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The Review Sep 24, 1914

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 List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
Have You Money to Invest,
See us; w�� Can Make Yo��
I_ rge Dividends
Island Realty Co.
VOL. 2
NO. 44
8 1-2 Acres in Courtenay
One Mile from Station; Good House and Barn,
Fronting on Two Roads; Good Fresh Water
Stream, all in good state of cultivation
This will make a lovely home for the
man who is lucky enough to buy at
$4,500, Easy Terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Auction  Sale
We shall sell by  Public Auction,  without reserve,  on the
premises lately occupied by Mr. Charles Cook,  Comox
Road, Courtenay (about three minutes' walk from
The Courtenay Hotel) on
Wectae^ay, September 30, 1914
at 2:30 p, m. prompt, the
Household Furniture and Effects, all practically new
TERMS CASH For particulars see posters
We shall also sell Two Valuable Dairy Cows immediately
after sale of above furniture
Phone 10 Auctioneers Courtenay
A Vancouver client wishes to
exchange his residential property,
conservatively valued at $7,000,
for a small farm of same value
near Comox.    What offers?
Other listings wanted of farm lands
for exchange for Vancouver and
Victoria revenue producing property
Phone 33 Courtenay
Hicks Beach & Field
I Safety Deposit Boxes
Mrs. Watehorn is in Victoria on
a visit.
Mrs. E. Leyland is the guest of
Mrs. T. Sutton.
Mrs. J, W. McKenzie and daughter are home from Vanrouver.
Mrs, Cook arrived home on
Tuesday from a visit to Victoria.
Andrew McQuillan has secured a
position with the Royal Bunk here,
The effects of C. Cook are being
advertised for sale by Bailiff's sale.
Jim and Fred McKenzie have
taken up their residencein Cumberland.
The beach at Kye Bay is covered
with kelp, which was blown in on
last weeks storm,
Alex. McNeil returned home on
Sunday, after spending a pleasant
holiday at Campbell River.
A black hear was seen crossing
the L,ake Trail about half a mile
from town, one day last week,
All Austrians and Germans o^
Cumberland are requested to regis"
ter their names with the Chief of
Sam Watson of the Ford Garage, had the misfortune to have a
small bone in his wrist broken when
a car which he was cranking
E. C. Emde has moved his Ford
Garage iuto his new building on
the Union Bay Road. He has
everything up-to-date, and will
always be ready to look after his
customers as of yore.
Married���At Victoria, ou Sept.
9th. by the Dean of Christ Church
Cathedral, Mr. T. T, Grieves to
Miss Dunsdaie. On tlie return of
Mrs. Grieves they will take up
their residence at Comox, where
Mr. Grieves has* purchased some
Two high grade Jersey cows for
sale. Guaranteed. R. U. Hurford
Courtenay, B. G.
Notice is hereby given that any
dogs prowling around my premises
will receive proper attention. John
Johnston, Lake Trail.
Kncb Hill Orchard, Comox.
You can get our prunes direct from
us or from Shep'ierd & Hornby.
Price 75 cents a box (io pounds.)
Order   now.    Hugh Beadnell,
For Sale by Tender���-30 full
grown Pekin ducks, 5 pure bred
Yorkshire Pigs, 3 months old, 13
young Yorkshire Pigs 8 weeks old,
5 Yorkshire fat hogs ready for
butcher.    Apply at Review Office.
The Briti-h Columbia Nurseries
Co. Ltd. have appointed Mr, W.
D. Stoker, of Courteuay their local representative for ihe sale of
their well known nursery stock.
Mr. Stoker is now taking orders
for Fall 1914 and Spriug 1915 delivery, of fruit and ornamental
trees, etc., Intending planters
should place their orders NOW.
Large tract of good farming land
now open for free settlement in
Oregon. Over 200.000 acres in all.
Cood climate, rich soil, and does
not require irrigation to raise finest
crops of grain, fruit and garden
truck. For large map, full instructions and information, and a
plan of several sections of exceptionally good claims, send $3.40 to
John Keefe, Oregoh City, Oregon.
Three years as a U. S. Surveyor
and timberman. An opportunity
to get a good fertile free homestead
near town aud market.
Private Day School for Boarders
and Day Scholars
Next term will commence on
Thursday, Sept. 17
For terms and full information apply* to
MISS M. KING       -       -      Principal
7 Passenger Cole Car
Rates Reasonable
Palace Livery & Feed Stables
The Barker brothers left for Victoria last week to join the recruits
Mrs. Kepner paid a visit to Nanaimo this week, returning on
Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Johnston is visit in,; her'
brother J. R. Johnston, at the
Courtenay hotel.
Whil". duck hunting in the foot
hills on Monday afternoon Alex.
Inkster ran across an old bear and
two cubs. He sho1; the cubs, and
badly wounded the old one, which
made off in the undergrowth. The
cubs weighed about 70 pounds
each, and were in fine condition.
He had only a shot gun loaded
with bird shot with him at the time.
Three British Warship* Sunk
London, Sept, 22.���In an attack
in stormy weather bv German submarines on the outports of the
British fleet in the North Sea, three
British Cruisers were sunk. They
are Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue.
They were all registered at 12,000
tons, carrying 755 men each.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School aud  Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p. m. All welcome
The pool tables which Mr. M.
Perez bought from McKenzie Bros,
have been moved into Perez's block
over the butcher store.
The Courtenav Literary and
Debating Society is getting into
shape for the winter months, and
expect to begin on Monday, Oct. 5
in the Board of Trade rooms. Many
interesting subjects are listed for
the considertiou of the members.
The war of the seven nations will
came iu for its share of discussion.
It is to be hoped that the public
will give this society their loval
Courtenay Sports
On Tuesday afternoon the Agricultural Society's sports were run
off at the Fair Grounds and
Athletic Park. Tht kiddies races
were keenly contested, as were also
some of the other events. The.
football game was won by the
Cumberland team' The greatest]
interest was centered in the horse ]
racing however. In the opening
trot W. Hogg's pacer won from j
Dalrymple's old reliable Pedro, who
was carrying too much flesh and
fresh grass. The running events
had three starters, viz. McQuillan's
pony, Wilfred Smith's sprinter, and
Bridges brothers old reliable, the
latter two by the same sire.
Bridges brothers won, with McQuillan's 2nd. In the consolation
h?at, Bridges brothers won again.
In the latter event R. McQuillan
entered one of his grey mares, it
being the second time she was under the saddle, she did uot make
much of a showing, but she has
plenty of speed, and with careful
handling will give a good account
of herself.
In the evening a dance was held
in the Opera House which was well
attended. McMillan's 4 piece
orchestra supplying the . music,
which was of a very high order,
and received well merited applause
during the evening. Many of those
present stating it was the best heard
this season.
Rnnaway Accident
On Tuesday morning Mr. A.
Drinkwater's team took fright at a
passing equestrian and started to
run from in front of Shepherd ._:
Hornby,s store "Drink" made a
grab for the lines and missed, but
clung to the side of the rack, while
the horses raced down the hill and
over the first bridge; when about
half way over the second bridge he
fell off, the wheel passing over his
side; and he also got a bad knock
on the head, whether from the fall
onto the bridge or from the wagon
it is impossible to say., The team
continued its career around the
corner, barely missing the telegraph
office, aud going ou down the sidewalk collided with a telephone
post, where the tongue broke and
the horses got loose, and were
captured near the feed barn not
much the <orse for their sprint
Dr. Millard was quickly on the
scene and ha_ (Le injured man
removed to Comox hospital, where
his wounds were dressed, and he is
progressing rapidly. He is very
fleshy and it is difficult to say
whether or not a couple of ribs are
While rushing for the doctor,
Thorold Smith's team collided with
the telephone post at Dr. Millard's
corner, breaking the harness and
badly damaging one of the rear
wheels of his wagon.
During his thrilling ride down
the main street Mr Drinkwater lost
his watch, finder please) leave at
Simms Jewelery store.
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and Cigars in large variety
All Fruits'and Vegetables in Season
Nothing but the Best.   Prices Right
Local Delivery Telephone 40
Is Your House Insured?
If Not, Why  Not?
Call or telephone for rates in reliable companies
Gives Life
to the
Old Dutch
A Ch-ianur on the Opium Habit
iii the American Magazine appearj
! un article entitled "A Modern Opium
J Kntor," writ i "ii by n newspaper man,
who became a victim ot the habit nnd
is now n convict in u penitentiary, lu
the course tf the article tho author
quotes as follows whnt a Chinese den
keeper said to hii; about thu power ot
tin' habit to imiii it   victims;
'You no iiiilt, Every man nlleetlmo
sny he quit, Every man ulleesamo
you. Snu .:���- one time, smoke two
time, smoke  ties time,  then smok.i |
ulleetime.     Chlneiran.     white     men,
clioquay (nagro) alleesame. No inn
i|iiit. liinieby yon die you quit, liinieby maybe you bloke���no more money,
uu more III md blow money, no call
touslem money, maybe you quit one,
tun days, uinicby maybe yen go
jail, no gol Mend bllng you hop. 11.1
got money glveni policeman catcheni
hop. you quit Vim got money uo g i
jnil. you uo quit. 1 heap sabo. l'.iniehy
you set'."
v     V
When nn Eskimo Dies
'hon an Eskimo is flying you will
notice the inmates ol' the house moving everything out ot iloors; otherwise
it would be contaminated by the presence of the (lead man and rendered unfit for use. Among some tribes the
dying man himself is borne outside.
He is never ta.ien out through the entrance tunnel, but always through the
smoke hole cr back of the house, aud
the passage i tin n closed so that his
spirit will not find its way buck. The
Eskimos appear to have an in canny
presentiment of the approach of that
dread spirit who comes to one and all.
When you see them preparing tho
graveclothe . of one of their number
who is ill you may know thnt liis end
is near. I do not think that they do
anything to hasten the end. although
they mny t_uh or hang the hopelessly
iniirm at tlieir own request. It appears to be an instinctive feeling
which is common to primitive people
and which is often noticed In the lower animals,- Wide World Magazine.
Inhaling Water
Undoubtedly v. number of bathers
wbo are drowned meet their deaths
from cramp, crump is liable to seize
anybody at any moment, and when it
comes in deep water few .swimmers
have sufficient presence of mind to
turn on their backs and wait quietly
until the atli.ck has departed. So thev
go under, Hul there is another danger
quite ns Imminent as crump, though it
is probably less known. This is water
Inhaling. A swimmer or even a wader
is   always   liable     to     inhale     sprav
through his nostril . which, passing
through the phavyn and behind the
epiglottis or windpipe guard, gets into lhe windpi.e and causes death. As
one would evpect. water inhaling is
almost wholly confined to the sen and
very rarely occurs in fresh water. All
the same, it may happen anywhere.
Investing in Railway Shares
(If the 8D.313 shareholders of th.
Pennsylvania rond 49 per cent, are
women. The increase in the number
of shareholders of the railways in the
United State1! since 1904 has been 11"
per cent. Tins shows the widespread
degree of interest that is taken by Unpeople themselves iu the railways of
the country. It is also an argument
for government generosity ill dealing
with the railways in which so many
ot the peopla have invested tlieir savings. Tlie Canadian Pacific has something like GUiou shareholders scuttled over the world. The management
has never c ired to give the number
in each country; but it Is known that
in Germany. Belgium and France the
majority of the shareholders reside.
Hundreds of thrifty French peasants
have invested tlieir savings in tlio
Canadian Pacific���the peasants who
paid the German War indemnity in
1870, and who say their prayers, in
spite of the scoffers and the abrnga
Hon of the Concordat. It is the same
In the other countries mentioned���it
is the humble but thrifty classes who
are found nvesting their money in
this high-class sceurity, in which, curiously enough, there are comparatively few .arge holders. It is pathetic
the eiiquirie? that are sometimes
made hy humble people from the other
side���enquires as to the general conditions of the company, wistful questioning with respect to tlie dividend,
and so forth These are mado for the
most part by bumble people, who have
little acquaintance with business, but
who, having a little money invested,
are unxlom when anv sort of doubtful
rumor reaches them
Curtain Calls
"I know a man who had a hundred i
curtain calls in a week."
"I suppose he was n matinee idol." i
"No;  he  ,.,ns a house furnisher."���'
Baltimore American,
Executions in Europe
.Methods of putting criminals to
death vary. In Europe the guillotine is
the mode of execution most generally
employed. Austria, Holland and Portugal are the only other countries besides Great Britain where criminals
are hanged. In Ohlenberg they are
shot, iu Brunswick they are beheaded,
and in Spun they are garroted���London Telegraph
Wife���If yen can't sleep, why don't
you see a doctor?
Husband (grouchilyl- And then
have one more bid to keep me awake.
We Do
the Cooking
\ on avoid  fussing over  a
hot stove---
Save time and energy-
Have a dish that will please
the home folks!
A package of
and sonic cream or good milk
���sometimes with berries or
A breakfast, lunch orsiipper
Fit for a King!
Toasties are sweet, crisp
bits of Indian corn perfectly
cooked and toasted���
Ready   to   eat   from    the
Sold by Grocers.
Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.,
Windsor, Out.
It Eases Pain. Ask any druggist or
dealer iu medicines what is tlie most
popular of the medicinal oils for pains
in tlie joints, in the muscles, or
nerves, or ."or neuralgia and rheunia-
tism, and he will tell you that Dr.
Thomas' EcTectr _ Oil is in greater
demand that, any other. The reason
tor this is tbat it possesses greater
healing qua. lies than any other oil.
W. N. U   1015
Coffee Keeps You Awake
In drawing a comparison between
coffee and tea the results show that
while the alkalrid caffeine In coffee
Is identical with that in tea, yet its
associations in coffee are quite different. In lea infusions the alkaloid
occurs chiefly as a tannate, which I;
a compound insoluble in the acid
juices of the sumach, ln coffee it
occurs as an easily soluble compound.
Here would appear to be the exploit
ation of the prompt action of coffee
ns a restorative and stimulant, par
tlculnrly when employed as an antidote to narcotic poisons. In the same
way coffee probably serves to overcome to some extent tlie narcotic effect, of alcohol, and lo render a
person wakeful owing to its slimulnt
ing effect .ipon the central nervous
Minard's Liniment Cures  Garget in
Winn'ug a Bouquet
Among hii stories of Uombiirg in
King Edward's days lhe author of "On
the Track of th.; Great" notes the rash
ion of "bunching" I presenting bouquets to ladies) on the. promenade an 1
tells this story of King Kdward an.l
the Roman artist, Corrodi:
One morning dear old Corrodi was
carrying around r, bjuquet of serious
propor'ions of line tea roses which he
proposed presenting to an America
lady or whom he wrs eagerly seeking
in tlu large mass of promenaders. A'l
at once he unexpectedly came across
the prince, accompanied by Ludy Cork.
"Good niorring, Professor Corrodi! '
exclaimed his royal highness, "llow
very kind o; you to think of bringing
Ludy Cork such a beautiful bouquet!
Of course the>e was nothing left for
the genial Italian to do but to part
with his (lowers and go and buy some
more for the A nerienn lady.
English are said to produce t
t handwriting of nil nations; t
ericiinii come next; the Fren
le badly, especially the ladles; '.
inns very poorly; the Sliniiinr
rcely legibly, ihe two last nam
ions con inne to use many ot t
trailed Ytiiis, abbreviations a
iiuental Piles and flourished will
re common In most Kuropoiin coi
a century ago.- -London Mail.
jfPp   HaaimerlessSafe
J��VEN if you nro not shooting a Renting*
ton-UMC Repeating Shotgun yourself
���you have seen it in action at the traps or
in the field.
You hear the opinion  expressed  by keen  sportsmen  about  il���
Finest gun of ils lend."
A pump gun lhat you ran depend on-Breech mechanism perfected by tha
century-experienced Remington-UMC Inventors,
Get your dealer to show you the Remington-UMC Pump Gun-ihe de.Icr who
shows you the Red Ball Marl; of Remington-UMC.
To k_p your gun ol_n��l ond lubricated RIGHT. ",".c Rem Oil
lho new powder ulvent, rust preventaUvo, iiiiiI gun lubricant!
he I
A Memorable Occasion
Reynold Wolf tells this one of Nora !
Once Miss Dnyes wns appearing in
a breakfast scene where eggs were being served, and u child sitting 111 a box
mnde manifest his interest in the food.
Stepping down to tin* footlights she
tendered the youngster an egg, but
his mother drew back her child with
a sign of annoyance. .
"Vou should let the young man lake
it." said Miss Bi'yes. quietly. "It is
unique for eggs to be passed from
this side of the footlights."���Green
Hook   Magai'ine.
At lirst sign cf illness during the
hot weather give tlie little ones Baby's
Own Tablets, or in a few hours he
may be beyond aid. The Tablets will
pi _vent summer complaint if given occasionally to the well child and will
promptly cure these troubles if thev
come on su'ldeuly. Baby's Own Tablets should be kept In every home
where there nre young children. There
is no other medicine so good and the
mother has the guarantee of a government analyst t.iat they are absolutely
safe. Mrs. Edward Co-veil, Lombard)',
Ont, says: "A mother who lias once
used Baby's Own Tablets for her children will never fail to show ber gratitude for them, 'i hey made a wonderful change in the health of my littlo
ones." The Tablets are sold by medicine dealer! or by mail at L'ii cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Bt'ockville. Ont.
I.cltpocketF ordinarily travel in
mobs und nre of two distinct types-
one small or medium Btnture, tli.J
oilier lull mil musclar. As a general
rule, the age runs from eighteen to
thirty-live. Tlieir bauds are soil, show
no signs of wink uud the lingers of all
except the "stall" aud particularly tlio
lingers of the "wire" lire long and
slender. Tlieir eyes are shitting au:l
furtive. Their complexion is genera!
ly sallow nnd without distlnc' color,
this being due either io prlsor pallo"
iii types or to the use of cocaine or
other drugs, The cocaine users show
drawn features, proiniiienl cheek
bones and usually have distinct rings
around the eyes. The temperament of
pickpockets is high strung, because
of the dangers of the profession or
from the use of drugs. At the snino
time they are. polite almost to the
point of obsequiousness. They seldom
carry weapons and almost never resort to force, on duty they dress lo
suit the occasion generally well, but
not conspicuously. They avoid wearing anything that might lead to Identification.���Chicago News.
Children Teething
Mrs. Winslows
Soothing Syrup
Petlioi'stonhaiigb & Co., bond oii'icu,
King street  east,  Toronto, Canada,
Gcoil .it Figures
Sammy wns not prone to over over-
lion in ihe classroom; therefore his
mother was both surprised nnd du-
llghled when he came home one noon
with the announcement, "1 got 100 this
morn ing."
'That's lovely, Sammy?" exclalme!
his proud mother, and she kissed hiru
tenderly.    "What was it in?"
"Fifty in 'ending end HCtyein Titli-
luetic."���The Multitude,
The Mean Thing
('Why are you mad, at her?"
"I met her on the car today, and she
said, "Oil, Ie- nie pay your fare!' and I
snid, 'Oli. you mustn't, and she didn't."
���Houston I'ost.
Minard's     Liniment     Cutec     Diphtheria.
Wise in One Way
"I don't went to brag about myself.
I've done many foolish things In my
time, but I've been wise in one way."
"What's that?"
"I never bad the idea that 1 could
paper a bedroom myself.'���Detroit
Free Press.
An Easy One
Somebody writes in and asks us a
conundrum as follows: Why is a steel
cellar door like a glutton's dinner?
Because it is bolted down, of course.
���Chicago Post.
Paraguay's Giant  Wasp
Paraguay is the home  of a  giant
wasp so terrible that most native forest, hunters fear it more than they do
snakes, centipedes or spiders.
Warts  Removed  Without  Pain
Putnam's painless Wart and Corn
Extractor neve' fails to remove Warts,
Corns or Bunions, without pain, in a
few hours.   Give Putnam's a trial.
Not Much Mind
Plnhend���Tis the mind that makes
the body rich
Miss Pickles���Don't worry. Poverty-
is no crime���Birmingham Age-Herald.
Vacation Joys
'Twill scon be time to fly away
And  spend  two  weeks  on  hill  and
pin iu
And almost every other day-
Sit on a porch and watch it rain.
The Other Side of it
"The early bird catches the worm,''
. observed the sage.
"Ves." replied the fool, "but look
how much longer he has to wait for
dinner time."���Cincinnati Enquirer.
The Other Way
"I hea'd t.:a. Ranter broke down in
the middle of bis speech the other
night," said tlie man who wns kept at
heme by illness.
"Not exactly," replied tlie man who
was there. ' The meeting broke up
right in the middle of his speech."
The Foe of Indigestion.���Indigestion
is a common ailment and few are free
from it., It is a mosl. distressing complaint and often the suffering attending _*is most severe. The very best
remedy is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
taken according to directions. They
rectify tlie Irregular action of the
stomach, end restore healthy action.
For many yenrs they have been a standard remedy for dyspepsia and indigestion and are highly esteemed for
their qualities.
"I see New York did considerable
begging for one of those reserve
"What of it'"
"Oh, nothing. New Vork used to
Both Imposed Upon
Deserted  \\'IU   (tellng  the    grocer
her troubles)���And I trusted him so!
Grocer���Confound it!  So did I.
'What a .'ow your children make'
Where  is ti eir mother?"
"She's gone to attend a meeting oa
the duties of women!"���Pele Mele.
Both  Sold |
Deserted   WH'e   (telling  grocer  herl
troubles!���And I trusted hlni so!
Grocer���Confound it!    So did I.���
Boston Transcript.
When   you   turn   mer   a   new   leaf
paste it. down.���Puck.
If our pas. actions reproach us they
cannot be atoned for by our own severe reflections so effectually as by a
contrary behavior. -Steele.
Wherever we meet misery we owe
Try Murine Eye   Remedy
, If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eye*
j or Granulated Eyelid-. Don't Smart���
i Soothes Eyo Pain. Druggists Sell Mi>
i rine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, SOc. Mt_   |
rlne Eye Salve In Aseptic Tubes 25o,
I 60c.    Eye Book Free by Mall. \
I       Aa E���� Ti_i t._ In AU   _ ������ Hut Nt_ Cr.
Build Concrete Barns
and Barnyards
VOU will find that tliey are best
*    at iii-st and cheapest in the end.
Concrete buildings cannot burn and many dol
lars are saved in lower insurance rates.   They
need practically no repairs and never need
Concrete barnyards make the best kind
of a fecding-floor and save many dollars in
feed bills, as your stock gets every particle
that you feed to them. <
Send for this free book" Willi, the Farmer
Can do With Concrete." It shows just how
lo build your own concrete barn, feeding-
fhioror any other building that you may need.
Farmer'* Information Bureau  �����("
C<"<ada Cement Company Limited
506 Herald Building, Montreal
���' I
vCM-T, Ml
Deals With _ Subject of Growing In
terest to Ail Canadians, and Shows
the Possibilities ol Trade develop
ment Between Western Provinces
and the Oi lent.
A special number ot the Weekly
Report of the department of trade and
commerce is being issued covering an
interesting und valuable report upon
the possibility of Canadian trade with
China nnd fftpan and prefaced by nn
Introduction by Hon. Sir Qoorge _.
Foster, K.O.M.G., M.l\, minister ot
trade and commerce, expressed In the
concise imd vigorous English which
characterizes the work of that gentlo-
man. ll deals with r subject of growing interest tt) all Canadians and a
copy should lie on the'desk cf every
merchant and producer iu Canada am'
should reach the hands of all who dc-
siro a concise mul picturesque statement of the coming trade of China
nml Japan and oi tho future and perhaps decisive Importance   of   these
countries more particularly as regards
the western portion of   Canada.   Sir
George says
"Upwards of 500,000,000 people in
habit China and Japan in n stretch of
Island and continent facing our w'stern front dm r, Between lies a facile
ocean now beginning to quiver beneath the twil't keels of rapidly increasing mercantile .leets. * * On
nil groundi of enlightened business
policy Canada and Canadians cannot
affords to neglect the great ar-d promising held which lies so advantageous
1} opposite -mr western gateways Mid
which the Panama canal has brought
bo much m arer our eastern ports.'
' The report is written by Mr. R.
Gi'lgg, commissioner of commerce, and
is preceded by a letter of transinisslon
giving an oetline of its contents describing his journey, and concluding
with reflections of the character and
weight to w-iich we have become accustomed by hiJ previous work. The
first chapter deals with the possible effect of the P'.na_. car.al and piovidea
remnrkalile figures with regard to 'he
development of traffic across the isthmus by the Panama and Tehuantepoc
railways. A table follows showing
Canadian exports to China and with
comments up...; the character and
volume of such exports. While the ->
port recognb.es the probable development of trade i a multitude of articles which tollow the establishment.
ot a trade route, and increase of communication, it is shown that the more
Immediate it terest to Canadajs found
in theexport of 'lour and lumber to
the Orient. Th? chapter dealing with
the first of those products indicates
the present oroductior of Hour in the
western provinces; a table is given
showing the exports cf .flour from the-
United States to the Orient for the
past twenty one years: and instructive
comments are made upon the p rincipal
figures. An Interesting paragraph
deals with ;he movement northward
ot the flour export upon the Pacific
coast and the reasons which account
for that movement. A full aigument
is produced based upon the production
of wheat an' flour in competing countries, more particularly Manchuria
and remark.ble information is afford
ed regarding the productivity of a soil
subject to iirigatiou and unlimited
labor under a hot sun. Th_ results
are truly extraordinary and will be a
revelation to lw.ny readers. Important reference is made to the export
of lumber fiom Fritish Columbia and
the final chapters deal with valuable
work being done by the consuls of all
nations and also a reference to the
question of Chinese students and '.lie
native press. In addition to its economic value the report provides interesting reading and amply justifies the
commendation of sir George Foster.
The report upon Jipan, which is printed In the ame booklet and follows
that upon China, Is equally interesting
although different conditions have resulted in totally different reports. Nolhlng is more remarkable than the
contrast between tne two countries.
Whereas tew ligurec are available
with regard to China a contrary condition prevails in Japan and interpretation of the economic condition of the
country is large! expressed ty tables
of figures, b.'.t the full and interesting
comment upen tham removes Lhe work
from the "dry as dust" character
which so commonly marks such tapers. Canadians may sometimes forget
that the phenomena due to tie wonderful deve apmer.t of tlieir own country does not exhaust the important
problems in curse of solution clse-
., where and It is highly desirable that
development likely to provide a subject of ongioss'ng future interest to
Canada should bo presented in brief
and graphic terms and handled in the
masterly fa J'ion found in this report.
It is not given to any man to do more
than suggest a possible outcome ol tha
factors In operation, and Canada lias
some experience of tlio foreigner who
spends three weeks in a country and
writes a book. In China this Is described as "seeing China through a porthole," but a characteristic of the report under review is the modeiatlon of
Its expressions and tho deference
shown to the experience of competent
authorities. It Is impossible In a short
article to do more than suggest the excellence of the work and advise that
application should be made to the department of trade and commerce for
a copy which will be provided without
charge. The Weekly Report of that
department,  also distributed  without
charge, sbou'd have an increase of its
already large circulation It only because It reflects in nu adequate manner economic conditions in foreign
countries and is designed to assist
Canadian export, Tlie experience of
the United States illustrates the enormous value o" sucii work, and (lie Can
adi:in inilili ��� should not omit to en-
Courage the efforts being mado abroad
for their advantage and paid lor with
their money
Steamship Servi-t to West Indies via
Panama Wocld Give Great Outlet fo'- Lumber
E. S. S.  Flood,  trade conimissionei
for Barbadoes, In bis report to the department   in    ln.de   and   commerce
stales thut c.e opening of tho Panama
canal will enable shippers of lumber
from      British   Columbia   to  tempi _o
with  the  W'st li.dies.
To satiety Inquiries n request has
been made to the trade department of
Ilritish Columbia to furnish samples
of the ililTc'-im.. varieties of lumber
that are commerclal'y important nnd
suitable for exportation.
These shipments will be si owed to
the traders uud ���il't.'rwiii'ds sent to
Trinidad, Jamaica nml Ilritish Guinea
nnd the Northern Islands. In Ihls way
an opportunity will be afforded for n
comparison of British Columbia lumber with thnr new imported.
The requirements of the British
West Indies ro;' lumber, shingles,
shooks, staves and puncheons,'have an
average value in about two and i
quarter nilll.on n. dollars. These colonies, witli the exception of Jamaica,
give a preference to Canadian lumber.
A steamship service between Ilritish
Columbia and these colonies that
would give in outlet for lumber and
other products o' Western Canada
would depend to a large extent on the
availability ef rcturt. cargoes. ' Th3
products of the West Indies, that now
reach the preference market of Can
ada and that could make the voyage
to Ilritish Columbia without deterioration are surar and molasses, cocoa
nuts and copra, coffee, molascuit anil
green hearl th' ter, The examination
into the ci aractcr of the trade between the e.-.sttf-L provinces and the
West Indies lorees the conclusion that
an identical -.rade could be created Ior
the western provinces and one that
would in no way he an interference
| wiih the lumber now handled in the
The distarce froir Rritish Columbia
through the Panama canal is roundly
about 4,000 miles and from the canal
to the Indie-. 1,000 miles.
Alfalfa vs. Wheat
A farmer _ea.r Saskatoon is said to
have s;_ded down 2,000 acrea ot alfalfa, stating -.hat he calculates one
acre of alfaha is worth thirty acres of
wheat to the farmer. This man has
jat present . 0,000 sheep, 200 horses.
1 and 1,000 cews, and has 3,000'acres in
The fallacy that Saskatchewan Is
purely a w!k at-raising country is fast
fading away in the strong light of actual achieve lent in every branch of
field and animal husbandry.
It is cheering to note also that <lij
Province of Alberta last year produced appro<imately ?15,000,000 worth
of eggs, poultry and milk, and from
this milk dairy products to the value
of practically $6,000,000 were produced, which is but another evidence
that the western > rovinces are gettlrf?
on a much surer footing than before.
This improvement in western tendency to go in mere for stock-raisin,;
and mixed -inning will have the effect
of stabilizing lard values and will put
the farmer In pessession of ready
money from time to time through
small sales, where hitherto on a
strictly -heat-farming proposition li.
has had to wait until a specific time
���when the harvest is hi���with consequent higher rates of interest on
money to carrv him in the meantime,
and difficulty in financing. Mixed
farming anl stock-raising also means
men on the land all the year round,
and altogether increased stability an,)
prosperity for the community.���Ottawa Journal.
Good    Prog es      Being  Made  in the
Work o. Securing Lands for the
The lands approved for ucuuisitio'i
by the United States government for
national forest purposes in the ess',
since the purcb; se policy was inaugurated in 1910, now total 1,104,000 acres,
representing a purchase price ot $5,
500,000. About $2,000,000 of the original appropria lot remains available
for fur'ter purchases in the fiscal
year 1915. Th3 lands favorably acted
on to date Include 133.000 acres in ths
White Motintaias of New Hampshire,
while 971,000 acres are located iu various parts ol the Southern Appalachians, fron Virginia to Georgia.
Nearly 400,000 acres were approved
for purchase during tlie past year, t
an avera.e pr'ce of $4.96 per acre
The first cbjrct of administration
is to protect the forest against fire,
for the -wo-foll purpose ot steadying
stream-flow and increasing timber pr.
duction. There is, however, provision
for all forms of use of the forests not
detrimental to their permanert value
as sources cf timber and water supplies.
Lands Have Been Farmed With Utter
Disregard if the Possibility of th-.-
Exhaustion of Soil Fertility, anJ
Abandoned After Being Literally
Tho exodus of population trom our
agricultural communities cOuxtUutes
one of the mosl. Important phases of
that composite subject so frequently
referred to under the vague but coil
lenient   tern,, ."the   rural     problem."
Tho admirable analysis uf this question of.riirin depopulation, given by
licv. John MncDoiigull iu his book en
titled "Rural Life in Canada." is of
putrieular Interest tj the advocate of
conservation, in Hint It emphasizes the
< loso conneitljn between the proper
use ot nail iiuil resources and the
maintenance Ot a large and prosper
ous rural population. Nations have,
hitherto, failed to realize the full importance of ..hii relation and ihelr failure to do so has hei n a costly and irreparable error.
"Conserv.iiiini,' referring to the
wise use of c country's natural resources, is a word of no narrow mean
ing. It .tan-Is. lirst and foremost, for
the elimination of waste and extravagance in re��;ect to those resources
which are limited iu supply, and tor
the propaag'.ion ot those which, al
though iimi.id, are reproducible, liur
It means uuie thnr that, it stands fo.-'
economy in the _ utile field of proline-
tion, as we'd us in consumption,--foi
the utilization of all portions of th^
national domain in cuch a manner as
to secure the. maximum return thero
from. These are the cardinal principles which former generations disregarded am. which the present hai
not yet learnt to appreciate, thoroughly. They bacc-me fully realized only
when tbe re.ulU o.' disregard i.re man
ifested in such tangible forms as the
present wnpiesalo abandonment of
once-thriving agricultural trmmunl-
ties. For this movement of popultftlon
the failure to observe the principles
of conservation has not been wholly
responsible, but '.' has contributed i'i
two ways.
Primarily, there has been tht-
reckless exploration of wooded areas
which were never of a nature to justify agricultural settlement. Lands,
with soil adapted only for iprestrv
purposes, have been stripped of timber, exhausted ty a few crops and
abandoned in such condition as to be
almost uselers even for refotcitation
From start to finish the policy pursued lias b.->en ruinous to rational
Secondly���lamb    which    were orig
inally ot real  igricultural value have
been farmed with utter disregard of
the possibility of the exhaustion    of
soil fertility.    Under acientltic methods of cultivation, they would    have
been permanently available for profitable agricu'ture, hut when    literally
"mined" of   i eir fertility, have bee.
deserted for newer and more fertllj
! areas.   Such methods may enrich thn
I individual^ but never the nation.
I    Failure  to    practise    conservation
I methods in bygone years is not the
[ sole cause ef rural  depopulation  to
; day, but it is  probably, the only on-;
of the several causes, to which that
movement is di.e, which need occasion
regret to the present generation anl
reproach fo ouv ancestors.    Yost   of
the other econrmic causes    have increased the productive    efficiency o'
the nation; this   hr.s    immeasurably
lowered it.-��� O .11., in Conservation.
Recent Ccnso    Show Th��t it Is on thfl
The population1 of the Panama canal|
/.one has shrun'i fiom 01,-70 in March,
1912, to IIS, 06. The house-to bolls-
canvass ot the population, taken be '
tweeu June 16 .in I :in of this year by
the police ned .ir division, shews the
total population of the zone, of this j
number 6.7b i are white Amen- an men,'
of whom 1,182 ure employees of i'ie
Panama canal or the Panama railroad
The American wemon and children |
number 1,57. .ind 1,636 respectively.
Of iill other nationalities th re ire
16,664 men. Including 14,066 employees, and ,-674 women ni.d 5,525
children. The figures do not include
employees living iu Colon and Pau
Primarily ibe purpose of ihe enumeration wus io check up the progress
of the depopi'lr.t'on of the Canal zone
of others tb n employees and their
families.   The   census   of ihe canal
zcue mude  netwicn   February  1    iin-1
.March 31, i:i!.\ by the old department
ot civil administration, showed a total
population in the zone proper of 61,-j
279. The dj,--eise since that tr'me has,
been 23,573. The (Increase ���nnouiits
to about us per cent, of the population
of February-March, 1012, or over 61
per cent, of the present population
The police canvass wns made by the
three districts known us Anron, Empire and Chlistol al. A police census
made between January 31 aid Feo
I'uiiry io, 19'-I, did not differentiate
between omployees ami non-employees, it eau orated American;
men, woine_ and children, 6,310, 1,799 j
and 1,786, a total of 0,895, and nil other
men, women anil children, 21.332, 7.-|
325 and 0,7: i respectively a total of
35,401. Tlie grain', total of in.militants
was 45,296. Tin total number of
Americans en the zone has ileeroasjil
82 since ili.n The total pojulatton
of other nn loinlities has dciroasoil
7,508. The 'itnl decrease in the period of less linn live mouths has bee .
A Large . .. mntage of Forest Destruction Caiis-.l by Campers nnd
An Investigation by the New York
conservation commission ns to the origin of forest ,i__ I. the Adirondack's
shows that itt'ly 85 per cent, of the
Ores which occurred during 1913 were
preventable. .1' smokers bad not carelessly thrown burning cigars or tobacco upon the dry vegetation, one-
third of these fires vculd not have occurred. If fishermen had been more
careful witli tlieir fires and tobacco,
nearly one-fifth nf heso fires would
not have occurred. Of the 088 lire-,
reported, oily 78, or 11.;; pel' ecu'.,
were caused by lo lomotives. while
nearly 10 '. r cent, were reported as
being due to the carel.'ssnesi; o' campers.���C. ._., Ill Const! vi'tion.
Montreal Physician Says Public is to
Blame for the  Ravishes of
This Disease
In the division ot general surgery,
Dr. Armstrong, cf Montreal, a Canadian delegate to the London Clinical
congress, real a paper on "Typhoid
Perforation.' From recent figures,
embracing Sinn 9,000 cases, _r, Armstrong showed that one-third of t ,e
deaths were due to "perforation,'
which war, more common in men than
in women.
Municipalities, he said, by effective
legislation fer seeming a provision of
pure water nnd an efficient drainage,
could do untold service in arresting
the disease and*.this enormous waste
cf young lives. The most susceptible
period being from .be age of 15 to
2f. years, was a bad reflection upon hu-
maiiitaris-i r.nd business acumen cf
the laity. Tie medical profession was
not responsible, concluded Dr. Armstrong.
Servia and*he Serviars
Servia is a land of social oqualitv.
It has no ir slocr-ny or middle tlass.
Its officials are peasants in go'd brail,
its people ive well with little work.
In 1900 it is said the_T"Was neither
pauper nor -orkhcuso in the country,
Servians would rather talk politics and
recite poetry than drir.k. What tha;/
like best i.e the sing sOug poems that
tell of their national heroes. "Every
true Serb lives as meek in tin past as
ii the preset" i'he greatest patriotij
outburst thai has shaken the nation
In recent ye ,rs wa , passionate resent
ment toward Austria-Hungary In 190S
when that country's annexation of
Bosnia and >|ers_govina wake.I Servia
from the dr. cm ef a great union of nil
the Serbs.
Egyptian Acsctr.hly Prorogued
The Egyptian legislative assembly,
which was a.ened on .Ian. 22 In virtue
of tho new Organic law of July 21
1913 has be. n prorogued until November 1 next    The session recently concluded bun been full of Interest, sic.ee
it  was   the   first  to  be   held   undar.
the new CO'ditions.   That the Egyptian public has awakened to ,he importance.ot thir institution has been]
proved  by  ihe enormous  number nf;
petitions���over SOO addressed lo the
assembly, the crowds in the galleries <
during tlie denotes, nnd    the    great]
space -devoted  to the  reports  by  nil
the local y i, _>s.
Street Railways
To every 1000 of the population
Calgary has .88 miles of street railway truck, the highest mileage per
thousand in the Dominion of Canada
Saskatoon c nnes next with .75 mild .
Edmonton lines . p with .70; lleglna .s
satisfied wit'.; .60; while Winnipeg anl
Toronto hate lo get along with .43
and .'."a respectively.
Big   Doings  Arc   Promised   F-" Tammany Hall By Harry W
Richard Croker, the old-time lender
of Tammany Hall, will return to New
Vork from l--ehn_ and seek to oust
Charles F. Murphy from tbe leadership
of Tammanv Hail, according to Harry W. Walker, confidant of Croker.
who has returnee' to New York from
e visit to CMker in Ireland.
-Big things ar going to happen
when croker comes here," Mr. Walker said. "He hr ir. bis posscssior.
confessions that be is going to malts
.public. Tliese'wlll have an Important
bearing on -lis fight against Charlei
F. Murphy, which he will vigorously
Much Timber Felled by Storms o-
Damagcd by Bush Fires
Representatives of the big lumber
companies oporating in the upper Ottawa region state thnt operations in
the bush this fall will be unusually
heavy, and tbat about 35,000 men will
be employed about two months hence.
It is believed that this will go a locg
way toward relieving unemployment
iu eastern cities. The reason give.^
for the extr.. lumbering operations -s
that a great deal of timber has bee i
felled by cfor.ms and slightly damaged by bush Ores, and that it must
be utilized at once before decay sets
]    No mill is wise at nil times.���Plinv
'the Ehlcr.
Canada   Loses   Much   Througi    Pesti I
Canada   mis  a-   least  fifty million
dollars   a   iear   through    da-iiuge   to
crops alone from insect pests, accord
ing to a sta emeu' in the Agricultural
Gazette, pubis' rd by the department]
of agricultiiie.    The protection of ii
cectlvorou- niv.i.   therefor, is stron-1
ls  urged.   Investigation   baa   shown
that fuily 6"i pe' cent, of the tcial food :
of wood peckers, ><6 per cent   cf that ]
of fly catch, rs r.nd U5 per cent, ot tha;
yearly food if -.ens i< insect?.
Another raaior given for p_t_:,|a. J
tlie birds Is tho    tact    that many of
them coarii ne i'c s oils of weeds
Owing    to    the     Increasing   Modern
Taste  For  Travel, Striking  Scenery
Has Bcco.ae One of the Most Valu-
ab!<   So.rces  of  Revenue   I   Nation
Can Possess.
An in usual government publication
has decently been issued by the Domini.n parks branch of the department of the interior. It consists of a
small souvenir booklet artistically
hound in duplex leather wild grass
paper and tied with an olive green
silk cord. The lettering is embosesd
in gold and a very unique design has
been chosen fo- the cover. The latter
is cut out so as to form a sort of
frame and in this is inset a spray of
Canadian heather from the ltocky
Mountains park the purplish Bowers
of the hsnther against the wood
brown background making a very attractive colour combination.
It will no doubt be a matter of surprise to many to learn that Canada
possesses a heather of her own. This
plant is not, as It has sometimes beea
called, a "poor relation" ot the Scotch
heather, but has a family connection
and standing cf Its own well recognized by botanists, and is nearly allied to the heath of the British Isles.
The booklet gives an interesting account of the locality from which the
souvenir was gathered, Simpson pass,
about thirty miles from Banff, and of
some of the legends and stones connected with the h sat her iu other
lands, lis main purpose, however, is to
cull the attention of Canadians to the
national parks o. the Dominion, not
only to the attractions they offer tn
those who ate able to visit tbem, bet
also to theil value in the national
life. Their commercial potentinlfttse
are somewl at startling It is pointe-l
nu; Hint owing to the Increasing mod
om taste for travel striking scenery
has become one of the most valuabl _
sources of .evenue a nation can possess. The tourist revenue of Switze--
lnild per yen is placed nt ISO million
dollars, that of France at 600 millions,
that of Italy at over Uii) milliona. Th .
sum which Americans annually spent
abroad is e tit'iateii at the ___n___
total of tiv; hun ired million dollars.
It would appear then-fore, that tli.
creation of national parks, which are
one of the best means ot attracting
and providing for tourist, travel, may
well be considered as it is now bem_
considered _ the United States, as _
"solid  busk-ess  proposition."
It is on othe:- grounds tiian thn
commercial, however, that the puraa
lay claim to re ognition. These great
natural reserves are reservoirs of vit-
ality for thy race As an antidote to
the ills oi over-civilization and tiie
complex life of _.odern cities, they refer the opportunity for life in the ��___
erness and .he best ��ort of recreation
where fresh air, sunshine anl _____
ful natural scenery are combined. The
problem of tne preservation of the vis.
allty of the race is admitted by _.>!
conservationist today to be the first
of all conservation problems, ami rli��
value of parks, playgrounds and recreation in thij respect is each y._r
being given a larger place.
The educational ind patriotic [a-
liuence of the parks i.- also toncbed
upon as we!', as tbe work which __
Dominion p,-.'k. branch is doing in the
preservation of native* wild life in connection with the buffalo, elk, antelope,
etc., ns well as bird lite. There is alsj
pointed ou'. the need for tbe creation
of historic ,'arks a- a means of preservation fo our historic sites, man/
of which wc an. allowing to disappear.
A new lir.e o'l development wb_-
is worthy of consideration is suggested, viz.; the provision of national
parks near our congested centres of
population All modern town planning
makes provision for parks aud playgrounds witjin the city itself, but
while these are useful and necessary
they provide a means of recreation for
a few hours at most. The national
parks would rsserve 'arge areas where
people would be free to go for as long
as they desired. Such parks would be,
in reality, 'people's estates" and
would afford te the ordinary citizen
many of tlie advantages which the
man' of wealth possesses in bis country estate, ln the words of the booklet they would te "nieces where the
poor could get a summer cottage or
camp site for a nominal rental, where
boys and men could camp and fish and
study nature, where the sick and delicate could f.nd new stores of health
in the great out-of-doors, by right of
citizenship, without leave or hindrance of an > one."
There is iill within easy reach of
many of ou large cities, land available for sue i a purpose which is either public domain or procurable at low
cost. It would seem worth while considering the at'ice given by .Ambassador Bryce in Ottawa, before his re-
turn to England, namely, that the
time to set aside public domain for
the future n_e-la of the people Is now,
not when the encroachments of civilization hnve rendered this almost impossible.
Across   Atlantic   In   Homemade   Boat
An aged n.an, E. Holborrow, a cri^
pie, has started from West Bay.
Bridgeport, F.ngland, to cross the Atlantic In a snail sailing boat, made entirely by himself He has taken forty
gallons "of w-ter and half a hundredweight of biscuits, in addition to other
provisions. Much iuierest was. shows
lr his sailing.���Washington Pest. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869
Capital Paid Op $11,560,000        Reserve ami Undivided Profits fl3,000,000
Payable ill all parts of the world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions ol'Oiilin-
ury Banking Business by mail
T__ r,_.._____., D_____i>l    I�� reprinting; the war poem "The
IheLoUrtenay KeVieWi ���.,>.,.. imposed by   Mr.  Henry
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtenav, 11   C.
N. II. II0111.N, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription SI BO per Year in Advance
Telephone 5S)
THURSDAY, SEPT. 24, 1914
The reports now to hand from
the most reliable scources concerning the German atrocities in Belgium are terrible, and the details
too lurid to quote; it is sufficient to
say that the Middle Arcs have been
brought back, ami that the unfortunate Belgians could have
suffered no more had the invaders
been Turks. It is not that
the outrages have been the work of
a few scoundrels, for there are
black sheep in every flock; on the
contrary, the whole Prussian host
seems to be suffering from moral rot
and to have lost its manhood.
Even German princelings have
entered into the deeds of shame
with evident gusto, unrebuked and
apparently acting under orders.
For many a year the name of Germany will stink in the nostrils of
decent people, and there will be no
greater insult than to call a man a
German or a Prussian. All claims
that Prussia or Germany may make
for mercy when the Allies, in the
providence of God, enter Berlin,
will be deserving of the most contempt at the hands of the victors,
and the rest of the world will approve. His Serene Mightiness the
Kaiser, a few years ago, came forward to arouse the nations of
Europe against the Yellow Peril,
posing as a knightly St. George
ready to proceed against the Dragon. To-day he is treating the
whole world to a display of his
idea of knightly conduct, and as
for the Yellow Peril, it is now the
spmbol of German culture, German
religion, and German civilization.
Regulate Food Prices
Canada is at war and she is not.
She is, in the sense that the Empire is at war, but there is no
enemy at our gates, nor is there
likely to be. We are not in a state
of siege, If dealers are to insist
upon war prices, they should be
given to understand that the government may justly enforce the
other war conditions, viz., strict
regulations of all food stuffs, their
prices, output and sale. Let us be
at war in all particulars and not
only in the ont vital department of
food supplies.
Chappell, and originally printed in
the 'Daily Express" of London,
Eng., we have lo inform our readers that Mr. Chappell i.s a railway
potter of Bath, England. His
composition is of no menu order
and does full justice to tlie subject.
For some years past it has been
customary for the officers of the
German* Navy to drink to the toast
���'The Day," the day when Germany should try conclusions with
the Mistress of the Seas. As already shown by the press reports,
the German prisoners do not hesi
tate to express their bitter resentment against England, so angry are
they that Britain should dure intei-
V ne in the fray. Had Britain
have consented to the violation ot
Belgium, and hud the Germans have
beaten the life out of France; there
is no doubt that Germany would
then have turned her attention to
the conquest of Britain, her colonies, dependencies and dominions.
In the Providence of God it was
ordained otherwise.
Till? DAY
By Henry Chappell.
You boasted  the Day,   and you  toasted
the Day,
And now the Day has come,
Blasphemer, braggart and coward all,
Little you reek of the numbing ball
The blasting shell or the "white arm's"
As they speed poor human's home.       |
You spied for tlie Day, you lied  for the
Day,    .
And woke the Day's red spleen,
Monster, who asked God's aid Divine,
Then strewed his seas with tlie ghastly
Not all the waters of the Rhine
Can wash thy foul hands clean.
You dreamed for the Day, you schemed
for the Day;
Watch how the Day will go,
Slayer of age and youth and prime
(Defenceless slain for never a crime)
Thou art steeped' in blood as a hog  in
False friend and cowardly foe.
You have sown for the  Day,   you  have
grown for the Day:
Yours is the harvest red.
Can yon hear the groans and the awful
Can you see the heap of slain that lies
And sightless turned to the flame-split
The glassy eyes of the dead?
You have wronged for the Day,  you
have longed for the Day
That lit the awful flame.
'Tis nothing to you that hill and plain
Yield sheaves of dead men  amid  the
That widows mourn for their loved ones
And mothers curse thy name.
But after the Day there's a price to pay
For the sleepers under the sod,
And He you have mocked  for  many   a
Listen and hear what he has to sav:
What can you say to God?
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat &
Power Co., Limited
Beg to announce that they will shortly be prepared
to supply Electric Light, Heat and Power to Courtenay and district. Interior wiring undertaken at
lowest possible rates. A full line of Lamps and
Electric Supplies will also bexarried in stock
Address all inquiries to
CLINTON|S.!|WOOD, Superintendent
P.O.Box 195 Telephone F95
Fall Opening of
linery, Mantles, Furs,
Fur Sets, Dress Goods,
Coatings, Silk Waists
and Dresses, Silk and
Wool Sweater Coats
The latest fashion creations
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Special Novelties in Childrens and Infants Headwear
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Ladies' Coats with the new
Balmacaan and Kimona
Sleeves in plaids and royal
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in plain and diagnol cloths
and dark or light Tweeds
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Winter Sport Coats, Short
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Child's Brown, Grey and
White Bear Skin Coats in
designs, silk and
braid trimmed
Ladies' Stole and Muff Sets
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Ermine, and Black Imitation Persian Lamb
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Season's fashions in One-
piece Silk Blouses; also Silk
and Net Blouses
Ladies' Silk and Wool
Sweater Coats with roll collar and also with V neck in
plain and fancy combinations
A complete stock of Ladies'
Misses and Children's Combinations and Under Vests
Medium and Heavy
Weight Wool
Our Gent's Dept. is
stocked in All Fall
"Hirner" Fashioned Foot
This   is   the only   sock   made   that fits the foot
No pull on the garter as in other socks
More room in the heel which prevents   pulling
on the top of the toe
The wrinkles at the instep  are absent
Price 50 cents
Call and examine them
See our window
For sale by
Loggie Bros.       Phone 34
The  Corner  Store, Sandwick
for the Rush of Fruit. Remember the
Fruit Season does not last long and
its a long winter without lots of fruit.
We have a sull line of everything
you may  require at  lowest  prices.
Prompt Delivery Is Our Motto
Phone 4
Parkin Bros.
Is Now  In  The  District
and is making a fine exhibition of
This display contains the very latest productions and
we are selling at most moderate prices
At Cumberland All Thi. Week
Send for patterns of our Cord Velveteen at 65c per yard
623-25 Johnston St
Mr. Robb, Mr. James Carthew
and son and Mr. J B. Holmes and
Mr. J. Martin lef I for Victoria by
Monday morning's train from
The Charmer did not get up until Saturday morning owing to
storm.   She laid up at Union Bay.
Harvest Thanksgiving services
were held at Lazo on Sunday afternoon, Rev. Franklin Watson
preached there, and also at Comox
in the evening.
Surveyor Aldous who has been
in the district for some time, left on
Monday for the Say ward district.
Dr. Beadnell and party have returned from Oyster River, where
they spent the summer months.
The detachment of 88th Highlanders which is now at Lazo will
shortly be relieved by another detachment from the same regiment.
They report having had a very bad
time under canvas during the storm.
The breakfast slogan is mush and
There is to be a mess house built
at Lazo, by the Department of
Public Works, shortly.
City boy to Country cousin at
the homestead���Grace being said--
Swip some cookies Bill, while he
has got his eyes shut.
A fine specimen apple weighing
15 ounces, grown on Mr. Cowie'_
ranch, was presented to the Review scribe on Monday, on the occasion of his weekly visit.
t I
An appeal is being sent out from
London for every Mason in Canada
to contribute one dollar towards t
Queen's Military hospital for
wounded soldiers. A state base
hospital will be established at Lon- K
don with an auxiliary at Folkstone. /&
EDMUND WALKER.C.V.O..LL.D.. D.C.L., President
IRD, General Mnnuger JOHN AIKD, Ass't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is ^iven to every account. Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may lie opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made: by any oue of them or by the survivor. S21
F. C. BROCK, Acting Manager, Cn.rtenay awl Comox Branches
Coiiins branch open on Tuesdays, from 11 to 3
London lstli. An announcement made
by the Official Press IHireau tills
evening snys according to report received
this afternoon there is no particular
change in the situation. There has been
some activity on purl of Allies Cavalryi
hut without nt present time, any definite
London. For five days British nnd
French armies have been trying tn dislodge Germans from stroug line nt defences which they have constructed on
battle front front Olse to Meuse River.
There hnve been attacks but in words of
official communication there has been uu
change Hn situation,
Herliii. Following official announcement has been given out by headquarters
of German General start, battle still
continuing between Olse and Meuse, but
there are sure indications that enemy's
forces are failing. Freilcb attempt to
cut through Uerman Right Wing was
broken down without great exertion on
the German side. German army is advancing slowly but surely. A Sortie
from Verdant on right bank of Meuse
was most easily rep dsed. Another
official statement issued by German
General staff, says that all German airships came np to expectation after undergoing long aud dangerous flights ou the
battle front by way of Paris.
Paris. A gigantic battle or more properly battles for days and nights along
entire front from Noyen to frontier.
Fighting do,s not consist of one sustained and continued movement but in
reality is several combats proceeding at
several points of Genitalis defending line
along river Aisne, each encounter however inclusive executioi. _ General Idea
of Commander in Chief of Allied Armies,
Attacks and counter attacks follow each
other in rapid succession every hour of
Petrograd. Following communication
was issued today by chief of General
Staff. Our front in Eastern Prussia the
the armies of GenerallKsnuekampf, definitely stopped offensive movement of
Germans at several points. Germans are
(ailing back and shifting to new positions
On Austrian front persuit of enemy continues. Russians are approaching defensive positions of Sienwa and Prmzyl,
Paris, 20. Preparations for attack on
fortifications on line >outli. of Verdum
have been completed on Eastern battlefield. Fourth Finnish. Rifl,e.,_rig_de was
defeated near Augusto. Ge.inans advancing on Assomier after a sharp fight
occupied Grajeswow and Szoucyz.
Bordeaux. Minister of Interior, l/ouise
J, Malvey, announced today that the
famous cathedral of Rheims had been
destroyed and their historic buildings
either left in ruins or seriously damaged
during bombardment of Rheims by German artillery. Compiled wit.i this announcement was stateiiient that Government had decided to address all powers
a note of indignation against this act of
Odious vandalism structures which
Minister of War said had been ruined,
included in addition to Cathedral Twelfth
centuary Church of St. Jacques, fifteenth
centuary Archbishops Palace and City
Hall, dating from seventeenth century.
Nisb.   It    is    officially    announced
Russian attacked by twenty thousand
Au'-lriaus uers -ovipazaitj
London. Following announcement
was made by official Information bureau
this afternoon. There is no change in
situation in Prance.
Counter attacks delivered yesterday
were repulsed with loss to enemy.
Pctrogratl,  20th.   official   statement
from chief of General Staff issued tonight
snys that Russians are bombarding  fortress of. I .ysemsyl,   whose  artillery  has
I opened fire,
1   New Seam at No. 6 Mine
Enough Coal iu Sight to To Last
Over Quarter of Century.
No. 6 mine, of tlie Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. which
adjoins the limits of the city of
Cumberland and supposed to have
been worked out years ago, has
now coal iu sight for the next
quarter of a ccutury. Some time
ago a drift was commenced on the
south side of the shaft to open up
that field of coal lying under the
Y and the Company's farm, with
the result that a beautiful seam of
clean coal has been struck. The
seam is composed of a bottom bench
of tour feet of hard clean coal and
18 inches of top coal, also of good
quality. The bottom is divided
from the top by six inches of soft
shale which should..form good
mining. It will be a few weeks
before the' manageament ca_ complete arrange nents to handle this
new field of coal. This in itself is
quite an asset to the city of Cum'
berland and should encourage the
business men to make a united
effort and boost tht town they live
in.- We have slept. lo_g enough.
On Monday all previous records at
No. 6 were broken when this mine
hoisted 560 tons in eight hours. ���
The guard of the 50th regiment of
Highlanders at C. Lazo Wireless Station
left on the S. S. Charmer, Thursday
morning, after being six weeks on duty
Their place is taken by another company
of the same regiment from Victoria.
Mr, Kent, one of the 4 clerks since
the war broke out, has resigned and left
Cape Lazo.
Mr. G. Westrup left for Victoria by
Monday's train.
The Italian residents of Toronto
held a big demonstration Sunday
night and decided to offer an entire
regiment for the aid of the ^British
armies in Europe, and also pledged
a large sum of money for patriotic
Suitings, Overcoating and
If you anticipate buying a suit, overcoat or jtrousers
this fall it will pay you to see our stock
We guarantee material, workmanship and fit
A Disquisition In Doggerel
In Response to a Poet's Plaint.
Oh,   for a  scat  in  a   l'ord   or
Swiftly and surely  to  bear  ine
George Jessop iu London Opinion,
i ith July.
Lust issue your poet George Jessop
In rytlnnts that were deathless his
lack of a Ford.
We hasten to tell him,
We're anxious to sell him,
The car  that's the  cure  tor   the
stale known as bor'd;
The car we are certain  his means
can afford.
The quiet, economical,
Stroug, economical,
Swift,   economical   car called  the
It's the car for the poet, the doctor,
the lord-
All sorts and conditions its virtues
There is'nt a car, Sir
That so Well suits the Bar, Sir,
With Croesus and  Demos success
it has scor'd���
This car which your rhymster can
so well afford.
This car of large service,
Reliable service,
Comfortable service,
Comfortable service,  thats known
as the Ford,
One hundred and twenty-five
pounds a two-seater,
One hundred aud thirty-five pounds
a five seater.
One eighty pounds nett
Buys a fine laudauette,
And money can't buy cars appreciably neater,
Nor cars (twenty horse-power)
whose running is sweeter;
Nor cars that live longer,
Nor cars that are strouger,
Nor cars that ou hills are said to be
Let poet or reader  as  with  one
Get out on a trial run and prove
that the Ford
Is best for his purpose,
(Whatever his purpose,)
And then we will bet that the Ford
he'll afford. *
He cannot afford to be lacking a
So write to Courtenay���
Ed. Fmde, Courtenay���
Ford  motors,   Courtenay,    we're
waiting the .word.
Some merchants save 15 cents a
day by cutting their ads out of the
local paper, and then blow in a
dollar a day to keep up their spirits.
begs to announce that he has
repurchased his old barber
business from Mr, Smith and
will be pleased to meet all his
old customers at the old stand
Next to the  Opera  House
To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason of quality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -    Prop.
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
Palace Livery
H_rses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable rates
We also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay Phoae a$
PERFECT EASE  and  comfort-always the
most popular feature of C/C a la Grace Corsets
���is more important than ever since the present
trend of fashion is toward the natural li .ure.
have never sacrificed comfort for fads or extreme* of style. Each model
is designed to preserve the natural poise of the figure and give flexibility
and freedom���at the same time meeting fashion's requirements. Many
models���all sizes���one that just fits YO U. "
Phone 1 Courtenay
Comox   Co-Operative    Society
D?"lers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Farmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty. We sell only the
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Dealer in
Hay, Flour, Feed and Grain
Empty Sacks For Sale
Phone Y91 and your order will, be filled af a ,-e.
=-_ jj THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
By F.. I'. Meade
Ward,   Lock   &   Co.,   Limited
London,  Melbourne  snd Toronto
Rose Tea !��good tea
"Hut if iiu young lady would Buit,
wouldn't it be .1 comfort tor Miss Oe-
tavia to have hor while you aro out,
taking your necessary exercise, Miss
Lavinia?" sinl Miss Russell,
woman   you    liuve    . il
and it depends enti 'oly
girl asks nnd  what she.
1 Continued)
Soon  after  iliis,  Miss Lacy    wtnl
nway, and surely tlie teu pounds sin..
lnul till.en from lier little nest egg did
in.1  muke it [el! smaller!    No;  siie :
liad never fell su rich In gold In her!
life.   She lnul gold nnd to spare, and
lnul she imi speni ii un her own be. |
li .eii  Rector's beloved   child I    Ves.
Die .liild musi coine mul live with her
until Bhe could earn her living.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Russell put the ten
pounds carefully away.
"It's a wonder siie could trust me,'
ihu said Id herself. She is a good
surl. Mot uue penny except tor little
.Miss Barbara's benefit. I can rig her
out nicely with that. She's a good
woman���il shews what sort the child
is her"....If! Let Kate Jessop come
along! Let her indeed! There's 110
chesney street for my little Miss Barbara!"
II -v"s quite lute when Ban and
Barhnia relumed; Dan was in astute
i'i high excitement, lie told his mother cf Miss Chance's wonderful sug-
. es'irn thai she should help him with
his lessons in the evening.
"There, now, ain't it wonderful of
her! And ain't you in luck, Dan, my
boy! Wily, I do declare it, ought to
pay for the young lady's keep!"
Barbara was standing by, looking
more pale and sad than she liad done
the night before. She had had a Irving day���Dan's high spirits were too
much for her. She felt tired and worn
out, and could hardly contain herself
The excitement oppressed and distracted. Of one thing she was determined, she. would not eat the bread of
idleness. She would support herself i'i
some way or other. She would certainly not like going to Chesney street,
nor to Perris's shop, but she must go
for she would not be beholden to Mrs.
Russell, wero she twenty times as
kind. She went up to her little attic,
uiul presently there came a tap al. the
"Miss Chance, may 1 come in for a
Barbara (lew to the door and opened
"Ves, dear Mrs. Russell, eonie in.
and welcome, llow cosy you have
made my room! And you have actual-
I5 given nie a lire���you must not do
that any more."
"We'll see about that." said Mrs.
Russell. "Bill I came to say I sent a
message to Kate Jessop to tell her
she need uot call this evening, for you
are not going to Ferris's."
"Oh! Mrs Russell, why did you do
that? Vou know, dear friend, 1 must
live, and 1 cannot pat the bread of
charity���1  cannot���it would  kill nie."
"And who wants you to eal the
bread of charity? If you help my little
bye with his lessons, won't that, be doing something, and there's a friend in
need, who may be colled a friend in
deed, and that friend has sent you
some money to buy clothes."
".Mrs. Russell! What do you mean?"
"Mere it is," said Mrs. Russell; nnd
she laid on the top of the chest of
drawers ten gold sovereigns. "Now, 1
am not going to tell you who has
given it���only to say, solemn and true,
lhat 1 ain't done it. Tlie friend ill need
has done il, and you've got lo spend
it. And I've got to go with you, and
we'll buy jest the chillies you want,
lor you caul go, in. licar, Willi um
dress, io any situation you get, aud
now. you'll come down lo supper."
'I can't eat tlie bread of Idleness,"
said Barbara, lhe tears filling her eyes
"I wish you had rot sent lhat note to
Kale Jessop."
A Crown 1 anii' between Airs. Russell's brows.
".Now, don'l you begin that.'' she
said. 'Vou inusl take me as you-llnd
inc. I have 'aken a fancy lo you, and
you must lake a fancy to mc, and if
you help my Ilttlo bye, lhai, surely,
won't he eating the bread of idleness.
And I could give you many nnd many
n job lo do iu  the  house.  Why, I've   so well, and read a lew passages. Th
taken such a fancy to you thai 1 can't  sweet   voice   was  a   litlle  choked   by
Came OfTin Scales. Itched Badly.
Had to Tie Hands. Little Watery
Pimples. Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Completely Cured.
11107 Davenport llinul, Toronto, Out.���
"M. oczama first, started whon 1 was a
baby, on my rare ami willp,   It. m . mod dry
and -hon 1 scratched It. p can (HIn scales,
It Itcl'od very badly uud I was obliged lu
have my bands llnd up ho sa to prevent.
scratching my face. Little whlto watery
pimples camo on my hand* and fare ami I
laid ton ay homo from school for nearly two
weeks, 't caused my face and hands lo
look badly. Tim eczoma took a very bad
form, appearing on my face In littlo watery
ulcers so bad Dial. I could hardly bear to bo
touched. My hair being naturally very
thick I found to be getting thlnnor and wondered what could ruuso It to lull out.
"My mot her tried and and
apeut no end of money trying to got mo hotter but It, did no good. At la.a friend rac-
iimmended Cuticura Soap and Olntmcnland
my mother used thorn. Wc appi-d tho
Outlcura Ointment to my luce, head and
hands acd washed wllh tho Cuticura fcoap
mid the eczema began to disappear. Bel iro
nix mouibc hud passed 1 was completely
cured." (b'gned) M!_ Constance Jane,
May 20, 191- '
L'mlciira Hoap and (liniment, do so much
for pimples, blackhead*, red, rough skins,
Itching, scaly scalps, dandruff, dry, thin and
falling hair, chapped hands and shapeless
nails, tbat It Is almost, criminal not to use
Tbem, A single sot la often sufficient. Cut I-
cura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are ��old
by drut'gists and dealers everywhere. For
a liberal free sample, of each, -'th H2-p.
book, send post .anl lo Potter _>rtig *
C-MB. Corp.. fiept. I). Bttten. I'. S. A
hear you out of my sight! When you
was nway with Dan today 1 was thinking all Ihe time. 'When will she he
back? When shall I see tlie fine of
my liosie again?' There, darling, you
won't leave me, will you?"
"You nre a wonderful woman," snid
the girl, "and il 1 could do anything,
really, lo help you���"
"Well, now, I have a sudden idea, j
You'll remember me speaking of tlie
two Indies on the drawing room lloor |
���.Miss Octavia and Miss Lavinia Hen-
slowe? Disagreeable bodies they be���
there's no doubt whatever, and Ihe
worst of tin in is Miss Octavia; the
reason she is so disagreeable is because she i.i a trifle deaf and nearly
blind, and she's mad witli curiosity to
hear tlie news. Now, it occurs to me,
if you would go to lier every day for
in hour or so, say even two hours-
Mexico's  Spiked   Mountain
!     One  of  the  most, remarkable  geological freaks in Mexico ip arnioun-
I lain    situated    on    the   outskirts  of
i Pacllllca   wb'cll   presents   the  appear-
| mice at a distance of being covered
I witli spikes.    The shies of the mountain  are  closely   sledded   with  stone
columns ur palisades.   These columns
are  live  to  twelve   _eet  long and  as
large    ur_ir.il  as  _i  average man's
body. It is a remarkable uplift ol' nature which lu.s tlie appearance, how-
I can't stand commonplace rending, or Bvar| ()f bo|ng ,|u, |m(]tworl( ot |Iuman
n had accen ;  will yotl sit down now,   beings.   Ona side o' (lie mountain is
und   read  a   taw   words  to me:   He., | almost   porponilieiila .   und   tile   stone
take this bo..k i' Is iioswcil's 'Lite of j columns protrude from tlie surface at
Johnson;' you can read miy pari you vh,Mt .m(,|(,S| form11)g ,���,   |mpresstVp
'''V,' ",' ''���' ,     , ,     , picture.    I'ucli ien is one of Ihe uu.st
Barbara opened the book she knew . not,,(1 m|ning aistl'lcl    in Mexico, mil
ii is said by geologists (hut tills remarkable spiked mountain is out of
"My good
some sense
on what Ih
can do."
"1 am exceedingly particular with
regard to rending" said Miss Octavia.
"I was trained by a professor. Alas!
Alas!     lint   !   won't   speak  of  it lu w.
Uie tears the gin was trying to keep I keeping, witli tlie remainder of tho
back: bul sl:e managed to please Miss formation of Ihe mineralized region.
Octavia, and she also pleased Miss The stone is as liar' as Mini mil has
Livinla, | withstood tho elements for ages, Tlva
iTo jc Continued)
Many mothers have reasons to bless
Mother craves' worm Exterminator,
because it lias relieved the little ones
of suffering und made them healthy.
spikes form n. natural battlemenl that
makes lhe mountain, appear from a
distance like some ancient fort.
Won b>  a  New Hat
Rube Waddell was    not   only    the
greatest lefi hand pitcher iu ills lime,
i but Uie mosl eccentric, Hack iu til i
I late nineties Tom Lol'tus, who was lhe
I only man  who could  bundle  Itube in
Nation;.I  Tastes  In  Pearls
It iy estimated b   a writer iu the
Paris Revue that a necklace bought
for $100,000 at lhe end oi' Hie nine-,., .    ,    ,
lectin, century might now be expected 11'��. " " ��'s! ����l!,,;':'''w 0| ,the ( h"''f'
lo fetch $1,000,000 With Ilie constant Nall,("u,.s ,'" llKi,t, 1""�� am.,wanl<" >v
increase of wealth the value of pearls; feat- P.tcher. Ho was authorised by
i.s likely lo continue to increase, and ".'" ,1'1"1'.,""'C'''S '" "i,y, !'�� ,em'" *'"J
a good collection may be regarded as I Pjtcher $3.B00 a year
one of the most profitable of invest
ments.   The   taste   of different conn-
and she paid you proper���'cos I'd see j tries in the matter of pearls differs,
to that���you could read aloud to her.! Some ot u,c national predilections are
You can read easy, 1 am sure, and J j as follows: England white pearls; tie
know your accent, is good���it's like | Argentine, slightly colored or cream;
music���it's beautiful." j North    America,     pink;     Germany,
"That's  a  very  good   idea.   I   have   w]llt-e; Frame, pink or-slightly creai
read and read and read to my dear
father; 1 could rend for hours, if she
wanted me to."
"There, now, ain't it the very
tiling!" said Mrs. Russell. "Don't
tilings seem to lit wonderfully! Come
along with me this blessed minute.
We'll go and speak to lier. 1 know
Miss Lavinia has been looking out for
some one to sit with her sister, and
read to her and amuse her when she
is out herself, because she can't bear
to be without her fun, and Mies Octavia is real mi^rable when she's left.
She's very cress, and.it won't he at all
pleasant to nave much to do with her
but there, yer. 11 get some money out
of her. come along with me this minute, my love.   Tlie lidies' supper goes
A "Mite"
The difficulties experienced by our
forefathers in trying to reckon money
in very small proportions appear in
in the sixteenth and seventeenth century books of commercial arithmetic.
The original 'mite" seems to have
been a third of a Flemish penny, but
the use of the word for the widow's
coin of the NdW Testament made its
regular English meaning half a farthing, and -ome old people may remember applying   the   name to the
while iwo other
clubs already had offered Jitihe more.
Lol'tus went cut lo meet the Rube
one afternoon and said to the southpaw, "Come on Eddie, sign this," anl
presented the contract.
"But, Tom," suld Rube, "I can get a
lot more."
"That's ai! _glit," returned Tom
soothingly. "Just sign this and whe'i
we get to New York I'll buy you the
best panania hat -there is In town."
"That's a go, Tom." replied Eddie,
and he signed the Chicago contract.���
New York Woild.
Cruel  Kidness
"What's the matter, old  man?"
"Oh, I've had a bit of hard luck."
"Haven't been hit in the stock market, I hope?
"No, a feliow who pretends to be a
friend of mine has a box at the opera
books "mite" stands for various values not represented by actual coins,
up in a quarter of an hour, and we I but obviously used in reckoning. A
have time enougll before Hannah I work of 1.Of. makes it one _weltth of a
comes in td lay the table." ; penny, two sixteenth century    books
Accordingl",     Barbara     smoothed  one-sixty-fourth of a penny.���London
short lived nineteenth century coins of  ���r ,"e lms inVm n,y wil, an<1 m>-
thta value.   In   those   oUl arithmetic selc !�� ^-^ his guests next'iuesdnj
back her soil, brown hair, washed her
face and hands and trembling not a
little, went downstairs with Mrs. Russell to the drawing room floor. Mrs.
Russel! tapped; n partly cracked voice
"Who is there?"
Mrs. Russell said. "It's me, ma'am."
The voice said: "Come in."
Aud Mrs. Russell and Barbara
Chance entered the drawing roo_i,
which Mrs. Russell thought with great
pride was the handsomest room she
had ever seen. Of course, it did not
strike Barbara in that light but she saw
Jcake's arithmeth made it as little as
one-sitxy-fouvth of a penny.���London
"I shouldn't call that hard luck "
"You would if it made it necesary
for you tc t.uy your wife a new hat,
new golves, new silk stockings, new
! twelve dollar shoes, a new gown, a
new opera loali and rent a taxicao
for the night."--Chicago Record.
Airholes and i_Daqm���v 's are Elim
nati _
The manufacture of absolutely deal
ice, free from opaque cores, airholes
and without Ih use of distilled water,
lias been accomplished through the
agency of a pump which keeps the
freezing water In ..rculutioii without
aerating it. Agitation of the waler
is necessary for the production ot
transparent 'e bid in the past tula
Ims been difficult to get without blowing ulr into ihe containing tank, which
results     ill   tlie  formation   of opmiue
centre lores.
Her Alibi
MUch lo C.e curious little girl's disgust her eldest sister and her girl
friends liad quickly closed the door
of the buck par'or before Bhe could
wedge her small seif in uiiioug them.
Hlic waited uneasily for a little
while, llun s'.e knocked. No response. Sin- knocked again. Still no
attention, Hc-r curiosity could be
controlled no longer. "Dodo!" she
called in staccato lours, us she
knocked once again. "Tiiiu't nie! iff
Didn't Get His Money's Worth
"Ikey, vat U dot book you're reading.'" asked  ki.y'i. father.
"About chiiliuii Caesar, (adder."
"Und who    business vas ho in?"
"lie was a soljer. and  yen ho von
a battle he  wired home, Weni, vidl,"
"I het he want bankrupt���such extravagance!    Vy, he could send seven
more words for'n quarter."
Whether the torn he of old or uew
growth, It must yield to Holiaway'i
Corn cure, the slmpliest and best-cure
offered to the ntihlie.
Like  Lraws  Like
The superintendent of a lunatic asylum was Etrolling round the ��?round��
a few weeks after his appointment,
when one of the inmates came up to
him and, touching his hat. exclaimed'
"We all like y >u better than the last
one, sir."
"Thank, you," said the new official
pleasantly.    'And may 1 ask why?"
"Well, sir," replied the lunatic,
"you see, you are riore like one of
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Gaudy _irds
For guy coloring the pitta doflcinna
of Borneo and Suma.ra takes tlie load
among birds, its feathers being every
color of th- rainbow. The bird of
paradise runs it close and is in addition a dalnt. dancer, one species of
this digs a hole a foot in diameter,
over which It places crossed sticks (as
evidences of the old ladies belonging for a Scottish    sword    dance)    and
to a good station in life, and of their
being, in their way, perfect ladies.
They were sealed now by the lire, on i
on each side    They were evidently 'n
Piano Playing
Ouce Rub'nste: i said: "Do you
know why piano playing is so difficult? Because it is prone to bo either
affected or else afflicted with mannerisms, and when these two pitfalls nre
luckily avoi.ted then it is liable to be
���dry. Tlie truth lias between those
three mischiefs."
Al- Beds Well
The most essential thing about a
bed is t'tat it shou'd be well aired,
says the Dn.:.s News. The (list Ming
in the morning when you are ready to
leave your room tin covers should be
drawn well down from the foot of the
bed and left to air for some time ovei
the foot-hoard.
It seems unnecessary to many U
take the covers off tlie beds entire!*
every day if the mattress is in two
parts, as the largest half is all that
needs to he turned, and this should always be kept at the top of the bed.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Slate of Ohio. -Ity of Toledo,
Lucas County,
Wnittier'o Visitor
Pilgrims used to visit Whittier con-
tinually, A typical one came from
Missouri. Though told that Whittier
had a headache, he forced his way
into the poet's study where he doclar
f     ss.
Frank J.  Cheney  makes oath that he
���  senior  partner  of  Hie  firm   of  F   J.!
strews leaves and rubbish over tbem, i -'"-.' & <%���' ll"lns business m the city i ed that he adored al. Whittiers works,
7,       ._        . ,,      '      ���    ..ii.,,    ,-, i of  Toledo.   County   and   State  aforesaid.   TOi,l.li ho knew olmnnt hv heart     Ha
thus formiti- a floor,   on   which   it and that snil, ,,,.���, wll) pily lhe aum 0{  which he Knew aimos. by iie.irt.   ne
dances a pas suel. But the jaeana and   one  HUNDRED  DOLLAlts    for each | asked Whittier to w-ite his name sav-
ypecaha, both ip-cies of the rail, cant fsni every onse of Catarrh that cannot ; oral hundred times on a large sheet
the midst of a heated discussion, when go one better, for besides being splen j arrii CUKE.      """       nA^a *-A" | of foolscap, so that he could cut out
the entrance of Mrs. Russell, accom- did little dancers they provide tlieir FRANK  J.  CHENEY,    [and distribute the autographs among
Sworn lo bef >re mc and subscribed .n , bis Missouri friends In fact, it was all
rn�� presence, Ihls 0th day of December, j ���le pQet c0��� d do t0 koep the enthui.
panied by the i'el''cate and sweet-look-j own music the while,
ing little Baihara Chance caused the;r
voices to stop.   They turned round and
stared in uome amazement.
"Miss Henalowe," said  Mrs.    Russell, addres.iing tlie elder lady. Miss
Life of the Sun
A.D.  1880.
... ,        ,.      . Notary   Public.
Adopting the well known hypothesis;     Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internal-
of Helmholtii, which   attributes    the
Take   xlall's   Family Pills
for    Con-
production of the heat emitted by the
Octavia, "I have got the young lady I i sun to its contraction, an idea can be
think you pant; she is the daughter formed of the sun', duration. If one
of a clergyman, and can give you ex-: gjves t0 t|, . Him a coefficient of excellent references.    She    is    staying j pansion intermedin^ between that of
with me for a bit, and 1 am just think- mercury and thai o.' gas one arrive*!    ,,,    renn.,8 faker-How many an
ing that if vou would like her to come L, the conclusion that it has lake., 1,-  there in tha?bunch of P_'tSe'
and sit with you, and paid her accord-  000,000 to 3,000,000 years for the sun      The Ii u, lad -S _      .      rl.goose
ing. why, she would just exactly suit  to contract to its pesent radius,  in  - ^t^er'and torn little Tor?-
5'OU. particular,  it would  have taken  10,- ensiinaa _ru,teB__<_ News
Miss Octavia stared, and did   not o00 yearB to contract from infinity to a|B0S,,USB'     ""'";o ���N0"R'
speak.    .Miss  I .nvinlu  starledlo her radius twice its present, radius.   Final-
lastic Misso.riau from clipping all the
buttons from his coat as souvenirs,
ly'and o_sd.ectI.  upon "tho" "blood and I     "And all  the    time"-so    Whittle.
mucous surfaces of lho system. Send for   would end the anecoole phathetlcally
testimonials,  free __.an tho time he called me  White-
F.   J.   CHBNET   _   CO.,   Toledo,   O.   ,.,,.������..    w.,.i ���,,������
Sold by all Drucslsts.  75c. ,���al!e,���     EXCCange.
W- N. U   1015
feet;   she  c'.nio    lose up  to  Barlinr:
and stared Into her face.
"llow old are you." she said.
"Nearly twenty." said Barbara.
"You look much younger."
Miss Lavl-lr. went hack to her seat I
by tbe lire; njither lady had offeiod
Hie girl si seat. She was trembling
exceedingly: after a minute, however,
her courage i J.urnod.
"1 would do my best," she said, and
I would not charge much."
"Ah! that is it," said Miss Lavinia.
"How much would you charge? We
are by no means very well off. In cur
young days we were exceedlng'y
wealthy; we lived in a Hall���I need
not tell you tlie name at present���and
had every luxury, and but for Oc-
tavia's foolishness In investing money
"There, y< j needn't begin that
story," said Miss Octavia in a fretful
"I will commence _iy story, 1 like,"
said Miss Lavr'nia. "Be that as it may,
the thing is, you do want a companion,
don't you?"
"Haven't 1 hi en saying so for yea.-s,
sister? Want a companion! I should
think I do! I sit here hour after hour,
unable to hca ��� anything distinctly,
while you -ue out.-gadding���gadding
"There you go,' said Miss I.lvinia.
"Your tongue Is a clapper. 1 never
knew anything like It"
ly, the sun ..111 take 200,000,000 yearn
lo contract from its present radius
to half that adius, and even then ils
temperature ot the surface will be
3,000 degrees���Scientific American.
In adversity it is easy to do.ipis.
life. The true h.ave man is he who
can endure lo he miserable.---Martial
The Point of View
"You snug off the key!" exclaimed
the musical director reproachfully.
"Sir!" rep'ied the young but haughty soprano. "Wha'. you mean to say is
that your orchestra occasionally failed
to harmonize with my voice."���Exchange.
Jock���You've won Hie llrst prize in
I the raffle,    nd yel ye're miserable.
Sand.���Yes;  it were jist ma luck,
I buying two tickets when ono wad ha'
done.   It were jist a saxpence wasted.
Near Fatality
"An' you were at MacDougal's last
nlcht?   Wliai kind o' malin is he?"
"Leebral wi' his whisky, but the
quality o' it's that indeefrent I verra
near left some.' ���Exchange.
Student���How do you pronounce It,
professor, mnxixc or macheech?
Old Dryasdust���Neither, sir, 1 pronounce it rank foolishness and waste
of time.
"What is the difference between
firmness nnd obstinacy?" asked a
young lady of her nance.
"Firmness " was his gallant reply,
"is a noble ohnracts _stic of women;
obstinancy is . lamentable defect io
"He kissed 'ue and I told him not
to tell of it.'
"And whnt .Id ho do?"
"Why. it wasn't two minutes before
he repeated it.'
A Tioublerome Mirror
"Mamma," said Flossie, "till
looking glass isn't any good."
"Why, what's the matter with it,
dear?" asked her mother.
"Every time I try to look iu it," explained Flossie, "my face gets in the
Graes Basket!
To restore the fragrance of baskets
made from sweet scented grass, after
they have apparently lost it, plungo
them into boiling water, removing
them almost instantly.
Di_i_roui Climax
Mary���Love never did bring me any
luck, mum.
Mrs. Smith���Really, I fail to see
how that can concern mc, Mary.
.Mary���No, indeed, mum. Only now
I've broken the statue of Venus, mum.
Gerald (iu car)���Yes, I've jest done
45 miles on t> gallon.
Tramp���Lucky cove! An' I ve Jnsi
'ad ter do 60 miles on a pint!���London
"I suppose miss, you are dreaming
of spring?"
"Oh, yes; hecause all around me is
so green!'���Simplieisslmus.
' Was it a bad accident?"
"Well, I was knocked specchelsS,
and my wheel was knocked spokeless."���Christian Register.
After a ma:i grows older and gets
settled down .he kiowledge that he
isn't missing much down town is a
great factor toward keeping him at
home at nig'it
All Christians should read our pamphlets on:
"Where  are  the  dead!"
���'What Is   h�� Soul?"
"How Jes-b Preached to the Spirit*
In Prison."
"The   Ricn   Man   In   Hell."
"Thieves ,n Paradise."
All Scilpluic.hy explained.
The above .���!', be sent free post paid
on request,
OR      ���'*  v'''  SH"1    'he    above Ave
*/*�� pamphlets and our special booklet 178 pages! in "What Sny the Serlp-
lures about Hell." nil tmst paid on receipt of 10 :e_ts.
International Bible Students _____(_���
19 ALLOW. V /-VE., WINNIPEG.. MAM. ���
! lOugines of all kinds, Hollers of all
��� kinds Plumbing Machinery,
Tanks, 'leuvy Plate Work, etc.���
\f\  Writo _.   prices.
I      14 STRACHAN AVE.,
TORONTO.      ���      CANADA
In less than two years it will
be unlawful to buy or use
poisonous white phosphorous  matches
Everybody    should   begin
now to use
and thus ensure safety in
the home
If you reel'OUT of SORTS'*RUN DOWN* 'r.OT t .ft tit. .US'
tli.ac diseases and W-t_��K_i ii. CURBS <���-__;..i l>.
tne remeJ. for .OUROWN ailment. Absolutely FREE
No'follow up circulars. No ohh itntioii.. UR.Lh.Ci.Kiic
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i ' Western ilm tailor, beeau- th _ pro.
y w_ ^m teot where other vacuities fall.
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IT_ any Injector, but Cuttor'e best.
I   Tlio superiority of Cutter products Is due to user \5
raara of specialising In vaeolnee and serums only.
Insist on Cutter's.   If unobtainable, order direct.
THE  CUTTER   LABORATORY,   Berkeley,  California.
Lite,   ry Note
I Somo men novel' think, ot reuditiK a
book until they run across it under a
:ot ot rubbbh when the wile is packing up to move.
First Maid���Thnt rich young teller
" "  Minn  nthol   lo    awful
    jiuit' ��� ir.iu ncu youn
-hat's cotll'tln'  Aliss  Ethel  is
Second Ditto--What makes y_..
Hi Ink so?
First���Why, i heurd him say to her:
'A penny l'or your thoughts," and he
a millionaire, mind you.
A System That Simplifies Matters tor
tho Railroad Men
Like most other mysteries, thut ot
handling tlie thousands ot pieces o��
luggage that come to u great railroad
stalion has a shnple solution. It seems
to the layman that there must be contusion when 'ncomiug trains dump
hundreds of trunks and hand bags into the baggagi rooms ior distribution
to all quarters of the city. System,
which has como to play an important
part in all bucinesa nowadays, has
made baggage handling a rather simple
matter l'or the railroads. It is the
use iif a key number that, does the
. Thavelers haw. noticed that their
check numbers run into six figures, if
they pay attention to the figures on
tlieir checks ut all. It Is the tliinl of
these units, counting hack from the
linnl number, Unit Is (lie key to the
whole system of dstribiition. Tlie expressman who handles the baggage for
iis home distribution hands into the
baggage agent his mass of collected
checks, all : orted ou lhai basis, und
the baggage hi ndlers hustle the slulT
oul Willi very little delay.
Suppose ho bus only a few checks
from an incoming local train. They
may read I'.SITII, -84301, 384690, "81-
7;:,".. 384812, 384487, 384(122, 384256, 384,
730, 384747, 884060 anil :18I12::. In end;
case the lirst three figures are identical- 384, l'1'.e llrst variation begins
witli Uie iiHiiili, or hundreds, unit. By
means of this unit he separates his
Checks���all Hie 7's lu one bunch, all
the 5's in another, and so on.
In the baggage room the trunks ami
hags are distributed as soon ns received ill ten apartments, eaeli bearing a
unit number, from o to !). That number Invariably represents the hundreds unit of the claimant's chock, The
trunk with a "!K4.r)l_ check would go to
the same cini.artmc.U as one numbered 38riG4:i or 383543 or 12543 or
987543. The ligure ,r, is the key figure, with the result, that there is never
any contusion or trouble in locating
the baggage desired. It would be in
the compartment numbered 5.
This simple plan solves the mystery
as to the prompt location of a piece of
hand baggage when a passenger rolls
up to the baggage room door in a taxi
to get the place of luggage he has had
checked and has to wait but a moment
to obtain it. It is a very simple solution of the trouble that a few years
ago annoyed all travellers who had to
wait for baggage to be transferred
from one terminal to another in their
own conveyance-
A man wearing a worried look went
into a shop which advertised a patent
slug exterminator, and asked for a
hundredweight. The amazed assistant
clamly said:
"Certainly sir; but that quantity
would be sufficient to destroy all the
slugs in SUriey."
"I know that,' was the reply; "they
are all in my garden."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,'���I have used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on my vessel and in mv
family for years, and for the every
day ills and accidents of life I consld
er it has no equal.
I would not start on a voyage without It, if it cost a dollar a bottle.
Schr. "Storke.'St. Andre, Kamouraska
W   N. U. 1016
It W.s Lincoln's Knife
Lincoln was always ready to join in
a laugh at his own expense and used
lo tell the following story with intense
enjoyment: "In the days when I used
to be on the circuit I was accosted in
the cars by a stranger, who said, Excuse me, sir. but I have an article in
iny possession which belongs to you.'
'How is that?' I asked, considerably
astonished. The stranger took a jack-
knife from his pockot. 'This knife,
said he, 'was p'-.ced in my hands some
years ago wtih the injunction that I
was to keep it until ' found a man
uglier than myself. 1 have carried it
from tin t ti'.'l'i to this. Allow me to
sny, sir, that I think you are fairly
entitled to the property.' "���"Everyday Life of Abraham Lincoln.
"You persuaded your husband to
join  a glee  dub?"
"Yes," answered Mrs. Higgins;
"when lie starts to sing at home I can
now adv.se him not tc tire his voice,
and when he sings ln the club 1 enn't
hear him."
She���I don't think you love mc ns
much as you u,ed to do!
He���What makes you think that,
She���Y'ou are not half so foolish as
you used to be
Needed Airing
"What's the matter with you?" demanded Borem. hotly. "I've got a right
to air my opinions, haven't I?"
"Oh, of course," replied Brightly.
"They're so stale and musty they certainly need something of that sort."���
Philadelphia Press.
Ur. Lyman Abbott, the anti-suffragette, said at an anti-suffrage tea in
_��- York:
"They call woman -the weaker sex.
Yet I have known more than one
woman to bend a' man's will during
his life and break it after his death."
���Washington  Star.
Its Influence in the Metling Pot of the
Latin Races
South America is the melting pot of
the Latin races, and the French iiillu-
ence now seems to predominate over
that of Spain. Italy is well represented, especially i i strong Argentina.
Brazil seems to be the most polyglot
ot them all, for here the native Portuguese is mingled not only with the
Spanish and French and English, but a
great deal of Uerman. In the south of
Brazil 110 per cent, of the people speak
Qermau, and Portuguese is not always
enforced as ilie language even of the
public schools,
Tlie large Gorman colonies here ilo
not affiliate witli these, people us they
do with the Anglo-Saxon brothers of
the north. They live to themselves,
icy retain thai own language and
customs. In Chile, wheru there nre
many English, .oo, tlie Germans direct
tha education of tlie country. Buenos
Ayres is close to this "Germanic group
in Southern Brazil and feels lis Influence, though Argentina seems the
most unified and progressive of the
republics in puint of literary expression und culture.
French Influence also is felt in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro itself wus founded
as a refuge for French Huguenots
though they were afterward dri^jjn
hack. In Paris today one hears that a
youth is to emigrate to America, but
probably it js to Rio that he is going.
There are many French immigrants,
and French is required in most of the
schools and is next to the native
tongue in importance in Northern
Brazil. Formerly in Brazil Spanish or
German always came next to French,
but it is said that some of the states
now require English as the third language and that Brazilians are proud of
tlieir English.
and Headaches
Arising From Constipation, Cured and
Regular  Habits  Established by  Dr.
Chase'3 Kldney-Llver Pills.
In the western provinces, where so
many thousands live far from doctors
and drug stores, very many rely oa
Dr. Chase's medicines to cure disease and maintain health and strength.
This letter gives some idea of what
perfect control Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills exert over the most common Ills of life.
Mrs. H. K. Hewer, farmer's wife,
Eastburg, Alta., writes: "For about
ten years I suffered from constlpa
tion, indigestion, headache, and languid feelings Treatment from two
or three doctors, afforded only temporary relief, so I turned to Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, and with
most satisfactory results. Headaches
have disappeared, regular habits established and general health very
much better. Both my husband and
I can speak highly of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver ?U1_, as we have both
been greatly benefitted by them." One
pill a dose, 25c _��� box, 5 for $1.00, all
dealers, or Edme.nson, Bates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto *"
The Revenoe of Neglected Things
We may aj well face the fact that so j
long us  wo  and our children ure  ut
large In u e.immuiiity, we shall he in
danger  from all  the  evils  that are
also at large in that community, and
though   we  may be  able  to    exclude
from our homes the moth, the housefly, the agent and the burglar, we cannot exclude germs.    They ride in ou
the trails  of oir gowns,    they    are I
tracked in on our slices. They come in
food and drink, in washes, in clothing, j
in wares.   They come by mesengerc
and carriers aud servants, as do the
Influences of evil.
We need not go to the slums if we
do not wish. They will come to us,
and, wreaking upou us the Revenge ol
Neglected Things, they will avenge
tlie poor.
Yet. it ls not vengeance the poor are
wanting, They only want help, and
they do not dream how much we could
give them, besides alms. They stand
afar off, and look at us, beseeching
too timid to knock at our forbidding
portals. But the White Death, who
lias been tlieir bed-fellow, is not abashed by any griMidciir, or stopped by any
bar. Ile conies straight from tlie lllthy
hovel to our homes, and peers iu upon
US through the windows, while we
feast and laugh. 11 s pushes cpeu the
door, und strides in, und sitting down
at our very fireside, looks into the
faces of our best beloved, so that they
cry out and die!
The revenge of tlie slums falls not
only upon the Individual, but upon the
city, in all its Interests and activities.
It falls upon the city in losses of
lives and money, taxes paid tor pauperism, for cume, for tlie cost of disease.
It falls upon the city organizations
that ignore the slums, by the light of
their very ugliness and meanness,
which frightens renters and buyeri
from the neighborhood, and injures all
adjacent prjperty.
it falls upon them, too, by breeding
a class of citizens that are a dead
weight to civic progress.
It falls upon the business interests
by killing or weakening valuable ���working men, whose loss is felt in traffic,
trade and manufacture.
It falls upon the churches, by raising up those who defeat and defy
them, by lowering the whole moral
tone of the community, and increasing
the resistance'to the powers of good.
These are tlie ways in which we are
scourged by the slums, and until we
learn our lesson, we must continue to
suffer as well as the poor.���Albion
Fellows Bac^n in The Survey.
Greatest Song Writers
The immortal quartette of song
writers are Goethe, Heine, Burns and
Beranger. of the four Burns is by far
the most popular. Goethe was at
heatr an "Olympian" and in all things
a critic; Heine was in his deepest soul
a pessimist and cynic; Beranger,
while much more human, was a little
bit too critical, while Burns, democratic to tlie core and of immense sympathy, threw himself into the com-,
mon human lief of the world with a
whole heart and wrote the songs that
will live and bo loved while humanity
endures.���New York American.
Internal parasites in the shape of
worms in the stomach and bowels of
children sap the'r vitality and retard
physical development. They keep the-
child ln a o_ stunt state of unrest and,
if not attended to, endanger life. Ihe
child can be spared much suffering
and the mother much anxiety by tho
best worm remedy that can be got,
Miller's Worm Powders, which are
sure death to worms in any shape.
An English tourist was recently
spending a holiday in Scotland when
he met nn old native. Tlie tourist
asked the man how old he was.
"I am 100," said the man.
"I rather doubt Hint you will see an.
other 100," Laid the tourist.
"Aa dinna ken, mon," said the old
man,  "Aa'm  stronger  the  noo  than
when I started the llrst 100!"
of the bowels is an absotute necessity for good health. Unless the
waste matter from the food which
Collects there is got rid of at least
once a day, it decays and poisons the
whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion and sick headaches. Salts
and other harsh mineral purgatives
irritate the delicate lining of the
bowels. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills���entirely vegetable���regulate
the bowels effectively without weakening, sickening or griping.   Use
Dr. Morse's   N
Indian Root Pills
Safety en the Farm
Safety on the farm is as important,
as anywhere else. Many accidents
are caused by the careless handling
of machinery or by lack of proper In
spection before machines are put iuto commission.
If an employer shows his interest
in the supplying of safety appliances
and in the education of his employees
in tho taking of precautions to prevent
accidents, K will not he long before
definite results will be apparent all
along the line of help from superintendent to apprentice.
To be consistent, the man who sits
back and expects that nature will replace the burned forest might also expect the supply men and the merchants to replace, free of cost, that
which they had supplied or produced
and which, through carelessness, had
been destroyed by fire.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief-���Permaneht Cure
fail.   Purely vegetable    act surely
but gently on
the liver.
Stop after
cute indi-*
gestioo ��� improve  the complexion��� bright.*
the eyes. Small Pill, Small Dose, Smell Price*
Genuine must bear Signature
A  Baal Lover Simulation
A _tr_l-htf__*_r. __���.<_<v.��
offer (rum __ MUblUh��l
-nn. w,i ,u- _Iti. f _*_.
u .i: lu.* to iliouiuuidi ���(
f-t'i' -t .11 our t'i.
v._' I ������ a bat* a
���.it.tiv _.___ Now u
tl roue chanet ts
obtain on-. Writ*
now, ��ncl__tiic a
cent. Tor on_ of our
fulilonii-l. ___!���_'
T."n,. IJlurJl, or
G��n __' A'b_t_., tent
.stria.. raid to "Mr
with tli a watch, whleb
will i��i _ xiii Fro*
(thM* watches _r_
fii-rmit _id il'* . eara >,
ahoulJ you uku i.1
Tfcntaga ot our mar.alien! offer, Wa expect rod to tall root trtaula
nbout ua and show than, ths beautiful watch.
Don't think thU offtr too foo 4 to bo true, hot MM
5 cant* today and gain a Yreej Wau-h. I'm
ill ha ��M_. ed -WILLIAMS ft LtOTI). W_0_Ml_
Jaw.llen (Dept. 1*�� ), 80, Cornwall!. _to_J, Lo-nJ.   , _.,
w-  Pork.,
Highest grade beans kept whole
and mealy by perfect baiting,
retaining their full strength.
Flavored with delicious sauces.
They h_ra no equal.
Could Hnrdly " Clve for Asthma.
Writes one man who after ye^rs of
suffering haa found complete relief
through Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. Now he knows how needless
has been his suffering. This matchless
remedy gives sure help to all afflicted
with asthma Inhaled as smoke or
vapor It brings the help so long need
ed. Every desler has it or can get
it for you from his wholesaler.
The Facile Mexican
In the opening paragraph ot o_ ot
his best stories Kipling wrote: "Let It
he clearly understood that tlie llussiaa
is a delightful person till lie Kicks liU
I shirt In. As an oriental he is charming. It is only when he insists on being treated us the most easterly ot
western peoples that he be.o_.es a
radical anorialy, extremely difficulc
to handle. The host never knowj
which side of his nature is going to
turn up next" There is a 3omewhai
similar difficulty with the Mexican
He can be charming, hut oue never
knows whether he is the most northern southerrer or the most southern
northerner, and he can change from
one to the other with a facility that is
almost genius.���Philadelphia Leilger.
Weight,of a Gallon of Milk
'What is the standard weight for
sweet milk?"
A quart of milk weighs 2.15:', pounds
and a gallon 8.612 pounds, or a quart
2.15 pounds and a gallon 8.6 pounds.
It is understood that the temperature
of the milk and the relative proportions of the butter fat and solids not
butter fat cause the weight of milk to
vary, but the weights stated above are
those generally used.���Progressive
The Novelist Rebuked
The Into George Alfred Townsend
I Hath) was lunching in New York
one day when a novelist of the realist-
pessimist school began to growl about
Gulping li's drink und bolting his
boiled beef and cabbage, the novelist
in a long harangue proved conclusively that marriage was a failure.
When he hud finished Gath gazed
at him mildly and said:
"I tell you what it is, Ed.���when a
man thinks marriage is a failure it's
pretty blamod certain that his wife
thinks so too,"
"Didn't 1 tell you the last time you
were here," taid the magistrate sternly to the prisoner who had been celebrating not wisely but too well, "that
I never wanted you to come before me
"Yes, sir,' replied tlie prisoner, "but
I couldn't make t'.ie policeman believe
it."���London Opinion.
"Hips are coming in again."
"Hurray!    Now mother can cuiua
back from Europe."���Judge.
"My work,' remnrked the bald-headed dentist, "Is so painless that mv
patients often fall asle3p in tlie chair
while I am operating."
"Huh, that's nothing.'' retorted his
rival. "My patients nearly ull insist
on having their pictures taken whil.
I am at work. In order to catch th��
expression n: delight on their faces."
And Sirength to Perform it
A person iu good health is likely to
have a genial disposition, ambition
and enjoy ,vork.
On the ot!.e\hand, if the digestive
organs have been upset by wroii-
food, work becomes drudgery.
"Until recently," writes a western
girl, "1 was a railroad stenographer,
which means full work every day.
"Like many other girls alone In _
large city, I 'ived at a boarding housa.
For bre-kfust it was lnush, greasy
meat, soggy cakes,  black Coffee, etc.
"After a _ v months of this diet I
Used to feel sleepy aud heavy in tha
mornings, My work seemei a terrible
effort, and I thought the work was to
blame���too arduous.
"At home 1 had heard my father
speak of a young fellow who went long
distances In the cold on Grape-Nuu
and cream 'ind nothing more tor breakfast.
"1 concluded if it would tide bint
over a morning's heavy work, it might
help me, so on my way home one nighr
I bought a package aud next morning
t had Grape-Nuts and milk for breakfast.
'���1 stuck to Grape-Nuts, ami in lesi
than two weeks I noticed improvement. I remember 1 used to wall; the
12 blocks to business and knew how
good it was :imply to live.
"As to my work���well, did you ever
feel the delight of having congenial
work and tlie strength to perform it '
That's how I felt. I truly believe
there's life and vigor in every grain of
Name given hy Canadian Postum
Co., Windso . Ont. Read "Tlie Koad to
Wellville," in pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
j    LaForest & Fortune    ^-^an^i^to-OuffiS0"
I General Blacksmiths
COMOX       -       B. C.
Telephone M 92
Horseshoeing  and   Hoat  Irons
a Specialty
Tin ci r Excelsior Hoof
All Work Guaranteed
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Riga Guaranteed and Sold at the lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ai d Cirri ac. Builder COURTKNAY
Films Develops, and Printed
at Reasonable Rates
A Camera Irom Robertson's; a Box  of Candiei, nice  anil fresh,   and a
Good Cigar
" Something Around 50 Acres
world be big enough for me.    I don't mind being
from five to say nine miles out, but must be
near a school"
The above is an extract front a clients  letter from  Alberta,
win  is coming through in October with his family to   "buy a
place and settle down in the Comox District"
We want listings at bed rock  prices to show our client;   not
necessarily nt sacrifice prices,  but  "good value for  a fair
purchase prices"
Phone 57 Courtenay
Al'l'I__  TO
Saiul and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
has a fine new stock of
'Fancy Dry Goods
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.  McCuish, Prdp.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusine Excellen
Wm. Merryfield
���* 9 1
Si hr ft Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Emb aimers
Night or Day Calls [Promptly
Phone 27 Courtenay
Let us ha re your next order
for printing
Comox, B. C.
Beit Meali North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Bar supplied with the finest brands of
Liquors and Cigars
JOS. WAIvKER       -       -       Proprietor
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
There is one aspect cf the war
deserving of the closest attention
and it is the effect of the hostilities
on the world's production of wheat
and rye. Tlie countries now at'
war other than England viz France, |
Russia. Belgium and Germany nor-
inally produce rather more than |
half the total crop of wheat aud .
rye. aud as the greater part of the
labour needed to tend nnd harvest
these cereals is engaged at war it
follows that roughly half the
world's crop of wheat aud rye disappears. What will happen next
year then under these circumstances? In Kngland the fanners
have been asked as a patriotic duty
to put down as much laud as possible under wheat: the Nor' West
can be trusted to follow suit, but
even then the shortage is not made
good, be the harvest of the best
aud heaviest.
Under such conditions, there will
be a greater demand for s stitutp.s
and the Comox Vallev can supply
oue of them, namely, potatoes.
Your correspondent does not profess
to be competent to go further iuto
what is a technical subject, but the
hint may be worth taking.
Arising from the wheat shortage,
and the probable length of the war,
the wise man is he who will make
up his mind to grow all the eatables
he can crowd into his available
space. The war has jtt=t begun
and already all canned goods have
advanced; they will advance still
more in tlie near future. It follows
therefore that cultivation must be
not ouly intensified but extended,
and whatever the householder can
glow by way of vegetables he can
substitute for some food product
which in the ordinary way he
would buy. The duration of the
war aud the result of the war will
largely depend upon the lasting
powers of the respective nations
engaged, It is in the power of
every citizen of the British Empire
to add to the staying power of the
Empire by utilizing the land to the
utmost advantage. Incidentally it
may be said that the Germans have
no better allies than those who are
taking advantage of the opportunity
to put up the price of food at this
time to a degree not justified by the
state of the markets. This also is
another plea for the greater utilization of the laud, in order that unscrupulous operators may be corn-
Since the outbreak of war sugar
has advanced $1,90 per hundred
pounds, in three instalments, two
being through market influences
and one through the war tax, It
is a thousand pi'.ies that sugar
should have been chosen to bear
increased taxation, but the revenue
from such a source is quickly and
easily collected, and under the circumstances the Government ot
Canada were justified. It is to be
hoped that at the earliest opportunity the tax will be reduced, as being
a tax on a food necessity The
Woman's Institutes should watch
the matter closely.
As a result of the rise in sugar,
fruit is rotting on the ground
throughout the province, housewives not being able to put up fruit
profitably. It is a thousand pities
because it means a greater food
shortage than ever. The price of
bought jams will increase, as the
export of foodstuffs from England
is forbidden. Two thirds of the
jam consumed in Canada comes
from En .land and dearer sugar
will send up the price of th: home
product as well as the decreased
supply. When the time comes to
agitate for the reduction of the
sugar tax, the women of Canada
will have powerful allies in the
Canadian 'am manufacturers, fruit
canning factories and candy makers.
The Government are doutless casting around for other sources of
revenue, and the women of Canada
can do no better than watch.
The price of beef is bound to increase, canned beef having already
jumped 35 per cent; here again the
average householder can do a service to himself and to the community by raising chickens and eggs,
The B. C. Government through the
Livestock branch does its utmost
to encourage people to take up
poultry, and the man who can keep
three hens is treated equally as well
as the man with three thousand
hens. Bulletins are sent out periodically to all those interested, and
advice is freely given. In the
majority of cases the bulletins are
not even read, if results are anything to go by; yet the B. C.
Government [will;.be^ blamed   for
any advance in food prices, and by
those who will neither be helped
nor help themselves.
The attention of your readers is
called to Circular Bulletin No. 6,
issued by the Department of Agriculture, Horticultural Branch,
Victoria, and entitled "Gardening
on a city lot." Copies can be
obtained on application, sud for a
short aud concise garden guide the
pamphlet is splendid,
and SURGEON ���'
Telephone M 92     COMOX, B. C.   :
barrister  and  Solicitor,   Notary   Public
P. O. Box 209 J
Phone 24
War  Maps
Review and Family Herald
For Only $2.25
To follow intelligently the European Wai situation and keep in
touch with he lightning movements
of the troops a comprehensive war
map of Europe giving all details in
Of all the Maps issued there is
but one that fills the bill, and that
is th_ one issued especially by the
celebrated map makers���G. W.
Bacon & Co , London, 1.1 ig.
The Publishers of "The Family
Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, always alive to the best in-
trests.of their subscribers the moment the map was issued, cabled an
offer for Canadian rights of the
map. Their offer has been accepted,
and "Family Herald" subscribers
will have the best Map available.
The "Review" has concluded
arrangements with "The Family
Herald aud Weekly Star by which
out readers|mav also secure the map
free of charge, ln this issue will
be found a clubbing offer of the two
papers, including the Map, The
offer i.s one that every reader of the
Review should accept.
Newspapers are paying dearly
for the war. The price of paper is
going up, up, up I The cost of
telegrams and cablegrams has increased from thrity to fifty per cent.
Scores of newspapers have suspended publication, and hundreds ^of
others have raised the subscription
price. For the present "The
Review, aud Tlie Family Herald
and Weekly Star, being in exceptionally strong positions are able
for the present, at all events, to
keep their rates as formerly, but an
increase later on may become necessary. In the meantime, during the
next thirty days, our readers are
offered the greatest bargain in the
newspaper world to-day. For 30
days only we will sell the two, the
Review and The Family Herald
and Weekly Star for $2.25.
Home and Valuable
Pictures are Burned
Duncan, Sept. 16.���On Monday evening a disastrous fire occurred near Maple Bay, when the
home of Major-General Rice was
destroyed. The house, which was
valued at $7,000, was s'ored with
many valuable pictures and Indian
curios. One picture alone is said
to have been worth $10,000, while
the collection of curios was very
valuable. There was no insurance
on the contents of the house, but
on the building some insurance was
The prospects of establishing a
creamery in Ladysmith are growing
brighter every day. The com-
mitces in charge of the preliminary
arrangements are meeting with encouragement in their efforts to establish an industry that must prove
of great benefit to the city and
surrounding country-
The newly elected Manitoba Parliament met in imergercy session
last week. The natters submitted
are bills to enable the province to
take advantage of the assistance
provided by the Federal authorities
to meet financial conditions due to
the war, and a bill dealing with
the question of payments on real
Courtenay Garage
Car For Hire
Phone 38
We are sole agents for the
famous  Red  Cross  Eclipse
Auto Oil; especially suited to
Ford cars
Aik for oar pricef on all supplies
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
F-  P I Iv 13
Plastering Contractor
Estimates Furnished   Work Guaranteed
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E,   DALRYMl'LI .   Prop.
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Waler aud Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston-Handmade Shoes will
stan.1 the Test.
J-   E- Al. TC_S
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  _ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans  and   Estimates Furnished,
1 irst   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
P. :^S
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone 29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis


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