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The Review Feb 15, 1917

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Array #
Can not he done any 1 etter, ami
not unite sn well anywhere else
hereabouts. Hur type, ami tun. bin-
ery ie complete and Tlio Review
prices _ro ritdit
Classified Ads.
Mak.. yu. tittle Wunts known
Um-itgli a I'laulftal AjV0rtiBe_n.11
iu The Keview   ���   -   -   Phone 5!i
******* *************** *******
VOL. 5
NO. SA 73
Auction Sales
on premises adjoining the Agricultural hall on
Saturday,  February   17th,   1917
Sale at 2 o'clock
2 Dairy   Cows,   Horse  and    Buggy, Motor Car
Household Furniture,  Large Quantity of  Bottled
Fruit and Numerous effects.
Full particulars in posters or from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
I Local Lines
Miss McKenzie, of Nanaimo, is
J the guest of Mrs. Callin,
Mr, Aiken has resigned his position with Shepherd & Co
Mr. C. J. Moore, of Comox was
a visitor iu town on Monday afternoon.-
Mrs. John Aitken arrived home
on Tuesday afternoon from Scotland.
Thomas George died nl the Stwash
reservation on Tuesday night,
Mrs. McGregor lelt for ber home at
('.riiiinm, Alia., altera twoluohtll'svisit
with her mother,
Financial statement of lhe entertain-
ment to supply Christinas boxes to the
lhe Central Liberal Association will
meet in the Agricultural Hall tonight,
There was no quorum at the meeting
of the City Council called (or Monday
evening, and the Alderman will try it
again ou Friday night,
The dance in the Agricultural Hall on
Thursday evening last was not as well
attended as some of th* former ones, but
those who wers present report having a
delightful tune.
At an address nt the Hotel Vancouver
last week. Major Matthews, of the 102nd
gave nn interesting address ou the gal-
hint manner in which the regiment cap,
lured the Reginn trench. When the
102nd left here Ihey hail 43 officers,
On Oct, 21, 10 were killed 16 wounded
niul 13 transferred to other staffs, leaving but 4 out the original stall?, lie said
tlle boys were always pleased to get
letters, papers or parcels,
Ladies' rubbers at Coe at Moore's
J. Millignu. of Cumin
1 to hnve died on over
rl'iiul, is report-
refls service.
��� ������.���.���.���.--������-���*.���-..-���---.--.--------,-- -,-������,��������� ��� .,  i,,- - ��� - ���
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
The quality of
is not strained
It is wonderfully improved if
made in an
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
Hon. Ralph Smith. Minister of Agri-
culliire, died at Victoria on .Monday
The winning number for the centrepiece drawn for at Shepherd's is 75,
The holder can get the article at any.
Geo, J. Hardy will conduct an auction
sale at the premises adjoining  the*   fair
! grounds on  Saturday afternoon,  commencing at 2 o'clock.
Citizens get busy.   By buying a  strip
! of hind sufficient to make turning room,
| It is possible to get the Charmer to cull
' at Courtenay.    Now get after it.
Yours truly
W. G. Robertson.
j    Strayed away from A, Ibbotson's
! place,  Happy  Valley���Dark Jersey Heifer, one year old.
Axes, wedges and sledges at
wholesale prices at Moore's.
Lost���Ladies purse   bag,  purple
leather, between Little River Koad
and Courtenay, on Feb. 8th.    Fin
der please return to Mis.*; Game, or
Review office.
Sutton's seeds are RELIABLE
and it always Pays to get the best.
Write for catalogue. F. R, F".
Kiscoe. Comox P, O, Also agent
lor Layritz Nurseries, All stock
propagated near Victoria, and acclimatized to Vancouver Island,
Seed wheat for sa'e, blue stem
J. L, McGirr, Royston; B. C.
Lost���Part Jersey cow, nbont ,-,
years old, piece cut out of bottom
of light ear also punch mark. Finder please communicate wilh W.
If, Grieve, Sandwick.
Found adrift���A flat bottomed
boat about 4 ft,|wida at stern and
15 feet long, Owner cau have same
by paying cost of this, and $5 sal.
vage, Apply J. Idiens, Royston.
Wood For Sale���$4 per load cash
Teaming and carting done. L.
Alexandei, Courtenay,
For Sale���3 li. p. steam engine
aud boiler in good order. Price $80
Apply Review Office,
For Rent���The Milligau farm,
For particulars apply at Review
Part of a house, unfurnished to
let. Apply Mrs. Halliday, Courtenay.
Go  to  McBryde's  for  quality I
The following suspicious item ap.
peared in tlie editorial columns of a
recent issud of the Grand Forks
Sun: "Trying lo do business wiih
out advertising is like -(linking at a
pretty girl through a pair of green
goggles. You know what you are
doing, but nobody else does."
Anglican Church Notes
Quiiiquagesima Sunday, Feb. 18
8,30 a. m. Celebration of Holy
Communion at St, John's, Courtenay
11.00 a, m. Matins and Holy
Communion, St. Andrew's Sandwick,
3 p, in. Sunday   School   at  St
Jahn's, Courtenay.
7.00 p, tn, Evensong and sermon
al Holy Trinity, Cumberland,
7,30 p. m. Evensong and Se mon
at St. John's, Courtenay.
Mr. and Mrs. II   A    Lugilt
visiting at lhe home of  their
iher, Leroy S. Cokeley,
Pte. Richard Plews. who left heie
with the Forestry Batt., is in the
hospital sufiering w'th a broken
It pays to adverti��e in the Re\ iew
Campbell's advertise Invictus shoes
fcr men, A few weeks ago a reader in the Old Country saw the advertisement and suit along the cash
for a pair of shoes and two suits of
Mr. F. J, Johnston, manager of
the Royal Batik here has been
transferred to the Ladysmith branch
He is succeeded here by Mi , Christie of Vancouver, Mrs. Johnston
and daughter left last week, aud
Mr. Johnston leaves this weejc for
their new home.
Andy McQuiban takes Mr. Mc-
Arthur's position at the bank and
Eddie Boden has joined the stall as
junior clerk,
M. W. Bro W. Astlev. Grand
Master, paid Hiram Lodge a visit
last Friday evening. lie was ac
compaiiied by W'.M, Bro Marshall
uf Vancouver, Brethren were 1 k
present from Cumberland, Unioa
Bay, and Campbell River , White
here the distinguished visitors were
the guests of Mr. L, S. Cliffe,
At 8 p. in. on Tuesday of text
week the Farmer's Institute will __
addressed by T. A. G, WiankQ on
Dairying and by H. C. L'pton
on Poultry Raising, and on Wednesday afternoon at a 1 lack
Prof. L, S. Klinck, oh mixed farming crops and Prof, J. A McLean
on Live Stock.
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The _test*aild cheapest bread in the district
for $1,  7  for  50 cts,    for 30cts,  2
invite anyone to dispute the ab
14 Loaves
for II
The baker of better br
'   ���
Safety  First;
Go to
For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
No Rubbing
No Alkali
No Acid
No Injury to
Three Weeks'
Have It
Standing one day at my washtub
I was weary and ill at ease
My finger-sore witli rubbing,
And i-trembling in my knees.
1 know not what I was dreaming
Or what I was thinking then,
Butt heard the voice of my neighbors-)'
"Why don't you use WASIICI.l'AN.-" '
Since then it lias brought to my home-
A peace and a love y calm
For I boil my clothes with WASHCLEAN
And I {tel like singing a psalm.
I have bought and I use it daily
For my lace and collars fine,
And by 9 o'clock in the morning
My clothes are out or. the line.
It may be that some day my Grocer
Will tempt me with something akin
But I'll never buy anything from him
Unless lean get WASHCI.KAN.
Two Diplomas
Have It
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
Chas. Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
has just received a consignment of
suitable for Wedding  presents.   Wedding rings
always in stock at
The squire s
I eniKsi. M_bot_M, is,rier��ft!o
"The nurses are spoiling mc," she
went on, "and the doctors, I'm sure
they wonder why at all 1 ara here,
instead of villi the other pour 'people. It was you, sir:"
"Yes, it was I."
The kitten which he had been holding loosely, suddenly sprang and
alighted on the bed. Purring gently,
it stood surveying lhc mass of bandages ou the pillow.
"Pretty thing!" said the woman,
"It came" in with you, sir, It belongs
to the hospital."
"It is going to belong to me," he
said, "it is nobody's kitten. Il used
to belong to a child who died here."
"I should like it," said the woman.
"I once had a child, a little girl. She
had a little kitten���not pretty like
this. She loved it. 1 am very glad
my little girl is dead."
He did not know what to say. Hc
sat down on the chair lhc nurse had
set for him and racked his brain for
something that would meet ihc plain
Statement he had jusl heard, but
could lind nothing.
"When I leave this, sir," said the
woman, "will you help mc to get
away quietly? You know what 1 said
to you last night. There was someone there in the crowd -- a voice
speaking, lie must not know 1 am
here; he must not see mc. Oh, sir,
you were good lo put me in here
Her hand, damp with the sweat of
terror, reached oul and touched his
slender brown hand with the pointed
sensitive fingers that had begun to
stroke the kitten. She. had a hard
hand���the hand of a working woman.
It trembled for very weakness as it
clutched his hand.
Again he had the pitying thought.
Poor soul! When she arose and went
forth from her sick bed she would
be effectually disguised. There would
bc Utile traces remaining of the
comeliness of her face. The glass
and thc flints had done their work as
effectively, if less cleanly, than a
sword. She would bc terribly die-
figured, he  feared.
Again he was oppressed with an
Immense pity for her, He who,
though he did not know it, had never
yet had a pas-ion for a woman, was
chivalrous to all women, perhaps by
reason of  that very  facl.
"De quid," he said, "and
Perhaps you will nol need
in thc world. Something
found for you."
".here isn't a convent anywhere
about?" she ashed. "I'm a fine ivo--
ki-r. Never was afraid of work in my
life, ll would bc the best place for
mc. And there arc many things I can
do: needlework and cooking, and
housework of all kinds."
"Be quiet," he said again authoritatively. "A place will be found for
you. 1 will come to see you again.
Vou must not fret.    Trust mc."
"Sure I will, sir, God reward you!
Tell the nurses to keep me quiet. I
do tremble when 1 hear a man's voice
in ihe Iiiiit-4 speaking���thinking it
mighi be him. I've suffered a deal. I
have indeed, sir. If there was no
other way to keep out of his sight
I'd be making a hole in the water,"
"Hush I" said- Ihr Sr|iiirc, with a
kind sternness. "You must not say
such Ihings. I will come again. When
you are belter I shall have a plan for
you. We will talk about it. Now,
good-bye, You must not over-excite
lie patted Ihc woman's hand kindly He lefl lhc kitten hy her side and
told the nurse who let him out thai
when Mrs. Bartlctt was ready to
leave lhe hospital she would take the
kitten wilh her. He did nm know
bow his manner lo the nurse put an
aegis of protection over the kitten
as will as (he woman.
As he went away he was Ihinking
of thc shock it would bc lo his poor
protegee when first she beheld her
new face in lhc glass. Il was like
liim to think of such a thing and to
grime for il.
CHAPTER   111. THE   REFUGEE, of   a
Margaret South and her >vild ways
were something of a scandal to lhc
quiet country people, who said that
she was more like a boy Ihan a fdtl.
She rode astride; she walked wiih a
long, swinging motion like a boy's;
she dressed in lailor-ma-ios; she
smoked cigarettes, All lhe same, lie
would havc been a harsh crilic who
did not lind her a very pleasant thing
lo look upon of an October morning
when Ihc light frosts wcrc on lhe
grass, when she went oul cubbirg
alniosl before the sun was up, returning home lo breakfast through a
Fairy-land of blue and scarlet and all
lhe shades of lawny, russet and gold.
There was a tragedy behind thc
girl's brave bearing. Everyone knew
that Sir Gilbert Soulh was a cruel,
overbearing old man. He hid been
guardian to Margaret's mother, ,aud
had somehow prevailed on her to
marry him when she was just out of
the schoolroom and hc a dour man
in the fifties, i.ady South was still a
very pretty, shrinking, refined wo-
nan. who dressed much more daintily than the other ladiej of her circle.
"" was understood lo bc very deb-
martyr, and for Margaret to
her in that absurd way, .s
though she were the mother and
Lady South the daughter; but,���no
woman is done with life who wears
such prclty things as Lady South
does. You don't know anything
about it, being a man, but her greys
and whites and lavenders cost more
than olhcr women's colors. She
wears petticoats trimmed with real
lace, and silk stockings. Wicked extravagance, I call it. Think of all the
good lhat could he done with llic
price of one of Lady South's frock*,!
And she by way ot bring so pioiis,
(To Be Continued.)
What thc War Means
get well,
to go out
will   be
When Your Eyes Need Care
tJ��(iMurliii*E.vpMi!illcluir. NoSinarllnif-Kei-it
sTIne-Art* Quick!., Try It (���r nerl.Weale,
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rn:ii(,o::i,,i,,i byonrOeiillBtN���not _"Piu*'nt
Medicine"- but aud In siuioeas/nl Physicians'
Practice for many yeiir* Now dedicated to
���he Publli' nnd sold by Dl o.sists at We a.
Buttle Murine F.��� _���)��( In AiSptl*Tttliei,
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Muni���Ey��H��m.d. Company  CHcupo  _ .��
N.       U.
cate; with cause, said thc gossips, for
it was well-known lhat her husband
was cruel to her. Margaret adored
her mouth; and Sir Gilbert Soulh
was reported lo havc a certain pride
in his brilliant-looking daughter, although they quarrelled violently.
Margaret had a frankness about those
quarrels which made the sensitive
shiver. Only the sensitive and discerning, like the Squire, discovered
lhat very often the tears lay very
near the girl's bravado, that she was
audacious in speech where else she
must have broken down.
A few days afler he returned to
Silverlhorne, the Squire met with
Mrs De Montmorency on the road.
The lady was one of his few antipathies among women. She was a
youngish-looking, tall woman, who
had preserved her figure, and when
she wore a veil might have passed
for nearly as young as her own
Mrs. De Montmorency had a censorious tongue and a sharp eye. She-
had as much news to tell the Squire
1 as though he had becn absent from
Silverlhorne months rather Ihan
days. He squirmed under some of
the information she poured into his
cars. Sometimes he laughed; Mrs.
Dc Montmorency's malice was occasionally joyful, and then she was
Last malicious.
Now a frown came to his brow as
she lil on to thc subject of lhc
"I've kept my honncbouche to thc
last," she said, "but perhaps you
know it already, as Margaret and Mr.
Slrangways arc such friends. We are
immensely excited about it. It seem;.
that Sir Gilbert has been a bit more
impossible than usual. There are
really shocking tales of his treatment
of Lady South and Margaret. Thev
say that Margaret has taken to wearing her hair in that odd way, very
old-fashioned and unbecoming, I
think    it, dropping    forward on her
temples like that to hide "
"Oh, no, no, Mrs De Montmorency!" said lhe Squire. "Please don't.
1 .hope it is not true. It would be
too dreadful!"
"Better ask Margaret, or get Mr.
Strangways to ask her," said Mrs. Dc
Montmorency, rather enjoying the
effect of her communication.
He went as near as hc could lo being rude to a woman in lhc little
sound he made expressive of an inward disgust. His blue eyes, which
had a dreamy look usually, for a second Hashed something of die steel-
blue of a blade. Mrs'. Dc Montmorency did not understand these dan-
gi r signals if she saw them. She had
been accustomed for so long to button-hole thc Squire with impunity
that she had forgotten to look for
signs of restivencss in him.
"An old lover of Lady South's has
appeared on lhc scene," she said in
a whisper which she tried to make
Bprightly, "Of course, 1 never listen
io gossip. Slill, when this gentleman
���Mr. I.angton, he calls himself, I believe���settles down here at thc inn,
and when Lady Soulh and he are
constantly to he met with promenading the country roads, iu such close
conversation    lhat lhcy    see no one
they meet "
"My dear Mrs. Montmorency,"
said lhe Squire, and his voice was
very cold, "people cannot have very
much to hide if lhcy meet on the
public roads and if this gentleman
puts up al the inn. Il is a cock-and-
bull story, quile unworthy ol your
Mrs. De Montmorency became a
little red. It had pierced even
through her self-satisfaction that lhe
Squire was displeased and was positively out of temper with her, so
much as to show it. Someone nail
said of Mr. Mcyrick that when he
died manners would die with him.
She was suddenly angry and forgot her discretion. She had every
wish .to stand wcl.l with thc Squire
of Silvcrdalc; but her sharp tongut
went  wilh a temper which was not
easily controlled.	
"As  Betty  Ellison says," she said,
with hard emphasis, "it is all    very
1141 line-for Lady Soulh lo wear that air
Britain Favors Daylight Savins
The London Times prints a forecast of lhe report of the committee
which has investigated the resulls of
last year's daylight saving. It says
the evidence taken shows lhal opinion overwhelmingly favors making
the plan general in 1917. There iS
almost a consensus among the interests which had the most difficulties
because of the selling of the clocks
ahead lhat the disadvantages vanished in practice and that those lhal remained wcrc far outweighed by the
advantages obtained. The Tim.'S
says it is virtually certain that tin-
daylight-saving plan will be renewed
in 1. 17, but  that it is likely lo begin
some  time  in  April instead  of  May
d In
of "the
The Ravages of War
c   facts communicatee
Fisher,  afford  striking proof
toll   that  the  war  is  making
Great  Britain,     There  are  rd-
in the. care of lhc slate 50,000
widows and  100,000 orphans.    There
are over 70,000 disabled soldiers, bast
September 22,000 men were drawing
temporary allowances, but these wcrc
being  gradually   thinned  and   placed
on the pension list.    Mr. Arthur Henderson, a  ircw  minister  of  pensions,
believes    disability    pensions    alone
would  necessitate an  expenditure of
575,000,000  per  annum.  The  case  of
men entering the army suffering from
tuberculosis which    developed to incapacity were rather numerous,    but
provision was being made for them.
Newspapers Suopected in Egypt
Shippers of goods to Egypt havc
been cautioned by one of thc Egyptian railway companies not to use
newspapers or magazines as packing
material rincc at times thc censorship suspects an ulterior motive when
uncensored primed nlatcr enters belligerent lands.
A Calamity for the Dominion if the
Enemy Should Win
The following letter written to the
Mail and Empire by a citizen of
Scaforth, who has given tho matter
careful study, is worthy of reproduction. Few people have realized what
tlie present war means. Lew will
even allow themselves to believe that
Germany deliberately went to war
to conquer the world. It is a lesson
the world will have lo learn if liberty is lo remain to thc smaller nations.
Sir,--1 have never seen i| very
clearly stated what would happen.
1 have been trying lo figure what jl
would mean to the inhabitants of
the British possesions in North
America, and), think it would be
something like lhis.
The   British   flag   would br hauled
down  and  replaced  by  the   German.
The whole of the  liritish    posses
sions  would bc  declared    lo  be  lhe
properly of Germany,
The individual owners of part of
lhe territories, whether on the farm,
iu the towns or villages would hc
ordered to vacate Iheir holding to
make way for Germans,
All lhe personal chattels, goods
and effects of such owners would be
confiscated by the German government for their new settlers.
Of course, the Dominion and provincial governments would bc swept
out of existence, and German government officials installed.
All the government arsenals, dockyards, railways, canals and other
public works would bc taken possession of by thc Germans.
The Canadian Pacific Railway, the
Grand Trunk Railway, the Grand
Trunk Pacific, all other railways
and public works would be run by
thc Germans and the shareholders
would lose all their investments iu
shares and stock in these enterprises,
The telephone lines, the telegraph
lines and the Hydro Electric hues,
fire and life insurance companies
would follow suit.
The moneys in lhc banks would
also be confiscated and their bills
put into the s furnace lo bc followed
later on by thc bills of a Dutsche
bank. It would not make a bit of
difference whether one hid $5 or
$10,000 'in deposit in a bank, not one
cent could be got. Bank stocks
would bc wiped out of existence, and
the only man who would ' benefit
would bc the man who was a debtor
lo a bank.���Seaforth, Ontario,    Mail
lli.rrowing- Deportation
Sccnef Depicted
German   Savagery   at Its   Worst in
An American eye-witness of the
fiendish methods employed by German officers in deponing Belgians
and French from Belgium and
France gives news of a profoundly
stirring character. "Unless Germany," he says', "can be induced to
abandon her present policy, between
two and Ihree hundred thousand Belgians will be deporle.J. I saw one
long train of cattle trucks loaded
with prospective deportees. Many
had resisted, only to feel the German bayonet. Women and children
had foilghl for Iheir menfolk with
desperate fierceness- ciolhes (altered, eyes streaming, voices screaming
and shouting until hoarse. When
the train hail In rn loaded the women
and 'hihlreii standing about in ihc
huge crowd suddenly ran on the line
iu front of lhe locomotives, threw
themselves on the rails, and clunp;
there, shutting llieir eyes and utter-
iny loud lamentations Detachments
of soldiers pried them loose with
bayonets, and forced them clear of
the Irack, when lhe. train moved off
towards the German frontier. Another distressing feature of the situation in Belgium arises from the
forcible importation of .Frenchmen
from the provinces of France occupied by Germany, It appears that
lhe policy of the German governnieni is to work thc Belgians in Germany and work lhe Frenchmen in
Belgium. Incidents of the most painful nature are resulting from thc impressment of these Frenchmen.
Many of them decline lo work, declaring, like the Belgians, il is intolerable lhcy should bc forced to support a Teutonic war against their
own counlry. In onc case some
thirty-five Frenchmen; for refusing
to work, were tied lo trees for
twenty-four hours and more. This
punishment failed to break iheir will,
and at last Ihey were released,
Satisfactory to Her
Pa: I greatly   disapprove of   that
young  Smilhson,  and  one  particular
reason is his lack of industry in  hi.
Daughter:     His     calling?       Why,
papa, he calls seven evenings iu tho
Doctor (examining recruil): Ai-irS
do you always stutter like that?
Recruit: N-n-tio, sir. Only \v cr-
when 1 t-1-talk.
Take Z Tablets at Bedtime
and yon will arise feeling
Refreshed, Bright & Vigorous.
Wl.Cn you feel gloomy and depressed and cannot sleep, suspect your
nerves. When you shrink from company and would rather be alone you
are losing confidence in yourself, ami that can only mean weak nerves.
It is not natural lo be solitary and unsociable, if shows clearly lhat vitality has become reduced,
and ihe nervous system correspondingly weakened. But take Dr. Cassell's Tabids for such a
condition and you will be astonished at thc results, astonished at th. bright new health you will
gain, at the splendid vigour and vitality they will give yon.
Mr. Poole, a business man of 60, Infirmary Road, Sheffield, England, says :���" 1 had lost all
confidence in myself, and was actually afraid to meet people.   The alertness and activity 1 had
formerly possessed were gone. My diee*tion was feeble, and sleeplessness was terrible. But when I
commenced taking Dr. Cassell's Tablets 1 soon fell better. Now 1 am a.-, veil and lil as any man of my .ge."
Dr. Cassell's Tablets aro Nutritive, Restorative, Alterative, aud Anti-Spasmodic, and o( great Therapeutic
value in all derangements of thc Nerve and Functional Systems in old or young. They are the rtcogiv_cd
modern homo remedy for Nervous Breakdown, Nerve and Spinal Paralysis, Infantile Paralysis, Rickets,
St. Vitus' Dance, Anaemia, Sleeplessness, Kidney Disease, Dyspepsia, Stomach Catarrh, Brain Kag, Headache,
Palpitation, Wasting Diseases, vital Exhaustion, Loss ol Flesh, and Premature Decay, Specially valuable
for Nursing Mothers and during the Critical Periods of Life.
Druggists and Dealers throughout Canada sell Dr. Cassell's Tablets. II not procurable In year city
send to the sole agents, Harold F. Ritchie & Co, l.id., 10, McCaul Street, Toronto; onc tube 50 cents,
six lubes lor the price oi five       War Tax Extra, 2 cents per tube.
.   So'e P-oprittors ���Dr Conxeil's Co., Lid.., Manchester, Eng.
Dr. Cassell's
Send war ���**> **d edd-rst met S uM, tet
ptntte. est. lo Htertt P. ROttm IrC.lM.
IS. IdcCml Sire*, Tertnte. met * |ss_mu>
���_-. - mil Si RiiM yen tea fit rktrte
���*j%i'   Britain's Greatest Remedy >
Ar�� you a sufferer? Kno-r
that terrible aching, dragging-
down pain, that robs you of
{..amirs, even at rest, and makes
lite miserable T Don't you believe
Jn the law of averager If a remedy
bis cured hundreds of people, don't
you think It likely It might at least
���ure you?
Just give Zani-Hut a fair trial!
Mr. J. McEwen, of Dun-as, suffered from pilot for fifteen years.
Be says: "I tried pretty nearly
���verylhtng, but got no permanent
relief until I tried Zam-Buk. This
balm relieved the pain; continued
U�� completely and permanently
lured me."
The rich herbal essences of whleh
lam-Biik ls composed, quickly remove congestion, relieve the dull,
gnawing, burning pain, and cure.
All druggists and stores, or postpaid from Zarn Buk Co., Toronto,
lor price, 50c. box, I boxes Jl._6.
Twelve Hundred Miles
Of Kails to be Shipped
At Least   Fifty Steamship   Sailings
F'-quircd to Handle the
The 1,200 miles of rails from Canada for France are lo be shipped
from Halifax, and the Cook Con-
struction Co., and Wheaten Bros.,
who had the Halifax Ocean Terminal
Railway's contract, have been instructed by the government to look
after the shipments.
It will require al least 50 steamship sailings to handle the material,
sonic of which is already on its way
here. The steamers will be loaded
at the new terminal piers and the
ample tracks and sidings of the
terminals will he used for the sorting of the cargoes. The different
weights of rails, lhe various descriptions of frogs, angle bars, spikes anil
bolls, switches, will all have to be
sorted for .shipment. It has not yet
been decided lh.it the tics will be
shipped from this port. Of these
there will be at hast two millions.
Safety First
Wife (at midnight)���John, there's
��� burglar in the house, lie's coming
up the front stairs,
Hub���'Ihen we'll go down lhe hack
atairs. There's no need of our being
crowded when there's plenty of
When baying your Piano
Insist on having an
Otto Hige! Piano Action
or ���tutterintt overcome positively, our
natural methods permanently restore
natural -speech. Graduate pupils everywhere.    Frceadvlco and literature.
Cett_:3 Root Cos-postal.
A tafe, rttlabtereimlatint)
medicine, SoM ID tbiee a*.
greps nf strength. No, 1,
tl. No 1. S3. No. 3. SS
per box Sold by all
dru.Rlsts, or sent pre-
p-wi In plain package on
receipt of price. Prut
limn. ril~i.    Aiidresi:
Ie-.-I3.-M. (f_s<-_ll
____      _   ,__.    .���.__.    ._��,_ .___...��   gAFE AND
Ut IlUt TRADE M *���:������'���: "I WORD THERAPlOtl 19 Ot
���Ut-ttOVt S1AUI- Ai flltl' tOU.1 USWUiHt PACXIII.
Stmt it_   . urn **. * \ . r, . i , .... --j. i ...\.-t ., r
And How to Feed
Mulled free to any address by
tha Antliof
il. Woi 31slStreet,New York
jP Writeforboo.
" 10-donpke.F
5 _���_.,�� p!t_.
The nipetio. It-
year*, ol |p{ it
OHLV.    I
cuter (lit
trail,   reliable)
i>r. farted by
v.rst.Ri itc-.k"
iiHtn,    lx-Muse
proiflCt when
.Bcotne. fall.
i-vugKllll, $4.00
���it'   ���i-r,���s!mpl-��.laniI'*ttotirt**s
I C\ tier -nodi-m is d'ie to over IS
l OH Cl , ikK'.,   II uiobt-iiublfc
Ulioratory, Btrfctlty. California
Although somewhat in-
creased in price owing to
thc continued high prices
of Potash, Glue, and other
raw material, arc of the
usual hijjli standard of
i-nality which has made
them ftimous for two-
thirds of a century.
Always Ask for
Eddy's Matches
Good Night
Miis Wysc���'l'lirr doctor Bays you
mustn't cull any more.
Cholly Staylato���Did lie say that?
Miss .Vysc���Wcll, he said lhat 1
needed ciylit hours' sleep.
Our Canadian winters are extremely
hard on the licallh of little ones. The
weather is often so severe that the
mother cannot take the little one out
(or an airing The consequence is that
baby is confined to overheated, badly
v'entilated rooms; takes colds and becomes cross and peevish. Baby's Own
Tablets should bc given to keep the
little onc healthy. They regulate the
stomach and bowels and prevent or
cure colds. The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams
Medicine Co.,    Brockville, Out.
Among the reforms advocated in
Great Britain with the object of lowering the cost of living, is the. uon-
consumplion of bread until it has
becn four days old; the abolition of
aftcrnon and "pink" leas, the nation
alization of shipping, and the enforced rearing of poultry.
Money in Farminj*
Made $6,000 Profit in a Year on
Alberta Farm
"The large number of I'nited
Stales settlers coming to the western provinces of Canada arc easily
explained by the case of Mr. C. Lacy,
late of Wisconsin and later uf Alberta.
"Mr. Lacy ramc to Canada from
Wisconsin in the summer of 1914
with $1,500 available cash in his possession. Mc rented a half-section of
partly improved land in Alberta and
commenced suinincrfallov.ing. He
broke 300 acres with oats, 20 with
barley, and 260 with wheat. Also he
had two cows and 20 head of young
live slock. Hc was fortunate in buying feed at a bargain and managed to
rent lhc adjoining quarter-section as
"A few weeks ago he decided to re-
nlizc his profits���and they amounted
to $6,000 absolutely clear from the
crop and slock. Recently he purchased from lhe Canadian Pacific Kail-
way a ready-made farm in the irrigation block cast of Calgary." Saskatoon I'roeuix.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���Theodore Dorais, a
customer of mine, was complctcly
Clired of rheumatism after five years
of suffering, bv the judicious use of
Thc above facts can bc verified by
writing to him, to the Parish Priest
or any of his neighbors.
A. COTE, Merchant.
St. Isidore, Que., 12 May, '98.
Asthma No Longer Dreaded.   The
dread of renewed attacks from asthma has no hold upon those who have
learned to rely upon Dr. J. D, ICcl-
logg's Asthma Remedy. So safe do
they feel lhat complete reliance is
placed on this true specific with the
certainly thai it will always do all
that ils makers claim. If you have
nol' yet learned how safe you arc
with this preparation at hand, get it
today and know for yourself.
Useless Husbands
ln a certain provincial town where
everything is up-to-date and the people arc always planning some new
scheme, a shocking thing happened,
One of the popular society women
announced a "white elephant party."
Every guest was to bring something
that she could not find use for and
yet too good to throw away.
The party, however, would have
been a great success but for thc unlooked-for development which broke
it up.
Eleven of the 19 women brougut
their husbands.---Chicago Tribune;
When The Children Rush
In From School,      f*jk
apt��� _f]r__V_j__r_
and shout for "something gaigro    %?&?$&
to eai", cu! ofl generous  3f **'"*      ^_r s* A
gen...   .
slice:, of bread and spread  \ Ji
*J ��.w-*-4_
Twl'1 \e the children's dsll/trest. Sj _:*.-' fcr them, loo���wcndsrf'.rT*.
nourisl.inp, to b-jlld up ttielr H11I9 bo-ies ar.i help to .sso therm well
anrl atror.p, an wliole-cme forrrl should.
The mosl delicious of labia syrups for diddle CaVes, Waffles end i!oi
Biscuits.   Excellent f nr Cake and especially for Cancy mak:n..
In 2, B, 10-nd 20 pound tins.
Atalltrccers. Our r.e-.v rcrtps hcolr. "Desserts and Candles" 1! -vs
the new and right way to makes let of eocd thins.. Write fci a copy
lo cur Montreal Oflice.   Its free.
siakernJ"IJ!v White' Corn Sirup���Benson's CoittStotd.���
2.6W an.l 'Silver Glots" Laundry Starch.
Got tlie Best of It
Agnes--I hear that you and your
fiance had a light.   How did it come
Edith  (flashing her solitaire)���You
will notice that 1 am still in the ring.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Barbour: You seem warm; have
you been exercising?
Waterman: Y'ts, indeed; I went to
the mutes' dance and swung dumb-
beltes around all evening.
No Danger
Fond Father���My son is taking algebra under you this term, is he nol ?
High School Teacher���He has been
exposed to algebra, but 1 doubt if he
will take il.'���Life.
Japan is actually worrying ovcr
what she is going to do .villi her
money. Her specie reserve has long
since passed the 600,000,000,000 yen
"Beauty is but skin deep."
"Exactly, but  the  girl  with  it  lia
all the oilier girls skinned lo death.
���Baltimore American.
The next time you suffer with
headache, indigestion, biliousness or loss of appetite, try���
Lor.*.- Sale of Any Me-isina in the W,,i__
Sold ���ftsrywhe.e.   Iu boxes. 25c
A little Presbyterian church   in   ��
Scotch community apparently was
not as prosperous as it should h_rs
been, so the synod at its annua! meeting called for a general report, fa
due time the following was rcecr. ������:.
"Church extension, none; nr:��
members, none; new professions ai
faith, none; collections, none- .ilary
paid the preacher, none, Pray fos ua
that we may hold our own during lu.
coming year."
It was at.a private entertainment,
and a lady had just risen from the
"Would you like to be able to sintr
and play as I do, dear?" she- queried of a little five-year-old miss.
"No, ma'am," was the unexpected
"And why not?" asked the lady.
'���'Cause," explained the small observer, "I wouldn't like to have people say such horrid things about uie."
Hard and soft corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure, which is entirely safe lo use, and certain and
satisfactory in its action.
A professor of medicine asked one
of his students in class how much of
a certain medicine should bc administered  to  the  sufferer,
"A tablespoonful," answered the
young man.
In about a minute, however, he
raised his hand and said: "Professor,
I would like to change my answer to
that question," -
The doctor took out his watch.
"My young friend," he "remarked,
"your patient has been dead forty seconds."
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,
No Trouble There
She���Hui 1 can't cook and I hate
to wash dishes.
Me.���'Ihen I'm just the man you
ought to marry, I can'l alfurd lo buy
anything lo cook, and so wc won't
need dishes.
Internal parasites iii the shape of
worms in thc stomach and bowels
of children sap their vitality and ie
lard physical developnieni. They
keep the child in a constant slate of
unrest and if not attended to endanger life. Thc child can bc spared
[ much suffering and Ihc mother much
anxiety by lhc. best worm remedy
that can be got, Miller's Worm Powders, which arc sure death lo worms
in any shape,
W*.      N.      U.
Probable Duration of War
The Earl of Derby, who is a keen
observer of war conditions, and who
is in a position to know how things
are moving, says that only a fool
would prophecy as lo the probable
duration of the war. The British people are growing more determined In
continue the fight to a satisfactorv
conclusion, he states, while "on the
whole llie Germans appear equally
determined," Plainly the distinguished statesman in question thinks lhat
it is going lo bc a struggle to a finish,
which, barring rebellions and famine
and such things, probably means a
very long way.���Montreal Gazette,
When your enso heeomes complicated arid medicines fail, the doctor
makes a lest of the Mood pressure,
fearing that there _i_y bo Bomething
wrong with lho condition of the kid
nej-g and the action of the heart.
He realizes that when the kidney-
fail to filter the poisons from the
blood that there will be a hardening
of the arteries, and when the pres*
sure of blood comes ou they will snap
like so much deteriorated rubber-
tubing���the result ia a clot of blood
on the brain, hemorrhage In the
heart, or wherever the weak point
way be.
But vhy allow tills cotsdltlon to be
reached when you can to  readily regu
late the actlen of the lWer and kldneyi
by u.iui Dr. Chase's Kldner-Liv.r Ptlli.
Troablea of this nsture hare their
bfglnnlnj wheu, from ovsr-eatlng or lack
ot oierclse, tbt llvor goes wrong, and
throws an unduo burden on the kldneyi.
Headaches, biliousness, constipation and
Indigestion give duo warning, and by the
timely u��_ of Dr. Chase's Kldner-Llv��r
Pills there used be no further trouble.
Tho liver Is awakened to action, the
beweli regulated, and tht kidneys
strengthened ln their all-important work
by purifying the blood and thereby preventing pain and serious dlseare. Thle
ls the greatest of family medicines, because of the host of lilt that are relieved
and prevented by keeping tht liver, kidneys and bowels healthy and active.
Out pill a dose, 25 cents a box, AU
dealers, or Gdmanson, Bates t Co., Limited, Toronto.
Do not be talked Into aecep-lng ��� tab*
���titntes,   ImlteUoni dls-wolne.
The Courtenav Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
\   W  ;ky   Newi paper,   I'ubi ;ln 'i   at
Courten ir, It  '',
N. II.  BoDKK, Kditnr and lJropriel r
Subscription 81.no per Year in Advance
THURSDAY l-'Hli, '��� i,  1917
li we iliil not siv somethii g
coiii erning the caiuimi rn of ii iglit-
fultiess couditcted by the Huns in
tin' unscrupulous nml merciless
sinking of ships wilhoui warning,
ay: irdless of nation ilitv. tn tiling
passenger bout and freighter alike,
we r-lnuilil be open to ti charge "I
i,.lulling whnl ir* uppermost in the
lb oughts of lhe Urili' li people to-
duj The results this far, in the
number or vessels sunk are not
greatly in excess of tlle toll laken
of Allied shipping iliiiing llie past
few mouths. Moreover, while we
hear of our losses, including the
loss of the "California" unfortu-
ately tlie British Admiralty for
reasons of its own does nut issue
any reports of the German losses
ill submaiinesi put out of action by
the commerce protection fleet and
coast protectvie devices. Yet it
has been stated recently that the
Germans are losing on an average
of two submarines daily. The
benefits accruing to Germany are
nil, as compared with the accretion
of shame and dishonor that will
clothe the German people for centuries to come. Their stern methods during the Franco-Pruss'an
war were not forgotten when the
present conflict began, How much
longer then must the terrible atrocities of the present war be remembered, shaming the name of
German or Prussian for generation
after generation, Meanwhile the
llritish are slowly advancing in
France, slowly but grimly and
surely. The actual srains are small
as compared with the gains
that will be ultimately ours as a
result of the steady advances made
this year. A great readjustment
of tbe Gemran lines seems inevitable, that is, on the western front-
In Roiiiii;inia: the Russian-Roumanian forces are coming buck,
with the rigors of wtnler to help
them, while iu the Riga section,
the British troops are not idle, aud
are steadily going forward, doubt
less in unison with the British advance through the Holy Land- It
is no time for despair, but rather
one for unity, and a call to close
up our ranks and ''be British."
There is still a lack of seriousness
a want of unity- that tends to give
the impression that there are too
many folks in our dominion who
do not care whether the Allies triumph or not They have sacrificed nothing, done nothing, and
cared nothing concerning the war.
the men who have gone forth, and
the issues at stake. To such, we
would say with all earnestness,
' 'be Canadian," for it is lhe same
as to "be British,"
eurity ami the excellent interest return. For every $21.50 lent to
the govt. nmeiit now . $25 \\ ill be
lei in 11 I nl tiie end of three years.
There are two nlhei features
which art especially interesting lo
small investors. Hirst, lhe cer-
lificales ma' bc surrendered at any
time, ii liie buyei should need his
money: und selond, each certificate
is registered al Gtlawa in the buyers name und. if lo.st 01 st' leu, is
therefore valueless to mn one else
llu! tt lull- 1 lie) ate excellent from
an investment standpoint, the certificates should appeal strongl) to
J Canadian- hi cause Ihey o.'i'i r to
j those who must serve at home a
splendid opp< 1 luuitp for a most
important patriotic service, The
person who honestly saves to the
extent ol his bility and places bis
savings at the disposal of the Government by purchasing these cer* j
tilir-iiles, may feel thai he is having
a direct share iu feeding, equipping
and munitioning our Canadian soldiers, who are so nobly doing their
On Monday evening tbe many
friends of Mr, aud Mrs. Kirkwood
who are leaving shortly lor tbe
Prairie decided to give them a surprise party. The friends assembled
at the residence of Mr. Bubar, aud
proceeded to Mr. Kirkwood's en-
mass, carrying chairs, tables, and
a supply of good things. After the
surprise subsided, the company settled down lo have an enjoyable
evening at progressive whist. Two
hours were spei.t altogether too
quickly at cards. Refreshments
were served by the ladies of the
partv, and Mr. and Mrs, Kirkwood
became for a short time guests in
their own home. Alter the refreshments were over the event of the
evening look place when the company assembled presented Mr. aud
Mrs. Kirkwood with a .mall tokeu
of their appreciation and esteem.
The presentat'on took the form of
a haiiilsoine casse'ole. Mr. Colin
Cotnpbell, in a short speech voiced
the sentiments of their many friends
He reviewed tlie many activities of
the departing couple, mentioning
the many friendships they had formed, and hoped the token would be
valued for what it represented
more than ils intrinsic value. He
also extended them the well wishes
of ali prer-ent, aud hoped they
would succeed in their new field.
Mr. and Mis, Kirkwood replied in
short and appropriate remarks,
thanking the company and assuring them that the many friendships
thev have formed in Courlenay
would be deeply cherished and continually brought to memory by the
token presented- A very enjoyable
evening was brought to a close by
singing "God be with you till we
meet again" aud the National Anthem.
,.    eg7    Sgr?
'.       -.*.'., ���;,-;��� ��� -    .���������'���-.���.
"*> ^_t_..'Z_..
Spring Showing
Wash Goods
In Zephyrs, Oiugiiaius, Prints, Per*
cnles, Orgn-ulies, Prim.-.1 Voiles,
India II".nl, Piques, I' 'pps, '.'aliileas
Wash Skirts
Piques, Bedford Cord and Linen
/Wash Skirls in the newest Spring
St) Ies,
Middy Waists
I,;i lies' and Misses' Middy Waists,
in Plain nud Belted Styles, with
Striped Collar and Cuffs iu Illuc
Piiil; uml Black Stripes, Inst colors.
Also in all white.
House Dresses
Two-piece house dresses iu nerit pal-
terns with fancy muslin collars and
Speeiiil value ill one-piece house
dresses of self color clinriibray, trimmed wiih pique nnd unlocking.
Silk Poplin Underskirts in all shades
Also summerweight women's underskirts in all shinies.
Dress Goods
In Shepherd's Plaids nud broken
checks, Tweed Suitings and Poplins
ill all shades. Voiles nud Costume
Velveteens in all shinies.
Children's Pinafores and Dresses.
Boys' Buster and wash suits.
Men's Dept.
W. G. & R. Shirts
Men's Best quality Cambric Shirts
Sell-colors, l'aiicy Stripes und hlack
and white stripes, soft front and
French cuff, .Men's 'port shirts, in
plain collars, ulso with striped collars iu fine cambric and silk mixture
Complete I/ines of new Spring
Styles of Invictus. Shoes, " The
Best Hood Shoe for Men,"
Hats and Caps
Newest Spring styles ill Men's and
Boys' Kelt lints in all tlle leading
Shapes and shades, "ilea's Tweed
Caps in Cheeks and Plaids and Novelty Spurt Patterns.
A Complete Stock of Men's and
Hoys' Saudford's Ready-to-Wear
Clothing at popular price .
New Spring samples of Campbell's
Made-to-Measure Clothing, Style
and Fit Guaranteed,
The new War Savings Certificates which have been created by
the Government to encourage thrift
and economy and to give everyone
an opportunity to aasist in financing our war expenditure, are now
on sale at every bank and money
order post office in Canada. The
J_5 certificates sell for Sji 50, the
$50 for ?4,., and the i*""> for   $86,
As an investment these certificate
offer many attractive features���
chief of which are the absolute se-
Tenders Wanted
Tenders will be received by tlie undersigned up to noon ol Wednesday, February 28th, 1917. lor the erection ol a
store building on Union street; for Mr.
J. B. Bailey, Plans and specifications
may be seen at aiy office. Lowest or
any tender not necessarily rccepted.
Courtenay, Feb. 14, 1917. I
Tenders  Wanted
Tenders will be received by tlle nnder-
I signed up to noon of Wednesday, February 28tll for the erection of 11 wire fence
for Mrs. Lewis. Particulars id my
ollice. I.invest nr any tender not necessarily accepted.
Courtenay, Reb, 14, l*M7.
YOU Need
a New Spring Suit
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Through Passenger Trains eave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Steamship tickets on alljlines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill, Pnueofer Agent, Victoria
Agent Cu1.rlm.1y, Phone R 60
Samples for 1917 are uow ou
band. Styles are'becomiug
more moderate, the best dressed men are not wearing "pegs"
uow. The " Pind-back " is
very dressy, a real smart thing
for young men.
You can have your suit
made right here, or I have
agencies for lhe '' The Very
Best Canadian Tailors," Be
Patriotic, support l'ritish Industries.
I do repairing, cleaning and
Tailor to Women and Men
Rumors concerning additional
taxation to be levied iby the provincial government are not at all
scarce and tlie latest reports indicate that automobiles may be taxed
in order to supplement llie present
revenue, while the income tax is to
be enforced and arrears collected.
No one will oliject to paying the
necessary levies in order to enable
the province to pay its way, a.id
until such time .-is the natural resources bring in the amount of
money required to meet provincial
expenses. It would be well for
those who can pay taxes that are
in arrears at the present time to
make a point of paying them at an
early date and so lighten the burden
the government is called upon to
-   carry.
" The Flour With the Guarantee "
P '"-,"      lour money refunded it not
the equal of any other flour
manufactured,     irrespective
of Price.
Crown and   Bridge Work
Painless Extraction
Fees Moderate All Work Guaranteed
Office Open Tuesday, January 9th
Touring $495 ;   Runabout $475
F. O. B. Ford, Ont.
E. C. Emde, Dealer for Comox District
Auto, Launch, Motor Cycle, Gas Engine and
Bicycle Supplies,   Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
Talk Into the Telephone
Telephone plants are designed to enable the tele-ilione user to talk with
ease. The best results are obtained when the lips are very close to the
telephone. II the Telephone Company designed its plant so as to permit ol everyone speaking with their lips Irom six to eight inches away
Irom the telephone, tlie cost would be more than doubled,
Unilei sucli conditions, Lobr Distance talking would be Impossible,
Besides, the greater mst ol tli. Investment would necessarily be met by
the telephone-using public,
Tliu telephone is ninile to be talked int", not to lie talked at.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
l'racticul Shoemaker aud Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   Irom   Lending  Musicians
Irom tlie Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of smile furnished on request
\V. J. Goard   will lie   iu this city   about
Oct.     1.     Leave orders  nt this  Office,
or write direct to
845 ?lb Ave, W.   -   Vancouver
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of   Horse   Illiinkets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc,
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Tobac cos
Swan's 0W StJ-nd, Courten .y ir
B_i7-_a jr^ut
m\ff &?&���
_ \j    .7   tLm <W
���:'_a /">��*-; -���'*:IE'��*"-1
_T    A i       ) '..'.
_,:. *-
idc e1"*'
Principal repayable 1st Octobor, 1919.
Intorest payablo half-yoarly, 1st April and 1st Octobor by cheque (free of exchanno at
any chartorod Bank in Canada) at tho rate of fivo por cont por annum from tho dato of
Holders of this stock will havo tho privilege of surrendering at par and accruod interest,
as tho oquivalont of cash, in payment of any allotment made undor any future war loan issuo
in Canada other than an issuo of Troasury Bills or other like short dato security.
Procoods of this stock aro for war purposes only.
A commission of ono-quartor of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and
stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications for this stock which bear their
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
"Produce more i.i 1917"    Hon. Martin Burrell, Dominion Minister of Finance.
WE are exteneln r our already extensive field seed business for
1917. It is the desire of the Canadian Government that the
people produce as much as possible during the ensuing year,
and we are arranging with the leading dealers throughout Britisii
Columbia and Alberta to carry a complete line of ROYAL
STANDARD FIEDD SKEDS. These seeds are the choicest it is
possible to secure in the World's Markets. They are Government
inspected and carefully selected for purity.
Seeds should be purchased early 89 prices inevitably advance as
the Season progresses. In all probability the market will be short
and it will be difficult later in the year to make purchases.
Order ROYAI, STANDARD Field Seeds NOW. If your dealer
cannot supply you write us and we will ship to you direct,
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.
I beg toJannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fe<r d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
Tlie suit brought against Mr. J.
de L Lawrence, of Lazo, to declare
him a partner ot W- J* McKean,
formerly of Courtenay, has been
decided against the assignee, the
Judge finding that Mr. Lawrence
had signed the document at the
behest of Mr. Hoff. Manager of
the Royal liauk, in order to save
the bank against loss in its dealings
with Mr. McKean.
Repairs were started at the wharf
this week.
Capt, Gilchrist was back on the
Charmer again for a few days, but
owing to illness is being relieved by
Capt. Campbell.
A. B. Ball's sale last week was a
great success. Mr. Ball is a firm
believet in printer's ink.
Everybody is glad to see Miss
cirli. Downey home every week
end. She is teaching at Sandwick
where her services are much appreciated.
The many friends of Frank Everett regret his long iluess at the
hospital where he is improving
very slowly,
Boy's suits size 23 to 30, at cost
at Moore's.
John Yensen has left Comox.
He was of a quiet disposition, and
his many friends wish him success-
He has gone to California to take
up work there.
Alfred Morris from the camps,
who has been at the hospital suffering with frozen feet, is improving
very slowly,
Simply a little rub with a doth k eps the highly I .,-
���    led cooking top alv  ; i ������:.'   -   ing, dus less clean, without blacking; in lour pic e.. it cannot warp or bulge.
Ml ������.   -mvli
It won't be hard to decide what range you want in your
kitchen after I show you the Kootenay's special features.
Forsale by C. H. Tarbell &. Son, Courtenay
A very pretty wedding was solemnized at the home of Mrs. Geo.
Griev.i Wednesday morning Feb,
7th,1 when Berkley Grieve and
Mary A, Robertson were united in
the bonds of holy matrimony by
the Rev. T, Menzies, The gloom
was bom in New Brunswick, and
when quite young came with his
parents to Comox valley, and has
gained the esteem of the entire
neighborhood, Tlie bride is a
native of Prince Edward Island
by profession a school teacher, and
taught at Sandwick with great acceptance for a year and four months
The ceremony was performed in
the midst of a host of relations of
the groom, and the bride was the
recipient of nianv useful and costly presents. After the ceremony
the happy couple motored to the
C. P, R. station; where they were
given a roval send off by their
numerous friends, After a tour of
the sound cities they will make
their home in the valley.
Notes by the Way
The following figures are evidence of Canada's expanding trade
and deal with expoits of merchandise (as apart from grid and botll-
1915 i��i6
Australia $5.234,659 ��8,255,242
New Zealand 2,817,373 3,736,319
U. S. 186,858,984 247,984.238
U.K.      251,021,871   656,504,836
New Zealand gives Canada a
preference, hence the relatively
greater trade as compared with
Australia. Australia is offering a
preference iu raw materials 10
Canada, in exchange for a similar
privilege. If such were arran^id
our trade with Australia would
jump. The great expansion iu
exports to the Mother Country is
due to foodstuffs-- and munitions,'
and should send a proud thrill
lirongli every Canadian.
The above figures represent a
trade activity that must be making
a ripple even iu the back waters.
In other words, the Comox district
must be already feeling the benefit
of the sustained revival in trade,
with every hope of still better results.
The 230th Forestry Battalion
has sately arrived in the Old Country. There are many B. C, men
iu its ranks, and there are many
yet who could go as 11011 combat-
tants if they are unfit to fight or
too old to puss llie doctor.
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach  &
I have just installed a cider mill
and am   prepated  to   make  cider;
every day.    Bring your apples aud
cider vessels.
L. DUNHAM.     I
Presbyterian Church
St-  Andrews'   Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday  School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a.m.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
Barrister ami Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
Cumberland Hotel
Oooil Accomodation      Cosine Bxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Palace Livery
Horses   and   Uuggies   for   Hire   _
Terms cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 25
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
Cleaning and
$1.25 up
��� SO
Rep siring, Ktc.
Geuts clothe, kept in order by the
month fZ,S0
Haney  I. Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenay
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 0. Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
The Blacksmithing Business carried on bv McKenzie & Mooring
has been dissolved. The business
will be carried on in future by the
undersigned, to whom all accounts
are payable. First-Class work is
still the watchword at thisjshop.'jg,
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed anil Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
Bovril makes otlirr fooils notirith
you. It lun a Bodybuilding power
proved equal to horn 10 to 20 timet
the aimuiiii ol bovril taken.
Canadian Potatoes
In the United States
Allowed to Enter U.S.A. at Any Port
Without Inspection
Western Canada is now shipping
S considerable quantity of potatoes j
into the United States. It is interesting lo nolo, in regard lo this, that tbe
United States has jusl made new regulations as to the admission of this
commodity. Hitherto, the regulations
have called for lhe inspection of all
imported potatoes at llic port of entry, certain ports only to bc used;
now, Canadian potatoes will bc able
to enter at any port and without inspection, the shipper signing a certificate that they are commercially
sound and do not contain more than
a specified proportion of tubers
showing traces of designated diseases. The United Slates will issue
permits to American importers to accept these Canadian consignments
without inspection, providing the
shipper's certificate is forthcoming,
Stan* ol Oliio. City of Toledo,
Lucas  County, ss.
Fr.tnk J. Cheney makes, on!*! fhsri tie is
���enior partner of the firm of F. J. Client-/
*\ Co , doing burliness in the City of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that paid
firm will pay the sura ol ONE HUNDRED
HOLLARS for each and every c_se ot Ca-
laitli thai cannot be cured by tho use ol
.Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
ipte-.cnce, this l.th day of December, A. D.
1*886. A. W, GLEASON,
(Seal) Noiary Public*.
llnli s Catarrh Cur- is taken internally and
���cts thioueh the Illood on the Mucous Sur.
laics of  lhe  System.     Send  for   iraliomniaU:
F. J. CHENEY t.- CO., Toledo, a
fjcld by  all  druggist!,  75c
Mall's  Family   Pills for _B_stip_*u*_.
Birth and Environment
Environment  Has as Much  to  Do
With Formation of Character
as Birth or Race
When there was some tall; of
Bonar Law being Prime Minister, lie
was described as a Canadian, but we
cannot say that our hearts .swelled
with pride at the prospect. Ue is not
really a Canadian. Me war, born hcrr,
but all the formative years of his life
were spent in Great Britain. In the
same way a boy born in Great Britain and coming out to Canada at
twelve years of age, ii a Canadian by
ihe lime he is as old a.s Bonar Law,
or sooner.
Environment has .is much lo do
villi thc formation of character as
birth or race. The Englishman is a
product of environment, lie was at
home on ihc sei because he was an
islander, lie became an explorer and
a colonist because his island home
was too small to allow scope for bis
Under new surroundings men *c-
ipiire a new point of view. The
Canadian in Saskatchewan is in many
respects different from the Ontario
Canadi.ii. Nationality is a blend, of
which the elements are environment
and race.���Toronto Star.
������. mily und ���__ i.1 !.-*. i. sy ��� ��� ��� ��� *'��� t win
Tor Sale by All Dcaltn
XtooOLAS tt Co.. Pit*.'ra  Nap-nc.. Oat
Gasoimc Engines for Russia
That tbe Russians have made extensive plans for establishing easily
adjustable rail communication between various divisions of their fighting armies and between the armies
and the supply bases, is shown bv
thc fact lhat lhe Russian government
lias ordered 350 liquid-feed locomotives of a special type from a Philadelphia locomotive works. These
trar.iors weigh seven and a half ton;;
each and run on tracks approximately 29 l-_ inches wide. These narrow-
gauge tracks can be moved about
easily. According to Russian officials
the engines may be used in the
trenches as well as at the rear. Eacn
has a pulling capacity of from 25 to
50 tons, depending on lhc condition
of the track.���Popular Mechanics.
Wetland, Ont.���"I nm most pleased to
say that Or. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip-
*"-C*?___. t,'on ^'aB Pr0VC('
&;:m itself a first-class
*i*"*-_^a* remedy. I was
run-down, weak
arid played out, and
needed "a woman's
tonic.   1 have just
Co-operative Turkeys
The province of Saskatchewan has
two co-operative poultry killing and
marketing stations, onc at Regina
and the other at Saskatoon. Last,
year 27,038 pounds of poullry were
marketed under this plan, wilh only
one station. Advance payments ere
made upon lhc receipt of the birds,
a! llie rate of 15 cents per pound for
chickens, etc., the balance being payable on a monthly statement.
Trial Is Inexpensive. - - To thosr
who suffer from dyspepsia, indigestion, rheumatism or any ailment arising from derangement of the digestive syslem, a trial of Parmelce's
Vegetable Pills is recommended,
should thc sufferer be unacquainted
with them. The trial will bc inexpensive and the result will bc another
customer for this excellent medicine,
So efTeclivc is llieir anion that many
cures can certainly bc traced lo their
use where oilier pills have proved m-
The Purpose of Reading
Books are lor the scholar's idle
limes. When he can read God directly, thc hour is loo precious to be
waisled in other men's transcripts of
their readings, Bul when the Intervals of darkness come, as come they
must���when the sun is bid, and'ibe
Stars withdraw their shining���we repair to the lamp.* which were kindled
by their ray, lo guide our steps to the
east again, where tie dawn is. Wc
hear, that we may speak. The Arabian proverb sny*,: "A fig tr.e, looking on a fig tree, becometh fruiL-
jrrrr'ji finished using one
bottle. I feel much
nt ronger and better.
S Can eat better and
am less nervous.
You may say that
'Favorite Prescription' is just the medicine for tired-out,
worn-out women. R dom wonders for
them."���Mrs, Geo, 1'i.axiga.., E. Main
and State Sta., Wetland, Out.
If you Buffer from hot flashes or dizziness, fainting spells, hyatoria, headache,
or nervousness you nre not beyond rebel.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
directed to the real cause and promptly
removes the disease, and thereby brings
comfort in the. place of prolongecl misery.
It has been .old by druggists for nearly
HO years, in fluid form, at .1.00 per bottle,
giving general satisfaction. It can now
be had in sugar-coated i ablet, form. Sold
by all medicino dealers or trial box by
mail on receipt of 50 cents in stamps.
Every sick woman may consult ua by
letter, absolutely without charge.
Write without fear as witnolit fee, to
Faculty of the Invalids' Hotel, Dr. V. M,
fierce, President, WA Main .St., Buffalo,
Dr. Pierce's Pellets are unequalod as a
Liver Pill. Smallest, easiest In lake. Onc
tiny Sugar-coaled Pellet a Dose. Cure
Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Dizzi-
ucfs, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious
Attacks, nud nil doraogi ment of the Liver,
Bloimiuh nuj Boweli.
W.      N.
National Organization of Women
While there is no lack of women
workers iu the old country, here is
a very distinct, lack of organization
in the utilization of a huge reserve
power, according to the ieadcrs of
the movement for a national organization of women labor. The facl
that there were over 800 applicants
for the ten vacancies recently offered to women by a certain branch
of lhe. War Office is a very eloquent
proof of this; while llic astounding
knowledge that of the 80,000 women
"V.A.I I.'s" only 12.000 arc engaged
in military hospitals, and aboul '10,000
arc giving whole or part time in
auxiliary and "V.A.D." hospitals adds
indisputable evidence of the readiness of women to heir the country
and take their pari,
Sask. School Children Help Belgians
'lhe school children of Saskatchewan have subscribed $25,766,36 for
the relief of the children of Belgium,
Of the total amount, 723 small country schools contributed an average ol
$31.73 each.
Must Conquer
Or Be Conquered
Not    Since    Barbarian    Days  Have
Deeds of Germany Been
What lias been done in Belgiun*
has also been done in Poland and
northern France. First the occupied
territory was stripped of food, and
then thc alternative of death or of
service under German taskmasters
was offered. Those slow about indicating a preference for the second
were seized ami carried away. Not
since barbarian days has such a
thing been done.
German military necessity is great,
and a state, a.s Bcrnhardi was at
pains to establish, is not bound by
moral considerations. "Pity," says
Nietzsche, "is weakness." Germany
needs workers for her munition factories or for ber fields to produce
food for her armies and her munition
workers. So she disregards the restraints of international law and humanity. The baby-killers of lhc
Zeppelins, the slaughter of the Lusi-
trinia passengers, the enslavement of
the Belgians���these things are all expressions of the same spirit. Ihis
spirit is of such an nature that it
must conquer or bc conquered,���
New York Globe and Coiiicrciainl Advertiser.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures Garget in
The Business Man (to appli
for a situation): Ves, we're sh
handed, but what use do you tl
you'd be in an office?
The Applicant: Well, guv'nor,
wot ycr might call a orl-round us
sort o' man���light a match for
'old a door open, ring Iher bell
llicr lift, look an' see if it's left
rainiu', and lell people ycr out w
yer ain't.
Internally and Externally It Is
Good. ��� lhe crowning property of
Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is that it
can bc used internally for many complaints as well as externally. F'or
sore throat, croup, whooping cough,
pains in the chcsl, colic and many
kindred ailments it has curative qualities lint are unsurpassed, A bottle
of it costs little and there is no loss
in having it at hand.
Concerts Through the Air
A nightly musical program ro;i-isl
ing of operatic selections, popular'
dance music, sentimental songs, Hawaiian medleys, and stirring band
and orchestra phonograph offerings,
interspersed with war bulletins and
important world happenings, emanate
from the radio experimental laboratory of Dr. Lee DeForcst at High-
bridge, N.Y. In point of clearness
il is said thai the xylophone and the
accordcon arc among the besl instruments for wireless transmission, although the brass band and lln: human
voice, especially if sporano, oft-times
arc equally clear to all the listening
amateur stations. To transmit the
human voice by wireless telephone
lhe speaker or operator talks into an
ordinary microphone, In thc case of
the musical selection, on the oilier
hand, the microphone is placed inside lire cabinet of a phonograph,
where it can get the full volume of
A Letter from Stefans*on
The Explorer    Confesses That    lie
Had Ambitions Once to Be
a Poet
Stefansson, explorer, who recently
sent a message to civilization from
somewhere beyond the Arctic circle, once hoped in become a greal
poet. He was a great admirer of
William Vaughn .Moody, who, lie
said, "did tne a great service." ihi,
says llie explorer, "bis 'Gloucester
Mo irs' and 'We Stood in Shelter
From llie Sturm' showed me tlnn
when such wns the standard' of po-
etry my work could never rise above
vrrre. Rut (or thai I mighi now be
writing second class vcrsi iu time
unfairly taken from some work al
which .1 would be useful."
The above confession is contained
iu a letter received recently by ,i
member uf the Outlook's staff, who
declined in l'M3 an otter from Stefansson lo become a member of llu
present expedition, Parts of the lei
ter arc published in the Outlook,
Speaking of the results of his c>
pcdilion, Stefansson says: "Whnt I
shall have to show is as yet uncertain. Tragedy has already 'alien on
t'S, though I have nevi i come in
close touch wilh il myself ���- thosr:
who are dead were losl where I was
not. The true facts of those traced-
ies will probably never be publicly
known, nor would explanations ami
facts bring back those who an; dead."
usually stops a stubborn
cough or chest cold when
ordinary specifics fail.
It helps strengthen the
lungs and throat���adds
energy to the blood���and
gives the system the force
to help resist disease.
|  Use SCOTT'S
1 Refuse Substitutes
Telling How to Actually (Jure
lhis Painful Malady
This article is for the man or woman who suffers from rheumatism
who wants to bc cured, not merely relieved���but actually cured. Thc most
the rheumatic sufferer can hope for iu
rubbing something on llie lender, aching joint, is a little relief. No lotion
or liniment ever did or can make a
cure. The rheumatic poison is rooted
in the blood. Therefore rheumatism
can only bc cured when tllis poisonous acid is diriven out of thc blood.
Any doctor will lell you lhis is true.
If you want something that will go
right to the root of the trouble in tin:
blood take Dr. Williams Pink Pill:-.
They make new, rich blood which
drives out the poisonous acid and
cures rheumatism to stay cured. The
truth of these statements has been
proved in thousands of cases throughout Canada, and lhc following cure is
a striking instance, ilrs. F, M, Simpson, R, R, No. 1, Blenheim, Ont., says:
"For a long time I was confined to
my bed, and actually crippled with
rheumatism. The trouble lirst located
in my ankle���which was much swollen. I thought it might bc a sprain,
but the doctor said it was rheumatism and advised mc to go to bed so
lhat the trouble would not bc aggravated. 1 did as directed, bul instead
of getting better it spread first io
my right knee, then lo my left knee,
and then to my arm-. The limbs were
much swollen, and if 1 moved them
caused me'considerable pain. 1 seemed to get weak in other respects and
fell off in weight from 156 to HO
pounds. 1 had no appetite nnd seemed to lose interest in everything. Onc
day while reading a paper 1 came
across lhc case of a rheumatic sufferer cured by using Dr. Williams'
Pink I'ills. I decided to try them ar.d
rent lor three boxes. By the time
these were gone I had certainly begun to iniproye, and with help was
abb: to get up. Continuing tlie use of
the pills I was first able to go about
with the use of a crutch, which, later
J discarded for a cane, and then
through the use. of the pills I was
able to throw aside, the cane as well,
and go about as briskly as I bad ever
done. I feel that Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills have becn a blessing lo mc, and
1 strongly recommend them to othci
similar sufferers."
You ran procure these pills through
any dealer in medicine or get them
b\ mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Ont.
.cell & BOWttl, Yorenl., Out.
iiomiiing as a Science
Pom ing Bombs Down a Chimney-
Slaek Cleared Out the
Bombing is now one of the sciences
of war. Due moment, writes a corporal, a bomber will be burrowing
towards his quarry like a mole. He
will work out his sap in.cunning sc-
cretiveness towards bis prey. Having made his lair thus, be will wait
and observe lhe domestic habits of
his victim. There arc bombers *ho
do not hesitate to creep into the hca.t
of the enemy territory at night. It
was a bomber who played chief part
iu a lillle ruse dc guerre by which
many Germans were discomfited.
The Bochcs wcrc ensconced in a
house ruin. They had a machine-
gun, and wcrc easy to get at close
quarters, Bul after nightfall a Bti-
tish machine-gun was trained wiih
delicate care upon the door of that
house, A bomber crept in, and,
working bis way forward by devious
routes, came actually to the back of
the house. He climbed up on to its
battered roof, and from this vanlage
point he began a steady cascade of
bombs through roof-holes and cbim-
ney-stack upon the. startled Gcrmani
beneath. When they rushed out of
thc front door the machine-gun was
ready for them. That house held no
Germans in the morning. And the
only request that bomber had made
wli en he started on his hair-raising
adventure was to ask the machine-
gunner lo "Keep it pretty low, old
boy, and well towards the front side
of thc bouse, or you'll 'get mc,' my
buck, not Fritz."
Worms sap the strength and undermine the vitality of children. .Strengthen them by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator to drive out the
"Now, Bobbie, didn't your conscience tell you thai you had done
wrong?" "No'm-   I knew il already."
"I om seeking an honest mnn���"
staled Diogenes. "Yes, sir! Almshouse right ovcr here, sir."
The Call of the Navy
The story of the British navy is A
record of heroism and service to humanity unparalleled in the annals of
history. For centuries the British
navy has been tlie dominant factor in
keeping not only Great Britain and
the Empire, but the whole English-
speaking world and its democratic
allies, such as France, free from lor-
eigu aggression. The greatest naval
officers of the United States have attributed the failure of Germany to
plant her iron heel on the American
continent to the British navy, stard-
ing behind the Monroe doctrine and
making that "scrap of paper" a bulwark of steel.���Montreal MaiL
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Passenger in train���-How did ibis
accident happen?
Guard���Someone pulled the cotd
and slopped the train, and the express
ran into us. It will take five hours to
clear the line for us to go ahead.
Passenger��� Five hours? I was to
be married today!
Guard ( a maried mat', sternly)���
Look here. Are you the chap thai
stopped the train?
When you pay the pvice of first quality sugar, why not
be sure that you get it ? There is one brand in Canada
which has no second quality���that's the old reliable Redpath,
"Let Redpath Sweeten it." $
iwootwZl*.*,; Made in one tirade only���the highest! OS
Peace River Country is Now an Integral Part of Producing
Canada, Served With TRree Hundred Miles of Railways, and
Having a Population of Fifteen Thousand
. ���_ o-  	
II.id the Canadian Pacific. Rallwa*
Company continued its original inl :iv
lions 30 yearn ago when it went to
great cosl to hav a survey line run
From Winnipeg \ in Edmonton
through the Peace tUver country and
on  through  lhe   Peace  Pass over the
Rockies, ihen down the Frascr lo
Vancouver, ibis story could have been
written long ago, and the world would
have known much earlier of thc val
Icj of lhe Peace as one of the rlchc I,
most fertile Bcctions of lho Dominion,
Whal a lillle thing frequently turns
thc destinies of human beings. I iin
wise what a little thing often turns
iiie dcslhiles of a country, Thirty
years ago the railroad builders were
used lu studying a map of Canada
across which was marked a red bell,
reaching from lhe International
Boundary line lo a little above Calgary. This belt was marked, "llic
fertile bell," and lln: intimation was
so well believed that lo suggest building a line out of or beyond :1s boundary, was to court ridicule. The 'real
liiie then building refused to lake its
land grants beyond tlie margin of this
supposed "fertile bell." Years previously the Hudson's Bay Company
had kepi within lhe fertile belt iu
choosing the land it was lo retain in
the sale of its holdings lo the Dominion.
Time dragged on indefinitely before
it was discovered tbat grain would
grow here as fine as in any country
in the world, and there was an abundance of the "plains" wailing for
settlement. Therefore, it is not lo
bc wondered at that even with a
steady flow of settlers thirty yc.vs
would be required to fill the southern
valleys and plains of the province of
Alberta. It was not within the nature
af things tbat the Peace should havc
its turn at settlement until these more
iccessible sections wcrc pretty well
Blh d up.
ils turn came, however. For many
years men of vision kept their eyes
on thc great valley that lay along "the
big river of the north. They read
every little scrap of evidence as to ils
fertility. They buttonholed the travellers who returned from its inner recesses. Newspapers primed ;.!1 the
information they could get nold of
and in time almost all the civilized
world had heard of the wonderful va'
Then onc day without any .loisc or
clamor, there started from Edmonton
the two steel rails pointing north?
This was five years ago. People
knew very little of the mail behind
the scheme, only ihey knew he had a
vision, and notwithstanding many
ventures along the .same line had
been started and failed, there was a
general feeling that this man would
For lhc few years previous lo this
lime hardy pioneers had been venturing inlo lhe country and were already beginning to produce bountifully from the virgin soil. The starting of actual stcei laying gave a new
impetus to lhc movement so that by
the spring of 1914 many of lhc different sections of the great valley h.d
settlements of considerable size, and
farming operations had been pushed
on until it was felt that the experimental point has been well passed.
The laud was yielding as they had
been told it could and would, and
flock was doing so splendidly that
every settler was trying his best to
increase his herds.
Year by year lhc line of steel crept
north, It crossed ihc Athabasca, (r
skirled the hundred miles of Lesser
.Slave Lake. It divided at Round
Lake, sending onc branch to the ullage of Peace River, tlie other branch
going to Grande Prairie, and liie
main line continuing to Spirit  River.
Year  by  year,   loo,  the  inflow    of
-Cillers continued, Trading posts were
established, villages sprang up, rural
centres were formed, mail route., c-
tablislicd, school districts were form
td anil churches were built. In tin
meantime teams of oxen and horses
were slipping thr: breaking plo s
llirougli the black sod and crops wcrc
planted, There was no disappoin*.
ment for in every case where ordmarv
care was exercised the reward was
Today the Peace River country Is
in integral part of producing Canada,
wilh fifteen thousand people of tlle
right sort, every onc of whom believe
firmly that it is thc best place on
earth, and are ready to back .bat bc-
liel wilh both labor and capital.
What the Peace Offers
A few facts concerning lhis praise.
worthy country:
'  The Peace has within its boundaries three, hundred  miles of railroad.
ll has a half dozen villages .villi
from two hundred to seven hundred
It has five religious denominations,
carrying on church and social work,
11 has several school districts established and in first-class running
Order, al least two of which havc high
���cliool facilities.
It has eight elevators along its
railroad lines.
It has every kind of domestic stock
from chickens to horses, each one -if
which finds in the Peace a natural
It has ihe finest lot of neighbors
ymi ever dwell among,
ll has yet plenty of lirsl -clas .
homesteads for you and for many
It has an "il well from which flov 9
n al "il from Nature's springs.
Charming School
Songs in Genuany
Teutonic   Schoolmasters  Inculcating
Beautiful Ideas In the Youth
Here are Iwo translations of Oerman children's school songs, that arc
being sung daily. I'olh of ihem arc
creations of the war; bulb written by
schoolmasters. The particularly offensive song about King Edward arid
England is principally sung by girls
��� lhc future mothers of Germany!
"Uh England, oh England, how
great arc thy licsl However great
thy crimes, lliou chcatest llic gallows.
Ofl Edward, oh Edward, thou model
Prince. Thou badsl nothing kingly
in thee, thou vain fop!"
"Over there in the cowardly
trenches lies tbe. enemy. We attack
him, and only a dog will say that
pardon should bc given loday. Strike
dead everything which prays for
mercy. Shoot everything down like,
dogs. More enemies, morc enemies,
bc our prayer in this hour of retribution."���D, T. Curtin, in the London Times.
Screenings Go Across Border
Americans Eager Buyers and Product
Comes Back as Patent
Thai nil i'onl seeds taken from grain
at Fort William and Port Arthur
should be confiscated by the government and converted inlo meal for the
use of stock raisers and dairyment of
the west, is the opinion emphatically
expressed by W. A. Mathcson, of tne
Lake of the Woods .Milling Company.
He said lhis valuable material was
being sent to .Michigan and Wisconsin
by shiploads, where it was enriching
llic fanners of those states engaged
in the livestock industry, while our
farmers were badly in need of it.
"Our screenings arc compensating
the farmers of Michigan and Wisconsin for the loss of their pine forests,"
said Mr. .Mathcson, "and for the life
of me 1 cannot understand what our
farmers organizations arc thinking
of. If ihey would look after matters
like this instead of spending so much
time trying to remedy real or fancied
troubles by legislation they ivould be
belter off.
"If I were llie minister of agriculture 1 would confiscate all these
screenings and put them in a small
inexpensive plant to convert them into meal lo bc shipped back to lhc
prairies to be fed to slock on the
farms. A lot of grain cars have io
bc brought back empty and I am sur.
the railway companies would be glad
Jo haul the meal for a dollar a ton.
To this would have to bc added the
cosl of grinding so that farmers
would be able to secure il at a nominal price.
"American buyers are now paying
ton  for the stuff at  the    lake
trout elevators, a fart that indicate.,
its value as a stock food. The Grain
Growers' Grain Company sell their
screenings to lhc Slates the same as
olhcr conipnnics, lhc $6 a Ion evidently looking better to them than the
needs of the western farmers, However, as none of llie grain dealing
companies appear lo interest llieni-
sclves in the mailer, I think lhe government should lake thc action I
Last slimmer we alone sold 180,00(1
bushels of wild nats io American
buyers. This will give you an idea
ofthc quantity of screenings thai is
being shipped out every yean���hey
go by shiploads. I have no "doubt that
our farmers arc buying much of tin's
stuff back in the form of patent stock
foods at fancy prices by the sack or
cake, while Ihey should bc getting il
lor a couple of dollars a ton or less.
1 would advise lhat it be kept out jf
private hands entirely. I believe that
James D. McGregor, of Brandon,
called attention to this matter some
time ago, bul uo attention was paid
to it, so far as t know."
_ An old man's cleverness at whill-
ing has led up to the establishment of
such great toy manufacturing plants
at Winchendon, Mass., as to give it
some chance of taking away from
Nurcmburg its old claim to be the
toy-making centre of the world.
A German banker of repute has
written an open letter to tlie Kaiser
inviting him to study the depreciation
of tlie mark in the neutral countries
of the world, and warning, him against tbe incurring of debt wilh future
securities as the chief r.sset
German Undersea
"Blaekhole" Disagreeable
Experience   of  Ship   Captains Who
Were Captured by a Submarine
A grim talc is told by Captain Cur
tis, of ibe American steamer Columbian, which was destroyed by a tier-
man submarine. Captain Curtis
says: "My ship carried a cargo nt
about 9,000 Urns and n crew oi 109,
We were all saved. I stopped on
the demand of the submarine, whose.
commander ordered me to abandon
my ship with the crew immediately,
which we did without other baggage
than two satchels with documents
and money.
"Submarine IT-IP nl once lire, two
torpedoes at the. Columbian, which
Immediately sank. The crew were
lefl     in   lho  lifeboats,     while   I   was
taken mi board ihe submarine, which
plunged immediately afterwards
"I was taken inlo the quartcrmas
'er's small  cabin, where   I  found the
captains of the Setanio and    l3nlto,
After mc    came die captain  of tlie
.Norwegian ship Fordalo.
The cabin was very small. ll
contained a lillle folding table n
folding chair and three wall bunks.
All were permeated with the odor
of ben.inc. There was no communication with the exterior cabin. H
was absolutely dark bolh by nighl
and day.
"Wc were given each morning a
few morsels of black bread, a cup
of coffee, and a small portion of bad
butter. At noon we had stew made
of canned meat and soup. Supper
was at 10, consisting of colTec or tea,
with butter or marmalade, flours
passed in this narrow prison, very
long and disagreeable. The captain
of the_ submarine was a man about
.'iu, while the crew of AO sailors wcrc
all very young and were dressed in
shiny leather clothing."
They were allowed at intervals between the operations of tlie .iibmar
ine to go on deck and smoke a cigarette. They were watched by members of the crew armed with revolvers, but when they went below thc
crew put aside their weapons. There
was only one chair in the cabin,
which tlie captains used in turn,
otherwise lhcy lay down in their
_ The submarine signalled to lhc
Swedish steamer Varing, when 13
miles off the Spanish port of Cam-
arin'a, towards noon on the Dili. _ be
steamer stopped and was ordered to
take on board the captains and land
them. She was also ordered lo take
on board thc crews of lhe. Columbian
and of the Norwegian steamers at
the same time.
All were welcomed on board the
Varing'. The submarine watched
the operation and Ihen ordered llic
Varing to make direct for lhe coast,
six miles from Camarina. The British consul at Cormina visited the
survivors and gave all possible assistance.
(.11 cat National Work is in I lands of a Well Organized Stall", Who
Are Attending (o nil Details in Connection with Curing und
Providing for Returned Soldiers
What C nada Haa Done
By C. W. Eliot, President Emeritus
of Harvard
The Canadian people have made
three important contributions to the
moral influences of lhc great war in
lime to conic. They havc demonstrated:
That a free and vigorous people,
given to both agriculture and manufacturing, which has never maintained a profession of arms or a professional army, can develop in six
monihs lo a year a democratic army-
of high martial spirit and great efficiency.
That love of free institutions and
love of country are motives strcng
enough lo induce lhc mass of a free
people to relinquish temporarily llic
usual liberty of the individual and
some precious public liberties, in order that the Stale may conduct a
just and necessary war with thc utmost energy.
That Canada is taking, and is to
lake, her full share in unifying and
consolidating the world-wide British
Commonwealth, and in putting it resolutely on the patli of sober democratic  progress.
Rags Cannot he Exported I "ion-
The exportation from Canada of
rags and linen and oilier articles consigned lo any part olhcr thon those
of the United Kingdom, British possesions and protectorates has been
prohibited by an order-in-council.
Tinned meats and extract of meat,
bladders, casing and sausage skins
have been deleted from the lisl of
articles the export of which was prohibited to all foreign parts in Europe
and on the Mediterranean and Black
Seas, oilier than those of France,
Russia (except Baltic ports), Belgium;
Spain and Portugal,
A Use Found For Him
-Mistress (overjoyed at the unexi|jc-
ted recovery of her long-lost Fidoj���
And tell mc, Pelcrs, where did you
find   my  sweet  darling?"
Peters���Well,    um cr���the   facl
is, a low sort of fellow had him tied
to a pole and was washing windows
with him.-���Passing Show (London).
Subtle Joke
Wife���I thoroughly believe llie
band that rocks the cradle rules lhc
Husband���That is undoubtedly lhc
case nowadays, .but parents did no
always leave the care of infants to
can be
Shrewd Buyers
Getting Best Lands;
Caii.nli.iiiK and Americans Think Now
Is Fine Buyinj Time
A Calgary firm has recently sold
$376,000 worth of choice Uberta land
to Alberta farmers, and sales have
been made amounting io over S200,-
000 to buyers from the Slates.
Most of the land sold to Alberta
buyers has been purchased by prosperous Alberta farmers, who know
the value of these lands and the purchasers have been anxioi
Iheir holdings while the
bought at a low price,
Tbe buyers from the Slates have
been mostly wealthy wheat farmers
from Oregon and Washington, who
know the value of Mbcrta's choice
wheat land, and Ihey have, bought the
best land aud paid lhc higher prices
that have been paid tllis year for improved land-', and lhcy luvc made
large cash payments.
After the war is over there will bc
a great demand for mixed fanning
lands in Alberta, and there will bc
thousands of buyers come to \lbcrta
who will not be able lo buy choice
wheat land, as these lands will soon
be beyond tire reach of men wi'b
small means, but lhcy can purchare
cheap dairy and mixed farming lands
it prices and on terms that will be
safe for ihem to buy oin and while
these lands may not raise N'o. 1
wheat, thc purchaser will probably
find that he can raise some fairly
good wheal even on the cheap lands
lhal arc not considered Lite best land
for wheal  at  tllis  lime.
The fact that lhc farmer;
berta arc well satisfied with
has been proven by the fact lhat ihey
are in many eases buying more land,
and arc building line houses and
barns. They arc taking more interest in inning the roads improved as
most of the fanners in the. wheat districts are buying automobiles, and,
of course, ii is natural that anyos-e
owning an automobile and who uses
it in the country should bc interested
in having good roads.
Thousands of acres of the lands
that have been bought this year have
been developed during the spring and
summer, and a larger acreage wi'l
be developed next spring. Alberta
has entered into an era of prosperous
years, and the cities will bc greatly
benefitted tlirougli (be prosperous
condition of ihc farmers in thc agricultural districts tributary lo them,
of Al-
It Pays to Spread Straw
Land   Becomes   Poorer   Each   Year
Unless Straw Is Returned
To It
We used to burn lhc straw stacks
or allow them to decay, lhat was a
wasteful process; but we did not
know any belter. If we wanted to
dispose of a straw -tack, we thought
the quickest and easiest .ray was lo
burn it; wc wasted lhe straw by
burning it arid also burned lhc life
from the soil which produced llie
Sine; we found that a ton of straw-
has a fertilizing value of $2.50 wc are
spreading it upon the fields. Straiv
contains a large percentage of nitrogen���more nitrogen, in fact, than is
in the actual grain, and also contains
other plant foods. This is why land
becomes poorer each year unless the
straw is returned to it.
Wc use a straw spreader for distributing the straw ovcr the surface of
the fields. The spreader not only
breaks and tears fresh, bright straw
and distributes it in a swaih sixteen
to twenty fr.ct in width, but also will
take hold of old, partly decayed
stacks that arc compressed into hard
chunks, wet stack bottoms, ur straw
in any condition, and spread it evenly and at a proportionate depth,
_ We find that straw used as a fertilizer does much towards conserving
the fertility of the soil. Humus is
added and a mulch is created which
not only benefits the growing crops,
but also prevents the soil particles
from drifting away with the wind.
When we made sporadic attempts
to spread straw before buying lhe
spreader, wc found lhc work was
siow. It took a long lime to cover an
acre of ground, when spreading by
band, and wc found it next to an impossibility to make an even distribution.
A year ago somewhat less tha.
3,000 Canadian soldiers had been relumed to Canada as medically unfit
Their number has now increased ta
nearly 8,000. The exact figures, al
given out by thc Mililia Department
December 31, 1915���-Tuberculosis.
15; insanity, 15; wounded, passed ana
shell shocked, -105; other diseases and
disabilities, 2,120; total, 2,945.
December 15, 1916���Tub-.-rcul .sis
377; insanity, loS; wounded, gassc
and shell shocked; 1,6-10; oilier diseases and disabilities, 6,410; total
There are today under treatment al
the hospitals and sanitaria more thai
2,700 men.
Two of the smaller hospitals h*iv|
been closed during tlie year, th' inmates being transferred to roomi;i
premises. Additional convalc-cn!
hospitals have been opened in Ottawa
Kingston, Toronto, St. Ca-.harinta,
London, Port Arthur, Winnipeg. Re.
gina, Edmonton and Sydney, C.C,
besides the special hospitals for near-
asthenic cases at Cobourg, and sar.i.
(aria for consumptives at St. -\. athq
Que., Kitchener, Ont., and Fr_r.^
Alberta. Consumptive sold-crs ar*
also being treated at a nu-cber J
sanitaria with which tlie Com__iss*os
has made special arrangem-rts, ar.
buildings for the exclusive use of su-J
men have been erected as addition!
to the sanitaria at KingstO-, H
ton and London.
Hospital accommodation for n-i
returning before they have cache,
the convalescent stage bis lately _e.j
secured at Montreal, Ottawa, kin;.
ston, Toronlo, Hamilton, Wianip.j
Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, ..-."���
The Commission has .slab!;*.'-; ���i
artificial limb factory of its own ia
Toronto, where also a special iosp��
lal has been secured for ortbopedh
The education work has n_�� le :������
siderable progress, and many lines ol
future development have been decided
pn as a result of the year's expedience. The numerous occupations U
the hospitals and sanitaria, ori-n: xr
ed primarily to help in the tr.cn . tart,
have proved of great value also in
adding to their earning capacity,
_ Under the "vocational re-education" scheme many men arc b-rrin^
trained for new occupations, thc Government paying all charges, mcbdma
the maintenance of these aen an I
their families.
The organization for die .-..- .-���;
on of this great national i ..-'. \.u
kept pace with its growth . e
Headquarters Staff a year ,
sistcd of a Secretary, Mr. E. H. _ i -
mell, and two or three clerk -, re
is now a staff of more than ibtty. A
Director, Mr. S. A. Armstroi , i
becn appointed in general c"__nj�� cl
lhe work; a Vocational Seer irjj
Mr. T. B. Kidner, with ov:r:: . -|
the educational branch; a .'.:
Superintendent. Lieut.-Colonel fi,
Thompson, M.D., M.P., and a Med.
ieal Inspector of Hospitals, Dr. VV,
W. Chipman. A "Military Hospitals
Commission Command" h.s t
creau-d to provide machinery for :
military oversight of the men ir> iin
hospitals, and Lieut.-Col. J. J. Si' -;���
Ics has been appointed officer com-
The Provincial Commisions r ���':'..
later! to the Military Ho.pPils "< :v
mission hive a.s their specific duty to
help returned soldiers in finding employment. Hitherto employment has-
been found without much difficulty
for a large majority of the men, bol
airangements for the employment ol
thc far greater number who will re-
turn at the end of the war arc '.ill
in  the  preliminary  stage.
A Chance for Thrift
Bullet-Proof Jackets
In many instances the evolution of
modern military uniforms and arms
has been marked by a,return to types
of ancient and medieval days. Perhaps the sleel helmet is the most
striking example of this tendency.
Now a London linn has patented and
is manufacturing a steel-lined officer's
jacket which sugga^s the old coats of
mail, though in Wtward apearance
it resembles an ordinary close-fitting
coat. It is claimed thai the jacket
will resist a .5-callbrc revolver bullet at .'0 yards.   Popular Mechanics,
How a Little Economy May Helg ia
War Times
It is -pointed out that the epicure
at a sitting may cat, drink and smoke
tbe equivalent of munitions to a startling amount; the follower of fashion
may waste still more on dress; and
yet a greater indictment can bc levelled against luxurious indolence. A
scries of comparative values has bc.u
worked out broadly thus:
Two dollars and fifty cents, say on
| feasting, equals eighty cartridges.
Bottle of champagne equals 100
Box of cigars equals 400 cartridge.
Lady's new hat equals four steel
New dress equals four service
Diamond tiara equals one field gun.
Motor car equals airplane.
Piano equals 100 shells.
Lap dog equals twenty, shell*. -���
London Chronicle.
The Newspaper Proprietors' A.so-
ciation in Creat Britain have recom-
mended  that,  until  lhe  cost  of  pro-
���duction materially decreases, the prico
of all halfpenny papers should   bt
I raised lo one penny. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Comox Valley Cow Testing Association
I.ist of cows that have given 50 lbs of butter during January
Name of COW
"   2 months	
"   J mouths	
"      _ months....
"   2 mouths	
'���   3 mouths	
"   2 months  1739
Fern  1117.
Jessie 1138.
"   _ months 2009,
Boss  1184.
!'   2 months 2300,
,T, Smith
S. Calhoun
T. Smith |
D&ddBl^  T. Smith
s months 7180  520,58
Young Tiger 760 .54,06 II. l.uniey
"      4 souths 4035   237.88
Leonette 905 53.85
"      3 months  2976  168.82
Nora W4 .53.02.
"   2 months- 1653   102,25
Leoni 756  52.03
Tiny '���,-'	
"   .-months  2416	
Italia  766 50.94
"   7 months  5938  356.28
Helen -1178 50,86
"    .months 232S -    101,84
Patience, 9 months  674n  470.60    ���-������
Nancy, 4 in onths 4447   206.84 W.
Mr, D. T. Bubar has received a
great many letters from   the  boys
ut the front asking him   to  thank
the citizens for their kind   remem- j
brauce of them by sending   candy,
hampers, etc,   To print these  interesting items would Till the co-1
liuniis of the Review   twice oyer,!
hence we can only give the  names]
of those who  have   written,    The
buys who have gone from this tlist-1
rict are not forgotten, their doings
are followed by a 1, and it i.s need->i
less lo say that    any   letters   they
will send back for publication   are
read   with   great   interest*    Hal.
Symonds writes   from   a  dugout
containing 5 and large enough for
Charlie Callin will have three
months' leave, aud expects to be
home in February.
Charlie orieve was  in England
Hornby I at llle clate ��- "writing  quarantined
" I in a measle infected camp.
T, Smith j    Harry Grieve says the boys from
51.24 HiGnrney   Comox are the best remembered in
151,65 "-nii'i &S011 tl*-e army,
11 j     W. Morris thought he was   get-
S. Calhoun ; ting a can of Bvtttercup milk,   and
was disappointed   to   get   candy.
lbs milk lbs butter owner
.,1225 65.74  s. Calhoun
,,2304  127.42
..905 65,46  T. 1). Smith
,.1882   131.58
. ,,980 64.03   S. Calhoun
..1792  114,24
,,1333 63.78 "
..2421    124.74
. 1119 1)2.66 W. T. Wain & Son
.,1274   60.93,
. 4177   194.75
. . ,973 59.113.
,W, T, Wain & Son
Came 1
At the recent Dairyman's Convention held in Nanaimo JR. Williamson & Sons of Happy Valluy,
took third prize for a competition
open to the province. This is very
credible as they were competing
against men who have the latest in
dairy equipment.
\V. T, Wain & Son secured the
first and second prizes for highest
producing cows in this association
with Boss, 10387.8 lbs, mi.k containing 447.3 lbs. fat, R, U. Hurford took third prize with Tiny
8401,5 llis. milk and 435.6. lbs. fat.
In Ihe two year's old class G. O.
Game's Nancy is first with 8694.2,
lbs, of milk and 370.98 lbs, fat.
H. cumey takes second  and third
with Annie, 4940.1 lbs, milk and
293.74111s. fat, and Tinv, 5912 lbs
milk containing 2S7.05 lbs. fat.
In the 300 pound cow competition R. U. Hurford and W. T,
Wain & Son tie for first place with
100 per cent of their mature cows
giving over 300 lbs.   of   fat.    H; I |tft hand, and is  taking   a   cadet
Gurney is second With 70 per cent ��� course fo_   fl   commission   ������   the
lie is baying a month's rest  iu
little French lown:���Be Heck.
Dick Plews was glad to be remembered nml scuds a handsome
souvenir card,
C, H. oraveley is diiving in
Ambulance Convoy Corps
Hugh Ainesburv has just
covered from a   "blighy"   in
Gents* Furnishing Store
We are going to lead  while others follow, with
Hart, Schaffer & Max Clothes
We have a full line of Samples to choose from
We would like you to give us a call and see for
yourself.   We also have a full line of Children's
Shoes at all Prices
Remember what we havn't got we will get for you
Sutliff Gents'  Furnishing Store
Those attending the convention
from this district were R U, Hurford. G. O, Game, C. F, Jackson,
J, Smith, and ii, H. Thornberry.
The annual congregational meeting of the Presbyterian church was
hell last week. The report showed the finances to be in very good
shape considering the stringent
���       - ��� ..-:.,
English army,
0, D. Gatehouse hopes to be
back in the old town soon,
E. G. Everett writes a long interesting descriptive letter in which
he says Coucelette was the worst
place they have been iu yet.
Corpl, Cross, Malcolm Burnett.
J, Coleman, E. H, Peterson, W.
. cPhee, D. R. Williams, G, P.
Thompson and fri.nds, H. (',
Mitchell, A. Blight, P. Dargie, C.
Swanson, 11. Duncan, g. Endall
A. Bridges, N. O, Boden, and all
the boys from Wbittingliani,
;: ' ',;_.._...^^mni^mm
At the annual meeting of the
Comox Farmer's Institute the following officers were elected for the
ensuing year.
President, W. Wain.
Vice-Pres. H, Gurney.
Secrstary, J. A. Halliday,
Auditor, w, Grieve,
Directors, J, Williams, C. Jackson, \v. Urquhart, E, Davis. ]{.
Mitchell, C, Pigott, J. Ledgerwood
D, Campbell, T. Smith, A, Bige-
low, J. Pritchardi M. Ball, Capt,
Vigors. J. Davis, B, Copp, H,
Why sell hides to foreign manufacturers when they
are needed at eome ? We pay higher prices than American and other foreign manufacturers AND SPOT CASH.
Send us your next shipment. HIGHEST CASH
Absolutely no delay.
210 Northwest Building
Vancouver, B. C.
Proceeds of dance $52,60
Donations *8'75
Material for candy
Mrs. W, Carroll $1 75
Mrs. D. Bubar 7,75
Mrs. Callin 7.25
Mrs. W. Mcl'hee 1,30
Mrs. J. Parkin 4,35
Mrs, W.  Kirkwood 2.50
Mrs. Fairburn 2.00
Bal, sent to the Buying Committee, Red'Cross Society       $8,95
The annual meeting of the Cour-
lenav Liberal Association was heid
on Tuesday night.
Hon. Pies. Sir Wilfred Laurier,
Hon. Vice Pres. Premier Brewster,  H, Stewart.
Pres. T D Bubar.
Vice Pies: C Brown
Treas. J McKenzie, Sr
Executive, J. Thompon, W Ur-
! quhart, L Anderton, J Sutton. H
A ladies association will be formed shortly,
Joe says fishing is good in
the stream in front of Jeff Ilanuay's
They bile best about midnight.
$  25.00    FOR    $21.50
50.00     *- -4*3.OO
100.00    ������       86.00
JAM. 9, 1*17
Finanoe   Department
From heavy-laying " Hoganized " Stock
$1.50 per IS. $4 per 50. $7 per 100
Special Matiugs $..<*<> Per '5
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review


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