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The Review Nov 30, 1916

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Can not lie tl��ne any I etter, and
not finite ho woll auyuliru- oIhq
hereat.Outn. Our typo nnd luauliin-
ery is couiplcU ami The Review
pi-icuH ire 1 i^ht
-.(,   o
Classified Ads-
Make your little Wants known
tliroutrli _ C_U-t8ad Advc'ith"iiii'iil
iu The Keview   -   -  ���   Phone 5U
U**���********** H*HH��**. **.*********
VOL. 5
l :>   :
.���... .fcty
Telephone 10
,V___, '<��__��� .___,-__,
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Delivered in Courtenay
AU Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
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next week  for
our very attractive
offer on
All Electrical
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company, Limited
Local Lines
The Gi -anti
concert nettei
am school
Miss Mildred Hoden arrived home
Oil Sunday's bunt.
Thc next dunce in the Agricultural hull will take place on Thursday, Dec 7.
Cordwood Cutlers wanted. Apply at the Ooitrtcnuy Coudensory.
Strayed onto my premises���A
lG mouths old Jersey heifer with
O slit in left ear. I have also lout
a Jersey heifer aboul same age with
0 slit in right ear, Chris Canvith-
_n. Sandwick,
To g;et the most profit from your
laud next year prepare now, Gardening, Farmiug, Orcharding,
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monthly. 'Fifty cents a year. Garden iVagazine, Vancouver, 13. C.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
I'i rd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
A general meeting of lhe Patriotic Society will bc held in the   City
childrens   Hall on Tuesday evening at 8 o'cock
All interested are requested  to   be
Tlie Sandwick Ladies Aid So-
cietry will hold a Sale of Work and
Bean supper iu ths class room of
the Sandwick Presbyterian c htirch
on Wednesday. Dec. 6, A small
program has been arranged, Come
and enjoy your supper at 25c, from
4 to 10 o'clock.
For  More Production
Never Greater
Canada needs another
ism and production''
along- similar lines to that which
contributed to Canada's magnifi-
cient agricultural production in
1915- The need of Canada and
the need of Great Britain for im-
mensl3y greater supplies of grain
will be infinitely greater next fall
than at any time since the war began.
All the "Patriotism and Productions' campaigning in the world
will not improve the weather conditions which are often responsible
fot small crops, but it can bring
about a greater output of agricultural products than would be available for entente and home demand
if no such organized effort to stimulate production were made.
The acreage planted with grain
and other essential foodstuffs in
Canada next spring should exceed
all records. It should be limited
only by the acreage of land available and the ability of the labor at
hand to seed and cultivate it.
It has been estimated that the
government at Ottawa has under
consideration a course of action
which will assist toward the attainment of the desired end. The 1914-
15 campaign was capably and effectively conducted and the same
men cau produce good results in
1916-17. If the government finds
it necessary to spond two or three
hundred thousand dollars in order
to give the necessary direct as well
as indirect stimulus to production,
it will be money well spent in the
interests of the Empire and the Dominion.    (Nelson Daily News J
Jumble Sale
Don,t forget the Jumble Sale to
be held OU Dec ,1st. in Mr. Log-
gies store, Goods to be .--old by
by Mr. Hardy.    Afteroou tea serv-
The Corporation of the City
of Courtenay
Tlie Voter's List for the
Mnuicipal Elections is itov;
pared, Those whose name
led to be placed on this   ,i -,
persona! declaration arc al! as;:...
owners who are also registered cte-u
holders, All other persons desiring to
lmve llieir names placed ou tlio Vol rs'
1,ist must file wiili llic Citv Clerk,
durations as below mentioned. A list
of those whose names ure entitled to be
placed on the Voters'List without the
declaration may be sei n 11 tl e City Hall,
nssi 1 sed owner of re .1 pro| rty is the
holder ol the lastagreementto ; r
or tlle lust assignee of sucli agi ei ent,
or Die bol ler of nu unregistered deed,
such owner, belore having llis name
placed mi the Voters' I.i-'. must tile
, illi the City Clerk before " o I
the afternoon of the 3olh day of Novem-
ed.    Following is the list Of articles ber next, a declaration proving that he
to be Sold. or she is the bolder of   the
2 small pkgs. butter, chickens, 2
boxes apples, canary and cage, potatoes, cakes, bread, celery, jam,
cabbage, bottled fruit, onions, sack
of Hour, china, toys, lamp, ladies
jacket bucket, cookies, chop pearl
car rings, fancy work, mandolin,
case of milk, cushion, sox, gentleman's waistcoat, 4 bits fancy work
tenuis racquet, pickles, ladies petticoat, child's set of furniture, sewing
1 lb. tea, ham, sugar,
The undersigned hereby inform
the City of Courtenav and the public of that city that the Courtenay
Electric Light Heat and Power Co'y
Limited is not the ageut for the
Wellington Colliery Company Limited nor the Canadian Coll ieries,
(Duusmuir) Limited, and is operating within the City of Courtenay
wholly on its own responsib'it v
without having or claiming any
rights whatsoever through or by
the Wellingt6 u Co'.Htry Company
or tbe Canadian Collieries (Duns-
muir) Limited, and have no connection whatsoever with the Wellington Colliery Company Limited
or the Canadian Collieries (Duns-
muir) Limited, exceptiug those set
forth in its certain contract with
the said Canadian Collieries (Duns-
muir) Limited, dated the nth day
of August, 1914,
Dated this Nov. 30th. 1916,
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat and
Power Company.
Wellington Colliery Company Limited.
Canadian   Collieries   (Dunsmuir)
or she is the holder of   the   '   it
ment to purchai ..-. 1      -<
thereof. or the holder of au uuregisi 1   I
deed, and that such holder  or assignee
is liable to pay and has paid the current
year's taxes,
whose names are oil   thi
can only vote by a duly auth I   .     -
whose authority must be r:'- !  uritb  tlle
City Clerk before tilt   Iotl
sucli agent sh.':; be   1   -
province and a Britisl  si
age of .1 years.
HOI/DERS.    Person* ol this
are desirous ol having t!
ed on the Voters  I.i*   musl
month of Octoh r,
Clei;.  1 Stati
... i- b ���; by Lhe \i
paid t.ieir Road Tax
Declaration forms inn-,   be
the City Hall.
W.  \   '���'���'   B
A Thing of Beauty
is a Joy Forever
Nyal's Face Cream
25 and 50c
Nyal's Beef & Iron Wise
$1 per Bottle
If you feel good. All ��_Good
Braces) you up
Anglican Church Notes
Sunday, Dec. 3.
11 a. m. Morning Prayer and
Prayer, St. Andrew's, Sandwick,
3 p, 111. Sunday school, St. John's
Courtenay,     [
7 p, m. Evensong,  Cumberland,
Safety  First
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For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks. I
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A Word to The Wise
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Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
_,____-1-'--. L, ���tj_j_j. 1. u. :c."-i. 1 *""'   '' ���������******'*****w*a^^**aaa "1*^SM\\\\m*mm
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Etc.
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
[Get our prices'for goo_s_iu>rKe.quantit'es
Telephone 1 Courtenay THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. EL
Opportunity's Little Ways
"Opportunity    knocks    at    every
man's door."
"Too often, however, it is ihc opportunity to open it peanut stand,
whereas wc would rathei sun a
Bovril makrs other foods
nourish you. It lias a Bodybuilding power proved equal
to from 10 to 20 times the
amount   of    Bovril    taken.
Word. Leek A Co., Limited
"It's a hard thing that you're asking of a fellow," he said, in a would-
be lighl  lour, trying lo he play In*.
Hut she was too much in carnesl
for Mat.
"It ought nol to he hard," she urged. "All I waul to he sure ol is lhat
I am righl ahotit you, and thai lhe
others*���those that think mc foolish
for triisling you���arc wrong. I waul
you to swear thai  I am right."
There  was a  pause.
"Vou are right,"    he said at
gen Ily.
"Swear!" she whispered.
His hand lightened upon hers.
"I swear it."
She lay hark, satisfied, and tin
prcssion ol her features altered
become more peaceful.   She had had
a  restless    night, hm   Paul    did noli
know  how  sleepless, how  uneasy, il
had heen���did nol guess until, tu his j
Surprise,  when -he  had heen  holding
her hand in his for some Iwenly minutes,  he    looked  down    al   her,  and
saw   lhal,  in   lhe  hroad  daylight,  r.l ,
half-past  twelve o'clock, she had fill-j
leu   lasl  asleep.
There was moisture in the rascal's
eyes as lie withdrew his hand    from'
hers, placed a light rug over 'ler. and
slipped quietly oul ol the room.
lie wiul downstairs and slunk out
of the house hy himself, deeply
touched, thoughtful,
'lhis  woman  who
trusted  llilll,   mai'iin
had   thru     lost   her
found   it again,   had reached down,
with  lhc sweel  strength of her womanhood, to all ihal was besl in him.
She had called lo hi*, long-sleeping
conscience, and conscience had wakened mil of her long : leep and .,s
troubling   llilll   a.s  il   hail   never   lo.e
before, I'or the firsi lime In his life
Ik knew whal ,i was lo considc. the
claims of another; to look nl life
from a poim of view other ihan his
Tin* change in him did nol perhaps
o down much deeper llian ihis, thai
he wanted to bc aide lo satisfy her,
ar.d knew that she would he satisfied
ami ashamed
had   loved   llilll,
I   him,  and     who
ruilidciicc  anc:'
Q_n. �����,�����* Granurafeii Eyelids,
t*Jt\Jf* 4��? Ey��" inflamed bv expo.
^_^ (ure ud Sun, Oust and Wis.
_F"t/i!__k___ ���*ui'clt-y relieved b> Murine
E-_f C*,__ E)eRemtily NoSii_uting,
���     "L jusi  Eye Comfort    Ai
You* Druggist's 50r pei Kor.it Murine Eye
Salvein rubes2Sc Foi B.ok.lifceEy.l rreask
Drugg^u o, Mu-'_e���>eaei_e.|lyi_...__._1i|-e
Ariist (pointing to his very successful picture, "A Donkey"): What
do you really think of it, anyhow*
Enthusiastic I.ady: Lovely! And
you have put so much of yourself into
It, too!
W.       N.
U.       1130
j with nothing less llian absolute rectitude in the man she lo\rd. But such
as ii was, this standard of life was
llie hesl he had ever hail, and the i\v
��� sire   in   him   u,   live   np   In   il   was   a
��� genuine one.
Mr     wanted     lo   have     done   with
I rrooked ways, and  io "go straight."
llm retribution was ou his heels for
deeds    he  had  dour, and     wished   1"
j have done with���and hr knew ii
i 'IIAI'TI'I-   XX.
\\ lien Paul lold Gane thai he knew
there was a detective watching him,
lir spoke from conjecture rather Ihan
irom absolute knowledge, for hr had
nol seen llie- person iii question, lie
had, however, heard from his valet
that there was talk among lhc servants lo lhc cITecl lhal a man sus-
pet iril of being a detective was
walching in llic grounds, and llii*. was
enough for Paul.
li was noi lo he risked lhal Brady
Cane should hr followed with lhe
jewels iii llis possession, and although
1'aul was now exceedingly anxious lo
find some way of breaking wilh Iiis
old con federates, ami would have
hern quite ready lo gel rid of all lhe
stones lo effcci a definite separation,
In- dared nol take any sliorl nil lo
liberty which might laud him iu fresh
For there were several Ihings to
be considered l-'or our, llicrc wns a
salisfaclory- story lo bc concocted to
account for the disappearance of I lie
jewellery aboul which so much had
lirrn heard ai lhe lime ol his marriage. It would have been easy to
lind such a story for I,ady Ursula,
who had ncvci been anxious lo keep
ifirm except as proofs of Paul's independence,
Bill there was her family to satisfy,
and Lord Gravenhursl would be
likely lo make very close inquiries
inlo the mallei if lhc jewels were lo
disappear, wilhoui leaving a trace bc-
Then Ihere was the difficulty of
handing over lo tlle two confederates
���Brady Gane and Will Kvans���their
share of the stones iu such a manner
and such a place as to avoid being
caught in lhe acl by the police, who
were evidently on the alert.
Me felt fairly sure lhal he himself
was nol being watched, hui if Gane
were shadowed, and the slones were
traced to hiny Pnul would certainly
br dragged into (he business,
Probably lhe remaining difficult) ���
lhe desire to restore the jewels to
their rightful owners iu Vienna���
was by far the weakest of the impulses whirl] possessed Paul, liul in
llie superstitious reverence winch
formed pail ol his new love for llis
wifc, even thai feeling had sonic
He wauled, as he had said, to turn
over a new leal, and this he could
hardly do while so much plunder remained iu his hands.
In the meantime there was lhe fear
ol Gane, and slill more of Evans, 10
trouble liiiii. The Welshman was a
vindictive and mean lillle rascal at
the besl of times, and his leinpcr
would not be improved by the failure of his companion to obtain possession  of  the stones.
These considerations made Paul
moody, and some among lhc house
party were not long in discovering
lhat there was a conspicuous change
in him.
Also il was noticeable that Lady
Ursula's frank happiness was shadowed by some vague cloud.
Hugo noted these fads to Lndy
Emmeline, who had grown somc-
whal distant to her brother-in-law,
following the lead set by Lord Last-
Of course tllis attitude of her brother and sisler was observed by Lady
Ursula, and formed a new trial lor
her grnile patience.
ll was on thr day following lhc
visit of Brady Gane, and before Paul
had found a solution of hi- many
difficulties, thai Hugo, strolling out
iulo llie grounds, and coming, by accident of course, (ace lo face with
I.ady I'minclinc as she was feeding
lhc golden pheasants in thc aviary by
the rose garden, made S0II1C comment  upon  Paul's morosencss.
"Hc used to bc such n lively fellow," said Hugo. "Bul this marriage
of his seems to have spoill him altogether."
"Vou seem lo forget thai he's married my sisler, said Lady l-'.nimel-
ine  with  some  indignation.
"No, I don't. On the contrary, I
was going to say thai marriage has
spoilt her, too. Matrimony is responsible for having ruined two lives," he
added pensively.
"What nonsense!" cried lhc girl.
"If Paul Payne is spoilt it isn't by his
marriage. As to my sister���well, I'm
very sorry she fell in love with him."
"Indeed I don't srr why \ou
should say that," said Hugo, standing
up  for  the   friend   for  whose  intro
duction to lhe rail's family hr Lit
himself lo hr responsible "She appears lo hr very fond of Payne,"
"She's :i great deal loo loud of
him," said   I.ady  Emmeline sharply.
"Don'l you think lhal, if ur musl
have thi- absurd and ruinous institution railed marriage, it's belter i'or
lhc contracting parlies lo have some
attraction for each other?" demanded
Hugo judicially.
"I Mi,   I   suppose so."
"Al anv rate, ii's qtiiie usual," -aid
"Whal handsome birds Ihosc
pheasants. Wc ran talk aboul them
any time, Let us go oil aboul mar-
ringc. Il's a theme on which I ��� ould
Irilk for hours."
"I'.ul you never say nnylllillfi in lhc
least interesting or intelligent aboul
it," cried Lady Eminellne, wilh sud*
dcii and suspicious demtirciicss.
He seemed ratlin- disconcerted,
"Don't 1? Now I really thought
I did. I'm always againsl it, vou
know, while you .-laud up for it."
"I used to, perhaps," broke in Lady
Emmeline, "Bul I've changed my
mind, Since I've seen a little more
of its effects upon my sister's spirits,
I'm quite ready to agree wilh you
thai ii oughl  lo be abolished."
Hugo was scandalized,
"I never -aid that," objected Hugo,
"I lidn'l yon/   \V< II, ii docsn'l mal
ter,"  cried   Lady  l'mtiiclinc  inconsc-
qucntly.    "There's the postman,      I
imisl see if I've got a Irller."
"Whal letter arc you expecting?"
demanded Hugo wiih sudden anxiety.
Bill she  would nol  tell him.
"Oh, it's ii"i so very important,"
she said, growing demure again,
"Lin expecting a, letter, loo," cried
Hugo, in a vicious lour, "\ cry important, mine i*. Let's go and waylay him."
Bui the postman had no letters
for either oi them. There was ihe
usual batch for lhe head of lhe house,
our or iwo for members of ihr parly,
and one for Paul, which Lady Emmeline undertook lo deliver to her
Hugo was disgusted when she look
this excuse for going into lhe house;
she had got inlo a disagreeable habit
of cutting short the interviews with
him which he spent'most of his lime
in contriving, and Hugo was beginning to think lhal he disliked her.
But in lhis lie was wrong.
Lady Emmeline delivered ihe missive to Paul, who was w riling letters
in lhc study. Hc knew the handwriting, which was round, clear and good,
the modern free school baud, lie recognized it as lhal of Brady Gane,
and opened the Idler with apprehension, which proved lo be well founded.
Gane informed him lhal he and
Evans were being "shadowed," lhat
Kvans had turned "nasty," and thai
Paul had better "look out." Oil lhc
whole, the letter was not ill-natured,
although Ihe writer expressed some
impatience thai "Syd" had not yel
found a way of handing over the jew-'
els  safely.
"Will says you don'l mean to, bin '
I  know    better," was    the line  trial |
struck   Paul   as   having  a   peculiarly
unpleasant  significance,
(To lie Continued,)
Light in the Poultry House
Fowls    Need    Plenty    of    Sunshine
During Winter Months
It seems superfluous to say lhal
the poultry-house should face ihe
south so lhal as much sunshine as
possible may be admitted through illc 1
windows. The fowls need all lhc|
sunshine llicy can gel during the winter months. The windows should be
placed about eighteen inches irom
i iIm- door and should be so arranged
that they ran be opened on pleasant
(lays,    ll is a good plan lo use double
|windows, not only because the- are
warmer, but also because lhcy will
not. if lightly .titled, become covered
with frost as a single window does,
|and will allow the sun'- rajs to pcu--
tratc the interior of lhc building,
Where single windows are used, il is
a good plan lo have a blanket so arranged (hal it can he let down over
lhe windows on rxlrcincly cold
nights. Care must be taken nol lo
get the windows loo large���that is,
not too much glass in lhc fronl of
the house, unless the roosts arc partitioned off or otherwise protected.
An ordinary sized window such as is
used in dwelling-houses is plenty
large enough for a house ten by fifteen feet, and should bc placed
lengthwise with the floor.
Special Grades of Grain
For ^ced l-urposse
Order-in-Council   Has   Been   Passed
By Dominion Government
Willi llle object of creating a special grade of grain of superior quality for seed, the governnieni has
passed au order in council, under lhe
authority of I he Dominion Seed Act,
creating the following grades exclusively for seed purposes:
No,  I  Canadian  Western seed oals
shall be composed of No. 1 or No. 2
C, VV. oals, shall contain 1*5 per cent.
of  white oats,  sound, clean and  fire
��� from Ollli r grain, shall be free from
noxious  weed  seeds and  shall  weigh
i not less than 3-1 pounds lo the bushel.
No. 3 Canadian Western seed barley  shall    br  composed  ol    lhe  six-
rowed    variety,   sound, plump,    free
.from olhcr grain, of fair color, free
from   noxious   weed   and   shall   weigh
nol less llian 45 pounds lo the bushel.
No.   1   Manitoba   Northern   seed
wheat   shall   be  composed  of 8a  per
ccnl. of Krd Life, or 85 per cent, of
Marquis wheal, sound, clean and free
fronl oilier grain ami free from noxious  weed    seeds, weighing    not less
| than Wl pounds lo llic bushel,
For No. I seed purposes Bed Life
and Marquis wheal shall be kept separate,
No. _' wheal shall be composed of
(grades No, -' Northern, No. 3 Northern or No. -| slightly frosted wheat
of Red Fife or Marquis variety, and
when_ re-cleaned shall be practically
free from olhcr grain and noxious
weed seed, and Ihr weight not less
ihan 58 pounds to lhc bushel.
For No, - seed purposes Red Life
and Marquis wheal shall bc kepi
No grain shall be accepted for seed
which will require a large dockage to
"Dad," said ihe eight-year-old ot
the family, "here's a book that says
lhat Orpheus was such a fine musician thai he made trees and stones
"Sou," said father, solemnly, "your
sisler Bess has Orpheus beaten. Her
piano-playing has made twenty families move oul of this building in the
lasl three months."���Puck,
(>hl Uncle Jacob was walking majestically up and down the village
street dressed in his Sunday suit.
"Hallo, Uncle Jacob," cried one of
his neighbors, "are you having a
"Yes, I am," replied Uncle Jacob,
proudly, "I'm celebratinginy golden
"Then why isn't your wife celebrating it with you?" said the man.
"She ain't got aught lo do with
it," replied L'ncle Jacob Indignantly.
"She's the fourth."
Medicine Which Made Surgeon's Work Unnecessary.
Astoria, N. V. ��� "Nor two years I
wus feeling ill nnd took nil k'itulu of
tonics. 1 was gating worse everyday.
1 had cliilln.niy head
would ache. 1 wan
always tired. J could
not walk straight
because of the pain
in my buck and 1 had
pains in my ston--
neh. 1 went. to*>_
doctor nnd he said I
must go under an
operation, but 1. did
not go. 1 read in
tho paper about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and told my husband about it. I
said ' I know nothing will help me but 1
will try tliis.' I found myself improving from the very first bottle, and in two
Weeks time I was able to sit down and
eat a hearty breakfast with my husband, which! had not done for two years.
I am now 'in the best of health and
did not have the operation." ���Mrs.
John A. Koenig, 502 Flushing Avenue,
Astoria, N. Y.
Every one dreads tbe surgeon's knife
and the operating tablo. Sometimes
nothing else will do; but many times
doctors say they are necessary when
they are not. Letter after letter comes
to the Pinkham Laboratory, telling how
operations were advised and were not
gerformed; or.if performed.did no good,
ut Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
poundwas used and good health followed.
If yon -want, advice write to
Lydia K. Pinkb-ini Medicine Co*
(confidential)-, J-ynu, Mass. '
Correct Prognostication
The man who thought the first live
years of the European war would bc
the worst seems to have hit it right.
Be Kind to the Hone
_ She: Then    papa didn't    refuse 10
listen to you?
Hc: No. dearc-'t. Vou see, I began by Idling him 1 knew of a plan
wherchv he could save money.
Of ull overworked women probably the
housewife is (he hardest worked. She
has bo much to attend to, with very little
help. Her work eiin be lightened if she
knows lhe value of system and she should
try and fake a short rest, in the daytime.
A physician who became famous almost
around I lur world, Doctor l'ieree, of
Buffalo, N. Y., lhe specialist in woman's
diseases, for many years practiced medicine in a farming district. He there observed the hick of system ill the planning
of the work.
If ii is a headache, a backache, a sensation of irritability or twitching and
uncontrollable nervousness, something
must be wrong with lhe brad or back, a
woman naturally says, bill all the lime
the nal trouble very often centers in lhe
organs. In nine cases out, of ton the
seat, of the difficulty is here, and a woman
should lake rational treatment for its
cure. The disorder should be treated
steadily and systematically with Dr.
1'ierrr's Favorite Prescription,
For diseases from whirl) women suffer
"Favorite Prescription" is a powerful restorative. 1 luring the last fifty years it has
banished from the lives of tens of thousands of women the pain, worry, misery
and (list ress caused by I hese diseases.
^ if you are u sufferer, get Dr, Pierce's
Favorite Prescription in liquid or tablet
form to-day. Then address Dr. Pierre,
Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y��� and get
confidential medical advice enlirely free.
"Waiter, it seems to me lhe portions have grown much smaller."
"Yes, sir, but sec how llic place
has been enlarged."���Boston livening
Follow  the  Golden  Rule and Treal
Your Horse as You Would Wish
Him to Treat You
Uc kind to (he horse, says The
Indiana Farmer. Don't berate him
because he docs something which
should not have been done. Perhaps hc had the righl motive, but in
Iiis dumb way he was unable to express it. 1'crhaps he wanted to help
you. Possibly he meant no evil,
though outwardly he seemed perverse and stubborn, Give him credit
for at leasl Irving to bc good, (oi
ihere are few horses which are naturally had.
-Many persons lake il for granted
lhal when a horse docs wrong he intended lo do so, and lhcy therefore
punish him for it, Now, ibis action
only aggravates the matter, and if
continued will result iu an incorrigible animal, made so solely from
niislrcatnienl by his master. This
and this only explain* why sonic
horses arc had.
The besl policy is to b, kind to the
horse Remember lhal he is a dumb
animal. Don'l expect as much understanding from him as you expert
of mm. Remember that of all the
animals which aid man the horse
is the most useful. (live him credit
for thai. Don't think him mean, for,
unless made so by man, be seldom
is. Don'l punish him for every
wrong he does, for possibly they arc
nol so intended. Try to put youi-
self in his (dace, and don't forgcl
thai  he is a slave,
He kind lo hint, and sec for yourself if your work does not proceed
more smoothly Ihan ever before. Follow the Golden Rule, and treat your
horse as you would wish him to treat
you if your positions wcrc reversed.
Investigate, for once, and you will
never say again that kindness doesn't
The official geologist of Newfound
land estimates lhat the iron ore -lc
posits in lhat colony are aboul 3,0-5,-
500,000 Ions. On Belle Isle, Conception Bay, alone, lhe estimate is put at
35,000,060 tons. All the ore from
Newfoundland is now being taken by
Canada  for  munitions purposes.
od tesT JEHE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   H. ��L
Too Complicated ior Comfort
The laic Gilnian Marston of New
Hampshire, was arguing a < oniplicat-
cd case, and looking up authorities
back to Julius Caesar. Al lhc cud of
an hour and a half, in the mosl intricate pan ol his | lea, he was pained
to scc whal looked like inattention,
li was as he had feared, The judge
was tin iblc lo a| prei iate the nice
points of his argument.
"Your honor," hc said, "I beg your
pardon] but do you follow me?"
"I have sc lar," answered the judge,
shifting wearily aboul in hi* chair,
"bill I'll ��� ay frankly thai if 1 thought
I could find my way back, I'd quit
rlghl  here,"   Argonaut,
Decreased Wheat Yield
lot Canada This Year I
Dominion Government's Estimate Is
lor a Total Crop of 159,123,00
Thr whr.,1 crop oi Canada lor ihe
presenl ye;u will he only 459,123,000
bushels, as compared wilh 370,303,600
bushels in 1915, according lo an official esiimair. The average yield pei
acre uns estimated al 15 7-8 bushels
from a harvested area ol 10,058,300
acres, as compared with 29 bushels
from a harvested area oi 12,986,-I00
acres iu 1915,
A niaiki'l decrease in ihe produc
tion of o.iis also wu** indicated bv ihe
estimated yield of 338,169,000 bushels
from 9,795,000 acres, a yield ol 34.55
bushels per acie, as againsl 45.76
bushels lasl vear when lhc production was 520,103,000 bushels from a
harvested area ol  11,365,000 acres.
The barley nop was estimated al
32,299,000 bushels Irom 1,328,800
acres, or 24.31 bushels per aire. Lasl
year's crop was 53,331,300, and the
acreage 1,509,350.
The probable production ol rye was
announced as 2,058,500 bushels from
10I.4J0 acres, or an average yield pei
acre of .0.30 bushels as againsl'a lo
tal production in 1915 of .'.394,101)
bushels from au acreage ol II?.300.       j
cure skin troubles by applying oint.
tniuit to tlio surface Sltln, You must
roach tho underlying tissues where.
the lllsoaiO has its roots, Ordinary
oltttmenlii cannot, do this, and that.
ls why tho relief they givo is only
Zam-Buk, on the contrary, has
miih power ot penetration, com-
blued with unusual germ-destroying
properties, that It reaches and do-
strays ail germs in the underlying
tlsmiMi. Then tlio healing essence,
promote tlio growth of now flesh,
which gradually develops until the
diseased palch 13 entirely replaced
by now, healthy tissue, and n com-
plolo aad permanent cure ia effected.
Xam-I*uk Is host for eczema, and
all okln troubles, ringworm, ulcers,
abscesses, salt rheum, chrmilo
���ores, blood-poisoning, boils, piles,
ruts, burns, scalds and all skin Injuries All druggists, or Zam-Buk
Co., Toronto, SOc. box, 3 for $1.-6,
I     The Orkneys in Pawn
; Could r.e Redeemed Ily Denmark By
Payment of Pledge
The Orkney Islands, says Pearson's Magazine, do not really belong
to Great Britain in lhe sense lhal
lhcy were ever ceded by treaty or
acquired hy conquest, They were
-imi ':���' transferred by Denmark to
Scotland in 1468, in pledge for lhe
payment of the dowry of lhc Princess
"i Denmark, who was married to
lami s 11I��� King of Scotland, In lhe
deed of transfer, which is still in
existence, it is specially mentioned
thai Denmark shall have the right to
redeem them at any future time by
paying llie original amount of lhe
dowry with interest to date.
There is no likelihood, however,
thai Denmark will ever attempt to
exercise her right of redemption, because sixty thousand llorins, thr
original amount of the dowry, plus
compound Interest for '148 years,
would amount lo pcrlmps a trillion
pounds, and lhat is a bit more than
the islands air  worth.
Whether the corn be ol old in new
gruwtli, il musl yield lo llolloway's
Com Cure, lhe simples! and besl (ine
ollered 10 lhe public.
The New H'nghsh Annies
It is the soul ol I'ligland which in
two years has made an aiuiv lhal s
noi content io hold its ground againsl
an army al which Prussia has bren
laboring lor 11;ree cenluries. It is
lhe Englishman who lias beaten ihe
German, li is lhe inlanlryuirn I,oni
the other side of the Channel and
the other side ol llic sra. lhc laiglisb
man from lhc Thames, llie quicl
counlry, and lhe industrial hive, lhc
Scotsman faithful to his kill, the
Canadian who defends two counlries,
old and new, ihe Australian, bronzed
by tlie sun and like a young Greek
god. ll is ihese lorn who have pi.
to roul lhe mosl lamoiis regiments of
the enormous empire ol prey. -- Le
Figaro, Paris.
A Scottish lariuei was being titles
lioned by a lawvei ill a local court.
"Vou affirm thai when lhis happened
you were going home io a meat*"
said lhe lawyei "Lei us br ijuiir rei
tain on this point, because il is ,i vriy
important one He good enough to
tell me what meal il was vou were
going  home lo"
"You would like lo know wll'.'
meal il   was'" vjiil lhe Scotsman
"Yes, hii. I should like io know,"
replied the lawyei   niipir.vivrlv
"Werl, ihrn. n  ivas jusl ualmeall"
Stole Serbia's Crown Jewels
It is slated Irom Ccttlllje lhal the
betrayal ol a peasant, have at lasl
Austrian auiliorities, thanks io ihc
been able lo lav bauds on ihe billions
Measures ol ihr Monastery ol Del*
chain, in New Serbia, valued al several millions ol Irancs.
King I'eici slopped at Detchani
during die great retreat ol the Serbian army, and il is rumored, though
there is nothing lo vouch loi its accuracy, lhal lhe crown ol Serbia was
hidden by the monks ol Detchani, hi
a sale hiding place The Auslrians
have louml lhe hiding places in ihr
catacombs and the ossuaries ol lhe
convent Cases ol precious sioncs,
ancienl gold, and silver money, gold
chalices, and. sacerdotal vestments
covered with Cyrilian characters.
Viennese antiquaries are said to
have proceeded there lo value tlie
treasure on behalf ol the Austrian
All Growing Children
are dependent on nourishment for growth.
Their health as men and women is largely
established in childhood.
If your child is languid, bloodless, lired when rising, without ambition or rosy cheeks, Scott't Emultion is a wonderful
help.    It possesses nature's grandest  body-building  fat* so
delicately predigested that the blood absorbs its strength ^__
and carries il to every organ and tissue and fibre. Jf"\
Firn ll in_re*��c�� Iheir appetite, then it add* flesh-itrerxthena   V51
the bono.-make* them ���luidy. active and healthy J) '[
No alcohol or narcotic in Scott's Emulsion, just purity and strength.  ���***
mmtBe^imw^tmvm^1rvae^rT^v!.v^l!lmTr.T ��� _i _____��_________���__������
Worms, however generated, aie
found in lhe digestive tracts, where
lhcy set up disturbances detrimental
lo ihe hcallh ol the child. There
can be no comfort for lhe lit tic ones
uniil die hurtful intruders have been
expelled. No bctier preparation for
lhis purpose can be had than Miller's
Worm Powders. They will immediately destroy the worms and correct
the conditions that wcrc iavorable lo
their existence.
and Rood digestion go
baud in hand, and 0110
of the luggcsl aids lo
good cl i Rest ion is a regti-
lur dish ol
This wonderfully delicious
wheat mid barley food is so
processed that it yields its
nourishing goodness to lhe
system in about one hour���a
record (or ease of digestion.
Take it all 'round. Grape-
Nuts contributes beautifully
to sturdincss of body and a
radiant, happy personality.
l'A'ery table should have its
daily ration of Grape-Nuts.
"There's a Reason"
Canadian Fostuii- Cereal Co., I.'..!..
Windsor, Out.
Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited.
Dear   Sirs,���I  ran  recommend  MINARD'S   LINIMENT  for   Rheumatism and  Sprains, as  I  have  used it
for bolh with excellent results.
Yours Truly,
T. 13. LAVF.rvS,
St. John.
Unity of French and British
Complete  Harmony   and   Singleness
ol Purpose Marks All
There is an aspect of the Franco-
llritish offensive that one hears nothing about, and that is the complc.e
harmony ol the armies ol lhe Allies
in llieir field operations Never before in history, wr believe, have two
nations fought side by side iu a great
war without friction, confusion, cross-
purposes and heartburnings There
have been mistakes and badly tuned
movements In ihe greal campaign in
I'rauce, bul nothing was said about
them except bv Ihr critics al lhe rear,
who were more concerned aboul
claiming credii loi Prance or loi
I'ligland, as lhe rase might be. titan
in doing justice to ihc commanders
and lo lhe spoil ol llieir men. Have
men ol one race ever gone inlo battle
with more singleness ol purpose and
high courage than the soldiers of
Prance and of the llritish Empire" It
has becn an inspiring spectacle, and
surely the world would never have
beheld il if lhc traditional cue "lies
did not believe their cause was just
and that the consequence of failure
would be disaster irreparable. ��� Nc
Vork Sun.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc,
N.      U.      113C
Trade was bad. At the end of another blank day the discouraged
sal'esman called on another prospective customer and asked to show his
"No, there is nothing I want today," said the customer.
"But will you just examine my line
of goods'" the salesman persisted.
The customer would not.
"Then," said the salesman meekly,
"will you let mc use a part of your
counter to took at them myself, as I
have not had the opportunity lor
some-time" "���New York Times.
Standard Type in Stables
Modern efficiency is rapidly evolving a standard type ol barn and stable. This barn is about thirty-six feet
wide, and as long as may be necessary to accommodate the number of
cattle kept on the farm. This provides for two rows of catlle and gives
the owner an opportunity lo regulate
the inside furnishings properly and to
instal feed and manure carriers, and
lo use milking machines. The manufacturers of the inside furnishings
for dairy stables have standardized
their stalls, stanchions and mangers
to conform lo these measurements,
In building a new barn or remodelling an old barn it is always better
to consult an expert and have definite
plans lo follow while the work is being done.���Successful Panning,
Your Baby's
Cheerful, Chubby Children
Make the Home Happy
Weak, puny babies are a constant
care to tired mothers and are subject
to many diseases that do not affect
healthy children.
Keep your children in good health
See that their bowels move regularly
- especially during the teething period
This is a distressing time in the life
of every child and the utmost pre
caution should hc taken to keep them
well and strong.
By the consistent use of
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
it is possible to avoid many childish
ills now so prevalent.
It is a corrective for diarrhoea, colir
and other infantile ailments. It soothes
the fretting bnhv and permits the
child to sleep well and grow healthy
It brings comfort and relief to both
child and mother.
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Muke8 Cheerful,
Chubby Children
Is absolutely non-narcotic It con*
tains no opium, morphine nor any ol
their derivatives. It is soothing, pleasant and harmless, For generations
mothers in all parts ol the world have
used it and millions of babies have
becn benefited by it.
Bur . battle tod.y ud
h.ve it handy
Relier. and Protect Your Childrea
Sold hy all druggists in Canada aad
throughout the tvtrld
The Bigger Scope
The following is quoted Irom a
Inter written hv Harry C, Williams,
ol Pambrum, Saskatchewan, dated
September .-I, 1916: "Before coining
here I was our ot the advertising
forces of one ol the most progressive
papers 111 llie Southern Stales, in addition to being a stock-raiser. I used
to boom my section, and justly so,
lot u was one ol nature's paradises,
bin here one lias a bigger, broader
scope which eclipses my former home
a hundredfold, and I confidently expect to bring at least len families
back wilh mc or place ihnn iu communication wiili vou to let ihem become cilizens ol the Best West���the
Lasl   West���lhe  Canadian   West."
Canadian fall wcalher is extremely
hard on little ones. One day il is
warm and brigln and die next wet
and cold. These sudden changes
bring on colds, cramps and colic, and
unless baby's little stomach is kept
right the resull may be serious.
There is nothing to equal Baby's Own
Tablets in keeping lhe little ones
well. They sweeten the stomach,
regulate the bowels, break up colds
and make baby thrive, Ihr Tablets
arc sold bv medicine dealers or by
mail al 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams Medicine Co,, Brockvillc,
What Strict Accountability Means
President Wilson's strong pica lo
the electors of lhe United Stales is
that he "has kept bis country oul of
the war." The All-llighcsi also has
kept most of Germany out of the war
for the lime being, but he has not
kept lhc Germans oul of it. Nor has
ibe President of tho United Siaics
kept Americans oul of the war. Ovcr
a hundred of them were killed when
the Lusitania was torpedoed without
warning, many more were blown lo
pieces on their own soil, and so far
the murderers have not been held to
"strict accountability," ��� Victoria
An Aeroplane Factory
Government    Will    Make    European
Aeroplanes in Canada
II lhe Government's present plans
are pui into effect, Canada in lhe
near future will nol only have an
aviation school, bin also a factory lor
manufacturing European aeroplanes,
including aircraft motors which have
not hitherto been built in Canada.
The Imperial Munitions Board will
Supervise the aviation school, hall of
the staff of competent instructors t_
being provided by the Imperial go--
eriiinenl and also the employes for
the establinhmeni and operation cf
the factory. It is understood that
the British Government will then take
the output of the factory dunn; the
Canadian aviators a: the front
have been eminently successful and
establishment ol the school is a i-st
recognition ol their services. In the
Soinnie the Canadian aviators hav.
played a prominent part. Al the outbreak of the war some Canadian military auiliorities had little confidence
in the aeroplanes as lighting scouting
cralt. The use ol those machine!
have proven llieir value, and Canada
will soon have an aviation branch ��4
lhe service in keeping war:: i i . .. ���-
ous oilier military forces.
His Name Was Walker
Severe Elderly Lady: Why arc you
not at the front, young man?
Likely-looking Recruit: Have yo-i
ever seen me walk, madam?
Severe Elderly Lady (raihcr abashed and fearing she had made a bad
blunder): No!
Likely-looking Recruit: Well, madam, you watch me walk lo the next
corner. (She did, and lhe miscreant
promptly disappeared from view.)
Minard's   Liniment   for   sale   everywhere.
The Neighborhood Club
In any neighborhood there are certain problems, both business and social problems, thai ouglu to be solved These problems cannot be solved
by the individual, but they can be
solved by groups of individuals. No
one outside the neighborhood is interested in them. You and your
neighbors will build up your neighborhood or let il go into dry rot. The
neighborhood club is the real working unit in any comprehensive plan
for rural organizations In this connection, all people are agreed thai
rural organization is a great need of
the day This does not mean that lhe
neighborhood club cannot be affiliated with other neighborhood clubs
tbe country ovcr in the attacking of
problems thai are larger than the
community The place io start work,
however, is right in vour own neighborhood.--The Parmer
"Isn'l whal ihev call 'the i; ��� .: '
an important consideratii n  io  _ctf '"
"Very important You'v. g-p W
have the kind ol a iob thai will permit you lo approach die got! hnlirj
early in the afternoon.'*���-W___t__.
ton   Star
^__**FC1*TH*____ kidneys
Hilifn. NS., Jan. Eft, .3-1*
About f.glit moatb* igi f 't-u*
your adv(~rtiS(.tii>*at in act* jf "._,��
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nampl* of Gin Fills far ta-* ��._.-
neys 1 had b-����n a mityi tut
ypsr�� tj Iflttni* pains taw IBM
back and diet-led to try Gm fills.
Before I bad ;:a..*.:��.i tii.. Mini
l)oi I found mvielf tor '.'���* Ann
time la years p-.rfe-.-tl7 ---��� ���'���m-u
Yours slucerei*.
M:a   time)   Pe-rcT.
Alt linens'. sell Gin P.l!s ae
Foe a bat. or 6 ooi���� fat J, m.
Sam pi* (re* Ll ruu irate u,
��a or t'...-.i_u. uui ������.-��
rHINIW'MNCHftCMCDf. (tn  ��.-_   ���**%
THERAPION _����.?=.
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(JUFTMfJ ���:"���__.
���MJ-iiovr sta**> Aj-FUEr ro all -SEXtfin '��.t__r*_
i*i naw i*"Aij_.Rii/��_i_.i.E__fj.<i.._['JF
The Soul oi a Piano is the
Action.    Insist on the
Otto Figel Piano Aclion
Dragged Down by Asthma. The
man or woman who i*. continually
subject to asthma is unfitted foi his
or her Jilc's work Strength ilcpurls
and energy is taken away until hie
becomes a dreary existence. And yet
this is needless Dr J D Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy has brought a Treat
change" to an army ol sufferers. It
relieves the restricted an lubes and
guards againsl future trouble. Try
The head of the firm was consult |
ing Nelson, the janitor, relative to lhe.
qualifications ol an applicant for a I
place as assistant janitor
"Do you know this boy's reputation
for truth and veracity?" he asked.
"Yas, sub, yas, suh, I guess I do,"!
responded Nelson. I
"Well, whal is il?" I
"Well, suh. he always irlls de Irufe,
1 reckon, dat is. I ncvali is kcichcd
him in no lie. But 'bO'i.l .Hi here
v'ras'ty bizness, I'm ^winter be fail
wid you, some say lie will au' some
say lie won't."
It Doesn't Pay
To buy inferior articles
for home use, no matter
how small the article ir;
With matches, as with
everything else, it (.ays
to bin- the best
Will save your time and
temper, for they are Rood
strikers, safr, slkk, and
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   W iaky   Newspaper,   I'ubislied   at
Courtenay, 11. (!.
X. !!.   iluiii'N, 1'ilitor and Proprietor
Subscription 81.60 per Year in Advance
I :  I'KSUAY, NOV, 501916
'   Friday  night the Utilities
Co iituiitee called a  meeting of the
- rs in discuss their position
ectric li.ulit question,, Aid,
I wns llie chit f spokesman,
ih" Council proposed pui
t e company's plant and
I lhe   company   lo unuie
He sai
i    .
ive them
Ol  1' ,i..
ml i-'diii-
.ii Collieries
company for
mine would lie
I ir their ap-
slni in intes paid by
electiii power, and i
put Liefors lhe people
I'H"   i or disapproval,
i li unpany did not feel that it
was fail to divulge the rates paid
for power unless Comic11 could give
..' intee to purchase, which
thev weie nimble to do, nnd the
ami] ,i">v i ade  a  proposition that
I id , ; .'.rbitrution be appciuted
to Sx value of plant, afler which
the council were to grant the com-
pun-) u franchise, i" which would
- base clause staling the
exact | lice a iced upon for tbe
plan , after which the council could
exercise privileges of purchase
clause and pui il b.fore the people
for their approval or disapproval,
The Company's argument being
that the   franchise   being granted
bet< it
pui bi
ch ise
��� re tiie peoj
them tiie pri'
rss iii case the
wi. -jot appro
ir.liase wns
ould fruar-
��� ui doing
iw to pur-
11 ; co uicil would not agree lo
this, nor v, mid they in any way
consider a franchise, Irtit failed to
gi\ '.��� any go .'I reasons.
Al 1, And rt n's reason for not
giving n franchise wus that after a
franchise would be granted the
question of purchase would be
dropped and nothing would be done
'riicCoiiipa.iv','; repp, to this was
that that rested entirely with the
council whether they cared to exercise the privilege of lite purchase
Aid llm ford's reason for not
granting a franchise was that the
time was too short for the company
and council to come to an agreement on the terms of same before
tbe expiration of the present couu-j
cil's term of office, The company's
reply to Ihis was that they were
ready to take up the matter at once.
and that there was no doubt whatever but that it could be done before their term of office expired.
Aid. McKen/.ie's  reason  for not
granting a franchise was that if the
council granted u franchise to the
company that they then would have
a 1 the privileges contained therein
and that would settle the matter
The Company,s reply to this was
that immediately the city availed
themselves ol tbe purcbae clause
-nd purchased the plant the franchise would be automatically cancelled nnd be of no value,
Alderman Dunham's reason for
not grouting the franchise was that
he bad made up bis mind he would
not do so,
Aid. Brown's reason was tiie
���Ud, Astou's reason was that be
believed only in Municipal Owner,
ship nii'l he could see no reason for
grunting a franchise previous to the
purchase of the plant.
The Company's reason for wanting ihe franchise bsfoie thej made
public the prices they pay for power, is merely to protect themselves
iu case the bylaw to purchase the
plant is not approved by the ratepayers, and il is hard to see what
objection there could be made to
this if the City's intentions to buy
are good.
The Aldermen unanimously agreed that the electric light lias been
a benefit to the City and they did
not want to see it removed, nevertheless llicy Have served notice on
the Company to ren ove their equip i
ment within HJ days.
It was also slated by the Council
that the principal objection to the
proposed franchise submitted by
iii in to the Company was the first
clause which demanded the signatures of the Wellington Colliery
Com pail V and also the Canadian
Collieries (Duusmuir) Limited, lo
any franchise granted, ill addition
lo the signature of the Courtenay
Electric Light. Heat and Power Co���
Limited, and that lhat objection
had now been removed by the Electric Light Co, furnishing them
with a copy of their agreement be
tweeii them and tlle Canadian Col-
liaries Company, proving that they
are the authorized agents of tlle
Collieries Company,
�������. "
TdffiA ������<���������'/,? 4
Newest ill
Ladies Coats
his   iu   l.aili
i, Costumes,
Sweater Coats
nul   Mis
nii'l Miss
rill thr
��� s>\vr
iler Coats Sets lu
St. Margaret Jerseys
Childrens fit, Margaret all wool Jerseys
in Tan. Nary, Copenhagen. Cardinal
nud White. Boys Jetsey suits in sizes
20, 22, and 24, in Mvrtle, Cardinal, Tan
Navy and while.
Watson's Underwear
in All Wool underwear in bailies,
, and Childrens in two piece coin*
���ns. "The underwear thnl wean
well and will not sin ink."
Wai si
-I in
idels iu    I, i.li
year   lints.
The best r
,-elvet sailors ami slu
Invictus shoes
Ladies a
id shoe foi
������.in i,i lie
id ttents
m shoes
Special showing tllis   week   of   holiday
rilihims iu Cheeks, Plaids and Dresdens,
Newest patterns   in   lllnek   and   WUlu
stripes, and broken checks.
Gents   Hatss
Newest styles  in Men's   ITeadwear in
Black, Navy. Brown   nnd   Green,   The
It is regrettable that the Council ��� lilll-'st creations iu Mini's flowing  neck-
and Company cannot  get together'
at once and settle this   question by I
granting the   franchise  as   staled,
since the City can avail  themselves
of the purchase clause at any   and
all times after the franchise is gran-
vy       _____&__ __���
The pacifists   need   not   worry. ,
No one wants peace until Germany and deep that will be needed to bury
has been punished and penalties are the story of German infamy.    The
exacted for her crimes.    The Ger- same grave will contain the corpse
man dug-outs are deep, so   also   is of the once-proud German   nation
the   indiguatiou   of   the   civilized As for shaking hands after the war
worltl, but it will be a   large   hole ���who would have his hands soiled?
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
1st class certificate technics ol breadmaking
lsr class certificate baking and confectionery
The place to bay good bread,  made  from  Better Flour.  Better and
healthier yeast, and better methods.   Buy direct from
The baker ol Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on airlines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill. Pu-et.tr Apat, Victoria
Aieat Cnrteatf, Phone R60
The current prices of food products grown in Canada are a source
of interest to everv person in poses-
sion of .common intelligence, aud
we might even add. of an appetite'
but most of all, to the farmer.
The latter may be lorgiveu for
smiling when wheat exceeded $2 a
bushel, as it did recently at Winnipeg, or when be reads of the hardening tendency of potato prices,
But will our producers take the obvious step indicated by this year's
high prices, which are much higher
than those of 1915, which in turn
were higher than  those  of 1914!
That is, to put under cultivation
���very foot of land possible in readiness for a bumper harrest, varied
in its fruits, in 1917. when prices
will be at least equal to those of today, and probably above them,
These are farmers years, but the
farmer is under a moral and patriotic obligation to work the production
of his land, stock plant aud labour
at top capacity for his own sake,
and profit, and for the sake of *the
millions who must be fed or die,
and for the sake of the Empire,
which must be served by the land,
just as on land and sea and in the
air, she is served by those who
fight in her defence. The top capacity producer is a patriot, a good
citizen, and above all, he is a good
On Nomember 15th, the scholars
of thc Rovston school held a children's "At Home" ill aid of the
starving Belgian children. The
sum of $35 was realized, which
considering the scattered nature of
the district, was a very larire sum,
Miss Watts wishes to take this opportunity of thanking all those who
helped to make the event such a
'At flASm
>>    ,
A Swcii 01' Bri'.u* -i uns or Royai Standard I'i.'in; -Spkrad   it with Good fl   1 'kr
���Can ytiii li
Thr kiddies gobble il up like li il c kes -the
"grown ups" arc as fond ol it ns lhe "wee ones"
Go the world over, and Bread is tbe food found
on every table���breakfast���luncheon dinner���
late supper���its the one universal food,
The Bread vou eai whether " ball 1 V " or
home-in ide ���- should bc made from Rov.u,
Standard Fr,ot*R���milled in the bigiresi and
best flour Mill-, in Western Canad 1 from lhe
finest wheat in th. world,
Royal Standard Cruia Products
Plione ..I, Knil ol Briilgc F.  Movitz,   "*|rr.
1_   1.
Auto   and   Bicycle   Tires
and   Accessories
Bicycles For Sale
Phone L46 Courtenay
Expansion of B.C. Telephone
This year the British Columbia Telephone Company has
spent a very large amount of money in making improvements
to its system in various parts of the province. This supplements work that was done last year, the policy of the company
being to keep its equipment up to date and to anticipate the
demands of the public in the matter of ssrvice. Never has
its system been in better shape.
Achievemente of the B, C Telephone Co. are an earnest
of future accomplishments, to provide a more comprehensive
as well as more perfect telephone service.
British Columbia Telephone Co-
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Btc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   Leading Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of sniue furnished 011 request
V.'. J. Goard   will ne   in this city   ahout
Oct.     1.     Leave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
845. 8th Ave, W.   ���   Vancouver
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Germans nre now deoortiug
-the Belgians and scattering th.ui
throughout the German empire
Just as of old tlle Jews were tin own
'broadcast iu the days of their captivity. The reasons for this inhumane action are not difficult to
explain, and may lie briefly summarized, first of all; Belgium resisted Germany in 1914. and by d<
laying the Hun* advance, enabled
ifche Allies better withstand the oncoming hordes; for this reason.
Belgium must drink to the dregs
of her cup of suffering. Secondly
���Belgium lias a line, free and national spirit that refuses to lie crushed,
a spirit thai the Germans never
did possess, and never will,
Thirdly. Germany needs labour
to release men for military ssrvice,
fourthly, Germany fears the success of tiie Allies in breaking
through theSoiuute defences, wliicli
would result in a falling back of
the German lines in Prance, Flanders and Belgium, and which would
encourage the Belgians to t\>e up
-ipainst their oppressors. Also, as
Belgian territory was regained and
Belgian men were freed, they would
flock to join their own army, for
these reasons, and possibly there
are others, Qerinmiy is uprooting
men, wotlleh, and children for the
jtrave offence of beii'g of Belgian
blood, aud a nation foremost in in
lustry and science is now being
being laid was'.e.
By all accounts, business   is fil'tv
ner C��Ut   belter   than    il   Was   six
uicnths ago. Even real estate is
picking up. Investors and business
men from outside tlle province are
looking nrotltl 1 and quietly closing
leals, while industrial development
notably in Vancouver, proceeds in a
���no-it encouraging in inner Quite
recently a number of Victoria merchants found it advisable to visit
this district in order to spy out the
land '.nd assure themselves that
valuable territory is not being overlooked or neglected. The moral of
it is, that outsiders jhink far more
of this province, this district included, than many of us do ourselves,
therefore, we have got to quit lmg-1
gljng and jaggliug with one another I
over trifles and make a point in tut-1
nre of plntiujr tlle interests of this1
community first, and our private j
interests second,
be less pessimistic  coixeininj the
revel when others bleed and suffer,
laying down their lives unto death,
In one import nit respect, we would
appeal for the hearty recognition of
this coming season ot price aud
goodwill by the determination of
our people to heal those differences
private and public, which are keeping former friends apirt From one
another", and which constitute a
menace to lli.11 unanimity wliicli is
so desirable, .'or we, as a psople
are at war, and ��� Christmas is
c lining.
The matter of street lighting is
befouling a very seiions problem to
the pedestrians and business men
men of this city. The stormy season with its rain and wind is making it if not impossible, at least unpleasant and dangerous for one lo
lie out _fler dark. The numerous
pools of water that iim to be found
both ou the main and side strerts
of our cltj make ii very difficult
for one, though he or ah? pick thier
way ever so carefully to reach their
destination with dry feet. Everyone kuows why llie street lights
were turned off. but no one seems
to know why they should remain
off. In aider to ascertain if the
Eieclric Light Company was responsible for the lights remaining
off, one of our citi/.eiis tool; il upon himself. ',pro bono publica" to
circulate a petition to th_ Courtenay
Electric 1,'ght Co, praying them to
turn on the street lights under the
agreement tiudei which thev   were
operated before,
K. VV. hour, a_
for all renewals
of the lighting
namely, at  ye per
d the idly   to   pay
and   maintenance
equipment     This
public spirited citizen was successful in gelling llis petition signed
by a large number of the citizens
and business men of the citv, lie
He thereupon went tc Cumberland
aud put the matter.') Squarely up to
'.he directors of the Electric Light
Co, and explained the pressing need
of street lights in the City of Cour
tenay, with the result that they
agreed to turn the lights on immediately if the Citv Council would
simply pass a resolution guarateeing
tlle payment for current and maintenance of same, furthermore the
directors of the Light Co expressed
their   willingness   to  arbitrate   at
.once the price of   their equipment
Also, we need to|as there seems t0 be a  feeliug lllat
.       ,       ,     city suouid  purchase same.    This
prospects, for it is certain   that the apparently put8 it fairiy a���d square.
worst, broadly   speaking   is  over, ly t0 t*lc City Council as to wh_th>
��� Editor Courtenay Review
j Dear Sir! -
Willi  further    reference   to    111 <
cost of installation and inai  I   iunc
of a c iiiibin .I   s\  I ni   ol    A .   .
; l.iglu,    I [cat    and     I'owcv     from
j Brown's Uiwi foi the City of Cour.
tenay as shown  in  the sialcineiii
I sent to the ratepayers   recently,   i
, , '     s
approximate y coi
'1 lie ftguri
estimates oi contracting linns  who
arc willing to ten ler   for   '.'1 ��� 1   n
Iracl ul the fi tun 1 refen d to.
I bate invited any fair   ci itii    n
on the scheme but the critic who in
a letter in last   week's   "Review"
did na! have the com a-jc to publish
his name after   making   so   many
misleading    inept*, ect   statements
and conceals his identity, under llie
signature of   'AuolherjKatepayer"
is not fa ir to the citiz ns,
This critic says the   cost   of  the
system and  upkeep mentioned  in
my figures are  too   low   by   half,   '
The critic is iii erroi here   because I
contracting linns say these   figures
are correct and arc willing to tender I
for the job at approximately   these
Again Mr, Critic says the rate-
pavers taxes would amount to 50
mills on the dollar instead of _ 1-2
the present rate of taxes which is
also incorrecl and misleading. The
truth is-the rate would only be 3
mills extra on the dollar annually
which will provide sufficient money
to pay all wages and upkeep of the
c unbilled .system wh ell is much
better rates than consumers are
now paying to the Coinpnay.
Moreover th*?re are different linn
enquiring for municipal   bom
permanent   improvements   in   our]
city which   proves   that   there   is
every encouragement to   go ahead
with the projec wilhoui;   any further delay, because it is a necessity
and will invite more people to build
homes in   our   city,   olhcr   things
being encouraging, which we fully
Yours truly
John Johnston,
A Ratepayer, j
Lake I.rail, Courtenay. B. C, Nov
26.  1916.
No rust can attack the flues because they ate so thoroughly aluminized, and they economize nearly every bil
of heat.
Before you invest in a new range let me show you the
Kootenay's sensible* ideas for saving time and labor.
For   sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Barrister and  Solicitor,   Notary
Mrs. Lewis has tie finest car in THEED      PEARSE
town.    She has just   purchased   a
b and new Hudson six.
The drawing for the pair   of sox
knitted bv the   Duchess   of   Con-
naught will be drawn  for^ at   the
Jumble sale tomorrow,
palrick wi 1 be in charne.
Phone 6
Mrs.  Kil*
Courtenay    Hotel
''urnf.irt   Willi
llest Wines
nnd Liquors
1 1
s City of Courtenay
PUBLIC NOTICE) is hereby given that
it is illegal to allow any cattle or
horses to run at large within the City of
Courtenny, nnd the owners of any such
animals found run niiig at large on or
after l*.lnf December, will be prosecuted
utiiler Bv haw No. 13.
City Clerk,
November 23, 1916.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cnsine Excelled
Wm. Merryfield
provided that opportunities are pro
perly handled,
- ���*>	
Christmas ts coming. Not the
unduly festive season associated by
some people nrith extravagant riot
aril over-feeding, but the anniversary of a gr��at event in the world's
I history, in fact, the greatest, the
Incarnation, In the Old Laud, an
appeal has been issued by the heads
of the State and ot tbe Church alike
exhorting the people to avoid undue expenditure' and to observe the
season quietly and reasanably. For
er we have street lights iu our city
riniii away or not, and we feel sure
that no well wisher of rhe city
would wish to prolong the deplorable state ot affairs that at present
Municipal Voter's List
Courtenay, B. C.
OUBMC NOTICR is hereby given that
The Sale of Work at the Grantham school house last Friday afternoon was a very successful affair
The net proceeds were $ 125,50,    A   I"   the Court of Revision on the Muni
number were present from Camp 1  eipal Voters' List, 1917, slmll sit at the
and four  large  auto loads  were ?,!(" ?a"',C,��,urttntI' ��,'_,*Mo. ��-\tl,e
_         i        r,      _   i    a     -i��_     t lltli day ol December, 1916, at the hour
,    ,��� - .               ,   ._ _                down from Cumberland.   The  la- 0, Xo o'clock, a. ui.
the War is not yet decided,   ana it dies wish to thank all who   helped W. A. W. HAMES,
ill becomes a   Christian nation to make the affair a success, City Clerk.
Co Morton.
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent
per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and
accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment
made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasury Bills or other like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications
for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
Do You Read ?
We will send You the Courtenay Rewiew
The Daily Province and
The Family Herald
and Weekly Star for 1 year
for $5
The Water Question
Four Good   Houses,
water    and   electric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
Watchmaker, Jeweller ami Optician
at Brown's
Courtenay, B. C.
Palaee Livepy
Htrses and Buggies for Hire *
Terms cash.
Wt also attend to wood hauling
PhoM s j
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and SteamfittiiiR
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
Cleaning and
Suits |1.25 up
Coats .75
Pant* .50
Skirts .50
Vests .35
Dresses 1.74
Overcoats 1.25
Repilring, Etc.
Gents clothe* kept in order by the
month {2.50
Haney  I. Kushida
Store, Union St., Conrtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder    _._, COURTENAY
,f1l*****B****l****g**t* _CHE  REVIEW.  DOimTNKY.  B. C
Baby Afflicted with Eczema
Dr. Chase's Ointment Cured
Tho Family Doctor Tried in Vain to Heal the Sorea--
Another Tribute to This Great Healing Ointment
li may he interesting lo note that
Dr Chase's Ointuictil was originally
compounded to cure a case ol tntiiia
on a child. The disease had sp.cad
alniosl nver tlir entire body and defied all llic regular treatments loi
such troubles. The docioi was perplexed, bin finally hii on lhe Formula
of Dr Chase's Ointment, _nd, as
many say, "ii worked like a charm,"
healing "P llic nasty sores and leaving the skin sell and smooth.
That was a good many years ago,
and since then many thousands of
cases ul eczema, both in children and
adulls, have been cured, uniil loday
Dr. Chase's Ointment is recognized
as the standard cue (or itching skin
Mrs. Geo. McNalr, River Charles,
N.I!., writes as Follows: "Wc use Dr.
Chase's Ointment in our home, ami
would not wish for anything bctci
foi cuts, burns and bruises A few
years    ago a  friend    of   mine,  whose
ibabv ivas terribly afflicted .vttli d.e-
ma, had In i child treated by their
own family physician, but il.e litre
our coi no bcltei lhcy tried several
remedies, bul lhcy .ill proved useless
in ilns ci*-*. Upon 'be -dvice ol a
mci jhbor, ihey gol I 'i Chase's Oini
ment, and before ihc Iii> i box was
used tlie- child w.ir. completely cured.
"I can also recommend Pi Chase's
Nerve I'ood lo suffering Irtcnds who
11 know will he ;;l.nl to learn ol some
thing to relieve thru nervous ttouble.
Y"u h.ive my permission to une this
leltri  loi  lhe bcuelil ol oihcis."
So soothing and liraling is Or
Chase's Ointment lhal iclirl Irom
itching ami burning comes almost as
soon a.s the ointment is applied   The
; soils are cleaned by lhe action ol lhis
treatment, and the process ol healing
is soon begun Ily persislrni use ol
the oinlmrnl cine is effected (if)
cents a bos, all dealers, oi   K.dtnan*
i sou. Batrs ei Co., Ltd. Toronto,
The AdvertizuiE Sense of the Hen
A hen is nol supposed to have
much sense oi 'net, yet every time
she lays an egg she cackles foi the
fact. A rooslei hasn'l got a lot ol
intellect 10 show, bill none lire less
most roosters have got sense enough
to crow But man, the greatest masterpiece that nature could devise, will
often stop and hesitate belore he'll
A  Tonic   (or   lhe    Blood    and
Nerves   With   Kcsi  All   Thai
Is Needed
"Many :i child liaa brrn callrU awkward, fins been punished in school
for not I.crpiiii', Mill 01 loi dropping
things, when ihe trouble was really
St. Vitus dance, This trouble may
appeal at any age, bill is most ohm
mel between the ages oi six and
fourteen. The mosl frequent cause
oi the disease ..*- pooi blood, aggravated by indoot confinement, oi men
tal strain at school. Undei these
condition^ the blood I ails to cany
nourishment to \lr nerves and the
child begins to show listlessness aud
inattention Then it becomes restless and twitching ol 1 lie muscles and
jcrlviiigs of llie limbs and body lollow.
A remedy thai cures St. Vitus dance
and cures it so thoroughly that no
trace ol thc disease remains is Or.
Williams l'ink Tills, which renew
the blood, thus lerdtng and strength
cning the btuivcd nerves This is lhe
only way io cure lhe trouble, and
parents should losr no time tn giv
ing this treatment ii their child
seems nervous 01 irritable. Mrs Wm.
A. Squires, Ciinmngton, Ont., says;
"My only daughter, now fourteen
years ol age, was troubled lot several
years wilh St Vitus dance. She was
so bad that at times she would lose
control ol her limbs and hei laee and
eyes would be contorted We had
medical advice and medicine, but 11
did noi help her In fact we thought
the trouble growing worse, and fin
ally wc had to take bet fiom school
About a yeai ago we began giving
hei Di Williams' l'ink I'ifte, and by
the time shr had taken five boxes she
was lompletely cured, and is now a
fine, healthy girl I Firmly believe we
Owe tins to Di Williams' l'ink Pills
aud aie very, grateful tor lier restoration   to   perfect   health "
You can get these pills Irom any
dealei 111 Htedictne 01 by mail at SO
cents a box 01 six boxes foi $2.50
from The I)i Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Otu
Education Progress
Porly-lhrce new school districts
were established in the province of
Alberta during 'he past three months.
There aie now upwards of *.,_.()[)
school district.! in the province, org
atii/ed according lo the density of lhe
population, bill none mote than five
miles in  length and  bieadib
"Made in Canada"
Best for Quality, Style
���ind Value. Guaranteed for all climate!-.
v<(_ ASK
UOjgj^ty)     YOUR
^ ^y    DEALER
All He Had
l.oid   Norilnlille,  in     one  ol   Ins
tellers Irom ihe Ironi. des. nhes
some ol the niiiioi works of the grrai
.tuny   now   on   the   hrhl l.i;:r   de
parltiienl caret, loi ihr properly ol
the dead soldiers This is srni in
large bundles, Irom ihr Held, and each
imliviihi.il parcel linallv srni to n-
|in>liei drslimuioi! "I watched."
says I.ortl Noilhclifle, "the opening
ol one such palhctu paieel during the
final cheeking h eonlaineil a lew
pence, a pipe, a photo ol wire and
bairn, a trench ring maile ol the aln
minium ol an enemy fuze, a small
diary, and a pouch li was all lhe
man hnd "
Mansions of Meerschaum
Unpretentious Houses ol This Material to Be Found in Spain
Even tlie mosl aesthetically inclined of our American millionaires
would hardly consider the luxury o(
living in .1 palace buill of meerschaum
as within the range of iheir fortunes,
yet there are many unpretentious
houses ol ihi* material in the Span-
ish town ol Y'.illcca*. near Madrid,
where a coarse variety of ihis sub*
stance is to be found. On the other
hand, the Moroccans, jusl across liie
Straits ol Gibraltar, hnd that still an*
otliei variety of meerschaum lathers
freely and thev use it. perhaps sparingly, as a substitute for soap.
Chips and sawdust of ihe meerschaum pipe factories make air excellent cleaning powder for ���removing
stains from costly fabrics. An infer-
ioi pipe is also made Irom theso
scraps, the Iragmems being bound
together with some solution aud ihen
molded into blocks.
Meerschaum is lound in Greece
and  in   lliubschit-z,   Moravia,  as  will
jas in Asia Minor, and to .1 limited
extent  in  Pennsylvania, South  Caro-
|Una and in the uppei (lib valley, near
Silver Lake.��� N M, Stone, New
Grand Complexion Improver!
Better Than Cosmetics
When it's r-o easy to bring back
ihr bloom ol youili to laded check's,
when skin disfigurements can bc rc-
inovc'd, isn't 11 loolirh 10 plash 1 on
Go 10 ihe root ol the trouble���remove the cause���-correct thc condition that keeps you from looking as
you ought Use Dr Hamilton's Pills
and very soon you'll have a complex
ion to be piotid ol How much happier you'll leel���-pimples gone, checks
rosy again, eyes bright, spirits good,
joyous health again returned. Never
a failure wilh Dt Hamilton's i'ills,
gei a <*5c box today.
Comlort for the Dyspeptic-There
1 is no ailment so harassing and exhausting as dyspepsia, which arises
Irom deleetive action ol the stomach
aud livet. and the victim ol it 13 to
br pitied Vel he can find ready rebel in Partnrlec's Vegetable Pills, a
preparation thai has established itself
by years ol effective use Ihere arc
pills that are widely advertised as lhe
greatest rvei compounded, bul nol
one ol them can rank 111 value with
Weary Variety Agent. And what's
yoill   particulai   claim to originality ���'
Artist. I'm lhe only comedian who
has so far refrained from addressing
the orchestra as "you in the trench."
- Loudon  Punch
Minard's    Liniment    Relieves    Neuralgia.
"Whal do you think of lhis extra
houi ol daylight scheme?"
"What I'm lor is more moonlight,"
declared the romantic girl. ��� Louisville Courier-lourual.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
n-illi [.OCA I. APPLICATIONS, an (hey
.11111101 reach llie treat ol the disease. Catarrh
is a loeal disease, Kiejtty influenced by .on
IlllulIOlltll conditions, ami m oulci to cur? it
vou 11111*1 take an internal remedy. Uall'a
Catarrh Cure is taken internally and uct3
through lhe Plooil on lhc mucous surlaces
jl llie system Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre-
letihed hy one ot lhe besl physicians 111 this
.-outitry loi years. II is composed ot some
ol die best ionics known, combined with
tomr ol Uie best blood punliera. The per-
lei 1 combination ol the liiRiedienls in Hall's
Catarrh Cure is ivliat produces such wonder-
[ul lesulls in catarrhal conditions. Send tor
testimonials, lree.
F   J.   CIIENKY   *i  CO..  I'rops., Toledo.  0.
Ml  D111..1.-IS. ?5c
Hall's   fatuity   I'ills  loi   constipation.
It's Sound
"The account ol this ba:lie bas a
menu  sound "
"Whnt do  you  mean*"
"It says the well-seasoned troops
were mustered oul and then pepper-
ed  wiih  shot"���Baltimore  American.
The  friend of  All Sufferers
10 "ihr shadow of a rock in a weary
land"  is   Di    Thomas'   I'clcctrti   ***iI
l.q .ill ihose who stiller pain ll holds
0111 hope to everyone and realir-s il
by stilling suffering everywhere
is .1 liniment thrii has the blessings (.1
hall a (ontiiirnt ll is on sale every
where and ran be louml .-.licrevcr
enqutted  for
Tin* Last (iteat West
I Northern British Columbia is the
'lasl great undeveloped west I'.very
w-liere rise 111 the United Stales run!
j Canada settlement has proceeded
tapidly, but as vel, in ihr north ol
litis province the newcotnet has hard
ly /made a place loi himself Those
who know piedicl thai the "lasl grrat
wrst" will br thr gic.iirxi ol all, its
agricultural possibilities will give it in
lire course nf time a development lhat
is nol now rvru guessed at Illll that
development will have to be guidrd
and aidrd by .judicious Ciovcrniiu ntal
assistance.'- Vancouver   Woi Id
World's Record Wheat Crop
In view of the various claim* of
world's record wheal crops for large
area.., the Crowfoot Panning Company ol Crowfoot, Alberta, submit a
:*vorn statement of their results (or
the year 1 -^ 15. which probably surpass
all properly authenticated claims
trom othci sources From 1,35b acres
lire Crowfoot Panning Company received an average yield ol 51 bushels.
50 1 J pounds, pei acre ol iiunibci one
spring wheal, by actual selling
weight, 400 acres ol  wheat averaged
51 l-_ bushels pei acre. These records were established in lhe Canadian Pacific Railway Irrigation Block
iu Southern Alberta.
By   Applying   Sloan's   Liniment   to
Forehead You Can Stop
the Severe Pains
Many headaches are ol a neuralgic
origin The symptoms ol such headaches are intense and lingering pains
ir. lhe brow, temples 01 back ol thc
There is one certain rebel thai has
been known and recom mended for
years back, Sloan's Liniment One
application aud the dull pain is practically gone. ll is easily applied
without rubbing. Rubbing is unnecessary, as Sloan's l.imnieui quickly
penetrates to the seal  ol  trouble
Aching muscles, rheumatism, bruises, lumbago, chilblains, sprains .ind
stifl neck can also be most effectively
treated with Sloan's Liniment.
Cleaner than iiiussv plasters 01 oint-
tncnls, 11 does noi slain the skin or
clog tie pore.-
Ai all drug stores. 25c. 50c. $1.00.
W.       N,       U.       1130
A deal man was being married, and
lhe parson asked the usual question,
"Do you take lhis woman for your
lawful  wile'"
"l"h"" said lhe deal man.
"Do you lake this woman for your
lawful wile'" tins time a bil louder.
'I'he groom seemed to gel angry.
"Oh, I don'l know," he said. "She
atn,'t so awful. I've seen wilss than
her thai didn't have as much money."
Their, Itinerary
Craw lord. Did you have air,
lai schedule when \un went , n
motoring   lout1'
Crahsiiaw.   till.  no.   we   pisi   I]
ally   slopped   whrnvci   ihe   rat
prtictl to luvr its breakdown ���I
��� idge
|; pills 4
Excelsior Policies Are Money Makers
James Richardson & Son_5, Limited
Western Offices      ���       ���       Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon
Specialists in the handling of farmers' shipments, Write, wire
or 'phone  our  nearest office for quotations or information.
LIMITED," to insure careful checking of grades. Liberal advancet
on bills of lading. Quick adjustments guaranteed accompanied by
Governnieni  Certificates  of grade aud weight.
Vou will profit by Sending as Samplea tuul Obtaining our Advice an to __n
-emulation before Shippi-i;- Vour Cram. 1,1,1 ticularl. Itrulcy. Oalaauil Rye.
Established 1857
470 Grain Exchange
Write for market information.
*ttm*ittm*titttttttmtttttgmi*m*��**mi  1   ���  __���____-���__�����_���
Tuberculosis Among Troops
More  Soldiers  Develop Tuberculosis
in Canada Than Overseas
Col. Thompson, ol lhe Yukon, who
is in charge ol the convalescent hos
pitals foe soldiers 111 Canada, made
lhe interesting statement, bearing out
a previous report, that more Canadian
soldiers developed tuberculosis in
Canada than in England 01 at ihe
Irom He said thc ratio yvas 60 10
Col Thompson gives as the teason
loi this lhal tuberculosis iu its incipient stage is very difficult 10 diagnose
and recruits who have is tendency to
luberculoi trouble ollen develop it
wilh lhe change iu mode ol tilc. The
change to barrack liie Irequcntly hastens ihe development ol tuberculosis
in these uicit
Many mothers have reason to bless
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because it bus relieved lhe little ones
ol  stiiTcring  and  made Ihem hcalihy.
Too Good
"Strange, Maty doesn't have any
oilers! She'd make some man a good
"Yes, but the ttouble is everyone
knows she'd make lum a good husband,  loo "
Something hettr.i than linni ami hii l����i--_n
bills       \V-_sh   it   with   mup   and   ��atn       Al
store*  or direct.     State _tvle and  _i_r      ��*m
25c   we will mail vou
CANADA. I imitrd
BUS PrHmrnt  A*��n__a. Toruad*. O*.��,..��
And How to Feed
Mn!'_l frw to toy ttldresa by
lbs Auliiur
118 Weil 3l.tS_._l. New Y��rk;
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
The lanuly was going on an outing
in lhe woods, and mot hei was packing  the lunch  basket
"I ei  me see," she murmured   "I've
gui  lettuce*    sandwiches,    olive sandwiches,    peanut     bill I r r     sandwiches,
macaroons, pickles, giugei  snaps and
!chow-chow     I wondet it I've forgot*
.ten auvtlilug"
"How aboui putting in something
10 eai" said fathci. saieasticallv.
1 "I shall never scold my husband
again loi spending so much lime at
lhe club "
"Tell ine about  il."
"Well, lust night a biirgl.n gol -nto
the house, and tny husband knocked
him senseless with lhe pokei I've
heaid several men speak ol him as a
poker expert. He has evidently been
practising al lhe . lulj loi lusl such, an
A new story is at hand beating upon the exasperating delay ill s-iiuiplet
ing the Lambs' new clubhouse Thomas Kindlay was one day passing llu
clubhouse, where lhe work upon lh*
addition is still in progress Meet
ing the janitoi. Kindlay asked hii-
how soon lhe building would be icadi
foi occupancy.
The janitor, an Irishman, irplied.
"About the lirsl ol Oc.le.mbri
I'indlay leloiied: "You mean Sei>
"I meant what I said.'' insisted ihi
janilor, "Octcmbei."
"Bill thete isn't anv such inottl'l.
deelated  Kindlay
"Thai's why  I  made il Ocirmbei.'
answered the janilor. ��� ���  Nc        *'
Belle: I'hey say lhal liimnv makes
brtler approaches than any man- in
lhe club.
lack; I should say he doesl The
lirsl time I mel him I lent him twenty
dollars. ���Brooklyn  Llle. ,
Vol I
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine limn in leu when the Iin. it r*_hl d-
ltotn-cb and bowels are right
gently bul _nnly c
pel a lazy livci to
do il> duty
Cures Cau*
Headache, and Di.tran after Ea_ra��
Small Pill, Small Doie, Small Priaa,
Genuine mmi bear Signature
esmr*mtm9%mmsmsmsmm {THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. 13,
Very Little is known by the People of the Successes of the Allies
On the West Front, and if Real Facts were Revealed, they
Would Shake Foundations ol the Teutonic Empire
In "An American's Repori of Ten
Months iu Germany," D. T. C'urtin,
of Boston, Mass., writes as follows:
Early in "vugrusl last I was in Ber*
lin. The British-French offensive
which had begun on July 1, outwardly appeared to attract little notice in
Germany. Even in lhc highest military quarters il was considered Biit-
ain's linal bluff. The, great maps in
the shop windows of every street
allowed no change, and still show no
change worth noticing. "The maps
���peal.," say the Germans,
line hoi evening iu Berlin I mel a
young officer whom I had known ou
a previous visit. I noticed he was ill
ami out of soils, lie lold mc he had
been unexpectedly called to his regiment on the western front. "Uow is
lhat?" I said, He made thai curious
indescribable German gesture which
shows discontent and dissatisfaction,
"These English," he said, "are putting '-verv man they have gol inlo a
final ridiculous attempt lo make us
lislen lo peace lei in*;. M\ have war,
rut short this evening." W'r had a
glass ol beer. "You haw- been io
Kngland. haven'l vou?" he inquired.
I told him I had been there hist war.
"I'hey seem to have more soldiers
than we thought," he said. "Thev
seem lo be learning the business. Mv
battalion has suffered terribly."
The next day Ihere were oilier
rumors in Berlin, rumors unknown
to the masses. It was suggest ed to
mc by a friend that if I wanted lo
learn the truth 1 should go to Potsdam and scc the arrival of the wounded of the famous Prussian Guard,
who had had a terrible experience al
the hands of thc English in Contal-
tnaison on July 10. lie drew me
aside and told mc that the state of
things on the Sommc if known
throughout Germany would effectively destroy thc pretension of the annexationist party, who believed lhat
Germany had won the war and would
bold Belgium, ihc conquered portion
of France and Poland. He told me
to go out to Potsdam with caution
and warned tne that I would have the
utmost difficulty in getting anywhere
near the artillery signs at lite railway
1 asked another extremely well-informed friend if anything particular
was happening in the war, and told
bint 1 thought of going to Potsdam.
He said: "What for? There is nothing seen there���the same old drill
ing and drilling." Po well arc secrets
kept in Germany.
However, 1 wenl, and what I saw
in Potsdam would, if known lo the
German people, shake thc very foundation of thc empire. Thc hypnotic
effcel of the German newspapers is
not apprehended in Great Britain.
Those newspapers .arc all directed
from the foreign office, which can
manipulate the thoughts of these docile people and turn their attention to
a particular part of the war with the
same celerity as thc operator of a
searchlight can direct lhe beam to
any part of the sky. Kor the moment
the whole German nation looks at the
beam, nothing else.     When people in
England ask, "Arcn'l thev beginning
to learn the truth?" I reply ihal sonic
are, but thai the greal majority think-
exactly what ihey arc told. The
greal newspaper searchlighl today is
switched ou ffindenbtirg. Almost all)
of these industrious human ants think1
of nothing hut HindenBiirg. The loan
which is now dragging its slow
lenglh along is lhe "lliudeiihurg
loan"; Silesia has named .i lown Mill,
denbiirg; ucwh arrived infants are
loaded down wilh ihe name; lhe daily
tobacco stores display "Hintlctlbllrg
"igars," and the busl ol ihe fierce
looking warrior is in every middle*
class house. 'I lie deification ol liin-
denbiirg and lhc downhill ol F.ng
kind arc ihe upperitiosl thoughts in
the whole German mind, ilmitr-h a
few lllollghlflll cynics in hieh places
regard him as a well advertized
France's Legacy After War
New  Railways Built and Other l"i-
Improvements Made Through
Exigencies of thc War
When the merry bells of pea ��� ring
throughout France, and her exiled
sous turn to their devastated homes
in Northern France, there will at
leasl be sonic compensation for the
deluge of blood and iron thai turned
their  I'.ilcnic fields into a hell.
Mr. Warner Allen, wilh timely
thought, reminds France ot whal she
will possess as a legacy from the
war. "There are many place; iu
France," he points oul. "thai have for
years been clamoring I'or light railway facilities, The exigent:
modern war have provided lh.
day with a profusion of railwa
implications, and when peace
i Ian 'I. .however much the rail
have been lorn up hv shell (i
tracks   will   slill  be  ihen-   foi
Some  Interesting Information Given by  Mr. C. A.  Dunning,
General Manager of the Saskatchewan Co-Operative Elevator
Co., in Reference lo Marketing Conditions in the
Prairie Provinces
  o��� ,
\ inr
ire i.i the three prairie pro-
er three thousand    country
operating    at  (lie    present IJ
lime villi a total storage capacity of j
aboul  fifty-eight million bushels.    Of j j
these three thousand, a  large  mini- j
her  arc  owned    by  line  companies. Iri
Nearly two hundred arc in Manitoba Al the   time ihis
operated by farmers' companies, Iwo known ihere was i
na,r been biotidcncd and mullipltcd. |)Undrccl and sixty-one in Saskatchc- cism of ii   bin Mr   Dunnin. s- d he
In certain districts, where lhe want ol  wan and aboul a hundred in Alberta. L ������    ������  -  n .     ���-. I.e
water  was lhe main obstacle lo pro-1These  farmers'     companies  handled j|
grrss,  hundreds  of wells have becnli,ppro-jn.ale|J   onc |ulluj,-(.(|    million
bored,  nul tl may be that at tin  end  |.,ls|lc|s ,,, u,. |<*15 cr_p ���nd are bc-
of hostilities   dtslncls    winch,    were ,���,,,:���,,    increasingly    au    inn
praclic "
"Similarly, all alo
ihc front ��� .; li
'(he rost of producing grain
Saskatchewan was staled by
| Saskatchewan drain Coinmissior
c approximately 62 cents io produce
nd place at lhc railway point a
iishcl in an average -ear, under averse conditions by au average farmer.
gttre was made
jrcat deal of eriti-
iv���    .....   coming
llv    barren and    ttttpo      tied   rai ,,,r j
wale i
Substitute Tor Rubber
Australian   Chemist   Discovers   Compound to Replace Regular
A question asked in lhe legislative
assembly ol V'icloria aboul steps lo
prevent a certain valuable Australian
invention from falling inlo the hands
of the "lubber riiitf" have directed attention lo a very interesting discovery. Mr. John Flint, Kiishenller's
Bay, near Sydney, has, like others
all oyer the world, been experimenting for years with a view to discovering a substitute for rubber. lie
claims lo have solved lhe problem.
His compound, which has been patented wherever possible, is said to
have been partly the resull of an accident. He had been working for
years upon a  certain  formula.
In making up another formula he
made a mistake, and lhe result exceeded the expectations which lie
cherished all along. To pui his discovery to a severe lest, he made a
motorcar lyre, one-half ol which was
rubber and lhe other half of his composition. The lyre has been used
for four mouths, has travelled 1,500
miles and is slill'running.
Mr. Flint admits thai as regards
actual wear his compound shows
slightly more depreciation than the
rubber, but it is doubtful whether an
ordinary observer would notice it.
Since then, however, he has improved
his compound, and its possibilities as
a rival to rubber are plainly suggested by thc fact that it can be made al
a cost of 10 lo 12 cents a pound. Il
is claimed foi Ihe new material that
it will serve all the purposes for
which rubber is used; lhal it will not
ignite; and thai when healed it will
not melt,
"Can you tell me where I can buy
a good, healthy rattlesnake?"
"What on earth do you want with
a rattlesnake?"
"My cousin Bill iu Florida jusl sen!
me a pet alligator and I want to reciprocate."
instant Relief for
Nausea and Heartburn
Vou cannot have sick  headache when
ir liver is right.    Dr. Cassell's Insiant  _^*,^\
ief sets it right,  and  that is why it ''
cures siek headache and other bilious trembles so rjuickly, so
siii-ly, so thoroughly. It is not violent, like so many preparations, and you don't need (o keep on taking it. It just helps
your liver to regain its power, and thus natural action and
natural cure follow at once.
" Soieneo Sittings," a prominent English scientific journal, says
(April II, 1116)1-" Providence has given us the brains to devise moans
to eompsnsnte Naturo for our ill-treatment of her. . . . The moans
at hand come from natural souroes, and we have them unbodied in
suoh splendid combinations as Or, cassell's Instant Reliei."
Take Dr. Caseelr. Instant Itelirrf for constipation, bUlousneas, torpi.l
lifer, sick headache, d'itziuew, .iieuta beloro the eyra, flatulence and
windy spasms, aridity, heartburn, impure blood, and that dull, heavy
1,'i'iin. which i.i a niro indication .,* liver troubles..
Price 50 cants, from all Druggists and Storekeepers,
Ot direct fronl Ui�� solo audits for Oanaila, Harold *'. Hilehiir and Co.
Ltd,, 10, M'Oaul.treet, Toronto.   War Tax 2 cents extra.
Dr, Cassell's Insiant Relief it tha companion to Dr. Cassell's Tablets.
Sole Proprietor,   (Jr. Catscll'i Co., Ltd.. Manchester, England.
Dr. Cassell's
will    enjoy abundance
consequent prospcriiy.
'".I hen all the factories v hi,-!
brin constructed lor the prep,
ol acids, lai products, powde
explosives can he easily iran-i
inlo works lhal will make ar
perfumes, photographic materials,
pharmaceutical products, and both
organic and inorganic chemical dyes,
Willi a view lo paving the way towards lhis important transformation,
a number of powerful asscrciaiions
have been formed, ol which one il
the most important is llie "Syndicat
National des Matieres Colorantcs,"
which is a combination oi coal ar.d
metallurgical companies, papermak-
ers, dyers, textile manufacturers, etc.
jf the crop
glad to see ihal this figure Iras
been confirmed bv thc Census Bureau
of the Dominion Government and the
Department ol Agriculture. Transportation and expenses  to  Liverpool
approximately .14 cents in aver-
at   Liverpool
German Terribieneas
Dreams of Annexations
ll"'  Wc-U' [age limes from life ordinary    Saskat-
Speaking al Regina on the markcl- ciiewan country point, which meant
mg ol the gram through these cleva- that when ihe price of wheat went
Pn., Mr. I A. Dunning, general below lhe dollar mark
manager of the Co-operative ".levator the farmer lost money
Company, showed in detail the vari-	
ous steps taken in lhe handling of tlie j
e-rop a*,  well as lhe varying kinds of:
documents used in the movement of 	
the crop from thc counlry elevator Never a More Monstrous Hallucina.
to lhc ocean port. t-on Th_- That Which Holds
Mr. Dunning staled lhal he had Ihel
opportunitj;   of   making comparisons tbe Teutonic Mind
in this direction when he was a For hventy-five months ihe Ger.
member of the Royal Commissio.: man soldier, like the German sailor,
appointed by the Government some, has been sowing hair ami loathing
time ago lo investigate marketing and enduring detestation in the
conditions, and he hail come tn lhe hearts of millions, lie has noi won
conclusion lh.it the Canadian faci.i-1a world by it; he has noi won a war
tie* for handling grain with respect by il. The battles thai he has won
in legislative regulation, grading ami  have heen through tire superiority of
Germany Continues to Talk of Exter
sion of Territory
'lhe  national bond in  Germany i
based upon force; nothing more tru
And this is why the German I
bclirve now, as ihey believed iu
that right is might.    This is tin-
lasting truth lo which Prince Bulow
gives utterance.   There is nothing unexpected  in  it.     Bul  even  if we are
|    Tl
generally  l
any   olhei
.ere   superior  to
exporting  coun-
organization, or Ins  preparation,
not   through   the  lear   he   has   put   in
| lhc  hearts  ot   his   Iocs.     There   has
Canadian     facilities  were  far never been a  time when  his  Ioc ���
morc advanced anil efficacious    than j that is, ihe individual lighting man ���
those in Australia, In   lhe Antipodesi was afraid of him.
the grain was handled in bags. Their      What a  strange delusion  litis Ger.
girding syslem was known as the "'���'.; man idea is, at once ludicrous and re-
'   ,f*|A.  <_.," or  fair average quality  style  vol ting I     How  deeply  into the mind
j and could not  for one moment coin- ol thc German has sunk the clutter
��� pare  wilh   lhe  Canadian.    Kussia,  as j aboul a "superior race!"   As if it were
will, was behind in ils facilities, audi conceivable     thai     people     of    the
not surprised at litis opinion, it makes uo one j��� Europe would buy Hussian, French,    Russian    or  British  nation'
us pause to think.    One of the mostU'heat without seeing il. with  all  their  centuries  of  war    and
intelligent men in Germany, one *,,,. Dunning also referred to ihej courage, of battle and conquest be-
whosc political experience is ol the agitation which is going on in some hind them, could he shaken by the
widest, has only been able to draw quarters to permit mixing of grain in mere prcscnie before them of troops
onc conclusion from the terrible t-,e terminal elevators and for pro- of a nation which is but a newcomer
Jrama    which is   at present sl'akinjt | vincial grading, He thought il would in the world and has seen its capital
be the greatest mistake in the worldi occupied and its sovereigns luimil-
to allow it. "The reputation of the iatcd, its armies routed and scattered
Canadian Government grade ccrtifi- by Frenchmen ami Russians more
catc in Europe is    too    valuable    to! than once.
lose," lie continued. "Any mixing of| Nor is it less preposterous for the
grades -would not deceive the Euro- German to imagine thai the men who
pean miller for one moment, and our! willingly and completely dedicate
certificate would be held in lhe same'iheir iivrs to the service of iheir
suspicion as lhat of the United, country, who go forth to battle prr-
States." pared to die, can be frightened   Never
Canada i* situated geographically was there a more monstrous liallurin-
at a greater disadvantage than any ation than thai which hold's the f>u-
of its competitors in lhe world's mar- tonic mind in thrall. The German
ket. "We have a very long rail haul,[sees himself irresistible, terrible, all
and rail hauling of grain is lhe most i compelling'; then he translers this
expensive method. Thc United self-Sppfaisail to thc mind ol his loe
States can hardly bc taken into ac-i'o act upon the state of timid hr
count because they arc becoming less! conceives lo exist in the enemy, he
and less a factor in the world's, mar-! has recourse to devices winch a fool*
ket. Any grain which they export '-"h nurse might employ to in my ?
and    which comes    iulo competition nervous child.
with Canada is chiefly exported from j    There is only onc thing ih.n t,e,
j the two coasts or close to the great man lerribleness has accomplished in
lakes,   amk  thus   they   have a short  [his world so far     It has dug a .nil
haul." between   the   German    and ihr   rest
Speaking wilh reference to the Ar-i"1   civilized  mankind.     Millions     of
..._. Igentinc, Air. Dunning stated that the !nen  f��r  the  rest  of thru   life-tune
���   ���' grain growing area is nowhere more] will feel toward lhe German as .most
than live hundred miles from water of,mankind feels inward a snake The
transportation, This transportation j crimes, ihe offences againsl human-
is not like our greal lakes, which in- ".'*. decency, against all human and
volves Iwo or three transfers, btlt|"tvjn-e -law which litis marked Grrtnan
is onc of the greatest rivers in    the| Policy since August, I0U, have open
F.uropc to its foundations by thc will
of Germany���that is, that German
militarism must he developed. "Wc
must strengthen ourselves on our
coasls and on our frontiers. The ri-
sult of the war musl not be negative,
but positive. The re-es'tab'ishmenl
of the status quo ante bellum would
mean for Germany nol a gain but a
loss. \\"c must insist upon an augmentation of guarantees and or real
Annexations  and  annexations,  and
slill   more   annexations,   such   is   the
theme of Prince Bulow, just tlie same
as those of Burian, Betlimanii, Tis'_a
and  others.     Afler four and  twenty
months of impotence, Germany confesses    to    what    her intentions arc!
What  would  they havc  been  if.    a=,
she intended, she had  won    in     siy j
weeks?   .    .    No  peace  can  bc  last- j
ing  which  is  not   founded  upon   the
complete aud    total defeat    of Germany, a defeat which will enable thej
conquerors  lo take the maximum ofj
guarantees    against    Prince    Bulow's
Prince Bulow knows' ihe country
will agree with him; but in expressing his views he pronounces the
country's condemnation, German
militarism and the German nation
arc one, he tells us. Hcnre the necessity imposed upon us oi taking precautions in the future not only
against the military organization, but
also against lhc people who
identified therewith, -- f.e i'1
French Conservative,
534.727 Teutons Taken
The Paris Journal of September ll
publishes a table of the prisoners and
booty captured by the Allies on the
four principal fronts from July 1 to
September 18. The captures of thc
Rumanian army and the Saloniki
armv are not included. The frgi'.ris
a re ���
British   .
Italian  .
world, i icean-going steamers come
right up lo the ports. I'hey have an
advantage in view of lhe fact lhs.1
they have tlie cheap peon labor, a
thing not desired in Canada. Mr.
Dunning pointed out lhat he was
speaking at all limes of condil
as   they   exist   iu   normal   limes
d a chasm that ii will he many de
cades before a new Gerni.rn spirii
CQuld close���New York Tribune
Destruction of  Rhetms
I'i ciins   in   time   "I   peace   had   -n
,i-s thousand houses intact; ol ihe.sr, mo
nul   thousand have  been entirely  destiny
taken   '''I  and    three    thousand have    been
damaged more or  less seriously    I'he
was! Germans have guns at a  distance of
The just one mile from ihe Cathedral, and
(nm s
These  figures  were obtainc
lhc oflieail communiques,
From September 18 lo October 4,
according to the communique, the
French increased their total of prisoners lo 40,31.1, the Britisii to 27.002,
lhe Russians to 432,564, and the Italians lo 34,2-18, giving a grand total
of 534,727 prisoners taken on thc wes*
tern, eastern and- southern fronts
from July, when the Soinm
began, lo the present lime.
Not on Any Team
suppose  wc  shall
nothing but  football    for    thc
three months.
Her Brother: Well, sis, I don'l
anv  necessity   for  you  to  kick
his whole address uiiist     i,,
from thai point of view.
As to Australia, the wheal bell
men ly a belt and nothing else.
belt   was     round     the     coast,   for as! the Cathedral is in the verv  liran of
everyone knew,    the   interior    was a Rhcitns.    I'ven   wilh  their   held  guns
great de��rrt.    In Australia the wheal of .77 calibre    stationed    ,n   Nogrnl
ripened  and  was    threshed  right  on I'Abcsscc and  iu  die  lamoiis  iori  of
lhc  field.     There  was  no  \ cry  gnat Brimoiil they can hurl shells upon ihr
expense involved, and ihey also had j Cathedral.    The  two greatest  nidus-
an advantage    in    ocean    transport-- Hies ol the city belore the  wai  were
lion.    The Australian    tariff    reguki- lhe woollen    manufactures    and the
lions with the Motherland gave thcin making    of  champagne    wine      I'he
an advantage which  Canada  did  not Germans were unable to looi lhe hulk
possess.    Australia     has   a   far  mor.' nf tlie champagne supply or to wreck
marked  British preference Ihan Can- lhe immense mileage of wine cellars,
ada for their importations of Britisii but it is a different story with regard
goods.    They had    a  lower freight to the woollen industry    There is not
rate because vessels coming to   take ���''    single    woollen    laciorv    leli    in-
wheat over came loaded with goods, Rhcims.    The    Germans'    espionage
system had revealed to them ihe location of every woollen factory, it���* ca-
; pacity ami equipment.
while of llic vessels carrying Canadian grain came cither wilh half a
cargo or with a targo not very profitable. 	
India  possessed  lhe cheapest  labor Candid
in lhc.world, and Russia, the greatest i    "Mabel,  do   yoil  ever  think  about
wheat    producing    country    in    the: marriage!"
world, could produce at a low rost.    |    "Think about it!-   1 worry about it."
"It  is useless to  speak of a home I 	
market," continued Mr. Dunning, "so      Wife: Thi*- ; ..per tells nf a man out
long as  wc arc  exporting two-third,  ill Ohio who li\is on onions alone.
of what   wc  produce, and  the  possi-i     Huh:   Well,  anyone   who   live*   on
bilities of production, so far as grain i onions  ought   lo  live  alone,���Boston
i-r concerned, arc    so    far    ahead of j Transcript,
the  possibilities of consumption  ihnt j
il   will always    be  regulated  by   the
price at Liverpool." W.      N.      U.       1130 THE COURTENAY REVIEW
.��D -.   ;    lll||BIIWIIW___taWM_MWMMMi
to a.
not be done any
r" .-*    ,*-.. ,
I       ���
41 Vi '-..<
...      J-- ���_/       ��!. .'--ri
i >!_���_:���.*
-:r___i__rri_*____j______;'3^^       7___.^__-La<i>-___as-j___:uu_^^      :
*.:������    ���:-���;-.  ':'-��,:".*���
A    ft A WW      -S     '
Liquor License Act
Notice is hereby given that on tbe
15th. day of December, next, application
will be made to the Board of -license
commissioners of tbe city of courtenay
for renewal ef the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in tbe|hotel known at
the Courtenay Hotel situated in the city
of courtenay, in the Province of British
Tuomas BOOTH.
Dated thii lstlday  ol  November 1916.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. nt.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Evening; service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Lquor License 'Act-
Notice is hereby given that on the
15th day of December, next, application
will be made to the Board of License
commissioners ol the city of courtenay
(or renewal ol the hotel license to sell li-
nuorlby retail in the hotel known as
,i,e Riverside hotel, situated in the city
of courtenay, in the Province ol Britisii
Columbia. q   h  F_,c.!NE?l
Dated this 1st day ol November, 1916.:'
|'Accounts Audited and
I Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach & Field
Letters to the Editor
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepated to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
Three  Reasons Why
has lor nine succesive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
ol any company operating in_Cauada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. ANDERTON, Agent, Courtenay
To the Ratepayers of the City  of  Courtenay.
Far be it from any intention on my
part to throw cold water, or cover with a
damp pall, any suggestion or scheme
which contains anything that might be
for the benefit of the Dominion at large
or this Virgin City in particular; but
when a sheet of misleading figures similar to that recently received by me
through the Agency of the Dominion
Hail Service, under cover of a letter,
signed by one who at one time was considered a fit person to hold Aldermanic
honors in our midst, conies into my hands
I can only come to on: or two conclusions. The first, that it is the perpetration of a brazen falsehood intended to
mislead me into supporting some unwise
scheme and thereby being a willing,
though foolish party, to the strangling of
this city with a nether stone about its
neck from which it could never escape,
such a piece of impertinent effrontery
being an insult to the intelligenge of
every man to whom it was addressed. 1
will do the writer of the letter wliicli ac
companied the figures in question more
honor than to suggest that he was guilty
of any such wilfully mischevious intent
hut in acquitting him of the intention of
any evil can only come to the second
of the two conclusions which forced them-
selves upon my mind, Out of kindness
of heart I therefore feel constrained to
liken him to a hair brained Rainbow
Chaser who sees far more in the shadow
than the substance.
In coming to this conclusion, fellow
ratepayers, do not be under any misapprehension that there is no harm in him
nor will there be if each and every one
keeps guard on against him and his
coterie. He is but the agent of others
whom I could not conscientiously acquit
of evil intent, but he is a willing tool
like the village idiot who sees no harm
iu bespattering windows with mud.
Drunkards are locked up: some lunatics
are put in the asylum, others who ought
to be roam at large.
What is all this about?
Well Gentlemen, have you read the
article under the diction of "The Proposed Courtenay Water Works System"
which is a misnomer in that it is not
only a misleading statement as to probable cost of installing a suitable and efficient water system in onr midst but
treats principally upon a scheme for
lighting the city also, the figures in relation to which are equally misleading.
But to quote from the statement itself
I will take first the item,
"Cost of water system complete as estimated by competent engineers
I wonder can Mr. defunct alderman
imagine that he cau really induce any
competent firm of engineers to enter into a contract under bond to complete the
work to the satisfaction of the City Council, to construct suitable water system
with dam at Brown's River, guaranteed
to last a given number of years, lay the
mains to the city, purchase rights of-way
through intervening properties, ley laterals, erect hydrants and leave everything in readiness at all points to connect with individual consumers for this
sum, I very much doubt if he can for
this, plus another {20,000.00,
Any incompetent engineer may undertake to construct it for a given sum on a
percentage basis but it will be up to the
city to find further funds to complete It
when the given sum is expended.
Contractors who undertake this kind
of work have, as a rule, spent many
years in learning their business, they are
shrewder than Mr, Alderman, notwithstanding that he acquired wealth more
easily than do they and before they
would do so much as contemplate the
proposition they would waut some surety
that money was forthcoming.
Cost of Electric Light, Heat and Power
System as estimated $10,000.00
While these figures might be suitable
to the purpose, were the writer of the
article setting a mathematical calculation
to a boy student in a junior grade, it
will be found entirety inadequate for the
purpose intended, Having some data at
my disposal I am justified in saying that
twice that sum would not allow any surplus in finishing a suitable system in
When I say suitable system, I do so
guardedly, as I am aware that for the
sum of $10,000,00 some kind of a system
whereby light could be sold to consumers might be established; but while some
people are content to live in a woodshed
others preler to live in a house, ao if we
are going to have our own system of
electric light let us have one we can depend upon at all times with a minimum
annual outlay for maintenance, not one
that will be a nuisance through cheapness.
My estimate for these two services,
aud I feel I am as qualified to give one
as a good many, is at least $70,000.00.
My esteemed and atheletic friend in his
desire to find the nugget tied to the end
of the rainbow has been prevailed upon
to lend his name to the suggestion of
$40,000.00, though he wisely makes
provision lor contingencies, amounting
to $5,000.00 more. Figuring conserve
tlvely tlie least we can handle these
propositions, with any hopetul certainty,
is $70,000.00.
The author of the diction under discussion says that because we are free8
from debt ns a city we are a first clas-,
security. The situation to my mind i0
comparable to that of the artisan wh
has hitherto been able to get to and from
his place of business by street car, which
not only being satisfactory wai within
his means, No doubt an automobile-
I would be a boon to him and enable him
| so lake lhe family out at times, but il
his wages are limited to street car ca-
paclty it would not only be unwise but
foolish u> buy an automobile on the hire
system if he is not only going to be iu
debt hy so doing lor the remainder of
his lite but gniti g to find the monthly
cosl greater than thc street cur ami out-
bitle Iiis menus,
Thut such optotuists, or cheerful id-tots ��
should need disillusionment Is pitiful but
as prohibition is but a measure to guard
niie tiHaiiist himself sn must he, or they,
Iw put mi thc qui vlve,
Who amongst you is there would take
stock in bonds Issued in the name of lhc
City of Courtenay? Nul one at any price
I'll wager, ami if you would nut, who fn
the name uf nibbling Nebuchadnezzar
do yon expect.to cajole into buying a
gold brick in these days.
Willi the city iii pawn, Electric Light
ami Water systems installed (in the hire
purchase sysLi-m for the requisite -tun
ul $84,000.00 which il would be necessary
tu limit ill order to get $711,(1(10.0(1 to work
with, allowing lor sales at 80, which is.
us much a.s could lie hoped for, let US
see how we stand.
84,000 6 per cent bonds Annual Interest $5040.001
Redemption or Sinking fund
say 1500.00
To this add the charge outlined
by Optimist, amounting to  5350,00
lire, ine which is allowed for
as tlle figures suggested by Optimist, but    ilhlsionary    71180,011
Annual deficit $4810,00
tu llis caldilution air insipid adviser
tells us tin re are 100 householders and
50 business houses. This is excessive,
and with a debt ril this nature lacked on
is likely to be mor ( so, as taxes are like- I
ly to drive people away.
In lighting, the same   cheerful author
cuts the business   bouses   down   lo   1(1,
which is nearer lhe mar k, hut in this aa |
with the water   tiie   saute   income   line j
been taken into account.
Assuming that thc   money con hi   bet
raised, which expresssou makes mc feel j
as einiieeillie as my   insipid   friend,   w
shall be saddled with a   debt   of   nearl
$5,000.00 a year,   which   will   conic   to|
about seven mills   instead   of   three
suggested, and for why?
Why should we ratepayers, most
whom don'l need electric light, be sad-1
died with increased luxation when those I
who do can under present conditio
get all they need far cheaper and without tllis unnecessary expense
taxation. ________
Such floundering in artificial figures
makes me think there is nothing genuine
in Courtenay but the complexion of the
ladies. Even these our unchivalroua
bachelor friend would beguile, but let
him beware, for our women now have
the vote, and while I must plead guilt)
to not having aided them in getting it,
when I think of the eld women who always had it I rejoice to think it has been
extended to them.
Somehow this old bachelor remind)
me of the rainbow itself,   not that
looks like one in the least but there  is I
such a similarity in their uselessness fo-[
all practical purposes; and u a  rainbow)
������- -������--��� <-...__ i. _____i���_i  t-i
iu  extra I
chaser because what he ia compelled to
admire it beyond his reach. Like ��� gooc
old mastiff when he has nothing to bit*
at he barks at the moon. Will no on'
give him something to bite and Unstop his barking?
If, Mr. Editor, I have taken much o
your apace forgive me. I did not mew
to write so much. Fellow ratepayers
for my shortcomings in spelling or gram
mar pray likewise forgive me. I am n.
orator as was Brutus, but limply a plai J
blunt man like Mark Anthony who ipok-
right out and aaid what he did know.o
what he thought he did, which was jur
as satisfactory to himself. He's dea
now, poor fellow. When I think of hit:
and some 1 know, I feel sorry for h'
loneliness and would send him compan
but then, wha'I might send would 1
worse company, ma ybe,  than  solitui
Very truly yours
Still Another Ratepayei]
"Milk Testing  and  dairy   R<J
cords" is the title ot a new bulleti I
which will shortly be issued by th 1
Department of Agriculture at  Vi'I
toria.   The bulletin has been  pr-1
pared bv T, A. P.  Wiancke,  Pre]
vincial Dairy instructor, and  dea i
with thejmethods of  testing  mill
and the advantages  to  be  gaiue]
therein.   In addition to this,   M->
Wiancke has gone very  fully iut j
the matter of keeping dairy recor'I
and has clearly demonstrated  thi
it is to the great advantage of  tl
dairy farmer to keep close track c
what each cowi-* his herd is doin
in the way of butter fat  and  mi-
production.   This new bulletin
well i lustrated, and in addition hi
copies of the varioui forms used
keeping an accurate reeord of ea<|
cow's performance,   Anyoue wis'j
ing a copy of this  bulletin  shoti J
write to the  Publications  Brancl
Department of Agriculture, Victoi-T
and as k for bulletin 72, Milk Ter?
ing and dairy Records.
It is reported that T, E. Ban!
Cumberland's popular alderni I
has his hat in the ring for the Ut j
oralty contest next year,


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