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The Review Aug 13, 1914

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Array /.$-
.��.- ��� ----, _ ��� -��� ��� ��� --<..����� ��� ��� ��� -��.,
List Your Property with      j
,   Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It I
nvext,       I
Yow        |
J      Have You Money to 1
I        See us; wc Cati  Make
t I_arg_ Dividends
I     Island Realty Co.      j
ir*-****,*************** *************** *******+*>*
VOL. 2
NO. 38
8  1-2 Acres in Courtenay
One Mile from Station; Good  House and Barn,
Fronting on Two Roads; Good Fresh Water
Stream, all in good state of cultivation
This will make a lovely home for the
man who is lucky enough to buy at
$4,500, Easy Terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Geo. J. Haidy
F. R. F. Biscoe
Real Estate and Insurance Agents
Phone 10
On Easy Terms While Prices Are Low
5 Room House, on Lot and Half, $1,700
4 "      "     "   "    "     "     1,400
5 "      "     " Large Lot       1,300
Well situated with good view, about five minutes
walk from Post Office. Only a moderate cash
payment required and balance at $15 per month
It's Just as Easy as Paying Rent
R. fl. Allan
Real Estate Insurance
Give us your order for
Letterheads, Billheads,
Statements, Envelopes,
Wedding Stationery, Etc.
Mr. \V. S. Longhurst left this
week for Rose Lake.
J. Stoddart, the jeweller, returned to town on Friday of last week.
The Birdswel) was in port on
Saturday last, with a cargo of hay
aud feal for McPhee & Morrison,
Mrs. W. H. kirkwood and children left for Vancouver on Friday
morning last.
Mrs. Parks aud children of Cumberland were guests of Mrs. E. C.
Rmde, over Sunday.
Iu the Presbyterian church on
Sunday evening the Rev. T. Menzies will preach on the war and the
causes leading up to it.
Tlie hump-backs are begining to
come up the river, thev ate accompanied by some fine trout, a few of
which have been caught at the
bridge by patient fishermen.
The monthly meeting of the Women's Institutes was held Wednes-
dry afternoon at Sandwick. A full
report of the flower show was read
by the secretary. Iu addition to
the donations to the flower show
published Rev. K. P. Laycock aud
Dr. Morrison gave $2 50 each.
Miss Blanchard wishes to announce that she has moved her
dressmaking establishment into the
Perez Blocfe-wi Isabel Street, and
is prepared to do all kinds of dressmaking and Ladies' tailoring, at
reasonable prices. Fit and work
Young Pigs for sale���Apply J. J,
Bannerman, Point Holmes, Comox.
Wanted���Acreage near railroad
as first payment on residential property in Oak Bay, Victoria. Box 5
Review Office.
For Sale���Two horses, one firsts
class driver, and other good farm
horse, and two Jersey cows. Apply
Box K, Review Office.
Knob Hill Orchard, Comox.
The following are now ripening:���
Greengages and seedling plums,
Bartlett and Clapp's Favourite
Pears, Astrakhan and Graveustein
Apples, Crabs. Order now- Hugh
Do you want cordwood or poles
cut with circular saw? If so call
up Grimsley & Hodgkinson.
Telephone 36, or enquire B. C.
Investments. Wood delivered '$4
per load.
Wanted to lease���With option
of purchase. About forty acres
close to Qourtenay, as going concern. Bank references. Correspondence solicited, Address R.
Review Office.
' The Britich Columbia Nurseries
Co. Ltd. have appointed Mr, W.
D. Stoker, of Courteuay. their local representative for ihe sale of
their well known nursery stock.
Mr, Stoker is now taking orders
for Fall 1914 and Spring 1915 delivery, of fruit and ornamental
trees, etc, Intending planters
should place their orders NOW.
Large tract of good farming land
now open for free settlement in
Oregon. Over 200,000 acres iu all.
Cood climate, rich soil, and does
not require irrigation to raise finest
crops of grain, fruit aud garden
truck. For large map, full instructions and information, and a
plan of several sections of exceptionally good claims, send $3.40 to
John Keefe, Oregon City, Oregon.
Three years as a U. S. Surveyor
and timberman. An opportunity
to get a good fertile free homestead
near towu and market.
Lui. Pikett. Cumberland, caught
a 68 pound salmon on Wednesday,
A patty of hunters succeeded in
killing between 55U and 600 sea
lions at Skeeua River and Rivers
Inlet a few days ago.
Continued wet weather is playing
havoc with the hay crop in the
Bella Coola valley Several farmers have already lost heavily; and
much anxiety is felt regarding the
remainder of the crop,
Capt. G. R. Bates, of the Legion
of Frontiersmen has been enrolling
recruits this past week. So far,
upwards of 100 have signified their
willingness to assist the Empire iu
case of need. Those who join will
have chance for enlistment in the
following order: Single men with
service; Single men without service;
Married men with service; Married men without service. Men
from age 18 to 45 are eligible for
service, aud in some cases up to 60
years of age.
The regular meeting of the Board
of Trade on Thursday evening was
well attended, in fact it was the
best attended meeting for some
mouths. The President announced
that the Executive Hoard had ordered advertising to the amount of
$500- in Heaton's publications,
which are distributed gratis on
.Steamboats, Railway trains, ect.
The Board sanctions '.lie expenditure. Mrs. Wilkins, of the News
Advertiser, was introduced, and
Stated that the publication which
she represented intended giving
Courteuay a fine write- up in the
Sunday edition, shortly, and she
would be glad to have some descriptive matter photos or electros
wherewith to embellish it. The
matter was referred to the Publicity committee to attend to.
The matter of banquetting the
Victoria Board of Trade ou their
proposed visit here next week, after
considerable discussion, was left in
the hands ot the Executive Committee to make arrangements. Col.
Prior, when here, was somewhat
apprehensive of them coming, owing to the alarming nature of the
war news.
G. R. Bates has purchased a uew
Ford car from E. C. Emde.
Born���On Saturday, August 6,
to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Loggie, a
Misses Rosanna and Mary Milli-
gan left for Nanaimo aud Victoria
on Monday.
Mr. H. D, Forde arrived home
on Tuesday evening from the
Prairie Provinces.
Mrs. Charles Ashenfeldt returned home from the Comox Hospital
on Wednesday evening.
The S. S. Charmer has gone on
her winter time table as far as
Courteuay is concerned.
Mr. B. S. Fenn has returned
from an extensive business trip, and
will resume his photographic business at once.
Mr. Clinton Wood has gone out
of business, and has taken a situation with the Courtenay Electric
Li_ht. heat and power company.
He will look after the company's
business iu Courteuay.
The Bank of England has reduced its discount rate from 10 to
6 per cent. If straws show which
way the wind blows this shouli be
taken to indicate that the situation
is r.ot nearly so grave as it was a
week ago.
7 Passenger Cole Car
Rates Reasonable
Palace Livery & Feed Stables
Everitt Car For  Hire
at Duncan & Birch Garage
Union Bay Road
Telephone 38 COURTKNAY
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p. m. All welcome
At one o'clock yesterday afternoon Mrs. Kilpatrick discovered
that the kitchen of her home was
afire. She immediately rang up
Cential for help. Miss Creech, who
was in charge, promptly called up
Constable Haunay and Geo. Willard, who, along with Jack Minnie
and Jas. Holmes, made all speed
to the see"?, in the ���ieaiUi_.: :'_
water had been turned into the
flume and the hose laid, and the
fire was quickly got out. The fire
did very little damage except to
the roof. The kitchen was flooded
with water, and several impromptu
firemen well drenched. A number
of Chinese who were erecting poles
in the orchard, for Mr. Kilpatrick.
made a fast and noisy run to the
This is the first time a fire has
broken out in Courtenay for nearly
two years. And we sincerely hope
it will be the last oue for many
years. The necessity for a fire
brigade in Courtenay is great, and
right now would be a good time to
organize one. There's a lot of
active young men about town who
would welcome the chance.
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and Cigars in large variety
All Fruits and Vegetables in Season
Nothing but the Best.    Prices Right
Local Delivery Telephone 40
Is Your House Insured?
If Not,  Why  Not?
Call or telephone for rates in reliable companies
By L. I. Meade
Ward,   Lock   _   Co.,   Limited
London,   Melbourne  .ind  Toronto
iCi utluued)
"Mj wold! slip have a look "I in.
kiddy," thought Mrs, Itussoll, nud she
beni down very swiftly, and, in a
shame-faced way, touched Barbara's
forehead with lur lips. The light
���(null woke i'i'' girl, although .In- did
doi know that she liad been klssod.
"Where aui I.' Whal lias happen-
> iiv is thai you, Margot? Oh ani I
ut home, and ls Joan In the room; Joan
 is it line Joan?"
"My dear, I atn'l Joan, nor t'other
nn. either. I'm plain Mrs. Russell.
Your room's ready, miss, and wurry
eleganl ll looks. Vou'11 come up with
Mp now and take possession."
"Oli, liianlc yon���yes���1 remember
now," snid Barbara.
Slio sprang tn hr-v fool. The cat,
disturbed from sweetest slumber, rub-
bi d  himself against lirr skirts.
"He ha' took to : er, miss, and
'hat's n good sign. Where Tlm don't
take, V;. apt lo be spiteful. Disagreeable's no word for Tim at them times.
1 lock to Tim as much as to anythlnli
else to let me know the true character o' my lodgers. I've seen 'lm spit
at a woman wot brought in three In*
fut trunks, an' I tell yer wot. it, be,
miss���I 'ad her out the next day, all
on account of Tlm. '10 let me know
the sort siie wo-, an' 1 'ad her out.
lie's like a force of slops (police) all
in  liis own self;   that lie be."
Barbara smiled faintly.
"lie is nice," she said. "May lie
come upstairs with me?"
"Well, mist.:  that's as yon  please."
"Come Tim; come, dear Tim," said
the girl; and the next minute the
woman, the girl and tho cat went up
and up the stairs to the very top of
the 1 all house. Two candles, and a
bright little lire did make a difference. The sheets on the bed were
fairly clean, and the bed was turned
down and looked tolerably inviting, so
much so, that Barbara longed for the
moment when she might str. toll her
lir. (1 limbs there and drop asleep.
A little, round, deal table had been
added tu the furniture of Ihe room.
It was destitute of any cloth, but was
In itself unite clean. On the table
was a tray which contained a cup and
Saucer .a jug full of milk, a littlo canister of cocoa, a lump of bread, a pat
ot bUtter, some sugar, and some salt.
"There' miss," said the woman, "T
lia\e put n saucepan 'ere' n.ndy, and
you enn boll up the milk and make
the colter, which, is Cadbury's best,
and tlicre you be. Ef you'll come
downstairs In the lnornin', T enn give
yer breakfast will myself in the kitchen���if so be you're not loo proud;
and I've put a lock to your doer,
miss. You turn it. and also draw Ihe
bolt, miss; then you'll be safe as enn
be. Is there haiiytliing else I can
do for yer, miss?"
"Mrs. Russell, I am most grateful to
you," said Barbara.
She went up to tht woman, put one
oi her arms round neck, and kissed
"You have helped me~you have
saved me!" she said. "1 have only
been once  in  London before  in my
Around Mouth and Chin. Spread
All Over Face in Big Disfiguring
Blotches, Burning and Itchy,
Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment.   Ringworm Disappeared.
. ������'     ��� 9
Burnt Church. N, B,���"For about four
years 1 was troubled wiih ringworm on my
face. It first made Ji* appearance In liulo
m _iy _pota around my mouth
and ciiin which would lust fur
about a week; tben would
disappear and in two or three
weeks' (imu would appear
again. ... tlio littlo scales ����r
scabs catno off it would n'-t
like :0 acked sore which waa
alwaya increasing in size and
ruling Into tlie flesh, H was
always getting worse until it bad spread all
over my JVo in big disfiguring blotches
which did not disappear at all. Thoy would
bave a burning Itchy soreness, Tho ringworm disfigured my face vory much for the
time bring ji nd was always very Irritating.
" I tried all < lio known household remedies
I could think of besides some recommended
ones without any effect, A friend told me of
Cuticura Soap and ointment and I obtained a cake of Cuticura Soap and a hoi
of Cuticura Ointment. Tho first application
afforded relief. I washed with tho Cuticura
Soap and warm water as directed, then applied tbo Outlcura Ointment. Inn week's
time tho ringworm had entirely disappeared." (Signed) Miss Marjorle E. Morrison, May 26, 1013.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are
sold by druggists and dealers everywhere.
For a liberal free sample of each, with 32-p.
book; send post-card to Totter Drug U
Cbem. Corp.. Dept. U, Boston, U. S. A.
'*���        ii ���������-��� ..i
W   N. U. 1008
" said
t OSS.
and 1
life, and Hum 1 slaved- 1 Btayeil wiih
father at the Carlton."
"Oh���my word!"
"Hut there was no one in that My,
bniei halt so bind as you," continued
Barbara, Bpeak'n : hastily, "uo one at
all half as kind, and I Have everything l want. But 1 mum go out, for
1 have to see a girl."
"i thought, maybe, you'd be going to
bed, misH. It's getting on for eight
"I want to go out at i������ight. 1 must
seo a girl then."
The woman looked Barbara all
"Vou ain't used to London," Bho
said, "and to this pari or London in
particular, at night-time. Where does
ye want to go? Tbat i*. ef it ain't
"It Is net," said Barbara, speaking
very earnestly. "I will tell you. She
is a Rood girl-���quite good. Her name
is Kate .lessop. She used to be our
under-housemaid at tile Rectory. She
came to us for a year, then she got
quite well and returned to London.
Since then, she has written to me,
and she gave me as her address, ,20a
Cliesney street."
"My  word!    Cliesney  slreet?"
"Yes; do you know it?"
"I've heard tell on  il
Russell, giving lier head i
"It is where she lives,
lo see her."
"Ver'll go to no Cliesney street tonight without, me, and that I ean say,
firm and solemn. Child, you ain't
tho sort. \ro, no���-i.lil theni eyes o1
yourn. an' those ways o' yoitru ���yon
ain't tho trort. Wot's-hcr mime, una
her. hiiiUber? Say 'em agin, and I'll
fetch lier lo you."
"Oh, will you?   will you?"
"I will���for you; I wouldn't do1 It
for another. You and Ihe eat play
with each other, and I'll bring her
back to you���ef she's to be found."
"Thank you." said Ba'rbarn. She
longed to say more, but words would
not. come. Her eyes, however, were
sufficiently expressive, and tlie good
landlady bustled through lier work,
and, sharp as a neighboring clock
struck, she left 124b Vauxhall Bridge
Road and started for Chesney street.
Two very eager little beys���two
rough, scarecrow-looking little fellows
���were waiting at the corner of dies
ney street. They were waiting
some one, and their hearts were going
pit-a-pat; they fully meant to be faithful to that some one when sho appeared. But how could they possibly
mistake Mrs. Russell for her?
Mrs. Russell walked down the
street. If it liad been rough and unsightly and dirty and disreputable
when Barbara had visited it a few
hours ago, it .vas still rougher and
more disreputable now. Men and
women lounged about and talked to
one another and made coarse .iolu.i
and laughed in loud defiant voices,
and sometimes'the laughter changed
to cries, ar.d the coarse, good-natured
words to blows. But Mrs. Russell was
was accustomed t> this sort of thing,
and took no notice.
She found No. 20a, and went up the
steps. She pulled at the broken-down
bell and was confronted by a very
shabby-looking girl, on whose right
cheek was a bl�� smut, while lier
other oil sek was Inflamed by a recent
blow from a far from kindly hand.
"I've come," said Mrs. Russell, "to
Inquire for a young woman- name,
Kate .lessop.   Be she nl 'ome?"
"She be," said the girl.
"Wot's Yr room?"
"It's the top room, ma'am; top hat-
tie, No. 2(1. There's n light jest halfway up the stairs, aid you can seethe
"She's hi'., you say?"
"She's bin, ma'am"
"Well. I'm going up."
Mrs.  Russell  mounted
Sbo was  stout, and  tbe
creaked under her weight
she  tapped  at  i
full of authority
don twang said���
"Mrs. Russell called from without���
"Woman; name, Russell."
The door was partly opened.
"Wot yer want?" said Kate Jessop.
"I don't know yer    Wot yer want?"
"And I don't know ye, but you've
got to come 'long to my place. There's
a young lady askln' for ye. I don't
know her name; she never gived it.
She's a little ltd)*���eyes, sort o' melting; mouth made for kissin'; voice,
like music; ways, the prettiest you
ever seed. She says, says she. 'I want
Kate .lessop, for she lived with me in
my father's Rectory in the country for
a year, and -lie and me, we's writ to
each other haver since.' And she
says, 'Kate Jessop is in Cliesney street,
and I'm gotn' to see her.' I says,
'.Vot you; you ain't the sort fer Chesney street.' Why���wotever'e the mat-
ter Willi yer, gel? '
"It's .Miss Barbara -it must be Miss
Barbara!" sail Kate .lessop. "Yes,
ma'am, I know her! Ves, ina'ain. It's
true enough, 1 ha' lived at the Rectory. Ob. but Oh, lo think thai 1 am
io see hor again! Ma'am, it wok the
most beautiful tlm* o' my Ufa. 'Course
I'll come with you, ma'am, Oh. to
think thai I shall sec Miss Barbara!
Yes. ma'am; Bhe is a lydy. that she
be. Miss Barbara Chance; that is
ber n.mie: <iud the Rectory was called the lierrory nf Worthington-on-the-
llill in Devonshire, ma'am: far awuy
in   Oevonsbii e.     The blue  sea' waves,
you could eee 'em, ma'am, on a line
day; and there was ihe country, beauteous beyond words! Miss Barbara,
oli! ma'am!    yes, I'll be ready. Watt
for mo jest  a  sn ond. do "
Kale JcsBop fnntencd on the jacket
she bad just discarded, slipped a
small, shabby hal on her head or sail-
ly hair, and. a minute alter, was ily-
Inn down the stairs, accompanied by
Airs. Russell.
"I   might   hn'   known   wot   Ihe   gel
wor,"   thought    Mrs.   Russell   lo   herself, "seeing ho\   the cut ink to ber.
It's wonderful wot Tim knows."
iTo be Continued)
Earned It
A stranger was hunting quail in Ilia
mountains of Georgia, where by reason of t'e wild peas Ihey were very
numerous, one day his dog flashed a
flock of wild turkeys lo the rage ot a
native youth who bad been creeping
toward them. The boy promptly
broil', it Ills old fashioned six I'i ot rifle
to liis shoulder, ami the bullet cut up
the dirt under the deg's fee'. The
next instant the boy disappeared In
the brush. Later in tlie day tha hunter came acroc. a mountain cabin and
saw (lie same boy in the yard wiih a
man whom he took to be his father,
lie hailed tbe man and angrily gave
au account of the morning's incident
"He wasn't forty yards away when be
shot at my dog 1 think he sho.il.l
have d good Crushing," bo continued.
"Misses a dawg at forty yards?" tbe
mountaineer asked iu astonishment
"Vou need'nt worry 'about that liekln',
stranger; ho sho will git .me all
Buoyancy of Fresh and Salt Water
A Chinese lad dropped his ball in a
narrow hole and uould not get it out.
So ho poured water in the hole, thinking that he would float, the ball to the
surface. As the ball was slightly hea.
ier than Water, it remained on the bottom. Then lie thought of mixing salt,
with the water, as he knew that salt
water would float denser objects than
fresh. This he did and was rewarded
with the float! ig ball.
This particular fact.is demonstrated
at the mouths of rivers. Objects rolling along.tlio botf.'im of a fresh river
too heavy to come to the top, will rise
when they are carried out to sea. Tho
general rule also applies to floating
bodies. For' instance, a ship with a
cargo on the sea will sink sometimes a
foot on entering a fresh waler port.
On the oilier hand, if she leaves a
fresh water port, with her cargo she
will rise whr.i entering the ocean. So
a ship may he loaded apparently too
much at a wharf and still be all right.
on the waves.
In building a dam the fact of salt
water's being heavier than fresh must
be taken into consideration, and the
for j dam for the same head must be a good
deal stronger; this, too, without taking
into considi ration the beating of
waves, etc.���St. Louis Republic.
If you have been buying the 3 lb.
dollar tin of any brand of tea you have surely
wished for a finer-flavored, riolier, stronger tea.
The Green Label tin of Red Rose Tea
will meet your wishes exactly. Besides, it will prove
a cheaper tea because it rocs farther, making about
(Kit) cups.    And it only costs $1.20 for the _ lb. tin
Red    Rose    Tea   "is Good Tea"
In tin- 1 Hi. package we would suggest ijiinr trying the ode. quality nf
Red Rose. It's it stronger as well
ns u filler-flavored tea.
Red Rose Tea is never sold in bulk.
N.B, Coffee users will find Red
Rose Coffee as generously ^und as
Red Rose Ten. m
Had Mis Say
Small Rimer (afti r the slipper exercise) Weil, I'm glad i atn'l a g'rl
Ills Mother -Why are vou glad?
Small Elmer    'Cause I'll lie pshame.l
to  grow  up  inlo  a.  big  woman  anil
punish liinnceii   little boys like ine.
Chicago News.
Sweit and palatable, Mothei Graves
Worm Kxiernilnaloi' is acceptable to
children, an.l it does its work su. '>
und promptly.
"Mother," snld Bobby, after a full
week of obedience; "have 1 been a
good boy lately?"
"Ycb, dear," replied ills mother, "a
very, very good hoy."
"And do you trust me?" he continued.
"Why, of course., mother trusts her
little boy!" she answered.
Hut the chastised child was not pacified. "1 mean really, really trust me,
you know," he explained.
"Ves, I really, really trust you,"
nodded his mother. "Wliv do you
".lust hecause," said Bobby, diving
his hands into his pockets and looking ber In the face. "If.you trust nie
like you say you do. why do you go
on hiding the juir. ?"
Didn't Want to Learn
"I do not love you," said the young
woman, who kiew her own mind.
"But," persisted the wrong man,
"couldn't you learn to love me?"
"No," she replied. "I have learned
a good many difficult tilings, but they
have always been things that I wanted
to learn."���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Complicated  Courtesies
"I tried to apologize to my wifo,"
said Mr. Meekton, "but it was awfully
"Every time I tried to say anything
she insisted on saluting hack, word for
word."���Washington  Star.
the s'alrs.
old stairs
By and by,
Decisive Battles
Some married men will contend that
"The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the
World" will never bo complete until
a few domestic scraps are added to
Uie volume.���London Telegraph.
Featherson��� Look here, Bobbie, I
don't sec you hanging around Iho parlor as you did when I first came.
Bobble���Not necessary since we got
tlie dictagraph!"���Life.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY _ CO, Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, nnd bellevs
him perfectly honorable In all business
transactions nnd financially abletocarry
out any obligations made bv Ida firm.
Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the b-oil and mucous Burfacea of the system. Testimonials sent free, Price, 75 cents per bottle.
Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's-Family Pills for constipation.
A Gival Race
Tw.i globe li'utl  ri met iu tl.i- Binok
Ing room ol a hotel.   Tbey found that
Iliey I,nil each i.,ieul. a week in China.
ni ihe Btrongilt if which ihoy proceeded to "weigh up" lhai country to
:heir mutual admlralloi. aud satlsfao-
From Hint the talk drifted to sport-
Ing evi nis witnessed in different parte
if Hie world.
"While I wn_ in Australia," said No
l. "I saw what I Imagined to -be the
closes, race in tlie world. Tbe winning horse only beat the second by a
tongue's length."
Ne. _.' seemed lost  in  I bought.    Ht
gazed abstractedly out of the window.*
At last, he spoke:
"I lir.vo seen a closer nice that
that," lie murmured "I was ouce lc
Scotland."���Loudon  Answers.
"There's one thiol-, though," said
tlio Stranger, "that I really cannot understand."
"What's that.?' asked lhe eld settler,
"Nobody around here lias assured
me that this is the garden spot of the
Btate."���Chicago Record-Herald.
In a primary room the teacher
pointed out the ietter O and asked
little Johnny what it. was. lie answer
ed correctly. Tha teacher then pointed lo C.
"Now, whal letter is this?"
"The same, only somebody bit ii."
"This sewing machine is all out nt
"No wonder; you tread or. it so
much."���Hoim Chat.
Dining the hat spell the health ol
baby must bs carefully guarded.
Diarrhoea, choler.. infantum and dysentery carry off thousands of precious
little lives every summer. Baby's
Own Tablets are especially adapted t_
keep the little ones well during*the
summer. They regulate the bowels,
sweeten the stomach, and an occasional dose will prevent the dreaded summer complaints, or it they do come on
suddenly Ihe prompt use of the Tablets will set baby right again. Th��
Tablets are sold by medicine dealere
or by mail at 25 cents a box from Tht
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
Domestic  Diplomacy
"What an insufferably conceited air
I_n���iej' has?"
"It's all his wife's fault."
"What  has she done?"
"She makes him believe she Is hor^
libly jealous."
"Jealous of Pinkley? What's her object?"
"It's the :iily way she ean get any
money out of him."���Cleveland Plate
I was cured of Bronchitis and Asthma   hv   .MINARD'S   LINIMENT.
Let 5, P.K.I
I was cured of a severe attack oi
Rheumatism by .MINARD'S LINI-
Mabone Bay. JOHN MADER.
I was cured of a severely gpraineC
leg  by   .MINARD'S  LINIMENT.
Bishop Butler's Generosity
The saintly  Bishop Butler,    whose
"Analogy" is still used as a text book
for- clerical  examinations, kept open
House at Durham, where he dispensed
door.  Her  tap  was r,       .. ,.,       . ,    . ,  ,      ,  ���
V voice with a Lou-  hospitality with a lavish hand. On one
'Oo's there?" ' occasion a man called at the palace
soliciting a subscription for some
charitable object. "How much money
is there in the house?" asked Butler
of his secretary. The secretary after
investigation replied that there was
.-500. "Give it to him then," replied
the philosopher bishop, 'for it is a
shame that a bishop should have so
much."���London Globe.
He Was Qualified
"I believe," said tlie beautiful heiress, "that the happiest marriages are
made by opposites."
"Just think bow poor I am!" argued
tlie young man.���Judge.
"What are you lishlng for, iny lad?
"What 1 !nd of fish!"
Return of Youth With Proper Food
Many persons who eat plenty never
seem to be properly nourished.
That's because the food Is not digested and absorbed. Much that is eaten is never taken up by tne system
as real food, and so the tissues elm-
ply starve and the individual may, as!
in a recent case, look and feel old In
what should be the bloom of life,
"At twenty I was prematurely old.
The health nnd vigor and brightness |
of youth had l.cen, as it seemed, stolen
from me. I went lo work in the
morning will, slow' steps and a dull
"My work through Ihe day was en-
satisfactory for my breakfast lay in
my stomach like a hard lump. 1 was
peevish and the gas in my stomach
was very annoying. A'fte,- supper 1
usually went to bed to toss half the
night from sheer nervousness.
"This was all from indigestion���
caused by wrong eating.
"Finally I tried Grape Nuts and I
cannot describe the full benefits received from the food. It gave me
back my health. It has completely restored good digestion and my ailments
have disappeared. I steadily Improved and am now strong and in perfect
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor', Ont. Read "Tlie Road
lo Wellville" ln pkgs. "There's a
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, aid full of human
"Where c.'iii i see some of the latest effects in spring hosiery?"
"Oin- stocking department ��� ig two
aisles to tin .eft." replied the floor-
wallier, courteously, "We also have
music il comedy in our theatres os
the roof."���Kansas City Journal.
The lady guv-i h'.m a glass of whisky.
After Sandy finished his glass, he il<
"Awell, my lady thero was never sic
a thing In my young days."
"What," Bi'.Kl tlie lady, in astonish-,
ment, "no wl 'sky'.'"
"Plenty of whisky, hut. never sic .-.
wee glass," replle I Sandy.���Pearsonft
There may be other corn cures but
llolloway's Corn Cure stands nt the
head of the list bo far as results art
The Victim���So I'm not .covered
against this particular accident tbat
I'm laid up with?
Accident Insurance Agent ��� Ol
course not- You see, that was an exceptional accident. Didn't you see __t>
paster on the outside of the policy
which .states:  "Read This Policy?"
The Victim���Certainly I read it;
but I didn't suppose you expected'
anybody to unilei stand it.
"Tell me about your aunt, rid Mrs.
Blank. She must be rather feeble
"We burled .ler last year,'' raid the
"Burled ber? Dear nie! Is the oli
lady dead?"
"Yes; that's why we hurlor _ her,"'
was  the  response���TX-Blts. THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
On�� of tht roily (me IchllvimtDti ot
moJirn w__ m_lD(���y,t medium
pricil. [jl
for sale by nil jewelers.
MONTH-A I    -1-1 VM0UT1I���
M _iilflc_il   Noif   Twln-_r__. _
Ono-riM, (II.1 1.1,1(1 anil Tlilr*
t'la�� pMirug-A unl. ara i-arrled.
Tha  On_ I la_  llabia aecuminiMlaUou
Veraadali Cat.,      I.ounga,
JliaBtiailnni, I rrnmenadH,
Imahlnv   lloinn,      Drawing   Kuum,
lllnlug  Hainan, I.Utrarr
HPaeloil,   niateroom,
Btrvt_��   ,t_    hi'twi-i-n   New   Tark,
Hedlterranenn,     Adrlatto,       HoMon.
(laeeuatiiwn,    l.l-rpititl.    _����     Vork,
rlftltfuartl.    1 It_|iouI.
-Vs.   K mi_t    l'__ttK(>r   and   Hall
S-Vliia  In   tha  World.
Far    Information    ai.'y    to    any
Railway   or   Stoaninhlt)   A,i��nt,   ar
llllt   t'liN.lltll   STEAMSHIP   CO..
SOt   MAIN   ST.,     -NNII-EC.
Family Boat of the Eskimo
Tho i -mluk may bo described us
lho "family bout'' ut the Eskimo, ll is
used by the men in whale and walrus hunting and by the whole family
during their annual summer irlns,
Which they make to gather ll.t. winter
store of llsli aud berries. Then it
presents a spectacle not smut forgotten. Crowded to the gunwales with
a mixed assortment  ot men,  women, j
children and dogs together with piles
of provisions and hides ami    all the
lmpedienta ot cai ping, ii mines slowly along.   A sail of while and colored
drilling,  sewn  in  alternate strips,  or!
even of patched skins, assists the laboring vessel through tlie water.  Some
of   the occupants paddle when they j
fuel like it, others scan the shore or
watch   lho   wale    rippling   limn   the
stern. If progress is too slow even tor
the Eskimo the dogs are put ashore. u|
stout line of walrus hide Is attached
to the how. antl Ihey low the In.ai i
along. Such parties ire away all sum-!
mer,   or,   rather,   during     the    three,
months' Interval which is nut winter ���
a brief, beautiful Benson nf unending
delight -Wiiie World Magazine.
feds better when Liver and
Bowels are normal. Keep
yours toned up with
wscent ___><_-__-.
25c and UOc at all Druggists an..
Stores. Tike Abbey Vita Tablet! for
Sick   Nerves.
Minard's    Liniment    in  the
And  He  Had  Doubted  Her
"Uf course, Jack, I'm vi ry fond ut
you.    Why  haven't  I just  ilanci'd six
times wllh you?"
"I  don't   see   what   prOOt  that   is."
Atop  of   Mount   MoKlnley "You would If you only realised how
Aicliileacoii Slink iu his uccoillli nf I "'"n dance."- -Boston Transcript,
his climb to ilie Biinunll ol' Mount Mc-
Kiuley, "Tl,e Asivnl uf Donall," glvoa
Shaketptare'i Birth
Tho exact dat nf Shul.i-spi an '-
birth Is no', known, and the uecepUd
dale Ot April -I is based on circiUH
stautial eil.len.'i- Tlicre is record evi
deuce lhat he was baptized ou April
SO, leiil, but i.o record evidence of the
date nt liis birth, lie died April 23,
1616, and tlie Inscription upon his mon-
inn ni Is evidence thai he bad already
begun his fifty-third year, but does not
sive any birth date, From these data
ami .ther such Inform i'i a as n> .,'
could obtain, uiitliiuurles in Ihe eighteenth century, inn years after IiIb
death, Hied the date of hi- birth as
April 28, 1604, tbree years before his
baptism. Though nol proved beyond
iiimbi thai late Is universally accepted,   Philadelphia Press.
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Rum  Punch
l!l\    They   say   ll.ul   to  live  a  play
must buve punch in It.
imn   i wonder It that's why '-Ten
Nlgl.ls iii ii Barroom" lias survived.���
Boston Transcript.
In less than two years it will
be unlawful to buy or use
poisonous white phosphorous  matches
Everybody   should   begin
now to use
and thus ensure safety in
the home
this description of his Impressions
upon reaching It: "Immediately before
us, in the direction in which we had
climbed, lay���nothing, a void, a sheer
gulf many thousands of feet deep and
one shrank back Instinctively from
the little mmii'l, of snow basin when
oue hud' gWWeil at the nwful profundity. Across (ho gulf, about ;:,IIMI feet
beneath us and lil'leeu or twenty miles I behind tin
away, sprang most splendidly Into
view, the great muss nf Uenall's Wife,
or .Mount, .inaiter, as some white men
misname her, tilling majestically all
the middle distance. * * * And
never was nobler sight, displayed to
man than the greal. isolated mountain,
spread out completely, with all its
spurs and ridges, its cliffs and Its glaciers, lofty and mighty, and yet far beneath us. * * Beyond stretched,
blue and vugtie lo the SOBthWeSt, the
wide valley to the southwest, the wide
valley of the Ktlskakwin, with an er.d
of all mountains. * * * It was,
however, to the south and the east
that the most marvelous prospect
opened before, us.
".lack asked tne to marry him I,ist
week, and l refused. Yesterday I tele-
phoned him that I had changed my I
"What was the result'."'
"He said that he had changed Iii
lie had been calling for some time,
ond she thought . ie would give him a
gentle hint.
"II   is   nol   good   for   man   tu     live
alone," she Bald.
"That's why we have clubs," he responded, calmly. Kansas ('My Journal.
The Veracious Verge]���-In the far
corner lies William the Conqueror;
organ, where you can't see
'em. are tbe tombs 0' Guy l-'awkis,
llobin 'Ood and Cardinal Wolsey.
Now, does thai guide-book, as I sees
you 'ave in your 'and, tell you who ls
ly In' 'ere, sir."
The Sceptical Tourist���Xo, but I can
Miss File���Well, you are In love
with a man who has the niuiie of Icing square. I suppose lie's very fond
of you?
Her Companion���Yes, Indeed; he
tells me I'm his awl!
Something  bettor  ihtui  linen  ami Wi
hundry  bills     Wasli  It  wilb   simp   mul
���iter     All  slur-- or direct.    -Hate style
tnd sue.   l*or s,',.'  we will mail yon
6S Fraier Antnut, Toronto, Ontario
KfWf-tl'OU '. of .0_TS"RU_ .OWN' 'flOl Ilie HI. ES'
��� ._-__ from K{U__Y.. .ADDER, ___Vi>l._ l>l8_A9K-_
CHROMIC WEAXNteS _,-_-._., SKIN RR UFTI-_t__ 1I.__,
writ! far FREE CLOTH U"< Nl) UKDICAL uotiK ON
theM -Iteavs -ui wuMii.itu t. CURB!) _lfr-( .J by
_t_i��e . tor ror row! alliilent. Ab_lutH. Fit GS
N��*followu�� circular- .,��� itl.ll.alioits. 1IR. I.KO.K. e.
IIIO.Co.lUVKRsiot-KHli.ll _H_I - l_Nt__ENO
tit WA.HT TO riu.V...   I ill.it,- i.N  WU.L. CLKi KOI*.
No Rest With /',��thma.���-Asthma usually attacks at .light, the one time
when rest is n.-cded most. Hence the
loss of strength, the nervous debility,
'the loss of flesh and other evils which
must be expected, unless relief is secured. KoiInnately relief is possible.
Dr. .1. D- Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
has proved its merit thrbugh years ot
service. A trial will surely convince
The Salt Sea Legend
There is a legend In the "Norse
' scalds which explains why the sea is
salt. The "bountiful Fordi, whose
mythical reig.i was a golden age indeed, possesse.l a juern, or hand null,
which ground out gold and peace, but
which would grind out stores of anything desired by lis owner. Two giant
maidens, ruled over by Frodl, were
the griudera. In an evil day a^ sea
rover came upon the scene, slew Fordi
and carried tho quern off and the
two giant maidens who worked It.
When the sea, rover's vessel was
right out at sea he ordered the maidens to grind salt. At midnight they
asked it they had not ground enough.
The sea rover, angry al being awakened from his sleep, commanded them
to grind until morning. Now-, the
giant maidens naturally enough worked very quickly so as they went on
grinding the load of salt, grew so
heavy that it sank the ship, and now
the sea will continue suit forever.
Maude- -'
the police
'Was It a sood play?"
-"Splendid!    We    expect
to raid it very minute."���
Miller's Worm Powders are par excellence ihe medicine for children who
are found suffering from the ravages
of worms. They Immediately alter
the stomachic conditions under which
the worms subsist and drive them
from the system, ar.d, at the same
time, they are tonical iu their effect
upon the digestive organs, restoring
Ihem to healthful operation and ensuring immunity from further disorders from such a cause.
An Easterner who had bought a
Tarm iu Calllornla had heard o.f his
neighbor's talent for raising large potatoes, so sent his farm hand over to
gel a hundred pounds.
"You go hack bome," answered the
talented farmer to Hie messenger,
"and tell your boss that I won't cut a
potato for anyone."
Wife���if you enn't sleep, why don't
you see a doctor?
Husband (grcuchlly)���And then
have one more bill to keep me awake?
���Topelta Journal.
.Iter   iron,   u   _____
tt. tfi llfl _ f\��,
l>_   w   !____    ..I
r_i.li .., .i.t th.
t ���,, - _ . . \ ,,,
. :������ ��� ������ _ ii ml, N. .
tl f I'll 'luriM u,
oliUm iimi. Wrllv
now.    Mul���log   -is
|i ni,1.
tlflllll'      \ 1_I4,     _lt
rill IK,   I II I   1,   -*d_
Willi li_a WIUIl ihlab
_IU \n I'm in.
Uli���| ffl!J__ I���
R1IIUII1.-.I _ J ,'_,!.
ill,nil roa uki _
v��ut_���! ji BU m__
lorn offw. w_ _t_t roa to wil nur tun, la
nbout ui ml ilinw tli-n th* ii_ uii i. -t-.-.i
inn r think 'In- off- too 100.1 to 1- trill, ho'. __
as a.nt* i.nlir imi Kilo ���> r.., ttutb < i
...II  In  _iir_- WII.I.llM*   I   l.tOiti.   VtttlMtli
Jswlllantuopt.Ull,ml.CoravilUl ;',.n. i.-m,,:, n���
New Schedule
The railway train liad just put ia _
tango playing machine.
"Are we running ou eastern or central time?" asked tlie passenger.
"Neither," replied the conductor
wearily���"rag time."���Cincinnati Enquirer.
He Was Exonerated on the Spot
"What do you mean by ki>si:.g the
"It was an excusable mistake, my
dear. The hall was dark, and si": had
on your face powder and your beautiful golden hair."'���Seattle Post-lnteB-
Stella���Some colleges won't give 4
diploma unless you know how t��
Bella���ThaJ, doesn't matter; you ca_
forget afterward.
Fetherstonhuugh & Co., head office,
Xln_ street cast   'loronto. Canada.
A Pessimist
"You used to say you trusted to the
wisd.'.m of the plain people"
"Yes," replied Mr. Growchcr. "But
where are you going to find them?
The public Is getting some remarkably fancy notions these days."���
Washington Star.
The Public Too Often Faked
Unscrupulous dealers, actuated by
large profits, often recommend com
cures "as good as Putnam's." There
is only one genuine Corn Extractor
and that is Putnam's Painless Com
antl Wart Extractor, which in twenty-
four hours cures warts, corns, callouses and bunions. Putnam's is a
miracle of efficiency and promptness.
Try It. 25c a bottle.
Gentleman is from tlie French "gen-
tilhoimne" and means one who belongs to the gens or stock- In old
Itoman law gensnon, or gentlemen,
were thoso only who had a family
naiuo. were born ot free parents, had
no slave in their ancestral line and
never been degraded to a lower rank.
~~ DODDS  v
W. N. U. lOOt
Ancient Armor
In 1518 a battle wns fought near Milan, in Italy, and so perfect was tl.e
armor ot both armies that, although
the conflict raged from 9 a.m. to 4
p.m.. ,10 one on either side was either
killed or wounded, though one man
broke hla collar bone by falling off his
A-motorist, with malapropian propensities Was pointing out the different parts of bis car, and presently
came to a foot lever which lie called
the "exhilarator."
"That must be what you press when
you go joy-rhling," wittily remarked
one of the bystanders.
"She is having a perfectly lovely
"How so?"
"Sh_ is engaged to one of twins.
They both call on her, and she can't
tell them Apart."���Kansas City Journal.
Clerciy man Endorses
Cure Of
Nervous Prostration
Four Doctors Had Failed���Hope Given Up
Mrs. E. T. Ford, 55 McGee Street, Toronto, Ont., states:���"Some time ago
I Was ill from nervous prostration and for many weeks was in a very serious
condition. 1 was treated by four different doctors without receiving any benefit
from their treatment. I had quite given up hope when one day my husband
saw Dr. Chase's advertisement, and it seemed so to suit my case that I bought
a box of Nerve Food. I improved so rapidly that I continued using the Nerve
Food, and I am thankful to say, it worked a complete cure. Since that time,
we have never been without it in the house, and I gladly recommend it to all
my neighbors."
Her Pastor's Endorsement
Rev. G. M. Holmes, Pastor of Eastern Ave. Baptist Church, Toronto, writes:���
" I have known Mrs. Ford as a member of my church for over two years, and
know that any statement she would make would be correct."
System Run Down���Awfully Nervous
Mrs. John Walfield, La Have Islands, Lunenburg Co., N.S., writes:���"Two years ago my system
became greatly run down, and I was awfully nervous. It was very difficult for me to do my housework, and I felt very miserable, 1 doctored but did
not receive any benefit until I began the use of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. This medicine proved
of wonderful benefit to me, building up the system
and restoring health and strength. I always feel
now that if I do get run down I can depend on Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food to make me strong and well.
"My husband was troubled with dizziness and
nervous headache, and was cured by the Nerve
Food.   He would not be without it in the home."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, the greatest of Nerve Restoratives,
SO cts. t box, 6 for $2.50, all dealers or Edmanson, Bates _ Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1.S69
Capital raid Up ..1,560,000        Reserve and Undivided Profits ^13,000,000
Payable in all purls of the world
Special attention given to Savings Department nml Transactions nf Ordinary Banking Business hy mail
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published   nt
Courtenay, li. C
N. II. Hopi.n, Editor nntl Proprietor
Subscription 11.50 per Year in  Advance
-otiiulel, 700 prisouers. Severian
and Montenegro troops advancing
in Austrian territory.
Bulgaria declared In Btatoof war, reason
In- hk to prevent violation "f frontier,
4 lltituli provinces deonlred a state of war.
Ile|nttte ' lii_ ef iiiiinlmw tu-i.'ny ileeliit'ed
\* rcckage picked up was thrown overboard
when i-liip cleared fnr action off California
I    Three Allan Liners token over ty Govern-
The   wholesale   dealers  011 this  _ent for transport of Canadian contingent to
coast  who advanced  the price of ,$��}.'
flour and su_ar-the main lieccssiles Arum in Britain,
of life-immediately  upon  hearing I., ,at. ea 'f';'",��� j*-,trlM-ll'"1 ���>"����""��> "'
r ,,      ,    ,        .        ,     '    .    ,,        ��  (oilncm and Poland,
ol the declaration of war 111 Iturope,   y��� detailx
have taken the tnost cowardly I Belatlone between Auetrla and Italy strain-
means of stealing from a long suf-1 %i^ ^f 1 $"fe cruiser mr
fering people  tlt.it has  ever  beeu , Oporto captured German liner with three mil-
known in the history of this country, jli"!1 l0'ln���8���8l*e0I,e; .��� , , ���
,,.   , , , -;.       , .    ,      . '  I   Japan believed will declare waron Germany,
We have always believed 111 buying.    Nothing to bond vet.
goods of home   manufacture,   but    B. O. Horn left Vlo__a for Camp,
,       .  ... 1:1     .1 ��� ���_. ���    Wednesday���All news sent tins far ha* turned
when a thing like this occurs, it is ���llt,,, '
about enough to cause one to buy
foreign goods.    A judicious appli-
t .tiding development of Continental Army
iiovi meats    Not nuioli news enn '_ expected.
... Getman North Seu fleet evidently bent on
cation ot   the boycol   would teach .wentIng down British fleet rather than risk-
them a wholesome
Keep Cool
lay engagement.
Getmauy advanoes through liiixemburgap-
j pa_ntl.y the main attack on French, with
' Banking movement  through  Belgium   nml
Fiencli ('enter flunk attack in Lorraine.
I   German plan of attack through Belgium is
Some of our citizens were of the
opinion that our remarks about lhe
witr were not timely. They evidently thought we should shout our
heads off about nothing, As a
mutter cf fact our article was written just 15 hours after Britain's
ultimatum had expired and reliable
despatches have stated that not a Victoria Notes
single shot had been fired or a blow     ������      , ,.       ,   ..     .      ,
,,,.,,���,. 1       n ���,  ��� .      t^ ��� 1 I bus far  nothing decisive has been
struck by  Britain   up  to  Friday-, br0Ugh't abdut in j|urope.    Fleet faces
night, und it is not known positive-'. fleet, army confronts army, here a battle
ly as yet, Whether there  has  been there a. skirmish, bnt the titanic blows'
snii! to have failed and that fie-li disposition!
will lie made.
Official news from London places tin- hulk
of the German forces hetwen Liege aud
Liege torts still hold out.
War expected to be declared between
Britain and Austria to-night.
Algetine spolten oil' Cape Medioino to-day.
Beoruiting in B. C. proceeding vigorouily.
any naval engagement whatever.
The early despatches were largely
the imagination of someone connected with the New York Herald.
have yet to be struck. IJvery day sees
the war become closer, and fortunately
finds tlie British Umpire the better prepared and renib . We are at the beginning only of the greatest struggle the
world has ever seen, ami as the Dean of
Columbia .said at the cathedral on Sunday, this is the last  time  that  war, un
We have received  the following
special despatches this week from a I1,""".-      ,,,,,, ,
',.  . ' the action of   Britain highly coninienu-
reliable source : .,I,1L. a]1(1 honorable, this  is"the last time
Special to the Review,   Monday. ��� that war will ever be permitted.
Every army reservist return home ��� Tlu' burden not only of war, but of tlie
at   once.     Believed   to   be   5000,:Prepa.-.to,..-. ,.,ib. ������ u���- p,���p-. ,������ 1..,
years of costly   preparation.
to   be   sooo, IJ         1 , ��� ,   ,
.,.,...        ���        , J       ' 1 rope, and a costly  war  is  the sequel ol
mainly IU Western Canada. I years of costly  preparation.     The Dean
All French reservists also ordered   urged his hearers, and it was a most slri-
to return, I king sermon, to face the war by cutting
Ports  of Quebec and  Montreal
down luxury, which with vice had made
disastrous  inroads   upon    the  national
Character ; he asked his hearers  to con-
Th__   German   suspected   spies sider the poor,-who amid the many years
Good authority reports capture
of German liner Krass Prinz Wil-
helm by British cruiser Kssex.
Germany attempted embroil,
Spain in war without result. France
and Austria officially at war.
of prosperity had been ignored. The
price of neglect had to be paid, and*it
could be paid at such a time as this.
Tbe Dean's words are only too true,
Canada has forgotten the steady growth
in a wealthy country, of those who are
hard put to' find the next meal, and upon
whom this war will fall quickest aud
worst of all,   Also tluri tg the years of
Austria fleet left supposed object j prosperity, thrift has been put oil one
to assist the German cruisers against' side, or else the results of thrift have
British Mediterranean fleet.
First  and second  Divisions Jap
anese fleet put to sea to-day under
sealed orders,
Transports being prepared.
Reported arrival at L,iege of
French troops in time to cut off
German retreat, heavy loss.
French and German armies fighting in Vosges Mountains.    French
been put into worthless investments.
Many industrial operations will go
down, for the ��� most part those which
were from the start  over-capitalized and
��� whose promotors were wise enough to
get their money from unwary sharehold.
��� crs and then quietly quit.
Many individuals will go down, the
least thrifty and sober lirst of nil,   Can-
��� adit is going to have  a  harsh   medicine
I before she resumes   her  path   upwards.
those who would face the  situation adequately will begin by  eliminating waste
capture two passes With serious loss  both of time and material, extravagance
both sides     The two armies are in
touch all along the frontier   Skirmishing generally.
500 ex-members northwest mounted police wanted to rejoin to release
present members in active  service.
German Submarine sunk after
unsuccessful attack, by Flotilla 011
Ilritish cruisers in North Sea.
Liege-Forts still hold out.
British, French and Belgian
troops advancing.
Gordon   Highlanders   inobolized  pedlars, nt a time  ivhen  the white men
and credit. It Is possible for theaver
citi/.en to grow much more of his food
supply ibiin he does. In Victorian
movement is 011 loot to utilize the vacant
town lots as vegetable gardens and so
" beat " out the would-be exploiter of
high food prices.
It is significant thai Victoria (or some
time past has been por.sesscd of a large
number of out of work Orientals, who
pass from door to door begging for work
of any kind.
It is a matter for regret that so many
citizens purchase vegetables, fruit, fish
' and (lowers from   Chinese  anil Japanese
to-day and went into camp near
Victoria. All three re .intents now
Great response to appeal for men
for active service.
Tuesday^���Fierce attack by Germans on fort Seraing, south of
I.iege. Sunday repulsed.
German losses heavy, official
Brussels despatch says that Germans
lost in recent fighting around L,iege.
2000    killed,    twenty    thousand
inlitious so bard to bear. This is
otu instance of selfishness and of the effects of a national sin upon the whole
The patriotic unselfishness manifested,
not the flag-wagging and shouting, but
the quiet self-sacrifices, men for the (rout
funds for their dependents, aud help in
various ways, is a good start towartls a
new and better Umpire nnd Dominion,
The war is working already for good.
Mr Thos. .1. Barron, late of Courtenay!
contributed an article rtceti iy to the "Colonist" on the habits of the Thrush, which has
drawn -me attention to the claims of nature
in time of war,
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The hump-backs  are beginning      Mrs. Wilson,   wife of Wood row
to come up the river, they are -accompanied by some fine trout, a
few of which have been caudit at
the bridgeby patient fishermen.
Wilson, President of the United
States, died at the White House,
Washington, on Thursday afternoon, of a complication of diseases. ft?
Comox, B. C.
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Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
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and West,
Aston _ Handmade Shoes will
stan I the Test.
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Wants in
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Hot Water and Steamfitting
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Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
Builder & Contractor
The motto of the International
Irrigation Congress, which meets
in Western Canada this year,
"Save the Forests, Store the
Floods" is readily appreciated in
British Columbia.
In the Valleys of the Kootenay
River, Okanagan Lake, Thompson
aud Fraser Rivers there are about
too.ooo acres of land which are
greatly improved iu productive ca-,
pacity by irrigation. The streams!
from which .\at:r must be secured,
without exception head in timbered
The timber in the headwaters of
these streams is not at present valuable for agricultural purposes.
Its value to the public, however,
is shown by its Influence on stream
A stream to be valuable for irrigation must supply water regularly
during the dry summer season.
Watersheds barren of forests act
like roofs. They pour the waters
from spring rains and melting snow
down over their bare rock slopes
in torrents in the early season when
water i.s not needed for irrigation,
When midsummer comes and water
is needed for man aud fruit crops,
those streams are dry, Forested
watersheds, on the other hand, do
not give up their waters so prodigally. The timber protects the
snow and holds its melting later in
the summer. The waters from rain
and melting snow are caught by
tne vegetation beneath the trees,
soak into the spongy soil covering
of moss, mulch and decayed vegetation are led by myriad little
channels into the open soil, aud
seep gradually down, appearing be-
ow iu springs which feed the
streams suminerlong.
Certain forests iu the Province,
particularly in the mountains
around Okanagan Lake, are given
special care in lire protection because of the immense value of the
water   yielded   by   their
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Riga Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
Telephone M 92     COMOX, 11. C.
every citizen's duty. Everyone is
urged to be careful with fire in or
near the wood until the dry summer
season has passed. An announcement of the destruction will be issued in a few weeks.
Yours truly
H. R. McMillan
Chief Forester.
Cowichan Councillors Ask
Distinctive Flag
slopes, A high level trail has been
built around Okanagan Lake to
faciliate patrol by forest guards.
Duncan, Aug 4:���"That the
council, through our Dominion
representative, urge upou the
Canadian Government the desirability of adopting a distinctive
Canadian flag in the same manner
as the Commonwealth of Australia,
the Union of South Africa and the
Dominion of New Zealand have
their distinctive Hags: and that,
after an approved design has been
selected, the government take due
measures to cause it to be formally
recognized as the (lag of Cauada,
and that a copy of this resolution
I be sent to the next convention of
forested | 0f tjle \x (_\ Union of Municipalities
Plastering Contractor
'���. tiiiiat.s Furnished   Work Guarantee
Barrister  and
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of Hors
t  Blankets,
Suit Cases,
Harness Repaired XeatlyJ
Cumberland and Courtenay
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Riverside Hotel,    Courtenay
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Complete .Electrical Equipments promptly installed. Electric Wiring mid Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work.
Isolated Lighting Plants a Specialty
Box 195       Phone F95      Courtenay
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Palaee Livery
&Feed Stable
Horses and Buggies for Hire
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Price $4.50 per load
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Price $3.25 per load
in the bush
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To Bake
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason of quality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -   Prop.
Opposite new Presbyterian Cirtr cli
Letter to The Editor
Dear Sir:���Natural conditions
have this summer beeu more favourable to forest fires in Older British
Columbia, the district south of the
Railway belt, than in any other
previous summer in ten years.
There has been eight weeks of
drought, during which hot days,
hot nights and high winds have
dried timber and vegetation, fanned
sparks and carried flames beyond
control in an instant.
The great danger has fortunately
been apparent to everyone. Land
clearing operations,, campers, construction works, railroads, have
been kept under careful watch by
private citizens, timber owners and
forest guards. During June more
fires were extinguished by forest
officers in dangerous districts tl.iau
had occurred all last summer. In
July as the conditions grew worse
the patrol staff was increased, Towards the end of July, as the whole
country became extremely inflam-
able awaiting only a spark, special
warning was sent forest officers to
see that all fires we<- immediately
extinguished and dangerous operations suspended.
The precautions taken were well
justified,    Many fires escaped control aud were only, by the wholesale employment of men, by loggers
railroad companies aud the  Forest
Branch, kept from doiug serious I
damage.    Fires have gained a fly-!
ing start   on   the   slash resulting
front the past few years logging i
For two weeks over 3000 men, and I
on three cccasions,  special   trains
have   been   employed     restricting
Sres.to   logged   over   areas,    The
efforts have   been   successful   except in two instances'.   The  worst
fire loss has beeu at Bull River'
where two fires started  from  logging camps swept simultaneously
through  slash,    surrounded    500
fire fighters with great loss of timber and  it is feared  loss of  life.
Another fire starting from railroad
construction    destroyed    valuable |
timber in the Similkatneen Valley.
Many fires iu slashings are still unextinguished.   A   continuance of
dry weather will result in  further
loss of timber in spite of the efforts
of the Forest Branch,
The prevention of forest fires is
for endorsement
The above resolution was unanimously passed at the meeting of the
North Cowichan Council. The
resolution was tbe outcome of the
discussion on what flag should be
bought for the municipality. Tt
was arranged to buy a Union Jack.
has a fine new stcck of
Fancy Dry Goods
Summer Boat Schedule
Tuesday, Cowichan arrives at
8.15, leaves at n, Charmer arrives
a'; 6, leaves at 7.15 Wednesday
Thursday, Charmer arrives at 6,
leaves at 7 15 Friday morning.
Sautrday,   Charmer   arrives
7 p. in,, leaves at 11. p. in.
Sunday,   Cowichan   arrives
8.15 a, tn,, leaves at 4p. m.
Sutton & Kirkwood
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Night or Day Call- Promptly
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Family Boat of the Eskimo
The oomiul; may be deseilbed as
the "family boat" ot the Eskimo. It is
used by tbe moil in whale anil walrus bunting and by the whole family
during tlieir annual summer trips,
which ihey make u> gather tht winter
store of lish and berries. Tben it
presents a spectacle nol goon forgotten. Crowded to the gunwales with
a mixed assortment of men, women,
children and dogs together with piles
of provisions and hides and till the
impedtents of cai ping, ii moves slowly along. A sail of while and colored
drilling, sewn in alternate BtrlpB, or I
even ot patched shins, assists the lab
orlng vessel through the water. Some j
of the occupants paddle when they
feel like It, oihers scan the Bhore or
watch the wato rippling from the
stern. If progress is loo Blow even tor
the Eskimo the dogs are pul ashore, a
stoul line of walrus hide Is iittaohed
io    the how. ami tbey tow the bi ul i
���=s.-s _!.
feels bettor when Liver mntl
Bowels are normal. Keep
yours toned up with
vescen. _7 ��_-__��-
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< laai   p:._<mi_ ,.     only    ara   riirrlnl.
Tha   Oot-CIa _   Cabin  accummtfUatlon
Verandah fata,      I oiinga,
Often u_liii_. rrumptiadea,
Hmoklnf   Hoom,       l-A-lnt.   Kaoai,
Dining Saloon,        l.llirarj
flpnrloua   fltatoraom,
8arvt_��   al_    between   Sen   York,
Medltrrranrun,      Adriatic       Italian
*_e��u���tn-ii,    Mrrrpool.   Hon    York,
_��li Ci inrd,    l.lvrrpool.
Tha    F_'_t    I'n.-Ong-    and    Mai!
Sarvlll,  In   lho  World.
For     Information     at .  .      ta    any
Hallwiy   01    S!<i���m_ilp    Arant.   ar
TUH   CDNAB1)   8TBA513UIP   to..
S04   MAIN   ST..      -NNIPEO.
*������!���-��� I��� -+�����J���-+-_..[._-~f��� '
Sl_kesp"are's Birth
The etact tiai.. of Shakespeare-
birth Is not known, and the accepted
date of April '.'I is based on elmim-
stiiutlnl t'vi.len.'o. There is record evidence that lie wai baptized on April
I2G, 1664, hul i.o record evidence of the
date of his bit-lb.    lie died April 23,
i Uii'.. nml Ihe inscription upon his moll-
t um.'iti Is evidence thai he had already
begun his tlfiy-ihifti year, bin does nol
give any birth date. Prom these data
and ,thor such Inform ,'t n ns in. y
could obtain, anlUiunrtes in ihe eighteenth century, 100 years after his
death, llxed iho date of his birth as
April _, i.'iiii. three years before his
baptism. Tboiigl, uoi proved beyond
doubt thai late is universal, accepted.    Philadelphia Press.
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
Rum   Punch
lli\ They sny tl nl to live a play
must have punch iu It.
Iii\ I wonder if that's why "Ten
Nights lu u llairooiu" hits survived. -
Boston Ttnnscript.
��� ________
->.''v_y.'w^v . v - _��� *.
is   tho   bes6   remedy
known   for   sunburn,
heati rashes,   eczema,
sore feet., stings n_,_
blisters.   A skin food!
All IlrVMlstt and Store*. ��� _..
��� .-
25c   and   BOc   at   all   Oiutjgists   an-
Stores.    Tike Abbey Vita Tablets for
j mor, or,  rather, dttrlug    ih���-   three Jq< .   N '
I rnonths' Interval which is nol winter rcei.es.	
a brief, beautiful Beason nf unending
I delight.    With. World  Magazine. And He Had  Doubted  Her j
"Of course. Jack. I'm very fond of i     ll-   had been calling for some time,
Keep    Minard's    Liniment    In  the   y0H,    \\'hy hiiveu'i  I jnsi  danced bIx and she tliotight she would give hlni a
'bouse. times with you?" gentle hint.
i    "I don'i see what proof thai Is."        "Il  is nol  good  for  man to   live
Atop  of  Mount  McKinicy "You would it you only realized how alone," she said.
Archdeacon Stuck In his nccoun: of' you dance."���Boston Transciipt. "Thai's why we hnve clubs." he re-
Ms climb to the summit ot Mount Ale- ,       ,      !*'","""'(l'  calmly.���Kansas  City  Jout-
' I-ulev. "The Ascent of Donull," glvos     "'lillk nsk''11 I1U' >" mm'i' lul" I'-st  unl.
this description of    his    Impressions  week, and I refused,   Yosterduy 1 tele-           ,7~~"~_���_ ~
upon reaching it: "Immediately before Phoned him thai  I had changed    my      Millers Worm Powders arc par ex-
| us. in the direction in which'we had \ mind." collenco the medicine for ohlldron who
climbed, lay���nothing, a void, a sheer      "Whal  was lhe  result?
"Ile said that, he had cllttng
In less than two years it will
be unlawful to buy or use
poisonous white phosphorous   matches
Everybody    should   begin
now to use
and thus ensure safety in
the home
Something   better   than   linen  mid. til*
(sundry  bills     Wash   It   will,   sonii   and
water.    All  slur's or direct.    State style
and nie.    l'or '.''���'   we will mail you
St Fnur Avenut, Toronto, Ontario
If r_uf__ror _���
acrr��._ fiu.u kiOM-.r, ui. _��i:
writ _  for FREE CLOTH ii-
tht _��_r t." v
C>'tallow up dr-'.,.,.
Wa WAN i- lu PKOVK
Fetherslonhuugh & Co.. head office,
King street east   'loronto. Canada.
A  Pessimist
"You used lo say vou trusted to the
#lsd���ni of the plain people."
"Yes," replied Mr. Orowcher. "But
where are you going to Iind them?
The public ft Retting some remarkably fancy notions these days."���
Wash'.ngton Star.
_kXV M
L.HT'S   DlSj
are found suffering from the ravag
of worms. They Immediately niter
ihe stomachic conditions under which
the worms subsist and drive them
irom ihe system, and, at the same
time, liny are tonlcal in their effect
upon the digestive organs,    re ..orin
gulf many thousands of feet deep and
| one shrank  hack  instinctively    Irom
the Hul.' parapet of snow basin when j -       ~
one had glanced al the awful profited-      rhe Y*���0'���?. Vcrger-In    the far
ity.   Across the gulf, about 3,400 feet corner lies  William the   Conqueror;
beneath us and fifteen or twenty miles behind the organ, where you cant see.	
away, sprang most    splendidly    into \'��m<, <"'?' ������ l,l��'b��,��   }">,    '';',��ki s    I hen.  to heal Hul operation and en
'Robin   Ood  und    Cardinal    wolsny. stirlng Immunity irom further disord-
Now, does that guide-book, as I sees
yott 'ave in your 'and, tell you who is
lyin' 'ere, sir."
The Sceptical Totll'isl ��� So, imi 1 can
j view, the grenl mass of Denali's Wife,
: or Mount Porulcer, as some white men
i misname her, lining majestically    all
: the   middle    distance.   *   *   *   And
i never was  noble- sight displayed to
man than the great isolated mountain,
spread out completely, with   all    its
I spurs ami ridges, ils cliffs nnd ils glac-
| lers, lofty and mighty, and yet far beneath us.   "   * '*   Beyond stretched,
, blue and vague to the southwest, the
Kvlde valley to the southwest, the wide
j valley of the Kuskakwin, with an end
of all    mountains.   *   *   *   It    wits,
. however,  to the south  and  ire east
that   the  mosl   marvelous     prospect
; opened before us.
No Rest With i.sthma.���-Asthma usually attacks at night, the one time
when rest is n -eded mosl. Hence the
loss of strength, the. nervous debility,
the loss of flesh and other evils winch
must be expected, unless relief is secured. Koi innately relief is possible.
Dr .1. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
i has proved its merit through years ot
service. A trial will surely convince
:\liss File���Well, you are ln love
with a man who lias the name of le-
jng square. 1 suppose he's very fond
of you?
Her Companion���Yes,^indeed; bo
tells me I'm his awl!
Maude���"Was it a good play?"
Marjorle���"Splendid!    We    expect
the police to raid it very minute,
its from such a cause.
An Easterner who had bought a
farm In California had heard qt his
neighbor's talent for raising large potatoes, so sent hi., farm hand, over to
get n hundred pounds.
"You go back lionie," answered the
talented farmer to the messenger,
"and tell your boss that I won't cut a
potato for anyone."
"Wife���If yo'i can't sleep, why don't
you sec a doctor?
Iltisbaiitl     (gi't.uehilyl���And      then
(have one more bill to keep me awake?
���Topelta Journal.
-���- .*.. _._-.._ ___���________ aa���ors���_���
_   n-ml   Lavof   Simulation 1
_ i__htf_wa_ nunua
��_r lr.,1,, ,a tatabllthad
linn.    Wa km slvlm _-
W���   |,C.      t,��        t,"H',l'.'< ,f
ponl.U _l   etc.    ���),.
world .. . ]u> ���
idvottlMmmk,   Now
h . lir _luii��� M
OllLAlll ono      Wrlto
now rioting   tit
_|U, lor _., ct   our
lutaloiubto i.nai*.
trfllll!      iIii-.In,      or
a_ti' Mbtru, tout
rorrltia titlil to wor
-'���li do watch, wliii-
will 'li>, _,,.��� _'r,M��
IIIimo    WBIoliM     ��,u
_,_,.tin i iivi, ream,
���tiailJ . a t_. _<
ratitut ol nn, ma���_
olTor.      V.'fl   nvntl   ran   to   lull   _  or   fit 1,
Kli> il II* nml nliow tliiiin tlio liMHtlliil WIMIl.
llim'l think till" otter tin) muni to I ���> tnl.i. lint Hnd
Mr. uontl l���,l- mul mln . Kt.-n W'i!,.|, \,m
��lii��/,.,l     WILLIAMS   *   I I.OYI1.   t\t,o!���,_!��
Im.ti.i.uti.w,Oorowtllli Doiil, i.iii.ii.i. '.i.,
New Schedule
The railway Iriiin had Just put in a
tango playing machine,
"Are we running ou eastern or central time?" asked the passenger.
"Neil her," replied the conductor
wearily-"rag time."���Cincinnati Enquirer,
He Was Exone.-ated on the Spot
"What do you mean by ltissing ih*
"It was an excusable mistake, my
dear. The hall was dark, and she had
on vour face powder and your beautiful 'golden hair."���Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Stella���Some colleges won't give _
diploma unless you know how lo
Bella���Tha'. doesn't matter; you cam
forget afterward.
The Salt Sua Legend
There is a legend In the Noise
scalds which explains why the sea is
salt The "bountiful Fordi.' whoso
mythical reig.i was a golden age indeed, possessed a Jtieni, or hand m.n,
which ground out gold and peace, but
which would grind .out stoves of anything desired bv its owner. Two giant
maidens, ruled over by Frodi, were
the grinder.-,. In an evil day a sea
rover came upon the scene, slew Fordi
and carried the quern off and the
two giant maidens who worked it.
When the sen rover's vessel was
right out at sea be ordered the maidens lo grind salt. At midnight they
asked if they ha.l not ground enough.
The sea rover, angry at being awakened from his sleep, commanded tbem
to grind until morning. Now, the
giant maidens naturally enough worked very quickly so as they went on
grinding the load of salt grew so
heavy that, it sank the ship, and now
the sea will continue salt forever.
The Public Too Often Faked
Unscrupulous dealers, actuated by
large profits, often recommend corn
cures "as good as Putnam's." There
is only one genuine Corn Extractor
and that is Pul nam's Painless Corn
and Wart Extractor, which in twenty-
four hours cures -arls, corns, callouses and bunions. Putnam's is a
ouses and bunions. Pul nam's is a
nlraole of efficiency and promptness
I'rv ll. 25c a lotlle.
Qentlemah Is from the French "gen-
tilhointne" ami means one who belongs to the gens or stock. In old
Roman law gensmen, or gentlemen,
were those only who had a family
name, were born of free parents, had
no slave iu their ancestral line and
never been degraded to a lower rank.
Ancient Armor
In 1B18 a battb was fought near -Iiian. In Italy, and so perfect was the
armor of both armies that, although
the conllict raged from tl a.m. to 4
p.m., ,io one on cither side was cither
killed or wounded, though one man
broke his collar bone by falling off his
A motorist with malapropian propensities was pointing out the different parts of Ids" car, and presently
came to a foot K-ver which lie called
the "e.xhilarator."
"That must be what you press when
you go joy-riding." wittily remarked
one of the bystanders.
W. N. U. 100��
"Slie is having a perfectly lovely
"How so?"
"She is engaged to one of twins.
They both call on her, and she can't
tell tbem apart."���Kansas Cltv Journal.
Clergy man Endorses
Cure Of
Nervous Prostration
Four Doctors Had Failed���Hope Given Up
Mrs. E, T. Ford, 55 McGee Street, Toronto, Ont., states: -"Some, time ago
I was ill from nervous prostration and for many weeks was in a very serious
condition. I was treated by four different doctors without receiving any benefit
from their treatment. I had quite given up hope when one day my husband
saw Dr. Chase's advertisement, and ;t seemed so to suit my case that I bought
a box of Nerve Food. I improved so rapidly that I continued using the Nerve
Food, and I am thankful to say, it worked a complete cure. Since that time,
we have never been without it in the house, and I gladly recommend it to all
my neighbors."
Her Pastor's Endorsement
Rev. G. M. Holmes, Pastor of Eastern Ave. Baptist Church, Toronto, writes:���
"I have known Mrs. Ford as a member of my church for over two years, and
know that any statement she would make would be correct."
System Run Down���Awfully Nervous
Mrs. John Walfield, La Have Islands, Lunenburg Co., N.S., writes:���"Two years ago my system
became greatly run down, and I was awfully nervous. It was very difficult for me to do my housework, and I felt very miserable, I doctored but did
not receive any benefit until I began the use of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. This medicine proved
of wonderful benefit to me, building up the system
and restoring health and strength. 1 always feel
now that if I do get run down I can depend on Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food to make me strong and well.
"My husband was troubled with dizziness and
nervous headache, and was cured by the Nerve
Food.   He would not be without it in the home."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, the greatest of Nerve Restoratives,
50 ct*. a box, 6 for $2.50, all dealer* or Edmanson, Bates �� Co.,
MRS. JOHN WALFIELD Limited, Toronto. iif
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. L L. D��� D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager JOHN A1KD, Ass't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUNS, $13,500,000
Interest at tho current rntc is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of thorn or by the survivor. S21
F. C. BROCK, Acting Manager, Courtenay and Comox Branches
Comox branch ooen on Tuesdays, from n to 3
Every careful man wishing to provide for the propel distribution of his estate so that
His Wife and Children May Not Suffer
or be deprived, makes bis will now, when he lias all his faculties intact, and with no undue influence 'it work
[     Let lis assist yon in din wing tip your will right away
Hicks Beach & Field
Letters to The Editor
The Editor, Courtenay Review,
Dear Sir,���As an okj resident of 1
Courtenay I really cannot understand why there should be a
moment's hesitation as to tlie'best
site for the post office, and the excuse given by Mr. Clements that it
i.s absolutely necessaryjfor it to be
built on Isabel Street because tenders have been invited is most
absurd, and one which any six
business men would say could not
be sustained. j
Although .Mr, Clements, last j
February, six months after Mr. I
Henderson chose a site objected to |
by some eitizeu-j -pretended to give .
them a chance to change it. I do
not think, in view of what he stated at the meeting on the 3rd ill- i
stant, that he could have been sin-.
I am amazed at this, when at
least eighty per cent, of the people
want it built on the main street.
Yours truly, !
Au Old Resident
Courteuay, Aug. 12, 1914.
-Editor Review
Dear Sir:���In a recent issue t' e
Review gave the standing of the
pupils from Courtenay who had
passed their examinations,! but you
made no mention of the particularly fine record made by one of them.
You stated that Master John Duncan of Sandwick had passed fifth
in his class at King Edward High
School. This gives uo idea of his
record. I beg to call your attention
to the fact that he passed first in a
class of thirty-six. But in addition
to this, there were 290 pupils ir
his year ill the King Edward High
School, and he passed fifth 111 this
list of two hundred and ninety
A record like this deserves
special notice, It is a credit to
the people of Comox Valley that
they can send out pupils able to
take a standing like this, It is a
credit to the Courtenay school.
But so far as I know all, or most
of the pupils sent out from thi
Courtenay School during the past
few years have _nade a good record
This goes to show that pupils in
the country schools, if they  work
faithfully, can do as well or  better
than the pupils in city schools.
Yours Truly
T, J. Barron
Courtenay, Ii. C, Aug. 11, 1914
Big Reduction in Prints, Ginghams,
Chambrays, Ladies' Blouses, Etc.
10c Per Yard
As the end of the season is now approaching we
are offering the above goods at the very greatly
reduced price of
10c PER YARD  '
For 1 Week Only, commencing August 1
Hurry, only a limited quantity, you are advised
to come early
Our stock of Blouses will also be cleared at a
big   reduction
See Our Windows
Grand Clearance Sole of
Prints and Gis ghahis
On Monday next, Aug. 3, we propose putting on sale
for two weeks onlv, our entire stock of Prints and
Ginghams at 9 Yards for $1.00
Regular 15, 20 and 25c Values for CASH ONl/5<
Also a large quantity of Remnants
Conservative Rally at
Campbell River
Last Tuesday and Wednesday
were banner days at Campbell
River, The Central Conservative
Association of the North and South
parts of the riding, met there
for the purpose of having an annual celebration.
Most of the members from the
various associati ms of the North
arrived on Tuesday morning and
held a meeting. The members
from the Southern Associations including Cumberland, West Cumberland, Bevan, and Puntledge.
arrived in the evening in time to
partake of the sumptuous banquet
at the Willows Hotel, which was
beautifully decorated and illuminated for the occasion.
Among the mottos displayed to
au advantage were: Borden and
McBride, One Empire, One Flag,
One King, Welcome to our Representatives, Clements and Manson,
Justice to Ail','A' White Canada.
The West Cumberland  Conservative band with 14 pieces was in
attendance,' a>.d  while some   200
guests were standing in the banquet
hill played ''God Save  the King"
from a balcony immediately above,
when the guests joined in 'singing
with a spirit seldom, seen  on  this
part of the Island.   The band then
played ''Rule Brittania,'' when the
crowds standing in their places at
the table joined in the singing, the
sound floating over Discovery passage in the stillness of the night
and making   the   tall   timbers  of
Campbell    River    shake.   Justice
was done to the following menu:
Rock Buy Chicken
Cumberland Consomme
Campbell River Boiled Salmon
Dobsler Sauce
Powell River I. mb Chops
French Peas
Fillet of Reef n la Alert Bav
with Mushrooms
Roiled Courtenay Ham
Premier Dick Sauce
Honorable You"" Turkey, Cranberry Sauce   .-Sirloin Beef
Clements' Special Leg of
Mutton, Mas ni,s Favorite
Salad i
Lettuce and Mayonnaise
Celery en Branche
B. C. New Potatoes
Mashed and Steamed
Stewed Conservative Com
Apple Pie a la Borden
Lemon Pie a la Williamson
Steamed Tory Plum Pudding, a
lit Clement Sauce
Assorted Fruits
Tea, Coffee, Milk
After the banquet lh_> guests adjourned
to the adjoining dancing pavillton where
the Hon. II. _. Voting,  Provincial  Secretary and Minister of  Education,   gave
a rousing address on the British Empire
during the course of his rt tvnrks.   Some
were present whose eyes Were moistened
with  joy,   while  others  were  standing
upon tlieir seats with bat in hand shouting.    Dr. Young, who was at his best,
dealt at some length with the  European
situation from the point of commencement tlown to the latest message received
that   evening,   which   said   that   Great
Britain had  declared  war  against  Germany, in which  he  said   Britain  would
x Co-Op erative Sc
Dealers in all kinds of Ai. -
Butter,   Eggs  and   i     .
Produce,   Cooked    M
Specialty.    We sell
best.    I'rices  ate always
aud   satisfactory.
best prices fi
Phone No. 2
'v.    _  .
Timothy, Clover and Farm Seeds
at greatly reduced prices for
the next two weeks
Phone Y91 and your order will be
at once
come out greater and grander than eve.
It was no time for party pol itics. At
the close of his address the band played
''God Save the King" and "Rule
Mr. II. S. Clements M. P. was the
next speaker. He touched upon the
European crisis and gave a short review
of what had been done in this district
during his term office. It was easily
seen that Mr, Clements was a great
favourite among those present by the
tremendous applause he received during
his speech.
Mr. Collins then sang "The Death of
Nelson." Mr, J. II. McMillan gave a
violion si ilu in such tt style, that put all
previous efforts in the sli.uk:.
Mr. M. MailSOU M, P, P. was the next
speaker of the evening, antl went into
various questions effecting the welfare
of the district, including education, roa Is,
logging, etc. antl explained the affairs of
the district in a very satisfactory manner,
At the close of his speech the audience
rising sang for "He's a jolly good
The next two or three hours were
given to dancing with a clear sky and
beautiful moonlight, which made the
surrouuings very enjoyable.
On Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock
the Northern and Southern Conservative
Associations met in joint session, when
several important matters effecting the
district came up lor consideration.
Messrs. Clements and Manson addressed
this meeting also on he question of a '
mutual understanding between the North
and the South. It is unanimously decidedly to hold the next annual picnic
at Cumberland in the early part of
August, 1915. or at any date lo lie set by
the Executives of the North anil South
Conservative Associat oils.
The feeling Unit exists throughout the
Comox Electoral I) strict is very satisfactory, There is complete harmony
between the various associations witli
the membership continually increasing.
Cancellation oi keserve
NOTICE:  is   hereby   riven   tl   I   thi
Reserve, a  notice    ' which   ippei
the British Columbia '.',. etteon thi  _. li
day of December. 1. <7.
far as it relates to laud
pired   Timber  License   Ni     1293
known as _ot No   174. S   . .  :
and that tbe said :
(or staking for pre empl
etl   lands in   com]
visions of the "I. ��� '   '
in the forenoon on Tu
1914.   For furthi r lib ������
the   Government   .'.    ���       ' ������
through   whose   on pi
must be made.
De| ���:���!���  Mi   irtci
bands Department
Victoria, B. C���
June Io  19] I
Try an Ad.
Soft Drinks
Swan's Pool Room
E. SWai _, rrop. THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cui out catharticsaad purgaUm.  T__y ar#
brutal��h_rih��i__n necessary. Try
Purely vegetable. .\k
re titty _ tn lh��liv��r,
__iminat6 bile J
soothe theiii
���Sit_ I!������.:���,}]' and Indige%tian, at millions  know.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Prico.
Genuine mini !__��� Signature
Choicest fruits etc.,���perfectly
balanced���ready to use.
Saves endless labour,
Heat Between the Planets
If there is any exchange ot heat be-
tweon the planets, no litinum device
can measure It for the bolometer cannot in- Increased In its delicacy uutfic-
icni   to detect the minute   amount.
Thnt is, the ll U innn wire the her .6,
more sensitive than human nerves,
cannot be mado any thinner and hold
together in us.'. No influence of the
planets upon each other has ever been
detected by the nost accomplished
observers with the must sensitive Instruments that can he made, besides
i��o, gravitation and light, li t-usi be
that heal front Hi ��� sun lo the planets
Is absorbed by them, since none
comes io the earth by reflection lu-
tensa enough to be measured by an
electric nerve thinner than n spider's
thread.   New York American.
Minard's   Liniment   used   by   Physl-
This may lie a new one to somo ot
our readers: Enter Into lhe only drink
dispensary in the dusty town an engineer on an examination trip. A.
small crowd surrounds a happy looking
prospector   who   Is   sotting   them  up. I
One mnn inform; our engineer, "Jim
just struck tho thin edge of an ore
body on his Red mountain prospect today, and he's teellng mighty good,"
Then follows an inlr iiliiciion to ,11m,
who declares with emphasis,' Ves, sir,
I tun within just three teel ot a million dollars." A year later, happening
Into camp again, our engineer encoun-
ii rs JI in, silling dejectedly on a bench
in front ot the sum,, dispensary, After
tt drink In reply to an Inquiry about
the great ore body Jim si.tied with
sad emphasis, "Partner, I'm a million
teel from $4!" -Engineering and Mlu-
iio; Journal.
| quality
Alver's Restorative Herb Capsules
No. 3. Female Laxative Regulatl.'O
Norve Tonic Compound, Price J-.uO.
Write 0. P. Alver, 601 sherbourne St.,
Shift Yonr Gears!
li 1 were going to attotnpl a sermon (and who docs not teel himself
capable ot ui least n couple), inj lirst
texl should be upon the theme, "Shifting dears." i should begin with a
pertinent Illustration, H would be the
picture of a motor car and a long
bill, Von size up the hill front the bottom and attempt ll (ill the high near.
Tho grade proves to be sleeper than
ai llrst thought, The engines begin to
pound. Bul you have vowed lo iittiko
the top on Ihe high near, ily simply
shifting over, with whatever reluct
ancr, all would be well. Instead you
let the engine frol and throb, perhaps
stall itself or Wreck something, for
your pride's sake, This the picture,
Then the, moral application which
every one lias seen coming nil along.
"Now, gootl friends, isn't this just
what we are trying to do? Are we
not playing the foolish obaufteur and
wearing out our engines needlessly,
when ve. attempt to take all life's
roads upon tho high speeds? Shift
your gears befo:. it is too late."���
E. P. Frost, in th> Atlantic Monthly,
In   lite   winter   nature   ceasos   from
I her labors and prepares tor the greal
change,   The    wlni' Bwoeps through i
the great forest  wllh a sound lil,e the
: blast of a trumpet.   The dry leaves
whirl iu eddies through the air. A tret-
work of hoary frosl enters Ilie plain. I
The stagnant water In Ike pools and
ditches is frozen Into fantastic figures,
llu the low hanging clouds lhe sharp
I air, like a busy sliultlc. weaves her ���
shroud of snow. There is n melancholy and continual roar in the ini*t
or the tall pines like the roar of h
cataract,    li   Is  lhe funeral  anthem
nf  the  dying  year.    Longfellow.
Those Who Rely on
the great home remedy which has proved it. power to
relieve safely and speedily the minor ailments arising'
from defective or irregular action of the organs of
digestion, iind themselves spared hours of ..utl'ering
and able to ward off the  attacks of serious sicknesss.
never disappoint those who take them. They help the
digestion, stimulate tho liver, clear the kidneys and regulate the bowels. By purifying the blood they increase
cheerfulness ami create confidence. As actions depend
on health and strength, those who know Beecham's Pills
Enjoy Life
Prepared only by Thoiuu Btiohun, St. Helena, Laneuhlr. Bmlind,
 Siildt. ery-lic.o in Canada and ll. S. America.    In hn <_. _ Clllla,
A Bald Question
While Hobble war. downtown with
liis Uncle Hen one afternoon several
friends passed and cheerfully greeted
the latter.
Some moments afterward the mule
was surprised to hear the hoy lu-
"Uncle. Ben, when nearly all the
hair is worn off my head will folks
call me 'old top' too?"���Youngsfowti
Teh grain.
The doctors gave him up, and lie
Retaliated tli m.
lie gave the doctors up, you see,
And no'w he's well again.
Finds Health in Lydia E.
Pinkham _ Vegetable
Creston, Iowa. ���"I suffered with f_-
tnale troubles from the time I came into
womanhood until I
had taken Lydia I'I.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I.
would havo pains if
I overworked or
lifted anything
heavy, and I would
be so weak and nervous and in so much
misery that 1 would
be prostrated. A
friend told nie what
your medicine had done for her anil 1
tried it. It made m�� strong and healthy
and our home ia now happy with a baby
boy. I am very glad that I took Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
do all I can to recommend it."���Mm. A.
I!. IIoscamp, 50. E. Howard Street,
Creston, Iowa.
Tons of Roots and Herbs
are used annually in the manufactured Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, which is known from ocean to
ocean as the standard remedy for
female ills.
For forty years this famous root and
ticrb medicine has been pre-eminently i
successful in controlling the diseases of
women.   Merit alone could hare stood
this test of time.
If you have tlio slightest doubt
that Lydia 11.1'inkliam's Vegetable Compound will help you,writa
to Lydl-I'l.Pinkliani MedlcincCo.
(confidential) Lynn, Mn.ss.,for advice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held iu strict uoulldeuce.
Ravages of Ants
The ruins of a splendid city on the
north coast of .Jamaica remain as evidence of the devastation thai rod ants
are capable of causing. An army of
the insects invaded lhe city one day
and drove away .very living creature,
animal and human that could escape.
Prisoners in the jails and bedridden
patients in the hospitals were devoured. Not even a rat or chinch bug remained alive.
Ju Ltberta and other purls of West
Africa ant hills arc large as native
huts are found. The large black ant
is the builder or that sort of homo.
Such ant h'.lls are not unknown In
this country, although they are rarely
so large; but the black ant rarely invades houses. He is a scavenger and
is protected by most farmers.���Brooklyn Kagle.
A Boon for the Bilious.���The liver is
a very sensitive organ and easily deranged. When this occurs there is
undue secretion of bile and the aciid
liquid flows into the stomach and sours
it. II is a most distressing ailment,
and many aro prone to it. In this
condition a man finds the best remedy in Parniolco's Vegttable Pills,
which are warranted to speedily correct the disorder. There is no better
medicine in the entire list of pill preparations.
and a Better Drink
"Why Is there such a lio!  Ilglil over
the appointment of a postmaster In
Ibis little town?" asked the stranger.
"The office doesn't pay anything
much, does it?"
"That ain't it, mister," replied the
native. "You see, mosl ot us are particular as to who reads our postal
A woman, married and deserted Uf- ]
teen years ago, is prosecuting lie'
husband. "She says she lias only jnsi
remembered that she loved him. Iu
| the fuss of a wedding one'can't think
of all these l.tlle things. She was
busy at the time, Besides, why
couldn't he have asked her? Men are
so unreasonable!
AVhat about your wife and children ? Will they
dress well after you are gone ? Will your children
he educated ?   I Iuve a talk to-day with an agent of
OFFICES:���Winnipeg,   Edmonton,   Saskatoon,
Vancouver.       A_ents Wanted.
Kr.ew   His   Dad
Teacher���Several of your examples
In arithmetic are wrong, Johnny. Why
didn't you ask your father to help
Johnny���'Cause I wasn't looking for
trouble, that's why,���Exchange.
Lots of Checks
"Can you apply a check to your
wife's extravagance?"
"Can I? She just, keeps me and my
account busy supplying them,"���Baltimore American.
Thirsty Berlin
A census taken in Berlin at t)to
dullest time of the evening, between
half past. 5 and half past 8, showed
that during these three hours ninety-
eight drinking places were visited by
23,436 persons. It must not be supposed that there are only ninety-eight
drinking places in Berlin. On the contrary, a single street, the Elumeu-
strusse, which contains only eighty-
four houses, has forty saloons and an
Inn and there is actually a street, in
HasI Berlin, the Madalstrasse, which,
with only fifteen houses, hns seventeen saloons and three hotels. There
Is very little drunkenness to be seen
111 the streets ot Berlin, aud one must
stay up late tu see that, but that is
not because the thing is not abundant,
but because flic police will not tolerate any kind of disorder la public-
London Tatler.
"I say, dad, I've just accepted dial-
e Brown���lie's In lhe drawing room
-and if you've i. minute you might
pop In and see him and talk It ov ������;
but please be quick, we've got to rush
oul and see about the banns."���London Opinion. I
Englisl Walnuts
The so-called English walnut is almost exclusively the product of
France, whence lliis country imports
from 15,000,000 to 25,000,000 pounds
No Girl or Woman Need be Constantly
Ailing and Unhappy
Nature Intended every girl and
every woman to be happy, attractive,
active and healthy. Yei too many of
them iind their lives saddened by suffering-���nearly always because their
blood is to blame. All those unhappy
girls and women wllh colorless
cheeks, dull skins and sunken, lustreless eyes, are iu this condition because they have not enough good red
blood In their veins lo keep theinweli
and hi the charm of health. Tltey
suffer from depressing weariness and
periodical headaches. Dark lines form
tinder their eyes, their heart palpi-
tales violently after the slightest exertion, and they are often attacked
with fainting spells. These are only
a few of the miseries of bloodlessness.
Nothing can rescue girls and women
from the inevitable decline that follows anaemia ei.eept a generous supply of new, rich, red blood, nnd nothing has ever proved so successful in
creating red, good blood as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People.
Thousands .tnd thousands of girls and
women owe their good health and
charming complexion to the use of
this medicine. Here is one example
of its power to cure. Mrs. Kose.
Kalll, Toronto, Out., says: "For a
long time I suffered with anaemia,
nervousness and general debility, in
fact I was beginning to feel a positive
wreck. 1 dried several medicines and
emulsions. For a time I would feel
better for taking them and then the
effect would wear off, leaving me
worse Ihan before. The continued
drain on my health altered my appearance, my friends telling nie I had
a haggard and worn appearance. This
naturally did not help to improve nie,
as you know na woman likes to be
told she looks "worn out." Finally
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills were suggested anil my husband got me a supply. 1 used them iind found the o-
stih good-���not only good, bul tlie benefit, lasting, and I am now enjoying perfect health, have a good color antl
have regained my natural buoyancy, I
trust my latter of gratitude may be
the means of helping others who aro
suffering as I was."
New health no'.- strength, new vitality, rnilow the fair use of Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills. Vou can get them
from your uiej.cine denier or by mail
at. 50 cents a box or six hexes for
$2.60 front The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brookvllle  Ont.
The Secret
At a ball masque a group of girls demanded of a magician:
"Tell ns, oh tell us, how we may remain always young and always beautiful:"
"Humph!    Nothing easier." grunted
the magician,   "(let a million and stay
i single;"���-Exchange.
Willie (tj young man caller.Say,
when you were a kid and some chap
was calling on your sister, d'.dn'l he
give you a quarter to go out and
Wartime Wit
"Throughout the siege of Paris."
says Ernest A. Vizotelly in his book,
"My Days of Adventure," "the so-called mot pour rire was never lost
Light of."   Thus:
"When horseflies became more or
less our daily provender many Parisian bourgeois found llieir health failing. 'What is Ihe matter, my dearest?'
Mine, du Bois du Point Inquired other
husband when he had collapsed one
evening after dinner. 'Oh, it is nothing, mon anile.' be repltel, 'hut I used
to think myseit a better horseman!'"
Then there was the soldier whose
age was convonlcntly elastic:
"When Trociiti issued a decree incorporating all national guard; under
forty-five years of age in the marching battalions for duly oulside the city
one of these guards on being nsked
how old he was, replied 't'i. 'How is
that?' he was nsked. 'A few weeks
ago you toll everybody that you were
only thirty-six.' 'Quid' treit.' rejoined
lhe other, 'but whal. with rampart
duty, demonstrating nl the Hotel de
V'ille, short latlonn und the cold weather, I feel rntlt_ leu years older than
I formerly did- "
The Footpath to Peace
To be glad of life because it gives
you the chance to love and lo work
and to play, to ho satislied with your
possessions, but not contented with
yourself until you have made lhe best
of them; tp despise nothing in the
world except falsehood and meanness,
lo fear nothing except cowardice, to
covet nothing that is your neighboi'���
except his kindness of heart and gentleness of manners and lo spend as
much time as you ean with body and
with spirit, ir God's out of doors���
Ihese are little guldeposts on the footpath to peace���Henry Vun Dyke.
On Sale Everywhere.���There mi.y
be country merchants who do not
keep Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil,
though they are few aud far between,
and these may suggest that some
other oil is jus', as good. There is
nothing so good as a liniment or as
an internal medicine iu certain cases.
Take no other. The demand for it
shows it is the only popular oil.
Magistrate���Are you interested la
Ibis case?
Witness for the Prosecution���Yes,
sir: the prisoner cut iny actputlntanoe.
���Buffalo Express.
"There's a great deal of gossip
about Gwendolyn's eyebrows."
"Don't mind it Her eyebrows ar��
not as black as ihey are painted."-���
Baltimore American.
"What's the matter here?" asked
the policeman, who had been banging
on the front door.
"Nolhlng serious," answered the
mail with a dusty face and no collar.
"It sounds like a drunk smashing
up furniture."
"I have been doing a lit tie furniture
smashing. You see, we're going to
move, and there's some of our stuff
that my wife would nil her burn up or
send out with the trash than let the
neighbors see it standing on the sidewalk."���Washington  Star.
He���Be mine, and make me the happiest man in the world,
She���Sorry, tut 1 Want to bj happy
myself.���London Opinion.
Liniment     Lumberman's
Tropical  Warfare
General--How  long  hns  lhe
been in progress?
Aide���Five reel J, sir-
General���Then hasten under
of truce to the enemy antl ask
t  Hag
to   cease   lighting   until   our  moving
picture camera Jnen have had supper.
Her Future Blasted
"I hear your daughter is going to re-
tiro from the stage."
"Yes, she is."
"What's the trouble?   I thought she
was possessed of talent."
"She Is.    She has a splendid voice
and   much  drain-tie.   ability,  but  she
sprained a tendon in her ankle and'
won't be able to dance for a year or!
more, so set thought she might as well!
settle  down  and  get  married."���De
trait Free Press.
W. N. U. 1008
.  "Call   off   yonr   dog,   for   goodness'
"No use. he's deaf"���Le Rire.
Try   Murins   Eye    Remedy
'_ you fitiva ited. Wea_i 'Watery ->���_���
or 'Granulated Kytlids. K>03s_'t Snip.i'. j
..-Soothes Eye Pala.- Dr��ggijil����_2ltj
i.Wuriuo Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c,-S_, I
Murine-Eye Salve in Aseptic Tuba},'
"&S* Mo-   Ey�� Boolc8 Free *>'/ St_SQ|
i Au 1.3 total 0_- tot OM K__o Uu_ Nwi Cua 11
|i_U___-   E_j'  !___}��._    Co..    _ll��-___|,j
Business   Was   Dull
Buyer (to traveller)���No,    no:
thing" at all, thanks.   We're overstock
ed now.
Traveller���Very  well.      But
yon just look at my samples?
���Buyer���Not   a   bit  of  good,
Traveller���Well, then, look here! Do
you mind if I take the blessed things
out and look at 'em myself. I haven't
seen 'em for three weeks.���London
A good cook ? Certainly,
but she couldn't have cooked
the Indian Corn, rolled and
toasted it to a crisp brown,
wafer-thin flakes, as we do in
Thev are delicious with
cream or milk, or sprinkled
over fresh fruit or berries.
From the first cooking of
the corn until tlie sealed, airtight packages of delicately
toasted flakes are delivered to
you, Post Toasties are never
touched by human hand.
Grandmother would have
Post Toasties
���sold by Grocers.
Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.,
Windsor, Out. m
Effort Being Made to Attract a Greater Number of Desirable Settlers to
Western Canada, Where Opportunities For New Comer Are ol the
With the iiiinoiiuei'iiicnt recently ot
the scheme io form the Western t'an-
lda Colonisation   and   Development
League, whose object was renewed activities for agricultural Immigration
especially, reports have been received
at ilu' provisional headquarters of ibis
organisation hi North Battleford, thai
agitations are being started by a number of individuals, apparently representatives of newspapers In the old
country  and Ihe  United  Stales,  wilb
tbe idea ot forming local colonisation
schemes, which so fur appear to be
tfrgely attempts ou the part of private individuals or newspapers lo secure  an   appropriation  of  money   lor
advertising purposes, it was with the
Intent of obviating the BQUatlderlllg
uf money ou individual lines that gave
rise ..i lhe Idea of forming one concrete organization, to carry ou a campaign lor Western Canada as a whole.
It wus alsc realized that. Western Canada had a much greater attraction lo
the public of Great Britain and ihe
United Slates than any one locality;
this conception was backed up almost.
unanimously bv boards of trade snd
eit> councils from the Pacific coast to
the Ureal Lakes,
Wben one considers the fact that for
the government year of 1018 eastern
Canada received 207,000 Immigrants,
whereas Western Canada received
1115,1)01), it is evident that more aggressive methods must be adopled and
a greater amount of money spent, and
spent, judicially, to increase the Influx of Immigration and develop Ihe
resource.! of Western Camilla. Last
j ear the east was the destination of by
far the greatest percentage of Canada's immigration and this is accounted for by Ontario's Increased activity, they having established headquarters iu England, with a capable
and aggressive organization, specifically charged with lhe duties of expediting emigration and development.
It does not seem that lhe various
provinces of Western t'anadr. have
been keeping pace with the activities
of Ontario and, in fact; in some quarters It would appear lhat not only Is
attempt being made to secure settlement but rat It or that immigration is
being deprecated���for what good reason it Ib hard to fathom, li is understood that the province of Saskatchewan encourages Ju the old country
merely farm laborers and domestic
servants to come out: and it is reported that, personally, the representative
ot Sasaklchewan���filled With the possibilities of Western Canada, actually
encouraged other emigration, for
which ho was severely reprimanded.
To the average business man, who
believes that the developemnt of Western Canada as a whole Is of greater
importance than the temporary success of any one political party, the
report tbat there are policies ill existence antagonistic, to increased immigration is of very serious import.
Such policies should be thoroughly investigated by the farm land brokers,
as well ac by the holders of large
areas ot agricultural lands, which fere
held for sa'e and on which taxes are
at the present time being paid to the
various municipalities. It is ridiculous for a municipality to enforce taxation on vf.cant lands when especially
the government of the province and,
In some er.ses. tho people, are not only
not adopting any strenuous methods
to increase the developmnt of the
land and bring In a good class of agricultural settlers, but, as it Is reported, In some eases are actually blocking
the way.
It was staled recently by the repie-
sentative of large English interests
that there were thousands of thoroughly qualified farmers' sons In the
old country with ��100 to .CI'.OO a
piece, who, if Western Canada's advantages were properly placed before
them, would readily grasp the opportunity of becoming valuable settlers
for Western Canada, ll was slated that
these peo.de are not being reached
through present loims ot advertising
in Great Britain and, judging by the
Immigration returns, the statement
would appear lo have good grounds.
It should 1 e recognized also that Australia and olher colonics of Uie British Empire are active In co-operatlns
with the old country In securing settlers and It is ev n Intimated that today Grcat. Brltali- is more friendly to
her lmigration going to Australia, New
Zealand ;.i.d South Africa than to
Canada. Every one believes '.hat there
ls no line, country in the world than
Western Canada and olher parts of ilie
world must r.ot be allowed to beat
Western Canada ln lhe race for supremacy.
An Educational Convention That Will
Have  a  Lasting   Effect on
Western Canada
When the nam. or the   lirlgatlon
congress was changed from nation to
International, it was decided to make!
the event iiiten.iilioi.al lu deed as wt.,1 i
as in name, and Calgary secured '.ha
| honor ot onteitalulng the llrst meeting   to   be   held   outside   the   United
States,    In line With this policy the j
Dominion  gov.rument   has been  requested to Invite delegates to attend |
the session in Calgary, October G to 0,
from ull foreign countries where Irrigation agi'icn'lure is pi's 'Used. i
Almost every stale In the union will.
send delegates, and  these  wiih  the!
foreign delegates, will make n galaxy i
of experts on ihe subject of Irrigation!
Proposed   to   Erect   Large   Refineries,
One on the Atlantic aod One on the
Pacific    Coasts���Will    Supply    Oil
Fuel For Use In British Navy.
Negotiations  Which  have    been    In
progress between lho miliisier of uie
Interior and a representative of powerful British oil Interests promise lm-
piti'inni results in ths development of
an oil fuel industry In Canada.   The
such us never before was gathered '"M British   capitalists, on whose behalf
nether in any one country ul the same |h(, liegOtlattOIl- have been conduct-
Iimi'. 'Ibis will ensure the 1014 0OU- efl( ���,.,, said to be associated wilb the
gress being Ihe most  ettftcfttlonal con-   gohell companies, which hold very ex-
ventlonot Its  kind  held stuce. tha teuBive concessions from the crown
in various parts of the empire, nnd
have also heavy Investments in lhe
oil fields of Southern California. The
present   proposal   tloes   nut     Include
prospecting for oil in  Northern Al-
berlu, as seems to have been intended originally,    Thai,    will be miller-
,     .,   .   ,.���  j taken  by  a C.uiidlan    company,    in
ol Ihe arrangements, who, by their life   <-���_,, & ���������,,,.,,. o�� ,mawll ,,:1.iuUsts
birth of ihe coiinress In Salt Lako
City in 1801, ami front lhe economic
results that are to follow, the meeting will have a lasting effect upon
every country under ibe sun employing irrigation to increase production,
The congress work of Ihls year Is
lu excellent hands, men having charge
long     association  wiih the subject
have learned by practical experience
Ibe mosl up-to-date methods employed
under till conditions and In all clim-
ales..    Their  experiences   will  be  of
are inicrested.
The  British  Interests, It Is  understood,   propose   the   formation    of   a
Canadian company, which win engage
l__"_    .""'"��� .������*���."���'���'���">'��I>  ���������">  "-1 tn  the refining of oil, whether    pro-
_-!-__ __.-_._?./__ ,"llu,,..wl!_.l.s ""_ "i duced in Canada or not.   If the tena-
the plaiiB nit lure, these people will
Fortune in a Motoric Stone
���Tbe schooner Hans Egede, belonging to the Danish government, which
put Into Lerwick harbor from Gr?en-
lantl, had on board the Arctic explorer, Ki md Hasmussen, who has just
completed a 1.-00 miles sledge journey
from 80 degrees north. Hasmussen
had covered tlie distance in one month.
The explorer s'ated that, while on this
Journey, ue came across a large meteor
stone, weighing 10,000 .pounds, which
lie says is worth half a million sterling.
The stone is to be taken to Copenhagen, and in the meantime ls the
property of ths Danish government.
Ions to learn how to begin right, eon
tlnue right, and eventually make a
silt cess of the work. T
Tbe officers o. the' congress who
are giving of llieir time and efforts
to make the Calgary meeting a success, are: _. W. Young, president,
Salt Lake City; Arthur Hooker, sceic-
tary, Calgary, Alberta; first vice-president, .1 8. Case, Abilene. Kansas;
sec.md vice-president, John Fairweatb-
er, . renso, Cal.; third alce-presldent,
S. II. Lea, Pierre, S.D.; fourth vice-
president, Richard F. Barges, El Paso,
Texas; Ilflh vice-president, Kurt Grun-
wald. International board of governors, Geo. A. Snow, Salt Lake City,
chairman; Richard W. Young, Salt
Lake City; J. S. Dennis, Calgary;
Douglas White, Los Angeles; Lou D.
Sweet, Denver, Colo.; L. Newman,
Great Falls, Mont.; Arthur Hooker,
secretary and treasurer. J. R. Dennis
is chairman of the local board of control.
The chairmen of the local committee are all Calgary men as follows:
Decorations, Alderman E. H- Crandell;
entertainment, .las W. Davidson; exhibits, E. L. RJchardson; finance, C.
G. K. Nourse; hotels and accommodation. Alderman W. .1. Tregillus: music,
A. W. Pryce-.lones; publicity, Norman
S. Rankin: reception, Alderman T. A.
P. Prose; transportation, R. J. Hutch-
erect large refineries In Canada, one
on the Atlantic and one on the Pacific, antl are prepared to pipe oil to
these refineries from any distance,
under arrangements to be made with
the government. These refineries will
be placed, It Is slated, in fortified positions, in order thnt. stores of oil for
the use of the British navy can be
protected. These stores will, it is
proposed, be established on each
coast, and will be held for the use
ot the navy as oil fuel In cases ot
German Author Foretells a Happy
Race Living In Sunshine
Paul Seheerbart, the well known
writer, prophecies that the architecture of the future will be of glass, and
that the world will be inhabited by a
happy race living under the
liiienee of sunlight
Germany.Burns Lignite Like Ours
It is not altogether likely that hard
anthracite coa'. fit for household use
wiil ever be discovered in Canada, In
quantities large enough to prevent
the dependence upon the Pennsylvania mines.
��� Hut we have a good deal of lignite,
which is burnt to some slight extent,
but has not as high a value, as fuel,
as regular coal. It is quite possible
that some mean: of employing this
material will yet come into common
Information just received from Europe tells us at the experience of
Germany, which 'would ..appear to
lend an Immediate value to such de-
i posits. That country, says the dls-
1 patch, has large fields of lignite, popularly known us "brow r coal. This
sitbsfatii.e, as is Indicated by its
name, _ reminiscent of compressel
and decayed wood. It is really coal
In an incomplete state of formation.
It is lighter than coal as it is known
ln Canada, nnd in its original state
is by no means as good a fuel.
But it is easily compressed, and in
ood in-1 the form of briquettes burns with a
I steady heat which can be easily in-
How Railways Ha,idled Western Can
ada's Crop
The ''an.ill.in .Nml hern , ailruiid
still shows the greatest Incrtase in
lite number of earloads of grain i tr-
lletl between Sejileinlicr 1 and May
30, 1913.-14 inclusive, in a table comparing with LOIS- The C.N.li. shows
a gain in this time over 101- of 7,-
92X ears, and hauled 20.0 per cut. uf
all Ihe gl'litn I.allied In the west.
Tbo c.P.it. hauled tha most grain,
but only shows an increase of 4,347
curs, lla total bu ilage Increase over
llll- being ii shad., less  iiian half of
the Canadian Northern Increase, Tha
amount or gral ��� hauled, however, was
50.4 per cent, uf the total number of
cars hauled In the west.
The g.t.p. has an Increase of 4,-
404 curs over the previous year, but
only hauled 10..: p . cent, of th . western grain, and he G.N.It. aud Dnlulli
hauled ::.7 per cent of the total. This
line shows a decrease from 101. of
3,126 cars. There were all mid, between September and May, i":U7ii
cars hauled In 1014, as against 1..0,-
644 In 1013, The net Increase in all
lines for 1813-14 Is no less tbnn 111.-
54:; curs, or 8.5 per cenl. This year
tlicre Is expected lo he a tremendous
Increase over . 1 previous years, and
the railways nre preparing for just
Biielt a contingency.
'The houses will be of glass," he tensified by means of a well-regulat-
says, "with all wood eliminated. The ed draught. The briquettes burn
furniture will bo of wrought Iron, and down to a fine light brown dust, and
the framework of the buildings will be j what is perhaps most important, the
of iron, rust proof, while the walls
will be of double glass to Insure
warmth, and of many colors, in order
to baffle inquisitive persons.
"The buildings will be heated by
electricity, and the walls decorated In
Tiffany majolica effects. The porch
ot every home will have three sides
of glass, and there will be glass garden houses, where one may live In
the sunshine by day and the starlight
by night."
Herr Seheerbart draws a brilliant
word picture of a city with stores,
churches and public buildings of
glass, all lighted in many colors.
King George's Gift to  French Nation
Tlie gift of the Dujaidin bas-reliefs
by King G.'orge to the French government is gveatlv appreciated by tlie
French people, but there Is another of
his majesty's possessions which will
always remain the most dssired by
the French Royalists at all events.
This is  Hie  bronze equestrian  figure ot Louis XV. which stands in LLe
bay window o". the Green    Drawing-
room  at  Windsor   Castle.    It    is  ��I plants.
finished   model of the colossal figure'wj,n ' i,.__
by Glrardon which once stood in the may have abundant nouvtshment.
Place Vandmna in  Paris,    and    the j    xBe etiW ;��� water become larvae, or
model is tlie only one In existence.     "wrigglers;" these become pupae, and
The ne|t m n. valuable of the the latter develop into full-fledged
treasures at Windsor associated mosquitoes. It is because the larvae
with French history are the three: lmmt come lo the surface to breathe
cabln-.ts by Goulh'.ere made for the that oil Is efficacious in exterminating
Comte d'Artols, which were purehas-1 tbem. It suffocai.es tbem. An ounce
ed by George IV. for J500. Today, o[ ���u BRJ-S the bulletin, will cover fif-
if they came li.to the open  market,]teen square feet uf vater and should
combustion is so complete that th^re
is practically no rmokc.
The beds of lignite He near the
surface in wide areas no great, dis-
stance from Berlin; the cost ot extraction and of making up Into briquettes 1.5 relatively small, and the
size and finish -of the. briquettes is
such as to aliow very cheap transport, so that altogether the fuel ls
relatively low priced Hence the general preference shown for it, and
hence also the general absence of ths
smok3 nuisance trdm Berlin r.nd most
other towns in Germany.
Wisconsin University Bulletin Says
She is "Blood Eater"
Willi ihe advent ot the mosquito
season lhe University of Wisconsin
issued a statement, said lo be of value
wherever the pes, is prevalent.
The stati ment declares that the female  of  the  species  is  more  deadly
than   the  miiK.   for  while  the  later
feeds     on  tho juices ol  fruits  and
the female    "gorges    herself
lood.  iu  order  that  Let"  eggs
these cabinets would probably  fetch
$50,000 apiece.
be distributed once a week.
Passing of the Dreadnought
Winter Rye as Staple it was to have been expected that
That winter rye will become a staple lull the vested Interests would cry out
crop of Saskatchewan within the next j against Sir Percy Scott's claim that
ten years was the prediction made be- tho submarine and the aeroplane have
fore the Agricultural Secretaries' con- made all floating navies obsolete. But
vention held at Regina, by Hon. W. R. lho truth ear.vio: lor.g be concealed
Qualities of  Radium  Not  Understood
Nothing in modern times has led to
such quackery us the word "radium."
It Is therefore very interesting to
learn that the British Science guild
has taken the matter up and has investigated the way that the word,
and the element lhat the word denotes,
has been exploited on a confiding public. Radium is a metal ot which a
minute specimen has been prepared
and this faint, silvery film is In the
possession of Mine Curie, in Purls. It
is sealed up In the little quartz crucible ln which it was first produced,
The so-called radium of which we hear
so much is one of the sails of radium, either the chloride or the bromide, gcenrally the latter and somehow
or olher it bas been taken by the popular mind as a great healer.
The man in the si reel stems to
think that it is some kind of a costly
drug that has been invented l.y doctors. It is ccstly, no doubt, but it is
not a drug. If It had not been for a
curious accident the word 'radium"
would probably have been quite unknown excepting I. sell ntists. it would
certainly have been no more famous
than cerium, ot thorium or iinarium.
The accident was an odd cr.e Professor Cnrrle cama across from Paris
lo show lha Londoners at the Royal
Institution the remarkable new stilt
that his wife had gol trine lhe risldues
of uranium mines. He curried it In
his waistcoat pocket and got his aide
badly burned. Just about that time it
was becoming recognized that the X-
rays could hurt the skins of people
who were exposed to their Influence;
but it was also njticed that in certain
cases X-rays were of definite value,
especially In the keeping down of the
pain of cancer Some cases o" cancer
got batter and X-rays were heralded
as the "cure."
The production of X-rays, oi rather,
the method of producing them, was at
that time very uncertain. It is not
much better now. Just a few methods for measuring the energy g'.Vori off
from a Crookes1 t be have bem tried,
but they arc very feeb'e and very inaccurate. A. Cr ;okes tube varies from
moment to moment, and no one excepting an expei" operator can lell
what lhe X-rays i'. give-, off aro likely
to do, either in binning a hand or giving an impression on a photographic
The connection between X-utys and
radium will be seen when it is explained that one of the first discoveries mado by Mine. Curie was tbat
even her crudd material was radiant,
Amongst other Strang: properties it
had the power of giving three different
kinds cf rays, which she named by tha
first three lottirs of the Greek alphabet. The till. st.-. of rays were identical with the X-rays that have been
found so ungovernable in all hospitals. They are given off with prefect
reguarlty and without any of the sudden changes that are fount! In :.
Crookes' lube. So H was natural that
"radium" should be used wherever _���
rays had shown decern results, tut
bad failed oecav.si ot tlieir uncertainty.
That was the beginning of the use
of radium In tlr: surgery. II was a
substitute for X-rays. .Naturally
more has been discovered about l>
since then, aud equally naturally, the
word "radium" has been exploited in
all ways.
Radium Is of enormous value when
properly used; but, radium quackery
seems likely now to be one of the
great modern cures. The medical committee of the British Science guild
wants to kill the quackery.
Remarkable Sue.ess Attends th*
Adoption of a Plan to Provide Stan
Aid For Farmers In Denmark-
Giving the Poor Man a Chance,
An; thing relating to Danish agriculture Is of wond-wldo interest,  fo-
tho dairies Instituted by the Dane*
have fur lung been models to the
Agricultural laborer's holdings wer��
Institute^ In Denmark some fifteen
years ago. The Rot was of u tentative nature only and. wisely, pio-
viilon was made for ils revision uiiry
live years, so that its next, text will
be revised ag.-in within ihe rext few
An applicant for a small holdi.tg
must be a "ane between the ages ol
twenty-five and fifty, must not. have
been condemned by the courts for an
act dishonoring hlni in public opinion
and not have been in receipt of relief out of the public rates. He mutt
also have been engaged ln agricultural labor fo: a*, least four jctrs
since the completion of liis eighteenth year, rial he incapable of tt-
mining the position of a landowner
by means ot his own resources, bit
possess the tenth pait of the value
nf lhe li tiding applied for.
The holdings cannot be less than
one hectare in area, but as a rula
may not exceed 6,500 crowns ln value
���the crown ig equal to 50 cents���
and, in exceptional cases 8.000 crowns,
including tlie value of the bulldluj,
live stock, and furniture. Finally,
inch individual can only obtain a
loan for a single holding,
The total number of holdings created between 1901 and loll was 6.777.
I.nd lhe treasury loans amounted to
115,410,148 crowns. The number of
applications, small at first. Increases
Nearly, the applicants being for '.ha
most part either married or about
tu marry.
The returns as to ihe number of
head of live stock line lading poultry)
owned by the state-aided fanners ar��
Important, as they enable us to appre-
date the economic situation of sue i
peasant farmer_-
Tlte available returns refer to th_
live stock owned by 5,374 farmers on
April 1, 1011. At that date their
farms supported 0,187 horses. _2,07t
head of horned ell tie. 33,626 pigs, l.-
156 sheep and 155,250 fowls. This*
figures represent in average i er farm
of 1 horse, 4.1' head of horned cattle,
6.3 pigs, 0.'-' sheet  and 29 fowls.
Comparing these figures with thon
of lhe previous statistical return, we
find, that, except In the case ���;_
sheep, the number ot head ot liv��
stock per farm has considerably Increased in the space of five years.
it seems that the immediate anxiety of tlie farmers, from the moment
of tlieir takin.: possession. Is at one*
lo have a sufficient number of estt-
tle. Only afterwards do they concern themselves about acquiring
horses, but the increase ln tie number of the cattlt has been far mors
Of 5.140 farmers, 4,089, or 91 per
cent., were membets of eo-operaltva
dairies; 2,880, or 50 per cent, of cooperative slaughter-houses; 1,023, or
2u per cent., of co-operative ������ocieties
for the sale of eggs; 94, or 1.8 per
cent of live stock improvement syndicates.
47   Miles   of   Flowers
| Forty-seven miles of flowers ar_
acres of bloom along the main thoroughfares, and masses: of color
throughout the city streets will g.-et
j visitors to Oakland next year, when
the plans accepted by the general
committee of 'he Garden City suhli.f
' movement are fully worked cut.
Oakland  bas    been   divided    into
' forty-three districts, with school
louses as the unit and improvement
uiul women's clubs of the various
localities as the supervisors. Twenty
thousand schocl children are organ-
��� l/.ed into companies of garden soldiers. This army, with their pare;:'!
and teachers, members of f_ty-___
improvement clubs, thirty-five women's
organisations, nineteen civic Cubs, the
I real estate associations, school board,
' playground commission, park director!
and pollca department form the work-
i ing force that will make Oakland tb��
I garden spot ot California.
Motherwell, minister of agriculture.
The crop, ho said, was a valuable one,
and it could be seeded and harvested
at periods when tlie pressure of work
on the farm was lowest.
The world production of winter rye
is about one-half as great as that of
from the tax-paying public. Can a
navy, however strong, protect London or Paris, or Berlin against aircraft tn Cue clouds dropping explosives? That day when watchers on
the English cliffs saw (wo submarines
rise  to  tht surface and   run   parallel
wheat, the yearly crop amounting to! with 'he shore, while from the air
approximately 1,300,000 bushels. Al-lM. Blerlot landed after his flight
though there is at present no local'across tlie channel, notice was served
market for this grain, the minister Is on the shipbuilders to plunge In th*
of the opinion that such a market will- production of dreadnoughts, for their
be created.' Idity was about over.���Toronto Star.
To Make Town Planning Obligatory
In England and Wales there are 224
town planning schemes under way. Mr.
Herbert Samuel, the new president of
the local government board, will probably shortly introduce legislation
which will make tht adoption of this
method of civic betterment oblij.a-
tory. He says that parliament will be
asked to decije that town planning
should not merely be limited to those
local authorities iu which there happens to be an enllghtned and progressive council. Tbe powers of the town
planning act a:e o be extended, and
any authority which neglects to avail
itself of these powers will be regarded as not performing efficiently Its
functions of local government   and
steps will he taken to enforce the
authority.���Vancouver News Vdver-
lisi IS
Muskrat Farms In New Brunswick
i    It  is  the  intention  of one  of  t'::��
largest   ranching  companies   in   XeW
\ Brunswick this summer to branch out
���into other lines.   Plans have already
been made to establish    a muskrat
farm near Halifax, upon which a hundred pairs of mus. rats will be Installed, fi'Jm which a handsome revenue ia
expected.    Fox raising is also gaming ground    l:i the province,    mat:T
farmers  have  started   small  ranches
on  their own  ac.ount  where    fox.a
have been kept.
Bees Produce Brand New Potato
j The busy Utile bee is responsible
;for a new variety of Spokane County
potato, according to Henry K. Bradley, ot Spokane. The new tuber haa
been dubbed the "Bradley" potato in
view of the fact that it was developed
on his farm.
The potato is really a cross between
ihe Brunswick and 'Million Dollar var.
let its, he says. The origin was ae-
Icldental, The credit must go to th��
i bees, which carried Ihe pollen from
I lhe blossom of one and d< posited it Ut
'the blossom of the other
��T>d_ '   -__T'. ��-_. _j___--_a
Fills Developed aod Printed
at Reasonable Rates
t. Camera fi n:i Robertson's; a Box  id Cauda'-., nice  and (resit,  and a
Good Cigar
��� ____j_ ________
nl.ti uov.vi, DANK  iU'II.iiim;
new clothes consult us ami ascertain what  can
I i   done   with  vour old  or  soiled garments
A Trial V.'iil ���.'.nn Mice
Phone 17
Collector Will Call
I ,,'_*   ,,,.,(.   .0,   17 _...!_._._. Canadian Palrhnnks-Morse En-
I     k   rOrtline Kincs ami Pumping Outfits
."' .             _ Horseshoeing ami  Boat   irons
General Blacksmiths a Specialty
��"vi*/i#-\v                      d   n Try otr Excelsior Hoof
COMOX           -          B. C. Ointment
Telephone M92 All Work Guaranteed
_,_,'_ i*_ ii
_:_<   ._._.��,
Teleahone Rates
Coi 'tenay o Union,
Cumfcerland to Fanny Bay
" Union
Fanny Bay  "
Fanny Bay
.20 for two minutes
.20 '
.10 "   "      "
.10 '	
.10 "   "      "
Also Spe _i_l Night Rates between 7 p. m. and 8
a. m., to al! points in British Columbia. Three times
the regular day period for the regular day rate
Make appointments any time during the day
B. C. Telephone Company
___-*u_t_;-. ,_-_*:.--�����*��
Buyers  to  Share  in  Profits
Lower  Prices on  Ford  Cars
Effective   from   August   1,   1914,   to   August   1,   1915, and
guaranteed   against   any   reduction   during   that   time
Touring Car
Town Car
Local Lines
Try An Ad. In The Review.
Maternity Hospital���Maternity
patients taken. Every care given.
Mrs. Vfarsh: 11, Sandwick.
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Robertson s Drug Store.
From MY hens to YOUR
kitchen direct, I deliver eggs every
Tuesday in Courtenay, at current
market rate. You want my eggs;
I want your money. Write and
ask me to call. H. W. Heberden,
Phone Y 96.   Sandwick.
For Sale--Pure bred Yorkshire
pigs, 6 weeks old, sired by pedigreed
boar, mother also sired by pedigreed
boar; iu good shape. Good chance
to improve stock; delivered in
Courtenay, $s each. Apply J.
Lawrence, Comox, B. C.
Prices F. O. B. Ford, Ontario
In  the Dornjpion  of Canada Only
FURTHER wc will be able to obtain the maximum efficiency in
our factory production, and the minimum cost in our purchasing
and sales departments IF we can reach an output of 30,000 cars
between the above dates
AND should we reach tli is production we agree to pay, as the
buyer's share, from $40 to $60 per car (on or about August I,
��915) to every retail buyer who purchases a new Ford car between
August t, 1914, and August 1, 1915
For further particulars regarding these low prices and profit-
sharing plan, see the nearest Ford Branch or Dealer
E.  C EMDE, Local Agent
Ford Motor Company of Canada
FORD     -     ���     ONT.
The Outlook
The outlook for good times in
Courtenay for the coining winter is
not very promising. Last week
the Logging Camps started to close
down, and by the 15th of the
month every man in the Company's
employ is expected to be off the
pay roll. The Company is evidently preparing for a long shut-down,
as they are taking all machinery
down, and storing it at Headquarters.
Mrne 8, which was closed a
couple of weeks ago is likely to remain closed for some considerable
time- The report that it was to be
re-opened last week having no
foundation whatever. The other
mines at Cumberland, which have
been running on short shifts for
months past, are busy, owing to a
few large orders for coal being
First Train in Last Thursday
Wanted���Tenders to fall trees,
about 15 acres. Apply C. Burchell,
Little River Road, Comox.
For Sale���1 bay horse, 5 years,
good to ride or drive. Single or
double. Apply Box 378, Cumber-
New six-roomed house, in good
part of Vancouver, valued at $4000
to exchange as part payment on
farm in Comox district, for interview address box J.  Review office.
For Sale���Thirty acres, within
two hundred yards of station, with
daily train service, close to school
and wharf, about 18 acres of first
class alder bottom; with never failing strean through property, first
class soil and very easily cleared
Price $100 per acre, one-quarter
cash, balance over three years 7 per
cent. Hickey & Thwaites, Parksville.
Imaginary troubles cause more
worry than real ones.
Women are always ready to kiss
and make up���but they usually
make up before they kiss.
Many a man's success is due to
the fact that he got busy and answered a few of his own prayers,
A young man may have to fight
for the first kiss and thereafter
wear a catchers mask for self-protection.
The first train over the east coast
extension of the Exquimalt & Nanaimo railway left the Victoria
depot at 9 o'clock last Thursday
morning, and consisted of baggage
and express cars and four coaches.
The locomotive was in charge of
Engineer M. Fagan, and the ttain
of Conductor W. F. Fletcher, At
Russell the yard lccotnotive was
changed for a gaily decorated
engine to carry th. first passengers
nort'tward. The inauguration of
the service took place without any
formal ceremony, however, that
function being timed to come later,
when the international situation is
easier, In the unavoidable absence
of General Superintendent Beasley,
Superintendent Goodfellow accompanied the train.
The train took about seven hours
to make the journey, leaving Parksville junction at 14.28, the time
I table being as follows Qualicum
I Beach,    14.43;    Dashwood    (flag
station), 14.50; Dunsmuir (flag),
15.02; Bowser (flag), 15,12; Deep
Bay Spur (flag), 15,20; Mud Bay
(flag), 15. 27; Union, 15.47; Royston (flag), 15.58; and Courtenay,
In future the trains will leave
Couttenay at 11.35 on Monday's,
Wednesday's and Fridays', reaching Victoria at 18.05.
notaisi, . dates in
company's history
Line from Esquimalt to Nanaimo
opened August 13, 1886, last spike
being driven near Shawnigan Lake
by Sir John MacDonald.
Line from Wellington to Port
Alberni opened (section to Cameron Lake being already in use) by
Vice-President Bosworth, Decembsr
30, 1911.
Line from Duncan to Cowichan
Lake opened June 18, 1913,
Line from Parksville to Courtenay opened August 6, 1914.
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Cobblestone and
Septic Tank Work
All Work Guaranteed
A. Beveridge, Courtenay Hotel
WC have a customer for a tract
of from 5 to 20 acres. Must
be good soil, partly cleared and
under cultivation. Building no object.   Give us your best cash price.
Perez Block


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