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The Review Oct 9, 1913

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Array p*
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Cau Sell It
Hare You Money to Inveet,
Sec us; we Can Make Yob
l^ir^e Dividendi
Island Realty Co.
99****O*00SS*99***y*******9***9* *+���**���***���
VOL. 1
NO. 46
$100.00 CASH BUYS
10 Acre Block
Good Land, Easily Cleared,
Good Situation
2 Miles from Courtenay
Price $800, $100 Cash, balance
on easy terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
Just received a large line of Lace Curtains, from
75c a pair up
A nice assortment of Portiers to choose from in
different patterns
Couch Covers in different grades and patterns at
very low prices
The famous Bissels Sweeper from $3.75 to $50
Curtain Rods in brass and wood from 10c up
A good assortment of Blankets, Comforters, Sheets,
Pillowcases and Pillows at reasonable prices
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
C. A. BROWN, Manager
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have Lots fronting on the  Station Grounds.   Also on the  12 Acres
which the C. P. R. have cleared for Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a Chance we will sell these Lots on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
Dr. Morrison is at Vancouver
for a few days this week.
A, E. Toombs of Nanaimo is in
town, witli his car, this week.
A number of leal estate deals
were made in town last week.
The Knights of Pythias will hold
a meeting in the Board of Trade
Rooms tomorrow, Friday, evening.
Mr. Pigueron has purchased Mr,
Bevan's house ami two lots in the
Miss Anderson nml Miss Carter
returned from a visit to Kamloops
Thursday evening.
Born--On Wednesday, October
8th to Mr. and Mrs. Cluu. G.
Callin, a daughter.
Owing to tlie inclement weather
there was n verv small attendance
at the Debating Club on Monday
Mr. J. IT, .Smith of Vancouver
has purchased G. II. Kidson's barber shop. Mr, Kidson inten s
leaving for the east about the end
of the month.
Wanted��� A good hand sewing
machine.    Box 8, Review nfficc.
Wanted���Office or out door work.
Apply Box 3, Review office.
For Sale��� 3 milch cows and one
heifer. Apply A. Hogg. Saudwick
P. O.
Store and warehouse to rent, opposite Courtenay hotel. Apply,
Wm. Lewis, Courtenay.
All the latest stvles in Fall and
Winter hats are on display at Miss
Dency Smith's Millinery parlors.
Found adrift���At Point Holmes,
a sixteen foot row boat. Apply
John Knight, Point Holmes.
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.   Local views for sale.
For Rent���New modern house in
the orchard, will be ready very
shortly. Apply S. Calhoun, Sandwick P .0.
For rent ���Large room 24 x 50
above the new butcher shop, will
be fitted to suit tenant. Apply
M. Parez, Courtenay.
L. L. Stevenson, Ph. B., Oph. D.
Graduate Optician. Eyes tested
and glasses fitted. Office at
Marocchi Building.
Partner wanted to help to develop
Ranch, to take half share in ranch
and stock. Capital required about
$8000. Full particulars from Hardy
& Biscoe Real Estate Agents Courtenay B. C.
Certificated Nurse���Mrs Samuel
Carto who has been in the profession for 20 years is prepared to
attend patients at their own homes.
Charges reasonable. Apply second
cottage past school house. Little
River Road, Comox P. O.
Just arrived at WiHard's Harness Emporium: a fine line of horse
blankets, lap rugs, trunks aud suit
cases at all prices. Harness repairing promptly and neatly done.
Wesley Willard, Cumberland and
For Rent���6 roomed house, good
water, orchard, chicken stable,
barn and 15 acres next to Little
River school house, best chance for
a start. Rent very reasonable.
Applv for particulars to the Postmaster at Comox.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from.
Picture framing and sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
Boats For Sale
and Hire
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short  Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
Potatoes are selling at J1 per 100 \
lbs. and onions  250 per.   100 lbs.
retail at Victoria.
Remember the Halloween Concert on Friday evening, October
i.tfX, under auspices of the Ladies'
Aid of St. Andrews' Presbyterian
M. Covert and sons hnve moved
th'Hr sale stables from the east side
of the river into the barn formerly
occupied by Creech Bros, liverymen.
Among the guests at the Rest-
more Hotel are; Mr. Fagauand son,
Victoria; J. Hipbuon and wife,
Vancouver; Mrs. A. > artin and son
Portland Ore. M. Uoacii Vancouver;
C. W. M. Birch, Royston; M. Pagan
Headquarters; J.Asslin; Mrs. C.
McHugh, Vancouver; Mrs. Middle- j
ton, Vancouver; Mr. A. Johns, Vic-1
loria. I
On Tuesday<)ct. 11st. "Happy"
Kidson will- ruild a grand masquer,
ade ball jiithe opcr.a. house. Prizes
will he given foi* /Various dances,
and hest costumes. Costumes may
be rented, (jro.m Loggie Bros, if
spoken for^bySaturday Oct. 11.
Work on the foundation for the
new Condensed Milk factory was
commenced this week. It will be
rushed to oompletion. The machinery to be used will cost about
twelve thousand dollars. In addition to the number of cows' milk
already arranged for they will require about two hundred more,
lis up to the fanners to get busy
and keep more stock, With the
best creamery on the Island and a
condensory that will take practically
all the milk offered, the farmers in
this district have a prosperous
For variety in Fruit, Vegetables, Farm and Dairy
Produce, Hams and Bacon, and all kinds of
Canned Goods
A lrrge assortment of Candies, Tobaccos, Cigars
and Cigarettes
Quality and Prices Right
Call and See Us
Look at This
New cottage, shingled and  lined inside, 1-2 acre cleared, 1-2
mile out, $800' 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18months, 7 percent.
40 acres, close to new road from Cumberland to Headquarters
$30 per acre, terms
25 acres, greater part best of black loam soil,   5 minutes from
Grantham, $85 per acre
4.5 acres, close to Mine 8, $750
Central lot in Courtenay, $250, 1-3 cash, 6 and 12 months
Real Estate and Auctioneers
Phone 10 COURTENAY, B. C.
You can buy for $500, on the easiest of terms, not
a 30 foot lot but 5 ACRES of good land, logged off
and easily cleared; not away off in the woods but
only 4 miles from Courtenay, and on one of the
main roads.    Don't wait, they are selling fast
5 Acres for $500
Terms: $50 cash, balance $25 per
month or to suit purchaser
Don't take our word that this is the best buy on the
market, but come and see for yourself.   Costs you
nothing to investigate and is a pleasure to us to
show you
The Real Estate Agents
Phone 10
���...���������,.i>- tSWStsmaW THE REVIEW, COURTENAY, W��
i will answer both yonr Questions, i
'.������������ come witli lhai purpose, Murgatroyd sa;<l with studied coldness.
hi lhat dispatch box jou have pa-
/��� - whlcl 1 i'i;vt undertaken to procure,
; hope you were well paid before
I. nd, with a stress on the last word.
You won't get much out of payments
!.��� results.
Murgatroyd weni on unheeding.
It waa within your right :<> accede
to my civilly-put request, or to refuse
Oh, you adult that! Tben, In heav-
en's name, why aro you here? 1 tell
you, as 1 told you before In Devonshire, nothing will induce mc to help
one lota either you or your employers.
You had a right ;o refuse me hold-
Jug no official position. My Impress*
Ion ;s the Government could have
compelled you in the Court to produce documents for Inspection which
were ot international import.
Muller ostentatiously yawned, and
pulled out his watch.
This is rather a late hour to discuss
points ot law, is It not? he asked with
bland good humor; which was almost
more exasperating than the sarcasm
which had gone before.
Murgatroyd again took no notice of
the. interjected remark.
Circumstances have totally changed
Biiice wo last met. I found you an
enemy to my country. I now know
you to be a traitor���a traitor prepared
to sell his treachery to the highest
bidder. Murgatroyd no longer hold-
jut; himself in reserve, flung out the
words Into his -antagonist's face.
Muller turned white to the ears���
T/'hite as his shirt-front. Then he
..truck Murgatroyd full In the chest
with his clenched (1st. The blow waa
doubly effective from Its violence nnd
from the fact that. it. was unexpected.
You liar. Muller hissed out, as he
struck. Murgatroyd reeled with the
offiecl of -the blow, staggering backwards, and would have fallen, but the
wall at the side of the room saved
him. Muller stood with arms outstretched without further movement.
Ue had been carried away to do more
than he intended.
Murgatroyd' steadied himself by a
violent effort. Then he sprang upon
Muller, and the two wrestled together
In the narrow space tlie room afforded. Muller was the heavier, but
Murgatroyd had had an English public
tjrAuol and 'Varsity training, which
his atter-ltfs had strengthened rather
than undermined. Round and round
they went nnlll Muller caught his
foot, against the leg of the armchair in which lie had been sitting
when his visitor arrived, and fell,
Blrlklng his head on the table edge.
Murgatroyd was dragged down upon
him, and the two falling shook the
lower rooms, In one of which Inspector Murphy was waiting the turn of
events. In a couple of seconds he
was at the door of the room above,
pending off en route the waiter to the
Boor, who had been attracted In the
Also on Face. Began to Ooze Water-
like Matter. Torture of Itchiness.
Pimples Festered and Enlarged.
Cured in Two Weeks, Thanks to
Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
.Mi. Elgin; Ind. Institute, Munccy, Or-
tjirio.���" I suffered from skin trouble fur t wo
months before taking Cuticura Remedies,
Tho trouble started from
Itchiness on tho back of tbo
hands. When Irritated, this
Itchiness turned to pimples.
'J'lieso plmplos toon began
to spread up the arms, from
the arms to my whole body.
Tlioy also caruo up on tbo
face. Having spread over
my body they bocamo irritated by my clothing, They began to oozo
water-like matter. Then began an almost
killlnc torture of Itchiness. When I scratched
J seemed to scalp the pimples and make
them extremely soro. They festered and
enlarged, then they opened and left soro
i pots. These spots became scabbed aud
pore beyond expression.
"I tent for a sample of Cuticura Soap
(Hid Ointment which 1 received quicker than
3 expected. I was much relieved at the
fret application. 1 continued applying the
Cuticura Remedies for two straight weeks,
tben I was completely cured, thanks to
Cuticura Soap and Ointment.". (Signed)
.'obn Jamieson, Mar. o, 1012.
��� Cuticura Soai> and Cuticura Ofntmehtare
���old throughout tho world. Scud to Potter
D & >.. Corp., Dtp;. MD, Boston, U.S.A.,
for free Basple of each with 32-page boot.
N. U. 9C3
sann direction by the ��� las*.
Slurp ij I ir ted tbi and i ol No.
34 ' op< ned. H' ad almost expected       tc be fastened.      Then he
oiled] . Murgatroyd was kneeling
;��� ��� . body ol his late antagonist,
��� ii with .. nervous hand undoing his
waistcoat to feel his heart action.
i; i. i help you? asked the Inspector
coi Ily.
; belli vi  hte man is dead!
N | he It takes more than a
knock on his thick skull tc settle Sir,
Muller. 1 can assure you. Hen . help
me lift htm on to me sola. He ls
onlj -tunned a bit.
Tin Inspector had raised the fallen
man's eyelids. He was t connoisseur
on the subject, as much a. any doctor.
Can you get some water from one ot
the bedrooms?
Murgatroyd. immensely relieved.
went off eagerly. Some seconds elapsed before he could find an unlocked
Meanwhile Muller's eyes opened,
and he saw a big. strange men looking
down npoi. bim.
Who nre you? he said.
Inspector Murphy, of Scotland Yard,
Mr.  Muller.
An extraordinary change passed
over Muller's face when he heard the
name and official title of tbe stalwart
man before him. Physically he w-rb
no coward, but for years ho had had
a morbid fear of the iron grip of the
police. It had not prevented blm
running the risk, and placing himself
in the utmost danger, for that was second nature to him, and his profession
and livelihood; but the day of Nemesis
had haunted his thoughts and imagination day and nigh;. He was a naturalised British subject. In the dispatch-box on the table beneath the
window was sufficient evidence to convict hlni of treason-felony. Muller's
very prosperity accentuated his dread
of the doom which awaited him when
the culminating secret of his life of
treasonable conspiracy and sedition
was disclosed, as lie felt now It would
be In a few moments. He had never
feared Murgatroyd, 'but he feared
Murphy; for Murphy was the physical
embodiment of the law which he had
outraged and set at defiance. Murphy
saw the iook of fear on Muller's
blende round face, but was at
a loss to understand it. He knew
enough againBt Muller to have secured him a warrant; but what he knew
was less than nothing compared to
the actual facts, which would have
sufficed to condemn twenty Mullers.
He wns powerless, too, practically
without a warrant. Whereas Muller
had endowed the Inspector with a warrant in imagination the moment he had
beard his name. Neither of the men
understood the position of the other,
and It was as well for the success of
Murgatroyd's plans that this film of
mystification prevailed. Had Muller
known that. Murphy was only a reconnaissance in force, he would have
plucked tip courage at once. Had
Murphy known that absolute, definite
proofs of treason of 1ho worst kind
rested in that dispatch-box, on which
hie eyes rested directly he entered tho
sitting-room, nothing but death Itself
would havo parted him from Muller
until he was legally secured.
Muller lay and gazed at the Inspector; Murphy stood over the prostrate
mat; and regarded him w-ith keen scrutiny. Neither spoke. The silence,
short as It was, was becoming oppressive, when Murgatroyd eame in with
a jug of water in his hand. Murphy
turned io him.
Mr. Muller has recovered from IiIb
faint. I told you his head was thick
enough. I will leave you two for a
few minutes to finish your business.
If yon have any difficulty���here lie
half turned to Muller, speaking at him
though not to him���call me; 1 shall
be within ear-shot.
Inspector Murphy had divined, so
far at any rate, that Muller was
afraid of him, and not of Murgatroyd.
But the idea did not. rouse his suspicions to the real truth; for the police
are Quite accustomed to the atmosphere of respect.
After the Inspector had left the
room, Muller shook himself and sat
up. He seemed still a little dazed
with !iie fall, but nothing else.
Is he coming back?
Not. unless he is wanted. In that
case he will havo charge of the matter instead of me,
Murgatroyd too had read the signs
of the times, and more distinctly than
Murphy, because he had more data to
go upon to form a judgment.
Muller shifted uneasily. His face
waa still white; he looked curiously
unhealthy and repugnant. Only his
color as a rule rendered him passably
good-looking. The sense of defeat
which appeared in his eyes and about
the corners of his mouth, and 'he
paleness combined, suggested the
high-placed criminal.
I want three things. In the lirst
place, the loan of the Transalplan
documents. They shall be returned
to the address you select.
Why not. here?
���Because you will no', be here.
1 don't understand.
Muller passed his handkerchief over
his brow to wipe the c.otled beads of
perspiration from it.
You will directly, Murgatroyd nns
wered coldly.
Id (he second place, you will destroy all the maps, plans and treasonable documents contained in that dispatch-box.
Muller was aboul to protest that
.i.rr'> were none such in his possession
hn; Murgatroyd waved him to silence.
Hon *hc iRtier bad obtained his In-
fononlPsi was the mystery ot ir,ys-
terles.      Muller could only  Imagine
When you want to clear
your house of flies, see lhat
you get
Imitations are always unsatisfactory.
that one or more o[ the tbree men
had gone straight to the journalist
and sold the secret. Ile did nol
trust any one a hair's breadth; yet
he had relied upon their fear, for his
vengeance would be terrible, and he
held all llieir lives In Ihe hollow of his
hand. T.ils questioning passed rapidly through his mind in the pause before Murgatroyd advanced his third
in the third place, you will leave
England It-fore to-morrow night. If
you return within ten years, all Ihe
information In my possession will be
placed In the hands of the police.
Muller gazed at  blm sullenly.
You arc a. hard task-master, now
you have got the upper hand, and he
brought his fal list heavily down on
the table.
If you make a noise Inspiolor Murphy will come In; you will find him
a harder one.
1 shall have to get Ihe key from
my bedroom.
You win not go oul ol my sight; I
will come with you- if it is really
Murgatroyd  did not believe  for an
instant, that Muller would be separated from that, key;   he  felt  sure he
had it about wK'.i him.   '
(To be  Continued)
Stnte  et  Ohio,  city of  Toledo.    \
T.ucas County !   �����
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is
senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Chen- & Co.. doing business in the city
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
nnd that said firm will puv the sum of
tj.iF. HUNDRED DOLLA-.S for each nnd
every case of catarrh that cannot be
cured bv the use e>f Hall's catarrh Cure,
Sworn to before me rind subscribed
In his presence, this tth day of December. A.D., mc.
(.Seal, i A.   VV.  GLEASON,
Notary -Public'
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally,
and acts directly on i lie blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
for   testimonials   free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by  all  druggists.   76c.
Take Hall's Family Tills for constipation.
He Lived There all Fight
An anxious father got wind of the
rumor that his son wa.v leading rather
a convivial life in Town. But the
eon strenuously denied the charge hi
letters to bis father. Still unsatisfied, the father made an unexpected
visit to his son's lodgings, nnd giving
the bell a manly pull, was met by p.
grim-faced landlady.
Does Mr.  James Smith live here?
asked the father.
He does, replied the landlady. Bring
him right In.
A tool and his money are sometimes
a ho: proposition.
A Lady Find6 Help from Simple Food
Not for Him
An unexplained Incident with a humorous side occurred at a railway station. A train was drawing out from
the station when a man eiirne running
along the platform. Smith! Smith!
Smith! be shouted.
In a car at ihe rear of the train sat
a passenger, who, hearing the cry.
thrust his head out of the window. Immediately tbe runner on the platform
struck him n smart blow across lhe
Every moment the wheels were revolving iiinr.' swiftly, and before' the
insulted passenger could call an official the train was clear of the station. Hi went ut once to the conductor's quarters.
What kind of an outrage is this?
he demanded. Here am 1. an innocent passenger, sitting quietly just ns
the train pulls out of the slation. Suddenly a man runs down the platform
shrieking Smith! ami h! I look out
of the window, and he reaches up and
almosts knocks my head off! Now, I
want lo���
Pardon me. Interrupted the conductor.       Is your  name  Snil h?
No it isn't and that is just what
Weill thin. sir. what did yoll look
OUl   Of the  window  for?      There  was
not anybody culling you. was there?
Outing Shoes
Every Mj
Civilization brings blessings and also
The more highly organized we become the more need there ls for regularity and natural simplicity in the
food we eat.
The laws of body nutrition should
be carefully obeyed, and the finer
more highly developed brain and nervous system not hampered by a complicated, unwholesome dietary.
A lady of high nervous tension
"For fifteen years I was a sufferer
from dyspepsia. 1 confess that an
improperly regulated diet was the
chief cause of my suffering. Finally
nothing that 1 ate seemed to agree
with iny stomach, and life, at times,
did net seem worth living.
"1 began to take a pessimistic view
ot everything and Eee life through
dark blue glass, so to speak. My
head became affected with a heavy
Creeping sensation and I feared parallels.
"Palpitation of the heart caused
me to fear that I might die suddenly.
Two years ago, hearing Grape-Nuts
so highly spoken of by some estimable friends of mine, I determined to
try It.
The change In my condition was
little Icfs than miraculous, In a
short time the palpitation, bad feeling In head and body began to disappear and the Improvement has con-
tinned until at the present time I
find myself in better health tban I
have ever enjoyed.
"My weight has Increased 20 IbB in
Uie last year and life looks bright
and sunny to me as It did when 1
was a child.'
Name given by the Canadian Post-
tun Co.. Windsor, Ont.
"There's a lleason," and it is explained In the ll'tle book, "The ltoad
'.o Wellvllle," In pkgs,
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They set genuine, true, and full of
human Ir.tereet.
Worms In children work havoc
These pesls attack lhe lender lining of
ihe Intestines and if left tp pursue
(belt ravages undisturbed, will ultimately perforate the nil. because
these worms nre of the hook variety
thai cling to and feed upon interior
surfaces. Miller's Worm Powders
will not only exterminate Ihese worms
of whatever variety, bul will serve to
repair the injury they have dine.
Horse Always Lost
The passenger inside the cab suddenly put liis head out of the window and
exclaimed to the driver: Ge' on. innn;
get on.    Wake up your nag.
Shnre, sor, I 'aren't tbe heart io
bate 'im.
What's tlie matter with him. is
he sick?
No, sor, 'e's not sick, but It' unlucky
he Is, sir. unlucky. Von see, sor.
every morning store 1 put 'im in tlie
cab, I tosses im whether 'e'll 'ave a
feed of oats or lil have u drink of
whisky, an' the poor haste has lost
five mornings running.
Mim.'"*'* Liniment Cures Dlstemo**
Difficult to Catch
An Englishman who was appointed
to an important post in China got married soon after. Amongst the recipients of the usual Utile cardboard boxes containing a piece of wedding cake
was a Chinese merchant with whom
Ihe bridegroom had aifotllstanding account for goods supplied. After the
honeymoon one of the first pjrsons the
newly-wedded husband met was his
Celestial creditor.
And how did you like Ihe cake? said
lhe Englishman, laughingly, after the
usual congratulations,
Ah, ha! returned the Chinaman, with
a cunning leer, me no such a big fool
to eat him, sah. Me put cakee In
fire.     Burn blm up.     lie! he.
Oh, that's loo bad! said the Englishman, very much hurl. You might
have tasted it at least, oul' of compliment to my wife, and myself. Why
didn't you?
Me too clu! \ sah, said the Celestial,
with the same cunniii' smile. You
owe me monee. sah! sendee poison
cake; 1 eat him; I die; you no payee
up. Houp-la. Ile! he! he! I
know you Engleesh,
1 Should Worr/
Mrs. Smith was repeatedly reminding her husband that she owned the
silver, tha* she owned the furniture,
that the pianc was her own private
properly, and so on untli poor Smith
began to wonder what she'd claim
The other night. Mrs. S. woke In
alarm. Strange sounds we.e heard
in the lower parts of lhe house, and
quickly -rousing her husband, she
John, John! Get up! There are burglars In   he house!
Eli? inquired Mi\ Sinlih. rubbing
his eyes.
Burglars downstairs, repeated Mrs.
Burglars? said Smith, as he turned
over. Well, I should worry. 1 don't
own anything.
Championship of United  State*.
j    Shooting against a field of mere that
j three score of lhe leadiii;; 'short arms
marksmen of the country, Peter J
j Hollen.  of  Springfield,  Mass..  regis
lend the winning score of 4B!> out ot
n  possible 600, the    second    highes*
| score   made   In   thirteen   consecutive
years In tills event, and became chain-
! pion revolver   shot    of   the    United
I Suites.    The  contest   for  the champ
lonshlp was e'eslgnated as Mutch 'A
in       the       United       States       Revo)
vcr   Association's   League   and   wa��
participated in by membets of revoi
I vcr liulis In several large cities be
iwe-i n tin    wo oceans.    The shootinj:
was conducted under the management
ol U.S.R.A, officials on the ranges ol
the various dubs anil the la'gets for
warded to the Association's hendquar
iits in Washington, D.C., ror the tin
nl decisions.
fifty shots were fired ul L'n yard:., or,
the standard Amerioan large: by oaolj
I contestant, Mr. Dolfcn shooting Hem
! ingion-UMC   metallic   cartridges   ir.
', making his exceptionally high score
The* retiring t It le holder is lir. .1. R
i IIIc/sh. who made 463 oul  of 600 are
fell inlo third place.
The new revolver champion Is a pos
;slliillty   \vlio   has   been   looming  large
| on the horizon of the sporl for some
time,     Mr, Dolfcn   Is   a   consistent
'milker of remarkable targets In his
work on the Springfield teams.   Last
' year he was made one of the American
contenders  fur world's championship
I honors at    the   Olympic    Games    al.
��� 1 ocklioliu, and In competlttu . with the
I picked sio:s uf ninny countries won
second place In the individual pistol
match with 474 our of a possible. 800,
this score being exceeded only by A.
i P. Lane, unothi r nie.nhei of the
American team who. shooting Homing
|t.oii-r.Mc ammunition, won iho eveni
with 4!lil out of 600, establishing anew
world's rec ii'd.
Wise mothers who know the vUtueD
of Mother Graves' Worm Extermin
ator always have It at hand, because
it provi s its value.
Safe From Disturbance
A spider one day was crawling
down the aisle of an old church, look
ing very disconsolate and wiih a de
elded limp, and on his way met another spider, who accosted him as follows: Well, old chap, what's the-
mat'.er. Lost a couple of fat flies, oi
is your liver out of order?
Neither,  dear  friend.   The  fact  *
I sleep under ihe pulpit cushion,'and
'the vicar will persist in banging on the
| cushion to emphasize his points, and 1
jam suffering from three broken legs.
I    Oh! 1 am sorry for you; but. If you
don't mind shining my hunk you are
quite welcome.
And where may that be?
In the poor box.    Nobody cver-d!s>
I turbs me there.
Minard's   Liniment   Curea   Garget   ",'
.Oilier!' Ito recruit who has missed
every shot)���Good heavens, man,
where are your shots going?
Recruit (nervously)���I don't know,
sir; they left here all right.
A Slight Mistake
The tennis! stood and gazed In wonder at the hill���such a. hill. It was
amazing! lovely! goi'C'aous! magnificent! enough to make an emotional
poet swell wit!: ecstasy. The beaut]
ful flowers studded here and there
among the deep-green fields, opening
out their gaudy petals to drink thf.
warm rays of the summer Btin- were
The touiist almoB'r ran past the g!r,
who was silting there���lo climb this
fairy mountain, but le had scarcely
taken two steps up its sloping bank
wben the girl jumped up with s,
scream. You���you brute! she shrieked. How dare you trample over my
Going fishing is good exercise fo"
the. Imagination.
A girl who paints well may be
homely, but it is her own fault II
she Is.
Do You Feel Chilly
Feverish and Ache all Over
Feel worn ont���bine and tired T Don't letyoor cold develop
into bronchitis, pneumonia or catarrh. The reliable alterative and tonic which has proven ito value in tbe past 40 years Is
Golden Medical Discovery
Restores activity to the liver and te- th* circulation���tbe bleed la
purified, tha digestion and appetite improved and tbe whole body
feels ths Invigorating fore�� of Vast extract of native medicinal
plants. In consequence, the heart, brain and nerval feel th*
retrssMnr Inflneaea. For over 40 yean thb reliable remedy has
bean sold In liquid form by all medicine dealer*. It can now alas
be obtained in tablet form in $1.00 and 60e boxes. If yonr druggist
rioeant keep it, lend 50 ana-cent stamps to E.V.Pierce, M.D. Buffalo,
The. Common Sense Medical Adviser���a book of
1008 pages��� answers all medical question*,
tknd SO cist one-cent stamp* totLV.Pierce, M.D. fif
the tNcnr.ASEo nutriti-
Knew Him Well
A certain cantankerous old gentle-
"j. in nol long ago advertised for a
:oachman, who was required, among
>ther qualifications, to possess au intimate acquaintance with the neigh-
vorhood; hut. to Ills great surprise, he
received nol a single application for
the racanl post.
I cannol understand 1' al all, he'
laid, as during a cli.it one day wltb
in old hostler at the local livery staples ho had mentioned the fact.
Let me sec, said Ihe latter, as a
Sleam of intelligence flitted across his
lace, ye hadvertlsed, I believe, for one
is must be well acquainted with the
neighborhood, didn't ye?
1 did. replied the old gentleman,
shortly. I want some one who knows
lis way about.
Ah. that explains It, was theauswer.
k'e sec. they who knows the neighbor-
S iod Ss'ell knows ye, too.
And  Found
Cure In Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food
It is always better to prevent serious dlstases eif the nerves. There are
many warnings, such as sleepessness.
Irritability, headaches and nervous in-
Prostration, paralysis and locomotor ataxia only come when the nervous system is greatly exhausted.
Even though your ailment may not
let be very serious, there is a great
satisfaction    In    knowing    lhat    Dr.
I Tha Scientific Farming of the Woodlot
"There is no pari of the [arm which
will give bigger returns for so little
expenditure of time and labor us tha
woodlot." This statement In the
July number of the Canadian Forestry Journal, I. made by Mr. B. it.
Morion, it. Sc. ���>'.. the siivicul expert
who is ciigagid hy the Forestry
Branch at Ottawa to demonstrate to
the woodland owners of eastern Canada just how these bigger returns may
be achieved. Uut If It Is nol possi-
bln to obtain such expert advice, there
are yel three ways In which the farmer,  by  the exercise of ordinary  com-
( inon sense, can vastly Improve Iho
composition, production and repyoduc-
i ion of bis woodlot.
Ths llrst  ihiiig necessary Is to Improve the   chatacter   ot   the   crop,
\ which can he done by culling down
nml using for fire-wood all diseased
and deformed trees, ns well as such
species whose presence In the wood-
lot is nol desirable. only ion fre-
quentlj is the method ot cutting exactly 111'.' reverse. Till beat trees are
cut, often for purposes for which tin
Inferior wood would servo, nnd the
poorer speclos arc led seed-in the cut-
over areas and to gradually crowd oul
the belter varieties. Before cutting,
tlie farmer should consider firsi the
use to which the wood Is to he put,
and second, lhe specleB-composltloii of
the woodloi which ls most desirable.
firewood probably yields the best
returns (or u bum 11 acreage and fori
this  purpose  rapid grow el's    sueli    as
poplar, ash and elm should he encouraged, which should make an annual
growth of. from onchalt to one cord1
per acre.      Hassvvood  too,  will  be In
Increasing demand because of its rapid
growth, hecausr it coppices readily
and because of Us value In small sizes
for i he manufacture of excelsior, cooperage slock and other small articles
(or which the wood Is particularly
adapted, Maple reproduces readily,
and although nol a rapid grower. It.
nevertheless yields a substantial revenue when ii becomes largo enough to
tap. Soft woods like spruce, balsam and ..ne grow much more rapidly t him hardwoods and might be
advantageously grown for fuel or pulp-
wood .
When the most suiiahle species have
been selected and the weed-trees removed, lhe woodlot must then be thinned until the crowns of the best-formed remaining trees are seen to barely
touch. An acre can only produce a
given amount of wood each year and
the fewer trees there are to share
this yearly Increment, and yet fully
i utilize the crown space, the more rap-
lid will be the growth of these trees.
The third requisite In the scientific
farming or the woodlot, Is that the
cattle lie kepi out, especially after
heavy rutting, when reproduction ls
mosl dtuttd. Cattle are just as Injurious to a young crop of tree-seedlings as they are to a young crop of
grain. They may Indeed eat the
grass In the woodlot, but they would
just as soon, if not sooner, oat the
young and tender hardwood shoots,
and the same can be said of sheep.
Even coniferous seedlings arc not immune so that certainty In reproduction
ts onlv assured by fencing off the.cut-
over areas. Dr. Pernow predicts that.
"There will be a time when the wood-
lot will sell the farm or Will be a necessary Part of the farm to make it
valuable. In the seasons when his
other work slackens the farmer could
very easily Improve bis woodlot in anticipation of this tlmi of increased
wood values.
Wrong all the Tlma
A political speaker  was attacking)
the Government with moro venom than
reason.    A  man  at the. hack of tho)
hull at la si   cried putt   You're wrong,
sir!      A little nettled, the orator continued without heeding. |
Presently, Ih answer to another
strong assertion, came again: i*ou're
wrong sir! The speaker looked aug.
ry, but continued on ihe war path.
You're  wrong, sir. .igulti  rung out.
Angrily  addressing  the  persistent
one, the orator cried: Look here. I
could tell this man something about
thl'.s Government which would make
his hulr stand on end!
You're  wrong again, sir!
ultatilly from the critic as
up and removed his hat.
was as biild as au e>gg.
UMC   ,
Bottom Section; Solid Breech, Hammerless; Safe
\Y/"HATS  the  use ot a repeating gun that
e.itue. exile stood
Ills head
No  Pigeon
Tin1 old lady was aboul to make a
railway journey fur th-- flrsl time, and
when she arrived nt the station sh,'
did not know whal to d".
Young man, she Bald to a porter,
who looked about as old as Methuselah, can you toil me where I can get
my ticket?
Why, mum, lie replied, you get It
ni the booking-office, through the pigeon-hole.
Being very stoui. she looked al tlie
hole In nmazement, nnt then she burst
oul iu a rage
Go away Willi yon! llow can l got
through tliere'i 1 ain't no blessed
throws the  she'! 3,  smo'<
the way of your aim >
Tbat'i the question trur 3tar!sd en working on lha
Remington Soilom Ejection Pump Gun ���the only gun of
of its kind on the market, an.l used by thousands of
gunners all over the country.
Solid Breech, HamtTv-rl-...   P^tfe^il/ Balanced
chat t.- iiutwj.ibl -.  Simple take-down
Wa will be glad to i-.-i
gun cHtattuctiun wtticl   ...
on a ;> n- .���i -h.i : i it by
uiu.iii<.eti.     Inree In'JUilt lately uov:
.. Quarter turn of the barrel, ullhout tool,
lend vvi n booklet that --xplainu 3imply many techniea] point
itch ue well worth your closest itudy,   Your name and add
ium mail.
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Win
J-or, On
Builder's Man���Hi, guv'uor,' that
new row of 'otises in Maple Grove are]
all fallen down like a pack of cards. I
Btllldei���Idiot! Didn't 1 tell you not
to take tin- scaffolding dowu till you'd I
put up the wall-papers?
To Men Who Live Inactive Lives.���
Exercise in the open air is the best
tonic for the stomach and system gen-
Chase's Nerve Food will cure paral-l erally;  but there are those who are
.-sis in ils earlier stages. compelled to follow sedentary occupa
nts.  R. Bright, 215 Booth Avenue,J tious and the inactivity tends to
Toronto,  writes:  "Two years ago my
husband had a stroke which left him
:i a weak, nervous condition. He
itaried taking Ur. Chase's Nerve Food
Mil Kldney-Llver Pills, and we saw
the good results almost immediately.
They have made a new man of my
ausbaud and we (annul spea'.; too
lilghly of them."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. 50
box, 6 for $11.50, all dealers.
manson,   Bates &  Co., Lltnl
restrict the healthy action of the digestive organs and sickness follows.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills regulate
tlie stomach and liver and restore
healthy action. It is wise to have a
packet of the pills always on hand.
Her Misapprehension
I desperately 1 ��� Tell
that stands
Is it my pover
between us?
Sho (Badly)���Yes.
Ho (with a ray of hope"���I admit
hat 1-am poor, and so, unfortunately,
is my father; but I have an aged uncle
who "is very rich and a bachelor.    He
Is an invalid, and cannot long survive.
She (delightedly)���How kind ar.d>
���iioiiglitful you are! Will you Intro
luce him to me'.'
Willie's Threat
Willie was .v little fellow of eight,
who with his mother, staved ttt the
house of an aunt without having made
provision to sleep. There being no
small hoys in his aunt's family, Willie
was put to bed in one of his little cousin Deborah's nightgowns. He was
the  very indignant at having to wear any-
ients a
or F.d-
'd.  To-
I am sending you hoihc manuscript,
���wrote the budding authoress. 1 also
Inclose a letter of introduction from
ihe vicar, one from my teacher, and a
paragraph from our local paper, telling of my adoption of a literary earner. Is there anything else 1 might
send you to interest you in my writings!
' Dear Madam, wrote lhe perspiring
editor in reply, you need send me but
Otis tiling���a good short story.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
iff you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
���)S Granulated Eyelids, Doesn't Smart
^-Soothes Eye Pain, Druggist? Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, SOc.
rfca Me* Tmle 0**i t*t All ��ya�� that Nead Can
SJiitii** Er* Rcintdy Co.. Chlcaio
thing with so many I'rils and so much
lace round the neck and on the
I won't stand It, mother, ho protested loudly on the second night. I
won't wear anything so gli'ly! I'll
run away, yoll see if I don't, before I'll
put that thing on again. Why. rather than wear that���thai horrid nightgown���I'll sleep raw!
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cure:   Diphtheria
Requisite Knowledge
As a country physician was driving
through a village he saw a man
amusing a crowd with the antics of
bis trick dog. The dortor pulled up
and said:
My dear man, how do you manage
to train your dog like that? I can't
teach mine a single trick.
The man looked up with a simple
rustic look, and replied:
Well, you see, It's this way: you
have to know mor'n the dog or you
can't learn him��� nothin'.
I have been   taking   some
pictures of life on your farm, :
photographer to un agrlcultur
Did you caich my laborers
don? asked  the farm. r.
I think so.
Ah, well, science    Is    a    Wi
aid the
Waiting at the Church
A young man lived at some distance \
from his bride-elect. In the eventful I
day he set off for the station iu good
time, hut, being delayed by friends,
he missed his train. Then he be-
ibought himself of a telegram.
Don't marry till I come���-William!
was the message he wired.
Th:  Real Worry
Chief of Detectives���Now. give us a
description of your missing cashier.
How tall waa he'.'
Business Mau���I don't know how
tall be was. What worr'es me Is
lhat he was 512,000 short.
George's Error
On :�� .vet. cold, February day, George
Farmer stood coughing befoi .: chemist's window.
His eye rested on u placard, which
No more Coughs.
No more colds.
25e. Per bottle.
Ueoige entered the sho >. The chemist said he could guarantee the anti-
cold remedy, and Uie young man
bought a bottle.
Two days later he returned again
through mire and sleet.
I have drunk the mixture; he gasped, and it seems to have plugged up
my throat, I can hardly breathe!
The chemist started.
'You drank it'.' lie cried. Why man,
it's an indiarubber solution to put ou
the soles of your shoes.
And did you enjoy your African!
trip, major'.' How did you like thai
Oh, tt.ey were extremely kind-heart-1
ed! They wanted to Steep me there
for dinner'.
Rejected Cabinets
Irate Woman���The photographs you
took of myself and husband are not at
all satisfactory and I refuse to accept
Photographer���What's wrong with
Irate Woman���What's wrong? Why,
my husband looks like a baboon.
Photographer���Well, that's uo fault
of mine, madam. You bIiouUI have
thought of that before you had him
Not Hurt Socially
1 wouldn't associate with hlni. I
understand he's served a ter.i in prison.
That's true, but it was for aa offense involving a million dollars or
more; nothing really disgraceful you
Must Chew ths Pill
Is there any way you can suggest
by which we can cure her of her infatuation far him
Oh, yes,  that's easy,   Jus: ���
I mean  without  letting  her marry
Not that I know of.
Easy Marks
Some men haven't any more caution
when they happen to get a little money
than to show il to the family.
The teacher had been telling the
class about the rhinoceros family.
Now, name some things, said she,
that are very dangerous to get near to
and lhat have horns.
Motor-oars! replied li:;:- Jenule
Jones, promptly.
Writer's Cramp
Pa, what is writer's cramp?
If'., being cramped for money, my
son.      All writers suffer from It.
Critic (as ihe composer played his
last plecel���Very fine iudewl. But
what is that passage which makes
the cold chills run down the back.
Composer���That is where the wanderer has the hotel bill brought to
To Ibe Healthy You Must Keep the
Blood Rich, Red aud Pure     j
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are useful'
In any disease caused by thin or Impure blood, and the .ist of such dla- ]
eases is astonishingly large. Anaemiai
literally means a condition in which
the blood is thin and watery. In rheumatism the blood becomes thin more
rapidly than lu any other disease.
After an attack of la grippe or acute]
fevers the blood ls always thin and
impure, and Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
are the tonic to use during convalescence . When the blood is poor and
thin the stomach suffers. The food
ferments, gas and certain acids form
and the trouble is pronounced Indigestion or dyspepsia. The nerves receive from the blood till of their nourishment to keep up their energy and
repair waste or damage. Some forma
of paralysis are caused by thin blood.
Tha progress of locomotor ataxia is
stopped in many cases when the blood.
Is made pure, rich and red. This is
only a partial list oi the troubles hav-
lug' their origin Iti Impure, watery
blood, and all can be cured by supplying the blood with its missing constituents.
This Is exactly what Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills do.      Their chief mission
ts to make rich, red blooii, and this |
gool blood reaches every organ and i
evcty nerve In the human body, thus|
driving out disease and bringing renewed health and strength   to   thousands of weak, despondent people.
Ask your neighbors. There ls uot
an Inhabited corner In Canada where!
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have not re-J
stored some sufferer, and all over this1
country there aro grateful people who(
do not hesitate to say they owe
health���In some cases life Itself���Jo
this great medicine. If you are ailing begin to cure yourself to-day by]
using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Sold by all dealers it; medicine or
by mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams'|
Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
According to Passport
An amusing story���which sh i ��� .-.��
value of the passport system men
from Russia. Print- < Mete! ������-<���/
who Is a journalist by profession, wm
commissioned by the Czar to lav
gate certain agrarian troubles I ���
Prince went to Roununln, and ' tr-a
obtained one ot the permits neci --a:/
tor taking livestock across the
Then he weir, to a Rues in u ������
post end presented the documen >
tho official as his warrant to pass.
t'he o't'ct.tl could read but little ���-
Russian and knew no Roumaulai . :
tho big document, with the is ���'.
anus Mid seal, greatly Impress I
and he el eerily put the Russ i
ulni stamp on it.
His Investigations end id, -   ���
went buck to Moscow, and U
or-pto utility presented the passport    >
the governor, saying:
With this tic eminent 1 entei ������:   -  %���
shvand traveled about for five l i
yet you must admit that the le
iou of me ls scarcely correct
The amazed governor read tha       i
Prince was one black soV, ;' ;
with oue car partly torn awaj .
When Holloway's Corn Cur    is   i;
plted  to a corn or war-   It kills
roots aud the callosity comes o it
out !��� jury to the flesh.
Mile. Gaby Deslys, the Fn
cer, is an exceedingly sler.d
person, and for purposes ol bett
moiistratiiig her art she wears,
on   the   stage,   exceedingly   3l
clothes.     A person frjp.i the ia
who had seen the lady , carae fo:
tell about her.
What does she iooic like? as!
Well, said the visitor, If she'd
one eye she'd look like a needle
���* l.-.e
h :i
Mlnard's Lini.nent Cures Colds,  -:i.
Children, said the minister, add
ing the Sunday school. 1 want Co
to yon a few moments about n-,
the most Important otgar.s in
world. What is It that throbs u
away, never stopping, never eea;
whether you wake or sleep, night
day, week In and week out, wi;
any vlolltlon on your part, hi-
away as It -vere, In the dapihs
seen by you, throbbing, throbbing,
thmically all your lite long'!
And during the pause of orato
effect cam? a small voice: The
- t.i
se  if
ri al
One day an Irishman met aa
llshman and t.ccosted him thus:
Do you know In what month 0
year my wife talks the least?
Well, I suppose when she ca!
cold uud ioses her voice, sal 1 the
Not at all. II is in February,
Why is that? asked the English!
Because February has the i-
Constipation -
ts an enemy within the camp. It will
undermine the strongest constitution
���nd ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, biliousness,
Impure blood, bad complexion, sick
headaches, ancj is one of the most
frequent Causes of appendicitis. T��
neglect it is slow suicide. Dr. Morse*
Indian Root Pills positively cure
Constipation. They are entirely
vegetable in composition and do not
sicken, weaken or gripe. Pteservs
your health by taking.
Dr. Morse's   *
Indian Root Pills
Epsom Salts
A distinguished foreigner visiting
Epsom Downs In Thackeray's company
noticed many men dre��3ed as sailors
who were not. to native and experienced eyes, the real article.
Ah, said the visitor, these are, I
siipiwse. what you call your British
Uh. no, replied Thackeray. Only
Epsom salts.
A Long Time Ago
John, that Is a very shabby  afflce
coat you're wearing,    remarked    his
Yes. sir. o-ii'l the old clerk meaningly, I go; this co.tt tilth the last rise
you  gave  me,
Teacher���Now, boys, here's a little |
No Occasion
Photographer���Go away, hoy: T w
to take a photograph of ttiis lad.-
Boy���But why?
appreciate it w'.ien you bring home
1 can of SNAP. For cleaning her
hands, after filling the lamps, milking the cows, peeling the polities
and onions, there is nothing to equal
i   SNAP   I
^^    11 leaves the skin smooth an 1     ���""
example lu mental arithmetic
old woul 1 a pe   on be who was born
in  1875* -   - I
Pupil���PI are  t .1 h r.   was   I'   .1
nlan or woman? 1
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869
Capital Paid Up ?! 1,560,000        Reserve ami Undivided Profits J13,000,000
Payable In all parts of the world
Special attention given lo Savings Department and Transactions of Ordinary Hanking Business by mail
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtenay, B. C.
N. H. BODBN, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription 81.C0 per Year in Advance
At a recent meeting of the Westminster Presbytery a long resolution in reference to oriental emigration was passed. Stripped of its
verbosity it says that tbe oriental is
an undesirable citizen and that some
means should be devised to restrict
his flow into British Columbia.
Also that the wives of the Hindoo's
now here should be allowed to come i
iuto the country. |
The orential population is now i
to 9 and as there are practally no
oriental women here, this is equal
to about one oriental workman to
every five white men. No white
labors can go to the Orient and
compete with the orientals, yet the
orientals can come here and com-
pete with white men and get com-!
paratively rich. So long as the
orient is open for the entry of
traders and missionaries the orientals have a right to demand entry
into the countries that send traders I
and missionaries to bother them, I
outside a few missionaries   (who
General Store
��� ���������
We Invite Your Inspection of Our
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
New Goods Coming in on Every Boat
Prices as Low as the Lowest
Chas. H. Pigott
with milk produced in dairies which
are barred at the creamery. It
might be a good move on their
part to have the sources of supply
looked after.
Gold Not Spread Out
E. Iv Strachan   of the   auditor-
general's department  at   Ottawa,
,,,,,. ,      ,   . ,       \   who has just returned from a tour
coukl be better employed at home)     c .,    ,,J,        . "      ',   .
��� ,.      ,.'    ' ���     .,/   of the Yukon  territory, states that
very  few    Canadians   are   in  tlie  ,, ... -'   .      .    .
A .' .     TC  .,      ���      ,-    ���       ,,,   the new strike may contain plenty
Orient.   If the   Canadians would i   c     \ i  i   .   n   . i. ���      n       c    ,
' of gold, but that it is   all confined
come home and stay home Canada
wovrfd very soon be in a position to
stop oriental emigration, and to
control or get rid of those we now
have in our midst, who despite the
well-meaning verbiage of philanthropist and soothsagers, the orientals are not desirable citizens in a
white man's community. Their
ways are not our ways and their
manner of living is a menace. All
the same it is true that some orientals are better neighbors than some
white men, but if this is to be made
a white man's country, we must
exclude the brown man.
staked before the rush began,
Knights of Pytliias
On Kriday evening, October 17,
the above lodge will be organized
in their hall, and the members-elect
installed into their various offices
by Deputy Grand Chancellor Bro.
Chappie, of Victoria. All those
who have already joined or signified their intention of becomming
members are requested to be on
In former years when the government inspectors were looking for
tuberculosis in the cattle hereabouts
it has been customary to pass over
herds owned by the Japanese, who
were not delivering milk to the
creamery. This year a change has
been made and all herds are being
inspected. So far this year nearly a
dozen cows found suffering with the
disease have been destroyed. The
government should go a little
further and compel all dairies to be
put inja sanitary condition. Cumberland citizens are largely supplied
The hand of the man of average
size is from 6 to 8 inches in length;
that of a woman 1 to 1 3-4 inches
The Parksville Journal says: The
B. C. Telephone Co. would do well
to install more up-to-date telephones in the Parksville service,
thereby making possible regular
service which is nigh impossible
with the present second-hand, always .out of order telephones in
New Townsite-No. 8 Mine
This consists of Eighty Acres, half of quarter section 228, the
Canadian Colliery owning the other half on which the main
shaft and sawmills are situate, so that it is well situated, being close to business operations ond absolutely inside property
Price of Lots $150 and upwards, on easy terms
Telephone 36
Courtenay, B. C.
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Mens Department
Sweater Coats
We can fill every requirement in the best
hand-knitted sweater coals that it is
possible to obtain and in tlie most popular styles. We have them in all shades
and combinations.    Prices $3.00 to #8.50
Mens Overcoats made from the finest
imported tweeds and cheviots and mnde
in tills seasons designs, A large variety
of colorings In all sizes. Values from
Us.00 to $35.00
We arc now showing a large range in the
popular   Currie   Raincoat,    No    finer
material displayed in Waterproofs anyJ
where.   Price $8.50 to jt25.nu
We have just aeldetl to our stock another
shipment of mens suits-you would dei
well to inspect these; also our fall and
winter samples in made-to-measure clothing, of which we have a bigger and
better range than usual. Wc give satisfaction in every detail. Prices $20.00
to $37,50
Our mens khaki, black drill, blue flannel
and flanuelete shirts are of exceptional
merit and  will  wear.    Prices ranging
from 51.25 to $4.00
We have  a complete stock in   Curdroy
pants, also  MacKilian coat", shirts and
pants, oil clothing, gum boots, all rubber
gooeis, etc., etc.
Ladies Department
Womens, Misses and Childrens Cloth Coats
We arc showing this season an assortment superior to any season previous for
Quality and Style. Our stock comprises
all the prevailing styles for Fall and
Winter in brown, tans, blues, grays and
blacks, These coats are made ill a large
variety of cloths and colour combinations
such as moss cloth ill solid and two tone
effects, two tone diagnols, curl cloths,
zireline, tweeds and mixtures, in lengths
of 4X, 50 and 52 inches, in straight and
cutaway styles. Prices ranging from
j>8.50 to $25.00
We are showing this week a complete
range of fall dress goods in all the
fashionable shades in plain and novelty-
weaves, comprising serges, poplins,
ratiens, satin cloths, tweeds, plaids,
ladies cloth, pauunias, voiles and crepes.
A complete range of Watsons underwear
that will wear and will not shrink, in
ladies, misses and childrens. Special
lines in ladies fine wool combination
suits aud childrens wool knit black
Full Line of Infants Wear
Comprising, Infants long and short
dresses, pinafores, barra coats ill flannel
and flannelette. Shirts, bands, nightgowns, socks and bootees. Drawers and
water proof dress protectors. Wool and
silk hoods. While wool knit overalls
and legglns,    Wool veils.
I.adies,   misses   and  childrens  Maltese
Cross brand rubbers,   in black and tan,
in shapes and sizes to fit any shoe
For Fall Wear
Mens and Youths Heavy, Medium
and Light Woollen Underwear,
Woollen and Cashmere Sox, Dress
and Working Trousers, Light and
Heavy Raincoats, Winter Shirts, Etc.
Sole agents for Up-To-Date Tailored Suits, tailored
and guaranteed by the
FEED!        FEED !        FEED!
A large stock of shorts, bran, crushed oats, hay and poultry
feed for sale at exceptionally low prices
Phone 32
This Week's Arrivals���Boots and Shoes, Preserving
Kettles, Apricots and Peaches
First Class Quality
Prompt Delivery
5/0ff for Cash
Corner Store, Sandwick
Parkin Bros., Props.
We are Now Running Full Time and are Able to
Supply Rough and Dressed Lumber
at Short Notice
Our Timber Is AU First Class
Grantham Sawmill Co.
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administraters of Estates, General
Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
Loans, Insurance, Etc.
4 % Paid on Deposits
Property owners of the Comox Valley are specially
invited to list their real estate with this Company ffO
High Class Job Printing at
The Review Office
OUR type and machinery equipment is
complete.    We make a specialty of
good work���the kind you are proud of
and like to tell your friends about
Classy letterheads, cards, folders, etc.,
as well as the larger work���we are
there, gentlemen, and you will never
quit us if we get one chance at your
Direct from tlie  Honey Manufacturing Co,,  of Montreal, a car  load of
Buggies, Democrats  and
Express Waggons
Also a Quantity of Extra
Wheels, Shafts and Buggy Poles
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the i.owest Possible Price
Geo. Leighuon
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
COURTENAY   -   -   B. C.
Stoddart, the Jeweler
Is now located where he gets the most business
You all know where?
The future business center of the
Comox District
Most of us admire a fool as long
as he has money.
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey's.
Campbell River
About a hundred men are to quit
work at Campbell River to-day,
Tuesday, owing to the closing dowu
of the International Timber Co's.,
Camp. For quite a time now there
has been a slackness in the timber
trade: the price offered for timber
having reached such a low level.
Trade altogether in British Columbia has not been brisk for many
months now, but, it is to be hoped
when affairs in the East nre of a
more settled character, work will
| continue as formally. The camp
reckons to open early in the New
Campbell River and surrounding
district sustained a loss when Mr.
Allan, the reverend minister, left
at the close of last week for the
East, to complete his last year oi
study in the ministry. Although
our Scotch friend had only worked
in the district for five months he
had gained the ;good will of the
people, and more especially of ths
young fellows around the camps
Through the genuine kindness of
Mr. and Mrs. Timlin, n card partv
was held at the Willows Hotel,
where about fifty guests assembled
to bid farewell to their departing
The Rev. J. Hepburn who hails
from Eastern Canada, and who has
already been out of college two
years, is to take up the duties ot
the late minister.
Messrs. E. T. Cliffe and W. B.
Higgins have purchased the Comox Livery Stables from Mr.
John McKenzie, and will continue
to carry on the business as formerly. Your patronage is solicited.
E. T. Cliffe
\V. B. Higgins
Feed and livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUILLAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
Extra fine Peppermints, 25c per lb.
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. m on Thursdays
What about those Xmas Cards?
Drop in at The Review and see
If you would get up in the world
get down to business.
Marriage is a union that is responsible for a lot of strikes.
Success at poker depends on the
way a man is raised.
Much reading will not make a
full man as quickly as much feeding.
Happy is the wife who believes
her husband tells her all he knows.
We feel sorry for the chap who
is known only as his wife's husband,
It is easier to break a man's will
than it is to sidetrack a woman's
When a man hangs on a woman's words they are not married.
If you want to live fairly comfortable and undisturbed, never
grow famous; your friends may derive some pleasure in gazing at
your monument after you are dead,
but it dosen't do you any good.
A cheerful liar sometimes scatters more sunshine and happiness
than the so-called truthful man who
lies to himself. Lies we tell ourselves are reflected in our lives and
makes us poor company. The
shadow of a lie is always worse
than the lie itself.
The Mill on the Dyke
It is   worth   the time  of   any    man   who   is   in
the   market   for   lumber   to  see   us,  whether   his
order is  large  or small
We  have  in  Stock:
Also some special grades and prices which will
surprise you
A  Liberal  Discount to  Cash  Buyers
Knowles - Smith Lumber Co., Ltd.
COURTENAY      -      B. C
t^0*^0��^^^^0*0<S90>^0*0*0t0*^0*0*0��0*0*M mime**. ���MwiinMMj.k.i. MUM...
U ���    1 ���*���   .- �����   *�����������*    .
We beg to announce that we have just received one of
the finest lines of Und :rtaking and Embalming Supplies
ever  shown   in B. C..   consisting of  Caskets,  Coffins,
Hm ial Robes, Etc,, Etc.
We are graduates in Anatomy, Sunitary Science, and the
Science of Embalming, and are prepared to do  Embalming for Export or Domestic  Burial, in the most scientific
lliiimier. Calls answered day or night
Respectfully submitted,
Tho FnFnitnre & Underlakins Co.
Take Advantage of the Open Coor.tr
It's at ycur door when you ride
Anybody wlio has ever ridden a bicycle can master the Indian ii five
minutes. Vou need no mechanical knowledge or skill. Vou need only
to become faniilar with the- control devices, and in the Iucliau they are
very simple. A twist of tlie wrist applies and releases the power, and
absolute control is assured at all times.
The leading  feature  of the   1913 models is  the Cradle  Spring Frame.
There are several models ranging ill price from $290
739 Yates St.
Victoria, B. C.
Comox has a c< al area of 789
square miles aud probable reserve
of 3,383,000,000 tons, Nanaimo
has an aria of 513 squai ��� miles and
probable reserve of t.350,000,000
Lawyer Harrison and family,
who hnve been residing at Courtenay djuring last spring and summer
have returned and takeu up their
residence here They aro occupying the Kilpatrick house on Penrith avenue,
Miss [.oaring of this city, appears
to have solved the egg laying for
profit problem, She is tin happy
possessor of fifteen Black Minorcas,
which have laid during the month
of September 302 eggs, weighing
seven to the pound. She says that
"good feeding and extra good care,
Coupled with quiet kindness, but
especially, removing the eggs from
the nests directly thev are laid, is
the whole secret of success."
Giva Us a Girl
Comox, B, C.
First-class  Accommodation,   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R,   McCuish, Prop.
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Wnter and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
go with the bunch to j Cumberland Hotel
1 Otter S  FOOl KOOmGoocl Accomodation      Cusine Bxcelleu
J. POTTER, Proprietor
J.    E.   ASTON
Basement Willard Block
Loggers Boots and Shoes Made
Rcpalrhlg  Neatly and   Promptly   Done
Wm. Merryfield
Th jealousy of a brother editor's
wife caused bim to grind out the
following: "Backward, turn backward, oh time in your flight; give
11. i girl wh ss skirts are not tight j
givs us a girl whose charms, mam I.
cr Few,  are not exposed  by tooi"> tne   Matter of  the  Estate of
Estate of Walter S. McPhee, Deceased
All.persons having claims against the
above estate nre requested to famish
particulars thereof, ami all persons indebted thereto are requested to pay the
amount of suell claims to the under-
signed at puce,
C, G, CAM,l,\
Ageufor Executrix,
Union St., Courtenay,
July E4, 1913,
tew,  are  not expos
in e!i peek-a-bo >; give us a girl, no
matter what age,   who won't  use
l!.e streets for  a vaudeville stage;
givj us  a girl,  not too sharply iu
Waverley Hotel
Cumberland, It. C.
Best of Mquora ami Cigars,  Hot and
Cold Water, Baths, etc.
PRANK l)AU,AS, Proprietor
"Mac's" Billiard
and Pool Room
Basement McPhee lilock
Cigars, Tobacco, Soft Drinks
and Candy
Andrew Byron Crawford, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all debts
view; dress her in skirts the sun due the above mentioned Estate must be
cau't sh'ne thru', paid forthwith,   Payment of such debts
          must be made at the office of the Acadia
, Trust Company Limited at Courteuay
111. C.
Executors  and  trustees of  above-men-
58 Acres For Sale
tioned estate.
Executrix and trustee of the above-mentioned estate.
May 14, 1913.
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
R-. Athey
Contractor and Builder
Plans and Estimates Supplied
on Short Notice
Riverside Hotel' p
Bar Supplied with the Best Wines '' I OWC!
& H
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
0. H. FECHNER, Prop.
Situate iu the famous "Happy Valley"
Comox   District, about   3 acres   cleared
and cultivated,   6 acres slashed ready to
burn, good land and easy to clear.    New !
small   bouse   and   outbuildings.    Good i
supply of wafer. Close to church, school,	
railroad, wharf and   market.    Price   for '     "
one month  only $5250.00, or  will sub- j Of TJ'T'C   I CI TJTQ  t
divide to suit at a slightly advanced price. , h/IL/1 1 O   ��� uDUl 1 kJ   ���
This is 22 per cent, below market value.   T , ,       ,   , .
Terms, 25 per cent., balance easy pay- I T llave on llalld abo"t *3 SUltS of
meats at 7 per cent. Address, Owner, ! mens clothes, sizes 36 to 40 which
Box 171,"'Courtenay, II. C. I will be offered at $16, $18 oud $20
per suit, and prices of pants $4.50
��� $5, $6 and $7 per pair   These   are
all 35 per cent,   less than   regular
T. D. Hinds
Board of Trade Building
Union St. Courtenay
5 Passenger Stoddart-Dayton
otor Car For
A. J. MARSHALL, O.vaarai.1 O.-lver"
Phone  36
Union St.     Courtenay
Jos. Barrie
C.  W.   Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of Charge
Shannon Block,     Courtenay
i Installation
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
Express   and Cokely & Ferris t
Dray Stables
Heating and!
Electric Wiring
Allan & Drinkwater
Next to Royal Bank   '
courtena/       b. c.
Manufacturers of
High-Grade Havana Cigars. "Monarch"
and "Oak Brand"
For Sale at All Hotels
619 Johnson St.        Victoria
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyors
Plastering Contractor
Cement Work a Specialty
ubscribe for The   Review
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay  -  B. C.
Ed. Wilson
Carpenter and Builder
Moving Buildings a Specialty
COURTENAY     -     B. C
Sibley & Pollock
Contractors & Builders
Palaee Livery ��
& Feed Stable
Artistic Bungalows a Specialty
Masonry and Brickwear of every description.       Plans furniseed
Estimates l'ree
All Work Guaeanteed
B. C.
Horses and Buggies  for Hire at j\,      j^J ,      FitZg6F<UU
Reasonable Kates Contractor and Builder
We also attend to wood hauling j Plans   and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Courtenay Phone 25
Established Resident of Courtenay
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by the
Courtenay Cleaners
W. I.. SCOTT, Prop.
Next door to the Butcher Shop
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BUST WIN S3 an
Dealer in
Choice Fruits,
Soft Drinks
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
TJe Star "
Livery Stable
Livery and team work promptly attended to.   All kinds of
hauling done
First-Class Buggies for Hire
Alex. Maxwell, Prop,
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns in the Comox Valley, ^including all of the best and
popular makes, aud at the lowest prices!"   Come in aud inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns-from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marlin; Stevens, Savage aud Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
COURTENAY     -     and      ���      CUMBERLAND V
General Hmmr AHlitant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
tame careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.        M
W. T. WHITE, Manager, Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland Bra t <
Comox branch open on Tuesday, from io to 3
Comox Co-Operative Society
Union Street
Dealers in
All kinds of Meats,
Ham, Bacon^ Cooked
Meats, Fruits, Vegetables an Chicken to
order. The prices
are always right
Twenty-Five Years Ago
(Victoria Times)
Major Rodtrers, C. E., of Kicking Horse and Rod tiers' Pass fame,
arrived in the ci y last evening
from Seattle, and is staying at the
Driard. He said the railway to
Bellingham Bay was a certainty of
the future. Were Victoria to secure connection with there, via
Saanich, and another ferry, it
would be an incalculable value to
the city. The major knows nothing about the Seymour Narrows
plan, although, he agrees that
$500,000 would be a big inducement.
Provincial Premiers to Meet
A conference of the Provincial
Premiers will be held at Ottawa,
commencing on October 27. Sir
Richard MeBride, who is in Kngland, has been notified, aud it is
expected he will be in Ottawa in
time for the meeting,
The Difference.
The Pessimist is he who sees
In clouds naught but distress,
And in their opaque mysteries
1  Discerns mere inkiuess.
i The Optimist admits the cloud,
'  And vet his glance pursues
The misty rifts that are endowed
With irridescent hues.
As a result of experiments made
j in Leicestershire by biologists, not
yet completed, a new race of horses
ii being developed  for the army.
Scientists have found 56 acres in
I the oceans where the water is more
' than three miles deep, ten where
it exceeds four miles and four
where the bottom is further than
five milei,
Slight earthquake  shecks were
observed at Panama last week.
A scheme is ou foot to establish
motor busses in Victoria. Shares
ar.' to be sold at $10 each and the
f ire will be from 2 to 5 cents according to distance travelled. A
similar scheme between here and
Bevan and Mine 8 should prove a
profitable investment.
and are now doing business in our
new premises, next door to the new
butcher shop, and having a much
larger store we are carrying a larger
stock generally. Our first shipment
of new Dry Goods is here and ready
for your inspection
Remember we always carry a full
line of Choicest Groceries and our
prices are right
Phone 6 Courtenay
There*!! Come a
SOME of these evenings you'll
want to look
"just right," and you know
as well as we do,
that therms nothing like
a well-tailored blue or black
serge suit.
They're right at night.
The proper caper always!
Let us take your measure for
a Hobberlin-made, all
wool serge. a
The kind that wont fade,
or get rusty.
To-day is the day to
Sole Agents for Hobberlin Tailoring
T. D. McLean's
Jewelry Store
You will now find a good selection of high grade
Special attention will be given to
Watch Repairs
Satisfaction Sure and All Work
Guaranteed 12 Months
Advertise iu The Review.
We have just opened up our
Fall Goods, including Shoes,
high and short legged Gum
Boots, Rubbers, Hats and
Sweaters, all the latest styles
and regular town prices
Give us a trial for your grocery order.   Phone R88 and
have  your  order  delivered
right awayj
>   ���
5 per cent, discount for cash
The Undersigned hereby give notice that
the Estate of Andrew Hyron Crawford
will not he responsible for nor pay any
debts or other obligations contracted by
any person without the written order of
the undersigned.
Bkrtha Grace Crawford.
Acadia Trust Co., Ltd.
Executrix and executors   respectively of
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford,
June 3rd, 1913
I DR.   MORRISON,   Dentist
Dr, Morrison is a graduate boih of the
Chicago and Detroit Dental College.-.
Having a central ofHce in Courteuay he
will visit surrounding towns at regular
The   Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.  DALRVMPLE,   Prop.
Summer Drinks
floving Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a new up-to-date electric plant
COURTENAY OPERA HOUSE - >     n      1    O
An Entire Change of Programme DW&I1 S   rOOl   KOOITl
Twice weekly '
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor    i E. SWAN, Prop.
^The most Home-like Hotel North of ..Victoria
Rates Reasonable
I    Telephone 3-5 COURTEUAY, B. C.    1
%*<t,mm*****************************.************** TJIE REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
lllililiMM MSsM Ml MUM
Make the Liver
Headache! and Diitrasa nfier Eating.
Sin ill Pill, Small Dimo, Small Price.
Genuine most be." Sisnaturc
WANTED at once
Persons tu worlt for ua
111 spni'Q time al Uomo, iNu experitmce
I'Mlulred with our new art COLORING PROCESS Enay and fosclnntlng
work, dood pay. No canvassing. Writo
for Instructions (free).
815 College street. Toronto, Canada.
iVlRt*. W!i.ai,c.tv/'H SOOTHING HVttLC lias be.-q
President of Eddy    Company    Takea
Cheerful  View 0? Business
H    Rowley, president ot
tli ��� ...   1   Eddj C'ompau:, v.it'i twiu-
'..  five or more branches i'i Canada,
with res len   agents tn   every   large
tl    ��� >ii nr tax to Victoria, and with
sixteen  ir eighteen thousand custom-)
ers an t correspondents In this country, takes ;i ierj cheerful flaw ot tho
bu ilness Bll latl m.
Mr Rowley told The World yester-
terdaj that their bustiicss throughout
I mad t was bettei lurlns the first halt
of 191' th tn t ir the same period of
11��t -, that is, sales were greater, although profits are less. Larger sales
show Increased consumption; smaller
profits Indicate greater cost of mater*
ill. hlghet �� iges .hi 1 cut prices by
iensel ss rlvalrj.
The chief 1 h tnuel ������' the dlstrlhu-
tlon of Ed ly's wares Is through ilto
��h iii sale grocerj aud Jobbing trades.
t'titll :i tew weeks ag.>, buying was
lone ��� ll : greal inutl in and only for
immediate needs; now, however, tlicro
is less feellug ot anxiety than earlier
In tha yes.:' nud Blnce the middle ot
June business ia flowing more freely
nl goods are more i:i demand,
Correspondence from every city In
Canada shows that business In all
lines ij becoming stronger and healthier, The 'hand to mouth' buying of
1 few  -���������"eks ago ia succeeded by un
Wan the Wagtr
At a certali. club the other day two
members were arguing about will
power. The conceited man, who was
in the habit ot boring all present with
his pointless tales, sail that hla will
was stronger than that nf liis friend.
Vou are wrong thert, said the uuia't
man, nnd I will prove It In this way.
Vou go and stand In that corner and I
will will you lo come out of it. Vou
win against me. and I'll wager I will
have you from that corner 1 store I
have commanded you a second timo.
The .smart ono took up the challenger aud iiut himself in lha corner. The
quiet man said, lu a commanding
Come out of that corner.
Tlie oilier grinned and shook his
head, Tho quiet man sat down and
looked at him steadily. l-'lv a minutes passed, and then the man ot will
snld, wllh a sneor.
Hadn't you heller glvo It tip! I
don't feel nny Influence nt all, nnd 1
can't Hiiuid here all the evening.
There in no hurry, said Uio quiet
man, and 1 have a very comfortable
seat. There Is no time-limit, except
lhat you are to come out before I ask
you twice, nnd as I don't intend to nsk
you again until this day week. I think
you'll soon begin to [eel the Inlluenoe.
The smart mini came oul.
Pistol und Ride Cartridges
Winchester cartridges adapted to ^^-^
.Winchester riHes are made to get ^^w<
the best possible  results out of
Ithem.   As the same equipment,
organization   and   system   are
employed in making all Winchester cartridges, it naturally
A^ follows that  Winchester  cart-
M-^S|9  ridges produce the  best results
raj^^^    in all firearms. Winchestercart-
: w ridges are made for all calibers
and makes of rifles, revolvers
and pistols.   Sold everywhere
Ask For The Red W Brand.
l!^S!^F^T^7^Ji,/i^''(i'^ ' ';s,,al midsummer activity because the
MOTHERS   lor    llieir    CHILDREN    Willi,!!     ,.|..,i���,L.J      -,.1-j .    1������.     11,
TEimiiNG, with fbrfmct SUCC8SS. ft ��nolesalers stocks got low, tlio re-
BOOTHB8 the QHtLD, 80PTF,NS tlie COM3, taller s shelves wero bare, hut now
Ai I,AYS nil PAIN; CURBS WNDCOUC, and ; there is A better niirnr nnd nor.-, nnnv
iu tlie beat remedy tor DIARKHtKA, It Is aU I '. '* ls " "er'-!- hU-')l '">" ���,u"�� ���s>
bolutelj litmitlesu, Be ''ure and mix kit "Mm. '���
Winslow's Soothing Byrtip," and take aootivif' si
kind. Twenty-five cents a bottle. ej
it life, s
us i
rs; aud tho neces-
as matches, buclc-
,s aud paper of ail
demand for dully
Mr. Rowley said: "The majority of
orders received at the works ct
:>hth  past nre  marked
'a.a.p.1 while nearly
!  1
; Hull  tor
Something better than linen nud no . .
laundry bllln. Wash tt with so:i|i ned 1 : '"'''���
Water. Alt stores 01 direct. State style every order calls for quick delivery,
.111.1 alae. For 2Bo. wo will mall you. and that while tlie demand for goods,
THE   ARLINGTON   CO.   OF   CANADA, | ^ ,uck ���. BuppUeg &na mftterlaf hlgu
pages and cosi of making will keep the
S3 Fraser
Avenue. Toronto, Ontar
THERAPION ssjiaffaa
rreateui i am, curbsc hrokic weakness,lost vigor
. MA.RKBD Wdlll, 'TKBttAPIOtT 11 oil
Mil? MT111XBD Tl all QBNUIN&PACK&T9*
price: firmer, 1 expect to tee higher
lists o:i many lines nd an end put
to cul prices, although our lists do
uoi vary very much, taking oue year
with another.���Tha Toronto World.
An Oil for All Men ���'lhe sailor, Ili9<
soldier, lhe fisherman, the lumberman, i
the out-door laborer nud all who are i
exposed  to  injury  nnd  the  elements
will find lu Dr.    Thomas'    Kcleclrlc.
Oil a true and faiihrul friend.     To
enso pain, relieve colds, dress wounds,
subdue  lumbago  nnd  overcome rheumatism, it has no equal.   Therefore,!
It. should  have a  place In  all home
medicines   und    those    taken   on    a
Dangerous chemicals are not used In tipping EDDY'S Sei-qui Safo Light matchoj.
Sea that you get EDDY'S and no other
"Just  as  good." ��
Safety���In Its compleU sense���Is absolutely  guaranteed,  but   vou   must   ask  tor
EDOY'S  new
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
One for .Vtatnematiciar,
A  noted mathematician, considered I
iy many i wonder, stopped at a hotel   le
in ,, small town In the English provinces       There   were a number of1
travelers staying there and there was
also a gathering of medical men. One   j)
A 3ouquet
A poetical old shopkeeper wus al-
ways doing kind things nnd saying
lovely ones. One spring he was having li:.-4 siiop repainted. He told the
painter to leave a certain corner uu-
touched for the time being; lie explain1
ed that the young people, at lhat season did all their courting there and
he didn't, want '.hem to get sinitdged.
But, objected the painter, llieso
young foiks would be fools not to
know the small of fresh painr.
i'oung fellow, said the old shop-
keeper, you bave never had a girl,
that's plain.      If you had, you'd know
when fo
r painl
ind rosi
.ir,! hi love, everything
luded���smells like vio-
Ot   it:"    lo itOl -
joko to tell  t
li ims of the M .
thoughl it would i>e a
le mathematician  that
O.'s had decided to kid-
nap htm und
i 'ani lii'v  i1   t
mathematlc i
them wh if bo
take out his brains to
������j, he was so good In
He '.'.is then asked by
. .ii going to do about
1    Why, I shaK simply
go ���..   vlthout
br ilu , just as you doc-
tors :i; ��� ,i iln ;
Qood-bye to
ftsthma.   Persons suf-
faring from the
i'i ��� ::n i-'. ti   1.3 1
1 '   ''"g Wl i;
-i. ,   i toil.   .,    '   .
it extremely trying trou-
LstUuii know v.hut it is
1 their hearts for evap ,
rani       Never do they
Itnov  when ar
. attack may come at) i
'!��� ".' kn i v lha
��� ii'       V iti '
��� ���i   ftemedj    i
��� ��� . snuggle unaided Is
!. D. Kellogg's Asth-
'  hand, however,  they
ir    i,  g t-l
.���  . i     te ago
i, - to their enemy and
ti helps at once.
IA ���)'   VI
���>/ -ie Expected
h ig, en ig!
Br-r-r,   B-r-r!    Honk.
a Mn ��� tenl Co., Limited.
���men,���1 have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT otv my vessel and in my
family for vears, and for the every
day ills and accidents of life 1 consider It tia:i no equal.
I would not start on a voyage without It, If It cos: a dollar a bottle.
Schr     "Storke,"   St.    Andre,   Kam-
nk!  Z     .''i
1 !��� ��� pe ii ci i paused al th ; Inter-
sectloi ol 'o busy thoroughfares. Me
ii i ir malting n htm from one Bide,
a i itor- i'd" oi the other, a motor-
I ii . ri   tne   i ���' ���,   and   a   taxlcab
; id '  I i  '.it  lemons.
Zing -;;'i ; Ho looked   up,    r I
saw i - i:, i i i roplane In rapid des-
������el.i       dtere i as bul one chance.
H ��� ��� i, ii tndlng on i manhole-cover.
Q     tl   ie sing i lie lifted the lid und
jumped ini i " ��� hole, but alasl ouly
to be i .i,      ' i. n tul e train.
U'io:i i'.ij dying bed,
His time was nearly o'er;
And with a teebio voice Ii" asked,
What ti ch9 latest score?
Weep :d'  tor me, my boy, he cried,
I bo?  to Heaven's high v.iii;
Bui  tell  :..-   lUlckly���tell me���la
The home team leading still'.'
Ho, iald tli ��� boy, they mufte;'. a Hy.
1 ��� ���.'. :��� i! i the il l man, lei mo die.
Our funny Children
1,11 tie Ralph, an only child of four,
lu.d been permitted to stay up one
evening when his parents had company. At the table he made n quaint
remark, at which all the guests laughed, lie instantly saw that lie had
made a hit, and wiih commendable
enterprise sought to follow it up.
Dad, ho shouted,   what    was    that
other smart  thing I said yesterday?
Has Them
Not Guilty
Mistress���Bridget, whatever he
conies of the cutlery? I am continually missing' some. Really
pect the dustmen as they
through the scullery.
Cook���Faith, mariii,    ye're    	
there entoirely. They're too honest
at. all. Why. they brought back
thray knoives last week that, they'd
found In t'.e dustbin'.
1 sus-
Cise for a Good Lawyer
Why are you so sad? an acquaintance asked a young man whose aunt
had just died.      Vou never appeared!
to care much for Iho ponr lady.        |
I didn't said the youth dolefully;
but I was the means of keeping- her in |
a lunatic asylum during the last five'
years or her life.      She has left me j
all her money, and now I have sot to |
prove that sho was ot sound mind.
Pshaw! exclaimed Miss Yerner Impatiently. 1 am sure we will miss
the first act. We have waited a
good many minutes for that mother
of mine.
Hours, I should say, Mr. Slowman
retorted crossly.
Ours? Oh, George! she cried, and
laid her bin,king cheek upon bis shirt
A Valuable Secret 7
Father Dooley had Just tied the kuct
and looked expectant. The bride
looked sheepish, and Pat, shifting
from ono foot to anotlii r, looked
guilty.     At last he began:
I���I--don't like to bo mane, father,
but I changed me clothes In i. hurry
aud left me money In me other pants.
Then hu added, In a whisper: Take
me down in the cellar; I'm a plumber,
and I'll show ye how to fix tha gas-
meter so't won't register more than
forty per cent.
At the Supper Table
The young man who had taken the
debutante lu to dinner w:i3 talking;
Are you fund ot etchings? he asked.
As a general rule, yes, she answered, looking up Into his eyes with an
engaging frankness that threatened
havoc.to his heart; but, she added
hastily, as ha started to say something pretty, not r.ny to-uight, thank
you. It is rather lute. A small
piece of jelly will be sufficient.
Enough Said
Brown���What did your wife say
about your being so late home the
oilier night?
Jones���Nothing at all. She just sat
down at tho piano and played 'Tell
me the Old, Old Story.
His Explanation
At the breakfast tablo tb.& other
morning ha was relating to his wife
an incident that occurred at the Club
tho previous night. The chairman offered a silk hat to ths member who
could stand.up and truthfully say that
during his married life ho had nevar
kissed any woman but his own wife.
And, would you believe it, Mary?���
not one stood up.
George, hla wife said, why didn't you
stand up?
Well, be replied, I was going to, but
I look awful In a silk hat.
The Optimist
Crash I Down the kitchen stairs fed
the entire trayful ot crockery from
the dining-room. Not even the saltcellar remained unbroken.
In the dining-room sat husband nud
wife, staring blankly at each other.
What, did It all mean? But this was a
time for action, and the mistress rushed to the door. Jane. Jane! she cried
whatever have you done?
Jane smiled. Oh, mum, (.be replied.
It's only the dinner things, mum.
What a good thing 1 hadn't washed
'em up!
When he comes 30ft soaping around
with an ax to grind just suggest to
him that he get a motor attachment
for his jaw and do the whole Job
Would Deceive Completely
Show Girl (bursting Into manager'*
office)���Quick! There's a fire belilnl
the scenes, the gang is rushing about
like mad and screaming their head*
off. Looks like a panic. What
will we do?
Manager���Do? Ring up the curtain, of course, and let the audieno*
think it is the opening chorus.
I5ik i box or si< boxes for $2.50,
at ail dealers, or The Dodd3 Medicine Company, Limited, Torjnto,
Ono Io .i l mag colored man of
sporty appearance dropped in at n
country livery staote and said he needed i Job. He looked promising, so
��� ��� .���.' n ��� i ;-ork greasing the axles
if i buggj
li ���! remarkablj siiorr space of time
b i r tported the task finished.
Look here, bald liis new biss, do
:-0'.t ni"i\ to  lay you've greased all
four of them wheels already.
Well, rejoined the   new   man,   I've
greased the I ������ ��� fr ml ones.
And why  haven't you greased the
two ii'-'. I on ts
Well, said the new nun again, so
long's 'hi two front ones goes all right
tile two hind ones |es' naclielly goi to
| toiler!
Nothing extraordinary
An imerlcan tourist in England
was out sightseeing, They took him
aboard the old battleship Victory,
Nelson's flagship. An English sailor
escorted the American over tlie vessel,
and comiug to i raised brass tablet
on the deck he said, as he reverently
removed his hat
Here, sir, ii the 3pot where Lord
Nelson fell.
Oli. is ir" i 'plied the American
llandly. Well, that i-, not surprising,
1 nearly tripped i er the darned thing
Look for this
label on every bag
IT means best quality���tasted
quality���full measure and
thorough satisfaction.
It U on every bag ot
U. 863
Unwarranted Pride
Professor   coming from   liis   club,
' holding i.p his umbrella to his wife)
���You s*\ l ! aven'j forgotten my umbrella.
Mrs. Professor���But my dear, you
didn't take your umbrella with you;
I you left It at tome.
CANADAPortknd cement
f JNLESS you have facilities for testing cement, you must
^ depend upon the manufacturer for Cement that w
reliable ��� Every car of Canada Cement is thoroughly
tested, and unless it passes every test it is not allowed to leave
the mill. - - .,,-.
You can depend upon Canada Cement.
Be sure you get it. //$&
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
There >��� a Canada Cement dealer in your neighborhood.   If you do not
know him, uk ut (or hie nam*.
Wntt wr Information Bureau for a free r��py of the 160 page hoot "If bat
tit Farmer Can Do With Concrete." THE REVIEW, COURTENAY, B.C.
*        The
Garnet Heart I
What It Meant Was a   X
Secret Until Its        *
By   r.   A.   M1TCHEL
Melville, having worked Ids way
through college and received a legacy
ot $500 a few days nfler graduation,
concluded to spend tbe money In a
trip abroad before settling down to Ills
life work. To lake Ihe outing ou so
limited a sum be wns obliged to economize in bis traveling expenses and
proposed (o do a good deal of walking.
Switzerland being the favorite country
for pedestrians, be look steamer for
Genoa, from whlcb city a short rnll-
fond Journey brought blm to Geneva,
At the hotel where lie put up iu that
city was an American family, consisting of father, mother and n daughter
about twenty years of age. They were
tourists drifting from point to point us
tin spirit moved them. Something in
Ihe appearance of tbe young Indy attracted Melville's attention, not to sny
ami) riMtn it in uis scAi'.ir.
curiosity, mingled wltb admiration. On
her face wns a sadness, Indicating (but
she bad suffered; viud let! venose,
pointing to some injustice that bad
been Inflicted upon her, nnd there was
an air about hor of indifference to everything and everybody.
But .Melville's curiosity wns especially excited by nn ornament the young
lady wore upon her bosom���a stickpin,
the bead of which wns n garnet bcurt.
It was not In her neckwear, bul stuck
tn ber dress directly over ber real Ilesb
and blood heart.
Melville bud Intended to walk eastward around tbe north bank of Lake
1.1'mau, stepping frequently by the
wny, bet ou Iho morning of bis departure be saw the American family
leaving fur tbe lake boat, and he yielded to u temptation to sec more of tbe
Blrl who hnd altracted bis attention by
making n part of the Journey himself
by wnter. So, going down lo the lauding, be took passage for Lausanne.
There Is a quick telegraphy between
(wo young persons of opposite sex, nml
very little time wns required for tbe
glrl-to perceive thnt Melville bud especially noticed her. lie spoke some
Kligllsh words with bis American nc-
(eut In ber hearing, and this inndo ber
nwure tbut be was h fellow country-
innn, lie scraped en acquaintance
wltb her father, hoping tbat It might
lead to an Introduction to the daughter,
out In this lie was for the time disappointed, When the bout reached f.uu-
panne, Melville disembarked with re-
tret that he must leave the object ef
tils curiosity unsolved,
' The nest day ho Walked lo Mon-
Ireux, nud tbe first person be saw on
Ibe piazza of the betel us be mounted
Tlie steps wns (he girl of the garnet
heart. As their eyes met It seemed to
Melville thnt be saw In hers that revengeful look be hnd noticed, though it
suddenly gave place (o one which he
could only nccotint for ns nn Invitation
for bim to seek an ncqualntnnce.
' Such Impressions are usually vngue
and readily give place to others. Of
(he two mentioned Melville remembered only tbe Inttor. Ho wns by no
hlentis sure of bis Interpretation, but
he proposed to net upon It nt the Drst
opportunity, From (be bold reglster-
lic learned Hint the family name * ns
Huntington. Melville ngnln addrcsucd
Ibe father nnd found n bond of fellow-
Iblp In Hint they were graduates of tb*
lame university.   Thus followed au In
troduction to mo l.-imny.
.viiin Huntington on learning that
Melville wns fond of walking sympathized wltb bim. telling bim (but she
ivns devoted to it  herself.    Throwing
iRlde conventionality, she accepted invitations to go about with lim freely,
unaccompanied by a chaperon. Mei-
riiic found an additional feature In the
(Hizr.le In nn evident disapproval on
Ihe part of Mrs. Huntington of his attentions to her (laughter. This disapproval did not appear to result from
���.ny antagonism to him personally, nor
ltd the lady appear to blame him fnr
tbe growing Intimacy wpi, uer daughter. It was plain from tbe mother's
treatment of blm that she was holding
Alma solely accountable for it.
It was also plain that Alma was bent
on following ber own Inclinations.
When she suggested a morning walk
With Melville to Vlllcneuve nnd back
ot nn excursion on tbe bike ber moth
er would look pained rutlier than un
gored, nud when her efforts lo Induce
ber dnugbler to desist met with ill
success the good indy would sigh atone much troubled.
Whnt nil tbls nieniit Melville wns �����
a loss to discover. There wns evident'
ly something buck of it of which lit
wns unaware. The young Indy wa��
evidently bent on nu affair witli blm,
��� nd ber mother wus trying to dissuade
tier. Hnd (be girl really become attached to tiiinV He did not believe
tbat sbe had. Her Interest in blm bad
come too suddenly and developed too
quickly. Now nnd again, while resting on their walks, turning Ids eyes
upon hers, be would catch her looking
at blm wllh n singular glance thnt he
could not interpret. Then sbe would
arise, and as tbey strolled on would
put her arm through his confidingly.
The lluntingtous lingered at Mon
treux, and Melville lingered too. Alma
was pleased to reinniD, und she np-
pnrently dominated ber fnmlly. For
Melville there wns something so curiously fascinating nbout her that ha
could not tear himself nwny. And
every day that fascination grew stronger. He wished that be dare ask her to
solve tbe mystery hanging nbout ber,
but something in her mnn net', he knew
not whnt. prevented bim. Once be
ventured to refer to the garnet benrt,
but she gnvo bim n look so strange,
bo forbidding, thnt he stumbled in bis
speech and wns silent.
At Inst Melville, seeing thnt Ids attentions, or rather Alma's encourage
ment of bis attentions, wns producing
something that looked like discord in
the Huntington family, resolved to depart He announced Ids intention t*
Mrs. Huntington before speaking of it
to Alma. Tbe mother appeared grateful to bim.
When be announced his intention to
depart to Alma tbey were standing on
nn eminence overlooking tbe lake.
"Clear, plncld Lemon," ns Byron has
described It, its bosom dotted with various kinds of craft, wns spread out before them, and tbe view bad Its effect
on Melville. He did not wish to leave
the girl wbo lu so short n time had become so much to him. Sbe did not
besltnte to dissuade him from bis pur'
pose, aud she was aided by their beautiful surroundings. After a long silence between tbem, during which sha
was waiting for his decision, be said:
"I will remain on one condition. I
love you: assure mc Hint my love is
As be spoke the words be turned and
faced her. A struggle was going on
within ber. but what Hint struggle was
he could not tell. Sbe put ber bands
to her face to concenl It from him. He
wnlted for ber emotion to pnss. At
last she took nway ber linnds, nnd,
looking into bis face wilb an expression entirely changed from tbat seeming revengeful spirit he bad nt times
noticed, she drew the gnmet pin from
ber bosom nnd fixed it In bis scarf.
No words passed between them, only
a caress. Tben she added, "Go to mother; (ell ber what bas occurred and sbe
will explain what bns naturally been
a puzzle to you."
When Melville told Mrs. Huntington
tbut he bad captured the garnet heart
she gave a deep drawn sigh of relief.
"Vou have broken n spoil, Mr. Melville," she snld to blm, "thnt I am very
happy has been broken. Wben Alma
was passing from childhood to womanhood sbe met one of those young men
who consider a girl's heart a thing to
be played with. Ho may hnve been
excusable on account of his youth; In
many eases such flirtations ure Innocent. But Alma is a girl of deep feeling. When she discovered that, what
wns sn nbsorblng passion to her was1
a mere matter of amusement fo the
mnn she loved she wus so fnr broken
down tbat we at one lime feared for
her reason. Her love was turned to
linlrcd, not only of.the man wbo put
no vnlne upon it, but of nil men.
".Vol long itfUr this I noticed the garnet heart on ber bosom. She never
explained its meaning to me, but I
knew. Indeed, tier actions since sbe
has worn It have confirmed my Interpretation -n challenge to men of
her clnss wbo might be Inclined to repent what she bad received from the
one she first loved. Those tournaments of the benrt bave worried us.
We hnve tried to prevent tbem. Your
bavl.-ig captured ber signal of revenge
Indicates that vou have ended a ceu-
] dltion  wmen  shouio  never  nave existed."
Melville  accompanied  the  Hunting"
��� tons in their tour, which they adapted
j to   his   requirements,    indeed,   they
were making It entirely on uccount of
- tbe daughter they Idolized.    Melville '
wns too deeply In love lo blame her
for her past unreasoning desire to j
punish him for tbe fault of unothcr. i
| Indeed, the fact thnt be had succeeded j
like  a   knight  of vld   in  slaying  the
dragon  and   winning  the  Imprisoned
; maiden  wus  u  mutter of pride wltb
, blm.
Mrs. Melville is now n young matron
1 bringing up a daughter,  whom she
watches with the utmost cure.    She
declares   thnt   n   young   girl's   heart
needs more guarding Ulan the great
I war   chest   of   the   German   empire.
i After she hud become nld enough to
I feel ashamed of her youthful freak sbe
; asked ber busbnud to return her tbe
I garnet heart.   But be deollncd und has
, never since consented.    He snys  he
prizes It more than ho would n medal
| nf honor acquired In  bnltlo.    Therefore Ihe strange situation exists In th*
fnmlly Hint whnt Hie wife considers a
i token of her folly the husband cher-
, label as a decoration for hta proweaa.
Shy, but Ferocious.
No European bus ever been able lo
meet In their own dwelling places tho
Kiikuhnbus, n shy, yet ferocious tribu
of New Guinea. Other tribes of (bo
country, while tbey hnve a great fear
nf tile KukllbtlllUS, niunagc lo do it
bartering trade wllh Ihem. They
bring suit, earthenware, dried llsb. etc.,
nud deposit tbem In n certain Indicated
place. Tbey then retire for a few
hours, being notified lo do so by a curious cry from tbe distance. The
mountain dwellers then descend to
view tho goods offered for sale. If
they want tbem tbey put down other
goods, such as skins, font hers and other jungle produce, next to those nt'ti
cles wanted by litem. Then tbey re-
lire in turn, and wben tho way seems
clear tbe coast dwellers approach
ngilln. If the latter lire salistied with
what is offered In exchange Ihey tnke
tbe goods put down by ibe mountain
people nnd go nway; If not satisfied
(bey retire n���-uin ns before with empty
Mccoory Erased by Sandbag.
Writing on "Confessions of Self Bobbery nnd tlie Retroi.ct.va Amnesia" in
disc and Comment, Professor E, B.
Delabarro of Brown university tells
tbo interesting fact that n concussion
or blow from n sandbag will ernse nud
drive from the brain or Ibe memory
occurrences happening v. ilhin from
I tbree lo live hours previous lo the cou-
I Cirssion, but will not disturb the im
j pressious on the mind of previous occurrences. The author describes the
effectiveness of this knowledge In securing complete confessions from "self
robbed" individuals ns follows: "I
talked (lie matter over wilb J. II
Hume, at tbat time chief detective for
Wells, Fargo & Co., nnd he forced a
number of self robbed agents "wbo
wero short nnd reported sandbagging
robbery, to confess because n snndbng
would not show any marks, but ns
they In each ensu (old ull particulars
up to the blow of tho sandbag be made
tbem own up."
A Blunder Transformed.
In tbo "Memoirs of ibe Prince lm-
poriul," Ibe ill fated heir of Napoleon
III., It is related (but ns tlie prince
grew up be developed royal tact to n
marked degree. On one occasion he
met the will known author, Alberlc
Second, nnd, mistaking hint for Marshal Lebbenf, remarked, "I um delighted to shnkc the band of a friend of
my father." When Informed or his
mlslako nnd seeing that Second was a
Utile put out over It, be begged M.
Eilo.li to linil hlni again uud give blm
(bis message: "The prince knows be
made it mistake, but lias nothing to
change In bis phrase." "l managed to
carry out my commission," adds M.
Ellon, "before ninny witnesses who,
like myself, saw the delight of tho
amiable writer."
Curious Sacred 8yt/>-5l-Thal H
dured for f.tiOC Yen's.
Tlie scarab, like ��� > swastika, i; h  .
example of   the ..-   persistence
with which certaii I rm- ol symbol
ism havo held the popular Imaginatiot
ami endured trom tin eat liest timei
down to the present -iny. it, is now ;
used as a decoration for clasps ami
buckles and alio as part ot a bead'
dress or fastening lor cloak or genu,
with the peculiar . val beetle worked
either in beads, enamel or metal.
Tlie use ol tbo '���came u- an emblem
oi the ancient, Egyptian religion can I
lie traced ns far i,a, k as fi.OOO BO
It was, in fact, commonly employed
in connection with religious obsetv
anees, archaeologists being oi the
opinion that when strung together in
number^, ns found i n am icnt monuments and in papyri, ttuj represented
the rosaries used by worshipers in
The practically Invariable presence
ol the scarab among the wrappings el
mummies ami in tin. decoration it
mummy cases point- to its having
been regarded by thi ancient Egyrj. |
linns ns an emblem ��� I resurrection
This symbolic interpretation is, in
fact, connected with the old belief
lhat beetles arose Inin the dead, a
belief which doubtless owes its origin
to the habit, ot these insects ol rolling
(heir eggs in halls oi sand, so that
when the young are hatched they have
lhe appearance of issuing unaided
from the earth. Scarabs found in
tombs usually beat some inscription
from the Egyptian "Book of thn
Dead," referring to the < xchange of ap
old heart, I'd a new. Henri arose, no
doubt, tlie custom ri pining scarabs
over, the heart of a dead person, tlin
preservation of whose body tbey were
supposed to secure. In many cases
the heart, wjs removed altogether
wh;n the body was embalmed, and
wns then replaced by  a scarab.
The earliest scarabs wen formed ot
soft stone; later examples were made
ot pottery or engraved on pieces et
hard granite. In color Ley either resembled that of the green Egyptian
oockehsfter or were o! that fine, deep
blue so characteristic ot Egyptian pottery beads. Tbe back is'always in ths
form of the sacred beetle and the flat
base ia engraved in various ways, according to the period to which the
scarab belongs. Some bear the names
of Egyptian Kings, while others are
engraved with the portraits (rather i
impressionistic in style') oi Queens'
and various royal personages. Anieii-
hoten 111. was accustomed lo issue his
royal edicts on the face oi enormous
scarabs, especially constructed lor the
nuroose, and smaller ones were used
hy him as gilt- or to convey to friends
the assurance of his good feeling.
The meaning id those peculiar spiral
decorations which.so often appear on
scarabs as well as on undent eastern
monuments, sucli as Cleopatra's
Needle, Ims been entirely lost, sight of,
but that all such devices had n specific
meaning, however obscure, lies been
well established by antiquarian research.
During Hie thirrd century B.C.
scarabs wire frequently fashioned
from gold- and precious stones, and
the fact that they were wrought in
certain fixed sizes seems to point lo
the fact that they represented money
values and were employed as a medium of exchange. But for whatever
purpose they were used, tlieir mysteriously sacred character always remained, and tbis lias endured wherever
they are found, without regard to century or to country.
The  Queen's   Gown.
Brilliant, though the dresses were st
(heir Majesties' fourth court, that
worn by Queen Mary outshone them
all. Her Majesty appealed in gold,
her gown being of Indian gold brocade, with a colored (lower design interwoven, and an embroidered panel
of colored diamonds, tlie train being
of Irish lace lined wilb cold tissue,
As one courtier put it. "Her Majesty
was a picture of magnificence."
it, may further interest lady readers
to lenrn that fashion decrees that
green ti-'s, black currants, nml strawberries, at $1,15 eachi will le Hie predominant millinery effects this season.
Every kind of flower anil fruit, in fact,
is being used tor hat trimmings in
England, the flowers being so perfect
and expensive that one can pin Jf> 'or
ii single artificial rosi.
The Mystery.
Visitor-! understand that you bail
nn amateur dramatic performance Ir
Itiu town liall Inst night?
Native���Ves.   The Sock nud I'tiskln
club played "Utile Mac, or Iho Monti-
i tain Mystery."
[    "Ah!   And what was tbe mystery?
I    "As near ns I  could muke out the
, mystery wns bow the audience stood
It IhJ tbe last act was over."~I,ou(lor
j fit-P.it's. . ,,
Teo Kind to Lose.
"Your husband Is willing to allow
you the custody of the automobile, tbo
poodle nnd the rubber plant, with liberal alimony, while lie tnkes tbe dill
dren and the grnphonhohe," J
"Slop the divorce!'' sobbed the wife.. I
"I'll never get another husband like [
that."���Louisville Courier-Journal, '
A Rinfl Difficult to Wear.
"Whnt do you tblnkl   Maude's gen- J
tlcinan 'friend offered Iter nn engagement ring by telephone nnd Bhc accept- |
ed IL"
"Well, she can do ns she likes, lint
renlly, I do not heltevo that I should j
care to wear n Ulepbono ring."
Elephants Rarely Sleep.
It Is doubled whether, in lha wild
��tate, elephants ever lie down. Gordon Cummlng thought he had found
evidence In marks upon the ground
that the adult bulls did stretch themselves out at full length for a lew
hours' res', at about midnight, but lie
contended that the young and tlie
cows always remained on their feet.
Another authority. Scions, has expressed doubt whether even the old
bulls lie down. He tells of oin hcr-1
that was known to have kept moving
ami feeding throughout "-I hours.
"Except when rolling in mud and
water," he says, "it is likely that an
African elephant never lie-- down in
its whole life."
Tco Much Fer Him.
Howell���Did yonr boy pass nil Ms
out ra nee examinations?
Powell-He was conditioned in (be
college yell.���Woman's Gome Coin
For the Children
Princes*      Mary,     King
George's  Only  Daurjhter.
;   ���������?M4:
Princess Mnry, only dnugbler of tb*
king nml queen of Euglnnd, recently
celebrated ber sixteenth blrlbdny. bht
Is n pretty girl with n clear skin, verj
blue eyes nud curling golden bi.ir, Sbe
used to be much of a toiubcy, Insisting
on Joining in ber brothers' games, bul
she Is growing more seilnte. Thong*
very fond of jewelry, sbe Is not ai!ow��
ed to wear any except n string ol
pearls on state occasions nnd n little
gold chain nnd locket In tbe borne circle. Tbo pearls were ber tnetuer'e
gift to her nt tbe time of the corona.
tlon, und the locket wns presented ts
ber by the Prince of Wales, her I t'other. Queen Mnry, who Is very firm witK
her children, hns ict it be understood
thnt no ono is to give Princess Mnrji
jewelry of nny sort until ^be is seventeen, which will be n year btuce. Si
tbe princess must content hers* f ��:*.���
what she tins for awhile.
To Impersonate a Dwarf.
For this humorous deception a tact!
should be arranged between two room*
separated by portieres or in a deep
window recess. One of tbe performer*
then puts ber bands into a child*
stockings nnd little boots or shoes. T*
disguise ber fnce put n Email piece of
court plaster over one of tier tror.l
teeth, darken tbe eyebrows wit; a Utile wnter color and arrange the bair. ia
some unaccustomed fashion. Add a
little rouge nml powder to the d'.sg-^se.
Then put on a bonnet end shawl. As
two performers nre required, anothel
young lady, carefully concealed by thai
window curtains, stands behind th*
first and, passing her arms around her;
supplies the dwarf's arras nnd bauds.
Tbe 'able Is then drawu up, and ttta
booted hands rest upon it. and a perfect dwarf appears to stand upon the
table. She may introduce berseif as
Mrs. Melcblzcdek Study Canton and
spenk iu favor of extending woman's
rights to nil women less tban four feel
hlgb, etc.
Bird Ventriloquists.
Ventriloquism is not conbned solely
to the human race. There are many,
birds whoso notes it is almost impossible "to place.''
Take tho corncrnke, with Its br,rsol
"Crnke, crake!" One moment tha
sound is by your feet, the next fifty,
yards away. Tbe grasshopper ls another offender in thle respect Its)
sibilnnt note ls hard to locate.
The English sedge warbler goes ou��;
better. Not only ls it an accomplished,!
ventriloquist, but it will mimic or parol
fly the song of other birds. In a lesser'
degree tlie robin nnd tbe crow possess these powers, nnd foreign dove*
eome under the same category.
In Brazil the bell bird Is exceptionally skillful with Its voice, while (bo
chickadee Invariably deceives tbe listener. Canada boasts of n partrldg*
which Is known to deceive sportsmen
ss to Its wberenbouts for hours on end.
Lightinrj ��� Lamp With Water.
When n bit of potassium the size cf
half n grain of corn is dropped Into at
tumbler of wnter some of tbe oxygen
of tbe water Icnves Its hydrogen owing
to tbe Intense beat which tho chemical
action produce- and combines with the
metallic potassium, causing a violent
bluish flame. When the piece of potassium Is placed on the wick of n coal
oil or nlcohol lamp (be flume produced
by touching the potassium with a bit of
snow or ice or a drop of water will in
fin me It
What We Wath With.
It ts snid thnt the ancient Britoni
were the first makers of sonp nnd thnt
tbe Romans when tbey conrperod this
Island took the Invention back will*'
(hem to Italy,
Mo t of \\ ..t we wash with is mads)
from fi,t, but tn foreign lands there
nre nntuml soaps. There nro the sonp
root of Spain, the sonp berry of Cblin
nnd the bark of the Peruvian sonp trc*c
Coming Out. |   .Tuck Mnholt-IIow cnu wo marry!
Mnnicson Is n man who will come . I'm   only   worth   #111,000,   nnd   that
out on top some day." : wouldn't buy yonr clothes,  Mny Bpsn-
"He's getting bald now, Isn't he?"-   flit���Oil. yes, It woi.ii., JncK, tot ce*ri$
Sun I *V* x����r��l-PlM||, the  Weather
Cover the Roof of Your House and Buildings with
The Roofing with the Big Reputation
1 Ply $3.50 per Square 2 Ply $4.00 per Square 3 Ply $4.50 per Square
so carry Rawhide  Roofing in  stock.    This is an Al article
Phone 66 COURTENAY, B. C. P.O.Box230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
Oh, tlie joys of agricultural  life
Are many and they're fine������
Working daily onto' doors
All when the skies do shine!
.But there's a job���an awful job,
That alius gives me pain,
Its pttllin', imlliii', pullin', pullin'
Ttirmits in the rain!
The sun will shine a minute,   then
Of wet we'll have a scud,
And all of its pore hired-men
Are to our knees in mud
Titer' is no worser job on  earth,
On hill ef dale er plain
Ner pullin', pullin', pullin', pullin
Tunuots in the rain!
The chap what's plowin' 'cross the
He lias a joyous job,
But we hcv got the limit in
Our task so help me Bob!
The very cattle loaf and chew
And grin nut iu the lane,
They watch us pullin', pullin', pull
Turmots in the rain.
Injun summer'H  soon be here,
All Willi its golden sky,
An' like as not this turmot  field
It will be nice and dry;
Wedasen't take no chances though
Wc give our backs a pain
A-pullin'i pullin', pullin1, pullin',
The Bay Store, Comox
Having taken over the business lately
carried bll by McPhee & Morrison, A. II,
Hall, late manager, hopes by strict and
personal attention to business to still
maintain your patronage and support.
Thanking vou (or past favors.
a. ii. bam,.
Game Laws
On Vancouver Island and vicinity game may be shot as following
(all dates inclusive):
Grouse of all kinds���the islands
and Electoral Distrcts,Vancouver
Island and the islands adjacent,
Sept. 5 th to Dec.31.
Cock Pheasants and Quail---
Ksquimault, Saanich,Cowichan and
Islands Kkctual Districts Oct. I to
Dec. 31.
Cock Pheasants and Quail���Newcastle and Comox Electoral Districts
Oct. 1 lo Oct. 31
Duck and Snipe���Island Electoral District, Vancouver Island, aud
Islands adjacent, Sept, 14 to Fe, 28
Columbian or Coast Deer, only
over one year,Sept. 15 to Dec.   15.
Sale of
Dairy Cattle
The B. C.  Department of Agriculture,
Dive Stock  Branch, will sell at
Public Auction, on
Wed., October 15
at 1 p. tn., at the
���By lhe Khni
the   Hamilton
Mr. Richard Carter, Jr. is home
from Nelson and New Westminster
where he had been with the Gomox
District exhibit. At Victoria the
Comox exhibit was far ahead of
anything on the Island, but was
beaten out by Chiliwack, which
had four or five times as large an
exhibit. At New Westminster all
the districts on the mainland sent
in large exhibits, some of them as
much as two car loads, while the
Comox exhibit was small it was
good, the butter being the best
shown. The Province has to say:
Comox, the most western district
showing, has some nne grains,
grasses and hops. The buckwheat
is particularly good. The butter
from this section wins the admiration of all beholders.
Monday was the last day for the
receipt of application to be put on
the Voter's list. The Court of revision fortius distrcit will be sitting
Hright chestnut, which is the
equivalent of red hair in children,
has quite overcome all other tints
among hackneys, and is associated
with the mental quality that is called
"fire". It is a master color in more
than one respect, indicating a viking
One of the encouraging signs of
the faith that is growing in the future of Vancouver Island, is the extension of railroad building by the
E. & N. Railway. It is confidentially expected that the steel from
Mc. Bride Junction to Courtenay
will be laid and the lin e ready for operation sometime early next year.
With the completion of this section
it is understood the company's man-
afeement will be iustructed to proceed farther towards the north end
of the Island. This will open up
a vast tract of fertile land aud iu
the end mean a larger farming population.
106 Head Choice Grade Dairy Cattle
In addition to a fine lot of cows, there is
a large number of first-class yearling
aud two.yta-jld heifers. Many of the
cows have either freshened recently or
are due to freshen soon. These cattle
have all been carefully selected and are
all tuberculin tested
Terms   of  Sale���CASH
w. t. Mcdonald.
T.ive Stock Commissioner
St. Peter's Church Comox Oct.
] 2th.   Evensong at 3.30 p.m.
St. Andrew's Church, Sandwick.
Harvest Festival services will te
held on Sunday next, Oct. 12th,
as follows: Mattins and Holy Com-
muuion, 11 a.m.   Evensong 7 p.m.
None of Harry K. Thaw's treaty
rights as an American citizen were
violated when Canadian immigration authorities forcibly deported
him a few weeks ago. That was
the ruling of Soliciter-General
Joseph W. Folk of the state depart
To stimulate cattle raising in order
to avert the meat famine they say is
imminent, the American Meat packers Association voted to raise'$500,-
000 with which to conduct a campaign of education among the farmers and cattle raisers -.   1. CAT.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribde
"Tender for Powell River Lock-up," will
be received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to noon, of Wednesday, the 15th day of October, 1913, for
the conversion of present school-house
at Powell River into a lock-up, constables' quarters, and Court-room.
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender may be seen on and after
the 1st day of October, 1913, at the
office of Mr. J. Baird, Government
Agent, Cumberland, B. C.; the Provincial Constable at Powell River; or at the
Department of Public Works, Victoria.
Intending tenderers can obtain one
copy of plans and specifications, by applying to the undersigned, for the sum of
ten dollars ($10), which sum will be refunded on their return in good order.
Each proposal must be accompanied by
an accepted bank cheque or certificate fo
deposit on a chartered bank of Canada,
made payable to the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, for a sum
equal to 10 per cent, of the tender, which
shall be forfeited if the party tendering
decline to enter into contract when called
upon to do so, or if he fail to complete
the work contracted for. The cheques
or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful
tenderers will be returned to them upon
the execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out 011 the forms supplied, signed
with the actual signature of the tenderer,
and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, 1). C, September 30th, 1913.
The present school house at
Powell River will be converted iuto a lockup aud residence for the
constable. Tenders for rebuilding
same are being asked for by the
Government this week.
On Wednesday, Oct. 15th. The
Live Stock Branch of the Department of Agriculture will hold an
auction sale of one hundred and
six head of choice grade dairy cows
at the Exhibition grounds Victoria
In view of the increased demand
for milk about to be created here
by the establishment of the Condensed Milk factory, this should be
a good opportunity for some of our
farmers to increase their herds.
stumble around in
the dark when you
can buy a servicable
pocket flash light
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Bulbs aud refills always iu stock
Notice is hereby given that on the
First day of December, next, application
will be made to tlie Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in
the hotel known as the Port Augusta
Hotel, situate at Comox, in the Province   of British Columbia.
Rodkiuck McCuish.
Dated this 29th day of September, 1913.
Notice is hereby given that on the
First day of December, next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor by retail in the
liottl known as the Elk Hotel, situate at
Comox, the in Province of British Co-
luml la,
Cecil Amccandbr Martin.
Dated this 29th day of September, 1913.
The Staff of Life
To answer the above  description, bread must be of
the finest quality
Aitken's bread fills the bill
as the straight staff
High class Cakes made of the
finest ingredients
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
Courtenay Bakery


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