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The Review Feb 7, 1918

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(lun not Im done nny I ottor, and
nut nnlto ao well anywhere oIho
horoabonta. Our typo anil miiuliiii-
ery in oomploti and Tlio Review
prices are right
VOL. 6
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a sliipnient of Ladies Shoes and the Riuex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always  find our  prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Save Your White Flour
and Beef!
Use one-fifth of any of the following flour* and
��� cereals with your white flour
Rye Flour,       Whole Wheat
Grahams Yellow cornmeal.
Oatmeal Robin Hood Bran
In order to help you to conserve the supply of beef
we have arranged for a supply of fresh fish to
reach us each Thursday morning
Phone your order early
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
Local Lines
There will be a dance in the Royston
.-.I'liuul liouse on Prlday, I'el), 22.
The Ladies ol l.ii/.n intend giving a
dunce in tin.' school-house on Monday
evening in niil of the Piano fund,
Mr. Oiniiville, manager of tlie
Campbell River Trading Co, wns
a visitor in town yesterday',
Tlm I. 0. D, E. tliis wi'ck .hip.
jioil a large box of mix lor llic boys
at. tlm front, fjvery ono ol tliom
bears a stamp hi iliat llm recipient
will know wh.ru they camo from,
Mr, John Johnston, the I,ake
Trail sidewalk contractor has put
in a number of crossings on the
new sidewalk which will be great-
i ly appreciated by the residents on
the opposite side of tlie road,
i    Sneak thieves are operating   b
tweeu here and Cumberland.    One
I day last week while Mrs. T. Pearse
of Happy Valley was out of her
bouse for about an hour some one
entered and made off with one hundred and twenty dollars. Some
cue also entered Mr. Stoncr's house
and took therefrom nearly all the
clothing belonging to D. Gatehouse
who went overseas with the fust
Canadian contingent, and has
since paid the supreme sacrifice,
I( you happen to spill grease on the
stove, sprinkle it ovcr witli salt; il will
kill tlie odour,
For Sale���Williams Class A, Ar-
tist mod.I, engraved B flat comet,
quick change; pearl lined pistons.
Plush lined case, with all extra
parts. Value $6o, will sell for $35
Can be seen at Review Office.
Owners of property wishing to
sell might do well to send me full
particulars of same, price, amount
of acreage clearad, etc, F. R. F.
Biseoe, General P. O , Victoria, B.
For Sale���About 3 1-2 acres of
land in the City of Courteuay,
Terms easy. Address Owner, 3323
Tennyson Ave., Victoria. B. C.
For Sale���A quantity of timber
ou Hornby Island, close to water,
For particulars apply Box A. Review Office.
Rauch to Rent���160 acres, 20
cleared, dwelling house aud bam,
gaiage, small orchard, ou Lower
Road.    Apply at Review Office,
Strayed Away���One three year
old Holstein cow, should have calf
about 8 mouths old, mark, a hole
in each ear. Also 4 yearling heifer
calves. Anyone knowing of their
whereabouts please notify Smith
Bros., Saadwick
To Rent���House lately occupied
by T, Booth. Electric light, hot
and cold water, and all modem
conveniences.   Apply VV7. Duncan, j
For highest prices iu hide.*, scrap i
metal and old rubbers see VVm. j
Douglas, Courtenay, j
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle)
supplies at the Ford oarage. j
j    Go  to  McBryde's   for   quality |
I bread,
L   .    .-
Miss [.athryn Glazbrook left for
Victoria on Monday on a week's
/111 lhc woodiin 11 of the Comox
Logging & Railway Co. have been
grauted an unsolicited raise of 500
a day in wages.
Mis. Hugh Simmers arrived in
town lo stay with her parents, Mr.
ami Mrs   \\'. Hodgson, Lake Trail
' while her husband is away, he hav
ing gone overseas with   the   ArJ.il-
I lery,
A Chicago pyscopath i.s author-
. ity for the statement that the lon-
I ger you kiss the same  woman  tiie
I less thrill   you   get,   because  the
electro-chemical action diminishes.
The theory is'not new to science,
j and we have heard of several Courtenay men who avoid this staleness
of chemical action by   engaging in
oscillatory, exercises   with    their
neighbors' wives.
The management of the Maple
Leaf Theatre are doing all they
can to bring good shows to Courtenay. Recently two high clasri
shows have been put on with hut
1 il tie or no profit "to themselves.
The theatre-going people were
pleased however, and that goes for
a great deal. The moving picture
machine used in this theatre is ns
good as any in the province���the
censor says so anil he should knov
��� It is difficult to get good pictures
at popular prices, Those who saw
"A Daughter of the Gods'1 lust
Saturday could not help being
satisfied with the exhibition. It is
said that it cost one million dollars
to produce the films. One can
credit thc statement for the whole
world had to be searched for places
to produce the scenic effecis, and
au army of people employtd.
W'liib- some persons have been
shouting l"i' ibe,, government or
someone to start 11 shipbuilding
plant in ibis vicinity, Ml'. Julio
C"wio has been busy getting out
timber witli which to build a
steamboat uf the flni bottomed or
scuvv variety, She will be ovm-
fifty fuel lontr 2~' beuui and 0 or
S' iu llie hold. She will have n
large paddle wheel at the rear, and
upper works for the HCcominodat-
inn nf the ci'cw. The pi,ink-,
wliicli are 5" x 12" nnd 56' long
are being cut at Dan Kilpatrick'-
this week,
Anglican Services
Sunday, Feb. 10,   Quinquagesinia.
11 a. m. Holy Communion at St,
Mary's, Grantham.
11 a. in, Matlius and Holy Com
niuiiiou at St. Peter's, Comox.
3 p. in. Eveusong and Sermon a",
tlie Lazo Mission.
3 p. 111. Sunday School at St,
John's, Courtenny.
7 p. 111. Evensong and Sermon
.it Holv Tiinily, Cumberland.
7.30 p. 111 Evensong and Sermon at St, John's, Courteuay,
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Iiible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday   School and   Bible  Clas
10:30 a. 111.    Evening service  7:30
p. 111. All welcome
Taken at wicket
Taken at tea rooms
Masquerade suits
Shepherd & Co.
W, Robertson
Booth & Sons
C, H, Tarbell
Total amount cleared        290.90
The ladies of "the I, O.  D. E.
wish to thank all J who [helped on
that evening in Jany Jway 'towards
the success of the Masquerade,
Drug Store
Nyoltis Talcums
Rose,  Baby,
Lilac, Violet
Perfumes :
Locust Blossom
Mygracia, Mayflower
and Wood Violet
Courtenay   -   B. C.
IjSafety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
60c per lb. this week
We are Headquarters for
Rubber and Leather Footwear
to suit any member in
A general assortment of
always Rept in stock
We invite your inspection
hon-' 43
Next the Drug Store THT.    ftWvTEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
Cuticura Better
Beauty Doctors
For cleansing, purifying antl he.mil
fylngthe complexion, hands and hair, .1
Cuticura Soap is supreme, especially ]
when assisted by touches '.! Cuticura i.
Ointment to soothe and heal tin first h
iii;ns nf skin troubles. For free sam- n
pli- ��� Idrcss post-card: "Cuticura, Dept.
\\i Boston, U. S. A." Sold by dealers
Ibroughoiit tlie world,
First Germany
Must Be iSeattii
In Order to  Obtain    the    Sort    (if
Peace That Would Be Wonli
Whal will I"- thc effect of Lord
Lansdowne's letter in Germany?
I Simply lu givclhc military party,
wliicli is in complete control an opportunity t" claim that Britain
worn out with llur war and ready lo
quit, And nny quitting mnv would
ie ri German victory, Every utterance of importance from Germany
shows thai tin parly thai brough
mi ihe war ns n war of conquest ii
determined i'i end it on lhal    basii
Tin  defeal of I li rmany is lhc firs
requisite  to  obtaining  the   sort     of|Must 3c Free  For Al! Time
peace lhal  would  be  worth the  ter- German Oppression
nblc sacrifices liim have been exact-1
ed  from  llic  nations  by the  wicked1    l'orttinately lhc    Germans    cannot
mil ���  back  until     tin y
mi n
cd Stale
to in won by violence,
,, not ilr. sliglitcsl reason
. thai iiii- is not ihc feel-
I'nglanil, Lansdowm no
iks for Britain than l.n-
i- (lore speak for lho Unit-
Every iiallon Im- its fainl
'hey are nut the im a i\ ho
[Cansas  City Slur.
i    worldjgel   their
U. S. Firma Control ,
Canadian Fisheries:
Dominate Lake Fisheries Because
Chief Market Has Been in U.S.
Tlio greater portion of the Canadian lake fishing business is controlled by United States firms, and this
is chic to ih;- facl that more llian 90
per cent, of llic tolal output finds ils
market in the United States.
On our Great lakes, a very largi
fishing industry is carried on, (not
unly during (lie summer and autumn
Uionlh. but also in iild-winter, when
the fish arc laken through the ice,
��nd, owing lo    climatic    conditions,
Easily nii.l Quickly  Cured with
For  Snle  l.y  All   Dealers
l)oir_la.-, & Co., rrop'rs. Nnpaitce,  On!
The Aihed War Conier_nce
The Results of the Conference Have
Been Highly Satisfactory
There has  naturally  been  no talk, ,.,,,,        , ., , .    ,
of peace aims at the inter-allied con- mil1'" '"in bloodless children.    Study
have defeated thc Hiiri'-li navy, The
world has plain warning o( what will
happen if il places these enemies of
humanity in a position lo renew their
plot against mankind, The German
colonics would become places of
arms and bases tor llie pirate submarines. In r.ll llic I ii I'lnrui plans
there is no thought for lhe native,
Hc is to be treali d as a beast, As
a beast he has been treated in lhc
pasl. In thc German Southwest Africa forced labor was imposed on
every native from the age of seven;
all unlives could he Hogged by any
member of lhe German police; and
no native could own horses or cattle. The allies, wlio believe in human
freedom and in llic Christian doctrine of the worth to the individual,
cannot restore ii at any price- London  Daily Mail.
fii'ciiiv at I'aris.   The sessions havc
been entirely    concerned    with    the
tan he transported long distances, wjnning ,������ *th(, war. The terms of
without requiring expensive methods .���.-.,. *onil, a{t(.nvar(l<r
uf refrigeration. 'J hey arc frozen; Thc results of the. conference have
naturally as soon as taken irom the been ,- ,]lv srUisf;l,ton, Not 0���iv
water and arc shipped lo various ecu- kas the allied war council been cs-
tres in the Lulled Slates especially lablishccl for land op. rations but a
n the Western stales, although there mc inter.:i)Ued naval committee
is a growing demand for   Canadian
does not usually hurt a child at
school unless the studies encroach on
time that should he spent in out-
of-doors exercise, liul lack ol" exercise and overstudy is a combination
that brings on St. Vitus dance. If
your boy or _irl at school is thin and
pale, listless and inattentive, has a
fickle appetite, is  unable    to     stand
,,-������.,-;- . , iof coiisiiltalion also lias been agreed I ?*'"��� >'��" ��"*st remember that health
lake lish in  hasten markets also.��� upo���     Naturally in this   connection ls much more important than edtica-
Froin 'Fish,  Birds and Game,' pub- Great nritain's voice will he decisive p*"', ����'! more lime should hc given
lished by lhc Commission ol Conscr- sccjng that h, r Ilavy is llle Das;s 0f to exercise and recreation,
ration. |,|,��� ,.nlil.��� ,.,,,,.,,1,. :l'ni_nr... |    Sc,- to ii  at once that the     child
docs not overstudy, gets plenty of
out-of-door exercise, sleeps ten out
of every twenty-four hours, and
takes a safe, reliable tonic like Dr.
Williams' l'ink Pills until the color
returns to the checks and lips anil
llur appetite becomes normal. For
growing children who become pale
and thin Dr. Williams' Link Pills arc
not only safe but in most cases are
the very best Ionic lhat can he taken.
These pillr build up the blood,
strengthen thc nerves and assist na-
lure in keeping pace with rapid
Vou can get Dr. Williams' Fink
Pills llirougli any dealer in medicine,
or by mail postpaid at 50 cents a box,
or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Willi;.ins' .Medicine Co., Brockville,
The entente powers are now ready-
Dread of Asthma makes countless to prosecute the war with a single-
thousands miserable. Night after ness of purpose such as lhcy have
night thc attacks return and even not previously known. Thev can
when brief respite is given the mind Icontrol thc llritish. French and Ilal-
is still in torment from continual an-j ian fronts as our war theatre and
licipation. Dr. .1. D. Kellogg's Asth- move Iroops and supplies according-
ma Remedy changes .-ill lhis. Relief ly, The resultant strengthening of
comes, ami at once, chile future at- their offensive and defensive power
lacks are warded off, leaving lhe af-1 will bc considerable. And opportune
flicted one in a slate of peace and also. For the central powers, judg-
liappiness lie once believed he could ing from their savage blows against
never enjoy.     Inexpensive and  sold i lhc  Italians and    ou    the    Cambrai
almost everywhere.
New Servant-gill Slory
The wife of a successful young li;-
erary man had hired a buxom Dutch
girl lo tlo the housework. Several
week's passed and from seeing her
master constantly about the house,
the girl received an erroneous impression.
"Ogscusc   me,   Mrs,   Blank,"   she
Said to her mistress on day, "but  I
like lo say somedings."
"Well, RciK'.?
front, are lighting more fiercely llian
ihey ever did in hope lo secure, a de-
cision before lhe  spring.
With the million men or so they
���.-ill secure llirougli Russia's defection, they hope to bring lhe allies lo
the pcacc-lable in a fi v.- months.
They already realize ttint the .snli-
marim piracy will never do it.-- -Van-
couvi r World.
early all children are subject   lo
ins, and many are born with them.
hem suffering hy using Motll-
��� ,    , ,   .    . ���    .,  .      . , i r v     .er,' Worm  Exterminator,   thc
Inc girl    iilti-iieil, fumbled    with i��� .,,,,,   i,  ,,,- ,��� . |.r,,,i .i, .��� ,���.
I ��� ,   ,, ,���,..,    ,, ne.     r, ��� ii    \   ol   It',   l.ln.1  til. I i an  lie
her apron and then replied,     Veil, j.. i
you pay mc four tollars a veck "
-Ves, and  Ir
���.ny more."
"It's not dot.'
"bul  1  bc  villi '.''���:; he  thrc
lars    till���till    your    husband
Vork."���-Boston Transcript.
you |
Ragged Rogers���Strange how feV
of "our youthful  dreams  come    (rue,
ain't it?
Frayed l'hil���Oh, I dunno. 1 remember how I once yearned lo wear
long pants. Now 1 guess I wear 'em
longer than anv men in the countrj',
(i'-Uinj- the Subs.
rbrpedoboa'ts Dash    and    Swirl    in
Apparently  Aimless Circles
\ Chasing Prey
"Il was a clear day off Folkestone.,
ihe channel two English torpedo I
boats loafed.    There was a    sudden '
of    excitement.     The    torpedo j
bonis  put   on   full  Steam  and    began'
dashing about in apparently aimless I
circles.    A   seaplane  whirled  out oi J
the   baj   and   spun   aloft,   circling
spol in the waicr.    Watching crowds j
saw a dark shadow which sank bach
into tho depths.    Motor lorries hur-1
ricd several  detachments of soldiers j
lo the shore as the hovering guards j
of the coast drove Iheir prey toward
land.      The  soldiers  kept   a  curious j
populace   back   until     dark.        Nexl '
morning all was calm as usual, bul
another German submarine had been
adib d lo lln- list captured by   Fug \
hind's sea hunters.
"li happi ned jusl outside our win
dow," Mrs. Hates said. "We wanted
lo si i what lire.run of ll"' German
crew. Bill wc wen- disappointed
Whatever happened was obscured bj
Mr. and Mrs, Bali s in rc in Eng
land al the beginning of the win.
They sailed for the United Stales i'i
"li may sound strange," Mrs. Bates
said, "bill about the best thing WC
found when wc gol home was white
bread. After a 'diet of English war
bread���a grayish sticky substance
composed of a lit lie wheat and a loi
of something else���American bread
ceineil the best food wc had ever
Ou the return voyage Mrs. Hales'
vessel was attacked twice by submarines. The first attack was late
on a clear morning. A lookout
sighted a periscope and the wake of
a torpedo speeding toward lhe ship.
Thc vessel veered and the torpedo
passed 50 feet astern. Then the naval gnu crew uuliinheied llieir camion
and lhc U-boat disappeared.
The next attack resulted disastrously for another of the kaiser's
sea terrors. The U-boat fired two
torpedoes, which missed. Naval gunners scut a hail of shot toward thc
periscope. Mrs. Bates counted 68
shots. Thc captain of the gnu crew
wouldn't tell what happened, but
ship gossip had il that the gun crew's
first shot disabled the "sub," and that
later it went down.
ln London Mrs. Bales saw llie first
Zeppelin downed by all English airplane. She and her husband were
awakened by the roar of bursting
bombs. They hurried into the street.
Hundreds of fingers of light darted
through the sky and finally the Zeppelin was flooded with light. Two
English airplanes darted in, there
was a rattle of machine gun lire and
the Zeppelin  fell in flames.
For the women of Kngland Mrs.
Bates has the strongest praise. Women are doing everything, she says
���and working cheerfully. Wives of
noblemen are serving in hospitals
under their former servants, scrubbing, carrying coal���because English
hospitals generally are wilhout steam
heat��� making bandages and stooping gladly to the hardest kind of
manual labor.
Cafes and theatres, now are attended chiefly by refugees, Mrs.
Bates says.
"Thc English, iWjout exception,
havc given their entire time tb thc
war," Mrs. Bales said. "If anyone
suggests a table for bridge she is
looked on as an enemy of lhe
This Means You!
ponded thc girlj I    "Eat  less  wheat, meat,  sugar and
loi-1 fats, to save  for the army and our
jets allies,"    says    the    food    controller.
|"Eat more corn, oats and rye.    pro-
  duels, lish and poultry, fruits,   vege-
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.  Iab1le? "J}*1 Potatoes,    baked,    hoibd
1 il nd broiled  foods.
This nuans yon!   To ask the. Can-
Mrs. Greener (al her first gam.  of -adian people to eat  less of    certain
football)���Oh, isn't  il awful?    Hor-  foods iu order that lhe soldiers   at
rlblel    Why, lhcy will kill that poor, the front may not go short is a mat-
fellow underneath!" ter of intense seriousness.
I ler Daughter    ian    enthusiast)���I 	
���D.m'i be silly, mother,    lie doesn't Minard's Liniment Cures Garget   in
���  bv    tliis
mind   it.      HeS   lllli'OliMli.li
time."���Boston Transcript
Music During Air Raids
A Pill That Is Prized.���There havc
been many pills' put upon tbe market
and pressed upon lhe public attention, but none has endured so-long
or met with so much favor as I'arni-
elce's Vegetable Pills. Widespread
use of theni has attested their great
value, and lhcy need no further advertisement than lhis. .Having firmly established themselves in public
esteem, they now rank wilhout a
peer in the list of standard vegetable
Minlmhe The Fire
Peril By Uing
Chemically Self-Exliogniihing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With "No
EDDY is the only Canidi.n
maker of thej*. matches, every
stick of which has becn treated
v.ith a chemical solution which
positively ensures thc match
becoming dead wood once il
hai been lighted and blown
Look for lh�� words "Chemically leli-ixth-.tiijliing'' on tlie
Well Irrigated
Georgi  ivas hampered by a mother
whose idea of godliness was cleanliness. Notwithstanding the frequent
baths lo which he was condemned
George thrived exceedingly, One
I be Spirit in Britain That Will Not I day a neighbor remarked ou his rap-
| ill grow lh.
"Vis,"  said   George,    "that's  ma's
Exposure Aches
Cold rain, winds, and dampness
bring out the rheumatic aches. An
application of Sloan's Liniment will
noon have the blood circulating and
the pain will disappear. For neuralgia, lame back, miff neck, sprain.,
strains, and all muscle soreness,
.SI,._,,'��� Linimentran'l Ihi'wat. No i ui.biiia j
it quickly p_��etratM and doaail_woi_ vitit-
out.Manor rioting of Ibe |��ii.. Bcllcr
than piasters or mnlments. rorcold lent or
hands try an application of Sloun'nLiiiinirnt.
Generous sired b.ltltw, at ait si.J__.uta.
2Jc, 50c., $1.00.
V.-v '   KILLS PAIN ,   -.A
Mii;!"'- i awini
���vi i .tinted tl
Aboriioii, Sterility, -Mid (*iema>
(ure Calvlug, oni
or one htind.ca
entile treated ���*
5 iulnutea. Um
one hail oi mil
firoiluct. if i*ol
utisfted ret tin;
'lie babitire and
ft   your   money.
MK.aH  Sav.r"
ttlls    2*>    poundI
1*1.00.     Send   foi
printed  matter.
Plant   and   lleid   Office,   Edmonton,   Alberts*
V,   0.   Boa,  821
r81t l*.:uc��_j, CURES CHaONIC WftAKNESri f.OJT VIOOI
THEKAPION J...,���S..��
ii. e-ovv, si amf ai-viup to au. okhvims rMUM
A aa/a, iilhH, ncniHtn* mat
elm. Sold In tlir-- dec nam ej
siren*!.. Ko. 1. II; H��. t, ttt
No. t, |3 per boa.   Sol* by aO
Extravagance Is Under Suspicion
A Canadian correspondent, writing
irom Kngland, makes the following
observation, which is not without its
significance for tlmsi: who imagine
that they "must keep up appearances"
in connection with lln consumption
of food:
"To ho too widl dressed and loo
fashionable nowadays induces thc
Siispicioui lo-regard Ihi luxurious
oni' as :���. profiteer or tin near rcla-
tivi  -ri one of these outcasts,"
To tin folic of London town air
raids have ceased to he a novelty.
Londoners are meeting lhc trying
circumstances with fortitude. During the raids music is frequently called inlo rommmission to enable llu-
I people I'. 1-Ci.p cool, In: cheery and
| stand tin  I train, ,
| Oiur evening il is related that when
[the raid v.is on, a street organ in a
: sheltered corner of a l)iis"y thoroughfare ground out Leslie .Smart's "Soldiers of the King" with an air of defiance thai is typical of the. Britisii
spirit, lu the days of the South
Al'r.'.in war thai same number which
was then "Soldiers of lhc Queen,"
ncn ed many a heart.
A litlle later   the    same   evening
' there was heard  in  a home     sonic
voices accompanied by a piano singing the old livmn "Hold tlie Fort."
I These represent  thc spirit that will
nul down.
fault;  she  waters  mc  too  muchl"-
Why suffer from corns when they
can he painlessly rooted out by using
Holloway's Corn Cure.
1 Thc whole subject of the exportation of milk from Canada to thc
United Stales has    been    taken    up
I v. itli the United States food administration. ..
She Economized
''Tom, dear," said Mrs. ' Young-
brido as Ihey sal down to dinner, "I
did just as yuu lold ine lo."
"You mean about economizing?"
"Ves. Instead of buying sirloin
Slcak I bought a porterhouse. It
isn't nearly so large, you know."
"Is this son of yours adolescent?''
"Oh, no, sir, he's just a little queer
i the head."���Baltimore American.
Granulated Eyelid*,
Sore Eyes, Eyes inflame, by
ion, Out,and M-lnWjulckly
relieved by Murine. Try 11 In
your Eyea and In Baby's Eyea.
����eBal��e,in TubssJfc!. .or ��sa��s/_seftj-rre*.
*_k M-M-lac Era ���������Hy Ct.. Chlcam *
Minard's  Liniment   Co.',   Limited.
Sirs.���I ha\e used vour MINARD'S LINIMENT for the past 25
years and whilst I have occasionally
used other liniments I enn safely say
that I have never used any cipial to
If rubbed hel wei n the hands and
inhaled frequently, ii will never fail
lo cure eold in llie head in _4 hours.
It is also lho Hi M for bruises,
sprains, eie.
Yours Truly,
.1. C. LESLIE,
Preparing for a Harvest
As the oats in her hat nodded and
trembled they persistently lickled the.
car of thc man sealed next to her.
Hc stood it in silence for some
time, then he ostentatiously took a
huge pocket knife out of his pocket
and began to sharpen it on the sole
of his boot.
"Whatever are yon g-going to d-
d-do?," cried the girl,
"Oh, don't worry, Miss!" said,the
man, lesling the edge, of the blade
on his thumb. "But the next time
as tlicm oals gets in my ear there's
going to be a harvest, ���-Pittsburgh
"Arc you a tramp?"
"No, mum, I'm a food conserver.
Have you got any old food you don't
want wasted?"���-Louisville Courier-
dnwtsata, *t iwi are .at* ta
plain package on receipt aj
price, .reepamphlet ad-ret.
rent*. OM Ifmrnnt ITIs-WJ
la no aore neceaaaty
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eiperlcace he*. drmoristratGl
the alaiost miraculous eflN
OCT. .ndb_nalr_snw_,ol Antltyptiotd Vaccination.
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician, you and
your lamlly. It Is more vital than house insurance.
As- your physician, draft1.-!, or ttti tel   Have
you bad Typhoid?" telllnf of Typhoid Vaccine,
���Hulls from ua , and dancer floss Typhoid Carriers.
Tbe Soul of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
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buy     a     ..-iJliord
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Dominion I'nprcss l'orei.n Cliequee are
acccpteil by Field Cashiers anil Paymasters
in Trance for their full face value, There
is no better way lo :cnd money to llie boys
in the trenches-
Hogg;  Bristled  Up
"Aiiss    Jones,"   said    Ihi   hostess,
"permit me to introduce   Mr, Hogg,
author of those   delightfully   clever
poems you     list havo read."
"1 am glad to meet Mr. Hogg,"
said the yotinir woman. "Pardon the
question, bul is that your real name?"
"Certainly," said JIhri.. bristling
up. "Did you think il was my pen
'DODD'S   v
%. PILLS._/
��'aijctc5 M_^ii'.;v!'
W.     N.     U.     1191 THE   REVIEW,    CQURTOTir.    B.   0,
Iruia's Part in thc War
Winston Spencer Churchill, British Minister of Munitions, Says
There has Never Been a Moment Durin_ the War when
'Ihere was Less Excuse lor being Misled on Issues
Speaking nl Bedford recently on
���hc subject of the allies' war aims,
Winston Spencer Churchill, minister
of munitions, said lhal the situation
was more serious than il had been
reasonable three months ago to expect. Tin' country and lhc allied
cause, Colonel Churchill added, wcrc
endangered, The (ulurc of lhe British empire and o( dc ct-alic civllis-a-
lion was hanging iu lhe balance and
would continue in hiini ilu re for n
considerable period,
There are people who wish I"
bring aboul a premature pence, Tiny
lire listening lo lln sophisllies nnd
dangerous counsel m certain politicians, People who say 'Hc-slale
your war alius,' really mean lo ,-jiakc
peaee with the victorious  Huns.
"The Hriiish du nol mean lo pui
up anything but llle legitimate nud
righteous aims wilh which wc entered lhe war, and it such an issue ns
this v.ire seriously raised, il could
lie decided onlj hy the whole nation,
I cannot sit Llt-.il there is ihe slightest danger in submitting  lhal  qtics-
he  wholi
lion In lunation.
"Presidi-iil Wilson's statement of
war aims is good enough for me,
We mean lo win lhc war, however
long ii may lake, If Russia hns
fallen mil of the ranks, lhc United
Stales lias fallen in and is coming
lo our aid. The lunger Great Britain
and America arc righting side by
side, thc closer they will lie drawn
together. Thai i.s a tremendous
fact, and ii uill make amends for
what we are now suffering."
After frankly dealing with the presenl unfavorable war situation, ho
saiil this was entirely,due to lhc fact
thai Kussia had liecn thoroughly
beaten by German Intrigue and gold,
-no less Ihan German sleel. This had
Kills Strike Terror
German  Attack  Frustrated by Presence of Mind of the Colonel
Thc very sight of the kill strikes
terror into the hearts of the average
German soldier, A mnn who went
overseas with a Western highland
battalion writes of n German attack
which wns frustrated by the wit of
Ills colonel and the fear of the kilt.
i "(in. day," he says, "the l-'ritzes had
jusl massed, and were beginning to
lop their parapet for a charge, when,
in mn tiller ainazeiui ni and consternation, the colonel .sprang up lhe ladder, nud in a trice was' nut on our
min parapet for all lhe   Germans to
r.l'l .
"Before Wc could realize what had
happened, he raised his arms, shout
lug nl the pitch oi his voice: "Come
on, Gordons, Caincrons and Sca-
forths, eoiiii: <ni!"
"hur a moment wo didn't understand, aud ihen we let out sueh a
yell, and let drive sueh a terrible volley thai the Frilzes, to a man, turned "nil, and before you could have
said "jack Robinson" every mother's
snu of them was hark again in thc
trenches���lhe charge was 'off'���and
the colonel stepped down, smiling.
"It was the colonel's wit lhat had
saved the situation. Those Germans
must have thought that all lhc clans
u( Scotland were at his hack. As a
mailer of fart, had they come over
they would havc found only a handful of men to deal with."
Contributions ot Men and Wealth in I
the Defence of British
in the great  Eastern Do-!
Mr. Montagu, the secretary  im   state  for  India,  has revived
interest in the political unrest which
has developed in lhat counlry as cue i
of ilu   by-products of  the  European!
war.    What India has done in     tlii.s
war musl form an Important   factor
when the- question of    political    reform comes up for review.
Despite the subtle machinations of
Germany, India as a whole has proved her loyalty in this conflict, li wns
one of the hopes of Berlin lhat Brit-,
aill  would he hampered in thc gnat I To Prevent the Risk of a War in the
struggle by an Insurrection in India. Future
After  three  years of  war,  India  hns      ,...,._
stood the lest,   Not only has    she (.Wc���fis--t for a permanent   peace,
from serious uprisings, but  for.a   Neve- again, settemeul. which
.I...11 ,.K1.|ll(le tbe risk of conflicts he-
heen  free _ _ ^^^
ho has done magnificent service   to
the empire. At ihe beginning oi th.-l!"��' renewed after a tew year, truce;
war ihr nrmj in India was comprised but what wc perhaps do not realize
of 78,000 British and 158,000 native is llmt,a war ten,01* ,w*,u>' ��f lllll'tJ'
iroops, From this comparatively "'cars ,Ilc?c0 WlUlU not ",ml-v r.c*
 ii   r.���ii��� i,.,_ -���.-���_,i_,i   i��� I peat the horrors of the past struggle,
Allies Need Much Wheat
robin d lhc allies of
almost within llu ir
"Wc shall not Ik
and sufferings, wi
served." he dccla
cheers. "Our aims
ttlcy v ne in AllgUS
giuni was invaded.
creased our aims a
diminish theni one
never been a inoulc
ivlicn patriotic met
l   ih-
i bj
ve    n
red,    amid
are exactly  wh
i. 1911, when Bel-
\\ r have nol in-
ml we shall    uot
jot. There has
nt during the war
i  had  less  excuse
Greatest   Deficiency   in   Production
Has Occurred in France
than lhe presenl. for being misled by
sophislries and dangerous counsels.
"Our side aim is thai the prepc-
tralors of ihese innumerable crimes
shall imi profit thereby and emerge
stronger than before. Thai is As-
quith's nud Lord George's and Wilson's war aim, and I caiuiol conceive of any situation arising, whereby tin- war will In- prolonged one unnecessary day solely through the
question of territorial gain.
"We an- nul righting for booty or
revenge. The Hriiish empire will be
satisfied when Prussian militarism is
unmistakably beaten and the German
people saved from militarism and ils
evil spell."
Mr. T. K, Doherty, commissioner
for Canada of the international institute, estimates that tlio wheat production of the world for 1917 is aboul
loud 193,000,000 bushels less than last year
nnd about '114,000,000 bushels, or over
11) per real, less llian thc pre-war
The European and Mediterranean
countries, both neutral aud allied,
which depend largely on the outside
world for Iheir supplies nre Denmark,
France, Greece, Italy, Holland, Norway, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta,
Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Egypt. Tunis, Switzerland and
Belgium, These countries produced
570,087,000 bushels of wheal in 1917
as against 706,073.000 bushels in 1916
and an average of 782,791,000 bushels
in the live pre-war vears, a decrease
of 135,186,000 bushels or 19.2 per
cent, from 1916 and of 211,904,000,
or 27 per cent, from lhc pre-war average. The greatest deficiency exists in Franco, where the 1917 crop
is 172,669,000 bushels less than the
average production of 317,639,000
bushels for five years before lhc war.
small army India lias succeeded
building up successive expeditionary
forces that are doing splendid ser-
vier iii various fields of war. The
entry of Turkey into the war was a
serious strain upon lhc loyally of
lhe Mohammedan race, but the sixty
millions of that faith remained firm
ill their allegiance to the British emperor, Among tho tasks entrusted to
unlive Indian Iroops were the de-
I'enie of Iheir own country, and the
advance in Gallipoli when the Gurkhas fought their way side by side
with llritish troops to within sight of
lhe Hellespont, in France, in the
early stages of lhe campaign, Indian
Iroops look part iu the series of
battles that culminated in lhc three
days' fight at Nettvc Chapelle. Later
Ihese forces were transferred to
Mesopotamia, where Ihey have won
distinction and honor in the very
heavy fighting which has taken place
iu lhat region.
A.s a granary of the Empire ami a
source of supplies for lhe Hriiish
armies, India has played a notable
part. Since the outbreak of war she
has scut Britain wheat lo the value
of li fly-five million dollars. In addition she supplied Britain, in llur first
critical weeks of lhe war, with ninety
million rounds of small arms ammunition, :i large number of rides, and
330 modern field guns, ln raw materials alone Britain has drawn from
India hides to supply twelve million
pairs of boots. India hears lhe expenditure of maintaining her own
troops abroad, which is estimated at
France's Food Situation
Buckwheat Bread and Cake
Have Been  Found   Appetizing   Substitutes for Wheat
Buckwheat bread and "bttckcakc"
have l)i_ii found appetizing substitutes for wheal- Hour, in tests made ill
the baking laboratory of ihe Ohio
Experiment Station, Buckwheat
bread resembles German ur whole
wheal bread in color and flavor.
For lhis bread a eake of yeast
and iwo lablcspoonfuls of sugar or
molasses are added tu a cup of milk
aud a cup of water;-then a table-
spoonful of lard or butter is put in,'
and finally 21-2 cups of buckwheat
flour ami a cup uf wheat Hour   are!	
sifted in wiih three Icaspoonsful of port during the coming year not less
sail. When tin mixture is like a siilT'iJian .10.11(1(1,1101)   hundredweights    of i
Will Require Help From This Continent to Make up Shortage
In a recent statement issued by-
Mr. Maurice Long minister for general revielnailing of France, it was
shown that the 1917 wheat crop of
France was only 39,900,000 hundredweights, as compared with 87,830,000
in 1913, 76.930,0110 in 1914, 60,630-
OOii iii 1915 and 58,-110,000 in 1916.
The entire production in France this
year of cereals, potatoes and beet
root was only 222,000,000 hundredweights as against a production in
1913 of 358,000,000. From this ii is
evident that with lhe most rigorous
rationing, France will require to im-
by munificent personal contributions
that attest their loyalty and devotion
lo Britain.
In view of what India has accomplished, her claim to fuller powers of
self-government should nol lightly be
dismissed.���Toronto Globe.
The Fir_t Requisite
-Military Defeat Necessary to Secure
a Durable Peace
If Germany cannot bc compelled
to submit to law and civilization now,
what possible chance is there of compelling Germany to submit after a
truce has been made? If lhe nations
that recognize tlie supremacy of law
and treaty obligations cannot employ
their police power successfully in
this conflicl, will they ever hc able lo
employ it successfully? The first requisite lo an international agreement
that can command respect is the military defeat of Germany, and without
tbat an agreement is not worth thc
paper upon which it is written. We
shall be where wc were previous to
1914, with German autocracy ready
lo strike again for world dominion
the moment the prize seems to bc
within reach.
A durable peace will never bc won
by men who are ready to bargain for
a temporary peace, and if a durable
peace cannot
Details  of the Thrilling Adventures of a British Airplane That
Flew from London to Constantinople and Successfully Bombeii
Turkish Warships and War Office and Returned Safely
-?<*�� -i Parmin.nt Pp��P-> The story of a British battle air-
for a rermaneiu 1 eaee   | _)an_,s |]ig>t (o Congtant--.Opi0 f,(������
London and its sequel, in the bombing of German headquarters and ihe
Turkish war oflicc there, was lold recently by Haudlcy I'agc and Basil
Johnson, whose firm, Bulls Roycc,
Ltd., built the engines that flew the
2,0011 mile- without a hitch. Leading
up at Hcndon, the machine proceeded
to I'aris and Lyons, and to avoid lhe
Alps continued by way of Marseilles.
From Marseilles thc journey was b>
way of Spczla to Pisa, Rome, and
N'aples, which was the last point on -
er friendly counlry.
The next and perhaps most difii-
eutt stage of the journey wus over
the Albanian Alps to Saloniki, a
trip of 250 miles aeror.- rjountains
varying from 7,000 to w.OOQ feet ir.
height, with no suitabn. place for
a landing iu case of need. Squadron Commander Savoy, who was
chief pilot, told him, Hundley l'age
said, that they could well see Bulgarian horsemen below who were
running about in every direction
waiting for a chance to kill them ir
Ihey came down.
From Saloniki the advuaurous
party ilew lo Iheir basc, ov- Hauled
the machine and prepare.' or a
long-distance bombing expedition to
Constantinople, a distance of about
320 miles. On their attacking trii,
lhcy set forth with sixteen boinl)3
each weighing 112 pounds and on
arriving at the Sea of Marmora
they throttled down from 2,000 tu
1,600 feet, the Golden Horn and
other points being clearly iu view-
Alter a short survey of the lights
of Constantinople, and in order to
make sure of llieir objectives, they
came down to S00 feel and dropped
a salvo of four bombs, hoping t-���
reach the German battle cruiser
Gocbcn, which was anchored just
beneath them. Unfortunately they
missed the ship, but thci manage-
to hit one or two submarines that
were  lying  alongside  her.
Turning on their course, thc British
airmen made another altaek on the
Gocbcn and this time, in spite of the
attentions of a number of Turkish
and German anti-aircraft guns, managed to plant four bombs on thc hat-
tie cruiser. Then Ihey flew up ro a
ship called The General, which was
the headquarters of the German staff
and dropped two bombs on her, to
the great consternation of naval and
military officers assembled in her saloons. One morc target too tempting lo be missed altracted the intrepid aviators, and they next made their
way lo that part of the city where
lhc Turkish war office is situated,
and dropped two bombs on the building.
After half an hour's bombing of
Constantinople the airmen turned
round and slarled back to their base,
Flight- Commander McLellan relieving his chief in steering. They
had not escaped without damage,
but even after one engine had becn
put out of action, they were able
lo get away without serious damage from guns below.
Handley Page said lhat Engineer
Lieut. Rawlings, who was one of
the party, reported they had no
trouble at all with their engines, although water in lhc radiators boiled on one very hot day.
in IP��� ���
but incalculably increase them.   One
hus only lo reflect on the development of thc air arm, or on thc possibilities of chemical warfare, io sec
that these terrible novelties, which
are still in the infancy of invention,
must, if twenty or thirty years of
intense civilized ingenuity are con-
eeiitratcd on their development, entail horrors upon whole populations,
military and civil, beside which the
experience of the last three years
would pale into insignificance.���London Daily Chronicle.
Pins His Faith in U-Boats
Up to Present Great   Britain   Has
Won Rather Than Lost, Says
Von Tirpitz
The German papers contain
lengthy accounts of the speech of
Grand'Admiral vou Tirpitz before
thc Hamburg branch of thc Fatherland parly, iu which lhe admiral
"Up to the present in this war
Great Britain has won, rather than
lost. Peace based on the status quo
ante or on renunciation, therefore, is
out of lhe question for Germany."
With reference to lhc rumor that
Germany would give up Zeebl'llggO
and Ostein! if the British evacuated
Calais, vou Tirpitz said:
"The evacuation of Calais would
never be equivalent to the hiss of
such first-class  security.     Moreover,
- , ���  channel tunnel  will   become    a
a total to dale of seventy-five million ract aftel. ulc war, yQr rcai security
dollars. In addition she has made a we should have besides Flanders and
free grant of five hundred million Antwerp, Calais and Boulogne. The
dollars towards the cost of the war.lrMnor in question is a screen be-
rhe ruling chiefs have added to lhis|i.liim whlch the question of Flanders
might bc permitted to disappear.
"The pretext that wc cannot co-
���crcc Great Britain and America falls
to the ground when we consider the
growing scarcity of thc cargo space
of our ruthless arch-enemy. The
time for final decision will come
when real distress begins to take thc
place of merely threatening distress.
That time will come. Il: is only a
question of keeping cool."
Means Greater Sacrifice
he put iu grcas-
'Isiug Iwo hours
batter, il is ready U
ed  pans  nnd  afurl	
baked  for   .0 minutes or inure.
Fur buckeake, thrcc-qunrlcrs ol a
cup of buckwheat flour is added to
as much wheat flour, Ihree Icaspoonsful of sugar or molasses and a tea-
spoonful of sail; then add three-
quarters of a cup of milk, a w'cll-
beaten egg and a tahlespoou/til of
moiled duller, and bake for 25 minutes in hui oven.
Shortage Now and After the War
Mr. f. I*. Smith of the Unit
Slates 'department of agriculture,
.speaking before the National Academy of Science at the University of
Pennsylvania said that following the
present war ihere would be a shortage of wheal for many years. Every
gun fired in Europo, he said, burned
up a definite quantity of thc comparatively rare lixed nitrogen required
as the basic fertilizer for grain.
up  this
Ii lies   chiefly   with
���Xinei'ie.'iii continent lu
Thc Bulldog Has His Teeth In
Wc must he prepared for a long
war, and ve must nirikc up our minds
lo all lhe economics and all lhe possible privations which that prospect
demands from our whole population.
That is how we shall win: The British bulldog has his teeth in his enemy's throat, and severe though the
punishment has beeu which lie bas
11 taken, ho will never let go. That is
how "tlu greal race to which we belong" achieved its greatness, preserved ils liberties, and secured for
smaller and weaker peoples llieir
"place in the sun." That is how,
wilh thc steady and loyal help of its
allies, it will vindicate the same
righteous ends and win lhis war.���
London Times.
Teacher���Now, Robert, can. you
tell me how a bat hangs with his
head downward?
Bobby���Plcaso miss, do you mean
a chimney bat or an acrobat?���Boston Transcript.
W.    N.    U.    1191
West Needs More Reserves
Further extensions of thc areas set
apart in Western Canada as foresi
reserves arc much lo be desired. No
such reserves have been made since
1M13, though very considerable areas
have been found upon examination
to be chiefly valuable for forest purposes,
Hoover Says Food Situation  Grows
Graver in Europe
A warning was sounded by Herbert C, Hoover, food administrator,
that the American people were to be
called upon to sacrifice far more in
order lo feed thc allies and friendly
neturals than wns at first thought
necessary. "Starvation on an unparalleled scale musl ensue abroad unless there was a hearty response,"
Mr. Hoover said.
"The food situation in Europe,'' he
said, "is far graver llian when thc
preliminary survey of the food supply of lhe world was made for this
year. Wc havc an abundance for
ourselves, and il is the policy of the
food administration by the prevention of exports to   retain for    our
,       ,, ���     ... I people an ample supply of everv cs-
bc obtained, Germany ;    ,. , ,    , , ,.-     .-,  ' , ���      ,
''sential foodstuff,    lho   harvests   of
our allies hnve proved less llian we
hnd contemplated and lhe great cur-
lailmeiit of shipping by lho submarines during the lasl few months has
further prevented Ihein from access
lo remote markets,
"Beyond the demands of lhe allies
there is a call upon us by the friendly
neutrals for fund, and if wo cannot
at least in part respond to these neutral calls, starvation on an unparalleled scale musl en..in."
has won the war, no matter
concessions Prussiniiism may
ai the council tabic.���New-
Thc New Confederation
The great confederation of Atlantic
naljons commanding thc naval power of Greal Britain, the British and
French military power, and lhe developing strength of the Uniled
Slates is able, to bold and defeal the
power of central Europe, If il conies
lo this test before llicrc is a decision, lhc decision must be in favor
of lhc Atlantic confederation into
which thc United Slates is to pour its
whole strength, Wo are not eliminating any ally or discounting the
power of resistance of anv onc.
Whatever they add to the allied effort nm1 whal ver they subtract from
thc Germanic power is an addition to
the strength against Germany.--Chicago Tribune.
Every man starts this life on au
equal basis, One baby is as much
a force as another���thc individual is
naught���time is the faclor. Wc arc
all given the same, amount of time
each day���you havc twenty-four
hours and so have I.
Conservation Notes
The largest reserve of coal in Canada is situated in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia,
Al least 70 per cent, of all files ill
Canada is believed to originate from
some form of carelessness and neglect.
The gradual exhaustion of the Jui-
thracite coal resources of the United
States means a higher price each
year for this class of coal.
It is hardly possible lo realize lhc
lack of knowledge of proper garden-
ingvjncthods which exists among llic
farming population of certain portions of the counlry,
Burlap curtains make good protec
__ , tion for windows and doors of stab
Your farmer's granary is filled with!lcs and other animal houses. They
grain���your own fine granary is' allow admission of air but do not al-
stored with filtered thoughts. Ini low drafts. A burlap grain bag rip-
bolh cases it is necessary to garner Ped open and tacked ovcr thc open-
tbe crop before the store-house can '"g ol the sow or hog house will
(bc filled, keep out cold winds and rain.
Licenses to Sell Cereals
New Regulation Issued in Statement
by Hon. W. J. Hanna, Focr!
The fond controller has issued regulations governing thc trade iu cereals in packages of less than 2ii
pounds weight. They provide lhat
on and after January 1, no manufacturer of breakfast foods or cereals,
shall manufacture for sale in Canada
or sell ill Canada such breakfast
foods or cereals in original packages
of less than 20 pounds without lirst
obtaining a license from the food
controller for each kind of breakfast
food or cereal manufactured, License
fees ranging from ?10 and upwards
are lo be charged.
\\ holcsale and retail dealers will
not be required to secure a licence
for thc sale of breakfast foods
of the
food controller.
under    lil
Dutch are Cautious
In the second chamber al lhe
Hague, war minister L>e longe, in
answer to a question, said thai in
order lo protect Dutch frontier towns
from damage by air raids the Dutch
flag will be flown from church rii epics but no effective protective measures has been found for night lime.
Foreign governments, he added, have
not refused to pay compensation for
damage done by tlicir airmen,
Fire Water Only
Clerk (in small town hotel)���V. ill
you have a pitcher ol w.tler sent lo
your room, sir?
Colonel Blucgrass���Water?    What
I for?  Ain't there any fire escape? .  I
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly   Newspaper, Published at
Courteuay, 11. 0.
N. H, hodkn, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription ILfiO per Vear  in  Advance
$2.00 per annum il not so paid
TIIUI'SDAV    JAN.  31,    1918
Notes and Comments
One of llle first suggestions to go
from llio provincial depnrtment of
agriculture to the new food controller was in th,- u a dire of a request for lie.' passage of an order-
in council prohibiting the slatigh
tering of hogs less limn 150pounds
in weight. In hi 1 i-oiiiiuuiii -nii'iii
the d iputv mil ler ol ngricitliure
|) linted oul ' Fo I Controller
Thompson the tretnen b 1 i'i.
in 111.��� qu I-1 ��� ��� ��� if porl nd bacon
llmt would be avaih '���    nl a  snme-
wliat later sl  x or.ei   it
weeks   were such an ordei    to go
into effect.
War Saving Stamps
Ottawa,   Jan.   116.���Within   the
course of the next few months the
finance department will resume the
campaign for national saving and
the si'le of war saving   certificates, j
interrupted by the   Victory   Loan 1
and the temporary uusettlenieu1; it j
caused.    Wur saving   stamps have
liirc-ii prepared.aud will ii is thought
prove nio.>t attractive to young people, i
Dominion-wide Sheep
Scheme inaugurated
Al n meeting of the  South  Alberta Wool   Grow r's  Association
held nt Lethbridge   ist  week,  the
i m mber. ol the    '     n intiiin, to  a
1 man, pledged 1 In ii   upport lo   1 be
I ropo   d 1  .-.. ;. 1 1 11 "I   n   Cfina-
1 r 111 e
handling cf lh ind   " - ol in-
niul   "t-v
ral th    ��� ��� .   ���    1    ,;.
sub    ib     on tb      ot, The    b ������ 1.
i.s expected to 1 I '
and 25,000,000 poll ool    - :
45,, 10
15.000,1    in '.    The
by       1.  g, Aril il nl the live slock branch.
1    ftf: *      '"
of the balance of their
er 0
i i^H^H^^^
\':,'   nuv ; ������    ���        lat'-st   to
ninUc its li
K. C "'..         '    .  I    ..
Cr ii-.'. forim-rlv of lhis di trust,
n gentleman w li 1 i-  ���    '    i'i sing in
.tliu public 1- iniiition in   Vancouver.    Th ���      il ���',"'1
l.y ministe uim   to   be
Eceli -a- ticau 1 to stand
For 1 hitlers worth w pen
dent of parties or   polil  is.     [I'i
'''���'��� .      '." 1 ol n new woodi-n bri Ige     ross   thc
pie       lio   1       il't'll'l      :.      " ��� 11  I    inn    : "       r:t   the
tin 1 are wri'        1I1    t,     Thebusii : " ������     ���   )'i';"- :!!"1
������ , .. r. ., sp   run     ous mat be   seen  at  the  Lily
11. s> houses nl  \ uncouver uviilent    [jau.
ly think well of tii,'   eiitei-pri e, as     Tenders are 1 I il   . itli
llicy ii. vi-��� la   lirst   issue   n  ',.'.'',.,.',,,"'','; ,,;,!'.,,.".,.'. ,    }"'    .,.'   ;.!,''
liberal    amount     ot     advertising.   westor any tender not  necessarily  ac-
Vaneoitvet'   has   been   the   crave- cepted.
,    ,. ... ,      'lenders will I,'- ooened -il   llic  Citv
yard .,1 ninny .1 promising  jnllinal  Hall 01] Wednesday, the 20th of Feb., n't
which has fallen by   the   wayside, 8 oelock p. m.
but there's always room at the top      Da_e<l at Courtenay this 30th  day  of
,,.,.',, ,   ' ! January, 1918.
mid li ere 8  hoping the  youngster p        ��� W. A. W. hames
-1 ���'������
1 till
of Lad.' ..- !hildren's
Mens 1 ly-to
will reach it
Exemption Appeals
A total of 2,244 appeals from decisions of tlie provincial exemption
tribunals havc been registered, and
of these 1,763 have been decided.
Of these 9.5 were refused or short
terms granted, The other appeals
are being heard as the judges can
handle them. There have be.n
394 applications for leave to appeal to lhe Central appeal judge.
Of the 12651, ciaims for exemption in the province 11,873 have
been disposed of and the results
registered. There were 7,818
claims granted and 3,955  refused,
Use a good thick pad of brown
paper lor cleantng ironware,
Citv Clerk.
Land Registry Act
IS.-,''.imi Jl.)
IN Till' MATTER OF Fractional
Section 2, Fractional East 1-2 nnd North
West 1-1 of Section .', and Fractional
Section 10, Township 4, and Fractional North West 1-4 of Section 35. Township 7; Comox District, Maps "22 C and
322 V.
Proof having been filed of the loss of
Certificate of Title No. 2084 F, issued lo
AiiKiist I'opozyiiski and Enoch E. Crosby, ou the 3rd day of November 1912, I
hereby give notice of my intention at
the expiration of one calendar month
from the lirst publication hereof to issue a fresh Certificate of Title in lieu
DATED at the band Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C, this 29th day of January
Registrar General of Titles
ky Good
Gents   ' ���
2G p. c. discount on Men's
19 p.c. discount cn all Shoes
See L'U'ge Posture for Special Sale
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at tbe Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriag. Builder
of Premises
Large corner store added
to Present Stand
623-5 Johnson St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods Must be  Cleared
Seabrook Young
Johnson and Broad Street
Victoria, B.C.
Buy your  Seeds
Seeds are high in  price���going to be higher���and so
scarce wc are lucky to gel them at any price.
Get your orders in early���rush tlu.ui- is our honest advice
Buy Royal Standard Seeds
Timothy, Clover, Field, Root,
Seed Grain, Etc.
j * <���_-! *Jf
I']' re's a very i n il  scarcity i 'oni, -Mil we
,'���'.       wi re fortunate iii   s i tiring   n ly     t   Washington
grown "' Golden Nurk l" ':   dev< loped
[or use iu the Pacific   North '   t,     ll   should make an
excellent Silage Coi ii
Royal Standard Gain Products Agency
,_ Phone 33, End of Brldse IS. Towlor,   Mgr.
/*^%Ml*f\*l**l\0Ss,,��0eit0fnKf0*a,   *^**tP**l\fa*��ilHr^*^l&.-t**gir*l^1!lf��JiCl
We have an Exhibit  of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
sW^_v*s��t t,\it*t*^**f^*i*0i**i^e*t*,'
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
',     From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
j     Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
I     train from   Port   Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
|     Phone RG60
Agent C.nrleMy,
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at re.-isonab'e rates
E. C. CLIFFE   ���    COMOX
X :.i��11 ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach  &  Field
Tun'ig and Repairing
Hereabout Oct. 1]
L��*p.-f. order* at Reriew of fie��
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
No. i Clover Hay    $26.00
Agricultural Lime  60c per cwt.
Building Lime $1.60 per bbl.
Corn Chop at $2.35 aud Oat Feed at $1.40 per sack are the
cheapest dairy feed on the market.
BRAN and SHORTS at Food Controllers prices,
We have a few sacks of Purity, Gold Seal,  and  B.  and
K. Bread Flours on hand.    When we have disposed of these
there will be no choice in flour��� all will be the Jnew Government Standard Grade.
We Deliver
Phone  66
Why the Telephone Is
Sound travels at the rate of 1,070 feet per second; the
voice when telephoning travels at the rate of 15,000 per second. Think of it! The reason sound travels faster bv telephoning is because it is accelerated by electricity, not very
much, but enough for the purpose,
So you can see the telephone is the quickest���the surest
to send, the quickest to reach the ear you seek, and the easiest to bring the answer back.    From anywhere, too,
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Fine Showing of Horse  Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Couileuay Tl��J!i   OOUKTENAX    KI-VIJSX*.
"The Food Controller Says"
Mating Fowls For Breeding
Every pound added to the  nourishing things lu cat, animal or vegetable, will count  in this momentous year of 1918.   No one should
shirk inking up work  on  a small
plot through too modest an idea uf
its value.    Food control has lo begin on the small scale.    It  will be
chiefly effective through ils thoroughness in the small but innumerable households iu lhe  land.   So,   U1_ luai
if more foods can be grown on the  Unless lhc
home plot,.no matter  how  small,
therejwill be a saving in exportable
foods and  to   that extent   an in-
ere ised amount of food will  be released forjshiptneut to ihc  Allies,
Every Jnew bushel of  vegetables
next spring and summer  will  release its equivalent iu wheat,    It is
the drops of   waicr   in   the  ocean
thai go to make up the mighty tide
in the Hav of Flltldy,    The essence
of .nine production does not   mean
simply more acres   put   to wheat,
���at il 1" ihi'i" i iii'iii   each
>r.    A    small   hum   well
All lhe breeding pens sohllld now
be uade up. The most useful
of all fowls are those hatched in
March, The birds should be- in At
ed nboul three weeks before I lie
eggs cau.be depended upon to be
fertile, and it is therefore necessary
to mate at once in secure the desired quality in lhe eggs for March
chickens. Do not breed from any
binl under ten months old, Avoid
all with the slightest deformity, A
male bird a ye,it old ami hens double thut age produce strong chicks
breed is a choice and
valuable one, it is best 'o use a
young cockerel every season. A
two year old cock is useful, but
thev eanuot be depended on alter
thai age to assure fertile egg 1 all
round, Ni \i 1 breed from a cock
or hen with a crooked breast bone,
Avoid cocks with turned lown
combs. Double combs cannot do
that, bul _iiigl_ I.-. :s Iii 0 'i, in 1
il is a sign of weakness      li'   hi ii
ni of
.,- ti ntion  must
To set en
hill 111
able ir. an llufavor
lepth 1
allied Inr   il
11 llian a
farm   i.
ils,   i. e.
1 soil,
.,1 ,, mill.        I'
Letter From the Front
The following extract from a
letter sent by A, Douglas Can- Mil
ion I*. C. G. A., Whitley Cninp,
Sin icy, Eng., formerly of ilu Hank
of Commerce here, dated Dee, 10
shows the risk at sea and also tin
precautions taken to guard against
enemy attacks,
"W'e eau say practically nothing
regarding military or naval matters
however, I will try niul tell you
something of our journey  across,
W'e lefl Halifax just before tin
big disaster, which would certainly
have cm our career short.    All our
felloW**  wele dOWll near the   w.llel
line, bunked in the bow of a  big
C,  P.   I',   liner,    The   beds   were
fairly good and the meals I dr,
Two daj 1   -snl   from   Livei pool
live Amei i<'.llldi.'Sl,\>\"__3 mel. us lo
act ,is convey, It was n greal sighl
���in bin _ing ai I us,
at tl irty lour knots pel
about fi . niiiiii
list as the second  it tin-,
��� ���:.-  '.      : steam   'si siren
bal st s,
e bo     .
'        i; ��� :   .   ' e      ", asfasl
, 1 ,.| ���.
, 1 Wat 1
They tn
hour,    <
tes I-i or
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It  has a
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
. .
I        III
rl    fo
nd always go
fowls are  di
ight form of 1
iv r    .   not of lhe
of er
��� 1 imj
in  ah
sualSi Guarantee
all   ived  lo
;    Lry and
d  breeding
is  this
���;,���  sure  of
it sort.    Be
the .cock
hilion lo
in   the
���:���.!    Cil
iave L
��� Licular that
ion of a r
���ns, This is
���ree beneficial. Many
th cocks and hens of
breeding*   They   will
Ol Un    _^^^^^
l_'an,i'.li,iii   loud    prodlj	
should h ng( r  li"  in  di ubl,     I'h      mce- but si      an I   1
first of a sen      I foi I uigh ly cab ma. b
grams to the Food Controlh r witli
a plainness that woul ! p'tiful H
it were nol so noble 11;  1 "'
the   French   civilian ��� '1 h ���
supplj of breadstufl i < . ug
grave anxiety, imports are very
short. Our bread car inachi .ery
is completed but presenl lack ol
cereals will uot permit of its application." it says. What does'thai
mean? Simply that France is so
short of bread' that it cannot risk
even a re-adjustment of whal must
be literally a hand to mouth existence, lest some should starve, Yet
France lights on gloriously! Surely a common pride in an ally fighting the bravest fight of all the
ages should be enough lo make
anyone determine that as far as in
liim lies he will aid such to a noble
race, The cablegram adds that
sugar, farinaceous foods other than
wheat, butter and meats are all
practically unobtainable as the only one of the British dominions
practically aecessible to cargo carriers, as it is manifestly ''up to
Canada" to strain every   nerve to
increase the exportable quantities then bring slowly to a doii, wueu
of thoso commodities so much need t*le burned portion will become
ed overseas. mute clean
put   ov
_ea until
on '1
ky i
er we   were
���  mini  loom
a   Sill'ike
ie danger
���il  up  th
i lop, twin
in perfect
ni Fed
res to real
hum; Iii
1 truck.    I
Iieve me, 1
am afte
will 1
their     ���
hardly know how the relationship
stands, but bnve no doubts. Select half a dozen of the best bens
nnd buy a cockerel to put with
theni, or u neighbor may be glad to
exchange one. Keep the places
containing the bleeding stock extra
clean. Feed them on good feeding
including some white oats and gris
tie or green bone, as it is only with
generous treatment that fertile
eggs and robust chickens can result.
Burnt saucepans should never be
filled with soda water or they will
burn again: use salt and water instead, aud leave until the next day
Have you tried
" Nabob
sealed  tins
50c per lb.
NABOB stands for Quali'y.    We specialize
on that brand
T. Booth & Sons
s good   to see  laud
���������- ...it days at sea,    The
convoy then left ns and we docked
at 0 p. in.
Canada seems awfully far away,
aud sometimes I get really (homesick, but I wouldn't have missed it
for worlds.
The Loudon Daily Telegraph of
December 20th last has a warning
to Britisii poultry keepers which
should be noted here. It savs;
"Asthe Food Controller prohibits
the use for the feeding of animals
and poultry of wheat, rve, barley,
and rice, which are [fit lor [manufacture into flour for human food,
Mr. Pothero wishes 10 impress upon poultry keepers the necessity
for strict compliance, Mr. Pothero
warns poultry keepers that they
must not rely on being allowed to
continue to feed oats and maize to
their birds. Poultry -..keepers
should face tlie fact that for an hide Suite period���certainly for some
time afeer peace is declared���the
reduced harvests of the world will
leave very little grain availeble for
poultry. Should il become nec.s-
sary later on to ration supplies of
feeding stuffs for poultry, only
birds of proved utility could be re-
cogdized,   Mr.   Pothero therefore
I 1
ni Gramm 1
���hauled and
ody, ���:
v.     T
0. Prh
Ford Form a True
1  Overland delivery, covered
n is
Johnson Street
strongly advises all poultry keepers
to dispose of poor layers and unnecessary cocks immediately.
Victoria, B. C.
Never allow a flour barrel to
stand on the floor, See that it is
raised a few inches from the ground
so that ths air may circulate under
To tell m.;shroom's from the
deadly toadstool, sprinkle a little
salt on the spongy parts.    If they
Official Count G^ves
Wallis Eighteen Majority
The result'of tlie official conn! ol the
reluming officer in the recent b* .election
in the Albert!) District made public -*e_-
tirilny, nnd shows that Mr. Richard
Wallis, the opposition candidate actually received 0 majority of the vote cast
of is. This disposed ol any farther uncertainty _s o the result nf the election.
No mention has as yet heen made of any
application for a recount.
To prevent any green vegetables
from boilihjr over, drop a piece of
!ripping the size of a  walnut  into
salt on tie spungy  p_...i.    ..   ���'   ��". F'"B "" ""-ul "        	
turn yellow, they are poisonous, if I ti,e centre of   them  just   as   they
.  _       *     .1 .._._.   ntl. _-..__(���/-.__. __, ��� ,,..,.-,.   fi-i   l.,-\i
black they are wholesome
Telephone No. 1.
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
I The Bestfand cheapest bre.d in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts, 4 for 30cts, Z for 15>ts
We Invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement'
baker ol Better Bread   m  Z 1 .___!_. Opposite the city hall
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing New Spring Suitings
McPhee Block
commence to boi���
A'l flat fish except plaice, are
skinned from tail to head. A
spoonful of vinegar added to water
in which you boil fi.-h will make it
tender and firm,
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Ctisine Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
If You have a
Light,    Heat
or Power
I Bring it to us we can solve it for you Electrically
The CourtenayElectricLight
Heat & Power Company I imited
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonnhle
Do You
The Courtenav Review
Family Herald and Weekly Star
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6 THE    REVIEW,    COURTSEV,     li.    0
Seems a very large number
to get from a pound of tea
that  proves   the  fine  qua
Red Rose Tea, which goes further
better because it consists chiefly of
teas grown in the famous district
Northern India.
A pound of Red Rose
gives 250 cups.
Kept Good by the
Sealed Package
a crowd encouraged ils driver  with
Ironical shouts.    Looking round,   he
thought he suu Daly Following them,
but a man  ran  lo  llm  horse's  hc id!
and Foster seized lhc opportunity oi .
getting nasi.
"What did lhe doctor lell roil?" he
"He was rather ilisappoinihi ������"
l-Ynthcrsliinr replied, and turned up
the deep collar of his eoal.
hosier, who saw lhat Ills comrade
did not want to talk, imagined that
he had got something o( a shock,
When lhcy lefl tin town, however,
lln- jolting of the rare inadr . qilCS-
| linns difficult nnd he was forced to
I mind bis steering while thc glare of
i lhc headlamps flickered across deep
__ BY_
Lomlon, Melbourne, no-! Poronto
track,   Then lhc locomotive bell began lo loll, and   .osier walked past
l hulls and  nils.    Pew    ol the    dirt
roads leading to thc new    Canadian
cities  are  good, but   the  one    lhcy
I followed,    though    roughly    graded,
i was  worse  lh.in    usual    anil    broke
down into a wagon trail when i; ran
| into iliiek bush,   I'or a line, lhc car
lurched and labored lil".' a idilp at sea
up and down hillocks   an I   through
soft  patches, and  Foster    dursl   not I n,.-'J
��������� cars as they rolled into the Bta-lift; Ins eyes umil a cluster ol lights {��'"        {,    uncovered floor
lion    lie found Feathcrstouc pulling twinkled among lhc trees.   Ihen with I WW     .-"��� ..I!",lliu,""     ','
mi a (nr coal at a vestibule door, and  a sigh ol rebel hc ran ulto the yard
gave him a keen glance as he came.of a silent sawmill and Ihey were ul
down  ihe steps.     lie thought   his home,
comrade looked graver than usual.    I    Supper was  waiting, and although
"Well," he said, "how did you gel j Foster opened a biter he found upon  p|1 ln-���jug nm|  forest rv
ih.r table, neither of lho men   said .,���.,,���_ ������ jul(?c hcild ���-',; 	
i.n a prospecting   journey
North, hung    between    the
Inails of bear and caribou.
(To Bc Continued,)
When Tired and Nervous
If the end of the day finds you weary or irritable, with aching head and frayed ner ves,you need
something to tone and strengthen the system.
are a remedy which quickly helps in restoring normal
conditions. They act on the stomach, liver and bowels,
and so renew the strength, and steady the nerves.
A few doses of these world-famed family pills will
Bring Welcome Relief
Prepuredcjily by Thomas B_��ch��ni, St. Helen*. LiAcaihtr-n, Kn-jUtid.
Sold ercry wlterv in Itmftda ftnd V. -S. America,   la box���, 2R . cull.
on ^^^^^^^^
"I'll lell ymi later. Let's gel home I anything of importance during lhc
but slop at Cameron's drug store as i meal, When it was ovcr, Fcathcr-
you pass." _    stone sat down iu a big chair by the
Foster took his bar. and put il in . stove, For lhc nights were gelling
a small American ear. lie. drove cold. He was about thirty vears of
slowly across the bridge and np the prisoners."
main street oF the town,, bcoaii-u; LgCi stronglv built, and dressed in
Ihere was some traffic and light wag- c;ty c|otilcs but his face ivas rather
ous stood in front of the stores. Ihen pi,lci1C(i, [*or ,,;,M ���, ||���. SUmnier, hc
as i. turned towards lhe sidewalk, ..������[ postcl. .,.,<��� ������������.,��� ,,,���,��� t|lc*r
ready to pull up, he saw a man slop |mineral claim in lhc hush aud work-
I   lix  his  eyes   ou   the  ear.      I h   '
articles they had made at ihc I Germans Start
I in, or two handsome Jems j press Campaign
s were made nf varnished cedar .    ,���        ,,,.,, _ ,
boards.   A gun rack occupied a cor- Fen- Austria-Hungary Will Demand
ner, anil thc books oil a shelf indlcal  J an liarly  Peace
cd lhat their owners had sonic liter
ary  taslc,  though  ihere   wen-  works
\bove lhe
ned    with
Featherstone Changes His Plans
.   .anu  nx ins  eyes  on  tne  e.u.     im   c(* |KU.,[ [��� prove the vein,   June
T'was getting dark and a keen wind  fellow did not live at thc Crossing, often happens in Canada, was a wel
Mew across the ragged pine.- beside but  visited it now run!    ihen,    aud mouth and lliough Fcatherslon
the track, when Jake  Foster walked  Foster had mc!   him  once  when  he uscc|  |0 hardship, !
up and down the station at Gardner's called at the sawmill. !-  *
Crossing in North Ontario.   Winter I    "Drive on," said Fcathcrston
was moving southwards fast   across] t*_si._..-icc. his arm. i wei clothes.   As he was nothing oi
Although he was somewhat sur- a valetudinarian he made light of lho
prised, Foster did as he was told, attack, but did not get better as soon
and when they lad passed a few as he expected on his return and went
blocks Featherstone resumed: "I can | to see the Toronto doctor, when l-'os-
I influenza, perhaps in consequence of
win j digging In heavy rain and sleeping ill
isc, .shol
lo llll
the wilderness that rolled hark lo
Hudson's Hay, silencing the brawling
rivers and calming the stormy lakes,
but the frost had scarcely touched
thc sheltered valley yet and the roar
of a rapid throbb_cd among the trees.
Thc sky had the crystal clearness
thai is often seen in northern Canada, but a Ion-? trail of smoke stretched above the town, and the fumes of
soft coal mingled with lhc aromatic I
smell of piiie=. Gardner's Crossing!
stood, an outpost of advancing industry, on the edge of tht lonely
The blue reflections of   big    arc-
lamps quivered between   llie    foarh-l
flakes on  tho  river, a  line  of bright!
spots, slretcliing back along the bank,'
marked new    avenues      of    wooden j
houses, and, across  the  bridge,    the
tops of tall buildings cut against the
glow that shimmered aboul the town.
'At one end rose  the great block  of
the Million factory, which lost something of its utilitarian   ugliness   at
night.    Ii�� harsh, rectangular outline
faded into the hack .round of forest,
and lhe rows of glimmering windows
gave it a curious transparent    look.
It seemed to overflow with radiance-
und Tilled   ihe air   with     rumbling
In    a    large    mcasuri    Gardncr'sl
Crossing owed ils rapid development |
in the enterprise of lhc llulioti Manufacturing company.     llu'.ton     was
ready lo make anything out of lumber for which his salesmen found   a
demand; but his firm   grip   on   the
flourishing business had recently relaxed, and people wondered anxiously whal would happen if he did not
recover from  the    blow    that     had
Struck liim down.    Fred Hulton, his
only son, and assistant  treasurer   to |
the company, had been found in   the
Factory one morning with    a bullct-
llolc in his head, and il was believed
lhal he had shot himself.   His father
Have his evidence at the inquiry with
Hern self-control, but  look    to    his
bed  afterwards  and  had  not  left  il
yet.   So far as lhc townsfolk knew, I
this was llur first time he had shown |
Imy weakness of body or mind.
Tin- train was late, but Foster en
joyed lhe pipe lie lighted. It vast
ten years since hc landed at ,\Iont-
real, a raw lad without friends or
money, aud learned what hard work
was iu a lumber camp. Sinn Ihen
he had prospered, and lhe strenuous
life hc had led for the first few years
had noi hit much mark on him. Now
he thought he had earned a holiday.
and all arrangements for hi> visit to
England wire made, Featherstone,
his partner, was going with him,
Their sawmill, which was run by
water power, had closed for Ihe winter, when building material was not
wanted, and lhe development of a
mineral elaini Ihey owned would be
Slopped hy the frost. They had
planned lo put in a steam engine at
the mill, bill the Hulluii company
had delayed a contract that would
have kepi the saws running until the
river thawed.
Foster, however, did not regret
llii.-.. Except mi Sundays, hc had seldom had ail hour's leisure for llie lasl
few years. Gardner's Crossing, which
was raw and new, had few amusements tn offer its Inhabitants; he was
young, and now he could relax his
efforts, felt that he was Retting stale
with monotonous toil. Hut he was
a litiie anxious aboul Featherstone,
who had gone to see a doctor hi Toronto.
A whistle rang llirougli lhc mar of
the rapid and a fan-shaped beam of
light swung around a  bend  in     the
send down llur prescription tomorrow. That was Daly on the sidewalk aud I didn't wnnl. lo meet him."
A minute later Foster stopped to
avoid a horse tlila was kicking and
plunging outside a lively stable while
ler urged llilll.
The killer lighted his pipe and
looked about the room, ll was warm
and well lighted, and iiie furniture,
which was plain bul good, had been
bought, piece  by piece,    to    replace
The Kitchens Must Win
Mr. 0, II. Vim Nordcn, chairman
nf ihc Speaker's Bureau of lho Uniled Slates food administration, in a
recent address declared thai the outcome of lire war must be decided in
lhc kitchens' of Canada and the
Dinted States during the coining
"ll is up to America; it is"-up to
Canada," ho said. " to supply lhe
great quantities of foodstuffs that our
allies musl receive this year, and if
WC dn not, if we fail theni, the war
is going to end. and it i.s not going
to end ill the favor of lhe allies and
iu our own favor."
One's feelings aboul prices high
Depends, the truth lo lell,
On whether one desires lo buy
Or one has things lo sell.
The correspondent oF the London
Daily News al Rotterdam writes:
There are. indications thai a campaign is on innl, llie aim of which
IS In make Austria more Ihan ever
lhc null' vassal of German militarists, wilh the Immediate purpose of
securing for lhe western front lhc
help nl her armies now largely sei
fn c hy i n-nis iii Russia,
The German government kuows
the Auslro-Hungariati peoples are
war-weary and lhal their desire for
peace will bc intensified by the arm
istico negotiations with Russia, The
feeling must be changed by a ureal
press campaign, which is now being
organized, ll must bc proved to the
Austrian people that war in lhe
words ol the Vosslschc Zcitung
"must be carried to a successful enn
elusion by Germany and Austria to-
gcther, not only with all their military, but also with all their political
The price of success is struggle ���
but the struggle can be minimized
and success made reasonably sure, if
you work that God-given faculty,
your mind.
Use Sani-Wrappers
It Pays
W.    N.    U.    1191
Your customers will appreciate your care and cleanliness as
your parcel their purchase, o. meats, butter bread an.t
vegetables in Appleford's Sani-Wrappers.
Particular trade goes to the store that .-* careful of the details of cleanliness and appearance.
Ask your jobber lor Appleford's Sani-Wrappers, or write us direct for
samples ana prices.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
Colds are contracted when strength is lowered
and the inflammation easily develops bronchitis or
'jng trouble, while grippe and pneumonia frequently follow.
Any cold should have immediate treatment with
An Unhappy Inference
The National Strength-Builder
which first builds up the forces by carrying rich nourishment
to the blood streams anil creates real body-warmth.
Its cod liver oil is the favorite of physicians for
correcting bronchial disorders and chest troubles.
-inili.'iit assistant, cn-riigcd in
j n iidiii({ ilu' shelves ill llic public
library, \,;is accosted by ;r primly
dressed middle-aged woman who said
j ilml sin- bad finished reading lhe lusl
of I..inr;. Jean Libby's writings, and
lhal .-In r-l'iiiild like something jusi
as good.      .
| The young __*s��t-.n*. us__blc tor the
I monu'til in think of Laura Jinn
Libby's equal, hastily scanned the
shelf on which site was working and,
choosing u book, offered ii lo lhc
applicant, saying. "Perhaps you
'would liki- tliis, 'A Kcntttck- Cardl-
! unl.*"
"N'n," was tlie reply. "1  don't carr
Icetl fir Bowue, Toton
No Bran or Shorts
Abowed Exported
Partner.' feed Supply Will Be Provided  For
In order lo assist In lhe campaign
Tor greater production of food animals, the fii.nl controller announced
thai nol n toil ol bran und sliorls
will br allowed to he exported until
ihe Canadian requirements arc fully
met, Thc food controller is also considering iin- question of fixing prices
for such feed, bin in any case it will |
lie made available to the fanners at
lhe lowest possible cost, ami the prods of I'm dealers may be fixed a-.
boon as Information from the sevcr-
irl provinces is secured in response
io inquiries wliicli havc becn sent
The government refused to allow
the exportation by a large nulling
company of 1-tf ears of bran anil
���horn, but pnreha-irtl ihem ami retold them In farmers without any
charge for the government's service.
for feed should hc
lhe food branch of thc
I. agriculture, Ottawa,
tated Ihai, ii necessary
fanners obtaining feed
government will take
.if mill by-products and
He added that action
cn at once in ease of
al thc mills were re-
A Debt to the Navy
But for thc Britisii Navy War Would
Have Been Over in Six
Whatever mobility, whatever power of ri'iipi ration in
allii S-possi ��� s they o-
most to lh.: sea.    II'
navy, a.s we can all
WOllld  have, been OV
and Germany would
feat the British nav
for tl
"But," explained the kindly
ir.iu, with needless enthusiasi
cardinal -.-.as a bird!"
"Thai would not recommend
in me," said the woman, as she moved away in seach of a librarian who
should be a better judge of character as well as of Lama Jean Libby's
nuuriuicc tli<-
irst and fore-
lhc Brilish
��� now, Ihe wat
cr in sis months
have won,    I I'-
hI    all     the
hopes of the allies and all their
achievements would even now cruiii-
blc lo nothingness. No disaster on
land is altogether irreparable so loin;
as we hold the seas. No triumph on
land that wn or any of our allies
could win would be permanent if at
the same lime we ceased to bc supreme on the oceans.
Whai the navy has accomplished
in safe-guarding the transport of 13,-
1100,011(1 men and hundreds of millions
of tons oi materials; in making it
possible for the allies to draw on the
Rye Flour Mills
I Winnipeg is lo have a rye Hour
I mill, wliicli will furnish another
available substitute for win at flour.
i Tho mill will have n capacity of
110D barrels per day, grinding both
spring and winter rye. This flour
will be put up in OS, 49 and -.-pound
hags, and will sell wholesale at the
same price as second patents flour,
or !*.._5 per 98-pound sacks in less
than ton lots delivered In Winnipeg,
A mixed llour, partly rye and partly
wheal, will also be manufactured.
$100 Reward, $100
i tamaat
Rddressed u
Mr. Hanna
lo insure the
kupplics, the
tolal oul pur. .
distribute if.
would be le!.
complaints tha
ihase of Hour with
���re-lice  must  bc
quiring Ihe pur
offals. This i
A separate feed branch of the
Dominion department of agriculture is bein;;' established in Winnipeg to serve Western Cauada.        ,
There i.s no m
fugc on the ma
Worm Powders,
clear the slomae
worms, but will
vicrablc medicine
lllating the infantile system and
maintaining it in a healthy condition.
There is nol Ising in llieir composition that will injure thc most delicate stomach when directions arc
follower?, and they can be given to
children in the full assurance that
Ihey will utterly destroy all worms.
Shorter Day's Work
After the War
English Labor, After Taste of Better Conditions, Will Not
Lord Lcvcrhulnic, head of a great
English soap industry, lhe capital of
which is 200 million dollars, has very
pronounced v
the greal wa
of the nation'
liulme is '.ii
having pro-
pie a mod .
under deii
and having
by which Irn
nanclal inter,
which they a
It mav,  J
i",vs __ to lhe effect of
on lite future position
vVoiTerv. Lord Lcvcr-
���'������ a. model employer,
d for llis work pro-
wn in which ihey live
���'��� social conditions,
ovided also facilities
may secure ilireet liin ihe concern in
wage earners.'
Jiink, be taken for
granted," he says, "that when peace
is restored workers will not be willing to return lo pre-war conditions
of wage and living. 1 am convinced
tlicy will in rer consent lo go back to
t ln-ui.
"The war has altered many lin'ngr-;
it has broadened out horizon 1 it has
given us new points of view; il has
clarified our thought; b has introduced radical changes into our social,
industrial -and commercial systems.
"Most oi them havc for the first
lime tailed and enjoyed the sweets
of life, the full fruits of labor; they
have grown accustomed lo a higher
plane; its pleasures and advantages;
lliey will strive to remain on that
level and, ii possible, riso above it,
and with this aspiration T. am ir. full
sympathy am! accord, And if, after
the war, any attempt should be made
lo thrust labor back into the depths
fronj which ii has-ascended it would
be, in my opinion, not only a disastrous economic blunder, but n policy
akin to crime against civilization and
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
The food controller is being given
authority lo license dealers in food
supplies, and a general plan of licensing is being prepared. Before it is
applied to any particular trade, representatives of lhat trade will be
W.     N.     U.     1191
The readers ol -_���	
to Ic.ni tliiit there Is at least one
disease iliac science liai been able to cure in
all its stages, and that is catarrh. Catarrh
beiiiK .really influenced by constitutional
comHtions requires constitutional treatment,
llatt. Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
. ,     . ,     ,        ...       i acts through the Blood on the Mucous Sur.
entire worn I Oi  neutrals  for all  they   (aces of the System, thereby destroying tin
have needed   ' '     	
* Almond Nut Bar
A rich, velvety, milk chocolate containing an abundance of plump almonds ������
a quality that cannot be surpassed
Made in Canada.
Sold everywhere.
Canada's Share
A subscription of $300,000,000 this
time will bring- the Dominion's war
loans up to $650,000,000 The proportional total for the United States
would bc $K,125,000,000 so wc shall
have to subscribe a third Liberty loan
to overtake and pass her. However,
Canada has lent the mother country
in sweeping German
commerce from the .seas and pressing with relentless linger upon the
main artery of German life; and in
furnishing the protection under
which our merchantmen have
brought us and our allies not only
the material of war but the. means
of life���all this is a tale lhe wonder
and heroism of which, when it is
fully told, will remain forever a precious part of the British heritage.���
London Daily .Mail.
ore. effective vcrmi-
ket    than    Miller's
'ihey will nol only
li and bowels of
prove a very    ser
for children in reg-
l-'ood in Jerusalem
In Jerusalem, bread costs 11 times
as much as it did prior to llie war.
Petroleum costs 30 times as much as
in 1914, and milk live limes.
���emulation of the disease, giving the patient I SOtnc $600,000,000, which is rclalivc-
strength hy building up the constitution and, lv to her poplatlOll about equal to
 " * ���'������ -'": '' '"  ' the ip,.-,00,000,000 we shall lend all allies in lhe first year of war. It must
bc considered also lhat the. Dominion has becn fighting for three years
and has contributed a great proportion o*. her men���and there, are no
better fighters on any of the battle-
fronts,���New Vork Sun.
assisting nature in doing its work. The pro.
prictors have so much faith in the curative
powers ol Hall's Catarrh Cure that Ihey offer
Onc Hundred Dollars for any case tbat it
tails to cure.   Send for list of testimonials.
Address: J*. J. CHENKY A CO., Toledo,
Ohio.   Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
A young lndy with a pet dog on
an electric ear asked lhe conductor
to nop nf a certain point. When he.
did so, she. went to thc platform and
there slood gesticulating, with the
dog in her arm.
"Hurry up miss, hurry up! Yon
want lo get out here, don't you?"
"Oh, dear no, thank you! I only
wished lo show I'ido where his
mother lives."���Christian Register.
Settlers' Permits on Prairies
The permit system of regulating
settlers' clearing tires has been instituted on Dominion lands in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, The administration, by special arragenient is
carried out by provincial officials.
use in cau-
i    sustained
tier in ke.-v>
A Prime Dressing  for
lu some    factories   and
carbolic arid is kept fur
tcri_ing wounds  and  cuti
by the workmen.   Far I
on hand a bolt I
Electric Oil.    It
action anil does not sear tlie skin c
bum the flesh.   There is no other
that lias its curative qualities.
it    Pr. Thomas'
just as  nuick  in
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,
"How does your boy like life in
the army?"
"Not particularly well. He says
he's been in it six weeks now and
hasn't once been ordered to do sonic-
thing glorious."���Detroit Free Press.
The Maddening Crowd
Newcomer  (al  resort)���"Is  Ci-  x
restful place:"
Native���"Well, it used to be until
folks began to come here for a rest."'
Let's not be over anxious to gra
an opportunity that is too hot.
What Will It Do For Me ?
YOU have heard of the great
good this food cure is accomplishing for others.
You have come to realise that
nervous diseases do not right
themselves, and therefore feel
the necessity of some treatment
to help you hack to health and
How comes the all-important
question as to what Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food will do for you.
Basing our answer on a knowledge of the restorative value of
the ingredients contained in this
food cure, and on the experience
of those who have proven its curative powers under the most trying conditions, we want to tell
you that���
It will make your blood rich
and red,
It will nourish the starved
nerve cells back to health and
Mr*. O. French, IM Laws-owne (tract,
retCT-bo-rsV, Ont, writ** : "I was troubled
with nervousness, -Iwple-anesn, frequont
headache* and Indigestion Kor many
year- I wan troubled with a twitching or
fidgety feeling about ay limbs after ro-
lirlng, causing mo much Ion of sleep. If
wakened out of my flrit oleep, even had
I been asleep enly five mlnuleo, I would
Ilo awake for hour* and could not tot to
sleep again. Any oudden nolao or a doer
���lamming would ��et my nerves rolnr,
and I would fear that .omelhlng dreadful waa going to happen. I had triad
different remedies for this trouble, but
without success. A friend asked me on*
day why I- didn't try Dr. Chaae'a Nervo
Food, ao I thought I eould at least glvo
It a trial. I secured com* and commenced using them, and found they benefited mo so much that I hav* taken fully
a dozen boxes. My nervousness or
fidgety fetling In th* limbs ls entirely
cured. I can now eat and sleep well. I
can recommend Dr. Chaae'a Kervo Food
strongly, and would advise anyone suffering from nervous trouble of any kind
to use th*m according to d_r*otlons."
It will cure nervous headaches
by removing the cause.
It will strengthen the action of
the heart.
It wfll correct the weakness
and inactivity of the digestive
It will restore energy, ambition and confidence.
It will prevent the development of nervous prostration, paralysis and locomotor ataxia.
Why not put Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food to the test ? We
know that the formula is right:
We have proven to you by thousands of reports from cured ones
that this treatment positively
effects cure, even in the most
complicated cases.
We eannot do more. It remains for you to make the test.
Tou have everything to gain by
using this building-up treatment,
for it eannot fail to be of at least
some benefit to you.
Dr. Chase's Nerve F<
��� io ���
B0 omti a box, a full trutacat of I toxt. fcr H.TB, at til tUaitn, w f&unum, Uim k Co,
Uaritod, Voroito.   DtiMki taUud tat* MMptiac �� wWtttato.   btttttou m>7 4i��Woia��. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Maple Leaf Theatre
Saturday Feb. 9, Matinee and Evening
Cisarlie Chaplin in the " Vagabond "
and a Mutual Magazine presenting " Pets " which will
never be popular, " A Watering System for a Small Farm "
" Handling the Mail," " The Five Senses in Business and
Pie--sure'" 'Fresh advances in the Champagne District "
Animated Drawings from life, " The Shattered Idol," a
Four  Part Mutual Masterpiece
City Council
Tlie Council di'ciili'd i" furnish
the intuits necessary  Inr llm supper
to Im given by the I. (). D.   Iv  nl
ill bo  presented
Children 10 cents.
Adults Usual Price
,:.5.' v.:-'       '     '"���;  '.--'a
': C:C-'1r    ���'-���'���'���'���:������:.
SJH W' ���'...	
���-9 ..fi
\r_r ���������
������1f- '
���__._���-��� ������   -���. -    ������
v..r. ���_
v. heel
of a
__- ores
H_' _, _ V '���_<���
r'"RY' it just onee!   Ask your friend to let you "
car on an open stretch.   You'll like it, and wi.
_s_ prised liow easily the Ford is handled and driven,
If you have never felt the thrill of driving your own ear,
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different from just riding���being a passenger. And especially so if you drive a Ford.
Young boys* girls, women and even grandfathers���thousands of them���are driving Ford ears and enjoying it. A
Ford slops and starts in traffic wiih exceptional ease and
smoothness, while on country roads and hills its strength and
power show to advantage.
Buy a Ford and you will want to be behind "the wheel"
Touring    ���
F. 0. B. FORD, ONT
E. C. Emde, Dealer, Courtenayl
By Ambassador Gerard
Just finished, it carries |the Ambassador's story up to the [present moment
and covers many points that c mid not
he touched at the time "My hour Years
in Germany" was written.
The Kaiser has said :
"From childhood I have been in
fluenced by five men -Alexander
the Great, Julius Caesar, Theodoric
II, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon, I'ach dreamed ol world empire. They failed. I linve dreamed
of German world power and my
mailed fist shall succeed."
Gerard's Second Book
wiiu-ii nilctressos wi
to tiie returned soldiers,
Aid. Kerton enquired whnl wns
being ilium in tlio umlicr nl' Iinv-
ilm shuuk moved ull' Alien Sl, Mi's
Dav is had boon given two weeks
I., vacate,
Tin' City .' i-nk-s will In- ready
Ini' liusiiioss verv sin..ri ly, as soon
us Un- weights damaged by llu-
Iiii- have been i-epai'i-nd .
Tin' Auditor's report was  pre
Hinted   iim!   llll)   copies   ordered
pi iiitinl,
Iiii-   Mayor 'nml  Mr.    Hitiks-
| Beach worn appointed n committee
��� to attend llic nun lino ul' lhe  Rotary   Club,  ro  in ing in securo
govt, assistance towards having   n
sleel plant established in II, C.
Tlio Muyi'i' read copies ni  loi   :
ins mn! telegrams seul in connection wiih tlm effort lo have a sleel
plant established nt Union Hay,
Aid. Leighton enquired by
whose anthority tenders had been
mlviTtiy.fil fur const 1-iicliiig tlio
brijgo over the sluugii, Aid, As
imi explained thnl lie luul dune su
| without consulting llio balance of
I In- eiiiiiiiiii tun, bul would not ilu
-in again, Tin1 specifications will
Im 1-nvised and tenders advertized
for in boili local papers,
The Clerk was   instructed   tn
semi on assessment notices out the !
same assessment as lust  your, and
return the roil on March 4..
The different committees aro
requested to lutvo their estimates
in by March 4.
Aid. I4oightoii asked if it vvtis
tlm iuteution of the Council to up
point a medical health officer this
year. The matter wits left over
until next meeting.
Aid, Kerton asked it the fire-
lighting apparatus waa all in good
Aid. Leighton asked what the
Council had done re appointing a
Aid, Aston reported that Mr. J.
R. Johnston had been appointed
at a salary of $?5 a month. In
addition to policing this city Iiis
services will be at die disposal uf
the Board of Works, and rec-m
mended that a cart and horse be
purchased later, i
A by law amending the ^Traffic
By-law was read a first and  sec-
There is only <>iu'   question  lo as
heard tlu; New Edison Ainberola
soon can J  get one
after you have
that, is���Mow
Ainberola wc venture to
,_ ;i more cheerful place to
.'inil   ynu
ny   aud
informal dauce
Wil h llie possession of ;.i
i-:l;itc thut your home will
live i-:, both lor yourself nml your friends,
will find it   indispensable   for   "that"   p
A pout curd will bring full particulars from us rn to how  this
Uicut can be purchased on term*   Ilml nre so low  that   you   w
ni i-s   ihem
1 never
Write Us for particulars Today
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right, and
Our Service is Unexcelled
We're going t0 tell you something about shoes shortly
Parkin Bros.
In Memoriam
Sacred to tlie memory ol the late John   Olid time,
���"���-"'-  "'"'' '""- '"" A notice regarding the safety
of the slough bridge  was ordered
Howe, Died June, 1916,
"Sleep here in peace!
To earth's kind   bosom  do   we  tearful
take thev;
No mortal sound from rest again   shall
wake thee;
No fever-thirst, no grief that needs assuaging,
No tempest-burst above thy head  loud-
SlShere in peace!"      . ' plications be advertised   for, and
inserted by Nephew.-md Nieces. ! *��*" <% Clerk be notified ac
Sacred to the memory of the late Lucy I     Aid, Aston was strongly oppos--
Horwood, Died June 1, 1917. I ed tu aIly blu,l, act.on> stating that
The end was as peacful as the close of  the clerk was well qualified for the
position,  and   that   his   services
When the motion was finally
put Aid, Idiens refused to vote
and the Mayor declared the motion lost.
The action of the Clerk in giv-
placed on the same. | jn��� a-[ t]ie cjty  printing   to  one
Aid, Leighton moved, seconded j e,mle Up for discussion, and
by Aid. Kerton that the position f. Juture a|l public notices are to
of City Clerk be declared vacant; ,)e i,lserte(j j,, each paper and the
at Ihe end of 30 days, aud that ap.' -^ pr*nting divided equally bet
ween the two.
a beautiful summer day   when  daylight
lades into night with  increasing  loveliness.
"So he giveth his beloved sleep"
Her children and grandchildren  shall
rise up and cull her blessed.
Inserted by her Sons and Daughters,
|    Died-At the home of lier son,  Mr
reveals   the   far-flung   tentacles of  Berkley Grieve, Sandwick, on Tuesday
,n_n.wln   ".,.1       *1.��     ftfllP-  I   __l.      Cl.      ...    C   .      ...       .... . _     ���
Prussian propaganda and the other
secret steps by which the "All Highest" and his counsellors have attempted to 'realize this dream ol
world control.
The ramifications ol all these are
exposed���many of them for the first
time -hy Ambassador Gerard  ill his
new war book. "Face to Face with
To be published fin  daily  instalmens
Sl'N exclusively.
Send yoursttbscrlptlon'nowa "Bargain
Month" rate-J-3,00 for one year, including Daily and Sunday���365 day., Ah-
<iohite1y the biggest newspaper bargain
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The Sun is improving with every issue, Market Reports, Special Features.
Poultry Page, Short Stories, Breezy Editorials. Woman's page, Improved News
Send cheque, money order, or currency direct or to our local agent,
The Vancouver DailySun
New Policy New Maiiagciuenl
New nnd Bigger Features
Feb. 5th, at 5 a. tn. Mrs. Jane Grieve,
aged 89 years, 7 months, and 26 days.
The funeral takes place tllis afternoon
to tiie Sandwick burying ground.
STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. and
Main St. Vancouver, B. C. Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
Fences, the largest Monumental
works in the west.
would bu needed during the next
few months if the City was to pur
chase tbe Electric Light poles,
Aid.   Loggie
should be ^taken
matter- Aid. Idiens refused to
commit himself. H. Herd stated
tiist the auditor had told him that
that the Clerk's work was very
satisfactory to him.
Aid. Leighton stated that many
ratepayers had stated to him that
tlie salary paid the Clerk was
much loo high for the amount of
work done,   As an economic metis
ure he introduced the motion;  he
had no malice in this action.
Mr. Hames asked to address the
chair.   He said the action was be-
Zarilda Clothilda 3rd Do Kol. a
7 year old Holstien cow owned by
the Colony Farm, Essondale, has
made the following official record:
7 day record. 831,3 milk, 24.89
lb. bntterfat: 30 day record, 3,331
     8 1b. milk, 187.16 lb,  bntterfat.
thought time' 366 day record, 30,4611,302 lb cf
to consider the milk. This is the largest official record yet reported in Can
day. To give a clearer idea of
what such a large year's in til: pro-
duction by one cow means, it may
be said that the 30.469 lb. of milk
is equal to about 12,ooo quarts of
milk, and is theretore a quantity
large enough to supply a family
of, say. three persons, using one.
quart of milk per day. for a period
of thirty-three years; or, in other
words, would be a sufficient quan
tity to supply thirty-three families oue quart per day for one year.
Patriotic Fund       ______ ,. . 1    _.
Statement for month  ending   Decern-  cause of animosity Or politics, not |���bome COW .
her 31st, 1918.
Balance on hand Nov 30
Subscriptions during month
Remitted toVictoria
Balance on hand Dec. 31st
If 12S. 10
R, M. G
See, T
economy. He said be was a good
City Clerk and should be retained.
Mr, Hodgson was given permission to spi-ak. He snid the el
ectors of Ward 1 sent their rep
resotitatives to the Council to do
the business enonomically and any
thing thoy did toward reducing
the burden of taxes would have
'heir support.
Nanaimo City Council is asking the Provincial Government to
grant theni a portion of the auto
license fees collected in that place,
also a grant towards the upkeep
of the portion of the Island Highway running through that city.
Ice Cream
Barrister and  Solicitor,  Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
Mooring &Mansfield
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they ate prepare*
to do all kinds ol repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid (or Beef
and Veal
Courtenay  aud Cun.bei'land


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