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The Review Feb 5, 1914

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Array an
u 11 --*    	
L,iit Your Property with
Uland Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
Have You Money to Inv_t,
See as; wt Can Make Yom
I_rge Dividends
bland Realty Co.
VOL. 2
This Space
Next Week
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Geo. J. Hardy
F. F. R. Biscoe
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange and the
National Association of Real Estate Exchanges
Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
Courtenay, B. C.
Our "Depot Addition"
,Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have .ots fronting on the Station Grounds.   Also on the 12 Acres
which the C P. R. have cleared for Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a Chance we will sell these  .ots on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
Give us your order for
Letterheads, Billheads,
Statements, Envelopes,
Wedding, Stationery, Etc.
Or. Morrison is at Vacantia this
Mr. E Sackville lost a valuable
horse ou Monday night.
Mr. Taylor, fishing impector, o
Victoria was in town last week.
The choir of the Presbyterian
church held a sleighride to Cumberland on Monday evening.
The telephone wires w' ich were
broken down by the lieavey snow
have been all put up again.
J. C. Moore, of Comox, is holding a special sale this month.
Some rare bargains are to be had at
his store. Advertisement on another page.
The trout are still running in
the river, and some fine strings are
being caught. As many as seventeen lines were hanging over the
bridge at one time on Saturday
afternoon, besides large numbers
along the banks.
Mr. Jefferies hns decided to go
to Alberta when he will engage in
farming on a larger scale. He will
dispose of his dairy catth horses,
implements, e!c, by public auction
in a few weeks, full particulars of
of which will be given later.
The plaus for the new E. & N.
Station are at H. H. M. Beadnell's
Real Estate office, where intending
tenders can see them. Tenders
are invited for building up to Feb.
14th. We trust some of our local
contractors will secure the work.
Mr. Chas Callin returned on
Tuesday fro.i Victoria, where he
had been attending the Annual
Fairs' Convention. The dates se-
lectd for Courtenay Fair are Thrus-
day and Friday, Sept. 17 and 18.
The date for the Dominion Fair at
Victoria is from Monday Sept. 21
to Saturday 26th,
For Sale���Rubber tired dog cart.
Apply H. W. Heberden, Sandwick.
Little Pigs for sale. Apply R,
Stewart, Comox, B, C- Phone
Harry C. Evans,
now in our District,
Elk Hotel, Comox, V,
Piano Tuner
phone R 86,
Wanted^���Youth to work at
Courtenav Opera House. Apply,
W. Witchell, at Opera House.
For fine painting, paperhanging
and decorating don't fail to see
Doyle & Home, Courteuay.
Edison's latest Phonograph, the
New Atnberola X, aud the latest records.   Mrs.  Kepner, Courtenay.
For Hire, 5 passenger Hudson
car, Duncan & Birch garage Union
Bay road, Courtenay, for hire tariff.
Phone 38.
For Sale���Cedar posts and poles;
beardless barley and good seed potatoes. T. C. Woods, Sandwick,
Phone R 96.
Wanted���Seven stocks of bees
without hives at once. Must be
cheap. Apply stating price to
Box 84 Review Office,
To Rent���5 roomed house with
basement, hot and cold water,
modern conveniences Apply J.
R. Johnson.   Courtenay Hotel,
Wanted���Money. Five hundred to five thousand at twelve
per cent. Secured by first mortgage.   Address W, Y. U. Review.
For Sale���12 young pigs, about
4 months old, one pedigreed Berkshire boar, one pedigreed Berkshire
gilt. Apply R. H. Barker, Sandwick.
Seven millions of the pores of
your skin perfectly cleaned and
perfumed. Cures many diseases,
prevents many, helps all who try
steam baths with a shower at
Forciea's barber shop, opposite
Post Office.  Courtenay.  Price 50c.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from.
Picture framing and sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
Otto Altschuler is at Vancouver
this week, ou a business trip.
Call and see Mrs. Kepner, Isabel
Street, for drygoods and fancy
A meeting of the parishioners of
St. Andrew's church, Sandwich,
will be held in the church on Monday next, the 9th inst, at 8 p. ra,
for the purpose of electing church
wardens and transacting other important business. All church members are requested to attend.
Married���At the manse, Sandwick, on Thursday eveniug Jan. a-y,
by Rev. T. Meuzies, Mr. Austin
Hugo to Miss Margaret Miller,
both of Cuuiberlttud, Tlie bride
was attended by Miss Jean McQuillan, and the groom by Mr
Neil McLeod. They will reside iu
The new school here was opened
on Monday ist ot Feb. Miss
Webster whose home is in P. E.
Islands late teacher at Kuderby, is
the principal. Miss Wilsou will be j
2nd in command. School opened ,
with a very good attend nice.
Some repairs are bsinj; doue on
the wharf. j
Cecil Smith and family have returned from Quathiaski Cove. I
Mr, and Mrs. Joe Thompson are
ihe proud parents of a sou.
Mr. John Kouffen, a relative  of 1
C. E. {London,   storekeeper here,
left for Vancouver last week     He|
expects  to  go to Shushaua when
the season opens up.
"Slim," Harry Evans, is again
a visitor at Comox.
We understand that our store
keeper Mr. A, Ball intei ds to put
up a palatial residence in the
Spring.    Says he is tired of a ,1m-
NO.   11
ming to busiuess through the tide
of Joy-town, all his children can
now swim, and fishing has been
good all winter.
The best way to keep warm is to
go round with a club. Killing the
fools who ask you is it cold enough.
Quite a number of the young
bloods were awaiting the arrival of
the steamer, on the wharf, a few
nights ago. Who were they expecting?
The latest Paris garment is of
tiger skin, but it is the woman who
hasn't got oue that looks wild.
Mr. Ball says he receives some
queer orders at his store, but he
thinks this takes 'the bun.'
Sir. Pies send this guy at wons I
want them for Krismas 6 pownd
raisints, them butes you sent ain't
the rile butes they is 9s I take ;s
you must think I got fete like bally
kanoos, 1 bag flour 6 pownd shuger
6 lbs rice I had a bac Toosday burned nearly all me grass and friteu-
ed the cloos out of the kows; ol_
wumans been sick ever since, r
pownd bakin soder 1 packit korn-
flower forgrool, they gone off there
milk and got sore tits and wont
feed. 10 lbs bakin good bakin no
dride orse like larst time with a
ide a hinch thick I tin trekel 6 tins
jam, tell the butcher to send 12
pownds rostin mete and ther bill
and I will setle im when I cum in.
All is well barin the tiii��ses, ami
co.vi off there milk with sor tits,
and two kid with mesles, opin you
the s�� ne, Mery Krismas as it
leaves me at present, 1 box tranter
bilius pills, 1 piket spise t tin pepper send 1 coil barb wire 1 grin
stun 6 pare btite laws strong ons 6
lbs chese ded chese tbis time last
cheese croled off the table tell drug
store man to send 1 bottle off kure
for ole rone cow thats delekit 1 tin
korn befe 4 bar soap 4 pare sox all
for big fete, that buket you tent
lekes like the dooce wishing you a
hapi noo year Robt p^ne Kiler.
Some Good Lots At The Station
The streets through the Station Subdivision are very shortlv to be made
these will run from the Cumberland road close to the E, _ N. Station
down to the Union Bay road close to the mill pond. Good large lots,
SO x 120 feet can be had at the present time at 1250 each, Comer Lots
53 x 125 for 1300, These prices will be raised shortly. Terms 1-4 cash
the balance in 6, 12 a 'd 18 mouths, interest at 7 per cent. As the
Union Bay road is fast becoming a favorite residential section of
Courtenay, having a cheerful outlook and being the Island Highway,
the town is certain to build up rapidly in that direction, consequently
there will be a considerable amount of traffic iu the streets up to the
station and freight shed from that part of the town, This is a good
opportunity for those who wish to start up in business later on, for
those who want a good sized residential property close in. There are
no other lots in Courtenay the size of these that can be bought at anything like the above prices, The plan of the Subdivision can be seen
at any time in my office
E. & N. Lands from $15 per Acre .Up
or the New Year we have a choice
variety of provisions, fruit, candies,
tobaccos, etc.    Anything you want
ask us
All orders recieve prompt attention
Local Delivery Telephone 40
(Formerly of Beadnell & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor
Estate and Insurance Agent
Collections handled with promptness and dispatch
Phone F91
By Mary Roberts Rinehart
Quite, 1 answered nonconiml.
began in wind iny watch.
hint   and   prepared   to
fully and
Uo took tli
He opened thn door and stared __���
fully down in the detective in tlto
hull below. Tho old place Is queer
without Miss Jane, ho suld Irrolovan.
ly.   Well, good night, aud tliaults.
Ho went heavily along Hm hall, ntnl
1 closed my door. I hoard lilm pass
Margery's room mid then go back and
rnii lightly.
It's Harry, lie ciillod. 1 thought you
wouldn't worry If you knew 1 was
In t ho house tonight.
She asked hlni Bometliln . for
Yes, lio Is bore, ho Bald,    lie stood
there [or a moment, hosltatlng over
something, but whatever it was, h
docided agttlDBt it.
flood night, dear, lie taid gonlly and
went away.
The Ilttlo fauiilliirity made mo
wince. Every uiiatiaelied man lias
same pang now and then. 1 havo it
sometimes .vben Edith sits on the
arm of Fred's chair, or one of tho
youngsters leaves wo to run lo 'daddy.'
And one of the sanest men I ever met
went to liis ofllco and proposed to his
stenographer in beer craving for domesticity, after winching the wife of
ono of IiIh friends run her hand over
her husband's chin a- ' give him a reproving slap for not having shaved.
I was ready for bed when Wardrop
rapped at my door. lie was still
dressed and had the leather bag.
Look bore, bo said excitedly when
I bad closed tho door, this ia not my
bag nt all. I never examined it carefully.
lio held it out to mo and I carried
it to tho light. It was an ordinary
Blghtoen Inch Russia leather traveling
bag tan in color and with gold plated
mountings. It was empty save l'or
tho railroad schedule that still rested
In one sldo pocket.
Don't you see? he asked excitedly.
Whoever stole my bag had this one to
substitute for it. If we can succeed
tn tracing the bag here to Iho simp it
came from and from there to the
purchaser wo have the thief.
There is no maker's name in It, I
mid after a casual examination. War-
drop's face fell, am ho took the bag
from mo despondently.
If you don't mind will leave it here,
ho said. They will be searching my
room, I suppose, and I'd like to have
the bag for futurj reference.
I have no idea 1 ,,w much later It
iras that I roused. I wakened suddenly and sat up in bed. There had
Jeen a still vibrating along my nerves
md I got up and lighting the candle,
tot Into my raincoat in lieu of a dressing gown and prepared to investigate.
My door, which I had left open. I
found closed. Nothing else was d's
turbed. The leather hag sat just In-
(Ido as Wardrop had left it. Through
Hiss Maitland'j transom were coining
sertaln strangled and Irregular sounds
now falsetto, now   deep   bass,   that
showed that worthy lady to he asleep.
A glance down the staircase revealed
j Davidson.
j    You didn't happen to bo up there a
i Ilttlo while ago, did you'.' 1 questioned.
,    No.     I havo been* kept busy trying
[to sit tight where   am.    Why?
Somo ono came into my room and
wakened me, I explained.
That's tunny, ho snld. Anything
in the room disturbed.
Nolhlng, hut some one had been in
the room, I reiterated. The door was
closed, although 1 had left It open.
I've got only one business hero, Mr.
Knox, ho said In an undertone, and
you know what, that Is. But If It will
relievo your mind I will toll you that
to the best of my belief lie was in your
room, not once, but twice, in the last
hour and a half.
What could lio have wanted? I exclaimed. Hut wllh his revcalation Davidson's Interest ceased,
Search ill., he said and yawned.
I went, back to bed. I deliberately
left Hie door wide open, hut. no instrii-
Bion occurred. Oner I got up and
glanced down the stairs. For all his
apparent drowsiness Davidson heard
my cautious movement.
Have you got any quinine, he said.
1 am sneezing my head off.
Hut 1 had none. 1 gave aim a box
of cigarettes. I was roused by tho
sun beating on my face, lo hear Hiss
1 j< lKin's tones from her room.
.Nonsense, sho was saying, quorous-
ly. Don't: you suppose I can smell?
Do you think because I am a little
hard of hearing that I havo lout my
other senses'; Somebody's been
it is me. Hopple .bouled.
You? Miss Letltla snarled. What
are you smoking for? That is not my
shirt; it is my���
I ain't smoking, yelled Hemic. Yon
won't lot nie tell you. 1 spilled vinegar on the stove.
Vinegar! said Miss Letltla. with
scorn. Next thing you will he telling
me it Is vinegar th.t Hurry and Mr.
Knox carry around in their pockels.
You have pinned mv cap to my scalp.
t hurried downstair? to tied Davidson gone. My blanket lav nenll"
folded on the lower step and the horse-
tinir chairs wero rung .I alon" the
wall us before. I looked around anv-
lously for telltale ashes bin there was
none save at the edge of the spotless
register, a trace.
For the
Thick, Fine and Red. Agony of Itching and Burning Frightful, One
Cake of Cuticura Soap and Box
of Cuticura Ointment Cured.
Tho Bfclu
Low*. Onslow, X. ft.��� "Ad first wo
thought my child's trouble wss bis truth.
Tho whole liO'ly was a Boltd raab and at tlio
ami piiH and elbows and
(bighs tin; skin came off as
1 if ho bad boon scolded, It
| wan a wry thick lino rash,
���i\ in color und IntODBCly
. Itchy and burning. Tbo
8_n just nlpcd oil loai Inn a
raw Horn with Ilttlo specks
vt yellow matter ia tbem.
every finger split down on
each slil.! and looked liko a ruffle. His lues
broke out in lil tin yellow pimples and tlio
bottom uf bis foot did thesamoand ho would
���ay bo could not walk, that tlicre wore pins
���ticking In his feet.
��''Tbo agony of itclilng and burning wai
���omotblng frightful; If lio got a chnncoho
would scratch the skin ri_lit off and mako a
���ore, hut io prevent that, 1 mado mittens
-or him out of col Ion. Every night from
���.ch-e o'clock until three in tho morning
*_ would have to ho taken up out of bed
and rocked, his sufferings were su bad.
"With no permanent euro in sight I got
tho Cuticura Soap and Ointment. Tiio
first night thn child slept tba whole night
;Vr,ui!h. th; 2r_ "iii! for __r months. I
���ta thankful to say the euro was complete
and t just got one cake of CutlcuraSoap and
one hos of Outlcura Ointment." (Signed)
Mrs. Samuel Higgins, .May 17.101:!.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment soid everywhere. F'.".' liberal free Eamplo of each, witli
82-n. boo., ar?:'! no_.__( _ Pi._>_ Ilrug
_ 0hem. Corp., Dejit. i . Hostou, U. 3. _,
W. N,  U. fi.1
Breaking the News
Wardrop did not appear at breakfast
and Margery looked tired and white
I saw tbo glaring headlines of the
morning paper laid open at Wardran's
plate. She must have followed my
eyes, for we reached for it simultaneously. She was nearer (ban I and
1 put my hand over the headirr, and
tier on'ek eye caught 111" name. The"
sho flushed wllh lndtmatbn,
Yon tiro not to vend it now. 1 said,
meeting her astonished gaze. Plea��e
let me have it. I promise vou I will
gi��e It to vou almost Imm .l'ately.
Vou are verv rude, she said without relinmiisbing the .wror. I saw a
pan of that. Tt is about mv fattier.
Drink your eofl'ee, please, I pleaded.
T will let you read it then, on my honor.
How can you b�� so childish? sbe
exclaimed. If there ig anvth'ne in
that inner that it will hurt nie to see.
Is a enn of coffee going ti make it nny
T rave un then. ond. feeling fiat
evasion u-nubi lie US' .Pi . T fold lier
wh*. hnd ha'i'iened hrenhlp the news
as gpiillv as T eo"hl T -aid that he
had ho "ii neeh]on*a'ly shot.
Aneldpptflllv! sb* repeated. 'oho
U"st storm of r/rlef ovpi*. she l'^ed
tier he"d from where It had vested nn
ho,- arms and looked at ine. oeornin*?
mi' subterfuge. . �� was murdered,
That's thi iynvit t didn't have t'lPe to
vend. 1. unloved! Al.l you ent hnelt
and let it happen. I went to yon in
lime and vou didn't do anything. No
one did anything.
I did not try to defend myself. How
could I'.' And afterward when she
sat up and pushed back tbe damp
strands of hair from her eyes Bhe was
more reasonable.
I did not mean what I said about
your not having done anything, she
said, almost childishly. No one
could havo done more. It was to bap-
pen, (hat's all.
But even then I knew she bad trouble in store that, she did not suspect.
What would Kin- do when she heard
that Wardrop .vas und . grave suspicion'.' lief ween hor dead father and
her lover, what?
I broke tlto news of her brother-in-
law's death to Alius Letltla.
Shot I she snid, sitting up ln bed
while llenpie shook her p'llows. It is
a queer death for Allan Fleming, I
alwnvs said lip would be hanged.
After that she apparently dismissed
bim from her mind and we talked of
her sister. She regretted that under
tho circumstances Jano would not rest
in the family lot.
We are all there, she said���eleven
of ns, counting my sister Mary's husband, although he don'r. properly belong, an.l I always said wo would take
''im out if we were crowded It is
the best lot in the Hoperlale cemetery.
Vou can see th" shaft for two miles in
anv direction.
We held a family council that mr. n-
ine around Miss 1. litht's bed���War-
drop, who look little part in the proceedings, and who stood at a window
looking out most of ihe t'me: Margin- on the IipiI. her arm around Miss
I.otit. 's shriveled neck. an.i Ileppie.
wbo noted as interpreter and shoe',;,,',
i���!o lhe old ladv's ear s".���'��� partn of
t'.-. conversation as alio considered essential
I !,���.,��� tolVp,i with Miss Vlemlng, I
Useful and of
Hi���h Quality
You ran give Waterman's Ideals
with the full assurance that they
"ill be lastingly used and tbat
there is nothing of the kind made
anywhere to equal them. Every pen
is hall-marked as a substantial
guarantee. There are hundreds
of styles and sizes from which to
select, some richly ornamented,
ethers perfectly plain. All are
titled with the famous Spoon Feed.
Kvcty hand can be identically
suited, and the points will be exchanged until satisfactory, Our
different types are Regular, Safety,
Self-Filling, Vest Pocket, etc., to
suit men, women or young folks
lor home, business or school uses.
Insist upon the genuine with globe
trade-mark on barrel.
Illustrated Folder on Bequest
From All the Best Dealers
La E. Waterman Company
Limited Montreal
Interesting People
den. 'ir It. Bl��d.n I .well showed a
marked ar'.is.ie skill when yet a child.
His family treasures a spiiited drawing Whloh he mad' of somo Arabs
leading camels through the desert.
Tbo lender was represented leaving
pieces of paper to mark bib track tor
those who wore following. Thus early
tlie head of tho boy scout movement
showed bin scouting Intuition. As a
hoy or 12 iio had mado u collection of
excellent, sketches which his mother
showed to Uuskin. expressing concern
however, that her son drew with his
left hand. Tbo master, after examining Uie sketches with evident pleasure, said: Madam, let you boy draw
with which hand be likes. Tho general has remained ambidextrous and
encourages scjuu lo cultivate this useful faculty.
of Robert   Louis   Stevenson's
contemporaries describes the author:
His hair was siir.uth and parted in the
middle and fell I>l,���\v the collar of
his coal: he wore a black llannel shirt
with a curious knitted tie twisted in
a knot, dark trousers, a pea jacket
and a white somhero hut. Dul the most
astounding item ; -. n i,iu costume was
a lady's Boalskln cape, which ho wore
about his shoulders fastened al th
neck by a fancy brooch, which al"
held together a bunch of In If a do/en
daffodils. I think these final touches
to his toilet mm.: have been added I"
loving hands without his knowledge or
'.r iiiirus Isaacs, Iceland's new
chief Justice was an Idler as a school
boy. Lessons he left unlearnt, class
work he shirked and mischief was his
only devotion writes one who knew
him. Nor was the mlschlovousness
onlv In himself���Iip del'gbted in Insidr-
Ine others in Ills 'wicked ways.' In
deed mv recollections of bim Is nl
wnvs nf u d'ononlnenl voting, mlscble
ions Imp wiih sparkling eyes, who
wb�� always in disisri" _ or being caned
and yet wilhal was over merry and de-
jeiously humorous.
said ns clearly as I could, and she
seems to shrink from soeine. people.
The only friends she cares about are
In Europe, and she :ells ine there ure
no other relatives.
Heppie condensed this inlo a vocal
capsule and thrust it in.o Miss Leti-
tla's ear.   The old 'idy nodded.
No otber relatives, she corroborated.    God be praised for that anyhow.
I was going to suggest. I put in. (bat
my brother's wife would be only too
glad to help, and if Miss Fleming will
go into town with me ��� am sure Rdlth
would know just what to do. She isn't
curious, and she ls very capable.
Margery threw me a grateful glance,
grateful. I th'nk, that I could understand bow, under the circumstances h
stranger wus more acceptable than
cn-'ons friends should be.
Mr. Knox's sister-in-law! interrupted Heppie.
When you havo to say the letter
's' turn your head away. Miss Letltla
rebuked ber. Well. 1 don't objec 'f
Knox's Rlster-ln-law don't. She hid
nn unennnv wav of expanding Hep-
pie's tabloid speeches You can take
mv white silk s''awl to la" over the
body, but be sure to hring it back. We
may need it for Jane
(To be Continued)
T was cured of nat-.iful    Goitre    bv
Chat bam.  Out.
I was cured   nf   Inflammation   by
Walsh, Ont.
I was eared of Fuel al Neuralgia by
J. 11. BAILEY.
Parkilalo. Ont,
An Extrcne Cast-
Wombat carries bis craze for ccon-
omv to exces3.
How much?
��aw blm around yesterday trying to
find somebodv who :ou'd lit new bristles to au old toothbrush.
The eh uffeur stuck bi3 left hand out,
A signal. 'Stop a  nliiut..'
A lawyer rushed right up and placed
A niece of iapcr in it.
In case of accident, i  read,
I'm at your service.   Sklnnem Dead.
Slate of Ohio,   Mi" rf Toledo,   \    es
Lucas County. i
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is pe,plor partner of the Pre nf 1 . J,
Cheney fr Co.. doing hualness in the CJity
of Toledo. County am. State aferepald.
and that said firm will pnv tho sum of
ON'B HT.'Nl. *F.D DOLLARS for <-aeh
and every ease of Catarrh that cannot
be cured bv ibe uso of HALL'S
Sworn to ot fore me and subscribed
in mv presence, this 6th day of December,   A.D.   1SS0.
(Seal) ��� A.  W.  GLRASON.
Notarv   Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure ls taken Internally nnd nets directly upon the blood
up. mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials, free.
. . J.  CHBNKV & CO . Toledo. O.
Sold by all Druggists, 73c.
Take Hall's Family V'ills for -onstl-
Bombay's Bird Market
It is a common practice In India to
keep birds as pets In oapt'-Vlty, parrots being mnsr popular for this purpose, but cockatoos, matnat (a smaller kind of talkln b! d), canary birds
doves and gray headed love birds are
nlso ' equently seen In cages. Tho
bird market at ot.bay is one of the
unique sights of thai city, there being offered for sale th 'e thousands of
birds, chiefly from Ind'a an" the east
coast of Africa, especially Zanzibar.
One .ded Humor
After tho company had gone .sirs.
Mason said to ber busbaud- What on
earth did you nean, .iohn, by telling
Ibo Flemings tbat my humor was positive, but not aegatlvo I meant, said
Mr. Mason, discreetly moving toward
the door, that you -mid malic a joke
but couldn't lake one.
Cant Lose ���.ini There
Gilis���I liavent heard from my son,
who is touring Europe. I am some
what worried.
Dills���What is bis next stop?
Gills���Monte      rlo.
Dlllaa-'rh.en you'll hear from him.
A returned missionary says they
have had woman suffrage in Central
Africa for 000 yen're. Yes, and just
look at 'cm.
In this country, asked the fore'gn-
er, does it ro?t anything to bave one's
name changed?
Yes. answered the native. Usually
il costs the young man from $2.50 to
Miller's Worm Powders attack
worms in the stomach and intestines
���it once, and no worm can come in
contact with them and live. Tney
also correct tho unhealthy conditions
in the digestive organs that Invite and
encourage worms, setting up .auctions
tbat are most beneficial to tlu growth
ol the child. They av e.tteste
their power :n hundreds of cases and
nt all times are thoroughly trustworthy.
are usually thin and
easily worried, sleep does not
refresh and the system gradually weakens from insufficient
Scott's Emulsion corrects
nervousness by its force a i concentrated medical nourishment
--it restores the healthy action
of body cells, enriches the
blood, sharpens the appetite,
and feeds the nerve centres
by distributing enercy and
power all over the body.
Don't resort to alcoholic
mixtures or drug concoctions
that stimulate and stupefy.
Get a bottle ot Scott's
Emulsion tor your
equals or compares
with it, but insist
on Scott's.
Globular Lightning
According to Professor \V. V
Thornton of Armstrong college, glob'
"liif lightning descends nlo ly from t
cloud, generally alter a violent clap o!.
thunder, in tho form uf a brilliant bin
Ish tiaii. it bou ds from tho (.earth
when It touches and then nicvea a few
yards horizontally. Tlie/ ��� balls-readily follow an electric conductor���_ gat
pipe, for lnstanci���and burst when
they (ouch water or sometimes in tht
open air. Tlu- ball then db..ppoars in
Btantaneot'Sly with a violent explosion, which may do damage and which
produces a strong smell f_ ozone.
Thornton believes with reason that
globular lightning is made up print.
pally of mass of ozone, This hypothesis explaina why the color ef the
ball is usually bluish, why tho luminous mass descends slowl. through
the air. ozone being of a 'etisity about
'.I times that of air, and finally why
the instantaneous disappearance of tht,
ball is accompanied by an explosion,
for tho .ransl'ormalion of ozone- lute
oxygen liberates a great quantity t.
It Eaans Pain. Ask any druggist of
dealer in medicines what is tlie' most
popular of the medicinal oils for paint:
in the ioints. in tho muscles or nerves,
or for neuralgia and rheumatism, nnd
ho will tell you thai nr. Thomas' Ne-
leclrie Oil is In greater demand, thar.
any other. The reason for this is that
it possesses greater healing qualities
than any other oil.
Wastiig Away
I notice tha' our cook, said be,
ts thinner than _ie used to be.
Yes, she replied, from day to day.
She seetmi Inclined to waste away.
D ductlon
Grace must bo neglecting her music.
What makes you think that?
I see her 'tther has lost tbo harassed look bo bad.
'Thanks for the lobs, r' is tho'latest
catch phrase In Paris. Wo are cer-
talnly glad that they havo come to appreciate us at lo"t.
Japan and the Olympiad
Japan ls preparing o mako a better
showing at tlie O'ymple ganes in Ucr-
lln In 1.15, than she did at Stockholm,
Professor Jigoro Kauo, the founder !
'Judo.' which is an tnvrov ; form bt
Jiu-jitsu, organized, after his return
from Stockholm an athletic association wit' a view to training athletes
for tlie coming international eoutcsts.
The new org'ntzation which Is'oi'ierl
the Japan Athletic association, will al'
So devote itself the c-icouragnmen?,
physical education among Iho rut'
ing generation of Japa-. SpeciM attention vi bo paid to the Marathon
race, the 200 yard dash and the jutting contestB. -
When the Music Stopped
It is reporter that a certain music
ian, disgusted witli __ chattering.tbat
usually take. t����� ph. f listening
during a musical performance, arranged with his violin, his viollneellc,
and tho rest that music should suddenly stop In the midst of tbo loudest paS'
sage in the piect.
It wai' done, and clear nnd distinct
above all the Uud talking, those words
wero heard: We always fry curs us
.     -esty
-Henry,  can
you  Ocfltic
Henry���Yes. fa     kid that comes to
school wld a saillo ou his face
Stomach Weak?   W��*fi!r *LfS E
���ril ��� ^J  Tt��_<_*>     is at hand so convenient and
iutlOOa JL>aa.       atnoUttlecost
Liver Lazy?   Dr. Pierce's Golden
Nervous?   MedicaIDi8COVery
aids digestion and purifies the blood. As a consequence both
the stomach and liver return to their normal and healthy condition.
Nervousness and biliousness soon disappear. The entire system
takes on new life.
For ovr forty years this famous old medicine
has "made good"���and nevermore so than today,
enjoying a greater sale all over the world than
any other doctor's prescription, t
For Mto at all druggists in liquid or tablet form, or
you can eend fifty le stamp* for trial box.   Address
____. DR. R. V. PIERCE, BUFFALO, N. Y. _______ __H__ M_VTRTV. COTTRTEVAY, !..&
mm. colo on luhgs and
hy Na-Dru-Co Syrup ot Linseed,
Lieorlce and Chlorodyne
Mr. J. Seward, llromptonvillc, One.,
~*rites :
"Two weeks ago I tool; a severe cold
which settled ou my lungs and my chest
vis very sore, breathing tight and severe
lacking cough. I was feeling miserable.
! lxmght a bottle of Na-Dru-Co Syrup of
Linseed, Licorice and Chlorodyne and
liter a few doses I felt great relief and I
vent into a sound sleep, a thing I was
���not able to do for some nights. Next
lav I was able to be around again, and
.ei'orc completing the bottle, felt ns well
is evrr. It is a line cough and cold
Na-Ilru-Co Syrup of Linseed, Licorice
.nd Chlorodyne relieves the irritation
und "stufled-uii" feeling in the airpass-
ages, soothes the tickling which makes
you cough, loosens the phlegm and
Iriver. out tbe cold before it gets trouble*
In 2Bo and _V hottlcs, al your
Druggist's. National Drug and Chemical
.0,01 Canada, Limited. 3:12
Completing the  Record
You���you nre 11 reporter, perhaps'.'
picrlcd the palernal old chap on the
Street car of Uie young man who was
irrltlng In a. notebook.
Yes, sir, was 'be reply.
1 am glad lo meet yen- i'otl go
ijv erywhere, don't you'.'
Mosl, cvor\ where.
And write up all sorts of Incidents?
Then you have been a witness of all
BOrtsi of death':'
1 hove seen vlelima of fire, wider,
-railroads, street cars, brewery waggons; poison, banning and what not.
11 thibk there is only one form of death
',; have not seen.
Indeed. That may be a fatal balloon
Oh, no. 1 have seen BlX different
11011 fall from balloons and meet their
Boiling in oil, then?
Mv own brother died that way. No,
Singular as it may seem, 1 am just now
on my way to complete the record.
Anil you are hound for���tor��� V>
The football grounds. I want to seo
'.very hone in a player's body broken
:it cue kick.
The  Human Animal
In babyhood his -aother called him
t kUten,
(The neighbors called bun a little
When at college he was commonly
jailed a calf.
-(But according to his enemies he
Was-a beast).
After bo left college he became
tinoftg his friends a gay clog-
(The  girls  usually  termed Ium  a
.  PW1-
ln business lie was referred to as a
sly fox. . ,   , -
(His co ipeiitors   labeled   him    a
wolf-in'sheop's clothing).
In his lo\o affairs ho. was a perfect
* .Some said, however, a perfect don
Iu society he was described as a
(Varied occasionally by 'that stupid ass).
_irard's Liniment Curej Distemper
In America it is estimated tbat the
number of rats Is nearly etpial to the
population, hut tbey arc not nearly as
dangerous or destructive as the. rats
found in many of tlie foreign countries
and aro more easily exterminated. It
is estimated by Professor Klllott that
there are -lO.oOii.OOO rats in tho Brttsb
isles". India's population is outnnu-
bereil by rats to the extent of four
irats to each human being,
Away With Depression and Melancholy.���These two evils are the Accompaniment ot a disordered stomach
and itorpld liver and mean wretchedness to all whom they visit. The
surest and speediest way to combat
them is with Parmelee's Vegetable
l'ills, which will restore the healthful
motion of the stomach and bring relief. They have proved their useful-
���jiess in thousands of eases and Will
continue to give relief to Ihe Buffering
who are wise enough to use them.
The Rev. Dr. .lordn'i was anxious
about bis soil's college examination
nml requested him to telegraph the result, The boy sent the following telegram: Hymn 312, fifth verse, last
���two lines. Looking 11 up tho father
���found the words: Sorrow vanquished,
labor ended.   Jordan passed.
Another Ll- Mailed
60 you brand as a lie your opponent's 'statement that you have your
price? asked the interviewer.
Yes, exclaimed Senator lluncombs,
payment was held up.
The next record for a no stop flight
may be made by a prominent Mexican statesman.
Try   Murine  Eye   Remedy
Uf you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
ar Granulated Kyelids. Doesn't Smart
���Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 2Sc, SOc.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c, SOc.    Eye Books Free by Mail,
( An Eyo T_lo Cooal lor All   . M that MmS Cm*
{Murine Eve Remedy Co., Chicago
W. N. U. 981
His Card
H. II. Sothern, lhe actor, confesses
to a habit Which sometimes has its
disadvantages. It Is his custom to
mako memoranda ot things which occur lo him from time to lime on bis
calling cards or other odd bits of paper bo may have in his pockets. He
tells this as one of his experiences: !
'I had occasion to call ai the home of
Grover Cleveland and 1 sunt up my
card. In a few minutes Mrs. Cleveland camo In to receive me, tho cardj
still in her band and about her mouth
a rather odd smile.
I think perhaps I had belter return
this to you. she said.
I took It. On the back I had written: 'Books, pajamas, one dozen collars.
After Ten Days' Suffering Mr. Quinn
Says  Nothing  Cures  Like
A Hearty Welcome
Mrs. Clay telephoned to a friend
that, sho would 001110 down and spend
tlie day.
Well, here   1 am,   she   exclaimed
cheerily aB tlie Utile daughter of the
bo .ess opened Uie door.
Yes, replied the child, I am glad to
see you, and I know mother will he
clad, too, for she said this morning
wben you phoned that Bho wns thankful she was going lo hale the visit
over wllh.
Pluck in Defeat
Charles Edward Russell, lhe Socialist candidate fnr tbo mayoralty of New
York, said of his defeat:
Al any rule we mit un, we Socialists
put up a brave if hopeless fight. And
now, in our defeat, wo are as cheery
aa the traveler.
A traveler bought a ticket from
Paint Hock to Nola Ohucky, and Iben,
go'ns out on the platform, said:
How soon does the train stmt?
Why, there she goes now. said a
"i at ion hand. Y'ou have just missed
The traveler leaned on to fie line
and set. out in pursuit, of the train
wiih all his might, But In two or
���hreo minutes lie camo trudging hack
over the ties.
A laughing crowd had gathered and
the station hand said:
Well, did you catch her?
No. said the traveler, bul. by jingo!
f made her puff.
Greasy Ointments No Use���Must
Be Cured Through The Blood
It. is uot a good thing for people with
a tendency to bave pimples aud a
blotchy complexion lo smear themselves with greasy ointments. In fact
they couldn't do anything worse, because the grease clogs the pores of
tho skin, making the disease worse.
When there ls an irritating rash a
soothing boracic wash may help allay
the pain or itching, but of course It
doesn't euro tbe trouble. Skin complaints arise from an impure condition
of tho blood and will persist until the
blood Is put-Hied. Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills have cured many cases of eczema and skin diseases because they
make new, rich blood that drives out
(he impurities, clears the ski'i and imparts a glow of health- The following proof is offered. Mrs. Fred
Tremble, OUnler, Out.., says: ��� "For
more than a year I was steadily afflicted with salt rheum or eczema. My
hands were so sore that I could not
put them in water without the skin
cracking open. I tried all sorts of
ointments recommended for the trouble but they did not do me a particle
of good. I was told Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills would cure the trouble, and began taking them. I took the Pills
steadily for six or eight weeks and
they completely cured tho trouble.
This was several years ago and I have
never been bothered with it since."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
all medicine dealers or by mail at SO
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Urockvllle, Ont.
Talkative Barber (aboul to lather')
���Do you mind shutting your mouth,
Patient One���No; do you?
Dave you been able lo meet Iho demands ot your creditors?
Meet them? 1 haven't been able to
avoid them.
Discovery of Old 3oat
The hull of an old timbered ship, uncovered near Woolwich, convinces antiquarians that the discovery is nothing less than the remains of the famous sixteenth century British warship, the Great Harry. Seymour Lucas, the historical painter, says that
two wheels of a gun carriage of the
rein of Henry VIII, or early in the
reign of Elizabeth, together with stone
cannon bails and pieces of Elizabeth-
iau pottery, all tak 1 from the hull,
all prove the accuracy of the statement
and adds that there was a dock built
in 1512 in Woolwich, where the Great
Harry was probably lying when destroyed.
No ship is now in existence earlier
than Nelson's flagship, the Victory, recalling to Englishmen Brlttania's
early navy, and very probably steps
will bo taken to preserve tbe hull as a
Thousands Reccmmend "Nerviline"
(One of the most soul-dlst? . ''ig accidents that can befall one is .. '"id
ankle or wrist sprain. "If I had only
known of 'Nerviline' earlier, I could
have saved myself an enormous
amount of pain and many agonizing
nights of sleeplessness." Thus writes
p. p. Quinn,
"l tumbled from a hay loft lo the
barn floor and sprained my right ankle
and left wrist. They swelled rapidly
aud caused exoruolatlug pains. It was
not. convenient lo go to tbo city, and
tlie liniment in lhe house was useless.
When 1 got Nerviline relief came
quickly. It took down the swelling,
relieved the pain, and gave nie wonderful comfort.
"I eau recommend Nerviline for
strains, bruises, swellings, muscular
pains, and sore hack. I havo proved
it a cure In such cases."
Think what it might somo day mean
to you to bave right in your home,
ready for an accident or emergent
sickness, a bottle or two ot Nerviline.
Get it. today.
Largo size bottles, 50c, or sample
size 25c, at all dialers, or The Cat-
iiirliozoiio Co., Kingston, Onl.
Two Heading)
A well known Parisian antiquary
while on bis holidays In Normandy
came across an old farm which had a
curious carving in tlie form of an armorial bearing over one of the stable
doors. Beneath the carving was a
wooden bar inscribed with a date.
Examining it closely, ho found the
latter to be 1081. All his antiquarian passions were aroused, needless
to say, and after some bargaining the
farmer sold him the carving for quite
a nice sum. Tbe next day the farmer brought the trouvaille to the antiquary's villa. This isn't what I
bought! exclaimed the purchaser. It
bears the date of 1801�� 1 don't want
it. Excuso me, sir, replied tbe
fanner, it's the same, right enough.
But the farmer who recently repaired
it replaced the bar upside down, and
l thought I ought to put it right for
you. Tho antiquary was sporty
enough not to go hack on bis bargain
but tbe facts of the case do not seem
to sneak- highly cf bis antiquarian
Most Civilized Nation
The question 'Which is the most, civilized nation on earth?' Is difficult to
answer. Civil'7'itlon is a very classic
term and is understood differently in
different times and places. I . scie>
title attainment, education, wea'th nnd
all the things that go alontj with
wealth. Great Britain, France and Germany would appear to lead the procession, with some other nations following closely; but taking all things
into consideration, eliminating the sole
matter of wealth, the most civilized
country on eart'. Is probably Norway.
In that far northern land tbe ideal
civilization that Is. the civilization
that rests on common sense and justice���seems to have matured to a
greater extent tban it has anywhere
Peculiar Japanese Rite
Segitera temple, in the province of
Ise, Japan, is the sieno each July of
a peculiar rite dedicated to the worship of Aca'anatha, the faithful servant of Buddha, The rll: is known
as a 'soma' fa corruption of Sanskrit
'homa') or 'burning.' Buddha taught
that the cause of suffering is d"s're,
and therefore the priests of the Shin-
gon, a Japanese sect of Buddhism,
kindle a fire to consume all human desires, at the same time offering prayers to Acalanatha. In one matter the
rite may be said to defeat its own ends
for it attracts a crowd of farmers full
of desire to obtain embers or ashes
from lhe fire which Is Bltpnosed to hnve
consumed all desires. The tradition
Is that the possession of an ember or
ashes from tho sacred fire insures a
farmer good crops the next autumn.
Tho Montenegrins are a primitive
people. In .heir plays the villian is
always a Turk, says a traveler. Well,
Isn't the Turk nearly always a man
with a black mustache.
If it Is true that the popularity of
the oyster is waning steps should be
taken to prove that the bivalve is
about to become extinct. This would
revive interest in oyster consumption.
All previous ululatlons that you
have heard will ho like the sighing of
an aeolian harp compared wltb the
noise that will arise iu Washington
If it is decided to dock congressmen
for lest time.
By a peculiar decision a Chicago
judse renders a verdict in favor of a
claimant whereby the latter still loses.
Still it makes but little difference, as
tbo lawyers would have arrived at the
same result.
Amundsen. It Is said, contemplates a
polar trip hy aeroplane. The great)
disadvantage of Ilie method Is that it
will furnish so little of incident to|
write about. I
Tbe district attorney of Philadelphia
declares tbat be has been unable to
find any law to prevent women from
smoking. Which will take away from
most of the feminine smokers the Inducement to do it.
Marthas Vineyard in 1602
Hero Is wbat Bartholomew Gosnold
wrote of his voyage 10 Marthas Vineyard In 1602.
We stood awhile like nun ravished
at  the  beautie and delicate  of    I Ids
sweet solle, for beside   divevs   clear
lakes of fresh .valer (whereof we saw-
no end), meadows very largo and full
of green grass and such an Incredible
number of vines that wc could not do
for treading in them. This is ilie
goodliest land ever we saw. for It is
replenished with fair fields and in
them fragrant Sowers; also meadows
and hedged with Btately grows.
Marthas Vineyard Is still covered
wiih tbe wild grape vines which gave
it its name, and .he farms hav ' often
a high standing for productiveness, indeed, one or these farma once boasted
the largest corn crop ever produced
on an acre. The yield was 125 hush-
els of shelled corn.
Favorite sport Just now seems to
bo building cup defenders,
How Sunday Reached the Frontier
High principle and humor have ever
made an Irresistible combination. Kurly merchants on the American frontier
conspicuously failed in the observance
of .Sunday; therefore, when a young
New Jersey trader, who had settled a'
Louisville, Ky., .'.used his store ou the
llrst Sunday after ii was opened there
was much ado iu the town. Other establishments kept open���had he no
ticed It? he was :.sked. Ves, he
know It. Wliy did ho close? He
was the first to Co to; he must know
that also.
Why, said a facetious merchant
Sunday hasn't yet crossed the mountains.
Yes, it has, declared the newcomer
pleasantly.    1 brought it with mo.
Tbat simple and ready reply proved
more effective than any amount of argument, and although he was the first'
to observe the day in tow , he soon
bad many followers in Sunday closing
r \
No Gilt Is More Universally
Acceptable Than
See lhat the celebrated trademark,
ta shown in illustration, isou every
pair of gloves you buy.
Nose    Tip Vaccination
The young Japanese diplomat point-
.1 to his father, lite marquis.
T'n ;':- father, l.e said, the oil fellow with the eaucer shaped scar nn
the tip of his hose. All Japs of th.1
older generation hnve that scar.
Yes? said the debutante.
Yes, it's a vaccination mark,   in the
old days, when compulsory vaccination
lirst .began, we Japs vaccinated every
body on the tip of the nose.     Why-
Well, because it was   a   good   place
where there's no movement to rub olf
the scab, and also because a vaccina-:
tlon scar on tlie nose was easily identified by the medical officers of the I
government.     A man didn't havo toj
take off half bis clothes in order to
prove that, he bad been vaccinated.
Y'cs, the nose tip vaccination had
its good points, hut before Lie modern
hankering after beauty it had lo go.
Solid Granite
The inquisitive traveler kept poking
bis head out of the window of the car
to the great annoyance of the conductor who several times stopped to warn
him against tlie danger. At length he
tapped lhe careless one on the shoulder and said:
Pardon me. but. tills time I must insist that you withdraw your bead.
Insolently the traveler spoke bacv
over liis shoulder without complying
with the request.
Oh, said the conductor, nettled, wr
are coming to a bridge, and I don"
want nnv cf the girders damaged by
your head,
And then the head came in.
Thl* trad* mark atsisrtl p*rf**t
Style, Fit and Finish.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Engines of all kinds, Boilers of it
kinds, Pumping Machinery, Tar.lts.
Heavy Plate Work, etc.���Writ..- to
TORONTO.      ���      CANADA
Lightship Risks
Ii would seem that the perils of
a lightship crew in a gale exceed even
those of a lighthouse keener. Mr.
Talbot, i-.i his 'Lightships and Lighthouses,' gives an example of the havoc
played hy one Atlantic wave iu tlie
ease of the lightshii tbat guards the
terrible rocky fangs known as the
'Seven Stones,' which l.e between
Land's End and the Scilly Isles.
Once a wave tumbled aboard, crash-1
ed a. man against Hie pump, knocked
him half senseless; picked up tlie lifeboat and threw it against tho deck- i
house, and in so doing caught another
member of the crew, mauling ids thigh
badly In passing. Two cut of the
seven men forming the crew were thus
put hors de combat bv a single wave,!
The lightship is a British Idea, and j
the llrst ever used wa.s placed in the
mouth of the Thames in 1713.
Tiger "uperstit ns
Numberless are the superstitions associated witli the tiger. The narivei
of India believe that Its whiskers tie
a deadly poison and tliar when finely
chopped and secretly put Info a person's food they will assuredly cause
death. What Is known as the 'evil
eye' is greatly dreaded in India, and
lo avert this parents hang the claws
of tigers round the necks of their
Freedom from Asthma. Asthma li
one of the most distressing troubles,
sudden in its attacks and prolonged hi
its agonies. Frequently many thinza
are tried, but nothing seems to g_��
hope ot relief. Dr. J. D. Kellogg"!
Asthma Remedy is the oue help wlr.c-i
can be depended upon, li you bave
tried other remedies without suec . .
do not fail to gei r.t once a package
of this uniformly successful prep., a-
Insects That Walk on Water
Insects that walk on the water by
means of pneumatic floats are the familiar water and tbe pond skater spider. Not many people know why they
can walk on the water. The pond
skater really walks on pneumatic
floats. There are tiny hairs on the
feet of this insect, so fine that they
cannot be seen, that aro arranged to
collect air. Tlie amount collected in
and about these hairs is sufficient to
allow the insect to float or walk onj
the surface of the water. As each
foot is put down it forms a cuplike de-
pression or tiny pit in the water. The j
foot does not sink because the air bub-|
ble that haa been formed is too light
to let it. A fine covering of hair protects the water spider, too. and even if
It is submerged in tlie water if is never really wet. The hair keeps a layer of air between Us body and the water. It looks like a white pearl when
below tho turface. Tho scientific
name of tbis curious Insect is tbe Ve.
la currens.
The secretary of the treasury haa
decided that hereafter V must not be
used for V in Inscriptions on public
buildings. Uniform spelling is the
Nowadays children have to haie a
lot of path uce to get along with tli- ir
Meanwhile the present high price
of veal should not prevent the return
of prodigal sons.
Is tho radium trust best typified aa
an octopus or a bacillus'
Dr. norse's
Indian Root  Pills
are just the right medicine for the
children. When they arc. constipated
���when their kidneys are out of order
���when over-indulgence in some
favorite food gives them indigestion
���Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills will
quickly and surely put thfem right.
Purely vegetable, tbey neither taken,
weakenor gripe, like harsh purgatives.
Guard your children's health by
always keeping a box of Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills in the house, They t,
Koo.    tlie   Children   Well THE COURTENAY REVIEW
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Incorporated 1869
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Payable in all parts of tbe world
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Courtenay, 11. C.
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Letter to the Editor
Editor Courtenav Review.
Dear Sir:��� The writer under the
nom-de-plume of "Local Option" iu
your last week's issue favours local
option, making B.C. a "dry" province and the abolition of the Bar.
Citing the goody goody dry towns
in Ontario as an example and guidance for us when, although I do
not know whether he is aware of
the fact, their population is decreasing and will continue to do so
while B.C. aud the othtr Western
provinces will continue to increase.
In the census for io years eliding
1911 only 7 counties show increases
amounting in the aggregate
to 10,815, all the other
Counties show decreases, and many
of the Townships in Counties which
have increased their aggregate
population show the same decreases.
Thirteen of the principal Counties
show a decrease of 43.023 spread
with surprising uniformity over the
whole provinces while at the same
time there are townships included
in this decrease well adapted to
agriculture, The cause of this is
not far to seek. I have travelled
through a number of these "dry"
Ontario Counties and Towns and
found them dull and lifeless compared with B. C. and the other
Western provinces. No cricket,
tenuis, and football which, with
education, is the reason of the
drinking not being so great as it
was 50 years ago. Can therefore,
anyone wonder why the young
men and women in Ontario are
making for the West leaving the
old folks at home to do the chores.
For Choice
Family Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
One   Price  to  All
It is a matter of great concern with j
the Ontario ligislature how to
check this depopulation' They
say, "why go West when you can
do quite as well if not better at
home?"    "Still they come."
Is not the Licensed Bar under
the superintendence of the Police
infinitely better than no bar at all
when "Blind Pigs" step in? Why
should not the working man be |
allowed to get a drink if he wants
one same as the rich using an hotel
or a Liquor Lisenced Social Club?
Legislation will uever wholly eliminate drunkenness which with some
is an incurable disease.
I am Yours truly
Wm. Idiens
Courtenay, Feb. 2 1914.
The annual meeting of the Courtenay Board of Trade takes place tonight (Thursday) in the Board
No. 8 Mine Townsite
The Next  Nearest   and Best  Situated   Property
to the Mines
""^-,_     __> a cf fo Courm ey 2J2> A. -Wes
It is the White Man's City.    We do not selljto Asiatics
1-4 to 1-2 Acre Lets, 60 and SO foot Froutage'by 120.Deep,     Price $150
to $225 per Lot, on easy terms
Apply, A, Pailthorpe, "Tlie Store" Berwick, or Hurry Idiens
Men's Department
Men's Raincoats
Made in a double texture in   tbe usual
fawn shade, full length and good fitting,
Regular price '$25. 19.   17.50   and   15.
Now $15.00 and 10,00
Men's Overcoats
Only two dozen of these left. Tbe assortment comprises Scotch and English
tweeds in greys and browns witli dlognal
stripe, well lined ami finished throughout, Regular price *_l.tl0 17.50 and 15.
Now $15, 12. and 8,
Clothing Values
A special line in tbe Sovereign brand
we bave reduced in price. These comprised twenty good serviceable tweed
suits ill grey and dark mixtures, medium
weight. These clothes will wear and
retain tlieir dressy appearance. To clear
at $17.(10, 15. IJ. and 8.
Sweater Coats
The balance of  our mens, womens and
childs sweaters and sweater coats at reduced prices.   Take advantage of these
Flannelette Pyjamas
In the best   quality and   well   made   ill
striped patterns.     Prices SI. to 1.25
Men's Sox
Heather mixture son in greys and browns
wortli 55c pair.    Now 4 pairs ((1.00
Men's Shirts
Twelve dozen of these of various kinds
for business and outing wear. Some with
collars to match others with plain neck
bands and laundered cuffs. A big range
of patterns, to go at 95c eacb
Heavy All Wool Shirts
Of  splendid quality aud well made, in
black,  brown, khaki and grey, at  half
the regular price.   A good  opportunity
for the man who works outside
Hats and Caps
A large range in genuine felt hats and
tweed caps in the seasons leading shapes
and shades. A splendid selection in every
size and all at reduced prices
Men's Night Shirts
Full  size flannelette  night  shirts  well
made   and   in   neat   striped   patterns,
for 91.00 each
Tweed Trousers
Good sti ong tweed trousers in all weights
and patterns, made with two side aud
two hip pockets. Well shaped and
strongly sewn in all seams. From
82.00 to ��4.00
Corduroy Pants
We are offering extra good value in this
line, they come in a light and dark fawn
corduroy, with 2 inch cuff, side strap
and belt loops, with two side, two hip
pockets and a watch pocket
We are fully stocked in all heavy and
light footwear
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Telephone 36 COURTENAY
Dry Goods Dept.
Karly spring goods showing this week.
A complete range of the newest models
in C-C a I,a Grace corsets
The latest designs iu Swiss embroideries,
allovers,  flouncing and edging with insertions to match at popular prices
House Furnishings
Our spring stock of house furnishings is
now complete, comprising:-Art muslins,
Scrims, plain aud fancy etomincs, art
sateens, cretons, tapestry, wren and
vilour couch coverings. Brussels and
tapestry carpet stpiares ill floral and
oriental designs in all sizes at moderate
Tapestry and wrcp curtains in combination and self colours  of red and green.
Nottingham luce and   Swiss muslin curtains in white, cream and ecru
Special novelty designs in lace and muslin curtains in Bungnlow lengths
Tweed Coats
In order to clear the balance of our fall
and winter stock we nre offering 25 per
cent discount ou ladies tweed coats,
mackintoshes, also blankets, eiderdown
and cotton Tilled comforters
Special values in ladies fall and  winter
underwear from 40c to ?1. per garment,
32   inch  striped   fiaiiuelete at 10  yards
for $1.00
A choice collection of wrapperette, blouse
and kimona flannelette at 7 yards for   1.
Your   choice   of   300   curtain   ends   at
25c each
For best wear
For comfort
For style
For quality and best results
Nothing but first class leather
New style toe and heel
We have just unpacked a shipment of
Made  up   in   the   different   styles
Call and see them
I Ml
The  Corner  Store, Sandwick
First Class Groceries, Boot-, Shoes,
Dry Goods, Hardware, Etc.
As in the past year we are jalways ready to attend
promptly to your order whether it be small or large
Call and see us or ring up
Telephone   4
Parkin Bros.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for Lock-up and Married Constable's Quarters at Powell River," will
be received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to noon of Friday, the 20th day of February, 1914, for
the erection and completion of a lock-up
aud married constable's quarters at
Powell River, in the Comox Electoral
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may he seen on and after
the 2nd day of February, 1914, at the
office of the Provincial Constable at
Powell River; Mr. T. Ilaird, Government
Agent, Cumberland; Mr. J. Mahony,
Government Agent, Vancouver; or the
Department of Works, Victoria.
Intending tenderers can obtain one
copy of plans and specifications for the
sum of ten dollars (SKI) by applying to
the undersigned, which sum will be refunded on tlieir return in good order.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certificate
of deposit on -i chartered bank of Canada,
mnde payable to the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, for a sum
equal to 10 per cent, of tender, which
Shall be forfeited if the party tendering
| decline to enter iuto contract when called upon to do s i, or if he fail lo complete the work contracted for. The
cheques or certificates ol deposit of un-
! successful tenders will be returned to
them upon the execution of tbe contract.
I Tenders will not lie considered unless
i made out on the forms supplied, signed
with the actual signature of the tenderer,
and enclosed in tlie envelopes furnished,
The lowest or any tender not neces-
sarilv accepted.
Deputy Minister and Public Works
Engineer, Department of Public Works.
Victoria, B. C. January 31st, 1914.    f5
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone g
Barrister  and Soliciror,  Notary Public-
P. O. Bax 209
Phone 24
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired _ Overhauled
It is stated that owing to the
great number of salmon destroyed
by the hair seals, a bounty will be
paid by the government for their
Health Factor
Aitken's Bread raised the standard procurable 50 per cent,
and dietetically is
the best investment
in   Comox   District
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
A sleighload of young people
went from here to the dance at
Headquarters on Saturday evening,
After the dance they were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers,
whom they voted jolly good fellows.
Courtenay Bakery
Opposite new PresVtJriii Z i t.-: i
New Courtenay post cards, finest,
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drug Store. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
After taking stock I find that I am overstocked in certain lines and have decided
to dispose   of same   at   Clearance   Prices.    I have   decided to  go entirely
out of the Shoe Business, therefore all Shoes are at Cost and even
less.   Now is your opportunity to shoe yourself and the whole
family.     I   have  also a large stock of Quilts, Blankets,
Underwear,   Etc.,   which   you   may   have  at   the
lowest possible price
75 Hats, regular price $2.00 $2.50 and $3.00
Sale price   	
Flannelette  Blankets,  regular price $2.25,
Sale price	
Men's All Wool Underwear, regular price
$3.00 per suit, sale price	
Quilts, regular $2.75, tale price.
Boy's Suits, 20 suits to clear, ranging from       <fcO (\(\
22 to 34, sale price        ��PO.VV
Men's Khaki Overalls, all reinforced front and
back, regular price $1.50, sale price
Wool Blankets at cost  ���-   Fancy Dishes at cost
Boy's Caps, regular price 40c, 50c and 75c,
sale price	
Hams per pound 23c
Bacon per pound 23c
Wheat Flakes, per package 30c
Christies Sodas, per tin 30c
Peas, Corn, Beans, per tin :.10c
St. Charles Milk r 10c
Finan Haddies and Herring, tin 10c
Tomatoes, large tins 2 for 25c
Corn Flakes 3 for 25c
Minto Sodas, per package 15c
Naval Oranges, per dozen 25c
New Zealand Butter 2 lbs. for 75c
Everything is greatly reduced in price.      Sale for the next 15
days only, and it will be to your advantage to buy now
These Prices for CASH ONLY
C. J. M00RE
If Yc _ get it at PUMLEY'S It's All Right
Big Fall
.sf_s8_  Sflfe
During stocktaking we hnve found that we have quite a number of
second hand, shop soiled and "returned from hire" machines
and are holding an end of season clearance at l>ig
reductions.    Look into this.
Thos. Plimley
739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
Ladies' and Gents'
Fine Tailoring
Having  secured  the  services of one of
Ue best Ladies' Garment Makers in
B itish Columbia
I can now guarantee perfect work in
that line
K. of P. Hall Courtenay
Cokely & Ferris
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyors
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay - B. C.
C. W.   Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of Charge
Shannon Block,     Courtenay
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Comox, B. C.
Beit Meals North of Nanianio
Choice.. Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Palaee Livepy
& Feed Stable
H.rses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable Kates
We alio attend to wood hauling
C.tirtenay Y\w*2 ej
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Bxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Willard _ Harness Emporium
Fine Showing'of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans  and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but ths BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 27
in the Comox Valley
(by an old-timer)
Population and improvements
in the Valley advanced leisurely.
In 1887, although all the present
bijj farms were then occupied there
were only 8 or 10 horses in the
District. Oxen wero all the dependence. Outside communication had developed into a small
fortnightly steamer from Victoria,
and each arrival of this boat was a
sort of fair or holiday when the
settlers fatemized at Comox Wharf
for mail and supplies and to ship
their produce. Some shipped to
merchants in Victoria and Nanaimo
(Vancouver was not even a name
then,) but most of them depended
on their former neighbour, the
travelling trader and commission
man, John Wilson, who had charge
of many a fat hog aud steer and
ton of potatoes. And every one just
had to take what-he could get. One
man offered a ton of first class potatoes for a barrel of flour, and
could not make the deal.
In meat, bacon was the mainstay
in those days, although beef was
plentiful at 6 or 7cts per pound.
But it was walking around, and
there was no butcher, and what
could one family do with a whole
carcass? It was a great accommodation when iu 1882, George Howe,
now of Hornby 1-iland, opened a
small butcher store at Gomox.
Later he moved to Cumberland,
and then to Union Bav, where he
founded the business now carried
on by Fraser &   Bishop.
Comox butter was a negligible
article in those days. There were too
many bachelors and toojfew Jerseys
and neither separators nor cream
erv Oue Victoria grocer who got
a consignment reported that if it
had not been salted he might have
used it for axelgrease, but as it was
he could do nothing with it at all
The first great event in the hist
ory of the Valley was the opening
of the Union or Cumberland mines
in 1888. This furnished a home
market and brought the producer
and consumer together. Outsid
communication changed from a
fortnightly to a weekly steamer,
but Comox Bay became gradually
sidetracked, as the mines absorbed
more and more of the produce of
the Valley. Sandwick Post Office
was established at this time, doing
away with (he necessity of mail-
trips to the Bay.
We mentioned before that the
Courtenay Sawmill was bought by
Messrs William and Harold Urquhart in 1884. Early in 1885 William was drowned while handling
logs in a freshet near Courtenay
bridge, an occurrence which cast a
remarkable gloom over the whole
District, as he was universally
liked Another brother, John,
came up from New Zealand, and
he along with Harold, carried on
the mill business for about 20 years,
changing from water to steam
power. They then moved to Vancouver, and sold the mill to Bryden
& Kilpatrick. The growth of
Courtenay was slow. John Grant
built the Riverside Hotel, and
about 1890 Mr. McPhee moved his
business up from Comox. A few
dwellings went up along Union
.Street, the owners of which made
a very precarious living by road
work. An old journalist named
Whitney, from the States, put up
what is now the Willard building,
and issued the first paper in the
District, the "News." He also
got a post office established in his
building- A year or two later he
transferred himself and his paper
to Cumberland. Meanwhile the
other side of the river had begun i
to look up. Mr. William Lewis
who had brought out Charles Green
in 1877, sold a few lots. Mr. McKenzie, and later Mr. Leighton,
started their blacksmith shops, and
I the Courtenay Hotel was built by
I Robert Graham. Times however
were dull, and it fell into the hands
of Mr. Lewis, who then began his
practice of building houses for
tenants. For many years it scarcely paid him, but now he is making
j up for past losses.
I The second milestone in the
j Valley's progress was the starting
: of the Co-Operative Creamery in
' (902. From that time forward (he
I fanners have Imd hionev   in   their
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
General Blacksmiths
Agents for a (iill line of Parm Implements All Work Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable Comox, B. C.
pockets, and there has been   a Vast
improvement   in   their
and stock
To be continued
ltar supplied with the finest brands of
Liquors and Cigars
JOS. WALKER       -      -      Proprietor
.!_,,;. i Feed, and Livery
Notice is hereby given that a'l the
goods and chattels belonging to George
Winger, on the late Thos. Lever's farm,
have been seized and taken off the premises by the holder of the chattel
Louise Winger.
All my effects have not been removed
from the Thos. Lever Estate,
Signed, Gao, P. Winger
Book Your Orders Now
l'or Settings of
White Orpington Eggs
From birds nirectly iinporten, bred from
M. Lindner's celebrated strain
Settings (13 eggs) ready Mar. 1-May 10
Pen No, 1, ��2.50 per setting
Pen No. 2, '1.50 per setting
Grantham       SANDWICK, B. C.
For Sale Cheap
3 Second Hand Marine Engines. Also some used motor
hull, row boats, skiffs, etc.
 ... e* '.	
Batteries  and Marine
Supplies kept in stock
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
Candies, Cakes, Soft
Drinks and Lunches
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUIIXAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
If you buy a camera
buy a good one
We are sole agents
for Eastman Kodaks,
Brownie Cameras,
Films, Papers and
Courtenay Drug Store
lose at 1 p. m on Thursdays
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by
John Shelbun
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's HandmadeShoes will
stand the Test.
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars1
R.  McCuish, Prop. j,
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns in the Comox Valley,  including all of the best and
popular makes, and at the lowest prices}*  Come in and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up I
Marlin; Stevens, Savage and Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges      I
in all the popular calibers
COURTENAY     -    and CUMBERLAND    , ._
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O. I.L.D.. D.C.I.., __���_��_
General Manager Aa__ant General Maunder
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
tame careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.   Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the P ._.        84
W. S. LONGHURST, Acting Manager, Courtenay and Comox Brine.et
Comox branch open on Tuesday, from io to 3
Comox Co-Operative Society
Dealers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Fanner's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty. We sell only the
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
The Rev. and Mrs. Musgrave F.
Hilton, who were staying in Sandwick last summer during Mr. Hilton's charge of the English church
services at Sandwick and Comox,
are now in Victoria; Mr. Hiltou is
giving assistance in Victoria.
The religious census recently
taken in Victoria gives the following figures which your correspondent has obtained from an author-
itive source:��� Anglicans 18,000,
Presbyterians, n.ooo, Wesleyans,
10,000, Roman Catholics, 5,000,
Baptists, 3,000, Congregationahsts,
1,200, Various, 4,000.
Comox butter continues to be
popular in the city, and of course
tastes as only Comox butter can
and should; in spite of the attempt
to boom New Zealand butter at 35
cents a pound, your correspondent
remains true to the home product
at 45 cents.
Great distress is being felt among
the casual laborers in the city,
more especially at Esquimault, owing to lack of employment At the
same time, Chinese, Japanese and
Hindoos peddle wood.fish.and vegetables to good effect. In this connection a   Hindoo   was  heard   to
complain, that being bad times, he
could only make six dollars a day.
The white man evidently cannot adapt himself to such callings,
more's the pity.
President Calhoun and Host
Fechner were in Victoria this week
for the Conservative Convention.
Two slight falls of snow were experienced in the city on the 34th
and a5th of Jan. Strange to say
no effort was made to keep the
sidewalks clear, the resulting slush
being extremely un-citylike and
doubtless causing much loss to
the storekeepers.
"One of the Exiles."
The Courtenay Literary and Debating Society met on Monday
night and held a very interesting
meeting. Various subjects were
discussed for the next four weeks,
and it was decided to take up next
Monday n'ghts subject only and
learn the rest to be chosen at the
next meeting, In the 9th inst the
society will discuss the ments or
dements of Christian Science and
investigate its claims. Two good
leaders are booked for the evening
and a good turn out is expected.
Be sure 'and look
up this ad. next
week.   There's a
at the present time is to
     assure  our  customers  of
our determination to stick to the One Price To All
system. After Feb. 1 we will cut out all discounts
except 3 per cent, which we will freely give to all
cash buyers. Cash on delivery saves a large expense in ofiice work, besides cutting out all possible
loss in bad accounts.    Credit will be for 30 Days
. a.
only.    All monthly accounts will be due and must
be   paid   by 1.5th of following month.    Under the
above systen we will sell all lines of goods, where
possible at a much reduced rate
A Few of our Present Prices in Staple Lines are quoted below
Phone 6 Courtenay
Sugar, 201b. sack $1.25, 1001b. sack $6.00
Flour, all kinds bread, $1.80 sack, $7.20 bbl.
Tea, Tetley's Red I_bel 35c lb.
Tea in bulk, 2 brands, special value, at 30c, 45c lb.
B. C. Milk, 20 oz. tin 2 for 25c
St. George's Milk, 20 oz, tin 10c each
Cowan's Coeolt, 1-2 Hi. tin 25c
Menier's Cocoa, 1-2 lb. tin 25c
Try   our  Robin  Hood  Rolled   Oats,   something
choice, 5 lb. cartoons 35c
Oatmeal Toilet Soap, 8 cakes in cartoon 25c
Glycerine Toilet Soap, 6 cakes in cartoon 25c
For the   .enton  Season   we have now coming  in
all  the best brands of fish  to be sold  ut the
lowest mirket prices.
Bran $28 per ton,    $1.50 per 100 lb. sack
Shorts $30 per ton,    $1.60 per sack
Cr. Oats $33 per ton,    $1.40 So 11). sick
Wheat $35 per ton,    $1.90 100 lb. sack
Barley $34 per tun,   $1.75 100 lb. sack
Hay $17 per ton at bam, delivery extra
Gasolene and Coal Oil,
Gasolene $1.90 per tin,   $3.80-percale
Polarine Oil $1.80 per tin,    $3.55 per case
Royalite $1.65 per tin,    S3.25 per case
3 per cent. Cash Discount on AU the Above Lines
flcPhee & Morrison
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.   Local views for sale.
Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installed. Electric Wiring and Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work
Isolated Lighting Plants a Specialty
Box 195      Phone F9S      Courtenay
Our Xmas goods are arriving by
every boat. Currants, raisins, peel,
sultanas, almonds, walnuts, flavor
ing for Xmas pudding and cakes
We have a full Hue of Ladies neck
wear, waists and silk handkerchiefs
table centres
Also gents ties, suspenders, garter
sets, fancy wool vests, silk mufflers
and gold mounted fountain pens,
all cuitable for Xmas presents
A large assortment  of china and
glass ware, Xaias and New  Year
TOYS       TOYS       TOYS
This is Santa Claus'   headquarters
for his presents.    Call and  inspect
our stock, we cad suit all ages
Don't forget tbe address
Perez Park Gen'l Store
will be open for business, cl.se
to your house, next week with
all kinds of goods
Your Patronage |Solicited
DR.  MORRISON,  Dentist
Dr. Morrison fa a graduate both or the
Chicago and Detroit Dental Colleges.
Having a central office in Courtenay he
will visit surrounding towns tt regular
The   (cmox Barber S1.))
Oldest Shop in Courtei ay'
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.     Baths in connection
C. E.   DALRYMPLE,   Prop.
Suit Drinks
floving Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a new up-to-date electric plaut
An Entire Change of Programme  ���
Twice weekly
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor    |Swan's   Pool   RoOITl
E. SWAN, Prop.
******************************* **********************
Subscribe for The   Review
The most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria
Rates Reasonable
|        FABER & FABER, Props.
\   Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, B. C.
ci WW's
Choicest fruits etc.,���perfectly
balauecd���ready to use.
paves endless labour.
I quality
The Way of the World
1 was walking down tho street with
a friend of mine lhe other morning,
relates u n__ who is more than ordinarily observant. And on our way
we met another man. who was evidently acquainted wiih him. My friend addressed Id.n cordially, but he responded rather distantly, 1 thought. Hut t
Bald nothing about it. The next morning I again vn'lted downtown with tlie
same .friend.   Ami again we met the
man wo had met Uie day before. Tills I
lime it was he who spolto cordially,
ami my friend who answered coldly.
Indeed, iny friend camo vet.,   near ���>> |
(���lining hiin dead.   This  lime 1 need-:
ed au explanation of the mystory,     |
Are yon paying bim back tor liis.
coldness of yesterday.' 1  asked,
No, answered my friend. Vou BS.
I have owed him money tor some time
and last night I paid It
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
_ta>Wi__ow- BooTHnto svm-r iiii-i been
���_ui.Ti.v_ SIXl'V   ____bv Mil.I.IONS oi
MOTHERS fui their cnif.DUKS wirj.K
TRKTHlNO with PBRFKCt srecK.... it
JKiOTItUS die CHILD. Stil-YKNK ilie I'.l.Irt.
*' !..'_.i_l PAIN CURBS WIND COLIC, nud
ii Ilie beat remedy ten . lAKKIUI'.A. 11 Is nl*
���olutrlv harmless. He sun.- nud ast ror 'Mrs,
frlaslow's Soothing Sirup,' and lake no aim
kind,   i wiui. in c cents a bottle.
Something  better   than   linen  and  big
laundiy hills.   Wash It with   soap   anil
water.    All stores or direct.   State style
nnd size.   For _c. wo will man you.
C8  Fraser Avenue,  Toronto,  Ontario
Nine time! in Ien when t_
stomach and bowels are ti/.iit
gently but firmly com
pel �� lazy liver lo
do its duty
Cure* Con
Headache, and Distress
Small Pill, Small Doee,
Genuine mint \vm
,eliver is light die
after Eating.
Small Price.
, Na1.Nl>. Nat
.   ...      ..   ...    .  _'   llolpitlll Wilt
rsatiuccesi, cl'rks cirno.iic weakness, lost vrooa
_LES. B1T1IRR NO. OP.llCr.I_S or MAIL 11. POST 4 CTt
" ' -    BARS AMD
tail. 'aOVf.lIMaF aljl_3 TO ALL (__a_riCIl I��
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
Very Cautious Qlrdn
One day In my walk T camo upon
two phoebe'B nrsis under ovorlinuglng
rooks, both wiih hull' fledged young ln
them, mid In neither caso were Uie
pavont birds In ovldeiico. They did
nol glvo ilieir secrel nway by setting
up tlio hue und cry that nesting birds
usually set  11 ji on such occasions,   I
finally saw ihem, as sllenl as shadows
perched near by, with food in tlieir!
beaks, which they finally swallowed
as my stay wns prolongod, And tho
nestS, both on  ���:  level  with   my eye.
were apparently idled only with a motionless mass of bluish mold. As Ij
gently touched Ihem, instead nf four',
or livo heads with open mouths springing up, the young only settled lower
In tho nest and disposed themselves In
a beadles:-,, shapeless mass. The
phoehe is evidently a very cautious
bird, though no birds are more, fundi-,
lav aboul our porches and outbuild
LUMSOEN  ���LDO.(clSyD��gt")TOriONTO.
We Pdij Highest Values
Write for Price LisMS
and ShippingTa$_
fierce Turfof
f/Bnf and _/t___.,-WINNIPEG. Canada .
Worms cause ���frettuliit'ss and rob
Uie Infanl of sleep, Ilie ri. at nourish-
er. Mother Craves' Woftr Exterminator will clear the stjiuach and i'.t.s-
tines and restore healthluiuess.
Always In Seaoon
Oh. you dasn't .mot a rabbit
If tho season Isn't ''Ight!
If you have the hunting habit
You must pause aud bo politi
To the partridge and the pheasant
To the duck you must be Bice,
And particularly pleasant
To the bird of paradise,
Bu't. the creature we are striving
Moat sincerely to protect
Lives in splto ol our contriving
Mid suspicion and neglcst.
Through tho won' the bauds arc toot-
Old Tien; D.otoro' Fees
Army doctors' fees In tho seventeenth century in Europe were rather
modest. During Uio civil war. for instance, the physician general ot Cromwell's army received $2.50 tl day. the
apothecary general $1,5.., tho Burgeon general $1.00 nnd his two assistants one. Then camo the inevitable
economist, whoso deeds ('. II. Firth
summarized thus In a Cornhlll article
of March, 1001: 'In 165; the surgeon's
pay rose lo $1.50 a day; in ll'.r.r, il was
llxed at. . .25, and tho economics cut
oil' one of his males, in 1057 Ids pay
was again reduced to $1 a day. Wonck
considered the sum do lu iDlctont thnl
(In 11158) h.i ordered the surgeon.- to
entered, as private.! on the master roll
of their regiments In eider to give
them tin additional iNr. a dny,
Just Li'.cn Girl
Yes, we hnd r.  falling out.
Really, Qraco?
Ves, and I decided then and there
tn break the engagement.
Gracious, dear.
i wrote him a letter - bul I -1 tore
It up.
Then I wrote him another h ttor and
lore that up, too!
Oh I
But the third letter I did .'��� 'ear up.
Mustering all my courngo and burying all pangs of regret, I look it to
Uie mail box and (hen���
I���I didn't drop It in.
Not  Inspiration
The bishop was al tending Berrlcos
nt n  small country church, antl  tho
ymng  vicar,  being  very  anxious  to
show  the  bishop  how  well  ho  eould
preach, let himself out, so to speak,
: Ills gestures were frequent,   and   his
voice often rose to a high pitch,     At
the close of the service tho young
I theologian went, forward to welcome
the bishop and, Incidentally,   to  ask
I how ho liked lhe sermon.   The bl. li-
j op's reply was! My dear young friend,
I do not. make the mistake of confusing
; perspiration with Inspiration.
Apt Replies
A quarrelsome couple,    having    CX-
1 hausted many subjects, camo to din
cussing tombstones, ami ilie husband
i asked:
I My dear, what kind of stum ilo >' 11
suppose the} will give nie when I
I    Brimstone, was the reply.
But He Di .ori't Bellevo it
Arthur T. Hadley, presldeul of Yah .
said of youth al a tea in New Haven:
I  iind youth  moilesi, almost ovc
modest,   I  doh'i   agree  with  the nc
copied, idea of youth thai  is epltoini'.
ed in lhe anecdote,
According to this anocdcti . an ihl
man snld lo ���,, youth:
My boy. when I was your age. I
thought, like you, thai 1 knew ii all,
but now I have reached tho conclusion
abotll  vmi years ago,
Making 'Em
Doing to make many Clu'lslmns presents this year?
You la tl  it's cheaper than buying
Consulting His Oo nforl
Ynu rncourage your   bo;    to   use
Well, l don'l exac j encourngs him.
r.iu i must admit thui ho ousts me
l_S personal aunoyaut ' 'ban my
daughter who is constant's erltlclslflg
mj   crammer.
Villi more fatalities on Ni w N'mk
Bl reels In one recent, month ihnii ever
heforo, perhaps, 'Stop, look, lislin!''
signs nl each street intersect ion would
bo of Borvlco,
\n surgical opcrnllon Ib nccesiiry
:u removing coriiB if llolloway's Com
I'are bo used.
That's Wbat They all Say
All men are all'vO. They're deceitful and ?. 11__:.
How do .miu know?
A married friend ot initio told mo so
mil warned in   against llll of tbem.
ltul ynu are going to marrj Prod?
Of course - am.   lie's different.
Merely Postponed
Ted --Ho you iliiln'l manage to catch
Holly under tho mistletoe?
Ned���That's all right, i am going
lo fake her for a sleigh-ride tonight.
The best way to lusiii? a city beautiful Is to use foresight, It is heller
in build on eicarly defined plana than
lo tear away and remodel ai increased
Wore of Thenvlo the Rt.undr
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget    in.
No Waiting Sentiment
l.'ucle Henry���So you arc going l.o|
. 1nR       n .,.;,-,. i. . _.._, I school  now.   eh.   And   do   you  love
As wc call on strife to cease, teacher'
Yet some one is always shooting ��� ',   (   'fl } N     ,   g)   ,  |
Ai the poor old Dove of Teaee.      , lfl��� ollM-01, lm.
Can always make ��ure cf (setting the hlgheat prlcea for WHEAT, OAT .
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their ear lots to FORT WILLIAM ANB
PORT ARTHIUR and having them sold on commission b
���*congenial needlework at home; make
from three to five dollars per tiny decorating cushion tops. Armour Art Co.,
Dept. B., __c_!_ci�� Block, Winnipeg.
A Familiar Face
Magistrate���Have 3"ou been arrested on any previous  charge?
Prisoner���No, sir.
Magistrate���Have you been In this
court, before?
Prisoner���No, sir.
Magistrate���Your face looks very
familiar. I seem to know it somehow.
Prisoner���I'm tho barman in the
'Hull's Head' opposite.
The Human Touch
Manager���Your play seems to lack
the human touch.
Playwright���You arc mistaken, sir.
My hero borrows money from liis
���friends in almost every act.
Might  Well   Have   Pa'jsed
Why don'l you get an automobile?
Hecause i don't know whether or
not I could manage one.
Vou didn't  let    that,   consideration
slop vmi when you wanted a wife.
The kaiser has almost as much
trouble managing tho empire as his
50c. a box or six boxes for $2.D0
ai nil dealtrs, or The Dodds Medicine Compa iy, Limited. Toronto,
_____ I
A famous physician, speaking lo^a;
woman's club assembly, said: "A
steam engine that is calculated to do
:. certain amottnl of wcrk in a day
will soon break down if overworked.
"Tbo human body may he likened |
t.. such u machine; it is composed of
tiie most, delicately constructed organs, iutemlei. to perforin only a certain number of hours without rest. ' |
these parts are overdriven. N"ti"-nhas
no time to renew the worn puns."
Somotlmes a change of work will |
rest you, but when that fail. and you j
do not feel rested after a night's sleep
vou may be sure lhat your system is
\ orn out and ���.hat active menus ol re-'
storatlon are neces.a./. You must
rest and nurse back health and vigor.
Nothing can be of greater assist-;
ante in building up the system than
Dr. Chase's -Nerve Food, for this food-;
cure forms new. rich blood, and noar-
ishes ami restores the feeble wasted
nerve cells. Gradually and naturallvl
tbe body and mind regain vigor and,
energy, and you feel again the joy of |
Iii ing which conn's only to people In,
good hoalth,
Lone Celebrity
So this is ionic i oming week In
Ves. But tlie only man who ever,
succeed.-,i In putting this town on the
map won't be hero.
Unavoidably detained?
Yes.      lie's In  tho penitentiary.
Died of a lit, lies buried lure
The  seamstress  Hary  Leo.
Poor soul, sho sewed for many a year,
Now lei her I!. I. P.
The Wrong Lesson
Father (grasping bis son's ear) ���
You young scoundrel, I'll teach yoll
how to treat your mother.
Son���Ouch! Hold on now. pa. You
know you don't, want me to treat mother that way.
An aviator was arrested for shooting ducks from his aeroplane. Have fo
station game wardens in the clouds,    j
"2 in 1" and "3 in 1"
No other   Washboards    have   the
line crimped by   no method peculiar to  EDDY'S Washboards.
This patented process    eliminates
the  danger    of    torn    linens���tho
abuse of hands���the unpleasantness
of \- .-eili-day.
It assures i omfort and economy to
the   greatest    degree.    Insist    on
Just                ��.
as good at
W. N.  U. 981
It Shocked Dickens
Survivors of great railway accidents
do not readily forget, lhe experience.
Charles Dickens did not, when on June
I), 1865, a train fell through tlie bridge
al Stnplehurs. England, and the carriage In ������idcli he was traveling hung
over the side. Ho acted with great
coolness and Murage, helping to extricate the wounded and then scrambling
back to rescue the manuscript, of 'Our
Mutual Friend.' But though uninjured, he never recovered from the shock
and afterward, when traveling, as his
daughter Uates, he would often suddenly fall into a paroxysm of fear,
clutch the arms of he railway carriage, large beads oC perspiration
standing on his face and suffer agonies
of terror. Dickens died on the anniversary of tlie accident, five years later.
Scriptural Cookery
Mary. Jane, said the rector, solem-
ly, the steak is cooked to a crisp, and
the potatoes arc raw. Y'ou havo left
undone the tilings that ought to be
done, and cooked too done the things
that ought nol to be done.
Canada Cement Company Limited. Montreal
There is a Canada Cement dealer in your neighkrhoid���Ifytu di nil kni<w him, ask mj fir his nam.
i?ffl88mL*\w*m*^^ THE REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
A .1 >.   .1.   S.  WOODWARD'S   IDEA
_.__. Albeit city Father, Who Is
Known I'm- aud Wide as
"Woody," Has Uecn Carrying on
��� Campaign for a Local Government Hoard and Scheme Is lleing
Taken I p In Alberta,
Much. Is heard just, now about lhe
movement tn Canada, especially In
tho West, for the organisation of a
eentral provincial authority for the
supervision of municipal loaiiB. There
���corns to be in Saskatchewan a fairly
unanimous feeling In favor of the
scheme, Tho father of tho campaign,
���a fur u : Saskatchewan is concerned.
Is Aid. J. s. Woodward, familiarly
Am .i. s. woonwAnn,
known throughout tho West and to a
good many people In the East as
"Woody." Mr. Woodward ts an Englishman, who didn't llnd England big
enough. Ho ls a big built, broad-
shouldered man of about thirty-five.
Much of Prince Albert's development
Is due to him, aud of course in developing tho city Aid, Woodward bus
developed his own business For ho
bas discovered tho magic ln tbe words
real estate, and having discovered it,
ls making good use of It.
His campaign for a local government board for Saskatchewan has
spread to the neighboring province.
and Is meeting wllh great favor bo-
causo the discussion regarding a provincial supervision of securities arises
'from the desire of Canadian munl-
Iclpalltlos to borrow cheaply in tho
London market.
New Zealand's Industry.
A curious and at one time _t-
tremely profitable and Important Industry In New Zealand Ib that of
Kauri gum digging. Kauri gum,
whlcb ls the fossilized reBln of the
kauri pine, ls found only In the extreme north of tho North Island,
and for the manufacture of high-
class varnish has no equal, with the
exception perhaps of Zanzibar gum,
which ls, however, much dearer.
It forms one ot the greatest assets
cf the Aukland Province. The equipment of the digger consists of a
thin, long spear, one or two heavy
���pades, and a scraping knife. The
(um is usually found on poor land,
and the theory Is that the giant
trees that yielded it have so exhausted tbe land tbat now nothing but
tea-tree, or "manuka," as it is called
in the Dominion, will grow on it.
Until about twenty-Ovo years ago
the gum was entirely produced by
British labor, and to some small extent by Maoris. Then a number of
Austrlans made their appearance,
Iind are now there ln such numbers
that tt ls safe to say 75 per cent, ot
all the gum produced ls tbe result of
their labors. A new batch of Austrlans has recently arrived from the
Weathermen Shocked.
The weather Bhan.i of the world
���re all upset over a storm that swept
over the Island ot Reunion tn March,
Whlcb violated the Indian Ocean
storm regulations.
The cyclones have been watched
tor fifteen years and have always
been perfectly reliable. They form
luuth of the equator, travel southwest
until off the coast of Madagascar, and
then turn southeast. They are ln the
form of gigantic whirlwinds, with a
spot of dead calm ln the centre.
But tbls particular Insurgent storm
upset all tbeorlcs by appearing to tbe
southeast of Reunion, going northwest over tbat Island and then passing off toward tho northeast���going
directly opposite to regulations.
Meteorologists wouldn't havo been
ftny moro shocked and pained if tbe
tun bad taken a notion to rise ln the
China's "Man ef thn Hour."
The man whose Influence litis been
most powerful since the revolution In
initialing and guiding the policies of
Yuan Shlh Kal, the smiling. Ins .ntnhls
Cantonese. Liang Shlh VI. still remains
modestly in the background. Vet If
common report Is true his nre the
���trong. supple hands which pull the
leading strings at Peking, and to his
���nslc dance most of those who claim
to sway tbe dentil lea of China's rail-
_ons.-l.klng Cor. London Times.
The Itritisbcr on Foreign Only Never
Forgets Ills Ramos.
Wherever the wandering Britisher
may so he takes bis playthings with
him. ln tho wilds of far New Guinea
be plays bis golf, and braves the torrid heat of Tort Soudan on sun-baked
tennis courts and sandy "greens."
Cricket and o\en football have their
devotees, and the nimble Abysilulan
pony bus much to do wilb tho popularity of polo.
To those who prefer less strenuous
forms of recreation, sailing is a favorite pastime, and the turtle, shark,
and multi-colored lish that Inhabit
the tepid wnters outside the harbor
afford a never-ending source of entertainment, Tho commercial value of
tho turtle has yet to be exploited,
but tho Soudan Oovei'Atnent has Inst
no time in establishing pearl fisheries
a little to the north of Port Soudan,
wllh au eye to future revenue.
Large and well-built stores have
been erected In the western towu by
Greell nnd nutlvo traders, whilst tbo
eastern side of tho harbor has been
reserved for customs offices und enclosures, und shipping sheds und
warehouses. A labyrinth of al.way
lines ami sidings foretell the commercial future ot thu port ns surely as
the smoke across the desert announces tho belated Khartoum mall.
Tbe syren of tho mail-boat Prince
Abbas, says J. Engledow in Tho
World's Work," glvoa tongue as
though Impatient of delay, and the
mall Irnlu gives an answering call as
sho rumbles across the cantilever
bridge to her appointed station on
the quay, Thn passengers and mails
nre soon transferred, and . e skipper
gives more tunes upon his syren, nnd
und starts full speed for Suer., on his
weekly voyage of 700 miles.
Along tho quay two Btenmers ar.��
unloading machinery and rails and
bricks, cement, and lumber, whllBt
tho coal transporting plant at the
northern entrance to the harbor relieves tho collier Aberdeen of 500
tons of Welsh steam coal per hour.
And through it all old Sheikh Bar-
ighut 3lcepa on, the relic of a day long
past. Ills spirit tnuybo noes and understands; but whatever else wo loave
to supposition, tbe history of the
magnificent work lhat is being accomplished In a country devoid of the
bare essentials for human existence,
and decimated by the Mahdl's devastating hordes, will bo a glorious contribution to the annals of British
King George's Relatives.
King George V. is a bloed relative
of /our other ruling monarchn ��� the
Oaar ot Russia, the German Emperor,
and tho Kings ot Denmailt and
The Czar ls King George's first
cousin, as his mother beforo her marriage to tht late Czar Alexander III.
was Prlneosa Pagmar of Denmark,
sister of tho Dowager Queen Alexandra of Great Britain, King George's
mother, King George, by tbe way, is
also a first cousin of tbo Czarina of
Russia, who ls a daughter of Princess
Alice ot Great Britain, King George's
Kaiser Wlihelm II, of Germany Is
a first cousin of tbe British monarch,
as bis mother was Princess Victoria
of England, the "Princess Royal,"
eldest daughter of Queen Victoria and
aunt of the present British ruler. Sbo
married the late Frederick W'liam
of Prussia, wbo was Emperor fi only
100 days ln 1888.
Another first cousin of King George
ls King Christia. X. of Denmark. His
father, the late King Frederick III.
ot Denmark, was a brother of
George's mother, the Du wager Queen
King Constantino of Greece Is also
King George's flrBt cousin. H's father,
tbe lato King George of Greece, assassinated at Salonika, was a brother
ot tbe Dowager Queen Alexandra of
Great Britain, the present Brl.lsh
monarch's mother.
Built and Owned by Washington, It
Has Now Got to Go.
Known ns tho Washington Inn, built
and owned by (Icurgo Washington and
further enjoying tha distinction ot
being the only  structure ever owned
in the national capital by tho llrst pro*
iilent, this time stained ptlo will soon
conie down to make fray for tho new
park that is to connect the Union station with tbe eapltol. It stands half
a block north of tho eapltol grounds
and years ago was known as tho Ken-
moro Bouse and still earlier ns the
llllltunn House. In Its present form
it is a reconstruction of two bruises
built by George Washington, ami till
but the lower portion retains Iho original Willis.
lu December, it'.is. Washington
wrnto n letter to William Thornton,
nn architect, "to proceed in Inylug In
materials for carrying on iny luiildlims
III tho federal elly." In the same letter, which wns written from Mount
Vernon, he said: "1 saw a building in
Philadelphia of about (ho same front
und elevation that uro lo he s_-sn |n
my two houses, which pleased nie. It
consisted of two bouses united, doors
111 tbe center, a pediment In tlie roof
.���mil dormer windows oil ench sldo of
il 111 front, Rkyllgllts in the rear. It
this Is not Incongruous with rules of
architecture. I should be glad to havo
my two houses executed hi this style."
Tho architects and builders carried
ent Washington's request. Washington paid $1130 for the two lots on which
the bouses wore built and valued lhe
houses at $15.000.���Argonaut.
'fliere Is Not Enough Room For It to
B> "as Large as Greenland."
It li enrroly possible that the newly discovered Nicholas ll. Lund Is "as
largo as Greenland," for there is no
such unknown area on tbo mnp.
Greenland Is about 1,000 miles long
nnd SOO miles wide. The point at
which tiie new land was reached is
about sixty miles duo north of Capo
Clielliiskin nnd extends, so far as surveyed, not more than 200 miles north-
vrurtl. To ho as large as arc-onion*1 the
island would havo to sti'oteb clear
across Hi" "olo well over toward Point
Ban. .v.
Novri'tiiolcss (here is room in tbe
Arctic t.m between the Taiunir peninsula nd tbe Alaskan const, for a
large Island or group of Islands, and
observations of tidal currents hnve
Inns Ind rated that some such land existed, he reported discovery lies at-
most ildway between Franz Josct
Land _id tho New Siberia islarls.
'Thence It can scarcely extend far to
the westward, hut It may reach eastward at north of cant for somo hundreds of miles without entering (he
regloa w' Ich has been explored by
To.vap.rs by the way of Boring strait.
Tho pollt1 .il ;iuri economic value of
the new la in will be nil. Its geograpb-
ie nnd oe nogrnphle interest to tbe
srion'"k' world .vill be gr Al and It
���will ke to the polar mnp on of tho
most Rtritaiun additions this generation
baa seen.���Now York TV .inc.
Didn't Like Tone.
E. A. Freeman, like M. _lerr��
Loti, wan once challenged to mortal
combat owing to tho aggressive tone
of one ot bis works, Writing in
1878, John Richard Green Informs
ft friend: "Freeman has bequeathed i
to his country as he fled from ber
shores a book on the Ottoman Turks,
which makes a fearful Bulgarian
maesacro for my Lord Beaconsfield,
my Lord Derby, and Hobart Pasha,
Did I tell you that an old admiral, ft
friend of Hobart's, challenged Freeman to single combat on tbe sands of
Boulogne by way of avenging tho
Pasha'B wrongs?" Hobart's.crime���
In Freeman's eyes���was having served as an admiral ln the Turkish service during the war with Russia tn
1877, for which adventure hla name
was romoved from our navy list.
Hasty Wedding Service.
A young couple who arrived at Berwick on a recent Sunday were married after the Scottish fashion ln a
delightfully simple way.   '.'hoy drove
over the border Into Scotland, and,
stopping at a spot where two men
were seated, the young man said tbat
he and the lady wished to be married, and tbat ihey could not adopt
tbe conventional method, as it would
be stopped directly the banns were
put up.   The coiiple  then formally
. took eacb other for man and wife be-
i tore the two witnesses, and a docu-
| ment to that effect was produced and
'signed br the parties snd the witnesses.
Origin of Life Again,
others beside?. Dr. Bnstluu hnve been
working upc i lhe question of the origin of I'fe. At the meeting of th*
Brltiib association Dr. Benjamin
Monro of Liverpool made the claim
Unit lie hnd proved that strong sunlight or tho light from n mercury lump
acting upon certain solutions can convert the lifeless into living matter. Sir
Oliver Lodge objected that tho investigator hnd ouly succeeded ln securing
liutonthil living matter, a physical and
chemical vehicle which could bo made
Use of by life. Most of the spet .allsts
denting with chemical reactions deceive themselves lu just this way. mistaking the appearance of life for life
ltt.lf.-_0W Vork World.
The Dtmsnd For Meat.
Mnulfold are tho reasons advanced
for the high meat prices, one of tho
principal being thnt tho Inland production Is Insufficient to cover the demand. As a matter of fact, tho German production bas kept pace with
the Increase, but uot with the demand
of tho population. The German of today cats more moat tha�� formerly.
Thirty or forty years ago the consumption averaged eighty-eight pounds per
capita, whereas It now amounts to 119
pounds. Germany ls producing from
Ki to Oil per cent of the total consump.
tlon. only 4 to 5 per cent being Imported.-New Vork Post.
Motherly Old flee.
The contention that the hen Is
the most compassionate thing in
creation is strikingly illustrated by
a case ot motherhood In nature related ln Country Life. A correspondent tells how ln ft farmyard were
two puppies, for whom the mother
bad no affection; so an old hen took
pity on them, and when sbe went to
roost tbey followed her. Squatting
ln a corner of a cart-shed she lifted
ft wing and the two youngsterA
crawled under for tho night, her
chicks slumbering on the backs of
ibe puppies.
Sonic of the  Wonders  ot a  Cerent
Garden I'rodm lion,
An nlmcst superhuman   msk   is
that of producing a new opera at
Covenl Harden, in London, Indeed,
after a chat wllh Mr. Raymond Hose,
���whose English opera season nt Covenl Garden has .iusf opened, il Ib evident that whatever popularity and
fame may be achieved by tbe producer of successful opera ut the
world-famous theatre, it is earned
twenty times over.
Only those associated with such a
stage production have any idea of
the work involved. Talking of bis
new opera, "Join of Arc.'' Mr. Uozo
mentioned that its composition bad
occupied him ror several years.
"Then," ho continued, "when I decided to produce It at Coveut Garden, along with other operas, the
really arduous work began. Thero
was the choosing of the chorus, for
instance. From the beginning or
May 1 bnvo tried something like
1.000  odd  voices  In  order lo select
(he present chorus, which Is 120
strong. In addition, of nitirso. there
Is the trial of voices for the more.
Important parts, and the keen competition to Bfng nt Covent Garden
may be. gathered from lhe tact that
ladies camo from till parts of Great
Britain to endeavor to secure en engagement when Ihey heard that I
was about to produce a itew opera in
"For a couple of months the chorus rehearsed day after day, under
the direction of tbo chorus master,
Mr. Cecil Stock. His task has been
a tremendous one. for be had to
work for twelve and fourteen hours
a day training the various groups of
singers for their parts in '.loan of
Arc' and the other operas.
"Tben, again, there was the task
of providing tbo orchestra, which Is
nearly ono hundred strong, with
their baud parts, and some idea of
,be worft which this involved may
be gathered from tho fact that for
four months I bad four copyists
working fourteen to fifteen hours a
day in order lo get through tho
Even, however, when tlio chorus
haa been chosen nud drilled, music
completed for the bond, and the
principals have studied their parts
st home, thero is a vast amount of
rehearsing to be doue. The chorus
has to be brought from tho chorus-
room, where they havo only been
accustomed to a, piano accompaniment, and rehearsed, on ihe Klage
with the orchestra. Then tho principals rehearse with tho orchestra,
nnd afterwards tho chovua and principals rehearse together. There are
scenery rehearsals, lighting rehearsals, rehearsals for supers, and costume rehearsals, one after another
until each particular part of the
singing, acting, and setting is perfect and fits ln with the other.
"It is obvious thnt in the case of
a new opera like 'Joan of Arc,' the
work of production is far greater
than in the case of an old opera; for,
In a now production, tho producer
must originate everything. For Instance, armour, heraldry, and historical setting play a great part ln
this particular opera. Indeed, it provides the greatest bIiow of heraldry
ever seen on tho stage. Tbe armour
alone," went on Mr. l!o>_, as we discussed this feature of the now opera,
"has cost me close on ��500, and in
order to bo absolutely correct in
every detail in regard to the heraldry
1 have secured the services of Mr.
G. Ambroso Lee, York Herald of
ArmB, who has revised all tho details and ceremonials."
Changes In 'he Sea Flocr From
Shore to Shore.
Training tlio Unjal Horses.
Avery morning at about 11 o'clock
a procession headed by two chestnut
hoi'Bes in charge of grooms, followed
! by a detachment of guards with tholr
bands  playing  vigorously,  a  strong
I force of police and a crowd of clvtl-
i ians, leaves St, JamcB' Palace, Lon-
i don, and proceeds through St .fames'
Park   to   the  Guards'   headquarters
I close to Buckingham Palace.
The two chestnut, horses are the
. chief centre ot interest, for this   ls
I tholr dally leBBon in equine deport-
' inent.    Rome day   they   will   figure
proudly in stale pageantry and they
are   being   taught   to   carry   themselves   with   becoming  dignity   and
For them the chosen drummers of
the various guards* bandB beat,
fiercely on their drums, while the
pipers pipe their shrillest notes. This
Is tbe ordeal of noise, and at first
the two chestnut horses took exception to it. But after several
weck3 of it they have become lndlf-
I ferent, and although tho pipers exert
themselves to their utmost both
horses now have an air of well-bred
The decision of tho Empress F.u-
genie not to travel thiB summer led
many people In London to jump to
the conclusion that this remarkable
lady was lu failing health. As a matter of fact, her majesty, who is now
ln her eighty-eighth year. Is enjoyi-g
exceptionally good health, but preferred tho quietness ot ber home r.i
Farnborough Hill to the sea trip In
the Mediterranean, which she has Indulged in regularly for the past few
years. The empress, by the way, has
the affection of all English people, If
for no other reason than that she
gavo her son, tho gallant and handsome Prince Imperial, to England.
it Starts st Iceland and Bisects th<,
Ocean Down Almost to Cape Hern.
In Places It Rises Above the Surface,
. oiaiing Groups ot Islands.
A Sketch of the "land ,a|ie" of Uio
ocean bed is given liy In. A. 1-1 Ship-
Icy In un article lu the Edinburgh lie
"Ibo passengers and the crew of a
liner raving over the surface ol tbe
Atlantic arc apt to imagine Uiul under
llioill Ua vust layer id water ol varying depth sparsely liihatuled l<y U few
lish As n matter of fad, tlie whole of
ilus great wean Is teeming with life.
If instead of taking ship v,e could into
lo lhe wilt'>r and walk across the bed
ol tho Atlantic to America, starting
from tbo shores of western Europe, we
should In effect bo traveling througb t
succession of new countries, Ne| ouly
would the surrounding physical conditions vary as wo advanced, but tbe
animal nnd plant life would vary la
correlation With the altering physical
"Walking farther and farther towar.
the depths of tbe Atlantic, we should
soon lose nil sight of the algae, and the
shallow water lish���the plaice am* sole.
Whiting, skates, dogllsb and others aud
cod���would give way to the megrim
��� nd the hake. Tbe sea flooi would
gradually change from rocU er gravel
01' stones to sands and ultimately to
mud or oozes of various tints, tbelr
original colors often moduli- bj (he
action of tbo decomposition of organic
ps_icj_. in them and en thwu All
these Uncr deposits nre derived (max
the neighboring laud und are blowa
seaward by oils' )re winds or washed
down by rains and streams aud nutria.
out to tho Boa by livers.
"Tho distance to which fine matter In
suspension may be carried _ very
great. The Kongo Is said tu carry Its
characteristic mud as far out to ^ca as
_W tiiilos, nnd tho Ganges and tha
Indus as far ns 1,0110 miles
"Except lu tho neighborhood ot met,
groat river? �� subaqueous t_.vei��
taVon oon pi s beyond what Sir John
Murray lias called tho 'mud lion t.
line 'bnt limits tho terrigenous deposits
everywhere surround jg dry Intnl.
Having reached this ..m!t. we must
proc��ed warily, for nt tbo mud line,
at an avcrago depth of a hundred
fathoms, wo shnll Uud ourselves nt tba
edge if the continental ��belf, tbat rim
which extends seaward to a varying
dlslnco from all laud areas, the rim
on which Great Britain rests. Reyondt
lies tho continental slope, a prt.tpfva
moro or loss abrupt uud more nr lets
high, descending by stoop declines or
terraced cliffs until depths of _000
fathoms ore reached.
���Tbe Atlantic, compared With the
other grot, oceans, has nn nnusnall.
largo area of comparatively shallow
.Water. Of Its total aren _"._ per cent
ls covered by wnter less than 1,00.
fiitboms deep; IS per ee*t lies between
3. 00 and 2.(i00 fathoms and 47 per cent
between 2,000 and 8,000 fathoms; tba
remaining 7.B per cent Is still deeper
"At tho foot of tho continental slope
lies nu Illimitable plain of a uniform
dull, grayish buff color, flat snd featureless as tho desert, nnd only diversified by an occasional as yet nnvotered
rock or wreck or the straight line of a
recently laid cable. Tbls plain continues with scarcely a change In sew.
cry or In level until we approach tho
grcat mid-Atlantic ridge. As I .nee
hns shown, tbls rldgo, which roughly
bisects tho Atlantic, extends from lee-
land as far south us fifty-three degnvs
ef south latitude, with n slight nnd
quite Inexplicable break Just iinrf-r the
equator. The rldgo runs almost parallel
witli iho eastern contour of North and
(South America, which. In ttiru. ni I no
ordinary mnp w-lll show, rouehlv pn.
responds with tho western contour ol
Europo and Africa. From time to time
the rldgo rises above the mrfarp of tho
wnter, ns In tho Azores group. St
.nut's rocks, Ascension. Tristan d3
Ctinhn nnd Gough Island.
"Having ascended the eastern nnd
descended the western slope of this
mid-Atlantic ridge, we should again
travcrso plains of grayish ooze far
moro cxtenslvo than any level land
Irnct known to geographers, nnd as we
approached the American coast we
should gradually pass throsdi. In reverse order, the eones of life traversed
When leaving Europe. On the eastern
const of Amorlca tne slope ls much'
moro gradual than on the western
coast of southern Europe and Africa." '
Too Many Holidays.
There ara now 29 days In the y����r
recognized as lcgltimUe occasions for
holidays In most cities ot England.
Those are in addition to the weekly
balf-holldays obearved on Wednesdays and Saturdays. An effort Is being made to lesaen the number ot
holidays and to brlug those retain*.
l_to more syitemalto eider. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Now Is the Time to Fix Up
The Inside of Your House
When the snow is on the ground and work inside is slack we find time to attend to those
hundred and one little things about the house that have required fixing for so long
Perhaps the front room needs redecorating or the chairs need retouching.   We can supply
your needs in this direction
_a_a��j-wa_a_a_ia_a-aM.wa��,       ��^,    gt)IO0*0l0O0*0*mf*0t0*0*0��f��0*0*j*0��0*090*0*j*0&**g*^^*d*0*^f*^&**k
Beaver Board is just the thing to make your room look snug and cosy
We will be pleased to send you a booklet showing various ways of redecorating an old
room.   Bapco is a varnish stain that makes old furniture new again.   Give us a eal*
Phone 66
P. O. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
Courtenay Opera House
Ghange ol Management
Latest Moving Pictures will be shown as under
Happy Valley
(evening of the 28th by Mr. Grant,
(Principal of the school) upon the
"Life of Robert Burns." Solos
were given by Mrs. Webber, Mr.
Marshall, Mr. James Burns and
that beautiful poem of Burn's
"Man wa* made to mourn," was
given by Mr. T. Miller. A good
company was present and all united
in singing "Auld Lang Syne."
Mr. and Mrs. Bryain the father
and mother of Mr. Jas. Monks, of
Happy Valley, arrived here on
Friday's boat from Fernie. They
will stay with   Mr.    Monks   aud
did his utmost to accommodate his' familv! un .��� thev ,bu']d a residence
on a nice piece of land which they
purchased of Mr.   Allen,  a short
Wood For Sale
Stove, Cord, Alder,
Maple or Bark
Apply to
Cliffe & Higgins
visitors.   A program consisting of
I songs, rectations,   etc.   was  soon
A grand concert will be given in       _	
. .= _ .     , tt_ _     ..  Thurs-'arranged after which dancing was
hours of
Minto School House next
dty Feb. 12th, commencing at 7.30.
The first part of the program will
be given by the   Local   Miustrels,
.    R..V.���    ~j      ���       _         __
ami the second part will consist of ception which they
songs, recitations, duet3, etc.   Also!and   a  very   pleasant   time   was
a    dramatical     sketch     entitled
"Saved" will be giv n.
<__ Wlii/./.! Wasn't it cold
si igh-ridiug along 1 lie top road ou
Sunday bul it was certainly alright
putaking ot refreshments ami
si.ting in the cosy rooms of Mrs.
Gii). Ltigliiou.
On the evening >f the 26th a
B niquet was held in honour of the
"Great Poet, Rob Burns." At
tho residence of Mr. H Miller and
a very enjoyable  time  was spent
good fellow _____
off on their return trip and arrived
safely home at 5.30 a, m. after an
ideal sleigh ride. The following
took part in the program: AccDr-
dion Selection, Mr. Delaney; Song,
Mr. W. Wain; Sketch 'The Doctor,) Messrs. John Miller, Geo.
Somerville; Song, Mr. Jim Burns;
Duet, (Violin and Piano) Gtilhouu
I Bros. Song, Mr. B. Williamson;
The young people of the  Valley .Step dance, Mr. John Burns; Solo,
organized  a   sleighing   party   for Mrs. Webber; Duet, Misses  Miller
Tuesday evening  last  Jan.    24th and Monks; Cobblers  Dance,   Mr.
and about 50 lads and  lasses took i A. Ibbotson; Song, Mr. T. Pearse;
advantage of the outing.    Leaving! Trio, Mrs.  Pearse,  and  Richards;
the Valley at 7.30,  the  party  set j Song, Mr. 3. Kalhoun; Song.  Mr.
off with the horses heads towards. Pearse; Chorus Messrs. W.  Wain,
Courtenay and   at   845,   Mr.   S. Juu. T.   Monks.   T.   Miller,   W.
Kalhoun was surprised to see  his! Harvey B. Pearse aud many others
house raided with this company of j    A very interesting
young life, he soon recovered  and , delivered at the
time ago.
On the evening of Feb. 2nd
Messrs Harwood aud White kindly
gave the day school children of
Minto an enjoyable sleighride,
which was greatly appreciated by
the little ones, and their parents,
brought to a close by the singing of aiso tne cancir an(j fru;t
tlie oid favourite, "For he's a jolly	
Then the party set
continued until the early
the morning, The party thanked
Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun for the r:-
had  received
address  was
P.  S.  oa the
Los Angeles has now completed
its famous aqueduct���the largest
in the world, we are told���and the
beautiful city is deservedly proud
of its work. The aqueduct has
been built to provide an ample and
permanent supply of pure water
for all time to the citizens The
water conies from the streams of
the Sierra Nevada, 250 miles away.
It has taken seven years of labor
and $24,500,000 to complete the
gigantic task. The aqueduct is
tunnelled through mountains of
solid rock, swung across mighty
cannons and carried over a wide
desert, and it carries a veritable
river of water. The height of the
source is such that iu the descent
of the water it is possible to gene
rate  120,000 horse-power of cele-
trical energy, and the sale of this,
and  of water for irrigation,   will
make  the aqueduct a most profitable undertaking.     The enterprise
is purely a municipal one, and it is
claimed that it has so far been untainted bv graft.    In its construction  the   competitive  and  bonus ���
system was employed.  Each mem- J
ber of a crew which accomplished'
its task in less than the stipulated
time received a bonus, and there
was also a system of  rewards for j
"records." ! ���
What is probably the   longest j &**-* & Nanaimo Railway Co.
overland mail trip in the world is, l
now being undertaken in Northern  TENDERS FOR STATION BUILDINGS
Canada. Four employees of the | Tenders for the onstrnction of a Pas.
Hudson S Bay Company left Ed-; senger Station, Freight Shed and Round
monton recently, on a trip to Fort; House at Courtenay; and a combined
McPherson, 2.100 miles away, i Passenger and Freight Shed at Union
The trip from Edmonton to Alba- '< Ba-V' wiU be ,eceived up t0
basca, 100 miles was made by train
aud the rest of the journey will
be by dog team.*. The party has
two dog teams, each carrying 300
pounds of mail and provisions, and
they will follow the windings of
the Athabisca, Slave and MacKenzie rivers, making about 30
and reaching Fort McPherson
about March ist. One of the
teams with two men, will stop at
Fort Smith but the other will go
on to Fort McPherson. Included
iu the mail is a packet for Ste-
fonswn, the Arctic explorer, to be f?/\|>
delivered at Herschell Island,  the _
February 14th, 1914
AU material, labor etc., to be famished
by the Contractor.
A set _ plans and specifications can
be seen at the office of Mr. H. Beadnell,
.. & N. Ivmd Agent at Courtenay, B. C.
Tenders must be addressed to R. A.
Batnbrldg . Division Engineer, Esqui-
iliault and Nanaimo Railway, Victoria,
B. C.
The lowest or any  tender not necessarily accepted.
General Superintendent.
Subscription! Payable in Advance
.-  ���
One Year $1.50
Six Months  1.00
Three Months  0.50
Oxs Year $2.00
Editor Review,
Enclosed please find subscription
for The Review for	
P. O	
Cut out and mail today, with amount of subscription enclosed
most northerly mail point in Can
ada. This is a dangerous trip, but
the men are used to the work, and, j
barring misadventure, they may,
be expected to reach their destinat-1
ion safely. But the cold is cruel j
and the storms crueller still, and |
these men who are carrying our 1
mails to the farthest north in midwinter have a claim upon our sym-:
pathy which cannot be oignred.      j
The Opera house here has been
le tsed to The Crown Theatre Cir-
c lit who wi I operate it in the future
They are installing a new Powers
machine and good shows will
be given. A number of first class
Stock Companies will be brought
here during the season. The firat
show took place last night.
Jeweler and Watchmaker
Union St Courtenay
Mrs. Kepner does all classes of
[dressmaking and tailoring.


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