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The Review Apr 9, 1914

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Array C7
��������aa,aa> ��,,,,,,iiaMgaaaaaaaaaa.aaaaMaaaMaiaaa
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
****************. *
Have You Money to In rait,
See us; we Can Make Yob
_urge Dividends
Island Realty Co.
VOL. 2
NO. 20
Would You Like a Home
Fronting on the Beach?
We have some choice 20
acre blocks at Little River
Good Land with Splendid View Facing on the Gulf
This is the best water frontage in the
district  at  $150  per acre.    If you
wish to buy we will meet you on
the terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Geo. J. Hardy
F. R. F. Biscoe
Real Estate "and Insurance Agents
Phone 10
Courtenay, B. C.
R. fl. ALLAN
Successor to Cameron & Allan
Office: Union St        Phone 33
Give us your order for
Letterheads, Billheads,
Statements, Envelopes,
Wedding, Stationery, Etc.
Mrs. Kepner lias a fine display
of new, spring, fancy, goods, also
a nice stock of fancy work. A
call is solicited.
Pure S. C. White Leghorn Hggs
For Sale- j_o per. ioo.   Apply J
P. Davis, Comox P, O.
To Kent���two first class offices
over McKean's store. Good light,
rent reasonable.
For Sale���Pure bred White S,
C. Leghorn eggs for setting,
H. w. Heberden, Sandwick.
For fine painting, paperhanging
and decorating don't fail to see
Doyle _. Home, Courtenay.
Wanted���20 or 30 dozen new
laid eggs weekly, also potatoes
Apply Berwick store.   No. 8 Mine.
For Sale���Cedar posts and poles;
beardless barley and good seed potatoes. T. C. Woods, Sandwick,
Phone R q6.
For Sale���Rhode Island Red
eggs for hatching; new blood from
the mainland. Bruce Towler, Cumberland Road.
Wanted To Rent���-' or 10 acres
with houses, well fenced, with
option of buying. Apply, Box 6,
Review Ofiice.
To Rent���,5 roomed house with
basement, hot and cold water,
modem conveniences. Apply J.
R. Johnson.   Courtena-' Hotel,
Lessons given in Piano, Organ,
and Violin. Hold senior honours
certificate for theory of music by
the London College. . rs. A.
Blair, opposite Review Office.
Do yo.u want cordwood or poles
cut with circular saw? If so" call
up Grimsley & Hodgkinson
Telephone 36,  or enquire B.  C.
Investments.    Wood delivered $4
per load. ���*���
Cumberland Steam Laundry For
Sale���Buildings, boiler, engine,
and machinery and all utensils.
Good business will be sold at a
���bargain. Can be seen at any time.
Price $1250.    Liberal terms.
Wanted���Dairy ranch and mixed
farm, preferably as going concerns,
at reasonable prices; leasing propositions in demand. Business Exchange Service, 409 Hibben Building, Victoria, B. C.
For Sale���Brown Mare, nice
driver and quiet in harness, suitable
for lady. Also chestnut mare, quiet
to ride and will make a good driver.
Both in good condition. Apply
Mrs. Simms, box 353, Cumberland.
Lost���On Thursday night,
March 19, Denman Island. Square
stem, 13ft, row boat, brass rowlocks, ash oars, oak gunwale, and
oak transom. Finder will please
connect with T. Nelson, Denman
Island, Will pay $5.00 for information leadihg to the recovery.
Miss Smith, who has been away
on au extended business trip to
Vancouver, Victoria, and the Sound
Cities, purchasing stock of the
London, Paris and New York millinery houses, returned on Friday.
A large assortment of the latest
models is now beginning to arrive,
and will be placed before Miss
Smith's many customers in due
If you want any special piecest>f
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you_ to select from.
Picture framing aud sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
Private Day School for Girls and
Small Boys
Kindergarten Class from 10 to 12
Private Tuition in Music,  French and
Summer Term commences April 15
Miss M. King     -    Principal
$50 will buy a milk cow. Apply
Arthur Dumaresq, Denman Island.
For Sale���A number of brood
sows, Apply, A. Rippon, The
Flats, Comox.
Wanted���Good    second hand
bicycle,   26   inch    frame. Write
stating price aud condition. X. Y.
Z, Review Office.
To Let���Three roomed house at
Grantham; 1 mile from school, or
would sell with acreaSe, Apply,
J. B, Bailey, Grantham, Sandwick
P. O.
For Sale���Good farm horse,
strong working harness and wagon
plough and harrows. Apply to
John Johnston, Lake Trail, Courtenay, B. C.
For Sale- Sixty-five acres in
Happy Valley, will sell 20 or 45.
Good first class soil, 500 fruit trees,
100 bearing. Good buildings.
Apply box X Review office.
Five pictures will constitute the
program at the Opera House on
Saturday, consisting of a Selig film
entitled "Two Men and a Woman"
being a tragedy resulting from innocent beauty; a Vitagraph picture
entitled "Bunny's Birthday" a
sparkling comedy featuring John
Bunny aud Flora Finch; a Biograph
drama    "His   Father's    home;"
reel Kalem feature film; "A
modern Jekyl and Hyde."
Lessons given on piano Apply
Mrs. H  Mitchell, Courtenay.
English traiued maternity nurse.
Household duties uunertaken. Miss
Sussex, residence of Mrs. McKean
iu the orchard, phone L 7��.
The Courtenay House Furnishing Store has just received a nice
assortment of baby carriages.
Come now, and get your choice.
All the stores will be closed this
(Thursday) afternoon and to-morrow, and will be open on Monday.
Dr. Millard, who recently went
over the roads from here to Victoria in an auto, says one could tell
with h's eyes shut whenever they
struck a road running through an
incorpDrated town. This docs not
say much for the manner in which
the road foreman of Nanaimo and
Duncan look after the island Highway through their burgs.
M. Manson,   M. P. P,  was  in
town last Thursday evening and
addressed the Central Conservative
Association, giving a resume of the
business done at session of the
Legislative just closed, and also
listened to some complaints about
the distribution of patronage in
some divisions. At the conclusion
a banquet was held at the Riverside
Hotel, where speeches aud songs
were indulged in till an early hour.
B. S. Fenn begs to announce that he will be
absent on business for about two months and on
his return will open a studio in a good position
in Courtenay for portraiture of the best class
Some Good .ots At The Station
The streets through the Station Subdivision are very shortly to be made
these will run from the Cumberland road close to the E, & N. Station
down to the Union Bay road close to the mill pond. Good large lots,
50 x 120 feet can be had at the present time at $250 each, Comer tots
53 x 125 for $300. These prices will be raised shortly. Terms 1-4 cash
the balance in 6, 12 a:id 18 months, interest at 7 per cent, As the
Union Bay road is fast becoming a favorite residential section of
Courtenay. having a cheerful outlook and being the Island Highway,
the town is certain to .build up rapidly in that direction, consequently
there will be a considerable amount of traffic in the streets up to the
station and freight shed from that part of the town, This is a good
opportunity for those who wish to start up in business later on, for
those v_to want a good sized residential property close in, There are
no other lots in Courtenay the size of these that can be bought at anything like the above prices. The plan of the Subdivision can be seen
at any time in my office
E. & N. Lands from $15 per Acre Up
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and Cigars in large variety
All Fruits and Vegetables in Season
Nothing but the Best.   Piices Right
Local. Delivery Telephone 40
(Formerlyjof Beadnell & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor
Estate and Insurance Agent
Collections handled with promptness and dispatch
Phones 42 and 48
Courtenay t^i sivtew, .yytm y_.v__y, u.c
hi.'i the i inneeting door Into Mar-  what Mararery said, firmly.
gi'i'.v b room.
Tho atniosphore wns recklug with
ohloroCoi'ni. The girl waa In bod, up-
parentis sleeping quietly.' One arm
wns thrown up ovei' hor boad, nnd tho
other laj relaxed on tho white cover.
A folded towel bad boon laid across
nr faco, mul when 1 jerked It away I Silly! she said, If tin
I saw she wan breathing very Blowly Iconic along and gave ber
ami gtentoroiiBly, with her oyes partly I teething ring she'd be cm
open and Axed.
Oh, that! Why she sail' ii really
iiidn'i matti r about Uio ring. She hnd
never cared niticil about It anyway.
But iiuii's oulj ;i matter ot taste, I
protested, somawhat disappointed.
Mm Kdlth _ot up uiul pottod mo mi
ih.. top of the hoad.
light mnn
n rubber
v about it
nil's to measure
being n person j
I for ilis s;tl\. .
1 threw up all the windows before I!   Edith took mc upsl
roUBed the family downstairs and saw for Iho Shlrvan, Kiiiii:
the silver was intact  nnd the back  who  believes  in   obtaining a   thing
kitchen door open.    And thou the doc- while tho desire tor ii is in ii_ lirst I
tor runic, nnd 1 wus put out iii the hall, i bloom,   Across iho hall Fred wns tall. !
Not until the doctor came out lo me I lug to Margery through the transom,
nnd snld she wns better nnd would l| Mustard leaves arc mighty helpful,
call a mold to moke Borne strong black lie wag Baying, I always take them
coffee did I coin, out of my stupor, on shipboard. Ami cheor up. Land
The chance of doing something, any- la In sight.
thing, made mo detcrmlno to make the     I would hnve given much for Prod's I
coffee myself.    They silii   Bpeak   of I ease or manner when, u few minutes
that coffee nt Krcd's. later, Kdiili, '.iving decided on four
li wns Edltli who brought Mrs, But- Sliirvans and a hall runner, she took
lor io my mind, _red had malutoln-)ma to ihe door ot Margery's orom. she
ed that she had fled before the in- was very Hiin nnd pale.
iruiiei's and probably wus in some do- I hope you ure better, I said,
Bet or corner of the upper floor, It) she suld she wns a Ilttlo better, 1
was I who found her, after all, lying j who have a local reputation of a Borl
full length on tho grosB In the little- before a jury, l could uot think "f mint her
A Carelessly Treated Cold
is the source of most sickness because drugged
pills, synips and alcoholic mixtures are   '
uncertain and unsafe.
Scott's Emulsion has been relied upon by
physicians for forty years as the safe and sensible
remedy to suppress the cold and build up the
enfeebled forces to avert throat and lung troubles.
Don't tolerate alcoholic substitutes, but insist
on the Genuine Soott'a Emulsion.  One bottle usually
'asts longer than a cold.   Every druggist has it.   _ M
|   on tl
Fred closed the house with his usual
tare.   Then ho went up to bed.
.My bedrooin was over the library,
and Mrs. Uutlcr and Margery Fleming had connecting rooms across the
hall. Fred and Edith slept in the
nursery wing so they would be near
the children. In Uio square upper
hail there wns a big reading table, a
lamp nnd sonic comfortable chairs.
I was awakened by tho pungent
aorid smell of smoke. My clgaretts
hnd dropped from my hand still lighted and as is the way with cigarettes,
determined to burn to the end. In so
doing It had fired my bed, the. rug under tlio bod and pretty nearly tire man
OU the bed. It took somo sham work
to get it all out without rousing the
house. Then I stood amid the wreckage and looked ruefully _ at Edith's
pretty room.
Threo pitchers of water on the bed
had mado it an impossible couch. I
put on a dressing gown and with a
blanket over my arm, I went out to
hunt some sort of place to sleep. I
decided on the davenport In the hall
Just, outside, oiiS as quietly as I could
1 put a screen around it and settled
down for tho night.
1 was awakened hy the touch of a.
hand on my face. I started, I think,
mid the hand wns jerked away. 1 am
tot sure; I wns still drowsy. The ball
was dark nnd quiet. When I found
no one I concluded It hnd been only a
vivid dream. Then I noticed a heavy.,
sweetish odor lu tho air. The smell
was almost nauseating. For some
reason or other���association of certain
Dilors wllh certain events���I found myself recalling the time I liad a wisdom tooth taken out and that when
I came around I wns being sat on by
Iho dentist and his assistant, nnd the
hitter bad a black eye. Then suddenly I knew. The sieklky odor was chloroform !
I had the light on in a moment and
was rapping at Margery's door. It
was locked, end I got no answer. A
palo light. sh<-io over the transom,
but everything wns ominously quiet
beyond the door. I went to Mrs. Butler's door next. It was unlocked and
partly open. One glance at tlie empty bed and the confusion of tho place
and    I    rushed'   without   ceremony
Skin Beneath Lifeless. Fingers
Painful. Sleepless Nights. Used
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment.   Complaint Gone.
70 Agricola St., Halifax, N, 8.���"Some
tlmo ago my flngi'r mills began lo dropoff,
(he r_ult It was believed of lead poisoning.
Tho mils themselves were brittle and dry,
(ho _iu beneath bring lifeless looking. My
Ilngi'iH were excessively painful causing
Nttii'plc_ nlglitfl. I was treated for about
threo month! and tho nails grew- n'.uiu but
away from tho flesh of the fingers and then
fell off again.
"Having hoard n .rent deal of Cuticura
fioap and Ointment 1 lont for a _ntplo of
both In tho hope of their healing my lingers
which wero very painful. At night after
washing my hands woll with the Cuticura
Eoap I rubbed tho Cuticura Ointment all
around (ho finger ends and wore gloves to
prevent the Ointment from being rubbed off,
then again In t ho morning washed my hands
with tho Cuticura Soap. Tho Cuticura
Soap and Ointment had a cooling effect and
after using them for a short while I was surprised to feel fingers much less soro and
beginning to assume a moro healthy appearance; tho fungus which had grown under tho
old nails disappeared and then new strong
nails formed. This trouble had lasted about
eighteen months before using Cuticura Soap
aud Ointment jot after using same for three
months my finger nails had grown strong
and complaint had entirely gone." (Signed)
Ernest Bcckford, Oct. 12,1912.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment aro
told by druggists and dealers everywhere.
A slnglo set ls often sufficient. For a lilieral
free sample of each, with 32-p. book, send
post-card to Potter Drug _ Ckem. Corp.,
Sept. D, Boston, U. S. _,
square yard buck of the house. She
was in a dead faint and wns a much
more dilHcult patient, than Margery.
Wo could get no Btory from either
of ihem that night. It was n. strange
experience-the night Intrusion without robbery ns a motive, if Margery
know or suspected the reason for tho
outrage she refused to say. As for
Mrs. Butler, to mention the occurrence
put her Into hysteria. It wns Fred
who put forth the most, startling theory of tho lot.
Hy George, ho snid the next morning when we liad failed to llnd tracks
In tlio yard and fcidlth had reported
every silver spoon in its place, by
George, it wouldn't surprise me if the
lady in Uio grave clothes did it herself. There isn't anything a hysterical woman won't do to rouse your interest in her if it begins to Hag. How
did any one get in through that kitchen door when it was locked inside.
and outside. I tell you she opened It
I did not like to force Margery's
confidence, but I believed that the outrage was directly for the purpose of
searching her room, perhaps for papers that hnd been her father's. Mrs.
Butler came around enough by morning to tell a semiconncctod story, in
which sho claimed that two men had
come in from a verandah roof and
tried to chloroform her.
Tho inability of Margery Fleming to
toll who had chloroformed her, and
Mrs. Butler's white face and brooding
eyes made a very respectable mystery
out of tho affair. Only Fred, Edith
and I came down to breakfast that
Did you find anything, Fred? Edith
asked. Fred did not reply, so she repeated the question with some emphasis.
Eh���what? Fred inquired, peering
around tbo corner of the paper.
Yes, dear���that is, no. Nothing to
amount to anything. Upon my soul
Jack, jf I wrote the editorials of this
paper I'd say something. He subsided into inarticulate growls behind the
paper, then I heard a sniffle distinctly.
Edith was crying���pouring cream into a coffee cup and feeling blindly for
the sugar, witli her pretty eyes obscured. In a second I was up, had crumpled the newspapers, including Fred's,
Into a ball, and had Jifted bim bodily
out of his chair.
When I am married, I said fiercely,
jerking him around to Edith and pushing him into a chair beside hor, if t
ever read the paper at breakfast when
my wife is bursting for conversation,
may I have some good and faithful
friend who will bring me back to a
sense of my duty. I drew a chair to
Edith's other side. Now, let's talk, I
Fred liad taken her hand and was
patting it gently, tbo whilo hi3 eye
sought the headlines on the wad of
morning paper.
You burned that blue rug, sho said
to me disconsolately, with a threat of
fresh tears. It took me ages to find
the right shade of blue.
I win buy you that Shlrvan you
wanted. 1 hastened to assuro her.
Yes. to take avay when you get
married. There Ib a hint of the shrew
in all good women.
I will buy the Shlrvan.and not get
Here, I regret to say, Edith suddenly laughed.
Yon! she chortled
word to say. I stood there for
a minute uneasily, with Edith poking
me with her linger to go inside the
door and speak and act like an Intelligent human being. But I only muttered Something abOUl it busy day before mo und (led. It, wus singular,
but ns I stood 111 the doorway I had a
vivid mental picture of Edith's description ot me, silting up puppy-like
to beg for a kind word and wiggling
With  delight, when    I    got    il.   If    1
slunk Into my ollice that morning like
a  dog scourged  to  his  kennel  Edith
was responsible.
(To he Continued)
A gentleman whe had been spending a holiday ��t a Scottish seaside village noted tor lis golf links asked one
lot the caddies if ho gut much carrying
In the v.inti,   lime,
I   Nae, sir,  ine, replied   lhe   caddie,
.here's nae carrying   in   the   white;'
accomplish their purpose'
���with maximum efficiency
and minimum discomfort.
Increasing doses are not
25c a box at your
Druggist's. 174.
National Drug and Chemical
kJC��. ul Canada. Limited. _ '
Jho Saw Or.j
Mrs. H. wns an extremely careful
mother and mi repeatedly cautioned
her 0-year-old daughter against handling nny object I hut might contain
germs,    one day the little girl came
In ami said:
Mother, 1 am never going to play
time,     Ye see, ii'm this way.     If It's with my kitty iny more, because sbo
no sua' it's t'osl; if it's no fro.t. il'sjlina germs on ber,
sun.': If it's lit Itlier sua' nol frost, It's |    Oh, no, ropl _d lur mother, thero tiro
rain;  If it's uo rain, it's wind; on If; no genus ou your kitten.
Yes, there ure, Insisted tho child.   Ij
One day, It's the Sawhath.
Corns cannot exist, wifeu tlolloway's|
Corn Dure Is applied to them, because
It goes to tin} rout and kills tho growth.
Mrs. Blank--My husband has tho
eleai ..st bend of any man 1 evi 1' met..
Mrs. Frank- So my husband tells
mo.    He sayt thorn's uothlug"In It,
saw nae hop.
A reverend canon of the Angelicnn
church relates that on one occasion it
fell to his lot to marry his .'ootman to
his cook. The footman would persist
throughout the servl _ in putting his
finger to his forehead every time his
master addressed him, in accordance
with custom. The reverend gentleman remonstrated In nn undertone:
Don't touch your forehead, John, but
say tho words after me. Then aloud:
Wilt thou take Wilis' woman to be thy
wedded wife? etc.
John, bearing in mind the canon's
hint, replied: After you, sir! and the
assembled friends burst into laughter.
Probably the first time in tlie history
of any province in the Dominion .1
movement has been started iu Saskatchewan to form- an association in
different districts for the co-operative
marketing of eggs, and the Increasing
of the egg output. It Is tho desire to
place this industry on a profit producing basis without increasing the cost
to th. consumer, and in fact, -if the
scheme works well, a reduction may
be expected. It Is proposed to have
nine branches of this association; the
head quarters to be at Regina. An association has been organized at Lloyd-
minster, and others 1.111 be organized
at Redvers, Milestone, Tugaske, Forget, Graham Hill, Penzance, Elfros
and Wilcox.
 * $
Girl   Starving    on     Poorly
She Jolly Well Did
Mary had a iot of cash,
'Twas left her by her "fawthor,"
And perhaps sho didn't cut    dash-���
Oh, say, yoj know-well, rawther!
Guest ui .'unions tenor, to his hostess)���I should be very glad to sing
for you, but unfortunately I am rather
hoarse tonight.
Hostess���Ob, what a shame! And
isn't there anything else >ou can do?
Is Putnam's Corn Extractor. Forty
vears' success. In many lands proves
the superiority of Putnam's Painless
Corn Extractor cvei every other remedy. Safe, painless, prompt.
Painless Corn Extractor
certain to remove corns
druggists, price 25c.
Sold   by
A young man who had spent bis life
in a country village went tc Dublin to
seek his fortune. On tlie day of his
arrival he walked Into a restaurant aud
ordered dinner. The waiter brought
In the meal It all those little dishes
sacred to restaurant keeping and arranged t.liein ir tempting array around
the man's plate. For half .111 hour he
sat and looked at the untouched dinner. Overcome by hunger, he called
the waiter, who had been watching bim
wondering!}-, and said:
Look hero, mister, if you don't hurry
and bring my dlnnei I will eat up your
Bam pies.
, If your baby is sickly, i. his Ilttlo
Stomach is out of order or bis bowels
need regulating, no other medicine
will have such prompt or beneficial effect as Uaby'u Own Tabi-.s. Thousands of other mothors use uo other
medicine tor their little ones. Concerning then. Mrs. John ti. Crockett.
Gleuherrle, M.S., writes: "I havo used
Baby's Own Tablets for stomach troubles, vomiting and constipation, audi
in every instance they have proved
successful. I would uso no other
medicine for my little ones." ��� The
Tablets are .old by medicine dealer,
or by mail at 25 ecu s a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brookvllle,
Out. .
The Clerk Knew
A clerk' showed forty patterns of
ginghams to a mm. whose wife ha_
sent Iiini to buy some for her. and to
every pattern the man said: My wife
said ::he didn't want anything like
that, The clerk put the last piece
back 011 the shelf. Sir, he said, you
don't want gingham, What you want
is a divorce.
A Boon for the Bilious.���The liver is
a v.ry sensitive organ nn' easily deranged. When this occurs there is
undue secretion of bile and the acrid
liquid Hows _i.to the stomach and
sours it. It Is a most distressing ailment, aud many aro prone to it In
this condition a man finds the best remedy ln Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
which are warranted to speedily correct the disorder. There is no better
medicine in tha entire list of pill pr*
Select- J
W. N. U. 991
slim linger at 1110 mockingly. You
who are so mad about one girl tbat
you fovo all women for her sake. You
who go white instead of red when she
conies into tho room! You. who
bavo let your practice go to tbe dogs
to be near her and then never spake
to her when she's around, but sit with
your mouth open like a puppy begging
for candy.
Honestly Edith, do I do that? I
gasped. She leaned over and kissed
Women like men to be awful fools
about them, she said. That's why I'm
so crazy about Freddie.     He writhed.
If I tell you something nice. Jack,
will you make It a room size rug?
Room size It Is.
Then, Margery's engagement ring
was stolen last night, and when 1
commiserated her she said: Dear me,
the lamp's out and the coffee is cold.
Remarkable speech under the circumstances, said Fred.
Edith rang the hell and seemed to be
thinking. Perhaps we'd better make
it four small rugs Instead of one
large one.
No; a rug until you have told me
"Several iier.r ago I wa.i actually
stai.'ng," writes a girl, "yet dared
not cat for tea   of *bo consequences.
"I had suffer' ' indigestion from
over-work, Irregular meal and Improper food, until at last my stomach
became so weak I could ea' scarcely
any food witl.out gre.it distrc_).
"Many kinds .tf food wero tried, nil
and pointed one'with the sam�� discouraging effects. I
steadily lost health and strength until
I was but a wreck of my former self.
"Having heard of Grape-Nuts and
Its great merits, j purchased a package, but Willi little hope tln.t It would
help mo--I was so discouraged.
"I found it not only appetizing but
that I couU iat It as I liked and that
it satisfied the craving for food without causing distress, and if I may use
the expression, "it filled tho bill."
"For months Grape-Nuts was my
principal article of diet. I felt from
the very first that I had found the
right way t health and happiness,
and my anticipations were fully realized.
"With its continued use I regained
ni" usual health and strength. Today
I am well anc. can eat anything I like,
yet Grape-Nuts food forms r. part of
my bill of fare."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Head "The Itoad
to 'Wellville," ln pkgs. "There's a
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from tlmo to time. The,"
are genuine, true, and full of human
Wo otter Ono F_i..di._ Dollars Uovnrd
for any '-uso if _ntii.li Hint cannot be
cured iiv Hall's Catarrh Cure.
1.  J.  CHENKY  _ CO.,  Toledo. O.
We, tho undersigned have known _. J.
Cheney for tho lust lfi years nnd believe
him perfectly honorable In ull busings
transactions : _ flna chilly able to carry
out any obhgdt.on mado by bis firm.
w Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting ilireotly upon the blooil and mucous sin-faces of tlie system. Testimonials I Revolutionary
sent   free.     Price   _   cents   per   bottle.
Sold   by   all   . >��� __rlsts.
Take Hall's Family nils for constipation . j
Nix���Most of those so called aigrets
they say, are only horsehair.
lijx���Yes, algret is merelv their uom
de plume. iaS
And "et They Admit". Soldiers
He���Ye^, . am a soldier. I helped
England win the Boer war.
She���Is '.hat so? Which side wero
you on'.'
An Extraordinary Projectile
A child's struggles with th; intricate
facts of history are sometimes almost
as serious a, mutter to him as the bat"
les of which be reads. The resulte
however, are not always vithout 1__
raor ns a story in Everybody's Maga*
zine shows.
A .small hoy handed in the following
in an exauiln&Uon paper In Unite.
States history:'W
General Braddock was killed-ln the
war. He had three
horses shot under him, and a fourtll
wen. through bis clothes.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures
Garget   IB
Nothing on Him
Teacher���The camel can go- elghj
days without water.
Freddy���So could I it :ia would le.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Mrs. Pester���Don't yen really think
that women have more patience than
Mr. Pester������ am sure of it. I have
been watching you play solitaire all
evening with a deck that's four or five
cards short.
Crawford���-What's the matter wltK
that te'.low w 10 is holding on to tho
lamppost and shuffling his feet.
(Jrabshaw��� There was a limo when
I'd have sai I he was drunk, but UOW
.101'baps he':; practising a rcw dance.
You remember 1 missed you several
timcB last year.
Yes, said the guide.
Well, I am a better Bitot now.
Success depends largely upon
Good Health
In yonr race for success don't loose sight of the fact that only
through good health can you attain Access.
The tension you must necessarily place upon your nerves, and the
sacrifice of proper exercise you have to make at times most be
balanced in some way.
Dr. Pierce's  Golden  Medical  Diacovery
it the balancing pouter���a vitalizing potter. It acts on
the stomach and organs of digestion and nutrition, thus
purifying the blood and giving strength to tbe nerves,
Indirectly aiding the liver to perform its very important
work. Dr. Pieree't Golden Medical Ditcootry has been
successful for a generation as a tonic and body builder.
Sold by medicine dealers in liquid or tablet form-
trial box of "Tablet*" mailed on receipt of 60 one-
sent ���tamps.
If ia failing health write Dr. R. V. Pierce'*
faculty at Invalids' HoteL Buffalo, N_w York.
M. Piatt's OUT
T_�� P���OUft ______
3��__M _!<_____��
_*___!.-��� **
b��m ��__ ft����t��tfl3
*00��*_��__ ftMMlS
T* "SSI. ���*���{*������������
ut luuBBf eauqf *	 THE REVIEW.
Sloht____hei���noural glo hesdsches��� ipllttio.
blinding; ho��i_ohes���til vanish when you take
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
They do Dot oooUln ph<w___ttn, acaUnllld,
Morphine, opium or tay other teigecew drug.
2Sc. a box st your Druggist's. Ul
���Ution��id��U-iChimicuCo .ret****.. MITia.
JSHBLlS. .0 <8*0
When Sending to
For Relatives or Friend*
or Travelling Yourself,
Ask for Tickets by
London vis Southampton snd Qutomkown ta Quohso and Montrtal during
tendon via Southampton and Qutenstswn to Halifax and Portland during
Liverpool via Queenstown to Halifax, Portland and Boston.
U.400 Tons Each (new 1913) 10,000 Tons. S.Mn Tons
Twin soro . steamers carrying one class (II.) Cabin and Third Clans
only and have won groat favor with tho travelling public
"l__ANC0NIA"_ei.   _ _
(18,151 Tons n(_h~-Twin  Screw) (20.000 Ton*) IWOMH
f'anylng i'lrst, Second and Third Class.
Tho Cunard Company alao maintain cervical baUvttn:
Now York. Queenstown, Filhfluard, Liverpool.
Now York, Mediterranean, Adriatic. ��
Boston, Queenstown, Fishgusrd, Liverpool.
Including tha fastest ttaamare in tha world, "Luaitania." "Mauratania"
Now building tor Canadian Service, S. S. "AURANIA"���11,000 tons.
For descriptive literature, sailings, etc., apply to any railway or Steamship Agent or
Cause for Pallor
Wife���George, I want to see that
l< ter.
Husband���What letter, dear?
Wife���That cue you just opened. I
Jtnow by the handwriting it ls from a
. oman and you turned pale when you
yeod It.    Hand it here, sir.
Husband���Here it is, dear. It is
_om your dressmaker,
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists   refund   money   if   PAZO
OINTMENT  fails  to    cure    Itching,
Blind, Bleeding or   Protruding   Piles.
iFlrst Implication gives relief.   50c.
Rev:nge is Sweet
I have conit to give notice ma'am.
Maid���And would you Rive me a
ijood reference, ma'am? I am going
to Mrs. Jones, across tho vay.
Mistress���The test in the world,
���Maggie.   I hate that woman.
She family remedy for Coueha sud Cold-
Imall dose.   Small bottle.   Best since 1170.
It may be that there is as much nutrition In a nlcltel's worth of beans as
there is in a Cozen eggs. No woman
however, has been clever enough to
soncoet a cake recipe where beans can
_e used iu place of hen fruit.
Fairvil!c, Sept. M, 1902.
Minard's Lintnient Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,���We wish to inform you
that we consider you- MINARD'S LIN-
3ME_T a very superior article, and
7,'e use it as a sure relief for sore
throat ami chest. When I tell you 1
A'Otlld not be without it if tlie price
Ji'as one diillur a bottle, I mean it.
Yours truly,
CHAS.  1.  Tll.TON.
Returning a Favor
It's going to bt war to the Unite, declared the BUbuvban man. who was
feeding his chle'.:ens.
What now'.' asked the friend..
Why, Blinks, sent me a box of axle
grease and advised me to list it on my
h wn mower.
We'll, i sent il back ^aml told him to
use it on his daughters voice.
When depressed, blue, bilious and
out of sorts you may attribute this
condition to poison in the blood, resulting from careless eating���eating
too much, eating too Quickly or eating
what doeB not agree.
For three or four days there are
looseness of the bowels, tickle appetite,
acute indigestion and all-gone feelings.
Efficiency is lowered, business deals
are spoiled, pleasures ate Interfered
with, and the sick spell may prove
dreadfully expensive to you.
By using Br. Chase's Kldney-Llver
Pills as soon ns trouble is apparent
such an. attack may be cut short, an.l
regular healthful action of the digestive orgaus quickly restored. Mo
treatment so promptly cleanses tho
filtering and excretory organ . and
thereby rids the body of poisonous
waste matter. The digestive system
resumes its natural functions, aud vigor and energy are restored to mind
and body.
A Bird With Hands
In the forests of British Guiana,
says tho Loudon Globe, lives tho ho
netzln, a Blnglllar bird, whose young;
possess ;i free claw at ihe end of each
wing, which they use almost as the
monkey uses his hands in tree climbing. The nrst of the hoactlln is lu a ���
tree, overhanging the water ami the!
young, unlike most birds are active I
from tho lirst. The outermost quill |
feathers ol the wing, which might'
hamper Uie trco use of the claws, do
not grow much until the rest of |he
whig is istnm.; enough to make climbing leas necessary. Then they grow
i cuit. nnd the cla._ are absorbed, The
1 adult bird docs not need them. Should
a young hoaoUln fall Into the water
it makes for tho shore antl sei/.es a
branch, up which It quickly climbs,
Mrs. John Cabot.  After    Six   Years'
Suffering, Tiled Dodd's Kidney Pills
ind Found New Life and Energy,
While  lleail 1' i.e. (.Uio.   (Special).
One more Woman has risen to tell her
Buffering sisters they can iiuil relief
lu Dodd's Kidney Pills.   That woman
Is .Mrs. John Cabot, well known nnd
highly  cspected i_.e, and she expresses her enthu.uisiii in these words: "1
certainly rec. mmend  Dodd's Kidney
Pills.     There's is uothlng belter."
Asked to give her experience, Mrs.
Cabot continued: "My trouble started
ln a cold, and 1 suffered for six years.
Rheumatism, neuralgia, stiffness of
the joints, cramps in the muscles anil
heart fluttering \vei\ among my
symptoms, ami finally Bright's Disease
developed, it was then I started to
use Dodd's Kidney Pills, anil they
helped mo -lmojji from the start.
After taking four boxes I feel like a
new " .man."
Dodd's Kidney Pills euro the kidneys, Healthy kidneys strain all the
impurities and poisons���all the seeds
of disease���out cf the Moots, Dodd's
Kidney Pills not only cure the disease
but by ensuring good blood give new
life anil energy to every part, ot the
Promoting the Janitor
Tltey were joint owners of an apartment house, and one day the junior
partner sought liis colleagues in some
The janitoi wants ten dollars move
per month, or he'll leave. I hate to
give up the money, but we can't spare
The senior partner disappeared .uiul
returned in a few moments.
It's all right, he sail- 1 have satisfied him, and it dtdu't cost us anything.
How's that?
The Janitor is now th? superintendent.
Good work: declared the junior
partner. Bu. why didn't you make
him superintendent in the first place?
Because, answered the senior member, I knew he'd want   a   promotion
eventually.     Every man wants a promotion some time, and to my mind, a
good man deserves one.
Scoffers at policewomen will tlo well
to consider one of Chicago'::, who subdued a street car rowdy and took him
to the station house single handed.
eini  t',-    hanuli
others lu same
ter l__i   "expos
iiaVll!).   llll"   il'.:'-
ui feed,
ll        l 'IV    l.'   I  .. .
cured, am) all
Btable, ne mated,' i-nt [Man
li:��>,    by    uahll
31ve ou the tongue or
Ails en tho blood ami
nns n( ull   forma    ot
remedy In existence --15 yi
UHiL-iiii'-r. Beat remedy ever
mown fer tnarea iu foal. Drug-
ni: .s ami harness dealers. Cut
Bhows how lo I'oultu-i. throats,
oin- free booklet gives everything.     Largest   seiiiiu.  horae
us.    Disliiiillli.s  -AM, WHOl.KSAI.l'. im.COlSTS.
.Chemists ami Bacteriologists, Goshen, Ind., U.S.A
It SomVtimes Happens
He dragged '. is shotgun
Through tlie feme, muzzle first,
But the gun didn't catch,
And the shell didn't burst.
And his wife through the gloaming
In tears did not wait,
And she iloestt't wear black,
Am' no c.'c,,e's on the gat".
Thin is tie. land of the -free, but
don't try to get too free with some
Oh, she Bale' it was absurd to think
of kneeling down to clean the steps in
the tight, skirts now worn, and she
Wouldn't dream of looking a scarecrow
j)v wearing a full slukrt.
%_# I . A-UKU-CO fc_____l
"1 A delightful, snow-white
toilet preparation! -which
makes bad complexions
good, and good ones better.
Splendid for chafed,
chapped, sore skin or -
- cracked lips. i
In 25c ooal glass Jars at ,
, your Druggist's. 202
National Drug and Cttm'cil Co.
���f CaniG-a, limited, Montreal.
W. N. U.991
There is nothing repulsive In Miller's Worm Powders, and they arc ns
pleasant to take us sugar, so that few
children will refuse them. In some
cases they cause vomiting through
their action in an unsound stomach,
but this is only a manifestation ol
their cleansing power, no indication
that they are hurtful.. They eau be
thoroughly depended upon to clear all
worms from the system.
A Better Cup of Tea
More of Them to the Poum
Have a Special Crimp That
Makes Washing Very Easy.
���nd Temper
Are Easy
on Hande
���nd    Clothes
Can alwaya make aura ef getting the highest prices fer WHEAT, OATS.
���ARLEY and FLAX, ky ahlpplng their car lata to FOR", WILLIAM .NO
PORT ARTHUR and having them told en commission by
You can't avoid duty by talcing a by-
jjjth. ^
Is that Mr. Smith? I culled you
Uii to ask if yi,i. can say anything good
of Bridget Farley, -who was with . ou
as cool;.
Yes, ii can say one nice thing. She
left without breaking any dishes.
That's encouraging. How long did
she stay?
One I'our.
His Full Name
What'.' si)ld a teacher to a boy with
a slow memory, who had tried ln vain
to tell the name of the school-master,
can't you remember your master's
No, sir.
My name is. Brown, blockhead.
Yes, sir.
Well, you see If you-can repeat it.
What is my name?
Brown Blockhead, sir
Qf  Lunch
the wife said, "Bring home
a package of
Toaslies are wonderfully
good at any meal, and somehow seem to match the appetite of both home folks
and guests.
Bits of selected Indian
Corn, delicately seasoned
cooked, rolled thin and toasted to a rich golden brown���
that's Post Toasties.
Fresh, tender and crisp,
ready-to-eat direct from the
package. With cream and
a sprinkle of sugar���
"The Memory Lingers"
Toasties sold by Grocers
Ca.ii._ian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont,
The most successful or th" market gardener. ,u &.____, mnny of th _m customer, for two
generation., nnd some for three, buy Brucc's seeds, because, ever* since thl* business nm
established by \w Sixty-four yea rs-ago^ttwy found tliey could rely on them lu .v.ty w_v,'
gettlug better result* than from any other seed..
To these men quality _ml
depeuds on their crops.
iuatioii is tlie big consideration, a�� t'i.cu|.ve_ J, mil _ .;.t.et
We would my to Uie amateur ami nlso the fann-r, who me not customers,
"It Will Pay You To Buy Bruce's Seeds"
for It tft1c.es the same tttuentid trouble to plant :unl core for poor se_ m tor aood ini
pony seed menus dissatisfaction nud less lor a surety. " ,
Write for our til-page Illustrated nml descriptive catalogue of Vegetable, Farm aud
Vlower Seeds. Plant. Bulbs, Poultry Sup>>li_ _ ami Garden Tools and Implements, etc.
It will be mailed FUSE lo all applicants.    II -RITE TO-D.i )',
H_a_MI1_.TO>-    ���!_�����     ONTA
A Diplomaitc Excoriation
I overheard a group of girls discussing tlio merits of tlieir employers and,
from their remarks it was apparent
that a majority of them wero stenographers. Some were loud in praise
of their employers, while Others were
not. One miss Beenieil greatly impressed by hers.
He is always so adept at answering
letters that I have no trouble at all,
she said. Ile isn't afraid to say anything he means. The other day lie
called mc over to take a letter and his
dictation was like this:
Sir, my typist, being a lady, cannot
take down what I think ot you; I being a gentleman, cannot even think
it; hut you, being neither, can easily
guess my thoughts.
Playing Safe
Senator Wombat is bitterly disappointed in the wireless system.
llow so'.'
lie thought you could seuti ii wireless
message without anything being put
or, paper.
Truth���and Then Some
A Cleveland man visited the laud of
his lathers on a recent Vacation and
while In the Emerald Isle took a trip
to the. lakes of Killaruey. Ills guide
of course, told the most wonderful
stories and legends of the region.
Pat, said the Cl.vekiHder,  do you
over lio about thes: things';
I    No, sor, asserted Pat.     I niter lie
1 about thiiu.   I always tell the trut _
I in every particular, only 1 adds to it.
On.Sale Everywhere.���There may
he country merchants who do not keep
Dr. Thontas' Electric Oil. though they
are few and far between, and the-;,
may suggest that some other oil is
Just as good. ��� There is uotliing so
good as a liniment or as an Internal
modlclne In certain cases. Take no
oilier. The demand tor it shows that
It is Ihe only popular  .11.
Hie Just Due
Spattered tJpooner (at tho door)���
M.ilani, I am cup of de deserviii' poor
dm you read'about, and	
Mrs. Flint (grimly)���Yes, judging
from your looks you . < rtu'.nV deserve
to be poor.
Willie Had Been Peepinij
Mrs, Kawlt-r���Your sist _ ���.  0ance_
name is 'run..'.'.. 1 understand.
Willie���Yes, anil I guess he must
be a descendant of Dick Turpin, 'cause
he holds _st-.'i up every tim - he calls.
Men and the Flag
Uncle Sam Is advertising for a woman to patch battle-flags at i" n day���
and only pays . Ij a month to the men
who carry them!
Pcn't Stay   >eaf Any Lo.iger��� Follow
the   Procession�����Use   Catarrhozone
Nine eases in ten of hard hearing
are curable.
By curable we don't mean reliev-
ablc���wo mean that the sense of heaving can be permanently brought back.
Catarrh usually causes the deafness.
Cure the catarrhal condition and
you remove the cause of your
poor hearing.
If you wct'L sure you had catarrhal
deafness you would use a real cure at
once���of course you would.
There Is a cure for you���one that is
inexpensive���pleasant to use ��� and
feure to do its, work thoroughly.
Catarrhozone is no experiment for
Thousands befur. you hat. cleared
Catarrh out of their heads by the aid
cf C'atarrho/.cne and have thereby
been cured of deafness.
No batteries or miniature telephones to bother you���no internal
medicine to talcs���you have simply to
follow special directions for the Catarrhozone inhaler. Do ihls and you'll
find a wonderful improvement iu short
Any druggist can supply you Cata.
rhozone, or jou can for fl secure tt
post paid duller plaiu wrapper from
the Catarrhozone Co., Kingston. Cauda.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1X69
Cnpitnl Paid Dp $11,560,00.        Reserve nml Undivided Profits $13,000,000
a GENERAL banking business transacted
Payable in all pnrts of the world
Special attention given to Savings Department nnd Transactions of Ordinary Hanking business by mail
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  ut
Courtenav, II. C.
N. II. Bobbn, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription SI.SO per Year in Advance
Hospital For Courtenay
The important matter of a public
hospital for Courtenay and the District is
to be again put into action, and it is to
be hoped that this time it will be brought
to a successful termination, and that we
shall have the pleasure of seeing a hospital erected herein the near future,
A committee of local men waited upon
Mr. Manson, M. P. 1'., upon the occasion
of his last visit to Courtenay, and discussed the question witli him, lie kindly
gave all the iuforuiation required, together with the "Modus operandi," to lie
employed to secure this much needed
building for Courtenay and District.
Tlie residents of this District are all
well aware of the ever pressing and increasing need for a hospital here, not
only for themselves, but the Loggers
and others working in tlie vicinity whose
hazardous occupation renders them exposed to the danger of serious accidents,
many men have been seriously hurt and
have suffered untold agonies, others have
died whilst being transferred from Courtenay to Cumberland Hospital, in spite of
the attention which had beeu rendered
them as soon as medical aid could be
secured. At a critical time after a serious accident, the differeuce between
having Immediate attention in a hospital
and jolting inevitable from a rapid
journey of 6 miles may have meant on
several occasions the difference between
the saving ol a man's life and his death.
What the Government require before
they will tal_ any definite action with
the building of a Public Hospital, is that
a suitable site be secured ami deeded to
them free of all charge, the plans and
estimates should be prepared anil submitted to them for approval, then comes
the question of financing. A hospital
at courtenay with accommodation for
about 30 patients, with men and womens
wards, private wards, and the usi a!
accommodation for the staff etc., would
cost about |10,000. Of this the Government will give 30 per cent, and in some
cases more, and the balance will haqe to
be raised by private subscription.
The Government will also grant a per
diem allowance for each patient in tlie
institution, and it is also tlieir ustom to
make special grants from time to time,
as the need arises.
The institution will have to be undenominational to obtain any grant from
the Government and for that reason it is
to be hoped that all will contribute.
Mr. _, D. Comeroil has been requested
to open up the corn sponilence and subscription list, and also to collect any data
that may be required. No money will
1 e collected, but it is necessary that the
money required should be promised before any definite action will be taken by
the Government, When everything has
been prepared, a public meeting will lie
called, and the full details of the work
done will laid before the meeting for
Our local Praterual Orders with their
Ladies' Auxlliries will be approached,
anil with their co-operation and that of
the business men anil residents of the
town and district the required amount
should be raised.    I'rovi iona' _ 1 ini are
General Store
a�� ���__���_,	
For Choice
Family Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
One  Price  to All
now being prepared anil progress will be
reported each week through the medium
of this paper until such time as it is
thought necessary to call the public
meeting and [appoint trustees, officers,
Dr. Shawsmith the Conservative
organizer was in town'over Sunday.
Several meetings were held.
Lloyd Dunham has embarked iu
the milk business, and is putting
his wares up in glass bottles.
Harry F. Brine returned to town
on Friday evening after an absence
of seven months, the greater portion
of the time being spent iu the hospital with a broken knee cap
received in an auto accident.
On Tuesday evening Ap.il 14th
the Comox Fanners' Institute will
hold a meeting iu the Agricultural
Hall. Mr. Win. Duncan will give
a talk ou his impressions while en-
g iged in his work as one of the
-loyal Agricultural Commission
Mr. Richard Carter Jr., will also
give an account of the doings at
the recent covention at Victoria.
I These subjects should be of great
i interest to the citizens of the valley,
j    On   Friday   afternoon  last   the
1 Road Superintendent and M. Man-
, son   M.   P.   P.,   accompanied the
delegates appointed by the Conservative Association, inspected the
! various roads that had beet complained  of  as being wrongly   or
expensively built.    After examination it was found that there was
absolutely no  foundation for th-
co_tplaint<, a' d thai t ie road . re-
111a 1 v ho hid done the woik was
to be complimented on the nianmr
in which it was done.
with its snow clad mountains in the back ground, sea and green fields in
the foreground, it makes a picture worth painting
We asked you some months ago  to
which is now an assured fact
We have only a few waterfrontagc lots unsold; so if you want to spend
a good time with your family this coming summer
Feeing Bathing and Fishing
Do not delay seeing us. The youngsters do nothing but talk about Roys
Beach "from the time they leave till they get back there again
Ring up 36
British Columbia Investments Ltd.
Shadow Lace Camisoles
Man Tailored Shirtwaists
Special showing this week of
Frillings in White and Cream
Shadow Lace, Printed Chiffon
Pr'nted Crepes and Cream
Shadow Lace with Fur Edging
from 25c to 90c per yard
Novelties in Ladle's Fringed
Silk Crepe Four-in-hand Ties,
Plain and Embroidered Linen
Robspierre Collars
Ladie's Dorothv Dodd Queen
Quality Shoes with New Re-
ceediug Toe, in Plain Kid
and Voge, in Black Tan and
Perrins' Guaranteed Kid
Gloves in fashionable shades
Gent's Panama and Boater
Shape Straw Hats
W. G.&R. Fast Colour Shirts
newest styles in Close Fitting
Collars, also the Long Point
Duke and Earle Collars in
Plain and Self Striped
Spring and Summer Underwear,   Light   and   Medium
Weights, Elastic Ribbed $1
per suit
Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Samples of the Newest Patterns   in   Worsted   Tweeds
and Serges
Exclusive Selections in Easter
Perrins' Kid Gloves in Tans
and Greys
New Spring Styles in (George
A. Slater's "Invictus" Shoes
"The Best Good Shoe"
Tailored Suits
Over 400 Sample-
to Choose From
Art Clothes
Beats them all. They
please those who have
worn them. Order in
time and get your
choice of over 400
We aim to please
Loggie Bros.      Courtenay
The  Corner  Store, Sandwick
First Class Groceries, Boot-, Shoes,
Dry Goods, Hardware, Etc.
As in the past year we are always ready to attend
promptly to your order whether it be small or large
Call and see us or ring up
Telephone   4
Parkin Bros.
Dissolution of Partnership
Notice is hereby given that the parner-1
ship, hitherto existing to between us and
carried   on  under  the   firm   name  of
Cameron & Allan, in the town of Court- J
einy, Province of British Columbia,  has '
thisday been dissolved by mutual consent. ���
All debts due to the said firm ol \
Cameron & Allan, must be paid to
Robert M. Allan, of Courtenay aforesaid,
who will continue to carry on the said
business, and discharge all the liabilities
of the said partnership.
Dated at Courtenay, B. C, this 19th.
of February, 1914.
Frank I_ Cameron.
Robert M. Allan.
C. G. Callin.
Wood!_ Woo d!
Price $4.50 per load
or cord delivered
Price $3.25 'per load
in the bush
D. CUDMORE - Courtenay
COURTENAY   -   B. C. \
The Most Home-Like Hotel North
of Victoria
Best of Attention Given to Guests
Rates Reasonable
Faber & Faber, Props.
Tel .phone 35
SEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Comox School Hoard for the
purchase of the Old School House and
Land, being one-half acre more or less
Tenders to be ill by April 11, 1914.
Highest or any teudsr not necessarily
Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway Lands
Every conveyance fromjthe Esquimalt & Nanaimo
Railway Company, not already registered, should
be lodged in the Land Registry Office before May
31st, next, pursuant to the Land Registry Act
Amendment Act 1914.
. .j i���1�� idiitts n
The Call
of the
Comes with tlie mouths of spring and at Plimlcy's
everything is ready for tlie cvclist and the motorist.
The'I9I4'""Indian" Motorcycle, the ioi.| "Overland"
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leading makers all await your choice. Send for free
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' ������'"���_     _fe
melt- _5_2 U - JL-J L -
Any persons havitu; nny claim agalust
in. will please   .ml sain, to 1110 at one.,
when same will he promptly  liquidated.
Rochester, _lta.
For Sale
3 Second Hand Marine Engines.  Also some used motor
hull, row boats, skiffs, etc.
Batteries and Marine
Supplies kept in stock
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
C. E. Tildesley
B. C. L. S.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Cusine Kxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Apply at
Riverside Hotel,    Courtenay
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly \
Cumberland and Courtenay
R.  N.   Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder^
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Comox, B. C.
Beit Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors aud Cigars
C. A. Martiu,  Prop.
nans  and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
eT. t. grieves
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
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& Feed Stable
Horses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable Bates
We ��lso attend to wood hauling
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The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None butth. BE..  \V1ME3 an
UQUORS at the Bar
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 27 Courtenay
Letter to the Editor
Editor Courtenay Review,
Dear Sir:���In the issue of March
26, Mr. Idiens tells us thnt Public
Houses, under the manageament of
the Public Trust Company Ltd.
has proved to lie a great success in
England, I think there arc quite
a number of persons who will not
agree with the statement. If it is
the object of Earl Grey & Co. to
discountenance the use of alcoholic
liquors, then why provide them?
It seems so strange and contradictory to have an attraction in the
form of Intoxicating liquors, and at
the some time and place, to provide
a counter attraction. It is evident
they recognize the elements of
danger in its use as a beverage, but
it would seem the big profits
prompts the sale.
It was .reported some years ago,
that lhe "Anchor" drink shop, at
Scaynes Hill, Sussex, Eugland,
was tnkea over by a clergyman, and
spoken of as a model public house,
to be managed for sobriety ami
public piofft. The clergyman pressed a total abstainer to manage it
as a duty to God and his fellow-
creatures, lie wrote Mr, Joseph
Matins, of Good Templar fame, for
advice; but contrary to advice le-
ceived, took over the manageament,
In about a year the clergyman
turned him oul as a drunkard,
Another total abstainer was appointed as malinger, he also became
a drunkard, The clergyman confessed to begging the manager of
the reformed public house to reform
himself, but in vain. This manager committed suicide.
The clergyman narrated this
story at the inquest.
Tired of trying to reform the
business, he handed the house over
to tlie brewery company.
It is possible to acquire the taste
for strong drink, under very pleasant surroundings, but the results
are often disastrous. Sobriety is
better than drunkenness, and total
abstinence is the only safe path.
I fail to  see  that  tlie  traffic  is
necessary for health or pleasure;
aud as to trade and buisuess,  I   regard it as its greatest enemy,
I am Youi s truly
An Englishman.
Campbell River
A grand concert was held at the
Willows Hotel, Campbell River,
on Saturday evening last, March
28th, in aid of the hospital now
being built there. The hall, kindly
lent by Mr. and Mrs. Thulin, was
packed to overcrowding, and all
commented on the enjoyable, aud
entertaining evening spent,
The following was the program:
Pianoforte Solo, Miss R. Morrison,
Voc . Solo, "Ole Ole Olson,"
Mr. Lage.
Recitation, Rev. C, Hepburn.
Plajette; "A Cold in the Head,"
Vocal Solo, "Goodbye' Mrs, J.
Recitation, "My Shadow," and
"How Many Miles to Babyland,"
Miss E. McDonald.
Vocal Solo, "Times Roses," Miss
Dance "Scotch" Mr. Nichols.
Vocal Duet, "The Children's
Home" Mrs. Glanville, and Miss
Dance "Skirt" Miss L   Thulin.
Duet, (Pianoforte) "Mrs. Glanville, and Miss Morrison.
Vocal Solo, "The Lighthouse
Bell," Mr. Smith.
A Farce, 'The Piano Tuner,"
Miss M. McNeil and Mi. G.
Vocal Duet "The Gypsy Countess," Miss Baiwise and Mr. Hage.
Action Song, ".School Days,"
Misses McNeil, E, Thulin, Smith
L. Timlin, Barwise.
Vocal Solo, "Won't Vou Buy
My Pretty Flowers," Miss L.
Tableaux.        '
Contributions gladly received in
aid of the Hospital. President of
the C. R. S. B. C. Mrs, C. Thulin
Secretary Treasurer, Mrs. McDonald.
Buggies and Express W: g ns
All Ri^s Guaranteed unci Sold at the Lowest P__l 1   Price
Blacksmith ard Carriag. Builder
General Blacksmiths
Agents for a. till line ot Farm Implement! All W rl   Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable Comox, B. C
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
Local Option in New Zealand
���jjditor Review
Dear Sir:���Prohibition of the Liquo
Traffic _illbrliig'iucalc liable gain. This
belief is rapidly gaining ground in New
Zealand, and is expressing itself in Local
If a majority vote could secure national prohibition. New Zealand would have
had it at the last election; but the three
liltlis vote required there prevented this.
lu my next letter I hope to submit
statements as to tlie results of local option
in some New Zealand towns.
I must refer here, briefly, to Karl
Grey's "Public House Trust Co.,"
mentioned in Mr. Mien's last letter. 1
think a more appropriate name fo: it
would be "Karl Crey's.Disguised llooz-
ing Sy .tem."
You may dress Up the devil in the
guise of a refined and polished gentleman, and introduce him Into Society;
but lie is still the devil, and wherever lie
is, the works of the devil will be done.
So, likewise, no matter how refined aud
cultured the surroundings, if "booze"
be there, the results of ''boozing" will
However, let me say that Karl Grey's
Public House Trust Co., has been strongly condemned by British Tenipe, mice
Societies, and by many prominent people
in Great Brinain; e. g., Sir Wilfred Law-
son, (President ol the United Kingdom
Temperance Alliance,) Rev. Geo. Gladstone, (Pres. Scottish Temperance League, ) Lady Henry Sunerset, (Pres. of
the National Women's Temperance
Association,) etc. I will, if necessary,
quote statements by some of these in a
luture letter.
The only cure for a cancer, is to cut it
out; the only cure for the drink Cancer ���
the Liquor Traffic���which is corrupting
and destroying the youth and manhood
ol our country, is to cut it out by means
of prohibition.
This is the belief of the Car.a Han Parliament, Listen, "Resolved, that the
right and most effectual remedy for the
suppression of the evils of intemperance
is to be found in the entachthent and
enforcement of a law, prohibiting the
manufacture, importation, and sale of
intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes. And this House is prepared, so
soon as public sentiment will sustain
stringent measures to promote such legislation, so far as Is within the competency
of the Parlimaetit of Canada."
This was passed iu 1SS4, by the House
of Commons at Ottawa, by a vote of 122
to 40. A similar one was passed by both
Houses in 1874, by large majorities.
Until we can obtain provincial or
national prohibition', the next best thing
is Local Option.
Local Option.
Courtenay, April 6, 1914.
Leroy S,
_.         .. 1
r  St
��� J
Dominion  c.
nd   B.
Land Su
. .j or
Office in Capt. i.
P c
In North an.   South, in hast
and We?:,
Aston's Hand.
stan 1th   T
j. E- a;
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, i topiietoi
NEW   ENGi   .
Bar supplied with the Hi
Liquors and Cigars
JOS. WALKER       -       -       .     .
Of Tailoring and Gents' Fondjibing
Store in premises lately ocupie
by J. Yo t; g, Floi.graf It-
Suits made ,o cr [er      $2Z.f_ ag
Pants made to order 5.5i> np
Overcoats made to order 17.50 up
A nice line  of Genu    .era . t'n-
derwear, Overshirts   S    Its   ���- : ;    ���
Overalls,  Etc.   come and see  the  StEfe
and Wool mixed Underwear, tlu- b st in
the market
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Brownie Cameras,
Films, Papers and
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. in on Thursdays
The cost to the people of British
Columbia, will be in the neighbourhood of $150,000, for maintaining
order, and prosecuting the strikers
and incendaries at Nanaimo and
Spades, long or short handle, $1 00
Forks, long handle $ 1.40
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Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut out cathartics and pUtftUfM.   They ar��
lirnt_l--h.u hh��uni.eci __-f j, fry
Purely veretaU* Act
foully ontlieliver,
_l,i>iiti_t. Hi].._i
Care Can.
__ lliedache and /no_r__, da m__ni kn.it.
Small Pill, Small Do.e, Small Price,
Genuine must b��i Signature
I Iv.ly. no wanted me to go back to
blm, and I told him 1 would rather
I die. 1 took a big house and kept
bachelor unites for gentlemen, Mr.
Fleming lived there mid- he married
me three years ago. lie and _ohw-
111.1. had to stand together, but they
hated each other.
BchwarU? i meditated,     Do yon
happen to know if Senator Sobwart-I
was in Plattsburg ut thn tlmo of th.
iniu���of Mr. Fleming's death?
lie wna here iu Manchester.
lie hmi already threatened Mr.
Fleming's life.
lie had already tried to Kill blm the
day we were married,
lie stabbed blm twice, Inn not deep
I looked at her in wonder. l'or
ihls woman, not extraordinarily band*
some, Iwo men bad fought and one
had died    according to ber story.
By Mary Roberts Rinehart
I am .Mrs. Allan Firming, sho _uld,
with a certain husky defiance,
1 beg your pardon, I suld after a
minute. Sou mean the Allan Fleming who has Just died?
She nodded. 1 could sec sho was
unable just then to speak. She liad
nerved herself to tlio interview, but
it was evident that thero was a real
grief. I saw now tbat sbo was in
Do you moan, I asked incredulously, that Mr. Fleming married a second
lie married me threo years ago in
-1,'i.tt.shurg. I camo from there last
night.     1 couldn't leave before.
Does Miss Fleming know about this
second marriage?
No. Nobody knew about it. 1
have bad to put up with a great deal
Mr. Knox. It's a bard thing for a
woman to know that people are talking about her, and all the tlmo she Is
married as tight as ring and boob
can do it.
I suppose, I hazarded, If thnt Is the
caso you have como about tbo estate?
Estate? Her tone was scornful. I
guess I'll take what's coming lo me,
as far as that goes, and It won't be
much. No, I came to ask what they
mean by saying Allan Fleming killed
Don't you think he did?
I know bo did not, sbe said tensely.
Not only that, I know wbo did it.
It was Schwartz ��� Henry Schwartz.
You don't know Schwartz. I wns
married to blm for fifteen years. 1
took blm when he bad a saloon in Uie
Fifth ward, at Plattsburg. The next
year bo was alderman. I didn't expect in thoso days to see him riding
around 1n an automobile, not but what
ho was makirg money, for Henry
Schwartz is a money maker. That's
wby he's boss of the state now.
And you divorced blm?
He was a brute, sho said   Tindlc't-
fn Little Blotches. ScratchingCaused
It to Spread, Hands Had to Be
Tied. Cried Day and Night. Cuticura Soap and Ointment Cured,
Ennlsktilon, N. n. ��� "Tlio trouble started
when my liahy was four month* old. Her
head, neck and shoulders wero a mass of
���ores.' Thoy liroko out Bt first In little
blotcbot, only watery, which tho child
Rerun hi. ami caused to spread and form
a in.iM of Botes, Her hands had to bo tied
to keep her from scratching tho sores. The
eczema caused her to Itch uiul burn and to
bo cross and peevish. Mio was disfigured
for tho time sho hud It. 8ho cried duy and
night from tlio Irritation. Neighbors said
���ho would nover bo cured.
"Sho was given somo medlclno to take
Inwardly hut without success. Then a
friend told mo to try Cuticura Soap and
Ointment which I did. I washed the child
with Cuticura Soap, driod well, then applied tlio Cuticura Ointment every day and
in a week's time tho burning sensation left,
the child scratched no more, and when she
was cloven months old sho was completely
cured." (Slimed) Mrs. John J. McCann,
Nov. 27,1012.
Although the Cuticura Soap and Ointment are most successful in the treatment of
affections of the skin, scalp, balr and hands,
they are also most valuable for everyday
use tn tbe toilet, bath and nursery, because
they promote and maintain the health of the
skin and balr from Infancy to age. Sold by
druggists and dealers everywhere. For a
liberal free sample of each, wllh 32-p. book,
send post-card to Potter Drug tt Chein.
Corp., Dept. D, Boston, U. S. A.
Edith's Cousin
1 enn prove everything | nay. she
wi nt oil rapidly. I have p.iters from
Mr. Fleming telling ine whal to do in
case bo wus shot down. I bnvo papers'   eiineelled notes-lhat would put
Schwartz in the penitentiary- that, is
she snld cunningly, I did bine tbem.
Mr. Fleming took tbem nway.
Aren't you afraid for yourself? I
Yos, I am afraid- -afraid bo will get.
mo back yet. It would please hlni
to bco ine crawl back on my knees.
Hut he cannot force you to go back-
to bim.
Yes, ho can.     She Bhlvored,
Fleming hmi been shot. Schwartz
bad been in tbe city about the Hor-
ough bank. Uo bad threatened Fleming before, but a political lieaco had
been patched. Schwartz knew tlio
White Cat.   That was nil.
I know a lot about inside politics,
she said as sho got up. I have seen
the stiito divided up with tho roust at
my table and served around with lhe
dessert, and I can tell you something
you don't know about your White
Cat. A hack staircase lends to one
of the upstairs rooms and shuts off
with a locked door. It opeiiB below,
out a sldo entrance, not supposed to
be used. Only a few know of It.
Henry Butler was found dead at tbe
foot of that staircase.
He shot himself, didn't bo?
The police said so, she replied, with
her grim smile. Thero is such a thing
as murdering a man by driving him to
She wrote an address on a card and
gavo it to mo.
Just a minute, I said ns sho was
about to go. Have you ever heard
Mr. Fleming speak of the Misses Maitland?    ���
They were bis first wife's sisters.
No, he never talked of them, but 1
believe just before he left Plattsburg
he tried to borrow some money from
Aud fnlled.
The oldest ono telegraphed tho refusal, collect, she said, smiling faintly-
Thero is something else, I said. Did
you ever hoar of the number eleven
No���or���wby, yes���she said. It.
is the number of my house.
It seemed rather ridiculous when
she had gone, and I sat down to
think it over. It was anti-climax to
say the least. If the mysterious
number meant only the address of
this very ordinary woman, then���it
was probable her story of Schwartz
was truo enough. But I could not
reconcile myself to it, nor could I imagine Schwartz, with his great bulk
skulking around, pinning scraps of
paper to pillows.
That night, at the most peaceful
spot I bad ever known���Fred's home
���occurred another inexplicable affair,
one that left us all with racked
nerves and listening, fearful ears.
Tbat was to be Margery's last evening at Fred's. Edith had kept her
as long as she could, but the girl felt
that her place was with Miss Letitia.
Edith was desolaie.
Margery and I were alone.
1'erhans I was morbid about the
ring. It seemed to me she lifted her
hand and looked at it.
Harry Wardrop was here last night.
I said, poking down the log with my
Yos. I suppose I was wrong, but
I did not Bay you wero hero.
She looked at me closely out of the
most beautiful eyes I ever saw.
I am not afraid to see him, she said
proudly, and he ought not to be afraid
to see me.
In justice to him. I said, and because I want to flgbt fair I tell you
tonight that I don't believe he knows
anything about your father's death
and that I believed be was robbed that
night at Bellwood.
What about tbo pearls ho sold at
Plattsburg? she asked suddenly.
I tbink when the proper time comes
ho will tell about that, too, Margery.
I did not notice my use of her name
until loo late. If she heard Bhe failed
to resent it.     After all
CATARRH? /��� V��7
���������________ breathwg
impaired? Does your throat
get husky or clogged?
Modern science proves that
these symptoms result from run
down health. Snuffs and vapors
are irritating and useless. Vou
should buildyoiirge nrral health
with the oil-food in Scott's
Emulsion -its nourishing
powers will enrich and enliven
the blood, aid nutrition and assimilation and assist nature to
check the inflammation and
heal the sensitive membranes
which are affected.
Scott's Emulsion
will raise your
standard of health
to correct catarrh.
Shun alcoholic mixture*
end intitt en SCOTT'S
n_��_i. It
will bo happy. If you don't���no, let
me finish, I have made up my mind
to clear him If I enn, to bring hlni to
you with a clear shite. Then- I know
It is audacious, but I am going to come
too, and���1 am going to plead for myself Iben unless you send mo away.
She sat with ber head bent, her
color coming end going nervously.
Now sho looked up at mo with what
was tho ghost of a smile.
It sounds llko a threat, she said
I|l a low voice. And you- I wonder
If you always get what you want?
Then, of course, Fred camo In and
fell over a ha.isock looking for matches. Edith opened tho door of tho
den and called blm to her Irritably,
but Fred declined to leave the wood
lire and settled down in his easy
chair Afler awhilo Edith camo over
and joined us, but she snubbed Fred
the entire evening to bis bewilderment.
And wben conversation lagged during
tho evening tbat followed I tried to
remember wbat I bad said. Sho had
not been angry and she had understood. Blessed be the woman lhat
We broke up for the night about
11. Mrs. Butler had come down for
awhile, and had even played a little
something of Tschalkowsky's, a song,
a plaintive theme that brought sadness
back Into Margery's face.
Fred and I sat In the library for
awhile after the rest had gone, and I
told him a little of what I had learned that afternoon.
A second wife, ho said, and a primitive type, eh? Well, did she shoot
him or did Schwartz? The lady or
the Democratic Tiger?
The Tiger, I said firmly.
The Lady, said Fred, with equal assurance.
(To be Continued)
Force of Habit
Crawford���There Is no doubt the
wise thing is to practice economy.
Crabshaw���But this Is an extravagant age, aud we seem to be out of
Always Have Things to Learn
"For many years I had used coffee
and refused to he convinced of Us bad
effect upon tho human system," writes
a veteran school teacher. (Tea is just
as harmful becauso It contains caffeine, the same drug found ln coffee).
"Ten years ago I was obliged to give
up my much-loved work in the public
schools after years of continuous labor.
I had developed a well denied case of
chronic coffee poisoning.
"Tho troubles were constipation,
-titterings of the heart, a thumping in I
the top of my head and various parts
of my body, twitching of my limbs,
shaking of bead and, at times after
exertion, a general "gone" feeling, with
a toper's deslro for very strong coffee.
I was a nervous wreck for years.
"A short time ago friends came to
visit us and they brought r. package
of Postum witli tbem, and urged me to
try it. I was prejudiced because some
years hack 1 had drunk a cup of weak,
tasteless stuff called Postum which I
did not like at all.
"This time, however, my friend made
the Postum according to directions on
the package, and It won me. Soon
I found myself improving In a most
decided fashion.
"The odor A boiling coffee no longer
.. ., tempts me.    I am so greatly benefited
,7  -.--   ,,        ...      ,       lr ,you iove by Postum that if I continue to improve
him hardly anything else matters, does , a8 j   m n      ,,��� b   ,��� ^ tl)ln,t , Uave
it?   How do we know but that he was found the Founta.n of Perpetual Youth.
Too  Much  for Father
In the country is a youngster who is
tho terror of bis parents on account of
tbo questions ho can ask.     lie Is a human Interrogation point.
One day last week he caught a caterpillar, aini as usual, was tormenting
tho life out of the father about It.
Pater Is a schoolmaster, and used to
tbo manifestations of his offspring's
intellect; hut finally lie gavo way under tbo lire of questions, and Informed Iho youth that school hours for tho
day were over.
Silence followed for a minute, and
then came, apponllngiy.
Papa, 1 want to know just, one moro
How did tbe wiggle on tli,.. caterpillar como to b�� arranged?
Tlio father collapsed.
Asthma Cannot Last when tho
greatest of ail asthma specifics is
used Dr. ,1. I). Kellogg's Asthma Remedy assuredly deserves this exulted
title, it. ha.-i countlois cures to its credit which other preparations imd failed)
to benefit, It bring.-, help lo oven
Ibe most severe eases and brings the
patient to a condition of blessed relief. Surely suffering from asthma
Is needless when i. remedy like Mils
Is so easily secured.
Husband i shaving)--Bother the razor!
Wife���What's the matter now? _ou
urn dreadfully 111-tempered,
Husband,   .'no ri sor is abominably
Wife���Dull? Why, I ripped up an
old skli'l. witli il  yesterday and It cut
Mlnard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria
Why Collections are Large
A pious old lady of our acquaintance
devotes the proceeds from the eggs
her hens lay ou Sundays to the church.
Fortunately for lhe church nearly all
her hens wero Sabbath-breakers.
Disraeli on Suffrage
As early as 1S48 Mr. Disraeli said 'n
tho English House of Commons:
In a country governed by a woman
-where you allow women lo form part
| of the other estate of the realm���peeresses in their own right for example���
where you allow women not only to
bold land, hut lo bo ladles of tho manor and hold legal courts-where a woman by law may be a church warden
aud overseer of tbo poor���1 do uot see
where she has so much to do. with the
state and church, on wbat reasons, if
you come to right, she has not a right
tc vote.
We offer One Hundred Dollars He-
ward for any ease of Catarrh that cannot hi cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
1 . J. OHENHT & CO., Toledo, 0.
Wo, the unC Igned have known 1 . J.
Cheney for Uie last 15 years and believe
hiin per. .'Oily honorable In all, business
transactions and flnanoiaily nblc to carry
out any obligation ���"do by his Arm.
Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally,
acting directly upon tbo blood and mucous surfaces r. ihe system. Testimonials
sent free. l.L-o 75 cents per bottle.
Sold  by  all  Druggists,
Take Halls Family Pills for constipation.
Ons Ti iuroph Let':
Let women vote, and trousers wear,
And carry canes, and crop their balr,
And glvo up chewin-- gum and pins,
And copy all our swagger sins,
And all our ancient glories share,
And say "Ha, ha!" What do I care?
Let Women vote!
Their work With ours may well compare
In competition free and fair.
B���t we are safe���excuse these grins���
They  can't  grow  whiskers on   their
Let women     tc!
Applj Zam-Buk to all 1
wounds and sows sud you
will be surprised how quickly
jt stops the smarting and
wings case. It covers tha
wound with a layer of protective balm, kills all poison
Rerun tltttdf In the wound, aod
prevents other, en .ring. Its rich
liraliae brrbal cuencci then bu Id
up from lhe bottom, freih t_r_|
���nd In a wondrrful'y short lima
the wound b healed I
'!**, Hull's popularity I, bun) on mar li
imiiailtiinn. .moil. nun. I. __and
_ I I. r_l tiling, "__ni.|lu_ Ms | ,1, lad
nil alary park, t _ 11,0 ninulne. Ma UM
���11 oilier,., (Oi ill <ln.Kitn.ta aud dor. et
-M>'BukCe���Ti. _nt .
Miller's Worm Pdwdert act so thoroughly that stomachic and intestinal
worms are literally ground up and pass
from the child without being noticed
and without inconvenience to tbe sufferer. Tbey arc p.iinlesB and perfect
in action, nnd ar. all time will ue
found a healthy medicine, strengthening the lnf..ntilo stomach and maintaining it in vigorous operation, so
that, besides being an effective vermifuge, they are tonleal aud health-giving In their effects.
Can't Spare the Time
Eix���They say that women are hardly ever stammerers.
Dlx���No; they have so much to say
that they can't stop l'or it.
can use
^The Guaranteed "ONK DYE for'
*        All Kinds of Cloth. ,
, Clean, Slmpla, No Chance of Mlttakaa. TRY
i IT I Send for Frearolor Curd an--oofclsc.
���TbeJcbBe<_-HI_a_a-Jii Co. IJmi.ad.  loavul
The Wrong Parent
Teacher ��� Tommy, .next time yott
are Into bring an excuse from your
Tommy���Who? Pa? Wby be ain't
any good at excuses; ma finds lih_
out every time.
Mlnard's  Liniment Cures Colds, Eta.
Reverse Not True
Scott���A man may be so effusively
pleasant with everybody that he b.
comes a nuisance.
Mott���True. But n man who endeavors habitually to mako himself a
nuisance never succeeds by any- accident in being pleasant.
Indigestion is ine of the most common ailments of childhood and no otber
ailment is mere dangerous. Indigestion paves the way to mar.y other complaints. Baby's Own Tablets never
fall to remoio childhood Indigestion.
They act as gentle laxative; sweeten
tbe stomach; regulate the bowels and
make the baby healthy and happy.
Concerning tbem Mrs. Alphonso Pelli.
ier, St. Philippe de Neri, Que., writes:
"I l-.j.ve used Baby's Own Tablets for
indigestion with great success. Tbey
have also proved successful In breal.
iug up colic and slnple fevers." Tht
Tablets aro sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 ce;:ts a box from The
Dr. Williams' .Medicine Co., Brocl-
vllle, Ont.
Man never   realizes   wha'.   mutual
sorrow really is until be reads an editor's regrets.
W. N. U. 990
in trouble and that Aunt Jane herself
gave them to blm?
She looked at me with a little perplexity.
You plead his cause very well, she
said. Did he ask you to speak to
I won't run a race with a man who
is lame, I said quietly.     Ethically I
This is no fancy letter but stubborn
facts which I am glad to make known."
Name given by Canadian Postum Co..
Windsor, Ont.     Write for a copy of
"Tho Road to Wellville."
Postum now comes in two forms;
Regular Postum���must be well boiled.
.   ,    Instant Postum���is a   soluble pow-
ought to go away and leave   you   to|der   A teaspoonful dissolves  quickly
your dreams, but I am not going to In a cup o( hot water an(Ji wIth cream
do it.    If you love Wardrop as a wo- ftn(1 BUgari mal!es a delicious beverage
man ought to love the man si ie mar-1 instantly.    Grocers sell both kinds.
rles then marry him and I hope you)    "There's a _oa~,on" for Postum.
|p Woman's Danger Signals^
ll Hot flashes���dizziness,  fainting spells,  headache, bearing-down
IE feeling and ills of a kindred nature���are nature's danger signals.
II The female disturbance or irregularity back of these calls for h.lp,
11 should bave immediate care and attention.   Otherwise the delicate
II female constitution soon breaks down.
P?^. pr. pierce favorite prescription
'    for more then 40 yean bu bees lending Its health restoring (Id ta thou-  ^L\
und* of women year liter year throughout ita long life.
This wonderfully successful remedy impart* strength to tbe entire system���
particularly to the organs distinctly feminine. Nerves are refreshed. The "stale",
overworked business woman, the run-down house-wife, and the weary care-worn
mother of a family���all will rain strength from this famous prescription w|(ck
40 years has demonstrated Ita effectiveness���la liquid or tablet form.
Writ* Dr. _. V..farce's S**ei*H.ts af th* /�������__��� HfU
C*rtett*ndtme* Strictly C*nfH.nti*l-*n4 a* cr__w,
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets _��_alate and laTtgorate stomaeb, Mvar
and bowels.   Sngar-ooatad _���_  granules -easy to take aa Candy a a
ALEXANDER LAIRD. General Manager JOHN AIRD. Aaa't General
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
The Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every
facility for the transaction of their banking business, including
the discount and collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes
are supplied free of charge on application. S25
W. S. LONGHURST, Acting Manager, Courtenay and Comox Branches
Comox branch open on Tuesday, from n to 3
What is wrong with the Government Tost Office here? Nearly four
months since the new postmaster
was engaged nnd moved into the
new Government Building; still the
mail is being distributed nt the old
Post Ofiice, nearly time wc- did
some kicking don't you think?
Marshall Laird i.s away on a trip
to Vancouver, wonder if he will return alone this time.
Another arrival Mr. Pollock is
busy working on his acreage on the
B. C. Investments propertv.
Report says that the contract
has been let for the new C. P. R.
station, to be completed by May 15.
As soon as the C. P. R. is in
operation, arrangements will be
made to connect Powell River by
boat so that the residents at that
point can get through to Nanaimo
and Victoria by rail.
The Royal Bank of Canada are
now located here for business every
day, instead of two days per week.
Mr. F, Bosworth, manager, assisted
by Desmond Roe. Desmond looks
as the ugh he is at home once more,
Mr Manson, M. L, A. paid Union
Bav a visit on Tuesday 30th, the
same evening a meeting was held
of the Conservatives in the Surgery.
As I did not have the pass word to
gain admittance I am unable to
give any information as to business
Mrs. D. R. Haggart is once more
a resident, having rented the residence next the site of the new C. P.
R. station, the remainder of her
family expected here next week.
Another Important meeting of the
Board of Trade was hold on Thursday evening April 2nd, when the
Board was strengthened by the
adoption of five new members: Jas,
11. Parkin, Samuel Calhoun, J. K.
Urquhart, J. Wilmshurst and Wm.
Duncan being elected to membership.
The dredging committee appointed a month ago to solicit the cooperation of S. S. Companies aud
Vancouver wholesale houses in securing an appropriation for the
dredging of tho (Jnurtenay River, reported
progreSBj and a Ii .tur fioui Air. Clements was
read, stating that this matter had been especially noted in the _i|H>liiiienti_y _tiuiii__
.Special committees were appointed t > secure
the extension of tho 11. C, Telephone lines
where applications fur phones have been Hied;
to collect data regarding h'gh schools with u
view to the possible erection of a high school
in Courtenay; and to arrange for a celebration
on he arrival if the first train. Thin celebration ought to be a very profitable business and
advertising affair to Courtenay, as it is expected that excursion parties will come up
from Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncans and various
other towns along the line.
All public spirited citizens interested in the
welfare of Courtenay and the ili-trici are welcome as members of the Board of Trade,
To  introduce   Eggo  Baking   Powder  we  purpose
giving away  Free One lib. Tin of Kggo Baking
Powder to the first 100 customers buying one 491b.
sack of flour at our store
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.  DALRYMPLE,  Prop.
R. Athey has secured the contract
for the erection of S- Calhoun's
block, Urquhart's sawmill will
furnish the lumber.
About 300,000 feet of limber will
be required to build the station
buildings, D. Kilpatrick has the
contract for cutting it.
A football match will be played
on the grounds behind the Court
enay Hotel on Good Friday (tomorrow) afternoon, between the
Cumberland Champions and a
scratch team of Courtenay youths.
Everyone should turn out to see
the game.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay "Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
The Courtenay Dance Club will
hold a dance in the Opera house
on Monday next, This dance will
close the season. Roy's orchestra
will be in attendance. The club
has a small balance on hand and
the charge for this dance will be
only sufficient to defray the expense of the evening. Invitations
rr.' being sent out to those who
have patronized the dances in the
past along with a few others. The
event will be well worth attending.
We Are Showing for
the Holiday Season
A   New  Assortment  of  Ladie's
Neckwear   which has just
come to hand
Amongst them will be found some
of the latest creations in neckwear
To see them is to appreciate them.
See  our window
Phone 6 Courtenay
W. Aitken
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
Notice ef application (or the approval of worlti
uii prcienting ol Petition for the approval
of Undertaking
Take notice that the courtenay Water
Works company Limited, vvil' apply to
the Comptroller of Water Rights for the
approval of the plans of the Works to he
constructed for the utilization of water
from Millard creek in comox District,
which the applicant is by Water Permit
_o. 474 authorised to make for municipal
A petition for the approval of the un
dertaking will be presented to the
Honourable the Minister of Lands.
The plans and particulars required by
Subsection 1 of Section 70 of the Water
Act as amended and the said Petition
required by Section 89 lrave been filed
with the comptroller of Water Rights at
Victoria and with the Water Recorder at
Objections to the application or petition
may be filed with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings',
Dated at courtenay, n. c, this Kith
day of March, 1914.
Courtenav Watbr Works Co. limit..n
R. M. A���_AN,
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drug Store.
Major Hilton returned from Vancouver on
Mr. Bob Philberg returned to Headquarters
on Tuesday.
A favorite amu.en.ent on fine evenings
during the past week has been fishing or
watching others fish, at the dam. There w-s
plenty of ip< rt but too few fish. On Wednes*
da.v evening the fLshintr wis followed by an
important sing-song at Mr.. Monaban's when
much local talent wan displayed
Miss Dcothy Simms han come from Courtenay to spend a few days with Miss Spencer.
There was an enjoyable dance at the new
dance hall on Saturday.
Mr. Boucher returned t<> F^sdquarter. on
Friday, and left again on Si. ... ���ti_co__panied
by his wife and fumily.
Messrs. Bob Hagenbuch and Jaok Kerrone
have left Headquarters this week, having
obtained work near __ uncan.
.Mr. and Mrs. Burgonsto kand family spent
Sunday in Headquarters with Mr. and Mrs
Torumie Thame, and a meiry crowd joined
them in the evening and enjoyed their gramophone.
The surprise party on "Th* Bachelors" on
April 7 was organized by Mrs. Dixon,
Comox Co-Operative Society
Dealers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Farmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty. We sell only the
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Timothy, Clover and Farm Seeds
at greatly reduced prices for
the next two weeks
Phone Y91 and your order will be filled at once
Business having; changed  hands and  to nia'ce  room  for new stock
will make a substantial reduction  off the  stock purchased  from T. !.).
Mcl.ean, at the Courteuay Jewelry Store
A Genuine Reduction Off Marked Prices
Some High Grade VValtliam Watches ami a selection of Dress Rings
at bargain prices.     Inspection invited
CHAS. SIMMS, Jeweler and Optician, COURTENAY
Barrister  and  Solicitor,   Notary  Public
P. O. Box 209
Phone 24 Courtenay
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and SteamfittiiiK
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Soft Drinks
Swan's Pool Room
_E. SWAN, Prop.
Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installed. Electric Wiring and Installation of all Winds of Electrical Work
Isolated [.ighting Plants a Specialty
Box 195      Phone F95      Courtenay
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired _ Overhauled
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief���Permanent Care
I ail   Pwtly vrjfl.
Me -tctiun.
(.u'n-titly on
the, {'net.
Stop uttci
g-t_n   ��� hipfOVt ll.e compleii<��:i - blWllCl
tSecyrs. Small Pill, Small Dos: Small P_M
Genuine _u*it.�� Signature
__ n.al Ltvtr 41 malatlaa
i itr_lth__r��_rl Ml (Mil
ottst   trim   .;.   ����������'���".�� ��� * i
fljnv    W* art 3t��!Dn v��ii
Wii.hM   'ii   th'i'j_u.4   <���(
I_*>li'-e   * 1     _'!(     .tl.
wor! .    at      .     !iij��
��ilv ..!��� Mint ur      f- 1*0
U .uiir ol___v_ ct
���bt%! . oi.*>. Writ*
���o_r, *. ..��'.( ._
e_ti_   for one o!   fir
lu'flii'n'. i  da .in'
> a-.-t    riunrdi,    nr
0_n!��V Ai _m.i. et. .t
���������rr' _,���_   ,i*M t_   * ���.:
witli tli* nnh, ��b___
will  Im   _i����.i   ; ���__
(ItiM*     *���' !>>���_.     n.1
fti.r a ._-_ !l_a ��_u ..
���himl .   70 .  t__��  _,..
nnttMOl it.(route.-
l.ui offer. W�� meet ran io Ml ..wi _)_ ii��
about tli nd show thorn tlie _eau_iT-.il witch.
t_m t thin* th!. offer too foo. to be ten. M'- __.il
SO santi to-iter fii'i iKln ��� Fm w.-h Yt>_
will he ���roared- Wlt.UAM- * UOYI. V._i>fj��'.i
Jew-llari (I'.y. l.ii, MJ. Con_wal.il ��.,,_t. Uo40., N.,
Silence Hour
Ona mot ber ot u large Uoiuebold has
a  _ stem ot raoreatton which is really
a novelty.   The day and Its duties are
carefully apportioned, and do Bolted-
ale is followed as closely : i possible,
By doing this the mother Is able to
tiiho one afternoon n. day tor complete
veal. In her en ._ It Ip from 'i to D
o'clock. Bho placoa u large placard ut
ihls iinio on tho siair. proclaiming
"Silence." By the mother's persistence
iu taking tbl�� qutet hour others havo
grown to respect it until it ims become
a pari of the home. In ber homo the
mother reallj rests or else reads. No
one goes near hor unless it is absolute-
I.i neoesBtiry. The children close doors
Quietly when they see the placard nud
piny where their voices will not roach
the mother';: room. A I. tho end of tbo
(lltj minutes Hid mother reappears
and takes up her UBUal Unties. Several
hours of absolute _ eodoin a week can
do ii great deal ti) make over and refresh n wear; body und still more
Weary nerves. An hour tor rest iii almost over? household ciill ho found, if
things arc done systematically.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds. Etc.
A -olouel wanted a manservant, so
he inserted an advertisement in tbo
local weekly and received a great mnny
applications, but none of them suited
his requirements, nut at last an Ir-
llshman was shown into his presence.
What 1 wstit, said the colonel, is a
I userui man���one who oau cook, drive
a motor, look after a pair of horses,
clean hoots and windows, teed the poultry, milk the cow, and do a little painting ami paperhangtng.
Excuse me, sir, cried Murphy, what
kind of soil havo yo here'.'
Soil! snr.pped tbe colouol, what's
that got to do with it?
Well, replied .Murphy, l thought that
it the soil was clay, I might make
bricks In my spate time.
kThe Guaranteed "ONE DYE for
*        All Kinds of Cloth. ,
i Cllaaa,Sli .la.NoChaitceo.Mlaliikaa. TRY
i 111 Sand fur !���']���_ Color Card an.l ��,.�����'_ _
IT��__Mb_*_cIu__IIGO, Lliult_.  l_w>-
Bacon���What's become of ' ial young
man typewriter you had?
Egbert���Oh, bo's gone away, tor a
Not discharged^
No, I have sent, him to the house of
correction for a time.
~   Pork s
Highest grade beans kept -. hol.
aud mealy by perfect baking,
retaining their full strength.
Flavored with delicious sancw.
They hav�� na equal.       _
350 Shot Air
aAllIC, repealer, ll____rl_l, lever
Mlii.il, dun nattl flnllb. l'RF.I! lor .;l!n,, _. ���f
���nr baautlful dr.ivn uork ln_U._lii.li a: 111
BfDtl ..oh.   1)_l. al once.      No m'ltltt reuui.ed.
I.,',7'. .'"'I.    i'i""  "I'I".   CHIBFMl'C,
��_).. II Chid mt.. BEBBB, Quebec
We P_y Highest Values
Write for Price List a
���ind Shipping Jap
1 sing snd AltxtL'ider.vl&Wi?i).L3nadii
We also buy Hides and Seneca thud
Need the Rich, Red Blood Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills Actually Make
I Thin-blooded people do a_ remain
| so from choice, but I'rom indifference;
iu somo cases from despfli: People
who ar'. pale, languid, with palpitation
lot the heart, some dillleulty .it breath-
| ing aud a to i.oncy to ho easily tired
| arc Buttering from thin blood, they
' need only the resolution to take the
right Ire'atini nt and stick ' . it until
cured. The remedy that can be relied
upon is Dr. \V. 'iams' l'ink Pills for
Palo People. Wlls every dose they
mako new blood, and new blood means
health and strength. The red checks,
good appetite, increasing weight and
strength that follow the use of these
Pills prove their great value to thin-
blooded people. ilero is an example.
Mrs. It. Steele, Afton 'toad, P.E.I.,
says: "Following child-birth I took a
pain In my bead which grow so had
I had to call In a doctor, lie told me
that my blood had turned In water and
that I was in a serious condition. He
treated me four months, but still the
pain remained, and my condition was
Stowing pitiable. I lost my appetite
and was so weak and run down tbat 1
could no more that, walk across a
I room. I was as ptlo as a corpse, and
| tho doctor told my friends ho had but
little hopes cf my getting better. A
cousin who came to see me urged me
to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and 1
Kent and got a supply. In about a
month after beginning their use I had
much relief, and by the time 1 hud
taken six more boxes i was fully cured
and fell as well as ever I did in my
life. t havo never had a twinge of
the pain since, and feel that I owe my
life to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, as they
cured me after the *octov had failed."
Sold by all medicine dealers or scut
by mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 by -__T$_ Williams' Medicine Co., Brookvllle, Ont.
Drives Soreness Away
Wonderful "Nervilino" Is the Remedy
_ marvelous pnln reliever.
Not an ordinary liniment -- Just
about live times more powerful, mora
penetrating, moro pain-subduing than
any thick, oily or ammonia liniment,
Nervlllno fairly eats up the pain nud
stiffness In chronlo rheumatic joints,
gives quick relief to those .Urobbius
pains, und never bums or ocn stains
the skin.
"Itlioiiniatisi.i kept my Joints swollen and soro for ton veins. My righl
knee joint was often too painful to allow me to walk, te this crippled,
tortured condition l< round Nervlllno
a blessing.    Its waini, BOOthing actios
brought roller i bad given up hoping
tor. 1 nibbed oil quantities ot Nervb
lino and improved steadily. I ni>o
took . oiTo/ono ni meal tlmo In order
lo purify and enileli my blood I am
today well and can recommend my
treatment most, conscientiously
(Slguod) C PARKS,
Prince Albert
Net an ache or pale In tlie inuscli a
or joints that Nerviline won't cure,
it's wonderful tor lumbago and sciatica; for neuralgia, stiff neck, earache
mid toothache. Nervllino ia simply tl
wonder. Host family liniment known
and largely used for ibo past forty
years. Hold by dealers everywhere,
large family size bottlo DOc, small
size '_.o. Refuse a Bubstttuto, tnke
only "Norvlllne."
Some Surprise for the Doctor
Then Is a slory current about n
Md-.'l? kuowa London doctor. Al_>ut
S o'c'.o:'.. one morning he wns rung up
by a wealthy patient and begged to
como over at once, Turning out of b id
he rushed oir expecting to llnd the man
lu extremis. Imagine his surprise at
be'.-'g ushered Into u dining room
where a gay supper party wa: assembled. The flrsl remark mado to him
was: Oh, rtodt ���, 1 nm so glad you bnvo
como. Wo wanted vou to settle u bet
as to exactly where tbe diaphragm is.
It ���   lot only ioiil them where Iho dla-
phragm was, bnt told them them many
other things. The patient tried lo mollify blui by asking 'tis fee. still furiously nngrj he named n staggering
one wh li to ids surprii ��� was paid on
tli ��� mot
St_.fl.lsd W_h Asthma la lhe only
��� presslou thai _emg to convey what
Is :���,.'. '. from an attack of this
trouble Ths relief from Or. .!. D,
Kellogg's Vstlimn Remedy Is beyond
measure u \tie all was Buttering
comes comfort nnd rest. Breathing
>��� o_ s normal and tho bronchial
tubes completely cleared. ThlB un-
quallod remedy is worth many times
:i   pric��� to all aim use It.
London iB rebelling ngalnsl highly
paid America? vaudeville stars. The
WOtldei is thai It did nol sooner discover tie, are nol very funny. The trng-
ed\ is thai they may now return.
Thai salesman Is a man of polish.
Yes. he's p, Aery smooth artlole,
Read What Mrs.    Harris S vj    About
.Mrs, T. Morris ot Tynr.kle. Ont
knows all about tllN PILLS, "1 am
now taking my third box Ol 01*
PILLS" sho writes. "The pains aoroc.i
my baok and htdneys bus almost eu-
tlrely gone. I iva. a great Batterer
from Rheumatism but it bu ail left
tne. 1 strongly advise all women, ,v_��
suffer from Pnln In The Hack nnd
Weak Kidneys, to try OIN PILLS."
50c. a BOX, i for $2.50. Samel,
lice if you w.dts National Drug _
Chemical Co.. of Canada, Limited P.
Well, They Were
Tbo joy ui the bond ol tbo class i\ ill
state what wero the dur., ages ot
Ibo world.
Hoy hesitates.
Next. Master Jones can yon tell
lue whnt the dark ages Were'.'
I.guess they were the ages botot.
spectacles were Invented.
it takes n re male dotootlvo to follow
tho fashions.
IfyOUf0*1 rO .TflfBOKTO*'IM   ��� "'HVT '001  ___.__. V
M M'llt Ipvu ��� n�� ni i, n< .n.'M'. ttURVOI . I>r. I'A_IMfc
CM UU. tO Wl .i.'ii'M.; ii " ��� LJKIHRRUPI '" _.P(UtL
_vdt�� (nr Fl.ee t I 'UM fiitLh.i MI.Ui. \i   iiouii <' _
tlwia lUieanni and ivoMOKKryi c nil - efftoUd t��f
tli.roma,l>,i,r tin���iimv:, all. urn:.  AJ7lol��l��l| rMI
N���'l���ll������ 111." i IT. ,l'.,t:l.  'An li'illC'Un'UH. I'I. I KOI llltf
MlUl.CO,l(AVKKI)t'OCKKn,UAM>8TBAD I    ' .I'.H_
WR WANT  I'll PROVIt  I IU RMUOM i.i.Utll ul_.
The . ashlonabl    Face
llrowno���Say, old man. 1 liavn't seen
or heard ���auyilitng of my wife In ' ko
or thn o weeks.     You haven    seen her
lately, bave you'.'
Swellt-glOti   ���  No;  mayii.   she's at
home..    Have you looked? j
Browne���No, by dove.     Never did
tl.luk of that,
Xo child should be allow ed lo slitter an hour from worms when prompt
relief call be got in a simple but strong I
remedy - .UoUier Graves' Worm Exterminator,
Admiral  Peary declares there is a
great deal of work remaining to be
In the arctic regions,     But the
none m ine arctic regions, nnt mo
European emigrants continue to purchase passage ticket, to the I'annihi In-
steqd of Greenland.
Minard's Llniiient C-ics Diphtheria
Italy is selling off some old warships
to Turkey. Peace hath hor victories
no less renowned than war.
Orvllle Wright's stabilzer will make
[aeroplanes ns safe us automobiles, ah
solntely "fool proof," he says. But
when wns the fool proof automobile in-
, vented'.'
Fethdrstonhaugh & Co., Head Ofllce
King Street, East, Toronto, Canada
To gel the genuine call for full name,
for signature of E. W. GROVE. Cures
a Cold 111 0..0 Day.   25c.
Jones���What is a car like this worth.
Auto Man���Three thousand dollars! !
Jones���Why, I thought that was the ]
price! j
Try   Murine   Eye   Remedy
IC yon havo Red, Weak, IVatery Eyes!
or Granulated Eyelids, Doesn't Smart
���Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist.* _>e8
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid,' L.e, 5i_.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c   SOc.    Kye Books Free by Mail,
I An iyo . title _09d for All lyaa lift Nm. Car*
||f_-i_l Kyu _-'iuad7 Co,. C_ica_i��
A Heavenly Gift
A girl with pretty, rosy cheeks was
walking down a street, in a southern
city wheu she heard a clubman say
to his companion:
By heaven, she's painted!
Turning quickly about she said with
dignity: Yes, and by heaven only.
^_**^^ _���       . aa.aaaa_._l #._1_.- _ _ A 1 . A a_ 1 C
' <_uic_y stops  couen:
; ths throat ami lun��s
of the bowels it an absolute necessity for good health. Unless the
waste matter from the food which
collects there is got rid of at least
once a day, it decays and poisons the
whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion and sick headaches. Salts
and other harsh mineral purgatives
irritate tlie delicate lining of the
bowels. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills���entirely vegetable ��� regulate
the bowels effectively without weakening, sickening or griping.   Use
Dr. Morse's   u
Indian Root Pills
REST m Httlff .0 _0__ft AND _lll_,    .
Mas. Wi.-i_.i_. 3 Soomit_ 8___| lias lieca ���
Mc,', iur 07er SIXTH -KARS It? M1I_,I0. S of
MOTHERS  _v   tlieir  CHILDREN   Wit.'M. I
TEETHING  with ��� .__ECT SUCCESS.    K
BOOTHKS tlie CHII.U   SOl'TENS tlie (St:..S% ,
��'!..'_- all PAIN; CUR .S WIND CCI.1C, aao.
is "tlie nest redSay Cot O IAKRHCEi_   Ii!��ai> ,
iolutclv lianiil���a.   Be saro ind .��� _ tor '--Irs. |
WMiWff- Sootldug Byrttp," an_ u_: auoU'B ,
ilia),   '_ tveuty-a _ Ciata a uottle.
Concrete Tanks and Troughs
Never Rot or Leak
TPHE most practical tanks, whether for water ot
sewage, are built of concrete. They never nut,
rot, dry out or leak.   They never need new hoops
or paint. They last a lifetime and leldom require repairing)
which makei them the cheapest tanks that can be built.
Clean, Sanitary Watering Troughs
are just as necessary as tlie animals that drink from theiB. Ths
farmer's best interests are being- served when Iiii Hock is insured a plentiful mpply of clear, clean water from a trough
that is permanent and sanitary.
"What the Farmer can do with Concrete" is the name of
a handsome free book that tells ali about coacrete tanks,
watering troughs and other uses of concrete that will tare
every farmer many dollars.   Write for it to-day,
Farmer. Information Bureau
Cauda Cement Company Limited
503 Herald Building, Montreal
curen colds, and heals
99 cents.
Son. this is fact, I'm telling yon,
You'll find this -ood advice,
If you must Rot a sltato on. yo I
tVill never cut much ic \
W. N. U. 991
The average citizen who four months
ago knew nothing whatev��c aboul the
theory ot money and the principles
of currency ltr.O-S just as much now.
Convincing to Ladies-
This Oven Test!
So that you may use less flour; we
do what a home cook would do if she
���  . were in our pl_ce.
From every shipment of wheat
delivered at our mills we take a ten
pound sample.   We grind this into
m_ - - _^ �������� m      r'   Breacl is biaked from the flour.
pi ri y ^e ^n<* t*mt s��me samp^s ma^c
���   *m S%w W'tmW more bread and better bread than
*X others.   So we keep the shipment from
^ which, the more and better bread
\       comes.   The others we sell.
^       You save money by using |J2iy;
\that bears this name.   And yo^r get
getter bread. S
"More BreacSand Better.B'r_;ad" and
"BetterNPastry/foo" ��_&_ REVIEW. COUBTBNAY. B.G
DI...Vl * MAN Ih *_('___ Alt. 0_
)M���VM) RHV1 NIK 1>_I'T.
I. V. Vincent, We I Known at the
Capital, SueCCO-l (o Important
Pot) antl Wit' Cnrabtno Secretary-
_iip With OOlee of Assistant I>��
ie.i\  of (In- Department ��� Kaa
.".gaiuM Murphy.
J. I:. VtnCent, ICC, has bc��n ap-
folnted secretary of the Federal Department of inland Revenue and At-
aietant Deputy uf that Department
Tim new official if a member of the
well-known Ian, firm of Vincent A
Seguln, of Oi'awa, and has been an
active figure In tho local political
a ma for somo years, lie contested
Russell against Hon Charles Murphy
In the Inst Federal election but was
Mr. Vincent is a man of energy and
decided views on public questions
] tl has been conspicuous for many
years as a leader uf a seel Ion of the
French-Canadians.   He has been DI
3. C.   _!!__..
__mely active In promoting what h��
believes to bo the rlghtB of his fellow
'countrymen ln matters educational,
and nation 1, and also has been a conspicuous figure municipally and fraternally.
He Is clear-headed and fearless In
debate and an excellent public speaker and a lawyer of good ability.
, He was born tn Ottawa in 1872 and
educated there, being a graduate of
Ottawa University, with honors In
philosophy, He subsequently studied
law at Osgoode Hall, Toronto, and
was called to the Ontario Bar In 1897.
He was created a King's counsellor
ln 1910. He has practiced his profession with success In the capita)
ever since graduation and rapidly
came to tbe front, as a leader among
the French-Canadians of the capital
He has been president of the Monument National, and of the Ste. Jean
Baptlste Society, and of the I. Union
Canadian of Ontario. He has beon a
Vice-president ot the Ottawa branch
of the Over-Seas Club and chief ranger of Court 304, C. 0. P., and he has
also sat at the Aldermanlc Board and
been a license commissioner to'
Lisping In Golden Numbers.
There bave been so many big cases
fn the British law courts during the
past tew months that speculation ha;
been rife as to tbe Incomes made by
'fashionable K.C.'s. It Is not unusual
(or a prominent lawyer to pocket
f 110,000 a year, and yet the majority of them are quite willing to make
financial sacrifices tn order to attain
Cabinet rank.
Nowadays Mr. F. _. Smith appeari
to be engaged for every big case, and
of t-tlnes be keep* several cases goln;
on Uie same day. His income musl
tie of handsome proportions, and yet
be is certain to take Cabinet office
when the Tories return to power,
though his income will only be something like a fourth of what it ls now
It ls questionable, however, with all
his big fees whether "P. E." hai
talked to greater profit than his bos
am friend, Mr. Winston Churchill
Just as he returned from the Boei
War, and before be was known as s
Parliamentarian, Mr. Cburchill pock
et��d iHi as his share for an bout
and a half's lecture at St. Oeorge'i
Hall, Liverpool. His present salary
is a wretched dole compared wltb
thnt rate of payment.
Now She's Much Younger,
Wilfred���Do you know Miss Cotey
Ernie���Tee; wo used to be the earns
age when we were growing up.���Judge.
Ill. Majesty Hail Thlrl>P_e _���___
In Smitbfleld Show.
Tho crowned I.cails of Britain, foi
many years, ha.e recognised thu fact
that agriculture It the liaf.it Of a country's prosperity,
For several years past many Of the
big prizes at  the  Smitbfleld Show,
London, have been awarded to tie
farmer sovereign, whose exhibits are
always a feature of the show,
Even an far buck us 1800, King
George III, was an exhibitor at tlio
great show, but failed   to   se'.'.r.   a
Tha Limit.
T can stand for tho man with tha cute little bow
On the back of his green colored hit.
For there are a lot of good fellows I
Who sometimes have fallen for that:
The fedora of plush ts a lid I don't like���
It's a fad that will never be mlssed-
Hut somehow I've always an Itching tn
The man with the watch on till wrist.
I crow peevish at times at the _dyll_>
Who says "Mercy me!" and "Oh, dear!'
And th* chap in the ballroom who uses a
Ie the chap I could swat on tht ear.
Tlie swell with the can* tn the crotch of
his arm
Isn't human, I often Insist.
But some day somebody Is going to harm
Tht lean with tht watch on hit wrttt.
.Detroit Fret I're�����.
there Ai. Thirty-Three Kinds Found
In Ontario.
Tho SilvlroMdae, or Warblers, are
a very wide family connection���embracing tn all thirty-three varieties
of birds which honor Ontario with
their prized presence. Some, It Is line,
In such very limited numbers as to lie
comparative rarities, says C. M. C. in
Foronlo Star Weekly. 'I here is a prevailing strain of brilliant coloring
running through them; their beauty,
Indeed, Is moro a prominent feature,
as usual, than any proficiency In a
prlio, six years later, tho Duke 0f| melodic sense. In fact, a college pro-
York was successful.   Queen Victoria te?8??' &_r,_vPU_    _!_   . J    ' _ .
won many troubles, being awarded ?'��ht ���***��� tBS bree. 1t.it0��-?M,a.-_
,,\ because they do not. "warble."   '1 he
blue   yellOW-backed   warblers   tiller
the Champion cup for the best beasi
In the show In 1883, 5.S��, 1800,
1895, and 1899, and It may be incidentally mentioned, thai bv her command no exhibit that hat not been
bred on one of the royal farms lias
been exhibited by the sovereign, Since
the year 1890.
King Edward won the championship of lhe rattle, section in 1874, and
the Cup for the hei.i pen of sheep In
1885; while our present King won
Ibe championship for pigs in 189T,,
and Ibe Prince Consort a guid medal
for pigs In 18G9.
Nor lias the Smlthfleld Club lacked
royal support from other points of
view, as King Edward was ihelr preS"
lilcnt In 187.1, 1883, and again ut the
Centennary show in 1898; while
II.It.II. the Duke of Edinburgh occupied tlie position tu 1887 and H.R.H,
Prince Christian, who ib a constant
exhibitor, In 1893.
At the recent show, Windsor, San-
drlngham and Balmoral were all represented, the royal entries totalling
thirty-five. King George Inspected all
his entries, and handled many ot
Perhaps the King chiefly differed
from more specialist exhibitors, in
tho particular Interest he look in the
men who tended his stock. As he
stroked tho forohcail of J_Ib beautiful
shorthorn heifer he Inquired of the
herdsman how many years ho had
served at Windsor; and II ever i>
Scotsman rolled his "r's" it was tha1
herdsman when he replied with oh
vlous pride, "Nearly thirty years.'
But in those thirty years he bail
never seen Windsor so unrivalled.
Someone propounded   tho   theor.
that the soil of Windsor, which used
to produce   tho   best   English   oal
trees, must have similar properties in
stock production.   Out of twelve en
tries from   Windsor   three special
breed cups won ln Devons, Herefords,
and  Shorthorns���of which  the  firs'
two aro sometimes supposed to need
west-country  air ��� and seven  flrsl
prizes  and  two  seconds.   The  Snn-
drlugham  farm   won   a   few  firsts;
principally in small classes for small
cattle, kerries and cfossbreds of this
The King again and again laughed
heartily throughout his extended tout
cf the sho-.   He"merrily urged hi
iihepherds who wero holding hiB pe
of Southdowns, to use their best de
vices when it came to a contest wl
the pen of Hampshlres which wen
known to be dangerous rlvtl., ns the.
The Immense neal of die ruardtant
of some of the stocks lo show tbei
animals to tlie best advantase before
tho King produced an almost embarrassing situation in tho Gllbey
Hall, which waa devoted to machin
ery and pigs.
As soon as tho King, accompanle-
by Sir Bowen Bow e _ Jones, th!,
year's president, appeare.. in the ha)
almost all the prize pigs were rouse
from their recumbent ease by vigor
ous slaps with flat "bats" tbat ar
tbo technical weapon. White pig
���and black pigs and red pigs at one
started such a chorus of protest, torn-
upsetting their troughs and Bbaklir
the flour from their "fleeces," ths
'be spick-and-span Gllbey Hall mlgh
lave beon an Irish fair and bo It eon
but a (toft, drawn-out twitter; the
mourning warbler nothing further
than a low, pensive, simple "twit"���
tbelr only songs. The Blaekhurnlan
variety ���the most beautiful of the
whole family ��� breeds In Northern
Ontario, BO that, except on lis passage
north and south, we see k,o Utile flit; unless In loo g-oat a haste ll Is
ItB habit to stop off for a week or so
each October's end.
Speaking generally, the warblers
may bo said to nest on low bushes,
although a few, llko lhe Pino-creep-
Ing and Coli.en-crowned I brush sp."
cles, resort to .sound-nesting to rear
their brood. Their little cousins-���
some.times known as Ihe Canadian
Ply-catchers (Myiodloctes Canadensis) ��� utlUUze both situations indifferently. Tho YoliO- warblers ��� so
commonly observed about civilized
haunts and prized for their assiduity
In ridding the fruit trees of small Insects���havo a peculiarity of not being able to forego building In a willow or a maple, if they can llnd oiui
situated adjacent, to an orchard. The
entire Warbler family has the distinction ��� also value ��� of feeding
alone upon Insects.
After the Yellow Warbler ��� whose
name sufficiently describes him���tho
commonest of the warblers aro, perhaps, the Iled-start, tho Golden-
Crowned Thrush, and the Water
Thrush or Wagtail. Tho lirst Is Ave
and a quarter Inches long; black, If
one is asked to describe him; but the
white breast and tho ruddy orange
tint of tho sides of tbe breast and
base of tho quills and tall make him
one of the prettiest birds of oui
woods. Tho last-named Is olive-
brown above, of a prevailing sulphur-
yellow below, und is General!;- to be
found near a stream or pond, wading
In the shallows, diligently "wagging"
his tall with tho relish his feed of
aquatic insects imparts.
Prom his appearance the Watcr-
thrusb has been sometimes confused
with the Golden-crowned" Thrush, but
the latter never nests or feeds near
the swamps and moist ground. Above
ho is olive-green with a tinge of yellow; his crown has two streaks of
black enclosing a broad orange stripe,
beneath, his plumage Is white, while
ills breast and sides are Booty black���
also a truly beautiful summer resident, one can see. If die can, tbis
pretty creature prefers a pine-wood
for the scene of her nuptials. Sun-
pose tho five young to havo saf y
chipped themselves out from the
creamy-white o _js tl at you knew
?;ere hatching, altv "h not wishful
lo disturb. The ground-nosters havo
to many enemies that t seems a wonder their kind does not become extinct���till you remember how mother
nature, with an eye to that very
cbance, gives for each of such birds
the right hues of plumage to protect
It, as well as by directing Its lnstlnc_
so that those dang " may be minimized.
Wbat the golden-crowned thrush
mostly bunts for is a nesting silo on a
knoll, irrespective of direction, where
sbe can cunningly thatch her nest
wltb ti s needles, sa like tbe ground
around. Which explains why she Is
far better known ta most .eople as
the "oven-bird"���_Rurua aurocapil-
Somebody Guested Right.
The Cheddar cheese which I
hrougbt Into the rooms at. Simpson'i
Cheapside, London, each day a'
lunch time, had its helgl-t, girth am
weight, correctly guessed by one o
the diners the other day. The meat
urcments *were: Height 18 3-'
Inches, girth 28 3-* inches, anr1
weight 24 1-2 pounds. Tbis feat he:
only been accomplished nine time
in twenty years. Old city men whi
have lunched regularly at the tame
restaurant for forty years make the
three guesses each day. The cheese
is brought ln on a foot-high revolving pedestal, and placed ln front of
the chairman. Each guest is sup
pliod with a slip of paper on which,
to record his guesses, and whenever
ahy one succeeds the proprietor asks
all the guests to drink the health of
the winner ln .champagne. The custom is believed to be nearly two
hundred years old, and before the
luncheon, for which sixty-five places
are Bet at three tables, the chairman
Invariably says grace.
'What Neck'st?"
Struggling Author (who hot just reao
bis latest atory to his wlfel-There
That's the best thing I ever did.
His Wife-Tee. dear. Wbat maga
tine sbnll yon send It to first Y-Puck.
Hit Ont Friend.
James mho ts broke)���I have ont
faithful friend left
Hulks mlRo broke��-Wbo Is it.
Jamea-My pipe. I can still draw on
that-Strav Storlcn.
W. F. Stevens, the robust Live
3tock Commissioner for Alberta, 'a
widely known for his geniality, a
HUality wMch seems to accompany
stoutness of person. Ho was in Win-
uipeg one hot July day ana bad occasion to buy a new collar. Entering a gent's furnishing store on Por-
i'ago Avenue he startled tho obllg'
young clerk by asking for a collar,
size 22.
"Sorry, sir," tho boy replied politely, "but wo aro just out of that
size. There Is a Btore, however, Just
around tbe corner that could probably supply you."
Imagine the feelings of the
live Btock authority wben he rounded the corner and read the following
"Northwest Harness Co., Ltd. Ose
'Fit-Well' Collars on your Howes."
Light Hides For Cadets.
The Cadet Corps of Canada are to
be supplied with 22-calibre rlfl s. The
Hobs. Rifle Company ls miking tbe rifles ot a pattern approved by the
-llitla Department. They trill weigh
ibout five pounds or less and are almost a miniature of the long Ross.
In tbe past, while '.be cadets uaad
the long rifles for shooting over the
ranges, and will do the same In tbe
future, the rifles were found too
heavy for drilling in the case of the
smaller boys. The light rifles will be
used for drill purposes and for indoor
There Ih No Other City Like lift It
lhe World.
Sir William Soulsby, who was pi
vato secretary to the Lord Mayor be
fcro most Londoners of to-day wen
born, and has been private sc..velar;
to every Lord Mayor ll.JJ has he
doing a greal service In trying lc
drive home to Ih: Loai.oner that Lorn
don has a personality, i imt Londoi i��
unique���w herefrom . toilowa lhat a
Londoner must rank ihove al, othei
men in tho weld.
llu: Sir William, slopped short, or
tho interviewers did not report hlni
fully,,London In not a city J London Is
not like anything else In the world -
merely hecause it id ihe very Hoart
of the World. To-day, o be a Londoner is equivalent to having been n
itoman citizen of two thousand yean
Tho Personality Of London ��� .t
ought to thank thai doyen of prlvatl
secretaries, that super private necre-
'ary, for Iho phraat . I ondon has a
personality, sh" Is a living thing, the
most vast, mosl .latin lie, thing which
our civilization has produced,
Can anyone conceive tne worlu
with London eliminated, It would bi
a world In uln, a world In sackcloth
and aBhes. Trade rivals may bate us,
rail at us, raise tariff '..irrlers ngainsi
us; but London remains all-ea. entini j
to their trade. A disaster to Condon
WOUld mean starvation to unlold mil |
To-day how many Londoners rea- j
llze tho Immensity of th_r privilege j
In belonging  to  the  Imperial City'/ [
Hero and there you llnd a man w. o
knows ono who has been behind tht
seines and und'i .inds tin hollow-
ness of tho claims of oilier cities, other nations,   lu one whorl Btr (Ot t,lone.
Mlnclug-lane, the g.'eater part of tht
Irade of the Far East is handled, ami
tho Far East has always been, fr_u
a trade  point of  ,Uw,  the prize  ol
the world.
There are about half a dozen sue!
places, places right on the main track,
where your hand s on tha worlu's
pulse. Of these, 1 think, 1 would pul
Hong Kong lirst, lhe greatest of seaports, the finest: jewel In the imperial
crown, the clearing-bouse of hall' ��
world. Sland on tbe sinus of the
postoffice of ."Ion,, Kons;, rtnd yen will
see all thu nations of the earth panr
before you; and, sooner or later you
will see all the men and women you
have met In of .r great parts pas:
you. Stand on tlfe ."l-y, where tin
police take your name before yoi en
ter a sampan, lest yonr boatmen CUI
your throat, and you will realize, Ir
p.irt at least, the Immensity ot th*
British Mercantile Marine; ;,lso you
will realize, if on have a sense ol
proportion, the gro, !ng H__aco o
German competition,
Really, Hong Kouk is part of Loo
don, as Is aljo Singapore, which run.'
it close In wealth. Until you havi
teen these two ports, y_i cannot re
;ilizo at all the seer . of our nations
greatness. Wo are the richest peopu
the world has ever known, wo hahdlt
a vol-mo of trad . i '.most to put a let
nilllon people iuto Australia am'
"_uth Africa, and havo lent then
Tiore than a few million pounds, bu
such places as Hong Kong aud Sings
sore, and because Loudon l.uslnosi
.ien and Loudon bunkers seized tin
opportunities presented to them.
Calcutta and Bo'.tbay are splendid
magnificent; but they are uot pans o'
London. India herself Is great enoug)
to claim, and to hold, them for hei
own. Other famous cities, such at
MelbouLje or, joronto, aro merel]
_olonla���wtlhColouial interests. Yor
csnnot feel the pulse of the worli
''eating In them.
What other cKy has a personality,
'n the cosmopolitan sense of the
word, what other city can take ui o
he'self all th- peoples of the world,
absorb them, make them part of her
wondrous self?
Paris is���veil, Paris. She is tini-
���iue, delightful, the Fra! ce. The Parisian has llttl _ or nothing in common wPh that wonderful peasrntrj
whlcb forms ;he backbone of the ; --
iond nation of the world. Vienna,
fkrlln, Peter-burg���these are merely
'ocal capitals, lto.ne Is the ghost ol
a great tradKlon.
���     i. >m:ia Ol.l) MAN.
Head of the limine of H��psbur|( Heme* Ills Throne From ft l.vriuaa
Karon Who Ity an Act of Kindness Earned SB Umpire���Austria-
Hungary It Biggest Conntry la
Ktn-ope Firepl  Hm. .a.
riie Emperor of Austria-Hungary,
who is often spoken of as the most
lonely monarch in Europe, is a famous shot and Is descended from a race
of keen sportsmen. It was, In fact,
on a hunting expedition lhat lhe first
Hapsburg lo come Inlo prominence
mit with an adventure which helped
him to the crown of what wan then
"the Holy Itoman Empire of German
lludolf von Hapsburg was a simple
German baron who led a uuiet life In
lilt castle, Hapsburg, among the Alps,
and did not concern himself with tha
troubles which rent lhe empire into
warring factions. He was riding homo
one night after a day's hunting when
ho came to a swollen mountain torrent. The tinkling of a little bell on
ibe further bank attracted bis attention. II ��� saw a priest and an accompanying acolyte carrying the viaticum
of some dying slnucr, and their way
was barred by the stream.
lludolf von Hapsburg Bet the priest
upon his horse and not only helped
hlni safely across, but escorted hla
cap In hand, meekly and on foot, ta
hla destination. The recital of thia
graceful act to the German princes
assembled for the election of an emperor is Bald to have Induced them
.to vote in favor of Rudolf von Hapsburg. At any rate, Rudolf was crowned emperor and managed a very dllfl-
cult empire with considerable skill.
Tho empire of Kaiser . rani Jov.t
Is greater in extent than any other
European   state,   save   HusBia,   and
Landmark ls Al dernized.
An undent stone weir on the River
Dee, constructed by Hugh Lupus
Marl of Chester, between 1070 and
1101 ls being utilized to supply tbe
���Ity of Chest ��� with electricity. Thf
weir was originally arected to drive
corn mills, and tho milling industry
���ontinued up to 1907. In 1910, how-
sver, Chester Corporation, who had
urchased the property, dismantjd
he mills. ^Ir. S. E. r.ritton, tho city
lectrlcal engineer, then devised *'
icheme for converting the water pow
ir Into electrical energy, and it is be-
leved that the annua! (ftv Inert bus elected will repay tbo capital expendl-
uro in five years. It is estimated tha1
'ie installation will yield 1,250,000
nits per annum at a cost of less than
���,3d per unit, Inclusive ot capital
Thumb Prints Deed Signature.
Two human thumb prints form nn-
nsual parts of a real cstnto deed re
eently tiled in Fort Madison, In. The
deed Is for somo former Indian lands
tn Oklahoma, and the thumb prints
wero taken In tlio place of signatures
Above cacb thumb print Is tho name
of tho owner, written by the real estate ngent who transacted tho transfer
of the property from the government
to two Indians. This deed Is nuluue
In real estate records
wherever you go In It you will find _
jagd-schlou," a shooting box. when
the   mighty  lodge   wnea   following
their favorite tport.
Whitewashed, with red-tiled rooft,
and flanked by little round towara,
these castles stand among clumps of
trees In tbe fertile ductile* of Auatria,
r rise up on a mountainside dark
with lir trees. Tbey look to peac-ful,
but heavy caret intrude tvjn here,
and the spirit of tbe place la not la
harmony with its outward temblance.
Tbe guna had hardly ceased speaking tn the Balkans when Emperor
) rancls Joseph sought rest and peaea
In bis castle among tha Alps near
Wben the Archdnebeta Sophie, th*
emperor's mother, bought thia chalet
it waa a very unpretentious place. It
bas gradually been added to. Bnt It
still retains ita original tlmple character. Every room looka aa If It wer*
lived In. Tbe Imperial owner'a living
apartments are aa aimple aa, or even
tl_pler than, the other rooms. Ha
sleeps on a small camp bedstead.
Francis Joseph's dally life Is ln
rerfect harmony with tbese plain surroundings. He rises between 4 and I
every morning, and after a cup of coffee and roll, without even butter,
goes straight to bis desk and beginl
the work of the diy. Although far
away from the aeat of government
ho cannot escape tbe affairs of state,
Usually the emperor works steadily
until about eight o'clock, wben ha
goes for a Quiet stroll In the forest
for ��,n hour or so. Then he returns
to bu desk and has a sort ot light
preliminary lunch, a chop on, cutlet,
lib one glass ot beer. Tbls la
brougb on a tray to bis writln��desk.
Wltb occasional Interruptions work
goes on until midday, wben a family
luncheon Is served.
Francis Joseph confines himself to
a slice of "Rlndflelsh," that boiled
beef of which Austrlans are so fond.
One glass of Aus'rian wine, red or
white as he may fancy, or tha doctor
may direct, ts all that he drinks. ThU ,
Is followed by a mild cigar, smoked
from a long holder.
In the afternoon, between tour and
Ave o'clock, the emperor goes on a
long drive through the forest. Ha
never falls to take his gun along, and
usually manages to have a little
shooting on the way.
Houses In Japan.
Nearly all the dwelling houses ia
Japan are of one general shape aad
two stories hitch. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Difficulty of Selecting
There are so many different brands of paint on the market now-a-days that the
intending purchaser often finds a difficulty in selecting the best
Let the Big Architect and Contractor Choose for You
The C. P. R. have just placed an order with the British America Paint Co.,  for
7,000 gallons of Prudential Wall Finish,
400 gallons of Porcelite Enamel
to be used on their new hotel in Vancouver
We are the sole agents for their goods and can supply any coloi  or combination
at the shortest notice.     Send for a color card and prices
Phone 66
P. O. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
The Mill on the Dyke
Well seasoned lumber is the best for
any purpose.     We have in stock
thoroughly Dry Dimension
Shiplap, Flooring, V Joint
and Mouldings
Knowles-Smith Lumber Co., Ltd.
B. C.
Lazo Political Association
At a meeting ol tlie I.azo Politiacl
Association on April 4th., Mr. A. II.
Westrup being in tlie chair, Mr. Man-
sen addressed the residents of I.azo.
Mr. Manson expressed his pleasure,
that a political association had been
formed to work fo; the good of the district, and to provide a meeting place
where political questions would he discussed. He assured the meeting that lie
appreciated the chance to get ill touch
with the residents of tills part of Comox
district, regardless nf their political
opinions, because lie was bound to con-
s'der the rights of Liberal as well as
Conservative, since he represented tlie
whole district in the Provincial House,
an 1 not only tlie Conservative part of it.
Mr, Manson descrided at some length,
the work that had been done in tlie
House, the Acts that have been passed
by his Government, and explianed their
policy, and their intentions with regard
to tlie questions of most interest to tlie
Province. He then discussed with tlie
meeting the special requirements of I<azo
District, and the objects of the Association which had been formed.    He be
lieved that the interests of good government, nil should.combino to work for the
general good, and lie expressed his
willingness to work with tlie Lazo Political Association along those lines,
It became apparent that Mr. Manson
is not the man to make extravagant
promises and then disappear until the
agitation is oier. He does not say
Yes, Yes, Yes.���and then make excuses
from a distance afterwards. When a
thing is impossible, either hecause of the
present state of tlie finances or for anv
other reason, he is man enough to stand
up aud say so. Thus tlie people may
console themselves to the thought that
when Mr. Manson does promise something, there is reasonable assurance that
it will be done.
The meetihg, at which more than thirty-
were pesent, adjourned with a vote of
thanks to Mr, Manson for tlie address
to which they liad listened. Mr. A. F.
B, Church entertained Mr. Manson and
his party with, some light refresh rent
when the meeting was over.
The Lazo Political Associalion was
formed February 25th, 1914. Tlie members invite the political speakers of all
parties and of all shades of opinion, to
address them on the political questions
of tlie hour. The officers are:��� A. II.
Westrup, President; T. F. Hudson, Vice
President; Bertrand Vogel, Secretary
Treasurer; Executive Committee, Thos.
Bambrick, J, B. Martin, C. H. Piggott,
C. O. Patterson, and It. F. Worthington.
Mr. Brady of J. C. Wilson & Co.
Vancouver was in town this week
The Courtenay Literary and Debating Society met on 'Monday
evening and held a very interesting
discussion on the merits of Monarchal and Democratic forms of
Government. Both sides put up a
good argument, and the members
all voiced their appreciation according to their point of view. The
meeting was well attended. Next
Monday a paper will be read on
Aviation and iaying plans for the
full session of the society. Preparations are being made for the last
ladies night which will terminate
the session for the present.
Ford owners; We are after your cash
We are not members of the "greatest organization in- the world," nor
are we connected witli any other trustor combine; but in return for cash
we, as qualified automobile engineers, offer you a day and night service
and an absolute guarantee with everything we sell, because we know
it's good. Commonseiise tells us that an engineer's opinion on an
engineering problem is of more value than tlie opinion of a "wallpaper
hanger," "rat-catcher," "shoe-shine expert" or "soft-drink bottler.".
Beware of the man who mingles sentiment witli business and who,
under tlie guise of "sworn friendship" would have you believe-thnt lie
will be pleased to undetrake your repairs "for tlie sake of auld laug syne.''
We have, endeavoured to trace tlie genealogical descent oi "of the man
who attempted to graft the 'innards' of a pug dog on to a pelican" and
find that his uncle was the "mutt" who, "in t'le expectation of pleasant
results'' fed his h irse on harness, buggy tops, horseshoes and "such dope.''
It is not our policy to foist useless dope on our customers but accessories which we have proved to be of practical value, and it is with the
utmost confidence that we recommend and guarantee  the efficiency of
our "Ford" Specialties
We all know the reason why Ford Agenss do not sell Master Vibrators,
Shock Absorbers, Etc. They are bound by contract to sell Ford spare
parts, and, if all Ford Owners liad Master Vibrators and Shock Absorbers fitted to then- cars, there would not be any spring repairs and coil
adjusting jobs to while away the spare time
Telephone 38       Automobile Engineers       COURTENAY
DON'T you know you belong to the greatest organization in the
world, every Ford Dealer is your sworn friend no matter how-
old your Ford may be. If you travel to a slr.inge land the only card
of membership you need is your Ford, hunt up the Ford Dealer, there
you are entitled to courtesy and just treatment. If you should be held
up report it to tlie nearest Ford Branch, tlie dealer would be held to
account for such infringement of his contract, for which lie has put up
a cash deposit for such
If you have not got tlie Ford Book of Parts and Price List get one from
your nearest dealer
Beware of the Repair Man who advertises Ford Extras, lie is after your
cash,   and   nine   out  of   ten   of   them   cannot  adjust   a  Ford   Coil
let  alone any other coil
There was once a profoundly learned professor, who spent nine years
grafting tlie internal organs of a pug. dog onto a pelican. He is a
brother of the man who feeds the Model' T Ford with Cut-outs,
Excelarators, Storage Batteries, Self-starters, Master Vibrators and such
dope and expects pleasant results
The   Bas c Principle of the Ford is simplicity, and as a result the Ford
Motor Company lias made and sold nearly half a million Model T Fords
and naif the cars on tlie road today are Fords
Licensed Dealer for Comox District.
Try an Advertisement in The Review, it pays


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