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The Review Nov 27, 1913

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aa���aaaa.a��a. *a.a*a.a.��.a.a��ntiiaiaaaaaaa��aa.
List Your Property with     J
Island Realty Co.       {
We Can Sell It \
��� *****9*,***9********t
Have You Money to InvMt,
See us; we Can Make You
Ej&rge DivulcniU
Island  Realty Co.
VOL. 2
NO. 1
$100.00 CASH BUYS
10 Acre Block
Good Land, Easily Cleared,
Good Situation
2 Miles from Courtenay
Price $800, $100 Cash, balance
on easy terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
The long winter evenines are here.
Why not get an easy Sea Grass Chair
to rest in, the best for the  money
For a cheap Bedroom Rugs try one
of our Matting Squares
A good selection of Baby Carriages
and Push Carts
Singer  Sewing  Machines on  Easy
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have I,ots (routing on the  Station Grounds.    Also on the   12 Acres
which the C. P. R. have cleared (or Station (luiltlings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a Chance we will sell  these l,ots on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
Mr. Joseph McPhee left for Vancouver on Tuesday evening's boat.
On Monday evening, Dec. 1st,
a whist drive and dance is being
given by Mr. Harris of the Chili
C.ife. Coupons to lhe extent of
$50 will lie given, these will be
honoured by any local tradesman.
Admission JSi. Refreshments included.
Wanted���Office or outdoor work
Apply Box 3, Review office.
l'or fine painting, papertaanghjg
and decorating don't fail to see
Doyle & Home, Courtenay.
Store ami warehouse to rent, op
posite Courtenay hotel. Apply,
Wm. Lewis, Courtenay.
A few made up suits for sale,
also several pairs of pants. 30 per
cent below regular price, at Hind's.
Lost-On Saturday Nov. 22   a
gold brooch initialled S   H. Rev -
ard.    Return to Mr. G.   D. Hind,
Tailor, Courtenay.
Stove Wood���Delivered in Couit-
nay at reasonable rates. Geo. F,
Russell, Lake Trail. Orders may
be left at the Review Office,
For Sale���A number of thorouj.li
bred white wyandotte cockerels
from good laying strain. $2 each,
Apply Geo. Butchers, Comox P. O.
For Sale-A few fine rain coats
best Fnglish make $15 up. T. D.
Hind, Courtenay, K.' of P. Hall,
o.-er McKean's store.
Acreage near Bellinghatn and
Lynden, Wash., to exchange for
acreage or lots near Courtenay.
Enquire E. W. Benton, or M. E.
Bliss, Courteuay.
Wanted���Situation as housekeeper or cook, first class nurse, by middle aged lady. Apply Mrs. Cunningham, care of Jack Davis,
Union Bay.
Mr D. A. Thomas, Piano tuner
will be in Courtenay and Comox
district to attend to his regular
tuning business about the fust of
One box of cigars will be given
to the person who makes the highest consecutive run at straight pool
during theSmonth of November at
Macs' pool room
Two yearling heifer's strayed on
to our farm, Messrs. Parkin &
Meachem. If uot claimed will be
sold, owner can have the same for
paying expenses. Parkin & Meachem, Cumberland, B. C.
For Sale���two houses and half
lot next to the Court House, Cumberland. 6 ftet concrete cellars
with pillars from bed rock. Price
$3,500. Apply to D. Potter,
Box 441 Cumberland.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come iu and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from.
Picture framing and sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
Tenders to lease the Baily Farm,
situated, Upper Road, Sandwick,
B, C. (for a period of five years)
will be received by the undersigned
until noon of Tuesday December 2
1913. The owner is prepared to
spend twelve hundred dollars (conditionally) erecting additional
buildings and other improvements.
Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. For further information apply to Markhain Ball,
Sandwick B. C. agent for Mrs. A.
M. Baily.
Boats For Sale
and Hire
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short  Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
Mr. J. B. Ward is in Vancouver
this week looking for a carload of
dairy cows.
It has been definitely announced
by experts that Atlantic oysters can
be grown on the Pacific coast, If
this is so it would be a good move
on somebody's part to have some
planted in the Comox Harbor.
This should be an ideal place for
As Billy Sanders was weuding
his way to work this morning he
was startled to hear peculiar sounds
emanating from the bush on his
left at the top of the hill. Felir.e
growls mixed with the moans of a
calf, led him to the conclusion tl at
a panther was not far off. Not
having a weapon, he says he made
record time lo the foot of the hill. I
Now who'll get the Panther? j
Mr. Fee of California is iu town
this week. He is looking over the
district with a view of locating here
The Courtenay Literary and Debating Society had a lively session
on Monday evening, when the
Borden Navy policy came up for
discussion. There was a record
turn out and the debate was one of
the best ever held in the history of
the society. Many new members
took part iu the discussion and were
quite au aqubition to the talent of
the c'ub, On Monday next (Dec.
ist) the ladies are invited to attend
and it is hoped that the fair sex
will be out in full force. The subject for that evening is: Resolved
that women have do ie more for
c vi ization than men. The subject
for Dec. 7th will be Evolution vs.
Local Agent for the Nanaimo & Esquimalt Railway
Lands, Comox District
Offices at
Courtenay - and - Comox, B. C.
Telephone 24
We specialize in Fruit, Vegetables
and Provisions
A large assortment of Biscuits,  Candies, Cigars
and Tobaccos
Local Delivery
Telephone 40
The oldest established firm of Auc tioueers, Real Estate and
Insurance Agirits in the Comox District
Money Loaned in Small Amounts on First Mortgages
1 Cleared Acre with 3 Roomed House
Chicken House, Forty fruit  trees, etc.,  etc.    S400.00 cash.
Balance of $600.00 in 6 and 12 months 7 percent.    1 mile
from Courteuay.
Oue   central   lot in   Courtenay, practically cleared ��275 en
terms.   One minute's walk from Post Office.
Pnone 10
(Formerly of Beadnell & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor
Estate and Insurance Agent
Collections handled with promptness and dispatch
Phone F91
By Mary Roberts Rinehar
1 will be Uilrtviiine, 1 aald, with
dignity, and If I many-If I do���It
will be some Kir! wbo turns aud runs
the other way every time She sees
The oldest  trloll  in  the box.  Edith
Moiled. Wihat'a that, thing Fred's always Quoting: A woman is like a
Shadow; follow ber, sue Hies; fly
from her, she follows.
Upon my noiil! I said Indignantly.
And you are a woman I
I am different, she retorted I am
only a wife mhI mother,
in the library VM gol up from his
desk and gathered up his papers. I
can't, think with you two whispering
there, he snid. I am going to the
As he slammed lhe door Into his
workroom Edith picked up her skirts
and scuttled after him.
llow dare you run away like lhat?
���he called. Vou promised me���The
door closed behiiM her.
1 went oyer and spoke through the
Follow her. she flies: fly from her,
she follows. Oli, wife and mother!
I called.
For heaven's sake, Edith! Fred's
voice rose irritably. If you and
Jack are golug to talk all evening go
and sit on his knee and let inn alone.
The way you two flirt under my nose
Is a scandal. Do you hear that,
Good night. Edith, I called. I have
left yon a kiss on the upper left, hand
panel of the door. And 1 want to
ask you one more question. What
If t fly from iho woman and she does
not follow?
Thank your lucky stars, Fred ''ailed in u. muffled voice.
I had some work to do at the office
and half past 8 that, night found me'
at. my desk. But my mind strayed
Troin Ihe papers before me. Afler a
useless effort to concentrate 1 gave ft
up as useless, and hy 10 o'clock I was
on the street again, my evening wasted, the papers in the libel case of
the Star against the Eagle untouched
and 1 the Victim of an uneasy apprehension that took me, almost without, volition, to tlie neighborhood of
the Fleming house, for it had occurred to mo that Miss Fleming might
not havo left the house that day. as
she had promised, might still be there
liable to anoilier intrusion by the
mysterious individual who had a key
lo lhe house.
It wac a relief, consequently, when
I reached its corner to llnd no lights
In ilie building. The girl had kept
her word. Assured of lhat, 1 looked
al. the house curiously, ft was one of
the largest in the city, not wide, hut
running far back along the side street
and a small yard with a low iron
fence anil a garage completed the properly. The street lights left the back
of the house in shadow, and as 1 stopped In tlio shelter of the garage I was
positive thai I beard some one working with the rear window of the emp-
you a sullen mistress, although Edith
herself disclaim:    ail    responsibility
/nd lays credit for the    smile    with
Read What Mr��. Harris Says About Them  Which  Kurie brings  iu  uiy  eggs an"
Mrs. T. Harris of   Tyneside    Ont., (:tlffee '" 'argess ou mj  part,
'-nows all about 01\ PILLS    "I am     0n luat Partlcula;   morning   Katie
now taking   my   third   box   of   GIN brought me a letter, and I recognized,
PILLS," she writes.   "The pain across! tha oramped nnd    rather    uncertain'
my baoli and kidneys has almost en- wrlUn* "f MIbs ���an<' Maitland.
tlrely gone,     j wag ., p.ea| 8Ugem,     Dear  .Mr.    Knox - Sister   Letltia
from Rheumatism but ii has all left wlslles ,,lft lo ask you If you can dine
{me.   1 strongly advise all women  \vho|wi"' "s tonight informally.   She has
Buffer  from  Pain  lM  The  Back   nnd I ''hanged  her mind in  regard  to the
| Weak Kidneys, to (ry GIN PILLS".      Colored Orphans' home   and   would
BOo. a box, 6 for $2.60. Samnle free if'"1*6 f" ''""shU >""  nl    It.   Veiry
truly  yours.
It  was a very commonplace note.
,- unple free ifl
you write National Drug and Chemical
to. oi Canada, Limited, Toronto.   219
ly house. A monitni later tlie sound
ceased and muffled footsteps came
down Uie cement, walk. The intruder
made  uo  attempt   to open   Hie
gate, and against the light 1 saw	
put a leg over the low fence, follow
it up with tho oilier and atari up lhe
street with a peculiar noiseless-
ness of stride. Ile was a short,
heavy shouldered fellow in a cap, and
his silhouette ��howptl a prodigious
length of arm.
1 followed, 1 don'l mind saying, in
some excitement. 1 bad a \isiou of
grabbing blm from behind and lead-1
ing bim or pushing him under tlie circumstances, in triumph to tlie police
Station, and another mental picture
not so pleasant of being found on the
pavement by some passerby with a
small punctuation murk eliding
sentence of life.
Once the man just ahead stopped
ami lighted a cigarette, aud tho odor
of a very fair Turkish tobacco came
back to me. . )le glanced back
over !iis shoulder a't me and went on
without quickening hi�� pace. We
met no policemen, and after perhaps
five minutes walking, when tlie strain
was growing tense, my gentleman of
the rubber soled shoes swung sharply
to the left antl- entered Uie police
1 had occasion to meet Davidson
many times after, during the strange
development of the Fleming ease. 1
had the peculiar experience later of
having him follow me as I trailed him
that night, and I had occasion once
to test ihe strength of his long arms
when he helped to thrust, me through
tbe transom at tlie White Cat but I
never met. him without a recurrence
of ihe sheepish feeling with which 1
watched him swagger up to the night
sergeant and fall into easy conversation with the man behin.1 the desk.
Two or three round, men were sitting against the wall lazily, helmets
off and coats open against the warmth
of tlie early spring night. In a back
room others were playing checkers
and disputing noisily. Davidson's
voice came distinctly through tbe
open windows.
1 hai. had ono like it after every board
meeting of. the orphans home. Miss
Maitland being on principle an aggressive minority; also having considerable mind, changing ii became almost I
as ponderous an operation :is moving
a barn.
I came across Mist .lime's letter
(lie oilier day when I was gathering
ilie material for this narrative, ami
I sai for a. time with It in my hand
thinking over again the chain of
events in which It had been the first,
link, a series of strange happenings that began with my acceptance of the invitation, and lhat led
through ways as dark and tricks as
vain as Bret Harte'a Heathen Chinee
ever dreamed of to the final scene at
the While Cat. Willi lhe letter I had
filed away a half dozen articles, and
I ranged them all on the desk in front
of me���the letter, the hit of paper
with eleven twenty two on It that
llarjorie gave uie the lirst time I saw
her, c notebook filled with jerky characters that lookei. llko Arable and
were newspaper shorthand, a railroad
schedule, a bullet, the latter slightly
flattened: a cube shaped piece of
chalk, which I put hack in Its box
with a shudder and labeled 'Poison,'
apd a small gold buckle from a slipper, which���at which T did uoi shudder.
-JTo  be  ConnmiDd)
i and
,  and
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Ke-
ward for any case of Catarrh Unit
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F.   .T.   CHENEY & CO.,  Toledo,  O.
TVe, the undersigned, have known F.
.T. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be-
lievo liim perfectly honest in all business
transactions and financially able to carry
oul anv obligations mode by Ids Mini.
Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood nud mucous surfaces of the system -Testimonials
Rent free. Price 75 cents ner bottle.
Sold by all druggists,
Tnke Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
and   I've
bul   I
Didn't Buy Books
Tbe agent for a handsomely
lnated book lo be snld on the
It system- a. feasl to the Intolle
an  ornament   to   any   llbrarj
againsi the side ol lhe house,
his   breath,   clenched   bis   tlsls,
looked skywards.
What's the matter? asked (In
I've nicl   iin'  meant
wnred.   I've  heard  o
read about bim in the paper
never expected lo meel  hlni fin
1 low do ynu know he \\;
est ma ii V
By  the  way   I ted.    I   showed
him this work of art, lectured on ii
for half au hour, showed the engravings, and when I hinted Unit il would
he a good thing in order, whal do you
think he  sain?
1 don'l   know.
lie said he never bought bunks, lie
didn't hate to. He just wailed for
some idiot of an agent to come along
and tell him all that was in them
and lurn over the leaves while lie
looked at the pictures.
Hut a Fair Bargain
At lhe annual fair   i u small uwr
in Itussi.'i a man observed a gipsy antl
a Poll   haggling over ihe sale of ;.
horse.   When the transaction was ovei
he asked the gipsy llow much he had
got for i lie animal.   Tl
his band and showed
mile - wnrl h $5.
itiu isn'i thai very
lhe gipsy.
Klpsy opened
i   ten-rouble
No, said
lu inc.
Tlie man
iii whom in
roubles for
The Polo
marked:   II
The  horse
IllOII  sought out lhe  I'olf
said:  Vou have given let
ll lame horse,
snillnl knowingly, and re
mil as you or 1
The most, obstinate corns and warts
fail to resist. Holloway's Corn Cure.
Try it.
The house is closed, he reported,
but one of the basement windows 's
not shuttered, and the lock is bad. 1
couldn't find Shields. He'd better
keep his eye on it. He stopped and
fished in his pockets with a grin.
Tliis was tied to tlie knob if the
kitchen door, be said, Kiisinr, his voice
for the benefit of the room and holding alofl a piece of paper. "For
Shields," he explained and signed Delia.
Tlie men gathered around him.
Even llie sergeant got up and leaned
forward, his elbows on his desk.
Head it. he said lazily. Shields
lias got. a wife, aud her name ain't
Dear Tom, Davidson read in a mincing falsetto, we are closing up unexpected, so 1 won't, be here tonight.
I am going lo Mamie Bi'ennan's and
if you want, to talk to me you can gel
me hy calling np Anderson's drug
store. The clerk is a gentleman
friend of mine. ;\Ir. Carter, the butler, (old me before he left he would
get. me a place as parlor maid, so 1
will have another situation soon.
Tbe sergeant scowled. I'm going
to talk to Tom. he said, reaching out
for the note,     lie's got a nice family
Small Willie was entertaiuin,
big sister's beau in the parlor.
Mr. Green, he asked, how many
pennies have you got?
I haven't any at present, Willie, 1
am sorry to say, he replied.
Then mamma was right, continued
the little fellow. She told sister last
night that you didn't have any more
sense than a rabbit.
At the Thames Police Court a woman asked Mr. Leycester for a summons against a person for breaking a
Tho Magistrate���Did the person do
it on purpose.
The Applicant���Oh. no, sir; sh
it with her hands.
and tilings like that
t.re bad for the
Successfully and Speedily With
And Cuticura Ointment, at
a trifling cost, is learned
from the special directions
which accompany these
pure, sweet and gentle
Oiitlciirn Sonp and Ointment nrr sold (hroUgllollft
(tie- worlii. A librrul tiani|iln cf each, Willi 33*11086
tiooalfl r,n tin! cora mul  trcattatrat nf the pklniuitl
ii'alp, arm pont-frn, Addrcia Potter urn:; e. t 'liim.
Corp.,Ucpt. 20D, Uoili.ii,!;.B. A.
Fleming   imd
���ab.     Bul    ihe
nnd the algbt
knew  nothing  of
conceit with
and evening at tbo
U. 970
1 lighted the clga which had been
iny excuse for loitering ou the pavement and went on. II sounded involved for a novice, but if I could find
Anderson's dragsters 1 could llnd
Mamie Brennan. Through Mamie
llrennan I would get Delia and
through Delia 1 migiil liml Carter and
so I made the first note in my new
business of man hunter.
It was late when I reached the corner of Chestnut and    Union
Fred hud said Allan
come io grief iu    n
corner man had gom
man  on   tho  heal ^^
course, of any particular collision.
I  went  home io bed.   1 had made
no headway, 1 had lost,
myself and a day
Office, and I had gained ilie certainty
that Margery Fleming was safe In
Bellwood and ihe uncertain address
of a servaiii who might know something about  Mr.  Fleming.
1 was still awake at. I o'clock and
consulted tlie telephone directory.
There were twelve Andersons In the
city  wbo conducted drugstores,
When 1 finally went to sleep I
dreamed tnat 1 was driving Margery
Fleming ulong a. street in a broken
taxlcab and that all the buildings
were pharmacies and numbered
eleven twenty-two.
After such a night I slept late.
Kdlth had gone out With Fred when
I came downstairs, J havo a great
admiration for Edith, for her tolerance with my uncertain hours, or her
cherry breakfast room and the fitiill-
ing good nature of the servants she
engages. I havo a ihaory iiiai, . how
lue :   Biillen servanl ami i will show
That Tea and Coffee Cause Trouble
So common is tho use of tea or coffee aB a beverage many do not know
that they are the cause of many obscure allB which are often attributed
to other things.
The easiest way to find out for oneself is to quit the tea and coffee for a
while at least, and nolo results. A
lady found out in this way, and also
learned of a new beverage that is
wholesome as well as pleasant io
drink.     She writes:
"1 am 40 years old and all my life
up to a year and a half ago, I bad been
a coffee drinker.
"Dyspepsia, severe headaches and
heart weakness made mo feel sometimes as though 1 was about to die.
After drinking a cup or two of hot
coffee, my heart would go like a clock-
without a pendulum, At other times
it would almost stop and I was so
nervous 1 did nol like to be alone." Tea
is just as harmful, because it contains
caffeine, iho same drug found in coffee.
"IJ 1 took a walk for oxercls?, as
soon as 1 was oul of sight of the house
I'd feel as if 1 was sinking and this
would frighten me terribly. Jly limbs
would Utterly refuse lo support me,
and the pity of it all vas, I did not
know that coffee was causing Ilie
Reading in tlie papers that many
persons were relieved of such ailments
by leaving off coffee and drinking Postum, I got my husband to bring home
a package. We made It according to
directions and 1 liked lhe lirst cup. lis
rich, snappy flavor was delicious,
"I have been using l'ostiim about
eighteen months and to my groat joy
digestion is good, my nerves antl heart,
are all right, iu fact, 1 am a well woman once more, thanks to Postum."
Name given by   Canadian    Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont.   Write for copy of
the little book, "The Road  to W'ell-
Posluui conies in two forms:
Regular Postum���must be boiled.
Instant Postum is a soluble powder.
A teaspoonful dissolves quickly in a
cup of hot water and With cream and
sugar, makes a delicious beverage in-
slanlly.    Grocers sell both kinds.
"There's a reason" for Posrum.
Getting Their Own Back
A young man had take:, his wife
to a theatre, and as there waB no
one to look after the baby, they had
brought, it along. It cried lustily all
through the first, act. At the close
of tbe act an official came down the
gangway and informed them that if
they could not keep tlie baby quiet
tbey would have to go to the box office, get their money back and go
They succeeded in squelching lhe
baby and all went well for a. liine.
Then live minutes after the last
act bad commenced, the young father leaned over and said: How do you
like tne show?
llotten!   was tlie  reply.
Stick a pin in the baby.
Minrrd'a Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
New England's Champion Trap
shooter Retains Title
E. A. Randall, of Portland, Maine,
who in 1912 won tlie title of champion trapshooter of New England, cap-
lured the honor again this year by
breaking 195 out of 200 targets at
tho Paleface Shooting Association's
tournament, held at Wellington, Mass.,
Sept. 10-11. Mr. Randall also won
high amateur average for lhe meet
with 383 out of 400. H. D. Glbbs,
shooting the speed shells in his Remington pump gun, was high over all,
scoring ;IS8 out of 400 targets thrown,
I saw he was badly shod, and that wat
Tire enquirer returned to the glpsj
and reporied what lhe Pole had said
Then, wiih a significant wink, the glp
ay whispered:
He's as lame as a two-legged stool!
1 had bim badly shod on purpose to
make people believe that that was tlie
cause of his limp.
When the Pole v.as told this lu
seemed for a moment taken back and
hung his head; then he heaved a sigt
and shrugged his shoulders.
Ab, well, he said, It's all right; It
was a bad ten-rouble note.
Aliments such as constipation, col
, colds, vomiting, etc., seize child
ren of all ages and the mothei
should he on her guard against these
troubles by keeping a box of Baby's
Own Tablets in the house. If any
of these troubles come on' suddcnl)
the Tablets will cure Ihem.'or If the
little one is given an occasional dose
of lhe tablets he will escape these
troubles. Tlie Tablets are sold bj
medicine dealers or by mail at 25c
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medi
cuie Co-,  Brockvllle, Ont.
Wind Every Five Years
Clocks are now made to run five
years with once winding up. In 1881
the Belgian Government placed one of
these in a railway-station and sealed
It. It has kept capital lime, having
oniv been four timeB wound- in 1886.
1891, 1896, anil 1901; and there is a
clock In the Church of Sr. Quenlin, in
Mayenee, which has only stopped once
during a period of 500 years.
i i    * . -a-aj-a-.
Old Maid���If 1 caleh you in my gar
den again, I'll tell the constable.
Boy���'E can't do nolhin'. 'E's mj
ole man.
Recovering All Right
The following letter is from a small
boy to his mother, wlio iiad sent him
into the country to recover from ar
.Dear Mum: 1 forget io 'write he
fore. Me and some oilier boys went
out in a boat yesterday, and the boat
turned over, but a man gut me out
alright. This morning we were out
tor a bike ride, and I tell over ami cul
me head. And tonight, we are going
to set light to a haystack and let Mr.
 's chickens out. of   tlieir   cages
So I think we will enjoy ourselves. 1
feel much better now.���Yotfr loving
son, Tom.
All mothers can put away anxletj
regarding llieir suffering children
when they have Mother Giwes'
Worm Exterminator to give relief. Uf.
effects are sure and lasting.
Rather Suggestive
She--l'll nej'er go anywhere again
with you as long as 1 live!
Sbe���At tho tea this afternoon, you
asked Mrs. Smith how ber 'husband
was standing Ilie ileal and he's bee:
dead two months.
She  Knew
What's your husband's a
come? asketniie caller.
About 1 a.m. replied Mi
j V.lnard'j Liniment Relieves Neuralgif.
Exe.'  What  ridiculous,   liihpo&slbis
tilings these  fashion  plates are.
Mrs. Exe���I know thoy used to be
'bul; todaj  many of them are engraved from photographs,
Exe���Well, ihls oue can'l be.   Here
are two women going in opposite dl-
I factions, bulb wltb brand new gowns
Ion and neither looking back at. ths
I other.
y he Cheerful Life
It i�� the right of everyone to live and enjoy tlio cheerful life. We owa
It to ourselves and those who live with ua to live the cheerful life. W��,
cannot do io if ill health takes bold of us.
The wife, mother and daughter suffering from hot flashes, nervousness,
headache, backache, d ragging-down feeling-, or un j other weakness due to disorders
or irreu ulai-ltis r of the delicate female organs-Is not only a burden to lierseU.
but U' iitir loved onus.
r.'icre ij a remedy.    Forty years eiperience bas psoven unmistakably thai
Favorite prescription
will restore health to weakened womankind. For 40 yearn it han'mimvef,
ti.-ej'..iic*. wivy nf.ci miller. SuIJ by dealer1.i1.medlci2.ii to liquid or tablet form
Vr. 1'ierca'i Favorite Prescription T>tbleti can ti�� hnd of druirff.it or mailed on
receipt oi* ontveeBt lunipe !'<.*.��� $1:00 or Wk tize. Addrcia K. V. Fierce, M. 1>-
Buffalo, N. Y
Hi.  Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and Invigorate
atoxttttcti, liver and bvweU.  ftagax-caated, (iny grannlea, THE REVTRW, C0T7RTENAY. B.C.
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That'll Why You're Tired���Out of
3orts -Have no Appetite.
will pul you right
'.\ a Ir.-.v dayj.
Tli?y do
.'ieir d- ity.
Biliiuuaesi, Indigestion, and Shk Headache.
'Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Gsnuine mint ben Signature
ortmrnmim iwwwwwwi
I. \ 7**9/7/. ���
**?ij  _       	
I; tn
v |.'
ll I
��� i
.,..!..', i ,,.,,1 ..���,.,.,���i tuiiyjoa.il il, i.a FREE
OUT,  ISIIvilr Wetclioiare |.t��M>iii��tita lintsj
Sand ��our sttmnpl on * sheel ol p��psr,
lontlisr witli stamped aoMrsiwo onvotopo
tar reply i�� FELLOWS *��� CO., 10, Crosvennr
Bultdln ������.., Steelhouse Lano, Bliwlnsham,
Ghsland.  Tlio winner Is rotinlrotl tu p����na��o
a Chain (rum IIS to Wear with wnl.li. I lm
n.iim ..I this paper must he monlloned, Irian,
winners nf iast oorapellUonweroi
vir-.. a, Guy. Amhorat. Nova Scoila, Can.
.Mrs.   A.      Kowlow,  Trinity   F.ast,  Nile),
One Company Spends $50,000 a Year]
Just to Robe It* Various
Every frequenter ot the motion pic-
iure theatres must, have been struck,
at. some time or another, by 'he lux-
urloiiBnesB of the stage setting of most
of the society dramas-the nuignlft-
cence of th'o decorations, the richness I
ol tho furnishing, ami the costliness ol j
tin dresses worn by the performers.
Pew, however, have any real con-
ception of the   huge   cost   ot   these j
things, or appreciate lhe pains taken
by the big film producing companies
to gel title best ot everything.
Talce, for instance, ihe costume ot
tho principal actresses. The capital of
Europe are ransacked for tlio latest
creations in millinery and modes.
When Miss Miriam Nesbil and Miss
Alary Fuller were last over here With
Mir Btllson Company, they paid a vis-
ii io Paris (or the purpose o( purchasing a stuck of such tilings for future
Hdlson productions, and In two days'
shopping they Bpenl mure than if ir,.ouo.
Miss Lottie Brlsooe, tho l.iibln star
actress, recently played In a Blm
which necessitated no fewer than four-
lei'ii changes ot costume, each costing
on au nvornge uboul $76, and sho
needs when ou tour, iw.'iny trunks for
in I- wardrobe,
Miss lli'iie I
of furs iii tile
$4,000. and sin
Mils. WINSLOW'S Soonii-.i, SYRUP lias been
���jseii tar nvcr SIXTY VKARSby Mlt.l.lliXS of
Mtl'I'MKKS for tliflr CHILDREN WtlII.lt
MIOTllKS Ilie Cllll.ll. SOFTENS the l.TMS,
is tbe be>.t remedy for DIARRHOEA. It is ah.
Mttiiclv harmless, Be sure and ask tor "Mrs,
lylnsloVs Soothing Syrup," and uike aootrss1
iiud.   'A'weuty-live ccnls it bottle.
Something   better   than   linen   and  no
laundry  bills.      Wash It with  soap and
Water.      AU stores or direct. Static style
ind size.      For  Luc.   we   Will   mall  you.
33 Fraser Avenue. Toronto, Ontario
Book Tree.    A amals
Home   treatment reaioved
laatp (ram Ihia lady's breast
Old sores, ulcers and
  growths cured.    Describe
���oar trouble; we will seed hook and teslimoniats.
IWE Canada Cancer institute, iphiw
iiuniicr wears ono sat
Kiilt'in Minis that cost
lias iilht'i' snts aliiinsi.
Ily as valuable.     Miss Asta Nell-
is credited with being the most.
WANTED at once
Persons lo work (or us
In spnio time at home. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Easy and fascinating
irorlt. Good pay. No canvassine. Write
far Instructions (free).
113 College Street. Toronto, Canada.
When buying your Piano in-
sist on having an
Piano Action
ilnsurance     lacsneisiel lsU       Compary
il!'.- new Exre'iiot policy conttscli ar,- the beat fer ploteclioa,
Jlveitrafst, to rtovkb lundiforliquidalins tnoitsagef.de.
Most, te Less
Vacasdei (or egeoti giv.ns eithetentire of iparetims
'iealT li Pmisrisl Otlku. Wiwdin. Manatee, SiaVataee,
Vsscosvtr sr t* Haul Ollice, Tersste
congenial needlework nt home; make
Itom throo to flvo dollars per day decorating cushion tops. Armour Art Co.,
Dept. ll., Bredalbano Bloc'.-.. Winnipeg.
.Tacl:  Is  In  love  wltb you.
That's what I said when I heard it.
llow dared youi
-r DODO'S '
SOc. ��� I ox or six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, l.lrr.lted, Toronto,
expensively tlvesscd actress iu tho pio-
tures. Frequently her costumes in
the society scenes iu which she specializes Will iiisl as much as $500
It mlgbl be thought that 'is tlie actual dresses worn by ihe performers
aril nol seen hy I lie (iiiblle, but only
the photographic representations ot
them, that common material or Imitation stuff would do as well as ihe real
But, as n matter of fact, this is far
from being-the ease. Indeed, the very
reverse holds good. To get a really
first-class photograph, first-class properties must, he provided."
In the early days of tlie picture
play business tills was not properly
realized, and a company that laid out
$5,000 on n collection of properties, although expecting them to last for
years, was considered extravagant.
Nowadays, on the other baud it
would be a very cheap affair that
would start with less than $i5,C00 or
$20,000 worth; while one of the best
known of the really big firm companies is reported to spend as much as
$50,000 every year in dressing���or. as
it. is technically termed, 'robing' its
The Desire to Disagree
There are those who seem to be
born with the instinct to disagree. I
have in mind at this moment one such
person. I bave heard him express
emphatically a. certain opinion and
then, perhaps .i day or two later, I
have heard him denounce the same
opinion expressed in his presence by
someone else.
Sometimes, of course, this hind of
thing is done by those who love argument for the sake of the intellectual
exercise But in this instance it. was
due simply and i-olely to tho love ot
IE we did iiot spend so much time
in trying to disagree, if we nid not
torment ourselves with the ill feeling
that accompanies the will to disagree,
we should be surprised at the strange
Improvement in the people and in the
world about us.
We should And that, through persistent self assertion, instead of gaining
we lost.
We should also discover that
through resisting the desire to disagree, through giving people as good a
chance to express themselves as we
long to give ourselves, we should exert a far greater influence than we do
now, anil we should he heard oftener
and with more profit.���From 'Intimations,' by John D. Barry. Paul Rider &
Company. Publishers.
Shortly after a-new administration
look hold of a wellknown southern
railroad a greal number ot claims
were preferred against the company
on account, of horses and cattle being
killed along lhe Hue In Kentucky. To
make matters worse it. appeared that
every animal killed, however worthless It may hnve been before the accident Invariably figured in the claims
subsequently presented as being ol
tho best blood lu Kentucky.
One day In conversation with one
of the road's attorneys, the president
became very much excited in referring
to the situation. Do you know, he
exclaimed, bringing down his fist on
the desk by way of emphasis, I have
reached the conclusion that nothing
lu Kentucky so Improves live stock as
crossing It with a locomotive.
Noted Surgeon's Death    Recalls    His
Theories of Disease
Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, ilie famous surgeon, who died at Itaslemere,
England, at the age of eighty-four, de-
volnd much lime to tbe study ot the
origin of leprosy. He formed Iho theory that the disease was due to the
eal ing of diseased or imperfectly cured I
lish, and lo confirm his view lie sel out.
nt the ago of sevenly for a long tour
in India and Ilohben Island. I'ati'e Colony. His writings did much to secure better conditions for leprosy sufferers.
Ill bygone  limes, lie uiicii  wrote,  I,
used to call leprosy 'fish-eaters' gout'; i
hut  he latterly preferred Ilie description! llsh-ea tors' tuberculosis,
Leprosy, he said again, advanced in I
Inland districts o[ Europe with ihe advent of Christianity, and the observ-l
alloc nf lish I'nslH. and it. dslappoaroil
when Protestantism throw fasts Into
disuse,     ''.'his contention brought him
into conflict with the heads of the Roman Catholic church.
Hir Jonathan, who lived In llasle-
ni"re for fifty years, was lhe founder
of tbo educational museum there, the
superintendence of which he counted
as oue of his recreations.
W. N. U. 970
A new bean which grows prolifically
with little or no water lias been discovered and is being investigated by
the Arizona department of agriculture.
My dear, says the kind-hearted husband, I do nor wish to say anything
about our extravagant way of keeping
house, but do you know it, is a fact
that the average French family lives
on what the average American family
But, my angel, comments lhe helpful wife, that would be impossible. In
the first place, the cost, of Bending it
to France would bo too great., and besides it would spoil before it got
Stomach Troubles and Weakness of
Kidneys Cured by Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver   Pills.
There is an enormous amount, of
suffering from liver and kidney do-
rangements and stomach troubles
that could easily be avoided by using
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. It
you could only realize the scores of
everyday ills that arise from a sluggish condition of the kidneys, liver
and bowels you would not be long
in giving Ibis medicine a trial.
Jlrs. Edward Stewart. New Richmond West. Que., writes: "1 want to
tell you how thankful I am for using
your Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
for stomach troubles aud backache
caused by weak kidneys. I was unable to wash alls' clothes tor over two
years on acoount of my back being
lame. 1, read tbe Almanac aud began using these pills. Two boxes
made a complete cure. I can do my
own washing and any other work now
and want to sny to lady friends that
they do not know how much I appreciate Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills."
25 cents a box. all dealers, or Ed-
manson. Bates & Co.. Ltd., Toronto.
Hair Cutting Causes Baldness
Several matters of lateresi to tlio
mere layman engaged the attention of
bhe Ilritish J edlcal Conference ;<;
Brighton reoantly. Dr. Barei di a
sk'n specialist, [or example, suggested
too much hair- fining ns ., cause ut
Why is ii tbat there are bo man}
bald men and so few bald women? he
asked. 1 believe It is hecause men
will not let llieir hair grow to a proper length. The average man wears
his hair about an inch long, whereas
It should be ai leasi thirteen or fourteen Inches.
Dr. Hareiidi afterward explained
that lie considered ntiiuro was affronted by frequent cutting of the hall'.
If it is not allowed to grow to the
length I havo mentioned it becomes
dry and loses its strength, much lu
Hie same way that the muscles of the
body become flabby ami weal, if Iliey
are not exercised.
Dr. David Walsh, a tlarley Btreet
skin specialist, told the mowing Hiat
lie considered ihe abnormal loss of
liair on the head, ns well as niany
skin diseases, was largely associated
wiih defective circulation of the blood.
Loss of hair might often ue taken ns
a, sign of heart trouble, lu support
of this he found that out tit thirty-six
bald persons ho had examined twenty-
four were suffering from valvular disease of the heart. Dr. Kddnwes, however, mentioned Hie case of an extremely bald mau who was one of the
most powerful gymnasts lie knew.
Speaking before another section at
J;he conference, Dr. If. F. Wlnslow de-
clared that we are quite wrong In our
methods of taking food. ( lie wou)d
not. promise any short cttt'to the millennium but he suggested that mankind would enjoy much better health
It they would only recognize the fact
that it Is wrong to drink at meal
limes. All drinks should be taken
between meals. He was not talking
about, alcohol; In fact, be entirely dissociated Ills present contention from
any discussion of temperance. What
he' wanted people to do was lo oat
without any sipping at all.
a�����-.        ii ii        i ���
Simple and Sure.���Dr. Thomas'
Ec.lectric. Oil Is so simple in application that a child can understand the
instructions. Used as a liniment the
only direction Is to rub, and When
used as a dressing io apply. Tlio directions are so plain and unmistakable that they are readily understood
by young or old.
Little Folly coming in from her
walk one morning informed her mother that she hail seen a lion in the
park. No amount of persuasion or
reasoning could make her vary her
statement one hairbreadth. That
night, when she slipped down on her
knees to say her prayers, her mother
said; Polly, ask God to forgive you
tor that'fib.
Polly hid her face for a nionieul.
Then she looked straight into* her
mother's eyes, her own shining like
stars, and said: 1 did ask him, mamma, dearest- and he said: Don't mention It, Hiss Polly, that big yellow-
dog has often fooled me.
%_.#      NA-DRU-CO      s,     0
%\of A delightful,   snow-white %W
toilfi preparation,  which
makes   bad   complexions
' Coed, and Rood one.-, brt'.er.
Splendid for dialed,
chapped, sore skin or
01** cracked lips.
f|W la 25o opal riasi Jari at
your Druggi-.t'.. 202
National Drug and Chemcal Co,
ol Canada, timltetl, Montreal.
kl'he Guaranteed "ONE DYE for
* All Kind* oi Cloth.
, Clean. Sli.i|,la,Ni>Clian.. ..I Mi.i.l...   TRV
J   III s.n.itiir Ic-i. t:.,i,.,-1 ., I ti.l H...-1-,
IThaJobdaon.Uk-hardaunCo. LlmllaJ. Huairaal
Long Standing Asthma ��� Many
have suffered so long from asthma
and have tried so many so-called remedies they think that there is no
real help for them, They should
read Hie letters received by the manufacturers of Dr. 3. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy from thousands of cases
once as desperate as Ihelr own. Even
in long-neglected cases l.nia famous
preparation brings prompt help
Eyeglasses and Royalty
According to an American paper, the
King of Sweden is probably too only
monarch ever known lo wear eyeglasses and spectacles on State occas-.
ions. In point ot fact, both eye-!
glasses and spectacles nre very rare
among Royalties of today. This certainly is true of our own Royal family, no member of which (unless we
include Hie |.resent Duke of Cumberland) has ever employed any aid to
Mluard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Cents,���A customer of ours cured a
very bad ease nf distemper in a valuable horse by the use of MINARD'S
Tours truly.
Henry James, the American novelist, lives at Kye, one of the Cinque
Ports, but recently tie left Rye and
took a house in the country near the
estate ot a millionaire ,1am manufacturer, retired. This man. having
married an carl's daughter, waa
ashamed of the trade whereby he, had
piled up his fortune.
Thu jam manufacturer one duy
wrote Mr. James an Impudent letter
vowing that it, was outrageous tlie
way the James' servants were trespassing on bis grounds. Mr. James
wrote hack: .'
Dear Sir:���I am very sorry to hear
that my servants have been poaching
on your preserves.
P.S.���You'll excuse my mentioning
your preserves, won't you?
The Rev Dr. John Wesley I Ull, of
New York, told the following story
the other night in illustration ot a
point he wished to make:
I am reminded, he said, of the
Irishman whose alarm clock stopped
running. He shook 11, but It would
not run. Ho waited but it did not
improve, and then one day he took
the back out of It, looked in, and saw
a deail cockroach. Shuro enough,
said he. I've diskivered the difficulty.   The engineer is dead!
Love of Canada
There was the smell of rain and
of quickening earth in the air, and a
few duck flew over, making no sound.
Tempest stood still to watch them
go. Then he looked out across the
land which was so dear to him With
the old lighl shining in liis eyes.
Presently be spoke with a halt laugh
anil a half break of love in the words:
To love you Isn'r enough, he said.
God grant we're ready to suffer and
work for vou���Canada.
Uf��ll��roUTOF80RTi"��U!*DOWM'afijtjrTHt��L DSC
���UriBR (rota KIDNBY, ILAODIH. HMVOUl Dli��A*C&
OlillOKiCWIAKtJMSU.tM.LRm.'' ;;*. mv PiM.n,?i;.i��
WftU (or ���? FH.KI boo'*. THS y ,MT tM&TSUCTIVt
���mttsrawtdrioiTouioiraalssast. OsatsssaiiaM.
MWIMIrFHU. Ns'MtoaWittmlar*. DI Liatsl
HSD. co.aUvsutoc* to, Havrnsaa. Lasnu'i. I4��
Cattle when  dehorned with the improve'!
Keystone Dehorner
fatten    quicker,    cows
give more milk, butchers pay better    prices.
Send for free literature to
R. H. McKENNA, V.S., Manufacturer
219 Robert Street. Toronto, Ont.
A suffragette says that a few day.4
in prison does her good. A kind of
arrest cure, In fact.
For Years, Restored To Health
by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Is this Mrs. Smith? I called you up |
to ask If you could say anything good i
of Dridget Farley, who lived with youi
as cook.
Yes, I can say one Ihlng. She left!
without breaking any dlsh'es.
That's encouraging! How long did
she stay?
On" hour.
The telephone bell rang in the consulting room of a doctor who was an
enthusiastic motorist. In bis absence
the assistant answered it, and said
the doctor was out.
Will you tell him, tlie voice asked,
thai Mr. Thompson has a gymkhana
coining on, and wants lo know if lie
can do anything for ii'.'
I will tell Iiini the moment lie comes
in. the assistant answered: meanwhile
put. a bread poultice on It, and .-'.cnew
it every two hours.
A teachrr in a tenement district
hurried from the school to find the
mother of a pupil who had been taken
Can you show me where Mrs. Ang-
elo Scandalo lives? she-inquired of a
cherub transplanted from the sunny
south to a dark, sunless alley.
Yes, teacher, I show you, and a
willing sticky .band dragged her on
with such speed as to make her stumble over an Italian dame seated on
the threshold.
Afler the teacher's breathless flight
toward the clouds the little hand stopped tuggine.
There where Mees ScanilaU' live,
indicated the hnrizonial arm and linger, but she downstair sitting on the
step, finished Ihe smiling lips.
His straining hands tore tho wor<l3
from the depths of his soul and threw
the secret lu  t'.ie t.lhlir's eyes
Canadian women are continually writing us such letters as the two following,
which are heartfelt expressions of gratitude l'or restored health:
Glanford Station, Ont.-"I have taken i.ytlia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
mpound and never
m found any medietas
Bit to compare with it,
I had ulcers and tailing of  womb   an 1
M doctors did   me  no
��� good,    I suffered
dreadfully for years
until t began taking
your medicine.   I also recommend it for
nervousness and indigestion. " ��� "rs.
HENRY CLARK, Glanford Station. Ont.
Chesterville, Ont. -��� " I heard your
medicines highly praised, and a year ago
1 began taking tbem for failing of womb
and ovarian trouble.
" My loft side pained me all the tir.-.a
ami just before my periods which were
irregular and painful it would be worse.
To sit down caused me pain anil suffering and I would be so nervous sometimes that I could not bear to see any
one or hear any one speak. Little specks
would float before my eyes and I was
always constipated.
"I cannot say too much for Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound nnd
Liver Pills, for there are no medicines
like them. I have taken them and I
recommend them to all women. You may
publish this testimonial." - Mrs. Pti>
pintN J. Martin, Chesterville. Ontario*
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1S69
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000       Reserve and Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable in all parts of the world
Special attention given to Savings Department ami Transactions of Ordinary Banking Business by moil
Dry Goods
Showing Ibis week special  bargains in
carpel cuds ami curtain ends
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  nl
Courtenay, B C.
N. II. Htii'iN, tSditor and Proprietor
Subscription 81 tt) per Year in Advance
Tlie Comox valley, o( which
Courtenay is the centre, will in tlie
very near future have all the mode: n
conveniences of a much larger city.
It lias been rumored during tlie In.11
two or three days and the Islander
has reason to believe that there is
seme truth m tlie rumor that the
town of Courtenay will have n
complete waler works system of its
own. A company lias been organized to give this little town the desired public utility iu tlie shape of
good water and plenty of it It is
said that Mr. George \V. Clinton
paymaster of the Canadian collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. is tlie promoter of lhe company. If such be the
case then all doubt as to the success
of tlie movement will lie removed.
We understand that considerable
detail work remains to be completed
in connection witli tlie formation of
tlie company. Hut they control the
source cf supply. The head of tlie
office will be in tiie town of Courtenay and the system will be installed and water turned on by the ist
of June i6i4,
Tlie above is taken from the
Cumberland Islander of last week
and wc are afraid our neighbour
has found a mare's nest. Last
year the Coitrtenay.Waterworks Co.
���was organized and after considerable trouble secured Mr. D, Kil-
patrick's water rights and a few
acres from Mr. Millard where the
springs start. The citizens of
Courtenay opposed the granting of
this water record unless their in-
trests were properly guarded and
the record has not yet been granted.
The fact that the Government will
not give them permission lo run the
pipe line down tlie wheel track of
tlie Lake Trail road is also keeping
tlie Company back. There is no
question but that a waterworks
system would be a good tiling for
Courtenay, hut we do not need it
badly enough th let the Cumberland
waterworks company step in and
gobble it up when we can just as
well own it ourselves. There's no
use denying tlie fact any lunger, we
must incorporate and we must do it
at once or we will find ourselves in
the same predicament as Cumber-
laud is today in tiie grasp ni the
same companies and bled to death.
H is reported tli.it this company
intends tu divert  part of its   dim-
Carpet Ends
54 inches iu length InTtipestrv, Brussels
ami Wiltons (nun 75e. to $1,50 each
20 lb. sack Granulated Sugnrjji.as
Currants, Raisins aud Sultanas, io
oz, pkg, io,- each
All Spices at ioc per tin
lifgll Biking Powder, ui  oz. tin,
15c each
Cutting Tomatoes,   2 1-2  lb    tins,
2 for 25c
Fairbanks cottoline 4 lb, tin 50c
Carpet Squares
Samples 54 Inches square from 81.nu tu
Morning Glory Coffee
We ate clearing this out at 3 lib
tins for $1.00 to make room for ;t
good article
Winnipeg prices for boots and shoes
dry goods aud hardware at
berland supply through Mine 7 and
Mine 8, then down to courteuay
and comox.
What will our citizens, who
have been opposing incorporation,
think of themselves if they let tin's
octopus get its tenaclcs fastened
upon us? They ate working under an old charter which cannot be
controlled by a municipality afler \
they once get a hold.
Il has been pointed out numerous times in these columns Unit
incorporation will not necessarily
increase taxation. If we do nothing whatever in tlie way of local
improvements; we can save ourselves and our streets, we can say who
and what shall use them. We can
if we see fit, let the local water
company put in the water system;
but whatever we do, wc must not,
on any pretext whatever, allow an
outside company to step in and
gobble up the public utilities.
511  iiiei
One  van
and .
half   t
II    IW'I
yards in
25 cent
latest novelties
in  [nf
mts foot wear,
childrens    felt
A large assortment cf Eiderdown  flan
nelsin plaiilself colours ami fancy stripes
suitable for kiiiionns anil childrens coats
65 and 75cls per yard
A complete range of ladies and childrens
underwear, sweaters anil sweater coats.
Comforters, blankets, flannelette sheets
anil pillows
There was no quorum at the
Agricultural Society's meeting on
Tuesday evening and the meeting
was adjourned lo the call of the
Tlie first snowfall of the season
occurre 1 on Sun lay afternoon when
about four inches of "the beautiful"
fell. On Monday morning it turned to rain and we had a bountiful supply of slush.
-a��. **��� 1 *,	
Tlie man who lights a cigarette
deserves rank along with liis kinsman who rocks the boat and his
brother kinsman who pulls the
trigger of lib: unloaded gun.���
('.Henvilli: News,
Mens Department
Sweater Coats
We caii fill every requirement in the best
hand-knitted sweater coats that it is
possible to obtain and in the most popular styles. We have them iu all shades
and combinations.    Prices J3.00 to $8.50
Mens Overcoats made from the finest
imported tweeds and cheviots and made
in this seasons designs, A large variety
of colorings in all sizes. Values from
$8.00 to jvtf.uu
We are now showing a large range in the
popular   Carrie    Raincoat.    No    finer
material displayed  in Waterproofs anywhere.    Trice $8.50 to <25.iti)
No.  8 Mine Townsite
Tlie next anil nearest property to the Mines, Sawmills and absolutely
inside property
1-4 to 1-2 acre I,ots, 60 x 80 by 120 feet deep,   price  $150.00 to <225.ini
per lot on Easy terms
You'll be on Easy Street in buying these.     It's the white man's abode.
We do not sell to Asiatics
Lots are selling fast, apply to Mr. Pailthrope "The Store" Berwick, or
Mr. Harry Idiens
British Columbia Investments. Ltd*
Telephone 36 COURTENAY
We have just added t" our stock another
shipment ol mens suits-vou would do
well 10 inspect these; also our fall ami
winter samples in made-to-measure clothing, of which wc have a bigger and
better range than usual. Wc give satisfaction in every detail, Prices $20.00
to $37,50
Our mens khaki, black drill, blue flannel
and llannelete shirts are of  exceptional
merit and  will  wear.     Prices  ranging
from $1,25 to $4.00
We have   a complete stock in   Curdroy
pants, also MacKinan coats, shirts and
pants, oil clothing, gum boots, all rubber
goods, etc., etc.
Dr. |NefPs
Sanitary Underwear
People are now looking for pure
wool underwear, garments made to
suit the Canadian climate. They
want perfeel fitting underwear, soft
smooth and comfortable
We   guarantee  this   underwear   to
meet all these requirements
Call in and examine it
Cor. Union and Isabel Sts.
FEED !        FEED !        FEED !
A large stock of .shorts, bran, crushed oats, hay and poultry
feed for sale at exceptionally low prices
Phone 32
The   Corner   Store,   Sandwick
A fine selection of Dinner Sets, open stock patterns
just arrived
First-class Groceries and Dry Goods
Leave your order with us for Good Hard Dry
Onions for family use
Prompt Delivery 5 per cent, off for Cash
Telephone 4 Sandwick, B. C.
HE Wise Real Estate Specialist looks to the centre where
tran.sportation   facilities   abound.
5 to 20 Acre Blocks, adjoining
the townsite, $100 an Acre, Easy Terms
No Better Proof than what we Offer is
is the fact that all the buyers so far are men who
have lived at Union Bay for years, who intend
making it their home with a good living in fruit
vegetables and poultry
Ring up
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Harry Idiens, Manager
Phone 36 Courtenay ft*
H3B��.'ljL  Ai��.L Iffi. J..A
In Cumberland it's "Dunsmuir Avenue"
In Courtenay it's "Union Street"
At No. 8 Mine its
"First Avenue," Perez Park
iMg��H��a��'irwMriri'fiT itf - riri*^CTWII''IM*"tLt���l,rj<Mr'i:i'K"iMt' ���r'  ! - -ig. - ww������ ���i���u
that   are the only   BusLiess   locations   in   each
' instance worth considering
On " First Avenue," Perez Park, the following business houses are: "some
under construction," "some clearing ready for building," while the balarce
intend building in the near future
One General Store
One Pool Room and Barber Shop
One Moving Picture Show
One Dry Goods and Gents' Furnishing Store
One Butcher Store
One Restaurant
One General Store
One Japanese Store!
The above represent* a part only of the business interests tbat, now they have secured a
suitable location, are certain of a capital opening at the new mining headquarters.
We still have a few choice FIRST AVENUE business sites available, price $500 each, ou
terms. To those looking for business openings we can suggest some that should prove
"quick money .makers" at the new mine
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU nigs Guaranteed and Sold at tlie l,owest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder COURTENAY
Stoddaii, the Jeweler
Is now located where he geis the most business
You all know where?
The future business center of the
Comox District
Exclusive  Sales Agents
H.     Da
Telephone 31
Letter to the Editor
Happy Valley.
Editor Courtenay Review.
Dear Sir:���Please   allow me a little
space iu your valuable and interesting
paper, tor comment on a letter from A.
��� .Rancher, respecting condition oi roads.
Now sir, 1 am no five acre fanner, I
fanned hundreds of acres before coming
to this country, and have made a practice
of keeping accounts and l can assure you
my outlav lias not been small since
coming into this district 2 years ago, My
first item for tlie laud was considerable
as the owners of land here are not in tlie
habit of making presents of it to everyone. My expenditure in improvements
and other incidentals has been much
more than the initial cost of the land in-1
eluding the buying of a road as there
was uo road to"the place when 1 bought
it and 1 question as to having a road yet
had not Mr. "Harvey and other residents
in tlie district interceded. However the
road came, Mr. Harvey was road foreman at the time ami 1 must congratulate
bim and his men on their abilities as
road builders. Had this piece of road
been properly attended to, since il was
built by putting on gravel, there would
have been no . kick. But as it is to-day
in a mosl deplorable condition 1 cannot
help using my back legs. My team is
daily wading through mud up to their
Jiuees and my children along with the
neighbour's children to get to school must
'fc.i through the same punishment,
1 do not want the public to run away
Witli the idea that 1 am the only pebble
ton the beach as there are lots more, more
'���prominent and more illustrous I am only
XUUlting a small business, some call it
running a "Huckleberry Ranch." This
load is the road to Royston sawmill and
there are several mill owners team owners ami contractors who would like to use
this road daily but cannot for the simple
reasou if they put on half a load they get
stuck, only the other day a n experienced
teamster was stuck with his team aud his
language was not parliamentary the air
was blue for yards around. These teamsters are now going two miles out of tlieir
way, almost up to Cumberltud to get from
the Roy Road to the lowtfr end of the
Courtenay Road, now any right thinking
person can see that this is ajdss to the
community and some of "the persons
interested are rate payers.
Perhaps some people treat "Ranchers
letter" as a joke 1 don't see it in that
light 1 can tell you itis uo joke on me
and uiy children aud neighbours to daily
\vude up that road, saying nothing of the
overshoes that are lost that will not be
found till next summer.
Now sir, X am not accustomed to writing long letters especially such foolish
Idlers signed  Rancher,   Uf  course  we
Courtenay, B. C.
know the 'tind of rancher il came
from; not from any rancher in the Comox District. For my own part 1 take
this letter as a very serious insult also to
the farmers of the Comox District in
general. I may say I have been all over
11. C. with the exception of the Peace I
River Country and have been quite a few |
miles from Edmonton looking towards
that place. I can without hesitation say
that it has never been my luck to run up
against such a large body of farmers that
are so intelligent and industrious and
quick to catch on to anything new and
good and gentlemanly in their manners,
t have personally visited most of them,
this is not a fairy tale but straight goods.
I am sure Rancher's letter has not been
written by one of these gentleman as ,
they would not condescend to do such a
foolish niece of business. i
Yours truly, |
One of the Happy Valley Hayseeds.
Ardley; Mr. Thompson. Cumber
laud; Mr. Young; MissE. M. Harm"
ston; A. Peel; Mr. and Mrs. W. P-
Fee and child; J. McDaniels; Miss
A. Miln; Miss J.  Pierce;
A stock of Quarter Cut Oak Buffets and China
Cabinets, Royal Weimar China.   Speciel lines of
Diners, Rockers, Etc. for Xmas Gifts
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland
The Race Track Committee's
whist drive and dance took place
last Friday evening and those who
weathered the storm had a very enjoyable evening. The hall wus
laid with small tables made for the
occasion for a large company.
Owing to the inclement weather
the attendance was around the 25
couple mark who enjoyed the evening's entertainment immensely.
The whist tournment was won by
Mrs. Cook and Mr. Pollock, The
booby prizes were won by Mr.
and Mrs. Jeff Haunay. The dance
lasted until 2 a. m. The next
dance of the Committee will be held
The  Finest   Styles
and kinds of Hnglisb Tweeds aud Worit
wis  to select from at  raasonable price"
P,      ^
on Thursday Dec. 1 ith, when it is
to be hoped the weather man will
show consideration  for the good
All the latest stvles in Fall and
Winter hats are on display at Misa
Dency Smith's Millinery parlors.
We are not at all surprised that
H. D. Forde & Co. report very
heavy sales in the new industrial
property "Perez Park" at No, 8
Mine. It. may be of passing interest to mention here that our own
Editorial Hopes were fanned to a
white heat some four months ago,
at the then possibility of buying a
part of what is now known as
Perez Park. But alas the deal felt
through, not for want of the necessary either���No Sirree���'twas depending ou an option that didn't
exist that spoilt the deal, but 'tis
at least some satisfaction to know
that the general public are proving
our���Editorial Judgement���was all
to the good in the location of Perez
Park, the way they are buying the
property. Money is tight, undoubtedly so, in fact we have never
found it harder to collect overdue
subscriptions than right now.
Local property is stagnant, and has
been for months. To be candid it
takes snaps to make a man put his
hand in his pocket to buy real estate
now-a-days, that is why H. D. we
suppose is selling so much.
Among the guests at the Rest-
more this week are the following-
C. Benson;*M. J. Clark; M. Duloutj
W. Thomas; H. Lumley; Mr. Hay-
ward Mr. Bennett. M. Piercey; G.
It is   worth   the time  of   any   man   who   is   in
the   market   for   lumber   to  see   us,  whether   his
order is large  or small
We  have  in  Stock:
Also some special grades and prices which will
surprise you \
A Liberal Discount to  Cash  Buyers
Knowles - Smith Lumber Co., Ltd.
B. .C
���*w, s*y**t<rmnr*rr**wr '!Wtw. _�� IJC PC .
If You get it at PLIMLETS It's All Rick
Big Fall
During stocktaking we havo found that we buve quite a number of
second baud, simp soiled uud "returned from hire" machines
mid nre holding an end <>f season clearance at big
reductions,   bunk into tbis.
Thos. Plimley
739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
Sutton & KirKwoi
Undertakers and
Thoroughbred Cockerels bur Sale
$2.00 EACH
Night ���
>r iiay Calls Promptly
Phone 27
iWood For Sale
, Cakes, Soft
and Lunches
Stove, Cord, Alder,
Maple or Bark
Apply to
First Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Stearnfittint*
Jackson & Whittle
Phone q Courteuay
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cuslue Uxcellen
Wm. Merryfidd
Cliffe & Higgins
Waverley Hotel
Cumberland, H. C
best of  Liquors nnd Cigars,   Hot and
Cold Water, Maths, etc.
PRANK DALLAS, Proprietor
Riverside Hotel
Bar Su pplied with the Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
O. H. FECHNER, Prop.
C. W.  Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of Charge
Shannon Block,     Courtenay
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
R. Athey
Contractor and Builder
Plans and Estimates Supplied
on Short Notice
Ed. Wilson
Carpenter and builder
Moving Buildings a Specialty
COURTENAY     -     B. C.
Sibley & Pollock
Contractors & Builders
Clearing Bee
Ou Saturday afternoon the 29th
inst. from 1 p. 111. to S o'clock the
Church of England congregation
are holding a "Clearing Bee" In
order to clear four lots just past
George Lelghtou's house, on the
Lake Trail road preparatory to the
start of construction work of the
new Church and Institute Hall
which this denomination are building in Courtenay this winter. All
interested in church work, whether
of the above denomination or not are
cordially invited to donate four
hours work on Saturday afternoon.
Tools necessary are ixes (tresh from
tlie grindstone) cross cut saws,
brush hooks, mattocks and shovels.
Everyone attending is requested
to bring one or more oi tlie above
tools. If in doubt us to which,
good sharp axes' are the most
necessary. N. B. The ground being
a triile clamp after tlie recent heavy
rains your strongest boots are advisable,
Heating and
Electric Wiring
���  I  iiMll.HI���
Allan & Drinkwater
Next to Royal Hank
Xmas. Suggestions
Hair Brushes
Artistic bungalows a Specialty
Masonry and Brickwear of every description.       Plans furniseed
Estimates Free
All Work Guaeanteed
B. C
ess and
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Dny or Night
Oscar W. Davis
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans   and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guarauteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
The annual meetirg of the Cc-
mox Farmers Institute will be held
iu the Agricultural Hall on Monday
evening Dec. 15 at 8 o'clock Tlie
officers for tlie ensuing year will be
elected. Speeches are promised
and the public are cordially invited
to be present.
When you want amateur pholo
supplies go lothe Courtenay Photo
Studio.   Local views for sale.
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUILLAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.   Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.  McCuish, Prop.
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. in on Thursdays
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by
John Shelbun
Comox, B. C.
Beit Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Plastering Contractor
Cement Work a Specialty
Subscribe for The  Review
Cokely & Ferris
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyors
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay  -   B. C.
Ou and after November 1st, 1913
all accounts and debts of the above
estate must bs paid to Charles G.
Callin of Courteuay B. C-,^ the
only authorised agent. As'* Mr.
W. H. Hoff has left the employ of
the said estate.
Signed, Burth.v G, Crawford
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Jos. Barrie
Palace Livery
& Feed Stable
Herse3 and Buggies for Hire
Reasonable Kates
We also attend to wood hauling
Phone 25
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drug Store,
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender (or
Drill Hall at Victoria, B.C.," will lie
recieved until 4.00, p. 111., on Thursday, December 11,1913, for the construction ut 11 Drill Hall at Victoria, H. C,
Plans, specification and form of contract can lie seen and forms of tender
obtained nn application to the office of
Wm. Henderson, resident architent,
Victoria, 11. C.j on application to the
Postmaster, at Vancouver, 11. C, and at
this Department.
Persons tendering nre notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made 011 the printed forms "supplied,
and signed with tlieir actual signatures,
stating their occupations and places of
residence. In the ease of firms, the
actual signature, tlie nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each
member of the firm must be given,
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque ou a chartered hank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p. c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or
fail to complete the work contracted for.
If the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 27, 1913.
Newspapers will uot he paid for this
advertismeiit if they insert it without
authority from the  Department.���4943S
In the Matter of the Estate of
Andrew Byron Crawford, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all debts
due the above mentioned Estate must be
paid forthwith. Payment of such debts
must be made at the office of the Acadia
Trust Company limited at Courteuay
B. C.
Executors and trustees of above-mentioned estate.
Executrix and trustee of the above-mentioned estate.
May 14, 1913.
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
NTons but the BEST WINES an
UQUORS at the Bar
Dealer in
Choice Fruits,
Soft Drinks
Dunsmuir Ave.. Cumberland
I have on hand about 13 suits of
mens clothes, sizes 36 to 40 which
will be offered at $16, $18 ond $20
per suit, and prices of pants $4.50.
$5, $6 and $7 per pair These are
all 35 per cent, less than regular
T. D. Hinds
Board of Trade Building
Union St. Courtenay
J.   E.    ASTON
Basement Willard Block
Loggers Boots and Shoes Made
Repairing Neatly and Promptly  Done
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns iu the Comox Valley,  including all of the be6t and
popular makes, and at the lowest prices,"  Come in and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marlin; Stevens, Savage and Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
COURTENAY     -    and      -      CUMBERLAND m
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. I.L.D.. D.C.L.. President
General Manager Assistant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.   Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the P ,,k.        ��,��
W. T. WHITE, Manager, Courtenay, Comox and Cumbct  .nd Bi an tacts
Comox brain li open t n Tne:dny, from 10 to 3
You can get tre very b;st
in Courtenay at the
Comox Co-Gperative Society
Phone your orders early and (ley wi S receive
prompt Attention
Prone ho, 2 Courtenay
Happy Valley
Owing to his exceedingly heavy
crop of apples, Mr. Pearse has
been compelled to build a new
cellar in which to store them
A surprise party was neld at the
home of Mr. R. William: o 1 on
Monday evening of last week.
Rev. M Webster has commenced
holding   dlvim    services   in   the1
Wife (counting over her change
alter making a purchase) "I fear
he has given me the wrong change"
Husband (savage!}) ''I thought so,
I thought so; thats the way my
hard-earned morey goes. Trust a
woman to get fooled. Go back at
once to the counter . and get it
Wife returned to the counter and
handed the clerk a $5 bill.
Husband:"Why, what have you
Happy Valley school house ou Sun
day afternoons.    The meetings are I been doitiet^''
well attended. j k'
A concert is  announced to be!    Wlfe: "making the change right
held in the  Happy Valley school dear'    He gave me $5 too much."
house on Wednesday Nov. 26. Husband (more   savagely   than
 ����������.��  lever:) "Well, By Jingo, you'are an
COMOX idiot .
S S. Eagle haTTailed for Mexi- Dl,rin* llle strora of Tl,esday a,1:d
can waters under the command of Wednesday the river was swollen
Captain Jackson, with full cotnpli- greatly. Large numbers of huge
ment of men and guns in case of trees and logs floated down botli
emergency. days.   When the tide came iu the
Who was the young lady that on j water completely flooded the flats
being led to a seat after a two-ttep j where the race-course is, also the
with a gentleman' replied to his re-1 field back of McQuillan's was flood-
mark that "I could die dancing, ed. The water was right up to tie
couldn't you?" "No, there are'Review office's floor, but did not
pleasatiter ways of dying than being' come through. Another two inch
trampled to death. es and we would have been flooded.
Morning.  Nogs aid Night We Drink It
and the beverage is such a favourite, that most of us pay lite
highest price to secure the best blend.''
Right here we wish to inform the public that really good
tea is in reality a moderate priced article, 'tis often the package, the tin, or some well known dealers make, we are paying
more for than the tea itself.
We have made arrangements to handle in large quantities
a blend of tea that has astounded us with its fragrant quality,
and we defy anyone except a professional tea-taster, to detect
tlie difference between this blend and the 50, 55, and 60c Teas
on the market.
Only yesterday, while I was wrapping up a pound of my
special tea, a lady customer remarked, that while I had it in
stock, she would never again buy a pound of 60c tea. You
won't either if you
Go  Home To-Night with a Trial Order of
McKean's Special at 40c
Phone 6 Courtenay
Do These Prices
Appeal to You ?
7 Days only, Starting Saturday, Nov.
Ladies' wove Delaine Blouses in nice
clean stripes, reg $1.75, sale price $1
Ladies' wove Delaine Blouses, fancy
Lace collar and new effect Reg. $2
Sale price $1.25
Assortment of Ladies' Blouses in Silk,
Net and Fancy Delaines, marked
away below cost.
Ladies' Sweaters and Sweater coats
in plain coat, Norfolk and fall over
style, Reg. price from $3.50 to $5
Sale price 1.50 to $3.50
Ladies' Fleece lined Vests,
reg. 65c, Sale price 45c
Ladies' Flannelette Nightgowns
Reg. 1.25, sale price 95c
Reg. $2, sale price $1.50
Ladies' Aviation caps,
values up to 1.50, sa'e 75c
Ladies' Felt Slippers, all sizes
Reg. 1.25, sale price 75c
Ladies' Suits, Coats and Skirts
to be sold at 25 per cent, discount
Men's Wool Ribbed Working Socks
Reg. 25c, sale price 6 pr for $1
Men's Black Cashmere   and   Heather
Mixed Socks, reg. 35c, sale 25c
Men's Soft Front Shirts in t;ood clean
patterns and in all sizes,
Reg. price 1.25 and 1.50, sale 75c
Men's Soft Front Shirts so'Ft collars attached, all good clean patterns
Reg. 1.25 and 1.50, sale 75c
Men's Underwear, Elastic Ribbed,
Reg. 2.50, sale 1.75. suit
Men's Heavy Melton Shirts all sizes
Reg. 1.50, sale price 95c
Men's Shoes, some odds and ends that
we intend to clear out
reg. values up to $5, sale price 2.50
Men's Shoes in all sizes,
Reg. values $6, sale 4.05
Men's Corduroy Pants, cuff bottoms.
belt loops, fawn color, reg 4.50 for 3.50
All Men's Suits, values up to 17.50,
to be cleared at sale price 12.50
Boys and Girls Boots and Shoes
Union St.
Jeweler, Courtenay
has engaged Chas. Simms
latsly with O. B. Allan,
Vancouver, and 20 years
Old Country experience
Mend that Watch
of Yours
Advertise in The Review.
Or.r Xmas goods are arriving by
every boat. Currants, raisins, peel,
sultanas, almonds, walnuts, flavor
ing for Xmas pudding and cakes
We have a full line of Ladies neck
wear, waists and silk handkerchiefs
table centres
Also gents ties, suspenders, garter
sets, fancy wool vests, ���dlk mufflers
and  gold  mounted fountain pens,
all suitable for Xmas presents
A  large  assortment of chiua and
glass ware, Xmas and New Year
TOYS       TOYS        TOYS
This is Santa Clans'   headquarters
for his presents.    Call and  inspect
our stock, we cad suit all ages
Don't forget the address
'i'he Undersigned hereby give notice Hint
the Kstate of Andrew Hyron Crawford
will not be responsible for nor pay any
debts or other obligations contracted by
any person without the written order of
the undersigned.
Bbrtha ('.race Crawford,
Acadia Ti UST Co., I/i'n.
Executrix and executors   respectively of
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford,
June 3rd, 1913 ft
DR.  MORRISON,  Dentist
Dr. Morrison is a graduate both of die
Chicago and Detroit Dental Colleges.
Having a central office in Courtenay he
will visit surrounding towns at regular
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oidcst Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   hirst   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.   DALRYMPLE,  Prop.
/loving; Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
3y a new up-to-date electric plant
An  Entire Change of Programme
Twice  weekly
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor
Soft E
Swan's Pool Room
[The most Home-like Hotel North otsVictoria
* Rates Reasonable
j        FABER & FABER, Props.
I   Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, B. C.
X*************************************************** THE REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
The EASY polish
Makes Shoes
Last Longest,
Buffalo, N. T.
Licensed-Bonded Established   1!>lu
"More Cups -a
, and a Better Brink"
A bite of this and a taste of that, all day
leng, dulls the appetite and v/eakens ths
Restore, yonr stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
liter each meal���and out out the'piecing*.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
ire the feat friends (or sufferers from
Indigestion and dyspepsia. 50c. a Box
tt your Druggist's. Made ky tho
National Drug and Chemical Co. oi
Canada, [.trailed.
Straight Shot
Lawyer���I hardly think that you
tail get a separation from your wife
merely because she throws fliitirons
at the dog.
Client���No! But then every time
the throws at the dog sho hits me.
To Save Trouble
Mabel���I wonder why they always
liave a rooster and never a hen on
church steeples';
.lack���I expect It is because it
would be difficult to collect the eggs.
Coin Demands Ends
Tlio demand for Canadian gold coins
has iilmost reached the vanishing
point. When the first issue wus made
a considerable quantity was placed In
circulation. It gradually fell off, however, and at the present time there is
scarcely any in circulation.
Here's a chance
(or you to buy
youi range from
the factory and
save 30%���to
buy it on easy
terms and to get
the very range
you would choose, even if you
had to pay lhe retail price.
Our free book shows you
exactly what lhe range ii like. It de-
scribe, each point clearly, and w��
guarantee our range to bo jurt
at represented.
You might II well save the retail
profit.    Mail the coupon to-day.
Dominion Pride
��� Polished
��� steel body���
I unbreakable
I doors and
^A castings-
^H . beautifully
^fck nickellcd
Cinidi    ^^
Malleable S   ^|w
tteel Range Hl|. ^.W
ti., Limited, Oihiwa. ^^
Pltasa send Book.
Ctih or Credit
���W    W.P.y
~.W   Froight
Not Likely
Well, my little man, wltui can I do
for you? asked the grocer as ho rubbed his hands genially together.
Please sir, mothei' says these
matches she bought this morning
ain't no good.
No good, exclaimed the grocer, now
looking almost as much worried us the
boy. What's the matter with them?
This Is the first complaint 1 bave bad.
Can't help that, said the small boy.
Mother; says they ain't no good.
Nonsense! replied the grocer. Then
taking a match from one of the boxes
he gave It a smart rub, which ignited
it immediately, and turned to the boy
again. Well, he enquired, what have
you got to say now?
The small complainant returned the
disdainful look, undaunted.
That's orl right, guv'nor. he remarked, but do you flnli my muvvar's coming 'ere to .strike matches on vour
hoots every time she wants a light?
All the Same to Him
Stranger���Hallo, (ireen!
Artist���Sir, my name is Drown!
Stranger���That's   all   right!     I'm
color blind!
Of Course Not
One of the Inmates of a luiiati;
asylum, an Irishman, was sent to nn
adjoining ward to llnd out the correct time. He returned in a moment and announced:
Twlnty 'minutes  t'  twilve.
Pat aro you sure that clock is
right? he was asked.
lljight. is it? he replied. D'ye
think it wud be in this place If it
wuz roight.
Many children die from the assaults
of worms, and the llrst care of mothers should be to see that their infants are free from these pests. A
vermifuge that can be depended on
is Miller's Worm Powders. They
will not only expel worms from the
system, but act as a health-giving
medicine and a remedy for many of
the nilments that beset, infants, enfeebling them and endangering ihelr
Like a Slot Gas Meter
Tommy���What, is a retainer, pa?
A retainer, my son is    the   money
people pay to us lawyers before wc
can do any work,
Oh, I see. It's like those slot gas-
meters. The people have to pay their
money before they get any gas.
Saved up for It
One day two women hired a cab and
paid the driver his dollar l'or their ride
with the following coins: A twenty-flvo
cent piece, three dimes, live live-cent
pieces, a three-cent piece, two two-
cent pieces and thirteen pennies.
After looking at the miscellany for
a moment, the driver smiled broadly,
and asked whimsically: Well, well,
now, and how lung bave you been
saving up fir this nice little treat today?
Quite Unusual
A commission In lunacy had called
a woman before I linn as a Witness.
And now, said I lie commission's
counsel to her, whnt is your ground
for claiming lh.it tbe accused is in-
Tho woman gulped, wiped her eyes
and answered: Well, gentlemen, he
tool; tne to tho theatre twice in
one week. Bach time we went In a
laxicah; wo had Blippcr erch time after the performance, and each time lie
bought me chocolates and Sowers. Ho
didn't go out Lo see a man between Uie
mis either,
Hul. iiTtidam. s:ii'i ;i commissioner,
surely iltese actions do not prove Insanity mi tlie accused's part.
Hul you forgel. sir. snid lhe lady,
willi a sud smile you forge! thai Ilie
accused is mv husband.
Mlnard's Liniment for uti evetywhere
A Cleveland lawyer tells liow, dui
lug a trial, one ot the jurors stiddenlj
rose from Ids sent and fled from lite
court-room, lie was, however, arrested in his illglti. before he had left
the building, and brought hack
1 should like to know whal you
menu by such an action as t li is. demanded the Juflgi, in a ientenl tone,
however, its be know the man. nil elderly German, to bo a Blmple, straightforward person.
Veil, yonr honor. I i 111 explain, snid
th�� juror. Van Mr. Jones finished
mil his talking mj mind was clear all
through, but ven Mr. sniiiii begins his
talking I Incomes all confused again
nln ndy, aud I says i" himself, I better
leave u: voace, und Bin}' away until
he is none, because your honor, lo tell
the truth, I ilitln'i like ihv vaj der
argument wns going-
Jhflr L.Lj       Action
Solid Breech Hamraerlcts-Safe
ORTSMEN '^Hai'""^ ':-'���
til over Canada havo        **>*���     "*'   '  v
been quick lo recognize it
thoroughbred in tha new Rem-
mgton-UMC hlgh-power slide action       \
repeating riile. \*
Just tha right weight and balance for the      \   "Yf
woods,   rhe action is completely protected     *vxV'
by the Remington-UMCaolia breech conitrucdon
���the protruding hammer eliminated,
Wa will be glad in tene\ you a bpoltlitl explaining
aiinply wliy these featuiei nre ol vital luiporttnct
lo you in yonr enolea .if an arm.
Remington Arms-Union Mctolllo Cartridge (
Windsor. Onti
A Pill That is Prized. There have
been many pills ium. upon the market and pressed upon public attention,
hut none has endured so long or met
v.iih so much favor as Parm'oleo's
Vegetable Pills. Widespread use of
them has attested their great value.
and they need no further advertisement than tills. Having firmly established themselves lit public, esteem
they now rank without a peer in the
list of standard vegetable preparations
Unity Marliat Latter and Sampl* Grain Bags.
Bend us your mime nnd address and wa will
put^you on our mailing Hat���It's free.   Lot ut
keep you postort on market rprlcei) for grain.
Terminal attention given to Belling nnd grading of nil
oars. Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work in our
ctlonts' Interests. Wo have every facility for prompt servlua and
wa got best rosulln for shippers.
Sand to-day for a supply of snmple hags nnd dent wllh a
firm whose limilnooa Una been built up by satisfied customers,
Paid-up Capital, $150,000
Reference,*;,    any    Bank    or
Commercial Agency.
Grain Commission Merchant! Winnipeg, Manitoba
Make Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fort William. .Notify Peter Jnnsen
Co., Winnipeg,
Liberal Advances                         Prompt Returns Best Grades
Just on One Leg
Tt was the usual custom at Seaweed
Farm for Mrs. Giles to wind up all the
clocks each Saturday evening. But
one Saturday Mrs. Giles was on the
sick list -nothing more serious than a
slightly sprained ankle���and she
found it Impossible for her to move j
about the house So Giles was bidden
to undertake the performance of her
Now, Giles was short and fat. The
kitchen mantel shell' was high. In
order therefore to reach the clock
which stood upon it, Giles was forced
to requisition the services of a chair,
Laborously he mounted it, while
Mrs. Giles watched the manoeuvre in
fear and trembling.
John, John, she cried, do be careful.
That chair, you know, Is none too
strong. I'm sure it won't bear your
Giles turned round and surveyed
his spouse calmly.
Av, ay, my dear, he said, it's quite
all right; I'm only standing on one
Stands for COMFORT
As in 1840, the Cunard Line is today ilie pioneer in everything appertaining to service and'comfort of ocean travellers. The new palatial twin-screw
steamships "Andania" and "Alaunla" are equipped with all the latest Improvements for the enjoyment and safety of passengers, in addition they
have large bilge heels which ensure great steadiness in rough weather.
Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing-room,   Smoking-room,   Open   ami   Covered
Promenades, Spacious Staterooms, Orchestra.
Early application for reservations should be made for the Christmas
sailing Dec. 9th, S.S. "Alaunla" (one class cabin (II) and third class only)
Portland to Liverpool.
For particulars of sailings and services from Montreal) Portland, Boston
and New York, apply to Local Agents, or
THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO.,  LTD., 304  Main  Street,  Winnipeg
Can always make sure of getting the highest prices for WHEAT, OATS.
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car lots to FORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
Farmer's WiEe���Now, then, you Just
clear out. When I gave you a splendid pair ot boots a mnnl.li ago, you promised me you wouldn't trouble me
Persistent Peter���Neither would I,
muni, only the boots 'ave worn out, so
I thought I'd aid; you it you'd mind
havin' 'em soled and 'celed tor me?
Recognized  Him
I saw my boyhood chum loduy. the
one that bas become a millionaire.
Did be recognize you?
1 guess so. Ho turned a corner
when he saw me coming.
��. N. U. 970
Obeying His Doctor
Gibbs ��� Wonder    why    Rlclileigh
when be puts up at a hotel always
takes a single room.
Dibbs���His doctor told him he must
avoid suites.
He Was the Cabman
A local preacher once drove in a cab
to the village church to preach, tip-
on reaching the church he was very
concerted to find that, the congregation only consisted of one man. Remembering however, that a well-
known minister had on one occasion
preached to one man. and converted
him, be decided to give him the benefit of his discourse.
At the close ot a long sermon be
shook hands with Ills congregation
and asked him If the sermon was loo
Oh, it makes no dlfterenci :������ me,
was the reply.   1 am your cabman.
lit���Private Jones just stood mo a
Sire And did you stand 'hurt one
He���No, o[ course not. A true Bnfr
Itili Bolrtler never ro-treutsl
Very Unique Spot
Doubtless the most unique spol  in
Europe is  the little  village ol' Allen-
berg on whose border three countries i
meet.    It is ruled b ��� no monarch, lias
no soldiers, no police, ami   no   taxes. |
Us Inhabitants speak a curious jargon
ot French and German combined, and
upend their days in cultivating the land
or working in the valuable calamine
mine of whlcb the village boasts.
\ policeman, giving evidence al. tlio
Southward Coroner's Court recently,
said his numewas Vltruvius Rainbow,
Tbe Coroner���Were you named aft
er anyone?
The Constable���Xo, sir.
Tanning Materials in United States
The figures of the United States forestry service show that there are
some 22,000,000 worth of vegetable
tanning material used every year in
the United States. The chief source
ot tanning is hemlock bark, but tbe
quantity used is steadily decreasing,
owing to the depleting ot tbe forests.
The amount of bark utilized in the
United States in 1906 was 930,000
tons, in 1907. 816,000 tons; in 1908
810,000 tons; and in 1909, 698,000 tons.
There are in all, six sources ot tanning: gall nuts, fruits ot certain plants
and leaves of some trees anil shrubs,
wood ot such trees as chestnut and
quebrecho, bark of many trees and
shrubs, roots of certain plants. The
decrease ln the amount derived from
these usual sources Of vegetable tanning is being met by introducing new
materials and chemical substitutes.
There appears to be a limit, however,
to which substitutes van be successfully carried, and Ihe question ot a future supply ot vegetable tanning Is
becoming a mutter tor serious consideration. ���
Ideal Silver
Cream Is n scientific preparation
specially adapted
for cleaning all
kinds of SILVER
purely vegetable
compound and
does not contnln
any Injurious sub.
stances. Any article polished with
IDEAL Will acquire a beautiful
lustre that will nol
For  sale   by   all
Minard'6 Llnimer; Cures Dandruff.
LUMSDEN  ���LOa.(c*y��ffi;") TORONTO,
weirt ne rieus. ' '     m.j?/j.
A pen-nib is a little thing, yet there
is more steel used in the manufacture
of nibs than iu all the sword and gun
factories In tlie world. A ton of steel
produces 1,500,000 pens.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
���Soothes Bye Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, SOc.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c,  50c.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
An Eya Tanlc a..* t*e Ml Eyaa thai Na.d Car*
Hurlna  Eya  Hamad?  Co..  Chlcal*
Two men of Milwaukee were discussing tlio case of a person of their
acquaintance whose obituary, It appears, had been printed by mistake in
one of that city's newspapers.
Oh. ho! exclaimed ono of tlie Germans. So dey hat bi'iuted der funeral notice of a man who is not dead
alfeadyl Veil, now, he'd be lu a nice
fix if he was vot believes everyone ot
dose beoples vot believes everything
dey sees in der bnpers!
Champagne Bottles
No machine has yel been invcii'i tl
In France which can supersede tnanuul
labor in the manufacture of champagne
bottles. The men performing Ihls difficult work are well paid.
Little Freddie had just made his
first acquaintance with animal crackers. After eating quite an assortment
of them Freddie became very thoughtful.
What makes you so pensive, dear?
asked bis mother.
Oh, I wt.s thinking what a circus
was going on inside of inc.
I don't know anything aboul nothing,
saiil a witness at tlie Norman Cross
Police Court recently.
Little Lola���Mamma  this  milk  is
Mamma���That's    strange,    It
been in the Icebox nil morning.
Little Lola���Perhaps the milkman
made a mistake and gave h!s cow
pickles for breakfast
The Best Corrective
and preventives I the numerous
ailments caused by defective
or irregular action of the organs of digestion���is found
in the safe, speedy, certain
and time-tested home remedy
Sold ����erytv'-.r
In ho.v-1, 2ii c-nU, THE REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
The Grand Promoter In Difficulties About Loan of $3.
uu ii. BtevengfCnn'i  possibly no it.
When  I  think of your sublime eonfl
deuce in nie"~
"I never had any!"
The Encomiums Heap Up.
���'When I  remember how you forced
lhai money Into my  band ��nil snid I
'need not return It for a thousand years
I realize that I cau't do too much lo   j
ihow my gratitude,   Confldlng, trust-
VISITOR    '"^ ttAewl, 1 appoint yon ylce president
" >f the Great American Old Fashioned
Pumpkin Pie company, and the salary
While Waiting by tha Wayside on tha   Will ho $20,000 per year.    I'll also pro-
Path to Prosperity Ihe Major'* Mus- \��"t you with a block or slock worth
ings   Are   Momentarily   Interrupted. , 110,000, find If Ilie dividends are not at
The Great Pie Syndicate. ' least 16 per cent per year  I'll  muke
'em up to you.   i.et me congratulate
you, sir���let ine congratulate i on!''
"I have culled for uiy .fit," was the
i quiet reply as the creditor .".rose and
romoved his coat.
,   "And wiint is the Grant American
[Copyright,   lSKl   by Assii'.'lHt*>it   Literary
a Prtss.]
'AJOl!    OROFOOT.    had    11
cents In his right hand trousers pocket
lie hnd t) cents lu his left.
la.-t iiii trousers pocket,
filOVOU and nine lire twenty even In
Tlie innjipf luni couuled iiiiiI counted,
but could muke the sum total neither
mole nor less. II represented bis total
cash   fortune     II. slood  bclween  III in
���nd tlie condition of being busted,
Just nn ordinal'}' lunch and thero
wouldn't bo n cent, left to Jingle,
"If a sucker doesn't come lu lodtiy"--
Hn bad got tlmi. fnr when u man
walked tbl'OUgb Hie open door and
stood before him. It. wns a mini whom
he Imped was dead, It took Ibo major
fully thirty seconds lo remember he
bad borrowed the money for only a
couple of days nnd Intel pledged his
honor to return It and to realize that
rt was nbout to be "culled 111" wllh or
wllhotil n row.
"By George, Slovens, but this is singular��� mighty singular!" exclaimed
the major us he got bis feel down nud
extended his band. "Nol. two minutes ngo I was wondering why ou
earth I never met you or why you
didn't call. I've hnd a check for you
for months. Hcen out of the country, oh?"
"Keen looking for youi" solomnly re-
Idled tlio culler as be took n sent and I
mopped his brow.
"l'or mo!   Why, I've been right here
for a year, except tit brief Intervals, and
I should luire been rejoiced to see you. \
I'm r;ot n mnn to forget old friends, !
Stevens.   In the days of my adversity,
w tf.'u I hadn't even money enough to j
get my laundry, you stood by me like a |
'brick;   you were one of the few who
believed in me."
A Hot Rejoinder.
"Never!" replied Stevens, "No. I never
.���lleved 111 you!    I knew you were a
dendbettt the first time I saw you!  I
want tbnt $3!"
"And when a mnn believes In my Integrity," continued the major, "when a
Old Fashioned Pumpkin Plo company}" Queried tbe major ns he walked
In nml fro wllh u tender smllo on his
fnce. "Ah lis name Indicates, it Is a
corporation for iho manufacture nnd
mile of ihe pumpkin pies of our grand-
inolhers' days,  lhe plo  which encotir-
BtTPtl tlie iniuuie mnn nt Lexington nnd
stood behind tbe patriots at uunkoc
inn. it was tbo old fashioned pumpkin pie which cemented nml built, up
this Union nml brought aboul tbo prosperity of a nation, Had we stuck by
tho pie which stuck by us our influence nnd prosperity would have been
Iwlce whnt; Iliey nre now; but, alns,
wo put It behind us for flonllng island,
charlotte russe nnd strawberry shortcake!''
".My $8," snld the creditor ns he rose
snd loosened his vest.
To Nationalize the Pie.
"Hut wo are about to return to the
halcyon pie���to nationalize it once
more nud make It a bulwark of liberty.
1 bave organized a company, wltb $2,-
000,000 paid up capital. The shares
nre selling at par value today, but the
first whiff* of the first pumpkin pie
which reaches the nostrils of the pa-
I trlots of America will bounce those
i shares to 15120. We sbnll hnve the old
1 fashioned pumpkins, the old fashioned
molasses, tbe old fashioned ginger
cuke. We shall turn out pics which
���will melt In the mouths of tho gods
and lift the sons of liberty off tbelr
heels. On tbe face of each plo will be
stamped the Goddess of Liberty, and
oil the back will be tbe American eagle
holding the stars and stripes In his
claws.   While the eater devours pump
nan trusls In iny honor and helps mo
'ut of n hole, he makes no mistake. I'd
ell lhe shirt off iny buck lo repay the
um be made me.  Ves. you believed In
���ie  when  others  refused
rnrms tbo cockles of iny
nil your conduct. One day ynu forced
Inlo my bund and would not let tne
���n thuiik you."
Vou  are a   liar,  and   I   want  my
"I wns In lhe depths of despair for a
w weeks,  but then the Jade called
orlune began to smile on me.   When
ic turned iu my favor she couldn't do
lough.   I promoted aud Honied com-
my after company nnd trust after
ust and raked in fortune after for-
ine, and lodny. SteVous���today I can
.2 iiw my check for millions.   If It had
'lit been for you nnd your .$3 I might
f'l bo able to buy a sardine.   Ves, sir.
I was your push upward Hint enabled
e lo reach tbe pinnacle on which 1
and ut present, and I um not the mnn
forget it."
"Come down wllh my three!" wills-
i red the creditor as he looked over
' i! major's head.
:' '.Months nud months ngo I made out
plied: for you. In return for your SU
; made out a check for $3,000. But,
lis. I could not llnd your address!
, ivldpiico seems lo have guided yonr
litti'ps lodny. Some men might slop
reliirnlu $11,000 for S" and Ihlllk
. 'mil done ti good 'hint;, hul 1 can't
[ klu pie he Is at the same time filling up
i on freedom."
".My $3!" said Stevens as be removed
his cuffs nnd pushed up bis sleeves.
"And yon arc to be vice president at
a salary"of $20,000 a year!" smiled tbe
major. "In the days when the world
was against me you forced $3 Into my
hand and showed your confidence and
trust. Do you think I can rest content by simply repaying tbo loan or
oven by making It $3,000? No, never!
Monday morning you sball enter upon
your duties, nnd If you want your salary for a year ln advance yon shall
have It. In time that $3 may grow to
$3,000,000, and no one will be more
gratified tban yours truly. Once tbe
pumpkin plo Is replaced ou its pedestal of greatness, once the"���
Th* Major In Difficulties.
Mr. Stevens grabbed ibe major and
shoved blm ngalnst the wall, but did
I not disconcert bim.    It wns only ten
I seconds before he went on:
"I wns making out the papers before
j you camo in, but found Hint I lacked
j the sum necessary to file them wltb
I Iho secretary of state. If you hnppcn
I to have a live dollar bill about you"���
!. Mr. Stevens banged the major's head
I ngnlnst the wall and growled nt his
! cheek, but It wss no go.
"As you go out you mny look for offices, n suit In some first clnss location, nud It would be well If you step-
I ped Into some bank and introduced
j yourself. There will be nothing cheap
: nbout this affair. Even tho ovens In
! which wo bnke the pies will be nickel
1 plated,"
|    Mr. Stevens threw the major down
to,   nnd  It | nm, imlip:ej |,is |lenj on i|10 flUOr and
heart  as  I i [1U0|ie(j |,|n, nn,| cn||cj ,jlm lintlies. but
when ho had finished tlio grand pro
motet' rose up nml continued:
"1 have figured It down close, nnd
wo sbnll sell 3,000,000 pies per day lhe
year round. The profit on ench pie
will bo 'I cents, nnd tho sum total
-what! Going? Well, It ls n busy
day for bolh of us, but don't forget
lo call on Monday. I sbnll wnnt you
lo start out lhe first thing nnd contract for SOO.OOO pumpkins nnd"-
Bilt the creditor gave him one long,
lingering look of chagrin and contempt
and stalked out, nnd tbe major sat
down In his old position and winked
nt the calendar on tbe wall nnd began
dreaming other dreams of wealth nnd
t��u Major Leigh Hod Southed It it
Many Places.
Major Kuwaru Leigh, formerly of Ua,
Ontario Crown Lands Department, whs
died last month, was a man of unlaw
personality. Throughout his early llfi
Major Leigh wan essentially a "rolling
���tune," and hit travels carried hlni tl
many corners of the globe. Eventually,
twenty Ihrco yours ago he become poete��
tor of a grant of laud near LaKoville,
Ont., where ho farmed for tome time,
losing, as ho was wont fo say with hit
customary chuckle, "on nn average foul
hundred dollar) n year;'' adding, bow
ever, "but 1 hnd nil tho sport 1 wanted,
10 it whs wovlh it." Sport wns his hob
hy^nnd the many trophies with which liil
house Is adorned speak for his prOWOII
wllh gun snd rifle. Only a fen iiionthl
ngo ho wns able In boast proudly Hint hi
could walk down moil of the young mo��
of to day, and dt.ring pnrt of lust turn
mer he was camping with hit wife 1��
On ono occasion when in Iho AuMralh
an gold-fields ho had run out of money,
but received from Kngland, Just as hi
wa* at his wit's end lo know where tc
turn, a draft for ��1,000. Drafts are no|
of much practical use in ench district!
us ho was in. and having to moans oi
reaching tlio outer world except on foot,
he started forih to walk to Melbourne, ���
distance of nearly 1160 miles. This look
hlni several days to accomplish, snd oi
arrival nt Melbourne he found to his con>
stc.ruiilion thnl bo would bo unable t��
cash the draft, owing to lack of identifl
entioti. He then had exactly three Bhill-
ings nud sixpence In tho world, and with
this he decided to indulge in a good
meal, nnd then retrace his steps. Ooa
sequently the same dny saw him setting
out to w'nlk back over tho 2S0 miles, pen'
niless and footsore. But his optimistil
spirit carried him through all dlfflcultlel
���at times on the way he was reduced tc
ench straits for wnter as to be obliged
to drink out of puddles in the road. Ar
rived back at his diggings, he considered
tho question that waa before him, and
eventually made up his mind to return
to Melbourne, which he accordingly did,
and shipped before the mast on asailins
steamer, working his passage to England
by that means, and taking with him hil
useless draft for ��1,000, which was eve*
tually cashed in the British Isles,
Major Leigh, who through his mothei
is related to the old Jersey family of
Poindestre, ou his first return to his homi
after ho came to Canada, took with hire
as a present to his twin brother a aw
Canadian canoe. But the inhabltanti
of tho Cbanu��l Islands had never seen
a vessel of this description, and Instead
of the canoe being received with the joy
the Major anticipated, he was very much
disgusted when his family refused at
any price to enter It, even though hi
gave thein personal demonstrations as to
its safety.
Through his father, Major Leigh was
related to au old Devonshire family, whs
are cousins of the same family to which
the Karl of Rothes belongs on hii
mother's side. Both families are noted
for their hard fighting and wandering
instincts, Lord Bothes himself being no
exception to the general rule. On both
occasions when Lord Bothes has been in
Toronto, he has made a point of visiting
Major Leigh, and the two had much <*
common both in character and tastes.
flow the Grown TJps of a Western Towj
It wns in tlie Wist ��� ore corner o.
the, I'Hiiitoian West���-and tho old pcupii
--in other words, the married people���
were to give a concert in tlio school
house. Tho youngsters had their chauci
the week before, but this wus to out
sliino anything and everything ever given
In Ihe little prairie settlement where thl
I ruses bloom for months and tho wind
blows always and forever.
Such a mixture of talent! The tat
young homesteader who come from l.oi
Angeles, the nasal-twanged Ynnkee front
Vermont, the tall, gaunt Mlnnesoton win
tang "Me, He Like 'Mellcon Man,'1
nnd who swore alwnys that it wns impos
siblo for a man who drunk black tea t<
bo a Christian or toll the truth] Then
wore blonde Norwegians uud blondei
Swedes, peoplo from  Eastern Canada
Has Wonderful Memory.
J. S. Dennis, assistant to the goners,
/aanager of the C.P.R., Is reputed to
havo the best memory of anyone on the
road. One of the company's surveyors
���aid once, "Gee, you can't slip anything over on the chief. If you begin
to talk to him about a quarter section,
he'll snys, 'Yes, I remember. It il
slightly alkaline toward the southerly
half, but the north part is eicollent
landl' What do you know about that,
in a three million acre tract I" His
momory for the slightest detail is just
as perfect, nnd there is nothing in tho
multitude of things connected with his
grent work on which he cannot give you
dates and figures.
With nil his gravity and dignity,
tlicre is nothing Mr. Dennis so much
jnjoys ns a practical joke. He has
bores of "magic" stored away and
will "spring" conundrums, puzzles,
"ningie coins," snd tricks of all sorts
on you without notice. 1 remember
being a guest on board his private
car once for dinner, and as I raised
Iny glass I was much abashed to per-
ceivo a tricklo of water running down
my frock. I hastily wiped it away
nnd next time I rinsed the gloss vory
Singcrlv, bul again I rccchod a bath.
Tho slightest suspicion of a twinkle
In Mr. Dennis' eyo inndo me examine
ilie gloss. It was perforated so that
It spilled whenever it wns raised. He
���limited with laughter when* his trie*
-tar discovered.
On Two Occasions the Trosent Auditor
for Ontario Was Twice Accused of
Being n Lawyer and rc=i^; a.; a
Friend of tbo Farmer and Twice He
Had tbe Laugh on His Critic.
Parliament, some months ngn, enjoyed
0 fleeting visit from ono of its forinor
giants of debate, Mr. James Clancy,
now Provincial Auditor (or tlio Government of Ontario. In the old duys
Mr, Clancy, who was a practical farmer
residing near the town nf Walla?' burg,
in Kent County, Ontario, was tha
Federal representative of the old constituency nf Bothwell, succeeding Hon,
bald aa a Badge,.
Jt Is a curious fact tbut tbe phrase
"bald as a badger" owes Its origin to
authors of the past who bad uo exact
knowledge of natural history nnd who
borause the forehead of a badger ll
covered with smooth white hairs cam*
to the conclusion that It was bald.
t". now, a
remarkable student of munloipnl . ������,
nnd wns so successful in its Interpretation that not Infrequently ho wi credited by other members who hn.l not
his personal acquaintance with being
a legal man. Oil one occasion il Is told
how Mr, Clancy was ruthlessly dissecting tho provisions of a bill of unusual
interest to tho municipalities sad attacking the Liberal Government on the
ground that it was not in nccord with
the agricultural interest's of Ontario.
Whereupon   the   Liberal   member   iat
Vain Regrets.
"What do yon do when yon arrive
home Into and find-yonr wife sitting
up waiting for you?"
"Wish I hndn't sane home.'-'-IV'ston
What Fishes Know.
Thnt fish possess a certnla jiuwer of
reason Is affirmed by many who have
studied tbem. They often learn to
recognize the voice of tbe one who
feeds tbem. Fish will congregate In
places where food is habitually thrown
to them. If a morsel proves too large
to be swallowed they have been ktiowu
to divide it on a sharp stone.
"I see her
III ill    ' ���!!���
Trans'' r pt
Hei Finish,
ilnlsti, nil right."
woiitlH'r.    s'ic's certainly
motion on iltlclf,"- nbstou
Goats' Hair Cloth.
Cloths, of which (be warp and wotr.
are both of goals' hair, tiro woven la
Germany and sold to ol' mauufnctui*
el's lo a limited extent
folks from Missouri, end nil tlio varied |Da*.A Mills.    He was then
conglomerate terminating in  u colored
womnn,   who  eumo  straight   from   New
J'ork  City,  nnd  whoso  husband  nlwayi
averred that he liltnsoif wns ihe meanest
kind of n menu mixture���Mexican, Span
ish, Scotch nud Narrngiuiselt. Indian���-I
direct descendant of old King Philip.
After the ceremony of choosing I
Chairman, which resulted io tho seleo
Hon of ''Grandpa WillettVj that ran
sight on tho prairie���a while-bearded
venerable patriarch���tho program open
od with a song lu German by Mrs. Gross
It was unintelligible, of courso, to most
of the audience, but the tune was thi
old hymn, "Mercy is Free," to we tool
it for granted the words mennt (he same
Then Olnf Moe, a Norwogian, sang some
thing lhat he assured us was "The Boj
Stood on tbe Burning Dock." It wol
a rolling, roaring, crashing succession ol
consonants, delivered In a mighty voice
and received prolonged applause. Olaf'(
repertoire being exhausted, he responded
with an encoro by reciting the sain|
thing, to tho entire satisfaction of every
body. Tho skittiBb mother of nine child
ren next rendered a ditty, in which ah|
warbled gaily of the birds, but it tool
quite a stretch of imagination to recon
cile her maple proportions and discordanl
voice with anything bird like. She wai
followed by a prosperous farmer froij
Tows, who sang, "Honey, You Loo)
Awful Good to Me." His wife and twi
grown-up sons and a daughter of four
teen wero in the audionco, all ready tl
guy him unmercifully If he broke down,
so Fred went to it, ready to do or die
The schoolmaster accompanied hiin oi
the organ, and all went swimmingly t<
the refrain, when the singer feeling mor|
sure of his ground, began to sing tin
words very langulshlngly, casting tendei
glances at a pretty girl in the audience
just to show his "folks" he could ae|
as well as sing.   It went all right till
he went to turn the music back to begil
the second verse, when he tore the leaves
became excited, and said in a hr.rriod
undertone to tho teacher: "Play some
thing, for heaven's sake, until I get thesi
leaves straight."    The teacher played
bravely away, "Diddle   de   dump,   dt
diddle de dump." till at last Fred found
the place, lamely finished the song, and
got away to bis teat to be roasted bj
his family.   A long, lanky, slow-movinj
Swede and his brisk, perky little wifi
were called upon to sing.    Slowly pro
dueing a diminutive hymn book from hli
pocket, Olaf found the place, and gavi
the book to the organist.    But a diffl
oulty arose, and a babel of Scandinaviai
dialect ended in the little woman beius
summarily sent to her seat by her lord
and master.    The Chairman intervened
and Olaf explained: "She haf not gol
her specs."    Grandpa Willetts offered
his.   The little woman smilingly took hei
place   once   ngain,   and   they   warbled
twenty vorses or so, Olaf leaning ovei
the organ and Mrs. Olaf peeking ovei
his shoulder whenever 6ho could get a
chance to do so, and 6inging lustily. Latei
on an  old  Dutch gentleman, small  ol
stature and very dignified,   sang   with
gravity about twenty-seven verses, tell
ing of a cottage by tho river.   He nevei
once smiled, but the school teacher'b wifi
did ��� unfortunately,    because    nearly
everyone saw her, and teachers' wiyei
are supposed to be models of propriety
in small communities such as that.   It'i
almost as bad as being a minister's wifi
In a small town I    Then the bald headed
8. S. superintonden*. sang "My Grand,
mother'B Chair," and the applause was
What pen could do justice to the per
formanco of the dear, motherly soul from
Malm!,   Sweden��� (boing   childlosn,   six
mothered everyono, Ilttlo nud big, and
no nil loved her)���who stood up, and,
placing her  hand  on  her  heart in  the
most tragic manner, commenced to ro>
site in her own language���and, of course,
ive  L'nglish-speaking people understood
not a word, but from the gravity of Mrs,
Y/onson 's expression we supposed it must
be something awfully  serious,  and w��
never smiled a siuglo smile.   Afterward
she confided to us in her broken English
that the subjoct of her discourse wai
'Tho Bride's Congratulation," and sho
intended saying 60 before reciting, but,
'When I look round and see so many
peoples a lump come up in my throat,
���\nd I vas scared, and could not I    I)
���>* a pity.   Such a shame!"
South African Lame Sickness.
An Investigation of the South Afri-
Mn disease known ns lamzlekte, or
lame sickness, suggests that It Is due
to a special plant poison that Is generated under abnormal conditions In
grasses or other plnnts (bnt nre normally harmless. Its development seems
to be associated with unusual weather
and soil experiences, of which summer
drought Is Important Through such
conditions wilting would favor tbo for.
(notion of (he poison, and (his gives
explanation for tbe common belief that
lhe dlsonso results from eating wilted
Prescott rose, and thinking to annihilate the critic, began: "It is all very
well for theso lawyers to pretend thnt
they represent the interests of the farmers," when he was interrupted by a
roar of laughter, which no one enjoyed
more thnn Mr. Clancy himself. A few
sessions Inter nnother similar incident
occurred, in which Mr. George \V.
Fowlor, still a member of the Commons,
was made a victim of the brilliant ra-
partee of the member for Bothwell. The
House was considering Hon. Sydney
Fisher's first seed bill, nnd, although
they sat upon the same side of the
House, Farmer Clancy and Lawyer
Fowler found themselves at issue on the
Mr Clancy, in his customary style,
wns analyzing the provisions of the
proposed legislation, nnd suggesting
amendments which he deemed to be
in tho interests of the agriculutralists.
Mr. Fowler rose in protest. "It Is
all vory well," said he, with withering satire, "for my honorable friend
and others of his legal calling, to poa��
as farmers."
Mr. Clancy could not resist a return
thrust, "If," he observed in his quiet
way, "I did not have better success
than has my honorable friend ln posing
as a lawyer "
Tho rest was  drowned  in  laughter.
Would Have a Silent London.
The plea for a silent London is growing. Berlin is understood to be the
most silent of the great cities of the
world, just as Chicago is seriously considering its reputation as tho noisiest,
in view of the increase of lunacy and
nervous disorders nmong its inhabitants. But Mr. MeKennn, the Homo
Secretary, has refused to accede to the
petition'of tho city of Westminster for
further powers to deal with the noise
nuisance. At present the noises principally complained of ure automobile
buses, traction engines, bnrrel organs,
shouting news vendors, shouting conl
hawkers, shouting milk vendors, motor
hooting, cob whistling, street singing
nnd prayer meetings and preachings iu
tho squares und nt the street corners.
With exl ended powers tho police
eoulil do a very great deal to remedy
the nuisanco, but they hnve not tho
powers. Until such powers are granted
London will remain a din ridden capital.
"In Berlin," said s member of lhe
Westminster Council, "the police can
6tnp uny unnecessary noise. Thero
they go too far. They can stop n boy
whistling. In London if you touch a
man you can be arrested for assault,
but your ears may bo nssaultcd every
hour of the day nnd you have no remedy. In London residents may complain
of birds singing, cocks crowing nnd
sounds of that sort, but very little can
fce done.
Spots on tne iv a i is.
A paste mado of eciuul parts of tur
pentlue and tnyrrb applied to the white
spots ou finger nails will prevent them
from developing.
The Milky Way.
Among tbo Greeks tbe Milky way
was known as the Galaxy nnd the Circle of Milk. Tbe Chinese aod Ara<
blnns call It the Celestial river. Some
ot the American Indian tribes regarded
It ns Ihe path of departed rouls to tbs
spirit land, and In England it used te
be familiarly called Jacob's ladder. in.Hi   OUUJCdlJliXiliiX   AJPiVlJEiW
Paint Oils
Lime Brick
Colors in Oil
V Joint Lath
Dry Colors
Builders Hardware of Every Description
Special Windows and Frames Made to Your Order
Phone 66 COURTENAY, B. C. P.O.Box230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
General Bla<
Agents for a full line of Farm Itnplemcu
ts          All Work Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable
Comox, B. C.
FALL and
The  Millinery Store
Courtenay   -   B. C.
Electrical Engineer aud Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly instulle.    Electric Wiring and Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work
Isolated Lighting Plants a Sdecialty
Boxl 95      Phone F95      Courtenay
North   Comox Central Conservative Association
At a meeting held at Shoal Bay
on Nov. 15, 1913, for the purpose
of forming a Central Conservative
Association for North Comox, the
following delegates were  piesent,
C. W. Roose, 0. S. Bent, Thomas
liruiiett, Charles Cavauaugh, J. K.
Atmishavv, W. Conan.t, R. C.
Berteaux, W. A. Milne, A. Pritchard, J. } cK. Forrest, P.' McDonald, Dr. T- H. Jamieson, F.
Timlin, R J. Walker and W. Law.
The meeting was called to order
by Mr J. M. Forrest, the chairman,
and Mr. J.  E. Armishaw was ap- j
pointed temporary secretary. '
R.   C. Berteaux,   after outlining
the  objects    of  the  meeting  and I
making a few remarks concerning
the   organization,    moved  that a 1
Central   Association    be    formed. I
This was seconded by Mr.  VV. A.
Milne and carried unanimously.
The following officers were elected, Hon. Pres. The Rt. Hon. R. L.
Borden,  K. C.,  M. P.    Hon. Vice
Pres. The Hon. Sir  Richard   Mc-1
Bride, President, G, Pitcock, J  P.
Quathiaski Cove; ist Vice Pres. J. j
M.  Forrest, Shoal Bav;   2nd Vice :
Pres. C. Reynolds, Simoon Sound; 1
3rd Vice Pres. A  VV. Wasted, Alert I
Bay; Sic'y Treas. Dr. T. H. Jamie-
son, Campbell River; an executive
consisting of 12 members representing   tlie various local Associations
was also elected and the  first executive    meeting   was called   for
Campbell River ou Monday evening
Dec. 15,
Several resolutions were parsed
dealing with matters affecting the
district and resolutions endorsing
I the efforts of the Prov. Govt, in
I their endeavor to maintain a white
B. C. and the Dominion Governments Naval Policy were carried
with a great deal of enthusiasm.
The following delegates were
elected to rtpresent this Association
at the Conservative Convention to
be held at Victoria or. Jan. 23 1914.
W A Milne, F Timlin, Dr T H
Jamieson, R J Walker, R C Berteaux.
Mr. M Manson Ml A who was
called ou by the chairman for a few
remarks, after expressing his satisfaction at the enthusiam displayed
by the vari dus delegates and congratulating them on the efficient
organization which he believed had
, been achieved, proceeded to review
the legislation that had been passed
1 by the McBride Government, gave
the Association an inkling of what
. might be expected when the various
Fq/��!ai* Power
Aitken's Bread raised the standard procurable? 50 per cent.
and dieteticaliy is
the be3t investment
in   Comox   District
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
Coiiiieiiay Bakery
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
commissions uow sitting had pre
senled tlieir reports. He presented
figures showing the enormous
amount of work that had been accomplished by the Forest Branch
of the Lands Department and predicted that the time would soon
arrive when disastrous forest fires
of whatever origin would be a
thing of the past.
Mr. Manson's remarks were frequently interrupted by loud and
enthusiasttic applause and at tlieir
conclusion 11 resolution of confidence was passed and he was assured of the continued support and
influence of the conservatives of
North comox.
That the magnificent efforts of
H B elements, M P were thoroughly appreciated was quite evident
when a resolution of confidence
was proposed by Mr. J M Forest.
The applause lasted for several
minutes and whoever may be left
at home in the next Dominion election it is an assured fact that Mr.
elements will not be among them if
the wishes of the conservatives of
comox are consulted.
A vote of thanks was tendered
to Mr. J B Williamson for his untiring and unselfish efforts on behalf of organization in the district.
The meeting closed with three
cheers for Mr Bordeu aud Sir Richard McBride and the singing of the
National Anthem.
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
Special Sale cf Japanese
Goods and Jewelery at
Reasonable Prices
Next to Royal Bank
Willard's Harness Emporiun
Pine Showing of Horse  Blankets,  hai
Hugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Ut<
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
One Dwelling House
$12 per month
Stable, $20 per month
Store, Warehouse and Ban
$40 per month
For particulars apply to
Chas. G. Callin
Phone F91 Courtene
Will advertisers please let us ha'
copy for change of ads on Monda;


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