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The Review Oct 2, 1913

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tMHHHMMHi   ���...*.... .... ...aaa>..*.M
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
Wc Can Sell It
Have You Monty to Iitreat.
See us; w�� Can Make Yoti
l,iirge Dividends
Island   Realty  Co.
VOL. 1
NO. 45
$100.00 CASH BUYS
10 Acre Block
Good Land, Easily Cleared,
Good Situation
2 Miles from Courtenay
Price $800, $100 Cash, balance
on easy terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
Just received a large line of Lace Curtains, from
75c a pair up
A nice assortment of Portiers to choose from in
different patterns
Couch Covers in different grades and patterns at
very low prices
The famous Bissels Sweeper from $3.75 to $50
Curtain Rods in brass and wood from 10c up
A good assortment of Blankets, Comforters, Sheets,
.   Pillowcases and Pillows at reasonable prices
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
C. A. BROWN, Manager
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have I^ots Ironling on tlie Station Grounds.   Also ou the  12 Acres
which tlie C. P, R. have cleared for Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
t       To give the Small Investor a Chance we will sell these Lots on easy
1 terms
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
M unlay is the lust day for regis-
eriug for the voters' list.
Wanted���'Office or out dour work,
Apply Box 3, Review office,
i     For Sale��� 3 milch cows ami one
I heifer. Apply A. Hogg,  Saudwick
r. 0.
Found��� A pair of gold-rimmed
spectacles ill case.    Apply  at  this
Lost���Tail I,amp off a Ford motor car.   Finder please notify H.
1). l'orde, Courtenay.
Store niul warehouse to rent, op-
posi'e Courteuay hotel. Apply,
Wra. l,ewis, Courtenay.
All the latest stvles in Fall ami
Winter hats are on display at Miss
Deucy Smith's Millinery parlors.
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey's.
Found adrift���At Point Holmes,
a sixteen foot row boat. Apply
John Knight, Point Holmes.
For Sale-���-Two year old,   pure
, bred Jersey bull.    Apply II. Fiske,
Sandwick P. O.
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.    Local views for sale.
For sale ��� good driving mare 12
years old weighing about  1000 lbs.
Apply   H.  Richards, Cumberland,
,box 155.
Ivor Sale���Well bred young pigs $5
each. Aitkens Upper Rd. Saudwick
I Phone m, 83.
Good, young Jersey oow in milk
for sale ��� also a few Rhode Island
Red cockerels. Bruce Towler .
Cumberland Road,
For rent ���Large room 24 x 50
above the new butcher shop, will
be fitted to suit tenant. Apply
M. Pare/.. Conrtenny.
For Sale���10 Sows, in pig, 1
Boar, weighs 400 lbs,, also small
pigs. Address, Robert Sollar>,
Hornby Island.
L. L. Stevenson, Ph. B., Oph. D.
Graduate Optician. Eyes tested
and glasses fitted. Office at
Marocchi Building.
Lost���between Courteuay and
Union Bay, a wicker suitcase, trimmed with leather. Reward. Communicate with General Hospital,
Lost���on Tuesday, September
22, between Mine 8 and Courtenay,
an Eastman folding camera, name
on case, H. A. Hoard, Finder
kindly leave at Review Office.
Partner wanted to help to develop
Ranch, to talA half share in ranch
and stock. Capital required about
$8000. Full particulars from Hardy
& Biscoe Real Fstate Agents Courtenay B. C.
Just arrived at Willard's Harness Emporium: a fine line of horse
blankets, lap rugs, trunks and suit
cases at all prices. Harness repairing promptly and neatly done.
\Vesley Willard, Cumberland and
F'or Rent���6 roomed house, good
water, orchard, chicken stable,
barn and 15 acres next to Little
River school house, best chance for
a start. Rent very reasonable.
Applv for particulars to the Postmaster at Comox.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from.
Picture framiug and sign work
promptly doue. Sutton's Cabinet
Marrochi bakery is now open for
Horn ��� on Monday Sept 21) to
Mr. aud Mrs. Lance Berkley ��son.
If J. C. will sign his communication wc might use it, not otherwise.
Henry Mitchell and a companion
got four grouse, two pheasants and
one deer yesterda,'. Pretty good
yor one days sport.
In horses and men a sort of duel
is going on between red and brown,
or rather chestnut and hay. The
hackney is chiefly red, the hunter
chiefly brown,though Ireland is now
producing more chestnuts,
M. A. Inkster ran across a bear
and oub the other day, while out
fishing, the next day lie went after
them with a dog and gun. He
followed them for four or five miles
when they crossed Brown's river
and disappeared.
A young man named Boucher had
some dynamite caps in liis pocket
on Saturday when they exploded
tearing a great hole in his side.
He is in a precarious condition.
Thanks for inserting my letter in
your last issue which has resulted
in Mr. A. W. Blight being appointed Conductor and Mr. Callin
has agreed to  act   as Secretary.
Nine young men, preferably those
who are permanent residents uf the
District, are wanted ns players of
the following instruments: ���
3 11 flat Cornets.
1 E flat Tenor Sax.
1 Tenor Trombone (Dive)
1 11 flat Baritone.
1 B flat Euphonium.
1 E flat Bass or Bombaidon,
1 Bass Drum.
Applicants will please see Mr.
Blight or Mr. Callin the secretary.
Harry Idiens.
Boats For Sale
and Hire
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short   Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
For variety in Fruit, Vegetables, Farm and Dairy
Produce, Hams and Bacon, and all kinds of
Canned Goods
A lrrge assortment of Candies, Tobaccos, Cigars
and Cigarettes
Quality and Prices Right
Call and See Us
Look at This
New cottage, shingled and lined inside, 1-2 acre cleared, t-2
mile out, $800' 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months, 7 per cent.
40 acres, close to new road from Cumberland to Headquarters
$30 per acre, terms
25 acres, greater part best of black loam soil,   5 minutes from
Grantham, $85 per acre
4.5 acres, close to Mine 8, $750
Central lot in Courtsnay, $250, 1-3 cash, 6 and 12 months
Real Estate and Auctioneers
Phone 10 COURTENAY, B. C.
By Shopping at the
Courtenay Opera Houre
Thups., FrL, and Sat. Morning
October 2, 3 and 4
Seabrook Young has brought a large stock of the
newest Dry Goods from his Victoria store, including ladies and  misses fall coats, one piece dresses,
millinery, silk and cotton waists
We tell you you will save hard earned money, but
seeing is believing.   Come in and see for yourself
Special Boys Wool Jerseys, all sizes, $1 THE REVIEW, COURTENAY, B.C.
S'.citheadaohM���neur��1| ������ lic.iJaclias��� splitting!
Li r.ding htadichei - ������ I vw l��li when you n.k��
Na-ih'u-Co Headache Wafers
They   ita  not  contain   plionaoetln,   ��ootai'..ild,
morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug.
2��ic. :, lex at your Druggltt'li 123
National Dnu,-. . CrMir.L Co ftFC*NAOA.Lia,nib.
!3y Morice Gerard
sir Richard milled i in'   oi
as which  have le*8 Joy In
Hum many a ulgll.
I'm iii'riilil iluu nothing ihorl "f a
doctor's certificate would be mill-
clenl in justify absence to-night.
They ate their breakfast In ellence
each busy with hln and her own
thoughts, At Its conclusion, Maud
Bald -
I'annot you send a telegram?
To whom?
To Mr. Murgatroyd.
1 don't exactly like to d" no. It
nab ono of the stipulations Hi tho oul-
foi, that I should not appear In the
Blatter. Ha mny be landed In some
Imbroglio. Telegrams ara among
the moat dangerous and damaging Impedimenta of our present advanced
Btage or life
Nevertheless, as the morning wore
on, sir lllchiii'd decided to rink it. Ho
worded the telegram Indelliiliely.
Shall be glad to hear arrival l" London.   Wire,���Hanley.
The telegram wan senl to iho Pal-
con. Au lionr pasBed; there was no
answer, Hanley walked hln room
restlessly Impatient. A Becond hour
dragged lis Blow length nway. Still
no reply. Then he determined io
wire to Hn' landlord of Hie Falcon at
in Mr. Murgatroyd slaying at the
hotel? The answer was irepald. The
reply was prompt enough Ihls time.
Mr. Murgatroyd left early this
Uo was no nearer the solution of
his difficulty.
Alter lunch n meal mi thai day to
botti father and daughter In name only
���ha ordered his horse. Maud wished to accompany him, bul the statesman preferred solitude,
Maud spent tl n afternoon in her
private boudoir, lu which she bad received Murgatroyd on tho night be
brought her Watch back. Tho work
bIio hnd In her lingers was not exacting. There was ample opportunity
for thought, Much of U wont to
Murgatroyd, wo had captivated her
fancy, and to whom the very anxiety
anil doubt of Iho las! fortnight hud
lint a halo of additional interest.
She could hardly be said to bo In love
with him. She was stirred to intense
Interest; and that sort of Interest bc-
'.ween a beautiful girl and a handsome
man In the maturity of bis mental
ind physical vigor Is capable of beaming something deeper���given a
As the day darkened and the lamps
vi re lighted, Maud had a curious re-
ulslon of feeling. Tbe wave ot doubt
disappeared;   tho tension  of anxiety
Scalp In Very Bad Condition, Dandruff Could be Seen Plainly. Lost
Most of Hair, Cuticura Soap and
Cuticura Ointment Cured.
42 T.lpplncotE SI,, Toronto, Ontario.���
11About ii yoar ago l hud a vbry bad attack
ol typhoid nml my ni'alp waa In a very had
condition, 'rim dandruff could be won
plainly anil 1 lout mott of my hair. My balr
foil out gradually, but after having It uliain-
lioo,:d ll i-iiini, mil hi liaiulfiilR. I used Cutl-
cura Snap to shampoo my hair, then rubbed
tho Outlcura Olntmont into thn scalp, The
dandruff was very booh removed and my
hair Htuppud lulling out. Cuticura Soap and
Olulnioiit cured mc," (Signed) Mln K.
Chamberlain, Mur. 31, 1913.
Ansc du Cap, Quebec.���"About one year
ago my daughter had her hands covered
with eczema. It broke out In a rash. She
was um.blo to put her hands In waler and
aho used to scratch them uatU they wore
rod aud Inflamed and cracked and used to
bloed. Sho was unable to ii'eep by spells
from the pain and burning. We tried several remedies without receiving any relief.
After sho began washing with Outlcura Soap
and applying Cuticura Ointment she got
relief at once and after ten days' treatment
was entirely cured.
"My baby when toothing, broke out with
pimples on her face. After threo days'
treatment of Cuticura Soap sho was cured."
(Signed) Mad. V. Couburo, Fob. 12. 1912.
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment aro
sold by druggists and dealers everywhere.
For a liberal free sample of each, with 32-p.
book, send poet card t o Potter Drug & C'hem.
Corp., Dept. SOU, Bostoa, V. B. A.
W.N.U. 962
was removi d, Her fathei came in
in tea wiiii a haggard face, Maud
mei him with, a du erfulm ss which
was not feigned.
Something tells me, dad n is all
I'lghi. Ynu will come tiits triumph-
nnt, us you always have done; and
ihls time will he only an uglv dream.
I know It; 1 feel it.
i wish i could too,
Nevertheless he took his tea more
brightly, ami   afterwards   talked   on
oilier gubjoctfl, especially .Maud's presentation hy the Duchess ul' Shropshire on lhe following Thursday. Although her dress was ready, ami In the
house, he had nol seen If
Should she gn und pill  il on'.'    Her
father plnobi d her oheeli.
I'm afraid I shall nol prove a sound
critic, bill    I should like to see von.
So   Maud   weni.
When she returned he could hardly
believe IiIh eyes.
Why, little girl, you do look shinning. Thero! there's no other word for
it.     What a lot of admiration you
will  gel!    The daughter of poor Sir
Richard ITanley, he added grimly,
They won't sny that, said Maud.
.Then, after a pause, 1 am nol so sure
ol lhe admiration- and she thought of
1 wish lhe first was ns certain to be
rig! t as tho second to be wrong of
; our guesses.
When Sir Richard dressed for dinner
liis v.ilot thought hlni more cheerful
���han ho had been for days.
As ho stepped Into his brougham bo
liciught the last edition of the Pioneer. It was junt the lillip lie wanted.
Why. .Mnrgaircyd might have written or inspired It himself.
And be '.vas ncarc-i the mark than
he knew,
Run to Earth
At twenty minutes past nine there
was a sharp knock at No, 111, in tlit?
Tavistock Hotel. It was the private
silllng-i'ooni occupied by Mr. Muller,
who wns having his after-dinner cigar,
with a magnum of Leovllle, a favorite
claret of, his. by his side. He had
barely time to say: Come In, expecting t.o see the waiter, when Murray
Murgatroyd entered.
Muller glanced at the new-comer
with bis strong keen gaze, and then
flinging the cigar into the fire, balf-
Hinokcd, sprang to his feet.' For a
heavy man Muller was singularly agile. Ho read in the faeo of the Journalist that a fence was about to begin
without any buttons on the foils.
The two men Btood facing one another, half a dozen paces apart, with
only the corner of the table between
them. They were nol Ill-matched In
height and breadth of shoulders, but
Muller carried more flesh, and was the
older man by an appreciable number
of years. Intellectually, they were
both singularly capable antagonists,
Muller was the llrst to speak.
This Is un intrusion, sir; an unwarrantable Intrusion. It you have come
again about those papci'B, my answer
Is the same as before. I bave not
changed one whit. You shan't have
them, sir; more than that, If you do
not i|iilt this room, a private room,
the proprietor of this hotel ventures
to call It, Instantly, I will have you
turned out; and Muller advanced a
stop as il aboul to put. the threat Into
personal application Immediately.
Meantime Murgatroyd's quick eye
had been taking In the apartment. Mb
principal apprehension all along had
been lest Muller had deposited the papers and the incriminating plans and
maps elsewhere during that evening.
He did not fear the result If the documents bad not been put beyond his
reach. Murgatroyd's eye lightened
when he saw on a little table In the
window a small dispatch box, which
had evidently been recently taken out
of the portmanteau; for by its eldo
was a traveling writing-case. On tbo
dispatch box was clearly written to a
perceptive imaginationi Private documents, Inquire within, Murgatroyd
fully meant lo Inquire within. The
proof wns all the clearer to bis mind
by the fact that when Muller spoke
of papers his glance Involuntarily rested for a Becond on ihe dispatch box,
which was at right angles, about an
equal distance from each of them,
1 shall not, go, said Murgatroyd, until I have said what I have to say.
Neither will yon turn me out even of
your private room, ills toneB were
quiet, but very determined. He laid
a half-sarcastic emphasis on the last
two words,
We will see about that, exclaimed
Muller, taking a pace backwards towards the bell, which was an electric
button ou one side ot the fire-place.
He kept his ey?3 on Murgatroyd, although turning half from hlni.
I think you had better hear me out.
A touch of that bell will not bring
the person you expect, but some one
quite different, whom you do not expect.
Muller paused! There was something In the other's tone which convinced him In spite of himself.
I do not understand you, sir. Yon
have forced yourself Into my private
room; I order you to go out; I don't
want you; I havo heard what you have
to say before. Once for all, I hate
you and your country.
I am quite aware of that. Interposed
Murgatroyd, with still more sarcastic
Inflection of the voice,
IJ you do uot go out of the room, I
will have you chucked out of tbe hold. If uo one else does, 1 will do
It myself.
1 don't think you will-not if ynu are
wiiai is Hn- meaning of this bius-
nr'.' If 1 ring Ibis bell, of course the
servant who attends ui Ibis room ��ill
ou the contrary,
Who else should, pray?      Ynu seem
to hnve u powerful Imagination���most
Journalists have, i believe.
i ii ni nol Imagining now.
Muller flung mil iiii oath. lie bad
lliisln d llei'y rod lo his temples, Ihe
color showing  wine deep  through bis
blonde skin.
Say what you mean, sir. and hnve
done   wllh   It Who     would     enine,
piny 7
A gentleman who ought to be standing heie In my Blend, If I were mil
for reasons of my own, 1 confess, not
connected with philanthropy, or even
line of you   so lenient towards you.
Muller strode forward, until Hie two
men wero within nun's length ni ona
Murgatroyd did nol give an Inch.
Muller glared at him, bul he inok no
nol Ice, only showing by lhe linn sel
of his mouth, and the hard look of i
his eyes, tilth the tension of his self-
command was greal.
You really give yourself away loo
airily. You inlglil so easily have
made me llilnk It wns special regard
for niyseir which clothed you wllh
tills rare clemency. Perhaps after
this long Introduction you will condescend to enlighten me a llllle more.
Fll'St,   as   to   your  object   in  coming
here uninvited, and certainly unwanted; secondly, us to this mysterious lu- j
dividual, who seems remarkably llltei
thunder, alarming to tha uninitiated,
bul. not. dangerous.  All this mystery i
would be highly Interesting In n novel.
bnt seems a trifle out of place in real,
(To be Continued)
ARROW and,?
KB*"}.'.! i.        t&QnXti
- Canadian mnde from our
V-' factory nt Windsor, Ontario.
Try Rernington-UMC Arrow nnd Nihn
Clubs this senson.  Their absolute reliability
lias made them the choice of aportsmen nil ovfc -
Canddn.   Tlie highest priced nmmunition solit
in the Dominion.  We have yet to find the keen
sportsman who balks nt paying the price.
Ctrtaln datalltol manufafiuinafaallula more rigidly watched In
KMnlniton.JJMC ahuinhrlla.   Mny we >and yon ., Inx.klri limply
ttplainini ihc.e mill nthri iclne.,.! ,..>,��,r,->   Vour name Mid t.,1.
dlfaa on n )i���Hli���ul will I'liiiic il hy tWUU moil.
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Va)., Windsor, Ontario
Slain  of Ohio,   City  of Toledo,     I   ,,
Lucas County ' ,
Frank .T. Cheney makes oath thai he Is
sininr partner or tha firm of P. J.
Chen" s Co., doing business In tho city
of Toledo, County nnd Hiatc aforesaid.
and that said linn will pay tho sum of
every case of catarrh Mint, cannot he
cured by tho use of Hull's Catarrh Cure.
Bworn to before mc and subscribed
In tils presenoo, this ilhi day nf Decom-
i.er.  A. 11.,  iSSG.
(Seal.) A.  W.  GLEASON,
Notary  Public
null's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internally,
and acts directly on lhe blood nnd
mucous surfaces of tho system. Send
for testimonials free.
P, .1. i'HENRY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold  by nd  iliiiKKlsts.  "tic.
Take Hails Family Pills lor constipation.
Unwed at   101
Miss   Mary   Thoailu   Is   apparently
ihe   oldesl   unmarried   woman   in   all
Ihe   world.       She   liven   In   Denver,
Colo., and um hum ago celebrated her
tOlsl  hlrlhiliiy .
Really she is u mosl wonderful woman, according to the reports ol her
friends ami relations. She claims
never to have been sick a day In her
life, and furthermore, having lived in
single bliss all her Iif:', vigorously Insists Hint she never regrehed  II.
Evidently she is or ihe opinion
Ihul unmarried women are Juki as happy as married ones���that, in (act tlio
unattached women are likely to get
a greal deal more out of life, for they
aro not as apt to spend ihelr days
bound down lo domestic duties and
Jllss Thearln is still perfectly
healthy and expects lo continue so to
enjoy a number of more years in the
same cheerful stale.
A Remedy for Bilious Headache.���
'I'd those subject to bilious headache,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills arc recommended as tho way lo speedy relief.
Taken according to directions they
will subdue Irregularities of the stomach and so act upon the nerves and
blood vessels that the pains In the
head will cease. There are few who
are not at sometime subject to biliousness and familiar wllh lis attendant
evils. Yet none need suffer with
lhe.se pills al hand.
Mail .eel Men Live Longest
Marihil men live longer Hum bad
plors or wMowers because they havi,
I Idling wiles around lo say: One ulp'i
enough, John ami lo see Hull hiihh;
I gels his dose ot quinine when hi
; collies homo with  wet  feel .
Tlie Journal of Iho American Medi
eal Association reachos thiH conclui
I Ion lu lis cm rein issue, published re
ceully. Tlio journal nlso comment!
on ihe inci ihut married men, de
pi'lvod of Ihelr when by ilinlh or the
divorce court, plno away and die ill t
speedier rale than bachelors.
Undoubtedly the lower death raip
among married men is partly due u
the fuel. Hull, married men live niucl'
more regular lives and consequentlj
avoid ninny of Iho dangers Of Irregn
lur living, snjs the Journal, Thin
view would seem to he corroborated!
by statistics as to lhe mortality amoni
married men who havi' lost, thc-te
wives either by death or divorce. Thn
mortality rate among widowers nnt!
the divorced Is almost double that oJ
married men nl' the same age.
Near it
1 found one honcsi man.
Was he In the pooi-house?
Where, then?
On the way to it.
Etymological   Dispute
A chefonyear Is a sort ot hut-tan.
Tain't nolhln' of the kind.      It's a
man what drives an auto.
If you were as strong, proportionately, a.i the beetle Is, and were a man j
weighing a couple of hundred pounds, |
you would be able to lift with ease
400,000 pounds. For a beetle can
lift a weight that is just 200 times its
own weight.
Or If you could jump about with
the Bame ease as the grasshopper
you could spring over the tallest building In the Chicago loop district without much effort.
Or, again, If you wanted to be nearly as Blrong as the bee you would
have to ilrng after you.a load weighing 4,000 pounds.
It. seems, apparently, from such observations made by naturalists that
the greater In olze the animal the
greater Is the nniBcular energy needed lo move It, nbout, and that there is
not much left for outside force.
How to Save Your Tires
A lire manufacturing company gives
Ihls advice about the care of motor
car tires:
The idea seems universal among motor car owners that lhe tire cost of
their equipment far exceeds all other
costs that they lave to deal with, it
Is true that the tire cost must necessarily be greater than any other cost
of running connected with the machine
but is far from necessary that tho
cost shall bear such a ratio to the
other expenses as is generally the case
This is especially true where pneumatic tires are used. If tires were
loaded only to the maximum loads
for which tbey were designed, If they
were kept inflated always to the pressure called for by thp tire manufacturer. If they were not run In ruts, if
they were properly and quickly repaired when damaged, and If they were
run on wheels which did not wobble,
their cost of upkeep would be cut In
A Way Some People Have
A doctor said:
"Before marriage my wife observed In summer nnd country homes,
coming In touch with families of varied means, culture, tastes and discriminating tendencies, that the families
using Postum seemed to average better than those using tea or coffee.
"When we wero married two years
ago, Postum wus among our first order of groceries. We nlso put In
some tea and coffee for guests, but
afler botli had stood around the pantry about a year untouched, they were
thrown nway, and Postum used only.
"Up to the i ge of 28 I had been accustomed to drink coffee as a routine
habit and suffered constantly from Indigestion and all Its relative disorders. "
Tea Is jiiBt as harmful because it
contains caffeine, iho same drug-
found In coffee.
"Since using Postum all the old
complaints have completely left me
and I somc'lmes wonder if I ever had
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co , Windsor, Ont Write for booklet, "The Road to Wellvllle."
Postum comes In two forms.
Regular (must be boiled)'
Instant Postum doesn't require boiling but Is prepared Instantly by stirring a level tep. spoon fill In an ordinary
cup of hot wa'.er, which makes It
right for most persons.
A big cup requires more and some
people wbo like Blrong things put In
a heaping sno-onful and temper it with
a largo supply of cream.
Experiment until you know the
amount that pleases your palnle and
have it served that way in the future.
"There's a Hearon."
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper
One of the reasons why English is
expected to become a world language
is lhat English people refuse to learn
another. A correspondent sends the
following example: Al Muscat, at ihe
entrance to the Persian Gulf, there
lived for many years an Englishman,
supposed to be tlie only, or almost
Uie only Britsh resident, on the 1,500
miles of Arabian coastline from Aden
to Kowett. It would seem that he
could hardly have escaped knowing
Arabic, Yet he confessed that he
could nol speak a dozen words of
that language.
But how do you carry on your trade
some one asked,
Oh, be replied, the beggars have lo
learn  English.
Desired to Know
What ou earth are you talklnf
aboul ?
I don't know. '
Then why do you talk?
To find out.
Find out?
Yes. You seem to know il all mr
1 thought Perchance you could, ei
lighten nu'.
Mlnard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget   It
High Finance
A man sent his neighbor's Utile bef
to the drug More to buy five postage
stamps, He handed him two dimes,
the extra one being for himself. Some.
time afterward the boy came biiel
blubbering and said lie bad lost ont
of the dimes.
Dut why didn't, you buy me tin
stamps? asked the man
Because mister, replied the boy, P
was your dime I lost.
A Proof
Doer. Emily dote so on that younf
mn of hers?
Does she? At this moment she it
changing her blown hair to golden be
cause he likes blondes best.
Oh I see. She's positively dyelni.
for hlni.
Soft corns are difficult to eradicate
but Holloway's Corn Cures will tlra*
them out painlessly.
No man is sure of himself, which "ir
perhaps the roason he asserts hit
opinion so positively.
County fairs may get along without
slock, races or agricultural exhibits.
But they must havo peanuts, taffy, >
merry-go-round, an orator and a llylnj
Ob. thai my son should wish to marry un actress! shrieked the proud
mother, Now, ma, don't tuke on so,
urged the unduiiful heir. She isn't
really an actress; she only thinks she
Next in Command
1 nm looking Tor the man who row
this office.
He is out jusl now.
Hut I have a big deal I want to pa
You might see the office boy.
Woman Is As Old -As
She Looks
No woman wanti tt look old. Many In their effort to look
youthful ren art to the beauty doctor'* "prescrlptloi.e.Thclr mistake la that they visit tho wrong department In the drug store.
Beauty depends upon health.
Worry, tleepleas night \ headaches, palna. dloordert, Irregu-
lar.t.es end weaknc net at * distinctly feminine character In %
short tlmo hrlne tho dull eye. the "crow'e feet," the haggard
look, dropping shouldera, and tho faltering Itep.
To retain the appearance of youth you must retain health.
Instead of lotions, powdera ana paints, ask your druggist for
Favorite Prescription
This famous medicine atrlkes at tha very root of these
enemies of your youthful appearance. It makes you not
only hoh young, but fiel young.
V��ur druggist can supply you In liquid or Ufclel f onnier mim*
CO oneennt atunps to Dr. PUrce's Invalid* HoUl and Bur-
elcaf tnstltule, *��f f*I���� B.Y. and trial bo* will be nulled yen. THE REVIEW, COURTENAY, B.C."
gl awcuncuM-ll
TeiittcrioN;?      M * N
1  MEl.Y AID
A  Post Impression
Cleorge Lulu, whose paintings of
pulttreu and old people made u re-
rem sensation In a Fifth avenue gal-
iiry,   was   talking   iihiiul   the   posl llll-
Mm links, said n niagiulne editor,
whin Is a post-lmpresslonlst?
Willi a Jollj laugh, Mr. Lulu re
A |)OBt-lmpt*esslonlst, iny deor fellow,
la mi artist who aims to give you tho
:ioshiiii|iri'Ksinu Ihnl    he    him   orders
'it More pictures Hum he can paint,
Outing Shoes
In the Crand Stand
Daisy    Do you understand I isebnll?
Kitty���Perfectly; but why does that
���nan,run so hard with nobody after
The fellow who loses his temper
"sn't different a great deal from the
ilKh tempered man who is exhibiting
Vnk'ss worm bo expelled from the
system, no child can be healthy.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
ts the best medicine extant to deslroy
What is lie kicking about? asked
'.lie malinger.
Wants his nickel back, replied the
beautiful ticket seller.
What's lhe complaint?
The moving picture didn't talk.
Thousands Have Been Helped
By Common Sense
Women suffering from any form of
It-male ills are invited to communicate
promptly with the
1 woman's private
correspondence de-
' partmentof the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
Mass. Your letter
will bo opened, read
i and answered by a
woman and held in
strict confidence. A woman can freely
talk of her private illness to a woman ;
thus has been established a confidential
���correspondence which has extended over
many years and which has never been
broken. Never have they published a
testimonial or used a letter without tho
-written consentot tho writer, and never
lhas the Company allowed these confidential letters to get out of their pos-
xession, as the hundreds of thousands
of them in their files will attest.
Out of the vast volume of experience
-which they have to draw from, it is mora
<han possible that they possess the very
knowledge needed in your case. Nothing is asked in return except your good
will, and their advice has helped thousands. Surely any woman, rich or poor,
should be glad to take advantage of this
(generous offer of assistance. Address
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., (confidential) Lynn, Mass.
Every woman ought to have
Lydia E. Pinkham's 80-page
'Text Book. It is not a book for
general distribution, as it is too
expensive. It is free and only
obtainable by mail. Write for
It today.
W.N.U. 962
Interesting People
(if King Nh'hniiis of Montenegro
���omobody writes thai he ships people
io examine their guns umi pistole,
mul rates anybody who carrlos thorn
unloaded   which i nils nu  anecdoto
related of himself hy Couul Moltke,
when, in 1866, ho accompanied the
crown prince ot I'iuhsIu in Moscow io
attend the coronation of Alexander ll.
At a bull In llu' Kremlin Moltke was
Introduced to a group of plcturesouo
potentates from oentral Asia, wiih
tholr girdles niiiei;  full of daggers
uiul pisiols, lu the jiresenl duy Albanian manner and lie begged to know
whether these firearms of theirs wero
loaded. Why should I carry them if
they were mil loaded, replied the
spokesman of the party; and in a
letter to his English wife Moltke confessed thai he had never experienced
Bitch a set hack all his life. Hero
al lust, he said, I have found 'un honi-
me Borleiix,' a man who Is what he
looks and means what he says.
All ul i:ig the road lo Lexington
from Cambridge, Muss., there are
monuments to rebel colonists who
slew British soldiers on April 19, In
1775. but the most striking is that
which Is raised to lhe memory of
Samuel Whliteniore. lie was 80
years of age at the time and he killed
three British soldiers with his own
hand. The siono records that for
this he received punishment of three
kinds. He was shot, he was bayoneted and he was beaten. He was then
reasonably enough left for dead. The
old fellow must have had a magnificent constitution and a spirit which
the mosl devoted optimist must envy.
For the Inscription goes on to say that
ho recovered und lived lo the age of
Mr. Roosevelt's successful count ot
liis glasses to win his libel action contrasts present customs with those of
England 80 years ugo. G. W. E.
Russell recounts'; Mr. Gladstone, conspicuous from his Oxford days for Ms
moderation in the use of wine, told
mo that until Sir Andrew Clark limited him on grounds of healih to a certain number of glasses he had never
thought of counting them. One drank
what was put in one's glass without
counting or questioning.
His Bequest
One of the briefest and queerest
wills on record is that of an old western farmer, who though reputed to be
rich, died penniless. His will ran:
In the name of God, amen. There's
only one thing I leave, I leave the
earth. My relations have always
wanted that.     They can have It.
Blankets of Bark
They have trees for blankets In
Ecudar, and they like them, too. They
are fond of the firm touch of lhe bark
against, them as they sleep.
We would probably think iliey were
'zero In covering,' and we would doubtless work up In a much besiiffened
condition if we slept under a wood
But the native Indians are most enthusiastic, according to ,T. Jameson,
a traveller and lecturer, who has recently returned from those parts.
The blankets are made from the
bark of a tree which is cut particularly thin. It is pounded and moistened
and then pounded some more and put
out into the sun to dry. And a most
desirable and economical blanket It I.-,
lasting anywhere from two to live
Armed with guns and huge game-
bags, the two Irishmen sailed forth in
search of sport. It wus their first
venture at Bhootlng, and they were
dreadfully keen.
Suddenly Casey spoiled n bird and
taking aim, prepared to fire lhe fatal
shot. Then Pat seized him by the
arm frantically. For mercy's sake
don't Are, Casey! he yelled. Sure,
an' ye have forgel ten to load yer
gun! That's as may be, my lad, retorted Casey, but fire 1 must. Be-
gorrah, the bird won't wail.
A huntsman called on 1 lodge to settle for damages done by r. run to
hounds and found only Mrs. Hodge a!
Has your husband, he inquired, made
an examination yet?
That he have, sir, replied Mrs.
Hodge, with a curtsey.
Rather a cursory examination. I
Oh, dreadful, sir. Such langwidge
I never heard���never.
Between the woman who wants .-.
husband and the woman who wants (o
get rid ot one society in many a town
Is kept amused ar.d Interested.
Once the Nerve is Cone a M.m Should
^ Fly no More
Be who Hies constantly must look
to one personal risk, which may vary
according to the characteristics of the
Individual. This is lhe danger a mau
may incur by becoming a little cureless while in the air, There is the
possibility, in fuel, thai lainiliarilj
may breed���not neiuiil contempt���but
a temporary relaxation or vigilance,
and piloting mi aeroplane nerds such!
watchfulness, such minute precision,
thai any stoleness on the part of the
man al. lhe wheel, or lever, represents
a peril that is very real. |
The  pilot  who  flies a    greal    deal
should remind himself constantly tli!it':
i here Is no room for error in the handling of aircraft.
A loss of confidence nol dinieuii to |
understand la suffered by an airman,
sometimes, after he bus been the vio-j
Um of a serious fall, nnd In similar
eireumsliincoH a Jockey, or say a racing motorist, may be robbed of nerve
and when a pllol does lose Judgment,
BS lhe outcome nf a hud mishap, his;
wisest C0lll'80 Is lo cense to Ily.  Willi I
u broken nerve, he is n menace io
himself mid I" oiiiers lis well.���
Claude Graham While, in the National
ra t
A Homely Thing
An eutliti tlastic young settlement
worker, in her kindness of heart, decided to take to the seashore a little
six year old child who had ne,'er
breathed purer air than that of a city
Jennie's delight will do me good,
she said to those who expostulated
with her. It will help me to rest in
my vacation to see her growing rosy.
How she will enjoy It!
But It turned out that Jennie was
a "young woman with views of her
own. As the train drew into the
station of the seaside resort they
could see from the car window a
wide stretch of beach and cea.
Look, Jennie, exclaimed ber philanthropic companion. There Is the
Bursting into tears, Jennie flung
herself, sobbing into the arms of her
frler.d. Oh, my, ain't it homely, she
crle .1.
The Man With Asthma, almost
longs ror death u> end Ms suffering.
He sees ahead only years o( endless
torment with intervals of rest which
are themselves fraught with never
ceasing fe:.' of renewed attacks. Let
llitu turn io Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy and know whal complete
relief It can give. Let him but v&o
it faithfully and he will Hnd his asthma a thing of the past.
On the Lion
' A Baltimore man, Interested In tlie
education of the young, recently visited a klndergar'teu in that city.
After the llrst exercises the visitor
was asked to put a few questions to
tlie pupils. To a hoy of 5 the caller said:
Have you ever seen a lion's skin?
Ye:,, sir, came In ringing tones from
the youngster.
And where? asked the visitor, Impressed with the child's eamestnese.
On the Hon, answered the boy.
A girl exclaims: How romantic!
when she hears of au engagement; a
man: How tedious.
Try Murine  Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
���Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, SOc.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c,  50c.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
An Ey. Tonlo Oood lor All Em thai Naad Car*
Murine Era  Remedy Co.. Chicago
Western   Recognition   of     tli;     Cr
Work the C P n   i; Doing for
Cm idj
'i'lic confirmation bj Sir Thomas
Sbaughnes8y of the intention oi the
C. I', it. ti. expend $100,000,000 iu ihe
extension of lis lines nnd perfection of
lis Bysietu in ih ��� west, comes ai the
present   Mine ns a  piece of very   wel-
come   news   Indeed   and   furnishes
moreover , ample opportunity Cor tho
people or Canada to ravlew tlie situation and examine Into tin   relations
which siibslsi between the Doininloni
nf Canada .".m; tills great corporation, |
When the evidences oi  a  world  wide
trade depression which is now coming I
ou   are   lo   be  seen   ou  all   sides   and |
the  um.ley situation Is becoming all;
tho while tighter, th inouncement
nt' a gigantic expenditure of ihls kind,
and al ihls particular tlm    appears1
like a veritable rii'i in the clouds le-l
fore the storm has had llm.i tO break, j
We have all heard the C.P.R, damned for one thing and another audi
many ofus may have done u lilt of ll
ourselves ai times when we didn't!
happen to ihiuli thai ihlngs wire coming suiiieieniie our wni; hm nevertheless where Is there another corporation thm has sn thoroughly Identified
Hseif wiiii Hie Interests of o country
as this mammoth railway nml steamboat company Ikis done'.' Neither ls^
this iho linn Instance when British
Columbians In various districts and mi
Various times have seen Infant Indus-j
irles nursed along by UK company iu
a way thai wns truly pat .'mil, and It
does not detract from the situation In the slightest where il may be
seen that in doing so they were mere-
bulldlng up profitable business for
themselves in the years to follow. II
is now twenty years since iliey placed
a steamer ou Okanagau Lake that was
far beyond the capacity required at
thai -line, and many a lean trip was
made before there was business
enough io justify the expenditure.
Any Bottler on the shore of Okanagau
Lake had only to moor a log or two
at the shore to serve as a wharf and
display a white flag when he wanted
tlie bout to call, and he and his little
bit of produce or belonging:, was taken aboard. The mining Industry In
the Boundary was fostered along the
same way. end when It was a mailer
of life or death to mi.e owners to
determine whether the low grade ores
of tho Boundary could be made to
yield a profit, the C.P.U. did their
part to help out the situation by giving
a rate of. .'15 cents per ton for the
transportation of ore lo tho smellers
at Greenwood, Grand Forks and
Boundary Falls long before there was
any other road to share this business
with them.
In fact, Sir John A. Macdonald, far-
seeing; statesman as he was, btilldert
even better than he knew when he
tied up with the men who risked their
fortunes In tlie gigantic scheme of giving Canada a railway from ocean to
ocean; and any aid which he and his
parliament were able to give at cilt
leal periods to help it through, was
bread sown on the waters, which Is
since coming back in countless ways
and this latest manifestation in the
expenditure of $100,000 In the exten
sion and Improvement of their sys
tem In the west at this particular
time ,s but another magnificent Instance of tic volley they have-seen
lit to pursue and the national sentiment which has inspired It. To do
the right thing at the right time is
a happy faculty that is unfortunately
not possessed by all, and neither are
all in a position to do it, but it ls
fortunate for all that those who are
In a position to do so, have the will
to do so.���Hedley, B.C. Gazette.
Will kill every fly in vojr
house or store. A It you have
to do is to get lhe flies to the
Directions in each packet
show how to do this,
Caring  for Caged   Birds
Vegetable food or some kind U u
necessity for the caged bird. A lettuce leaf, water oresn, a small piece
or apple, a grape or n small thin piece
of raw potato if there Is nothing else
should be given every duy. The staple food should be canary seed mixed
witli u small percentage ol rap" and
golden millet, bu: occasionally In cold
weather add a Utile hem seen.
Should ihe bird's nulls grow too
long, take him in your hand, loi ��el>.
but firmly, hold his feel  in a cup  "f
warm, Boapy water for several miu-
ules to soften the nnil, then cut the
extreme end with n pair of sharp nail
s: Issors.
A bird should he accustomed to having a bath every morning, The bost
best plan to encourage this is to remove the bottom of the cage, put a
small tllsh of wafer on a sheet of paper, and set the top of the cagi over
II. Many birds have to be coe I 1
inlo taking a bath, and if your bird
has not been accustomed to Ir, I' will
help matters to remove the seel aud
water dishes. After he luis bathed
hang the cago In a warm pleacc so
that there may be no fear of the bird
becoming chilled.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���In June, :is. I I ad my
hand and wrist bitten and badly mangled by a vicious hoi so. I suffered
greatly for several days and the tooth
cuts refused to heal until your agont
gave mc a bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT, Which I began using. The effect was magical; In five hours tin*
pain hud ceased and iu two weeks the
wounds had completely healed and m
hand and arm were as well as ever.
Yours truly.
A.  H.  ROT.
Carriage Mai ���*
St. Antolne, r.Q.
They were In the antique section of
the art museum and were gazing at a
mummy swathed in Its cloth. Auto
or aeroplane accident, evidently, one
man remarked. Guesc It's the former
returned his companion, for see. there
is his number, and he pointed to a
card reading 'B.C. 87.'
Lord Ballyrot In Shangland
Having finished my rep.ist In a public dining room you know, t aros��
and requested of the waiter that h*
regain my hat aud my walking stick.
The fellow summoned a boy in uniform and addressed him like this:
Hey kid, this gent wants his IU
and his lumber. Go over to the coat-
tree and shake off the fruit until you
o��me across a gasstove toque and a
yellow wagger-mast. Don't worry,
Mister. The kld'll fetch yonr freak
kelly and your groper.
My word'
Cost Her Nothing
That Mrs. Naybor dropped !n this
afternoon and got off a lot of cheap
Cheap talk?
Yes. she used our telephone for a
full half hour.
Doctor���For dinner    .u should lake
forty minutes.
Timid Patient���Would It be danger-;
oils to add a bit of meat and some j
A lot of us In our secret souls are
rather glad when we find we aren't
getting what is coming to us.
Nothing but Beach
Mildred was sitting on her father's
knee watching her mother arrange
her hair.
Papa hasn't any waves like thit,
said the father laughing.
Mildred, looking up at her father's
bald pate, replied:
No, no waves:  It Is all beach.
X '
I ordered this steak not well done,
said the Impatient guest. I know It
answered the intellectual waiter. But
the cook ls one of those people who
believe that no matter how small a
thing is il should be well done.
Neuralgic Condition
Of the Nerves
In this age of    nervous    disorders:
neuralgia ls fearfully common.    The
first  thought  is of neuralgia  In the j
head or splitting headache, but neuralgia may affect any part of the body
In which there arc sensitive nerves, j
The  teeth   are yften  blamed   and
extracted in error, when the cause of
the  trouble  is  in  the  impoverished;
condition of the blood and the starved
nervous system.
While neuralgic pains are usually j
sharp and shooting, and consequently |
difficult to locate, the seat of trouble
is usually sore and tender under
Neuralgia Is pain and as such is
the symptom of a disease���nervous
exhaustion. The nerves must be restored   before  cure can  possibly   be
In many cases neuralgia ls easily
curable by the usa of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food. The patient is thin and
bloodless and needs tonic treatment
to form new, rich blood. ���.
The application of cloths rung from
hot. water will afford relief from the
suffering, and the regular use of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food for a few weeks
will completely overcame the neuralgic condition.
Powerful drugs are to be avoided,
because of their injurious effect in
further weakening tlie nervous system. The Nerve Food cures by bulld-
iug up the feeble, wasted nerve cells,
and for this reason is of lasting benefit.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
E0 cents a box, 6 for $2.50, at all dea
Ited, T
k-rs, or Fjdmanson, Bates & Co., Llnv
oronto. The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1K69
Capital 1'niil Up $11,560,000       Reserve and Undivided Profits 51.1,111111,0011
Payable in nil purls of the world
Special attention given t" Savings Department and Transactions "I Ordinary hanking Business by mall
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtenay, B, C.
N. II. Iloni'N, iMiinr anil Proprietor
Subscription Sl-60 per Year In Advance
f ?r'i?-r-"-���-7-r: ������~ '���������
There is some liklihotid of there
being n racing matinee at tbe trmk
on Saturday, Oct. 18. Some of the
fast horses hereabouts are still iu
training, aud if sufficient mouey to
make attractive purses is forthcoming, a fine afteruoou's sport will be
had, .Shorty Graham, of Nanaimo has apparently backed down iu
his offer to race liis pony against
JSIr. Covert's mare.
We Invite Vour Inspection i>( Our
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
Mens Department
Sweater Coats
We can fill every requirement In the best
hand-knitted  .sweater  coats tliaj  it   is
possible to obtain and iu the most popu
lar styles.   We have them in .ill shades
and combinations.    Prices J3.00 to $8.50
I Overcoats
Mens Overcoat!  made  from the  Quest
imoorteil tweeds and cheviots nud made
j in lliis seasons designs,   A ltirifc variety
ol colorings In all shea,   Values from
��8,00 In $35.00
Wc nre now showing a large range in the
popular   Currie   Raincoat,    N"    llnet
material displayed In Waterproofs anywhere,    Price $8,50 to $25.00
Goods Coming in 011 fivery Horn
Prices as Low ns the Lowest
The Cumberland News com-i
ments 011 the neglect of the Court-"
enay Fair management to send
complimentary tickets to the press.
This is au oversight that many
societies in Courteuay are guilty
of. It is not that editors are not
able or willing to pay their way,
but newspapers generally give
notices beforehand aud always
give reports of any gatherings
held, and it is but fair that this
courtesy be extended to them. It
is beneath n newspaperman's dignity to go to the wicket and ask
for free admission,
A Choral Society and Glee Club
is going to be started this fail in
Courtenay, A number of ladies
and gentlemen hnve already given
in their names, Anyone wishing
to juiii Is requested to speak or
write to Dr. Crotnnton, As jt
takes several weeks to get music,
those wishing to join must be
prompt. It is hoped that all those
musically inclined will join. All
voices are wanted, soprano, alto,
tenor aud bass. First class voices
not a necessity. A meeting will
be held next week to decide 011 the
season's programme.
"Chas. H. Pigott
Sealed tenders will be received
by John Baird, government agent,
Cumberland, np to noon on Saturday, . 1 tli October, 1913, for the
purchase of the old school house at
Saudwick. Ten days will be allowed for the removal of the building from the date of acceptance of
Government Agent,
Cumberland, Ii. (),,
23rd September, 1913.
I do
u nil
We have just added to our stock tttK
shipment nf mens suits you wont
well to inspect these; ulso our fall
winter samples in made-to-measure c
ill},', of which we have a bigger
belter range than visual. We give
isfactlou in every detail. I'riccs $.
to $37,50
Our mens khaki, black drill, blue flannel
and flaunelete shirts are of exceptional
merit  and  will  wear.     Prices  ranging
from SI.25 to $4.00
We have   a complete stock iu   Curdroy
pants, also  MiicKiuan coats, shirts und
pants, oil clothing, gum hoots, all rubber
goods, tic, etc.
The Staff of Life
To answer the above  description,  bread must be  of
the finest quality
Aitken's bread fills the bill
as the straight staff
High class Cakes made of the
finest ingredients
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
Courtenay Bakery
stumble around in
the dark when you
can buy a servicable
pocket flash light
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Bulbs and refills always in stock
Ladies Department
The Bay Store, Comox
Having taken over the business lately
carried 011 by McPhee & Morrison, A. 13,
Ball, late manager, hopes by strict and
personal attention to business to still
maintain vour patronage and support.
Thanking vou for past favors.
A. II. Ball,
Womens, Misses and Childrens Cloth Coats
We are Bhowlng this season an assortment superior to any season previous for
Quality and Style, Our stock comprises
all the prevailing styles for Full and
Winter in brown, tans, blues, grays and
blacks. These coats are made in a large
variety of cloths nnd colour combinations
such ns moss cloth in solid and two tone
effects, two lone diagnols, curl cloths,
zircline, tweeds and mixtures, in lengths
of 48, 50 and 52 inches, in straight and
cutaway styles. Prices ranging from
JS.50 to J25.00
We are showing this week a complete
range of fall dress goods in all the
fashionable shades in plain nud novelty
weaves, comprising serges, poplins,
nitidis, satin cloths, tweeds, plaids,
ladies cloth, pauamas, voiles and crepes.
A complete range of Watsons underwear
that will wear and will not shrink, in
Indies, misses nud childrens., Special
lines in Indies line wool combination
suits nud childrens wool knit black
New Townsite-No. 8 Mine
Tbis consists of Eighty Acres, half of quarter section 22s, the
Cauadiau Colliery owning the other half on which the main
shaft and sawmills are situate, so that it is well situated, be-
iug close to business operations ond absolutely inside properly
Price of Lots $150 and upwards, on easy terms
Telephone 36
Courtenay, B. C.
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Full Line of Infants Wear
Comprising, Infants long and short
dresses, pinafores, barra coats in flannel
and flannelette. Shirts, bands, nightgowns, socks nnd bootees. Drawers and
water proof dress protectors. Wool and
silk hoods. White wool knit overalls
and leggins,    Wool veils.
Ladies,   misses   and  childrens  Maltese
Cross brand rubbers,   ill black and tan,
in shapes uud sizes to fit any shoe
For Fall Wear
Mens and Youths Heavy, Medium
and Light Woollen Underwear,
Woollen and Cashmere Sox, Dress
and Working Trousers, Light and
Heavy Raincoats, Winter Shirts, Etc.
Sole agents for Up-To-Date Tailored Suits, tailored
and guaranteed by the
FEED !        FEED !        FEED !
A large stock of shorts, bran, crushed oats, hay and poultry
feed for sale at exceptionally low prices
Phone 32
This Week's Arrivals���Boots and Shoes, Preserving
Kettles, Apricots and Peaches
First Class Quality
Prompt Delivery
5/0ff (or Cash
Corner Store, Sandwick
Parkin Bros., Props.
We are Now Running Full Time and are Able to
Supply Rough and Dressed Lumber
at Short Notice
Our Timber Is All First Class
Grantham Sawmill Co.
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administrates of Estates, General
Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
Loans, Insurance, Etc.
4 % Paid on Deposits
Property owners of the Comox Valley are specially
invited to list their real estate with this Company i$s
The Comox Valley Retailers'
The undersigned members of the Comox
Valley Retailers' Association have adopted the
following credit terms which will he strictly
adhered to.
"All accounts arc opened on the monthly
settlement plan, and conditional on payment being made not later than the fifteenth of the
month following purchase of goods," that is to
say if goods are purchased during the month of
September payment must be made not later
than the fifteenth of October, and further credit
will be refused by all members of the Association to any one refusing- to make settlement
within the allotted time.
per W. G, Robertson, Mgr.
per H, Moore
A. B. BALL, Gomox
McLeans jewelery store
per Charles Sims, Mgr,
II      Hal
Direct from tlie Heuey Manufacturing Co,, ol Montreal, a car load nf
uggies, Democrats  and
Express Waggons
Also a Quantity of Extra
Wheels, Shafts and Buggy Poles
All Ki^s Guaranteed ami Sold ut the Lowest Possible Price
Geo.  Leighton
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
COURTENAY   -   -   B. C.
here. Mr. Ball is a bright young
business man and his many friends
in the district wish him every
success in his undertaking.
Stoddart, the Jeweler
Is now located where he gets the most business
������.)when jYcPhee & Morrison bought
it from J. B. Holmes. Mr. Ball's
wife and family came out to hint
about six months after he arrived
You all know where?
The  future business center of the
Comox District
Messrs. Cook and Grieve have
commenced the manufacture of
high grade furniture, chairs, dressers aud rockers, will be made to
A brakeman on the Comox Logging aud Railway had tbe misfortune
to have one of his legs broken and
heel badlv crushed on Tuesday
Among the guests at the Rest-
more Hotel this week are: Geo.
LaVine; A. Huntro; H. Pillar and
wife, Vancouaer; L. C. Eisher; J.
Hansen; J. Muller; R. Wilkie, Victoria; A. Houston; C, B. Hosner;
J. Borkes; A. Pearson and wife; D.
Patterson; J. MacGillavray; C.
Thulin, Campbell River; Dr. Morrison and wife; G. Elick; J. Wilson.
The funeral of the late Andrew
Yohonsen, who was killed bv loading logs at Camp 5, took place 011
Tuesday afternoon from Sutton &
Kirkwood's parlors. The deceased
was a young Finlander aged 2;,.
who had only been here about six
months. His father and two
brothers had previously been killed
in the woods. He leaves a widowed
mother in Finland, iu poor cireum
Messrs. E. T. Cliffe and W. B.
Higgins have purchased the Comox Livery Stables from Mr.
John McKenzie, and will continue
to carry on the business as formerly. Your patronage is solicited.
E. T. Cliffe
W. B, Higgins
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUILLAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
Extra fine Peppermints, 25c per lb.
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. m. on Thursdays
The girls clnb of Gomox are holding a dance in the Comox Hall tomorrow (Friday) evening. Good
music and a good time are promised
Gentletneus    expenses   $1.00.
Ladies are rebuested to bring
Mr. J. LaForest, for some time
at Houby Island, has opened a
blacksmith shop at Comox, next to
Cliff & Higgin's livery stable.
Mr. LaForest has had a wide experience at his trade, and makes a
specialty of shoeing lame and interfering horses. He will also
carry a full line of farm implements.
A. B. Ball, who for the past two
years has succesfully managed
McPhee & Morrison's branch store
at Comox, has purchased the stock
and business there, and will carry
it on in the future. The firm had
just moved iuto their new store
next to the post office. Mr. Ball
came to this district for the benefit
of his health, from Nottingham
England, where he had been in
business for himself for nine years.
After spending a short time with
his brother, M. B. Ball, of Sandwick, he took a position with
Simon Liser & Co., at Cumberland
for 12 months, leaving them to
take charge of the Comox store
The Mill on the Dyke
It  is   worth   the  time   of   any    man   who   is   in
the   market   for   lumber   to  see   us,   whether   his
order  is  large  or small
We  have  in  Stock:
Also some special grades and prices whice will
surprise you
A  Liberal  Discount to  Cash  Buyers
Knowles - Smith Lumber Co., Ltd.
COURTENAY      -      B. C.
**n**0-*****+****f****r**.^a>TWV<r\ m.X,Jm^i .f. ,W.', :^^'.J~~
'���i ,        . .
We beg to announce  thai we   liavejtisl leceived one  ol
the finest lines of Undertaking und Fiubn ming Supplies
ever   shown   in H. C-,   lousisting ol   i     kets,  Collins,
,(1 Hm i:il Raht ���, I;,h .. Etc,
���        We nre graduates in Anatonn  Siinilnry Science, ni     li
Science of Embalming, .i'i ire prepared i i do   Embalm
ing for Export or Domestic  Burial, in the most scientific
mauuer. Calls n us wc red tlnj oi night
Rcspui tfully submitted,
j ThB Farnilnre 4 Dfiudi'Ukiog Co.
,^3*r*itZZsMJ,     ��� .:.��� .A AAA:-A::,.' I
If You get it at PLIMLEY'S It's A!! Right
*j .j
Tal:e Advantage of the Open Country
It'3 at your door when you ride
The a^lS^ =���.
hi ix, PORT AUGUSTA HOTELl Firftt f 1am Phimhina
rinccohoesattl the i   er j Como3(   BC riTBC-VIttSS riUIIIDIIig
��� mom ��� I , '. Hot Water aud Sti amfittine
i'lr.sl icommoil itii n.   Best ,    , ���  ,,r. .   ,
Quatit;  Wim ; Liquors and Cigars] Jackson & Whittle
Anybody who hits ever ridden n bicycle e.i i master the Iu linn .. . re
minutes. Vou need no uieclinuictil knowleil^i or skill. Vou n I'llunly
to become familnr with Ilie control devices, nml iu the Indian thci are
very simple. A twist of tlie wrist applies nnd relei es the power, anil
nhsolutc control is nssureil :it all times.
The leading   fentiirc nl tlu-  1913 models is  the Cradle  Sprint? Frame.
There nre several models rnujdiU! in price from J29U
1 I
St. .1..,
739 Yates St.
Victoria, B. C.
Mi      ubroo ing
,   .'. ,
hi it;       liurwliiv, Fridaj    ml I lal in
day ol till . ,vei ������
The busiiii i nu Comox
distri i li ".- ��� ; retail   ' ��� ass-
o 'tn.1 ion \     11      ��� > >l
in   ' ��� ���), ivor-
in-. Li i k    p bu iues tin iti ii  111 i [is
un 11,
Tli    ',,!: leu iy Li     irj  and Debating!   i     yn   ton       . la; lli| lit
for ilu' fi     lim   this      i ou,   The
I eel ing ol offii i raw i ��� laid i vcr until  tt meeting,     Jr.   I)   en wns
cd and Mr. C. Co ; I 11 Si
Ti n Pro, Tem, LMic Con til i
ion ivasaa ii wa i in th past. There
iv< re in my 'ni re ;l : s ibja ts
at���'.��� ii tl (oi i bati s n lhe future
nnd lhe uie For nc: i Mou lav ih ��� 6
Hi. iusl. is a live our and of vital
importance lo the pcopli ol Comox
valley The n lolution for debate
wns   i t    folli iwa   : "Resolved
i lint ii is in the li ��� il interest.
of Ilritish Columbia thai all (Irient
ids be prohibited from ovi uing or
leasing laud".   The parties chosen
��� ��� he lendi ri hip an   well  versed
i i the :'.  j <'..: !;. ���   io : liuddinc
itors nnd tli     ibj      ,\ ill l.�� well
i idled on b -ih siili s,    '1 li ���   nbj
i; should .1" i\v :i hn ,'������ crowd  and
R.   McCuish, Prop
Phone ')
oo with the bunch to     Cumberland Hotel
Potter s Fool Room G , Al mMm   Cu8ine Uxcelle���
CANDIKS, CIGARS and i��,      **       c- u
DRINKS Wm .Merry;, eld
J. POTTER, Proprietor ������
. *-,*"���"     Waverley Hotel
J. ASlON: Cumberland,!^.
Uo ii uu ni Williird Ulock
l,o   .    i Boi i I SIioch M uie
Ri p ill injj   \i itlj   ntltl   I'romplly   Doin
IU ni ill  Ijiiiuors uiul  Cigaro,   Hot and
Cold Wuti r, Baths, etc,
PRANK DAM.A8, Proprietor
' .,��� oi Waiter s. McPhee, Dc- "Mac's"  Billiard
ceased 1 n     1 D
and Pool Room
l',a lenient McPhee Block
Ail pel ions ii i\ ni:> cliilin ��� nu u'nst llu
nbuve eslale are ri'i|uesteil l" liirnlsli
partli i . thereof, anil all persons in
ill I.i. ii i!i uii. are requested lo pay tile
amount ol siv li i! lim i to the under
I .ii in:.
Ae.iuiul Uscecutrix.
Union St., Courleiiiiy,
July 24, 191 I,
In  '!.:  Matter  of (lie  Estate of
Andrew Byron Crawford, i)c-
i 1  mam   n ���,,   m ml ei i to   this I    ceased.
Cigars, Tobacco, Soft Drinks
und Cuidy
l*i ui ii i tors
del .1 ���������;��� ������>'��� iety, Tin y nteetal tin
I! i.uu of Trade rooms Monday evenings 8 P. M.
5 Passenger Sloddart-Dayton
Notice : ��� herein  ejveii  tbal all   del.Is j j'^,.
due  lie iibove uienlioued listatc nmsl be
puiil forthwith.    Payment ot such debts
must lie mnde at the office of the Acndiu
i" o      it 'ii"" o    's      Trust  Company   Uniited  nt  Courtenaj
bb Acres ror Saleln.c.
Builder & Contractor
Bungalow Specialist
Plana and Estimates Free
Box 124       Courtenay
R. Athey
Contractor and Builder
Plana and Estimates Supplied
on Short Notice
Situate in the famous "Happy Valley"
Comox District, about Snores cleared
and eulth at* d, 6 in n ������ ��� i lied n tul\ ti
burn, good land aud en ���; to clear, New
small house and outbuildings. Good
supply of water. Close to church, school,
rail ui.d lmr( and market. Price for
one nn nth onlj ; ' ��� '. or .vill subdivide to suit al n slightly advanced price.
This is .'..'. per cent, below m irkct value.
Terms, 25 percent, balance easy payments at 7 per cent. Address, Owner,
Box 171, Courteuay, B. C,
'��*,��: ad
liar Supplied with th: Best  Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
Executors  and   trustees  of  above-men-
tioned estate.
Executrix nud trustee of the above-mentioned estate.
May 14, 1913,
ft.  IJ
(al Hand
O. II. FECHNER, Prop.        I
C1.17        C! Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
.   W.   shannon
Estimates Euruislied Free of Charge
Shannon Block,      Courtenay ��    I..   -J        . U IH U
tsating aii
ictric Wiria
Sidney, b.c.       !Allan &: . tikwat
' ,     k
,        .     C0URT1.N ./ B. C.
ress   andlCokely & Ferris
I  1 Dominion  1 id   B. C.        tO.     W  I I S 0
tabies1    Und Surveyor8
Stage meets all Boats| ' " ^ Special^
Carpel lid Builder
Mm iu    I . ���. .1 Specialty
Sub-division Work   COURTENAY    -    B, C.
T,.i,.,,!������u' 29    !r    i       '    r r Sibley &  Pollock
leiepnone  z.;      Courtenay   ���   o. L.    r  f .    ��� R .,,
Day or Night I J Contractors & Builders
Oscar W0 Davis
0\Jkl6  ! SUITS  !
1 have on hand about [3 suits of
mens clothes, sizes 36 to 40 which
will lie offered at $16, $18 ond $20
per .suit, and prices of pants $4.50
>5, ]J6 and $~ per pair These are
all 35 par cent, less than regular
price s
T. D. Hinds
Bonrd of Trade Building
Union St. Courtenay
otor Car Fer
A. J. M \KSII \I,V O.vuer .1 11 Driver"
Phone  36
Union St.      Courtenay
Jos. Bame
Manufacturers of
High-Grade Havana Cigars.  ".Monarch"
and "Oak Brand"
Por Sale ul All Hotels
619 Johnson St. Victoria
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing  and
Shoe Shining done by the
Courtenay Cleaners
W.  1/. SCOTT, Prop.
Next ilimr to the Butcher Shop
The Courtenay Hotel
Dealer in
Choice Fruits,
Soft Drinks
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
Tlje Star
Livery Stable
,     _ I Livery and team work promptly at-
I'.verv Convenience for Guests
1        tended  to.   All kinds of
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen j
hauling done
First-Class Buggies for Hire
RATES REASONABLE      j    Alex. Maxwell, Prop,
JOHN JOHNSTON,     Prop.1 Cumberland
STona but ths BEST WINES au
LIQUORS at the Bar
-*>��� t�� ' **-
Comox, B. C.
Beit Meals North of Nanianio
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
Plastering Contractor
Cement Work a Specialty
!"\      I '.     * Artistic Bungalows a Specialty
ralaee hi very "^rj^as*"
k Feed Stable
Estimates Free
All Work Guaeanteed
Iorses  and   Buggies   for  Hire   at  |\,       [\ ,       lllZj
Reasonable i'.ates
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling
Contractor and Builder
Subscribe for The   Review
Plans   and    Estimates  Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship aud
Materials Guaranteed
JAS.   CAIRNS   &   SON        | j^.^y.,,,! Resident of Courtenay
Courten.y Phone j3       COURTENAY, B. C.
Wc have now ou display  the finest assortment of Rides  and
Shotguns in the Comox Valley, .including all of the best and
popular makes, aud at the lowest prices*   Come iu and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from S7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marliu; Stevens,  Savage and  Winchester  Rifles.    Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
COURTENAY     -     and      -      CUMBERLAND /*'��
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O.. LL.D., D.C.L.. President
General Manager Assistant General Manafier
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as Is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.   Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.        8.4
W. T. WHITE, Mnniger, Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland Bra he
Comox branch open on Tuesday, from 10I03
Comox Co-Operative Society
Onion Street
Dealers in
All kinds of Meats,
Ham, Bacon, Cooked
Meats, Fruits, Vegetables an Chicken to
order. The prices
are always right
While J. A. and J. H, Barker
were fishing In tlie upper branch
of the river la^-t Friday their canoe
got swamped in lhe rapids and
capsized them. Tlie current was
so strong that J. H. was carried off
his feet, and lodged against a fallen
tree, and would surely have been
drowned had his brother not got
to shore and reached him a branch
in time.
Notice is hereby given that on lli
]-'irst day ot December, next, application
will be made to the Superintendent nl
Provincial Police for renewal of the
hotel license to Sell liquor by retail in
tlie hotel known ns the Port Augusta
Hotel, situate at Comox, in the Province  of Ilritish Columbia.
Roderick McCuish.
Dated this 29th day of September, 1913.
Notice is hereby given that on the
First day of December, next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the
lintel license to sell liquor by retail ill fie
hotel known as the Klk Hotel, situate at
Comox, in the Province of British'Columbia.
Ciicn, Alkxanhkr Martin.
Dated this 29th day of September, 1913.
rr ���
Have a photo of your resideno
taken by the Courternay Photo
Studio.    Prices moderate  ||
St. Andrew,s Church, Sandwick,
no morning service. Evensong at
7.30 p m.
St. Peter's Church, Comox,
Harvest Festival ;ervices on Sunday next at 11 a.m.
A K. of P. meeting will be held
on Saturday Oct. 4, at 8.30 in tin
Board of Trade rooms for tl e
purpose of renting a ' all, all rer-n -
bers of the order and prospective
members are requested to attend.
Yours fraternally, T. D, Hind.
Tenders Wanted
Tenders will be received by th.
undersigned up to October 4, fo;
the cutting and splitting of twelv.
cords of furnace wood, to be cut iu
cordwood lengths and delivered at
Courtenay Schoolhouse.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
jessir Mcquillan,
Sec. Courtenay School Board
September 22, 1913.
and are now doing' business in our
new premises, next door to the new
butcher shop, and having a much
larger store we are carrying a larger
stock generally. Our first shipment
of new Dry Goods is here and ready
for your inspection
Remember we always carry a  full
line of Choicest Groceries and our
prices are right
Phone 6 Courtenay
There'll Come a
SOME of these evenings you,ll
want to look
"just right," and you know
as well as we do,
that there's nothing like
a well tailored blue or black
serge suit.
They're right at night.
The proper caper always!
Let us take your measure for
a Hobberlin-made, all
wool serge. .
The kind that wont fade,
or get rusty.
To-day is the day to
Sole Agents for Hobberlin Tailoring
T. D. McLean's
Jewelry Store
You will now find a good selection ot high grade
Special attention will be given to
Watch Repairs
Satisfaction Sure and All Work
Guaranteed 12 Months
We have just opened up our
Fall Goods, including Shoes,
high and short legged Gum
Boots, Rubbers, Hats and
Sweaters, all the latest styles
and regular town prices
Give us a trial for your grocery order. Phone R88 and
have  your  order   delivered
right away)
���������r a.
Advertise iu The Review.
The Undersigned hereby give notice that
the Estate of Andrew Hyron Crawford
will not lie responsible for nor pay any
debts or other obligations contracted by
any person without the written order of
the undersigned.
liURTHA Grace Crawford.
Acadia Trust Co., Ltd.
Executrix and executors  respectively of
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford,
1 leccased.
June 3rd, 1913
DR.   MORRISON,   Dentist
Dr. Morrison is a graduate both of the
Chicago and Detroit Deutal Colleges.
Having a central office in Courtenay he
will visit surrounding towns at regular
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.  DALRYMPLK,   Prop.
floving Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
Summer Drinks
By a new up-to-date electric plant I 	
COURTENAY OPERA HOUSE' ,     _      .    _
Au Entire Change of Programme SWclIl S   I 001    KoOITl
Twice  weekly j
Ii. E. WHITTLE, Proprietor    I E. SWAN, Prop.
* *
5 per cent, discount for cash! *
" 1 A
[The most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria
Rates Reasonable
Water the Horses
This ls the time, of yonr when lhe
horses, th*. motive power of the farm.
muter most.      Vou would not Ket the
hired man to tallow the disc harrow,
tin. i.loiiKli or iho binder long if ft Jug
:.i oool waioj was not lit liaail fro-
HUently���WW expect llio horses to go
for llvi' or Bll hours Without a drink'.'
Ynu hiiv you havo no water In tho
Held. Then take .Homo wllh you. <.<M
a eleau barrel or two. Put-them In
a wagon or truck���All with water and
haul to tlio field each morning and
noun Talw a fall along and wntor
������[,��� horses I wo or throe tlmea each
forenoon and afternoon.    Kven If you
only  III ve I hem half a gallon each ll
will greatly refresh 'hem. .""
Should lust as Bixin nttempl to ent a
harvest without twine u�� to ent a harvest without n barrel of water in the
Uniil tor ih- horses,
'Guaranteed by the maker ana
guaranteed by every McClary dealer to
be the mosteflictentheaAer money will buy���yet
it costs no more than an ordinary furnace, rills the
house with pure, warm air, even  in the coldest
weather and consumes very little fuel. Write to"
the nearest McClary Branch if you do not
know the McClary dealer of
your locality.      ""
Sunshine sumac
The Army of
Ia Gro***.g Smaller Every Day.
responsible   they not
only fcive relief ���
tnoy permanent!)
cute Constipation.    Mil-
lions use
ihem tor ,
B linns-
at$Se Inditisstion, Sick Headache, Sallow Skitu
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price,
Genuine must beat Signature
Tne Soul of f��   Piano  is ths
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
SUPI'BR from kii>!.kv. .ii.audkii. urinous lusKASi-a,
vrlto tot niv PRrTl! lim.It. TUB Mnsr I.iSrilUCIIVt
UKDlCAt.D0O1tHV(ilt\VRI1 n.ii.i ri K.i.l.s Af.l.nliouttliesf
U it's ihn remr-.ly fur vuim r.WH allmnnt. Don't Muxl acaat.
fthioiiiip|yFRi5E. No'folieviip'clrcularii Or leClbrq
Hku.Li., .UVlt.tS.oCt. KDtllAMI'BTBAOi LONDOH|��M(h
WANTED at once
Pomona to work for us
i ttpiii'o time ��t homo. No experience
���quired whh our NEW ART COLOR-
MC PROCE88 Enny and fascinating
ork, Oood pay, No canvassing. Write
ir liiBtfiicllonR (free).
15 Cotlsye Street. Toronto, Canada.
Bomelhi"'' better Uinn iiucn end no
liundry bills. Wash It with soap and
Vntor. All stores or direct, State stylo
���������I sIzp. For :Tir*. wo will mall you,
5^ Frnr-pr Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Mas. Winslow's Boothino Byrup lias been
i.eel l..ro��-r WX'fY YBAR8 by millions of
]. Uie West remedy lor DIARKHUSA, It is aa-
plutcly harmless. Be sure uud nsl; for "Mrs.
Vlnslov/'s Boollilttg Syrup," nud tuke uo other
diicL Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Ove,- 100 New Papers Started In 1912',
Wo havo just r Ived    from    Ilia1
I'uiiiisiu-fa, a. McKlm, Limited, Montreal * Toronto, h copy of tlio 1818
Edition to their Canadian Newspaper
Directory,    This    work    shows    tluit
within the Inst year over ono hundred
now papers have started to publish In
the Dominion,     lu tact so qulokly \��
our Canadian Newspaper Hold spreading out thai A. McKlm, Limited, Havel
decided that It will be necessary In
future to publish the Canadian News-
paper Directory annually Instead o(
biennially as before.   This Canadian
Newspaper  Director;  gives Cull par-l
tlculars of praotlcally every publlca-
tlon In Canada, aud is Intended as a
guide to advertisers, In selecting pa-1
pel's best suited to their requirements, i
The work before ns is mosl com-'
prehenslve, and gives lhe population
of every newspaper town and the circulation ot practically every paper In
the Dominion. In all 11 describes
1.H8H publications issuer' in Canada
aud Newfoundland, of those 152 are
Dally, 1,281 weekly or semi-weekly,
231! monthly and 23 published less fre-i
quently. j
This issue also contains a list, of the
principal  British  publications  which
will be of much  value to the many
Canadian Firms now advertising lu the i
Old Country. !
The firm of A. McKlm, Limited, who [
aro easily the leaders In the Advertising Agency Business In Canada are;
to be congratulated upon the splendid
service rendered both Lo publisher and
advertiser through this very complete
Directory, The price ot the work delivered anywhere Is $2.00 per copy,   j
Weed Work for 1914
Now Is the time to plan for u holler
kind of wood work for  1914   a hind
that will  bo effective.      It  seems to
tho provincial department of agriculture that tho most effective work
could lm done by appointing a good
man lo tako over the whole work and
devolo all  Ills  lime  from  the   1st  of
February, Arrangements have been
made to hold a short course of ihree
weeks' duration for lhe benefli of the
men who will be doing the work In
Ihls matter. Al Hn- short course will
be taken up lines of work thai will In
a way fit a liiau for general agricultural work. Ill oilier words, Ilie
weed work will be done on Ihe basis
thai,  ninety  per cent   of  lhe  work Is
Minard's  Liniment  Curcj   Diphtheria
I enrw t iiVii.tr I (li.*/ onl-acliar.- l\rbc.| for protaetlcn,
At-l.n nl,  lu iiivid- lundj (r>r!i*)U d-iting lr.of(fla8M, etc.
Iilon.7 to tola
Vrr. Iirci to  a ;cnl, ||iv myelin II BatlfS ot .pai'ln-r.
Iti!) Itl'im-inr a' 0 fire, IVumii .i. r'ttmuoton, S.a'iaUoi.
Vuucai. r Of to H, tl Oliitr, Toronto
A Careless Remark
Well,  sad  to say,   I'll  have  to  tear
.ii- bi If .iv/av.
That'll he rlpplpg won'l li?
50c. a box er six boxes for $2.60,
at all dealers, or The Dodcls Medicine Compar-y,  Lin.Ited,    Toronto,
The Rainy Day
Vklor Grayson, the Kngli.-ih. parliamentarian, who was expelled from
ihe House of Commons for obstruction, said In New York the other day:
Vou,- multi-millionaires are the glibbest lol of hypocrites that history has
ever seen. With one hand they
make the gestures for a Sunday School
address, and with the other baud they
pick the people's pocKets.
Those men, preaching good and do-i
Ing ivll so piously, remind me of the
old fraud who said: |
I believe in putting by something
for a rainy day.
And so saying he stole his negh-
bor's mackintosh.
E.  Ada.ns, of   Barre.   shooting   a
Remington pump gun at the Vermont
State Tournament held in Springfield,;
.Tune 18 and 19. won the state chain- j
plonshlp, breaking 113 clay targets out
of a possible 100 in tlie main event.
A House Fly as big as a Cat
.Many thousands    of    people    have
seen  the big glass  mosquito  at the
American Museum of Natural History
in New York.     Now it has a companion in a house fly 64.000 times as big
as the one  we are so Often adjured
swat or starve.    Thb  model has
cost nine months of work and study
on  the  pa"t  of  Ignasz  Matausch,  a
Hungarian modelmaker in the service
of the  museum.      Tlu-   proportions
havo been preserved with the minutest care. Mr.  Matausch having made
his drawings and casts for the head
and body and various members of the
I insect from dissection.     Larvae and
I pupae of the fly are shown In models
I molded on the .ame scale, as are the
eggs, which appear as Utile ciicuuiber-
I shaped pieces  of  parafilu about two
Inches long.     A real lly'a egg Is Just
visible io the nuked eye.    The same
artist  has  painted    an    enlargement
(l.ijOi) diameters) of the hairy foot of
tho fly, Knowing Die typhoid bacilli, of
which the Insect Is tho common car-
rlor, one the claw-like Up of the member,
For Rifles and Pistols
Winchester make of
cartridges in all calibers
from .22 to .50 are accurate, sure fire and reliable. In forty years of gun
making we have learned
many things about am -
munition that no one
could learn in any other
way. When you buy
Winchester make of
cartridges you get the
benefit of this experience
Winchester Repeating Arms Co.,
new haven, conn.
��� .in   m****mmmsmmum*mmmanmm
Science Wakes up to a Fact That the
Public Have Long  Realized
Noii Bclentlflo persona   have   long
realized Ilie remarkable Similarity In
handwriting ot members of the same
family, BOtuetlmos lasling for hall' a
dozen generations, and now, It seems,
Balance is al last waking up to Dili
suggestive fact lu heredity. Sir Ilk It-
man Ooodlee, president of the Royal
College of Surgeons, snld recently:
1  have  lately been reading old lol-
lern dating hack to lhe early part ot
the eighteen century, and I have boon
struck  with iho way In which mere
handwriting Is   handed   dowu   front
father lo son, and mother lo daughter,
it is Impossible to trace Quite clear*
ly my great-grandfather's writing in
thai of my cousin's and father's and
my own.     If mere handwriting Is thus^
transmitted, together with tho lone o||
the voice and the shape of the nose,
the question arises whether nny one
need be asbamed'of his defects, sorry
for his misdeeds, proud of his success.
or satisfied with lhe consciousness ol
virtue.     We may feel the long nrmsj
Of  our   npelil.e   ancestors   stretching
out of the past and molding our char��|
aeteis.       We may  read all  that  has
ever been written about free will l'roraf
the   time  of  Aristotle,   and   we   may
hug the notion that our act Ions have
been   predestined   from   the  nebulous
state of our planet.
Bill II makes no difference to us.
We are still doggedly convinced that
by taking thought we can add ono
c.ubll to our stature, or at any rate
prevent it being one cubit less.
Crsumnlnjf down 111 chosrn
food, ��nd rushing baok to
woik, lead--, straight lo dya-
pr-.psla, wllh all It means In
Proper habits ot ealluj;,
v.'llh a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet alter each
meal, restore good digestion, health and happines3.
A box of Na-Dru-Ce Dyspepsia Tablets costs but
KOc. at your DruE��lr.l's.
Natlorlal Drug and Clwm-
IcalCo. of Canada, Limited.
Miller's Worm Powders prove
their value. They do not cause any
violent disturbances In tlie stomach,
any pain or griping, but do their work
quietly an.l painlessly, so that the
destruction of the worms Is Imperceptible. Yet they are thorough,
and from the first dose there ls improvement In tho condition of the sufferer and an entire cessation of manifestations of internal trouble.
Rainy Weather Made Popular
Oue of the large London Insurance
companies has lately Issued a novel
Insurance policy against bad weather.
It is primarily for the benefit of travelers who make, trips in the spring
and summer through England, and
who complain if their trips are spoiled
by variations of weather.
These policies are called, naturally
enough, rain policies. The more you
pay the greater, ot course, is your
compensation If it rains. Y'ou can
pay $5 a week, and if It happens to
rain for more than two days out of
seven you get, $40 for each such week. J
There aro four different classes, and
all are arranged proportionately to
the amoiii.l paid down .
Woolen Cloths
The lirst woolen cloths manufactured in Kngland were produced by a
colony of seventy families of Dutch
cloth-workers, who landed In Kngland
July 26, In the year 1331. having been
induced to settle In Kngland by a liberal grant from Edward III. Worsted manufacture was commenced In
Norfolk a few .years later, and the Industry so launched soon reached large
proportions. Every effort waa made
to protect the infant industry, and In
1488 it was enacted that no cloth
but of Wales or Ireland should be Imported Into England. In the seventeenth century, during the reign of
Charles II, a law was passed that all
persons should be burled In woolen
cloths. In 1700 an act was passed
by parliament, prohibiting the importation Into England of Indian muslins,
chintzes, and cottons, which were
threatening to supplant woolen cloths
In popularity. It was not until the
lasi century that cotton replaced wool
as the staple commodity of English
Mlnard's Llnlient Cures Colds, Etc.
Two ImmenM Cable9
For tho purpose *7 hauling across
the submerged pipes for the Capllano
parli.ershlp pipe nt Vancouver, two
steel cables, twenty tons' weight
each, have been conveyed to the
north side of the First narrows, The
cables, which were manufactured In
England and which are 8,000 feet long
are said to lie tlie biggest ever shipped Into Canada,
W.N.U. 962
English vs, Continental Banks
The London correspondent of the
American Banker contrasts, British
banks unfavorably with Continental
banks as to tho accommodation provided for travellers and others who
have business with banks, At times
he says In the English bsu.k, tho client
has to.discuss his business on foot at
the counter, while on tha Continent
splendidly tilted reception rooms are
provided and the utmotft consider*. -
tlon Is shown !o customers.
Qreen and Brown nro having a ter
rlble row down the street.
What Hoeuis lo be the mailer'.'
I don'l know, but they tiro calling
each other lliief and liar,
Did  you  say  Queen  uud   Brown?
1 thought so. They are Just having
a friendly political discussion, Come
on; let's go home'
The Way It Goes
Borne women nre born ugly,
1 suppose ho,
And others are both ugly and awkward'
Yes, and still others wear pink
high heeled shoes.
Good All Round
aids to good health���and to tho
strength, comfort Mid cheerfulness which depend on thecondl-
tion of health���are the famous,
time-tested, safe and speedy
Every mother knows how fatal the
hot summer mouths are to small
children. Cholera Infantum, diarrhoea, dystentry and stomach troubles are rife at this time and often
a precious llllle life Is lost nfier only
a few hours Illness. The mother
who keeps Baby's Own Tablets ill the
house feels safe. The occasional use
of the Tablets prevent, stomach and
bowel troubles, or If trouble comes
suddenly���as It generally does���the
Tablets Will bring tlio baby safely
through. They are sold by medicine
dealers or by mall at. 115 cents a box
from The Dr, Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockvllle, Ont.
He  Would  Pollute the  Water
There was an amusing incident ut
tho opening of Kelsey Park, Becken-
ham, the other day,
Mr, John Burns, who performed the
opening ceremony, was Interrupted
several times by a man who evidently
disapproved of htm, and whose remarks were not In the best of taste,
After a little the crowd became tired
of the man's objectionable attitude,
Chuck him In the lake] somebody
No, no, no] cried Mr, Burns hastily, You mtiBn't do tbftt! Don't
you know there are heavy penaltlel
tor polluting tho water?
Draft*   either   from   windows   or
I banks,
S*iA arar/wkw.,  la U**s, 19 Mat* *     CardM. tools.
The Trouble
The grand vizier was lolling among
tlio cushions of his silken divan, drawing lazily from his jeweled chibouk,
when a niameliike -craved admittance
for two of the Sultan's officers. Ths
door swung open and the pair cams
forward and salaamed.
Speak, said tile Grand Vizier. What
message does the commander ot ths
faithful honor me withal?
Without speaking, one of the officer*
handed a silken package to the premier. Ile kissed it respectfully and
opened it. Then he gave a cry of
alarm. It was the bowstring ��� the
sign that lie was under sentence of
What, have I done to merit this?
Speak, he cried.
You have Insulted her gracious Majesty 'the Sultana.
Aha! This Is another case of Poti-
phar's wife. The Sultan has been
lied lo by a scorned woman. Listen
and I will tell you the real truth.
The Sultana wauled me to elope wllh
her and 1 refused.
That, O effendl. Is the trouble.
Ready-made Medicine.���You nee-d
no physician for ordinary ills when
you havo at hand a bottlo of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. For coughs,
colds, sore throat, bronchial troubles,
it Is Invaluable, for scalds, burns,
bruises, sprains It Is unsurpassed,
while for cuts, sores, ulcers and the
like It Is an unquestionable healer.
It needs no testimonial other than the '
use, and that will satisfy anyone as to
ils effectiveness.
Alfalfa Fireguards
Much of the loss to crops, buildings
and other Improvements, caused  by
railway fires In cultivated sections of
the Prairie Provinces, could be avoided If farmers would raise some non-
combustible crop on a strip of land
adjacent,  to  railway  rights  of way.
Alfalfa Is suggested In this connect- j
Ion, since this crop will not burn and
a narrol strip will form a thoroughly
efficient fireguard.    Where clover can
be grown successfully, it will answer i
equally well.      Tho growing of potatoes, beets, or other root crops will j
serve the same purpose, where local
market conditions will permit.    This
would he a step In the much to be desired direction of diversified farming.
���C.  Ij, In 'Conservation.'
Does  ll
cats 'cm.
That's  belter
A Change
like   politics?
ITp fairly)
men   drink]
There's Nothing Better Than
For thoroughly- cleansing baths aod sinks.
And It doca not hart the T
hands like most cleansing
powders and soaps.      It
leaves them smooth and sort
tot ��� Can To-day
to>Csi>fit.lWt(,,Mtitrtst. the review, Courtenay, k.c.
A Siory of f
Cupid Plays Odd
CBaefiS nnn Wildly neaiing iiearr.   She
rond It a second and a third lime, and
.,   then It fell fluttering Into her lap.
���j"      "Well. 1 never!" she gasped, covering
X   her fnce with her hands.
-,' ; Glonilnlo, April I. 1903.
\it Dear Miss Linda��� 1 bave lung cherished
X bo deepest' nn'eclion for you. nml I will
.'. never be realty happy until you say you
y , Will marry me nt once. Will you answer
Y this so 1 can hear from you In this even-
T rig's mall? Beeped fullv vours,
X i    So rend the letter which I.lnda Greet
-j.   received on that spring morning.
X      o       *****       *
y      James Irving had come to the village
The lirst day of spring was warm
ami bright, with a faint mist of green
urer I lie trees and shrubs In l.ludn
Greer's pardon.
"I never knew Bllell a forward
iprlug," mused l.luda ns sho shook her
duster mil of uie silling room door.
"The yellow hush Is In bloom, and I
sniellcd violets down in lhe orchard
Ihls inorillllg I Wish���I wish I didn't
Inive lo enjoy everything alone!"
She looked willfully down lhe
Itruldtll aisles between the apple trees
In tin- liny orchard, ItobltlB tripped
Jauntily over the short green grass,
und bluebirds were Hashing 11 roll lid tho
fauces. I
All Ilie rare promise of spring was In
thu nlr, a promise that ihe summer J
would fiillill wllh lis mated birds anil
blossoming Mowers iiiiiI ripening fruit'
l.luda slght'd a Hltle and closed the
glass door regretfully;
It was sail to he alone- the Inst of
s large family and without one con- |
genial  friend  to shari' her delight lu
birds and flowers and trees.
A tall, tliln rnrui ciiino slowly down
the long, hilly street and passed Linda's house. It slopped u moment nud:
leaned over iho fence to admire the
daffodils and crocuses which mnde ll
circle of purple and gold nbout the old
house, Iben passed on wllh studious
head bent above n book,
I.lnda blushed llko a girl and lenned
dizzily against the window frame.
After n Utile while she roused herself and dew indignantly about her
neglected tasks.
"I.lnda Greer, you're flic biggest
fool." she scolded herself roundly.
"Here you aro forty-live years old tomorrow nud fluttering like n goose ov-j
cry time .lames Irving walks past the
"As if bo hadn't been walking past |
the house twice n day for the last flf- j
teen years!   "Han't likely Ile could get
to and from his oHiee without going by
here, and yet���you're always a-fluttering, n tl uttering"���
I.lnda viciously thumped a teacup
Into the china cupboard, and to her dis
co v*-"*-^
may it splintered Into fragments. While
she was removing the debris n timid
knock sounded nt the kitchen door.
"Here's the mall, Miss I.lnda," snld
llllle Iterlon Sawyer when she appeared nt the door.
"Thank you, Herton; here's your penny," said Linda kindly, supplementing
the penny Willi n seed cooky.
When Kenny had crunched along tho
graveled path out of sight Linda sat
down by iho glass door lu the sitting
room nnd looked nt the weekly paper.
A collide of letters lay In her lap, but
she did not look nt them. They were
doubtless circulars from some advertising firm. Glandule folks received
many such.
. When she had scanned the village
news I.lnda put the paper aside for a
more careful per.usnl and picked up ber
One waa from a manufacturer of
washing machines, nnd Linda threw
It Into the wnstebnsitet.
The other was In n pluln envelope
and directed In a strong masculine
Wllh puzzled cy��s I.lnda opened the
missive  and   read' It   wllh   reddening
trhen Llnrtn Greer had passed the
boundary between young ladyhood audi
old maid, while ho had passed middle
nge. lie lived tlio life of n recluse not
from choice, but because be had no
taste for Ihe trifles that absorb boyii
and girls.
Ik- had inel I.lnda soon afler his arrival ami had been atlriictetl hy her.
Had his affairs been In a stale In warrant llllll'l'lngo he might have permitted
himself lo visit her often, Imi ho wus
poor, anil lining well awiire tltal any at-
lonllon a mnn of his age might pay a
slllglo woiiinn would cause remark ho
was constrained to do what looked to
l.luda llko avoiding her.
Had she not noticed in him a liking
for her she would havo considered 111*
keeping nwny from her simply as a
mark of indifference. As It wus, the
evidence of his good will In ono respect und his action In not cultivating
a friendship between him nml her piiz-
iled her. She could never make up her
mind what to think of his treatment ut
A dozen years passed, al lhe end of
���which Irving was beginning to feel
that life without a home was scarcely
worth living. At this time his affairs
began to pick up, and within another
year or two he hud accumulated enough
to own a house. Tills was his condition nt the lime Linda Greer received
tbe lelter containing a proposition of
.lames Irving closed his desk and put
on his hat. He bundled together some
documents and tied them up wltb a
red tape nnd placed tbem In his safe.
no locked the door of bis dusty law
oUice and made his way dowu Into
the street
A llllle crowd in front of the post-
office denoted that tbe evening mull
waa In. nnd groups of giggling girls
and smart youths watched Mr. Irving
as ho opened his letter box and took
therefrom u number of letters.
Thrusting them Into his coat pocket,
lie took liis slow way homeward to his
boarding plnce. He paused n moment
for number glance at Miss Linda's garden, and he did not see her tender eyes
beaming nt blm from behind the par*
lor blind.
Up 111 his quiet room lie sat down by
the window and opened his letters.
Two of them pertained lo business,
several were from old friends In distant cities, and the last one was a
small envelope addressed In a prim,
ladylike hand with faded Ink.
A faint, delicate perfume as of dried
rose leaves assailed his nostrils as be
carefully opened the letter:
Glendnle, April 1, 1003.
Dear Mr. Irvlng-I received your note
this morning. You press me for an immediate answer to your proposal of marriage. 1 havo never dreamed lhat you
cared for me at all, but 1 will sny thai
my answer will be what you wished me
to say.   Yours truly,
Mr. Irving read this letter,with maul*
fest astonishment His eyes were distended with surprise nnd unbelief, and
n Hush of anger overspread his line
"A scurrilous trick on somebody's
part," he muttered fiercely ns lie scanned the letter for the third lime. Then
bo relapsed Into deep thought
He wondered wbo could have Insult,
ed the gentle little lady by forging her
name to such a letter. Some village
wit, doubtless, bad conceived tbe coarse
jest He hoped that Miss Linda would
not hear uf it
As he dressed for supper a sudden
thought assailed him. Was It possible
that some joker had forged Ills name
to u proposal of marriage to Miss Lin.
da and she had taken the matter serf,
ously and that this letter was really
from nor?
He turned hot and cold at the bare
thought He would go nnd see Linda
Greer, and perhaps lie might gain some
clew as to what had really occurred.
It was a delicate matter-a very delicate matter.
He finished dressing, nud without
waiting for supper ho made bis way
down tbe village street lu tbe sweet
April dusk and opened Linda's garden
He walked slowly up the path, inhal.
lug the spring odors of garden nnd
Held, and turned around to the side
This was the first time he had ever
entered that garden, but for years lis
bad stood afar, wistfully gazing nt tne
one woman in the world for him und
whom his poverty had prevented him
from seeking out.
As be moulded the steps to the porctf
(he door opened hurriedly, and Lliiiia
Greer precipitated herself out of iu*
"Oh, you!" she breathed hurriedly.
"Did you receive n letter from me?"
sbe usKca, wmi a certain nerce excitement which sat struugely upon her,
"I���I   believe   I   did,"   stammered
James Irving, taken aback by her sudden Question.
"I  want It  back  again!" she cried
. fiercely.    "It was a mistake,    Hul.In
: Lansing   has   just   been   here"���she
' paused nnd choked down n little sob���
"und she snys it was a trick ot some
of the girls aud boys.   Oh, oh!"
Linda broke into angry sobs, nnd In
| s trloo James Irvlng's shyness vanish-
l ed, never to return,
J   IIo took Linda Into his warm em-
I brace and kissed Ibe top of her brown
I tiend with tender, lingering touch.
1 "Don't you believe one word that
Hiilda Lansing Bays," ho Boothed gently.   "You nre tbo only woman I ever
[loved, Linda, and your answer to my
'otter lias made me the happiest mau
lu tho world."
i "Your Icttorl" murmured I.lnda
] Jnmes Irving Iled without n tremor
��f conscience.
I "My proposal of marriage wns gen-
alnc," ho Bald grav��-ly. "1 have loved
rou for years, and yon will not keep
lie waiting long, dc.irV"
'   "No." adgbcri Undn happily.
"Thirteen" Pursued Him.
When   tho   misfortunes   of   Gustaf
j  Adulf IV. of Sweden were on him tho
j  king pointed out to Iho queen how Ihe
j number tblrtoojl hnd Influenced his life:
"Even tlie name G-u-s-t-a-t Adolf
IV. Is thirteen letteri. ���..**. ] am Iho
I thirteenth  king of Sweden  from  the
time of Gustavus Wasa.   At tho age ot
thirteen I became king, uud I reigned
| thirteen years after attaining my majority.   I was made a prisoner on the
13th   of   March.   It   Is   now   twenty,
two   times   thlrtoeu   since   Gustavus
Wasa was elected king of Sweden in
152U,   nnd   seventeen   times   thirteen
years slnco Iho death of Charles XII.
In 171S; these added together produco
tho number  1 SOU,  tbo current year,
*   *   ���   It you transpose tlie numbers
one and three, which stand for thirteen,
they make thirty-one, which Is precisely my age now."
Curiously enough, he died In room
No. 13 at the Weisse Bosstl, St. Gallon
-Iho dale, Feb. 7, 1880.���"A'u Kxllod
High Price For Straiflhtness.
One of lhe most difficult problems In
practical mechanics Is to make a
straight edge. How difficult it Is mny
be judged from nn incident that occur-
ced in the shop of a celebrated astronomical Instrument maker.
A pntl'OU asked what would be tho
price of "a perfect straight edge of
glass thirty-six Inches long."
"It cannot lie made perfect." Bald tho
Instrument maker, "hut it could probably bo made with n limit of error
amounting to only a fraction of a wave
length of light"
"How much would Hint cost?"
"About $40,000."
It turned out that the customer wanted the straight edge for a scraper and
that nn error of one sixty-fourth of nn
inch would not bother bim.���St Louis
The Water Vine.
Containing a quart of clear, pure water to every foot, tho wnter line, a
black, snake-like, leafless stem, dropping from the ceibil and mahogany
trees to which it has climbed, is one
of tho wonders of the Guatemala jungle. When the stem is cut the water
spurts forth in u refreshing stream.
Moisture Is drawn up from the soil
and filtered through the pores of the
Must Be High Class.
"You have a beautiful manor house,
but you ought to have n little village
for the peasantry as we do In England
It adds to the landscape."
"All right," said lhe multimillionaire,
"but It must be a restricted affair. No
peasant admitted earning less tban
$5,000 a year."���Kansas City Journal.
Postmen In Some Countries Ar* Nevet-
Sure of Their Lives.
The camel postman In the Sahara
bunt any cinch-that Is. if he has a
family he's anxious to llvo for or happens to be lending a care frco bachelor
existence, for ho needs all the nerve
tbat he can possibly summon on every
trip thnt he makes, for tbo wild tribes
regard blm as their particular prey,
and he never does know when be starts
cut whether or not ho Is going to reach
his destination.
Neither bas the postman tn soma
parts of Switzerland tbo safest job tn
tlie world. In fact, lu several places In
thnt country It is considered just about
the most dangerous profession that a
man can enter.
You boo some of the postofflees are
situated at a height of 7,000 feet There
In oven u letter box at the summit of
Lnugiinrd, which Is nearly 10.000 feet
nboro the sen level. Here all sorts of
disastrous things have happened to unfortunate carriers of mall. Three have
been crushed to death by avalanches
nud a largo number swooped down
upon and killed by fierce eagles.
Then In India the postman always
bas to be on tlie lookout for snakes. It
Is claimed that within the Inst year
1.10 wore killed by snake bites and
twenty-seven eaten by tigers.
Queer, Isn't It, when In this country
the business of being a postman seems
about tlie most harmless nud least dangerous of any a man could pick out?
In parts of Siberln they have only
two mall deliveries a year, while In tlie
Interior of China they have no regular
delivery or regular postman.���Chicago
Biographer and Litterateur, Who Hat
dust Concluded His Term as Pre��-
ident ot the Royal Society of Canada, Is Also a Scientist of Wide
Repute and Was on the Staff of a
Scientific   Journal,
The annual meeting of the Royal
Society of Canada ooncluded recently
| after an important session. The
president for the year just closed wa9.
Dr. W. D. Le Suet". He was elected
to the society just ten years ago.   lu.
119C3 bo succeeded tlie late Dr. l-'letch-
: er as lb notary secretary. In Kill he
was promoted  to the  vice-presidency
land in 1819 to the presidency.
Dr. Le Sueur was born in the city of
Quebec in the year 1^10. forty-six
years of liis life were spent in the
postoffice department where for many
years lie held the position of secretary. In 1803 ho obtained the degree
of 11.A. from Toronto University and
in 1900 that of LL.D., from Queen'*
University, Kingston, Out. His
tastes lay in the direction of the clashes, history, and literature but his
mind must nlso have had a scientific),
turn, for during fourteen years, from
1887 to 1001, ha chiefly conducted the1
editor's tnble of the Popular Science-
Monthly of New York. He was ��'
leading contributor to The Canadian
Monthly in tho '70's nnd '60s snd
to The Nation of Toronto.
He was an early student of Herbert
Spencer nud. sn article lie contributed
Primrose Cures.
The primrose of old was credited
with a medicinal as well as a superstitious value. Even now In some country parts of Kngland a decoction of
primrose leaves Is supposed to restore
a fulling memory, and In 1054, when
Culpcpor wrote his "London Dispensatory," the primrose was regarded as
an almost universal panacea, curing
"convulsions, falling sickness, palsies,
etc.," nnd strengthening "tbe brain,
tenses and memory exceedingly." And
even the healthy did uot disdain to
eat It, for primrose pasty was once a
popular Ijaueashlre delicacy. ���London
Cane Chair Seats.
Washing with hot soapsuds In whlcb
salt has been dissolved will tighten a
cane sent in n c-httlr which has stretched until it sags.
Caste In India.
Hostility between caste und caste \i
gradually disappearing in India. A
Brahman has no longer the slightest
bestltutlon In taking the band of nu
"untouchable" uud securing bis thumb
Impression on the promissory note executed for a loau.
Trinidad's Cheap Labor.
Labor is so cheap In Trinidad tbat
It does not pay Io buy lawn mowers, as
coolies will cut the grass) with a small
sickle or knife nt a trifling cost
The Roman Aqueducts.
The Roman aqueducts were marvels'
of architecture. Tbe Anio was forty-three miles long; tbe Marllo forty-
one, of which thirty-eight miles were
on 7,000 arcades seventy feet high, and
tbe Chuidiii wns forty-seven miles
long, the nrcbes being 100 feet high.
The aqueducts brought 40,000,000 cu-
bic feet of wnter daily to ltome, and
tbe various sections of the metropolis
were supplied with water by means of
13.50-1 pipes.
Guatemala's Safety Valves.
There   are   nineteen   volcanoes   In
His Misfortune.
"You have no one to blame but yourself for your unlucky busluess ventures," said tlie stern parent. "1 advised you to look before you leaped."
"I did look, dad," explained the repentant son, "and I didn't leap. I
got dizzy und fell."���Buffalo Express.
Anthrax  is n  disease  from  which
sheep suffer.   Human beings catch it
j from Infected hides of wool, and for
I thnt reason-It becomes known as "wool
! sorters' disease."
to The Canadian Monthly on Spencer's Data of Ethics was highly prais-'
ed by the philosopher and was at his
request reprinted in The Popular Science Monthly as an extremely effective presentment and defence cf the
views contained in that work.
As early as tTie year 1871 he contributed to The Westminster Review,
then a quarterly, an elaborate article
on the great French critic St. Beuve,
who died not long before. Ilia interest
in French literature has always been
keen; and his own literary style has
probably been influenced in seme degree by his admiration for the conciseness, perspicuity, and the delicate
allusiveness of the best French prose.
In 1906 he contributed "A Life of
Count Frontenac" to The Makers of
Canada series. He nlso acted as editor of three or four books cf the series. Having been asked to write another volume for the same series,
namely, "A Life of William Lyon
Mackenzie," the rebel leader of 1837,
he did so, completing the work in the
spring of 1908, but the book bas never
been published and hns been the subject of litigation up to the "resent
time, which, needless to say, has not
diminished public interest in it.
The subject of Dr. Le Sueur's presidential address to the Royal Society
of Canada was "History, Its Nature
snd Methods."
j An Awful Threat.
Father���You have no sense. I'm going to cut you off with a million. Tbe
Son-If you do I'll disgrace the fnmlly
by riding around In a second hnnrj
auto.-New York Globe.
1 Columbia River Bread.
Along the Columbia river a kind of
j bread Is made by the Indians from a
moss that grows on tbe spruce fir tree.
! This moss is prepared by placing It In
I heaps, sprinkling It with water and
permitting It to ferment Then it Is
rolled Into balls as big an a man's bead,
! and tbese are baked tn pits.
No Compliment.
"Dining In a real home must seem
pleasant after life in these restaurants," remarked tbo hostess, fishing
opeuly for a compliment
"It Is a relief not to have lo watch
your bnt and coat all the lime," responded tbe dense old bachelor.���
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Worse to Come.
"Tbo opposition candidate is perfectly wild. He Bnys you bave been telling
lies about him."
"You Just think he Is perfectly wild.
Wait until after my Bpeech tomorrow.
I'm going to tell the truth about bim."
Greenland Women.
Many Greenlan' women are bald on
the sides of tlieir beads, owing to their
method of dressing tbo hair, whlcb Is
pulled back tightly and held In place
by a ribbon.
Nero's Fish Pond.
Beneath the basilica of tbe Flavian
palace in ltome l'rofessor Bonl found
two narrow stairways, leading to a
"piscina," a water reservoir consisting
of five large compartments. It is still
Intact, covered nnd well preserved by
water tight cement The reservoir
dates from the time of Nero, wben It
was used as a pond for sen Ssh, with
the object of breeding exotic Osh for;
(he emperor's table.
Raises Chickens on His Roof.
The architectural enterprise ef Mr.
Woollard, who lias n fowl farm on
the roof of his home in Mincing Lane,
London, will commend itself to til
thrifty housewives.
The  average  man  niny  be content
with lhe regulation allowance of chimneys and slates on his roof, but it is
I two and  a half years ago since Mr.
Wollard,  caretaker   of  Market build-
j ings, Mincing lane, put together some
, boards and wire netting nnd added a
fowlhouse to the flat part of his roof.
Fowl keeping in the city is a profitable business.  Mr. Wollard has seven
, birds���ono Hnudan, two  Wyandottes,
i three White Leghorns, and one Cam-
j bridge game, which has just hatched
' out five chickens.  He estimates their
; joint boar:! and lodging expenses at
| one  shilling  a week,  and can  rely
I on  an  average supply o! six eggs a
"Darling, do ycu love mo for myself
alone?"   "Why, certainly, Charles. But
you really have that $50,000, haven't
you?"���Louisville Courier-Journal.
Well Classified.
"How did you list the money that
fortune teller got from you?"
"I put It under the head of prophet
and lost."���nnltlmora American.
Culture Indicates liiperloMT, ana l��
(fiorttK ImPMMH Othfri^Mawtas-. We are clearing out our stock of Domestic Hardware  to  make
room for a large Shipment of Builders Supplies
This is your chance to equip your kitchen with pots and pans at the lowest possible prices
Dish Pans, from $1.75
Tea Pots, from 40
Coffee Pots, from 40
Family Dippers, from 25
Pudding Dishes, from 15
Seamless Pails, from 30
Pie Plates, 1 -2 doz., from 75
Sauce Pans, from 35
Lipped Sauce Pans, from 15
Preserving Kettles, from 30
Double Boilers, 1.00
Basting Spoons, 10
Corkscrews, 10
Famous Gillette Safety Razor, $4.25
"Rubberset" Shaving Brushes, 35
Carborundum Razor Strops, 75
Weif fenback "Broke in" Strops 1.00
"Hindoo" Razors 1.25
"King Kutter" Razors 1.75
Rayo Lamps, in nickle or dull 2.75
Brass Finish 2.75
Junior 2.25
The famous New Lite Hand
Lantern,   just   on   the
market 1.00
11      U
per cent. Off Table Cutlery, Splendid Choice, this must be sold
Dish Pans,
Milk Pans,
Soup Ladles,
Pie Plates,
3 for 35
Forks $1.00
Forks $1.25
Pocket Knives
15c to $2
Swiss pattern Pruning
9 in., extra blade     $1.50
Garden Shears 1.00
Forks 10
Hoes and Rakes
E Z E Wringers $5.00
Eureka Wringers 4.25
Scrubbing Boards, crown glass     45
"          "   galvanized 25
Selfwringing Mops 35
Mop Stick 20
Spring Cloths Pins, 3 doz., 25
Clothes Pins, 7 doz. 25
Dover Sad Irons, per set 1.65
Food Choppers 1.45
Rolling Pins 20
Spring Balances 50
Buck Saws, Happy Medium 60
Disston 1.10
Knife Boards 25
Foot Scrapers 10
Phone 66 COURTENAY, B. C. P.O. Box 230
"Not better than the beet, but better than the reet"
~(ZJ' j- i_i���jf**\9 1 r*��� P    "  -   ^*" " ' ���


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