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The Review Apr 4, 1918

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Array .
n       ~\Q,\
riNG.,   I
bettj&.%jf \ .
Din wH lie doue miy t.ettafc,-'
not *iuite tut well anywhere relno
hi'realiOnts. Our type atnl niimhiii-
ery i�� I'limpl,,te ami The Heview
prides Are ri^'ht
Gents'  Furnishings
and Halters
VOL. 6
Farm Stock Sale
on the Matthewson Ranch, Courtenay
Wednesday April 10 at 12.30 p.m
54 Head of Dairy Cows and young stock, Team of
Work Horses, 2 Sows in farrow, 1 boar
all llie- I'linii Machinery, Implements, etc,, lor Mr, W, Matthewson, on
lus ranch, 1 1-2 miles from Comox woarf  nml  Clonrtenay,    Luncheon
nl the Ranch llimsr- at 11.30.
further particulars nmy be luul (nun the nuctioueer
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a shipment of Ladies Slioes and the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our  prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
Courtenay Shoe Store
We have on our shelves a number ot broken lines in  Men's,   Wo- .
men's Misses ami Children's shoes.   Our aim is to keep our  shelves
free from tbese broken lines and replace them with ne.-.- assorted Hues
and sizes in seasonable goods.
With this end in view we have prepared
A Bargain Table
which will be used exclusively for the purpose ol disposing oi these odd
sizes. Every pair of shoes shown will have a sale price ticket'attached.
This affords you an opportunity of buying these shoes at greatly reduced prices.
we invite you to visit our store and examine these bargains.
Next the Drug Store Phone 48
Local Lines
Horn���At St. Josoph's Hospital,
on Monday, March 25II1, to Mr.
and Mrs. P  Crane, a son.
Born���At the Comox Hospital
on Saturday, March 23rd, "to Mr.
and Mrs R. Surgenor, a daughter,
Horn���On Thursday,. March 28,
to Mr. and Mrs, J W. McKenzie,
a son.
- An English  baby ear-
iply box H, Review Of-
ii-ij;e. A
For Sale���Manure Spreader,
cticallv   new.   Apply   XYZ.
view Office.
Lost���-On the Dyke Road, on
Thursday, March 21st, a logging
chain about 10U. long Finder
please communite .with .Sam Calhoun, Courtenay,
Hatching Eggs from prize strain
Brown Leghorns, $1.00 for 13,
E. Duucau, Sandwick.
A carload of Automobile Oils niiel
Grease will soon arrive for the bore!
For Sale���Several gasoline tanks
suitable' lor cars or motor boats,
See Win. Douglas.
For Sale���20 ton of table carrots
and turnips, $12 per ton at tlie
farm. C, H. Williams, Sandwick,
P. 0
Vauimoth Pekiu Duck Eggs for
batching. *"i per dozen. Apply
Mrs. A. Kerlou, Lake Trail.
Advance styles in Spring Mil
linery are being shown at Miss
STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. and
Main St. Vancouver, B. C Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
Fences, the largest Monumental
works in the west.
$175 takes an 18' new runabout
motor boat 4 h. p. engine; all in
good order. Apply at Review Office.
Lost���22' launch hull with red
trimmings last seen at Dyke Sawmill boom on Saturday. Finder
kindly notify N, H. Boden. phone
For Sale���Williams Class A, Artist model, engraved Bflat comet,
quick change; pearl lined pistons.
Plush lined case, with all extra
parts. Value $60, will sell for 535
Can be seen at Review Office.
Owners of property wishing to
I sell might do well to send ra* full
' particulars of same, price, amount
: of acreage clearad, etc,    F.   R. F.
Biseoe, General P. O , Victoria, B.
Miss Viol a Campbell is visiting
ill Cumberland this week.
Mr, nnd Mrs. Wi Smith of Bowser were visitors in town yesterday,
Miss Olive Hodgson is visiting
at Mrs, Ralph   Wilcox's at Comox
George Millard is' bonier from
Victoria for the   Enster  Holidays,
Mrs, N. H Boden and Miss Doris
are spending ibe week end al Cum-
berrlai il,
Sister Majella of Ladysmith is
spending llic week at St. Joseph's
Miss May Taylor is spending the
Easter holidays with her grandmother, Mrs. W   Lewis.
T. Booth & Sons have had a
large new awning erected across
the trout of their store.
Jas. McKenzie, who is teaching
at Qualicum, is spending the holiday with his family ly-re.
Sam Calhoun and Jas. Carthew
were at Denman Island in connection with a water rights case,
The Misses Sutton entertained
their young friends 011 Friday
evening last, Daucitlg and gmues
are indulged ill.
Eddie Boden, of the Royal Bank
left on Sunday for Vancouver on a
three weeks' holiday. Mr. Bell%
of Victoria is relieving during his
ab lence.
Mrs McLeod, who has been
visiting her mother, Mrs, T. C,
Woods, Sandwick, left for li*>r home
at Vancouver'on- this morning's
Mrs. R. J. Hurele and daughter,
of Alberni, wife of Major Burele,
was a yisitor at Mis, Kilpataiok's
on Thursday, She returned to Alberni on Friday.
The mistakes in spelling for
which prizes are given at the Maple
Leaf Theatre are made purposely
in,the theatre rrogramme, not in
the newspaper advertisements.
Rev. H. T. Murray, of Stan-
wood, Wash., preached in the
Presbyterian Church on Sunday
evening. He will also ocrupy the
pulpit on Sunday evening next.
The choir had prepared special
Easter music, including the anthem
"Christ our Passover," and "They
Have TaKuli away My Lord."
Slumping Powder is now selling
at about $19 per box. When I
Hti>;hie Stewart was stu mpiug
the constituency one of bis s.rong
planks was "Cheap powder for the
farmer." The price was then
around $7.50 per box. What's
the reason?
Miss L, E. Gregg of the  B,   C,
Telephone Co. paid a visit   to   the
local office this week,
The only thing that will make 11
woman quit talking about the latest scandal is 11 later one,
Mrs. 5 Emery, 'accompanied by
ber daughter, Miss poll , and son
Gifforcl, left on the bout this, morning for Seattle,
Oil Thursday afternoon last Mrs.
Lewis and Mrs Hic_s Beach airiv-
ei| home from California where
they spent the  winter,
Rev. Mr, Oswald will preach in
the Sandwick, Coniox, and Headquarters on Sunday next, and the
two following Sundays.
Mrs. E, Kerton is back from
tbe Comox Hospital where she
has been for a short lime undergoing an operation,
It takes us a long time to fine!
out that we don't know anything-
and then we don't fine! it easy to
realize on the knowledge.
The next meeting of the Women's Institute will be held at the
home of Mrs, W, II. Smith on
Wednesday afternoon, April ioth.
The hours oi service in tiie Government Telegraph office have
been changed to t). 00 a, m, to 1 p.
m., and from 2 p, in. to 7.00 p. m.
Miss Jean McKe"' tie, Agent and
Chief Operator at tne 11 C. Telephone Co, has been transferred to
Victoria for which place she le i- - -
on April 15, Mi.se Lila Bodeu is
taking her place. Miss Evis Slaughter will lie Combination Operator,
and Miss Gladys Sackville Night
Operator, with Miss Minnie Leighton as Relief Operator,
Anglican Services
Sunday, April 7th,   ist  Sunday-
after Easter.
11 a. in. Mattins and Sermon   tt
St.  Mary's, Grantham. ""���
3 p    ni.  Sunday School a:  St.
John's, Courteuay.
7 p. m. Evensong and Sermon at
Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
For Sale���About 3 1-2 acres of
land in   the  City jof
Terms easy.   Address Owner, 3323
Tennyson Ave., Victoria. B. C
Courtenay, j,_ ,)is raMchi
Frank Movitz,
Bruce Towler, who bas managed
the Royal Standaid Grain Produce
Agency here for the past 14 months
has severed his connection with
the firm aud will devote his time
He is succeeded by
whose genial tace is
well known amongst us.
Robert Grieve who has been
Manager of the B. C. G��Tage at
Cumberland, for some mouths, has
purchasel the business from E. C-
Emde. af this place, "Bobby" i.s
a first class trouble man, and can
make any cat go. He uo doubt
will elo better a.s owner than niana
ger _f the business.
Pte.   Daltou   Cudmore   arrived
home from Overseas   on Saturday
last    He enlisted with the 238th
Forestry Batt. about twenty months
ago, aud has beeu   in the  lumber
woods in the north  of England,
j where a large number of the Courtenay contingent are.    He expects
I to be home for about   three weeks
Tobacco,  Cigar* when he will have to report to the
r.    _    .. j O, C. for service in Cauada.
Confectionery   and        ,"-�����-- ...   ,   ,    ���   .
en(.    I*). mir. T,le I'ad,eS' Ald ��f   the   Presby
son  unnKS. , lerj_n C1),uc*, are making arrange'
Isabel St. Next Royal Bank ments for their Sale of Work and
__________________________________________ concert iu the basement of the Presbyterian Church on Friday, April
19th, All kinds of plain and fancy
work, especially children's spring
clothing will be on sale. Afternoon
tea will be served. In lhc evening
a concert will lie given under the
direction of Mrs. Robertson.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday  Sclniol and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. in.   Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
The use of cream has been discontinued for the period of the war
at Rideau Hall, the residence of
Their Excellencies the Duke and
Duchees cf Devonshire.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and  old rubbers see  Wm.
i Douglas, Courtenay,
I    Cleveland Bicycles  and bicycle
1 supplies at the Ford oarage.
I    Go  to  McBryde's  for  quality
1 bread,
Safety First
Go to
For Fresh
Drug Store
Talcum 35c
Powder 75c
Cream 75c
Comox Creamery
65c per lb. this week
1       ____________ 1
Courtenay   ���   B. C. I'HE    liEV___TTV.    COURTNEY,    B.    C.
the hcst remedy
known for sunburn,
heat rashes, eczema,
sore feet, stitifts nnd
blisters. A skin food!
All*D utelioimiSlum   J.
Ship to us at once ind Reap
Benefits of High Prices
now prevailing,
Price Utt and Ship-mi'i r-iy. .RE";
JK&chnrd M-Fiei-cii. Manner-
JkW and M-rani1er.\'!',l-Mi?Zi. C:-::irki
Canada's Wheat Crop
It is estimated thai Canada's
wheat crop last year, including the
yield in tlur west uinf Ontario wheat,
was about 215,000,000 bushels, A
careful survey has shown lhat, on
December 1, in atlelilion lo seed requirements, iin amount of Canadian
wheat on iiii.s side of the Atlantic
was aboul 112,500,000 bushels, of
ivhich 8,500,000 bushels were in
the United Stall - cu route lo the
allies, This csliuiati incl idcel a considerable amount of wheal still in
farmers' hands.
One Load We Are Rid Of
A Collector of Pulmonary
Troubles.��� Many testimonials could
bi presented showing tin ureal <hi-
cacv of Dr, Thomas' lilcctrie '< >il In
curing disorders of lhc respiratory
processes, bul the besl testimonial is
cxpcrii nee and the Oil Is recom-
mended lo all who suffer from these
disorders with the certainty that lhcy
will lind i. lief, ll will allav Inflammation in lhe bronchial lubes, us no
oilier preparation can,
��-**��.�����--*���-��<>��<-��. ���***.. 9^&*i-9-*>*-
Cause of
Early Old Age
The celebrated Dr. Michenhoff, 9
an authority on early old age, ?
sn~-i that it it "caused by poiion�� *
generated in thc intestine." a
U When your ttomach digests food ^
* prop-rly it U absorbed without *
v forming poisonous matter. Poi- _.
T sons bring on early old age and
V premature death. !Sto30drops
��' of "Stigcl's Syrup" after meals ,
f makes your digestion sound. ,,. f
*H*->t-->i-����-*��--> 9'*��>e**fc.��---k.9
When baying your Piano
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
Must Farm or Fight
The Shiftless Hired   Man   and   thc
Restless Farmer's Son
Thousands of men hnvi' heen c_-
empted from military servicc because
they are fanners, and when lliey
were Riven the exemption il was
with thc understanding thai they
should remain on lln farm, Thai
means a great deal to lho farmer,
The shiftless hired man and lhe restless farmer's son know now lhat
tlicy must stick to farm wink, If
they evade it, military service is ill
prospect. Official eyes will he upon
them, anel if they fail to slay with
lhc farm and be actual producers
tlicy will be taken and placed in uniforms. Therefore, llie military scr-
\ ice act should make the exempted
hired r.inn or fanner's son farm, wilhout the farmer bavin-* to coax them
to work. Military seivice is the farmer's weapon to keep the exempted
fellows busy.���Lcthbridge Id raid.
Start a Club in your town, where the
young people can
-father. Wir build
small tables for
home., nnd larger one.; lor public rooms, Equip-
jmcut Irec. Write
lu ;il once lor
__j____# full particulars.
Dcpl-l"    TB      SAMUEL MAY fi CO.
10? 104 Adelaide  8l    W    Tcr.mn
Ak'l_u.fc_> wAraiiu tuk ca.H
Old Jeweller**! P.fttet Silver-. Curios:
Miniatui i -,: Pictures! Neetllewoil-: Lace:
Old China: Cut Glaus: Ornaments:
Watches:   1'inrj: :   Table   Ware.
Write or  irend  hy  Express;  to
B.   M.   ce  T.   JENKINS.   LimitcJ
Antique Galleries
SS  and   30   College   Street,       Toronto.   Ont.
Ginger Under Ban
Restrictions may likely bc placed
on the purchase of Jamaica ginger.
Thus will il.e old temperance refrain
lo shorn of il? potency: "I'or I will
drink cold water when I see fit to
do it, and when I want it bolter I'll
ndcl some gin-gcr to it."���Hamilton
To guard the baby against colds
nothing can equal llaby's Own Tablets, The Tablets are a mild laxative
that will keep the little one's stomach and bowels working regularly.
It is a recognized fact that where
the stomach and bowels are in gooel
order that colds will not cxis!; lhat
the health of the little one will bc
Rood and lhat he will thrive and bc
happy and good-natured. The Tabids arc sold by medicine dealers or
by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Ur. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
villc, Ont,
Atrocities in Serbia
Minard's-Liniment Relieves  Neuralgia.
Kecord Apple Crop Expected
According lo the deputy minister
of agriculture for the province of
British Columbia, thc p ospects for
a record apple crop in that province
(lining the present year are excellent.
li Is proposed lo begin a campaign
lo induce householders to use apple
product! in plac< eif cllior products
where conservation is necessary.
have stood the test of time.
Purely vegetable. Wonderfully
quick lo banish biliousness,
headache, Indigestion and to
clear up a bad complexion.
Genuine bears signature
Centrally Indicate ��� lack
ol Iron In the Blood
Carter's Iron Pills
Wilt help this condition
Purpose Is to Demoralize Serbia and
Macedonia Completely
Instances of atrocities practiced by
Austro-Bulgarian forces for ihc purpose of denationalizing Southern Serbia and Macedonia arc relalcd in an
appeal sent by Serbian students in
Switzerland, and made public by the
Serbian  legation  at  Washington.
The appeal states that entire families were deported into Bulgaria,
and lhat every priest, schoolmaster
and doctor has been removed. Only
one elementary school nd one secondary school arc allowed to operate. Serbians who refuse lo enter
the ranks of thc Bulgarian army arc
being shot as rebels.
Marion  Bridge, C.B., May 30, '02,
1 have handled MINARD'S L1NI-
MENT during the past year. It is
always the first Liniment asked for
here, and unquestionably the best seller of all the different kinds of Liniment I handle,
Will Be Free From the Burden of
Carrying a Pirate Nation
Professor Forester, in a reply lo
Grand Admiral von Tirpitz, said: "It
is by being carried upon the back of
the Hriiish world empire: that we
have acq ireel our greatest riches."
In a letter to Privy Councillor Rathe-
man, Allien Bnllin wrote; "I realize
as never before that all tlle increase
in our wealth, all the success which
attended our enterprise in tlio year
before the war, was owinr_ lo our intercourse with the Hriiish empire."
'lhe Hriiish have assumed a tremendous load in this war, but one compensation, al any rale, will be thai
lhcy will he free from the burden of
carrying a pirate nation like the Germans ou its back. Never again will
il be said thai the British empire was
polii'ied by the British in order thai
il mii-lit be exploited in safely by
the Germans,���Montreal Herald,
Protecting Your Children
The long, hard school term drains the vitality of growing
children and you wonder why they are listless, puny and pale.
Every school child will show marked Improvement
in health and growth if given
Its rich, uniform cod liver oil gets into their blood and gives
them vim, snap and zest. It creates strength to resist
school sicknesses, overcome pinched faces, sallow
complexions and dull eyes.
High authorities have established again and again that cod
liver oil promotes growth and energizes the body and brain.
Sunt ft Bo-roc, Toronto, Out 17-15
Vour persistent back-ache can have
but one cause���Diseased Kidneys ~
and tlicy must be slicuglaened before the back-ache can be cured.
Vour best remedy, and the quickest to act, is Dr. Hamilton's I'ills;
lhcy cure kidney back-ache in a hurry. Simply wonderful is llic aciion
of this grand old medicine which foi
liver, kidney and stomach disorders
has no equal. Dr. Hamilton's Pills
will surely cure your back weariness,
they will bring yon appetite, color,
strength and good spirits. Being
purely vegetable they arc mild, not
drastic, Get a 23c bottle of Dr. Hamilton's Pills today,
Would License Cats
Licensing of cats by ordinance of
the city council probably will be a
measure in Los Angeles if the cily
attorney's office, which is considering the ordinance, decides that the
licenses bc legal. Complaints against
thc noise at night created by cats
kept by a neighbor caused the public welfare committee of the council
to ask the city attorney if the licenses would be valid.
Utilizing Flax Straw
Eineler Twine   Will   Now   Be Made
In Saskatchewan
For many years hundreds of Ions
of flax straw have been burned iu
Saskatchewan yearly, but it was reported last fall lhat a process bad
been discovered by means of which
this straw could he utilized economically in ihc manufacture -of binding
twine, Some remarkable samples of
llie products of Hare straw under this
process were on view at Regina, Saskatchewan, al the iiine.
ll is now announced Unit an authorization has been granted under the
Saskatchewan Companies' Acl for
lhe organization and operation of a
company, with a capitallztion of $1,-
000,000, for the purpose of manufacturing binder I wine, commercial
twine and general cordage from flax
straw in Saskatchewan under the
new process. 11 is estimated that
from a ion of flax straw, _70 pounds
of twine can be manufactured by
tllis process.
Women Smokers
Arc Numerous
Mothers can easily know when
their children are troubled with
worms and they lose no time in applying the best of remedies���Mother
Graves' Worm  Exterminator,
W.    N.    U.    1199
A New Use for Cards
Having helped many a weary soldier through weary hours in trench
and hospital, playing cars arc now
being pressed into active service.
Vou may have noticed lhe new and
neat little cloth badges on the sleeves
of our men from the fronl, but possibly have failed to understand the
designs. They are nothing but lhc
familiar club, spade, heart antl diamond of the playing card. Under
the new scheme regiments are divided into packs, each company having
ils symbol in a certain color to serve
as an indication mark, all other badges being removed before going ovcr thc top.���London Chronicle,
Fine Record for Two Year Old Cow
A two-year-old cow, Mercedes
DucllCSS Second, owned bv William
Gilbert, of Slouy Plain, Alberta, lias
recently qualified in the Canadian record of performance. This cow produced in a year's test 11,266 pounds
ol milk and 420 pounds *>f butter.
"Buy your food with thought,"
says a Hoover bulletin.
"Pay your taxes with a smile,"
runs a revenue slogan.
She Often Had To
Lay 09 For a Day
Results, She States, Were So Good
That She Recommends Them to
All Sufferers From Kidney Disease.
St. John, N. 11., (Special).���Mrs.
Mantle, an estimable lady living at
117 King St. Last, this cily, is always ready to tell of the benefit she
has received from using Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"Ves, Dodd's Kidney Pills have
done me a wonderful lot of good."
Mrs. Mantle told an interview er.
"For three years I was in a worn-OUt
condition, often having to lay off for
a day or lwe>.
"I suffered from drowsiness and
sharp pains across my back. 1 had
headaches, and was subject to neuralgia and rheumatism.
"Dodd's Kidney Pills helped inc sr
much that 1 can highly recommend
them to anyone suffering from kidney disease-."
Dodd's Kidney I'ills arc purely a
kidney remedy. Making the kidneys
healthy enables theni lo strain all the
impurities out of the blood. That
means pure blood anel good health.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are recommended by thousands of women who were
once run down and worn oul.
Increased Respect
Mrs. Hawbuck���Hiram, il lakes
you twice as long lo drive the pigs
as it used to.
banner H,���I know it. Yoll would
nol expect me to speak harsh lo a
lot of critters worth $50 a piece,
would you?���Boston Transcript,
"We had thc minister for dinner
last Sunday," said litlle Charles.
'Huh, that's nothing," lejoiiicd
small  F.elgar.    "Wc had turkey."
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
A Valuable Car of Flax
Large returns from single cars of
grain are becoming a matter of frequent occurrence in Western Canada, due p*irlly lo the high prices being obtained for the grain and partly
to the care that is now given to loading a car to capacity. A car of (lax
arriving at Winnipeg, Manitoba, a
short time ago, netted its owner
$5,001,8-1. For a car of wheat containing 2,265 bushels of wheat, thc
sender received a check for $4,784.
Three other cars of wheat recently
sent lo Winnipeg netted their senders $4,571.02, $4,458.10, and $4,122.55,
More Women Smokers   in    London
Than Before the War
If ibe threatened shortage of tobacco becomes a reality in Britain it
is suggested by the tobacco controller iu particular, and men iu general,
that women musl reduce llieir con
sumption in order thai Tommy may
be adequately supplied.
There are- several thousands inon'
women smokers now in London
alone Ihan Ihere were before Illll
war, and if this increase is as marked throughout the counlry, ihen it is
quite true wc must bc making heavy
All kinds of women smoke today
and Ihey smoke ill all kinds of places
and at all limes. They smoke in all
restaurants, even tlrose which onco
displayed Ihe sign, "Ladies nuts! not
smoke'." The signs are still llicrc,
but they arc smoke clou Jed. They
smoke in the theatres, in taxicabs,, in
streets at night, in clubs, in shops, in
trains, in bed, and in lhc bath.
Girls of 16 carry smart little cigarette cases bought with their first
war work wages. Elderly women
who never smoked in their lives till
a couple of years ago puff continually at cigarettes.
in   -it   countries.    Asl:    lor   our    INV...,-
TOR'S ADVISKR. which trill bc sent free
3G4  University St..   Montrc.il.
A  Pill  for   All  Seasons.���Winter
and summer, in any latitude, whether
| in torrid zone or Arctic temperature,
j I'annclcc's  Vegetable  Pills   can    bc
j depended upon to do their work. The
i dyspeptic will find ihem a friend al-
I ways and should carry    litem    with
! him everywhere,   They arc made lo
j withstand any climate and are warranted lo keep (heir freshness    and
l Strength.   They do ne,t grow stale, a
quality not possessed in many    pills
now eiu the market.
A Pathetic Delusion
There should bc an end now of the
.pathetic delusion that there are two
j Gcrmanya, .-. good. Germany a-iel a
bad Germany, struggling for Ihc
mastery and lhat only a kindly word
from the allies is needed tri enable
lhc virtuous moderates like Hertling
Kuchlmanii, and their Austrian as
sociate, Count Czernin, to overthrow lhe wicked i lilltarists like
Tirpitz, Hindenburg, and thc Gen,
Hoffman who does the saber-rattling slage business al llie peace conference.���From the Springfield Republican,
For Bilious
That heavy headache, torpid
liver, sick stomach, bitter taste
in mouth, furred tongue, dull
eyes and muddy skin, all come
from a poor supply of bile.
These unhealthy conditions are
promptly corrected by
which stimulate the liver,
regulate the flow of bile,
sweeten the stomach, and
renew healthy bowel action.
A household remedy ap-
; provedbysixtyyearsofpub-
I lie service.   For every-day
; illnesses, Beecham's Pills
are a tested
L*rr-** Sale of Any Medicine in tlie World.
S��W utMTwbwe. In bote*. 25c,
em .,!,,���,
Children prefer it to thc most expensive butter. Why not
save money by using more of this syrup P
lo2, 5, 10 and 20 pound tim-3 Ib, GImi Jut
Write for free Cook Book*. M
It is manufactured
tobacco in its pui est
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
toi man's use.
..-_���-:-* ~__*~~n __nn
Is a Good Deal Like thc German Doctrine of Freedom of the
Sidewalk, under Which an Officer is Free to Shove a Refined
Woman into the Gutter
m answer to the i British Drop Spies
i to   what   Ger-1 r    *
At last we hai
oft-utlered query ______________
mans mean by the incantation "freedom of the seas," which figures in al
llieir proffers of peace, anu was eon
stantly on thc lips of Dr. Dcrnburg, j
when he was  throwing boomerangs j
in the United States.     The answer
was recently Riven to the fire-eating I
Count    Revcntlow   in a speech    de-'
livcrcd in Berlin Philharmonic Hall.!
The Count's words were:
"What do wo German's understand  v    .
by freedom of the seas? Of course' '
we do not mean by it that free use
of the sea which is the common privilege of all nations in times of
peace, the right to open highways of
international trade. That sort of freedom of the sea we had belore the
Of course lhcy had it, but freedom
and privileges that are shared by
other nations are not to the taste of
Germans like Count Revcntlow, No,
indeed! ���
"What we understand today by
this doctrine," says he, "is that Germany should possess such maritime
territories and such naval bases that
at the outbreak of a war we should
bc able, with our navy ready, reasonably to guarantee ourselves the
command of the seas. We want such
a jumping-off place for our navy as
would give US a fair chance of dominating the seas and of being free of
the  seas  during a  war."
Reports of the speech in the German press show that "cheers" were
interpolated at this point. No doubl
there were more cheers when this
tragic comedian denounced as a traitor any German who would consent
to relinquishing lhc coast of Belgium, or the German ambition to
hold the northern coast of France.
It is plain to scc that it is like
appealing to the deaf and blind to
talk to such Junkers as Revcntlow���
who differs from most of his kind
only in his candor���of peace projects. War, war, war���Deutchland
uber Alios���is all they think of. To
ihem the present war is but the preliminary of another which shall give
Germany world domination. Verily
Ihe I.ord hath hardened their hearts;
nnd our own are getting pretty hard
also. Leaving such maritime countries as France and Italy out of the
question, what eloes the Count imagine the llritish peoples are made
of, since he clamors for a "freedom"
which would merely mean their own
strangulation whenever Germany organizes another war? In whai a predicament does hc leave those American college professors who !< nt a
favorable car to the German idea for
"freedom of the seas?'' The German
doctrine, of maritime liberty is a good
ileal like the German doctrine of
freedom of the sidewalks, under
which an officer is free to shove a
refined woman into thc glitter.���Toronto Saturday Night.
Remember the Lizard I
The Condor at Alexandria won for
itself a place in history anel for the
young officer who is now Lord
Ikrcsford. There is room in the
story of tllis vaster war for the destroyer Lizard, which engaged the
Gocbcn and Brcslau at , a distance,
signalled for help and wove her
smoke screen about the stricken
monitors. A gallant action in the
good old style!-���New York World.
An intelligent Frenchman was
studying the English language.
"When I discovered that if 1 was
quick I was fast," said he, "and that
if I was tied I was fast, if I spent
too freely I was fast, I was dis-
couraged. But when I came across
thc sentence, 'The first one won onc
dollar prize,' I was tempted to give
OP trying to learn English,"���The
Argonaut. 1
From Aeroplanes
Interesting Anecdotes of Happenings
in the War Zone
Major Grayson Murphy, in his description of Red Cross work at the
luncheon of the members' council of
the Merchants Association in the
ballroom of tho Hotel Astor, in New
told several interesting anecdotes-.
"Col. Boiling, who was in charge
of part of the development oi our
air service," Major Murphy said,
"told me he asked an aviator what
he had been doing. This fellow said:
T have been dropping spies.' Dropping spies?   What do you mean?
"'Well,' he saiel, 'at night I ily
over the German lines and in the
darkness I drop these, fellows from
airplanes with parachutes, anel then
they concentrate, and after they have
gathered information at a certain
point we send out airplanes and get
them up again.'
" 'Good heaven,' Boiling said, 'do
you mean to say you just let Ihem
drop in the dark���they might light
on the kaiser or anybody else.' He
answered 'yes.' Boiling then asked:
'Where do you carry them?'
"Hc saiel: 'Wc carry them in the
lower plane. There is a little wooden scat under the plane with a rope
attached to it, anel when we get to
lhc right place wc pull the rope and
down they go.' Then he said: 'Yon
know, it's an extraordinary thing
tiie way at lhc last thc beggars try
to hold on.'"
Major Murphy saiel further that a
Red Cross man at a little dinner in
France which he and other officers
attended, told an anecdote of the
"inking of the Arabic, especially regarding the behavior of her captain.
He said that the captain of the Arabic had told him that as the ship
was sinking���the captain stayed on
board and went down with her, but
was saved afterward���that right up
io the end when she went down,
every time he rang the bell to the
engine room he got tllis answer: 'We
fellows are in the engine room and
every time word comes to us from
lhe lop we will give lhe answer uniil
lhe ship goes down.' "
Major Murphy lold of bis experience in France iu an effort to gel an
official outfitted. He said the merest
details were lacking, and explained
"1 tried to gel a push hulton. I
waited three weeks for my push button, and when it came, I think il had
Conic from lhe palace at Versailles.
"It was a great, beautiful brass
thing with carving on it, und I looked at it ami then I found il would
not ring. The only way I could gel
my secretary was hy throwing the
push hullon at the door and he
came in and picked it up and put
it back on my desk. That is no exaggeration.''
Our Amateur Gardeners
Thousands of families have seen
cause for rejoicing this winter, that
lhcy undertook last season the cultivation of vegetables for their own
use. There arc still many full potato barrels in cellars which bear witness to the industry and skill of our
amateur gardeners. But 1917 was
only a beginning. Wc ought to have
twice as much land hereabouts used
for garden purposes as was planted
last year.���Providence Journal.
She���Do you think we ought to
pay $3 each for these theatre tickets?
He���They're worth it! The play
may not he any good, but we will bc
warm for a couple oi hours.'���
With a Raidii:g Party
Inside Reasons of Trench Raid   and
Some Methods
The papers arc fail of accounts of
trench raids soldiers in France have
participated in. Vet there are very
few people who know -,\h.u ... treneir
raid is or how il is executed. Here is
a description of onc by Capl. K. W.
Siiinnie, in a United States newspaper. Captain Slminie joined thc
Canadian army in 1914, He was
wounded three times���-onco at Som-
me���and was sent to America to lake
charge oi recruiting.
"Thc main purpose of a trench
raid," sai.l Captain Sinimic, "is lo secure prisoners from whom we can
obtain information as to the strength
and the numbers of ihe regiments opposing us. A raid is accomplished
under cover of night. The raiding
parly usually consists of four sections of len or twelve men, cadi in
command of a lieutenant,
"Hi fore any oi lhe men    dare    lo
venture forth under battle conditions
liny are schooled rigidly behind lhc
lines in an exact knowledge nf ihe
outlay of lhe land. From pictures
aviators have, taken, the German
trenches are reconstructed and lhe
men practice jumping into them from
all angles so tbat when llie crucial
moment coiufi they will fight with
the confidence that knowledge of
iheir surroundings give,
"When everything is iu readiness,
lhc men's faces and bayonets are
blackened, This is lo prevent any
light reflecting from them and also
as a means of recognition. One man
knows that his black-faced neighbor
is a friend and not a foe.
"The sections go out, over the parapet one at a lime, llirougli the lanes
in llieir own barb wire that hav"
been cut for them. Following their
lieutenant they walk into No Man's
Land crouching, preparing to fall flat
or remain motionless when a star-
shell is shot up near them. It is only
through absolute immobility that
one can escape detection in llu: burning white light of a star shell.
"The Germans usually discover us
before wc reach llieir wires. Our
bombers then throw grenades inlo
the. German trench and wc all fall
Hat and wait for them to explode.
One of the sections has brought
along stiles painted the color of lhe
earth. These are: thrown ovcr the
German wire and the men run over
them and jump into the trench right
on top of Fritz.
"The four sections all have, different deities to perform. The leading
section goes up the trench about
fifty or seventy-five yards and puts
in a block of barbed wire to prevent
re-enforcements from coming up.
The next section goes down the
communicating trenches .and performs the same operation. The third
section bombs the. Germans from
their dugouts. The other section's
business is to look out for the salvage of captured machine guns and
other arms. It takes care of lhc
prisoners that must be taken back.
It also sees that every wounded German is killed. This s'ounds very brutal, but it is an absolute necessity.
When so few men arc trying to
stand off a battalion of the enemy
lhcy cannot afford to bc hampered
with wounded men. Unless the Germans are badly wounded���in which
case we do not molest them���they
will fire on our men and prevent our
raid being successful.
"We try to take some prisoners
back with us, but if this is not possible wc cut off their shoulder straps
with lhc number of their regiments
on ihem. In this way our commanding officers can tell what kind of
troops arc opposing us. A successful
raid demoralizes the enemy and gives
our men a dceided advantage if they
desire to attack."
Participation oi United States and Great Britain in this War lias
Come About in Order that Civilization and Freedom
May bc 1'erpetuateJ
Tin: bachelor is lhc prune of the
human family and thc spinster is thc
preserved peach.
Apply  a  few drops  then  lift
corns or calluses off with
\ lingers���no pain
Just think! Vou can hit
off any corn or callus
without pain er soreness.
A Cincinnati man discovered this ether compound and named it free-
zone. Any druggist will
sell a liny bottle of free-
zone, like here shown, foi
very little cost. You apply a few drops directly
upon a tender corn or
callus. Iniirntly the soreness disappears, then
shortly you will find the
corn or callus so loose
.hat you can lift it righl
Freezone is wonderful.
It dries instantly. It
doesn't cat away thc corn
or callus, but shrivels it
up without even irritating
[the surrounding (kin.
Hard, soft or corns between the toes, as well as
painful calluses, lift right
off. There is no pain before or afterwards, If your druggist hasn't
freezone, tell liim to order a small
bottle for ;ou from his wholesale
drug house.
How Germans
Treat Prisoners
Italian Soldier   Gives   Some   Facts
From Personal Experience
An Italian soldier belonging to a
machine gun corps, who escaped the
hands of lhe Germans in llic forced
retreat from the Carso, writes as follows  to a friend in Canada:
1  have  learned  that a  large  mini-!
ber oi the Italian prisoners taken by ,
the enemy were at once set to work I
at  lhc  front,  so  that  tlicy  had     lo
fight against their   own    comrades,
and were exposed  to  their lire.    At
the present moment, instead of being,
sent to concentration    camps,    ihey
are   being   employed   on     defence
works, which the enemy, fearing   a
powerful attack by the allied forces,
are throwing up in great haste   and
fear.    It has ronie to the knowledge
of the  secretary of    national    assistance lhat the German military commander of Udine, soon after thc province was occupied by the enemy, issued the following proclamation:
(1) Within six hours, the inhabitants must surrender all the arms in
their possession to the commander,
at the different places indicated by
(2) Within six hours lhcy must
likewise bring all the food they
(3) Every one must register his
name at these places, and each day
at 11 o'clock, present himself, when
hc will receive a ticket for food for
thc day.
(4) All men, women, and children
hove  15 years of age arc    obliged
to work in lhe fields every day, iil-
hiding Sundays, from -I a.m. till R
p.m., but will be given half an hour's
st in the morning, one hour and a
half at midday, and half an hour in
the afternoon.
(5) Men who hedge at their work
will hc superintended by a German
official, and when the agricultural I
work is over, will bc imprisoned for
six months, and every third day be
fed on  bread and  waicr.
(6) Women who hedge will he
taken out of Italy and forccel to
work. When thc work is ovcr tlicy
will be imprisoned lor six months.
(7) Children who hedge will bc
beaten with a stick.
(8) The commander reserves to
himself the right to punish all lazy
workmen by giving them 20 strokes
with a stick.
"1 havc two more facts to give.
The Germans havo systematically
bombed defenceless villages throughout Vcnctia, in order to terrorize the
inhabitants, many of whom���women
and children���have been killed. Sig-
nor Guidica, a Venetian merchant,
assures us that at Zcnsoii on the
Piave, where the enemy attempted to
cross thc river, tlicy forced women
and children to go in fronl, screened
ichind whom, they fired on Italian
troops. In heating thc enemy back
the lives of these helpless ones were
sacrificed. To add Indignity to
cruelty the Germans have appointed
a Turk to he governor of Fcitrc!
"The kaiser's ambition is to rival
Attila, after whom he has named on.r
of his sons, but when in the fifth century he devaslated this same region,
hc was not guilty of such barbarities.
Attila was a noble savage, not a degenerate moral outcast like the
kaiser and his war lords. No wonder that the Italian press should express iis amazement that there
should slill he found in England men
who would grasp in peace and friendship the hands of these reprobates,
dripping with the blood of innocent
women and children."
Revolution Impossible in Germany
For sonic months there has been
a good deal of speculation iu the
English press on tho possibility of
revolution, antl on the outlook for
responsible parliamentary government, in Germany. Only a combination of military defeat and starvation seems to me likely to cause a
violent upheaval that would likely
affect the foundation of the political
structure. Every man and woman
arc so fitted Into the German system
that it can collapse only as a whole.
IIerr Scheidemann, the leader of the
majority Socialists, whose recent utterances havc evoked expressions of
strong disapproval from non-German
Socialists everywhere, said practically the same thing in July, 1917: "The
destruction of thc Prussian military
machine means our dcsl ruction as
well."���A. D, McLaren in The Atlantic Monthly.
A Secret Revealed
"Wear your summer underclothes," says one of the electors,
"and give your body a chance to
furnish its own heat." That's fine.
Now we know how the ladies who
wear gauze sleeves when the thermometer registers 3-1 below manage to
| tie cuwfoi-lahle.���Springfield News.
It is now close upon a century
and a half since, as the outcome of
the America,i War of Independence,
the English-speaking world was divided into two groups. During the
last onc hundred years these two
groups, the British empire and thc
United Stales, have lived on friendly
terms with never a hustib: shoi fired
between them, And during this
period the old feelings of bitterness,
the suspicions of each other, the
jealousies, have gradua ly died
away and disappeared.
And now, says tlle Regina Leader,
a United Stales congressman, returned from the European battlefields, sets the Great World War as
one to bc ended and wuii by the
united efforts of the English-speaking nations. France, he says, has
done as much a.s she is able���and
bow gloriously, wc all know���and it
remains for thc Britisii empire and
tiie United States to -ustr-.iu the burden and to crush the despotism.
The view is thc true one, not only
in a military s,nse, but in the larger
economic, political and humanitarian
sense. The ultimate objective at
which Germany launches lur power-
is not France, or Russia, but ih-*
subjugation of thc English-speaking
world and the substitution of a Teutonic univ. rsal power. The "Hymn
of Hate," correctly voices the German aspiration:
French and Russian, they matter not.
A blow for a. blow,  ind  i shot (ox .*,
We have one foe, one foe alone���
Glancing back over the bistort -:<
the past, and viewing it in ihe light.
of the great ta-k before the Brabali
empire and llic United States in th*
presenl, thc Minneapolis Ja*~x*~*~-I
"Thc English-speaking **-- -hi has
been divided in twain for a ceUrt****_
and a half. But tlu- division is ���:;:���:'���
less apparent to the re.* al tin:
world than to the two halves. Whih:
these are acutely sensible ot tin: differences, the rest of .the world !ia���
been impressed with their anenas**.
And those that have hated ome-ftafi
of the English-speaking world extended their hatred to iho. other hair.
and have used every means con.-.err-
able to blind the two halves ro di.ir
own mutuality in ordor to be ash:
lo overcome each half separately.
"The opponent of the fenglisi'i-
speaklng world perceived clearly thac
the mutuality of. the l-_i.Iisii-s--.-ak-
ing halves depended upon something more solid than sentiment; tbat
together America and Britain fornv-
ed an arch which confirmed tli-. :''*���-
lure and protected the present Thtf
arch had not yet been join,,!, and
his scheme was to prevent the. joining and to demolish the two pillars
"Hut the interest of th.' lu.) halve*
was too much for ihe clever scht*-"*"*".
The mutuality was so necessttoa*"*,
indeed, as to compel a joint deien-te
and joint offence against the common peril, lest lhe defeat of one-halt
lay thc other half open to .puliation,
as it surely would havc dom-.
"If there is a directive Providence
in history, the separation of *_HB
Uniud States from the Mother
Counlry surely was decreed in oriUr
to confirm liberty and democracy in
both, as now the participation oi
both in this war has come about, in
order that Anglo-Saxon civilization
of freedom and self-rule m:.- he perpetuated in all its various regions."
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Notes and Comments
The German offensive still holds
but only ot a frightful sacrifice of
lives, and but partial accomplish-
ment of what was planned, The
British nnri French armies are still
in being-, still unbeaten. Still earn
litlcnt, and still Inflicting heavy
punishment on the Kaiser's hordes
Faced l>y unprecedented artillery
bombardments, attacked by wave
after wave of storming iroops Ihey
have helel on to positions, until the
fifteenth ascaull actually in one'
case, before giving away, with a
tenacity of heroism, and silences
arm chair strategists for all time.
Think of fighting riny and nighl
for ten, twelve* and more days in
succession, and then still being
able lo repulse* assaults, -till able
to retire in gooel order, and still
able to look forward to counter at
tacks, and moreover, carry them
through. The Umpire is holding
it's breath in anxiety, throbbing
with enthusiasm, and swelling with
admiration, for these, tier men.
Well might Gen. IVr'.-liiug offer all
the Q. S. forces to ihe Britisii run!
French co mauders, for never
again coulel American troops enter
into the contest with more effect,
or with greater chance of infection
from these glorious lie-rot's,
all 'join in (lie pr iver, '.'May
save our splendid men.
A broadside of questions has been
launched during the present.'session
by members of the opposition, {designed to bring out llie nature of
tlie appointments made by the provincial government, which, it *wi|l
he- reca'leel, ivas��elected to power
on ,-i "no patronage." slogan largely. Of-the many (positions filled,
good, bad, ami Indifferent,   only
miserable few have been given to
Returned Soldiers. In bulk, and
that means the best cf them, went
to party nominees, men who had
either iplunged themselves body
and soul into party mud, or else
were friend.-- of.stich men. Naturally, as the government explained,
these were "men of exceptions
qualification*,' oi else "no returned soldier applied for the position'1
being of course unaware that such
jobs were vacant. ,Se> much for
blatant hypocrisy. Among the
party backs awarded executive
jobs of n largely clerical cliarnler
were included a cobbler, ,i butcher
anel a burlier, Some were merely
husbands of political wives, one
was the mother of four young
children, but bud an able boeliee
husband who staved at homo and
kept boii-,-:; anyone but a returned
soldier can command n job, So
much for so-ended democratic
government elected by the people
for the benefit of ll select few, but
protected by soldi rs lo today who
are giving tli ir lives for justice ant: liberty lor all the oeople,
not merely a lew,
The City's new two tliousauc
dollar bridge across the Union St
slough is tlie finest ai d best built
bridge in the Comox district, and
it reflects great credit upon the
contra tors who erected it in i_-
cord iiine. Of course the biidge
is much wider  and  stronger than
'hr- form ���!   -' lure,   nud  should
last for iiian-.      ,,i,. with but slight
re | i.u'rs.
I   Sometime
^���e jmnntli llie  1
luring the present
view will move into
it's new home ou Isabel Street ou i
ihe si e o! 1'i.r former office before
the fire, In addition to a new
buildi'ig ive have purchased a iMer-
ganlh iler
which is a
ivpt'-settnig   machine
ready here,   and  which
we hope will nuke great improvements in llie paper. These things
cost money and we would ask.that
all those owing us for .subscriptions
job woik and advertising, make
an effort to liquidate .their itidebt-
a edness during the next ^few days,
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per cent, of " Royal Standard Rye I'lour" when she measures
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: -
Military Service Act
Important Announcement to All
*-%��� iV-1 &
^tt* Trr-- 9r^\
tZksctf <_-_���:>'
and to the Public G
a llv
N dealing with the very large number of claims for exemption
brought forward for consideration in connection with Class 1
""*  under the Military Service Act, it has occurred, as was inevitable, that as a result of false statements and difficulties put in the
have secured exemption
way of
whore ���
It is in-.
the i
��� te:
/ thai
antl ������
ii 1:1
the pur*
josc c
ncee; jar
iy  -
It is, thi
, pr.
in order
to ue
3om_ individuals
n the Army.
on of the Government to allow these men to evade per-
*���;.*.': '���'*. to bear their part in the military defence of the
ideals for which we are fighting. To do so would defeat
_ct, and cause grave injustice to men in the second class
::t to fill their places.
pib.ns Granted on Fafss Q:re"..si_;i3
occd to scrutinize carefully all exemptions --ranted to date
2 those which have been granted on false or insufficient
that are well founded.
With this object in view the various registrars under the Military Service
Act have been instructed to issue a series of questionnaires to exempted men.
These questionnaires must be filled up correct'y and returned promptly under
penalty of forfeiture of exemption for failure to do so.
Exempted Men Who Slavs Changed Address
It Is therefore important in their own interest that all exempted men who
have changed their address since their exemption was granted and who have
not already notified the Registrar of such change should notify him at once.
Under the Regulations it is the duty of exempted men to keep the Registrar
advised of any change of address, and failure to receive the questionnaire
by reason of neglect of ti_s duty must be treated as equivalent to failure to
return the questionnaire after receipt.
Citizens Urged to Assist
In many instances information has been furnished by members of the public
which has led to the cancellation of exemptions obtained by false or misleading statements. Further co-operation of this character is invited. The
Government regard it as the Duty of all loyal citizens, not only to the Country,
but to the men at the front, to assist in this way in securing reinforcements
on a just and legal basis. Correspondence of this character will be treated
as strictly confidential and will receive the fullest investigation.
Minister of Justice.
Comspondence should be directed to Robt. S. Lennie, K.C., Registrar under
the Military Service Act, Vancouver, B.C.
-���---�������������-���� ..-.-.���-.- *.*.******. rjTTrii"infiimi.iiig_i,
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Citsine 1'xcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
P. McBryde's
Eakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
{ The Best'anJ cheapest bre-itl in the district
12  18oz.   Loaves for
Vancouver and Victoria 10 18 oz. loaves $1
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city ball
a few days
Duggan,   at
Mi*.*s Empty spent
witli Miss Kathleen
Mr. and Mrs. Knight of Coniox,
n turned on Saturday from Sunuuer-
Iniiil, where they have been spending the winter, and left for home
aboard the steamer Charmer,
11 is reported that I here are 40
chMdreti on Denman Island living
live miles and oyer from the school
house, In that case there is some
(���rounds for the agitation for a new
school house.
The roads on Deiimau Island are
reported to be in a very bad state
ihis year,
When  a
nf someone
Ulil    Eul'  trlJIIH-
in im bsguis in talk
ie doesn't liko look
fine flights of iniii'M-
The Food Controller Says:
We have reassou to believe that
maple sugar and maple syrup  production this year will lie somewhat
in Ihe neighborhood of double that
of  recent   vears;    Iu   1916  there
were approximately   55,coo maple
sugar producers in   Canada,   when
lhe total prAduclion  amounted   to
ii*,6jo,ooo   pounds of sugar  and
and   2,000,000   gallons of svrup.
So that, if the promise of  doubled
production lhis year  is sustained,
Eastern   Canada   should   produce
about 40,000,000 pounds  of sugar
and 4,000,000 gallons of syrup,  iu
1911 the price of maple sugar to
the farmer/ranged  from  5 to   10
cents per pound, according to quality and the district's availibility to
tlie market.    This year prices  are
quoted around 16 to is  cents and
tven higher for the better  grades.
Compared with 1911 the   increased
crop of sugar this year at this yean
pi ices should be worth  about   $6,-
000,000 as against $800,000, an increase of over 600 per  cent.    This
is on sugar alone.   Syrup is  quoted at from 51.40 to $165   per  gallon and 4,000,000 gallons will bnug
another 55,000,000, so thaf the total crop tliis year, if the  hopes of
those interested bear fruit, will total over $10,000,000. and most of
tllis money-will accrue to the farm.
ers as the result of three  week's
effort before regular farm  operations have commenced.    If due oare
were taken to prevent waste in the
sugar bush, arising from overflow.
ing of buckets, it is estimated  that
$2,000,000  worth of   sugar   and
syrup extra would be  saved.    All
this money  would   be e.x'ra over
and above the revenue accrued to
the farmer from regular field crops
livestock and other sources in vol v.
ing capital expenditure as wel!   as
labor   and   management.      Every
tree will produce from  30 cents to
$1 worth of sugar, and 5,006 trees
can be handled  almost as well  as
500 if energetic   preparations are
made.   The fanner can make $200
worth of syrup and sugar in   the
brief period of three weeks of early
spring, when otherwise, he would
be doing little or nothing of revenue
bringing value.   The   seasou has
a,ready commenced in South Western Ontario.
Comox Valley Cow Testing Association
Name of COW
Ust of co.vs that have Riven 5(1 lbs of butler tltir.ug  Mur.
lbs milk
lbs butter
Beauty U30..
Silver    1023..
Veda  96i..
Cherry 1054..
Peggy  1138..
Heather    fj22
Pern ;. io75.'.'
blackie 1070..
Blackie ]060..
Dolly 1017.
Sally    738.
  7C0 w. T. wai" & Son
  68.0  d    cMiiian
  65.0    M . Smith
  59.0 R. Williamson
  58.4 A McMiHmi
  57.5 G Honibv
  57.4 YI*. T. wain & Soil
  54.9 J. Anderton
  54.9 Pritchard & Son
Sally 10 months  Ws2,r:.Z ".".".au '^ *?""''"
\eM\ 912  52.1 J. Andeiton
[f"hr.y 1085  51.0 w. T. wain & Son
?*a��S'e. --(.)7  51.7 Pritchard & .ous
I-eonette     846   51.6        *���*   D  g   jt,
��<>��� 1079 51 .a:;:;: :::&*��__? &s ss
N^eum_ntb;.v.v.v;.v:'n^:::::: ,$-20- A^cMi,la"
Dolly 11 months   9114 605.4 R. U. Hurford
*+4**44+++4++4+t++4++*,  <*���+***���* t***t+H.********
Being a diplomat is enough
keep one busy without trying
lie veracious at the same time.
Dont bother to do anything today that somebody else will do
better tomorrow.
Remember the Ladies' Aid Sale
of Work, Tea, and concert on
April l'J, in the basement of the
Some men enn keep n watch because they go to Bleep and other?
because they go lhe pawnshop,
Shop Only Where You  are Invited to Shop I0F $6
Do You
The Courtenav Review
Family Herald and Weekly Stir
and the Daily Province
for one year THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
CopenliRgcn Chewing Tobacco is
entirely different from tlio ordinary
"ping" or "flue cut''.
it 1.1 made of thc best, old, rich,
high flavored tobacco.
Being iii small -_;rr.i hn, it. Imparts it:i
strength and flavor more freely and
1. 'ly than tobacco in thc usual form.
Vor thin reason. Copenhagen is not
cnewed . but is placed iu tlle monili
between the lo\v<r lip and thegti-i,
A small lunch Is nil tbat isnecessary
to thorough'y satisfy, and those who
arc using "CopcuhaKCU''tor the first
time .should take earn t>i us.- only u
small pinch, otherwise''Copenhagen"
mil) ie though, to have loo much
tobacco strength.
"It'�� tiie moil  economics/ chew".
-- DV ���
Linden, Melbourne, tnd !'��.<.:'���
lie fell shaken but got a drink, and
when he began to climb back found
that he had wrenched Ins knee.
Sonic movements were not painful,
tmt when his weight came upon the
joint it hurt. lie must get up, for
Oil that, and reached lhc top, where
he sat down with his lips firmly set,
and putting on the coat felt in tlio
��iocket for a cigarette.
Thc case ho took out was not his
nnd lie remembered that iic was
���wearing another man's coat. The
cigarettes were of Turkish tobacco,
which is not much used in Canada,
and he thought thc quality remarkably good. This seemed lo imply
that their owner had a cullivatcd
lastc, and Foster began to wonder
whether he was after all not a business man running away from his
creditors, but rejected the theory, ll
was strange that although   the cig-
mrettrs were expensive tlle ease was
of thc Kind sold in western stores
for fifty cents, but Foster presently
i*avc up speculating about the man.
The moon was getting low and
ragged pine branches cut against the
light. The track was wrapped in
shadow that was only a little less
dense than .he gloom of thc surrounding bush. It was nol really
-.-old for North Ontario, but the fur
coat was hardly enough protection to
make a bed in lhe open air comfortable. Foster had slept in the Athabasca forests when tlie thermometer
marked forty degrees below zero, but
We. then wore different clothes and
had been able to make a roaring lire
and build a snow bank between Iiini
And the wind. Moreover, hc was slill
liable lo be overtaken by the men on
ihe train.
Gelling up, be found his knee sore
and stiff, but limped on for an hour
or two after thc moon sank. Hc
Seemed to bc stumbling along thc
bottom of a dark trench', for the firs
shut him in like a wall and there
was only an elusive glimmer of light
above their serrated tops, lie did
not expect to find a house until he
reached the station, for much of
North Ontario is a wilderness where
the trees are loo small for milling
and agriculture is impossible between the rocks. To make tilings
worse, he felt hungry. The train had
stopped at about seven o'clock at a
desolate station where the passengers
were given a few minutes to get sup-
ncr, Imi Foster's portion was too
hot lor him lo cat. He tried to encourage himself by remembering that
lie bad once marched three hundred
inilcs across the snow with a badly
frozen foot, but this did not make his
present exertion easier.
As be got hungry he i*ni angry, He
had gone away to enjoy himself, and
this was how bis holiday had begun I The governnieni agent, ii that
was what he was, ought not to have
dragged a confiding stranger into his
difficulties, lie wjs UOW B��fc in lhe
���express car and chuckling ovcr the
troubles he had left bis substitute l"
tare. Then Foster tried to remember ii lie had left any papers with
Iiis address in his overcoat and decided that he had nol done so. llis
wallet was now in his jacket pocket.
This was satisfactory, because be
meant to havc nothing more lo do
wiih ilie mailer. Tying lhe fur coat
round his waist lo lake some ol the
weight off his shoulders, lie trudged
on as briskly aa he could through
the gloom,
0/?_W�� Granulated Eyelids,
'"***** Sore I*--'**, Eves Infl-imt-l by
Sun, Duel-and Wind qui. kin
relieved hv Mutlne. Try It In
your Ic tsuikl In Huby's Eye*.
*"    Ul... In Tub-. **"��� ft" ��"��4 ���/ Ik* B��- - re**.
Maria* By _____��___ Ca.. *______������_
Featherstone's People
After walking for -ronie time, Foster heard a rumble in lire distanee
behind him and climbed the rocky
bank of thc single hue track, There
was not much room between the
bank and rails, and be was glad of
an excuse for sitting down. Taking
out the stranger's ease, he lighted
another of llie Turkish cigarettes.
They wcrc the only benefit he was
likely to derive fiom the adventure,
and he felt some satisfaction in making use of theni.
In the meantime lho rumble grew
into a roar thai rolled'across the
forest with a rhythmic heat, and a
ray oi light pierced the gloom up
the track, It was very bright and he
knew it was thrown by a locomotive
headlamp. A west-bound freight
train was coining and he unci wait
uniil it passed. Freight trains were
common objects, but as a rule when
Foster saw one nppronchiiig he slopped to watch. The great si,:e and
power of the locomotive appealed lo
Iiis imagination, and hc liked to think
of the reckless courage "f the men
who drove the sleel road through
eight hundreds miles of rugged wilderness to Port Arthur, and llu n on
again through rocks and muskegs to
ihe western prairie: It was a daring
feat, when one remembered lhe obstacles and that there was no traffic
to hc developed On the way.
The beam of light became a cone
of dazzling radiance; the rocks throbbed, and the gnarled pines shook as
thc roar swelled into a tremendous
harmony of many different notes.
Then there was a sudden darkness as
lhc locomotive leaped pasl and huge
box cars rushed, lurching and rocking, out of the thick, black smoke.
Flying ballast crashed against thc
rocks, and though the ground was
frozen hard a hail of small particle's
rattled among the trees. Then, as
the tail-lighls on thc caboose sped
by, a deep hoot of ihe whistle came
back from about a quarter of a mile
off, and soon afterwards the fading
glimmer vanished around a curve. It
seemed to be going' slower and tlie
rumblc died away suddenly. Foster
thought there was a side track ahead,
where the freight would wait until a j
train going in the other direction
crossed the switches. If he could |
reach the spot in lime, he might save
himself a long walk.
llis knee hurl as he stumbled over
the gravel at the best pace hc could
make, but that did not matter much.
Tlio first tost a man in put through for
cither war or life insurance is an   -.roni-
nation of his water.   Thin in most   risen-
linl boeouso tho kidneys play a most im-1
portant. part in causing premature oltl
ago anil death.   Tho more ininrious the
puiaons panning tlirougli tho kidneys the
BOOner comes der-ay���ho anya Hr. Piereo,
of Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., whoj
further advisers all people who are pint |
thirty to preservo tho vitality of tlio kidneys and freo llio blood from poisonoui j
elements, such as uric aeld���drink plenty
of  water���sweat  somo  daily  and  tak��
Anurie, double atreiigtli, beforo meals.
An-u-ri. ih a discovery of Dr. Piereo,
and eau bo obtained at drug stores.   For -
tlist   backache,   lumbago,   rheumatism, I
'' rusty'' joints, swollen  l'eef. or hands, |
duo lo urie acid in the blood, Anurie
quickly dissolves llio uric  acid   as hot
water iloen sugar,   Send 10 renin to Dr.
J'uirco for trial pkg,
"Choroid, Out.���"I lliink Anuria in llm but
1 lime ovcr Ultun. My
Viiluflyn luul -jiiir-n tn*
Inmbf-i lor Rome linif.
T rvmilil Buffer from
barlia.rhcll' in.l rilsa
ivrellitig ..I llio Ilml.��.
I I* tool-. Anuric nml il
f linn entirely cured m.
of nil my lan-kni'lia. and
linn ulrerrr-llirtieil my
kidneya no 1 f.'-l nnft
in ro-oiunier-iliiis It to
otli-ii* who MilTffr."���
Mm, 0. A. Clnrlio, noi
,    ........ _
i   - *'''������
$      Toro
>- f.bn   llll
Toronto, Ont.���"For
tho hed. eight, yotrt I
bnve suffered with -id-
lic.v trouble nml rhru-
ie.11le.1ll. It ln-na.ii with
liniiiH in my tin.'k and
finally loft my baok and wont down Into tha
foot. It developed inlo 11 citron!*! cane. I
tried every medicine I could hear of and con-
milted Rome eu.nl doctors, but mil! I hept on
Bufferta**, About _ year n_o it friend a.tvtned
me to Kivo Antirio ... trial, and am happy to
nay 1 am today n well man���rriver feel any
ti'acen of my ailment no mnttor what tha
weather condition*] may be. Anuri.r in a real
kidney medicine in every aeune."���B, IP.
0__ri_on, 5 Matilda Street.
"Looks as if you'd made good lime,
but the track's pretty rough for
breaking record.- on," he remarked.
"That's so," Foster answered
breathlessly. "I wauled lo get here
before you pulled out, because I'm
going on with you."
"No, sir; it's clean against the
rules. Vou can't get a free ride now
on a C. 1'. freight."
"The rules apply lo hobos. I've
gin a first class ticket to Montreal."
"Then why iu thunder are you running back to  Fort  William?"
"I'd have been satisfied to make the
nexl station. You see, I fell off the
Another man, who wore big gloves
and grimy overalls, had come up, and
laughed when hc heard Foster's explanation.
"You sure look pretty lively afler
falling off the Montreal express," he
observed. "Guess you musl have
done that kind of ihing before, llu;
our bosses are gelling blamed particular about Ihese free rides'."
Foster opened llis wallet and tool-
out a strip of paper, folded in sections, but it was not by accident he
held two or three dollar bills againsl
"There's my ticket. I bought it at
the agent's ollice, bul I expect you
know what would have happened ii
I'd got it on board. Anyway, you've
heard of the drummer wlio beat his
passage from Calgary lo Toronlo at
the cost of a box of cigars."
iTo Be Lonlinued.)
Nasly Throat Droppings
Catarrhal Discharge
Quickly Cured
A few minute's sharp paiu could be
borne, and he set his lips as he ran,
while lhc perspiration dripped from
him and his breath got shoit. This
was the consequence of leading a
soft and, in a sense, luxurious life,
he thought, but when he tried to
walk next day he understood the reason better. Still, be did not mean to
be left behind in the frozen bush, and
as he reached the curve was relieved
to scc lights llicke. about the. track.
When he came up gasping a matt
Hashed a lantern into his face.
Little Richard's mother look Iiini
for a visi ^ to bis grandparents.
When bedtime approached he was
instructed to kiss each of bis relatives good-night. lie. hesitated
when he caine to hi.s grandfather,
who wore a long, heavy heard,
"Aren't you going to lell grand
father good-night, dear?" his niolh
er asked. "No, mother, I can'l,"
was the. reply, "there isn't any place
to tell him."���Thc Argonaut.
Doctors recom.
utcm! Catarrhozone,
it is nature's own
cure, It drives out
the germs, heal,
sore spots, cleans
away   every   vestift'S
ji Catarrhal taint,
Vou send llit]
Soothing vnpoi'i of
ihc pine woods, iim
ilehest balsams and
heating     i,-- in tints,
light  10   tl r-urrj
of your cold by inhaling Cilai'i'iiu-
y.one, Little tlrof-sol
wonderful curative
power are distributed tluoitfih tho
whole Iircilhiiig apparatus by lho air
you biealhi*. Like it
miracle,  that's   how
Catarrhozone cures
bronchitis, catarrh,
colds, and Irritable!
throat. You simply
breatho its healing
fumes, und every
trace of disease
llce-i r'S before lire,
���.,.___. So   safe,   Infant.
^limflP eau use it, so sure
to rcltcvu, doctors prescribe it, so ben-
eli< ial in preventing winter ills that
no person can afford lo do without
I Catarrhozone. Used in thousands ol
eases without failure. Complete outfit $1.00, lasts three months, and is
guaranteed to cure; smaller size SOc,
all dealers or the Catarrhozone Co.,
Kingston, Out.
Imports from South America last
year were ainost three limes as great
as in the year preceding lhc war,
rising from $198,000,000 lo $575,000,-
000. The gain is obviously due to
the stimulus ol war.
Tin; Vicar���Do you give your dog
any exercise, Mr. Hodge?
Fanner Hodge���Oh, yes, he goes
for a tramp nearly every day.���
Boys' Life.
Wheat Consumption in Canada
Canada uses more wheat per capita llian any oilier country ill tho
world. Human consumption of wheat
in the Dominion should not exceed
5.4 bushels per capita per annum,
Canada has been using wheat at tho
rate of about 0 bushels per capita
each year.
Mother���Why did you put this
frog in sister's bed?
Son���I tried to find a mud turtle
and couldn't.
Our papers are cleansed, treated and purified with Refined Pa.a_.ne Waxes and Disinfectants.
They add to the Freshness, Cleanliness and Purity ol your goods.
They piesetve the Color and Quality ol Fresh and Cooked Meats and are Germ-proof, Moisture-prod
and Grease-proof. . They will not stick to the Meat.
^.CAKES.PIES.ETC.       //'
Hi,    N.     U.     1199
s.   WRAPPERS   ,
Appleford's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books are no dearer than the ordinary kind. Now made
with new improved Formulas and Appliances and better than ever belore. If you in not a customer,
write us lor a sample book.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
i &
THE    REVIEW,    OOUETNEY,    B.    0.
Is Indicative cf the Movement
Greater Production
The considerable number of farm
land si'lcs being closed iu all purls
of thc prairie provinces is indicative
of the movement for greater production and of the demand for tiie fertile lands of Western Canada for
this purpose. The following arc
some of lhc private sales wliicli have
been completed recently:
Pnrtn near Virtten, Manitoba, $���"><'.-
000 cash.
320 acres near Regina, Saskatchewan, $17,920.
160 acres near Mountain View,
Manitoba, $12. Hid.
/'oh acres near Wnlcrholc, Northern Alberta, $4,500.
Internationalism and War
Wc would commend lo our work-
ing-men who arc beguiled by all
these fine phrases aboul Internationalism and leagues of nations to remember the old saying of Oliver
 llur bnsi-
Cromwcll's (.real admiral
ness," said   Blake,  "is  lo
cignors from   fooling   us.'
Mornini-   Post,
keep  for-
Strangled with Asthma is Ihe only
expression lhal seems to convey
whnl is endured from an attack of
this I rouble. The relief from Dr. J.
I). Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is be
yond measure. Where all was sillier
ing Ihere comes comfort and rest.
Breathing becomes normal and th
bronchial lubes completely chared.
This unequalled remedy i- worth
many limes its price to all who use it.
Means Increased Acreage
Six Million ^res Aheady Prepared
for Crop in Saskatchewan
According 10 the estimates of the
Dominion census and statistics bureau, compiled on the basis of reports received from correspondents
in every part of the province, the
amount of fall plowing done iu Saskatchewan in 1917 is placed al fifty
per cent, more than was done in
1916. The amount of summerfallow
prepared in 1917 for the 1918 crop is
also shown to bc considerably in excess of lhat of. the previous year.
The total area of land prepared in
Saskatchewan during 1917 lor the
1918 crop is conservatively estimated
at 6.1.14,609 acres.
Once you gel a few drops of Putnam's Extractor on a sore corn, you
realize, whal a boob you've been to
wait so long before using lhe Olio
painless and sure corn remedy,
Putnam's shrivels lip a corn mighty
quick; peels it right off thc toe,
nets entirely withoul pain, and never
fails even on the oldest and toughest
of.corns. For a real cure get I'nt-
nam's; cosls but a quarter at the
drug stun.
Germany's Ruthless Valor
W'e find ruthless valor boiled down
lo this: That the superior breed, the
German, is entitled to break all laws
that bind inferior breeds, his enemies, and to inflict on Ihem any cowardly or vile treachery or crime; but
that if these: acts be committed upon
liim, then bis enemies are guilty of
an enormity which in him is not an
enormity but a virtue of ruthless val-
orl This is called "squealing."���
From Maj. Hiddanc MacJTall's "ticr-
inauy at War."
Canada Wins!
"Horses!"    said     llu      American, j
i "Don't you talk to me about horses I
i I  had an old marc that once licked
thc  fastest  express  on  our  railroad
by pretty near a couple of miles on
a 30-mllo run to Chicago."
"That's nothing!" said the Canadian. "I was out on nly farm one-
day, about 50 miles from the house,
when n" frightful storm came up. I
turned the pony's head toward home,
and he raced the storm so close for
the last 10 miles that 1 didn't feel a
drop, On lhe other band, my dog,
only 10 yards behind, had to swim
the whole distance!"���Exchange.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot be Cured
by loral applieutiona as lliey rannot reach
the di-ieascil portion ol the ear. There is
only one wav to cure catarrhal detunes., and
that is by a constitutional remedy. 'arurrtlal
Ucatncss is caused bv an tnlt-imed ''.ruliliotl
ot thc mucous l.inii.r. oi the Eustachian i'uoe.
When this tube ts inflamed you nave a rumbling sound or linpcrtecl !ic;iri!i_, and ���ben
it is entirely closed, Uealness is tne result
Unless the intlaiiimation can '��e reauced uml
this tube restored to its iiorui.il onditi-jn,
hearing wilt be destroyed forever, M.uiv
eases ol dealuess ure caused by cnturrli,
which is an inllained cordition ot tlie mucous
surlaccs. Hall's Catarrh Cure a.rts through
lhe blood ou the mucous surfaces ol the system.
Wc will give Onc Hundred Dollars lor any
case ol Catarrhal Ocalness thai cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Circulais
Irec.     AU Druggists,   7Jc.
F. J. CHENliV & CO., Toledo. Ob.-*.
YOT? can ac
r o ni p I i s li
moro during
lho day if you
havo had a really
enjoyable shave
���an AtitoStro-*
Every time you
use your AutoStrop you realize
what it means to
own a razor lhat
is always in perfect condition for
its blade is sharp
and heen.
The AutoStrop
is lho only razor
lhat sharpens its
own blades automatically.
Giirulee-I le Stl'alf
Cow-tele Outfit
AutoStrop Safely
Razor Co., Unite J
_  -O-sr.OiVeSi.
Tore-lo, Oil.
Safe Plan to Fight On
The Huns cannot be   trusted
anything and a very sharp    censor-
Often Worse Than the   Disease Itself���Victims Left Weak, Ner-
ous and Worn Out
La Grippe���the name by which influenza is most generally known���is
B disease prevalent throughout Canada during the winter and spring
months. Anyone who has felt ils
pangs is not likely to forget the
tumble. La grippe starts with a
slight cold���and ends with a complication of troubles. It lays llic
strong man on his back; il tortures
him with fevers and chills, headaches and backaches. It leaves him
fl prey to pneumonia, bronchitis, consumption and other deadly diseases.
In fact its after effects are morc serious than the trouble itself. Vou can
avoid la grippe and winter colds by
keeping your blood rich and red bv
the occasional use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. If you have not done this
and the disease lays you low, you
can banish all ils evil afler effects by
this same great blood-building, nerve
restoring medicine. -This has been
proved in thousands of cases
throughout Canada by la grippe victims who havc been made well and
strong through the use of Dr. Williams Pink Pills. Among thc cured
is Miss Irene Boolcs. Portsmouth,
Ont,  who    writes:���"I    take-    much
pleasure in recommending Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, because I have
proved their worth in my own ease.
Lasl winter I had a severe attack of
la grippe and it left mc weak and all
run down. I had severe pains in likeliest and under the arms, prlpita-
tion of the heart and attacks of neuralgia which left me with the feeling that life was scarcely worib living. I w'as taking doctor's medicine,
but it did not help mc and I was
much discouraged. I was advised to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and be
gan their use only on the principle
that I would try anything lhal might
better my condition. I had only
been using the pills a couple of
weeks when the pains began to leave
mc. Gradually my strength rcturn-
in ed, my appetite improved, and in a
"jY*������.-*-' ���"���" �� V,'-' """*'.'' J-*-"'"'1'"i litlle more than a month 1 felt all
Ship is kept on all news leaving the my oI() timo vig01. ha(1 rctllrned. I
country,    lhcrc is some object     in am sincerely glad I was pcrsuadci
lhc reports allowed to appear concerning these strikes. It may bc to
deceive- the Russians; it may bc to
deceive the British Socialists. The
only safe plan is to hope that they
are really serious, but to go on fighting lo a finish.���Kingston Standard.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Output of Alberta Mines
The total output of thc coal mines
of Alberta during 1917 was 4.863,414
Ions, from 283 mines    in operation.
These figures have been taken   from j Dr.
persuaded to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and 1
shall always have a good word to say
for them.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills not only
cure the disastrous after effects of la
grippe, but arc also a specific for all
these troubles due to poor blood,
such as anaemia, rheumatism, indigestion, women's ailments, and the
generally worn out feeling that affects so many people. You can get
these pills through any dealer in
medicine, or by mail at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for $2.50 from The
a report compiled by the mines
branch of the department of public
works of Alberta. During Ihe year
one copper mine was opened west
of Banff, and two shale mines wcrc
iu operation at Redclilfc, near Medicine Hat, Alberta.
VI,    N.    U.    1199
The indications of worms are restlessness, grinding of the teeth, picking of the nose, extreme peevishness,
often convulsions. Under these conditions thc best remedy tliarcan bc
got is Miller's Worm Powders. They
will attack the worms as soon as administered and will grind  them    to
toms lhat pass away in the evacuations. The little sufferer will bc im-
medialely cased and a return of the
Hack will not be likely.
Williams' Medicine Co.,
Better Without
"I asked her to kiss mc, without avail."
"You wcrc right to stipulate that.
Kissing through a veil spoils half
the fun."���Kansas City Journal.
Minard's Liniment for
Sale  Every-
Stoic British Sailors
Brave Deed Is New Chapter in History of British Heroism
A remarkable story of the bravery
of llritish lars tu an effort to save
Halifax from disaster is now being
recounted for the first time at Ottawa.
The silent Britisii navy, following
its usual custom, has so far not published the story.
When the Mont Blanc was burning in Halifax harbor after the collision in the Narrows, there was a
small British gunboat not far away.
Her captain, realizing the danger
and knowing that the Mont Blanc
had been deserted by her crew, called for volntccrs to row to the Mont
Blanc for thc purpose of seeing if
anything could bc done-to sink or
tow her away from the city.
There was a ready response to the
call for volunteers. Thc tars reached
the ill-fated ship, were climbing over the sides, when she exploded, and
some 30 to 40 British sailors were
blown into eternity. It is as brave
au act as the great war has revealed.
Imports Pedigreed Horses
A shipment has just becn received
at Regina, Saskatchewan, of two cars
of pedigreed horses from Scotland
The horses wcrc imported by William Grant, a farmer of Trcgarva,
Saskatchewan, and many types of
horse are said to bc represented in
the shipment, from the lean racehorse to the heavy type of team
Preparedness Pays
May Cost a Good Deal of Time and
Money But Pays in the End
There is only one way lo keep
the will active, and that is by exercising. The will is like lhe muscles, for even the finest of athletes
soon gels oul of condition unless he
exercises. A man ought to do every
day something that he does not rare
lo do, just for the sake of exercising
his will. That sort of exercise keeps
il in condition, ready for the harder
things of life when lhcy occur, and,
above all, prepared for emergencies
that may spring up. The doctrine of
preparedness is much bcllcr under-
Stood now than it was at the beginning of last year. It is as true for
the individual as the nation. It may
cost a good deal of time and energy
and money, but it saves in the cud.
���American Magazine.
Entirely Gone
After Twenty-seven Years of Suffering���Swelling    and    Pufliness
Has Disappeared���Not a
Pain or an Ache Left
A most astonishing cure of rheumatism and eczema has been reported here, and Mrs. Ray is enthusiastic
in telling her many friends how cure
was effected.
Rheumatism and eczema frequently go together, and in this case caused the most keen distress imaginable.
All the swelling and pufliness resulting from many years of rheumatism
have disappeared, and there is not a
pain or an ache left.
Mr. G. II. Ray, R.R. No. 1, Kincardine, Ont., writes: "Mrs. Ray has
been using your Kidney-Liver. Pills.
She was very bad with rheumatism
and eczema, and had had that fearful
itch fpr twenty-Seven years It was
simply terrible what she suffered,
persuaded her to try $1.00 worth of
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. She
is now on the last box, and let ine
tell you she scarcely knows herself,
she is so free from bolh these diseases. All the swelling and pufliness
caused by lhc rheumatism has gone
away, and she has gone down in
weight 18*4 pounds. She never has
an ache or pain, biliousness or sick
headache all these months. She often says herself 'How glad I am that
I know what lo do instead of paying
doctors so much to make ine
There is only one way that the
poisons in the blood can bc cleaned
away and thc cause of pains and
aches removed, and that is by the
hcaltful action of thc kidneys, liver
and bowels. Because Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver I'ills act directly and
specifically on these organs and insure their activity they remove the
cause of rheumatism and other dreadfully painful and fatal diseases. Onc
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, all dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
Look for the portrait and signa
litre of A. W. Chase, M.D., the fain
cms Receipt Book author, on thc box
you buy.
Under Provocation
That onc of lhc professors al
Princeton has had his domestic
trials was recently evidenced when a
young woman of rather serious lum
endeavored to involve him in
theological discussion. "Professor,'
she asked, "do you or do you not believe in infant damnation?" "I believe in it," said the professot, "only
at night."
Pains in the Back or Sides, Cor stent
Headaches, Swollen Joints, IT inary
Troubles, Stone o Gravel? You will
find the remedy in the box below���
Corns cripple the feet and make
walking a torture, yet sure relief in
the shape of Holloway's Corn Cure
is within reach of all.
Baby's Own Soap
Vegetable I at* and natural flower
ex-recta ��ivo BABY'S OWN
SOAP its wonderfully softening ond
aromatic lather.    Sold everywhere.
Albert Soaps LirulteJ M fr... Monlraal
Miglitiwi swing
ever ruined at
ALortion, Sterility, and I'r.ma-
tute Calving, one
or one hundred
cattle treated Ul
5 mimitci. U-sa
one bail ot our
product, if not
.ntis'-ed return
tlio balance aud
gut   your   money
"Kail  Savir"
sella    25    pound!
$4.00.      Send   fcr
printed  matter.
Plant and  Head  Office,  Edmonton,  Alberta.
P.   O.   Uox.   321
fM�� NIW mtNQH REMCDY. H*\. M.l M.&
THERAPION &$___��:
{teat-inn t*����, ci'ttta chronic wrakness. ujs t vtoot
Hues, kith UK ko. i-itt;ii��_isrs��r mail Sl. post * ';;��
ruuoMAca.M, iincMan ST-MawroRKorLYi-cA-i .��. *
10.C0-IlAVRR8T0UKR0i HAUfSreao. Lohdoh. <'.���������*,
tajfHaw PKAOKE-TAtTM-aW fORWQP   haiy to TACfl
A sole, reliable regulating medi-
etne. Sold in three degrees ol
slrcliKrlh. No. 1, ?l: Nr*. 2, $.';
No. 3,15 per box. Sold brail
drunffists, or scut prepaid m
plain *)QcI*Jt**e on receipt ol
price. I-'rt-e pamphlet. Add******!
Toronto,Ont. (. bnwrfy'I'W*"* ���
pay your out ol town accounts by Don-in
ion Express Money Orders. Five clolla-i
tost, three rents.
Instruments of Destruction
Each year of the -war, the New
York Tribune points out, has produced some new instrument of destruction. For example, in 1914 came
the 42-ccntimeter gun which pulverized fortifications that were supposed to hc impregnable; in 1915, the
use of poison pas as a weapon of
attack; in 1916, thc "lank"; in 1917
the depth bomb which has limited
the menace of the submarine. I��
Alberta Exports 200 Cars of Butter
During lhe year 1917, two hundred
cars of creamery Imttcr were export-
led from Alberta.   This province was
| the first in Western Canada to grade
i ils butter and cream, and lo Mr. C,
Marker, dairy   commissioner   of Alberta, belongs the credit of starting
a movement which is now general in
lhc west, and which has had the effect of creating a standard of creamery butter that is not excelled  anywhere.
Mr. Marker recently lectured before the dairymen of North Dakota
at Fargo, on the "Standardization of
Never Abused Papa
The little tot was "losted." At thc
station the officer tried all sorts of
questions to ascertain who the was.
Finally he said: "What name does
your mother call your father?"
"She doesn't call him any name,"
replied thc child "the likes him."
Should Read Mrs. Monyhan's
Letter Published by
Her Permission,
Mitchell, Ind.���"LydiaE. Pinkham'i
Vegetable Compound helped mo so much
during the time I
was looklngforward
to the coming of my
little one that I am
recommending it to
oilier expectant
"mothers. Before
taking it, somedays
I suffered with ncu.
ralnia so badly that
I thought I could
not live, but after
taking three bottles
of Ly_iaE. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound I was entirely relieved of
neuralgia, I had
gained in strength
and was able to go
around end do all
__y baby when seven
months old weighed 19 pounds and I feel
better than I have for a long time. I
never had any medicine do mc so
much good."���Mrs. Pgabl Monyiiah,
Mitchell, Ind.
Good health during maternity is a
most important factor to both mother
and child, and many letters have been
received by the Lydia El Pinkham
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., telling of
health restoredduringthis trying period
by the use of Lydia il. Pinkham e Vege*
table Compound.
Save Beef, Save Money
Save Coal.
Tlu- following btatlsflcs should be Interesting to all who are Interested
in the conservation ol cither heel, coal or money
Weight ol Joint
when rooked
I pounds
6 pounds
S pounds
In pouuda
IJ pounds
Weight to be ordered from Butcher
when cOoklug is done by
I'lccli -icily
'I pounds H oz
6 pouuda 13 oz
9 poll nils 2 oz
11 pounds 6 oz
l.i pounds in oz
Coal or wood
5 pounds 11 oz
8 pounds 9 oz
11 poutrla 7 oz
14 pounds 5 OZ
17 pounds   2 oz.
The nluivc figures are given in the Standard Handbook
for Electrical Engineers and nre the results of actual experiments,
Willi beef at 30c a pound you will pay $1-72 for a 5 lb ll
oz roust'or $1 35 for :i 4 lb 8 oz roast,
Thus if you cook the meat in an electric oven you will
save for yourself 37 cents add for your eoitntiy 1 pound 3 oz
of beef-
Think of it, 20 per cent ot our meat supply wasted in
coal stoves.   This means that yotl will get equal lo a
Discount of 20 p.c.on Your Meat Bi
if yon cook by electricity, and you will be saving beef money
and coal for the boys at tlie front.
TSie Courtenay Electric Light
He?t & Power Company I imiteti
���yVir ,_.*'��� i; ���������-..       ������ x .y
���   ' i ��� 1.^'''    -I'I
���   ���    -    -   -      'V''*'_   '   '���*
���; ������" r:'-y��Ay::m^-.
'-     ' ������������''.; '.'t'i-l'.-fFs
^'#        (S-asf ^
....    r'-''.''^te'*'^V.;r A:';.; ^eO: ���'-.,.. ,  ���\y  ''" *' V"    - , "/      ' ^ - =
' j-- ,^"--'"^.V's-.> j     ^'--- __"' ~-"";;*,r-_**--:_
! S'i!0^^^^j^^^''''r:
.&���>Z 3JS_^^��C
Get Behind the Wheel
of a Ford and Drive
TRY it just once! Ask your friend to let you "pilot" his
ear on an open stretch. You'll like it, and will be surprised how easily the Ford is handled and driven.
If you have never felt the thrill of driving your own car,
there is something good in store for you. It is vastly
different from just riding���being a passenger. And especially so if you drive a Ford.
Young hoys, girls, women and even grandfathers���thousands ot them���are driving Ford cars and enjoying it. A
Ford stops and starts in traffic with exceptional ease and
smoothness, while on country roads and hills its strength and
power show to advantage.
Buy a Ford and you will want to be behind "the wheel"
��� $575
Touring -
- $595
- $770
Sedan - -
��� $970
Chassis ���
��� $535
THE UNIVERSAL CAR      One-tonTruck $750
EeGEmde, Dealer, Courtenay
In the County Court of
Nanaimo holden at Cumberland, B.C.
TAKIi NOTICH that hy order of His
Honor, C. II. Marker, niiidc herein oil
the I.��h day of February, 1918, 1 was
duly appointed administrator of the
estate of George Hillary, deceased, late
of Ourilsiiio, Il.C.
All parties bavin** claims against the
said estate are hereby required to mall
or deliyer same to WBSMJY WIM-ARD
Official administrator, Cumberland, B.C.
ou or before the 1st day of Msy, 1918, a
full and correct statement duly verified,,
by statutory declaration, showing their
Hume, occupation nnd address* nnd the
amount and particulars of (heir claims
and the nature of the security, ii any,
held by theni, Ami tike notice that
alter the said date I shall proceed to distribute tlle snid estate amongst the per-
sons entitled thereto, having regard only
to claims of which I shall have received
due notice,
All parties Indebted to the snid estate
nre hereby required to pay lo uie their
Indebtedness forthwith,
Wl'SUtY \VII,I,A1'I>,
Official Administrator
Cumberland, B, C.
Dated at Cumberland this 20tli day of
March, 1918, I
City of Courtenay
NOTICH is hereby given that the lirst
silting ol the Court of Revision to I
revise tlle assessment roll of the   City of ���
Coitrtenuy tor the year I1'1H will be held .
iu the Citv I Inli ou
Monday April 29,1918
al H o'clock p.  in.
Notice of any complaints must be glv |
cn hi writing to the assessor at least ten
clays previous to said sitting.
Dated at Courtenay, It C, the 26th
dav of March, 1918. '
W. A. W. Hames,
City Clerk,
Successful Whist Drive
The I, O, D. K. whist drive on
Tuesday evening was graced by a
very lnrge gathering,   the Coniox
folk turning out in  goodly numbers, there being 26 tables of cards
The winners at whist for the ladies
wro   Mrs,   Giddings   and  Mrs,
lii-llas, for the gentlemen (Jhas.
Williams and Mr. Goddard,    Mr.
R.   Christie   was   the winner at
, bridge.    The beautiful cake donated by Mrs. Milliml to be drawn
for was won by   Mr.   R,   Fraser,
and realized   $18.50.     The  lady
m   crinoline   [ King's   Corporal
. Jonesl was much in evidence and
Was the attraction of the evening
j and did a thriving busines, making
j 150 sales,   which netted  $14.95.1
The win ior of the  prize  donated
I by Tarbell &  Son was Miss Janet
Hainan,    A large and jolly crowd
stayed tor the dancing wliicli .vas
cotiti.iued until a late hour.   The
' sum of $56, half the receipts, has I
��� been forwarded to the Comox hos-
i pital, and a like amount is ou hand
| for the Canadian  nurses  in London.
Who is the greatest woman in all
history? One hundred aud fifty
teachers {[recently answered the
question, and with aathusiasm and
unanimity the judges awarded the
prize to the one who made this reply
"The wife of a farmer of moderate
means who does her own cooking
washing, ironing, sewing, bring up
a family of boys and girls to be
useful members of society and has
time for intellectual improvement.
It is said that an Eyangelist recently told the people of a neighboring town that if they wished to
see the newspaper man of that town
converted, the immediate payment
of their back subscriptions was the
first stept to be taken towards the
desited end. That's a good, practical ^suggestion. When a man
walks into a (printing office and
planks down the cash for five or
jix years back subscription he's got
genuine dyed-in-the-wool religion
and it makes a'profouud impression
of the editor.
A great deal of unnecessary
growling, heart-ache, headache,
back-ache and many skinned fingers in this old world could be saved in which the people���that is the
good people���do not live any too
long at the best if a national law
could be passed forbidding the renovation ; of a house more than
once a year. At housecleaning
time, which (rolls around all the
way from twice to five times a year
according to tbe family code, a
man wants to commit suicide and
the woman wants to kill him because he does not, "it's a necessary
evil that breaks hearts aud backs
at the same time. It is something
a man raises a row about doing
and a bigger one about not doing.
It is contradictory; it is redolent of
soap suds, cobwebs, and carpet
beating, heads in dustrags,]aud bare
arms; it is a nuisance and none dare
dispute the assertion.
Being a pood gtiesser is quite
as satisfactory its being a demon.
Rtraliir und iiuieh   inure exciting.
The District Forest Ranger was
in vown to-day to meet Mr, Baikie
the Deputy for this district.
There will be a meeting of the
Courteuay Great War Veteran's
Association held ln the Tea Kettle
on Friday evening at 8 p. m,
The City Council held a short
session on Monday eveniug, The
passing of a number of accounts
and ordering the rubbish left from
the fire to be cleaned away from
the corner of Main Street, was
about the only business done. j
The discovery by chemists in the
Forests Products Laboratories cf
Cauada under the Forestry Branch
of the Department of the Interior
that pine oil can be produced trom
Canadian trees is of great interest
to metal mining companies in Canada because this oil is necessary for
the carrying out of the celebrated
oil flotation process for the extraction of ��re, The supply of pine
oil from the Southern United States
is so limited that it ls practically
all required for United States mines
The Forestry Branch chemists not
only discovered how to [make pine
oil in Canada but they found that
a by-product creosote oil, of the
hardwcod distillation industry
could take ihe place of [the more
expensive pine oil, This means
much to the mining interests of
Canada, and is another evidence of
the Government's work to aid industry in increasing production to
the highest possible point iu war
Music Through
Mn Edison's
Until you have heard the
New Edison
" The Phonograph with a Soul"
You can have no conception as to how true to life it really is.
The reproducer point is a genuine diamond, carefully selected
and polished, and the records used are iiidestructableand play
[or a full live minutes each
Write us now for futther particulars of this new Invention
jvhich actually RECREATES music
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right, and
Our Service is Unexcelled
We're going to tell yot\ something about shoes shortly
Parkin Bros.*
The Little Duchess���The story
of a little orphan girl who after
the death of her mother is sent to
an orphanage, escapes and joins a
circus, and is finally found by her
wealthy grandfather is tlie history
of a photo play to be shown at the
Maple Leaf Theatre on Monday
evening. Madge Evans is the
heroine. She is a splendid little
actress, declared Director Hurley
Knoles, while the " Little Duch
ess " wns being filmed, "She enters so deeply into the character
she is playing that, she gives a
thoroughly natural and lifelike
On Wednesday next " Tlie fatal
Ring" and 1'itby Marie  Osborne
Ice Cream
Barrister and  Solicitor,  Nottry
Phone 6 Courtenay
Mooring &Maasfield
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Re*
frigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenay  and Gun .berland
rr-_-_a_ ..


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