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The Review May 25, 1916

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Can tint, Im tli mo any 1111.1111', ftrul
not nutte no well nnywhoio olse
hereabouts, Our tyno -unl machinery In oomploti nnd Tlio lleview
prloon M*e r\ji\it
Classified Ads
.Mill..-   >'iiir   lit!!'-   VVmitM   known
tin, ugh 11 tJla_.lfl.il Ailii-rtii
in- lii'vicw ��� - ���  ri.
{  '
I   iii 'I'I
known I
lisinont l
one .9    I
VOL. 4
NO. 27
Auction   Sale !
Agricultural  Grounds,  Courtenay
Wednesday, May 31, at 10 a. m.
6 Dairy Cows and Yonng Stock
including 2 Heifers  due in about 3 weeks
Other mi tries may he Included in sale Particulars from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered  in  Courtenay
AH Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Cook   by   Wire
Electricity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under id eai conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering h_at and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98        Office: Mill Street
Victoria Day
Pic Geo, Endall of tin nth C
M, R, spent Hi" week end in town
i Mr Cromie, of Vancouver, paid
a visit to liie Courtenay Condensed
h ilk factory one day this week.
K. & N.   trains In  ninl out   cf
Courtenny make conneelloiiH with
the steamer   Princess   Patricia   at
1. Aitken litis successfully passed his final dental examinations at
the college In Porll nul and is expected home in a few days,
Win. Cool-son, lhe expressman
lost his valuable grev inure on
Monday, She got a rusty noil in
her foot a few days ago, nnd blood
poisoning set in, tiiul she died in n
few days.
MajorS e.ilienscn arri el home
from New Westminster on Sunday,
having received his honorable discharge from the battalion there.
Major reports having had a most
enjoyable trip.
The Courtenay Preparatory
school commenced the sum mer term
on May ist. Puplis admitted al
any time. Apply Mrs. Halliday,
Piano   taught,
Welding ���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Plant your fruit trees in the fall,
and keep your order till I call, F.
R. F, Biseoe, Courtenay, P. 0.
I.ook prosperous. Fix up youi
shop front with an up-to-date sign.
See Colin Campbell about it.
F' rd Oarage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
I'or sale cheap ��� Buggy and harness, new last year, in good condition. Apply, John R, Johnston
For sale at sacrifice price���iooo
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine and
pump, almost new. Apply Box B,
Review office.
For Rent���Ranch on Denman
Island. Good buildings, sea frontage, good orchard. Low rent to
suit ilile tenai t Apply Box C,
Rtview office.
Lost-On tbe Upper Road,   May
4, between Or 'itliam and   Cotirte- ,
nar, a 12 Amethyst ring.    Any iu-1
formation gladly recieved.   Apply!
at Review Office
If you can ride a bicycle and talk I
intelligent1)' about a motor to drive
it, I can offer von a means ot mak- ;
-.in? money,    Write Fred A. Caton
6n View St. Victoria, B. C.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one   3   k.   w.
Dynamo switch board,   etc,   also]
pump and   belling.    Capacity   12 j
gallons    per    minute.    Apply    at j
Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Hugh Besdnells ranch
of about 20 acres at Nob   I Iill, Co* j
mox.    Or might be rented, with or
without 5 acre orchard,  for  t year
wiih option  of   purchase.   Apply j
Mr, Hicks Beach, Courtenay.
For Sale���Cyphers Incubator,
Leader churn, Universal breadmak-
er, sewing machine, fruit jars, roll-
��� topdesk, While Wyandotte fowls,
��� :ilick typewriter, reading lamps, 2
sets bedroomwaic, some beds and
other furniture, books, sporting
rifle, kodak, complete enlarging
camera and outfit. Apply at Hugh
Beadnell's ranch, Oomox.
Rhode Island Red Eggs
per Setting of 15
75 cents
Bruce Towler, box 132, Courteuay
Comox Creamery
45c per Ib. this week
uom oil Monday to Mr, and
Mrs Harold Watkinson, a daughter.
Mr. Ben Ward is home from a
short visit to Vancouver and Victoria,
The Blue Funnel liner "Ixion"
arrived at Union Bay oil Saturday
evening for bunker coal and lefl
for V.incowcr on Sunday,
All passenger trains leaving
Courtenay arrive at Nanaimo In
time to connect with the steamer
Princess Patricia for Vancouver,
Mr. Felix Ilnppv is ill town today taking orders for a new B. C,
map, whic wi 1 be up 10-date In
every respect.
Mrs. II. V. Collins returned from
a trip to Scotland 011 Sunday morning. Mr. Collins met her at Vancouver and spent some davs at various points on the Island,
Pte, R. 1". Davidson of tbe 1 itli
C M. R. was a visitor in town tllis
week. He was formerly au engine
wiper at the K. it N. round house
In another column will be found
a short poem by Mi-*s Jean Beasley
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. II,
Beasley, aged ten years, '1*Mi-* is
the s'cniiil of her poems which has
appeared In these columns, Court*.
nay may be justly proud of her.
Mr, and Mrs, Timlin, tbe popular host nnd hostess of the Willows
Hotel, Campbell River, were in
town on Tuesday on their way
home from Harrison Hot Springs,
where Mr. Tliulin has been taking
the baths for the past fortnight.
A few months ago be had the misfortune toseverly strain one of his
legs, and bas been laid up since.
He is now almost recovered.
Ice Cream Parlors
Anglican   Service
Mav 28.
Sl John's church 8 .In .a ill.
Hole Communion. 7 30 p. in.
Evensong and intercession for soldiers on active service.
St. Andrew's Sandwick 11 o ���,
in, Matins and intercessions (as
St. Mary's, Grantham, Evensong
7 30 p. m., Preacher, the Reverend
Ai chdeacon Colb'son.
St, Peter's. Comox liny, Matins
and Holy Communion 11.0
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. mi
Sunday  School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. m.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
J. R Johnston has opened an
i.e cream and lunch parlor in the
Marroclliblock, Union street, where
all kinds of soft drinks, lunches,
ice cream, tobacco and candies of
all description will he on sale, Cold
lunches, cold salads and sa:-. !-
wicbes. All home cooking Fuller particulars later.
7%    0/-   A. <%.
A Large Stock of
Bottled Fruit
Box  256
Phone 40
McPhee  &  Morrison
Just now when fresh fruits arc ofi
the market and unobtainable we are
offering the canned and dried commodity at the   following' low prices:
Choice Okanagan Peaches 2 l-2s per
tin 20c
Choice Blackberries 10c per tin
Fancy Dried Peaches per 2 lbs. 25c.
Fresh Seedling' Oranges 35c do/..
Try our Fresh Ground Coffee at 35c
t***t*��**tt*^0t**\*****p*****M THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
������   I .A SJ Y    "
te        JL.'..   :l..t'._r    .1 oi
Sin*     ll'lli il  In  her  Iil'eillli t,
"Tl ll   en'.  Tain,   li'.i i'   in i  nil)'    lltt
I tvnrji   to sii)  tliiui 11 ml ynn have ul
i'i Hii)   : lllllV"   ,!'''    lisltl ll,
111    in '!.   it J l  Inr  i liuili ngu onoi'gell
i   Ily,
��� Vol,"   lil,    "I ... .,  ��� ��� I'i in ill I I
noli  lu ray, mori  lliuii I run |m sib )
II,...', I,.. I  - i-  J
Naming The Farm
wrong-doing, "f course ho hnd Hpolton I
ul' his Ill-deeds vaguely, leaving mi Im*!
presslou iiiiini inn m'.in|il<. Mini.mi Uml
iin.. win' nf iin* usunl masculine sort,  The Fnrm Nilm" Should be Appropr
Ihc resull nl youthful high spirts initl | ate .imi 8tifjfj.stive
I'll tlli'l'   llllill   nl'
* Oil
i ni ni-.i hi   w.   i rc quite li) om  j' "','.',",'"',',    ,
i.n'ly t'i'Hiilii  wiih grow ..I" iii rvniii
ll   l-'i'StK-K
iill Hiiels,
"Vim  inn   Infiitiiiiled
t o ill il
lin'l    Ml)'    tlllll,'     Bill'   "n1"    |.'|||'|f|
Wiilly,   "Don'l, Tom,   "i ou wouldn't It
I    lloimi iii per tin mil -nosed tramp]
] Biippose you owe your preBanl  rays
| nml miner)   tn not bi inn tiblo to s_j
Tramp   Ves'm   iltiriif n  leap vour
WIIH   llll   111'
she  said
htrgo iiniry fnrm putting
oul high i.i'ii'in dairy burter, Vour butler  l:i  till   im:    you  niiiiiii   fur  il.     II
comes from tlm M on 'low  Brook  Dull')
I'lin  tln'ifl)'  housewife  ininiins
grocer'   order  in  tlm  ilmilnr   wi
, In Im; shake
nul n   i
a lib ah  i
Uf III r cill ���
r.     I'.illl   I'll.
:n itclill
'"!..'.,   V" k,;M'  ln>��  Innnbly I have prtiyi-d  lmndie8  ..���".���.  imuq,.,    |t Bne  |,now(
,',,���,"'���   direction In  connection wilh tills   ymll,   ,���,;,,,.,.,   ���,, },8|   ,.,   ,.���,,,,   .,
ircly," hit *ni
i   mi-lulu i'  of
ll.'Vn   Of   Inllll .   llOM    I   llllVO   lieggl 'I   tC
forgiveness If l Kir,'  cured loo much
for ii human being.   Don'l call II nu In-
i:   '""    '""' '   fnluallon,   I hopu it In nol I     Unl
"   tl,nlll>   """���  lit .1 I havi been-Bohappj In finding
,   myself cared for lu n mini bo kind nnd
nti'i-riipiid tin- vlscoitul |������ ���,���,���.,���,_������,..,,���   ,,���,,   |   feel  ,  ,*.,,
in r
l-'rniii w mn I Inn n heard i
." he Bald, in n \nice whii
d win I: in keep i lead). "I
��� ��� i".i n tlnn \mi wpre ;i
n you wiai ihrough lhe i
mnri'law with mj sister 11
A cry broke rrot
but  Paul rospnndei
���ii   I'fl'i'Ctiv. ly   In   til
her pit If tl] protest   i'
plosloti Of 111
i      n was (lend all in c In i  ���
lot ��� onn  inoniciitB �� hen laid    '��� rsul
in i. made In r il- cIbIoii known to In r
husband antl brol in r.
Tim.i Paul, win . in do hint Justice,
l.i mimil tu im deeply touch il by Imi
simple devotion, put tip his iwo linnch
iiiul held hers in them,
Timn    be tunn -. hla Hipp to Lord
Ei stllng.   Al iiini im dill i"'! look wll
the same '���mid humor,   it wns with a
n turn lo a frown that lie said coldl):
"i ou bear, Lord Basiling? Vou heat
whai my wife *-.i> s. Whal havo you to
ri ply to i'an '.'"
In truth, the young man appealed li
scarcely knew what lo my. lie had
G> pected difficulty, bul hot i :;:ml l\
Hi this shape. Mis Bister v*;is so Be
i' in . sn confident., bo quiet: she npokc
Willi sueb an utter absence of fornix
Ine hysteria thnl Rho baffled him. After c moment's hesitation, he Bald:
"I should like to speak to her alone,
'lift  her and  inn,"
'li was nol grammatical, II w'ns nol
eloquent, lint the speech was good of
ils kind. It lefl Paul without tiny ex
liiRp,   lie shrugged his shoulders.
"I.ml.v Ursula," said ho, "will, of
course, do as she pleases."
She luul withdrawn her hands from
iiis shoulders, and she now looked
miiiiil  al  her brotlii r.    I'or the  flrsl
11 mc it Beamed ihal a slight shadow of j     |,n:-,| i-.urI line hung I
doubt fell nve!' her.   Why should Paul I was  lhe accent  of trii
mind,  considering  her own  staunch-    he volci of thee'
Hess, her having a Bliorl Interview with
In r brother.   Vol it wns plain thai he
did niiiiil very much, l ing forward
Tin rc was a very short silence, nnd , young man's face "ennfesf
thpn sh" sili,l: , honestlv, that' whatevi
"If you duii't mind, Paul, l think I'd ' heard,  ami   whopycr  von
better let him lell me whin he has lo | beard' lite cahliniiipF  f'ron
hiilii r, not  Jusl,  binter.  lull
Meadow   Hrooli   Dairy   I'nrin   butler."
Tlm   iniiii   name  shoiilil   bo  nppro
pi'ltite, it should bo stiggeHtlve, Sunny
Hrook Sunk I'lirin ahoiild bo nonr n
, iipnrkllng lltllo brooklet, nol on n bald
I mi sweet-tempered, lhal  i  fed I tie* \m ,,.     *,,.,,,,��� ,.,.���,.,. ;..,���k ,,,,,..,,
you   mean   by   lhat?"    I."!'.- I1"' ''i'1','  '.'"' ,',!'.!s ...!!!.1"!.P..(.....'�� l��hould have it maple grove, and Pine
i.ll.ll     1'1'S Illll,   tlllll    will
in lil down Ill-nil) nl his I        ,  ,���,., ���,.���,    ,,���     ,,   .���,���   i	
���,",,, ,,.���     nc "''"'  i mis ii on    i   sum  ul   ,���, ciinraripi- st 0 of tho    (arm    lor
1,1  '" '"' ; �� .-:   louche. I io lhe quid, b) tho '
1 ��� pllcll) rn her tlevotlon. It wns heuri
rllui! in ha." had lu Ir)' lo opi n bet
���:-,  ii  whs almost a consolation io
i drive mo  hncli
, ihal nn love Is
ill"    I'e lll'llllil'tllll'e 1
ml' bin
"'���I',';".   Ridge   Potlltl')   Pa nit  , nnil,I   Im   mi   n
11     ' plni   ridge,   The iiiinm chosen should
snl'n   In
!l    l"nli
dreiidful thini
! u|i"n io do li
you In
be bad
t'l fed
which  li   In  Intended.    II   Bhould   be (
plainly nnd noally pnlnled on n    ub
nlaitlln!  Blgnbonrd  placed  ut   tl n
irniico drive in the farm home. Along |
I find  thin   so  fin-  he  hnd  complete.>"   w|-|,  n  Bhould  go tlm nnmes of Ihe
' fniled.                                                  I products or product of which tho I'm iiii ',
���Forgive me,  l'rsiiln. you will  for* l ,,,,,,   .,   ...,,,., j; i K y.  ns  "Pine   lildge|
won t  Mm
I! n 111 ��� 11    111
Hern   l"ai
Speci.illv   of   straw-
���,���.,���,���. , 1"11 , ���''" .���- sensinte euniiKii in,,,.,,,,, p] _���,, ,���.,,,,���,.,.��� ,.,������,���,.
,,���"��� mv ''"ov** tha there wns noilinc to ror; Ui n ,���_���,, .,,.,, S(I|1H.. T|)|a _,,_���,,,
iU morn* r oT' ,;"",lli"; ""��,,"������' hroi,i.i-K ���('���.���.���������.���. .,��� ,_������, ������ ,,��� letierhenrtB
i with linn mndonna-llke serenity which ���-,, , ,,v, .���, ���s ll8H, i:, ,������11������.|i(���, with
,,.-,. m   so seldom Incited ii ', bIio said ten-   ,,,,,   ,,llsil���,,.  ,,.���,,,,, lli(,n,,���  _t  lh(,
ntlv and      ,',,'v:, ,, ,    fnrm.   In these dnys or highly develop*
I ]]    .     "\   know   quite   well  you   hnve   only ���,,,,   .���,���,,,������.,���,   .������,   Hpoclallziltlon   the
hliiiheii   Imi'tiiisn  you  lell   you     ouglll.   ,���.���.,���   w|i|,oiil   n   linn,,    ifl   minus   the
ll'ow i , d ill I
i   lie mnd
Sou  have immi  misl
linli wliicli brings its products before
Even in a match you should
consider the "Little Things,"
lhe wood���lhe composition���
the  slrikeabillty���the  flame,
are mode ol strong dry pine
stems, with n secret perfected
composition that guarantees
"Every Match A Unlit." 65
years of knowing how���that's
the reason I
All Eddy products  are dependable products  -Always.
n    m''e,,''i; i',vrTv',,'ir'',, p. ','! mel :��vn y������ inr.;, i, i! ���;; s icli trouble antl   ���,,<, poople eeonomiciill) ninl proper])
" attempt to bi)  imi t.ls iipot,     ��� ( wi ���    a t ���,,      ���   mi   hoen al,:.���_,.,', ..    ,    ���    .. . ���,..���..���, ,,_'
',,������1     '���ist    in*      nil   I v,     n.'in   ",n , i i      ���1,.I.I\-.    HI   Mil       ^Sl III    I'llllll.llg.
��� ii.i i..i.*,, mi., nut (iii  \  inn it got   (0 Bpo_ik onlj to me, bo an lo keep such
behind the (abh
"riiillyhig is no ansv i r. \.< t it
v, imi you hnve to say hi fori we i
Paul,   whose   pale   rime   wns
nnd t remulous, ri cot, red his ec
ure  with ti  sin,, g i ffort, and
bin  right   hand   firmly  on   the
"Vou hnve no rlghl lo linpuli
,u ;,w I'u] ihing in me.   Suppnsir
from Paul's ears."
is?     I
ilv lit
end. Then
And If ho '.vnins to apenk without
you,  it  doesn'l   mnke  ntty  difference,
dees   it ?     Voil enn  I I'USl   llll   tO llG fail",
cnn'l  vun'.1"
"Why is ii necessary, unless he has
seme lies to lell nboui mc behind my
back, which he doesni dare repeal to
repeal ���,!   I'.nil.  lean-
I   I'lnr-in      iulo     tin
. "i o ifess now.-, oni tl
whatever you  hu\<
nay  havi
you hnve
i mnrried
never In i it told Ihai I
Lord Eastling raised iiis bend.
"Thai's true." he said.
A little ivy. feeble, plaintive, mad
him turn nml look round, h. time t
sen   his   sister   sink   upon   tli"   soft
my face, (bill Im Bbnuld speak In you , witli nn iishy-nhllo face, and n  look
nlone?"  demanded   Pntil,   quietly,  in-
,lii ,1. lun with conviction.
of Joy nnd  relief shining in lier lib
Paul slood up.
"I'm BinlsHed," he said briefly. "Tell
your Bister whnl you like, since you
acknowledge Dial  she is my wife."
He swung across the room nnd dis
nppenred  into  the  corridor,    leavlnj
Lord l*astling wiih no protexl for sup
posing thin   be  wanted  to  overheai
i what  wns said aboul  him.
nisconcerted nnd nfrald, dm iis
count turned to Lady Ursula. Coming
close tn her, he bent down, nnd said
"I'm awfully Borry for nil Ihis, dear.
nm I conidn'1 help myself. I've heard
such things aboul the fellow m.hi\
Unit  I luni tn eome."
Slip sat up, noi angry or resentful,
bul   calm  nnd  dignified.
"Who told you?" she sitid.
"The police."
slip shuddered n little, and Ihen recovered herself. There wns u long
"Shall l lell nn whnt ihey Bald?'
he  nsked   In  n   low   voice.
sim  shook   her  bend.
"Why should you?'' slm said. "Sinn
im says ii isn't trim, il is mv husband
!   must   believe."
"Hill   if yuu  hum  proof?"
She tinned upon him quickly.
"Have ymr."'
lln hesitate I.    l>  wus true tlint  in
had none.   He had only tlm word of a
man whom Im rould trust. Thnl, nil,
nil.  wns quite (he .nine thing    iu he:
eyes,  ui   inn   rut"
"P know ihn' I'm inkI you Ho
I ruth."
"Well, supposing  whin   you told  me
is true?   Supposing he did something
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Helped Her.
West Danliy,  N. Y. ��� "I have had
nervous trouble all my life until I took
Lydia E.Pinkham's
V I'RPtablo Compound for nervps
and for female troubles and it straightened me cut in good
shape, 1 work nearly
all the time, as we
live on a farm and I
have four girls, \do
all my Bowing nnd
other work \V i th
their help, so it
(how? lhal I stand it roal well.    1 took
thp Compound when my Inn year old
daughter c-ipip and it helped me n lot.
I have also luul my oldest girl tnkp it
(Mid it did her lots of good.    I keep it in
ibe house all the time and recommend
il."���Mr?. Dkwitt SlNCEBAUOH, West
Danby, N. V.
Sleeplessness, nervousness, irritahil- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
itv. backache, headaches, dragging sen- '"'"''' uili('!l '"'"-h' llim' brought upon
Rations, all point to female derange-   '""' " l"''lvv l>"nlahnicnt!    It is nol
ments which may be overcome by Lydia i"'!'.,!"" "' l,r',lli* ���'"''*"��� ls,ll'"
li. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. ..,',', w.a�� "ol ��f",1 ,en ,'��'! '*���'��� ���v,0"''
,,-��� ���    r                   i     ,i          ������ ���    , I      l!1"  "'at s  whai   Im mid  llle  him
This famous remedy, the medicinal Uelf,"  urged   she   will,   vivacity.    Ot
Ingredients of which am derived from course thai was absurd, but I look H
native roots and  herbs, liar, for forty ,,, mean thai he hud done things which
years proved lobe a most valuable tonie I   Bhould   nol   have   looked   upon   as
end invlgorator of tho female organism, right. And simp he was so outspoken,
Women everywhere bear willing testl- ,e" triitlittil with me. l cnn'l well re
nr '" '' " '
lony to tho wonderful" virtu.* of Lydia I |,roRcn l,lm ,u,tle1' "���""',rl_"e' wltl' K],V.
,,/.,.      ,   ,.     . ,,   ,, . he accused   ntnse    of before, can    .
,.l'inkhani.\eE.tuble Compound.       ,     ,���,.,,  g..,,,.. _.��� .���.m   .,.,,��� _���_,.
The recent erltlclsm lu the press of
tbe Anglo-Japanese alliance induced
Premier Counl Okiimn lo give nn interview in which he condemned whai
he characterised as petty efforts lo
create an agitation against Orenl Brll-
sin, The premier declared iinequlvn.
tally that (here would be no waver*
tog In Japan's fidelity to the alliance.
W. N.  U. 1102
horrible ihing
Whal could ho rh
such nu Infatuation
I'nslllng  fell   thnl   h
"llnug I'uul I" ho said Irritably
she did  nol  even  mind  this.    She I
inu'.iied ^^^^^^^^^^^
' That's so Iii e you, Tom. to gel out I
of the difficulty  you havo pui  you
telf in by wanting lo hung Bomeboi
nlse!" she said 1,rightly.
He trie,; lo smile al her, bill 1
was lipnvy-hoitrted, und the attorn]
was a failure.
"l wish, dear." he whispered, "thai
vou would persuade him to come buck
��� I'nglnnd with me nul you at once.
If im is tin innocent man be Rays he
'*. why should hi mind our milking
inquiries ahou:  him?"
"Up would sny, if wo were In sug
''ns" It, whal I say now." replied Lad)
f'rsttla, "thai those Inquiries, if the)
were lo be made ut nil, otighl lo ban
'nen miifl" before I became Ilia wife
sow, you see, whatever you might
hid oul would make no difference,
Don'l "mi ���.., e lhal, Tom?"
lie looked al her shyly.
"There ur \  some  things--" he lie
Sim eu;  li 1 in short.
"There   Is   nothing."  she  snM   snl-
���ntiiy. '-which can separate me imw
'-mi   the man  l have sworn to love
lonor nnd obey."
(To be Continued)
The Making of Books
*ool<  Publif-hii*!*  "I rude In  Great  Brit
air,   is   Seriously   Affected
A reduction of one-third In the Im
lorts of pnper and wood pulp into the
'ni,.-,! Kingdom is a harassing Inno-
.iiiiin to which the newspapers do
, u lake in kindly, li is pointed out
,iy the London Chronicle thai while
restrictions are placed upon tlm
Inplo raw material of publishers, tlm
'.tw material for brewers enters witii-
Itll question. The hook publishing
rade In On al   Britain has been ser
��� inly affected b) the restrictions on
taper imports, nnd echoes of the dis-
,'iission which Ihc now regulations
lave provoked were lienrd nt the an-
���unl meeting of lit ftoyal Literal-)
"und. Authors who have nlread) snl
er. d i,y ihe war nre badly hit by the
��� due;ion in paper Imports. The annual report showi ,1 Lun oul of lifteen
thousand dollars vou,] in grants six
rhousnnd dollurs went to authors com
idled lo mnke nppllcalion owing to
���mir distress.     \   paper commission
has been appointed to regulate the
.uipply nf pnper ihroitghout the L'nlt-
,1 Kingdnin. und sir Frederick Mac*
n^lllan has hen chosen to rcprescui th;
peculiar demands of literature. Lasl
nul' tlm number of books published
mil decreased by eighl per rout, as
compared with lfll.4, uml by thirteen
per cent, ns compared with 1013,
The restricted supply of paper will
nol hnve been nn unmixed evil It II
.uii's publishers t'o be more exacting
.unl discriminating in the selections
of     authors'    manuscripts.���Toronto
A Scotch minister In need of funds
thus conveyed his Intentions to his
"Wed. friends, ihe kirk Is urgent*
Tho   cosl of living bus Increased
since tlm outbreak ol  wnr in Vienna
Two billions    of  lend  pencils  nre   II" per cen I., in Berlin r". percent., In
made each  yenr.    Half of thorn are   Paris 66 per cent., in London,  l"ng.,
made of American cedar. 'u per cent.
ft Iini |.
Hon was u difficult onn. Paul had, ly In need of siller, and as we hnve
whether nware of it or not, prepared failed in get money honestly wo will
for this present eventuality. Of course, lave to see whnt u bazaar <aa do
lie  hud  nm   been  precise  ns  to  his 1 I'm- us."
Mr. i..
Sllcay (I', vie s�� % ii* "��< ioii*?.t "fl--n��. 1 heti_��.��'*.s tl ta acm.y. ta-:e
ij.cn cccnlng tin Ir horw s sound by lining Kcmlnll a Bnnyin Cure���tho <���!,!
��� IMmunil U. llairUon, Ingoldtby,Out., wr tcf���"I Imvc
inr s-,-,\i:i Cure nut! am at prcccut using u on a lami;
..appearing���nl��o Hint lameness."
ire lviiif,
cured tw i ppavlns
horse,  Tlm swi tii
ncl�� oulckly leaves no srars or blemishes, and cost- little,   (i. hotll.
u tvr (s.  Get our raluable book���"Treatise on the horse"���free ul your
druggist :* write us
Mr. Joint Ross Robertson, owner of
the Toronto Telegram, is an old -time
reporter, and ns sueb has his eye
open for good stories, lie nailed ono
on the street car lho other day. A
soldier In  kilts  was Bitting opposite
A London man jusl back from the
States says thai a ttttie girl on the
train to Pittsburg wns chewing
gum. Not only that, bul she Instated   nn   pulling     il     out   in   long
ii man In civilian attire, who oh- strings and letting it fall back inio
nerved lhal his knees must he very her mouth again.
cold in the keen weather prevailing. | ".Mabel!" said her mother In a
'.Vol half so eold as your feet," was horrified whisper. "Mabel, don't do
lhe Bharp rejoinder. Scottish Amer-'tliat. Chew your gum like a little
loan. ��� lady."   London Opinion.
is good tea" p
The Army of
Is Growing Smaller Every D_r.
teaponiible.   diry not
nnly |��ivi* relict
illl'l [,.*,,,1.1,1,-utl
CUte t.iM-ipa-
lion.    Millions me
lllelll lul
nets, lndigrstim, Sick Headache, Sallow Skin.
Small Pill, Small Done, Small Pricf.
Genuine iim.t (,.���,,, Signature
Manitoba Game
Protection Laws
For    tho     Protection   of   tbe   Prairie
Chicken   and'  Other   Game   Birds
and   Insectivorous   Birds
it is unlawful nnd slrletly agalnsl
ihe provisions of the Manitoba Game
Prill net ion   \,\  |o  use  poison,  poison
ous gruin in' ui,\ other poison,his sub
stances for Hm killing of gophers, rata
or oilier vermin iu tlm haunts of, nr
In the neighborhood nf tlm haunts ot
game birds or Insectivorous birds, See
section _s of tlm net quoted herewith:
".h. No person Bhall use poison,
poisonous gruin, or oilier poison
mis substances, for the killing of
gophers, ruts or nther vermin, In the
haunts oi or in ihe neighborhood oi
the haunts nf game birds or insectivorous birds, unless such poison, poisonous grain or other poisonous sub-
slaiie,' is placed in holes."
Can Do My Work
Traffic Folly
:-*l S--*ar. WT*' _*"-.   ".��-' ���. '__  __    ri?
���Sf ^,'''    'l'.'      tda','.;  -   ' *��,
..I j   'l.MlLITiaV FO,.|IPM*M3.,F.TC,       J
L^ | Dofei IC SPCCf^LTYG, nf:
Ij |,   ��� HAM'Ltoh','   'ONT.' '    '"��'.
* " n., ,|.,, it Vic. i .--r��u*a;'i .,.������->���'
Special   Flax   Expert   Appointed
Mr. ti.  tl.  Ilrntnliill, a  grudilttta of
J Die Ontario Agricultural College, has
Pain is All Gone ir iU ,s :t "l""'i,"rtos e*
It will noi bo lung before tl," tl.i
[season is again with us. accompanied
by Bupplleallons front lhe general
press to swui Hie Ily," Simultaneous
ly, Hm doadly poison ily paper makes
its appearance,, with tin- possible risk
of fatal poisoning wherever there are
for during ID15 twenty-six eases nf
tly poisoning were reported from
eleven states. In 1:11 1 forty-sis children were Inuocsnl victims,
This record Is In nil probability In*
coinpl.te ns h> inptoma of are inleul
poisoning are so similar Lu litose of
cholera Infantum thai oven physl dan
of long uxporteuco are likely m eon*
fuse thoui, an 1 the subsequent Illness
is  ascribed   to cholera  infinitum,
Tin* Michigan U.S.A. legislature has
already passed ti law regulating the
sale of poisonous Hy papers. Th ���
question should he considered b)
every civic body of Canada .unl 1!"
Suites lu atop Infantum mortality
from an absolutely unnecessary cans.
I Alberta Lady Tello of Quick and Complete Cure Through Usiny Dodd's
Kidney  Pills.
Ferguson Plats, Alberta,    (Special),
"Ybb, I urn very glad I can suy that
1 hate ii'h'il limld's Kidney  Pills und
found  Ihem  nil  lhal   is  claimed   for
llteiii."   So says Miss llollle McChiln,
an ostliiiable holy i-osldlng here.
1     "I   was  troubled   witli a  sum  back
, Hint    made    1110 ulmo.it    helpless.    I
' took  mm  linv  in'  Dodd's  Kidney   Pills
i und  1,1.1   buck  is nil right.    I nun do
' my   work  uml  tlm  [xii 11  is ull  gone."
Thousands of women in Canada are
suffering daily tortures from  pain in
tlm    hank.    Thousands of othors like
' .Miss   McClahl   urn   lining   III,'it-   work
I wlllioul  un offorl   because they took
the advice ot others and cured their
ISatltre H treat ton Company backache    by   using Dodd's   Kidney
ot Canada, Limited    | pl��%r_ ���_��� , ���. Dodd.a
itooin u cos.i-.ive iiida.. I6.1 Yonaestreet fl  Kidney   Pills.    They  ure  the  lineal
Toronto     -     Canada ��� ,""i''in lbe ���vor,d l*eC!llls*!' -*cti��s ������������
peri iuuiei iim agrleiiltural deparl
ment, al 11 salary of si.sou per annum, His duties will im in familiarize himself with Ilia whole rtax ipies-
linn iii Canada, and can1- on Investigations in connection with fibre pro*
tlticllon uml the utlllzullon of flax
iilraw for Industrial purposes. Mr,
HrninhlM has hnnu lhe representative
ut Hm Ontario department of agriculture in Luinbtoii county, uml has luul
considerable experience with tlux
production in Canada,
A safe and sure medicine for n child
troubled with worms Is Mother Graves'
Worm  'exterminator,
"In   only   the
' said a pompous man,
purstiii    of something,
m:\11 inn   i'rki!   iiiioKi.t'.r  con-
TAIXINi;    I'I I.I.    PAR I'll I'I,Alts   01'
rectly on   the kidneys, they tone up
those  organs  to  do  their  full 'work
���������~~���'~~*"**~~~ uf -training all lhe impurities out of
_"~_,M-_fc OnWUlal6��� CyeiidSi   ,l"'  l)l00*--    l'lllv uio��" menus    new
qj?_[ C Eve" inflamed by expo-   strength  for all  parts    of the  body.
E sure to Sun, lluslaml Wind   *'"''' strength  means    new  cheerful-
*-,/-_k_3 ���l"il'klyrelieved b> Murine ness. t'liat Is why bo many women so
W^55_> Eye Remedy. No Smarting, cheerfully testify tu the hem-lit p.-
v just  Kye Comfort.    At
If our Druggist's 5l)c per Bottle Murine Eye
8.lveinTubei25c, .'orBaoliolllieEyelrec.isic
Pruggiits 01 Murine rye Stemedy Co., Cbicags
mil   tlle catcbiug of it."
"Oh,  I  don't  know!" answered his
plain  friend.    "Have yon over chased
lho Inst  tram car on a rainy nigh'.'.'"
Minard's   Liniment  for   sale   everywhere.
' I   purchased  a  lovely   round  oak
dining [able this morning," said Mrs.
"That being the ease." rejoined tiie
', slar boarder, "I suppose we need expect 110 more square meals."
What Else Matters?
Wo am tight ing agalnsl a nation
which by countless deeds of horroi
hate prove,I themselves outlaws from
Immunity, who have trampled upon
International law und lhe rights 0
llm weal;, wlio urn sll'lvlng lo tleslrov
all tho higher Ideals 0? Chrislliui civ"'
lllzntlon and of human liberty and In
substitute for 1 ii .-in the i rutali-lng
and materialize principles of .m, ailed
(lei'inan "Kultur." What duns anything olse matter compared with our
winning lhe vlclory agalnsl  such a
Aro you a Bufferer?   Km .
thai terrible ui hlng, drag ; tg.
down pain, lhal roba you 'f
pleasure, even of rest, and nutl 1
lit" miserable? iJon'l you bell tvo
in lhe law of a-, rage? If a re , idy
lias cured liiind,". .I of pi ople, don't
you think it likely ii might ni      it
cure you?
Just give Zam-Buk a fair trial!
Mr. ... McEwen, of Oundas, - it*
fared from piles for fifteen . ;
He says: "1 tried p:"tiy n ir .<
everything, but got nu perman nt
relief until I tried Zam-Buk. This
balm relieved the puiu; continued
use completely and permanently
cured me."
The rich herbal 1 ��� mci 1 of which
**aiii**-ull ! 1 ,- imp id, quickly ; I-
move con estl 1, . dleve the ���! ill,
gnawing, binning pain, und e-.n ���.
All drug.;',; 1 and sto ' is, or it-
luild from /n :: link 1 1 , To . \
for price, iiur. box, '2 boxes $1.25,
M :^*��� **�� K " '."���".���'   &   ?'\
flffln, Ureal ,..,'-. . If,
R\t5_fls 2j ' -1"'**un-' -���-*���-- ������ ���' J '��� ���''������'
ffi__fi__fe36s-!tfr',,.,1!',! '*'vi-1* n****0 ��� 'I
LjJUtrvt**' t*W* n    old   Veins,    ri"*v-;    .'��� .
Debility. Mental and Brain Worry, t
enemy, aud should nut iln�� onrpoae to I 4**��Vt losm of Knew/, Palpitation t>/ t*U
achieve It be the dominating Interesl i S;'^^,^^^.:, ,?.'.'       !    |
f inn* present lives, shaping all our
thoughts, and determining all our
acts?   The Times of India.
th'lgci In er I
nrli'��.   AVl-J*'    .,1,1 I,;,
M_OI'.:i--"'   '���     !- " ���' ' ��� 0! .     I. :<:��.
���   ' ,t
//rc*. Tf:1.*. 1JB
Liniment     Cures   Burns,
��"���-.'��� """'���>  Cl KMCIII                      .     . I
,_ _____                                    _  VIM   MI.'.IV    ,;,,..,,Mi-,,   llv,     i. Hi ,.,
'"'Wl)     lilllBl*     ,-ivlls   i,'i.f,i   nluvlim   ml  "l'-^   '" '" f      loisrs,     IAILJI .    ,      ,
iwo    older    iivais weie piniing lit I ccxcrkaco flu seekmani ,,   ,. ��
the dual round of a golf louriiiiinent   j�����,si��� . umi  1 ,tjritjtct *
1 Ua
1 .1(1) 11
��� I     , . .   ���-. 1
... 1.1 a
. ,
,.        :-,,e
MUiriE r \.: .111.
und v.em even un ihe elglileenl li
One of them, a garrulous old gentle* "T I-I KT iJ M. TJ l f\ rtj
man. had    talked    Incessantly-during ,,,. "t ����oJ ��?��-ii '.T
the   match, to the great annoyance of *���"' '������", ''*"' ���' ��� ������'��� '" '-*
his opponent.   "
"Look  hero, Logan." burst, om  lhe      "   '-s   being   recalled    thai
latter, "If you don't stop your Infernal spenl    $772,000,000    In    hel
chnlter I'll crack yon over the heud l'nlted States  to be ome a run
with tills brassie!" Hui   it    inns'   not  be  forgotten     mt
"All right, Joues, swing away," was [llis    was    really    a    war
the    calm response,    "bul   remember j agalnsl   Britain   with   whom   Fran*..-
this   It's going in cosl vou a stroke." was l'1"" ;lt 'vnr
What  Did  They   Mean?
"Liow was Miur speech received
last night'.'" asked one commuter of
"Well." was the reply, "when 1 sal
down Ihey all said that it was tlie
best thinn 1 over did."
celved from using Dodd's Kiduey Pills.
"Hear liow old Worgram got even
with the war'.'"
"Nol    I low'd he do it ?"
' Well win n ilm war cut off tin
dye stuffs, Wo.ram cut off Ills whisk
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neural
"This is a liar rod world." said onn
laborer to another.
'Yes,    Ol do be lltinkln' nv lhat
lime  Ol  put  nm   pickaxe  Into
Miller's   Worm   Powaers  urn  complete  III  themselves.   They  not   only iver.t
delve worms from Ibe syslem. bill re- It.'
pair  lhe damage  thai   worms  cnuse
and so Invigorate the constitution thai rpnn onii nprfv UUTri T
it speedily recovers from tlm dlsord* **&&? L-lIL-JKJiJM WJLLL
ers of the digestion thai ore the. re* To keep little ones well, the bowels
still of Hip work- of these parasitic In- must be kept regular and the stomach I
trudei's. They do their work thorough- sweet. Nine-tenths of childhood ui!- ���
ly aud strength and soundness follow incuts arc paused hy deraugeinepts of
their use. these organs. Baby's own Tablets
  never fall Io regulate the stomach and
A stitch In the side is more distress* bowels--thai     is   why  thousands  of
ing than  a  stitch   in  lime. mothers wotdd give no other medicine
 ��� to their little ones.   Concerning lbent
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff. ��� Mrs.  ('litis.  A. Turner,  Marie Joseph.
 ��� N.S., writes:    "We have been,using
Freddy   Pickle���But,   weally,  don't Baby's Own Tablets off and on for the
you envy me?   All I have to do is to past year and a half.aud have found
play gentleman. nothing to equal them."   The Tabids J
"diss Tabasco (with a yawn) -Yes, are sold by medicine dealers or by
but you arc such a poor actor, Fr. d- mail al 26 cents a box from The Dr,
"v. j Williams' -.Medicine Co., Brockville,
Knew    How    to'    Get    Part    of  the
Indignant Professor���Quit Ihis quili-
blug, sir! Who Was King Henry
VIII?   Answer "yes" or "no."
���,, , , i, i   i ..      ..    ,���   .      Tliore In more ratarrh in tnn section
"���I know one dish I pan prepare for of thc c0,m,ry .*,_��� an other alee.se.
hrcaktast as well as any cook on ������ put together, and unit! tho tarn tew
earth,' said my husband one morn, years ��ub uupposed to be incurable,
lug when the cook was ill and be had \**n ��� *%? l0���T_|S.aTa,f(lO<P?e��rfbeO_
volunteered to help gel breakfast. No |0���i remedies, and by constantly falling
appeared with his dish and I dlscov- to cure with local treatment, pronounced   it    Incurable,     science    b-s
erpd it was Grape-Nuts which, of
course, was easy lo prepare for it was
perfectly cooked al  the  factory, bill
proven Catarrh lo be a constitutional
discaac, uinl therefore requires constitutional  treatment.   Hall's  Catarrh   Cur
it wis 'i 'mini iiiosii-i'iini nf ii,.. enn    manufactured  by  P. J.  Choney *. <'o.
".......       ".,    llll'slt.l.U',1  Ol      ion-    -,-,,.,.,,.,    ,,1,1,,,   Is   the   only   Ciui.illtlltlon.ll
Veillenco of having (irape-.Vuls about
"We took up Qrape-Nuts Immediately afinr returning front a five yours'
sojourn in a hot country, Our siom-
acliH were In bad condition and we
wpi'p in poor health generally.
"In a iluy or an wo liked Crape-
Nuts belter than any other kind of
food on the tabic. We both gained
Steadily In health and strength, nnd
this was paused by Clrapu-Nuts nnd
"A friend of ours had a similar experience.   Sho was seriously III wiih
Indigestion and could lind nothing to I
ent thai would nol give her heartburn ,
and palpitation, especially al night.
"She found lhal a small dish of
Orape-Xuts with cream made her a
satisfactory supper and gave her a
comfortable night's rest. In a short
time slip gained several pounds in
nurd on the market. It is taken Intern.
Hit.- In doses from i* drops to n t'n-
gpnonful It nets directly on the blond
iind mucous surfaces of the systom,
Tli.-v offer one lun,died dollars for any
case II rail" to euro. Semi for clrculara
ami  testimonials,
Address! P. J. CHENEY ft CO., Tote,to, onto
gold bv Drugasts, 76e.
Take Hall's Family i'ills rer constipation.
Hi;;���Ily the way, who is. or rather
was, lhe god of war'.'
Hlx -I've forgotten the duffer's
name, bill   I  think  it   was Ananias.
No Rest With Asthma.���Asthma US*
I ually attneks al night, the one time
i wlnui rest Is needed most. Hence lho
, 'oss of strength, tlio nervous debility,
' the loss of llesb und other evils which
I must be expected unless relief is se-
I cured,    Fortunately relief is possible,
"There's a Reason."   Name given Pi: ''   !*',l<MoM'*  \��<Um'\ Ren'ed>;
hy   Canadian   Postum   Co.,   W S()1,   has prove,, is ,,,,.,uls through years of
-,_, 'service,   A trial will surely convince
i vnn
Ever read the above letter?   A new   '
one appearo from time to time.   They      -,    .      ,,,���,   ,   ,        ,    ���  ,,     ,   .
are genuine, true, and full or human I     ��"e,     , ""T "f      ��   ���'"'    ,\
Interest. \���d   '-, ''   ,lu" richest sovereign In
i_____________________^^^   ISurope in her own right, her Income
' * ������    iioing enormous  from    the    crown
I lands  and   from  her  vast  colonlus.
W. N. U. 1102
Dr. C'Iuuki's lt_ci_K�� Mvok. 1,090 iwlectcit THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
I'libi-liiil   at
And Comox V.il
A   Weeky  Newspaper
Courtenay, B, C,
N. II. BopUN, Bditoi and Proprietor
Subscription **_* 1..""���'> per Vear  in  Advance
Court  of   Revision
THURSDAY, MAY .'.", 1916
City bylaw ntiinbei l.i. otherwise known us the |i iiuid bylaw
bus been registered an 1 nil |iersons
nre notified by advertisement in
uiiiithii column ni this |,.i|ht thai
nil animals must be kepi of the
streets. This hus been made im
perativc by the large droves of
1 o s, s and cattle thai liuvc bet u
in, inn ti|i aud down the slrci Is
nighl and day foi lhe post week or
two, If the animu! owi ers had
used it little coinniou -��� use I lie by
law would nol have bi i n put in
force, for it is well known that
there is n lui of mtiiss cunt: lo waste
which would be better eaten off.
Courtenay is a live growing city,
and the citizens will it"', si.unl for
iutollernblc nuisances always- Yesterday morning no less than twenty-seven head of cattle were congregated in front of one of our citizens houses.
All married Englishmen, eligible
for military service, who are living
abroad but who ordinarily are residents of Croat Britain, must return
to England forthwith and report
for military duty.
I m ft
B "'.        '��'        IH
��� *5*-'|i3*:W,
Corporation  of  the
city of        Ladies   Dept.
A lil
mil,unl :
vision   foi the
Assessment li.
I lure
II nl tl
-\ giy
,1 llm I
.e ol I
i ���   City
���u ih.,i   lhe
ulll I ol   Le-
'visim;   the
ni   Courte-
Citv II.ill,
1 sllllsliniles ill
stripe ell,-it*
(II the
rum 1
Wash skirts
Slliu I'mle
iii   rep,   pique
hill from L.'.i
nl   whiti
Courtensy, al the hour of I n o'el nl, n,
in. mi Monday the _6lh day ol [line
Any person hn\ i [il lint against
said asse istuciit t": nut .1 i\ i noliei i
writing t" ilm ussi ssot "I Ihe grouinl ol
hm complaint ou or before the inth duy
ol luni 1916,
W. A, \V, II \MI'.S,
rskirts iu attractive shinies in
,|iiiilil\ s.itin 11-<.in l.7o
hese are   verv   attractive ami
,ih's  beautifully  embroidered
.nul in [aitcy stripe *��� iILs
; Gloves, elbow length, "I verv line
ipinliii iu all the lending similes Irom 75c
Millinery in up*to date styles al popular
sum,UiT    tliuleiui
pumps   i
���ntinii sh
City of Courtenay
NOTICH is beni,i given th it Bylaw
So. 13, being' the Pound liyl.iw
bus been duly registered nnd is in lull
force nml effect. Any animals found
straying within the limits of the City
Courteuay on and after ihis <lute will lie
Notice is also given thai Mr. II. It.
Forde has been authorised to act under
said bylaw, and the said II. I). Forde
has also been authorized to collect Dog
Taxes and Road Tuxes.
City Clerk.
Dated nl Courtenny (his 23rd day of May
IInsiel v.
Illll lush
Super combed silk lustre hose
uii'il and ol liij_ti  grade quality
clrei. s
s for girls ii.
smart novelty
I   Middy   waists   lor   girls witli   skirls lo
Wash lints (or boys and girls
Bovs wash suits and straw huts
One strap slippers.    Hoys and   Kills patent boots ami   strap   slippers,   barefoot
sandals and vacation rubber siloes
Misses sunshades in  pretty and  novelty
Aid to Railwaws
Receiver for O. T. P. and C. N.R
the alternative says H. S.
Clements, M.P,
In an interview with the Prov
ince, Mr. H. S. Clements, M. P���
for Comox, who is home from Ottawa, says
Mens Dept.
Neckwear,   made of finest   silk in a big
variety of good colors und designs
Whit, drill and   tennis  pants   witli belt
loops, side strips and cuff bottoms, good
wearing quality, *.*0
Tennis and vacation shoes
The Only Remedy larger ones would pass lhe Mouse.
  .Speaking in regard to the import
duty on apples, he said this could
not but have the most beneficial effect ou the fruit industry in British
Columbia. ' I think that the people will appreciate this move when Outing shirts, fixcellcut quality cloths,
they come tt, realize more and more "c'nl '"'"'>; sUi,|,us'  silk striped and self
... c    .      c.i       -.     .' ou licurt'il; also the new cmmlrv club  shirt
the true facts of the situation.   1 he wiUl w,de ope��� n���cl<
protection given to the industry is _, ,,,.,,.     ,,    . ,
r "* ,      .,, ., Straw and felt hats in all   styles; also a
very necessarv aud will mean its      . fine range of caps
��� There was no other coiu-*.e open  salvation in this province.      It will ���, ,    .       ��� ,   , ,    ,    ,
to the government except to give result in the   public   buying more S_T^W^M^n^Ul%.
assistance to both corporations, otn- British Columbia fruit and less of in lace.and button with black  and gre;
erwise it  would have  meant  they  the imported commodity. vesting*
would  have   had   to   go   into the i .    -__....������ Silk Hose.   They come in o��� blood, tan
are the Acme of Perfection
For many years the chief fundamental  in  producing ROYAL
STANDARD products has been PERFECTION. The aim has always
been to produce products always superior to any other on the market.
'Phis policy has always been carried out aud always will. Whenever
you see the name ROYAL STANDARD be assured that it mears the
Order a Sack of ROYAL
ROYAL STANDARD FLOUE 1ms Iour been recognized as tin
best bread flour sold in Western Canada.    M is milled from the finest
wheat    grown    and   sold   under   a   i-ltii'l
"money-back" guarantee.
Royal Standard   Grain   Products  Agency
I'liiuii* 33 F.  Movitl,   Mgr. End of Bridge
Royal Standard Mills Chick Food
is another of tlie lainous Royal Standard
products Thousands oi poultrynien have
found that no other Chick Pood Is equal to
ROVAI, STANDARD. You'll come to this
conclusion, too, if you try it.
steel grey and black, 75c pair
lonj;   sleeves
and ankle
hands of a receiver,     Not to have     -_,ast week when there  was a ru-
given them that  assistance   would,   mor tllat the   [02m*   Battalion was   A Rood assortment  of  summer  under-
in my opinion, have been the ureat-  a|)onl (0 ]je moVed from the district   we!lr to choose from in elbow  and knee
est mistake on the part of the gov- H   Stewart   all(* other prominent I -"*"--������ also "" '
ernment, and would have, I think, prora"nent peopie seIlta wire to H.
affected Canada's interests through-j g_ clements asking his good offices
out \nZ yy*?r**>'' , to have the battalion remain in the
At present Premier Borden and district during the balance of their
his ministers had under cotlsidef-' tfUluii-K. Mr. Stewart has receiv***1,
tttio'u the question of the appoint- ..he following reply !
ment of a Commission of the best 'i Dear Stew'arl,'���Your telegram
experts to be found in the Doiiiiu-1 receivet- this morning rc rut mor ot
ion to go into the question lhor-,I02n(1 Regiment being removed
oughlv regarding the railway situ- from the district. I do not think
ation in Canada with the object of tllere is anyt-.j,*g   j���   the   report.
or otherwise.
As to
whether nationalization would take
place Mr. Clements would not express an opinion. The past session
la* said hnd been one of the most
eventful in the history of the Dominion, due to the important measures which the government had to
cope with owing to the heavy demands in connection with the war
and tlie railway question. With
regard to the bi-lingual question he
understand my not winner
ov will   appreciate  that I
You wi
you, as .
am taking up your request with the  _
Minister today, nnd   will   do any
thing   possible   to   carry  out the  is shown stranded at Mudros, Isle
wishes of pourself and other signers  of Lem_s._ formerly
of the petition.
Yours trulv
II. S,
Douglas Fir  is Useful Wood
the base for
naval and military operations in
connection with the Dardanelles.
It appears that the dummy battleship was constructed at Belfast,
the material used being Douglas fir
mainly from Jiiilish Columbia.
J. W. Bengough
the celebrated Lecturer and
in the
Agricultural  Hall
Saturday, June 3, at 8 o'clock
Admission Free Silver Collection
"It is true that war is the first
business of Canada, until success
crowns our cause, But it is nevertheless true that modern war is
made by resources; by money; by
developed natural resources; by
products; by foodstuffs; as well as
bv men and by munitions. And
while war is our lirst business, it is
the imperative duty, I repeat, ol
every man in Canada to produce all
he can, to work doubly hard while
bee" PUt beeiuSed buVta vi'ew'of stntcted ot wood, which after sery-
���   conditions   it   was ing various purposes known only to
expected   that tlie those in charge of naval.operations,
 -....,*-  | m]r soldlers are ... the trenches    11
On Tuesday evening Mr. George! order that the   resources   of   the �� *p,     ..      '
Edison    I.abora- country may not only be conserved      ^oiiimiii-.s   un
Newbury, of the
i?i tint the coveriimeut had taken
tle'o      cr^ ope to it. '    In the London  Illustrated  Lou-
He regretted  that   all the  esti- !^e^_2 a K'ttellS
for his constituency hadjiot ^e,?s?PP^[fon^P^battleshtp .on-  to.y76range,'New"lerMy,7ave'"a I but increased for the great struggle
ones ha<
the   abnorma
hardly   to be
50th Year of Anglican
Work in Comox Valley
The first worker sent by the
church authorities was n Catechist
of the name i f Price who commenced bis duties in 1866 when a small
log church was built, and it is proposed to keep the jubilee of the
parish ou June 2'.st when special
services will be held . The Lord
Bishop will be present and will be
attended by a number of the Cler-jy
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way  Stations
Cotine-tiiiR at Nanaimo with Steamer "Princess  Patricia'
RETURNING���-Arrives at Courtenay at
16:1.0, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all 1
of the world.  For partial
Dial. P-aimser Agent, Victoria
hies to till parts
ars etc, address
Agenl Courtenay, Phone R 60
free recital ou the new  Edison dia- '��� that lies before us.
moud   disc   phonograph,    This is     The people of   Canada   can pre-
the very   latesl   invention   in   the ' serve their credit and   keep the na-
phonograph line.    The   discs   are I tion strong for the wai by   .ncreas-
practieally    unbreakable,   as    was J ing production  and    exercising   a
evidenced by throwing    them onto I reasonable   economy.
the floor.    Instead of the   familiar
Work harder, save   more'
needle which has to be changed
every time a piece is played, a genuine diamond transmits the sound
from the disc to the horn, and is
practically mdistructable. Various
selections were played which showed the quality of 'the machine.
Every voice could be distinguished
in the duets, quartettes, etc, while
in 'he others every note was reproduced without any harshness or
metallic sound that is usually characteristic of phonographs, Mr.
Geo, Fletcher, the Nanaimo music
dealer is the agent lor tbe instruments and who will be pleased to
give all information about them
upon application.
is a
pood motto for war time,"���Sir
Thomas White, Minister of  Finan
being formed
throughout the district to carry out
the arrangements and full announcements will be made as soon us
these are completed,
An ordination service will be
held in St. John's Church on June
lHth. when the preacher will be the
Very Rev. the Dean of Columbia
There will also be a coiilituation
service in the evening.
Daniel Kilpatrick and   Mr.   Ec-
i-       ,.���i -ti cleston   are conducting the trans*
Better that all our   ships, and all portatiou._f ���,e ^J*, �� ,�������
then crews ,.____,   Cumberland to a point   somewhere
Should sink to rot in ocean s dream-1 jn ^ y   Pf   ^"jmewiiwre.
nul  Solicitor,
���  liione _o
less ooze.
Each torn flag waving as it went.
And e_ch dumb gun a brave man's
We ask not for the peace that cowards crave,
Give us the peace of dead men or
of brave,"
New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island have joined the list of
provinces ill which graft investigations are ill progress The time is
coining when investigating gratt
Charges will be looked upon as one
of Canada's basic industries,���Winnipeg Telegram.
stated that the Canadian Collieries
will start boring operations in the
near future.
Any man can go tlirougli life and
not have enemies. All lie h���s to
do is to say nothing, do nothing
and be nothing.
Mail order houses do   not advertise in this   paper,   but   local business   nieii do.    Keep   the   money
I circulating   within   the local community.
Marv  had a little waist
Where nature made it grow
And everywhere the fashion wen!
The waist was sure to go,
Naval.Military&CivilTailors 3
{$ 747YatesSt,VICTORIA.B
irtenay    ft
coiii'i b**ay, b. c
n,f.,it   \\ it!,   Modetate   l:
Hot Ui
,���l l.i,,,
1 -                                  'I'.
"   !   1.
,   op.
Cumberland Mi
C'ooil A
:COU10__ti0U         Cosine 1
Wm, Merryfield
_ celled
Ideal weather conditions prevailed yesterday, and althouhg Courtenay did not hold a celebration
everybody was celebrating. A
large number, including the baseball team went to Cumberland in
the forenoon, where the annual
field day was carried out successfully. 'The prize money did not
get out of Cumberland at ally rate
Courtenay did not getany of it.
At the Comox Goose Spit the
Solders had made   preparations to
entertain all the civilians in the
district, and nearly everyone was
there. Early in tbe forenoon visitors began to arrive, and in the
afternoon the 2 ferries were crowded
every trip, The officers and men
had gone to considerable pains
to decorate the grounds, erect arches and plant trees. The Sergeants
had a large marquee erected where
they looked after the welfare of
every woman and child who cared
for ( r needed refreshn ent.   A fine
programme of sports   was   carried soldiers by   .S to   IS.    The   Goose
out    All the events were well filled Spit is au ideal camping place, and
and the contests much enjoyed   by the large open spaces are excellent
the onlookers.    The rifle drill by a for field sports.    It is a   long time
small company of men was a   very since games were   held   there.    In
pretty   and    imposing   spectacle, the old days before the Cumberland
The ladies tug of war was   an   iu- mines were opened it  was a famed
notation hereabouts and was  very resort on holidays,
amusing; Mrs. McKenzie, the "an- Everybody in the   district   fully
chor" for the winner'   being   half .          .      ...          .,, .   ...
.,    ,          .,,,   ,     ,  ,,     ?, i appreciates the efforts of Col. War-
the team.    Ihe baseball match be- ' '
tween Courtenay and   the   102nd. den and his wairiors   to  entertain
teams resulting in a  win   for   the them.
Poultry Notes
From present indication*; Great
Britain will require all the eggs and
poultry Carada can procure dining
1916. Last year, as a result of
greatly increased production. Canada was able to ship Great Britain
the largest quantity of eggs since
1902, and at the same time reduced
her imports for ' ome consumption
bv nearly a million dozen.
Canadian egg' have found favour
on the llritish market, an I the
prospects are that, providing that
they   are   available,   much   larger
quantities will be shipp.d tllis year.
The unusually high prices prevailing at the present time are largely
due to tllis anticipated export demand.
Prices for poultry are also high,
and will likely continue so for the
rest of the season. Last fall and
winter all the surplus pottltiy was
exported at highly profitable prices
Between fifty and sixty cars of live
pniltry were shipped from We-itern
Ontario to the Eastern States alone
and in the Maritime provinces, particularly in Prince Edward Island,
the   exoort   demand   for    canned
Willi or witlu at I   iinti. un I   ,..
$';.SC.J       0.00
Practical  Wtttclnnaker, Jeweler uui
Courtenay B. C.
Ladies and Gents Su ..
.7***~""i"';-*i'^*i. ���*��� ���""���f-*l
_.-._���;___* .W.:--_���_.y_" BWl'l iVlSfi
poultry has greatly enhanced prices sih\e in the month of May, to guard
to producers \ against the marketing  of so   much
Although some uneasiness has sl��al1. undersized, poorly finished
existed on the purt of the tr.de as;,PouUr>'' wlllch annually becomes
regards transportation facilities in i drug ���� t'le market 111 the fall oi
view of the high frate rates and the the year- ASam ll ls oll|y b-v
shortage of beats. It is now reas- ����� itching now, and giving the
onably certain that an even greater I chickens every possible chance   to
demand for Canadian   poultry audithrIve allcl l?row. that a maximum Sujtg ��27 up pants $7 un
eggs will   occur   this year,    it   is sllPl'lv of eKKs ca" 1)e   obtained  in r ���"'
important,   therefore,   that   every Itlle winter time,
poultry  producer   takes   steps   to     Given their proportionate amount
profit thereby, bv hatching a.s many, of attention, the growing of poultry
chickens a.s possible this spring,    ' j ,inllK's I1"-** aml profitable returns
Now is the   time,   by   hatching to tl,e fanner-    With the   iucreas*
early, by hatching everything pos-!lnScost of ""';!ts' nlllk   DulteI- '-'lc- 1
'-loultry products  will  be  in great
e in
re" sei i
> ., -^
.-��� .
- :
P   Ills
. J.*>
. IS
; .-
'    --
Ge'nts 1
-   Etc
**-'. j' 1
The same building as  Robertson's tnn^
Store, Onion St., Courtenai
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C.  than at the
The Water Question Haney   I.   Kushida
j      FOR   RENT
Four Good   Houses.
water    and    electric
light in each
iApply, MRS. WM.  LEWS
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed ami Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith aid Carriag- Builder COURTKXAY
-"���1    un-hi 1 i'ii, ���*������<;
iJ-jpMnHMPJgP (-JP
Get   MoreMoney" for your Foxch
Muskrat, Whlto Weasel, Beaver. Lynx   *   .    , ���
Marten and other Fur beat ,
snip yohr Frits Din
"'.:i:.l"":l"'""i!'^' ��� r-OMHAMMICANRlv,   ,"ks
���      .... '       .    .'.    \' '������'���'��� ���-'���v  "1 an unl.1,,',:.'
^0.1!      ,    "V Ih'"' ���';  :r'1 ���>'�� century.' n
\m.   .V.",|,',"|V,., ,   - '"'���'       ;;      ���"  ���������l,l-*1   ���'        I I
r ^sfes�� THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY.   B. t.
The saving In the Soup
Hovnl makes soups and stews so much
more nourishing that they can often t.iko
the  place of expensive join ta.    It saves
many dollars in tho kitchen.   Bovril is the concajt'ratod
goodness of the best beef   so strong that it cannot possibly
lie niuiUiia. lined in cheap cubes.    Insist upon the real thing
I'.ovnl in the Hovnl bottle
A   would-be   humorist,   meeting  tin       U   is   reportod    lliul   Hie   itriiisli
Irishman,  thought   lio   ivotthl  he  fun I hoard   of  agriculture  are  Framing  u
"llellu,    Mllti
���real. si'Ihuiio, I'or tin* el
They Shot Him
A Predatory Hawk is Used to Point a
Moral  Lesson [
Cora Francis Stotldart, tho presiding genius ol' tlie Scientilie Tuni'ier-
uiiee Federation of lloslon, had occa*
slon in gel up some umiiiuiilllon For
a local option Mglit In lliiilsun, Muss,
one uf iho Features mis u stuffed
hawk Hun luni annoyed some tanners by killing Lholr liens. Tlie uiigry ;
farmers shot iho hm* k and stuffed It,
.Miss Sloililitrt pui me haul, on exhibition  in  Hudson   with  tho legend:
���"Phis hawk  killed  forty  liens.  Hid
ployiiieni ot'! Hie Farmers Ueense liiur.'   They s'
Tho farmers did    nol say,   "Thai
what's  Hi"   ii,io,  let   Vni   go oil  killing
Hi"   hens   go   we   enn   gel    the   I'oillh-
Avoid caustic and acid preparation.-! that discolor and damaga
aluminum. Keep your utensils
bright as new by using
Old Dutch
ny    til   his  ''V|
he said.    "I'll  give you  ulghl   pence i I tile labor on tho land, and au ae
Cor it  shilling, i live  canvass   may   shortly   ho   conv
"Will   ie   now?"  asked   Mike, inclined,    1110,000  wotnuii  will  bu  re-
"Yes," -saiii  ih<* humorist     Tho  Ir   quired   to    take   the   places   of   lhe
Isliuiaii hand" l over the shilling, and   main agriculturists  who  liavu joined
lils   frlpnil   put   ulghlpenco   Into   his   ibe colors, Thoy did  nol  Bay, "If we   .-"
palm   iu   return.    "Klghl   in   penee," hnwit soma other hawk will
It"  explained     ".Vol  bad,  Is  It?" A  daily newspaper will  he stiirled  wit'  discriminate belw  en  hawk
"So,"    answer il    Mike,    "but  the  by the Oermuli prisoners    of war at  wo eould kill all Hie hawks in onco ll
shilling Is!" Porl  Henry, Out. would  bu different."
The farmers did nol say. "Tain
hawk has got _ lot of money Inv istetl
Is claws uml wo don'i .Mini to destroy
all hi.* proporly,"
The farmers did  nul   say.   "I am
against Interfering wilh n hawk's personal  llberly,    llasn'l   ho a  right  lo
make  his  living  Jusl   as  he sees  lit?
Why   Bhould   we   Interfere    with   it
j hawk's   private  business  mid dictate
nn n't o.l   to  hint  as   lo   whnl   he  shall   eai   and
Tiie runners did noi try to work off
iiii,. | any of  litis  sort   of  rot.    They  d
Every N
euralgic Headache Cured!
Use "Nerviiine"���It Won5
The    MiraftlloUS    Healing  Nervillne's curative power
"   further und   further Into  Hi
rower of this Liniment
Is Unfailing
'    IISSIll
How   quickly   the   pain   is   soot llcl
How   rapidly   it   lessens
wlille you have forgotten the pain    tl
hawk I hut  was deslrni iini
has actually gone. their chickens,   .lust so ii is proposed
Neuralgia gives Nerviiine nn oppor-i *'��� destroy  lhe  lusllttitloii   known  as
.unity of demonstrating hu superior-1-���"- saloon  which  is grl g up the
Ily over all other pain remedies. Not!sona ������J-'1 '������lughters of i i In order
There  tuny   he  a  thousand   pains;   magic,   as  yon   might   Imagine   after
yet,   excepting  sciatica,   neuralgia   is  you have used It���simply the sppllca-  *���"������
the   worst.    Most,  remedies  are   not Hon of scleptlHc knowledge lo tiie re-
strong enough or penetrating enough, h|el' oF paiu. I     Wans on the hands  Is a disfigure-
to relievo neuralgia.   Vou know every* j    Nerviiine     Is  a   grenl   nulconio  of  menl that troubles iiiuny Indies. Hoi-
thing  you   have   tried   has   failed  to {modern medical Ideas. Vou cannol af*|lowtiy'a  Corn   Cure  will  remove  the
io  make  money  oni  of  their down*
11     Arni.lt,   Mil,,   M.C.I'.S.
give von even niomentary t-elleF, and i ford   lo  be  wlllioul   if.  because  pain | blonilshes without pal
you have decided thai neuralgia must  comes  quickly  and  comes  to  us all
he borne Forever. ! Guaranteed   to  euro   lho  nohes   am
his    mlstak
nol   make    this    mistake   try j pains In the whole family.   Large hot*
NI3HV1LINE. ties, oi) cents, trial size. 26 cents; at
Apply il to Hie .sure spot. .Votive the   druggists,   or   the   I'aiarrlio/.oii"   Co.,
glow that spreads deeper and wider as 1 Kingston,  Canada.
Our Freedom t '  A  visiting  tulnlslor,  preaching  in  a
Mull    Vln'l   Niituro  wond.'i'ful?       j town Fanioua for Its horse races, vlg-
. 1,.||-   wi,,.' orously  denouueed   lhe    sport.    The
Mutt   she gives  ns  nil   fuees,  hut  principal pat roil of ll hitrcli always
r  can   pick  our  own   Loath,   liar-  aliemlo.1 lho ru i,    uml of this the
vnrd fiumponu, elergyniun   was   later  luforuied.
"I'm afraid 1 lunched one of your
weaknesses.'' said the pustor not
wishing to offend lhe wealthy uu i,
��� inn ii wa; quite unhueulloiinl,   I as-
"Oil,   don't      in iini     lhal,'
id   Ho
I   was  cured   of  Acute   Bronchitis  '''"'
Buy of Islands.    J. Jl. UAMPHKbL.  sportsman   genially.    "Its  a  mighty
poor si'i'iiuiti    thai don't llll iiie soitu.
I   wus   cured   of   Paclal   Neuralgia  where."
How  Portgual  Can   Help
Portugal's    entry into the  war will
lie of some value to lhe allies.    By ll
I treaty going back to    tlio early years
of tlie  lust   century,  Portugal  is  au
I   was  ciiroil  by  Chronic  Itheuma-
llsin  by MIKAHD'S I.INIMI.NT,
Albert  Co., N.B. GEO. TTNCiLI.Y.
Young  Man,   Don't Wait  Until Vou  arc   Fifty
Before you  begin  to  Save   I p   Por Old  Age.
Talk   V.'itit   One   of   Our   Agents.
���Vou   say   you   a
ally of tjreat  Britain, is bound in the
event of war to lake i riaiu share
in ih*- hostilities If called upon. Squire
Hitherto    Portugal    has  contented ''"'' l!"' ***-m;
herself    with  rendering some nsslsi* work.    Whal can
,'iniv in Africa,    inn  presmmihly Cer- I'he   Weary  Ot
ui.Hiy's declaration of war upon  her greenhouse   to   keep    liout  th
will Incline    her   to more active ef- sects?
forts.    Whether she will despatch an 	
Wonderiul Bilious Remedy
Actually Prevents Attacks
There are Iwo .rent  causes of biliousness   they  aro  constipation    and
defective liver action.
When Dr. Hamilton's I'ills ure r.ik.
too  old  en,    they  nol    only  correct    constl-
ii can't do heavy I pated bowels, hui ucl  upon the liver
i  iin? as well.
Well,   wol's   lhe       Quito    unlike    ordinary    medicines
iin-   which purge and giv:- temporary relief, Ur. Hamilton's Pills remove tho
conditions   which   cause   biliousness,
expeditionary  army    abroad  remains The Oil of Power.    It Is nol claimed   :""l thus permanent cures are affect*
lib he seen.    Al most she could spare tor Dr. Thomas' (.electric (Ul thai  ii   ed.    No person who occasionally uses
only     75.000     men,     while   her  naval will cure every ill, hut ils uses are so   Dr.   Hamilton's    Pills  will  ever suffer
--'lore's    aro negligible.    It    is    more various ihal ii may he looked upon as,   from lhe headache,    bad stomach or
Disputed Territory               I         i-Tv to-ifl Snmip rvf Aft          likely, therefore,   thnl she will place a general painkiller,   li has achieved  bilious complaint. Get a 25c box to*
"(Hi  mamma   I'll never disobey vou I          *-"A*-<*>-�� o_wjj- ui .__.          .,.,. |,,,rls lim, coiou|ai possessions al that   greatness  for itself and all at-  day.
��� ���mini'" a-M m'lolo le-n'i'iiiiv'      '   '        .  _'  i , ,   -.,     T   ��.                   -        I lhe allies'   disposal   and turn over to tempts  to surpass it   have  failed.  Its
���' ''                  ���'                 I Industrial  Dispute Measure to Cover Ulfilll    -,������_    ,������    n,e German ships excellence Is known to all who have
War Munitions Work                whose    seizins,    has  been  the direct lesled its virtues und learnt, hy e.vpor-
Tl���,   .nnniinPRmsnl    Mini    nn    -*i*-lor.! calls ' llio outbreak of hostilities. ielice.
'Why, Susie, what have you don..'?"
"Weil, I drank my milk al luiieh
and Ihen i ate a pickle; and the The announcement thai an order
milk said to the pickle, 'Here, you get lu-councll has been passed extending
out o' here;' and the pickle said. 'I the scope of the Industrial disputes
won't!' and now ihey tire having an |Investigation act, hitherto" embracing
awful fuss."
Slave  Ifilund,  in  the  si.  Lawrence There are known to be hold In Ger*
,"!', has keen accepted by the militia man      ports    811    British     merchant
ulli,.  .,������,].       ; itioa i���    include    iill  department   for a   reel   retreat    and ships, eighty Interned at the outbreak
branches of the  war munitions bush summer   homo for convalescent sold- of war. nnd ihree captured, of an ag*
lot's. gregate tonnage of 1SU.7I1  Ions.
of exceptional Interest in tub's in view
iss   man   rope  enough ,
,vn it  for a drink. *������' an<- nuinufaelurlng
of   tii.'  allegiance  that   eertaln  shell,
plants   and   other   linns   engaged   on
j war work were nol paying fair wages
and the efforts of the trades and labor
contracts for munitions. When  in or
moro persons are employed they can
Health and  now demand a board of conciliation to
Investigate    wanes, or conditions  of
employment   and  the  company  must
agree to reference of the disputes lo
Spring ailments are   not Imaginary,  arbitration by a tribunal of three one
Even the mos, robust llnd the winter appointeei  representing   the  writers.
months most  living    to iheir health.   ;"",I!!'T  llle  company  and   lhe  third |
The (ruth is that when all the facts
are Investigated, native Canadians
have responded to the call of Canada
and the empire with signal readiness
and wonderful Belf-sacrlfice. Proportionately they have done as well as
other classes, and Ihey have made actual sacrifices out of proportion. to
any oih'T element in Canada.
Hun  lo  Get   New
New Strength at This
iiis mosl trying
Confinement    indoors    often   in overheated and nearly always hadly ventilated  rooms    in  lhe home, tlie office,
llic shoji and t
lalily of even lhe strongest. The lilonil
becomes thin and watery and is clogged with impurities. Some people
have headaches ami a feeling of Ian*
gour. Others are low spirited and
nervous. SHI! others are troubled
wi'li disfiguring pimples and skin
eruptions; while some gjt up in the
morning feeling just as tired as when
they w. in to bed. These are all spring
symptoms thai lhe blood is oul of
order and that a medicine is needed.
Many people take purgative medicines in Ihe spring. This is a serious
mistake.    Vou  eannol   cure  yourself
named by the depart ment of labor.
The amendment  lo the act  brings
within  its scop" all firms in  Canada I
.,.������    ,,..���.      vi.  engaged  iu  the    production    of  war
supplies.    In  lieu    ol  the  fair  wage
clause    which   the  trades  and  labor!
congress      officials      unsuccessfully!
Bought   to have  inserted   ill  munitions
contracts, boards of conciliation  will
now be compulsory where the  work-'
era    demand    them    to udjitsl   their
grievances, and  pending such invesll*
gallons there can  be no strikes, nor!
ran  any munitions  firm  lock out  its
A Cure for Rheumatism.    A painful:
and perslstenl form of rhoumatlHin is
caused by Impurities In the blood, lhe
resull  of defective action of lhe  llv-
taint ed by the Introduction ot uric
aeld, which causes much paiu in the
lissii's and In the joints. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills are known to have ef-
wllli n medicine lhal gallops through ,   ,
your system  and  leaves  you   weaker | ?r,��n,i V'"".';      ..l.1,0..b!?.od  '"'.'.'""".'
-ti'!     Tills   Is  all   that    a  purgative
does.    What   you   need   to  giv.'   you
heallh ami mrengih in the spring is a
tonic  medicine  that   will  enrich   lhe
bin nul soothe ihe jangled nerves.  r,1' ei1   ""!">   roiiiBrkablo  cures   and
And lhe one alwa.s reliable tonic and , ""'V '"," '" ���'ill'""'l>' I'ecomineni  A I
blond  purifier Is llr,  Williams'  Pink  '""I"- '" "������mi ulli convince anyone of
Pills.    These   Pills  nol   only    banish   their value. :
spring    weakness     i,ui    guard    you I      , " "~ I
agalnsl lhe mor.. serious ailments lhal I    s""'" '���"' beginning of the war \he\
follow, such ns anaemia, nervous debll*  National Land Council of England lias;
Ity, Indlgesllon  rheumatism.and other p �� training and placing women on
diseases due lo had blood.   In proof of   -������<- ''""I '"'' >u"'k ��������� hm, frill I and
this .Mrs. Ii. K Hughes, Hazenmore, market gardening, and other branches
Sask says: "Aboul a .ear ago 1 was of agrli-'ultiiral work. Upwards nf 400
badly run down, mv nerves were nil women have beeu training, nnd over
unstrung, and l could not go upstairs; -���""" have been placed tor ordinary
without slopping to rest. As I was a . "inn work and market gardening.
long way from u doctor I determined rlle:-' *'r" """' organizing Individuals
to take Dr. Williams'Pink Pills and In and large and small groups for the
the course of a few weeks I felt like ti ; spring and summer work,
new person. An an all round restorative    I can heartily recommend  this      Mourning  is   absolutely   prohibited |
Take 2 Tablets at Bedtime
and you will arise feeling
Refreshed, Bright �����. Vigorous.
When you feel gloomy and depressed and cannot sleep, suspect your
nerves. When you shrink from company and would rather be alone you
arc losing confidence in yourself, and that can only mean weak nerves.
I' is nol natural to be Military mid unsociable, it shows clearly thai vitality has become reduced,
tiiul lhe nervous system correspondingly weakened. Bul take Dr, Cassell's Tablets for such a
condition and you will be astonished al the results, astonished at the bright new heallh you will
gain, al the splendid vigour and vitality they will give you,
Mi. Poole, a busim ss man of GO, Infirmary Road, Sheffield, England, says:���" I hud lost all
confidence in myself, and was actually afraid lo meel people, The alertness and activity 1 had
formerly possessed wero gone. My digestion was [eeblc, and sleeplessness was terrible. Hui'when I
io inu.'ii nl i,iking Or. Cassell's Tablets I soon fell belter,   Nov, I am as well and til as any man ol my age."
Dr. Cassell's Tablets am Nutritive, Restorative Alterative; nnd Anti-Spasmodic,and ol gnat Therapeutic
value in all derangi ments ol the Nervo and Functional Systems iu old or young. They arc the recognised
modern home remedy for Nervous Breakdown, Nerve ami Spinal Paralysis, Infantile Paralysis, Rickets,
St. Vitus' Dan e, Auicnua, Sleeplessness, Kidney Disease, Dyspepsia, Stomach Catarrh, Brain Fag, Headache,
Palpitation, Wasting Diseases, vital Exhaustion, Loss ol Fie h, and Premature Decay. Specially valuable
tor Nursing Mothers and during tho Critical Periods of Liie.
gi.n ami Dealers throughout Canada sell Pr. Cassell's Tablets.    II not procurable In your city
id to the sole agents, Harold 1'. Ritchie * Co, Ltd., 10, McCaul
ar the price ol live
War Tux  K-.ii
ents per tube
... UA , Man-h,
Toronto ; one tube 50 cents,
In Germany; no wounded or crippled
soldier is allowed to walk In the
.sire.Ms Of Ilia eapilal anil of lln*
portaill towns. They can only show
Ihemselves when they are aide lo
cine dealers or by mail ai B0 cents -v***-r 'heir uniforms in unite a milt-
a box or six boxes for (2.50 from The  tary way and with all decency
If you are ailing this spring you can
not afford, iu your own interest lo
overlook so valuablo a medicine as |ji\
Williams' Pink Pills, Sold by all t li
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., liruckvllle
W. N   U. 1102
Approximately 284.172 citizens ofl
military age In the Hutted Stales now'
outside th�� arm) have had military {
Sind yjr iii-ti-i/ and _i(f��i a*u Sr-mlt ht
pottage, ne , fa .tV./rf t. RUchltA Co., I.U.,
10. SlcCgul St'itt, Toronto, and tgnwoHi
umpU mil Sf mttilod \Atftte L>/ cfcirfl,
.  ' '  ".-' ,'.<
Britain's Greatest Remedy JTIJE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. CL
Rn-nm .-.*  oait-mi/,���, ~      *-*-"���"*���������<' iour Saskatchewan
Arrangements Made for Operation of
Farming  Tram
"TheRiff-RaffofHumanity"|| STOPPED
German   Pap.,-   Mm   *���   C_tr.��dl��n. MY CATARRH
It is Stated Tha. There arc Now More Than Ten Thousand AiJ-Mh Vs^ZTZcZrl
men liiulaged in the War, and More Men l~_in_ Added c,0!!ef50 "!  Sl*sl(��toon.   Tne special
To the Service as Fits, as They Can he Tried ^^iewriLrrroSe:.aiVea?:
  ,                            __ ly appreciated by the tanners,
Acoordlng to  13,  LaUuo .luiics. etll* liiniicoaciieu n .,                       ,     , Th'i 0*"',,;lllr,us of the [rnln tvlll be
tor of Aeronautic, New  Vork    here          He'*' ",,ih��.0 ITl���* T'"1' i'.Xfi*' ?,lle" "'   ,h" ""thweslern
���"���e more t , 10,000 .Urn  engaged  so rot!U1     (,','''L *"',',,   '""'"T ,'"" ��'  he province of Saskatehe*
ff'r si, r;���r���i"s "S _; i���������u,v::i;^5:"';j;:Hr?.'K:.v��.:',i~':..::;:
Aiinngenieuts have been made tor     Tin   Indescrlble Joy whioh the fall
0 numiner sch, iulo of t,���   better 0| ""' fortress ot lUfzeruni was w.1-
V'11'.'','1 '" Ul��  Sngm    P''��8i has nc
doubl evaporated milTlcl.ntl*   n u
Hi nuns  io  see  clearly    that    their
and  Australian,  as   Human I C I I _?���_*_?��"���"_.l"A"
"���ft-* !     SUFFERING;
arming special, conducted under tlie I,^"illf,.'1 '" Ul��  K!";llt"1'    l"'8ss has nol, rtl    .,    -  .. .-���������-
,��.l.l,bi.0'!,.p-)r' ' .���s'lficieiiti} mr ihe I Gladly Tell How ���FREE
Paint About the Farm
w hetlie
ii   un.',   doubl   as
Hie  hitlhllng or Implement!
chief service,, ni the aeroplanes wen
��h scouts, They took the places for
incrij in id hi cavalry, They gave
news uf ilie enemies' movements,
spotted his guns and batteries anil
directed Iho Are of their own artillery. As 1 line went on, and as the
skill ul' Hie at laini's and id the lie
Blgn. ri nf aeroplanes Increased, the-
iiiiderini.ii offensive warfare. Vero
planet now travel for hundreds ol
miles tn Hie oneiuy's Ict-rllory nnd
drop urns nf ie.iniei, funis that would
have I. 'en pronounced Impossible
two veal's ago. Iii tint, the aei i.|ilane
has surpassed expectations as ureal
Iv as the dirigibles, notably the "Sep
pellns,   l.aie   fallen   below   Ihem.
As ihe war tins advanced it has
proved thnl lhe besl type of aeroplane
for war service is the biplane. Since
the Germans, with all their wonderful    preparations,    hud  plnn��d  Iheir
faith    ui     the Tuiihes,    which are
monoplanes,   they   were found nl 11
considerable   disadvantage In   every
reaped save   numbers when the war
began.   The Tnubos were all right for
sciunlng    purposes,  but  they lacked
the  stability and  carrying power of
the  biplanes.    Die  French, too, had
many monoplanes in the service, bill
these  were gradually  discarded, and
as months past  now all the belligerents have been concentrating their ef-
foi'ts upon Improving and strengthening the type of machine invented by
Hu,'  Wright  broihers.    The  new German Fokker machine Is of this type.
The French army Is now supplied with   ������-������--   ..... ..u  1,
a lighting aeroplane driven by a 200  whal Ingredlenls, and in what p
horsepower motor. 11  has a speed of dons, should be used In order to in
In ���������
unions  to  see   clearly    that    their
Zi% ::,:;:;.-;,H\i;;:::,i:,,-i;:::;,;\.? I Heals 24 Hours of Every Daj
ments do lhe forces Ihey have avail*     L__". "Ir I���'    " ���"  ��">'���� absolutely
libit,  iu   Mesopotamia   und   In   tl...  ...l     '.';:'.'.'.*-     .<"otl0""- aprioa ur alckly si.i-.llj_.
J"*���' ���*��'?����� con. Isl! of Am traltana! ���    "^'^ ^n."' ' �� ""* """"*
and Canadians mntiilv ihe i.n ,-in' i'"* ,0 'moke or Iniinlt
I'aft Of hltmuilltv   deHof-nrl ��i       , ���**>��****.*'lii.. or rabbins
,i,,. ���; , . ��� ��� " -' 'munis "i iniir- . ������ ��� inicriioii. Notice.
iu.ci. ami thieves, drunken hordes ' "' '" vlt-rntlon ..
who despise the verv thotig-hl  of .ll�� ' l"**-��w-    'N'" |"��"1<
:;!:!l::::,-!'':!.'':;':r''r.v-:Thisjffi,..'it^^v^ kits
\r ���'������hi ii!" Au.t��ii��; "ho Z
������'"' mosierlt,*  of   men who for their
01' !S "'ore once deported from t ,'���
own country to round a colony hi the
Mlremo ends of the ,.;������,i,. ���.:,.'��� ���
���it kind iu ;,n some
�� i - ������ kinl il ffeitm
ni Ihlni  delli-liifiil
""'I "" ���-������-���  tt
'���"".. ....  %
���������������-������'  l     - luS
mill    , ,.
.���   .- ,   -,���>,- ,i"   '      !    ������' 'i    i i.
the �� hitc allies ol ihc idsi ���, c t'tiire ; ''
I,,,,,,...... ,. i... >	
e;   and   w 11   also   via       ,,_���������     ,,l,   V "          i:"   l,;"'"'   ''':"!'"    :   '       "  :'' '    ' ' '���-*�������������*���  ���*������*-��;'
.   ,         "'"  ���'   "  Hslt   bonrois who havi  sei noinrln.i.tv   i.      ��tu��on   , ,, .,     ,.���._,   .,,,.
0,nt'lfo,r���H,i,'c'iinv:; wr* ���<"���-"" ������^- �����   :- <<��� ��� ." F"nt'!,:! ���'���"'���''-
     ,                             Otl     lho     Hll        iver; sl 'ulr il,,, pii.,,,,.,1,, ,i '    ,                 i on-   i     .��������� ,.,..e��� ,., ior'*i prwcrlp on   but r Im
7''"  ��l*endlli.ro ot"��, great deal  ."����';"��� north of l'rln,e Albert.    'I'M., ;,..,.,,���,,"   , |!,    ' " ","  . ! '"��V",V. '' Vi" "'&S? X    !    !   \
" n��nej   und ror this reason, If for I  '���'  lu," ,v'l'1'l'< ��'ll  spent  in ihe  brother, are doomed   ��� nl.,.       >ani1 \Pkt*. - '         "'      "
,"?l"|,r',1 behooves .1 wner lo add  tl0.0^, Me 'errltory ,,l;,lv ���_; ' ,    ,,,,'"'    A'"'   *" "        	
11 iheir llfo nf naoi'ii ��u  i,.-  ���t���       ' ���������:' summer In tin. Hooa? i.ntn -it-.  ... ,.       ,'"."���'���-. "
boldl in Ijloydmlnsler up to   ilitekllsh
b.'iinch, from Rntlh ford lo Turlleford;
the Blaine Hake line fnun Itatllefonl
1 in I'l'iiie,. Alheri:   from I'riui p Albi ft
An  Investment That Will  Bring  Re-  Cnsl   lo  Tlsdub
turns  In   i   Number ol  Wayu        polnis south ot
,,,,,,,,.            ,  ,     , nnd     Debden.
pth bulldliiKs ami linpl onls re- ,       ,        t,
(|inre the expetullt'ire ill  a  ureal   rlui.lt.
I nine   lire   selltiniBlllllliSIs
ii ���     ������ -���"",*'..��� .."..'���' i.pauu,    [ill8|       e   (|1 tin? (loos? I.nltp (lis-  urge us to be ilalnli  in t
 '"  :iV '''  "f�� lllnos" by 8lvlnB  trlel the bollnr fariuhu, special visit*  our  weapons   when'.
1111 .':"'" "' I'"1"1 whenever neees-l.,, .,._.��� _.,,_,, ., m    ,,.'|l|s y,,|1.. .��� I ���
iilienntlo  points   will  Ijg  IiicIii I <l  in
,,,     ��� ���-- i the nroffrntTi-   The Irnln Ih IjgIiik oper
,      ,      ,. j'""'1 h whli, ways pa;. ,,||( ,. ||n, Ju|l||   ,���,,,,,./���,' ,,���,
iu give ihen, iho benefit ol the doubl  (1,(    , UK-|ellU,lrc   ,,,���  m].
'���' '���","  lh''m' eultural college and the r.x.lt.   Thai
Borne peoiile regard paint only as a  college  and  the  department   provide |Th
menus of beautifying or add ing lo the  ihe exhibits, lecturers and lhe collegi
attractiveness ol thai upon which it la j the   livestock.
applied bul   an enn   more Importnnl |    The  equip nl   which   the  i'.X.I!
thing Is thai it preserves al tbe sumo   will tin,vide free of charge will enn  _.j. ^-._
time An Impjomenl thai has become | slat of four ears for Ilvesloek, one car j ���� ���" ��j a. siinmarltie in Rastern [ '^m"^:!:!,, !-h���r _["_! . do] - '
so old and dry thai ii heconves loose for the boys' ami girls' exhibits, one ���""���a "" .January -I is lold by Captain smri id. puutl rani or wriii mi i rti 4
can lie made useful for a much long-1 potiltrv cur, one crop production ear,   Arnold ('. II. Groom, bite of the steam-   lion 1 think of lurnlug mil 1 ..>������ . ��
er tline If given a coat of good palnl   one niKchaiilcal exhibits and building  or Cofltiet. [ ?^^T.i.f��.r./,-,!*!,.w.0i,-,,,irr"* .t>-��ti.ie>itth.t>tc����-.a
which lills alt cracks thus preventing  cur;  one domestic science car;  out |    Captain   Groom   described   the at-
ivater from getting In and hastening nursery car and a lantern lecture car,  tempt nr the two boats iu which lhe
decay.    A small amount of lime antl | making eleven enwi t*. -u  1 i-,.---.- 1   Pelv  |ef|   ||l(, gj,)p ,0 s(l|   illl(,    ,|l(,
rack of steamers between Porl Said.
In] crenfiiri s as Hies.
slcltc Zeltung.
Victims of a Submarine
he   Thrilling   _>pr,i':ncer.  of a   British Crew in Eastern Seas
A stirring story of the experience of
lie crew of a  Hrltlsh steamer which
unit hy a. submarine in Rastern
t. Aud yel j I AM FREE        VG_ CAN BE FRCE
ivould      M/catarrh was filthy and tomhionie    It tn.d?
1      nP   iiie 111.   It it'i.lnl in ��� mind,    It undermined my
 ,'  H "'   liralth and waa wMkenii-f-_>-will.     Ir- h.-i-
;   such   In s-   1 ,�� 1 iiicliiu., Npfttlui  made ine ���       ��� - -    <
Hei'llll   \'us-   ''���   '""' '"'  taul breath and disffuitins
made even 1111 loved one*avoid mi ���-,.-'-' My
I ilelifflit In life waa dulled and my fa. ��� l_t-
radrcd, 1 knew ilii.t In lime it wi uld brii . - e
io ,.:i uutbuely grave becuuae even m ti .'
[ I'" ''..e1 and nit'lit 11 u,i< - n -c ��� imp.
|.iiio 1111 vltallly. tu,1 1 found a cure aud lam
lenity in tell vou about it PREK
ell 1
money  spent   In   keeping" took  ami   l"""'"^ f,leven ca!'s'n all, In addition 1 erew  left
".Hidings  properly  ,-ffi,  ^V��� aJ  a     T'^^'s''" ,if lh,.''  r<"' '"
eatment thnt u-ni in-.--.,. ,-  :..      ,1        .'  'l  caoooae  iin- ihc crew
nveatment that will bring returns in I    Hon    Mr   UmhnVvvniV   '"��� ���"/'"
;i number of warn ,   : -"ouierweU,   minister  oi
'agrl.culuire,  expects  to  lie  witi
lend no money.   Jusl ioni iwrrje and  iddrtsi
postal curd.   S��j      !><n   R��m :..���    P -*��i-
v -'.ii cured coiir '
ine. ' Tluil - ul!  ��� on . ���*-<*'1 t ��� ���.     ' ���*". 1
titid, ji j ii I  I will  n rile to yon ivii       n
liiforttmtioii l-UKH. at once.   Uo in
SAM KATZ, Suite M 1101
112 Mutual Street        -        Toronto. Out
Alexandria und Mnllu,
The  next   day    dipt.  Qronin
nnd  boat, which  was
    .., I     i ii"   ne\i   uny    (tttpt.   iiriiiuii     Ins
 ,,,.-,  .,j  ,vii,vH. I agriculture,  expects   to  lie   with   the sight of the second boat, which  wa
In  Ihese days  when reliable  ready  special through out, and liemi limber-; not  seen again,
mixed paint  of any desired color or  ford  of the    College of Agriculture,      (in the lOlh Cnplaln Groom,  Innde
simile can be hud al such reasonable [ will be with the train a pari of Lho  at   a  small  buy  with   houses  in  lh
cosl il will nol  pay onyone lo try io  lime.    ProfesH-ir    Hr..-i..... >. m
  .,    uauie I will   tie   witli   Ihe  train   n   purl   Of  till
eon ii will in.i pay anyone lo try to 'time.    Profess-jr   I'recken will   hnve
mix his own paint,   in a factory where  charge of iii.   crop production exhib-
palnl is made ir is nol only possible to! its.   Professor Shaw will be In charge
| make careful tesls to determine just | of lh ��� animal husbandry department;
sol- Orelg, tiie    mechanical ex
; Professor lin.es. the hoys' und
background. Those nflerwnrd were
found in be uninhabited cove dwellings. Tiie boat's crew slepl thai iilghl
nu the sands, nnd ou the morning of
the 11 lh the captain nnd Illl'l e III0I1
.el out to ti'v ii.i llnd Mime linn
Darini"- French Aviator
Captured Foe   Plane With a Gr.ippl;ng
I.H'iit. i.e in'.- Is, tin   llrsl   '���'   ae
military aviator to use ,   p ra
.lend of wounds received ii    tit
encotinier iu  tin   vicinll '���������rdun.
The lieuteiiant. �� ho   va    i pr     .. _
Jin- outbreak of the var, won it  ���   ���
inn .nul the Cross ol    .     .eg ���.
,,���,r, ���,���,���,.,  ,,���������,-.  ���  ,,,,.��� a speeti ot   "*".��i miuiiiii ue usei   in order to nro-' iiititt..  t.m(M.���,   , ,        ,      '     ,M;   M|u in'    capi'iiu ami ilin,.  n.n..    '""   .en enant   who   va     i  i
Su  miles an hour, carries a crew of    uce the bus,  product, bul  I,  fs     ,s.',      ''��� .,'���!���   "    , !M^l 7Hv T   ��-*l "ul to try lo llnd some     man b " U���� outbreak of ��� ,e wa,        ���
four men. and is armed  with a six-  Bible to mix  the palm  a greal  deal   bad            in  Vh,-      t,.,',' ;'" ,Al"'"1'1" | Hik who could  tell  litem  which  wiv  niission and tbe Cross of th     ,
Inch gun  that  throws    an explosive  more thoroughly than could be done  nient * l0 hoHl1 tor ll,�� nettl'esL '""vllia-ed place   of Honor.
'',!���                         ,                          hai?rtS��A,e.i���l!fr^Ie?ts,,ve":e,n,,xe",b-v      The  "vGsiocU   exhibits   will  be  ^L1'110/"K't,t111 Arab, who returned with      M*  beat  known  exploit   was
There    me    several types or aero*I na.ml-   ,A 6le**t  d.'iil ol mixing is re-   particular   Interest      aa   th     n ��� ���    i1'"'"'' '" Uli' **un*l��. "'here there was a  capture of a large German   ���
planes   of more than inn horsepower, | ?'"_     '" oruer "' get good palm nnd   throu.h which ih'a'.nooi.i , .,_        Greek llreman who spoke Arabic.        ��� with  a  grappling  hi ���
. ���*-      ........  n-    iiu.m-ii    |,\
There   are   several types or aero*ln ,"���   A great den! of mixing is re* I particular  interest
planes   of more than 100 horsepower, SI11"8*1 '" onler '" Ret good palm nnd
and  some of llietn  give  a  speed  of never pays to use anything bul  a
nearly a mile and a halt a minute, nnd ft00"' reliable brand and a good qual-
carry enough  petrol  for    an   18-hour ���,,
journey.    There  is  another  iimcliine whatever Is to be painted should be
that will carry a dead weighl nf three Perfcc"}' dry. free from dirt, dust and
tuns at a speed of u mile a minute. s.r.?*88" F't>r tlie "''st, or prime, coat on
Tho weight-carrying capacity of these either new 0r weather-beaten build-
machines is likely to be I brown into lnf!i! " "'"' be a" right In use two
tho shade when the gigantic aero- Pal, ��/��" to ��ne part of pure white
planes now under construction for "' ���"'s cont being a pora filler the
the Hussian    government   are    com- U!oro, "'' ''"' ,voo*l absorbs the belter.
tho Hussian government are com
pleted. The Fokker machines, while
a vast Improvement ou the aeroplanes hitherto depended on by Germany, have not shown any Improvement upon the best used by the Allies. Several of (hem have been shol
down by French and British aviators.
("uynemer, the famous French aviator, whn was wounded n few days
ago. has already shot to pieces a
couple of the Fokkers.
Without disparaging the feats of
skill and during done by the German
aviators, men like floelke, Huron von
Althaiis ami Lieut. Inimeliniiiiii. it
may fairly be claimed thai the Hriiish and French aviators are their superiors. The greatesl achievement of
an aviator iu this war stands to the
credit, of a British fight officer, Lieut.
WaiiH'fonl, who single-handed, attacked and destroyed u Zeppelin. II
wns as though a humming-bird de
strayed nn enaie. To the deep regret
of Ihe Hritisd empire, Lieut, Warnc-
ford was accidentally killed n couple
of days later when testing a new machine. Roland Garros, lhe famous
French aviator, now a German prisoner, Is one of the most flaring mid
skilful aviators whom (he wnr has developed, though Indeed be was n lain
ous trick (Iyer In days of peace.    II
. .. tii
through which the s|e ������ii'l operates Is
essentially a stock-raising country.
The district also contains a considerable number oi creameries, and one
nf the questions lo be considered will
be the Improvenienl of dairy herds
ami llie production    of forage cro|
 ..,���. ,.n in**  ni'i icr.
for the good effects of the palnl will
be more lasting. This coat should be
allowed to dry for al I east a week or
ton days before another is applied.
For a nicely finished and more dm
strict | Greek llreman who spoke Arabic. I wiih  a  grappling  hoi
After ii ni.lu in the cave dwellings   ,ilsl year.    He thus described I    ���
tiie rest nl tho party, lifteen in mini    eldenl  In n letter to ,,    ���
her,  next   morning  ware attacked  b>      "I  hud  beeu living   tor Ir-ig-
Arabs with ritle.-.   Cnpt. Groom him- ��� glng n grappling hool end of
self was wounded, nnd lost conscious-   ti   long    abh   behind     my
ness. Si'iid. nl)   u   ��� cry    larg ,   - -'
Soon  afterward    a    snuil!    Italian (plana    wilh   whi
which   will   prove  of  greal   interest. ! steamo, ,-o7,       a    s'";!"    UMm  "luna    ['"h  v   its cross
Hon.  Mr. Motherwell  will  deal  with i', !,'.."'. ',-.,''   :\. oomm!*nder of Fori   i Senl my machine ...   rl ;-. ,   -      _
jora li cey finished aud more dm-- hour has been contracted for by the
J we Job  l will be necessary to apply  railed Stales governnieni    it i_ ..a I
Mitrsa Susn aboard entered  the  bay. A hook gol him. und he sa ing at cite
A sailor named Lord was found lying end  of my  line  liki   n   to;,
on the sand   wounded.    He   said lhe      ",i.:i  went  well for a  few infantes.
other members of the crew had be n then  my  motor  began  to  fail     :-'.
carried  off by  Bedouins.    The  com* j machine rolled from oni   wing to the
tnander of Fort Marsa Husu Ihen tunic 0iher   and  tin n, at   ! 1.001   feet,
leapt. Groom and    the sailor aboard ..iiuini, stonneil altoeether
with  n  sped  ..I   forty-one  miles  an I t*,e llitle steamer, aud they eventually "  '
Submarine Ch?ser
It   Is  reported  thai  u  combination
submarine   chaser    and   scout     boat
three coats although two coats of good
paint will give a more effect niiil will
often answer the purpose very well.
For the second coal we add about n
fourth of a gallon of oil and an eight
reached   England.
���r   ,       ,,       " ,; ......ni eiKinn    ui   line- ,011111 e'   Hi! CK-   rei's    and   n
on of  ,',"! "    urPfn-1n8 to each gal-, have one  16-ln. toiled     uiie   L i,'e
.mi.,t Is nutbn'I'i t'r "'n "ropar-  rudders   will enable i, ,��� niakeq. c
HP. tut  is purchased in gallon cans  turns    and take zigzag  courses Hal
!'.- a.g?.0iPl*-n to empty all of them 1 will  make  i,   _ difficult target     It
 - -.."��� "i.   11 e-'M'.,'.    |,   |a  presumed  thai   sum.  of  tin
that the boat's length of BO feci  will j British   sailors   rescued   from   tribes
permit it to be taken on board battle-1
The   vessel   will   carry,n number
of one-pounder quick filers, and  will
"I      caught      gliui] ses    of     :������ -p
trenches and a wide river beneal
I  struggled  furiously,   ������ th
.........  .,...,���.���   ,1.11.1   miles-1 machine  still   balanced   ��t   l
men on the l-gyptian border Included I ,   .,.  .,.     .._       .   ���
members of .he ilotjuet's en ���
Capt. Groom, speaking o:' Un
ing of his steamer, said:
��� it   ��� -..-
'While all this was happening lhe a f.1,?"'
end   of   tiie   rope.     1   began   to   fa
, .    more rapidly,    a wing broke.  Every*
s        iliing turned black.   I was falling lil
commander of  tli
me    many question
When the lieutenant regained con-
".'"���.me   .i^iira   sclousness lie was safely on kind, no
I lie   Iwo   life-   ,...,,.- ,_.....-..
,���,,.     ' ,       - *- ***..*"..> .��u in ineiii   ��iii   iiiiiKe   ii   a   ilitticiii   ini'L.f.f      n.     ���     ���  '   ' ""i'-.      i ue   nvn   nre-   ,    :.    , 7      .         ��� '".��.. no.
to  a   large   vessel  and   thoroughly  draughl   will be about   two Feet  nnd   ,)on*a we,re '"';"' ,!'" B��hmavlne nfealn   bf,ly ',"���"""''���    "" ""s mvM" m ""
mix: all together.   If n���. tints i��� the  a half.    The pilot house will be nr*  ?ow' ?(  h:"'h": vvaa j" f"" Progress I p1al,1 the manner of his escape from
unrerenl cans are not just exactly the moured. Iin ',;i''11 ll(��(t with two or three buck I'lealh'    although  he attributed  It  to
same, as is sometimes the case' thin I l(-|s'    I  pointed  this  out   to  Ibe  ,���-,���,  ,""' Probability that tlie calve attach-
Dntllt   Will   n!l-��   n    -r--.l   -i�� l   ... i        ..'. I  ,,,.:.,,,!..,.    -r    ll..      ...,  ...lie        .   ,,,������,,   ,���.,,.,������ ,,���_,������,_������.,..,..._.,
same, as is sometimes the case, this!
paint will give a good effect and will.
lire loi.   The third coat should be ap*  [r~"
plied wlllioul tlie addition uf any nil  [J --
or turpentine, and if it  is the Inten- 0
tion lo use only two coiils the second
should be applied with paint jusl ns il j
conies from lhe call.
Iii applying the palnl ^ee that the
surface is dry for no mailer how good
the palnl is or how well it is applied
if the surface is moist lhe job cannot
be u good one and time aud money '
" :"   he   wanted.     "",'11811   a   moist   sill
...in -.--._-, iiyer in days ut peace, lie ''.''' ls covered with palnl lhe heal
had destroyed several aeroplanes he- of .''"' """ "'������' In time dry up ihe
fore being forced to descend In eneinv '' "'"'stnrc which will cause the palnl in!
territory and surrender.
One of his exploits, which shnii
unl then it will scale off. When
War New
and consider llic duty yuu owe
your country, your friends and
yourself In this greal war of
right against might. Are you (loin;' your pari'.'
pointed Hits out  to ihe coin-'        ��� *  ���-       _.*__..-
maniler of  the  submarine    and   lhe Ieu to *"*e German aeroplane tightened
or__i''"���'' lll:'1 b"11' ��r ti"' bilgi   p'nnks 'u
"*���I    the boats had most likely bncii snmm
U nlangslds hi
was lulling and eased the 'orce
the descent.
_._�� ..I  ins .xpioiiB,  wiih H sunwf���   ' * *���'   "i'ii  eacn eual  is niceh
ml only the during-of Garros, bul Ills an��� evenly applied and always tlnlsl
umiiiiiy. occurred some monlhs ago. | '   '''' ""'  completely   tu the end
" "' ''  machine,   an Aviaiik. | ���N;'1'<'1' hiu I'resb  palm upon dried nr
pronchlng ihe French ' ";l,'liy dried palnl  '������!��� such laps will
.......        Tl.,1,-   ..    ., ill   WI1V<:    kIu,u-     ..I..;.. I..     .,.        ...
A new Gentian m
was sighted approaching the French'""".1 ""*'" paint '--r such laps will
lines at terrific speed. Half n doscon a,wn'"a Bl,ow Plain!- in the finished
flyers    with  Iheir pilots dashed  fo- ' ""'���
 ,,       around you und see how many
lhal each eual is nicely O   "'  l!|e men yuu  know so well
���'������,!���������'  '    - ���    "-   who   are     "doing     their    bit."
Would you noi bo happier with
them? When tlie boys return
willed would give you lhe ereat-
e.-t   pleasure    to     cheer   or   be
Why  He Srrvled Not
Al a dance, nol so ninny days ago,
there was n man who mel with n mishap on  the  floor, due to his  luck nf
skill iu dancing.
A   little  later  the  man  sought   ou:
one of the guests uml said:
'Sir, you are tlie only gentleman In
iheir machines, bin before one nf
Ihem was suited they heard a whir*
i'ii.'.' noise overh.'ink and saw Garros,
lirst. as usual, and alone, rising for
lhe colilcl. Garros Hew low, keeping
iii tiie shadows. The Avlatlk passed
him and apparently did not notice the
Frenchman. Then he sudd only rose In
the rear of tlle Oerman and begun In, 	
circle and climb.   Before he could gel i file room.
high enough he was spotted, and the      "Thanks!" replied the oilier, dryly I
("iTinnn  ci'tifl  wheeled    and dropped i ".May I Inquire what  motive has  letl ���
bombs,    which  missed    Garros,  who j you lo seek  mo out  for this co:iipii*l
mounted higher,   Then came the rat* menlary outburst?"
He of machine guns, and the observ*      "Why." exclaimed the man, "when1
ers  could  see  white patches in  lliejl tripped In Ihe tanito just now and
wings of Garros' machine where lhe  fell sprawling to the floor, Incldenlally
bullets had struck. Garros did not lire,  ripping off a  large section    of  my
Ha  continued   to  wheel   round   and   charming  partner's  (.own,  you  were
round   in   a   narrowing  circle.    The  the only one In the nlsee who had the
Avlajjls    Qould    not    idiot    quickly. decency nol to laugh."
enough lo keep the range, nnd it, loo, j    The. other smiled grimly.
begun lo circle.   Al 400 yards Garros '   "The  explanation   lies  In  the  fact
opened fire with his mitrailleuse. First : that the lady is my wife and that l!
the  German  gunner collapsed,    ihen-' - "���-'���* *
his   pilot.     The   Avlatlk     burnt   into
(lames nnd (lived 1.800 feel.   The New
have paid for tbe gown."
Farmer's Wife���What do you rhlnk.i
YorkTimes says "Garros circled gent-1 of "our eggs; tu  ��� "���    -���*���*��    uamoron  hi
ll.}? ..I1!. f.m,.ml. >}"��   a-'shtea  '20 I    Paying Guest-Too small for their H  h""lf'rs' Ml"'�� 8tre5 WInni]
T��rds from the burning muss. As he sgel'
to the pleadings   of humanity
ami of J'Olir own conscience.
Vou mny never again have such
an opportunity to assert your
manhood. Why not grasp it
"(ut .M|.;\ required to complete
lite 170th OVERSEAS BATTALION of the CAMERON HIGHLANDERS, a distinctive regiment with a distinctive uniform,
Lieut. Col. .1. A. Cantlle, O.C.
Any physically lit Britisher Is
invited to join.
Enlisted men are granted nn
days' leave with pay where they
can show Ihey are eoing to
work  on   farms  for seeding.
Transportation   will   be  for*  a/-, """     .,
warded to recruits from outside 21i3ta.!es. ^:< ""!
points Immediately on n celpl ol
medical certificate from y ur
locnl doctor, ,\ll communications in be addressed to the Adjutant.    L70tll    Cameron  lligli-
 ish deck, j     Id him
biit   was  nothing  short", of  murder  to
"send thirty in on away like thai in Ihe
middle uf winter,    too, so  far  from
land,    IL'    laughed    nnd    said    he
would sine llle nexl ship und rend li u-
to  look  for us."
After relntln:' tli"    kind trr'ntmem"
," nd, ! to him by the Italians, Crip*
tain Groom said: "The submarine hud i
no  mark  or  number  on   her,  but   I '
concluded  she  was  Austrian, ns  lln
offh. rs  on    her  had    the  Ausiriaii
cr iwn on the badg s of their caps."
O     An ael  of sublime courage,  surely
"on,   of lhe most extraordinary in the
I world's history, won n r- .oni Vlrtorla I
Cro s  for n  dead   [.ngllsli'mati.   The
Official   uwiird   of   the   Cross   is   (his:
"For  mosl   conspicuous  bravery   ll'
was iu the act of throwing a grenade
When   it   slipped   from   his   baud   nnd ,
��� foil to the bottom of the trench, close
to several of our officers and men. He
Immediately   Bhotited oul a warning,
land   himself jumped   clear  and   Into i
'safety;    but, seeing that the officers
_ and men were unable to get into cov-
o!er. anil knowing well thai  the grenade was due to explode, he returned |
without any hesitation and flung himself down  on  If.    lie  was  instantly
killed by the explosion.   His magnificent net  of self sacrifice undoubtedly I
saved   many   lives."     This   was   Sec- |
otul  Lieutenant  Alfred  Victor Smith,
j Fifth Battalion, Easl Lancashire Regl-
. incut. Territorial Force.   Can a country   which   breeds  such   men   be  con*
quer..'?���Ottawa Journal,
'How Is your hey Josh gettln.
along   with   his   employer?"
"Well," replied Farmer Corntossel,
"Ihey have eome to an agreement at
last. Josh said lie was -.-run' to quit.
an' Hie boss, he said so. too."
our garden  a  success   ia*t
year?      _____________________________
"Very much so My neighbor's
chickens look lirst pri/.e at the poul-
trv show."
Has been the
standard for vcars.
The mica fills the
pores in the spindle. Saves friction, wcar and
Dealers Everywhere
The Imperial Oil Co.,
A London man just back from thc i
^^ ���      Httle girl on the '
train lo Pittsburg was chewing gum '
Nol   only  Hint,  hut   she  huistetl   on
pulllne, ll out in long strings and letting it ml! i nek Into her mouth again,
"Mabel!" said ber nu ther. In a hor*'
rilled whisper. "Mabel, don'l do lhal I
i'hew your gnu like a little huh."���'
London  Opinion. '        1
W. N. U. 1102 There���You
Never tan ic-i
v. li .1  people
sin |.eil   iiie   on il.
Party Politics
anil Patriotism
Courtesy \r- *~~"
How sweet and (jrncioup, even   in
('(.iiiiinin i|i", eh
is ihui fine sense wliicli   men   call
   ei un tesv!
,"'"1 Wholesome a*> air nnd genial ns the
streel   ;l |       light,
lew days ago find   -.oi.., "'-���ay,   Attempt Made by Liberals to Welome in every cli-ne ns breath
do vou do ladies u-mk?     Now ��*     , ' t       0f flowers
I thought tveryholv who knew     Disfranchise Men who are    IUran8nuUe8 a��en8   inlo   trM8t*ug
tne Knew also   Hid I do   any      now Wearing Canadian    |       friends
kind ol t nloriiii! nnd thai 1 do ..  ,,
it   nt a reasonable   ptice, fibtit Uniforms
then*, yon novel cut) lell what's
in a intiu's iuliiil.                          The Court of   Revisiou   of   tlie I                         ~
Yuu < .ui entrust uu with   nuy   Voters' List, recently held at Cum-              Fall Fair Dates
wo-k-tliat it iiiilur    Iocs,! i   berlnud, disclosed unolher   attempt 	
And gives its owner passport round
the globe.
in li.iun silk" nil-, itiu
to in ikin
I nt I'or 11.nun)
'���'���'���   by the Liberal Association  of   the
Nniioo.se, I'nrk-ville
to in iking dad's pnnts into   n   distiicl to piny party politics at llie ^J}",;11 .".'iiseT'i.
expense   ol   the   large   number of comox Sept. 15-16
men from Comox District uow ser- Cobble Hill. Sept. 19
ving iheii King and Country   with "-'o.vlchnii Sept. iO-21
lhe various Battalions. '!"'T"W,;i, **&*'%
, , ,.    , laulvsiiiiih Sept. io
Advantage was Uiken ol  lhe I act North niul South Sanulcli....Scpl    "
R. Willoughby's
(m'lj White Tailor In Cnurlviiny
Nexl door to the  (Ipct t   House
ihui the inarjority of these mi n are s,, .ke  Sept. 291
mil ui   the former    addresses,    al    Vancouver /Vug. 1*1-191
I hough still in the   district, to hlsl ������	
rHERE'S   NOTHING   LHvE  objections   lo   hundreds  of   tie it  _-,*-,,-.����-. i   rvinriir
names being retained on the voters'  (jKll-Vt     and   DAKulfc
li-.t; in other words, an attempt wus
made by tbe Liberal organization,
and successful in many cases, to|
disfranchise the men who nre now
wearing a Canadian uniform nnd to
deprive Ihem of a voice iu the government of the country for which
thev ate making so niauy sacrifices.
This policy of "Partv before
Patriotism and Country," which
apparenllj is the policy of the Lib
H.���.p...JT.,-��v.,,.oi..     erals throughout the  province,    is1
avetao.ira luni-lour riano ,. , B.M '       ,.'.   ,,' ,-.,.���      . -
one which will not commend   itsell Swans Old Stand, Courtenay
to the ihouglitiul   people    of    this
McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
We win the favor of the  citizens and  soldier boys
because we give value  for  the  money.    Our  tea
room is superlative.    The place to get a dainty tea.
Good cakes and brea I of quality unsurpassed.
Buy direct from McBryde's Bakery
Pructicnl Shoemaker tiiul Repair
Next to Manly & Biseoe
When  In  Doubt
Play  Trumps
Ice Cream
T obaccos
Remember thc address     -     Next (he Royal Bank of Canada
factory L'xperieiice
Recommends   from   bending  .Musicians
from tlie Atlantic t.. tlie I'ncilic.   Copies
province, who
realize   that   every
Charles Wheeler
,f same furnished on request assistance should be given tlle gov-,
W, J. Goard   will be   in tins city   about eminent    in thc    difficult task    of
���April   1.     Leave orders nt tllis Office, guiding the country   through    the
or write direct to present    critical   period and   that1
845, 8th Ave., W.    -    Vancouver every consideration should be shown The Elk Hotel  Barber Shop
��� those men who have left their homes ]
and business in order to   do   their!
begs to Rimotiiicce
Hint lie lias opeeed
Clei��' ness a Specialty
Tj -n I r>. ^\ e~\    i    11.*./-* i���, i �� share in the defense of Otu countrv
YmdQQ    LlVerV and personal liiierties.
" Many complaints were made   to
Horses  and   Buggies tor  Hire
'rutins cash.
om member, Mi. Manson, of the
injustice lhat wns   being done   to'
I these soldiers ill depriving them of
their light to vote nnd he has taken tin- nuttier up with lhe Oovern-
i nieiit in an effort  t > have   the sol-
...     ,       ���    ,  , iii*      diers allowed to exercise their fran-
\Ve  also  attend  to  wood untiling    , . ,   , ,    r ..       ,,
6  cuise iu whatever part of the   Pro-
I vlnce they may be located.
J AS.   CAIRNS   &   SON -      - -��...,	
Proprietors ��� Kaisei Bill and the
Courtenay Phone _5 Hundred and Two
Comox, li   C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
First Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamlitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9
To advise those Coal Right Owners
who were not present at the meeting
on the 17th inst., that information
regarding results of said meeting wi 11
be mailed them  in   the near  future
H.    I).    FORDE
We .ill know Kairer Bill
Ami we know the Crown Prince loo,
If you lake a look at them
i     'Tis sure to oiake you ill.
Wi.Wd's Harness Emporium ' The K"mr's race looks vtMV crHel
Hut there would lie nn awful change
"    .,1   [lot   ���   Bliilik.ts     Lap
:;.,...       , Trunks, Suit Cases,  Etc.
Cumberland and Courtenay
i     And Ins sott'sdoes too;
n th. ii
II thev met the Hundred and Two.
\ Then buck In llerlin'they (io
With the Tummies in hot pursuit;
Whnl a terrible fri-lit the) had
In ttiecthig the Hundred and Two,
' Up the hill ntid down the liill
Old Kaiser Mill be races,
With his little son behind,
Running at hi i shoe laces.
yi I Old ICdiser Dill lie puffs and blows
an cannot eat your *__i?_mbs__
" In thinking lie would be caught.
eeke ai have it
Do take a look ill Kaiser Bill
And thc Crown 1'rince too;
The\ have changed an awful lut
Since the) tint the Hundred and Two.
Courtenny, May 16, 1916.
Swnl Hi" flies
Bnt you have thc -"r-tisfaction
of knowing that the ingre-
dien'.s are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay.  Customers swear __^______________
*-*w*-dfaiHeaWi Salts
���_v*i~i.*iii ���' _���.���������..���:.-._______
^fi^^%  __^       ���';
<���*>._. ft Wk&Y.-tji
'"'������' BIT
L*-a-sa-agm-_Bt ���.*{_��(_._._ a________arr.._���t��
���r_   %&
K| ... \i.<4.   _���.'..U    ""���/
���_--->     |&_j��,��^__e_,.    pt-T- :> X*j\������'-���7-f--.'--^
Produce More and Save More
The Empire needs food. If you ure not in the fighf>
ing line you mtiy be in the producing line. Labour
is limited all thc more reason to do more than ever
before. Grow food for the men who are fighting for you. The Allies need all the food that
you can produce. Every little helps. You are responsible for your own work. If you
cannot produce as much as you would like, produce all you can. Work with the light
spit it. Put fighting energy into your effort and produce now when it counts. The mote
you produce the more you can save.    Producing and saving are war-service.
Cai.es of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
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Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
", (tended
The Ideal Disinfect
ing Fluid
Bake Your Labour Efnciint
In war-time do not wr.ntc time and energy on unim-
port ll t and un) ri fital le work, Economize labour.
Put off unproductive vork till after the war, and, if
possible, help in producing something needed now. Let us not waste labour, Canada
needs it all. If possible help to feed the J :'ies. Make your backyard a pro ctive garden,
Cultivate it with a will.   Make your labour count for as much as possible.
Do Not Waste Materials
There should be no waste in war-time. Canada could
pay the annual interest on her war expenditure out
of what we waste on our farms, in otu factories, in
our homes. Every pound of food saved from waste is as good as a pound of increased
production. The way for a nation to save is for every individual to save. France is strong
to-day because of thrift in time of peace. The men and women of Great Britain a.e not
only " doing " but are learning to " do without."
Phone 27
Spend Your Money Wisely
Practise economy in the home by eliminating luxuries. Wasting our dollars here weakens our strength
-1 at the Front. Your savings will help Canada to
finance the war. Save your money for thc next Dominion War issue. There can be no
better investment.
__g,wr-w_________-wiw----��-Hi--^a����g3MWii- mi wiiim --.���������<*--��::-j:*;at-n��-----<--fc__--_-Mi


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