gave
a good account of himself in the war."
"So he did antl has been giving a
better one ever since."���RaHimor.
Bad Blood *���""���*
is the direct and inevitable result of
irregular or constipated bowrls and
clogged-up kidneys and skin. The
undigested food and other waste matter which is allowed to accumulate
poisons the blood and the whole
.stem. Dr. Morse's Indian Koot Pills
act directly on the bowels, i :gulating
them���on the kidneys, giving them
case and strength to properly filter the
blood���and on the skin, opening up
the pores. For pure blood and good
health take
Dr. Morse's   ��
Indian Root Pills
The wireless slalion at the Uiffel
Tower in Paris could easily get ils
messages to St. Petersburg direct,
for it is tho most powerful wireless
station on tlio continent. The terrific "sparking" from its antennae,
nearly 1,000 feel above the ground
is so distinct that Ihoso conversant
with Hie Morse code can read its
time and weather reports in the
streets of Paris without any instru-j
ments. But there Is uo powerful
wireless station ir. Russia, antl the
roundabout route will be necessary.
The Britisli government is building a
station more than 500 feel above, sea!
level in a remote pari of Oxfordshire,)
which will have a dozen masts, each
as high as SI. Paul's Cathedral.   The
I station will be able, il is anticipated,
to get Into direct communication with
1 Egypt in the daytime antl possibly
witli India nt night, when the ethev
Is always a better carrier. '
A frisnd told Sir Herbert Tree that
another well-known actor had "gagged" in a Shakespeare play.
"All!" was Ilie reply, "hut you must
renumber that both l:u and I are il-
censed ytagglsts. Indeed, we might be
culled Gag und Maygag."��� London Express.
"Why are you so down on Brigijfe,
the .hotelkeoper?'
"He gave me bad quarters In exchange for a good dollar."���Boston
Arl thou anvil, be patient; art thou
hammer, strike hard.���German Prov-
One rt son why man is superior to
woman Is because a man always
knows where, he gol his leatlaches.'���
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Flaked Corn
Sweet food the year
round when you have
Post Toasties.
Delicious bils of choicest
Indian Corn, rolled thin as a
leaf und toasted to a golden
Brought to you fresh, crisp,
and sweet, in moisture proof
packages���always ready for
the table.
Open the package iu a jiffy,
add cream or milk maybe
a little sugar.
For breakfast, lunch or
��� sold  by  grocers
Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd*
Windsor, Ont. THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
* ������_!  Uw tlanlMlu
_ itn. _hUanr__l marow
iSm .Iron u _tUblts_e_
*Tt_.    Hi ut flflnf n _ ./
Wttehn    t _     thoUMUtd.      Ut
_ M. U all   ft _r   thi
war! _    ������     ��     luifi
���_��r.lwt_mk. Naw
If _. ar _1___m to
���MlI on*. Wrlto
naw, . unl, .���.__. 11
��ont�� Tor oii_ ct oar
Uslil, __. iU L_dl. _'
T__of On .nl., of
Qw _. AlbMTti, ion*
ctrrltflfl i_M to w��m
with ih* . ��tA. which
will tn ���!*_* _r��*
('___�� ��*____. in
fnwitiitoM tt* _ yttii),
���hooltt roa ttik* _4
nnUfaot o o_ i__nr.l-
tt*m ���____ W�� ���___��_ ?H to toll poor filutH
I il out ua md i_)w th ���� Uw U__il!ul tttie ..
1 IKm't lbJn_ llilt e-flVi (oo good to b* ti _���, _nl ..ml
I SB ���_����__��� t.-d_? mil _kin _ Vim w*i. h. Vou
I Will te w___t>"WU,I.U__ _ 1.1 OYl), "���>.'��__
1 Jo-rcllen U>mX *** _ ��_ Cora we_lU 1U__1. UuOttt, _1 .
p problem* Klved.
v~Jk doe* ����ie worrying and tho work���
���nil untn wllsfw
Offer M _MO_n__.
Ontario Veterinary College
Under    (lie   control   of  th��  Department    ot    Agriculture    ot    Ontario.
Established 1802.
Affiliated    with    tho University of
N.B.���College     will     re-open     on
Thursday, tho 1st of October, 11114. In
* tho  now  College  Uul Idinjr,   110  University Avenue.
Calendar on Application.
E. A. A. Grange, V.S.. M.S., Principal
A Suggestive Guess
liishop Ingram, Lord Bishop of London, l'.uglund, has a pleasant habit of
Chatting with anybody he uiuy meet
during liis walks. One tiny in the
country be came across a Ind who
was looking after some pigs by the
roadside, anil lhe bishop paused to
ask him whnt lie was doing, that being
liis usual opening to conversation:
"Mointliir BWOlne," the lad, replied,
The    bishop    nodded     his      head
"Ah, is thui so'.'" he commented,
"And how much tlo you earn u week'.'"
"Two shillings," was the reply.
���Only iwo shillings?" remarked the
bishop. Then ho continued, pleasantly, "I, too, am a shephe-il. bill I get
more than two shillings."
The ind looUetl at. him suspiciously
fnr a minute, then he snld, slowly:
"Mebbe you gets more swolno nor
nie to inointl."
The Bench and the Bar
Sir Kdward Carson, the eminent
lawyer, and leader ot the Ulster covenanters, is usually very serious in
tleiueaiior. but he is a muster lu tho
art of making witty and telling retorts.
During one ease in which he appeared, he hail more tbnn one passage of
arms with the judgo, who finally drew
attention to a discrepancy   between
the evidence by two of Sir Ktlwtirtl's
principal witnesses, one of whom was
ii earpeuler und lhe other u publican.
"Thai's so, my lord," instantly retorted Sir Ktlwaril. "Yel another case
of difference between the bench and
the bur!"
What Germany  Hal Sacrificed
liy act of war Germany out herself
.oft   from   trade   with ureal Britain
that iu 1011 amounted to $487,000,000;
1 from  trade with lhe Russian empire
| that  In that year rose to (816,000,000,
and from the French iriule,    which
was then $266,000,000.   German   ex-
I purls ami imports rose from $3,669,-
000)000 lu   1008   to   $4,716,000,000 in
IIH".   The   British navy, aided by tlie
' .Tench iieei   ln   Uie Mediterranean
'; anil lhe small lliissian fleet In tlie
Baltic, has blockaded the vast bulk
of this trade entering and departing
in ships carrying yearly loo.ono cargoes from German ports, the chief of
which are Hamburg, Bremen, Stettin,
Allooiin. I.iiebeek. Danzig anil Warn.
j iiieiiniie. of the (.rent mercantile navy
whlell ilie Heels of the Triple Entente
are holding in cheek, more than three-
quarters bolongs to the German nation.   New Vork Times.
"Whal ean I use to clean carpets?"
asked u correspondent, who signed
herself, rather hushfully. "Young
"Have you tried your husband?"
replied lhe answers editor, who lost
Ills position just a few hours after
the reply appeared.
Quite Successful
A well known English bishop, as he
I was going about his diocese, stopped
' tlie porter of a lunatic asylum,   and
asked how n chaplain whom he, the
bishop,   had    lately    appointed, was
getting on.
"Oh, my lord," said the man; "Ms
preaching is most successful. The
hidiots henjoys it partlckler!"
I    Children Teething
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Something bcuor than linen end big
_i__y bills wash ll with soap and
water All stores or direct. State style
��nd me. For 8_ wc will mail yon
et Fr��Mf Avenue, Toronto, Onttffc   r
la no more necessary
tban Smallpox, Aimy
experience bis demonstrated
the almost miraculous efficacy, and harml __ _s, of Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vaccinated HOW by your physician, you and
Vour family.   It Is more vital than house Insurance*
Ask your physician, druggist, or send for Have
ytra had Typhoid)" telling of Typhoid Vaccine,
results from use, and dnuger from Typhoid Carriers.
_��__������ vacciass a besoms tm_n u. I, eev. ucsasl
Sure of Herself
"Do you think," asked the widower,
"you Could learn to love my children
ta you vould if they were your own?"
"Oh, yes," replied the anxious maiden. "1 think 1 should care more l'or
them really than if they wore my own,
because I shouldn't have to worry bo
. much about them If they got hurt or
wero sick."���Chicago Record-Herald.
Complete in itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not require
tlie assistance of any other modlcino
to muko It effective. It does not fail
to do its work.
"Well, madam, is your husband out
of danger?"
"It isn't quite sure; the doctor is
joining again."���Lo Itlro.
Miss Flirt���.lack told nie last night
that I was his very life.
Her Brother���.lack will soon find
Mt how uncertain life is.���Boston
W  N. U. 1019
"Why, Mrs. Murphy, you look quite
festive today.   What's the matter.?1'
"Wot! 'Aven't you 'eard my Bill
comes out today?"
"But I thought the judge give him
seven years."
"Yes, but they're letting 'im out
nearly two years earlier cos 'e's behaved so well."
"Lor,' Mrs. Murphy, what a comfort
It must bo to 'ave such a good
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neural-
Very Restive
The Caller���You say that your son
dislikes the country and wants to go
to the city. Does he seem very restive at home?
Mrs. Tungtwlst���Yes: he's awful
restive. He ain't done nothin' but
rest since he graduated from college.
--Princeton Tiger.
The Tourist (spending a week-end
in the village, to the oldest inhabitant)���Well, I don't know wbat ��you
do here. It's certainly the most dead-
and-alive show I was ever in.
The Oldest Inhabitant���Ab, you
ought to wait till next week, _ur, and
zee how the place 'ull be stirred up
The Tourist���WTiy, what's ou next
The Oldest Inhabitant���Ploughii. .���
Corns Between the Toes
or on the soles of the feet, can be
cured by a few applications of Putnam's Corn Extractor, which acts painlessly, quickly and with certainty. The
genuine "Putnam's" always cures. Try
No Room-Mates
Littlo Frank was trying hard to sit
up late, but had grown very sleepy.
The visitor in whose honor bedtime had been retarded noted aud
made comment:
"I reckon you usually go to bed
with the clilckenB,' he said with a
"No, I don't!" snapper Franliie, insulted, "I have a room ull to myself."
An acquaintance ot Talleyrand ouce
remarked to him that be did not tbink
it worth his while to learu the game
of whist. Talleyrand's reply bas been
remembered until this day: "N'ot
know whist, young man? AVhat a dismal old age you are preparing for
The young man bad just been accepted. In his rapture he exclaimed,
"Rut do you think my love I am good
enough for you?" *
His strong-minded fiancee looked
sternly at him for n moment and replied "Good enough for me? You've
got to be!"
"I am convinced," said Mrs. Twick-
enbury, "that wc should save largely
on dentist's bills if we should buy
each of tbe children one of thos. new
pyrotechnic toothbrushes."���Christian
First Artist���The umbrella you leut
me?   1 have lent it to a friend.
Second Artist���That is very awkward. The man who lent it to my
friend tells me that the owner wants
It���Le Rire.
Its Virtue Cannot be Described.���
No ono can explnln the subtle power
that Dr, Thomas' Boleotrlc oil pes-
sesses, Tin' originator was himself
aurprlsed by the wonderful qualities
Unit bis coii'ipo.ml possessed. That lie
was the bonofaotor ot humanity is
shown by the myriads that rise lu
pi-jiiso ot this wonderful Oil. So familiar is everyone with it that it Is
prized as a household medicine everywhere.
Survivor of Siege of Lucknow
Tlie dealli bus just taken place at
Edinburgh of Mrs. Elisabeth Anderson, wbo was one of tlie few remaining lady survivors of the siege of
LucknoW. At the lime of this stirring event, in history, Mrs. Anderson's
husband, Dr. Thomas Anderson, who
wns a bou of Mr. Thomas Anderson,
tor many years secretary ot the Na-
iilional bank, was a medical officer in
India, und was stationed ut Delhi.
Mrs. Anderson was on a visit to Luck-
now when the mutiny broke out, and
she remained in tlie beleaguered city
tor nine, months, and she used to recall that she wus present in tho talk-
hana, or cellar, to which Europeans
went to escape the heat, immediately
underneath the room to which Sir
Henry Lawrence was taken when the
distinguished general fell.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
"Oh. thank you!" exclaimed an
elderly woman to a laborer, wbo surrendered his seat in a London bus.
"Thank you very much."
"That's orl right, mum," was tlie
As the woman sat down the chivalrous laborer said:
"Wot I sez is, a man never crt to
let a woman stand. Some mon
never gets up unless she's young and
pretty: but you see, mum, it don't
mako no difference to nie."
The Solidarity of the Empire
The most astounding fact in this'
striking manifestation of imperial solidarity is its spontaneity and its unanimity. And this spontaneity, which
has demolished in a mo:nent the
theories opposed to the principle of
imperial unity, has shown the solidity
of the bond which unites the varied
parts of tho empire. All the citizens
of the empiro today realize that there
exists between them a solidarity of interest which all have a duty to de-
feud in eqijal measure.���La Patrie.
"Do vou play any instrument, Mr.
"Yes, I'm a cornetist."
"And your sister?"
"She's a pianist."
"Does your mother p'lay?"
"She's  a  zitherist."
"And your father?"
"He's a pessimist."���Ladies' Home
Journal. '
England is the bolder of the world's
supply of tin. and the tremendous advance in the price of that metal, since
war mad0 demands upon it, the printers are feeling the increases in the
cost of alloys used l'or linotype, mono-
line and other lines of type.
What an  M.D, Learned
A prominent Georgia physician went
through a food experience which he
makes public.
"It wns my own experience that first
led me to advocate Grape-Nuts food
and I also know, from having prescribed it to convalescents and other
weak patients, that tho food is a won-
derful rehullder and restorer of nerve
and brain tissue, as well as muscle.
It Improves the digestion and sick
patients gain very rapidly, just as I
did in strength and weight.
"I was In such a low state that I
had to glvo up my work entirely, and
went to the mountains of this state,
but two months there did not improve
me; in fact, I was not quite as well as
when I left home.
"My food did not. sustain me and
it became plain that I must change.
Then I began to use Grape-Nuts food
and In two weeks I could walk a mile
without fatigue; and in five veeks returned to my home aud practice, taking up hard work again. Since that
time I have felt as well and strong
ns I ever did in my life.
"As a physician who seeks to help
all sufferers, I consider It a duty to
mak . theso facts public." Name given
by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor,
Trial 10 days of Grape-Nuts, when
regular food does not seem to sustain
the body, works wonders. "Therfe's a
Look In pkgs. for the famous littlo
hook, "The Road to Wellville."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
i   cffitlll'ieNow'.eminO.ioii ��� <*e -
'������*���"       ___?
Everybody .-.nils ihem "The S/>.e_ Shells,"
fur ehort
Steel Lined, all the explosive force kept hack
of lhe shot No side expansion. A straightaway
blow lhat gets the load there quick.
You take a shorter lend on the fast blrds-rget
more of theni.
To act the _;x'*t_ Shello be sure to v.ee the Rid Btll
.    Mark nf RenungtOn-UMC on every box.
/       Al .,i auk for  Ii.c "Kominiitoll."  our  new low priced
'      smokeless sliell. made l.��r the ir.nn wlio neeuH to con-
y niil-r price rather tlt.-iti extreme refinement.
To keep your nun cU'imuil and tubrirnli'd right, use
���j.   Rein Oil, tlie new  pow_r  Solvent,  ru_  preventative,
*_ nnd gun lubricant.
Remington __aia-I liiion Mutnllio Cartridge Co_
Windsor, Ontario
No Increase in the Price of���
Cowan's Perfection Cocoa
To reaisutc our customers and the Tade generally in the face of
so many advances and rumored advances in ilia cost of food producls,
Tea, Colfee, elc, we hare decided to announce definitely lhat there
will be no advance in price of COWAN'S PERFECTION COCOA
in5-lb., 1 -lb., J.-lb., J.f-'.b. and 10c. ti s, between now and Clirislmaj.
Further than this we cannol look ahe; d.
We believt^it to be the duty of all Canadian. Manufacturers lo do
their utmost during the present crisis to ;;!io\v their belief in the underlying
soundness of Canada's commccia'. conditions. This announcement is
made in face of the fact that the Cowan Company have had lo pay an
advanced price for some of their raw materials; bu_ it is believed that
increased demand from Atlantic to Pacific, because of falling foreign
imports and embargos on leas and coffees, will offset other conditions
and enable our largely increased factory lo tun full time with full or
increased staff at full wages.
The Cowan Company, as manufacturers of an article of unusual
food value, are sincerely anxious to do their share in allaying anxiety
as to employment, wages and food supplies.
Do You Realize the Food Value
Cocoa and Chocolate ate foods as staple as flour. Cocoa is not
a luxury, but a staple necessity of life, and, considered from the standpoint of its value as nourishment in concentrated form pure Cocoa at
50c. a pound is a most economical food.
The food value of Cocoa and Chocolate has been recognized (ot
many years in Great Britain and Europe. The highest medical author*
ities have made the statement that Cocoa and Chocolate ate the most
sustaining of all foods in concentrated form. European soldiers almost
universally carry Chocolate in their kits as an emergency ration in case
of food shortage, or fatigue "n forced marches, and viewed from this
slandpoii t the late Que-n Victoria's gift to her soldiers in South Africa,
takes on a new significance.
We all ppreciate Tea and Coffee, but, after all is said, thes��
be.e:_ges are m -cry pleasant, slightly stimulating drinks, with little or
no food v.-.lc.e. Co an's Perfection Cocoa, on the contrary is a splendid
food as well as drink, r.nd a delightful drink as well as food.
Cowan's Perfection Cocoa.Is sold by all Grocers
in 51b, lib, ;_lb, J+lb, and in 10c. tins.
'    ��� H. N. COWAN, President.
The only Public Owned Stockyard in Canada.
Competitive Buying, Fair Weights, Higliest Prices, Good Accommodation.
For information write to tlie
The New Live Stoclc Marl;et.
Guard   the  rising   generation   by   using   alwaya
in the home
Positively harmless to children, even if accidentally
swallowed, because the composition with which the
heads are tipped, contain no poisonous ingredients
Water Power
Few would expect to find any connection between a modern hydro-electric plant and a prayer. The connection is Indeed remote, but not undis-
covcrable. The first application of
water power to mechanical purposes
was made by Buddhist priests when
they employed the energy ot running
streams to the work of turning prayer
wheels. That, then, may bo said to
constitute the origin of the application
of water power to perform man's l��h-
ors, the foreshadowing of the great
industrial development now In progress for the harnessing of lhe world's
atortalls, rivers and streams,
"Is this truin running on lime?"
"I should say so," answered the conductor. "It can't run nny other way.
The company has had to get so many
extensions of credit that the whole
road is running on time."���Washington Star.
Queen'a Treasures
Among the specially treasured personal belongings which always go
with' the queen from one royal residence to another, are a Bible and a
shawl, both wedding presents from
the late Mrs. Gladstone. Altogether
there are some thirty articles on the
list, including ten photographs of
different members of the royal family.
A   young   man   idle,   an eld i_an
needy,���Italian Proverb.
Try Murine Eye  Remedy
If you havs Red, Weak, Watery Eys��
er Granulated Eyelids. Don't Smart-.
Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists Sell Mi>
rlne Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 60c. Mi*
rine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes Z5o.
50c.   Eye Book Frte by Mall.
_��� F.,�� T_le CI |>t AD E_u tint N��l C.ri
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated IS69
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000        Reserve and Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable in all parts of tlie world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions ol Ordinary Banking Business by mail
The C
ourtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeklj   Newspaper,   Published  at
Courlenay, H. C.
N. Ii. Do.Bt. Editor and Proprietor
Subscription 81.80 per Year in  Advance
Telephone 59
Watch the ''Mountain", its _oinp;
to labor to-morrotv, lis marvellous
what one small head can contain���
for a week.
With lhe fall of Antwerp,
Belgium's cup of suffering is indeed
overflowing, and whatever ihe fiual
result may be, i; is certain that
Belgium will take many years to
recover her formei prosperity, to
reclaim the wastes, and to rebuild
the detroyed homes,
For this reason ihe eyes of many
Belgians will turn to Canada, as
being a country in which new
ho es may be made and the memories of German "Culture" forgotten. They should be welcomed as
being an industrious people, sober
aud intensely religious, and B. C,
\\ ill doubtless receive a proportion
of them; they may be expected to
bring with them the foundations of
new industries, together with those
qualities peculiar to themselves
which will blend with and be built
into the national character of the
Canadian people.
made a neutral purl or el��e hnudpd
over to Bulgaria, We may then
expect it> see Russia entering into
her own in commerce, and we shall
behold that vast Empire, no longer
held back by the Uit'csof Germany,
devoting all lier attention to her
people. Liberty will be granted to
the Poles, the Finns, and the Jews,
nud many others be. ides,���the
Russians share. In the "Triple
Entene" is a guarantee in iiself, -
and that much accomplished, and
Germany crushed, the groaning
worltl can look forward to an unclouded peace.
A lot of speculation is being indulged in by the inevitable prophets
concerning the future of Russia,
their fear being lest that mighty
Empire become the menace ol
Europe after the might of Germany
lias been destroyed.
There is no need to worry;
Russia is no,longer a nightmare to
British statesmen, Russia is no
longer a nightmare to British
Statesmen. Russia will gain more
by internal development than by j
territorial expansion, and Russia is
not the Russia so vividly painted
by the sensational novelists, the
Rus ia of Nihilists, with Siberia
and the Knout always before the
eyes of the thrilled reader, Russia
has her trouble, and Canada relieved
her of one of them when the Douk-
liobors were allowed to leave Russia
and settle iu the Dominion, If the
rest of the Russian troubles are like
the Dukhobor problem, Russia deserves sympathy, But to resume,
Russia is a rich Empire whose
legitimate development is delayed
b) the lack of ice-free ports. To
gain an open outlet she coveted
Constantinople, and was stopped
by England and FraUce, the
blunder of the Crimean War being
the result. Then the Russians
thought of an outlet in .Asia, which
resulted in fifty years of conflict
and anxiety for Great Britain, ou
the North West Frontier of India,
Next, Russia turned to Persia and
was met by Britain quite recently,
wiih the result that Russia secured
certain rights with regard to Persia,
but not any ports on the Persian
Gulf. When the Balkan troubles
were on and the trcops of Greece,
Bulgaria and Servia were only prevented from capturing Constantinople by the intervention of the
Powers, on behalf of Turkey, Russia was within an aoe of securing
what she desired, namely the free
passage of the Dardanelles for her
Black Sea fleet and trade. It was
German influence which was all
the time protecting the effete and
unspeakable Turk, in spite of the
frequent massacres of Christians iu
Turkey, aud now that Germany
and German diplomacy is at last at
bay, there is hope that the Russian
problem will be satisfactorily dealt
Probably Constantinople will be
Mr. Fred Martin, of Bevan was
married by the Rev. Mr. Hood, to
Miss McNatty, of Bevan on Tuesday evening. The residents of
Bevan had every available coal oil
can to give them a welcome home
Geo. Brown got a decision in 8
rounds over Kid Williams at the
smoker held at Cumberland, on the
A football league tinder the name
of "The Comox District Football
Association" vas formed so tie two
weeks ago in Cumberland, and the
teams that have joined so far are,
West Cumberland United, Bevan,
aiul the Cumberland City, A
handsome cup has been presented
to the Association by Mr. T. McLean, jeweller of Cumberland.
The city team are also putting up
a cup. The teams, standing to
date are, West Cumberland, 2
points, City team, 2 points, 1 .van,
0, The secretary is Mr. Warly,
of Bevan.
Sealed Hei Own Fate
Germany sealed lier own fate
when she attempted to make a raid
on Paris, according to Mr. Timothy
llealy, Irish member^of Parliament
and one of the Home Rule leaders,
who arrived at New York last Tuesday. "Germans have lost all the
advantage gained by their attack
on Belgium, in their effort to take
a short cut to Paris and seize that
city. The whole campaign depended on thai move, They intended
to hold Paris for a ransom of one
thousand million dollars or bum it
if it were not paid. The plan baring failed, even though the war
maj dragon, I regard Germany us
a beaten power, The situation regarding it, as I do from a diplomatic and political standpoint alone,
shows that the kaiser i.s no statesman. It reveals the blunder he
made iu abandoning Bismark's
policy and the folly ;of an individual, who, because he happens
to be king, claims the right to attempt to direct every military and
diplomatic move."
Hard timeS always bring  to  the
front schemes for restoring prosperity, through government issues of
currency   based   on   the   national
cretlit, or on the unoccupied  public lands,   or  what  is   much   the I
same  thing,   on   nothing   at   all,
The west pays a good   deal   of attention   to   there  projects   which
have  been   tried   over   and   over I
again in other countries ever  since
mankind learned   how   to   use   a
printing press,   and   always   with
the same disastrous results,    We I
may be thankful that the Canadian
people at large appreciate the ad-1
vantages   of  a   sound    monetary
system and are not disposed to meet'
a temporary illness by naif-killing- j
themselves with quack  medicines, ���
���Ottawa Journal. j
Fall Opening of
linery, Mantles, Furs,
Fur Sets, Dress Goods,
Coatings, Silk Waists
and Dresses, Silk and
Wool Sweater Coats
Shooting Notices, For Sale,   and
To Eet cards, io cents each at this'
The latest fashion creations
in Ladies and Misses Model
and Ready-to-wear Hats
A   Large    Assortment   of
Special Novelties in Childrens and Infants Heatlwear
at popular prices
Ladies' Coats with the new
Balmacaan and Kimona
Sleeves in plaids and royal
blue, red and brown; also
in plain and diagnol cloths
and dark or light Tweeds
in all colours
Winter Sport Coats, Short
and Three-quarter Lengths
Child's  Brown,  Grey and
White Bear Skin Coats in
new     designs,   silk    and
braid trimmed
Ladies' Stole and Muff Sets
in black and grey Imitation
Seal; also Black with White
Ermine, and Black Imitation Persian Lamb
Children's White Bearskin
Fur Sets and Child's White
Wool Boas
Dress Goods in all the leading shades in Silk Crepe
Poplins, Ratines, Panamas,
Serges, Cashmeres, Ladies'
Cloths, Satin Cloths, Tweeds,
also the newest novelty
Coatings in Heavy Diagonol
Serges in Brown, Cardinal,
White and Tweed Effects;
also Black Astrachan
White and Coloured Bear
Skin Cloth in plain and curl,
suitable for children's wear
Season's fashions in One-
piece Silk Blouses; also Silk
and Net Blouses
Ladies' Silk and Wool
Sweater Coats with roll collar and also with V neck in
plain and fancy combinations
A complete stock of Ladies'
Misses and Children's Combinations and Under Vests
in Medium and Heavy
Weight Wool
Our Gent's Dept. is
stocked in All Fall
Rubber Foot Wear
and Oiled Clothing
We are prepared to meet any demand
for Men's and Boy's
Rubber Footwear and Oil Clothing
Rest  makes  and   goods   that   will
wear  to  satisfaction
Loggie Bros.
Next Royal Bank Phone 34
Why Have Wet
>��� V> 51.     *
Call and Inspect Our Stock of
Heavy Winters Underwear Just Arrived
PURE LOCAL HONEY,  50 cents per  Pint [Jar
Parkin Bros.
623-25 Johnson St.   -    Victoria
This display contains the very latest productions and
we are selling at most moderate prices
Send for patterns of our Cord Velveteen at 65c per yard
623-25 Johnson St Victoria
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting.
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Telephone M 92     COMOX, B. C.
Barrister  and Solicitor,  Notary Put
P, O. Box 209
Phone 24 Courtenay
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courteuay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths iu connection
C. E.  DA_,RYMPIVK,  Prop.
Plastering Contractor
Estimates Furnished   Work Guaranteed
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Bev.ridge, Courtenay Hotel
Try an Ad. in The Review fjfi
SIR EDMUND WALKER,C.V.O..I.I..D.. D.C.I... I.__ent
ALEXANDER LAIRD. General Manniier JOHN AIRD, Am . General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FOND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
���re welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of theni or by tlie survivor.
I in
F. C. RROCK, Arfinrr Manager, Courlenay ant! Comox Branches
Comox brunch open on Tuesdays, from ti to _
Letters to The Editor
Fditor Review.
Dear Sir,
Having just lost avoidable dog I y
pois'iu laid by Some individual,
presumably for the purpose of killing rats, I venture to muke the
incident public, in older to point
out the dnnger of putting "Rough
on Rats" or other poisons where
children or doe,s and cats can rea_i
it. 1 understand that to do so is
contrary to the law of our laud, and
such poison, if laid, should be inclosed in a ca^e where only rals
or mice could net at it.
Yours faithfully
E, Laycock.
Saudwick, B. C.
Cruiser Nurnburg
Gels Comox Coal
Vancouver' Cct. 19.���According' to tlif captain of the Ndrwcgion
steamer 'I lentil; Ibsen, now at
Tacoma, it was Comox coal which
bunkered tin Nunberg at Honolulu. The ileiirik Isben carried
the coal, sailing from Ccmox on
August I.s. She discharged it at
Honolulu, and the Nurubecg got
7(l(l tons of it.
Steamer Potsdam Safe
Editor Review.
Dear Sir:���Concerning the presumptuous criticism in last week's
Herald, in which the Editor de-
nouces certain citizens of Courtei.ay
for being- sr, ridiculous as to talk
to others about how the town
should be run, while they themselves are so selfish as to send
away to outside sources for some
of their supplies. This absurd
man is careful to omit sayine; anything about the fact that the purchaser can save a large percentage
of his money by sending for certain
kinds of merchandise from department stores. Evidently, this critic
would like the public to believe
that he is so deeply interested in
the upbuilding of the town that he
is quite willing to pay the merchants of C uirteuay any price they
wish to charge him fo'- his supplies
no matter how much better value
he could get elsewhere.
Such unsound reasoning as this
man has advocated ii: this question
will not impress the public favourably concerning the opinions of the
Herald on public questions.
Yours truly
John Johnston
Lake Trail.
Oct. 19th. 1914.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   .School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. m.    Service 11:30.   livening service 7:30 ii- m. All welcome
1 London, Oct. 20.���A Reuter
despatch   from   Amsterdam   says
'that the steamer Potsdam,    which
J was reported to have struck a
mine in the North Sea, is sale in
I the harbour at Rotterdam. They
have no knowledge that the
steamer had met with an accident.
Is Von Moltke Dead ?
Paris, Oct. 20.���Le Martin publishes today the report that General
Helminth vou Moltke, chief of the
general staff of the German army,
aud commander-in-chief under the
Kaiser, has died in the hospital at
Secamp. a French town on the
English Channel, 27 miles northwest of HavrQ,
London, Oct. 10.���A Pretoria
bespatch to Renter's says that au
additional force of officers and
seventy men of Col Maritz's rebel
force in South Africa have been
captured, and that four officers
and forty men have voluntarily
Then, is talk of "the largest
armies ever mustered," but does
not this reveal some forgetfulness ?
The greatest of all armies in point
of numbers was that of Xerxes
launched against Greece. Herod-
otous gives the number of fighting
men as 2,641,610, and modern
critics do not seem able to reduce
it very materially. Sonic historians have computed that, including
servants, eunchs and other camp
followers the host exceeded 5,000-
000 souls.���Pall Mall Gazette.
Try a Review Want Ad.
Suitings,  Overcoating and
If you anticipate buying a suit, overcoat or 't".users
.this fall it will pay you to see our stock
We guarantee material, workmanship and fit
I'll    Mil
lull In 1 uu   1 ii. , vei 1 g
count ol ihe lough m ...
Services at St p, in s church na
Sunda\ will In ri     1 .1 in  and y. ;n
p HI . and ul   Lazo al   ; p 111
Mr J. Moore gathered40boxes
of fine winter apples off the large
tree that grows by the side ol hi,
There will  be a .'.nice in the   _
of   1'     hall    tn morrow   I Friday )
Mr. Martin has his launch "The
Elk" hauled up behind the hotel
for the winter
Arthur Knight was in town nu
Tuesday will, a bunch nf the wireless operators.
Jerry has completed the sail for
his new bnal lhe 1'lying Cloud, and
hopes to sail for Germany iu lhe
near future, as he is somewhat enthusiastic about the war.
When the Germans were moving
a big grn in Antwerp thev ran over
an ear of corn and three kernels
were killed.
This is the way one of the Comox
bachelors does it:
May I print a kiss nn your ruby
She smiled   as she  gave  me   permission
Two lips so sweet 1 ne'er did meet
So I printed a large edition,
Mr. Arnold, formerly wireless
operator at Lazo, but fnr some
time ai Ikeda Bay, came dowii in
a launch, and is visiting his old
friends at Lazo and Comox He
has resigned his position, and
leaves shortly for Kngland., where
he intends joining the Flying
Mrs. Tyson, of Nanaimo, is
visiting her brother, Rev, Franklin-Watson.
Bishop Alexander McDonald
siienl the week end at Si. Joseph's
Dr. Beadnell went to Denman
Island about a week ago, and was
taken ill there. Mrs. Beadnell left
by the last boat to nurse him.
Mr. A, H, Henderson has returned from the Gamp al St. nthcona
Park, and will occupy Mr. F, C.
Roope's house, during his absence,
he having joined the 88th and his
sister has gone to reside in England.
The fishing schooner ''Victoria"
which sank near the mouth of
Little River, was being towed lo
Victoria, but when in Deep Bay
sprang anot' er leak, and sauk in
about 150 feet of water.
Several local attractions were
called off to make room for the
Athletic Club's ball next Thursday evening, y et it remains for a'
Company of Nanaimo barnstormers
to drop in and run a concert and
dance tonight.--Muff sed.
If all the water power of the
United States were developed elect
trically, it vvolll 1 save the handling
of 284,000,000 tons of coal a year.
War  Maps
Review and  Family   Herald
For Only $2.25
Notice is hereby given that on the
First day ot December, next, application
will lie made to the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for renewal of lhe hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as the Flk Hotel, situate at
Conio.., in the Province- tf British'
Ckch, Ai.k.-antjkk Martin.
Dated this 1st day of October, 1914.
_. ;n's
. I
au ! 11
01 llu
lini 1
fact :  '
brass clasps, in
ings with lap
iuside   pocket,
sleeves are 1 mil
coat   being line
Our price $4.
Comox    Co-Operative    Society
Jlealers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Fanner's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
specialty. We sell 011'y tlie
best. Prices arc always low
and satisfactory, Wc pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
er in
Hay, Flour, Feed and Grain
Empty Sacks For Sale
Pho_e Y91 and your order will be filled at
Courtenay Electric Liglit, Heat &
Power Co., Limited
B.g to announce that they will shortly be prepared
to supply Electric Light, Heat and Power to Courtenay and district. Interior wiring undertaken at
lowest possible rates. A full line of Lamps and
Electric Supplies will also be carried in stock
Address all inquiries to
CLINTON S. WOOD, Superintendent
P. O. Box 195 Telephone 43
v.,    . ���
Shi ild.
bl.   th.  lid
d   Half  we
-   1 aha. i
s-  tO
of the
I'ats to m
atch 75c
& Mor
Notice is hereby given that on the
First day of December"; next, application
will be made to the Superintendent ot
Provincial Police (or renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as the Lome Hotel, situate
at Comox, in the Province of British
Cbrook M. Bari,ow
Dated this 1st day of October, 1914.
To Bake
hefjs to announce that he has
repurchased his old barber
business from Mr. Smith and
will lie pleased to meet all his
old customers at the old stand
Next to the   Opera   House
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofqttality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -    Prop.
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
Palace Livepy
Herses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable Rates
We also attend to wood
Phoat 35
Review want ads pay, try one THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely variable
���od surely and
gently "��tlie
liver. One
ne:.*, .ttul ludi^slioti.    They  do  llieir duly.
Small Pill, Snmll Dasc. Small Price.
Genuine tputtbeu Signature
I �� WWWW_r________WW_rlW|
I ON WAY to co_:nation  CUL. j
Dr.   Anderson   Wit).   Southern   Party
Looking For H'm���No Word
From Bear
The naval department has received
���i report from Inspector Mood! ��� of tho
Royal North-West Mounted Police,
dated Dawson, August its. Hiving   the
latest   news  in   regard  to  Vllhjalinnr
Stefansson, Canada's Arctic explorer,
Inspector Phillips reports that a half-
breed trailer from Port McPherson
states that Stefansson left Hors'chol
Island in March with eight men and
.ihiml twenty-live dogs, to go straight
across the Ice to Peel point or Corona-
i lion Quit. The eight man returnedi
i reporting Stefansson had gone ou,
I witli tho Ice drifting fast. They believed he would make toward Coronal ion
Quit, Mr, Anderson, in command of the
more southern exploration party, has
started along the const toward Coronation looking tor Stefansson, The Nie
I vui department officials bore believe
iimi hy ihls time Stefansson tins
reached the Anderson party safely.
I There is no word yet from Captain
Harllotl, who sal out on the United
States steamer Bear from Nome iu
search ot the men who were marooned by lho crushing ot iho Karlult,
and who found shelter on Wrangel
Island The Bear is expected to he
heard from almost any day.
Willi so thorough a preparation at
hand as .Miller's Worm Powders the
mother who allows her children to suffer from the ravages of worms Is unwise and culpably careless. A child
subjected to the attacks of worms is
always unhealthy, and will be stunted
ia its growth, it Is a merciful act to
rid it o�� these destructive parasites,
especially when It can be done without difficulty,
Est I mute! Place Home Requirements
at Sixty Five Millions
The .Monetary Times 'las obtained
the following estimates of the wheat
crop in Canada and of the requirements of tlie country. The ffgureB have
been obtalaed from one ot the best
posted millers in the Dominion: Wheal
crop of western province., 135,000,-
000 bushels; Of Ontario and olher parts
of Canada, 20,000,000. Total Canadian wheat crop, 165,000.000 bushels.
Average consumption hy population Of,
sny, eight millions at live bushels per
year, 40,000,000; required to" seed, 20,-
000,000; required tor feeding, 6,000,-
000. Total home requirements, 05,-
ooo.iKKi bushels, Exportab'e surplus,
90,000,000 bushsls. ���
Life's Little Sorrows
"Rich women have no real joys."
"No; the sloros never have a clear-1
Once sale    of   diamond necklaces."��� '
Louisville Courier-Journal,
Relief at Once
Cure Certain
r    SUMCR
Engines of all kinds,
Boilers of all
k 1 n d s,     Plumbing
Tanks,  Heavy  Plate
Work,  etc.-
Write for prices.
Ifyoufnel'OUl "I SORT. 'KUN DOWN' 'i.'U Hi'III ' Is'
h! !��� I ri' Irom KIIINl^Y. III. Ullll'.K. NERVOUS _3B_I_,
enter.I' Wl tk'lhsy.l 11 I.k. .Shii, _l't I*I lu. ,.1'n !.>,,
Write llll PRES I I "I II wUSIi MEDII 11 BOOK ON
tli..- diseases mil WONDERFUL CURES elfcctBi] liy
TH _ NEW FRENCH REMEDY. N.-l _... N .3
  ~"    ~ I unl. 1,.nil.'lur
Golfer's Great Catch
A good story is told of the late Wil-
' Hum Mollleon, the actor. Playing on
'. the Tayside links, lie wns driving oft at
the seventh hok (which stands on a
j high embankment with a hum iu
j front), and after the usual waggle, he
��� let go. But the head of his driver was
; loose. It cume off and went Into the
; burn and left him with nothing but
: tlie shaft, with the whipping Btralght-
��� cued out���one end attached to the
i Shaft and the other to the head of the
j club. There he stood a la angler,
I then he was heard to shout to his
caddie: "Get tlie landing net ready,
you tool: I've got a ten pounder
here!"���World of Golf.
fly FRE��
,. Nn,Mentioni. DR. LKCt.RKC
'. ltu.!lA__'_An London,kno
.  rllERAFION WILL _ltfc WU.
Fetlierstonhaugh ,. Co., head office,
King street east, Toronto. Canada.
Conclusive Evidence That Or. Chase's
Ointment  Cures   Itching   Piles
Mr. John il. McDonald, Plctou, \'.s.,
writes: "1 used Ur. Chase's (lint ment
| for Itching-piles, nnd found that the
j lirst application gave relief. Alt'.
using it few hoses of the ointment I
was completely cured, and ean recommend it highly to all sufferers front
this disease. Vou have my permission
to use this letter for the benefit of
Mr. .lames M. Douglass. Superior
Junction, Ont., writes: "l'or about
six years 1 Buffered from piles, und
often could not work for two or throe
days at a time, so greal. was tlie suffering from pain and Itching, Doctors
treated nie in vain, and I tried many
treatments before I came across Dr.
Chase's Ointment. Two boxes of Dr.
Chase's Ointment cured me, and for
several months I have had no return
of this annoying ailment."
Tlicre can be no doubt that Dr.
Chase's Ointment is the most effective
treatment obtainable for every form
ot piles. (Ill cents a box. all dealers,
or I'MniaiiKon, Bates & Co., Limited,
Doctor (laughing)- Some ni t
patients are the limit. Tlie man
just lell. has several ailments,
for one 1 prescribe, a cold plans
tlie morning, while for another I
him   id  take a  hot bath        nigl
Wife���And   what  did   he  say?
Doctor���He ashed if it wouldn
if he will at noon and took a 1
warm bath.
e in
t do
Easily Made Salad Dressing
Heat two eggs well, add half a pint
of best vinegar, butter size of a lien's
egg and half a teaspoonful of salt.
Put this into a granite pan and set on
stove. To prevent curdling stir rapidly und continue until it thickens like
custard, then remove from stove, and
while still hot stir in half a teas.oon-
ful of made mustard thinned in as
much vinegar, a sprinkling of pepper
and. for those who like, it, a teaspoonful of olive oil. Stir thoroughly until
well mixed and set it in a cool place.
I'se the same as any dressing.���National Magazine.
Oil  Meal  For Cattle
A publication   recently    issued   hy
tlie department ot' commerce of   the
United   States,   dealing   with     cattle
feeding in Europe, shows thai there
is an enormous consumption of oil
instils of various kinds. Thus, Germany reports 1,417,020 tons of 2,205
pounds; the United Kingdom, 1,208,-
ius tons; Denmark, 664,710 tons; and
the Netherlands, 45.046 ions, a ioi.il
for these countries of 3,(H0,889 Ion.-'
Besides ihe eoiioii'seed meal Imported front the United States and
Russia and thai manufactured in
Germany and England from lUgpy-
liau iinl hit: in cotton seed, much
meal is mini" from Unseed, Bunflo_i_r
seeds, rape HC.il, sesame, peanut:!,
soya beans, mid palm kernels.
American cotton-seed meal oompr sos
tv.ly 11 per ,".:it. of the total of oil
meals and cakes consumed iu Europe, Denmark, which is culled the
greatest, butter country in tlie world,
feeds more than _oo ponds of cotton seed cake per head of cattle per
yea r.
The  Size  of the  Waves
'ilie mosl experienced sons of the
sea are apl to have very exaggerated
ideas  of  lhe  size of lowering  waves
which  break over the vessels during
ma Btorins, and frequently waves art.
I reported as having rosebud an almost
I Impossible height As a mutter of fact
lit is extraordinary for a. wave to attain  It.  height  of seventy  feel,   while
! the average size of great waves in considerably less.   The inon ilaiiious seas
| often  oncounlorod by llflers    In  lha
1 North Atlantic usually measure about
forty feet, though the iipw'ai'd-shoot-
I ing,    quick-falling    wafer    attains a
grealer altitude, Tho big waves of the
North  Pacific rarely measure   more
Hutu thirty feel, while the highest,
wave ever met by au Australian-bound
liner in tho South I'aclllc reached fifty
feet. Tho Mg waves of mil-ocean are
much larger than those encountered
elsewhere, and It is very rare that a
height ot even twenty feet. Is reached
by a wave in the Mediterranean.
Open   to   Conviction
"Koine of your constituents are disagreeing with you," said the trusted
"Well, keep tab on them,' replied
Senator Sorphum. "when enough disagree with nie to constitute a reliable
majority I'm going to turn around and
agree svith them."���Washington Star.
The Daughter
Oh. the blessings that a daughter
can bring into a household if she only
wishes to! The Communion of her
mother, the comfort of her father, the
pride of her brothers and sisters, the
joy of the whole household!���Martha
Musical  Calamity
MrB, Newriche���1 believe our next
door neighbors on  the right are as
jtoor as church mice, Hiram.
Mr. Newriche���What makes you
think BO?
Mrs. Newrlclie���Why, Ihey can'! afford mi" of them mechanical piano
players; tlie daughter is taking lessons by band.���Puck.
"Isn't that lawyor rather extravag-
���    ant?"
"Ily no means! I've known liiin in
make one still last for several years,"
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, ss liter cannot r__
tlie seat ol Uie Ulaeftse. Catarrh la a blood or constitutional .lu__ \ anil tn order to cure It yotl must, _kt
i Internal remedies,   mill's Catarrh Cure is tnken ln-
' lern_.lly. and acta directly tJlinn the blood and tnuooiu
surfaces,   flail's Catarrh Cure la not _ quack medi-
| cine- It __ prescribed by one ot the beat physician*
to ;!i_ country tor y ._ nnd to a regular preat riot ion.
It Is eo_),n��t"t ol the best tonlne Known, combined
, with the brat, blood inirifl-is. anting directly on tho
mtiroua Burtacea.   The perfect combination of tho
two Ingredlcnta is what products such wonderful re-
Dulls in curing ratarrh.   Send for testimonials, free.
1'. J. CHENEY * CO., ]'nip_, Toledo. Ol
Sold by Ilriigglata, price 7.1c.
'Aui_ Uall's Family .ills _.   __il. tlon.
i A LessDn in Morals
I    Mother���Now, Willie, you told me a
I falsehood.  Do you  know  what  happens  to  little  hoys   who  tell    falsehoods'.
Willie  (sheepishly)���No, ma'am.
.Mother���Why, a big black man with
only one eye in tlie centre of bis forehead comes along and Hies with bim
up to the moon and makes him pick
sticks for the balance of his life. Now,
you will never tell a falsehood again,
will  you'.'    11  is    awfully    wicked.���
Slang In the White House
President Wilson's ability to evade
the questions of newspaper men is tlie
despair of the profession, lie never refuses to answer queries, but he is so
expert, as a verbal fencer that lie can
answer all day without giving the information the writers want.
On one occasion, when be was surrounded by a host of the correspondents at the White House, lie was ask-
. ed a question by Matthew F. Tigho,
who, as a cross-examiner of public
officials, is a wonder.
"As to that," replied the president,
smilingly, "in the vernacular of the
day, 'you can search ine.'"
"There are times, Mr. President,
said Tiglie, wistfully, "when I wish I
Wine Tasters
When wine tasters are ..uployed in
tlieir professional duties they never
swallow the wine Ihey taste. They
merely hold a sip of the beverage in
ihe mouth for a few moments and
breathe through tlie nostrils.���Exchange,
W. N. U. 1019
A weak mind Is like a microscope,
tvhlch magnles trilling things, but
cannot receive great ones.���Chester-
Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited.
Dear Sirs,���1 bad a Bleeding Tumor on my face for a longtime and
trietl a number of remedies without
any good results. I was advised to
try MINARD'S LINIMENT, and after
using several bottles it made a .complete cure, and It healed all up and
disappeared altogether.
Bellelsle Station, Kings Co., N.B.,
Sept. 17, 1904.
Diffennt Views
Blnks���Ch, 1 guess your rich aunt
will remember you. You made a big
hit witli her by going* into mourning
When her cat died.
Jinks- True, but listen. Now the
other relatives accuse me of poisoning
the cat. to get the opportunity.���Exchange.
Thoroughly Ba3e
Au old forger who lias served five
terms in various penitentiaries and
v.lio is now refraining from fancy penmanship in order to enjoy an uninterrupted vacation for a week or twain
accords us lhe following epigram from
Ilie depth of his experience:
"I never realized tlie complete basp-
ness of my nature until one day I
found myself unconsciously raising
my own check."���Cleveland Plain
Parishioner (to departing minister)
���We're all very sorry to lose you,
Mr. Foodie.
Mr.    Foodie    (modes'.ly)���Never
mind,   Mrs. Tootlle. I've no doubt you
will gel a better man next. Mme.
Parishioner���Ah, no, Mr. Foodie.
That's just, what the last minister said
when he left.���Sydney Bulletin.
A medicine that will keep children
well is a great booii to every mother.
This is just what Baby's Own Tablets
do. An occasional dose keeps the little stomach and bowels right and prevents sickness. During lhe hot summer months stomach troubles speedily
turn to fatal diarrhoea and cholera Infantum, antl it Baby's Own Tablets are
not at hand the child may die in a few
hours. Wise mothers always keep the
Tablets in the house and clve their
children an occasional dose lo clear
out the stomach and bowels and keep
them well. Don't wait till baby is ill
���tlie delay may cost a precious life.
Get the.Tablets now and you may feel
reasonably safe. Every mother who
uses the Tablets praises them and that
is the best evidence there is no otber
medicine l'or little ones so good. The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from Tho
Dr. Williams' Jledicino i o��� llroek-
ville, Ont.
A Standard Medicine.���Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, compounded of entirely vegetable substances known to
have a revivifying and salutary effect
upon the digestive organs have through
years of uso attained so eminent a
position Unit they rank as a standard
medicine. The ailing should remember this, simple in tlieir composition,
they can be assimilated by the weakest stomach und are certain to have
a healthful and agreeable effect on the
sluggish digestive organ:.
Mother (sternly)���Young man, I
want to know just how serious are
your intentions toward my daughter.
Daughter's Voice (somewhat tigitn.
oil|���Mamma! mamma! lie's r.ot the
He Simply A_ked
First Clubman���Well, bow are you?
Second Clubman���Er���so so, perhaps. Last week I thought 1 was in
for rheumatic fever, but just managed
to stave it off, and today a twinge in
my left shoulder suggests-well, it
may be neuritis or���
First Clubman���My dear chap
didn't mean it literally.���Lon
Reason For His Popularity
Stranger--The whole town seems to
be  turning  out  to  his  funeral.  The
deceased must have been very popular.
Native���Stranger, he was oue man
iu a million. After be bought bis ear
he gave everybody a ride lhat he had
promised to.���Judge.
Then She'll Tell You
"Tell me," said the lovesick youth,
"what's the best way to Iind out what
a woman thinks of you."
"Marry her," replied Peckltam
promptly.���Philadelphia Tress.
He goetli bettor than croepeth in his
way than be that runneth tut of his
way.���St.  Augustine.
At the club one night a member
of a certain regiment found himself
the centre of a group who were discussing tlie likelihood of an invasion
of Mexico by the national guard.
Cheerful remarks about the penetrative powers of Mauser bullets peppered about hlni. Everybody had kindly
suggestions to make���such, for !_���
stance as that a medal neatly adjusted over each bullet hole would make
him look as good as new. The victim
took it very well.
"I'd like to contribute just one remark to this discussion," be said. "If
I'm reported shot in tlie back, remember that I may have turned around to
encourage my men."
"How Avould you classify a telephone girl? Is hers a business or ��
"Nither; It is a calling."���Christian
The Green Sailor
Mark Twain was once talking about
a play that liad failed.
"No wonder it failed," lie said. "It's
author was a greenhorn. Ile knew no
moro of stagecraft that young Tom
Bowling knew of sailoring when he
skipped before the mast.
"Greenhorn Tom, you know, being
told to ge aloft one dark, wet night,
started up the rigging with a lantern
and an umbrella."
More  Important
"The customs inspector evidently
realized that we were important people."
"Yes; be passed some baggage with
hardly a glance, but when lie came to
us he waa careful to go through everything."���Louisville Courier-Journal.
The Colonel���Did your son play ia
the varsity football match?
Mrs. M.���Indeed he did. Why, he win
the star drawback.���Loudon Opinion.
Black, Tan and Whit*
1UC    Dealer*
The F. F. Dalley Co., Ltd.
buffalo. N. Y.      Hamilton, Ont
Tha Cause of the Present Great World
Struggle Can be Easily Traced, But
All Wars Have Not Had Such an
Apparent Origin���Notable Cases In
The real cause ot the present war
was undoubtedly tbe ambitlor of
the Uerman nation, arising from Its
well trained and prepared condition.
Directly the cause was tbo outrageous demand mado upon Sorvla
by Austria to pormlt Servians suspected ot complicity in tho murder
of Archduke Ferdinand to bo trlotl
In their own html by Austrian officers. The Involving of Russia had
been expected, as hail also the participation of (lennany, who was certain to attack France ns a precautionary measure, which would call
lit Groat Britain to the fray by a
side wind, viz., tbo forcible Herman
ct try of Belgium.
Hul. all wars huve nol lnul causes
so easily  traced  ul   tho time,  nor so
i mis iii ti'oir intentions.
A man may start a bit of a row
In his own home hy appearing unannounced with a dean shave after
having worn a luxuriant hirsute adornment for years, hul ordinarily tlie
trouble does not go beyond hla own
door. i.mils \T. of France was less
fori limit e. A visit lo the Royal barber plunged two nations���Prance ami
England inlo Intermittent warfare
Which hisletl 1100 years.
According to the story, the Archbishop of lioiien persuaded tho klu,':
to remove his beard In common
wllh his subjects. The act. led to
so much friction with the t|iieen that
ut last Louis divorced her, to become a few months later the wife
of lien;., II. or England. From this
marriage centuries of bloodshed may
he said to have followed.
In an iron cage in the tower of
the cathedral in Moderia, Italy, a
bucket whlcb 1100 years ago was tlie
cause of a terrible'war may bo seen
today. Soldiers of Modena, ln a
mischievous mood stole the bucket
from a public well in Rolgona and
refused to return it. The States
were rivals and were jealous of each
other and fights between soldiers of
the two followed. This spark kindled a Ore of war which devastated a
large part of Europe and led to the
Imprisonment tor life of the King
of Sardinia, sou of tlie German emperor.
A broken teapot, started a war
In China 25" years ago. whicli cost
half a million lives. The teapot was
the cherished possession of a dignitary high in favor with the emperor,
When travailing througb ���������. lawless
province in Ihe northwest of China
some of his retinue, who had fallen
behind the main body, were intercepted by a band'of robbers, and among
the spoils teh teapot was found and
contemptuously thrown on lhe ground
and broken. The mandarin reported
his loss to the emp t r. a force of
soldiers was sent out, antl a long and
terrible war ensued.
Lord Palmerston onpe saitl that only
three men had ever' known the ex-
_fit nature, of the troubles in Sallies-
wlg-IIolslein, whicli led to two great
wars. Two of them had died before
the wars broke out, and lie, tho third
of the. trinity, nail completely ft rgot-
ten what. It was all about.
The manipulation by Count Bismarck, then Prussia's Foreign Minister, of a, telegram set Prussia and
France flying a I encii other's throat
In 1S70. The French ambassador
went to Ems, where Emperor Wil
Ham I. then was, to asl; hlni not, to
approve the ambition of Prince Leopold to become the King of Spain!
The king refused to give a definite,
answer, but Prince Anthony of Ho-
henzollern withdrew his scion's candidacy. A report of the conference
was submitted by telegram to Count
Bismarck, with authorization to
publish il. Bismarck altored the
���est, and in lhe changed form gave
It. to the newspapers and through
Ihem to France, and the international war with all Its horrors followed.
Vein's later Bismarck confessed the
fo gcry.
The war of the Spanish succession, in which the great nuke of
Marlborough played a brilliant part,
was said lo be the outcome of a
glass of waler al a hall at the Tul-
lerics in Paris. One of the court
ladies had expressed n wish for a
drink of water In the hearing of the
British and Spanish ambassadors,
who hastened to get It for her. Rett.ruing each with a tumbler, they
found the fair bird had flown and
was dancing with a French statesman. The English diplomat accidentally, it Is presumed, brushed
against the Spaniard antl unset the
glass lie, was carrying. This ridiculous incident inflamed the jealousies of the nations and turned tho
balance, in favor ot war.
The Seven Years War was largely
due, according to his own confession, to the vanity ot Frederick the
Great In wanting to see his nama figure largely in the gazettes.
Tho Sepoys were said to have believed that cartridges served out to
them were greased with the fat of
animals, unclean alike to Hindu and
Mohammedan, and the Indian Mutiny
was precipitated.
The Turko-Russjan war was said
to have been started by the hammer
with which a Herzegovian blacksmith
killed a tax collector who bad Insulted his daughter.
The stealing of a Castile lady's
.are petticoat by a Mnor Int. to mnny
the f
warfare between
the Moors.   The em-
oket   of n    Florentine
head    uf a  Milanese
u  inter provincial   war
years ot fierce
Spaniards ami
plying of a bu
citizen  on   thn
gave  rise  to  a
in Italy.        ^^^^^^
Borrowing a tobacco pipe and falling to return It kindled 1 civil war
which lasted for years among the
rival races in Pamirs anil Afghanln-j
tan. A dispute as to the relative at-'
tractions of snails anil vipers as food
started 11 rty yam of lighting between Milan ami Pisa.
Improvement    In  Arms and   Hospital!
Accommodation Is Responsible
In   the   American   civil   war   eight j
soldiers died of diseaso  It) one from
wounds.    Experts expect  that in  the |
present general European struggle not.
more than three will fall "1011111 to
sickness to one killed on the Held of
battle. So It Is expected that the
present war. the greatest yet In history, also will be the most humane.
There will he no disproportionate mortality list from disease and an army of
crlppl 'S us an nfteniuith.
The modem high-power, quick-firing
military rifle and the development In
artillery will hnve much t.t do with
the change.    Those who die will tlio
more quickly, Gangrene and Infection
will be practically unknown quantities
li Is thought,
Before the Russo-Japanese conflict
the armies the world over used a
largo calibre bullet, made of unsheathed lead and greased In overcome friction In lhe barrel. The muzzle velocity
wits less than hall that of the missiles
now employed. Then, too, bayonet and
subro charges were more common.
These resulted In hideous wounds,
very difficult for surgeons to handle.
The bullets which nre flying In Europe today are of less diameter than
the ordinary lend pencil. They are
jacketed with nickel, lead or steel and
have tremendous velocity.
The soft, mushrooming bullet of tba
old day resulted In the shattering of
hones and the crushing, rather than
cutting, of tissues. Infection war, al'
most, inevitable, the grease being especially unsanitary. A won id fn the
abdomen was considered necessarily
fatal. The death rate among the
wounded was enonhous.
In recont campaigns there are instances where soldiers shot in what
were once considered vital spots have
walked unsupported to the field hospitals.
Helpful   Scheme  to   Use   Your
Dictionary Every Day
Writing an article "Treasure in
Hooks," in the Woman's Home Companion, Laura Spencer Porter gives
tlio following excellent advice about
the advantages to be gained from the
study of words:
"The study of words���it may sound
In you a dry thing, yet I promise you
it Is not; very far from It.
"And this brings mo to suggest that
the habit of one of the great writers
of studying carefully from a good.dictionary live words each day ls one
from whicli we might all .of us get a
good deal of profit. Or take a good
hook of synonyms, for Instance, and
learn from It each day five words
somewhat similar, comparing and
weighing carefully tlie meanings and
values of them.
"Notice the degrees of force in the
following: To dislike, to hate, to
loathe, to detest, to abhor. Each note
struck is a. little stronger, higher, we
might say, like an ascending crescendo
scale. So to Instruct, to teach, to
educate, are each finite different in
meaning, with a great nicety of difference. So, rebuke, reprimand, censure, blame, are all of one color,
hut of how different shades of meaning. So, too, misfortune, calamity, disaster; so weak, feehlo, decrepit, and
what delicate difference between fame
and renown or feminine and womanly and womanish-."
High Prices For Grain Will Help the
Farmers, and Every Line of Activity
Will be Stimulated���Slogan of the
West Should be to Stand Loyally
Western Canada occupies a most
favorable position at the present time,
While Europe is in the throes of a
gigantic war such us the world mis
never before witnessed, there IspeaOQ
'within our own borders. Ily reason
of Ihe present conditions', lhe farmers
of tho west will benefit, A better
price will be secured for grain and all
farm produce, antl when the farmer
benefits the whole west will share In
his prosperity. Hecause of the parlial
suspension of Iratis oceanic trade, Ihe
industries of Camilla will be Stimulated to supply our linine demand,
(loods that have heretofore been Imported  from  normally ami  elsewhere
wil) hn produced ami manufactured In
Now ls the favorable lime for the
expansion ot business opportunities,
and now more than ever before is the
time for the people of the western
provinces as well as the who'e of
Canada to stand loyally together. By
supporting our local merchants we are
Contributing to the welfare i f our own
community and keoping the money in
our own town and district. We should
go further, and buy only goods that
aro manufactured In our own town or
province in preference to competing
lines ot goods. While Ihe west is ��� rim-
arily a jraln producing country, and
agriculture will no doubt always be
the chief industry, there, are many
other industries already established,
which if loyally and consistently supported by the. western people, will, In
time, contribute Immensely to the
general wealth and Importance of the
west. Many lines of food products
are being manufactured In the principal cities from Winnipeg to Vancouver, and If we insist on demanding
from our local merchant only those
articles which are manufactured in.
the west in preference to the Imported, and often-tlmes inferior articles,
we wil! be contributing to one of the
factors that ls bound to assist the
Canadian west ls gaining the great
commercial importance to which she
Is destined to attain.
It, is not a time to talk of hard
times and money stringency, but rather to assume a hopeful attitude, belug
firm in the conviction that ours ls a
country rich In natural resources and
peopled wltb men wbo can by determination and industry overcome temporary difficulties, and seize, the opportunities for business expansion
that are thrust upon ua by reason of
the present world-wide disturbances.
Idiot   Child   Made   Sound   by   Organ
Dr. Serge Voronoff, the well-known
Paris   surgeon,   is   snld    0   have   ..tie-
coeded in grafting a monkey's tryrold
gland (a gland whose functions ars
unknown, saddled upon tha larynx
and windpipei, nn a child Buffering
from cretinism, nnt! effoctinj a radl
;tal cure, ii'ivtini'hi is i stale of
Imperfect    mental   developtn in,   ur
i Idiocy).
Dr.   Vortmofi  described    ilie    case
before the Paris Academy of Medi-
I cine, it was unanimously regarded
as opening a new path in constructive surgery, rich in discoveries,
which will diminish human suffering.
The cliild. aged fourteen years, waj
attacked when eight by myxedema
(atrophy of the thyroid gland) as a
sequel lo scarlet torer, ami ever attei
Bymptorus of
Revolver Contest of the Natio-is
European and American names comprise the list of contestants in a recent
marksmanship contest at '.he antipodes���the annual Indoor Revolver
Championship Competition of the
Shanghai Miniature Rifle and Revolver
club, which is affiliated with the Society of Miniature Rifle clubs of Great
Britain. To the wllllo residents of
Shanghai und tu the military and
naval men who are stationed there
tills is one of the chief sporting events
Of the year.
The championship gold medal was
won by .Mr. Freeman of the Legion of
Frontiersmen, .vhose score was 402.
One woman, Mrs. A. S. Fullerton, a
resilient of Shanghai, entered the eon-
tost. She made a score of 313, shooting Remington-XJMC ammunition, as
did Mr. Freeman. Standard American
ten-ring targets wero used, with a
bull's-eye targets were used, with a
20 yards being allowed and the time
limit being on hour. The highest possible score was 500. Mr. Freeman outdid his nearest competitor, Lieut.-
Cora. L. Preston-Thomas of H.M.S.
Britomart, who bas a reputation as
one of the best revolver shots in the
British  navy.
The First Revolver
The credit or discredit of '.he invention of the revolver belongs to a
Swiss of Vallorbc, .lean Farneois Gro-
bet, who in 1811 fashioned, with the
collaboration of his son, the first "six-
shooter" which as a matter of fact attracted the attention of the then minister of Russia at Zurich, Count Capo
d'lstria, who sent a specimen revolver
to Czar Alexander I. The royal recipient rewarded tho inventor with a valuable ring, which it is to be presumed
Grobel pawned,    for   he died
Maxims of the Great Napoleon
The following are some maxims of
the great French soldier, Napoleon
"Unity of command Is a first necessity of war."
"Love is the occupation of the idle
man, the distraction of the warrior,
the stumbling block of the sovereign."
"A great captain ought to say to
himself several times a day: If tbe
enemy appear on my front, my right
or my left, what should I do? If he
finds himself embarrassed, he Is ill
"When a king is said to be a kind
man, the reign is a failure."
"Heart! How do you know wha.
your heart is? It is a bit of you
crossed by a big vein in which the
blood goes quicker when you run."
"The heart of a statesman should
be in his head."
"High tragedy is the school of great
men. It is the duty of sovereigns to
encourage and spread it. Tragedy
warms the soul, raises th heart, can
and ought to create heroes."
"Bleeding euterB into the combination of political medicine."
"The vice of our modern institutions is that they have nothing which
appeals to tho imagination. Man can
only be governed through imagination.   Without it he is a brute."
"Conscription is the eternal root of
a nation, purifying Its morality and
framing all it I habits."
"I regard myself as probably the
most daring man In war who hns
ever existed."
"Love of country Is the first virtue
of civilized man."
"There are only two nations���Bast
and West"
War  Secretary   Sleeps  With   Job
Grim as war news Is, it it. not with-1
out its lighter side of amusing incidents, oddities and romance.
Lord Kitchener's first question
when he entered the war office, to
take up his new post, so it is said in
the Sporting Chronicle, was addressed to the porter, "Is there a bed
here?" he asked.
"No, my lord," replied the porter.
"Get one," said Lord Kitchener "I
may be here for r.ome time."
And it Is said he has besn eating
and sleeping, as well as working, inside the war office almost ever since.
llu    presence  of
fled to Hie child's
Um   thyroid
has presented all
severe cretinism.
Dr,  Voronoff,    In
nineteen doctors, gn
neck  the right  lobe o
ghiinl of a large baboo
Thn child lias since continued lo
grow rapidly In body and mind.
Willi" formerly apathetic and silly,
idie '   now turbulent and sharp.
This Is the tlrst time .hat grafting
of an organ I'rom an animal to a
human being has been accomplished
with success.
A number oi previous attempts
were made hy Dr. Alexis Carrel, of
the Rockefeller Institute, of New
York, hut all failed.
It is believed that the operation
may become common, and that numbers of cretins antl imbeciles now
leading a purely vegetative existence
may he transformed Into useful members of society.
Homes For Workers
The outrage of our Amei can cities
is the way we hid for home-seekers,
when wo have no homes to offer Ihem,
after wo lure Ihem to come. Our factories scour tlie country for workers,
bring them in, and turn them loose,
to find shelter wherever Iliey can. Our
business organizations offer bonuses
for new factories, bidding for the._
which bring in the largest number of
families. "Another factory! 100 families! Moro prosperity!" they announce, in big headlines,
One of the saddest sights of the
r!iiuis In to see the thrifty wife of the
working man, with her rosy brood of
children, used to country air and sunshine, used lo ipace, privacy, good
surroundings, cleanliness, quiet, shut
up amid the noise and dirt and confusion, in the gloom of the slum. That
is au unusual itiiii.ly that eau maintain the sanctity of its homo life,
in the tenements. .
The Irave ligITt mny be made if the
father and motile.' are spared, io hold
control, and provide the bread. But
bow many working men in >ur cities,
the records show, full a pre; to tuber-
""losls, tvohoid, pneumonia, and olher
"house diseases!" How many mothers are beckoned from tlieir little families by the same ghastly finder! Anyone who will search the records will
find that a startling number of depend
ent families become so on .csount of
death or prolonged Illness of- tho
bread-winner, -
And the children?
The ranks of the dependent ant' delinquent are recruited-In what percentage we ought to know, hut any
Dereentago is too large���from the
families of -the working men that are
brought inlo our ci.ies and dumped into our dilapidated old death-traps.
And so I say that the responsibility
is upon those wl t import working-
"'"n to see tbat there ' are deceit
homes for them when thev come, and
not to set snares to destroy litem air
their children.���Allien Fellows Bacon
in The Survey.
Brilliantly Colored Flowers Have Uplifting and Joyous Effect
People to whom certain colors represent sounds or niot.io is have long
been laughed at, but scientific work
on the sun's rays is proving them to
have justification for their theories.
Red, it appears, is Ilie most excite-
ing and stimulating of all colors and
has a special effect on the activity of
the brain. Blue, which so many people in an age of great nervous strain
and tension find soothing, is so hi
reality. Unless you are in a depressed
and melancholy state, sea-blue cur
tains tu your bedroom windows have
a beneficial effect, especially if you
face south antl get the morning sun
Color, indeed, especially it. flowers,
has an extraordinary effect on the
mental condition. The sight, of crimson, pink and amethyst rhododendrons, growing in the open air has a
curiously uplifting and joyous effect.
Tbe sewers of Paris whicli have suffered severely from the recent storms,
are the most wonderful in the world,
nnd constitute one of the sights of the
city. Visitors are allowed to inspect
them on certain days of each week,
and it is certainly an experience to
make a "personally-conducted tour" of
the  two  main   sewers.  The  journey
few j Is made on electric cars and launches,
years later in poverty.���London Tele-  which draw up occasionally at bright-
graph. ' ly Illuminated stations.
Toronto Boy Runs the Torpedo Squad
A Toronto boy is commander o. the
flagship which leads tlie British torpedo squadron in Hie North Sea. He
is Harold Denison, who has ���...t been
appointed commander of the Aniphi-
trite. Commander Denlson is a son
of 11 rs. F. C. Denison of "Rusholme,"
Dundas street. Ile is c.ie of the
youngest men In tlie navy in such a
high position.
Another former Toronto toy In the
front Is Capt. Te lily Grasett. nephew
of Chief Grasett, and a graduate of
the R.M.C.���Toronto Globe.
A government wireless s ation will
shortly he opened on Valentin Island,
on tha.southwest coast of Ireland.   It,
has been constructed by the wireless!
department of the post office, the Installation    being    supplied    hy    the
Marconi  Company.   With  ���: range  of i
rain miles, it is chiefly destined lo keep !
Atlantic liner; in (ouch with lam! two
hours longer that, is possible at pros-:
enl with the Crookhnven station..
The    Romans    Wore the  Pioneers   n
Road Building, and Abundan   Proof
of   Their   Enduring   Qut'ity   is   Afforded  In  Roads  Now  Extant.
Because they go', over the difficulties  nt levels most easily  that   way
and on account of the general habit
I of using the waterway.-, as by-ways,
J lilt   lir. I roads usually followed along
! the banks-ot rivers.
It   is so today iii  Canada,    It  haa
' been tho rule in all Ilie    ages.    But
although    that   might   answer   well,
when    tbe   trapper   or hunter made
thief use of the roads, it was differ-
' out  when    armies hud  to  be moved,
| anil moved expeditiously,   The short
roads, wide and hard, became necessary.
Because Home was essentially a
military nation, the Romans we,e
great road builders, as had been the
disciplined Pers'ans and Assyrians
before them.
The Roman roads were tlie first
real highways, and abundant proof
of llieir enduring quality is afforded by the extensive remains that
have been found In different parts
Of the country. The Roman engineer.
chose high ground wherever he could,
and he built his road high above the
surface of the land through which
he was marking it. His first object
was to make a path between two
points, so that troops could march
from one to the other as quickly anl
as easily as possible.
The Roman road makers, therefore, set out with the definite idea
of making a road from ine camp :r
military station  to  another.
The fact tin:' the roads whlcb th.
Itoman engineer drove through wood
antl valley are, even after nineteen
centuries have passed, so frequently
found to be in a good state of preservation, speaks volumes for the thoroughness of lhe workmanship and
the excellence of the materials whicli
went to their making. Roman methods uf road-making were different
from those In vogue today, but wettvs
sound antl were well carried out.
First, two parrallel ditches were cur.
marking the edges of the propcswl
roadway. On the soil between t_.>'
ditches was laid a layer of rubble
stones about 5 Inches deep: next *
layer of concrete or stones nii_��4
with lime and 15 Inches deep; nt_
that another 10 inches or so ot mi-
i.lciS;���fine pounded mater.al mi__il
with lime; antl finally the top or back,
which was made ot paving stones, tour
or five Incites thick, and cement ni
Of course, the methods ot the Roman roatl makers varied somewhat
Like the sensible, practical men they
were, they used the material that
was ready to hand. Tims, In the
chalky soil of Kent, sections of tbe
Roman road show it to have been
made of alternate layers of chalk
and gravel and flint. Then again
when marshy ground had to be
crossed, the Romans built a causeway consisting of six strata or layers, based on numb mud. with piles
about four feet in length and wood
laid above them.
The advent of the stage coae_
...owed the possibilities of quicker
transit, and, Incidentally, the necessity of improving the roads. Although as early as lGG.'l an act was
passed authorizing the first toll-gates
or turnpikes to he erected, this only
applied to the Great North Road,
and elsewhere the roads were almost
���is bad as ever.
The rebellion of 1745 gave a great
impulse to the making of British
muds for military as well as civil
purposes. The militaiy value of
good roads once realized, steady
progress was made in opening up
communication between the differen.
towns on both sides of the border.
The extension of the turnpike sys-
tem, however, met with violen* opposition from the populace, who re-
garded tlie toll-bars as so many harriers to freedom of raovoem: :. During Ihe 'fillies of the eighteenth century bodies of armed men assembled
to destroy the turnpikes and burn
down the tool-houses. Troop? had
t.. he despatched to quell   he disor-
It Is a remarkable fact that o_i
of the first and most successful of
Ilritish roatl makers was a blind man
���John Metcalf, of Knarcsborough,
who was responsible for the construction of ovrr ISO miles of roads
In Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire
and Derbyshire.
Metcalf was a pioneer In the making of roads, c branch of civil engineering which was brought to the
���greatest degree of perfection It has
ever attained by Thomas Telford,
the famous engineer. The system of
surfacing introduced by Macadam
early in the 10th century renderej
possible the making of roads on lines
that have ev-i- since been found
serviceable and enduring.
Strathcona's Romantic Marriage
The marriage of Lord Strathcon��
was a romance. He met the lady
when he was twenty-nine and living
on the coast of Labrador. She was a
widow and bad a littlo son. There
was no priest or church within 1,000
miles and the marriage was a simple
contract without ceremony. It was for
litis reason that when the high com-
mlssloner became a peer In 1897 a r*.
marriage was held to be necescar and
It its solemnized with the full ritual
���f the Church of England. Tt'. o Labrador marriage was, however, ratified
hy . p.cial act of parliament���London
I _.!     ,���  i  I      1T.._ _.._._.       Canadian Fairbanks-Morse  Hn
Lai       .It     rOFtUne glnes and PiunptiiR Outfits
Ge sn   Br cksmiths
COM )X       -       B. C.
Telepho     M9J
llorstishoeing  and   Boat  Irons
" Specialty
Try ti ti Qxcelsior llool
All Work Guaranteed
Tin title of buttle
ami ul times the Allies
of "up-stream" iv rk.
runs  >ironn
have t lot
li :t   of   oue
thing we may be certain and   it   i.s .
that so long BS  Britain keens the present us
1 I c_.___.__
couditiou again, with almost every
house tenated, and a fair number
in course of ei ctiou, ' Noilnug |
succeeds like success," aid optimism will achieve mueb fur Court-
eimy, combiued with a belief iu the
well  ns in   the future.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Riga Guamuteed ami Si>!��l at thf lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith m���_   '"'ring. Builder COURTENAY
sea 'in.! thus enables ,i coustaut
stream ol supplies of men and food
from the overseas, tu say nothing
of the liiiine   r sotire-s    the   Allies
have an advantage over Germany
tbut cannot be underestimated, ami
one which  will  ultimately  enable - - ���	
them it. prevail Outwardly THE ithe Com"lx Vallc> ;irt; m'xda every
BRITISH EMPIRE has scarcely | week frolu Victoria, and if the new
begun to fight, and save for the municipality will have the courage
Indian troops no colonial forces il0 inaugurate a publicity claim on
nave bud time to reach  the  battle I bel,alf of   Courtenay  and  district,
''Mstinct results will quickly  tollow
Southern Vancouver Island will
feel '.lie revival before any portion I
of the mainland, and Courteuay is'
looked upon as being the brightest
spot iu thai locality. Your correspondent is informed that numerous
enquiries for acreage and lots iu
farmer How to Make Money
Get more eggs by using Poultry Tonic, 25c package
Get horses and cattle in good condition by using
Condition Powders, 25 and 50c packages
Keep the fowl healthy; use Lice Powder, 25c a tin
All other remedies at store prices
front, We must be prepared for
two or three years of war, ami few
people doubt otherwise, but we
fight to win, and fulling tbat, wc
shall deserve to perish Heavy
losses on land and the destruction
of n cruiser here and there are deplorable, but the effeet upon the
main issue is not appreciable. It
i.s "Shoulder to shoulder" aud
Unity of purpose" and the waging
of war in ns humane a manner as
possible by the allied nations that
will, under God, bring us through.   - -���- ;--. ���... , ,   ,
After all "it's a long way to b's wife before sailing under sealed
Tipperary," but when we get there orders to compter or die. Probably
il will assuredly be well worth the tlle foundation of the whole busi-
^rj(J tiess was based on a sudden  inolnl-
Your correspondent finds a most Nation of three companies of the
hopeful fe.ling in Victoria as to the | 5th Artillery Regiment, composed
fui ure prospects of the Comox iof men of who had been allowed to
Valley, 'and its position as the return to civil life; the rumor began
premier fanning district on the I with three German cruisers, which
Island. One criticism was made j ?001> became fivi;- a,ld eventually
and it was that progress would have j became as ��1!lllV as eighteen!
been greater bad  not prices have
and moneyed settlers will be
The alarmist rumor,   printed  in
your last week's  issue,  about   five
German warships off 'Frisco having
desigUS on Vancouver Island, was
universally current in Victoria, and
although vour coi respondent gave
no credence to it, there were many
who believed in the truth of it.
The ''man in the street" of course
knew ull about it, having overheard
a naval volunteer  bid   farewell   to
Good Morning!
We Are Introducing
American Silk
American Casliiuere
American Cotton-Lisle
They have stnotl the test. Otve
real toot comfo-t. No seams to
rip, Never com. loose or baggy.
The shape is knit���not pressetl in.
flUARANTEED for fineness
style, superiority ol material iinil
workmanship. Absolutely stainless. Will wear 6 months without
holes, or new ones free,
to every one sending {1.00 in currency f>r postal note, to cover tttl-
vertuing nnd shipping charges, we
will semi post-paitl.   with written
guarantee, backed by q live million dollar company, either
3  Piiri ol our  75c nlue
American Silk Hosiery,
or      4- Pain  of  our   SOc value
American Cashmere Hosiery,
or      4   Pain  of  our   SOc value
American Cotton-Lisle Hose,
or       6 Pairs of Children's Hosiery
Give tlu1 color, si/.c, iiuil whether
i,atlics' or Gents' hosi ry Is desired
DON'T  DBIrAY���Offer  expires
when ii dealer  in vour  locality is
The International Hosiery Co.
P, (). Ilox -Ml
DAYTON, (Hill), U
S. A.
Robertson's Drug Store, Courtenay
Real Estate and Insurance
Houses to rent from $10.00
per. month, up
Insure your house before winter sets
in with a good insurance company
We represent none but the best
been raised unduly high during the
boom. The critic went ou to say
that Courtenay would have been
A larger and better established town
had the price of lots been kept
within reasonable bounds He
claimed that under the circumstances tlicre was little reason to be
surprised that the decline of the
boom left the district high and dry.
In giving the above, your informant does so without prejudice; it
may be of interest.
War time is a great opportunity
for exaggeration but there is no
longer any doubl that the German
forces have earned for themselves
an undying name of brutes and
. | beasts, Many cases are now iu
11 British hospital, of British soldiers
maimed  for life,  and worse  than
We are enabled to state on the
authority of the Diocesan Gazette
that the Rev. Arthur Bischlager
has beeu appointed to the charge
of the church of the Holy Trinity
Cumberland, Members of the
English Church in Cumberland and
district will assuredly extend a
hearty welcome to Mr. Bischlager
whose arrival has been delayed
owing to the restricted departures
of liners from England.
Robert Grieve
Begs to announce that
he has purchased E.
Swan's Ice Cream and
Confectionery Business
and is prepared to
meet the needs of all
the old customers and
many new ones
iWhat you want
When you want it
Where you want it
You'd better wani il now
The Rev- M. F Hilton who was
or lite, ana worse tnani^ charge of the parish of St.
maimed. The chopping off of! Andrew, Sandwick, after the de-
both hands, destruction of the sight: 1wt,,rc ot the Rev J' X' Willemar
bv gouging out both of the eyes, last, summer, and who afterwards
the cutting of the wrist veins and *��* up work in Victoria, is now
the severance of the nose, all these j \]*ck u'om a tnP \�� *e pU1 Country,
atrocities were committed upon one I1 hesh'P on wh,ch he returned,
poor soldier now in the hospital  at !
Sand and Gravel
Rules Reasonable
has a fine new stock of
Fancy Dry Goods
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
Otley, Yorkshire, Mr, Lloyd j
George1 the British Chancellor of
the Exchequer publicly stated that
for every Belgian soldier slain in
battle by lhe German hosts there
had been three cou-combattauts.
Belgian men, women and children,
murdered in the name of German
Your correspondent is unaware
of any movement in Courtenay
for the purpose of supplying the
lar'iy with socks and shirts. In
England it has become a craze, with
the result that hundreds of girls
who make their living  by
the Cunarder "Andania," had an
exciting time while crossing the
Atlantic; Mr. and Mrs. Biscoe
of Courtenay, were passencrets on
the same boat.
Courtenay Garage
Car For Hire
Phone 38
We are sole agents for the
famous   Red   Cross   Eclipse
Auto Oil; especially suited to
Ford cars
Ask ior our prices on all supplies
Suttie to Hang
The trial of Robert  Suttie,  on a
charge of having murdered Richard
Hargreaves near  Oyster River  on
May 14. 1914, took place on Thursday last at Nanaimo, at the Gourt
I of   Assize   before      Mr.   Justice
j Murpy.
a.  6..._ I    Mr.   Bullock-Webster   acted   as
making ; crown pioecutor, Mr. Victor Harri
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan .1 the Test.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accoinoiliition       Cusine Excellen
Wm. Menyii.. .
these articles are being thrown out I son appearing iu defence of the
of employment. It i.s one of those accused,
examples of the usually sedate Mrs. | Suttie pleaped not guilty.
John Bull losing her head, and it j The witnesses called were Alex,
stands to reason that since the bulk I Duncan, R. Freeborn, John Wil-
of the workers are amateurs, the'son, Dr, H. T. Jamieson, John
socks and shirts had better be left [ Casey, Wm, Storey, Walter Wood-
to professional seamstress and I hus, Jeff Hannay, David Wilson
factory hands. | and James Bond,
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls promptly
Comox, 11. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing o(   Horse   Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, lite.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Bar supplied with the finest brands of
Liquors and Cigars
JOS. WALKER       -       -       Proprietor
Phone 27
Let us have your next order
for printing
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
Owing to the state of Europe,
the tide of American tourists is ex-
peettil to be diverted to the Pacihc
Coast next season, This being so,
Courtenay would be well advised
to prepare, and have things in order
a sort of Arbour Day clean up has
been suggested btfore, to dispose
of old tins and other rubbish. In
j addition to this, tree planting along
j the Courtenay streets would add a
lot lo the appearance of what is at
present rather a commoiiplacelook-
ing village, sadly lacking iu the
picturesque, Victoria owes its
beauty to its tree planted boulevards, and attracts many Americans for that reason,
Potatoes are steadily rising iu
price in Victoria. Mainly through
the instrumentality of the Housewives' League it has been possible
to buy Ashoroft potatoes at $1.60
per sack, but at present wholesalers
After deliberating for an hour
tbe jury returned with a verdict of
_sked if he had anything to say
why sentence should not be passed
upou him, the prisoner said he had
nothing to say.
His lordship then passed sentence
in the usual form, saying to the
prisoner. "You shall be taken from
the place from whence you came
(Victoria) aud there confined until
January 5, 1915, when you shall be
taken to the place of execution and
there hanged bv the neck until you
are dead, "and may God have mercy
on your soul."
Last week the Rossland mines
averaged 1,800 tons per day of ore
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans   and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
The Great Northern has reduced
per sack, but at present wnoiesaiersi its train service   between   Grand
are paying not less than $29 per' Forte and Phoenix to a tri-weekly.
Local potatoes of fair quality ���
command from|7.15 "and"upwards', |    Phone 59  whenever  you   want
per sack anything in the printing line,  and
Nanaimo is said to be in good our representative will call.
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhaalid


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