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The Review Jun 5, 1913

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Array List Your Property with
Island Really Co.
We Can Sell It
VOL.  1
Have Vou Money t" lm.
Can Make, Vmi     V S
/ See u-; we Can M
fl i*^o^e(J)|vil4
V    Island  Rcall*
Realty 4po'./
>JO.  28
Fronting on Good Road Easy to Clear
Price $60 per Acre
1-4 Ca;h, balance G, 12 and 18 Months
40 A
Fro**,;:**-  on Good Road Easy to Clear
Fresh Water r>trcam running through Property
I Price $50 per Acre
1-3 Cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 Months
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
,'  ; Co i       y, E. C.
eep  a of
Lah Cool
bv investing in one of our Bamboo
Veranda Blinds.    Kept in all
. :i... and prices.
Meat Safes that keep out the flies,
sa .    tlieir cost in a short time
Linol ilcloths arid  Ma ti gs in great verity.
:a 20 cents per yard
Doycus'seepona "Restmore"     attr ss?    If not,
rf         i al in atnrli-
W IV I : :
Step inside and see tl    n
wi   y    .i-jtnniisiiing-Dton
B. F. KRAUSE; Proprietor
VU' u L.'.
a:; :,: ."
-;���':; ���.'���'a'.'.on Grounds
oo the Market
All full sized lots with 20 foot lanes
at the back of each lot
The   Best   and   Cheapest  Lots   in
Courtenay today
Prices from $300 to $500
1-4 Cash, balance 6,12 and 18 months
For sale only by    I
Rerl Estate and Insurance
The Review building is receivii g
a much needed coat of paiut this tl visitor in town yesterday,
Several interesting letiess are un-     'pii<_-  old   schoolhouse,   on   the*
woiaably held over this week. Union Bay i  nd is to   te removed
Mr, J, Iz/.y,   of Vancouver,  was  to make room   for the   new court-
liousi and go 1.
Mrs. 1!. F, K.iauso, whohas been Mr. Kirkwood sr., had   the mis-
While wrestling with Mr, Swan- very ill for the past   week wiih ap- fortune to seriously injure his <   '���
sou the other day Andy Thompson pendicitis is slowly improving, lar bone on Tuesday afternoon by
got his arm badly wrenched,                            falling off a log,
Game \\ ardeu Dawlev is at > c-
G. li. S  Frost lias euibai ked in
toria this week un business
Remember the Hardtitnes dance
.                                                     i'i auiiu liiia wcck ou uusiueaa cuuucv;l- ivciuihuuci   tne 1 i.outline,   u.uiei;
the Real Estate business,   for the eg with the Fisheries Department. In the Opera house ueyt Tuesday
present he is located m Hardy & evening.    Pri   * given for waltz!
���'���   " '; ' '��� J* R* Utile was arrested   !    inp amj ,,,   ,    M,ard time costu , .
Mrs. Colin Campbell aud Mis.
Carrol are at Victoria this week
otl : liu ; 'li ��� mini il * ��� u ntion * f
ii. ��� Wi men's I ustitute,
We are indebted to the thou flu
i I'nln us of Mr. !'. II i'i ' tl for a
bandsoui ��� b niquct of le\i i .the
earlii st of the season. Mr. Pigotl
is a florist and gardener of repute,
i nl -.i Iih i a lot of choi :e lom i!o
plants for sale,
There is apparently .more building going on iii the vicinity of
Courtenay than in any other part
of the Island. In the orchard two
i -;- ;e bouses of good design are
being built, three sin dler on :s and
a garage are also raider construe.-.
Mr.  R,  B,  Sennett,   editor of
"Telephone Talk," a house magazine publish*; 1 by the B, C. Tele
pin n ���   Co.,  was a caller   11.  thi
Ri vii w office   on   !'. :d iy
connected with the "Citizen" of
\ ancoUvet1.
Young Berkshire pigs for sale,
Vpply J. Lawrence, Kye Bay.
The Kodak book-, and Brownie
I book are free at    Peacey's Drug
Wanted���A firtstelass waitress,
Apply at once, The Restm >re Grill
When you want  amateur  photo
Hook k . ping and auditin ;;
monthly accounts made up. Terms
mod;rale.   Apply, T. A. E, Daniel.
For sale-.-;,;.*.:;.������, good will and
business of the Courtenay -Hotel.
Apply to J. Johnston, Courtenay,
B. C.
8  on   a  charge of  attempting to
blackmail Dr, Beach, of Parksville. |    The Annual Plower Show of tl e
Worn m's In titute will l> ��� hel I  in
Mr. K. G, Fveret li is i liei
the   Agi ii ultural   Mall ou   Atigu t
bearer at  Carin's  Livery   barns, ! I;     The prJze hi. wil, be ready ;���
which anyone can have  the  use
of for  th  a Icing,
The Cumberland and Courteuay
Automobile Association inteu 1 holding a dance i'i th i Co irteu iy Op ;ra
lion e on June 26th,
TheLadies Aid of the Presbyter-' R.Allan, Hugh Morrison ind
ian church intend holding their O. II. Fechner, started on Sunday
annual strawberry fi stival on Junejevening for a trip to Vi ' iria. Ju it
27, in Fechner's ball, Besid i before starting Air. Fechner had
strawberries there will be a high th*. misfortune to break one if the
lasspr 'grain, (springs of his auto.
:i few days.
Messrs.  Horace  McPhee, J. W,
McKenzie   Sr.,   and   Mv.    Baikie
Ol Deuman Island, were at  R      ;-
tok:   la^t   w ek   attending   the
Liberal convention.
y ���������.-.. ��� .*. ...        ,7   ��� ���
Twent   Vcrc ��� ���   . ;   |.j
ill 5 Ann., il Pa;      ul , m h [titers it at 7 p r c ul
Write sr call 011 u , for intoruiat'ou
Hickey     : Thwaites
; 5 '   !   a . 1
Wood for
Block wo d:
O.   Bridge, 1
- : 1,7=1 per cord,
y the inch. A pply
site The Builders
1 -������ 11 ��� it   i:1! iter. !
and wheat.   A, 13. Grav
Hardy & Bi I by the E
A. B. Cra vford ts sell by Public ' 1
Y7!/      "* -1
tl ���'<     >   .
The Whole <     he
Horses,   bid   Iii
Refreshments wil
The audi mei   ������ .. .
J-irnr*       "' " ���'!*.
:,    Sale at 12 0 clock
led Particulars ou
.r sand  and f~
d ... -   !
I'. I furford
I 1, E - ntist, will re
main at ('in;'1   rlaud        il the
of May.    .' .      Jim * :eth he
willbei tCourten ,v.   \;     ' '
may be  ma ! 1    at the  Ci u '
Drug Store.
For Sale���5, to or is acres of
land, 2 1-2 miles from Courtenay,
1-2 mile from Courtenay Riyer, 1-2
mile from Power plant. Lo
Apply Hickman & England, Courtenay,
Just arrived  at  Willard's  Harness Hmpoiium: a fine line of hofse !
blankets, lap nigs, trunks and suit 1
cases  at  all  prices. * Harness   re- j
pairing promptly aud neatly done.
\Vesley Willard,   Cumberland  aud
':���'���"' '
-���!    i .
p   '   -:.r
Boats For Sa
and Hire
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short   Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
Our new   tl livision of this beautiful sea front is 11 iw on the
market, and affords an opportunity to own a sea front
lot at prices unheard of in this listricl
All lots have sea  frontag    on flue   sandy beach, are  on the
Island Highway and sizes vary from 1-2 to 1 acre
Price $2G0.O0 Per Lot
:..: j
We have also some tracts or"fine land lying to the ' ick of the
above mentioned lots, in blocks of from 2 lo 10 acres
at prices from >jO,oo per acre up
Come in and have vour choice of these lots
Terms and full particulars can be had  from Messrs-Hardy] '&
Biscoe, Island Realty Company or the Agents
P. O. Box 209 Telephone 24
Courtenay - and - Comox, B. C.
By Morice Gerard
Murgatroy<l hail comfortable bachelor Quarters in Henrietta siroci, (*ov-
ent Garden. On his return from
Mayfulr ho found hlfl sitting-room on
t.ht* first floor tenanted by his friend
Horace Bnggtiloy, who was lounging
In ono Chair, reel lug his foot on another, and propitiating solitude with a
Hallo, Bagguley, yon back?
Yps, safe and sound; not oven a
touch of African fever to boast of by
way of a rcmlnlccotico.
Well, I'm precious glad to have you
bach. It would have heor. a long six
months without you, If wo had not
been as busy as bee3 at the Pioneer.
1 recognized your fist In a copy I
picked up at Southampton. I tell you
what, any boy���you Bell tho Pioneer.
People have got to fancy tho paper
knows a thing or two; and knowledge
Is property Just now In tho Press
world. I heard people talking about
It In the train.
Horace Bagguley was a tall dark
man, with piercing black eyes, and
an aquiline nose. He had just returned from a six months' shooting
tour in the Veldt. Like Murgatroyd
he was a barrister by profession, but
he had been In the House nearly ten
years, representing the Cheshire constituency in which his estates lay.
Don't you feel/incllnec, to kick sometimes at hiding your light under a
bushel, old chap���for the Pioneer ls
a bushel to you���especially as the ducats are of no consequeuco In your
It is all experience, replied Murgatroyd. Ho added: Experience Is a
power ot a kind as well as knowledge.
Well, yes, It's experience ot a sort;
but one is apt to get shoppy. That
editorial 'wo' is so impregnable in the
office, and so Insignificant elsewhere,
that the office-coat gets magnified into
a toga.
Really you are getting quite didactic. When did this vein of heavy
humor seize you, most potent Horace7
Oil, one has time to think on board
ship, especially if you don't care about
cither poker or flirtation. So I took
the 1 rouble to think about   you a bit
On the principle that the proper
Study of mankind is man, eh?
There you are shoppy again. I
know all those dlctlonary-of-qiiotatlon
.things by heart, simply from the way
they are sneaked into every article to
turn journalism into���what it never
(���an bo or ought to be���literature.
Very well; you are running to seed.
All the bigger crop by and by.
Vou are complimentary.
What are you going to do tonight?
Docs the Pioneer claim you, or is it to
be a little dinner at Delmonico's and
a theatre afterwards? 1 don't know a
bit what's on.
1 have some fish o[ my own to fry
tonight, and I am going ta give you
Nearly Impossible to Heal Skin.
Badly Hurt. Sore, Red and Inflamed, Could Not Sleep, Cuticura Soap and Ointment Healed.
Bowramn River, Manitoba.��� "When I
was thirteen years of a��n I got my shin
badly hurt ami when boalod tho skin was
attached tothebono. Tho
least bruise would injur..
It and It was nearly Impossible t�� beat. Tho sore
wuuld bo very red and
Inflamed round tho odgus
juhI had u burning sensation. When oxtrasoro I
could not sleep al night on
account of tho pain. I always wore a col ton bandage on It from tho
ankle, to Uio knee. Kor a number of years
I used sticking plasters, tben got a salvo.
1 saw Iho advertisement offering a freo sam-
j.le, of Cuticura Soap and Ointment and sent
for a sample and purchased somo moro and
In elx days I ho soro wns healed completely.''
(Sinned; James Edwards, Juno SI, 11)12.
Treatment: Gently smear the affected
pails with Cuticura Ointment, on the end
of iho linger, but do not rub. Wash off tho
Cuticura Ointment in five rnlnutos with
Cuticura Soap and hot water and continue
foathJng for some minutes. This treatment
is best on rising and retiring. At other times
use Onticura Soap freely for tho toilet and
bath, to assist in preventing inflammation,
irritation and clogging of the pores. Sold
throughout tho world. Liberal sample of
each tree, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
bust card Totter Drug & Ohem. Corp.,
Copt. 47D, Boston, V. 8. A,
W.   N.   U.   948
a commission.
Quite dramatic
Vou are my executor,
it lias not come I   that yet, I hope.
Bagguley spoke lightly but wag
watching his frl *nd keenly all the
same, under his dark brows. He re-
oognlteed serious Intention in the tones
of Murgatroyd'a voice.
1 want you to look in here after tho
play���1 advise Daly. If I am not
buck scud a nolo you will find on this
table to Inspector Murphy, Scotland
Yard, and see thnt lie nttends to it at
Alive or dead? Surely this Ib not
within the four corners-of your duty
towards yonr neighbor���the chief ot
the Pioneer?
No; for the first time in my life 1
am going to do a woman's commission.
Where does it take you?
Soho way.
You hardly look tho part.
Oh, 1 shall dress for it; I have lhe
costunio here. It is not. the first
time 1 have been into an opium den
or a thieves' kitchen. Only this time
I am in pursuit of stolen goods, and
that is not always quite safe.
Why not smd Murphy in the first
Because I want the thief quite as
much as the property.
I should have thought the police did
There is tills difference���I want
him to come willingly; they prefer the
persuasion to a pair of bracelets.
May I come with you?
I am afraid not. The errand I'm
on requires experience of n kind
which you do not get even In South
Africa. x
Shall I wait while you dress?
If you like.
In twenty minutes tlie door of the
sitting-room < pened, and an old man
came ��� in with shaggy cye-brov,s,
straggling beard aud whiskers, and a
coat patched and stained.
Bagguley st".red speechless with
amazement; then he laughed.
By jove, it's a good thing I knew
whom to expest. Why even a dun
wouldn't know -.ou in that get-up.
A wrinkled smile distorted the
features of the singularly old man.
Yes, I think it will do���for an opium den.     Now I must be off.
Murgatroyd threw up the window
and whistled twice. After a few minutes a growler drew up at the door.
Better stay here till I'm gone.
After summoning the cab, Murgatroyd had scribbled a few lines on a
sheet of paper. He now placed this
in an envelope, directed it and threw
it into the middle of the table.
That's the note to tell them to look
for me.
All right, IT. attend to It, if needs
be, which I don't expect; it will be
a wily man who gets the better of
you. Have you a knuckle-duster
with you?
Murgatroyd placed his hand, which
was wrinkled like his face, In the
deep outside pocket of his coat, and
drew out a six-chambered revolver,
the daintiest little weapon, with a
mother-of-pearl handle, ever fashioned by gun-smith'j art.
"f is a pretty toy, would make a hole
in a man further than I'm likely to
hit him.
The friends t,'.iook hands. They
were real friends and understood one
Then Murgatroyd went down stairs,
gave a direction to the cabman���and
anonymous���there is danger there if
not here, and I don't know which is
the worse of the two.
For Bagguley had been bitten once
Murgatroyd's errant", was the result
of a mental volte face. Ho had
started for Scotland Yard when he
left t'urzon Street, but a new thought
had struck him. The descrli.tion,
brief as it was, Maud Hanley had given titled to a nicety a character the
journalist had coi . across on more
than oik* occasion.
Jemmy .Ionian, as his mates called
him���It. was moro than probable far
remote from his real name���was one
of the best known characters in lhat
manufactory of strange types���Soho.
That he was an expert thief, Ihe po-
lico were well aware; and Murgatroyd had met him In the Courts more
than once; but Jemmy had tho alertness of an eel, and had invariably
escaped conviction. He was addi'led
to opium In a modified blend with
shag���it was his one weakness; and
when Murgatroyd had occasion to do
an opium den in nursuit of copy, Jemmy had been recommended as a guide,
and a safe pioneer���when on hij honor; a qualification unsuspected by his
casual acquaintances, but upon which
he pridtd himself as upon a pearl of
great price. Jimmy had the misfortune to have very bushy brows and
the characteristics Maud Hanley had
described. Although no one would
have suspected it amid the shades of
Soho, Jemmy could walk the parks
dressed In his best with the appearance of a prosperous City man���quite
the toff, as he himself expressed it.
Murgatroyd wanted Jemmy. lie
thought he knew vl.ere he could find
him as the evening closed in. The
den was only safe to the pals; but the
revolver In his pocket equalised mat-
Iters in case of a skirmish.
Dismissing his growler at the corner
Ir.f a street, Murgatroyd plunged into a
side alley, which landed 1 lm In a
court. He hesitated a m ent or two,
and then went up to a door which had
a partially defaced 8 upon it. He
knocked twice, paused while one might
count fifty, und then knockej again, a
loud single knock. There was a
shuffling footstep, and un old man
peered out. Apparently satlslkl
with tho appearance of his visitor, the
janitor threw the door back,
Murgatroyd gave him an order ! l
the words and tone which became his
character of a German Jew, and then
went on down the passage, opened
the end door and walked In. It wns
necessary that no susp'cioiis as to his
familiarity with the place should be
I raised In lhe mind of the doorkeeper.
I The room ' d half a dozen men in
it, all smoking, although  tin   night
i was yol young,      The fumes of Iho
| opium hung in a dense mass In midair. A florin;* wis Jet, banging from
the low celling, failed to light the
apartment, which was long enough to
accommodate twenty or thirty loungers.
At first Murgatroyd could not see
clearly enough to distinguish faces;
hut by the time the janitor had
brought him a. pipe tilled with the
fragrant drug iie had aatlufled himself
that the man lie Bought wns not there,
Murgatroyd BtOBbched himself on nn
ottoman, pretending to sitolto while
he watted, lie had determined to
remain an hour, and If by that time
.Ionian had not arrived at hla favorite linunt, he would revert to his original plan and cull lu the police; bul
he fell perfectly certain that In that
case Miss Hanley would never recover
her watch.
Luck or his own good Judgment favored hlni. At thi end of half an
hour the door opened again nnd two
men entered���one wus Jemmy Jordan .
Murgatroyd lingered his revolver.
It was itching for use; but he did not
want to use It, as thnt would mean
Jemmy took up a position near to
Murgatroyd; of course quite unsuspicious of the latter's identity. The man
who came in with him was on the
other side.
(To bf Contluu-C)
A Tonic Medicine is a Necessity
at Thit Season.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are an all year round tonic,
blood-builder and nerve-restorer. But
they are especially valuable in the
spring when the system is loaded with
impurities as a result of the indoor
life of the winter months. There is
no other season when the flood ls
so much in need of purifying and enriching, and every dose of these pills
helps to make new, rich, red blood.
In the spring one feels weak and
tired���Dr. Williams' Pink Pills give
strength. In the spring the appetite
is often poor���Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills develop the appetite, tone the
stomach and aid weak digestion. It
is in the spring that poisons in the
blood find an outlet in disfiguring
pimples, eruptions and boils ��� Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills speedily clear
the skin because they go to the root
of the trouble in the blood. In He
spring anaemia, rheumatism, Indigestion, neuralgia, erysipelas and many
other troubles are most persistent
because of poor, weak blood, and it is
at this time when all nature lakes
on new life that the blood most seriously needs attention. Some people
dose themselves with purgatives at
this season, but these only further
weaken themselves. A pt.realive
merely gallops through the system,
emptying tbe bowels, but it does not
cure anything. On the other hand
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually
make new blood which reaches every
nerve and organ in the body, bringing new strength, rew health and vigor to weak, easily tired men, women
and children. Try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills this spring���they will not
disappoint you.
Sold by all n.ediclnj dealers or
sent bv mall at 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 by The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
"Wormy," lhat'fl what's the matter of 'em. Stomach anol
Intestinal worms, Nearly aa bad as distemper. Cost you
too much to feed 'em. Look bad���aro bud. Don't physio
'em fo death. Spohn's Cure will remove the worms. Improve
Ibe appetite, nnd tone 'cm up all round, and don't '���physio."
Ails on glands nnd blood. Full directions with each bottle,
und sold by "11 druggists.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Chemists, Goshen, Ind., U.S.A.
How's the Colt?
A liitlca.lt���liltf nTiiitelinity���must hnvo rarefiiHrri.inff,
If you want to rniia .. KUmly, valuable animal* Ah Boon ua
tin-..nit oiith'ri.wH iu inot.icr'fi milk, uJ*l a little INT1.K-
NATIONAL STOCK FOOD to il�� regular iced. Thit
will help Uie colt tu grow in MMi vi^or aod strength.
International Stock Food
is tlie greatest tonic known for nil classes of horses, Yonr
horses will keep healthy, llielr coats will he glossier, nml
they will have more life end vim on ft qutirta of oats nnd
ll quarts without It, Uesluetthiill will assist m keeping
yonr horses free irom dlitempor, colic, inmionta, etc.
tt will nny you to use INTERNATIONAL STOCK I'OOD every day
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Tell ns how many hand ol stork yon own nml we will Mend you, free, a
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 International Stock Pood and Veterinary preparations, also Poultry
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a spot rush guarantee to give satisfactory results or yonr money refunded.
//your tlealtrcanHal sajiplyyou write us direct, H3
.International Stock Food Co., Limited
Cause Enough
Vou say you don'l intend to marry
Miss Whopper?
That's what I said. Two men have
come between ub.
Yes; a preacher and lhe man she
Th* Man Who Drives An
Automobile Finds
The Only cleaner that will
effectually remove grease,
oil or paint stains ami leave
the hands smooth and soft.
J00% better than noap. .
Year DeilerSells Snip.
Save the Conp��m.
Ill) CiaWW Units', Mirtrul
Some Say So
In our lesson today, said the Sunday school tetioiier, occurs Ihls sentence: Beware of false prophets Can
any of you hoys tell nu* what .1 false
prophet la?
Well, Kaminy.
Please, ma'am, the weather man.
Vour druggist will refund money If l'AZO
OlN'l'MKNT fails to cure any case of Itch-
Ini;,  in.nil, Bleeding or 1't-otrudlng Piles
iu u iu 11 days.    60c.
It Cured Him
There had been a little breeze at
dinner. Relations between husband
and wife, were for the lime being,
distinctly strained. The sllenee grew
So you think 1 smoke too much?
he ashed at length, harping back on
the same chord, just by way oi saying something.
Not at all, she replied deliberately
forcing a jawn.
Well, lhat's what you said a few
minutes ago.
I didn't say anything of the sort.
I don't think you're smoking too much.
Didn't you say*I'd die if I didn't
cut it down?
Yes; that's what I said.
And il took him quite a long time
to grasp the meaning of the remark,
Then he was quite angry.
Hut it eured him of the habit.
Is CLEAN, and
as SIMPLE aa
chance of
if you use
The Guaranteed "ONE DYE for
All Kinds of Cloth."
THY IT anil prove It for youraell 1
Semi fnr tree dolor Card, Story Booklet, and Hook*
let fc-ivlnc results of Dyeing nver uther colors.
The Johnson-Richardson Co., Limited, ���  Montreal
Minard'8 Liniment used by Physicians
Art as an Amusement
Post  Impressionist���Of    course    I
paint, purely for my own amusement
you know.
Visitor to    SIiidio���Nonsense,    my
dear fellow.    They simply tickle us to
death, too!
Miller's Worm Powders are par excellence the medicine for children
who are found suffering from the ravages of worms. They immediately
alter the Stomachic conditions under
which the worms subsist and drive
them from the system, and, at the
same ilme, they are tonioal In their
effect upon the digestive organs, restoring them to healthful operation
and ensuring Immunity from further
disorders from such ii cause.
Maypole Soap
With MaypoU
Soap there is nc*.
trouble and no muu
in home dyeing.
Dyes cotton, wool,
silk oi mixtures. 24
colors-will rjivc any
shade. Colors 10c.
Black l5c--atyout
dealer's or postpaid
with booklet "How
lo Dye" Irom
F. L BENEDICT A CO. Montreal
Suicide by Machine-Gun
Berlin.���A prhate In an infantry
regiment. ..t Graz l.as committed suicide '.y placing himself before a m:
chine-gun and firing it by means of a
cord. His breast was riafixid With
bullets. The ma: had had differences with bis superior officers.
TheGId Reliable
Horse Remedy
Edgar Knew Them���The teacher
was hearing her class ol small boys
in mathematics.
Edgo '. she said, if your father can
do a piece of work in seven days,
and your Uncle William can do it in
nine duyH, how long would it take
both of them to do it?
They would never get clone, answered the boy earnestly. They would
sit down and tell fish stories.
A Power of Its Own.���Dr. Thorns' Eelectrlc Oil has a subtle power
of its own thai other oils cannot pretend lo, though there are many pretenders. All who have used it know
tills and keep It by Ihem as the most
valuable liniment available. Its
ubcs are inniimeral le and for many
years it has been prized as the leading liniment for man and beast.
'   The  Runcway
I think, old fellow, began Mr. Fam-
blyman, it is time you were beginning
to hunt for a wife.
To hunt foi one replied the highly-
eligible bachelor. You mean it is
time 1 gave up avoiding one and allowed myself lo be captured.
of farmers
and horsemen
havesaved money
by u s I n g Ken.
fcr Spavins, Curb, Ringbone, Splint, Bony
Growths and Lameness from many other
Causes. Those men know that Kendall's
Is a money saver and ��� horse saver. We
can prove it by thousands of
Grateful Letters From lUei's
I.ANOHASI, S.'.SX., 1)EC. rjth, 1911.
"I have a large stock ef horses and am a
user of Kendall's Spavin Cure. I must say
that 1 always liad the best satisfaction from
its use, o:id can recommended it to any
horse owner." JOSBl'lI PPUND.
1'ioeos i.am, Man. Due. 24th, 1911.
"I ltnve used Kendall's Spavin Cure for
are years. I Bud It a sure cure for Spavins."
Price U per bottle���6 bottles J5. Ask
druggist fur free book ���'Treatise on the
Horse" or mite to vs. 73
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company
Enosburg rails, Vermont. U. S. A.
���'   ,
Keep Minr.rd's Liniment In the house
Taken to Heart
His. Chancel���Oh, Henry, I wish
you had been to church this morning.
Dr, Dives preached one of the loveliest sermons on 'Love your neighbor'
and the way his remarks made that
spiteful, hateful .Mrs. Gabbers squirm
was something that would have done
;our heart good.
LADIES WANTED���To do work at
borne; decorntlng cushion topi; eta
Bake from $3 to (5 per day; pleasanl
work. A.mour Art Co., Dept. N, 43
Steele Bllr... Winnipeg.
Empty-headed   nei can set full la
no time.
"Sample free it you write:National
Drug and  Chemical  Co.,   of. Canada, 7
Limited,  Toronto."' THE REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
is ron
|      MAr M ���   ���  l.i   ,1 '���       I       ,A!i|'l! r.
Book Free.    A assaple
Bona   Iraalraaal reaaevad
Insplroa this lad v'abreaat
Old aarea, alcera aad
������^^��� tfrewtha cared.   Deaeriba
S**t Iroahle j wa will send book ana* lealiasaalala,
T/HK Canada Cancer institute, twites
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel"
Piano Action
His. Winslow's Sootvino Brm.r lias been
���aed for over SIXTY YEARS hy MILLIONS of
it) the beat remedy for HIARRH'JiA. It ii ab>
���olutely harmless. Be sure and ask for ''Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and tike BO other
kind.  Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Just what you r quire to keep account of your expenses. Drc> a
line to your local Bank. They will
send you one for the a-king.
WATeHPROOF collars and cuffs
Soini'lliltiK  better  than  linen,   and  no
laundry    bills.   Wash  with    Soap    and
Water.    All storeR, or direct.    State style
and  size,   uor  26o.   we  will   mail   you.
BS  Fr.-.2or  Avenue, Toronto,  Ontario
Reason and Instinct
Inquiring Son���Papa, what ls reason?
Fond Pfcjent���U-eason, my boy, is
that which enables a man to determine
what i3 right.
Inquiring Son���And ./hat is instinct.
Pond Parent���Instinct ls that which
tells a woman ohe is right, whether
she Is or not.
Hard and soft corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure, which is entirely sate to use, and certain and
satisfactory In its action. ,
Eddie Wins Out
Boss���Who's been marking up this
Olllce Boy���I���I was checking oft
the number of days till baseball started.
Boss���Pardon me, Eddie; bring It
over here and we'll figure it out together.
Ei-PiLiS =
SOc. a box or six Uxes for $2.60,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
How the Federal Reserves are Being
The Dominion Forest Service has
progressed farther than any other service In Canada in Uu* laying out of
forest reserves and providing for their
proper administration. Sixteen million acres have been definitely Bet
apart by Act of Parliament to be administered ns fores! reserves. Additional areas are being examined each
year, am! somo six million acres additional aro now under temporary reservation and will shortly be added to
the reserves set apart by statute.
The mere setting apart of reserves,
though nn Important step, Is only a
preliminary one. Although, unfortunately, In somo cases it has not
been realized that anything further ls necessary, this mistake has not
been made In the federal administration.
Tho reserves have been organized
by appointing nn Inspector In charge
for each of the Western provinces.
The inspectors selected are men who
have had a thoroughly technical training In forestry anil who have shown
good administrative ability. In each
of the Inspection districts tho reserves
nreiiB are laid out In milts or forests
each under chnrgo ot it technically
trained mnn or a man experienced In
timber administration. Twelve such
divisions have already been established, and others are being organized
and manned with forest rangers as
the development of the reserves and
the lire danger may render net issary,
Those divisions do not include patrol
oul Bide ot forest reserves on the large
area of forest not Included therein.
In Bitch areas there are in addition
twelve patrol divisions each under
charge of a chief fire ranger.
On each of the forests, houses have
been erected for the forest rangers
bo that they may be close to their
work and give It careful supervision.
At different points throughout the forest, huts have been erected as headquarters for summer patrols and in
some of the more inaccessible districts. 470 miles'ot trails and roads
have been constructed so as to make
the reserves more accessible. 10
bridges have been constructed, and
100 miles of telephone have been put
ln>operation. A much enlarged programme of such Improvement work
has been laid out for the coming year.
A conference of the Inspectors was
recently held at Ottawa to plan the
work for the comlrg season and the
construction work on the reserves will
be pushed as rapidly as possll> so as
to have the reserves made Immune
from Are, as they are in Europe, in
the shortest possible time.
A Puzzle
What puzzles me, said Uncle
Snooks as he look .1 up from a book
he was consulting, is this: It a man
ls standing on the side of a hill or
mountain how Is ho .to settle in his
mind whether he ls on an acclivity
or declivity? According to my dictionary here tlie former is a slope up
and the latter a slope down. I've
���never yet seen a slope up that didn't
slope down.
When there are children In the
home it requires constant attention
to keep them freo from the many
childhood ailments which come so
quickly���some of them proving fatal
while others leave the little one cross,
restless and ' eak. To keep little
ones well Baby's Own Tablets must
be kept In the house. These Tablets
regulate the stomach and bowels,
break up colds and fevers; expel
worms and make teething easy. The
Tablets arc sold by medicine dealers
L.- by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
ville, Ont.
He Understood
The man and his wife in the motor
car came face to face with the man
on a heavily-laden wagon in a narrow
lane. Quite as a matter of course
the husband made a move to back out
and allow the wagon to pass. But
his wife objected.
Let him back out she said coldly.
We were here first. He must have
seen us coming.
Her husband pointed out that a
sharp curve in the road rendered this
I don't care reiterated tlie dame in
the car. I don't Intend to move. I'd
rather remain here all day.
But���, the  husband began  feebly.
Uie over, man, said the carter, and
the tones of his voice expressed a
great sympathy. Don't argy any
more. I'll back out. I've got one
like her at 'ome!
Ask for Mlnard's and take no other
No Chance to Escape
I couldn't get out of marrying her,
Heupeck explained When she "to-
posed she said: Will you marry me?
Have you any objection? You see,
no matter whether I said yes or no,
she had me.
Why didn't you just keep silent,
then? inquired his friend.
That's what I did, and she said:
Silence gives consent, and that entfed
Thankful to the Medicine That
Gave Him Ability For
the Task.
Few men of eighty-five years ot age
can boast ot much else but poor |
health and falling strength. Ai-.I such
was the condition of Mr. Benj.
Marsh, who ls known to every soul
lu tho noljliborhocc* of his home at
Lime Lake, Ont,
"Quite unsolicited," write! Mr.
Marsh, "I wish to say how I have
been bothered for years with stomach
trouble. I tried everything I could
think of without benefit. 1 was terribly afflicted with swelling and gas,
and bad much distress between
meals. I tried everything I could
think of. but without benefit. Then
1 was recommended Nerviline. My,
but Nerviline did mo a power of good
���made a new man of mc, so that
within the last three weeks I have
been ablo to spilt about forty cords
of stove woo. . 1 will always stick
to NervHIno and will always recommend It, and would like lo meet anyone ami convince tbem If tn doubt
as to what Nerviline has done for
For sour Btomnch, nausea, belching
of gas, cramps aiU sudden sickness
at night, nothing is more helpful In
the home, nothing saves so much pain
and dlBtress as Nerviline. Largo
family size bottles, 60c; small size,
26c; at all storekeepers and druggists or The Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
All Square
It was In a West End restaurant,
where Sandy went for a drink, and
he ordered a whisky and soda, for
which they charged him a whole shll-
Un.?. He complained of the price
and said that he was only accustomed to pay threep- -e for a nip of
Next day Sandy went Into the same
place again, ordered a drink and put
down threepence. It was a different barman, but he protested.
No, no add Sandy. No, no, mon;
that's all right. I saw yer pictures
Liniment      Lumberman's
On Broadway
Say, George, remarked his friend,
pulling his elbow. Look across the
street there. Do you notice what
a funny, bouncing walk that girl has?
Sure, replied George, and why not?
She's a spring chicken, you know!
In General Demand
The Shopper���Why do you say that
this is the last word In dress goods?
The Salesman���Because every woman will Insist on having It.
A Paradox
Husband���Why, dear, are you putting on all that make-up?
Wife���Going to have my picture
taken and want to look natural.
C.P.R. Flower Day
It Is just tw .ty-four years slnco
an employ of the C.P.R, raised a
few varieties of dower seeds In his
own garden and distributed them
among his friends In the company
with the idea ot beautifying to somo
extent tho somewhat barren aspect of
the stations on lhe railroad round
houses and yar! offices on the com*
pany's property. It was a small be-
Binning Im today the C.P.R. Is celebrating its semi-annual flower day and
the little seed planted in the earlier
day lias crown to such an extent that
it requires a flora', department to handle the work and instead of a lew
packages  ot  seeds  handed  out  to   t
limited number of employee no less
trail 150,000 packets of various varieties have been distributed to station
agents, sectlo*. foremen, those in
charge of round houses, yard olllces
and all employes living on company's
property, showing an Inclination towards the cultivation of dowers. In
the fall a million of bulbs were given
out and lhe beno.'t of these ia now being fell, as from the Atlantic to the
Pacific and even on Vancouver Island, the traveller will nee the delightful results from the full planting of
theso luxurious flowers. Even in tho
midst of the prairies where men are
permanently encamped working on the
Irrigation ditches at forty different
points have seeds been sent for cultivation, which ls another demonstration of the effect the tending of
fit vers lias on the human mind and
body. These men tako a great delight In caring for the plants as they
gradually grow r.!ld enjoy their fragrance as much nj "the man nearer
home. Tha influences and encouragement of flower growing on the C.P.K.
during the last twenty-four years has
materially assisted in the inauguration
of floral societies in almost every
town along the lines of the syBtem,
and an examination will show that
actively connect I with these hundreds of societies ar.* employes of
the C.P.R. whose first lesson in
flower culture and the love of the
beautiful were learned in the service
of the company under the stimulating Influences of the Floral depart-
: ent. Station improvements have
led to town Improvements and often
the C.P.R. is asked to co-operate
with some of these institutions for the
beautifying ot open Bpaces, and in
many Instances the station ls a sort
of bureau for flower Information,
while the floral department at Montreal ls looked upon as the headquarters of flower Information for the
whole of the C.P.R. system from the
Atlantic to the Padflc. In every
division special prizes are
awarded for the best displays and
many of the employes have become so
Interested in the work as to try their
results against the best in the country by exhibition at the big exhibit
Ions. In many Instances they have
been very successful and have carried
away the premie, prizes Many
agents have wonderful vegetable gardens in the west for the climate is
such that anything can be grown.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
- Cut out cathartics an J purgatives.   Tliry ��r*
bnital-h.ir-.li-uniieccMury. Try
Purely veKC'ohlc. J
genii) mi ilieliver,
tooths tbedelfe
Cure Con-
Sick Headache ard tr.digrttion, as millions  ftno**
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price ���
Genuine must bear Signature
m9smasm*sm\\\i nu
A Splendid jo cent Household Specialty is being Introduced all over Canada. It Is Appreciated by the Thrifty
Housewife who wants things "Just a
LlTii.K BETTER." Send Post Card today.    Simply say :-���
"Sena Household Specialty advertised   in   my   Newspaper."
That's all I Yon will he Delighted I Pay
if Satisfied,    We take tlie risk.    Send
to-day !  Address P.O. 1240, Montreal
That Are Guaranteed
Why tak��� chances In buying a pair
if gloves when youcangst a positive
guarantee bached by Canada's
largest glove factory In the
H.B.K.PIntoShell Gloves
made from specially tanned horse-
hide. Guaranteed wet pro f, wind
pr.of, steam and heat proof. Send
for illustrations.
Canala*. Sipaxl Glove r .A Mill rj-ii-s.
W.  N.  U.  948
The house is so lonesome without
you and the dear children, writes
BHbbins now to the absent wife, who
is with the family at her mother's.
But the faithful maid-of-all-worlt
writes: Shure, mi .n, Mr. riibbins
hasn't oeen in ur.til after twelve
o'clock never a night slnco you left.
Advice to Expectant Mothers
The experience of Motherhood Is a try.
ing one to most women and marks distinctly an epoch in their lives. Not one
woman in a hundred is prepared or understands how to properly care for herself. Of course nearly every woman
nowadays has medical treatment at
such times, but many approach the
experience with an organism unfitted
for the trial of strength, and when it
is over her system has received a shock
from which it is hard to recover. Following right upon this comes the nervous strain of caring for the child, and
a distinct change in the mother results.
There is nothing more charming than
a happy and healthy mother of children,
and indeed child-birth under the right
conditions need be no hazard to health or
beauty. The unexplainable thing is that,
with all the evidence of shattered nerves
and broken health resulting from an unprepared condition, and with ample time
in which to prepare, women will persist
in going blindly to the trial.
Every woman at this time should rely
upon Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, a most valuable tonic and invig-
orator of the female organism.
In many homes
once childless there
are now children because of the fact
that Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable
Compound makes
women normal,
healthy and strong.
If yon want special advice write to
Lydia E. Ptnkliam Medicine Co. (confident lal) Lynn, Mass. Yonr letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
Koman and held In strict confidence.
The Pill That Brings Relief .���When
after one has partaken of a meal he ls
oppressed by feelings of fullness and
pains In the stomach he suffers from
dyspepsia, which will ipersis*; if It
be not dealt with. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are the very best medicine
that can be taken to bring relief.
These pills are specially compounded
to deal with dyspepsia, and their
sterling qualities in this rt-jpect can
be vouched for by legions of users.
Exact Location
It doesn't always pay a lawyer to
be stern with the posing witnesses
when cross-examining them. They
are often as clever as the attorney
and the following anecdote Illustrates
how one witness put one over on a
bright young lawyer.
Sir, said tho luwyer sternly, you
need not state your impressions. We
want facts. Nov.*, henceforward, answer me categorically. You say you
live next door to the defendant?
Yes.     To the north of Uim?
No.     To the south?
No.     To De west, then?
No.    ,
Ah, said the lawyer sarcastically, at
last we are likely to get down to one
real fact. You live to tho east of
him, do you?
How Is that, sir? said the astonish
ed attorney You say you live next
door to him yet you live neither to
tho eRst, west, south nor north. What
do you mean by that sir?
I thought perhap. you were incom-
pcten to form the impression that
we live in a flat, said the witness;
but I see I must inform you that he
lives next door above me.
'Twas Detter 80
They  were  engaged.   Perhaps  1.
repented; perhaps he did It only for
fun.     Said he:
My darling Ethel, what would you
say if I were to tell you that I cannot
marry you.
I would cay, my dearest love, that
I have a big brother who would make
it warm for you, and that I have some
of tne sweetest little billets-doux that
would make it expensive for you,
George dear.
But you know I haven't said It.
I know you haven't, my pet.
So we'd better get married, hadn't
I think so, my precious.
Ponder This���You'll be sorry sol e
day that you dldn'; marry.
Well, I'd rather not be married and
be sorry I wasn't than be married and
sorry I was.
Fate of the Fare
The portly gentleman hailed the
passing cab. Cabby, he said, ?t.5C
if you drive me to the station in lest
than fifteen minutes.
In he jumped and away went cabby
at a rattling rate. On reaching tins
station he was delighted to see that
he had still three minutes to spare.
As soon as the door was opened the
fa're stepped out, panting and mopping
his streaming brow.
Whatever's the matter? asked cab-
Matter! Phew! Can't you see that
the bottom's dropped out of the cab
and I've had to run all the way to th*
station. Phew! Then, as he looked
about him, his purple face becoming
mauve. Cabby, he said, you'vs
brought me to the wrong station, and
I've lost the train.
A ragged urchin trudged Into tha
shoemaker's and laid a big pair of
shoes on the counter.
Me father wants dese shoes stretched, he said.
All right, replied the shoemaker,
where do they pinch him?
Aw, answered the youngster, dey
don't pinch him���he pinched dem!
The World's
Confidence in
any article intended to relieve
the sufferings of humanity is
not lightly won. There must
be continued proof of value.
But for three generations, and
throughout the world, enduring and growing fame and
favor  have   been   accorded
because they have proved to
be the best corrective and
preventive of disordered conditions of stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels. The first
dose gives quick relief and permanent improvement follows
their systematic use. A trial
will show why, in all homes,
the use of Beecham's  Pills
To Increase
Sold everywhere.   In boxes, 28 cents.
Xk* Ureett iaU ef tar weJicme.   Ne mm  t\\o*sjs}
��l Itct te rtad tha diredicu with trer* ������&. 7^
The Royal Bank of Canada
Deposits of $i   and {Upwards  Received  and  Interest
allowed at Current Rates
on All the Principal Towns in  Canada, the United
States and Europe
R. H. HARDWICKE    -    -   IV \NAGER
ampDeu s
Tlie Courtenay Review
And 0 in1 '   '. alii ,��� Atli
A  \\\ I'ubliahcil  at
l . B. C.
N, II. i    I I
St'      ptioii 1.1          i'car in   \ Ivance
'I 1111:1'       . Jl   ' '.    . 1013
Notes and Comments
S.^,1 "*./... atO*'
Wc Invite Yt       Inspection nf Ol
Boots and Shoes
of 0 m uons i I Ottawa
prorogu'   to day.
Alfred Austin, poet laureate of
England since Tennyson's death
sevculi   .-   : ago,   died   at his
home at Ashford,   Kent, England   v
on " ndi f.
We cannot publish any coiunuiui-
catii us unless the writer signs his
nam : to thei nol - i rily for
publication, but as au evidence of
good faith, We have a whole lot
on hand now, if the parties sending
them want them published they
must send their names.
:w Ci   i\   C i mil |   in i ���: Uvi i.' Hi nl
Prices as l,o\\ n i tlie I.ow    .
LAZO, ?. 0.
A   n
held in
it i pi rts   day  will  be
At t inn Con:; CIU "'"'   ��ourt<   ay Agrii ultural
Toronto  last   week,   Dr.   McKay   ground   ' ���*  '���''���   'ayjulj  ist.   Ihl
said  the  church  required   20,000  is our national holiday and will be
r   .  . | .���   ;    .   ��� , 5 fittingly V   '   ' '   '        '''        :   " ���   '
work in the Chinese republic, and The committee in charge ol tin
that an appeal will be made to the eveuta will spare no pains or ex-
churches of Greal Britiaii, the pense to make it a day long to be
United Stal s and 1 1 for sym- remembered. Watch for posters
pathy and help, aud Prize iist's'
New families are coming to the
district daily, at present there is a
scarcity of houses, The Eawmills'j
are running full .Mast in an endeavour to keep up with the rush.
Urquhart Bros, are running two
shil't';, day and night. The day
gang cuttii g lumber, and the night
sawing shingles.
The Liberals 1    Bri ish Columbia
held tl    ��� inton ��>
last �������
ri.   C,
riii, was utianimc
ewster, of
slv  chosen
provi cc.   tne exe
[01 Couiox-Atuu '������'��� \
H. F. I
a;Capt. !Buy yQur Watches, Clocks,
Jewelery, C ' Gi and Silvery are the man* who
t Duncan died suddenly ,       knows ...    . .������    t them
\r���:. al the   �����e  r\---   ;.   ���   <'v  ��� ,]        r    relery
Bav roa 1.'   He  hn I -��� prom; tly  at-
; '
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Always on tlie job
1? f\ O M O "%7 ? C
J. a a rp. j
Novelties m   lies and
i' - "lev/ear
1:1   novt II       in   ladii b  i ilk crochet
Iii 1   w illi   ia   1 Lock   cu lai 1, , .
and 1 ill
Lai ar
1 hi w v ��� ii'i v ' * cni '��� t rait] e nl
lad it ��� whiti ivenr. Special value in Imlie i
. ort*i 1 covi rs, in Hue white cambric
trimmed    witli iiciei      ' lace    and
Specials in Fancy Belts
1    :
���col     .     : ;��� iii    Ii S'orflti
1 : .      ���   1 u Ige lo  elioosi
ft 1   ,,1  .        .'  childrens ia nil
We in vile una' inspection loom new line
of hulics1 iiii " 'I win h ��� nits,    'fin ������ conic
11, R     I iii'pii   ' '
Values from <3.5U io jS.SU '
Dress Goods
m cloth and sei ges,
������   match in   silk
ileil antlg:inips,-air-
o\ ���; !ao ��� ��� ail rucnin rs
One-Piece Dresses
Lice   one-piece-dresses  In white  and
colors, lorn ��� S.50 to ��8.50
! Newesl   designs  in  indies  1 louses  mid
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Dresses and Pinafores
Misses and childrens colored dresses and
pinafores i;. all sizes from 75c. to ��2.50
bell, Union Bay roa 1. He had
1, i sufferin ; from heart troubli
for sometime, au 1 about two weeks
before came up from Duncans for a
,; ,,���. ... The remains were interred
in the Presbyterian burying ground
:' udwick. Mi Di ncan w - I orn
in Scotl ll ' aud was 59 years and
u months old when he died, lie
wa. ; i ., ii member of the " ��� uie
��� ash Goods
<#*k     We invite   your  in-
i.oggie'S ^Sf  sl)ec^()11' to our new
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Still to the front in
tailored suits, manufactured by the Art Tailoring Co..
ed, ol
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; ]
Local Lines
'      -   :
Watchui ikei- and Jeweler
Nt ,\ To   11 lite  ��� 'oni      Harboi
With its snowclad mountains iu the bnckg Igreen
fields in the lore-round il makes a picture worth painting
Watch It Grow
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British Columbia Iqyestnjeu
Vancouver Island Farms and Acreage Specialists
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-, d
*i    IiK
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to  3
5c.  p
wen s
A fine big   steelhead, about two
feet long, ran amuck in the slough
beside Constable   Hauuay's   house
ou Tuesday  evening.    Needless to
;1",v:1 say Jell" "got him."
f' ]    A serious   runaway accident oc-
er | cured at Comox yesterday niorniug
j in which  Mr.   Iv T.   Cliffe, Capt.
Vigors and his wife  were seriously
injured aud one of* tlie horses was
Jounie Frank  and his wife were
arrested   yesterday   at   Campbell
Our mens cl partinenl is folly stocked Rjver,  by Constable   Hauuay,   for
'     " "       :   ingdraul i :   irderly. Charlie I
mil ii .. n liuls Willi Uu,:<���   ,,���  ,a ,       .  1 .i
, .leather sweat-band   t'orbes  was also   taken up   on the !
j and  rib        linimed; coolest  und most charge   of   supplying   tliL-m   with
rwi'arl rtl       '   I  A. :   licmor,     Xhey were  landed   in the I
1   "   '       ��� !".1   ^:    '   ��� [\ ][":'   Cumberland, gaol last evening.
j   hut , in i im >': le sell- j ���' ��
,���,! .-.,.! in Mil   blue, wliit*  and Kr.*y,.also,     Automobilisls    v,iU   please   tflke
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oi  elmviiifT soft detacliable collars and | notice  that   the   speed   laws   have
Will bs ready June 1
to furnish all kinds of
Rough" and   Di cased
Your patronage solicited
Grantham Sawmill Co
, ,..    ';        ;alor .   Belts   for  a
signs and colors, etc., etc.
A shipment of working shirts and gloves
just in,
A meeting of the  patrons and  shar^j
holders ul   the Creamery will   be callel
been'put into force in  Courtenay. i011  Thursday, June   19," 1913  too .
vr ���..���     1.       j,. ' .  permission to sell shares.    1 lie Uirectoi ���,
No one  is  allowed  to  run  a cai . A^ u, rL.(mul lhl. govefumeut loan ,',t
through the   streets at  a greater ji.s.OO that -was obtained when Creamer/I
speed  than    ten  miles   per hour, j first started operations.
Constable Haunay says that an ex-     II is ;l'so  considered deslreable to in
.       ...   . 1    " c    rr     1       t I crease the capital of the  Association
ample will   be made of offenders if lh(, p���r[)0,.t.1 ���f hamUing feed for
speeding  does not ee ise instantly
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If yun are interested kindly atteud.    f
Yours respectfully,
Comox Creamery Association, lyti;
per R. U. Hurford,
A carload of new buggies, dome'
crats etc., has just arrived for M
Leighton from the Heney Carriagi
Co. Montreal. ._*. ANNOUNCEMENT
We beg to announce that we have just received one of
the finest lines of Undertaking and Embalming Supplies
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We are graduates in Anatomy, Sanitary Science, and the
Science of Embalming, and are prepared to do Embalming for Export or Domestic  Burial, in the most scientific
nianuer. Calls answered day or night
Respectfully submitted,
The Fnrniture & Undertaking Co.
If You get it at PLIMLEY'S It's All Right
Have You
Seen Plimley's
Cycle Offer
If the mail has not
brought you Plimley's
Special Cycle Offer
and   the interesting '$&
Prize Puzzle Competition, send a post card
receive your copy
Thos. Plimley
739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
T. T. GRIEVES iRiverside Hotel
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
Box 124      Courtenay
R. Athey
Contractor and Builder
Plans anil Estimates Supplied
on Short Notice
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Bar Supplied with the Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
O. H. FECHNER, Prop.
From Reading, England
Seedsmen to His Majesty the King
A. J. Woodward
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512 Granville Street,   Vancouver,
615 Fort Street, Victoria
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
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Plastering Contractor
Cement Work a Specialty
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Cokely & Ferris
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Land Surveyors
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Courtenay  -  B. C.
Palaee Livepy
& Feed Stable
Horses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable Rates
We also attend to wood hauling
Phone as Courtenay
Letter to the Editor
Dear Sir:
As you are no doubt well aware
this district is the happy hunting
grounds   for stock  company  promoters of every description,  who
offer "gilt edge propositions" that
would deceive the "very elect," do
you uot think it is about time a
note of warning was sounded to
some of those who "fall" for any
plausablc yarn  of  "easy money"
being made or  "twenty per cent
guaranteed."    Every other day  I
am approached by  some of these
financial vampires who preach in a
mans chest and if he is not careful
they will fan him to sleep with their
plausahle hot air and depart with a
big load   of his financial   blood.
These stock selling promoters are
past masters of the craft.    I have
watched the process of these enchantments and alurements as they
sing them with the voice of a sireue.
They have studied the weaknesses
of human nature, there is no emotion  too sacred  for  them to play
upon, or no passion they will not
arouse.   Tlie tend of human nature
to secure something for nothing is
not killed yet.    There is a large, in
fact tlie largest percentage of humanity, have failed to realize that
when any investment pays over ten
percent it is questionable, and becomes a speculation.    There has
been  thousands and thousands of
dollars thrown away by people who
have been hoodwinked into schemes
as solid as the waters of the Punt-
ledge River.     They parted with
their   money   expecting "big returns" but the deferring of their
hopes has failed to make their hearts
sick or their pocket books unhealthy
and they are still taking chances of
the wildcat nature in any catchpenny    "proposition"   that comes
along.    I am not endtvouring  to
save  the suckers, us Canadians-
classified as D. F., from the clutches
of the sharper.    That is impossible,
I am soundiug "a warning" note,
to those who have the average  in
telhgence but  are  apt  to "fall."
In nine cases out of ten the "proposition"   laid before   him  looks
good. Some promoters cite successful Trust companies as a bait.    He
tells of the Dominion and Permanent Loan as examples of financial
success and investment, failing to
show genius in the men behind who
made them so, aud the lack of ability
in the men behind the Co. he seeks
to promote,  Match companies selling stock show the returns of the
Eddy Co., but fail to show any
man in the directorate of the company of the same calibre as Eddy.
Stores Company will hold Lipton
up as their guide and system but
fail to mention that no two Liptons
live in the same age, wireless companies without the genius of a Marconi will tell of the dividends of the
Marconi Co.   Many of the present
day companies selling stock to the
public, were there the returns they
claim in the concern they would
not need  to peddle their shares
around as they do.   Many of the
promoters  of the   "propositions"
made to us in this district are sailing so close to the fringe of the law
that it takes all their ingenuity to
escape the penitentary and I will
not gamble that they would not
land there.
Black Creek
The motor lorry for hauling
gravel on the Campbell river road
passed through Courtenay on Friday last. It marks that progress
which is so much to be desired in
all departments spending the public
money and it is by utilizing every
improvement that the whole community benefits. Rumours are
current that the advent of a motor
lorry will be resented by those who
work on the roads; such recalls to
mind the introduction of agricultural machinery in England which
caused such lawless acts on the part
of the agricultural labourers notably
stack firing and the destruction of
the hated machinery. To-day the
use of machinery on the farm is
universal and it is bv extending its
use to our roads that the Government is going to have full value for
money laid out. Such actions let
it be repeated, benefits the whole
community and if twa miles of
road improvements are secured instead of one mile, so much the
Born���To Mr. and Mrs. O. W.
Dingwall at Braeburn, Sandwick,
on Sunday June ist, a daughter.
The Venerable Archdeacon, Austin Scriveu conducted the service
at St. Andrew's church on Sunday
last, assisted by the Rev, J. X,
Wilemar. Mr. Scriven will undertake the duty at Sandwick for a
week or two before returning to
Too Late for Last Week
May 14th was a glorious success*
every advantage was taken of the
glorious weather and the various
holiday resorts in the ueighbuor-
hood had many visitors.
Mr. and Mrs. Dundas Thwaites
of Parksville and Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Cook* of Cumberland spent
the week end at the rectory.
Mr. William Duncan left on
Sunday's boat for Salmon Arm to
resume his seat on the Agricultural
Messrs, J. R. and G. F. Strange
have removed to Tilly, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Parkin and
family accompanied by Mr. F. Parkin and Mrs. Robert Parkin speut
the holiday in Nanaimo, proceeding
thither in Mr. Parkin's Studebaker
A cautious Sandwick bachelor
recently answered a matrimonial
advertisement inserted by a widow
with four children. His anxiety
whenever a mail arrives is pitiable
to behold.
First-Class Plumbing     (\ \
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
!  Cumberland Hotel
( Good Accomodation      Cusine BxceUen
j Wm. Merryfield
Waverley Hotel
Cumberland, B. C.
Best of  Liquors  and  Cigars,   Hot  and
Cold Water, Baths, etc.
FRANK DALLAS, Proprietor
"Mac's" Billiard
and Pool Room
Basement McPhee Block
Cigars, Tobacco, Soft Drink*
and Candy
������ ��� '  I 'TIB
Contractors for Land Clearing and
Logging, Etc.
Orders may be left at Beadnell &
Callin's office
Courtenay     -     -     B. C.
The  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But  First  Class  Work
Guaranteed.    Bath9 in connection
Manufacturers of
High-Grade Havana Cigars. "Monarch"
and "Oak Brand"
For Sale at All Hotels
619 Johnson St.        Victoria
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by the
Courtenay Cleaners
W. L. SCOTT, Prop.
Next door to the Butcher Shop
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
5 Passenger Stoddart-Dayton
Motor Car For
A. J. MARSHALL, Owner and Driver*
Phone  36
Union St.     Courtenay
Jos. Barrie
Dealer in
Choice Fruits,
Soft Drinks
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
Tl]e Star
Livery Stable
Livery and team work promptly attended to.   All kinds of
hauling done
First-Class Buggies for Hire
Alex. Maxwell, Prop,
Plumbing and Heating a Specialty
We carry the most complete stock of Hardware
Paints and Oils, Guns, Ammunition and Fish-
ing Tackle in the District
The McClary Manufacturing Co., The Albion Stove Works
The Sherwin-Williams Paint and Varnish Co.
A McClary Kootenay Range or Saskalu delivered anywhere in Courtenay Valley without extra charge
Buy Your Ran|�� at Tarbell's. They will deliver and set lp, free of
charge and Guarantee Satisfaction
I ^tsSSftg
Two   ->
The   Stronger
Was the Weaker
Blli'll In llu* sixth's, when tin* I'lilim
Purlttc   wns  belli)!  bllllt nml   Hn* nil's
had i i lnid ""iy "s fur us Laramie, a
Certain 1 lulu line (In.v niTivi'i! Ml tllllt
point. Allium: tin* passengers who
Blighted to tnke tin* roseb westward
wiih ii young mnn whose dress mlglH
lie I'lMisldered faultless were It not
rntlier In Die line uf the lietur of thnt
period, lie wore ll checkerboard slllt
nml ii ernvnt nf n lirL-ln blue hue tied
in n kiim resembling the expanded
WllllfH Of n hutlorlly. His fnce wns
clean shaven, and his unit' wns out
Ktmrt. In his shirt front he wore n
dlHinond stud thnt Mushed III the sunlight. Five feet six Inches wns his
height.     As   to   Ills   weight.   Hint   wns
not to be determined except un tho
wales, for clothes were worn baggy In
those days, and the gentleman's apparel wns cut in the height of fnshlon.
In company with this young mnn was
another, teu years his senior, whom he
culled Kill, the hitter addressing the
former ns .Johnny. Hill wns n heavy
eet innn, plainly dressed nnd unassuming In his demeanor, lie deferred to
his slighter companion in some ways
and assumed authority orer him In
others. For Instance, meeting n chill
wind from the mountains he suggested
to Johnny Hint he put on his overcoat.
Johnny objected on the ground that ui
wns already too warm, whereupon Bill
ordered hlni in no uncertain tone to
do ns lie directed, and tne little fellow
obeyed him instantly.
During the stagecoach journey thnt
followed n stop was mnde for a change
ot horses at a station composed of tho
relay, a gambling house and a saloon.
<t> ��2> u��<J^SCL_
The relay wns for Ihe singe line, the
gambling house nnd the saloon lor thu
people of the surrounding country.
"This mounlnin nir has made me
chilly." said he who wns culled Bill.
"I think I'll go over to that saloon and
gel something to wnrm me up."
To the surprise of the other passengers, he did iiiit Invite his companion
to join iiim, though lie extended nn Invitation to cmli und nil of Ihem. One
innn accepted, the others declined! and
the two walked to tlie saloon.
There wns probably uot a worse
crowd to lie found In Ihe wild west in
those days than wns congregated 111
that saloon. Five men were loitering
about, each mnn wearing a sombrero,
most ol them a stubble benrd nbout
nu eighth ol nn Inch long, a woolen
shirt anrl twn revolvers strapped to lhe
belt. Their faces were red from frequent potations, nnd they were then
bunging about lhe place "Inylng" for
some one to liny Ihem a drink.
Bill entered wltb the man he hnd
invited to join him. The two stepped
un to JJie bar nnd culled tor whisky.
They were niiout to drink It when one
of the loungers, coming forwnrd, snid:
"See yere. m-nts, whnt kind o' manners do yon i.hi Ihem. drlnkin by yourselves without mi Invite for any other
gent present? '
"It's not tin* ustom," Bill responded,
"In the com.i; . from which we coma
to nsk persons to drink simply because they hnpiien to he on hand."
"Well, It's Hi    rule yere."
.  "Is tt enloi ed?"
"Ton bet " Ami lhe man slapped the
revolver on his right hip with bis
���'I've always heard." continued Bll
coolly, "Unit you gentlemen In this
country, whatever you do. piny fair.
My friend and l are unarmed, and I
don't think it would be a straight gams
for you lo tali" n drink out of us at the
point ot a pistol."
'the loiterers who hnd stood lip to
back their spokesman seemed to dillcr
as lo this proposition, some of them
taking the ground Hint since It was the
custom it dldn t matter how it wns enforced others tleohiriiiL' that Ihe Htrnn.
ger was ngnt Me stiouio ne allowed
to go tor u wen pun. after which, if be
would rather tight than set up the
drinks, he could begin shooting as soon
us he liked.
"I couldn't hit a bam door with n
gun," snld  BUI, "but  I  wouldn't inluil
a light with lists.   That wouldn't du
cither. There Isn't any of you hero
who would be n match for me."
The loiterers held u conference, and
one ot them, thinking he could tackle
the stranger, offered to do so. Bill
shook his bend. "It wouldn't be a fair
mutch." he suld. "I'm too. Iienv.v for
he lidded: "There's a young mnn traveling with me who I Hunk would about
do for you. il you don't mind referring the dispute to him I don't mind
"Trot hlni out." was the reply to
Bill asked the man be had Invited to
drink to go for bis friend, and Johnny
soon came into the saloon, [lis appearance ut once excited a guffaw, the
object of which stood looking somewhat puzzled. Bill explained the situation to hlni and, turning to tho
crowd, suld:
���'He's a better man than he looks,
but if any of you gentlemen wants to
bet you can knock him out I wouldn't
object to going you for a small amount
on it."
There was another conference, which
resulted iu tbe scraping together of
$12, all there wus among the westerners, and they nominated a man they
called Biff Hunker to stand up against
the little fellow and win a similar
amount to be put up by Bill. The
stage driver wns called in for stakeholder, and a ring was formed on the
level ground before the saloon, Johnny took off his coat and vest, retaining
his shirt. Had he doffed this also
some surprise might have been created
nt the muscle lying under the soft
white skin of his arm. As it was,
Johnuy didn't show for much more
than when bis coat was on him.
His antagonist stood six feet one In
his stockings aud was a powerful man.
The only thing against bim was the
use of too much liquor, and he could
not be expected to last very long
against one of equal strength, ftenliz-
ing this element of weakness, he went
nt Johnnv like n bull, Intending to
crush him out at once. Bnt Johnny
pirouetted like a dancing master and
before his enemy could recover dealt
him a smart blow on the nose that
drew tirst blood.
This first episode caused those who
had calculated to win a litt-le money
to doubt the ease with which It could
be obtained. Johnny didn't seem in a
hurry to tackle his enemy, keeping on
the defensive. But it soon became apparent to tlie bystanders thnt there
wns a cat and a mouse game going on.
only the mouse was playing with the
cat to the cat's discomfiture. The big
man struck out with blows heavy
enough to break every bone In his antagonist's body, but the body was never in the place at which lie aimed.
Johnny sidestepped nnd ducked and
fell hack, his enemy vainly trying to
find him with his big fist.
The westerner soon lost his wind
nnd from that time staggered about
like the hulk of a derelict tossed by
the waves.
"I don't want to hurt him," Johnny
replied, still dancing about In a circle.
Presently tlie big mnn gathered his
forces for a llnnl effort. Johnny dived
between his legs, rose and landed his
enemy on his back.
The fallen man lay quiet, for a few
moments, when he wns helped to his
feet by one of his friends. But he was
breathing bnrd nnd positively declined
to renew the encounter,
"Gentlemen," snid Hill, "step inside
and join me in a tipple, Mr. .Stakeholder, give the gentlemen back their
stak . Come In, ull. I've been Interrupted in my refreshment long enough
and am very chilly."
All Hocked into the saloon except the
victor, who remained outside. i
"Sny, stranger,"  called  one nf the !
party as he saw Johnny walking away
to the couth, "where y' goin'?"
Johnny made no reply, and the other
followed the crowd into the saloon.
"What's the matter with the kid?"
he asked of Bill.    "Don't he drink?"
"Not just now. You see. he's a
featherweight boxer on his way to
Frisco to a match made with the Sacramento bantam. I'm his trainer. I
don't let him drink."
So many und so varied were the ejne-
nbifluns to this stnrtling announcement
thai Iliey could not be separated one
from another
"Now, gentlemen." continued the
speaker, "1 see that the coach is ready
fo move on i in runffi oiiiikfu ��.��� ,rwi
lor affording me amusement during tbo
stop, and if any ot vou would like to l*o
to see the match lil be happy to fur
Hist) you  wllh  tree admission  tickets.
ii'ood morning."
The crowd went with hlni to tbe
l*UIU'tl, where they found Johnny- the
exclusive object of curiosity -sitting on
top looking down ou ttiein benignly.
"What n kitten!"
"I'ln.vfiil like. Isn't he?"
"Sny. little one. do you play checkers ou thai coat o' your'n?"
These were n lew of the remnrks
mnde. bul Johnuy deigned no reply.
Bill got Inside, und when nil wus ready
tbe conch rolled nwny. one mnn iu the
crowd lefi behind calling out:
"Sny. Mr. Trainer, much obleeged for
not fnkln' yer wtnnln's along!"
After Hint the gang of loiterers In the
saloon were very chnry In permitting
those they tackled to use their own
weapons. Insisting 111 every case upon
the revolver. But the Iron horse
brought progress, and where thnt gin
llllll stood now stands n church surrounded by business nnd dwelling
Iioiis'*s nil furnished with electric light*
and such other modern conveniences.
Mrs. floodley���Mrs, Bloomer seems to
keep tier youth still.
Miss t'liellus Well, she keeps her ago
quiet.���Catholic Standard and I'liues.
Hon. Joseph Turned a Vigorous
Enemy  Into a Strong Friend.
Away back in the early sixties there
lived in Cornwall a colored barber
named T. H. White, a well-educated
man. a keen politician, nnd a chnrne-
ter all-around. This wus iu time of
negotiations preceding Confederation,
und there were imiiiy distinguished
men in the town to see the late Hon.
John Sandlield Muedniinld. wbo was
among the political leaders of those
Barber White wns the only manipulator of the razor in Cornwall at
that time and naturally had the honor
of shaving those of tlie publicists who
needed his services. He was fairly in
his element, and us be was a good
talker be acquired plenty of political
information, which he retailed to inn
local customers to good effect afterwards.
For some reason or other, White
had developed a great aversion to
Hon. Joseph Howe of Nova Scotia,
one of the fathers of Confederation,
and was -never tired of abusing him,
nothing short of murder being too vile
to  lay to  bis charge.
One morning a stranger came off
tbe early train, and as soon as tlie
barber shop was open, betook himself
thither for a shave. It was not long
before White introduced his favorite
topic, and the name of Howe came up.
"Politicians is a pretty queer lot,
suh," lie said. "Some is good and
some is bad, but that Howe is the
worst of the bunch. If he goes on be
will ruin this country. Oh, dat villain,
Joe Howe, he ought to be in the penitentiary." White was so excited that
the stranger could not get in a word;
what he did say only encouraging the
barber to further talk.
The operation over, the stranger
handed White a dbllar. with the remark: "You're a good barber, and
your conversation is very interesting,
even if it is somewhat personal. Keep
the change."
A few minutes later a townsman
came in and asked who the late customer was.
"I don't know," replied White, "but
he is a  perfect gentleman."
"Why," said the townsman, "that'-i
the Hon. Joseph Howe, of Nova Scotia: be has just gone over to see Sand-
"Can't help that," rejoined White,
"I'll stick to what I said," and from
that time forward the apostle of Confederation from the Bluenoses had no
firmer defender than the black barber from Cornwall.
A Flame For a Trumpet.
If a vibrating tuning fork be placed
in a  flame tbe sound is markedly  re-
enforced.    Starling with this fact, nn
English  scientist  has  devised  a  new
form  of  phonograph,  In   which  the
flame takes tlie place of the trumpet
ordinarily used.    The sounds thus re- ,
enforced nn* easily heard throughout
n large room.   The explanation of the
action of lhe flame Is that the sound '
waves falling upon ll change Its com-
bustlon from n continuous to nn Intermittent   form,  the  burning gas  being
thus   thrown  into  a  series  of  waves
that are more powerful than the origi- |
mil sound waves, re-enforce them nnd \
thus magnify the sound.���St. I.ouis Ue-
Most of Europe's Crowned Women
Could Earn a Livelihood.
If a queen lost her job could she
earn a living?
if Lor oastles and wealth vanished
with her title could she work like
you or 1?
Would she    be cleverer   than   our
Canadian daughters ol riches, who
rarely know how to mend a tear, to
wash n dish, and who, hy no chance,
could cook a meal?
It hns long been a matter of common remark thai among the royalty
of enrlh not n few possess exceptional talents -talents which would bring
them in good, hard coin if they wish-
mI to turn them to that end". The
kings asd queens are no longer mere
naiiii's and puppets, They nre unwilling to sit quietly hy while others
manufacture interests and pleasures
for them, They want to be masters
of some ono trade, some one talent,
How often W" hear of a Canadian
girl, whose every wish has been law,
(<��� whom no luxury lias been denied,
who must go out nnd curn n living
when her father's wealth has been
wiped out! And how seldom can she
do it i
But if Queen Elisabeth of Belgium
was dethroned to-morrow and left
absolutely penniless she would have
a profession at which she could ens-
ily support herself and ber children.
The first thing she would do would
b fo go to a hospital in Belgium and
become a staff physician, or, if Unit
place were not open to her, take a
position as a nurse until she could
afford to open an office as a physician.
For she has had a thorough medical training, and only a few years
before her marriage to King Albert
she took her degree as doctor of
medicine at the University of Leipzig. She is tho daughter of Duke
Charles Theodore of Bavaria, a renowned occulist, and before her mnr-
riuge assisted him in his work and
had active practice and nursing in a
hospital at Kreuth.
She still continues her interest in
the work nnd lias recently built the
Albert-Elizabeth dispensary, where
s-lie conducts classes for the young
nurses and illustrates her talk by
practical application of bandages.
Many a charitable patient has come
from this hospital happy, in the acquaintance of the queen and proudly
displaying a bandaged arm with the
gratified words:
"Her majesty herself dressed my
arm. No wonder it is healing so
She is chief physician to her husband and her children, und King Albert wrote at one time to his sister:
"It is of no use pretending to have
a. headache to escape from some stupid function, for Elise always doctors me up and sends me along."
Medicine is not her only interest,
however. She is un enthusiastic motorist nnd knows every trick of driving, ns well as of repairing. On the
last visit of the king and queen to
France they were driving unattended
through the country near Tours,
when ono of the tires burst. The
king frankly admitted that he knew
nothing about repairing it, hut Queen
Elizabeth tucked up her luce skirt
and went to work with a will. Tlie
result was thnt they were only an
hour late to their engagement, and
the queen had added another to the
list of her achievements.
She is an eager student of literature nnd hns published books nnd
essays on a variety of subjects���
uiuinly scientific.
Fried Smelts.
There lire many ways of coukll
smelts, bul hy far the best us well I
Ibe simplest is to fry in either el'uni]
or meal.
Being so small, Iliey fry very quick
and if reasonably fresh from the eatc.
lug nre delicious. The largest are su.
to sell for fancy prices, but the small,
niies are very line eating. Being c
Blliull, It is not necessary to remove t
hones, excepting the backbones of t.
larger ones.
Although tartar sauce Is most col
inntily  served  with  smells,  11  Is  WO]
lo substitute some other relish nl linu
I'lie following 8I1UC0 Is good:
It is Composed of the yolks of foi
eggs,  n  dash of cayenne,  four Inbl
spoonfuls of olive oil. four tahli'spooi
fills of hot water, one tablespoonful |
tarragon  vinegar and  a  quarter of
tciisponuful  of  salt.     Beat  the  yoll;
until creamy, add water and oil, stun
the bowl In n  pan of hot water an
stir Until the eggs thicken.   Tnke fro
the lire, add the vinegar, salt and pc
per, mix well und stand nwny to com
This Is most delicious und niuy be ser
ed   with   broiled  steaks,   lobster,  sol
shelled crabs, etc.
Nut and Potato Croquettes.
To two cupfuls of hot rlced potntor
add three tablespoonfuls of crenn
one-half tenspooiiful of sail, n fe*
grains of cayenne and a few drops
onion juice. Beat thoroughly, und ad
one egg yolk. Cook one-fourth cupfi
of soft breadcrumbs with one-foiirt
cupful of cream until ihe consistent)
of a thick paste. Then add oue-hal
egg yolk, and salt to taste.
Cool and add nut meat broken ii
pieces, using as much nulmeat as wlij
be held together by the paste. Snap
potato mixture iu small nests, till tin,
uests with nut mixture, cover with p..
tato mixture, and roll iuto balls. Oil
In egg and crumbs, fry in deep fat, ant
drain on brown paper, serving very In
with garnish of fried parsley.
French Panned Oysters,
Drain off all the juice from twenty-
five good sized oysters. Itub togelhe';
to a smooth paste nu ounce of bultci
nnd n tenspoonful of Hour. I'm tbis
into a stew pan or in your chafing
dish. Add the oysters, a leuspoonfu1
of minced parsley, a seasoning of salt
und stir und cook until the gills curl.'
Then add a little white pepper nun
paprika and the yolk of uu egg mixed
with a tablespoonful of cream. Con i
tinue to stir a few minutes and then
pour the mixture out over toasted
squares of bread aud serve at ouce.    *
Honor  For Canadian.
Kenneth K. Forbes, youngest son
of John Oolin Forbes, R.C.A., the
well-known Canadian artist, has just
achieved high honors by winning the
Chase scholarship in the London New
Art School, which is conducted by
Charles Orchardmen, and Royal
Acadamicians J. J. Shannon, George
Clausen, Arthur Hacker and Frank
Tlie award is the more meritorious
on account of the number and high
standing of the students competing.
Three years ago when only seventeen this talented young artist, also
won a four-year scholarship in tlie
Hospitalfield Castle Art School, resigning recently to enter tlie London
New  Art School.
A Tale of Sven Hedln,
An English visitor wns very'much astonished nl the size nml number of the
liowls of studs In the bedroom of Dr.
Sven Hedin. The explanation wns us
simple us the idea was great. Whenever the great traveler sees a mnn lu
tbe street selling chenp collar studs ut
a penny the dozen be Invests his loose
coppers in these volatile articles and
deposits his purchase in lhe bowls on
his dressing room tables. When. In !
the frigid atmosphere of nn arctic '
bedroom, the collar stud escapes to
some hidden retreat you hnve only to
dip a careless linger Into the flowing
bowl and begin the day's work lu the
tight key. -Glasgow News.
Couldn't Get to Rehearsal.
An actor, being una hie lo find work
on tbe stage and needing Ills meals,
linully obtained the promise of a conductor's job on the street car lines.
"When do I report?"
"At 4 a. m. sharp," snld the manager.
"SUjides of Booth,!" exclaimed the
Thespian. "I couldn't stand such
hours. The tines would offset the snl-
nry Wby, I'd lie hue for rehearsal every  day."���Louisville Courier-Journal.
A Hungry One.
"Your stomach is so affected that I
fear we shall have to operate for Its removal."
"All right Remove It I never use
it anyhow."
"You never use It? What business
are you in?"
"I'm a poet"���Houston Post
A Parallel.
Mr Merry���Jack Jones, I am told,
laughed while be wns being married.
Mr Grouch���Well, daren't men been
known tc Joke on the scaffold?���Baltimore American.
Fish Cakes.
Take a pound of cold cooked flsb to
half a  pound of  boiled  potatoes, re-1
move the bones aud Hake the tisb; mash .
the potatoes hy pressing Ihem through;
a wire sieve, adding uu ounce of melted butter: llavor all with pepper, salt
and  anchovy   essence,   und   add  two
beaten  eggs  to  this   quantity  of  tlitf
mixture.    Form iuto balls or cutlets,
dip in egg and breadcrumbs, und fry in
plenty  of  fat  heated  till u  thin  blue
steam rises from the surface.
German Pineapple Pancake. j
Make a  plain,  thin  batter of eggs,
flour and milk, then pour It into u big '
buttered frying pan. hot enough to be- j
gin the baking ut ouce.    As soon as
tbe batter spreads out cover with a
layer  of  stewed   pineapple,   not   tooj
juicy, and dredge with powdered siig-l
ar.    Put the pan  in u  hot oven and
hake  for eight or  ten  minutes,   until )
brown and well done.    Cut Hie cake
iu triangular pieces and serve hot        j
Vegetable Hash.
Make  nbout   half  u   pint  of  good ,
brown sauce, using slock and flavoring
wiih ketchup or tomato puree.   Cut up .
small, but in pieces of equal size, two
good carrots,  two  turnips, a  parsnip
and two onions.   Let these simmer iu
tbe sauce nearly nn hour and a half,
then  add u cupful of parboiled peas,'
the same of French beans aud u few I
haricots.     Simmer   all   together   and
serve when quite tender.
Sizing Him Up.
When you call the average young
man hpnest he is likely to feel a mild
sort of gratification. Wheu you call
him competent, his chest begins to
budge. When you call him a heart
breaker he slaps you ,on tbe shoulder
and gives you to understand that he
considers you a person of remarkabU
perception and unerring judgment.
He Promised.
"I can't s.iare the money very well
but I'll gladly loan it to you if you
promise not to keep it too long."
"I solemnly swear that I'll spend
every penny of it before to-morrow
SIR EDMtpND WALKER, C.V.O.. I.I..D., D.C.L., President
General Manager Assist.tot General Managai*
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, .$12,.r500,000
Ace.;tinls may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.   Money may be d iposlted or with Irawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit lo (lie Bunk.        8.���
W.T.WHITE     '      er, C ' and C    btrl    ! Branches
( - ;   nn li ci]   ii on I'tu idiiy, from to to 3
Cor..     "    0]      rive Society
\Vi I il    ' '������ -i lire in  accomodating
yi|\   oin 1;  to   er  li  l  e  extenl of our
ASj]   ul'iliiy.    Wc ilii'H-l'nf. solicit   your
custom  ami   prompt   payment   of
accounts when   due, as our profits
:t_y      ate small.   Thanking all  our customers   for   past   and   continued
Union Street
Local Lines Comox Farmers' Institute.
A meeting of the Central Con- Mr. Halliday, secretary of the
Servative Ass. was held atComox ComOx Farmer's Institute, has sent
Friday evening. Deli atcswereon out notices requesting those who
also^)resent from Courtenay, Cum- intend to enter the field crop com-
berland and Hornby Island. The petition to do so at once. Prixes
annual election of officers took place, will be given for the following
The form :r  officers   being again ! crops,
unanimously elected   for the   en- Oats  2 acres
suing term, viz: Bark y    '���'��� acres
President, J. II. McDonald, Vice-1 Wheat   2 acres
President,  S. Calhoun, Secretary-  Peas 1 acre
Treasurer, K. D'. Cameron. < Potatoes   1-2 acre
The matter of the expenditure of Turnips    1-2 acre
$��000 on Comox wharf was brought  Mangels    1-2 acre
'    ���: *        "���-,
���        I
;, ���; j
Field carols    1-2 acre
Fodder corn    1  acre
Kale   1-3 acre
Red Clover    2 acres
Alfalfa 1 acre
1st    320.00
up. Some of the members thought
the new building ou the wharf
could not have cost that much, aud
wanted to know how the balance
was going to be expelled.
The matter of the distribution of
'the Road Patronage was discussed,
and the secretary was instructed to j 2nd     15,00
write the member asking why the [3rd     12.no
Co.ui'teiiay Association recommend-1 4th  $10.00
rations had not received, attention.      5th       S-OO
At the conclusion of the business  6th       6.O0
a  b lutiteons lunch was served  at 7th  $4.00
the Elk hotel
If  you   want   pictures   framed,
Kodak���The   .dependable   film.' cabinet or sign worK done,   go  to
Sold only at Peacey's Drug   store. I Sutton's.
I   k   *V
��� y  i-y:'y'y   '�����.���.
The Hobberlin  made-to-order Trousers are the of     and
comfort.    VVell made, and honestlj I
that hang well and retain their shape.    You can choose^from
the fancy worsteds, fancy cheviots,  fancy  tweeds oi   the blue
and block serges and diagonals.   Trousers for Si
everyday wear, trousers to match suit and v( : oi fo    tin
affair.    Hundreds of dei ign   and color tones.
���'.     .  .������- ���
.Sole Agency The House of Hobberlin, Limited
���     - ..
Nptice of Tender   . .port ^usta hotel ��    E     ASTOI
lass Acconimodatio:
if Wines Liquors ant
R.McCui s!i, Prop.
k't. ���: - :-y'- r. c?-.i .: '.. ;���''::-
J. POTTER, Proprietor
;: -'.       M.i le
Repairing   SeatI I 1 1
.   .  , . First-class   Accommodation,    Best j Basement Willard Bl   k
Sealed   I cuilers will   be receiver!   by the   ,.      ,.      ,,..       T. ,  ,-,.
Road Superintendent not later than Fri- Quality Wmes Liquors and Cigars | ,
day, the 13tli day of June, 1913, for Uie'
purchase oi the old Courtenay School
House building, facing on tlie Island
Highway, near Courtenay, Ten days
will be allowed for removal from time of
J. WWII 1ST.,,
l n
itj t>
We have a specially well selected stock of Gants
Hats, comprising Felts, Linens, Straws and Panamas, all in the latest styles, for summer wear, and
are in a  position   to   please the  most  fastidious.
It will be a pleasure to show   you   through our
stock, and we feel sure if you are in need of a hat
you will see the advantage of buying from us
Phone 6 Courtenay
The Undersigned lien by give notice that
the   Estate ef Andrew  Byron  Crawford!
will not be  responsible for nor  p j any -
debts or other obligations contr tl  by ,
any person without tte written  order of     HC-Vlllff    PlCtUreS
the undersigned. "
BER/frtA Orach Crawford.     Monday, Wednesday, Thursday   j
.     Acadia Trust Co., i/.i*.      I '   ���������,, c /,,_
Executrix and executors respectively of
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford, I
C.  W.   Shannor
p"Ai: ".'��� :i
Estimal -   Pi ruisti
Shannon B'.oclr,     Courte
June 3rd, 1913
and Saturday
Hy a new up-to-date electric plant SllinillCr   Drillk'-
Cabbage  Plants
R. FARMS    -    Lake Trail Road
n'e   Pnol   R<
An  IMire Change of Programme *v
Ivriee  weekly
H.i\ WHITTLE, Propriel E. .':,-,,'....,  iv ���;.
*��� -j-���.-<��� -t--:��� ���!��� **i*��� *t--;��-;��c-���:��� ��:��� ���:���.;..:--;..��-.j..:��� -�����.;.******���!���:<���:���.;��� ���:������: t:-: i:���:���>+���+<
Subscribe for Tlie Review.
A serious forest fare is raging
near Black Creek. A barn, some
outbuildings and an orchard arc reported to have been destroyed,
There is also oue at Little River.
In Connection with the Queen's
birthday celebration in Iti3g au
amusing foot race might have been
! mentioned between Sam Creech
and John Piercy, which the former
won. There was also a fat man's
rac^ in which there were two part-
cipants both of whom fell dowp,
greatly to the delight of the spectators, felii	
The most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria I
Rates Reasonable
FABER & FABER, Props,       j
COURTENAY, ,B. C .     t
%    Telephone 3-5
l*'*>+����*!**>*f>t**1-***>*l**l*++*f*t-4-a>-I--!--|.-t*<***l*<* :*J*!-'!"I-* + ******+*<-+->��>**��: ini-.   iiioii.n,   euiiviii.Mi i
Here's a chance
(or you to buy
your range(torn
the factory and
save 30��o���to
buy it on easy
terms and to get
the very range
you would choose, even ii you
had to pay the retail price.
Our free book shows you
-.welly what ilie i��ng�� i> lite, ll describes t��ch point clesily, ��nd we
guarantee our range to be just
at represented.
You might at well save tne ieH.il
profit.    Mail lhe coupon to-day.
Dominion Pride
��� l'oMu-,1
Bitted body ���
H unbreakable
Hilimrn and
Vfl    beaulilully
^fc| nickelled
Canada    ^^
Malleable ft   ^^
Steel Huge Mfg. ^j
Ct., liniiteil, Oehiwi.
Pleaie soud Book.
iW       Caili or Credit
^W    We Pay
^��W    Freight
,f. ,.
Letter to Him Announcing Her Intention  Rushed to Public Station
Paris, France.��� A dramatic attempt at suicide hy a girl ot 19, named
Noel waa prevented nt Cherbourg recently by tbe presence ot mind ot her
brother, a railway guard.
The young man was swinging himself on the footboard ot a train which
was leaving for Paris when a letter
without an envelope was handed him.
The letter contained a few incoherent
linos from Ills sister saying that she
was going to commit suicide, and that
her body would be found in the sea
at the cad of the jetty.
Young Noel at the risk of his life,
jumped from tho train, retaining hold
of the rail, and running along with
the train, gave his sister's letter to
a man at the other end of the platform, where ho swung himself on the
footboard again, shouting to his colleague to run as hard as he could with
the letter to the polioe.
Fortunately, there was a police
magistrate in the station, and more
fortunately still, there was a motorcar Just outside. The police magistrate dashed at full speed down the
jolly and arrived as Mile. Noel threw
herself into tho sea. Tho magistrate
shouted to three customs house ofll-
rers in a boat which was putting into
the harbor and they succeeded In sav
ing the girl when she was nearly
100 yards from shore. Her brother
received the news of her resuco when
the train arrived at Caen.
Tako LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets.    Druggists refund money If It fall!
to cure.     IS. W. GKOVE'S signature 1*
on each box.      25c.
Marchionr. i as Cinema Playwright
London.���The Marquis and Marchioness Townshead visited the Picture
House, Croydon, to witness the first
production of the marchioness' new
cinema play:  A Strong Man's Love.
War on Sparrows
London.���At the cost of a levy of
one halfpenny per acre the members
ot the NaughtOn, Suffolkv Sparrow
Club have destroyed 20fl sparrows
and 3480 eggs during tbe past year,
making 7587 birds and 18,031 eggs
destroyed In the four years of the
club's existence.
Easily Paid
Look here, sir, said the impatient
creditor, I am talking .about that bill
yon owe .me. Will you please pay
a little attention?
Surely, replied the care-free debtor,
that's easy. Only don't ask me to
pay you anything else.
His Revenge
Let me lake lhat wretched thing
home, said tho patient, as the dentist
relieved blm of hi aching molar. 1
wani to take It home aud poke sugar
in it and see II ache.
Official Guilty of the Act Is Sent to
Jail for Four Months
London, Kngland. Au extraordinary story of the ensc with which convicts have been able, to communicate
Illicitly with their friends and receive
presents of tobacco from them was
unfolded at tho Port kind polico court
Samuel Crowhurst, a civil guard at
Portland convict prison, was charged
With having Illegally conveyed tobacco
Into the prison. As he pleaded guilty
UO evidence was taken; but Mr. Prym
Who appeared for the treasury, fully
explained the details of the case.
He said that Crowhurst did not
come In contact with the convicts
Within the prison hall hut ho hnd an
opportunity of seeing convicts who
worked apart from tho ordinary
gangs outside of tho prison.
One such man was a oonvlcl named
Day, with whom Crowhurst became
acquainted and used as a medium be-
I ween other convicts and their
Friends. At lhe end. of last year
there was considerable Irafllc In the
prison and a walch being kept, a
quantity of tobaoco was found concealed In a part nf tho prison where
Day worked. Tbo tobacco waa
found In a ground frame used fur
rearing planttl and was hidden under
Chief Inspector Ward and Inspector
Ilurtou were sent from London to
make a special Investigation. They
found that. Day had received loiters
which various convicts had written to
their friends asking them to Bond
money for tobacco.
They also found Hint Hay had handed the letters to Crowhurst, and that
he had inserted In them a slip of paper requesting money for tbe tobacco to he sent to Mr. Crothor, care of
post-o nice.
Postal orders were sent by friends
to Cl'OWther, and they were received
and cashed by Crowhurst, who bought
tobacco, handeu It to Pay; who In
turn put It In a secret store and eventually distributed It among tho other
The magistrates sent. Crowhurst to
prison for four months.
Slate of Ohio. Citv of Toledo,      \ ,,
Lucas County I
Frank .T. Cheney makes oath that ho Is
senior partner nf tho firm of F, J.
Chenev tic On., doinir business iii lhe city
nf Tn'edo, County nun* stale aforesaid,
nml that sahl firm will nflv the sum nf
every ense of Catarrh ther. oannot bo
cured by the upo nr Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before mo nn.l subscribed In
mv presence, r...s titli day of December,
A.P. ISSfi.
iSoal.) A. TV. GLEASON.
Notarv  Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
and acts directly on tho blued and
mucous surfaces of Iho system. Send
for test.l ..onlnls free.
F, J. CHENEV & CO., Toledo, 0.
Snld bv nil druggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constlpa-
The Woman and the Dog
An elderly. woman, with a small
dog upon her lap, while riding in a
trolley car, asked the conductor if he
would kindly tell her when he got
to Hazel street.
After she had got up two or three
times, the conductor told her to keep
her seat and he would let her know
when they reached Hazel street.
Finally ho called out: Hazel street.
The woman held the dog up to the
window, and said: Fido, look! There's
where you were born! Then turning
to the conductor, she remarked, I'm
going to the end of the line.
Worms sap the strength and undermine the vitality of children.
Strengthen them Ly using Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator to drive
out the parasites.
One day Pat went into a public
house and asked if the lady at the
bar would take stamps in exchange
for whiskey.
Yes, was the reply, wh.ll.' pouring
out tho whiskey.
He drank in haste and then stamped five times with his foot and walked
out triumphantly.
Bon vlvcnt (married for money, to
his friend)���That ls my wife coming
Friend���Console yourself. It might
have been worse.
Why do you Insist on having music
with every dinner asked tho old patron.
It relieves the pressure, replied the
proprietor by giving the people something besides the food to find fault
Case of "Nerves V9
Hot flashes, dizziness, fainting spells, backache, headache,
bearing-down pains, nervousness��� all aro symptoms of u-refularity
and female disturbances and are Dot beyond relief.
Favorite Prescription
Is that of a famous physician unusually experienced
tn the treating of women's peculiar ailments. For
forty years it has been recommended to suffering
womankind. Thousands of women can bear witness
to Its beneficial qualities. Perhaps its aid Is all that
Is required to restore to you perfect health end strength,
Now In the time to act, writ* Dr. B. V. Pierce's, Bufntlo.
Mlts. Dohinio RoDOBRS, of San Fraoeleco, Calif., wrltea l
"I take plaaauro In recommending four wonderful remedies, and
arl.h to ear In behilf of your 'Favorite Prescription' and 'Golden
H&dleal Dtacoeery' that through their Die I em now cured of the
varioue trouble! that a woman Is heir to. These remsdles cured
me when others felled and 1 thsrefore rcsolvs U take ue other,
I thank you for your adrice.'
Zam-Buk Healed it .n Few Weeks
Have you some old wound or so.
which has defied all doctors' remedies? If so, yours In a case for /.am-
Mr. Oliver Sims, of Purvi (M "n. V
writes:���"I hud nn .Id Irrllalii.g sore
on my fort head lhat. Nad troubled me
fur tour years. Zam-Buk was reiom*
mended to mo and In a marvellously
short time It healed tho obstinate
sere perfectly. You may depend
upon It that after Ihls proof of Its
power we will never l,c without a box
uf 11."
As a rapid and certain healer of
ulcers, abscesses, idles, Inflamed
places, cuts, burns bruises, sealp
sores, eczema, . rupllons, e!c. You
can get nothing to equal '/am-lluk.
All druggists and stores nt 50c. box
or post free for price from Z m-lliik
Co., Tur.nto. Try Zani-Iluk Soap for
tender skins and baby's balh. 2,">c.
Mas. RonoBna
A clly woman who recently passed
a few days nt a farm, bought some
pouluy from the farmer with a view
to providing fresh eggs for breakfast
every morning. She sent them lo
town by messenger, at the same lime
despatching a note to her hpsband
telling him lo loo:, out. for the consignment, Her husband, on reaching
his homo that night, asked If the poultry had arrived. lie was Informed
thai It bad, but explained the servant
ho had carelessly left the basement,
door open and all the chickens had
escaped. A fowl hunt was Immediately organized. The next day the
husband, meeting his wife on her re-
turn, exclaimed: A nice tlnio I had
with jour poultry. I spent three
hours hunting and only found ten.
You may consider yourself lucky,
then, replied his wife, for I only
bought, six.
Wretched From Asthma.���Strength
of body and vigor of mind aro inevitably impaired by the visitations of
asthma. Who can live under tl.o
cloud of recurring attacks and keep
body and mind at their full efficiency?
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
dissipates the cloud by removing the
cause. It does relieve. It does
restore tho sufferer to normal bodily
trim and mental happInesB.
A Good Sign
A French diplomat at a luncheon
In Washington, praised President Wilson's inaugural address.
I liked the modest, tone of this address, he said. I liked the ending,
where he asked so humbly and so sincerely for the people's support and
A Princeton woman nodded approval.
Sincerity and modesty, she said are
the keynotes of tho President's character.
They assure us that, he will do nothing inimical to the people's will.
He will remember what I once heard
him say
The wise leader is he who knows
when to follow.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited,
I was very sick with  Quinsy and
thought I would strangle.      I used
MINARD'S LINIMENT and it cured
me at once.
I am never without it now.
Yours grataully,
MRS.   C.  D.   PRINCE.
Nauwigewauk, Oct. 21st.
A Clear Record
Seeing the youngster sitting on the
doorstep, crying pitiably, a kind-hearted old gentleman went up to him, and
asked what might he the matter with
the lad.
Hunger appeared to be the matter;
the boy said he hadn't had anything
to eat that d-.y.
But why doesn't your ta'.lier give
you food?
No reply.
What is your father?    asked    the
would-be philanthropist.
.   'E's my father, came the somewhat
astounding reply.
Yes, but what ls he?
Ow, really 'e's my stepfather.
Yes, yes, yes! exclaimed the old
gentleman Impatiently. But what
doc*3 he do? Cweep chimneys, drive
a 'bus, or whr.t?
The light of intelligence suddenly
dawr.ed on the small boy's puzzled
Oh, 'e ain't done nuflln since we 'ad
'lm, he replied.
Snake Slayers
Pai*i3.���M. M. Pie and Casse, professional viper killers, employed by
the prefecture of the Seine et Marne
district of Prance, have earned $160
and $140, respectively by destroying
snakes in the forest of Pontainebleau
during the past year.
Buried Alive
Cardiff.���While excavations wero
being made at an old colliery tip near
Dafen Tin Works, Llanelly, the side
of the tip gave way and abo..t twenty
tons of refuse fell on Richard John,
a colliery proprietor, who was super-
Intending the work.
Man of Whom He Had Spoken Slightingly in Public Has His Revenge
Berlin. Germany.- The case nf the
kaiser's tenant, Herr Sohst has been
settled to the satisfaction of both
parties. Herr Sohst has consented
lo give up his farm, the lease of which
had si ill live years io run, mi payment
of 130,000 from lb- '. aiser's agent.
Herr Sohst has ah. received a letter
from the kaiser's civil cabinet, the
contents of which are nnt d'.'iilged,
but in which, presumably, regret lu
expressed that his majesty had been
Finally, an.l this makes a deep Impression here, Herr Sohst has had
conferred on him lhe Fourth ("lass of
the Order of the crown, probably as
a sort of salve for his wounded feelings.
It will be remembered that last
February, at n meeting of tbo German
Agricultural Association, tho kaiser
addressed this body, giving his, experiences on bis estate at Cadlnen.
in iho course ol his observations he
remarked that one of his tenants,
whom he described ns no good, had
been thrown out by hlni. This tenant was Herr Sohst, who Is regarded
In the neighborhood as a most callable
farmer, and whose lo. had still several years lo run.
It has taker six weeks to arrange
Iho matter, ,-.nd In somo nailers 11
Is believed that It would nni, have
been arranged oven now had not the
crown prince tnken tho matter up
and urged a settlement.
Cornerstone of Successful Farming
More essenlial than Instruct lo* In
farming lls*lf Is tho teaching of domestic economy r.S It may bo applied
by the farmer's wife, for domestic
economy Is the underlying principle
of suciessfiil farming. Thn farmer
may work for yeais tut he can progress: no further than his wife progresses. If tbo woman Is without.
the knowledge to become efficient in
her department then farm life Is one
of discontent nnd dissatisfaction.
How  Hudson  Marchbank, After Suffering for Five Years, Found Quick
Relief and Permanent Cure In th]
Greatest of Canadian Remedies
Marchbank, King's    County,   N.B.
(Special)���After  suffering    for    five
years from kidney  ..isease,    brought
on by a strain, Hudson Marchbank,
Esq., the well-known farmer of this
place, is again a strong, healthy man,
and  another  gr...id  cure  for Dodd's
Kidney Pills has been put on record.
In an Interview Mr. Marchbank says:
"About live years ago I hurt n.y
hack from lifting,  and it developed
into kidney disease.     My back pained me all tho time, and I was very
much  troubled  with  headaches.   My
appetite was fitful; I had a bitter tiste
in my mouth in the mornings; I perspired freely, and my perspiration had
a disagreeable ode.
"I used liniments and plasters, but
they did not do me any good, and
as there were other symptoms that
my kidneys were affected, I decided
to' try Dodd's Kidney Pills. After
using" two boxes, my back was completely cured, and my kidneys have
not troubled me since."
When Mr. Marchbank decided that
his kidneys wero the cause of his
troubles, the rest was easy. Almost any ot his neighbors could tell
him that Dodd's Kidney Pills always
cure diseased kidneys.
nn I'l'iyui ��� *>!**' '.i|,,,J ,,i
softening water,
many other purposes
"I "IlkTnllllllllllllllEglllllllllllll
Sure Signs
Spring is coming, observed Flatly. I
can feel It In the air.
So can I, replied Brokely, in the
air my wife assumes toward mo when
she begins talking ot the limited extent of her wardrobe.
Th��*t Choir
Mrs. Larkiu, remarked the minister, wc wish you would 1 t your
daughter join tho choir.
Oh, I couldn't think of It! replied
Mrs. Larkln. Sho has a sweet disposition, and I don't want her to become quarrelsome.
Strange and  Turbulent Scene Mark!
Close of Murder Trial at Naples
Naples, Italy. ��� The trial of
Yvoano do VIllcBpreux, the young
Italian comedy actress, who Is said to
have killed her lovo*, Dr. Ettore 'fur-
do, In a fit of jealousy, has come to
an abrupt close with disgraceful
Bccnes of violence between tho king's
procurator general and the lawyers
for the defense.
Although the accused has been In
prison awaiting trial for three years,
the medical experts It ts said, have not
had time to examine her mental condition, while the chief of the forty
witnesses aro now scattered in various
parts of North and South America
and Erythrca. For these reasons
the procurator gonerrl, who corresponds to tho ..raerican district attorney, mo.cd the indefinite postponement of the trial to a future assize. To this the presiding judge
This was the signal for an outbreak
of disorder. Atrocious insults were
hurled from tho well ot the court
against tho chancellor, procurator and
Judges. 'Scoundrels, liarcl' bawled
the procurator general. 'Base villain!'
retorted the chief lawyers for the
defense. The procurator then spra..i
from the bench with uplifted fists.
Court attendantu hurriedly Interposed
themselves between the combatants,
while the presiding judge jump-.t
from the ben h, and tugging vigorously at the procurator's tcga, got
that official out ot danger by a back
exit. The crowd choercd the disorderly lawyers, while armed police
were ordered to clear the court.
Before this amazing scene the judge
had put the prisoner through clever
cross-examination, during which, aft-
or reminding her that before Bhe was
18 she had bi :;i twice charged with
theft and condemned to ten months'
detention in a reformatory, he elicited
that instead of having been born in
Spain, as slit pretended Villespreux
had never been nearer th. t country
than Turin, her native city. She admitted that her real name ls Fornais,
that she had fled from home when
barely 13, and that ' -'fore starting
her stage career sho had been a chambermaid. She ?1 aded she took the
blame of one of the thefts herself, in
��der to shield a criminal lover she
was living with at the time.
Defining a Dentist.���Ono who pulls
out the teeth of others to obtain crn-
ployn*.orl for his own.
Is Health Only
A Game of Chance?
If you are accustomed to look on
health as a gamble you will probably
prove a loser early in the game.
Some may ho". 1 on to health and
life for considerable time and defy
the laws of nature, but there are
many rules of the game which are
conducive to !-ealth and long life.
Take nervous diseases, for example.
There aro many symptoms to warn
one of the approach of nervous exhaustion long before therj is danger of
locomotor ataxia or some dreadful
form of paralysis.
But they seem such little things
that their ilanger signal is not taken
notice of.      Sleeplessness, headache,
indigestion, irrltr.billty, loss of vigor
and energy, discouragement and dls-
pondency, all point to low vitality
and exhausted nervc3.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food has betn
w-onderfully uccessful in the cure
of nervous disease of a serious nature, such as prostration, locomotor
ataxia and partial paralysis, but persistent treatment and considerable
patience are necessary.
On thlB account we pre'or to think
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food as a preventive treatment, which overcomes
theBe symptoms by rebuilding the
feeble, wasted nerve cells and restoring vigor to mind and body.
W.  N.  U.  948
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
60 cents a box, 6 iv." $2.50, at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Uffl>
-****���   *     *   .Ie, ft     I ���Tail--'-- ���   ������������������������������� j^e^laasfc
| Establishing
I   a Family
I ���
:j; A Curiosity Shop Was Found
,i.,1.,|,l|���l���|,.|..|.l|ll|���|..|.,|..l.,|lll���|,,l���111 \ H4
Back In tbe seventies of the Inst century, when oil wells were spouting and
fanners who bud been living ou bog
'and hominy lu a twinkling found
themselves millionaires, a l'ennsylva-
ni.'iii of Ccrmnii descent doing bis
spring plowing wns accosted by u man
who asked:
'Are you Herman Slyder?"
"Vou owu this farm?"
"Is tt for sale?"
"How much?"
befongen to tuem.
Her llrst move was to und one
versed In Herman heraldry who would
lind this noble family and Its castle
or tho castle's ruins. As for tho ruin
of the family, the Pennsylvania farmers supplied that, nnd tbe lenst snld
abont It the belter. Tho herald snld
he could only find Gottlieb Slyder, who
sailed wltb the Hessians as body servant to an ollleer wben those hirelings went to America to tight In the
cause of King Georgo III. Mrs. Slyder knew nothing nbout thnt struggle,
but sbe could not adopt n servant for
au ancestor and win. She thoroughly
understood tbo power of money nnd
made a deal with tbo herald for a
much better origin. He at ouce unearthed Baron Herman Sbnyder, who
In tho fifteenth century got very rich
by robbing travelers who passed
through the valley below bis castle.
A son hud emigrated to Jamestown,
:Vn.. and tho name had become corrupted to Slyder. The name Herman,
however, bad been retained among Ills
descendants. Tbo castle bad fallen ta
decay, nnd Iho Shnyders, who hnd become very poor, werff desirous of selling IL
This find cost Slyder a thousand dollars, whlcb his wife considered, aa she
i Cbarlemngno and nnd onginauy gamed tbelr title of nobility for military
Tbe speaker's back was turned to
Walker as be entered, aud so Intent
was be on the splendid record ho was
giving tbat he did not hear tbe Intruder. Presently he turned and saw
bis rival.
i "Mr. Slyder," asked the newcomer.
"I have called to ask you for the hand
of your daughter. I bring with me a
weapon captured by myself just before I left America from an Indian
during a massacre in thu environs ot
Philadelphia. Vou may sue tbo blood
���tains on tho blade."
At this point Katrlna took the matter out of her parents' bauds, telling
tbo count thnt, while she felt highly
honored by bis offer, she must decline
It since she had already promised ber
band to one wbo, though he had not
descended from heroic ancestors, hnd
but recently shown bis prowess during
an American Indian tight with savages.
That ended Mrs. Slyder's attempt to
establish a family among thn Uerman
"I'll give you a million dollars for It."     ^^^
Slyder left tbo plow standing In the   -expressed It, "dirt cheap."   The castle
Held, and, accompanying the stranger   wns purchased and repaired, and tbe
Into tho bouse, after a long parley sold
bis Hum for $2,250,000. llo was greatly elated till another man cume along
and offered him RGOU.OIK). Then be
was plunged In misery, considering
that he bad lost the difference.
A couple of years passed. The Slyder fnmlly wero now city people nnd
rolling in wealth. The children were
being educated. Tbe adage "You enn't
make a silk purse out ot a sow's ear"
lines not always pertain to youtb.
Kiiti'lna, tbe oldest daughter, was a
pretty girl, and It was remarkable wltb
whnt facility she withdrew from the
farmhouse and stepped Into tbe parlor.
Blydcrs, assuming tho original family
name of Sbnyder, took possession of It.
Unfortunately tho filrulture, family
portraits, suits of armor and all that
had long ago been scattered among
tbe members of the Sbnyder family.
A bunt for some of these articles was
Instituted, but without success. However, where there ts a will there ls a
wuy, and It was not long before a portrait of a Katrlna Sbnyder, a prim
lady of sixty-fire, was bung up In tbe
room tbat bad been used for tbo picture gullery. Where tbe 'Katrlna'
came from only Mrs. Slyder knew.
Among tbe Impoverished young men
When sbe wns twenty years old sbe   of Berlin wbo wero sniffing the air for
would pass current In any society.
But her father never got rid of his
plowman's gnlt, and ber mother never
Required tbe manner of a lady.
This does not mean that Mrs. Slyder
wns not ambitions. Tbougb sbe knew
>he conld not berselt sblne In high
Site, sbe saw an opportunity for ber
American fortunes wns young Karl
Ilarsinger. Learning of tbe Slyders,
he procured an Introduction to Father
Slyder, nnd it did not take blm long
to discover tbat If be would wed bis
daughter be must hare a family tree
whose brancbes grew blgh toward tbe
heavens.   Mrs. Slyder had discovered
daughter to shine there.   The leap the   that no one In Berlin bad been lmpos-
liuiilly bad made from poverty to of-
luciiee caused  her to condemn any
ed upon by tbe discovery of the family
tree. At any rate, the emperor did not
send for Slyder to welcome him back
to tbe home of his distinguished ancestor, tbe last Baron Sbnyder, who
bad been stabbed In the bowels by a
traveler whom he wns attempting to
rob. Still It ls quite likely thnt had
tbe emperor been convinced of tbe Inheritance he would bave done so.
Unfortunately for Mrs. Slyder's, or
Baroness Shnyder's, plan, she permitted Katrlna to go off wltb a party of
Americans on a tour In Italy. The
girl, who was to be reserved for a no- *
bleman, fell In lore with one of the
party, Nathaniel Walker, and her love
was returned. Knowing her mother's
plans for ber, sbe resolved to keep her
love affair a secret and enjoined tbe
same on ber lover.
One day Katrlna and Walker, while
browsing about Berlin_ came upon a
cariosity shop filled with���
Old armor, prints, pictures, pipes, china
(all crack'd).
Old   rickety   tables   and   cbatrs   broken
backed. I
"Suppose we go in," said  Walker.
{ "Since manufacturing a family seems
to be necessary to secure your hand
j perhaps I may find tbe wherewithal to
! establish one myself." '
Entering tbe shop, they examined the j
treasures there and In a corner found |
a  number of articles, consisting of |
swords, arquebuses, pikes nnd several
old portraits,  "all crack'd,"    Walker
took up a dirk knife nnd asked tbe
price.   He was Informed tbat the ar-
.    �����-i���i  n.��    ah.   tlcles ,n iuut DenP were sold'    Mlss i
Ths Kind They Plant on Log Cabins
In Rural Norway.
Tbe log cabins of rural Norway are
built A heavy pine logs hewed square
aud of equal size from end to end.
They are usually stained or oiled, and
tbelr rich yellowish or brownish color
ls In harmony wltb almost any surroundings. Tbelr roofs are sodded, a
circumstance that adds plcturesqueoess
to the general effect
"I bave come across roofs that were
a riot of wild pnnsles," says a writer
In tbe Craftsman, "and 1 have seen
wonderful roofs where wild roses bung
over the eaves or a daisy roof, tbe effect of whose white, stnrlike flowers,
topping tbo dark brown structure, was
exquisitely picturesque.
"Some roofs produce only pasture
grass, and the story runs In Norwegian
folklore that a lazy man led bis cow on
the roof-tbe cabin wns built against a
hill-Instead of taking her to tbe pasture. 1 bave no doubt that the story ls
true, for 1 have often seen a couple ot
white kidlets gamboling on tbe soft
green housetops while tbe mother goat,
grave and ruminative, was tethered to
the chimney.
"Sod roofs are just as water tight as
others If tbey are laid correctly. A
board roof Is first laid upon a bouse,
and tbls Is covered with a layer ot
blrcb bark. On top of tbls comes a
layer of sod wltb tbe grass turned down
to tbe roof, then a rather thick layer
of earth and finally another layer of
sod, this time with the grass op. The
result is a most exquisite and poetical
covering for the bouse."
Work of the Doctor.
Dr. Stephen Paget bas some interesting observations on tbe doctor aud his'
rewards In bis "Confcsslo Medici." "If
medicine Is a trade wby should tbe
doctor so often work for nothing?" be
asks. "If it ls an art what works of
art does be produce? None, says
Claude Bernard. 'Le medecin artiste
ne cree rien.' Bnt surely be ls wrong.
The doctor, so far from creating nothing, crentes life, for be saves or prolongs life, creates more life. If Miss
X. is seventy, and tbe doctor by an operation enables her to live till sbe ls
seventy-five be has not prolonged the
seventy years, for thoy were ended before be came, but he has created five
brand new years. If be bad not been
there tbey would not be here. Tbat ls
creation."���London Chronicle.
Brutal  Sport  Is  Making Its Appear*
ance  In Great Britain.
Cockflghting in London I When this
announcement was made the   other
morning in one of the metropolitan
papers people who read it rubbed
tlieir eyes in amazement, wondering
whether they hnd suddenly been
transported Irom the twentieth to tlie
eighteenth century, when cockfight-
iltg in the metropolis was the sport nf
kings and dukes and lords, ami was
as common as horseracing or football
is to-day. Even the police themselves
were surprised to be told that, cock-
lighting liad taken place by the aid
ol lantern light on a Sunday morning on Hackney Marshes.
It is Common knowledge, nf course,
that cookflghtlng has been Illegal
pinee the middle ot the nineteenth
century, but tho faet is that it is
still enthusiastically carried on in
many parts ot England, as well as in
From time to time reports appear
in Ilie newspapers ol secret cockfights, the orgnni/.ors of which usually
manage to evade the police. In a ease
at Kidderminster, recently, one of the
defendants mentioned that he had indulged in tho "sport" with dukes,
' earls, and solicitors, while at a cock-
i fight which took place on the banks
of the Manchester Ship Canal, some
few miles from Manchester, it was
stated that not a few of the patrons
assembled in motor cars, and that
large sums ol money changed hands
over the affair. In Cumberland ami
other northern districts there are still
many adherents of this brutal pastime. Not long ago a match between
old English game birds from the P.ol-
ton and Blennerhasset districts was
decided at a quiet rendezvous three
miles from Wigton. "Owing to the
vigilance of the police." we are told,
"the affair was carried through with
great secrecy, and the audience was
in u way select." The light was. however, brought to a conclusion without
the guardians of the law discovering
that such a thing was taking place.
This is how the fight was described
hy the sporting reporter who attended
it: "The Bnlton cock, which was the
heavier bird, was favorite, and" it justified the confidence of its supporters,
for the first round decided the match.
Tho feathered contestants, after being
duly clipped and heeled, were pitted,
and on their getting together the Bolton cock, with a powerful stroke of its
steel spur, rendered its antagonist
hors de combat. The Bolton cock was
therefore declared the winner, and its
owner received the stake."
A few weeks later another fight took
place between birds from the same
districts, and on that occasion it was
reported that the Blennerhasset
sportsmen had their revenge. Their
bird, after a more prolonged struggle
than was witnessed in the first encounter, rendered Its opponent helpless, thus winning the stakes for its
What happens from time to time in
England, in defiance of the law, also
/takes place in Ireland. Not long ago
about 2.000 cockfighters from the counties of Cavan, Armagh, Monaghan,
and Tyrone, assembled near Smith-
borough, in the county of Monaghan,
to witness a "main of battles," which
had been arranged by the followers
of the game for a considerable amount
of money in bets. Although it was
assize day in Monaghan Town, which
seems to have taken advantage of by
the wily "sports," owing to the absence of many of the police on duty
there, yet several members of the
iorce who had become aware of the
proposed cockfight followed the
"sportsmen," who had congregated bv
trains, bicycles, jaunting cars, and atl
sorts of conveyances. I
Return of This Comfortable Article of Hour ihold Furniture.
Colonial   Patterns   In   Various   Woods
Seem to Take ths Lead In Popularity���Mission    Effects    For    Living
I     Rooms Mada With Caned Tops.
I What Is It, a desire fur comf"rt or
woman's vanity, that accounts for tb*
Increasing popularity of the foots tool J
Certainly we are a comfort loving people, Formality and stiffness repel us.
Certainly, too, the dainty footgear of
womankind seeks a means to show Itself, nnd where ran this be so well
accomplished as ou ono of these footstools, which are In themselves works
of art? At all events, these luxurious
necessities of our grandmothers have
apparently come back to stay.
These present day footstools arc not
the small, doll-like articles which gave
ent called nun lovtui's attention to
Uie top of tbo social pyramid.
"Katrlna," she said to ber daughter
one morning, "we're going to ICurope."
Katrlna clapped her bands for joy.
"We'll sco London, I'aris, Berlin and
Ifoine, won't wcV"
"1 don't know anything about them
Slnces," replied the mother. "That's
ot vnt we're going for." And she
unfolded a plan by whlcb Katrlna
was to marry a nobleman.
"Nonsense, motbcrl" exclaimed the
girl. "Wo wero not born among such
people nnd would only be miserable
with them. Tbey would constantly bo
reminding us Hint wo haven't tbe blue
blood In our veins that they have and
make us miserable."
"And we can remind tbem that
we've got the money, can't wo?"
"Until they hove spent It for us, 1
suppose," replied the girl, shaking ber
bead doubtfully.
When the Slyders appeared In Iter
Ho the maternal head of the family
assumed command nnd laid ber plans
for a campaign. She wns a shrewd
woman lu her way, nnd, though the
object of hor ambition cannot be said
to have been especially practical, she
went about It In a very practical way.
Her plan was this: Tbe Slyders were
to be an old and aristocratic family
who bad gone to America to mend
their fortunes many years ago nnd
bad succeeded In doing bo. They had
tow returned to tnke the position that
keen, noticed a paper lying on one ot
tbem, a sixteenth century saddle, and, I
stooping, read on It the name and ad- j
dress ot Karl Ilarsinger.
Bursting Into a laugb, she called ber
lover's attention to tbe find, remarking
tbat ber mother had pieced out tbe
furniture of their castle from  tbat
shop.   Her Uerman suitor was about
to establish bis family from tbe same
place, and she saw no reason wby be
(Nathaniel  Walker) should not build
from   the  same   foundation,   whereupon Mr. Walker purchased a tomahawk,   that  tbe  shopkeeper  assured
j blm bad been Imported from America,
j and showed blm stains of blood on It
wltb which It had been recently be- j
! npnltered during an Indian massacre
' of whites in tbe neighborhood of I'hila-
1 tlelphia.
Such ls the knowledge of mauy per- \
sons abroad concerning America.
j    One day Walker received a note from
Katrlna Informing blm tbat Herr liar- j
\ singer bad suddenly discovered that I
j he was a count   "Come tomorrow and !
bring your tomahawk," she added.       |
I    The next day at IS Walker appeared j
1 at the Slyder abode, finding a carriage |
emblazoned with a coronet nt tbe door, |
; the paint of which appeared to  be
! very fresb.   He found inside a fnmlly
j gathering listening'to Count Hnrsln-
| gcr's account of tbe deeds of bis an-
I cestors-how they bad fought In all
I European   wars   since   the   time  ot
Velocity of Light.
The velocity of light as determined
by Simon Nee womb Is 200,800 kilometers, or 180,327 miles, per second reduced to a vacuum or space specific
speed. Time required for light to come
here from moon, 1.3 seconds; from
sun, 8 minutes 19 seconds; from nearest star, 4.33 years; from Slrlns, 8.7
years; from Arctnrus, not less than
40 years, aud from others vastly more
remote, from 1,000 to 6,000 years.
Schoolroom Humor.
The following schoolboy "bowlers"
come from New Zealand:
"Gross,darkness Is 144 times darker
than ordinary darkness."
"Marconi Is the stuff you use to make
delicious puddings."
"Charon wns a mnn wbo fried soles
over tbe sticks."
Queen-Mother's Gift.
Following her annual custom, Queen
Alexandra on St. Patrick's Pay presented the Irish Guards, now stationed at Wellington Barracks, with sprigs
of shamrock in honor of St. Patrick's
The shamrock was sent to Earl Roberts, as honorary colonel. In his
unavoidable absence at the parade
Col. FitzClarenee distributed the
sprigs to the lieutenant-colonel, and
he, in turn, made sub-distribution to
the various officers, company officers
being responsible for seeing that each
of their men secured a spray.
Later, the Guards marched to the
Roman Catholic church of SS. Peter
and Edward. Palace street, to attend
a special celebration of Mass, each
man wearing in the second buttonhole of his great-coat the bunch of
pleasure to our grandmothers. They
are sizable pieces of furniture, most
of them 12 by 18 Inches square perhaps, und they stand from eight ta
twelve inches from the door. Soma,
to be sure, are smaller, perhaps eijht
inches wide, a foot long and four
or Ave Inches, above tbe floor. These
generally bave little arms or handiest
at the ends and can be easily carried
from place to place.
Colonial designs of various sorts seeoa
to take tbe lead In popularity. Excepting in formal drawing rooms, It ia
unusual to bave tbe footstools designed
with special reference to tbe rest of
the furniture, but a mahogany foot-
/ool In colonial design fits In harmoniously In any room where mahogany furniture is used.
Mission footstools are made for tbe
living room furnished in tbls style,
wltb straight oak frames In tbe various
dull finishes applied to mission furniture, upholstered In leather or burlap.
They are sometimes made with caned
tops, and caned tops, too, ere shown
wltb mahogany frames. Tbe candelabra illustrated are other household
decorations which are being made of
mahogany, and In certain rooms tbe effect is very good.
Record Price For a Bull. .
A record price of 1,450 guinea*
($7,350) was given for a shorthorn
hull at tlie Birmingham Shorthorn
Show and sale in England this year.
The bull was bred by A. 8. Gibson.
He is a grandson of the famous bull
King Christian, for which the late
Sir George Drummond sent an order
to his English buyer to purchase at
any price for his Huntleywood herd.
However the owners would not sell.
The hull King Christian died laat
summer. *
A Mere Bagatelle.
Gabe���1 see where a waiter In St
Louts bas purchased a botel out of the
tips be received In five years. Steve���
What did be do wltb tbe rest of the
money?���Cincinnati Enquirer.
Sound* Plausiblt.
"Pop, why does the moon get full?
"1 don't know.   Don't bother mc."
"Pop, I guess if the moon would only
stick to the Milky way It wouldn't get
full, would It?"���Mppincott's.
Oldest of British Sports.
Hawking is the oldest of all British
sports. To the uninitiated the most
marvelous feature of hawking is the
manner in which the hawks themselves, naturally the wildest and wariest of the feathered tribe, have been
trained to surrender voluntarily their
liberty and return literally like a bolt
from the bine in obedience to the will
of the I'aleoner. This indeed seems
the more remarkable when one 'earns
that the best birds are those which
have attained maturity in a wild
state.���London Field.
An Advanced Tory.
The engagement of the Hon. Wm.
Ormsby-Gore to Lady Beatrice Cecil,
the elder daughter of Lord and Lady
Salisbury, has aroused great interest
in political and social circles. Mr.
Ormsby-Gore is the Unionist member
for Denbigh Boroughs, and the son
and heir of Lord and Lady Harlech.
He is one of the young Unionists
who have been clamouring lor a more
forward policy in the Tory party, and
he has not been backward in coming
Nothing of worth or weight enn be
achieved with half n mlud, with a
fill nt heart nnd with a lame endeavor.
���Isaac Ram>f��.
Huge Butterfly Collection,
During his life the late h. J. Adams;
nn Englishman, spent fully $200,000
in collecting butterflies and moths.1
The collection, believed to be the most
valuable of its kind in the world, nas
just been presented to the Natural
History Museum at South Kensington. About 150,000 specimens are eon.:
tained in sixty-seven beautifully mad*
mahoganv cabinets.
"John, dear, it's too bad tbat we
have to pinch and save and economize
ou everything we bny. Is���Is there
���ucb a thing as a money trust7"
"Yes. lore; I think there Is,"
"John, dear, wby don't yoo Join UT*
���Louisville Courier-Journal.
The Stronger Influence.
"Which do yon think nppeale mot*
generally, art or literature?"
"Art Almost anybody wonld rnthet
send a ptctnre postrnrd ��h��n write ���
letter/'-Woshincton Btnt y 0   M .' |  ��
Kiln  Dri.::J Flooring,         V Joint, Panelling, SMugles,
*rc\,       D. ...  .;,       Fire Br".:.;k, Pressed Brick,
-���      ", -   '    '        ,?s Hardware, Lime, Cement,
pyyy"y;  y;h  . .. 3 Varnishes, L&ifo,
.ooflng Fe!��5
Numbing Supplies,
' :���������������;��� ���;'
Window       1  Dc^r Frames made io on! or
.   .      .    :
."���      -.������:  ov;ir
G c Is
' '
.   ' ���
- .
P. 0. Bex 230
! e.. t but better than the rest?'
��� ���    ���
.      .
��� ��� tlie most business
[     { ',.     .   .
;,..:���..; fy   ]
' enay Bak
:���':������    '���' 1? r" .'    . 1
i   ��� - , l. ��� ���    ,
Cakes    '   I
>. n    and!
.- Associ-
fly out-
Higgins   have ; un
ir.ox    Livery    Si  b
Joh i Mc    ti :n . a t
I .
;-: -      ��� ��� ,: th
ly,   Your pati	
e. y
:. w, r..
; ���    itiiuie
' ��� : the
;   '.:A.
;��� ���. <1
'.Id.       H &   In
'   ������   V,. ' . c.
.:..':,'.. " ��� ��� ���
I Agents,    .  :        te, Mo tgages,
>      Loans, .v.c, Elc.
Prop the Comox Valley aro specially
invil list their real estate wiih this Company
i yy
A Church ot England service wasj
held on Sundaj May 25th'in the
room above Lazo Post Office at 7.30
p. m. at *... . ��� ths re wns a fair
attoui :- v.- L. C. Wilk-
insou, wh ing a short visit
to hisb) '���'������' ' i 'iated.
Trinity ���' Cumberland
;' A garden party and sale of useful aud fancy articles, will be held
on Tuesday j line 24th in Mrs. Card-
ivell's garden. Afternoon tea and
ice cream will be served, Contributions of articles for sale, cakes,
sweets, etc., thankfully received by
any members of the church.
Indian Corr.riissicn
The members of the Royal Commission on Indian affairs arrived at
Courtenay about 10 o'clock on Saturday morning.
Their trip was of a preliminary
nature and 1,0 definite result of
their labors will be known until
the Commission meets again.
The members of the Commission
motored through from Duncans and
personally inspected the Indian
Reserves on the Comox Harbour
aud the junction of the Tsolum and
Puutledge rivers, After luncheon
at the Elk Hotel, Comox, they
were met by a deputation from the
Comox Valley Agricultural Society
who brought before the Commission
1 -1 1     the completion
Mr. Mans ". ol      ucouver, replug the Iul        ; 11     [arvesl
��� r  Co,,   is   in ti    11 ii    rviewing
local a [r,   Gi 6, Leigh
ton       '     : i ;      tli      irominen
in     i-Ci   . -    Galley.
Tl    bas'.-e :      | ��� uc   hdd uu    t
the auspici ��� ol th   Com   . brunch ol Lhe
li.C.   Anti-tul era I   : 1  Society   in   the
birthday anniversary mis a marked success, both from a soci ! and a monetary
stati ."itt. Tlie young ludies froiii Comox who furnislie 1 the beautiful
baskets witli tlieir delicious contents
deserve great praise for their interest in the cause, Roy's Orchestra supplied tne music and gave that entire satisfaction so favorably commented ou,
The proceedsof the evening amounted to
$110, which-after paying expenses leaves
.1 net profit of $65, all of which will be
devoted to the prevention, alleviation and
cure of tuberculosis. Tlie President,
Mrs. Millard, and the inde'fategable Secretary, Miss Wilson, desire to thauk all
those wh - favored the dan'ee with their
presence and also those gentlemen who
so kindly assisted in making the affair
such a pleasant success.
Jhoi     -ad!
��� din ' 1 to
(    der
W. AITKEN, Prop.
In ihe Matter of
..   ew Byron Crawf< v.", De-
N tice     h   ��� '���-.    :, en ���'��� it all debts
���    ..         b, h debts
- ���   I be made al the ol Vcadin
"' i        Co             I    ii Courteha
I'       :'      ami i re-uieu-
��    i-
Hxei uii is   nd t   . '     ol tli ��� ������:���..'. e uu a-
tioned estate,
May 14,  1913.
-     I ��� . J
Jusl Arrived, a Pull I'm ��� ol     13  Model
Kodaks ami Brownie Cameras
Prices I    . 2 0
Call and get 1 Catalogue, ill        I
the Oul in  C un  1 Valley
ellinc '��� ' Ko ! '.   "'  .,
A. h. :.
Courtemy *? -j*o
go   to
If a women asks you for a candid
opinion she expects you to be complimentary just the same.
The Cowichan leaves Comox
wharf at 11 a. m. on Tuesdays and
4 p. m. on Sunday's. Arrives on
Tuesday aud Sunday mornings at
8 o'clock.
If  you   want   pictures   I
cabinet or sign worK   done
J. Sutton.
j Have a photo of your residence
taken bv the Courtenay Photo
Studio.    Prices moderate
See lhat your Camera is a Kodak
or Brownie. They cost lets ami
give Inter results than any other
kind. Sold only at Peacey's Drug
, The Clansman arrived at the
Builders Supply Co.'s wharf last
' night with a load of supplies for
them. They also had a scow lead
of red brick come in at the .same
I A meeting of those interested in
! forming a Red Cross Ambulance
Corps will be held in the Opera
house on Friday evening the 13th
inst. This is a grand work and
should have the hearty support of
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R, MacQUILLAN, Prop.
Union St. Courtenay
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled


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