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The Review Oct 21, 1915

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Array h%
Can not de done -my better] and
nut unite ao well anywhere elHe
hereauouts. Our fcyiw ami niiii-liiii-
��ry is complete ami Tlie Review
prices are ri^ht
Classified Ails
Mak. your liitl*? Wants known
thn ii li ii Cl-miHed Advi rH��i nent
in 'I"    Review   ���   -   -   l';        59
VOL. 3
NO. 47
6 Room House, Large Barn, range
of chicken houses, garden, orchard
and 11 acres of land
Excellent water supply, adjoining good road, about
2 miles from  Cumberland  and 4 from  Courtenay.
Rent $12 per month.    Further particulars from
Real Estate Agents
Phone 10 Courtenay
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Berlin Captured?
Not Yet, But-
with the approach of winter and the long, dark evenings do
you not sometimes tliink how convenient it would be if you
couid light 'your house by simply toticning a button. Don't
you dread the daily drudge of cleaning aud filling ill smelling
coal oil lamps?
Wouldn't you like to be able to leave Jthe room without being
afraid that the youngsters would upset the lamp and set fire
to the house?
After visiting your progressive neighbors in their electrically
lighted homes do you   not envv them  wheu you return home
and have   to grope ��around in   the dark to find   a match to
light your lamps?
Did you never bark your shins on [a rocking chair wheu hunting for a match iu the middle of the night?
Don't you think it would be worth something to you to be rid
of all these inconveniences?
Ask your  neighbors  if they   would like to go back to ccal
oil lamps again?
It will pay you to come in and see us about our
Special Wiring Offer
which.will go into _force on October nth, 1915
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat �� Power
Co., Limited
Phone*: Office 35, Res. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Dr  Morrison  and J.   Sutton left
lust week for Tobv Inlet oi* a hunt
ing expedition.
Horn, at Courtenav, on Thursday
morning, Oct. 21st, to Mr. and Mrs.
E. Hicks-Beach, ti son,
Rov Covert mine over on the
Charmer on Sunday morning, returning home again in the afternoon, lie and " Dad " spent the
summer in the Kootennvs and are j
now located at Powell River.
Trespass Notice���Any  p.-rsori 01
persons trespassing on my premiser
will lie prosecuted according to law J
and   any   dogs   found   prowling
around my premises will be attend-1
ed to.    John Johnston, Lake Trail.
See the full selection of War
Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each.
For Sale��� 3 pedigree collie pups
$5 each.    Apply, Review Office.
Wanted- Folding baby carriage,
must be cheap, Apply box C, Review Ofiice.
Phone 48, Cooke & Matthewson
the most up to-date butchers in the
district. All orders promptly attended to.
For Sale Cheap- 15 light electric
outfit with engine, dynamo and
storage batteries, can be seen in
operation at the Ford Gar2ge,
Strayed���Dark Jersey mill, aboul
6 mouths old, with strap around
neck. Finder please notify Lance
Berkeley, phone L9S and get re
For Sale--Strawberry plants, $1
per 100; yearling rhubarb plants,
35c per dozen, 2 aud 3 year olci
plants $1.25 per dozen. Apply to
Joe Davis
Strayed���Onto   my   premisse al
Royston, a  Jersey   Cow and calf.
number on ear.    Owner  can have
. same by paving expenses.   Apply
to Charles Simms,
Found adrift 011 high seas���decked scow, 32 feet Ionff, 12 feet wide.
: Owner   please  see Walter  Wood-
jhuss.   Oyster River    Hotel, Van-
| couver Island, where  scow is now
Found���At Campbell's Ranch, a
[cocker spaniel dog, long curly ears,
\two white front feet, hind foot
white. Owner can have same by
I applying at Campbell's Ranch and
1 paying expenses.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkafiks
1 Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
j Dynamo switch board, etc, also
'pump and belting, Capacity 12
I gallons per minute. Apply at
j Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Pure bred Jersey bull calf
bred from Sophia l-'ern's Pogis a graud-
son of Sophia 19th, the champion long
distance cow of any breed. Dam i.s from
Eminent 24th, the first of whose heifers
to freshen has just finished test with
7386,65 lbs milk and 430 lbs fat in 11
mouths, calviug at 26 months 3 clays.
Call and see him. R. U. Hurford,
For Sale���-Teat", wagon, and
harness, or exchange for cattle,
Al.so y> acres i-a mile from Grantham school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value. What havt
you to offer? Apply Box 8, Review Office,
For sale ��� Cumberland Steam
laundry, the only white laundry in
the district. This is a good opening for man with family. During
the stringent times the present
proprietor has been busy all the
time. Apply at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.
For Sale oriTo Rent���5 acres en
beach at Point Holmes with house,
barn, chicken houses and brooders,
green houses and cold frames. Also
store and dwelling, lately occupied
by W. G, Robertson, as a drug
store, for terms etc., apply A, II.
Peacey, Cumberland.
Mrs. I),   Kil
Saturday from
nearly two months with
iittrick   returned on
a   pleasant visit of
relatives in
Mr, LysleofAl
in town on Tuesd
He drove over to
K. Fletcher,
lerni wasa visitor
iy nf this week,
see his old friend
The La !its' Aid Soe;-'., if the
Presbyterian church inte 1 ; I .'ding
a bazaar 011 the 1 itli of .".
Mayor Kilpatrick visitei
couver last week. VVhil- I
took in the sale of stuck at
Mr. Johnston, manager of the
No* al Bank here returned yesterday from a fortnight's holiday
spent at Ladysmith,
The Rev. C. O. Hepburn, II. D,
who was recentlv in charge of the
Anglican church work at Campbell
River and district is now mi France
serving as a chaplain to the troops.
Tlie Courtenay Church club will
meet in the basement of the l'res-
bvterian church ou Friday evening
at S o'clock. This meeting will be
in the form of a social evening and
all are invited to come and join.
W. J. Whiteley, Provincial Organizer of Orange Lodges, paid an
official visit to Courtenay lodge last
week, While here, he with some
other members of the order went
hunting pheasants and he succeeded
iu shooting a fine cock which measured thirty-lour inches from tip to
The fruit and vegetables, bread,
butter, etc., given for the harvest
thanksgiving services at St. Andrew's and St. John's churches was
distributed to twenty different families who were iu need of food The
gifts were much appreciated. A
contribution was also sent to the
1 Comox hospital.
Miss E
course   ol
nursing   t<
If. Junes of ;.
Victoria, will
six   lectures
1   '.lie  Comox W
Institute, beginning Thursd
28th.      Ladies   are   all
Particular- later.
Ventre he
��� '���'���>'
���' '!ee
Th* Lord
who  has ju
General S) nc
will make hi'
isli   during
hoped that he
Bishop of ^' un ia,
��� returned from ''te
��� I meetings i:i i' 1 1 to
visitation of tin- ; ir-
Noveraber, ind :: is
will  rent, i'i 13
open the annual
November 25th.
ale  ot   w.
The marriage of Elfrida Hart
Hoff to Harry Pidcock took place
on Tuesday, October 19th at St,
John's church, Courtenay, at 2 30
p.m. The bride's dress was of
white serge trimmed with old lace,
and with a beautiful veil and orange blossom. She was attended
by Miss Stella Sackville as brides-
1 laid who wore a dress of Saxe
blue satin cloth, and by Gwendoline Smith as flower girl. The
bridegroom had his brother, Mr.
Reginald Pidcock as best man. Mr.
E. Mitchell gave the bride away.
A guard_of honour of the Gordon
Highlanders, commanded by Sergt.
Kinlock attended the bridal party.
(It will be remembered that the
bride's brother was one of the first
to respond to the call for volunteers
and went out with the overseas
contingent, and was wounded in
action and invalided home. He
has now recovered and won a commission as 2nd Lieut, in the Second
Bucks Regiment,) The wedding
service was conducted by the vicar
and the organ was played by Mrs.
Laycock, who also sang a solo during the signing of the register. A
reception was held afterwards at
the home of Mr. and Mrs, E. A .
Mitchell. The happy pair were the
recipients of some beautiful presents
and many congratulations. They
will make their home at Quatiaski
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
j    Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
1 and Bible Class 3 p, m.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.   Service 11:30.   Even-
ngservice 7:30 p. m. All welcome
The Directors  of the Cottrten ty
Fair held a meeting last Frid ty i >r
the purpose   of   passing    tco  t
and   arranging   to pay   tl v;  prize
winners.    Owing to there   bat
beeu no fair last vear, and   th    1 te
of the fixtures a lot of extr 1 v\    fe
and material   was reqtlii
the grounds and   hall into    -
besides there  were a   lot of unpaid
bills  carried over  from i"iis
years, which the directors [tl    1   it
best to pay. so that the assi ���
will be able to   start again   with  1
clean sheet.    After the'   debts   '    t
been provided for it was found     tt
there was no hand A sum suffici :':
to pay half the prize list and it     ';
decided to   pay the   winn is   I
cents on the dollar, which  ia m
than many expected  to get. owi ;z
to the stringency of the times
The annual  meeting took |   1  :
last night, when the financial.statement was presented.
President, ]. McPhee.
ist Vice-Pres., W. Duncan
2nd Vice-Pres., W. Urqaiart,
Secretary, P. L. Anderton
Treas., Merle Halliday.
Directors, Capt. Vigors, J.
VV. Willard, T. Menzies, W.
Mr. Dalziel, J. Aston, Rev.
After the election of officers Capt.
Vigors suggested the following
resolution ; That the prizewinners
be requested to donate one half of
their prize money to the Blue Cross
fund and the other half to the Society. A circular to this effect wiil
be mailed with the cheques.
E. A.
jogger's  Shoes made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan .1 the Test.
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
Where  everybody goes  for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
Courtenay THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Why  You're Tired ���Out  of
Sorln - Have no Appetite,
1.IVER PILLS      jdLr.M ,,   -.
��ili i"it y r.,;l,i /jjffii��'An*     V
in a lew dey-.
Thej du
Iheir du'y.
I'i' uuntti, Mitttlion, and Silk Headache.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine mu i be-u Si*n iture
Jiyv��Wr1PfW?W*-^**��N^*T.is l*��*��SWWm
Egg Marketing
Should   be   Delivered   From   Produce
Direct  to   Consumer  When
Tiie Ohio IJxp linieiii  Station have I
i eei inly  published    i lie  resuli  uf nn I
ii,. u Hgai Ion    Iiuil    llie)   liuvo    been
condtictluii  Into tin-  pbnlt r)   in.in. 11;.
of thnl 81     Here are n few ut Hi -
things  llie)   liuvi'  i.i    an)   tiboul   llie
mi, rkei I.    ni' eggs:
T ie uu   I    ' riuiiH objection lo the '
ii     .ri   .; item   ol   Ium lllti    i "gn   Is
tluil llie price paid l'or tli mi, being i
m p
1       1  V~~-*Here'3
AjLil   hJ/
Sp^Mw5^'*:^'it-��.'Si^7jie.L -J
Clean Water on the Far
The Match
Ol' Today
Is the perfected product of
over 60 years experience in
the ntutcli making business,
If correctly held and struck
on any rough surface, is warranted io give u steady, clear
light, lirsl stroke.
The E.B. Eddy Co.
11   lll'i.n   i'\l. lil    ,!   iill'-.   ill    Ml'    li ���Mil ,.._>.,..    .-.
Illllh Ihr,I   In    tl:     11 iv.'   iplal        !^^3f.{i'rll.lA^AtiTi' -'ie,'.. ,	
Il>' "i Um "if'I'm-. sM&*'Lbu*'.^'l',' '���"'������' , y<y^tl
'��� i|iiull|,\  nl eggs iiimi lil- grocer usual-
I)'    llll) i.    I   Hi..���lilin::      . ' 10      tlio    Ili'M
i line liu   go 's   nun lielli ; mul so lea-
| nils   llll'   lltillllllfl   llllll    il   i I'OIIBOS   llie
ini.'.. Thua lhe prodii ' inffer for
. i rr) neal egg, still - ur dirt) egg
iiini ' lukoi in imirltet, uml lie llko-
��� suffer I'ur i lie mould und odor
Impiii I oil I') iii,' loos i'i luilii of lho
|   'llCI'lll   Iin 1'ohilhl.
II.. aiifl'i'i'B  for iih'  onrelesa  limul
Rules to follow to Prevent Contamln- !
.ition of Water Supply
I    Obviously ih ���   flrsl logieul Btep lu i
BOt-urliig :i llonu well water supply i.-; |
I iu ramove all tha sources ui possiblo i
I contamination.   Anions   the tvorsi ot j
th isi   aro Hn  open prlvj  vault,   Ute
leaching cesspool, and barnyard lilili |
\ well in ni'iliiiiii'y pervious soil lo- j
cnted lower Ihan, mid ivttliin iimi reel
il,   mi;  ui these la bIuios I eal lain to !
-.     bo iiiillm nl.   liven though Hie well la
,fl   I located mi blghor ground iium  Ihes ���
aotir ' i     of   cnntnmlnntlon,    heavy
pitiuptng or dry wonlher uuiy ao low
it the ground wall r lev i thin  ii  will
reach the none of contnmliuil Ion und
; time polute tho   well.   It    Is evldenl
 iin r.'ii re,  iiim   llu' open  prlv)   vault]
I ami  lunching cesspool should  be ills-
Wet Land Not Desiiable    Icnnletl and a sewage purltlentlon B.V3-
l^A I il V.I ;< [ Ai   ��� i :.: .1 iv,
\\Al thfesi .J] cL^t, 1: ti ; Sl
tem.   n.
ni lensl n (-Miliary pi-i\.-  bi
: used Inst end.   Sowuga, garbage, iuaii
Easily   Drained   Land   Should  be  So   ���;���..;,,��� other waste should  never be j
K;tcd .13 .i  Pl.ice to  Raise
Fvu��. ���t     tPHBIW    vmmm*
iiiiriit-ili.ili���  vlellllly  driiw
which    are Iin
lueuhntors, ib'i   I'lofn
md the Cost oi" Livin.tr
ibstitute for Ment. I nib H
be  Mure  Generally  Used
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       dutiiped    Into bIiiIch ur llsatues,   nnd	
Chickens I mosl   certainly  never  Into old  aban
It la a mistaken Idea    lo Imagine  !l,0,llei1 W(}lla'    v" "''' \\\f    ':;'"1    '"'IFislia
.   , thai any old    placi   will do to raise  llu".'";''"",' , yetL, ''",';'  '" ",";'
in-:  hi   iho Irnnaportatloii  c-ompuny;   cliickeiiG    vet  ii  la t'litvilh   Irtie thai   llll"1't-u,�� nlrectl)    with    the    wntur-
eggs    in easea uiiproteetod from lhe   t\,,.,,,. is'm'.n,    .,  pinee tliul   iuiu   ho ' l"';"'il1''  stratum    [     which  other ;Ae a Substitute for Moat, Fish Should
r"!',."" "..���llw!!.L.,?,1.nU"���' "!'.,'" ,'.'.'."   I'1"}-' rocky or rundown   thut ni'akea I \','A\i [[[.}}]''. '
Until In
"lie suffers  from  Ihe mis bin
of ihe eggs in  the hands of the i'1'-   flriul
laller,    He, moi c I linn ail)   one oIbc,   am]
is  iiiirr. sled  in  ii   more  Bltnple  and \ i^riv
"""';' lli:i'''1  method  of handling  the j ���,��� (hl. i',,.,,;,, f01T"u ;.'hi, ^"farm. So I ""'"""' '" "" ��� "".'������'""''"I'' "" (thai llali Bhntild bo looked lo us a Bub-
i1"'"1""- led the Inn nt Is high uud rolling,  l*nl0 ,WII> t0   l"��-'vont lho  np Irom L ,���     A.; .,    ,.������,   |(   js |,V|.|,	
"A ayslem thai will secure Ihc egga  so nK1|  n,,. ,.;,;���  K\\\ ,.., , ,,,,  |na|oad   ireazlng. ��� {loniiiaVlim  nl'iivorabh wiih nioai
irom tlie producer ou u camlled.l.o.,  0f standing upon   place In pii'ldies, ��� 0;'"'IV|;,  ..'":'*".';',. I".',s.' i""1":"'"'!1 s!alH gh tin
"    ,ls   II  tuipioniable to work or farm that   'le ' ,SUPP'*V'   ,sl"'f   '"   w:ls " ":',"i "Hal  lish" should prove n valuable
to rap-ifoultl  be usoil na n chicken  Far if1'01''   ,"'"':'  l"', "''"v\"  '!'"   ��    th.��  slogan ror cniiih,, ���  1. g   cost i'
Ln navautage.                               N     '���."������ 'I'"i' "���' ��'huowonio tbo ground. Iivjl,,,    M,,;l, ,        *         . ',,   i,,,"1
,'  -"^ , One thing sl.onld be contlnuall, u^d    \    ;   ' 'gj/''^^ ��������'   ��{| �� ll,v tvllhln roceul ,-,,���,"!���!, 1/ um,-',
"������-ly  Impressed   upon    your     .,,"*?'   , shouitl al leust bi   Kept     ���   igh, the iivullnble supply  Is be
Hun   is Hun   chlckeiia  w lt  away   [ion.   lie   well.   A box bu It L��   ,    ^' l  ���,���,,���,
ve  on   wet   ground     Lowland  in  nrounil    lie  pump   hi led    with         ;       ' " ;
iiiiiniir.' hi  winlrr I.s llll i'\l)
railed haals, su thai lie will i
celve   ii   Ural   cluss   pr
class product, thereby putt in
niiiun   iiii   freshness  mul  I'lcantine?
would lie mosl helpful.
proportions uf mtli'lllvu
elements    .such  us  protein, ulbumeu
' nil' r''-) or lakes to keep iii ��� soil damp or else!11,01 A :""'  Wfttor-llBlH  drulua ure do L,enR,��| .     ���*���',. ., . ,
'  ���'  llral   long enough to   the sun tu drv i, up,  �� ���We tanliu  far    innn  i.uil.iu.gii. I, ,,,'V, , ,,i,v    ,���, 'u,''   h
L?,���P'T   Damp   laud   men.,! Ickl,*,'    piinyl.."'"8   1^..]!.o:S,nA,.,J.!S.^r,V0^      llorolororu. Ilah his n��l!be
con rat? oi
^ So utteudant In" tii; | ��n��o. the man,^ pjlo Bl.ould at Icajrt ! n,At-""��rn'cto^'^V"'cilet""  ' " " """
under carefully gin rded Bliipi'liip cun-  ,11 ic-k^,,.-,
ditiona  and  honest   handling  b)   the      t)amii laud cnn
retailers, would resuli  in putting Into  -||e   drain    It    i.i
Ihe  hands nl  ihe consumer ti clenn, j rnther  a   laborlo'u
wholesome, nutritious food proilucl nl I nenslve operation
11  price much less lliuu  whal  Is now|.|,ni w\\\ ���\v\, ,{n.
I  have  to  Ik '    l"*��*. 'I  ��� ro  distance   rr , ,-,;;,;,��������� ri���- ,hi,, un'lurulus'iinu'siln! ���
ri.',. well llseU should    be    located \��t\���im lm'sl ll" reraoyjPd ","!'";' |U!|
 .,:���,���, ... ���si������'iu<  high  as  possible  with  reaped   to  f,""'^���".b V ,"U1��.!"!1 "lbU; ln
��� ,      ihh   '5  hulldlug'B,   stock   pen,,    und   chicken i1"?1 Place,   wall sen [Is  prune
s    as   well  as  ox- ynrdH.    and  us far awaj    rrom    nil i !^"l,lmn. ins .''V.'.'"  :<u""f  ""obtain;
agalnsl n selection   sources ot conlamlnatlon  us conveii-
natural conditions.   i,'llr" :""' l"1'-'1 surroundlngB will per-
B)  natural conditions   is   nol nee-1 '"''���
essarlly meanl  the side of   it    hill, j
1I1I  inn   lie iiii  objection,,
paid   for  :i   very   indifferent    urtlcli
und ui the same time woulil increase
the prolits to the producer' |wt "liiis would' not  lie" aif objeclTo'11'] I     '* is a Liver Pill.���Mnny of the ui
"When eggs can be delivered by tlio  except  lhal  il   woulil  be pretty hard   ""'"is thai  man has lo contend with j 1
attendant   to  1
euiisiinu'r II  is ���
iblc even ul polnls "ol fnr removed
from ihe coasts. This has been due
frefiu'enlly, to Inefficient handling of
lhe lish by the fishermen and by the
distributing agencies. It bus also
been dii" to unsatisfactory traiupoi'tti-
'on mul   retail   market   conditions.
,' "f""  ii'aVe tlieir origin In a disordered liver, \':]'" ;'"''. '���'']'"'   "W,K"'   conditions
a��  '^��';vay;ofmnr.teti,iethapro.|p7u;t'7lnuo;r';ir--eoU(H,io^
duel    and    ahould be  followed more | ^aayt natm.H| grade, with the coop or I susceptible  to  the  disturbances  that I,..,'_'         ,,,'   <".'"'��� ."".'.""���
. nmurai graue, wun t.te coop or 1 ""���**���'"i""">- /"  "������   *���-"���. -  "������-. 1 being overcome.    I'Mueaihiii of Usher-
     ,.,���,,,s    nn     ilu.   hi..'e--i   noiiii    Is   Ihe come from irregular halms or luel. ol   ,���������".,���,,,, , ,   ���
$9 in   ^   A DAYan'.commla. ��� conipnratlvclv Insigilllcunl number     ...    ,.,/,, :,i ' cure i��� outing and drinking. This ac-       ' u '   '   "ls ��'ho hnndba fish Is a
txSl tO   $0 si.,, paid. Local rep-  can   be   handled   In   ihls   way.    The  ll'^Tim le "of soil Has, i.lng on counts for the great many liver regu- Hw fooked  ^mdlUonil^ethSS
rasenutlvea.   GltUer sex.   Experience sulnivban and city pou! rymnn aliould  lhe drainage proposition,   A clav soil lators now  pressed oV tli a attention ��  hand in" must Rlvejrav to more
��������� ssary.    Sparc    time accepted,  certainly stimulate sue!, a trade.  In- ,s lhe Worst condition  to enco inter, of sufferers.   Of these there   s none  ;,,,:,". ".;���,  .Vi .uV, '   	
Nichols Limited, Publishers, Toronto,  deed, ll  is only by su doing lhal  he   .������,   ������,���,.    |hi,���,  ,,        rai,; ' superior'H. Parmelee's Vegetable I ills. !.|,';".;' !" hlinean
_ ,.;,ii  Biicccsslully con te    with    the |   mil   ,,���, ���..,,���,.    ���,  .,;;lld .,���,������., ,|, Their operation though gentle Is eftec- ,��� ^ nslierme,i   an
Wanted In every lown and village,
to take orders  for tii" b ���.��� 1  Made-to-
Mcaaure    CllOlhing  In Canada.   Good
coniinlsslonn.   Magnilicenl Samples.
Canada's Best Tailors, Toronto.
'oductiou   iimler  tarin   cuu-
agtuar  imiuiioii
lire, and  the  most  delicate can  use
11 of lhe runs;  witli gravel or aand 1 theni,
a   different    condition   woulil    exist. ���'	
Either of    Ihese   Is    considered   the Power of a Stream
besl, because oven  on  nm   land  the      To determine the horse 111
to more
practices, such
increased profits
il. ai the same
time, by making available lm go quantities of food whicli liuvo hitherto been
wasted, would Improve the duality and
lower the price to the consumer,
Transportation  is  already  being   lm-
BABY'S OWN TABLETS  water Instead of standing on the sur-  stream il   Is necessary to know how | ,,,'oved and   In time   when the Inland
  tace will percolate into the soil and  many gallons per minute the stream aonlantis for flsn ���.,;.��������� lt tast Lralll
Tier,.  Is  nothing   lo  equal   Baby's i ,''m''   ""'', " �� -'')ml ,,oal "' ll,e "'th  will  turn all.     to determine    thisin. sel.v|cea g|lould  .������, probably wUl ���,.
own Tabids ie,- llllle ones. They areP1 ""' >';u',ls' i s?uare   f '  ,l,"l'-v   '"'  flug , Wlm   '^ established from the ashing ports to
absolutely sale    and  are guaranteed   stream, It   the   ground   holds water the larger Inland centres. The present
free from opiates   nnd never   fail iu I    For C.P.R.   Dining  Car  Patrons      well, and the waler lion, tlio Blream oftei,s    gplf,nd|d opportunities  to tli
A Patriotic Policy
imperial  Oil Co.  Making  Liberal  Al-(giving relief from  the  ini'no'i' iii." of j    Again the Canadian Pad he Railway! J',*:n.  [^}�� J},,'?' I',,,'.'''.',',1;!,'," ..''i"-;,1,!11"!! "Bll'v'' Industry. A demand for lish is
lowances   for   Employees   Wbo
Will  Fight for Country
The following circular letter, signed i i'ering front
by llaorge  \V.  Mayer,  vice-president, [ troubles   anil
lias been s ml ti
Imperial Oil Co,
'I'll"   ilil'eelor.-      ^	
Company,    Limited,  have decided to 1 matt al  ::.". c
pay all employees who have enlisted,   Williams'   M
or wbo may enlist, wllh Ilia Canadian   ont,
coiniiigeni for overseas service -In lhe !
gl \ lllg     l U1101      1 l Ol'l      llll"     Illllllll      111.-.     Ill  . .1 ^a 111    I 11   '   I   ,111.111 1.01    r a i'i IH"    llllll ., a i   .     . . ,, ��� , ,     , . . I hbuoij     uiuumij.    .l    in-lliumi    1,11     11 .-111    1>
babvlioad  ami  childhood. Concerning   is to the forefront In. the consideration J11*1*5' u\e 71 "J!'s "im,, ",,   already half created by lhe high price
theni    Mrs. Albert Bergeron, St. Aga-1 of tlieir patrons.   A novel feature has   ins    calculated,    wiui    tv wet   con- ana coaipai.ative scarcity of meat .Bin
pit. Que,; writes:  "My baby was suf-   been Introduced on their iliniii.: cars: alruoieii  w a lor wiieeb   ana a  se'en* if Canadians aro to bo taught to eat
foot   fall,     aboul   l,fM)   gallonu   per
iistipntton and leolbing   iu the form of a special liiiffei in Uio   '".'" ," ".'      ;���   ,',.', """*;""",, '���:,;
... .,        Babv's   own   Tablets  dining room,    ���n  which  cold  meats, ,ninute.  -j   r0fl.llile��l   ""   e!ich   ll01se
employees of tiie  quickly    cured    him.    Now  I  always < salads, ole, ar"    tastefully displayed   Power tlellveretb	
keep iium In the Ik use" The Tablets  under glass covers, giving passengers             . ,  "    .
Hi'   Imperial  Oil jaro  sold  bj   medicine  dealers or  by  an opporl y lo select their salads Mlnards    Liniment for sale evciy-
a box from The Dr.  or cuts of cold meat, which are served 1 wi,or0,	
ne   Co.,    Brockvllle,  from  tha buffet   by a  chef in  white
uniform.   This is the lirst time a cold
       ' J buffet has bere. Introduced OU a diiiiiii
Panama Pacifio Ex. Pays Expenses
Sir. G. T.  Bell,   passenger    traffic
of man-led nun, half pay, and in j        p,-0-Ally Pennsylvania  Dutch        i oar, " u'n':'l " ii "i.i" im otiiig with "great I manager of the Craml Trunit System,
ib" case oi single men. quarter pay-   ! .   . ' success received  u   telegram  from  the clirec-
until the end of tho war, and in atldl-      tie population 01 eastern 1 ennsyl-   tors of the Panama Paclllc Internation-
tlon. will hold the positions open.       \���,   ���������I?���,L���,e,rml1,"    V| 'les?ent'     "Well.    Marin." said Jiggles   after "' Exposition at San Francisco, stating
Should any 1      ' '"     '  '"    �� ' '"     ""   '"""   '"���    '  ���'   -���'-'-���������
with ilie on] r,
In ii'" course
will continue tne paymeai���in tiie case  ;:."".'.'";,':.':, "":;". ',",  : -".. ���:.":, ;-,���;--;��� ��� cantiiaal
��� hm   a  correspiindi nt   who    Ims  been
notV"wi'i'b a fii'il'i'i'v   travelling through  thai   purl    of the
ie war, the directors  Ml"'' r['\""' P?Pre1f, pu''",��u0 '"' iM"
lavment���In the enot.  qualntjng hlmsell   with   public senti-
menl  Itnds thai ii  Is overwhelmingly I ���;.
of a married man. of half
wife of Immediate famil,
months after  his  d 'ath  1
Ills salary to bis depend) nl
for six months afti r his dea
The above  applies    to all  regale     , ,    ���   ,     ���������
members of the staff who were in lhe | "'S.,?!"88."1.*?.*1 r'"U]]
servlea of the company for nl lensl si
111 on tb? Immediately pn ceding the tli
elaratlon of war.
the town election, "for whom did you I l'1"1 ,il(- exposition is now oul of debt,
vote this morning': ' j Most of the Immense oust of erecting
"I crossed off the names of all the   '���"'' exposition has been  met'by  the
returned   Mrs.    .liggios   tens of thousands of visitors who have
ilsh. there musi be more enlightened
methods ol producing and handling it.
���A. 11.
Asthma Cannot Last when lhe greatest'of all asthma specifies is used. Dr.
.1. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy assuredly deserves this exalted title, li bus
countless cures to Its credit which
oilier preparations bad failed to bane-
lit. li brings help to oven the mosi severe ease1: nud brings the patient to a
condition of blessed relief. Surely suffering from asthma is needless when
a remedy like this is so easily secured.
The Walking  Habit
. ,    ||    menl  units lhai 11  is overwhelmingly   ���    ,        , nrinclolei  on iho  dally  poured  through    lhe    entrance      , ���       '   ,   , ���
'"'j.,   ' ��B   in  favor 0   lb" allies.    The Hermans     '       };"   *  ' >   >!,   ^ , "u"\, ^ , gates  of  the  ground,    Thai   such  an     ..   Nf* Yojk business man. who re-
Ihi"M   8*Mare     harshly  critical   of  Hie  kaiser, '    ",' >    j��   ;     M  ���,%,'    ,'  , : uiidortiiking shoulil have proven a Iin-  s'"��  '"   New  Jersey,  has  started  n
,i'i ��� ., ���   r   "'">' ��'el'c sllocks<l '���>���   im'��'s|o" ot  neisona      nmbl Ions''-Xe\-      Vork Uncial    success is looked upon as a Mllng campaign   laving conceived
ts fit anv)   Belgium  ami  the  destruction of the  !,l'm' ''''      nntbltlons.     .Ni w      lout  ��,,��      teKtimon,   t0 tho ^onderful    he Idea whi e in training at the mill-
,',, " '"'��� '   l.usiiania.   They hope the Holienstol-   """" manner with which this greatest of all I'".v ''amp at  Plattsburg.    lho. move-
1 lorn will receive it lasting robuko in
Worms feed upon the vltullly of
��� hildren ami 1 : dangi ������ 1 clr lives, A
simple nnd 1 IT' cll\ ��� 1 ro Is Moilier
1 Iraves'   Worm   ICxti rmitnvti r.
Ni ������ V 11 k Sin ��� pro a-'A loss Ihan
- i    c   Ir 1 of llie raw  material used in
rrespondcnl   has journeyed
1 '.oral    hundred    miles    in  Lehigh,
ierks, Northampton, Hucks nml Slont-
linn iy counties,    lie has talked with
many 11 'l-sons, and he lias nol found
FRESH AT  NIGHT ; cel**���ilon was held in
If One  Uses the  Right  Kircl of Food | to murk the occasion.
the positions was organlza I. A special  "tent is spreading ��� rapidly, and it i
Francisco 1
If'by  proper selection  of  food  one A  Word of Warning
can feel strong and fresh at the end of 1    Every German  who boasts    of bis
, ,, .    ,.   1 the din's work, ii  Is  worth  while to' American citizenship hns subscribed to
::.v::"....'.',";: wll0.,la ,l,!-0i'.e���a,.1J."j!.l.B|ltnow the kind of food u:r  will pro-j the following oath of allegiance.    "1
S) mpniliii
ICaston hi'   learned
luce this rcsu
isserted thai practically every man of
military ago in his pari of the slate is
walking to and from business nnd to
the railway stations when the plaee of
labor is in some oilier lown. Hikes
Into the country aro also popular at
llie week end. The walkers are being
told llial the exorcise will harden ilrnm
lhat there v.'cie some pro Germans ot     A gc,,00| ,,.,;.,,,,. ,��� |]v w, s,
uiul type, but Inquiry showed Hint
thej were of recent importation " Tlie
general feeling lie summarizes   thus:
renounce forever all allegiance to any  Rm, m;lU(, (hl,m ���, ,f cnllet,        , r
says   foreign Prince, potentate, state 01 sov- mlllt(1,,y ,,,���-,.   ��� wtll also brlng ,,���,,.,
ereiguty, un;l particularly to the one ol 1 ,,���.,���,,',,, ���.,,���   ��� p|e���8H1.e, -ojfntreal
in  tiii:; co:i;i"eiii.ii:
"Ai the lime 1 commenced the u.".   wliieh I wus a subject." The wording | na'zeti
if Orapc-Ntits my health was so poor   Is sufficiently plain .an.l this oath is1
lerwood'i'miml "in e-Vi'.-'u! ", ill' ' '.'I ""' '���'���' ���*> "!',;li,!>  ""<< " , B -,���,���,, 	
popular impi  .���   ml       the Iiitrnduc-1 JV'll;,,1" "fj;,,."',   Jin    ,*$'   .,.,,.,'.'.,!','!' I "'���''  wnrl'  nltogothtr.    I   was  rapidly  paper,"   even by erstwhile subjects of
Ihnl I tl
5I1I 1 would have to give up  nui  10 be considered    11    "scrap    of
Minard's Liniment  Relieves Neural-
Whiskey  Displaced
leucad, almost constantly, a feeling of! paragraph In times ot war means Iron. ���        l*ur'ng a "s'^r>^""^
exhaustion.                                            son  and treason has heretofore bean lhe  following  metltod    of  punish.
i remedies    wlthoul   summarily dealt with in ibis country. '"'8 " naltor-pulier has been succession  I determined to      Puck.  ' l',1".v use(l '" nu,"-v Instances.   Somo
"I  tried  varioi
ood  results;    ll
give particular atteutlon to my food
and   lune   learned  something of  Hm' (*nint.,.u   r,.���������t   pn   CttvaA  "
than in Germany, nud      Keierrlng in the omission ot brandy properties of Grape-Nuts  for rebuild-  ���baiarrn   ^dllHOl,   lit   milieu s
.. n of comn 1 ', brick nn.' ,ioel Is do-1'"." i1'11"  '""I'1'    ::l"'  , ,n>    B>'l"pa'l*H losing  In  weighl   hud  Ilttlo appetite, his  mosl   puissant   monarch   William   tJ
Ing uwu) with llu  11 si  "i wood, ii bus  m'Sht now   ue with oermnny n  Bel-  wa   nervous nnd sleepless, and nxper- l-lohenzollern. A violation of ibis little rurlno s Halter Puller
found  lhai   llu     lata  Is  yiarl*   ::"1'" hn!1 "' " 'levustnteil ami  il , , ,  ���,   ���,.���'   ��� , \ .,,  ,, , ,������ ��������� , .1 Curing a Halter-Pullei
more .      ��� per ,   pita tlinn ever Ah-   ';l: """I"  mw��acre  had  not oe.
befoi        ,1 in    lha ,1    ��� -    as  much  Clirrr'1;    I'.very'n.ily  Is   behind   Presl-
wool   Is   useil par p       n today than I*"5"1   v'lls""'     P'ovldence Journal.
Ilfty years ago,    More .  un six times
ns nun li wi 0 I  pi :   pel on la used in I
\ew   V .........____________	
more than ten  limes as  much as in ���and whiskey from lhe new edition of I |ng body, brain aud nerves.
Ureal lii'iii'in. I the  United  Stales  Pharmacopoeia on      "Since     using  Grape-Nuts   I   hav.
ihe ground lhal  the)  are not  useful  mnde n  constaul  and  rapid  improve- larrh Is a blood
Mlnard's    Liniment    Cures  Burns,! medienl   prepiirnlions.  n   drugglsl   in   menl    In health, In spite ot the fad IS-nat remedies,   llall's CHtJii-rh euro Is
recently thai   thai all this time I have been engngedi taken Internally, ami acts directly upon
ilskey  was an   |n  strenuous  and  exacting  work. the  blood  anil  mucous  surfaces,    flnll's,      . 	
iclnes    "l'hys-1     '|   |lav lined   twelve  pounds    In Catarrh Cure Is nol a quack medicine, li , the rope nrounil the body in front 01
ates ow-1 ."-�����">���*.    "" 1- ���    ueuny always pre   weight and "have a good appetite, my EsTiSh ��Sii?v'to MNnnffn'  'f0 Ml?' ?>��" f1'8 ��" 'f n"1 c( Ule T
,1    ho,,,,-, the  scribed ll as one of lhe principal In- nen*es nre steadv and I sleep sound. I regular p.'cifcrlpUom   1" is compoVed on tm'ouf,h  Ulc,1 1?10p ""'' ""'",, "T ���th"
-:i  Kurope  in   gredients  of a    cough   syrup and   It  have such strength and reserve force th? best ionics known, combined wllh the   "*Pe through the ring on the halter
was  pari  of many  nu di,1110s  for ilif-jihat  I fool almosl i.s strong nnd tresli best  Wood  puriner, aetlnirdli'petlyjrin tho    lie to something  that is secure and
fer    '  " .....     -ii..  1 .-     ii 1
Ing  1
I the  1 nitcd Sta:
I until  live yi ar-'
,1 i ingredient of nu
horsas, however, are clever enough t 1
associate  the  pain   with  Hie clrcum-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lane's thill cause il ami will oonliuiie
with LOCAL APPLICATIONS ns they j lo  P��H  unless  rigged  with  the rope
not reach Hi" sen! ol iin   disease. i'a- , aboul  their bodies.    II  is 11 good plan
to tie a young hor: e in Hris manner
for 11 few times. Tuke r. strong rope
about 20 feet in length, make a small
loop in one end that will not slip, pass
nl disi as, s. Now. oils and balms ftt the close of a day's work as at the ; '"'"'"r ihe'nvrftnJim [\,l'TJ ^'"''"'r'" en?ea,vor t0 mal,e * e anim?1 tT,
wlous ki'"l'' '"'-' 'i��' Place of beginning. I ,.:'', ,' 'v ,,! 1-, ,' ,1 s i,':,'���! .:!ol" the "ma .a tew tunes A good
skey and    only a  r, w of the old      "Before  using    Grape-Nuts    I   was  catarrh'  Send  for lest I monin Is. fi      s,U'0ng ?alter       "n   -'K>,',,|1:'1 |n,rt oi
liar   thin   linen   hiicI   b'.g
id the eyes became     ?X MRS K for Constipa
Illllllll) li lis
wdli'l All i
mil ��'/"     I er
prescribe  its  use.    A I troubled much with weak eyes but us i l*'u'l,',''il"':Ml';v *,'"" Pl'0|,s" 't'"1"1". O
nmiiber  of  promin    brands  my vital!*** ,"pr��0��''f,,�� ���""" h""nm"'      :'     ,llL-",r"   1
of patented cough syrups whoso main : stronger. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ingredienl  was whiskey  in one form      "I  never heard of another food as ���
11   wun  soap  nnd I ��r   another  hnve   substituted   non-al- nutritious  and  economical  us  C-rap> What B.C. Has Done
ii."".     ?tnte style  coholic   substances    for    lho   liquor.   Nuts." I     British   Columbia   bus  contributed
loticed  on sonic 1    "There's a Reason." I just over a half n million dollars to
Vou   1     ^^^^ 	
THE   ARLINOTON   COMPANY   OF  CANADA  I of   tbe     |ial"I liieillo     labels   ttlill
LlmlUd I additional copyrights    liave been i'p
sa Fraie* Avsnue, Toroaui, Ontifio
W.  M.  U.  1073
plied  for.    This    means    thai    tbey
have been compelled to reduce the al-
I coholic Ingredients in them 10 a mini-
I mum."
Name given by Canadian Postum I the Canadian Patriotic fund, accord-
Co., Windsor, Ont. 1 Ing to a statement jusl issued.   This
Ever read the above letter? A new is exclusive of almost innumerable
Olio appears from time to time. They contributions for iiiacliina glins, Brit-
are genuine, true and full of human lish Columbia base hospital in Franco,
interest. j etc.
Hie equipment
Don t fail to procure-
For Your Children While Teething
It  soothes   the  Child,  Softens  tn ���
Gums, Allays the Pain. Dispels Wind
Colic, and is the Hest Remedy for Infantile Diarrhoea.
rets were seep turning and gnu's be   �����. ,**��Ltt���5 .i.?1 ..!���..���*.!!?�����?
ing elovnied    and    lowered  In    the
course'of drills.    Seaplanes    which
wore sailing over the Heel bad lhelr i
famous   Ailanilo   liner
lot   Ball,"   e
alum' It,   Our   ei
tarried many thousands of
[German Barbarities
Arc Beyond Belief
Ghastly  Revelation-, ol Cruel Coward-
i ice . id Barbarity
  There has been a  common desire,
ieven  In  the British   empire,   to  dis
GLIMPSE OF FLEET DOING ITS WATCHFUCWAITING ,l"; "}?tief ��L l'riiel,*v ���'"' ''"'k"
Ity    lold   ol     ine  Herman    arm lot.
  Britishers    generally    discounl  th m
Mo si i extent, simp!)   because the
rite Veil of Secrecy over the Naval Operations Ims been Some*'British   mind   hesitate.; io believe
,      , ., ,/-,,��� i  i     i-i       ,      ��� . "mi    any    civilised    nation    can bo
\\ lnt Lifted antl a Glimpse ol the Fleet has been Obtained,        guilty oi so i ii baseness
Showing Thousands of Vessels Keeping the Seas Clear        U^oS-iiy' 'g, n^V^soT'is
for Brsl time the veil ot secrecy   the destroyer threaded her way, lur-' 1"-a,'t'   t0   '">   '"'"   "Proual,l>'   U��l����
mer the British naval operations bos
been lifted when n correspondeul >'<���
ceutl) i l8lti d the Oriind i-'looi hnd the
greal naval buses, ai one naval bar-
racks he saw dr) docks capable ot
docking the largest dreadnoughts,
which hmi been built since the war bi
(���nu. .\lii|i.. wei'i shown the corres
political show lug whero the German
submarines had been sighted nnd on
whicli ibo results of the tiltncks were
cliutslllod under "captured," "stippose'i
sunk," and "sunk," When bubbles arc
"I ; i'i\ id risii g for a lone, lime nl the
saiiii spol in siiiooii. wuler. it is taken
[or granted lhal n submarine's career
bus been ended'
When an officer was nsked, 'llow
I,, you nd lliotn?" bis answer was:
"Homeilmes by riimmlng, somotlines
bj gunllro, ioiiii iinns by explosions,
iii.il in oner ways wo will nm toll
All ibo officers aboard Hie balllo
ships   und   nrinorcd   cruiser:;   are   en
vlotis of those engaged in submarine
hunts, which ine regarded as great
'Ibe admiral commanding nl mi
Imporluul navnl base lold the corres
ii'indi'iii    iimi   England     imd   2,300
trawlers, mine sweepers ami oilier
auxiliaries, outside ihe regular service, nn duly in lha work of blockading from Hie British Channel to loo
Strong I'loa lm- a Movement to be Inaugurated  by Bankers and
Business  Men  for the Bridging of the Gulf Between
the I'own People and the Farmer
home   ou
which but
In tholr places In iho bntllc crulsi
musi take the stories with a grain
.Make no mistake
ru,\ is ii maniac
determined i<> win in any mo.ms.
To him full' Is fou an I foul is fair.
A day or tv.. ai o ��a read ot lhe
cnn jflxlon of a  London soldier, but
(Hy .1. It, Moorelu ad, lu the Hanker-1 ho  said:
KniiUe    I
There are al let I twice a ��� ��� in)
people Ihing in onr miuillei cities,
low ns nml \ jllagc a- li ������ in our lifty
greal cities,   Tlle home market of our
farming population llvli ���, about the*
you spend your money
where you get It, you will b" able to
get ii where you si end It."
Tlio  .-con i  greal   movi mi i ���   thai
should i." Inaugurate : by the bankers
mul buf Inei    ii" n .. i; r. .
iin- gulf w hh b pxlsl   betwei n t :o I wn
111  ,'011' P'i'V0.*' "' ;l"' li:"ll!' rl ."''.iliiii   Is    only ,,  drop  In Hie bucket.
squadron which is known In the some months ago ivo bad Lord
mv- as Hi" "'ui squadron," were the |,,,,,e0 ,, ���., ,��� l; , im) wlli(,h
Lion and thi I ger, which sunk the ougi|t t0 Ba,|Bfj ,,,:,,������. ,,,���, tUa
Oeitnun iirmored cruiser Bluecher. in German airoclllci ihere were boil,
���"!���'>?111' Sb" lmt"0'. , ,,        Individual    brutnllllrs    bv    officers
"Phis seems n  Biifflclenl  ilonlnl ol
mul  no n.    and
lb'' (lorinan re| bat  Ihe Tiger is   | .,.,,   ll)ont|
at  Ibo hul I nm of iho sea," said an of '
Hooking Birnnge among ibo homogenous types of the io-giui ships
ivhlch belonged io ibe regular British
fllelal    calculation.
I i.asi    iiimi111     a     r'rciieh   commission
of Inquiry found ibo enemy guilty
mi masse or tae most shocking
The  whole  reporl  of ihls    Pri nch
commission    i-- a ghastly   revelation
liiud,    and in keeping Ihc North Sen. different errands.
clear,   and that llieir reservist crews j    Quick ol  movement' ami of speech,
bail  been   most  zealous  in  llieir  lm-  tanned     liy     the    year  of   exposure
portant part in overcoming ilie kind consequent   on   constant   duty   ami
of naval warfare Germany wages. villi only a broad baud of gold laee
As ihe torpedo boat destroyer, on differentiating him irom ihe other
which Hie correspondent was a pas- officers, Vice-Admiral Jellicoe re-
senger, after n cruise at sea and foi- ceived his guests at the gangway,
lowing ihe coast,    turned    into    lhe J The admiral  nt   fifty-seven  years,  is
navy wan ,, Turkish twelve I ���.'���Inch guu Jul'    . ruel    cowardice,    meanness and
dreadnought taken over ni tin tsot barbarity,     The     crown      Prince's
of the war. army     seems     io   have   been     must
Aa lhe torpedo boal destroyer up. abandoned of nil. Special bullets
pronchod Hie llogshlp of the com- Und projectiles have boon nol only
iiiiindor in cliief, an officer pointed ctevised by Individual' soldiers, hm
mil Vlce-Admlral Sir John Jellicoe as manufactured in large quantities
one of the iwo officers promenading : "'iih n view n, causing more tor-
ibe quarter dock carrying a telescope lln'''- "Massacres of wounded and
under liis arm. From the quurter unwounded prisoners liave been
deck lc can keep bis eye on nil the conducted on a wholesale scale, on
grey monsters which form iho flghl- some occasions ns th ��� renill of
ing purl of liis command whilo others i special order, as when Hie notorious
i ���' his  host  of ships are abroad on  General   Stengel    orderod   nt   Thin-
ville that no more prisoners were
lo be mad", tha' even , isonors ill
large  bodies  wore    lo  lie. shot  down
I smaller cities nml towns I   lust iwlce people and I ie fRrmer   it in
us gram us me city market. let wi the advantagi of perhaps one pel o:
learmuch Unit would bad one lobe In ten tl Bnnd in this country to hai
I Jtovo  ilu   ol   Hie   people  in   this tlila gulf made wldi r,    b it  ;
country to l���. Id b) Hi" pr.il - on There are mnnv ,.  our farmi
the farm are lu be I'o md in Hi" '������real some living in towns   who
centres where the high cost ol living educated to bell n I ml the    imi i ������-���
I seems  llow,  more t i  over,  lb"  one ,..,.,���, :s R ,hu.t .���.,, g  , .     .
greal   thing talked  about,  I  to  Lie j the local banker is no less   n   tj of
considered.   Vat, Hie home market of sh.ir|, practices than the loan shark ot
j lho larmer Is ins lurgesl und nest mar- our clt-ea,   TLousands of i.   nt   lo uoi
| kin, rlglii ai his .lour where l.e can 0ven  give  the    home    men    ���:   -    .
bring ins produce every working day chance to supply their wants  (IN    . ��i
; in lhe year ami sell n to the consumer der ,|ir, h,,nlf, merchant docs not   art
j direct, wil bom the mien eiu um of nny j the stock iu size and
middleman whatsoever, an i secure
therefor overy cent wlthoul any proHt
of commission to nay middleman what-
j soever.
In     Hiese   nin,.  slates,   Wisconsin,
j Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan,!
New York, Illinois. Ohio ami I'eunsyl-|
viinia, 6,066 towns have losl popuia-l
Hon. notwithstanding Hi" fuel that the I
anil tlial no living mau was lo remain behind Ibo troopi,. Wounded
were shol in bodies of 30 and 40,
nml shut up in liarii. nml burned lo
death." In seine ease:: wounded
Frenchmen    have    been   kicked   lo
arbor whero lhe Grand  Fleet lay at'   senior of all  the   lisi,   which   en-1 **��*&    ',"'���..i:''i   ."^J"*?   ^'Tnt
..........   i  i.���   ���,i i ..I,,,],,.,  ,. ....I.,,,-,..,],.    ...    H... P i tsiiotitl  now.i inroais,    ns inoy
i field.    The   report
of   Hi i-miiii   offie-
j population of the  whole
J creased In the decade co
I cent.     Out  of  llie  TS
these   nine  stales.  HIV.
' per cent, of I hem. hat o I"
i though  the count)   seal   is
l ways the centre of most of
i les of the county null alon
! of politics, courts, collcctloi
', ami lu olher directions.   Au
iuiu ry   iu
size ami quality to meet
the demands of some of our conn   i
ties.    How ean he?   and whj   should
They  -end  the mi n y ..^..i     .\ ten
Ihey have the cash, and the .. er
chain is only of ase and b
lhe crops  fail ami  when  the  p
so low that they hold  tor n
mul in the meantime the mi rchai
conies tho banker, in that hi
goods without Interest and ol   i    o
ol   I.I'-
anchor, he saw a target being towed eludes vice-admirals   at   the age of
In the customary manner for firing forty-four.    Ile   is   never    wlthoul j
practice by some'of the cruisers- "We thai   telescope  under  his arm   when |
the lime," an officer he is on deck, nnd officers sny Ihere'
lay   on   the
frequently   si"
In op   at   it .ill the lime," all officer j he is on deck, and officers sny (here j ."'""' ,','?"'','"':'., I1"'"    ,
explained, is nothing which  lho  young officers   **�� H"s do-,,:,sh   work.    The Haver
The practice of the cruisers flnlsh-  on watch see that ho does noi see.       A��"A Particularly .distinguished  them-!
cl.  )'    took    their Places    in Heel       VIce-Admtral   Jellicoe   escorted his  wcneB 0^^suf^hShefr sk lTs wl h
formation among the Immense fields   gttosts   through   the   ship,    showing   ;'.'," ??��'     ,,,"���,?    '.    .',,,    ,,������
of gray Bhapes al  anchor in precise  tbem  the  men  nl    drill.    He    also 'J"6   '.    ':  , ,   n,      .'.        . ,   i   ���,,
order, whieb as the torpedo boat do- called attention   to   the special mach- Kv-nf mntiiniinB    .,,      ,','���',,, 1,,  ���
stroyer drew nearer became line after  Ine practice of the gun spotters in dr-  ,,,,;,,.,,!:,..,,.,  /St
lino of dreadnoughts. Ing, where tlle result of each shol  Is  to?]0"?"., trealort'��   h    the u most
in  the  tint  moiling  into  the  sea  displayed, SmuV Snd Stretcher hearers^ were
even the Queen Elizabeth, back from      The    bluejackets    are    invariably '  '    '   '  R''jlh'   ' :! ..'^mtiance ot
the Dardanelles, looked small for her sturdy, long Bervlco   men of niatur.-    r,--.<-li .,'-V *
tonnage and  gun power unless com-[years   who  have   been   kept   drilling,    ���        -,,',    .. ���,,bl|ai,e,i In offle-
pared will, the Inflexible, the flagship on the same ship since tho war be-     ' ac" "f ''esfrJ*11" ������?    '.r.
,,f the Falkland Islands battle, or the gu.   Their   health is belter than ��>  mliU     must    be    burned  into  otfr
vessels of He   light cruiser squadron,; time  of  pence,    as    tbey  are     kept ,     ,    ' . ^'"'      '"      l,;"l u;    '" . ,.^, "
which just had come In from "sweep- aboard    tinner a  rgglme    and    with | !; "'    '",���. ','     .,'.',  ,     ���,..,���'
inline North Sea,   as scouting -\*ffi������^   ^^n^M^^^^KZ
ICvery deck was stripped for action,  navy have decreased  since the  war   ^^ ^wtt tew   lite!
| lo say. this tendeni)
I of the towns Is greute
J und most thickly sell
: states.
What does Ibis moa
llle, and io all nf lhe I'
' pie  living in  Ihese  to
this, a continued loss
' means depreciation in
i in these towns; It no
tlon In farm land vain
j the town the higher
I Is to the Iiiini because
| to the town;  il means
I your   bi
I   the
in Ihc
I   pan
���iv mill
ns? 11
ni busines
property \.
ins a ili-iii
. for Hn- ii
lio valui
of Ils pri
loss depi
thai   \
of thc
and to
ill   pen
men ne
Hi if
sits i
steam  was up In  every ship, and as ] began.
Radium Cheaper
Price Much Lower Than It Was During Times of Peace
Paradoxical though it may seem,
radium is cheaper today than before
the war.
The reason Is that il Is, afler all, a
luxury, and some people who held
small quantities of lhe world's limited
supply wanted their money-in somo
other more practical form when lhe
war broke out, During peace lime
radium bromide cost about JL' 17-JUJ8
a milligram-
Discussing tbe question of radium
and the war wiih the secretary of
Radium, Limited, in London recently, a
Haily Chronicle representative learned
that-by radium emanation���the internal use of waters which have been
treated with radio-energy���it is believed that much may be done fur tbe
benefit of military sufferers who have
contracted rhuematic complaints
through severe exposure In the
Il may be added tbat, now the con-
litif iilul sjnis are closed to the 50.000
patients who annually visited ihem
i'rom this country to enjoy iho radioactive waters, our own home resources, both natural and artificial, for
radium Ireatmenl should be more highly appreciated,- Daily Chronicle, London,
A New Military Unit
Special Battalions of Pioneers Going
to the Front
A special battalion ot pioneers is to
bo recruited iu Ottawa anil other On-
larlo cities. Another Is lo be recruited
in the west, and thoy will go to the
front lo be attached to the two Canadian divisions tliere, the western battalion to be known as the first Pioneer
balialion, to bo attached to tlio second
division. Both battalions will go to
the front as complete units.
This is a new military unit. Its duties will be engineering duties, such as
digging trenches, throwing bridges and
constructing road;-, unde short no-
tlce. Hitherto engineers only havo
done this work, but now the new battalions, which will have the status of
an infantry regiment, will be so organized that it vill be able to protect
itself even in the matter of machine
A Sinister Influence
Tlie real estate ami buildings in the
United Stales are taxed at a valuation
of $93,362,813,669, while property to
the value of $12,313,519,602 is exempt
from taxation
Germans Are Qualifying For the Position of the World's Outlaws
When the ambenllo histories of the
war como to be written, considerable
attention is likely to be paid lo the sinister manner in  which Germany ha.
plotted to inconvenience her enemies
|���among whom she evidently includes
I those neutrals who are supplying nuin-
tions lo the' active belligerents,
The recent Mexican raids across Hie
Texas border afford Still another proof
' of Ihis.   Two Americans were murdered and a third was spared merely be-
i cause the raiders thought he was a
German!    Tlie Incident    ls likely to
arouse a very ugly   temper   In the
States, where the dislike and distrust
I of tlie genuine Americans for the Qer-
lnan-Ameritans is already becoming a
j grave problem.
German Influences arc suspected in
n score of other quarters.   The Koma-
galii Mam. which broughl that historic
cargo of Hindoos to British Columbia
shortly before the  war, Is known io
have boon organized from Berlin. Similarly with the native riot in 'Singapore,
the strikes at American munition factories, tbo unrest In French .Morocco,
j the Senussi  rising In  Tripoli,    lt  is
i Hie same all ov   ��� the world,
j    Tliese treacherous machinations nre
going   lo recoil upon the beads of Ibe
nation that planned them, for there is
not the slightest doubt thai all the civilized governments    will   discourage
German Immigration nfter the recent
j exposures    of tne manner in whicli
j these people abuse the new citizenship
that is granted Ihem.   This nation of
sixly-live millions of people are dellb-
I erately   qualifying for the position of
I the world's outlaws. Every mail's band
j and tongue and pen will be against
' them, and they will find that the civilization which Ihey have llputed so In-
i solently  will  force them ' and  their
. children and their children's children
! lo the third and fourth generation, to
pay  a  very  terrible  price.--Montreal
The  Gas  Caught  the  Germans
"There is a grim humor in a story
which comes from Petrograd," says a
i London, Eng., paper. "Three thousand
'Germans, preceded by the usual as-
! phyxiating cloud, and with the wind
I nicely behind them, advanced gaily to
! storm a fort at Ossovieos.
Then suddenly the wind changed;
! the gas rolled back upon the advancing
I host, and the filthy .cloud,    combined
with the enemy's guns, practically an-
I nibilaled tlie column, and of throe
I thousand left but three.   The wind can
be a dangerous ally."
to expeel from such blackguards if wu
do nol smash them?
have less money to loud i
ami lo the business mau: ll I
boys   are   nol   going   to   sta
towns;  il  menus thnl  the b
going to slay on the farm u
town affords somo attraction;
economic ruin to muny of
interests;   it   means   Increai
lems for the country and i
tet's of handling our socl
onl problems in our grei
means  concentration   of
of th
Tidal Prohibition Wave
Sentiment     In     Favor  of  Prohibitory
Laws  Rapidly  Spreading
A few days ago the inland revenue
Idopartmenl of the I'nited States published ils annual reporl, which showed a groat lulling off in the consumption of both r-pirltuous liquors and to-
: bacco.    Too   explanation    ordinarily
given is probably   the correct one���
itbo  solemnizing effeel   of an almost
| world-wide war- Inn tliere may have
been   other causes nt  work,   among
them the widespread and progressive
reduction In the number of licensed
] drinking plac��s. Somo light is thrown
Ion this aspi'-'t of the ease by u recant
'article in the Christian .Science Moni-
, to:1 of Host on.
According to tiie Monitor a prohibitory  law  bus  boon  In   force  in  West
i Virginia for a year, and tlle commission charged with the duty of enforcing its report! that the law has worked with "surprising success." Among
other facts to support ibis announce'
ment,  it  la  stated thut "violation  of
the      criminal   laws"   have   boon   cut
down one-ball', and similar testimony
imigiii be obtained from every one it
the eighteen "dry'' stales. The popu-
nation ol the territory within wliieh II
ei used   drinking   places    bave   boon
I abolished   amounts   to   fifty-two   mii-
,'lions, and more than sevenly per cent,
of the area of the whole country is
under prohibition. In a number of the
remaining states there will be enough
i of prohibition contests this year to
add fourteen  per cent,  to tho "dry'
'area If all oi' the pending contests end
i in victories lor prohibition.
The .Monitor inclines to tlie  belief
that the recent spread of prohibition
In  Canada  will  have some Influence
on t'ne resuli, nnd it speaks of the pos-
i slbiiiiy   of  the   abolition   of  the   licensed    saloons    ill    Chicago    being
'brought about at the next municipal
election,   Naturally the "liquor interests" are giving attention to the com-
j ing struggle, for which  they are preparing as they have never prepared in
[any  previous   campaign.     Tbey  have
I abundance of funds, and arc publish-
: ing  circulars  designed   to  show  that,
the   abolition   of  the     liquor   traffic
.would throw out of employment thou-
I sands of men and inflict hardships on
their families.���Toronto Globe
rows the mom y irom you in 0
perform   i Ms   service,    Out      i -tie.
friends, our n sighbi rs     est I
have become e itrnng d ��������� in
tho Imaginary line between I      ��� ous
try and tin   town Is a bar
prosperlt) and the co-operal        ���   Ito
i Ihe good of all.   In soli ag i    i problem  we v,Hi noi  i.n,. :     ���.   ���,      , ���
all of our farmer friends   and   o ��� ���
neighbors, most of thi m   tr
us and i." ilu lr own town
our dut)  lo i .i opi rate to ��� I���' ���
movement  working to augui
effort to take the trade ol
nway from his home town.   We
enlist evi ry Influence to : ���
'l here Is a great quarel I ens
In Hns country, whb ii. if ���   ���
l." broughl  togeth r   an I in th      ttd
; they will when condition i , p��
would  work won '��� rs for l
all,    I  reti r to the banker
business men of th ��� '���:���������
press and the country p.
The movement Inaugurated by the
bankers, looking to co-opera I .-. ve
oilier Interests in Hie upbuilding ...;
Increasing of efficiency of the farm;
is Hie great movement of the day It
will noi succeed at the expense oithe
millions-uf people and par- ,-
merchants and bankers local id in tu��
towns and smaller cities. They are
vitally Interested and should become
a part and parcel of .a groat jaia;
ankei" It I movement that will Incr-mse tha pro-
ductlve ability of our farm.":" fou
cannot hope to accomplfsj this increase by in any way crtpp Ing tSat
great body of om- poopl- whe ire the
team work, co-(i.earest to, nnd thc only ones
mst bank'
ui   will
leans lhe
f  in  lb ���:
>y Is not j
nless tlio
it means I
our  best |
roused   prob-
laics in mat-1
il ami pollti-1
it   cities;  ii :
business  of
con I res;   it j
' small bus!-
3 bank
do lib'
rs and busl-
iii ii'.' What I
mosi   n ted? i
every kind iu tin
means the downl'n
ness mun and Ih
means socialism.
What are we ns
ness men. going t
does   your  home
First iif all.  It n  . .     .
operation, lirst amongst bankers and the farmers as a olass go to,  md  Ie
business  men   nnd  second    bv  all  of: bend upon lor assi.;tance arel
Ihese  and   the  farming  communities  tioii '"  "mea of extremity.  It is tiie
about us.   There   are too many bank- Problem of today, thai of feeding this.
ers and busln ius men In these towns I ;: ':' ! ��� - ls already a
who are disloyal to each oilier    a
of confidence exists,   t'ompelitioi
business rivalry have tended tc
enemies of us. rather tban frl in
co-workers, The local drygood
cannot supply the w.iinis of (he
cr's wife and family because his
Is nol line enough, hence, the)
by mail or visit lho department
Let me remind such a one th
town lhat is good enough lo IH
good enough to spend your mon
If you cannot spend your money
Vi II"
you mak'.
! blood out
to  move.
hardware mi
are just ns
| practice, am
I the lown does not
business prosper.
| lei me i
yoll arc sucking the lite
our Iowa and you oughl
'he lumberman    and Hi.-
'I'oliiinl and their families
often guilty of tho same
I  then  ihey  wonder why
improve, and their
What  Indui ��� tn nt,
for example, is there for
y goods store to curry in
slock goods line enough for the bank-
lack| rather ihan a producing one   To
an[l, cause the merchants and buslnc u men
,.,!,,,  of the towns pledge their earnest - :.r
l port.    There nre more than a *.'-
I of ihem.   They ask in return recipro-*-
Ity on th'   part of our neighbors anil
' farmi rs In order that peace, !iapp:r.e
ami   prosperity mny be the portion cf
Our fourth great aim T.iio:H be, In
order to preserve ourselves, our communities and  those about ns, to become community builders. Community
builders lo tlie extent of blotting out
the corporate limits, extending the i.v
' lluence of tbe commercial club and the
business organisations    to cover the
country surrounding,   it. has beer, ay
1 privilege the most of my life to live in
In community which to a large extent
,' has accomplished this thin.;.   We bare
found .mt by co-operation on the part
of tin   ..iin'.'i\- and thi  business men
thai tl ���   farming community about us
ers, the 1 berman's. and the bard-  was in hearty sympathy with every ef
ware merchant's family?   None w'hat- fori to meel conditions In and out of
ever.   This, being olten the ease, how j town,  and   wher    i   . 1. and
enn the banker expect the m rchant,
; whoso nolo he hoi's, lo nu el his obligations if tliere i.s taken away i'rom
I him the only moans whereby he may
I be abis to meet them liis pro::: on
��� goods sold to liis neighbors'
The whole question Is summed up In
[and stated In the following from on:
who was al one time the editor nf a
country newspaper in this Btate, when 1 tlon with all clas
what we as merchants and bankers
have dum Is being repeated throughout tl.e country. Many towns have
become awakened to thn situation;
they are inviting cooperation: tluy
are' sei king light; ihey are spending
money; they are doing everything that
is possible in their power to promote
the fe ding of friendship, and co-opera-
Is A Marked Success
A man out west, wbo married a
widow, lias Invented a device to cure
hei" of eternally praising her former
husband, Whenever she begins lo
descant on his noble qualities, this in-
Igenlous No. 2 merely says: "Poor,
dear man!    How I wish he liad not
Victoria     Market     Gardener     Grows
Onions  of  Large  Size  Without
The success whicli can be iiiinle with
dry farming in till." district is strikingly manifest in an exhibit  which was
brought into the office of the Victoria
and   Island   Development   association
and is now on view in the windows of
ihe office In the Pemberton block.
'���'.  (I.  While has    two acres  under
onions ut the corner of Bnrnstde and
iltiilieiini roads, and    hns disposed of
ibis crop to a local lirm.   lie will begin
ilo harvest it during the coining week,
'    Sown in April, lhe onions are now of
Ian average weight oi one pound and
one-half.   The   varieties   which   Mr-
White pui  iii wore   \ilsii Craig,  Willi-
tislield and Yellow Danvers.    Not uue
if water was used on the ��?;.'
from the little rain there has
since the seed was put iu, an;
run] moisture.
excellence of the product is a
d demonstration of the possiblli-
f dry farming in the    southern
of Vancouver Island,   What Mr.
has accomplished ran be done
the n
lies i
by any markel gardener or farmer in
the district.���-Exchange.
ntenarlan was being eagerly
Interviewed by reporters and was asked, among "ther things, to what he
attributed nis long life and good
health. "Wall," the old man replied
slowly. "I'm not in any position to
sny right now. You soe, I've been
bargah Ing with two or three of them
put ent medicine concerns for a,
couple ol weeks, bul 1 ain't quite decided yet." THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenav Review
Ami Comox Viiiicx a Ivocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   I ul'isbeil   at
Courteuay, 11   i
N. ���;. Booitt**, 1'iditor and Proprietor
BVile    i| "on (M.'iii per Yi. i  in Advance
Tl     '"'HAY, OCTOni .' 21, 191S
s= _
li ��� tated on tin itli<> ify "i j
the it] uty Minister ol v ri< iltttre
Unit . ess tliiui.. tm ' v two mil-
lid liars is soul i,���-. ny niiuunlly
fn . II, 'C., to I'i:'. iri icutturnl
pro ^ tlmt inn I o nnd that
sin 'c grown in tl province
V o ��� -iii to out i. is i" ijive
prei ��� ��� ce H> 11 C. product's. Ask
foi I'- cuiiiK'il and dried fruits
foi -: mce, iu prefer*,mc to Cali
fori -ii and soun there will be fi tut'
canti ��� e-s on the I -: md. (Jusl
linn. " $22,000,000 distributed in
Di C in tlie form of wages, ttut.
purchase of supplies, etc., uot once
but i very vein. We believe in
Canada, we believe in British Columbia, ami we believe iu Vancou
ver Is anl. The Comox valley
especially is a fine district in which
to live and work. J.ut ns then he
lieve iu our own, and make its productivity to increase twofold, tenfold, even a hundred lold.
 ..m..*-      ���
The sentencing of the young
man O'Briau to two month in gaol
last week is proving a very costly
one to the city, as the following
bill of costs will show:
Auto hire $4 00
Meals      2 10
Fares to Victoria  14 in
Auto to goal     3 00
Hotel bill for constable     4 00
Meals for constable     1 20
Total $28 40
And to be added to this yet is the
the pay for the magistrate, city
clerk and board of the prisoner at
the provincial goal. Anj all for
what? Made irresponsible by over
indulgence in intoxicants he walked off with a gut) and a pair of
boots, belonging to the hotel where
he got the liquor, which he declares ujioii his honour as a man,
since sobering up, Unit he hnd not
the slightest recollection of doing,
It would appear that the punishment more than fits the crime, and
il is the innocent who are paying
the piper.
The Lndysmith Chronicle snys :
"The transport yesterday morning
brought over fifteen cars loaded
with produce for Vancouver Island.
Every article could just as well
have been produced on this island
as elsewhere, and yet we are importing for consumption when we might
better be produciug and thus be
self sustaining, The papers of
Vancouver Island have been for
years trying to encourage home
production, and while a little has
been accomplished iu this way, the
producers nre far from the point
wheu thev arble to supply the local
demand, Prices foi farm produce
un all that enn be desired, and in
fact u little higher than any place
else in the pr ivince, nnd we have
land enough to un u than supply
the local wants, yet almost every
day in the week the bttrges bring
over fifteen cars of produce to supply n demand that could be met by
the home farmers uud others who
should be tilling the soil instead of
eking out a miserable existence in
othei ways. A campaign iu favor
ni home production might remedy
this condition of affairs,"
The s.uue state of affairs obtains
in this district as in the Ladysmith
district, Here we have produce
brought in by the carload and by
the boatload nnd the Expre* Co.
mill parcel post In ing in ��� .. rly ru,
much stuff us is sold by our inet-
chants, This is uot right, even
now we are paying dearly for it.
Every dollar that cuu be sciaped
together is being sent out of the
country���never to return���by those
who should produce.
Letter to The Editor
Editor Review,
Dear Sir, Will you allow ine space ill
tht.- newspaper to publish au article ileril-
ing with incorrect statements made by
Hugh Morrison last night at the meeting of tin-city council and which are
very misleading to the public. Mr.
Morrison told the city couucil lust nio,ht
that when he sold land to J. Johnston
and J. Halliday Hint ho did not sell the
road. This in not correct because r,
Morrison demanded ami received payment fur ono half of the land required
for the road. We had to accept these
terms or he would not sell the land.
The following description of boundaries
and measurements written in our agreement of purchase will prove what I say:
' 'Commencing at a post on tne most
westerly boundary of l,ot 1.7, Coinox
District, which post is eleven chains and
iiinetynine links from the northwest corner of said I.ot 121 thence at right angles
in an easterly direction u distance of
twenty chains, thence at right angles h
distance of live chains anil twelve links,
thence at right angles a distance of twenty chains aiul from thence fit right angles a distance ol live chillis ��nd twelve
links to the point of commencement and
containing ten acres more or less," less
one hull of tiie road allowance. Mr.
Drabble, the surveyor, reckoned that the
twelve links in breadth by twenty chains
in length would he approximately equal
to one half of the hind required lor llie
public road, which road runs crosswise a
distance of five chains and twelve links.
Tiie above mentioned facts can lie
proven bv the records in tlio Registry
Office, Victoria, B. C. J. Halliday and
myself purchased ten acres each, side by
side, witli descriptions and measurements alike, aril we paid Mr. Morrison
for  one   half   of   the  road allowance.
Spooiiil value in Ladies' Hand Knit
S.voiitcr Sots made to order with sweater
coat nud toque to match in Minnies of
red-, browns, greens, blues, tangoes,
white aud black
Indies, misses and   children's ull wool
swo.ilot coats, tuques  mul  aviation caps
in newest styles and popular prices
hull styles in ladies and misses cloth und
tweed coats; nlso coatings iu checks;
serges iind astraclians. A large assortment oi childrens und infants coats iu
scarlet ami navy serges, white and colored bearskin
A full r
ange of
in all the
A complete stock of Watson's Underwear
(or   misses and   children, "The   uuder-
wciii that will wear and not shrink"
Thanksgiving linen in   table cloths, serviettes,   centerpieces,   tray   cloths  and
Another shipment of Ladies Fall Milliner}' in  trimmed  ami ready lo   wear hats
in velvets and felts to arrive this week
Blankets,   eiderdown  quilts,   comforters
mul lliriinelette sheets
Special  value iu  32 inch  flannelette in
neat stripes at S yards for J>1
A complete range   of ladies,   misses and
children's felt and   velvet slippers in all
Under New Management
Comfortable Rooms
First   Class   Meals
Electric Light Toroughout
Srtictly [[Moderate   Rates
Only thc Hest Wines and Liquors Stocked
Vour Patronage is Respectfully Solicited
T. Booth, Prop.
Esquimalt  &   Nanaimo  Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay  11:35 on Monday, Wednesday andj
Friday for Victoria and  Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay al
16.10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship ticketsjon alljlines to all parls
of the world. For|particulars etc., address
L. D. CHF.TH/".'
Phi. i >i  ��� i.   ���    ���
I      I
Therefore 1 think this statement of facts
| will prove to the public that Mr. Morrison did not tell the whole truth to the
city council when he stated Hint he did
not sell any of the land required for the
road allowance.
Yours truly,
Lake Trail
P.S. With further reference to the
road or street which is opposite the objectionable part of sidewalk in dispute,
which was apparently a cunningly planned scheme between D. Kilpatrick, the
Mayor ol our city and W. Hodgson who
does not like to have any of his land
taken for road opposite his premises in
like form as myself and all the owners
of other properties fronting on the street
were recpiired to do.
W. Hodgson  is  not  entitled  to payment for tlie strip of land  required for
tlie   street   opposite   his   premises  any
more than myself, N. concenia, h. Berk-
Icy and others in  that district  because
I we all had to submit  to  the  same con-
! ditions lor the street allowance opposite
1 our premises without  any  payment for
I.'.oicover, at the meeting of the city
couucil l.-mt night I). Kilpatrick the mayor of our C'ity made a shameless exhibition ofhisuntruthfulness and dishonesty
when a show ol hands was taken on the
question to decide whether the sidewalk
be moved back to the registered line.
The amendment got two votes and the
resolution got three votes, making one
of a majority, Neverth -less, the mayor
with shameless lilull called it a tie. The
aldermen present can verily this statement I make. Surely the aldermen of
our citv council and others of our citizens w'ill exercise their self-respect for
fair and honourable proceedure hi our
city council sufficiently to overthrow
such outrageous violation oi decency or
justice. Perhaps these unfavorable experiences will convince the electors of
the necessity of being moro careful in
theii selection ol an honourable mayor
to represent us on our city council and a
body of aldermen who will not tolerate
Muffin lieu ol proper procedure.
Yours : '
Hake Trail.
Courier.  j-,|Octobe   19, 1915,
,o irosc <..*....   left  for her
I .     ...  . ������       on  Sunday's
Owner of 320 Acre Farm in one of the best wheat
raising districts in Saskatchewan wishes to move to
the Comox District
He will accept a small improved farm here in part
trade for his 320 acres,  the balance can probably
be arranged on the 1-2 crop payment plan
Full particulars from
Opening Notice!
Comox   Co - Opreative
Society Ltd.
has again opened for business in
Courtenay in the
and hopes to merit
a   Share   of   Public   Patronage
Xmas. Cards
i.��.��aiMa>*N**Ni��^,a>MM��M�� ������.��#���
Our Samples of
Xmas. and New
Year Greeting
Cards have arrived
Leave your order early
The Courtenay Review
Telephone^ Courtenay
��� A
Royal Standard
Bakes Better Bread
Win it you use   KliYAI,   STANDARD
vou get  belter  resulld- olvnjs.   In nil
there Is
c | crfect
10 belter
Hi ur uo
(lour mode
Illllllll' wllllt
vmi pay.
ROYAL STANDARD Itncniis liiguer,
whiter, I'leatii i btead oi III,I, l-OOD
'I lioiisaiuls of mothers nnd griitulmoth-
ers will leslifv to the SOl'KUlORlTY of
ROYAL STANDARD. Try a nub in
your home���now.
Standard Grain Products
Phone 33; End of Bridge; F. Movitz, Mgr.
Aid. McNeil stated that Mr,
Carroll had asked that a sidewalk
be laid to the creamery und school.
They had no way of getting i.m
now that the gravel pits had beeu
dun iu so deep.
' The clerk reported thai tliers
| was no money ill the treasury,
, The matter of draining the waiter from in front of the stores on
I'nion street was referred to i lie-
board of works.
Aid. McKenzie brought up the
matter of dividing thc city into
wards, And the mayor instructed
the clerk to divide it iuto ,; wards
of equal assessment. Two members from each ward will > ��� el< led
Dr. Millard called ill" council's
attention to the foci t'at they
could not drain into tlio river or
into any running stream, unl said
it would be necessary some day to
construct a sewer tlie whole 1, ugth
of the city along the walei front to
empty into the mouth of the river.
The second episode of the Master
Key was   pic-ened   al  the  Opera
House last night.     The next oue
, will be presented next  Wednesday
 m * *-	
Mr. T. C. Woods of the Upper
road was in town this morning with
a load of the finest cauliflowers we
have ever seen, The thanks of the
Kditor are extended to Mr. Woods
for a coupie of fine samples.
Liquor License Act.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt on the
l.ith day of December m \i implication
will be made lo H��' Hon 'I i I I.icensi
Commissioners of tin- City -���! Courtenay
for tbe renewal of tli' hotel license to
sell liquors liy retail in llle lnul known
ns the Courtenay Hotel, situated in the
City of Courtenay, in the 1 roviuci of
British Columbia.
Dated Oct. 13, 1915,
Comox, II. C
Best Meals North i
Choicest l.iipiors and I
C   A. Martin,  Prop
* rs
ollcil   Yi
Liquor L cense Act.
ir   1'.���"line'-.     I'
Given if Hi
i i.i
that on tli
NOTICK is hereby (iiven
15th day o! December  n    I
will be made t i the   Hoard
Commissioners of the City ol Courtenay
for tlie renewal of the hoti I  Ho use to
sell liquors by retail in tin hotel known
us the Riverside  Hotel, sin ited  In  the
Citv of Courtenay in   the   Province  "1
nritish Columbia,
Dated Oct. 13, 1915.
ipillicit., ii   DQ ] q ,,    -
ll lull
������  \
an.l  Buggies for
Terms cash.
Liquor License Act
NOTICi; is hereby given that on the
first day of December nexl  application'
will be "made to the Superintendent of I
Provincial Police, Victoria,  for renewal | Courtenay
of the hotel license to sell   liquors liy re-1 ^^^^^^
tail in tlie   hotel   known  as   the   Lome |
hotel situated at Comox, in the Province
of Iiritisii Columbia.
Dated Oct. 7th, 1915. -
We al.so attend to wood hauling
Phone 2*.
Corporation of the City of
The Council met on Monday
evening. All the members were
A communication was received
from Magistrate Hicks-Beach, asking that the city pay at ouce the
money due A. G, Read, garinsheed
by Mr. Simms, and for which he
had given an order for the city to
Aid. Johnston also wrote asking
hat the council did not really owe
dr, Read anything and that was
the reason the money had uot been
paid at the time. The department
had since advised the council to
pay the salary, and also to pay a
laundry bill. Since that time some
other actions had been entered iu
the county court, aud the government agent had advised the payment of all the money iuto the
county court aud let the judge apportion it.
Mr, Dundassaid this judgement
that he be allowed to move the side- was secure(* before ally otw action
walk in front of his lot back to the
Bagley & Sons $ 5 30
Electric light for city hall and
from bridg to Gomox road 15 25
C. Callin     7 50
Review   19 20
J. Haunay, auto for prisoner   4 001
J. Haunay,  meals       " 2 10
W. A. W   Hames re |
Fare to Victoria     8 501
Fare for prisoner     5 60;
Auto to goal     3 00
Hotel expenses     4 00
Meals     1 20
Stamps   10 00
Aid, Kerton reported that the
cost of a sidewalk en Lake Trail
would be about j$S2. Sidewalk and
grading on Wallace and Grabble
streets $65, and sidewalk on Isabel
aud Grable streets about $180.
Ald.    Leighton   reported    that
there was a   hole in   the   street in
1 front of Sleemau's,   aud   upon examination found the   plank rotten
I in the bridge; required new plattk-
1 iug.
Aid. Johnston said thafwhoever
[owned the flume should keep the
j bridge in repair. The mayor said
j it was up to the city.
The board of works was instruct-
fed to attend to this,
Aid. Robertson reported that the
(committee had visited the sidewalk
Ion the Lake Trail and found that a
[short cut had been made from
(Hodgson's corner to Kerton's lot
[instead of making two square cor-
jners in front of Mr. Johnston's lot,
laud thought it should be left as it
lis fur a time. He also reported
jtliat the committee had visited the
fouuean lot and found that the
Inatter was uot so serious as some
.Id, Johnston said the onl}' fault
Barrister  and  Solicitor,  Notary  Public
P. O. Box 209
Phone 24
The Voters' J,ist for the
Municipal Ejections  is uow  being prepare!.
Householders and License holders
who <ire desirous of having tlieir names
placed upon the list must make .Statutory Declaration and file the same with
the City Clerk on or before the Thirtieth day of November, A, D, 1915.
Owners of property under agreement
to purchase must make Statutory Declaration and file same with the City Clerk
oil or before the Thirtieth day of November A. D, 1915.
Agreement holders who are not on the
assessment roll   may have   their names
placed on tlie assessment roll by filing a
Statutory Declaration   witli   the assessor
on the terms of Section 250 ol tlie Muni-
was started and the  council should  c,'l)al Act aml mu>'tIlc" ,lilv(! their names
uav this first and   do qs  thev likerl   placed ��" llie Voters' Llst  b>' fili"K t,le
pa> tins nrst ana   CIO as   tliey Ukect   statutory Declaration above  referred to.
about   paying    the    balance    into      Declaration forms may   be obtained at
court.    Nothing definite was decid-  the Municipal Ofiice.
en upon. W. A. W. HAMES,
When the   plank  question came ' ^ted  at  Courtly "tit 201^7��'
up   again Aid.   Robertson   moved     October 1915,
that the citv   take up the   planks, ' _ 	
where they did not seem to be wanted, and place theni in some other
place in town where they were
van ted and would be appreciated,
in front of the English church,
This was seconded by Aid. McKenzie,
Aid. Kerton thought Aid, Johnston should be allowed to move the
planks back. Then the sidewalk
would be close to the fence, and
the squbble between Johnston and
Hodgson would be out of the council.
Aid Johnston said he had no
squabble with Mr Hodgson.
Hugh A orrison asked permission
to address the council. He said
the sidewalk and roadway was 48
feet out of its proper place. He
was was the original owner of the
land and should know.
Aid. Leighton then moved that
Mr. Johnston be given permission
to move the sidewalk and put in a
connection to the portion in front
of Mr. Hodgson's.
Hoth the amendment and the
motion received three votes each,
and the mayor declared them both
lost. The sidewalk will stay where
it is.
Aid. McKenzie wanted to know
the position of the mayor.
Aid. Johnston remarked that
th's was an outrage of justice.
The electric light bills held over
were ordered paid.
When the matter of sidewalks
came up Aid, Robertson moved
that tlie hill on Grabble street be
cut dOWil and a portion of the earth
Liquor License Act
NOTICE is herein- given that on the
first day of December uexl application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police, Victoria, for renewal of
the hotel license to sell liquors by retail
in tiie hotel known as the Elk Hotel,
situated nt Comox, ill the Province of
Britisli Columbia.
Cix'ir. Ai.iiXANnivU Martin,
Dated Oct, 7th, 1915.
Expert Watchmaker   Qualified Opticiai
Is selling Spectacles and Kye-
trlasses from $2.^0 per pair
including sight testing Bach
eve tested separately to in-stire
correct ��� ision
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
Stationery,   School Supplies,
Toilet  Articles,
Hair Brushes, bristle, whalebone, etc.
Photographic   Supplies  and
Pure Drugs
When  In  Dcubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory lir; eiience
Recommends   from   Lead        ','.
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.      ��� -  ���
of same furnished in reqrj
W. J. Gourd   will be   in tbis dtj       ��� :
August 1.    Leave orders  at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.    -   Vancouver
_______ Robertson's
First-Class Plumbing       Drug Store
Hot Water and Steamfittiug
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Advertise In The Review
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courteuay Bakery i.s available
audby reason ofquality has sc
man}* votaries. Get the A B
habit andjsatisfaction
W. Aitken    -      rop.
Oppositetiew Presbyterian Ch orcl
Pl&S that the city did uot stog when I be put on   Wallace  street,   and a
sidewalk   be laid ou a   portion   of
eqttested to.
The matter \\M laid over to talk
,he matter over with Mr. Duncan.
Aid.  McKenzie wanted to knowj
Wallace,     Grabble    aud    Isabel
streets.   The board of works to decide upon   what   they   will   have
in ,c;c-
le matter was to be left over in- i done, and   call for tenders
lefinitely or to be  settled   at next | tions bef.ore next meeting
Counter Check Books
Loose Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and  we will call with samples,  etc.
or wiiat?   The mayor said I
Tlu citv clerk was appointed ac
ir for the balance of the year.
Beach's letter **     then 1
h<   . ile in fi anl of  the bakery
01  the   Cumberland road   will
A A]
Telephone 59
rhe Mystery
of thi
By Fred M. Whin;
Ward,   Lock   &   Co.   limite
London,   Melbourne  and  Toronto
Tlio curious crowd were rorcetl back a Iniiul Hint shook slightly. Under lier
und once more Hnveuspur resumed Its  smile   wns   imollier    expression,   the
W ;
.''ii'i'i aspeel liinli nf one who hns been betrayed ami
"I ��ill Bee in Hi.' linrlnl," Ititvenspiir I Is in n position to la) her band upon
said.    "Tin. poor innn seems to have  the guilty person,
no friends.   Geoffrey, you will see lhat     "You are fortunate to have friends
.���II proper arrangements are made for with the enemy," she said. "Hul do you
the funeral?" think you were wise to show iliis'to
iiiihii'i ,  iihv.i'ii iii.i head gravely     I'me?"
"Yob, sir," li,- said,    "I will see to I    She was playing win, him as the cal
1 plays with ilu- mom p.   li was a temptation she could nm resist, feeling sure
ril \i'Ti'*,i;  XXXVI j iimi  HeiiiTrc)   would  nol   understand,
Mrs,    '/lay   Lea--s   Something Bill   be did,   li gh   he  did   nut   show
Mr,.. Ma) sin iiiiiiui'; her llowers ul    " "" '''������ ll"'1'' I England, bill she iould Imaglu
ler dinner,   sin- had dined well with I���    """   ""���'���'"  '"' Hsl<ed    Innocently. | wns
"Else I lnul unl been hero. I'm' Iwo
years we have followed up the truck
uf llu- victim, ll was nn il' we bud
reached for ono single perch in the
whole ui a iii iin lake nf water. Hul
we never tired nml never sltipt both nl
lhe sum;, time.    Tin n nl   Insi   we gol
near, and ii  camo to thc knowledge
nf Uie prey lhal we were upon him.
Thai   wns  loug  before  lho  last  cold
weather thnt  nearly Btarved ns."
Tin' innn paused i n,i shlven .1    I'h'
princess nodded with   careless   tsym
A Pathetic Romance
Belgian    Maiden    Heartbroken  When
British Lieutenant Meets
\ pathetic romance ot the wnr has
been disclosed by Hie death in a litile
village near Poperlngbe of u proity
Belgian girl  T iii years,
Some months ami a number nf Ilritish i,Mirers were billeted nl  Uu' house
| nf ihe girl's father, who is n  retired
K^sr::;.1:!:, S^r��s:=
(Continued' I eneni)   laid   tu   resi   m   ihe   village   v1''"
'You  ;ie.  I  have ulreud,- adapted   citrchyai'il that afternoon. "
Mr yon  mil   my friend?  Personally
ve  il   is ;
run keep thai    paper
��� raelf.   li hnd hei'ii n BOtirco nl sutls
faction to seo lhe body of her worst   |, leve It Is a hoax to frighten nie. | resumed      M    . tace In I urother,
niilc property.    Among   tbem was a
mil. bandBome young lieutenant, the
"���      ' '������ Hen Heer  younger sun ot n well   known peers
^ ii^iiiinu.     ii.   nn i    s i.iir to face in ] urother.
' "u ' the public Btreet, and he knew thut bis      Ilo fell III suddenly       *
ton  see,  l   have uireuii.- adapted curoiiyard tnat arternoon. '" .',; hour bad come.   A night Inter ho wns 'a w|Bi in ho allowed  n rpmuiii whoro
mysell   to  circumstances,"    sh    said      For yearn she hi Innned for the n vo   are no going lo lake any ,n Pltrta.   At tlio i e time we were In je ",.   nste^o   being sent back to
when Geoffre) had asked politely ami death of lhat man and lor years lie  nolle. e warning?   asked    Mrs ���l]is ���,,���.     ,,���,,  ������    vl,���ll;, ,/,���, ,',.','��   ZiAnuiZuJ  li   by
leellngly after the injured fool,   "The had eluded her,    ro strike blm down   -W' Merlin.    So did  wo.    Tbeu  be enmo   his host's daughter    I ivevod his
donkey antl I aro old friends and J ?sop foully had been too dangerous, l'or had      There wns n note of curiosity, sharp, buck io London again,    When ho did   dopn eratlttido io il irl    ���m',i .-ni.
���hi    nl  tin. in..       J,,  I    II   iir.,,i Iiii   unl    I, llil   ���...,.   IiiiiI    I...   hh, in iv, I I I'lii'i'l-  i.lll-lnallv    In   I I,,    imnnllmi       ,:���,.,���        i  ....,',       ,  ,      .._.,,.,     ...        I .' "<      ��� nu    in   I i.i    1,111.      .Hill    I .111
coi the ''iin for inc.   so I am all right,   be nol told ber thai be was prepnred eager curiosity, in the iiueBtlon.   Geof
H;  iin   way, whal Is ;i  I hear about for that kind of death'    Had be not fre) did nol  fall lo notice It, tbougb
jour  limling  n   body dowu    on    th    arranged ll so that n score of Bavants he shook his head carelessly,
sands?"                                                Iin Europe should leurn the truth with- "I  Rm coin;; to Ignore ll," ns one
"II   is  quite   true,"    Geoffrey  Bald I In a month of his decease?"              |b1ioii1iI all anonymous letter," he snid,
    girl ,
so wo knew Unit be hint bowed bis fare   her a souvenir in lho form of n ulii
before lhe All-seeing, nn l prayed lhal huelle ol n Brltlah officor, modelled by
Hi" i nd mlghl come speedily." himself irom a frag ni ot a Gorman
The princess followed nil ihls with | shell,
Impatlenre. Qui the mnn was speaking j    ,\ abori lime afterward lho officers
l"!'.    "-lhe  holy of  Ur.   rcbigor-     "And   kindly   ato baa removed blm  "II the writer of thai letter thinks to  afler the in ior o( his k and < Id   wero removed I'nr ���   i Una and
or me," she said ns she puffed with   rrigbten me,  n be or she is sadly  ���0| ba hurried. although   h > girl and   er intleu   had
I'chlgorsky!    Ur. Tehigorsky!    Do infinite conte    nl one ol her scented  mistaken.   I shall go on wllh my life      He would go on to Ihe ont] wllboul | been lhe greatosl  frlentlB II Is doubl
 , , '"    ' - ���  '"" nullum   n'en me greatest  frlentlB n  Ih doubl
'     really mean that?' \cgarettes.      rhcre Is nc, longer nny lis I   I lnul never received It, | ling a alngle detail ami ihr prin jmi if ...I,,- knew   lull nxlenl of her
Tin  smooth velvety voice had risen  dnnger.    Whnl   have   I   to  fear now      Airs.   Mays  lips  framed    ihe  sen-  cess was forced to listen.   Despite the  affection for him  which she was cara
to u hoarso scream.  Disappointment,! lr��m those wise mon of tbe East? No- tence,'"lhe more fool you," but she did   western   garb  mm   thn  evidences  of   ful to try to conceal
joy, relief danced across the woman's! "> nS-   They ��ill see Hint Tehigorsky nol litter ir   li (Iliad her wiih satlBfnc : western life and custom uboiu her. she '    \\,
gloaming eves    for the moment  she   baa died n natural death antl will ,!,������ Hon in llnd thai Hm warning had been   wai; no longer Mrs. Mm. bul I'rlnci
seemed to forget thai she bad u com . stroy 'hose packets    l enn art freely Ignored, as ii lnul oiled hi .��� with anger  Znrn.
uanlou, | now."     , in know thai n warning had been re
' What a dreadful thing!" sbe sai 1
"i'low did it "happen''""               '  ''   ���! body,    Then   ihe   whole " expression I    "' don't think thai  I should ignore I Lassa again.   Am i day was near. ���,.���,,��� ,:���,     ;������,,��� ,.,, ���-,,.,,,. ,,,.,.,��� (il,.
Geoffre-   gave iter the details with-  changed ns Geoffrey entered,   sin- had' u.   she said.      I may be a cruel piece  ah! the day was near, when the goal Law ber grow paler and thinner. Kin-
seen Ium Unit afternoon; she had ask-  ol mischief; nml. mi the olher hand, il . would he reached. ally she Vool-  to hor bed and died -t
ea him lo come and lie hmi hall' prom- i may ho dictated hy a generous desire '
d been gone onl) a week when
hn heard through ono or his brother
,  ili'iei'is  thai   he  hnd   heni   killed, and
Sim hnd only io close her eyos and   the   girl    was no longer aide In keep
A slrange look came over  he lovely   celvetl.   Ami Mrs. May know lull well   the droning Intonation and passlonleSB j her secrel     She    confessed    in    her
tace, n  look that  boded  111 l'or some- ' who was the author ol that letter. voice of lho speaker look In r back to ' father lhal she hnd tried to forget, but
I     .. 1 .. ���I*i..���       it. .       ...I.i .. . I...      I 'I     ...til      I 111 11 I,'      I ho I      I     e   iiim   i        loiiiii'ii   i   i     ���  _ .   .     ���     . . i * *
om flinching.
"It   wns  a  bit
rought in Hint
      , ,,   , "Once we hud hlni and once he es-  few weeks later, death being due. ac-
si.iii, "hut we are accustomed io them. ! ^.}��J�� ���;��� ^?t���?,*1'1s*,.Ma.L1,.ft.t.?L1 ! i��nt\lon JZ- m   ',',' ''.�����' .I, 'i""  ':l!'!.":" "<'...*":'"'' .V'"! ..""*.. ,"He.,.Tas ! wrdlng lo ihe doctor, to grief actina
ui course P  will li
tin  pour fellow im t ���.'.itli ai
but   Ihere   is   nol   l!m  sltgll
innt llu  poor fellow was murdered."
"Murdered!     Why  should  you  sa;
l:, at'."
'I don'l know, or course I hale ni
evidence, But Tehigorsky chose 'a
interest himself i i our affairs, nml hi
lull'  imiil Hie penally. Thai  was eXBCt
ir young man ami nil his race with I"'�� ,;o K|,'T' dear of Hie cliffs nml the  a brave man was Voskl, and nothing on a  i.. ��� i ally  fragile constitution.
, I    a fanatical haired vas no reason why,  sea' could break down those nerves of iron, j _'	
,*'=b*;   for ihe present, she sho ill not enjoy     Geoffrey (licked the ash off liis cig-   m0 knew thai  the end  was near    II I still  FnvorE Ro��� Rif,eE
'-society. arette and laughed.    He poured him-  was   In a-big house���a house near to Still Favors Ross Rifles
he   was  .   strange   woman,  'this  self out n second glass of the amazing  London���thai  we found him Major-General Sir Bam Hughes has
terner,  wiih  r  lull  knowledge of  claret. "There  were  servants,    and    they   ''''I111'"''1! t'l'oni  Bngland as strong as
sum   ways  uiul civilization.    Sim;    "11  Is an  unusual  thing for me to   were glad to have their fortunes told.
hi  he  two  distinct  beings  in  r.s  do," he said, "bul your clarel Is won-! u was their evening meal on the table
minutes. | derftll.    Vou  speak of tbe    moral,  11 when we got there, and the man Voskl
ever in lhe faith of lhe Ross ride.
During his visit to lhe olher side tlle
minister of militia devoted  consider-
go she was a prlestesa   speak of lhe things as ihey are going  Sahib  was mil.    Then   behold   after I able time l" stirring  up things cou-
for tin. tilood of those who I "' he-   Tomorrow 1 shall go out fish-  that evening meal the servants slept   necte'' 'viUl "'c Canadian (���un-
���'nK alone as if nothing had happened."   till Ihc dawn, and at midnight the mas-      sir K,u" Hughes snys that the rifle
,,     ,i,.,,    \i, ,,.;,,��� ^.i,| ,i-l,..,,  sin.  ��� -i !!���   I hi.     i.ii'.-iinH    I"'    l"'-    ii'iini    in   iini.il-    mil                                     -	
i\   ,\ i .ii .i ,ii ion s.iin \\ ii. ii sue . .i\\  tne , ,     ,    ,   ,.,   ,, ,                .    ,       .,      , ,     , ,,,,, .,1,,,.^ .,^   ,��� n,-,, ni,,
.,,,'.                                                        j had  ililili'd  I.er creed,  ior  the  blood "ig .none ns n notniu
ljU,1>' .,                         ,     ol those in the third or four genera- "An, hul  you hav.
not spoken of  ter returned.   He came in to Mb study  equipment of the entire second divi-
lliat poor chid actually saw luei t)ol)| [ll|d .llmo,it insLetuLly she was the Itllis? and Ibe brighl  flash of the lightning  slon llils been changed hack, and ihu
:"' ���'���' j charming bostes-s she would have been |    Mrs. ^a.y int,ic.n:til1 lh,e ]?}},r ,ly,lns [eame al the touch of his Milkers."
"Electric  light,"  Hie  princess
impatiently,   "ilo on."
altered Hoss rifle i.i again in use. The
process of alteration in going ahead ar
the rut.'' of several thousand a. day.
nnd Hie Ross ride will again be turn-
Mrs. May nodded. Sho had received I" "'"""nardly dared hope you would I enough in our house wlthoul making | hadiVo'weapon. The doorTa's ban'etf. I lslle*l to llle flrst division. The change
Information that was a long way from I come," she said.    "Bul   low you nre | more'.'" he nsked. "Sow. I put ii lo you   yilQn yoskl   lie ��ii down -md li"lit a ' consists in enlarging Hie chamber, lu
"Marlon did noi s"em In mind. She I fn"a country liiansron ova West End I on lhe table.    Geoffrey looked at her
is small and slender, but has courage  drawing room,   she wuved Geoffrey to  reproachfully,
and resolution.' I a seat. "Have  we  nol   I rouble and  misery      "Then he saw us.   \Va knew that hi
I ring   distasteful   ii
<"'.'lnvi   with   iiimslii
sr.   She
:'re. make voursell at hoin.'
I'here I as a lady of bruins antl courage, if you   Cigar   smiling,  smiling nil  the  time.! n   WUM|   m,|-'ordin{;  lo   Major General
at him'we see thai he  Hughes Ibe Canadian arm is  by no
moves not so much as a littlo finger,   means out of commission,
     I never touch      ueourey my nacit in ms cnair wun   There was no sign of fear, except that
had -ai. noi nn-,; he had hinted vague-. (v)De ,,,���,.,;.!,-. \ ul | |tnow you : en ap-1 the air of u mnn who has pul a poser, i ,u, ](10k al ��� liulu h;)X on lhl, tuble now
i> ai whal In- wa.-. going lo do. predate ii alter dinner." Al Hie sunm lime be Iind ingeniously !,ll|(| n,,,,,-
l    ���, in years ago,' said  Mrs.,    0eoff|.ev too|( ��� cigarelte und pour-  parried .Mrs. May's question
, ure some of ,,.e eigareltfi ynu liked   bad  been  in my position, would you | when wo look ul him v<
i i-.'ngin "i;y   nnd   suid   and   done,   but  So  wc|] uml  |i,,, ,.|nret purchased for   bim   shown Hint  In your family?"
Geoffrey evaded them all.   Tchlgorskj | ,.,��� ,1V ,, ,.,m,i���iss..in-     i nn->r immh      Geoffrey Ini  back in liis chair witli
��� d himself mil a glass "f Ihe superb
wine. The*bouquet of it seemed tt
mingle   with   the   flowers   and   soon'
As  u   matter   of  fuel,   nobody   hut
Ralph  and  Tehigorsky  had seen  tbe
".Mi'," ihe princess cried,
ii, eh'.'"
Men Heer made no direi
Vou gol
reply.   He
ull the trouble. Really,
inslderate of Tehigorsky.
"Vnu migbl come in Hie Inquest anrt I that"
i.y  be   was  a   friend   of  yours,"  snid |     Voverthele
paper.   And the hitler point blank re-1 was m���  t0 [,, |1Urried.    He meant Ij   shells, uniforms nm] many other im
ihe room.    Geoffrey mentally likened ' fused lo give Ins reasons why Hie lei-  describe a sordid murder in. his own [ pedients of active service, and thereby
Oh, indeed,'' Geoffrey replied. ''He
never mentioned that."
Mrs. May drew a long b enih. Evidently she hud nothing to fear.    Her   bimsclfio  an ' ita'llan'galTaut" upon   ter was to be disclosed to Mrs. May.      cold blooded way.   Probably he dii not
i.i. u enemy had gone to   ns account,   whom mcretln  Borgia s.niled before'    She looked in Oeoffrey with real ad-  regard ,h(, Mlin��� ���3 ��� crJme at all' he
caving^no mischief behind. Sooner or  do|ng blm to death miration.  bad been acting under the blessing of
Inter the man would have had lo be      Not  tna,   ha  , .,,,  ,llly  ,-,.,,, ���,��� thf,      "| shouldn't," she said.   "01 course,  the pl,iestg
removed; now be had gone awuy. sai'- j u.ilH,    Mr8_ MiiV ,VIIK ��� criminal, hut I you are right and I am wrong. And I ;    .. .ym| nave ,,,,������, ,������,. it ��������� ,,,, asked.
she was not, a clumsy oi.v, Sho would  anre say you will be able to take care      "We_bowed low with respect, saying
never permit herself to lake risks like  of yourself.' tnat w(, ha(1 come to:, it He |ay |')a(.i(
I    Ilo was going to disregard the warn-; in ]lis cXmU% making a sign for me io
il  was very pleasant     'ig; lie was going out alone; and np-  approach. Previously we had lold him
The War and Employment
In some measure the war has solved
the labor problem whieh it created-   It
bus led lo exceptional activity in many
trades; the Armies require guns, rifles,
in offrey.
,,       for when Mrs   Ma) chose io exercise ; body knew whnl wns banging over Ills |,,,.,, u wa3 ,,seless for him to cal! out
Mis. .May looked i l him sharply. Had i |l(,,. fascinations there was no more de-' '"'ad!   Here wns a tool ol fools, a prct-. to ,|1(, servarita "
nA '.l.l??.,?".!"1'.?.!.,.   e���,s."!pecl'   light ful  woman.    And  there  was al- ty fellow to assist.    Much good that     "You did not tell those servants their
11   ways the chance of picking up useful ; warning had done. , fortunes In vour present garb'.'"
Information;. :    Geoffrey rose to his feet. I    ..No no, niy. mistress.   We no such
Mrs. May touched lightly on Tchlg-       And now I must go,   be suid.   sn!!. I   ,      as   that    "   '���-    "    Sahib   Voskl
llul Geoffreys eyi
innocenl of nieanln
uered. These kind
he- 111, she said.
v ere
Mrs.  May Blind-
if horrors made
"Prav do not meulion t ha' fact," slu
u'sky,  io  which  ll
Trey    responded
with  proper gravity.    Had  Mrs.  May
implored.    "II can do no good and it Unowlj    lhat Tehigorsky himself wns
" '    inus3 '!  Av"' ��   hiUin.      I no( more than a mile away Bhe would
Geoffrey disclaimed every inienlion
i : making mlscl.Ief.
Hay pointed out, ther
Ralph.   Geoffrey shin
I hi
.Mrs. ;
lave been less easy In her mind.
"No more visions lately?" she ask-
1 lioiie lo eome again."
Tlie door closed, and slip was alone
I     JJlf-,^ tl .Tl llllll ''llllll* i    I'illi
I bid me approach.   My friend liad Hie
pi'    ready  on  the
work lias been furnished Which has absorbed a great*deal of displaced labor.
The country has consequently on its
hands no great masses of men and
women . without means of earning n
livelihood, as it was feared would bu
the case. There is, in fact, loss unemployment throughout Ibo country than
lias boon experienced for many years,
and so long as the conl est lasls and the
various demands of our fighting forces
in d those of our allies have In be met
wo have no reason fo fear an acute
development of (bis particular embarrassment.���London Daily Telegraph.
gloom  of the  garden   inlo  the  room, j     .... ���ou
Mrs. Mny looked al Ibe ragged looking j proofs'"
stranger fixedly. Ben Heer slowly withdrew a white '
"Who are you. and  whence do you'
t      Flight-Gallant Parson
Hardly bud be departed before a dark j ^,'as hVlTto the h'e"ad of the olher. Ami j    Particulars    have   now arrived re-
i,:'-';lv l;'  I"- ro. i  .:  m nm m 'he | So Ue (lfetl peacefully in his chair."      gardlng   the    exploit    whieb    gained
Vlmre nre your |Lieutenant .1. 0,  Naismith  honorable
mention      in      General      Sir    .loan
French's despatches, as well as a com-
> more," Geoffrey replied     "Hut t    "Wjo arc you. antl whence do yon | p;l(.k0t I'rsni Hie folds of liis dress. pllment from "Eye-Witness-"
they will come again.    We are hope-  come,    .-lie  asked    in    her    native     -what better proof could the slave
I li-ssly  and   utterly  doomed;     nothing   tongue. , ,      , ,,    'of mv  illustrious  mistress havi!?" lie
in  save us.    it  is  to  be    my turn      lhe man salaamed    alniosi  to lhe  nsite(li   "it is here���the precious stone
 ..next." I ground. with the secrets of the gods written on
' '   ���' ���'     'lfc0.    Mrs. May started.   There was an ex-       I  nm  Ben  Heer,  your slave,    he   [t    |i(,hoU1."
ion on l er laee Hint was not , 11  said, "and I bring you great news.'; wuh   ,( ;.,i;,,in,. j,,,,,,.,,;,. gesture a
ipatby. <'".,   -��rs. Ma)  saitl Biouiy,    nn"  glittering fragment of something that  guns and a few snipers he concealed
What do ; ui in..ui hy thai'.'" she  so you na\c comeaiiast. [looked like green jade  wus held on   his force in a  wood.    The Germans
mantled. "    ..  high.   The princess grasped il eagerly   wore allowed to pans und at a given
nnd devoured it with her eyes.   Words I moment u devastating lire wus poured
wero pouring In a Imuid Btream from j into them. As Ihey retreated towards
.     II. I.-      ^1 .-    , I ,    '.I.      I ,..!,���..     the,     ,..���,. .     r.1^.1,-,.1
lie mar's   testl-
"II  is n hard Ihing lo sny
mured,   "bul   mj   poor  um
iiiony would not carry  mil
'I" ml accident he
injured  liis  brain     But  lie  is  harm
��� ''���-���"
Mrs. Mny pxehanget' .-. few more oi
ii ������ banal remarks with her compan
Ion and drove on. She bad gol nothing'    ,���   ,        , ...      , .,;������ . ,���  :h ,:    ,
��� in nl Gi offrey, hm be had hauled her
In the course of his duties as an
officer in tbo artillery he saw a company of Germans advancing stealthily
with the object of making a surprise
attack on the British lines. Hastily
telegraphing for one or two machine
'   '"'   """''���'. '"'i ue nan in.iiii'.i ner k ,   ,,  ,,������..   ���t .,   K,r, He ll|ld dlfl. Diplomacy
; nd  , imi was more, had succeeded  n , ;,m,.,,., ���  ,��� hls    ,,������ ,h.tt molllinf, J '
Itillia-iK a  set  ol  lively suspicions to at brell,(faat time.  Long nnd earnestly  leBBiyirtho door and cIoh
'"���'' "" Innu.   I turn, i out as he had an- \\\ ���*?���? ^iVm",'-''!' amniTafheen   U,Bf'MlC^ ?f, Hn*V ,ne,!5l fui' ''""V"
,   ,, ,     .    , , ipaiiHp.i ,,, ,hn  Halph and i' liigi..!n.>, and n had h.en , s,.;. n,,      ,a   the primitive housaho
1 ���   ���   ���'    ''���      \     ai .' on   |i si iiieii   in   [ ne     , ,        .. ..    .        ,    . .,    . i . i
1 ni  thnl  in., ii  i o'ispI  mel  his death    '     suggestion ol tlu   lasl miiiuil tbat   had In en abed long ago.    llul  preen
'"",' ""' "'     "   ' ',**'*, '",     ,", Geoffrey Biotid   im   some pretext for   ii������ is never wasted
,)   drown lis. ami    ha   iho injury  to ,,-  'i,,,, ,, ,,, \,,a   \i.,v 1, '���     ���
v.,, I, ll'l     il        UL    11    10   A   1 S.    Iliay. n I-;.    wt,a   infliin      ll    lim   "i"itii    l.-.i
i      fnce  ''.as doubtless caused  by a      ,,,.,,,.  ���:���.. ,,���  ,,��� ���,���,; ���,,. ������,.���.,     'l.' A"[>: '"". '   '". '.'". *''"'   ,.}
..   . ....sod It.   \oi , beyond recognition.
it had been discussed by lilnisolf and | n,.,, t|lcre (vaa Hny need for caution,      "Al  lasl," she murmured, "al  last!
eld   lim the other ono   your   cnmpnniou,
llll-   How dill be die?    Vmi suy lie is dead.
i How?"
:   i  kept ;    Ben Heer shook his head sadly.
the  locks     Beyond  thnl   tho  ,    V,    K''A   ' AA '���',     ���    "s,     ,,n'  ho1 ''v  "ls of n s"iril la:"i''   Mrs-1    "' <���ll","���,, say." he replied. "II mlghl
,, ��� rl(i,,., 0f tiie  bi dy was normal     ' '"':'      ' :il" """    showing ^ j]ay poured onl a cup und handed it , have boon some scheme on Ihe purl of
Geoffrey's evidence was main and'' i   "  ���">""' .because you  are    n  good   ,��� |ier guest. Sahib Voskl   When we got back to our
.  ,""l'."> ��� '/"' "     '..is pi.-in .um   i  frendofmno    ll   s a warning."
the point,   lie repudiated Ibe BUgges-]
Iii n that  the  family e
Ti-higorskJ��wiis inerelj-'n passing \ is-' m  ;" m;,"y s"*ela  ,��r, a ?e"ny' Th(*! superiority" of"-'the "greal     .������.-��� r   im   ,i -m and burled.
|(0 . |]e h-() Me| njli| ;U1 ,,;.,,,,,,���;   |imi I envelope  was  to match.    .Tus   a few ; ,,���.,���. ,,Then , understood why Voskl Sah-
,,,,,-,, ���-na nn  end  of the matter.  H '  , "���''' had been laboilousl) printed on |    TlK, man ilaoii Mb i1iu���is i���(��� the | Ib smile and smile in that strange way.
was Impossible to s.-.y mors than that. | ! 1:.'.|-'.>,;j,p���c'"
Then,  to   Ihe   tnanlfesl   dlsuppoint-
ber lips;  she was iT.'insi'onneil almost   their own tl'enohes limy wore pieko!
She lay hack in her chair watching ' room in London we wore both dread-
ted  In' siu-'es- ,   . ,.   , . au- i.i..   un'I.  ui  in i   i nan   " a u inns , ii'iiui   in  i.iiinnni   ne  iiin' uuin  niiim
���nemv had had      u  wa? *'  '  ""  hall-Blieet ol  note-  i,Im with u keen glance and the easy  fully ill.   For days I lie, and when I get
,lu. fhlng,    in-.' i'"!"'1'. ""' son Bold in general shops  natural Insolence,   the   cruel tutting  better they toll me my poor friend is
it is ii. "Vnu are mark-
folds of his  loose sleeves, u  picture , li was  witchcraft,  perhaps, or some
"'<* (,;"'       '  ,:        ' '���'' "  r,c* I of patient resignation. I devil we do nol know in tlie oast���bul
menl of lliose wan had come prepared i '"' n""" '.'"'";  ";���������,��� "A'"" "'"'A'\\ i    "How did you gel here?" tlie prin-   there is the stone."
... ;,' thrilled with sensational rtetnUa. | ^J.'.0*,!!.-*-!:'/-^.if^L,-^"-11���^1^? Ica?�� aslF1311- l'r�� '"��� Continued!
ibe inquest was over almost before ii
had begun.    Directed by the coroner,
Uu      jury   brought   In   ;.   verdict  o'
"round drowned, but bow the de*ceas-
At   the  great  house  in   London   1
once more, '.on are not to    venture  asked, O mistress," Ben Heer replied       African villages are kept so clean
along the cliffs.   If you show this to  ��j came 0ver, ns thou knowest, to do  that American explorers on their re-
anybody I shall not be able to warn certain work.   There was yet another turn   were  shocked    ut  Philadelphia
me by his death there was no evl-  you again, nnd your doom will be seal-  one witb nle,   And when my work was  and New York.    In Africa the chief
- to show."     Rupert  Ravenspur  pd.���One Wbo I.ovc. lou. idone i cainc on to tell whal thy slave lis  lhe bead  sweeper, and    If evpry-
Tlial was all ihere was; nothing ai   had accomplished." Ihing is not as neat as a pin lie is
the top or the bottom.   Mrs. May turn-      "Vou hnve the proofs of whal  you  deposed and sometimes literally loses
ed tbls over with a puzzled face and  say?" (liis head,
rose from his seal  and ordered tlio
servants to clear thc ho", \
"See lhal they are all oul nl onee."
ho said. "Half an hour ngo i found
two women -ladies, I suppose they
��� 11 themselves- in the picture gallery wtlh guide books in Iheir bands
Really, there is no s'uise of decency
W. N.  U. 1073
Off one  by one  by  the snipers, Iheir
losses  numbering  ninety-live   killed
nud forty wounded.
Lieutenant Naismith wns for some
time assistant in Chalmers U. P.
church. Bridge of Allan, Scotland, ami
was appointed minister of St. Boswalls
U.p, church shortly before the outbreak of war.
As thoy sat. on the shore watching
a sailboat out on the lake, said he:
"Can you tie n true lover's knot,
Miss Willing?'
Said she: "No, but I can give yot
tlie address cf a clergyman who would
be only too glad to oblige you, I'm
Belle���11 looks like hue at first
sight with bim.
Deiilah- Oh, he loved ber before he
saw her.
Beulah���No, it's not. He liad read
about her.
Belle���Where, for goodness' sake.
Beulah���In Hradstrool's.
EDfiOSETEAisg����<Hea Al
I'nisl Kitchener
When troubled with fall
rashes, eczema, or any skin
disease apply Zam-Buk!
Surprising how quickly it enics
Iiin imnrting mul ��� tinging! Also
cure, cuts, burn,, sor.-a mid piles.
2am- fink ij madefrom ptirclicr-
bal essences. No animal fats    no
mineral poisons,    ('inert lleAler I
ilroyt till anil Storei ttttiyithirt.
In the Milk Room
Valuable Advice Tor the Handling of
Milk in .1 '"unitary Manner
Milk um'.lii in bo handled bo thai
Bono ol ii is ; pilled iiiiiuii ihe pre
mise.s. ii is dlfflciill in remove from
wooden articles, even when freshly
tallied.' Wooden buokotB arc iihdoslr-
able, ratpilrlng more labor to Iteop
clean Ihan I in ones. (Inlvnniz.il iron,
oopper uml nine for table tons ami ti
ooncreto lloor In tlto milk room ure
uomblnatlons thnl unl in uml slni'-
plil'y Hm wink of sutiltalloii. After
wimhing wllh hoi waler lhe huso may
bu turned on tbo inside of tbe room,
thus cooling It nml washing nwny
dust iimi foreign material slmulian-
Sunlight is n destroyer nl disease
germs, hul ll la Impracticable to have
it where milk, cream and butter aro
kepi in summer. The buckets, separator pails and inns should be sel
where the sua will reach them during
tlie greater pari of tlie day, preferably under a enver of wire screen lo
exclude Hies from them. The milk
room can be kept cooler If vines trail
over it, und if the Interior is darkened. A ggod plan is In hang sonm
coarse stuff like gunny sack material
over the windows and keep ii wet;
the evaporating water absorbs a great
deal of hem and aids materially in
reducing tbe temperature inside,
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
j hs  Decda for the  Empire   Have  Won
| For Him the Confidence of
In   lim   dual   analysis   the mnn in
I whom  our soldiers   pui   iheir  irusl   is |
I Lord  Kitchener    His deeds for   the i
i empire,   extending mer decades, have !
won  for blm the confidence of lirii
��� islu-rs everywhere throughoul the wide
world.    Kitchener's orders    nre    the
final word,   lie is a real warrior, nnd
j in days    gone by    hus delivered "the j
I gnnd.s." Lord Rosebery, u formor Bril
ish premii r. 111*01 "s convincingly when
ihe siiis thut we should have cont'd-
fence In tlm British government, which
[alone haa the necessary information
' us iii the dull of lliiiish subjects.   "It
I wo do nol pul our trusl iu the ll: Itlsb
governmeni  nud  Lord  Kitchener,  wo
are     representing,    Indeed,    a    losl
cause."   Lord Itosebnry's remarks hud
i si iul refi rene.' to conscription, but.
i in nil war matters, his commenl is up
plieniiie.   We -end our BooB lo Britain
because we have faith iu Tie British
governmeni and Britain's wnr mini:;
ter,    Is Hint nm  so'.'    We    bear too
much    aboul  the Incidentals uml the
lesser personages in Iliis nwful slrug
gle.   The greal minds ,,i' tho Kitchen
er type nre i oi thinking of honors or)
prominence, bul Wnr and Duty,   Cun i
! mln   has  unbounded    and   unshaken I
confidence hi the British governmeni
nnd the rival warriors, under whom
we mny pltico our sons, conlldenl thai
everything thai  is in nly possible
will ba dune lo win Iho day wltb Nm
lensl possible siicrlflco of life VVInnl
peg Tribune,
m   i..,,.,. .���,���,���,
blood      gel-
1,11   llllll,     lhe     III ���;���..,
Ifl   PVllllllKtOd II 11 d
Vitality   runs  low,
By building uj
tlie nerve tone of
body nml mind
Ir, ( Ini... ���: Xcifvo
Food u nu unbounded blessing
to people of :ul-
vnneed years,
A Can; d iin's \\ i-i
i. ii a.
S.nv His Friends Crucified nnd Wa  '     I   ���'IVi'S _
v \n kin      \.,   i.'iin-i, im i'i:
to Have Veoijc.inte ,,,
Ai   llie   city   Ti mi'  ',   I on   I)      .' ivi) Hie       .!���      p put
1'  .i  Campbell spol     .      i UVl nam's    Extractor
pr ni situation In France i I ..    .in- , , .,
"f n vlsll to hi" Brttls i ���/ .     fttki     lie stin ���
".i' ml) Impressi .1.'  h    aid. "witli the 11   '      enve i iio i   	
undaunted Bpll'll  end dellghl of  Putnam's  Corn   Extractor   ,
fulness  1 optimism  i ml  prcval
I among    the    Engll li    un    I  . 	
I troops.   I foutid ii,. i "��� Kimis i til I ,
returned to England.
"I   un i    m ���  grim   youiiH  i mad in
who a Islied to r turn    to   the from '
b 'cntu e lie had a debl  to pa).    Thl i
Canadlun had   ecu ��Ith bis e,\   ��� two
Canadian  Bergeants crucllled,    I said
ie hlni, 'Perhaps thej  ivere nulh d up
after they were dead?'   'i'i ��� l 'ui idlun
replied,   'Sir,   you     would   nol   hava
thought    sn    IC   yuu ha j      ui Ihelr
"Our soldiers an more bltti r
agalnsl the G irmans Ihan thej ��� .
' it lirsl nu me.uml id tbe al r icltles
uiii sied in. sometimes b) n number
of men tog tin r. und B'blch ivi re too !
I HeNtWPACNOHRIM'iUV, i-.|i,.;,Y,i
t     -���*      '������    ���   y ��.- FUt-U
.-.-*���.   i;W*
I bell
rep '
ad l   i Mi   Camp
Licensed and Bonded Dealers'
Happiest Man is Honest
Wo have noticed the happlesl man
many a lime Ile works for his living
and he gets' a good one. One thing we
notice is ho is u man of line habits;
doesn't squander a cent on liquor, tobacco or betting. lie .saves his money
aud i.s getting ready to buy some prop-
erty. tip loves Ills home, plays with
the children, reads good books and
keeps company witli bis wife. He-
cause of Ills good habits he saves a
little whieh will givp him u chance to
make an investment,
And then lliere is another thing���-ho
is a reliable man. He does good work.
He will not. smooth over hud work.
Every dollar bo gels represents just
that much of honest labor. It is this,
largely, thai makes him prosperous
and happy. Water keeps Its own
level, ami so does conduct and character and prosperity, If a man Is mean
and low, so will lhe consequences be.
He cannot he one thing and his experience another, A low lived man may
grow rich und happy, but il will not be
for long. Anybody ean lell what's tli a
matter with a man if lie is witli him
a day. he will soon see il' the other
is a spleen, a stomach, an uplift or a
hope.   Ohio State Journal.
Simple and Sure-���Dr. Thomas' Ec-
lectrlc Oil is so simple In application
that a child can understand llie instructions. I'sed as a liniment, the
only direction is to rub, and when used
as a dressing to apply. Tlm directions
are so plain and unmistakable Hint
thpy arc readily understood in young
or old.
The following Interesting notice appeared in the columns of un enterprising   Minnesota   newspaper:
"I hnve been instructed hv the Vil
luge Couucil lo enforce llie Ordinance
against chickens running al large and
riding bicycles mi the sidewalk.- -Harry Shells, Milage Marshal.
The Ceres, biilll in IM I, is said to
be the oldest Ilritish steamer, !-'lm is
still���unless a Oerman submarine Ims
got her -Hulling ia and aboul llie llils-
iol Channel,
Eugene Clougb or Ellsworth Fulls
has a call', horn Tuesday, Which hns
thrp.i perfectly formed hind legs. One
nf the hind legs is In-own where u
foreleg should be.���Rockland (Maine)
Moving the Wheat
Transportation    Charges    on    Grain
Shipments of Interest to the
Available information seems in indicate  Hmi  ihe railways  have made
adequate  provision   for    moving  tlie
wheal crop lo tide water.    When lho
western   far r  is   relieved  of  the
anxieties connected with harvesting
and threshing his crop liis next anxiety is the uncertainty wliieh stir
rounds the rate wliieh he will have to
pay for transportation. West of lhe
head of ihe lakes tne maximum rale
is li.xed by the Dominion Railway
Commission; east of lhe head nl' tlm
lakes the rate is affected liy lhe
amount of tonnage. This yenr the war
Battle Changed fnloMurder
  | Cinematograph Record to be Used For
Archdeacon  of  London  Tell-.-,  of  Bnhy , Historical Instruction
Victims   of  an   Imperial I    The wur office  has  made arrange
Murderer ! mollis for Inking cinematograph  rec-
The Arcbdeac f Loudon   preach-  ?rd ?f T",'" "'' ,tlie,.war' '""' al "'. | .
ing in Si. Paul s cathedral, referred   o ! "'',"���" :"."' ;'.""*- ""' ,'""'s "' commun -   .V
Hie  recent   Zeppelin   mid  on   Hondo    I''".""" lll,1','aucf    A  ���""","'" '" :
Our .'0,00(1 l'.,������..| Sh��l.liold��rs in b.hlol
)i.il ...In-il you con.icn youi (nil, MillionUukl*
100 MeOormol St., Winripig, oi IDJ DouiUi
"I  need  md   go farther back  ihan
ed  operators  alread)   in
Hm from in consull w
gone in
Tha car Ilia! Speaks lor Use!!"
lasl Wednesday," said the archdeacon ln    *      '       consult  nun the general       cadillac motor sales co . lto.
"io lell von How i...ni    i,   ' stall  as  in ill"  subjects oi  tbe  pic- Winnipeg
toitei   you thai  battle   has changed ,m,efl Dl.lributonlor Manitoba ind SMk.tch.wui. S
Into murder.   Speaking   ivllh all tho     ->,,"   ,     ������.     ,   .;,..,       ,.   ,, lord��,crlpilv��literature. Som.terrliorj-iua��
restrain!  thai    is   due    from    everv      'be Mar office desires to retain the |0rlocalngeney.
Protecting Wild Game
preacher, as  well as irom  he  press Icomplete sel ol plctii**es lor hlstorlca
and will, the knowledge nnd consent \vecor  ,!""!    "IS'1"-<"'II""!'    * :*'.','  w"
of the censor.   I tell you thai  ue ��yentua11'  be   I'1'"'''1    "  British
hospital alone were   the dead bodies   "r"soum'
of little children,   fifteen, ten, seven ,, .
and  live years, of one little baby, so Women Aviators j Manitoba    Authorities Taking  Active
the   nursery     became     a     slaughter I     Women  aviators  in   France ure  de- I      Measures to See That Laws Are
house. Of the imperial murder, who sirous of going on active service,
allowed ii, If ho did mil order ii, all .Mme. Martha Richer, secretar) or ihe
we ean sny is in Hie words of the I Patriotic Union oi Frenchwomen Av-
Psalmist, lhe most awful punishment liators, writes in tlie newspapers ask-
given io u man���"I will sei before Ing thnt woman aviators should be em-
thee the tilings lhai thou hast done."  ployed.  "We are ablo,"    Bhe  writes,
H is i". idem from tin  actlvlt)
is noticeable in Chi ���< Garni   Guard u
Harbor's departm ml Him   -|, i i tl   ef-
j I'm is nre going in Ue made I    ��� -. ��� m
,.,,., , |'"  prevenl   Infractions  ot  the  game
,,...,���   "        ,, I  io accomplish all the loslts entrusted haws and lo prevent the further e:
one dosa of Millers Worm Powders  to us.   Wo offer our sen* ces grata      n',,,,  of  ihe   vnnlshln m
will clear Hie stomach und bowels of ously to France nr lo nny of ihe allied ! Manitoba.   The ?epolt' I o     -'
nations who employ us. win-n ��e flew   imriier mid round blm very bus    u
lor spoi'l we riskeil our lives, nnd lhe ] tending to the numerous dutii i
worms, so that Hie child will no more
bo troubled hy their ravages. The pon
ies created a corlain degVeo of scare- ^f,^, ^ft?, SS;'^,^- .*" s.11!^ tns,ts an-3., "��  nacrlflce which  we nre   offering    to  department, but was able to
��� io     r\ r    *...,.... *r..     ...,,i     H#.rtHi.h..Mhii..     ai...      \. TIII1J    Vi 11 ��� i , i ��� i -1     IM   t'll.'iii'i    i Ii i.i 111       I   ii/ii.      I.... I    . i....  .   ....i    ,1 ,r...i     :..     I        .��� . _ .   .
ny ot  tonnage and consequently the
rule  for shipping wheal  easi  of ihe
head of the lakes mav be slightly an" w'"'1' ln son,e cases limy may
higher, although we'hope thai this cause vomiting, that must not be taken
will nol he the ease. Tliere is danger U:l a sl��n that they ure nauseating, bul
of cargoes being tnken away I'roin jas ���'"' Indication of their effectivi
Canadian shippers and sent via lhe wor"
Buffalo   route,   whieh     would     be   or
course an injury io Canadian shippln_
Interests. The task of transporting
probably more than llie usual tonnage
with n reduced number of vessels so
quickly afro"cheaply that the Buffalo
competition can be successfully combated is one whicli will tax the resources und energy of the lake
freighting companies, und we hope
that they will be successful in accomplishing it in a manner whicli will
bu as satisfactory to the western grain
grower as to themselves. Contracts
are. already being made for October
deliveries to Georgian Hay at three
cents and over���higher than ever before for that' month.���Industrial Canada.
child will object lo taking them. They make now docs nd therefore come In-1 following Bt   emcni fr,.,,,
.ir- non-injurious n their composition,  lo account.   If the authorities do md :    "The Honorable Valentine
wls.li    In    muke  use of our services  hBs Instructed me to lee'Hi t tii
near the enemy, we could replace good  iiobn Game Protection Acl  Is
pilots engaged In keeping gunrd over  enforced,    Vou see, lhe value ol au
towns, nml let theni goio the front."   mnls, furs nml bird.- taken eai i year
 -____ amounts to $1,000, ), so that thi   ��r0
I life of lhe province is worth looking
all'er. nml we're going lo look niter it
Tbe ilifl'ereui sportsmen's ass ���   i  on
Regulating   Prices
Practically all  Hie governments i.i
Hurope  liave,   since   the   war,   pul   lu j
force regulations concerning the prices     This is to certify'tbat I bave used
of foodstuffs. MINARD'S LINIMENT in my family | carry  out  promptly  nny  suggesl
Some governments,   while allowing ! for years, and consider il Hie best lini- i thai representatives from ti:
lhe local authorities to fix prices on  ment on the market.   I have found il I latlons may pui forward.
oi course, co-operating wil
und .Mr. Winkler 1ms authorized me t"
most things, issued decrees appllcabl
lo tbelr whole territory concerning a
('aw highly Important articles. Thus
Austria and Germany both prescribed j
(lie proportion of wheal or rye lloui !
that should be used in making bread. I
Later Austria and Germany fixed lhe ;
wholesale price of cereal.;, and brought j
the distribution and consumption of I
Hour and bread  under strict control.
Tin key fixed prices for   petroleum, ���
sugar and Hour. In Italy sail, lobacci
excellent for Horse flesh. "As  future  protection  requires   i;.
(Signed) W. S.  PIN'EO,      cl'easet! revenue, all sportsmen are rc-
"Woodlnnds,"  Middleton,   M.S.
quested and notilied to take om  per-
mils und lo help ine us fur as they can
ilu Hie task thai is before me.    | have
received particular Instructions, about
shooting on  .Sundays and our uf season, and  Ihis  practice Ims got  I     i
stopped.    Tlie federal government of'
| the Dhlted Stales bus g.jiie ,1 ii : g way
I towards the protection of ducks   .   I
Japans factories ure    endeavoring|*olher migratory birds and we slial  re
Japan   is   Helping
Paulham, ihe famous French aviiit-  mid matches arc governmeni  monop- J? lncl'ettSG their output ol shells for  clprocuta by doing our share In that
���,   who  was seal  to help the  Ser-  olies, so that their prices were fixed     V'  iinllll-'s  �� , tnf    a""'*���    Premier  direction.
ans some  months ago,    lias    been   by lhe central  authority.    Denmark,   UK"ma a.nu Minister or vur Oku re       ..-f|le (Iuci, seasorj oiiens a little tc,
made a captain In the Serbian army I Holland    nnd     Switzerland     limited
for his gallantry in bringing an Aus-  themselves to controlling    the most
trian aeroplane lo earth,    it Is inter-1 important breadstuffs of each country,
esting to note thai    Paulhan .at the
outbreak of war, was not doing sensational aerial stunts,    but    growing
flowers on the Riviera    for the London market,   lie promptly ndanboned
Ihls work and volunteered for service
In the air
German spies are said to be especially  active   al   present   in   Holland,
according to articles   In the Amsterdam Telegraf.    Tha paper snys that
th? system centers in The Hague and
is under the direct control of the German minister to the Netherlands, ils'
purpose  being  tu gel    military and j
naval Information, Influence the Dutch I
press and watch the large colonies of'
Belgians now    living    In  Holland In
order to learn along whal roads Belgians manage to escape buck to iheir'
native land,   Some of Hie sides, the
paper asserts, ur.'' women.
cently paid a visit to NIkko lo r
lo the emperor their plans for inereas-, vvea'k'on Vhe"wing"'"so the baVhas
Ing Hie supply ol munitions In accord- j been Ilmlted  ,��� 20 bIrd    per       ,    ,,..
  ance with the decision recently reach-, (lilv, .ln(1 ,t is ,,���,  ,mi0ll ,������ ,;,., d .
"Your    wife came from a line old  Fd ,t0 ""b'0-1' al   availanle resources,  pai-tmenI to see that this limit is- nor
famllv, didn't she?" both governmental    aud private, fot;  exceeded.    Game guardians    will  be
"No; she broughl  them with her."  swelling   he nation a output in aid ot  poated at the railway staions and other
  Japan s a lies in the war.   Afterwards- polut8 to examine permits of hunters
*��� ��� = the premier und wur minster confer-Lfeavlng on the trains and by automo-
rpd at longth with the ambassadors ol   btle8| .,,���, tn ���Vnniine tlieir bags on re-
tlie allied powers.   Orders have been ',,������    As ,ltt,e inconvenience and de-
despatched to the foundries end fac-  lay us possible will  be   caused, bur
, lories of the empire that are engaged   sportsmen will hnve to expeel this an I
Iin the production of munitions to rush   asslg| tbe game gUard|ans by having
. their work. t|lgj,, perlt)[ts ready for inspection an i
by turning oul their hags al reguest."
The city of Milan, Italy, Ims under-   Mr.  Barber is busy marshalling    hi
j taken a municipal renting agency, In   forces, nnd experienced  game guard-
order to supervise, lo a Ilmlted extent,   lans will be posted al all the favorite
ihe hygeiiie  living conditions among   haunts   of the sportsmen to see thnt
'those  occupying  lurge   working-men's   the acl Is observed,
homes,    Before undertaking the rein | 	
1 ing of a property ii Ib first inspected
by the city officials and a reporl made
as to lis cleanliness nud location.
Tlmre is no poisonous ingredient in
Hollowa) 's Corn Cure, end it enn b ���
u:n:\ ��iiiimii danger of injurs
The new cavalry troupe: was being
nil Un id Into the mysteries of riding,
wUYVY*-'   ':yEMy/
It Is notablo lhal  mnny nf lhe foie
Hcrse Flesh a Luxury            '   ut all overworked wometi probably the mosi advancements In hydraulic en-
Horse Ilesb is becoming so dear In housewife is the hardesl  worked.   Sho gineerlng have fo I their application     ,
Vienna thai II  Is almost more profit- Jf so much lo attend io, with very HtUe and ulso their inspiration In Canada.   w,.^h1'sp '?��� Toi. Mlntr--" CinnHere :
able to sell horses for slaughter than  help.   Her work enn he lightened if she ��� Several very large power plants have    .,  ". "'���   ' ';. >��" -"'"-     th��naere I
tor working purposes. At tbe last mat-1 *n<>ws tho value of system and she should been  constructed  and  Ihc many by       .,',,     J   .    , .���.    , ., ,. ,
kei  horses tor slaughter ivulized as Mjy and take a short rest in tho daytimo. draullc plants approaching two million      ,.,'"',., |.',v,,     ",'��� .     ���','���' "'
much as $176, carriage horses rouged  A pnywewn wbo became famous almost horsepower  In  aggregate    capacity,     . ,'  '" l  ,;,.,���
from $135 to $2,250;    light    draught.' around   llie   world.   Doctor   Pierce,   of have   permanently   established   man-   "'   -"nmeraniiin.	
horses from $125 to $200, and heavy  Hullalp, N. V., lhe specialist ill woman's kets,  while  over  eight     limes    this I
dray horses from $160 lo $275. Follow- diseases, for mnny years practiced medi- amount is within reasonable zones of I Indian Potentate's War Contributions
lug the Introduction of women tram- cino in a farming district,   Ho there ob- commercially  economic  development.     The Gaokwar of Baroda ims eontii-
way conductors, the Visnna municipal  served the laek of system in the planning The large cities of Canada are I'orliiu-   billed live lakhs of rupees ($160,000)
authorities are now employing women  of the wor!;. ate in being liberally endowed with ad-, l0 provld >. aeroplanes for use on tli��
i Briiish trout.    Last December he pur
based the steamship Empress of In
lo keep the rails free from dirt. They ll' it is n headache, a backache, a. sen- ' jueent waterpower sources.
wear no uniform beyond a service cap sation  of irritability  or  twitching and ; 	
somewhat similar to that worn by the uncontrollable nervousness, something.    Former   Mistress���I   would   like  to''1'"  "s a hospital  sup    ior    India
mule employees. ">�����' hn wrnnir with the henrl nr Wl-. a I _i... .....  ���.,   ,������,!���,:....   n��� I troops,    boon.
.nii��l bo wrong with the head or back, a Live you a good recommendation, De-   * I"-'
woman naturally say,-, but all the time  fia, bul my conscience compels me to  ?ffe*^e," ,***' h f, , oops  aml  re
I the British.
An   elderly   woman   who    was  px- the real trouble very often centers in the state that you never got tiie meals oh
tremely stout was endeavoring to en- organs.    In  nine eases oul  of ten the   time.   1 wonder how 1 can pul ii in a
ter u street car, when the conductor seat of the difficulty is.here, and a woman  nice sorl of way. "When I look at the congregation,"
noticing ber difficulty, said to lier:     (should  Like rational  treatment  for its'    Delia���Yez raolgbl jisl say ihot Oi said    a    London    preacher,    "T say.
"Try sideways,  madam;   try    side-1 cure.   The disorder  should  bo  treated (got the meals the same ns oi got me 'Where are the poor."   Winn I count
ways."                                                    ; steadily   and   systematically   with   Dr.   pay���Puck. the offertory  in the  vestry,    I    aey.
The woman looked up breathlessly j Pierce's Favorite Prescription.                                      ������  'Where are the rich?'"
oil like your ___________________
_    (I L ����   ��-  1I1H  11 H'OI"       I �����  \l Ull,Ul.ll|,..)Cl1l J.1H1    '       11        I     UlVlll' 1     Hei    M|JIIOMl   	
und said: For diseases from which women suffer;    Visitor���And bow do yc
"Why, bhiss ye, I ain't got no side-  "Favorlto Prescription" is a powerful re-  new little brolher, Elsla?
way's!"���-Louisville Herald.
storative, During thc last fifty yearsit, has      Elsie���Oh, he's verv amusing.   It's BB  kCV L0SSES  "��" PKVENTEO
banislied from the lives of tens of thou-  better to  fool  thai   wa)   about  him,  y_,-AvlV %e^ili^.Br%%:?ni1_MM
Corporal (lo soldier reporting sick)  sands of women tho pain, worry, misery  don't vou think? " Westim sto__��i tx_i_ im* ��������
What's tbe matter with you? and distress caused by these diseases.       i   jff   r/^>   wriii*!r''Uutt ind'tiui^Uiii1:
Tommy Aikins���Pain In my babdo-      If vou ure a suITerer, get Dr. Pierce's '    Madge���So vou teel heller since vou ' t    F I  _    mo��" ikM. Bimin pnii ji.oj
' J___-__-%_JI      10.dlK Ills.   Bl.r.ei  P'lll    Iti
l'se uu Inleetor, but Collir*! i^s*.
W. N. U. 1073
I men. Favorite Prescription in liquid or tablet  gave up dancing and devoted yourself
|    corporal���llahdomen be    'anged. i form today.   Then address Dr, Pierce,   to* ed Cross work?                               i   The nipnMtr of curSr pradiYrti is dmtoof- u
IStomick, you nicaii.   It Is lumly hot- Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, \. V.. and get |    Mai*JorIe   Indeed I do dear, I've had -"iEiM rtuir'"/ _ ZmSnlti '""",'."��
lieers '��s hnhdouuas. iconfidential medical advice entirely free. I m. name in the papers nine times.       | thl cuntn iAiosAToiiv. sirktlir, c_iir������(�� THE COUKTENAY REVIEW
lhe Telephone
is Always Available
Day   or   Night
Vt. /HEN Emergencies arise, and
W,     they arise frequently, as-
 ���     sistance can always be se-
cur.:l by means of the telephone.
ft ii at your rijht hand, ready for
service day or night.
It may be the doctor has to be
sun* noned, and if so, no time
nee I be lost. Help may be need-
fro-1 your neighbor, from the
n lice    rely on the telephone
Tin' Telephone is the greatest of
all riomestic utilities. What is the
cost compared to the security and
sere of relief in knowing that
the means of instant communi-
calion  is available at  any  time
\   _& t.
Telephone   Co.,  Limited
The Ford Garage has installed an
Autogenous Welding Outfit
by the Oxo-Acetylene System
Something thai has been badly needed iu this district for a
long time, as .'.here are thousand.* of dollars worth of castings
of every description in cast iron, brass, aluminum, nialable,
soft steel, etc, thrown away every year, that could be made
;is strong and even stronger than when new for less than half
what a new oue costs. Anything from a stove lifter to a
crankshaft, bring it along  we can fix it
Telephone L46 COURTENAY
Agent for
Guarantee Life Assurance
Co., Limited
Tlie Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corporation
Harry Idiens
Awarded    University    Agricultural
College Diploma, London, ling. 1904
��� bet; to Jtify my numerous friends that I no long-
i er re ,re ent the British Columbia Investments,
Limited, and the Comox Land Corporation, Limited,
and shall in future trade in my own name.
Follies Concert;
The "Follies" concert in the
Opera [louse on Friday evening
lust was a success in every particular, and was greeted by a large
audience, Some good entertain
ments have been given bv local
performers in the past, but it is
safe to say that ihis one has capped
tin: climax
Tlm ludies were dres��ed alike in
white with red girdles and pom
i�� nis; while the gentlemen minus
their hirstute adornments, were
also dress id in white with ted pom
I uns and large white Louis XIV
Each member  < i tlie  company
'iu; a solo nnd   the i< st joined In
the   chorus,     The   concert   wns
bright ami clean, not a rough word
i   clownish action   in the-   whole
I >iiitit v refreshments were served
by pretty yotini ladies (lining the
intermission, ,-it the close of the
concert nml also during the dance.
One   of the   amusing    incidents
being an   auction sale  of  the re
maiuder of the feast
The company were all in good
voice, and had been carefully dril
led by Mrs. Robertson, wlm was
the originator of the scheme to
carry on some kind of a musical
organization after the departure of
Dr Crompton when the Glee Club
broke up,
For beginners Miss Annie Carroll and Mrs Cooke did splendidly
and will li'ely be heard from again,
Miss Jean McKenzie's song was
atre.it to listen to mid her dance
was very pretty and all too short.
This was Mrs. Fairburn's first
appearance on a Courteuay stage,
and she made a hit with the audience in " Tipperary Mary."
Mrs. Mclntyre is always a favorite
with Courtenay audiences and ber
solo and duet with the other "Mac"
were much enjoyed.
The gentlemen we   have with us
always, and they are all good songsters and entertainers.
I    K, I/indon's   5:15 express was a
' clever exhibition and  received wel,
merited applause, while his  sketch
1 "Prof. Knobiickler"  in    which he
j was assisted by Mr. Shepherd,
j     Mr. Burnett gave  a good rendi-
: tion of 'California"
A. W, Shepherd, who "went as
far  as he liked"  and   "parted his
hair iu   the  middle" was a  whole
[ show in himself, and made himself
! particularly agreeable to the ladies.
i     Jock Thompson w.is particularly
j fascinating when "Courting Bonnie
Lizzie   Lindsay,"   and   his   song
j "When I Get Back  Again to Bonnie Scotland', was particulary well
rendered and enjoyed,
Mr  Mclntyre   appeared   in tiro
I duets and a so.o "Whoops Let's do
I it Again" and  as usual   whenever
j he appears gave a good account of
himself and his efforts were appreciated by the audience.
;     Some of the local  "hits" by We
and   Us   were  timely,   especially
j those referring to planks and lights
in the orchard.
1    Following was the programme:
j Cliorus, We'll nerer let the Old Flag Fall
, (*o us Far us Vou Like Mr. Shepherd
! My Toy Love . ..Mr. and Mrs. Mclntyre
' On the 5:15 Mr. Lindon and company
Sally Anna Mrs. Cooke
California Mr.  Burnett
The High Cost of Loving., Miss McKenzie
Whoops Let's do it Again..Ur. Mclntyre
I Lizzie Lindsay Mr, Thompson
Be a Soldier. .Miss Carroll and company
Chorous     Old Banjo
Roses Mr. Mclntyre
I The Way to Woo Company
j Tipperary Mary Mrs.  Fairliurn
1 We Want a Girl Messers. Mclntyre
and Lindon
j Cherry Blossom Time in Japan Mrs.
Mclntyre and company
1 Take me hack to Canada Company
I Parted My Hair iu the Middle... .Mr.
When I get hack again to  Bonnie Scotland ....    Mr. Thompson
Sketch Professor I-Cnoklickler
Messrs. Lindon and Shepherd
Address Rev. T, Menzies
Chorous, Shine, Shine Moon. .Company
Mrs. Robertson, to whose untiring efforts much of the success was
due, accompanied the artists on the
The concert was a   financial suc-
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carring*: Builder
cess, and the   Red Cross   fund will
I he swelled by the sum of   {137,60.
The receipts aud expenditures were
as folloowsi
Auction of food , .     $   I I  "o
Refreshments     *3 45
Dance., 36 7*-
Admission   11	
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Total  $181 90
Orchestra $ i�� 55 1
McPhee  9 201
Printing  5-*5
Tai lull  go
Hire nl  ball  10 00
Total    IS 44 30
Balance ?'37 ��o '
The  company have  already ��e-
cepted Invitations to give their entertainment at Little   River aud nt I
Cumberland, nnd may go to Comox1
and Union Hay.
The members of the "Follies"
company desire to thank all those
who helped in the production of
the entertainment, nnd also to the
public for their generous patronage.
The following interesting letter
i.s from extracts from a letter received bv Mr. Geo. H. Roe, formerly
of Union Bay, now serving with
the Gordon Highlanders, from his
son Desmond, who was well known
in this disHot, and who left with
the 48th Bat'aliou on Friday, Jun��
26, Col. Holmes in command, and
a:rived in due time at Shorncliffe,
his vessel being escorted the last
two days into Plymouth by a des
troyer. He says the weather has
been very bad, heavy rain falling
continually. Drill has been maintained 9 hours a day and leave of
absence hard to get. Tlicre were
a number from each company chosen to attend a school of musketry
at Lydd. lie was one, but was for
some time one of the battalion's
sharpshooters. Latterly he has
been attending classes under Major
Beale in map reading and drawing.
Apparently he has shown ability
in his work for in his last letter he
has been promoted from lance corporal to sergeant, The 48th is not
being sent lo front as a unit but is
being split up In drafts to reinforce
at the front, This he says is a keen
disappointment to them, but re- j
marks that it cannot be helped. Al- j
ready the first draft of the 48th,. 160 j
men, have been chosen and gone to
the front. He meet good old Jack
Milligan one day recently at the |
Strand, London, when he washsv-!
ing a ramble through that big city, I
He was well; also Dick Ray and
Leonard Picket; they are now at
the front in this 160 draft. He
says he would give a good many
dollars to have a bit of shooting
with the boys up north again, but
says his hunting trip at home i.s
not far off and he feels fit and fine
for it. He says there is lots of
game to lie had too and expects to
bag a good few of those- ugly, big
The friends of H. Dalnt Golden
will also be glad to know that he is
well. He belongs also to the 48th
Battalion. He used to be teller
with the Bank of Commerce, Cun-,
Letters or p pers  addressed Sergeant rF. S. D.   Roe, 4   Co., 48th
Battalion,  Caesar's  Camp, Shorncliffe, Kent, Kngland, will find him
Other boys   addresses   mentioned
herein are the same except the coiupauy   may   be   different.    Mail is
promptly forwarded   to them wheu
they have left for the front.
Yours sincerely,
Geo. H. Ron,
C Co,, Gordon Highlanders
The Willows, Victoria
T, Aitken left for Portland,
Wash., where he is attending the
North Pacific Dental College.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation     Cuslne Ltxoellen
Wm. Merryfield
Plant Now
Antirrhinum rsnnpdargon )vnrlotis
Aquilegin   [Columbini-J white
Iceland Poppies, yellow
Wallflowers, Sutton's Blood Red
I'iie King Orange
Hollyhocks, Mixed
Coreopsis, Large Yellow
Alysstim,  yellow
Plants 5 cenis each, 6 for _���* cent
of MISS GAME, Comox.
Inspection invited.
Orders may be left  with Shepherd
& Hon by
The   Comox   Barker   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courteuay
Nothing   But   First   Class   \Vot_
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.   DALRY.MPLR, Prop.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of Iforse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunk.*, Suit Cases,  Ktc.
Harness Repn!���i Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Sutton k Kirkwood ij
Undertakers and
Night or "toy Gills |Primptly
\ Drs. Gilbert-hama-Aniersati ���>
Go to Vancouver
or Victoria for
Rainless Dentistry
These arc features in our
offices.   It will pay vou to,
ve your dental work done
h uVancouver.      All   work
guaranteed for 10 years
Painless Dental Parlors


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