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The Review Aug 2, 1917

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Array .
('an nut be dono any better, and
nut quite _o well anywhere clue
hereabout-. Our type and inauliin-
ery la complete ami The Review
prices Me right
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 5
i  ).  o7
Telephone 10
Gents' Furnishing Store
New Shipment Ladies' High
Top   Boots Received  This
Week���You are Invited to
See Them
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
for that pic-mc call in the store an J see the goo-I
things that we eave put or display for
the 1st of July
Ganong's   Chocolates,    A il ! ars
and a aplendid assortment of Biscuits
The long expected shipment of pipes has just arrived from the East and are now on display. They
are real beauties, all shapes and sizes and at such
a price that nc one need suffer for the lack of
" The best of all smokes " Prices
from 35c to $1.25
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
Special 15 Jeweled Lever watch       -       $ 6.50
Special   7 do do - 4.50
Walthaml7        do do . 12.50
FullyG_ ar nteed in Screw Cases
Local Lines
Ernest Kerton has the prettiest
crimson ramblers on the Lake Trail,
Mrs. W. Stoker and family left
for Vancouver on Monday morning.
Mr. IC, C, Rmde of the Ford
Gin age was ai Victoria last week
flying 10 get gasoline, He say.
i I is owing tn consumers holding
back empty barrels so long and
poor transportation faculties that
the shortage exists,
Mr. I''rank Cross was taken ill
at the patriotic meeting last Thursday evening, and has since been at
St Joseph's Hospital suffering
from blood poisoning, At lalest
accounts hc was progressing nicely
towards recovery
The old-fashioned game of pitch.
iiifr horseshoes is verv popular just.
now with a couple of Mill Street
merchants. Up to date honors are
about even between them, but they
���railage to ''trim" any venturesome
spirits from other parts.
Miss Cecelia Davis and Arthur
Shepherd were married at the heme
of the bride on Sunday morning by
the Rev. T. Menzies. They left
by tiie boat for Vancouver, an 1 will
go from there north to Skagivay
and other northern places on their
honeymoon trip.
Last Thursday evening a letter
came from the Department at Ot.
tawa to Mrs. Teed announcing the
deatli of her son, Harry Grieve,
As no other intimation had been
received, Robert Grieve immediately wired to Ottawa for particulars. The next day a message was
received that a mistake had been
made, lhat be was only slightly
wounded. Needless to say, Mrs,
Teed and family were overjoyed at
the later intelligence, Harry has
been wounded slightly, but wa���
not off duty.
Childrens Overalls���Just the tliiiiR for
children during the summer, at Sutliffs.
Butter wrappers, printed or
plain, at Ihe Review Office.
For Sale In Cumberland ��� 4
roomed cottage with kitchen at
back, lot 6o x 120, practically new-
house, good water. Apply Hugh
Miller, Happy Valley, j
We pay the highest prices for ,
good beef and veal. No, i Beef
16 1-2 cents per pound dressed.
No 1 veal 17 cents per pound
dressed. Comox Co-Operative Society, Courtenay and Cumberland,
Phone 2
Children's Slioes All the best and
most sensible styles, at Sutliff's.
New two horse power Fairbanks
gasoline engine for sale cheap at
the Ford Garage.
Hats-All the latest shades and styles
at Sutliff's.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford rurage,
House to Let���At comer of Union Street and Cumberland Rnad.
Also lot adjoining For particulars apply at Review office.
...    T ... .    ,       Major Steplunson left . .i_t Pilars
Miss Jones, of Vane niver, is the .,     j,.-,.,,,,,1  tor V:,���, llv���,
Kerton.    Lake
Miss Nellie boden leaves lo nun ���
row for Vancouvir on afor'nigh'ls
guest of  Mis.   ]
Mr. and Mrs, Do-ier left on this
morning's bout for Vancouver',
Mrs.   Cucksey    lefl    yesterday
morning on a visit to relatives neai
Mr, Chas. Thulin,   of  Campbell
' River, wns a visit' r in   Conruii ty
Imi Tne-do. of 1  i- week     He   reports a heavy ran Fall ������ t   M m lay,
Mrs. J. McKenzie and Miss Jean and thai business is booming iu Iiis
McKenzie were visiting  at  Union town.
Day yesterday,
Mrs. Owen and sur Howard left
for their home in Vancouver on
this morning's boat.
W. J. nml Mrs, Maclntvre returned from n niot-'i' nip to Na
I'aiiuo mid other places.
Mr. C Moore of Cc mox is inking Mr. Shepherd's place while he
is away on his honeymoon.
The tu 1 pro ei rls of the conceit
given bv Mrs, Kilp trick last Wednesday evening for the Sock I'und
of ihe I.. 0. D. U. rl11" "i nl to
$101.50, Mis. Kilpatrick, lhe Regent of the Chapter, wlslu s to thank
tlie Artiste, and the follow ng I "lit-.
and gent'emen for donations and
help. Mesdames J. 1< Johnston:
Coleman, Cairns,   Stafford.   Cross,
long odds the best h"i
Miss Pearce, and Mrs. VV. H. Smitb
Dick I leech fell t*ff a load of hay  for use of   piano     Special  thanks
on lues-day.    His right wrist  and are extended to the Comox Cream-
left leg were bad!) sprained. ;, ry through Mr, Hurford f -   ������   ru
The next regular meeting ol the1 the Condensory snd Mr. Bubai for
City Council is scheduled   to   lake "'i!l<' ���'���r- (-'i"")11 f��r ice, and Mi .
place'on Monday evening next.  "    Drink water for hauling fame    also
,.;,���   ,    ,. ,'.      ,           ','        Messrs. Cairns, Robertson,   Cross,
Win. . cKelvie who was homeIh   Boden  ,���K| Pte Ones foi sei
or a coup    of weeks holidays   re- vi'es,    The heaviest   expense   Jammed to \ ftucouver on   Wednes- |CHrred wgH Sln ,��� ,���, of -���    ,    '
<l:n'' besides which ihe Indies had to| aj
Friends of Mrs, W. J. Watchorn   fln extra ��*4 for cleauin ;.   etc.   I e-
vvill be grieved to hear ol   her  de-! 'uro '���'*'>' coult* llolcl **le*r coucert-
mise     The funeral took  place oni    The Hunks of   the   pttbtic   nre
Iuesday, Julv 31st, at Vancouver, due Mrs. Kilpatrick for arrangr, ,
F. B. Horuibrook left fo:   Cran- such an enjoyable concert,   ��������� ���
brook ou   Friday   Inst.    He   had I from a musical stand point  was  i>y
becn here for the past   month   relieving Messrs. Brock   and   Neary
who have been holidaying,
Mr. and Mrs, Dozier, who have
been residents of-our citv for the
pnst eight or ten mouths, sold llieir
effects by auction yesterday, and
leave   for Vancouver this week.
What with the Russian debacle
and tiie other fruits sf Geriuau in'
trigues, including the forthcoming
Keueral election in Canada unless
wiser counsels prevail in the Liberal party, the war cannot be expected to end for another two years
at least, That means that every
man, married or single, between 18
and 45, never mind what occupa-
tion he holds, will have to be called
up to fight.
Anglican Services
Anglican Church Services for
Sunday, Aug. _th, 1917, 9th after
ii a. m. Matins and Sermon at
St. Andrew's, Sandwick,
7 p. 111 EvensoisR and Sermon at
Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
Next Saturda.. August 4th being
the 3rd anniversary of the war,
there will be a celebration of the
Holy Communion with Intercessions at St. Sohn's, Courtenay at
9,30 p. m.
Drug Store
New Premises Next to
Royal Bank
Health  Salt
Lemonade   Crystals
1 bottle makes 2 gallons of
delicious Lemonade
25c per Bottle
of all kinds
Courtenay Drug Store
Cn   to   McBryde's   for   quality
Safety  First
For Fresh   Tobacco,  Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
w Shipment
MenV Women's Boys and Girls'
In all ihe Latest Styles and at
the Lowest   Prices   Po.sible.
New Styles Ladies & Mens' Shoes Arriving
mm i-Ms-aaC-MKM ���ew,"'.'o��gg<M
Comox Creamery j
Butter j
55c per lb. this week I
Phone  48
Bai'ey  Block ���THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. ID.
What Will Decide the War?
William Dciiiiian, cliainnan of die
Shipping Board of lho United Stale.,
is not :in optimist in liin outlook of
tlie wnr.
Mi' says; "Dm- o{ three tiling!
iiiii-t happen in save the situation���
Germany must l�� defeated by the
land forces of tin Miics, or r-lic must
be blown up limn inside by means
of ;i revolution, or some way of de-
feating tin.' submarines must be devised. In the meantime we must
build nil lln ships we can, as fust
as we can, nml always with tin:
thought, ns each vessel departs for
Ihe other side, that its cargo for our
Allies may bc lho one thing needful
for the winning of the wnr."
Protect llic chihl from the ravages
of worms hy using Mother Grnvcs'
Worm Exterminator, ll is a standard
remedy, nnd virus of use have enhanced its reputation,
80,000 Pounds For Red  Cross    '
Collections  iu    Australia    for  the
British Red Cross for lhe pnst month
amounted to 80,000   pounds    ($-100,-
At a great nml enthusiastic demonstration nl lhc lown hall, Melbourne, Premier Hughes made a
speech, in lhc course of which he
snid that ihc great hearl of Australia
beat in unison wilh ihc rest of lhc
Empire. Tiny were now able lo say
with absolutt assurance lhat Australia would "In- there"
British Agriculture
For 20 per cent. Reduction in English
Live Stock
The expectation is, according to
The Farmer nnd Slock Breeder, thnl
live stock holdings in the United
Kingdom will hnve to be reduced hy
20 per cent, owing lo feed shortage,
ll is not anticipated that there will
hc any forced diminution iu purebred ment aniinnls nnd llie dairy
slock will stand next in line for con-
servatlon, Horses, especially those
kept for pleasure purposes, will In:
pill on short feed, nnd it is quite possible some of ihein may be used for
human food.
This, however, is only part of a
change which is promised in English
agriculture.   Three million acres   of
grazing lands nre In he broken up
this year, nml more will be broken
nexl year, ihe Intention being in pui
lhc United Kingdom in a position to
he permanently practically independ-
of foreign food supplies so (nr as
grain is concerned. What the effect
of a lessening of pasture and increase
in grain producing area will ultimately be in the matter of the production
of meat and dairy products il is difficult to say. In England lhe stock-
carrying capacity of a given area iu
grass is much more nearly equal lo
lhe carrying ability of nn equal area
in cultivated land Ihnn is lhe case
here, because the pasture season
there is much longer than with us.
Still it is probable that wilh nn increase in the cultivated area llu:
country will, under normal conditions
he able lo produce more wheal ihan
now for human food wilhoui necessarily lessening live Stock holdings.
In fact, there may be an increase iu
the kilter, and the United Kingdom
may in future years he made well
I nigh independent of imported meat
and dairy products ns well ns wheal.
Doctors and Eye Specialists A
.yesighi S
Miller's Worm Powders were devised to promptly relieve children
who suffer irom thc rnvages of
worms, ll i.s a simple preparation
withoul shock or injury lo lln: most
sensitive system. Tiny acl thoroughly and painlessly, and though in sonic
cases lhcy nmy cruise vomiting, thnl
ir; nn indication of their powerful action ami noi oi any nauseating property,
Stick hy tbe Cow
Hoard's Dairyman ��� Some dairy
fanners an selling a portion of their
herds, 'lhe scarcitj of feeds and the
high pries of grain have led them
to believe that ii is feasible to dispose of some oi their cows. We. have
good reasons lo believe lhal lhc
dairy fanner who keeps his cows
will iu thc end be in better shape for
making a profit than lhe man who
materially reduces  his herd.
I he i "fori lo secure a larger production oi grain and lhe high prices
for win.u ami com have led sonic
to le lievc thai il will be to iheir ad-
vanl ._������ to sell grain lo 'he elevator
rather Ihaii^to lhe cow. We must
ever keep in mind lhal a will balanced agriculture is more profitable
than an over production of certain
food> and a shortage of other food
product,-.- Hoard's  Dairyman.
on Ilorsr . Cattle, &c, quickly cured try
For Sale by All Dealers
Douglas   _-   Co.,   Prop'rs,   Napanee,   Ont.
(Free Sample on   Request)
These War We-dings
Sweet Girl  (after lhc   proposal)���
Er���by llie way, Bertie, what is your
lasl name?
Cincinnati man tells hew to dry
up a corn or callus so it
lifts off with lingers.
il IY-* PrtSsn-ptlon Von Can Have
rilled and Vso at Home.
Bostnn, Mans.���Vict linn of cyo Btrain
and other oyo WQ_*.nosSQS, ami thorro
who weur Rlassoa, will Un _lr.il In know
that Doctors und Eyo BpoolallBtB now
riiroo there lo roal lmpo and help fnr
them. Many wliosn oyoB wero falling
jiay thoy havo hrnl tholr ojen roator.a
nnd many who onco wore glasses nny
thoy iiavs thrown tliom away. One
mnn Bays, after using1 It: "1 wan al-
tnost blind. Could not sea to read at
all. Now I can read everything without my glaBBOB, ami my oyos do nut
luiri any more. ai. night thoy would
pain dreadfully. Now thoy feel lino nil
tho tlmo, It wan IIHn a miracle to lno."
A lndy who used It Bays! '"I'ho almos-
nhero Boomod haay with or without
ffiaBSOB, hut niter ueliif. lliiri pnisarlp-
tion for Alteon days everything cocma
clear. 1 can ror.il even lino print without U'lnniroy," Anotllor who used 11
irayn; "1 wan botherod wilh oyo Btrain
caused hy overworked, tired eyea which
Induced licreo headaches. 1 have worn
(jlnssoM for soveral years, both fnr distance and work, and wilhout tliem 1
could not read my own name on un
cnvolepo or tho typewriting on tho
machine before mo. 1 cm do bolh now,
and havo dlsoarded my long- distance
glasses altogether, l enn count the
Stuttering loaves on tbe trees across tbe
.treat now, which for several years
havo looked like, a dim green blur to
me, I cannot express my Joy at what
It hay dono for mo."
It  la belioved  Hint  thousands  who
wear glasses can new dlBoard Ilium 1
a reasonable time, nnd multitudes mor
will  ha  able to Btrengthon  their  oyo
po as to bo spared ibe. troublo and cx-
lionno of over getting glasses,
Dr. Beck, an cyo speolallBt of nearly
twenty yonrti praotlco, nays: "A patient
came to me who was suffering Icon
Blepharitis. Marglnalts wilh all lln
concomitant symptoms, as morntns
agglutination or tuo lids, ohronla c.a-
.unottvUM Sind ephlphora, Hor even
when net OOUgOBted had iho dull, r.uf-
fUBod oxprei -ion common to suoh i-cuerr,
Having run out of hor medlotno n.
friend suggested Bon-Opto, .Sho used
this treatment uml not only ovoroamo
ber distressing condition, but Btrange
nud aimu-tng us it may ueoin, so
strengthened hor eyoBlgn_ that she was
ublo I. dispense with ler distance
glasses ami her ttoddnohe ami nouralglu.
left In.', in thin Instanoo I Bhould say
her eyesight \.r.:i improvi 'I 11)0 r. ]
have sines verified tho arieacy ot thin
irealm. nt Iu a. number of ensoa ami
have Been tho eyeBlght Improve f:���.���:.i
.."> to 1* per cent in a remarkably Bin i'i
tlmo. I can Bay It works more quickly
than nny ollior remedy 1 havo proscribed for too eyes."
Pr. Smith, roi oculist r.e wldo oxperl-
onco:, Bays, "l hnve trouted in private
pructleo a number of serious opthalmlo
diseases with Hon-Opto nml am ut.lu to
ri port ultimate reoovory in both acute
n"il chronic onsen. Mr, B. crnno to my
oiileo suffering with an Infeoted oyo.
'i'ho oondltlon wnn bo serious Hint no
��� poratton !��� r enucleation seemed Imperative, Before resorting to the
operative treatment 1 proscribed Bon-
Opto ami In 24 Inuira llio socrotlon had
lessened, Inflammatory symptoms began to subside, ami in seven dayfl thc
cyo wns cured nml relalnod lln normal vision, Another case of extromo
convergent strabismus (croBB oyos)
escaped the surgoon's knlfo by the
Itmely use of your collyrium. The
tightened oxternal muscles yielded t"
lho poolhlnir; nml ilnoilvno offsets of
Don-Opto, I always instil Bon-Opto
after romoval of foreign bodlos nm!
apply it. locally to all burns, ulcers
and spots on tho eyeball or the lids
for itrr thorapoutlo effect, Hy cleansing thu lids of sooretlons niul aotlng
na a tonlo for Hm eyeball itself the
vision In rendered mm-o acute, hence
1 liu number of canon of discarded
Hr, Conner says: "My oyer, wero ln
bad  condition   vwlntj   to   tlio   severe
strain arlnlnr- from protraetod micro*
Bcoploal research work, Bon-Opto un. .1
aooordlng in directions rendered a surprising sorvloe, 1 found my even ro-
nmrkably Btronethonod, no much na 1
havo put nrriiio my glasses wilhout dl's-
i omfort, Heveral of my colleagues havo
uir.o usod It nml wa nro agreod as tn
Ua results. In a fow days, under my
observation, tho oyos ot an astigmatlo
crieo wero sp Improved Hint, glasses
have becn dlneardod by the patient,"
Eyo troubles ot many descriptions
may bo wondorfully boiiofltod by th.
no of Bon-Opto and if you want id
strengthen your eyes, i.o to nny ilruij
rioru ami i;et a. hmilo o! ]lun-npli>
tablots, Drop ouo ".im-opto tnliht lu
r>, fourth of a prlnrra of water nnd lot It
dissolve, Willi thin liquid batho tins
. . r two In lour times dally. You
Bhould n tleo your oyos oloar up per*
eoptlbly right from lho ain't, ami Itt-
namnialloti and redness win quickly
dl mi .'��� ..������. If your even bothor you
even a Llll. It In your duty to take
steps to nave tin -in now before it bt
t' o le.to. lu.iiy hopelossly bllul mfght
b.ivo saved their sight if thoy had our.il
fur ilu ir eyes in time.
���"' loi - city physlvlun lo whom t_�� iter.
ertlclo wan DUbmttted, cull: "Yes, Doo-Oiito l��
a rcmftrltublg oyo remedy, lln constituent in-
in'oi'.leiiiii iin. v.it liiinwii lo omlueut ey_ ipo-
cl.-illste nii'l is oi.'i.v prescribed by tliom. I kivis
used it rery successfully In my owe practice on
pallonta wliooo oyeB wise utral I tlirougli o.or.
work is* mlsilt r.inoco, I can litglily rocoim_ou_
it in rase nf weak, watery, selling, smarting,!
Millie:, burning oyos, red litis, bliin'Ml vision OS
for eyofl Intlaiued from oxpostiro lo emoke, onn,
it: I or Mlinl.   ll In i of Un, very few inorara*
ii"n:i 1 feel Bhould Im kept on luinil fnr rogulflV
lloo Iii rilni'il overy fiunlly." lloll-Opto In net ��
pntont meillclno or socrot romedy. ll1 It an
olliiiiil [jrcpuratlon, llio formula being printed nu
un, pneUogo.   'llio maaufnctiirere guarnutoe It lo
BlronitUicn eyi 11 _:11�� SO por t In on., weell'sflino
In many Ini tanecs, or refund tlio monoy,   li is Old.
posaoU by aUffood (InigglstBlathUeltJi i-ioludinji
lho M. Ihriiniil  Uiuu Co., Calgary, llu:  Vom
couver    and    Owl   Ding Co's.,  Vancouver,
anil McCullougk lirug Slore,  Wiuiiipcg.
A Siice of Brettd
1  am a slice of bread.
f measure three inches by Iwo and
a half, and my thickness is half un
inch. '
ily weight is exactly au ounce.
1 am wasted once a day by millions
of people of the Uniled Stales.
I am 'the bit left over," the slice
eaten absent-mindedly when really 1
wasn't needed; 1 am the waste crust.
if you collected me and my companions for a whole week you would
find that we amounted to thousands
of  ions  of  good  bread���wasted.
When you throw mc away or waste
me you are adding just so many submarines to the German navy.
Slop il!
Stop fighting for the enemy by
wasting mc!���Cleveland  Press.
Vou corn-pestered men and women
need suffer no longer. Wear the slioes
lhat nearly killed you before, says
this Cincinnati authority, becausca
few drops of freezone applied directly
ou a lender, aching corn or callus,
stops soreness at once and soon the
corn or hardened callus loosens so it
can be lifted off, root and all, wilhout paiu.
A small bottle of freezone costs
very lillle al any drug store, bul will
positively lake off every hard or soft
corn or callus, 'lhis should be tried,
as il is inexpensive and is said nol to
irritate the surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't any freezone
lell Iiini to gel a small bottle for you
from bis wholesale drug house, ii is
fine stulT and acts like a charm every
tiun .
The British Artillery
In the spring of 1915 thc Italian
artillery, heavy and lighl, was declared hy military critics lo bc the
finest in Europe, while ihc woeful
weakness in artillery of ihc British
army was common talk. Now Ihe
Hriiish are not only overmatching
Hie Germans, gun for gun and shell
for shell, but have heavy artillery to
spare to reinforce the Italian batteries. It may take John Hull a long
lime lo reach a certain point, bul
when he docs arrive he gets llicrc
wilh both  feet.���New  York  World.
A "Lightning* Calcnlato."
A Korean lad, sixteen years old,
has had a watch presented lo him
by lhc Governor-General of Korea,
iu appreciation of his high mathematical lalcnls. Among olhcr accomplishments he can mentally add a
column of twenty-Aye ilcius of four
(figures each in seven sccondsl This
is much less than half the time required by the most expert accountants in Japan. The boy's falhcjr
died two years ago, anil he is now
supporting his mother, brother, ami
a sisler on 70 sen���37 1-2 cents a day
���an iiiipreccndcnted high wage for
a Korean accountant.
The Danger Zone
fcr Many
Is Tea ani Coffee
Some people find ii
wise Id quit tea and
coffee when ilicit
nerves I egin to "act
Tlie easy way nowadays is to switch to
Nothing in pleasure
is missed hy the
change, and greater
com fori, follows as
lhc nerves rebuild,
Poatum is economical to
both health  and purse.
"There's a Reason"
Dodging a Zepp.
A'  British    Submarine    Commander
Outwitted the Germans
One of ihe cleverest cases of bluff
lhat has yet conic to lighl was lhal
of a llritish submarine commander
nil' the (nininu coast. There hail
been a sea and air raid on Cuxhaven,
a! tin mouth oi il.e Elbe, and when
i: was imr a British airman wns being rescued by a submarine from his
seaplane, wliicli had come down ou lo
lhc surface of lhc sea and could not
While ilu- rescue act wns in progress a Zeppelin lb w along overhead,
and regarded ihc scene below rather
inquisitively. Nonplussed, tin submarine commander waved his hands
to lhc /ip|'., so as lo give the ini
it. ssion thai Iiis was a 1.1 rnian U-
boat capturing a  Hriiish seaplane.
Thus bluffed tiie Zepp flew awi y,
but, being a bit suspicious, returned
a lillle later lo make closer investigation, liy ihis iiine tire airman had
been got aboard lhc submarine, llu
hatch was closed, and lhe boat dived.
11 was ju.l in Iiine, for, as il shot
down lo the depths lhc bombs drop-
pi d hy the infuriated Zepp could be
heard exploding in lhc waicr over
Banished by the Wonderful Tonic
Powers of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills
How often victims of disease such
as la grippe, fevers,, or contagious
troubles are lefl weak, ailing and des
pondent after the disease itself has
disappeared. They du not pick up
strength as lhcy ought; remain listless, lired and discouraged. The reason for lhis is that the. blood has
111411 impoverished by the ravage ofl
the disease through which the victim
has passed. Strength will not rc-
lurn uniil the blood has been enriched. Thc blood can bc purified and
enriched by no oilier medicine as
quickly and as surely as by Dr. Williams' Pink Tills���lo enrich lhe blood
and strengthen the nerves is the
whole mission of these pills. Thousands have found them beneficial in
bringing strength and energy after
disease has lefl Ihein weak aud run1
down. Miss Hannah Hamilton Everett, Out., says:���"After an attack
of la grippe I was so run down and j
anaemic that 1 could scarcely walk.
I had no color, uo appetite, and constant headaches, The medicine 1
was taking was doing me uo good
ami I had almost lost hope of gelling
belter. I was asked to try Hr. William'.' l'ink Tills, and it was not long
uniil   I   could  feci     lhal     tlicy     wire
helping me, and after taking lliem for
a couple of months I was completely
cured. I now never fail lo recommend these pills lo anyone needing
a  blood  biiildi r."
yotl can get these pills through
any dealer in medicine or by mail
postpaid al 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for $-'.511 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Brockvillc, Out.
Clean Stomach. Clear Mind.���The I
stomach is the workshop of the vital!
functions and when it gels oul of or- i
der lhe  whole system clogs in  svui-l/1 j _""."_.        1
palhy.    The  spirits  Hag,    the    mini  COUUte!*  UH_��CK
droops and work becomes impossible. _*\      _���_    l Tt.        _
The  first  care  should  bc   to  restore) 111*  SalpC   HiT_.*..W
healthful action of lhc stomach and W ^��i��fi>  UUUJtlS*
lhc besl preparation for that purpose! " ���
is Tarmclec's  Vegetable  i'ills.    Gen-  Mr. Merchant:���
end  use  for  years  has   won  ihem   a      if you are not already using    oil.
leading place in  medicine.     A   trial  Counter Check or Sales Books    wc
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_ .   .   . . order.    Years  of  experience  in    thc
manufacture of this line enable, us to
j give you a book as nearly perfect as
it. is possible to be made in these dif-
the, ficult times.
All classes and grades of paper art
] now from 100 to 400 per cent, high-
i cr than tlicy were two years ago.
W'aler in llie house, lo use lavish- Carbon papers, waxes for coaled
ly for all wholesome conveniences, books, labor, in fact every thing that
seems at first thought beyond the; goes into the cost of counter check
means of frugal people, who Iiavel or sales books arc very high in price,
earned by hard labor all they have Notwithstanding these facts, our
to spend. To many, wlio have not modern and well equipped plant for
closely considered lhe co-is and the tti_�� particular work enables us to
b.nelils, it appears an extravagance, i still    keep    our    prices     reasonably
The Home Water Supply
Abundance of Water    Elevates
General Tone of the Material
Side of Living
Instead of dial, it is one of lhc greatest of house economics. "Almost every farmer could afford lhe luxury of
all water conveniences iu his home.
Like their fellows, sunshine, wholesome food and fresh air, they do nol
weaken the muscular, mental or moral fibres of life. When one has been
compelled lo use any of these debased for a time how satisfying is the
pleasure of purity ami abundance,
As an investment  for thc home  I
know  of  nothing  likely   to   yield     so
much in return in saving    woman's
Strength  in  increasing
forls,  iu  preserving  h
Minard's Liniment Cures Dipht'neia.   j
Wln.il the End Will Bc in Sight
Winn ihc    submarine    menace   is'
mastered and America is ready lo pui i
a million men into ihc battlefield tli;-j
mil will be in sight, but  not before.
- London I >bsi iver.
"And don't forget io bring limn,  a
i.e.  rolls."
"Tor lhe pianola, dearie, or fm ihe !
culinary th partiiicnl':'
A Soap That Blues Clothes
An    Englishman    has   patented   a
in w laundry soap which he claims
v ill blue clothes while lathering
them for washing, ll contains (allow, caustic, soda, sodium lliio-sul-
phaie. and a suitable dye pigment,
The question arises as lo whether
oi nol articles requiring more soaping llian others will receive more
than lhc desired amount of blueing,
,,ml whether lhc subsequent rinsing
will remove the coloring obtained in
the rubbing process.
Grenu.a.ed Eyelids*
Eyes inflamed bj exposure to Sui. Dusl and Wiiii
quickly relieved by Murloi
tye Realty. No Smarting^
just Eye Comfort Ai
Voui DniKRi.t's 50c pei Bottle. Murine Eyi
BnlveinTiiben'V. For Book ollhrtyef.ee nk
tiruggi.t- or HurlM Eye Beatify Ca., CUcag*
parting satisfaction in housework an
in eh valing the gem ral tone of th
mati rial side ot living I >r. .1. W
Koheii  ui, in 'Home Waterworks."
low. Before placing your next oidcr
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W.     N.
________________________ 0
T.IK    RK.viKW,   CX)UHTN__T&   B. EL
A Frightful Account Is Given of the So-called Judicial Methods
Of the Germans in Dealing With the Persecuted Inhabitants
Of Stricken Belgium
An Interview was had hy a representative of ''enter's Agency in
London with a Belgian gentleman of
high social position, who succeeded
iu escaping from Belgium, knowing
thai he was about lo fall Into the
hands of the German secret police.
lie gives a terrible account of the
Germans' so-called judicial methods,
which have produced a veritable
reign of terror, in many rrs| Is resembling the procedure of lhc Inquisition,
"III   a   vague   way."   he   said,     "the
world knows something of German
military tribunals; bul I doubl if it
Is realized lhat something like one
thousand citizens are condemned every mouth for patriotic offences. Dttr
lug lhe three months preceding Janu
ary last, forty-two death sentences
were inflicted iii one court alone.
"Nobody who has not gone llirougli
it can realize the extent of terror
which prevails, owing to the methods
employed by lhc German, secret police, and for obvious reasons very
few people are able lo give any precise particulars.
"A German sergeant was ordered
to arrest 'Francs-Tiretirs' in die
'ally days of tlle war, but as be was
unable lo lind any, and nol daring lo
presenl himself before his chief
empty-handed, he. simply arrested
the lirst unoffending peasants lie met
on the road. This sort of thing now
happens daily in die campaign of
persecution directed against die patriots.
"Large towns like Brussels and
Antwerp continue to swarm will)
spies, and they often visil small
(owns ami even villages where they
think llicrc is the slightest chance
lo prosecute their abominable trade.
Occasionally the secret police disguise themselves as escaped French
prisoners, or pose as guides ready lo
help the distracted people to escape
llirougli the electric wire frontier.
When they have succeeded in gaining the confidence of their victims,
they promptly denounce them to the
koin mandator.
"The next stage is the tragedy in
prison, from which escape is almost
impossible. Every day the victims
are visited in their cells, not hy judges and lawyers, but by German officers and police bullies, who wring
confessions from them. I know one
man who was cross-examined in this
way for eight hours without intermission and without food. When.the first
torturer was exhausted he was replaced hy a second, who continued
lhc ordeal, 'lhc prisoner, refusing lo
confess, was threatened and struck iu
the face.
"Some limes 'gents provocateurs,'
disguised as prisoners, mix wilh the
patriots, abusing the Germans and
complaining of their cruelty. In this
way they obtain the sympathy and
confidence of their companions, and,
if die latter are unwise enough to
trust them, they are promptly confronted with Ihem and obliged to
confess llieir fault. 1 also know
cases where relatives and friends of
prisoners were arrested, and the latter wcrc told that their mother or
sisler had denounced them.
"Trial is a mere farce. In most
rases the defendants may not receive
the help of a Belgian barrister. This
depends entirely on the good-will of
the governor of the    district.     Ihe
usual procedure Is for the German
clerk, after the Indictment has heen
read, to speak a few words for lhe
defence, wilhout having any knowledge of the case. If a barrister
does attend die case, he is mil allowed to communicate with the prisoner, either in prison or elsewhere,
so dial It is impossible for llilll lo
obtain knowledge of the (acts.
"The only way to help lhe prisoner
is to. obtain Information by bribery
from the clerk iu charge of lhe dossier, and nfler the mail has been eon
dcuiued lo address a petition lo the
Governor General."
Big List of Attractions
Amusement  Features at Moose Jaw
Ranchers' Fair Will Be of
Exceptional Merit
The amusement features to be provided for visitors to the Ranchers'
Fair and Livestock Show, lo be held
at Moose Jaw, July 17tli lo 20th, in-
cluding the largest Midway ever seen
iu Western Canada, a number of
marvellous platform vaudeville and
acrobatic attractions, and the performances of a wonderfully intrepid
young woman balloonist from Lille,
Franejj promise to excel anything of
die. kind ever attempted in the Prairie  Provinces,
On the Midway the visitor will find,
among a large number of. olhcr
things, a model submarine show, in
wliicli a perfect copy of the present
death dealing sea weapon is submerged and operated before the visitors'
eyes; an enormous Ferris Wheel; a
rare exhibition of different specimens
of the animal kingdom; a merry-go-
roii'nd; a good old fashioned darky
Minslrel Show; a Fat Girl, the fattest who ever lived; and a large village of the tribe of Phillipino Igorot-
tcs, the peculiar little people from
Uncle Sam's islands, who live on die
flesh of dogs, and have such peculiar
religious customs. In addition lo
these, other attractions without number will bc there to lure and entertain the visitor, and anyone who
would enjoy four days' of such amusement together with a great Stampede, horse races, and au agricultural
and livestock show, should not fail
to come to Moose Jaw the third
week of July.
In addition, if death does not cut
short her young life, Mile. Lueiclle
Belmont, of Lille, France, will be
seen each day in a death defying,
heart throbbing balloon ascension,
and mad plunging drop to earth,
which is only cheeked by the use of
three parachutes. Mile. Belmont is
today recognized as the world's foremost lady aviator, and her performances here iu thcmesclves will hc well
worth the trip.
Germans Admit Subs Falling Off
According to'the Rotterdam correspondent of thc London Daily
News, the German reports on the
destruction wrought by the submarines not only show a regular daily
falling off, but are becoming more
vague in character, being simultaneously put back in less conspicuous
places in the German in wspapcrs, lhc
places on the front pages being taken
by highly laudatory reports of the
latest air raids on England.
Tunnelling the
English Channel
What the Value Would be Is Bioughl:
Home During War Times
War, lhal for long years has lilled!
Englishmen's minds with fear of invasion ii a tunnel were to he buill
under lhe English channel, strangely enough lias-pointed the verv wis
dom of die great undertaking, If
there had been a tunnel under the
English channel during this war,
Great Britain would have been relieved of the task of conveying lo and
fro from Frnacc lhc transports and
hospital ships which convey men and
munitions and wounded ami sick to
and from the battlefields of France.
The allies could laugh al threatening
submarines In those waters, All ihese
ihings the Englishman sees today,
and il is more llian likely lhal one of
Ihc lirsl great afler-tlie-war engineering feats thai will be undertaken will
be ilie construction of the English
channel tunnel,
At a recent meeting of the Royal
Geographical society iu London, Sir
Francis l'ox explained lhal owing to
lhe necessity of keeping the tunnel
well within the lllickllCSS of die
grey chalk that is characteristic of
lhc southern limits of England, there
would be a slight curve. The. maximum depth of water over the channel would bc from 160 to IHO feel,
and du: roof of chalk over the structure has been fixed al a inininiiuii
of Kill feet.
The tunnel would consist of two
lubes of IS feet diameter. All die
work would be, done hy electrically-
driven machinery, and excavation
and other operations would be carried on simultaneously at many
points, and a record speed would bc
reached. The tunnel could be worked and ventilated and pumped by
electricity from a Kent power-station
leu miles inland.
The tunnel would have a dip in thc
level of the rails forming a water-
lock by wilic- the tunnel could, in
case of emergency, bc filled with water from floor lo roof for the length
of a mile." This would be under control of Dover Casllc, and the entrance
and exit of both tunnels would bc under the gun-fire of the Dover forts.
Trains would be run direct from
London lo Paris in less llian six-
hours, and passengers would he able
to go from London lo Constantinople, Petrograd, and by lhc Siberian express to the Far East wilhout
change of carriage.
Liquid Fire
How This Terrible Weapon of Destruction Is Projected
The Germans have uot hesitated to
introduce any of the ancient or modern weapons of offense and defense
wliicli they thought would be of advantage, regardless of The Hague
Conventions or accepted standards
of civilization. Among these is "liquid
fire," a weapon of value principally
because of its demoralizing effeel upon Ihose attacked. There have been
casualties resulting from liquid fire,
but it is the psychological effect dial
is sought.
The apparatus usually consists of
a metal lank holding abotit four gallons of liquid lo be burned, a scclion
of pipe from this l'ink to a rubber
hose at the other end, in which there
is a smaller metal pipe about a yard
long fitted with a nozzle and a friction igniter, as well as an oil-burning wick. There is a valve near Ihe
lank and another mar die nozzle.
Benzol, from coal lar, ami crude oil
are used ill equal proportions and are
carried in the tank under a pressure
of approximately 300 lbs. per square
inch, this pressure being niaiuTailicd
by compressed nitrogen, an inert gas
having no effect upon the contents
of dm tank. The lank and accessories
arc carried by one man, while the
nozzle is carried hy a companion
when liquid is being burned. Or il
may bc fixed iu position and operated
bv' ihe   same   man   who   cirri. s   tin
The Results of the liiiiish War Mission to the United States Will
Have a Far-Reaching Effect, Making It Possible for the I . S.
To Co-Operate More Fully With the Allies
A Serious War
Lest the U.S. Alone Should Havc
to Settle With Germany
Frank A. Vanderlip, president of
the National City Hank, Ni . York,
in a recent Liberty Loan speech .aid:
"I am afraid thai people an not
altogether awake  io die seriousness
The British war mission left American soil after six weeks' of conferences which have reached into every
phase of American life and arc ex-
peeled vitally to affect the future of
lhc L'.S. if not of the world.
Uncle Sam now knows the Allies' needs in detail and in the order
of their importance, die Allies know
America's  resources  and  the  degrco
.     ',' . , ,   a     iwwuiwvs     ..uu     ine    U'.grClJ
ol Hus war; imi altogether eoniprc- of iheir availability. Thus it is pos-
heiiihng that  we arc in  war, that  wc sihlc  for liie  United  Slates  to   rnter
are ill a very serious war
lllighl even come to our own shores
ll is easy to think that i Icrmany is j t
3;000 miles away, surrounded by the
greatest armies that were ever as-'
si inhled; lhat the  war is likely  lo I
-war ihal into co-opcralion with the grand
lliance in die way most calculated
o bring success.
While  there  have  been  no formal
agreements     or     binding     treaties,
, , Great  Britain  and  the  United  States
oye, before we can gel any men into undoubtedly have been placed on   a
t;  hat we are like .u uianufacturer or doscr basi-s of frlcndshfp    than    g,
.'..halt  Who is gelling his custom-1 .,       tf ,        t, ��.
CIS to  keep on  buying  al   rather  e_-|t .���u, ,���.   .' d     M
orb.tan   prices, and dial  we are do-  Baffou    kUo\,,{, ,��� (hVu.S. long
ing a good- thing  m   loaning  to  the  t|m���   .,; ...   .     . ��
���     i'     in , 1 ' ��� ���2 had  bec��  ���1y   fr����>   London  sine.
serious situation.    As      com-cive/it, ,i,���   ..     ,     ��� , ,.
, ,, /   ' tlie Napoleonic wars, has seen reahz-
U is much more serious   han thai. ,i r   ,-.���     t .    ,
..v        :.. ,  i .        .i I Cl1 Ills 'He dream of closer sympathy
coB&c. i,iar%Ztix\^rir rrgroat b���rh"��"f
��� i ,     "J.-    , .    , i   '       ���     'he  ling sh  speaking people,
sible.   We   havc   had   a   revolution   in' '     '
Russia. No man in America or Russia can lell whal the future of thai
situation is. It is surely conceivable
that Russia might make a separate
peace. 1 do not believe she will, but
il is conceivable. Whai would happen then? It is said lhal there are
a million and a half prisoners in Russia. Suppose all die forces of the
Central Powers ou lhe Eastern border might be withdrawn; suppose
their forces were augmented by a
million and a half returned prisoners;
suppose Russia's food stores were
opened for Germany, and all that
happening very promptly, which is a
conceivable thing. In dial event
could the armies of England and
France on the western border withstand the onslaught? Is ii not conceivable lhal if some solution is nol
found for the submarine menace England may be brought io lhe poinl of
starvation? No matter what her
wealth may bc. starving mm could
not fight.
"I ull yon ii is within die possibilities that wc may lie raising nol a
Libert}' Loan lo pay for a war we
hope successfully lo wage but a loan
to pay lhe cosl of a war Germany
has been waging on civilization.
This is no wild picture. 1 certainly
do not believe il is within the future of events, but there is a possibility enough in il to cause us to
wake up as a nation', to make us
recognize that we are in a great and
uncertain war, and that wc must
support Ihi' military movement
wliicli this government has got
1 he most far-reaching understandings arrived at have been in trade
mailers. In general the United States
will give the Allies preferential treatment in commerce. Details, however,
could nol he agreed upon, as congress has not yet passed thc legislation necessary to deal with embargo,
trading wilh the enemy, control oi
cargo space, and the like.
A definite understanding has been
reached to cover both American and
Canadian wheat for sale to the Allied
wheal executive. Canada will co-op-
crale fully wilh thc U.S., probably
llirougli the proposed food administration bureau, and will agree to the
control of prices if that policy bi
adopted in legislation now before tha
U.S. congress. The wheat executive
committee has supplied the figures of
its needs, expressed confidence that
they can be met, and shown how the
results will he allotted among the
various Allies.
Munitions control and purchase
will bc similarly centralized, through
the Allied buying committee, though
without price control. The council of
national' defence has charged itself
with so increasing manufacture as
lo provide for the American army
without cutting off exports viially
needed abroad.
The I'nited Stales is considering
thc invitation extended hy the British
that all the Allies send permanent
representatives to sit on the Allied
commissions in London, including
those on wheat, munitions, shipping
and general supplies.
In finance the mission has secured
government loans to Great Britain at
3 1-2 per cent., or at cost to the U.S.
government and at a saving of 1 1-2
to 2 per rent, to the British.
The Brilish visitors were able to
clear away  many doubts as  to  mili-
 -    "Itary  training    and    other    technical
;l  of metal.     In    lhis matters,    Thc  fruits  of  Great  Brit-
niiim, which  is  main-Iain's experience have been invaluable
I Ranchers' Fair!
Real, Live, Western Holiday, with
Aviation Feats
Horse Races
Live Stock Fair
And Premier
Write, Wire, ok 'Phone
Managing Director
In Prizes, Awards, etc., staging the best show that has
ever been offered to the
Western Canadian Public.
Single Fares on all Railroads  s
Every Accommodation ProA
perly Organized at Normal
for Price Lists and Particulars, lo i
W. A. MUNNS, |
Secretary.     ��
Use a cap i�� drawn from die
end of lhe nozzle and a wick burning
kerosene ur similar oil is thereby
lighted, since die cap is a friction ig
nili r. The oil is lie 11 tin ned on ami
is ignited as il leaves lhc nozzle under gn al pressure. The resull is a
rame of burning oil about 30 yards
long. For two-thirds of lhis distance
ihe flame is straight, bul ii then
turns Up as does any other (lame,
'ihc Ihiine may be directed against
the ground, bul care must be taken
not to deflect ii too sharply, as It
may strike lhc ground and turn back
toward those operating lhe device It
is therefore not well suited lo turning down inlo a trench.
11 is claimed Iry an expert from
lhc American Chemical Society dial
liquid fire is noi so effective a weapor
now that it is understood by the
Iroops and means for defense have
been worked out. It can readily he
understood, however, that a number
of such devices, wilh the roar of die
escaping oil, when used together gave
a means of demoralizing thc defenders) of a trench especially at night,
aud in lhc beginning.was a valuable
accessory, especially hy raiding parlies���II.' !���',. Howe, in Toronto Globe,
"My  husband  is    always    in    the
"ls he a dreamer or an aeronaut'
W.     N.     U.     1164
Steel That Won't Rust
A sleel thai neither rusts nor tarnishes has been discovered iu England. It is what is commonly called
an alloy steel; that is, it differs from
ordinary steel ill that it contain
special   e!
case  it  is .
ly responsible for bestowing tin; in guiding American officials and
stainless, ami rustless properties. By lessons learned by Britain havc prov-
incorporaling from twelve lo thirteen cil decisive on many points of policy,
per cent, of this inclal in mild car- The mission found it necessary to
bon sleel lln new properties arc ob- leave a number of ils experts in
laincd, An English metallurgist, in Washington as attaches to thc era-
gathering together some rods ol steel I bassy lo help handle lhe enormous
which had lain a long dine iu his amount of new work developed. Lord
laboratory, noticed lhal while mosl Eustace Percy and t', I. Phillips will
of tin;,i wci badly rusled or stain- continue trade discussion, and Geof-
id, a i*. ��\ wen as bright as when frey Butler, of th'1 foreign office, will
originally made, lhis led lo lire pre- continue his services to the press. .\
sini discover) and manufacture of {house near die cmbasy has been uk-
lhc sleel. cn as an overflow.
islhconlyco-t, took ihr the name "OSTERMOOR--
woven iu the binding aa in this border. It's there
for your protection.
$"l O for 50 years
XO of restful sleep
���_ Ask your dealer for tte ' OSTERMOOR" or write us for the
name of your nearest a_cnt.
The Alaska Bedding Co. Limited
Mailers of Bedsteads and Bedding
Calgary WINNIPEG Regina
"AI..L. an in article in,'.!,- II,,!, Cirad. Every Particle''
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   1'ubislied   at
Courteuay, II. 0,
N. H. Hodkn, liditor and Proprietor
8mbscription $1 in per Vear in Advance
$2.00 per iitiiuun il not so pnid
Note and Comment
The personnel of the Land Settlement Hoard has ree.ntlv been
announced, numbering five members in ull, whose duties consist in
carrying on the work of the now
defunct Agricultural Credits Com-
mission, in addition to hand lug
the problems s iggested by the
title of the new body, W'e must
confess to a cer tarn amount of surprise that the Government has not
seen fit to appoint to the new hoard
any ugilculUii'ist from tbe Comox
Valley, Tin possibilities of this
district are so nie.ii su uu as future
settlement is concerned, and Mr.
Hugh Stewart, our genial representative, has repeatechy brought ibis
facl to the notice of the govornnieut
It will be generally conceded more
over, that among Mr. S'cwart's
supporters there are many able
farmers, anyone of whom could
have graced the new Laud Settlement Board, while the Comox
Valley has admittedly one of the
greatest futures before it as an agricultural distiict. Thut Mr Siew-
art represented ihe claims of the
valley to a seal ou Uie Board we do
not doubt, but we regret that he
was not mote successful,
Once more the greater patriotism
has got ',o In- _acrifi :e< to the d��-
uiaiuls of narrow minded partisanship, ami lo the regret of every
worker for victory in the Great
war, Canada is threatened with a
general election, Thai the war is
not nearly ended, that the claims
of food industrial production will
brook no iiitcri'f'-r.iicc, that the
people are sick of politics and think
ing of (lesh and blood in lhe trenches, rather Ihan mis and outs at 0.
tawa���none of these things made
the slightest difference to Leader
Laurier and his ill assorted supporters. Their cry i.s "Office first
and let the Empire go lunjj." and
the pity it. that the future reputation of many good Liberals will be
sacrificed as ;i result of their having
to toe the line in response to Latl
rier's command. So far as Comox
i.s concerned, too many of our men
have gone fori h to the great struggle to convince the remaining elec
tors that I aurier and his French
Canadian ' slay at home'' support
ters are fit to ittle Canada. One
of the German hopes is the anti-
British sentiment, plainly expressed
again aim again, of French-Canada
the stronghold of Laurier, It will
be up to everv patriotic elector in
Comox Atlin, mindful ol the men
who have bled ami died for ihose
yerv ideals at which Sir Wilfred
Scoffs, to smash one German hope
so far as this electi r il d.vision i.s
concerned, There are inlinilelv
greater calls upon a man wi'h leisure, than to play the French Caua
dian j*ame in Comox, and lhe Liberals will be wise to n,;ree with
those of their number who hold
that the present is no time for a
general election, that it is no occasion to oppose the g vcrnment
standard bearer,
lion. Joe Martin is reported to be
coming back to H. C, and lhat he
will run lir a seat in the Commons
in Vancouver.
Germs travel, so some people iu
British Columbia had better sit up
and take notice. In West Virginia
Ihey have enacted a law to abolish
idleness. Under tllis law the state I
requires everv able-bodied citizen
between the ages of |6 and 6o to
work at least 36 hours a week. The'
remarkable thing about the law is'
that it requires persous who have'
iii'iomes already sufficient to maintain them without labor to find employment, Anyone violating this
law will be put to work by the
counties or the municipaliities and
half their allowance will go to dependents. It is apparent thai if all
thane who squander today the fruits
of tiie loll ol others were forced to
emplov llieir leisure in useful woik
our niiiioi ul wealth would Increase
in proportion, Plejilv for all is not
a dream, whether reference is to
money or work,
The predicament of the Canadian
women and children up to the mini -
ber of i)0 000 is one of the cm ions
developments of the war. that was
not and could not easily have been
foreseen. They went over lo the
old hind to be as near as possible to
members of their families iu ihe
army, and now there are no ships
available to bring them back. Many
of their relatives iu khaki already
have been invalided to Canada.
None of these women and children
a.c in want, but they are faced
with the prospect of having to remain in the Old Country for the
duration of the war, and perhaps a
-.ear thereafter. There nre several
hundreds of these stranded people
who went from British Columbia at
ithe outbreak of lhe war. ami Who
1 will welcome lhe signing of a lust
ing peace, which we all hope lhe
j end of the wur will bring. A com- |
plot e system of conscription that'
will embrace wealth nud man power will do more to hasten this desired end than anything else.
Nanainio's tax rale is 39 45 mills
on the dollar this year, of which
16 77 is for interest aud sinking
Comox   Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
E. C. CLIFFE   ���    COMOX
NOTICH is  hereby  given that   any 1
partnership   heretofore   existing I
between the undersigned und Taylor M.
Michaels a.s the Island Lumber and lagging Company lias been dissolved  from
the 4th day of June,   1917,    All  claims
against the said  partnership   are to  be
presented to the undersigned.
Dated at Courtenay H. C. this 17th   dav
ofjttly, 1917. I
" Noxious Weeds Act "
Public Notice is hereby given that all
property owners iu the City of Courtenay
are required to cut down and burn or
otherwise destroy on or before the 19tli
dav ol July all thistles and nlier noxious
weeds. Otherwise the Works, Department will put men on to cut same and
Charge the cost thereof to the respective
Dated at Courtenay  this   10th  day of
July  917
City Clerk
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For Victoria���11.35 Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alb.rni, and at Nanaimo for Vancoaver boa
From Victoria���9.00 Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, connecting at Nanaimo with boat from
Vancouver: ank at Parksville Junction with train
from Port Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at
Phone R 60
Agent Ccurtenajr,
c. c.
a la Grace
' IM��T '
Royal   Standard
Flour ?
We have in stock a C C
a La Grace   Corset to
suit every type of figure
Come and see them
Hy laboratory tests of all Flours, ROYAI, STANDARD stands FIRST in nutriment  and bodybuilding energy
Is far more economical than others.
Is sold on a "Money Hack " guarantee.
It costs uo more llian other Flours,
goes farther���more  loaves to the suck���and a
dozen other answers to  the  question,   " Why
Don'l merely say to your grocer ��� " .Send me a sack
of Hour "���say   "ROYAI, STANDARD"   und  know
whnt you're getting,
Royal Standard Grain Product. Agency
I'li-uc 33, End of Bridge . Towler,  Mgr.
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
i*��#-��-��^-_^-��yiV��->V��<^����^^<N->v��^>^<>'l t*tt***n*r*r*\**n\l
I Deliver
your order for
Fresh Groceries
Your patronage solicited.
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43
Accounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks  Beach  &  Field
The man who does not advertise
Rets more dust on his goods than
in his cash drawer,
Your Telephone Will
Take You
Do you always use your teleplione? Travelling, even a
short a distance, takes time. Your telephone saves minutes
and saves energy. It matters not whether the party you want
is one mile or a hundred miles away, the telephone takes you
in a moment.
Don't travel miles to do business, speak for a few minutes
by telephone.    Use the telephone instead of writing; written
communications lack the directions of conyersatiou.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
_���.  ,,,..  .���. .GRAND DISPLAY
1 he cost of Living is Hi gh ._
Still There's Nothing Like Leather   Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ol Horse Blankets,  I<ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trnnks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
It is very apparent that the coming winter will see a repetition of
high prices and consequent  hardship and   distress for those   who
tail to make provision for it, While
it is too late to   grow anything
it I.s not by any means too late  to
preserve food for the hard  months
whi'e it can be obtained,    Drought
aud lack of labor have sadly  diminished Canadian crops, while many
Canadians have failed to do a   bit
toward   producing   food.     Every
pound of food grown   in   Canada
means so much more  that cau  be
exported to   the   allied countries,
and also  less di-tress in   Canada
Eggs will be   exceedingly dear
this winter, so experts forecast, and
the price will constitute a record
Seventy-five or eighty cents n dozen
was common even before tie   war,
but this winter will see   the  dollar
itself   reached.   Eggs at   current
prices, therefore are not   too dear
for preserving.    As   for  potatoes,
they will undoubtedly   follow lasl
winter's prices, in spite of increased acreage, and vacant   lot cultivation, nnd the  wise householder
will lay in supplies of the  humble
but indispensable "spud," sufficient
to last until the i. 18 crop 'becomes
available, just ns soon ns this years
���crop Is ready.   The provincial fisheries department   at Victoria lias
issued n bulletin on the curing  ol
fish, for thc use of the public. Tllis
will bc of use to many who   won
like to put down hsh for winter
consumption, but who lack the
knowledge as to the best method
Reverting to our topic, we will add
one expression, namely, that war
teaches the value, the enormous
value of the land, and the services
of those who worthily cultivate it,
nnd persuade it to yield of its riches
and abundance. Such a thought
should deepen our thanksgiving for
whatever harvest is vouchsafed to
us in this year or grace, 1917. the
third year of the war.
Through the action of the Minister of Agriculture, the Hon Martin Burrel, arrangements have been
1111 d : to have the Canadian Bankers
Association co-operate with the
Department of Agriculture in pro
viding a liberal stun of money to be
offered in prizes for calves nnd
pigs exhibited by boys or girls
under 17 years of age. at county
or township fairs
These competitions are known as
the ''Canadian   Hunkers Competitions," and are linked up with the
activities of the I.ive Stock Branch
of the   Dominion   Department  of
Agriculture.   They   represent   nn
effort to increase Intere t  in Live
Stock, nnd constitute 11 part of the
active campaign I'm more and   bet
ter stock inaugurated  and carried
on by lhe Hon, Mr, Martin nurrel
through   his   department.     The
generous Support accorded  lo   the
movement by the Bankers Association, affords a  .practical   demon
stration of the attitude of the banks
towards the livestock industry,
and the active participation of tlie
Association iu this campaign is
bound to strengthen and create
general interest in farm live stock,
Canadian Bankers Competitons
will be held at a large number of
shows this year, ami boys and
girls should lose no time in find-
i.ig out nil about them, The calve, and pigs must be fed at least
six weeks by the boys and girls
who exhibit them, so that it is very
important to act promptly in se-
curing a copy of rules and information,
Full information regarding the
competitons can be obtained from
the manager of any brunch hank in
the locality where a fall fair is held
The following were registered at
the Riverside Inst week.    A. Abbv
M.   Brauss,   A.   Heriingtoii,   A,
Yuill. K,   Kok.��ken, F. Ericson,
Mr. and Mrs, Sims, A. Mynnta. A
I'/./.y, J. Cowan. W,   Wurdhaiigh.
J. Patterson, from Vancouver;   II.
Pearse, R, Walker, A,  Junes,   F,
Smith, T, Johnston, Mr, and  Mrs,
Morvell,   from  Hedaquarters;   F.
Dawson, P. Pearson, Major Flitch-
er, I.. Shepherd, C.   Abrnhatusou,
from Victoria: ]'. Mainwariug, city
W. Prescott, A   Riley,   from   Alberni; !'.��� Ball and wife,  Portland,
Ore, Dr. Stevens,   F,   Smith  and
'wife, G. Smith,   F,    Smith,   New
Westminster; K. Cleveland. Seat-
A Ford, Coombs:
Cemfort in the Home
The Sunshine Furnace chases chills
from coldest comers and insures utmost comfort in the home throughout
the winter. Don't buy any furnace
or heating plant until you have investigated the merits of the "Sunshine."
  ��..-ww.1>H        VANCOUVER
ST. JOHN, N.n,     HAMILTON      CAlOARY -
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Tenders Wan ed
Tenders for Kalaomlnlng the walls
..nd celling, varnishing the woodwork
oiling the floor, etc., of the .Sandwick
School   h0ll8e,   Will    id   ie.r,v,'il   np to
Saturday, August 11th. Particulars from
.    Srillllwii'k P.O.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew.'1  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Suuday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. in,
Sunday  School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. 111.    Evening service 7:3Q
, p. ni. All welcome
Barrister ami  Solicitor,
Phone 6
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cuaiae Bh-ctllen
Wm. Merryfie'd
Palaee Livery
Horses  ami   lin^ies  for   Hire  _
Terms casli.
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
than on anv other larger car
Go and take a ride in  the 1917
model.   See how comfortable it is.
���stream line effect
hood,     crown   fenders,
The average man can easily afford age on a Ford
a Ford car.    It is the most inex- car.
pensive car to drive, You can buy a Ford for yourself
20 to 25 miles   on  a gallon  of and onc for yonr wife for the price
ensoline is an everyday occtirance.  of onc car at $1000.    You can run *        v
miSSUentl/reportedby both Fords at.about the1 same ex-   a ere
Ford owners,    Yearly repair ex- S*?"���^^^,, L tLess.  Your wife and child-
height, and tires give more mile- accept a big reduction for a   used    health.
Phone 15
E.  C.  EMDE
Ford Garage
Courtenay B. C.
MR. JOHN G. KENT, a man of
wealth anil extenalve liusiaess interests, who lias refused to accept
any remuneration whatever for his
services as General Manager of the
Canadian National Exhibition, preferring to Bervc the public free of
charge. He is President of the Toronto Board of Trade and has been
on the Exhibition Board since 1905,
alwnys showing a close interest in
llie work. He was President in 1912-
18, the two best years in the history
of the institution. Mr. Kent Is head
of the Boy Scouts in Toronto and
is identilied with many philanthropic
enterprises. Long and continued Illness has compelled Or. Orr, Manager
since 1903. to aeek a long rest.
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leave orders at Review office
Do You
The  Courtenav   Review
Family Herald and Weekly Stir
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6
I beg toiannounce that 1 have opened a Flour and
Fe.d Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
Adyertising is the education of
the public as   to   who   you   are, |
where vou are, aud what you have
I to offer iu the way of skill, talent
' or commodity. The only man who
j should not   advertise is   the   man
who has nothing to offer the world
I iu the way of cemmoditv of service
Comox, B.Ci
Comfortable Rooms   for Tourists ami
MRS. T. D. HIND, Managress
Bar supplied with best wines
liquors and cigars
Mooring &Mansfield
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all  kinds of  repairs  ut  uioderat
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
  Jackson & Whittle
GWr-ndTDARGIE1'"'0"' Cou'""-
Ice Cream
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Hors-J -hoeing
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
t^flgpg-acBg^afw ** THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C
The Squire's
!__<__. Malum*, nul fm
CConlimn il.)
_ Mrs. Bai'tlell had always bi cn a
tiliiii person in his experience of
her. Now slu talked ns though un-
der the Influence of cxcitcinetit,
"Go round lhc worltl while you
can, sir," she said. "You'll never
hnve ri second honeymoon."
The Squire laughed, amused by
Mrs. Bartlett's interest in his affairs,
With ihc prospect of gelling Dolly
away he had resolved to put Cooper
oul of his mind. The mnn did nul belong to Silverdale and il uns well-
known ilml Iiis brother-in-law wns
heartily tired of his presence, llir
would hnve laken his shadow off the
place before he and Dolly came back.
And if not���lie lifted his head proudly���he would be nblc lo protect bis
"You will mo with Miss Egerlon
to London, please, .Mrs. Bartlctt," he
said, "and you will lake great care of
her for inc, for she is my precious."
"Most young Indies would think mc
�� quarc ould sort of maid," snid Mrs.
Bartlctt, who reverted al limes to her
Irish speech. "Not Miss Eucrlon.
Slur didn't look al mc like as if 1 wns
a toad or an earwig. 1 watched her
face that day, and llicrc wns nothing
hut kindness in it. I'll go, sir, anu
I'll guard ber with my life. Willi
the blessing of God I'll keep her safe
for you,"
Tin: Squire pill down what seemed
tin- over-emphasis oi her speech to
nn Irish picturcsqiicncss, Of course,
she could know nothing.
"You will be making ine your debtor," he said gently; and was embarrassed by thc fervor of the answer:
"Sure wouldn't I lay down my life
to please you, sir?"
The next day, Dolly Kgerton, ac
companicd by Mrs. Bartlctt, heavily
veiled, hi nt 11]> lo London, Inking
the sunshine out of Silverdale for
tier lover.
The Continental Express
Ii was now Septemher, and lhc
leaves had begun to turn yellow and
.drop from lhe boughs in Kensington
Gardens, where ��� Dolly nnd .Mrs.
Barllett liked to walk, unless the
.Squire was In town, when he was
Dolly's companion.
I'he wedding was lixed for Ibe lirst
week in Octohcr. Dolly wns gelling
her trousseau.    I.ady Leyes, a    tall,
That is the idea, however it
may be expressed, that people
always get about
You've no idea how crisp
and tasty ''sodas" can be until
you huv. siunplcd the contents
of the triple-sealed Som-Mor
In Packages Only.
As light refreshment try our
Vanilla Wafers
North-West Biscuit Co., Limited
W.     N.
bcatlllflll young widow, bad conic lo
Ihe studios, and had laken a violent
fancy to lhis new sofl radiant Dolly;
and Lionel Kgcrlon, lo his wife's obvious annoyance, hnd discovered llmt
Dolly needed nu ouilit for her marriage, and had fished up n twenty-
pound noli' and put il Into Dolly's
hand, closing her lingers lightly upon
ll uns wonderful how far lhe twenty pounds went in Lndy I.eye's experienced hands. She saw lo il lhal
Dolly bad a tnodcsl hui pretty Irous-
���i.iii,   excellent   of   ils     kind,     which
i ould br supplemented In Paris.
where llie. bride would hnve plenty of
money to piny with, and llie Squire
should have reached his seventh
heaved in  paying Iiis wife's bills.
The twenty pounds was certainly
wonderfully elastic. Dolly wns loo
In ntilicnlly iu love to he very curious
over the. details of her trousseau, although she delighted 111 the -pretty
things, fingering them with a most
rapturous and dreamy expression oil
ber face. The wedding gown, of
plain, lliiek, white silk, simply made,
wns I.ary Lcycs's gift lo the bride,
nnd lhe wedding breakfast was lo be
given at her house in Sloanc Street.
As the lime of the wedding drew
near her ladyship, who was accustomed to having ber own way 111
mosl things, wns very anxious to carry Dolly oft' to Sloanc Street.' Bul
Dolly preferred lo slay, and lhe
Squire guessed the reason and sympathized wilh il. Al Alice Lcycs's
house Dolly would have been caught
into a whirl. Lady Leyes was restless���-must always be doing sonic
thing���and hnd a finger in every so-
sial and philanthropic pie of fashionable Loudon. Whereas Dolly, taking
ber happiness quietly, seemed to
have a need for a passionate contemplation. She had developed a gift,
she said to her lover, for silting
quietly, doing nothing in particular,
only contemplating the wonderful
thing God had ghcu her. The queer
expression was gone from her face.
She was alert, light-stepping, like a
flame of joy.
It was obvious thai the two lovers
stood on the plane of felicity. Mrs.
Barllett, going about very quietly,
cooking in lhc absurd little kitchen
of lhc studios instead of having
cooked food senl in from Barkers',
or Harrods' or lhe Stores, as lhc oilier sllldioitcs did, washing up in the
ininatlire scullery, used to grow
heart-warm Ihinking upon their happiness. She loved the Squire like bis
dog, and as he complained, look a
preposterously exaggerated view olhcr indebtedness to him. She had
accepted Dolly first for the Squire's
sake, afterwards for her own. Dolly
had always looked at her as though
she found her pleasant to look upon,
and had so unlocked the door of the
poor disfigured, once prctly woman's
Mis. Bartlett, closely veiled, did
wonders in the way of marketing,
She was a born cook, and she had
thc French thrift in buying nnd recklessness when il was a question of
the proper ingredient. She compounded wonderful Ihings ill mar-
mites and casseroles for the delectation of the lovers, while she said to
herself, with a half-rueful humor,
that they would not know a vol-au-
vent from sawdust, all things being
lhe same lo iheir absorption in each
Dolly gave humorous accounts to
ber Squire of lhc marketing expeditions she went on with Mrs. Bartlett,
who wns Kale to her by this iiine.
She would go into lhe smart Kensington shops, and not only select infinitesimal portions of this, that and
lhc olhcr ihing, and insist on having
them, bul would attempt lo luni
down ihc prices nnd sometimes succeed.
"Glory to go.iilm s, miss, you
Wouldn't hi- giving ihem what ihey
ask!" was her incredulous remark
on llie first -i'ii asinii she had gone
marketing with Dolly, before she had
laken over ihe entire responsibility.
"Hand me mer that, young in.in,"
r-.he would say In nn assistant in a
liir, shop, "liul lire price will lie on/
and si-: instead of Iwo and six, I
wasn't bom yesterday." And very
often she succeeded ill getting lhe
ihing she wanted .it a substantial reduction.
Dolly explained lhal these bargainings, although humorous, were
somewhat embarrassing for her.
There came a morning when she
positively refused io accompany
Kale. I'he Squire was arriving in the
afternoon and Kale was doing something special in the way of an evening
meal, even while she complained that
il was nil wasted on Miss Dolly and
Mr.   Mcyrick.
Unwillingly, at last she left Dolly
silling by lhc Hound Pond in Kensington Gardens wiili a .sketch book
iu her band while she went in search
of some of the ihings she needed,
She dealt in one -hop for one thing,
ai another for a second, and so on;
and she made Dolly laugh by telling
her that bacon at one shop was three
farthings a pound cheaper than at
another, nml jusl as good. Dolly was
not sure sometimes thai Kate did not
tell her such things to make her
laugh, Dolly happy had a laughter
that was worth capturing, 'The sober
Squire found himself lying In wall
for it since she bad been his, and the
old discontented, over-clouded Dolly
changed lo Something joyous and
young. Never now did he see in tier
face  that  slrange    air    of    listening
which he remembered wiih a cold
chill al his hearl. Her eyes hnd no
mists ovcr them now. He said lo
himself happily lhal his love had escaped lhat evil Influence over lier lilc.
Thc power of the wicked had been
broken. She had COIUC out of the
shadows lhal lay thickly about lur iu
the early days when he knew her
(To Bc Continued.)
Neglecting the Bible
Quite apart from its moral ami religious bearings, the. neglect of the
Bible involves a cultural handicap
Worth noting. It involves a crumping of tiie popular vocabulary, as uo
oilier literary masterpiece is such a
well of English pure nnd uiuleliled.
Il involves a dulling of literary pre-
ccptlons, as literature abounds in
Biblical '.illusions which every render
of the Bible in st an t ly understands,
but which only renders of lhe Bible
ever can. Finally, il involves a failure lo respond lo many a good joke,
an astonishing percentage of the besl
quips nre nothing more or less Ihnn
Biblical allusions.���Chicago Tribune.
"Mn, I enn lell you all about the
calorics iu our food "
"No, you cnn'l Mary jane. There
ain't none. The man I deal wilh
keeps everything in his store covered
"How nro you getlii
speech you were goin
mi  with  tin
In    deliver!-'
"Fine," replied Senator    Sorghum,
"I've  found so ninny things    1    cm
leave out wilhoui spoiling the    sensi
that tuaybr. J  won'l deliver il al nil.'
A Generous Oiler
Well-Known Firm Is   Giving   Away
Free Samples for the Asking
There are ninny remedies for various ills placed upon tlm market, some
of which enjoy wide-spread reputations, built upon llieir proven worth;
while the popularity of others is but
transient. When one is ill, there i.s a
strong disinclination ta   experiment,
and lhe wise, man or woman will
Usually make use of a remedy lhal
hns an established reputation. There
Is perhaps no better known or more
reputable linn of manufacturing
chemists ihnn that of Dr. Cassell's
Co., Ltd., Manchester, England, Particularly patent will ibis statement
be to Ihose who have come to Canada from the mother country. Dr.
Cassell's Tablets is not a new remedy
nor experiment, but ono of proven
worth, and the numerous published
testimonials bear ample verification
lo Ibis fact,
Although this sterling remedy is
well-known lo lhe majority of the
people, yel lo Ihosc who have nol
pill il lo the lest, the proprietors
will gladly scud a free sample on receipt of live cents lo cover cosl of
mailing and packing, lu writing for
the free sample, address correspondence lo Harold _\ Ritchie & Co.,
Ltd., HI Mci aid street, Toronto,
Dr. Cassell's Tablets arc most
highly recommended in lln1 treatment of Dyspepsia, Kidney Trouble,
Sleeplessness, Anaemia, Nervous
Ailments, Nerve Paralysis, Palpitation and weakness in children. The
reader who may bc suffering can not
do heller ihnn write at once to llle
above address aud secure a generous
sample, package of this remedy entirely wilhoui cosl.
"Doer your husband play cards for
"Ves, but lie's just as big a failure
i in that ns he is in business."
Electric Plants for the Farm
Small Equipments Save Much Labor
on the Farm and in the
Farm Home
One of ihc recognized necr-isitfpf
in connection with our increased ag-
rlcultural production is belter and
more, attractive conditions on the
farm, and among the many sneges.
lions the use of electricity should tie
considered. Klcctric power is a great
convenience in lhc farm horn*, antj
saves much time, to the farm help,
I'he farm or counlry home situated
within the area of electric system of
transmission or distribution is form*
lialo, bul lhc vast majority must look
lo ihc small Isolated plant.
This alternative, however, is noir
"'neh  more  promising  than    a    fcw
years ago, Many factories manufaa.
lure lhis type of equipment, the op.
erntiou of llu- plants hns been sltnpli-
(leu and cosl has been much reduced.
These small plants may be advnn.
Ingi'ously used  for    many    domestio
purposes in addition lo lighting, such
lis ironing, washing, toasting, pump.
ing wilier, etc.; and also for the very
imporlanl use of charging storage
There are a number of thrse small
plants now on the Canadian market
ranging lu size from 175 watts, anij
costing .��;.*.() upward. Six different
types were described in a recent rlccT
lrival magazine, some using storage
batteries in conjunction, and general-.
ly using a gasolene engine as a prime
mover. Tlicy are usually operated at
a very low voltage. These small
plants arc perfectly safe, so far as
lhe handling of the electric energy is
concerned.���L G.D.
Matter of Fact
lie -If i stole a kiss would ynfl
scream  for your parents?
She���No, not unless you wanted ta
kiss the whole family.
f-iirintiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuaiiiiiiii iiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiini
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and what we make are the best to be had in Canada.
Duplicate and Triplicate Separate Carbon
Leaf Books, in all sizes
Duplicate  and  Triplicate  Carbon Back
Books, in all sizes
0. K. Special Triplicate Books, patented
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6ee our agent, the proprietor of this paper.
Waxed Papers and
Sanitary Wrappers
Waxed Bread and Meat Wrappers, plain and printed. Confectionery
Wrappers. Pure Food Waxed Paper Polls for Home Use. Fruit
Wrappers, Etc.
Write for Samples of our G. & B. WAXED PAPERS, used as a meat
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Genuine Vegetable Parchment
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Our Machinery and Equipment for Waxing and Printing i. the most
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Appleford Counter Check Book Ccx
Hamilton      -      -      Canada
Offices: Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiitii:iiii::uiiiJiiiiiiiiiiniiiiMui!unu:uuuiiin��iiiifliiMiii�� THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   E. Cl
IS ISSUING a new policy contract which will
give   your    "peneficiary a guaranteed monthly
income for life-  Write for pamphlet.    ^
Ontario Veterinary Cof.ege
110 University Avenue, Toronto, Canada
Under the control of lhc Department of Agriculture of Ontario.
Affiliated  with   the  University of   Toronto.
College Reopens Monday, Oct. 1, 1917, Calendar Sent on Application
E.  A. A.  GRANGE, V.S., M.Sc,  Principal
T?"or,d'o &_.0M_10&iMi
Tht Great  JTnfjliith  Remedy,
nl Invigorates tlio v litrfo
nre unnecoi Bury if you wear
Arlington Collars and Cuffs
Thr-,- mo waterproof ond all tlmMa neceBRnry
-whoa they becoinosuilodtsto wash tliom wltti
*���'.'���- mni water and they took nn good nullnon.
No Ironing Ih ii- - *---..m v. Ask your doulor for
Ihem. Manufactured by tlm
AnUNQTON   CO.  OP   CAMAUA, Limit-'..
Praaoi" AvonuOj Toronto
{������"     ���������-������,������������ i    in-.��� i
___KV___tt����*-!_l��l Maov. n ..(.,_.ns
|reaUttcceii,co��aB chronic wiWKNU8_.t.osTViooi|
��It.U IITIIRH N.>. li" .-HM 4 or MAM. 61. I-OBT * CTI
fpsaurp,  white fou Ff.ee book ro Dr, Lb Clbro
Wi'.i.vCrt.fUvHUHI'iit '. f(D. I-UMP9TUAD. LONDON, (.NO.
BABY io   fAKS
RAPION _.!..sk.._
OOtfr.8T*Mi* Aiiixiu- ro ai.L OKNUINIC PACKETB
Harvest Every Month
Every Month of the Year is Harvest
Time in Sonic Part of the
All through llu- year wheal is be-
ing harvested, In January il is cut
iu tlur great fields of lhc Argentina
and in New Zealand, In February
and March il is cut in the East ladies and Egypt. The wheat fields arc
harvested in April in Cyprus, Asia
Minor and Cuba, nnd in May in
China and Japan. June is the busiest
harvest mouth of the whole year,
for then Turkey, Greece, Spain and
southern France, as well as most of
lhc Southern Stales of America are
all cuiting wheal. Northerly stales of
America, and provinces of Canada,
as well as Austria, Germany and
parts of Russia begin their harvest
gathering in July, August sees the
wheat crop gathered in Great Britain
and September and October for
Sweden and Norway. Peru and Smith
Africa arc busy harvesting in Novem
ber and December.
And How to Feed
Mitllod freo to nil.   nililross bj
tho Auilior
US West 3!at Street, New Yorl;
wo Washboards
Fcr the Price oi One!
Both sides of EDDY'S
Twin Beaver Washboards
can be used���giving double
service for the price of one.
FIBREWARE (which is
really pulp hardened and
baked by a special process)
it cannot splinter or fall
apart. Won't hurt your fingers or tear you clothes.
Double value for your money���almost life lasting.
Don't do another washing
until you get one.
The E. B. Eddy Company
HULL     -     -    CANADA
For Greater
Food Production
C.P.R. to Encourage Settlement and
Cultivation of Vacant Lands
In order (o encourage (lie sctilr-
nient and cultivation of vacant lands
in the Western Provinces, lhc Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
through its Colonization and Development Department, of which Mr, J.
S. Dennis is the head, lias undertaken an active campaign to try and induce absentee owners to cultivate
their holdings.
A circular has been issued to sonic
8,000 absentee owners, pointing out
the profits which can be made by
cultivating their lands, and showing
how many farmers sold their last
year's crop for more llian the original cosl of their farms,
Tho company offers the advice and
assistance of ils Colonization and
Development Department, free of
charge, in supplying reliable Information as to how to go about getting
lhc land under cultivation and will
scud, on request, the fullest details as
to routes of travel, customs regulations, passenger and freight rales and
similar data.
In undertaking lids campaign lhc
company is following ils usual broad
policy of Dominion-wide development, realizing that every new settler means greater production to meet
the food shortage "wliicli at present
threatens the world, and which Canada, with its extensive and fertile tin-
plowed acres, can provide.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget    in
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
The Kindly Germans Arc No More
Apologies for lhe German people,
those who are fond of explaining thalj
llic people of Germany arc the dupes
and victims of their rulers and ought
not to share lhc responsibility of llie
crimes and horrors of which the latter are guilty, are probably nol SO
well qualified to speak with authority on that subject as is James W.
Gerard, laic U.S. ambassador at
Berlin. Mr. Gerard, who lived for
several years among llie Germans,
knows Ihein pretty well; and this is
whal he reports about them: "The
Germany <jf today is not the kindly
Germany thai your fathers knew
Old Germany has for many years
been buried under a sur'ersoil of
Prussian   helmets."���Hamilton    Her-
Minard's  Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,���This fall I got thrown
on a fence and hurl my chest very
had, so I could not work and it hurl
me lo breathe, I tried all kinds of
Liniments and they did me no good.
One bottle of MINARD'S I.I XI-
M ENT, warmed on flannels and applied on my breast, cured me completely.
Rossway, Dlgby Co., N.S.
Send  a   Dominion   Express   Money   Order
Five dollars costs three cert.
Must Fight to Solve Problem
The United Slates has no desire to
��liar. the world wilh the Hohcnzollcrns, still less could wc tolerate submission to them. But tlu rc is no third
alternative in lhc long run if the
great belt of n,Hilary union and economic solidarity be stretched from
the North Sea to the Indian Ocean.
This problem, only nominally one of
European politics, but really one of
world concern, is forced upon us wilh
the rest of the war and we must fight
lor ils solution in the only way that
leaves hope to mankind,   no   matter
What time il take or what lhe cosl.
Thc growing wrath of other neutrals, our own steady and rapid advance toward real parlicipaticy in lhe
itrujrRlc, the apparent steadying of
Russir. and the firmness of her leaders in the cause all lend encouragement to the American people.���New
York Evening Sun.
You will find relief in Zam-Buk!
ft cases the burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure. Why not prove
"Jus 1   M *>utgUtg and Start*.���
(0* box.
What He Thought
"Do you like your new sister, Tommy i"
"Oh, yes," replied Tommy, "she's
all right but there's a lot of ihings
we needed morc."
Flaglcss Russia .
A correspondent at Petrograd remarks that Russia has now uo symbol of her new estate; no national
flag, no national anthem, She lias
lorn down thc eagles of autocracy
and the red Hag rose in its place to
mark the revolution. But a revolution is not a situation iu which a people can settle down to national life.
The whirlwind uf overthrow spreads
lhc folds of lhc red banner, but it is
no ensign of stability, security or
progress. lis significance passed
with the passing of thc lime of turb
tilance.���New York Evening, Sun.
Harriston   (Out)   Father  says   Dr.
Cassell's Tablets Saved his
.    ��� Child's Life
OANT tru_t yourself to slippery leather,
^ in canoe, sail boat or yacht. And,
of course, you have to have Fleet Foot
Shoes for tennis, baseball, golf and
lacrosse. Fleet Foot Pumps or low shoes are the
proper accompaniment of Summer apparel.
And Fleet Foot Summer Shoes cost so much less
than leather, that it is real
economy to wear them.
Look trim and neat���enjoy
yourself���and save money,
by wearing Fleet Foot this
summer. 202
No More Sunday Work   ; Italy's Amazing Strength
Simple and Sure.���Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil is so simple in application that a child can understand the
instructions. Used as a liniment the
only direction is to rub, and when
used as a dressing to apply. The directions arc so plain and unmistakable that tlicy are readily understood
by young or old.
Mr. Corby, Harriston, P.O., Out., writes;
"'Out' little girl wns wenl; from birtli, anil
lliougli we tried doctors' medicine and oth-t
tilings r_ic got no better. Slie just lay in her
cot and cried, and neighbours all said wc
could not save -her. Tiie doctors said she
had stomach trouble, and til tit her chances
were small) yet Dr. Cassell's Tablets cured
her. They have been worth their weight iu
gold to us, for we were just giving up liopir
ut saving our lit Uc daughter. 1 don't think
there is nny other medicine for children like
Dr,'Cassell's Tablets. Publish tllis letter il
you like; it may help Others as the Tablets
helped us."
A free sample of Dr. Cassell's Tablets wiil bc sent to you on receipt of
. cents for mailing and packing. Address: Harold .'\ Kitchje & Co., Ltd',
10, WOiI-st-, Toronto.
Dr. Cassell's Tablets are the surest home
remedy for Dyspepsia, Kidney Trouble, Sleep
lessness. Anaemia, Mervous Ailments, Nerve
Paralysis, Palpitation, and Weakness in Child-
ten. Specially valuable lor nursing mothers
aud during the critical periods of life. Sold by
druggists and storekeepers throughout Canada: Prices: One tube, 50 cts; six tubes for the
price of five. Beware of imitations said to contain hypophospllites. The composition of Dr.
Cassell's Tabids is known only to the proprietors, and uo imitation can ever be the same.
Sole Proprietors: Dr. Cassell's   Co..
Ltd., Manchester, England
Wc welcome the news that it has
been found possible except in the
case oi urgent repairs, to suspend
Sunday work in munition factories,
riesh and blood cannot endure year
afler year the strain of labor in a
factory seven days a week, and probably the output will rise and not fall
as thc result of this wise and ne-
| cessary reform.���From Loudon Daily
Constipation ill children cat} bi
promptly cured by Baby's Own Tab
lets. They arc a gentle bul elTcctivc
laxative which thoroughly regulate
the bowels and sweeten thc-stomach
antl thus drive out all childhood ail-
nicnls. Concerning them Mrs. J. B.
Tauli'ciibafii, Richer, Man., writes: "I
have used Baby's Own Tablets and
have found them an excellent medicine for constipation." The Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brotkvillc,
Italy continues to heap surprise.
upon surprises. The latest is the information that Italy is not iking
anything specially of the United
States except that Americans understand her better; lhat the general
economic situation is excellent, Italy
having been able to pay her war i:i-
tcrcst out of taxation. So declares
Signor Nitti, of the Italian commission.
All this shows the same careful,
far-seeing organization in civil affairs
that has begun to arouse so much admiration among military experts in
connection with the operations of the
army.���Buffalo Express.
Exact Truth
Tlie "Swanky" One���I'm smokiiij
a terrible lot of cigars lately.
The Other (with conviction)-
You'rc righl if that's one''of them.
Relief from Asthma. Who can describe lhe complete relief from suffering which follows the use of Dr.
J.D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy?
Who can express thc feeling of joy
that comes when ils soft and gentle
influence relieves the tightened,
choking air tubes I ll has made asthmatic affliction a thing of the past for
thousands, It never fails. Hood
druggists everywhere have sold it for
W.     N.     V.     1164
A Useful Vehicle
The one-wheeled ricksha of Africa, like its two-whcclcd ancestor, the
jinricksha of Japan, was the invention of a missionary, the designer of
the African vehicle being a Swede
engaged in mission work on the
Congo. An early form of the vehicle
consists of a framework of bicycle
tubing, supporting a cushioned chair
scat over a single, low, rubber-tired
wheel. The handles in front form a
continuous loop and the rear handles
resemble those of a wheelbarrow.
Two native boys can easily transport
a pasengcr in the ricksha, and it is
the only vehicle practicable for many
of lhc narrow and crooked foot trails
which are still the only roads in the
greater part of Africa.
Oatmeal Philosophy
A strong person can subsist on a
lillle oatmeal and philosophy and
out-walk, (jut-think, out-talk, and every way outdo the person who travels
lhc long way from soup lo nuts and
goes to sleep afterwards as an anaconda might.���Vancouver Sun.
If one bc troubled with corns audi
warls, he will I'uid in llolloway's Corn
Cure an application thai will entirely
relieve suffering.
Workmen at Kiel having demanded
an immediate increase in food allowances and salary, llic directors told
Ihem they shared the same hardships
and ate the same rations. A deputation of workmen then asked permission to investigate lhc contents of the
directors' larders, but the directors
refused, saying they possessed no
larders or stores.
Prince Died Like a Sport
The Kaiser's Nephew Told His Captors of Happy Days in England
Glimpses nf llic last days of Prince
Karl Fricdrich nephew of the kaiser,
who was wounded when flying and
taken   prisoner  by    lhc    Australians,
arc given in the account sent to England by the Rev, _t. Caldwell, a Bap-
list minister, who is official chaplain
to thc German prisoners iu lhe general hospital iu France. It appears in
lhc   Hriiish  Weekly.
"The Australians, whose prisoner 1
became," the prince told Mr. Caldwell, "treated me with the greatest
kindness, They are sportsmen and
great men. 1 have a wonderful admiration for them. I' I am anything,
I am a sport. I have played tennis
with Wilding and other first-class
players. I shall never forget the
jolly time 1 had in Kngland when I
played them all. The kindness which
has surrounded mc since I became a
prisoner has brought back lhc memory of those days. The Australians
were good to me; the officers and
soldiers who attended me coming
down the line, were very considerate, and thc whole atmosphere of
this hospital is kindness. 1 am .grateful to you and all who wish mc well.
I lie here a helpless prisoner, but I
havc no regrets. I did my best for
my country, and I am not sorry I
am finished with the war. 1 want to
live. 1 am young and when the war
is over I shall go back and help to
build up my nation again."
"lie shook hands with me each
time I came and went," says Mr.
Caldwell. An hour or so before, he
died I prayed with him. He was very
weak and ill. When 1 finished he
opened his ryes, antl with a smile
said: "iliank you, thank you very
much." He soon fell into unconsciousness, from which he never recovered."
"I hear your new son-in-law haj
brain-fever," said the curious man.
"Brain-fever, did you say?" chuckled the father-in-law. "The poor nut
couldn't have any such a sickness.
Imagine a jelly-fish having a backache."
It is easy for a ma/i to get rich
quick if.he meets a lot of others who
want to.
Bad Results
follow a lazy liver:���
Constipation; Disordered Stomach; Headache; Biliousness, and
other evil, painful,
dangerous things.
This Good Old
comes to the rescue.
Take two or three pills
at bedtime���once. After
that, one each night; two^
nowand then,if necessary.
g frills
�����nulne   bears   Signature
Colorless faces often show
the absence of Iron in th*
Carter's Iron Pills
will help this condition. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Put a Eederal Tax pleasure of   owning  motor cars.
on Pleasure Cars Clerks ami salesmen whose itr
Tliia conn try is fabt becoming comes would not average twelve
motor mad. At a time when we or fifteen hundred per year are
preach war economy ft large pro- putting themselves in the position
portion of our population is spend of spending per uiiiiin at least one
iDg its surplus, when it is not third of this sum oil ii
running into debt, on joy  riding, upkeeps.
People are mortgaging their nc 	
and their future solvency for   the mau's pleasure,    It has new
jf this sum on  gasoline am
The time was when thu
motor cur was considered the rich
at the corner of  Union Street and
the   Cumberland,   Road,  Courtenay.
For particulars apply
N.   H.   BODEN
Review Office, Courtenay
velopeil into the poor man's folly,
Of course. Inter on tho entire
country is going to suffer for this
moloritis. The nest egos which
should lie put into war bonds or
oilier good securities out of the
surplus which has come the Wfly
ol the people tlirougli an extraordinary, and one may say tern
(unary prosperity, brought about
hy 'he wur. hus largely gone into
motor curs, The opportunity of
n life time to accumulate a little
something for the rainy, day that
is sure to come is being dissipated
in motors, repairs, tires, gasoline
uml oil,
Ii seems to me Mint lhe Finance
Minister bus, in this motor craze,
nn excellent    source   of   revenue;
which up to this   time  h is been
sniUy neglected.   A    Federal tus
mi motor vehicles, other Ihnn those
ii.-i'd   for   commercial   purposes,
graded sny from $25 per aniim up \
according to horse power,   with  111
Federal tax of five or ten cents  11
gallon on gasoline unci  twenty
t.ielily-hve cents a gallon   on
used   for   pleasure can
bnlaiul   seven   pissel    aud   hut
seven ti ieil.
The Entrance Examinations re-
sulleil as follows: ���
Courti'nav Centre;
Conrtemiy���Number of candidates, ;i; passed, I: Minnie Leigh-
tun ."iST.
Non-Municipal Schools
Comox���Number of Candidates
8. passed I; Richard Downey, 57H
Denuian   Island���Number    of
candiilales, 2; passed 1: Edith E.
Chalmers, 578,
or  eiiiuii-
1: Robert W.Ball
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New Spring Goods Now on Hand
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
P. McBryoVs
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
Tbe Best'and cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 59 cts,    for 3)cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
Tbe baker ol Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Lazo���Number of candidates, 4
passed 1, Dorothy E, Good, o!S7.
Nob Mill- -Number ol  oandi
dales 1, passed 0,
Sandwicl- ���Number of candidates, li, passed I, Florence M.   J,
Oliffo, 50a.
Cumberland .. i.;nti*.i*
Giimberland   Centre���Number
of candidates. _3, passed it), Pooil
or   Siou. 773: Ida   McFaydeii    "i'^I;
 iii ! Gladys Turks y:J I; Edward On ocb
would be j 698, Margaret Cessford, 084: En
11 thoroughly legitimate source of
revenue, uml one which would
bring iu to the Federal t reusury 11
substantial sum of money at a time
when it is very bud I y needed.
Surely if a man is able to sport
around in 11 pleasure cur in war
time, be can afford to pay a considerable sum to the Federal government for the privilrtclge, Jt
It nmy be pointed out that in the
United States a special Federal
tax is now being levied against
motor pleasure vehicles, and we
could not do better than follow
their example,���Saturday   Night.
phutniii i.rown, US:'; Stanley
Monnee, 050, Jean Potter, ii 10;
Roberl Robertson, 630; William
Marsh, 03a; Mamie Creech, ii:.-_
Ellon 11 linden ('121; I,aura Robert
son 012; Maisie piorcy 60S: John
MacDanald 602; Lois'peacey. 579
Montgomery Hood 568; Valenlina
Dal by 560; Jessie Stevenson
Non-Municipal Schools,
Miuto-Niituber of Candid iU
lassed, 0,
. 7 Mine-Number ol
7, passed 0.
Union Bay-Number of   caudi
I dates, 4. passed 1, J, Harry Glov
er, 035.
Midsummer Examinations
At the recent High School   ex
atninations Miss Leila Carroll was
the only successrul   second   year
candidate from the Courtenny high
school, with 5_.murks.    At Cnm-
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant Lands
Title to same revested in Uiwited
States hy Act of Congress, dated
June 9. 1CJ16. Two million. three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up   for   homesteads and   sale.
The value of a Man
Some time ago Frank Parks,
swilclunan for the Grand Tru
Railway in Chicago was killed,
and his widow sued tbe railway
for damages. A verdict was rendered in her favor for _>18,000,
and as heretofore $10,000 bad
been looked upon as the maximum
damages iu such a case, the rail
way company appealed to the Appelate court; judgment was given
a few days ago, and it sustained
the first court'    Tlie  three Jud-
Timber   and Agricultural    lands, .
Containing some of the best laud g��s ��'ho 8at "P'm the caTie' in S*v-
left in United States. Now is the
opportune time. Large map showing lands by sections an d description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, ect. Postpaid fl. Grant
Lands Locating Co., Box 610.
Portland, Oregon.
ing their decision culled attention
to the fact that the money value
of life and health is appreciating
while the earning capacity of money has been steadily diminishing
during recent years, When a
living wage was nboul $000 a year
lhe family of a workman who was
killed could live oil the interest of
$10,000, but now the interest 011
$lS,tlllt) would not produce ft llv-
i 11 <>- wiu-c. Our Canadian courts
n1 e somewhat slow to realize just
what this means lo the dependents
of injured workmen.
On Thursday evening last the
residents of Courtenay nnd district
turned out en masse to the Patriotic meetiug in the Agricultural hall
Mr, Hicks Beach was chairman:
and Mr. Nation, the Provincial
Secretary cf the Patriotic Fund
gave an address on the aim and
object of the order, and gave a resume of the work being done
throughout the province, The
amount of money Coiu\enav had
subscribed towards the fund was
much smaller per capita than that
given in anv place iu |t. C. with
but two exceptions The average
amount required lo keep the soldiers wives .nul depcudeiite iu comfortable circumstances while the
war is on is $2 pel month from the
head of everv house Those who
do not go to light um*l pav for
Ihose who do go. Some may not
feel able to give this amount, while
oti.ers can easily quadruple this
The oflicers elected were : President,
I'. 11. Hicka Beach ; Vice Pres., Win.
Duncan; Som'tnr.-Treasurer, R. M,
Glazbrook. At the adjourned meeting
un Tuesday evening the following committees were appointed: Finance, I'.
C. Brock .ind R. Christie. Relief, Win.
Duncan, T. Pearse. and Archdeacon Collison. Canvassing Committee, Courteuay Citv, C. Siiuins, G. Hardy. II. v.
Collins. W, Robertson, D. McLeod, G.
Leighton, Lower Road Sandwick to
Russel's farm, including the cross roads
to Island Highway. II. Gurney, Jr. and
T. Pearse. Upper Road, Sandwick, to
Mitchell's ranch, Markhnm Ball aud R.
Grieve. Sandwick lo Comox Hospital,
both the Dyke Road and Upper ftoad,
K."Hicks Beach. Comox to Little River including Capt. Guthrie's road, Dr.
H. Cox, and T. Beckeusell. From road
above J. Grieve's on Little River Road
to Lazo, A. Atkinson. Comox, A. Ball
C, Piercy. Nob Hill, T, Cliffe, and J.
Holmes. Kve Bay, V. Biseoe. Royston Road to Courtenay, I). Roy. Happy
Valley. H. Wain and K. Hicks Beach.
Lake Trail Road, Clinton Woods and J.
Drinkwater. Calhoun's road, back to
Courtenav by the Condensory, S. Calhoun
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C.  than at th
Cooking three meals a day over a hot
stove. There's no longer any need for it
An Electric Kitchen
is Cool
Make Hubby order an
Electric Range
He uses the most up-to-date and efficient machines in his business
You, his wife, are entitled to the same
up-to-date equipment for your kitchen
L ; nr
!^I_^fI!_3        J'iW^M
For Sale by
The Courtenay Electric
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited


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