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The Review Nov 25, 1915

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Can not he done any letter) ami
not quite an well nnywheie **I*>=-l��
hereabouts, t lur type and machinery i-i complete and The Ueview
i-ricon ire iLM
CI. BSlfil   I Ads.
X    M.; ...   youi     ittl     Wants   k ..up
ih    ugh
Nie Heti
IV    -    -    ���    I'll.
VOL. 4
Agricultural Grounds
Saturday, Dec. 18, at 1 o'clock
Houselio'n   Furniture and   Farm Stock
Particulars in Poster
Phone 10 Courtenay
__> _ _�� ,
Per IV-
Delivered in  Courtenay
AH Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
AI K1L_\.
Phone ..43
which we are offering at Reduced Rates
EI  Grilstovo
8  inch  Electric   Stove
and    Grill    combined.
Just  right  for getting
breakfast in a hurrry or for preparing afternoon tea
Prepares Delioious Percolated Coffee.   Made of aluminum, no more
metallic taste or taint.    Costs 5c per hour to operate
i rerco
&8��&m     fn    effideUtwEleCtHC
*���**   *^-�������-*  Immersion   Heater
which is  plunged directly into the
liquid to be heated.
Dandy for shaving or heating baby's
food at night.
Costs 3 1-2 cents per hour to operate
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Re*. R98       Office: Mill Str��.t
Local Lines
The season for grouse shooting      All basket   ball  enthusia-      ire
closes 011 Tuesday next, Nov. 30,     request d to attend    ���   raeeti  i*  iu
The Harmony Orchestra  intend      ���������.���. , , ,. ,, ���.,. ,,���������,;, ,,���,.   Leo Anderton's   ���     :e  al   1     m.
holdius  1 dance on Xmas eve ���,      ra��/rack conimittee dance  s|,arp on Fridaj   N     miber :     .to
Holding a dauce on Xmas eve. will be held on   .r.day evg. Dec.   reorgKauise for ,;.;s_:1   ���.
Why net have the orche*_ra at  3 ist, New \ ear s eve. 1 .
ih,1 ,,,. v 1 tviviv '    ii   ic  il,,   1 .t .01       .,      ,, ,..,      , . A social evening will  be  li    . at
fncf P       ' * , M,S' 1Ia'":lay lla3��Pe��eda K'"-  the Grantham schoolhouse on Pri.
dergarten school  in  the  premise? I day evening,   Nov    26,   to  raise
Mr.*. J. VV,   McKenzie,  sr.,  ar-   uext to the Review office, funds for the  fu   lishi   ; of I      ild
rived home from Vicl 011 rues-      Hardy & Biscoe will hold an auc-  schoolhouse.     Ul mksion 25c    ts.
ray afternooi.. [jo;1   sa|e     at     (jle    Aj^rieultnral   Ladies are reque   1    to brin-     ikes
Mr, Geo,  Barrass has   been ip-   grounds on Saturday   Dec,    18th,
pointed local flgeiit for the Pletcher   Household furniture and farm stock      A larg   crowd, 11
Hn.s. music house of Nnuaiino. will be sold. , three hundred, gathered .it the sta-
,, tion on Saturdav  e\ ming   t       '���
The " Rustics "are coining on      Mr. Carl    Ihtilin   wishes   us to come ptc,   pcrrott   ;    .. the
Priclny, Dec. loth, al the Opera state that he did not turn into the frol)ti jU!il at the last minute cord
house, Don'l forget the date ai.d road as stated 111 the repo't of the wasreCeived that he was nol a the
the worthy object. Look out for, auto accident. He gave his full train. He had intended comi gup
posters. share ol the road, 1 fljr a few dayS|  .,,���: llad sem .voal
Another attempt   is being made      Another contingent of the prairii ' 1 cordingly, but at the last m tute
establish a baud in Courtenay.   At  harvest excursionists arrived-home  was ordered into il
present tliere is about hall a dozen ! 011 Tuesday afternoon's train,   and ; Warden improved the rtu   ty
W.   McKenzie   sr, ac- j lo make i patriotic address.
Frank Everett,  secretary       3t.
bandsmen   here,   and   tin l   many   nichi
mon volunteers would make quite   com] allied by   1  s daughter,   "
a respectable band, Chase, of Chinook, Lloyd Dunham
and Klmer Loggie    Robt   UcQitil- N      's Ambulance   corps    tas  re-
Ian arrived last week ' ceived "otice froni '���'���" :-
....                          '                      I ol the Cauadi iu branch
Tobacco Club is ,s a likelihood of , ��    ':-
ien!   f
The .St li episode  of  the   Master
Key was .shown at the Opera house
1' last   nighl   and   attracted   ������: large
( f
crowd. The music furnished by
ths 11 irmony orchestra is good and
adds greatly to the perforaiimce.
Three other feature films are also
Another lot of miners, numbering about seventy, left Cumberland
this week for the mines near Mer
rill. Tliere is appareuth plenty ol
work there, and the G ivernmeiit
have assisted the men to get to it
in preference to keeping them in
idleness here or giving them relie!
'} ls   nates ol the corps  I I
''   s"l *P   mg , as  iu".ruetoi ���;   to   the   ��� 1
ra.iking a furthi
to carry on the
tobacco 1 ) the soldiers at the front, j training.    Win
Io date /61,00s "ave been collect-  trained a Sl. John mail   ,*i 1   it
d, ot which   .��50,695   have  been   to instruct the soldi rs 11 ;
expended, leaving .1 balance on
ban i 0' ��cj 310. Canada la ad- the
list with ,/.'n 6.j; from 38,510 sub
iiice.    He la
Here are
Few Prices
l'or sale, Australian slump puller
will trade for small launch engine,
must be good. Apply J. Caljouw,
Bowser P.O., Vancouver Isle.
To be disposed of privately,   for
cash���_n exceedingly quiet horse,
broken to ride or dnye; Top bugg*,
and harness, in good condition, also
riding saddle aud bridle: household
[furniture,    etc.    Apply   Rev.    F.
Franklin-Watson,   The   Vicarage,
I    Those   wishing to  co-operate in
obtaining agricultural lime ai ��4 a
'ion, if our order comes to rootonsor
I over, or 55 j.e ton if under 100
j tons, will  send nie   the   nsme and j
quantity wauted before 15th February 1916,     This price is for hue
delivered t Courtenay, Royston or
1 Comox. J. A, Halliday, Sandwick
: Nor. 1, 1915.
Phone 4S, Cooke & .Matthewson
the most up-to-date butchers in the
district.    All orders promptly   at
tended to.
For   ,��� ale ��� White   Wyai dotte I
j cockerels,   ��5, $3 nnd ;*_   each; se-
lected trios $7; heavy laving strain, !!
Apply, J. G. Randall, Royston.      '!__
For Sale--Strawberry plants, $i ' _���_^__ .
i per 100; yearling   rhubarb   plains,   |
35c   per   dozen,   2  and 3 year old I
plants St.25 per dozen      Apply to,
!joe Davis
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
I Morse (las Engine, one   3    k     w.
Dynamo switch hoard,   etc.,    also
pump and   belting,    Capacity   1-' '
gallons    per   minute.   Apply   at
Riverside hotel,
For Sale-���Teat", wagon, au I
harness, or   exchange   for cattle,!
Also 30 acres 1-2 mile  fn iran-
t'nam school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value What have
you to offer? Apply Box s, Review Ollice,
Strayed���a short horned .steer,
red and white, mostly white faced,
18 months old. marked by piece
cut oul of right ear. Anyone
knowing the whereabouts of same
will be suitably rewarded. Last
seen by Mr. Campbell's ranch,
I Please notify Geo. Davis, Uuiou
1 iie Bishop of C iliimbi 1. wbo
lias been visiting Courtenav, is
here ou liis lir.-1 visit as Bish )p,
but he is well known throughout
Vancouver Island, having lived for
37 years iu Victoria. During the
ast 30 years   he h is   been serving  t
Any "ia luate Fits; Aide
1 1 offer themselves   il 1 :���
nicate \utli the sei reta
h  >
<** %>***% o*
I   > V   % % 'Ay '
he ^church as   Archdeacon.   The **%    ��*     % ^
iishop preached in the   local   _ug.  \\ %     V*       $ .
'can churches 011 Sunday, and has I       ^      Q/*     Jj     AA
leen   meeting   many   old   friends || ^   ,<��   **    ,>. v0p      ��f,
11 rntlav s train
At S. Mary's, Grantham, the  Bis- j        c,^0 '*���&���   '%>���       yq
hop dedicated    recent   gifts, which j <     *>     *V    ^^       ���*
include commuuion vessels,   au organ, etc. j
Ac   r��:
Y����-���     Cx    1     I      k    * *
-Aailuii.     _.iicr��___    Id    IaiIIvIRS
Table Raisins, large
Sultanas, . , .
Figs '.'.'."
Ctystalized Cherries
������  : .
2 for 25
Aud of course our  own Goffe* at 45  ar.d 50 cents  ; er | 1 und
c*" _���nu., iT^in   "".*.*���
Box _:.   ;^__    j
Comox Creamery
40c per Ib. this week
We are now  opening a large anJ varied etock of
Rood*; Btiirable for the Christmas trade, consisting of
Cut Glass, China, Fancy Glass Sets,
Cutlery, Toys, Gloves, Fancy Handkerchiefs, Tics for Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies Blouses and Fur Sets
for Children
The stock is so large it 'will have to be seen to be appreciated
Also Plain and Fancy Groceries in  great variety at
lowest cash prices
McPhee & Morrison's Cash Store
wgW-ffw_agwwi___aaft THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C.
Waste in Burning* Straw
I Soils Greatly Benefitted by Fertilizing
, Eleivciits in the Straw
From the time the prairies were |
| ilisi cultivated up in 11 yenr or sn i
' iimi    ii    was Hi" geueral custom to
burn iln> piles of straw  �� huh dotted
| the Holds utter the fall tlireshltis.   In
fuel ii Is yet a i erj eomni in practli -
; and a very wasteful one,
li   Is  un  estahli died   facl   thut  nr ���
i ganlc mutter Is essoin lui in: soil let
j tlllty.    No ono disputes the I'm i thai    ":
our pralrio soils are h ready rli li in I
j Iliis essential    bul   In  i J  seetlon -
II he soils would im nival ly lu'iietlted
ib} the addition of the fertilizing eon
I stituonls  ��hlcli  are    present   In  lho j
Hopkins,     of    Illinois,    gives   the I
\uiui! ni iiiit straw l'or uiiiinii lui nnt'
I po ies nl i'.'.'Mi per   Ion.   Wheal sl raw i
I valued til    f'2,">e] per Ion     The saine i
! relative loniparisnn gives lhe value nf
I ir, sh farm inautirc nl i'2,'2'2 and barn \
j a.1,; manure   nt   i'2.'.\ I   pi r ton,    \ny ���
nne ��1111 ileal ro} a a ton nf wheal or
nai   si ran,  therefore,  d 'stroj 3   mon
fcii limine cloiucnls ihan ure contained ,
in i!i" average fnrm yard inauut'C,
The besl uieihoil of hand lug Kirn is ,
in la  teed  i!   In slni-l,  anil  return  the ;
manure   lo lho land,   'I hm  ll si n es '
:i doiilih'  purpose    fodder    anil  man-
iir.'.    When  fed lo    horses or cattle
on a   maintenance  rutloti    or    those,
I dolus comparatively little work,   oal
I straw    Is    condensed    by    Hoard's
, Dairyman   to    be  from   one halt    to
two-thirds  lho   value  of good  clover |
nnd timothy hay*.   The manure from
one   ton    of wheal  tttrav    Is    worth
$1.52   nnd    lhal    from a ton of oal
straw    is    worth    if'.'.::!.   Thus    the :
wastefulness of burntnp itt raw  Is evi !
Where sufflelenl live   slock ;s no
mln. however, to uso all of the si run
ii this way, the straw can bo return
[ ed directly   i"   i he luiiil.   tl nut-
J spread anil plowed under or usi d as
i mil dressing on grain or pasture.
A  Prosperous Area
We are in receipt of very favorable I
advices from lhe southern interior of]
this province.   All over the Boundary,
OUaiiagtin and Kootenay districts the
The'r. Tvery^^lA Thdr Stl'Ci1^h k Taxed Mid
:' ' mantl from the prairies for Ium-'   Thev a.e\ id 1 Ills of Weaklier has led lo the opening ot numerous * .,  .,   ...
logging camps, and the mills ure all |           11CSS and  Suftei'ing
��� lurtlng up.    There arc no Idle men,'
but on the contrar-  some of the mill-
men ure complaining of a shortage of  ., serlou   i
ubor. Our correspondent who has l aro on t'h0 go from nioralng to nighl
, ovi red some hundreds ol miles during \ hog ,Vork, apparently, Is neverd it-
oi    iri-i  week or ten days, says. "II
When there ii  a growing family io
car' for and ihe mother falls ill ii is
mothers who
would have i
���Victoria Oolonlsl
try to disguise llieir suffering and lici
���rn British Columbia  ���. a    appearance of cheerfu ss h
nniil lull and wini'ir    ' ���
ure iheir family     Only    themselvo
know how ihey : re distressed by buck- , k0 matuc ni��ra j-oo iivo o- a.
aches   nml headaches, dragging down | ^Vi2i,AAA^,%A^i %?
���-by $:$.
Licensed and Bonded Dealers'
Scies Hem Quickly -llate ynu a! pains and nervous weakness; now ran buy rhwot ami mum
persistent sure thai refuses to heal'.' tbelr nights an often sleepless, and Sr"*"""���1'J"h ���:
Then, li'y Ur. Thomas' Kvlectric Oil in j thev arise to a new day's work tired, ; nm" uiiokst cash fin.
the dressing li will stop sloughing, depressed and quite unrefreshetl. Such S,"f "!, np,lsa
iniTi i.i'.aj lhe proud flesh, draw out women should loew thai their suffer- m, Via nitaetata our 5*58
Hie im.- and prepare a clean way for iUgs are nsuailj due to lack of good] S"_t,��,C,'"im,!��"_"iii��m
tho new skin, li is tbo recognized nourishing blooil Thev should know intodeairailio vm sets ami vot
healer union** oils and myriads of peo- thai the one thing Lliey'necd above all I K^E.^aSKK
plo can cerllfy thai   ii  healed  where   others io give tbem new health and! "ts*t">n- i>r ����� ���rekm ot
1 '!' "ils failed utterly. strength, is rich,    red blood, und that    FromTr.ppor io Wearer
 _��� among   all medicines    there ls none   BIlACK WOr.i* bet   n,i. i,
Saskatchewan Live Stock Distribution   can equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for   one ot tbo n_��y barwlns uins.
I mler the Live Slack Purchase ami !lh"ir    blood-making,    health-restoring : ffioKand 8. i,e.utitui _i
Sal,-    Vet,   tbe provincial department h"1'11 '���    l0vcr.'',   suffering    ��;?miin,   S;���J^X1elSllSlr_e
m:  ugriciilture  of  Saskatchewan  dis-|ever-v wouiiin wiUi_ u home, and latnily j ^to|etscut extra deep and
triiu'.iid a
l,i Inrnicr
_TL!N_BSS*J'9?'\!**;i;,3ffl   '���������'���   Dominion  commission  to  investl-
���'.**JK^S*_5ii^'^J*��i'-���''       -      mui-iil problem       The  per- j
-���'-' -������^p*T___.a_fla_2sl_,iHj.__..1 .... .     .       , .        .
sounel ol this commission has net ver
been announced.    This action of the ���,.,,������          ���     ,   ,    .
, .,.,.,,,,.,   !���  ..  ,._anii  _r il, c ,.,,,,i',.i-   i tto,] with the Pioneer Company Organized and
gO'einmeilt  Is a lesult ol  the umlei- own<d b  j,-.,,,,. Grain bandied on conslmmcnl
ence held 111  Winnipeg Inst November orontrnck.   Absolute security, prompt returns,
between  representatives of the western ��� grain growers grain co. ltd .
grain growers und manufacturers, nf- j mo McDrrmot St., Winuipen, or loo Daujlat
ie;* lyhlch a joint    inemornndum  was Block, Calgary
\    I prepared asking l'or the nppointuieiil j ���    ��� -
A     of the commission.   It is gratifying to l jt pav9 to si.,jp vollr Rri[n i��� a reliable
ftA    s"'' thai, not only hnve the mniuilue- ! Commission Firm.   Best attention given
*J    hirers and fanners decided m Im-gel , to consignment!!.
-/   . their dlfterences, hut thai  they haw aooDERHAM _ MELAD�� co��� LTD.
nis,, hem. nhle to combine  n advoeat- - .��� Exch     . Winlli
ing a common policy which is appar- ��� ������
entll sound enough to recommend it- sWpIobamuel spink.Pioneer tirain Com.
Bnir*in Un   Dotllltlfon EOVernment   Thi'' missionMerchant.lor !j5si results.   Grades .arts
in vii ,      ui     . .,1.-* iv.11l ie  ,. ,1.1    ,1 ir.- ���       j,uiri.iuL,..L:,Mir,-!ii,n
.,   j,,).,]   ,,f   "v.,   |. ...a   nr   r,,.||lp    to   c.ll'e   Iol'   sllnl.lll   give   Ihese   pills,   ll !   wldoovcr aliollldpt-and hai-li
n this summer.   \: V. Bredt   ,f'"r "'i:li' ''"''  >'  ��-lll keep Her In   ffl,ffia:Xtt
in;; live stuck commissioner, was in
health  and slrength  and    make    h,
charge of lhe buving. On account or work ('11^'    >h's' 'j' Slri1*'-"''''   Aeton
.   West, (ini., .-nys: "I am the mother ol
cr ahouMers mul inil s'
ii h t'u.l- I Drri with ie.otl qua!
y satin and imrinlylnnrliiieil.
. llllle
N.\ "11    ul. in
lully walclied     Hfllns   niadr   t.t   besl   advatitaye -
n   aceouipiislied   hut   tlie     Prompt returns. Try us.  Shipping bills on reo.uosti
il   Which   Will   be  derived  , 206 Grain  Exdianje, Winnipeg, Man.
M��    i will be determined by the character of      Krie.ence   Union and Royal Banlts.    	
Nr.'')'! ' the men who are appointed to tho com- .     ... .
Sim.      mission'.   We trust that these appoint- shin Your Orein To
����   , ments will nol he conferred us rewards I bartlett a langillic
In   cheese   prices  II   was I ""-'���"������ ',"!,'���; ""���"���*':   ,' ""' ll": 'V'",1!''1. "!     The Muff is mndo In llie large classy pillow ' i'nr'nrn|-e'i'iifoii"aT nolitieiaiis but wIlTbe i Grain Commission Merchants,S10 Grain Eicbange
dim-mil  to hm' llobilelu  cattle in Oil-   i"1'"'1 ehilllren, and Liter each  birth  I , ��tf^ia^^oi^tM*Mj�����_*iiAt^*t*    ["Aj,   ,;'"",,   ;,.,.., ,,,,i',,,,;..,,,, ,,���,,V���,TJ Areliablefirmwhoaimtoglyesatlslaclieu.Speclal
,     , e V       'I ���'   em   i ������     I.-   Ill   llu-     ....,     ,   u..... �����.... .._,.  . ..... ...uuii.m ,                                                                                             ,    .   ,i i fiiH&ii, nm wnu uiin :i, xn^ ....i... p.
,.;,.     i'i ..            ,���,,�� 'became   terribly    run    down:   1  had . l^'^tTiJ"'' ���,.1-'." ,��'���'** ������*�����'"'���"�������� .s'vcnn ��i"i' who understnnd agiicul-   ,tlMlio��� ������,,���,  grading,   Liberal advai
,,";    ���.-,   ,!,',",;,,'     " .'     '   ���'��eali.   thin   blood,  always   fell   lireil. I No^'stf':^.""'''.   ^r'': ss.zr, tnral conditions and  who are willing Lwfe
ii i-i  ���   ,'.,���'��� .,   V-       and unable to do my household work, j No. 226, Mail! *ti.50 to devote unlimited line and cue, :, > _-,.���.,.��� "GEE . ^^cheli   L1
���<" aiei.ige puce ol -*8n.    ,                                 ���>                           i    it��tr anieie u ��au nngat oun pomtivb anuws to the pro hi, ins before tbem.    Indus-   ��������nb����-l. tatt at mii-n_s.s., s-i
niinieni.    In    the above acl   'XIUI     "    >"""   "i   uiy   unin  unin   i    j-he to "saiisi'i- vou onUEiTMi wi honey .,.;.., ,-.',.,,.,..                                                                  grain commission
b i, ,.  ii   nosslhle for the i ��eeiiicd to be worse, and was very bad-   send^or our Fur m,t. nook; ,m.u .dition. smttT tnal <-ullacla-                                             -,   .    ...,,_..���      _    .       w'itini
,.       .,' "'���'   "                       : iv   ..,.,    .inttn       1    tt'llS   adV Serl   10   take     TOM ��" nmaat sthlch contaluatl pages ollllustra. 1,1,1,.'.    C. XL u.lllgr ,                                u linn
"   lo distribute  hulls    on  "   K ' 1 , "',   ' "if ���l""l i_g^*.iftrt_ii_m Mlnard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.            Minneapolis,                  Duluth
c nisi il  111
Ai, nineiui
lasl  spring
lieptll'tmcnl   to   distribute   hulls     on   a l ;������    "���'.'.,','. .   .,'    ,  ",, V','   ",'"/," UonsotlieauUluirutSatsandl'urOarmials.
uuailer cash basis. As a resuli of I his   '"'��� W JHIiims   Pink Pills     1 found llie We P.y All Delivery Charge!
aboul    Tn    bulls  were distributed as   greatesl  benettl  trom    the.    pus anil dokotwaiibuise:idxo-dav'to
oon giiineil my ol.l nine strength.   In-
coinpareil   wilb   "I   lasl   year.    A   big
I deed.
Inking them I felt as well:
,,c:uiiiiil  now prevails    for bulls, nnd ,
these    will    posElblv    be  purchased t3 ln.*-*>' K11'11100'1. M}<1 coulil lake pleas-    ���
ibroughoiil    ""���    '������:"    '''is    ���������ii  : "''���' in "'���>' wo,'k-    ' als" use(1 Baby�� |  l^��
Country life Is dying In America be-   m0i-��__*_
s;,,,,,,. ,,,- il,,.  ai .,,.;..,'.'   .uiul.,,, nnlllo OWll   Tilhlels  for  111}'   lil I ll'     mil's  llllll '^^                        ^^            -Jl . ' ' J".    '
Snllie nl   llie     i.^liict:,  lceeiiini; entile                                                 ,      ,-,         ,    ���        Rr.om not,   Hall-m   fliiil-i nn Tnronto     na   on
.i.i. .. .,,. ���. ,.,   i.-,.,.,.,,i.,,,.i   ii���_, i ���i.., have liiund them a splendid medicine   noD'P --o nanam  ouiicing, inroniu,   uuuuu
l i   ���   �� '.l l   e. i I c   is ei i ni,, 11    I. us ll I..1 '\C.                      ,     .                ..                                I                                   f....... ton    i
n���!���i, .'i.i,,,i    ,n_,.i,.... ,,n,u, for childhood ailments.                                                    Canada. ton, i
De eh-ii   and   I'lldri d     tllfltr
ihi'iiiil..  and   Wndi n
cunse of ihe drudgery of lhc farm,
and iii" lonesomeness of his wife, a
cording  to    W'illiani   ll. Hniytbe,    of t ,
i Kan   . ronclsco,  talking lo the  Intel
Irrigation congress   in Stock- !     the continental grain co.. ltd.,
To   substantiate   hi-   Stllte-    Licensed, Bonded, solicits your grain consignment.
6'Kl Grain Exchange,
Winnipeg, Man.
Vou can gi i
pills l hl'ough any |
menl he ejted statistics in show that
I'.'.eeii    Iium    and I'.i I ii ih i country
"���  .iin-uiiiuu nu   ni ,i .',,,���,!, ���, ,. ,,,. .....ii .,, -,, ,.,.���." iietween     unu    ami    i ii   n ��� c try
ni'iiu in,- ii'.iici ni  n\  tn.in ,u .,iiienis ,,,..,.,.{. .,,,.   niii,.,,r ��� Vr,      nntc    mv            ,                            ,       ,     ,
-������.��� ������_���                   i                 .              -      ,. iiiiMiiiiu^  iiiiuei    .-vnu    un-..  mt iioii iiia,'nn Increased uulv -l \>w m-m
���1!,,.   iv mains   nf   all   ampiiiilu ..lr" \ i','K'\i'mh,n, :"V| 'n''!',,""",",,'" V'.-,!,'!-*   ���a'1- -*,lsl  ""���'  ll,,>* '"'Siimi    are you ,,.,.i]r   .'���,,   \nctmsc   ,,,-   ,,o))iilalloii   in
'   uoii   during ill   reign of Nero, have   .,ViP A                                 " prepared lo die for your country? ihe cities was JO per cent.
Kecriiii \',i, I atn'l'. Thai nlu'l tvol
I'm Tilling for. I wani to inn!:" n few
nf tii"ni Germans die for theirs.
a   dii covered   al     Pozzuoll     near
.'up    . and aii'1 ady the flrsl  row  ot 1 ���.   r .   .
li     im. been  uncovered  from the                 b'a '-���mle moustry ,,, ,,,. .,,,,���,,:, ,l:l. ,��� .-. ,.
lolciinii    deposits   under    which   the      In connection with the offer of the                      ���  ,,.,.,'
,,.,;,  in hurled    Tlie aiiiphllliPiilie i-: Canadian govorninent to supply France      On ��� nf lhe commonesl r'oiiipluinls of ,.,,,,.,
.I i "'ei and ::nn feel wide.          ami ureal liritain witli beef, one of tho in in nis i^ v. onus, and ihe mosl active .,.,', j
mos*. inlnremlng enterprlseij in the Ills- nppllciitlon     for    ihcm     i'     Molher y,':l.
tor} of Wi item Canada Is ahnuttto be driives' Worm lOxlermlntitol'
launched,    h    i.  proposed  i" uiilize
Lbeml Advances   Prompt returns.
WIMNIPEO.  ~^__ _   W AN.	
For tooil resulls a;i_ bos! s^rvi;e ship your grail
tn Uii.  aggressive and  experienced Commissioo
llgu;.e, always n-ady In buy your ara,n on track.
535 Grain Exchange, Winnipeg
Ti'iuni}   I    'I'liai's a lop-hob     pipi
j. ti     (vie rc d'ye gel ii :
I'lii'itiuv   I!    mm  nt  them   (lermnn   Ih" Venuillon Vallej in All.,'in.   , usi       MHUary   uervlce   is  conipiiltfon-   in   onh   .... 	
Onian    iVlt'd i' lake ni" prlaeiier, an''��f I'-unmnlon. where  nilllioiis of tons   (;,.,.,.,.,..    n   commences  in  the  twem   brlglii ,- -m ������ r  bus been plainly visible i tiaskat'cliewau for SludebakcrCars, Good
Comets in War Time '
ll'ious are lioting thnl iu the
ir centuries various greal
lave beentvhsible in lhe rtus-
ilnlons only eleven I lines, ami
i h  iInio Htich an appeariiucc
i- ia has been engaged.   The bkeen motor co., winnipeo,
iliiiiii'''   iu    ihe  rule  Him   u i l'nctory  (listributors  for  Manitoba and
nf    li;''    rer>   lluesl   kind ul  grasses   tloiu year, uml lusts in ono way or an- everv time Huas
liave been going to wanle. pveri year Io   n,|u,,. foi. ,1,,, |,,���,. pel,|0(] ,,,- :l) V1.,; ,, ,������,,,.',, .���,,.,-;, ;; v,,.,,.
; .���'.."��� i     i:. ���   li   'i:i,e H-ar slrength of the a reek army l paign in IS77 und the war wllh .lapnn.
between **SU,I  uml 800,000 men. ibough     in    ib"  latter case  a   I'alni
*f*^^^mem:itM&M4l^9me   erel'' keep?    tip   lhe' tradition "ami
lorn.- loads  in    ..nine    respi cts    very
iparly '. i 'lie cornel  ci' isri. tli ��� year
n ni war i"i'   territory open tor live agents,
'urklsh cam
end eonliuentnl Irade.
The .-i heme is being supported by
iiie \|ii uii and li iiuinlon goiern-
aii ins nml a large niinihi r nf tbe
foremusl and wealthiest stockmen of
Onturio nre   Inking an luteresl  in ii.
JW��-i*-mn\ita LOWER IN PRICE
mpmomie   Qre*itr ln v��iue
Col ib�� 1816 Catalog
;i mi li":i acres nl' Inn
been secured fnr the purposi
am Intended in stall bin rune
Blllall   mi' s   Which   Will   he   slue!
II  is
i-  leu
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Too many women struggle j
under pains and acnes. J
They are not sick--but weak,
nervous, irritable.
Such women need that hlood-
strenfith that comes hv taking
strengthens A', nerves, aids the appetite and checks thc decline.
If wifa or molher tire easily <s*Lk     11""?" v
or hei, run elc-.-un, SCOTT'S tJK&t    : s',':i
EMULSION will build her up.     <rj
t    Itiiiisi.rs  lasl   ureal   national   war
gainsl tbe "twelve tribes of Rurojie"
nder N'ap-ileoii     The presenl  cornel   _   ....   _
Nine limrainten wlien th" liver ir li-'titili}    ��ill r. main visible fo'r aboul the sumc '    y0u would bo Burprlsed to kn iw how
auuuined   iindci   experienced   cattle i    ttomacK and bowelt are runt. period of the year   as Ibe cornel of   littlo money would Uo necessary to pro-
rARTroic ,,T.r, r���   .__ o' tect your family or estate.    If you would
CAKItKb i.sTfLE    _tS!_h. liiir-  to  know  without  committias yum'-
LIVER P1LI.S j._WtS^   f-'A   BU tbls blank  mul mail lo 11.  is.
..(-i-ilvl,,,!*;,.,.! ___8S_I  ft \. Minard'j  Lininur.t  Relieves  Ncur.-ii-    Andrews, Uianeh inan.i. m. liuperlnl  i.11-
tjer-iiibalknilycom. jBfmm   ��   ,\        ���n Assi rnnen Co., -Ot*  Unicn I'ank Lu'Wini;.
pel n la?.y liver n,    __��__?_"_.-::     '."..'_-_        '
llU'fir v. as i'i ijiii'Sli'il bj  tlm
.) pome tiow n i���> deal \\ i!'.
;i jiiiiu who was InclitiPtl in be nbuslve.
Relueanily ilie special conslablo complied v. iih Lho request, b��H runuii Iiim
(Jfi ils duty
Cures Constipation,
Minard's     Liniment   for  sale  every
.... i    . ��� .! My full ti.ime i*	
j      I ie -cneral    was inspe^tinp; n r.m-    ?(r\,,p;���tiM.    A^ess
| mem   jusl  aboul    to deparl  L'or new    % was born on.... Jay oi..*��
1 i!,'salinvco!;!uiid"o( a^r.;;;,;:,;, V::., free to all sufferers
.... , ing over a plnin iu a hostile country, i  ''-���-'. 'r.i... ^m ^��1> '";.',\","'v*'0.,'".,.t;;^7,_';'
ge    navvy     Headache, and Distress after Ealing,   | and he found his front blocked by ar
vv. ^   l. 1078
! i aboul    six    ie 'I    lix inches high am!
* mr broad.
"Tliere   l.e Is," ^-ii.i ill" conductor.
He won'l paj Iii-; fare."
'I'iie .-mail .-.ii""i.:l constable refli el-
ed, ami then  reniurki il.  "Well, I suppose I must pay it for him."
Small Pill, Sma!l Dos��, Small Price
tiilery -i ijrl_.au
. :;,..,, wrils lor . fIRK CLoril nrniND MKD1C.M. sook OS
us Ull J   llllll!   11-111 tl����� jj���as.s aa I   raHUERF  I   '    HE* ���Vacua' br
. Ilauk ami a  morass on hii lell,  while TH gnaw FRENCH RIMEDY.rM Nil N,3
e mui bear bignature      i his treai was cut off b> a I.:]":-1""!.' nr; XH__RAPION"an��ifint'u
inlautr.i. i n���r.ms.ij.
"Halt:   Order  mum.  ground   arms," j;;'l';i.'* ���',,;;':';;-.,;.*'.;'1'iiV.'-,",",-;,V!
kneel il vrn, sa; ;���. ur pruj ers!" repHeil wa naar ����� ra^��a ns'aaarwii tiu.
the subaltern.
a-. Akmiuuir men
iparsAo I o'ho iN,B��a fff
ni their attachment to pence, were oh
 ���* Uged in Buffer war, thej will prosecute
ARVIAI.a iiii  .in iiniiv i_  iv,.,...-... it to the end, nnu their intlniuto union
AK.MAIM Ol- 2,300 BOATS IS ENGAGhD IN   llll- WORK I will assuro the ilnal triumph of Jmuici
  .     ' nud li'-vM." snys Premier Vivian! in a
I declaration published In the inagazlue
A Iiritisii l-.p.i-i on Naval Matters Disputes the Statement thai U..T��� l'.""1''r""s-
..       ,     . oiuiciin.ui mm.    "l..ancc is not a country to bo prey-
Uuardmg \gamsl Undersea ('r.ifi is Sport, and( iranhicalU      ''''' "i""1"he continues,  "She will not
ty, ,    -i      ,i     i,    -,        .is     ...       ,  , '       '      '   ' '"> ilosvn her arms until she has rc-
..escribes, the 1 enls and Hardships of the Work jvengetl outrnged justice,  consolidated
The fii'si lord of lho Admiralty am   ine under e ms which nil. i mr   f,rovcr wllu ,t,,1�� l'!��1"1'i:'"d "'0 Pfov-
nounced lnul ui, losses mulcted upon   pedo bouts   1 !i,l ���'������,, c-i       -"'".I iT86" '',', l0��-��e, reatoreO her-
.ennansiiliinai'iiuslniyeheiuiiiriiiiil    Urel, gaiety
Sole,   li) ni' mi ,\|r. nullum- crystal- corks.?   Ivor the Bale's nMiiVvnr.ii Son   ",���"���',"   ,'"  ".' ������    v' ,"; '
IU. i Ihe   slorles lold by naval men nro   as Mere?   am  blue���   a-   on _ "''    T'i'A lmm'**lt,on "' r|S1'1 ;l
���rholmv,  com, In from tne North Sen ocean:  the"Vrrluc ���o'S_.tew    ..den i T-'T,    ,        "'"""���
lo those v. I, , nun,, anions them In lhe wllh lhe lee of Norwaj  i inip ���tnittiiiii ! ������ ,,! ; !,?_,fiii.il. "'' l*oll,k'"1 1'.1"1
unelinrage on lhe i nBtern soabonrd.
 p iulu me sailors who man even I l'*-'l.iKloHH    'I'vlnlon,    our enemies lm
following ne. an American uul hor  iho ships thai    patrol    ihe ��    ti      "alued   "'Is country's elemeuts   Irre-
""   privlhged io give to fho public a1 llrlhs ' concilahle,
little Inilellnlte Infornintlon, very little,    Itespltes from active service are now
Conservative Minimum Figures Compiled from the Besl Available
Data, and Presented by an American Military Authority
Reveal the Terrible Wastage oi the War
sine,   ihe  greal    war   in   Europe i comparatively recent years almost a.
Btai'ted more than 2, i men have ' much as from those 0f antiquity '
been killed; ilie wounded number "The fabled Btories of the countless
marl, 4,000,000, while the total nuim hordes who crossed lhe llellesnon'i
ber ol prisoners and of the missing with Xerxos and Alexander avi ��� ..-'.'���
i:i more than '1,000,000 Tliese are con- far surpassed by the actual number!
servatlvo mlnirauni llgtu-es compiled of the forces engaged lo the Dreseni
from Hm besl avnllnblo data, and conflict, The figures are certain)*
ncllahle. i made   public    by  Urlg.-Oon,   Francis stnrtllng.   iu Europe TS per cenl   of
��� Whnl did thoy see?   Workmen, em-  vi.".'"" arce.!e' L'.S-A., retired, in an the population al war, In all the world
and v#r) nidi Unite, aboul lhe Heel.
nm in Hue[i who mi of! n look upon n
trem i nitlc squadron nl anchor oi
Mul'ii    tin.  sudden    rush    to sen, or
address on lhe wnr, delivered before  56 per cent, of tlle populatioi ,   ��� ���
nappiy iiiiu.:   numerous   Hum in rim i"">'s. eiiisans. peasants,  rich tuid t _���"""_". V" L"v.",',"' _'""_'", "?.""**:'    -, _____
anxious    days  when  A   iliot ' '' men of nil pnrtb .,   nil religious  f'.V.?"'.1? ��* -1'-" *N"'V **orl' Stato  ed In the conllict; 13,000,000 men ac-
der    uiir ,��� ir   ���.,:',, iKHIeta.   offering   to   sacrifice   the.-..- ��H��lwl���  AMoelat Ion, tually  underarms;   2, ,    ....
���      '  ' --���     " "������'" '-   ...... .- ..--I    General preene is nu honor grad-1 nearly 4,000,000 wounded, more thai
hul ii was a liiolaneholj i ��� peril i. ���  to if
in"', nil  fulfilling iheir duly in de
'i mite   of West Point of   the class of 12,000,000 prisoners.   We caiin
,J 18711, und ih" author of many stand-1these figures,   but   we ean get some
10 ll"   Irlngu   ul an action, and who , nfter day, ween after wc 1  and montii i"'' revolullon, in defending the liberty ' "A,  ;:, '" , "'"I'.r;  - ,"."*"������  "-;:��� ; ;������*���   "o-/>-��,    �������    -�� ..�� 5.1, oumv
1 nn'."luenuj 1.1111-.V   the secrecy   with  afler   month   nothli ���    _i_ht 1.11    of the world.   All understood lhat lho aul    jvorlia on mi Italy lilatory.   He  Idea ot what they mean b: tnpartn
which ii hi smiBlii in surround ever-    waler ami no mm nn1 hoard  ,-nnw ',"'   ""'*���'  luuubli   Is us. ful to the fnlher- ?avo ,���}'_'"-"l"..1. I!1' '"'"'"' u,! what  them    with  the  results  nt  prevlo
movement un ihc sea, ii Is surprising I where Ihey  woi vcent 1 '   , ,', ��� f,, i liuul:  Uml from the general in chlet    V' ,'11"''1' ,lu.1 ' ""."��� '���*-''"' sl"'ss   M to : wars.   We were accustom   . to .pea
""  emphasis laid   on lho sue"," 1  wus a iiiiiddoniiiir vlirll        ri1,. 1 *��osi< admlrnblo sang  f 1 compels  *���'���,.. t.suall_.11 ��, "".'   "',"'  /""' sub' i of our rivil  ���'a'* as tli" greatest     1
"'"' ivjirfare 011 ihe suhi 'Ine danger lurklns. that the rati 1   11 ov 1    :'"' admiration of   tho.world, to tin-1 "'."���*'' n I ablo showing the Increases flict of modern times, but apparent.-.
With Te c bruggml he flei ok the l-Juwitc��� t\a  he Path I deri,iv")   humblest, each    ffas   an India   ?,' "���'".'!     Indebtedness of the it wus only one-tenth of the
mans. Ilia nomiliiri- Hiiunosed. renlied I brnnd .invliHii ,���i..i',,     ,'���.""_ ,L;,i penmiblo role    Tiie glorj   is for nil- I lwiroPean belligerents     Ibo increase  tudo of tbe present conflict
imins. ii In popularl} supposedi replied
In    lir,  ilall'oiir'i  messago,    wllh il
sinking of the lie iperlnn, Jusl aa llu
id duyllslil  mlghl    ovcrtaki   Hum ��� !" ":Vlll!l'.''"''''.    ""' Klu'-V '" ""  'l"; j over J 914 npproxlinalely is 520,000,000,-1    "At no limn did tlm number nf men
a ni  ii". n mi.   Never wns It spur1    us lighl illuminates everj lorenenii     ; W,K    iUin  mllr!l ,,,- t|ljs ia w..ir ljc.>Jt,  actually under arms, North and Soutl
Thu men on shore tell of then hard      "'I Is llnl "nl> ,"  ' army, wnose  0f course, is problematical. The com- exceed 1,300,000   num.   and tb.   tota
here credited    with linvlng answered I ships and the scares the-  Ium   win 1   heroism is   guided    by Incomparable  bined wealth of tho allies is estimated  number of those killed in battle and
Mr, Churchill's speech   nl  Liverpool,  submarines ,,ie reported nbout.   on ui I chiefs, lhal we shall owe victory; it Is  at $201,000,000,000, while that   of the died of wounds on the Nortl
when he ilii'eiueimil ih,  Herman fleet  il    Is   Imagination, bill ever-  nerve i.< Inlso to the nation thai has been uble  Teutonic allies, witli Turkey Included,  was 110,070, and on the rem
If thoy wuuld imi conn 1 the} would  *,Mil so   long   ���- (lie (.Inrni *!.-   ei. no; ,1 1 r.ccompnny that    licrolsm   wllh a  j3   estimated   at  $108,000,000,000. probably not more than 80,00
I.   dug mu UKe rats from a bole, wiiu ! 1 lm 1    the nerve strain Is 1 \"     , i" a   unli-n nf silence and serenity In crlt-1    General Greene a ins   discussed the  in four years of war 1 Ium 1      iestr
the sinking ot lho llogno and t'ressy I slowed down.   There are yacht clubs   leal hours.   If tliese hours seem long,  changes  In  the arl  ul  warfare  that  tlon of life   was less than on   tenl
und iho Aliuiikir.   llul the navy does   where   the naval officers ashor-i can ; lei  us continue to think of onr coun-1 |lftVe made tbo grenl struggle nol only of the destruction of life du
imi believe   the Germans give replies  go for n llllle companionable company,   iry and everything  will bo easy fm-  ni" must frightful but also tlie most more than ono   year   at   the pre    .
on these lines.   The stake is too ser-  and while tbe doings on the   se-i are   ns." Interesting, Irom a military polnl of time,   In the Napoleonic wars,    I
inns.   Ami   In the stern game where ' Inviolate, Incidents an gone over, for      Finance Minister fllbot, In lhe same   view,    of any war In  history,    liu-i-1 itiuj to 1816, the lai-gesl arm*       r
nun   uro constantly   looking Into tho  tbo   professlo:u*l   s,nllorman    '.-    1, .1   issue of lhe magazine, speaking of tho  dentally, the   speaker   Indicated what sembled was that which Napnleoi
jaw6 of death one cannol gel any of. averse  to  quietly  discussing  ni.; ���,:���-, hiiueim ��� of finance   upon   the   wav,  in his own opinion Is required in make  Inlo   Russia in 1812 and this
them to believe one cannot get any ot I tlon or lim ii,. of   certain waters or-; snys: I adequate   tho national defence of the J od   somewhat   In   excess   t
"France will nol  lack resources to I United Stan
sustain her efforts In this war thai she      In the presenl deende be said tliere
did nol leek, hul she is determined to bud occurred more Important changes|
purpose wlthoul  flinching,   As far a- i in lho art of warfare than in lhe pre
playing    for fireworks    displays���no, I anchorage with his auiateui
thej aro oul for results all the time.  They will lell of heavy wei
"The officers iiiiiI men of lhe battle-, nights   spent    when   the   s
ships and armed cruisers are envious  seemed  to  blind  their eyes
ui those engaged in submarine hunts, tense ,nld numbed lhelr bodies I'h re ] conci ms finances, she enn look upon j vlous fifty yi ar.-.. ami In ilm.se fifty
which are regarded as great sport.' 1 is. a. wonderful band between tin men ihe prolongation of hostilities wlthoul : years more than in lhe Ilve preceding
Thnt statement may have been made, who are drawn in common to '��� uu- anxiety. The end of the conlllcl will centuries; In olher words, since the
lui ii is the greatest possible travesty | quenchablo call of the sea: bin In tlu    nol depend on our resources. 1 first nsi of gunpowder In warfare.
of n dun':.'rims, monotonous and ox-lquiet conversation there Is never a ..r e| u-rance keep llle faith sho has Whnl these changes iu the art or
posed life;   so much Is il so thai il Is   talk of sport, ;��� i.'ersell* lei her continue lo under- ; warfare mean Is learned by n study of
ineo-celvablo to   anyone   acquainted |    The losses inflicted un the German   ..,'.,,,,,  ber'financinl duty us she bus  'be lables nf ea.-iialties, llnuncla] ex-
i understood her-moral  duty and  het | pendiliire, etc,   compiled by General
villi the sen ihal any naval officer or i submarines   have   been    formld
seaman could  frame lho words. ihey am irretrievable. When this
There    are    2,300    trawlers,    mine   started we had still lo ncqnlra a
sweepers and olher auxiliaries on duty 1 experience   In lighting the under-i
mil'ide   the regular   service keeping  craft.    We had to learn.    Bui
th:  North Ken clear.    We always be-  the llogue, tbe Cressy nnd lhe Abou-
lleved then  were aboul 11,000 ships ni , kir ihen- was 11 lull lo ti.'" Pathfinder
work around our coast and what Is this] and tho    llawke.   and it tooh a   ong
matchless   armada   searching   for on ! lime before thc Germans did anything
the lone waste?   What is this quarry   10 the Formidable.   Bul we have grap
thai gives Ibe greal sport? : pled with the dlfficullj aud   we havi
Keiinble figures are nol available of  means for tracing submarines' Immedl
how many German submarines   wer" Intel
nllonl when war
t'ibly at   the out _______________
stories have been published of sublnar-1    But   what    is   common know
hies   imili    in sections   and carried  among  those  acquainted   with
overland���vessels   of   1,000 tons, all j work is that we can truce n suiiin
lilted with    most finely adjusted and  travelling under the water throi
delicate machinery. curious   formation   of   the   wni
I'u   the Germans,   we grant, every- creates on the surface.   Oursailoi
thing Is possible;    hul    setting aside
freak   ideas  nnd   coming  to   absolute
military duly, she will 1 ims aid in the j Orcein
final victor; lhal the world i'eel_ U illation
inevitable  nnd  thai   il   uwiilts  In   the  the i'iu
int. resl of the liberty of p :opl 	
01 ei'. illzation."
im German armle ��� lighl ng 1 da
Itussia on the east and In Frai
the wesl  at"  more thai
Helm ring in ii,- war In
theatre,   Goneral Greei
reports    Indicated    thai        ���    1)1
side occupied  the I rem : ��� 1
sen to ilm Vosges, -       1 mi 1 n
men to the mile or I
more than the equ vab   to    1   I
rank formation, In   close ord   -,   \y
nne nf these gives the pop-1 elbows touching, from ei
a  on official  ngiiros, of     "Compared to thesi
nirlcs concerned in tho  oral Greene, "the ������     :'���.    I
war.     I lies '    figures are taken  from   Torres    Vedras    In    Port  ga
oi't'ieial    reports.   Siiunuai'lzed,    Ihey |Petersburg iu Virginia
Victor \ugagneur, the lrreneh inim
itcr of marine, declares:
German fleet is quite as e
show  lhai.  nn   lim
of the allies j Inslgnlllanc
nie! re in Kurope 260,000,000 people
         as compared  with  122,200,000 popula-
lively uiiniliiliiled ns il il were sunk.]"011 of the Teutonic nations and iheir
li is powerless and useless. Couso- ally, Turkey. The colonies of the al-
quenlly   our country is repaid a him-  lies liave a population of 472,600,000
n submarines    worelatelv    lime eni"i* aivan .���������,..,-.   ���-i,i t,    ���"-'    - - ���- ���- --.  1        ,
was declared.    Pos-! are*anmnc^U    musVrimflilh m, v   . ��� ',i:'' '"0,l! for ils m*te��� sacrifices to  People as compared with 32,800,000 In
iide   fifty    Fanciful were in i^tho,Z ' "     l,et!  increase ths strength of its navy." the colonies that now or did belong to
���" ���   ������' -    ������ . . "���'  "'lv.*'   I Germany, Austria and  Turkey.    'The
Unite All Resources
Imngii ...
Iiets, the German yards would not
turn 0111 i.n a year more than twenty
new submarines. And even .supposing not a single submarine is being relumed outside Kiel, off Heligoland or
in the Baltic, ror a year ::,WIU ships
have enjoyed great sport and been the
envy of lhe fleet   searching for nhoul
line In double  rani   across ti
of    New    Vork    from the   '.-Untie
Lake Ontario."
General Greene then I iol
eusslon ot the manner in
a-iiiies   ;,!���" supplied    o 1
rations,    and  the  use
__________________________ 'n;<'';.
total population upon whieh the allies!    "it would j,eem," he said, "as
ean  draw  is 730,000,000 as compared  Internal combustion engim  .
  I with  1.55,000,000   who owe ulleglanee  to Ihe automobile has almos
Russia, Britain and France Are in Com-!!!'   'o^T''  W"llBm'   ,''''""Z  ,,0""r '"'I "mif"1   '!'���"��� 'T'lIK"'  ��*        .
tne Milium science which  has   ieen
, plcte Accord |    In Ills dlseusslon of other phases ot I lies.'
liov,   trained   to  pick   out  this wave.      The Itussian ministry of flnance has 1 the war General Greene laid slresB on I    Taking up a study ot 1
I'.ien    inyinen    in    uav gallon    will. issued the following statement: the important   part   plaved    by the of the war, General Gi
reauuj  understand thai If there is a , ^^^^ '          sbbbbbbbb__________bi
large ohjeci under the water, npproxl-j
Pavel's has confirmed once again, ac-! ��re I'm' the first time effectively useful [year ago,   'The   nnanclal transactlona
eording to information received at the 'in warfare. j are on 11 stale
ministry of flnance the    accord   be-j  .   ��e olll>' uimly perceive,   as yet,"  than   the nun
tween ihe  governments    of   Russia, Kienernl Greene said, "the relation be- and   the   Increase in natiot ,    .     ���
Britain und France, who have ; tween these agencies ami the sttipen-  fairly staggers  the Imaginatii
mating a thousand tons, even al a
considerable depth, it will cause 11 displacement uii the surface. This wave
is nol easy to pick out on a tumultuous sen, mil. we can do It, and, moreover, once we gel on this win.. 1!
'An exchange of views between lhe I aeroplane, the   automobile,    the sub-1    "The wnr is already long and the
ministers    of    finance  of the Alltod I mnrinc, mul wireless telegraphy, which end Is no mor" in sight Mian It waa ������
' ,,u ,. inflrmeri onee aeain  ac- ��� are for the first time effectively useful | year ago,   'The   linan la]
tn in ��� ��� -   . -.
half a hundred under-wnter craft,   No|is no difficulty in following
angling compel ii ion on n turbid canal  submarine  is' constantly  sending  up
was ever more boring or lustreless in i littlo air hubbies,
individual success, j    Once on Ihls attack lhe submarine ia
.A summer sea, 11 sound, comfortable j doomed. But (here ure 1101 many tier-
craft winding.- lazily through Ihe west-' man submarines now. We keep sink-
em Kyle?, wiih u background of blue   in., them,   towing   them   in,   blowing
d'o' .mined"!!) unite alf their resources 'llo,ls sca!e |lf actUBl  military opera-1 proximately $20,000,000,000   have   alto brlnr the present war to a glorious Itlons'   In the preceding flfty years the  ready   heen    borrowed   and
 i���0i������ 1 railroad,   the steamboat,   the electric | more to come.
���OHClUSloil, , ,     ,     ,
,.,,,,,,,���.   telegraph, had firs  eome mto military
"Russia   is assured that the neces- ',,      ,   radimlly renche(,   theiJ
sary credltB lor the liquidation ol or- j ^oniplpte perfection,   it has often heen
ders pla.ed for _ purpose^ of national j gaid"thnt liad 'these nmnns'imcii"it"tiie | engaged"i
'If, however, we consid r
tires relatively to tli    :���       a :or. and
thc estimated wealth of the      ...jr.-
Seoi'isi, mountains; a little music and I them up.'   If thev hud flftv" al "rV.'.r i7p i of interest on "lhe sinking fund' upon   pi?��f*' ?E,,,��� "?"!p,?n .ir".v''m"'1 hlive :'!" , "'^"'oiU-nu d.    P, r ���.   tn
well   cooked,   solid,   sustaining meals  grnSng ot lhe war their first line of  foreign loans to the govei-liment guar-1 S"e���a��� \b��Zn,at\        ",    ���, "���''r(' I r    ,S     ��  ',"!��� LM'':"" \   "an, th   .
ror the hungry man.    What a  ebam- Snflnes has dlsappeai-ed anteSj by the stale ami the people of, !!'A'"lv[ ��� u . ,' ',n   .''nr n'nn' "Mmn '     " "'   '' Cl��" 'jf **
pirn, nie the.sailor leads huuting sub-      1 was standing on the eastern coasl   Hussia- difficulties which   have hill,-'.'- ;   '0f Vomniunlerit?*!"   inte?li_enc_
marines,   No wonder he looks such a ! less than a month ago when three de-' A'U). hUA" ''"', "'*'..pa-T1K'"1, "'. ""' Al" I were   subslaiitially  the   same in the
ly,  keen  eyed,  clean skinned   fei-1 stroyerV'canie"steammg"upl'not tUiree !'!es'  orders In  America���lu
Napoleonic  ware    Moreover
chpita basis is nol the only,  10 ' p* r-
haps nol the most Important a-.
nnv when ashore.   So is llle picture In ' miles out.   Two were steamir
fancy.   Bul whal of 11 In reality? [and   one   stood   back abou
time of Napoleon   as
lime of] comparison.   Wealth ha^ increased far
! more rapidly  than populatii
lo  the I lasl hundred years; so that the ri    I
hiy been adjusted by the credit pro- Aj',^
work    m   o ,   1 hi'r 1 ,    ih     i I      , v  ""'" Bud1?e��'y ' "���' ro,ar destroyer made ���    Al the sum,, time an agreement has ; u,, ,noelm.*iieal arm and sciences; ail        "    '
Vu   tit    irnoornc rn�� iv ninnv n.rf  u T.1  or,'ard-   ^!l" gathered speed I been concluded with tho Ilritish and of which ate the servants of war as
men   10 __   m ���   V 1.1    .rl ���       i      i?i """ "" '""m niKil'fl over "'" ljows' ' Knm'1*    ��<M^    ���"'!   "��    W**- . well ns of pei    Instantaneou	
milt     he   -e eii'iiir   w  ,,,-    e v  ,'"e   ��}^'f"'^Sgei\   ami tbe guns  menl   has heen reached  between the mimical ion    of    Intelligence, marvel-
���oie i    . 11,  i-.r   e",,i 11,   ,���".,    ,   ' '""."".",l '""���    '""   destroyers    were   Hank  of  England    ami   the  Itussian lously rapid   transportation of troops,
'ei 1, ,,,,'ei i   ',"''""""'��� """ '"",twisting   ami  iwirling In a  m. .��������� of  minister ot flnanca   enabling Russian the abllltj lo feed and supply unheard
"inn tin- r w,ek wi,,.��� nm k nn - i ��� ""u'n";";;   ;iIhI    while    theii   rjuns   banks enjoying ohorl  Lerm credits to of numbers in thc field, flying through ! the   nations   Involved   becomes hope-
���11    1   .   ,,n wm ,n ,'   ���, tu,'. ',' v.    ,'r;l,',KI'',l'l        . financial houses.   The prlnc I object the air to deteel   lhe enemy's move-1 lessly bankrupt.   Bul ...
1 melts    T ev 1 , Li'   '    !    ''",",'i" "'" Ur""- lv-""1'' :" ' ''"   d"   "" l"i:  las' ll|,'ll'l!l'" ls '" "yM' Rus- ments, swimming under water t , de- of them, have    still  vasl  soui ���
���I'm, for 'in   1 u,-n,,,i    ,.  m   Ml">rl," steanied   aboul over ihe.ap- sian bankers   10 retain possession of stroy the enemy's ships,   hurling pro-  credit untouched    ll    Is h - 1 id .   >
���(   ', ��n       ,"'   e.      ouk ,' w,     '''n'''"''?' w'":"" A'" fo1 ili;i: **" !"iir   their fbrelpi Mcurltle.. jectlles of unprei ideited size fo de- question  n    tact    that    the      .
no.11,.1,1.,, iio^anu*. ilookiiig| wai. 11-   1 i,lMi limy turned seaward nud M _n.   ^ stroy  Ills   forts,  caring  fur  hundreds
wealth Ihan was our debt fit!.        ti
ago, or the European debts     hundred
years ago.
"Il Is, of ��� oursi. -.     in I
of possibility ' li 11 the wai  ma
Unite uniil one or more than one
itSrSTO B.*���*' wor^r^ir^^rwS'h^',!-
alia  bev guard '   .    ��� and da      er  I li"" "'""', ff"��*���'" *��U< <��"���   >M m   : Uhed up  Held���theso are some
^.e.RAU?LKll?._,*,���.^h,tand_dayG^                                                       ,p,   ^ ^^ ^                   Lr    the    ,,,,���;,: Important  methods of
uerman)   l.nowa  lhat  the  fearless, | , ., ,_.. ,.. ��,,,.. warfare whieh now for the llrst lime
stands lhe gun layer.
ills own master
vlien In lir:
] tireless British navy has swepl from I
cf Casualties to Allies
Jure being used to full effect, and which
differentiate lhe    war ui today from
ail   previous wars, and  from  those ot
operations have nol been anywhere re
Btrleted f\ financial 1 on ild ratloi
Questions ol Rnam e '".'.c : t made
any change in the arl of " ar xci i I
as ihey have contributed through enormous resources of credit In n a >. ll
possible to < at-ry ..11 military op ra
lions on a scale of such unprei d nti I
Fight cr Pay
lo wnlch these vessels from land, Uie sea tho hulk of its submarines ' Uow littlo the bayonet Is used by
i". .'I al long- intemils, as they pass n lakes veins 10 train the highly the Germans in this war is shown by
back and forward grows tiresome, galled men tor submarine work, ft the fad of tlm lirst 1,000 sold let*
Whin Is 11 lo ihese on board, whose thjy uavo mnnv boats left -and the 'treated in the American Iled Cross
eyes inusl never relax and whose fttels al_ ugalnst them having manv��� hospital at Paignton, England, only
watchfulness  musi   never waver.    In | they cannot bave capable men or skill- !��� six liad heen    wounded by the bayo-
ed officers 10 work the most delicate   net.
machine   in the whole service 01 the!     .bout 59   .er cent, of the shrapnel 1 .....    _      ...   ,.	
sea. ! shell grenade    or gun shot    wounds Aid the Patroitic Fund go by guaranteeing that their families
_   were found to be non-perforating,       I    1���Vou owe to your country, and 10 | will he provided for in their absence,
Not counting   fractures, the wounds
line weather life is passable, but recall
the dirty, wintry nights Ihey passed
through,   Where was the sporl iu llv-
1 null, liberty and for the sacredness
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ of treaties und the given word.
Coocl ReasdnTwhy You Ouoht to |, }~}i iyV'T f�� jS'"^' ,l��l?
1 i)?ip to make it possible ior others to
Crocker Land a Myth
McMillan Arctic Expedition Returning
to  New York
Word has just been received by the
American Museum of Nntural History
that Donald II. McMillan and a party
of six explon rs, who lell New York
In ll'le to ex-plore and chart what was
supposed to he Crocker Land, in the
Arctic Ocean, were safe, and that lhc
relief ship duett, later sent with supplies to lhe McMillan party, reached
its destination,
Dr. E. O. Ilovey, commander of (he
.McMillan expedition, iu n letter dated
Aufiiiit 4 and sent by way of Denmark
indicated that the parly bad
A dm
fro. ���.,.   ,,,.,  1 ...
him from the summit of Cape Thomas   ":'���*' .p. �����     ,
Hubbard, Greenland, 130 miles lo ihe  circulatory,    ,
Aid the Patroitic Fund
ou owe to your country
empire of which  we are 11 part,
The object of the ('ami Man Pal-
1 Ci-oek-M and Z'l me^'near '' ���� Sed^as"^.^:' "K j f'ther to fight yourself or help Io make riolil/mml 5s u, m!ce lm,vlsy^^
u^^U'ytndrV^nelnleiii.n-lu"-'^' 8i trunk, 122; upper extremity, | ;t 1PM^W. tor irthew to tight in Hus ,,   f    ,���        -  ,t ,, ,,      ��� .   ,roa;
eke,'   i.nnd   bud  heen   located  by  "^    luu"' "Ar'n'ny'   }*}'���   C<-Etl'alI    o-a ,a Canadian vou have onloi Canada lo take part   in the present
r,",��� ,1,., ,,���i, ,,,��� ,'.,������  ;-i,, *, 'and    peripheral    nerve  injuries,    11; | ���.,",,,���a ,',',.,,,���,,,'���,',,    .,',.,,  ,".'A:A,AA",,,- war'
Mean   trouble    and IS?,.,11?    P^01"',1?"    ''ml  priviiece-i o
'British citizenship aud have n
111 in the defeni
northwest." Dr. Hovey said 'the expinr-! rheumatic fever-   were most frequent- j been'oaneTupot
ers were returning lo New Vork afle; ','������ observed, ^, empire
two years'absence. j    The average time elapsing between     3   The mother   country    has
  [ilie injury nnd ihe lirst    Held dress- years, practically borne llie burd
Pri Ileal Old Father���Win. don't Sou ! 'ng ot lhe .wound was about six and | y0ur protection alon
er yet
of the
t out an,1 hustle for clients? |�� half hours.   Thirty-five of the 10001'   _-.,, this hour of trial  we desire
Lawyer Son���Uut the dignits of my I wounded were unfu ever to return to Great Britain to realize Unit every Can
I duly, and lliose who did return wer" '    ������--  .- i.:.,..._.
i%  about   twenty -tin-.
look ver)
are you?
S���-Those who have gone 10 the fr nt
are making greater sacrifices than
anything we ean do ut home.
D- An unparalleled crisis in the
, world's history calls for supreme en, -
rifice nn onr pari We must 'io our
iliii\    wc must light or pay
profession, sir. j duty, and those who did return were, ^dlan is   supporting   and   upholding
p.O.l'V-Shucks!   you ain't goln'to Pn   an   a,v(;rK''c'   a'10"1   twenty-three her cause,
llgnlfled dodgin' creditors, I tlnys on sick leave. ,-,   The war In which wc are engagsd
I    Only tliree of the thousand died, is a righteous cume,   a struggle ior
Mrs. Exe My husband is aueh *
thoughtful man.
Mrs. W)'0���-So ls 111:11.���full ot
thoughts 01 b'mself. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Special iu railroad ami teamster
coals iu olive kb iki. A en it that
keep', nut all the watei all llle Iium,
Vol! ean not "i-l the lei;-, id your
pants wet in lie's coat. Its water-
pro 'I qualities un- exceptional
T!-e Courtenav Review    ,, VICTORIA NOTES
And Coinox Val .-v Advocate **-**-e 'le!u* ��^ a 'arSe    ^ ietoi'iu re-
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   Pubished nt tail store declared   recently  that it
Courtetmi   a C uls iuipossinle i<> buy honey in the
N. H. Boukn, Editor and'Proprietor vomb from B. C     ami that    there-
Subscription ���1.60 pei Vear hi Advance Fore what is being sold ill   this city
has lo In- linported from Idaho and
California     _ rol ably  in ight rates
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1915 on tiie Island   render it  impossible  _   ..
���       for Comox   beekeepers to   market   KsiuOsd 3P0
Owing to the revival in tin Ium- thcii   honev. but il   it is so, it is, a  ,_,
be; industry, a revival which is l.e- great pity, leailiSteifS CoatS
ing Felt, pei Imps to a grentei degree      New laid eggs in  Victoria   com-
on the American   -ule,   bul   which mnnd 65 cents a dozen,
will also make  itself   fell 011 ihis      Wiiiie it is earlv to guage results
.si     before long,     e would counsel there seems but little room to doubt
ni! thosa who need luiiibci for build- that the Canadian   War   I.nan has
ii . or tepair  work   to   buy  uow, been a great success,   having   pro-
Prices have alrenth advanced, and bably   been  subscribed   lor   twice
it ia confidently   aVserted that the over,    The minniiiiiiin   amoiuil  to
Spring will set   n further rise of $* be taken is   St"",   bul   ii    Future   p.^lj A1riir/,���of0
vt fo a thousand feet     The prairie loa-s it is probable thnt the oppoi    ' a" UVe.LUtU-
demand will increase in the sprin? tunity will be   given to   those who        Meu.g   ,lrivy  overctmta   ;���   curly
but even uow  it is causing the de wish to invest smaller sinus.    It is        cloths and tweeds in the latest cuts
pletion of stocks .unl  the starting a moral victory anyway,   and   will
ni of milia which   lnul  been closed I" bad news for the  Kaiser and bis  n   .
down, hyphenated American friends, Kai_lC0<US
 ^m.**..*-                          Just   as   there   is  never smoke
,,., . 1 wlthoul lim   llu re isi'eiiiiiilv nil 11- Men's l'ugllsh rainproof coats in all
This great family   join mil enters  wimoui nre, mere isceiiaiiiij pien
upon the fourth vear of ils existence ty of toundntion   in   ihe  rumours si/.es ami popular prices
with this issue. ' We thank our pa- ll","",��  :l""""1   conceruing   plots
lr. 1 s an.l friends dm theii co-oper- bv the German   conspirators 111 the Sweaters
alien in making The Review one of United Mates ami in Canada, Each
the foremost papers in the province week there is   some   mishap   to a special   value   in   Ladies'   Maud   Knit
to-day, and  we  will  endeavour to "iunitinn    factory    recorded,    and Sweater Sets made lo order with sweater
licit   your   co-operation   for  the little doubl   exists that this   is the coat  and toque   to mutch   ln ninnies  ol
future. work   of    'Kllltlir"    sympathisers, ,.-,ls,   browns,  greens,   blues,   tangoes,
' -...��.��.  These   outrages   will*  steadily   ill- white and black
n ���_��� _ r* 1       _���  > crease  ill spile   of all   precautions,
BritishLoluir-bias and the least   that the   authorities 1     1.      D   .          .
Gift for Red Cross can do is to increase the number of LduieS KaiDCOatS
���  guards,   nnd   intern al,   Germans, I
1 .    ,1 1    tt      1   .,.,.���r.,li-,u_ ne .,.,. bailies cord velvet   raiuc.iats 111 fa W 11
In response lo tlie appeal of Lord  naturalized or not.
Lansdowue,  the  president  of  the  -..<�������-
Ilritish Red Cross Society, through Local Lines
ilis H���n..u,'  ih,    Lieutenant Gov-      Mrs   Mclntyre left last week on ! rt     ,.
ei nor,   that  collections should be  a visit t0 her parents at Langley,      tOatlfiffS
taken throughout the  British Em- i -**
pire on the aist day of October last We will be pleased to change
in aid cf tlm wounded soldiers, >'01"' advertisement every week if
��9,385.28 has been subscribed by col'-v >-s handed in on Monday.
Briiish Columbia. Only a few Owing to subscribers kicking about
points throughout the province,tlle PaPer beinS 'ate we must en-
failed to acknowledge iu anv way- force this rule in future. We would
���*i"-u'S2*_-T ^.-'���v. --*- *-*-i
SD^SEw--'A*'- .'-__&-** J A* .'.-Jtitem
and grey i-i new styles and popular
Coating suitable for ladies and
childrens coats in checks; serges,
rstiaehan and bearskin
����' S___htee*--_3-->_n��Ei-i._..
iT'r ���THi','T_-a''ir-r_*,,:^^ ___.���;����*���_>��� - :_,im*______.
Demand   the   best
Accept  no  substitutes
Whenever you see the name "ROVAL   STANDARD''
you may be assured  the  product  is ;i SAFE purchase.
Flour, cereals, graiu, poultry foods, etc , bearing this uaine
are sold under strictly "liuuiev back1' guarantee
ROVAL STANDARD FLOUR makes big while, .sound
und wholesome bread and biscuits, WILD k( >SE FLOUR
assures   delicious    big   cakes,   pies   nml   other   pastries
ROVAL STANDARD products cosi *-
no more than others.    So why ex- ^4^^"'"""'"^^
perimeut?    Better products are not j      av:cn
made   in   anv   pari   of  the   world��� s_\\.Y P4/y_
bank on it! \Lt__-_/
Royal   Standard   Grain
Products  Agency
F. Mnvitz, Mgr. Phone 33; End of BrioV
\m.���; ��� I ..i , ���  ,     -   M||l .m ,..,._.���>���
^tFF:' .;.r?"zzs: -.'
iS Good
the demand made, and it is possible also afk letter writers to be brief
that some explainalion or reply and have their copy ready on Mon-
moy yet be forthcoming.     If any days.
collections are still unreported, His     m,-. Frank Gilon-a,  who until a j
Honour would   be glad for remit- few years ago redded at his rauche
tances t<i be made to bun as soon as
possible, ns it is desired tbat the
amount be forwarded to Lord Lansdowue at as early a date us possible
Of tbe total amount .subscribed $5
near Headquarters, i.s .1 corporal in '
the 88th Regt,, now the 88th liatt. |
Canadian Expeditionary Force, and
will go 111 active  service with lhat
regiment.     Mr, Giloma is a writer
The Agricultural
Instruction Act
612.65 was   raised  on  Vancouver of uo small fame,  and  bis experi-
Islaud, ences should give him much mater-!
ial for use after the war,
Mrs   Bubar'* friends and neigh-
c boms gave ber a  surprise party on j
j Monday   evening   the   occasion of
There has been issued at Ottawa her     birthday,     A   whist   drive j
the first report of the work accom- vas held at which  Horace McPhee
plished by the province*; under the'ami .' rs.   Bubar   carried   off the
Agricultural instruction Act.   It is honors.    Colin Campbell aud Mrs.
entitled  "Report of Agricultural Morrison whining  the consolation
Instruction Act, 1913-14," and em- prizes     Refreshments  were served
bodies a full statement of the scope and a couple of hours  were  spent
ami nature of the measure followed   " tripping the light fantastic."
1", a   revi w,   in  nine   sectious, of      ...,,   ,- ,,,    ��� ��� ���.,      ,   . :
,,- ,   1 ��� , ��� lhe lollowmg were registered at 1
Uie work done   111   each  province. U   Rivers;de   hote! .   H   Mallrer
The    report   shows among   other L   tL shepheld    c Reifer   A   c
things, that one hundre,  and fortyL.^,.    N_*_lm     p   A. ,, I
five permanenl   instructors, profes   ,,   pXemi        w   w   B        (,   N  I
sors, superiors, directors, demon-  Mmya     ,y M,  Hall w    M
strators and many  assistants have Hathmi G w_ Ha*;kilis  r  Good.
been appointed by the various pro- fe���ow   victon_     A }   tamt.bell, '
���ndedfor N_ M��� ,,. ,; ,   F. K. JCoopel Van'
Newest fabrics and novelty weaves in
dress goods in all the leading shades
serges, poplins, ladies cloths, satin
cloths, ratines, novelty stripes iu
silk mixture, fabrics in all light
shades suitable fur evening wear
m .j'->'_-"is_*_;'Aeifi'lrwi-*.'.!- riil?Mft:ta_*.-.-.:'ifc-W
k:-::. ���������.r^_K-i___-_s_'��.'^i*^T.-'.*_3r;>i,*.T*rj '-;-.r.:y_i.-.':.-*r_;'.- -" i\?^rL>}*tt--''-:iZ5*i*il
.Minimum Ilii'es
Line           From            To          1-1 2nd Unl
....Whllu ttar..Kow VfirlcLlvurpool   $110 SSO.OO 837,511
 A uteri..111.. N w York..l��ivorpooi..$ 115 sii'i in StO.dO
 Allnn..Sti. .l.ilin ...l.ivi.i'i.iiiii.,   _ 555.011 Ban;,-,
.. ..Wlllto Slur. X,'\v Vei-I;..l.ivi'!'iiu.i]   81211 S.'.li.lill si; .'ill
 Minn. si. John ...Liverpool..   - $55.00 $33,75
 Aiuorlciin. N'ow York..ljI\'orpool..S 95 $115.00 $10,00
... l)i..iiiliU,in.,si. John....OlaKKOw.,.,   _ S52.50 $33.75
.St. Jolin   ..Loudon    ��� $5000 S32.
Pnte Stonmor
Duo.   Lllnllie	
Peo.   I..New Vork ...
IIlee. I .Corsioan 	
lir1. s  Ad.rln.lio	
lliee. II So liiiiivinn
Ik'.'. II.   I'lliliiilel] Ilia,
line. 12..Athenta .. .
Dee. I.V Ciii'inlliinn...
Doc. 17..Cjuu'lo Wlllto Slnr..Now  York. Uvarpool..   ���  1_0.0U  i'Ah
Wnr Tax in mlili! i,111 to iilmve faros
ITIii'uiis'li tourlRl nml filniulni'il sleeping en's to ship's side
Hull rales and Hlccplng car fures on application
Make your reservations anu secure choico aeooiiiodatton
Agent, Phone R60
E. & N. Station COURTENAY
le  the Act.    lu   addition  n  large
' 'eei. :   ', A'Ai   .-    .   * ianii 11 11,
nunibei    "I    ;:  ie,: li.i.'. m    bu Id ngs t'   ,, ,      1, .,  ,-.-.,       . ,
,        , ,   , ,        ,, ', bask.:    I.    I'. McGlll,   1 eo   ' A.
have been erected trom these funds ���i���, .1       ���,   ��� 1 ���   , s-
., ....       1 ,, .   ��� I'li-t. lit  . .'. .1 . I'al lent r, Nana-nio;
throughout Canada,     It  is   being ,.   ,���   ,     , ,, ,���      '
,     ,, li. Ii, l.i-a a \ un    uver ;  T, 11
distr buted   in   applicants   bv   l.e ,.,    .. , ,������ , ,,    .     .
,,,.,. '. ,,'      , Sliornl . :  uu ; Dr.  ami .   11
l'n 1   cat 011s Oram 1 0    he   lepart- #-.... 1   uu \
nu nt of Agi ii ttltiir. at O
CampbelJ I:   ���
Pnoi -.
Esquimalt   &   N.     ��       T     . -y
Tlircui*- Pi igenger Trains 1 ' ourte-
1       11:35 on Monday, W   dnesi   y and
Friday for Victoria ard  \
RETURNING -/ lay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and
Sti       hip tickets on all|lii es to i
of the W"; Id. For particulars      ,, addresi
I    r.   .--
to throw a greal army
i'i     ,. ans.
Lessons given   on tlie Violin
and  Music
Harmony Or
Riverside Hotel
THIRTY DAYS after date the directors uf tiie Union .V- Comox His-
tiiet Hospilnl intend to npplv to the
Registra. of Joint Stock Companies for
pe.mission to change tli, 11,nne In,111
Union & Comox District Hospital to
Cumberlane General II" ; itai.
1-:. n. I'n.K'.Rii,
Dated tliif 6th due nl N'oveml 1 r, 1915,
Palace Livery/
&FeedStabl( "(
,   y y  k,
L  '.. . '..IKIUA
Horses and  Buggies  for  Hire
Terms cash.
Jusl   foi       eel     to Christmas.
,.   ..-'.v.
Us;   Cur Telephone
Build up your own city, not
Toronto   cr   any   other  city
foreign to your own interests-
We  also attend  to wood hauling \v ...
I_eep your n;or.ey in urcula.
JAS.   CAIRNS & SON tion here
Courteuay Phone s.-j See our
Tenders Wanted
'T'ENDERS will lie received for the
I li.iniiie ol iiie fresh 11 ilk on all
1! . routi ' ti lie Courti nay i. on 1 ion
from Decetnbei 1 to Man . 31. l'n ticu-
I. rs 111 i\ be obtained al lhe Condensory
COI'RTKNAV Com 1 :. 1-.: j. *;!;.K C".
md  Dolls
not made in ('        y,
m ;!%��,;���    .. 3-HS
Sale of Land n      Head |i ��� lers, E. C. |
I     Jam ei
.'ill   be   received
1,    1915, lur   tli
i. I
A ,.' ; ���""
..e. 1.   .-'...'.,���,   yuan
T' ivnshi]  >.. Comos    Dis
111   mul !  "
bin!-  :.    ���  '
.. a bit   ul   news i ,\m.'  .
��� ���    . !      i     ',      .1     By   ,,-  [1   . ...
urn   m ay  0
rorld,    ! horn ''..���' ,
, [Iih sl ur any   1.   der uot   iil-ci      rilv
���'     alwa; , , lio.-ie temlering to.
I ��� of   tl .       , ul   pi '       1 a deposil
1    ,    .        ���        will  1      ��� li .   il ������:.,.   ,
- I i ' ., , .     ,
1       , lown   us   the
���    ;""1    '''""'     Richard Holms Estate,
scmeoi s in.    Do 1    wait | Wnsi.i.v Wii.i.arii,
foi uie other person to start it. Official Aduiistrator
-lore sending put of town
ry .
Al L iliiLLCH
San c
. -.-; c!
'a.-.'   I lea
_���_____���_��� *��� _���_i
ISSUE OF $50,000,000 5 p. c. BONDS MATURING  1st DECEMBER, 1925
\,\ *V>     C** >,- re , C    M ���������'���
itJkJXjSmt -.    I\iV-_- 2/
In the event of future issues (olher than issues made abroad) beinfr made by the Government, for the purpose of carrying
on the war, bonds of thi.-. issue will be accepted at the issue price, 97 1-2, plus accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash for lhe
purpose ol subscriptions to such issues.
THE  MINISTER  OF  FINANCE offers herewith
on behalf of the Government the above named Bonds for
subscription at 97 1 2 payable as follows,���
lu   per cent, on application.
7 12 '3rd January: 1916,
20 "       " 1st February, 1916,
20 "       "1st March, 1916,
20 "        " 1st April, 1916,
20 " " 1st May, ".916.
The instalments mav be paid in full on and after
the 3rd (lay of January. 1916, under discount at the rate
of four lier cent, per annum. All payments are to lie-
made to a chartered bank for the credit of the Minister
of Fiiiar.ce, Failure to pay any instalment when due
will render previous payments liable to forfeiture and
the allotment to cancellation.
Applications, accompanied by a deposit of ten per
cent, of the amount subscribed, musi be forwarded
through the medium of a chartered bank. The bank
will issue a provisional receipt,
This loan is authorized under Act of Parliament of
Canada and both principal aud interest will be a charge
Upon the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
Forms of application may be obtained from any
branch of any chartered bank in Canada, and at the
office of any Assistant Receiver General in Canada.
Subscriptions must be for even hundreds of  dollars,
In ease of partial allotments the surplus deposit wMl
be applied towards  payment o:   the amount due   on the
Delivery of scrip certificates and of bands will be
made through the chartered banks.
The interest on ihe fully registered bonds will
be paid by cheque, which will be remitted bv post.
Interest ou bonds ivitb coupons will be paid on surrender
of coupons. Both cheques and coupons will be payable
free of exchange at. any branch of any chartered bank iu
Holders of fully registered bonds without coupons
will have the right to convert into bonds with coupons,
payable to bearer or registered, without payment of auy
fee, aud holders of bonds with coupons will have the
right to. convert, without fee, into iu'lv registered bonds
without coupons at any lime on application in writing
lo the Minister ol Finance.
Tbe issue will be exempt from taxes���including any
income tax -imposed iii pursuance of legislation enacted
by tlie Parliament of Canada.
The bonds with coupons will be issued ill denominations of jSlOO, $500, $1,000. Fully registered bonds
without coupons will be issued in denominations of
$1,000, $5,000 or any authorized multiple of $5,000.
Application will be made in due course for the
listing of the issue on the Montreal and Toronto Stock
Tlie loan will be repaid at maturity at par at the
office of the   Minister of Finance and   Receiver General
at Ottawa,   or at   ihe o:
Assistant   II.
after a
Vi lieu
or lor iu
registered it<
able to bearer will be issued,
ij for the provisional receipts
ificates have I". en paid in full
on bj ii e hai k receiving the
ii .. . ,', for bonds with coupons
er oi ,i gii tercd as to principal,
ids without coupons-
General at Halifax, St. John,   Charlottetowu, Montreal,
Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary or Victoria,
The book.-, of the loan will be kept at the Department of Finance, Ottawa.
Recognized bond and stock brokers will be allowed
a com miss ion of one-quarter of om per cent ou allot nieiils
made in respect of applications which bear   llieir  slump
FinaiiC'  De|   '    e
ion  Lists will  close on  or before 30th  November,  19]S
.   22nd November, 1915
Coi icOj    a
11 nil the littli  bii I   i II
������----^_ -.--���.��� i-rpx' T Tnil��� 1 -HTf_W��_S__3_-I r
1 i rani l    u   bi
t'u I    :��� d hy   -
ni) "ii
d tl
in - ircli
hall ��   -i i-P   u '��� it'll,        s
foi ile i ��� ���    [oods
i : "     .    ..
ex pei                                   .though
uot well a ten I   I   ,vas I   Da icing w a   :   ���              iill  flic I       ies
as l'n
formi t - cai'd stand
c.   ||   Tlioiu is ol the62nd H itt.
Intel\   statin .       in      ml
now  ,i I [astii .��������� i'ark, Van
was a  \ isitor !:
I'e .:..:.'
mouths, has   i
gem i      "��� ��� ���     nc;       '.'.    ;
lhal hi i ad van        nl
iu tin service   and ���   '.       n
good luck.
The Sale of VV irk ai I i nl     iin-
mem gi\ -"1 I i   ml ers  i  tl
, hiin ii  il lui    in I Guild   C
on Tin sd iy uf en   ioi   '������ ;   et,      i ^
was a great sue ��������� .     file Lord    is
hop . I Coin. :':,'" sale
of wor'- open and in ei- ' refei u;e
to the chang s w
t ike place in the pari .... he
temporary suspeu: ion ��� :' ��� pi nt
organization.    Tin
!all probability be maintain   ':
Peter's, Co x, alt. mate Su s
ill   CO 111   .'11' i I   ..'
Cumberland.    He ass
is toners of his lee]
welfare and as so. u as he
could do so, he I
vide them with a tesi
Tlu- Re\   Frank
take lip his   IU iv     A
A confirmati m
ay i Thursday, al
Petei '-��� eliui
caildi la', s are to be pi
immediately i     rai
be held at the vioaraj
the partition
lhe Bishop.
Services on Sund
at  11 a.Ill,, Matl
.     '    .
I orde
man.' ; - Wl , I
mui,i m. Ser\
at 3 p.m.
Must of our   ph tr
aud   tl :   in    .  .. :        i
The Coinox d 3
to be r< juvinatiu
die-aged Como    Ci
man is no older than      -  -:
anv wav.
VV. R    I!  bb'
very   r tic il.
J.  'A . i'.I l v    '   ;
permits" will i
mor,- n.
If the kark'l
bv e I   ."
ofl    ���: .   '   til
tli" new I :"
Com        Iiin.
...   .,   .    ���
lard ol
from :;
ue   who   owned a patch ' eniisseries within tlieir  camp, when the I releases the hones! .  ��� er,
������ ���  Iii tipoi    ...   ol   election   eame. and   lota   were     So unruly do the natives  becou
l lie i indeed,  while those drawn, much   willing  and   gnashing ol   so much billerncss follow; that Uu
I   cull a  farm, ma-   teel    i*        iiiced  when it was  ile ligni ill  pairii
-''witli' iv     i quarter of a I that one  nl the   enemy   had   been pro
,/ Uu    .    I iu tin       imox (century tl |   i-l     '1   en-  prouo i   :ed   li   ruiei     This caused   ll fi ir umis, in
l'.. :.. ,, ouiili In uj     to'nnibilii    ists    to    repent  ol   tlieir folly  escort of Ilie   Prince of   Darkiu   i   pay a        *,n eni
'���,,,'.  ;-...,���:: ol  llii '���     ��� ���  ��������� mu     eiijo ,*ere nto I      hi        and much bitterness uisued, visit lo old  mother earth's   fair surf
,-. '       ,.M;..;   nulhor   iu our   midst, v re veritable Mid i tlieir own      Councils are formed fr    the peoples and form a court at which the-   i
' :1,,i ;. , i,"   in   ,'liieh   much lo to advise the ruler.    The  real   esmtl uitl lisput'      Having
ill b. lu-ouglit lo light is; .-"   .    he easy   luann r in   which the  beguiled all thej were ible   to, and si      the I1  .  ;. .
I, ami winch, w real inns 1    ' il upon l      inno-  ing tliAt turbulent limes are  in store foi      uulry on tlieir capable el
���t will not onl     tax the se ting  cenci    of these   natives,   tribes   from   a   the   natives,   take   tin       departun   lud'i       ; regions   upon
r uproar  li '���        II ( nearby country, li     the aid oI   some of j with them  the pell   i       ��� ��� ,    wh    i hud! pleased
hi iti as
.'   al a tii
I I ���
C(J 1105
nis (or  repi i  In oilier i tli di  litem il    ill a     it the I       led up for ui. ny  gem theni
,;; ,,,.   mil i     cil    ���. tiv. s tin  ns fori ml      '     ilieme i to      A time of fainin i ami      icli tur uiy  have no   trciubl
,���"...     i"   be "an    supplement the sun . rays ami ,'    light   follows.    The people  eek  an  outlet for visiting   him  when   their  ti   i
���   I, iff 11 II  .    i ���  ���       rs of the  their pent u]     rath and to  hid   ma ;  i      ,Vi li hi -   lie l
���   ralulatii ���' earth, I     lelling back to theni    i'liat was I certain of   the couucil   complain   of the ..:....
..,.-.     |     |���1  i , .a '      In ritage of   munkind; 1ml, rah r. .wasted. I
ion   of   tl ' 1-Inch        .      vagaries   ot law    and con-,     Finding littl ir real complaint i conlidenl   il having round
��� ice had 1 is the it   i proves an expen- bunch as ever came to the   nel   il
I no   be be I .        ��� ������������   pi     ,-ho w(      uiowi   is tin   Pi    ;   ission-  sive luxury, it is now red should   ermaii,
...   taking   I      pi nto our   is r>nt havi  been separal       from the bene-j     ".Merril   to meet   in my   bouse
. far -   of  little   for   mncb   by   ficen nm  nt, win ll   had   hitherto  have, but let nie  stage th'    setting" are
���'      ii, littl      '��� ioi ists opened res of. kept the natives on ....    ,.,  | .'.. ,,
.'    . mon   'ovetous  amongst Uie j the council seize   upon a humble   carter!      -    ��� Caste:
' ;     ri       ....    i as tlu        bitioni had rei mass   ol   ubl    li      Plaintiff, n cock-virgin   witl
'. d  wl Logi tin r and   : ���������      ' ne tj      nol I Join nni    J hn   ng, tin    lovei ol
und     i       r, deeming it bet- dogs,
turn the rabbi     to  good use thlui      I.eoiianlh,, lhe  Poi n
the; innocent _   be cast in   thi riv u burned.    He is J much
as   Llieir ii                           I  branded as a villa        I   i isl into a dm                                              ai.   .
ill            mantle nl                                   .;     i lo be eaten by moths.   The   ruler,  whose   ambitions   exceed   his   ability,
,; ncral coi      ..                      , h   ring of tin ,   ,.ith much  kindness of Boney Mackeusigh,
tump      Unaware   that the enemy   had  many heart,   assumes   the   responsibility and I    Powder Slonkej La'.t!   Jim, a	
lc., I
hot uu lla   l igi,      .. ,  . THE   REVIEW.   COUKTNJSY.   B. C
The Mystery
ol the
By Fred M. White
W��rd,   Lock   *   Co.   L Imltad
London,  MllbOUme and  Toronto
������ alii  ynur prrsi nc
Mrs.     lltlj    ���. ale Ml    III    III '   illl'eelilili
inilli nieil ie.  in 11 I leer,   On lho lawn
Itui .nspnr stood inotlonl
i i> .ie:  in bring I lie  leree in  ll
.1,1  home in himself, irjiin: lo shape
,"' "Increase in  Butter Output      Straw Shed for Cattle
lie  11 in: r
lluperl  l.'aii.e:::   ,...     i a ail ine   The  words lo tell Vera withoiu .cutting her  Saskatchewan Government Creamorloa  Construction    of    straw si-ecio Very/
I'lllllllll   KilliIt'll.       I hel'e   HUS   tlle   lll'lld I 111   llle   liellll,      ||e   WIIH   illll'-;   past   II
1    llie  huleil   hull'" nrtuall)   seeking   more violent emotions.
'it  llie ine Ill   I limed  I"  Wil  -  I"' II  man  in ll
"Vour . ' es lire   Inn i" I lliuu mine," i dr nm.
said,    "Well,  you   have  need  ol'|    "Ilo up lo ihe ensile," hn sul
Show Some  Rapid Gains
The following iiilde shows the ver*
sutlsflicl.il v iliel'.'iise  in lhe protlUCtlOII
nl' butler 111 llie l'n Operative    <'renin-
. \E,yiy^'^; k-" ������i��n.:v. �����_ ^aha wi a. ; S^ 'ba'ftKW W.'
creel Ij disappear for llie linir." They inusl till eome doivn, all aid in
Mr.-    day  iidviineed   i"  grcel   her Hip search,   .Nol ti word more; please
e, sl     lie hnwi'tl �� Uii Ills ul : I'lishloii-' l?o."
���I ';r..i e (To bo   lontinuoiH
Till    Is an  un. \p". '"il  lini.in'." lhc	
. iiiiinn   uid, Mill 'i -   Worm   I'owdi r    nol   unly
l ,..|i i I,ien  notlilliji  ul   llie .-'"f exicnnliiule      Intestinal    and    olnei'
pniiieiiev.-i   or   guliunli') ,"   Unpen worimi,    bid   Ihey are u  remedy  for
lure,   for  lhe  I'liininer  uionill
pusl  ilir.e .ears
Month.    ' 1913 UM I,
May   nn.'l.-,; |:i!*,B87
June  Iill',u.lil i'i.*,.:::;!'
July   ....    *iM.!12l :������:"���':7.s
l.lgusl   .     150,1)111 Lin,:.t'i
,,1 i li
lin i in iimi' I'eplli il,   ii" ivus if it in i aim ! limn) nlln r iiilmonls ol elilldn n. They
"Proni Vliiir"]   Ini    f"v'k"     u       Mil II"HmIii*i1 as usual, bill ttiern wus n Inoii    .tiengthoii the young stiinuich i.galnsi
Marlon    "Hut if you could phid y ii"   !    ���'' 'Pdlmress Is ran     -lea:.."   biliousness  I id  nre  lonlnil   In   He;" ,���
��ll i    ," Ulan } ��� hi i ":    :: ''" ". '"*' ���*""��� l'1"  ��'���"��� lnl��      f"'"'',v hn��J '     :'' ,,''"1'1    l'":r ' 'thai  the ouipul   ror lhe  Ih uot-1 ill	
���jardlt.iith.s_niollB.it.   I have rare.:    uipe of lhi,lliK my nephew (leoffrey. 1    om o   tippetlto     In   rioi     o  It-,        ,     f |fl fi   ,  ,-,���,���,.   _.,���,,,���, .....   ���.      .������.,,
fori irrcj  '.  r since I ruins here;   :' 'erinl.ieij.lmi ho cume to see   Mom     ej  will be Imu  i ul    ml        , ,,,���  ..,���,���   ��,  ,    ,  ft ,   ,,,���������   ,.,���,���.,.    , ,   ,   ',  ���,
all.iloiiglhavolovvdl.hu  Ik r tlm    >"," "Miellmei M^ "'"''   ���"""���'     ':'""  '' ��'   to
lie was pledged to mu. anj knew Han       "'' '"����� "';"" "" **���""���, Mrs    ''!���',"' "; '  " ""'","1'' "  ���vl'lt''1 '' '   ihe ��������,��� period ���t mr:, which hull   getlier   lu e.irr*  thu straw cm lop ol
he could never be unylhing to me and   murmured.    I assure you 1 tipprechilo   ten so oiicn hiuhl ,. tt reintirttnlily Hinndv growth, lho  llmlieti      WiiIIh  aro -onslrucloi
Simple  .ami   liicspensive
A   siuhle  iiim     will  protect from
..ild weather and storms may be eon
.ll'llelel      ��illl   little      0X1)6080   whel
straw is   plentiful.   Kacta   cow,   If tt
ill       tied       needs      illil.lll    lll'ly   ..juan
teel i.i tloor space to allow for man
nie. feed ulle.v, j'iae i for her ll
I li lli, ��� a 'nd. ami room tn gel behind hn*
I.,:;,lea ; for nillltlm . . Ipuillilf*-, etc > unit*.
ll-l,'il!" I stock will lend uboul hall ns muel
.1 i.i.'is ini'- . \ burn 16X90 teel or on.
::.::,in', ":'-.��� ir.. will furnish room enough I'm
mil, !I!I7 i i wont j eiiwi ..mi Ion Load of youm
stock     \ st iiim short for . nttle slmulr
*|i1,!i8.*.   i.ii.',::,::i.'   |,||.'I..772 (be   spven   or  el    feel   high.    Tin
i. noticed by iIicro HgnroH  eoiistriiclliin of siicli buildings is- rorj
l'n- I     al '   Ul ll,ill)   set   III   Un
months of 10IB shows it gain of 55 per  Rrnuiul nighl    tn twelve tool    npan
September   J an,'
i","._��; i
still I loved Hlni     Who shall c.ompre   ,l".' "jnipaay of n geiitletm.u in ihis d
hem! ihc waywardness of u woiiinn's   :'
hearl'.'    And nnv.  he Is dead."
Onei' mure lhe tears rose to .Marion's ,.yes; she rocked licrsell to and
fro ns it' suffering from hitler anguish.
"I do imi   behove tlmi  Geoffrey  is
"Then lie bus nol been here
"1 have nol had lhe pleasur
log Mr. (leoffrey today."
lliiveiispur groaned, li" lu
fnce away, ashamed  thai    u  woman l    [nm
For Heitfiiin l.elief
I aula ii
, ninrke
1 form i
in mil  Hint   harm   has
in ihe h
dead," snid Veru.   "Something tolls mo
that bo will he spared.    Bul  why go
.ui Iii..' this?   Anybody would Imagine I
that you had something tn di> with it   '"',,'!' J
from the expression oi ynur face."
.Marion  looked  up suddenly,
"Something to do wiih it?" she
i 'liia.,1 dully, mechanically.
"I wasn'l speaking literally, of
course." Vein went on, "Bul \."ir
,��� ii iritis express ion ��� ���"
"What is curious about uij expression?"
"li i- so strange, n is nol like grief,
so much as remorse."
Marlon broke Into n nicer intigh, a
I th she strangled. \s she passed her
handkerchief across hor face she seemed to wipe uul thai strange expression.
"I hope remorse and i will remain
strangers for many a long day." siie
said more composedly. "It is so difficult In judge irom faces. And l musi
try to he bravo like yourself. I have
ne-.er gl\i u way before,"
"I believe jou are ihe brnvesl of us
all, .Marion.""
"And I lhal 1 am the greutesl row
ard.   I have e\ en been so weak as to
allow the sei rel of my life in escape
nie.    Vera, 1 want vim to make me a
mosl sacred promise."
"A dozen II you like, dear." caslle was
"Then    I wan! you lo promise thul   being,
tjeolfrey shall never know ol your dis-      "This i;
cover)'.    Al  im  lime are you  iii  lell i alio imirnu
hlni,   Promise." ensile
Marlon looki.! up cagei'Iv ami met ' ��i'1' ;l
Vera's eyes.   They were clear uml Irne      '���'nil
and     honesl;   Ihey   were  lllled   v. iih   It
Manliness, and pity, : "  was no easj  task inr a i
"I iirniiiis.' from my heart," she years, but he made li.uln of It, as In
-uid. "N'ni now nor at any time shall j used lo huh'a century ago. Two Usher
(leoffrej  know who! I hnve learnt to- J uiou coming up touched Iheir imls.
Marlon blessed the speaker lender-  Gull Point loday?" Ravenspur asked
mt ter has ail I'titmd n ictniy j l.y mnklng two walls two or mon
Ig.iriM ei'iisidei'ai.iiy uliovi ihe | feel iipiirl, ami pneklng win. straw
price, on arcoiini  m  lis imi    These  walls  may  be  mado of polos,
Britain Rices Bio Task of Carina lur   ""'' inl">' 1111(l ""' excollcnl repiitii    boards nr woven wire, na desired.
���I his Them Dur-lna the Winter ' """ ;-''il",<l for Saskntidiowttii govern-      Hogs  will roiinlro from ten to lil
1 ' ' �� w"'"-'       ,      in  i it    l -j Commission WU-   iron square teel  or door space oaci
'''' "'  lll��  son rejiorls lliul he haa Intel) been ob-   in ,, slraw slictl,    I.fly hogs will re
'">'  '"    'Oiiuon,  wliieh  hai     n ap;llgad lo refuse several carload orders   quire  a  shed uboul    20x30  rool    in
, Pointed to raise lunds tor lhe relief,us he Is desirous or relalnliig u supply | H|zo.   u h, heller n, keep in. hogs in
ned Inn.     hei e wus nol a   ���i Belgium, lhe Lord Mayor untiouni.- (n moet the Ioc maud    Th hi would   ���  Bonarntc building  from the cattle
P">' >" her heart  or     led Lhal llie Hrlilsh    conimll        Inclicnt-  lhal  tlier,.  is  pracllcnlh  nn   Tho she"   for lug" need not b   more
"""'  >���'"  ''������'"   ^"""",'i"> ���'"'>���   '"'-���<l     ����. ���    ivith  wlilclt   ll.o|���nlln,itodiiu,rkctroril,   right kiid of  ,|Z   four  '������   liv,   le'i hi,,!,.   It"
en hail purelinsed   miller. udvlsablo    ako the walls    tight.
It among u.e  nel-     So inuch In suld nml wrllleu nt this , using    woven    wire,    or    soiticthlno
:  '    '        ury-    I lime about the grain crop of the proi    eciunlly   good,   se the bog- will nol
inee. ihui Hie importance of the dull') I work oul   through tlio wall.
null! SI ������ llllll 111
'Ss.      (lui    of   tile
!! she regurdod blm
iiiunieiii in  weak
lorner of lier ey
thing wrong," she snid.   "Mr Geoffrey ; Auierlciu
Is not u boy thai lie cannot   " food, di:
"Oh. you do nol  nndersniaii:    li islglnns \vh
nol  thai ai  all.    In ordinary eire -      i.nni C'liraon,  who  was one of the
stances i could Irusl Oooffrey lo the)chief speaker,', -aid thai this money
end of tlio world, lie Is a good fellow, hnd been exhausted and Mini ii was
and en pn ble of Inking cure of himself j necessni') lo raise $l,"fi(),nofl monthly
and upholding lhe family honor. Bul io feed the people during lhe irlnler.
others us strong and more .cunning Ike pointed oul thnl Herman)' wus do-
have fallen before lhe dreaded foe, un- Ing nothing ror iho rel|pf (,|' the in-
iii all conddeiicfi has lefi us,    I  fear   habitant, of tlie  ilevuslaleil  country,
and added: "If we win Ihls war, und
we hope and trust we will, ever, penny of Indemnity which may I sacl.-
ed -lioild he haiide,| over Io llel^iiiiu
.��� the recovery ot the country."
s-'ir John   Simon,    sccrelary     for
inniie   affairs    paid a  tribute to the
American commission  of whicli  Herbert  C.  Iloorci    is chairnmn.    "We
know," ho snid. "thai   Hoover's  fund
is being wisely ami economically nd-
beach.   The others are"searching In all ] ministered, witlioul u| lhe s
directions.   Nobody will return lo lhe  usslsthig our enemies."
"Bul sure
"H'.r.lighl    or  (liirkncsi,  ii   is
seme.   Vnu know nolhlng of iiie boy?"
''.Nothing, Hiiie Hull lie ivns going
fishing today."
Uavenspur started.
"Oh," lie cried. "Then I ahull sunn
know lite worst. I am son') io hnve
troubled vou;  I  will go down I
kid's fate."
iiniii we know the
eiiKpur  bowed  and    was  gone.
May smiled after him.   So   the
wus going ui he lefi for lho time
I'ow It Acts In Everyday Life.
am: 'I  to he Inst,"      The human heart, in a healthy man
"The full run ui' tiie   weighs   but   eleven   ounces.   Il    beats
Fate is playing into my bunds ; from long before birth until denlh, in nn   ti ,,' uf tit
avcrago  lii'riimo,   about   seven   million! some time in
all  of thc  wildest nppreliensions, I times,   allowing  seventy  heats  to   the  mvc
enspur mude his wny to the beach. I minute,   Every  twenty-four hours  tlii.-i ,    Tl
Industry is liable in he in i rlooked. A
comparison of lhe Iwo brandies of
farming, however, shows Hmi dairying
Is muklng fur morn rapid rains than ,
Is la ing made In grain cr,.ps, Statii lies
: lev. tin.I llie aereaue in grain crops
Ibiy year amounted to li'..vi;;,','!<.-. com*
pi.i'iii ��iiii fi.6S2,1 an in ih!" and !'.-
0]2,40-1 acres in lull, n percentage
gain nl s1' per cent, ever ililll and (l.e
per ecnl. over 191-1, so gains of B5 per j
cent, uiul  ii.T per cent, iu dalrj i	
duels  compares  vor;   favorably.
Applications for ue\i creameries are j
coming from ull parts of tho province, ;
so ii would look as if the fanners are
beginning lo realize lhal   dairying Is j	
the mosi stable ami one of the mosl ,
lime  profitable   branches  of farming  pos-      Cape Wolfe, Canada.���"LastMarch 1
, slblo. j was a complete wreck.   I had given up
I ull hope nf getting butter or living- any
| length of time, as I was such a suiTorer
- ���(l l", from female troubles.   Bnt I took Lydia
unu il.   jj_ pjijkimin'g Vegetable Comjiouod, and
' ''    today I am hi jrood health and have a
. pair of twin boys two months old and
ei',    and' i'or   growing finely.   I surprised doctors and
i.ir.. have lii-eii busy' neighbors for they all know what s
Finds Help in Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable
Machine Guns
Moid n!' Hi" mi,chiiii guns
��� Ilritish army ure wnl -r
ie steam given oft in the
iiin is lm,led ihrough lhe
ring,   Is  liable   lo  betray   1
bis   slight organ  performs labor equivalent I Ihe   Lewis   air.
' lo lifting a Ion of material eighty feel [used by   British
The Search
'���ii'.-  Alaj sul (.ui on the iawa b d'ore
llie rose-garlanded window.- of her sitting-room.    A Japanese umbrella  ivas
n'.er her dainty head, a scented cigarette ia tivcen lier lips,   .or -a.me time
she had been long and earnestly sweeping lho sea wllh a pair of binoculars,   hearl   wns full  to  bursting,  bill  his
siie rose ai  length   and made her  grief was for Vera more Ihan for Iiim-
way down lhe garden.    There was a   self-
rugged null! ui the botton, terminating ,    "I mil afraid llu re lias been anotbei
In ii lliiekel thai overhung lie   cliffs,   uf Ihosc tragedies thai are so mourn-
Here ll would be possibh I'or a dozen ' fully identified  wllh our name,"   he
men   tn  hide   without     llie   slightest   snld.    "Wasa  and   Watklus,  will  ynu
chance  of  being   discovered.  Xubody  come wllh me?"
eyer went there by any chance. Shaded i    The  fishermen  dropped  the brown
Irom tie house, .Mrs. Afnj paused.        j tangled nels upon her shoulders and
A  -el'i.ned  whistle came from  her  followed.   Tiny were all Lennnts, vas-
lips,   end   Ihen   then    enine   from   lho ' sill
ground the dusky form of die man who I ready  to  do  Ihelr  bidding.  The
called hlmsell' Bun 'Heer.   lie salaam-1 would have imd a  hard time did ho
��� i profoundly. I fall Into lhe clutches ot these veter-
"VVell?"  I In    '��� oiuan  demanded  im- j ens.
imtlcnlly.   "Well'.'" "I   am  going  down  to search   lhc
"Well, indeed, my mistress," llie beach," Uavenspur explained, "1 know
-::.ni lien Heei roplf.il calmly, "ll lhal my nephew weni mil fishing I liis
'���di oul  ns  you arranged,    Behold a  afternoon.    I   iliall   know     liis   lute
itillg an air-cooled nun nine wreck J was.
"ii successful,   and;     ,,..     ,     .    ...     , . ,     _.
,���i  gnu    is    now        Now lam healthy, happy ond hearty,
Idlers.   The Lewis' anil owe it nil to Lydia E. Pinkham't
nto the'air.   It tho blood becomes"poor, [gun weighs   only 26tj pounds, and it remedies.   Vou may publish this letter
unl  filled   with   poisons  from  diseased   can h   lire i lioni lhe shoulder. ' if you like.   I  think if mor.��� women
"Have yiiiMiron out to lhe west oi j kidneys, the hearl  is nol only starved, '    It   very   much    resembles,    indeed, used your remedies Ihey would lmv��
hut poisoned ns well,   ii soon becomes I an ordinary rifle, bul has a horizon- better health." Mrs. 3. 1!. Cook, Lot
'Nn. sir.' was Lie reply. "Noi one uf  exhausted and unable to meet any extra- ! lal    revolving    magazine above    the ' m_ n (-_������ ��*_ifn p.l   r_Ti��.l��
,1 ,,. ni I,.!,..,-,.   ,..,,,,,. I,, ...ni,, ii._       .' ,     ,��� , , ,     . ��� ,   ,     ,        , ���    , , rso. /, (.ape woue, i .c.._, usnaus.
us,    im   macKOici came iu itoni ih,   ordinary deinan.l which  mav he mode   trigger, and the barrel is four niche."! '
oust, and there were so many we had   ���n0n  h,   Supply pure  blood; get lhe   in diamefar   on    tlu  outside appear-      Because your caseisaaiflicnltone.ind
cry bottom afloat.   I did hoar as Mr.  kidneys to working; tone up the feeble,   lug much larg r than thai of a rifle doctors having done you no good, _��� not
lomaclil   Dr,  Pierce's Golden Medical      The gun Is air-cooled by a sheath continue to suffer without giving; Lydia
11    ,;" I Discovery purifies the blood, relieves the  of aluminum,    with  radluling  wings, g,  pinkham's Vegetable Compound a
"neys and  tones  up.tlio alimentary I1'1"'/"1 electric fan.   Tins sheath ex- trial.   u suro|y has  remedied  many
"'   '" J cases of female ills, such ar. indi-ninia-
v ihs lir-' ''on' ulceration, displacements, tumors,
Berlin,   Ont.���"J    have   used    Dr. j ing of   the cartridges,    come out of Irregularities, periodic pains, bat&acke,
Pierce's medicines ami found Ihem to I lhe barrel   they   net on these fans and | and it may be exactly *wh��tyonneed.
give perfcel sidisfaeiii.n.   I lnul a strok
Geoffrey had gone oul   In  the  Wesl
Hay,   Inn   I   ean'f   s
Again linyenspur groaned; no long- i kidneys "ndtl  tones  up the alimentary I nice an electric fan.
er had he the lensl doubl 11.1.111111 whal   ,..M.n]  fjiv0 ,|,n j,,,,,., (n0 |-1)0,| jt um^  tends beyond the act up
hnd happened. There   hud heen more Unditwill continue lo work Iill lho natural !sun.
lonl play, and C.eoffrey had gone down  cndoflifc. .'    As tbe gases, cause
under the dark waters,   Tho old man's
and got very had. The doctor sai.l 1
had no blood, my heart got very weak.
J finally quii lho doctor ami began taking
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
and Favorite Prescription. When I had
taken about, five hotlles I commenced to
notice a. marked improvement, and iu
about one year and a half I was alright,
, could do mv awn work, I really think
mos,  o     he Ravenspurs  nnd   ,|1CB0 remedies saved mv life as [was in
rive theni around, causing 11 continual
it nt' eeoi nlr t�� pass along Ih
The Pinkham record is a prcud and
rr.'1. j peerless one.   It is fi-'?S^z3jg?s-���S
I'he  Lewis  lakes -Is  cartridges ul ' a reco��l of constant llJ^.-*^raKs^jB'
lime,  hm  il  can be  reloaded  in  a j victory over the ob- (v/^^___}\b\
V  S.'li lid:'. '  .,t:���.,t-ilt.rtf ummrrn    :l   )_���. _.. vist* \ J
, stinataillsof women ���'���'
, _.|]s u^j j(!a| out
"Jusl wha   Is meant by clrcunilocu- fl       ir_  Itiganfl8.
,/lll   ' 'IU l." '���* I    I .1       llllt.   ,' ll- i"       ���. t 1 l.t*        (IWllC.   1 ���- '���   1
iiskeil  llie  seeker after know-'
tabiished  fact that 1
very Iimi condition.
"I have used ' I'leaani Pellets' in my
home for several years and have found
Ihcm In be good. We keep them in the
house nil the lime.   I think I owe my   loinntic Correspondence
good  health  of  to-daj'  i"   Or.   Pierces j ���'	
medicines."- Mac. IIknt.v   JI.mixieii, !'l .
VictoriaSt. j
'  '"I iinvcu'l 11 ileliniiio.i ,111 Ihc tin of Mia 15. Pinkham's 31 ^_T-___^I
my ton.gue," replied    ihe    has.   man, VegetabioCompounil ^Zi^^a^Ai
"bill It you will look In the paper I dure has restored  health    l*^ kTWSswBi
I say you will llnd a very good example
of h'under the general heading' of 'Dip-
to thousands of such suffering women.
Why don't.you try it if you aeaS auch a
ii ifl 01   .vliid 1 urrlc I awn) lhc masla, soon,"
nnd ie 1 ihc oars 1     lain frag      11   ivas sonie time b rore anythlngj    The modern  improvement   in pills���
ments      i 1 n  Uu:  boal   hi :an  In  iill was found   W'nss came stumbling over Dr.   Pierce's   Plensnnl    i'eliels.    They,
and  now   li'.   bottom  upward ul  the the rocks, and Ihere In n clear pool help  Nature   '"��'    ���'   ���"'  iinliiin-   u-.ii. ' ���""' ' ������
I'ool in lhc , he nan Iho boal boltom upwards,   Al hei
"Bul lie mlgli    mi    ..-.��� ��� i. :��� powi'i'l'iil il ry of dismay thai came from hlni, on
swimmer." W'utklns hurried up. ments ..f the liver, stomach und bowclslable horse by the 11
"lie was no anhumcr al all,   I suw      "Give a hand with the pa.in r, Bill," arc relieved, prevented, cured. ��� LIM.MKXT.
evi rythiug." W'uss said hoarsely.   "There's llie boul
"li was unl  in slid,   for Iiim to be   rlglii enough wiii a good round iiolc j
picl   d up?" under the gunwale." First Aid Courses for Schools
������.Vol   possible,   my  mistress-    Thej    Kavenspur watched In silence,   lie'     The St. .loliu Ambuhinco assoclnllon |
boal foundered nnd there was an eim 1 saw the boal beached; he saw llie hoio  general executive has decided to ar-
'���:' ii    1 waited for   ome lime and I  In her side. Wnss pointed to the ninst   range    with     preparatory     schools
9 "   ii" more." ; where ii had heen sawn off. ! throughout Calinoa for courses iu flrsl
Mrs.   May   minded  carelessly,    she     "Poor young gentleman," ho exclaim-  aid this autumn and winter,
migbl liuvo been receiving Ihe Intolli-.ed  with 11 hearty    outbttrsl of grief.;     li   will  also    endeavor to arrange
rcnee of the drowning of 11 refractory '"And i" ihittk thai we shall never see I with  the military authorities  for  In-
Canada's Exports Exceed Import!
I    The  hnlunee of Canadian trade is
being rnpidly adjusted as u result of
,   .  ...     ,   .    ..���.   ;   s IJuhnenl Co., I.imlled,        I b;'avy export- or munitions and war
ail  ot  lighting  w   n supples.    The.     ratio at  the  einl of
and   nervous headache,  bill-      OentB.-A tmslon er of ours cured a L^,gt  cover!ng    the    lir.si     Iivelvo
... ������d   all   derange- | '��� �����  bad case of distemper iu a vnhc 1 |n()-n|]|s _t m w,u. gtoofl .a 5,-,,,, -tV).
154, representing total   exports   and
$,r);iS.28l),S2li reprrs.-nliiig iiiipe.rt.. For
Vours truly,
iiL.wnii-: Kiii'iitn
IUM ihr iota! exports were Stss.*143,-
591, and total imports !|-'">7r.,Gt>4. H!_-
For the first war year Uie total exports of merchandise were **T>04,810,-
���152, and Imports of merchandise were
$415,813,055. The aggregate of customs duties in the lirst year of the
wnr was $78,857,044, a decrease of
$16,000,000. in exports the increases
To appreciato whal newspapers I were distributed as follows: Manufac-
pupp).    bhe betrayed   neither  regrel   him again.   Look at Hns, sir. sl ructioni 01 tne units off.be bxpedl-  mea���  ,��� a  counlry  we have onlv to  Hirers,   $58,000,000:   animal   products,
nor si   sfaction. The mast sesms to have boon sawn  tionary Forces in first aii Work 1 ur-hook a,  RusS|a,   Before the war'the  $22 000,000:   foresi:  prodncts,  JS.000,-
y   will  guess,    she  oil    said ttavennsiir. ing their   peroid ot training In Can-  Uusslan peopiC| lgken as ., magg  (|.(1! ,;������'.  flguerieSi $1,000,000, and miseel-
come to examhio 1     Almost off, sir      said    \\ nlkiiis.  nda ,,,,-,,     not read ihcm.   Now Ihey nre being lnneous, $2,000,000.
und Ihe oars they will see    Enough  to give it  a   puff of wind!    Statistics  Bliow    i.lmf    dnrlne  the I  ...  ���  ..... '  .? I
onee thai tlieir eneni) hns struck a   came.   And that hole has been plug
iw." . v. itli  sofl
'My mistress .
Information and Education
"Of course,
snid    "When they
Exports of min-
inemy has struck a .
nl) powerful," Leu
it    during  the  urged to start a state paper not only erals fell away $4,000,000, and agrieul-
1 hat hole has been plugged , lour years ol     he association s worl; 1 l0 glve lll0 news; bm ag ., ..meana ,;,-, ,,���,��� produce $50,000,000.
lue or something of lhe  in Canada  ,10,000    persons    have re-  popular education." People bere some- 	
ll. er murmured.
"They  ".iii  ity  lo truce    us  once I
mor",  Ben Heer." The 'hum Asiatic
shrugged his Bhoulders carelessly.
"And they will fall," he snid. "Thev
linow nol the powers arrayed against
them; the dogs know not my gracious
mistress. Meanwhile thy slave can i
sea ihrough the bushes lhat somebody
 , j
W. N. U. 1078 '
if I could bul    la
mud on ��� ceived lhe training. In the pas! year  time
ihe number was    11.,180, an Increas
inimical  rage;   tears filled his eyes. I preceding twelve months period'
his  list iii the air In an I of mure Ihan  a   thousand  over    the
is do not recognize that papers are     Greece gained itr. independence in
leaching tbem modern history, . . .
us many others things.���N
story, as well 11830,    when    it was declared _ king-
ecw Vork Tn-; doin   under  tbe  protection  o�� Oreat
I Britain, France and Kus. ia.
R E D _ O S E TE A ^ good tea" THE   KEVIEW,   COURTNEY,   W. C
NOW���You Can Have
A PERFECT Complexion
How French Artillery
Is Ketl With Shells
���Tirade Mark
50c,   75c $1.00,   $1.50
UUT has aolved tlie problem ol beauty, Its use Is bringing bacilli.* freshness and bloom ol youth, nnd driving uwa\ whcin vcrused
consisteutly, the wrinkles oi wiirrj uiul ago. I'seilfui' r-iiluriiis by
ibe famous 1.ennlies of tiie Itast. IliuiruiiU'i'd tree from hair growth
Your clrngjiisl has it.    SEE  YOUR  DRUGGIST TO-DAY.
476 Roncesvallcs Avenue, Toronto
One   Monition   Factory   Turns  Out   5.
000  Shells  and   Many  Aerial
Motors a Day
'l h.  un ro :ii U l im  l-'ivneh Hi'illlcr) ui-
tacIt pr iceedlug nlonti Lie w hole front
is iiiiide possible I.)  uiiuully uiiromli
iin;; nnd  Intensive . [fori   in tin   pro
tjH  duet hm nt projecllles   in ivorks which
llle    WOl'Ulllg      101'llllll Iv      lu,.el'.-iuiii'
Itoih's n day,
tin ��� ni' Ihese .er. ni eslubllslunmiH
ileal' I'illi-'. \ isii...I I., an Associated
Pn  .,  i.proseulutivt'  h)   official per-
mission, majies more than .'.. shells
end a number nt iierophiiic motors n
da:., \"ii* works vlsltod produc d six
hundred automobiles unniiully before
iji" ��nr. It v.us. Iii;e ..iin !��� modern
Industrie* iirrangod su tlmi innterlul
tali, a lu ni "ne end followed a I'egului
progression until ii . ame .mi ;.i tin
other a I'uii.-he.l enr. Th" hi.i...- nf
operation i waa dllTeriinl iu shell mak-
IllR,   B(l   il    Wile    111 e. s: HI".'   1,1   ,lc.|,l;,c
iiiiil i'";ii'i',ie'.i" tiie thousand nun It
iin"'. in.-iall mnny new oin mul at
the Biuue tini". Hnd litiud   to r 'phien
11    Ih...! lilllli    tllei'lniiiii ���
��� Sn  I'.iriui.hihle  a   iii d,   would   have
 mod before Hi" wnr in he i he worli
Of n year, but il wn , an anipllsliod in
a I 'V, weeks, a nd I lie w orll - wer,'
made   i.'iidi   I"   turn   mil   dull)   limns
utiils in parts ei riile." und ba) ti in
!addition in high power Hying niiichluo
I wi I'o bold, motors and Bill lis. lu ;. taw days Ibe
hwii) ; sh.n   prod ue lion     will     liuvo    bean
lOllliled.   while   Ih"   il) in;.-,   COl'ps   will
How  men weni  forth lhelr kind lo jemillnuu lu rucelve a goodlj   nbor
lay. lot new   iiinchlnes  iiionthlv  from  this
The Sjrap of
a Hundt*Q���i
Humanity Over All
1'iinul   ine . Itch  ,,i   ih,.     w n,.  I.   ju
mo rail (because .lolnls ulloiiuilc) t"
IWOnt)     i" ei.iuls. an,I ihe in. ull     will
ic iin- miles pe.-   i, ���   ih,. uiiiH in   I" (iaya or old, wlicn knlsli
iimnitii:    There   me    i���n   tlilflv-l'oot      "������,| mnoruuen held ml
���nils in :.,'jsn feci    'ihe train, siiy, Is | 'l'll,'1' '""'"''^ "r iho pnsj iiufold
travelling ul  furl) llvi: miles per hour,
it eovora   L25.H  rail-;  iu one  minute,
���r 2.25 rails in one sec I. which nud |liul limes him-changed; lho world bus  factory,
.'iplicl     l.v  twenty,  ei|iials  forly-llvi  '"',l Women, old, young uud middle-aged,
rails   111 twent)  nee Is, or forlv-llve       In knowledge, Justice nnd (rood will, | aro  working  there   in   lhe  places  of
CORN syr^
Of course, "Crown Brand" is your
favorite Tabh  Syrup.   Of course,
ynu enjoy ii. delicious, nppetiziug
flavor villi Jin n.l, Pancakes und
Hot Biscuits,
llul what about "Crown Brand"in
the kitclieu ?   Do you use ,,     ,
EDWARDSB-kG _f_\_\
Sim*    "'���
^a^ v
i'.n Ciitfrcrbread, Cookies, Cukes', Pies and Sweet
Sauces for all kinds of Puddings ?
>'. ; .ui always use it lor Candy-making '.
Tn ii in iill these ways.   You'll lin.l "Crown
Brand" C. rn Syrup handy, convenient, economical, dependable, good.
"1.1 l.v Win I'l','1 is jusl what iis name implies���a clear
corn syrup���more delicate in flavor than "Crown Bran I ,
that is eon illy good for tlie table .md lor caudy-iu ���'. i .^.
The Canada Starch Co. Limited. Mont......
lilies per linn.
Al hen ii seemed pencil was attained I husbands, fathers, sun-; and brothers
By nations far nud wide.   No III I til   tbo   front.     Projectiles  and   rlllo
Seemed brooding o'er lho oceans wide, parts arc given tho precision of a
���"�����, When, In, a spark Hushed Into Ilanic ] chronometer, und every operation is
���      A dreadful war; and on each side supervised nnd lho resuli verlfled be-
Hallam fi trtpptfl Guide"
l ii, llsli ... 1 rani I, 1)0 |.U'"i
Lsl '..,,. v u.,,1 WllorolO lr.,,.
.   ,' Ior lho trapper RlW Fur
r.'.:o LU" "rm Sylfi Book"
.ii"i..i.'.iii,ir,��.:,,.���i,iB;.'   Iji     A|,.|i
i,."-.I .,al,.,   liapi.nis ml |
Sftrtsitiril'l Slippy Calo'oj"
���io, nt.
WM���SH��� ,'Mt:
'riiniisiiuils will die, hul uoi fnr fume,
j Destruction goes on nighl and day,
And millions have no country uow;
| No homes, no food, all in dismay,
.Mankind's ttghasl ut'Savago blow
j 'l'n travellers mi lhelr way abroad   -
women,    children, babes  in
Wc have been making mulches
for 6_ yens now -Domestic
and every oilier kind.
Some of our specialties ure
a4!i*icIisti_k--''TlJI. I-1)I)Y-
STONE TORCH" for outdoor use���"WAX VESTAS"
for the .smoker, und other
Foif home use (lie most
popular match is the "SILENT
5," hut for every use
. Have been engulfed beneath the flood.
j    What  means this madness'.1    War's
I Have lllled tho world with death ami
��� ;    13'on neutrals have lo suffer, too,
lis time thai rlglii was might,  ih. thou
Help feed the hungry, cheer the slclt,
liaise up the fallen and lhe weak,
Some day a wave ei' sympathy
May grip lhe hearts ot ull mankind -
And love nnd peace all nations bind.
('.('.('. dishing,
CONSTIPATION s;rs."o���ti
fore ii goes ou in ihe nex! baud.
The ' liuish".! shell inusl nol only
sland a high hydraulic pressure, hut
it. inusl glvo ihe proper ring, An ex-
perl in steel, Isolated rrom lhe clang
and hum of the factory in an nl sl
hermetically-sonlod hut, laps each 1
shell as il is seal Into him mi . little
trolley, 'those whieh nice ou! llie
proper ring are sent on, while the
others go to the scran heap. Tills Is
ihe final trial before loading.
Shrapnel bullets   are placed hi lhe
core  of  ihc   shell   bj   young  girls, ;
whose  word   is   full)   up  to  thnl   oft
trained  arsenal  workers. i
ENLIST   NOW   v'ii:!!l:    '������"������"'   nib,lied Shippers who sl
CCMMir.SlON   MERCHANT...                                 HIGH EST PrtlCES     BEIT GBADf 5
.Make   bills of hilling read  I'etei    lanseii   Co..   I.i.l ,   I'orl   Will   in
Arthur, notify l'eter Jatisen Co., Lid., Winnipeg
In urn innn in Manitoba, Saskuli li wan in            ���   *
Aiwi"��"  ��� "������'-";"""" ���  ���	
Pills for Nervous Trcublcs., I'hc
atoiuncli la tiie centre of Ilio nervous
system, and when the slouiaeh suspends health) action lie resuli is man- ���
il'esl   ill   ilisllll'bullees   Ol'  tiie Ul'I'Ves,   11
all.nved to persist, nervous debility, a
i ailment, may ensue.   Tho
irsi   consideration   is  in  restore  the
I stomach io proper action, und ihere Is
Unby's  Own  Tablets will promptly   no readlci remedy I'or this Ihan Perm-
cure constipation of childhood.    The)    elee's Vegetable Pills.   Thousands ean
acl as a. gontle laxative, regulate the   attest lho virtue of ihese pill, in cur-
bowels and stomach and are absolute-   Ing ner'vpiis disorders.
ly    sate.    Concerning   them    Mrs. A. I  .	
Crowell, Sandy Cove. N.S., writes: "I
can strongly recommend Unby's Own
Tablets to all mothers whose littlo
re suffering from constipation," [
Animal Diseases Costly
ll    is    estimated    thai  tbe  United
Suites    has    already expended    over
PhTtableU uro sold'by modloine-deal. I V'"""'   ' . ,.B!,UnB  f""1-'"!"-"""'111
disease,    and  il   has not yet been  e.\- ���
terminated. While this umounj seems
large and yel when compared with thej
ers nr by mail ut 2',
The Dr- Wlllian
r.roeiiville, Ont.
its a box Iroiii
Medicine   Co.,
Winter Fairs
11 has been decided liy Lie board of
managers thai the whiter fairs at Ite-
gina uml Sasliiiioon will be hold as
usual this season. The dales have
been sei fur the second nnd third
weeks of .March, 11)1(1, th.' Ileglua fair
in he held during the second    week
the   unequalled   values   of   Beecham's   Pills    :.;    the
bent   corrective   of   ailments   of  Ilia  iii festive  organs
ao  common���and   the   best preventive   ; f lasting an
serious sickness  bo   often resulting   from defective i :
irregular   action   of   the   stomach,    liver   or   bowels.
aggregate losses from olher contagious diseases of animals it is nol so
II is estimated that Texas rever
causes u loss of $-0,000,000 a year-
The governmeni has been spending
lame sums of money lighting the
fever tick which causes the disease,
but. the greatesl loss is io the South-
have a great record. For over hall: a century they have been used with
entire satisfaction in thousands of homes, A few doses wil! prove ,.>
you t||at you can find prompt relief from the headaches, depress! a of
i.pirils .ind general no-good reelings caused by indigestion or biliousnes >.
Try them, and you will know what it is I > havo ut your command 3uch
Arc Invaluable Aid to Health
\i.    Prepared only l>y Thomti Dceoham, St. Hel-tii, 1Un.iulii.-e, Botfland.
"���-' liold over>-Avhcre i" Canadu and i.:. H. America.   In boxct, _5 ccnti.
A Few Dont's
i third week ol lhe month    P. !���'. Hredt,   0), t|���, ,,���,,,, ,-,���. severn] mollll,a ���.���.,,
the new live stock comniissioiier, was
appointed secretary, taking the place
SoraettMM lieuer (Iuiii linen unu ."�� . .No lair will he held at Uranium 11
'���niiiuiry ti'ii't w.isti u with suap anil cmnin winter, owing to lhe cond
,,,���,���     ah ��t..j-;'- or dreel.    -iii   ��U����   t, t|1]      ,K|i        hl ,     pl.evonte
tint ii'"     Wl   -'J-   '''   ��'". nllL*_''     ,i,��� ,-.,!,. i���.:��������� i,���i.. i.,_   ���,������,���,   u* i,���
Billeting   System   Aids   Recruiting
Indications point to the -    '
i   in id  during llie second    weeK   ���,.,, ...   ,       ., , ,   ,  , ,,.,,    ,- ,,.,.,,..,., llle   new   system  ot  billeting  soldier,
and   the   Saskatoon   fair  during   the   f,1^ ^^elmlen   from   the market-   What N:xt '�� d�� f��'' G����d He'':ltl1 '"   u'"'1'" "'"-v :,r" ralsetl ttS an    ' entl
'   "   "       '' ' '  ' Winter I to rural recruiting.
vear.   Tuberculosis of liveslock conies I    l'"n't  son yourself   with   minted    , The firs!  town to reporl  Is Leaa
hex!  wiih a loss of $20,000,000;  con-  air  by  staying  In  poind)   ventilated,   Saskatchewan, whicli  I is ted '-.
tagious abortion. f*'l(i,000,000; anthrax,  over-heated,   crowded,    foul-smelling,, and guaraiuees  nen.
$|,B00, :  scabies or sheep and cat-  Places,    fresh air   docs ��� :ause,    I allburton, Ont.,   the pi  itilat   not
fie,  $1,60.000;    Iduckleg,    iff.. ,000;   pneumonia or any otlier disease, bul   win. ���
glanders, $5,000,000; parasites, $7.000,-! Is necessary    for good health In iv
nun;    poultry    diseases,    $8,7*10,000;   ter ns well as ill summer,
other diseases oflive stock $22,000,000,1    "on'l  Injure your healtli and lov
making u  ������rand   total  of over $200.- , your vitality    by over-eating,   or
il cesses of anv bind. Good general ed oltieers to each locality tl I
health, maintained al a high stand- Unlnlng may go ahead bj . tlcallj
ar.l by rigid living,   is lhe besl l
of ���!��� C.  Smith,  resigned on account
WATtRPBOOF collars and cuffs    | 0[ ciiilsting for active service,
nirt.'i! uw   lieit.ir   (linn   linen   nnd   bll ,     \n fair will he held at Brandon lhe
THr'aRLtnioToiy company of Canada   |-uo lair being held last whiter. It has
'                          Limited                              lieen decided, however, lo hold a call
tut fctttr Uttnut, Toronto, Ontario         show,   al    which   lin.s   under   sixteen
   years of age will exhililt stock which   |YyrJsioek"evcrv'veiii-
!^  --" : :���  . | laey    have  taken  special  liiteresl   in
ia ry twent* meu to . nsure their
ng quartered there for the ��Inte
li  is iiie Intention    of   the militia
lepnrtnieni to assign non-comu issiot
nun.ium lust lo breeders und deule
���ew    iv   '_��       i . i;_��     raising.   Culgary Whiter Fair will be
���wood's _-_.oep_.3oaw., hell| ���,, Dec;, ,',7.
The fir.,,1 English   Remedy,  ,	
Tunc��� and invigorates tbo wliofo , ,,_.
nec-nmns: 'Blem'uialieii now Blood ! HOW S THIS?
lit. Veins,  Purrs A'*',���"-> , We offer Una UuiiilrcU Dollars lie
ItUUg, Ttlental and Uraln II er.-w. Vespon- I .. ...   ..,,,. '.,..,.    ���V.     ,,   ,��� ,      ,   ,.   .
net. fcoiu of ICnermt, J'nlpttiillon ef ike \ "'���"'  l0,'   dni    arhi ol Catarrh tbat
mt, PnlUna Memory. Prlco $1 per bos, six   cannot bo    cured    by Hall's Catarrh
$JK   OBttWut please, six will euro.  Bold by nil
iirri'iH o_ iBssIleslia plnbi ..!.;:. on reeelpt ut
Kir.-: .*.���<.-���.....,.'.���'������ mettled free. THEWOOO
titicinx co.,tono*i;a,ONT. (i����iriiwi��s-.ir.)
On   Properly   Silected   Food    It   Pays
Big Dividends
... . . , ...     ,        ���      ,      i      ���   till'.*        i'i..   I'll'   iiiiiiui.i.      iiimi
II parents wil g   c jusl n little Intel-1 ,:nlji,il/,:r ,,���;,���, r,,,,,, i(.
i orns    nre cuus< I   by  pres litre o��
lighl    boots,  but  tin    one    need    be
ilco-   troubled  with them    long    when    sn
 , . .       'rims',  wlio'h.'eonie ml-' simple u  roinod)  a-  Ilolloway's Corn
dieted to alcohol reilm ���   tlie.lr resist-1 Cure Is nvaih blc
sihlo    safeguard    agalnsl   pi
or any oilier germ diseases.
Don't    Indulge    lo ex
holic liquor
unco  tn��� pneiimouiu  and   un
llgent thought io the feeding ot Heir
For settins a moti     -    p ui    bread
tort.i.   Oe,.V.ilpi���:,.-,eiT-ill,'ur...*Heldi.y..il   cure. " ~ I "r.i",'- '"","''",'.,,'."':"' ".'"'l'1- '" ,':''",'     Don'i sleep wilb the bedroom  win- j soaked   In  linseed  oil.     Mice  cannot
diun*^or_��iWioPl.ibii.l:.onreeelp*.nf P, j. cilENEV .t CO   Toledo  o ' ',"    '"',' ' -'',',     'r'-',1,"''' '"       '"''   '' '     dows closed.   Nighl nir Is purer than   reslsi Unseed oil.
:ii),r,,;,,*���-tr.THEWOOO|    \ye,  tin undoralsiied] have linnm, ��\   the little   oiks  it I  pay   many times i Jj ,       h  colfu,lllg    ,eBa ,;���..,  ���,���,	
  -I- Cheney for tho last 15 years, and he- , mer, lor lhe small  trouble. ,���   ' , .. ��� ........
rr. ~ lievo him perfectly honest In all business i     \ mother writes:   "Our children are        ,.;-.''���,     ������,.    i,,      ,,,
transactions und ilnaiiclully able lo carry     ,    '     ; ,',.,,     ,,,.,. .,,. , ,.. . ���', ,.   ,   ���       "m. i  permit    tllrecl    drnughls    lo
Casej   (annoyed  al  surveillance)    !,out any obligations mado by his Hnn.      "" s"   much beitei antl stiongei than   |,iow on you, whelher   i 1 nr md.
Sav!    Ia  wul.'lii.i' nie all  vez have in        NATIONAL BANK of COMMEHCG,    thej   ever   wore   betore   we   made   a       |)(,n-t  - ,.||  nroum|  uj,i,  wel   feel  or
,,,,.,, ,    Toledo, o.   cbungo iii the character of ihe food,   .��� ...���,. Mnthin.
Halls Catarrh Cure Is taken    'na I)', ' ,.-,.    ,.,,,.   ,,,,;,   ,,si,,,,   nolnlnes     Ibrpn   '"     '   Clotlling.
I aeiinrr illrectly upon lho blood and nine- ' V'   ll,lw, ,|"'1. using poiuioes    line   :     Don'(    ,,,.,.���, ,
Foreman (curllyl    Ills.                      aciln, illrSctly Von tli�� blood 'i'nU''^: I \\e have .put using potatoes    three Don.,    fem[[       nnyonc    WhohnB
Cases Cthrowlng down pick I    Begot',   uus surf;.,en o( tho aystein, Testimonials | times a dnj  wllh colxee anil s.. much pneumonia   l�� pass ii on lo vou    freal
���u, tiir'n. its. idle ye'll be tomorrow.     ,<��.u fn-    iv.eo ;;   c_u�� ne.-   bottl..   meat, pneumonia as a "catching"' disense.-
!    ���  , ���  ,'���'.,'"'���'���".*��� _,,,   ,                   '    "Now we give   he   U   .��� folks some ,���, ��� ..|,..,���i., nDniti, iinlintln
_ __     Take   ualla tamlly Pllla for conatipa- ;,,������.,    ,.,,,,,,.,,.,���,,  ,,������.,���,  .��� , , I*cuns>lvaniJ lle.illh Bulletin.
, <(ioii.
Tlie Ceographlcal Hoard of Trade o
fruit,   either fresh, slewed, or canned.
ome Qrape-Nuts  with  cream, oecas-i
'iiialls   some   sofl    boiled   eggs,   and       Could     Hardly  Live  for  Asthma.���
Canada  ims  notified    the  Lethbridge I some'Postum  ror breakfast and sup-1 Writes one man  who alter years of
��� Board or Trade thai the name of Ballv ' Per-   Then ror dinner they have some   suffering has  fount*    complete, reiiei
river has been  permanently changed j meat and vegetables. ihrough  Dr. J. D   kelloggs  Asthma
i in lhat of Old Man river. The board : "ll would be bard to fully ih scribe ' Itemed)-. Now bo knows how need ess
I-or trade bad appealed to lone the the change in the children, they have has been his suffering. his match-
i inline changed to lhal of Lethbridge ! grown so sturdy and stroug, and we less remedy gives sure help to all af-
I river. I attribute this change to tbe rood ole-! flicted with asthma.   Inhaled as smoke
j __  | ments  that,  1   understand,    exlsl   in ' or vapor ii   brings the help so long
Minard's    Liniment    Cures  Burns,  Orapo-Nuts and Postum. needed.    Every dealer has it or can
j Etc. I    "A   short   time  ogo  my  baby  was  gel 11 tor you from his wholesaler.
, ,  i teething and had a great deal of stoic- I ��� ���	
British submarines liave nnv,- clear-  aeh and bowel trouble.   Nothing seem-      An old  Scotch woman  was famous
ed  the   Baltic  sea  nnd  the Cull  of  ed i" agree with  him    until  I tried   for speaking kindly.   No sheep was so
Bothnia entirely of Oerman merchant  Crape-Nuts softened and mixed  with   dark   bul   siie  could  discover    Bome
'ships,  says  a  despatch   to  the  Star (rich milk anil.he Improved rapidly ifnd i white spol lo poinl onl to these who
1 from Copenhagen, livery Oerman ship   got sturdy and well." could see only iis blackness.   One day
! which  was Bouthbound from .Sweden,    '-There's a Reason." in     gossiping  neighbor lost  patience
I when  the   submarines  started   their      Name  given   by  Canadian   Postum   witli her, and said, angrily:
compatgn has either been sunk or run   Co., Windsor, Ont. ;    "Wumman, ye'll hae n guhl worn to
By   unking   tlie
_   --/.>     blood  I'ieli anil red
���iSJ' I'**.   Chase's   .Nerve
l-'ood    forms    new
cells nud   tissues  and
riouii _ies  ihe   starved
limes bai I. io health
and  vigor.
By nol In;  your  Increase in weicht while
using ii. you can prove
positively   Hie  benefit
. _   .        I. im:    derived    from
i3f-*-335r-   this greal  r.ioil cure,
fin   rrnls   a   box,    aM_ ileatfn,    *r
l.,iina.....ei,      Boles     _      (���.,     Limit*-,
W. N- U. 1073
aground, ii adds. Ever read the above letter?   A rvew ] ...ay for the dnevll.himself!
Of fifty German ore carriers, 37 are 'one appears from time to time.   They j     instantly came thi  repiy:
virtually  interned   In  Swedish ports, I arc genuine, true, and full of human      "Weel,    lie's    a  ve,.i  [ndustroei
the correspondent declares. I interest ' body." THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Aua-, nous Welding Uutfit
Oxo-Acetylene System
Som   . I   lia:        ii   lindly   needed in this district for n
re arc I!mitt md i of dollars w< nth nl c isiiu^s
iu easl   .1  brass,   aluminum, i   liable,
soft sl cl, ci.      lirowu   nwny ever)  year, that  coul.l lu made
troi   ��� n ������' roilgel  111 mi wil  ll new   foi 1. .-. ill ill ll ill
what ,i in i\ mm  costs,    Anything   from  n  stov.   lifter to n
sli ifl   In in** il nlonj;   we can lis it
"| To the residents and ratepayers of
tlu i irehard, u's.. to the ratepay-
us i lhe wh cm :
Ln '.-- and gi ntletnen, ���I do not
believe in rehashing council work
in the | ss I. ��� as Mr 11. I)
j Fm 1 by liis letl in the Review
J  has evident!, endeavoured  to mis-
, ���
��� A    ��� .
........... ..   1;)
���pen to receive applications
a us on   Improved Farm
' iperty in  the Comox
I   Ds FORDE & CO.
lead the citizens regarding tuy action ou lights t .1 the Orchard. I
feel 1 i iu.. sia. the facts of the
Mr .oide sa that it is lite
dut\ ol n nn in1" i -it Parliament oi
nu Alderin in to ��� .nk t'nr the intei
es's of is 'lisi.ie , i.i listen to theii
requests, and obi iin all the grants,
etc,. |iix<Mb]e foi liis tlisti ict.
This in.iv be the duly of every
small member oi n'derman, wlncli
is evidently Mr horde's class, Imi'
a n al member oi nlderm in should,
h Iiii" intending lu the tequireuietits
of liis i iiici, ri ineiiilii r lhat he
has .i tl ui' io pei nn in in the intei
ests ol the whole province or city
ns the case may be.
I i oudemned the petitions >*. hicli
Mi Forde presei ted lo the council
���.ti the ground thai lie had nol ex.'
plained to the different parlies
w lien getting their signatures thai
11 e coin, nny w re holding us up
for some $i 15. 1 took the same
stand iimi I have always have, viz,
that the coiupiny were itying to
bluff the council nnd that theii lduli
wat ,!
ai -:.���:���
'it 2 _j
^.-.'-"^Itn-cMoiiey" for your Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasels Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,
Marten anil other Ktir hearers collected in yours..-tloa
ship TOUn FUHS DIRECT to"SHUnERT"the laricsl
house In Ihe World 1ir.1l.1111 exclusively in MMIH AMt.Rif UN raw 111KS
arellnble   n  , .       feFurHnunewithflnunbleuilKhi'drep-
in an.,11 exlKtlm for "more than a third of a century," aloni ac-
ce-iful record of Hendlnu l'*ur ShipperspromnnSATISPACTi IRANI! PROl'H'AUU* returns.   Write f,.r"*Ellr i.lnitirrl .*llip|irr."
thn only reliable), accural ;,rk.>t r,-i���,rt un,i price Hat published.
Write f���r it--now   It'a PHEE
'    A   R     -HlIPsFRT   lW   M "WEST AUSTIN AVE.
rt. J_. *3I_tJD_,rvl, inc. Dept,C 68 CHICAGO. U.S.A.
uggies and Express Wagons
All Riga Ouarauteed nud Bold nt the I,owesl Possible Price
Blacksmith ai d Catering ��� Duililer COURTENAY
\y astojs j
li'Vl.i'.ei 's    SIlOCS   llla.le   to Ol'llci',
In Norlh and South, in East
and West,
WUS worth Callillir,    1 Mated plainly \t ,   .,
' A.io-i ; .Handivi,-i.dc._hces will
SIDNEY,  15. C.
.;..-.m  l-l tote,  Insurance and
l;inancial   -V- ntn
Pla ��� 33
.     e You. Piano
'���     from   I,    Iin     llu iicians
:.'       I ..eics
EL':     IOTEL
Comox, li. C.
Bi ���' Mi il - N orth of Nania
Choicest Liqii >r< and Ciga
C, A. Martin,   Prop,
Barrister   anil   Snlieilo
that tiie lights were needed in the
Orchard, and win 11 1 he Company
installed the lights nl their own expense ! would   agree   to   the city
ij ing for the juice, which 1 backed up liy seconding the motion,
when the Company lnul conn- to a
fair agreement, We an- now td
have the lights on the same terms
ns tiie other parts of the city have
tli'in, which must be satisfactory
to every fair minded ratepayer,
And who deserves tli" credit ?
Not Aid. Robertson and I.eiglilon,
who seem willing to accept almost
any proposition tlie Electric Eight
Company oiler, but the other aldermen who had the nerve to call the
Yours truly,
J. W. Mi.'KKx-'.ii-, Jr.
To Residents ami Property  Owners of
dailies ami Gentlemen: - In the Cour-
leini Kevi -Vol Nov. ml er 18th Mr. II.
i>. horde has published a letter ail,lies- '
sed to the people who live 111 lhe Orchard. In his leetter Mr. Forde misquotes nie l.v accusing ine ol publicly
promising to support a motion that the
City sliould pay for the   electricity eon
stan ! the Test.
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort  With  Moderate  Kul.-s
Cumberland I Intel
Good Accomodation      Cusiue I'scclleu
Wm. Merryfield
Rent Wl
'mid l.i'i'i
T. laio'l'll
P10 ,.
Plant Now
Antirrhinum  '"suapdargon) various
-.. _, .. Aquilegia   [Columbine] white
Your Coimiry Needs ���. M11Ice,a,lcl &��pp-��* y��-'-��w
V\ allflowers, Sutton's Blood Red
Eire KingOrauge
Hollyhocks, Mixed
Coreopsis, Large Yellow
Alyssuni,   yellow
Plants 5 eenis each, 6 fnr 25 cent
of MISS GAME, Comox,
Inspection invited.
You, Boys
The Comox-.-
Orders may be left   with Shepherd
i & He ruby
J The   Comox   Barber   S.!;op
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
I Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
O. E. Andrews, li.   A ,   of   the'Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
Happy Valley
v ',';.;:;,^ omceABttnmte , ^iei,.i,',)(x���i,y pnb���-c --e7fr'K^^ weekj  c. e   d.ury-.vipee. Prop
I viding the company pay for hist   iati 11 if end in happ} valley,
Courtenav   the said lights.    Mr.   Forde   should be      Miss Mary   Monks   is   spending!"*      '
nmre careful not t..  make such incorrect ,1        .-   ,       '.7. _, ... ,
stntements, ia (act the public  know bet-!the wlntel at BevA"'    'Sh'-' Pald her
l.r than to believe Iiim. I parents a short visit this week.
; ��� "'        it! I -leamfitting
���   k Whitili
0     ' Q
01. Ai ���',' ''   :'*'.��       I ih'-���'���:' ���-���.!   ..-'i   ihe above  ineiilioned.j    We are  glad   to   see   Mrs.    M,
, - it,- ���,-;,:. M    s ������,,. 1 in '.'. .-.I    uie in...
'.Oo     rCJilVlililC)   nnriKhleoas promise     What   1   said was  pjercv nome from tne   Cumberland
if the company chose to mstal the lights  .,   .  .,_.    ,.,,         ,      ,         ,            c   . 11,-11      i>     r��                -n            .
l-'spert Watchmaker   Qualified Optician   the question  of the  cily paying   forthe    0SPIta'' ��'here fhe   has   beeu    f��r Willard's  Harness Emporium
'" electricity can-be discussed after. the last SIX weeks.
Some nl Mr. Forde's   letters ure  very       Mr. W. Harrigau is away   on   a Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   I^ap
IS Selling SpeCtac es all I Eve-   "musing but in his letter of  the   18th of I tWo weeks vacation, R"g9, Cloves, Trunks, San Cases,  lite.
A-:   CS   from   $2.50   per  pail*,   ^^I'^.^'l^III^;::;^':;';;;'!     M��. S. Millar haslefttojoinher Harness Renal,..,, Neatly
Including Sight testing   Each  ,]dm��%" ","'" it.solent manner,-rnd husband at Mil Creek where  they vy    vy    yyjj |   ��ppj
S  ^J-'"-"   has proffered   tonistruct   them 111 whnt  tt'lll reside IU future. !  V 7 .     VV .      f V Ai-.__i_*\_\JL/
*   '-i  '' ':'*.- "?T*l        C tested Separately to insure   iie consiciers tobe the duty of the Alder-1     p  .     ���.';      ���:..   1    I,.''.   .,,,���,;,
correct vision "T" '" "'Af
'..���",.. .
Lei  .
and Bi*idD';:-
II    call ;.l
I   1 mj    1 1
e  mini
I Hi
; ;
lid Gold $4
'     ;
i . , unrautee
���llim ,��f .ie.rff���T.?i. every   Sunday  afternoon  in   the       Cumberland and Courtenay
whose   munis   nave   been   stulted ivith ,     , ,                                                  ;
ii        .             Kin,           perverse   arguments   by Mr.   Forde ou school house.
<t]  1 ne tourtenay Jewelry More city questions. Mr. Thos. Pease is having his
II   Fellow   Ra epayers,
s    ,
:   :   nol   11
I . 111.,11
laile,     Ke-
llie i cry
plov lhe
II kof
: 1 My
���>- in   to , ay
re.      I,el   me
To Bake
Not fo Bake?
ppayers,    1   have   adhered
faithfully t' the platform that  was read
in your hearing el a   public meeting lie-
j tore 1 was elected  is an   Alderman, and
one of   my planks   was the   city sliould
I control its own utilities, including   elec-
j tricity,   water   supply  ami   many other
1 things,    1 liave been advised by some of
llie most   eminent   lawyers of   the Province   that   il   is very   inconsistent in
principle r ir property owners of our city
1 to patronize  the electric  light company
car painted He expects lu liave il
011 the rond shortly, (Go easy on
the telephone poles.
We hear front a very reliable
soure that all the male population
of "Bam Hill" are leaving on 11
prospacting trip to the Rockies.
Poor Parity and Duke have laud-
jobs at Camp 1,
C, H. Corkum, B A,,   Principal
>I_K 1     UKIL V ta
C, H. Corkum, B A,,   Principal
Phe former is really unneces- oVr0eCtsTo\e.p'theu.gout until Zme of Minto Public School  conducis Swan s Old Stand, Courtenay
.   ,. .    ,���i,  ,,    ,,,.     1   t ,1    I agreement has been made -atlsfactory to ni^lit scliool   every   Monday   and
Whetl    Bread   from    tlie   the city,  and I beliege that  the money
Courtenay Bakery is available which the city Is paying for street light-
udby reason ofquality has so ; -ir^X:^! r^wLf-
llKlliy votaries.     Get the  AB   streets instead ol   spending   our ney
habil and satisfaction        j "V^taai 1 0.(100 ol our citv taxes
! ...1..*.
W. Aitken    -
Oppositenew Presbyterian Chinch
t Abbott Sts.
5utfo�� k Kirkwood
Und srtakers and
\\       Night or Day Calls Promptly
1  1 Attended
which has nit heen collected owing to
scarcity of money in these dull times,
ami the city is not likely to collect same
before 12 or 18 months in the future.
The advice whieh is suggested in all
. parts of the Kinpire is to retrench and
"    '3^;.T'V'W.<_-7_I_-_*-i'-__ES'^    la,nnnn,.e   i     ju'ssiMe,   and   it   is   my
IS   opinion   that street  lights are  not of as
'ij   much importance  as good  roads, anil It
j   will be a mistake to borrow money reck-
I   lessly until   there is some   indication or
J|   prospect of some better  method  of pro-
It .Mr.   Forde   would devote   more of
his thoughts   and time   attending to bis
own   business   he   would   make   better
progress in life.
Yours truly,
John Johnston
Lake Trail, Courtenay, November 23.
The mock parliament held au in-
Thursday evening, with a regular
atteudanceof twenty pupils, (Sin^
up, Billy.) Everybody thinks they
will be ready for McGill at llie end
of tlie session except Mary, ivlio
has some slight misgivings about
lier arithmetic being doubl ful as lo
how nine can be lakeu from naught
Tlie school expects to hold 11 basket
sccial at the school house in the
near fttttise.
Electric lights would indeed be a
boon to tlie valley as well as a few
bridge planks. Probably Courteuay could supply the planks,
Presbyterian Church
St- Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111. ,
Sunday School and  Bible Class r
10:30 a. in-   Service 11:30.   Even-'
These are features in our
offices, ll will pay you to
livee your dental work .lone'
in Vancouver. All work
is iriui anteed for 10 years
.      ���';.��� A VANCOUVER
'   tere��ting session last Thursday evg. iug service 7:30 p. m. All welcome I EXAMINATIONS FREE


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