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Array /of
t t 'un nut he limit' any I i-tter,   and
| nnt. nutta si  well anywhere  else
I li'ii'.ii t��.   Our tyi.e antl rnaohln-
j cry in complete ami Tlie  Review
; prices iroii.^lit
********** ********** ****..
Classified Ads.
M;.lv.' your Utile W&nb known
through a Clauffied AclvftrtUuneiil
in Tin Kevtew   -   ���   -   Phone .v.*
VOL. 3
NO. 34
Disastrous Fire
A disastrous lire broke out at
Sam Calhoun's ranch last Friday
night all ml nine o'clock, when
llieir house was bllflied tn the
ground. Mr. Calhoun's wile and
family are at present camping at
Royston beach for a low weeks,
and Mr. Galhoilll had hit the
house about 8 o'clock to visit them
lie cailllOt iiiih ist ml how the lil';'
originated, as the lire iu the stove
hul been extinguished two hours
before he left, Presumably uo one
was on the premises after this. He
n ceived news about t o'clock at
the beach, Mr. Calhoun has
ranched extensively here fnr the
last jo years, and had a lovely io
roomed house beautifully furnished,
He has been president of the
Courtenay Conservative Association for three consecutive years,
and vice-president of the Central
Association, is must popular in the
district, and much sympathy i.s expressed liy all with Iiim and his
family, Luckilj the barn in which
a large qu mtity nf hav was stored
escaped lhe holocaust ns w, 11 as a
large she 1 iii which was about $-'ooo
worth of machinery, Effects,
silver, jewellery, ami $700 piano
were tleslroved, Total insurance
$3,500, which dots nol cover half
the damage. Mr. Calhoun intends
buildit g a temporary structure in -
tn.tliaiely ami will rebuildiu.the fall
Mr, II. S, Porteous has taken up
the matter of taking subscriptions
for tiie Over Seas Aircraft Fund
which is iu charge of the 1 >ver Sea,
Club, The need of aircraft f a' the
Ilritish army is very great; and the
managers of the club have sent an
appeal to its members throughout
the world to do ivlut they can for
the cause, Mr, PorteottS is one of
the 135,0110 members of the club,
ami is the ofli 'ial secretary for this
part of the Dominion,    lie has lefi
Isubsriptioti lists ,',1 ihc following
places:- VV, J. Watehorn, Courteu-
lay Postoffice; Hank of Commerce;
Roypl Haul;; Chas. Simms; W. G.
I Robertson; Miss Alice   Beaton, al
! Maine, hrs   Bakery;   A.   B,   Hall.
I Comox; Mi, l'lciuleigast, Sanilw'ck
P. 0,
In compiling the list of soldiers
tvho hove gone to ihc front from
here last week, we Inadvertently
omitted the name of \V. 11. Huff.
We have since learned, that he has
been wounded.
Presbyterian Church
St, Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class .1 p, 111.
Stind,ty  School antl   Bible Class
Ki:3() a. m.   Service 11:30.   Eveu-
ngservice7:30 p. in- All welcome
Local Lines
The Misses Bridges returned
home on Tuesday,
Mr. Beattie of Vancouver is visiting with Mr. Peter Walker.
Mrs, Wright, of Vancouver, is
visiting with Iter parents, Mr. nml
Mis. A. Beaton.
What can you do towards the
success of the Coiutciiay fair mt
Sept, 24 and .'j.'
Mi. and Mrs. Mclntyre returned
ou Saturday from .1 fortnights
holiday at Vancouver,
Following Wile Ihc scores at
yesterday's shoot; Kirkwood 23,
Whittle 12, Fechner 10.
The I.aync Co. who arc playing
in the district litis week have offered
to contribute hall ihc proceeds of
their Saturday night's prefortuauce
to the machine turn fund.
Auto speeders and those who
trot their horses across the   bridge
had better take warning, 1'nder
tlle new traffic bylaw it will be an
offence punishable by fine or imprisonment to either (hive horses BO
croSS tiie bridge faster than a walk,
oi" to drive an auto or motoecycle
faster than 12 miles per hour within thc 1 itv limits.
The Peucll-pushers'defeated the
Roughnerks at I aseball last night;
Score 11���10,
Mrs, Willi nn I tunc ni has return-
ed from Harrison lint Springs,
Mr. R. II. Hardwick's many
friends will he sorry to leant that
he will not return to Courtenay
Mr. V.. Johnston, formerly of Fort
Fraser, has be 11 appointed lo succeed him as manager of the Royal
Bank here,
Parkin Randi, Bear oH camp 7, Sandwick
ly S Biscoi ni".- instructed by  Mr. Win.   Cotniell,   who is  leaving
the District, to -ell he Auction ou hi.-, premises as above ou
Friday, July^ 30&, a! 2 o'clock
Tha whole of his Household Furniture and Effects
S 'I'M ll.il; D'luingrooin Suit'', new; Cool; Range, new; Etc ;   Store Pig;
Heifer and Chickens.    Terms cash, no reserve.     Particulars on posters
Phone 10 Real Estate Agents Courtenay
Where  everybody  goes  for  choice
Candijs, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
AlljOrders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
The Red Cross Concert Committee desire in thank the Ladies'
Aid Socistv for the loan nf spoons
and saucers at the concert.
Unless Aid, McKenzie reduces
the speed nf his roadster when gal-
1 iping up Isabel street he may lie
lhe first victim of liis by.law,
The Ladies Aid Society held a
very successful Lawn party at Mrs.
vV. S. McPhee's yesterday afternoon and evening. There was
tennis and other games iu the after
noon, and Mr, Kirkwooci's launch
carried several loads to Comox and
back in thc evening. A good pro-
gramtue of songs, and recitations
was given by the following;���Rev,
T. Menzies, A. Jones, Mrs. Kiik-
' 'ood, W. A, \V, 1 lames, Wilson
Menzies, jock Thompson, Mrs.
Blair and F, Burnett. The young
ladies sold ice cream and candijs,
etc, The net proceeds were over
fifty dollars,
The All'. T. Layne Company presented ''A Wife's Folly" at the
Opera House on Tuesday evening
lo a fair sized house. They put on
a good clean play and deserve a
crowded house when they conic
back tonight to play "My Mother-
in-law," They played at Ctunber-
lond on Monday aud Wednesday
nights and will play "My Mother-
in-la.v" at Comox tomorrow night,
returning to Courtenay for Saturday night when they will present
"Fine Feathers." This is no company of barnstormers out for a
good time, but a company of genuine actors who have been playing
at Vancouver tor several seasons.
Popular prices prevail, and their
shows are good and cleau.
See the full selection of War
Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each.
Early aud late Savoy Cabbage
I Plants, also cauliflower plants for
sale at R. Ferris' Greenhouse, Lake
Trail road.
For Sale���Fine driving horse, 4
years old, cheap, and will trade
evenly fo'' y mug milk cow. Apply
Arthur Dumaresq,
For Sale���A St. Alban's two
horse threshing machine as good as
new. Price $150, For further
particulars apply at lite Review
A few remaining -Summer Outing Hats, selling at less than half
cost price, Also trimmings and
llowers. The Millctiery Store,
For exchange���One of thc best
luiih'ing lots iu Courtenay for one
or two acres of good garden land.
Will pay cash difference. Apply
Box A, Review Office.
Cooke & Matthewso'n have put
on an exit a man to deliver meat in
Comox on Tuesday's and Friday's.
Phone your orders early to insure prompt delivery. Satisfaction
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc., also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
For sale ��� Cumberland Steam
laundry, the only white laundry in
the district. This is a good opening for man with family or one who
an increase the plant. For
��� particulars apply at Laundry or
Review ofiice.
Send While Feathers
If the Toronto Globe   i.s  correct
its statement that one large town
Ontario has uot yet sent one man
1 the colors, a mammoth botiqust
while feathers should be officially
���esented   to   that    1 mnicipality. I
here is something the matter with '
populace lhat does   not   scud   at
ast one representative to the fir-1
gliue, -Calgary News Telegram  j
Machine Gun From |
Comox District j
A meeting has been called to]
take place in the Opera House onl
Tuesday, July 27. lo appoint com-'
mittees to do the work in connect-1
ion with raising the sum necessary!
to purchase a machine ri'tn, ns a
donation from the Comox   Vatley.'
Comox Creamery
40c per lb. this week
An Appeal For Sandbags
Thousands nre being forwarded  daily
direct lo llie firing line. Money for purchasing siiiul bags urgently needed.
People   ue  asking   "Wl1.1t  do   they
want sand iagsfori Have vou euougn
sandbags yet. or do you  want more?"
11 is doubtful whether anyone not
actually in tli'' field, at all realizes what
the word sandbag means t" tin- soldier
in ilie firing line, nr bow urgently millions and vet more uiillloim "i   tlbags
.nc needed to stem tlie casualty lists.
Are enough i" ine sen! !
The mother "t a captain in the ". F.
A. writes, "I have seut my son ; ~.md-
1.1    .    ; [e is delighted witli  them,   and
��� c ��� di li III   olisi rvation 1 1 li is  b ien
Mile (ur tin- first time since the lastshift,
He talks about '"the shortage."
The wife of an officer in tin' R, P, A.
writes thai her husband in- ��ske', her'."
make an urgent appeal mi his behalf for
sandbags "because the Artillery are almost more iu need of Sandbags than the
Infantry, for they have huge etc,- tn
cover as well, and the men are net dttg
ill to tlie extent that the men iu tlle
trenches arc. ''
An Infantry Lieut, writes, "We want
a tremendous lot of Sandbags, Our division alone has been using a million a
mouth. F ,r our battalion alone we usually require about 2000 a day for our
prevent trenches, but we hive not been
able tn net them 111 sufficient qttantites
lately. If you saw a shell burst "ii a
parapet with sand 'tie-,, and on one
without, yuu woul Is I    ' ���   : u in v
lives the) snve, nnd il it iv tn bfl ��� ' - a
attrition we want tu   ike every
means ul avoidin {loss   "t   lil	
- A Captain iu tin- R. [���'. A lescril I
the way iu whii h the iiifautri 1 h mce.
"Bach in.ci tak   ��� ten empl -
his arm as he runs out,    Wl   11 fired  at
he drops and lil!   a bag        '      lies   tot
cover.   Then li ��� dashes   11 with 1
reniaiulng imi;', lore| re
again ami again,   il\> the   ai
led bag lo o v. -      1111    ��� '���
In this way   lie e lil       Ivancea
temporary covei   till thei can dig tli   n
selves iii.    We an     ild that th      en wilt
(In almost an.'' ;    . "
enough sandbags.
Wiih a million 1 ��� 1 the '-; ' ���
000,000 sandbags   will
lines per 111.in,   ind   lew lings ; ���!
as last as th :. ... ;".'��� '���     re
quired is eii-i
Thi; ':m il
making people less si      '���      [    .
ill S.i in: ���������   :'   I      ���
st,,",inl poo '        land,
;ilt nf countr;   : ��� .   .��� :
soldiers t.i (in  |     r 1 tor ;iie
Red Red Cross Society,
It is pre; oseel   thai     he   ."  ���    S
from Cimil.t rliuid ma] ,:
collection ta c 1 iherla I, C u nay,
md Comox,
v-f^mmM?; rag, M- i
saw" %ti   ^mSi>c Wt ft
��� ���
"See, The Bill isOalyCf:
- ���-   -
"My!   That Range is a blessing!
"Just think, it saves me 30 hours of work every
month, at a cost of 3 cts. an hour.
"Why, I have lots of time now.   T ��� the
switch and the cooking is done. The ki 1 is
never hot or dirty and it's real fun to cook now.
"The other day Florence came over when I was
baking and I went right out calling v 'thout changing
a dud."
Hughes Electric R;
Mr. Master-of-the-House���be serious about tbis. It's not "play"
you are buying so much as it is very important health and
Old-fashioned cooking methods cost nearly two hours a d: y of
stupid work in preparing and cleaning up a dirty lire. That's ;V.e
years in a lifetime.
Think it over and talk to us about it. Surely you can spare 3
cents a day for such a purpose.
For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat J^Power Co.,
Phones: Office 35, Res. F68 Office: Mil Str-:t THE   REVIEW,   COUBTNEY,  B. C.
^eteir:^-���-~������^Stiir^llS^*^ winoipi o     moni hi .u. ^.lS.i*, *&
frfnTor. IN CAMA0AWAT��tJ|1-^^flCc^^%4j
Breeding Hardy Clovers
The Democratic Warrior King
lldrc Is a story,   ringing ��lib lhe
clear note of Inipi rltOtublu romance; I
Method to be Used In Improving the j |,  js toi(1 hJ .,  Belgian soldier in tho
Hardiness of Plants N'leuwc rlotterdnmscue Cournnl:
!   Agricultural Instruction
Dominion   Government   Entering   Into
Agreements  for  Provincial   Expenditures
Agreements   which   have  been\en-
lei'eii Into between the Dominion ile I
partmeui  ot agrloullure and  two ol I
, ih"  provincial  governments,  provide
(ur importanl udvances In agricultural I
in a nn iimi under the agricultural In ���
i struetlon  act     Ontario    and   lirilisli '
Columbia are the two provinces with '
j which ,'c.',rei'iii. ah, liuvu in en made to
far, but  agreements  w II It the other
I provinces are on Ihc way and prob-1
ably wiii be completed In lhe future
Tlie Ontario agreement provides for
an expenditure of $266,Oi;i.OB. A "emit
deal of this amount v. ill be Bpcnl ou
lho extension work nlrcads In pro |
i' 11      Tin  i-riii-'H Columbia program i
I provide : [or an ottthtj of f.'.s. a;:, n i,
oul of ��lii.'ii lie innini ileiuoiisti'iilloii
worl   will be curried nn uml j Ifi.ouO
I will li ��� ii. eil lor agricultural Instruc- '
' iIon .a lie public and high schools of:
: in line, luce,
A "Helping Hand" Extended to ii
awM ,���!!��� i i  ,��� Jr.    iii     i  Ti mmmmmmm ������^���M�����"������. ���i       ...... .��,.
'HERE comes a time fnorory woman'a
life when the undergoes an important
change     Una is a criticul period.    It is
u limn when u woman nmuls her full heall
and   strength,     tor your  own sako yen
should anticipate thi��.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
The latest in null
:,'vl science it
contained In Ur.
Pitrce/e Common
iianco" Medical
tIi'I edlllu cf lfloa
'>���.���!��� i, iiin 31c. Ad<
drp.t De. l'i?rrr'��ll��.
���   ,'   I'. Hotcl.lli.Hldo
has  been   recommended for over forty  years oh a
tonic for women. It ih helpful lu tho equalization of the circulation of the blood and in regulating the action of the bowels, Nervou-nesB
anil low spirits disappear, Happiness and eon-
tuutiuoiil tuke their place
Sold In tablet or liquid form liy Medicine
Hi-tilers- or und bt) renin tor tamptv box
Uoil clover, being i Bell -i rll
plant, a ���>���. vurloi e uu I uruius nun
be produced by meana of mass-seloc
ti"ii und hybridization respectively
"I waa in lho trench, and my brother-in-law   was  suiiie yards  from   me,
P., I ween   lis    tlicre  wus a  tall  nil 'li er
without   anus  and  silent.    Suddenly
When  i.r Hug  red  clover,    three  ti shell burst near us,   Mj brother-ln
quulltl is purticitlarly Bliould be taken I law was struck   by a splinter, anil fell !    CU)��BkfP(
into i iiie ii ion, vi,'.,:   wiuter-linrdi-   in a  heap at   my side.    The tall of-      ^��. hi\\\t*%iiu*
less,    tinuiitlty of u I, and yield of   deer look up lhe rllle aud con tin 1 ^jti
University Will Publish Kcsults For
Benefit of tlie Province
The university is continuing the
work began lusl yoar in investigating
ilie constituents of Saskatchewan
soils, hi as tu dotorinlno the causes
|,ay ine shooting.   His extraordinary culm ,
It has been proven In cereals which,  struck me.   I ceaBed lo lire nnd turn-
like red clover, consist of Thousands I ed  lu  htm     lie also turned  lo  inc.
of  dlslincl   types,  thai   rcsislunce  to I Mon Dion!    C'etalt le Roll    lit  was j
disease and hardiness are hereditary   Hie King!" |
characters subjectoti    to    tbe    same ��� ������
genera   laws   of   Itercdlly as govern   li/ir a ri
fhe transmission from a ino.hor-pluni   MCSSaffe  OI   HODC     j
to lis progeny, ol ptrlcth morphologl- __    l     , ,.   ... ,
cal characters,    tt    is therefore very KftV   A I     W0111611
reasonable to   suspect    thai    winter x V1   rLl1   " W*��V��|
hardiness Is red clover Is a hereditary
character lhal ea bo transmitted miS
from one parent pit nl lo iis progeny
If this he th ��� (as,., ii will be a sini
pie matter to produce a variety able
to wlthstund, wlthoul  being killed  lo   Suffered  For Three  Years and Could
Are Investigating the j   Has ho liruj>' Monopoly
Constituents of Soils
Britis|i   Chnmhcr  of  Commerce   Jour
nal Corrects a Popular Mis-
As   there seems considerable pupu,
lur misconception   on the subjt ct, it
is worth while I,  polnl mil that ll li
noi the cast1 thai tlon y has or re-
ui"io'ri'inTv7  ThreeVcheiiilst's"iind"one  '''"' >'<"�����   bad it nncllcul monopoly
oi the unlvor   I" ""' iiiiiniiiai lure oi drugs, declares
FOR       ^ll|
AND w, (
s* Y\
f   \.
anv extent, the most severe Canadian
winter. The lash could be accomplished by Bowing set'd from'those
iiidlvtduals which survive after a
severe winter and which, therefore,
according to onr conception, represent
hardly 'lines" or strains. After sowing the seed thus saved, a progeny
may he expected that will prove
hardier than was the parent crop originally sown, and by saving the seed
year after year, a perfectly hardy
varlctj will soon be obtained, This
method of Improving the hardiness
is simply mass-selection effected by
iuiiar ��� 'herself.
Find No Lasting Relief Till She
Used Dodd's Kidney Pills
fl'hurso, Que. (Special) Tired rundown women can roatl a message of
hope in lhe statement of Miss Mary
Sabuiiriri. an estimable ludy living
here. In a statement to the public
Miss Saboiu'ln says:
"1  was a sufferer for three years.
I  was always  tired and  nervous,  My
[sleep was broken and uiirefreshing. I i r,M lnn   nm, ������, ���.,,., ,,���,, b],all in th���
[was    troubled    with  headaches  and   proportion of five parts oau to two
pains in my back.    I had heart Hut-  pnl,t8 bran  mlxed .,���,, ,���,.,, (il.v   Will,ni
terlngs to and lo my anxiety. Dm���  ma3tl0s (iu, to six pounds per
���I  was treated by a doctor and a  ll0rfie are l)Becl on Saturday nights in
specialist   but   nothing seemed  to do  veplac
Feeding Work Horses
I Proper   Feed   to   Maintain   Horses   in
Good  Working Condition
i    After many tests made at the experimental   farm,  Ottawa,  hay,   bran
land oats    have    been found the best
, feeds   for   work   horses-     The   hay   is
regular    brim
Corns (annul exist when llolloway'
Corn Cure Is upplled lo them, becaus
i: goes iu the root and kills til
!me any lasting good t 1 1 starlet! to yvhen horses ure on very heavy work.
use lioilds Kidney Ills and 1 took tlle proportion of bran ls decreased to
iusi Hires boxes ol them. .���,,,, p.,,.. [ol. nvo parU oaUi
Nlne-tentliB   ol    womens   troubles      ,\ gats standard for feeding draught
come from sick Kldn?ys. Sick Kidneys  llorseSi   anl|    01le    c0mnioiily    used,
fall    in  their duly ol  straining the  te   lh.lt or Klvlng ,���,,������   ���,���, l0 ono
We Think So, Too Impurllles   out   of   the   blood,     rhat  am]   l|Ua|.(l,,.  p0un,is   0f    the    above
"CharleB, you're spendlug too much  nieatis lhal poison ami disease Is car- gru|n mixture and one pound of hay
money ihls year    Tun many dances,   rled fo   all parts bt the body,    fnj31 [or each 100 pounds live weight; Hi
Hies,    too many tax'
all parts bf the body.    Tl
 ;      ��� " ������ ��� many taxis,} remedy  is  lo cure the kidneys  wllh|0[   course,   subject   to variation de-
too many   " Oodd's  Kidney Puis.    If you  haven t 4,e,uiing ou the severity of work  con-
"Well,  father,  I'll    tell  vun how  I   used    ihcm ask your neighbor about  (i|t|on of utilmal when fed, the health
look nl It, li si
family ought li
one gentleman."
ins lo in ��� thai every   them,   N't
he  able  to support   is  usln
j Pills.
family in Canada
has used  Dodd's  Kidney
On RjghtSide to Hip, Pain Intense.
Blisters nnd Red Swollen Pimples, Could Not Sleep, Cuticura
Soap and Ointment Healed.
U'nn ("'hy Hull Ave, Montreal, Que.���
"Thc Irouble bogan lust minimer. I uotlcott
thai I was becoming fldgotly and uiuiiilu
ST.'y.x in koop ray anus al ray sides.
' -j 1 put somo talcum powder in
anu-jlils whero lho pitta
i most intense, but wllllo it
eased tho pain for ;i hole wllllo
[1 afforded no relief, ll urailu-
..M. "auin i\o\vn iny riitlit side
UA/i      to ins   hips.    Ai   Ural  ll   was
of utilmal, and other minor consider-
j ations.
|    The   morning   feed,   about ,1 a.m.,
consists of uhoiil three-eighths of the
Make   Hchcnzollern's   Pay total    grain  mixture und one-quarter
"1   will   venture,"  says   Sir   II.   II    of the grain  and  aboul  j-half the
I Johnston in the Nineteenth Century, hay for ihe day.
"to suggest thai .since (Jer'mnny has! Water is supplied after the morn-
in the main be?n led into this war lug feed and bel'or i the noon and
by the Hohenzolleru dynasty (backed evening feeds. During the winter,
by one or two other princely iiottses) wntsr Is also supplied In the even-
the private property and domains of lags, sotmi three hours after the feed.
tliese ruling families should be seized With lhe above treatment, tha
b\ the German stale and applied to horses are maintained In good work-
the settlement of the indemnity, i��v. condition, und with an almost
which thev would jusl about suffice ent re absence of . common stomach
Ilo me-1, laud   intestinal  ailments  such   as   In-
"When Germany awakens from | dlgestion and colic. Na condiments
her dream, from Ihe hypnotic trance are used, bin to horses somewhat low
Into which she has been thrown I in Hesli and requiring more feofd, mo-
ami sees things in their proper light, losses mixed with ihe gruin is used
ii is on the llohenzollerns thai herj1" small quantities as it stimulates
hale should justlj turn and not on i "le appetite by Increasing the palp-
Ktu',lanil." i tihility of lhe food.
physicist, all graduates
shy. are busy now working on the
chemical ami physical properties iu
ihe laboratories ol Hie Institution,
Smile of tho siimplt s ni soil being
tested am ihoae taken from the ex
perlniciitul plots on the university
I'urtn, under the inuuiigomenl of Prof,
Hrucken, so as to determine the affect
of pin nts on amount, ot nitrogen, pot-
ubIi and phOBphalos lhal arc present
naturally by fertilization, When suf
licienl daltt lias been collected there
will lu' published a bulletin for giving
Information to the people of thc province. Dr. MucLuui'ln and Dr. Hogg
are in i barge of the work. Saskatoon
Star. ,
Colicky children can lie promptly
cured by Baby's Own Tablets because
these Tablets act directly on the stomach and bowels and cleanse Ihom of
all impurities, concerning ihem .Mrs.
.lames C. Slater, Summervtlle, X.S..
writes: "I hnve used Baby's Own
Tablets and ant glad to say I haje
I'uuiiil ihem an excellent medicine for
colic and loss of sleep." The Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail al -,"i cents a hex from The Dr,
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
Prohibition Causes increased Savings
A reporl from Petrograd says that
\l. Kharilonoff, comptroller of the
Russian treasury, speaking before tlto
Duma budget committee, declared that
owing to the great Increase in national savings, due to prohibition, the extraordinary outlay'occas'.oaed by the
war as yet. had caused no great suffering in Itussia.
As proof Of l Ii is M. Kbariliilioff said
the national savings in December,
l!i|::. which aniouitte i to 700,1100
roubles ($350,000). had Increased lo
29,100,000 roubles i$]4,G60,000) In December, 1914. lie added that the total
savlngB for 1913 amounted to "4.000,-
000 roubles ($17,000,000), as compared
with 84,000,000 roubles ($42,000,000)
for Hill. -i
only ono eontl
���d streak,
Minard's    Liniment,     Lumberman's'     Mo   More   Asthma.���Dr,    I    1).   Kel-
Friend. | logg's  Asthma   llemedy    sounds   the
  death knell of ihis irylttg trouble.    II
"1 want some cloth to make my slops the awful choking and painful
dolly u dress." announced a little | breathing, li guards against nlghl nt-
glrl ui seven us she entered a store j tackH and gives renewed abllilj to
the other day sleep and resl  the whole tiinlil  long.
"llow much Is ii"" she asked when   Much is claimed fur this remedy, but
ihe iiriiish chamber of commerce
Journal, In synthetic drugs<ciorniniiy,
ii is true, had before tho war established un ascendancy, but the nuiiiii-
facttiro ui iimns direct from plants
hns always been a British industry
and for drugs ul ihis kind Germany
lias lit some eases had lo collie lo��llils
country for supplies. There bus bow-
ever, been a notable cxceptlor, In tha
ease of Ihe well know a alkaloids, ai-"
roplnu and  liyoscyainlne,
The Imperial Institute has now
brought the mutter again before home
drug manufacturers. The mutter is
of special Importance, because presenl requirements for atropine, particularly lliose of the army, have depleted
the market, the price has Increased
four fold, and there is, therefore, :i
very good opportunity for British
Minis to take up thi manufacture of
this drug. At the moment, owing to
Germany having at the beginning of
the war effected heavy purchases of
hyoscyamus, ihere is a difficulty iu
obtaining largo supplies from Kgypt.
The Imperial Institute has, however,
taken all possible steps lo encourage
further production, and au ample supply will be available in due course,
especially as tho cultivation of the
plant is now being arranged for
on waste lands in Kgypt,
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
I wus very sick with Quinsy and
thought I would strangle. 1 used
MINARD'S LINIMENT antl it cured
me ut onee. I am never without lt
Yours gratefully,
MKS. ('. li. PRIN'CE.
Niiuw igcwiiuk, Oct   -1st.
Miller's Worm Powders were devis
ed lu promptly relieve children who
suffer I'rom the ravages of worms. II
i.s a simple preparation warranted to
destroy stomachic ami Intestinal
worms without shock or injury to the
mosl sensitive system. They act thoroughly anil painlessly, and though in
some cases they may cause vomit ine,
that is nn indication of their powerful
action und not of any nauseating properly.
but ll  transformed ludf Inlo bllstors and     the   merchant   handed  her  tlle  puck-  nothing bul  whul  can  ho demonsli'ut-
red swollen pimples, Tho pain was V.
ten. s no Intense Iliut I wan forcod to hold
ne. ,.:��� iiiiii iii a horizontal position ���i
iii.it ll ivoulu not ruli against mn, I could
noi Bleep: i ki   i Imosl frantic with pain.
'I used i .wi or throo dlffcrem kinds "I
salvos and powders without effect. I had
had lhe trouble about .-i. or seven in,auin
before t camo across an advorlisonient ol
Cuticura Soap nnd Olntmont. Tho f!;\,l
tiiitlit I pul tho Cuticura Soap and Ointment
on 1 felt us if.-. ptoco of Ico bail been put
on my side. It was so refreshing and conl.
I continued using Ciuleurn Soitp and Ointment until I was completely cured."
(Signed) A. Blmpklns, July 8, 1011.
I   Samples Free by Mail
For moro than a generation Cuticura Soap
nnd Olntmont havo afforded tlio rnqsl economical treatment for affections of tho skin
and scalp that Iorl ure. Itch, burn, sealn, and
destroy sleep. Hold by druggists and dealers
throughout tbe world. Sample of each malted
froe, with 32-p. Skin Wool.-. Address postcard "Outlcura, Dept. II. Dostou, t . :���'. A."
nge, , e.| h;, ii trial.   If yuu suffer from nstlt-
"Jusl  om   kiss." was the reply,        ma try ll and convince yourself of Its'
"All   rig! i."    she  said,    "I Iran Ima   gn tl  value.
said    *he    would  pay you 'when  she 	
nine in  tomorrow." Dairying   is   Popular
.  .|,||0  ,..,,,,,,.,,,.;;.  0[  iiie  farmers  of
Productive Patriotism Saskatchewan und Alberta iu ciigugo
Tbe grain acreage in Canada will P" dallying is evidenced by tlle mc-
he Increased from 30 to 50 per cent. , ''"������* w"u'" creamery Interests are
ih��� vear. This Is lho result of the having In signing up contracts for
appeal of Bnglnnd thut -Canada do supplies ot cream. A creamers which
mure in help to help feed iiie empire   >'; arranging  to assemble    cream al
"Mary," said her aunl lu the little
girl .from the city, "you mlghl go out
Into the lm in and see if yuu can't
find sonic eggs." .
The little girl was gone awhile,
linn returned wllh an expression ot
mingled  disappointment  and disgust.
"Did you Und any'.'''
"No, auntie, not mi".   There's jnsi
a lot of chickens    ihere, sfunding
around doing nothing."
Paying for the War
Tbe nation is content with the resolve that the task it has undertaken
shall be carried through, eosl what it
may; and ll is perhaps rather agreeably surprised to find that the vast
amounts of money already raised nrtd
spent, and Ihc still vaster expenditure
In which it is committed, have im-
losed no deadly .strain as yet upon
any class of the community���though
tlu business of .paying for the war. it
is true, is cenrcely yet begun so fains the individual citizen is concerned.���I.ondoir'Tinios.
Vindicating Himself
Mr. Throgmorton Is it my daughter you wani. or is ii her money?
Jack Howens (amateur champion
hundred yards)��� Mr, Throgmorton,
yuu surprise inc. you know very
well thai I'm un a nuteur athlete,
Mr. Throgmorton -What's that got
to do with it?
Jack lldwens A great deal. sir.
II debars me from taking part in any
event fur money.
Justice of Peace Praises
Dr. Chase's Ointment
ilVHIC;       well    up    Iii    itf
"patriotism und proline
.. Difficult
Little Robert -Ma,    wu
Crusoe an acrobal'.'
Mother    1 don'l Know.    Wh.,'.'
Little Robert -Well, here 'il reads
thai nfter he had linished liis duy's
work he sal  down on his chest,
Canada Is show-' ���'��� >Ml Current, Saskatchewan, reports
very practical I g,)01' success wherever its canvassers
have gone, und is now assured of regular shipments from many tributary
points. A price of "1 cents u pound
for hatter fat, f.o.b, polnl of shipment,
Is offered the farmer. Another evidence of ihe increasing popularity of
the dairy cow is found in reports of
an extensive business being dun" in
cream separators, especially In newly
settled localities where dairying has
not in the past been followed to any
-rem. extent.
After Nine Years of Agony He Escaped an Operation by
Using This Great Healing Agent.
Is   Your  Life  Insured?    Keep    Your    Policy    in    Force
And Increase the Amount as Soon as Possible
II Vau're N'ot Insured, Mako Application Today
Head Office, Toronto.
Over I'.i'c  Million Dollars Assets for Policyholder!.
N H.���Write    For  Memo, Hook and Circular.
His Bad Break
One of the delegates al the recenl
Canadian and International (loud
Roads association convention in rising
to address llie gathering, began*: Mr,
Chairman and fellow-highwaymen,"
ami lie'ii paused to wonder why liis
hearers  laughed.���Journal    of    Com-
W. N. tl. 1056
As a means of healing sores antl
wounds that defy ordinary treatment
Dr. (.'base's Ointment has Ions stood
s a ii r e m e. It is
known far and wide
as a positive cure
for o a /, o iu a and
pile s, Whatever
uncertainty there
nia.v he about the
resulta obtained by
the use of medicines
t a k o n Internally
tknr�� can be no
q u e s 11 o n of the
healing of tbe skin
when Dr. Chase's
Oinlmcnt Is applied.
Ti i"von actually
see with your own
ttes just what takes   5rR- HEATH.
Ice.     Tbe sore  parts  are  cleansed,
and gradually the new skin ta formed
antl llie sore becomes smaller and
smaller, until it finally disappears. It
Is often wonderful the results which
are accomplished in n single night by
tlie uso of this great healing ointment
Mr. N. A. Heath. .].!������ Fitch liay.
Que., writes :���"Nino years ago I waa
taken with an abcess, and cannot bo-
gln to describe what I have suffered
ins li. resuli. I wan examined by two
doctors, both of whom said I would
hava to undergo an operation to b��
cured. Thanks to Dr. (.'base's Oint-
mentl it lias rendered an operation
unnecessary, nnd has completely
cured me. I cannot say enough in
praise of this wonderful ointment
whlcb cured me afler nine years of
aguny." ci
-Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60e a box, all
dealers, or Ed manson, Kates .4 Co.,
Limited, Toronto. IHE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Huge Task Involved in Successfully Handling the Situation when
Two Hundred Thousand  Homeless Belgians were
Landed on England's Shores
Leaving it tor the historians tu do-(pie wrote lu offering to employ cum
cltle   whether the British uutlon used | pea.nt Be|g|gll l|���l,������,li,   s.rvunis nl
lli'leiuni  (is  a  cuts  paw   a   writer  in ; .    ,
the New York Tribune ssys Ihere cun  llt""" ono-unerter ol the wanes that
| Annual Report of Experimental Farms I
in Two Volumes |
The   work and seep    ol the  Expi r    ;
mental  tanns ami  Btatlons have  d'
veloned to such an extent that ii lias1
,:;f;:,,;::l::;:rn;,M:;l:;i,n;t:,'Avisi(; faith in our natural resources
nf nearly live hundred pages each to	
iho in,nu or uggregutc report for the
year ending March si, wu.   lu iho Sir Edmund Walker Strikes an Optimistic Note in Sn
pre lerved   the   >'.��� '
director and  the dlvl-
bi nu uoulii t ii:tt the Hrlt'sh people ac
compllBhed    u inugnltlcen'   piece ol
Woflt  when  lhe>   wileonicil some "nil,-
tu"i r.ei'iinii refugees, musi of whom
; hi'S wuuld hnve to pay English maids j
\ u ilie Belgians, too, ii was found
Hint  ihere  wen- some who could not
c misled surely without surveillun
Aficr analyzing carefully the elements, t'.uui! and bad, making up the
t nnajllan situation, who eau mil to ba
nscrvutlva optimist?    first, tho
lauded on ISngluiid's shoro with only I'he reftigeea were divided Into Hire
lhe elollieii  Ihey  wore. These  wretch classes,   HIn]   billeted   upon   hosts   ot I
���ui people  cul in lc fed, clothed unl corresponding  clusseB,    There   wero
provided with home8.   The work hud tho professional people, officers  I
tu he done before the realization wus university    pro tensors,    tho    middle
I'lniiy for       The   governmeni   wus , in-:,. ���. uml m., pcuiauts,   Mr. Whit-'
overwhelemd with olher matters, und j tu lier remarks thai one of lho grimiest I
so ii  was hii lo voluuteors to snlvo difficulties In oiilflltlng tlto third cluss
ihi'se  uupi'i'i edeiiii i  problems,    l'or wa-, ihul the English Bltoes were not I
lhe   success   nf   llle   work   llllleh   ireii.l large   ollOllgll     fsc,|   lu   wcnling  SnllOtS
is die iii Mr i-  I-:, wiiii lull r. a Innn nil their lives Hie feel nt hundreds of
er newspapormun, who, on nccouni  if these refugees could hardly he com-
A slight ifsllgmntlflm  wus rejected hs pressed Into the lurgesl English shoes,
a recruiting officer, and so. dctcrnil.i      Another illfflcu'iy was   iiini as Hi"j
i d io help in some wny, he found hi u j mi wnys were ail under military con- j
self chief ot the oporutlng  force  ef trnl,   tlio-c tnltlee "nraly hud more
Hie   Belglun   relief   committee.    Mr. Cun; forty mlnrtes' nollco of ihe nr-
Wlllttttker   is   now   in   New    Vork   in rival uf a new hosl of I'efllgoes, Tlic.l
tne    hope lhal  his shattered  health I'm   titolor blisses would have to dash
uuiy be restored. al mem speed tu ihe railroad station
The committee  funned  tu aid  Ihu , i meet the Immigrant?.   They would
government In caring for thajlelghtns i,,  conveys!   iiiiiuec.ialely  to one  uf
began by employing n sacrelary und several large  buildings, ' whero ihey
establishing him in Two small rooms j i uuld ho fed, bail ef and supplied wllh
Tin deluge Immediately overwhelmed food.    Many of them cume literally
him ami swumped his tiuarlors. it wns empty handed; but some hud broug'.i'i
plain iliat. a lurge siulf ami a whole uii their   Impedicnts,    Wheolburrows
building   would   he   required tor the wen: prominent.   The   Antwerp .lows
ii,ere clerical work.   Thirty typewrit- brought vanloads ot' house furniture,
ers were ncei.i'ii fur ihc correspond thus creating one of ihe most puthe-
line which quickly rose lo 2,000 hit- was essentially one of the most pathe-
tei's a day.    Mr. Whittaker says that, tic lUcldontB of lhe war.
inure than fifty clerks worked like gal-     The day ntler the fall of Antwerp
ley sbues for ien days before they the committee liad to caro lor 6,000
headed tho stream of letters, Another u- Iginiis, Three-quarters of ihcm wo"e
fifty were employed upon tlie card in- women and children, Thero were s"V-
dexes   of  Invitations    mid   refugees. Ural cases of women givinc birth to I
Then as the work kept growing upon children     within  a  few   hours  after |
tlie laborers it was necessary to ask their arrival,    Soipc  Belgian   babies
for some goverunient help.    Several were'born on the boat lhal  curried
renovated workhouses ami other pub-,, them to England, some on lhe train
lie buildings noi  in use wen- turned' that brought theni to London. A staff
iivtr to the ctiniinitlce, and these with of doctors was ns necessary as a stuff
thc private bouses offered proved Sllf- ! of clerks or cooks.    However, thanks
fli'it'iil for the purpose. io ihc generosity of tlie British people
The idea of ihe committi     was, of and lint bard, systematic work of the
course, not only lo keep thi P ���' ims committee, ihc great task was accom-
permanently in any govern     ���:: build-: plished,   Ai one lime there threatened
ing. but to g.l them distributed with to bo trouble  with the labor unions,
private families throughout the king- which objected to Belgians being em-
dom.    The    response of tho  British ployed as their competitors. However
people to the appeal to offer ti iiipor- ihis wns averted, and in ihe VTekers-
iiry homes for Hit; Belgians waa lm- Maxim arsenal   alone there nre 3,000
presslve.   The Irouble was that, whl i skilled Belgians employed. Thousands
offers were numerous, the committee of these Belgian  refugees, no doubl,
bud to take the greatesl care thai tho will    remain    permanently in   Great
Belgians  billeted   upc;   these  homes Britain, the horrors of what they have
should be congenial, ana    Hint their endured, making   It,   Impossible that
hosts would try lo take no advantage they could ever again live, in security
of their destitution.    Some  few peo- and comfort next door to Germany,
Edison is Making Dyes
lovtntor Urges Manufacturers to
Break German Monopoly
Thomas A. Edison has predicted
that ihe United States would 30011 bo
manufacturing its own dyes, ami that
the so-called famine in dyes, due to
the war, was aboul to cati. Al his
plant ut Silver Hake. N.J,, he said, he
bad already made large quantities of
the best aniline dyes, and be asserted
that it was only necessary for textile
manufacturers 10 follow his oxample
to break the monopoly whicli Germany has hitherto had in the dye
"Since tlie outbreak of tbe war,"
bo said, "I have been making carbolic
acid, aniline oil, ami benzol. The last
sold at 20 cents a gallon before the
war. Today manufacturers arc paying 00 to 75 cents. Aniline oil was
selling al 11 to IL' cents 11 pound before the war. .Now il is up to 70
cents, I am not making very much
money in this line, but I thought 1
would at leusi make Um start, antl
I hope some of theso timid Americans
who lack backbone to father a movement worth while will now come
along and 'iillow suit.
"The Germans controlled the trade
to such r. degree that no one else
gave In lull thought to ll. But the
ii Mile men ill Ihis country need uot
tip worried. We can muke for them
all the primary colors thoy wish, and
mure, too. What, wc need most is a
protective law such us Canada has.
We sftould prevent 'dumping' here of
foreign goods."
The Calf
The Cull rings loud and true
To all men sound and Ht,
Your country's call lo you!
llow will yuu rnswer it?
When others do and dure.
Across the narrow sea
Can your own heart declare,
"They have no need for me?"
Listen once more!    The Call
Bonis in lhe throbing drum
Bidding not one but all
Of Britain's manhood come!
Because your comrade went,
Freely  und  nothing loth,
Shall ail his toil be spent'
To keep you here in sloth?
vYliat use lo shut your cars?
Your country claims ber debt
And in the coming years
Your heart sliitl' judge you yet!
Think of that future day
And choose the nobler plan
That S'ou may truly suy.
"At leasl I played the man!"
Will Sue Shareholders
National Trust Takes Action Against
Prince Albert Company
Prince Albert, Sask.���In a -statement lo the city council, D. W. Adams,
city solicitor dealt with the situation
in regard lo Ibe insolvent Great West
Wood, Iron and Chemical Company.
Ilo slated what Ihe city was doing
at the present time, lirsl as having
guaranteed the principal und interest
on the debenture issue of $126,000,
and. second, as a creditor of lho Great
West for the value of certain boilers,
electric light, ami water supplied to
that company, ln regard to both
claims au action haa been Instituted
by the National Trust Company
agnlnst P. II. Phlppen, D. B. Hiinnu.
Hector Mactnnes, and Felix Frank,
shareholders of lho Qreu' West Company, to have these parlies made liable for Ihc sum of $409,500", or $99,-
(100 ench. in respect lo shares issued
lo them in suid company. If this action is successful, and these parlies
arc worth that sum of money, I hen
lhe city's Interest in both these claims
will be taken care of. If the action is I
successful, or if the action should hei
successful and lhe parties are noi j
worth that money, then the creditors
will have lo look to the assets of th" \
Great West Company for paymenl bf
ihelr claims.
The as'sets arc being realized us i
fust ns ibe very adverse conditions
prevailing since this company went;
Into liquidation will permit. Sonic I
of the raw paints ' ave been sold aud |
some glass and oils uml small quant- j
ity of lumber.
lirsl    Milium
ports ui iii.	
sinus uf chemistry, Held husbandry
ami animal htiBbundry, li is bs a i
siudy uf ihese chronicles that an Idea
cuu he obtained ot the vast amount of
work thai is being done, und un up
preelallon urrlved al of u rosultiint
K'""1 I Inevitable must be faced,    Half   i
lu ihc lirsl lew paces nre given ilu I troubles um caused hv kicking ugnlnst
usual ('(impuriiilM'. tallies of gruin l w|lft| js. The inevitable includes the
yields uml prices, and oi livi sioek u.r[ ,ii;M n,,, British empire i; at
for ihc the yours extending from war anrt that sacrifices must bo mude
100!) to I'M,', each of which, except-In includes the fun lhal Cauuda wus
ing horses und swine, shown u tic ,U)8 for ;vM economic roeoustdemtlon,
crease In tho eastern provinces since whether or not the war hud come, It
10)0, iu ihc w M"in provinces there j includes recognition of the fact tbut
was a deficiency ol upwards of IIOQ,- speculative Jam Is not the bread nnd
nun  cattle  between   the  name  s'ear butter of business. Having rocognlzed
and  1013, I ti niereasc of nearly  these thin a, we nre aid" to do bust-
hair u million horses and onlj a ������,.., on ., ���,,������ ,,|:,|,,. roxuggerated
slight disparity in sleep, which, how- iueaa of land values und rentals nre
ever, arc showing u tendency to lm-1 dlsappearlnB! so are the nbuses of
proveincnl. Swluo Increased h> up-1credit. A better Idea is belng'obtiiln.
wards  of  500,000.    In   Ilritish  Colum    ,,j ,,,- w|,,cl constitutes a proper bnslB
bin ll umerlcal chnnges were com- 0[ credit.    In short, wc nm getting
paraiivcly    light.    Naturally     much aown lo reul bUBlneBs.
spuco   is  given   in  reports  nf  export',     War, naturally enough, effecls trnd
ments al thc different farm a nnd sta-i,
lions.   Those experiments, ii is hardly j,
necessary lo sny, cover overs variety  .
of grain, trull und vegetable produc- a"dlBllncrcheck to'increasing confld
Hon, us well us sail develop nl, crop; ,,,���.,. ilni|  business nl   homo     Yet   Wl
management, cultivation   of,   forage ftu |tnow n,,.,-,. Cun in ly one
plan ta and grasses, live stock breed- U0 th,, presenl struggle. None
ing and dairying.    H would be  lm- exchange His lot with that of a
possible io overesiiiiuile llie Import- nf an enetoy country. And the
ancc of the Information thus tur-|ence ,V|. navo in the empire')
nlshed. j"nnrl In the nation's ful ure, alto
Of course, al this lime, wl  the spoken.   It should unite with n
vulue of increase hy Improvement of |	
production is being strenuously urged,
thc reports ure uf special Interest.
It is not alone with what, may be
termed activities of the fnrm propei
that Ihey deal, bill ulso wllh building, wiih clearing, with road-making,
with ornamental gardening. In short,
the reports constitute virtually an encyclopedia of funning and ils
brunches brought  up to dale.
While, as has been suid, volume one
is devoted lo the review 11> the
director and reports of the divisions
of chemistry, field husbandry and nni-
umming up
the Economical Situation in Canada, and jives tbe Factors
of Strength that Restore Confidence
War. naturally enough, effecls
noimercerInvestment    und   bu
1   many   directions.    Tiie   news
front lust week, for Instance
��� ���-nit
nu' ,
tize i
lit fill-
il   1)9
lldenco uf others, facts cannot be
changed by pessimism, Good senti-
meiii piuys an Important purl lu tiie
iniilnti'iiaiiee uf credit, of bllBinesa uud
uf faith In a young country's natural
resources, Its prospects and iis man-
Money Ii accumulating rapidly.
Tin-re is a demand for goi i bonds,
uiul a giowing call   for   sto The
eharti red banks, the i utety valve of
Canada, are in an exci 11 nl po It ii n.
They will   xteiid credit v I ere tl la de-
Bervetl,   The   agricultural   prospi  ti
are excellent,   The outlook for Immigration ii good.    The labor bII latlon
is nol bad.   Canada has had utile dit-
llcutly In financing   Its requln mi nts
The change  from tlie Iiritisii  to  the
United states money market was effected    w Itbout    trouble,    Mo 1 tags
payments, both principal und interest
are good.    Kconomy    is not being e i ���
rled to a  foolish  e.vtr ine     Ma
Hirers me encouraging the home de
iiin ml for their goods, at tlie   ami      :���
seeking to Increase their expori I ., ��� ���.
New i rude channel     an   bi i - ��� :'
Experienced farmers from ths   United
Sialcs have already commi in   d ,:   sin
to tnke up lands In Western i' ���   ,
And tin re are numerous other factors
nf stn ngtli in the Cal ttdl u
All we need is ii Btr ingi r etch     tl
our intent   confidence    81 ���   Edn
Walker In lhe Monetary i Imi t
Unsinkable Ships
Little    Faith    in    Modern Devices; for
Keeping Vessels Afloat
Thc London Post snys thai the rap
Idily  with  whieh  the  Uislluniu sunk
raises   important   questions   wllh   regard to modern devices tor helping
tu keep vessels athiul  In (use of Ihelr
being   damaged   by   accident   or   de
ll quotes Alexander    Carlyle,    wh i
mul husbandry, volume two presents I ,\\(\ much lo raise the firm of llurlund
llie reports of the divisions of horti-  & Wolfa, of Belftisl, to the position it
culture, cereals, botany, entomology,  occupies In the shipping world al the
forage plants, poultry and    tobacco,   present date, us saving::
All  that bus  been said of the  eo.u-      ' t don'tIjellovo there is such a thin?
pleteness in its contents of the lirst jag an unsinkable ship.    NeittTei' do l
volume enn be repeated of the second,   pellcvo such it ship will ever be built,
li,  too,  is  a   useful compilation   and       "The idea of such u thing seems lo
a sample  in detail of lhe benefits to'me  absurd.    How  -an  you  make  50,
be derived from scientific und  puius- '��� i.|, i tons of irnn, Bleel and brass (lout
taking research.
As In Ihc preceding years, tlle matters dealt with in this volume are
divided Into sections: lu) Hiving precise information of the work al the
experimental   farms  in  the division
i for thut Is how you meet look at ll)
when lhe iirdiil has been buttered iulu a   more or less  shapeless  niuiis'.'
"There were pie: Iv of lifeboats on
board the l.usiiuiiiu, but it was a question of time and that did not suffice
referred lo, and (b) Treating of the to launch ull the bouts. Had lbs luisi
various lines of experimental work ' tauii. remained afioat, say, for two or
under way throughout the system. It) three hours. I have little d*oub! iliut
is explained that thc latter section (|r. lives of all aboard would have
is devised and designed -wiih u view been saved, excepl those who wen
to aiding tlie I'urn.er more directly killed by the explosion of the lorpelo
in lhe details of his vocation. It is ; or who might have died of shock.
worthy of wide distribution. One ; 'ii Is one of the disadvantages of
ibing certain is. that the nature of the gnat size of modem passenger
the reports makes Ihcm deserving of vessels that Ihey car / so many peo-
the closest attention, Copies may pie that it takes a long time to get
be obtained by making application to ihcm off In case of danger.
the   publications  branch,  department      "I ain Inclined lo think that in tin
of  agriculture,  Ottawa.
Navy has Limitations
future we shall not
larger than those which have already
been built, because of the difficulty In
finding harbors suit, hie for the accommodation of the vessels beyond n
certain size"
Women's Wages
British  Women   Workers   Asking   For
Equal Consideration With
The women of Great  Britain have
responded as they should to the call
of   the   government    The emergency
crops have entered Into many situu-
Criticism of the Work of the Navy
Seems Unreasonable
Criticizing the. British navy for not
providing all escort to the l.tisituuiu
gets no place. Obviously no navy in
the world is large enough to bombard tlie Dardanelles; guard the Suez
canal; patrol the Mediterranean;
guard transport ships crossing the
ICnglisli channel so closely that, although within a few mile: of tho base,
ot German submarines, nol a transport wus lost out of it number ri- j tjons usually tilled by men. Amon
quired to convey 800,000 soldiers; tilem are Interpreters, dispensers, vet-
guard transport ships carrying troops Urinary surgeons chauffeurs, motor
from Canada lo K.iglnud; keep open
the ICnglisli channi-' tor constam
commissary supplies io Urnnce;
guard all the ports of the British
isles; bombard the Germane on the
coasts of Belgium; keep the Clerninli
war llc.'t penned up In tho Kiel canal
Money in Live Stock
Marked Increase in the Price of Beef
is   Sore  to  Come
Mr   Randolph Brui e, a wi
rancher In Westi ru Can idu, ha ��� ju it
returned from Hun pe n n
teresting opinions us to the cf)
Hi ���   wur   w iii   hav. ,cia
farmer,    The   num. n   i   - ,   .  I  t-  of
cuttle fuv the mini  i In l
he ihinks. \ -iy shortlj e.iu-,   i    -
Increase In the pi h c of bui < ami
runners  who  arc  raising     itt  -
muke  more  money  even  t tan
who ure rnising w u jal   it i ���"'/
per  bushel.    Evei j   i (fort   iho ltd    ���
made to raise cattle tot n
I us lurge quantities and as i| I
i possible.   Mr. Bruce ia a srea
in   alfalfa   as   the  mosl     , rj
foot! tor the .rap l'r    Ing        itil     or
In ihis cum ' C"ii ll   is  inter
to note Hint  fattening young   Ito   ���
becoming wry popular in the t -
States where Hip market. ;,, .,
increasing so rapidly that more  itiufj
has been paid to methods of   ttcrea*
'. big production.
in the enrly days cattle ��er i ��� p
'on the ranges from three to live year*.
Experience, however, has shown i
the use ot thoroughbred bulla and t.'.e
consequent improvement, in the . . i
ity and maturing ability of marker.
cattle, together with heat er .ran
feeding, has made ii possiole to pui.
just as much beef on the market at
from IS to -ii months old. Experts are
of the opinion that wiih the contl . ���:
l ,,n,|.|, Improvement of breed stock it win be
possible to market al an even earlier date. Anione the advantages of
earlier finishing of cattle, the folk i
Ing are mentioned by some i f tne
lending cattle inch: Firstly, younger
cattle make heavier gains of beef on a
similar amount o1' feed than old cattle: secondly, the money invested ii
turned faster, being turned over tn
eighteen months, where formerly it
took from three to five years: thirdly,
helfera under two years old sell as
readily as steers, and linisii more
As the census prove without -endow of doubt, i he i'.iIuc of beef cattle in
Canada is steadily increasing. In
1001 there were ".'.. 11;7.T4i valued it
$"i1.1'.'���'.'���'��� ll or au average of $17 il.
inking the good with the bad. ln 1"'.!
i\ :'.''.;:i.-J.', valued at 185 ���
8,390, or ,in ai irag i of $:m 90, an increase ol ,. i.TS per head. Mr. II. S.
Arkell, assistant live stock commissioner for the Dominion government,
says thai never In our statistical bis-
The    torpedoes now being used in
the British  navy cost  from  lf:',,."i(li) to
55,000  lo  construct,  according  to  ,.
I naval expet.    Even the newesl Brk-
i ish torpedoes ure less expensive Iba.i
those used by the latest Herman submarines, which ha\ ��� a diameter of HI
inches antl  travel at a speed of ^8
knots  an  hour,   having  un   effective
I range of seven miles.    Tlie internal
; mechanism includes u high speed ro-
i fating engine,  shafts  nud  gears  and
' Hull pounds ot high explosives.
uml nl. Heligoland; drive every Her
man mcrehunl vessel 2,000 111 number���off lite high sous; absolutely
slop all German commerce; blockadi
Germany so iffecllvely that even the
Hermans admit ml a particle of
food, copper or war supplies
reaching   ihem   by     sen:     have   war
vessels in reserve to give haiile to j of "menthemselvesi that women shall
the German Heel If it ever makes a | receive lhe same wages for the sumo
dash to sea; and still have enough I wor]i when normal conditions re-
warships to ad as escort to every | turn| which, on account of the great
rasseuger steamer. There are llmita- )o3g 0r nfP wri] not. il is lo be feared,
titms to even  th ���    Britisli    Navy!���| be very soon, i( WOuld be a very bad
mechanics, doctors,  railway  workers,   then
street ear conductors, us well hm workers in offices usual 1 v filled by mc*i
When iti" wur is over, not all
of ihese women will give up their
positions to the soldiers, who   come
back from the war. But women will tory have prices attained so high a
have gained a consciousness of ability figure either for cattle on the hoof or
which they cannot pari with, if they for meal In the butcher simp
want to.   Today women leaders in In-   day.   What ie next year
, dnstry  are  warning     their   followers
I that they should claim for men's work
I the wages of men. Tbis is not because
!  they want to embarrass employers of
the government.   It is in tbe Intere
the. full effect  of the war is felt no
an toll
Killing of Seals Resumed
Sioux City, Iowa, Tribune.
! thing  if  lhe  cheap  labor  of  wome i
;should  take the place    of    adequate
Experts   Report   the   American   Here1
Has Increased Enough to Permit
Commercial  Operations
W.  C.   Redfield,  secretary  of com-
merce, will urge congressional legislation, it is now expected, based on tbe
recommendation of three scientific ex-
Recruiting sergeant���I can't en.
list you my good man; yon have
only one eye.
Patriotic Scotsman���Hoots! That,
jilis'na matter, V'e'vve to shul ae e'o
i whin yer shooting anyway.
Colonization of the fertile lands of [wages for the heads of families. The ! perts, uuthorizing the resumption of
Western Canada continues unabated, wan-will be the cause of many changes the killing of seals ut tbe i'ribilof
During the mon h of April the Canad- i in the old world and the status of the | Islands next winter
Canada and Japan  which are inter-
ian Pacific Railway Company, depart- i labor of women is likely to he among
inent of natural resources, disposed of  Hies?.
practically twenty thousand  acres lo | 	
ctnal home  makers, who will enter      "All along    ibe  line."    says Majo
ested financially in the American
herd, by lie term of treaty which
abolished jelagic s-jaling made an investigation contemporaneously with
the American experts. Both govern-
ments  have  made representations to
The policy of providing good roans
for homemakers in Alberta is  iilus-
traletl by the fact that since Ihc province was organized  in  1 f)05 no fewer)
than 2,624 bridges have   been erected. |
1 These bridges arc practically all on J
roads serving the rural communities. I
into occupation and bring tbe land un- -Vandaleur, who happily escaped from
der cultivation.    To ba  exact, there  fjferman    imprisonment,    "we    were
were 124 different sales, and, allow- cursed by   ifficerc and soldiers alike
ing for the wives and children of pur-tat  the  various  stations.   .   .   .   On   the United states that the condition
chasers,   the   month's   business   pro-  reaching Ihc German-Belgian frontier 'of the  seal  herd  warrants resuming
vidps Mr the placing of about ",U0 peo-' the French prisoners were given some   sealing    operations    at    ouce. -New
pi? directly on the land.    A  notablo  potato soup.    The  people  in  charge I York Hiiaid.
tact is that the great majority of these told us   that none was for us,   but	
purchasers      bought    quarter-section  that if any  was let  over after the |    Teacher   Katherlne,    what do you
areas, indicating that tbpy are going   French bad  been  fed  wc should get I know   aboul   tbe orchid family?
Into farming on a somewhat intensive 1 what  reniained.    This is in accord-     Katie   Please,  miss,    mother has
scale as compared with the "big farm" j ance with   the general treatment of  forbidden ui to Indulge In any family
methods popular a few year" ago,        i Britisli prisoners by thc Germans."      ��nsslp, THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A   Wciky  Newspaper,   I'utisbcil  ut
Courteuay, It 0,
N. It r.nni'.N, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription 11.60 per Vein in Advance
Teh],bene 59
THURSDAY, Jl LY 22, 1915
The very besl thing the City
Council can do in the matter of
ci ws running al large is to pass a
In nl by-law nhii li "in require
every cow running nl large in the
city to wear u tag, wliieh \\ill cost
I say one dollar each, I no cow to be
ni large before 6 a, in or nftei 7 p.
in, 'I Inn it u ill lie necessary to
a] point fence \ ii wers and establish
a h gnl standard fi nee, foi ii a 1 ow
is licctisi il to 1 un al lc, ��� tin  mi 11-
II hns in be prolei led ns well os
thc hottsi In I ii r. li is not t xnctly
fail to 111.11 e the ownei of n milch
cow kei p hi r in view nil the lime
to see iiuil site does not gi t into a
neighbor's garden win 11 thai neighbor tares so little for it lhat he
fails to build a reasonable fence to
keep the animal out,    As for hor
We ha\e heard the opinion expressed many times that Quebec
was uut doing her full share nt this
time. We do not know how main
soldiers she has sent to the front,
bin we feel certain that she lias
sent her full quota. Iii connection
witn sending relief to the Belgians
the following will show thai the
provinces of Quebec and Otitnrio,
in which the percentage of native
binn Canadians is very high speaks
for itself.
Maritime Provinces, 150 carloads
Quebec 103      "
Ontario 38      "
���Manitoba ,|      "
Alberta    6
Saskatchewan 1
British Columbia... 5 "
The total valm of tin ��� e, which
iiicliuli il clothing, fond nud mom v
was >i ,7 |c,in) 1, i tiring 1 lie satin
ju iimi, the Belgian Rt lief Commission of tlie United States - nt goods
to the value of ?7,8So, 101.
Figures showing the growth  of
tbe fishing industry in   the   cons t
waters of   Norlhei 11   Iliiii.- It   Co
lumbin have been made  public   at
. I Prince Rupert by the fishing  coin
.   d0, Rerous miltee of the city,   "vcr nire mil.
and mischievous, and should  not lion pounds of halibut, in addition
Utiles   0   Vests iu  clastic  ribbed and
porus knit cotton, lisle and  m iscerized
lisle fi vmi 25c in fl
A complete range ol l(iidles nnd  Misses
U W'cnr in cotton crepe und cambric
tmlii",'  uiul  misses  [louse  Dresses in
muslins, chnmlir.iys nml crepes
In Patent Hini Vici Kid
Barrister aud [Solicitor,  Notary Public
P, o. llux 209
Phone 24 Courtenay
Voiles, cotton crepi  ,  poplins,  pi liileil
piques, fancy  nun litis,   pi re dc i, prints,
ducks mul zeplli 1 ,i;iii;,huiiis
Ladies' and Misses Tennis Shoes
Painter and Paperhanger
Flrsl Claim Carriage Pnliilliignl bow Conl
UIKI111I "i I'liiiiiiure ttopittrud ami Pi lulod
WorkUiinrnnloeil A Trial Bollollod
Dyeing, Cleaning
and Pressing
Garments turned put like new
Alterations and repairs
of every description
Phone 17
Old Bank BuildiiiR
Mitchell & Son
Milk and Crenm Delivered
Daily in Courlenay
Telephone R 81
be allowed al lnr'ge nl any tune,
With the owners of the whole herds
of young stock ��� who let them
roam the city street from years'
end to year's end, we have no
sympathy. Anyone who can afford
to keep a herd of young stock can
to salmon, cod, and herring, was
landed there in 1914 Since tin
Inauguration nf through service between Prince Rupert and Winni
peg over the Grand Trunk Pacific,
it was claimed that over n million
pounds of fish   had   been   s'
surely afford to have n pasture field |easl ���" tlle prairies, Chicago, Mont-
f,.i them, They are au abominable n ��� '" '" '* iK- ' ! ' " ,v'!
nuisance, and 11111st be  done  away
was worth more than half ;t million
dollars in 1914, and in tlie present
year it will be even larger and more
Wc herewith offer the following
suggestion to thc City Council, and
if need be we will stand half tin
expense: That there be placed on
tin wall of the council chamber a
suitably engrossed record of the
young men who have none oul
from Courteray to do their bit in
the fight for thc cause of the Empire, li used tn In- the melancholy
truth Uml there is a brass band and
a boquet for the gay Warrior going
forth to battle, but a hard bed in
the poor house for the crippled
veteran who returns, Evidences
arc not wanting thai a livelier sense
of our indebtedness to the country's
defenders is being given life in this
great war. The soldier has been
Sent oil with the old  time   en thu
siiisin. bul he lias not been at once
forgotten A thousand and oue ways
have been devised for keeping hint
in mind, supplying him with all
possible comforts and seeing to his
safe return. Many there will be
who will never return and we owe
il in them thai their answer to the
call of duty has not been a vain
sacrifice, lu the record that will
ban;' on the wall the boys of another
generation will hnd inspiration to
patriotic effect.
K. and N. passenger trains burning fuel fuel oil are running into
Courtenay, within three miles of
conl mines capable of producing
three or four tht usand tons of coal
per day, Passengers paj their way
out of money earned al the coal
mines to support California fuel oil
kings in luxury, Iu this way the
C. P. K. fails to pationize home
industry.���Islander,   Cumberland.
Curtains and  curtain  11
.Yluilras uml nil Ulllslius,
mr ul colli, in 1 sateens
islins, senilis
iniiprool case
ml en tones
lu order to reduce our stock ol men's
rcu'l.v-ti��-\\e:ir clothing we nre offering n
discount nl 20 ],. c, for Uvo weeks only.
Mi u's ,1 Button Sack Suits in black anil
navy serges, lie,ht uud dark tweeds and
men's .'-piece outing suits
Summer U Wear, btilbriggnu   in natural
mid white al 50c nud  75c in  shorl and
lone, sleeves
I'iluslic rililuil illrrcei i/eil cotton  U wear
at s'l and $1,25,  ll. 0, V.  Conibi intions
at $1.50
Athletic  U   wear   in   open   mesh   and
porus knit
Summer  Half Hose  In  all   shinies at 3
pnlr   for $1
IllviclllS    Shoes    for    Hill!    ill     tlle    Hew
lasts with   blind   eyelela   nud plain   re
eeeding toe
Summer Shirts In plain, self colours und
stripes from 75c to si .7.5
Novelty patterns in   mushroom  pleats
with soft  ilctncbolile collar  nud French
cuffs from 52 to S3.50
Well stocked hi Men's  Straw   Hats and
Silk Caps
Men's Gating Pants and Tenuis Shoes
To whom ii may concern,
1 hereby give notice that 1 will uoi bi
responsible [01 uny debts contracted in
the name ol I'.rhnsley   ,\   llodgkliison,
\V I Merchants, Courteuay, from  till
Signed, Marry Moiiokinbon
Courlenay, It. C, June IS, 1915 llll
o'l'K'i; is hereby  given  that 1  in
Board ol l,i
use Commissioners, one  month from
ti ml in apply to the Board "1 l,i
lionet's, one UK
this dale, for a transfer of the license
held by mc to sell spirituous nml fermented liquors fcby retail from the premises known ns tlie "Courteuay Motel,"
situate in the City ol Courlenay, llrilisb
Columbia, to the building in the City ol
Courtenay, 011 I.ot 50 In subdivision ol
pari ot Section 61, registered us No, 311,
and now occupied by W. G. McKean ns
a General Store, the hotel to be known
ns the "Hotel Alexandria," according
to pi.ins und specifications which will be
laid before tlie Board,
Dated this 24tli day of June, 1915,
When  In  Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Ti ne Your Piaro
I'ucloiv ttxpcrleiico
Recommends   froth   heading  Musicians
I  the Atlantic to lhe Pacific,   Copies
of same furnished .ui request
VV. I. Gonril   will be   in this city  nhoul
Aue.usi I,    i.e.oe orders nl this Ofiice,
or write.din-, t to
845, 8(1. Ave., W.
for  your
Lorses & Cattle
25c.  per Wine Bottle
^ /���?������-
Last Kaster Sunday Mrs. Wilkinson lost a small memorial brooch
between St. Peter's church and the
wharf. On Tuesday afternoon
Enoch Ilellcn picked up part of
the brooch in front of the post
office, and lock it into Ball's store,
when it was found to have an inscription on the back of if. A
search for the other part   was  llll-1
mediately it stiluted, and Mr. Ball' tinguished \ isitors, when His Grac;
picked it'up. It was -immediately Archbishop Casev, of Vancouver,
recognized as the one Mrs. Wilkin-   iIii;  Lordship  Bishop   McDonald
try g  .r'   ��%,
ft ...-'���      ��� ��� -A
son had advertised  as being lost,
and word was scut toiler.
Last Tuesday   and   Wednesday
the Sisters ,if St.   Joseph   had   dis-
Ford Touring Car
Price $590
Vour neighbor drives a Ford-why
don't you? We are selling more Fords
in Canada this year than ever before���
becat'se Canadians demand the best in
motor cur set vice at the lowest^ possible
cost. Thc "Made in Canada r't Ford
it a necessity���not a luxury
Buyors of Ford cars will sharo in our profits if>'c sell
30,000 carsbolwoon AiiKiist I. 1914, and .1111111.111,11115
Runabout SiM; Town .Car $840; I'. 0, It. Ford On
tiirie, OQii'pinent, Inoludlug electric headlights. Curs
on display and biiIo al
Rev, M. J, Kelly (\ li. P., Torcnto,
and Mr. Alex, McDenuott, of Vic
toria.. paid them a visit. Thejparty
were enjoy ing a ;:otor trip 1 ver the
Island Highway, nud had been to
Campbell River, Al 8 o'clock on
Wednesday t veiling a reception was
held iu their lienor, at which an
n:i interesting program wns carried
out. The visitois greatly admired
Comox nnd the charming siie of
the hospital, and departed next
tucniiii.', delighted with their visit
11 ith : . i wishes for the success of the Sisters,
A number of piles were driven
in Comox Buy on Monday afters
Dr, and Mrs, Beadnell hnve gone
on their annual pilgrimage to
(lyster River.
Sen ices at St Peter's at n a, in,
on Sunday, Rev. Mr. Wilkinson
will preach again,
Dr. Montgomery was at Campbell River on Monday
Art. Kirby, who is at the hospital, is recovering from the effects
of his fall from the roof of M. B.
Ball's barn,
Four men from the lumber camps
were in St. Joseph's hospital last
Mrs, Alex. Campbell who has
been at St. Joseph's hospital for
some time, departed for her home
at Headquarters on Tuesday
Rev. Fr. McDonald. Ladysmith
i.s a guest at St. Joseph's hospital
this week. Fr. McLeod is greatly
interested in the Boy Scout movement.
Liquor License Act
Notice is hereby given that at the next
iuiiitfs of the Board of License Couiuiis-
ioners, for the City of Courteuay, I intend to apply for 11 license to Sell spirit-
US ami niait liquors, by retail, In tlie
premises known us the "Ciuirtenny
Hotel" situate 111 the City of Courtenay
011 I.ol 19, part of section 1-1, Comox
District, in tlie Province of Ilritish
Dated at Courleuny this  14th day  of
July, 1915.
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Cluariiiilccil
A. BeverirJge, Courtenay Hotel
htus Store
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
Palace Livepy
Horses and  Buggies  for  Hire  u.
Terms cash.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Courtenay Phone a��-
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & WhiUle
Phone 9 Courtenay
General Blacksmith
ollcll Vour Patronage,   Cnrolid Attention
Given tu Hursi'H Fuel,
Extract for June from the } e-
torological register at Little River,
Comox District, Bertrand Vogel,
observer. Maximum temp 81.0,
Minimum terao. 40.0, rainfall 0,22
The   fact  that
the   s 11 c c essftil
business man is an
advertiser i.s   usually
incidental.    He   is
'an  advertiser   because he
is    wise   and    posf essed
of     good,     sound     business
sense and  an analytical   mind.
At some time or other he came
to   the   conclusion   that   advertising could be  made  out  of
the  mightiest factors of his
business   orginization,
and     having     arrived
at    this   conclusion,
he   just   naturally
went  to   it   and
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
Kamloops is organizing a Home
Guard force, Over one hundred
men have already joined,
Tlie former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason of quality has so
many votaries. Get tne A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -      rop.
OpfotiteutM Pu.'ljtiiiii limb hi
Risk Your Baking
itation With
Inferior Flour
Some flours give good results from one sack aud
poor, totally different results from the next. They
are  uot  de] callable.
lie' Rose Pastry Flour
does not van' in quality* Vou aro sine of the
same good results from the sack you purchase six
months   lieuce   as  froiii   the one  you  use today.
Wild Rose Pastry Flour is uniform. Ii gives
uniform results,   Cn sale by all dealer.",
Order a   Sack Today
Roy.J Standard Grain Prefects
wn   5      t AGLINCY _        ,.
Hi!.'; .--.I:, -    rhoiif .I."!; End ol Bridge; F. Movilz, Mgr.     I\6t��lll
Letter to TLe Editor
Bclitor Courtenay Keview
.Sir,--Mny I correct an impression conveyed by u not
hear of miy such case", but we have to
use tbe money subscribed in tbe reasonable manlier in whicli we suppose the
subscribers themselves would usj ii nnd
it"week'YTleroUi, ! e3Ffie,ct us to llse ''���   A < V "f tbis letter
witli regard to the local patriotic society
will be sent to the Herald,   but  I  shall
and Mr. John Potter. Mr. folin Potter l)e un'cU ��l)liSed lf .vo." w" give uie the
came to us to ask fur ten dollars in the ��Pl��rtu��ityoicorrecting an unfortunate
following circumstances. He had ap- ""Pressiou at the earliest moment,
plied to enlist and a transportation ticket I.. ' uk.1' "'is chance of suggesting that
to Victoria hnd been sent tn him from 1'v"; c'v<c and other j ubhc bodies ill tills
the authorities in order that he might go "l*4���* slloultl consider the visability
down for examlnat ion.   Ada"" "  '
fore he gol the ticket, an examining
doctor happened to come to Courtenay,
and .Ur. Potter was examined and refused, but was informed that the cause of
the refusal wns one from which he might .
be expected to  sum.   recover,   und   in  \"B ni��d9 f��.r ' e  war, might appeal  tc
such a case he might pass on a second | Hle f""'0';1.1.'" 	
exauiinatioii.   Mr,   Potter  told   us  la
ps not to leave thu anniversary ol lhe commencement of the war
Some such steps ure, t think, being
taken elsewhere, Perhaps u public holi-
r'ay devoted to various methods  of rai
the searchlights play over lhe sky
almost continually, The damage
done liy Zeppelin raids does not yn.'i
into the papers.
We are workiug rather hard and
l steady at present as we are taking ,
jour treuching course and the most
I of it is night work.   Oue man  is
[supposed to remove 30 cubic feet
'of earth the lirst hour, nud ?,s,   15,
j.'ind 10 ft. respectively for the next
three hours.   This is th ��� iuafutry.
and an engineet is expected lo do
lutlf as much again   in   the  same
time.   We are attached to an infantry brigade and each eugi eer
must I".' capable of overseen g a
section of them, instructing ilieni
to entrench themselves, etc.   It is
marvellous the amount  of earth
works ;t buueh nf men snu make iu
n short time, each linvuig j feet 1 <
dig down, nml only 1 hour and 30
minutes I" do  it   in,   < lur  usual
program is from 7 a,   in.   to   12,
trenching,  and nftei   having   the
afternoon off,  we   pul   our  great
conl in nm vali.se ,n cup, one meat
uml one jam s indwich 1 bv the wny
they nn- not tied with pink  ribbon
und there is no limit to the thickness (d lhe bread, 1 also side nun-;
and riflei nnd start off on "heavy
marching  orders"   march   1    1-2
miles aiul then halt where each man
is given a pick  and  shovel,    '1 In
hill on which we work looms high
above, and with  pick  and s'novclj
added to our load we start to climb , j
Everything must be done in silence "_
ns the Germans are net far away, j
(imagination, of course,  but  part j
of the training,)  keep tools from  I
rattling, no speakiug above a whisper, and uo smoking.    It is some I
climb, 300 yards at an tingle  of 45
degrees,    AU orders are given in a
whisper and passed   front   111:111   to
111:111,    The idea is lo get  a   rough
coveriu* under covering of darkness
and they are made more  elaborate
as time allows in the daytime.   At
twelve we dig o:-tt our sandwiches
and are served with hot  coffee lathe cooks.    It is  always  hot,   but
not always good, but I eau  almost
go anything now.
lesirable. No doubl
the local Athletic Association could be of
invaluable assistance in organizing sports
with this object in view if they would
consent to do so.
Yours truly
H.'S, I'cnii
thought he hud recovered und wished to
go to Victorin (or another examination,
lint hud only the transportation ticket
and no money to stay there or   pay   his
fare hock 111 case of refusdl,   und   nsked   ,,      , ,,	
us to let him hnve enough money for Courtenay, B, C, July 31, 1615
this. He wns told that we should be
glad to help lilin, but we thought il
reasonable that before we paid bis expense^, we should hnve his opinion that
he hud recovered, confirmed hy cue of
the local doctors, wlio we assumed
would be glad to examine bim without a
The. following i.s an extract from
a   letter   received   bv a friend ;
Shorucliffe, June id, I915.
Got into London about 11 a. hi.
fee under the circumstances. We feltjau��i had till 7 p. m,, and must say
we   I'l'i'ld   imi   give   Mr.     'otter   other   r      ��� ,      , ,r      1.
people's money will,.",, asking 1,i.��� lo I Mlj.lvcJ myself. It was quite a
tuke the natural and reasonable precaut-'Change to get awuy Iron: the bugles
ion of first confirming his own opinion, bands, and canvas even for one day,
that tlie>eason for hii failing at the first  When we got to the  station   there
pr^not'^e S'tortis, a!ui were  crowds   watching    for  the
wounded to   come   in,   and   they
certainly cheer them and tltey well !
deserve it.   The Red Cross nurses'
were lined up as far as   you  could :
see.    London is   quite   dark   a.id'
we were therefore unable to help him.
If there are any men who wish to enlist
foi oversi service nnd we cun help
them in any way, we consider it our
business tu do so and we sbnll be glad to
��� ��� ��� ���������   ���-
Tenders Wanted
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to Saturday, July 24, for the '
slock, fixtures, horses, wagons, and I
harness of K. J. Pouracre estate, Royston. |
Further information may be obtained at I
Pouracre's store, Royston, or James Roy !
Assignee, 222 Pacific Block, Vancouver, j
V. (1. ROSS,
For J. Roy, Assignee.
ne iieview
$1,50 Per Year
Loose  Leaf Billheads
We are now able to supply the needs
of every merchant in the district with
the above goods at exactly the same
prices as quoted by eastern houses.
Holders supplied free. Ring us up
and we will call with samples, etc.
The Review, Courtenay
Telephone 59 Isabel Street
Buggies aud Express \V- i  ,ms
All Rigs Guaranteed and Suld at the l.n.n .1 ,
llftcksruitli ui (l "nrriut:; Builder
Comox Co-One rai ive So
/   % :'r%'MSi  Pro.lttce-,    Coo!,,
Dealers in till 1<
Butter,   Eg -
"       ;j     vS|>V!C'i.lllV. \\ V
r,'vi$ </   I).'St.     Price--;   ::���..���..' ;   '���  ..-
best prices fo
&���'%/    and    satisf actor v,      v
v **< ��� ���
>. 2
LAW UNION & I    :
Insurance Company Limited, of Loni
Fire and Accide it
Assets Exceed
Funds !','.< ted
Are lm Insured Againsl
Now that tbe Warm dry weather is coming on, ivh u
on the rooi of a store or dwelling  may result  in a
fire insurance policy in a good company is the besi of il
are agents  for  the  Law  Union   und   Rock, a  cotnpan
second to none.    See us for rules
Phone 57 CO ,
11 n*
,11 V:j
The Advance. Ag���
Comfort and
For a limited time
Business or Residence Telephones
will be installed upon payment of
$5 Rental in advance
For Particulars    r*/\
Telephone  JU
W. D. Denbolm,  Mgr. [THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Miirlo nneoted with    ��� tilsl  yuu,    I Imvti |ub|  found u letter
'Very closely. Indeed    She I    ilu lying lien nddrei ed to you    As it luj
Ion's  evil  genius     Vmi  yel   througb with fuce open I could not bul  rend
iliut pure uml hut ul girl wo 11 re go *ii     Spa here:"
Ing hi Btrlko ul iiie h   :>" nl lho '"'��� ^ siiunro of llilek weni. il noleptiper
tery,    Ask  me no iiucatlons;  lonlglil lllleti with u daubing blnrk ciillgruphj
we will go eurol'iill) Intu the mutter." shook boCorc OeolYreyfl eyes,    It  was
 . Air.'.   \lu>'s  v.rniiiL   beyond  it  doubt,
on VPTKH   XIV QeolTrey  Hushed sllghlb   us  ho took
v.-,,, ts Not Pleated '"'^ ���,, Vi.,.l Bll|l|     ,Bl)yi   .,,..���,
\n.v stvangi r i -iu:- ulonp, in ��� ter ^ nioml,
ruee   ul    UllVellBpill'   WOUhl   IlllVC   been
ill' lilleil   I.i  envy   Uie  l"l   "1   IU""'   win
ill  llieir habitation lliore, it  looked
ffrej dill sa n struek him nor.
il hmi never i i eii'TPd I" him liul'oi'i'
iHul llu- u rllpr was slightly cures.,
so eriiiid, so dlgnllled, so peaceful Ing in'��>r luaniicr nf phrusliiB Thore
Itriillunt siiiishini bIioiii' upon Hie ter-kwub u suggestion "i soiuetlilng warm-
race;   imilillst    Ih"   "io>    -lone   01   tile    i |   i'll'l  In nv  p.VBOIIIll  lilllli  tile   -I,   ien
grand old t'neuili. lhe omerald gre?n   iyp, i ||nof implied.
"So this is  Hie   '11011   v here  VOU Ul'l
Faimnjin the Ncr.h
Wheat From the PeawC River Vnllcy
or Good Quality
when ihe ftanl reporl ofSirSnudtorJ
Reining, ns chief engineer of the Canadian r.u iti'- Kuilttiii, waa published
thlrty-elglii   yeai'B  ago,  ii   furnished
llie   Cniiuiliiins   of   iiim   Hine   wiih   n
   sol' Ue��  lillt selelilille iul'ni'liiul hill
t'PKardlng   ihe nreu now Included in
ihe province of Miiiii.'.,   The survey-
or's   i-epnils   slum. ,|   |hn|   among   llie
various "passes" ihrough ihe Rocky
Mountains Hon might bo used in itiu
| construction    of  a   transcontinental
railway,    three were mere available
Ihun   anj   ol   the oilier:.;   tile  one  US' il
lm -I   for the -Canadian I'nt'lDc iniilu
The Mystery
(if Ihc
B)   Fred M. W llitC-
Ward,   Lock   *   Co     Limited
..London,   Melbourne  nnd   Toroi to II
,(   '                        ,         , of ile. inwns rom   refreshing to Ilia "8o this Is the Vlion where you are
u''    '   '"'I'" " ��'c "'"���' l'��r';   -|K;   eyes, those old lawns like velvel lhal going lonlght," Veru went on.' "Who
f11"       Really, ii seeuis years since I   ouly L,( ,  tt.ilh lh��� ^slug ,,r con- f��� the woman?    lion  long have vou
spoke to ti gentleman and I time only hiu-ies known her'"
been her.- for days    .1 have been or       ,.,.,,   r,.olu  ,,,,, n,sl, ,,,,,1  r,-,-i  of (Tl', ,,, continued;
iloretl absolute rest and quietness ror   (.m,,,,   excursionists    who   had   their 	
the bciiolit of my health and, upon my Lordid, humdrum life In towns, turned .,     . ,,        ,.       .,   .,     ,
word, l um gi Mm-.; ii.   Would you lako 1 |0ng|ng eyeB to Kavenspur    \nybodt ,   Adopt I. ItlUKIlltn iVIolhiltlS
���S��U| "!  ii,K'ss "U" COm�� '" ; *J�� "vd l�� �� Place like ll usl be ' m ,     ,���,, _M| ^^ ���,,,,, ^
Mtiuj   un  older inun than Cleoffrey  haK d some of litem looked it   Ooor- i Clty ��f *cw Yc"'k Mopi" tha Model \\'laKa  I111"'   ��\"��>'  *'  l':l;'i"sl'
hud  been  excused  from    yielding to L.eA"VI hislanc'c   as he louiiged oi' iJu''chaMnfl Methods of the            I he only objection to ihe Inn named
such u request.   Those ey0S ivere so Uo'lerrace with a cigarette between C.P.R.                         Smidi'ord^ntinh'.n ���iH���',n!^ !��� n_
dark and pleiullug, and the man was  ,,,��� BU.ong, white teeth,   lie was seat-      Nothing   in   municipal   history   ex-  '   "h   '"'    ""'
young.     Besides,  lie  imd  an  excuse. [ e(]  n.|tn ��� ,,,,,, ovef his eyes uiul up- cited   more  Interest   than  the  recent
Hint not his uncle Ralph planned this   peared to lie given orer to u pleasant adoption hy tin- oil) of New York of
thing and was it not intended to bring   reverie,   A roil and an empty fishing the C.P.R.   method    of    purchasing
iiiHiiii uu introduction!   Besides, onee  basket slood by his Bide. supplies.   New York orders for muni-
inside linn room, n might be possible      Ralph Ravenspur lounged up to hlni. | eipnl   purchases  total   ?:;:.'.duo   worth , ;,,'r,'.i(,'. ',".'.'"',.''"
to "nd s.inei g that in the future   pei-baps he hud been waiting lor tils of goods each  year nml  found   ibaMt-iius  uii exteiialvi
would yield great results.                    .nephew.   Al any rate, he always knew there    wus    much    duplication  uml    i.i'.'i. '.,,:' ,,,,,,'",J
-1 shall he only too pleased,   tieof-   whcre lo llnd blm.  He sal   with the waste, some of ihe departments pay-  ',,;���    ,    '.,.,, '
iny murmured,                                     sunshlno upon his sigblless eyes and iny. retail prices fur lhe same goods  ",',y ",.,,..',  .'
Saskatchewan's Wool  Clip
How to Pack and Ship Fleccei, to Get
Benefit  of  Co-Operr.tlve
Saskalcbewan expecta   tn   luarkol
co-operative,   in least  100,000 pounds
or wool, from Uie clip of 1915, Alreadj
ihe department ims had printed anil
sent out a very concise bulletin of il:
Btruclloiis to iiie linn who seek to
take advantage of lhe co-operative
wool market, The 100,000 pounds of
wool wiii eoine largely from Hocks of
Leicester   uml    Dunns      breeds,   hut
where range sheep ure Included, then
will he eonsiileriilile Merino. The
fleeces are required  lo bo dry, tret
nt'i   tor the .Canadian  Pacific malu fron,  ,���,,   ,���.  ptt)n|,  ���ropcr|v  ,-ulle.l
im,.   Hn;   ne uie,i quite recently tor lled Hlll, ���.������,,. noece twlne ,������,     ,,.
t.e  National  Tmngcontlnonta     nnd ed In Blrong, hard, Jute sacks   When
Canadian ^orthern Inns i n.l the one ,���,.���,������������,,,, ���m|   ,,���,,,,,, ,,,��� wool w���,
through  which tlto  Peace  Unci   runs ,,���  ,i,im���,l   from   Uoalnn   uud  nne  ,���
from wesi of the Rockies casl townr I
Luke Athabasca. Of Ihese lltreo the
lirsi wns. froi,i u railway engineer's
wpolnt, the mosl difficult, while ilu
I i smoked his pipe placidly.
"There  is  nobody  about?"
"Then come alon.
gaily,   "If you ure fond of a good cup
of ien, then I have some ol llie most
perfect  in ihe world."
She led Ho- wny Into Hie old fashioned drawing room, which sue hud rendered beautiful with flowers,   The stiff I matched blm ciirlousl
furniture looked siitT no longer
sk-1 ers,    Under the C,P.It. system every
tiling is centralized so us io cut out
"Nobody " GeofCrev replied. "Do you : the possibility of duplication either in
want to say anvihliig lo ine'.'" purchase or payment of gooda, while
Ralph   made   no    reply.    Geoffrey   t'i'' lerms are naturally all lhe inor
Hie   Rocky    Moun-
e area of good, ar-
e   Cllmuto   is   I'UVO"
, , ,              ..    ,,   ,      mil of llle eollnll'V is
u  re all  priees   Or lie same  goods   ,..flo       ,,,| ��� ,.
'    ,        ,     ,    ,      ,     ,        ,,     il'11 uuleii'i!   ,\- iiu,ire.     I ns view o
is were purchased wholesale by (itli-,;i<  ,,,,,���,,, '  ,,��� ,,.������,���.���	
he shipped from Iteglnu nml uue oi
two other poinis m ihe province in'
ear lots,
flock mat lers have been apeclnll)
Instructed to keep tiie    lloecoB from
ewes, wethers ami bucks in separate
sucks und  where it   becomes ueces
oiee ultimately wus the  "tiry lo pack threo kinds of fleeces in
knoifn  us   tho   Yellow!","''   ""''V   ,n'"-v  iirc   '"f"'  "'    "!"
sheets (ll Btrong pilpe,' llelween (111.
I'ei'enl kinds The wool is lo he for
warded hy I'l'eiglil hy Iho most direct
route In lhe. Cooperative Organlin-
lion   Branch, department  of agrlcnl
lure. Ottawa.
I iis capabilities for agrlcullural pur-
;;ied hy ihe recent !
a carload of wheat
grown i her,, hns arrived in Winnipeg,
nml ihai tin' grain is of uood quality
ml appearance,   An there is uo roll-
.      ,, ,.   ., . ., .-     ,   | (lull   a ' icui auce.     .Ui   IIH-
inMayor   of the ra iway.   New \orl   Wfty  ,���.,���.   whe|,a   R  wn
y"x' "'��� " """ ������vi��'    '"'- --"oi. wiiielK-u linn curiously.                            mi  ���."">    "i  mc i..u.......    i,=��   """mviiv   nenr   where   it   was    "I'own    il
furtiUu re looked stiff no longer,   The      "rj0 you  know   von seem  to l    City sent a special Investigator round  nuls,   h.m,  b(,n ',,,   ,,      b       '���
hand of un artistic woman liad been ,������,, W1'1V off me ihis afternoon?" he Uie Contlnenl to study methods "H by the farmers themselves ooirhans to
here un,l im- whole aspect wns cbtuig- ,s:iil| preseutly, "I can't quite explain purchasing supplies, and he decided uffor(| ,,���, outsido workl a'n object us
ed, my meaning, Since you buve worn that the C.P.R. system was the tQ Ule val���6. of tUe district for (arm-
Vdu should have seen n when [ those glasses vou look a different man. | best lor efficiency and saving. Iliis ing pur,)osoa Til!a ,,lul ,]���, intorma-
cume here." Mrs. .May smiled us slip T|1RI.,,; now v���n ���ra yourself again." was naturally the source of much 1|on wUI certa|nI.. Berve 1)C(.:ll,sc. ii ia
followed Geoffrey's glance, ��� It was ualph had' tnken off the glasses for/ gratification to. sir Thomas Shaugh-, accepted as established tin-t the near-
like a condemned coll.   Ami yd there ��� moment.                                           messy, who wns himself ul, one tlmo  el.  ,n   its -northern    limit   wheat   i��
���-.is Hie difference    v
llalph asUed.
,      ,.,,,, ,    ��� '    "'      '    ien, in ' ii     11,'iii    wheut   ii
marked?" I "T.'ifi118, "f'    lor     '   ,      " 'l\   I"�����'�� Uie liner its quality,   There is
established the present system,    flio \ ao rea80n  lo (|oulj|  ,,,,,.��� (,,e  ,,
 ,   ;,.  "'" """"llalph asked. ;:    ;       ''" <">--:" ��.'���'.'"-���      "��� i no  reason  to iiouiit thi'.*  the  Peace
vers make!                   ;    ..(.,,. mftrked   |ndoea.   ijaneslly, I ->''w  ,^ "rli    ,,x"orl  Investiga or has  Rlver a)strlot is ., ..Man,tobl,  ,,.���,,���,
o her own floral deco-    ,     ,,*   . |WVe'known vou.^     ' been busy ever since answering let-  aml "Number One .Northern" region,
oom  was uhlu/e  with )     |{.llh       ,���       , ���   wlu,llu.l. ���,- sor. ers irom other American mimic pall-     -Toronto Globe.
y were al  scarlet r0w 0r satisfaction Geoffrey could nol   ' e9-    "W pour In    at the rate of _	
t a single iiioom oi any     '" about a hundred a week, ull wanting      t\* i. * j -n                ��   ��*
"Time will prove whether the .lis- '" >im,w "-bout    tho C.P.R. anil its
guise is ,.r nnv value or nol," be snid, ln0!i"   purchasing department, with a
���', came to usk you aboul  this eve- ^^'^!"IaoT It  hT^l'   ���"* ]"��""- Agriculturists at the
"Of course   I    in'   Mrs   Mona May culatG(' lllilt  ""' il,"""i,,n of C-P'R' ' Sp��sal cf FarmerS
(i   louis.    i .nn.      ii._���  -''"'ij1  ���  �����.^ meihods hv American cities has saved |    ln carrying out the  policy ol plu :���
,aS,    i i       ei-- n.i n\ v^   ill, r I''"'1" ^"" " ��uste of over ,. billion   Ing trained aSrieul.,.ris,s at the dis
deemed n advisable to say nothing to .���,.���,.. ,,,.,���.., ,.,- ,.,,.,������,.��� ,n ,,,��� ,.���,,!��������� ,,,.
the others.    We cannot cull upon .Mrs.
May and  Ihey need  nol   know  thai  1
hnve hud uny  intercourse with her,"
Ralph   nodded,    Perhaps  he aloni
IhlUgS Of pi'll 0 here. A lilfli! ul
I rial ion and ll few Mowers nh, what
a difference flowers ma
she pointed i
rations.    The i
them.   And the
There wus not
other kind i
"They  match my stylo of beauty," :
Mrs. Maj laughed,   "l never have any
other here."
"Vou do nol cure for whit ��� Dowers?"
Geoffre.i naked.
"l abhor them-   They suggest benu-
liiul maldi us em oi   in tlieir prime,
dead children, lhe tomb, nnd all kinds j
of horrors.    I would rol have one In
the house."
ileoffrey wus discreetly silent.  Remembering  the  hundreds    of    while
flowers lie  himself had  seen  in  ihis
\i-vy room not so loni; ago, this speech |
staggered  hlni.    In u  dazed  kind  of
way    he  watched  Mrs. .Mny llghl  u I
spirit lamp under a silver kettle, nfter'
which   siie  excused   herself    on   the
score of fetching lite famous leu.
(leoffrey picked tip an album mil
turned lhe leaves ovei rapidly. Tin-re
wen- soldiers,, one or two native Indian officials, n great number of socio- i
ty people, professional beauties, and
Hie like, und   and Marlon!
Yes, her fair lender fnce smiled
irom the embossed, richly gilt page.
Phe piciure liad been taken some.
years ago, but there was no mistaking
those pure features, (leoffrey closed
the hook und walked over to the window. Surprise upon surprise hnd
i ome upon him lately, hut ihis wus
When Mrs, May returned he wus
himself again, lie could answer her
questions gaily and smoothly, It was
only when be wus on his way homo
again thai he recollected how much
Information he had Imparted and how
little he lnul ;;ni in return.
"You must eome and see me again,"
Mrs, May suid. "Now, enn't you come
up some evening nnd dine with nie?
Sn>- Thursday. UiiIpbs I hear from you
to the contrary I shall see you on
Thursdii) at si ven. A primitive time,
tint then we are In lhe country."
"Vou may be certain," Geoffrey said
carelessly, "that l Bbiill come If possible Good-bye, Mrs liny. In ordinary i in-line lances my people would
hnve called upon you Vou will know
why ii Is Impossible."
Mrs. Mny pressed Geoffrey's hand
with gentle sympathy.
"Vou have my real regrets," she
said. "Win,t a horrible Ihing ii is to
think lhal you nre ull powerless to
help it.   Good-bye."
Geoffrey   found   Ralph    al     llu
trance to the ensile gate.    Tlicre wu
a queer smile on his faee. u smile of I tho'iibrary! ijnTfer a"moment"Geoffrey j Over nine" million pounds of halibut,
amused .expectation. ; f ��� fl (0 'st,(, t)iat ifel.a was seated ut   in nddltion to salmon, cod, and herring
Mou Found lier charming?    he ask-  l]jfl |ablo wils lanaed ,|lere jn 1914. Since tli^
"'���. ,         ,      He crossed over nnd  touched  her  inauguration of thorough service be-
���And   clever     said   n.oftrey.     1   MPesging|y 0n the cheek. She looked  twe��n  Prlnco  Rupert and Winnipeg
guessed your plot, uncle,   she is very       rolulv.' over the Grand Trunk Pacific, it was
' ���.''',''���    , .     , "What  are vou  looking  for?" she  claimed that a million pounds of fit-Ill
lhe cleverest woman 111 Hie world, . . .
the most wicked, the mosl unscrupulous.    Of course she asked you to din-
District Representatives
iposni of farm era in the various dis-
 ������     Uriels  of   Manitoba,    us    announced
Western Canada's Rapid Development 1 some  time ngo, the minister of agri-
|.,i���,,   ,,.,1,1,.,     ,., ,.���,,,.    ,   ,;���,;        The brief period in which Western  culture; ftas just appointed live mem-
knewthe real need for secrecy in Canada has attained its present (level- ! hers 01 ,he present graduating class
!,'     '     '      m                    ' opme.it   is vividly Illustrated  by tbe \��t Manitoba Agricultural .College, to
"Quite right,"  he said.    "The  less   visit   of at,  old-timer lo  the city ��'   ", M|���    ",' !'?'  nTZu^
��� ,.* ,1 . ri U'lel -il/inn TIia     I.i c ���      |   tun       in     wk   I'lU'ii       Hi     .\ ll     ell   U I 0. I 110 '.1
ii'iiil   tlwi   hnffpt'       QliP   wt'fito   tt)   \'i)M    111     i)tlSI\tlilKlll. I 110     LUol     IIIIII      110     Wtlh . ....
sa 11 the hi it,,.   Sli( >oii.      I )iere wgB q|i a buffaloshootln?expedi/ and the centres from which iliey will
.,,',,' v.ea     , hud the letter veste'-  tion,'and be recalls trapping fur-bear-  worlt ��re as  follows:   II.  I-'.   Daniel-
,,,'������"' '   '      '       ' ' Ing animals of the wilds on the very  son, Arborg;  Lester V. Lohr,  N'eepii-
"Ann   de'lroved   il    of  course"'"        spol   wliieh   is  now  tbe  heart  of  the   "'"'���   Nelson   Smith.   Killarney.   W.  ,1.
Aiul iii .11 o> en 11   id  course. f.       Wiiliin .he uivin of -in oriliu-irv i Stone, Dauph n;   Will am T. G.   Ve-
"   non   mv   won       ve   foriro tell      1   eny.     wiiuin ine span 01 ,111 oiaiuaiy ...       ���,, ,
1 pon  mj   noio.  ne Luibu111.11. ��� ,     ....��.,' ,....., |..,vn ���;.,,,..   ner. Morns.   These young men, who
see  vou   ure  angry  with   me,   Well,   1   memory   ine   iniiiuio  mils  n.ivc given .     ...      -..     ��. ...    .
will trv not to make 11 similar mistake 1 way to the trucks of the electric ear,
.,,,.,,[, ���'��� and some 1)0,000 people are now livine
'   'l-'roni  the  expression    or  his  face  on tbe very spot where this old-timer
Ralph   wus  greatly  moved.   His  tea-  used to set his traps.
lures  flamed  with    anger,    he    was!  ���
trembling with passion to his linger-1    Are you going lo the exposition?
tips.   Then his mood suddenly chang-      -N'i>l>',; can'l afford it.
,'il     lie laid a kindly hand on Geof-      But yonr wife bought an entire new
[rev's knee outfit lo wear at the exposition,
"My hoy," he suid earnestly. "There      That's why we can't afford it.
are reasoi s.  weighty reasons  why  1    _^_______
cannot take you entirely into my eon
lidence.   If I did so. you would see the ;
vital necessity of caution even In the
most   minute  mutters.     Vou   will  see
ihnl. Mrs. May's letter is destroyed al
..'What a Million
M MothersAvoid
wBI>      Moro than " million careful
mothers  have   Intuitively
known lho dangers ol poison*
cms llydestroyors.   They hava
known that such preparations
contain arsenic In deadly quao-
litJok.  They have realized tlio
peril to little children that nc-
companies Lheuso of fly-Olsons.
Bnt for those who havo ju-,
learned of these daneors, wo
quote from  :i recent Isauo cf
the Child Betterment Majrasdne,
which comments upon tlilrty-five
^^ crises of children bciui; poisoned
last year:
"The dansfer in children is
(Treat, aud the dancer to adults
is by no moans Inconsiderable."
In the Deccmbot; Issue c>{ tha
Michigan Statu Medical Journal,
an editorial on the same subject
cites47 cases antl toes onto state:
"Arsenical fly poisons nre as
rianKcrous as the phosphorus
mutch, 'ihey should he abolished. There are as eilli tent
and more sanitary ways of
catching'or killing flics, And
fly poisons, if itf-d nt nil.
should not be Used In homes
where there are children, or
where children visit.'
I "TheSiniltryFlyDeitroyir" 1
1 IJon-Poiionous 0
Cad lies Ihr- Gn m With the Fly
Made in Caiadi h
Dept.2:4 Walkcrvillc, Onl.
Amfri^in Addr��s:
Cr.ind Knpid t. Mich.
"I will, uncle, Tbo rest of the t'uui
ih believe 1 um going to- Alton tonight."
iluliili nodded, tie seemed already
lo have forgotten Ibo circumstance.
lie had fallen into one of those whiting reveries tbut were deep us sleep
to mosl men. Geoffrey spoke lo him
more LllBfl onee. bill failed to Kiiiu llie
slighleBl attention, Then llulph rose
and moved away like u mnn in it
dream, \
(leoffrey lounged about till he had
finished Ms elgaretto. lie tossed the
end away und then proceeded towards
thc bouse, Ile would .uoi that teller
uiul destroy it wlthoul further delay,!
Itul   ihis  wns  easier said  than  done.
were nominated by President Black
of the college, ure well known for
tlieir practical knowledge of agricul-
Ipre- Tbey have been brought up on j
farms In Western Canada, have each
spent live years in technical training,
uml will receive the Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture al the next Agricultural College Convocation.
In carrying out tlieir work they
will be directed by the Agrlcullural
College through its extension division  and will be related in this way
directly to the department    of agri-      Customer \,aiier. this is the lirst
culture.    They will not  be Known as  tender steak I've    ever bud in your
advisers in the ordinary meaning oC  shop,
Walter���My goodnesB.    Vou    musi.
, tbut, term,    nor us agents,    nor ex
! ports.    They will co rather as help-
, ers. as common curriers of ideas calculated lo help In solving the prob-
! letns of (arming   and of rural life.,
, Each nmn will have overslghi of lhe
provincial demonstration farms within his district, he will aim lo gel lbe|
young people together for mutual Improvement nnd sliidy. he will encour-
! uue and help boys' und irirls' clubs, he I
will assist agricultural organizations]
by arranging programmes for meet
have got the guv'nor's.
; ".���    =���������"  i"-o ���'"  ������"   ii���<;i.- Union  Made
lings und by holding short courses i.i   pit  QUALITY "ml WORKMANSH11
i  .,,.1,,',,,,, u      ,,,,!,,( 1.,,.      , ,-1,.,,! , ,,���,.       1... '     '' ^.,...     t.Amn
subjects relating tu agriculture, li
will encourage the growing of pura
seed, aid in the Introduction of and
distribution of tlle best varieties of
gifeins and grasses, and In the selee-
tioii of breeding si all for Improving
herds and docks.
All   Women   Vote   in   Denmark
High und  low (leoffrey searched  for
it, bill  ell to no purpose. Prince   Rupert's   Fish   Harvest
Hud he lefi it in the dining-room or      Figures showing the growth of th2
the   library?    Possibly  In  the  hitter   fishing industry in the coast waters of ,     .   .
place   seeing that, he'hud  written n   Northern  British Columbia have just      All   women,  regardless    of    tbelr
��� I couple of notes there earlier In ibe  been made public at Prince Rupert by standing In life  are now entitled to
:ls  dav   It was dim, not to say gloomy in  ths   fishery committee    of the  city, vote in Denmark   The Danish par 11a-
���       ��� .    ���     ,,.      ....,.,���,,,,   .   menl  has  adopted   the  new   Danish
constitution, one of the chief factors
of which is the abolishment of sex
privileges. All women, including ser-
vat, previously barred, may now vote.
[asked. '' bad been shipped east each month to
A letter, dearest." (leoffrey replied, j the prairies, Chicago,   Montreal, Nev
.. "But whv do vou look so strange���" York, etc, The catch was worth more
ner und of course, you wil go. No-, ���()1 ' gk me n,.lt, u is ., let. than hk,ir ��� mlillon dollars in 1914 and
body Is to know o  it, mind. L       ��� ;        ,ook)n    ror    Tlu,n      ,  in the present veftl. it wiu be even
"nitil you' ZenZeTu M. I ^ ' ">">��� ,je so ro'-""lllts as to as' | ^ ^.^e valuable,
you many ibinss you will have lo say!             .1	
and leave unsaid  to���Mrs.   May."
"Tell me why Marion's photograph
Is 111 her album."
:*o she showed you that!"
"No, I found it out. by accident.   Is
Miss Simperly���An awfully handsome man knelt at my feet for more
than an hour today.
Mr. flardfax���1 wouldn't be a shoe
clerk tor anything you could hand
Samples sent your dealer on request.
It- Ci. LONG & CO., LIMITED, Toronto
Fighting Battles by Map
At every turn one finds some new
surprise, at the British headquarters.
Take maps, for example. Most people realize that correct and detailed
maps are essential in -wnr, but few
surely know the degree of detail
desirable, extending to every hedg.>
and ditch and every tiny place ot
water. .    ,
The mere number of maps required
staggers Imagination. Thousands
have to be served out on the eve of
a general movement.
One of the difficulties In the rapid
retreat froni+Motm was the supply
of new maps as fresh country was
entered. A failure in such circumstances may have tbe most serioui
W. N. U. 1056
Red RoseTea
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
_ Cut out cathartic
I purgative*,   they it*
II), 'ItIf
Purely vegetable. Act
���pothe Ihedeli
.A'rm,-tn))' .,\,
Uek Httdteh* :inil hdlgeslloo, n millions tme*.
jmall Pill, Small Doie, Small Price,
Genuine musi beat Signature
mrs. winTlowVeouthing syrup
for   vour   Children   While   Teeth,nil
li booilies the Child, Soften, the Ouini
pits Wind Colli
*llin-a lho I���;��� ill.
I, thu li,-.' li-1
li   In-   lm,mil
tl IIKI>. (i ,-u KltlHKV, III.ADUKR, KKItVni I in ,,��� .h,..
CltROSl,- Wl .M, 1 ���>,' I I.KH.BKIH KI' |- , ,,,,., l'|| ,.,
��� nil Mt FHI-E i until li,'l VI. M>l,I, (I BOOK on
�����.��� Jll��Jl<l unl tVOSURKfUL MTU. rtriu-t ����
uioni. i��i*. Lr( i ��-*!������
OH will cum  .ou.
Wlfen Hubby "Lights Up"
for liis after-dinner smoke, be
sure he lias a match wliieh
will give him a steady light,
first stroke���Ask your Grocer
One of tlieir.many Brands
,Never known to' fall',
acts without pain ta
f^/WliC 2t hours. Is soothing,
KjXtl ll�� healing,; takes tne
sting right out. No remedy sc quick,
sat'o and sure as. Putnam's Painless
Corn Extractor. Sold everywhere���25c
per bottle.
War will Effect Changes
Interview by New Yoik Tribune With
British Official
Changes i>r vast importance worn
also foreshadowed in Ungland. "War
will bring n iik chungc In thi* country ui,i,i." Bald this high authority,
-uud our upper ,-ius. r   uro beginning i
In realize I hut il will hllVO In come.
Our men Dghtlng in the -auks nre getting, with their pay nud separation allowance, an average of 21 shillings ii
pence ll  weelt.
"Aluny of theso uii'ii bei'ore they enlisted were agrleuliiii'Hl laborers earning li shillings nnd i; penco n week,
Their families nre getting more now j
to live on wtlh hiishuiuh. and fathers
away nt thc front than they hail when
ihe husbands und rathers were home.
I)n yuu think these men al'o going to
tu- satisfied i" imil" bach to 11 shillings nml ii pent'' u ii sell for lho whole
family? Ko, there will have lo be
somo readjustment there, Antl our
up ner classes will have lo roailjusl
thfeselves riiej ��ill have to lone i
diiwn their scale nf living, There is
inn much extravagance now, Vou
Americans ure purity responsible for
lhal. Willi your big i olllpllliy nnd big
fortunes you spend freely, uud you
hnve conic over her - und Laughl na lo
ii,i tin- sunie thing, Hut there ��in hnve
In ho il i luillge in that We shall hnve
in return tn it simpler way of living "
A choice hot ween starvation or merciless torture l�� the dismal prospeel
before all victims of indigestion, for
I although Ihey ure In need ol! rond to
nourish the body, ihey are afraid lo
eal because o( the long periods of
puin und discomfort that follow even
the slightest of me, Is.
The urgent need of all who suffer
trom indigestion is in gain strength
so that the stomnch cun extract nourishment I'rom the food tnken. Pain
afler eating Is lhe way tiie stomach
signifies its protest iliiii il is too weak
to do nn tore's work. To take purgatives is only to aggravate tbe trouble.
Dr. Williams' I'ii.k Pills give new
strength to weak stomachs because
Ihey enrich and purify the blood supply thus enabling the stomach to digest food naturally, Almost from tlie
llrst tlle appetite revives; ihen food
can he tnken without pain and tho
burden of indigestion disappears. The
following case proves the truth of
these statements. Mr. W, II. Silver, a
well known, farmer living in the vicinity of Hemfoi'il, N.S., snys: "For
upwards of seven years I was tortured
with Indigestion; sometimes l was so
bud Iliut I "would not tasle a hit of
hourly food, but would have lo content
j myself with u hit of stale bread. Al
times I suffered excruciating pains in
i iny stomach, and -onld hardly sleep
lul night. 1 tried various prescriptions
lint got no benelit from them and null orally I was in a very reduced state
i of health. I had come to believe that
j I was doomed for the balance of my
; life lo thU most constant torture,
when I read of a case similar to my
own cured through the use of Dr. Williams,' Pink Pills. This gave nie new
courage and I decided lo try them. To
make a long story short, I lie use f
the Pills for a couple of months completely cured me. This is some two
years ago, and 1 hove had uo return
of the trouble, and am ablo lo out as
hearty a meal as anyone."
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through your medicine dealer or
by mail al 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 trom The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Forest Planting  ! ���
Corn Starch
In llie famous
Yellow Package
��� -, mi,, i, I..,
,,>.������,,: .���,(
���ill iiii mi ;,,!
Don't ask merely for cornstarch
or even lor 'llie
best star. li'. but
insist on
A   French     Experiment     to   Reclaim
Waste Land That Proved a
A  very striking example of this i i
| seen lu the distrli i of the i.uiid, . In
southwe lent     France,    Tlto    sand
I thrown up on the seashore lu the vie
j inity  of   Bordeaux    nnd    southward
drifted in mi the farmyards and vine ]
I yards to the east, gradually covering
and destroying these and resulting iu |
a condition of buikI hills    or dunes
inni 'lug slowly under the Influence of
the wind, wiih stretches of marsh be-1
i ive m tli mi.   Ou tliese Band hills nuif*
marshes  y.mw  a  seamy    vegetutlo
whicli  provided  pasturage for a  few . J���
sheep which woi',  looked after by the I  ',
���rd   E.V   B   \yl   :���.:- I   "ST-.!*.  ~-^W
You will find relief frtZam-Bsk!
It eases the burning, stlnnrng 1
pain, iljps bleeding and brings |
ease. Perseverance, wil, Zam-
Buk, means euro. Why not prove
this ?   ���" J)rug;i-'s nml Stores,���.
Many Seekers For Land
Parties of farmers In search of Canadian lands are arriving in the country daily, and soma considerable farm
land deals have been recorded. A
recent, arrival from Washington is
proving his fujth in the country by   preclallise acknowledgment  has been
Silver Broom For Jellicoe
To mark their appreciation of Sir
John Jellicoe's efforts lo keep the
seas open l'or British trade the inhabitants of the small town of But-
terworth, in the Cape Province, have
presented him witli a silver broom,
lneiisulrng 2 feel ii inches. Inscribed:
"Presented to Admiral Jellicoe for
his abilities in sweeping tlie North
Sea, 1511"
On a label attached  to Ihe broom
were the  words "as usual."    An up-
BOWlng a crop of ".nun acres this
spring, and liis example has resulted
iu two acquaintances from Idah i re-
jently buying land iu Southern Alberta,
'Quality Starch'
with a reputation
Rained by liall ii
century's   ox��
Homestead Leniency
shepherds  who  have ofien  been  di
scribed   walking   oi er  the  hills  and'
Ihrough the marshes on stilts wati li
I Ing tin i'- sheep and soniellnu ������ busily '
I knitting in order to add to the value
i of their lime,   Agriculture ivus linpn
I slide iu the district and this grazing
��� �� hlch v as very poor and e irrled bul
��� i small number of Block wns all the
i use  thai   COUltl   lie  made nf  Ihis extensive   ami   increasing   i und   ar in,     In '
the year 1788 slops were taken hy Ihe
French government tn ascertain what
could he done iii Improve eondll inns ,
here,   uiul u policy of forest planting
was decided on  with ilie result  that
these sand wastes have been almost |
ctitlrelv   planted   up   with    Maritime |
to all Soldiers |,im' wj'Ic'' Produces �� very valuable
harvest of resin during the life ut tlie
tree   while   the   wood   afterwards   is :
used for paving blocks In  Paris, [or	
props for conl mines in lOuglunil and '       ^^ _    _.
Wales, and for other purposes. In fail i IO',03�� (R* S Si
one pari of llie shortage of mine props j H_KiflqE If
in tlreut Britain at, the present lime Is I ��� ��'��s��1~3B B
due to llie fact that the supply could from suffering n
not be obtained from northern Prance | pines.". The troubl
on  iiccouui   of the scarcity ot labo
Ordet'-in-Council   Broadened   to   Cover
All Fighting Willi Allies
An Important ordcr-in-councll has
been passed at tlttuwa to provide for
cases where a homesteader, who is a
member of the Canadian expeditionary forces or the Britisli or Allied
forces, loses his life on active service.
The minister of the interior is now
given the power to give five patent
to the estate at once.
The act, us it stands, only gives free
patent at onee if u Canadian volunteer
is disabled by wounds, but In the
opinion of Hon, Dr, Roche, if a man
is killed on active service ln defence
of the empire his estate should he relieved of any further duties. Under
the act, if a homesteader dies before
completing duties further resilience is
waived, but cultivation is necessary.
The order in council nlso provides
for any homesteader senilis with the
Canadian, Iiritisii or allied forces
counting active service as residence.
Tli eacl only allows this at present lo
the Canadian forces.
���    Arts Com ' - -   ly.
Jill   and   IK.IT
ARTS       liDUCATlON        MEDICIN8
OI'.O. Y. I IHIM'N. Kfg:��tr.ir
ii   true  hap-
iluo   to  indigestion and biliousness, is removed
owing to tlle men having been called j   quickly,    certainly  and
out to join the army, II will bo remembered    thai  there  was a deputation
from the British covoninicnl  in Can-'
iidn recently looking Into tho question
of tho possibility of obtaining a supply
of pit props In Canada to enver the j
shortage    from  the Baltic us well as i
from France,
The effect on Ihe population Of lhis!
reforestation work is shown by the j
fad that in the parishes of l.ti Teste
nnd Cazeiiiix, in this district, the poptt- j
lalion before'reforestation was l,600 '
aud is now 11,nun, and considerable
areas have been brought under ciilli-
27m laroeitStle of A mj Medicine tn ��� '��� ��� World
���:.i Ufttrwlliri.   I* l,u.,,,��Jj ceatj
\ New Vmi; law yer tells o( i case
vation owing lo the improved condl-  tried in a iishins town of Massaerms-
lions resulting from the fixing of the | 0tt��, during which th" chiel
sand  dunes.     II   is  no  wonder  lhat  a . under   cross-evanimiuion.   retu     I   ta
marble monument as well ns u bust  state the amount of his gross In
Ask for Minard's and take na other, i'"1'.01',0 l',"\",   heen  erected  in  lhe      -y,,,.,  ������,_  ;ll,-,wer    the   rroesl
I district to ill, Breuionller, who Initio
ed this work.
Tin Becoming Scarce
With regard lo the future use of
tin, snys an engineering journal, il
may be said WO are dealing willi reserves thai arc ent indy inadequate to
meet tlie present demands, and that
unless some new soui'co of supply-
is developed very soon we may expect to Iind thai tin is a very scarce
metal Indeed.
Of the present sources of I in ore
supply, most Tire either stationary
or receding iu output, Bolivia being
tlie only one which gives promise
of permanency and of future growth.
Under tliese conditions the question,
of substitute metals becomes of im- """""- ������"'l
porlance, and aluminum, zinc and
si eel all have some possibilities 111
this direction In one way or another.
I said the Judge when counsel had up-
I pealed   In  lhe  court  to   in ��� ru     :   ���
     ~ w'il ness.
Minard's   Liniment  used   by   Pliysi-'     "But, your honor," a.,id the tl
otttris. I have no gross income.    I  am   .. I
  i eriuan,   ami   it's   all   net
From the First | j|
"Yours is n very healthy town, is il !	
not?" in,mired the lady tourist. I     Xn child should he allowed to sufl ���
Tim   mosl   wonderful  and   health-  a-u-hour from worms when prompt .-
A gallant Tommy, having received
front England an anonymous gift of
socks, entered them at onee, for he
wns  about to    undertake    a   heavy
giving place iu the world!" answered
the robust, inhabitant.
"So i have beard," assented the
"Do you know, madam, thai when
first I came bore I wus so weak Hint
I  couldn't  wall;
to  my  nerves,  Ilia ! funny mistake  in  tlie  report i     tna
east tiling would reduce'me to tears." | affair  lasi   nigh!,     li   says   -iiat  .Mrs
/lief can he gol ill a simple but s
remedy--.Mother  Craves'   Worm     Es.
Not  a   Bad   Error
1  weighed next to I    She  (with    newspaper)���Here's    .i
"Vou must, he blessed with a won- Swellman appeared    in a    handsome
derful const il ul ion, sir.   Now. 1
".Madam, I can sec thai you are in
a weak state���that you are run down.
But; I do assure you that you are a
giantess compared to what I was when
first I came lo this healthy place."
"Have  ynu.   then,   been   here  long,
'ampere" gown.  Instead of    empire. '
lie -Well,   "ampere" isn't verj  :..
iff; her gown was a bit shockin ���;
"I.  madam?     I   was  horn   here!"
Pearson's Weekly.
sn   much   luvor
table Pills.    W'id
A  Pill That la Prized.���Then- have
been many pills pui upon the market     Th, ,,,,���������   f ;
mid pressed upon public uttontlou, but pleased to learn that there�� li nt legs?
none has endured so long or met ivlth one dreaded disease that edence hue
Parmelee's Voge- ,,t''-!1 ,nb!? ,'n 7"'" h\ ��" Its stages and
r,'i i use of hen, ' "" '", Cnt("Th, Hall's Catarrh Cure Is
lead use of tbem u,e only positive cure now known to
nas attested their ureal value, and-thu medical fraternity. Cittarih beln�� a
thev need no turtifer advertisement constitutional disease, renuires a oonstl-
than this. Having firmly esliiblishe I " ,'X. inJ��,'nl'n1' Hf."'�� c,a">rrh cure
themselves In pul,In- esteem, ihey now ! iho blood ard mucous surfnee of thi
rank wiihoni a peer in the list of system, thereby destroying the founda-
standard vegetable preparations. I f��� ."?!..ln^,,d^!.!?,,.fM .slvltig the pat
Old Fashioned Recipe
received    from    Admiral Jellicoe, in
which he sliiics tlflll  llle one hope of
the navy    is    to succeed In keeping j ry%Mlelitl_roleaU7and strength
that comtiami of the sea which will      M,,llv     perBOns    have   ,'���������,,   lha|
'>l,;lhl" britisli trade   t, carrlefl  orape-Xuts food is not only nourish-
""   as "sua__  Ing  bul   is  11   meal     appetizer,    nnd
children like the taste of it and grow
noo Reward, siw i strong 1111,1 rosy from  Its use.
ll  Is especially the food to make a
march,   tie was soon prey to the most I slr?" a8l[ed thf liul-v' il (aUu  note "r
excruciating agony, and when, a mere | ll0,pr�� '���".. ,u..vo0   ,''
cripple, he drew off his footgear at llie
end of a terrible day. he discovered
inside lhe toe of the sock what liad . ��� . 7~T", -r
once been a piece of stiff writing! A Corrector of Pulmonary Troubles,
paper, now reduced to pulp, und on il ;Ma,ny testimonials could he present-
appeared in bold, feminine hnnd ihe!:;,' showing the^reat efficacy of Dr.
almost Illegible benedicltion: "Cod! 'K"''li': Electro 0l| ,��� ,.,���.,������. ,, ..
bless the wearer of this pair'ot ders ot ths respiratory processes, bu
S(H,|itf ������ tlie besl testimonial is experience and
 the oil is recommended to all who
_,,. . . suffer from these disorders villi the
When   Dinner   Comea        certainty  that   they  will  Hnd   relief
One Oucht to Have a Good Appetite " tti!l a!,ay Inflammation in llie broti-1
chiiil  tubes  as  no olher preparation
.       ,   .-..ii. i. ik. i    ,           i,  can Winnipeg, Canada. ���"Eleven years
A good appetite is the besl sauce. B   c""' I .    v , ,    ,,     ... ,,   ��� .. ,
goes a long way toward helping in the!                   ; ��� aS�� ' w''nt ''> the Victoria Hospital,
digestive process, and lhat is absolute- An lnc" of Rainfall,               | Montreal, sell "ring with a growth. Tha
An inch  nf  rainfall  menrs  miieli i doctors said it was a tumor and could
in tie- farm land.,    ii  is equivalent not be removed as it would cause Instant
of in):; barrels of 45 gallons each to, death.  They found thatmyorganB were
the acre, and weighs   over 113 mns affected and 5aid I could not live more
Whal   a   job   lha     iiiini    he   lor.lie,  4U .,    ���   .i ,
,,���.������,,.  u- ,���.  |]a(]  ���,  (||.lvv   ���   t(J.the| tlian six muiulis. ntl.e condition I was in.
But Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound Restored
Mrs. Bradiey's Health ���
Her Own Statement
v.cak stomach strong nud create an up
petite for dinner.
laud  In   funks  holding  u  Ion  each:
"After I eame home 1 aiw: your ad ver-
""M Te,,'?"  . ,1 Son? SallV'"F*��''y*P'"s,U'o?'"o���u7p8��
"An. 11   tell   yo ,   missus,'   answered ; "on-
Sally.    "Ah, raise' clem  boys with a i 	
barrel   slave,   an'  Ah   raise'  'em   fro-1 �� Ready for the Circu
one of the marvels of meteorology tisement in the paper, and commenced
is tlmi seemingly light clouds and j taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
"i am 57 years old." writes a grand-!lhe atmosphere ure capable of hand- Compound, I took it constantly fortwo
mother, "and have had a weak stom-1 l|nS s,"'h " v;lsl amount of water years, and still f*ke it at times, and
acb from childhood, ily great care as and so distributing it that it. fulls both my husband and myself claim that
in my diet 1 enjoyed u reasonable de-  on the crops so gently that only good | it       .. ,     ':.,., n... ,if      i
gree ol  health, bill  never found any-  results.    And an  inch of ruin is not I 't*a!' "' m-an�� oi sa..ng n... ,ite.    i
thing to equal Qrape-Xuts as a stand-! a very heavy fall, elther.-W.P.D. h|Bll!.v recommend  it to suffering
bv  I women.   ���Mrs. OllILLA BRADLEY, US4
"When I have no appetite for break-     KecP    Minard's   Liniment   In   the   Johnson Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can.
fast     and  jnsi   eat   to  keep  up  my  bouse. Why will women take chances or drag
strength, l take four teaspoonfuls of _.  ��� ������������. outasickly.half-heartedexistence.mlss-
ing three-fourths of the joy of living,
when they can find health in Lydia i).
Pinkham's Vegeta
Xuts for breakfast seems to make a'comrades can shake his belief in the    "_ Compound
ent strength by building up   he oonsfltu
tlon  ami   assisting  nature   h  doing it��
S��h' In   ifs  cu0rpr,etor"   hov^   ""much
A negro mammy  had  n  family of j otter Ono Hundred^ofiarsTor"any 'ess Grapo-Xuts with good rloh^miYk" "and The German's Destiny
oys  so  well   behaved  that one  day   waMt falls to onre._Send for list of te����. when   dinner   comes     I   am   hungry.       A sergeant of a Scottish regiment is
cr in stress usKi'd: |    Add;.c,S!; ,.,   j   CHRNF.   . i While ifl go wlthoul any breakfast t a Arm believer in destiny.   No amount
Sally,    how    did    you    raise your hedo,  O.    Sold  'bv   ail   Drue ���     ft-" ' never feel like eating dinner. Grape-  Of argument, with  his more sceptical
r.v.,    an    wel Tnttrt     TTnll'n     0. ���,,_     r.,,.        .JUtinia,       too.   ,   .....        ......    ,  ,..���..���.         ....     ,          .,
healthy appetite for dinner. (slightest,  lie   invariably    closing  the
"My litile grandson    was sick with ! contravenes  witli the rather illogical
I stomach trouble during the past sum-[ assertion that "when a man's last day
|    Freddie Are you, the trained nurse | mer, and finally we put him on Grape-; conies it comes."   The evening before
 _ , mamma said was coming? i Nuts,   Xow lie is growing plump and ) the battle ai Mons, when preparing to
-       ;    Nlrse- Yes,  dear;   I'm  the  trained   well.    When  asked  If he  wants  his  take a  stroll,  he  was  noticed   by  a
~^ Ul'aUEililfei! EyelillS,  nurse, nurse or Grape-Nuts, he brightens up  corporal, a persistent, opponent of. the
���"" Eyes inflamed by expo-      Freddie   Let's see some   of   your and points to tho cupboard. He was no  destiny theory, to quietly slip a revolv-
cure so Sao, Bu.;l and Wind | tricks, then,
quickly relieved hy Murine
eye Remedy, No Smarting,
Let us tnke the phrase, "United we
trouble to wean    at   all���thanks    to  er Into liis pocket
Grape-Nuts." "Hallo!"    shouted     (he    corporal,
Name   given   by  Canadian   Postum   who saw a chance    of ridiculing tlie
time lias come,
just Eye Comfort.    At I stantt> divided we fall," said the lee-  Co., Windsor, Ont.    Read "The Road I sergeant.   '-Whin are you taking the
Your Druggist's 5(ie per.Bottle. Murine Eyo! ""'0I' <m  ol''   sayings,    Notice    how to Wellvllle," in pkgs. "There's a Ilea-  revolver for'.'   It'll no'save ve if your
i��lvciiiTubes25e. Eoi BoolioflheCyefretusk i <v.-iy tlmi--      , .
rjrugglus 01 Murine Eye acmedy Co., Chicane , "K,\,;nv-,
 ']     lluinplil  said lhe small man al  llir
- -! hack of the hall. What about the lera
W. N. U. 1056 | of a pair o'steps?,
without  exception, obeys Ison."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. Tliey
are genuine, true and full of human
For thirty years it i
haa been  the standard remedy for fe-
I male ills, and has restored the health of I
thousands of women
i who have been trou-
j bled with such aii-  "UBK TPiTi
.  ments aa displacements, inflammation,
I ulceration, tumors,  irregularities, etc.
i     If  yon want   special advico
. write to l.yiiia B. 1'iukliaiu bled"
I ken that," replied .-.     i,1!"10   ';'"'   (oonlldentiaJ)   I.ynn.
aficr a moments hesitation, "but, ye ��lass' i our letter will be openctl,
sec. i niiclit f.r in wi' a German whose reutl nml answered bj a woman,
lust day bus come." and held in .strict confidence. m
��� .��� i'
loiinstoii pointed  out  that  Uie j The   Comox   Barber   Shop
streets in   this subdivision   did not ...   ,D1       .    ,.
, ,.      ,,���.,,.        ��� Oldest Suop in Courtenay
. meet the  streets  iu the  Concemn | ' J
Council met in regular session at subdivision.   The   plan   wns   Kit   Nothiug   Hut   First   Class   Work
ayfl pt crTalcum Powder
Nyal's Mayflower Talcum is an ex-
perlence to every first time user.   Its touch .
is       , soothing aiul refreshing.    Its c'istinc- ��� ..-.rAAMi -1
tiv   Maj      ';er perfume, delicate, individual, ���', "'?";/'_
eh >ive.   Ideal l'or every use to which you /.'/:��� V\\\\\W
ct.. put a Talcum. ^JvMvw'
Nyal   Quality preparations can be obtained only in '-Ml
Nyai Quality Stores,    Ask one of them for free copy of
I: intitli 1  "Your Complexion," giving full par-
i of bi ' methods of massage.
, .      p, in.   on   Motiihtv      Mayor
��� Kilpatrick aud Mdermeu Leighton,
Johnston,    McKenzie. nml    Robert-
1 son.
'Phe raiutttes of   previous   meet-
1 inns were read nnd adopted.
A letter  from    the city   clerk of
North Vaucouver nsking the council to use their  best  endeavours to
jprotect   the   property   of soldiers
for the Board of   Works to   report J
Aid Crotnptou's resignation also
causel a small flutter of excitement
Aid. Johnston moved thut the res-
ignition In- (not accepted, as he
thought llie IH, could come from
Parksville once in u while when
there was anythiug of importance
on, Aid. Leightpn said it would
lie taking ndv.r.Huge of good nature
Guaranteed,    Baths in connection
C.  IC   DAI.RVMl'I.i:, Prop.
against sale lor   delinquent   tuxes, i tonsl< ,;.,. p,,,.,,,,, ,,,   cume Up fro,���
Received, _    Parksville to attend nieetiugs.  mul
From the Department ol   Public lkougl��� his  resiguntiou should bj
\ Works   te   the   bridge   over   the  aCcepted.
', Cuurttiiay River, staling lhat  they
would have the bri.lge   repaired at
once, which would   likely hi-t   two I ,,;,,. ��������� ,,���,. ,,,,,,���. wojlM    (.||]|K.
years more, mid nsknu the council | once h, a   ���,,,���,,_    |k.   secoud^
Aid,   McKenzie   snid  it   would
save   cousi lerable expense   to  the
,      A yM^^.M ���-,;,
Robe '   u's Drug Store        Courtenay, B. C.
how much they   could  contribute
towards ti new one    Received,
A   letter   from   Matthewson  &
Weeks risking   to he   appointed an
H( usulting engineers in case  il wis
,li Cided    to  build    a    new    bridge
Rcsiguatiou uf   Aid,   Crompton
was read .and laid over for further!
Tim���"Huilo, Mike!    They   tell
ne- tl that was nfthcr
niarryin   Planuigan Inst   year  is a
happy    mothei    this   momin'. "
Mi'     ��� "Thai'   ���' ��� ""��� h'j e."   Tim
i\ ,i j.', ii nl  that  it  is,
Mike -".\lt, sure 1 don't
Vancouver, B, C, J ily 17, 1915
, Frank 1)   Cameron,
Courlenay, 11. ,'.
Dear Cameron:    I am sorry   1 did uot
| see ynu lhe other night as   1 only   had a
j minute to spare,
I hove been aide to arrange In get the
dredging for Courtenav River, comprising I think 111,000 yards which will
coi.npl tc the work,    The Superintendent
o' Dredging hail only authorized   -S,	
ifficilllt excuse yii'Is, ami 1 had   a hard struggle   tn net
,- .    .      ���       ,,.,ii j        ihi full amount authorized.    The dredge
.    UK  tawwueu     |,| |���. ,,��� (I,,, j,,-,,,,,,,]   prbnbly the  eml
WC do .'  , In . the ivav   ��� nr   neigh-, or the beginning of the week
bors i.     lie same thing  is scandal
know Tim     isn't it  meself that's
j: ���,   ., >i i .., lhe   house   to   see
wh'  ,.        i ,,', uncle or aunt I am
,i t all
Letter from H. S. Clements
,\l,l. Johnston's motion,
Aid, 1,eighlon mov d un amend
inent, seconded by Aid. Robeitson,
tbaj the resignation he accepted.
The council will work under the
Provincial Acl for the balance of
the season in the matter of destroy-
ing noxious weeds, with   the   coil-
discussion. ! st;lilK, ils inspeclor,
IheBoardoi frade wrote ask : AM| |oimst0u wanted to know
ing for financial assistance. The whell {,,, ,1X ,���,(i,.,s woull1 |���
council  will give all the   moral as-1 ready to seml  oul     The clerk  re-
535 Pi ti,i.-i- street Wesi, I distance passible but 1ms no  money
to spare,
A Utter   from   the   Department
wanted to know   whal the  council
plied likely this week,
In answer   to   Aid.    McKenzie's
ip erry as to  what   proportion   of
, ratepayers was   required to compel
was dome.- iu ih - mutter ol destroy- : llu, city ,��� ,,ass n |JvlnW|   was   ,���M
lllg   HOXO'.lS    weeds    and    thistles  I ,,,.,, |,   ,-,,,������,,!    tWO-tlllrdS    of tlle
I he constable  has  been   busy for | m,mber 0��� tne ron.
tiie past fortnight culling those 011 j     M|.  B ,,,,L.V said tlmt if   ,,R, city
1',non Hav   road, the   Lake   Trail I ,,,,���,,,,   ,,, ]US:.   a cow   by]aw   ,,
wott'd have lo pay any damage the
animals   did to   ciliz 'tis   or   tlieir
Some   discussion    ensued   upon
what constituted a legal fence.
Solicitor D indas wns empowered
to accept service in case the Iy&N.
and on the  Dyke,   and will    finish
lhe rest of the si reels in a few days
lie and 1: e Clerk h id   als i  driven
over   the ,itv   anil will   notify  nl
I trust the cotnniuni y will appreciate,   once all parlies who   hav     thistles
Vours truly, : or weeds growing on theit premises
II. S. Ci.kmknts. \ '
W. Duncan, expenses to
Victoria,  -. Jjo.o<
Electric Light ,..      7.4,
C.   H. Tarbell     8.81
railway wen   any further wil-h their
appeal ngninst their assessment,
The clerk was   instructed to tnke
rlJel1     a.ao I the necessary proceedings far a new
i     Dr    Crompton,  expenses election te ,'ill the   vacancy  caused
���"Victoria.    15,90 ky Aid   Cromptou's rcsiguatiou.
Ri view Office       18.80 |
Lumber fir bridge. 54,^��
I    J   Thompson 48,00
j     These were referred   to Ihe   Fin  I 	
.ance Committee   lo   pav if   found       ,.   ,    ,,,    ���,,    ���        ,r ,1,     n
I '  - l ntler tlie aus] -,.,s  ot  the  lio
,      ....       , ,       .minion    Experimental    Farms   a
:    A   petHion   from   a   number 0 terly |nMcriiiml is being isstlec,
c iizem    pra; ���: g   lhat 'he   council
p.'.ss a bylaw  j-,   hihiting cattle and
Seasonable Hints
**��� *
.   tisfaction.
For  Sale  by
mable Hints," 1,
which the principal authorities at
the Central Farm contribute. On
the cover a map in outline is given
wiih the location ot lhe farms,
stations nnd sub stations indicated
by signs. Beneath thi map is au
invitation to nil and sundry having
agricultural problems ihey wish
solved, to send them to any of the
principals at tlie farms, or superintendents of the stations, the post
office addresses of whom are given.
Director Grisdale,   of  the  Kxperi-
,.       ,. ,     ,     . I mental Farms, says that  lhe  lirst
disgusting  0 see so many   herds of I       ^        ^0 r.atteringly rcCuved
catUe prowling  around   especially | thftt ,]e um, his s(;|iTarc ehc?urwred
In hope for a better reception for
ihis number. Mr. lv S. Archibald Dominion Husband man, deals
horses from running ��t lnrgi
brought forth n lo' nf discussii 11
Mr, Beasley, who'had circulated
the petition s| -A briefly, pointing
oul that considerable damage had
been done by large band; of hotss
ami also b) cows and young cattle
running at large at night. The
cow hells were also a nuisance
Some day an accident would happen and the city would be let in
for damages.
Aid. Robeitson said it was  most |
M u.-.Jti ': ���     ���'��   9
A.'.JV�� /SLLiilvl   Ul.V.I .  -U
-will he safe fi'Gi.i
:r i-lxs worry.
Be gets style, fit,  all
. ol aud sail....
Cook Bros, &. All i,
* nited label is ' i
insurance   policy  of
Aid. Leighton said he   kept his 1
cows iu   pasture,   aud   wanted   to
know if le. should lake   their  hells
off to please otheis..
Aid. Johnston Was in favor of
, letting milch cows run at large
front sunrise to sunset, each oue to
\-, nt 1 I .. 1 1111 Imst,1 ��� from the
city. All other animals lo be kept
off the streets.
Aid. McKenzie was in favor nf
letting things go one as thev nre.
The citizens had stood ior t e cows
ruuniug at large  all   these   year
with livestock; Mr. 1-', C- Elford,,
Dominion Poultry Hlisbaiidmail,
advises on the care and disposition
of poultry: Mr. W. L (bahain.
Field Husbandry Division, ubes
timely suggestions refcarding the
care and harvesting of field crops;
I);-. M. (), Mail.', Dominion Agros-
tologisti talks 011 Forage Plants!
Mr 11. T, Gussow Dominion
Botanist, throws bght on the   best
and he thought they could stand it
: a while yet.    If  ihe  couucil at
tempted tf pat - ������   prohil itive   I
,< I treatnn nt   of   potatoes,
wheat, barley, fruit   trees, to  pre
"";'    ;, ' :  rr"'""'7  Dy-|Macotmspeaksof orchard  ciihi-
i.iw he would net Ul) a counter   pe-       ,. / ,.,
.;.,������ '     valion, of cover crops, Ol BPtayliig
I and of care o! the potato plant,) Mr
\\��� l,. Slmleii,   Apiarist,   jsives
'.tied counsel   on   bee   culture
md preparation for winter; Mr. F.
I    O
The Mavor appointed Aid ini ll
Kirkwot tl, Ji hnstoti   and   Robert
ion a COUU li    . :   l;>    ill',"   lir,,:le the
matter aud if necessary bring iu a
bylaw dealing with thc same; Aid,
Robertson giving notice of his intention to bring in the bylaw at the
lyixt meeting
Aid. Leighton.reported that the
TJuiou Hay rond had been gaavelled
I for the distance of about a mile at
1 a cost of $272 The Cumberland
road was uot finished, owing to the
gravel ear being  in use  elsewhere.
The traffic bylaw was given its
third reading, and will be amended
to limit motors to 12 miles per hour
except at dangerous corners vhere
it will be 8 miles per hour, and it
will also contain a claus? prohibiting driving over the Courtenay
bridge faster than a walk.
J, Aston's appeal against the
tradesmen's tax was not entertained, the councillors thinking it was
too late to change it this year,
W. Hodgson presented a plan of
his subdivision for approval.   Aid.
Swan's Old Sland, Courtenay
.!���    b)-  A8T( >N
l,ogger's Slices iiiailc ,n order,
In North uud South, in East
and West,
\slon\s Hand mule Slices will
stan 1 the Test.
vVillard's Harness Emporium
i''iuc Sluiuiiie, nf  Morse   Illnnkcts,   Lap
:{ic.;s,  I'.liivc, Trunks, Suit Cases,  lite.
Harness Repaired Neatly
CuKirjerland and Cruienay
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Nauiamo
Choicest Liquors aud Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Plimley's for Bicycles
1 When Buying-a Bicycle
vou waul to fed sure you ]��it' ^etttlTg
Lhe be_l vfiUte procurable nt the price.
JI Lhat is your difficulty yuu should
write (t>r out* casalofjue, it gives lull
particular^ uf two ppleudid machines
thc jM, "Victor" and _>-M "Tourist"
Bicycle and Motorcycle Repairs
are done promptly and   efficiently in
our   repair shop at strictly jnmdcrate
charges,    Write for catalogue
j 727-735 Johnson Si., VICTORIA
Sutton & Kirkwodd 1
Undertakers and
Night or Dav Calls |Promptly
Phone   .
Cliarlan,   Doillinioil   Tobacco  specialist, deals '.villi matters whereof
lie knows relative  to   the   growth
and development   of   the   tobacco
plant, and Dr.   Frank   T.    Shtltt,
Dominion Chemist, briefly furnishes sage advice regarding the farm
water supply.    Mr. J   P.   Watson,
Chief Officer of the Extension  and
Publicity Division, emphasizes the
the invitation to the   760,000   occupiers of farm lauds in   the   Dominion to address problems for solution to  principals   and   superintendents.    A copv of "SeasonableJ,j00ber,' " added" the  editor    "i
Hints" it should be added,  can be lwrote t]le wor(i 'robber' very plain
had free ou addressing  the  Publi- ;ly."���Cincinnati Enquirer.
cations   Branch,    Department   of J
Agriculture, Ottawa,
"See here, ' j elit d til liltligtlaiit
citken, as lie entered tlie' offiee of
the Daily Whoop, "What do you
mean by 'his article in yesterday's
paper? "
"What i.s il.' ''asked the .editor.
"What is it? " a'lonted the indignant citizen, "Why, you refer
to me as a greedy jobber? "
"That is too bad, " replied the
e litor. "It is a typographical! error, and I am sorry it appeared' as
it did."
"Oh, very well, " answered the
indignant citizen, "I acceptj your
"I don't know how that fool
linotype mau came to set the   word
A Farmers' Institute   has   been
Th��   Nanaimo-Oedar   Farmers' j organized at Prince George.
Institute has the   largest  meaibir-j    Nanaimo has opened a   machine
ship of any institute   in   the   pro- gun fund, the lowest contribution
vince. |to be $i.


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