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The Review Feb 3, 1916

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('mi not bo clone any letter, and
nut quits ho well iinywhi-io else
hereabouts. Our typo imd mnulitii*
ery ta complete ami The Review
prices nre rltflit
VOL. 4
*S.| Classified Ads.
P   -
:    Millie   y.uir   lilt]-   Wants   known
(tin  ugli ii Cloiulfieil Ailvertuu i t
iu Tin' Review   ���   ���   ���   Phono B9
Geo. J. Hardy
F. R. F. Biscoe
Real   Estate and   Insurance A����ents
Phone 10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in  Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
The Motor
>n   Does All
The Work
Running a Sewing Machine is one of the most
arduous clasees of work a woman attempts. It
requires the utmost concentration to the work of
sewing in addition to the work of peddaling. This
is so laborious when long continued, as to completely prostrate the ordinary person
The little Electric Motor can be instantly attached
to any kind of sewing machine, old or new, no tools
or screws required.   The cost of operating motor
is less than one cent per hour
Phone us for a FREE DEMONSTRATION and get
a chance on the free motor we are giving away
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat ft Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Ret. RS8        0 fice: Mill Street
Local Lines
Anglican Services
Born-At Courtenay, on Satur-      The Vicar  of  Cumberland  an-      ,--i ,, , ���������
day, January 22, to Mr,   and Mrs    "ounces lhat there   will be   a ceie-   ,   '''"'^V' wet-klv se-rvKe- ..f pi.n-er
baitbiirn, a son. "   bration os the Wnlv r .....v..-     for the men who have   left for the
tburit, a son.            -ration os the Holy Communion in f��r fhe men lvho lmve   left for the
S-S^iiti": c""rf 5_s,.-?,-a_. ������s ��� ."S-s.'s.'j&a c * __,
> iKta- weic cancelled owing to Communion al 8:30 a. m., Eveuine
illness of the Vicar. ��� ��� ..-.     _              Prayer 7:30,
Tlie annual meeting of the Board -,ori,~"11 January 12 to Mr. and
of Trade will be held Ihis   (Thursday 1 evening   at the   Agricultural
In our   report    of 1 lie   school re-,
quisitions last week a line was omitted,    ll should have read miscel-
laneoiis #274, to'al $.1,900.
New York has subscribed neatly
one million dollars to the Jewish
Relief Fund to alliviatc the sufferings of the Jewish people in the
European war zone.
All who wish to join the syndis
cute in obtaining agricultural lime
will met at the Agricultural Hall
on Tuesday, February 35, at 2 n.
in. to hear the conditions and discuss the subject.   Be on time.
At the annual meeting of the li
C. Dairyman's Association lust
week Bridges Bros,, got <|th pi ace
in the market cream competition,
securing 87 points cut of a possible
100. The Comox Creamery Imttei
which has always seeured first
place at this exhibition, this vein
got a setback and was beaten by -3
other creameries, Messrs. Duncan,
Hurford ami (inine, from tlie district , attended the convention
M s.
Irwin, a sou.
rs.   S. Piercy   returned   from      M"-M. Perez is home from Vi
Wanted���6   little   pig
Box 2g.s. Cumberland.
For sale���sleigh, with pole, also
top buggv almost new. Apply W.
Duncan, .Sandwick,
Wanted to buy from the farmers
of the Comox valley, potatoes and
other vegetables. A. B. Ball,
Wanted ���2nd hand cream separator iu good   working   order,    De
I.a   Valle   preferred.    Apply   W. I
Bailey, Lazo. j
Strayed���onto my premises, a
J black and white setter dog. Owner please come and take him away.
Hugh Beadnell, Nob Hill.
Strayed onto my premises, a
Jersey steer, Owner can have
same bv paying expenses, Alex.
Leddiugham, Grant ham.
Wanted���Jersey cow, to come
fresh soon : state price, age. and
when tresh. Address Carl Peter-
can, Campbell River B. C.
For sale, Australian stump puller
will trade for small launch engine,
must be good.     Apply J. Caljouw, |
Bowser P.O., Vancouver Isle.        1
Found���On the Lake Trail road,
lie'ween the Power House road, and
the cioss road, a black enamelled
search light. Apply at Review
office, I
For Sale cheap���A lot of   agree- j
meiit and assignment forms, leases, |
bills of sale, chattel mortagage, re-
lease of mortgage.    Apply Review
���For Rent���J. B. Bailey's faun
Upper Road, 10 acres, with or
without dwelling house, all cleared.
Apply Hi-ki-Beach & Field, Courtenay.
For Sale- One C ll, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel.
Ten acre ranch, six acres cleared
Fine six room house, barn, stable,
chicken houses nd large yards,
wire fenced, 3 miles from Courtenay
price fifteen hundred dollars. Improvements cost over $[.00. Apply by letter Box 11 Review office
Comox Creamery
45 c per lb. this week
Victoria on Tuesday's train
The duck shooting season ends
on February 15, and the season for
shooting geese and brant closes Oil
March 31st.
Upwards of 250 recruits for the
102nd battalion are stalled between
Kamloops ami Vancouver, They
were expected by last night's boat.
Ex-Aid, McNeil received word
last Friday morning that Iiis father
was dead at Cumberland, The
funeral look place on Monday last.
Wolves are reported to have been
h ard around Tie it River. This is
the first time in many years that
these animals have come so fur from
the mountains.
The soldiers appreciate ������ >-y much
the magazines and ei��'
the reading room j  me
���ilizens     A lew   more each   week
:au be used to advantage.
Last week a panther whose track
measured 3x4 inches killed a deer
it camp 5. His trail was followed
to Donne's slashing where he bad
killed another, then his tracks were
os. Mr. Blight also saw one on
his ranch on the upper road.
Presbyterian Church j  /y
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. ill.
Sunday School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   .Service 11:30-   Even-1
ing service 7:30 p. 111. All welcome;
Sixiy-fottr   inches   of snow
during the in nith of January.
Came Warden Dawley has for
some weeks been feeding the pheasants on Mrs. Lewis' land back of
the race track and also back of McQuillan's barn. Dogs and other
vermin li ive been chasing Ihem so
he set out poison for the tuauraud-
i'is. Some one was kind enough to
tear the notices down. However
one night recently a big batvfc
which had killed a pheasant the
night before got a dose of the 1 ots-
011 and was found dead close by.
Another hawk and a large eagle are
also killing the birds almost daily.
Th-eagle was seen pe-ched in the
de id spruce 1 ree opposite lb coa-
deiisorv for some Phi yesterday
��� iiing. Owners of d >gs are re-
qttested to keep them up white the
snow is 011 aud the birds arc being
Symingtons Pea Flour
For making a dish of rich nourishing souw  in one
minute, 25 cents
OXO CUBES, 10 in box, 15c and 25c
b.x ��6 SHEPHERD'S ��
one 40
McPhee  &  Morrison
Large 50c oranges now selling at 35 and 40c a dozen
Black Twig Apples $ .75 per box
35c bulk teas are excellent  value; also package teas
at 3 lbs. for$l.    Nabob, Empress and Blue Ribbon
Teas atj45c a lb.    Mai ken's Best 5oc.    Liptou's and
Tetley's Teas at 50 and 60c
50 to 6o's ioc lb.    Also peaches, pears, apricots and
cooking rigs
Cross & Blaekwell's   marmalade, jams and  pickles
Mincemeat in 4 lb. cans
t'T,Canned Tomatoes 2's"ioc, 2 1-2 two for 25.
Corn and Peas 2 for 2SC
"rrnnn u 11 m .ii.h_h.i- THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
all  you need to  pay for the
icst and purest Snap in tho woMd
Sunlight.   The inducements
offered ".villi common soups cannot make up for the guaranteed
purity of Sunlight Soap,    m
The West and Exports
Armenian Atrocities
B. C. Timber Resources
; Government Working to Secure n
Larger Market For Output
Any Jii\ !��� in in-;.' nf tlio lor-si s nl' llrii ���
| ish i' olmnbla im- h -en commoticoil
��� lu order tu III il mi Im ' nuu'li timber
I could I"' cut Piicli yi ir without injur'
ling  iii,-  forests,     I'llo    Invoallgnlloii
showed   Unit   th.'   provlm ontnlnotl
1.00,(100,000 uri'r.   til' fi rest  lurid, and
I ni i 100 iiiliiuii f i inerchiminblo
llmliet', The fori ' , tnoroover, lira ,
producing nnnunll} iiiiotti live htllloti
ii'i'i nf new limber, Since til presenl |
only ii lillllon nml n liulf feet tiro oul
cncli year, ll is evident tlial tlio lint'-
| res! elm sufoiy be Increased Boveral
linns over; Unit, in tact, an Inimenso
iiiuoiinl ni' timber In annually going to
waste, li is oxuctlj ns ii tlio fai'mora
nn Hi., prairies could llnd a market
for only a'third ol their wheal crop,
A knowledge of these fuels showed
ihe Hnii-tii Columbia 'governnieni lhal
ii   iiuial  oblulti  iiiui'kels for ltd com-
nntirii li with   lln :;l      ll   l.il.i".  n
jo ir. I tu 111 .'.     ��� Iiotll '..I Hum.!.
The botly-liiilliliiijr piiweicf lloviil i mn i      lo  fwculi  ihiu-ii tin
amount taken,    Hoviil nn uiin iiH'i'i   "��� '��� ������ '���'   loss cust,
Third of Total Canadian Exports Sup-  EitlmaUd That a Million Armenian* Pi'X.^^.itcu'ot ,;,''c'v ,Hd' He"-'!'"
nlinrl     k.     D-.l-l.     Drnvl,!". Illllll'l    ll ill I V'l S   ' ' I    HU'   I. 11. HI,   I III     hH
plied  by   Prairie  Provinces
Tin total exu rtiu  trade for Canada
im-   loir,,   Including   Import    and  ex
pons, luis li .'ii  plan .1 al  $l,t20,2fill,-
771, nl' ;i lotul pi :��� . ipllu "f $11)7, lias    B|v''s    '
inn tin. popttlni on   of Manliobn   nl   :'
.nilii'i' murk; ...
Have Besn Killed ernnienl   Is now  ml.in."  steps lo In-
Lord Itrviv has lasuod ti fiifthoi' re   crease Its trade with the United King-
pori mi iiie Ar ninii atrocities,   lie dom,  Vuslrolln    nnd    New   Zoulnnd,
estlmalo of a  person  tie- South   Al'rlott  and    oilier    countries |
as n  conipctenl  observer,  which liavo not eiiotigli tltuber ot tlu.lt'
ii site  the  I ni.
1 V
i Station.
Ulna 1
ciiUil "Tl
lions ��� ni Comfor
1,1 III
���  many  nine.
Ions   nml
���in   litipn
���   iu uls designed
i   "ui.i\iuuini
ml.ni  at
'HU   Cusl,'
1 lien again nil
i ut-
���- take a priM
1 pride III
 ui iin
is  to mill  innti'i'li
i Olllll
it ol our p;ties
'icilll  I'lllll
. '   ,.    .1 pii ....,��� ,|
. i.rn    53.50
din with
also Huri
11   I'I III II  1.1. ll
litis .
Is-Rilc"   to
c lied Cap
nt Hi
��� stnllon nii'l ill mi.  niiiiiu ��� yi
450,000, nml of Winnipeg ai S00.I , placing the deatructlon of Ifoas near- own.   I lie prairie provl c ������������     V V ,'
this province's share ot the external  '>   '��� .000, of  pructn-all-   hall  tho are the largest murke  loi    rush Co-
1015 trade would be $0l,6.*,U.00O, while  Population ol  Armenia. Htmbla  foresl   products,     lie  Brit all
Winnipeg's share would  bo $27,400,-     """    ,'"��"1'1    ��';'"'''    l'"r'1   mrco Colttmbla govcniiiicnl ia ntni flooltiiig
[J,���,       '                                           quotes siat.'s thai lu u certain town to develop this mai'kei lo the lull, lo
The iliree prairie provinces' sltaro 200 chlet Armenians were Imprlsoi five  the   besl   pus lulo    acrylco    to
would    proportionately    amounl    lo  '   Hen taken   by night In wagons prairie farmers, who   aic   long to
, i,  sisooo  In actual per cupi-''"   ""' plver l'""li :""'    lllof0 killed. lurgeBl consumers ol IU'.  umber, tlio
tn,  mn   In' exports  Ihese    provinces  T-10 women and glrla, ho slates, have govenimenl has projmrecl. in co-oi>orii-
wiii this year, and In the beginning P?,8" -"sir uuted t; ng the   i'urkish tlon with tho UnIyorBlly ol auBhiitolio-
vlllnges,  tin'
ot mn;, I'oiiiriiiiiii  n uiiicli larger pre. ,
portion in the exports than will h,,. : K"'ls ,as they  v,mite.l
other priii iiic.'s.
t'lirlis choosing
such | wan,  a  BCl'los  ot  bulletlna on   Inrm
. buildings,    similar  means niv being
\ large number of exiles  were nl-  adopted   in   Eastern    Canada,  whoro
. | lowed to lake shelter In n town, whero  Hiero Ian good mnrkel tor 1 vy lliu-i
r.o���-.??r.?.-..1'_'v.!���l  .f!',om.,.M.1"!;|l'or a time Ihey were belter oft, Slid-  .era and high gran* Inn r products
toliii, Saskatchewan and  A
add nl
prill  will
,","��� T    ,:     ,    , '   "'   iili'iili  tire poll',, onli'ii'il  them a    io; n-niii li.C   By establishing a conimo
Id ni 1,'nsi s-jiin.,,.,,., hi, to the t'linnd-1 ,,..���.;,   ,���,,,' ,t���,    ,,,,���,��� ���������,,���,.   pe,J"i��, aon-ce In e-verj market by bj
n .exports   or 19lo-l.,  wlich shows  llaps ���_ >   W(;ri. |fan|ll  ,,,iu ,, Up-  teinallc   publicity   work,  British   C
thai iu exports alone These three prov- d(u, ,,,��� ,.,,,, ,nt   ,,,, ,,,,.,.,���     ,      , ,.       ��� ���   nuirkets for Us full
nces  will slum  a bigger per eti i    , ,��� .,��� encampmB1]li , ,'������, ,,,.      _-a ,,,���, |1U, iu vast tor-1
than  would bo accredited    them as  rat operations, on aa Blablo a  basis!
All Mothers Need |M "
Public Opinion Indorses
this family remedy by malting its sale larger than that
of any other medicine in the world. The experience of
generations has proved its great value in the treatment
of indigestion, biliousness, headache and constipation.
their total Bharo of Canada's aggre^
gate external trade.
Placing iin.' grain exports at Un
above amount, ii Is likely lhat the
prairie provinces will add $250,000,-
000 lo the total exports of the Do
minion, nnd if tlie per capita shave
of the imports was placed at the
Canadian average, ii would show
that these provinces total external
trade, Including exports and Imports,
would exceed $400,000,000.
The grain  exports of Canada  thi
j which tho prairie provinces depend,
Constant Strength  D-ead ������
relieve lhe ie troubles and prevent them from becoming serious ills by
promptly clearing wastes and poisons out ot the digestive system.
'They strengthen the stomach, Bllmulato Ihe liver and regulate tho
bowels.   Mild and harmless.  A proven family remedy, unequalled
For Digestive Troubles
Prepare.I only by Ttiomm Iteeohsm, St. Helen*, Lancaihlre, KinsUini.
.Si-Ul Bverywbcr-i in CanaUn nn 1 U. 8. Amcrloi-   tu !t.i\c��, _;"��cent*.
The Three Curses
f Asthma makes counlleBS i,
miserable,    Nlghl    after
  I njghl    iho attacks return and even
Their Strength is Taxed and  when brief reapttc Is given the mind
.,,, ,,? ,. �����,    .       is Btill iii torment trom continual an-
Ihey are VlCtlinS OI Weak-     tlqlpatlon.    nr. ,T.  D,  Kellogg's Aatb-  Morphine, Cocaine, and Alcohol  -and
ma   llentedy  changes  all this,   flellef the Worse of These is
itess and Suffering
ii onee. while future al-'
When mere is a growing tamlly to  tacks nre warded off, leaving lhe c.f-, ,
(are r.,r inn, the mother [ails ill, It is i lllcted om- in n state ot peace and ! . .'"�� ���lil,n' '.* ' '-'. beading ot an art-
Great Patriotism
Throughout India
I Subscriptions    for  Seven   Aeroplanes
year will probably be four limes the ciu'e for ana the mother falls ill, It is lllcted no it aiaie ot i����-������ j, , ,,���. , bulletin issued Ly
value or the total exports of menu- a ../Ioub matter. Many rnotliora who liapplnesa be o .--e �� ��� I rn ,������ ������,���,,, h ,h , T t ,*
mciiiries.    Las'    year  the  manufac- nl'o "" the go from morning to night, never eu'o>.    inexpenBiu   antl  ���l,ul, ,,0(>:( on ,��� S,1V| ..()r lhl, varlou8 |lai,tt
Coming  in  From   Northern
A special report trom Simla, India,
Uii'ing  exports  amounted   to a  little Iwll0RI   WI"'K'  apparently,    is    never I almost overyw I Foriuin^ 'di'u.s'ale'ol.o'i'suintla'oiit as i    "Subscriptions for the seven nero-
oVer $57,000,000.    These    figures will done,  trj' to disguise their BUfterings " pre-eminently  the  greatest  universal  planes to'be named after the big rlr-
bn increased this year on accouul of .and keep up an appearance ol cheer- Bad For the Eyesight curse to bumnnity and has practical- ers of the Punjab are swelling excel-
win- orders, but the wheal exports | fulness before their family, only: .p,,,, tlecislon of lhe education au- hy ,10 redeeming features, In the light lently. All the districts of northern
will also show Increase In almost themselves know how ihey aye ells- j tliorltles of Geneva to discontinue o�� modern knowledge alcohol, which India ure supporting the movement
greater proportions than will lho tressed by backaches nnd headaches, "ne teaching of Oerman handwriting once occupied a prominent place in : most enthusiastically. The aeroplanes
manufacturers and grains other than | "ragging down puuis _ and nervous j in [neir schools, on the ground lliul. tin, treatment of disease, is becoming ! will be used.on the battle-frontB wheie
wheal  will-also be In grenl  demand, I woauuess; how thelv nights are otton  j|   js injurious  to the eyesight, is a   more     and more  discredited  every I Indian troops are operating, and af-
Ail the exports from Canada ihis sleepless, and they arise to a new remlndci' thai Germany has a bigger year. The role played by the drug in ter the war wlllbc handed ovor to the
year, Including agricultural pro- day's work tired, depressed and quite proportion of its people wearing lowering our resisting power to dls- commandei'-ln-clilcf of the Indian
duels,  manufacturing    products, etc.,  ttnrofreshed.    Such    women    should.^peclaclea than any other nation.   It ease, In the lowering of efficiency and ! army.   Two   JIaharnjahs have given
will  mini    lihoiil    $500,i ,000   from I know that their sufferings nre usual- hltt9i indeed, been instanced as a proof nn  tne actual production of organic  an  aeroplane each,    while  tho com-
Ilia three prairie piovlnces, Manitoba, ly iluo to lack of good nourlglilng ���( the superior "kulturo" of Germans disease of the liver, kidneys, heart, mander of Hie Kashmir army lias giv-
Sa liatchewan and Alberta, will con- blood, They should know Ihni the oneh���_| so nian;. are be-speclncled. Ii'or arteries and nervous system us wo en two aeroplanes.
tribute very nearly half of these tolul thing Ihey need above all others toi^,,,,,.-, years before the war, however, pointed out In our February issue is: "The manufacture of munitions ot
exports, since the value of the grain g've them new health and strength Is the use ot plain Roman type was be- such as to make ii essentially n pro- war is proceeding briskly throughout
exports alone will be nearly half of '''en. red blood, nnd that among all COnilng general throughout Germany,' idem ot preventive medicine and one the empire, and the people of India
tho total exports for lhe Dominion medicines there is none can equal Dr. UU| since the war this reform has demanding Immediate action by ad- continue unceasingly to supply tho
this year. Wlllinms'  Pink  Pills for their blood-  Deen opposed as unpatriotic.    Count  nilnlstrators of public health. troops in the field with    necessaries
Thus the   west   contributes   more   making,    health-restoring    dualities.   Reventlow   recently    denounced  tho     This arch enemy of mankind is ac-1 aud comforts."
than  iis share to Canada's external   Every suffering woman, every woman Roman  characters  as  typically Mug-  compliahing   its devastating influence
trade,  and  more    ospeclallv  in    ex-1 with n home and family to care tor
poi'is,   which is the right side of the si Id give these pills u fair trial; for
ledger aud represents money brought  they   will  keep  her  in    health    and
into Canada     Free Press strength  and iiiiike her work    easy.
  -- Mrs.  G.   Stressor,   Acton   West.  Ont.,
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Minard's     Liniment     Cures     Diphtheria.
Germany  Atfer the War
by a dual action. In the first place There is no more effective vei'ml-
througb the economic effects on the fugo on the tuarkel than Millers
home���diminishing as it does and at Worm Powders. They will not only
limes entirely cutting oft the rovenne clear the stomach nnd bowels of
(of the home. Even ihe moderate worms, but will prove a very service-
drinker, wlm takes a glass or two of I able medicine for children in regulat-
Istiys:    "1 am the mother   of ihree j    After this war Germau universities 	
children, and after each  birth  I  he-1 wjll ]l0 ionger ue sought by Btudents beer    or whiskey on his way home ling the Infantile system nnd maintain-
came terribly run down; | had weak,  of  English apeech    us essential and I from work, robs his wife and family   ing ii  in n healthv condition. There
The German estimate prior to ihis",'1," l,l"��,(l' 1,hv"ys te't tired, and un- LeceMary nurseries of learning. Ger- of the equivalent of a loaf or two of
war was thai at   lhe   dose of iho 'u ,1"1,.n.1,l�� !ny "ouboIioW vork. After man sc,lol;il,iilip v.iii he as good as bread or a Quart of milk, a family
first vear 4. r cent  of the nfantrv    he, blrth ol '"> ,lhlr'1 <'1"1'1 ' ?femed I ever it was. bin there will nol be the ' which at Its best with a full Income
20 ot the cavalry, artillery and    el,'!'," be wo.rsc' and was very badly rnn|same res-ect Cor thal Teutonic civil-1 lias probably only enough to keep soul
��'"'lhl  he'h1sl.l"ltUI  lhese'iig!ll'es0are,^Vin-',,1f,l'.in!:. Pjji?_    .l.*0.1!!!?.    *? I tUre""Nor    nr   a   r.n"    a:   I..;,-.,   will        '! :...   !...'.��� iin     .'I   ,.    r   ,'ii;,liiy   niei
���'to he worse, and was very badly run  game respect for thai Teutonic civil- lias probably only enough to kee
toons  �������?��'    '���  ,v,s, a,���c,i ,n,.1ll!u;    J_r- fcatlon which the Germans call eul- and body together.
s nre   WI"lams   ' lnk   ' ills'     '   foutu'    the  ture    Nor   for a  time at  least,  will I    The lowering of their yilalit
iii'.'iueuiuit,.''f,Vr a"war"on two'fronts   greatest benefll   from  the  pills  and the English-speaking people be much resisting power consequently predis- 	
continuously    sustained    with  manv ' ?"", frl���?.tltml    V"'','',S!'TS    ,.*V," ��� <li-imsi-il to live among tlio Germans,   poses them to disease  The alcoholics      ��prudeuce  und   foresight:"   Vaster-
greal battles.   B> the end of the llrsl '!'"'���"' 'J  ,',";, ,'" '    ','.,,'," ?'." We shall then have a fairer and more themselves have much less resisting fl ���,������ ���.,,,. . ,��� ,,���,
vear of ihis war the loss was n, arer    f . "���.'1}. K     '". ;,,,an'1,'  " "'   ,fl : symmetrical adjustment than hereto-  powers to disease than have the ab-  hm Jul   Dl_hta   llu, c*-owflg oE BerUn
10    per eeui    which  means Hun  n.  P1le,as.ur*  "'..", V,U|U-    '  tt }f��,  used  fore ot our foreign sources ot instruc-  stainers.    This is especially true  In
een the arniv nt full  st"eng l   till   ''tt ,y,s 0w,n r.b,?ta for ra,' "'  -,e onef I tlon and cultivation.   This pilgrimage | pneumonia und blood poisoning. The
ev   snrin- .he whole Oel tin.  force  aml lmvo l0.untl thom. a *Vlm'm m8a* I to Germany liad'become conventional. I heavy   drinker   who  contracts  pneti-
II. .M      .-1,1 I I II,-,      III        ��� Ul.,1        11 a, ,1 1 I II..      I"" , ..In /,     l'/.i>    ..li I I ,1 I., ., ,.l     ,, ,1 ti,.,,, I l'     ' .    .   ' .. .._..... , _ I    .   ... ���...     ..I. ...1.1    .. ,. 1     1 . . -    ....     1. .....    !,.    .....
is nothing In their composition that
will injure the most delicate stomach
when directions ure followed, and
they can be given to children in iho
full' assurance that they will utterly
destroy all worm!
tin     per cent.,  which  means ihai  I
spring the wuote ug
would have I., be replaced.
If one be troubled with corns ;.n i
u��� 11, he ..ill llnd In llolloway's Cors
I'm an upplh mi.,n i hat will enllrelj
reli re    offering.
Agricultural    experiment    atatiom
' ..' - In . a i  tabllshed In China, dur
Iclne tor childhood ailments." ' I'lru'ersitie's, colleges, seminaries uml j nionia should nol los1 an hour in set
Vou can get these pills through uny I sctentiflc Institutions of this contln- tling his affairs us he will In all prob-
medicine dealev or by mail at 50 e]1| had made German training bucIi a ability be unconscious with dellrum
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50 from [et|sh thai It was almost necessary f within twenty-four or forty-eight
The nr. Williams' Medicine I'o.,, ,-,���. '.J siiideiii seeking n position as n hours from the time his disease is
Ur tkville, Out. tea'cber to have himself been a wor-  diagnosed.
 ���- ��� shipper -Vancouver News-Advertiser.      In lho second place, we have the
A   Japanese   Regiment > influence of alcohol on    the drinkers
Major  General   Sir  Sam    Hughes,   B.War�� of Olntmenti for Catarrh That   forcefully presented by life insurance        ,..,.,
Canadian nilntster of nillltln, has re-1 contain Mercury |companies.   Statistics prepared by K. |"   "���'���
were cheering for war. Today thousands of them are fighting in the
streets for scraps of meal nnd offiil.
Whal will they be doing tomorrow?
Praising perhaps the "prudence nnd
foresight" which their rulers exhibited in plunging them into lhe gigantic
catastrophe, of war.���The London Nation.
Man i who hud Inen knocked down
��� the prone ll year, al considerable I ceiveti from British"Columbia a^ pro-1 <s mercury wui"_uroiy"deitroy tho sema H.   .Moore,  actuary  of    the    United Wli ere am 1?
There  :.v now    In  open n   i,���.,;li to organize a regiment ot Can-   ���"' smell  and  oomplotely  derange  tho Kingdom Temperance and General In-     n.nteiprisiiig sueei setiet     hie you
three cotton forma, one -.Mar plantn   ndlaii   .lapanese   for  service   In  Eur-   "T,h���0lS���5S5ie2trT_ol2 i_ei?*_fti-L .hSSl Mirance     Company  shows  that   the are, sir;  map oi London, one penny.
��� ���'      irestry stations, and threi   ,,,���,    One thousand    Japanese    who   "oi'er bo uaed1 oxcopt   on preacrlptiun. death rate among moderate drinkers .
|i      irage   forms     The    governnieni   \r,.A,. \���.vn naturullzed In Canada will   from reputable phyaiclpna, aa tho damaae was 35 per rem. higher than uiiiong
1    '   nortel ranch nl Chit Chow, bo onllaled at once under the proposal "'^ foiilbiy'"derive'^om \hcig00_-__r2  abstainers.
:           irn   \nliul   under the dlrcc and sent oversea catarrh  Cure,  manufactarod by ��.  j!      English insurance companies
ranchinau.    A \,,| only will the ranks be made up Cheney & Co.,  Toiodo, 0��� contains no   bv  iheir   statistics  running  over  -in
I demonstrators pntlrel.i    by   Canadian Japanese, but _]K#'.������n" tho Wo. SliT_ia_cmi_0._l! I ye"8  ";;"   nl*6t��>inors  have a death
agricultural ex the officers will ho naturalized Japan- ficoa ol the oyatem.   In buying Hall'a   ''ate ot 23 per cent, less than non-ub-
lion  of nn   \nu rii.in  ranchman
curps of li cturers and
. ing  trulned  for
.. :,  ivoi k ihroughoul the country
t _"���."'.',-"���.���'.   'ii.-'K^.- ������'.'��� - ,'f ..' %*��
The full strength  of lhe regl- Catarrh Cure bo suie you s?t ti,e _en- stainers.    In  1892 Mr. Dillon Gouge,
"  will be maintained    by enlist- m��;-n,^, 'Jlf����';"��. W���X>l����'& <��"MW 'y^?   In s��fl   ^I,l"?u*J'
nieiiis trom lime io time. Tostlmoniala freo. loiniil that tlio non-abstainers hud al-
General  Hughes explained thai liie Sold uy Drugglsls. Piiee, 75c. per but- j most   double Hie aiuounl of sickness |
proposal had come to him only Inipr- ��e_.alt0 lul,., Kamlly pl���, for co.8ll that the abstainers u;.1",.      ...  .
liially. und that, pending the receipt | tlon.                                                          '���-'      e\erj   our    .:.            .       .n
of some official order, Hie military
authorities would make no decision.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
\   Canadian   woman    in   Loudon,
! who  bus  undertaken    to  correspond
Enthusiastic Over Raising Regiment
Enthusiasm prevails on Hie tndlau
Reserves over Hie decision of Gen.
liughea tu allow the formation of a
battalion of Indians for overseas ser-|
Although  there are  many  In-
spreading   then
M.B., M.C.P.S,
truths,  -II.  Ainotl.
Men   Specially   Fitted   Coming   Back
The department of militiu and defence desires it to be known that Ibe
officers  and  non-conimisslonad  otttc-
wiili    lonely me,, al the front," says   ',!'''���   .""'"' -', '   ' ",���"'' .   ' '">    .  ! ers being brought back    to Canada
the  London    correspondent    of    the  -"ans  '"  'he  .'..niing"is     I,     1,     . -,    Canad,.n    cxp6dulonal.-
Uouireal   Gazette,   "has   received a' ����",> ""' ""'"���>' ^""" ,,''^, '' "  forces abroad are those only select-
 Ie ot thanks trom a Western Can- J? I"."'."!"''1;" ","' sl '?',''���   ,I ?,  ed on accounl of their illness for In-
atla   non-commissioned   officer,   who  Dominion   loyal Indianil.av   offered
relates how a letter he received from  -1,c r servl,cc?, ttna1'���BV.���.5!S? '    '
W.  N.  U.   1087
struetlonal duties, and on account of
ih iip gallant conduct nt the from, li
is useless for people to write lhe de-1
parltneut   urging the return of iheir'
relatives for this duly, u.s only those I
who  have  rendered   meritorious ser '
vices and ure recommended by lliolr
commanding officers as  worthy and
capable nre required.   All these men
the Canadian unman, and it had the |th_ canaoa cancer institute, uimitio  musl also be prepared to return to the
desired effect" I m churchill aye., touonto front  Immediately  whenever wanted
her helped to cheer a comrade who
wag heside him in the trenches sever ly wounded and greatly depressed, awaiting removal, Being somewhat perplexed ns lo how to relieve I ��� 1 ������
lhe tension, the non-com. read the en-  HOME TREATMENT.-Dnierlb. vour <lise.se,
cotirnging letter,  which  lie  uad  from   aidwrltolorfrae booka-dleslimoalal
and the Indian department slates
thai there will not be the slightest
difficulty in raising a full regiment
and there might be a second.
Nervous, slclt headaches tell
of exhausted nerves, and warn
you of approaching prostration
or paralysis, Hy enriching lho
blond Dr. Chase's Ncrvo Pood
restores the wasted nerve celts
und thoroughly euros headaches,
sleeplessness and other nervous
.in (.'(.tu a Box, all Dealeri, or
Ednianson, Bates & Co., l.iaiited,
1��ve'FoOafe THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Relieve 'Hint British Will Win if War I
Lasts Till 1017
be .Milan Bi
do prints n four co)
11 in ti Inten lew  �� ith a m anal ol si '\
er, a im.mn - Si ainiimii inn inan of IK-
ters, who sp.'iii four line.Mr, in i;, I'll Impartial Bltiilj  oi
ah.               i    i  .    i    ii mi    i 'i    i     o          i       i i    i     i       i> ��� ��� i  .'"any    milking rn  Impiirlin   studi   oi
A. Determined  Attack Will  Likely Soon  be   Made  by  British IM0 military, economli und  -m all
Troops on  the Onlj   Foreign Possession of German. ""ftro^Tdowniirar ����. All
Wtilild. be it \ alliable Asset to Mulish Empiro '""' outward and vialblo facts serve lo
aallsfy or di little   tho people.   .None
The official niiniumc menl of Hen-  < r:n been attempted, bin the appoint-  ihe less a aiib-coiiscloua seme ot .lis-
arm sum:, lioi'i'.en'.- new command In  menl of n general ol the nun.' ot _lr  quietude  Is   universal    and    springs
Kasi. Africa, combined  with  various  l-loinco Smith''JoiTleii,  loinls   to  me Irom the blank uncertainty ns to what
reports leniimn, to coiTobornle the bo   expectut'oiis Hint a coup of this kind  the morrow  may brim.', forth,
lief Hint au attack on Ugypl and lhe  Is now iu preparation,   S o critic-     "The German peoplo hold thai their
Suez canal    will be Hi- next   blow;'ism of lho pniu is heard chiefly on the enemies tiro   beaten,   but not tamed I wearlsomo to students of Balkan poll-  Increditnblo  eoiuutioiis  of  cro
which trie t;. I'inaii head(|iiiirteps stall | ground thnl # i.-, a  "policy of small I'j'hoy feel thai Hey can rely mi their  "
Population Suddenly Increased From 160,000 loNearlj a Million,
A Strange Mixture of Races Brought Together Through
the Exigencies of the Balkan Stru'ggle
li i.- on.  of the dallj lessens o,' ihe refugees    mere than double tin   nor-
win'in ih.  Bnlkuns that the character ntal pojmlatlou of ihe cltj  Itself,   a
of no city or district Ifl so dertnltely new city  was  built In  the  i mpi    .'
llxed thai  it cannot be altered over brick wnero ihc, refugees are hou ed
night,   Tew things have become more In   tho utmost squalor nml tin   ,,    i
lies   than ihe historical monographs, I Naturally, ihey preror to  ipeud most
gratlons, ethnoiogl- ol iheir time trying to pick up a tew
��il] soelt io deliver, recelvei  aerlotts packets" ami thai such forces us wilt uiiiitnrv force   and enduro'tlio ei' n- charts of race migrations, ethnoiogl- ol their time trying to pick up a few
consideration. bo placed m General sinlth-iJoiTlor.'a , m|0 pinch   for   ot e Unio, but dread ,rnl >""��������� '" several colors (thomaps, pennies around the streets o: the city
1 hi' Immense   Btraleglenl posslbiu- disposal    could  easily  he oiuploycd ovorttilte'i them when they ask thorn- not ':"' races), constantly Issued hy to sitting Idlo In the st a     and     ;'
es oi H,e w.u'i.i war riirnisiiei n ins- eisewheie. ,,,,.    ,-,,,���,, |L-tho war   liottld last  ono Ifalkan alato or another to prove of the barracks all due.
"  Home"    Smith-      Ugypt  Is  lhe  particular  place  tho I undecided to in   vent' IIH7V thai vlrluall} all ihe Halkans an well!    Scarcely  had    tbo    population  Ol
nt    HtiggeslH, Jn critics  hnvo  lu   view,    'I'h.   British     -wiim preoceupios   lhe German is ��s a considerable si,arc or the resl Sitlonlkl m a  way dlspoi d ol  this
Westminster Ha- garrison  in    thai   country  has  I n the problem nf time, or   what i- lhe  '"' l!u' n'or''l ls ;""' has for centuries sudden Influx ot strangen   j  en i ���
������    ������   ' ��� ������  'd,   ami   it i; bellot   .���..nu   |���  i ,, i,-  m| ,|,.   I'nglnml.    lu I ticron Inhabited nimosi exclusively bj Oreelt mobllhtatlon  was order : n
i" repel Oorniiin-Tui'li ,,!,. ,|   \,,,i  ..inn,,'   form  an  adequate  i;" **l'si Serbs, Hlllgars, or Austr s, soldiers  trom all over Hi ��������� ���   be
Dorrlen b appoint
ihc    words of ii
telle,   thai  "the operations in  Hitat
Africa  arc Hi"-:im d  to take a  more
iliiporiain   i Inn    ihau   tin J   have
hitherto luni.'
Wiih ihe op rations in ihe Knir.c-
ru.     pt'netlctill.i    con
K.i'i   Africa  Is'    ihe
a l
greatly Increased,    and    u 11 I" Hot
id i-i adequate to repel Oorniilli-Turlt-1 tioorl   you  caiino'   form  an  iitlpqttatu lureeiis, aerus, niiismi, ur .iiisuuins,  suiiiuts  rrom an over ureece
Ish  nttticlts,    Some authorlilea  hold IJdc?n. or tlerman hatred for l'nghind     ns tho case may be, to arrive al   iho appointed  I
that lho characteristic |j]-itlt.h  iniiili |i,���t,',.,i mingled with feiir,    Hi
ol  disponing the enoiii}    may    once 0ul  |n 0VH'y political     rh nr..,
��� ticniian  again in inly liiilueiicliig the go\   h.,  |nng ��������� of ihe dallj press,   Tlie!axtent ol their claims.   According n. Greece hau Increased inr population,
niy remaining eriu it's coitus-Is. ,u ntia know tl e Hnglla'i well  their ! thorn, eertalnlj all of'tho littoral nnd  hy  territorial    acquisitions, over ;,
-"'   -        .,������.. a,-      lleporla  from   Syria    of    Turkls-h  (iefeuta  nnd   virtues,  an l   they   fear "H '" ''"  Islands of lho Aegean, and   per cut.   It is doubtful If even the
hursts      I'ho Creeks are probably the worst  place   none other than Snlonlkl
iki  in offenders nl least   in respect ot the     Following tho last two Balkan wars,
it:. P". a ��� don will be a valiiabl i as-
iici io the Drill h empli'i, and os-
pi chilly i j India, iii I'lnnnj is under-
i im. I in pin soi i a force of nboul
7,1)011    whiles   in   her  dlsp ��� al   there..
preparations are  regarded as serious above all things tho cool, dogged Urlt-' probably   a  very   large   pan   of   the  Ureoks  quite  realized   what  tbla    i
and  travellers from  Syria    upnuli of Ugh peraoverence. I-Jastern Mediterranean basis as well,  crease would mean In the shape of in-
un.I   he    hu-,  mil
large numbers .n
tlon  which  totals
Tiie Hritiah  fo
in lhe early | rnf
bIbIi il of only Iv
King's African
troops), sonic ;:.i
British Musi At
unl some small
were reinforced
The Oerman uml
have come inn. cam
occasions,   the   two
results being the ful
ish attack on the I
Tangn, and lhe i'rl
itulioha, ihe chief <i
Luke Victoria S'yanzi
Nothing in He' n
tuck to conquer Gen
which is officially o
times Hie si.:" ot Gel
iron,.'; concentrations ot Ttirkli It
ii'oopn ai Jerusalem and Jaffa, The
Gorman   general,   Triisseinar,   is iu
"Should He British uml .heir allies
-in ed iu maintaining such n resist-
tnted   lo     arm
native popttln-
I command in' an nrmv'of T'-Tobo men" I'!"" '"'" ���,r"!"">; !V"' l,"y":l" lm> '
���.  hi i ,'..,.  ',���....    do mn  know  how Germany en:
it.  Ilhuza,  an.I   G
\'on   .Vlaelienzcn, i
United States Annual
Agricultural Report
Diversified   Farming   Essential   to   a
Sound  Agricultural   Economy
Particular emphasis    is again laid
upon the necessit}  for Increasing the
number of meal animals. The tt
iincluding    by   all means Alexandria,  erased number of troops mobl
Ishould he Greek,   Towards the north,  in a few weks- almost in a tea days
more ihan hall of Albania is clah i     ihe population of salonikl :.,i :
i.e.I a  goodlsh  hit  ha- ahead}   been   flrsl   160,000,   then  .60,000,  suddenlj
seized.   Old Serbia,    Including    even   became 100,000.   As many as pos
I'sktib;    Houmelln, out of Bulgaria;   of the newcomers were quarti  ed en
and   as   fur   Tlll'kej    in   I'lirope,   the'lhe  Inhabitants  of  the  city;   the   I'
Greeks laugh nl tfle Idea that the lit-' malnder erected a tent  cltj   ul tli
He that is left of lhe WcBtern nun [edge of iiie town    b:t nil spent '
man empire should fall lo anyone but   tlmo  in  iin-  narrow,  ill-paved   ������      ���.
Hu  Greeks,  from   Klrk-Klltsseh   nnd  nf B.Ionlkl which began to r
'Ailrliiiiop!,.'   io    uml   Including    Con-  u count'   seal  during fair   ...
atnntlnople.    For in tiie Qroeli mind,     And    then,    oul  ol   I  e clear    .���
.any  i'11'..i'  disposition  of Constnntln-  French and   British  ti'   ,ps      g
opie tl   io place ihe  .Moslem  .It}   join the throng,   Al 11      the nu
I under Greek rule would he the rank-  was smnll; now it has passed - but
������si   injustice   under    which    Ureece  dred thousand,   It Is true that most
���.'.  .ihi ni ,. r cense to oomplnln   until  tlicsa have gone on up lie i  Serbia
propi 'a- . eni" nsatod, bul   nil  the      ,ar    ��� ���.
In view ��� ���: tho extravagance of llieae  service musl  be dlrecl tl front
mi1 nal claims, ii is mosl Interesting I lid, all tho work ot debarl  ng i
ito   wntel    ie'    Chan;;'    worked    iu  Hie newly arrived troops
IKulonlkl in the course of (���ompiirnl'.vi    piles must  b    handli 1th
ly few  weeks   sine ihe ;il|i...| troop.i I duplicate,  tor i ..���  Brit ih   ha
ri to liiiui i,nre.    ii is true I own machlner;   to this and
lis, also, have pouri d  in in  Unci from the Fri i.
ter numbers than Hie Allies,     Naturally,   there sin i
1'lgtnal  population  Btood ul   enough shops in which
nboul. Ji'ni.niai Inhabitants,   of   which   bread necessary for   so sn i
J number 80,0u0 are Jews of Poi'tngiieso  crease of population   mm
n,    , . ,,.     idUBtrles  and   agriculture    are   being nnu Spanish desi   nt, otill Bpoaking a  llicro enough  wheat trom    *
JO JDiliain Or Allies drained ol  their hands.    During the  sort or bnBtnrd Spnnish, in which scv-  bake it.    riie   nmei   s true i
  last month alone the number of wo-|erai newspapers ure printed, though  other cMi.ine ,ir.   neceasa -   l
Order-in Coin-eil   Places   ->n   Emb-r.o ' "K>" (-"1,'',".-v'','1 In metal working and  strangely enough tho Hebrew charac-  and still  is.    Serbs,    refiif
'    '        '     !<�� > transport^ Industries   rose   from   HO,-  ters nre employed to spell out these   their war-ridden coilfitry,    i
onu lo 150,000. [Iberian words, x.xl  in number come   i'i'"' in such great numbers
  ihe. Greeks thmsolvca, totalling with  Greek  government
An order-in-council has been passed I    "Sea   Sledge"   for   Rescue   Work      officials, garrison and everything, only  railway service with  Moi
��� 1 prohibiting  Hie   expori   of  Canadian     -pj,,,    united  States    navy  donnvi. | JO.000 or less,    wlllla the Turks ran|to prevent this  lust pea
 "...   ;   i.    !���.:..:     . lhl,!1L1!0,,^',,r,,'���rv!^,1''���,';. 'l}l;'JMl!i"
i in  Fusi  Africa supremo commnnd of the ami} of n -, 'l'"'',"'       s ; /'" "
of lho war con- va.'on of Favni ,tlvo than tho Germans wish li in i,
 nlion    of lhe     The reported di clslon of the Imieli
i.'iih :      (nntlvo shipping companies  trading to    the
unlive police In I.nsi Indies to abandon tho Suez
i nnd Uganda, Canal route Is in some quarters
iie levies, Those I considered due rather to Gertn..n
Her by Indian I warnings than to the reason alleged tho difficult} of coaling.
I British forces An Interesting commentary on the
itact  on  various  prison! Blluntlon   in   regard to both
iii,-i Important German East Africa and Egypt Is
illura of n Brit- the rsporl thai I ranee nt an early
German post ot period of lho war offered to place
in- ii capture of! ui. England's disposal for the con-
ii Mean nu: e on quesl of German Ksst Africa, a
���a. strong expeditionary  force then sta-
nature of an  at-1 tioned at Madagascar,  but the offer
come known  ,n  foreign countries.
"What la Ihoughl and feared in
il nn.mi Is Hint the war will either
he definitely won upon lho land !,;
the Germans during 1918 unless won
on the sea by the English in 1917.
Hence a tremendous output of force
is lo be expected  by Germany next
year.     T.le   flrsl   of   iiei'   III Is   Will   be
aii attempt lo smash through lo
Calais and au i xpedltlon ui alns
Dealing with tho military situation
in Germany, iho Secclo's Informant
says he found ihe problem of en mgii
in,ui recognized  there as being ver}
East Africa, I was    declined    on  tlie  ground   that grave. He points out that
and  a  half Great Britain was not then ready to official  oasualt)   lists alio
;., has hlth-  undertake  such   an  expedition.  ' ase "'  i'1".11"" every mon
i lulling aboul  2,500,000 do
       T-n��� 1915,    This   problei
No Hay Export Except        |rest in tlie emplr-
������ ih i'inaii
an  avel''
,  thus  Ie
wn  to  Hee.
causing un-
nave n
Lhat G
hut   Hi,
to Secure Supply  Tor War
er-ln-coum il has been passed |
nient,   It is stated, has extended Its hay to any but Great Britain and t.l-Lment has ���uloiiteii n new "sea sledae" l-hem  a  close  second  with   between  slon.    Nevertheless,    some ���,
activities in   ihis direction as far as   ij,.,i  countries.    There   had   been   altvna 0f motor boat for'rosculnc avi ;!0'000 ""���' 'l"'""��' TllD romaining pop- 70,000 have arrived. The popuia
availablo    funds  permitted.    The at-  great rush of bay  to  1'nited  States lators   who havo cot into difficulties u'8"011 "'' normal times was thai cos- Salonikl in a few weeks has
tentlon of the slngje-crop farmer bus  points this year, and if is now stop- rnhe new uoat |s the Invention of ii mopolitan  mixtures so characteristic!from 160,000 to almost a million. Aiul
been directed to the need of diversifl->ped for war needs.   The British nnd   u���of������ m���i���OB, '' *" of every port, but especially of a porl   the most rudimentary meana of    i
..,.(I^���     ,,,,,1       il.i     Ini���.���l,.,.iO,���    ..I'    lli.o i .-.. .    ,..    ......i    ..,'     IIO^IOU   I.Uo"-----I. ,.. .    ,        ... ,  ,      . ;,,,,,.���,. -   ,    ;���, ���.   .....
cation and the introduction of live
stock us essentiul to a sound agricultural economy.
Among the most promising agencies
for Increasing the meat supply are the
jiig clubs, 'ihese now have a membership of uhoiit 9,000 boys and iHrls,
und over 2,000 registered hogs are
owned by the members. Poultry
clubs also have received much attention, the membership now being approximately 4,nnu. The report continues;
"Last year the ease with which the
meat supply can he increased materially by controlling or eliminating lhe
common live stock diseases was pointed out. The direct losses from them
are enormous, it U impossible io
give any accurate statement even of
direct losses.    The    indirect  losses,
French armies nre greatly in need of
hay and desire the Canadian timothy.
Alrendy prices are being paid more
I bun double those under normal conditions, recent contracts being placed
at $19 a ton. There is also a limited demand for Canadian timothy
anion.' the American horsemen
l   in' been    smetl bv it- Inventor Illlca Sa|on"'l or Hottcrdam, where tho Ing care of such an increase ar   ..
the "motor ear "of   the sen," and ls  territory served by the port and lhe lutely lacking, even to  water suppf
.shaped something after   the fashion P01'- ' se" liro   " different countries, an drainage.
of   he Hat-bottomed boats    used  on I Here, however, Instead ot simply hav-     As   for   the general-a pect of toe
water chutes.   This   shape gives th3|inS one other country ns hinterland, city; it never was On
craft u safety even while running at If3  Rotterdam or Germany,  Salonikl more so now   nan it ever I
forty   miles   an hour   wliicli other Illas two,: Serbia and Bulgaria,    riiere But todaj" t.might bea s
" iii-/-i*t^,.      n mi'.m'l.        t 11. h >    , i . , .  ..        muni'      '...,��� ���     X'lWi     w il ill* ir     iii lit'�����     !'..-��     \ t ��� i -
hoats (lo'not possess,   and It bus the
were  always,   ll
ore,  many  Serbs
Porl Said;   It might b -   tarsi
lu lining; the demand for the limit-jfurtlio_"   advantage   that   there is no'ani' '"" " few H"'='ars to be found In or l.omlnii or Alexandria.    It Is ...
ed iiiui'liet In    the stales, the prices  noundlnc  In  seaway  ' and    all  the  SaloniM.   For tho same reaaon Aus- thing���a great bazaar, a human
are   often   boosted   much above the  f...   ig __B_e_ under Instead of over ItrilU19 were frefIue"t In normal times, hive,
already high prices paid by the Br It- U   ' ,,* Bs would happen with un  'll0"��l�� }fs8 so since the war has cut |    But It Is not a G��
i^-i      mi,.,..' ..in,.,. I I 1, io ,n p      1/wl        n l ...'  l I m-, ,-, ���, .1 111 ii.... ,���,.    ,,IT    I i>,,lll     Sin l,,n
ish  government
led  to
uch  Austria-Hungary off from Salonikl ;:���.������ a cily at all.   It is ni -r< 1    a  -;.-
cancellation  and    non-fullllment    o1'| "nee."'"   ''"'    """'""'',    '"���    ��    - ^x port of outlet. the map where hundreds of thousa
nnuy contracts    already   placed    in     jt  '      ])0  turne_  nuickly   without I    To a  Population  so divided  there |of human beings have congregate
Quebec, causing much worry in Hie
allied armies, and endangering our
hold on this market, which can absorb all our timothy production In
eastern Canada.
Therefore, slops have been taken to
secure the timothy hay crop of On-
I ordinary  bout    travelling
11 can  be  turned  quickly,  ������ ,      ���'.'.'','',
.nger to occupants, can be stopped  ���8 ^t, suddenly added aboul  goo,- and where tew oi them who can help
Hire:'  times   it's  own  length,  and  00��  Greok'  Mac   l'"!li"1  a1"'   rraciuu  it will remain.
can be handled with less oxen ion
than a motor car, while it is also
eapnble of carrying a heavy loa.i.
which also arc great cannot be esti- tnri0> Quebec and the .Maritime pro-
moled ar all.    it has been conserva- V|Uoe8 for   ug0 0�� the allied armies,
lively estimated, on the basis of data iinu tll0 pI.|ce prevailing (about $20,  i
lor thirty years, that the annual di- or double the usual amount paid)  is '��� t
to   Have   Any   Drawbacks
The   French   Flat)
It Is noi generally known that the
three stripes of color that make up j    A    new    book on the Hudson Bay
.the    French   national   (lag    are  not  Rnilwnv,  written  by  A.  11.  De  Tre-
met loss     :'���":��� ���.!���      i'i3 expected    to    continue  or  be   even equal In  width.    When the    tricolor maudan,   formerly  of  The  Pas,   has
The Hudsun Bay Route        Climate and Cultivation
Climate at the Bay Does Not Appear I Broken   Land   Retains   Moisture   and
approximately  f.12,000.000." greater.
The potash situation, Hie report ,so far the allied armies have tie-1 ttous and ��� proportions of the three I Sons, Ltd. 'Tiie'.rent, thing about
.'tales, continues wry serious. There manded timothy hay, biii/ihe depart- colors were not stated, and such aitna book is lis preface. This does
is practically none available for ter- ment of agriculture bus submitted variety ol lings was seen lhat two not mean that the study of the re-
lilizer use, and present Indications are samples of western grasses and east- years'later lhe National Assembly de- sources of the district Is unimportant
that the supply for this purpose will em clover, and a market may be blared that the national standard \bM the preface gives i. new view-
not be Increased materially during found for tjiese. .should be formed of "the ihree nu-',,.,,. lt Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait
the coining year. The various ob- This action has been taken after tional colors, in equal bands placed .',,., compared Iii lntltude with tin
stacles to the commercial develop-1 consultation with the British author!- vertically, the hoist being blue, the uu|�� of Bothnia which is the north-
middle while and the fly red.'' Iern Rrn, 0f the' Baltic Hen. Tho.e
For years the ting wai made in this ,,hl, remember their geographj will
way, but though the bands were equal recnll ihe group of islands at the
they never looked i iual owing to an 80uthern entrance to the gulf, The
optical il union,        s  blue appearing  most northerly point of Hudson Strait
the  He..t of the  Sun
The   character of climates
msly affected by the pr. senci
ience of tnes and otner veg
incut of the four known dom 'Stic
sources are pointed out. These
sources ure: The glanl help of the
Pacific  coast,   tho  aluuite    depo It:
"It is dlffh iiii to say jusl whal effect the embargo o"n hay will have,"
said Mr, YV. 11. Dwi'i' of Ottawa, nn
mainly   In   the   mountains  of   Utah, |authority on hay export.   "It allelic
the   fi'lilspillhie   reel,   of   I
part of tho   L'nlted  Stall
wus lirst authorized in 179:', tho posl-1 been  published   by J.  M.  Ueiu  and l in his British association address, Sir
Chatles P. Lucas noted that climates
hecanio both hotter and colder when
the surface of the earth has , en
bared by the cutting down ���, ( trees;
they become drii r or moist r with the
destruction or planting of tree ad
healthfulness cr unl.ealthfulness may
b.i determined by the removal - i ���
tainlng t: tl e f rests. I'he l lanadian
Northwest la '��� I as an ex
Broken or plowi : land does n ��� n ���
tain snow nn : ; like the unbroken
prairie surface, but it Is more retentive of moisture and the hent of the
:";" , I'1:;"';'' ��lf ih? i'"'; flSJISl!  v_?_ 'vvld'r l,lan ;::" ri *��� I !��� ' niv one degree farther north than
the pnets.   u tne uosio-n ana .\ew  ioric     At laBt, after many experiments, II  ;il���  ynn,| [slam's, which are on the sun,   As a re i has been pei
| puce is ini.en as tne t anauian con-  Ut.,  officially decided  that In every '������,������ ,.,;,���.,n,.i n9 Pntio-rnri. The i>,.s ieentiiile aarlctnt' ral improvement ot
.....   ,., pan ���Wo |wvo now  m|t one clIsl0mer. the changes  it   undergoes from    the  route, and that It never can be a com,   ���flTd8,v   ,,
��1   0|   MLOOO, )  the  British-and  allied   governments,  llm9 of separation until ii Is added to  menial success, forget that the Gulf c�����i in dei   and  mo
tho nations  ree- aml    the Canadian government, buy- the (hum.    I  1  th  so changes tie-  of Bothnia and the Btrlng of thriving  uten '1"'u   '''" '
uectlon, the report says In part
"The     wheat     cr
bushels establlshi it n ��� ���    ,  , ;    ,: ,. ,���������    :   :,  :  . .   ,      :
ord nnd was 1.8,000,000 bushels larg- jng tor them, can fix lhe price even
er than that of any other year. Tho  n( j|- a (on [j it wlshes
com crop of 2,873,000 bushels, while     "TiK, farmers, of course  mlghl not
it was only an avejrago one, exceeded | seil, but then the buy could be commandeered."
thnl   of   li'ld  by  226,000,   bitah iis.
The oal crop of 1,141,000,000 bushels
was ihe third largi si on n cord, The
potato crop of -M", ,000 bushels von
he (num. i pon tn so cnangei
ponds very largely the quality of but-,!towns upon
ter as regards lexl ire and flavor, The" j Finnish sho
temperature at which cream is held
determines ihe firmness or texture, Several C
while the flavor Is dependent upon!Mount Edit
tho by-products from the bacterial after their
its Norwegian and
Toronto News.
ol ' ie settlers, an in-
Istun ii.nii..
r \:.    railway,
Prussian    Casualties    Total 2,:44.248
Prussian casual::- lists numbers 380
389,   ;''.' irding   to   the   Rott r-
Conrant, contain the names
adians, Mho claim thai , i
near Banff, was named dan
es. have written to the!of 03,;ild killed, wounded and missing,
, civernnieiu  protesting    against    the making the total 2,244,248.   This total
I'he purpose of ripening cream Is [proposal  to re-name    the   mountain- Is exclusive of the names on 237 Bavin lienor of lho  arlan, 310 Wuhteciburgian, 233 Sux-
oniaii and the naval an 1 Turkish lists,
Wireless Wonders
The 7,000 wireless,ship stations In
���1,000,000 bushels larger than Hint of the world require over 15,000 licensed  fundamentally that of giving the leu-Mount Edith Cavell;
ihe preceding year  und the secomMii  men t0 operate them, while over 1,000 ter Hie desired flavor and aroma, bur ; llritish nurse who was murdered in
su:.> in the history of the nation. The  mn_ atatlons with u working force of  in addition it Increases the ease and  Belgium,   The first proposal was that
barley crop of 195,000,000 bushels was U^oo men are required to handle tho efficiency of   churning.    Cream    is | Mount Robson, the hlghesl  peak in
nearly 17,000,000 bushels greater than  business  which   originates  on   board
thai of 1913 and the second largest on i0f these vessels,
record.   The   hay   crop of 70,071,000
tons was the third In size.   The total
Immigration  Drops
rlponed in one of two ways: tho  Canadian   Rockies,    should    be
First, it sours or ripens as a result i named  after  ihe  dead   heroine,   hut
of the action of bacteria which    are this was objected  to principally  for
I normally present In milk and cream;   historical reasons.    The probabilities
estimated value of all farm crops and      A  stai.uncnt   from the quarantine or, 'now are that both proposals may be
animal products for the year is $9,-  officials at firoose isle Indicates that1    Second, ii  ripens   us a result  of dropped by the geographic board and
873,000,000,    an amount    greater  by a total of only 27,667 people coming I action  of certain   kinds of  bacteria some other means found tor commom-
(83,000,000 than    the    next    largestllnto Canada were examined, .which is which are added in what is termed a prating the memory of Miss Edith i'u-
erop value, that of lf'13."                      70,ti7ii less thai, last year,                  |"starter." veil
says the newspap r.
The militia council, i; is stated, has
decided to abolisl the use of liquor In
all officers' messes throughout the Dominion, For some time past the sale
of liquor has bten prohibited in canteens, but its use ims been allowed
by officers. Henceforth officeis and
men will be on the same footing i i
regard to the use of intoxicants. -___4    uuuu.iiiiill    AXiVlJUW
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky  Newspaper,   Publshed  at
Courtetiai. B, 0,
N. H. iituu'.N, l'Miii.r au.I Proprietor
Telephone 59
iiiliscriptioii $1,110 per Year in Advance1
'I'he city id' Portland, < Iregon, is
iks runs ni attracting visi'ors, with
n view of getting them n> stay as
residents, To thin end, every
Portlnnder has Imn invited lo mail
letters to friends nnd acquaintances
setting for lhe advantages of lhe
city, etc, etc., nml the scht me has
been largely taken up, immense
quantities of outgoing mail resulting
D.evelopiiieul lengiies, boards of
trade, publicily 1 nu tiiix, nml the
like have bet n it fniltiri in Cniindn,
uml il lhe Ci ui"\ Willi i is going to
attract new setlh rs and in vt industries, every n sidi nl should follow
the cnmni.li- of Portland. Here Is
a k1" 'I use for |m torial   postcards.
There :iie iimiiy. fninilii h in II C.
descended front the younger suns
nt some id lhe It adlng families of
the ('ill Country, and bearing names
renowned in history and lull of
honour, The "Voung����r son'1 has
made tlie empire what it is���he bad
his wni' io illume niitl generally made
it In too many eases the younger
sun's children i un to seed ho\v< ver,
and fail to do the thing, their
fathers would have done. The
honored name skulks at In me with
ii vague iiiieuiiii'i.itnl I.- feelii g that
the "younger son" parent is turning in his .rave at the thought of
it,    What ii pity.
Notes by the Way
The Rev, J. R, Craig of Westminster Presbyterian Church South
Vancouver in a recruiting sermon
recently, said, "We ure fighting to
uphold our homes and to uphold
the honor of lhe great British Empire That honor is wnped up in
;i mere scrap of paper which guaranteed the neutrality of Belgium.
We. chose to uphold that honor.
We nre paying seven million
pounds per day to do it. if necessary we will pay more, No sacrifice is loo great to make in this
cause." Mr, Craig is known to
the valley and won universal respect and admiration for his courageous opinions and bard hitting
when doing his duly here in his
miuistria] capacity, a year or two
ago. He has offered himself for
active sci vice, but lias been turned
down for bad eyesight. Perhaps
Comox can produce a lecrttit in his
An appreciable number of prairie
farmers are visiting the coast, and
making investigation aud enquiries
concerning farm lands. They arc-
long headed folk and can si., up a
square deal when it is put up to
them. If the valley fails to lam'.
oue or two something is wrong
with the system (if making the- district known. In the prairie provinces cooperation has become a
fine art, and il" the proposed exteii-
tion of the Creamtiy is made widely known, it will be likely to attract attention on the prairie and
draw new settlers.
Applications Wanted
APPLICATIONS  n e  naked   for the
position   ul   Citj    I'lciV    Im    I hi-
Year 1916,    Am   person   wishing
lo make  application   for  tin-   silunllon
may   leave   their   nppllcnllou   with lhe
Minor, one oi ihe Aldci men or with the
preseni Citv Clerk,  betor  Ihc Vili
W, A, W, HAMI'iS,
t'iiy Clerk
Court! nay, 26lh Jiinii iry, 1916,
lu lln* fust ten mi nt 1 la of 1915
Canada exported to the .States
1,414,.05,000 shingles valued nl
$2,853, '7��' '��' Itisli Columbia ship-
pi il the bulk of lln se and lhe above
figures repn seiil .5, per cent in
en use in lhe cm res ponding pel iod
in loll.
There is published monthly by
the I lireclor, I lominion b!x| t tiuieii-
lid Farms, Ottiiwu .1.11 extremely
handy luilh tin t nl itled "Seasonable
Hints", These hints cover the following headings: Liv< Stuck, Manure and I'et lilizcis, Fii Id Iluslian-
dry, Seed,   Weeds, Bees,   Poultry,
Fruit, Vegetables, etc id are the
production of experts in Ihese several lines, Needless lo say the
bulletins arc to be hud free for the
asking, and even progressive concerned should apply for them,
The high price of giain for
chicken feed in New Zealand has
so much affected the price of poultry and eggs that it is found profitable to import instead of export as
hitherto has been the custom, Supplies arc being received from the
States and local poultry keepers
would do well to note. Unless
Canada produces more food recourse must be had to foreign countries at enhanced prices. Butter is
scarce in Vancouver and is being
imported from Seattle Farmers,
this money is lost to you!
In common with other food sup-
i plies,   potatoes in   Vancouver and
Victoria are on the lise, Local
I spuds in   Victoria are   already $20
per ton.
The Black Box
In The Black Box we   have ottt-
tripped every former attempt, surpassed every super-excellent   standard that was known to successful
serials.   We have   fairly   outdone
ourselves.   We have explored   the'
j realms of science to provide mystery
j that would more than mystify    We |
\ lime expended countless thousands |
of dollars for settings, scenes,  and
a thousand and cue huge-props Una1 I
these extended episodes   have   demanded.    The basic   principle   of
the Universal   is   "Beat   the   last
one," and in "The Black Box" we
have beaten the last one. ,
The second episode of this wonderful play will be shown at the
.Opera House ihi:-'.Thursday.) even-
Spring 1916
Mew   Goods
Next Week
Ladies House Dresses
Wash Skirts and Middy Suits
Shirt  Waists and Middy
Silk and Satin Underskirts
Dress   Goods
Dress Ginghams
Dress Muslins and Ducks
Waidsook and Lawns
Towels and Towelling
Royal Standard Products
are British Columbia Products
ROYAL, STANDARD PRODUCTS have been proven SUPERIOR to all others. Thousands of British Columbians have attested to
this SUPERIORITY, Poultry prod nets���Food products���Grain
products all riglu up to famous WILD ROSE PASTRY FLOUR���
the first essential is QUALITY,
Is, unquestionably, the very be*! bread Hour ifis possible to secure
Esqu.malt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Ccurte-
[ nay  11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and  Way, ^Stations
RETURNING-Arrivesjat Courtenay at
2 16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
t *    r
_t        i.
Steamship tickets on nil lines to all ��� arts
||of the world. For particulars etc ,
Dist, Passenger Agent, Victoria
Agent Cuurlinny.Fhonc RCO
inc.. The show isi.nw three lights
per week, Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, and the price of admission lias been reduced lo '.5   cents.
have been highly endorsed by the li C
build oni Province by using ONLY llotti
made in British Columbia and Hint ROYAL STANDARD
Royal   Standard   Grain
Products  Agency
F. Movlti, Mjr, Phone 33; End ol Bridge
$0* PA%
fir    l*,\
ri:: '���" ...        ;..:: :: :������." ���;. - rr.f
!*_:__._:_;:_���_--___-_������������ :_���: __��_���__.___?��_
:JWfh:i,.<r^:'VJ .;���&
No More: No Less
$4  Tooth
No More; No te��s
e fo My Oie in Vancouver
For High Class Dentistry
I guarantee to sure you approximate1}' one-half on every kind of dentistry. By reason of the famovs PRECISION SYSTEM r can save you
lime and money and actuallv do your work better than most other dentists.
Others must charge from $7 to $10 per tooth for crown and bridge work
which 1 produce at $4 per tooth.
Vou can more than save your fare to Vancouver on your dental bill if
vou will come to mv office. Cut out this announcement- remember m\
British Columbia's Leading Dentist
Corner Hastings and Abbott Sts.
Vancouver, B. C
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort  With Moderate,  Uatea
Best Winea                                T, BOOTH
tnd Liquurs                                    l'mp.
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Lessons given on'.' tlie Violin
and Music
Riverside iiotei coortenay Cod Liver Oil and Mail with
The young people are practising
busily at Mrs- Kilpatriek's for the
coming mirstrel show, in aid of the
Prisoners of War Fund.
Owing to the great  snowfall   on
Tuesday night the mails were   not
sent out by  train   on   Wednesday
iui . I ul were held over lor the
real this llloniillg,",
The I.itllt Rul Cross Workers
dance at Comox last Friday night
was a very successful afliair. A
large number were present from
C< m teuay,      ___.
apply To
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Advertise In The Review
The annual meeting of liie Comox
Co Operative Association will lie
held in the basement of the Presbyterian church next Tuesday even-
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil   Compound $1
Wild Cherry Cough  Mixture
Drug Stoie
b!o. ,     Phone 30 THE COURTENAY REVIEW
This is the kind of weather
when the telephone is invaluable It is of utmost service at
all times, but when you do net
want to go out, you can reach
anywhere with the aid of the
instrument on the wall
Your telephone can be used to
talk to Nanaimo, Victoria, Vancouver, to Kootenay towns, or down
ih* coast. There is no such a
thing as distance with a long
distance telephone
B. C. Telephone   Co.,  Limited
Burns Anniversary
On Tuesday evening the anniversary nf the Robert Burns was
fittingly celebrated by the loca1
Scots. A magnificent spread by
Mine Host Booth of the Courtenay
Hotel, to ivhich about forty guests
sat down, After full justice had
been done to the repast a very long
toast 'list was gone through, with
Colin Campbell as toastmaster.
The first number was a selection
bv th�� Orchestra of the 102111I
Ilatt., which was highly appreciated. The next was a song "A Wee
Doch in Doris," by Corp. Kirhy
win, has a good voice with a fine
SeoU-h burr to it. "The King"
was honored in the timehonorecl
custom by singing the National
Anthem, Rev, T. Menzies recited
the "Bioken Howl": J. II, Mclntyre sang "Scotland Vet."
"Comox   District" proposed   by
Hugh Stewart,   reply by   M. Man-
son,    Mr,   Stewart  said   he came
35 years ago;   there were  about 30
farmers, here then and a fortnightly |
boat took all the  produce they had
to sell to  Nanaimo,    The country
would   be   better   than ever  after
these hard times were over.  Something had always turned up to help
the   workers   of   this   valley,     He
spent   many winters iu   California!
and had travelled by boat and overl
land, and hand  seen no scenerv lo
surpass Vancouver Island.
Mr. Manson said that the word
Comox was derived from the Iu- j
dian' word Comochawa���plenty of
fishing. When he landed here ill
1864 there were very few settlers
and but 3 teams in the whole -settlement, Steamboat day was always a holiday. He told how one
a Mr! Ross had a large ox he used
to drive before a homemade earl,
and   that   he   talked   loudly   and
fluently to the ox.   Another farm
er used to  fish in the   river with 0
fork and his  hogs fattened   on lhe
fish, of course the pork was 'high',
He helped to build  lhe first bridge
across the Courtenay River.    Had
seen the bnv frozen over from here
to Deiunau Island     I Ie refern >1 to
the high class of  farmers   we hud
here.    The cream i\    butter takes
1 st   prize  wherever   shown,     lie
had heard the Ci uitelluj condensed
milk   praised   from    lhe extreme
south to Alaska,   li   c.   was preeminently a Umbel country and So
per  cent,  of   the   timber   output
came   from   the   Comox   dlsliicl
As high us   507,0011 feet of timber
had been taken off one acre,   There
are [80 logging   operations   being
Icarried oil   In   the   disttioi.   The
'Oii.iiiaski Cove Conner) hod turned
out    ,0,1100   cases   of   salmon, the
same ut Alert Uny, und gn ol quail
; tiiii s of fish were caught in the in !
lets and shipped to Vancouver ' hie
salmon cnughl nl   Campbell   Ri\ 1
' wi Ighetl 86 pounds     We   have im
im use coal nnd 01 her  mines    The
I largest   pnpi r mills   on ihc Pacific
eotisl are ul Powell   River   \\iiii an 1
output of 200 tons p. 1 (lay.   Tie re;
j is still   400 billion   feel   f   limb 1
; still standing in Comox.    I Ie n fer
red to tie great wotk   the   women
;of the  ili-tiict had   done,    He ad
j vised   the   voting   men   who were
II physically   lit   to join   the 102ml
His only   son   was   somewhere in
I Prance fighting with the army and
if he was able would be there back-
i ing him un.
,    0  II. l'ccluier "The Lighthouse
"The Land of our Adoption,"
proposed bv Mr. Mclntyre, re
spouded lo by Sergt, Brown, who
said he had been here 21 years and
was a Canadian first, last and all
the lime. I Ie liuinnrnuslv described his life after lauding when he
worked for a miserly farmer for sr,
per month. And gave several
oilier amusing anecdotes of his
western life.
Scotch Song, Corp. Kirby
"The Immortal Memory of Rob.
hie Burns," proposed by Captain
Rothuie, "responded to by T.
Men i s and Colin Ci rupbell wl 0
said that Judeah, Greece and Scotland had plowed deeply iu the his
tory of the world. Many Scotsmen had helped to make the world
famous. Burns hud struck the
highest notes iu poetic flight and
emotion. Mr. Menzies said this
toast was second only to that of the
King. Referred rrelitlgly to the
absence of John Masson, who had
passed put since our last auniver
sary. Said tlie presence of the
officers of the 102nd added dignity
to the occasion     He   had    I eeu in
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the
Comox Co-Op. Society
will be held in the
Presbyterian   Church   Basement
Courtenay, at 8 p. m., on
February 8
At the same ti.ne and place a nieelin;: oi the creditors of (he above Society will be held to hear the
report of the directors for the last six months, and
to make arrangements for the future carrying on
of the business
this country  21   years,   and   had to dale.   The   wound  I
helped bur,' men ill Albert Caujou royally treat'd I '��� ,-,
who  had died   from the   elTects of nurses nnd othet    ,vho I
the "Scotpion Broth" dispensed in them with kin Im
ihe hostelry  where Sergt.   Drown were the favorites with ii
had presided as wine clerk.    Burns girls,    This war is son:
was   the people'.*)   poet, bom   and 110   lit   man   should He'll
lived iu the  humblest   citeiiinstau- never   regret   it.    sinei
cer, yet uo man's memory   was so broke out Britain I
hcuored in Scotland took Germanv    pa
Alex, Aitkett sang "There was a the way ol fitting an arm-
Lad," 1 not be necessary for
"The Allies," proposed  bj   Mr.  fan,nl,1,   Can   Bans   will
Manson, who referred  feelingly to j their last dollar and . \ ������
Belgium's   part   in   the   war, and blood for the Ivtnpi
hoped   soon to  see France   regain,    "Other Countri
her lost   provinces   of   Alsace and Holmes   responded    Foi
Lorraine,   dipt. Rothuie respond- with a rousing
ed, and said   he had  fought on the inimitable mat
Western I'Tont with  the  Belgians first visit to a Bur
aud French, also spoke very highly he was an admirer   0
of  their courage,    lie   had   been Scottish   bard
through the  South   African   cam- gave credit w ei
paign with Col. Warden, who   hid'stands for free,:
asked him to join the    1112nd when 1     P, J. Donnell'  ' s
it v as formed,   'I'hey   were doing  United States,    li     .
well; had got some of the best men ory   of   Robert   Bun [
iu the district, none others will fill 1 given, and  tonight, frpm
the bill.    The   Empire   needs the: of that   country   to the ���
flower of the nation to go the front auuiversary was being
to fight,    The   manner in   which He said the great   majority       the
Belgium   defended     her   country American people were in
against the Htinsarofised the whole J with the   Allies   in the   :'::������
world,    The   Allies had   gathered [war.
together  evety man of   them who     Speaking for Ireland   Sam   Cal-
could   carry   a   gnu, refitted   and hoiin sn'd the Inuiskillen
clothed     them.    Things    looked  were   jiving   1  g |    1
irettys'iki' in the earlv days of (' themselves. He was iu P
tlie war when the re reat from
Moils to lhe Margin- He likened
the Allies then as men armed with
peasln oters against gattltng guns.
Many regiments were cut down almost to a inan.    Hi torv   repeated
phia when the Spanish war broke
out and trout   liappenit
concluded that the Ame	
had no particular love for the Germans He paid a nice compliment
to   the officers   of   the   ui:: I in I
itself at Waterloo.   One   squadron hoped  we   would   all be   together
turned   the whole  German   flank,  next vear,
All the   troops   were   working  in j    "The Ladies," propose W
harmony together with but on ��� de-  Aitken. resp
termination, to eithtr stay there or
win. There was quite a formidable enemy Iket Oil the Pacific
when lhe war started; there are 110
ships now     W>
and "The   Pr��
;d Ic VV. Den 1 il n,   res] in
X. H. linden,  concluded   th
.rain   and   one  of    the    i: ��� piest
ire   getting a lot  Burns'    celebrations    yet    I     I in
of their .submarines, about   eighty Courtenay,
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
E. C. than at the
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed mid Sold at the Lowest Possible l'rice
Blacksmith ard Carriage Buil,
���llWl-MMl-Wir: 11'stoH-ft-
Get "More Money" for j-onrFo
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beav,
Marten and other Fui .
KIIIP VOIll I 1 lis I,II, I
house In the World dealing mcIu , 	
n r.li.-iUic���resi
litaiinnexistingf, r";:: re, al
irdo'sendlnffFur.Shipi  i  pi        ..-.'.Mi..
I'PAIII    I.* .  It,-!.-    .     -���>��._.  _.....���. .
���J  i
AND PROFlTABI.E retur, ..   Write    r "Ibe Mntm ��bWr ���
tlie uuly reliable, accurate market ri-uort nn,! price list published
Writ,. J..r It���NOW-H*��  PRBE
A. B. SHUBERT, Inc. f,5 X J * I'i        ���������������������_. i
he Mystery
of tl
Hy Fred M. While
Ward,   Lock  &   Co.  Limited
m London, Melbourne, and Toronto ,.
. rled,
s��v  , ���' I1,,}���' i'0111?'11"1'1"?!.1"'; "ir     Teuton Reserves Gone
^S~\     lllllleill   .1   I,   |llle  nl   ill-,  lllld   '  Ml'   ,   a
yl'.Miss  lluvonspill' \v.iiii'"l 1111,1 lliiii"  -in'I
ilv in e:i,| mn nml i:  would he | Germany ,-iihI Atistriii Forced to Call
on Aycd nnd physically Unfit to
nil  Ranks
feel u7h'Tcouid RU'ep'roi-^Vi'litiiimiiuil    'll"'    l!';|lil l"'"''   '���'��� nlal,lvr
.veins    I am    no exhuii I tl iiientull-   !    ,'    ""' ["'"rA :' '"������ ,'""!";v" l'��
I liuvti   nn  ii-l, ine. Inn .-nl   to   llllll   '''   llC! ,'ri��101   A,l;;i'"1  ;l1 '"   ""    i:,Ul
II ill    lllifl   Mil,,,",'   KltlllltlOll." 1'OIHlllRI II     III   I   t'l'Illllll      llll.I   lli'l'll   Cllll-
I'I   mil   :i11il   ii
ippllod liniiii diulcly.
"i ivani nothing hm in ri
ion Haiti wearily.   ' I inn tl
ui.   i!
Designed for Farmers ol Western Canada
\bell iin'.'.e i mid relli'i'tl, The nlsli
, ii   lip,     lliul   evi'i'i    mini   liei ween    III
'     '      ,   ','    I ml   in    MPlli'lo nl pouring hit' .
icing iiii'iie , u,,|���   ,,,.     , i   ,   . ,.���
General   Purpose   Barn
\ general purpose barn lailli on lib-
oral  lines, allowing iiiiiple Bpaee  for
.,;��� ,''';;!\C\:Mi':,e;n^:ic'.''l,i,::i-'l ' "-��� ��� '���' >'* '��<>������ ,...n .jr.,;;;*;y\����������-__���^hr.���
dry.   Mui'loti ilmia I,"!' li, ,|i,��n upon I:::!':'' "S .'.!;���' [l'}\^riK'> !���!',��� lm.!!���< Tli <   W�� eiin lx Biylod u,e maximum
:��� ���,l   ,��� ���,'i,|,i ,���i   | ���uHi ���, ,   ,m";  ,,    !     en"llnl"    "  WTO" ffe"  iieeoiiinitidnlloi,  tor the leiml  , ley,
I,    I,,.,   mi,.,., ���     tine to l,,c    "J,    ,'1,'"s    "''   ":": ''    l5i'l'lie ground floor Is well IlKhled wltli
.��� ,,.    :..',,,,,, vui   HlVnhu ���  "rSl     '  li!l'!:'"' '"'"'  ' i;r'    "' �����>'  ��� ��" "I l'11'! 'i.eciiil type,
'   '���,;������    .,,���,; " .. ""hi '����n* musl i-all III i ��� in yearn,   ,.,���,,     Rl     ,   will via Uh
1  ,',|      '   , ,���,       i ,   ,1 and nlmid) ��� secret i Ire ' nu ITeen  draughts ntrlklnn Ilia rattle,
(Com nu ,,
"Wlui  nre    you'.'"    M
"Sp 'i,i., or I rail for help."
i n   iiu-inil
Hm   Ime ni
n.I  I nu nn
' in'   I mil  ;-'ci', .., , ,     . i . .
.' new Mn eiyu hand wns laid on lior  respect l'ttlly If iidnilrliigly.   "Still, Hun Lid ,.������������,   ,,..���.,!���,   , ,, ,������.  ���,   ,!.'���,,..,',,,  ,.,.���,��� ,ui, , ,,',',," ^"J
Hi>��:. has been tliuug I. u look- nulling 11 nto the tiring Hm   will   ways  lo tlio  biii'iivnrd,  oni   box
:" '���"  larllj  ''.mi'   piirlj   in iIn- Hpi'lug. Utiill ill corner or the cow  Maine will
i ���     ...    .  ..  I \   It.. -
l,clllllul  'm1" ,,   ���      "unl .1.     I ��� .lion] ill I   '    i,"    '���i'.'. ;."���'���'"' "'"�� "" "'���"l :���������'������������'��� gives t.ceomnik,  .'I, I'.e l ml ,,f .-i'i
".'','      r""1;   TZh,   ���S win,  vou          Ml.   I  Hid ii  loill         '"  ���"'^,"i'"'  Aimirlii-lliiimar)  cull   ,,,,  ���PUI,    ,�����������!,   ,���,. ���,��� ���,��� ��-,ill,
'"-1"'    I'1!  I'";'1"." I'"""1     ,!'    ��U      "   '"'    '   " ''       ' 'Hetl up all men from  III It. I Iho. Iintl   ������,,    ,;��� ;���,  , |  mmKB, wliicli
t'ti iippeured,   Marlon gave     l;:- iot    ,i   being hci mediately lo I fc,itiiren    Hha    decided    ndvniiliiKc
''���earn, but I re hIo could \ ui   it)iit itenil one,     Abe    ���-���'" , i i,,-   front.    Only    i  e  elgliteen-ycnr   There tire nl��n  font'  larg,   ociih  for
win ter ihey were, ibcy were nol lag, glaaa in  lite eorner.'
nullity roiigli,   Tlie hand thai stayed      Marlon smiled dosplu   herscir, Sho! (i-jriniiiiy" iiini"   Aiisiro-iiuiigary* "n'reil pruvc
iiirlber ' I ��� win   liui'il, but  ll  wan found lhe ��� lass nml i pe i i, up In    therefore nboul on u pur In r,   peel nf  provide ^or n
i 'I cruel. I'orc  her.     riiovo   wiik    nisi   lor ,|,e [iniinng of their inan-power.    In
"Vou   are not to crj  nut ugnin," n itluriu.   Sho looked at. neai and iresli  acrmniiy, according In the Biinie nim> I '
ed.    "I  will  urn   Injure ua    II she Iitul JiihI  irm.   n duo und authority, ;,nm   ,io, i,-,    hnvii pansed
an expensive mall u\ nnd will bo
found verj c invonlent. The iotl lu
addition to pro\ I ling ainpli space f r
the storage of siifficleul feed lo carry
, locli oi 11' :i coin i'i. r.ibl ��� period, enn
also im in ed in some cm phi for tho
in,   ee   n(   lllipleillPtltB,
Tli ti burn do u' used nl Ibe driveway
is exceptlonnllj large, bolng I2> i I,
niiil ns i-'ii,'1, a slued door would be
hum Icldy, liulll In l wo pie, ��� s, tit i up
per portion I - i puriilcd und hLngi il,
hi ns iii iin up
.he l   a   word   ns     lo   itrticlli n.
Rpeclnl niiei lion Ituh in mi given tu
tlie iin ii hi all our but ns In tho
llrsl pluci 11 pj ure sliimlnt'ill���i d us
In :,i in On : proud place, lln . are
tniili with nn nlr spiie.', which pro>
Iviuilagu, li limy j \ iiles wni'inth, nml ponstmcted In
li.m inr ii Lull c i-  such ii  milliner, us under reasonable
you If Mm promise not to call out."     elaborate toilette.   UciirTr .   wti     mil   ;,., m  f0]. service in n  with one eye
.Marlon  ludlealed    Unit   she_ would  of spying that ^rtnr n I'oolball miitcli  lunio men, luuichbnclis, and even cim
sumptlves,   Tlio   llim
presence of deaf nun
comply  with Ibla siiRg. tlloit.   limned
lull Ij   the  hiind  fell from  lier lips.
"This   is  mi  outrage,"    she    said.
"That la liesi.l" iit,- point," wus tlio
reply, "li ls an outrage, bul we are
ii .1 going iu niiil you bntllj. U'o ure
iiiiiiiiuiiai -ly compi lied lo keep you
for some I'lim'-aiiilitteiiij hours from
ihe i in todj nf your friends, but ><>u
may re i a i ui ed Uml you will be
irnnli .1 v. lib .���'.( ry coiiBldernilon."
"I am your prisoner, tlien?"
���.- inee : on like to put ll in lhat
way, yes."
Miii'i'in was proptrly Indignant, Sho
polnti ,l out thai the course these men !
were  pursuing was a  criminal    one,
nnd iimi  ii was llkt 1\  to lead them
into trouble.
Dm sin, inlglil  havi   been speaking:
t,i the winds,   if she could only see|
est    lileu    wbal  ihey were like.   The
man w im spoke was evident') n
Marion would have remained aa ileal aiiniprlves. Tlio llusslans report tin
nn,I tidy us evur. She uio her brctik- presence of deaf mules nu Hi liriiu
lasl, licartll) good leu, with eggs, i lin0| ,,���,| ,.?])or|a rrom lho Anglo
ami bread ami butter, ami strnwher- j vreneli from Indlcale a atendllj grow
1 '''s'' ing admixture of old m< n In the Qer
"Dn viei ttniit nnylhing moro?" iiinn rogiiiients, I'licts Iii'..' Ihese
nsked   \bell, looking in. | which    nre    far boiler i.mn
"Nothing, except  in>  llberiy." Mar-| Teuton countries   than to i
inn  replied,    "Yo
.a,oke If you like.   Ilov
'going in detain me hen ."
"Kour anil twenty hours."
"iini  l :iiall lie missed.   They wi
search   for   me.     Uy    this   time,  i
course, they are hunting all oi er th
place   for    me.    'I'he;     will    cum
iin! I outside of i he ii im
you ) one , it rninn m w -i>:
Oi raiany    musl   in:i
Fori   ii is loo late,
trying to do thai \
Uutl and Umpire.
"I  lliluli   not,"  Aiii-ll  I'iii.l   p
'li Is ton in a,' home.   .Nobodj
, ,'l,;.-e in lhe castle.   We tboughl
,...H!1,?.,elSS_ltlinl.   The)  will noi
er reasons."
..laiM.ii   glanced    swiftly
npanlon  scenn-il  like I      . ,
Canada's Exports Increase
During War Times
sailor by bis walk, j
.ml yel ii wi s Impossible to Bee Ibe
laces ni  either.
"We nn, nuim; lo eonduel you to
���ii.' of 'lie cine.-." v.ns pie reply.
'I nfortuniUeh   no li   .. ��� is   ivntlablc
l. for ymi
hi   yen  proven!    tin
sick eniih
proprietary medicine ,0a i1"' lett-nand side of the barn,
s ti consequence, had there is accomnnjation In four double
a-eailv reduced because  stalls   for  eight  horses,    also    four
gambrel typi
.I nml limls there
fer for wanl i,r food or anything of
,,,,,l kind. And 1 pledge you my word
:' mmer thai you shall' noi he detained a minute heyoad the specified
lie touched Marlon on the arm to
Indicato a forward movement.
"I suppose ii  is of no use to askh"0,11 "��"",
1 lor everybody,
refns -I    to  Increase
iheir  preparations  to
Tcbigorsky, My frlond's name Is Kl-
plck, lie was ul one liuui ;i i;' rvuiil
in  the  employ  ol one  of your  fain-
presslon," Abell said  gravely.
"The words appeared lo strike tt
chill in Marion, she began to comprehend ili.it all her siicrilii'i's had been
made in vain.
"Tchlgorsky nol daad?" she said
miu. I tali,   French    ami   Dutch  Ouiann    In
"So I  presume," Abell replied cool- South America.
ly.   "Hm  forgery is so simple now-a-     On  account  of the ortensivo sales
days with tlie aid of the camera.   At'- of Dr. Chase's medicines tlu'oughoul
ter ttiiiit I have tokl you you will be  Canada   and tlio I'liited States, there
I able to see that our scheme has be ii j has  developed   a   certain   amount,  of
'"Tcbigorsky?"  Marlon cried,    "But thoughtfully worked out." j direct trade In all parts of the world.
,  ;; (]ead." "And when I cine hack do I bring  The  presenl   undertaking Is  to  con-
"Thal seems lo be the popular im- a joyful confession with me?" solidate this Irade and by appointing
Abell looked steadily tit the speak-  agents   in    all  these  places,    lo  es-
er.   There was something in the ex-  tabllsh   business    throughout    these
a ri .-'-inn of his eyes that caused her countries on n lasting basis,
to drop hers. As .Mr. dimming is well aequain't-
"Tlini  depends entirely upon your- ed with the drpg trade throughout the
self," he murmured.   "One thing you  West  Indies and  South  America,  it'
rely upon���the confession will be  is  expected  thai   bis trip  will meet
1   : - ss.   nnd that these uiedi-,
clnes win ilml a further Held of usefulness.��� Toronto News.
single si nils, so i
ll ;it in i rails all ii;,- time nml 111 nd
itlon there are tw i large box atalis.
��� The Iini':;, ss r iom is n very val
able adjunct, the spa< e occupied ��i
pay for itself, in lhe saving ii wl
create in the care of Hi    barn ss.
The loft lr.\o:l In this barn cal
for special study, :is wiili Hie drlv
way to the loft, "all tin driveways v
will show are built with a grade ,
I to ti."
Unloading can be done eiili r 1
driving directly Into Hie hard or i,
in. tlie overhead carrier through t!
. which
I., cones prac-
iiai can
ly   used
Sntcrprislnrj Drut, Company ic Headline;  Out   Into  No-.-.' Territory
In many Iini s of drug i and chenil-
:.,;!", ('"iiiiiiiiy had the  world's mar-
j kel   In  In r aands.    \\ iiii    the    war,
the  German   and   Austrian    sources
leinaiided. i w-ere cut oil nnd the prices of drugs
ell puffed airily al his cigarette,  have   Increased   some   ."".  some   lo0|e|se '", jteP'  as a hospital stall for | conditions, will give long life to tne
miled pleasantly. and Borne 1,1  p.
"There ure mail)   ways,"   he said, i    The    li
purpose or v.o should not put \"}'"u ''" "ot como down to breakfast,   firms   ,-;v
hii  inc.iuveiiieiice.    Hut   v.,.   '"">' ^gln u>, '"' 1,iimi:"'1 ''" >""[ '\b*Ulialr pro
, ivory precaution for your sen,^i   ls,,"!"l""1'v ^ ''', '""' r?T  lhe-    lin
,  and yot are not likely to snf- al"1 nnds tUore a no e addressed to  prices  ol
your gratidtather.    lhat noto is uppar-   public.
entry in your handwriting. I contains This hns naturally caused them to
a few llne3 to the effect that you have niake an effori to increase business
made a. great disci,very. Vou have hj taking on new territory. As an
gone to follow it up. The family ar: Illustration we may refer to the
not to be alarmed If you do not return I yjr. chase Medicine Co., whose re-
till very luLe. When you come hack prssentatlve, Mr. P. It. Cummins,
to have n joyful revelation hcf| Toronto on Tnesdaj lasl for nn
������ .Marion said coldly.       1101 ��.<--,.vuody." extended    trip  through    Cuba,    the
"  "|  have    im  objection,"    said   the      Marion smiled in reply. Abell seem-   West   Indies,    Central   America,    In-
other.   "The time is coming when it ed to bo so sure of his ground. icluding   Honduras,  Costa   Hica
will be necessary to speak very plain-     "Whal  von outline means forgery," Panama, Columbia,   Venozeula,
ly Indeed.   My name is George Abell, I she said. lish,  Frenel
and  l  am  secretarj    to  Dr. ScrgluE
is an
lit   ll
in  the
are us
���ii, i
a is Ceot long
ced -  f.et on
birns, we will
i    of  various
i :,',,: avi r   to
ii narrow barn
sed in have a
lowing numerous designs
mil Barns" furnished on
to the  Deslgnt rs.  c o  To-
iors, as occasion may  demand.' I ronlo  Type   foundry  Co.,   Winhlj
ouhle access lo the loft, Is not   Man.
No," said Abell.   "I saw him a lit- made and the el,mils rilled away.   It I with  sue
ile time ago. li will perhaps not stir
prise you to I.car lhal I inn acting mi-
lei' bis orders."
"Bul lie could noi I,now that 1 ���"
"Ur. Tchlgorsky Beems to divine
matters, ll" seems lo know whal people   . ill do ulin isl by instinct. He is
is only a matter of hours now,
ly, you do  nol   i,ceil to be .old why
you are detained?"
i'or some reason best known to
herself Mai-inn iii,l not need lo he
told. It was a loin.', time before she
spoke again,   she otighl to have been
Women have proved  to    im    very
cellenl    machinists    in    England, j
essed into the service by the exi-
ncies of warfare.    About 800 Kills'
a wonderful man and does wonderful I angry  with this man;  she ought  to 1 were al  the outset  employed lu the
things.    Hul   l   cannot   tell   you  any  have turned  from him  with  indigna-1munition factories.    Some   ol    these
mori ���   l  am  merelj  acting under or-|tion: bul she ,ihi nothing oi the kind. |have been
.' i'  "
lie  Indicated  tlie  way  and   Marion
pr,      |i !   \, Itboul     fin ther   protest.
:   like  .i  i oi il mned  criminal
ivhen tin    entc.no? is pronounce I. A
on      ���   lo l of i nspi ie .' and anxiety
f: ,
' * "ir ' '
\ i-
rk loin' nianllis. anil
v.       :    ,r!;,   Unl  111 il,    lliiw  il   was go
In ��� lo i .i l   dnrl 'a neither km ������   nor
can        llul   Bin   .ml   know   Ihal   111.
unaii    ho   ...    i ;'"'. n as M i
' ��� itiothci' word passed niilll the
fool .,' Hi.' hills of the cliffs wns
ri.,, , d, ii v, , ii , easy inatti r lo
gel il nin in iin _ark, bul II was man-
-, ������ ,1 ,ii   h : " ll
li tt:,.; ii inr Hm lonely spot where
0 fri j' ��� Btrandi il boat had In i n
!' und. for daj together nobody
-.im" here and Marion could nol con-
le  hersi If  with   th ���  facl   thai   she
could be rescued.   Xol that sh i much I been in pli
eared;  indeed, il was n matter of in* It ion to unj
dlffi  ��� i.c   in  ber what  happened,
Vml If she had. her indignation would j were  trained  b;   such  skilled opera-
have : i wasted, tives as v  re available I'or the work
"Vou  are  In   Dr,  Tchlgorsky's  con- of   Instructors.    These    girls     were
ndence?" she nsked. found  to  he capable  of a  good  out- Germans Are Wearied of it                   To Stamp Out Tuberculosis
Abell shook his head with n smile, put   on man; of the operations after .\ private In    the    fthlne Brigade,]    Tho opportunity    wns  afforded  to
'I know ii  ;real deal about him," hi only n week's instruction, writing  to  his   wife  at   Portsmouth,   ever; person In the linked Stati    on
siild.   "I help him in lib  experiments.                      ]*ng., saj  : I December 8th to set at resl hh   lurk
Hul ,i    to being  In his conlldence         To  tacllltnte the  testing ol  shrap- you could never realize the awful  ing nnxieiies as io whether be had
un    i don'l suppose any man in the nol there has been devised a thermo- Mine  the  trenches  are  In  now.    0. any symptoms of tuberculosis.
Tlnn  day.   which   was  Bet  aside
"medical examination day," occurred
on   ihe  Wednesday    of Tubercul
world  enjoys that, unli  s  ii   Is your]  tatlcally conlrolled electric oven and course,    lho  Germans  nre  in  Mime
uncle lialph." II Is now In use In one of ihe govern- in fact, 1 believe they are worse nlT
Marlon  started.    In    thai   moment menl arsenals   In    Pennsylvania.    In than  ua,    Today  four of the enemy ..
 >   things  he.an,.'    clear  to  liar,  tha  teslliu   of shrapnel  shells  ii   Is rushed   out   of  their  trenches   with Week planned b) the National Assoi
llillierlo   she  bad    regard ,1    iv.ilph  necessary thai  h temperature of  120 white handkerchiefs and gave them- nation for the Study and Prevention ot
H     nspur     as     anyihlng     bul    a|deg.  I'm r. he maintained continuous- solves ��)> to one of our regiments. Tuberculosis to be observed through-
man  in  be dreaded  or  feured,  Now  ly for n period of twenty-four hours. They  said  they  were absolutely  fed out  the  country   between   December
��� knew better    Why had she not 1 in lhe new  electrli   furnace the con- up  with  it,    Oppo.llo  ns  Ihey  keep otti and l.th.
tboughl   .'! llilr hi fore?"
" I iiey arc great friends?" sic   said.
"Oh, ye i.   'I in y havo been all over
the  world   together.    And  Ihey  have
which they do not men-
tTo bo Continue n
��� ������ s
American Plan���$3.00 nnd upi $1.00 i.iili butli
ONK ot the lirilcit nml mosl comforliilili? Hotels in Ihe rioniinion of Canada, strictly
tlrit.clus. Tlie (Inecn's is wcll-kiiown. WO rooms, 120 in iuit��, with liatli; lon_
distance Telephone 'n every ronin; elegantly (urnished tlironglioul: cuisine and servlco
of tlie liiehc,,t orjer of excellence. Is within easy reach o: railway station, Hotel coanlies
metl i.ll tra!!,?.
," ."l"l"l"'> ll '':;,\l., " H,':Uin" ;,n l1'- i;'"? l!,;;l ,!l,'y wan,t;| It Is hoped lhat this will Inaugurate
mi,:,ne circiil when lhe temperature ed p. nee and hoped the war would ., ���,,,���,.���. .ulm,.1, "illR,,r,,.liim ot ,,,,,
exceeds the limit set and again makes soon end. li is airly certain that kuma- machine." To this end the eo-
,- when the temperature bus beenjuioy don care what happens. Our operation of physician., employers
lowered to the required dcgiee, Aic-i trenches have rallon in to such an and workers wns secured. Other tea-
Ing across the contacl points has been  extent that io move along one  has  tures of the week Avere tho Children's
reduced to a  ilnium by means of  to expose oneself all a ong the para- Health   Crusade    and    Tuberculosl*
u condenser shunted across thorn.   It pet.   As we are less than 200 yards ; Sunday, the sixth of sueb yearly inter-
Is claimed  thai    the temperature of  from the enemy they could not miss  denominational  observances    lo    be
the oven m a continuous lest of Uvea- his.    Hut would   you believe it, ihey Lniebrated���The Survey
ty-i'eur   hours did nol vary more than  are  absolutely  dejected  and  fed  up, I
one degree, and,  given a'fair chance,  the  whole I
  I0t   wmlid  come  over  nnd  surrender I    "I  broke  some  records  this   alter1
A member of the impecunious nnd I to us. I noon"
greatly taxed middle clas3 was drawing Ins weekly pit in nee from the
cashier, who apologized for the dirty
Just  Wait
i  didn't know you were an at!"-
"I'm  not,  but  the next    time mft
ondltion  of the treasury notes.    '       "I'd face a dragon to win thai girl,  daughter undertakes to give a daw\
"I hope you nre not afraid of mlc-  just  as  knights did  in  Hie days o�� h���g parly she'll  find there isn't WJ_��
robes?" he remarked. yore.   In fact, I'd welcome a dragon I music to" dance to."
"Nol in the least, lhank you," was|to face. [
"Your wisit may be granted.   Wait j-
lhe   l'epl
:,ul,l live o:i my
mire    no
until you see her mother, my boy."     i
W. R U- 108? _THE   REVIEW.   C0U1.TNEY.   B. C
Lobs From Grain Smut   [Joints Quit Aching
Germany's War Losses
nre usually tliiri and easily
Worried, sleep docs not refresh and the system gets weaker
anil weaker.
Scott's Emulsion corrects itervouir-
ncssl y forcootnourishment- It feed i
Hie nerve centres by distributing en-
crjfy uml power all ov :r tin: body.
Don't resort to alcoholic mixtures
or drug concoctions.
your nerves - 'nothing ecuati or
compare!   vjilh   it,   but tnitet vn
the genuine SCOTT'S.
U.K  tvF.nr nwucriisT HAS it, ���<_.,_.
Ravages of Smut Disease is a Serious ]
Matter to  the   Farmer              1
Taking one year with another tho'
iverage farmer suffers a grcatov loss NO     MORE     STIFFM ESS,
livoiigli    Hm   ravages   of  Smut   Dig-     ,
Soi'CH.SS (iOt'S AW3V  Gopmally  1>ccs  Not Know  Extent  of
} I its Death Roll
I'ho   Prussian   u ithoi i h     ��m   di
���I   ilm   Kaiser's   war,    I,    not   tliiro
i j i ,i    ,i ���, i a    11 ���!  ������'���..,    i ', "i niton  the onoi ol their
eases   Ulan   tlirongii   any   othor  on,"     I'AJiN   OJK   lYUSERI   IN       ami,   to roach  I    n peopl,
post, and while he   may realize Hits vsim>    u\/'v   /\i>
loss,  im,  in   man)    cases,  seems  to YOUi.    BALK   Oil
consiiler ii a necessary evil. I
II.  T   Gussow,   lioiii'iiiloii   liotiinl-t, I
lentil niiS'.'i'vutlniis of two yelii'B bused
n   personal  counts and  calculation, I Wonderful
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
\s i' iiiiiiut nt filet (iiii   dor. know
more uf  the  mortality  li-u,  Hum  do ]
lim   ptople   oi   I'ie   Kniser. |   --linli
I'ho icn thou iindlh   page   ol    thi i   raotheihcd
Cm o a rathtrlla _-1 pi
brula ��� hnrtli-unnecess.rj-,
Purely vo*ctalilr. Acl
gently on Iheliver,
the Remedy
Melons pain reliever,
ordiiiuiy     lininmni    jusl
officially noknowlcdged Ciermiin ens-
jjj, n ;i I ii:. k lias ri ached London, snj    Hi
"New Vork World, nnd n denotes thai
I tiermoii losses in the Held now cer-
| luinly  are    nol     less    thnu   11,(100,000
killed, wounded mi,I prisoners,
Course of Studio
esiimules   thnl   the   annual   total   los
due io sunn  iu wheat, oats and  bar-1
ley uniiiiinls n> JIT, ,000 Ol' 0.2  per j
cent,  of    capital    Invested   In   ihese |    -\. ',
crops.    The    loss  in  oni.--    uliiii.-    is
roughl'  equal to the com
of wheal and barley,    In  the I
Siaies  ii   Is  c.t'niated  that   tin
due    iii   the   sunns  of  wheal
ninnui ei'i'SM ,ei,u  and when Isiunioss in cnronic rneumiuic joints,
all ibe s a nml rusts mv consider- ��lvca l��lul( n'""' '" "���""'  tlirotibinB
Id the loses n,��� , to hundreds of  t����lriB, am ver burns or oven stains  -u'"   '   ," ���
millions ot dollars                                i Hie BKln.                                                   As    i.einuiii   inllitiirj     niithorllloB
Vast   ns  the  ni,,,,.,   i,,m   from   lho     ";il1"" lam  kepi  mj   ioinis swol   "ever i Ilsh officer cnsunlltlea,   ex-
smuts   tho Indlrec   losses   tire nl..  '"" '""I ��'"'" ""' "'" I'**���.   My rilthl H" """ """l"i'";,r";'L ��"<l tho lists
ii.    ti,,. exiietiiie    m' controllln. I kl Joint was often to ilitftii to nl-|��re   ""'   gunranteetl lo bo complete
���ate membra
of the be
'���    '" I  ;��" '"��'�� "'"!" liovrerrul, more       """  cloaDly,, v:',] : "  coi.trilii
'iXd N" trntl"E' """v Paln-siibdlllng llian  ?" B ?"*8e nt,.'-r..",""tS- T'",'   ,1Je'
���'    .''limy  Hileli, oily or ammonia liniment. I "lv.,ll"',1"', "sls '',"' '" r's Inclusive,
, i'^ai'i'vii,,,,. rainy en'   up lhe pain nml:""' ",'" "I'm  '""" ':'V "!l ^"'" :!'" !"'
a ono    U(T ,      ,-     ,c ,.;,,������.���,.  p,"1'  covering 2119 pages    lhe toll of dentil
uml misery  for   n��� se nine ,1ms is,
Mi A Headache and /Wi'rri.'foit,  et million,   (n,ir.
iiinall PHI, Small Dose, Small 1'iirc.
u.nuine mult bear  Signature
Ihey <l
There i
Saskatchewan  Government Will    Ap-1 lime  to  ^
point  Committee  to  Confer   With
(Conll'lbtll '(I     by   Norman   V    Hluclt
M.A.,   1.1 I' I .   It, "inal
An a  re -nil of lho w Ido sprend In
torosl show a ui proposals for tho Im
I'he   expense     n
lel'v  1
o   IIVI
uaraiileetl to h
I'llliin   I'l'ienns
iitroti condition   I found NervUhie "aIClermany's attrition In  the  ilelda  ol
To He Revised "  " ls ''e1'-' l>��Ro bos s lhe Imrm !low !"" t�� wulk,   In  i crippled tor I't ...se�����. ^H1!.,-1'.0"^!"-!,1-0 .<���-.-���,'���'���"
III''     pi
from '
bli'ssiiin.    Its  warm, snothlns action 1 w"r  '"���""" cver>'  iwctity-four hours.
...im.   ,.,,   brought relief   I liiiil given up honlne '''"' ���'i|"''',', in''' M''''lvi   ;l1111 n  halt
for 'e  il,  Hm "i.i'n'b'iiiii'   Iniiirics  iniv"1''   ' rubbed on uunntltlos of Nervl-   h,'s   onS. "'i'1' IIM'"' closely cram-
lira  :-     I'd  o    BUiillel  gain  o    "I"" wul   improved  steadily,     I  also  ��  columns to  the  paBe,    The ac-
I inportaiil text books oven now I "'"I'  Ferroaono al  m,.allium In order c������,���l��� ,������   sin,"  the  war began,  II
oul  ihe in,,,",.r nf sueb  nr    to purify and enrich my blood, I am I""'1    together     would make    many
li   is    daimed    Hun   smutted   today   well  and   c oeommond  my  columns   i cbi
IslurbniicoB  of    tlio  trealmonl   mosl   conscientiously,       ' an ord
I Ice,
i iii:  i '
dlgcsllvo  ononis,  loss  of  llcsh,  pur-
lifovi'ineni  of Siiskiitchewim  Bchonls,  nlysls  of  ibe   hlndtiuiii'tora   and   the
the loading provincial papers bine for  muscles of the mouth and throat, and
months I n  full of  frl null}   critic-1 lu
Isms uml practical suggestions. On
olio point there has been gem ml
agreement, namely, lliul the present
course of studies for public and high
schools calls for Improvement, li is
felt by mosl friends of education thai
tho course is overloaded, nol so much
by the Inclusion of subjects which
tiioulil unl be found there iis by the
Inclusion of n vusl nmonnt of unnec is-
sary ami useless details In the various subjects, The work of the
school, moreover, has not been  kepi j
columns  reaching  u,  th
inary room,
r.   PARKS, In   all   Hie    world's   history   tlier-i
Prince Albert.    J never    has  been  such  a    record  o
\'ot an ache or pain iu the muscles I dead  und   maimed,  In  anything  llki
,    would indicati
process on whtcl
from careful liuiulrj nnd experiments IL:' '    f'"'  neuralgia,  stiff  neck,  ear-|Clen, JolTre  pinned    his    fain,   fron
no,  confirm  Ibis serious arraign
Mm,,, cases dentil I"1' Joints  thai   Nerviiine  won't cure.   Hie same perloi
"The   results   obtained     however U1'8 wonderful  for lumbago und Beta- that lho "nibblii
im careful lnqulrv nnd experiments  Lloai   fl"'  neuralgia,  stiff  neck,  ear- Clen, JolTre  pin:
mn  eoiiiinii  ibis serious arraign- n��ho  and    toothache.    Norvlllne    la   the outsel  ol  t
.nimi, ami we are led to believe Hint   simply u wonder.    Hen   family  Iini-   rled on pretty consistently, and thai
is is often the ease in such Invest!-  ment known and largely used for the t the decimation of the German armies
lhe  outset   of   the   war
l��� Ing
gatlons, the conclusion is one of con-  naiJl   l'"i',-v  -V"1H'S'    Bold    l'-v  dealers  In all lhe theatres of war Is a prob
jecttit'o," savs H. T. Clusson. I everywhere,  large family si/e bottle lom thai  musl  serious],  concern the
"The'animals subjected to  oxperl- ^un> small trial a'ste 25c, Refuse a sub-  Oerman government, as the Oerman
menl were pin's  cow's   horses   sheep Intitule, take only "Nerviiine." male population  with  military  possl-
rabbits,    chickens and    pigeons,    It i ��� ��� ��� | billties is not Inexhaustible.
The Prussian Ouard is never miss
ini; from the death roll, w liether in-
I'miiry. uhlans, Held artillery, liussar.
or machine gun section.
Germany's Humiliation
etneaens unit    pigeons
must he realized  that  iiiiimiils show
l'i'ei|iiently,    during    feeding   experiments    of any  kind,    certain    India-
i"n close"relation' with  ihe industries Positions, which may or may not he I Allies Will Cut the Claws of the Wild
of ihe committee, notably agriculture, | the result, of. the diet.   It appears to J Beast of Europe
other  evil
itor  alien   n   revision
course  as   will   remedy
I'he tremendous losses in ihe now-|
idvlaable not to recommend the I    _,    ,     ;""' ."'"'.    . | cr of lho Kaiser's legions la pr  of,
of the""school I feeding    nf   smut-spore-contaminated L, slowly   but   surely the horizons ot  the extent to    wliicli    rolimico now
these    and  food, as it .annot be declared liarm- th,e   war aro clearing.    I he strange  musl   be  placed    on  tho   Lnndslrum
'������  the hlKh schools In less    under all circumstances.  Preg- niixture ol  sullen deuance nnd prac- and  Landwehr brigades, uml  iu sub
���   'ticat admission of deteat by the tier- stittttc    Infantry    regi uts,    which
uarticular it is felt tint the nunils nant animals, and those naturally "wl aamission or netent hy nie tier- stittttc ml;
are called upon to studv oo Xy subject to intestinal troubles should!".'11" chancellor, the reports of food- ngure so un
..bjcctX'itlfln a given school yeat'   receive uo such food." rtot�� Urougbout his country the news I    The b-rtloi
We have been making nnitches
lor (A year? now Domestic
and every other kind.
.Some of our specialties are
STONE TORCH" f���r ���ut
door itsc-"\VA\ VESTAS"
lor lhe smoker, and other
I'or home use tiie- must
popular match is the "SI I T.\ 1
>," bill for every use
Hint Hungary is determined io seek a  by iiltrll
subjects v.iiiitn n gi
Consequently the iesson periods are!    As regards out smut, the followfn���,
too short, Hm pupils nre burdened un-1 opinion is given in a Canadian bulle-1 ^pa>��t<> peace n she cannot obtain ground  for    hoi
duly with hone -vork, and thorough- tin:    "When  abundant      In  u   crop   t In any .iiner way, and lust but no    its efficacy
nes. is rendered impossible. which Is cm tor green feed, oat smut   0"sl signincant, the postponement of of the war
levers in inevitable triumph I poQ^-g QmHoa Root CoffitWOlA
in hud in these nsis much i "**" .     .    .
is   ii   dele
confidence :
ininiiie   fact,
may cause irritation and congestion.!"10 llew British  war loan: these arc!    Although the Oerman lists arc pub-
ln^Lln^S ?L=��e.^.''iml ll-l 1 ���','.' a"number' ���f"faial'hies"nmou'isT"catiie I all signs lhat    point In the same di-1 llsbed  with   more  or  less  regularity
?een   ,', sml Ji i"   Northern   Alberta  have   been  at- ""ton. il  is n mistake  naglne thai tho. ,
'; '' trlbuted to this.    In Montana,   a lot I    Germany nnd her allies wanl pence,  are freely circulated In Qormany. In
of cows were fed on smutty hay, and | Their need is growing more urgent the llrsl place, tho military author-
within twelve hour-; alter' the flrsl 1 ovevy day, and the Entente Powers Ity arbitrarily prevented the pnbliea-
l'ecl one half of them died with symp-; ''now It. The only point that delays : lien of these lists in lhe newspapers.
touis of gastritis and cerebral excite- Une commencement of negotiations Is | Newspapers ure forbidden lo pub-
menl No more Of the hue wus ted the fact thai the Germanic nations Illsh anything beyond the bald, inland no more deaths resulted, A postMare naturally anxious to save their Informing summary of casualty ip'l3-|E_^bc"_��e7_^o_S^^i2_Jf*.
mortem examination showed the Prestige, and they have an uneasy Newspapers may announce only that utatlm*. SiS^"l_S _iS_,to_f-Jn__y
stomach "much distended" and well founded conviction Hint the certain persons, say    twenty-five   or refunded   rnsi fiw _s ��.-������    p.,-  -��_,,
We   find   these  opinions    more  or  terms likely to be offered by the ul-  thirty persons, well known names in  Jtron. 7S ��������<_. o. K. atno, *im   ��.,��
thai, food  'los    will  be  humiliating in  the ex-la   particular community    are among SbSc-aSH.      * "Wt,nmM-***
means for attempting to remove them.
The provincial hoard of Biib-e'xaniln-
ers recently petitioned the minister
of education requesting that u committee of duly qualified and representative teachers be appointed to confer wiili the provincial superintendent
of education on the revision of the
curriculum. They suggested that this
conference he held next summer,
���while tlie board of sub-examiners Is
In session, and that the names of the
members of the commltete should be
announced ar, soon as possible so as
to give opportunity for the necessiiry
preliminary   study  and   deliberation.
On December 9th Hon. Walter
Scott, minister of education, officially
announced that Ihis request is to be
Details as to bow the members of
the revising committee are to be
selected have not yet been made pub-
lie, in many quarters it is thought
that in addition to professional educators specially representing ibe nor-
_ set'*, reit'.-i.','* rtfftt-4f..vr
m*rfii-i'_f.   twa la Ih��� <i��-
Sl; X v -. : So I. U
per box. .s il I b ai'
druggist * or ;-' it or- -
paid In , lln I a _5e on
n , elpl ol r ��� :��. 6"rt��
pampl ���'. .> :.t--i.i
ios����u. on. <r.a��ii tkMf.J
less unanimous on tlie point
contaminated  with  smut    is at  any  treme,
them has attested their great value,
and they need no further advertise-
mal schools, high schools and public  lll(,llt |hall ,his    Having tirmly estab-
rate unwholesome, and, although the
matter is not definitely cleared up,
we advise farmers not to rtrii any
risli of losing animals by giving them
food of n so decidedly suspicious nature.
'tiie (lend, wounded aud massing.
tired, voluntarily or otherwise, to her
own frontiers, It is probable they
will insist on dictating their terms in
Berlin as Napoleon did n century ago.
A Pill That is Prized.���There have They will demand the most drastic
been many pills put upon the market rectifications of national boundaries,
and pressed upon public attention, and the payment of indemnities
but none has endured so long or met which will cripple the already totter-
wiih so much favor as Parmelee's ing Qermanic empires for generations
Vegetable  Pills.    Widespread  use of to come.   They will in fact so cut the
in the first place the latter will , llerlin papers iiiny not. for exam
certainly not consent to consider the ! pie, print a list of t-Jambui'g casual
subject'ut all until Germany bus re-, lies,   und Hamburg papers    are   nol
Wanted In every town and 1     ,:
schools both urban and rural, the committee should also include a few competent representatives of outside public opinion. It is possible that tho
nomination of these lay members may
be entrusted to Saskatchewan Public
School League, the provincial cili-
70ns' association which wns formed
some time ago lo arouse, organize
and express public Interest in educational matters.
The    formal ion of this committee
will be bailed  with
lisbed themselves in public esteem,
they now rank without a peer in the
list of standard vegetable preparations.
Message to Bereaved
Sir   Oliver   Lodge   Says   That   Doing
Their Duty Mitigates Sorrow of
permitted    to    say    anything  about j to take orders for tho bi>st ifade-to-
lierlin    casualties.    No    paper    may  Measure   Clothing in Canada.   Good
print anything  in    the  nature  of u   commissions.   Magtiflcent San   les
tabulation  or    computation    of    lhe CROWN tailoring CO..
total or special losses or to say, for        Canada's Best Tailors, Toronto.
Instance, that, to Nov. 9, 10,000 puses i
of lists Have been  issued. r.mwv. M HAU
'Iiie P.nlisli people    on    the olln     ���PUCpADmiU m.,f;-i_
hand are kept  fully acquainted Willi    I nCnHrlwIi a  -. .ma
lhe full numerical nml moral I'liiisc. I Fni'=t|'"��.c,��.'O,,":':��''nii'ii.:ii"'0����
int.   mil   iiufiieiH.n     .un,   inuiiii   ( ���,,s,      J v,u. Ktnsir. BLAnr-F*. di.ea *-.. n.coo  p-:i_)a.
quenccs    ot   their losses.    No   sucyt   tau. kitiikr ho. iuoooht.ocu_r.il tost 4ess
,,iil.li���.,l inn       u-nillri       Ik.    nni'iiiil |,,,I    in     I10UOSIIA Co. 90. BSBKIIASST '.-.-��� 1 MUOOLf__R MM
puliliCiilion would ue pel mined ni 1 jShonto. wMTiro*JNtlBioa.TOD~,L_C_a_
ticrinnnv, even if Oerman nowspap- _iio.co,HAvi����Toc��Ro.iu��f��Ti_o._m_ioit._i_,
ers thought il desirable. lhe |_ng. I Bpij mm n �� niAai J.Vii UBvm
lisiininn   wlio  buys  u  one cenl   iyw>-     I nCnHrlwIi ">'"''(*>
paper gets  all   the  casualty lists  in
it, bul   the German  who wauls  lisis|'
claws of Ihe wild beast, of Europe a
to render her impotent for  mischief
for at least half a century.
Peace will come when the enemy is
ready to accept it on that basis. They
may elect to continue Cue hopeless
fight,   but   they will do so witli lhe
knowledge  that    every  day of delay  must pay three ceuls for each list.     ;
will    only    make mutters  worse  for,    This  arrangements  insures  a   very   A   SWEETLY   SOLEMN    THOUGH
them.   Tlio   serious   point   for Ger-  limited   circulation   of    lhe  German ������
many ls" that she is not beaten in a casualty lisls.    Hut Hie German lists, ll.,w dear to our hearts :- ::    stead
military sense so much as financially are displayed in  popular resraurants subscriber,
and  in  tlie  absolute  exhaustion    o'f j nml coffee    houses,    whero they ilml   Who pays in advance
her resources.   Her only course is to their   most    numerous   readers,    in
sue  for peace.    In    thai    connection | earlier (iermali  lists,    the    time und
lhe schools of Saskatchewan to the
special local needs and conditions of
the province they ure to serve.
icral approval]    Kir Oliver Lodge lias issued a "mes-  there is ii slroiig force of public opin- ] Place where casualties occurred wen
as the first positive step iu Ihe new  sage to the bereaved," which is pub-  Ion in all the allied nations that in   identified.    That    practice bus    been
policy which alms at adapting  lished   in   the    Christian    Common-  the settlement of this mad war jus- discontinued, so, when one finds, tor
each .'ear.
Who pays down his money, and does
ii quite gladly,
And casts 'round the office a iialo ot
throughout   Europe at    iho  present I safety ot the world demands that Ger- No,   :i68,   or Infantry Reserve Itegi-
wealth. Itlce   must come before mercy.   The |instance, whole companies,  including lie never says: "Stop It; I cannot at-
Sir   Oliver's message reads:    "The  slakes   aro altogether too vast to per- non-coms., wiped mil in Ini'aniiy Re- ford It,
amount of mourning    and  suffering I mit    of  any   false   sentiment.    The; serve Regiment No, 18. Prussian list [I'm getting more papers than now 1
can read."
But olways says, "Send It; our people
all like it -
In fact we all think it a I elp and a
How welcome his cheque
reaclu a on:' sani turn.
lime is something terrible to contemplate. But it must _e remembered
tliiii. from the point of view of the
individuals who have gone over, there
are many mitigating circumstances.
They bnve done their duly: they
have sacrificed n useful career here;
Ihoy have given up nil they possessed,
many must drink the cup of her Im-  ment No.  103, Saxon li i   No, -JIT. il
miliation  io  the  very  dregs. -Montreal News.
A Prime Dressing for Wounds.���
In some factories and workshops carbolic acid is kept for use in cauterizing wounds and cuts  sustained by
"A'o publish simple, stralghl testimonials, noi press agents' interviews,
from well  known people. .        , ,, ...
From all over Xiiierici'lliev testify an(' "  ,vl" '"-' 'equiled to them.   By the workmen.   Far belter lo keep on
to the  inertia  of   Mix villi's    L1NI-  *u'''' n death a burden of sin is light- hand u bottle of Dr. Thomas' Ecloc-
ened; some atonement is made; koo,I trio Oil.   I, Is jusl as quick in action
MENT, the best of Household Item,'
friends are waiting for them; their
help can be utilized, nnd Is much
wanted for their fellows who are
coming over, and they themselves
will continue In the joy of service.
"They would like their friends here
lo recognize that, und not to mourn
Miss Wheat,  the new  teacher,  was   them unduly;   above  all,  not  to con-
hearing  the  history  lesson.  Turning   aider I hem as gone out of existence,
io one of Hi" scholars, she asked.      as extinguished und no longer   real.
".lames,   whal   wus     Washington's   Sorrow at    their departure Is incvit-
Farewell Address'.'" able,  but  grief  which    is    excessive
The new boy arose with u prompt'- causes them pain."
tutle that promised well for ihe mis- -, ,
wor'' When  Germany    precipitated    the
I-Ieaven, maam,   he said, European   conflict  her    preparations
in,I does not scar the skin or burn
the flesh. There is no other oil that
has iis curative qualities.
is Impossible to know on what fronl
l hey were fighting.
A significant feat.ro nt tlie German
lists is the completeness with which
whole companies,   nuigberlug   about
200 each,   have been rolled, showing!How  11  makes our pulse throb, how
the frightful resull of attacks in muss, n makes our heart danc,
formation,    No less  remarkable    Is i\Ve outwardly thank him; we inwardly 1,1 ss him
the frequency with which each com-
Llll   11    I Villi-  ,
puny,  wiih   fifteen    or  twenty   non- The  steady subscriber who  pays  in
.....'_.�� ..     Tl. -     J..!.-
were complete. She was ready "to tho
Ilast billion."    Neither Great Britain,
France nor Russia was prepared, or
anything like It, save In one particu-1
I lar,    The  British  tleei   was  ready  to j
the minutest detail.   The Meet assum
cms., the backbone of Clermany's In-1 advance. ���The L> Iger
tantry units, aro lost. . ,	
The  absence  of  commissioned  of-     Protecl the child from the ravages
(leers' names from the lists, as only of worms by using Mother Graves
on lhe battlefields of Europe the ax rare Intervals is the loss of a j worm Exterminator. It is a standard
bravery shown by men on both sides lieutenant ov staff officer announced, I remedv, and years of use have en-
and bv men ot all races is the one means that German   officers   either, hmnced Its reputation.
tiling that relieves the horror of tiie  as a part  of the military policy, do) 	
conflict, the star that gleams in a fir- ��o1 ri*u tue'r lives, or that their Canada Finds Herseif
mnmeni like n pall. Men face the losses are more numerous than Ger- \ few monl|,g a-0 am| nobm!)- in
prospeel of certain death unafraid niany cares to acknowledge, which Cnnadn th0uglii any big undertaking
and gloriously. To be fearless ot is the more likely explanation, ,.������,-, ,,,, accomplished here without
consequonces when exposure draws! Lists are made up ol losses of lln",,,,;,,,, ,��� ,;,.,,at Britain for the moncv
the lire oi u thousand sharpshooters Prussian, Bavarian, Saxon and Wur-(^.lth wn|ch t0 finance ii N'o i ���
and the Bmlting hail of the temberg armies, antl the imperial |S|tuattoh is reversed and we are help-
machine suns is to enier that select Navy. Prussian losses are. of course, ln cirenl Britain to finance her big-
company, the Bravest of the Brave, overwhelmingly preponderant, which *, undertaking. The war among
But men. old nml young, volunteers naturally follows, from ihe greater J*.,,.,, ,ninga |iaa enabled Canada to
no less than veterans, do not flinch population. Every arm ot the united ,,, i,er3ei( ���***i_nip_~ Telegram
from the ordeal,   New York Sun.        | service,   and all units of each arm,	
are   constantly    represented in    their: : *""���" .
di tub roll.
tbWtin        ��������������    n    _���_���_,-_r   (u o minutest letau.    1 he left assum-,    twWtmtMV      n---..i_f.j f������-:j�� ���
**hSI Sti^:;SlSa : l;'1^ ' ^^^"riion'nr Ic'iTvi v'n ;'  "mflfc '; c:"1J Wl��*ta �����"' D-5t : Cows'
BbMt market In Amci.-.forVun. Hides, etc. ; "' hei  traditional  held  Of BCtllltJ   BC-     v^^j^fc quickly relieved by Murine  I 	
liave..-^,   ..,., , ��� _..,-
No commi-dion.  Write today for freo price Hah Complisnea   everytuing   lhat   was   ox
Trappers* Ouppllosi at factory Prices ���nprtPrl   nf   ir     -niil    f'ul'n.-   thr-      flr'ol    In
  stronger tlmn  whi'ii  on  that  latoiul
W.  N.  U.  1087
��� I night ot la^.t year ii disappeared In
' the  darkness. ������ -Victoria  Colonist.
��� OtRLTtiEye Remedy.  No Smart- j    Women   evidently  sleep  loss  than
ing, jUBt Eye Comfort.  At Your Druggista'    men, I
60c per Bottle, Murine Eye Salve inTubeB2Bc. \    \v\\v so^
For Book of the Eye Free write i    ,.. ii ',,.'   ��� n ,, ,��� ,    , I
-     -       -   ^ I    V.t'll. we seldom near of a woman
Muririo Eye Rometly Company, Chicago
talking in lu-r Bleep
no mor*. necesitry
UianSmallpoxi Aimy
xprritarf: bts demoaitnvted
thi almost miraculous efficacy, ind hanaleunMS,of Antityphoid VaccimUon.
Hr var-.lnatr.-l NOV/ by yout phy*..' ian, yotl fend
yo-ir family.   It I. mire vita! than ho.ise Insiiranc-.
Ask yo;;r tthy>ICltmt drucjisl, .r s-rd for "Hi'.'i
you hail Typh >l If" tlllleg of Typhoid Varcl.-,
CMUlU from Ufe, Bfid iing-t from typhoid Ctrticn.
i"��OB. , .t. VACCIHII �� IIIUBI VH||I V. I. ��0*  U'*l*l L Jl * ���*���        llllllll.   I    I>. .a   u     * M ��� i
Comox   li. C.
II 'si Meals Noi Ii of Kniiinnio
Choicest I.ii.n irs and Cigars
C,  A,  Mm tin,   Prop.
.!���   E-   AST! ).\
bugger's   Slim , itindc in order,
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
start I the lest.
The   Comox   t-arbcr   Shop
Oldest Shop in Colli tciiay
Nothing   Bui    I mm   Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Ruth, in connection
C .   H     liAl.kYUI'I.H. Prop
Cumberland I Intel
<.'. I Accomodation      Ciisine Rxcelleu
Win. Merryfield
(in December the 17th from Ste-reston,
Scow Ci. o. I,. 2, Last seen off Nail iosc Hue, I leceillbel' .'1st
Any information leading to the recovery "l lliis .Scow will In- rewarded, J
Co., Ltd,
Xi'ii Westlllinst'r
I'Ie me <S-f,
When  In Doubt
Play  Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory L'xperieuce
Recommends   from   Lending   Musicians
from the Atiiintic to the Pacific.    Copies
ot Mime furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will nc   iu this city   about
April    1.      I,cave orders  at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave, W.   -    Vancouver
Palace Livery
H.rses  and   I!iit;gies  foi   Hire  :.,
Terms cash.
We also attend  to wood hauling
'oiiitciuiv Phone 2J
Willard's Harness Emporium
fine Sin.wine, ul   Horse  Blankets,   I,ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Ktc.
Harness Repaired .Ninth
Cumberland and Courtenay
To  Bake
Not to Bake ?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
aittlhy reason of quality has so
many votaries, (let llic- A B
habit ;in<l satisfaction
W. Aitken    -
Opposltenew  Presbyterian Church
A  Greater  Courtenay
Locution Smne months ago I took a largi blue print of the
CoiUox District and in irked with n red cr iss each section Ilml to
my kn iw'.cli'.i had Crown Or nted Cud Kiyhts, wlu'ti finished
ih re were <j2 crosses on lho plan, Also I specially marked section 39 its also dtillcd on bill no record known beyond Itergsny,
ol results, : i n I weni ion Iriend who possesses n ("ood I;now
leil.'.e of field work, unci who has been engagtil in the active
il m'niniii ni nt mines till his life, explained nn plan to him In
il tail an I asked Iin opinion ai lo how unity bore holes were
in cess.ii'���, anil in what location, salisfantory results we e obtained, I w mid in -ii ti- in her -tiiai this man is a comparative it rang
er to the district ami is tot,ill,' unacquainted nr lo who is the
owner of am particular section
After sttuhing the pi hi intently for some lime he told me
thai 3 bore boles would fiiirly well prove up the leport of the
consulting engineer in r< speci to i he coal seams iindei I lying lhe
vail v, Im! would nol ol course be sufficient lo det.-itnine the location of a shaft. Thnl he would recommend a drill hole on
section t, Conn \ the late Mr. Kobb owner, on section 8, upper
side ���' f high road, Ca] t Vigors owner, and on section |S til almost exiranie low end of properly, Mr, Hugh 'lurk owner, The
Com ix bore lie said wt uld prove b ith tide Mats and inshore
property, sect1, n 8 bore would prove up a regular ring of crosses
lhat showed on plan in thnl vicinity, wltilsl the b re on Section
48 taken iu roniiection with the bore holes already down on sections = 7 and 39 would prov up all the upper end of lhe valley.
Taking for grunted that at least three bore holes are necessn y to
the effective development of the field, the next question is what
will they cost.
Cost. I'xhnustive ei qiiiries 011 my part last year amongst
diamond drill contrac'ors, as to contract price per foot foi deep
holes of from 3,000 to .,500 feet, elicited an nstoni hing "ed; of
varying prices. ( hie contractor quoted me a price of $3 lo $3.50
per foot up to 1000 feet, bul his letter staled the cost would increase very materially below that depth, Another quoted his
best price ai pi per foot I'm deet* holes, subject to a 5,000 foot
contract, and contingent on no bid ground such as quick sands
being met with. The lowest price I could obtain was from a
well known firm of diamond drill manufacturers and contractors
in Chicago, who quoted me a pi ice of $4 40 per foot on holes up
to 2.5')') feet in lepth. The result of nt) correspondence was
the opinion lhat contract prices were a'tuo.l out of the <j11 stion
and that the most economical way was to buy a drill, hire local
men many first rate diamond diill men are living in the district
���and do the work bv Ihe day. A perusal of .Maxwell's report
of the drilling 011 section 57 ranfirmed this opinion, and as this,
report gives sonic very interesting data a brief synopsis will be of
inU rest.
Star'ing at 700 feet the report covers 117 working days of
this period the drill worked 9; days and was idle 26 days. The
I ist entry shows a depth of 2,150 feet which gives au average of
1554 feet drilled for each wort, ing day. Tlie most striking
paint is the fact thai the av.rige is kepi up evenly over tlie tn-
tire period and that depth appeared no hinderauce t) speed At
a depth of 819 feet a record ii 51 be' was drilled iu one (lav, at
[,568 fe:t a record of 38 feet was drilled in one day, whilst
records of 15 to 20 feet a day are common right down to the
lowest depth of 2,150 feet
A suitable and eon plete diamond drill outfit having capacity
of putting a hole lo a depth of 2,500 feet and removing a 2 inch
core, including sufficient diamonds, can be landed at Comox for
$9,000. Including the cost of the drilling outfit, allowing $25 a
day in wages for two shifts of three men each shift, allowing an
incidental expense account of $10 per day to cover repaias, etc.,
and estimating on the same average of speed as shown in Maxwell's report, 3 2,500 foot holes can be drilled for S5.53 per foot,
a total of 526,475 and a saving of $11,525 over the lowest contract pi ice offered of $35,000 for the .same depth and number of
holes, besides owning the dtillillg apparatus when the work is
liiii-h-d, wliicli could be s >1 1 for at least 50 per cent, of purchase
prite and thus effect a total saving of almost $11,000. Tho
above estimate is figured at a good margin of snfetv and we can
sale y assume that $-'6,000 will cover the cost of 3 ptospect holes
to the lowest depth required whil-t if satisfactory results were
obtained around 2,000 feet in depth, the cost would 1 e reduced
almost 25 per cent.
Financing. Supposing the total area effected to be 8,000
aires, and iu order to raise jS*6,ooo each owner was assessed
equitably per acre, il would mean au assessment of $5.25 per
acre or $520 for every 160 acres. Are the possible results in
proportion? he is a hard man to please who denies t .at they are
net. A sale at $100 per acre of these coal righis means $10,000
for every 160 acres, or over 30 times the small 1 xpenditttre per
acre requir, d for development purposes. liven so, there are
some owners no doubt who would refuse to consider an assessment at any price and unless all are in on au equal basis it is
vcr\ certain tli it a proportion "f the owners will not fool the bill
and allow the laggards to benefit. To overcome this drawback
I would suggest that a development fund be opened lo which
both the public and cwiieis an: invited '.o subscribe. That as
th's fin d it essentially for development purposes and started with
the sole object ot putting oil a saleable 'oasis the Crown Granted
Coal Areas that 10 date have provedtc.be unmarketable, that
each and every subscriber to this fund is given 11 guarantee by
tie joint owners that if a sale is effected the sum of ten dollars
will bo paid Iin:'- for every dollar subscribed to the fund, or,
that if a company is formed that $10 worth of stock will be
issued for every dollar subscribed to the fund.
Small amounts quickly total into large   sums and   there are
hundreds of   individuals in   the district   who would   contribute
from $20 to $50 each to such a fund on terns as outlined,
(Concluded next week)
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Culls Promptly
i I tended
CHAS. SIMMS T>��e Water Question
Inch-din-*; sight testing.  Each tottr   Good    HoUSeS,
water    and   electric
]    Expert Watchmaker   Qualified Optician
s selling Spectacles an    Eye
glasses  from  $2.50 per pair,j
The People's Prohibition  Movement of
British   Columbia
A   Non-Ssctar'an and   Non-Partisan   Organization
ITS ORIGIN, This Movement h "I Us Inception In a convention c imposed
ol several hundred delegates representative I all parts ol Hie Province,
wliicli assembled in Vancouver 011 August 2"lli and 26lh, 1915, Tins
convention iiiiiiiniouslj adopted cerium resolutions which have since
determined Hie character ol the 0 giiiiizntlon ami given direction to its
ITS PURPOSE.   T'ne Immediate   pttr| e nl lhe  organization is in .secure
llic  s.11 :>i>ri--.-.i 1   the liquor   Inillie by legislative  enactment lo the
fullest extent nl lhe constitutional powers ol the Provincial Legislature.
Al llic same nine Hie lullcsi possible sympathy uml co-operation will he
given in Hie Dominion wide in iveinent foi National Prohibition
ITS METHOD,   As its  name Indicates this  movement is  in tin highest
degree de crude .unl   its sole court   of appeal Hie   people of lhe Pro
viiicc Ii is mil trammelled hy eiit'iiigleiiienl with am sect, facllou or
political parly, believing Ilml 11 large inajorit) of the people of the
Province are hearth- sick ol lln- liipioi traffic, with all Its concomitant
and conseipienl evils, its members have pri ssed und are presi inc. lhe
r.i.vrt nun nl nl Hie iini, \ i 14..nii't; ,l\ and iiii,iinni"ii',l\ lot tile submission nl ilic ulmli mailer l" " vole nl lhe peop e at Hie enrlle'l possible
1l.1t. .unl in such a milliner 11s shall admit ol their rendering nu un
equivocal ver Met. In view nl lhe tloveiniueiit's Inilure thus fur in give
satisfactory assurances lliul this will be done the following petition Is now
being circulated for slgnuluit' in the electors throughout ihe Province:-
1 I'Tinil nl caul 1
Tii     iiis    ItoilOlll',     Tile     l,ii'lttell:llll CoVCUdl   ill  li'lllll'il,     I'liivilnc    ol
llritish Columbia, Ibis petition shewi Hi :
1. Thnl I. the undersigned, am 11 duly qualified  voter in Hie Province
nl llritish Columbia, in Hi.- I'lectoral Hiding nl ;
J.   Thai I am in   favour ol   Prohibit! I Hie   biquor   Traffic without
2. That I hereby request the Government   to submit lo the  electorate
ni the Province nt the earliest possible legal date 11 measure
which shall In- approved lie the I'xeculivc L'oininitlce ol lhe
Peopls's Prohibition Movement "I riritisli Columbia, ami which
shall embod)' tin- principles outlined mi ihc loci nl Ibis card;
���I. That should this measure he npproved by a tnnjorili nl Hu- electors
voting on the same, I hereby request that the said measure shall
he enacted as law to come into force nut later than the hirst day
nl January, 1917;
5. Ami I further request thai 111 the meantime the hours of sale ol
intoxicating liquors lie curtailed, making the closing hour 7 p.
111.. on each legal (lay, uiilil ihr above described legislation
comes into effect;
And your petitioner will ever pray.
Witness: 'Signed	
Dated at II. C,
thi.', day 191,.
1 Hack nf card)
Provisions ol Proposed Measure
its scopi;
The suppression of the biquor Traffic In the 'ullest
extent of lhe powers of the Provincial   Legislature
To prohibit the sale, barter nr gift of  intoxicating
liquors within the Province of llritish Columbia for
beverage purposes
ITS METHOD.    All signatures will he   treated as strictly   confidential by
canvassers   and   officers of   the movement,    unless express   consent is
otherwise given by the siguntors.    When the   canvass is completed t.ie
signatures will he checked with the voters' lists ami   covering affidavits
selling forth   the results   will he   made for   presentation   to   the Gov-
ITS MEMBERSHIP. Any person, male or female, who may'be sympathetic
with tlie aims and activities of lhe movement is eligible for member-
ship. Enrollment is now in full swing but do not wait tii tie solicited.
Y air duty to ally yourself witli a righteous cause is quite us imperative
as that of somebody else to ask vmi lo do so. Call at our headquarters
or give vour name to any local officer or committeeman.    DO IT TODAY
ITS FINANCES. It cost the friends of Prohibition in Alberta $30,000 lo
win their light, and it has therefore been estimated Hint victory iu
British Columbia cannot he secured short of an expenditure of $25,000.
Through large volunteer service and strict economy tiie work lias thus
far been cairied on almost exclu sively by means of the funds from
membership lees, viz:���51.im for men and SO cents for women. If
registration continues as it should the entire campaign can thus he
financed, and nobody asked for large sacrifice in this time ot stress and
strain.    Come along with your dollar and make this in Hie fullest sense
Vancouver Island Branch Office 1. Hunt Morgan, President
101-2 Union Hank Hldg.  Victoria II. A. Beckwith, Hon. Sec
Courtenny District; Win. Dune 111, President; R. Willonghby, Secretary
Courtenay, B. C, January 31, 1916
H. D. Forde, Esq.,
Agent Law Union & Rock Ins. Co., Ltd.
Dear Sir:���I beg to acknowledge with
thanks the receipt of the Law Union & Rock Ins.
Co's cheque for the sum of $913.10 to cover the
loss of my house and furniture by fire on the 3rd
My business relations with your company
have been both prompt and satisfactory.
As stated, my house with contents was
destroyed by fire on the 3rd, adjustment was arranged and proofs of loss mailed to Victoria on the
8th insi, and cheque to cover loss was mailed from
Canadian head office of company in Montreal on
the 19th inst.
Assuring you I will always have a good
word to say for the Law Union & Rock.
Yours very truly,
eye tested separately to insure
correct vision
light in each
The Courtenay Jewelry Store Apply, MRS. WM. LEWIS
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steainfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courten
Barrister   and  Solicitor,   Notary   Public
P. O. Box 209
Phone 24
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay


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