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The Review Apr 12, 1917

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Array 57
Can not be done any hetter, ami
not unite to well anywhere elite
hereabout.. Our type ami maoliln-
ery ih complete and Tlio Review
prices, nro rih'ht
Classified Ads.
Mnke your liuN* Wuntu known
tlirmiuu a ClfUMtfied AdvortUflmeot
in Tlio Review   ���   ���   ���   Phono ������">!>
VOL. 5
ND. 21
Auction Sale
Thursday,   April,    19th,   1917
Household Furniture for Mrs. Hanson at 2 o'clock
at her residence Cumberland
Household Furniture for Mrs. Cameron at 3.30
o'clock at her residence
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
\*Jr     A.    JJ.    _A *ii
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in  Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
What  does  the   Puntledge
River do for Courtenay? J
It lights our streets, business houses
and residence..
It cooks our food.
It prints our " Review "
It runs our machine shops.
It charges our storage batteries,
It pumps our writer.
It makes our sausages.
It washes and irons our clothes.
It presses our suits.
It runs our sewing machines, ami
many other things too numerous to
Although it is but a humble stream it
does its work just as well ns the mighty
Niagara does all these things for the
great cities of tin- Hast.
It does ihem belter than anything else
could possibly do,
It is tlu- liver Willing Servant. It
stands ready to do your bidding twenty
(our hours of the day, and three hundred and sixty-five days in tbe year.
lis 'lower is furnished to us tlirougli a
wire and exactly where it is needed.
ll does its wnrk silently, ami it brings
not the leasl bit of dirt with it, audit
leaves not the . lightest bit of dirt behind it.
If ymi have any work for tills wonderful servant to do just phone
Courtenay  Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
Local Lines
Mrs, Dozierentertained at bridge
oil Tuesday afternoon,
The Ford Garage received and
sold n carload of fords lust   week,
Mrs. Stoker received word this
morning thai her husband had died
on March 9th.
Miss I/iiz_|e McQuillan won a
handsome diamond ring in thu
Sun's circulation competition.
Rev, T, Menzies, in his sermon
on Sunday night will make reference to the death of Mr, Stoker.
A dance will be held at Head-
quartets ou Saturday evening, the
proceeds of which wiil be for the
Red Cross Society.
i The Cumberland Follies will give
un entertainment in the Agricultural hall on this (Thursday) evening. The proceeds are for the Red
Cross Fund,
The Courtenny Condensed Milk
Company will have twenty five
pure bred Holstein cows, either
fresh or due shortly arrive by Sunday's boat for distribution among
the fanners.
Special General meetirg
of the Comox Creamery Association on .j" rt. 1917,
at 8 p. m. o'clock, in the
basement of lhe Presbyterian
church. Special business re
shares and egg situation.
Address by Mr. Terry o. Department of Agriculture.
Seed Potatoes���ForSale. Early
Rose and Burbauks, Apply to
Pritchard & Sons, Comox,
Mammoth White Pekin Duck
Eggs for sale, jti.oo per dozen.
Book your orders now. Apply at
Review Office.
House to _,et���At corner of Uu.
ion Street aud Cumberland Road.
Also lot adjoining For particulars apply at Review office.
Oar prices
Brass io to 14 cents, copper 20
to 22c, lead 6c, sacks 6c, rubber
tires 5c per lb. Write at once to
the Canadian Junk Co., 533 Johnston St   Victoria, B. C.
Lost���On Sunday, March 25-
between Nanaimo and Union Bay
a 38 x 4 nobby tread tire and rim
nearly new. Finder please communicate, with T. Hudson, Union
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers, see W.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Children's and Misses stockings
in great variety and prices at Sut-
Go to McBryde's for quality
Sutton's seeds are  RELIABLE
and it always Pays to get the best. '
Write   for  catalogue.     F. R, F. j
Biseoe. Comox P, O,    Also   agent
tor Layritz   Nurseries,   All  stock
propagated near Victoria,  and  ac- j
climatized   to   Vancouver   Island,
Thoroughbred   White   Wyandotte
eggs J1.50 ner setting.
Wood For Sale -$4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done. L.
Alexandet, Courtena?.
Safely   First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamerjr
55c per lb. this week
Mrs, W, I). Stoker aud family
returned to Courtenay oil Sunday's
Word was received hereon Tuesday that Bert Vogel, who enlisted
with the 102nd. had been wounded
on March 28th His many Irieiids
wish him a speedy recovery,
Mr, and Mrs, Chase of Chinook,
Alta. are visiting the hitter's mother, Mr.. J. W. McKenzie, They
leave this week on an extended
visit to New York.
Mr. Jos. Davis has donated to
the Red Cross Society two beautiful
vases and a large china clock, very
old and valuable, to be drawn for.
They are on view in Mr. Simms'
jewelery shop windows.
A whist drive was held at the
home of Mr. W, J. Carroll on Tues-
pay evening, where a large number of friends of Miss Myrtle Dunham, who is leaving for Ontario
this wee!-, had gathered to bid her
farewell, After whist the Misses
Carroll served a dainty lunch, The
company was gathered together
und Bruce Towler presented the
prizes which were won by Mesdames Boden and Towler for the
ladies, and Lloyd- Dunham and J,
Sutton for the gentlemen, and at
��� line tim r presented Miss Dim-
ham with a handsome garnet pen-
: . , and chain, to which sihe
illgly replied,
Tenders Wanted
TENDERS will lie received hy the undersigned up to noon on Saturday;
April 14th,. for the erection ol a fence
ou Mr.' liailry's ranch, lot 131, Sandwick
Particulars ul my oflicc, l/owem or any
tender not necessarily ncccpli -I
Courteuay, March I.S,  1917,
Hugh Stewart, M. L, A, and
bride at rived iii unvn on Thursday
evening to spend the Easter holidays with his sister. Mrs. J. W.
A dance was given in the Agricultural hall on Monday night by a
number of the young people of
town to bid farewell to A. Douglas
Carr-Hilton, who i.s leaving to enlist for overseas service at Victoria.
The regular monthly meetiug of
the Women's Institute was held
on Tuesday afternoon at the home
of the Secretary, Mrs. colin Campbell, The ladies decided to enter
the chicken raising competition,
for which prizes ar* offered by the
provincial government.
Ud,   Emde,   th:   popular   Ford
Garage man has already sold  near
lo two c n loads of  Ford   cars   I
spring.    He is ah i   i nlargin     h -
garage, and has iu ���'. died a
iron turning lathe, and a com
sor,     Pltis add     I     ':���:';   '
outfit '���' ill pui i
1-  ban.
cial \.
t  inc kin '
I ��� bkLjJk j������";._���:; ,
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Best.ami cheapest bread iu tlie district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for SO cts,    for 30cts, 2 for IS cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Fresh Picked
of fresh Sunkist
Oranges has just reached
us from California.
Sunkist Seedless NavalOranges
are more than a once-a-week
food. Serve them every day.
Keep a dish of Sunkist Oranges
always where thc children can reach
them when they want something to
cat between meals.
Phone for a Dozen
��� Now
(Your Name)
for this
49 Lbs
*.f-ii \C t
*Jk\ J_;__.J
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
has just received a consignment of
suitable   tor Wedding   presents.    Wedding  rings
always in stock at
Doctor Tells How to Strengthen
Eyesight 50 per cent. In One
Week*8 Time in Many Instances
m\   Fr#l   Prescription   Yon   Can   Have   Filled   following lh* ilmplf rule..    Hers is tho pie*
mid   Uai  ut   IloniB | Mfiptlotti .Go   to   any   active  drug  "tore   ����4
ton a victim of eye
���esses.     If io,  you  will
lhat according to ur. Lew
i  at   Horiia ��l"i"u��i     "o   io   any   RCtlrC  arug  ���"wrc   ���*�����*
,��,.    ___...    -.I....-1 Ar- ?''���   tt   boltlc  ��*   Don��DptO  tablets.     Drop   one
_R.i7_.V_iS!! Si w.mL Bon-Opto  tablet  In t fourth ol a  glaii of
���train oi other eyj wwlc- w;iter aud illlow ,   dlaioiVft   VVlth th'i liquid
.i   ��ill   be   Ki.i.l   to know i,....,, ... ������ n "' .    ��� .,__,_. j.11,      vr.1.
be   r
I there
you,     M.uiv   wltoie  .,
ta-ey Inure had their eyei reston
tM';.ipU ut  (t,i��  v-omU-rlul (re
Una man sayi, after trying '������
�����lni(l 1   (.ould   not   i.ee   to  it,
can ir-id everything withou
r-y eye* do not watei  au>
iney   would   pain   dicjillii!'
IHO  nil  the  time.     It   i\_.
���*r,"   a lady who used it
p.irtf   hec.iied   hazy   wilh  o
lilt   it f (er  usniy   t ll ia
guy. everything teem
pi lilt      WIlllUIll
I hope
failing -ay
J tluuiixh the
preeci lotiou.
'1 huh almoit
tl at nil.    Now 1
any glasiei and
more.    At myiit
;   now   they   led
lil.e- * nilracle   o
aj -1  '"I he tttiuos-
w Ithout glaiMSi
[ption    for    lifieril
I   <an even  lead
1    It  ii  believed
lhat thousand. v.tio wear gtaiaei tan now dn
cmd ihem in a reaionable time ;">>i inultiiudei
tnoie will he nl-lt id itrengtlien then ��->ch
���r> ri to be apaied the trouble and expense of
���vn getting glutei Eye trouble! of many
lescrlpltoni may be wuml'iiully  bciieiiicd by
bathe the eyes two to four time, daily. Vou
iliould notice your eye* cleat up perceptibly
right fi uui tho *tart and inflanimation will
quickly disappear. If your eye. aie bothering yoii, even a little, take atcps to Hare
them now belore it ii too late. Many hope*
leasl) blind ini|*lit have been unveil li ihtv ha4
taieii  for their eyei in time.
Note;     Another     prominent     Phyhirian     to
whom the above article was submitted, aaldi
"Hon-Opio is  m  vciy  iciiiurluMr remedy.     It|
conitltuonl Ingredients aie well known to em*
iimnt eye specialist! and widely prescribed by
them. I'he manufacturers guarantee h to
strengthen eyeniKht SO per cent. In one week's
time in many Instances or trfinul tlie money.
Il ran he obtained front any good dttlggiat
nnd is one of the veiy lew preparation. I
feel   ihnnld   he   Ici't   on   hand   tQ\   rOgUlai   Ulg
in almost every family " The Valmai Diug
Co., Store 6, lotomo, will till )oui orders L\
youi -liu^uiti cannot
A German Prophecy
Vcrcitechagin, ihr lUtsaian   artist,
painted a scries of fifteen  Napoleon
pictures,    When thc    Kaiser visited
the artist's studio hc stood for a long
time   before    thc
from  Moscow,"     '
that," the emperor
will slill he men wli
the world; but llicy wil
tliis,"���Chambers lourn
Canadian Order of Foresters
Has Splendid Record for 1916
Society Proposes to Placo its Business on a Basis of 100 per cent.
Actuarial Solvency
I ne Canadian Order of Foresters
lias liad a record wilhoui parallel In
tlie history of Fraternal Insurance
Associations operating In Canada,
This society was instituted ill 1879.
tn 1885 it enacted a table of monthly
assessments which has hern in force
from lli.it time down lo lhe present
without a single change. During that
period all olhcr Fraternal Insurance
Societies have found it necessary to
revise rates, until lhis society stand*
as ihe only prominent Institution op<
cintlng upon a remarkably low schedule  of  rates.      In   1916  the  socict.
j paid oul in death claims over $726,-
��� 0im.no. Notwithstanding this large
payment, it added to Ihe Insurance
Fund,  for the year over $422,000.00.
i I he balance standing lo the credit
of the Insurance Fund on the 31st of
| December, last, was $5,628,343.00. in
famous    "Retreat
'Anil  in   spile    of
remarked, "there
io want to govern
all "ml like
Ts Through the Rich, Red Blood Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills Actually
The blood  is responsible  for    the
health of the body.    If it is   pood
disease  cannot  c:
the door is sli.it
disease is bound
lorm or another.
be seized with rheumatism
(a, another   with    an;  ; '
tion, heart palpi'
backaches,     un
it  il  is    bad,
gainst good health
i.i appear in    one
One person    may
or sciati-
ation, In Mladics   or
Ir ll nerves      or
oil i    I inns ol ail-
v .1" n   the blood  is
. i There is just .one
cun --Dr,  Williams'
v  make new,    rich,
this    good     blood
whole    system    nnd
Ilh   and    happiness
their    present  rood
If, to the    pill-.
I'.ny of the mi nj
menl that conn
weak and water}
certain, speed}
Pink Pills. Th
red blood, and
strenghtens lhe
brines rrood her
Thousands owe
health, some, life
Mrs. Charles Goddard,
Ont., says:���"Four years ago my
nervous syslem was so run down
that life sei med n ithing bul a burden. 1 doctored for two years wilh
little or no benefit. I could neither
work', eai nor sleep well. While in
this ���-..i.,1 i' T���,��� i ,, friend advised me to
trv Dr. W Mi i - I'll !��� Pills. Before
doimr so I ihomrht 1 would consuls
mv doctor nul he lold mc he knew
of im b. it. r rdicinc foi building
up |1'i nervi
to Mr'
while foin ;
I  look  the  pill
1   stalled
and  aftci
a    short
were  li
i,c     me
for     lir\r
thri e
��� thi
I  li
.  will I
,- nl
ii ������
thai I ful lo
ly  cured
box of the pills
it have n I found i'
'     them "
Dr.  Williams'    Pink
dealer in nu dieino,
���nt hy itli il postnaid,
box.  or*  ��� i.   boxes  for
v ��� ";���     Thc Dr,   Williams'
i ��� , P.rockvillc, Oni
Co't of Rnd Roads
Guaranteeing the Price ol Potatoes
The encouragement of agriculture
iu Great Britain hy lhe guarantee by
tlu government of minimum prices
has become a reality,     A  start    is
being made with potatoes for which 1 spite of this most unusual record the
minimum prices have been fixed:' society decided (o have :i most tlior-
111s. per ton for delivery from Sep- 0,''f"b and    comprehensive    investiga
tembcr 13 to January 31; UOs. pei
ton for February and March of the
following year, and UOs. per ton for
the remainder of the season. This
works out at the long ton at from
aboul 75 to 8Sc.
lion made of ils actuarial standing
This course was thought wise on account of the legislation passed by the
Ontario Legislature at its- last session.
The Legislature in  1011*> passed an
Act which requires that all Fraternal
Miller's   Worm   Powders    do    not  Insurance Societies shall, on, or be-
need the after-help of castor oil    or'fore, thc first day of April, 191S, iii-
any purgative    to     complete    their la    report    with    the    Registrar     of
thoroughness, because they arc tho-j Friendly Societies, which report shall
ugh in  themselves.    One dose    of
contain a valuation of all ils Insurance Certificates in force on the 'list
of December, 1917. This report must
not only show lhe Insurance Liability which the society has undertaken
to pay, but also the assets which the
society has available, in the way of
accumulated funds, and future"assc��s-
ments for the payment of tlie Insurance liabilities as thev mature, llic
The master of Ihe household had [object of this statement is lo show
them, and lhcy will be found palatable by all children, vvell end the
worm trouble Ily making the stomach
and bowels untenable lo the parasites, and not only this, but the
powders will be certain lo exert
most beneficial influences in the tli
gist ive organs.
ordered that the maid should clean
coat of his with gasoline, 'The order
was not carried out, so he asked his
"Why won't this girl of ours clean
my coat with gasoline?"
"Oh," srtid the wifc, "ever since
lhat: chauffeur jilted her she hasn't
been able, lo stand the odor of it."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited
Gentlemen,���My daughter, 13
old, was thrown from a sleigh
injured  her  elbow   so  badly    it
inained stiff and    very    painful
three   years.     Pour  bottles   of
NARD'S    LINIMENT     completely
cured  her and  she    has    not    been
troubled for Iwo years.
Yours truly,
.1,  B. LIVES.
St.  Joseph,  P.O., 18th Aug.,
) 11E.
Good Ro
to tli
tic u
to 111
Hit ior the indignation of pco- i,.,
has     rmonstra'cd I pic who could nol believe a    nation j tlie drafting "of all bills dealing will
idents in an empha-1capable of such ihings.      When    it praternal Insurance legislation,  Mr,
ie ignored that pov.-|i,an(ng j. nlf0 ,|1(. mUi101. 0f ' e;g|r
looks on  insurance, which are    ac
Save the Farm<
and Add to Profits
company in  Stanislaus    county,
irnia, lhal buys skimmed    milk I
lhc   fa mn r     ha ���-.   demonstrated '
c  rural
aimer lhc value of good  roads | could n
iu. This company sends trucks erful  i
ly t,, ilu   farms to collect    thc| even e
skimmed  milk, but  it    pays    higher
I ii es to laiuu rs   living    on    good
road   llian on b ,'1 roads     On   poor
roads thc , pany pay ;  17 1-2 ccnl
per llm pounds, bul on good road-; il
pays 20 < ents ' If coui s . ihr i; rarer always has hi cn i a} ing this tax
on cvci} hum! i ! pounds he hai.led
over bad ro; J and hc has been re
li, ved of it on ,-crj hundred : ounui
1 ,��� h ,.1 haul -I ovi i good roads, but
that fact lis i ol h- n brought ��� o
his notice as in the casi i hi d- \\ hi n
he nicasi i 1 is di Han from town
in mil utes insli ad ol miles he will
the profil of good roads. -
.. ,   I umbi rmnn
German People
Favor Ruthlessnesa
War Party and People Appear to Ee
as One on the Question
Every one wo.dd rather blame a
government.than a nation, aud the
very magnitude of Germany's crimes
in thc present war has led the charitably disposed to seek a scapegoat.
That was fundamentally the reason
for thc denunciation of thc kaiser in
the early days of thc war which so
angered Germans '.u America; it was
the degree of actuarial solvency
which each society has, as of December 31st, 1917. The Act provides further that at the end of each three
year period, after 1917, a similar
statement of valuation shall be file. 1
in order to ascertain whether or not
the society lias maintained ils degree
of actuarial solvency. The object of
the Act is, that where a society
shows at lhe end of thc first three
year term that has not maintained
its degree of actuarial solvency lhat
there shall be such an increase in
rates as will insure that the society
shall maintain the degree of solvency
which il had on lhe 31st of December, 1917, or improve thai position.
In view of this legislation lhe
Canadian Order of Foresters decided
nol to wait until the 31st December,
1917, to ascertain the facts required
by lhe Act, and, shortly after thr
Act* was passed in 1916, this society
engaged Mc Abb Landis of Nashville, Tenner- ee, for the pur-ose oi
investigating its actuarial standing as
of the 31st December. 1915. Mr.
Landis is one of the leading actuaries
on the American continent today, and
is so recognized in the insurance
world." His experience extends over
a term of twenty-five years, eighteen
years of which has been devoted exclusively to Fraternal
Insurance Associations. In tluse
eighteen years Mr. Landis has
advised with one hundred and
eighty-six societies, six of these societies being Canadian, He has also
been for fifteen years on the Coin
riittee of Statutory Legislation of
lhe. National Fraternal Congress, and
been prominently identified   wilh
I : nn.ins am
years "1  v  ll
bi conn
supported and
in ihc emperor, an at-
tadc with the same gen-
. to distinguish between
Piussians, After 2 1-2
these kindly distinctions
iS  anil   less   possible.
Whatever intern il dissensions Ihere
may bi ai ma lhc German people,
as for cxamph in regard to the distill llioil of pi r' and potatoes, they
appear lo bc ��� n arly united in
: ttppoi 1 ol ��� 'i���!'��� ssioil and a ruthless
conduct of thc ivar than upon any
other subject, Only a minority of
lie Socialisls havc opposed the gov
eminent, either in respect to savagery or In the matter oi wnr aims.���
From the Springfield Republican,
h ���*���_;,.-:.--.*.-��_ y*)ss.     s_'s.s.ii
How many people, crippled and lame from rheumatisms
���we their condition to neglected or incorrect treatment!
It is the exact combination of the Purest Cod Liver
Oil with  glycerine and  hypophosphites as contained in
i|i i
l  .;
fa thai has made Scott's famous for relieving rheumatism when other treatments have utterly failed.
If you are a rheumatism sufferer, or feel its first
symptoms, start on Scott's Emulsion at once.
ttteitt ti Boms*. Tora'c. Ont so*
ccpted as authorities .today.
The Actuary has found that during
its whole experience of thirty-six
years, the Canadian Order of Foresters has had an exceptionally favo -
il,!,- mortality experience. Bccaust
of this exceedingly favorably mortality experience, and the large amount
of accumulated funds, Mr. Landis
has becn aide to prepare unusuallv
favorable monthly assessment rates,
v 1 iclt will enable the society to provide for the payment of all future
claims 'Ihese rates of assessment,
as compared ivitll rales deduced from
other mortality tables, is very much
in the advantage of the-members of
il.e Canadian Order of Foresters.
In constructing a mortality    tabic
oir thc experience of the society, Mr,
Landis. has eliminated the first    five
yiars of membership duration.    The
object  of  this course  is  ill  order  lo
insure thc death    rate    under    more
nearly normal conditions than  would
be  possible by taking the first    five
years of duration inlo consideration.
Dining lhc (irsl five years there is a
gain  from  recent medical    selection.
Hc Ins recommended' a schedule of
rates,  which, based  upon  the  report
which will bc filed as of tht 31st December, 1917, should show more ihan
100 per cent, of actuarial    solvency,
I because of margins of safety which
j may bc classified as follows:
!    First: There would be gains fron.
I actual interest earned iu excess of 4
per cent.,  which  is the  amount    the
'Actuary fixes as thc basis of calculation.    As a matter of fact, the av-
. crape interest earned by the. society,
uf'on its Insurance Fund, as at pros-
lent invested, is 5.44 per cent.   As the
. r-.icitrilies held    by the    society    are
I rostly  for long terms,  there  should
be a substantial gain on Interest ac
Second: There would he. a sa\iri|.;
from a lower death rate hy reason ol
the fact that lhc lirst five years of
membership has been eliminated by
Mr. Landis inconstruetiug his mortality table,
Third: There would also be gains
from accumulation forfeited lliroush
lapses.    No allowance was made for;
such gains in fixing the schedule of!
Fourth; There would be a surplus
in contributions, owing to lhc fact
lhat, after eliminating the first five
years of membership, the Actuary
loaded the tabular rales by an arbitrary sum lo make assurance doubly
Notices of motion have gone out to
the membership providing for readjustment, and lhis legislation will
be considered at the next meeting of
lhe High Court of the Order in June.
The rates for members who are
now  in   the   Order    start    at   sixteen
wiih a monthly   assessment   of   65
einls, ill twenty, the rate is 69 cent-..1
at thirty, 85 cents, at thirty-five, .LOU,
at torty-five, $l..s3, with gradually In
creasing rales for the older ages
The rales for new members slait at
sixleen with a rate of 65 rents, at
twenty, 73 eenls, at lliirly, $1,02, al
thirty live, $1���'3, at forty, $1.5-, al
forly-four, $I.R3.
Two options are given    lo    those
who arc already members of the Or
tier,    One option provides    that all
members who are between  Ihe    attained ages of slxten to forty live, in-'
elusive, may elect to take term insurance, which will entitle them to carry
their tin-sent insurance at their present  rate until they have attained linage of sixty vears.     Members   between tlie attained ages of forty-six'
and fifty-five, inclusive, may eleel lo
continue the present amount of their!
insurance, at the present    rates,    as
tein insurance for a period of fifteen
years.    Those members who are between  the attained ages  o*��fifty-six
and sixty-nine, inclusive,jean    carry
their present  protection  as  term  in-'
surancc, at their present rate, for ten
years.    Term protection of members
between the attained ages of seventy;
to    seventy-six    gradually   decrease sj
from nine years at the age of seventy, to three years at the age    of
cventy-six and over.
The second option insures to all,
members, no matter when admitted,
when they attain the age of seventy,
and over, thc right to paid up insur-1
ance for amounts set out in the schedule prepared by the Actuary, where
itch ilieinbers do not desire to continue to pay the life rates, This
schedule entitles thc members from
s;xieen to eighteen to paid up insurance for $900 at the age of seventy,
w liieh amount gradually decreases as
tlie attained age of the member increases.
The adoption of tlie proposed re-,
adjustment will place the society "on,
a basis of absolute solvency from an j
actuarial standpoint, and enable it to
maintain its splendid position in the
world of Fraternal Insurance.
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Who Is Me On?
New Railway Enactment in England
Has Curious Effect on Fares
The, new railway enactment in
England, enjoining a 50 per cent,
rise on all railway fares, has bad
the curious effect of making lhe single fare between two adjoining stations in Lancashire 2d., whilst the
return fare is 41-2d, A recent writer, although loath lo spoil the joke,
supplies the explanation. Before the
rise of 50 per cent., the single fare
between the two stations used to bc
ll-2i.L, and thc return fare 3d. Au
addition of 50 per cent, to the single
fare would have brought il up lo
2 1-4(1., but railway companies long
ago set llieir faces against farthings.
The board of trade, however, sets its
against morc than a 50 per cent.
So the single fare was lixed at
and merely in order to main-
a claim to its just rights, the
railway company fixed the fare for
return at 4 1 -2d.���Christian Science
Sootlte Dry,  Irrilatetl Throat With P.irmbi
Syui[>.    Says This Old-Fnshionetl
Cough Medicine 1st the Best
We are told Unit (lie old time remedies ar*
best mid invariably contain Ir-.* harmful yet
better nicdicitio than tlio.-c which .nc in tut
tutUy. This being no, undoubtedly the foi-
lowing ulil fashioned recipe which i* quick
acting will he welcomed oy many aa ther#
seems to be n regular epidemic of coughs at
thc present time. Secure from your drug*
gisl l ounce Panntnt (double strength), take
this home and add to ii a quarter pint ol
hot witter and 4 outices of granulated Bugori
stir until dissolved. Take l tnblesiiootiCui
four tiuie-ri ,t day. No moie racking youi
whole body wilh a cough. Clogged nostrils
should open, ;iii passages ol your head should
clear .ind your breathing becOltlO easy, Par*
mint syrup i*> pleasuut to take, easy to pre*
pare nud costs little. ISvery pei son who
has a stubborn cough, hard cold 01 catarrh
iu any form ��huul.i give thii. prescription s
Any druggist can supply you, or a bottle
will he sent ur receipt oi 75c, postal note or
tnouey order. Address International Lab*
oralorii 1, H St   Automc St., Momieal, Cant
Woo-.'. Pho-3_afti__*
77m (Jnttt Entflish ](%nfk4f*
Tonne nnd i a vigor* Ins th�� while
iifrvc'inivfti'iu, ntaltfi anw hit ���(!
lu old Veins, lures J^'rrvontS
VebttUv.ftUntnt vnd Ilraln Worry, ltt'uvus-
stnifti. Josh of KncrrrU, M'atpitntian of ths
Heart. Fatting Memory. Pric* tl per hm, di
for fft. Onevul plpue, sit will euro, Bold bi ell
��_n]gtti��-te or nailed io pl-tln pkg. on receipt ef
Krlee. NnopnmphtrtmttwAme, THE wood
ieii*'-in   r.���...mor.To.Ofn. (r��fi��ii|WiMwj
vim  kiiiniiv   hlaimikk   DlflBASKB   BLOOD  POISON.
rni".   rim.' no imi ,,.[.!���. 1,1 mam. si  cost 1 ' ra
TUMOHTO    -.v ��� i'i.ii FRKJ- Honk 10 l>ri   Ln Cl.Kftt
Mttl* O')   IUV. rt'.lul Kl.Il   II'MI'MIUI   LOrtUON   li****,
th wim
MS   IHAI   in AIM!   MAKhllO   .HIHD      IHKHAMO**     It Ot*
tAii.uovi ttiAur mfstsw TOAti>aiNUiNir*_eiMft
iroRuor iahv ro .ah
The Soul of t Piano is tht
Action.    Insist on tht
Otto Higel Piano Action
Ttuglit In itmpleit KngHih duiin|
���ptre *im��. (JluloniA gran I -d.
Lou within teatii at nil S.tuUo.
tlon ru.fsVBl.cd Have becn itidst
lag by correspondent* twco'1
���/ran Graduate* ai_Kte*1 Id nuul
wayi. livery Deitoa Inteieated ir
I-----I* .hould Uke ii Write ft
.���t_l.i-r-e an. full CD t
pvUculaif ��� ��� ST ����� Bi.
Utjrt. SH   Lmjm. Omni. CsSJi
Ang ild's
Dc* r,r.irn_les
And How to Feed
MalM frw to sn; sr.dreu Is/
lbs Author
118 ft Ml 31 it Strut, New York
They Soothe Excited Nerves.���
Nervous affection', arc usu;ill> attributable to defective digestion, as tlu
stomach dominates thc nerve centres.
A course of Parmclee's Vegetable
I'ills will still all disturbances of this
character, and by restoring the- stomach to normal action relieve the ner
vis from irritation, 'llicrc is no sedative like them and in lhc cori-ec-
linii of Irregularities "t the digestive
processes, no preparation has done so
effective work, as can he testified to
by thousands.
Holland has only-7,000 automobiles
anioni? its six million people, but has
a motorcycle for about every seven
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Keep Tab on Cost
With poultry costs so high, why
not keep an accurate account of the
receipts Snd expenditures (hrrin!; Ibe
coming winter? A simple way lo keep
track of the grain used is lo build
a supply bin in the poultry house.
The grain can be easily weighed and
lhe amount recorded each lime the
bin is filled. A tabualted sheet tacked upon the side of the bin may also
be used for recording the egg yield
and receipts.���American Agriculturalist,
forms a smooth, slip*
pery surface on the axle
spindle. The ground
Mica fills the pores of
the steel and makea
easier turning. Dealers
No Subject for Mirth
Friend (examining   photograph)���
"Aye, it's no so    bad,    Donald,    but
you're looking    so sour, mon;    why
dinna ye smile a wee bit?"
Donald���"SmileI    D'ye  ken  I  had
to pay- two shillings for 'em?"���The
Worms cause frctfulncss and rob
the infant of sleep, the great nourish-
isher', Mother Graves Worm Ex-
terminator will clear the stomach and
intestines aud restore healthfulneSB,
Cohen���So Sadie has broken der
engagement. Did she gil you back
der ring?
Solimenstein���No, she said diamonds hat gone up, but she vould gif
mc vat 1 haid for it.
Ssvm*_. Granulated Eyelid*
OrC ��>'�� inflamed by txpo.
K? mr**.a*t quickly relieved by HlriM
rVRS r:>����etnd. NoSmtf-nc,
V ju��t Eyc*Coinlr,rt    Al
Vour Dnijrgiit'i SOc per Battle. MorlK Eyl
lilvein r._ei2Sc. ForBiokllikeEyefrecuk
Prugg.-.<�� oi HuIm f~yc Bene.. C����� C_kn��
N.     U
1148 58
Germany's Initial Failures Have Meant One Long Succession of
Failures for lhc Central Powers, the End of Wliicli
Must Necessarily Prove Militarily Fatal
On lln: eve ol the opening of the
campaign of 1917 wiih, iis expected
military decision thai will make il
possible io obtain and enforce durable peace, a high British military authority who has lhe fullest access lo
all sources of information on all
points of ihe general plan of lhc l-'.n-l
tunic  Miles, has, witli the approval
ol  lhe  war ollice, prepared ail iinpor-
lanl statement lor publication, It Is I
a survey nf llu military position in
Europe based upon a knowledge "i
the Iruis .'ml factors, niauj of which
h v.- not be, n niadc public hitherto,
I he statement says:
"Britain and hei allies arc looking
forward with complete confidence to j
Ihc opening of what they regard as
the linal Stage ol the war, lhe fight,
ing season ni' 1917, To form an
opinion ii is necessary   to   examine
the s.ilicni  (mis of  llu- war.
"lu launching war upon Europe tlu,1
Central Powers believed lli.it one
plan, and one plan only, would win
for them iiie Immense sink'1 for
which lhcy were prepared to play���
the mastery of Europe, That plan
was ihc swift destruction of their
enemies one at a time,
"Accordingly, the first step was to
(.Irish France; the secoiul, to concentrate practically the whole
strength of iheir victorious armies
upon the task of delivering such a
blow to Russia as would leave lhal
power helpless and al Iheir mercy.
The entry of Britain into the war
yas ou the whole not expected at
first; but in any ease lhis would nol
have modified the plan, since it was
perfectly understood lhat Britain
could nol put more Ihnn lr'fl,()00 men
into the field if she did decide to
come to the assistance of France.
"The event proved that forecast
correct, but it also proved Germany
in-apable of accomplishing whit
sin thought she eotihl accomplish
despite llie fact that no treaty rights
or scruples of any kind were permitted to hamper her movements, and
that in numerical strength, materia!
rctources antl complete preparedness
the odds were overwhelmingly in her
favor. Despite all lhe odds the first
move of the Central Powers was defeated in 1914, and very thoroughly
defeated. The second move began
early in 191s, and had definitely failed by the autumn of tint year."
After reviewing iu detail thc strategical moves to date on the various
fronts, il is remarked in the statement:
"Strategically considered, Germany's initial failures have meant
one long succession of failures of the
Central Powers, the end of which
in ist necessarily prove militarily fatal lo Ihem, though that fact may
veil mean, in a wider sense their
ultimate salvation���the Allies are
lil'liliug to secure the peace of the
v. ovld���a consummation as much to
be desired by the deceived and misled people of the Central Powers as
by everyone else."
The statement concludes:
"In the last year    lhc Allies have
been making continued progress, In
everything making for success in war
Ihey are vastly richer aud better
equipped than lhcy wire a year ago.
During lhe same period lhc Central
Powers have definitely abandoned all
I lans of conquest, have suffered n
steady   deterioration     of     resisting
power. Aware ol all this, and greatly
needing lhc means of spurring llieir
jaded and weary peoples, Ihey made
overtures foi peace. If by any odd
chance these   Bhould     In-   accepted
Ihere would he 901110 hope of cvnd
ing lhe jusl penalties of lawlessness
and criminal aggression. If a flal
rejection came ii would bring, fo-si,
a  whip   for   llieir jaded  people,    and
secondly, n sufficient means to close
lln- mouths of any critic of further
lawlessness and  criminality,
"The submarine threat followed
naturally anil in itself presents lhc
most naked confession yet offered "1
ihe Central Powers' recognition of
failure of llieir own grandiose plans,
Tl e threat would never have been
i'rule bin for Germany's recognition
of her inability to obtain a military
victory, ll would seem lhat Britain
and her Allies have already alniosl
got this menace sufficiently iu hand
The. danger has (cached ils climax,
while lhe measures for coping v.ilh
fl are being extended every hour.
"Actually, that remark Iiis precisely lhe entire outlook for 1917. The
growing strength of the A'.ies faces
lhc declining siren ;th of the Central
Powers. The date of the end cannot
yet be fixed; ils n?t'ire Is inevitable.
II will finally extinguish the Central
Powers' menace to the peace of the
Small Irrigation
Projects are Successful
Result in Better Farms and  Improved Living Conditions, Says
Speaking before llu- annual con-
viulion of thc Western Canada Irrigation Association al Kathloops, B.
C, A. S, Dawson, chief engineer o,f|
the Department of Natural Resources of lhe Canadian Pacific Railway,!
expressed the faith lhat is in him :n
the irrigation projects for which
Western Canada is becoming famous.
is Is_ufi( a New Policy Contract With Up.
I to-dare Privileges
If you 0% buying Insurance,  tee ear Policy tin*
German-American Humorist
D. Thomas Ciirlin, the American
who has been visiting Germany for
lhe Norlhcliffe press of London on
lhe strength of introductions supplied by Professor Hugo Minister-
burg, said in New York ihe other
"Rather a joke, eh, to bc doing
England's work wiih lhe help of
Muiistcrburg  of  Harvard.
"When I saw- Muiistcrburg last
spring, he proved to mc that peace
treaties would be signed���peace
treaties all in favor nf a victorious
Germany���in the early summer of
1916. Hut, today, 1 understand, he
is predicting an alliance between
Germany, England and the United
"I don'l sec what right anybody
has to call Mark Twain the leading
American humorist," he said, "now
that Hugo Muiistcrburg has got
himself naturalized."
A. S. Dawson, B.A., Sc.
Member American Society Civil Ku-
gince.rs, Member Canadian Society
Civil Engineers, Chief Engineer
Dept. of National Resources, ' alga ry, A Ha.
Neutral Living in Germany Contributes Some Inside Information
Regarding lhe Effect the War is Having on the German
People, and llu- liroken Morale of the Army
Although Mr. Dawson
ncctcd mainly wiih lh
lion enterprises of ill
Southern Alberta, In: ,1
look  the advantages o
laS lieeii  con
big irriga-
C.P R.    in
ies not over-
small    proof
Good Authority
A schoolmistress asked her class
to explain the word "bachelor," and
was very much amused when a little
girl answered: "A bachelor is a very
happy man."
"Where did you learn thai?" asked  the  mistress.
"Father told me," thc little girl
and o.Sier Liver Troubles
The astonishing efficacy of Dr. Cassell's
Instant Relief is due) to its toning effect
upon the liver and bowels. It gives
strength to the organs and helps tliom baok
to health and natural action. In other
words it enables tha system to cure itself.
Don't; weaken your liver with purgative
pills or morning salts, don't get the ealta-
tnking habit; let Dr. Cassell's InRtant
Relief bring you natural and therefore
lusting cure.
Dr. CHAS. T. FOR.HAW, D.8c., F.R.M.8.,
a well-known British Scientist, writes:- "Never
take Salines or Purgative- for Constipation to
force Bowel action is to aggravate the trouble
ami create the Constipation habit. I recommend as a superior and convenient treatment
Dr. Cassell's Insiant Relief."
Price 50 cents, from all Druggists
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er  direct  Irom   tho  Sol* Ak-iiU Inr Canada,
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Toronto.     War lax 2 cents exlra.
Dr. Cassell's Instant  Relief is the ooiup.nien
preparation to Or. Cassell's Tablets,
Koto Proprietors ��� Dr. Coeiell't Co., Ltd.,
Manchester, England.
Dr. Cassell's
,,_. ���",">-.ClOV- -\. ..;
���&* Di/.iNarivrs
jeets operated by a   community
farmers or even by au individual.
"I havc had fifteen years' experi
ence on what arc lhc largest ii rifr:i-
tion projects in Canada," said Mr.
Da- -on. "Hut I am willing to ad
u.it lhat the small projects such ns
yon have iu the immediate vicinit)
of Kamloops arc quite often more interesting and worthy of fuller con-
I sidcralion than are/the larger projects, 'these schemes, ttiouglismali,
should be considered as one ui your
greatest assets.
"The benefits of irrigation show
their results in belter farms; improved living conditions; improved social
conditions and heller citizenship. If
conducted along proper lines il improves agriculture, saves the soil, inculcates industry, produces prosperity and should provide for. posterity "
Mr, Dawson's reference to thc
small irrigation schemes is of particular interest lo thc farmers of West-]
trn Canada, where there are lumd
reds���literally thousands���of creeks
and streams which could bc used in
a small way for irrigation purposes.
According to the opinion of an officer of the Western Canada Irrigation Association the day is comina
when irrigation in Western Canada
will bc limited only by the amount
of water available. ��� 'lhe increasing
interest in irrigation is indicated by
the fact lhal the annual meeting of
the association in 1917 will be held
in Saskatchewan lor the first time.
In the past it has always been held
in Alberta or British Columbia, bin
this year the associatoin wilt-meet at
Maple Creek, Saskatchewan,
A Sound Institution
Canadian Order of Foresters Has a
Most Enviable Record
The Canadian Order of Foresters
lave for years occupied a prominent
position as one of the hailing Fraternal Insurance Societies operating
in Canada,
It was instituted in 1879 by 4S8,
members who seceded from the
American Ortler of Foresters, Today
it has a membership of over 90,000,
which is lhe largest purely Canadian
membership of any of the fraternal
insurance societies doing business In
the  Dominion.
The society has had il most successful record and has accumulated
funds, which, at tlie present time,
amount to between live ami a half
and six million dollars. Last year
was apparently one of the most successful years iu thc hir-lory of the
institution. The amount added to the
insurance funds for 1916 was between
four and five hundred thousand dollars." Notwithstanding this success
lhc management decided ro Rsccrtai.1
what the actual standing oi llie society was, and secured the services of
one of the most competent actuaries
on the continent, Acting on the advice of lhc actuary, the Society decided to re-adjust its rates and place
Itself upon a basis which will give it
at least 100 per cent, acturial solvency,
Hy taking this course, while ils
funds wcrc still piling up it has been
able to treat ils members much morc.
favorably than many of the societies
which have re-adjusted llieir business
during recent years.
The management is to he congratulated upon a course of action which
will place the society upon a Bpletl
did financial basis, and insure the future of lhe order for all lime,
A neutral who has from time lo
time contributed to tlu Times interesting articles on conditions in tier-
many writes to lhal paper from
Cologne in these terms:
The exasperation produced by the
duration of lhe war ami tin increasing absence of nutritious food has
now produced much more original
and independent thinking ami talking than 1 have known in Germany
since ihc beginning oi llie war. Tho
easily led German middle lasses do
nol know what lo make ol lhe silua-j
lion, and from lhe beginning, when
lhcy were told tint Germany had
been "fallen upon," their view of the
war has been an entirely distorted
view. But never have their leaders
been so bitterly critisiscd :���.. during
lhe last few weeks, liven Himlcn-
btirg, the great god llindcnburg, has
been as much abused as Bcthmann-
llollwcg, 1 have heard people here
and there say good tilings oi Count
Zeppelin, but limy arc nol many.
There is, however, one. great reason, of which you are probably nol
yel aware, why the German people
generally believe in lhe hope of peace
��� a bright hope ami au increasing
hope. It is nol thai tiny believe in
military victory, li is not that lhcy
believe in victory In the west, where,
indeed, defeat i- considered to be
almost certain. Noi Is il lhe idea
already mentioned ll al Germany has
only to speak of pence for peace lo
come. It is the fact that the call for
peace now comes not merely from
the politicians, but from lhe soldiers.
Counter Check
Or Sales Hooks
Mr. Merchant: ���
If you are nut already using our
Counter Check or _,ales Books iv,
would respecttully solicit your nexi
oiuer. .ears ol experience in the
manufacture of lhis Hue enable us to
give you a book as nearly perfect as
u is possible to be made in tucscdil
iicult tunes.
All cla.-si,. and grades of paper arc
now Irom lUU '.o ,W per cent, high-
cr than they were two years ago.
tarpon papers, waxes lor coated
ijooks, laUor, in fact everything inai
yocs lino lire cost ol counter cileck
or sales Pooks are very lu_.ii 111 price.
tsotwunsiunuing tliese lacis, our
modern ami well equipped plant lor
uns particular wan; cuadlcs us to
sail Keep our prices reasonably
low. belore placing your next oiue,
write us lor samples and prices, oi
consult the proprietor ot mis irapcr.
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apecial triplicate boous. un iiicsc,
ami our regular Uupncaie and triplicate separate caruun i��eal t>ooKs, wc
number among our customers tut.
largest anu liesi commercial nouses
Hum coasl lo coast. .\o oroer is ion
large or too small to bc looKed utti-i
We nave   connections   with    thc
largest paper mill in Canada, ensuring an ample supply oi tne uesi _ruuc
p.per used in counter ciicck .i uoks,
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ua grade Ol paper, prompt service
and suipmentj,
Waxed ,-apers and Sanitary
Vv ruppers
We alao manuiaciuro Waxed Uicad
anil Meal Wrappers, plain ami print-
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Use, Fruit  A rappers, etc.
\N rile lor samples ol our G. ei 13.
Waxed fapers used as a -Meal
Wrapper, ii in both grease ana
moisture proof, anu mc lowest priced
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Genuine   Vegetable   Parchment    for
liuiwr  Wrappers
Wc aie large importers of this
particular brand ol paper, Our prices
on 8xil size in iuo.u .quantities anu
upwards, an.- very low, considering
uie presenl high price ot Uiir, paper.
We can supply any quantity primed
"choice Dairy Butter" Irom stock.
Our machinery and equipment for
Waxing and Fruiting is uie mos'
modem and complete in Canada an 1
ensures you first-class goods and
prompt service,
Hamilton, Canada.
Offices: Toronto, Montreal,    Winnipeg, Vancouver,
It is an open secret that IlindenburiJ
who has just made his second visit
to the western front, relumed profoundly impressed by the fact that
the politicians must endeavor to
make peace by hook or by crook,
'lhis is not mere gossip. 1 have the
Until directly from a source which,
as you know, has always proved accurate in my previous communications.
As I told you, the area of fighting
on lhc Soinme and before Verdun is
known a.s "the Grave." The whole
line from Alsace to Ypres is really a
nightmare to the Herman army.
Every sort of influence and "pull,'
governmental, social and financial, ij
used to prevent the return uf particular regiments and particular ofii__
cers lo the western front, although
lhe authorities hold out such attractions as superior supplies of food,
shorter intervals in the trenches, and
lhe amusements at Lille, Ghent,
Melz and other places, which are
I rovided In order to maintain a
morale that has not been so broken
for more than a century. The eastern
army, although it thought that    the
capture of Warsaw meant r       '-.
Kussia, has been able to bear its disappointments because of its variouj
successes since then. The westers
army has had no successes.
For lhe hiding of my identity I
never talk lo officers who have r��-
turned from thc front if I can help
it, but 1 am always seeing the reli-
lives of officers and hearinu what
they write and say. On the ���:
general after general has been ���if.r.er-
seded, and the number of punishments of non-commissioned offi rera
and men is appalling. What the
losses on the western fron- have
been nobody knows, but nobody believes the published figures. The parents of young have just been i-i-
formed that he was not taken prisoner on the Somme in Julv, 3: thev
had been told, but that he was killed.
I am .constantly hearing of similar
cases. You must s-e in the newspapers how Indignation about the
censorship preps out from time to
lime, but the indignation is really
much stronger even jraon; offieialj
than among the newspaper writers
themselves, Nothing that they print
is believed.
My latest tour has dispelled many
lingering illusions about German efficiency, But I have been struck by
onc or two of the successful German
devices for maintaining public
spirit. I never could remember n-.ore
music or better theatrical entertainments. As I said before, military
bauds are everywhere. There is no
singing now when soldiers leave for
the front, and very Jew people would
take the trouble to see them off were
it not for the bands. You will have
noticed that the output of German
books and magazines ar.d amusing
papers has, if anything, increased
during thc war. A recent and typical example of the German methods
���which has the additional advantage
of making a show of German "broad-
mindness ���Is the publication of an
entirely new edition of Dickens.
Speaking generally, while yon in
England seem anxious to depress
your people by suppressing amusements, the German government is
following an opposite course. They
havc a difficult task before th��m, and
lln- next few months will be the mosl
critical in lhc history of any nation
unless they are right about submarines.
The German public no lonecr believes all lhe stories that they are
told about submarines���such reports,
for instance, as lhat missing longdistance submarines have arrived
safely, but that their arrival has been
kept secret by the government for
excellent reasons.
While, however, it is true (hat tho
big submarines have not been the
success that ihey were expected to
be, lhe feverish building of <nrbma-
riue parts in all the 111 anu fact u ring
towns which I have visited is for mo
conclusive evidence that the government shares the general opinion,
that the submarine alone can .natch
victory out of the present abysmal
N'orrh Dakota having as its Stata
representatives none but farmers, it
has been virtually decided to havo
that class appointed as judges in the
courts, at least a large proportion of
The Courtenay Review
And I'oinox Valley Advocate
A W.r.-ity  Newspaper,  Ptiblshed at
Courteuay, It. ���'.
N. II.  Bodhn, 1'illlui and Proprietor
Bnbscrlptlon *i no per Vear In Advance
Titui'smv APitu. 12 , 1917
If li. C. is ii) cum: to its own,
the natural resources have got to
be developed, the iiiohI Important
I'uiup Iron, tm1 0'ilv it lhe present
time lun for yearn lo come, Be
sitUt.s beinn tlie principal material
in demand, Iron nu I steel support
and feed mor. siti-.-iulnry industries
ihan any other resource, In nnv
other p-tit of llie world that resource wi-iiiil have been developed years
ago bill llic 1' I , ��� I' eilll seems
in exercise an c-n i v.itinp; iiilliienee j
upon western people "uivvvnytlie
speculators ��(u lidd of It while ordinary f ilks were talking aboul it, I
������mil when the ��; cu'ali) s ,v nt
broke, tlie ] ���"���pi- hn i '.', >! the heart
to talk an* more, Nowspeculuiora
are pic .inr, up iheir courage again
aud iva it pi nple lo start talking
and investing liul It. C. needs
t'lie ii'.teu.nm nf e.ipltins of industry, which', ones .secured, would
ensure the foundation of au iron
and steel industry before the speculators could get out their prospec
tus. It is the speedy development
of that greal industry that will
make ll C , an 1 the longer it is
neglected, the longer will II. C remain a province with a "might
have been" look about it,
We notice that during January
and February, the Victoria school
children collected waste paper valued at over $1301), which sum wns
leali/.ed by the Red Cross for the
benefit of its fund'., But for llie
war and som ibody'sthoughtfiiliiess
this wasie in iterial would have remained where it was stored iu base
ments, cupboards aud garrets, It
should be possible to collect tour or
five tons in this district, get a reduced rate fr un the K. and X. Kv.
and ship to Victoria for the further
benefit of th- Red Cross. Everybody has old papers, hooks, reports
etc,, that would be better utilized
iu this manner than suffered to remain about the house harboring
dust, and occupying room, O'tr
local Red Cross leaders could make
a success of it we are sure.
Notes By The Way
National government would mean
the abolition of patronage, which
is as lively today as ever, the bait
and reward of that miserable |para-
site, the "party heeler."
The new administration in Russia has discovered that enormous
bribes were paid by Germany to
secure the surrender of certain Rus
sian fortresses The same old game
lias heeti played iu Canada, the
liquor and vice interests having
done German work to impair the
efficiency of our men
Tl*e Dean of Columbia, preaching
recently at   Vietniin,   warned   llis;
hear As against the national sin   of
furgut fulness, install iug   the  dan- '
ger pi the forgetting the sacrifices!
made bv the soldiers and sailors of
the empire,    A timely  admonition '
since those Soldiers who   li nve   ie-
turued have yet to   secure   ample
recognition at the hands nf the employers, Irom ti e   provincial   government downwards,
Iu view of the American plan of
selective conscription, liow about
lhe iiuiuy boys wli 1 were not raised
to be soldiers, and who skipped
to the Stales from Canada to escape
voluntary service?
The Hihdeuburg line is being
bent. By tiie time these word.- nre
in prim it may be broken, and the
('erinuii retreat lo 1 he Belgian fron.
tier be in progress, The so-called
'.'contemptible artnv" is getitng its
own bad , lioping that the liens
will not moke pence until the Allies are on Qerman soil, and after
giving Germany n taste of what
the Belgians nnd. French have had
to suffer nnd endure,
"Slocks and Stockings is an apt
title I'or a play these days. People
with the fat rolls can show the war
stocks, and the girls with skinny
lees show the stockings,
The Tsolutn Hiv-i' Lumber Co,
has been incorporated with head
offices at Courtenay.
The Ford Garage lias just: received their spring shipment of
bicycles and accessories,    Call and
see them.
One swallow may not mike a
spring, but three of the right kind
will make yuu jump around, and
half a dozen are go od for a fall,
On and nfler April 23rd   freight
rates will advance \ cents per hundred pounds on  general  merchandise between   Vancouver und   all J
west coast points,
A whist drive under tiie auspices
of Harmony Lodge No. 22,   I,   (),
0, I' ��� Cumberland, will   be   held
on   Mou lay   evening,   April   id,
Wliisi drive ill the Paternal Hull at!
8 o'clock.   Admission    25    cents.
Dance lo be held in the lio Ho hall |
at 10 o'clock, admission Gents 50c j
Ladies 25c,    Refreshments will be |
served in the b'aternal Hall,    Pro-,
ceeds to be devoted to   the   maintenance of a home for maimed and |
convalescing returned soldiers mem
bers of thc order-.    A wood  time is :
expected,    Good music   in   attendance at the dance. '
Easter '
Another Shipment of
LarJiec Tr'iriiincd Hats
on  show to-dr-y,   also
Georgette Crepe
Voile Blouses
Ladies' Nee'..-.wear
Sport Silks
Eastei Novelties
S. 0 D A
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New Spring Goods Now on Hand
McPhee Block
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday, Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni
From  Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni,   and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10
Phone R 60
Attn', ���irrteri.jr,
Nothing Gained
by Waiting."
Was never truer than to-day
wilh reference to clothing.
Al the new samples are on
hand. Prices cannot go lower
for many moons, Why not
place your order now ?
I guarantee to fit and satisfy
I want nothing but SATISFIED customers.
I will send for your repairs.
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Bay Road
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  & Field
i I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepared to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
ViV^HJ.'l KM SSJSJ ) ***��*��
The Finest
Wheat in the
royal vmm
���plus milling skill -pin* milling experience���plus modern mill
plant-plus many other important (actors and yon have the
Royal Standard
���without 11 peer hi the whole world.
KOYAT. STANDARD l-I.nlR is born III Cumuli ,11 Wheal 1'iolcla
tlie best wlic.it producing lauds <>�� .firth.
The not result when R.OYAT. STANDARD la used--Bread Bin-
cults, linns, i-li', bigger lu volume- finer In texture���grentot
in (null value���cleaner antl whiter In Irmly.
Tlie trademark���the Circle V on the Buck assures you,
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
riiniic 3.1, End nl Bridge B. Towler,   Mgr.
Hot Do Nots for the Auto Owner
Do not forget to have gas in the gas lank.
Do not use steam cylinder oil in your gas engine.
Do not use cheap oil, it is expensive in the end.
Do not forget to have plenty of air in your tires.
Do not buy your tires and accessories out and  go to the
garage for free air and expect the garage  man to meet
vou with a big smile every time
Do not think the garage man is getting rich on the gas
he is selling you.
Do not tell your friends how  much   you  save by buying
your gas by the drum until you have   measured it out
and counted your time,
Do not for".*, to remember your garage man  sells the
ttres he finds to give the best wear,   the oil that is best
for your particular car, and the aceessoiies you should
Do you not know that the  Ford  Oarage carries one of
the largest and best stocks of tires and  accessories on
Vancouver Island to-day.
Phone L46
Speak with your lips close to the mouthpiece. That is the whole
secret of successlul telephoning.
When you do so, talking requires less effort and listening calls
for less exertion.
There is no need of voice force when you talk into the telephone.
Everything you say is heard plainly and distinctly, when spoken in an
ordinary tone.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Love and re..cn are seldom on
Sinless Soles Attached GRAND DISPLAY
Speechless Tongues inserted __,.���   ���  __ at    _,
Willard s Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ol Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stani Cc -i \n 17
Tuning and Repairing
Here about April 1
Leave orders at Review office THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Considerable piin has been caused
to the members of the English
church at Sandwick hy rumors of a
proposal to close the church of St,
Andrew's to public worship. With
a history of ovcr forty years, begun
iu the original church and carried
ou in the present edifice, St. An
drew's is the mother church of the
district, and reverenced as such by
those of iis officers and congregation who are residents of years standing, Should the rumors be founded upon actual intention, ii is un
derstood that a strong protest w'll
be forwarded to the Bishop of the
diocese, on the grounds that the
reasons I'or closing the church are
of the shallowest, and that nil places of worship in the d'Stllct suffer
from small attendance during the
winter, a fact Uml city bred poo
pie fad lo recognize, it i' felt
moreover that lo close the church
would be u reflection upon tho. e
now connected with the p*rl_h,
since worse tioublia were faced in
past years under Ihe leadership o(
men who refused lobe discouraged,
We understand thai Mr    Albert
Grant and family are   leaving   for
'pastures new."   We hope not.
Comox will l��se n good citizen here.
Miss Rosemary Downey entertained her scholars at her father's
residence on Monday last. The
children were taken over to St.
Joseph's Hospital. All hadagood
Our chief" has two canary
birds setliiiK' on real eggs. He liu'-1
ures on developing this branch of
ornithology, and will give advice
and demonstrations each evening
at A, B. Ball's store, At present
he is content with usine, the canary I
can have a glass building to cover
say 10 acres or sn, that eventually
the birds might be persuaded to set
on hens or duel's .eggs, and so cheap
en the market for eggs for domestic use'. A. B- Ball 1ms taken degrees iu the Sc'ence at college and is
willing to give advice to all and
sundry'    This not an advt.
Willie Grieve lias returned from
Cumberland hospital after an   ab
sence of 3 weeks, Pr, McNaugh
ton undertook Willie's operation
and made 0 complete success of
the ease. Joe speaks very highly
of the treatment the boy received
at the hospital
Dance at l.ittli" River Tuesday,
April 9, In aid of the Red Croas
Society. Rev, T. Mrn/.ies showed'
Iiis Interesting pictures on Hen llur
which were much appreciated, The
ilaiicc which followed was well
attended, 1 am told thai the "old
still's are having the time of their
lives al the dnnci s, owing to the
absence of nearly   all   the  young
i men. DttllcillH w i* kept up ti" it
was lime to go home and milk the
cows. The music by Mrs. Percy
Smith and Mrs kalian wns such as
ymi would only hem in cities   like
I Vancouver and Victoi ia, the lime
being a�� precise  as   an   automatic
| music Iiun. Comox may well lie
proud of such talent,
Three lirsl class spuds arc doing
well iu niv window box,
Bunch Helhin snys that the rumor thai he applied for a licence to
run the I.oine Hotel is untrue,
Mrs, II. Moore nnd   family   are
staying with relations at Sandwick.
John Giddlngs has sold  most of
his timber aud logging   operations
are now started.    Mrs     G.    Bead-
[ni.-ll from   Dsnntan Island   arrived
on Friday's boat, and is staying
with Mr. and Mrs. Headnell. .
birds eggs, bul he thinks that if he1
*r*^**^'*4'l****W^-^g*^*ljtl*,   ha4t**&*>c.,*l^**t*f**r+vtrw*Jtfl^^
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
Gents' Furnishing Store
We are going to lead while others follow, with
Hart, Schaffer & Max Clothes
We have a full line of Samples to choose from
We would like you to give us a call and see for
yourself.   We also have a full line of Children's
Shoes at all Prices
Remember what we havn't got we will get for you
Sutlitf Gents'  Furnishing Store
1 beg toJannounce that 1 have opened a Flour and
Feed Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
Mrs. Christie leceWed for the
first time on Wednesday afternoon
Inst. She was assisted by Mesdames Hroek and Montgomery,
Mrs, J.W. McKenzie was at
home to ii large circle of friends
from the Settlement. The gather
ing was in honor of Miss Lila
''lieve, who leaves this week as the
bride of Mr. Victor Shopland.
Tlie Provincial Government has
dismissed Mr. Iv H, Hicks-Beach
from the office of Stipendnry Magistrate of Courtenay. and appointed
in his stead Mr, W A- Hames,
Cily Clerk. We congratulate Mr.
Hames on his appointment, and
I rust he will conduct llis dip ies as
courteously and painstakingly ns
his predecessor.
On Tuesday afternoon April 141I1
n Jumble Sale will be held in the
A "ricnltural Hall from 3 to 6 p, m,
under the organization of the Women's Auxiliary, Many excellent
articles, both tiselnl and ornauien.
lal, are expected nl lhe Jumble
stall, Be sine in come along,
Afternoon ten will be served and
th. 11 will he a g')'>d programme of
music. Admission free", The pro
ceeds will be devoted to the genera)
W A, funds for parish needs and
foreign missions.
Editor Courtenay Review
Dear Sin-
It Will interest many of your farm
er friends to know that our Cream.
ery Assscialion desires by   res ihu
iim .it the meeting to be held in tlle
basement of the Presbyterian church
April 21st. at 8 p. 111.. to apply to
come under the   HJ15 Agricultural
At the annual meeting held in
January 1915, resolutions to come
under the 1915 Act were passed.
These resolutions were out of order
from advice received from [deputy-
minister Mr, W,. E, Scott, and
steps have been taken so that proceedings at the special meeting will
be regular,
I quote from Mr. Scott's letter,
"1 beg to acknowledge receipt of
yours of the 25th inst. and uo'.e
that you intend to hold a special
general meeting of your association
on or about April 21st. and will
discuss tli* question of handling
eggs. I think this will be a good
one, The Islands Creamery with
which I was closely associated for
many years started 111 to handle
eggs to the great benefit of the patrons 1 am glad to hear you are
Selling shares to liquidate the government loan. Your Association
is a good strong concern and it is
up to the patrons to become shareholders of your creamery. The
creamery is run for the  beuef.t   of
! f irmers and it is up to them to
support it in a proper way, by becoming shareholders, I would very
much like to come and meet your
people and giee you a short talk on
cooperative methods, but I am
asraid it will be quite impossible
for ine to leave at the present time
whilst the _*��"se 's in session.
1 will have Mr. Ferry or Mr.
Upton attend however, in order to
talk on the egg business if you will
1 let me know the date of your meeting, 1 am very sorry I shall not
be able to present myself tor the
reason I have given,"
The committee of directors have
handed in at time of writing applications for eighty shares which is
very encouraging as many have
promised aud we expect to have a
i good membership from Denman
j    Do not forget the date April 21st
��� at 8 o'clock, in the basement of the
I Presbyterian church,
I Yours respectfully
R. U. Hurford,
Simply a little rub with a cloth keeps the highly burnished cooking top always glistening, dustless clean, without blacking; in four pieces it cannot warp or bulge.
Anglican Church Notes
1st Sunday after {taster, Anril 15.
8.30 a. 111. Holy Communion at St.
John'., Courtenny.
11.00 a, m, Matins and Holy Communion at St. Andrew's Sandwick.
11.00 a. 111. Matins and sermon at St.
Peter's. Comox.
7,00 p 111. Evensong and Sermon at
Hoiy Trinity, Cumberland,
7.30 p. 111. Evetihong and Sermon at
St. John's, Courtenay.
7.30 p. tn. Evensong and Sermon at
St. Mary's, Grantham.
The Blacksmithing Business carried on bv McKenzie & Mooring
has been dissolved. The business
will be carried ou ia future by the
undersigned, to whom all accounts
are payable. First-Class work is
still the watchword at this shop."
It won't be hard to decide what range you want in your
kitchen after I show you the Kootenay's special features.
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Mannder's sacred cantata, "Pen!
leiice, Pardon, and Peace,'.' was
sung ou Sunday evening by the
In ir ol the Presbyterian church
n Sunday evening. This is one
��� il the finest of the shorter cantatas
mil was beautifully rendeted, The
regular preaching sei mon was omit-
le I and Rev. T. Menzies gave Instead a series of lantern slides depicting the last days of Oltr Saviour
m earth.
The annual meecing of the Courtenay and Comox Valley Conservative Association, was held on
Puesday evening. The principal
business was the election nf officers
which resulted as follows: Hon,
Presidents, Sir K I,. Borden, nud
.\\ J, Dowser. Hon. Vice President. II. S. Cletne.its, M. P, Presi-
dent, Sam Calhoun, Vice President He'-bert Bridges Secretary
L'has. SimillS, Treasurer, Jack
Carwithen. Executive Committee
R. Fraser, T, Booth, 11. Monison,
Fred Kerton, R; M. Allan nnd W
A'.tken. The leaders wi 1 be asked
to organise and appoint an equal
executive to with the gentlemen's
was exprc.se
Conservative party, and when another election comes round no fear
of the result need be entertained if
the present lively interest is maintained,
Presbyterian Church
St.  Andrews'   Sandwick
Service 2 p in,     Sunday  School
and Bible Class ," p, m.
Sunday School nud  Bible Clas
10:30 a.m.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. All welcome
Barrister and Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cuslne Excellen
Wm. Merry field
Palace Livery
Horses  and   bunnies   for   Hire   _
Terms cash.
We   also  attend   to   wood hauling
Notice  of   Examination for
Assistant Forest Ranger
Examination of applicants
position of Assistant
to  (ill the
Bprest Runner will   Courteuay
be held by tlie I,amis  Department as
follows :   " Campbell River April 17th; '	
Courtenay April 18th," | s___s________
I'or information regarding the examination ond application  forms apply lo !
the Chief Forester, Victoria.
Phone 25
Court of   Revision
the first sitting ol the Court ol
Revision on the Assessment Roll for
1917, as prepared by the Assessor, will
be held at the City Hall, Courtenay, B.C.
on Monday, the 30th day of April, 1917,
at the hour of 7 o'clock p.m.
Appeals, stating grounds thereof, must
be made in writing to the assessor at
least ten days previous to the sitting of
the Court.
Dated at Courtenay this 20th day of
March, 1917.
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Minister of Lands of British
Columbia for a license to prospect for
coal ou the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of Latitude 42, Comox
District, 11. ���'., thence north eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
thence south eighty chains thence west
eighty chains to point ol commencement', ami containing six hundred and
forty acres more or less,
Courtenay, B. O. April 3, 1917.
Do You
The  Courtenav  Review
Family Herald and Weekly 3:i��"
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamnttiiig
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
_S    ,   .    ��-r>,-*-..--���������   -���****���*"   '���SS��Sl_'->S>||S><S|^SS,SS<W^^^^t<^^^>��<W^^^^>^^^
__~*n  [part of human nature was concerned,
>j\  his critical  laculllcs, Bitch    as    they
The Squire's
....     |,y	
I Ulitju.. t.'e'.l,, .... .0.1 , .a. A.
re, win- in abeyance. Hc ratln
tvonucrccl at himself thai lie could
iiulgo the Innniil'iil woman sitting in
Inr moonlight blues nml greens- -n
li vi ly thing lo look al so harshly,
IN rlinps hi-, passional!  plly for I >ol
I ' i i loutlecl beauty   had   sluiri il
his perceptions,
I In would remind hhnsi If when In
I'.id gone ,i certain distance In Ids
i ��n  mind  towards formuhiliiiH   I'
"I. agree with you," ligcrton said,
(going on lo talk aboul Dully antl the
liiur linu's he ami slir had had in London nml Paris before Granny came
on ih,- scene,
"li was a very i I lime," lie Bald
villi a little sigh. "How we worked
and how we. played I Wc (ed .11 restaurants in Siiln.i or tiie Latin Qtiar-
ler;*��-o  went t" tin   cheapest scat1, producing seed kill tiie perennial root
in the theatres, and to nil sorts   ol stalk tuiil sow absolutely clean sec.
How to Fight Sow Thistle
Thorough Cultivation of Land and
Clean Seed the Remedy
In lighting, sow thistle we musl
recognize thai this weed spreads
from both seeds aud rools, Wo musl
therefore, prevent    the   plant   froi
ild shows,    Wc wcrc ncvi r aparl.
I'y Jove, vou couldn't have u pretty
..alike for Mrs,  Egerton, thai al all nM lll;" ''^ly lending lho   vie   tic
events, she had not losl    her   litis-IBolicmc In Paris without   a brother
blind's love: "aud he Is a jolly   night ,^, liriylliow
per fellow ihnn you.   In   would
M   Olllllllll  M.l
CIIAl'TEl'   VI,
lirimi s
J eleven
r_r>'     r,-111111,
1 liliusclf, for he luul n great
di sire i" bc jusl,
Lionel Egerton obviously adored
hi* wife, ami looked on Iter as a pre.
clous creature whom the soidid cares
of life must nol bc ; erniittnd to np
proncb,    He accepted    unrescrvediy
'in a thorough Hi.he
iniriii tor Englnnd; in Pari* I have
my pri jtullccs of lhc boitrgi ols, I
don'l believe In n girl going In r own
way���nol in 1'nri-r. It's another matter hi safe, jog-trol ,,lil 11 iiglaud."
nro i
iiurcl this ter-
grain il  \\
rlblc pest,
\ nrlous methods ol attack have
been advocntctl such ns crowding out
tlio weed by a pcrslstcnl perennial,
smoldering llic plant with lai paper,
slrnw, nuiiuire, or l>y it quickly amv
ing crop, rui '
preventing ii
The Worth of
Germany's Word
Another Scrap of Paper Thrown to
the Winds
Thf German chancellor himself
communicates to tlie world tlu
damning fact that having given tlio
solemn pledge of May -I German]
has passed tho Intervening months in
feverish preparations lo break it, to
tear ii up like another scrap ol
paper nml throw ii to the winds. In
M.mil ihc question was nol ripe foi
decision, i'i Mny it was nol iipe, an,
iii thai month the pledge was given
-irnviiig tin; plant hv Iiiii now Germnny is ready to entc.
11,nu   Forming   green upon .i new enreer of assnsslnntion al
Electrification Demand
A Remembered Pace
Tin Squire was nol altogether easy .
In his intnd aboul Mrs, Barllett. At the facl oilier delicacy, and he had
firri she had worked iii her garden a boyish zest in taking a hand in the
uml had seemed lo find a certain hap- work of the New Cottage. The vil-
pincss and to bc gaining health, Butilagc girl who came in evo-y day to
soon afler  Hilary had    come    down, hnve her labors supervised and sup-
for Easter Mrs. Brown came lo the plcincntcd,  else  the    Nnv    Colli.c  filiation begun in Chicago,    Elect
Squire wilh concern  written on her w&uld have been run in a very sloy- locomotives will havi' to bc substil.it
good-natured face, 11 nly manner,      He would onn-    in | oil for steam engines.   To begin thc
"ThereI" sin   said.    "I  though I'd cheerfully and pick up his palette, rn- substitution now  will    mean    fewerIploughing,    Ihen plough    tl
belter lot you know, ^ir, as you w-asimarking thai he had jusl bein mak- steam engines on the junk   pile when!depth al i the middle of Jt
ilmvcs.    Tin1  crowding oul    method,.sen.      What  lias changed the silui
often fails because the thistle proven tUm, asks  lhc chancellor,    ami    an
to bc more persistent ihnn the crop Uwcrs, his own question.    'The   firs!
employed lo displncc it,   The ��inot1i< I lhc mosl  Important  effect,   is    thai
li the railways arc confronted wilh crinjj plan succeeds ou small patches, "tlie number of our submarines   hai
a need for more motive power, why liul is nol practicable ou large areas, been very considerably Increased   ns
nol make il electric motive   power?i Many authorities advocate the starva   compared with last spring, and there-
Thero is constantly increasing pres- lion plan or summerfallow as by far j by a firm basis for success has been
sun- in largo cities for electrification.
The next five years musl bcc clcclri
kindly interested in the poor crca- ing up Uie kitchen lire which I'bocl
lure. It's about Miss Bartlctt. <V|had allowed to go out; he had been
belter woman I never saw at her washing salad; Phoebe could nol be
work, The piles and piles she 'ave trusted with the washing of vegc-
mended, I'd like some lazy 'uzzlcs tables; or be hnd been carrying coal,
as I know to scc 'ow the pore dear! or something else. Once he had
works. You'd think she 'ad il on been sweeping a chimney and came
ber mind to finish a lask before she'd: in black as a coal. Mrs, Egerton,
bc going, There won't be much playing languidly with the child, a
Ipft of her to go when slu docs, tudg- box of sweets and a novel within
in by the flesh falling from' her reach of her hand, had looked up and
bones as it',-, doing." laughed.
"What's llu mallei- with Mrs Unit "My dear child," she had said, 'you
let,I?" the Squin asked, looking up arc not lit for decent society, Whal
from his book. "If she isn't well will Mr. Mcyrick think of you?"
.he ought to see a doctor. I expect There was a morning when the
It's lhe result of her accident. I'll painter's gaiety was eclipsed. llie
sec her today aud persuade her to see child had bad croup in the night, and
lhe change has been accomplished,
Chicago Tribune.
he  mil Dolly had bei n up half   th
"Granny" (it was his pet name for
Man���1 want your opinion in a
matter, ' Would you advise njc to
borrow $10 to help mc oul of a tighl
Legal Friend���By all means.
Man���Very good I     I.end  mo  ten,
Legal Friend���That's all right, My
fee for legal advice is $10, and we'll
jur.t call it square.
the best for eradicating this trouble-1 established."    Behind lhe shelter   ot
""""'  weed, ]h..r  pledge,  concealing   her  construe-
Plough six lo eighl inches deep In 1 tion  work  irom  thc  world  save    as
lire autumn, if possible, Tun if pres   rumor  was  now and  then    brought
"are     ol   work     prevents     autumn |, ic hint of it, the German govern-
i icnt has availed iiself ,,f ibe oppor
iiiniiy of the submarine trtico to pre
resumption of lawless war
in llic New York Times
tor a few days, In gin the use of tlie I pare for
duck-fool cultivator crosswise of the fare,    1
land and repeal  whenever llic tinier,!'
shoots rue ready   lo   show, until    llie
land freezes in autumn.    Where lln-
soil is loose loam the land may nol
need  ploughing and    lhe    cultivator
can be iisnl from lhe start,
Never allow lhe thistle lo show
even a leaf above the ground and
by autumn it will be killed. 'The
cultivation must be thorough,
Says Horse Famine Ts Cominr
At least n million horses and mules
have cone to   F.-.iropc from the Unit
cd Slates   and are being destroyed ill
mis! numbers.    The war is not over,
and they are still going over. When
tl.e war ends  every country    across
lho sea will need horses to work its
far.ns  and  replenish      its     depleted
"The  trouble  wilh  you,  sir, is���iii breeding   stock.     With   our surplus
vou will pardon mc for .saving so��� gone,  American  breeders asleep    at
You farmers buy a good    many that you think nobody   good enough thu switch, and'our own  enormous
gold bricks, clif      -Yes, and you citv for vour daughter." consumption of horses for farm and
tellers buy a good deal of swamp) "Yes, sir, and thai is where we'iily going steadily on, a horse fain-
land. 1 guess things are about differ so radically. You appear lo j ine is sure to ensue���Corr. Breed-
even. ���Louiscville   Courier-Journal,  think anybody is." ers' Gazette,
a doctor.
l-Jc had nol seen Mrs. Barllett for
Sitecli'idl,,"^  iiiimiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiMiiiii iimi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiimij;
Lionel Egerton for a portrait. It "She slept right tlirougli. Wasn't it g
was a portrait that promised lo lak: clover of us to pull the kid round a
a long lime, for Edgcrton made his without even wakcnchig her motherfs
money by black and white work, and Let's go for a walk, Mcyrick. My g
took Iiis painting as a luxury. 'The I head's like cotton wool. You won I g
Squire was distressed<at the leisurely I"-  lonely,  Gran,  with   Susan;" IB
manner in  which  the    artist    would      "Ob, no, I shan't be lonely,' Mrs.   g
spend a whole sitting painting some-   Egerton    answered,    stretching   her g
thing and Ihen paint it out again. His  hrnd  for lhc  novel,      Susan,    after Ig
conscientiousness  troubled    him,  for  In r vigils, was fast asleep m the odd  g
he conjectured  no great amount    of little cradle bed which stood    in    a IS
money in lhe Egerton establishment,  corner of the hall.    "Don't   trouble g
From a selfish point of view he en-1 yourself, dear boy,    to hurry    backjg
joyed  lhe   sittings  extremely���would j on  my account.      But don'l    forget
have enjoyed limn more if the door; that  the   Eclipse  drawing  has  to go
had  opened  oftcner  lo  let   in  Dollv by the afternoon post."
1*1   nun's    sleepily     beautiful   little     "1  had forgotten all about it,   rc-
face,    To be  sure, there  were com-  turned her husband.    "My wife's an
pensations. Nearly always at the end  excellent business woman," lie. went
of the silting Lionel  Egerton would on, "though she don'l look it;    She
say, putting down his 'palette    and .keeps me up to my p's and   . s, elscig
brushes, "Let  us go and  sec    what I'd always  be  painting things    that   ~
Polly is lining." nobody wants.    She looks like Egcr   3
Dolly was doing some illustrations I ia doesn't she,. Mcyrick? yel she g
for Christmas books. She would I would say that an artist oughtn't log
look up with a smile as her brother j trouble about lus_ mission, but eon-: g
and the Squin came in. Sometimes rider his commmission. Eli, Gran- g
she  would  In   silling  doing nothing,! ny, isii'l il a true bill?" IS
with lhat air of sleepiness upon hor She laughed, culling lum her boy. g
which bill added to her beauty. She land shifting the long chair, of beads g
would come out of her languor will, thnl went round her neck, dropping j g
an  rfii,rl   to receive them,  and    her  almost  to  Inr  feet,      Her    husband   r_
brother wolld rally her, culling he:
Dolly the dreamer. At times her e\-
pri ssion ii mi 'I lo ihe Squire lo be
very sad, and ho hid impulses at
times to console her for lie knew
not what.
He had discovered for himself, as
the intimacy increased, that thi beau.
tii'el Mrs    Egerton was stupid���mor
turned bark to kiss her before going s
out with the Squire, ��� s
"I  don't know how I came to get g
such   a   wife,"   hc   said,  joining    theI S
Squire. '   "Not only is she entirely s
satisfying lo tin   artistic sense,    but,IS
by Jove, she  is as practical as thev S
ni.ike Ihein,    You'll sec, Mcyrick, I'll g
be a rich man onc of these days.  I'll g
tiian that, lhal she was enacting and  havc n house on Campden Hill, and s
selfish as well,    IL.r curious beauty a county bouse, and   a    yacht,   b< S
Wcnl   no  further  llian  her    outward cause 1 can   pvi  the public just what 3
i:ii-     Slu  was lazy���by   wa-   il   wants  in  lhc  way 61  ballet  girl s
ol being il II     t.    In tin- undcrstaff   and barmaids and pu riots, and such s
ed New Coltage evcryom  mighi give creatures,    I don't mind doing it loi g
a hand al III    work   nol  Mrs.  Egor- a wilt like mine, because I love   to I
ton     l*o bc i ire om  could nol asso- please her." ^ i g
ciati   I      ftilh  menial  work,      Her     Dolly would nol go for a walk, Slu g
place in life was to sit still and look was heavy eyed and lircd.    bhe had s
tiaiilifiil, juEt limshed ner morning's wort, at g
It wa     i qui      :.mazing  ihing    for  lhe  New   Cottage, and  was going  lo g
the Squin    to have    discovered    so lie down, she said, and rest, pemaps g
nnu i       iHj   v lu re   the   feminine   sleep, il she could. ;g
'I in v left irn  silling langiiidlj  bj ! g
" I the table on which were her working g
I materials. , S
"Poor Dolly," said her brother, as g
they  start- 1   ol'i'.  "she  has  put  some g
of lur devi   im  to me inlo her feeling ~
ior Susan.        -   adores    the   child, g
Oddly  enc igh,  my  wife doesn't al- g
together like it.    Maternal jealousy, g
I   suppose.    Women arc    odd    fish, g
Mcyrick,    I'm afraid my wile 'thinks g
the 'child  rans more for Dolly  than g
she doc- f< r her,  md so keeps them S
apart.    Wo cannot understand thesj g
things, wc men," i g
"Ob,  I    don'l    know,"     said    the g
S.cire,    He had given up being cm- g
bi.rrasscd by Egcrton's frankness.   J s
think I can understar, ' it very we __
"Perhaps!   'The women like you, lit 5
any fcvent.    I'm not sure they'd likw  S
I j m   thc better   for   understanding g
1    "1 don't profess to do that,"    the
Squire said, with a blush.    "It is th'-
lasl claim 1 should make.    I always
'think a man who pretends to under-
, Bland  women  i.,  a  sort   of    Peeping  _
'Tom, il he isn't an ass." \kM
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Her Own Fault
Mrs. Exe���John, we'll have lo get
iiii nf thai parrot,    His language is
gelling to be sitiij>1y awful.
Exe���Well, my dear, yon should
havi' known better than to have liim
���fthi'ii- he could hear the remarks the
neighbors  make  alum!  him.
She Does Her Bit
In Patriotic Work
Mrs. H, A. Standish Strong, Hearty
and Enthusiastic al Sixty-two Advises Others to Use Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Ayers Cliff, Stanstcad Co., Que.
(Special)���One of the most enthusiastic patriotic workers in this district is Mrs. 11.A. Standish, Tlioui.ii
sixty-two years of age, her splendid
health enables her to keep house for
three hearty men and still have time
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Western Canada Wheat
Crop Better than Expected
Thirty per cent. Larger Than Originally Estimated by Crop Experts
The Western wheat crop has prov-
tti to be some 30 per cent, larger
than was originally estimated by tin-
crop experts. The crop was plaeed
at from 170,000,000 to 180,000,000
bushels, bul il will run aboul 225,000.-
000 bushels. At $1.50 per bushel it
means lhe western crop is worth
some $75,000,000 more than was anticipated. Owing to lhe Atlantic
transportation difficulties and the
/night congestion, a larger proportion of crop than usual is still in the
Transvaal farmers are forming co-
Sperativc societies for thc purchase
and use of farm machinery.
Foods Are
In Price
But you can still buy
at the same price.
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its air-tight, wax-protected package will
keep indefinitely, yet
is ready to eat at a
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wheat and barley
The Most Economical ot
Prepared Cereals
Settlement Committee
Has Been Appointed
Australian High   Commissioner   and
Agent-General Walker of Win-     |
nipeg Members
The Colonial Secretary has appointed a committee to consider the
settlement of ex-soldiers within the
Empire, The committee includes ihc
Australian lli.;li Commissioner and
Agent-Genera! Bruce Walker of Winnipeg. The Times hopes thc coininillee will not bc allowed to prejudice the War Conference Committee,
and will also have a guard against
the accusation only too readily
launched that schemes of aiding the
emigration of soldiers arc likely to
denude Britain of lhc best of her
population. What is wanted is a central body to supervise all land settlement.
lutsily -ml uuickly Curat -nu
Foi run. hv Al! nettlc-nt
DouosjU _ CO.. ftup'ra.   N-t_u_t. <A_L
Heard on the Train
"What kind of coal do you use?"
"�������������" .    .      ,
"Egg?   How dc> you get it, by the
Hamilton, Ont.���"This is to state thut
I have received great benefit   from tlio
use of Dr. Pierce's
\ .t.   .1    Favorite   Prcscrip-
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cftie blending
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Tin Shortage in Canada
Qttawa Department   Suggests    That
Old Tins Should be Preserved
Officials of _t 11c Department of
Trade and Commerce state that there
is a shortugc of tlnplatc in Canada.
Tllis is due lo lower production in
England and lhe shipping siluation,
The department thinks thai steps
should be taken to colli ct all the iin
available, sneh as tin boxes and cans,
in order that it may bc used over
again, It is believed that if some
systematic plan of collection is adopted the shortage of the tinplate will
be largely made up.
Sure Success
in Sowing Seeds
loss of appetite and
was   miserable.
Four bottles of the
.LA.^r-rtV-*^** 'Prescription'
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Around the Circle
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Amateur Theatricals
"Don't you get awfully tired     of
taking part    in  all   ihese    theatrical
performances?"  the    friend    of    the
airfateur actor once, asked.
"Yc?, painfully tired," he replied.
"for I don'l like to act a bit. But I
know that if I'm not on the stage I'll
have to sit in the audience."���Brooklyn  Citizen,
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
N.     U.
For Standardi.-ation
Ot Canadian E-jgs
Plea for Legislation to Improvj the
.Marketing Conditions
The Canadian Produce*Association
at ils rccenl convention in Montreal
passed a resolution asking for the
immediate enactment of legislation
to provide and legalize standards for
all Canadian eggs, and l". provide
Mich inspection as may be necessary
to enforce sueb legislation, and to
ir-sue government certificates, if required, and, further, thai this legislation prescribe regulations to provide against lhe sale of eggs unlit for
food, making due allowance for reasonable deterioration,
A deputation which  waited    upon
Hon. Mr.  Burrell lo urge the adoption of ils course outlined    pointed
out that millions of dollars are now
lost annually in Canada by deterioration in quality of eg_s between point
of production and point of consuhip-
I tion, and by the general lowering of
I prices owing to lack-   of    uniformly
high grade in the commodity   marketed.    Such waste, it was   pointed
l out, should not bc allowed at    any
i time, and is doubly lo bc deplored at
a time when enormous quantities of
I foodstuffs are being sent to the bot-
] ioni by Germany's submarine    warfare.    Next to the call to produce, it
\.ns slated, follows close at ils heels
a  similar  patriotic call    to  conserve
that wliicli is produced.
1    As a further reason for the establishment of an official guarantee   of
eggs marketed, il  was    pointed    out
such guarantees are already given by
Kussia and olhcr    countries,    which
after  thc   war,    will  again    compete
with us in the marketing of eggs in
Great Britain.
���criap to the teeth���inching in the
mouth���ad.iightto the palate���that's
JOHN A. BRUCE & CO. Limited
First Locomotive Whistle
The first steam whistle was introduced in 183.1, as lhe risull of an accident, The story is told that Stephenson's locomotive "Samson," at a
level crossing between Bagworth and
Thorton, in England, rah down a
eiTt laden with butter and eggs and
that at a meetiug of the Board of
Directors of the railroad Stephenson
suggested that trains carry whistles
blown by steam.
No surgical operation is necessary
in removing corns if Holloway's
Corn Cure bc used.
Footpad���Money  or your life!
Politician���Money? Money? Listen
old lop! Wouldn't you sooner have
a job on thc police force?���New' York-
There is mote Cntarrli in tliis section ol
tile country than aii other diseases put together, and for years it was supposed to be
mumble. Doctors prescribed loral remedies,
and by constantly failing to cure with local
treatment, pronounced it incurable-. Catarrh
is a local disease, greatly influenced by con-
���litutional conditions and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, tnaniiiaciun-d by F. J. Clieney _ Co.,
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,'a.kcn Internally and arts through the Blood
Dn llie Mucous Surfaces of tiie System. One
Hundred Dollar., reward is offered for any
case that flail's Catarrh Cure tails lo cure.
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I-'.  J.  CHKNEY _ CO., Toledo,  Ohio.
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H. C. of L
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the buyer to look lor full
value in every article.
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question; but besides th;*.
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"Who Mas it snid that he'd rather
make the songs than thc laws of his
"Dunno; but I'd rather make the
laws for the people who make the
songs  wc  hear nowadays."
Minard's Liniment Relieves    Neuralgia.
After the War
Co-operation the  Remedy
My active participation in and responsible positions tilled in the carry,
ing through of various co-operative
schemes during the past twenty-five
or thirty years have served to convince me that there is no other
weapon today so effective for the
emancipation of thc farmer from the
unjust and unequal burdens hc bears
in the economy of society, as that of
co-operation, rightly so called.���Anson Grob. in Farmer's Advocate,
The kiddies love these plain, wholesome sodas, and so do thc grown-upsl
In Packages Only,
The combination of, autocracy and
socialism which has worked so effectively for war purposes in Germai y
is evidently lo be operated for commercial advantage after lhe war.
German business is io be unified
under government auspices. Every
German operating in foreign fields is
to bc backed by Iiis government.
What chance has an American competitor against him? The only praclieai method of meeting such com-
petilion is lo permit Americans to
combine in thc foreign field ami enl-
I ploy against the outside rival lh��
di vices    which  were    so    successful
I e hen American trusts were in their
heyday of success. Competition al
home, combination abroad, seems to
be the only recourse against foreign
government business combinations.���
From thc Washington l'ost.
help the children build bona
and muscle.
North-West Biscuit Co., Limited
A Real Asthma Relief.���Dr. J.P.
Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy has never
been advertised hy extravagant statements. Its claims are conservative
indeed, when judged by the cures
which it performs. Expect real re-j
lief and permanent benefit when youi
buy this remedy and you will nol
have cause (or disappointments, It
gives permanent relief in many
cases where other so called remedies
have utterly failed.
"Mow's your boy, Josh, getting 311
at school?"
"I dunno," replied Farmer Corn
tosscl. "Iltil ii he is really as smart
as his conversation sounds, he1!
inakin' some of those professors hustle to keep up wilh liim,"
For Stiff Neck
Apply Sloan's Liniment tvilhotfi
rubbing lo the sort; lenders and tho
pain will soon bc relieved.
For rheumatic aches, neuralgia,
flout, lumbago, bruises, strains,
cpt'ains and muscle stiffness", havo
a bottle handy.
Quickly penetrates, ond ��oothe��, cleaner
thru, musty planers or ointments, doca nol
���lain lac skin.
At all druggists, 25c. 50c, and .1.00. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
British Columbia is a dairying
province, yet milk costs the consumers more than is being paid in
England under more severe war
conditions than exist here. Similarly, bread is dearer in Canada,
one of the world's granaries, than
in the .QUI Country. The day of
the politicians is passing, for government by party is the same thing
a.s the ruling of the people by vested interests, The Dominion Government is striving to encourage
increased production and rightly,
and the principal method by which
this may be attained is by more
economical cultivation and handling. Yet, we are not aware that
tlie Dominion auiliorities have done
anything to reduce the tariff on
farm machinery, implements, etc,,
the reacou being that the manufacturers are behind the government
regardless of patriotism and production. This is why we say that
party rule is passing to an iiu-
niourned grave, to give way to
national government. It is no good
turning out Sir Robert Borden
merely to let in Sir Wilfred Lander
for the change would be one of interests alone in the main and not
one of real policy. The politicians
today in Canada are living in a
fool's paradise, but "the Dominion
is the sufferer, So long as our people suffer in silence they will continue to suffer, hut when the farmers get up and ask their dominion
representatives how much longer
ihey are to be taxed for the sole
benefit of the manufacturers ring,
then the politicians will be scared
into action. But naybe is will be
too late. Man-, of our Canadian
born pride themselves upon the
fact that Canada has no House of
Lords. It is woi tli suggesting how
ever whether, after all, one House
of Lords is not superior to two
houses doing the bidding of the
vested iuterests, right here in Canada, liven Russia had but one
C/.ar, while Canada has several
hundred besides a host of grand
dukes. Wanted:- A national party
Scotch Firm Buys
Canadian Land
The Scottish Wholesale Co-Op-,
erative Society has purchased a
farm iu the Canadian North West,
80 miles from Saskatoon- The
farm consists of 10,000 acres, 8,coo
of which are already under cultivation . It is- a large organization
and conducts a retail, wholesale,
and manufacturing business on a
large scale in many parts of Scotland. It also operates a number of
flour mills. The organization has
decided t��� grow its own wheat for
its mills in Scotland.
Cumberland Follies
Agricultural    Hall,   Courtenay
Thursday, April 12, 1917
Instrumental Duet The Return ot tire Troops
Ii. I.ocknril and li. ".owdoll
Opening Choruses Somewhere In Prance
We're from Canada
War Babies Miss A. I,eeman
Come Hack to Erin Trio
Mother  Miss M. Kvans
Crazy but not Insane
Neta Whiuinghain, II. Wood
There's a Quaker Down in (Junker Town
Miss IJ. "(Ockard and Chorus
She hives Down ill Our Alley Miss May Walker
Somewhere A Voice is Calling Miss Louisa Bickle
Out of a City of Six Million People Why did You Pick on Me
lili -.Jcl'riyilen and Chorus
Churns tn The Pale Moonlight
What's the Good of That Miss Loyal McParlane
I Love Vou C madia
Misses Net,i Winninghnm and Laura Robertson
A Study in Black and White
D. Bate, W, Rickson, R. Robertson, II. Wool
tin the Old Hack Sent of A Henry l-'oril
I). McFarlaue
Closing Chorus A Medley of Rags
Miss  li.   Lowdon   Accompanist
National Government
Before thinking of taking over
theC. N, R. aud Grand Trunk,
the country would have to get rid
of the patronage system. This is
a hard thing to do, because as administrations succeed one another
in Canada their first care is to discharge the political obligations they
have contracted while in opposition '
Both parties would doubtless be glad
to be rid of this iucubus, but there
i. a disadvantage to whichever party
first attempts to do so.   A coalition
government could most easily make
the break, which is the best argu- j
ment for that form of  government'
in Canada today that we know  of.
(Saturday Press and Prairie Farm)
Your Printing!
hu iiii i ���nmiiBii���immiiM-mi ��� iimw ������wnw
Cannot be done any
setter m any cheap-
anywnere eise
.  than at
I   !
s__i        -i    ������ .  ,-. .. mm ��� iv,,_____ .
maitecas!: _���__���_���__���_��� ,;,.T.r__'i'ji_nn-_m_iii,_.
something for his
Some can bear arms
Some can produce food
Some can make munitions
Some can give money
It is thc privilege of all to help.
Fighting���W or king-
Are YOU doing your part?
LL EYES turn now to
the Canadian Farmer,
for he can render the
Empire Special Service
in this sternest year of the
But���our farms are badly undermanned���25,000 men are needed on
the land.
With insufficient help, the Man on
the Land fights an uphill fight to
meet the pressing need for Food.
can help.
Municipal Councils, Churches and
Schools, and other organizations,
both of men and women, can render
National Service by directing all
available labour to the Land.
Farmers themselves can exchange
labour.   School boys can asstet.
Were you ra Ised on a far n ? Can you
drive a team? Can you handle fork
or hoe? If you can't fight, you can
produce. Spend the Summer working on (he Farm.
Let every man, v >man and child in
the Dominion who has access to
Land, no ma*t r how small the plot,
make it prouticc Food in 1(H7.
For information on nny subject relating to
the Farm and Garden writes���


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