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The Review Jun 3, 1915

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��� ���_���__������_���.. ** *t*********** *********************
Can nnt lie done auy letter, and
not unite m well anywhere elm
hereabouta. Our ty|ie anil machinery is complete anil The Keview
prices ire ri^ht
��� **4*4** ****** ********��<
Clauified Ada.
Mak* your little Wants known
through a t'l_wilie<l Atlverti_ment
In The Keview   .   .   ���   1 hone 59
!_*_______ ___M **m***..
VOL. 3
NO. 27
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R. Biscoe
Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
Fresh  Arrivals
A Fresh Shipment of
the famous
" Fleet Foot"
Tennis and Running
Shoes  have  arrived
We keep them in Men's, Boy's and Ladie's Sizes
See Our Show Windows
Telephone 34
Next Royal Bank
Where  everybody goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacc., Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
$6.00 Per Ton
Deliveredj|in Courtenay
All OrdersJWill Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Local Lines
The action of the school trustees
  in appointing a commission to ex-
Sheriff Trawford and party were  an,:,,e ����e ���chotara looks as though
in town on Tuesday. " rnat nt   �����Mt"��'��u  ���
Mr. Herman Maher, of Nanaimo,
was a visitor in town this week.
Caot. and Mrs. Vigors returned
on Tuesday from a visit to Victoria.
Mrs, lames Knight, cf Campbell
River, was a visitor in town on
Upwards of a ton of wcol will lie
shipped from the Comox Valley
this spring. The price realized is
��� 7 cents per pi. tin 1.
Lieuts. Duuhill and Rid.ey
Thompson, who have beeu in the
hospital for some time, hnve so far
recovered as to be able to rejoin
tlieir regiments at the front.
A writ has been issued again _
V. . Hodgson and G. B. I,eight_n
coat of   whitewash  was  being
prepared for somebody.
The Local Government has decided to give no grant to the Westminster fair this year, consequently
the directors have decided uot to
hold au exhibition this full.
A bell has been placed in the
belfry of Si. John's Church, and
was solemnly dedicated to the service of God by the vicar, at Kevn-
*ong last Sunday, The bell i.s the
gift of a parishioner, an I weighs a
little over 6oo lbs. and has separate
ringing und tolling action.
Annual Strawberry Festival to be
held in the Presbyterian church on
Thursday, Jin; loth. Strawberries and ice cream will be served in
the basement from 4 to 8 p m.,
and after lecture.    Dr. Carrutliers,
'>y A G.~ Read claiming damages ���f A_benii will deliver his splendid
for slander committal at Courtenay ^        ���Tae World>s Go|)(, Ma(,���
md Cumberland.    VV lule tl.e case ,��� the auditorium of the church he.
h sub judlce it is unwise to make ilini    at g 0,clock    g     ial Imjgic
my comments on it. will also ,,e provJdedi   tickets 5o
Ernie Swan   is   an   industrious c.nt��, Children 25 cents.
\'oung man, and his example might  .��.��_���-- ������
The scholars of  Gomox
have each sent a   letter   to
Smith, who is ill in
the Front,    ile was
at the Comox school.
Mrs. U. M. Martin of the Hlk
Hotel, arrived home on Sunday
f o 11 a visit to Seattle.
Rev. F. Frank i. Watson ani. ed
h__e from Denman Islaiii ,-uu-
ilay, having been detained by the
inclement weather
Mr. Wilcox has tlie finest garden
in the district, potatoes and peas
a e full   three feet high.
Mrs. Reynolds shipped 200 boxes
of berries to Vancouver this week.
Services will be held at St.
Peters church, Comox, on Sunday
with profit be emulated by a num-
>er of others in this district, Since
ie disposed of his store last fall he
las cleared, graded and seeded
le v en acres of land. This is more
:liau a number of Coinox ranchers
rave done in a life time.
Pte. Chas, Polley, a nephew of
Mrs. Joyce of this place, who died
ighting for the Empire, was ih
on of a soldier who had served in
he Royal Dublin fusiliers, the
crack regimei.t of the Irish soldiery,
md was one of the first to enlist
vhen the call to arms came las.
Vugust. Tlree of his brothers
are also weariug h King's ni
fo m. Besides these four nephews
VIrs. Joyce has twenty-se.eu other
relatives taking part in this great
a  hospital at
an old  pupil
at St. Peter's Church, Coinox, on
Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
aud at La/.o at 2 p   111.
If Ernest Der went will call on the
Comox Postmoster he will learn
something to his advantage
1 Mr. J. B. Holmes has received a
very interesting letter from his son
who is with Kitchener's army in
Northern France.
Robt. Martin, of Headquarters,
who is slightly indisposed, is stopping with his lather in law, Mr.
i Mr. J. E, Stillwater, chief forest
ranger, will have his headquarters
at Courtehay for a time.
The ladies of Comox are busy
getting ready for their concert tomorrow (Friday) night, in aid of
the Red Cross Fund. The programme promises to be au interesting one, and a large crowd is expected. The dance to follow will
not be tli-least of the  enjoyment.
The first meeting of the Ladies
Auxiliary, of the Comox Hospital,
will be held on Thursday, Time
10th. at the hospital, at 3.00 p, 111.
All the ladies are requested to be
present, as there considerable business of importance to attend to.
Miss E  Wilson,
I       Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. ta.
!    Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Service 11:30.   Even-
, .ng service 7:30 p. m.  AU welcome
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
Is \otm
.an Horn. 4
> ���
Give Her an Electrically^
Stove That
For your wife at last���an all-round electric range that does perfect work in every department of cooking. Just take a minute
to read about it.
At Last.'
The Hughes Electric
Range is the only electrical
oven in the world that actually roasts as well as
bakes. It immediately sears the meats,
thus retaining all flavors and juices. Cuts
down meat shrinkage 25 per cent
Perfect Your wife will tell you that
Baking, irregular oven heat spoils even
thebestkneaded bread. Hughes
Electric Range gives perfectly steady, easily regulated heat, making good light bread,
crisp pies, etc.
Stewing, With the Hughes Electric
Simmering Range, you can get not only
high heat but also low, slow
heat, proper for cooking corned beef, corn-
meal mush, stews, etc. In fact, every
Hughes oven is also a perfect fireless cooker. Get your food hot, turn off the current,
and the retained heat will cook the food.
_-��   1   ��*qg      "wy   i"w_y v>"
No Smoke,    _-The  clean, comfortable
Gas, Soot,'    Hughes Electric cooking has
Ashes. 'captivated the world. Kings,
millionaires, and thousands
of modest homes use the Hughes.
Hughes Electric Ranges
Give your wife more hours of comfort, leisure, and satisfaction' at little or no cost        .
over present methods.  Come see this remarkable range.     .��� |
j For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power Co., Ltd.
Phones: Office 35, Res. R68,
Office: Mill Street
The Mystery
oi the
By Fred M. White
Lock   a\   Co.   Limited
Melbourne  and   Toronto
Coil till
1) know!
^^^^^^^^^^       I sniil,  "it  I
only know!    Why arc clever people I"
often,so foolish_   And why ilo they |''      , .
commit rolltea with Hi' ir oyes wide !���'"" """'
open?    Well,  ii  doesn'i   matter,  tnr
rou will never  know, dear Geoffrey,
how passionately and devotedly I love
.ion.     And   yoll   never,   never   know
when temptation anil Inclination and
opportunity go together.   Ami I don't i
believe    that   anybody   could roBlsl ]
temptation if ho or she were certain I
llul to be found um!"
"I am perfectly Biiro ihey wouldnt'." i
Miulon turned with it stilled cry ou
her lips. Ralph Ravenspur was behind I
lier,   The expression on his i'.-.ce was
wooden and emotionless.
���I hope you have' nol been listening I
to me," she snid reproachfully.
"I have been watching you, or
rather feeling your presence for some
time," Ralph admitted, "I hnve been
hers since thoso young people went
away. But you said nothing; at leasl
nothing I heard until thai bit of worldly wisdom dropped from your lips."
"it was un unworthy thought, Uncle.
"It mlghl  be unworthy cf you, my
dear, but I  fancy it is true. ,,ven tho
very best of people give way to temptation.   Put it awuy from you; don't: space
dwell upon your temptation, or it may       ��� '
get you into temptation."
"My temptation!    Do you mean lo i
sny you know  what it is'.'"
���| do," said Ralph. "Vou are deeply ]
in  love   with   your  cotishi    Geoffrey.
There is wild blood in your veins, and '
Hint  blood   will  out  unless you  keep
your feelings under control. Ah. you
may Stare und look dismayed,  which ,
1  nm  sure you an   doing although I j
innot. see you.    Yes, Ihere is always
lhe temptation to pray that the family !
too   mlghl   remove   \'era   irom   your
A piteous cry cume from  Marlon's
tips.    Who was this man  who knew
so nun.Ii  uud  ri.uld  probe  her secret
soul'.'   Yci he was blind; ho could not I
see.   Wits it  possible thnl somo such I
horrible  thoughts had  crossed  Marlon's mind?   Atrocljus thoughts will
cine lo the best of us unasked tor
"Oh, you ure cruel!" she s
"Perhaps I am,"  Ralph
"You see,  I  live  in a dark
my own  und   I   have  small
the  virtues  of my  fellow
llul   you   are   au   ;
Vcr.i paused, halt ufrald ot betray- certainly   lid rci     And nil Un l"-
Ing   Ralph   Ravciispur's eonlldonco.      cause  ii  bad Beomeil to tlio ilo	
"Only ibis morning you were a bll   nice thai Vera was murked down for
afraid-   Confess It." destruction,  and   lhai   the  tragedy,
"I wus, iieoiT.   I foil Btrange when  the pitiful tragedy, had   n averted.
i awoke In the nlgl.i.   I tell cold nnd      li is hardly possible lo Imagine n
��� llko death when I awoke today, and stato of mind USe this,   And \era had
ih.ii i fainted." divined    the reason  for this gentle
���'lim  vou ure ut, right  now, darl-  gaiety,   She might liuvo told them uu
lllg," lie'ol'f said anxiously. .civility had she chosen to do so, but
"Yes  dear I never tell bettor. Still,  for many reasons she refrained,
it was a strange thing altogether,   ll    she did not even tell ber mothei'.
i wns well  when I  went  to bed, but  In I Wbv draw Ibe veil    side when even a
I lhe  night 1  had a  curious dream     ll    lew hours' pence slood between them
seemed   In   iiie  thai   I   was  lying  half: and  Ibe  terror which  sooner or Inter
asleep with a singular pricking sense-   must  sup  the  reason  of every one
! lion of my lips and lace. And then an   there'.'    Besides,    I'ncle   Ralph
angol eame down and mid some white I pledged her to lhe utuiosl seen
i powder  Of  sull   and   powdered  glass. !     for  once   lluperl
AhuoBl  im dlalelj  lhe pain ceased abandoned
land 1 Blepl again, Then I awoko dm the hei
,nd hmi thai fainting ill. Don't I lug room, where the lnmpligiit biieum
of till
stouy nlr. He si
loin, table lu Hie
ii wus ii (iueer ihingY"        led upon fruit nnd flowers
Ves, nut what had iim dream and | upon priceless china, and
i ui
boyhood behind
he said
myself    by
"Is lhat became
ivt is I shameful]
"Not in the least. Who
the wayward drillings of a
heart'.' And, anyway, your
safe with me."
He fell for Marion's lingei
Ihem   to   his  lips.    Before
could reply he bud drifted
parent ly  feeling bis  way
world of
belief in
ml   I   have
nrlng  your
my see-
can  help
secret  is
1 and put
Iiie girl
way, ap-
^^^^^^^ into space.
And for a long lime Marion stood
there gazing out to sea.
Meanwhile the lovers had forgotten
everything but ibe beamy of the day,
and that the world was for themselves
alone, The ,un shone nfr Ihem, for
theni tlie lilue sea thundered In white
battalions against the cliffs; for them
the lark poured oul its song at the
gate of heaven, and the heather
bloomed on moor and headland,
Tl i y strolled along until tbey tame
to a favored i-pnl where the gorse
(lowered In yellow II os. and the i misled wild thyme was pmigoni under
their reet, Here Qeolfrey threw Himself on the turf and Vera recti 1 by
his Side.
lie could loucll her hands
wiih the little ripples of her
watch   lhe   pliry   of   those   pt'i
lures and look back Ihe love
lu those greal Binrry eyes wa
WllllOlll   alloy.
"All,   me,   If   wc   could   alw
like this!" Vera said.
"Yotl .nd I would I"' hlipt
elro. mi lances," said 0 loffrey
fully.     "Only   I    should   Illy
something of the world
"What, go away and leave me all
alone, 'dearest?"
Geoffrey smile.I al this innocent loom try. Ho touched the smooth satin
cheek caressingly, Vera only wauled
him to disclaim any such Intention
and he knew it, too. There was no deception about the matter, bul they
were none the less nappy for that,
"Of course not," Geoffrey declared.
"t should take you with rue wherever
I went. If we could only get the bar
removed 1 should like to travel, I
should like to see men and cities, and
measure my strength with my fellows.
I should like to go into Parliament.
Ab, if we could only get the bar removed!"
"If we only could," Vera sighed.
"But 1 can't Imagine lhat tbey will
touch us. We are so young and so
Innocent of wrong doing. And yet
this morning���"
W. N. U. 10��
lhe powder lo do wiih It, little girl?" I
"I was coming to that, Geoff. After
I gol beiier i remembered my dream
mid looked al Ihe pillow. You smile,,
thinking thai only a woman would do
lhai. Sure enough there was some. I
trace of gritty powder Ihere, and I !
collected il In ll tissue paper. Directly i
I gol ii to tho light half of it melted;
it   seemed   to   dissolve   in   lighl   like j
water.   And here 11 is."
Vera produced a liny packet from
her pocket and opened it. There were
several grains of some snnrp powder
thero whicli, as Geoffrey held them
In his band, dissolved to nothingness, f
Ills face was very pale.
"Darling, Ibis Is a dreadful thing,"
he murmured, "I fancy-���"
tie paused, fearful of alarming
Vera. He saw Ihe hand of fate In
this; he saw Ibe sword thai was hanging over that beloved young life.
A passion of anger and despair lined him, but for Vera's sake he cheeked the feeling. And ii seemed to him
as it he bad passed in a minute down
a decade of vcars; as if in that brief
he had left Uii
id become a man.
"This must he looked im
sternly.   "Every precaution���"
"Has been taken," Vera said quietly. "We have a protector among us,
dearest. One who is worth all the
precautions put together. Do nol fear
for mo and do not ask me any questions, because I musi not answer
them,   llul i am safe."
Geoffrey nodded. The cloud slowly
lifted from his forehead- Vera was
.speaking of her uncle Ralph and there
wan no reason to ask any questions.
Was It possible. Geoffrey wondered,
that Ralph Ravens] nr had gone to the
heart ot the mystery, thai il was wrap
pod up in liis life, and
eome home to solve it?
But of this he said nothing, lie resolved io lender every assistance,
This vile thing was the work of earthly hands, and earthly Ingenuity could
solve it. Never was ihere cipher invented that was incapable of solution.
Geoffrey drew Vera to bis side and
kissed her passionately. For a little
time she lay in his arms in absolute
content, lier smiling eyes were clear,
but features placid. In any case she
feared no unseen danger. There must
be some greal sheltering power lie-
bind her, or she bad never looked
so sweet and  placid as that.
"1 could not do without yon, darling." Geoffrey said.
"And you are not goin.; to do Without, me," Vera smiled. "There is much
yi l lo be done, but it is going to be
accomplished, dearest. Something
t"lls me thai lhe hour of our freedom
is at hand. And something also tells
me, Geoff, thai you are going to have
a great, deal to" do with it"
nl crystal,
liver from
llie llnosl   workshops  lu  lhe  world,
Grlnling Gibbons   and inigo Jones
had   tolled   III   lhat   dllllllg   ball   as   a
labor of love;   a  famous  master bail I
painted Ihe loves of llle angels on Ibe
roof,   Between lho oak panels were,
by Van Dyck, Cuyp ami ibe i
r tin
ior sor
of his fa vol el
si of Ibeni.    Aud 0V(
vatlts in livery moved
Kavenspur mlghl   havi
arch entertaining soin
II was almost Impossible to believe
that a great sorrow could he brooding
here.   There was eevrythlng that the
heart of the most luxurious could demand,   Strangers mlghl have looked I
on and  envied,    llul  Ihe stalely obi I
man who called all ibis his own would ]
gladly   have   changed   lots   with   the j
humblest hind on the estate,
.Now and then Rupert eame out of
liis reverie and smiled. But his lend-
erest smile and his warmest words
were for Vera, whom lie bad placed
on bis right band. .Now and again
he stroked her hair or touched her
lingers -_i;ntly. Marion watched the'
scene with i\ tender smile on hev lips. |
Only Ralph  Ravenspur  was alien'. ���
He  sat with  his sightless eyes  llxed !
on space; be seemed to be listening !
intently,   listening   lo   something   far
away that could be heard by bis ears
alone-   Geoffrey touched him,
"A penny for your thoughts, Ul
he said.
"Tbey are worth nothing," Ralpli
replied. "And if I sold tbem to you
for a penny you would give all Ravenspur Castle aud your coming fortune
lo be rid of tbem.
lie croaked tills oul in u fierce whisper. There was a ring of pain in his
voiep. that pain which is the suffering
. of ihe soul rather than the body. Yet
that lie bad j be did not relax bis rigid listening attitude, lie might have been wailing
for the unseen  foe.
(To bo Continued)
Short Versus Tall Man
Statistics Show That the Short Men
Have More Staying Powers
Speaking at the loyal Sanitary Institute, London. Dr. I'embrey contended thai the niere measurement of legs
and weight as a qualification for national service liad had its little day. j
It. was weight of brain and proportions j
of trunk thai counted. The short or |
average man had more endurance,
more pugnacity, more responsive power than the average tall man. Quickness of response came from lhe shorter length of nerve: there was .inure
concentration of heal", power. Highlanders were not tall men, as war:
commonly supposed. The Gordons
averaged in height not more than 5
statistics of the pres-
They Stuck to
Their Post
Dyinij Ofliccr antl Blind Pilot in Aeroplane Thwart Enemy's Designs
The heroism displayed i,y a dvlng
army   avialor  and   his   blind   pilot   III
thwarting ibe eneuij forms of Hie
mosl tragic Incidents of lhe war. 'the
aviator, a lleutonaut observer in the
French army, wiih n sergeant us
pilot, as ordered t" locale a Gorman
concealed battery, whose ure bud become  exceedingly  iroublosonio  and
bad  Inflicted eoiisbb ruble damage,
"Win a we arrived gbove Hie German lim s," said the pilot, in relating
the story, 'we were greeted by a per.
feci stor I' shell lire. We I'OBS hid.
er   iu   lhe  direction   of  lhe   village ol
,   where    _e   saw.   not   one.   bin
three batteries.    There ibcy are. the
devils.'   said   the   li< iilenanl,   shaking
Ills lisi  ai  i li < - iii.    Tben. turning towards uie, lie shouli'il, 'Our mission is!
i finished;   half-turn, and   _uic��� nbutil I
it.'    You  lief  I   was  HOI   long  iu  turn- ���
j ing.     Bill   we   ha,|   scarcely   gone 600 |
yards   when   a   lain   of     sbol     began
I harder   Ibau   ever,     The   smoke   on- j
shrouded us so thickly Hun it was im-'
possible   tO   sea   I w only   yards  ahead, j
Out of Ibis hell  |��o  Acre' endeavoring ;
| to rise when nn   .hell, belter directed
jthan the others, luirsi jusi above our
beads with a lei'l'lflc crush.
"For II niolll Mil 1 believed llllll. 1I1.V
brain  had  hurst.    Al. Ibe    .line lime I
experienced a sickening sensation,
Then Hie dense fog shut al llhc surrounding objects from view. Despite
my pain I kepi the machine al the
same height ill order In avoid projectiles, which were becoming scarcer.
'Arc you all right, mon lieutenant?' I
Shouted, lint received no reply. Believing thai be bad nut heard, 1 repented tbe question, this time opening
my eyes, but not only did 1 receive
no reply, bul 1 saw nothing but
blackness all aroir.i I inc. Two minutes later the lieutenant called out,
'Look out, man. co up, go up.' Quickly I twisted, raising ihe plane so
quickly thai lhe machine shot up, at.
the same lime learing away the
weather vane from a steeple on which
the machine bad just escaped destruction, 'Thank you, inon lieutenant,' I
said, 'you must e.xct so me, but I cannot see.'
"'But you are wounded'.'' 'Yes.' he
answered, 'I fear seriously.' Then,
seeing I was turning my bail; on our
lines, he said, '.Make a. half turn to the
left. More to lhe left still. Thai'
right. Straight ahead now.' Soon
a fresh bail of bullets warned nie that
we were again above Ihe Genua i
lines. Three minutes later ihe voice
of the observer called. 'That'.', il. Here
we are. I see our men down there
waiting for US. Shut, off the spark
and volplane gently down.' I beard
��� no more, but soon after, at the end
I of a spiral, our landing wheels grated
on the ground."
There was a murmur among the
bystanders, who were looking at tho
handsome, strong pilot deprived of his
sight for ever, and Ihe lifeless body
of Ihe lieutenant, who had just
breathed his last, and thoy groaned In
pity. But tho pilot, turning bis pale
face and sightless eyes towards them,
said, with a resigned gesture, "All 1
regret is that I cannot do it again."
High Prices
For Horses
Vouchers Show Fancy Prices Paid by
Government to Horse Buyers
The manner hi which _. Hewlti
Poster, Conservative member fui
Kings, N-S.i purchased horses for the
tlrst contingent on behalf , f the guv
ernr.ieut, "without   remuneration   if
indicated by cheques and vein ber-'
submitted   as   records   iu   the   public
accounts committee,    These record!
promise fo form Hid basis for an In
unify- which will bave re,nils as inter
eating as those of the inquiry lain tin-
purchase Of medical supplies In whicli
10. Powell, a drug clerk, and bis en
ployer, w. _ Garland, ai.p. for .uric
Ion, are involved.
Purchasing agents for lhe gOVOl'll
ment were supposed to buy horse-
dirocl from the fanners so us to auvi
ibe extra    middleman's profit,   The
cheques   contained     in     the     record
above referred to show that Mr. Foster acted nd lho purchasing agent nnd
lhai he made purchases through mid
dlomon ciioBen from ainpug his own
.Mr. Foster issued lhe gov
Cheques In Ihese men upou
i which Ihey charged. Fom
and I wenty eight horses in
purchased, most, of them In
i ft. 7.   in. Bven __
They came back at length up lhe ent war showed that "line men do nol
slope leading lo the castle. And Ihere ; resist disease and wounds." so oi'l'ec-
Ralph came upon tbem in his own I tually as the shorter or more com-
noiseless, mysterious fashion. He pact men. In marching and shooting
clung to them until Vera had entered ] and staying powers
lhe bouse and then led Geoffrey to the | all  on  II"'  Bids  Of
"There is nobody within earshot of i His "Name'
the figures were
lhe shorter mem
us?" he demanded.
5 In
sured him that there
I was impressed with the
of his uncle's manner, lie
-ecu   him   so   moved   be-
��� anything I can tlo for
was mil.    II
had   never
"Is     lliere 	
you'.1" lie asked.
"Much." was tin- whisperei
"If you arc In,id and  resolute."
"I am. I am. I would toy down my
life as lhe martyrs of old did, lo solve
the mystery."
"Ah," Ralph said, In a dry. croaking whisper. "1 fell sn.l'c I could trust
you. There is a great, danger and it is
near, la thai danger I want a pair of
eyes.    Lend nie yours."
''Dear uncle, I will do anything you
"Oood. I like Hie ring in your
voice. Al half-past eleven tonight I
will come to your room. There 1 will
confide iu you. Till then absolute
Another Stroke in the Darkness
Contrary to the usual custom, there
was almost a marked cheerfulness at
Ravenspur the same evening The
dread seemed to have lifted si _htly.
though uobc.dy could say why, even
if they ca?ed to analyze, which they
A young spark, notorious for his
conceit, was boasting In Ihe presence
of several gentlemen about ihe conquests which he had gained over the
female heart.
"Look," saitl be, "here's a handsome present I had from my last
Inamorata," nl tho same time handing
round a beautiful cigar case.
All admitted the article, which had
an indorsemenl of its quality stamped
upon it.
"Very  nice gift,"  remarked ono of
the company,    "I perceive your ladylove even had your name put on the
| case."
"Well, that's queer," answered tho
i boaster.   "I never noticed It."
"Look   again."  rejoined  the  candid
one- '"The case is distinctly inarke
| 'Real calf.' "
A   number  of  Irish   soldiers   were
burying German dead.   Suddenly nut
, of the trench came a voice, "I voss
not   dead!"    The    soldiers   stopped
shovelling and looked to the sergeant
! for instructions.   "Go ahead," snid the
i sergeant.    "Yez can't believe n word
i those bloomln' Germans say."
Australia spent. ..100,010,000 In
building and purchasing railroads
throughout the country, while New
Zealand spent ?_70,000,000 ror tli3
same purpose. Both countries went
In for government ownership because
private capital could not be induced
to open up the newer and less fertile
tlisl riets. Unfortunately, operating
costs have risen out of ull proportion
to the revenue, owing to the fact that
, the railway employees are able lo coerce  the  government.    Tho  country
i faces a deficit each year, which instead of diminishing is continually on
the Increase, lu brief, the Australian
government is face to face with a serious situation In tonne.tiou with its
railroad policy.
tho price
all were ^^^^^
the constituencies ot Air. Foster
himself, of A- L. Davidson in Annup
olis. and of II. B. Treniaiu In Hants,
ll few only being purchased In Hall-
lux. Tbey cost ihe government
$77,004, or an average price of
The cheques were signed hy Mr.
Foster and ,l. V. Ward, u veterinary.
Cheques were issued to W .P. McKay
of Ottawa for the amount of $10,630.
Mr. McKay is secretary lo John Stan
field, chief whip for the government
In the commons.
Furl her cheques were issued under the same hand to F. B, Keever,
a personal friend and bulsuess rela
tion of Mr. Foster, for the amount of
*_4.415. Other cheques were issued
lo T. C. Woodsworth of Halifax, for
$21,784, and (o Walter Moore of
Kent ville, M.S., for $3,600.
In other words, Mr. Foster was appointed lo purchase from the farmers
for the government, but he appointed
four of his friends to do the purchasing and Issued the government
cheques, uot for lhe prices paid te
Ihe farmers, but for the prices charged ny his self-appointed purchasers.
The average price paid for the
lorses as Indicated by lhe amount of
he cheques issued to these four men
s considerably in excess of lhe prices
laid for horses in other parts of east,
���in Canada, For instance, Ibe aver
ige price paid in Ibe Ottawa division was $157.09; in Toronto divl-
iloii No. S 11 was $150,30; in Ibe London division $160.70; in Quebec divl
sion $174.20; in Kingston and Toronto
division $165.45; in Toronto division
No. 6 $164.94; No. 7 $166.52-; No. C
$167.39; No. il, $171.29.
The price paid )>;��� the government
lo Mr. Foster's purchasers was
$184.50, which Is ten dollars a horse
higher than (be highest. average
price paid elsewhere, and $34' a horse
higher than the lowest average. It
Is easy to see. therefore, bow Mr.
Foster purchased the horses "without
remuneration." Unfortunately, the
government did not benefit by his
free services.
It is stated that many of the Nova
Scotia horses purchased in this band
were afterwards condemned at Val
earlier, and wero among tha 400 odd
Whicli were sold at auction at Quebec
at. prices ranging something over
Neck and  Nu.
Mrs.  YoUilgbl'ido���1   wani   lo  get  a
hat  for my husband.  It's a surprise
for him.
Clerk -What   lize   madam'.'
Mrs. Y.���Really'I forgot to Iind out.
But he wears a 16 collar, so I suppose
he'd want 20 or _12 in a bat, wouldn't
A clergyman, who was not. averse tc
an occasional glass, hired an Irishman
to clean out his cellar. The Irishman began his work, lie brought
forth a lot of empty hotlels, and as
iie lifted each one be looked through
it. at the sun. The pi .at her, who was
walking on the lawn, saw him, and
said: "Tbey are all dead ones. Pat."
"They are!" saitl Vat. "Well, Ihero is
wan good thing about if, Ihey ;
the minister Wld tin-in whin tbe
A Reasonable Theory
Ross- No;   we  have all    th.
we need.
Laborer���Seems   like,     you
11 had
lake one mora,
I'd do.
the little bit of work
Weak Heart
^^H^ Granulated Eyelids.
Eyes inflamed by expo-
��iu e to Sun, Dust and Wind
quickly relieved by Murine
Eye Remedy. No Smarting,
just Eye Comfort. A��
Yott. Driiggtit - 50c per Bottle. Murine Eye
SslvcinTubea25r. ForBsokellkeEyeFreeask
Pruggists oi HarlneEje Remedy Ci.,Cblc<|��
Met Her Match
A party of tourists were going
through a small town, having lhe time
of their lives, laughing and joKlng.
One of them thought 'she wotud have
some fun, and called a little girl -landing near. "Arc there any shows in
town?" To which the little girl answered, "Only tbe oue you people arc
A man may be lonesome because
other men are particular about their
Many people suffer from weak hearts.' They
may experience shortness of breath on exertion,
pain over the heart, or dizzy feelings, oppressed breathing
after meals or their eyes become blurred, the heart is not
sufficiently strong to pump blood to the extremities, and
they have cold hands Sna feet, or poor appetite because of weakened
blood supply to Uio Ftr.maoh. A benrt tonic and alterative should be taken which has
no bad ifter-elfcct.  Such is
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
which contains no dangerous nnrootlos or alcohol.
It helps the human system in the constant manufacture of rich, red blood. It
helps the stomach to msimiiato or take up the proper elements from the food, thereby
helping digestion and curing dyspepsia, heart-burn and many uncomfortable symptoms, etops excesaive tissue wa_e in convalescence from fevera; for the rundown, antemic, tbin-blooded people, the "Discovery" ia refreshing and vitalizing.
In liquid ar ttbltt form ei mast drat st*r*s er und SO one-cent
ttampifer trial box t�� Dr.Pieree't Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
.'-____���}__��� I     1
i, a��___ *s ��_����. ^^tW
R..J Chaster VII oa Clreulate nr Oraaai la tba "Medical A<_ U _'
bound book cf 1008 tt*f _____* __�� reealpt oW eae-caat iiian. n
���*__ii____lflf>f,n_nnn _iii__i_i_M j Weddings Without Grooms
The Wretchedness Fre
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome (>y
Purely vegetable
��� act surely and
jntlly nn the
liver. Cure
Di_i-     . ���,,��� ....    ._
jet:. and lodigeaU'on.   They do llieir duly.
Small Pill, Small Done, Small Price.
Genuine muitbeu Signature
__>___.  __, .
Union Mad
neb     Bill     Will     Aid   Soldiers  at
Front to   Marry
'Ih;   French  senate  has  passed  a'
| bill unthorlKlUE soldiers at the front
to  binrry   tvitttoul   being  presenl  at
. the ceremony,   All thai is needed to
I legalize ti union of thia l.iml is tor
ihe soldier lo presenl n written decision of his desire und of the consent
of the woman, This bill will now col
befon the chamber of deputies and
there seems little doubl that ii will I
; bo passed   in   case tho husband Is '
killed  after expressing a  desire  to'
marry end the ceremony is actually
legalized  lhe  wife and children  will
enjoy the ci\ ii rights of Inheritance |
which they would have if the husband \
; hud lived.
Mui'rlugo in franc" is u complicated process and even today "children"!
21 i" 30 years of age must have the
consent of parents lo marry or they
must wall for ihirtj days after their
parents have been officially notified,
lim in. Senator ITorriot, ibe famous
uiaynr ot License, made 11 clear thai
one does  liol   liaVO  lo nSll   Ibe i oliseiil
; of ihe mother of a mail ol _s hel'oro j
BendliiR him to the front, ho succeed-1
��� ed in Introducing an nmendraeiil r ������
: during the period oi notification lo LB
I .ench Jurlsls seem to llilnli Hint
1 tills  new  bill,  If il   is  passed  by  lho
) _
1 '      TORONTO OUT " '
Sidelights Upon the Czar
���re   mutii.     ���.i  ur_i����� mamqiiip ' till*   lew   bill,  ll   ll    S  PttSBOd   by   lilt
,11, (Jl'Al.lli    in  WO ll_M A N_l 111   i   i       ,        . i,, ,    ,   .   ,      i.���
din" tiiiT'i'd chamber, will jo ibe llrst sie|i in Blm-
" ' 'J     "nela^nuiounns, teiKl^Kfi
���;.(,. i.oN(i _ CO., i.iMiiKi), iorontoi nm,,!,, lmioIls B0 tha) lh(, women in
/ , i such  eiiseii  will  enjoy   lhe  benefits
. HI Al,
,1 them U_
I which Hie slate accords
r_ Ih ��� mobilized men.
to Ibe wives
.  ,'A '. ��� I -.���.. I i I I'.IC.SKIM KKlll- in.NS.rll Is,
FR��_ ��� Ml,11 I ll, UKDIOAI, lli'iil. OH
.   .isaiei _l ivii.'.i.KPi'i i, i i Kis  _.n_il I,,
-~- '    ~ ���   "     " -;ili,l,l..,iil,.|,.i
)he rnrnndr for voi i
No __U���w u. circuit
W_   WANI    l_   Flttr
il i:
____!.n_tv FRee
aolilltfatloiii. int. i.rct.f i'c
<U_L _.___   tut.
Children Teething
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Turin .;., Lupus ciir_il without knur ur i
pain. AlhvorItifuar_nteed, O^bomJ
Mrs. Wisencighbour Says
"I should have told you the other
day when we were BpeuUing ot
quite its necessary to have an Indurated Fibrewi.re Tub in which
to wash the clothes, If you Want
lo make a success ot wash day."
Mrs. Newlywed _ays
"I've often I eard of EDDY'S
What's   ihe     differeneo     between
fibre and  woodeuware?"
made from compressed libre baited
at extreme heat. All in one solid
piece.' Cannot warp or fall apart
No chance of splint' s. Weai
longer, look better nnd are ver
light to handle. The latter point
should always be a matter of eon
sldernliou when buying ltltohet
utensils," conclude:! Mrs. Wise-
Thorn i�� mora catarrh m mis seotlon
i nf the country lhan nil other dlsnases !
pul my. ther, and unin inn lust lew
yenrs was sunposod l�� i>" Incurable,
For ii great inntiv years doptore pro-
iiiiiiuii.il it a local dlscimo and prescribed
local romedlos, ami by conslantly f.alllng
in cure wbb local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Science has
proven  Cntarrii  u,  be  n  constitutional
I disease, nnd therefore requires oonstltu-
j tional treatment, Hall's Catarrh Curt-,
manufactured   by   l'.  .1.   Cheney   _  Co.,
| Toledo, Ohio Is Un, only Constitutional
cure on the market. It Is taken Intern-
ally   In   doses  from   10  drops   Id  a  toa-
| spoonful II nuts directly on tho blood
nml  mucous  surfaces    of    tin-  system,
i Tiiey offer one hundred dollars ror any
case ll fulls lo cure.    Bend for circulars
I and  testimonials,
Address:   P.   J.   C1-I_N-Z   _  CO.,  To-
! t,-ilo,  Ohio
SoM by Druggets,  7i_.
���1'irlie Hall's  Family lJIUa fnr constlpa-
Not  Extraordinary
The following slory is attributed to
a famous Scots colonel'.
A. young subaltern of his own nationality was one duy on guard will)
another    officer   at   Gibraltar, when
the   lultlo, fell over the rock and wns
; killed.   The subaltern, however, made
i uo mention  of the  accident   in    his
I guard report,   but left the addendum,
i "Nothing extraordinary since    guard
mounting,'   standing   without  qualification.    Some    hours afterward  the
general    came    lo demand    explanations.
"You sny, sir. In your report
'Nothing extraordinary since guard
mounting,' When your fellow officer
has fallen down a rocky precipice
four hundred feet deep and h..is been
"Well, general." replied Lieutenant
Sandy, slowly. "I dinna think there's
anything extraordinary In that. If he
had faun doon a precipice four hundred feet deep and not been killed,
i should ba' thocbt it extraordinary
and put it doon in tne reporl."
Duke   of   'oini,uiqlit   and   Mr.   Guild
Give  Views  to Ottawa
A feature of a recenl meeting ot
llie- t'limiiliiiu club ul Ottawa, when1
Hmi. Curtis iliillil of Boston, former
United Stales ambassador to Russia,
spoke, wero a few personal sidelights
upon ihe Bmperor of Russia by his
near relative, Ills Uoyul Highness the
Duko  of t'onmiughl. i
The Duke referred lo two visits he
had made to Russia, suiting that hei
had been impressed by the solidarity
of her  people, and  spoke  wllh great {
affection of the Czar,   He described
him as a simple-minded, lovable mar.,
possessed  Of attributes  which  would
appeal to Canadians, and   exp_.ssed
the view that the war would cement I
together  the  Itussian  empire.
The lion. Mr. cinilil, in his address,:
declared that Great Britain had never j
acted    more    wisely than    when Blm |
abandoned her   historic   policy   of:
hostility   to     Hussia     nnii   made     a
friendly union in the common cause I
of civilization In the Par _ast.   llel
(raced the marked moral and material progress of modern Hussia, made!
Ilghl  of the i__ nlled  Slav  peril, and
proclaimed the   undivided loyally of
the people to their ruler   lie praised
Russian efforts In advancing civilization,  and  said    the  emblem  of  the
country was no longer the bear, suggestive of barbarism, but the eagle,
emblematic of peace and progress.
A pleasing event was the presentation to Mr. Guild of a cigar case
bearing his monogram by the officers of the 43rd Regiment ot Ottawa.
It was in recognition of courtesies
extended to the corps when it. visited
Boston some years ago, when Mr.
Guiid was governor of Massachusetts.
Prince Smokes With Mon
Future   Kiny   Hands   Around   His   Tobacco Pouch to Men
Reports from ill fronl stale tli it
the Prince of Wales i- continually iu i
the ireiiches annum.-1 tho Tommies,
with whom in- does uoi hesitate lo
sliari ihe contents of his lobac '0
pouch. In ihis he Is only following
in his father's footsteps, as many nu
old iiluejackei could relate
Many years ago the presenl linn
was ll II, iiienanl on hoard II.M.S.
Alc.\ii'i,l'':i. ui thai time (lying lho
lie.; of. Ius uncle, the late I) ute of
Eldlnburgli, conimandcr-ln-chlvl nt
the Mediterranean fleet Prlnci
George, ns he wus then, wns very,
fond of seeing, nud never missed an
opportunity of tailing the gunroi in
officers nwny on u Bcliilng excursion,
on one such occasion, somewhere
round the Grecian Archipelago, the
culler Hns lying alongside full up
with ihe young bloods of the gunroom
of whom if I remember rightly, the
presenl .'In -Admiral Sir David neatly was one
The "blood boat" i.Iully boat) was
lying astern with the seine net neatly
colled down oil grating llxed over lb"
sici'ii'shoois, all ready for easting us'
goon as the boats reached shore,
lllverylhlng wns ready, and the party
only waited for the Prince, when the
coxwnin of the cutter weni running
up the accommodation ladder evident
ly with the Intention of going inboard; ai the top of tho ladder he ran
into the Prince, just coming out.
"Hullo."   said    the    future    king, |
"where are you going?" ".lust to gel
my pipe and baccy, sir." replied the
petty officer.   "Oli, wc can'l wall for
that   now,"   replied     Prince    George, '
"everybody is ready." Then seeing 111 --
look of disappointment on the men's
face, be  put his  hand   in  Ills pocket
and   pulled   OUI   his   cigar  case,   with,'
"Help   yourself   oul   of    Ihis."    And!
now, apparently,    the present Prince
of Wales  is  lining  exactly  the same
kind of thing:
This is but one ef the m.iny
letters wc are ci nstantly receiving
(runt people, who l'.i^o proved llie
healing powers of _ooi-Dult, Pot
edema, piles, sores, burns, cuis
__3 and all (kin troubles there i<
nolhlng llko this wonderful balm,
9 No siiin disease should be i in*
g sldercd Incurable until ���'-' ' '��� -
:3 bal been tried.
/_ Druce'nts,
Ilcfusa Substitutes,
-Irs. S. 13. Laurie. Grafton Out.,
writes: "1 have used Baby's Own Tablets ever since my baby wns two
weeks old and would not be without
them as I consider them the lest
medicine In the world for lit tie oiie_."
What. .Airs. Laurie says thousands of
other mothers say. Simply b-icause
they have found the Tablets safe and
sure and pleasant for the little ones
lo tuke. They are sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 2.", cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' .Medicine Co.,
Irockville, Ont.
Ill   Al   ii    >'.'   Cutter'*  Blacking  I'illi     In
Lfl/rlVIl.    l,iii,-il. __li. ivlljl,lr; !,____ 1,1  ,
Wanton) Btocxnion liwmwfi Ihey pro-
w ��� m __>    t��t    whom   oilier    vaccina    loll,
1    t _T        W'lte, ror __|_. ami t_Uu_iilo.li.
A     V* 9 m    lo-ilow okin. Blackleg Pino ji.on
l___L_l\_S>   on do- ok... Blaokitg i'illi  -I.oo   ,
Tun nnv Injeelor. bill Olltttt's MKi
Tlio superlorl .  of Cutter products ll illlo In over to
tun et spoclatulnit In vaccines anil serums only.
Insist on Cuttor'o.    U iintUUtnnlile. orilir illifi.
THE  CUTT-B   LABORATORY,  Berkeley.  California,
The British government has
brought the greater part of the crop
of natural indigo now coming forward,
for dye users in the United Kingdom.
This step was taken in order to mitigate the effects of a shortage of in-
.Ilgo for dyeing purposes and to pro-
vent any speculative holding up of
natural indigo.
An ignorant fellow had been persuaded to buy a thermometer by a
gllb-tongued salesman, and a few
days later lie came hack with it complaining that it didn't give satlsl'ac-
"What's the matter with It," asked
llie clerk.
"Ah, diiiino. bul il ain't mail, no
difference   round   mall   place.    Sonic
Corns ami warts disappear
treated with liolloway's Corn
without leaving u scar.
A tourist in Scotland came lo a
wide ferry. It wus stormy, and
the wind was constantly increasing.
The Scotch ferryman agreed to take
lhe tourist across, but told him to
wait until lie had first taken a cow
over. When he had returned and
started across with the traveller, the
latter became curious. "Will you lell
me why you took the cow over and
made me wait?" he asked. "Weel,
now." exclaimed the ferryman, "ye
see, the coo wur valuable, so I feared
Hi' wind wild increase so th' boat
might upset on th' second trip."
Khaki is so popular in Paris just
now that its wear is becoming general among civilians. A shop in the
Boulevard ties Catipcines advertises
"Chiinese (iunelle khaki Anglalse, 12
francs," mid naturally reaps the reward of enterprise.
loo In
am loo cold an' odder
Applied in
5 Seconds
Sore, blistering feet
-, . . from corn - pinched
(jlllf'K toes can be cured by
scfUlVIY Putnam's Extractor in
U hours. "Putnam'-" soothes away
that drawing pain, eases instantly,
makes the foet feel good at once. Get
t 25c bottle of "Putnam's today.
W. N. U. 1049
I was cured of Aeule Bronchitis bv
Bay of Islands. .]. M. CAMPBELL.
I was cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Springhlll, N.S.    WM..DAN1ELS.
1 was cured of Chronic Rheumatism
Albert Co., N.B. C,_0. TlXi.ll,ICY.
"_ o ynu are going to be married,
.Mary'.'"     ���
"Yes. ma'am, and I'll be leaving you
next Tuesday."
"Well. I hope you aro getting a good
"If he ain't any belter than the one
you've got, 1 won't keep him long."
A telescope witli two parallel
barrels, to permit two persons to see
Ihe same object at the same time,
has been Invented by a Swiss oetlc-
Some Hard Knocks
Woman Gets Rid of Habit
The injurious action of lea and coffee on the hearts of many persons is
well known by physicians to be caused
by caffeine. This la the drug found
by chemists in  tea  i nil  coffee.
A woman suffered a long time with
severe heart trouble and finally her
doctor told her she must give up coffee, as that was the principal cause of
the trouble.    She writes:
"My heart was so weak it could not
do ils work properly. .My husband
would sometimes have to curiy me
from the tablo, and it would sceni that
1  would never breathe again.
"The doctor told me that coffee was
causing the weakness of my heart. He
saitl I must slop it, but it seemed 1
could not give il up until I was down
in bed with nervous prostration.
"For eleven weeks I lay there and
suffered. Finally husband brought
home some Postum and I startel
new and right. Slowly I got well.
Now 1 do not have any headaches,
nor those spells with weak heart. We
know it is Postum that helped me.
The Dr. said the other day: 'I never
thought you would be what you are.'
I used to weigh 92 pounds and now I
weigh 158.
"Postum must be prepared according to directions on pkg., then it has
a rich flavour and . 1th cream is fine."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co-, Windsor. Out. Read "The Road
to Wellville" in pkgs.
Postum comes in  two forms:
Regular Postum���must be well boiled.   15c and 25e packages.
Instant Postum���is a Boluble powder. A teaspoonful dissolves quickly
In a cup of hot water and, with cream
and sugar, makes a delicious beverage
instantly.   SOc and 50o tins.
Roth kinds are eriually delicious and
cost, per pup about the same.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
��� sold  by  Crorers.
I Never Want to
Be Without Them
Alberta   Lady   Feels   It   Her   Duty   to
Tell   Her  Friends  of  the   Benefit
She  Has  Received  From
Dodd's Kidney Pills
Faith, Alberta.���(Special) "1 never
want to be without Dodd's Kidney
Pills," so snys Airs. A. Averon, one
of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of this place.
"I am an old lady, sixty-eight yours
of age." Airs. Avei'i.n continues, "and
had Kidney trouble for twenty years.
My heart botheredime, my muscles
would cramp, and my back ached.
Neuralgia was added to my troubles.
"Dodd's Kidney Pills are the only
medicine 'that have helped me and I
cannot recommend them too highly.
I feel it my duty to tell my friends
what Dodd's Kidney Pills did for ine."
Dodd's Kidney Pills are the favorite
remedy of the old folks. They cure
the Kidneys which are the first of the
organs of tho body to feel the strain
of years. By curing the Kidneys
Dodd's Kidney PIUS ensure pure blood
and pure blood gives renewed energy
ull over the body. That's why tbe
old folks say "Dcdd's Kidney Pills
make me  feel young again."
German People to Eat Less
The people of Germany are being
instructed to eat !c--;
Tbey   are   bl ing   told   tbat   to   e.tt
more than aitfflclenl Is a sin against
the Fatherland! Also that eery
child who dies of hunger dies for ths
Olher measures advocate I ti   has
hand the country's supplies Include
The culture of 20,000 Bquare '.,
metres of unused  moorland  by  :. ���
addition of suitable manures;  cm ������
musi   be fed  with fodder at  presea
too little considered, such as beech
mils, acorns, and green stuff: garden
ami   wild   iriiils    inu.-i   _   carefully
stored; foodstuff;! must no longer be
used    for   technical    purposes���e.g..
march and spirit  from grain and  P"-
tatoes, sna|i from fet���except  in so
far as Ihis cannot be avoided."
Owing to the lack of fodder, t e
number ol pigs and milch cows are
to be reduced; the pig. It is complained, is lhe greatesl tood competitor of man.
Only 2,000,000    cows    need be 8"
rid of, but the inns musi be d ���     ���     I
by 9,000,000.
Miller's Worm Powders act mill y
and without injury to the child, and
there can be no doubt of their deadly
effect upon worms. Tbey hare been
lu successful use for a long time and
ure recognized as a leading preparation for the purpose. They ha."
proved their power in numberless
cuses nud have given relief to thou*-
amis of children, who. but for the good
offices of this superior compound,
would have continued weak and enfeebled.
A Much-Discussed Man
Bismarck said in 1891: "I pity the
young' man; he is like lhe foxhound
that barks at everything, that smells
at everything, that touches everything, and that ends by causing complete disorder In Uie room in which
he is, no matter how large it may be.''
Without naming any more names, ono
may i|iiote also Wolf von Schierbraud
-"'lie possesses a smattering of nearly everything in the wide domain of
niinmn knowledge, due lo his quick
perception and his retentive memory.
If fate had not placed him on the imperial throne, he would have bad the
stuff for u good journalist In him
But his often fatal mistake is to assume that in knows everythin .; that
the little he has been able to pick
up about the sciences, uiiliatry loi'o,
literature and art is all there Is
worth knowing about these innllii''-.
ami thai he must direct and guide
ivory s,n._t(l Uiat comes undo.' hi-
personal observation." The subject of
Ihis paragraph is not, however, to be
dismissed as a superficial man. Risking l?se ma.vste, he is the most gifted anachronism of the 20th century.
���From  Collier's   Weekly..
Conquers Asthma.���To be relieved
from the terrible suffocating due to
asthma is a great thing, but to be
safe-guarded for the future is even
greater. Not only does Dr. J, D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy briug
prompt relief, but it introduces a new-
era of life for the afflicted,. Systematic
inhaling of smoke or flumes from the
remedy prevents re-attacks and often
effects' a permanent cure.
The late Sir William Eden was the
bolder of two baronetcies. One of
them is usually described as that of
"Eden or Maryland, U.S.A." The
barouetcv was created in December,
177C, some five months after the
American Declaration of Independence. Thus, though now styled "of
Maryland, U.S.A." it was at lirst
.tantamount to a declaration that
Maryland remained a Ilritish colony
and that the U.S.A. did not exisi!
Railway surveys are being pushed
ahead In Russia notwithstanding the
war. The cabinet lias recently allocated a credit of $1,600,000 to the preliminary works for the construction
of a railway from Kein to Kola, on
the Arctic Ocean. It has also authorized a credit for the preliminary
works iu connection with the building
of lines from Hie region north ot tiie
Arehangi .-Vtilogna railway to a point
which will be selected as a port, in a '
government of Archangel.
Liniment   Relieves   Neu-
"So you missed your train hy just
a minute, llow was thai; was your
watch slow?" j
"No, my feet."
Inflamed and Were Sore/ Some
Nights Could Not Sleep. _ Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment
Healed Within a Month,
siiaw Brook, Moncton, . . If.���"Some
1imu ago there wen? son: broke out ou my
facts ami anus. They appeared like tittle
pimples and itched Intensely
and wero all red and inflamed-
liko and were sore, lt cau_d
tt-hlng and burning and _ 'mi
nights I could not sleep.
"1 took a treatment to r.o
avail. I tried   Ointment,    ���������'    Salvo    and
rubbed on them anil
they were getting worse. The trouble
lasted for nearly a month. So I thought I
would try Outlcura Soap and Ointment. I
would wash the sore; with the Cuticura
Soap and iben rub Hie Cuticura Ointment
on. Two application gave me relief. Tha
Bores began to dry up ami within a month
I was cured without a scar left." (Signed)
Miss Clara Aukclelle, July 8, 1014
Samples Free by Mall
��� Iu selecting a toilet soap why not procui.
ono i)o:��(_.lng delicate emollient propertl.
sufficient to allay minor irritations, remove
redness ami roughness, prevent pore-clogging, sofion and sooiho sensittvo conditions,
nud promotoskin and scalp health generally?
Such a soap, combined wiih lho purest of
saponaceous Ingredients and most fragrauo
and refreshing of flower odors, Is Cuticura
Soap. Outlcura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are sold by dealers throughout tho
world. Liberal satnplj of each nulled froo,
with 32-D. llook on tbo treatmou: of akin
aud sealp troubles, Address po_ ___
"Outlcura, Dopi. l>, lioston, V. s. A." THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   l'ubislit-il
Courtenav, li. 0,
N. II. BODBN, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription 11.60 per Year in  Advance
Telephone 59
-111'KSHAY, JUNK -. 1915
Oh, no Mr. Idiens, we did no
for one moment either think, say <>'
mean lo insinuate ilmt you were il
real estate "sucker," The'stick"
en" was nt the olher md of the
string. Wc trust this apolopy will
be sufficient io ind lice you to with-
dinw your tin ent to me us for libel,
There semis to le uii epiheinic
of "lnwsuilitis" in and about Conrt-
linv. The ex'Editor of tlie Herald
has two on liis hands, and thc
Editor of this paper is threatened
with a libel suit. Now, if someone
is not very careful we will have to
cuter nn action against Ihcm for
calling us a "rubber stamp."
range and is so thorough in its
contents that the best advice thai
can be given is that application Le
at onee made for it to the Publication Branch, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, whence it will be
forwarded free.
As showing the diversity of tlie
inforiiia'ion supplied, it i.s worth
while to state tbat in addition to
tin? report of results nt the Central
Experimental Farm, reports are
given of developments in growth,
I cultivation aid care of vegetable?,
fruit, plants, flowers and trees, and
of tlle methods followed, at Prince
Edward Island, Oharlottetown,
Kei tville and Noppan, Nova
.Scotia; Frederlcton, New lirun_-
wick; Ste. Anne de la Poccttiere,
Oap Rouge and I.ennoxville, Brandon, Quebec; Manitoba, Indian
Head, Kostheiu and Sc.lt, Lethbridge, .Saskatchewan, l.acombe,
Fort Vermilion aud Oiouard,
Alberta and Agassi/., Invermere
aid Sidney, B, C.
Experiments in Horticulture
Director J. II. Grisdale, of the
Dominion Experimental Farms, expresses the hope in a letter to the
Minister of Agriculture, that Bulletin No. 82, of the Division of
Horticulture, just issued, will be of
material aid to the Canadian farmer.
The contents certainly warreut expectation of fulfilment ot the hope.
The Bulletin is one of 88 pages and
has teen prepared by Mr W. T.
Macoun, Dominion Horticulturist
aud the Superintendents of the
Branch Experimental Farms and
Stations. It tells the story of results
experimentally achieved in all parts
of the country, and under varying
conditions, in the cultivation of
every species of vegetable, every
variety of fruit and of many descriptions of trees, plants and
flowers. At this juncture it is interesting to look back at conditions
in the corresponding period of last
year. While unfavourable for early
crops, 1914, we are told, was on
the whole favourable. Apiil, May
and June were dry aud the conditions, consequently, were not good.
Indeed some vegetables had to be
resown. Potatoes ultimately yielded a good crop. Apples also recovered and did well. Strawberries
would have been almost a total
failure but for artificially applied
Remits of hot-house as well as
o��t-door experiments are detailed
Pomology is made a prominent
feature, the chapter on the new
varieties of apples that have been
tested at the Central Experimental
Farm being one that is worthy
special attention. As a matter- of
fact the Bulletin covers so wide a
Flies! How They Breed
Some one has calculated that if
six batches of egg-;, of one hundred
and fifty each, all hatch out, and
supposing all to live and find filth
to breed in, the number would be
Can you grasp Ute numbers?
Think of it! This enormous nu n-
ber is gravely staled to lie enough
to bury the entire earth 47 feet
Take another calculation from
a different source:
"A pair of flies start house-keeping now. (April) barring accidents
have 126,000,000 descendants by
Yet another reliably proved instances of the rate of production:
From one fly 120 at a time will develop into full fledged flies in ten
to twelve days, Inside another
fifteen days, thc flias from the first
batch of eggs will produce about
7,000 more, and inside thirty days
the numbers will be about 500,000
What is the moral ?
Swat the first and early flies
Swatting is good, but it is too
big a job if tna early ones escape,
Cleanliness, the abolition of filth
manure piles and moist accumulation near dwellings are much more
efficient methods of preventing the
propagation of the pest than any
amount of swatting after production.
Flies are filthy insects, which
both breed ard feed in filth. They
have no right in oue homes, where
they come in search of high living
It requires the power of a miscro-
scope to get a real picture of the
flv in all his ugliness, but the
photographic lens has given a good
idea of how well adapted he is for
carrying filth germs,
Is it any wonder he infects  our
Ford Touring Car
Price $590
Your neighbor drives a Ford���why
don't you? We are selling more Fords
in Canada this year than ever before���
becacse Canadians demand the best in
motorcar setvice at the lowest possible
cost. The "Made in Canada" Ford
it a necessity���not a luxury
Buyers of Ford cars will share in our profltn if we sell
30,000 cars bet wee i August 1, 1914, and August 1,1015
Runabout $510; Town .Cor $840; F. O. II. Ford On-
Uirin, equ'pment, including electric headlights. Cars
on display and side at
II    I   \ I VI   U S   \ I    t    \ I
second nature It
utterttt of C'C
fl* Grmi*
Thar* ar* cheaper corMti, but
why ���hould you wnr them whan
tha difference in price U to little.
Now is the time to
procure   your  seeds
for early planting
We carry a full stock
of First Glass Seeds
and Implements
Telephone 4 SANDWICK
Hurrister   nml {Solicitor,   Notary   Public
P, O. Ilox 209
Phone 24
Plastering Contractor
'.stimuli's Furnished   Work Guaranteed
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends  from   Leading Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will De  in this city  about
August 1.   Leave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   ���   Vancouver
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
and a   !)
food as he crawls over our butter
and bathes in our milk wiping his
feet on our bread, and getting
caught in our preserves, where he
is divested of all his loathsome disease germs in his efforts to escape.
Experiments and tests have been
shown that flies are capable of
carrying on their bodies millions of
germs, and the bacteriologists have
proved that many of those germs
are disease producing.
The morals, screen vour doors,
and windows, protect your foodstuffs, and especially milk, and
fight the flies by every means,
traps, papers and swatters.
Refuse them entrance: keep rid
of tliein. Cheat them out of breeding places. Clean up. Remove
filth. Starve flies. Care for your
back yard Watch your neighbor's
Keep garbiigc cans clean and in repair. Co, ti fly-proof and frequently cleaned,
Join in the crusade against flies.
Now is the time; in summer lit is
too late, Be a nuisance inspector
���investigate. See your local
Board of Health keep[busy, Insist
on clean milk, meat, and bread.
Visit the premises where produced
and sold. Cleanliness in house
and yard is death to flies,
A have just received from a
high class 5Vancouver tailor a
few well made ladies' suits
that were made to order and
not called for owing to the
hard times. He needs the
money and will sacrifice all
the profit and most of the
work. Suits made for forty
dollars, Slined Jwith Skinners
satin. You can profit by his
loss and get them half price or
less. There's only a few; first
come, first served.
The Courtenay Tailor
Palaee Livery
and Buggies for
Terms cash.
We also attend to wood hauling;
Phone 35
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenaj
General Blacksmith
oliclt Your Patronage.    Careful .Utontlon
Given to Horses __t
MILL ______
Why George Chopped That Tree
'What's the idea, George?" inquired
Mr. Washington. "Why do you chop
down this cherry tree ? Have you anything against cherry trees? "
"No, sir. "
'' Maybe you are in favor of deforest-
ration ?''
"No, Sir, "
"Doing this for a moving picture concern ?''
"By uo means, "
'' Then why chop down a cherry tree ?
"I just thought of going on the
stump ," repled the future father of
his country, and then Mr. Washington
realized that George was a beru statesman,���Kansas City Journal.
Neglect of Over Cut Areas
The neglect of cut-over timber areas is
deplored by Mr. Clydel.eavitt, Chief Inspector of the Board Jof Railway Commissioners. He states that forest growth
has been utterly destroyed by repeated
lires on thousands of square miles of
such non-agricultural lands in Eastern
Canada. Lumbermen show a tendency
to abandon tliese limits since there is no
young growth to promise future profits.
The revenues of the several provinces
will therefore suffer, not only from loss
of stumpage. dues, but from the cessation
of ground rental. The virgin forests
are disappearing fast enough to demand
more attention being paid to the limits
previously cut over. Not only is the
young growth destroyed so but also are
the seed trees which are needed to reproduce the more valuable species. Soil
fertility suffers from loss of humus and
erosion goes on until bare rock is exposed. Mr. Leavitt concludes tbat these
wastes might be made permanent sources
ol raw material for industry.
Mr, Patker of the Royal Bank,
arrived home from his holidays last
Friday, and Gordon Thompson
left next morning on his vacation.
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.  McCuish, Prop.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the:
Courtenay Bakery is available-
andby reason of quality has so-
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -      rop.
Opposite new Presbyterian Church 98
AUXANDEK LAIRD, General Manager JOHN AIRD, Anl General
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
apwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small account*
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be mado by any one of them or by tho survivor. lit
F. C. BROCK, Manager, Courtenay Branch
The Review
$1.50 Per Year
accounts as enrly ns possible in Hie
mouth following, and ', will continue to
carry out this arrangement.
Veins Truly
courtenav condensed Milk co,
For which the concert and dance was given at Courtenay
last Friday evening
The concert and dance given in
the Opera house last Friday evening
by the members of the Campbell
River Social Club in aid of the
hospital at that place, was a very
entertaining affair. The yotir.g
people cf Camplxll River have
plenty of talent and it is to be regretted that  a larger number did
not avail themselves of a rich treat
and also to assist a worthy caufe.
A full report of the concert given
at Campcall River and appeared ln
these columns a fortnight ago, and
the programme was the same, with
the addition that the performets
probably did their parts a little
better. The dance after the con-
' cert was a very enjoyable one.
Letters to The Editor
To the Patrons of the Courtenay Condensory:���I am writing this letter to the
patrons of the Condensory who do not
know the wrong they are doing the
district by selling their milk to the condensory at 35 cents \ er pound butterfat.
By selling milk at the above price you
are making the condensory people the
handsome present of over $1000 a month
as the Condensory is taking in abott 8
tons a day, which, il reckoned up at the
low rate of 4.2 per cent butterfat, would
mean that the patrons are gi\ ing $1008
a mouth away. In the circular letter sent
to the patrons, they speak as il they are
overstocked with condensed milk. Why-
are they so anxious to get more partons?
They have even taken on patrons lately'
who send as low ������ s from 2 to .5 pounds
per day of milk, in an 8 gal. can If
they are overstocked why is it that the
wholesale dealers in Victoria cannot get
Buttercup Brand milk?
Some of the dealers here in the district
could not get Buttercup Brand Condensed
Milk for the simple reason that they did
not deal witli the Kelly Douglas Co.        |
In tlieir letter t'tey do not say that
they are going to lower the price of their
condensed milk, Then why should they
lower the price on.our milk? ,
Mr. Patron it is time now that you
were showing your loyalty to your dis-1
tricl by kicking before the Condensory
people get the habit of lowering the
price ot milk .So per pound butterfat
every mouth, whicli they have formed
already, as you can see by their May
and June prices.
Tbe only way anything can be accomplished ill this matter U to get together.
Now don't leave everything to your
neighbor to do but arouse yourself and
see what result you can get.
Yours truly
W. R. Smith.
Mttte River, June 1, 1915.
work to be done on it in Victoria
With a view to ascertain the nature
of tiie work, and enabling some of
it at any rate, to be done locally,
thus relieving the Victoria Branch.
Mrs. Penu recently spent a week
working at that branch, and as a
result the following ladies are uow
in a position to explain- what is
tifeded to those who are willing to
help, Mrs. I^aycock. Mrs. Beandell
Mrs. Cyril Piercy, } rs. Bailey,
Mrs. W. Duncan, Mrs. Fenn.
Helpers who have machines will be
particularly welcome.
I may add that the Vice Chairman of the Victoria Branch, in connection with myself, referred in
high terms of praise to the contributions sent from the district which
compared favorably with those sent
in by any other locality en the Island.
Yours truly
B. S, Fenn
Hon. Sec. Patriotic Service Com*
Courtenay May 31, 1915.
Editcr Courtenay Review
Sir,���I have received a letter
from the Victoria branch of the
Canadian Red CrossSociety, sn extract from which runs as follows;
"1 am instructed by the Victoria
district Branch of the Red Cross
Society to tender to you the most
grateful thanks of the Committee
for the splendid contribuf ion of supplies in a greatrand neces aiy variety, which have beeu forwarded to
us from Courtenay, and whicli are
so exactly what is required.'' The
letter which relates particulary to
the linen recently sent to Victoria
proceeds to refer to the increasing
need which will be felt, and appealed for further help. In this coti-1
nectinti I should inent ion that much
of the linen which was recently
sent from this district was sent as
contributed, leaving the u-ce?sary
To the Editor of the Courtenay  Review
Sir,���Will you pleas; publish copy of
the letter sent to tbe Patrons of the
Corutenay condensed Milk co., which
explains why they are offering to buy
milk at the price stated.
Since tlie war broke out, we have been
doing our level best to keep to our
voluntary undertaking to pay our
patrons the price of 35 cents in winter
and 40 cents in summer for tlieir milk,
notwithstanding that every mercantile,
financial, and other house in the country
has had to reduce its price in some way
or other to meet the new order of things.
You have been getting the maximum
price during this time.
The sale of condensed Milk in B. C.
has dropped down to one-tenth of what
it was when we opened our factory, and
we understand that other condensed
milk factories have had their plants
closed down since last fall, but on account of our firm being in sjch close
touch with the trade, we have been able
to dispose of most of our manufacture,
though at the present time we are carrying in stock ten thousand leases, There
is very little railway construction going
on, the same with the lumbering and
mining industries, and these were the
big consumers of condensed milk.
Rather than close our factory until
Condi ions improve, and there Is a market for milk, which would work a hardship on our patrons, we hnve decided to
offer, commencing June 1st, a price of
35 cents per poundf butterftt, and if this
price meets with the approval of our
patrons, we will continue manufacturing
milk as long as we can mrke financial
arrangements to carry the surplus of
manufactured product,
We have endeavored to pay our milk
The members of St. Peter's
(Church of England) Guild will
hold a Stfavberry Festival and
dance in Martin's Hall, Comox, on
Wednesday, June lOth. Tickets,
Gents 50 cents, Ladies 25 cents.
Mr. Peacy and famih of Cumberland were in town on Tuesday
Roadwork ou t e Nob Hill division is in full swing this week.
A good job is bein^ made of this
piece of road.
Lieut, Si nmons 1 as been sent
h re to take charge ot the Lazo
guards. He is a nephew of Mr.
Wilkin ion.
Messrs. Kirby a id Thomas are
camping on the beach. The Dr.
has ordered them to freely sample
the waters of the medicinal spring
which flows alongsine their campsite.
To Non Advertisers
A hen is not supposed to have
Much common sense ot tact.
Yet every time she lays an egg
She cackles forth the fact.
The busy little bees they buzz;
Bulls bellow, and cows moo;
And wstch dogs bark, and ganders
And pouter pigeons coo.
The peacock spreads his tail and
Pigs squeal, and robins sing;
And even serpents know enough
To hies before they sting.
Vet man, the greatest masterpiece
That Nature could devise,
Will often stop and hesitate
Before he'll advertise.
���From "The Galloway Gazette,"
begs to announce that he has
repurclnsed his old barber
business from Mr, Smith and
will be pleased to meet all his
old customers at the old stand
Next to the   Opera   House
Dissolution of Partnership
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing Tetween us and carried on
under the firm name of Holesworth &. l'ait-
ingtnn, in the village i f  Lazo,   Province uf
British I'omiubi'i, has been dissolved hv mutual consent    A 1 debts  due to the said firm
of 11, li'sworth tc Partington must be paid to
Walter Partingtm nf Lain, aforesaid, who
will continue to carry on tne snid business and
discharge t.l the liabi ities of the Baid partner*
Dated at Lazo this 17th day of May, 1915
Wm. F. Holeiworth
Walter Partington
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But  First  Class  Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
AU Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
General  Blacksmith
TelephonejM 92
Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Ku-
gines and Pumping Outfits
Horseshoeing   and   Moat   Irons
a Specialty
Try oir Rxce'slor Hoof
A W'>rk (ittarauteed
Comox Co-Operative Society Ltd.
Dealers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Fanner's
Prodii-'f, Cooked Meats a
Specialty. We sell only the
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriag's Builder
First ClasK (,'urrup- Painting at Lew Cunt
All Kinds of Furniture Repaired ami Painted
Work Guaranteed A Trial SoIloUail
Corporation of the City of OLOF     HANNING
Courtenay |    Painter and Paperhanger
NOTICE is hereby given that a Court
ot  Revision  lor the  purpose  o
heating  complaints  against   the assess
ments as made for the year 1915, will be
held in the Council Chamber, Courtenay
B. C, on
Monday, June 7th,
at 10:00 o'clock a. m.
Any person desiring to make complaint against the said assessment must
give notice in writing to the assessor,
stating the ground of his complaint, at
least ten days before the above mentioned date.
W. A. W. HAMES, C. M. C.
Dated at Courtenay, B. C, this 27th
day of April, 1915.
Dyeing, Cleaning
and Pressing
Garments turned out Ike new
Alterations and repairs
of every description
OM Bank Building
Phone 17 Courtenay
The Advance Agent of
Comfort and
For a limited time
Business or Residence Telephones
will be installed upon payment of
$5 Rental in advance
For Particular*
W. D. Denholn, Mgr.
B. C.< Telephone Co., Limited .THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Don't Cough Your Throat Sore
"Nerviline" Will Cure You Quickly
The   Annoyance   ol'  a    Had '"  rubbing on  Nerviline you  use
,���.,,.          . soiiit'iiiuiK sale, reliable, mid Biira to
LOUgh SOOthed Away Ul euro,    Ita actton la marvellous. Tha
f\       ii   r                   '��� way it sinks in through the tissues -
UIHJ  Uny m,. u.iy it peuetratos to the Beat of
Nothing so had tor the   ihroal aa the congestion is really a wonder,
coughing, and nothing hall sn annoy- Por ,.h,.imi,. colllg ,.,l,l;.jis.  ,������   BOi'o
togas to ha\'e Borne one near bylbal ,,,,.���,,,            ���,, ,���,.,, Illi:, lnlsty ���,,,
la  hacking,  snoeslng    or conatantly   fnral)   re ,,,.    |ls ��� ,, ���,������, , ,���,,
clearing 111 * - throat.
Kuli on NervlP.ui
Drug Clerk Who
Made Some Profit
Evidence     Given     hy     Powell   In  the
Field Dressings Inquiry
The supply ot Hold dreaatngs, etc.,
in the expeditionary forces by Ernesl
Powell, of Ottawa, employed aa clerk
In the Carleton Drug Co., of which
William p. Qarlund, All', for Carlelon,
is the principal owner, vas the sub-
is uuuie BpeiiH euro   j,.,.,   ���,��� ������   im,Min.   h,   n���,  i,,,,,,^.  .���..
,i will nave vou   '''"' ""���   "'���"' '"' |,;li" '," ""' ���"""* ",r counts committee al Ottawu.     '
ii win Ba\e you   mug[,iBg    rj.��� it tor rheumatism, mill inn lur pain a. d illatreaa,   Even
i,i,l i al, Willi
irutliip remedy will bring ih.' Ilnoai
ii mi tor Bclatlcii or lumbago, teBl ii
s l��B> Pc,18,i oul   tor  neuralgia  oi   headuche   in
every ciibo vmi'll Hud amazing virtue
rhe witness Powell ul Oral deflated
thai wlii'ii supplying gooila to lho de-
partmenl .of mllltln in' liad am discussed prices with Mr Oarland. Afterward ho admitted lie liad done bo, The
government orders amounted to boiuo-
��lial over 140,000, uud his pro|li was
relief, will lake out thai rasping sore   .������, ,.���,,,���,,-. power ,,, Nmuino
ih'ss. will atop ihui  Irrltatlug tickle
thai  uial.rs you  wunl    to cough bo      Moal   families keep the large 60c
iiuirii bottle always liaiui> on tlio BlieK; trial
Norvlllne Isn'l aomethlng now it slue l!5c., al all dealers In metlleluo, aboul $0,000. Powell declared ��� thai
line M record ot foils roars of won- or the CataiThozono t'o., Kingston, the iiionoy Is to his credit, that he haa
Uerful buccobb behind It . Canada, M" iccouni to no ono for It, and lhat
 the Cui'leton  Drug Company or Air.
, _ ______ Qarlund, M.P., Ib uoi Ini t'OBtoil In It.
Loyalty of Native Troops | Ho la still working ul the drug Btore,
War Destroys Trade
Qormany Eliminated In a Commercial
Sense   hy   the   War
Germany, by her dnstardl) conduct
towards Belgium and the part Bhe
played In bringing on the European
war, destroyed In one fell swoop
the results ol Iter policy of "peaceful penetration," which was meaning
the gradual commercial absorption ol
Belgium and oth t small European
This was the forceful contention Ot
sir George E. Poster, Minister of
Trade and Commerce, who delivered
an address on "War and Cotnmol'co"
bofore the members of the Empire
club at Toronto recently,
The speaker disclaimed the idea
thai war is n generator Of trade, affirming that in the last analysis trade
is destroyed by armed conflict,
Sir George reminded his audience
how war called a halt to trade last
August, and how Germany was then
eliminated In a commercial sense,
and will bo so far as the present generation is concerned. "Germany's
fine art system was destroyed by her
own hand," he declared. "Do you
think that when peace is declared
she will lie invited to the banqueting
hair.'" ia voice: '.'Never). "No, she
will he allowed lo only pick up the
crumbs of humiliation. By her destruction of Belgium and the performance of appalling atrocities she
has forfeited her good name forever.
She has robbed herself of lier active
virility, and when the war is over
will he forced to carry on her back
the deteriorated products of ibis awful conflict, lu shnii, she bus depleted her home base, and has lost
the confidence of the whole world."
if proot were in il ot tho loyalty""1 ""��� I1"1 >'��'' I"18���"  >tB oxamlnn-
of our unlive troops  In  Africa, aud J \��a '", ll'M'nac      Hie transactions,
tholr attachment to llieir white ot-lhe. maintains, wore .     ou lhe
fleers, it would be found In an Incl
donl which occurred In Nairobi.
"Our native troops,"  wrltaB a cur
poral in the Royal Engineers, "seem
, hav,- no fear; in fact, they arc ox-   7'  '',,,,
���emely   brave,   one   ���,' ,heir while;;,"    '     ,  "L;"-" ���   ',.'���'
officers, Lieutenant Oldfleld, havln
come right on to the muzzle ol a
Maxim, four of his native asltorla
threw themselves in front to try lo
save iiim. The whole puny wen- Instantly riddled."
Your ffiood
In Thf StiHuo' '"���i""1 -vo" '���|iai'��'11 w-30- Wi,s ii>��
All   AltC  Upllllg  ��� faj,, margin?"- "I charged more i
Just now ..-.ni arc reeling "on! ot
sons"--mil youi' usual self Quite
exhausted at limes and cauno' devote real energy lo .vour work. Sleep
doe* not rest yoll und you wake up
feeling "all tired out." Perhaps rheumatism is (lying through your muscle
and joints, or may ba your skin Is di
Bldo'   front his regular occupation,
Air. Gorman  askc!   It the  Invoices
! from  Bailor anil  Black, the manufacturers, corresponded  with   what   was
charged      the   department,   and   bo
I ses
anil in Dthera uot," lie had checked j
���over ih,  invoices alone, witness said,
1 No one was with him,
"Who mado oul the prh ea to bo
j charged  the  govornmont?" -"1  did."
"Any one help you?"���"No." I
"\iii| you did this even though yoll
lnul had no experience in buying mill |
| selling such  goods?"    "Ves."
To   tlle   invoices  ns   received,    llie i
witness said he milled what he con-
t stdered to bo a fair margin,
I see iiii Item here which cost you I
al !
il '
llrst,  uml  when   lhe  department objected, I reduced the price."
"To a figure below whal vou paid?"
���  "Ves."
"Who assisted  you  In  making out
Ihe prices?"���"No one."
"Did vou show ihcm in anyone?"���
After being subjected to much ex-'
ur.::. ^it .:���:.-:  ������:;...- /..i\'tL.^aa^.:ir;i:OTa.srsnifl'
the Bread
with \Crowit Brand' Corn
Syrup aiul the children's
craving lor sweets will be
completely satisfied.
Dread and 'Crmvn Brand'
form n perfectly balanced
food���rich in the elements
Edwardsburg  Leaiigy^imreu.up eturdy'
"Crown Brand'Corn Syrup
is so economical and bo good, that it is litlle wonder that millions
ol pounds are eaten every year ill the homes of Cauada.
'Crown lirm:,/'���ihu children's favorite- is
equally (food lor all cooking riitrposes and
candy making,
"IJl.YWHITE" Is n foi re w/tl/eCoitt Syrup,
not so pronounced in flavor as 'Crown Brand',
Yon may prefer it.
The Canada Starch Co. Limited, Montreal
MmuiliiclurcrH of die famous Ldwuiil.-bin u llranils
i.'.r7':: :.; :.v..'":'':\:"~S:;:S';f"::"rr'
���.���;,i a
figured by rushes, boils or pimples, aminallou, the witness varied his
Headaches, twinges ot neuralgia, (its previous testimony, and admitted that
of nei'vousnesH, Irritability of temper'he had discussed the prices of some
of the goodB with Mr. Garland, but
nol nil of Ihem. lie hail deposited
Ihe cheques of the government In his
mul a disordered stomach often increase your discomfort in the spring.
The cause winter has lefi iis mark
nu you. These troubles are signs
that your blood is poor and watery,
that your nines are exhausted. Vou
units renew and enrich your blood at
once and restore lone to youi' tired
nerves, or ihere may he a complete
breakdown- The mosl powerful remedy for these spring ailments in inon,
women and children is Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People, because
these Pills cleanse bad blood ami
strengthen   weak nerves.
New. rich, red blood���your greatest
spring- -Is plentifully creati 1
Williams'   Pink   Pills,    ami
To Men Who Live Inactive Lives.���
Exercise In iho open air is the best
tonic for the stoma, h ami sysi.Mii gall- j
ei'ally; but there are those who aro
compelled to follow sedentary occupa-  need \-
tions and the inactivity tends to re-  by    Dr
strict the healthy action of the digeS- with Ihis new. pure blood in vour
live organs and sickness follows, veins you quickly regain health anil
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills regulate increase your strength-. Then your
the stomach and liver and restore skin becomes clear, your eyes bright,
healthy action. It is wise io have a your nerves strong, and vou feel bat-
packet of lhe pills always on hand. ter, eal better, Bleep better, and are
  able to do your work.
Tin painstaking artist, anxious to Begin your spring tonic Ireatmcnl
please, remarked to u prospective cits- today l'or the blood and nerves with
turner. j Dr.   Williams'   Pink   Pills���Uie   Pills
"I can paint you a portrait of your1 that  strengthen,
wife   which  will  be   a  speaking  like- i     Tlie.se  I'iils nre sold  by most deal-
ness." j ers, but  do not  be persuaded to take
"Il'ni:    Couldn'i you!  do it in what   "something  just  lhe   same."    If  you
they call still life?" can't gel the genuine Pills I'rom your
  dealer they will be soul you by moll
A double spendthrift Is one wbo post paid, nt r,u cents a box or six
wastes both hia time and his money,   boxes  for $2.50  by  writing The  Dr.
that are making you feel so badly.
If 60, you can easily tell. If your
head feels dull ami achy���if your
bad; hurls nearly all tlle time���if
your appetite is poorly and yonr
tongue is coated���if the urine
burns, ie highly colored aud offensive in odor���if you notice a brick
dust deposit or luuciis ill the urine
niter st Hiding over night���then
you certainly have something Ihe
matter with your Kidneys.  Get
te row the
"ir. llu
i, 1 lint
...   An
old ii,
mul di
ir i
J Wen
it ,'n  1
���nil ran
ilu 1'ill
1 MOW 1
n. Ve.
.,tt.-r::itr Iron
y   Back an,
r.!ii's v, illi,,,,
i 1 waj sen
n in jti-rl.v'l.
.1. OUY.
('���in Pills are "Miale lu Caumla"
and sold by all dealer? at .">l)c. a box,
(i for $12.5(1. Sold in l".S. under the
name "GINO" Pills. Writcus for
free trial treatment.
National Dt-ull antl Chemical Co.,
ol Canada, Limited, Toronto.
Williams'   Medicine
(.'o���   Brookvllle
Too Impatient
Suitor (waiting for the Indy) -Is
your daughter coming out no\[ winter?
l-'ai her She'll come oul when she's
Rood and ready and if you gel fresh
I'll knock yer block off.
His  Other   Home
School Teacher Whal little boy
cun toll me where Is the- homo of the
Hobby   I Icon, please.
Teacher- Well, Bobby.
Bobby -Tie- home ���i' the swallow
is in the slomnilck-
up in
Three men wore broilgl
factory for coming ini i,
Master Excuse, Sandy?"
"i 11,141 to mind lhe baby,"
"Yours, Henry?"
"Had a cold, sir."
"Now. Pat, yours'.'"
"Sure, yer honor, someone tool;
doorstep away and we couldn't
The besl offorts of the Germans in
capturing and sinking British ships i.s
in reality a puny effort, lu the war
against Napoleon, which commenced
in 1703, and ended in 1816, no les3
than 1.6,871 British merchant ships
were captured or sunk by the enemy,
Even-after Hie decisive battle of Trafalgar, whin Britain had undisputed
control of the sea. the loss of British
ships averaged over noo a year. Germany's besl efforts do not'begin to
compare with the achievements of
one hundred years ago.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns,
"What's the matter with vour wifi ?
She seems all broken up lately."
"Ves, sbe had a terrible shock. She
was assisting at a rummage sale:
sbe took off Iter new but and laid it
down for a moment���and somebody
sold it for thirty-five cents!"
W. N. U. 1049
An   old   bachelor  fear
own account a,l Ibe Union Hank
"About llow much is In your credit
after tha goods are all pailk, tor?"���
"Aboul $6,000."
"Does that,  represent   vour profit?"
"What   was   the   total  amount    ot
-A^-   :���'   VVl:(    ��� ������*.    <';���';,   -.*>, ;i'W <��� J'.', *   "'������     ���
-., A-; ������������     ';��� ..; ��� :   ���-������ *������'.   A-A^,:��,-.:<  ".,    ,., ���
#>;Send a postal for a cA^lfi|rue;to-day.
t Toronto, Montreal
Fooled German Censor
Welshman  a   Prisoner  of  War,  Sent
News Easily .
II i.s a great advantage to possess
a knowledge ol Welsh, if you happen lo be a prisoner of war. Welsh
prisoners of war in Germany are
able to notify llieir friends at home
more fully of the conditions of prison
and Internment camp life than are
, i their English colleagues, and thai
the proceeds from your government | without ]��vfl,g recowse'to the doubtful safeguard of invisible Ink. A letter which passed the German censor,
and will long bo kept as a family
treasure, contains the following
contract?"- "Over    forty     thousand
"Afler you got Ihe letter from the I
department   complaining  aboul    the
prices vou spoke to Mr. Garland?"���
"Yes." '
"And   whal.  did  lie  sny  to  you'.'"���
"I don't remember."
"Did lie suggest  that  the price be j
reduced?"   "No."
"How much is yel  coming to you
M0i5h,.lha    sovernmenl?''-"About  baiirrmVeed,"helast'fe^tlmes'"l mel
*-:!'.,' ,   , ,   , ... .     ,    .him.    I   used  at  first   to  meet  Mr.
ho that your whole profll is about | Llaet])  (nii]1;| evel.y ,iay, bll1 he bus
nol  been here now (or some time.
The  words  given   in  brackets  are
ilie English equivalents oil the
| Welsh word Immediately preceding.
' The   letter   was   written   In   English
"Yoll will be glad to hear news ol
old friends. Mr. Bwyd il'ood) is
vitv had here. 111'. Bara (bread) is
very much ilarker than when yon
saw Iiim; anil ia quite hard. I never
sec Mr, ('ig (mean, ami Mr. ymenyn
(butter),   bul   seldom,  lie   was   very
$0,000?"���"Yes, nbout 2$ per cent."
"Is  Hint   regarded  us  high  in  your
business?" asked Mv. Blaiu.
Under further examination lhe wit-1
ness said he got    something better i tliroughout.    excepting    the
than $15 a week for working in ihe ; u.���nls  wlli(.h Ul0 German censor took
or took
English  pro
drug  store.    Since   getting   the   gov-, u,  ,���,   n.���lir,s  ot  otll
eminent contract his hours were the onerg
same, hut  he insisted  that Ihis con-!	
tract  business was    apart from    bis i    peev|s|,    pale    restless and sickly
engagement   in    Mr,   Garland's  drug   ci,ndren   'ov,,>    their    condition     to
worms. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will relieve them and restore
"Did you expect to get remuneration from :\lr. Garland?" asked Mr.
Examined by Mr. Martin of Regina, Powell said he did not get all
the supplies I'rom Bauer and Black,
but some were secured at local stores
In Ottawa. He admitted in ionic
cases the profit charged hy him was
ns  high  as .",ii per cell .
Your horse can pull
bigger loads if you
grease your wagons
It is thc Mica that does
it���makes a smooth
bearing surface, per-,
fectly lubricated, on
which the wheel revolves without friction.
Dealers Everywhere
Made In
This Hurt Him
"Oh, doctor, I have sent for you,
certainly; still, I must confess that I
have not the slightest faith in modern
"Well," said lhe doctor, "that does
not matter in llie least.    You see, a
A good deal-Is being written in re-
regard to Hie wastages of war and tlio I nvulo liTis no "faith iiTuie vet'erluarv,
opinion is expressed  that it is leas   aiul yet lle cures ]llm .,��� |h(, game;<
than  people generally supposed it  to i 	
be.    Ou   the  average,   ull  productive      Minard's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff,
property  is worn  oul   and    renewed
every seven years. Tbis being the I p.,| bought a pi; last fall pavins
ease, the amount which is Instantly $7.50 for It; during the winter he
Liniment ror sale every- destroyed in war hears a very small bought $1.0-60 worth of feed for it,
porporlion to the total. Further, the and In the spring he sold the pig for
savings made by people through $1.7.50, relates Everybody's. A neigh-
forced economies put In force, go a j hor asked bim bow much he got for
long way towards making good the I ]t, and when Put lold him he said:
losses caused by the wur. "Well, you didn't make much on  It,
  ilhl you?"   "No," said Put, "but, you
Many a man's BllCCCJSS, like lhai  of   see. 'l had Ibe use of the pig all Win
ter me
"Jack vowed that  hla lovi
us like the boh."
"And whal dhi you sa;'.'"
"I  told hint  I  took  ii  v,iih n good
any grains of salt-"
Too  Polite
"Now, then, young mnn," said lhe
angry farmer, "dltln'l you sec that
hoard when yoll came trespassing 111
these woods?"
"Yes. sir," snid the culprit, meekly.
"Well, whal did ii say'.'"
"I dunlin. I was too polile lo read
any more whsn I saw Ihe flrsl word
was 'Private.' "
Muscular Rheumatism Subdued. -
When one Is a sufferer from muscular
rheumatism he cannot do belter than
to have the region rubbed with Dr.
Thomas' Eclectl'ic Oil. There is no
oil that so speedily shows its effect in
subduing pain. Let Iiie rubbing he
brisk and contlnus until ease is secured. There is more virtue in a bottle of It than can lie fully estimated.
AYltb regard to the rale of breeding
of house Hies, it is gravely stated that
allowing si:; hatches of eggs of one
hundred and fifty each, and supposing all lo live and Iind tilth to breed
in, the number would be 101,010,000,-
000,0000,000,000, enough lo bury the
entire earth  forty-seven  feet deep.
,-tor. is due to a good manager.' tor,
Constipation, Indigestion
and Horrible Backaches
Searched for a Cure for Years���Advised to Try Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills and Was Cured.
"Doesn't it give you a terrible feeling when you run over a man?" they
asked hini. "Well, if he's a large
man,"  replied  the  automohilist,    "lt
ire than  a woman fears a mouse,  does give one a pretty rough jolt.
Wliere there is poison there Is pain. [ Kidney-Liver  PIlls_ will  help  you  to
Phis i.s a provision of Nature tu warn
you against conditions lhat are likely
to prove serious.
Constipation of
tho bowels is undoubted] y the
greatest source of
disease and suffer-
inff. By using omi
of Dr. (.'base's Kld
ney-Llver  Pills  at
bed-time  as  ol'len
aa  is  necessary to
keep    the   bowels
regular   you    can
cure    constipation
and Hie consequent   ,
indigestion, and re-    -PKOF. SMITH.
move tlie cause of backache, rlu-uma-
lisin and other painful diseases.
"Daily movement of Ihe bowels" ls
the greatest law of health.   Dr. Ohue'l  ed, Toronto.
form this liahit, add to your yews,
and bring' comfort In old age.
Professor A. T. Smith, 1 Mt. Charles
street, Montreal, and formerly of Bos.
ton, Mass.. writes:���"I suffered lor
many years from bad digestion, constipation and horrible backaches. I
have been treated by many doctors,
without auy results. One day a friend
In Boston advised the use of I)r.
Chase's Kldney-I.iver Pills. After
using two boxes I noticed great Improvement, and after Ihe fourth box I
was completely cured. My digestion is
good. I never feel any pain in ths
back. My head Is clear, and I feel HUn
a young man. I think Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Tills are one ot the best
medicines on earth."
Pr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills. on,i
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all dealers or Edmanson, Batei �� Co., Llmli- THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. R
Improved Methods to Assist in the In
crease  of  Production
It. i.s lold of ii pioneer In the North I
West Hint being on bis deathbed he
said to his eldest born, ".My son, 1 am
FORMALDEHYDE TREATMENT FOR SMUTTED GRAIN I *?>?�� to&��� .>:.""   u , "l'\ li'!"1
I "Where, father!   was  the natural re
 ������ I spouse. "Plough two or three Inches I
I deeper."    As an  exemplification    of
All tlie Raw Material Used in its Manufacture is Found in Canada the richness of our country ihls story
.,...,,.., .  . is worth repeating    Ii  Indicates ibe
���I'arincrs should Use il More tieneiully, as it is the Hest marvelous nature of our agricultural
,, ��� -,,     , ��� i  ,   -I-     , t-     , ,, i resources and encourages to greater
1 reparation with which to lrcai Seed (.ram |efforU,  irhe obJacl ���r (ho PRt?iotiBin
There la every spring n greatly in- Its patriotic properties la um true, as!i,lul Production Cauipalgu now In pro-
creasing market for the greatest die- thousands ot tons of what "were'once iu1'08' ls "l)1 "" ll""',il '" t',;"'1' l";"'"
infeciiint   ever   discovered- --furiuuldo- | the   Btately   forest   trees   ul   Canada  ill('al ""'"  tl"'ir   business, as  to  sue
hyilo, .\oi only does this meet with
use iu the hospitals, hul also i:i farming, although Ihls latter is not so well
known,    l-'ai niers all over the country
��� wesi mul eiisi are muking preparations lo trout their seed against uhnl
Is commonly known us smut. Pew
farmers indeed, really plan to contribute In llu- fl.'i.niin.onii lost nnumilly
through ilu- altogether loo prevalent
��� iniilieij grnlilB, bul  lliot'o are a great
number n[ farmers r.ol sufflclonlly
well posted on lho Importanoo ot
treated seed to reallxa the groat Ini
puiiiinee of :'orniald.,'.yde.
This di.-lni'eeimii is particularly
adaptable in ibe almost general use
throughout tho con dry inasmuch as il
can he used Willi equal ease with either hard or soft wntor. 11 suits
aft   grain   otjtinlly   well,   ihus   bin ing
a distinct advantage over ihe more
commonly used bluoBtopo, which" has
llllle effect upon smut in mils, Iter-
limldi hjde is a Canadian product,
practically all of which mail is manufactured here mid the supply, Ihere-
fore is unaffected by the war- Tha
war, however, has hud a most welcome bearing ou the market for this
gas, as liormany was ihe
ducei'  in   Kurope und tin
j Ihem   tlle
illciil  men.
experience of other prac-
of  specialists   ill   different
are daily assisting    i ihe work uf de
siruciioii ai ihe Dardanelles mid Km-,,       ,-..-,
ope, for all Ute acetone manufactured I hi-nimho* of iittmin", ami  tn imbuo
In I'uniidu Is sold d!r6cl in the British j
governmeni  and  lhe demand  Is  very |
Great Britain's Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, in a Recent
Speech, Reviews the Issues Leading up to the   War, and
Foretells the Extinction of German Militarism
of German supplies has increased lhe
di iniind fur Ur Canadian article
abroad. Demands whicli at. presenl
Canadian manufacturers are not attempting to supply, unlit-all Canadian
contracts are li'.ed, aro heavy and
when Canada does commence to ship,
she will common I very remunerative
Tlie raw material from which formaldehyde Is made iJ bard wood,
such as maple, beech, oak, and birch,
and of these wood.;, there is no lack
of supply in this country, lt is reported that one large concern whicli
manufactures this article, with headquarters locally, bar, secured the cutting rights live miles wide on each
bide of one of lhe Lew railroads running north through New Ontario for
over 350 mile?. This will be used
supply a mill which they luive ere
at the Canadian Soo
A great deal of help lo new settlers
has been extended in this province
where new lauds have been opened
for Battlement that are. heavily wooded, and it is here that llie makers of
formaldehyde have made it possible
for them to cut the haul wood during
the winter, over a period of years,
thus supplying litem with a cash income from Ihe stmt.
Most Interesting is the manufacture
of Ibis article. It is made from refined wood iilcob, 1. That il is without
|excellent nl the moment. Acetone is
' a by product  nf I'nrinaldeh.N de, in pro-
' cess of iminul'acii.re
I    i-'roni refined aim liol, formaldehyde
! lu   obtained   by   II   further   process   nf
heating the nlcolwl and passing the
fumes tli rough red-hot copopr uu mi
and drawing off the gas mm water.
The   formaldehyde    of    commerce,
.which   Is so  widely  sold   for Irenlliig
seed Is 4ii per cent, strength.
]    Prom time to time coine complaints ]
from farmers thai the formaldehyde
! has killed llieir seed ind from others
! thai  ibe formaldehyde bus failed to
; kill the smui    An Investigation nasi
I almost   Invariably   revealed   lhe   fact |
'tbiil.  these  farmers have    purchase I j
formaldehyde pul up lu barrels.
li   needs  lo  lie  kept    moderately
warm and if the barrels aro kept too'
I cold or .aro subjected to cold when
j being hauled from ihe stations, the;
| formaldehyde will polymerize or be-j
'come thick and drop to tlie bottom
largest pro- of the barrel, Tlie barrell', are tapped [
suiting off | from tlie bottom so the man who gets \
I hem   wllh   lhe   idr
yel he profits lo I
iIoiih thnl In their
not. have yet disc,
overlooked,    Then
lhat there may
e found 111 dlrec-
wisdom Ihey may
ivered, nr have
lliere   is   a   duly
iiuil in Ihis Juncture, when Hie'whnlo
empire is lighting fur iis life, culls
upon us all io extort oui'selves more
..mi more, iiu matter hot\  ourneBtlj
��e have tailored in the past, and lo
tl'y   with might ami  main. In do even
1 nttter, li Is Impossible to understand bow, when Ibe mother of greal
I nations is pull ing forth all her
Blronglh to light off lhe enemy, her
children,  either   in   llieir   unit   or   in
'their  collective  capacity,    can   rest
I content with lhe fortune thai Is theirs
and  ignoring, critic.i.ing or condemn
the llrst oul ol the barrel has formaldehyde overstrength uud the man
who gets the last bus little but water.
If formaldehyde is purchased from
barrels it Is ver.- essential lo make
certain tbat it is kept well shaken up
and has not been subjected to too
much ijold. If it runs at all thick and
looks in the least milky il is
strong, it should be as clear us water.
George H. Clark, seed commissioner
for Canada, urges that farmers demand their formaldehyde in bottles or
stone jugs of 1, '.i .unl ,', pounds. Ill this
way tbey can easily shake it vigorously before using and make certain
that it is properly mixed.
Formaldehyde si mild never be carried in metal cans or pulls as the
metal affects it to some -extent.
This yerr the makers mid shippers
ted ] of formaldehyde are receiving material help from ihe railways. Formaldehyde has always been shipped in heated ears, where it was a carlot order,
but this season the railways are shipping heated cars as "way freight."
rims a car of formaldehyde will be
Ing   lhe  exertions  of  those  who    at
! besl. are trying  lo serve Ihem, dwell
.upon  llieir  own   troubles  and  refuse
'even  to treat  with  consideration  the
1 work-*f men  Who have hut a single
aim���the  improvement,    which   must
; mean     ihe    increase  of  production,
| Wise     men     accept    counsel     come
I whence it may, and act on ii, or reject it, us seemeth to Ihem best. The
j department of agriculture at Ottawa
i has  not only  been  promoting  ineet-
l i'lgs  or  conferences  of  those  interested  in  tlie  special   branch  of  the
I country's interests entrusted lo it, but
I it  has had  prepared treatises by experienced mid practical men, founded
ion  experiments  which must contain
too j both enltghtment and encouragement,
land which can he liad for'the mere
expense of asking.   Write to the Publications Branch, Department of Agri-
1 culture, Ottawa, postage free, and a
I list of upwards of two hundred hullo-
I tins, pamphlets, records and reports
I will be forwarded from which choice
lean  lie  made  of the  information  de-
The British Water Wagon
The War Has Had the Effect of Putting a Ban o:i Liquor
There is a chance that Great Britain may follow the example of Itussia iu a wholesale habitation of the
^^^^^^^^ water waggon.    It was contained in
delivered, so many barrels, bottles or [ the veiled threat in a speech made re-
Jugs, at almost every small stationUently by Lloyd George I.i.Wales that
along a given line. This means that unlass the workmen in the armament
llie local dealer is receiving his sup- j factories could    resits    tlie    lure of
Sir Kdward Grey, lhe ioreign secretary iu ;i speech delivered lo a London audience, reviewed lhe European
issues leading up to the present war
and made plain ihe determination ot
Great Britain and her allies lo insist
upon the extinction of Herman militarism, ns well us npoii iiie right of
thc smaller nations nf Kurope to
their iinirumelleii Independence.
Speaking ot tl rigiu  of the  Wl r
sir Edward Grey emphasised the facl
iliiii. ihe struggle might have been
avoided by nn European conference.
Germany, he added, judging from hot
experience of the Balkan conference
knew she could have counted upon
the goodwill of Great Britain. But, he
said, Germany refused every sugges
tion of n conference, and on her. rests
for all lime, lhe appallin responsibility for the war. Sir Edward Grey nf-
Armed, an.Id loud cheers, Hint ibis
was ibe fourth time within living
memory that Prussia had made war
upon Kurope, "ami we ure determined
that it shall he the last." ;
The foreign secretary added thai il
would have  been  far easier to settle
the dispute between Austria and Sor-1
bin. which Hern.any had made tho occasion of this war, than it liad  been
successfully to get ihrough the Hal'-1
an siisis    Germany knew Hint Great
Britain  then   sought    no  diplomatic I
triumph.    We did  not give ourselves i
to any intrigue;  we pursued  Impartially and honorably the end of peace. I
We    were ready last July to do ihe J
same again-    We had given iu recent 1
years   to   Germany   every   assurance j
that   no  aggression   upou   lier   would '
receive any suppoi I from us. We had
withheld   from   her   but   one   tiling,
namely, an  unconditional promise to
stand aside However aggressive Germany might be to our neighbors.
Prance, Italy and Hussia were ready
iu July to accept a conference. We
knew that after thu British proposals
for a conference bad been made the
Czar himself proposed to the Kaiser
that the  dispute  should  be referred
to  Th?   Hague  lilbu.ial.    "We   know
now   that   Ihe   German   governmeni
, has prepared for \y;ir as only a  peo-
j pie  who  planned   could   ,   epare."
I     Sir Kdward,    continuing, said  that
long before the war he had given Belgium a pledge lhat never would Great
Britain violate the neutrality of that
country so long as it was respected
I by others, and  that  if Germany  invaded Belgium we were bound to op-
plies under perfect conditions and the
farmer, if he sticks lo the bottles and
jugs, will get his the same way-
Journal of Commerce.
Putting Oil the Lid, Make Children Hate War
The  Economic Push  Behind  the Prohibition Movement
Tlie prohibition wave is sweeping
over lhe country. It rises highest in
lhe Stales where public sentiment
used to be most Inhospitable,
all but overflown the South famous
for cheer and good fellowship. It is
breaking over the far west, where
personal liberty and sXdt'-indnlgence
���have  been almost matters of creed.
Tlie irresistible iush behind Ihe
wave is economic. The organization
of business and industry, having realized thc eternal truth that self-indulgence saps human force and lowers efficiency   ' '      "   ~ *������' '"
This  is America's Great  Opportunity
Urges Jane Addams
"This   century has been called hy a
good many people lhe Century of the
Child,"  said Jane  Addnma
House,  Cliiea .0.    In  thi
drink sufficiently to put in a full
weeks tine, tho government would
find a way to help I'.iem. Lloyd
(leorge took the position that these
workmen, treading the primrose patli
of alcohol while their fellow countrymen were without arms to flgbt tbe
common welfare, and from England's
national welfare, and from England's
standpoint he was right.
Kngland as well as all of Kurope Is
already partially on the water waggon as a result of tlie wa" Hussia has
gone it moro whole-heartedly than
any of the countries by wiping out
it one stroke  the  manufacture and
brings its powerful in-
of   Hull I
. .^mm^^^a^ Free  syna-j
lt has i grmic iu Carnegie hall in au address
on "War and Social Service." | '^]e n! vodi!a.   France conies a close
"Judges and jurists are trying to secoijd by putting restrictions that
catch the child cilmlual earlier and amount almost to prohibition around
earlier," she said, "that criminality the vending of absinthe and whiskey.
finally may he abo :3hod, It will go j orruany, so far as the civilian popu
on until we shall feel that all over Ihe ! |a|ion
earth the only rivalry among the'
peoples is from one generation to another to make each hotter and liner,
"llow widespread among our immigrants  is  the  talk  of conditions  in
lluence to bear. The Instinct of theIEurope'! If we can make them under-
higher intelligence that, self-denial is stand that we are interested for tbe
the inspiration of achievement has ex- peace and happiness of all' we shall
pauded to kind compulsion for the have taken advantage of this oppor-
lower. .More and more personal lih-jtunity to forge u public opinion that
.u'ly for self is being sacrificed to np- win be much more international tliiiu
lining restraint for others. .     | could bo wrought by any other nation
is concerned, is said to be less
affected than any of the other countries. Kngland herself has radically
cut down saloon hours, and now
comes this intimation that Ibe government is prepared to go even farther.    Atlanta  Constitution.
Thc dark oppression of a labor
body of low will power and strong
passions has brought prohibition lo
the South, to raise the standard of
performance und .heck the excesses
of appetite. Ils spiritual force is
succeeding, where the brutal veil-
geaiiee ot lynch inw and convict
labor failed.
The organization of the mineral
wealth of ihe Wesl Into Industry mis
brought home the economic value of
prohibition Ihere. Colorado and Arizona have put it into law, Montana
and Idaho are likely to do so, while
Utah is stopped temporarily by ibe
governor's veto. Loss of self-control
and efficiency spells danger to life
and property In minings as plainly as
in Soul hern planting.
Ths American Copper Company ex-
eludes drinking from its mines and
discourages it In homes, Ae.ident
records varied directly in percentages
with the partial or complete closing
of saloons in    Butte during the six
The Cost of War
War, as in  Litigation,  Both  Sides
Are  Eventually  Losers
The cost of war oul lives ils oldest
pensioner.    A   pension  expires     with
the penisoner, lull war fixes a taint in
lhe  blond  of a  people.    This    Hilnt
works a havoc beyond that of its mn.it
tent fighter,   The man too weak
in the world.
, "Out in Chicago we started a Hoy
Scouis company, They h?d no guns���
I   wouldn't  tolerate  thai.    But tbey
were Boy Scouts.   The  Hussian .1
withdrew   their   boys   at    onee
others    dhU-likcwise,     saying:
eame to America to get rid of i
larlsni.    Wu don't want our hoys con-, , ,      ..
.minaud win, the milling drill.'       . ^h  ��Xns home to assist the man
sent war we realize that never before dW"ltles  ,lo"n  tha  wlndlng  mys
has ihe brutality of war so revealed  otA���Ju,ui does the nation that con-
I quers lose no les.i than docs tbe one
lhat was overcome.
pose German} with all i ur stn tilth.
If we had not done so at the tirst
moment, was there anyone now who
believed that whon Qermr.nj attai ked
Belgium, shot non-coniha'iuils, ravaged this country and violated all the
laws of war and all the rules Of
humanity, was   there   anyone   ivho
I bought it possible now thut wo
could have sal still and looked ou
w Ithout  eternal  dlsgraci .'
"In due lime terms of I" a,e will be
put forward by the Allies, continued
lhe foreign secretary. An essentia]
condition musi l e the restoration to
Belgium  of her  Independent  national
life and free possession of her territory. The great issue is this: Wt-
wish the mil Ions of Kurope to be
free io live their independent lives,
working out tlieir own form ot government and Ihelr own form of national development in full liberty,
Whether tbey be great stales er
small.   That is our ideal.
"The German ideal is that the
Germans are a superior people, to
whom all things are lawful and
against whom resistance is unlawful
and must be put down, t.iat ihey
must establish domination over the
nations' of Hie continent and that all
musi be subseivieni lo Germany.
"I would rather perish or leave
the continent altogether tban livi
it under such conditions. Alter this
war wo and ihe other nations ot Europe must be free to live without thi
Interference of ihe superior war iord:
without tbe clang if armor and the
sword continually rattled In tlii
scabbard, Heaven continually invok-
id, und without our policy being ile*
luted by the military domination of
"We claim    to    ourselves    and together will: our allies, we will secure
i that    right  to  live    and  pursue  oar
'national existence, not In the shadow
lot    Prussian supremacy, but in tbe
-ligMit of equal  liberty"
I      Sir   Kdward   (Jrey     concluded   by
i paying eloquent tribute to the spleu
j did  courage  and  patriotism of Great
' Britain's allies.    There  was.  he  -aid,
r,n    nobler  opp rtuiity    ot    serving
one's   country   than   when   its   existence was   at stake;  when its cansa
was just and right. Never was these
a time in our national history when
the  crisis  was  so  great  and ao  imperative  and   the   eause  itself  mor��
just and right. (Loud cheers).
II 11(1
,,? ! for war remains at
nill-! ..,���= i.io i.t.,,1    Tit
'       ' 'ome and perpetu-
ites his kind.    The warrior, unfitted
use    to    longer
"The great opportunity of America I
is to utilize the immigrant population j
to form a humanitarian public senti-'
ment so strong it will make Itself felt ;
in tlie uttermost ends of the earth."
war, as in litigation, botli side
parly is victorious in war,
Crowding Out Cattle
Few people appreciate the influences that are crowding out the
business of cattle production. Among
months of experimenting last year. I them the rigid quarantine is doing Ita
Prohibition is coming to Montana by part. But the progress of a more
ibe economic route. , intensive  agrienltur    is  also  among
The economic   law Is ..n invariable | the  potent causes.    Spread  of crop
for every factory and farm in the
country as for the WesL-rn mine and
tiie Southern plantation. With better
areas on account of higher prices for
grain and hay is felt iu the addition
of 4,1100,000 acres to the winter wheat
Only one -_^^_^^^^___
and  that  is  Lucifer    and   his  allies,
Woe. Want, Hate. Disease and Death.
Big bodies of armed men are the
greatest violation of common sense
that can be imagined. They are recruited and maintained by the forces
of production In order to destroy that
whicli labor creates and human hearts
hold precious.���Tlie Philistine.
ionization of every kind of indus-' area, not a little of which was former-
try   under more   urgent competition
of efficiency, prohibition will overrun
the country, as it has overrun Kurope
in  the   stress  of  war.���Minneapolis
Being kind to a rich mother-in-law
ti.ay be a good investment.
ly available for grazing. Encroachments of the irrigation movement in
such states as California, are pre-
emptying many a good pasturing valley for non-pastuiing uses. That
slate now haa 24,580 irrigation pro-
ieets. of which 4,070 have been added
since 1910.���Wall 8treet Journal.
Last year the United Stales possessed but 35.800,000 head of beef cattle. Kight years before, or in 1007,
the country liad 51,500,000 head of
beef cattle. In the lame time tho
population Increased from 87,000,000 'o
100,000.000- Is it any wonder the
price of beef is advancing?
Before a man ran arrive nt a conclusion he must, lirst embark on a
train of thought.
Banker and Farmer
A Strong Plea Made For a Better Understanding
Why is  there not a  belter  understanding between agriculture ami nuance, between farmer and bunker?   It
is commonly known that a very smii
percentage  of the  credit  secured  uy
Hie farmers is obtained from the local
bunk.   The   tanner secures his credit
from the local merchant, implement
agent or lumberman, these retail men
In  turn  get  their  credit    from   the
wholesaler   and   manufact rer,     and
they  from   me    banker,     for    real
money the  farmer goes to lhe  loan
company.    This is ail common know-1
ledge.    Why  ihould it be thus? With |
tliMbanks represented in every small |
town through the country, it would be I
supposed that a large    part of their!
business would be to handle farmers'j
accounts, and  tbey do handle  some,
nut  on   ihe   whole,  ine   farmer    and'
banker are entirely out of sympatny j
with one miolhe.'.
The high  rate o.' interest charged,!
und tho extreme cautloi   with which i
credit  has  been  given  has  been  lhe j
cause of the farm 's' unfriendly attitude.    This  attitude  lias   been   warranted, undoubtedly,  In  some cases,
but not always, The fanners as wali
ns inner classes have tried to become
wealthy by buying mid borrowing, and
the   blinkers   bine   done   well   lo   he
chary in advancing credit in a good
many places.   Kven as it is they hav, j
a neat percentage of had accounts, In
many a ease it would have been wis)
to have heeded ihe warning of the
hank that credit had  been  drawn  to
the limit, and have retrenched instead
of obtaining it through other sources,
Had  lhe  fanner  i.nil  banker  known
each other better the buying and borrowing game would not have been carried so far.    In ihis connection ��� tho
banks     and   hunkers  must    shoulder
much  of tlie  blame.    Too often the'
local managers do not know agricul-1
lure, and consequently do nol get in
close touch with Hie farmers of the
district   aiid   know    their    financial
standing.   'There lias also been a tendency to change branch ba.ik managers
in the country so frequently that they!
have not time to know the farmers or j
Ihelr standing.    The result lias been
the farmers, outside of tlie few lead-1
ers in the community, look to the le-
lail men of the town for their credit, I
and have baen encouraged to extend it 1
beyond all reason, and to that point!
where thc lean crop of last year left
the farmer with bis assets turned to
liabilities, in too many cases.
We cannot go back and correct mis-
lakes mnde in boom years. In any
eafiCj the credit musi be curtailed,
but the hankers must revise tlieir
system, to that extenl that their
branch managers tome more closely
| In touch mul sympathy with farmers,
and thoy must cheapen their methods
Of handling money that a more reasonable rate of interest ean be give.i
on lo.-.ns. We do not suggest an alternative if this is not doue, but the
move in Saskatchewan .owards a cooperative system of loans and the establishment of an agricultural ban'i
indicates that the farmers are in earnest in their demanr for better terms
of credit���Farmers'
peg, .Alan.
Advocate, Winni-
Future of India
May Have a Fuller Participation in
Imperial Affairs Than Heretofore
What will be thc status of India
In the British empire after the war.
Kven in Hie press of instant needs,
that question must cross the minda
of thoughtful Britisli statesmen, but
it is doubtful/If the most farse'ing
among ihem can give it anything like
a full or certain answer. Only one
things is sure: India wi I claim and
receive a larger measure of self-government and fuller participation in
Imperial affairs than she has bad before.
The loyalty Of India has been one of
the greal surprise of lhe war. Instead of bursting into a flame of revolution lhe moment Britain was involved in Kurope, India ha: coma
forward with voluntary offerings of
money and troops, suspended all ,ig.-
intloii for political changes until after the war, turned a deaf ear to th��
persuasions Of Kaiser and Sultan.
Sil lis nml Gurkhas are on the tiring
line In France; native princes have
offered  their personal services In tne
Provinces and principalities which
I roved their value In this fashion in
time of war cannot be relegated to
the stains of lesser breeds without
tiie law in time of peace. But what
ether status can they assume? Can
India be trusted witli self-government like that which prevails in Canada and Australia? ran Europeans
and Asiatics henceforth work side by
side, instead of tandem, as hitherto?
Will ihe islanders wbo developed
modern constitutional goven.ment
and the Oriental- who have bowed to
ibe personal sway of foreign masters
for centuries Iind that, after all, they
have a common ideal in the empire?
���Chicago Journal.
Brown (on lishiig trip)���Boys, the
boat is sinking, is there anyone here
who knows how to pray?
Jones (eagerly)���l do.
Brown -All right. Vou pray and
the rest of us will put on life belts.
They're one shy.
"Do you think the Hon. Bray Lowlier lias any show tor being elected
to the legislature?
"Not uniess lie run under an alias." THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Insurance Company Limited, of London, England
Fire and Accident
Funds Invested in Canada Exceed
Assets Kxceed
Are You Insured Against Fire?
Now that tin- warm dry weather is coining on, when the sllghest spark
on the roof of a store or dwelling may result in a disastrous fire. A
Bra Insurance policy iu a good company is the best of all nuts. We
are i gents Jfor the l.nw Union and Rock, a company with a record
second to none.    See us for rates
The energetic campaign which Hon. or sixty years ago on l'uget Sound are
William R. Ross, Minister ol Lands, is j still cutting chiefly lor the waterborne
undertaking for the development and I trade, whether coastwise or export,
cxten i mot lhe >xp,rl   tnm'ier tra'e of  During this long period thev established
Britisli Columbia, n can p.ign which al
ready la attaining itnpirttnt results as
evinced by recent 0 (lers from the Hiit-
isli Admiralty, irom Australia and India,
is being watched with much auiicipatioii
in the United !-tites. Under the head
of " International Rivalry In Kxport
Lumber Trade" tlie American Lumberman of Chicago devotes a   column and a
foreign connections of value; they built
tlieir own fleets, and some of them still
have n doznn or more vessels which on
occasion can serve them in the export us
well as the coastwise. It wus ten to
twenty years after the Industry was well
established on l'uget Sound that Iiritisii
Columbia lumber began to be developed.
Therefore the States had the advantages
half to the subject, nud warns United [over the Province of an earlier establish-
States mil's that they must be cireful |meat in the export business and long
"lest they loose their advantage of long and friendly acquaintance in the foreign
establishment in the fori ig i trade and'markets, Lines of trade thus .stablisli-
of their present superior position." Tlie j ed and maintained arc not easily iistur-
American Lumberman, contrasting the bed. But the fault of Iiritisii Columbia
work being done by the II ,n. W. R. lumberman, or what to us seems to be
koss to promote tlie lumbern g industry ,their lault, or at least their respons bil-
of Uriti.-.li Columbia with the a litude of ily for their own present situation, anise
tlie United Stales Government, snys, from the tremendous development of the
"Unfortunately the Government of the j prairie provinces, During the last two
United Stati 8 does not help its citizens, decider settlement of tlie prairies of
who need to take special measures to ' Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta de-
promote their former business. Tho manded such tremeddous amounts of
new shipping law, or "Seaman's Bill" lumber that not only the mountain mills
as it is culled, promises lo make more were kept busy but those men on tlie
expansive the operation of freighters' coasf proper were tempted to neglect
from Omerican ports than it litis been 111 tlieir waterborne trade for the more iu-
the past, and, since the bill applies not sistent and temporarily higher priced
merely to the coastwise trade   but to all  trade coming from the  other   Provinces
foreign business, it will tend to keep
foreign vessel i away from American
ports. However, lumber exporters of
the United Stales are moving to hold
foreign   business and   to   extend   it by
to tiie east. During tlie same period
there wus no such extraordinary demand
from tl.e Stale.,|so the lumbermen of
Washington and Oregon iu a condition
to export were able to  step in  and take
closer co-operaticii than they   have veil- ; much of the trade whicli British Colum
tuieil to un 'erla'te in the p-st." , bia mills were neglecting in favor of the
h ne market. Bnt id the last few yeais
us was earlier tlie history of tlie western
Stales of tiie Union, tlie special boom in
The An:e i.'au Litinb.r.nan, in its
article, fellow iug upon a reference to
the aggressive policy of Hon, W. R.
Uos�� lor the extention of the luml e."
trade of British Columbia, says; "I'rom
an outside st ndpoint tlie situation whicli
British Columl la millmen consider pre-
judical to tlieir interest appears to be
due partly to historic conditions ovi r
which they have little control and party
to their o.Ul laches. The lumber industry on the Pacific Coast began about
1750 and soon became more than a local
or domestic inter st, lieing extended by
menus if i" pjrt to other countries.
Califoreia w 11 its redwoon and pines
long ago developed something of an i x
port trudi, and soon after tlie establishment of the Industry {in   that State  Ih:
tlie prairie Provinces cume to an end,
and the Britisli Columbia mills found a
tremendous loss of current business with
the agricultural districts and that in the
m antime t ry bal to a lons'de.able
extent lost tlieir foreign trade. There is
nothing iu the quality nf their timler
nor i-i its manufacture that hai d ca] s
tiie Britisli Columbia mills, nor ordinar-
i v is there a lack of shipping for them,
e ;cept that the big markets draw the
b g supplies of carriers, and in its export trade United States so far as the
s'lipptllg law is concerned is on a parly
i with Canada. American mills, howeyer,
must   be watchful   lest they   lose their
lumbermen aun timherj owners of  G li- j advantage of long  establishment in the
foreign   trade and   ot tlieir   present superiors position."
fornia wtnt north nnd began to develop
in waterborne traffic the fir and syruce
resources cf Washington and Oregon.
Washington witli its many harbors and
ports was at first the more attractive,
and there are heavy operations on l'uget
Sound and Grays llnrlior that liad their
beginnidgs forty, fifty or sixty years
ago. So (ar as shipment liy water is
connerned, tlie lumber industry of
Wellington ia old. and some of the in-
teresta that established  themselves fiity
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
On Tueslay, May 18, about 700
parcels of surveyed land on the
Mainland Coast, Keilouda, Cone/..
and Thurlow Islands in Vaieouver
Land Division, on Nootka anil
Malcolm Islands iu Alberni division
in Fernie, Cranbrook, and Fort
George Divisions, were opened to
pre eiii|.lion. Tliese lands, which
had been reserved, were subdivided
for preemption, and the news that
they were to be opened was widelv
circulated for some mouths prior to
the opening date, and a series of
pamphlets, containing maps and
full descriptions of the various
tracts freely circulated.    In  order
10 relieve intending pre-emptors
fr^Mi a long vigil at the doors of
the   various   Government   offices,
j tickets were issued to applicants
guaranteeing   their   priority.     At
j Vancouver, although i.\t tickets
were issued, but 80 ot the 102 parcels were taken  up,   the   demand
: being chiefly   for   some   close   in
I water front lots in a tract near
Scheldt, about twenty-six miles
from Vancouver There were
about twenty parcels of land, and
the first twenty men in the line recorded tliese lots. At Alberni
where 247 lots on Malcolm Island
and 39 lots on Nootka Island were
offered, but six of tlie 286 lots were
recorded, though Malcolm Island
was considered as offering better
agricultural possibilities than the
logged off areas opened on the
Lower Mainland Coast. At Cranbrook 21 of the 97 parcels offered
to pre-emptors were recorded; and
at Fernie the 6 lots opened were
taken up. The demand fer waterfront lots on the coast, especially
the tract near Schelet, and many
of these who gathered at Vancouver, turned away without considering the other lots wh.-n tl e^e were
reco ded by the first 20 men in the
line. These men assembled at the
office of the Government agent at
Vancouver six weel s prior to fie
opening date, and received tickets
iu order of their arrival. Of the
10: lots offered the 80 taken up included all of those situated on tlie
waterfront. There were 5 > lots in
New Westminster district, near
Sch'.'let, on Malaspina Peninsula
near Lund, and on Homfray Channel, and 46 were taken up.   Of the
11 lots on Cortex Island 5 were
taken up, and of the 33 lots on Re-
donda and Thurlow Islands and at
Jackson Bay, Sunderland Channel
29 were taken up. Eighty pre-
emptors who filed on the lower
Coast lands included 51 from the
United Kingdom, 20 Canadians, 2
Americans, 2 Swedes, s Finns, and
a Dane, a Russian, and a Holland
er. It was anticipated, especially
in view of the "back to the land"
movement, that there would have
been a great demand for lots ou
Malcolm Island. Of 247 lots offered there, and the 30 on Nootka
Island, advices from Alberni show
that but six. were taken at both
places. The demand is seemingly
confined to the waterfront lots close
to the cities Malcolm Island, a
timbered, low, undulating plateau
divided from Vancouver Island by
Broughton Strait, was reserved in
1901 as a Finnish Colony. The
colony continued for some years,
Counter Check Books
Loose  Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples, etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59 Isabel Street
Local Line*
For Sale���Young pigs, $V5o
each. IIiik.1i Headuell, Knob Hill
Orchard, Connx.
Wanted- Good bulls, fit for killing. Also fat cows ar.d calves,
anv quantity, for cash. Apply
Review Office.
For Sale���8 newly freshened
milch cows, mostly Jersey's. Apply
to A. McNeil. Craigs Crossing,
Nauoose District
Wanted���By young woman,
work by day or month. Apply
Miss A Burns, Courtenay P. O., or
phone M 87 Happy Valley.
For Sale���Horse, harness, bu,��gy
saddle and bridle $75, Apply VV.
H Reckitt, Courtenay Oil Supply
Co., Comox Road, Courtenay.
Sswing���J. Anderson, Denman
Island, would like work bv duy or
week. Suits and dressmakit g i'i
all its branches.    Work guariuteed
Winning White Wyandottes,
My jien of 6 birds that won the
last contest averaged 221 eggs each
in 12 months. For Price list of
hatching eggs, etc. write E. D,
Read. Duncan.
For .Sale- One 6 li, p- Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k- w.
Dynamo switch board, etc, ulso
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Franklin 5 passenger
touring car, first class running
order. Owner leaving for Engl 111
Will sacrifice for $200 cash, balance
on terms to suit purchaser. Apply
Courtenay Garage.
Lost���On Faster Sunday, iu St
Peter's church, or between tlie
cliruch and the wharf, a small memorial brooch with inscription at
back, and date 1804. Finder taking it to Comox P. O. will get a
Bicycle Hargains���Scores of shop
soiled and second hand bicycles and
motorcycles are offered at snap
prices during our great clearance
s��le, Write for particulars.
Plimley's Cycle Works. Victoria.
Colonial Englishman, middle
aged, tetotaler, many years practical experience, including dairying,
agriculture, poultry, wants management small farm. Salary not
require.!. Prefers to work on share
profits. Apply "Practical" Review office.
I have again improved my flock
oi Rhode Islaud Reds by the introduction of new blood, Excellent
winter layers, well adapted to this
climate. Price of eggs per setting
reduced to $1. per setting of 13.
$6 per 100. Cash with order.
Bruce Towler, one mile south of
Courtenay.    P, O. Box.
For Sale-One horse, 4 years old,
agricultural class, quiet to handle,
and a good worker, 1 filly. 2 years
old. Hackney sire, general purpose
mare, will make a fine strong
driver, or for light work. 3 mature
brood sows and -i boar. The above
is the property of W. J, Andrews.
I am instructed to sell, and will
refuse noTeasonable offer, R. U.
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
operating and carrying on business
as a community basis. Circumstances filially caused the abandonment of the community system, and
the greater number of the original
settlers took up laud "individually,
others locating ou Vancouver Island and other places in the vicinity. There are now living on the
Island about 250 people, chiefly
members of the original Finnish
Colony. The main settlent is at
Sointula. where there are two excellent schools, oue having an average attendance of forty-seven pupi's
a Government wharf, post office,
and co-operative store. During the
past summer about 10,000 acres
was subdivided and is now being
opened to settlers. The lots on
Nootka Island, where there has
been much settlement during the
past few years, are subdivisions of
former timber licenses. The 98
'��� lots opened to pre-emption in Cranbrook district are subdivisions of
former timber limits near Cranbrook Kimberley, Fort Steele,
Mavook, Wardner, Colvalli, Ryan
and Tochty. Only 21 of these lots
little over a fifth of the total, were
taken up. The district is well supplied with transportation facilities,
railroads and highways, and many
of the blocks adjoin railroads and
Loner's  Shoes made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Alton's Handmade Shoes will
stan I the Test.
Willard's Harness Emporium
l'ine Showing ol  Horse   Blanket),   I*p
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, .Suit Cases, Ktc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Notice of Intention to Apply For
Retail Liquor Licence
TAKE NOTICK that the undersigned
intends to apply to the Hoard ol
License Commissioners at tlieir next
regulsr sitting to bu held on the second
Wednesday ill the month of June next,
for a license to sell intoxicating liquor by
retail under Subsection 3 of Section 290,
of the 'Municipal Act" in that certain
store or shop situate on the grouud floor,
corner, of those certain premises, situate
on I,ot 2.S in lllock , at the corner ol
Isabel and Union Streets, iu the City ol
Dated this 23rd day of March,   A.   D.
In the Matter of the " Municipal Act," and
In the Matter of the Application
of Silvio Marocchi for a license to
sell intoxicating liquors by retail
under Subsction 3 of Section 290
of the "Municipal Act"
TAKE NOTICE that the undersigned
intends to apply to the Board of
Licence Commissioners of the City of
Courtenay to be held on the Second
Wednesday in June 1915, for a licence to
slill intoxicating liquors by retail under
Subsection 3 of Section 290 of the above
mentioned act in those certain shop or
store premises situate in the " Marocchi
Building" situate on Lot 30, Map 311,
Union Street, in the City of Courtenay.
Dated the 24th day of March, A.D. 1915
We have a number of High-
grade Bicycles, both Ladies' and
Gents' models, some are second
hand machine, otheis are new
but have become slightly shop
soiled, but in every case the
price has been cut to the limit
Write for further particulars, to
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA
Try an Ad. in The Review
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls .Promptly


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