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The Review Apr 18, 1918

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Array ;' .
*********************** ****** ****** *********f
Can noi he done any Ijette*, w\n\
not ouite go well anywhere el��e
hereabouts. Our type ami inatthin-
ery is complete ami Th&.*-Keview
prices are rijjht r
51 ~1>  7?
Gents'  Furnishings
and Halters
VOL. 6
NO. JO ,/(
Telephone 10
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a sliipnient of Ladies Shoes aud the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our  prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
A  Fresh  Shipment
of Misses, and Children's Shoes, manufactured by
F.J. Weston & Sons, just received at the
Courtenay Shoe Store
We have a nice assortment of eighteen different styles to choose front
Vici Kid and Box Calf in
Butteued Meed and Cloth Top, with or without the rubber sole
These shoes are built for comfort and durability.    Satisfaction guaranteed or money cheerfully refunded
Get a bargain From Our " Bargain Table
Next the Drugstore
Phone 48
Local Lines
Miss Phyllis Glazbrook left on
Thursday morning for Vancouver
on a visit to her sister, Mrs, 11.
There will be a congregational
meeting of the Sandwick Presbyterian church on Tuesday evening
April 23rd.
Messrs- J. McGugon of Vancouver, and T. C, Patterson of the
Victoria ollice of the B, C, Telephone Co, were in town oil Tuesday and Wednesday inspecting tlie I
local ollice. i
A number of broody liens for.
sale.   Apply at Review office,        i
We can  now  fill   promptly  all i
orders for Burred R-Jck eggs. $1.50
per settigg if you bring vour own
container,    B. & K. Milling Co.
Lost���Browu automobile -jaunt
lei: for left hand.    Finder  please
communicate with J. Carwitlieii,
For Sale���About 3 tons of pure,
up-to-date seed potatoes. Apply
W. J. McQuillan, Sandwick,
Wanted��� An English baby carriage. Apply Box B, Review Office.
Vatnniotli Pekiti Duck Eggs for
hatching. $1 per dozen. A poly
Mrs. A. Kerton. Lake Trail.
Advance styles in Spring Mil
lineiy are being shown at Miss
STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. and
Main St. Vancouver, B. C Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
Fences, the largest Monumental
works in the west. -. ...
$175 takes an r8' tiew runabout
motor boat 4 h. p. engine, all in
good order. Apply at Review Office.
Lost���__' launch hull with red
trimmings last seen at Dyke Sawmill boom on Saturday. Finder
kindly notify N, H. Boden. phone
For Sale���Williams Class A, Artist model, engraved B flat cornet,
quick chai.ge; pearl lined pistons.
Plush lined case, with all extra
parts. Value $60, will sell for #35
Can be seen at Review Office.
Owners of property wishing to
sell might do well to send me full
particulars of same, price, amount
of acreage clearad, etc, F. R.F.
Biseoe, General P. O , Victoria, B.
For Sale���About 3 1-2 acres of
land iu lhe City of Courtenay,
Terms easy. Address Owner, 3323
Tennyson Ave., Victoria, B. C
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Clevelaud Bicycles aud bicycle
supplies at the Ford enrage.
Go to McBryde's for quality
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigar*
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
65c per lb. this week
Another carload of Fords arrived
this week at Etude's.
See the B. & K. advertisement
tllis week re foul weeds,
Mr. H. Stevens, Road Superintendent, left on Sunday for Victoria.
Win. Cookson left for the prairies for (he summer mouths, on
Sunday's boat,
Rev, Mr. Mc()ee of Vancouver
will preach at the Presbytertan
church on .Sunday next.
Mr. Warren has rented Win-
M.itthewson's ranch, and intends
buying up fifty good dairy cows
from the Cowichtfii distiict.
1). R, Nickerson left ou Friday
> last to attend the funeral of his
mother at Vancouver, returning
yesterday, During his absence Mr.
Steermau of Kettle Valley was in
charge at tlle IC. & N. station,
Wai Booth left for Vancouver
ou Sunday to join the cqlors,
Theodore Johnston left 011 Monday
for the same purpose and Dr. Ail
ken expects to leave on May 15th
to join the dental corps,
Vsporite spaded or plowed in the
garden before planting time kills
every insect, in 'ggotor grub in the
soil. Just the thing for cabbage,
cauliflower and onion beds. For
sale by B. & K. Milling Co.
Thete will be a meeting of  tbe
Pair-otic F..nd Association  at  thr-'
City Hall 011 Friday  evening,   th
18th inst. at 8 p. 111    tor the  purpose of electing a Secretary.
The United Grain Growers Ltd.
intend forming a " local" in Courtenay, and a meeting will be held
in the Agricultural ball on Monday
April 2.2nd at 8 p.m., uot 2-p, 111.
as noted in circulars sent to share-
holders and others, at Which Mr.
Austin, one of the directors of the
company, will be present aud deliver an aderess,
The Great War Veterans dance
on Tuesday evening was well patronized by the local people and a
goodly number from Cumberland,
Those present yoted it one ot the
most enjoyable dances held yet.
The 1,0.DE, served refreshments.
The receipts were in the neighborhood of $75, This is the first of a
series of entertainments to be held
by the veterans.
On Friday afternoon and evening of this week tlie Ladies' Aid
Society of the Presbyterian Church
Will hold their annual Sale ol Work
Thev have been busy for mouths
past preparing for this event and a
great number of articles have been
manufactured which will be on sale
in the baseiueent of the church.
Afternoon tea will also be served
for the modest sum of 25 cents.
In the eve.dug a good concert has
been arranged by Mrs. W, G. Robertson, the organist, and a very
enjoyable treat is in store for those
who are fortunate enough to attend
The admission in the evening is 25
At the termination of the Grain
Growers meeting ou Aprill 22nd
there will be a general meeting of
the Farmers' Institute to consider
a letter from the Superintendent
of Institutes with regard to a pro-
positiou to iioiiiiiiiue a delegate tc
attend a meeting to be called later
at Nanaimo. This delegate will
represent the Comox Farmers' Iu-
stiute at a convention of all the
Farmer's Institutes on Vancouver
Island, to nominate a member of
the Advisory Board of Farmers'
institutes. All members who have
any suggestions to make whereby
agricultural conditions and methods
may be secured to ensure the highest degree of production, are required to hand in written resolu-
lutions to that effect at the meeting. They will be handed to the
delegate for transmission to the
convention at Nanaimo,
A carload of Automobile Oils and
Crease will soon arrive for the Ford
The Canadian Collieries have
purchased a neiv Ford truck.
Miss Kalhryn Glazbrook gave s
party lo her young friends at the
home of ber sister, Mrs, F, C.
Brock, on Friday evening last
Mr, and Mrs. J. Sutton entertained a number of fiiendson Monday evening in honor of Mr. and
Mrs. Lloyd Dunham.
Simon Lizer & Co, have purchased a uew Ford Truck with a
new body, which makes a nifty
Canada adopted the daylight saving on Sunday morning. One of
Oonitenay's leading business men
turned his watch back an hour, ami
came near missing the boat as a
Our Fete.
Far from war, and far from strife
Far from griil and labour's cull
Along the road to joy and life,
We went our way, both one ami all.
And on we went, tlirougli dust airl heat
Kiidvnvoiiring hard to be couiuous,
To answer far ami wide tlle sweet
Kind call of Mrs. 1'orteous.
Who in a room above the town,
Had nsked us there to ten
And from a window all looked down
The wonders of the town to see.
Ami round 0 table none could make
A much more tempting spread,
From saussage on to cream filled C-ke
we rite to sighs-to faces red.
Mid jokes and laughter time went by
Till we plied our homeward way.
And the slill silence of night WUS nigh
when we  reached   home    never   to   58;
liie nny. - tt.
Anglican Services
Sunday, April 21, 1318, ard.-jtft-jr .'*
Easter," *     -  >   .. ��
8 a,m.���Jloly communion at St.
John's Courtenay.
11 a.m.���-Matins and Holy ccm-
munion at St. Andrews. Sandwick.
n a.m. Mattins and sermou at
St  Peter's. Comox.
2 30p.m.- Evensong and sermon
at St. Mary's, Grantham.
3 p.m.���Memorial service at St.
John's, Courtenay.
7 p. m.��� Evensong and sermon
at Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
7.30 p. 111���Evensong and sermou
at St, John's Courtenay.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 pin.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday  School and   Bible Clas
10:30 a. m.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
Drug Store
Talcum 35c
Powder 75c
Cream 75c
Courtenay   -   B. C. THE    REVIEW,    OOUKTNEY,    B.    0.
Y��n don't liave lo
wait for relict wlirn
you uio Cuturrlio-
This wonderful inhaler treatment is
guaranteed to cure
any case of Catarrh,
no matter how
Vou breathe through
ihi- inhaler and in so
doing you send instantly ' nil through
ihe breathing orgnna
a powerful vapor
iiini i. full of soothing, lu ding, ���/.-nii'l. -ir... ||lg   properties,
In thl-i way the
seeds ol Catarrh are
destroyed, Sore nostrils nml weak throat
nrir curi d, Coughing,
hard breathing, and
sneezing all stop. I'or
lasting cure use. ��� >:11 y
Catarrhoxonc, No substitute. Two months'
treatment (including
tlie Inhaler), price
��1.IM.    Small size 50c,
at rill dealers, c
Kingston, Ont,
I.cndcn, MeiUmtc, indTdMlf
There was smooth pasture in llie
valley, broken by dark squares of
turnip fields nii'l pule stubblcj but
here and there the heath appeared
HKiiiu nnd wjitl coltou showed faintly white above, the black peat-soil.
By and by a cross, standing by itself oil tne lonely hillside caught
Foster's eye, and he asked It is companion about it.
"The Count's Cms-, sir; a courtesy
title Ihey hold iii_ the next dale. He
was killed in a raid on a tower down
the water, before lhc Fcatlicrstones
"Bul did tlicy bury him up there?"
"No, sir; they were all buried at
night by the water of Langrigg, but
when tltey were carrying him home
in the mist by the liil! road the
Scots from lhe tower overtook theni.
The Count's men were wounded and
their horses foundered, hut the Scots
let them go when they found that
lie was di ad. About 1300, sir. Somebody jiui the cross to commemorate
"Tlicy seem lo have been a chivalrous lot," Foster remarked. "1 wonder if that kind of tiling would happen nowadays?"
"I'm afraid one couldn't expect il,
sir," lhe old lellow answered and
Foster smiled.
The cross faded Into the hillside;
it got dark and the valley narrowed.
Trees grew in sheltered spots; the
faint, delicate tracery of birch blanches breaking the solid, black ranks
of tlie firs. The road wound along
tbe river, which roared, half seen, in
tbe gloom. Now and then they ran
llirougli water, anil presently the
glare  of      llie      headlamps      bored
tlirougli breast-high mist. There
was a smell of wet foil am! rotting
leaves. Jt was very different from
the tangled pine bush of Ontario and
tlie stark bareness of the plains, but
il was somehow familiar and Foster
fell thai he was at home,
Ily aud by ibe moon e.iuie out, ami
the mist got thinner as Ihey ran into
an opening where the side of    the
glen fell bark. Limits I winkled at
the foot of a bill, and as Ibry iped
on the irregular outline of a bouse
showed against a background of
trees. It glimmered, long and low,
in the moonlight, and thru Foster
lost il as ihey ran tlirougli a gate
into thc darkness of a bell of firs, A
minute or two later, lhe ear slowed
and BlOppcd after passing round a
A wid.- door stood hospitably
open, and a figure upon llie sup"
cut against tlie light. There were
two more figures inside the hall, an/,',
as hc got down Foster heard Voices
that sound'd Slrattgely pleasant and
refined. Then a man whom he could
not sec well shook hands with him
and took liim ill, and he. stopped, half
dazzled by the brightness.
Granulated Eyeiids,
Sore Ei w, l*y-��ln(l��-r,f<l by
Sun, Aim! liul Wine* quickly
telle.iitd by Murluf. Try It In
��� your Eyei and In Baby's Eyes.
iNeS-Mrtiif, Jut EjeCts-fnt
ty* **!**, to TVk-5 5*-.  I*�� fnH .f I* e Roe - tt**.
Ask Maria. EM Bea-eftr Ca.. CklcaM *
The hall was large ami a fire burned on a deep hearth. There were
oil lamps on tall pillars, ami In the
background a broad .staircase ran up
to a gallery in the gloom. Foster,
however, had uot much time to look
about, for as soon as lie had given
up his hat and coat bis host led llilll
towards the lire and two ladies came
up. He knew one was his partner's
mother and the other his sisler, but
although ihey wen- like Lawrence he
remarked a difference that was puzzling until be understood its origin.
Mrs. Featherstone had an unmistakable stamp of dignity, hui her face
was gentle and her look very friendly; her daughter was tall and Foster thought remarkably graceful,
with an air of pride ar.d reserve, although this vanished when she gave
liim    a     frank       welcoming       sini'e.
Featherstone. who wns older than
Ills wife, had shorl, grey hair, ami
lined, brown face, bul looked strong
and carried himself well.
Foster, who liked ihem al once,
wondered rather anxiously whether
he had pleased or disappointed theni.
lint imagined that thej would reserve their opinion. Tlicy were, of
course, nol the people to show what
tlicy thought, ami If be had felt any
embarrassment,    tltey    would   have
known bow to pill liim at his case.
Still Iiis type was, no doubt, new to
them and his views might jar. Hc
did not remember what they said,
bul they somehow made him feel he
was not a stranger but a friend who
had a claim, and when lie went to
his room he knew he would . njoy
his slay with Fcatlicrstonc's people.
\ 1.
His Comrade's Story
Foster spent the most part of the
next (lay in the open air with his
host. Featherstone hati a quiet, genial manner and seemed lo have read
much, though he held the narrow-
views that sometimes mark the uii-
travelled Englishman. He appeared
lo bo scrupulously just and showed
sound judgment about matters he
understood, but he had strong prejudices and Foster did not think him
clever. Wilh bis rather sensitive
pride and fastidiousness lie was certainly not thc man to make his marl-
in Canada, and Foster began to understand certain traits that bad puzzled hii it in bis son.    Lawrence,   al
though be had keener Intelligence,
was not unite so line a type as his
father, ami in consequence stood
rough wear belter. Hut Inr too, ill
spile of bis physical courage, now
nnd then showed a supine carelessness and iried to avoid, instead of
boldly grappling with, things that I
Tlicy set oul lo go .-.hooting,    but I
Featherstone stopped to talk to cv- ���
erybody lhcy met, and showed keen
inter, si in  sueh  mailers  as  the  lur-1
nip crop niul the price of sheep,    ll j
was clear that he  wns liked ami  re- .
spected,   Sometimes he turned aside
to examine    tottering     gales     and
blocked ditches, and commented    to
Foster upon  the economies of farm- '
ing  and   tho  burden  of   taxes.      1'lie
latter soon gathered that iher.-   was
not much profit to be derived   from
a small moorland estate and his host
was  (ar  from  rich,     ll   looked  as  il
bad  cost him, and  perhaps  his  family, some self-denial to     send    the
money that hnd once or twice enabled  Lawrence, and Foster with him,
to weather a crisis.
At noon tlicy wen- given a better
lunch than Foster had often been
satisfied with al a lonely farm, where
Featherstone spoke of him as his
son's partner, and seemed to take an
ingenious pride ill making it known
that Lawrence was prospering. This
gave Foster a hint that he acted on
later. They, however, shot a brace
of partridges iu a turnip field, a
widgeon lhat rose from a reedy lam
ami a woodcock that sprang out of
a holly thicket in a bog. It was a
day of gleams of sunlight, passing
showers, and mist that roilcti about
the hills and swept away, leaving
the long slopes in transcicnl brightness, checkered with (lie green of
mosses and Ihe red of withered fern.
The sky cleared ns they turned
homewards, and when they reached
the Garth an angry crimson glow
spread across tlie west.
Tea wns brought them in the hall
and  Foster,  who   had   changed     his
M^SH-f S
In   all   countries.     All;    (or    our    INVI'.N-
'���'Olt'S ADViM''-, which  will bo lern free.
354   University  St.,   Montrm,
clothes, which was a rare luxury in
Canada, sat with much content in a
corner by the hearth, Hc had been
out in Ibe raw wind long enough to
enjoy the rest and warmth, ami the
presence of the iwo English ladies
added to the charm, Mrs. Featherstone was knitting, but Alice talked
to her father about the shooting and
what In- hnd noted on Ibe farms.
Foster thought her cleverer than Ihe
others, hut il was obvious tbat her
Interest was not forced. She understood, agriculture and lu-r remarks
were singularly shrewd.
i I'o He i ontlnued.)
Seal Meat Latest Delicacy
Seal meal is lhe latest table delicacy being considered by lhc Dominion food board as a substitute for the ordinary bovine species.
Last week officers of the food
board interview Dr. Grcnfell, of
the Labrador Mission, with regard to
this proposal. Dr. Grcnfell reported
thai il would be quite easy to secure
twenty million pounds of seal meal
after skinning die animals and extracting llie surplus fat. It could bc
frozen and stored at St. Johns and
Halifax. The meat is said to he palatable and to possess high nutritive
value, and the matter will be gone
into shortly,
Mr. Bellows���-0 wife, ihese look
like lhc biscuits my mother baked
twenty years ago.
Mrs. Bellows (greatly delighted)���
I'm so glad.
Mr. Bellows (biting one)���And by
George, I believe they arc the same
biscuits.���Chattanooga Times.
When Churches Saved Coal
That llio stove in the meeting;
house was a "snare of thc devil," to
make people too comfortable, was
an opinion not only expressed, lint
actually enforced, by the Puritans ill
olden days in Salem. Those rugged
old souls wiiii.I nol have a stove in
their meeting house. Tiny did relent
enough to allow the use of foot
stoves, by women and children. Hut:
the men ami boys bad In stamp their
feet and clap their bands to keep
from freezing during meeting lime.
--Salem News.
Simply Place It In Tha Mouth
Between Lower Lip and Gum.
This is the way to get all the llnvoi
and satisfaction out nf every pinch oi
Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco,
Vou see, "Copenhagen" is ninde ot
Ibe best,old, highflnvore-llcaf tobacco.
The snuff process���by wliicli the lent
tobacco is converted into tiny grains,
and scientifically prepared ��� retains.
���11 the good of tlie tobacco.
Those who are trying"Copenhagen'*
for the first time, should remember to
use only a small quantity, and to placo
tbe pinch in the mouth between the
lower lip and the gum, without any
attempt at chewing it.
"It", tha most economical chew".
W.   N.   U.     1201
Parcels for Soldiers
Para Sani-Wrapper
A heavily coated, strong waxed
paper, moisture proof and air proof.
The pleasure of the boys in the
trenches will be doubled it their eatables and smokes are received in good
Para-Sani Household Rolls
PARA-SANI is put up in rolls, and a convenient cabinet is supplied that may be fastened
in a convenient place in the kitchen. PARA-
SANI is better paper than is usually supplied in
sheets and cheaper in the long run.
Write for particulars or ask your dealer.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Ltd.
Hamilton, Canada THE    REVIEW,    COTJETNET,    B.    a
Thousands of thoughtless people neglect colds every winter.
A cough follows; they get rundown���then stubborn sickness
sets in. This can be prevented easier than it can be cured.
If you will give your system the benefit of a few bottles of
you will find your whole system strengthened.    It will
fortify your lungs and throat and enrich your blood i
against rheumatism.    Scott's is powerful concentrated
nourishment without drugs or opiates.
Don't neglect taking Scott's    commonest today*
Boot! Sr llownc. Xorouto, Out
Food Will Win the War
Sonic heedless people arc heard I"
murmur, "Why pinch ourselves 111
order  lo  send  food  to  the    id'iesi"
The answer is simple and direct, VV'e
wish to will the war. And llicrc is
only one way of doing, Ihis, by spp-
plying our allies with sufficient food.
Tlicy have already done their share,
���New  Vork Post.
If All Played Out,
Try This Prescription
When that overpowering weariness and a never-rested feeling
COtnes over you, it shows some serious disorder is undermining your
health. The cure is simple. Build
up lhc system and nourish the body
back to health by pure wholesome
The one sure means of doing this
is with Dr. Hamilton's I'ills. They
are a marvellous aid to appetite-
convert all you cat into nutriment
and tissue-building material. Thus
a weak body is supplied with new
nerve fibre, hardy muscle and firm
flesh. Lasting good health is sure lo
follow. If you rcnlly want to gel
well and slay well, use Dr. Hamilton's fills, 25c per box at all dealers.
The Interesting Evidence
"I understand yotl called on the
complainant. Is that so?" demanded
a brow-beating solicitor of a man bc
tvas cross-examining, "Yes," replied
Ihc witness. "What did he say?"
Counsel for the other side objected
that evidence as to a conversation
���was not admissablc, and half an
hour's argument ensued. Then the
magistrate retired to consider the
point, announcing on his return some
lime later that he deemed the question a proper one. "Well, what did
the plaintiff say?" repeated the cross-
examining solicitor. "Hc didn't say
anything; he weren't at home, sir,"
���was the answer.���-Vancouver Province.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Japan's Aid
The Japanese ambassador in
Rome bas banded to the prime
minister of llaly lhc sum of ��62,25H
to bc applied lo thc benefit of
wounded soldiers and refugees from
thc invaded provinces. The money
was collected by a Japanese society
r.f which lhc bead is Prince Tokin-
gawa, president of the chamber of
peers, and among the promoters ol
the movement was the Japanese
prime minister.
Food That
The recognized value of
as a "saving" food for
these serious times, rests
upon real merit.
Unlike thc ordinary
cereal Grape-Nuts requires no sugar, little
milk or cream, and requires no cooking or
other preparation in
A trial is well worth
while for those who
sincerely desire to save.
"There's a Reason"
-sold by Grocers.
w.  N.  U.    1201
Hazard, ol the Air
Flying Duly Is No More Hazardous
Than Duty Willi Other
Combat Troopa
It was nol lhc prospect of extra
pay which made so many young
men throng Into the aviation service
tbat the ground schools have waiting lists which it will take three
months to exhaust. Gen, Pershing's
recommendation that Ibis extra pay
be cut off because "Hying duly is no
more hazardous than duly with othei- combat troops, and involves nothing like lhe hardships endured by
the troops in lhc trenches," offends
the Aero Club of America. It will
not offend ihese volunteers, Their
disappointment will be in hearing
that there is no extra risk. Yet
Pershing's statement has been borne
out by llritish reports. Safer machines are being built, safer methods
of instruction developed. 'I'he death
of one of the thousands of practising
aviators gets far more notice than
even the deaths from accidental gunshot wounds that Pershing reports.
There is a general movement for a
readjustment of army pay in lhc interests of equity, of which one manifestation i.-> the bill to give certain
commutation allowances lo field officers with dependents. The general
scale now is liberal, and no one
wishes it thought that his motive
was selfish in going into the army.
���New York Evening Tost.
Baby's Own Tablets arc an excellent medicine for little ones. They
sweeten the stomach; regulate the
bowels, break up colds and simple
fevers, cure constipation and make
teething easy. Concerning them
Mrs. li. Quinn, Paramc, Que., writes:
"Baby was troubled with constipation aud nothing helped him till I
began using Baby's Own Tablets.
They arc an excellent medicine for
little ones." The Tablets arc sold
by medicine dealers or by mnil at 25
ccnls a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Out.
"I think we'll take up lhc collection before the sermon today," declared thc minister, "for I'm going to
preach ou conservation." ��� .London
Externally or Internally, It Is
Good.���When applied externally by
brisk rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Electric
Oil opens the pores and penetrates
the tissue as few liniments do, touching thc seat of the trouble and immediately affording relief. Administered internally, it will still the irritation in lhc throat which induces
coughing and will cure affections of
the bronchial lubes and respiratory
organs,    'fry it and be convinced.
Italy's Spirit
All Factions Have Been Drawn Together by the Presence of the
Invaders on Italian Soil
William Marcoui, inventor of the
wireless telegraphy, testifies to Ibe
belter spirit in Italy loday. Before
the Austro-Gcrmail invasion there
was less community of feeling there
than llicrc is now; all factions ha.-e
been drawn together by Ihc presence
of llic invaders on Italian soil.
This is a result that thc German
government did not foresee. It
thought it could weaken the morale
of Italy as it bad weakened lhat of
liussia. It argued to itself that
when the Italian people, saw the enemy pouring tlirougli the border passes they would bc ready to negotiate peace, But the opposite has
proved true. German psychology
lias failed again. The Italians arc
stronger today than they were when
their reverses began last October.���
Prom the Providence Journal.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
120,000,000 Bushels Wheat Inspected
According to an announcement
made by the secretary of the Winnipeg Grain Exchange, 120.000,000
bushels of wheat were inspected at
Winnipeg, Man., between September
1 aud February 8, out of 208,581,000
bushels, the estimate of last season's
Jam for Britain's Army
The fondness of thc Brilish "Tommy," as well as of Britishers generally, for sweet fruit jnms and marmalades has necessitated the inclusion
of these sweets iu Ihc rations used
by soldiers nnd sailors. Thc importance of this item of wnr supplies
is shown by lhe_ fact, jusl announced, that the minister of customs of
Australia, through the commonwealth government, has placed a
contract with lhc British government for 50,000,000 pounds of Aus-
trallftn jam, involving the expenditure of upwards of $5,25(1,000. The
order was so large lhal the rotitracl
wns distributed throughout the Australian stales lo factories equipped
to manufacture tho jam. Ii is predicted that llns industry will grenlty
siitniilnie the production of small
fruits, by providing a market for
nny excess in production.
Ulil lawcllorjr; 1' etc: Silver: .urlon
Mini_iu*e��: Pictures! Needl-woil-i I.ecet
Old Clilne: Cut Ol.iii Ornemeuui
Wnulic:   Rlnill  Teble  Wirt.
Write,  or und  br  Bipreu,  to.
B.   M    *   T,   JENKINS.   Limited
Antique  Uelterlei
31   end   10   College   Street,      To-cnto,   Ont.
Where Extremes Meet
Bolshevik! arc so terribly in car-
nest about liberty tbat whoever differs from the Bolshevik! gels suppressed.��� From the St. Louis Globe-
There Is a Message
In This Lady s Story
She Was Troubled With Weakness
and Her Daughter   Had   Nervous
Troubles.     Dodd's   Kidney   Pills
Proved the Remedy   They   Both
Hamilton, Out., (Special). ���- The
story lold by Mrs. H. Dickens, of
70 Tom Street, this city, carries a
message of hope to every suffering
woman in Canada.
"After my baby was born," Mrs.
Dickens states, "1 used to suffer with
my back and had no heart to do my
work around the bouse. But I read
about Dodd's Kidney I'ills and what
they have done for others, so I
thought I would get a box and see
what they would do for inc.
"I am pleased to say that after taking two boxes I found such great
relief I would not bc without them
in the house.
"My daughter, loo, bad been very
sick on and off for a long lime. Her
nerves got so bad we wcrc afraid
we would scc her in the hospital.
But I am pleased to say she is better through taking Dodd's Kidney
"I never thought Dodd's Kidney
Pills could have done such good
work and I am telling all my
friends about than."
Women's troubles, or nearly all of
them, come from sick kidneys. The
cure for them is the old established
remedy for sick kidneys, Dodd's
Kidney I'ills.
made of well-tempered metal?"
"I don't know. They seem to get
into mischief every time they're
crossed."���-Baltimore American.
Take it as Soup
before Meals
Finda Lost Sheep With Airplane
Stanley Smith, millionaire sheepman of Mnrtiudalc, Mont., hns placed nn order for a $5,500 airplane
with which Io search for lost hands
of sheep iu lhc high mountain pastures. Smith already has Iwo ninety-
hor.se power planes, and is known as
"the Hying sheep herder." Smith
says the airplane method of finding
lost docks has saved him a small
fortune und lhc lives of countless
sheep. Thc time saved in locating
them has allowed tliom to be rescued by his employes before the
(locks starved or froze to death.���
Snu Francisco Chronicle.
Worms feed upon the vitality of
children and endanger their lives. A
simple and effective cure is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator,
French to Sow Manitoba Seed
The Paris Journal officially stnlcs
that the French land sown to wheat
this year is 800,000 acres more than
last year, which should increase llic
crop by 4,000,000 qulntatix, totalling
50,000,000 for the year. The nominal production before the wnr was 00-
000,000. Further sowing will be
undertaken with Manitoba seed if
the transport arrives before thc season is too advanced.
IA Dyspepsia Cure f
*i M.D. advises: "Pertons who ���.
* suffer from severe indigestion J
���> and constipation can cure them- <���
���i selves by taking  fifteen  to i��
'���  thirty drops of Extract of Roots ,*'
(e after each meal and at bedtime. ���<
I, This remedy is known as Mother ���
J| Stlpel's Curative Syrup in the drug '*
���i trade."  Get the genuine.   SOc. <���
% /nd $1.00 Bottles. i *
(�� *>
m* .���-��*��'�� S SS i 8��� S is S iis �� I
Pure Blood
You can keep your blood in
good condition���have a clear
skin, and bright eyes, by taking
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Not Too Mild
"Don't you enjoy listening to thc
honk of tiie  ,/ild goose?"
"Not when he's driving an automobile,"
Praises this Asthma Remedy. A
grateful user ot Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy finds it thc only
remedy that will give relief, though
for thirteen years be had sought other help. Years of needless suffering
may be prevented by using this wonderful remedy at the first warning of
trouble. Its use is simple, its cost
is slight and it can be purchased almost anywhere.
Practical and Proper
"What is your favorite flower?"
"Not using any. I'm for cornmcal."
���Washington Star.
l..ui|fit Sale of Any Medicine in thi* Wurld.
Sold everywhere,   In bo set, 25c.
A mje, lettable regulating medi-
cine. Sold in llm'-r degrees ot
aU-ength. No. 1. il: Ho, *. Pi
No. 3, $5 pet boi. sold by all
druggutfl, er sent pnrcnlJ in
plain pAckast en receipt of
price. Free pamphlet AiMreie
Totonlt.Onl. Ii:ermsrlu Windsor.}'
There is no poisonous ingredient
in Holloway's Corn Cure, and it can
bc used without danger of injury.
Mrs. l-'.rwin was showing Sclnia,
the new Swedish maid, "the ropes."
"This," said Mrs. Erwin, "is my
son's room.   He is in Vale."
"Ya?" Sclma's face lit up with
sympathetic understanding, "My
broader ban there loo."
"Is that so?   What year?"
"Achl he ban got no year! lie ban
punch a man ill the eye, and llic
yoodgc sav, 'You Axel, sixty days in
Ireittuccen, curbs ctmoiuc weakness, lott v 1*30*1
FILM. BITHGI NO. DRUQCISrSorUAlu |1. *-- ��� * r 4 CTfl
VOUOBRACo.W, BXIKKAM ST. H EW \'.<? . ._r f_***i( *. *l J ������ f
Birohto.  writ* porMII book ro :..-*. ls Clzxo
ED.CO.l_AVtlt3TOCKKD.UAMP.riAD, LO!fl*0*l, ��n&
St THAT TBADR  U.ltKtO WORD  'rHSH,. I ,1    (1 Q*
r>. ooyt.eiAn. .irhid io au. ami:, i f._ut��
The Heart oi a Piano is tie
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
Bolshevikism Defined
Toryism   would "maintain tl
tablishcd order";    democracy  would
invite the   maid of all worl: to    t!
family   councils   and   the common
table) Bolshevikism would put    the
maid in the parlor and relcs*ai<  ti
family to the kitchen and the coal-
bin.���From the Chicago 1 >;.!!������ News.
Proof that Some Women
do Avoid Operations
Mrs. Etta Dorion, of Ogdensburg, Wit., says:
" I suffered from female troubles which caused piercing rains
like a knife through my back and sido. I litalfy lost all my
strongth so I had to go to bed- The doctor advised an operation
but I would not listen to it. I thought of what I bad read about
Lydia K. l'inkham's Vegetable Compound and tried it. The lirst
bottle brought great relief and six bottles have entirely cured me.
All women who have fcmain troublo of any kind should try
Lydia E. rinkUam's Vegetable Compound."
How Mrs. Boyd Avoided an Operation.
Canton, Ohio.���"I suffered from a female trouble which
cause J me much suffering, and two doctors decided that
I would have to go through an operation before I could
get well.
"My mother, who had been helped by Lydia E. Pink.
tarn's Vegetable Compound, advised me to try it be.
for*, submit! ing to an operation. It relieved me from
tny troubles so I can do my house work without any
rllnicully. I advise any woman who Is afflicted with
female troubles to give LydiaE. Pinkham's Voge-i
table Compound a trial and it will do as much / at "TY?
for them.'*-Mrs. Makm Bovp, 1121 6th St., IM  hii)
U. E.. Canton, Ohio. ItII    U
Every Sick Woman Shdjf
Before Submitting Tb An Operation
The Courtenay Review
Aud Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly  Newspaper, Published at
Courtenay, B. 0,
N. H. ItointN, I'ditor and Proprietor
Sabscription SI.BO per Year in  Advance
$2.00 per annum il not so paid
THURSDAY A1MI.II, 18, 1918
Undue llm now food regulations
the word porl- 18 Biibstitutud for
the word bacon. Bacon, in tlm
trii'lu nsn uf tlm It-nii, mentis tlm
whole lino-, but as (junsiiinui's urn
tlOCUHtQItlL'd lu US'- il,   lillCOll  llll-lllis
tlm sido ii- Inii'k ol the hog, I'ork
���ennui, fresh <n- pickluil - is now
all ini'lmlcil iii thu regulation, uml
tho I'oiiBiiniption I'eatriutod An -
otiuii' noi i brought mil In ami-
iii-ciion with ihc now ivgiilnilous
i.-. that on nml nl'li-r thu lirst tiny
of Juno, IHIS. public eating
places will bo Biihject i" license
from the Otinfldfl Food Uoiird.
Bounty Up To 1923
Victoria, April 13,���Hon, Win,
Sloan's Iron Ore Homily Bill, by
wliicli the goverument is to take
power to pay $3 per ton for pig
iron manufactured here from ore
mined in the province, and half
that sum for pig iron nade from
outside ore, will be in effect to Dec.
31, ig?3. It is stated that similar
bounties will be paid by the Dominion government, hence the belief is the industry will be given a
greal impetus in '.his province, The
new bill provides that a .similar
bounty as on pig iron under this
act mat. also be pnid upon the
molten iron from iron ore which in
the electric furnace, Bessemer or
other furnace enters into the manufacture of steel by tlle process employed in such process; the tvelglit
of such iron to lie ascertained from
the weight of the steel so in:imif,.c--
Being �� judge of human nature
sometimes uinltes us want 10 give
it sixty days.
A new body of women workers
has been organized to work in the
British navy, They will be _.nown
as the Women's Royal Navy .Service, but for short will be called
the ' 'Wrens." Women between
the ages of 25 and 45 are acceptable.
Hon. Joe Martin has announced
that he is leaving Brilish Columbia for good and all, ill about two
weeks' time. He is going-back to
Kngland where he intends to become a labor member in the House
of Commons, The Hon. Joseph
has recently become a very wealthy
conl baron, iiis mine at Meri'it
being a very profitable one.
Winter trai.s throughout the
Yukon ate going to pieces rapidly
after the in 1 st severe winter weather in its history, Snows nre be
ginning lo lliell and the Yukon
River is expected to be open as far
as Dawson l>\ lhc beginning of
May, Deep snow still covers the
main trails nml iiavel is still extremely difficult.
There seems to be something peculiar nboul lhe leather market,
Hides have dropped to 7 cents per
pound, or about one third lite price
paid last full As yet there has
been no corresponding drop in
leather or shoes, If the government investigations ever did any
good   except   pecuniarily   to   the
I members of the investigating committee, wc ".-villi    nv   this was a
[case for  tlle  government  to  look
j into.
I lu-t ns French journalists were
'quick to discover iu General Persh-
ling n descendant   of Lorraine, so
new. pi; 1 r iice the London Chronicle iciiiiiii their readers that
'"many  of   he  great  qualities of
President Wilson are traceable to
Scottish ancestors, He claims ki
ship wilh several prominent families
being descended frcm the Rev,
Robt. Woodrow, the well known
historian of the church of Scotland
and distantly related lo the Archbishop of York.
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing New Spring Suitings
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed nnd Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith aid rp*-riag; Builder
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
For   Victoria���11.35    Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
I     From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
1     Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction  with
I     train from   Port   Alberni, and^arriving at  Courte-
nay at 16.10.
Phone RQ60
Af-nt Cmi-I-m**,
ares uo s��bm.
-jb���sajn^il ttb jol
j ;m jTAfMD.
Still the Flour dc lux���Delightfully palatable,
full bodied, First in nutriment and body-building energy
" Royal Standard ,' is the choice oMIscrliiilnatlug housewives
today lor tlie reason that there lias been n 1 lowering o( Its superb
quality as milled under the present food regulations,
The marked preeminence ol " Royal Standard " as 11 baking
I'lour is not a matter of mere chance, Milled in a model plant
tliu various processes tbat tniiku it the dependable Hour it is today, are  tlie result of years ol exacting study.
What is true ol " Royal Standard Flour " holds equally true
as to " Royal Standard Rye Flour."   lis use by so many women
nowadays as a   substitute   flour   ill   conjunction   with    "Royal
Standard wlic-at Hour " means not only true economy for the
home, but a patriotic saving ol wheat tbat looms large iu practical results.
Both Flours at all Leading Grocers
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End ol Bridie
B. Towler,  Mgr.
^���MiMaasiMrj 3r_ia*��*a��a3S3
of Premises
Large corner store added
to Present Stand
623-5 Johnson St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods Must be  Cleared
Seabrook Young
Johnson and Broad Street
Victoria, B. C.
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between Bridges
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at rensonab'e rates
Are You Sowing Foul
The grading by Government Kxperts of Grass and Clover Seeds
under tbe provisions of the Seed Control Ad is influenced largely by
the number of I*oni weed seeds in the sample, The number of foul
weed seeds permitted in grade No. 2 ranges from 320 per pound in
timothy and red clover to as high as 640 in Alsyke. Multiply this by
the number of pounds per acre you inteiul to sow. Can you afford to
take a chance on No. 2 ?
We Handle Nothing but No. 1 Govt. Standard Grade
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
_ ���: > ij  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tinng and Repairing
Here about Apl. 1
Leave orders al 7eview office
The Telephone and
Its  Part
I lie telephone has It's part in the great game of doing our utmost
in these times. That faculty is provided for every moment business
and otherwise, is clue to a large extent to excellent telephone service
llie demand for telephone service in llritish Columbia today is greater
than ever, and extensions are bein-,' made to outside plant and additions to equipment. The telephone is a utility that must be ready
when it is needed. Not only will you find your service available at anv
liottr, but daily it is becoming of more value, to you, because yon are
able each day to reach a greater number of other people than the dav
before. '
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High at
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
| {Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Btc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Comle\ay r
��� ;
: ;
'  .
��� :
Fight wit
A Call to the Whole Dominion for the Utmost
Effort to Produce Food for our
Soldiers and Allies
desperately short of
food. In the midst of plenty ourselves we
must face the stern reality of England on
shorter rations than she has been for over a
hundred years, and France with only three days'
food reserve. Even from their present small
supplies they are saving Italy from collapse
through hunger.
Since shipping must be concentrated on the shortest
routes, Canada and the United States must continue to
be practically the only source of supply,
"anada must provide wheat and meat in increasing
quantities to meet a situation that imperils the issues of
the war.
Men who can be spared for work on the farms must
serve in this way. Those who are obliged to remain in
the city or town can at least raise vegetables iu their
gardens or on vacant lots.
Every effort will be made to see that labor is forthcoming to harvest the maximum crops that farmers can
An increased spring acreage in wheat and other grain
is vitally needed.
Stock raisers are asked to provide the greatest possible
production of meat, especially pork.
Starvation   is   threatening   our   Allies.   Everyone   in
Canada must fight by doing his or her utmost to pro
duce and to conserve food.
cdu^rX^      j&iM**^"*"
Director of
Chairman and Director
of Conservation
Director of
Agricultural Labor
W 6
The newsboys of.Vancouver are
forming a Union,
The Can da Hoard has arranged
with the United States Food Administration to allow 1,000,000 of
oleomargarine to come into Canada
per mouth.
Great Britain is now on rations
of meat, butter, margarine and su-
���rat, A scheme of bread rationing
tor the United Kingdom is being
Nikolai Leliliiej the Bolshevik!
Premier, In a speech at Moscow,
said that probably Russia would
have to declare war ou Japan in
connection with the lauding of
Japanese troops at Vladivostosk.
Declaring that the war 1ms just
begun and that millions of men will
lit needed, General Wood warned
one hundred New York society
w.-itnen today that they rati it sacrifice and work until it hurts. The
address was to the New Vork
Chapter of the American Ked Cross.
A new regulation in a certain
coal mine required that each man
man mark with chalk the number
of every car of coal mined. One
man named Rudolph, having filled
ihe elet eiith car marked it as i
and after pondering u while let it
go at that, Another miner, hap.
peuiug to notice what he thought
was a mistake, called Rudolph's
attention to the fact that he had
marked the car no. i instead of
No, li. "Ves, I know," -raid Rudolph, "but 1 can't think which
side the other Wan goes on."
Oeo. Leighton. acting fof au out.
side   buyer,   has  purchased   three
carloads or potatoes  at   about  $t6
per ton.
^-^4--.'-4.4.^4.-S��---4--H'-:--i**H--i--i---r- -t~*
Do You
The  Courtenav   Review
Family Herald -ml W.-kly vir
and the Daily Province
for one year
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Hxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
creech   I, Shop Only Where You are Invited to Shop
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
t, The BestTand cheapest bread in the district
12   18oz.   Loaves  for f$1
Vancouver and Victoria 10 18 oz. loaves $1
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
for $6
���Si���**-"��� t���i��� r��� r���iT���'���i��� *���
Given Five Years
Calgary, April i*j���Five years
in the penitentiary with hard labor
wns the sentence imposed by Magi-s
tra'e Davidson on three military
objectors, Edwin Hangen, Win, J.
Cassidy, and R, Brenuaii. The
men had persistently refused to
wear uniforms and had resisted in
every wav the authority of the tmi-
litnry authorities to whom they
were ordered to report.
_i^__�����i _
Garbage as Hog Feed
Saskatoon, Sask., feeds 300 to
800 lilies im garbage mixed with a
small amount of grain, Tlie city
of Woroliester, Mass.. feeds 3OOO
liners nn garbage. Spnngtield,
Mass.. Bells $50,000 worth of mo-
nicipal fed hogs ; Grand Rapids
Mich., fneds 300 cattle. 400 sheep
ami 700 pigs on garbage ami a
i-t-rt.'iiti Amount of liay, Arling
ton, Muss.. Lowell, Mass., Fall
River. Mass.. and Providence,
R 1��� aii distribute llieir garbage
to private companies who feed it
to live stock,
All Chrisendom Against Her
(Xew York Outlook.)
In this war the chief crinvna!
has violated ,the four fundamental
laws of social moralitv.
���1. Thou shalt uot kill. She has
murdered in cold blood thousands
of peaceful citizens,
2, Thou shalt not steal. She
has rohhed iudu-try, and what she
could not carry off she has wantonly destroyed.
3, Thou shalt not commit adultery. She has given military sup.
port, if not official sanction, to rape,
4, Thou shalt not bear false
witness. She has lied openly,
flagrantly, brazenly.
She has been a robber on land, a
pirate'on the seas. Her crimes
have been so efficiently, so courageously, so magnificientlv perpetrated
that they have dazzled the eyes
and dulled the senses of her enemies, THE    REVIEW*,    COURTNES.    B,   0,
��� .
Just a drop or two of Putnam's
Extractor on a crusty sore corn ir-
all yon need to take away the pain,
Simply wonderful how Putnam's
peels off a troublesome old offender,
No half-way measures eilher. Putnam's is ;i real sure mur remedy;
costs Imt ,-i quarter in any drug store,
Get a bottle today,
According to Rule
"Do you know,   my dear,"  asked
lhe   young   husband, "there's something wrong   with    lhis cake?     It
doesn't laste right."
"That is all your imagination," answered lho brido triumphantly, "f_r
It says   lu    lhc cook liooll  lhat it  ir,
Depends Upon Good Red Elood   to
Nourish   the   Body ���Weak
People Need a Tonic
The Ionic treatment through the
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Fills for
run down condition of the health is
based on sound medical principles
and on common sense. More and
more men and women are realizing
lhat pure, red blood means health,
and that efficiency in lhe workshop,
the office, the home or in anv of llic
varied walks of life depends entirely
Upon the quality of the blood. There
arc, however, thousands of people
who do not realize the truth of these
statements, They are without ambition or strength tu do their day's
work; are always tired out; have
hut little appetite and a poor digestion; cannot get a refreshing night's
sleep and are subject to headaches,
backaches and nervousness because
their blood is weak, watery and impure.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills give qtticl-
rclicf and permanently cure such
men and women, because of llieir direct aciion on the blood, which they
purify and build up to its normal
strength. As tlirougli tho use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills the blood
becomes rich and red it strengthens
thc muscles, tones up the- nerves,
makes lhe stomach capable of digesting lhe food anil repairs the waste
caused hy growth nr work. The
need in every family of a safe and
effective tonic such as Or. Williams'
Pink Pills is shown by the following
statement of Mrs. Julius Tuck, Mull,
Out., who says:���"I'efnic I began
the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills 1
was in -a most wretched and run
down condition. My blood was thin
and watery and my nerves were in
such a condition that the least noise
would make mc start and tremble,
and what a burden my housework
seemed, One of my neighbors advised nn lo take Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and I have great reason to be
glad that I followed her advice, for
before 1 had used a half dozen boxes
all symptoms of my trouble had disappeared, and I was as well as ever
I had hern in my life, 1 have also
given the pills to my daughters with
the most beneficial results, and 1
shall evi r havc li good word to say
for tliciu."
If yotl are. feeling the hast run
down, weak or depressed do not delay���lake these pills at once and
note how speedily your old-time
health will return. Vou can get the
lulls from any dealer ill medicine or
by mail nt 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
'Tin working hard lo get several
ol my friends on an investigating
committee," announced Congressman Flubdub,
"Thai shows good fellowship on
your part. Who is lhe. committee
going lo investigate?"
"Mc."��� Louisville Courier-Journal
For Constipation
Carter's Little
Liver Pills
will set you right
over night.
Purely Vegetable
Small PUI, Small Dote, Small Price
Carter's Iron Pills
Will restore color to the faces of
those who lack Iron in the blood,
at most pale-faced people do.
U. S. Girla No Slackers
She was wailing for a suburban
car, iu Detroit, looking very trim in
semi-uniform, the disc of the National .Service badge fastened to her
"Hiim-h!" sa'u! the slight acquain
lance, wilh its green overcoat helled
in to its slender ll-llist and its Irousers gartered high above its shilling
gold-brown boots, "Hum ! ! Nf. S.
mentis 'no skirls,' ! suppose?"
"No," replied the sweet young
ihing in semi-uniform.   "No Slock-
A Simple nnd Cheap Medicine.��� \
simple, cheap, and effective medicine
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Vegetable Pills. Tiny are simple,
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Tlicy arc the medicine of the poor
man and those whn wish to (--cape
doctors' bills will do well i giving
them a trial.
"Typographical errors,'' said William Ucan Howells, "arc always
amusing, Winn I was a boy in my
father's printing office in Martin's
Ferry, 1 once made a good typographical error, My father had written,
'The showers last week, though copious, were nol sufiicicnt for the inill-
incii.'   1 set it up 'milkmen.1"
W.   N.   U.    1201
IHow  to  loosen  a tender corn
or callus so it lifts out
without pain
Lct folks step on your feet herc-
r.ftcr; wear shoes a size smaller if
you like, for corns will never again
send electric sparks of pain through
you, according to this Cincinnati
Hc says that a few drops of a
drug called freezone, applied directly
upon a tender, aching com, instantly
relieves soreness, and soon thc entire corn, root and all, lifts right
This drug dries at once and simply
shrivels up the corn or callus without even irritating the surrounding
A small bottle of freezone obtain;J
at any drug store will cost very little
hut will positively remove everv
hard or soft corn of callus from one's
If your druggist hasn't stocked
this new drug yet, tell him to get a
small boltle of freezone for you from
llis wholesale drug house.
Judge���Why did you hurl this
bottle at the umpire?
Fan���It was empty. ��� Boston
Tlicrc is more Catarrh In tliis section ol
t'.e country ihan all oilier diseaies put to-
pel!i?r, mid lor ye;ir3 i: was supposed to be
Incurable. I lectors prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly Inilinj; to euro Willi local
treatment, pronounced it incurable. Catarrh
i.- ii local disease, greatly Influenced by eon-
Btitulional conditions and Ihereiore requires
coustiutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Lure, inaiiufactuied by P. .1. Cheney li Co,
Toledo, Ohio, is a constitutional remedy, is
taken internally nnd -..c'.z through thc i'lood
on lire Mucous Surfaces oi the .Syslem. Cine
Hundred Hollars reward is ottered for any
case thai Hall's Catarrh Cure tails to cur;,
""cud ior circulars and testimonials.
I*. J. C111SNEY Kr Cl'., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c
Hall's Family  I'ills lor constipation,
'���He must have boon a back driver
at onc time."
"What makes you .Ihink so?"
"lie looks so    free and ease in   a
silk hat."   Detroit Free Press'.
Miller's Worm Powders can do
no injury lo the most delicate child.
Any child, infant or in the stale, of
adolcscncc, who is infested with
worms can take this preparation
without a qualm of lhc stomach, and
will find in il a sure relief and a full
protection from these destructive
pe-ts, which arc responsible for
much sickness nnd great suffering to
legions of little ones.
Oldest Man in Khaki
The King Requests Visit From Ontario Veteran at War
Among the soldiers who arrived
at Kingston recently from overseas
was Pte. .1. W. Boucher, of Ganano-
quc. who is 73 years of age. For
eight months he faced thc German
liner: and bravely endured the hardships. When his ago was discovered, Boucher was ordered down thc
line ar.d sent with a special pass to
Buckingham Talncc to meet the
king, who was anxious to see the
oldest mnn in khaki. The veteran
was graciously received by his majesty and complimented on his courage and determination. I'ic. Boucher fought in the Uniled States Civil
"Pop," inquired little Clarence
I.ilywhitc, "what am a millennium?"
"She.," said hi. parent, "do.'iti' yo'
know what a millennium am, child?
It's jes' about dc same as a centennial, only it's got mo' laigs."
"Look and see whether the clock
is running, dear," said grandma lo
litlle Ruth.
"No, it's standing still, grandma,"
replied Rttlli. "l-tii it's wagging its
that you eau noon get rid of the
ogony ot chapped hands by using
Zam-Bult, Mrs. William Elstouo, ol
Hallburton, Out., v.-rlton:���
"Last winter my hands were very
liiully chapped. I lined a lot of different so-called remedies, but my
hands only seemed to get worso.
Finally I tried tho great herbal
heaier���Zam-Buk���which completely lioalcd them."
Mrs. M, A. Bateson, of Sourls,
J.Ian., writes:���"I havo used Zam-
Iluk for chapped hands, and know
of nothing to equul lln wonderful
soothing and hoaling powers."
Zam-Buk In nlro unequalled for
chilblains, frost bites, eohl cracks,
nnd eoltl nores; as well ns eczema,
scalp cores, old wouiitlfi, ulcers,
blooil-polsonliig, piles, bunts nnd
scalds, cuts and all skin 'Injuries.
50c. a box. All druggists and
stores, or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
A  Dominion   Express   Money    Order    tor
five dollars  coals  three  cents.
A Successful Egg Circle
An egg circle organized at Blackie,
Alberta, last spring���one of the numerous circles organized tinder the
supervision of the. government���has
n most successful initial year. During lhc past few weeks lhe value of
poultry products shipped has averaged S200 weekly, while the total value
of business transacted during the
past season is approximately $7,000.
Minard's Liniment for   Sale   Everywhere.
The Work of the Navy
The  Silent Work of the Navy    in
Sweeping Oerman Commerce
From the Seas
Out of 11,000,000 men transported
trom the four corners of the earth
hy the llritish navy during the past
four years, only 2,000 or less than
one-ninth of ten per cent., were losl.
Such figures speak eloquently for the
hrains, power nnd efliciencv of the
llritish fleet. Arm-chair strategists
some of whom hnve neve: as much
as smelt the salt of lhe sen arc sometimes prone to question the part
played by the licet in this war; there
is much foolish talk of the departed
glory of Rodney and Drake and Nelson and much foolish wonderment
why British ships don't risk disaster
and the loss of the war by rushing
blindly over German mine fields In-1
to the teeth of Heligoland. But tlie i
overwhelming thing is that the silent
work of llu navy in sweeping German commerce from lhe setts, in
keeping lhc boasted German navy
caked at Kiel, in transporting millions of soldiers over thc seven seas, ���
in maintaining communication lines
witli our armies in France from nil
liner lhe world and, last, bul not
I least, in successfully lighting thc
submarine menace, is one of ll
most stupendous facts of thc war,
From lhc Ottawa louinal I'rris.
I was cured of    Acute Bronehili
Bay of Islands. J. M, CAMPBEL1
I wus cured of Facial Neuralgia h
Springhill, N.S., WM, DANIEL!
I was cured of Chronic  Rhclmii
Albert Co., y.lh, GEO, TINGLE.
Officer���Thai's a pretty awkward
lot you've got now, Sergeant,
Sorely Tried Sergeant-Instructor
���They are lhat, sir. It's the like o'
ihem, sir, as brings 'cine to us what
a horrible thing this war is, sir.���
Passing Show.
"In Morrocco men bid for their
wives. Just think of being put on
the auction block and having men
bid for you!    It musl bc terrible."
"Must bc," assented lhe other girl,
"And just suppose, llicrc wcrc no
Rheumatic Aches
Drive tliem out with Sloan's
Liniment, tho quick-acting,
coothing liniment that penetrate,
without rubbing and relieves the
pain. So much cleaner than
I.H19.W plasters or ointments; it
tloen not stain the -kin or clog
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Plant   and   Head   OEGce,   Edmonton,   Albtrtl.
P.   O.   Hon.  321
Germany's Business Peace
Germany's "businc*
ing celebrated by the
place is be-
crection of 400
trading booths along the Russian
fronl. It is the moment for which
German traders have been expectantly waiting.���From thc Springfield Republican,
ww are sometimes asked by persons
��� ~ who know his medicines, but are
not familiar with his interesting life
Tho boyhood days of Dr. A. W. Chase
were spent in the vicinity of Buffalo, N.Y.,
and as he had early decided to be a medical doctor, he took the first opportunity
of attendance at the University of Michigan, located at Ann Arbor.
After graduation he began the practice
of medicine in Ann Arbor, Mich., and, at
tho time represented in the illustration,
his reputation as a physician of exceptional skill had spread far beyond the confines of his State, and people came to him
for treatment from many miles around.
As he was accustomed to travel across
western Ontario to his native city
of Buffalo hc frequently stopped
ovcr at Canadian towns and cities
for special consultation, and in this
way made many ffiends in Canada.
The character and personality
of Dr. Chase was such that to
Dr. A. W. Chase's medicines
an for sale by all dealers
or sent on receipt of price
ky EdmaaMB, Bates St
know him was to love him. He inspired
confidence and respect, and made lasting
friends wherever he went.
And thus it happened that when r>r. Chase
placed Ills most uuccessful pi-osi Tlptlunn on the
market, eo that the people inlKlit obtain them
more readily, thoy met with n. reception In Canada
un well as ln the United States.
This letter (rom Mr. Parish will give you Rome
iiioa of how Dr. Chase's Medicines became known
throughout Canada.
Went to Dr. Chase in 1867
"In the year 1807 I was very bad with my
kidneys. I could not work on account ot my baofe
helm- lame, sore anil painful all the time. Though
I carefully followed the directions of our family
doctor he was unable to do me much good, At
this time Dr. A, W, Chase was becoming known
ns an especially successful physician, and on the
advice of my uncle, Charles Williams, I went to
Dr. A. W. Chase nt Ann Arbor, Michigan, and he
nave iu* a box of his pills for kidney disease.
"You can scarcely Imagine how much good they
did me. Thoy helped me so much that I
went back to the doctor and bought ��
dossou boxes. In my mind there ls not tt.
medicine half so good as DU, A. W.
Kidney trouble and headache. We
always keep them in the houso ss e
family medicine, and I would not
think of using any other."���Mr. a W.
Parish, Sturgeon Bay, Ont,
Note that the portrait aud
signature of A. W. Chase,
M.D., the famous Receipt
Book author, are on every
box of his medlcinci. THE    BEVTEfr,    COtUTNEY,    B.    0.
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
tot man's use.
ii L:: SNUFF '&
Provincial Governments Make Appeal to People to Bend Every
Energy to Work of Greater Production, as Seriousness of
Food Situation is Not Yet Thoroughly I'nderstood
In au address delivered rcceully
by lion. T, II. Johnson, attorney-
general in lhe Manitoba legislature,
dealing with the proceedings of the
conference of provincial representatives at Ottawa, extreme weight was
laid upon the importance of tho
question of supplying the allies with
rood,   Mr. Johnson said iu part:
The first request of the federal authorities is lhat every provincial government ami legislature should constitute itself a war committee on
production, which will work in cooperation with the Canada food
hoard recently constituted. The appeal of this board has boon summarized as follows:
Canadians must plant this spring,
every possible acre of wheat, oats,
barley and rye.
_ firing into cultivation every possible acre ot new land for crop in
Increase cattle, hogs and sheep to
the greatest possible extent.
Secure the cultivation of garden
and vacant lots in town and city
with a view of raising the maximum
amount of vegetables.
Now as to the methods by wliicli
it is hoped to bring this about.
1. Thc provincial authorities scc
lhat a proper quantity of seed is
available and distributed in their
respective provinces.
2. That provincial governments undertake the work of ascertaining the
form of assistance which may bc required by their farmers in order to
secure the breaking in 1918 of a definite increased acreage of new land
more than would normally be broken
for crop in 1919.
3. Tlie assistance of provincial departments oi agriculture in taking
orders for farm tractors, and forwarding same to the Canada food
board at Ottawa, which board has
made available, to farmers at cost, a
large number of tractors.
4. The assistance of the provinces
through their educational departments in making 'teen-age boys
available by providing that such boys
shall not lose their educational
standing through absence from
school for thc purpose of working
on farms. Co-operation by provincial governments in securing 'teenage boys as recruits for soldiers of
thc soil hy means of lectures in cv-
Gently rub spots of dandruff, scales,
itching and irritation with Cuticura
Ointment. Next morning shampoo with
Cuticura Soap and hot water. This treatment every two weeks is usually sufficient tokeepthcscalpclcanand healthy.
Sample Each Free by Mill. Addreaa poat-
nud: "CuUcure, Dept. N, Boston, U.S.A.**
Void tlirous-out the world.
cry public ami high school; to show
the boys the necessity of getting out
on thc farms, ami helping the labor
situation. Voluntary enlistment in
all cities, towns and villages, of persons to work on the laud.
5. To arouse lhc people to thc need
by way of public addresses and organization tlirougli municipal machinery with a view of having committees working in every municipality and township.
��� _ By frank statements from time to
time of the seriousness of the situation, giving definite facts in respect
By a scries of addresses in each
province from the premier, members
of thc government and legislature,
and other citizens.
By requesting the clergymen of
every church in Canada to preach
two sermons in thc mouth of March
urging increased food production to
save the people of our allies, who
will otherwise starve.
By enlisting the assistance of all
newspapers to keep the need constantly before the public.
Towards tliis end, the Canada food
board will supply reading matter lo
newspapers and circularize boards of
trade, societies of all kinds women's
associations and other bodies.
The federal authorities will also,
in co-operation with the provinces,
financially assist in practical steps
which will ensure greater production.
The conference commended an appeal to the people of Canada calling
upon every person to work at something useful���preferably essential.
It further recommends to every province iu Canada, the abolition of all
private employment agencies and the
substitution therefore of provincially
conducted employment agencies
which will work in conjunction witli
a Dominion labor exchange, in tlie
hope that by this means the greatest facility will bc afforded in bringing together the employer and lhc
Japan's Job in the War
Proper Sphere of Activity Is in the
Orient and on the Eastern
In examining tlio question of dispatching Japanese troops to Kurope
it must hc noted that it was neither
the wish of her allies nor that of
Japan that she should thrust herself upon the European stage. The
writer is aware that the subject has
been discussed by certain publicists
of some allied countries, but he has
no knowledge of any formal request
having been made to Japan by any
of the allied governments to send an
expeditionary force to Kurope.
The reason is not far to seek.
Japan's proper sphere of activity is
in the Orient and on thc Eastern
Pacific, It was for this reason that,
when she entered the war, Japan, by
an agreement witli her ally, limited
her naval and military activities to
the Far East and its waters. True,
tiie sphere ol lier naval operations
was gradually extended. In certain
parts of thc Mediterranean a fleet of
Japanese destroyers is today co-op-
crating against the enemy submarines. But so far as the movement
of Japan's land forces is concerned
the basis of action first agreed upon
still remains intact, for no cause that
justifies its alteration has yet appeared.���T. Iycnaga, in thc Outlook.
W.   N.   U.    1201
Road Commissioner���But who is
to pay for such a fine road as you
Citizen���The motorists. It will
tempt them to break the speed laws
and their fines will pay for the road.
���Boston Transcript.
The Only Heal Peace
It Must Be Made on the Battlefield
by the Defeat of German
The force against which we an
fighling, since it is only llirougli the
defeat of tliis force thai we can claim
the victory���and this force is the
German government, which is one
witli and is backed up, supported,
aided, and abetted by the German
people. Victory can be achieved,
then, only by the defeat .if both.
The German people have placed ihc
stamp of approval upon the invasion
of Belgium and arc even now demanding the annexation of that unfortunate slate; the German people
turned the Lusitania massacre into a
German fiesta; of thc two hundred
and odd Socialist papers in Germany
less than a dozen acqtiii seed in the
justice of thc attempt to separate
the governnieni Ihey now have. \\ e
have, on tho contrary, a wealth of
evidence that they do.
The trouble lies mucli deeper than
a superficial governmental form. It
is the entire system of German philosophy with which both government
and people are thoroughly impregnated. For years, all (Icrniau
thought lias bcon controlled by thc
doctrine of the famous triumvirate,
Nictszchc, Treitschkc, and Bernhardt Almost without exception, every
professor in every German university, every teacher in every German,
school, every preacher in every German pulpit has been teaching and
preaching of Germany's divine right,
by virtue of her superiority in mind
uml in morals, to anything she might
feel necessary lo her unlimited
growth regardless of who might bc
thc rightful owner. Deutschland
ubcr Alles is but the crystallization
of this entire philosophy. And as a
vital dogma of their political and religious faith the German peoples believe it and live it. Thitil this dogma is stripped from German philosophy, until there has becn beaten
into thc soul of every individual in
the empire that right alone makes
for might, and that there is no
righteousness in brute force���until
thc German people arc taught Unmeaning of personal individual honor, of national and intcnational morality, thc German people as well as
their government will continue to
constitute the greatest menace lo
civilization and to the peace of the
civilized world.
But what, yotl may ask, has all lliis
to do with Germany's preparations
for the next war? The connection is
not difficult to establish. Any peace
which does not embrace a permanent solution of those questions for
wliicli wc took up arms is unthinkable. But before wc can think of
peace wc must form a clear mental
conception of why we are fighting,
whom we arc fighting, and what wc
arc fighting for.
The Germans arc shrewd, cunning
and unscrupulous. A German so-
called democracy, with a .Scheidemann as its head and the Hohcnzollcrns behind the. curtain pulling the
string, would not be a difficult
thing to form; and, once formed,
how could wc, if wc arc honest in
our stated aims, refuse to make
peace. And having made peace, what
would there be to prevent the beast
from again raising Ids ugly head,
and while his fangs are still dripping with the blood of the millions
lie has caused lo be slain on the soil
of Europe, burying his claws in the
heart of the civilized world?
If wc destroy the Hohenzollerns
and leave untouched thc German
people with their false philosophy,
wc are applying merely a surface
treatment to a deep-seated canker,
which will only erupt again, morc
violent, more virulent than before.
If we would accomplish our purpose, then this power must bc destroyed; otherwise wc have lost the
war, and all the sacrifices of wealth
and of life will have been in vain.
Thc peace will not bc a peace, but as
I have said, a truce, and wc must at
once prepare for a greater, a more
consuming struggle. Lest wc make
such a peace, we must change our
mental process, revise war psychology, and sec lo it that the ability even
to war again is permanently removed from Germany and from all
things German, from llic quiet beer
drinker of Munich as thoroughly as
from tlie war lord at Wilhclmstrassc,
This can bc accomplished, not
tlirougli peace engineered about the
council table, but tlirougli peace
made ou the battlefield as a result of,
the destruction, the capture, or the |
dispersion oi the    German    army,���
I. B. W. Gardiner in the World's
Following Napoleon's Path
In carving up eastern Europe into
vassal states, of wliicli the Ukraine
is the first to accept tlie gilding for
the chains, the kaiser is following
closely in the patli of Napoleon,
whom present-day Germany worships us thc incarnation of force,
and as an even better model than
Frederick the Great because hc
worked on a vaster scale. What
Napoleon  did in  the  west Wilhclni
II. seeks to do in the cast, and thc
opportunity for empire is dazzling,
Yet though the fight was long and
desperate, thc great empire crumbled
and where Napoleon ended all know.
���From the Springfield Republican.
The megaphone invented by a Boston doctor is formed on the theory
that the ram's horn is thc technically
correct shape for the best sound reproduction.
The Way of the Hun
I As Long as Gr__t llritain Retains Control of the Seas, so Long
Will the Enemy he Held in Subjection and a Victory tor
The Allied Cause Assured
Developments of the Inst few
months have changed thc position on
land lo the enemy's advantage in a
most disconcerting and discouraging-
way. But as no one knows betttcr
than the enemy himself, it is at sea,
and not on land that lhc wai will
finally be decided. The factors, that
is to say, on which victory depends,
arc still those that derive from sea
power. How well the enemy understood this a year ago was proved by
his being compelled to drive the
Uniled States into belligerency rather than forego his only possible
stroke at the sea supplies that kept
the military alliance against liim in
munitions and stores, and the civil
populations, on whose well being and
contentment all military force is
founded, supplied with thc necessaries of living and prosperity. A year
ago, when the enemy's efforts to
make peace after his many defeats
on the Somme bad failed, when
President Wilson's last effort at an
amicable arrAigcment had shown all
the world that no settlement bv negotiations was possible, it became at
once clear that a ruthless submarine
attack on our supply ships would
immediately hc made. From the
day when Von Tirpitz first threatened the world with thc submarine, i-i
December, 1914, until she drove
America into war in February, 1917,
Germany was never under the faintest illusion about the sea .vir being
thc real war.
It is a vital matter that civilians in
all countries should bear this fundamental truth in mind, especially at
the moment when the disappearance
of Russia has altered the whole balance of power on laud. For the disappearance of Russia and the change
in thc military situation that results
do not in the least degree affect the
validity of tlie axiom on which our
enemy has ac'ed consistently and
from the first. For the military
change amounts only to thi*-, that un-
til the American army redresses the
balance on land, tlie allied forces are
possibly insufficient to obtain a definite military victory. But meanwhile, the enemy forces are still less
able to obtain a decision in their
favor. The change in balance, then,
restores a situation gravely Weighted
against the central powers to equality only. And it is at best, temporary.
Thc problem of the day, then, i.*
civil endurance; how shall we hold
out till the enemy force is spent? It
is largely a matter of confidence���ol
the certainty of ultimate and complete success. This confidence���if I
am right in saying that ultimate success turns on the sea war���should
now bc better founded than i; has
ever becn, for the reason that never
before have wc had a better assurance that a sea power would bo
rightly used. The reform of the admiralty, initiated by the Criticisms ot
last April and May, begun hy Mr.
Lloyd George in the end of the latter month and now completed by Sir
Eric Gcddcs, should form the turning point in tlie war.���Arthur Pollen
in Land and Water.
\ High Seas Piracy Has No Limit Set
In Frightfulness
"Vou have only .,.0 miles to go,"
jeered the commander of a Hun submarine as he ordered thc open boat
in wliicli were Claude Fcatherstoncj
a young apprentice from Tunbridgc
Wells, and seven other British sailors to shove off. They had only
two tins of bully beef aboard, anil
suffered terribly for three ami a half
days before they wen.- picked up.
Their ship was torpedoed on the
morning of September 11 wilhout the
slightest warning, the engine room
being hit and the boilers burst. Many
of lh.1 engineers and firemen were
fearfully scalded, and as lhe ship's
gun was put out of action the crew
were helpless. The submarine came
to the surface and opened fire with
both guns, and as the sailors began
to lower their boats aimed directly
nt theni.
i "The Huns summoned us alongside," said young Featherstone, as
he described his experience, "and
then, putting a prize crew in my
boat, made us row backwards and
forwards for four hours from the
ship to thc submarine with copper,
brass and olhcr fittings of value.
They took our gun, and the German sailors were allowed to go
aboard and take any clothing they
"Why, the brutes even dragged
thc oilskins and boots off of us and
took our personal possessions���even
little souvenirs tlicy seized and
flaunted them in our faces!
"They commandeered all our food
aud meant lo turn us adrift to
starve, but fortunately our officer
managed to hide two tins of bully
beef. They then put bombs in the
hold of the ship and sank her and
left us to our fate.
"For three and a half days we
drifted and tossed about in a heavy
sea, suffering terribly from hunger
and thirst. Our faces were blistered
by thc continual wash of the sea.
and wc were completely exhausted.
Wc were nearly at our last gasp and
ready to cud it all and jump overboard, when a patrol boat hove in
sight and wc w;cre rescued."
Another boat, containing 25 of the
crew, was set adrift separately and
Featherstone had no idea what had
become of it. It has since been recovered with only five men, all
, Chinamen, alive. As it put off from
, thc submarine the Germans shelled
it, killing four of the men, and the
same night it capsized two or three
limes, drowning others.
Experience with Arabs
Escape From Murder by Arabs After
Being Shipwrecked
Adventures such as rarely befall
British soldiers arc recorded by
Sergt. J. Harte, of tlie Inland Water
Transport, reports the Daily Chronicle. They include escape from murder by Arabs after being shipwrecked, and a nine day's tramp in thc
desert. Sergt. Harte had written to
his relatives to say hc is alive and
well, and he supplies the following
In tow oi a tug, Sergt. Harte -.ind
a parly were proceeding from Aden
to Muscat on a barge when a hurricane sprang up and extinguished th.'r
fires of the lug, which foundered
with all hands.
The tow ropes were cut, and the
small craft, wilh temporary sails,
made from awnings, drifted about
for many days. At last thc boat was
driven ashore wilh its occupants under a cliff ou the Arabian coast. Immediately the craft was sighted 300
Arabs, armed with knives, swarmed
aboard and looted it.
Sergeant Harte says: "Our party
could not put up much of a fight, but
I knocked one Bedouin over the
ship's side, and tit cm got knocked out
myself and thrown into the surf.
"When the Arabs got us well inland, lhcy told us to get ready to
have our throats cut, which they expressed their intention of doing as
soon as they had taken everything
from the ship. Nothing, however,
occurred unlit the following day,
when, a little before day break, tlie
Arabs began to fight among themselves ovcr the division of thc loot,
and what should bc done with their
"While our guard left us to join
in the fight, we crawled away, and
then escaped over the mountains into thc desert, ovcr wltich wc tramped for nine days, practically without
food or water. It was nine days of
untold misery.
"Eventually wc arrived at a place
where friendly natives lent us a
scow of about 250 tons. After eight
days of further privation wc were
taken on board a warship which had
been despatched to thc scene of the
Killed by Poisons
All scientists agree that poisonous products in the blood are eliminated by the
kidneys and liver. The kidneys art *��� %
kind of filter tor these products. When
the kidneys aro changed or degenerated1,
by diseaso or old age, then these poison*
are retained iu tho body. If we wiih to
prevent old age coming ou too soon, or if
ne want to increase our chance.* for *
long life, Dr. Pierce of Invalid!'
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., says that yoa
should drink plenty of water daily between means to flush the kidneys. Thea
procure Anuric at a drug store. This
Anuric drives thc uric acid out. Scientific men have learned that in gout,
also rheumatism, poisonous uric acid
crystals are deposited In or about the
joints, in the muac'.es���where inflammation is aet up.
If we wish to keep our kidneys in tha
best condition a diet of milk and vegetables, with only a little- meat once a day,
is the most suitable.    Drink plenty of
Sure water, take Anurie threo times ���
ay for a month.
You can obtain a trial pkg. of Anuria
by writing Dr. V. M. Pierce, Buffalo,
N. Y, or Bridgeburg Ont., enclosing
8t. Catharine!, Ont.���"For ni-teen yeert
I hire been n eu-erer from kidney trouble;
  my back tin a-tred al-
moat co-tinoouely a_-
I hare had rheunuUe
pain-, in my trail,
handa and lower limbs.
I hava doctored ani
tried eierv medi-lna
recommended lo net,
but h����o re.T form.
Ilia relief In an j thiol
(no matter- how much
I took) tbat I ban
found ln one mat]
paekafo of Annrlc. la
sua waeV. tha lecretiea
cleared aud ray bladder
was stronger Ihan tar
V years, ao that I waa
sot diitnrbad at ilikt,
where I alwaya had ta
aria* Mural limes 'nrior tka night. I nly
Imps Ikat man; will read thle and will wy
Aanrle If they auffer wilh any tort of kldanr
Ira-Ala.-'���una. JACOB LOMSBKBT, U tt
Be   of   Good Cheer
Victory Follows the Flag
; Courtenay Electric Light
Till" City ot Courteuay is offering for
side the unsold balance of the above
debentures amounting to $10,000.00,
These debentures are in denominations
of $100,00 each anil bear Interest at the
I rule ol 6 per cent, per annul, papable
I half yearly. Tiie debentures are repayable on the 30th day of May, 1V37.
They are olfered at 90 cents on the
. dollar and accrued interest. Tliis oilers
a splendid opportunity to anv person
I who has any amount from $100,00 up
I wards to inyest same in au absolutely
; secure investment at n fair rate of interest.
City Council
At the regular meeting of the
City Council on Monday evening
the following accounts were referred to the finance committee to pay
if found correct:
J, R. Johnston
T. Booth & Sons
R. McQuillan
B, C, Telephone Co
J. VV, '.twin
D. Kilpatrick
Workmen's Comp, Bd
Fletcher & Fitzgerald
Electric Light Co
The Mayor   and   Aid,
reported   consttuiation
6 15
6 07
in 01
4 80
35 44
93 16
of electric
light deal, and   a   yote   of thanks
was tendered theni for their work
in connection with   lhe sale  of the
bonds, on motion of Aid. Leighton
and Aston.
Clinton Wood was engaged as
electrical engineer at a salary of
Ji 10 per mouth,
The city's bonds will be advertised for sale in the local papers.
Aid. Aston reported that a culvert could could lie put iu the
ravine on Isabel -treet for $78.40.
Aid. Hurford. Idiens nud Loggie
were appointed a new standing
committee on electric light matters
The city clerk and electrician
were empowered to procure necces-
sary books to carry on the work of
the electric light.
Aid. Loggie enquired about the
orchard sidewalk. Tbe contractor
said he expected lo be at work in
a couple of weeks.
Eddie Boden returned  on .Wednesday from Vancouver,
Miss Phyllis.Glazbrook left on j
Thursday morning on a visit to her I
sister, Mrs. McKenzie, |
For further
City .Hull.
particulars apply at the
w. A. w
City Clerk.
Fund i
$33i *���'
Bridges Bros, sold a pair of
colts to aVancotiver man last week
for the sum of $550. It still pays
to raise good stock.
Winnipeg's Red Cross
drive in four days reached
Grow potatoes and vegetables in
every vacant c ty lot, and feed pigs
on kitchen1 refuse��� there are two
ways of deitig .something to help
the present food crisis.
Re Contracts for
Dehydrated Vegetables
Department of Agriculture
Victoria, B. C.,
April 10, 19.18,
To Editor of Review
Sir:���The following telegram has
just been received from the Canada
Food Board and I should appreciate publicity being gi.en to same
in your valued journal.
Yours very truly
\V. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister.
Ottawa, Out.
April 9, 1918.
Wm. E, Scott,
Deputy Minister of \gricit'ture,
Victoria, B. C.
Had another interview with Allied buyers about dehydrated vegetables and after repeated cables to
England they state there are no
present requirements and they cannot forecast future needs. We
greatly regret our efforts have been
unavailing but we cauuot overcome existing conditions. Please
give this information wide publicity among growers.
Henry B. Thompson,
Chairman, Canada Food Board.
To Electric Light Consumers
NOTICB is hereby given that rill tenant consumers of electricity are required to deposit with the City on or before the 30th day ol April the sum of
Three Dollars under ruin by virtue of
the following clause in Hy-I.aw No. 28,
being "The Electric bight and Power
By-Law, 1917, "
"15,   The Corporation reserves
tlie right 10 demand nml receive
a deposil of a sum equivalent to
the Corporation's estimate of the
monthly consumption of electrical energy by the intended consumer belore supplying the premises until all  arrears due  for
electrical energy supplied to such
premises have been paid "
Notice is also given that  no  bills  for
electricity will be allowed to  run  for  11
longer period than 60 days,   after which
service will be disconnected.
Dated at Courtenav this  18th  day  of
April 1918.
w. A. w. HAMES,
City Clerk.
Replace Your Buggy
With a Ford
MORE than 100,000 Fordsare owned by people
in Canada in preference to the old horse-
drawn buggy and other makes of cars.
Your neighbors, and farmers in every section of
the Dominion are abandoning their old buggies-
selling their driving horses ana buying Fords.
Ford cars are utility cars. They are built to
endure the strain of constant daily use over rough
These are the tests every farmer gives his car.
The Ford meets them in a satisfactory manner.
It is the farmer's car, so why not replace ytmr
horse and buggy with a Ford?
���   $575
Touring  ���
���  $595
���  $770
Sedan ��� ���
-  $970
���  $535
Chassis   ���
THE UNIVERSAL CAR     One-tonTruck $750
E. C. Emde, Dealer, Courtenay
City of Courtenay
NOTICH is hereby given that the first
sitting ot the Court of Revision to
revise the assessment roll of the City of
Courtenav for the year 1918 will be held
in the Citv Hall on
Monday April 29,1918
at 8 o'clock p. in,
I    Notice of any complaints must be given in writing to the assessor at least ten
days previous to said sitting.
Dated at Courtenav, B C, the 26th
day of Jlarch, 1918.
\V. A. W. Hames,
1 City Clerk.
I Tenders Wanted
FOR the clearing, grading and   fenc
ing ol  the  new  addition  to  the
School   grounds in the City ol Cour-
; tenay.
j    For specifications apply to J.   Sutton,
I Chairman.
All tenders to be in the Chairman
not later than noon, Saturday, Arpil 20,
The lowest or any tender uot necessarily accepted.
Board ol School Trustees lor the City of
Courteuay, B C. \
per J. Sutton,
Music Through
W. Edison's
Until you have heard the
lew Edisi
" The Phonograph with a Soul"
You can haye no conception as to how true to life it really is.
The reproducer point is a genuine diamond, carefully selected
and polished, and the records used areindestructableand play
for a full five minutes each
Write its now for fttither particulars of this new Invention
which actually RECREATES music
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right, and
Our Service is Unexcelled
We're going to tell you something about shoes shortly
Parkin Bros.
months by Police Magistrate Jay of
Victoria, for an assault at James
Island several days ago. Snowden
served twelve months with the Canadian Engineers in France and
was a veteran of the South African
��*> .-**�������
A uong the many new depart
ments which the war has forced
upon England h the decision to
erect some _oo,ooo subsidized cottages for laborers. The govern-
is to build and lease them at low
The   citizens   of  Calgary   are
now receiving milk from the Union
Milk   Company,   Limtied,   which
.concern has  been |formed  by th��
chairman. | ama*gam_tion of the four largest
 dairy companies injthe city.   Cost
of distribution has thus been reduced to a minimum.
Ice Cream
Harmony Rebekah  Lodge and
Union Lodge No. 11.1. O. O. F.
will celebrate the 99th anniversary
of Oddfellowship by a dance in
j in the Uo Ilo hall on  Wednesday
' April 24th.    The Ilo ilo orchestra will provide the music.    Admission per couple ��1.50, extra
lady 50c.    The proceeds  will be
' devoted to the benefit of returned
soldier Oddfellows,
Robert Rushford,  a   returned
soldier and late game  warden for
, this district has  been  appointed
I Provincial  Constable, with head
I quarters at Cumberland, in place
of John Macdonald, transferred to
Watson 'Snowden,   a   returned
soldier who was formerly  a  resi- I
dent of Cumberland, has been sen-1
tenced   to imprisonment   for six i
The boys of Canada are being
called to the front at home, that is,
to aid in the work of increassd production on the farms. The "Soldiers of the Soil" will wear a special khaki uniform, and those who
work the full three months |ou Jthe
farm will be presentedjwith a bronze
badge of honor.
��� The people who boast that .they
never nay any attention to a cold
are foolish Sometimes'an apparently trifling cold [develops [.into a
serious diseasse. Guard as much
as possible against taking cold, and
if you get a cold do nol neglect it.
It may not be a serious matter, perhaps, yet ou the other hand it may
be the start of a serious d.sease, If
you hnve fl cold that does not yield
promptly to home treatment give
the doctor a chance to do you Rood,
Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary
Phone 6 Ceurtenay
Mooring & Mansfield
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenay and Gith.berland


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