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The Review May 2, 1918

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Can not be done any Letter, and
not quite ao well anywhere clue
hereabouta. Our type and niaaliin-
ery it oomplete ami The Ueview
prices ue right
Gents' Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 6
NO. 22
Telephone 10
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a shipment of Ladies Shoes and the Riuex Sole
*>    Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
and Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
A  Fresh  Shipment
of Misses, and Children's Shoes, manufactured .by
F. J. Weston & Sons, just received at the
Courtenay Shoe Store
We have a nice assortment of eighteen different styles to choose from
Vici Kid and Box Calf in
Buttoned Traced and Cloth Top, with or without the rubber sole
These shoes are built for comfort and durability.    Satisfaction guaranteed or money cheerfully refunded
Get a bargain From Our " Bargain Table
Next the Drug Store Phone 48
Local Lines
Andrew   "Piercy   has   purchased   a
new Ford cr,
*   *   *
E. C. Emde hns purclised the house
he has occupied for the .past ."our
yours, next the Ford Garage.
The K. & N, Slallon grounds are
belnb nicely fitted up this spring. A
fresh coat of whitewash has niso been
applied to the fence at llm l.uke trail
mill Cumberland Kond sidings,
Frank Reynolds, of Nniinimo, was a
visitor In lown oil-Sunday. .Mr. Reynolds is an old-time printer, and, having made a comfortable fortune, is
now engaged In lhe pleasant, pastime
of selling automobiles.
The Women's Institute wishes to
acknowledge, with thanks, the following amounts received from Hie
schools for the Blue Cross since llie
beginning of the year: Sandwick,
$5,25; Courtenay, 8.05; Comox, 1.25.
A dance will Ire held in the Lfl'zlo
School on Wednesday, May 8th, in aid
of the Red Cross. Admission, genlle-
men, 75 cents, ladles, 25 cents, flood
music and frefreshments free, and n
welcome to all. Come and help the
Red Cross.
Wanted���Capable Lady Stenographer���with knowledge of book-keeping.
Apply to H. E. Stevens, Assistant
Dlstrinl Engineer, Courtenay, B. C.
For Sale���I buggy in good ce.n.
dition, without top. Only $21.
Apply Dale & Partridge, Union
For Sale���1 Cypher brooder and
incubator, cost $60. Only used
twice. Will sell two for half price
���"ipply Dale & Partridge, Union
Vammoth Pekiu Duck Eggs for
hatching. $1 per dozen. Apply
Mrs. A. Kerton, Lake Trail.
STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. and
Main St. Vancouver, B. C Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
Fences, the largest Monumental
works in the west.
$175 takes an 18' new runabout
motor boat 4 h.p. engine, all in
good order. Apply at Review Office.
Lost���22' launch hull with red
trimmings last seen at Dyke Sawmill boom on Saturday. Finder
kindly notify N, H. Boden. phone
For Sale���Williams Class A, Artist model, engraved B flat cornet,
quick change; pearl lined pistons.
Plush lined case, with all extra
parts. Value $60, will sell for $35
Can be seen at Review Office.
For Sale���Aboul 31-2 acres of
laud in the City of Courtenay,
Terms easy. Address Owner, 3323
Tennyson Ave., Victoria. B. C.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford Garage.
Go to McBryde's for quality
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St. * Next Royal Bank
has   purchased   a
Win.   Berkeley
Mr. Boyce, of Cumberland, has purchased 11 new Ford from the Ford
Pte. Leslie Wood is here from New
Westminster on a visit to his brother, Clinton Wood
The Cumberland Road has been
gravelled from the Cily of Courtenay
limits to the old Half-way House.
Sulllffe's are moving their gents'
furnishings stock into their new store,
next to Simula's Jewellery Store, this
Pte. Theo Fortune was up from,
Victoria over the week-end. He is
recovering from the effects of a broken leg, sustained at the Ceowlchan
Lake Lumber Camp.
Maple   Leaf  Theatre.
Sattirda'y. May 24th "Polly of the
Circus1' Margaret Mayo's celebrated play made into a remarkable
photo spectacle, starring May Marsh,
coming to the Maple Leaf Theatre on
May 4th. Polly of the Circus, Margaret Mayo's world-famed classic of the
big lop. This production literally abounds in sentiment and thrills for people of all ages. There is a remarkably exciting horserace, ihe reproduction of an enl ire circus performance,
Including all of i'he animals and riding acls; the arrival of the eirirus in
the village at dayhreiiak and its departure In the night, the burning of
llie main ten and the stampede of Iho
audience. There Is a love story of
greater charm nnd beauty than any
you havc ever seen on lhe screen.
Matinee al 3 p.m., and eve nlng al 8
sharp. Childen under twelve 15. eta,
adults  UO cts.    We pay the war tax.
Comox Creamery
65c per lb. this week
Mr. Emery made a business trip to
Vancouver last week.
Mr. Mc(lMils, of Vancouver, Is a
visitor in town this week.
Mr. Carlton, of the Dyke Mills, paid
a visit to Vancouver last week.
Mr. F. H. Cucksey has moved Into
P. h. Andertoii's house, out the Lake
Mr. H. E. Stevens caught 50 fine
trout on Sunday last at Campbell
Another carload of Ford cars are on
the way for E. C, Emde, of the Ford
Mi-b. Kilpatrick and daughter returned from Vancouver on Wednesday evening.
The Courtenay Garage moved Into
their new quarters, opposite Brown's
Furniture Store, yesterday.
Miss L, E. Gregg, Supervisor of the
B. C. Telephone Co. was in town this
week inspecting the local office.
Mr. W. tnnes, of the B. C. Telephone Co. Nanaimo, was in town   in-
specllng (he local office this week.
.    .    *
Mr. Emde is still making Improvements at, the Ford Grage. The new
out-door pump Is in place. \ new
wash-house has been built, ihe ofi'.ce
has been moved to the centre of the
building, nd lhe old ollice turned Into
show and slock rooms.
*   *   *  *
MakesB Grant to Dependants
A grant of $4,000 to Lady McBride,
widow of the late Sir Richard McBride, Is provied for in a bill
brought down in the Legislature by
Premier Oliver. A like amount to
Hie children of tli<- late Premier
Brewster, lo he paid to the executors
of lhe estale, is also .provided for.
These sums will be paid out of the
Consolidated Revenue Fund of the
City Council
The City Council held a special ses.
sion on Tuesday evening to listen to
propositions for the Installation of a
water system for Courtenay. In a
letter Mr. John Thompson outlined a
system of a large well near the mill
dam, and the erection of a 12,000-gal-
Ion tank. This will give about a 12-
pound pressure in the Orchard. In
case of fire the water would be pumped directly into the main, and 150
pounds pressure secured. Another
scheme was to pipe water from
Urquhart's springs near the Half-way
House. Dan Kilpatrick offered to put
in a satisfactory syslem and bring the
water from his flume at Kirkwords
farm, or from the springs on the Collieries' properly adjoining his ranch.
The latter seemed to find the most
favor, as all are agreed that Ihe
Brown's River syslem will prove too
costly. H. Idiens favored a scheme
whereby a well could be dug alongside the river on the flats hack of his
place, a lank built on the top of the
hill and the water pumped up Into it.
This would supply practically the
wuole city with good water.
The Mayor said the time had come
when we must have water. If another fire occurred Courtenay might
not be built up again. The insurance
rates were high, and may be cancelled. He Invited the citizens present
lo make suppgestions.
Mr. Sinims -yas In favor of bringing In water by gravitation, and
thought Ihe springs from Urquhart's
would prove ample for many years.
Mr. Indlens snid if a permanent
supply could be got for $15,000 there
was no use of thinking about a temporary one.
Mr. Hoilgram was opposed to anything that would put the city into any
more debt.
Iu the event of any company undertaking to supply water a franchise
would havc to be granted by the city,
and the source of supply, etc., approved by the Government at
Mr. Iudiens said that the City of
Hirniln*riiam, where he was born,
piped their water for a distance of
100 miles���but they had good water.
City Clerk Haines stated that there
could he no objection to granting a
franchise to any company who would
Instal a system, providing the city
was properly protected.
Mr. Alex. Urquhart said tjiat it
seemed a pily we could not get water
without going so far for it. Courtenay
River water was of the best, and he
was quite in favor of Aid. Idien8'
Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Piercy, who
were also in the audience, said they
both had to .carry water, and would
lie glad of any system that would be
of benefit.
The  Utilities  Committee  were   in-
The Utility Committee were Instructed to confer with the projector
of any scheme, and 1 1 ort to lhe
Council as soon ns anything definite
Is before them.
Rlvlsion 1.���Percentage of marks
gained in test papers set. during April
were: Second Year High School-
Molly obertson, 72; Charlotte Gibson,
08; jean Menzies, 18. First Vear Hish
School���Robert Ball, 3S; Florence
Cliffe, 37; Richard Downey, 31; Minnie Leighton. 33. Entrance Class-
Viola Cmpbell, 60: Edith Fitzgerald.
55; Barbara Duncan, 50: Laura Cunningham, 47; Tsadore Sutton. 17;
Hugh  Forde,  46.
Anglican Services
Services for May 5th, 1918, 5th Sunday after Easter: 11 a..m.. Mattins
and sermon at St. Andrew's, Sandwick; 2.30 p.m., Evensong and sermon at St. Mary's, Grantham: 7 p.m..
Evensong and sermon at Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew.-' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p, in.
Sunday School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. in.    Evening service 7:30
p. tn. All welcome
Drug Store
Talcum 35c
Powder 75c
Cream 75c
Courtenay   -   B. C. THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
U   .11    _��__trl��t.     A-k    lor   out    1NVI.N
TOM'S AUViSliU, which will  bj ��eui lice.
334  Univenliy St.,
Est. bllslicid intui
Confidence is Hie greatest [actor
that enters into the buying ot Beods,
since you arc buying not a fininlicrl
product, but only the means by
which your garden tnay Inr cither ri
success or -a partial or completer failure. You will malic no mlsUko in
placing confidence In SIMMERS'
CATAi.onino **m"i".
on Application.
il. A. SIMMERS, limited
Bulbs, SEEDS, rla.ni
Toronto    ���    Ontario
How to Cure      \
Doctors warn against remedies
containing powerful drugs and
alcohol. "The Extract of Roots,
long known as Mother Siigel's
Curative Syrup, has no dope or
strong ingredients; it cures
indigestion, biliousness and
constipation. Can be had at any
drug store." Get the genuine.
60c. and $1.00 Bottles. j
French Strong for Boycott
Germany Cannot Live Without Permission of the Allies
French opinion ir- more and morc
inclined to emphasise the enormous
value to llic allies ot the economic
weapon against Germany. Nearly
every day llicrc is a call here for il
plain statement from the allies as to
tho manner in which the economic
boycott will bc used if Germany persists in prolonging the war.
Kdinnud Lttskitie, a well known
writer on economic-, remarks in
Liberie that the allies hold trump
cards of which no Ludctidorll or
Trotszlcy enn deprive  tin m.
"These," lie says, "arc the mastery
of ihc most important world markets and a monopoly of lho most
important raw materials. When the
German chancellor poses in the
Reichstag as lhe supreme dictator
of war and peace, the allies can reply llirougli the roicc of llieir authorities that although Germany
may bc master of Kcval and Riga,
the allies are the masters of lhe
"The Germans can pillage and
massacre withoul our permission,
but without that permission lltcj
cannot live. Germany must be given
to understand that a resumption of
normal economic relations depends
not only on her accepting tlie allies'
peace terms, but Oil the date when
she accepts  theni.
"So far as German exports arc
concerned, the allies ought lo prepare a boycotting system erf conditional duration. The Germans ought
to be told that if they agree to peace
within six mouths llieir products will
be excluded from the allies' markets
for live years only; if the war lasts
another year our boycott should continue ten years after the signature of
peace, and so forth. 11 would tints
be left to Germany herself lo decide
how long llic boycott on her trade
would last."
The Soul of a Piano ii the
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
Tliere is more Catarrh in tills see'.ion ol
tlie country than all Other cli--ca-.es put together, and lor years it whs supposed to tie
incurable- Doctors prescribed local remedies.
nnd by constantly tailing to cure with local
11 eat ment, pronounced it incurable. Catarrh
it a local disease, greatly influenced b? con
Btitutional conditions und therefore requires
coiistiutiona! treatment 11 all's Catarrh
Curt, manufactuied by 1*. |. Cheney & Co
Toledo. Ohio, is a constitutional remedv, is
taken internally nnd cts tlirongh the Blood
cn the Mucous Surfaces ol the System, One
Hundred Dollar, reward is offered for any
case that Hall's Catarrh Cure fails to curs
Scud for circulars and testimonials,
F. J.  CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold  by   Druggists,  75c.
Hall's Family   Pills for constipation.
Now Raised to Veal Age
Livestock Branch States Policy on
Slaughtering of Young
The livestock branch of lhc department of agriculture has expressed the opinion lhat "nny action taken arbitrarily to prohibit the slaughter of calves or females or to limit
I lie market for Canadian cattle
through restrictions upon exports or
otherwise would be absolutely unwise." Under present conditions'the
farmer reaps a profit from the feeding of calves to veal age, while previous to lhe war such calves were
killed as sonn as born. Such prohibition as that proposed would,
therefore, cause a return of the prewar practice, resulting in a very considerable waste of food.
Mrs. Hilton���Weren't you slirpris
Ctl, dear, when your husband     gave
you such a nice present?
Mrs. Tilton���No; I wns suspicion
j���Edmonton Bulletin.
Nothing Like It
For Bronchitis
And Weak Throat
Cures    Without    Usui;;    Dings
Doctors now advocate an entirely
new method for treating broncnitis
and irritable throat, Stomach dosing
is no longer necessary.
The mosl approved treatment consists ol a heating vapor resembling
the pure air of the Adirondack^
This soothing vapor is full of
gcrin-dcstroying substances, and at
thc same lime is a powerful hcallnt"
agent. Ii is sent to the bronchial
uilies and lung? tlirougli a skillfully
devised inhaler thai can bc carried in
the vest pocket. Simplicity is thc
keynote of this splendid treatment.
CATARRHOZONE is the name
of this wonderful invention lhal is
daily curing chronic cases of weak
throat, bronchitis and catarrh. Every breath through thc inhaler is laden wilh soothing, healing .substances
that destroy all diseased conditions
in the breathing organs. It can't fail
to cure because il goes where llic
trouble really exist-, and doesn't attempt to cure an illness in the head
or throat by means of medicine taken into the stomach, Catarrhozone
is a direct, breathable, scientific cure.
Tliere is no sulTcrer from a grip-
py cold or any winter ill, that won't
find a cure in Catarrhozone, which
is employed by physicians, ministers,
lawyers and public men tlH*pughottt
many foreign lands. Large size lasts
two months and costs $1.00 and is
guaranteed; small size 50c, sample
size 25c, all storekeepers and druggists, or lhe Catarrhozone Co,
Kingston, Canada.
Corn plasters bc banged, they always wcrc troublesome and unsatisfactory. Try the new method! Shrivel up the corn first, get ils roots separated from the toe. This you can
do mighty quick by painting on Putnam's Corn Extractor. It sure docs
bring relief���lakes away the sting,
lifts out the whole corn in a day or
two, Putnam's will really, surely
cure the toughest of corns. Costs
but a quarter in any drug store. Oct
it today.
���^e^^Vm rlfUH^
TeaTor Coffee
but know H harms
you, as it does many
othcrs,you will find
a delightful & economical beverage.
Made instantly in
the cup.no boiling.
Delicious flavor. ���
c-A cheering hot
drink for people
of every age.
Steel Helmets
Number of Deaths Due to Wounds
in the Head Has Decreased
Thc plain steel liclinel worn by all
our Tommies is becoming quite familiar even to people in England. It
will surprise most people who have
seen these helmets to know that
there arc no fewer than sixty-four
distinct operations necessary in
turning out one of tlicni.
The first step is stamping out discs
from large sheets of sleel. A special
machine is used for this purpose, exerting a pressure of 150 tons, and
capable of culling oul 5,000 steel
discs a day.
Each disc is placed under a shaping machine, which presses the disc
inlo the form of a helmet with a
broad rim, Polishing and cutting machines remove all irregularities in
lhe helmet, after which it lias holes
punched in the crown, some for
ventilation purposes, others for fastening on the regimental crest. Each
helmet is cleaned and dipped in a
special mixture, which makes it a
dull, inconspicuous bluish-grey, A
lining and leather chin-straps are
then fastened on, and lhc helmet is
Since lire French army lias been
protected with the helmets the number of deaths due to wounds in the
head has decreased to a remarkable
The Art of Forgetting
Blot Out as Far as Possible All the
Disagreeables of Life
If you would increase your happiness and prolong your life, forget
your neighbor's faults. Forget the
slander you have heard. Forget the
temptations. Forget thc faultfindings, and give a little thought to the
cause which provoked it. Forget
the peculiarities of your friends, and
remember only the good point;
which made you fond of theni. For
get all personal quarrels or histories
you may have heard by accident,
and which, if repealed, would seem
a thousand times worse than they
are. Blot out as far as possible all
the disagreeables of life; tlicy will
come, but they will grow when you
remember theni, and the constant
thought of the acts of meanness, or,
worse still, malice, will only tend to
make you morc familiar with theni.
Obliterate everything disagreeable
from yesterday; start out witli a
clean sheet For today, and write, up
on it, for sweet memory's sake, only
those tilings which are lovely and
lovable.���Southern  Churchman,
Sun Life Leads
Canadian Companies
Notable Expansion Continues to Be
Shown by This Reliable
The Sun Life of Canada's published statement of 1917 results, wliicli
appears in this issue, is in every
sense a satisfactory document. It
hows assurances issued and paid for
in cash during 1017 for a total of
over $47,800,000, the largest amount
of new business ever issued and paid
for by any Canadian life company in
any year. Assurances in force now
total net $.11,800,(100. Assets increased by over $7,000,000 to over
$90,000,000, tho largest assets ever attained by a Canadian company. Cash
income totalled over $19,288,000. Payments to policyholders exceeded $8,-
800,000, bringing lotal payments to
policyholders since organization lo
over $69,000,000.
The record of lhc Sun Life ot Canada for 1917 reflects lho highest credit upon the. Directors and Officers
of llie Company and should bc equally satisfactory to tlie Company's policyholders.
The new Head Office building on
Dominion Square, Montreal, has now
been completed and the start hate
been installed in llieir new quarters,
where, with the mosl up-to-date
equipment, the work of administering the Company's rapidly-growing
business will bo carried on with llie
greatest possible degree oi efficiency.
N.     U.     1203
Minard's Liniment Relieves   Neuralgia.
Mr. Styles���Did you get caught in
the shower while you were shopping today?
Mrs. Styles���Oh, no. 1 was in a
department store while it rained.
Mr. Styles���But it rained for two
Mrs. Styles���Ves, I know, I was
waiting for my change, then,���Boston Transcript.
Teacher (at object lesson)���So,
now, children, you know how a knife
is made. I want you, Marjorio, lo
tell me which is the most important
part of a knife.
Marjoric���Er���c r���er���
Teacher���Well, I'll help yo
part of bis knife does your
use the most?
Marjoric ���The corkscrew,
After Being Relieved of Or-
ganic Trouble by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Oregon, III.���" I took Lydia E. Pink-
barn's Vegetable Compound for an organic trouble which
pulled mc down until I could not put my
foot to the floor and
could scarcely do my
work, and as I live
on a small farm and
raise six' hundred
chickens every year
it made it very hard
for me.
"I saw tha Compound advertised In
our paper, and tried
it. It has restored
my health so I can do all my work ,.nd
I am so grateful that I am recommending it to mv friends."���Mrs. D. M.
Alters, R. R. 4, Oregon, 111.
Only women whohave suffered the tortures of such troubles and have dragged
along from day to day can realize the
relief which this famous root and herb
remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, brought to Mrs. Alters.
Women everywhere in Mrs. Alters'
condition should p.oflt by her recommendation, ond it there are any com-
Slicstioni write Lydia E. Pinkham's
fcdicineCo., Lynn, Mass., for advice.
The result of their 40 years experience
is at your service,
It was llur lirst vaudeville performance llie old colored lady had
ever .seen, and'she was particularly
excited over lhe marvellous leaks ol
llu- magician. Hut when hc covered
a newspaper with a heavy flannel
clolli and read llie print through it,
she grew a litlle nervous, lie Ihen
doubled the cioth and again read lhc
letters accurately.
This was more than, she could
stand, and rising in Iter scat, she
"I'm goin' home. This ain't iio
place for a lady in a lliiu calico
dress I"
To    Cure   Common   Ailments   the
Blood Must be Made Rich
and Red
Nearly all lhe common diseases
that afflict mankind arc caused by
bad l.lood-wcak, watery blood poisoned by impurities. Bad blood is the
cause of headaches and backaches,
lumbago and rheumatism, debility
and indigestion, neural-, ia, sciatica
and other nerve troubles. Tl is bad
blood that causes disfiguring skin
diseases like eczema, and salt rheum,
pimples and eruptions. The severity
of thc trouble indicates how impure
the blood is, and it goes always front
bad to worse unless steps arc
promptly taken to enrich and purify
the blood. There is no use. trying a
different medicine for each disease,
for tlicy all come through the one
trouble���bad blood. To cure any of
these troubles you must get right
down to lhc root of the trouble ill
the blood. That is just what Dr.
Williams' l'ink fills do. 'i'hey make
new, rich red blood. They simply
purify and enrich the blood, and the
disease disappears. That is why Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills have cured
thousands of cases after oilier medicines had failed. Here is proof of
the power of Dr. Williams' l'ink
Pills to cure. Mrs. M. Stills, who
resides near tlie town of Napance,
says: I cannot praise Dr. Williams'
Fink I'ills too highly. 1 was very
much run down iu health, suffered
from frequent spells of indigestion,
biliousness, and siek headache. 1
had an alniosl constant pain in unbend and my housework was a
.source of dread. In fact I felt so
miserable that life held but little enjoyment. I. was advised to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, which 1 did,
and the result was simply marvellous, arttl can best be summed up by
saying that tlicy made inc feel like
,-. new woman, and fully restored my
health. I would advise every woman and girl who has poor blood, ot
is run down in health to give these
wonderful pills a trial. I am never
without then,  in  the house.
At the first sign lhat the blood is
out of order take 1 Ir, Williams' Pink
Pills, aud note the speedy improvement they make in the appetite,
hcallh and spirits. Ymi can get
these pills llirougli any medicine.
dealer or bv mail at 50 cents a box
Relieves Stiff Neck
When you wake up with a stiff
neck or lore muscles, strains or
sprains, use Sloan's Liniment. No
need to rub: it quickly penetrates to
the seat of pain and removes it.
Cleaner than musay plasters or ointments. It does not stain the skin or
clog the pores. Always have a bottle
lmndy for rheumatic aches, neuralgia
soreness, bruises and lame back. In
fact, all external pain.
Generous sized bottles at your
druggist, .   ���
Sloan's prices not increased 25c SOc $1
freih, leltal !<tj
������rclr-i'-Ml by
iviilcrii nli'ilt-
Ml-MU    boaiUH) nmy
iteel wlioro other
_��3 vtculnsi Iill,
9* W.lt��l'-.l'noVM��ml(fi,!iinoti!a1o.
INillpkf.BllcklHPlitl. $1.00
50-d-m phi. Dluklig Nils, $4.00
If-t-r i.:.i* InJr-tnT, hut Cntt*T*% sluiple.t nnrl sfrnnerst.
Tlm superiority ot Gutter iirotlticw U duo lo ovcr is
1-mrsotipecn.l-Jtttf i.i vaitinbb anu iu-hums
ONLY.   lN-.l.-i'l'UN CUTTKH'S.   Ji tiiiol t_m_'���!_��
ot.lcr ilin" ������
Tht Cutis. Libtratory, Rtthstty, Cslifarnls
A m/��, tellable regulating medicine. Sold In three degrees of
. trcnetli. No. 1. Sl. No. I U;
No. 3, $5 ner box. Sold by all
(luiKcisi.n, oi sent prepaid in
plain piicknge on receipt of
price. Free pamphlet Address
Toronto,Ont iFormerlyiV'ndsor.y
THI NIW FRENCH RENUOY. N.i. H**\. ��.-���<-
(rest success, cures chromic weakness, lost vicoh
roronto. write for puis sooie to dft. lb cli'ro
Med.Co, havkrs-tockRd. Haufsti-AD, London, bn-3.
iivsbwdnaoscltastelesuforhor easy to taki
THEtiAPION KJ?.r.����
iT.aovi.siAur wniis to iu Ota wis r_c__i_
Large Check for Car of Oats
A farmer of Carseland, Alberta,
has just received a check for $2,4_9.3U
the net proceeds on a car of oals
shipped by liim to Winnipeg, This
is believed to he tlie largest sum ever realized on a single car of oats.
The car contained 2,000 bushels, tlie
contents grading No. 2, and was sold
for seed.
or six hoses for S-.5II from
Williams' Medicine Co., II
The  Dr.
I Must Have Help
[   Sir William Goodc,   secrotary   ol
I the  Britisii ministry of food,    says:
i"Few people have yet grasped    the
fundamental fact  lhat. Great Britain
still relics on llie United States and
Canada for sixty-five per   cent,    of
her essential  foodstuffs.   Unless    we
can get this food, or nearly all of il,
we shall peter out."
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
An elderly farmer hitched his team
to a telegraph post.
"Here," exclaimed the policeman,
"you can't  hitch  there!"
"Can't hitchl" shouted the irate
farmer. "Well, why have yen a sign
up, 'Fine for Hitching*1?���Presbyterian Standard.
without extra spanning is
easily accomplished when you
" Use Italf as much as any other "
Axles ai*6 rough and porous,
causing friction. The mica
flakes fill the pores and lhe
grease keeps them there.
Mica Grease prevents locked
wheels and hot boxes,' gives
sure relief fur unnecessary
Btrain on hoists anil harness.
"Lengthens leather life "
replaces the natural nils that
dry out of the leather and puts
new life in old harness. It
penetrates the leather leaving
it soft antl pliable, and overcomes the worst enemies of
harness���water and dirt.
Sold In standard rwrd psr.kutt- by live
dfuiria everywhere.
THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    a'
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
When Women are Weak
Women who feal weak, languid and depressed-*1**-
who look pale and dull-eyed, and have lost appetite and fresh looks���need a tonic that -will
purify the blood, help the organs of digestion,
regulate the liver and bowels, and strengthen
the system.   It long has been known that
are a blessing to weak women, for they quickly correct
womanly ailments, improve the appetite, purify the
blood and re-establish healthy conditions. They are
safe to take as they are purely vegetable and without
any harmful drug. A few doses will bring better
spirits, improved health and a feeling of fitness.
Worffii a Guinea a Box
Prepared only by Thomai Beecham, St. H-nlent, Lancashire, England.
Sold everywhere In Canada aad U. S. America.  In boxes, 25 cento.
The Trouble is Not That the British Sailor is Alarmed, but Tha1
He is Too Careless and Contemptuous of the Risks
Occasioned by Submarine Depredations
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, former president of the United Stales,
was right when lie snid, as reported:
"If the I lun hus any notion that
he'll frighten the Britisii seaman oil
the waters by his [rightfulness he
has another think coming. Ine
trouble doesn't seem to be that the
British marine is too cautious and
self-calculating in dealing with Teuton U-boat [rightfulness, but that he
is too careless and contemptuous. It
has been necessary for the admiralty to Issue during the past few days
an official warning to the effect that
several vessels have been torpedoed
by reason of failure to screen their
lights when passing through the
danger -one at night. A special observation showed that only one out
of eight Ships passing a given point
obeyed the order to darken their signals. .
Of course this is serious anil lool-
hardy conduct, nnd very reprehensible at a lime when shortage in
ships is most acute, Hut the during
disobedience must be disconcerting
to the calculations of, the Hun. He
estimated the character of the British seaman by Teutonic   standards.
He figured on success llirougli fear
and frightfulness. Ily sinking their
ships and displaying deviltry toward
seamen and passengers, Including
women and children, he Imagined
Britain would soon find herself unable to secure men to sail her vessels. He boasted that he would
bring her "to her knees"���and set
feverishly about his fiendish job.
Kaiserism is learning lhe dauntless
character of Unions. Alter months
of ruthless operation of the ttndcr-
scas menace, after more than twelve
hundred merchant vessels have been
sunk within a year, the Hun finds
lhal instead of having frightened his
unflinching enemy from the sea it is
necessary for iiis foe to issue specific
warnings against the careless contempt in which Brilish seamen holt"
his treacherous submarines. Th
spirit of the sea-grit Isles finds ex
prcssion not alone on ihc fields of
France and Flanders, and in the Far
liaSt, but in the silent, effective ser
vice of the fisher folk, whose trawlers are forever picking up mines and
gathering in submarines, the scions
of Drake and Nelson ceaselessly patrolling the waters, and the men who
go down lo the sea in unprotected
merchant vessels and liners against
tiie unseen aud lurking danger,
When this spirit is broken Britain
may be beaten. But lire Teuton
knows now that lie cannoi break it,
���Toronto Globe.
To clean a furred kettle,    boil    a
handful of whitening in it for a fe
Miller's Worm l'owdcrs not only
make the infantile system untenable
for worms, but by their action on
the stomach, liver and bowels they
correct sueh troubles as lack of appetite, biliousness ..ud oilier internal
disorders lhat thc worms create.
Children thrive upon them and no
matter what condition their worni-
Infcstcd stomachs may be in tlicy
will show Improvement as soon as
the treatment begins.
Eminent Scientist���I didn't marry
beauty, n*y boy; I didn't marry
wealth or position; I married for
Friend���Well, you have mine!
In a time needing food economy many people are not
(letting all the nourishment they might from their food,
t is not how much you eat, but how much you assimilate, that does you good.
The addition of a small teaspoonful of Bovril
to the diet et a peptogenie before meals leada
to more thorough digestion end assimilation
and thus saves food, for you need less.
Betrayed by Slang
Spy Gave Wrong Answer  to   Question Couched in Slang
Civilization will become    a   myth
like tiie lost Atlantis il another war,
I wagetl more scientifically ami   inert
! diabolically ihan this on.-, i-r ever
allowed to occur, saitl John Masefield
in a.i address at Aeolian Hall. His
subject was "Thr War antl the Future." He lold of war incidents
"which havc cumc under my eyes or
have happened to friend:] of mine,"
and he touched oh the end of all
wars, which he earnestly believes
must result from this onc.
"If two great nations yours and
mine���would agree to end war, it
would bc done," he said.
His stories niaclc the war seem
near ami real, peopled h\ human beings. Incredibly neal was the self-
betrayal of one spy al Gallipoli, who
was unversed in the intricacies ol
English idiom, "ll was the day afler ihe landing, April 26," he said,
"and an Australian captain was up
thc hill at An/at-. And an Australian major came to Iiini and said,
'Don't let your men fire to their
front for tho next hali hour, because .
an Indian working party lias jusl
gone up antl might be hit.' And the
raptain thought lhis odd, as he had j
.reen no Indian w'orkiiig party. The
major had the number 2-1 on his I
shoulder strap, and thc captain |
thought this odd, as only eighteen
battalions, from 1 to 18, had landed,
And he said to the major, '1 say, are
you fair ilinkiim?' (which means, Hr.
Masefield translated, straight goods,
on the level). Antl the major snid,
'Yes, I'm Major Fairdinkum.' So
they shot him for a spy, and it seems
he had lakeu the number 13 from a
dead man and twisted il around,
which was unwise of him."
And Mr, Masefield told little incidents of everyday life and of the
nerve and verve and general gaycty
of the  men who light  the war.
"General Birdwood had charge of
the Australians," he said, "and the
men called him Hirtlie and worshipped him. He was a bright little man
and greatly loved. He was given to
talking to every one, and every man
on the peninsula believed that Birdie
knew liim hy name. One day he was
walking along the trenches and looking into the dugouts and chaffing
the men. It was very hot and there
was scarcely any water. And hc saw
a soldier washing in a cup as big as
a finger-bowl. And he said, 'Hullo,
having a good washtip? And the
man answered, 'Yes, general, ami 1
only wisli  I w-as a bally canary.'"
German Troops
Buy Furloughs
Holding of Old Men   in   Trenches
Hotly Protested by Socialists
The Berlin Socialist newspaper,
Vorwacrts reports a debate Jn the
Reichstag during which strong complaints were made against the treatment given the older classes of German soldiers. Hen- Sttteeklcn, a Socialist member, said the government
had no intention of releasing the
older military classes. Hc criticised
the fact that in the landstrum men
48 years of age still wcrc being kept
iu the trenches, despite the order
that they be taken out of thc firing
In consequence of the arbitrary
procedure of officers regarding furloughs, added Herr Stiieeklcn, increasing numbers of soldiers had
taken their own furloughs and were
now undergoing imprisonment for
Herr Mueller-Meiningcn, the radical leader, said that 10,000 of the
older men were still in the firing
line. The pretext that there were no
reserves to replaee such men were
scouted by Herr Ryssel, a Socialist.
"It would only bc necessary," he.
remarked, "to request all the pan -
German braggarts, who thank God
thc war is not yet ended, to volunteer. The feeling at the front is not
enthusiastic, and this is not surprising in view of the treatment the
soldiers are getting."
Criticising the food of the soldiers,
Herr Ryssel declared there were
units in the army called "hunger
companies," and he remarked that a
furlough could be bought by subscribing to the war loan. Ho ended
by demanding the appointment of a
commission of inquiry io examine
Into the sentences passed by military
General Scheu'cll denied that men
had been called up because of their
allegiance to a political parly, He
added, however: "We certainly call
up those who prove to bc agitators,"
Free Men for Farm Work
Thc Canada food board is preparing plans for the mobilization of labor for spring seeding operations.
Men familiar with handling horses
will be specially needed and it is essential that tlicy be secured to work
on the land. For this reason employers of such labor, in urban centres, will be well advised to consider
thc adoption of co-operative methods of delivery in order to free the
men capable of driving horses and
especially those witli farm experience.
Colds are contracted when strength is lowered
and the inflammation easily develops bronchitis or
lung trouble, while grippe and pneumonia frequently follow.
Any cold sRould have immediate treatment with
J        The National Strength-Builder "
which first builds up the forces by carrying rich nourishment
to the blood streams and creates real body-warmth.
Its cod liver oil is the favorite of physicians for
correcting bronchial disorders and chest troubles.
.-mi .����� Bonnie. To-
Interest in the War by People of Germany is Maintained by
Occasional Spectacular Achievements in the Field, and
Crushing Defeat is the Only Way to Bring Peace
The greater the German success
on thc battlefield, said Arthur Henderson in a recent speech, thc more
remote was worltl peace. He accepts the view that tliere. can be no
peace iintij-pGcrinniiy abandons her
policy of conquest and military domination; successes, hy encouraging
the German people to believe in military piracy as a profitable business
undertaking, tend to postpone the.
time when this will be the view ��� of
the German people.
Mr. Hcii-lersoii, whose position Is
becoming more assured as the leader of allied Labor and Socialist forces in Great Britain, has clear ideas
of what is necessary to safe-guard
the world against a renewal o( a
World-wide war. He wants a league
of nations, thc complete democratization of the machinery of'government
in all counlries, limitation of ���armaments, antl the abandonment of all
plans of economic boysotting.
These are highly desirable ends;
and Mr. Henderson has a clear idea
how they can bc obtained. Thc democratic peoples of the worltl, he says,
can only sheathe the sword when
the German people are able to induce
"a change of mentality" in their
leaders. He assumes, no doubt correctly, that only from thc German
people can conic the impulses which
will break the power of the war
lords and fit Germany to belong to
the proposed league of nations; but
how arc the German people to bc
brought to this frame of mind? The
��� peace offensives carried on by Mr.
Wilson, Mr. Henderson and others
may help; but nothing but the act-
. uai demonstration by results lhat
war is a huge and criminal blunder
will complete their enlightenment.
There have been periods in this
war when the German people appeared to be on the eve of disillusionment; bill in each case they
were enabled to recover their faith
in the cflfcacy of the "German
sword" by some spectacular achievement in the field. The crushing of
Serbia in the fall of 1915; the overrunning of the larger part of Rou-
iiiania in 1910; and the Italian successes* in October, 1917, were all
carefully staged for the encouragement of civilian faitlr in the army;
and now there- comes this unresisted
advance into tlie heart of Russia
which has, for the moment at any
rate, renewed tht? original lust of
the German people for the. conquest
of the worltl by the sword.
Until they learn the truth of M-.
Henderson's statement that such military successes as arc within llieir
power, merely prolong the war and
postpone Indefinitely the peace which
they undoubtedly desire,    they    will
consent to the Prussian program of
rapine and piracy, They can only be
taught hy experience, which is a
slow prpecss. Tlicy will have lo be
convinced by the progress of events
that the high hopes based upon their
victories over the disorganized mobs
of Russia were illusory.
This implies the continued vigorous, unrelenting conduct of the war
���and this is the program favored
by Mr. Henderson, who speaks for
Dritisli Labor. Mr. Henderson's position is sounder than that of the
Martinis of Lansdowne, who is obviously prepared to yield something
to save the social order which means
so much to him and his class. The
one sure chance still, left for lhc
right ending of tliis war is in tlie
rallying of all the forces of Labor
throughout the allied world to the
cause with a determination to see it
through, It is becoming increasingly
certain that this support will bc
forthcoming in ample volume,���Manitoba Free Press.
Xantippe's Work
Xantippe,  the   wife    oi    Socrates,
was   a   famous   scold.    George    A.'
says  he  once  asked  a  bright     lir!.
"How did Socrates die?"
"He died," the little girl answt red
with ready confidence, "irom a des..-
of wedlock."
Speak of Them
In the Highest Terms
WHY    MR.    AND    MRS    WEST
They Cured Mr. West's Lumbago
and Made Mrs. West Feel Like a
New Person. They Are the Be-:
St. Janus, Man. (Special).���Thai
Dodd's Kidney I'ills are living up to
llieir great reputation in tlie West i-
twice proved by Mr. ami Mrs. ���'
West, well known and highly re
spected residents of this place. Let
Mrs. West tell the story of what tli ���
great Canadian kidney rem ily has
done for her husband and Herself.
'My husband suffered from atta
of lumbago,"  she  states,    "and
doctor did him- no good, but I ca
truthfully say     that     since     usint.
Dodd's  Kidney  Pills he    is  entirely
free from lumbago.
"I    myself    took    six    boxes
Dodd's Kidney Pills and am just li'< ���
a new person.    I have gained 10 lbs
since using them    nnd    m-t   frien '-
compliment mc on how well 1 loot
"I havc recommended Dodd's Ki.:
ncy Pills to some of my lady friend
who were complaining of not feetia*
well, and Ihey, like myself, spea'
highly of them."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure the ki>!
ncys. Cured kidneys make pure
blood. That is why Dodd's Kidney
I'ills are the best tonic.
Tlie Mississippi river at St. Loi.i*
frozc over this winter, the first tini
in a quarter of a century.
Could   Hardly   Live  for   Asthir..
Writes one man who after years ���>;
suffering has  found  complete    rcli. .'
through Dr. .1. 1"). Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy,    Now hc knows how nee.!
less hns been    his    suffering.     This
matchless remedy gives sure help i
-ill afflicted with asthma. Inhaled   .
smoke or vapor it brings the help s
long needed.    Every dialer has it or
can get it fur yon  from his whole
Willy Bilton���Pa, will you please
tell mc a fairy story?
Dillon���A fairy story? Well, let's
sec, how will wc begin it?
Mrs. Bilton (sweetly)���Begin It,
"I was detained at the Office, dear,"
then continue.���Lotllbrldgc Herald.
Barley is the earliest of the small
grains to mature. Sixty days of favorable weather from the sowing will
show the farmer his return seed. As
early green pasture it is not excelled; thc young barley is richer as a
food than oals.
The Il.iby ��� Googly-googly-goo-
The Mother���Yes, Indeed, dear
that's the public library. ��� Dallai
Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco is
entirely different from the ordinary
"plug'-or 'fine cut".
It is made ot the beet, old, rich,
high flavored tobacco.
Heine in small grains, it imparts its
strength and llavor more freely and
fully than tobacco iu the usual form.
For this reason. Copenhagen is not
cnewed. but is placed in the mouth
between the lowet lip and the *ru.n.
A small pinch is all that ia necessary
to thoroughly satisfy, and those who
arc using 'Copenhagen''toi the first
time should take care to use only _
���mall pinch, otherwise 'Copenhagen"
ytiV 'to though- to have too much
tobacco strength.
IT* the meet -MMo-nlca! (W,
W.     N.     U.     1203 THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly   Newspaper, Published at
Courtenay, B. 0.
N. H,  BoiiKN, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription $1 50 per Vear in Advance
$2.00 per attuutn if not so paid
To mark a new epoch in the progress of modern limes, and to keep
tlie "Review" in llie ti-onl ranks ol
iiewspapel'tlom, we have ihis week
insirilleil a Morgantlialer Linotype
machine, During the pasl mouth we
have also constructed [or I ho
"Review" fi large, new home, with lhe
besl lighiing systoni ii is possible lo
build. It is nol often we pei'Mil ourselves to "tool our own horn," bill wo
I'eel justly proud of our achievement,
We hnve for a long peril tl of years
published lhe lies' weekly ou the
'Islattd���we intend lo keep il such.
Our jobbing departnienl is second to
none in the Province, anil no matter
how large or how small the order, It
will receive our careful attention. Our
friends and patrons are Invited to call
and see the new machine working at
any I iim-. The latch-strihb Is always
en the outside.
The tax rate of New Westminster
has been placed a I 28 cents on the
dollar for this year.
The City tit Meriti has changed ils
lighting rale from 13 to 15 cents per
kilowatt hour net.
At Cranbrook butter and eggs are
now being offered" as prizes at patriotic whist drives.
* * -.a
A rate of GO liuiis, or 5 cents on the
dollar, was strum* iiy the Chilliwack
i ily Council in special session ns |je-
ing necessary to provide the required
;-2.i,wiu for schools ninl general revenue for the ensuing year.
Thai Ihere are liul) Allrerla schools
which are empty from lack of teachers, is the stateiuenl of Mrs. Nellie
McClung, wlm is iu British Columbia
for the purpose ol recruiting members of lhe teaching profession to Iill
Hit- vacancies,
llritish Columbia has now over u">0
luileh glials, owned chiefly In small
lots. The gnu Industry in the province is growing very fast. The milk
is proving highly nutritious nntl sani-
tary, the goals being practically Immune from tuberculosis.
Humors ore currenl that the' big
urand Trunk Mr tel Fori Garry, In
Winnipeg, und the MacDonald in Edmonton, will be closed shortly. Il is
understood thai each was run al a
loss of about 510,000 last year.
��� ���::-,ru^rf^^-ry
J 15____Bl!3K^I[ '^fJI
I Ji K ���, I /{���!:-< llrc-v-1,J'-U--<  ���( n��
Our New Typesetting Machine.
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing New Spring Sailings
!      McPhee Block
for all figures���always on sale
of Premises
Large corner stcre added
to Present Stand
623-5 Johnson St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods Mutt be  Cleared
Seabrook Young
Johnson and Broad Street
Victoria, B. C.
^ ?%
Esquimalt  &   Nanaimo  Railway
For   Victoria���11.35    Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
.    From   Vi toria���9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
I     Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction  with
I    train from   Port   Alberni, and 'arriving at] Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone RC60
Af tat C**tt***y,
Comox  Livery  Stable
i Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
|      and Courtenay" Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
I at reasonab'e rates
I-*-���  ���
Scores of Housewives are Using
Royal Standard Rye Flour
These War Time Days
nntl nre producing bread of sueh delicious wliolesoineness that
the demand for these ""popular "conservation" Flours Is constantly on the increase. Used In conjunction, .sny 7.5 per cent of
'��� Royal Standard Wheat Flour " aud 25 per cent, ol "Royal
Standard Rye Plonr," or three puts to one, the resultant loaf is
a treat Indeed. Women hnve been c|iiic1* tt> see it spells economy
iu the home batting ns well ns patriotic conservation in Hour.
" Hovnl Staudard l-'loiir " is ninth- Iroin the very choicest grain
obtaiuable today. Careful selection in the great Canadian North
west is followed by exacting tests iu our own Itn-ril laboratory.
As ;i consequence the Elour is absolutely dependable under all
x circumstances.
Ask your grocer for these popular' brands when ordering.    Look
for the trntleinnrk, the "Circle V," on every suck.
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End of Bridge B. Towler,  Mgr.
���4999.999399 333--53S;-5353:-23.
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
A few barrels left, partly air slaked,  but Rood  for whitewashing or for land.   $1.50 each
Golden Bantam Corn
The sweetest best and one of the earliest table corns. 25c a lb
1000 headed Kale, lb  25c
Rape 20c
We carry a full line of Mangels,  Carrots, Turnips, etc-
B. & K..Baby Chick Food- Scientifically balanced to supply
every want of the chicks up to six weeks of age.     Ask your
grocer or obtain from us direct.     From  six weaks upwards
use B. & Ki Development Food,
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
_ ���.; > i t  t s Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tin'ng and Repairing
Here about Apl. 1
Leave orders at Review office
The Telephone and
Its Part
Speaking of lhe Brent telephone R.vstcnt of the Unlloil States,
Theodore Vail said:   "Iis essential feature Is preparedness,"
Jusl think how lhis applies even lu British Columbia! Whenever you wantlo telephone, you will find It ready for you; should
Interruption occur to the service It is soon removed; day In, day
out, nig-in and at all limes, you can talk near or far. The great
co-operallve factor Is the supervising  force behind  the scenes.
"The essential characteristic of the telephone Is service."
British Columbia  Telephone Co.
The cOstof Living is High
[Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
| |Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Fine Showing ol Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courlei.sy TJ-L.S  COUiil'EMAY   REVi__W
rHE r.ic
Tested Range
When you buy a
range why not have
the Kootenay?���
tested four ways for:
Easy Management
Economy of fuel
Durability *
Best results.
For Sale bv
C. H. Tarbell  & Son
London Toronto
St. John, N.I*.    Calgary
Sir Robt. Rortlen struck the correct
solution of the draft riots In Quebec
City when he announced an amendment to the Military Service Ael providing that all persons who engage In
forcible resistance to that measure
shall be forthwith enrolled ln the
Canadian forces overseas. As the
Prime Minister remarked, men who
are warlike enough io engage In rioting, may well utilize their warlike
proclivities upon the enemies of the
Allies. It was also an excellent idea
to make the new enactment apply to
all persons of military age (20 to 25)
Instead of to the limited classes that
have ben called so far. The Prime
Minister's coup seems lo have proven even mot-e effective than the display of military force in restoring order. The bravos who engaged In rioting have no objection to killing and.
wounding their fellow countrymen,
hut (hey i'fve an absolute disinclination lo face the Germans,
The tragic feature of the whole affair Is the death ef Innocent civilians,
who, II would appear, were not killed
by* the machine gun lire of the soldiers, bul by the pistol .bois of I lio
rioters. It Is the Inevitable outcome
of all disorders. Hint lhe innoeenl
suffer for lho guilty. The dealh of
ihese unfortunates musl be laid ill-
reel lji al the door of Ilia police and
civic auiliorities of the city of Quebec, whose failure at lhe oulsol to do
their duty, eilher from cowardice or
Indifference: encouraged lhe rioters
lo do their worst. There is perhaps
no existing machinery whereby the
officials responsible for neglect of
duty can be punished; but it is to be
hoped that their fellow citizens will
not. Hermit sthem to forget their complicity in shedding innocnet blood.
It Is reported that fully 7*. per cent.
of the wheat crop has already been
sown in Saskatchewan,
da Cables
"We Cannot Achieve Victory Without Food."
** Canada Food Board,
"Ottawa  , x
" In these stern days it is inspiring to learn that Canada is tackling the
food problem with redoubled energy. The terrific pressure oh our
military front makes it all the more imperative that those behind the
line should strain every nerve to defeat the enemy's avowed object of
destroying the British Empire.
"Germany hoped first to starve the Old Country by the submarine
campaign and then to smash her land forces. She has failed to starve
us and she will fail to smash us but we "-cannot achieve victory without
food. There never was a time when it was more needed.
"The Canadian farmer and the Canadian farmhand now have the
opportunity to make an effective reply to the enemy's present
onslaughts by bending their undivided energies to the increased
production of those food supplies for which we depend to such vital
extent upo*g your great Dominion."
(Signed)       V RHONDDA"
London, April 10th
The Prime Minister of Canada, in
a call to Greater Food -Production,
says: " The crisis is grave and urgent
beyond possibility of exaggeration."
Our Allies are depending upon
Canada to produce this year more
cereals���especially Spring Wheat���and
more meat���especially Pork.
The world shortage will inevitably
continue for years after the war���with
this continent the nearest source of
supply for the 200,000,000 persons in
Europe who will bo clamoring for food.
Measures have been taken and plans
have been formulated which, on the
authority of the Director of Agricultural
Labor, will provide help needed for
City and town people who cannot
go on the farms are helping to feed
themselves by growing their own vegetables, so that the farmers may grow
more food for export.
The food crisis calls for the utmost
effort by all the people of Canada, because, as Lord Rhondda says, Food is
essential to* Victory.
In co-operation with the Provincial
Departments of Agriculture
By Capt. John McNa'*   2i ci Division.-I
.Artill.-- ���-.
The dugout measure.: Beven feel by
ton, the man measured less, bul the
spirit of the man was Ijuneasurable,
The dugout was jusi an ordinary dug-
out. Sleel sheeting i verhead, tht n i
sandbags, brick, and si ill more rand-
bags. It differed from others of Its I
kind only that it hud n canvas sign.
Other dugouts too had their sobriquets inscribed but this was nol "Ma**-
gie Murphy's Home" nor "Uncle Tom
Cabin" nor "Lyddite Shelter-" nor the
"Mudlark'sRest, but the "Y.M.CA."
Its position was decidedly precarious, On one side of il was a I ;m' ���.-
of Canadian howitzers, on tbe ether
side a battery of c-i-htcen pounders,
the ground all ron- l was torn nn bv
high explosives. Even the sandbars
were ripped ami torn b rh apyne1,
and the canvas was slushed ly shell
splinters. Up the road was ypres���
Ypres,the slorm centre of the war's i
wildest passions���Ypres, where three
of the biggest and bloodiest bnll]ps|
the war hnve been fouirhl���Ym-ps j
where the first pois- nous gns elo ds
Honied over the Allied trenches���
Ypres wilh scarce onc stone standing
by another���Ypres. once a city of
princes, now a smouldering Gehenna.
This dugout was close to Ypres.
The noji-eombatanl In charge uf Hie
ilugoul hod been a minister in peace
time, a native of the breezy western
1 plains   of Canaada.      He had Joined
[lhe ranks as stretcher-bearer and had
heen transferred from the banner of
\ the Red Cross to tbat of the "Red
Triangle." He was serving as indefa-
tlgably In this branch lo help men as
he had In the ntber. and the Sergeant's stripes indicated that* his
work was being appreciated. Once
again the Ynres salient was resounding with intense artillerv (Ire. Tbe
British regulars had blown up six-
craters in   the  enemies' lines at  SI
1 Rloi, and the Canadians were holding
the captured territory. But lhe ground
was held at greal cost. Our men were
returning wounded, broken ind
weary. In those days both thn man
and lhe diignlt were-Ifeeiled Early
and late he toiled over a .troublesome
I casel'no stoVe to prepare bol cocea:
for the wayfarers. A eonslalnl stream
of horses came down the rod.
Men wbo had net boon too sevo'-oly
wounded In lhe bead cr arm, called
"walking wounded'" were sent from
ii-o trench dress'n"? station to Ine
field dressing station lower down,
Pome of llvmi hnd heen buried by
"rum  jnrr;"  other-   were  victim"  of
ant grt busy In Ihe dug-out. Soon lhe
procession begun Men wel with
blood, dodged the shrapnel to gulp
down a hot drink. The hiirh explosves
were searching, like whi beasts In
linger, for lhe batteries, and the
ground was pock-marked until each
shell-hole duped Into the other. One
Shell, dropping no! ten feet from the
.'. .r.. ni rlnir-noil the earth; the nexl
went crashing through the steel
sheeting. A-parly led the batten- to
search for bhe Npn-Combatant, Clam-
berlne through the shell-hole, Ihey
.-rite tho fruit <-nns gashed as if by n.
hundred chisels-, the sleek scattered
snd destroyed: iho mugs iiroken; the
"���oooa urn overturned, and when they
hnd thrown the debris aside ihey
found the Non>Combatanl with a
dark red stream oo_in_ from his
bead, still smiling, hut slopping llis
lasl  slonii.
Tl-o P-r.lre w-'s '--p'-i for, and, while
��� iiov \ve'i��d a shell-hole was Drenared
for the r*-*>*aliis, He came ns the
Pi>3t ��tr_flV*i pf dawn wpi-p Online the
'���'iv. a* Hie red'-p praved, the parly
stood Nai-io"' Into the unknown.
neflHi faces them so fretiuently that,
���hey hnve nn fear t-f It. Tljen eame
his sln-nle sermon, reiterating Hieir
ihontrhls���"Heath has eevefed us
from our comrs.de, but out h��**e, face
'o face -with the great realities, we
have learned tbat .'oath is but tho
nortal to a larger life. Ay. it would
-..Vo more than dentb to stop Harry.
He will 'carry on.'"
Cjnada Treats Her Soldier Sors Best
of  All   Allies
Ottawa. Am-il "��.���Pensions being
paid by the Canadian Qevernment are
substantially higher than th--se
awarded in other countries, according
to evidence submitted this morning to
ihe special committee of the House
cn Pensions Bv Kenneth Archibald.
legal advisor te the Board of Pension
According to bis figures* ths rates
for lolnl disability in 'he Allied cotm-
tvlpq pre as Mlov -
Canada. $fiOfl; Oreat Bril iin '"'':
Np'-v '/c-iini'ti nnS:.France, 240; i- t-
ed Stales, 360; Italy, 243
P. lvicmryae s
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
�� The Ik-st.'autl cheapest bread in the district
12   18oz.   Loaves  for  $1
Vancouver and Victorin 10 18 or., loaves $1
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
sl-pii ccro'i-rsi'-n. b"t most of tbem
'-ml been Wen struck by shrsnnel nml
vnvo fpi. t from, loss of blood.
Wounds had taken all the "sand"
out of them, nd th hot cocoa was a
welcome tonic for the weary and
wounded marchers. At night, wi-e-
Ing rartips crept by. Men who went
nn io '-elui'd the parapets nnd to
sttretoh new wire, dragged them-
selvp.5 tack fatigued ard unnerved bv
their orierations In "no-man's land"
under the flare of the star shells.
Tt. .was oft��n the grev dawn before
they returned, but the Non-Combat-
->**t n'wsvs had a hot drink rendv
wben they passed hv There he t"iled
all alone, serving hundreds of cuns of
cocoa dally, stokng the stove, washing the nines, and. bv his cbeerv presence ami kindly word, comforting the
nn-rcine men. He staved there thrnueh
a furnace of shells whlzzne around
him n that whole month's bnllle of
?l. EIol. and he was still at lis post
when the battle of Hooge beenn. with
t�� still more devastating shell Are.
But he was forced to find a new dntr-
ont. Two or three times pieces of his
little shelter were torn by flying
fraen-ents: this time the most destructive "f all the German shells, a
5.9, get a direct hit. He was hurlpil
in the debris, but he escaped. t In two
davs another ducoiit and another
stock wc ���> nrncured. and a new sl*-n
traced I'���** side turned away from the
Hermans There he began again to
minister to the many.
One night the Hermans blew np the
mine r*-"' of Wve-ohnote. It wns
so dark that one could not see a yard
abend. There was an unearthly stillness on Ihe front, that spelled mischief. About midnight the explosion
ef a mine sent the gun pits quivering,
In an Instead every gun the foe had
was going, from "whizz-bangs" to
".Tack Johnsons.' The reply was
staggering, and Ihe Canadians gained
superiority of (ire.    The Non-Combat-
Shop Only Where You are Invited to Shop
The baker of Better Bread
Halch earlv; make everv effort ta
tret your chicks out this -wring before
ibp '24th of Mnv The liehter breeds
may 1ip hatched up to the first ot
June. but. ns n rule, the ttea****tl *
b.-pp.is hnl-'cheil liter than the '.I'h.
of Mnv an* not satalsfactory. \*
loast  "0 per   cent.   of lho  outlets  in
Canaada  wpi-p  not  lav-ins: during
veniber and December the rn.i-r  winter,  because  they  were hataehe.  "on
If you are denending upon vour
own flock for brep.iine p_rr=.__nate ten
to fifteen davs before setting. Test-
the eel's for fertility, so f*at yon -***ilT
he sure you are not setting many
without -n-ii fertility. If vou re using Incubators, set early, but do nor
count on more thin three hatches. If
vou can. get all the chicks our in one
hatch, so much the better. rf|h-*n.*
nre used, usp some svstem. 'Ree S*r-
hlbltlon Circular N'o. 1. Experimental
Farm. Ottawa!. If the hens arp too
slow in becoming brrody. see if vou
cat) get some custom ha'ehine done,
or Purchase dav-old chicks. Cr-** i*
touch with -rood breeders in your vicinity, nr write your nearest Experimental FaTm.
There Is more monev wanted each
veer be*-*'use o* I'te hatched pullets
��� hn Is often made from the rest of the
N'o late hatches. Ho not be mis-informed. 1-nle hatched chickens a�� a
rule dn not pay. "One more batch''
w-Hl not bein the Empire. Better to,
sell the eggs antl save the feeds.
���r*>++++4>'t~lr+*~t>i> ���*��������������������������-
Cumberland Hotel
Rood Accomodation       Ctisiue Excelleu
Wm. Merryfield
Opposite the city hall       *
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriag�� Builder
Sand and Grave]
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The, Courtenav Review
Family Herali anl Weekly Stir
and th   Daily Province
f.: one year
fcr $6 THE    REVIEW:    COURTNEY,     1).    C.
London, Me.boum-, aud Toronlo
TIk'ii came a profitable contract,
-vhit-Ii Lawrence obtained againsl
teen opposition, for supplying tcle-
phonc posts, and Foster was surprised to find thai the description of
Iheir efforts to get the logs oul of
n rugged wilderness made a stirring
laic. Although he paused once or
twice apologetically, the others made
Iiini resume, and he began to wish
he was not in the firelight when hc
saw that Alice was quietly studying
him. It was iiis partner's story lie
meant to* tell, but since they were
together he i-.nilil not leave himself
Hc could, however, change the
scene, and skipping much, came to
start as general contractors at Gardner's Crossing. The Hulton Company, which was not so large then,
gave them work, hut they were hampered hy want of capital, anil had to
meet thc competition of richer and
sometimes unscrupulous antagonists.
Still Ihey made progress; staking" all
they had on the chance of carrying
out risky work that others would not
touch, sometimes testing the patience of creditors, and now and then
outwitting a rival, by an ingenious
ruse.    Lawrcncp lived  in  the single-
Oltl    Jeweller)-!    P.nte:    Silver:    Curiae:
Miniatures:    Picture!:     Needlework:    Loce:
014 China:      Cut     Glass:      Ornaments!
Watches:   Rings:  Table  Wart.
Write or sen- by Express, to
B.   M.   ft   T.   JENKINS.   Limited
Antique Oallerita
15 and  90 College  Street,      Toronto,  Ont.
room ollice, cooking for himself on
an oil stove, while Foster camped
with his men where they were at
Then they built the sawmill with
thc help of Lawrence's check from
home, and soon afterwards met with
their worst reverse. 'I'hey had engaged to supply the Hullon Company wilh lumber of a certain kind
for sonic special work, and then
found that few tii the trees they required grew near tlie river. Tliis
nrcant that a skidway must he made
ovcr a very rough bill and a gasoline
winding engine houghl or hired to
haul the logs put of thc next valley.
There was, however, another fir easily accessible tiial might suit the
purpose, but nol quite as well, and
Foster related how lie and his parl-
iii r sal up late tine night calculating
costs and wondering whether lhcy
should pay Hulton a fine to break
the bargain. He added naively that
lhcy wen- some time arguing if tlicy
r-.li un Id substitute the inferior wood.
"Whose opinion wns il that you
should supply the exact material yotl
had promised?" Featherstone usked.
"Well," snitl Foster, "Lawrence
said so first, but 1 think we both
meant to let them have thc best."  _
b'eatlierstonc's glance at his wife
indicated relief, but something In
Alice's face showed thai she had
known whal Foster's reply would be,
She had listened with keen inlerest,
and lie stopped, half amused and
half embarrassed. Perhaps he had
talketl too much, and while he meant
to do Lawrence justice, hc did not
want to play the part of the indomitable pioneer for the girl's benefit.
Moreover, he knew >he would detect
and despise him for any attempt to
do so, and as hc valued her gootl
opinion, it was not modesty alone
that letl him to make Lawrence the
hero of the piece.
"So you stuck to your bargain!"
Featherstone remarked. "Tell us
how yon carried it out."
Foster forgot himself and the others as he continued, for he had a
vivid memory of the struggle. He
took charge of the work in the
woods, while Lawrence tactfully
pressed for payment of outstanding
accounts, put off creditors; and somehow provided money (or wages. As
extra gangs had to he hired. Foster
owned that he did not know how the
thing was done. Hc cut a grade for
the skidway up the hill, slashing
tangled bush and blasting rocks,
worked in the snow by moonlight
long after his men stopped, and afterwards learned that Lawrence often
went without a meal when pay day
got near. But they hauled out the
logs and the lumber was delivered.
When he stopped, Featherstone
looked Up with some color in his
face.   .
"Thank you," he said. "It is a
moving talc. The money we. sent
you was well spent. I could have
expected nothing better of mv son.
But 1 suppose you found it paid to
keep your promise."
"In  this  case  it  did,"  Foster  :,ns-
Shirts & Gloves
68 lbs. to the
square inch
under hydraulic
Pressure is llie
test that "Bob
Long" overalls
have been put to.
Their strength
is in the lightlf
woven fabric.
' My overalls and shirts are the best, because-
theystand thetestof tbe wash-tub���no starch filler
or cheap dyes to wash out"
Insist ou "Bob Long" brand. Ask yourdealer
for Big 11���the big grey overalls���the cloth -with
the test.
j My Dad wears V
JChowh from Gradt to Gycuit
wcrcd w
us the fi
lid "not
ilh a
rst clr
ance of
to do t
any wor
k lhcy
-���;  you
TPHE results of operations for tlie year 1917 show a continuance
*��� of the notable expansion that has marked the career of the
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. In Assets, Income,
Surplus, New Business, and Total Business in Force substantial
increases are recorded over the corresponding figures for previous
Assets at December 31st, 1017.    ..      .*-      ...      . $00,100,174.00
Increasi* ".''ll'H-.oo
Cash Income  lf��,2"S,997.00
Increaso 7811,800.09
New Assurances issued and Paid for in Cash      -      ... 47.S11 .r.ii7.00
Incrcnso 6,030,270.00
Assurances iii Force at December 31st, 1917.        -      -      ��� 311,870.9.5.00
Increase no,(.*l3,245.0tl
Profits paitl or allotted to Policyholders       ...      ���      . 1,600,889.00
InerwiMi                              " ���*'.I,4"i8.'XI
Profits paitl or allotted to Policyholders, in past five years. 6,-21,063.03
Total Payments to Policyholders, 1017.       .... 8,810,245.00
Asiots hold for l'ofioylioltlQra  ....
l'n:ii)liininroetlve.lslnt't..or|:aulr_lion   ���     ���     -"���
__**i*"cnta to Policyholders iwd Assets hold for them exceed
tho pnnulunn received by I ��� $5,8")."*.s __
Undivided surplus at December 31st, 1917, over all liabilities
including eapilal $8,350,761.00
%      48,210.73
$ 06,101.95
$ 1.11154.3:0.0(1
.The Company takes this opportunity of thanking its policyholders and the public
generally (or the continued confidence and goodwill of which the above figures
give such strong evidence.
"       T.B.MACAULAY, President
see, we hail put in a few wood work-
in-; machines, In fact, after u time,
Hulton told Lawrence lo walk
through the factory now and then
and send in anything thc heads of
departments required. But I've talketl lour; enough and -ie-ir you're bored."
"No," said Featherstone simply,
"you have given us great pleasure
ant! made us realize the bracing-life
my son is leat.ing. You could have
done us no favor that would equal
Then lie took Foster off to the
*iiin room, where tlicy smoked - i.nd
talketl about the day's shooting, until Featherstone said rather abruptly. "Pcrliaps I had better tell you
that I didn't send Lawrence the
check that enabled you to build the
mill. It was not in my power lo do
so then,"
"But he said.ilu: money came, from
"It dill, Alice was left a small
legacy and insisted on selling the
shares it consisted of in order to
help her brother. I must confess
that 1 thought she was rash, hut tlie
money was hers. Now it is obvious
that the sacrifice she made was jus-
Featherstone began to talk about
something else, but l-'oster felt embarrassed. It looked as if he owed
his success in business to the girl's
generosity, ami although he could
not sec wily this should disturb him,
it did.
lie went down lo dinner ' rather
early and tound Alice in the hall.
There --.as.nobody else about, and by
Ihc way she looked up as he advanced he tli-.iii.lit she had been waiting
for him. Alice had beauty, but it
was her proud reserve he felt most.
She did not give her friendship lightly, but he believed it was worth winning.
"I wanted to thank you for explaining things so well," she said.
"It's thc lirst time wc havc really
learned much about my brathcr's life
in Canada."
Foster hesitated. "I felt that you
wanted to know. But, in a way, it
must have sounded rather egotistical. In fact, tho thing wasn't as easy
as you perhaps think."
Alice smiled. "Vou couldn't leave
yourself out, although it was obvious that you meant to give my brother thc leading part."
"I honestly don't think I exaggerated."
"No," she agreed, "it sounded real,
and there were touches, little personal characteristics, yon couldn't havc
imagined. You sec, I am younger
than Lawrence and thought him
something of a romantic hero before
hf left home." Then she paused for
a moment.   "I got a very bad shock
when he was forced to    go.
know why he  went?"
"I  don't;   I've  sometimes  thought
he wanted to tell mc."
"Then  you  never asked?"
"I did not; I think I didn't, want
to know."
She gave him a  steady searching
glance and he felt that if lie had been
insincere she would have found out.
(To Bc Continued.)
No foolishness) Lift your corns
and calluses off with fingers
���It's like magic I
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns
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of ireczoiic, says a Cincinnati author-
For little cost out can get a small
bottle of freezone at any drug store,
which will positively rid one's feet or
every corn or callus without pain.
This simple drug dries the moment
it is applied and docs not even irritate thc surrounding skin while applying it or afterwards,
This announcement will interest
many of our readers 11 your druggist hasn't any freezone tell him to
surely get ,1 small bol lie for you from
his wholesale ding house.
Louise, nine years old, asked her
"Where is papa going?"
"To a stag party," she replied.
"What is a stag party, mamma?"
Sister Mabel, seven years old, who
had been listening  with a    dignified
attitude of superior wisdom, answered instantly: "It's where they stagger.   Don't you know?"���Pittsburgh
Scotland's "Bit"
Scotland is said to have sent about
a fifth of its population to war. If
the United States were to do as well
it would havc 20,000,000 men in the
field.���Ncwburg News.
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W,    N.    U.    1203 THE    REVIEW,    COUKTNEY,    B.    0,
'/ _.  BREAD
Meat Consumption on Decline
The consumption of beef and mutton in  Britain  during  llie  last    year
of peace was 150,000 tons per month.
The total available supplies at present iu sight for the current year arc
not more than 88,000 Ions per mon ill.
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Rely on North America
I.t,nl Rhondda says; "The allied
larder is dangerously empty bul WC
nre carrying on in thc resolute belief that we can rely on the people
of North America lo prevent our
food supplies from becoming sn diminished ns lo imperial tlie issue for
wliicli we are all fighting."
The Oil for the Farmer.���A bottle
of Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil in thc
farm house will save many a journey
for the doctor. It is not only good
for the children when taken with
cold and croup, and for the mature
who suffer from pains and aches, but
llicrc arc directions for its use on
sick cattle. There should always be
a botlle of it in the house.
Inquirer (at railway slation)���
Where docs this train go?
Brakcman ��� This train goes to
New York in  len minutes,
Inquirer���Goodness! That's going
some!���Christian Register,
Get a Good Wife
The Main Thing Is to Marry a Girl
With Good Common Sense
"A man who is not happy iu his
domestic life cannot be thoroughly
efficient. If he has to fret and worry
over things at^ home he cannot give
the best that is in liim lo his work.
His strength and nerve and enthusiasm arc detracted from. The main
thing is to marry a girl with good
common sense. It is not necessary
that she should learn a great deal
about his business problems; but if
she has solid sense she will know
how to bc sympathetic, bow to economize, how to encourage him, how-
to inspire his ambition"; and how to
facilitate lhe attainment of that ambition by having bis home surroundings cheerful and pleasant, by attending carefully lo his physical well-being, antl by entering inlo llie spirit
of Iiis aims and objects, Good health
is extremely. Important in the struggle for success, nnd a man's health
is dependent in a very large measure
Upon his home life. A young man in
seeking It wife should pay more attention In her heart and her health
than lo her dowry,"���I-'.. I'. Ripley,
Veteran {'resident of the .Santa Fe,
in The American Magazine.
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A Valuable Objective
Voice from the Distance���"Fall
back yc, daft loons! You poscction
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Why mon, we've just dtapl a sax-
Peevish, pale, restless, and sickly
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"I'm a self-made man."
"You knocked off work too soon."
-Boston Transcript.
Royal Milliners
That itch, burn, crack, chap, and
bleed, in a wonderfully short time in
most cases. Soak the hands on retiring in a hot |
suds of Cuticura Soap, using
plenty of thc
Soup. Dry and
rub Cuticura
Ointment gently but freely inlo the
hands for some lime. Wear old
gloves or softer bandages during
night or remove surplus Ointment
with soft tissue paper us preferred.
Free Sample Each by Mail
For freo samplu each ntltli-ess post-cartl:
"Culler., Dapl. N. Bolton. U. 5. A." Sold
1,y dealers throughout tho world.
The Dignity of Farming
Will Be Looked Up to as   One  of
the Princes of the Land
This war lias done one thing; it
has made farming one. of the most
dignified callings a man can engage
in. There was a time when many
looked on thc cultivator of the soil
as "a mere hayseed," not worthy of
being considered seriously in the
economics of the nation, but that
day has passed. Today everybody is
appealing lo the farmer to come to
the rescue of the nation by helping
to produce something to cat so that
we can win the war. The day is
not far distant when the "man who
makes two blades of grass grow
where only onc grew before" will bf
looked up to as one of the princes
of the land. ��� Montgomery, Ala
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Three thousand women are now
employed on thc G. E. railway of
AFTER the publication of
his Receipt Book Dr.
Chase found himself over-
-whelmed with the demand for
his services and his medicines.
Not only did patients come from
many miles to throng his office,
but the mails were filled with
letters ordering medicines.
Rather than disappoint his patients
and admirers, and always anxious to
relieve suffering, the doctor decided
to give to the people the great prescriptions which had been so thoroughly tested and so remarkably sue-
get all my
medicines ai
ike Drugstore
cessful in his private practice.
And so it came that Dr. Chase's
Medicines were placed on public sale
at nominal prices. To-day you can
scarcely find a drug store that is not
stocked with a full Tine of these medicines, and that home is the exception
where there is not one or more of
them in use.
Like most artleles of exceptional merit
and largo tales Dr. Chase's Medicines ara
widely Imitated, and substitutes are frequently offered ln their placo. On this account it ls vory Important that you should
bob tho portrait and signature of A. W.
Chase, M.D., the famous Receipt Book
author, on the box you buy. They ara
printed on every box for your protection,
and imitators do not dare to use them.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one pill a dose-,
25 cents a box, 5 boxes for $1.00.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Food (Pills), 50 cents a box,
6 boxes for $2.75.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Ointment, 60 cents a box.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Catarrh Powder, 25 cents a box,
blower free, 5 boxes for $1.00.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle. Family size, three
times as much, 60 cents.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Liver Cure, $1.00.
Dr. A. W. Chase's Backache Plaster, 25 cents
each, 5 for $1.00.
All dealers or Edmanson. Bates & Co., Limited,
Royalty and  Society   Women   Who
are Experts With Their
ll has long been a well-known fact |
that Queen  Mary has often trimmed
her  own  hats,  as  also    has    Quccu
Mantle of  Norway. I
Princess Patricia   of    Connaught,'
too, is it clever milliner, and her sister, the Crown Princess of Sweden, !
has often  looked charming in    hats '
which she has  trimmed herself. I
There arc  many    society    women
io are experts with  their needles,
d who can turn an ugly    "shape"
beautiful ''creation."    Onc of
icsc is I.ady Cheylesmore, and she
several limes won prizes at hat-
mining competitions.
I.ady  Maitland, too, is    a    clever
lilliner, and she once organized   a '
ale  of  hats,  every one    made     or I
rimmed by her own hands.      Lady
Icrvey-llalhurst has  trimmed  many
rctty hats, and before her marriage
he had ;i millinery shop in  Sloans
Square.    Mrs. Arthur YVcigall is an-
hcr society    woman    who    would
akc a small fortune a.s a milliner.
No Girl Need Hare
A Blotched Face
Whether it bc iu capturing thc
heart of man, or making her way
through the world by the toil of her
hands, a charming and pretty face
gives any girl a big advantage. Poor
complexion and rough, sallow skin
arc caused by blood disorders. The
cure is simple. Just use Pr. Hamilton's Pills���a reliable family remedy
that has for years been the foremost
blood remedy in America. That soft
glow will return to the checks, the
eyes will brighten, appetite will improve, strength and endurance will
come because sound health has been
established. Get a 25c box of Pr.
Hamilton's Pills today. Sold everywhere.
Destruction of Subs.
Parts of   Submarines    Included   in
Catch of Dutch Fishermen
Not only fish, but parts of German
submarines destroyed now frequently constitute the catch of Dutch fishermen when they haul up their nets
off the Dutch coast, according to H.
Venstra, a dairy expert from Holland.
"Floating parts of submarines are
raising havoc with the nets of our
fishermen," Mr. Venstra said. "In
many cases floatsam and jctsan*
have been submitted to coast guardsmen and officers of the Dutch navy
and were identified as belonging to
submarines that probably had been
destroyed by depth charges."
A Pill for Brain Workers.���The
man who works with his brains is
more liable to derangement of the
digestive sjstctn than the man who
works with his hands, because the
one calls upon his nervous energy
while the other applies only his muscular strength, liraiii fag begets irregularities of the stomach and liver, and the best remedy that can bc
used is Parmclcc's Vegetable Pills.
They arc specially compounded for
such cases ar.d all those who _'se
them can certify to their superior
Big Demand for Maple Products
Tlie Canadian market has hitherto
readily absorbed 75 per cent, of the
Canadian sugar maple production.
The United Stales takes all we can
send and would gladly take more.
The demand for tlie pure products
has for years exceeded the supply.
Corns and wails disappear when
treated with Holloway's Corn Cure
without leaving a scar.
A Grand Advantage
Onc of the great advantages of a
prohibitory law, even if thc toper is
able to find some leaks therein, is
that it causes thc younger generation to bc brought up without knowing the taste of liquor, and consequently not having a desire for it.���
Brantford Expositor,
Minard's Liniment Co,, Limited.
Gentlemen,���1 had my leg badly
hurt, the pain was very severe and
a large swelling came above the
knee. I expected it would be serious���I rubbed it with MINARD'S
LINIMENT, which stopped the pain
and reduced the swelling very
quickly. 1 cannot speak too highly
Port Hood Island.
Clergy Promise Support
The clergy of all denominations in
Canada arc promising to do everything in their power to promote the
work of food conservation and production. In a number of cases the
bishops are Sending out pastoral letters lo their clergy. Archbishop
Mathcson, Primate of Canada, has
promised his fullest support to the
Canada food board.
Small PUI
Small Dos*
have stood the test of time.
Purely vegetable. Wonderfully
quick to banish biliousness,
headache, indigestion and to
clear up a bad complexion.
Genuine bean _l_-i*-in
Centrally Indicutr ��� lack
of Iron lo the Blood
Carter's Iron Pills
Will help this condition
A Stupendous Decision
Women Can Become the Dominant
Political Power of the Future
Commenting on the granting of
the franchise to 6,000,t"l0h women in
the British Isles, the Edinburgh
Scotsman says: "It is a stupendous
decision, It assuredly would not
have been taken but for the demonstration of women's capabilities
which the war has brought. No one
four years ago foresaw how powerfully the fabric of our national lite
could be buttressed by women's
work. That clement is everywhere
today; it has disclosed reserves ot
national strength that imply permanent developments; its relation to
organized labor in its old form, i.s
one of thc problems of the reconstruction period." Woman, if she
asserts herself, can become the dominant political power of lhc future.
Nothing will so quickly ri move
childhood constipation as will Baby's
Own Tablets. They arc a mild I at
thorough laxative; are pleasant to
take; do uot gripe and never fail to
regulate the stomach and bowels.
Concerning them Mrs. Adolphe Noel,
Petite Laiucqtie, Que., says:���
"Baby's Own Tablets are the
remedy for constipation I know of
and I would strongly recommend
them to all mothers of little ones."
The Tablets are sold by mtrdiciue
dealers or by mail at 25 rents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockvillc, Out.
Stamp Out Trade With Enemy
Through  control  of    thc  ji.ition'i
foricgn trade, made effective by thc
president's proclamation requiring licenses for all imports and    exports,
the Ui  S.  war trade  board  plrirr;   t<
stamp out   completely   all    trading
with  firms of pro-enemy    character
which    are    furnishing   inform.-.:: ������
smuggling supplies, providing credits
or  hoarding  for  post-war    r,,ir:   *
in order to give aid ami comfort    te
Our boys are going " Over the top*"
and into " No man's land" this spring.
No one hns any doubt ol their nudity
to get there. Thero will also be a
spring drive on this side of the ocean,
because March Is the year's ���' blue Monday." It is the most fatal month of lhe
year. March and April is a time when
resistance usually is at lowest ebb. It
is a trying season for the " run.down"
man. But medical science steps in, and
snys, " it need not be "I Vie should
cultivato a love of health, a sense of
responsibility for the care of our bitlies.
Dn not allow the machinery of Ihe body
to clog. Put the stomach and liver iu
proper condition. Take Dr. I'icrce's
Golden Medical Discovery, to be had nt
most drug stores in tablet or liquid
form, tablets fifty cents a vial, composed of native herbs. This put? the
stomach and liver in proper condition.
Yon may be plodding along, no spring,
no elasticity, no vim, but as soon as you
have put the body into its normal physical condition���otled tho machinery,' as
it were ���you will find new vim, vigor
and vitality within you. A little "pep,"
and we laugh and live. Try it now.
Send Dr.Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,
JI. V., or branch office, Btidgeburg.Onl.,
10c. fnt v*i��l pkg. The prime necessity
of life is healtti. With spirit and energy
you have the power to force yourself
Into action. The Golden Medical Discovery is the spring tonic, which you ueed*
W.     N.     U.     1203 THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Be   of   Good Cheer
Victory Follows the. Flag
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
���.''���SNUFF A
It has
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Courtenay Electric Light
THU City of Courteuay is offering for
sale the unsold balance of the above
debentures amounting to $10,000,00,
These debentures are iu denominations
ol $100.00 each and hear inlerest at the
rate of 6 per cent, per aiiuiii, p.-ipnlilc
half yearly. The debentures nre repayable oil tlie .Kith day of May, IW.
They arc offered at 9(1 cents on the
dollar anil accrued interest. This olTcrs
a splendid opportunity to any person
who has nny amount Irom Jliio.oo up
wards to invest same in on absolutely
secure Investment at ii fair rate of interest.
For further particulars apply ot the
Citv Hall.
W, A. w. HAMKS,
City Clerk.
Music Through tt
Mr. Edison's
Be wise in time, and if you are cultivating potatoes, send lo the I-ubli-
cataion Branch, Department Agriculture, Ottawa, for Bulletin No. SO. This
bulletin, which is a popular edltllol
of a more ambitious work, prepared
by the Dominion Horticulturist, Is
calculated to prove an invaluable aid!
to the polato grower, whether amateur or professional, whether cultivating field or vacant lots. It tells how
to prepare the soil, how lo fertilize,
bow to seleel good seed, how to plant,
how to tend the plant, how to prevent
Ihe ravages of insect, pest and fungus
disease, how lo spray, how to dig, and
how to store. A list of the varieties
best suited lo different districts in
every province is also given.
In Italy only one-third of the army
is being maintained on the battle
lines, the official explanation being
that i here la not sufficient food. The
strong Austrian army facing the Italians is said to have .received large
(-.applies from Russia.
To Electric Light Consumers
NOTICH is hereby given thnt -ill tenant consumers of electricity nre required to deposit with the City on or before the 30th day ol April the sum of
Three Hollars under anil by virtue of
the following clause iu By-Law No. _K,
being "The l-'lcctvic Light antl Power
By-Law, 1917."
"15.   The Corporation reserves
the right to demand nnd receive
a deposit of a sum equivalent to
the  Corporation's estimate of the
monthly consumption of electrical energy by the intended consumer belore supplying the premises until all  arrears due  for
electrical energy supplied to such
premises have been paid "
Notice is also given that  no  hills  lor
electricity will be allowed to run  for a
longer period than 60 days,   after wliicli
service will he disconnected.
Dated at Courtenav this  18th  day  of
April 1918.
w. A. w. HAMKS,
City Clerk.
A Ford Car Takes the Place of
All These Things
WHEN you own a Ford you can do away with many
articles that are a source of continuous expense to
the man who still drives a horse. For instance, not
only your driving-horse and buggy, but the single harness,
blankets, whips, currycombs, brushes, horse-shoes,, pitch--
forks, feed-bins, etc.
In their place you have a speedy, dependable, dignified,
roomy Ford Car���complete in itself. It is vastly superior to
the narrow, cramped buggy that travels so slowly. And
when a Ford is standing idle it does not eat three meals a
day, and It requires no "looking after."
A Ford will save you time, trouble, and money. It la the
Utility car for the busy farmer and his family.
Runabout ��� $475
Touring - ��� $495
Coupe ��� ��� $770
S-ylan - - ��� $970
THE UNIVERSAL CAR One-ton Truck $750
With regard to lhe arrangement in-
stituted whereby correspondence of a
private anil family niure can be forwarded from individuals in Canada to
Persons In enemy and enemy occupied territory, through the medium of
Thos. Cook & Son, 530 St. Catherine
Street. West, Montreal, difficulty Is
being caused, owing to persons remitting the charge for forwarding
these letters, 35c, by postage stamps
insted of Postal Note for 30c, with 5c |
In postage affixed therto. The attention to persons sending such cor-
t-esnontlenee Is particularly directed
to this as In future where the charges
are remitted by means of postage
stamps the letters will be returned to
the senders.
Until you have heard the
ew Edison
" The Phonograph with a Soul"
You can have no conception ns to how true to life it really i.s.
The reproducer point fs a genuine diamond, carefully selected
and polished, and the records used are Indestructable and play
for a full five ininiiles each
Write ns now for fitither particulars  of  this new invention
which actually RECREATES music
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right, and
Our Service is Unexcelled
We're going to tell you something about shoes shortly
Parkin Bros.
leafing is now illegal. The recent or-
der-ln-eoiincll declares "all persons domiciled In Canada shall. In absence
of reasonable grounds to the contra;-'',
engage in useful occunatlons." All
tramps, loafers, "sports" and eentle-
men of leisure who hang around poolrooms, picture shows, cabarets, railway stations, steamboat landings,
street corners and other places, with
nothing particular to do. and a reasonable amount of health and
strongth to do It with, please take
More Americans than were killed In
the whole Spanish-American wnr
have already met their death at the
front ln France. This single fact Is a
stern reminder of the nature of the
contest we are now engaged In.���
Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Amsterdam. April 30.���Three of
King Albert's palaces In Belgium
have been converted Into German
hospitals, according to reports received to-day from the frontier. The
1 number of Oerman wounded Is said
to be actually ten times the total estimated when the drive began.
At a meeting of the Cumberland
Exemption Boanl, held in the Council
Chambers on April 23j*d, J. Simpson,
W. T. Brown and James T. Brown, of
Class "A," were granted exemption
until June 1st, on condition that they
lost not more than one working day
per month unless authorized by a
medical practitioner. On Monday,
Ihe 29th April, Wesley Willard,
Joseph Shaw and "Military Representative George Barrass will sit and
consider "B" class. About 20 men
will be called upon to report.
The Cumberland Electric Lighting
Company has purchased the Bevan
Ice Plant from the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., and ara now Installing the machinery In the Electric
Light Building, near No. 6 Mine, just
outside the city limits. Citizens will
be able to obtain ice at any time of
the year In the near future.
On the Information of the city, constable, Wm. Potter was charged ln
the city Police Court on Tuesday
with roaming the stretes without employment. He was found guilty nntl
fined $10 and costs by Police Magistrate McKInnon.
jE* CEmde, Dealer, Courtenay I
Our forces In Trance are making
a new landmark In Canadian history;
they brought   imperishable   glory lo j
j Canada: Ihey tliotl for nn Ideal.    Yet \
I those who died are not dead.    To-day i
their voices call to us above the tur- j
I moll and din of lhe world, and they j
demand of us thnt. we do not turn our
backs and forget   the great sacrifice
which Ihey made for its, but, fight until peace,   based   unon   justice, shall
reign upon Ihe earth.
In the British Columbia Legislature
on Saturday, resolutions were presented that the seats held by Messrs.
. H. Pooley, Lieut. G. H. Hanes, Capt.
W. H. Hayward and Dr. W. .1. Mcintosh should not be vacated owing to
their absence during the entire sen
sion. All these absentee members
will be paid their sessional indemnities of $1,600.
Information has reached the Ixm-
don Dally Express from two independent witnesses who have just left
Germany, that the doctors there-have
heen instructed nol to issue cert.Ifl-
lT!*.RU*,DI*hgiLI"?sLdepan~ gf gf gf g
cntes entitling people over fifty years
old to extra rallons. One of lhe Informants actually knew a man who
applied to a doctor for an extra ration
and was told thnt he had lived his life
and that Germany had no use for
men over military age.
Ice Cream
Barrister and S'olicitor,~Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
Mooring &Mansfield
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds ol repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Re-
frigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenny and Gun bet-land


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