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The Review Jan 8, 1914

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 List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
I..H....MI..IIMIMM.H _MW.HH_a��.
Have You Money to In��eit,
Sec us; <H* Cull Make You
Large Dtvldendi
Island Realty Co.
****************** ****************
VOL. 2
NO. 7
lUE wish our
many friends
and clients a Merry
Christmas and a
Happy New Year
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22
Courtenay, B. C.
St. Andrew's School, Sandwick
Formerly Courtenay Ladles College
Spring Term commences Monday, January 12,1913
Privute Lessons in French, German, Music ami Painting
by arrangement,    For terms and prospectus apply
(Formerly of Beaduell & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor
Estate and Insurance Agent
Collections handled with i romptuess and dispatch
Phone F91
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.    Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have Lots fronting ou the Station Grounds,   Also on the 12 Acres
which the C. P. R. have cleared for Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a  Chance we  will sell  these Lots on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
R. H. Hardwicke si .ut the week
end at Vancouver.
Mr. Joyce Ic buildiug a i:e\v
house on the Union Hay Road.
Telephone connection is 1 eing
made with Little River this   week.
O. 11. Fechner returned o t Tuesday from a week's vis.t to Vancouver.
Mr. A. Wi I<ee, inspector of
Government Telegraph Lines was
in towu this week
The new Lock-up is completed.
Jeff is just waiting for tlie key.
Who'll be the hrst lodger?
Mr. Mee, niy;lit operator at tlie
telephone offke lias left and Miss
Cussie 1'riiser lias Ixen appointed
to the position.
The Race Track Ct nimilUe will
hold a masquerade ball about tl e
middle of February, All home
made costumes. Liberal prizes v\ill
be offered. The date will be announced shortly.
It is now time to renew . our
subscription to the Review. Our
representative will call cu you n
the near future.
This (Thursday) evening the
young ladies of the Courtenay heel
will hold a dance in the Agricultural hall. The floor has beeu
thoroughly cleaned, and tlie place
nicely decorated for the occasion,
aud doubtless an enjoyable evening
will be spent.
Sewing machine in good condi-
ti n for sale at Mrs, Kepuer's store.
Steady married man wants work
oi tdoor or in a store. Apply box
A. Review.Office.
For fine painting, paperhauging
and decorating don't fail to see
Doyle & Home, Courteuay.
rou.icl--In lhe Po I Office, a
bi'iieh of k__.1I keys, Owner can
have same by paying for this ad, at
the Review ofiice.
Coal and Wood���Wood delivered at $3.00 per load. No. S Mine
coal g'j.50 per ton, I,. Berkeley
Courtenay,    Phone L98.
Tenders wanted for slashing
about ten acres of Alder bottom.
Apply Howard Elliott, Beaver
Creek Farm, Sandwick.
For Sale - the best let on Isabel
Street $10 per too": frontage, almost
opposite the new post office. Apply
Box 220, Courtenay Post Office.
Would like to buy 5 or 10 acres
of cleared or partly cleared laud.
What offers? State lowest price,
Apply Box 142 Review Office.
Five acres, t_irt lot 155, with 423
feet frontage ou Puntledge River,
close to Power House, logged- off.
Price $500 spot cash. Apply K.
D. Thwaites, Parksville.
For   Sale���Have   deed   to   320
acres on au Island between here
and the city of Vancouver, 100
acres meadow, the rest good land
will sell for $25 an acre, will consider some Courteinv propery in
exchange as part of first payment.
Balance on easy terms. This
would make one of tbe finest dairy
and fruit farms in B C, Address,
A. Jarvis Courtenay,
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or ofiice fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from.
Picture framing and sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
Boats For Sale
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short  Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
W. Halcrow is at Victoria this
The regular monthly meeting of
The Board of Trade will be held
this (Thursday) evening at 8
A meeting of tlie Executive Committee of the Courtenav Conservative Association was held on
Tuesday evening.
The Annual meeting of the
Comox Creamery Association will
be held on Thursday evening, the
aand inst , in tha Agricultural hall.
At tl e same time tlie Cow Testing
Association will also meet.
The piles ha e been dliven and
the timbers put in place where tlie
bridge wai weakened, This week
the new sidewalk is being laid on
the north side < f the bridgi, This
will b_ a great boon to pedesttians,
The bill on the new Presbyterian
Church, the gift of the pastor, Rev.
T. Meuzies, was put into place
Bert Whittle is arranging to have
roller skating at the Opera House
each alternate night. A fewjai s
of skates have already arrived, aid
tlie rest are expected shortly. The
admission will be 2je. and use of
skates 25c.
The New Years' dance held by
the Rare Track Committee was the
best of the series. A guod.y number were present from Comox.
Headquarters and Courtenay.
About twenty couple.-: also came
down from Cumberland. Everyone
thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
The next dance will be held in
about two weeks time, notice of
which will be given next week.
January Clearance Sale
For 10 Days, commencing
DAY, JANUARY 10, 1914
Glnglia ra; Anderson Zyphers 25c for 15c; Prints, light and dark bine,
15C for 10c; Aprons, f u > a id nl in, reduced to 'ost; Cretins, �����;,; t
20c and 25c (or 15c; Curtain Muslins, regular 20c per yard for I ic;
Tafeln Lining in blue, grey, i nn . cream, Bultable for making on I "
skins, 25caml 30c fur 20c; Kimoim Cloth, regular 3 Ic and 15c for I :;
Ladies nml Boys Hoie al a big reduction; Ladies Underwear o d Night
('.owns at cost; Men's Shirts. Sweaters, Overalls and Socks ut cost;
Men's ("doves 25c for 2Sc; Bath Towels from 35 t > (1 per pair: ! | :ci
Red flannel, regular 60c tor ���1.5c; 1 piece strip.d grey ami bine Dress
Cloth  7,ic for 50 ;   Many other articles too dimerous tu  mention  it i
very low pric-'
Local Agent for the Nanaimo & EsqunhaU Railway
Lands, Comox District
Offices at
Courtenay - and ��� Comox, B. C.
Telephone 24
For the New Year we have a choice
variety of provisions, fruit, candies,
tobaccos, etc.    Anything you want
ask us
All orders recieve prompt attention
Local Delivery Telephone 40
Some large cleared lots, Union Bay
Road, 52x167 feet, $650, terms
Two good lots adjoining site of E.
& N. Station, $600 each
Wanted  $500  for First Mortgage,
can get 12 per cent.
Phone 10
m L.W5.
will find relief in Zam Buk!
It earn the burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brags
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, meant cure. Why not prove
""   7   -ttU Uruaaittt and Mow.���
' __JW3_
am buk
"roB ALL Oi.
By Mary Roberts Rinehart
Yes, there la a pruning ladder tlicre.
Now, then,   he   comes   down   llteso
���tali's, and he hits a definite object.
I am Inclined to lliinl; there Is, 1
broke ]��, thinking of Wardrop's face
a few tutnutoa before. And Just then
Wardrop joined US. lie cloned the
door nt the foot of the boxed in stair-
Case nml camo quietly up,
Vmi spolco iihniii an iimisel room or
|a eecrel closet, Mr. Huntor, he said,
hlihoui any resentment in his tone.
We have nothing so sensational as thai
but the old bouso ls full of ouoor
nooks und erannlesi and perhaps In
ono of them We mlghl llnd - Ha slopped nml gulped,   Whatever   Hunter
might think, whalcir I mlghl have
against Harry Wardrop, J determined
Ihen that he had nothing lo do with
little .Miss .Maitkuurs strange disappearance.
The first  plneo wo explored was a
lie Knows of something valuable iu!closed and walled in wine collar loii_
thai cubby bole over the mantel in unused and to which. acceBs was Bali
Ml _ Jano's room. How does he ;;rt I oil by a sninll window ln Iho stone
In?   The door Into '(he upper hall is  foundation ot the housso,     We moved
closi d and boiled, but lhe door inlo
the bathroom is open. From there
another door lends into tho bedroom,
and il lias no bolt, only a hey. That
kind of lock is only a three minute
every trunk in the storeroom.     The
grounds had been gone over inch by
.Inch without affording any elew and
, now ibo tbree of us faced one another.
| The day was almost gone, and we were
delay or less. Now, then, .Miss [exactly where we started. Hunter
Maitland was a light sleeper. Wben i hml swU me��� through the (own and
sho wakened she was too alarmed to tlio adjacent countryside, but no word
et. to the door | aa,i oomo ��rom (]���,n     jj1bb  i,cnija
scream. Sbe tried I
and was intercepted, Finally she gol
out the way tho Intruder got in and
ran along tho ball. Every door was
locked, In a frenzy she ran up tho
attic stairs and was captured up
Otero, Which bears out .Miss Mar-
gery's story of tbe footsteps back and
Uo brings   hor   down   the   stairs
again, probably   half   dragging   her.
0 ������;��� sbe catches hold or the stair rail
and holds desperately to it. leaving
lhe slain here.
Dill   why   did   he   bring  her   down?
1 ask ci
he wa
had al last succumbed to the suspense
and gono to bed, where she lav quietly
enough, as Is (he way with 'the old,
but so mild lhat she was alarming.
At 5 o'clock Hawes called me up
from tbe office and almost tearfully
Implored me to come back and attend
io my business. When I said it was
impossible I could hear him groan.
Hawes Is ot the opinion tbat by keeping magazines in my waiting room aud
by persuading mc to the extravagance
of Turkish rugs ho bas built up my
Why wouldn't ho tako what I _*a.Uci ,0 ,its l��'esent flourishing
liter und gel nway? state, AVIien I Ioit the telephone Huiit-
second day Pr the eleventh month, per
hups something ilia had happened or
some momentous, long burled -'2d i f
November. I tut this wns May, and
the finding uf two slips bearing thel
sunn   number was too unusual,
Afler limner left I weni back to the I
elosi i under the upper stairs and with
Borne difficulty  got   the   pane]   open I
again, The space inside, pel haps I
elghl foi I high at one end and lour nl ,
tho oilier was empty, There was a
row or hooks, as If at some lime cloth- i
ing had been hung there and n Hal i
shelf nl one end, gray with dust.
1 struct another match and examined Ihe shell'. On n BUrfaoo were
numerous ecrotohtngB in the dust, layer, hut al one end, marked out as If
drawn on a blackboard, was., roctang-l
uiar outline, apparently that if ni
smallish box and fresh. 1
My match burned my Angers and 11
dropped II,     Tho lust (lush showed ine I
on the floor (d tbe closet and wedged
heiweeu two boards a small while globule,    ii did not need another match
to ion mo it was n pearl.
1 dug it out carefully and look il lo
my room. In the daylight there I recognized ii ns an unstrung pearl of
fair  size    and    considerable    value I
'      SUMEH
'c  z__rz___r_soK��_/
There could hardly he n doubt  thill j    ��
bad  stumbled  on one of the stolen   '
Got His Number
Subhubs���Wha1  kind of po ip
the Nextdores?
Cutaways   He's negllgi nl am
less    The garden  hose be  loll
Mrs,   I'.:-!
a thing i i \i
Mr. 1'e lor
alio: le !-  lino!'
ir  .Oil.
deal!    I   haven'!
If Hint
111   lhe
PO 11
ay I hav;
gems,  if Wardrop took the pearls; ll
kept repeating, who took .Albs June'.'
tVo be Continued
Is full of holos
of fixing ii-
Kllhor ihe husba'id or wife general-   To  Know  How to Cure    Colic-    His
ly looks sad five years afler marriage     temper, Coldu Swellings, etc., Saves
���or perhaps both.
It lan'l   the sort
that count so much as slicking to ll
Thousands Each Year.
of thing you  '-IOf Practical Interest lo Horsemen
She probably had to get the key of]
the iron door.     H   was   bidden,   and
time  was Valuable.      If  diere was a
scapegrace member of the family, for
instance, wbo knew where the old lady j
kept money and who needed It badly
was preparing to go back to town
and Wardrop was walking up and down
the hall. Suddenly Wardrop stopped
his uneasy promenade and hailed tho
By George, he exclaimed, I forgot to
who knew nli about tlio   house
Plomlngl 1 exclaimed, aghast,
Or even our young friend Wardhop, ]
Hunter said quietly,   He has an hour
to account for.   The trying to get in
may have been a blind, and bow do
you know that what, he says was stolen out of his satcht I was not what he
had just got from the Iron box over
the mantel in Aliss .Uail.land's room?
One-thirty, Miss Margery says, when
she heard the noise.     One-forty five
when you heard Wardrop at the shutters.    I tell you Knox, it is one of two
things, either that   woman   is   dead
somewhere in  this house or she ran
out of the hall door just before you
went downstairs, and in that ease tlie.
Lord  only knows where she is.     If
there is a room   anywhere   thai
bave not explored���
lm[ | show you the closet
I stairs!
under the attic
Concerning Margery
Wardrop showed us the panel in the
hall, which slid to one side when he
pushed a bolt under a carpet.     The
blackness of the closet was horrible in
its suggest  ;. to me.    1 stepped back
while Himler stru    a match and looked Iu.
The closet war. empty.
Hotter not gc in, Wardrop said.     It
hasn't been used for years and it is
black with dust.    I found   It   myself
and showed ���'- to Miss Jane.   I jon't
believe Miss Letltla knows it fs bere.
It hasn't been used fo.-   years!   re-
wo ��� Hooted Hunter.   I suppose :'   has been
i some time smce you wero in here, Mr.
__! Wardrop?
i Several years, Wardrop replied care-
i lessly. I used to keep contraband bere
| in my college days, cigarettes and that
; sort of thing. I haven't been in It
: since then.
Hunter took bL foot off a small oh-
I jeel tbat lay on the floor.
Here is the fountain pen you lost
i this morning, Mr. Wardrop, bo said
j quietly.
When Hunter had finally gone at 6
Had to Tie Hands, Little Watery joVlotk. summoned to town on urgent
Pi p ,. o ��� J  ' business, we were very nearly where
jmples.  _ Cuticura  Soap and | Wo ha(1 bDen ,)0f���re  ,',e c.imyc.    ,,c
could only give ns theories, and after
all a hat we wanted was fact���and
Miss .lane.
Why had Wardrop   lied   about   so
small a matter as bis fountain lien''
Tlio closet was empty.   What object
li Itcliod vrry badly aiid 1 was obliged to | could lie havo had In saying ne had not.
fiame Off in Scales.   Itched Badly.
Ointment Completely Cured.
���        ���
1307 Davenport Itoad, Toronto, Our.���
11VI.- eczema tlrsi started when I wiet a
baby, on my face and BCQlp. H scoiuod thy
uiul when I s,-ra i clieil ii, ll como off In scalos,
liavo my bands lied up bo as to provont
scratching niy face. Utile whlin watery
pimples cainn on my hands and face mill 1
had lo stay lioniQ from school for nearly I wo
weeks, II caused iny face ami hands to
look badly. Tba eczema took a very bad
form, appearing on my face In UtllO iviihry
ulcers so bad thai i could hardly bear to bo
touched. My hair being naturally very
thick I found to be getting thinner and wondered what could causo it to fall out,
" My mm her tried nnd anil
spent no end of money trying to got mo bettor but it did no good.   At l;u . a friend roc-
%onw_udcd Cuticura .-'nap and Oinunontand
my ihotber used ihcm. Wo applied iho
Cuticura Ointment to my face, brad and
hands and washed wiih ihe Cuticura Soap
and lhe eczema bogan to disappear.   Before
been in It for years? I found thai my
belief in bis sincerity of the night
before was going.
It would bn'e been easy enough for
him l i rob himself, und If bo had an
eye for Ihe theatrical, to work out
just some suet) plot. II. was even possible lhat lie had hidden for a few
hours in Hie secret closet tho Contents
of Hie Russian leather bag. Hut whatever Wardrop mlghl or might not be,
be gave me little chance to find out,
for he left the house before Hunter
did lhat afternoon, and it was later,
and under strange circumstances that
11 met hlni again
Hunter bad not told me what was
'on the paper he had picked out of the
fix months had pawed 1 was completely j basket in Miss Jane's room, and 1
cured." (Signed) Miss Constance Jane, , knew he was as much puzzled as I at
May 2'fl, 1013. the   scrap In the llttlt cupboard with
Cuticura Soap and Ointment do so much 0icven twenty-two on It. It occurred
for pimples, blackheads, red, rough skins, , to ,ne ,,,.��� R mlght me(m lne twenty-
Itching, scaly scalps, dandruff, dry, I Inn antl
falling hair, chapped bonds and shapeless :   -
nails, that ii is almost criminal not lo uso i
them. A singlo sot is often sufficient. Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are sold [
by druggists and dealers ovdryirhore, Kor i
a liberal free sample of each, wiih 82-p,
book, send posl-card lo Potter Drug k '
Chem. Corp., JJept. D, Boston, P. S. A.       ' |
W. N. U. 076
Mr. IV r. David, of CornWallls, N.S.,
says "About a year ago, ] was suffering so much with a dreadful Lamo
Hack and Hips, that 1 could nol stand
up straight. I was Informed bv a
friend about. GIN PILLS. 1 got a
box. It helped mo Immediately, I
ave taken about twelve boxes and
the pains in my back and hips aro all
gone. I cannot speak loo highly of J
your GIN PILLS."
SOc a box, 6 for $2.50, Sample free If
you write National Drug and Chemical'
Co., of Canada, Limited, Toronto. _1! I
It Is a mailer of vital Importance
lo every   farmer,   ho _a-ownor;   and
StOOltrniser to know exactly what tu
do when one of bis animals hi laketl
suddenly sick.
The letter of Mr. Prank G. Puller-
ton, which we print below gives information of inestimable value, anil
tells of bis experience 'n curing nlllni
,   To have ibo   children   nound   nnd
hi llltllj   ih lhe l'n.,1  care ol a mother,.
The eanuol he healthy if troubled
I wiih worms, Uso Mother Graves'
I Worm iCxtcrmiuutor.
i    Monej would losi n groni ileal long-
t r if ii was as difficult lo spend ns It
I is io nt'iiuiiw
' Minard's    Liniment    Curea    Dandruff
Mrs. Newlywed���Why, yes. I will
take care of your aog while you aro
Mrs. Jones���Thank yon so much���
and be cireful of bim, won't you?���
never give him any of your cooking
without lirst trying it on vour husband,
To keep the baby healthy bis little
stomaoli should he kept sweet and
bis bowels workin regularly. Nino-
tenths of tbe maladies which afflict
little ones are caused by some derangement of the stomach or bowels.
Baby's Own Ttablets are tbe ideal
medicine for little ones. They sweeten the stomach; regulate the bowels;
break up colds; make teething easy;
dispel worms and euro constipation
and indigestion. Concerning them Mrs.
S. Shannon, Urney, N.B., says: "I
havo used Baby's Own Tablets for
my two little ones ana think tbey
are just what children need. I would
net be without tbem." Sold by all
inedicino dealers or by mail at 25c.
a box from Thf Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
reception and Iho lady
who hnd been reading up on health
culture mistook Lawyer Williams for
bin brother, iho doctor.
Is it better, sho asked confidentially
lo lio on the right side or the left.
Madame, replied tho lawyer, if one
isn't n.
n curing ailing |s im tho right side it often
.ist   thirty-eight cessary to lio at all.
Now, little hoys, said a Sunday
school teacl :r as she beamed at the
little faces before her, what lesson
can we learn from tho busy bee.'
I know, said Tommy.
Yes, Tommy, said the kindly faced
young woman, and wdiat Is it?
Promptly said Tommy: Not to get
stung.   ,
And Studies at Night on Grape-Nuts
Some of Ihe world's great men have
worked during the day and studied
evenings to fit tnemsei/os for greater
things. But it requires a good constitution generally to do this.
A man was able lo keep ., up witli
ease  after  bo  had  learned  the  sustaining power of Grape-Nuts, although
ho  bad  failed  in   health   before
changed his tood supply.    Ho says:
Three years ago 1 had a severe attack of Btomncli trouble which loft
mo unable to eat. anything but broad
and water.
The nervous strain at my office
from (i a.m. to I) p.m. and improper
foods caused my liealt.li lo fail rapidly. Cereal and so-called 'Foods' were
tried without benefit until I saw
Grape-Nuts mentioned in the paper.
"In hopeless desperation 1 tried this
food and at, once gained strength,
flesh and appelite. I am now able to
work all day at the oflico and study
at night, without the nervous rxhaust-
io l that was usual before I tried
"It leaves me strengthened, refreshed, satisfied; nerves quieted aud toned
up, body and brain waste restored. 1
would have been a living skeleton, or
more likely a dead one by this time,
if it had not been for Grape-Nuts."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Head "Tho Itoad
to Wellville," In Pkgs. "There's a
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and fuH ot .wan
Several years ago
when my horse took j
colic. 1 used to give
them Cayenno I'ep-j
per in hot milk, but
ill a few cases only!
did It help and bo j
cause 1 had no proper means at bund
1 lost several va'uable animals. Some
one told me of tbo success Mr. Wend-
ling of Brock ilie, Ont,, had in his racing stables with 'Nerviline,' so I laid
in a supply, it wasn't very long before Nerviline saved tlio life of a
valuable stallion of mine, which was
���worth nt least Jl.Ot'O.OO. This
horse w. taken with colic, and would
have died had it. not been for Nerviline. I havo used Nerviline for e-
ducing swellings, for taking out distemper lumps, and easing a bud cough,
and always found it. worker" well. 1
recommend every man who owns
horses or cattle ie keep Nerviline
on hand."
Larce size bottles. 50c.; small size.
25c; all dealers, or 'lhe CatarrllOzone
Company, Kingston, Ont., and Buffalo.
The wheel of pleasure doesn't always run on   be square.
Most of our pleasures come under
the head of bralnlcps activities.
For Sprains and Bruises.���There is
nothing better for sprains and contusions than Dr. Thomas' Ecleetrlc
Oil. It will reduej the swelling that
follows a sprain, will cool tbo Inflamed
flesh and draw the pain as if by magic. It will take the ache out of a
bruise and prevent I lie flesh from
discoloring. It seems as if there
was magic ln it, so speedily does the
injury  disappear  under  treatment.
When a man lolls a young widow
he Is striving to he a better man she
knows it s but the prelude to a proposal.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Gentlemen, ��� I havo used MINARD'S LINIMENT on my vessel and
In my family for years, and for the
every day ills and accident- of life I
consider it has no equal.
I would not stai. on a voyage without out, if if cost a dollar a bottle.
Solir. "Storke," St. Andre,    Kamoiir-
People who are the limit are
ually out of reach of reason.
From Female Ills���Restored
to Health   by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Belleville, N.S.,Canada.���','Idoctored
for ten years for female troubles and
did not get well. I read in the paper
nbout Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and decided to try it. I write
now to tell you that I am cured. You
can publish my letter as a testimonial."
- Mrs. SUVRINE BABlNi:, Belleville,
Nova Scotia, Canada.
Another Woman Hecovei-n.
Auburn, N. Y.--"I suffered from
nervousness for ten years, and had sueh
organic pains that sometimes I would liu
in bed four days at a time, could not eat
or sleep and did not want anyone to talk
to me or bother ma at all. Sometimes
I would suffer for seven hours at a time.
Different doctors did the best they could
for me until four months ago I began
giving Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound a trial and now I am in good
health. "-Mrs. William H. Gill.No. 15
Pleasant Street, Auburn, New York.
The above are only two of the thousands of grateful letters which are constantly being received by the Pinkham
Medicine Company of Lynn, Mass.,
which show clearly what great things
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetablo Compound does for those who suffer from
woman's ills.
If you want special advice write to '
Lydia E. Pinkham ,
Medicine Co, (confl-
denlial il,ynn,_ass.
Your letter will lo
opened, read and I
answered Ily a woman and held in'
ftrlct confidence.
Making Hlni Work
Policeman���Can't you walk?
Inebriate���Shertr.Inly,  but  you  are,
paid a shalary   for   ��� hie��� dragging
Lv Girlhood
Assist Nature
now and tlten,
with a gentle
cathartic Dr.
Pierce'* Pleas-
andPellett Urns
up and invigorate liver and
bowels. Be sure
yon get whal
you ash for.
The women who have used
Dr. Pierce'8 Favorite
Prescription will tell you
������ that it freed them frompain���
helped them over painful periods in
their life���and saved them many a day
of anguish and misery. This tonic, in
liquid form, was devised over 40 years
ago for the womanly system, by R.V.
Pierce, M. D., and has been sold ever
since by dealers in medicine to the
benefit of many thousand women.
Now���if you prefer���you can obtain Dr.
Pierce'e Favorite Prescription tablet* at
your druggist at $1 per box, aleo in SOo
eizc or eend SO one cent stamps to Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y. for trial box. THE BT.VTF.W. rOTTT.TT.NAY. B.C.
-> c_y
Rifles For All Kinds of Hunting.
Winchester rifles are not the choice of nny one special class, but of all
intelligent sportsmen who go to the woods, tlie plains, or tbe mountains
in quest of game. They are designed to bundle ull calibers and types of
cartridges, to meet the requirements of oil kinds of shooting, and cull always
ba counted on to shoot where they aro pointed wben the trigger is pulled.
Winchester rifles and Winchester cartridges are made for one another.
VllV.l:   Send none and edirtst en a roitnl card fir our __< fliuilratid catolotae.
The Jackass
During an election in
young man shouted out.
An  old  man   who  was
teudlng to put him down, exclaimed:
Hurrah  l'or n Jackass 1
All  right, said tiic young innn.  wc
wont quarrel over such small mutters. I
You can hurrah for your favorite candidate  and  1  shall  do  the  same  tor
llolloway's Corn Cure lakes the
corn out by the roots. Try It and
prove ll.
at tho
There  are other Liberal  Prizes ottered.���Entries close NOV. 25, 1913
V-'oi   all  Information   address C. F. TOPPING, Secretary,
Union Stock Yards, Torontc
Robert Miller   J. H. Aohcraft Jr.,   J. W. Whcaton   Martin Gardhouse
Tho artist';-, lady friend wus
f'lown round tho sludlo.
Oh, perfect! she exclaimed, looking
ar, a picture; thoso ostriches are simply superb. Yon should never paint
anything but birds.
The artlBt winced under the blow.
These uro not ostrlelic, he snld,
tluy uro angels.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
tolly Market Letter and Samiple Grain Bags.
Bend us your namo ana addro3,i nhd we will
put you on our mailing list���It's free.   Let ub
keep you posted on market iprlces for grain.
Personal attention given to selling end grading of all
ears. Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work tn our
clients' Interests. Wo have every facility for prompt service and
we get best results for shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of sample bags ond deal with a
Arm whose business has heen built nn by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital. $150,000
References,    any    Bank    o
Commercial Agency.
Can always make tune of getting the highest   n.ices   for    WHEAT,    OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car    lots to    FORT    WILLIAM    AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on conmlssion by
is fully maintained, in tho magnificent new (1913) ono class cabin (II)
twin screw steamers "Andania" and "Alaunla."
Lounge,  Gymnasium,  Drawlnff-rooin,  Smoking-room.      Open and Covered
Promenades, Spacious Staterooms, Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) S.S. "Alaunla" carryl.ig one class cabin (11) and
third class only.    Early application for reservation is recommended.
For particulars ot sailings nnd services I'rom Montreal, Portland, Boston
ami New York apply to Local Agents, or
THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO., LTD., 304  Main  Street,  Winnipeg.
Montreal Liverpool   Service            Montreal Havre-London   Service
Corsicim ....       Nov. 25th    Sicilian  ,.Nov. 2:',rd
Reduced Rates Effective    November  7t'r.
Halifax-Liverpool   Service Portland-Glasgow Service
Virginian .  Bee,   Otli
Victorian   Dec 20th
St. John-Liverpool Service
Tunisian   Dec, 10th
Reserve   Berths   Early
for rnleB, reservation ot berths, etc., niiply any railway agent, oi
W.  R.  ALLAN,  General Western Agent  Winnipeg.
Scandinavian Dec. till
Ionian  Dec. 13th
Boston Glasgow   Service  via -Hall-
Hesperian ..-  Dec. lttli
It you are n live wire yourself, you
are uot so llablo ie get hurl it you
run agnlUBt one.
Tho body is lllte a furnace, and the
fuoil is burned or oxidized just aB
coal Is burned In a stove. When too
largo an amount ot food is taken or
the digestive system is deranged, the
(ood ferments, nnd forms poisonous
guscs and waste substanco which
causo pains and aches, rheumatism
arid serious disease.
Bilious attacks, headaches, liver disorders and kidney diseases have their
beginnings in overeating or the use
of foods which disagree. To prevent
serious disease it is absolutely essential Unit lhe liver, kidneys and bowels be kept regular and active by use
of such treatment a I Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
On account of artificial foods and
modern methods ot life, almost everybody finds it necessary to use medicine in order to keep these organs In
active working condition. Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills are most satisfactory, because you can depend on thorn
to produce the desired effects.
The Winner
Uncle (to sin.ll boy)���When you
and your brolher ���light, who usually
Mlnard's Liniments Cures Burns, Etc.
Four Balls
The Professor���In this ease of gunshot wound the. ball has struck the
patient in the���
The Absent Minded Student��� Give
him his base.
Drives Asthma Before It. The
smoke or vapor i'rom Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy gives asthma
no chance to linger. It eradicates
tho cause. Our experience with the
relief-giving remedy shows how actual
and positive is the succor it gives. It
is tho result ot long study and experiment and was not submitted to
tlie public until its makers know It
would do its work well.
An Ontario Humorism
Have eonlldenco in me, said tho
President ot Mexico to his friend Felix. I will not lluerta hair of your
head. All very well, replied the suspicious candidate for the Presidency,
but a man Diaz only once.
'Tho pen may he mightier than the
sword, but the sword-swallower earns
more money than the poet.
vcr shoes
Robbers ana
Over-Stockings In One.
_i't��f__a_lak��0lt  fit Kill
-LgoK?.-_~Wa.r Well.   All alio, far
P��T tbem ��_ prot.et yoa��_ i_
^f.iull'lr.m "total 1!1��. t
Curili-CHUlMiM tutor Oa,
ttall.l, ��H1..-|.
All Dealers
His Status Fixed
Husband���Perhaps you think I am
a dead die?
Wife���Oh, no���you are as dead as
two ordinary dead ones!
The Horrid Thing
Sho (at Ihe ball game)���Who Is
that man that all the players are
standing i.round arguing with?
He (answering the 89th question)
���Oh, that's tbe fellow who's keeping
the score.
She���And won't he give it up?
Shaw���Why did you give that dog
Of yours tlie name of Paradox?
Shutc---For the reason that as a
pointer lie is decidedly a disnppointer.
W. N. U. 976
Toasted to a
Golden Brown!
Sounds  ''smacking good'
doesn't it?
Tender, thin bits of the best
parts of Indian Corn, perfectly-
cooked at the factory, and
ready to eat direct from the
package ���- fresh, crisp and
There's a delicate sweetness about "Toasties" that
make them the favorite flaked
cereal at thousands of breakfast tables daily.
Post Toasties with cream
antl a sprinkling of sugar-
Easy to serve
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
keeps horses, cows, sheep oud pigs tu such prune emulation, because It is composed of lhe ..am. herbs, roots,
seeds* and barks that these animals eat freely when
running wild, Wc grind these ten niedlclnnl substances
to a fine powder, mis thru, thoroughly and give ihcm to yen,
at their beet, ln International Slock Food,
U'hU Is why a tablespoonful of International BlockVood,
with the regular grain feea, helps digestion���makes sound, firm
flesh���Increases the milk Bupply���aud protects animals agalust
disease and sickness, Sold by dealers everywhere. \i yon will
write aud tell us how rnauy head of stock you own, we will
forward to you free our $3,000, Slock Hook. UU
1 receive highest returns when I ship to
Canada Atlantic Grain Co., Limited
Grain   Exchange       -       -       Winnipeg.   N'.an
Licensed���Bonded - - - Established
Grain Commission Merchants Winnipeg, Manlt__
Make Bills Lading read: Port A-tlmr or Fort William. Notify FV.er Janseei
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances                      Prompt Returns Beit Grades
At the
Buying at the factory will land
this range at your station fright
prepaid for $20.00 less than
tht next best stove on ilie market. You pocket thr
dealer's profit���about 30 per cent.���get a beautiful steel
and malleable iron range built to last a lifetime. And what's
more you save money every month on your fuel bill.
Every Rang* is unconditionally guaranteed.
T"V ���        ��� T*     ��� J So/Jon
Dominion rnde  ^r;
It'* as good as seeing
the range to read the
complete and clear description in our book.
The book also contains a
history ot cooking worth
reading. Let us send
you a copy.
Canada Malleable & Steel Range
Wi. Co., Limited, Oshawa, Oat
Wallcahls t
ttici Range Mh>
Ce, limited, Class*
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1S61*
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000       Reserve and Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable in all parts ol the world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions ��( Ordinary Banking Business by mail
For Gifts that will
be Appreciated
A Large ami Varied  Assortment of the
Holiday Goods and Curistmas Novelties, Everything displayed where
Mm can readily inspect  the
many ditTei.nl lines  1"
make your selection
The Courtenay Review i
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtenay, it C.
N. II. Bodbn, [{ilttcr and Proprietoi
Subscription 9t '" per Vcar in Advance
General Store
For Choke
The best me.ting of the Literary fa^y CrCCCHCS
scots and Shoes
Dry Goods
)ne   Price   to
anil Debating Soctet
took place   on   Monday,    The   attendance was u j > to the high water
level,    This   was   owing   to   the
lively subject for debate which was
Socialism, vs the   present   system.
It was a   joint   debate   with   two
leader.' for and   against.    The   a.
firraitive led off on a well prepared
paper on Socialism advocating the
Co-Operative    svstetn     and    the
advantages defied by   such.    Also
going extensively into the Government ownership of Railroads, mines'
and the   municipal   ownership   oil
local utilities.    The negative  went
after the affinhitive   showing that
co-operation      and      government'
ownership was not   Socialism,    as
understood bv Socialists, nnd   con-    f 1    _       _f__ _
tended that Socialism as advocated January ISt, IS. 14
by them, embraced the control of Messrs. Duucan & Kirch, auto-
the means ol   prodttcttou   and  dts-        . ., . .-.
tribiuian by the masses. This was nioblle engineers, Courteuay,
understood to include land and alii Will sell gasoline at 45c per
utilities, The negative endeavour- Imperial gallon to customers
ed to show that this would reduce | purchasing a book of 40
the human race to  a   very  servile _.gall__  tickets
st .le with people in autliontv  over ��. ,
then who would   or   could   bring PjjCe Qf boOK. $18 Cash I T*. _���
about a condition ol affairs  all  to- '   ' 1   H Ss��.
On and After
Miliinry Brusliri Novelty designs in Sterling Silver photo frames, hair
hruflhea, mili tnrybrnsUes an 1 clothse
tlnddUichief. ���I^aiUes pure linen handkerchiefs in fancy boxes, from 75c to'$2
per box; children's fancy handkerchiefs at 20c and 25c per box,
Handkerchief Chscs���Silk embroidered -'11111
hand painted handkerchief cases.
Emb. Hudkcrchififi���-l^adies Swiss embroidered handkerchief,.,   I.c to  _. each.
Mantle Drapes���Sil k embroidered table
covers an I mantle drupes,
Linens -Kyelet embroidery aud punch
work linen center pieces, runners,
cushion covers and necktie racks.
Motor Scarfs���Silk and lace motor scarfs
and neck mufflers,
Collars��� hiitest New York styles in Indies
lace collars, Lies and jabots.
Fur Sett���Ladies * fur sets, muffs and
stoles, in black, beaver aud while,
from $5 to $10 per set,
Boas-���Children's white fur boas, at 50c
antl 75c each.
Silk Blouses���Toadies blouses iu plain ami
fancy silks, from $4.50 to 515.
Waist Length���Silk waist lengths in plain,
striped and broche, from 7;"'.- to
$2.25 per yard.
Evening Silks���I'oiletta, messaliue aud
crepe-de-clieue in all evening shades
at 51-25 and ��1.65 per yard.
Umbrellas���Ladies fancy handled umbrellas in silk and silk mixtures, Irom
SI.50 to 55.
Novelties���.A complete stQck of childs aud
infants wear in faucy slippers, wool
boots a nil bootees, polka jackets,
toques, leggins, silk buggy robes,
silk and muslin dresses.
Iri.li Linen Sets���Sets oi Irish linen table
covers and napkins to match, suit-
aide for Christmas gifts, from $4.50
to $6.50 per set.
For best wear
For comfort
For style
For quality and best results
Nothing but first class leather
New style toe and heel
We have just unpacked a shipment of
Made  up   in   the  different   styles
Call and see them
Phone 35
gether undesirable and  might   lay "
the foundation of the rebrith of the government launch 1 .louia is now
system they destroyed.    Tho debate at work on the limits.
was enjoyed bv all present,    The      It   is   expected   that   following
judges rendered a verdict in favour the receipt of the  reports  and   of
of Socialism.    The leaders of  the the government's new scheme  for
negative are going to ch tlleuge the laud settlement on the coast district
leaders of the affirmitive to a public the limits will   be   open   for  pre-
debate ou    the   subject at     some emption,    Iu  this connection the
_. '
A limited supply ot mechanical Teddy Hears, Fur
Animals, Etc., on display.
early date.
As part of the Provincial Government's plan for the agricultural
development of the coast district
forty square miles of logged off
timber limits on Thttrlow and Valdez Islands are to be thrown open
to settlement. The lands are being
reported upon by cruising parties
who have recently beeu sent there
by the Provincial Government timber department. They have all
been logged during the last fifteen
years.   A cruising party with  the'weeks.
plan of the Agricultural Commission
for affording help to settlers to clear
their lands and bring them under
cultivation, are of particular importance.
The launch Kucletaw, with a
barge load ol cable and equipment
in tow, has gone to lay the tele
phone cable across Okus Hollow
and other waterways crossed by the
Provincial Government telephone
line from Ileriot Bay to Knight's
inlet. The land lines have been
handed over, and the complete service will be   ready   within   a   few
No, 8 Mine Townsite
The Next and Nearest Property to the Mines, Sawmills, and absolutely Inside Property
1-4 to 1-2  acre Lots,  60x80 by 120  feet deep,
Price. $150 to $22_ per Lot, on Easy Terms
You'll be on Easy Street in buying these.    It's the
White Man's City.    We do not sell to Asiatics
T,ots arc silling fast, apply to A.   Pailthrope "Thc.Slore" Berwick, or
Harry Miens
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Telephone 36 COURTENAY
Neckwear.--This season's newest creations
pat up in fancy boxes, 5f)c  to {SI.25,
Gloves���A big selection. A pair of these
would make a very suitable present,
60c to $3.50.
Handkerchiefs���_inen ami colored silks,
plain anil   initialed, from 20c 1"   ��1
Silk Nc:k Scarfs���Servicable ami beautiful,
mil make an excellent Christmas
gift, from 7.v to ��2.50
Bath Kobes and Smoking Jackets���These are
comfortable, handy and useful;
nothing could be mure appreciated
for a holiday present than uue of
these, from $5 to $!_' 50.
Hc-ccry���An immense lino of good hosiery
in all the popular  shades, 35c to $1.
Fancy Vests���Are very much liked by
most men, and will please careful
dressers, from si..ill to $5,
Stylish New Hats���The latest shapes and
shades, stiff and soft, made from
rough Tweed mixtures, finest felt,
from   _ to $7.50.
Sweater C��ats���Everybody likes them,
They are useful every day. We
have a large range of patterns made
with the newest "V" shape collar,
and other styles.    Prices $1.75 to J/.
Umbrellas���.Make an attractive gilt, a good
article and certain to be appreciated,
Innn $1.25 to $7.50,
Winler Caps���Stylish shapes and shades;
mad- to keep the head and ears
warm, from 50c. to $1.50,
Shirts���Mens fine shirts in the newest
colorings and patterns, with Boft at-
tacheil and detachable collars and
cults.    Prices $1.25 to jJ.ao.
Combination Sets ��� Suspenders, arm bands,
belts and gaiters, Nothing else sn
sure i.. he "Jus! what I want,"
prices, 75c to $2.50.
Men's Jewelery���Cuff links, watch fobs,
scarf pins, collar buttons, tie clips,
badges, etc.
Fancy Slippers--Our ideal Christmas present, ami always acceptable, prices
from .SI.25 to $2.
Boy's Novelties���We have a big selection
of buy's novelties; also the popular
Sandford suits ami overcoats; hats,
caps, sweater coats, fine shirts, ties,
in fact everything that is newestand
best for boys to wear.
WE WLSH to thank our many
friends and customers in Saudwick and vicinity for their patronage during the past year and we
take this opportunity to wish one
and all a Merry Christmas and a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Parkin Bros,, Proprietors
Telephone 4 Sandwick, B. C.
Jeweler and Watchmaker
Union St. Courtenay
Th : second Annual Meeting of the
T.iitle River Poult. Associatlou will beheld on .Saturday, Jan. 10th at 8 p. in.
in Pigott's Hall, I,uzo.
D ealh of William Hatton
One of our most respected citi-
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Stearafitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
NOTICE is hereby given that tlu
partnership heretofore existing between
1\ Pigueron ami .M. Francis, as boat
builders al|Courteuay, has been dissolved
by mutual coireut.
All   accounts   arc   to   be   paid   to   P.
Pigueron,'who will also pay all liabilitie .
Signed: P. PlGUBRON,
M. Francis.
Witness : N. H, liod.-n.
Dated this 10th day of December, 1913.
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
���     BOX 124, PHONE
We would suggest the sooner you come-
to make your selections the better
the assortment will be. We are
showing by far a liner collection of
desirable gifts for men and women
than ever before.
jzens,   Mr. Wm  Hatton, who was
following his usual employ men t as
I assistant to Mr. Harry Idiens, one
of his life long friends, iu the Real
I Kstate business up to the evening
! ot the last day of the old }'ear, was
I taken  suddenly   ill  in  the    early
I morning of the first day of the New
I Year, necessitating his removal  to
Cumberland hospital where he pas-
' sed peacefully away in his sleep on
' Sunday morning the 4th inst. from
heart failure.    He  was  buried   at:
Sandwick church on Tuesday, the j
Rev. E.   P. Eaycock  reading the I
service, a number ot his friends be- I
ing present.    He was 47 years of
age,  a bachelor aud a  uative of j
Avou, Kngland, his nearest relatives
living being and aged mother aud
two sisters residing at Clevedon,
England. I
Health Factor
Aitken _ Bread raised the standard procurable 50 per cent,
and dietetically is
the best investment
in  Comox   District
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
Courtenay Bakery
Opposite new Presbyterian Churc_5 i ef
iiE C0U1.V. RNAY B   VIE
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. 1.I..I)., D.C.I... President
General Mnnager AHslilnnt General Mannger
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.   Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the J'  X        84
W. T. WHITE, Manager, Courtenay, Coinnx and Cuml_i .od Branches ,
Comox branch opeu on Tuesday, from io to 3
Comox Co-Operative Society
Healers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Farmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty, We sell only the.
be ;t. Prices nre always low
aud satisfactory. Wc pay
best prices fer produce
Phone No. 2
On Monday evening one of the
jolliest supper partis that ever
met, gathered at the Courtenay
Hotel where a turkey supper was
served, and a long toast list was
gone through. Mr. Sam Calhoun
was tOastmaster, and preformed
his duties in his happiest vein.
The toast list commenced with
"The King" followed by ''Absent
friends," then a selection by Messrs,
Grieves and Russel, J. W. Mc-
Ken/.ie sang "Anight Tonight"
aud "Blow Breezes Blow." Song
by the chairman "One Thing or
the Other." Selection by the or-
orchestra. J. B. Johnson related
some of his experiences in the
Klondyke. Anecdotes were related
by the chairman and N. H. Boden.
Charlie Campbell sang "Her
Bright Eye Haunts Mc Still," with
"Bonnie Mary of Argyle" as au
encore, Dave Burrell sang "Oh!
lock, Where Vou Going Now?"
with 'T'U be True to My English
Rose" as encore. R. McCall sang
"When I Reft Arkansaw." Piano
solo, T. T. Grieves. G. Casey
sang "My Rittle Georgia Rose."
Geo. Russel sang "Rock Romond."
J. W. McKenzie sang   "Asleep  in
the Deep" Mr. Fraser told an
j inimitable   Story   from   the   Fish
Country of which he is   a   native.
S. Calhoun sang "Where the
I River Shannon Flows." Mr.
I Cook, a toast. 1). Burrill sang
'"Alexander McLaren" and
^'Asleep on Duty." G. Russel
' Violin solo ' My Wild Irish Rose."
j Short stories by   different guests
brought the evening   to   a  close.
Messrs. Cook and Grieves are to be
'congratulated oh their effoits.
, This is but tlie first of a number
that are promised.
" Mr. John Picket, a native of
1 Birmingham, wdto has resided .n
��� the district for about fifteen years,
died on Monday morning at Cumberland, Pie was over 60 years of
age. I,vor some years he conducted
the halfway house bewecn here and
Cumberland He also built the
Cumberland Hotel which he con-
. ducted for many years.
I And now the season for the fonn-
! ing and the framing of good resolutions is with us again.
Blessed is the peacemaker, in the
estimation of the chap who is getting the short end of il.
PERFECT EASE  and comfort���always the
most popular feature of C/C a la Grace Corsets
���is more important than ever since the present
trend of fashion is toward the natural figure.
have never sacrificed comfort for fads or extremes of 6tyle. Each model
is designed to preserve the natural poise of the figure and give flexibility
and freedom���at tlie same time meeting fashion's requirements. Many
models���all sizes���one that just fits YO U.
When you want  amateur photo
supplies go to the Courlenay Photo
I Studio.    Local views for sale.
^ With be& wishes
for a Bright and Prosperous New Year
Phone 6
Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installs1.    Electric Wiring and Installation of all kinds ot Electrical Work
Isolated Wghtfng Plants a Sdecialty
Bnxl 95      Phone F95      Courtenay
Our Xmas goods are arriving by
leveryboat. Currants, raisins, peel,
sultanas, almonds, walnuts, flavor
1 ing for Xmas pudding and cakes
I We have a full line of Radies neck
wear, waists and silk handkerchiefs
table centres
Also gents ties, suspenders, garter
sets, fancy wool vests, silk mufflers
and gold  mounted fountain pens,
all suitable for Xmas presents
A large assortment of china and
glass ware, Xmas and New Year
TOYS       TOYS       TOYS
This is Santa Claus'   headquarters
for his presents.    Call and  inspect
our stock, we cad suit all ages
Don't forget the address
DR.   MORRISON,   Dentist
Dr. Morrison is a grail
Chicago   antl   Detri il
Having a  centr.' 1 :'���'
will visit surrounding ;��� 1 ..'>���-
That THIS YEAR you
can purchase your Xmas
gifts in Jewelery, Cut
Glass, Watches or Tahle
Ware at
Jewelery Store, Courtenay
iToving* Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a new up-to-date electric plant
An Entire Change of Programme 	
Twice weekly
II. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor     Swan'*   Pool   RcK  17
Subscribe for Tbe   Review E. SWAN, Prop.
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
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out, und that Uo would be unconscious
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wns llvo years old at this time. The
trouble seemed to bo growing more
severe and the attacks to come often:
or, und us Hie loeul doctors wero not
helping blm Iliey sent him to the
Children's Hospital In Toivnlo. He
remained there fev a s.ort lime when
tho doctors snld his trouble was epil-j
cpsy, and they could do nothing for
hlni. Time went ou nud the attacks I
grew worse, and in the fall of 1008
my daughter wrote me thnt tho little I
follow was getting bo bad that they|
are the Standard of the
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(How It Was
< i
. 11
;> The Prayer of a Lonely  ! I
- Woman
Mrs. Tompkins, rocking in the shade
of her vino wreathed porch, posted
down Iho short length of tho street.
"An luiloniubllo In front ol Pikes',"
���tit*) nuirmtii.il blttorly, "I oxpoot it's
her brother-in-law from Murlin. lie's
in i ho inisincss. i declare It ain't
right, ll uln't fnlr!" Her black <\yes
snapped angrily ns she drew buck and
pllotl hor orocliol needle.
"Ilmik, honk!" sounded dofkinlly, nud
n Miniii motorcar turned into willow
street nnd stopped In front of Mrs.
Tompkins' house.
Sho nrnso, uud nu expcclnnt. light
came Inlo hoc ryes. Wns II, possible
thnt. sho wnn lo havo "nutotnobllo com-
pony" nt lust? Thus far sho w��s iho
only resident on tlio si root who could
not linnsl nu acquaintance who owned
n motorcar,
As she reached ihe head of iho steps
x been ppeil mid hcgoggled llCltd Wlis
llirusl from under tho top. und a. man
linked quickly:
"Hoes Mrs. Mills live hero';"
Amelia Tompkins drew herself up
'Nest house," sbe snid grimly, and
s dull flush reddened her checks as
sho went buck to her chair.
"Vou might hnve known It wns for
ine," tossed Susie Mills across tho
space that separated the two houses as
the cume around from the side door to
greet her visitor,
Amelia Tompkins mnde tin reply as
she rolled up a length of crocheted lace
und tucked it in ber workbosket Her
Mps wero sot grimly us she gathered
_ I. d_<__
up workbnskot nnd the weekly news-
paper antl went Into the house, carefully latching the screen door behind
Her movements were very deliberate.
She went through the house and set
the teakettle on tho stove; then she
went upstairs to her bedroom and
locked the door. After that she knelt
down beside her bed and prayed with
roul nilgai .1 of soul.
Her neighbors In Willow street
might have been horrified If thoy had
heard the prayer of Amelia Tompkins
Undoubtedly they would have called
her worldly, for she prayed earnestly
thnt the _ord would send her "automobile company,"
There wore six houses In Willow
street, and tho only house that knew
no Automobile company was the white
coltago of Amelia Tompkins It stood
at Iho ond of the little blind street
and faced all the others, three on a
Not one of Amelia's kind hearted
neighbors realized how the lonely
widow longed for the flash of big
lamps before her gate on a summer
evening aud the gay summons of a
motor horn, So many times had sho
run to door or window at the sound
only to see the much desired vehicle
pause at tlie gnte of one or another
of her more fortunate neighbors. She
was glad when night closed down nnd
Bhe could re. re lo her room, undisturbed by honklngs or brilliant flashes
of lanterns.
One might sny that Amelia Tompkins wus foolish, but wbo can blame
tier?   She was one of u small com-
I nmiiity. willow street was n unie set-
| tlement by Itself. Everybody owned
! his own home, and nil Attended the
i same church. Beyond Willow street
\ tho cily went its own way. To tho
| Widow Tompkins Willow street, was
I llfc-
And life was very dull without automobile coupnnj
One morning sho stood on the front
1 porch watering her hanging baskets.
I Amelia was fond of flowers, nnd her
Ilttlo place was a  perfect bower of
1 beauty.
! "You're looking Under peaked, Ame
��� lla," called Susie Mills, whipping
I around tho corner of the house, very
I trig In her green veil und brown
I duster. "What you need ts a good spin
I Into Ihe country."
Amelia's palo cheeks Hushed, nnd
sho looked really pretty. Sho hnd
I u cerlaln plump pretllness that had
I been milch admired when sho was a
i girl. Since her liU'liiind had died _m_
I lla hnd clung lenneloiisly to black and
j while gownSi Which wore not at all bo-
; coming. Wearing lhe right sort ot
, clothes, Amelia would have regained
much of her youthful prettlnoss, Sho
j was lonely, and alio was sad, and she
! .ililuni found cause to smile, which
I is very snd when one Is only forly-llve
and a comely widow.
!    "A little spin In the country Is what
] you   need,   Amelia,"   repeated  Susie,
hanging over tho guto expectantly.
"1 ti'poBO that's what you'ro going to
take," said Amelia, with what grace
sho could muster.
"Oh, yes! Prod's going over to
Winslow und suld he would tnke me
ii long."
"Iu tho yeast wagon?'' flew off the
end of Amelia's tongue.
Mrs. Mills turned sharply.
"feast automobile la better than
walking," she said loftily.
Amelia agitatedly snipped off an unoffending lobelia blossom.
"It's too hot even to walk." she retorted. "I'm going to bave a car myself," sho said impulsively.
"Humph!" sulfTed Susie Mills. "I
guess it's coming now," she added
There came a honk from tbe end of
the street, and a large motorcar turned from tbe avenue Into Willow street
and came unerringly up to the little
White cottage.' As It wheeled about
and camo ptifflngly to a standstill the
solitary occupant stepped lo the
ground aud shook out his long linen
Susie Mills was agog.
"You looking for mo';" she chirruped,
���Tin Mrs. Mills."
The man smiled" pleasantly. "I am
looking for Mrs. Tompkins,'' he Informed her, his hand on Amelia's front
"Oh!" cried Mrs. Mills enviously, and
she was enraged because tbo yeast
car camo noisily up tho street just
then and bore ber away. She could
not see tbo meeting between Amelia
Tompkins and the man In the beautiful car.
As for the other motor enthusiasts
of Willow street, every man. woman
and child found imperative business
near the respective front gates.
Tho stranger pushed open Mrs.
Tompkins' front, gate and In threo long
strides had reached the fron' norcli.
Amelia, outwardly calm, but In war
ly cxultiug at this answer to prayer,
came forward, tall and rather graceful and very attractive in the uncertain
"Mrs. Tompkins:" asked the man
"Yes," said Amelia. "Won't you sit
"Thank yon." He placed a chair for
Amelia and sat down ou a hickory
chair. Uo laid bis motor cap beside
him, an* Amelia noted with a faint
stirring of her pulses that his forehead
was very nice aud it was too bad that
his cap hud left a red crease there.
It was rather n familiar looking fo .
head. The way the brown hair wns
brushed tip and back reminded her of
some one. Tho memory was a painful
ono for Amelia, for it aroused tho one
grief of bur girlhood. Sho wondered
what tbis mnn wanted. To sell something, of course.
"I nm afraid that you will think I
nm impertinent, Mrs. Tompkins," ho
Bald, rapping tlio edge of bis can
against the seat nnd looklug at her
rather doubtfully, "but 1 couldn't help
coming. I've been wanting to for some
time���In fact, ever since���well, since
you were free."
Amelia leaned back in the rocker and
panted a Ilttlo. Shu felt that something very unusual was about to happen in her .quiet, uneventful life Shell
things happened In books, but���ho was
spenkiug again. "It's twenty years
since wo met, Amelia. 1 don't wonder
you've forgotten me," he blurted forth
at last.
Amelia leaned forward, her heart in
her blue eyes. Could any girl forget
her Drst lover? Could any woman
forget the mnn she had loved and
whom ber parents bad bade her east
ofr for another and more advantageous
match? If buOh things could be forgotten then Amelia Tompkins could
forget linipb llhike. '
"Oh!" she cried sharply. And after j
n few moments she cried again, "Oh, I
Ralph! I
Ito  was   leaning  eagerly  forward
now, a good looklug middle aged man |
with boyish eyes and a geueral air of ' Bow Deadly Little Weapons Have s
prosperity that seemed out of place | Trial Trip.
upon n man whom Amelia hud known
only us a shy country youth,
"Amelia, I've waited and waited, nud
I can't forget youi" ho said tensely.
"It will (nke some time for you to pick
Torpedo running or torpedo testing
���it thn ojporetlon may well bo culled, ia
it roost fascinating process to wutch.
Torpedoes  as everybody knows,  are
iii ed from a tube on hoard ship, and
up tho threads after all these years it_,vel �� .,M ,1Bdor,,,11<> ,��tllr oj means
ot separation, but I've never changed. ! "f rropollcr.  worked by  eompreiiid
,   ,   ',   ,.,.,,   ,,  ,   ...   ..: : air   stored   in   a   chamber   lnsldo   the
I  feel Just  tho same OS  1 did lhat'torpedo
i night when-I told you!" bo euded in I    'rWare tested to see at what speed
i * whisper. i they travel, and whether their course
"Ralph,   Ralphs"   sho cried,  with  ft   tl true, and whether they   answor   to
 ^       -���
j shaking voice, and so the Intervening
I years vanished with the warm breath
of true love, and tlieir hands mot and
afterward their patient lips,
So  "nutomobilo company" came to
Amelia Tompkins  In a  strange way.
It enmo In direct Answer (o prayer, so
I Amelia (irmly believes, and, while
: Hiiipli Rlnko Is ln Iho automobile bust-
j ncss and owns many enrs, somehow.
| for Amelia, automobile company has
resolved Itself Into one meaning.
Thnt Is the daily  homecoming of
Amelia's husband.
And I mny add Hint the Wakes ni _
geni.oiu, nnd nil of Wt'lnw street rev-
i els In countless nr ntu_J_,,e incursions.
Cool Clothes.
Cool garments lire those which favor
Urn dissipation of the heat of tho body,
fur the warmth felt by tbe wearer of
Ilie garment proceeds not so much from
tlio garment itself as from tho veneer.
Wool in tvuriu, beeauso It Is n worso
conductor of heat from tlio body tliitn
other materials, whilo for is the worst
conductor of all. I
Silk Is cooler than cither eotlon or I itesni syren breaks tbo stillness, nud
linen, l'or it ftivors conduction of beat | warns the markers to be on the look-
from the body betetr than  any  other i out.   Armed with powerful binoculars,
tho setting of   their muchlnery before
leaving the ahip.
Stntid on tho cliff known as Bine-
leaves, over looking tbo fun. us Portland Harbor, and thoro within view
are two of the molt famous 'torpedo-
mages In England.
A torpedo-range at every ,100 yrrrls
is marked by a raft, securely moored
and floating barrels. On every raft
stands n man witli il riff ting. Ho is
known as u torpedo-marker, nnd his
duly is to signal tho oxaci second tho
��nI>merged torpedo passes beneath his
The Secrets Carefully tiuarded.
So fearful lire tho Admiralty of other
powers, especially our German rival",
learning the secrets of then deadly
weapons of war, that nn outsiders aro
over allowed on Iho rafts or within the
range building when torpedo running
is taking place.
The red flag waving guily in the
morning's easterly breeze tells lhe onlooker that torpedoes ate being teslod;
and rocking idly on the quivering waters uro a couple of pkquet boats, whose
duly is to bring buck tho torpedo when
its I rial run is ended.
Tho eiir-pierciug hoot of a powerful
Bleached fabrics aro cooler than unbleached ones. In summer and winter
all clothes should lit sufficiently loose
to give the limbs and respiratory organs their full freedom.
Color ihould also play an important
part in tho choice of our clothing for
the seasons. White is tho ideal color
for summer, because it is one that, ab-
lorbs tho least heat, while, on I lie other
hand, black or dark-colored garments
attract the rays and absorb n large
amount of heat���hence their usefulness
for winter wear.
Pish Preserved Without Ice.
Professor Alexander Danilevsky,
a Russian scientist, claims to havo discovered a new process for preserving
fish. Before a recent Invitation luncheon whs eaten, the guests saw fourteen
days' old fish in glass ,1ars, immersed
in a liquid which is tho professor's
Biie.cial preparation. Tho fish wero
then taken out of the jars, and the
guests saw them cooked and afterward
ate them. The lish had been sealed up
in tho presence of impartial witnesses.
Prof. Danilovsky claims by his method
to keep fish fresh for as long as throe
weeks ur u month. He also has a
process by which he can keep lish in
iars for two years, and they will slill
�� thoroughly pure and eatnblo. The
professor worked for fifteen years bc-
foro ho brought' his experiments to u
successful issue. He assorts thnt his
invention will revolutionize the fishing industry.
Love���and What Then?
Enraptured,   they    gazed,    hand-in-
hand, upon the beautiful scene stretchod
beforo them in the setting sun.     .'was r, .  , ,
the Lake District, and they but three   docs are too expensive to be allowed to
you   can   easily   distinguish    Ihe men
Standing on their rafts (lag in hand.
Suddenly from lhe building a silvory
fish-like form hurls itself into tho sea.
So cleverly moving weapon of destruction, that the same deptu beneath tho
surface of the. water csn ho maintained
by tho torpedo throughout the length of
itb rapid course. For testing purposes
this Is usually lixoil nt 8 feet, at which
depth the torpedo can bo easily distinguished cleaving its way beneath
the wnter.
Within the building overlooking the
range of keen-eyed i lerli stands peering
through tho powerful telescope; whilst
at his side nre an accurate card. On
this he enters tho exact second at
which each marker drops his flag; thus
marking the precise time tho topredo
passes each successive raft.
Dangers Which Beset Markers.       '
Torpedo marking is nn operation
which is full of danger to the markers.
Tho ingenious implements of destruction sometimes run amok In spito of
every precaution. A marker at the
Blank range was recently watching un
oncoming torpedo.
Within a few yards of his raft the
torpedo head emerged from the water,
and before the astonished marker could
move the weapon appeared to take a
flying leap at, tho rnt't. It cleared it as
by a miracle, and plunged into the
water on the other side. So near did
Ihe flying mass of steel pass the man,
that his flag struck its nose as it passed
him, whilst its whirling propeller missed
his heud by inches only.
The ruff, although securely moored
and containing a small hut provided
with both seats and fireplace, aro by
no means a comfortable or snfe place
in a storm.
Costing from $3,000 to $5,000, torpo
On tho Sttamer,
Thero is Just ns surely an etiquette
for a steamship as for ti drawing room,
nud for the benefit of renders who eon-
template A trip on the water mine ot
tho formalities on board ship will bo
talked about.
After finding the looatloD of your
i'ooui nnd receiving lhe room key from
tho purser you should Investigate your
baggage, and  If any  be  missing tin
.abln steward will dlreol you to tba
official   to  whom  complaints  can   bo
i mnde.   It Is wise lo find out nny little
| "landmarks"  that  will  help you in
I locating your cabin, thus [.eventing
] mistakes and facilitating Journey* tu
nnd from your room,
Tbo next thing to do Is to secure
yonr seat ut tho dining table. Sou will
be given a chock, generally, whlcb will
place you iu tbe dining room. This ts
given to Ibo bead steward on your
first meal, and unless changed you
should take tbe sn mc sent at all subsequent meals.
Yoiir deck chair Is s!so Important If
you Intend to profit by a rest each day.
Tho deck steward for a stated foe
will seat you nnd mark your chair by a
card with your name written on It. 10
Is unpardonable to use another per
son's ebnlr regularly, for nothing Is su
embarrassing to tbo rightful occup.it.l
ns to find a chair (Hied and to be compelled to evict the mnn or womau whs
should have one of bis own
At table It is quite correct to speak
to the ones seated near you, A "good
evening" or "good morning'' serves to
break the lee. It Is nlso permissible
to speak to one's fellow passengers
nfter tho first day. It Is very convenient to have some one Introduce ottiet
men nnd women, but there Is an Informality on shipboard that bridles
mauy, gaps. Above all. do not overstep the bounds of good breeding Da
uot bring on yourself tlie censure am!
adverse criticism of others.
Do not Indulge ln gossip, unkind criticism of others and be a nuisance by
complaining against the aceom___t
lions and service. Tills type of traveler Is never a favorite, and the punishment fulls on his own head by the
night of others nt bis approach.
On the majority of lines It ts not yet
the accepted thing for n woman to gi
to tho smoking room with a man ta
enjoy her afler dinner cefifee. Ths
German steamers have shown s ���!->-
parture from this rule If the woman
be married, in a party or with an older
It ls not obligatory to subscribe te
the sea concert, but nearly every one
does. Indeed. It is counted In w���a
your "extra expenses" these days, if
talented you should be a gracious coi*
trlbtitor when asked.
nt her
days upon their honeymoon
"Denrcst," ho said,   gazing
fondlv, "isn't this heavenly. '
"\'es,   Reginald,"  sho  softly
"Do you know," ho whispered ardently, "to mo life does not seem long
enough for our happines. dust, think,
oven if we are fortunate, our married
life can hardly last longer than fifty
"I* that alii" she queried wonder-
ingly, edging nearer.
"Ves, that's so," a touch of sadness
in liis voice. '' Only fifty years in which
to love each other."
"Then kiss me quick, Reginald,'' sha
exclaimed, "we're wasting time! "
A well known scientist was leetu.
Ofttimes u torpedo for some    tng 0n the sun's heat and In the conrse
be lost
unaccountable cause tithes a sudden
plunge downward and buries its noso iu
the mud at the bottom of the sea. To
recover an embedded torpedo, recourse
has to be'made to the services of skilled divers, and tbis operation is also not
froo from peril.
Poor Cricket.
The fielding of tha home team was
wretched to the extreme. Catch after
eutch was "buttered" with aggravating persistence, and the professional,
who bowled mainly for "spooners,' was
fast losing hii temper and patience.
Eventually the visitors' captain, who
was buving a lengthy innings, thanks to
numerous "lives," put tho ball into the
hands of a young amateur at slip. But
again the fielding waa at fault. The
professional glared, the fieldsman blushed and muttered apologetically something about an epidemic.
"Epidemic, be blowed!" exclaimed
tho bowler angrily. "It can't be aa
epidemic when it ain't catchin'l"
Apply the Rule.
"If a man wee to sit on your new
hat, what would you say, Claude. '
' ��� I should call him a confounded silly
1 ��� Then don't sit on it any longer,
thero's a dear boy. i
Not Likely.
Mrs. Johnson wus all excitement; her
hnsbaud was a Gordon Highlander, and
sho had reeeheil an invitation to visit
him in barracks in Scotland.
"You'll soon see onddy now," she
said to her six year-old little daughter,
as the express bore them to thoir destination.
On arrival at the barracks, Mrs, Johnson was informed lhat her husband was
on sentry duty, und one of the soldiers
pointed him out to her, but, of course,
thev could not approach him.
Tho child eyed her daddy with big
round eyes full of wonder, us he paced
up and down the square, rifto on shoulder, iu his regimental kilt.
"There, that's daddy," cried the
Momentarily the child wus too lost in
this amazing spectacle lu answer. But
at last it came out.
"Mamma," she said in a childish
treble, but with a strictly confidential
uir, "if daddy finds the man who stole
his trousers, will he give me that Vickie
of his remarks said:
"It is an established fact tbat the
sun is gradually but surely losing Its
heat, aud in tbe course of some 70.UOO,-
000 years It will be exhausted. Consequently this world of ours will be
dead and, like the moon, unable to
support any form of life."
At this Juncture a member of bis
audience roso in sn excited mannei
and said;
"Pardon me. professor, bnt how
many years did you say it would be
before tbls calamity overtakes us?"
The Professor-Seventy million sir.
"Thank heaven!" was tbe reply "1
thought you said 7,00O,OOO."-Tit-_i_.
The Calcutta prisoner, wbo plel__
tbe pockets of his police captors and
tben left them on a moving train, forgot something.. He might bave taken
tbe train and the policemen too.
  I    All the diggers who are upturning
" ~  " I cities thonsands of years old report
��� The strike of 160 children at Has- i flll(,,ng r0Cord8 of complaints of tbe
Hngton Council School  Crewe Eng., h ,   f ��� ,        ��� be^��� wWh
organised because the education au- *
thorlty had removed the headmaster
to another school,   has  now ended.
Thn education authority declined to
recede from their position, and after remaining away for a fortnight
many of tho children have returned
to school. The parents of forty-two
children, however, have transferred
them to a church school.
the beginning and will continue to Um
Five sixths of a Jury may hereafter
bring a verdict in a civil caae in Minnesota. The ono reasonable Juror and
the eleven obstinate ones can no longer
hang up decisions there. It Is worth
trying in other states.
Hurt by a Tree.
"Did you hear about the accident U
BJInks?" ���
"Why, uo.   What happened'/"
"Oh the darned .fool was seriorjly
hurt this afternoon."
"In bis automobile, I suppose."
"No���that's the trouble."
"What do you mean? I know he'i a
reckless driver, and"���
"And yon think be was hurt In his
car7 Well, he wasn't. He wns hurt
by a tree about ten feet ahead of the
car. if he'd been able to stay ln tt_
car he'd never have been hurt''���Cleva-
land Plain Dealer.
Her Acquirements.
Pater-Son. does this young lady yo��
are going to marry know how to bake,
mend and clean?
Son-Ccrtalnly not I'm proud of Mildred. She only knows how to run a
seven passenger Bignix, put on a spara
tire, fix a carburetor and read a taximeter���Chicago News.
Tha Hardest Thins.
"What's tbe hardest thing you e_
counter in flying. ' sho queried.
"At the present s-tage of the game,"
returned the aviator, tenderly rubbing
a bump, "the hardest thing wo enec-a*
ter Is the earths-Home Chit THE COURTENAY REVIEW
.?nl ixUn
I'll bet tlie owner   got  his   material   from   The   Builders'
Supply Co.   Of course he  did  fer that is  where all
first class building material is stocked and where
the prices are right
There's   not   a better   combination  than   our Kile   Dried
Lumber and High Grade Paint
We carry at ail times a full .stock.   We know good goods and handle ihe best
1 ne
___,__, __.^_ _1 !'_!   ._>*��� v_
Phone 66 COURTENAY P. 0. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
-._.. ������_:.'.? .��_!._;___. -.___!��.���������.. ..-���   _, ...i
Onesllei- ��f Many
"tea �����/
at the close of 1913
"_."!.*>_?      '$:
��  emna
'ill Ho. d townsite a
At the close  of 1914, upon  balancing  their profit  and loss account, some
will say
That  First Avenue,  Perez  Park Lot
at No. 8 Townsite was the best investment I made this year
And others will say, "1 hear Smith sold that
Rrcf   Avpnnp    Pp*w   Para   Lot
j_ Ji _::_       a_. v waa v_.Va       ��  UVfi       *  **�� aim       ���___.!
ol his _t No. 8 today for $1,500.00.    Some  fellows  have  all  the  luck.    I
could have bought the same lot myself  less than a year ago for  $500.00,
but i didn't think it would ever amouni. to anything."
Was It Luck or Common Sense ?
Smith saw the Colliery Company backing the mine to the tune of Four
Million Dollars, whereupon Smith, who was a bit longheaded, backed the
townsite to Jhe extent of Five Hundred  Dollars, and   trebled his money in
twelve months
First   Avenue   Lots   $500.00   each,   on  Terms
Exclusive  Sales Agents
Telephone 31 Courtenay, B. C.
By T. J, Barron I!. A.
Kditor Revie ..
Sir:---Yon may remember that nbout
a year ago, I wrote a brief article (or the
] Review on how to keep standard time.
I    Since then I   have been  still  experl-
| nienting for uiy own   satisfaction,   ind
, have found a much simp er a eel more re-
��� liable method than that which I was then
The method I then advocated was the
shadow cast by a window casing or a
plumb line upon a in ridhn marked on
the , inflow sill. Under favorable circumstances this plan cannot be excelled;
but I find that frame houses are liable to
get out of plumb as well as to shift their
i position from different causes. The window sill also may contract unevenly f inn
I tlie sun's heat in summer and expand
unevenly from the wet in winter.   Con-
| sequently one bas to be continually tc-st-
! ing his wind >w casing aud his meridian,
which is very troublesome.    Then there
iis the difficulty of deducing standard
noon from local noon.
I A much simpler and always reliable
plan is to use a plumb hne-and two fixed
! stars.
Two good stars to use are Polaris (the
North Star) and Eta Ursae Majoris (tlie
star iu the tail of the Great Hear farthest
from the pointei ;. I Another simpler
way of stating it perhaps is: the last star
in the handle uf the Big Dipper und
farthest from the holy ol the Dipper;
and likewise the last star ill the handle
cif the Little Dipper. When tin- handle
of tlie Big Dipper is pointing towards
the ground you will notice that the star
I lita gradually move.-, eastward until it is
vertically under Polaris. 1-'ind by means
of a plumb line when these stars are in
a vertical line. Vour plum > can be
fastened to the top casing of a north
door or window-the window is better, as
you call lower the top sash aud make
your observation through the top half,
while the lower sasli protects your plumb
w'eight from any draft.
When both stars ure exactly behind
the cord at the same time, note the
time and record it somewhere
[or future reference. It is presupposed
that your watch is correct to start with.
Vou are now safe for the rest of the
year, aud can in a very short time, get
the standard time on any c'.ear night
within a few seconds. The stars will be
behind the plumb line the following
night 3 minutes 55.91 seconds earlier-3
minutes 56 sec. is close enough, I think
for most of us. If you forget to wind
your watch seven days after your first
observation, multiply 3 min. 56 sec. by
seven and subtract the result from the
time you recorded. Set your watch to
this time, block the balance wheel of
your watch witli a fine camel's hair brush
or a few hairs, wind the watch and get
behind jour plumb. The second the
stars arv vertical release your balance
wheel, and you huve the time.
I   clahn   credit   for   this   particular
method, although it really is a variation
Wood For Sale
Stove, Cord, Aider,
Maple or Bark
Apply to
_ _��� ���
The Annual Meeting of the Comox
Creamery Association will take place on
Jan. 22nd 1914, at the Agricultural Hall
Courtenay, at 8 p.m.
The   Comox Cow   Testing Association
will hold a meeting in conjunction with
the  annual   Creamery    meeting.     Mr.
Henry Rive is expected to attend.
of the plan often used by Surveyors and
engineers when away on expeditions. It
is so simple that any one can use it.
I find that the .southern sky is clearer
as a rule at Courtenay, and I prefer to
use a pair of stars there on account of
their brightness; viz., Uetelgcux (Orion's
right shoulder) and Sirius (the brightest
star in the whole heavens.) A line
drawn to the left through Orion's belt
will almost bit Si.in.. As soon as one
has learned these stars there will be no
trouble In keeping the time, It i.s an
ideal plan for busy farmers.
Courtenav, January 5, 1914.
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drugstore.
The annual General meeting of
the Courtenay Caaservative Association will be held in the Opera
House on Thursday January 15th
Among the guests at the Rest-
more this week are the following:
H. Davidson, J. Dunlop, W. J.
Wilson, Victoria; C. A. Browning;
Miss Carpenter, Seattle; N. Dufault
M. Francis; M. Clark; Henry
Mitchell aud wife; A. Peel; Miss
E. Stone, Vancouver; J. Barker;
E. C. Barker; T. Masters, Campbell River; J. R. Hill, Bevan; P. H.
Stewart, Vancouver.


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