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The Review Dec 28, 1916

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 ���MM** *���*������������-.* I      IM--M1H-I    _��...���-��-����������
Can not lie dune any I etter, ainl
not quite ��o wirll anywheio i: o
hereabout*. Out typo aud uim liin-
ery le oamplete ami The Review
prices we right
Classified Ads.
Make your little Want, known
through a Classified ftdvertlnaii nl
in Tlm Review   *   -   -   Phone. M
��� ���*��� *-*�����������>�����- ������*���������������������������������*��*������������������*��������� ���*+���������+���*
VOL. 5
I ..
Auction   Sale
for Mr. E. A. Mitchell, Cairns Ranch, Courtenay
Saturday, Jan.  13
at 12 o'clock    Luncheon at 11
30 head Dairy Cattle Chickens, Hay, Straw Roots
4 young Pigs, Horse and Buggy
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43
of Increase in Prices
We have been notified by the
manufacturers of an increase in the
prices on all Electric Lamps.
We have, however a fair stock
on hand, so our presett prices will
hold good until the ioth of January
Our prices on lamps up to and
including 60 watts is 35c each,
After January ioth, our price
will bc 40c,
Courtenay Electric
Light, Heat and Power
Company Limited
Local Lines
The next regular meeting of the
City Council will lake place on
Tuesday night,
The sermon on Sunday evening
was illustrgted by lantern slides
depicting bibical scenes appropriate
to the season.
On Saturday eveiiiiiR last thc
annual Christmas tree and child-
ten's supper was held in the basement of the Presbyterian church,
and was a most enjoyable affair.
The musical part of the serviee
at the Presbyterian church was
much enjoyed by the large congregation which turned out to listen.
The choir has been to considerable
pains ahd expense lately in getting
new music, etc, besides it's numbers have been recently augmented
by a number of good voices.
A late shipment of ladies high
top slioes in white kid and noveltv
cloth tops just arrived at Camp
bell's, Cumberland.
Apartments to let. Apply to
Mrs   Halliday, Courtenay.
Wanted���Girl about 17 to help
with housework. Three other-
kept, Mrs. Tryoil. Parksville Vancouver Island',
For Sale���10 grade Shropshire
Ewes, due to lamb in March.
Dalziel, Deuiriau Island.
Lost���Small Jersey Heifer aboul
li months old, witli small hole in
right ear. l'inder communicate
with J. Carthew, Comox.
Full size Mahogany piano- good
condition. $100 cash. Apply
Review office.
Young pigs for sale. Per particulars, phone 79 F, Courtenay-
Lost���Dark Jersey heifer, age 1
year ten months old.. Branded ou'
left hip, A. I Owner. A, Ibbotson,
Happy Valley',
For Sale Cheap���House in Orchard lately occupied by Dr. Morrison, Small cash payment balance
to suit customer. Apply A. H.
Peacy, Cumberland.
Welding���cast iron, aluminum,
brass, steel, etc,   Ford Garage.
Fcrd Garage for Nobby, Goodyear and Duulop auto and bicycle
tires and accessories. Bicycles for
Anglican Church Notes
ist Sunday after. Christmas, aud
New Year's eve,   Dec. 31st. 1916.
11 a. m. Matins and Holy Communion, Lazo.
3 p. m. Evensong and sermon at
St, Peter's, Comox,
3 p. m. Sunday School, at St,
John's, Courtenay,
7,30 p, m, Evensong and Sermon
at St. John's, Courtenay.
7.30 p. m. Evensong and Sermon
at St. Mary's Grantham.
Mr, Russel. of Sandwick was
found yesterday afternoon in his
ganiKe bv Mrs Ru-.se! in an unconscious condition. He was Rot
into the house, but expired before
Dr. Millard readied him.
Tlie creditable performance of
thc children ot llie concert last
week was in a large measure due
to Mrs. Beasley, who trained them
for a couple of weeks, and also
composed the song "Spring'' which
they sang
The annua' congregational supper in connection with the I'resby-
teriini church will he lii-ld on Jan.
4, from 6 to 8. Magic l,antern
views, lfctnre on Ningn'a Falls
Summer and winter views. Concert. Admission, stippr 25c, lecture 25c. 40c for both,
Georre Haiiiil'oii nn Indian was
found driiuk inside the Citv limits
He was taken before Ma.islrates
Kilpatrick and Carthew and fined
$5. He confessed thnt lie pnt the
liquor fiom Charles Martin and J.
H. Mnlholland Thev were ijatli-
ered in bv Con-table Hfuinny nml
were assessed $50 and costs bv (he
The following are lhe meteor-
logical observations for Comox
Maximum temp, for Nov. 49 3
Minimum     ''        "    " i').n
Mean Mux.  ''        "    " 43.6
'���    Min.   " "    " 2y.o
"   temperature '���   " 36,3
Total rainfall November 5,<*5 in.
"       -'   duration     96 hours
For \vi".k ending Dec, 7
Dec. 1 Max. 42 0 Min, 31.8
Dec. 2 Mux, 4'.).6 Min. 36,0
Dec. 3 Max. 43,7 Mitt, 32.,5
D��c. 4 Max. 39.5 Min  24.7
Dec, 5 Max. 37.4 Min. 22 4
Dec. 6 Max. -6.8 Min. 20 6
Dec, 7 Max, 35.4 Min. 29.5
Rainfall Dec, 2   .3a in
Rainfall Dec- 3   .99 in.
Rainfall Dec. 4 1.12 in,
Total 2.43 itiches,
Dec.   8 Max. 37.0 Mm, 29.5
Dec.   9 Max 37.5 Min, 25.0
Dec. 10 Max. 39.5 Min, 22.2
Dec. H Max, 34.2 Min. 28.8
Dec. 1* Max. 34.8 Min, 32 o
Dec. 13 Max. 388 Min. 27.8
Dec   14 Max. 38 * Min. 33.0
Mean Max 37.1
Mean Temp for week 32.7
The Qu '*��� Government ha de*
cided to niv Hsh the open bars,
will permit the continued sale
liquor under a system not
cided upon, The decision
reached at a Liberal party cau:us
last week. Tlieie was little opposition shown the leader's programme as presented at lhe caucus and
considering the complexion of the
Legislature there is little likelihood
oh strong fight when the j-overn-
nier.t introduces the measure,
yet d.-
Notice to Creditors
Estate   of   the late George
ALL persons
the Ratntt
having   claims   against
(the above dec ased,
who il cil nt Hornby Island,   Britisii Columbia, mi the i-tlnlriv of "line 19 ���'. are
lier-bv   lequirccl   to   si ml     porl     Im
tbereol duly verified to the  an
on or before the   lOtti   iry   ol   January
1917. nftrr wliicli date the Uxei   I
proceed t" distribute tbe  1
sriiil (1
.., having regard mil* *" *''���<���
which tliei sl ill ''
this 1*1 il i'
CRKA81" ': 1*1"]  '
Ud Central I liMii
Solicitors   (01   Wi ti m I"
George II. Harwood, 11 nil
Wood, Executors of said  !���
A Thing cf Beauty
a Joy forever
i s
... ! J
ct^ ure :~-
25 and SOc
Nyal's Beef & Iron Wine
$1 per Cottle
If you feel good, All is Good
Braces you up
Here ii a floor covering, dainty in design
and coloring, that costs less than printed
linoleum. It is easily laid, requires no
fattening, and is very durable. *,
Congoleum is splendid for kitchen floors.
Repeated milling cannot injure it.
Tile, nutting, floral and conventional
designs, suitable for any room.
C-.-10la._l Rag Baral-n art t-matkablt Imitation, ol poli.btd oak. Cms la lal m tali as*
nnl-17 tea coralrn.
Courtenay Furniture Store
Safety  First
Go to !
For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigars'
Confectionery  and
Soft Drinks.
ia connection
Isabel St    Next Royal Bank
*__. ��-*>__: *�� __����������� ��*__.^'i<i����^^_S__iv_��_t_��kr*<o)* ���
-__������������ S���*\W ����� S^^*___^7_!_i!'S-___-it^S>>.
**____�� ^^ -_-__- ^^ 4SS* yT ^~T ^T^*t|��l*^^*M*--Ct*ai^>-aw^
*<->__I_,a->___��<,!> a*** <St&Li&>\mi?S> *at9^*t
������___r*l-��__��_*&___��^<__��,-__LdC��TL-��>- __���-_���*> ��r_
'    m\\   ^ ���
Comox Creamery
55c per lb. this week
Chas. Simms
has opened his new store in Courtenay.
New Goods suitable for
CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, in great variety
Reliable Goods at Reasonable Pricse
GOME AND INSPECT uau-i-i   _.-*.-_��_-__>��,   \AJvniiMVii,   u. li.
Avoid dangerous preparations containing caustics,
acids, ammonia, etc.,
by using
Old Dutch
The Farm Home
mc w li
fanners will realize lhat
household is lhc source of
enterprise ami intelligence thai
makes farming a success ami life on
in- farm possible, li is ihc indefat
[gable farmer's wife thai makes llio
farm home; altogether loo often she
makes it a real home ii! spite ofrhcr
husband rallicr than as a resull of his
cp-opcralioii ivitli her, He, lo his
shame bc it snid, i0_ often has b- fin
a greater appreclalion fur hogs,
cattle, grain ami hay ami iheir proper
housing and can* ihan the cquipiiienl
ami environments thai make prai iii
alili- iho proper rearing uf Iiis own
children.    Vet In: will complain lhat
'he young i pic will not staj .nr llic
farm.���American "Lumberman,
ro Make Farming a Success and Life        n-it.ivui-.i_>> .  .���   . i   i-
on the Firm Possible The Public Heallh Service reports that more people live to
\ tii..- will come when enlightened| *"<- age of forty years to-day, but from forty to sixty years
lhc far
II energy, j
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria,
The High Cost ol Living
A lunchroom mi Dunne street has
solved the problem nf lhe high cost
nf living, It advertises "Combination
Breakfast ami Supper, 25c," ��� New
Vork Evening Sun.
Good Country Roads
Possible Misuse of the Road Drag Is
Your Baby's
Cheerful, Chubby Children
Make the Home Happy
W'o.i!., puny luil-ies are ;t constant
care to tired mothers and are subject
to many diseases that i\u not affect
healthy children.
Krqi your children in good health.
See that their bowels move regularly
- especially during ihc teething period.
Tins in a distressing time in the life
of every child and the utmost precaution should lie tuken to keep them
well and strong.
By the consistent use of
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
it is possible to avoid many childish
ills now so prevalent,
It is a corrective for diarrlirca, colic
antl other infantile ailments. It soothes
the fretting baby and permits the
child to sleep -veil and ^row healthy.
It l*rinj;_ comfort and relief to both
child and mother.
Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup
Makes Cheerful
Chubbij Children
I ��� absolutely non-narcotic. It con*
tain* iin opium, morphine nor any of
theirderivatives, It Is soothing, pleasant .ind harmless. For generations
mothers in all part* of the world have
in',I it and millions of hnhicr. have
been benefited bj it
Buy a li *lll,' lod-y and
havi. il liandy
Relieve ami Protect Ymi* Children
Sold hy all druggists in Canada
throughout the nverld
Pointed Out
ll is    possible l" haii-    lor
even   of  a   good  thing,  and  easy  to
[Use a good tool in a wrong fashion,
This is what has happened in Iowa,
! where  llie  road drag  has  been  used
j so thoughtlessly thai the surfaces of
some roads have been dragged lo a
I dangerous peak,    'lhc centre of the
road has heen built up too high  for
safety or comfort.   A high crown and
steep  sides  create  a  double  danger.
It is a case of zeal without judgment.
The  misuse  of  the  drag  cannot   be
hold againsl that valuable implement
I of surface preservation hy iis syslrm-
i.itic employment.    The [una    Stale
Highway Commission disclaims rcs-
I ponsibihty, as it is wilhoui authority
; in such local administration,   11 sug-
jgcsls complaints    from travellers lo
, the dragger or lhc road superintend-'
i enl, the county engineer or supcrvi-
| sor.   Of course tin- water will run off
the morc readily tlie steeper lhc sides
| of lhe road, but so will vehicles,   'llie
j ditch i*. the place for the water, bill
I nol llu: wagons or ears.    Il is easy
j to get the crown too high, just as it
> is bad to get it too low.    ll is all in
lhc  operator,    and   the  operation   is
simple enough   when horse-sense is
used.���The Breeders' Gazelle.
found among
London, after
-. was a i icr-
and apparently
Among llie articles
lhc debris al Cufflo}
llie Zeppelin   fell tin
man Bible, marked,
can fully used.    Tlie finder sent il  to
tin.- War ollice, and llie department
i*. engaged trying lo locale the nearest relative of lhe late owner, in order thai it may bc sent to Iiini or
Hope for the Chronic Dyspeptic.���
Through lack of consideration of
llie body's needs many persons allow
disorders of the digestive apparatus
to endure uniil lhcy become chronic,
filling days and nights wilh suffering,
'I'u these a course of Piirinclcc's Vegetable I'ills is recommended as a sure
and speedy way In regain health.
These pills arc specially compounded
to combat dyspepsia and the many
ills that follow in ils train, .unl the)
are  iUCI CSSflll always.
mortality is increasing from degenerative diseases in tiie U. S.
Thousands of well-informed men and women to-day an*
learning the true value of
as a powerful blood-enricher and strength-builder
lo ward off the headaches and backaches that mean
weaknew>. SCOTT'S helps fortify the body against
grippe, pneumonia and weakening colds, through
its force of medicinal nourishment.
Itei'iiHc Alcoholic Kilr-rtx Thnl Do Not. Contain Cod Liver (lil.
-S. nil A Bowno. I��r_i__ Out. MM
Full Resources- Needed
I'. i.i wlnim     depends     tt|      lhc
powei ui iiie allies to ki cp up lhc
pn -iii.* nun laved, and thrii ability
in do  iiii.-. demands  more men, and
-iill more  ,   \\ e musl nol - ufTer
ourselves lo bc denuded by the brilliant successes ne have begun lo win,
or by any notion lhal i lie < It nnau
armies arc gcncrall1  and permanent*
Ij d rnli.cd      'Hie   only way le
*,n i ourselves from an indefinite pro
longaliiiti of llie war, and from all
lln sacrifices in blood and treasure
wliicli smli a calamity would involve,
i lo bring our full resources to bear
upon iin cncinj at the earliest pos
Bible moment and to exrrt Ihein re
Iciillessly uniil Iii* strength and spi-
ni ,iie broken,    London Times,
I'ditli: I dotl'l intend Iii bc
until after I am Ihirly.
Maud: And I don't lutein
thirty iimil after I am mani
1   I
i lied
'i   bo
I'unialiia ranks third among the.
grain-producing nations of the world,
lis annual contributions lo the
world'-, supply o( food has been
steadily  increasing.     Ils average ex
191.  ivi
and in <
i olid
i the
,' 1911,
inly lo
U, lid's
1<>1_ and
those of
il slood
Believes She Was Saved
From Stroke of Paralysis
All One Side Was Cold and I'owerless When She Began
Using Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
���ai* exports Iii'iii.
���    Ill
Tasty and
Minard'*, Liniment Co., Limited,
Gentlemen,���In July, 1915, I va*
thrown from a road machine, injuring my hip ami back badly, and was
obligcd to use a crutch for 14 months.
In Sept., 1900, Mr. Win. Outridge, of
Lachutc, urged me lo try MINARD'S
LINIMENT, which 1 did wilh llic
most satisfactory results, and today I
am as well as ever in my life.
Vour sincerely,
MATTHEW   x   l.AlXI.S.
A dead uervi cell can never be replaced. In ihis way il is different 10
oilier cell., oi ihe human body, lint
feeble, wasted nerve cells can he re*
Stored, and  herein lie*, hope.
Ill this fact is also a warning lo
take Hole of such symptoms as
sleeplessness and loss of energy and
ambition, ami restore tin- vitality to
lhe nervous syslem before some form
of helplessness results,
Nervous     prostration,'   locomotor
l ataxia and paralysis are  ihe  natural
j results ol neglecting to Keep tlir*
nerves in healthful condition, The
use of Dr. 1'hnse's  Nerve  Food when
I you suspect (here is something wrong
will  soon   restore vitality  to lire  lier-
' vous  syslem,  aud     thereby  prevent
; serious developments,
Mrs, M.rriit Nichols, U. R, No. 3,
j Dundalk, ' Int., write*: "I take pleasure in writing lo tell you lhe great
benefit   I  have derived irom lhc use
' of I ir. Chase's Hi nc hood. I wai
so   nervous   I   could  not   steep,     aud
' found it hard lo get my work done
at all, but, having uo help at the
time, li.nl lo do the best 1 could. Fill-
, ally my left arm    became powerless
. HTtd cold, and this continued to get
worse until my whole side was affected, bead and all. I decided to
try  Dr.' Chase's Nerve Food, and the'
; lirst b*s bellied inc so much that I
used several, and believe that this
treatment  saved  me  from  having a
��� paralytic stroke.  It has built  mc tip
, wonderfully, and I can recommend it
most heartily, believing that if more
Nerve Food were used there    would
I bc much less sickness."
Dr.  Chase's  Nerve  hood  cures in
i nature's way by nourishing the fec-
blc, wasted nerves back to health and
i vigor.   Fifty cents a box. all dealers,
' or  Kdntansoti, Hates & Co., Limited,
! Toronto,
The convenient soda biscuit
becomes a real treat when it's
said the j
children I
all thai.
Their Moderation
"I  am sorry to observe,"
presiding elder,    "lhat your
swear indiscriminately."
"Aw,    it ain't as    had    as
parson," replied Mr. Cap Johnson of I
Rumpus    Ridge, Ark.    "They   don't J
cuss  much  unless  they  are  hurt  or
mad or waul to show oil' or something    that-a-way." ������ Kansas    City
Unbreakable Windows
Repeated coals of raw or boiled
linseed oil applied to a liuely meshed wire fabric will give a good substitute for window glass. The wire
may bc used for many purposes, and
is especially good where glass might
easily be broken, The fabric may be
dipped in the oil instead oi applying
il wilh a brush,
Complete iu itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator docs not requite
die assistance of any other medicine
lo make it effective, It does not fail
lo do ils work.
It is quite out of the ordinary in crisp-
ncss and flavor; as well as in price���
In Packages only.   Plain or Salted.
Mr. Lloyd George's Verdun Trees
The story about Mr. Lloyd George
picking up chestnuts when he was at
Verdun and pulling them in his pocket, has had a pretty sequel. The
French general who was with our
Minister for War thought Mr. Lloyd
George, was going to cat them, but
hi* real intention was, il seems, to
plant them when he got him, so that
his descendants might walk under
Verdun chestnut trees, and never forget the immortal French defence.
��� hie can imagine lhis story going
down through the ages amongst the
h peasants, and il may be that
cneralions to come Mr. Lloyd
George's Verdun avenue may become
Sloan's IJi.in.en t Robs Toothache j *,*% %��*��%$. *��1 ^Z&
'  Of Us I errors.  Pain Vanishes I Guardian.
In a Few Minutes
Another inexpensive and delicious
Patient (after x-ray examination):
i Nurse,    could ye foind    out where
they're goin' to run them inovin' pic-
ters they luk o' me insoides?
Minard's Liniment Cures Cold:
need lo pace the floor all night) 	
with the agony of a throbbing tooth, 	
\ r **���*      TI/    j? i Sloan's Liniment will quickly relieve!    Whin sick   the    newborn babe or
V cl till let   yVtUlGtfS   I ""���" pai" :"ul g*v.c yo" rcsl' lll�� Browing child    will find prompt
A single application and the paiu relief through the use of Baby's Own
usually disappears. Sloan's Liniment iTablets, 'i'hey arc absolutely safe
gets right to lhe root of the trouble, for all children and never fail to ban-
Like, a wanning balm il relieves eon-1 ish any of lhe minor ills from which
goatioii, and in a few  minutes tooth-1 lillle ones suffer,    Concerning  them
"Hobson    i*    facing
"Why. what crime   has
milted r"
"No crime.   He's gazing al hi
bill, which has jusl come in."
Hor th-Wcst Biscuit Co., Limited
l-DA-ONTON   -   ALTA. (
coal |
die is reduced.
To soothe the Uiroh ol a tooth lhal
pains with neuralgia, apply Sloan's
Liniment externally. Aching muscles,
rheumatism, gout, bruises, sprains,
lumbago, chilblains, sprains and sliff
neck can also be most effectively
treated with Sloan's Liniment. Cleaner than iiuissy plasters or poultices.
Sloan's Liniment al all drug stores
in 25c, SOc ami $1.00 bottles.
Mrs. Arthur Shcasly, Adanac, Sask.,
writes: "I have used Baby's Own
Tablets and think they are splendid
for children of all ages," Thc Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or
mail at _5 cents a box from The
\\ illiams' Medicine    Co.,  Brock*
���. Ont.
T700d'S P_tO.pll0t___,8.
| The limit English Dimnl
Tones an.l Invigorates tlio who
a nervous system, nakoB new Blood
i-i old veins. Curat i\rervou$
Debility, Mental and Iirain ll'orm. Deepen*.
dencu. Loss of l'.ner',i'i, Palpitation nf tht
Hears, Patting Memory. Price .1 p'-r Iim;, eis
Inrsr,. One vIllpleBoo, six will cure, 8ol�� by nil
drue__n_ or mailed in ptnln pkg.*on reculpt nt
Rrir... ,Y mpnmphletvintledfree.THKYieOO
lEDIfri    ���"���r).,t0tt0HIO,O��T  ('-raarirWMiKj
It Bids Pain Begone.���When neuralgia racks tin    nerves or lumbago
' cripples  lhe back i*r  lhe  lime to list
i the virtues of Dr. Thomas' Eclcclric
Oil.   Will rubbed in. it will slill the
(pain ami produce a sensation of ease
and rest.    There is nothing like il as
la liniment, for its curative properties
arc greal.   A trial of il will establish!
faith  iii  il.
Do- Remadits
And How to Feed
iryiI-fiti   fron  fo nTif aMrosw  Itj
tho Author
118 Weil 31st Sh-eel, New York
W.      N.      U.      1134
Fill Up thc Ranks
L.et it he granted that Quebec has
not done as well in proportion to
population as the other provinces.
Thc same is true of the maritime provinces when compared wiih Ontario
and the west. Wc can never gel anywhere by recrimination and abuse.
There are local battalions to be filled.
Whatever there may he calling (in
criticism in this or lhat direction is
nothing compared with thc urgurt
need of filling the gaps in the rank*
The ehii f business iu Canada today
is war, and the war must he fought
to a finish if it lakes every man o(
military age.���Si. John Times and
Sniiiciln, '* better ilcm linen and his .aunttry
ill;.      \V,..ii   it  wiili hiiap   unit  water     All
tores -ii dlrecl     State _t\It- and ,'uo     I'm
.-i   we will mail vou
CANADA   Limited
SH  I' i u-03   A .--iiuo Toronto   Oratorio
Effort to Please
The  Subaltern: Lei  me introduce
my linancee,  ild man.
llis Friend: Best congratulations!
The Subaltern; I've known her
since she was in pinafores,
llis Friend (irjing lo say llic right
thing): So you can be sure you are
nol luiying a pig in a poke!���London
i Ipinion,
The Heart oi a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Otto Higel Piano Action
THERAPION ���ofe��
mi ���   i.mint ho DRUoatSTs0rMAit.f1. host * cts
FOUOERACj 91* BRLKM-tSsi :,'HW vol* Nor LVMAN HRt.%
THERAPION ��..���..
���Sir out rSAOS MAltKlTn '.'.,,i,i>    nu n*Hurr   IS OH
���an ... i stsursr.lUO ioai.ittSNUiilsra.ain.
Modern Piety
ind Jimmy were visiting their
ilher.    I hie night when  lhcy I
aying    llieir prayers    Jimmy
his petitions   for Christinas [
ill a lone that could bc heard]
do you pray for your Christ- j
scnis so loud?"   interrupted
'I he Lord ain't deaf.''
whispered     Jimmy,      "but I
i  i.*."
n en-
a mile.
ma* pn
Dick.   '
"Sir,"  said     the  beggar,  "will   you;
give a pore old blind man a shilling?" j
"Bul," protested tin  passerby, "you ;
can sec oul of one eye!"
"IMi,    well." rejoined    the beggar,
make     il     sixpence     then!"    Brilish'
\\ cckly.
*t��BETC5 0'^aTr THE   REVIEW.   DOUKTNEl^   ���. CL
Optimism in Future of Western Canada M*y Cut ����*n, 9
r   Raids by Ze
l.asi year 'Canada   produced   thej��� smaller acreage under crop���is cvi-
largest crop in iis history,   Of wheat dent,
alone, il produced 376,300,000 bushels, Another factor is lhat this year
of which the three western provinces Western Canada has experienced, in
of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al- common with the entire North Auier-
Iiiti.i produced 3'I_,000,OUO bushels, lean continent, conditions thai have
or niiic-lClllllB, This year, according been less favorable lo lhe production
in the latest official estimates made , of big crops. The conditions have re-
by the Dominion Government, Can- suited in smaller yield per acre, and
s by Zeppelins
ad,i will produce less ihan 175,000,000
bushels, ihe western provinces ac-
c.milling for less llian 150,000,000
bushels. Unofficial estimates place
Uie yield somewhat higher.
I'cforc i. it j,  hm hasty   conclusions
are readied regarding this apparently  ley
disappointing    comparison,    certain t much lc
reduced grade of grain in certain lo-
The average yield of wheat In the
Ihree western provinces is estimated
by llic government al about In bush-
Is per .nre, oals 1,1 htishels, and bar
bushels.     These,    ylt Ids  are
, than for 1915, especially in
facts musl In borne in mind.   I'oi onc jibe case of wheal, bul it musl be rc
thing,  lasl   year's  crops   were   really  nicinbci'cd of course, thai  Ihese <*.!i-
nhenomeiial,   Thej  mure than iloub-1 unites nre not linal,    Until actual rc
I'd  lhe  191*1 crops, and  were consul-   turns   are
eived   from   lhe   thresh
rrahly more ihan fifty per cent, grcil-1 ers,   all   estimates     are   onlj   caleula-
lir, ll   in   1913,  lhe previous "bum     lions     based     on   fallible     principles.
per year." Tin year I'll." was an Sinh iiiicollatcd threshers' figures as
ideal season iii nil climatic respects, have come lo our notice, and which
Patriotic seniimeiii. ,il*o, ihai placed liuvc in en printed withoul comment
the production ol food supplies for in ihis publication, reveal that In n
Great Britain and her Allies in ihe largi number of rases lhe actual re-
lighl ol lhe iiio-i essential duly, was turns; are far ill excess of lhc esli j
.j a verj  high pilch, I inal
British   Advances   May   Force   Cer I
mans lo Move  Hangars
The great Anglo-French offensive
on the Soniinc in northern I ranee j
has a direct bearing on future Zeppelin raids on England. This hint!
was given by a British official iu a
position  to know.
In lhc Anglo-l-'rrni h  forces Oil the
Somme    drive    a    wider    and deeper,
wedge inlo lhc   German line, lhc en-l
lire, line must eventually fall back to
straighten  itself,    This  would mean'
lhal the allied aerial bases iu north-1
crn  France tvi   ihi also move, forward,
The natural sequence is that German
military and  aviation  bases, both  in ;
Belgium and rcross    the  Rhine, become irom a strategical and military
point of view more legitimate objectives   for  allied   air   squadrons,   lliih
erto, allied air forci s have heen able j
io make long distance raids, bul not
heavy ones.
Tin   greal  Zeppelin hangar* in  Bel-
���r in im,    including    those now    under
construction   and ihose jn Germany
| from which the presenl raiding Zcp-
Excelsior Policies Are Money Makers
Marconi Has New Findings in Wireless
More Practical ami Useful Method of Communication
Marconi, in an address before a
gathering at Koine, which included
tlie Duke of Genoa and the elite of
scientific,    literary and    aristocratic
the progress made during the last
iwo years in radio telegraphy, but
bc described problems thai are Itill
unsolved ��� such as lhc origin, nature and means of dominating ihose
Ni large, indeed, was ihe acrongel    The  financial value ol llieir eropslpclins operate,    will become practic-
iiiidei cultivation in |u|,s Hui il,  i,.   [_ Western   Canadian    farmers   has I ally useless lo Germany.
suiting crop proved  loo large lo bi   been greater ihi* year than cur be-      According to expert  opinion, il is
nil threshed llic si ��� fall,    It over | fore,    Owing lo ihc  high  prices of  nol  illogical    to believe thai    these
loaded railroads, and made marketing grain    thai    an*   prevailing,   returns  hangars   and their   ronlenls,   under
BloWyr-A le*s amount ol fall plowing have heen received thai arc exli'cmc-
was done ili.m would have hei n done i ly profitable.    Willi wheal    standing
iu ii less heavy year, because lhe ti\  lal ihe presenl lime al over $1.90 per  lo safer place
crage farmer was loo busj  wilh his! bushel al  Ihc Greal   Lal.es, u  wheal  ���*'��� ���   ' '��� ���' '���' "
threshing,    All Ihese conditions nc   crop al presenl figures would pay lhe
cessarily    reacted upon   ihe acreage  farmer, even supposing he had only
seeded in ihe spring of I'M').   Add In1 ihe average of  I'i bushels per acre,
lhis lhat labor lhis year, owing to the  over $30 per acre.    A  large number
greal  number of Canadians who have j are receiving $50 per acre, some, have
circles, roused thc enthusiasm of bis natural   disturbing waves   known as
hearers when he said that    witclcss "intruders" -- which    he has    been
telegraphy had rendered magnificent | studying and experimenting with
services lo Italy and her allies in the
lie. regretted lhal it was impossible, for obvious reasons, to explain
as fully as lie would have liked to do,
He expressed thc conviction that
he would soon bc able to announce
means of communication more praclieai and economically useful lo mankind.
mh conditions, would bc a total
loss iinhss lhe Germans moved Ihem
Safer places in lhis
would mean far into ihe inti rior
of Germany.
Thus all calculations concerning
the Zeppelin radius of action, aiinos-
pbcric conditions and other scientific
problems of Zeppelin raids on  Ivig-
lllislcd , is  scarce  ami    high-priced, I received $75, and a    few    even  more   'and   would   have   lo   bc   made   over
ird om  factor in lhc decreased yield than that. again,   Even the radius ol the great
 I Isnpcr-Zcppelins   would   bc seriously
   ' cut down  and    thc  smaller  type ol
airship     probably     would     become
wholly   useless   so     far  as   "strafing
I England" is concerned.
Doctor Tells How to Strengthen
Eyesight 50 per cent. In One
Week's Time in Many Instances
K   Fiee   .'ascription   Ye-J   Can   Have   Filltd   lolkiwinr thr simple rules.     Here is lhe pie- ,
and   Ur,i*  at   Home SCrlptloni   Go   lo   any   .ictive   drur;  store   audi
LONDON���DO   you   wear   .IUS.S?      Arc* K!   .,b��",c ,0,'  l!"""l"*> IsWelS.     Drop one |       v���_ulllll
_,��� s _,,.....    , .   i. __    . non-i.ipio  tablet  in  a  fourth  of a  class ot    .     , .
you a victim oi eye -trainor other-eye wea.- _.���.| ,|| 0w to dissolve   With th's liquid  Ambassador      ���
II so,  you will  be glad to know   bsthe.the eyes two to lour times dally.    You   speaking   at  a   meeting  ..I   the   May-1
The Great Body-Builder���
On sale at all
Call lor H at tlie
that acconiiiiK to Ur. Lewis there is real hope
League of Peace is Endorsed]
Viscount   Bryce   Says U.S.   Can  Nol
Longer  Remain  Isolated * !
Viscount   I'rvcc.   formerly Britisii
lhe    United Stale*-,
io7'y7uTM_n,V���osre7eVw.rY^ "a I1-?-.'"' f",ctVtMy   |]���w(,,. f_|un in  London recently, held
!���./���.;. h^n?���2?r-L-.J._..-._J*.i..."_l .?..   ''t*1*?   Irom   thr   Hart   and   inflammation   -
"   ;".i__i_,!ii!l.n!iih.,.r:'ar:*;i'.ri::'7~:r:.
Let Him Help Himself To
the   lie
___,_..! .Wjh,lr "Ft*?*?"* t-*-*0***-*, H'e quickly diiappear,    11 your eyes a,e bother,   in  the  reception  root;
nonuple  of  this   wonderful   Ire-  prescription^ ;,, _���.���        ,.���,      ,k      ,        ,0   ���tt   0{   Commons,   tllSCUSSlIlg   lhe   prCVCIl-
bfcrsU.^ W _   "^ W ffj-tlIf -1 t* ** A-.I* ���"I", i 'i'"1    '"' tulu-c  wars-    endowed the
,-an rorfjVyti^^ plan of "a conibinalion of peace-lov-
my eyes do not water any more.    At night      ;;otr:    Another   prominent   Physician   to   ing nations for the purpose ol CStab-
whora the above- article was submitted, Raid: I lisliiti��.f a permanent peace,"
"Bon-Opto is a rery remarkable remedy.    Its       "-ti-w.   it  it    i <i  i..-     I.-     ti. Hi ft Hr.
constituent Ingredieuti are well known to em- ��� lu   v "ltca i laics    nits    ,*���-������'. '
inent eye specialist! ar.d widely prescribed by stood apart in isolation, bul isolation
them, The manufacturers guarantee it to ; Js )10 longer possible," Said VlSCOUnt
strengthen eyesight 50 per rent, in one weeks    ., ���!".- , ...
time in many instances or refund the money. | Bryce.       l-Ai-vy   country  is   HOW     ijf-
hreatenca by
they would pain diead.ully; now they feci
fine all the lime. It was like a miracle o
me." A lady who used il says: "Th-- atmosphere seemed haxv with or without glasses,
but after using thin prescription (or tiftccii
days everything seems clear. I can even read
fine print without glasses.** It is believed
that thousands who wear glasses ran now discard them in a reasonable time and multitudes
more will br able to strengthen their cyri
���o ai to be spared the trouble and expense of
evet getting glasses, Eye troubles of many
descriptions may be wonderfully benefited by
fT will do mors than satisfy his craving
for "something sweet *'H twill supply
tlie food olementa nee led io build up
Ills little body and help him to gain In
health and ittre
It  can   be  obtained   Iron
guod druggi;-t ! fectedj
and is one of the ycry few preparations 1
fetl should be kept on hand (or regul&t use
in almost every family." The Valutas Drug
Co., Store 6. Toronto, will iill jour orders fl
vour druggist cannot.
and  its  sniYl\
When preparing for your trip East, you tc-iow that there i*. much ol Importance
connectst! therewith. It is a matter ol business or social Importance, ami yuu will
get inure pleasure out ol your trip il your accommodation is perfect. We anticipate your needs and are prepared to receive yon and to guarantee you ideal accommodation. Being Westerners ourselves we appreciate highly the patronage
of Westerners. Every lioiue comfort, scrvii-c that takes care of the most minute
detail and meals al rates so reasonable that you will Ue surprised, Uive your
baggage checks to either of the porters that inert all train! nt the depot. Special
attention io ihc comfort of ladies and children travelling unescorted.���Aincric.ui
or European Plan.
the spirit of anti-democratic   aggression,   The United States has avoided!
entangling alliances.    But a league of I
peace, would    lie no entangling alli-
   I iincc.   It would bc a smoothing down
_=-***, | and straightening   out of difficulties
that threaten to embroil lhe world."
Viscount Bryce declared that (|iies-,
lions which have arisen between lhe.
United States and Great llrilain with
regard to the  Hriiish exercise of bei-;
ligcrcnl    naval    rights "are    happily J
! such as can be disposed of by pacifici
! negotiation,  and  need  not aftcct  the
I permanent friendship   of peoples at-!
j [ached to one  another  by  so  man'
ties." i
' The House of I'li-iuy"
'The House of Comfort"
WRIGHT & CARROLL. Props., Toronto's Famous Hotels, Toronto
"Crown Bran.!" Ir awholeflome, nourish*
Ing food���cs wall as lha
neat   dollciou*' of  tal:.��
i roclpas in our new
)k,   "Debris and
���diss", will tel
\vay_.   Wrlle loi l
Dealcrr, everywhere bave
20 t-oundtlna.
tMtiketso/l'I.t!y H'kiie" CornS\tuf>, Benscn's Corn
Starch and 'Silver don' Laundry _5._1r.A_
���:���"_: c.; ���: ���0^'.:...;;^:',;^^
Americaif Plan���$3.50 and up; $4.00 with bath
OM: of llic Inrpcst and mn.i comfortable Hoteli In the Dumlnion, ^iiicilv first-
class. The Queen's la well known. AH'I rooms, l.ri on suite, witli bath;
long distance Telephone In every room) elegantly furnished throughout; cuisine ninl service ot the highest onlrr of excellence. Is within easy rcncli of mil-
way station, theatre and  "hopping districts,   Hotel coaches meet ail trains.
James Richardson & Sons, Limited
Western Ofliccs      ���       ���       Winnipeg, Calvary, Saskatoon
Specialists in the handling of fanners' shipments. Write, wire
or 'phone  our  nearest  office  for quotations or information.
LIMITED," to insure careful checking of grades. Liberal advances
on bills of lading. Quick adjustments guaranteed accompanied by
Government  Ccrtilicales  of  grade and weight.
You will profit by Semlina ua Samples anil Obtaining our Advice as to Beat
1 **tinntion belore Shlppinc Your Urain. particularly Barley. Oats and Rye.
Established 1857
A Work lor Boys
Parents    Should    Encourage    Farm
Boys to  Do Things  for
The normal farm boy after lie is,
ten years oi age begins to dream of
business adventure and doing things
for himself. He will do sonic valuable things for himself, profiting bi I
experience, although thc adventure in
itself may he a linancial failure, yel
iu mosl eases his parents break in
upon him and spoil his adventures
before  he  has   time   to   realize  iheir
I full value. Nature prompts the
child to work out  hi* sn I vat imi  wilh
I his own hands, luil parents, ns a rule,
' think ihey rrni direct youthful activities belter  than  Nature  herself.     In
I most cases lhcy ignoranlly misdirect
or totally kill tin- child's expanding
ambition   to   do   something    worth
I while in the world.
The sroie and wholesome thing for
farm parents to <!o when their ,-liil-
dren want lo develop Minir- home in-
dustry on iheir own accoiiyl i* to
plan wilh tin in and aid Ihem in every
possible, reasonable way. This kind
of co-operative work between parents and children in lhc country is
worth  more  to  farm  boys  and  t;iris
Ill-ill      il      *i      i-..ili-_,i     lei      I r i-i t; n'i 1      I f, ii'iinr
War NeviS���One More Highland Battalion
1 STOP '
ind consider thr -luty >ou owe your country, your Irientla _ud yoursrii in thu frt*\t
war of riifbt against might.    Are you doing your part?
around you and see how man] of the men you know _o well who * t "doing thctr
bit." Would you not br happier wiih them? When the boyt return, wblcb. wo-iii.
givc you thc greatc-i pleasure���-to cheer or be cheered?
to the TOice that calls you to fulfil iour country's pledge. Canada guaranteed ��
furnish half a million men, but 1.10,000 have still to he found. Some of ;..: boyi
havc been  nearly  two  years  in  the  tren.iirs   i- it not Hint o re'i-^e hem?
Thc CAMERON UIGHLANDERS of Canada, who have already sent nearly
4,000 ir.cn to the war, arc now raising one more Battalion, the ir4th. under Lieut.-
Coloiiel Ii. 1*'. Osier, who has returned from the front to take Command. an4
they need 8^0 more men to complete their establishment. They have tie aneat
quarters in Canada, a splendid organization, and an honored association with t..t
'���Queen's Own" Cameron Highlanders, one of the finest regiments in the lin..,a
Army, whose Tartan ami badges they arc privileged to wear. What other unit c_u_
oIfcr such attractions? Come and be one of thc 30,uU0 men who wiil have vor*
the Cameron badges and colors during the Great War.
Transportation will be forwarded to recruits from out.ido points immed.ia-'ely
on   receipt   oi   medical   certificate  from  a local Doctor.
For further information write to the Adjutant, Captain J. F. Dunnet, at Jfiata.
Street Barracks, Winnipeg, or to Lieut. J. A. Stevenson, 202 Mam Street, Winnipeg.
wo nn  more  lo  larm  Hoy.  ami  _;rls        Yir*Sv -J*"*-    __    *__. T   *     _TV_f    _.     ___ T_^l
ihan  iv  a course  in  manual  training |fdt-ov g   *���   _HL    l%|   /ft    9   ll    tt*    l\|W'
or domestic science for lown or city       AV ��      _Ua 1^1 *A I   J I s**\ l^l.^ll
boys and girls,   ll i* both education- W %_X_^_Li 1 __H_-__-^__-_rT-.l !�����_/
-1 1     'i IK I     I*.i-..i1l1_-tl.  j" I I      e < t li i iil-l t ,->_r     11)^ l\ V
���170 Grain Exchange
Write for market intornintioa.
hoys and Kirls. li is both educational and productive, li stimulates initiative and gives pride iii making
work and study a rousing success j
that nothing else ran. The posbibili- ]
lies for farm boys and girls lo develop little specialties or  their own
J hi the counlry for making moncj and,
learning business are almost unlimit-
I ed, providing parents co-operate, or;
simply keep their hands oil and al-j
low the boys and uirls lo worl olii j
their own  plans unaided,
"The fact is," said llie, fat man
married    because    I  was lonely
much  as  for any other reason,
liul  it tersely,  1  married  lor  syi
"Well,"    said the    lean  man, '
havc mine."
Two thousand Canadian! are wanted for the Royal Naval Can*
adian Volunteer Reserve towards manning the new ships of the
Imperial Royal Navy. Immediate overseas service. Only men
of good character and good physique accepted.
Pay $1.10 Minimum per day���Free Kit
$20.00 per Month Separation Allowance
Recruiting Station, or to the
Apply to the nearest Naval
Dept. ol Ihi Naval Serrk.
The Courtenay Review
\ud CoUOX Valley Advocate
���ley Newspaper,   PublBhed
Courteuay, B. 0,
liooitN, iMitor ami Proprietor
ion $1 SO per Year in  Advance
IllRSDAY DRC, 28, 1916
will lie the deciding year
ivnr, To lhal end the Alii: ure stiffening themselves, conserving their resources, nnd avoid-
in      I wnste,    V I tickets nre to
il in the ��� ih!   Country   and
I li ine means tire in sight here in
* Hula, We have alien ly given
ihi |ii stloii sn much attention,
llm i i refer fuii-i.r to il is like
lio, ;i ; .i dead liurse, Hut, we
would rctiilud our re ders that   lhe
II s of war falls up u the | e ip'e lo
the lu i ci ut. nud ih.it to lighten
'  i den, ever) body should utilize In- or lier earning and conserving nhilities to llie utmost Higher
food pi ices can oi ly be checked ui il
rein d by ail increase in home
foi il | uhIiu tion, niul   liy   avoiding
Apart from the  war,   the
is 'eon overtaking its  food
H n for years and we   may
to hear of famine   oven
.un of iin world untouched
Will these points in mind
��� .curing in mind  lhe  fact
nada i.'ini supply tlie rest ol
pile with manv  food   com*
. -, it is np in om people here
��� ii I ��� uiiox to strain ; he hist  muscle
nml exert themselves lo raise food
supplies ill 1917 lhal will   beat   all
records.    Whatever sin plus   Ihere
may be will be Itiktn care of, if not
by lhe dealers then by the the   government,    Our last word is tliere-
foie, hi avoid a famine,   put  every
foot of  laud   possible   under some
in irried men, who mi ud ful of the
call and disdaining to Imie behind
their certain responsibilities, die
answering the call to anus What
single man, free of all ties except
iu occasional cases, will stay behind
when men with family ties nre
going? l'veiyboily wiil do llis oilier share in 10,17, we feel sure, to
produce 111 re food, and here we
nuts' say lh it alien I) Canadian women me coming foi iv ii 1 offering to
helu iu the fields in   \i\ ice   of   the
men Who have ijoile. Tlle provincial government is discontinuing
road work, thus jiving a strong
lend by .11 y can yiug out work of
uu absolutely essential nature, aud
also tn relieve llie growing labor
shortage, "Speed ������;>" can also lie
practised by a mnn- extended and
broad minded irentui ml of working
"bees'1 applied to field operations.
I.it lis ti y out these 'tilings in war
litite, and ibt-lt when pence is won,
how things mil move as they are
continued and exb tided in peace
Lime, All Ihese Ihi igs referred to
iii the foii-going, a ������ not luted for
the benefil "I tiie ii dividual alone,
but rather for llie < nininiinity first,
and her in is o,.e oi the principles
ol Chiistiauily, 11s expressed by
in j "grealei love hath no man than
tlii���. thai he 'nv down his life foi
his friend," .-.
action, There
011 behalf ot olli
on tin-11
day life,
Ill of h
I,mn   lh
'peed up
translated into
is, unselfishness
:, applied not ont*,
1- but in every
��� cradle to Ihe
then ill 10.17.
What Canada Has Done
Since the c mraencement of  the
. war p'epulull 'i has gone   on   and
I today, I'l-siJt. ihe 400,000 men who
j have joined the colors, 300,000 are
woi km., in munition   factories   in
Canada ami   1! ing   their   part   in
j bringing aboul that superiority   of
artillery   power  and   organization
which has enabled the   fighting on
the Sou nr.- lo be carried  on   as   it
has bein for the past three or four
1111011111 rs and I have good reason  to
ccel-1 believe, and lean assure   you   to-
mi another one is the re- uiglit. Unit n< compared witli   the
"Speedup." This we suggest
as the motto for 1917. The nation
al .erviee catds will be in the hands
of out male leaders, by now. and
will speak for themselves, In
spile oi the mumblings und rumbling ol a noisy but unrepresentative Section, every decent man will
Iill in his card and return it promptly.    It is a sign of  national
eralion, and another one is the re ,-
cent decision of Canada to help theInrst dav ul Julv 1916, the first day
Allies by tearing vip rails and equip* j of January ,917 will see the power
ment on little-used sidings, as wel I of our eu j, re doubled if not trebled
a.s from sectious where one railway M" Hint regard, and that although
is paralelled by another, in order I the offensive on the Somme has
to ship the material for use behind been on*.- which properly causes the
the trenches, thus speeding up'the I Germans some concern, it is as
operations by hastening supplies as i nothing, I believe, to the greater
well as by removing the wounded'offensive which will come next
more speedily. Recruiting too is spring when the Germans will for
to be carried on with renewed and the first time learn to their cost
enthusiastic vigor, and iu this con* what the power of the British Em-
nection we note already the acces-''phe is," (Sir Robert Borden at
sion to the ranks of   the   younger Vancouver..
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
1st class certificate technics of hreadmaking
lsr class certificate baking and confectionery
The place to buy good  bread,   made  from  Better Flour.   Better and
healthier veast, and better methods.   Buy direct from
The baker of "letter Hread
Opposite the city hall
it.-.  .���    :���:,-/;���,:���:������:   .
this means of
to each and a
the greetings
of the Season
and we wish
that 1917
will be a
year of
to everyone
_ 1
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
Holiday Excursions
Holiday Excursion Tickets will be sold at
Fare and one-fifth
Good Going Dec. 22 to Dec. 25th, and Dec. 29 to
to Jan., and returning on Jan. 2nd 1916
Steamship tickets on airlines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
D'jt. Paii-n.tr Agent, Victoria
Agent Ccvrteujr, Phone R60
���      ...
%       ���    '
j HO. iL'il
Start the New Year Right
on the Flour Question !
ioyalSte^ -_y3 R>ur
WiM Rose PaG'a'y ��imr
Will Rive you entire -tillsfuctlou llie year round.
Milled under conditions ol abauhue parity, In one of
tlie musl modern, sanitary mills in the world, lhcy re*
prcwnl lloiii- perfection.
Tested dnil\ under nctunl h-il iu ; condiliomt in our
own ovens.    These lloitii ure uevi      I lowed to vnrj llieir
p ii ily rn,'I [pi ilitj
KiiYAI, STAN1 1 VR1 1 I'I "! ' r In I, I a nnd
bisci VII.1) ��� I i- 1 likes,
R ;��� 1 '- -
Phone 33, End of Bridge F.  Movilz,   Mgr.
^asxBtssTr��iiii*aS!3tr!tTZije^irir,r.x:r'.i j--.--..��� .-r-rrraroa
��� 1       (T'\ TM* S3?
11 ti_*i \i A
viiB^^iis, w*
Auto   and   Bicycle   Tires
and  Accessories
We sell Standard Tires as cheap as you can get
hem from Eaton's
We carry a full line of Tires,   Tubes,  Oil, and
Greases for your particular car
Autos for hire day or night, with a careful driver
Special Rates on long trips.
Phone L46 Courtenay
Send    Holiday   Greetings
By Telephone
What is nicer than to hear your friend's voice conveying to vou the best wishes of the season ? The Telephone
gives effect to that intimacy which is the whole basis of social
Call your friends by telephone, and extend greetings
verbally,   The Telephone will take you far or near,
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Pine Showing of Horse Blankets,   I,ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Ktc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hnrdv & Biseoe
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin, Prop.
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   Leading  Musicians
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will Be   in this city   about
Oct.     1.     Leave orders at this Office,
or write direct to
845. ?$b Ave, W,
Ice Cream
?w*-r.'s ?!-. St-��n-l,Cct. tauj "TOB COURTEUAY REVIEW
-Y'V-^fi-r-r:'     ���    !   ���-
T__*_l-.,l; rf4^____ia_,i..j*_;__:.i���!_;_���__._.���..
m \Mi>
5. In wliat country  \
4. Nomo of city, lown, 1
C. In wlint country w&S /
?, In what country was \
10. How much tlmo havo you lout  I
14. Of your hnarlng?           	
9. If not. nro you naturalized?	
15. Which nro you���mat riot), J
16. How many person-* Unsiiloe \
���youraolf lio you i.upporl? / 	
17. Whal aro you working at for a living? _	
18. Whom do you work for?	
10. Havo you atradoor profauion?  20. If so, what? .
21. Aroyou WOfWnfl now?      M. If not. why?     ..  _,
23. Would ynu bo willing to chan-jo your prOBiint work (or uthn- noco33ary work at tlio anmo pay during tho war ?	
24. Am yui wjllinij, il your railway faro h paid-to loavfl whom ynu now livo.anil no to somo othorplacn in Cano'la to do "uir.h work? .
iNflTrti.crit>ri!t roR PIUalNO
I   I Mill i  At.i ���  ���
���-__����* - ":���        i
���lli OTHtrt tlMt,        IT ASKS 24 QUESTIONS.        CUUHT  YOUR ANSWIHS
TOiFpS_"f:*^-5v: '���������'���'.. "' '��� - '::;: ���! : '
__________;-__-ISi__i_-.. i_____^_.___E______ ^.^.i.,,^^--.^.^���!-.--,^^
Notes by the Way
The province of Britisii Columbia appears to have hail enough of
politics so far as party division aie
cone.rued, and only in one instance
were the bye elections contested,
and then only as a result of a split
in the go-,eminent ranks, The
confidence I bus placed in Mr.
Brewster's administration is most
marked, a confidence which is ad.
ded to bv the refusal of the official
Conservative party to nominate
candidates to oppose the miiiist-is
seeking re-electi.n. It is to be hoped '.hat the new government will
realize this unique situation, and
inasmuch as it was returned to (lower by Conservative as well as by
Liberal votes, act accordingly.
British Columbia Ekctric Railway Company's earnings are re.
fleeting satisfactorily the improvement in business on the coast. For
the four months to October 31st
gross earnings show a moderate in
���crease of $128,874, about 5 per
cent,, but us all the gain and something more are carried  forward in
lo net, the gain in net amounts to
more than 100 per cent. Coin] ari-
sons for the four months follow.
1916 1915 increase
Gross 52,202.571 2,073,697 128,874
Expense 1908,768 1928.530   19,762
$293,803 $145,167 $us 636
Col The Rev. Canon Almond
snys: "1 saw a nan condemned to
be shot because he got drunk 011
du ly. He did not complain of the
sentence. But he did complain that
he. who Had votuuleered and done
months of a soldier's work should
be shot for a lapse under a great
nervous strain, while thousands of
his fellow-countrymen could stay
at home, waste their time, get
drunk or do as they pleased, with
uo sense of their national duties,
and not get punished. Since I
came back." continued the Colonel
"I have been shocked to see the
number of young men here on the
streets dropping into the saloons
and gambling dens and that sort of
thing. I believe that we should
have a system of registration, and
every young man who is not a national asset, who is not playing the
wish theinmany customers
and friends
A   Merry   Christmas
and a Happy and
Prosperous New Year
Acreage Wanted
In Exchange for busines
Property in Victoria, revenue producing.   Apply
General Delivery, Victoria, P.O.
-iime and contributing his share in
this worlds crisis should he compel
..u to go."
Bv the voting out of Hie liquor
s ores and dispensaries in Saskatchewan, another step has been taken
toirard. dominion-wide prohibition,
The good folks who, in the reftrr
enduiu, spent so much money in an
effort to persuade the people of
llritish Columbia thai prohibition
was not prohibition, pointed toSas-
katchewau as nil example, claiming
that in spite of prohibition, one
could obtain liquor without difficulty, They forget that the liquor
s.ores or dispensaries exist.d iticer-
itain districts, the renewal of these
I establishments being determined by
1 a vote in the district supplied by
.each dispensary, Their number
was steadily declining year by year
aud now they have gone altogether
swept away by the vote, of the people. Here in British Columbia reformers aud those anxious to conserve human and material efficiency
from patriotic motives, are patiently
'awaiting the advent of prohibition
six mouths hence, Every care is
being taken to ensure that when the
measure becomes law, it shall be
rigidly enforced in every municipality and throughout the province,
White bread, now to be forbidden
luxury, was called by our ancestors
sininel biead. not in the least because, as has been too hastily as
sumed, the. father of the pretender
Sininel was a baker aud made it.
for the word was in use generations
before he was born. It is derived
Irom the Latin -imilia, the finest
wheaten flour, aud the bakers who
used it were forbidden to make
bread of an inferior quality of sim-
nel On the other hand, thc makers of tourte, or brown bread were
by an act of Richard 11. prohibited
from keeping a bolting sieve, and
were thus unable to separate the
bran from the flour. They baked
for the masses and the monasteries
Wastel, or. as we today should say
war bread, was made for the middle classes from flour less finely
bolted than that used by the sininel
bakers.���London Chronicle.
Every Man in Canada will have a
card to fill out soon
National Service Week is drawing
near and the fact that the first week
in the new year bears that tit-e is
something iu which everyone i:i
Canada has an interest. The men
are interested bee mse it is obligatory upon each of them to fill out
one of th: cards which the govern- j
ment is sending to them through j
the Post Office authorities. The
women are interested because their
co-operation is being invited, in
seeing that their men folk attend
to this important duty. The children are interested because their
school teachers have explained to
them   the    meaning   of National
��BH@_SJ__j_||| ���'*-.
No rust can attack the flues because they aie so thoroughly aluminized, and they economize nearly every bil
of heat.
Before you invest in a new range let me show you the
Kootenay's sensible ideas for saving time and labor.
For   sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Service nnd the way in which father and the big brother., at home
have to reply to the various questions,
To write in the answers and  return the caul ptomptly is a   good
New Y.-nr's  resolution   for every
ni.111 throughout the Dominion anil
ii has th ��� advantage of being easy
of fulfilment.    It only means a few
linutes   careful   thought.      The
postman in the cities gets the hard
ork, for he hat not only to deliver
tl e card*, he is responsible also for
n proper return.    Prompt mail-
; of the answers will   mnke   the
ostniau's work very much   ea��ier.
National Service means that we
arc to get into that frame of mind
which will cause us to think of
rhe needs of the cotiutiy. to realize
llirilthe interests of the State have
greater claim on us than our self-
interest. This applies t3 everyone
from the highest in the land to the
lowest. The Prince of Wales motto, -'I serve" mav well be the motto of every citizen of the British
Umpire at this time.
There are many ways ol serving
the nation besides going to the
front. The man on the farm and
the mechanic in the workshop may
be serving the nation as usefully a.s
the man in the trenches. Eveiy
man should be doing the work
wliicli represents his most efficient
service to llis country,
Tlie war is teaching us, or should
be teaching us, great lessons.
Terrible as are its eu'ects, those who
have faith in Canadian manhood
hope and b.lieve that the natiou
will emerge from this experience a
stronger and a better people. If
the meaning of National Service is
thoroughly grasped and properly
understood, if the Government's
call for information is responded in
the right spirit, the coming year
will be the banner year in Cauada's
Barrister ami  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone 6 Courtenav
Courtenay    Hotel
f'niufurt   With Moderate  R_tes
Beat Wines '., BOOTH
iiini Liquors Vl  u
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       CitMiie Bxcelleo
Wm. Merryfield
Palaee Liver-y
Horses  and   lltiggies  for   Hire  -
Terms cash.
We  also  nttetid  to  wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 35
The Utilities Committee and the
Light Co'y held a long session on
Tuesday afternoon and evening,
when an agreement was finally entered into, along the Hues mentioned last week, the only difference
being that the franchise term is cut
down to 2o years iusteau of 38
The full text of the agreement will
be published in the by-law to be
placed berore the electors next week
Courtenay  Taflor
Ladies and Gents Suits
I Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
Cleaning and
Pressing Pressed
Suits $ .75       Suits $1.25 ap
Coats ,50       Coats .7.5
Pants .21       Panls .50
Skirts .21       Skirts .50
Vests .15       Vests . 3 5
Dresses .M      Dresses 1.74
Overcoats        .7,       Overcoats 1.25
Repairing, Etc.
Gents clothe* kept in order by the
month $2.50
Haney  I.  Kushida
Store, Union St., Courtenay
First-Claw Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
City of Courtenay
Applications Wanted
Applienlioiis are wanted for the position of Auditor to audit the Municipal
hooks for the year 1916. All applications to be iu the hands of the City Clerk
on or before the last day ol December.
Doted tllis 2Uth December, 1916
City Clerk.
Phone 9
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder^
a|��*-oc-__i"B__g*_.*__________*_____B_^^ ���_ .,��-.-�����-*_:    ����������� *���
The Ambassador: < Hi -i r
we arc having two friends t
Thursday; may \
lo go int
;ook ���
dine on
rely on you not
munition factory before
"During August last! I went to
3Vtontfeal to consult u BpootaLUt u
3 lind ..con i.uJitM mi; terribly with
Stone In tho Blndd-M'. Ho decided
to opcratr hut fuid the stono was
too lci'Ko to rcmovo and too liard
to rniBh. t rotinncd home and
-hub recommended by a friend t-n try
If j on  don't
tabic, purple
"Vary relieved the paiu. I continued to t&kS G-IN PftiLB, and to
my nro.it BUrpriso and joy, I yianaeil
tlm stone.
"GIN .ILLS aro the -cat mcilt-
Ciuo iu Iho world.    I   will recommend them all tho rent of my life.
J.  Albert  Lefiaard."
All druggists sell Ci_ Pilla at
50c. a bos, or G boxes lor $...10.
Toronto, Oat. 75
lie did not  wait ii
tlio performance, hnl
.-���a -',��-*=*.=   ... �����-,'
:: LADY ::
Word, Leek 6 Co.. Limited
"Of   course   not,"   sneered   1
"Pray till her ladyship for mc
I congratulate her   upon her action
She    is quite    right    to send    ihese j
Stoucs, away, and to sweep away the I V(.������T
last trace of the unfortunate accident! (.u... _
which niriilc her my wifc.   I am sorry '
1  cannot  renounce lhc honor of
inrj her husband as easily as she can
get rid of all remembrance of mc."
Lord Eastling pill the parcel in iris
pocket and turned to look for his hat.
"You're not fair to her just now,"
he said quietly. "Of course it's not
to be expected. Sonic day you'll understand her belter, A woman can't
behave just normally when she's had
lier heart broken."
Paul slunk away without another
word, and Lord Eastling dashed out
of the house to catch the aitcrnoon
posl to London.
Paul looked at his watch, lie had
twenty minutes lo span- before the
car would be round to lake
you say; bill yon can't expeel lo have
your revenge and the stones as well.
That's  not  cricket."
"Cricket be blowcd
band 'cm over -"
He leaned    over  ll
and  furious.
Paul laughed.
"Well, if I don't, what then?"
"Then  I shall iiisisl oil seeing lour
fine lady wife, and 1 shall gel 'cm
oul of her!"
Paul shook his brail slowly as he
io*,e and looked at  Iiis  watch.
"Thai would bc of no use now," lie)
said, "for the stones have been posted io the Losl Property Office, Scot-1
land Yard, and If you wish to claim
llicin, you musl go there."
Kvans staggered back-, ris if he had
been struck between the eyes.
"It's a lir!" he gasped, choking,
"All right. Wail till the usual list
conies oul ot property recovered.
Then I lliink you will recognize your
losl stones, I've gol to catch a train.
Are you coming oul ?"
lie had entirely recovered hi*, coir!
nc**s, and he sauntered across lhc
room to the door and politely held it
open. Evans made om: rush al him,
wilh au exclamation like the roar of
an enraged bull, saw llic calm eyes,
lhc ready hand, changed his mind and
slaggcrcd oul, down the passage and
across lhc ball lo the front door.
1'aul left him al tin* fool of llic
steps, gave a word of warning lo llic
footman not to Id Iiini in again, and
drove away lo the station.
lie had got the best of il lhal linlc,
and he made lighl of the helpless,
apoplectic fury of the disappointed
rascal he had left behind him.
At the same time he sent a message hack lo i larc Court by the
chauffeur lo warn lire household against admitting lhc man on any pre-1 ��� , , ,.
tence whatever, and a note to Lord|hnt) touched bin
Eastling emphasising this warning,
and begging him lo keep watch over
Lady Ursula, anil to prevent lhis man
from forcing himself into her presence again.
Again and again, as he was borne
.along towards London in lhc express,
lllat   Paul was worried by the. thought that
; Evans, who was    vindictive and unscrupulous, might try to gel his rc- i
by  some  sort  of personal  at- \
pon  Lady  Ursula, and he was j
by  the  tboughl |
longer cither I
the peril he had feared was averted.
Evans was no longer hanging about
Oare Court, and all immediate danger from his malignity was at an cud.
Paul saw uo more of him,
Al Euston hc got iulo a taxi and
drove to the little hold off the Strand
where he usually slaved,  recalled as
ibe was going in thai ii was there he
j had  stayed  with  his  wifc, and  turning on his heel, went away again and
entered another,
lie had enough money with him lo
be in no pressing need of deciding
what lo do, and he dined al a restaurant and went to a theatre, hying
lo persuade himself thai in ratllCI mi
joyed being a  free I.our once  more.
The attempt was a failure. 'I'he
pah* face of Lady Ursula, with its
pure i hild-likc him eyes, came In ���
Iv.ccu    liiiii and tin     people on the
No Fear
"Isn't    you-all's    paw    afraid    de
neighbors' chickens will gil iulo your
"No," replied Miss Miami Brown.
"1 fat's whal. paw broke up de
ground an' scattered de seeds around
fob."��� Washington Star.
"What  are you  going to do  will
that swamp patch o' youru?''
"i di, iwo tellers want it.
sell for 'building lots and I
enl   ice  on."    .Indue.
i A Wee Bit Sane
While a Scotch minister was con-
S dueling religious services in an asy.
j lum    lor the insane one   of the in-
! males cried out wildly: "1  say, have
I wc got lo listen to this?"   The min-
jislcr, surprised and confused, turned
! to the keeper   and asked:    "Shall I
j slop speaking?"    The kcrper i< plied:
"No, no;    gang along,    gang along;
Tine  lo ; lhat will nol happen again.  That man
itllCl'  to : only    has one  lucid    moment every
-.f\ru  wars."
the  Strand,
stcr   Bridge,
and lhc darkness lie i
lo think more clearly.
He had a fancy lhal
followed, hut lie di.l in
IK looked round once
in tin   hurrying throng
lil   lhc   end   of
tvcnl oul ini"
ind down I" WcstHiin-
llbpillR  thai   in   the  cold
' in hc able
11\ IC
hm I
I cngers he could dislinguisu   ,i
land he told himself lhal lie was los-j
ing his nerve,
j Id- stopped for a moment on ihc i
bridge at a spot where llicrc was no I
body hut himself.    He looked up the1
'river at lhc outline of ihc Houses of
I Parliament, and ..i tin  lights beyond
j and on each side of him.
Someone  was  crossing  the  empty
j space;    someone was    touching    his
i stung  lo  the  quick
l)c" I that he himself had 110
He looked round quickly, sav.  ju-.li
enough to know that the person who
was    Will Evans,;
liind  Ihen  he  staggered back with  a
Full in his face he had received ihc ;
splashing contents of a wide-mouthed
shallow jar, blinding him, scaring his
skin, spreading like a devouring Ioc
over his features, scorching, burning,I
devastating. I
He heard llic rush of the crowd,
voices exclaiming, eric*, shouts; he
felt lhe touch of would-be helping
hands. But above all he could hear
the shrill "Hc-he-die" of ihc villainous ���
little Welshman as be writhed in torture, speechless, sightless,
"The hospital!     'lake  him   to  lhc
hospital," cried someone.
Paul  stretched  out  hi*  hand-,   Uv-1
umey lo Wintcrsaiid, i '"B *�� fecl Ids way out of lhe crowd, |
' out of lhc fire that consumed him.
But the fire went with him, burn-j
ing, raging, and he could not see. 1.1 e
was  helpless  in  the  hands  of  friend i
and  f"C.
(To lh- Continued.)
lo take
the power or the right to intervene
for her protection.
Whal if lhc Utile rascal should find
means to force himself into her prcr
dice on  the j
where her brother was going
her without delay?
What if he should follow lur to
her father's house and renew his attack al  thai  place?
Paul dared not warn the police, for
fear that this should lead lo an exposure of the whole connection between himself and lhe iwo confederates, for he rightly judged lhal the
family which hc had disgraced would
prefer any  danger  to a  public  scan
him lo
Station.    He,    wenl into    the library, I dal.
wrote a note to Ladv Ursula, lore it      Mc was so anxious lhat hc prepar*
wrote another.   He had lorn that ed three or four telegrams, to be soul
d it burn when a fool - i off from the lirst stopping-place, and
up and watched it Inirn
man opened the door and announced
"A person to scc you, sir."
Paul looked up, raging, on rinding
himself face to face wiiii Will Evans.
The Welshman was Hushed, and his
eyes wcrc gleaming with anger. Hc
thrust out his thin neck towards
Paul, and said, as he banged the writing table with his hand���
"Now, then, Syd Tomklnson, alias
Paul Payne, alias anythink else you
like, I've come, lo settle up. Where's
the stones?"
Paul pushed back his chair, and
looked up wilh an exceedingly
"nasty" expression.
"You've mixed things up a little,
haven't you!'" he said coolly. "If you
wauled those, you should have conic
aboul Ihem before the course ymi
adopted of showing ihu paper I
signed lo the lady who has done inc
the honor to become my wife,"
"Honor! Wife! Come, no dim-
mcry! Vou didn't hold to v.air bargain, so I li.nl a right to show you
up. Conic, you know lhal. ll was
<nir share, or youi exposure. Will,
you've coi it straight now, and we're
quits  so   far.     Now  wc  c c   lo  lhc
share oul."
"Ino late," said Paul easily, rccov-
rriiiK a little of the composure winch
In found il impossible to maintain in
tin' presence of his brother-in-law
and  I.ady  I'rsiila,    "We're  quits,  as
Organize to Annihilation
we consider that  llicrc arc  len
i  allies;   ihal  each   wauls  sonic-'
from  Germany after  lhc war; j
Germany   *till thinks   she   has;
and lhat lhe things which    wc ,
are slill for a large pari in Ger-
of his    compartment as
train  got there  lo send
__ _-��� Granulated Eyelids,
���til f_�� Eyes inflamed bv exposure to Sur., Dusl and Win.
E? _ m _,. ��� quickly relieved b) Murine
|L�� 7 vQ ��J5 tjeflemedy. No Smarting,
V jusl   Kye  Comfort.     A<
Voui Druggist's SOc pei Bottle Muiine Eye
Eslvcin r.bc��2Sc ForBeokolihcEycrr.carilc
Pruggl-ti o. Murinefiye Remedy to., C.ic.n-
dashed oul
soon as lhc
them  off.
On his way back to lhc carriage,
however, he experienced a strong
S-" ition of relief on recognizing the
malignanl face of Will Evans at ihe
window of a third-class compartment.
He went hack to his own carriage
almost happy in the knowledge that
of u
waul _________________
man holding, wc shall learn lo disabuse our minds of the idea that lhc
end is near. We musl think, and act,
and organize as though Germany
meanl lo go on "to the lasl breath
of horse and man," and above all else
must we organize our man-power,
and count nothing accomplished uniil our superiority of numbers iu the
field is absolutely annihilating.���London Times,
enjoy, in your own home,
ar. smooth, clean and comfortable a .vhave
as the city man, or _.". anyone else in
this broad Dominion ? Why shouldn't
you own and uso the keenest, speediest,
most convenient shaving tool in the
Safefc* Razor
The thin Gillette Blades, electrically hardened,
honed with diamond dust, stropped in wonderful automatic
machines, cany an edge whose uniform, lasting keenness
has never been matched. The curved Gillette head
holds them rigid���guarded���adjustable by a turn of tho
handle for a light or close shave.
With the Gillette there'] no need for honing, stropping,
or careful working round the chin or angle of the Jaw I There
are no preliminaries���the razor is ready for business���you just
pick it up and shave, with the easy angle stroke, In live
minutes or less.
The Gillette "Bulldog", "Aristocrat" and Standard Sets
cost $5���Pocket Editions $5 and $6���CombinaUon Sets $6.50
up.   At Hardware, Drug, Men's Wear and Jewelry stores.
Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, limited
A Sufficiency
Sneering Cynic!  I  suppose  she  is j
all  lhc world to you.
Satisfied Lover: Not exactly; but
she is all I want of il���twenty acres
and a mansion al, Newport.
He: But why, darling, do you in
sist on keeping our engagement so
She: Because, you silly boy, if i
were made public people would thin!
1 really intended to marry you.
Liver Troubles, S.ck Headache,
and Habitual Constipation.
Liver troubles and habitual constipation can be cured- but not
by cathartic or purgative medicines. The only possible way is
tu help your system to cure itself; and that is what Dr. C.-usells
Instant Re'ief so surely does. It i* not cathartic, it is not violent,
it is quite different to the coarse purgative preparations in common
us'-. 'I'h.si- only irritate and weaken-, Dr. Cassell's Instant Relief
tunes and strengthens the liver and bowels, and sn restores their
power  io do  nature's work in nat>:rc::, wa;.
Take lir. Cassell's Instant Relief for constipation, bill usness,
liver troubles, ales   headache,   flatulence, aelttlty,   heartburn,
and impure blood.
" Seism, lilting-."
April 11, nil, sayii-
"Provldsnot hatgi��tn
ui Hit brains I*
davits mtant la Mm.
ponsaU Nature lor
our   ilMi-emnitnt  ol
Tha meant
Silt your Druoo'tt lor Pr. Cartel1.',- Instant llelicf .nil tare no fU**-tl*1ltS,
Prico 59 cents from all Drudge..-. nnd Storekeeper-,
or iln.-.l from tli.r ai'lo rur.ulti lor llmiuiln. llarilit P, Kiioliia and Co., I.til.,
10   McCaul.treot, Toronto,     ���    ���-     -    - -
������'JP.kxc.%.. -' ������:
Dr. ChsiM'i Iniianl Relief la tha ctrniiranron       jr.' -f.\
preparation t�� Dr. Ca-iell's Taol*.rc. /'���]   ������'
~^^3^ts^^^*m*^ . ^Mtqm-flmBrwBErTg.^^
War tfaXi " i'0-tA I'rr.i
oil's Co., Ltd ., VanehttUr, England.
���t hand coma Irom
natural tauroai, in.
we have them *m>
bailie* ln meh spltn-
iiid combination at
Dr. c.sMH'e Initant
R.lisi. Wo lake Ihis
preparation at an
��-amplt btoautt il
It to wtll balanoa.
in tht matter el
oentpomnti and is
iirttllvt la tvtry
The Quarrelsome Man
"I  think it's a mistake, old man,
quarrel  with  everybody  ill   town."
"What do
"Vou may
jury  Irial  lot'
in if you
ever want a
Unanswerable Argument Progressive  Havoc The  London  Oflicc  Girl.  Could   1
"I tell   you," said Pat,   "the ould ;    .A militia captain    whose company!have next Monday, sir, for my sis-
friiiils  arc    the  best,  after    all, and, > was about to march against an invad- r ,<',s  wedding?
what's more, I can prove it." ing enemy thus depicted    lhc   nwtlll I     Her    Kinployer:  Why,   you had a
"How are you goin' to prove it?" consequences of the foe's success: , holiday for a sister's wedding last
"Where will you lind a new frind ' "Gentlemen, they will lay your towns i month I
that has slilud by yc as long as the Iin waste, murder your wives and chil- i    Thr Ollice Girl: Yrs, sir; we. do get
ould ones have''"���Answers. idrcn and pull down your fences."       'off quickly in our family.--Sketch.
Had Learned Young
Observer: I noticed you got up am
iravc that lady your seat in thc stref
car lhc other day.
Observed: Since childhood   I   hau
respected a woman with a strap i
her    hand. ��� Pennsylvania
"isgoodtecT THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   H. C
The only well hoewn medium prleed
baking powder made In Canada
that doee net eentaln alum and
whloh   haa  all He  IngredlenU |
plainly stated en tae label.
JAIN* NO _>__5
Anxious Faces in Germany
Sy a Neutral Pro-German Diplomatist, Quoted by the Manchester
The sad and anxious faces one
meets in Berlin makes one think lhat
kappinc... has (led the world. To
economic anxieties are now added
Ihosc inspired by lhe military situation. . . . 'lhcy arc still putting
��� Rood face ou things, and some even
believe that Verdun will bc taken
soon, but, all the same, my iiuprcs-
���ion is that the morale of the German soldier has become weakened,
���nd that he has no longer llis old
confidence in the utility uf the efforts
demanded ol him. Germany's
Strength can grow ud,greater, li has
reached its apogee,
More Men Now
8amia, Ont.���"About 27 years ago I
���as tuken very had, iny blood, too, was
in bad ulnipo. I got \> I had lo go to
bed and 1 wn_ thero for over three months,
1 coidd not cat and suffered unl old agony.
I had tliree of the best, doctors 1 could get
but it just seemul nothing was going to
belp me. I had almost given up. I
thought, 1 would never bo nny better and
waa willing to give up and die rather than
duffer as 1 was. A neighbor of mine ttild
me of Dr. Pierce's wonderful remedies
���nd I decided to use them. My husband
bought ine six hollies of 'Favorite Prescription.' I had not taken it, long until
I felt better, ln less than six weeks I
Was out of bed, und in less than six months
I was cum' and have been well ever since.
Do all my own work. I have raised three
daughters, two urn married and have
ehildren. They have used it and they
��re healthy, so arc their children. I am
sure it was all on account of my having
them uso the medicine.
"I keep all of Dr, Pierce's medicines in
the house. Have 'Favorite Prescription,' 'Golden Medical Discovery' and
'Smart-Weed'���anything prepared by Dr.
Pierce is good. 1 also have a copy of
tho People's Common S-iensi* Medical
Adviser, which 1 have had _(> years; it
has been very valuable to me."���*Mrs. J.
Wat, 232 Ontario St., Surma, Ont.
If you are a sufferer, if your daughter,
mother, sister need help, get Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription in liquid or tablet
form from any medicine dealer to-day.
Then address Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel,
Buffalo, N. Y., and get eontidcntiaJ medi-
eal advice entirely free.
A most valuablo bonk in any home la
Dr. _ Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser. A splendid 1008-page volume,
with engravings and colored plates. A
copy wiil be sen! lo anyone sending fifty
cents in stamps, lo pay lhc cost of wrapping and mailing unlit, to Dr. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant, Pellets aro the
���riginnl little liver pills, first put up
jcarly 50 years ago.
Prepare I'or the Worst While Hoping
for the Best
There is unmistakable wisdom in
General Sir William Robertson's advice to prepare for lhc worst while
hoping for the best. The greatest of
all follies is lo under estimate one's
opponents. It is well for us lo remember that nirrliy lights have been
lost in lhc lasl round. The facl lhal
wc now possess the upper hand and
that the enemy is lighting on the defensive, hardly daring lo expect anything but defeat, is the greater reason for putting all our strength Into
the held. Sir William Robertson,
speaking with unchallengeable authority as Chief of ihc General Staff,
declares that the army wants more
men and that it ivanls them now.
Very well, it must have them.���London Express.
Miller's Worm Powders not only
exterminate Intestinal and other
worms, but lhcy arc a remedy for
many olhcr ailments' of children.
They strengthen the voting stomach
against biliousness antl are tonical in
llieir effects where the child suffers
from loss of appetite. Ju feverish
conditions lhcy will be found useful,
and they will serve lo allay paiu and
griping in the stomach, from which
children so often suffer,
A French corporal thinks it would
bc a good idea to begin thc world
afresh, so far as a change in the
calendar could do it, by dating the
signing of peace year one, second
edition. He thinks it might help
some to forgel what has happened.
Minard's Liniment  Cures  Garget in
"Excuse haste and a bad pen," was
the message left behind by a convict
who escaped from a western Stale
Awful Asthma Attacks.���Is llicrc a
member of your family who is in lhe
| power of lhis distressing trouble? No
I service you can render him will equal
i the bringing to his attention of Dr. J,
| D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy,   This
remarkable remedy rests ils reputation upon what it has done for others.   It has a truly wonderful record,
covering years and years of success
in almost every part of lhis continent, and even beyond  the seas.
The Leading Pine
The teacher had been reading to
the class about the great forests of
"And now, boys," she announced,
"which one of you can tell mc the
pine that has the longest and sharpest needles?"
Up went a hand in Ihc front row.
"Well,  Tommy?"
"The porcupine."���Tit-Bits,
He Was a Feminist
A Boston mother wns endeavoring
to cure her Waldo of his fear of the
"Now,    dearie," said    she, as    she
tucked  him in  one dark night, "you
know who is always wilh you even
in the dark."
"Yes," was    the   astonishing reply,
"but I want   your   or   nurse,   not   a
Trench Talk
An officer writes from sonic point
well within the firing line on the
"Wc have taken 2,0(10 prisoners today.     1  have just  been  speaking  lo
one who talks English. He said their
officers only came up    al night and
looked around, and rclircd for safety
during the day;   His regiment knew
I of  lhc  pending  revolution   in     Germany; it was kept   from them,   but
lhcy got to know, and his regiment
would    have  destcrlcd    en  masse if
lhcy could have gol away.   They had
had no food for two whole days. Hc
said    if we got    llirougli    here wc
should finish thc war so far as fighting is concerned, as behind these po-
I sitions    wcrc    some miles    of open
! country,  beautiful  galloping  ground,
j not yet defended.    I asked hint if hc
j thought the Germans could win, and
hc said, sadly. 'Germany is defeated
and disgraced.    She can never hold
up her head again.' "
The young man was disconsolate,
"1  asked    her if  I  could    scc her
home," said hc.
"'Why, certainly,' she answered. 'I
will send you a picture of it.'"���The
The Flavor Lasts���
In the making of Grape-Nuts there is added to the
sweet, rich nutriment of whole wheat, the rare flavor
of malted barley, a combination creating a most unusually delicious .asu-    The palate never tires of it.
-.People everywhere have found that
is the most nutritious and delicious cereal food known.
Every table should have its daily ration of Grape-Nuts
"There's a Reason"
Made (�� Canada��� _y Canadian Postum Cereal Co. Ltd
Windsor, Ont.
French Appreciation
Prominent Frenchmen Refer to the
British Arms in Eulogistic
Our French friends s__-.il;. of our
share in llic joint victor- with a u.uni
and generous enthusiasm which, wc
can assure Ihem, we. appreciate and
return, M. ['oiucare, in a message to
King George, speaks of "ihc brilliaul
successes won by lhe Hriiish Army."
'llic Echo de Paris offers our glorious army the "grateful and Inartful
homage" of France. General Xurliu-
den declares lhal France will "never
forget" our effort; M. Bnrlhoti describe, our soldiers as "iruc brothers iii arms," aud M. I'icliou says
thai "Britain wilh her nun-power and
inali rial is winning the war," and
lhal "Ihe day when wc entered the
war was lhe day of Germany'* defeat."   London Times,
Hn.ilv .in,: oul.Lir
i'or Sale by All De-tan
in-(.-('��� I.AS SCO.
Nauanee    .    out.
"I've got a great deal of pleasure
from anticipating the trip,"
"More, possibly, Ihan you'll get
from  the trip itself."
"That's what I think. So I've decided to slay at home and save ihe
llloni e."
j      No More Znyder Zee
j The Dutch Government Proposes to
Drain  Big Body of Water
It looks as if the worltl i* to have
one sea less,  'lln- Dutch Government
I propose to drain the /n\tier />e and
lo shut ii off by a dyke running from
I ihe North  Holland eoasi  lo lhc Frisian coast,
The sea, which is very shallow, and
is 7u miles lone and from 111 to 45
mih * broad, wa* in the time of llic
Romans covered wiih forests and
was a royal hunting ground,
In 1170 came the greal flood
known in Dutch hisloi y a* ihe "All
Saints'  Day  Fl I,"    The sen swept
over ihc laud, covered thc forests,
engulfed towns and cities, and
drowned thousands of people, Morc
Hoods followed iu 1237 ami 1250, and
by Min the /tiydcr Zee had assumed practically its present proportions,
When the sea is drained one of the
show-places of Holland will disappear iu lhe Island of [darken. The
Fisher folk here, all wear lhc old national costume.
Most of the houses arc constructed
from the limbers of old boat*, and
many arc buill oil piers, the lloors
of lhc houses being 10 lo 15 fret from
thc ground. The work of draining
the fee will lake 15 years, al an Inclusive cost of about $45,000,000.
How's This?
We olTer One Hundred Dollars lie ���vara"
for any case ol Catarrh that cannot be cured
by   Hall's  Catarrh  Cure.
Hall's Catarrh Cure has been taken by
catarrh sufferers for tbe past thirty-five
years, and has become known as the most
reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure acts tlirougli the Blood on the Mucous
atirfaces, expelling; the Poison from lhe liloinl
and  healing   the  diseased   portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Curt
lor a short time you will see a great improve.
aii-nt in your general health. Start tailing
Hall's Catarrh Cure at once and get rid ol
catarrh.    Send lor testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by all  Druggists,. 75c,
Is lhe British blockade a success?
The Hamburg-American line alone
among thc many shipping companies
affected by the blockade is paying
$1,250,000 per annum in debenture interest and amortization, together
with a heavy expense in maintaining
its ships. It has not becn able to
send onc of ils fleet across the seas
for morc than two years.
To Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
Washington Park; 111.���"I am the
mother of four children and have suffered with female
trouble, backache,
nervous spells and
tlie blues. My children's loud talking
and romping would
make me so nervous
I could just tear
everything to pieces
and I would ache all
over and feel so sick
that I would not
want anyone to'talk
to me at times. Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills restored me to health and I want to thank
you for the good they have done me. I
have had quite a lit of trouble and
worry but it does not affect my youthful looks. My friends say ' Why do you
look so young ninl well 1' I owe it all
to the Lydia E. Pinkham remedies."
���Mrs. Robt. Stopiei,, Moore Avenue,
Washington Park, Illinois.
We wish every woman who surfers
from female troubles, nervousness,
backache or tho blues could see tho letters written by women made well by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
If you havo any symptom about which
you would like to know write to the
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
Mass., for helpful advice given free of
The Need of the Hour
The great  cry now is  the lack of
[leadership in the churches.   The war
has called    away thousands    of fine
i young  men  who  had  been  devoting
j much    of their lime    and energy to
church   and   Sunday   school   work.
Their places must be filled.    Every
I promising life lost  at  thc front in-
1 creases    the value    of our    growing
hoys.    Canada's manhood will suffer
a terrible decline unless these "men
of tomorrow" arc inspired and trained  to fill the places of the  gallant
fellows who arc paying the supreme
sacrifice���Ottawa Journal.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
"This  story  says.  'The  song died
on her lips.'"
"Oh, she probably murdered it."
Telling How to Actually Cure This
Common and Painful
lhis article is for the man or woman who suffers from rheumatism
who wants to bc cured, not merely
relieved���hut actually cured. The
most the rheumatic sufferer can hope
for in rubbing something ou the tender, aching joint is a lillle relief. No
lotion or liniment ever tlid or can
make a cure. The rheumatic poison
is rooted in the blood. Therefore
rheumatism can only he cured when
this poisonous acid is driven oul of
lhc blood. Any doctor will tell you
tllis is true. If you want something
that will go right to the root of the
trouble in the blood take Dr. Williams' Fink Pills. They make new,
rich blood which drives out the poisonous acid and cures rheumatism lo
stay cured. The Irulh of these slalc-
mcnls has been proved in thousands
of cases throughout Canada, and the
following cure is a striking instance.
Mr. Henry Smith, St. Jerome, Que.,
says: "For upwards of a year 1 was
a victim of rheumatism in a most
painful form. The trouble was located in my legs and for a long time 1
w^as so bad that I could not walk.
The suffering which I endured can
only bc imagined hy those who have
been similarly afflicted. Doctors'
treatment did not help me and then 1
began trying other remedies, hut with
no better results. Finally I was advised to try Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills,
and although I had begun to lose
faith in medicine 1 finally decided to
give the pills a trial. I am very
grateful now that 1 did so, for after
taking eight boxes of thc pills the
trouble completely disappeared. I
was free from pain and could walk
as well as ever 1 did in my life. 1
have since taken the pills occasionally as a precautionary measure, and
1 cannot speak loo highly in their
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure all
the troubles due lo weak, watery
blood or broken down nerves. You
can get these pills through any dealer
in medicine, or by mail postpaid, at
50 ecu Is a box or six boxes for $2.50
from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
In your choice of an ointment. An
Inferior ointment Is WOrM than
none at all, because II Irritates and
Inflames, and sometimes even
poisons the pluco ii Is Intended to
BOOthe and heal. In using Zam-Duk
you '.ake uo risk, as lis auoth-
luff, healing properties have heen
proved hy thousands of users, anil
It* purity In vouched for hy tlie
famous English Chemist, Mr. W.
Lascelles .Scott, who Bays:
" 1 have made nn exhaustive
analytical examination nf Z'-m-Muk,
and llnd It exclusively of vegetolill
origin, with none of Ihe Impure
ami 'Irritating mineral dnig" and
animal fats found In ordinary o'nt*
ments.       The      geriii-destrnying
powers ��f Zam-Buk exi-ped those of
carbolic acid, yet It does not Inflame even the most sensitive skin.
I have no hesitation in certify!m
tho purity of ""amDuk, and Its
value for skin diseases __u]
'/nm link Is best for eeremt,
ulcers, running; sores, old wounds,
abscesses, blood-poisoning, bolls,
pimples, plies, cuts, burns, scalds
snd all skin Injuries. GOc. box, 3
for -1..5, all druggists or Z-im-Hul-
Co., Toronto, Si-nd le. stamp fo?
postage ��n free trial box,
When Looks Belie
"Who is this Gargantua jt:_t con.
ing in?"
'That's     I'atlcigh,   who     is   alwayl
bragging   about   being   a   self-mads
"Gee whiz I    lie looks more like lit
was buill    by a    construction com.
pany."���Boston  Transcript.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief���Permanent Cart
(ail.   Purely vegetable���act surely
tut gently oa
Ihe liver.
Slop alter
cure indi-l
jestioQ ��� improve the complexion.��� fcr-^hiea
the eyes. Small Nl, Smell Die. Smmll trice.
Genuine must b_u Si
The Knowing One: 'Frc's a lark,
"rb.   1 arsl lhat ole bloke wot these
re lish was, an' 'e sez "S'riinps."   '_.
finks cos   1 comes   from   London   1
don't   know    as s'ritups    is pink! ���
fussing  Show.
Warts will render the prettiest
hands unsightly. Clear thc excrescences away by using Holloway's
Corn Cure, which acts thoroughly
and painlessly.
Buy Matches
As you would any other
household commodity ���
with an eye to full value.
When you buy
You receive a generously-
filled box of Sure, Safe
��� Lights.
ask for   ,
Eddys "Silent
Parlor" Matches
His Job
"What do you dol1" asked onc man
of  another in  the smoking  car,
"I work for this railroad," replied
the other.
"What is your job���do you sell papers?"
"No, not exactly," replied the second. "You know the man who goes
alongside of the train and taps the
wheels with a hamm.. to sic that
everything's all righl? Well, I help
him listen."
Canadian's Smart Rejoinder
Travelling recently in the United
States, a Canadian banker was observed to occupy a seat in a compartment in which a German was
loudly boasting of what Germany
had achieved during thc war. The
Canadian was furious, but kept his
temper, and asked the German if hc
wcrc a soldier.
"Ves," said Fritz. "Then why
don't you go back and fight," asked
thc banker. "1 can't get there," was
thc reply. "VVell," said the Canadian, "I'm goin_ to England next
week, and there's nothing to stop me.
Germany doesn't seem to have gained much if it is impossible for a German to cross the seas and fight for
his Fatherland."
"Did you ever know a woman to
play whist without continually asking 'What's trumps?'"
"Yes, one. She was deaf and
dumb and couldn't ask with her fingers because they were holding the
No Trouble at All
"I don't scc how you got that LoJ
to take the castor oil."
"Easy enough. I told him to trj
some first and scc how he liked i*.
and if he didn't like it hc needn't tak/
W.     N.
Made in Canada
Qj6��r2t��/e,* wL
'1'*   et
Our Many Customers
y Happy New Year
Pascall's Christmas Stockings for
Pascall's Christmas Crackers
Almond Paste
Schweppe's Cordials
Ganong's Chocolates
25c per box
65c per lb.
40c per bottle
from 35c per box
Matthew's Hand rolled Chocolates, made in Victoria, Cigarettes, Cigars,
Tobaccos, Pipes, Pouches, Fancy Soap
.'���     " .'   |V_y  -i>  ������ ��j__- *"*i **__. /a   �����tWr  *_>   _;   vv
Turk eys
/* r'
&   CO.
S^*$*^ik%s*st^sSs$*is*$^ w#***t*#s+^^
Municipal Elections
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the electors of the Municipal
ity of the City of Courtenay.  that
I require tbe presence of  the  said
Electors at tbe
City Hall in the City of Courtenay
on the Eighth day ol January, 1917
at twelve o'clock, noon
for the purpose  of electing  persons to
represent them in the Municipal Council
as   Mayor  aud  Aldermen   and School
Trustee. .   _,
The mode ol nomination ol candidates
shall be as follows :
The candidates shall be nominated in
writing ; tbe writing shall be subscribed
by two voters ol the municipality as pio-
poser and seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any time
between the date of this notice and 2 p.
in. of the day of the nomination. Tlie
said writing may be iu the form numbered 5 in the Schedule of the Municipal
'���'lections Act, and shall state the name,
residence and occupation or descr ption
of each person proposed, in such manner
as sufficiently to identify such candidate,
And in tbe event of a poll being necessary, such poll will be opened on the
11th Day of January 1917
at the hour of nine o'clock a.m. at the
City Hall Courtenay. aud shall remain
open until the hour ol seven o'clock p.in,
ol which every person is hereby required
to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated
(or and elected us the Mayor of any city
shall be any person who is a male Britisii
subject of the full age of twentv-one
years, not disqualified under any law,
and has lor the six months next preceding the day of nomination been the registered owner, in the Land Registry office, ol land or real property in the city
ol the assessed value, on the last municipal assessment roll, of one thousand
dollars or more over and above any registered judgment or charge, and who is
otherwise duly qualified as a municipal
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as Aldermen of a city
shall be such persons as are male British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one
years, and who are not disqualified under any law, and have been for the six
months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owners in the Land
Registry Office, of land or real property
in the city of the assessed value on the
last municipal assessment roll of five
hundred dollars or more over any registered judgment or charge, and w_o are
otherwise duly  qualified   as  niuuicipal
The persons qualified to be nominated
for aud elected as School Trustees shall
be such persons as are Britisii subjects
of the full age of twenty-one years actually residing within the district, and having been for the six months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner, in the Land Registry Office
of land or real property in the city school
district of the assessed value, on the
last municipal assessment roll of five
hundred dollars or more over and above
any registered judgment or charge, and
being otherwise qualified to vote at an
election of school trustees in the saiu
school district, and shall be eligible to
be elected or to serve as a school trustee
in such city school district,
Given under my band   at   Courtenay
this twenty-seventh day   of
Returning Officer.
Clyde Shipbuilders
Ask For Prohibition
Letter to the Editor
Editor Courtenay Review
The time for civic elections is
drawintr near, and the only way
for the citizens of Courtenay to
stop present administration from
playing shuttlecock with the prosperity of the city is to elect a new
aldcrnianic board. For the sake of
this fair city of ours let us have a
clean cut business administration.
What the City needs is a business
council, men of foresight; initiative
and of large vision. Look how the
present council has wasted its time
like a lot of chattering school boys
whilst the probings of the big problems are too large for this council
to handle. The city has suffered , enterprises have been stunted
capital has been driven away, How
often has the muddling, interfering
policy of the present administration
got the city in trouble. The citizens of Courtenay, at the forthcoming election should show their
disapproval Jof the hypocritical
playing to the gallery, this muddle
and this farce by electing a rea
business council. Only in this
way can Courtenay hope to gain
its reputiton as a progressive, wideawake business city.
Yours for a clean cut business administration. How will this bunch
of Alderman would look in khaki.
London, Dec. -���.���The "lid'' is
being tilted by the saloonkeepers
in England that the liquor dealers
themselves, fearing this continued
winking at the closing time may
advance the interests of prohibition
have launched a movement for a
more rigid enforcement of the law.
It is proposed that any violation
of the regulations will result in
suspension of licenses until the end
DeS-r7 of the war- Another Proposal is
that a second violation of the law
be punished by imprisonment and
the offender be debarred from further employment in the liquor
In Birmingham, tbe liquor interests have organized a vigilant
police service of their own to see
that the law is not violated,
Tbe Clyde Shipbuilders' Feder-
ation responding to the request of
the Board of Trade to consider the
steps necessary to accelerate the
production of merchant vessels, declares that the first essential step is
the immediate and total prohibition
of the sale ot liquor applied to all
clases. The meeting considered
that the government should require
the nation to submit the sacrifices.
A quiet wedding was celebrated
at St. Andrew's church, Sandwick
on Thursday morning, Dec, 21,
when Miss Caroline Marion Gnrnev
youngest daughter of Mr, and Mrs.
R, Gurney. Sandwick, waa united
in marriage to Mr. George Thomas
Hornby, also of Sandwick. The
Ven. Archdeacon Colliaon performed the ceremony. The bride was
given away by her father, and at-
tended by her sister, Mrs. P, R.
Machin. as matron of honor, Mr.
T. D. Smith acted as best man tor
the groom. The bride was be-
.omingly attired in a costume of
brown velvet and a black velvet
picture hat with champagne plume.
She also wore a handsome gold
watch and chain, the gift of the
Presbyterian Church
St- Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.    Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. m.
Sunday School and Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Evening service 7:30
p. m. AU welcome
Accounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach & Field
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepared to make cider
every day. Bring your apples and
cider vessels.
The Courtenay Superior and
public schools closed for the Christmas vacation on Friday, Dec, 22,
The closing exercises in Div. 2
took tbe form of spelling ami arithmetic contests, The winners of
the contests were Mildred McQuillan for Arithmetic, and Joseph!
Fitzgerald for Spelling, A spelling
match was also held in 'the Junior
room by the pupils of the First and
second readers. Those winning
were Fay Ftske in and Reader and
Lome Campbell In ist Reader.!
This was followed by some short';
recitations and dialogues by the
little ones, Candies and oranges
were then distributed and the children dismissed. School will re-open
on Jan. 8. '
Three  Reas.ns Why
has for nine succesive years written the
Largest Canadian Business
of any company operating inJCanada
Its Premiums are the Lowest
Its Policies are the most Liberal
Its Dividends are the Highest
Vancouver Island Branch
109 Union Bank Bldg. Victoria, B. C
P. L. ANDER.ON, Agent, Co_rtemy


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