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The Review Aug 17, 1916

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N ���'*
<������#������� ����������������� imNM-^IMMMMMM
' .    '��� .."   i��y  U'lU-r,   and ���
- n   h ��� II   .Hivvvli-'i'e   else
ien       .       I lur typu and rnaohtu-
ry U colli] un   Tho  Review
prices  .ro li.lit
I H--��iMM-t<-*llt*l1<��--N��-t-M*
Classified Ads.
Mnke y.nir little Wants known
tlm U|jli a C'lnmifieil A.lvertisement
in The Review   ���   -   ���   l'hone 59
l*,WHW.IIM,W*WW*W** .�����....I.I...Ml
VOL. 4
NO. 39
5-roomed house, furnished
electric light, garden
I ������-vy��w,w ���._��__���
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
6.00 Per Ton
Delivered |in Courtenay
A.! Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43
by Wire
Klectftcity provides the cleanest, the
most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The E!__lric range closely parallels the wood or gat
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under ideal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high* medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
P.,- ctically no heat escapes into the room
i        ir is not vitiated
. is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
ilia! salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast tho saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range   construction are
used,   including high oven,   thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
Tlie fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courianay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R98        Office: Mill Strwt
Local Lines
The I^adies of the Presbyterian
church are holding a lawn social
on Mr. J, McPhee's lawn this afternoon.
The Ladies Aid met at the residence of Mrs. H. Sleeman, Lazo;
last Friday afternoon.   p%" ~._,.
A large number of the residents
of Courtenay and the valley are
camping at Millard's Beach.
M. II. Ball and family left for
Vancouver on Monday morning to
visit the Exhibition.
The patrons of lhe Creamery
have been contributing towards the
Patriotic Fund for upwards of a
year, A subscriber suggests that
a report be published.
Fire permits during J.Fitgzerald's
absence will be issued by W. Drink-
Thoroughbred White Wyandotte
roosters for sale.��� $2 eaeh. E. D,
Read, B. C. egg laying strain. F.
R. F. Biseoe, Kye Bay. Also agent
for first class truit trees, etc.
12 White leghorns, busy layers,
1 white rooster 2 years. 17 4 month
chicks, strong birds; going away,
Will sell cheap. J. Epprecht Can.
Collieries Powerhouse, 	
For Rent���36 acres at Kye Bay,
Comox. including 16 acres cleared,
the remainder in pasture. Two
good springs on the property. .
acres of orchard. 6 roomed bungalo
with dairy, barn to house 10 head
of stock, and holds 20 tons of hav,
buggy aud implement shed, also
large woi k shop. A farm with
every convenience. Apply J ��� del,,
Lawrence, Comox, B. C.
For Sale���5 h. p. twin Indiau
motorcycle iu good order cheap,
Ford Garage. 	
Lost���Between Comox wharf and
Union Bay, bunch of key9; reward
B. Whittle, Riverside hotel.
For Sale���White Wyandotte Pullets, some laying, 3 for J5; cockerels $2 each; yearling hens from
Jit.50 each heavy laying strain,
also Solly's and Geo. Adams strain.
J. G. Randall, Royston Station P.
0��� V  I.. B. C.
Wanted���Local agent to represent Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada in this district.
Splendid proposition for good man.
For particulars send application to
F. M. McGregor, District Manager; P. O, Box 242. Victoria, B.C.
Car For Hire-H. W. Heber-
den; phone X92.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,   Ford Garage.
Frrd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Dunlop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
We Have Been Burned Out and Need
the Money Badly
As a general rule subscribers
to the Review are prompt in
paying their subscriptions, ,but
there are quite a few who seem
to forget that it costs something
to print a paper, even a modest
effort like The Review. To the
latter we would make the request
that they liquidate their indebtedness as soon a; they can find it
convenient to do co. If they
owe two or three years aud feel
thev cannot afford to pay it all
at the preseut time, surely they
can arrange to pay al least half
the amount, This notice is for
all who me behind iu tne payment of their subscriptions.
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
City Council
(continued from last week)
years being on the street after 9
o'clock during the summer months
and 8 during the winter months.
The City will send a man to the
sawmill lo collect road taxes.
The City Clerk's salary was raised $10 per month from Julv 1.
Aids, Aston and Anderton were
appointed to act on tlm citizens fire
protection committee.
The mattei of procuring a
list of registered propel ty holders
was laid over until after Sept.   15.
Mr. W. G, Robertson addressed
the Council, aud asked Ihem to reconsider the matter of street light
The communications from the B.
C Pottery Co. and Ferris & Hand-
grave were ordered filed.
The Clerk was instructed to interview Mr. Cooksou and if he will
act as poundkeeper to appoint him
immediately, and in case Mr. Cook-
son will not accept and no other
person can be found in the city
within one week, the application
of J. Spencer be accepted.
Aid, Hurford gave notice that
at the next meeting he would introduce a bvlaw governing Electric
Light, Heat & Power Companies.
Moved by Aid. Anderton, seconded by Aid. Hurford, that the letters from the Electric Light Co. be
received, and the City Clerk be instructed to   write   the   Company
stating that they cannot do business
with the Company unless 'hey con*
sent to the Wellington Colliery Co.
and the Canadian Colliery Co. being
taken as partners to the agreement,
as our lawyets advise us  that  the
Courtenay Electric Light Co. have
no legal standing under the Water
Moved by Aid Aston, seconded
by Aid, Aston, "Be it resolved that
it would greatly faciliate the matter
if the Courtenay Heat & Light Co.
would register their agreement
with the Canadian Collieries and
that the City Clerk write to the
Co. and ask them to register same,
or give reason for not doing so,
Accounts referred to Finance
Committee and if found correct
Presbyterian Church
St- Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Liberal Meeting
Tlie first pun of the election
campaign was fired in Courtenay
on Thursday evening last, when
Liberal candidate H. Stewart had
Mrs, R. Smith and Mr. Weart up
from Vancouver to   speak   in   his
Alex, Urquhart acted as chairman and on the platform with
him, were, besides the speakers,
Messrs. J. Shaw. W, Wain, and
P. L, Anderton, The ball was
comfortably filled with Mr Stewart's supporters and friends.
Mr, Stewart said that as he had
to ro North next w*ek on his cani-
paign, he thought it advisable to
have the Vancouver speakers here
before he Went- He said the Agricultural Credits was a very good
act, but he objected to the way it
was to be administered. He
thought lhat the commission should
have full power to do business, so
as not to be a political body- He
prophesied that the Act would
prove a failure as he had heard that
several persons were -retting loans
from the government to pay off
personal debts. The rate of interest was too high. He said the
farmer required cheap powder ra-
than loans He would try to get
cheap powder if elected- When
he gets to Victoria he is going to
have half a million dollars spent on
the development of lands here, and
would have every civil servant fired
who helped elect his opponent or
drove him about in the government
Mrs. Smith said that woman
sufferace was a burning question,
and that every fair minded man
would grant them the franchise,
aud thev would use their power
for good,
The laws of B. C- were wrong so
far as women were concerned.
They date back to tbe time of
Charles 1. women want the 20th
century methods; and put up a
prett fair yargument why women
should have the franchise-
Mr, weart paid a glowing tribute
to Mrs, Smith, saying she was one
of the ablest speakers in B, c. He
said the Divorce act was not as
good as it should be, a man could
get a divorce for what a woman
could not. AH the laws relating
to women should be changed, so as
to make them equal with men. As
it is now a man can sell his property and the wife cannot prevent
it, neither can she get anything
He said the Hon. Mr: Bowser
was the best minister he had ever
met. He always does what he
says he will.
Interesting Announcement
We have purchased Mr.   Hugh   Beadiittll's orchard   at
Nob flill, Cuiuox, and can supply all hi*, former customers
_"e_terday we received a largo sllipui.lit of  Plums   from
lh_ orchard.    These are all put up in _u lb. oratis.
Price $1.10 per crate
The demand fur Plume and liuli.-n Prunes will   be great
this year and we are sure that you will be  well  advised to
phono your order in aud have us reserve a few crates for you,
Don't forget the prices
Plums and Italian Prunes
��3 SHEPHERD & CO. Jfc
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
��� ���"������"��������������"��� '������������' ���������" .*����������������..,.����� ��,.���   ��   mm,  Tie**...
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
Paints, Oils, Etc.
We carry in stock Bricks, Lime, Cement, Doors and Windows
Get our pri.es'for tfooil.s in Urge quantities
Telephone 1 Courtenay
#^w**t_rM____-M_M^-tflM_l i*^-,*"'|wwww-si<w**s--W-mwwi<iwwi^xwww _> rttmm
 33Y ���
H'aid, l.orkS Co., I.lmlled
Then Lord Ensiling, thinking there
wns nothing to bo gained by evasion I
of the truth, answered simply���
"Iin   following  ymi   because  1  be-j
lievc lhal you  have been tampering
with Mrs. L'inchdon's pearls, and that
���ymi have come up to town to dispose
of the property yuu have���annexed."
It oust the brother-in-law ol Paul
Payne a manifest effort to say ibis,
but In' was strung up to the point of
desperation so certain was bo Unit
such a loss as tbat experienced at
Oarc Court, followed by this hurried
journey up to town on the part of
Caul, must be connected with the il-
lirit doings rn" bis sister's husband.
For a moment his bluntness took
Paul's breath nwuy. Then In* said
suddenly -
"You've behaved like a fool before.
I scarcely know how to qualify your
conduct now. Vou nre a vile slar.tl-
i tii."
"Well, I'll repeal what I've said be
fori any one you like, and you enn
take proceedings for slander," said
Lord Eastling steadily.
I'uul shrugged bis shoulders.
"Vou know 1 can't do lhat. if you
have nc sense of noblesse oblige, I
must have, if onlv for my wife's
sak, ."
Tbe mention nf bis sister irritated
I.ord Eastling alri'sb.
"For her sake you might, T sbould
think, have kept away from fresh
Seeing that he could not get rid j
ol him, Paul changed his tone and be-!
enn to laugh.
"Look here." lie said, "this is realiy ;
absurd, and we must put a stop to j
it. Come along with me and if you are!
not satisfied that my proceedings are]
wholly correct, why I'll give you leave
to band mc over to the police on any.
.���barge  yon  please."
As  he  spoke,    he    put    his   hand I
through Lord Easting's arm. nnd drag-!
god  him  to    a taxi,  which  they entered together.
" I've nnly come up." he explained
as he gave a direction lo the driver,'
"tu  call on  my  tailor,  and  to get, n
few things that 1 want, so if you are;
bored before   tin  day is out you have
only yourself to thank, you know."
Lord Eastling said nothing. H"
was in an awkward predicament, quite,
believing his brother-in-law to be. involved in the loss of the pearls, but
not so sure Unit he was right in hav-!
ing accused him.
He recognized the fact that he himself was even more in need of advice than Finchden was. and he made
up his mind that he would take lhe
first opportunity of going tn n solicitor and unburdening himself to him
concerning his doubts.
In the meantime be resolved that
he would accept Payne's challenge,
and at least make it impossible for
his brother-in-law to carry out the
plnn of which he bad accused him.
In lhe meantime, however, the situa-
tion Was a delicate one. ll is difficult
tn keep up a conversation on indifferent topics with a man whom you have
just accused ol flagrant dishonesty.
and whn has practically replied to
lhat accusation by treating vou as a
liul il was better lo make the attempt, so I.nrd Eastling fell, ns he
sat back in tbe cab and left it to bis
companion to make conversation,
This task seemed quite easy to n
"inn of tbe resource of Paul Payne,
He began to discuss the chancel .'t
ibe candidates in the coming election,
nnd'spoke so well on the subject that
In- interest,,il the younger man again.t
his will.
Again niul again Lord Eastling had
to remind himself I lint be was dealing
will) a mnn who wanted a good deal
of watching; for Paul, as he appeare.j
li,  grow interested  iu  what he said,
< trived to exercise n kind nf fnscin
ation on his hearer.
They got out at a tailor's, as suggested by Paul, who laughingly invited
his companion to accompany him into
the premises Lord Ensiling doggedly
necepted the invitation, and not only
went, with his brnther-inlaw to lhe
various tradesmen ta whom he gave
orders, but kepi n sharp eye upon Ibe
handsome Paul throughout the proceedings at each of lhe places where
Ihey called.
At the same time Lord Enst'ine
thought it prudent to appear tn hnve
forgotten the object of bis own mission: he encouraged Pnul to talk,
showed his own interest in the topic*
discussed, nnd did his best to seem
nt big case.
After a couple of hours Pnul suggested Ilml tiny should gn into n
well-known restaurant in tie' Strand
and have luncheon, ami. I.ord East*
ling agreeing, Uny  wenl  in together
Here, Uie younger man. keenly on
the Hlelt in spite of his pretence ol
having fnrgolteii his own errand,
noted lhal Iwo men. who were sitting
lit one of Ibe tables, glanced up ,,s
Paul entered, ninl immediately looked
at each other.
They were dressed in smart clothes
nf  a  sporting  eul.   although   Ihey did
Hot    appear   quite    at    ease      ill      lllelll.
Lord Ensiling took cure not to appear
tn nntice them, but presently he saw
Payne scribble something on tie'
margin of the Kill  ol fare.
lie went on talking as he did sn,
nnd the notion would hnve passed, tn
less observant eyes, for the mere idle
occupation of n man who is waiting
for his luncheon nnd finds himself
with a pencil in his hand.
Lord Eastling watched tho card as
have possessed himself of the card;
hut when he tried to reach it, Paul,
still holding it stretched his arm nut.
got 'another card from nn unoccupied
table, and handed it tn his eompnil
inn iii Ihe most innocent manner in
the world.
Lord Ensiling went on talking, but
kept his eyes and oars open.
A few minutes later one nl the two
men al the other tabl" culled to the
vi |er to bring them tb" menu, and
Pnul, while he answered his companion's questions, handed to lhe waiter
tho hill of faro on the edge of whieb
be hud boon writing.
' Lord Ensiling watchd the card as
the waiter carried it to the t.wn men,
watched them as thoy passed it from
tbe one to the other, anil had no
longer any doubt, that, but for bis
presence, ihese three, the two men in
ibe sporting clothes and bis brother-
in-law, would have beoti lunching nl
the same  table.
He was right.
For the two men were Brady Gane
and Will Evans, and the had gol a
telegram from Paul that morning
making an appointment nt the restaurant lor two o'clock.
War and Weather
The U. S. and Germany
Huns Have a Grievance Against Pics
ident   Wilson   for   Interfering
With .'heir Plans
No Reason to Believe That tbe Cannonading in liurcpe Effects
the Weather Here
lu answer lo a query as lo whether
the extraordinary wcalhcr in any way
has been brought about by the cannonading in Europe, the following
statement has been made by ihc Meteorological. Office ni Toronto:
"Historical records enable ihc inc-
tcorologicalisl lo draw a-win fall curve
in Asia Minor back .1,01111 years, .villi
probably some degree oi accuracy,
Mori: recently, Uie sillily of the
growth of llic yellow pine nl' Arizona
; nd lhe sequoia tree of California, n ���
evidenced  by  their  rings,    lias    al.o
enabled officers o( ihc Carnegie  In-!and llic admiral    could
stitutc  iu draw a  rainfall  curve  for from a sarcastic    reference ii
3,000 years.    The curves agree fairly I dent  Wilson as the    advocate
A griei.nice ll,;l looms large ill
every German mind, and apparently
cunnol be removed by nny argument,
has just been voiced by Admiral
von Kocslcr, who not long ago ,vas
the  head   ol   lb     kaiser's   (leCt,       Not
considerations of right or international law, lie *aid, but "political and commercial circumstances," had fprccd the
re,cni diminution of U-boat activities,      Ihosc     activities   lie     yisislcil
of Im*
Response ol Colonies
Hon. A. J. Balfour Delivers Stirrinf
Address at Parliamentary Dinner in London Recently
The Empire Parliamentary Association gave a luncheon al tbe     House
ol Commons iii  London    recently in
honor ol llic parliamentary  delegate'
from ibe overseas dominions.   Uiglu
Hon. J. I.,,wilier presided and among
lhe speakers were A. J. Balfour,   Sil
George Foster and Senator Sluari oi
South Allien.
''In welcoming ymi ibis afternoon,"
v,   .     .., snid Mr, Balfour, "wc do so in a Bpiril
were warranted agalnsl an enemy who ol kinship nnd  not  of spectators in
used mines and aeroplanes��� nothing ij- E-'cnl drama, but of ihosc who are
bout the embargo, for it wonder I - hearing an all-important share in thr
work lhal is going oil oil .very front
"Before llic war all of us discunssed
Ihc Inline oi Un' British Empire
_|vwu   veil s.       I lie   , io \ es   .igi or   i,,i, ,. i >i* m    ,, .......   ,,n   ,,,.      ...., ,   ������ >>   , ��,  �����>>
well  and show that Ihc climate lias I inanity and justice    who supplied lo analysed llic l-oiidri winch held togell
Ik en pulsatory throughout Ibis long
term, with periods of rainy seasons.
Both curves indicate that the one
thousand years before Christ, were
much wetter than at later peri.ids.
"Ai the beginning of the nineteenth | Ger
century   occurred    many    cold,   wcijncci
Germany's enemies the ifrnis and mil-1*" llls greal political organism, will,
niiirms, without which liny could noi ""In parallel ill history, and pcrlm(:
continue tin- war against ber. leach nam had asked himself whclhci
Again  in  this  thcr
assumption   thai   t
i  victory    i-   < ��� ���
rilv    vici
he uianifcs-
���risv. The
ulniiral cannot conceive, apparently,
Ihc possibility of adequate and good
reasons for favoring the Allies or ol
an In,nest governmental neutrality
that does not find excuses for i hanging old rules when the chances of war
ha\c made them, for once, more advantageous to ihc    foes of Germany
cm iinis   when Ibe mom ( stress Of dllllgc.
ir prevent-occurred, these   bonds   ,,f    common
 tally    and s''mpathy and common ideals ralhci
lhal il  makes  ������������������" tyranny or law, would stand the
Paul who was a very abstemious
mnn proposed champaign. But Lord
Ensiling felt the need of a perfectly
clear bead, and he mistrusted the
reason of bis brother-in-law's hospitality.
Presently Paul's flow of talk grew
intermittent, nnd his usual amiable
manner gradually changed to one oi
Bottled moroseness. It was evident
that he began to recognize the 'net
Hint this young man, whose wits he
despised, was not sueb nn.unworthy
antagonist as he had supposed. It
was Lord Bustling's turn to be civil
and cheerful, and to keep the talk
going as luncheon went on.
Iu the meantime he noted that the
two men nt the other table were silent and  watchful.
Paul leaned forward on his elbows
"Ilon't you think." he said in a low
voice, keeping his eyes lixed on the
young man's face with tbe glare of a
terrible linger in them, "lhat you nre
taking up a position which you will
lind rather difficult to keep up?"
Lord Eastling hesitated.
"Well, anyhow I must be the best
judge of tbe position I nm to take,"
he said at lost slowly.
"Quite so; but you will have to
make up your mind definitely, by nnd
by, as to whether it is to be pence or
war between us."
(To  be continued)
summers.     Ihc  years   LSI. and   1816 ally professions of virtue
wore especially marked by a greal dc-| lalions of llic basest b\|
prssion   of   iCmpcraturc    in   Canada
and the Northern   I'nited Stales; aud
1816 was afterwards    known  as    llic
year without a summer.
"Many summers in the forties were
very cold and wel, also in lhe sixties,
and again in the early eighties,
"In   Toronto  since  April   1st  Ihere
has  been  a  slightly  greater  rainfall I than to herself,
than  in  nny corresponding period on      And  the    admiral
record, hut  there have been  al  least  phesicd the coming of
ten other three-month periods���June | "political
to August, nnd July lo September���
with a much greater rainfall.
"There is not the slightest reason to
suppose lhat the cannonading iu Europe has any appreciable effect. I believe it to be negligible in the gigantic workings of nalnrc. The Excessive
rain has heen only in Ontario and
Western Quebec. Eastern Quebec
and lhe Maritime Provinces nave been
nearly average, and Newfoundland
has been dry, and for two months Ihc
weather there has been exceptionally
fine and bright
fully    pro-
day when
ud    commercial
stances" would no longer compel the
imposing of delcslcd restrictions on
More Shell Orders for Canada
j Additional shell orders have conic
to Canada ns a result of financial cred-
! ils arranged by the Canadian  Bank-
i ers' Association, and further orders
on similar lines arc now in prospect.
11 is announced that the advances
made hv ibe Bankers' Association total $76,000,000, final payments having
been made, ibis month. The credits
were arranged last winter by Sir
Thomas  White, and  on  the strength
, of t li oi ii fresh orders were immediately placed by lhe War Office, through
liie Imperial  Munitions Board.
All the banks responded willingly
and generously. And the contracts
which resulted have kept many industries going after their initial undertakings bad been executed.
I The plan has worked so successfully that it will be continued and the
maintenance of the munitions industry
seems  assured.
lhe    U-boat    commanders!    "Better   . Touching on
times arc coining," is the way he puts   tional   relation
il, and lhat can hardly mean anything "Peakcr said:
except  a  resumption  of attacks    on       '  don t  ask
p.ssenger ships, regardless of immur.i-  world he wire
lies hitherto enjoyed.
Of course, in talking like this. Admiral von Koester did nol speak for
Germans, and especially be did
'not speak for Germany's responsible
I statesmen. His grievance, however,
las to prolonging the war and making
"Thc variations in rainfall from jits ending at least uncertain, is pro-
year to year .lirough long periods j perly called Teutonic, for it is men-
are connected wilh the general circuln* i tioned as often hy Germans here i.*,
tion 6f the earth's atmosphere, which! at home and il is evident that they
is without doubt affected by changes j sincerely think it a real one.��� New
in solar radiation, which is also var- York Tillies.
inble.     Professor Abbott,   of Mount | 	
Wilson Observatory, has shown, that j   Re*y on the DreadnaUgllt
Ihe sun is a variable star, changing lis! �� <-"
iiii put of energy bv at least onc-sev- ~      "* .-,_.__
cnlh of thc whole.    Wc do nol know {What the Naval    Battle Taught the
what (he changes have been iu by- Un-ted States
gone times. i    <'TJp t0 the time of the great Anglo-
lbc sequence probably is a solar German battle in tlie North Sea off
change affecting first the Equatorial thc coilst of Jutland public opinion
regions nnd leading to changes in throughout the world was beginning
the strength of the trade winds and ,0 tcel thilt the development ���f the
their    ocean  currents,   _jnd s.    lithe submarine    had perhaps    made    the
battlc-sllip   archaic     and     as   out   off"
i place in naval    warfare    as the old
tress ol a great struggle., All doubi ���
however, have been dispelled. 'II c
response ol ihc dominions forms ine
oi Un marvels of history,! one which
Ihc empire historian of Uu: future will
look hack upon with pride thai tic
familiarity can slate.
"Canada, Australia and New Zen
land wiih uui ibe calculation of ingenuous theoretical and political writers, have sent us if their best, in a
great joint cfforl In maintain the
ideals of freedom and liberty which ii
the proud boast of our race, and th.)
r.-ivc conic without persuasion or pros
thc  future constitu
oi   Ibe  empire     llic
myself whether i:
easy in modify the
rc.ations between various parts of the
Empire, 1 look forward lo tl.e prob
lun with absolute confidence. Whe
Iher we change it or leave it as it is.
ihis fact always remains, that wc ar;
bound together fundamentally .ami
essentially because we enjoy the same
common ideal of liberty ar.d freedom
and the same spirit of law and order,
and wc arc determined that no natior
shall break those bonds, however well
organized  they may  be.
"After two years of titanic efforts
WC shall go forward with indomitable
will and confidence, until wc reach
final triumph."
Weeds are Spreading
Farmers Should    Wage a Ceaseless;
War Against the Pest
"Many of the weeds are gelling
ahead of the farmers, and unless methods of control arc put inlo practice
at once the weeds will gain the uppci
lend." This is bow P. C. N innick,
of thc Commis.'on of Conservation,
sizes up the weed situation in Canada. In regard to wild oals, he rcportr
that in 1910 oik hundred farms were
visited in each of lhe prairie rrovin
late- thc wind circulation and
clonic formations of the middle
higher latitudes. Ifashioned four-horse stage coach is in
We see no reason \ hy there should transportation
not soon hen change to normal con-     "u'c  ,,.,'..���  writlcn  ,0 ,llc assistant
ditions. ���Montreal Family Herald.      SCCretary of the Navy,   Mr. Franklin
���"   D. Roosevelt, asking what is the ex-
Increase in Canada's Trade [pert opinion in this country now on joe::, and on one per cent, of the Man-
Exports    of manufactured    articles 'llle  question   of  the  dreadnought   orjiloba farms wild oals were found. Ir.
from Canada during April and May of b'g battle-ship.   His reply follows:       Saskatchewan seventy-one per cent.,
1 be recent naval batllc in the North and in Alberta three per cent. report-
Sea merely confirms the constant ed wild oats. In 1911, on the same
opinion of naval officers and all who farms in Alberta, thirty-one per cent.
have carefully studied our needs that reported wild oals, while in 1912 a still
the seagoing, heavily armed and ai- larger number reported this weed,
niorcd battleship is necessarily ihc showing that it was travelling west-
backbone of naval defence. 1 personally believe that we ought nol, under
any circumstances,    to slop    laying
this year are shown by a statement
recentlv issued, 'these amounted iu
May to "527,73*1,477, and in llic two
months ol" Ihc fiscal year at $49,307,-
555, against $16,121,149 in May, 1915,
and $29,342,807 for the two-inontb
Another feature of the statement is
the  sharp     rise  iu  imports    of free
goods nnd in dutiable conimoditie
The latter in May amounted to, $39,-
740,ld7, as compared with $19,851,612
for the same months last year; imports of free goods increased from
$14,539,190 in May, 1915, lo $29,857,-
Imports of all classes including coin
and bullion, totalled $70,23(1,18],
against $35,046,944 for the same period last year.
Export of agricultural products for
May increased lo $47,433,750, an increase of $34,687,623. Substantial increases are also shown in oilier exports.
down battleships. . Their function is
totally different from lhat of battle-
cruisers, and, while we undoubtedly
need the latter lo offset battle-
cruisers of olhcr Powers in lhe work
for which Ihey arc specially intended,
yet lhe control of our contiguous
waters and (he protcclion of our
territory ,.nd interests will depend, in
the filial analysis, on the strength ol
our dreadnought fleet."���Thc I ii
W.     N.
A Good Dog Too
A Hriiish sentry had considerable
trouble with a batch of German prisoners who behaved in a high-handed
and insolent manner. On being reprimanded, one of the latter, drawing
himself to his full height, exclaimed:
"Don't you know 1 vos a Pomeranian r"
"It disna matter if ye were a Newfoundland," was "Tommy's answer;
"ye've gol lac gic in Ine the British
bulldog."���Tit Bits.
Little Eunice wns attending her
first class in domestic science, and
was asked to tell briefly the surest
way to keep milk from souring. And
Eunice, who was an exceedingly practical child gave this recipe: "Leave it
in the cow."
The Envy of Europe
"The Lewis gun," specially designed by lhe Hriiish War Office, to meet
the need of airmen, is obtaining most
gratifying results, as statistics, which
will be published shortly, will show;
Lord Hugh Cecil called Ihis gun
"the envy of Europe." In the Areial
service lhe fliers call it "the buH-f,"
German Trade Secrets
For many years ihc Germans have
controlled a monopoly in optical
glass.. When the war began, Greal
Britain was left with a poor supply,
as dealers did not keep large slocks,
relying upon ibe regularity of thc
Thc drawback was aggravated by
not having a recipe of the Iradc secret which had given Germany an
ascendancy in the production of this
The scientists  at  British  I'niversi-
ion on
its characteristic    being the    faculty j ��� b).      ,    ���      consultation
With winch it can be handled in the | ,|,c problem, and in a very short time,
*"V,  ��� .   .  .,   .   .,     i,    .- | and with no great outlay of money,
It is reported that the  Berlin,au- thcy discovered    the formula.     Now
thonties consider it the most serious | Great  *-..���.������_  ,,.ls _���, __,_ rt,_.line(1
her position, but  will, it is believed,
enemy  which  the   Zeppelins  have  in
their flights across the North Sea
Certainly Cheap at the Price
His face wns pinched and drawn.
Willi faltering footsteps he wended
his way among the bustling crowd.
"Kind sir," he suddenly exclaimed,
"will you not give nie a loaf of bread
for my wife and Utile ones?"
The stranger regarded him nol unkindly.
"Far be it from mc," he rejoined,
"to take advantage of your destitution. Keep your wife and little ones;
I do not want them."���Tit-Bits,
so re-adjust her tariff that thc trade
in lenses will be retained in future.
Having gained prohibition, the temperance people of Ontario arc now-
organizing lo have tlie law enforced
after il is put in operation in September, In this ihey show practical wisdom, for it is a fact that in the past
prohibition has been a name only -n
many centres. Popular indifference
has resulted in -caudal. Thc workers
ill Ontario arc active and carnesl, so
may make a success of the new order.
���Montreal Gazette,
ward with a vengeance. In flic dis-
tret visited in 1913, wild oats wcr��
reported by eighty-three per cent, o!
the farmers.
Ball mustard, Canada thistle, stink-
weed and wild dots were reported ir
the Prairie Provinces on at Icast-fifty-
three per cent, of the farnls visited
and some of these weeds were reported on twenty-nine per cent, of the
farms. In Eastern Canada couch an.
ox-eye daisy were reported on seventy-three per cent, of the farms ane:
sow thistle on thirty-four per cent.
This is bad enough, but in every case
all these weeds were badly spreading
and will continue to do so unlet.
something more is done to check their,
Government legislation without Hr
co-operation of the farmer will nevei
eradicate the weed pest. Farmers anc
those of a locality must co-operate
and wage ceaseless war against it il
any permanent success is lo be attain
ed. It is in ihc farmer's own interest
to destroy the weeds, which are
growing, and for this reason atone ac
groing, and for this reason alone action on the part of the government
should not be necessary.
Why Raise Live Stock?
Because live stock makes it possibl*
for a man lo put a large value ink
a small compass and to save it
freight on sending things to mark.*
Because by thc help or live stock w��
are enabled to sell at a high price the
carbonaceous products of thc farm
which mean nothing in fertility lost
but which arc always in demand it
thc markets.
Becauso thc manure made by thr
live stock is a valuable byproduct
which not only puts back into the
land thc mineral plant food that ha.
been taken out, but adds an addition
al element of carbon in cellular lorn
which decays and affects the phi
foods in the soil in so decaying. THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY.   B. C.
A Real Lever
B      Y
L      N
In tills pu_*tc vim
*<T loin lines nl
Ic'llcis. IHI in llu
iiiisriiuy Ii'llce, s>,
Hull pju'I, Iim- spells
ii well known lown
In tin* wm-lil. A
Magnificent IValcli
l.lllly's Ol Gctll'il
(ffiiarnntccd live ycnim), will lie sent fire of
eltur.e  I,,   lemleis u|   il,is  panel   who solve
tlllll ptIZzle lliul eilllloiiii lo oul oil,- COlltlllloil,
ll cos.tn  yon nothing i��� hy.    semi  your
Answer loftclhcr with alamo, Uml we may
send you result.     All tuili'iii; lo do tills will
be disqualified.   SEND NOW.
"BARCAIN" WATCH CO. (400 Dept.)
 80 Carnw.llii Rd��� London, N.
Canada's Open Door
We may lake it lliat those of our
people desiring llic pleasure of travel
S>y rail, steamer or automobile in
Canada arc al liberty lo enjoy il
whenever and wherever they may
please, along llic Great Lakes; llic
,_t. Lawrence kiver and Gulf, and the
magnificent Sagucnay and other rivers. 'I'hey can conic and go at pleasure amid lhe beauties and historic
scenes of Toronto, Montreal, and
grand old Quebec, and through the
great west of Canada, in the vastness
of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the wonders of lhe Rockies and
Ihc natural parks, clean through to
British Columbia, with its lovely city
of Vancouver, and up inlo lhe Yukon
country, Canada will welcome us with
.pen arms.���Cincinnati Enquirer.
Warts ; rc unsightly blemishes, and
rorns arc painful growths. Hollo-
wav's Corn Cure will remove them.
Admiral Jellico has the nautical
weakness bi' a mascot. When his
flagship was commissioned at tho bo-
ginning of the war, J.udy Jcllico suggested a cub-lion as his mascot
"No," replied the Admiral, "I'll stick
to a fine old superstition, and have a
black cut." The seepicl was a run on
the black cat, and it is said lhat now
not a single specimen is lo be found iu
Women Shipbuilders
Women in Dungarees   arc   Building
War Ship:; for Britain
Old nii'ii shake their lu-a.ls, young
men open their eyes, Imi the .vmiicn,
whom yuu can count in hundreds, go
mi working quite unaffected,
A writer, describing his feelings on
seeing a woman ship builder, says:
"We first came upon her as wc
steamed up in a destroyer in which
llic finishing touches were being iin-'
purled alongside the quays of a famous lit iu. On tire deck stood two
sturdy noilh country women, watching our oncoming whilst leaning
gracefully, bill with the true professional air, Upon lhe handles of sledge
hammers. Hue would probably have
been wrung ill deducing thai those
women wielded those weapons, for
llic shipyard firms keep a careful
watch over their women employees
and seek lo apportion their work so
as to keep all physical strain within
close limits.
The women were, however, assisting the men alongside whom I bey
worked iu their lighter jobs, and their
comradeship and power to co-cpci'atc
seemed of the happiest.
At a neighboring yard wc bad quite
the plcasanticst of shocks on stepping
ashore. Arrayed in smart dungarees
uniform with peaked cap, tu'iictl
down collar, a well-defined wins., encircled by a broad bell, a long tunic,
and the usual llirned-up trousers,
stood a young woman oblivious ui
our arrival.
We might have passed Ibe young
women with equal unconcern had noi
llic noise of our approaching footsteps aroused the feminine curiosity.
It was, indeed, a buxom, fair-headed
girl who regarded us over her shoulders not in the least perturbed hv
the procession, of raised eye-brows
which her appearance momentarily
provoked. In our lour of this yard
we encountered hundreds of Iter sisters, all most becoming iu iheir unorthodox garments.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
In Brazil, where movie pictures arc
in evidence, ihc show is held out
doors. Spectators sit under palms
on moonlight nights, wilh gentle
breezes blowing.
Thousands Are Ailing
From Constipation
No condition causes so many diseases as constipation. it not only
prevents proper kidney action but
causes Anaemia, Stomach Trouble and
Why not use Dr. Hamilton's I'ills
and get cured? This excellent medicine restores normal bowel action in
one night; thousands say so.
Just think of it! Vour system will
be pure and clean. You'll be free
from headaches, sour stomach, biliousness���in short, you'll have jovial
spirits and perfect good health. Gel
a 25c. box of Dr. Hamilton's Fills today.    At all dealers.
The Glorious Destroyers
No class in ,lhc fleet has done harder and more gallant service than lhe
officers  and men  of  the  destroyers,
with whose magnificent courage the
whole world is ringing.    They fought
to the death.   Their attacks surpassed
in fury everything that has been vil-
j ncsscd before iu naval war. Tli./ gave
J themselves as a sacrifice    for    llieir
I country's   cause.    Most   of  the   German  losses in  large  ships appear lo
have been inflicted by them, whereas
most of our losses were due to gunfire���as a parf of our fleet was engaged wilh the whole strength of the
enemy.    Their glory can never fade
but will be for ever an inspiring memory to all men of our race. The British   Navy is  still    the  very    soul  of
Britain.���London Daily Mail.
Our Commonwealth i
"Commonwealth" Is a better   word
llian " Iruipire," ami il would be well ���
ii "Empire I lay" were called "( out-
monwealtli Day," In ibis war, these
grial little islands are fighting wilh.
iiie daughter nations lor ihe security
and liberty of the llritish Commonwealth, They are not fighling for
conquest and aggression and domination, such as the word l.inpiio has
always connoted and always will connote, They are also fighling for the
common weal of the Commonwealth
of Kurupe against the military domination of the German l.iupire. Imperialism is llic enemy. In order to
luai Prussian Imperialism we must
guard against our own Imperialists
who do not understand what freedom
means in Ireland or South Africa, although they profess lo understand
whal it means iu Belgium or Serbia,���
London Star.
Ontario Veterinary College
i mi,-, ii���
Alliliil*' Wilh Thi, (Iqivrr.iiry ul Ur,,,,'.,.
���U on Moll,l.i, II, ��� 'ml ol ii. (Jill
The Fine
the delicate taste of malted
barley blended with the
sweets of whole wheat���is
sufficient reason in itself
for the wonderful popularity of
But it is more than delicious���it is the finest kind
of concentrated nourishment to thoroughly sustain
body and brain tissue���a
food that benefits users
A short trial proves.
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Canadian Postum CcrcllCo., !,t<l.
Windsor. Out.
Like a Grip at the Throat. For a
disease that is. not classed as fatal
there is probably none wliicli causes
more terrible suffering than asthma.
Sleep is impossible, the sufferer becomes exhausted anil finally, though
the attack passes, is left in unceasing
dread of ils return. Dr. J. D. Kel-
logg's Asthma Remedy is a wonderful
curative agent. It immediately relieves the restricted air passages as
thousands can testify. It is sold by-
dealers everywhere.
People Who Complain of  This
Trouble Usually  Arc Thin
Tlllll blooded people usually have
stomach trouble. They seldom recognize lhe fact that thin blood is the
cause of the trouble, but il is. lu
fact thin, impure blood is the most
common cause of stomach trouble; it
affects the digestion very quickly.
The glands thai furnish the digestive
fluid are diminished in their activity;
Ihe stomach muscles arc weakened,
and there is a loss of nerve force. Jn
Ibis slate of health nothing will more
quickly restore the appetite, the digestion and normal nutrition llian
good, rich, red blood. Dr. Williams'
Pink I'ills act directly on the blood,
making it rich and red, and this enriched blood strengthens weak nerves,
stimulates tired muscles and awakens
lhe normal activity of the glands that
supply the digestive fluids. The first
sign of improving health is an improved appetite, and soon the effect > f
these blood-making pills is evident
throughout the system. Vou find thai
what you cat docs not distress you,
and that you are strong and vigorous
instead of irritable and listless. This
is proved by the case of Mrs. J Harris, Gerrard St., Toronto, who says:
"About three years ago 1 was seized
with a severe attack of indigestion and
vomiting. My food seemed to turn
isour as soon as I ate il, and 1 would
'turn so deathly sick that sometimes
I would fall on the floor afler voillit-
| ing. 1 tried a lot of home remedies,
but they did not help me. Then I
went to a doclor w'ho gave mc some
powders, but they seemed actually to
make me worse instead of belter.
This went on for nearly Iwo mouths
and by that time my slomach was in
such a weak stale that 1 could not
keep down a drink of water, and I
was wasted to a skeleton and felt that
life was not worth living. 1 was not
married at this time and one Sunday
evening on llic way to church with
my intended husband 1 was taken
wilh a bad spell on llic street. Ik-
look mc to a drug store where the
clerk fixed up something Ic take, and
niv intended got ine a box of Dr.
Williams' Pink I'ills. By the end of
lhe first week I could feel some improvement from thc use of the Tills,
and I gladly continued taking them
until every symptom of .Ihc trouble
was gone, and I was again enjoying/
[the best of hcallb, These Pills arc now I
I my standby and I tell all my friends |
what they (lid for mc."
Vou can get Dr. Williams' I'ink
Pills from any dealer in medicine or
bv mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.51) from The Dr. William::'
Medicine Co.,  Brockvillc,  Out.
110 University Avenue, Toronto,   Canada.    Calendar    on    Application
E. A. A. Grange, V.S., M.S., Principal
For Agricultural Workers
American Library Association Devising New Service for Dissemination of Agricultural
A scheme lo organize Ibe dissemination of agricultural information
throughout the country so that all Unpeople may loam of all llic research
data being published for Ihem in the
form of bulletins, periodicals etc, is
llic big problem thai is engrossing lhe
attention of ihe agricultural section of
llu: American Library Association
now in session al Asbury Park.
It is proposed not only lo compile
and keep up-lo-daic a reference guide
lo all thc current official agricultural
bulletins in the United States, b.U to
include scientific and popular journals.
dealing ilh the problem of agriculture.
The official publications of (he agricultural departments in foreign coun-
'Irics and lhe leading scientific journal abroad will be included in thc service.
The references are to be printed
in the form of a book to lake the
place of the clumsy and expensive
card catalogue so thai the busy research worker can carry il home with
him. The movement has back of it
the most prominent research workers
it- the experiment stations and the
leading professors iu the agricultural
The rend" in-, of this bibliographical service will herald a new day in
llic advance of agricultural work in
America. Thousands of invaluable
bullitcns arc issued by state and federal research workers by stale boards
antl agricultural associations, all of
which are free and would help llu*
poor farmer if he could only find out
about ihem, but Ihey accumulate so
rapidly and ; re issued through so
many diverse agencies thai lhe mosl
helpful publications arc soon buried
past Ihc hope of any rcsurrcc'.ioil.
This is thc vasl treasure trove that
the new bibliographical service is designed to open up (o the people.
Slilteof Ohio. City of Toledo.
I.uciin County, 5S.
Frank .1. Cheney junk,", oittl, 1 tint tic l*i ���enior j
partner of Uie linn of |-'. j. Cheney & Co., dolus;
buttltiesii In ihc city of Toledo, County and State
���foresaid, anil Unit said linn will pay the .sum uf
ONK HUNDRED DOIJ.ARS for cacti nnd every
cane of Catarrh Unit eantiot lie cured by the use
of 11 Al.l.'S CATARRH CURB.
Sworn  lo before  mc  nnd  subscribed ill  my
presence, this 6th day o/ December, A.D. 13SC.
A. W. CI.liASON.
fSir-ir.) Notary l'ubllc.
Hall's Cnlarrh Cure is taken Internally nnd
nets Ibroti.b tlie Wood on tlie Mucous Surface!
of the .System.   Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHUNKY *"��� co" Toledo, O.
Sold by all drueelsts, 75c.
Hall's 1 .inily rills fur constipation.
The Lights
Of 65 Years Ago
Arc still doing duty ia
the shape of
Sixty-five years ago
the firstCanadian-made
Matches were made at
Hull by Hddy and
since that time, for
materials and striking
qualities, Eddy's have
been the acknowledged best. ���
When Buying Matches
Specify "Eddy's."
la no more nfcfutrf
than Smallpox, Army
experience bu demonatm-t.
tlie ilmost miraculous _��U-
Cacy, andharmlessnesS-orAotityphoid VaccinaOoo.
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician, you )���*���_
your family. It is more vital than house I-.j-.-jiv _,
Asic your physician, drugcist, or send t'jf **H_r'i
you bad Typhoid?" tcllln*; ot Typhoid f^rcinr*.
results from us , and dancer from Typhoid Carrier..
Cook's Cotton Roof Conpotrad.
A gafe, reltaltle retruiating,
medicine. Sold in |bro�� d>>-
Kl ecu of strength. No. !.
Ill No. 2, *l: No. 3. li
per box. Sold by all
urUfffrlata, or sent prepaid in plain package ia,
receipt ol price. Fr-*i
pamphlet.     Addreis:
Hi'iio. cut. -i_-.il wii-ij
Percy wall gazing with dreamy eyes
into the fire. "Ah, my darling," lie
murmured, "what matters it that sorrows and trouble must of necessity he
lurking in the unknown future? While
I am with you 1 think of naught hut
the present-���the superbly beautiful
"So ilo I dearest,!' said Annette.
"Bul you'll lake mc with you when
you buy il, won't you? Men have
such queer taste in rings!"
On the completion of 'lie war one
of the moat important links between
Western Europe nnj the Near East
will bo tlio opening of tli,* railway
lino to Greece���only sixteen miles
in length���which will connect Paris
with Athens. Sixty hours will lie
thereby gained in transportation to the
W.     N.     U.
The commander of the Spitfire, was
wounded in the recent naval engage,
meiit and had a miraculous escape.
While on he bridge a shell passed
across his chest, and even touched
tho buttons on his uniform. The shell
then struck the signalling apparatus,
and carried it away along with two
"Look at ine," exclaimed a lawyer
warmly. "I never look a drop of medicine in my life, and I'm as strong r.s
any two of your patients put together!" "Weil, that's nothing," retorted a physician, "I never went to
law in my life, and I'm as rich as any
two dozen of your clients put together."
what they now thought of the rebellion.
'"Twas a great success," said a
voice behind him.
"How do you make that out?" asked the Prime Minister, turning round.
"Why are you here?" replied the
There entered llic office of a busy
man in Chicago a stranger of mosl
prosperous appearance, who thus addressed the man at the desk: "You
probably don't remember ine, since 1
am so prosperous. Hut twenty years
ago, when I was a poor, humble boy.
you gave me a message lo carry '
"Ves, you gave me a message to carry.
"1 have brought back the answer."
The luxurious hotel on the Grand
Esplaanadc of Hamburg has been sold
for $750,000. "A cost $1,500,000 to
build a few years ago. The war conditions brought if to bankruptcy. .
mmns %
Lloyd George, tbe Handy Man
Mr. Lloyd George appeals lo be as
much the handy man of the Coalition
Government as lie was of lhe Liberal
Ministry. When anything has gone
more than usually wrong during the
past ten years, Mr. Lloyd Ceorge has
been scut for lo set il right, and his
odd jobs have ranged from everting
a great railway strike and settling
miners' strike to organizing lhe fi'iau-
ccs of the war and tilling the deficiencies of llic War Office iu ihc matter
of shells and machine guns and big
guns. "When in trouble send for
Lloyd George," seems to be Ibe guid-l
ing maxim of modern Hriiish govern-;
ment.���Loudon Daily Mail.
The Foe of Indigestion.��� Indigestion is a common ailment and few arc
free from it. It is a mosl distressing
complaint and often the suffering attending it is most severe. The very
best remedy is Parmclec's Vegetable
Pills taken according to directions,
They rectify lhe irregular action of
Ibe stomach and restore healthy action. I'or many years they have been
a standard remedy for dyspepsia and
indigestion and are highly esteemed
for their qualities.
Fires and War Debts
The question is often asked:    How
���can the European countries cany the
burden of their war debts'
They can carry a considerable pari
of lhat burden by saving where America wasles.    Take our fire wasle, for
example.    In lhe lasl year for which
figures are available    lhe    American
people paid $396,549,67"' as fire insurance premiums.    If our annual    fire
loss were held    down by good construction and good laws lo lhe standards of England, France and     Germany wc could save a; least $300,000,-.
000 in premium:, each year���enough I
to pav 5 per rent, interest on a debt:
of $6,000,000,000. ���Chicago Journal
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
An eye-witness' account of tbe .rent
naval battle off Jutland remarks;���
"It was curious to note the effect of
the fight on the sea. Calm at the
beginning, the water looked as if it
were under be influence of a eale
so great was the turmoil caused by
the leviathan ships plowing at terrific
speed through the waves. The sen
also seemed tn be stiff with fish ���|H.
ed  by shells bursting in  the water."
Klaiissman, the notorious Berlin
butcher, who deodorized rat flesh an I
putrid pig, and sold lhe situe for
ham and veal, hanged himself iu his
ecll on the evening before his trial,
Something better than linen and Iii-- laua.tr?
Iiills. With il with soap and njrer All
stores or direct, hiat-.. style and size. r*_��
25,. we will mail you.
CAN AIM. Limited
5S 1'rn-ier A-eau*. T-rooto, Oatari.
I_!.1B__^_.EiCH,-,*lw*-0''* "-I "'2 HJ.
fr��ai lucresi, cu-ens c uronic wpakncss. L.._r vic_��
ft   VIM   hll>-<_..      "iLAUi-Ki*. Di-it.AbF.S    BLOOD   f"I**W��
Pu h^ e.iruKt so DRi ioists or mail 91 ro .r 4 cti
Cr.iiiifiHACo �� BUSHMAN ir skw \jKKorL.MA-- a an*
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lor r,..cIif"',inHCht!d-
ten'i Shoes, produces
th.- blackest and most
brilliant flhinr of any
���elf-ShfaiQJt: .''-"-ssinfl
mide. Contains no
thinir Injurious and
i-i thc the only drti��-
in*r of Its kind '.hat
contains oil to .���*."��� n
And preserve th*
Malta Oy*Vmu M
ftkniWta, i-'ujhrgt'-f
tn Shot I'aihrtet fit
fiftithtni BW   iK.'it:.
A Matter of Arrangement
Charged with cruelty to animals nnl
using loud and profane language iri
the street a man was brought before
a police court. One of ihc witnesses
was a piou-i i Id negro who was subjected to r. short cross-examination.
"Did the defendant use inipion-r
language while he was beating .the
horse?" asked thc lawyer.
"Wai, he did talk mighty louJ.
"Did he indulge in profanity?"
The old darky seemed puzzled, 1 he
lawyer put the question another way:
"What 1 mean, Uncle Abe, is, did
he use words that would be proper for
your mil.istcr to use iu a sermon?"
"Oh, yes lull, yes s-.ih," thc old man
replied with a grin that revealed the
full width of Lis -immense iuou-,i.;
"but o' Co'sc dey'd have ter lo be
'ranged dii'f'ruiit."
Chortles���Say, old boy, are yen
fond of moving pictures? flis friend
���Well, 1 should say sol Chortles���
Then come round to our house nevt
Tuesday and give us a hand. We're
moving that day.
When Your Eyes Need Care
DaeVurlneEr.Hedlelne. NoSmartlni-FccUl
rine���Acta Quickly. Try n f.,r Bed; Weak
Bore lyes ana Orcoulnted Bjrtlldi. Marineta
compounded or oar Oetillate���nol a'-Patrnt,
[���raeilra i���r many yearn Now dedicated m
iii�� "-nolleand >.o:.l by Dvogglata "' Ma l��'e
HilUle.    Murilio Kye Hal��," III A...M.H.-Tol,,.,.
:���'����� andMd, Write for book ol tbe Kye fr...-.
Murine Eyo Remedy Uompany, Chicago. _4r. MWfVPmi
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   I'uhished   at
Courteuay, II. 0,
M. II,  Hoiikn, Rditor and Proprietor
Subscription H 'II per Vear in   Advance
THURSDAY, AUG. 17, 1916
The Bishop of Loudon, one of
tht outstanding ligurt-H of the .otli
century, is never tired of quoting
tin. utterance originally made by a
Scotch minister concerning the present struggle,     "It    is   till:'   Nllik'll
Hand against the   Mailed   Fist."
And the Nailed Hand will  pa-vail,
 , . .*    -
M. A. McDonald is now well in
the going in the election, but he
Will find that "the going" is not
in his tlitecti-.ii. At Victoria he
talked half the audience out of the
hull befoie his tale of woe was
nearly told. He is compelled to
use all the time at his disposal in
nn tlTort to disclaim any connection
with the gyng cf pluggers who
helped to elect him, but tlie people
have long ago decided that Mr,
Mc Donald knew all about the conspiracy and was up to his ears in
Ihe unsavory mess. ��� KamloopS
And still the general offensive,
which after all may be but foretaste
of a much j-reater one later on, still
the general offensive continues,
Whether it be in the Caucasus or
in th- Mesopotamia, on the eastern
or western fronts, iu Galacia or in
the famous sector of Montfalcone,
it is all just the same, just one con*
tumour- record of steadily plugging
away, always going forward, and
also always killing Germans, as one
French offer otnniously put it.
In fact, we have got used these
days to favorable news, and think
but little of really important successes, forgetful of the ciark days of
11)14. when the boot was on the
other leg, and when any successes.
however small, apart from the
splendidly successful and famous
retreat of the Anglo-French armies
when any success would have been
such a welcome godsend, L,et us
then reali/e the good news of 1916.
but abate not one jot or tittle of our
efforts to "see tllis thing through"
come what may Kvery soldier,
however weary, feels new life when
the order is whispered "prepare to
charge." As the doily record of
the successful advances of our brave
lads reaches us, let us enter into
their joys, and with them, be thankful to the Lord of Hosts, aud God
of Battles,
The States and
Canadian Shingles
Canadian, mainly Britisii Columbia, shingles command a large market in the States, aud for the month
of June alone, uo fewer than 152,-
520,000 were sold to consumers
across the line valued at   $337,822,
For the twelve months ending
June, the total export of shingles
to the States amounted to 1,769,-
333,000 valued at $3,593,696.
Before the duty ou shingles en-
tering the States was removed, less
than one third of the above total
was shipped across the border.
Now the American shingle manufacture!* are agitating to have the
duty re-imposed, regardless of the
fact that American capital is interested and American labor largely
employed ill tlie production .of tlle
B. C. product,
Canada buys manufactures in
other lilies, and t akeu advantage
generally of Uie facilities lor supply -
ing lier needs from the American
resources. The States manufacturers have done very well out of tlle
millions of dollars of war orders
placed by Canada, the Mother
Country, and the Allies. These
orders have resulted iu the stimulation of industry generally in the
States and the American shingle
manufacturers have benefitted by
the increased demand for their products. It is because Ii. C, shingles
are superior to the general run of
American shingles that they are required to be barred from the U, S,
There is one course open to Canadians under the circumstances, nnd
it is to cease to buy Ameiicau tfoods
refrain form subscribing to American periodicals of all kinds. The
Canadian market is as valuable to
the States as the States market is to
Canada, and it is up to the Canadian people to witness to that fact,
John Duncan left for Vancouver
on Monday.
Mr. R, M. Glazbrook moved bis
family into town on Saturday,
They will occupy Mr. Peterson's
former home on Anderton Avenue,
Uarly last year a patriotic grocer
in a small Scottish village decided
that he or his assistant must go,
Aud as he himself was single, his
mother and sisters being well provided for from their shares in the
shop, he thought he was the more
suited, MacKay, tlie assistant,
agreed promptly, and presently
found himself in command of the
business, But a few months later
his master was dumbfounded to
meet his late assistant, attired in
kahkii "somewhere in France."
"Hie, mon" he .aid angrily, "did
I no' tell ve tae stay at liame in
charge o' ma shop?" "So 11 botch
at the time maister," replied Mac-
Kay, "but I sune fun' oot it wisna
only the shop I was in charge o'
;>ut a' your women folk, 'Man'
;es I tne maeselt, 'gin ye've got to
fetcht, gang an' fetch someone ye
can hit,   Solj-ued."
W fa at the Fr ohibi tion
Act Means to
Measure Interferes with Established Household Customs
and Practise
The Prohibition Act has a meaning for women as well as men and
there are features of the measure
which every housewife and mother
should take into accouut. Nearly
every family has in its cupboard or
medicine chest a supply of brandy,
port wine or other liquor, for medicinal use iu case of emergency,
This is a wall established custom
in 11 civilized countries aud time
after time this preventative measure
meets conditions of urgent necessity
As the t'affic in liquor is now
handled, a person may go to licen
sed premises and secure a flask of
brandy at a cost of 50 cents or less.
Under the terms of the Prohibition
The    Following    Early   Fall
I [Goods Now Being Shown
Ladies' Costumes
Dress Goods
House Dresses
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
Connecting at Nanaimo with Steamer "Princess .Patricia"
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill. I .limner Agent, Victorim
Agent Courtenay, Phone R 60
Act, it will still be possible   to secure brandy  within   the  province
for such purposes.    It means, however, that instead of going  to   tlle
icensed premises for the   supply,
the head   of  the   household   must
first go to the doctor for   the   per-
scription (fee $2 to $2,30) then go
to the drug store and secure the liquor at drug  store   rates,   which,
for the same quantity   would   cost
\ from $2.50 to $3.    The comparison
between  the present   method   aud
the Prohibition law-is striking especially from a financial standpoint
Neany   every   housewife    uses
brandy,   port,   madeira   or  other
liquor in connection with her household cooking.   Especially   is  this
so about Christinas time   when the
plum pudding ot our Old   Country
fore-fathers,    the     time    honored
I Christmas fruit cake and   the   appetising mince pie, all of which re-
I quire liquor for proper preparation.
' must be provided.    Under the Pro-
j hibitiou law no provision  is  made
for supplying llqupr for household
1 ptirpor.es, hence the housewife must
' some weeks beforehand,   send   her
I good money out ot the province to
secure the supply which   she   formerly secured locally without  any
tiouble,    In addition to lhe trouble
' and inconvenience of this arrangement she will find that   the   prices
i she will have to pay will be considerably higher than those   she   was
accustomed to, on account   of the
transportation charges.
It is only ill the greater things,
on which strong utterances are
being made in the discussio.i of the
Prohibition Act, that the measure
plays a pait, but even iu minor details such as me noted above it will
be found to directly inconvenience
and discommode,
A reading of the Act will show
that it is not a Prohibition Act in
any sense of the term, and that all
intelligent electors who have tlie
best interests of tlie province at
heart should vote against tiie measure,
���"���'���I-..,,..._,_,_ �����'*__>
use the one flour wliicli aurcH 1 '������������
wholesome bread and biscuits, This
win II ymi
.lit, fluffy
Mil    is   llll'
A lew  other   product! ol
Royal Standard
which   carry  Ibe   fatnoui
Wild   Rose,   Pastry
Royal Standard Chick
Royal Standard Seeds
aud a boil of others
Royal Standard Grain Products
Pbone 33, End of Bridge F.  Movil.,  Kg
__S A -_B____--B_-_----E_B_S_S_��;/ .  ���
which is milled from the
I'm,-.I wit ml   i
and minutely tested iiiub r
actual  Imkln,
in the miller's own lahoral
Bake your m-xi  hatch  1
1  bread   .nul  I
mi i'ii  beet n
" booster " loi' the 1, in.' 0
1 t-iiiilit) [loin
Accept no substitutes.
1,00k   in,   the
Circle ''V" trademark 011
���very sack,
Auto   and   Bicycle   Tires
and  Accessc
Bicycles For ,
Phone L46 Courtenay
We have moved our stuck of ('.cuts
Furnishings  into
Opposite the Courtenay      -tel
A large shipment of Gents' Furnisl
ings on order, will
play in a few (lavs
he  on  dis-
McKean's Old Stand Opp. Courtenay Hotel
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
l'actory Experience
Recommends   from   I.railing   Musicians
Irom the Atlantic to the Pacific,    t'opies
ol same furnished on request
W. J. Gourd   will be   in this city   about
April   1.     Leave orders at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
Ice Cream
SwanVOld Stand, Courtenay M
Three   Reasons Why
lias for nine succesive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
of any company operating in Canada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its  Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
,1   UUllTT MORGAN, Managor
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C.
P. L. A!NI)|-|-|'ON, Agent, Courtenay
Dominion War Loan
By purchasing a bond you will help
to WIN THE WAR and obtain for
yourself an i nvestment of the highest
class yielding a most attractive rate
of interest.
Peculiar Feature of
The Prohibition
Bill Aiijiturs to Hnvi; linen Frainitfl
a-i a Direct Blow at
To the man of means, who is accustomed to buy his liquor by tlie
bottle or case from the wholesale
store or from the retail shop, the
Prohibition Act means absolutely
uothing, as lie can still order his
supply from a neighboring province
or tbe States just as easily as in
the past, the only difference being
that he wil' have to pay a hij-het
cost, on account of transportation
To tlie vvorkingiuaii who is accustomed to buy his liquor by the bottle or glass, the Act means, however, something entirely different.
The ordinary working man is not
given the opportunity to lay by
money sufficient to provid; for his
sending away for a case of liquor,
hence he is under a handicap which
does not interfere with the' rich
man. Then again, the working-
man's usual beverage is beer, and
on shipments of this class the freight
charges are so high as to make the
price prohibitive foi him.
Again, while some workiug men
are fortunate enough to occupy
homes of their own, a great many
occupy houses jointly with others.
A large proportion would come under the term of lodgers, Many
others also take boarders in order
to help out the family income. All
of this class would find that tlie
Prohibition Act was a distinct barrier to their enjoying their personal
right to partake of a glass of beer
in their own homes. The Act provides that a man may import liquor
freely for use in his own private
dwelling. It so defines the word
"dwelling" however, that householders who occupy premises jointly are not allowed the privilege of
having liquor for their own private
tine The same is true of lodgers
personally, and the families of those
who keep lodgers where more than
three room in a house, As far as
homes where boarders are kept, the
"ict is explicit in stating that the
hou**e is not a dwelling, aud that
liquor for beverage purposes may
not be brought into it,
The above points cover phases of
the Prohibition Act which are distinctly to the disadvantage of the
workinginan, although   they mean
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Thrice the capacity of ordinary grates is given because
the Sunshine grates are three-sided, one side at a time
meeting the fire.  Bulldog teeth smash clinkers easily.
Wouldn't you like to know the cost of installing a Sunshine in your home? I'll gladly give you particulars
without obligation. an
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
nothing to the rich num.
A reading of the Act will show
many similar features of class legislation of so open a character as to
lead the organized bodies of labour,
which have already considered the
Prohibition Bill to unanimously
condemn the Act.
The Reapers
Red are tiie hands uf the   Reapers,
And the harvest is so ivhite!
Red are the feet thai are   trending
The thresiug floors by night;
And on the young bro.vs dripping
As with dews of the morn,
Deep rose-red are the  woundings,
Like scars of a crown of   thorns
Tired, so many with reaping,���
Tired of treading the grain.
Still they ie, iu their sleeping,
Low in the Valley of Pain-
Never again to be quaffing
The joy of life, like wine;
Never again lo be laughing
In youth's glad hour divine.
Birds shall sing iu the branches,
Ghildieii dance by the shore:
But they who shared the red  reaping
Shall come back never more,
Let whoso can forget them,
Walking life's noisy ways:
We who have looked on the  Reapers
Go quietly, all our days.
���Lauchlan McLean Watt, C.  F,,
in London Times.
Phone 6
nml  Solicitor,   Notary
Courtenay Review
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"lent Wines T. BOOTH
,ntl Liquors Prop*
Cumberland Hotel
tiooil Accomodation      Cusinc E-etlleo
Wm. Merryfield
Anglican Church Notes
The 9th Sunday after Trinity.
St, John's Courtenay, Holy
Communion at 8.30 a. 111., Evensong and sermon at 7.30 p. 111.
Try a Review Ad.
TENDERS will be received either at
Cumberland or Courtenay up to
Sept. 1st, 1916, (or Id acres of land
partly cleared, belonging to the late
John Higgins, of Comox, B. C, now
10 per cent, ol   offei to  be   deposited
with offer.
Highest or any tender not   necess irily
Ofiicial Administrator
The Water Question
Four Good   Houses,
water    and   electric
light in each
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C., deceased.
Terms cash, 10 per cent, of purchase
price to be deposited with offer.
Highest or any tender not   necessarilv
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$1.2.5 up
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Dresses .50       Dresses 1.74
Overcoats .75       Overcoats 1.25
Repairing, Etc.
Gents clothes kept in order by the    j
month $.'.50
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Store, Union St., Courteuay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith aid Carriage Builder
What is a Farmer ?
Economical, Social and    Education.1
Development Has Changed the
Stntus ol the Farmer
A Monster Airship
Russia's Air Terror Could Easily Fly
Across the Atlantic
The "Sikorsky" heavier-lhan-air ma-
chine is the biggest in llic world, and
lontis to Russia, Christened "Jlya
Ji'ouromct-���afler a legendary hero
in the middle ages���it in !'0 large in-
deed lhat when in action men creep
out along the wings nnd harass the
enemy with special machine rifles for
which there arc swing rests lil.c row-
It cks lixed in all advanlagotts positions.
The machine will carry 2,000 lbs. of
explosive shells. Willi a cargo ol fuel,
in ilead of shells, the inventor reckons
thai nnv of lhe average pilots could
mnke it trip in it with comparative
case from Liverpool to the Belle Isle
Every four years the fanner vote is
counted on n speculative basis by ihc
leaders of liie contending political
parlies. They -ary nnd conflict for
the reason lhal they ate based largely
upon guess work, stale census statistics nnd n liil-or-niiss conception ofi ���y\ll. Russian in order to minimise galion uns o-'-dercd; and ii developed
what a farmer is or is not, i In- labor of llic observer as much as j that lho    battleship hail    never 'iccn
��� > ,     ,      . , ,...,-   .1 ,i.. , ..,,. -. .,,
Graft in Russia
A Country Where the Grafter Works
in Daylight
Graft in Russia is on such a naive'y
vast scale lhat il becomes grotesque,
Tin* Russian representative of a foreign shipbuilding concern told me of
a battleship which he personally designed lo- the Russian government in
1905. The olans cere accepted, the
steel contracted for, nn army of workmen assembled at Olcssa, and in the
course of lime it was reported that thc
battleship was ready for launching.
The Govern >r of the Province personally broke a champagne bottle over
lier ii'iw, and r, inonl1' later she p.it
to sea on her trial trip. Then news
came that lhe battleship had sunk
somewhere in Ihe Black Sea. Someone was suspicions���and  an invest!-
In  estimating  the  fanner vole en j possible, bus taken a leaf oul of the built at all.
ssc ii hns been the custom to in- photographer's art book,   There is a     At lhe most  serious epoch of ihc
iniera which fits in sockets below Russian retreat last slimmer, when
1 by a whole divisions were annihilated b
cause of the '.-.He of ammunition for
heir cannon, 1 met an Englishmen
who had come 1-. Rustia three tno ill's
before wilh .' shipment of shrapnel.
Hi* said il was slill al Archangel���because he would not bribe the railway
and ordnance officials lo ship il it the
front.���John Reed h Ihc Jul) Metro-
poi' all.
elude all males ol voting age in*tl
hamlets, viliages and towns that arc
so-called -mi' .liiuial centres, ll takes
in lhe banker-farmers, the lawyer-
farmers, the doctor-farmers, the retired farmers, the merchant-farmers,
the merchants who sell more or less
exclusively io farmers; it embraces
the drifting multitude of farm hands
and tenant farmers, the loafers and
ne'er-do-wells of the towns and village*: and in the enfranchised stales
il now includes the women fanners
and thc farmers' wives.
It is a vast conglomerate tola!, with
interests as divergent and to a considerable extern a^ conflicting as arc
the interests of those who dwell ill
cities. I"
tional    tl.       ,
cade has practically 'tle-riibeiiized"
the "rube vote," as politicians were
fond oi referring to it in lhe not so
distant past.���Country Gentleman,
the machine and is controlled by a
simple mechanism of clockwork. In
this way tin* aviator, flying above llic
enemy's front, is able to take a continuous pho.ograpliic record of lh*
podlions lying lit low him.
From these photographs intelligence officers construct, acctira.c
maps of the enemy's hue, and th.
positions of bis battelies, etc., which,
printed lithograpliic.liy in various
scales nre used by the staff, and al* I
in small, large scale section*, are sen:
lo commanders of battalions in lite
front line so that they may know
exactly what lies beyond that ���wavering hedge of barbed wire which ns
limine, social and cduca- often as not is as much as Ihey can
ipuicin in llic    past de- sec of the enemy,
 L'his   is   of   course   done  in  all   nr-
mics, but the perfection with which
it is done here is a further proof of
lh: way in which Russia has profited
i. stead of being broken by llic strain
of last year.
The Vicar (discussing the Daylight
Saving Bill)���But why bnve you put
the small clock on and not tha   big
(lid Mnn-Well, it's like this, sir.
grandfeyther's clock 'nve been tellin'
tli' truth for ninety year, nnd I can't
find i' my h"art to make a liar o' he
now; but li'le clock, 'e be a German
make, so it be all riitht for 'e.
Worms in children work havoc.
These pests attack the tender lining
of the intestines and, if lefl to pursue
their ravages undisturbed, will ultimately perforate lhe wall, because
these worms are of-the hook variety
that cling lo and feed upon interior
surfaces. Miller'. Worm Powders will
not only exterminate these worms, of
whatever variety, but will serve to repair llic injury they have done,
"\ es, my son.'
"What i* -i'i end seal hog the papers
talk about?"
"Au cnd-sc'.t hog, mv son, is the fellow who gets the seat you want yourself."
During breakfast in a large munition factory on Clydcsidc, where ������early every nationality is represented, a
group of workmen were discussing
Lord Derby's scheme and the different battalions which they woulu like
to join. After various opinion.! n.ul
been givi n a* to which was the best,
Sandy said: "If ah hcv lac join, gic
mc lhe Scottish Rifles."""A'11 join lhe
Royal Scots," saitl Gcordic, "All
think- them' the best." "What abool
Isaac here?"  inquired  another work-
Gasoline  Fires
Fire accidents and explosions ni
gasoline are usually the result of
carelessness-. Gasoline and things
giving off gasoline vapors should
never be brought into the same room
wilh a lire, u stove containing fire,
anything giving off sparks, where
matches are or are likely to be light-
ed, or where smoking is done. The
odor of gasoline in any room is a
danger  signal���"safety   first."
Kerosene should never bn put into
the gasoline can. Kerosene in its
own Held will overflow in a dangerous
way if the lamp or can is filled perfectly full.   Leave some empty spaa
1 fell from a building and received
what the doctor called a very bad
sprained ankle, and lold mc 1 must
not walk ou it for ihree weeks. I got
days 1 was out to work again. 1 think
it llic best Liniment made.
Thc production of shells in Great
Britain is at a greater rate llian Germany and Austria combined.
The Oil for the Athlete.���In rubbing down, the athlete can find nothing finer llian Dr. Thomas' I'clectiic
<Jil. it renders the muscles aud sinews
pliable, lakes lhe soreness out of
ihem lor strains lhat may be put upon
ihein. It stands pre-eminent for this
purpose, and athletes who for years
have been using it can testify to ils
value as a lubricant.
A Poser for German Logic
The logical German mind will find
it hard lo explain why British consols
have risen 57 1-4 lo 01 1-2 since the
great naval battle that made Kaiser
Wilhelm lhe "Admiral of the Atlantic."
Mother   Graves'   Worm    Extermi-
r.ator will drive worms from thc svs-
nt tlio top.   An.oil Are cannot be put tcm   without   injury   to   lhe   child
nut with water.   Sand, earth, flour or
meal will extinguish it if the flame i
man.   "Oh," replied Geordie, "Isaac's   completely  covered.    When   a    per-
gai.n to join  llic new battalion���thcl son's clothes take fire, wrap him in a
A boy of lender years wns returning from school crying bitterly.
"\\ hat ails you, my little fellow?" asked an old gentleman,
"1���I've lo���st the p -penny lhe I ���
teacher gave mc for tin- best bov in
the class!" sobbed the boy. _
"Oh, well, never mind," saitl the oltl
gentleman. "Mere is another one lhat
will take its place. Bul lell mc, how
did you come to lose it?"
" 'Cause I wasn't the best hoy in
the class!" sobbed tlie bov.
carpet of blanket.    Don't run to get
Mrs. Allen: "My husband says \e. is
miserable all die day if lie misses Ins
matutinal bath." Lady friend: "Pshaw!
I dare say an ordinary bath with
soap and water would do him just as
much good!"
because its action, while fully effect
ive, is mild.
Tommy's Aunt���Won't you have
another piece of cake, Tommy? Tommy (on a visit) ���No, I thank yon.
Tommy's Aunt���Vou seem to be suf-
b ring from loss of appetite. Tommy
���That ain't loss of appetite, Wit t
I'm suffer-in' from, it'.* politeness.    .
The Vernacular
A Chicago newspaperman tells of a
communication received by his journal from a newspaperman in Australia seeking information on certain
&";��_>; Jt_S
B ^s->__
According lo Dr. Allison secretary
of Ministry of Munitions, Great llril-
ain is producing    seven times    more.
fuming sulphuric acid than it did when j    "Dear Mr.  Editor," (he letter  ran
the war began. "jn  your paper,    under the    heading
���- - ;' Election Returns,' appeared the fol-
~   1-wiiig statement: 'As the count proceeded il became evident that Jones
had been    scratched    repeatedly   by
thc women voters.'
"Inasmuch as the above situation is
not clear to inc. I beg lo ask information on these point.*:
'Where was the count going?
"Was   he   Gen.,an?
"What bail Mr. Jones done thai the
ladies should desire t,   scratch him?"
Rheumatism, A Sneaking Disease
Has at Last Met Its Conqueiw
Throbbing*  Muscles  and
Swollen Joints Made Well
Old nc-'.' knows uo foe more subtle,
moro unrelenting than rheumatism.
At first   only a grumbling    paiu  is
felt.    But, alas, it settles iu thc joints
and   lliliscles, and   finally   tortures  ils
To-day  lhe disease  may be in  the
muscles of llic back,
thigh, -shoulder or
neck ��� to-morrow
in Ihc joints of the
hand, toes, anus or
legs   it   may   work
with redoubled fury
despair, has ended years of awful suffering for those who never hoped ta
be well again.
There is a marvellous healing power
in Nerviiine which il derives from the
extracts and juices of certain rare
herbs and roots. It allays almost
magically the awful paiu that only
rheumatics can describe,
Congestion is drawn out of the muscles, stiffened joints are cased and limbered up, the old time feeling of depression is east off, and once again
Nerviiine brings the sufferer to buoyant, vigorous lasting good health.
Every home
needs     gootl     old
Nerviiine,   needs  it
for  earache,  tootll-
iche, headache,   neuralgia,   lumbago.
Whether the pain is constant or oe-1 sciatica, stiff    neck, chest    colds an
casional, makes no difference lo "Ner-  sore throat.    Wherever there is pain,
Because other remedies have failed,
don't be discouraged, Nerviiine has
cured llic worst of cases. It has
brought health to those in (he decpcsl
congestion or inflammation, Nerviiine
will cure it,
Large family size bottle 50c; trial
size 25c. all dealers, or the C.ilarrhii-
_onc Co., Kingston, Canada.
Community   Intelligence
111  large cities the death  rale from
Infectious  disease  has  made  a  wonderful drop  in the Inst,  fifteen years
Ann'' Nation of Steel
The presenl war is aiiniliil.ilin,,' ten
million  tons of steel  and iron annually,     ll  simply tlrops oltl  of sighl   -
City dwellers lire patting themselves ' being sunk into deep water or blown
on lhe back and pointing rather to blls loo small to collect.. This is
scornfully lo their country cousins creating a shortage of sled and iron
who have had no sueb Improvement, and forcing prices high. Whether the
They nre saying now that all the'mince are not worked to full capacity
typhoid fever comes from the cotin- in order to keep prices of stocks high,
try. reaching tho city nnly when some or whether lln re is an actual worltl
vacationist brings it back or a dairy-! shortage tlm* to the tremendous de-
iniin carries it along his route. maud for steel and iron in the   great
In a measure Iheir position is war- war, mailers not so far as llic condi-
r an led, but it is not because of the [lions arc concerned. This meul is
superior acumen of the city man or scarce and the prices will stay high,
the inferior intelligence of his eoun- This concerns everyone because it
try neighbor. It is simply because will affect the cost of all hardware,
cities have been compelled to have building materials for all metal struc-
boards of health, winch have insisted i lures, and farm machinery of all
upon wuler nitration plants, upon kinds. Just make up your mind that
sanitation in all dwellings upon med- prices cannot stay  where they have
ical inspection of school children,
upon sanitary disposal of waste and a
score of other things against which
the city man often protests, but to
which  he necessarily submits.
The remedy for couutry folk is to
allow community intelligence to prevail over personal prejudice, and likewise to organize for good health.
Tito best goal to work for is a full-
time county health officer.���Tho Coun-
;rv Gentleman.
Scrap metal should be sellinrg for
better prices than formerly. Don't
waste it by rusting away in a fence
Minard's Liniment   Cures   Garget in
Only Going One Way
A  German  spy  caught  red-handed
was on his way to be shot.
"I  think you  English arc brutes,"
he   growled,  "to   march   mc  through
ibis rain and slush."
"Well," saitl the "Tommy" who was
escorting    him, "whal about mc?    I
have to go back in it."
"I was at the big general stores in
Market slrect lhe other day," saitl
Sliiufingcrcti Joe, "when th- whole
electric light apparatus went wrong,
and all the different department wore
as black at pilch."
"My word, what _ bit o' luck!"
chuckled his friend. "What did you
"My beastly luck again. It's always
dogging inc. I was in the grand piano department."
Your wife seems to bo busy thesa
Yest She is to address a woman's
Ah, working on her address?
No on her dress.
Heartburn  and Windy  Spasms
The efficacy of Dr. Cassell's Instant Relief in these complaints
will be a revelation lo those who havo hitherto trusted to
bismuth or soda mixtures, or to old-fashioned liver pills and
salts. The tt-oublo is duo to gas in ih,. stomach or bowels arising
from undigested fou,l, and tho natural remedy is to restore tlio
organs to healthy net ion. Ur. Cassell's Instant Relief doc.i that
quickly, surely, and so it effects real cure where tli�� old
purgative preparations only weaken the system, and .rente
trie pill-taking or salts-taking habit.
Take Dr. Cassell'* Insiant R.lisl tor constipation, liijiousness, torpid
liver, sick headache, dizziness, speclis before the eyes, (latulonce and
windy spasms, acidify, heartburn, impure blood, and thai dull, heavy
fooling which is a suro indication ol liver trouiilei.
Ask for Dr. Cassell's Insiant Relief and take no substitute.
Price 50 cent* trom all Druggists and Storekeepers,
Or direct from the -ole nsent., tor Camilla. IUrold F. Rltohlo and Co
I.t.l.. 10.  _.'C_ul-tl1*_t, Toronto.   Wat- Tin ���' cents mrn ���
Dr, Cassell's Insiant Roliol is the oompanion lo Dr. Cassell's Tablets,
Sola Pr.pfl.tOfl: Or. CattelPi Co., 1.1,1., Manchester, England.
Dr. Cassell's J&
This Has a Moral
When the rich man brought his son
for entrance to the slate college he
told the president he wished a short
"'Ihey boy can never learn all you
teach here," said the father. "Can you
arrange il for him so he'll go through
"Uh, yes," said the president; "he
can lake a short course. It all depends upon whal you want lo make of
uini. Vi ben God wants to make an
oak He lakes a hundred years, but
lie takes only two months lo make a
,    X'IYje��.-r-*Lp*J,ipS
���',1 {r'flrt'���"* NT ACI d��, v. "
iaf'      ."       CAITIMIN&.TJVBS
.       .   ,,".''   lAXATIVtS A!. :
Minard's liniment Cures   Distemper.
An army chaplain at Ihc front came
Upon a sergeant and a small detachment who were trying hard lo move a
waggon which was hopelessly embedded in mini. 'Can I be of any service
ti you?" the benevolent divine inqu't--
cd. "Yes, s.'i," Ihc sergeant replied.
"You can belt help us L-y makiiig
your..clf scarce." "Making myself
scarce," lhe clergyman repealed in
surprise. "Yes, sir. You sec, llic men
can't very well say to the horses what
they'd understand when you're about."
"Vou vowed it would be your aim
to make my life one long dream of
happiness. And lo think that I believed yon!"
"That's nothing, I believed it myself nl the lime!"
W.      N.     U.     IIIS
Healthful Sleep
is necessary for the enjoyment and prolongation
of life.   During sleep Nature renews the vital
forces of the body and restores the energy.
Sleeplessness is one of the evil results of indigestion. >
To avoid it, keep the stomach well, the liver active and
the bowels regular. The health of these organs
Is Assured by
Beecham's Pills. A harmless vegetable remedy, which
acts immediately on the stomach, liver, bowels and kidneys, toning and putting them in good working order.
Millions of people sleep well and keep well because, at
the first unfavorable symptom, they begin to take
Worth a Guinea a Box
Prepared only by Tbomftfi Reeohiim, St. Hcleni, T.unea_!i[rc, Bniftqad-
Kold every where in Canudti und U. S. America-   In boxcu, 25 cent"*. THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C,
Great Britain antl the domains
across- the seas, not including India,
have raised since thc war began five
million men for army and navy wilh-
out compulsory service. England,
Scotland and Wales have about 42,-
000,000 ami Ireland 4,000,000 people.
'I'he chief contribution from beyond
tin- seas have conic from Australasia,
with 7,000,000, and Canada with 8,000,-
(Kill. These distant possessions have
done wonderfully, yet it is likely that
llieir contributions have nol been
much more ihan sufficient to make up
for the deficiency in sonic pails of
Ireland���and indeed England���caused
by the unpopularity of the war with
some classes Ihere.
We may reasonably credit lhe Unit*
rn Kingdom, then, with raising 5,000,-
0(10 men from a population of 46,000,-
000; one in nine. That ratio, applied
to the I'nited Stales, would impose
lhe requirement to raise 11,000,(100 soldiers in less (ban two years.
I.rt ii be remembered thai Biitain
lias done ihis without universal compulsion, Two years ago there was uo
more seeming probability of such a
draft being made on Britain than there
is today ol its being made on Anicri-n.
The war was not threatened, was nol
expected, When it began in the late
days of July, 1914, to loom as a possible eventuality there was alniosl universal detestation of the idea of engaging in such a struggle.
No nation, when this war started,
conceived thc mobilization of men and
resources which has been accomplished, Co back lo the fantastic statistical complications of a few years ago,
in which were represented the "potential military strength" of nations on
the basis of ihc highest theoretical recruitment, Not one of the counlries
now at war was cretlited, in these theoretic calculations, with nearly so
many military units of humanity as it
now has muter arms.
Who, again, believed that the economic strain of such a war could
be borne, at this rale, thus long? Almost nobody. Vet thc war has gone
two years at higher pressure than
could be imagined; it might go as
many more; and the economic aspect,
while serious, is not even yet the supreme one.
The explanation, of course, is thai
a country at war saves in a myriad
other directions so that it may spend
the waste on the fighling machines;
nnd the war waste which the statis-
ticians gravely figure is enlitied to
be offset by the war economics, which
are not only huge, but in many ways
constitute a useful lesson in thrift and
sense.���Trom the New York l'ress.
Rucruiting. Has  Resulted in  Enlistment of One  Man  Out ol
Every Nine of the  Population of  the United Kiugdom
According to the  Latest Estimates
A Russian Idol
Brave Soldier Who Fought a Superior
Force of Germans is a
National Hero
All Russia talks and sings and tells
the story of Cosma Krulchkov. If
there were no Conscription Act in
Russia, he would lead the nation to
the feet of the Czar as an offering
for the defence o (the Empire���such I
is the national influence of his name.
In every shop window' iiis portrait
is on exhibit, the music halls ring
wilh (he story oi Ins exploit", ami
in the working class neighborhoods of
Petrograd mothers I'll their children
lo be a Cosma, antl iii the churches
he is blessed ami prayed for. Anil yet
he is only a plain soldier, modest, retiring, ami afraid of the. popularity
thai has been so unexpectedly showered upon linn, lie will not lake the
leave, that is offered him���be wants to
live antl die with his regiment.
And all this because he rose up one
morning antl pui an end to a bunch
of Germans, German cavalrymen
were seen somewhere in Russia in the
The liny band of Cossacks under
his order immediately rode to the
attack. When a lew shots had been
exchanged, the Germans, seeing how-
few their opponents were, turned
round and rode to meet them. After
a few minutes fighting, twenty-two
Germans were dead (eleven by
Krutchkov's hand), two lay wounded
on the. ground, and the remaining
three fled.
Krulchkov had been wounded sixteen antl his horse eleven limes. The
other Cossacks had each received a
few wounds. All were taken lo hospital at Vitebsk, where thev recovered
in a wonderfully short space of time;
now ihey are again al the fronl.
Krutchkov received his Cross aud hi.*
fame filled all Russia.
"And," he says, "there arc thousands as 1 am, ready to die fighting
against the invader."
On An Aeroplane
The Aviators "Upwards" and "Downwards" Sicknesses
Aerial sickness has been diagnosed
hy Doctor Laumonier, I'aris, who say
that, unlike sea sickness, there is one
sickness incidental lo lhe ascent, and
another to the descent. Headache and
an indefinable discomfort follows the
ascent. At _,000 feet tlie hearing sense
is affecled. At 3,000 some experience
peculiar hallucinations, and an "acsen
thic" condition which prevents the
muscles for obeying thc will witli
adequate rapidity.
Something akin to a feeling of anguish lakes possession of the ascender. The headache is intense,
scendcr. The headache is intense
the skin becomes holler, and sleep
overtakes one at limes, which, of
course, is attended with danger All
near actual contact with the earl!',
Strange to say, all these (roubles get
augmented ou landing. The aviator
falls asleep as soon as he lands and
non-refreshing rest may characterise
his sleep for days.
Fliers, therefore, should be young,
robust, resolute and cool-headed men,
with sight, hearing, nervous and vas
eular systems perfectly sound. No
weak heart should venture in an aero
plane. Alcohol is deadly to an avi
ator. Goggles ami greasing of the
skin, with sparse but warm material
for clothing, are among the essential!
lo successful aviation.
A Four Thousand Feet Leap
Feat of a French Officer is Without
Parallel in the Present War
The feal of a young sub-lieutenant
ol lilt French artillery, Maurice B.,
in dropping 4,000 feet from a balloon
is without parallel in llic recent war.
There has been nothing quite, like it.
While he-was in charge of one of
a number of spherical ballons at Verdun, a fierce storm, attended with
thunder and lightning, broke over llic
lines. Several of the balloons wcr in
consequence detached from their
moorings and were lost. One of these
was under ihe direction of Maurice B.
Carried by lhe wind, which was in
an easterly direction, loward llic enemy, he determined to fall, if at all
possible within his own lines. Bul
Iiis balloon, catching fire, Ihis was
rendered impossible. He burned all
Iiis papers on hoard, and, seeing there
was no hope of escape except by the
parachute, he seized it, and made a
plunge from lhe height slated.
His descent was made the more
dramatic by the storm, thunder and
lightning and rain mingling lo make
the feal highly spectacular, Maurice
M. was cheered on reaching ground,
and his promotion was one of the
inosl popular events of the month,
Seven-Million-Ton Pyramid
The grealesl monument iu lhe
world is lhe Great Pyramid of Egypt,
which was liniii nearly 6,000 years
ago. 11 was buill by Cheops, King of
Egypt, who, following llle example of
previous kings, wished lo have a magnificent tombstone, so that lie would
be remembered. II is certain lhat Ihe
thousands of men who were engaged
iu building it worked under the lash.
The resull is, Cheops is always put
down as a tyrant.
According lo Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, 100,000 men
were at work on it for twenty years.
It rovers an area of thirteen and a
half acres, and contains 7.000,000 tons
of masonry. It was built in layers,
over 20(1 in number, and then llic
edges were filled in lo make Ihe sides
smooth. The stone used varied iu
weight from Iwo Ions to sixty Ions.
When it was buill it was abcut 4H0
feci high, and thc sides were each 7/5
feet long.
Why Johnny Flunked
"What was the result of the flood?"
inked the Sunday school teacher.
"Mud," replied the bright youngster.
���-Chicago Daily News.
Her Way of Doing It
GladyV tuoiher was entertaining
visitors, when suddenly the door was
flung open and iu burst Gladys like
lhe proverbial whirlwind.
"My dear child," snitl lhe mother
rebukingly, "1 never heard such a
noise as you made coming downstairs,
Now, go righl back and come down-
stairs properly."
Gladys retired, and a few moments
later reentered the room.
"Did you hear me come down lhat
time. Mamma''" she asked.
"No, dear," replied the mother,
"Now, why can't you always behave
like, lhat? Vou came downstairs like
a lady then."
"Ves. Mamma," said Gladys dutifully "I slid down lhe banister."���
1.allies Home Journal.
Eleven thousand four hundred Hriiish men teachers arc serving with
the forces aud about 9,000 have attested under the Derby system. In
addition there arc 147 serving with
the naval forces and 23o women acting as nurses. Teachers have already
gained five Victoria Crosses, while 232
have been killed, 118 wounded and
nine arc missing.
A woman from the city was spending the summer in a small town aid
one day, while doing her marketing,
she asketl the butcher how he happened to choose his business. He hesitated a moment, and ihen: "Well 1
don't know," lie answered, "but ' always was fond of animals,"
Rubbing Elbows
Blowing up a Mine Within Click   of
the German Rifles
Blowing up a mine, within sound of
the "click of the enemy's rifles is au
enterprise as hazardous as it is difficult of performance, And yet there
is no bit of the fighting that tin'
British soldier relishes with such zest,
except it is lo follow up llic explosion
with a bayonet charge.
"It was over a hundred yards from
ibe shall or outlet ami only measured
about 3 feet liic,h by 30 inches wide."
Thus writes an officer who superintended a mosl successful   tunneling How Belgians are Assisted
"All tin explosive had to be carried System by Which Food Supplies Are
very carefully and placed in Million, Distributed by Neutrals
mil  lhe     Bodies    were     working so '
.-lose to ns that it was imperative to Many people may be interested lo
make no noise or the whole business, know- through what process thc tlls-
ild be given away. I pensation of relief lo the three millior
Afler   the     explosive  a   quantity     of
Stemming, consisting of sandbags well
i' 'i ���> nn clay ami rubbish, bad to
be built up to prevent the force of ibe
explosion following the line of least
resistance ami simply expending ils
force along our own gallery ami prob-
ibly damaging our own lines.
This particular mine was so close
to the German trenches that you
could hear their riflcbolls click as
ihey unloaded, after firing. Moreover, with a view to blowing a ready
made communication trench the mine
was so close to the surface thai the
concussion from the explosion, of
even the lighter shells from our guns
falling short and anywhere near us
put all the candles out.
One of the greatest difficulties connected with these operations is to ventilate lhe galleries ami avoid the noise
made by mechanical ventilators or
fans, and, as the "stemming" has to
be passed front hand lo hand lo ensure quiet, the number of men necessary in a gallery a hundred yards long
is so considerable that thc air is rarely good enough to allow a candle lo
"ln this instance we were also without electric lamps, antl the work had
to be done alniosl entirely in the dark
���at any rate, during lhe lasl twenty-
four hours.
' The infantry attack which was lo
follow lhe explosion, was timed lo
begin al 4:30 a.m., and the mines
bad to be exploded al ���1:29 a.m., so
that the infantry might rush forward
under cover of lhe smoke from lhe
In order to blow up this mine lo
form a ready made communication
trench thc charges had lo be laitl in
a series,    equidistant    ami    of    equal 	
amount, except lor those nearest our | the Berlin "authorities have now
sanction  to wholesale et
I lion.    Here is a  list  of llieir
up | depredations, viz:
own end,    Which   for   safety's   sake! iheir
were made lighter,
These charges were connected
electrically "in scries" antl "in parallel" so that there could be no possible
doubt of their exploding as soon as
the "exploder" or battery was used.
To make doubly sure a fuse hail been
attached, so that if the electrical connections failed thc safely fuse could
be employed.
The lime came al lasl, and we pushed down (he handles of lhe, exploders.
So great was Ihc    concussion of llic
shells dropping at thc    time lhat for
the life of mc 1 thought    the charge j trees
series  of charges as  wc  were  firing      7.-Thc appropriation    of factories
had failed, though such a charge or| for thc manufacture of munitions, and
was sufficient to shake down dug-outs
several hundred yards away.
To make sure wc hurriedly changed
the connections on thc balterics using
three exploders for each separate
charge, and Ihen when our minute's
grace was almost up wc gave up
troubling further and came out from
our improvised shelter feeling that
we bad failed
Thousands arc Working al  High  Pressure With Rigid Military
Discipline,   on   thc   Infinite   Details   of   the   Work
Connected Willi Directing the War
Sir Reginald Bradc, secretary of the
War Office, gave facilities, "through
one of his staff as escort, to sec something of the huge war machine in full
swing under pressure of one of the
greatest wars with which it has ever
had to cope. It was an experience of
several hours, exploring the labyrinths
of the vast institution, fairly vibrating
with energy at every point and yet
proceeding with precision antl efficiency in meeting the big part it is taking
in the conduct of thc war.
Some idea of thc immensity of this
war establishment may be had from
the. fact that its corridors arc two
mites long���a good brisk walk of an
hour. And along these two miles is
a good sized city of people, over 4,000
engaged in the infinite details of this
war work, great and small, all thc
way from secretary of state for war,
lown to boy .coins and girl messengers. And this is only the central establishment, for thc war exigencies
have outgrown even this huge building, and many outside buildings, busi-
ss blocks and other premises have
been takeji in as War Office.
The suuden extension of censoring
as a precaution of military defence
has called into service a large army
ol censors, and a number of large
business premises in various quarters
have been acquired for the military
cense*.' branch. Three or four other
branches are at other points, and
practically the whole ordnance branch
lias grown into a separate gcrrern-
nient department with a Cabinet Minister, Lloyd-George, at its head.
Vet the ��� Wai Office still remains
the throbbing centre of the war wcrk:
hcrj the larger questions or strategy
ind the campaigns iu various theatre.
of the war arc worked out: here thc
army council anil the Imperial genera]
staff hold llieir meetings, and ivre the
many branches of military work .-unity from the headquarters of General
Sir W. Robertson, chief of the Imperial staff-; l.icut.-General Sir H. Selater,
adjutant-General to the forces: Lieut. -
General Sir I. Cowans, quartermaster-
gcncral, and the. two members of Parliament who represent the civilian
branch antl keep thc war branch in
touch with Parliament, Mr. Tenna-t,
Parliamentary untler-secretary for " ar
and Mr. Foster, financial secretary
for war, with Sir Reginald Grade as
secretary of thc War Office and of the
War Council.
It is difficult to get into the Wai
Office, and more difficult to get ont���
like the continental railway system.
Guards turn away all those without
papers from authorized soirees, stating a definite purpose for the visit and
a fixed lime. Passing this barrier,
one's name and address are taken ami
a permit issued, and the addresses are
always available if Scotland Yard
wishes to investigate the antrrrrlenrs
of anyone making unauthorized inquiries.
Within Ihe building there is an air
of work under high pressure and with
rigid military discipline, with many
officers iu uniform, old soldiers antl
girl messengers also in uniform, the
girls in brown khaki dress and blouse
wilh brass buttons and a brass device
on the collar.
starving people of Belgium goes in
order to reach ils destination with the
assurance that none of it reaches the
Germans. Donations of money or in
kind turned inlo branches of lhe Belgium Relief work all over Canada arc
in turn delivered into the hands of the
Belgian Relief Committee, 59 St. Peter
street, Montreal, which is the official
outlet (or Canada. This in turn goes
to the neutral commission, which,
through the mere fact that il is neutral, prevents Germany from profiling
by the relief sent to the Belgians.
Cargoes of food arc sent to Rotterdam anil thence by train into Belgium,
ln Belgium there arc 125 central warehouses under the control of Americans and from these warehouses the
necessary food antl other supplies are
issued to 4,000 Belgian communal
committees, These communities reissue the fnotl to the Belgians as it is
needed and hand out of the other supplies as permitted by thc amount arriving.
Since the relief work was first started the national oemmittec had handed
lo lhe neutral commission over $6,-
000,000 collected from Britisii sources
alone. This is bill a drop in the bllS-
kel. Three hundred and fifty thousand
dollars a week is needed to carry on
lh : work and this only represents
th.'ce slices of bread ami a pint of
soup daily for the starving Belgians.
New German Brutality
Kow the Huns Continue to Oppress
the Belgian People
Not satisfied with levying heavy
ami unbearable taxation upon Belgium
as a nation, ami Brussels, Liege, Antwerp,  Bruges,  anil  Ostend  as cities,
1.���The    exportation    of   the "91(
green and grain crops lo Germany.
2.���The prohibited sale of sugar, tea,
coffee, and cocoa, uniil Berlin agrees
3.���Thc confiscation    of all metal
and stripping of locomotives for Ihe
possession of the same.
4.���The restriction   of the sale and
consumption of glycerine.
5.���Suspension of the trade in col
6.���The destruction and export  of
the transfer of machinery in Belgium
to Germany.
8.���The purchase of goods at one-
third Iheir cost.
The taxes this year will be doubled
and lo the Burgomcistcr of Brussels
an officer in high command saitl that
if there was any further disposition
on the part of the inhabitants to resist Ihe taxes , the    taxes    I'or    1917
How pleased  we were  to^ mect( a | would be collected al the point of ihi
cheery captain as wc went along lhe
front line lowards (he communication
trench, who told us the mine bail exploded splendidly!
Thc captain was now in the same
stale of excitement awaiting his lime
to lead bis men over ihc parapet and
across to the German lines as wc
had been wailing for 4.29 a.in.
He was the captain of the' second
line, who were now manning the
front line trench, while the frontline
fellows were already in No Man's
Land lying hidden in a ditch.
to charg ______________
away  they  rushed     across  the  open
and in less than half an hour bail taken the first    three    lines of German |
The sappers, too, had rushed oul,
and wilh pick and shovel were busy
making the eonreclions blown by ou
mine inlo a comniunic
which ammunition and reserves could
be brought forward to lhe lads in
This work brought lo light the fact
that we had blown ill a gerinau gallery
within four feet of our own ami had
killed at least four Germans by lhe
explosion���flow many more were
there inh'lit have been in their demolished gallery one eouid nol say.
For our pari, lired out bv the exertions of the previous few days, il was
not long before wc were back at billets and fart asleep, and il was a moil
pleasant reflection as ewlaotlwyn m
pleasant reflection as we lay down to
resl lhat we had carried out our work
wilh lhe besl possible results and
without a casualty of any kind,
Johnny was driving a bog lo town.j
He mel the preacher driving toward
him, The hog became frightened and
ran across lho field, which caused
Johnny lo swear. The minister thinking (o correct lhe boy slopped and
kindly inquired "Who    brought    you
Hun Soldiers Drugged
At Verdun thc heavily massed German charges have most often been
made by fresh troops, advancing from
comparative safety to niecl lhe sudden, merciless sweep of the prench
machine guns. When Lord Norlhcliffe. publisher of the Daily Mail and
lhe London Times, returned from a
visit lo the front at Verdun, he said,
in his account of the bayonet charges    uu       ������,,,, ,.c.
mi,}; ,,..,���. i, ,,, ., *"" "��� ,     nf ||lr German troops, that the men j,...,,    .,,,1 ,-,.
��� inonien   arrived, anil lhe ortlei ,         .'��� .  .    . .        . .    deeper,    ami inc
r i _:..���.,   ...,.l   "ere    drug enthused.    I  had heart   it    i i.,,v .,.���., have
arge     forward  was     given, ami ,    ��� ,   i,      i    ���   i   .,   .   , I ncy must nave
*���*"' " -     ' so decidedly denied  lhal  drugs  were
given to the Germans before drives
that I interviewed him concerning bis
authority for the statement. He said
that his authority was the words of
thc German prisoners themselves, He
had talked personally wilh half ��� wn-
*.���",'.',''H',.,','..], "l',','.| drcd within an hour after llici:   .���p.
lion Irencli nv ' , .,., ,    ,       ,  .,        . '
Hire, ihese men declared that they
hail been given either mixed with
sonic oilier gas, and that the effect
was a wild, enthusiastic abandon, lasting for an hour and a half or Iwo
hours.���Lucian S. Kirlland in Leslie's.
Digging Out the Enemy
"Aw, aw," said a snobbish visitor
lo Washington, "it must be���aw���very
unpleasant for you Americans to be���
aw���governed by people whom you���
aw���wouldn't awsk tn dinner!"
"Oh, I tlon'l know," said lhe American girl; "no more, so than for you to
be governed by people who wouldn't
ask you to dinner!"
w ere
Amen, Said Ezra
An old lady and gentleman
taking llieir first nip on lhe
cars. She held her breath while crossing a trestle and then, turning lo her
husband, exclaimed in a high voice;
"Thank God,  Ezra, we have lil!"
She���How tlid
you dare nil falhcr
prospect of $50,000
up?" Johnny replied "Nobody brought j thai  you  have
me up, 1  came up a  foot anil drove  a year?
this d���0 old sow" I    lie-Why, 1 have if 1 marry you
Germans Were Moles in Last Incarnation, Say French
"It is great pleasure" writes a
French officer in the Argonne, "to
Work against the Germans. They
dig like lunatics."
First you find they are three yards
down, so you go down five. Then
you find tltey arc slill below you. ��o
on go down seven, hut still Ihey dig
ere   is no   end to it!
^^^ been moles in    their
last incarnalion!"
"I'hey do a lot of bluffing." 'aid
another officer. "'Io make us think
Ihey arc digging day antl night they
sometimes hang up a pickaxe from
one of the beams of their sap and
leave a man to swing it to and fro
so that it may tap against the rock.
Wc have caught them at it niurc than
once.     But ihey arc terrors to work.
"Cannon to left of them, cannon to
���ight of litem, cannon behind them
volleyed and thundered!'' quoted an
enthusiastic war correspondent. But
thc censor rut the lines out. "Might
be giving away the positions of our
artillery!" he commented sagely.
"Hey, hey, you young rascal! where
arc you going with that sign?" said
the merchant, coming out to a boy
who was taking down a sign "Boy
"Vou won't need it any more." said
the boy. "I'm going to take Ihe job."
And he got it.
Hotel Clerk-Is this $1,000 bill the
smallest thing you have about you?
Departing guest���I am afraid it is.
Clerk (to bell boyl���Here, take this
bill to one of the waiters, and _ak Initio change it.���Judge. _.
"Come out o' lhat. You _a_"t fwim
in there." "I know I can't. T_at_
wbv I'm velline for heln"���T it*. _ , m*^*^^^tmsmmmtw
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy .Si Biseoe
Comox, 11. C,
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C.  A.  Mm tin,   Prop.
Some Things Aeeo_iplish.il by the
the B. C. Government
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing
ol   Hots
���  Blankets,   Lap
Suit Cases, Ktc.
Rugs, Gloves,
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Palace Livery
Horses and   Buggies for  Hire *,
Terms cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Courtenay Phone _5
��� Al,l,   KINDS  OF���
Soft Drinks-
Ice Cream, Lunches,
Tobaccos and Candies
Cold Lunches, Salads and Sandwiches
Oil sale at
J. R. Johnston's
Marocchi Bldg.     Courtenay
You eannot eat your
eake and have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
Health Salts
The Ideal Disinfecting Fluid
In its legislation and in its administration the Conservative government, wlii'di lias enjoyed Denver in llritish C'lluiiilini during the
past irHrteeu'yenis, hus nt all times sought tu encourage agricultural
production by such public measures us could be tuken in the interests
of ull the fat mors without depriving individuals of that sturdy, independent, resourceful spirit without which no Industrial efforts mm bu
profitably niiide.
The fanners of British Columbia us voters have a right to know
just whnt has been done and is being done affecting the industry with
which they ure directly associated. They with to have before them
the facts, in order that they tuny decide whether or not limy want a
continuance of administration along the same lines.
Petty pulitics do not concern the man who is milking his living
by the labour of his hands, wrestling with nature in the determined
effort to mnke her yield a generous crop. Iiis concern is good government, particularly ns affecting the needs of the funning community,
Of tlio activities of the Conservative government in the interests
of tbe agricultural industry, most of the details are known, but it is
well before ctistitio u ballot 11 outlier tlie fuels together and relied
carefully. Do the farmers want tuts policy continued, or do 111 < ��� \
prefer to take chances with an unknown quantity,
One of the most important tanners' organizations fostered by
the present government is the Farmers' Institute, of which there are
140 incorporated in the province, with u membership of practically
Farmers' Institutes receive financial assistance from Victoria by
means of a per capita grant based on membership and by payment of
a salary by the department to all secretaries. Expert lecturers and
demonstrators are periodically sent around to all institutes to hold
lectures and give demonstrations in Held and orchard.
Field crop competitons are held in connection with institutes,
the deportment judging same and awarding prizes. Boys' and
girls' clubs are also organized under the auspices ol institutes, and
I crop and stocl'i'ttising contests inauagnrated, the department supplying the judges and giving prizes.
In order to encourage the use of the best seeds, selected seed dis
tribntii'n work is canied out by the department to the members of
institutes, The operation of farm demonstration plots by the department is worked in collaboration with Farmers' Institutes in the
dif-eieiit sections of the province, The distrioution of pure bred
sires on deferred terms of payment is effected ou the requisition of iu
stitutes, and on their conforming with the regulations laid down by
the department.
A central convention of Fanners' Institutes is held eacii year, to
which each institute sends an accredited delegate, the department
paying his transportation. This convention is u very important
meeting, and constitutes, as it were, a Parliament of Farmers of the
Province. .Resolutions emanating from this convention have always
received the most careful attention of the Provincial government.
Co-Operative work in the purchasing of supplies at the lowest
cost for use of members, and iu marketing of produce, is earned out
to a large extent by the Farmers' Institutes,
A very valuable privilege of institutes is that of being able, by-
special arrangements made by the department with powder companies
and transportation companies, to secure stumping powder for clearing
land, and other strictly agricultural purposes, at a very much reduced
cost and a low freight rate.
There are many other ways in which Farmers' Institute members
receive direct benefit,
Womens' Institutes are incorporated in the same way as Farmers Institutes, This iniporinut movement has spread at a very rapid rate there being now 59 Womens' Institutes in the province, with
a population ol aliuut ii,U0U.
The aim and object of Womens Institutes is directed towards
tbe .meliorating of conditions affecting women in our rural communities. Financial assistance is afforded by means ot a per capita grant,
and pay tne ,t ol a salary io secretaries.
Inc formation ol Women's Institutes in our rural communities
has done a great deul towards the betterment of social conditions, and
tlie general improvement ol the standard of life in our country dis-
Short courses iu the lighter phases of farming for women, cooking
sewing, nursing, care of children, und other lines of domestic science,
are nuclei-taken oy uio department, all costs incidental being defrayed
oy the government. The holding of flower shows by Womens Iniii*
iitles is i neon raged, and tiltttticial assistance given by way of a per
capita grant based on meiutiei'shlp. Suitable prizes are also award
ed. Various institute conip-tidtoii are held mutually and awards
fJisinct conferences are held each year, ine cosl of trausprotutiou
of delegates from each institute being oelruyeU by ihc uepnruiient,
A quarterly Womens' Institute bulletin, CUluuillig institute news and
topics of interest to women, is issued miner the supervision of Uie
Supieiiituiident of institutes.
As in tlie case of Fanners' institutes, co-operative ellott by Wo
mens' institutes is encouraged by tlie department,
There ure 68 incorporated agricultural associations formed for
the purpose of holding fall fairs. A substantia) yearly giant is given
by tne government to eacii associatio i towards its prize list, and lor
general lair purposes, the grant being based on the amount raised by
each association irom membership mid entrance lees, and taking into
consideration the good which they are ucoiiiplisliing,
Ily means ot these fairs, the spirit oi friendly competition is encouraged, tuns leading to improved methods of lai'minii,
The B. C. Stuck Breeders', Dairymen's, Puultryineu's, and Prti t
Growers' Associations are provincial organ i~ it ions, each receiving a
yearly giaut in the estimates to help them in their work, and for the
general purposes ol tlie association. Altieh good litis boeu accomplished
by these organizations towards improving me conditions as aftectliig
stock breeders, dairymen, poultry men and fruit growers.
Comox Go-operative Society
We beg to announce that we have boug t lhe
business of Messrs. Cooke & Matthewron, a.id
assure customers of our prompt antl couiltous
Respectfully yours,
Don't Be Misk
The Question upon which Electors will cast a
referendum ballot on September  14 i~   not the
question of " Prohibition "   but on    the straight
question of  the   Adoption   or   Rejection  of   the
" B. C. Prohibition Act "
There's a decided Difference
Between " Prohibition " and
the " B. C. Prohibition Act."
Read the Act
Its All There
Copies of the Act (complete text) may be obtained on application to the Merchants' Protective Association,    Room 'J I,
Canada Life Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Read This
As it concerns you.
'Phone your meat order into our Meat Department
where it will receive as prompt and careful attention us if
yon called in person,
As we are the largest buyers of local meat and produce
in the district, you should support home production by purchasing here.
The following routes are covered by our auto delivery
Sandwick and Grantham, Monday and Thursday
Sandwick and Headquarters. Tuesday and Friday
Comox, Tuesday
Comox and Kittle River, Saturday
Family Butchers, Grocers and Provision Merchants
Money To Loan
We are open to receive applications
for  Loans on  Improved Farm
Property   in    the    Comox
Real Estate, Insurance, Etc.


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