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The Review Sep 9, 1915

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' '.in nut. In* (Iulu- -iny ��� t't.l.tT, nml
nob ��|iiit-H ho will luiyuhtio sltto
horoaoauta. Our tyuo uml maohlit*
��ry im odinpleU uml The lievittw
price* ,n�� right
VOL. 3
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R.Biscoe
Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
Local Lines
Mr. Hornilin.ok
town this wrek,
is n   visitor   in
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AU Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Electric  Cooking Set
Will turn your Electric Iron into a
Stove on which you can Fry,
Boil, Steam or Stew
The Set comprises a Stand lbs inverting the Iron and 2 Seamless Aluminum Dishes
Set Complete. $2.25
Stand Only   -     .60
For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light. Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Pes. R68       Office: Mill Street
II, V. R, Amesbury has joined
the "Pioneers" who expect to leave
shortly for tlit; front.
A r. Carlev, Editor of the Lady-
smith Chronicle wns in town on
the holiday,
Mr. W. MeCanl aud family left
on Sunday's boat for Edmonton,
where he expects to make his home
in the future.
Tlie best thing the Council can
do with the ten/ plunks they have
is to start at the bank corner and
lay a sidewaik along Isabel street.
There will be no service in St.
Andrew's Church, Sandwick, on
Sunday Sept. 12, owing to repairs
of the fabric which are being carried
On Sunday afternoon the attraction at the Athletic Park was a baseball game between the married and
single men of the Club, and resulted iu a result for the benedicts by
3-2. After the baseball game a team
from the Rainbow played a game
with the Courtenay boys, and won
by a sore of 2-1. The sailois
played a go id fast gam.- aud had a
combination that wa�� hard to beat,
Trespass Notice���Any p.rson or
persons trespassing 011 my premises
will be prosecuted according to law,
and any dogs found ptowling
around my premises will be atti 111
led to.   John Johnston, Lake Trail
1    See   the   full  selection   of Wai
Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each.
j    Wanted���A quantity of pickling Cu-
, cumbers.    Apply   to   Mrs.   Boden,   the
0 rchard.
First consignment of lateststvles
in Fall Millinery at Miss Deucy
Sm ith's. Courtenay.
Wanted���Serviceable draft horse
for his keep with option of purchase, Apply box 4, Review
For exchange���One of the best
building lots in Courtenay for one
or two acres of good garden land.
Will pay cash difference. Apply
Box A. Review Office.
Drainage for acreage. About
ten acrts o be drained, in exchange
j for leu acres next to Mr Taylor's,
about 2 miles Irom Comox wharf.
I What offers. Apply Capt. Guthrie
! Comox, I
For Sale���18 ft. boat 3   -2 horse |
', power,   Fairbank- Mor e engine in
good condition, price Jl.sdf or will
tr.ide for good milk  cow     Apply
C. Peterson, care of Peteuon Bro*, I
Campbell River, B. C. !
I For Sale- One 6 li, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. \v. [
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel.
For Sale���Pure bred Jersey bull calf
bred from Sophia Fern's Pogis a grandson of Sophia 19th, the champion long
distance cow of any breed. Dam is from
Eminent 24th, the first of whose heifers
to freshen has just finished test with
7,',S6,6.i lbs milk and 4311 lbs fat in 11
months, calving at 26 months 3 days.
Call and see hlni, K. U. Hurford.
For  Sale���Teat",    wagon,   and
harness,  or   enchaiige   for cattle,
Also 30 acres 1-2 mile from Gran-
! tiiam school, part cash, or exchange
1 for anything of value.    What have
I you to offer?   Apply Box   8,   Review Office,
For sale ��� Cumberland Steam
laundry, the only white laundry in
the district. This is a good opening for man with family. During
the stringent times the present
proprietor has been busy all the
time. Apply at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.
Tbl" year the acreage devoted to
growing vegetables in B. C. was
17,010. All but j,000 acres were
devoted to growing spuds,
Sunday September 12, \nglicau
church services wil be held at St,
John's church, Courtenay, at 8.30
a. m. and 7.30 p ra, and at St.
Mary's church Grantham, ft 10.30
p. 111.
Mrs. E J, Johnston left for her
ii'w home in Courtenay last Thursday, She was accompanied by her
aunt, Miss Robinson, nnd Miss
Margaret Elizabeth Johnston,���
Ladysmith Chronicle,
The trustees expect to have a
teacher ready to take up the duties
of the Superior School on Monday
next. Owing to the late dite on
which the Department consented to
make this a Superior school it was
impcsslb'e to secure a teacher sooner,
A special meeting ot the Council
was held on Saturday night, when
it was decided to instruct Solicitor
Dund is to have Messrs. Uo Iwell &
Lawson defend the city in the matter of tbe appeal against the assessment, by the K. & N. Railway Co.
Mr, and Mrs. B. S. Fenn left
on Wednesday, Sept. ist. for Fug.
gland where tl.ey will engage in
work in connection with patriotic
service., Mr, Fenn has done much
for this district in organizing the
local Patriotic Society, aud has
given much time and monev to fur- .,      .,
ther its intere-ts. Mr. Fenn has ^f.f.J.^'A th,e
alwavs ur^ed the need of self sacri-1
lice upon the public, aud has con-,
sistently practised the same, even
to the extent of taking lessons at
the local garage in motor repairs,
so as to equip himself with the necessary knowledge to enable him to
secure work as a motor driver at
the front.
Robert Isaac was 'charged by
Game Warden Dawley before Police
Magistrate Hicks-Beach with carry
ing fire arms without first having
obtained a license. He was fined
$$ or oue month in goal aud t':e
gun confiscated. On a second
charge of having parts of giouse iu
his possession, be was fined $25 and
costs or one month in goal, The
fines were paid. The game warden
wishes it to he understood tbat the
game laws will lie enfotced. and
tbo.c who wilfully defy them will
be punished if caught. This par
tictilallv applies<o those who -hoot
grouse and pheasants out of si ason
and the pot hunters who shoot from
16 to 20 deer in a seasou.
Masonic Visit
Bro. Ditmirs Grand Master, bro
W. Astley, Deputy Grand Master,
Bio. McNaughtoii, I), 1). G. M.
the Past Grand Master, an 1 a number of other Masonic Officers pjid
an official visit to Ilir.ini Lodge last
Friday night. Needless to say,
that they were well pleased with
their visit. They alsj pat 1 a visit
to Campbell River.
Mr. W. J. Carroll and daughter   Mi^t
Annie visited Vancouver lust week.   Mr.
I Carroll returned home by Sunday morn-
.inn's boat, while Miss  Carroll  intends
s lending   a  month   with friends in   the
On Tuesday morning Constable ilau-
nay got a letter from Commander Hose
of the Rainbow, complaining that four
of his boys had been robbed while sleep-
in1,' at tlie lilk Hotel. He went down
and after a days' investigation looted
one George Mundyd, a Chilean, also ot
the Rainbow, whom he feel* sure is
fie culprit, and thinks he has euouxh
evidence to convict him.
The Mavor and a number of Alderman, also a number of members
of the Boaid of Trade, paid a visit
to the dredge King Edward and H
M- G, S. Rainbow on Wednesday
afternoon. On board the Rainbow
they were received by Commander
Hose, y.'ho welcomed tbem 111 a
few kindly words, After a few
minutes chat he invited them to
look over the ship, and   an
Mr. R. I*. Hurford has a Jersey heiter
wliieh calved on Auk 21st of last year at
the uge of 26 mouths and 3 days, and
has produced 73X6,1)5 lbs. of milk The
fat test wliieh was over UO pounds which
would equal ove�� SOU lbs. oi butter bit
is the best record in It. C. Accuplititf to
the government records during the past
three years only 2 hellers have divert
over this quantity and they were both
older than Mr, Hurford's.
Owing to tiie overcrowded condition of the public school, the
trustees and teacher have refuse-i
to allow Mary Hodgson to attend
Entrance da-ass
claiming that she is over r6 years
of age, and consequently beyond
I the *<chool age. Tnis seems ta be
a scarcely square dial. Mr Hodg-
son is a ratepayer and lives within
tbe municipality We hav- been
MlfotHied that there are a number
of pupils from outside of the limits
who aie attending the school, tf
the school is so crowded as to require the rejection of pupils, outsiders should be the first to gt.
Aid. Robertson, Courtenay's
popular druggist, finding the store
on Mill Street too small for his
growing business has moved up into the west half of the McKean
bloi k, where he now has a soacwus
bright, well lighted store. The
whole interior has been painted a
iaht cream, a*id the stock Ins been
iTe'iillv ami artistically displayed.
Mr. Robert-oil his mie oi the
finest drug -tores in B 0 today,
it being to feet wide by 90 deep,
with inez^iiineoffi.'es. Confectionery an I station -ry are also itiipnrt-
int fe itures of Mr. Robertson's
business, the c infections being displayed in hansome silent salesmen.
We trust that his move, whicli is a
popular one will also be a profitable
Indians Get $1,000
Mr. Deitchburn. Inspector of Indian Agencies was in town this
officer | week, and paid a visit to the. Provincial police offices. He distributed 51,000 among the Comox Indians, beinj their share of the rental paid by the Comox Logging ec
Railway Company, Every man,
woman, and child on   the  reserve
showed tbem tbe workings of the
guns, etc. On tbe return tii.i the
visit to the dredge was made, when
Capt Rogers conducted tbem over
tbe dredge, showing theni the
working of tbe mammoth machinery, An old Indian arrow wasIreceived about $28 each. The In-
picked up yesterday at tbe end of .dians are going about with smiling
tbe dump. The party went down facss these lays, and the business
on the Mayor's launch, and much men are glad to see tbem laying in
enjoyed tbe trip. I supplies for the coming winter,
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Where  everybody goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
Courtenay THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
The Mystery
of Ibe
By Fired M. White
Lock   S.   Co ,   Limited
Melbourne and Toronto
(Coutmui ui
fn clsely.   iiuil' ii dozen ni these
black bees have been introduced Into
llie hives    Now, tlo ynu begin to mi- ]
iiiTstaiut the malignity of the plot? I
Your dug wus nnt dead when, Willi illy I
net, I caught ibis fellow   1 expected
iu catch htm."
"And ran great ri^k In doing so."
"of course, li wns a recreation
compared with some ol the risks t
have run " ,
"Vmi are right there," Ralph snid in
his deep, croaking tones, "Look at
the tiiinn. Geoffrey."
With ii shudder Geoffrey took the
hex iii his hand, There wns nothing
formidable about the insert under the
glass lid, li lnul more anger nnd fury,
more "devil" iium the ordinary bee,
iiiit it wns vary little larger, uf u deep,
lustrous black, with oftinge eyeB and
purple gauzy wings There wns nothing weird about it.
"Wus ii imported for the purpose?"
Geoffrey nsked.
"Undoubtedly," Ralph replied, "imported by tlie woman who calls herself
Mrs. May. Before she cume over to
England she must have hud this house
described lo her with the greatest
minuteness, Otherwise she could not
hnve so ninny Instruments ready lo
her hand; she would never have
thought of these hues, for Instance.
"If this scheme had not been dls-
covered everybody In the house woe. d
hnve been stung before long, and
every one assuredly would have died.
Those black bees are exceedingly
llerce, and do not hesitate to attack
everybody and everything. Their sling
is so shurp uiul so minute lhat it
leaves no mnrk und no pain. Halt an
hour pusses, und then the victim falls
down nnd dies."
Geoffrey regarded the-speoimen with
new interest. He eyed it up und down
ns if examining a cobra through tlie
glass sides of iis prison house, Tehigorsky took ilie box uiul flattened the
lid down until the insect within was
im more Ihan a red smash on the
glass, A little Inter nnd the thing was
pitched over the cliffs into the sen-
"ll. is a dreadful business," Geoffrey
Bald, "And, indeed, il seems almost
hopeless to try und combat foes so
ruthless, so resourceful, und so daring us ours. No sooner are we out of
one horror tliiin we are info another."
"While life lusts there is always
hope," sald*Tchigorsky
"That's  true,'
Lilly;    "At
iium will revive.   Now for the other
The other one wus tronied i" similar
| fashion,   There wns no liiidi arid Hn
ally ih ��� frame was peplaei I ns ii uo
thing hmi happened, with the exeep-
��� tlon that the nny occupants were no
i more    In the glnss boxes, among the
! piles of dead I s, Geoffrej could see
i here un l there the form of a black In-
i 11 ol Prom his .out pocket Tehlgor
sky produced some long thin snips of
lead, which he proceeded to wind
round the boxes containing the bees.
"Tin ro," he exclaimed, "that Job is
done at last, und u nasty one It bus
been. To prevenl nny furthi r mis
chief I'll just sie|i in toss the terrace
and throw these over Into the sen. Ile
moved oft Intd lho darkm ss, and as
he did so ihere came the sound of a
I fresh young voice ilint startled Goof
dim path huwn by lhe lantern's flare
something dark lay huddled on the
ground,    There  wus u   Hush  of  while
here and lliere, lhe skimmer and rustle of silken garments,
11 might hnve been Geoffrey's fancy,
lull he seemed to Icur u hurtled whisper of voices, nnd snw something rise
from ibe ground nnd hurry away, Bul
tbe blink and white heap remained.
Tehigorsky could jnsi see that there
wasa strunga uiallgnunl grin upon his
i fo in- Continued)
iiuiph :
[ ihey i
frey and
criminals        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Geoffrey, (leoffrey, where are you?"
the voice cried,
Ralph Btepped across und closed Ihe
window us Vera entered, ll was unite
dark outBlde, nnd Ralph hoped thai
Tehigorsky would see without being
seen. Vera Hushed u look of gentle
reproach nt her lover
"llow enn ynu look nie in ths face
after theway In which you hnve treated me?" she asked. "This is lhe lirsl
day's pleasure we buve bud for years,
and you���"
"Did not care to leave Uncle Ralph,"
Geoffrey said. "lie seemed so lonely
that I felt l could not let him remain
like Ihis."
"(leoffrey is a good fellow,' Ralph
A Wise Hanker
North    Dakota   Banker   Who   Helped
Boys to Learn Something ol Pure
Bred   Stock
In Ward county, North Dakota, is n
banker who has shown line philanthropy and wisdom. Ha bought a carload of pure bred Kills uud distributed
them among the boys in llie county
wlio promised lo care for them according to the advice of County Agent
\V. A. Peck, in the fall lho boys
eiitlhl buy the sows al their net mil
eost.  or  they   were  In  give  Iiie  sows
buck to the banker, bul they could
keep the Increase. Eome of lho boys
bought their sows nnd thoso who did
did nnt hud Ihe pigs us llieir own.
The banker bred such sews ns were
returned to him nnd ngain pul Ihem
oul witli hoys in the county.
In Iliis way tlie hoys learned how tu
handle pure bred Stock, nud were
shown (lie superiority of blood nnd
proper care, They came In personal
touch with the county agent who was
Vera bent and kissed Geoffrey fond-j able to teach them much more than
smiled  wiihnut  any show
ni|S ,,'uuii oaiS.io.i \���
Where nre yon going
ibe danger now.
Ing to get rid nf
"We nre going
Tehigorsky grim
suid (leoffrey. more
uny rule we ean avert
lint how are we go-
those tilings?"
to eateli them," said
Iv.   "We shall have lo
ry,   sin
I 'lIllS.,   'Pius
did miss him.
"Across the
plied. "I'll be
It's   all   ready,
calling,   I'm coming."
Tehigorsky had crept to the window, lie caught Geoffrey's*eye and
waved to him vigorously, ll was a
Blgn   iimi   be  wanted  assistance at
terrace," Geoffrey rein lo slipper directly,
of I pig feeding-    They got  u  substantial
j reward for tlieir work, nnd a start that
will mean much in tin.' future.
The hunker did a most excellent
thing for the hoys and for fho county. The boys nre ibe future farmers
���and will liuvo money to deposit in
his bank, we hope. Is there not a
suggestion in this for many a bunker
or successful business man who lakes
pride in his county? And mny not n
wise father get a hint that will keeji
his boys on the (arm?���Successful
Farming. ���
destroy all the oilier bees, 1 am afraid,
and we shall be compelled tn let Miss
Vera draw her own conclusions as to
Hip cause of ilie mischief,"
"And the honey, Mr. Tehigorsky?"
"oh. the honey will he all right.
Thiit. hasn't been slung, you know. I
have tasted honey from a nesl which ;
thi, blink bees have invaded, und buve
been none the worse fnr it. We had
belter surmise thut for some Inscrutable reason the bees have deserted
lhelr quarters. And wc shall propose
to know nothing nt all about the matter. I flatter myself we shall puzzle
the enemy us completely as our
The matter was discussed in all its
bearings until the lighl begun to tall
and the glow faded gradually from out
of the sky.
Then, after Unking the inner door
of the morning room, Ralph produced
two large gauze frames, : ome matches
und powdered sulphur. This, with n
small bellows, Completed the slock in
Tehigorsky Immediately set nbout
bis insk In u workmanlike manner.
The bees were all iu the two hives by
this time, over the hole In from of
each u square of muslin was fastened,
a pile of sulphur In fronl wus lighted,
and the fumes were gently wafted inlo
lhe hole with ihe uiil of tlie pair of
miniature bellows.
There wus un angry murmur from
within, tne murmur of droning insects,
then the quick scream of churning
wings. The lillle strip of muslin was
strained by alarmed and Infuriated
bees striving to escape. But not for)
long. Gradually ilie noise died down,
nnd Tehigorsky signed lo Geoffrey to
help him carry llie hive into the
There it was deposited on a table
nnd tlie top lifted off. Instantly the
gauze frame was placed over it. and
with a brush Tehigorsky swept, out the
stagnant insects into a glass-lopped
box provided for the purpose. On lhe
whole, there was not much danger,
hut it was just as well to be on the
safe side.
"Notion�� left," said Tehigorsky. after he had made a careful investigation. "But It's quite as well to be certain. I've put those insects into the
box,  but 1  don't  fancy that  any  of
An Unexpected Guest
Geoffrey gave one glance at Ralph
before lie went. The latter nodded
slightly and sharply, much as if he
saw the look and perfectly comprehended it. Vera liad disappeared at
Marlon's call In the dining renin beyond lhe servants were getting supper, i
From the distance came the pop of a
Outside il was dark hy this lime.
Geoffrey closed the window. He did
nol speak, but .waited for Tehigorsky
to give the sign. His feet touched
something that gave out a faint metallic twang.
Geoffrey wondered. Did this mean
burglars! He was certainly near to
a v ire wliieh was stretched across tlie
terrace, close to the ground, ll was
precisely the precaution taken by
modern burglars to baffle capture in
ease of being disturbed during their
predatory proceedings,
But burglars would . not come to
Ravenspur. A minute's reflection con-
viced Geoffrey of lhat. The name and
horror of the house were known all
over England. Everybody knew of the
watch und ward kept ihere, and no
burglar in his senses would risk what
amounted to almost certain capture
Berlin Shows Big Population Decrease
The Berliner Tagebultt prints some
interesting figures showing u marked
decrease in the population nf Berlin,
in April I, this year, the population
of Berlin proper was l.'HiS.Tlfi. against
1061.73(1 ul the beginning or lhe same
month in 1914, During the month of
April, this year, there was a further
decrease of 14,574 persons. Of these
13,131 were males and 1,443 females.
Of course, says the Tngebliitt, this do-
crease can really he attributed to the
fuel, that so mnny of Berlin'3 citizens
are at the front.
"Tiere also has 'jeen considerable
decrease in traffic, Figures just, prepared show that in April, this year,
the street railways carried 47,642,723
passengers, which is five millions and
a half less than in April, 1 ni4. The
elevated and underground roads carried 6,234,760 passengers, being a decrease of l.coo.ooo compared with the
same period in tlie previous year. Tax-
iealis and other vehicles carried 1.-
663,686 persons, being a decrease of
nearly live millions.
To Disperse To son (Jas
I Invention     Will     Force     the     Deadly
Chlorine Over the Heads of Men
at   Front
, Sir Hlrnm Maxim bus completed an
Invention which is n reply in the Gorman poison ims methods uf warfare.
Bxhnustlvo tests buve been made !,i
trenches under conditions as nearly
las possible io those in Flanders, ami
lit is understood tha the wnr office is
very favorably Impressed wiih the in
ve nl ion
.     Sir 11 i ra in Maxim snys Ibul Ihe puis-
minus fumes nre chlorine gus. "Chlorine ;:us," be snys. "when in pure stale
i ui one atmospheric pressure weighs
two  ami   i iie-hull'  limes  as  much  ns
| ait    in escaping from high pressure
In ntniusplierir pressure Ihe chlorine
necessarily rises, mixed with n lm oi
uir, und li; lhe lini' it is twenty feet
nwny Irom Ibe discharge pipe ill.'
rutin is live  volumes nf nir lo one i f
"The specific gravity is correspond
Ingly reduced, and by ihe time tho
fumes roach our trenches there in nne
hundred nines us much ulr ns gns
We knew iimi in he approximately
true, because if a soldier breathed a
chlorine mixture uf one in twenty be
would nnt live iiiini, ihan u few minutes. Scientific men buve tried to
neutralize lhe effects nf the gns
respirators, bm ynu might just
well think nf filtering alcohol nut
wuler with ii piece nf wire *gnnze nu
try to sepuruie chlorine from the I-
mnspbere by BUCll a device."
sir Hiram culled "these gauze
things" "aspwalors"- short for "exas-
peniiors." Thai sums up his estimate
of llieir utility.
It is not permissible to give away
Sir Hiram's secret, lint it is said that,
the invention will force the poisonous
fumes over the bends of men in the
"I do nol think that tiie British," he
said, "should descend lo tlu' use of
poisonous guses. und 1 am convinced
thut the enemy will not. continue tlieir
use once he finds bow easily and how
cheaply the fumes may lie dispersed.
"Another device I am engaged upon
relates to the defence of our trenches
against the bayonet. It is upon a wholly new principle, hut I am nnt nt liberty to describe it. In fuel-," Sir Hiram continued, "I have my pocket full
of new inventions. At Ibe age of
seventy-live my day is one of seventeen hours and I want to give that
time to serving tlie country."
Fonic Donfs For
Drivers of Horses
American   Society   For   Prevention  C
Cruelty  to  Animals   Issues
Timely advice  is  given  ill a leaflet
entitled "Hm Weather Hints tor
Horse Users," issued by iiie American
Society fur ibe Prevention nf cruelly
In Animals. Here arc some of the
hints wliieh might well be pasted in
Hie hat nt cvciy driver;
Don't overload tlie wagon.
Hun I speed your horse,
Is/ well lilting, lighl weight bar
ness, loose lilting collars ami npcn
On lung hauls allows periods of rcsl
in ibe shade,
Al tlie llrst Hign or exhaustion slop
nnd i,ntli.- the animals head ami neck
with cold waler.   lliere directions are
given fur fronting sunstroke).
Allow ii  liberal  quantity nf clean
wnter lo drink, provided the horse is
worked nr exercised Immediately uflei
Curry n pail nnd sponge in frequent
ly wash nr swnb the animal's nose,
iiiiiiill] iiiiiI face.
(live a warm bran mush nn Wodnes
duy nights in addition lo Hie one given
nn Saturday nights
Avoid nil grades whenever possible
Relieve harness pressure truiii
Remove collar and shoulder pads
from harness every night, wash pres
sure surface with warm -water, anir
soap and hung mil in the sun lo dry
before putting them on tlie animal
Supply two sets of puds fnr use on alternate days. If Iliis is done sore eon
ditions will he entirely prevented
Feed properly, study llie individual
horse and determine jusl how nine!:
nourishment is required to keep it in
serviceable condition and health.
Don't underfeed or save on bedding
blankets, shoeing, nr employ Incompet
ent help in order tn snve money.
Don't practice a false economy,
which invariably results in weak,
lame, sore or enfeebled animals.
Plenty of light, fresh air. good food
pure water and proper housing are as
necessary to the horse as they are te
Ihe, human being.
If Holland Entered
Germany is   undoubtedly   very vu
nerable on her Holland frontier. Were
Hol!**"**id to be goaded into belligerency
No, something far different was go-1 by Gorman attacks on   her merchant
ing on.   And thai something hnd been ! ships or hv other Infringements upon
sprung hastily, tor half an hour before , her rights, it would be unfortunate for
these wires bad not been ihere. Geof-: the enemy.    Not only would German
frey waited with the comfortable as-  territory thereby   be at once thrown
BUrance  that Tehigorsky  was not far; 0pP|, to invasion by Dutch, British and
off. French troops, but also the Scandina-
A   stealthy   footstep  crept  towards | vian countries would be almost certain
him; n shadow crossed the gloom.
"Is that you, Tehigorsky?" Geoffrey
"Yes," came the reply. "There are
hawks about.   Listen."
A little way down lhe terrace something was moving. Geoffrey could
hoar whal sounded tn bim like laborious breathing, followed by a stiff led
cry nf pain.
"The one hawk is wounded nnd the
Other bus sheered off,"  said  Tehlgor-
to follow in the wake of Holland's action Denmark, Norway and Sweden
would not ll ii tl it to tlieir advantage to
remain neutral when all their nei���.i-
bors were at wnr. They would join in
lhe wolf hunt, Their striking force
would be no small one, but much more
telling upon the enemy would be th,'
ending of llieir commercial relations
witli him.���Toronto Mail und Empire,
A War Dog Story
Dog That Followed Fortunes of a Soldier and Rescued His Master
When Wounded
One nf the best dog stories nf tlie
war, and with the additional merit of
being absolutely true, is told us by
Mrs. Armnr Corry, who personally met
the hero thereof at the American hospital at Neuiliy. This dog, named
Fend 1'Air, belonged to an Algerian
soldier called to the colors. He managed to get on board his master's
ship and landed nt Marseilles with
him: crossed France to Belgium, ec-
compnnied him In the great retreat
and also in the victory of the Marne,
I and shared with his soldier owner
| the life in the trenches. One nighl the
trench was blown up by u shell, and
the man was buried, wounded, in a
mass of earth. Fend l'Air scented out
the exact place where his master lay,
started digging, and at last got his
head clear, and then barked continually until be summoned some stretcher-
bearers. Tliese dug the wounded man
out of the earth, and he was taken
eventually lo Neuiliy, where the
American hospital relaxed the rules
so ns lo admit the dog as well as his
master. And the man is now recovering and owes his life directly lo ihe
I'uillifulnes., of Fend l'Air���F'ield and
Emerson on England
Mother  of   Nations,   Whose   Influence
For Good Will Endure
1 feel in regard to this aged England
with the possessions, honors and tro
phies, and also with the Infirmities',
of a thousand years gathering around
her, irretrievably cannot he suddenly
changed; pressed upon by the transitions of trade, and new and ail incal
Billable modes, fabrics, arts, machines
and  competing  populations���
I see her iu dispirited, not weak,
but well remembering that she has
seen dark days before: indeed, with ,.
kind of instinct that she sees a little
better in a cloudy day. and that '���
storm of battle and calamity she has
a secret vigor and a pulse like cannon.
I see her in her old age, not decrepit, but young, and still daring to
believe in her power of endurance
and expansion.
Seeing this, I say, All hail, .Mother
of Nations, Mother cf Heroes, witli
strength still equal to tlie time; slill
wise to entertain and swift to execute
the policy which tl.e mind and heart
of mankind require at the present
hour, and thus only hospitable to the
foreigner, and truly n home to the
thoughtful and generous, who are born
in llie soil.
So he it!    So  let  it be!
uiinils like a woman," said Geof-
W. N. U. 1063
is a woman, my dear boy. And
Buch a woman! Beautiful aa the angels,
fair as a summer's night Clever! No
words enn paint lier talents. And she
is in the luils. She cries, but nobody
Again came tlie cry of puin. Tliere
were u Hush nnd u spurt of flame as
Tehigorsky struck a match and proceeded to light a lantern. He pieke.l
his way over the entanglement of
wires; Geoffrey followed him.
"Who laid ibis labyrinth?" Geoffrey
"Ob. a good and true assistant of
ours, un old servant of your uncle's.
We have more than one assistant, and
Elphick is invaluable. We laid the
trap for the bird, and she has broken
her wing in it. Pity she had not
broken her neck."
Geoffrey did not echo the last ferocious sentiment. He was aflame with
curiosity.   A little further off in the
"Why,   Tommy
!"    exclaimed    ihe
Sunday  school  te
acher,    "don't you
sny your prayers
every  night  before
you go to bed?"
"Not   any   more
,"   replied   Tommy.
' "1  used  to when
1  slept in a  folding
1 bed, I hough."
The Sultan���I want to speak to
you about the light of the harem.
Grand Vizier���The beautiful Pa-
The Sultan���No, the gas bills.
They're  getting  too  darned  high.
An illustration of thrift is contained
in the story of a Scotswoman who had
been promised a present of a new bonnet by a lady.' Before ihe made the
'ii'eiiuse, the lady called and asked
the good woman; 'Would you rathe*'
have a felt or a straw bonnet, Mrs.
"Wee!," said Mrs. MacDuff. "I think
I'll (alt* a strae ane. It'll maybe be a
mouthful to the coo when I'm done
wi' it."
Mrs. Roomy, on going over to Mrs.
Finnerly, found tl.nl ludy had hung
some new luce curtains on ibe windows, nnd lhe floor wus all scrubbed,
nnd everything cleanod up, so she
".Mrs. Plnnerty, 'tis not spring. Why
are you cleaning the house?"
"Ab, but tlie boys are going to be
lei nut of Sing Sing tomorrow."
"The hoys are going to be let out of
Sing Sing tomorrow, but they were
sent up for ten years, and it is only
seven now."
"Ah, yes, hut each of Ihem got off
three years for good behavior, Mrs.
"Ah, Mrs. Pinnerty, what, a blessing
you have two such good boys."
The motorbus stopped und the conductor looked earnestly up the steps,
but no one descended, and at last he
stalked up impatiently.
""Ere, you." l.e said to a man on
top, "don't you want Westminster Abbey?"
"Yes," was the reply.
"Well." retorted the conductor,
"come down for il. 1 can't bring it
on Ihe bus for you."
Lord Haldane as 'Chain Smoker"
"Two iyhnces of tobacco a week
which Dr. Davies, medical officer of
health for Woolwich, thinks is
enough for the average smoker, would
not satisfy more Iiian 10 per cent, of
my customers," says a well-known tobacconist in the London Mail.
There, are "Chain smokers," win,
light their cigars or cigarettes continuously from the dying glow of the
Inst. Lord Haldane Is said tu he a
"chain smoker," and so wus King
Edward VII. Edwurd Ray, Hie golfer, smokes one ounce of tobacco a
day, and never, he declares, has lit
regretted it.
"After the last nne of the trawler!
had been bombard, d by li-inch shells
and was burning furiously. 4here appeared on the deck a white dog. Our
officer immediately ordered a boat'j
crew out, and, at considerable risk,
the animal was taken off. It is with
us still."���Prom tht Standard.
Breaks the Silo Record
So far as is known, ihe silo which
John Edwards, who lives near Engle-
wood, Kan., is building will be the
largest in the world: It will be fifty
feet high, fifty feet across and lifteeD
feet in the ground. When completed
it will hold 2,600 tons of ensilage. Mr.
Edwards owns 10,000 head of cattle-
Kansas City Journal.
fi E D iR O S E TE A * good terf 13
i* nn more tt*resMry
than Smallpox, Army
experience ku dcwonstfitrd
(he almost wlrKutoui rKl-
Wy, md h-trmlrssiiess, of Antityphoid Vaccination,
lie vaccluatril NOW by your phy-jlcian. you and
four family. It ll mote villi titan house Insurance.
Ask your physician, dntcEist, wiendfor "Hive
you had Typhoid?" trlUnc of Typhoid Vaccine,
feiultl from use, and d&ugU fuitn Typhoid Cattleri.
As you would nny Other
household commodity���with
an eye lo full value.
When you buy I*-1 >t > % 'S
Matches you receive a generously filled box of Sure, Safe
Ask l'or
Silent Parlor Matches
New and Second Hand Sales
Some line new and second-hand
Safes, Gash Reglcters, Computing
Scales, etc., cheap. P. H. Robinson,
50  PrinceBs si reel, Winnipeg,
Don'l   foil   io  procure
For   Your   Children    While   Teething
ll soothes tlio (,'lilld. Softens tlie Cluins.
Mlaya the Pain, Dispels Wind Colic, und
.��  lho Host  r.i'tiii-il.v  lur Infantile Diarrhoea.
twenty-five cents a Bonr*
Our Grcat Water Powers
i Setting Aside Lurge Forest Reserves
in Canada to Protect Rivers
j In lhe annual reporl of the commission uf conservation for llie past year,
il   is shown Hint   very earnest  efforts \
are being made to protect man* of Hie
! Important  rivers iii  iiie country by !
setting aside large ureus about  their;
[ waler heiiils us permanent  foresi re-.'
scrv.'s.   The action of ihc government I
in ihis connection is worthy of com*
I uiciiiiuiioii. ii is a matter of common I
I knowledge Uml Hie equalization of the I
llow of rivers is largely dependent on '
i thickly wooded luni.i-..   Apart from the i
menace to rivers from devastated for-1
i est lands, is the fuel iiini the land it-!
. self   especially If iu  nuiiinliiiiioiis re-
! glons   is often reduced to perpetual
barrenness by the washing away of
I soil owing in ihc removal of foresi
I cover. Whole districts o'l tlle west-
I ern slopes of Hie Alps liuvc been ruined in iliis way, mul hundred of farms
have ontlrcly disappeared, Widespread
1 devastation from this cause wus nisi
! s 'en iu chlnn, whore the wood ciitlen
| in BOai'Clt of fuel for Hie dense popiilu
linn,    completely stripped Hie foi
i cover from the hill slopes over im-
| mouse ureas  which   now   nr*1  deserts
I This destructive process is going for
I wu I'll very rapidly lu lho soul hern ap-
piiiiieii'iuii region of ilie (Jutted States,
The loss Is estimated ui some i n mil
lions ii year,   According to experts a
j Held lying nl  un angle uf twenty dc-
grooB, <'iin im totally destroyed, hav-
I Ing all the soil washed off after u liun-
| drod plottghlngB, und li  is estimated
llllll iu Kentucky, where cultivation is
| seni ly more tluin a hundred years
old, one-tenth of tho arable soil  has
i been destroyed and Hint a considerable
portion of ibis cannot be restored in
any \ ay.
A warning is Issued thai this danger is threatening on Ibe mountain
slopes in Briiish Columbia. A strong
plea is mado Hint the sides of tlie i
mountains sluill not be depleted of j
tlieir forests either by lhe uxe or by
lire. Fortunately a vivid interest bus
now been awakened in Camilla in the
preservation of the forests.���.Montreal
Family Herald.
Feeding Steers
With Roughage1
Nervous, sld* liendaclies tell
of exiinns ed nerves, nml warn
you of uppvonclitng prostration
or paralysis. Ily enriching lhe
liliuul Dr. < 'huso's Nci'VO l-'ooil
restores  tlio  wasted  nervo cells
uml illOfOllgllly clli-cs liciiihtrlics,
sleeplessness anil other nervous
.-ill Cents ii llo\, nil  Di'ali'm,  nr
1-iilniiiuson, Dates Hi Go,
Newspapers As An
Advertising Medium
Plain Talk From a Man Who Knew
the  Business
"Present-day newspapers are a better advertising medium than ever before. They have a more gripping nu-
lionnl power, a power that should
be studied by every thinking advertiser," Joseph II. i'Mnii, of Chicago, told
delegates attending the annual convention of tlie Associated Advertising
Jlubs of the World.
Mr. Finn spoke of the "Newspaper,
lho Advertiser, und the Advertising
Agent." lie declared that advertising
is the news about merchandising and
thut thero was nothing closer to H12
hearts of the reading public than the
live news concerning buying opportunities."
"I believe in the efficiency of
newspaper advertising," said Mr.'
Finn, "because I bave seen what it
-.an !io in such n variety of lines, covering such a divergency of propositions, that the possibility of luck or
accident must be eliminated from
"It is the paper which publishes
the true news that pays the advertiser
best," the speaker said.
Great is the Tin Can
Not Only   Does  It Well  Serve Civilization,  but  Sets Civilized   Man
Apart From Barbarian
Tlio tin can i.s the emblem ot civilisation, lis absence, says World's
Work, defines the savage, Us use sets
apart from barbarlaus the modern,
forehanded, sanitary man, It is civilization's defence against tlie leanness
of lean years and against the attacks
of carnivorous germs.
it is important, therefore, thai one
of the most completely exhibited
things at the Panama-Pacific Exposl
lion at San Francisco is the tin
I Demenstr.ltion     Conductnil     In   North
|        Dakota of  Interest  to  Farmers
The agricultural extension riepar -
j ment of North Dakol i furnishes the
following     description    of    feeding
i sieers with roughage:
I The object of this trial wus to
show what results could be obtained
' in utilizing tiie rough teed grown
I oil the farms In carrying oul a sys-
I teniutic rotation of crops. Including
I corn ami alfalfa. The manure pro-
l duced to be returned to the farm.
The cuttle -vcr.- bought ut South
St. I'liul, Nov. 5, 1911 Thev were not
I of extra grade, costing $5.85 per
cwt., and averaging 77.", pounds, or
$45,30 per bead. Tbe eosl of buying
and shipping oul was u few cms
more than $-' per head, and the cost
of shipping back and selling ii little
less than if", making the total expense out and luick under $5. They
were shipped buck to Soiilli Si. Paul
and sold .v.iy :il, 1915.
Twenty six    bead   of  the  besl   lin-
 i Islied of  be two curs, averaging 1,064
pounds, told for $3-35, which wus the
highest   price   puid   that   day.  und   22
head, averaging 1,007 pounds, brought
$7.05. This made an average of 8c
per pound and an average weight of
approximately 1,000 pounds, or $86
per bead.
One cur of tliese cattle was fed on
the farm at Aberdeen, Soiuh Dakota,
und the other at Grand Forks, North
Dakota. Tltey were fed praiieally
the same feeds, but the Aberdeen
load was fed grain a little longer and
showed moro liuish. They were a
litlle lighter than the Grand Forks
cattle, but more of them sold for the
top price.
From     November   until   January
cun, I these cattle were fed corn fodder and
some alfalfa   and   other buy.   The
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
*y local fcpjiltcstloTis, a�� tlii'y Cliinot r-acli tba tt*.
���aatd portiui ul tba ear, '1 tiers u only iiii, war us
aura deiCnt'sa, and that u by constitutional rcmedlea.
Dea'OMa Is canned by an Innameil coiidlllo.i of ths
mucoua lining oi Uio Eustachian Tube. When thia
tubs la Inflame! fun liave a rumbling sound or lm*
perfect hearing, ar.d wbon It la entirely cloaed, Ix-nf-
Baaa H the result, and unless llie Inflammation can be
taken out and thia tube rratorrd to lla normal eondl*
Uon. hearlnc * III bo destroyed forever; nine eaaea
wt al ten nro eau.nl by calnrfii, -.vM.-n ia n,thing
hat an Inflamed condition ol the mucoua aurtacea-
We will give One Hundred Uollnrs for any caae ol
paalneaa (raiunil by catarrh! t)at cannol be cured
���7 Uall'i Calami Cure.  Bend for circulars, free.
V. J. chunk v 4 CO.. Tolas** ��
Said by Druggists. 7'c.
*BUa Hall's Family l'llla tot eoastlnallon.
both iii its manufacture and in its use
It has been improved in the lust ton I alfalfa was not very good as il  was
years, Tho top and bottom are no long-1 the
er soldered on���tlry nre crimped on
so that no corrosion can result from
acid contents.
Cans are now sealed in a vacuum,
so iiuil no bacterial change can bs set
up within. Tbe processes In these directions have been vastly improved.
And the machinery for nuiklrg cans
nnd the machinery for filling and seul-
ing them have been perfected until the
process in each case is now a continuous process, and a process wholly
mechanical, In which tho workmen
share  with their hands only to pull
.ers nnd adjust, apparatus.
A Word to Manufacturers
the mercenai'j    instinct to
Nearly all children are subject to
worms, and many are born with them.
Spare them suffering by using Mother
Braves' Worm Exterminator, tbe best
remedy of the kind that can be liad.
War Pictures Barred From Ontario
No war pictures, real or faked, can
be presented by ibe "movies" in Ontario. This is ihe decision reached by
Ibe provincial hoard of censors, who
have been in communication with the
militia department. Pictures of
iroops marching, with bands playing
md colors flying, are permitted, but
ill lilms professing to represent the
,'bastly scenes of actual bloodshed���
:he large majority of which the censors   have    reason     to    suspect  are
above patriotism? All Canadian manufacturers should he thinking about just
now is how to help the empire and do
tlieir bit toward crushing the Germans. If shells can be better made iu
England than in Canada let them be
made there. If Canadian labor can bo "''''���'
employed to greater advantage In Kngland than iu Canada, while parts of
the empire ure straining- every nerve
to respond to I.loyu George's call for
more munitions, then let it be employed there. It will be time enough to
think of profits when the war is over,
and we are placing new Industries on I remaritaoiy wc
a permanent basis. Away with the J,0""?. "'"."'i!.1.!'
dominance of the almighty dollar!
While Canadian blood is being spilt
abroad we at home should be thinking
of sacrifice rather than gain,���Hamilton Spectator,
C.N. Main Line Ready by September
"Tlie main line of the Canadian
.Northern Pacific railway will be ready
for operation by September," declared
Sir William Mackenzie In an interview. "Satisfactory progress is being
made in tbe work of providing the
necessary station and terminal facilities," he added, "and we expect, that
by tiie autumn improved conditions of
business will allow the inauguration
of a train service of a permanent cliar-
"I woulil get up and give you my
seat, miss," said the ruddy-faced man
In the crowded car, "but I don't feel it
to be my duty, I am old enough to be
your father."
"You hold your age and your seat
remarkably well, sir," replied tlie
grasping a strap as
the car lurched.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
A Precent-Day Miracle
Sir William Lever, Ihe millionaire
soap manufacturer, tells about a
rather uneducated man who came
out of church one day very much
impressed with wbat he had heard
"A very extraordinary thing," said   f0Ol,      ,  ,,, ���t
he    In a friend.     I have heard this  i)eaVy drugB and
morning about bow Lot's wife looked ' ���/  ;���r ������]���' yrn,
buck and turned into a pillar of salt."
"That's nothing!" answered thc
friend- "The other day my wife
was walking up the street when she
looked back and turned Into a milliner's shop."
.Mike (going down a ladder)���Hold
on, Pat. Don't yez come on the ladder till Ci'm down. It's ould and
Pat (getting on)���Arra, be aisy. It
would serve tb' boss right if he would
have to buy a new one.
Turns Pale Cheeks to Pink
Exhausted     From    Asthma.���Many
wbo read Ihese words know the terrible drain upon health and strength,
"faked''--will   not be permitted. The j which comes In the train of asthmatic
troubles. Many do not realize, however, that Ihere Is one true remedy
which will surely stop [his drain. Dr,
,1, ii. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is a
wonderful check to this enervating nil-
nient. it has a countless record of relief to its credit,    it is sold    almost
nrder necessitated tho rocall of certain war scenes alleged to be reproductions of happenings iu Belgium,���
Toronto (I lobe.
"You say yuu have no references as
l cook-    How is that""
"Well,  you  see.  mum  I've always  everywhere
staved In wan plaoi
until tbe people
Onr hest physicians of the present
day seek to cure patients by the us? of I
living,    rather  tban j
this is the true meth-i
oil, l'or only from feed can the body l
| be rebuilt.
Many people, after living on poorly;
selected or badly cooked food  for a
long time, and when their ailments become chronic, expect tbe doctor, with |
soma magic potency, to instantly rebuild them.
This is not possible. The only I rue
method is to turn an quickly as can be,
from poor food to good. A young lady
"I was curiously treated for my
n.rvo.-i, stomach, lungs, etc., but none
of the treatments gave mo relief.
"About a year ago when my appetite
failed completely and I began to have
sinking spells slmlliar lo fainting, I
.took all manner of tonics and stimulants, but tbey were of no effect. I had
llrst year's crop and had a good
many weeds in It. From January on
they were fed silage and some grain-
We began by feeding ear corn then
ground tlio corn, cob and all, Later,
we shelled tbe corn before grinding,
nnd added barley or spelt's, aboul
hull' 'mil half, bul did nol feed heavy
of grain, At no time did we teed all
Hie grain they would eal -twelve to
thirteen pounds per head per day
being the most we fed. Tbey were
fed all the silage Ihey wuuld eat,
which w.is about L't) pounds per head
per day. '
Our records show thai tbe 2a head
at Aberdeen, in addition to silage,
alfalfa hay and some corn fodder,
were fed 21G bushels of corn which
was ground, cob and all, ."ill bushels of
ground speltz and one ton of oil
meal. Tills was all ground and
mixed. Eighteen bead of bogs following the cattle sold for $253.
I The Grand Forks cuttle were fed
grain in addition to silage and buy
'' ior 71 days, during whicli time each
ate approximately! corn, 12 bushels:
barley, !) bushels; hay. 71)0 pounds;
silage. 1,000 pounds. Allowing market pries foi* these feeds would he
about $20 per bead (silage figured at
$���! per ton). In addition bogs followed tliese cattle, and tliere were
nearly 100 pounds of pork produced
for each steer fed. Further there
is in the lots manure to cover 20
acres or more of the farm.
As to the cost of labor. II was
necessary lo l;ave help on the farm,
and the cattle were attended to with
practically no additional cost.
While no attempt was made to
conduct this work in a scientific way,
nor to present the results as proving
any Important facts, it is believed
that the demonstration Indicates that
it is possible to grow corn and alfalfa, build straw shades and silos,
and not necessarily lose time and
money in building up our soils.
It may be added that every pound
of feed fed was grown on tbe farm,
Unit the cattle were not fed one feed
iu a shed, and bad only a straw shed
for protection. The alfalfa hay was
not tlrst class, as il was largely
from lirst year's seeding. The silage
was kept in a pit silo, and tbe silo
was refilled in March wilb dry fodder, and water added. This silage
Is practically as good as silage put
in last fall while green.
Shoes Jorevery Sport
and Recreation
Sold bviO?H Good
of me Family
Remington Anns Plant
Is Not For Srale
No Amount of Money Which Anybody
Might Offer Would   Induce  the
Owners tj Sell
During the last few days there have
been very persistent rumors to the ef-
foot that Germany was seeking to purchase American ammunition   making
plains, nol no much on account Of any
shortage of ammunition for its o* :
armies as with a view to putting an
end to ibe tremendous shipments
whicli are going forward to I'i-' allies. The Remington Arms-l'nJoa
Metallic Cartridge Company an ���; t
Bethlehem steel Company have both
been specifically named as
points of the Herman efforts
Hut It now- appeal',-! thai there is no1.
the slightest chance of German) -curing a dollar's worth of Interest in either of these two great com erns,
Mr  Samuel P. Pryi r, vIce presl I
and general manager of the it' ming-
ton  Arms-Union   Metallti     Cartr I
Co., wns seen today in regard to th
persistent   rumors   thai   have   lately
been In circulation, to the efl i
offers made by u forel :���������  >      mamn
for purchase of the properties      tha   \
company wer i under   , on itder r on ���
nml thai the additions to the Illon i
Bridgeport   plains,   which   are   umlei;
construction, are intended to be nwm-
ly temporary and made only &>c
performance of special contra    ���
t.Tod inlo and are aol Ini  i '   I tot
j permanent uses ot the i^nn:.
I    Mr. Pryor was very emphatti   In  m
serllng tiint there was '  il  '
est foundation for these rumors    i   I
lie pointed out that one story met
sarlly destroyed the other, bei
a sale of  the  plants  and  proper!
was made, the additions  '-. mid
he required for the purpose of enabling the company to perform its ton-
tracts for the supply of arms aa i nn
Mr. Pryor stated that no sum �� I
might bo offered for the properties
would afford the slightest temptation
to the owner to dispose of them and
thus prevent the performance of e*i
Ing contracts. Mr. Pryor was ecfts
emphatic in asserting that the ; i I
lions to the plants did not constftul ���
a mere temporary expedient, but were
largely made in accordance with the
general policy of expansion a-lop ;
by tbe company before the outbreak
of the European war. and that this policy would not be interfered with even
if the wur were to come to an eft
tomorrow. The additions to the
plants now under construction, are
of tbe most modern type and ot the
most substantial, durable and permanent character.���Commercial anl Financial World, New York. June 21.
���', t\ i u n e.
&/,. PILLS
,, . . , , ,      ,,    , been brought lo quit drinking coffee
A  politician  who  was  seeking the  am, wking Vo!)tnm ln it8 plaoe aml
gradually began to get a littlo better.
"Someone suggested that if I found
Postum so beneficial I had better use
Grape-Nuts food, as they were both the
children of one brain. I commenced on
Grape-Nuts food for breakfast, having
Postum with it. I found the food so
dainty, delicious, and appetizing that
I always looked forward to breakfast
with pleasure.
"Shortly after commencing this diet,
the wretched pain in my side was
sreatly relieved, aud now, a year later,
votes of a certain community in Ohio
to the end that, he might he sent to
Congress thought it worth while to
make mention of liis bumble origin
and early struggles.
"I got my start in life by serving in
a grocery at three dollars a week, and
yet I managed to save," he announced.
Whereupon a voice from the audience queried:
"Was that before the invention
cash registers?"
W. N. U. 1063
Giving Proper Credit
Two Philadelphians were talking ot
the fortunes of a third denizen of that
city when one said:
"His first lucky strike was in eggs.
He bought 10,000 dozen at a low'figure, put tbem In cold storage and sold
them at a protlt of more than !I00 per
cent. That was the cornerstone of his
great fortune."
"Ah!" exclaimed the other. "Then
the hens laid it!"���Harper's Magazine.
I fell from a building and received
Whal Hie doctor culled a very bad
sprained ankle, and told me I must not
walk on it for three weeks. | got
days I was out to work again
it the best Liniment made.
The Oil of Power.���It is not claimed
for Dr, Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil that It
will cure every ill. but its uses are so
various that if may be looked upon u.-
a general pain killer. It has achieved
that greatness for itself and all attempts to surpass it have failed. lis
excellence in known to ull who have
tested its virtues and learnt by experience.
Why Not?
iiinot a unit of the red coated "mountles" go forward with tbe
next contingent'.' A few hundred of
tbem for a- nucleus and a thousand of
two more fearless westerners would
rally to the standaru, proud of the
privilege  of going to Hi"  front as  a
Mounted  Police battalion,    With all
that has been said in song and story
;, MAiOf theR.N.W.M.P. surely this oppor-
1 think I 'unity Of upholding their noble traditions is not going lo be allowed to
pass inactive. "The paths of glory-
lead but to the grave." Give tbe riders
of tbe plains their chance now, or on?
day it may be forgotten to erect a
monument to their memory.���Regina
The following story was told at a
recent dinner of the Pilgrim Publicity
"A farmer had twenty employees on
Sylvester Ward  Divorced
Detroit.       Mich.���Sylvester    Ward,
brother of the alte Montgomery Ward,
the mail order millionaire in Chicago.
his farm, and as none of them was as I was divorced by his wife, Minnie, In
Judge Sharpes court on a charge of
is 6'! and he is '14.
it has gone entirely, also the sinking
spells; in fact, my pale cheeks have
changed to pink, I have gained hack
more than the twenty pounds I lost,
and am thoroughly well in every way."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Read "The Road to
Wellville." in pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
energetic as the farmer thought he
should he, be hit upon a plan which he
believed would cure them of tlieir lazy
" '.Men,' he said one morning. T have
a nice, easy job for Hie laziest man on
the farm.    Will the laziest man step
forward?'  Instantly  nineteen  of the!
men stepped forward.
" Why don't you step to the front
with the rest?' inquired the farmer of I
the remaining one.
"'Too much trouble,' came the re-'
Ply." I
It is r
vented   :
���ported lhat  .Marconi lias in- j
device  for paralyzing the
of  aeroplanes   by  means  of]
The husband said he had only a life
interest in a property valued at $.vi.-
000. He will have to pay $30 a month
Something tinier ihin linen ��n,l liia;
laundry bills Wash It With soap anj
water All storm nr direct. *iaie nyt��
mil size For '.'sc we will mad you
M Fraaar Aitnia, T*r*nl*. OnUM* THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
Anil Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weelty   Newspaper,   Punished  at
Courteuay, B, C,
N. II. Bods**, Editor aud Proprietor
���Ubscrlptiou 11.60 per Year in Advanci
Telephone 59
Com .ix District; Beitrand Vogel
observer; Maximum .s7-o; Mil i
nm in 48.0, Rainfall (inches!  0.22
ciillli' nKollld
in,-, lm.: "f llu
111',11 Mundiis
ed >i'(-r Inn.
��� Kill ui "Will
���1, \ l.lvn  flock   An
diiIiik l-'i-. ,1 l-'i'l'i wns
, ciir load nt- nek will
Ami vvixhlnu toael
llie Si< ivnu-.v or I'FubWoiiI
THURSDAY, SI'I'TliMlilJ' 9, 1915
Tin lliiv
lllllll-.l Si
st   UIW   |.
..'llll  llll
I In
npi'iin ul
Ik I'liiln,'
llie I'lill'l
nnd  llll!twa of  Hi,'   A.Kl-1
���    Mil    ll    I I    ||    IIR'I'lllIU    HI   ll<
lloiil'-ridnvuvi'iilnit,   Thuprlxr
in 11   IVIIMloOldci
IM,..   pi'ltllUll   llli
1 'III III -    I,II'    Hn
iHCPurTlmi J in III,-   il it, -.    TllO  llll'
nnd .-iiliiiilii.\, m.|iI   '.'I iiiiiI .'.',. iiiiiI
c '���-!' 1111  Ui'illit-Mlii.l   r-. 1.1. oo
 1' v.
fiiir nil    All  I Ini
I i.vciv. w In  li
The annual meeting nf Uie Ioc 1
1 'nt 1 i. it ic Service Count itl< e will be
he'd iii the 11| era House on  'I'm s
In spite "I ull lhe ]essiniists say,
conditions are not neatlj so bad a*
thej are made ( ut to be, in fact,
tin- wail ol tin pessimists frightens
hoiif 1 lulks, and maki s conditions
worse than tin v would be 1lm
itidustiies  are   opcrating,   and   il
evi 1 j bodj' would smile, they would : A n port of the year's bttsi
be working lunch nearer lo full be presented, and officers
capacity than thev are at preseut. ] ensuing yeai will beelei ted
Bank balances are increasing, in- attendance is requested by
dicating that lhe honest folks who cutive committee.
are scared are not  investing, and|    .,,,,. Mri|iM, Collimis,ioM	
that many *	
i day afternoon next  nl
ess will
im   the
A lull
he exe-
 _. peo] le  \\ lm should  lie
paying their debts are holding the
money in tendiiiess to skip lo the
other .side, should llu Gentians
The "whole Ik goer" believes in
B. C, while the "little pigger"
does not. Let us all be "whole
heggtrs." pay our 1 ills nnd look
Wedding at  Loggieville
Wednesdny   evening   llie only   business
wns nu application from Thomas booth
for a'license to sell liquoi iu the Comic
nay II itel, uut of 0 possible Jet ntuiies
he lnul secured is.' signiiltires ton petition asking that be be given a license.
Mr, Johnston objected to the granting
ol tin- license iis he liiiil 11 license [ol
Unit hotel anil the application should
have been for 11 transfer I10111 bun, lie
was willing lo sell, otherwise he would
loose everything he lnul, us he had been
evicted from the hotel uud the landlord
lnul taken all ills effects, ,\ lawyer who
appeared for Mr, Booth sniil this wus
beside tlie question, Air. Hoof!) was in
possession of tiie hotel and his application wns iu order, und it wns up to tile
commissioners lu grant the license ou
its merits. The license was granted on
motion of Ur, Millard, seconded
Mr, Kcrton.
At the 1 ie of Mr, aud Mrs.   Philip
l.oggie, I.oggievill ,N B., on Wednesday
evening, Aug. 25th. their daughter Irene
Marjoria, become the bride ol Kenneth
Alexander Grieve, of Courtenay, It, C.
The drawing room was beautifully decorated iu pink ami white, anil us Aliss
Marry, of Chatham, rendered Mendelssohn's Wedding march, the bridal party
proceeded up an aisle formed by eicjit
girls dressed ill white witli pink trim-
mings  and   holding  white satin ribbon
twined with sinilax.    The bridal couple' and Bible Cluss 3 |>. 111.
stood tinder a canopy of rose leaves and j Cotirtenuv
white dowers, while tlle ceremony wus c , 011 1 i>n i~ r*i.^^
performed by Rev. Wilmer B. Rosborougli SuudaV School und Bible Class
li    A.    The bride looked charming and   10:30 a. ill.    Service 11:30.    I'.ven-
wasgowned in white satin with train, she    :-~
wore her griinilmothee's bridal veil and
the same orange blossoms that her
mother lnul worn at her wedding. Miss
Jean Morrison, of Newcastle, was maid
of honor, nnd wore cream silk; anil little
Marian Sewell, ol Burnt Cll ircll, was
(lower girl, dressed iu pink, wilb pink
basket ot flowers, Tlle bride's mother
wore her own wedding gown of -IS years
ago. At the conclusion of the marriage
service nil repaired to tlle dining room,
wliieh was tastefully decorated in yellow
and green. A sumptuous repast was
served ami the usual toasts and speeches
given. The happy couple left by auto
(or "Vl'iritime expiess en route to their
\l"illn ill  Nniiainio,  R.   C.    The
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.111.     Sunday School
11 nservice 7:30 p- 111. All welcome
The Missing���
Has anyone seen some lumber?
Has anyone seen some planks?
For moving them I wonder
Should we pass a vote of thanks.
The Orchard heeds some sidewalks,
Lake Trail they say does too
But by healing hits of side talks
Some lumber's gone irom view.
Perhaps by misunderstanding
No harm was meant to do,
But 'twill not help folk landing
In n puddle, feet wet through,
bi-i.lcV going nwny dress WIS a blueserge l Let the city now remember
li.iUcd'suiUith black and while picture      That it is heir duty, o
hat     the bride received many beautiful! Chain up thill bits of Ittutbe
����,.. '-"in her parents she received
k check ihr jlflO.0 and from tier Motlief-I
h silver iw tic) vice nnd tiny, and numerous gifts hi cut ({ItlsS, sliver, etc., from
{fiends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs.
Grieve were given a royal send off, a
crowd having gathered at the station.
And curb their iu��!
^'.oers too.
September 4th
Millinery in *e ,nev,es\
 _ model'*   and
ready to wear shapes and hats
Daess Goods in all the popular shadns in plain and
novelty weaves
Coatings in Tweeds, Plain,
Self Colour Serges, Black,
White and  Gray  Astrachan
Misses and  Children's Coats
and Dresses
Ladies, Misses and Children's
Sweater Coats
New   Models   in   C-C a   la
Grace Corsets
Flannelettes,    Blankets   and
Immediately   after tlie   entry of
Warsaw by the   German   advance
guards, it   was  announced   to the !
World that;
"Warsaw received the  Germans
With   grcat   enthusiasm;   the  city
was profusely decorated with  (fjter-
I man flags and hunting:,
To this was added that:
"It shows how   glad the   Poles
were of getting rid of the Russians-, i
and liow   the}' welcomed   the -Yew
the German regime." I
Of all the fakes sent tfut and
printed during the war, this is the
rastoi j. vj . ������.��.w , most barefaced and biggest yet,
officiating. The young couple was Whether it was really sent out
attended bv the bride's sister. Mi s from Europe, or manufactured in
Mary E. Warwick and the grooms New York, we do uot know, But
brother Mr. Wilfred R. Smith, those whe wrote it, and those \v\%
Mr, and Mrs. Smith left on the printed it, must be entirely iguor-
Patricia to spend their honeymoon ant of the true conditions in Po-
ln Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle, land, and of the true feeling of the
Extract for July from the Me-.Poles.���Kuryea Polski, Milwatt-
teotological register at Little River  kee,
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonat}l(S
Little River
On Sept. 6th, a quiet wedding
was solemnized at the home cf the
bride "Woodland." Nanaimo, when
Miss Ellen Maude Warwick, eldest
daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Alexan
der Warwick, was united m marriage to Mr. Charles Occar Smith,
son of Mr* and Mrs. R.J. Smith.
Little River  Pastor J. G.   Walker
V \ ��of**
TAKlv NOTICE that While Brothers
Lumber Cotnpanv, whose address
ii Vancouver, 11. C, will upplv fur a license tu take and use 7,0C0 cubic feel
per second mul to store 400,000 acre feet
ol wnter uut of Niinpklsll River, which
flows northeast unit drains into Brough-
imi Strait, iiliuui.' miles from Alert Bay.
Tin- storuge iium will be located ul
Siwusli Rock, about 2 miles' below tbe
mi'iitli ul the Luke. The capacity uf
tin- reservoir tu be created is about
-lim.nun acre feet, mel it will Hood nbout
300 acres ol land. Tin- water will be
diveited Innn the stream at a point 1
mile from tlie Uioulll uf Niinpkish Lake,
and will be used for power purposes
iiiiuii the Innds described as Sections 33
and 34, Township 15, Tbis notice was
|n>sti"l on the ground on the 30th day of
bine I'M.'. A copy ul Ibis notice ami an
application pursuant thereto and tu tbe
"Water Act 1914" will lu- filed in the
ofiice uf tbe Wuler Recorder ut Victoria,
li. C, ami with tin- Comptroller ul
Water Rights ni Victoria, It., C. Objections lu llie application may be filed
wilb tbe snld Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Kic,hts, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, 11, <-'., within 30
ila\s after tlie first appearance ol lids
notice hi ii local newspaper, Tbe date
ul the lirsl p.ublieiitlon ol this notice is
Thursday, August 26, 1915.
WllITi; IlltnS.  LUMUltU COMI'ANV,
Ily VV, II. White, Agent
TAKK NOTICU thnt White Brothers
Lumber Company, whose address
is Vancouver, It. C, will apply lor n licence to tuke uud use .SO cubic feet per
second of wuler out ul Kukish River,
which flows northward mul drains into
Beaver Cove, about 4 miles southwest uf
Alert Bay. The wnter will be diverted
from thc stream at a point about 1 1-4
miles from the mouth of tlie river nnd
will be used for domestic und manufacturing put poses upon tlle land described
us Lot 2, at Deliver Cove, Rupert District, Vancouver Island. This notice
was posted on tbe ground ou the 30th
duy ol June 1915. A copy of this notice
und an application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water Act 1914" will be filed ill
the ollice of the Water Recorder at Victoria, B. C, and with thc Comptroller
ol Water Rights at Victoria, B. C. Objections to the application may be filed
with the said Water Recorder or the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Paliamcnt
Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within 30
days after the first appearance of this
notice iu a local newspapr, The date of
the first publication of Ibis notice is
Thursday, August 26, 1915.
WlHTK BROS. Ll'MHKK Company,
By W. II. White, Agent
Dyeing, Cleaning
and Pressing
Garments turned out Hue new
Alterations and repairs
til"  every description
old Bunk Building
Phone 17 Courtenay
When  In  Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Uxperieui c
Recommends   from   Leading  Musicians
from the Atlantic lo the Pacific.   Copies
uf same furnished 'in rcipiest
W, I. Goard   will i��'   in ihis city   aboul
August l.    Leave orders ut tills Office,
ur write direct to
845, 8ih Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
Stationery,    School Supplies,
Toilet Articles,
Hair Brushes, bristle, whalebone, etc.
Photographic   Supplies   and
Pure Drugs
Drug Stoie
Palace Livepy
Esquimalt   &   Nannimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday "and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
Connecting   at   Nanaimo   with [Princess .Patricia .for .Vancouver
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to^all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Disl. Passenger Afent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phone R 60
Editor Review
Sir.���The following question
asked at th entrance evaminations
in June may remind your renders
of tlie little boy who drew the picture of an aliimal with a long heavy
body, short less, long snout, and
short curly hair. Any person looking at the picture would have called it a pig.    The boy called   it   a
Question. ''Skitch a map of
Europe and mark the position of
the following; the countries at war,
Seine, Rhine, Danube, Vistula,
Kiel Canal, Dardanelles, Vosges,
Carpathians, Caucasus, Kast Prussia, Galacia, Alsace, Heligoland,
London. Paris, Warsaw, Petrograd
Vienna, Belgrade, Ostend Havre "
Any persou reading that question
would say it was Geography; but
our education department says it is
British History ! The pupils were
not prepared to draw a map ou
history day,-and did not even have
a lead pencil. Can the Department
be excused on the ground of ignorance ? The explanation for thus
cheating children may be that it
was done to get at the teachers.
Rvoston School
SEALED TENDERS, su'erscribed
"Tender for Royston School" will
be received by tlle Ilouourabl; tlie
Minister ol Public works, up to 12 o'clock
noon of Tuesday, the 21st duy ot September, 1915, for the erection and completion of ii large one-room school-bouse
ut Royston, in the Comox Electoral
Plans, specification*!, contract, anil
forms of tender mny be seen on and
nfter the 3rd day of September, 1915, at
the office of Mr. J. Raird, Government
Agent, Cumberland; Mr. J. Kirup, Government Agent, Nanaimo; Mr. J. Mu-
bouey, Government Agent, Vancouver,
and the Department of Public Works,
By application to the undersigned,
contractors mny obtain a copy of the
plans and specifications for tbe sum ol
ten dollars, ($10,) or a marked cheque
for same amount, which will be refunded on their return iu good order.
Each proposal inusl be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate
of deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable lo tbe Honourable
the Minister ot Public Works, (or a sum
equal to 20 per cent, of leader, which
slinll be forfeited il the party tendering
decline to enter Into contract when called
upon to do so, or if he fails to complete
tbe work contracted fur. The cheques
or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to tbem upon
the execution ot the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on tbe forms supplied, signed
with the actual signature of the tenderer
and enclose! in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessar
ily accepted.
Deputy Minister and  Public. Works
Engineer, Public Works Department,
Victoria, B. C, September 1st, 1915.
Horses and  Buggies for Hire
Terms cash.
We also attend  to wood hauling;
Courtenay Phone at
First-Class Plumbing:;
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay.
General Blacksmith
ollolt Your Patronugo,   Onroful Attention
Cltvetl lo HotSCB Keel
Comox, 13. C.
Best Meals North of Nanianio
Choicest Liquors aud Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread froni_the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit andjsatisfaction
W. Aitken
Advertise In The Review Oppositeu ew Presbyterian Church THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Rose Hour
Do You Know This f
Tested Pastry Flour ���
It is the choice of every careful housewife who
takes pride in her baking. Not alone from the absolute and definite results which it always produces
because it is a British Columbia Flour, lhe only
Pastry Flour manufactured in this Province
Tested from every  possible baking  standpo'nt before it leaves the mill, it carries this guaran :ee:
"Your Money Back If You Are
In Any Way Dissatisfied With
On Sa'e by All Dealers
Royal Standard Grain Products
Wholesale Pbon. 33;����i Bridge; f. Muviiz, M8r. Retail
Dr. and Mrs. BcadneiW have returned from tlieir summer camping
ground at Oyster River.
His Lordship Bishop McDonald
of Victoria,, held confirmation services at the Comox R. C. church
on Wednesday morning, and at
Cumberland in the afternoon. Today he is at Denman Island on the
same mission.
Mr. Robb left tor Vancouver
hospital a week ago last Saturday.
Last Saturday Mrs. Robb left for
Vancouver to be with him.
The concert gotten up by the
Red Cross workers of Comox, assisted by the officers and men of
H. M, S. Rainbow, to be given in
Martin's hall tomorrow (Friday;
evening, promises to be the veiy
best musical event that has been
given here for some time, Tliere
are also some very fine musicians
among them, and a first class string
band will furnish the music for the
<lai.ee wliieh follows. A splendid
program has been prepared, whicli
includes a number of tableaux and
children's choruses. Admission,
crncelt 25c, dance 50c, Ladies arc-
requested to bring cake or sandwiches,
Mr. K. Sharp is a guest at the
Elk hotel.
Mrs. Barber is stopping at the
Elk hotel.
The young bloods had au en
joyable time at the green torn party
at Spinstcrville on Saturday   ��ven-
Ted and Edgar  OHffe   are   the
heroes of tlle hour just now in Gomox. They saved the school
inarms lives from a watery giave.
One evening last week the young
ladies were in bathing and got beyond their depth when the strong
tide caught them and was rapidly
carrying them away when the two
hoys swam out and saved tbem,
A card from Thco Fortune states
that he got out of the hospital a
few days aj.o, and went up to
Shorncliffe and asked lo be Stilt
back to the front. The officer ordered him ,1sent to a convalescent
hospital where he is likely to remain for some time. Theo's many
friends will be glad to know that
he is lecovering, and will admire
liis pluck.
H. M.-C. 8 Rainbow has been
in the harbor for a couple of weeks
There arc 16 officers and two hun
dred mid thirty men 011 board.
The met. have been enjoying themselves immensely, many of them remember the manner of their enter;
tainment by the ladies of Comox
when they were here last, aud which
they appreciate very much. They
ssy they have better times here than
on any other part of the coast.
The officers and men are taHng a
great interest in the Red Cross concert to morrow evening, and are
doing all they can to make it a success.   The handsome  posters ad
vertising tlie ev nt are the handwork of tlie ship's painter.
MissWilsiu had the luck to
catch a fine salmon at Little Riv-r.
The government boat Estevan
is here making some repairs to tbe
light houses and buoys in the vicinity of Comox.
Rev. Franklin-Watson will conduct services at St. Peter's, Coinox
at g a. 111. and 7 30 p. m , and at
Little River at 3 p. m. ou Sunday
Wc are always glad to see the
Editor iu Comox, glad to see him
ou business or on pleasure: we hate
hii 1 lo leave, bnt when he really
must tear himself away���let him
tell us so like a man. Lei him prepare us for the hour of parting,
give us time to break the news to
our sorrowing wives and fa .lilies,
give us time to get the triumphal
decorations out of camphor, brush
down cur span of state mules, etc.
If he should prefer an aroeplane or
armoured ci.r, buggy, ���wheelbarrow
or any olher suitable vehicle, we
will conduct him in state thro' tbe
city, clothed in regalia fitting to
tbe event. But, when he leaves
our city towed by A. B. Balls
small Ford car, Why!! ���Words
fail me.
The following interesting letter is
from Arthur Collins, brother of our
townsman, Mr, II. V. Collins, who
left here with Ted Humphries and
others when the war broke out,
I' was very sorry to hear that you
bad lost a chum in tlie scrapping
out here, one of my pals lost his
brother last mouth, he was in the
Rifle Brigade and had gained the
mllltaiv cross before he was shot.
As you can guess one E*ets so used
to seeing dead and wounded out.
here that it does not worry oue at
all. I am writing this letter in a
hut aboui three miles behind the
firing line, for wc came out of the
trenches last night after having
thirtyeight days iu without a rest.
We can now get a bath in whicli
we are very badly in need as 1 have
not had my togs off all that time
and when things like that happen
tliere is sometimes a little or some
times a big insect not often mentioned in natural history that troubles
one fearfully and I am now iu such
a state that I am really afraid to
take off my under vest for fear of it
running away. So you can imagiue
how I am looking forward to a good
dip and a change of togs. But to
change the topic, as I am sure this
does not interest you very much, I
will try to describe to you what it
is like here tn the billets. As I
told you we are about three miles
from the front lines and the hut
that we are occupying is jolly comfortable inside, it holds about forty
men and is fine and warm. Just
uow the noise is fearful as ther�� is
a chap just opposit me playing, or
rather trying to play, the bagpipes
and he is making  a mosl   hirrible
'din.   Tlle   fellow  nu   in*    right   w
I smoking  a very  Imi    pipe and   is
, noing hia best to make shorl work
I of that chocolate that >��� 11 sent llle
I which I   received yesterday.    The
Vouth on my  left  is rending  lhe
' "Taller" and every uow an I again
he digs me in the  litis nud shows
ine the photo of some i.iii actress
that he i.s admiring-.    Down in lhe
corner is a bunch ol I- Hows singing
ragtime,    beautiful   cotnbiii     on
ragtime and bagpipes, iii wlim ? li
this letter is somewhat iiiudtl ed you i
can put it down to the  bagpipes,
Anyway you can let uv are  jollt
happy although we a 1   I .1   away
from 'ome.    You will reinembei ill
your last letter  y> 11 scut me a cutting from the paper aboul the Can
adians, well I coiisiuet lli)sell  very
lucky to have coui    out   of lhat
without a scratch.
Ynu will reuieiiibet tve reinforced
the 71 h  battalion Boiiielinie in May
nml ulllioiigli ilillil not iiii'iitluii anything
.tlm 11 I'estuliert 111 Uu- |iupcr, where by
ile wiiy we lnul mil' litnviest scrappiUe*,
wc lini quite n liveh lime  .it   i-ivim-liy
wluie uur lirs   Initial.011 lust heavily.    I
will liy tn give unl some  slight nii-i uf
wlat ,1 |oo\etl 1 le when wc lirst  went
nailer tin', which  cully la the worst part
ut all.    We Iiuil a long march one nielli
liniii   uav billets,   uiul wc   were ill   first
piiiced in sonic dugouts, which we wet*fe'
lolit were the supports,    '1 he lirst ttighl
wc lnul nol lhe liniitcst iilui Unit we were
su near lhe   firing   line until   the   nest
morning    when   llie,   started   p mrlng
shells  over   us,   anil   a dressing station
nearby ju.'.t missed some   "coalboxes."
The  next  night one  of our  battalions
made uu attack on a certain part of the
German  trenches which  were nbout a
hundred yards away ami situated  iu an
orchard, we acting as supports to them.
We  were rushed  down tlie road whilst
the attack was 011 and they started pouring hundreds of shell over on the road,
far   Ihey   were  shelling   the   village  of
I'l'stulicrt   which   they   knew we would
have to pass through.   We went through
the place at a (lead run and it wits jolly
luuil   going as  all the   houses lnul been
knocked down and the road was strewn .
with debris.    Hut  we  managed  In get
dowi to the trenches without any cusul-
ties.   The battalion  that was attacking
had by this time taken the trenches and
we  found  the communicating  trenches
and roads strewn with wounded waiting
to be taken to tlie dressing station, so all
we had to do was to wait for the German
counter attack which did rot come  off
Two nights later wc were taken down
11 the trenches that had lately been taken
a'ltl spent a very pleasant time lying ill
tie bottom of theni, dodging shells, for
they shelled us from three o'clock in the
morning till four in the afternoon uud
tie following Monday we had to undergo
the same experience again und thut is
when most of our casullies occured, in
fact very few of our battlion came out of
it. We stayed down in these trenches
for nearly three weeks and hud some
jolly exciting times. From tliere we
moved down to Clivinehy where as I have
snid we had some very exciting times
The place we are now iu is eompuri-
tnvely quiet nfter the other places, although we expect the Germans to make
a big move an)-time now. Ciciri has returned to us nguaiu und it is fine to buve
him back for I missed him very much.
Several of the other boys who were
wounded nt l'estubert have now rejoined
I will try to nub a festive Hun for you
llie next time we go into the trenches
ami see if I cull swipe a decent souvenir
from him. 1 must ring off now,
Insurance Comp..uy  Limited, ol  Lori.ton, Luglanu
Fire and  Accident
Assets KxCeed
��|l,,V"   ,	
1-iiniK luvc ��l        ' t '���' ������ ��� :
.-! I,      ,   "
Arc Yeu Insured Against Fi   1
Now Unit the warm dr;       ithei   s coining on, when the
nu tin- ni"! ni a  ttore  - :  .1   elling   uiaj result   in n di
fire insurance policj in       I company ia the  best
nie nge.lis   (nr   llie   t.llV     Union   Blltl    Rm'k, ,l   COIllpMl*    witl
���.i-i-,:: I in none,   See ua [or rates
Phone 57
Get tiie Answer-
To transact business successfully,
there must be no delay.   Neither can you afford to guess what
a man's answer will be
TJ^ks���,vl  Don't wait half
telephone: a week for jthe
answer that's  important.     Don't
wait five minutes even.   It costs
less to telephone both in the short
and the long run
All the Company's [telephones are
available for service day or night
B. C.  Telephone   Co.,  Limited
Counter Check Books
 and ���	
Loose Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples,  etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59
Isabel Street THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief���Permanent Cure
fail.    Purrly vc^rl-
.Mr    act surely
l��ui gently on
Ihr fiver.
Stop alter
cute iiuil-'
grsimt    improve  'I"" conipleiion    brighten
ihci-yrs. .S'moH Nl, Small Dose, Small 1'iiie.
Genuine muitbeu Signature
Eraduating the Sow Thistle1 rorn^ Instant            '       Call for Patriotism
Good   Results   of   Road   Motor  Atony   QfQp pa,nt    0J     Pjlnam.,   Young Men Should Net Fail to Reeog
Lines   of   C.P R.                                     t~ Extractor tonight, a.od '       nize the Seriousness of thc War
The C.P.R, uiul the governmeni '"iQiif corns teel better In Uw |    in asking why Canada should noi;
Saskatchewan   have   formeil
ucrsliip tor u particularly aggressive
campaign ior ihc eradication of sow
thistle uml iih r noxious weeds.
Some time ago the railway conipan*
approached the government with a
proposition in the effect thnt they
would furnish a gasoline road inolor
mill ti iiiini in drive ii. it ilie government would supplj .' well Inspector
in travel on this rond tuutor along
tholr   lines   in   Ini.k   nm   lor  noxinus
tt Is
.Noxious   weed   seeds  are     very   Ire-
I ipieiiily carried in curs from one
polnl in another and dropped about
sun inns uml in front of elevators,
mul from Ihese points of vantage
ih ij  : preud  in ilu   surrounding dls-
1 irlcts.
The railway company further assured the government that every section foreman and his gang would he
nt tl.e disposal oi ilu- weed Inspector,
mil only l'or Ihc ill si ruction of Ihc
weeds   found   on   emil   Hip.   hill    ulso
under his dlrei lion would keep u
sharper lookout f< r n recuri'i nco or
these weeds iiiivwh'-r ��� along the
company's lines of mil.
The work has been peine forward
l'or some time, w Itli  splendid results,
 'nud the department ol agriculture and
'   particularly Chid Wee,! commission
Canada's   Shell   Production er Thompson, are  very enthusiastic
about this method of getting after llie
,, u  I weeds.    Quite  ii  number    o(    small
American   Paper  Says  Canada   Holdo   patches  of sow   thistle,  for  example,
the   Record   Ror   Rapid  Work        have     been   found  at   stations  when
The American Machinist, an Aiuerl-  none cuu be located    In anj  of lho
cun  technical Journal, explains with  fields near the station, anil by destruc-
admiration, in ns current number, tlie  tlon of small patches tliere will lie no
work of the Canadlau shell committee. ( danger of the contagion spreading t
il rOUfell   ,.���   i  ,ji   (OH .    '     H DOWN       .oi  I.i- lit ' !������>'
lUPMtR hum mnMii in  ���iiphi.'.Iimm iin.u>i,v
CM HON II wuK'i-i- ��� ��� p* ..->. i ������ r i'i i'i i-i\,,i'ii nit.
wnte    .   FREE i in H'H'ni* mkijuai  nuoK on
No'follnw 'Ireul ii.   Nu nl.iiii.l
MRU I 11,11 in i- , .t't'.ll .Ml'.
*.   KOI    IU   I'HU', t    I IIIKW'I.'
I- I llll   ,
. mm
i.   Oh. Ll I i -.r
III  I  11 v.l",,I
SUM ClUK  I ,u.
morning, Magical Um'iuim- al least a quarter of ., million
way "Putram's" eases the pa in, dea-   men   in training for the emergencies
troys the roots, kilis a corn for all  of the future, Rev.  Dr,  Herrldgo de- .
time.   No pain.   Cure guaranteed. Oat  clared thai "mnny of our youth have
a 2"ic liott'o Ot Putram's Extractor .o-   i   t  yel   seriously  considered   Whether
day. i they cannot do something directly or
^^__^________ ' indirectly lo strengthen our resources
I iu it.is epoch making hour" uml thai
rpk diii<l-/ii*V< 17of*-. ",ere were s"""' "by whom, whether
1 lie  kMlllRtl  O  rtllC  through   dullness or Indifference, the
call of patriotism has been so (ar dis
.regarded aud private Interest held of
Lord   Rosebery  on   Bitter   Account  ol   ���,.,,.���,,,. ���,���,,��� |mn tho public weal."
Days to Come li is Impossible i.ot to be Impressed
in picturesque phrases Lord  Hose   with   lhe   apparent   truthfulness   ot
Use of Fertilizers
Should  be   Used   as  an  Adjunct  Only
to  best System of Maintaining
There Is ii great tendency where ihe
use of fertilizers Is begun to continue
their use year after year on the same
hunt   wlthoul   adopting other melius
of  maintaining;    productiveness,    A
man Hints that fertilizer   will bring u
nod   return   uud   he   will   keep   using
hery. Bpealtlug nt" Bu tli Cit.v Council, those assertions, Thero seem, Indeed,
doalt with lhe world iraged*. of liio to ba many young men in this cou.i-
wur. Even Bath, the sunnj splendour try who view the struggle of tho until' iiiiih. has ov.r ii said Ills lordship, lion without Baelng Its relationship to I fi year after vein* without crop "rots'
the black cloud wliieh is overspread- themselves, Perhaps this cannot cor- tlou, growing one grain crop after an-
Ing all the world, Think whnt a vast, rectly be put down to Indifference, be- other. Such n use of fertilizers is
ghastly whirlpool this war Is; how, cause II is hardly possible lhat nny disastrous It'continued, becmise under
beginning with live of the greatest na- Canadian could   bo Indifferent to ihe, such u system the humus is rapidly
lions lu Europe, ll Is gradually suck- outcome   ol   the wnr. hm there ure1    ��� ���	
Ing in all those who would oven wlll-ltl Bands nr young men  who   seem
Ingly   remain   outside   flrsl    Japan,'not lo have though! ot taking a pari
tben     Italy,     it    does    noi    seem  In the wur    The "call of patriotism'
Hun the Balkan litates will long bo  has nm reached them,
uliie I,, refrain from Joining In a wur     In Ottawa, for Instance, ihere ims
which must ultimately settle whal Is M �� brisk    recruiting   for tlie over
called the Near Eastern question, and sens forces, hul hundreds of young
which, if the- do imi loin, mny be {men of military ago and physical lit-
settled io   their   disadvantage.   The "osh arc allll going about tholr regu
f   ii'd   Mlules   se, ni.-   lo   he   hoVCI'lllg   UU' occupations    IiiiiI   spurts     .vilhuul
on ihe brink, though thai countrj Ib even attempting to proparo themselves
s��� remote thnl i iy well ho spared ' for lho e rgeneles ot the future, The
he agony of these dnvs.    Wherever lBllsl ,I||,'V n"'-'-M 'I" is ,il1"' advantago
o( lho opportunities being afforded for
securing  some   military  training,  bo
thill if lhe cull is mm'.' insistent later
Two hundred Canadian shops arc pro-
duclng munitions of war. They arj
thoroughly organized Into a great manufacturing unit, in which each plant
produces Its specialty, and depends
on other apparatus elsewhere, iu the
way that one department depends on
another In a largo factory, The shell
committee, comprising expert managing engineers uud military men, assembled the melius and no* run tho
production of munitions.
"The thing has been done so quiet-!
ly," says the American Machinist,
"that bill few have the least idea of
its magnitude- We have looked upon
the United Stales as being the home
of the excessively large Industrial undertaking, and the place where great
schemes are carried out so rapidly
that tiie process resembles sleight of
linn,1. Hul when il conies to a general
average number of plants, number of
employees, geographical location, anil
shortness of time available for organization, we must lake off our huts lo
our Canadian neighbors and admit
ihey hold the r< nl."
A prominent citizen ot Winnipeg
who recently visited Ottawa, says thai
he was informed hy some manufacturers that the shell committee, organized hy General Hughes In September
last, of which committee (lenernl
Bertram Is chairman, that Canada is
turning oul more shells than all manufacturing establishments In Great Britain, exclusive of the regular shell-
making firms -all nf which goes to
show Canada's resources and adaptability, it' our manufacturers will
only bond lhelr energies to increasing
their output, not only In munitions of
war. but in olher lines, uud pul all
llieir efforts Into the upbuilding of
Ihis country Ihere will be m> doubt
aboul Canada's future.���Winnipeg
the surrounding fur
The fuel thai the section foreman
and his men will be posted on what
arc noxious weeds Will be n greal assistance to tlle farmers along their
particular stretch ot rond, ns they
will often be able to help lho man
oul who is not sure as to tho character of plains thai he mny find In
his crop.
Why suffer from corns when they
can be painlessly rooted out by using
Holloway's  Corn   Cure.
"The Eldest Child of Liberty
What is more natural than that the
destroyers of Louvain should menace
the historic treasures of the age-old
homes of romance and freedom at the
head of llie Adriatic, But those to
whom such things appeal cannot fall
to note with something akin to pleasure thai lifter long years "Venice, lhe       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
eldest child of liberty," Is once more \ 	
in battle array for liberation, is one   Manufacturers  Should  Put  Goods  up
Relief For Suffering Everywhere. -
lie whose life Is made miserable by
the suffering thai conies from indigestion and has nol tried Parmelee's Vegetable Pills does nol know how easily
ihis formidable foe can be deall with.
These pills will relieve where others
fall, They are the result of long and
patient study and are confidently put
forward as a sure corrector of disorders of the digestive organs, from
which so mnny suffer,
A Home on Wheels
All-Steel Colonist Cars of the C.P.R.
Are Comfortable and Absolutely
The all-steel colonist cars built by
the C. I'.li. iill ih.' bill to a nicety,
On the long journey to the west,
liese cars have to be eating and
sleeping and living rooms combined.
They must have cooking conveniences,
for one rhing; and there Is always
more or ss danger when several
people arc using the stove thai aceideuls may happen, l-'or that reason
alone, the all-steel oar conies in handy,
as ihere is absolutely nothing to
burn, Well, there are the cushions on
the steel seats; bul tbey could not do
much harm even if they did lake
lire. The seats, floor, roof, sides -
every bll ot tha cur is ot steel. The
fire stoves are fixed to steel frame.-,
Every detail has been carefully
thoughout. The i cms Iill a much
felt wain, b.ing us they are. roomy,
comfortable und safe, while for three
or  live  days,   the     life   is  lived  as   il
would be in a permanent residence,
wiih hardly an oscillation to remind
one that lhe ears are on the rails,
and thai they are running at the rate
ot I" miles an hour.
you   raise yuu  eyes you see  tills  walls gradually   aliraciing   sucking in
even   iialion, however  much    il   limy i
wish'    to    remain outside.    There    is   "" thej  will he ill a position lo answer,
something else    It  musi  suck  in our I    Tl"' reason for the apparent apathy
young men.   I am bound to suy thai
walking   about    it;
splendid youn
exhausted in the soil, with ihe result
Hint the soil becomes compact, Iobos
lis friable condition, and the yields
decrease lit splto ot the fertilizer,
[fertilizers   alono   will   not malntulu
soil   fortuity,     They   should   be   used
rather us an ndjtincl lo tho best systems of maintaining fertility limit can
he practised, Used In Iliis way tliere
will be no injury In the soil, and if
Intelligently applied lit ire will bo very
good profits.
'I'I nlv man     hn   can nfforil lo
use fertilizers on gruin crops yenr after year oil  llle smile land  is lhe  rent-
or or temporary farmer   who cares
nothing for lhe  future nl' Ihc soil. To
bo sure, H requires u number of years
of sueh continued use before, the effects become npparent, and it may he
part  of  Ihese young  men  is
lath I "soo"' many I perhaps thai ihey hnve fulled to real-j jusiilln"li'le"i.V\V'mViu'Viio'is lust' be-
 ���    ,,'llo.is    dressed  In  lM ""' seriousness o   the war Willi  ginning, and who miisl meet his pay-
khaki,     hul   mnnv   others,   equally ''aspect to Canada,   i lie   lighting   in nients on the land, to practice such t
splendid,  equalh   rejoicing   in  youth  El,roPo K'';',"ls ", '""�� ,ml  rom tl,ls  system for n inw years, hut it shoult
ami strength vain
strength unless ii In employed tor
the country. | have seen many others
walking about In civilian coslumes
who would be Infinitely Improved both
physically and morally if thoy were in
khaki, I do not presume lo judge uny
mnn. whether ho be Old or young. The
man who does not realize thai if he is
not helping lhe stale in some way al
youth and t'uLIte coutiLry.   \el   ihere   Is Ilttlo excusj i no( be contln I long,   The only pro
for such lack oi understanding.    Hie per use of commercial fertilizers is in
late of Canada would bo too cruel to  co���noctlon    with    the hest svslem nf
contemplate slu I    lhe   Ion on bar-  crop rotation  or legume growing ami
bariums gam Hie mastery in this war.   ���r   humu8   building   that  a   man   can
ll is only by men and munitions thai '
the   Germans inn   be defonted   and
Britain and the world saved    from a
calamity   such   ns   has   never   before
[ practice.
tliis-moincnl is falling criminally short
threatened, and Canada hns hundreds
i of thousands of men who have not yel
of his duty. The ...an wini'd'ooir'no! I ["'���'P��',''d to do their hit Kven though
realize that, 111 the long days to conic. I '"''j m"-v "ol 7�� wanted yet, they will
when peace has been achieved, will I P��Al!n? .*Lll���.',?!..1Lt.h.?5:. P1.!??:!./01
have ii serious, a bitter, a tragi.
count to render io himself, If ihese
young men could look a little further
than their foolish noses and see Britain after tlie peace, when llieir broth-
ers who line fought and suffered are
coining back amid the gratitude of the
nut ion, crowned with laurel, to their
homes! What will iheir position be
then? Slinking In u corner, trying in
vain to conceal the fact that they have
never served, never fought, and never
shed a drop of blood, or, perhaps, a
drop of perspiration. Ihey will be hup-
less, miserable and disdained.
the time when Ihey may be wanted-
Ottawa Free Press.
Brain Amputation
One of I tie wonders of surgical
science has been performed iu a
French military hospital where a
wounded soldier bus had a sixth of
his brain amputated without missing it. Tlie patient was carried in
with a penetrating wound In the
occipital region of the cranium.
Splinters of bone had caused an ab-
cess to form in the left cerebral
hemisphere. These were remove.I
by Ur. A. Guepin, surgepn-in-chief
to  the  hospital,  but.  a  fresh  abscess
Canadian Made Goods
ot the points from which the greatest
of all struggles for the freedom of the
spirit of man is being waged. Venice
popularly dates its foundation from
lhe inrush of lho Huns. And in succeeding years the Venetluus were in
lhe vanguard of nil the greal battles
against oppression The Qoths in Italy
und the Dalmatian pirates knew the
prowess of their swords; ihe Crusaders   sailed   from   Iheir   harbors;   Con
Btantlnople ami lho Greek empire with
it, crumbled, largely before their arms,
and the years of combat with Genoa
lefi them masters of tlto Adriatic, -
Ottawa Journal,
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
Tramped Seventy-five Miles to Enlist
Tom Hardy and Tom Spiers, two
husky prospectors, tramped seventy-
live miles over the roads from Rocky
Mountain House lo Calgary In order to
enlist In the Canadian forces. ".Mercenaries" the German newspapers call
them. A few more "mercenaries" of
the sort who charged the Teutons tit
St. Julien and the critics will be hunting for cover somewhere.--.Morning
Ciyma Gram-Islet! Eyelids,
*vffi \P Bv ''''-s  inflamed by exposure to Sua, Dusland Wind
L, ..-. _ quickly relieved by Murln*
���   . y|Jg Eyt Ucnicdy. No Smarting,
tf just  Eye Comfoit.    Al
to  a Standard  That Will   Make
the Trade Mark Respected
A successful lady farmer in Manitoba writes us as follows:
"I see Ill's. Vio et McNaughlon of
s Bkatoon is In doubt as to tho -'Made
in Canada" campaign, und I think
there are inany others In the samo
fix, To v Iioei advantage Is the ".Mnde
in Canada" movement?   n seems to
me   thai   there   must   be   a   weakness
somewhere, on the manufacturers'
side wh ui the) uiiiki- such an appeal,
The Canadian pi opl ��� nre loyalty iii elf
uud don'i in imi such ndvlce or prod-
cling up from the manufacturers. If the
goods ere whal they are represented
the pepola will buy them. Le! the
raaniifuetu ers show as much loyalty
and coiuc oul bravely and suy: Here
we hav,- been husking in the sunshine
of tariff protection long enough, hard
limes are here and we are willing to
forego some of our big profits and let
the other niait have a chance, but we
don't seo theni showing their loyalty
thus. To me the '.Made in Canada'
smacks ton much of the '.Made in Cerium.y' idea, and everybody knows
what rotten stuff has been dumped on
the world's markets by ihe Germans,
for many years, Why not 'Canadian
made' and pui goods up to a standard
that will make the trade mark respected the world t   er.
"It is really the people who pay the
tariff extras, for the manufacturers
have all pin up the price of llieir
goods  to cover it-    So  that's  where
,..._ _,_  ���,,���   ���,, the manufacturers gliy*. a big donation
Vour Dru��(jiit's 50c per Bottle. Marine Eye (to the patriotic funds, lt is the people
SalvclnTubes25c. KorBookollheEyefreeask i who should have the credit���not them,
Druggiiti oi Murine Eye Semedy Co., Cblmg*      "^el ,llt' manufacturers give us true
 I value  for our money, and  there  will
-\be  no  need  of spending    $:'a,000    in
W. N. U. 1063 I boosting the 'Made in Canadu' goods"
More little ones die during the hot
weather than al anj-other time of tl e ] hemisphere," 'Du7 shows'" no "spec!
Le,'lr:...5l*lrf!;0?f:_.^se!1ir.!;',,.,���?"J^!* I signs or trouble,    either of motivit
formed,    and   Dr, Guerpin  was    oh-
DURING HOT WEATHERI "sed  on  two occasions  to amputate
portions of the  bruin  which  protrud-
| oil    from  tho    wound.    The    patlenl
us lost at least a I bird of the left
infantum and stomach troubles como J aelisibriltys'^oTldWuoriV "'*'
without warning,    and when a medi- '	
cine is nut ut hand to give promptly j Rivals
th ' short delay too frequently means1     ,.   . ,        ..      , ,       .       ,,
lhat the child has passed beyond aid. '     lyncher -You have a hoy In college
Baby's Own Tablets should always be ! i"1,,l,..ii,S'���rI ^u.itlva!.'.".f '.'"..I0.1���,;
kepi in homes where there are young
children-    An occasional dose   of the , ".'V1
Tablets   will   preveu,   stomach   and j ''"'���'���
bowel troubles, or if tho trouble comes I    ,, , 7    ,. ..   ,,
suddenly the prompl  use of the Tab-;   , *,w!Lnl���.1-v0"    �� lll;'<"��ctl>'    underlets will cure the baby.   The Tablets I stant1' Bml1' that    when    -">ur    co1*
are  sold  by  rnediciiu   dealers or by
mail ul  J.'i cents a box from The Ur.
Williams'   .Medicine   Co.,    Brockvllle,
Ont. i
Bocker���Yes,    and   I   don't   know
which hus the better yell.���Brooklyn
lat, 1 want
league's wife has a new
one, too."
"Calm yourself, my dsar. We've settled it bet.ween us. You're licit her of
you going to get one"
Sleep is the greatesl nourlsher ot
infante, and without peaceful sleep the
child will not thrive. This cannot be
gol If the infant be troubled with
worms, Miller's Worm Powders will
destroy worms and drive them from
the system, and afterwards the child's
resl will be undisturbed. The powders
cannot injure the most delicate baby,
and tliere is nothing so effective for
restoring the health of a worm-worn
Russian Jews in Difficult Position
Itussian dews who are residents ot
France are In a difficult position.
Most of them are political refugee:
and as such are unable to return to
Hussia- Since they are not naturalized
French subjects they are unable to
serve In the French army, but tlie
police regulations provide that if they
are subject to military duly they must
render it. In this connection the Petit
Parisien publishes a statement from
the Ministry of the Interior and the
Prefect of Police  which says:
''If through tlieir own volition they
are not serving anywhere their place
is in the strangers' detention camps.
As every one in France does duty no
privileges can exist for Itussian Jews."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Sir Kdward Grey is the only member of the cabinet formed by the l!B*e
Sir Henry Campbell-llaniierman in
1905 who has served continuously in
the same office from lhat time until
Mean  Graft
Canada's war contract  scandals re,
mind us that the gra tier and the vulture never rise above    llieir natural
Instincts,���New York Press.
Canadian Fruit Trade
Ai the Canadian Fruii Growers'I
conference held at Grimsby last Sep-]
leinber. Mr. .1. A. I.uddick, dairy and;
cold storage commissioner, slated that j
he hnd lakeii a period of live years j
and thai he had found the Importations of apples irom Germany to Hrit-
alu varied each year from 5,000 to II.-
iiiiii bushel boxes, from Belgium from
100,000 to 500,000 boxes, from France
from 60,000 to 676,000 boxes and I'rom
Portugal from 176,000 to 860,000 boxes.
Of pears the Importations varied from
I. I.s.I to 56.000 bushel boxes I'rom Germany, from 362,800 to 508,480 boxes
front Belgium and from 422,410 to noii,-
ihu boxes from Portugal. Large quantities were also imported from the
Netherlands which may not be avail-
nhie .Mr, Ruddick prognosticated an
Increased demand for dried and evaporated fruit from Great Britain for use
in the army. In IMS Canada exported
of tliis line to the United Kingdom
U'l.lSS pounds, to Newfoundland ID,-
Slih pounds uud to Germany '!IT,8|I2
pounds. Of course lhe trade with
Germany will be cut off hul the expor-
lations should expand in other directions,
Minard's     Liniment     Cures
A countryman in Savannah observed a gang of convicts laboring on the
streets, each wearing a ball and chain,
lie asked one why the ball was
chained lo his leg.
"To keep people from stealing il,"
said the man. "Heap of thieves
They're worth try-
ing always.
Eat  plenty���
We gazed pityingly on the listlesi
drug store clerk leaning against the
sodii counter.
"Haven't you any ambition?" we
queried kindly and all that.
"No," lie replied, with brightening
Intelligence; "but 1 have something
jusl as good."
tfylmi THE    KEMKW,   COVKTSKf.   B. C.
War and Comets
Superstition   Pervades   AH   the   European Armies
Tlie  tale  ol  Uu-  tricolor  star   has
loot  mny gone  the rounds ot France, I
un has crossed n��- rrontte
DR. ELIOT ANALYZES THE TEUTONIC EFFICIENCY ?��!"".*?.?"�� "��� l"."'1""'."
People of Germany are Ignorant of Political Freedom
as the  Anglo-Saxons  know It
fled of tlie wur upon
Nor is it the Ignorance of the German
musses be considers but the Ignorance
of tbelr lenders. They bud all the facts
Gorman efficiency, however, is a very  Bky  a star with  the colors of tlio ' an interview with Sir William Crooks to the devil to help them, l don't iik~
real and formidable thing in all the   i-'ciicb  flag, whereas in 1870 a sword   by Harold Begble, in wliieh the sclent-  to tbink ibut we, with our just cause,
| bsit tu|s crossed ihc frontiers and been
nans, accord;
inn to testimony I have just received
front  a  person  interned  iu Germany
1 for ,.  while but now set at liberty.
Denounces the German System of Education, and says thn*-thc i   This witness, who belongs to the
civil population of a locality Invaded by
I the Teuton hordes, lias Just told me
that a German major confided to him
that lie no longer expected victory for
Dr Charles E. Idiot, president euier- is not made by the chlld,��but for him. \ the kaiser's armies after seeing in the
Itus oi Harvard, haa published a striking arraignment of Uermuny in "The
Itoad Toward Peace." lu Ihls lie
elaborates views which since tbe beginning of the war lie bus contributed
lo    several  newspapers, and   includes
bis corresponds ice with -Jacob 11.
Bciniiii, winch considered means by
winch peace might be brought about.
'im mos, inicicstlng und authoritative chapters In lhe book are those in
Whldl Ul', lOllol in iilviics the boasle.
Oeruiun efficiency, and llnda It worthless except iii ii very limited extent.
lu  denounces Ills Gerninn Bj'Slein of
���.'ducalum.  nml  says  Hint  the  people
ui Germany are Ignorant of political
li'uciloin as Angio Saxon countries
know it. He reviews tlie great iliscov-
flit"', and Inventions uf the past hundred years, und llnds lhat Herman.,
lias contributed little toward them.
Bhe has produced no Darwin, no Pasteur, no I'livoiir. She hits not created
iiiin-n more I Inn Hie Japanese, but like
the .Inpanes ', she bus proved to have
marvellous gifts as au adapter of
great idea.- born in oilier countries.
With the opinion of a holed German
statesman tlmi tin. Germans are "political asses'' he heartily agrees, ll
was tlieir ignorance upon Ihis poinl
that explains the numerous mistakes
they made when calculating upotLthe
i Great Briwln,
Sir William Crooks Speaks Confidently Aboul the  Prospects o|
Victory   in   a   Long   War, and Says  There is no Nee J of
Fury of Attack, but lie who Hangs on will Win
't'lie London Dally Chronicle prints. by the allien,   The Germans hare
compel it ions  of  the  civilized   world;   was seen, uud he added tbut this was 1st gave his  views on  tho
so Hint the'most interesting tiling In   not  an optical  illusion, as others be- 511111":
be studied as to the probabie outcome Blds8 himself had seen the same "ithlnk we started badly; we were
of the ISuropeaa war in this i.s Her ihing! ccrlainlv not as well prepared us normally with iis autocracy mors efficient i tteuliv one would think we were still' many, [do not know that anybody can
or less elticienl than trance and Eng- |��� n,,, j, iitocnth Century, In 1466 when rightly he blamed for thai stute of
land with ihelr liberties? The aorninn nBiiey'i famous comet spread iis lorn-' things. We have doae very well con-
way ot procuring industrial and com-, umi brilliant tall abovo the terrified slderlng, aad I am Inclined to say that
menial offloieney is to make each In- j armies of Mahomet II, and Pope Call- as regards that part of the work in
dividual mnn ln the nrst place a manUtus in. tho Mussulman soldiers which 1 have been able to render the
well iniini I for tiie exaot service ha' thought ihey saw in II a cross ami ihe authorities some help, ibis country
is to render ami then lo keep bim un chrlBttan soldiers thought the) saw will very soon be on an equality with
der a severe discipline whicli wnl I'e- |n j, a yataghan, our toes. Tliere ii. 110 need l'or an-
still ,,, 1,,., doing every lime1 exactlyJ ��� , ,,,���, ,Mal , ,h , xlety, certainly no need for panic,
whal  be has been trained to do.                                 ���     -i            1   .    .           ,
11, deni.'s   nun this wonderful offl -l��url��"B coincidences have favored cer-
war He'should go to the siinie source for assistance, but 1 can see lhe justice of
argument in favor of employing gas
We in Kngland, I believe, line now
made our preparations in this respect
and it rests with the authorities to decide whether our troops should be supplied with such 11 weapon, If it ,s possible, I should like to win with clean
"We    must destroy    tin'    Qi rmuus
There can be no other end for civilized
mankind. 1 take it the German empire
I will fall inlo ils original parts;  it will
It looks as if il will he 11 long war, 1 be  left  wilb  no  power of  attack;   it
lency has   produced anything to com   .     ,,   ,,,,,,,..:���
pare With what lias h 1  produced ini"' ���' ' < "'
ilberty-lovlng nations. lDfttclency bus:
produced an efficient Gerninuy. 11 has '
produced nothing for the    world ;.i
large.     He   Muds   Hint      Britain,   the
United Stales, franc.��� and Italy have'
produced nearly all of the great Ideas
and the great inventions tn the past
hundred years,   in fact, Germany did
tain legends, not only in Germany, but  but   "", H'ivj.or it lasts the stronger will never again be an organiaed mach-
The announcement of Hie eclipse of
1 the sun, which  look place on August
21, aroused lively apprehension among
Mbe Russian  peasants Inhabiting the
zone of totality, wbo already at the
li'ginning of July considered this as-
1 tronomloal phenomenon us a sign of: bave to do is to go on with our ab-
yvni.f 'solute  and  unquestionable    duty    ol
1 thinning the enemy.    We must stay
will be the power uf the allies. We
must simply set ourselves to wear out
the Germans. To do that we have only
lo press steadily and quietly forward
on our road.
"We have not got to take cities and
execute wonderful marches.   All we
we  must  sap   lniu:   we  must
not Invent much more than Turkey.     On the other hand, at the moment ,       ,,       ,.,.,
He considers it to he a remarkable WHen the alles were saving Paris weaken him at ev< iv point; we must
fact that systematic education ,,f the from the defilement winch the troops dl him , im.h(,s Ul���. ,,,.���
whole people has been carried on ter  ot Von Muck threatened to bring up-1 > enter his country and do what
one hundred years iu Germany, while  on it in the early pari of September, '        ]|k(,  witll u
lhe  free  nations have been  witliou; | a pretty comet shone in the heavens |    ���A ���,re.a (hill��� tol, ,,���,��� to oonv|nce
themselves of is thai   this  war will
t attack and not
by  gallantry,  but  simply  by  hniigini
this system. Nevertheless, despite I at night, every evening more beautiful
Ibis system, Germany is a political Ig- and more brilliant. At onee the popu-, be not b fun,
noramus. lie believes thai ihe reason lace, whose attention il attracted, as-
is that the German system has not sociated it with the buttles and it re-
before theni, but they could not make | enough freedom In it. TI13 German celved the name of tbe "war comet!"
the deductions. Tbey did not know educational system ami all German ef- [ Nevertheless this ethereal voyager al-
how free people value the sanctity of ��� llciencv might be likened to the com-' ready had wandered in our skies ror
a contract. "Nothing could be frank-! plete apparatus of the telegraph, lack- a year, having been discovered on Deer," be writes, "tban tbe original ex- Ing only tbe electric current. eeniber 17. 11)13, by the astronomer
planatlon which the German chancel-     a tew days ago Dr. lilllot expressed Delavan, at  the  observatory  of  La
the opinion tbat    prayers    for peace I Plata-    But its visibility to the naked
would not be answered, and that those eye  at  the  seat  of war caused  an  mont 0t asnhyxlat " ���  ��� >s Sir Willi..
outside of Germilny who uttered them Imaginary role to'be attributed to it. I ������ 1,1,
were traitors lo the great ideals ror      Then there was the passage of Mer-
which   the allies are lighting,   ln his cury before the sun on November 7,
book lie says that he does not believe 1014, which the superstitious consider-
there will be any peace until Germany ed suspicious, as well as the myster
is utterly^mashed. "One cannot conceive of Germany admitting her defeat
I until she has exhausted her supplies
lor gave of tlie breaking of treaties
concerning the neutrality of Belgium;
but bis frankness is evidence that he
did not understand in the least the
freeman's idea of the sanctity of contract���the foundation of all public
law and usage in a free country, ln a
country despotically or aristocratically ruled ther. is no such condition of
public opinion."
As regards German efficiency Dr. j of men, money and food," he says. He
Eliot writes: jgoes on to sny, "Fortunately from our
"It is an efficiency which takes hold | point of view tliere is 110 more resolute
of every child in Germany at birth j or dogged people In the world than the
and follows every youth and every j English, and we remember In that eon-
niau and woman through l,il'c until nection with'satisfaction that many ot
death. It is that very efficiency which j us are of English extraction," He says
has prevented ihc last two generations 1 lhat a new Prance has emerged from
of  Germans  from  knowing anything  this war, a sober and serious France,
on. He who bangs on longest wl.l
win, and a iiiini need not think very
profoundly to assure himself lhat,
whereas we can hang on almost Indefinitely, the Germans cannot, Every
day mlghl be called a victory tor th 1
allies. Time tights for us."
Asked  his opinion  on  the employ
On the whole, I am against its use
ine for world mastery.
Mr. Begble referring   to   Sir wil-
liau.'s vigor and Intellectuality at tbe
age of H,"i. says Sir William was con:
scions in himself of no change of faculty diirii g the last thirty or forty
years. He ean work as hard see us
well, hear as well, bear fatigue as well
and is just as Interested In iife new
as he was then. Indee.i. he is inclined
to doubt whether he v.-.is aware In
himself of any physical Inhibition for
more years than this.
"I teel," he said,    "very much as I
felt  when  36  years  old."
Begble adds: "We were speaking  it
eyesight and  he showed me a mio  ,
lure   dieiioniry.   Ihe   pages   ot   w
were   perhaps   the  breadth  of a  six
pence.     I   could   distinguish      not   :i
single letter, not even the cap tals    -
the top,    1  put on glasses, but th��
words were still 11 mist.    Sir William
gave  me  a   magnifying   glass1  and   t
could then just spell the wi rds     .'
took this tiny hook out of my bands
and, without glasses, read aloud and
unite quickly three or four words with
their definitions  in    much    =ma:!:r
about liberty,   lt is in (be highest degree  an  autocratic  efficiency  in    ull
and he believes that llie war will mark
a great epoch for the Itussian people.
walks of German life, including eiluca- They will win through it greater liber-
tion and the relations between the j ties than they raight have expected
sexes. The whole course of olementgry
and secondary education for every
German boy or girl is determined by
Ihe government, and there is no election by the pupil in it, no choice by
the child, except in ils later stages
the choice between a technical school
or a gymnasium, and often that choice
from a century of peace. Dr. Eliot
has no doubt as to the result ot the
war. He hopes and prays tbat the
United States will not be drawn into
it, and adds, "but that escape will be
tlue to the fact that Itussia, England
ions messages received Iron, space in I    W>�� ?��� Turkish ShlVCS
the form of shooting stars, one of the 1 	
most curious Of wliieh was that wliieh j The     Veiled     Women  of  Turkey   See
fell in England on October 111, a ccli'S-
Their  Freedom  Ahead
husband seeing them.
Use tur or any oilier kind ot trimming on  street garments.
Lock the doors of her own room.
She is    never   safe    from the pr- - :
tinl bomb weighing thirty-live pounds:      when the allied  tleets begun bom-  eyes of male salves
Another 13, that of January,  1016,  baraing the r���rts of the  Dardanelles!     	
was more prophetic still. It was mark- , th,, Bad.ey6Q  silenl women of Turkey
ed hy the earthquake in Centra   Italy | smik,d  beWnd  thoir vel.s_for    tbey
���rattier ordinary    from a geological   saw mK,,.ly ahead
point    ot view, but the intensity of      To ,,���. ,lldden women 0f the harem
which  was  greater    than    generally  thQ overthrow    of    the, country  will
Care of School Gardens
How to Intend Pupils in the Care of
the Gardens
known, since tlie proportion of victims   m���an l0 a   n,.a ���,,,���, fl.���edom fr0m
rose to 00.94 per cent, and even nine-'
ty-nine out of one hundred in certain
localities.���From    the  European  Edition of the New York Herald.
While Turkish girls are usual -
.cade to marry after they are 12 yea-:i
old, some are forced into marriage .*.
an earlier age.
Bulletin on Cut-Worms
Annual Loss Occasioned by These Insects   in   Canada   is   Enormous
Farmers,   market   gardon-rs     and
others  who cultivate the soil will  be
something  more,  tban   the  playthings J pleased to know that tbe Entomologi-
of men and  the  bearers of children,   cal  Branch  of the  Dominion  Depart-
Since 1908 a s illen spirit of rebel-   ment ofyAgriculture l.as issued a il-
lion has been growing stronger than ' page bulletin 1N0. 10) on "Cut-norms
ever before among    Vurkish   women    and  their Control,"  prepared  by  Mr.
customs,  .centuries   old,     that     I
made slaves of them.
They hope- that the degrading life
of the harems will be done away with
���that the; will be allowed to become
and France have succeeded in defeat- .   Many teiu.hers Hnd it very hard to/Protests that in these modern tlmos I Arthur  Gibson,  chief    ass
ing Germany and Austria-Hungary* - *" iiave t'ne  worli carried    on    in    the  they should have to submit to such de-  tomologist.    In the introduction it is
A German Romance
Long Trip of Germr.n Submarines is a
A recent story, much featured in
Berlin, has described the trip of German submarines from wilhelmshaven
to Constantinople, via Gibraltar
Straits. This is said by the British
naval authorities to bo an invention.
A British naval officer is quoted in the
New York Times as saying:
"That story was given out because
the German government wished to
impress the Fnited States with the
' idea that its submarines could easily
cross the Atlantic and destroy shipping ou this side in the event of a war
between tbe two countries. The Germans liave established a submarine
base and factory on the llosphorous
near Constantinople, and nre turning I time
Increased Production
school  garden  during    the  holidays,  gradation hava been whispered in the   statetl that cut-worms as a class rank
When tbey arrive back at llieir school; closely-guarded   women's  quarters  of   in  importance  with  such   well-known
in Saptamber tlie lot is usually a mass ; thousands of Turkish  homes. pests as the San Jose Scale, the Cod-
of  weeds.    The Agricultural  Gazette, |     For a  while  ufier  the  downfall  of; ling Moth and the Hessian Fiy. ail of
Dominion Government is to Appoint a j In offering some suggestions, stales: ' th; old su'.tan,    Abdul  Humid,    their , which are among our most destructive
Commission A"   wor'i  should   be  done  in   due ; hopes  ran high,  for    then they were   insect  enemies.    There  are  certainly
.    . ! season, so that at vacation time the   allowed to discard their veils and go J few insects which, year after v^ar, in-
A royal commission is to be appoint- j p|anls wcri bi wen advanced, entirel*' I out in the streets with their husbands . filet such  widespread damage as the
ed   by tlm government to Investigate
free   from   weeds,   thinned out when ' and brothers.
various caterpillars, known commor.iy
the question of increased agricultural neceSsary and properly cultivated. | This good fortune lasted but a short [ as cut-worms. The annual loss oc-
production In the Dominion, together: A|) jntcrest raay thus be created that, ; time, then the constitution was rev is- casioned by these insects in Canada
.villi the related questions of Wider jt oniy directed wisely, will remain in ed, and although a deputation of wo- amounts lo hundreds of thousands ot
markets, further employment for tho- tne mjn(is 0f most pupils, who will j men waited on the ministers of the dollars. In the bulletin the method*
unemployed, etc. lhe commission,- s0-ve tne 'weed pro'ilem' during vacaH capital, tbe latter would not give offlc- of (outrolliii"; cut-worms are discus-
which is to be appointed at the recom-tlon ial sanction   to   their discarding the 1 sed  fully.    Cnder "Preventive  Weaa-
mendalion of the prime minister, and      "Many children regularly visit their j veil. ures" the value of clean cultivation Is
m response to a request made by the. p)ota (j���rjIls. the vacation and keep Since then a little progress has referred to. as well as ihe placing of
Congress oi Mayors which visited the Uhem in condition. Some are driven! been made, but the majority are slill bauds of tin or paper around plants
capital some weeks ago, will he atiili- 1)V ,|ieir parents, who also become slaves. In some cases the bars are which are set out. "Remedial Meas-
orized to employ such scientific and in"u,n,sted, and at their regular visits 1 gilded, but neverthelss tbey are pris- sures" include descriptions of various
professional  assistance  as  Us  'no'"- j l0 ti,t. villu^o ^tovo or postoffice, make j oners. poisoned   baits  to    destroy  the  cut-
bers   may  determine.    Its    duration ; (ril)s U) the school plots as well. Until the time she is 12 years old a   worms,   directions for the making ot
shall be during pleasure, and it will "Trustees ot many schools meet on Turkish girl enjoys-much lhe same'proper furrows or ditches to prevent
make  interim  reports    Irom  time  t.�� | Saturday   afternoons    and   round   up   freedom as her little sisters the world   the advance of armies of cut-worms,
,,lhe village    children   10   accompany ' over.   She can romp and play and go   etc,    Fifteen common    kinds of cut-
tlicm out there in  the same manner      A minute of council has been issui'd   ,,        ,    (lK, 8choo] ,.rouniis 1U���|  per-   to  parties,    but    on    her 12th  birth-   worms are described in popular detail
....     ll. llnila    1 11      ,lf,ln,r    .,1       '/..r.liPlliri,    1 ,.111   ,   III   I n ..       ill..      1-.e,   .-..sii.       foil      I li n      nlilinllli        ' - F      . . . . .   ..     ��� 1 a . .   ���
as they have been doing at Zcebrugg.',: outlining the reasons for ihc appoint
in the North Sea- The parts for the ��� ment of the commission ami the ques-
submarines are manufactured In Ger-1 tions which it is to consider. In con-
many and sent by rail to Constant!- nection with opportunities for in-
nople. through Austria, ltoumania und creased agricultural production, tbe
Bulgaria. The tt-st two countries are following considerations are advane-
supposed to be neutral, but many | c.l:
things can be accomplished for a
price, and the Germans have had no
difficulty In getting the big packing
cases containing th- set-lions of the
submarines through Naturally, tbe
allies bad to withdraw tlieir battleships from the Dardanelles when Ihe
submarines arrived on the scene.''
form    the    necessary    weeding,  etc. i dav she becomes a woman, don: a veil   and   much   Information  given  on  the
The  chih'rci 's    plots    (of  many   of j anil from then uu is a priosner of the   habits and life history of the various
these schools), furnish sufficient How-   harem.
ers for the Sunday services through-!     She must spend her lime in closely-j
out'the summer. j guarded    rooms,    smoking,    reading.
'A janitor of a village school, who I drinking coffee antl gossiping.
The bulletin is fully illustrated, the
figures being clear and well chosen.
Alto, ether there are 20 Illustrations
Was a Considerate Shell
First it Set Fire to Cabin, Then Burst
Water Pipes and Extinguished it
A curious story is told of the ill-
fated Triumph's lirst attack on ths
Turkish forts. In the course of a furious bombardment at close quarters,
the range at one time being no more
than lifteen hundred yards, a shell
pierced the Triumph's quarter deck,
setting fire to the woodwork in and
about the captain's cabin- But the
same shell had the presence of mind
to burst the bathroom water pipes and
thus extinguish the flames it had just
ignited.��� London Chronicle.
"My man, where did you become
such an expert swimmer?"
"Why, lady," responded our hero,
modestly. "1 used lo be a traffic cop
in \ enice."
is generally hired    by the year   and'     Here  are  some   of  lhe  tilings  she   0f cut-wornis, cut-worm moths, injury
U)  Improved  methods of produo- empi0yS his time dining vacation In cannot do
1 to plants,    etc.    Copies    of this new
cleaning .and   repairing    the    school,      Go out of dOOTB unless heavily veiled ' publication may be had free of charge
lion with a view to u belter return to'
. , ,        , .    . viiBiiuiu^  sHHU      ���x.j<>s.����iss(3 ***** bviivui, I \.i \/   vi is i.   u s,  uvwa ���-    ........v.,   ..-..,-. .#.     - . ..       puuiiv.ani'ii    aiu '     ut    li n"-��    mc    ul    ���   . n . ��� i-
,.!.L,Pi'��J' .n.o.LrS^'it*!*.'���    ���,?,,'P,ljr I should  be  interested In the grounds  and  guarded  hy  male  slaves of her fon   application   to   the chief   of tiie
'"'""" """' '"    ' "��� ... father or husband, I Publication   Hranch,     Department   of
Go to tlie theatre or restaurants. Agriculture,    Oltawa.    Inquiries    re-
See lhe man picked to be her bus- fording these insects, or other kinds
band until after she is married to should be found to be injuring crops,
Lim. ' should be addressed to the Entomolo-
Play outdoor games or    indulge in   gist, Department of   Agriculture,   Ot-
pose by proper instruction and de- L8 weU and act as a ]eluk.r 0j tno
munstration: (3) Increasing the acre- children, in some schools, commit-
age under production; (4) attracting ,ees are appointed ror each week of
monstration ot a type whicli would aid ; (nc vacat|0n,   and each committee in
in  increasing a large and permanent
agricultural population;   (5)  stiinulat
turn is held  responsible.    This    plan
works well in    town schools,   where
ing    and    encouraging    co-operation  many children go camping for part of outdoor exercise" of any kind
among fue producers; (C) providing
cold storage and abattoir facilities.
The minute of council setting forth
reasons calls attention to the desirability of manufacturing products into the
form in which they will be consumed,
commends the principle of co-operation, asks for consideration of unemployment problems and of the employment of soldiers afler the war, and
concludes with this expression:
"lt seems reasonable that under the
the time."
Write or receive letters without hc-r
An investigation conducted by tin
seed  branch  shows  that about  sixty-
so-called varieties of corn are grown
for ensilage  in Ontario and  Quebec,
conditions which have developed dur-' and many farmers do not know what
"Lift Up Your Heads"
We have nothing here to do with
slackers, but only with our Britisu
soldiers,' who have gone readily to the
help of the Lord agains: the mighty.
They may not have thought much of
tlieir danger, but they knew their dan-
The  following  recommended  varie-
ties of corn, are arranged in order of Seri ^ey were prepared  as they said
.       ,    ,      ,. ���       ,        ; tnemselves to do their "hit of work,
their maturity: Quebec lellow, Long-  .Ul(, ,0 risk ,he sa,.rifice 0f their Hies;
fellow, Standford or North Da- and their wives, tlieir mothers, their
Ing "the past six "months" opportunities i variety they are planting. Late varie- j kota, Compton's Eiftly, Golden | fathers, their sisters,, joined in the
will arise for widening and extending  ties are being used in districts where
our  markets,  to   the  advantage  not | tbey will not mature one year in five
only of Canada, but of the countries   ' '    '"      "   ' '
and  communities   with   which   trade
may thus be extended."
"Was the dog mad that bit thc
children who were teasing him?"
"I think the animal was somewhat
1  ivoked."
t) ihe glazing of lhe grain, which is
tlie necessary condition to make sweet
Glow, F.arly White Cap, Wisconsin No. ' sacrifice, not, perhaps* without appf"f-
7. In selecting varieties for our north-, hension, but wit :out any attempt to
ern   districts,   later-maturing,   heavy-  tarn them from the perilous road. The
,���,_���,  v     yielding varieties may be -better plant-   spirits  of  our fallen   warriors   would
eTiSli'age.""s'omTordina'r^ on a warm, sandy soir thaif on a'titam    from us If their death brought
D, , ,. , J* ,        . 4, .   . l                . nnt ���-._..__ _��       I    *ll...i...    �����    .hhm y,l i.in     trt     r-.ttr     caiiIo       T    of
ported from the Central and Southern
S'ates is used for seed. Most of this
is of a late variety entirely unsuited
to Canadian conditions, and is often
injured by heating.
eold clayey one. The proper niatur-1 dismay or cowardice to our souls. Let
ity is essential to high quality ensil-' no n.an or woman think that the loss
age, and this should lie aimed at ever. Ot life is fruitless, or that our soldiers
although an increased acreage is need-1 have fallen in vain.���Inverness Cour
ed io give the desired quantity, ier. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
^NYAL'S .:���;
Mayflower Talcum Powder
Nyal's Mayflower Talcum is an experience to every first time user. Its touch
is soft, soothing and refreshing. Its distinctive Mayflower perfume, delicate, individual,
elusive. Ideal for every use to which you
can put a Talcum.
Nyal Quality preparations can be obtained only in
Nyal Quality Stores. Ask one of them for free copy of
Booklet entitled " Your Complexion," giving full particulars of best methods of massage.
Leighton, seconded bv
ai ROUS rs
Aid.   Mc
Robertson's Drug Store Courtenay, B. C.
City Council Hold
Windy Session
The Council held a regular session on Tuesday evening,
All the incinl ers, including tin
two recently elected councillors,
were present,
The minutes of the lust regtili r
and two special meetings were read
and confirmed. The. mayor re
marking Unit lie was not in favor
of going to law with the C.P.R. as
the city would loose out in the end
and have heavy costs to pay.
Communications were read from
F. D. Cameron stilting that the
mayor and aldermen would he
welcomed on the'r visit to the
Dredge King Kdward ou Wednesday afternoon- The aldermen ar.d
representatives of the Hoard of
Trade and press were invited to
make the trip in liis launch by Hs
Worship the Mayer.
From P. L. Anderton asking foi
a grant to the Courteuay Fair. Tl e
alder nun thought this a worthy
institution and granted $100.
From the Department notify'ng
the council that Fred Kerton lad
been appointed License Commissioner in the place of Dr. Crompton, resigned.
A letter from the Educational
Department advised the council to
pay Read's salary, hut advised that
he be instructed to pay his wash
bill amounting to $1 land sundrv
other accounts fust,  Aid.   Robert-
on questioning the council's right
0 do so.    It was   pointed out that
other large concerns do this, and it
| seems to he no more than right.
D. T. Cameron wrote asking for
the position of city constable. This
was referred to the police commissioners.
North Vancouver wrote that they
had a horse drawn chemicai engine
and hose wagon for sale and asked
for a bid for same. The council
will get more particulars.
A petition was presented askinc
to have all places of business closed
at 6 p. m. on all evenings except
Saturday at 10 o'clock, was receiv
ed and will be introduced in the
early closing bylaw.
When the question of appointing a medical health officer came
up it *,\as stated that various cities
paid from $75 to $300 per half
year. It was finally decided to
make the salary 535 for the balance of the year.
The mayor asked Dr, Millard
who was | re lent if he would accept
The Di ctor replied that a medical officer would earn from one to
one hundred dollars if he did his
duty. He was not out to make
nioiuy out of the city. He wanted |
to st; a clean healthy town- Would
accept the position at the salary
Aid. Johnston   favored   the  ap-
pi intment of   Dr.   Montgomery of
Comox for the position but no one
seconded his motion.    Dr.   Millard'
was appointed on   motion of   Aid.
Tilt) rnllnwliut  tu
rt'lti-i'i'il hi il,��� Ki
  if 1 uml , un.
uiul lie iiiIiik, mini
,1,1m Si���v,'ii-,.,i
���< ii'its w, ro i, ,'he
ll. i e.     i lull UUT-
iiitf tlm Inickiis
Ill- -1 SI >><l
fur l ny-
,.S  ,i '.'3
A, rluldur            ..
i ill
II. Ib'ilifklliH'.n
Kleutltui  t'.\|i uses
llllluii Kxpo i i) ....
l 33
.     II III
tl no
ii 'jn
Cuiirtyiiny Kind ilu
llovl w 	
7 Si
'-'7 113
.   I!.".' II.',
The enrlv el sing bylaw received
its first leading. The bylaw provides that aU licensed premises
shall close at (> p. in and open at
7 a. tu- except Wednesday at 12
and Saturday at in p. ni. until the
f Mowing Monday morning,
The pound bvluw got two rond-
ini's. Some of the Aldermen were
of the opinion lhat it should get all
three readings bul Aids. Johnston
nnd Leighton objected. Aid.
Koboi son threa'ened to call a
special meeting iu two days' time
to give it a third rend ng.
It provides tl at no allium', goose
or chicken shall run at large ill lhe
streets of Courtenay.
A bylaw to control privileges of
billiard and pool rooms received its
third reading, Hereafter no Indians or boys under IS years of
age will be allowed about pool
rooms, and the hours <<f closing
will be 11 p. in
The clerk's statement showed
receipts to date of ��4,7% 61 nnd
expenditure $4,691-47, leaving a
balance on hand of $105 04.
Aid- Robertson wanted to know
What had become of the plank off
the bridge which the city was sups
posed to hav:"
He as informed that some had
Ven got bv Mr. Hodgson to build
a sidewalk ou the Lake Trail, and
two loads piled in front of the Palace Livery. The rest had disappeared.
Aid. Johnstm said there was no
urgent in el of a sidewalk on the
Lake Trail and thought tlie planks
should be brought back.
The Board of Works liad intended to build a sidewalk along Judson
street to Hungry Hollow but inert
was not half enough left.
Mr. Hodgson who was present
said he did not steal the planks.
He got permission from thc- Chair
man of the Board of Works and
ethers, and intended building the
sidewalk at his own expense.
The ex-constable wilt get the bal
ance of his pa* amounting to $8,
The city clerk has been appointed constable at a salary of $25 per
nioiith extra.
The city will assume responsibility foi the Lake Trail lights providing 2 are put on the Unian Hay
road and 2 or 3 iu the orchard, for
which purpose a committee was
This erea'ed a theme for discussion; Aid. Johnston moved that the
Lake Frail lights be turned out at
once and that n > lights be put in
the Orchard i>r Union Hay road.
He said 'here was a plan on fo H to
bring water and light to C"in Uniay
the light WOljId only cost 6c per
kil"\vatt hour
Engineers ami contractors were
working on tiie scheme now and a
reporl wou;d lie ready shortly.
Kioii'ii* reports < f city council
pn ceedings have been sent to Victoria pipers by sniueoue. This an
noyeil Aid. Roberts in, who thought.
steps sh mid be taken to lime then
sloppe I.
All the fir.' apparatus recently
purchased l y the city will Se given
into the keeping of '.he lire brigade
miters' Supplies
for Wet Weather
Men's^Rubber Knee Boots, laced,
Men's Rubber Three-quarter Boot,
Men's Rubber Knee Boots, unlaced,
Men's Slicker Suits,
Men's Three-quarter Oil Coat with
iDouble Front Rain Protection,
Men's Oil Coats, full length,
Men's Slicker Hats and Boys' Knee Rubbers
A Full Line of Low Rubbers for Men and Boys, "MALTESE CROSS" Brand
j Aroeplane Fund
i Up lo date Mr. II. S. Porteous
h is received the following amounts
for the Overseas Aircraft  Flotilla
1 Fund which Im; ackowledges with
' thanks to the donors.
i Collected by Mr and Mrs. Simms
anil Miss Dorothy Siiuins;
Chas. Simms $ 5 00
K   H .  Masters      1 00
R, McQuaig     1 00
M. M. Campbell  1 00
C. W. Mi-Ivor     1 (,o
Jas. MacNaughton    2 00
J.J. Donnelley     2 00
J, J. Donnelley     2 00
David Roy     5 00
William Roy . 10 00
R. P  Dowdall     1 'O
W  Downing     1 uo
Juhn Aitken     1 00
Jim M01 ahan     1 00
W  C. Douglas         1 ou
P. A. Smith.     2 00
Royston Barn Dance     33 00
M. Robertson      1 00
M. S   Watts     1 00
72 00
Collectsd by Misi Alice Beaton: ���
Alex. Beaton $ 2 00
Mrs. A  Beaton     2 00
Richard Creech     2 00
Joe Tin'o        50
6 50
Often when eparating the white
from the yolk of an egg the yolk
becomes broken and falls into the
white. Dip a cloth iu warm watet
wring it dry and touch the yolk
with a corner of it, when the latter
will adhere to the cloth and may
easily be removed.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Ciislne I'xcellen
Wm. Merryfield
I'ropi ietor
J.   E-  ASTON
Logger's Shoes made to onler.
In North and South, in East 1
and West.
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan) the Test.
The   Coinox   Barber   Shop'
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   hirst   Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Baths iu connection'
C.   B    DALRYMPLB, Prop.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Pine Showing ol Morse Blankets,  l,np
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Casus, lite.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Barrister   ami   Solicitor,   Notary  Public
1". (1. Box 21)9
I hone 24 Courtenay
Go to Vancouver
������i:mvjMi*! r>a#l
Painless Dentistry
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers aid
Night or Day Calls (Promptly
4 tie tilled
Phon- Courtenay   1
Plimley's For Bicycles
These lire features in our
offices. It will pay you to
liave your dental work done
ill Vancouver. All work
guaranteed fnr HI years
I ���      D ^ Next  the
LOggie   BrOS.   Royal Bank
Painless Dental Parlors
2nd Hand Li-ycies & Motorcycles
Below  are a  few sample  simps from
our large stock of second hand
Gents Rudge Wltwortli $17
Chillis Cycle   16
Girls Small wheel     20
Cents 1915 Victor   25
I,inlies $55 wheel, used 1 month...  35
l.iulies cycle, fine order   17
Cents cycle,  line order   15
Vale Motoroycle 115
English "Triumph" 150
New 2 speed 1915 "Indian" 345
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Ijowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder


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