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The Review May 31, 1917

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Array &<
Oan not lie dune nny hottor, nml
not niiite io well anywhere irlsrr
hereabout*. Our typo anil timuhin-
ery la complete ami 'I'ho Review
prices are ri^ht
Be in Style.    Get Under one
of Rickson's Straw Hats
VOL. 5
Telephone 10
Gents' Furnishing Store
We lead, while others follow, with  II. S, & M,   Clothing.
We Luke your measurement and guarantee a fit
In all shades, styles and prices.    If  you   should  need a new
hat for the 24th of May,   see our  stock���just arrived from
the East, beforejpurchasiug elsewhere
Summer Underwear in all Sizes---Come and See for Youncll
Youth's Misses aud  Children's Shoes   in  Tan and  Black
Leather also an assortment of white canvas.
Our prices are right and we guarantee them to wear -
Courtenay   Gent's   Furnishings   Store
Opposite.Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
_jv*ui**ir*��**r*-is-*.* " - -.-.-.-.-.-si-s-..
Would you pay one quarter of one cent
an hour to have all your tewing done
for you ?
You know you would, and much more
This sounds so good to you that you
think it is a joke
We were never more serious and we
guarantee that a
Sewing Machine Motor   will sew  for
you for one quarter of a cent per hour
for current
It costs only $18.50 and lasts a lifetime
For Sale by
The Courtenay Electric
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited
Local Lines
Mrs. Wm. Duncan arrived home
on Saturday evening from Victoria,
Mr. 1', 11. Caeksey aud party
motored tn Campbell River on the
Children* Overalls���Just llie thing Cor
children during the suiiiiiiit, at Sutlifl.,
The wooden crossing in front of
the Cumun.iv ilotel is in a dangerous condition, and will he repaired at once.
Alex. Urquhart hns started work
on the foundation I'm two new
hloies ou tiie site ol the McKean
Block, tine will he occupied hy
the Co-Operative   Society  butcher
shop, nnu llle oilier    b>    Rickson's
Gent's Furnishings, when completed. An artificial ice plant is also
being built, which will simply the
shop ami {possibly some fur private
AU things come   to    (hose   who
wait     tine day lust week a geutle-
mau called at the expressoffice and
repaid a loan he   had   made   from
., "Jock" several years ago,
: If the City is in the good financial condition we think it is, and
; the money market so easy as u is
, reported to be, why not borrow
enough money t., build a Water
Works system, something that we
need and cannot do without much
Children's Shoes All the lnrr>i nml
most sensible- styles, (it Sutlili's.
A large number of the Courtenay
citizens took i.i the Empire Day
sports at Cumberland on Thursday
afternoon last. A good program
of events had been prepared and
most of them were well contested.
An accident occurred in the
second half of the lootball game by
which one of the Ladysmith players had his leg brokeu, The parade of school children headed by
the Mavor was highly picturesque
and appropriate.
New two horse power Fairbanks
' gasoline engine for sale cheap at
the Ford Garage.
For Sale���Credit cheque for $206
on purchase of piano.    Apyly Box
j 144. Courtenay, th at Review Office,
Staryed onto my premise.���One
red   heifer  and  one  white   one. i
Owner is requested   to come and
pay damage, and take the animal
away,   Jos. Nininim. |
Hats -All the latest shades and styles '
at Sutlili's.
Wanted to purchase���Beef and
Veal���Prices i6c for fat beef, 16c
for good veal, dressed;   11c live
weight.   City Meat Market, Cum-'
berlaud.    Phone in.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal aud old rnbbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford Garage, ,
House to Let���At comer of Uu-
ion Street and Cumberland   Road.
Also lot  adjoining    For partial-
j lars apply at Review office.
I    Go  to  McBryde's   for  quality
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh  Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Frank Movitz returned home on I    Rev. T, Menzies was   ai  O-ster
Sunday f:om  a   business   trip   to River on the holiday
Vancouver, Mr, Theed   Pearce   his  joined
Aunt her carload of new Ford ears  the ranks of Uie motorists in Cour-
arrived nt the   Ford   Giirage   this | tenay.    Me has purchased Mr   G
week for parties in the district,       J   Hardy's car.
...   ,,,      , ,       Siduev loyce left for  Van   11   1
On luesday   evening a  nnscel-  lhis morning to join up   with
aneousshow-r was held   at   t.      ���        C(mstrJ.ction   coqr,   I .
hoine of lhe Mayoress. Mrs J   W. ���        jce
McKenzie. iu honor of Miss Alice
Beatou, on the eve of her approach     The   District     I'.',''"
ing marriage to   Mr    Robert   Mc.   Master paid an official visit   to Hi
Cuaig.    Mativ useful articUs were '"" Ledge No. 14, A   F, & A. M.
prese-nted to the bride elect, and   a 011 Friday evening last.
happy evening was spent   by   the     A number of   Courtenayi   -   at-
young people present. tended the "Holy City" 1 ono ri in
Cumberland is on   the   advance'tlle Melhodisi church, Cum!' .land
and moving forward,    The   mines on Monday evening.
are working steadily, Freight arriving into this city has doubled
during the past six months, There
has been no Ies.-, than twelve p.anos
shipped into Cumberland in the
past three weeks. With close on a
dozen new automobiles in the same
period, During lhe past i-.ek
there has been no less ihan ten
ears of freight Standing on the interchange track of the   Wellington
Mrs George Read,   fortnetly of
lhis place; has jusl received the sad
new-, t. at her brother. I.i. ut  !' ..
Lee had made the Supreme    -. .:-
Bee rii Viiuy Ridge, on  April
He would have  rea hed   his
birlhdaj on April 11   had bi
He was the eldest sou of   tli
Lieut. J. i). Lee, of Loudon   luig.
One brothe*-, aged   .1   yeai
killed at the battle of the
Colliery Railway and !���;. & N, Rv.  on July 15, 1916.    One
at Royston.   consigned   to   Union stiil left Gghting in   lia
Bay and Cumberland.    Ties   is iu h'0 mourn his loss a.<   tv
addition to freighl red i- .-1 at  [Jn-  0���e, y,,-,, [<en,l of >
ion Bay by steamer lum   Vancouver.��� Islander.
ver, and who was a ! ll
Comox Creamery
50c per lb. this week
Summer Millinery,
Waists, Skirts, etc.
Thursday, Friday & Satur y
May 31st, June 1st and 2nd, 1917
A Shipment
of New Scribblers has arrived. The
pi&ure on each book depicts some
historical event in the great war, with
a description of the deed on back page
Fresh Fruit by Every Boat and Train
A large  shipment of Old  Country-
Tobacco  arrived thi*. week, and is
now on display.
Chas.  Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
Special 15 Jeweled Lever watch       -       $ 6.50
Special   7 do do - 4.50
Walthaml7        do do ��� 12.50
Fully G^ar nteed in Screw Cases
Rural Telephones Increasing
Ai the pre ii ni timo tlierq are In
the Province . nl Saskatchewan .3 i
farmers' companies   operating   tele-
bin  companli i 11 rvhig ovei 25,000
iiii-iii subscribers, mid aggregating
84,856 pole mill > in length. From In-
clicatlons, nol li ss than onc million
dollars' worth of new lines will bc
���<li|.led during ihc coining season,
The riirnl tcli plioni i ompanles of
Saskatchewan ure operated by asso
clations of fanners under government supervision,
Apply a   few  drops   then   lift
corns or calluses off with
lingers���no pain.
Just liiink! You can lift
off any corn or callus
without pain or soreness.
A Cincinnati man discovered this ether compound and named il free-
zone, Any druggist will
sell a tiny bottle of free-
zone, like here shown,
for very lillle cost. You
apply a few drops directly upon a tender corn or
callus. Instantly the
soreness disappears, then
shortly you will find the
coin or callus so loose
that yon ran lift it riglil
Freezone is wonderful.
ll dries instantly. It
doesn't eat away lhe corn
or . alius, hut shrivels it
up without even irritating
the  surrounding skin.
Hard, soft or corns be-
l-.v'i en the toes, as well as
painful calluses, lift right
off. There is no pain b
fore or afterwards. If your druggist
hasn't freezone, lell him to order a
small bottle for you from his wholesale drug house
French Co-operalion
Eight French farmers, whose farms
adjoin, arid embrace nearly 600 acres
all told, last January formed a cooperative plowing association for the
purpose oi enabling them to gel
through with their spring plowing
despite labor scarcity, lhcy secured
a 25-hoisi'| ' ", ei tractor and a thrcc-
furrow plow, the expense of the work
performed b\ lhc machine lo be, lat-
td according to the area cultivated
for each member. Lots were drawn
for llic first use of the plow, and after the machine has been around
once the order will hc reversed, but
in all cases pri iei ence is to bc given
for the heavier land, which can be
plowed only in fine weather.
is a healthy, active, industrious liver.
Siri'i!! doses, taken regularly, insure that.
May foe You Need
a purgative sometimes.
Ihen take one larger
Keep that in mind; it
will pay you rich dividends in Health and
Senuine   bears' Sign*tur*
Colorless facet often show
the absence of Iron in the
will help this condition.
The Human
Chemical Factory
Some Remarkable Pacta About Kgg.j
And Whin They Contain
The latest research prows that
I,it'll eggs hold all the chemical elements contained in a man weighing
ISO pounds. This does not mean
that it you make an enormous omelet
of these 1,200 eggs a man would bc
produced. It does signify, however,
that the elements in llie eggs would
be. equal (lo the elements in a man.
If a person were to cat nothing
but eggs hc would get just the chemicals' needed for suppori ing life, but
llic system would not digest an exclusive diet like this, The person
trying to live on eggs alone would
soon sicken, and if the diet were nol
changed, would die.
If an average man, weighing 150
pounds, were reduced lo a fluid he
would yield 3,030 cubic feci of illuminating gas and hydrogen, or enough
to fill a balloon that would carry 155
If the nominal body were taken
just us it is and all of the elements
extracted from it there would he
found enough iron to make sei en
large nails; enough fat for fourteen
pound candles; enough carbon to
make, lhc lead in 65 gross of pencils,
and phosphorous enough to, tip 820,-
009 matchef, Besides all this would
bc found 20 teaspoonfuls of salt, 50
full-sized lumps oi sugar and 28
quarts of water.
Thus it is evident that a human
being is a great chemical factory,
and the value of a man in actual
materials is considerable.
Thc 100 dozen eggs would yield
precisely the same qualities of these
chemical elements, and even at the
present high rate of eggs most of us
would rather have the eggs used for
the purpose than the man.
A Modest Demand
. Ire   Lawyer���-Don't you  think $40
a week alimony is a little too much
to demand, when he's only    making
Thc Lady���No, I don't. Thai's whal
I used  to mnke him gimme  ivhilc 1
was Ilvir.  with him.
Boys for the Farms
It should be a matter of congratulation that so many Calgary boys in
lhe public, schools announce their desire to become farmers, That is
not the experience in city schools of
the east, where the tendency is to
pass up the farm for some urban occupation. And lhe school board
will he in good business if It makes
mores to strengthen Ihis good tendency on the part of the rising generation, in such a country ns Alberta
there should be at least as many city
school hoys graduate to the farms as
pass Into professional and industrial
life���Calgary Herald,
For  Snle by all  Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napanee, On!
H Docs
"Three moves arc as bad as a
"Yep. And one visit of the paper
hangers heals a cyi lone."
An Oil of Merit���Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil is not a jumble of medical substances thrown together and
pushed by advertising, but the result
of the careful investigation of the
curative qualities of certain oils as
applied lo the human body. It is
a rare combination and it won and
kept public favor from Uie lirst. A
trial of it will carry conviction to
any who doubt its power to repair
aud heal.
They Probably Met
lie--Haven't I    seen    you    some-
where some time?
She���Quite likel., 1 was there.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Ktc.
Kitchen Waste
Finding the Secret of Economies in
Food Values
More homes arc wrecked from a
financial point of view, from ihc
waste of the kitchen, than any other
cause. If, as Doctor Wiley estimates,
one-third of our food is wasted,
thrift in food might be a very effective remedy for some, of our presenl
day domestic problems, Willi meals
coiling thirty emu a pound, and
half bone and fat, eggs at five cents
each, butter fifty cents a pound, and
olhcr ihings in proportion, we must
do some readjusting ii we would keep
pace with the procession, Vou cannot increase your income half as
easy as you can make it go farther,
You need I'lol do without porterhouse, but you can make it go a long
way. Learn lire secret of Frencfi
thrift and find the secret of little
economics in  food values.
Do   Not   UA   Harsh   Purgatives���
A Tonic Is All Vou Need
K'ot  exactly sick-but  not    feeling
cjuile  well.    That is  llic  way most
people feel in the    spring.      Easily
tired,      appetite    fickle,      sometimes
headaches,  and  a  feeling of  depres-
j sion.    Pimples or eruptions may appear on the skin, or there    may    be
twinges of rheumatism or neuralgia.
; Any of these indicate that the blood
iis out of order���lhat the indoor life
I of winter has left its mark upon you
and  may  easily  develop  into    more
serious trouble.
Do not dose yourself with purgatives, as so many people do, in the
hope that you can put your blood
right. Purgatives gallop through thc
system and weaken instead of giving
strength. Any doclor will tell you
this is true. What you need in
spring is a tonic, that will make new
blood and build Up the nerves. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills is lhc only medicine that can do this speedily, safely and surely. Every dose of this
medicine makes new blood which
chars the skin, strengthens the ap-
pcfite and makes tired, depressed
min, women and children bright, active and strong. Mrs. Maude Bagg,
Lrmbcrg. Sask., says: "1 can unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills as a blood builder
and tonic. 1 was very much run
down when I began using Ihe Tills,
and a few boxes fully restored my
Sold by all medicine dealers or by-
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $250 from 'I he Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brock-jille, Out.
Cook's Tour
Butler���Madame,    the    new    cook
has come and she wants    to    know
where    she   will    keep her motor.���
Minard's Liniment Relieves    Neuralgia.
Change of Seed an Actual Injury
Will wc ever learn that change of
seed does not necessarily mean an
improvement? Every experiment so
far conducted has shown that a
change produced a decreased tonnage
and lowered quality when olhcr factors were alike. One can easily ac
count for the loss from the fact that
after a plant becomes adjusted to the
soil and climatic conditions a change
will require, a readjustment.
There is an old saying that three
moves are equal to a lire; that is, a
person cannot he continually changing and not Buffer loss.
The plant Butters as much as the
human when wc do not give it a
chance to barn iis environment.���
Dean II.E, look, of lhc New Vork
Suite School of Agriculture,
At  It Bright and Early
"When you go home full, whal does
your wife say to vou?"
"Lucky man."
"She  waits  till  the  morning-"
ing  tl
lain t
A Colored Story
i'i  narrative is too highly col-
remarked the editor,    rclurn-
c bulky manuscript.
what way?" inquired  the dis-
nied author.
hy," replied lhe editor, "in thc
first chapter you make tht old
turn purple with rage, the villi r u green with envy, the hero
white with  anger,    the heroine
red    with    blushes,    and    thc
man lum blue with cold."
"Ma," said a discouraged little, urchin, "I ain't going to school any
"Why, dear?" tenderly inquired llis
'"Cause 'taiti't no use. I can fever
learn to spell, 'llic teacher keeps
changing words on mc all thc time."
Bt. lU.h.el, Ont,
"Four years ago I lind such yalus
In my bark that I could not work.
I read about Gin Mil and senior a sample and used them, und
found the pains wore loafing me
ud that I wai feeling better.
After   I   had   taken   six   otkti
l'oxes of
^_Pforthe__L kidney*
t  felt ai well  and   strong  u X
did  at thi  age of  30.    I am  k
farmer, now Ul years old.
Frank  Lilian-.1
All druggists  sell  Oln Pills  a��
60c. a box, or 6 boxes for  .2.DO.
���ample free If you write to
XoioaUi Oat,     M
Anil nil diseases of tltc horse affecting Ins throal speedily
.lis ami horsei tn some stable kopt Irani having tlieiri
inn-.    ..nil    i.ui.^c;.    in    ^.uiir    ii.iu.c    . .-,>i    in.in    n..'   .  .'    uu'll.    nv    ||SII1B
SPOHN'S    C-ISTt-MPEPt    COMPOUND I 3 to 6 doses often cuiej
(I til*     lllllllc     i'ii'i i i ii I fsseil     tn    iini1'    fine     ("fll ft.        Sn f *    (nr        It.nml        mbhi
aliy  colts,  millions, rill  r
. .unl scientific compound.
sroiiN musical co.
;.���< anil  I'.iml
Any iliuggi
rife for l.ronil    inure.,
s.    Mosl skillfully    pre-
ll supply you.
Goshen, Ind., U. S. A.
Arsenical Fly Poison
Ruled as Dangerous
Uniled    States    Government    Issues
Warning on the Peril of
Fly Poison
Dr, Ernest A. Sweet, passed Assistant Surgeon, United Statis Pub-
tic Health Service, is lhc author of a
government health bulletin on "The
Transmission of Disease by Plica,"
which contains it timely warning on
the dangers of arsenic. Ily poison,
Ur. Sweet considers their use a menace which line.ileus every home.
That the Ily poison peril is a real one
is proved by lhc fact lhat the Anicri-
ian Press has recorded 106 child
poisoning cases iu lhc last three
Dr. Sweet advises his readers to
destroy flies some olhcr way llian
with arsenic Ily poison. lie says,
"Of olhcr fly poisons mentioned,
mention should be made, for the purpose of condemnation, of those composed of arsenic. Fatal cases of lhe
poisoning of children through the
use of such compounds arc far too
frequent, and owing to lhe resemblance of arsenical poisoning to summer diarrhoea and cholera infantum
we believe thai the cases reported do
not, by any means, comprise the total. Arsenical fly destroying devices must, therefore, be rated as extremely dangerous and should never
be used, even if other measures are
not at hand."
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen, I had my leg badly
1 urt, the pain was very severe and
a large swelling came above the
knee. I expected it would be serious
���1 rubbed it with MINARD'S LINIMENT, which stopped the pain anil
reduced the. swelling very quickly, 1
rannot speak loo highly of Ml
Port Hood Island.
Assist Our l.asic Industry
What  Happens to Agricultural  College Students
An interesting registration scheme
has been conducied by President
heyuolds of the Manitoba Agricultural College at Winnipeg, to ascertain what agricultural student* do
when they leave college. The remits
that he has obtained from those at
present enrolled in that institution
.how 'hat 38 girl students out of 83
will go to their own farm homes for
the summer, 7 will take outside farm
work, 5 will go as housekeepers, 5
aa schoolteachers, one nursing, one
oflicc work, and one dress-malting, 2'i
not having reported,
Of the male students 52 out of 122
will go to their .parents' farms and
work, 32 will go to their own farms,
_ to creamery work, 6 are willing to
work ou farms, but arc not yet placed, and .10 arc not yet heard from.
Unless worms bc expelled from the
system,  no child  can    he    healthy.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
is the best medicine extant lo destroy'
Have you
Your food will continue to dis-
agree with you, and cause dis-
tiesy until you strengthen your
digestive organs, and tone and
sweeten 1 lie stomach. You can
do this quickly and surely by
promptly taking a few doses of
Their natural action relieves
the stomach of undigested food,
stimulates the flow of gastric
juice, renews the activity of
the liver and bowels, and
St rengl hens the digestive system. Take them with confidence, for 60 years' exnerience
prove that Beecham's 1-ills
Are good for
the Stomach
Largest Sale of Anr Medicine in tin-Worltt
Sold of cry wll*.*.   1* boxes, 25c.
___!H^t_XttE��c&F5Mt0V- n.i. �������.���_��
treat iucccii. cunns chromic whai. ness. lost hhoi
VIM KIDNUY tn a- ������, ���> DISBABBS, HL.OOD POISO*.
stlLBB enure No in it'iii'lSl _ or n in. |i. post 4 I'-TfJ
SORONtO     v,,tM- TOR FRCR 10OK TO I)H   Ll CLtshJ
Iiii Co H -.i -iv. thi ���: Hi: !i*.i.i"._e. u. London Uii��.
Is no more necessary
than Smallpox, \tiny
experience bis denionsljrati*.(l
the almost miraculous effi ���
C^cy, and IiarmlessnesJ, of Antityphoid Vaccination,
Be vaccinated NOW by your physician, you and
your family. It ls moro vital than house Insurance.
Ask your ps.-rsl-.lan, druggist, or send foi *'l_avs
fouhad Typhoid?" telling of Typhoid Ts__elr.e,
results from ui , and danger fu*ni Typhoid Carriers.
raoouciK��� vaccinis a iiruhi . n.i* Us s. sov. Licmsl
Dog Remedies
And How to Feed
Mulled   tt'-o  to   nnr  nddross  by
the Author
118 West Jlsl Street, New York
A ft/., nllabl. regnlatln, nwdi
elm. Sold ln tlirre He.rers ut
strcntth. No. 1, tl: N-.. 2. Ill
No. S. $j per box. Sold by ��U
druggists, or sent prel-ti'it Id
plain p_c_a.e on receipt ol
price. Free pamphlet AddreM
7-mm_. Ont (/wmerfy H'lndmei
Liberty Worth Fighting For
Great Britain, after requiring her
own manhood to join the colors,
wants no shirkers.of alien nationality
on her soil. This is a holy war. I1,
will decide whether freedom i. to
persist or perish, and those, who sny!
they have conic to England in pursuit of lihcrty must be ready to flghl
for it and her.���London Daily Mail.
After 10 Years of Asthma Ur. JJi-
Kellogg1! Asthma Remedy proved I
the only relief fur one grateful user.I
and this is but one cure among many i
l.ittic wonder that il haa now become the one rcrogui-i'd remedy on
llic market. It lias earned its funic!
by its never failing effectiveness. It
is earning it today, as it has'done'
for years, il is the greatest asthma
specific within the reach ot suffering
Just Absent-Mimiedness
An Irishman,   having   signed   the
pledge, was charged soon afterward
V itli being drunk.
"It was absent-mindedness," said
Fat, "an' a habit 1 have of lalkin'
villi mesclf. 1 sed to meself, says I.
Tat, come in an' have a drink.' 'No,'
says I, 'I've sworn off.' 'Then I'll
drink alone,' says I to meself, 'an'
you kin wait outside,' says I. 'An'
when meself (rum out, faith, an' Io
an' behold you if Pal wasn't drunk.'
--.Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph,
Lady���Really, sir, I don't like lo
deprive you of your comfortable seat.
Pat���Be the powers, ma'am, it was
comfortable no longer whin Oi saw
yc standln'. .
"Why don't you ever laugh al my
jokes?" "Because I was brought Up
to respect old age and feebleness,"
or ituttorlnft overcome ponllively. Our
natural metliods pcrniitttcntly rcttoro
��.nural sped.!., (.'raduatt' piplli.jvi-.y-
vrbero.   rieeudvico uud literature*
Pay your out of town accounts by Dominion BxproH Money Orders. I'tvc dollars
costs three centn.
Measure for Measure
The enemy musl be met uiili measure for measure if we are to deserve
victory; and we shall nol y.vl ii un
deserved. Germany, we know, lias
prepared to put the last oun c of lier
Strength into this year's campaign;
she is slaking everything. Disaster
in thc coming months will be for her
utterly irreparable) she will be strip
ped of all reserves of power, and
must go down. But lo Inflict such
disaster wc must bring all QUI
strength to bear; wc shall have lo
deal with efforts more desperate than
the enemy has yet put forth, for his
only policy now is to "let everything
go in." That policy wc shall meet
and shatter if the nation maintains
ils determined purpose to face every
sacrifice for which the government
may call.���London Daily Telegraph.
A politician never forgets his placet
if he is appointed to a good one.
��� j.      ��!._�� ""���""MHiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
AllOr IIIS Two ty* tot ��� LlUtlm* S
: UauIsO Murlneis forTlred _.����. Bed I
I fflOVlOa Hrr* Sor�� B,os-QnnnIH.il 3
S >t��a_a-s___ Bf.lldl. Basu-Befnr.hu-���
�� H.nn.rei Murine Is a tasorlto Treatment I
_ for Bros tbat {eel drr and smart. Olnroat I
I -res as ranoh of ;onr linlnj ear* w t**t I
s Teelheud-ltbUiesam. remlarltf. "
'  cHirMtHM.   iMcuMTim-nnMl
_ Sold at Drof and Optical Mom. Ol br Mall |
= tit Murla. In -smilf tt, Millie, Ut ttu IhS
I ��6
Increasing  Indications   That the Central  Powers Are Casting
About for Some Way to Bring tlie War to an End, as the
Pinal Catastrophe is Drawing Near
I'\ I'i. .irtirnl. I'afl, in'a speech delivered a few days ago in New Vork
���aid  "llic   world   i.s  out  to   suppress
militarism and absolutism, and the
curse will puss from Germany when
the Hohcnzollern dynasty is overthrown, .ind the people have taken
the government Into their own
hands." In lhis statement he has indicated two oi the ways In which
Germany is undergoing strangula
tion; a third one is the economic deterioration o( the whole empire. In
oilier words, thc pressure on Germany is that of three differing bul
correlated forces- -military, exerted
by means of armies nud navies) economic, caused by unprofitable expenditures and an effective blockade,
uml political, encouraged and Inteusi
fied by the so far successful revolution in Russia. Any one of these factors might prove, acting alone, inadequate to effect the collapse of
Germany's resisting power; il seems
absolutely certain that their close
co-operation must soon reduce the
'Central Powers" to submission, If
It does not, the final catastrophe will
bc all the more complete when it
does come, Subjugation, exhaustion,
connote inevitable threefold ruin.
'Ihere arc daily increasing indications that all the Central Powers-
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria
and Turkey���nre casting about for
some way of bringing the war to an
end. They know by this time that
there is not the slightest chance, of
a break-up of the Allied combination
-gainst them. While the Allies are
not likely to make a separate peace
with any of the nations on the. other
llde, the fact that it is open to them
to do so may bc a means of bringing
an irresistible pressure to bear on
Germany to ask for peace terms,
with an honest offer oi reasonable
conditions. Meanwhile the fighting
piust go on. In such a war there can
be no provisional cessation of hostilities. Against a foe so efficient as
the German armies in France and
Belgium there must be maintained an
increasingly vigorous and sustained
series of attacks. Sooner or later the
whole combination must break down,
and the harder the pressure the
shorter will be the interval of suspense aud sacrifice.���Toronto Globe.
"You say that Miss Oldslyle is
suffering from severe mental shock?
What caused it?" "Why, she's been
claiming that she's only twenty-eight
?rears old and then somebody found
icr name In one of those '30-Years,
Ago' columns in the newspapers.
Contentment in India
Large Portion of the Country Is Not
Under British  Administration
" The notion prevails in the United
States ilml all India belongs io the
Hriiish and is administered by
lliein," snys S.iinl Niliol Singh in
a recent Interview, "This is an
utterly erroneous idea. A very
large and populous portion of tile
peninsula Is In '.lie possession of iis
nun people, and is ruled by lhc, i,
with little: or .no Interference! from
the British. I have coined thc term
'Indian India' to differentiate be
tween the India belonging to Indians
and lhat iu lhe possession of lhe
Brilish. Indian India, with ils area
of 850,000 square miles, is almost
one-third as large as continental
United Males. Its population, 78,-
000,000 persons, is a Utile mon; than
four-lifilis that of this country. Politically, British India ia united. It
is divided inlo three presidencies
and twelve provinces, wliicli are under the supreme government of India, presided ovcr by the Viceroy
and Governor-General, who i.s under
the .Secretary of State for India���a
member of the British cabinet. Indian India, on the contrary, is not
one political entity.
"During recent years I have had
the privilege of coming in close contact with several Indians who rule,
in their own right and name, and I
have watched their public and private, lives. Withoul a single exception, I have found thc Indian rulers
to hi men of great administrative
capacity and statesmanship, all devoted to the welfare of their subjects and interested in all sorts of
reform movements. Not many public servants or business men in
America or elsewhere work so hard
as do these Indian potentates."
Gerard in Berlin
Hated by Germans for His Sympathy
With British Prisoners
The plain talk by .1. W. Gerard,
ex-minister to Germany, in New
York about ihe treatment given
prisoners by the Germans, is merely
a repetition of what he said to the
authorities in Berlin, His unpopularity in Berlin because of his refusal
to keep his eyes shut to conditions
was extreme. A correspondent of an
English paper, writing after cscap
Ing from the German capital, said ol
Ambassador Gerard:
"Of the neutral ambassadors that 1
met in Berlin lhc only one wh >
seemed to me to have any outstanding personality was Mr, Gerard, the
American ambassador, who shared
with Mr. Lloyd George ihc reputation of being the. best haled man in
ihe. Fatherland,
"At the    Wilhclmstrasse   he   was
positively    detesled    because    of his
outspoken remarks aboul ihe disgraceful condition of lhe British
prisoner camps in Germany, and
also because of his repeated warnings to thc German government as
to the grave effect on German-
Amcrican diplomatic relations that
would be caused by resumption of
unlimited piracy. There was much
talk of a plot io murder him, and 1
recall the great excitement which
prevailed when he was the object of
a rude demonstration at ihc thcatne."
Didn't Correct Her
"That dame asked mc for some
consummated lye," said thc grocer's
new boy with �� grin.
"You didn't correct her, did you?:'
asked the grocer.
"Aw, nixl I'm onto me job belter
dan dat. 1 jest handed her a can of
consecrated lye an' said nothin'."���
Cautious Piscatorial Enthusiast���
"My man, is this public water?"
"Then it won't be a crime if I land
a fish?"
"No; it'll be a miracle!"���Ideas.
si ..,'��������
"Groundwork" ol
Health, Comfort
and Economy
when days are wet and
"all out-doors" is sloppy,
is a good pair of rubbers,
rubber boots or rubber
farm shoes.
The sure guide to good
rubber footwear���your
guarantee of service and
protection���isoneof these
Trade Marks:
Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co. Limited
Largest Manufacturers of Rubber Goods in the British Empire
An American Tribute
Caspar Whitney in the  New    York
Evening Post
England's conduct towards her
German residents and her German
prisoners and the German dead shot
down from those assassins of thc air,
the Zeppelins, and delivered up by
those assassins of the deep, the U-
boats, has provided an exhibition of
broad-mindedness and of ihc sporting
spirit such as the world has not before recorded. To observe the collective Englishman at work in his
town or on the march or on thc tiring line is to impel you to take off
your hat to him. Those Americans
who now seize upon every pretext to
take a fling at England will be
thanking God before the German
beast is beaten into compliance with
decency lhat England is England,
and lhat. the spirit lo uphold national
honor and to light for human rights
still rules at least in the land oi our
Pilgrim forefathers.
Huns Grossly Deceived
Women Most Gullible of all, Writes
Northcliffe's Man
Writing of middle class Germans,
Mr. D. Thomas Curtin said: "While
there are an increasing number of
doubters among the German mankind as to the accuracy of statements issued by thc government, in
the class with which I mostly came
into contact in Germany the women
are blindfolded and believe all they
are told. So strong, too, is the influence of government propaganda on
the. people of Germany that in a
town where I met two English ladies
married to Germans they believed
Unit Germany had Verdun in her
grasp, had annihilated the English
tioops (mainly black) on the Somme
had defeated the English fleet in thc
battle of Skagerack (Jutland), and
reduced the greater part of the fortifications, docks, and munition factories of London to ruins by Zeppelins, Their anguish for the fate of
their English relations was sincere,
and tlicy were, intensely hopeful that
England would accept any sort of
terms of peace in order to prevent
thc invasions wliicli some people in
Germany  still believe possible.
Austrian Balderdash
How Strange Is the Austrian Idea of
The Vienna Arbeitcr Zcilling, organ of the Austrian Socialists, quotes
the following passage from llio
Rclchsbote, the organ of lhe court
party, as a typical example of ihe
condensed balderdash characteristic
of this paper:
"In all that concerns the. spirit of
public circumstances, the justice and
righteousness of ihe government of
Il.e State, the sanity of the constitution and its policy during the war,
we iu Austria are incomparably superior to our enemies. How grandly
stands ihe constitution of Austria-
Hungary beside thc constitutions of
States like France and America,
where the leaders of flic nation arc
condemned to be mere mouthpieces
for plutocrats.
"Austria declared war on Serbia
because our splendid heir to the
throne had been murdered, and because it was necessary to root out
tlie nests of the conspirators. How
absolutely moral was such a motive
for war! How grand the Austrian
idea of Statcl"
It might be well while you are. correcting your disobedient offspring to
remember that you did not die
Gruby���Don't you think we should
have a more elastic, currency?
Ulaggo���It's clastic enough. Why
Oon't they make it more adhesive?
N.     U.
Building Up llie Town Adds Dollars  to (lie Value o( llie larm
Land and Other Fivcd Investments; and Means Greater
Social and Fdueational Advantages
'the closer your land is lo a good
town, the more money it talo .. to buy
it. We all know that, Aboul the
lirsl thing the owner tries lo do when
you dicker for a piece oi laud, is to
justify the high price you are asking
by pointing out how close the land
is to town and the good roads leading lo il. lie knows this Is il .....st
appealing argument  he can  | Ul  rip.
Land close to town and adjoining
good roads is not only desirable because crops can bc marketed wilh the
least trouble and expense, but llicrc
aie olhcr social and econ ical advantages as well.
Consider the. cold matter ol what
a town is worth to ihc people owning land in the vicinity, measured
from a dollars and cents standpoint.
Mr. O.R, Johnson of the Missouri
Agricultural Station made a careful
investigation of 650 farms and he
proved by actual figures whal a lot
of us have known in a general way
for a long time.
For instance, in the locality investigated, tin; 7!) farms within Iwo
miles of town had au average value
of $78.70 per acre a.s compared with
$70._0 per acre for the IW farms
from two to four miles from town;
$60.90 per acre for the I-'6 farms
tour to six miles from town; $'8_0
for the 11.) farms sis- lo eight miles
from town, and $55.90 for the 149
farms over eight miles from town,
Mr. Johnson says thai tin- most
rapid decrease ill value occurred in
the first six. utiles, after which the
difference of a mile or two from
town  made less relative difference.
In another instance, he points oul
lhat 42 farms valued ni $100 or more
per acre, had an average haul of
about two and one-half miles lo market; 02 in the $80 group had nearly
three miles, and the 275 in the. $'il)
group five miles lo haul, while 246 in
the $10 group averaged six and onc-
foiirlli miles to lown.
These figures are. startling, Listen
to this:
In one locality investigated, a farm
of 160 acres Iwo and one-half miles
from town had a market value of
$10,000, while the. same kind of farm
located six and one-fourth miles from
town was only worth $6,400. Ami
still, if you told lhc man win) owned
the lirst farm lhat his home town
was actually worth iu dollars and
cents lo him, personally, $10,000, he
would probably spend a good deal of
time trying to show you (hat he
would be better olf without lhe. town
at all. We have gotten so in the habit of lambasting /our home -town,
most of thc time for some petty political reason, that wc frequently refuse to scc the truth when il. i-. placed before us in actual figures,
Just the same, when we get off by
ourselves, overcome our jealousies
and temporarily forget about the.
town man that we have it in for, then
we really have to admit that the
home lown is far and away Ihc most
valuable asset to evciy man, woman
and child iu the community.
This leads us a step further. Once
wc commence asking questions, we
no sooner have onc of them answered than we ask another. Our first
question was "What's lhe good of
thc home town':" and wc answered it
by saying that, among other Ihings,
it really donated $10,000 io onc man
and like amounts, proportion:,!, ly, to
every other man owning land in the
And now we ask the second question, "What makes a real, live, valuable home town?" We mighi dodge
thc question by answering, "I "Is of
Ihings," but, really, if we arc honest,
wc will get-close lo the truth n\ saying, "The merchants," because without the merchants there would be no
town. It is just as impossible lo have
a town wilhoui merchants as ii is to
have a lake withoul waicr. The mer
chants make the town just as ihe
water makes -the lake. Of course,
olhcr things have to be favorable,
but the fact remains, that without
merchants, you would have no town,
and the belter the mercantile establishments, the belter the' town���al*
Now, we move along to the third
question. "How is the home town to
have good merchants?'' Dear friends,
there is no secret about it at all.
(iood stores in your home town its
the result of growth. They have to
be invited, encouraged and maintain-
ed. You have to get them ju��l like
you mature superior cuttle, horses
and hogs, by treating them fairly
and giving them a chance to grow.
In the language of the street, "You
can't play a lone hand in your community and get away with it very
long," and the business game Is just
the same. If the town is to help you,
you must help the town, ami the
beauty of it is, by benefiting the
town, you always and invariably
benefit yourself most.
These benefits arc direct and indirect. Duilding np lhe town adds
dollars to the value of your land and
other fixed investments. That point
is sealed. Nobody seriously disputes
it. It means greater social and educational advantages, benefits that
cannot be measured by dollars and
cents, but while apparently indirect,
they are direct again in the sense
that lhcy add to the value of your
fixed investments, because these are
among the desirable things for
which-people generally arc wilting to
In summing up, as the lawyers
say, sifting out ail the evidence ami
considering a few pertinent facts,
you lirst want a good home town,
and you want it as near to you __
possible���and, further, you warit
good roads leading to it.
Now, to have a good tows, yr:
must havc good store?���there is ~ ���>
other way to make it���and to hi.*
good stores and good merchants, yon
must give them a chance to liv-,
thrive and grow. You must treat
them fairly. You do not abuse your
stock, because such treatment does
not pay, and thc same personal interest is at stake in community build,
ing, You must consider the merchants of your town as a community
investment in which you are both indirectly and directly interested. YotJ
are a stockholder, as it were, in your
home town, and the better you maid
your home lown, the better your in*
vestment will bc.
You can't make your home town
better unless you are on the squar.
with it and give the business interests
there the proper chance for a normal
and legitimate growth. Remember
the story of the farmer who was so
Bclfish and short sighted that he tried
to make money by stunting I113 hegs.
When he finally sold the runts, h��
found that'he had paid a, mighty big
price for the feed he had saved.
Just how many of us have driven
into town with any thought of what
our loss would be if that town wirs
wiped out entirely and never replaced? How many of us have considered that the town really meant anything to us except for a little wild
talk on our part at times? How
many of us have considered that the
merchants of the town were conferring upon us, and upon all members
of the community, advantages worth
in dollars and ccins immeasurably
more than any profits they got out
of us?
"So you have taken to carrying
around a monkey? 'ihis is going loo
"Well, you never go anywhere
with me, was his wife's somewhat
ambiguous retort.
'*" '" ������    t
ssm �����
A "2 in 1 Shoe Polish" is made for every use. For Black Shoes.
"2 in 1 Black" (paste) and "2 in 1 Black Combination" (paste and
liquid); for Whilo Shoes, "2 tn 1 White Cake" (cake) and
"2 in 1 White Liquid" (liquid)) for Tan Shoes, "2 in 1 Tan" (paste)
and "2 in 1 Tan Combination'* (paste and liquid).
10c Black-White-Tan lOo
F.F. DALLEY CO. OF CANADA LTD.,   ���     Hamilton, Cam
The Courtenay Review i .(-"l ��ff the vcrybest r,easo"8 ���'"*���
And Comox Valley Advocate | $,"*$*.?*_53^!!*._ A^*1^8
A  Weeky   Newspaper,   Pnblshed at
Courteuay, It. 0,
N. it.  liuniv.N, Udllor and I'roprietoi
8uliseri|)tion SI BO per Year in  Advance
Ex-AlderilHltl Johnston hns lieerii
misquoting tlie figure., submitlecl
I), the Review verv freely during
the past week. Figures don't
usually lie. bill the b'.x Alderman's
at least need some revision. Does
Mr. Johnston really believe Hint
lie or anyone else can net n competent electrician to look after a
$_o,ooo plant for .. n per month?
It vtuiiiot be done lor loss ihnn
twice that nino nit, Onn anyone
keeo'up a $20,000 electric light
plant for 20 years at $Co per month
li is simply 1 idictilono lo think of
it, Then Mr, John-ton's "pro.
posed" soiling price is lo ly two
cents per k. vv, hour higher than
is actually obtained by the Company, and tli.it knocks all the props
from under his argument, that 11
will only cost the Citv JS326.90 pei
annum to earn the electric li.ulil
proposition, Again we say ilml
fully $2,000 will have to be raised
annually by direct taxation, and
idded to thai vv: will be tied up to
a forty year contract lo purchase
current nt 5 cents per k, w. hour
for the first 2,000 hours and .\c for
the second tlm.is uui, with a month,
ly minimum cost of $100. Vote
NO polling day, today, (Thursday. ) ���
Cumberland lias been referred to
by writers in these columns as a
"sucked lemon, etc." whenever
her fniiiiici.il statement ha_ been [
spoken of. Cumberland was never
sucked dry bv the private owners
of the light and water franchise,
Cumberland is todav suffering from
carrying by-laws to build sewers
and other public utilities which
has mortgaged her income from
taxation s.j badly mat it takes all
of it to pay the interest and running expenses, so thai there is nothing lefl for necessary improvements. You don't have to take
our unsupported word for this.
Phone the Mayor or any public
man in Cumberland.
Mr. Johnston must not think
that because he made his money
easily and is now willing to 6pend
it freely to ^ratifv his whims, that
others who are struggling along to
make their ends meet, are going to
fall in line 'and vote "vea" anrt
"nay" whenever he pulls the string
If Mr Johnston wants tbe City to
own tlie electric light poles and
lines so badly Ut liim buy them
from the Company aud give them
to the Citv. Then the citizens
might rise up and call him blessed.
After the disastrous fire last
year we were promised a measure
of protection at once. Nearly a
year has gone by already and nothing has been accomplished Tlie
hot. dry season is now Upon us
aud should a fire get started again
Courtenay w, old lie wiped off the
map. If our City legislators would
cease groping for the shadow, and
grasp the substance they would
will our confidence and supp. rt.
I,et well enough alone and get us
some water, If we l>:iv tbe Electric light plant we will be so far jn
the hole that we will never be able
to finance a waler works system.
Light by law is the fact that Ex -
Aid. Johnston is spending enormous
sums of money in propaganda, and
is working tooth and nail lot it.
The Chairman of the Board of
Works seems to be the only Alder-'
in..11 iu the present Council who
has grasped the idea of what a village council exists for. 1 le is striving with might nn I in.cn to have
something accomplished in the way
of street improvements, and (Ms
scant encouragement from the rest
of the councillors, who ure bent
upon spending Ihe City's unmet
iu feeing Victoria lawyers, and accountants nnd local printers, With
in the pas' twelve months upwards
of fifteen hundred dollars his been
spent in ihis fashion needlessly.
Had t'ds amount been expended
on streets we would nol hive t<.
wade through mini in winter und
dust in summer lime,
a ��� ��� ��� 8i_a ** ;*; tie ��� mnrsi
At Normal Price���
Ten cents worth of wheat Hour contains 5440 units of energy
Ten cents worth of beef contains 410 units of energy.
Ten cents worth i>' eggs contains 3S5 units of energy,
Ten cents worth of fresh fish contains 245 units of energy.
A pound of meat costing 25 cents contains Uv'SS energy than
a BOUlld of Hour costing 4 to 6 cents.
And when the Hour is
* . o ��� *���
failing   heall*
j Richard MoHrid
] fice v i Agent-G
Columbia,in   Ei
The Elect ri
not in negotial '���
for the sale of th
will they be, V\
the plant they wi
ation from tlm C
has   can
to resign
neral   for
-land, '
b.l Com]
1 with a"\
ir plant.
ien the i-i!
hav-. first
'in pany
'd Sir
the of-
any arc
me else
Neither :
v heeds
Twelve   or   thirteen
and a few other cil izen
011 Mondav  1 . "    :
Council's explanation
turned out
hear   the
is   to   why
the F>ctric Lighl
supported by thee
.1 ay.    The genei
gathering seemed
By-Law should be 1
lectors on Thurs- \
il   b eling  of  tne \
lo  be  decidedly I
ngainst purchasing the   svstem  at I
the present lime, particularly when ]
il was pointed out that the contract
price of electric   energy   was five
cents per k w hour,   and   that  the
contract had forty years to run.
Anglican Church Notes
The Bishop of Columbia is making his fiist oliieird visit to the Co
mox district 011 Saturday, June   2,
He will'preach   at   tlie   following
places ou Sunday, June 3rd,
St. Peter's, Comox, at 3 p. m.
and Holy Trinity, Cumberland,  at
7 P 'ii-
On Monday he will visit Denmmi
Island, when St. Saviour's church
will be consecrated.
On Tuesday tlie Bishop will meet
the members of St, Mary's mission
Grantham, at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C, F Jackson.
On Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.
in, at the Vicarage, Sandwick, a
reception will be held when an opportunity of meeting the Bishop
and Mrs. Schofield will be given to
the members ot the several churcli
Guilds in the Comox District, as
well as members of the W, A. It
is impossible in the time at our
disposal to send invitations to all,
but we take this opportunity of inviting all to be present.
On Wednesday the   Bishop   will
leave Comox on board the ''Columbia" to   visit   stations   along   the,
coast which are served by   the Co- j
luinbia Const Missions.
Owing to the Bishop's visit there |
will be no service at St. Mary's, j
Grantham on Sunday,
fifteen per cent Discount on all
for one week only, ending May 24th
Isn't It?
Seed Potatoes iii Ontario are
for go pounds.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35    Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni
From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,     Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni,   and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10
Phone R 60
Agent Conrten.y,
I have some extra Heatwave
Suitings that are just the thing
for now. There's plenty of
competition in my line, but
there's 110 one in town can
show you these suitings. Drop
in and see them.
Tailor to Women and Men
Union Bay Road
A ccounts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tourng  $495;   Ruuabout $475
F. O. B. Ford, Ont.
E. C. Emde, Dealer (or Comox District
Auto, Launch, Motor Cycle, Gas Engine and
Bicycle  Supplies, Repairing, etc.
Phone L46 Courtenay
Quick Action by Telephone
These are days of speed. People demand rapiditv in everything.
The jitney found a place in urban traffic because it (jane quicker transportation.   The automobile revolutionized commercial conditions.
But faster than all is tbe telephone. The field of the telephone
is uot circumscribed���anywhere, everywhere, it is all the same to the
telephone.    And all in a moment too.
No necessity to travel  even by the  fastest  carriers,
liaye the telephone.
when you
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardy & Biseoe
I have just installed a cider mill
and am prepated to make cider
every day. ].riug your apples and
cider vessels.
Traijs loaded entirely with fish
for England,"are being sent east
from Prince Rupert.
ThecostofLiving isHigh GRAND DISPLAY
Still There's Nothing Like Leather.        - at
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ol  Horse  Blanket9,   kap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
Ice Cream
Swan's Old StaniCc'.''*---*?
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leave orders at Review office THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Theo. Fortune, who has been
Tenewing old acquaintances in the
district left on Wednesday morning
for Victoria,
A large number of men have
been undergoing treatment at the
hospital during the pa_t tortuight.
Rupert BlirroWS, who was severe
ly injured lust week i.s bunting his
troubles bravely nt the Hospital,
The annual May procession was
held on Sunday last from St. Joseph's Hospital to the Roman Catholic church. It was very pretty
to see all the children and young
ladies of the parish arrayed in
white dresses decorated with blue
ribbons aud wearing white veils,
marching along nnd singing as thev
went, beaded bp one of the older
girls currying n latgu banner, the
supports being carried by four tiny
tots. All cat lied wreaths and when
the church was reached the ceremony of crowning the Blessed Yn-
iilll wns ribsr mil.
Miss Vogel has receiv .1 the foi
lowing letter in connection with the
death of her brother:���
My Dent- Miss Vogel: 1 was
speaking with vour younger bro.
iher in n reserve Battalion in Kngland today, where he ir- li cateel at
present, and I obtained your ad.
dress, knowing you would wish t ,
learu sunn- particulars about Ldeut
Vogel's last fight.
I was constantly with your brother throughout the winter .campaign in France. We were in a
score of engagements against the
Hun, while patrolling "No Man's
Land," always successfully, and I
can say without exaggeration that
a braver, more efficient soldier was
not to be found iu our army.
He received his commission as a
Lieutenant shortly before the big
liglit at Vimy Ridge on the gth of
.pril. That is lie was recommend
ed for a commission by his Battalion
and it was approved by the General
Consequently it was only a matter
of a few days before he would have
obtained the rank of Lieutenant.
1 am sure his family nnd friends
would wish to know this and also
ihat he was recommended for the
I). C. M .--Distinguished Conduct
He was held in   the   reserve   at
the Battalion headquarters during
the attack and was the first  one to
greet me vn lien I   wns brought in
wounded early   in   the  morning.
Our casualties among  the  officers
were so great that alter my wounds!
were dressed nnd I   had   rested   a
while I endeavored to return lo the
fight but was unable to dp so.   At
thut tiiin- Hi-- battalion commander
accompanied by your brother sin it i
ed for i neiuy's  lines.    The  Htm
machines on   one   flank   were   in i
operation,    In crossing an   unpro-1
In-    wns    hit,
few   minutes,
lected opeiiiu
lasted only i
without pnin
I    ill write you   particulai
garding the inlenneut and  11
cation of   his   testii g   p.ace,    He
feci ived full battalion honors.
I fear this plain statement is a
rough shock to you- 1 hope vou
will uudestand lhe high regard 1
had for your brother, an esteem
that was shared by out eutire battalion, You have my sincerest
sympathy and I assure you that I
deeply share >our grief,
Yours very truly
II. G. Dirastall,
Any merchant can   increase   his
business by effective advyrtising.
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pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
Campbell River
Mr, Christie, of the Royal Hank,
and wife motored to Campbell River on the holiday.
The Hotel Willows has started
an addition to the hotel, thc lower
floor to be used as a pool hall, The
old stand is to Ik: converted Into a
refreshment pnvillion aud to be ill
charge of a steward from one of
the hotels in Vancouvei.
The lisli man slated that 'the
salmon had nol begun to run in
tiie narrows yet.
Unite a number of Cumberland
Ford owners made the trip to the
fiver on the _-|th.
Wedding Bells.
At the Presbyterian church at n>
o'clock Wednesday morning Miss
Alice Beaton and Lieut, Hobt, Mc-
Cualg weie united in the holv bonds
of matrimony by the Rev, T. Men
/ir's, Thi- bride was attended bv
Miss I,i/./.ii- M -I Kiillan, and the
groomsman was Mr. Campbell '.I
1!. ndqu triers, The In ide wis be
couiiugly ; Hired in a travelling
suit with rose colored hat, an I
carried a bouquet of white roses
The bridesmaid wns dressed in'fl
blue suil with black hat, aud i ai ri< (1
a bouquet of pink ros:;. Aflei ;��� u
taking of the wedding breakfasl
which was served at the home .ol
lhe bridi 'S patents, Mr. and Mrs
Alex, Beaton, the happy couple
left on the 11.30 train on a trip to
Victoria and Portland.
Intense heat-resisting power is th*. feature of the almost
imperishable fire-box linings of our own McClary semi-
steel fire-box made in eight pieces���can't warp.
The man who designed the Kootenay knew hi. job. I
know that and that is why it carries my guarantee as well
as the makers'. 670
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Letter to the Editor
Presbyterian Church
I'ditor Courtenay Review 	
Dear  Sir;���Congratulations   to ,St- Andrew.   Sandwick
vou ond your   party   (or   sending     Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
panics over to the Island to   help alld 1)l,,le Class :? P- m'
the Conservative  Indies   get  their Courtenav
names on tbe Voters List   so they      Sunday  School and .Bible Clas
.���an vote for  iheir   Dominion rep- 10:30 a.m.    Evening service 7:30
resentative,   The Liberal;    0 well P'm. All welcome
it's too much trouble foi them and ,         .  .	
10 money in it, helping lhe Domin-. ___,_.____.__       ��� ��� . ___.__.
ioMectlou. THEED       PEARSE
\ ours truly
Robert vSollan Barrister ami  Solicitor,   '���
Hornby Island, May iK,  1017.
Kill Fiies and Save Lives
Kill at or.ee every Ily you can
find and burn his body.
Observers say that there are
many reasons to believe that there
will be more flies tli is season than
for a number of years.
The killing of just om.' fly now
means that there will be millions
and trillions less next summer.
Clean up your own premises and
insist that your neighbors do likewise.
Especially clean "out-of-the-
way'' places and every Tiook and
Flies will not go where there is
nothing to eat, and their principal
diet is too filthy to mention.
 _        .^s . ���
The Entomological Branch of
the Dominion Department of Agri.
culture will issue early in May
Circular No. 9, on "Common gar-
aen insects and their control.'
This publcation includes au ac
count of the more important insect
pests of tlie vegetable aud flower
garden. It has been prepared for
wide distribuion at this time when
even where throughout Canada efforts are being earnestly made to
increase the production of vegetable foods, etc. in back yards, vacant lots and other areas near cities
and towns. The remedial measures for des*roying the common de-
stiuclive species and also formulae
for the making of the chief insecticides are given. For easy reference tbe insects are grouped under
tlie crop or flowering plants they
infest. Gardeners will find this
publication a most useful means
tor solving many troubles that will
arise. Application for this Etomo-
logical Circular No. 9 should be
made to the Chief of the Publications Branch, Department of Agri
cultura, Ottawa. Insects concern,
ing which further information is
desired should be sent with a covering letter to the Dominion Eto-
mologist Department of Agriculture
Ottawa Packages lud ietters so
addressed up to 11 ounces in weight
may be forwarded free of  postage.
Rece tly at Ha.elto 1 thsIndiana
have been paid thousands   of   dol-,
|ars for furs,
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant lands
Title to same revested in (Jutiited
Stales by Act of Congress, dated
June 9. 1.16. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up f��r homesteads and sale.
nd A
Phone G
Cumberland Hotel
iooil Accomodation       Cusitie !���    V    *.
Win. Merryfield
Timber   and Agricultural    lands   Q    lc./*./-.    I   i.n.-.*-..i
Containing some of the best   bind   \ GUGlVJ"    LilVoPV
left in United States,   Now is the, t/
pportune time.   Large map show-' r\    i-y \ Ci a       11
ig lands by .sections an d descrip-   AJ  T PPfl NV 9, HU
on of soil, climate, rainfall,   ele- <***> l   vCValAJOGlk/K
opportune time.    Large map showing
vntiotis, ect.    Postpaid $1,   Grant  Horses and   Buggies for  Hire
Lauds   Locating   Co.,   Box 610.
Portland, Oregon. ; Terms cash.
1 We  also attend  to wood hauling
NOTICE is herein- Riven that the Dog
Taxes lor the year 1917 are past due.
anil any dogs found running at large
without a tag are liable to be impounded
ond dealt with according to the Dog By
Citv Clerk
Dated 8th May, 1017.
TAKE NOTICE that Timlin Bros,,
the Campbell River School, and the
Campbell River Hospital, whose address |
is Campbell River, 11, C, will apply lor
a license to take and use 10,001) (ten
thousand) gallons and to store 100,000
gallons of water out of a stream known
as Camp Creek wliicli flows northerly
and drains into Campbell River about
half a mile from ils mouth. The storage-dam will he located at a point on tlie
creek, Lease 49, lot 84. The capacity
of the reservoir to he created is about
100,000 gallons, and it will flood about
three acres ol land. The water will he
diverted from the stream at 11 point
about six hundred feel north, twenty degrees west of the south-east corner of
lease 49, and will be used for domestic
land and premises described as lots 69
and 73. This notice was posted on the
ground on the 27th day of April, 1917.
A copy of this notice and an application
pursuant thereto and to the ���' Water
Act, 1914," will be filed in the office ol
the Water Recorder at Cumberland, 11.
C. Objections to the application may be
filed with the said Water Recorder or I
with the Comptroller of Water Rights,!
Parliament buildings, Victoria, II. C.,
within thirty days alter the first ap-'
pearance of this notice in the Courtenay
Review, a local newspaper. The date j
ol the first publication ol this notice is j
May ."rd, 1917. ;
THtU.IN Bftos. ;
Tim Campbell River School
Tim Cami'iiiu.i. Rivbr Hospital '
Applicants I
By Chas. Thulin,        !
Courtenay Phone J5
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days  after j
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Minister of   bands of   British
Columbia for a license  to   prospect  for '
coal 011 the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at the |
north-west corner of Lot No. 4_, Comox
District, Ii. C, thence north eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
thence south eighty chains thence west
eighty chains to point of commencement, and containing six hundred and
forty acres more or less,
Courtenay, B. 0, April 3, 1917.
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%***mm***t*tt+**lt,***i*a*l**t,*t ��� THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY,   ��. G
The Squire's
l___oi. ,".>ll- ,._- i_l !'<-__���
'I do not know that il is like me.
as 1 see myself shriving in the morning," the Squire had said, "but I do
know that Watts might have painted it."
Lionel Egerton swore in huge delight that hc had never done anything
so good. It should go to the Academy, with Meyricka permission.
Ihe Squire, meanwhile, pending
Mrs. Egcrton's talking her husband
over, had gone up to London, after
Ir.ying the cheque in Mrs. Egcrton's
sea-green lap, where her fingers softly enfolded it.
He had things to udl Hilary. After
all, it was not so bad, what he hud to
report, Hilary would sec things us
he saw them. There was nothing of
what lie would have hated to convey
to the boy. There was only a puzzlement, a bewilderment,
He had told the Vicar thc resull
of his visit to Mr, Langton. They
had agreed that there was nothing
to bc done, Neither man would, if
he could, have taken the responsibility of sending Lady South back to
her brutal husband. The old butler
at Marigolds, despite his clinging to
his master, had told Mrs. Ellison
and Mrs. De Montmorency when
they called together, that Sir Gilbert
lived much as usual. He sat at table
every day, his riding whip to his
band, as though his wifc and daughter might walk in al any moment,
"I've louk the whip from him myself often," he had added; "and it.
was red after he had lashed Miss
Margaret with it. He never laid it
on her Ladyship, as 1 know, but he
did let Miss Margaret have. it. There,
he is a brute."
The repitition of this story had had
sn immediate effect on public opinion in Silverdale.
Mrs. De Montmorency detailed
lhc story one day -when she- met Ihc
Squire, in her characteristic way of a
lighl cruelty.
"Isn'l it like an opera-bouffe?" she
.aid. "Lo you suppose thc wicked
old v, retch really sits there with thc
riding whip waiting for his unfortunate daughter? or is it only a brilliant invention of a butler who bus
mistaken his vocation?"
"I only know," said the Squire
Itlffly, "that Lady South's friends
and Margaret's, who have placed
them beyond the reach of such brutalities, arc abundantly justified."
"Oh," said Mrs. Dc Montmorency,
"you know all about it, you artful
person I Yo'i knew all the time I
Who coiihl have believed it of you?
And what about the old lover?"
For once the Squire showed a
quality of finesse with which no one
would havc credited him. He took
Mrs. Dc Montmorency into his confidence.
"I believe I may trust you," he
(8Id uinsi untruthfully, and told Mr
Pritchard afterwards that he had literally seen lhc lady's ears move.
"Supposing tbe lover were only n
trusted old friend? Mid supposing
Lady Soulh were like lo die of the
life she was bailing? Supposing shi
iurd to be taken away for medical
treatment nnd lhat she look so much
persuasion that thc old friend had I"
be called In, not om-c,   but    many
times, before she would accept lire
chance of savin*" her life' I only
"(.ih, you wretch, you've been in n
ull the time. I believe the Vicar
was in it too. What a pair of con-
spiratorsl   Do tell mc morel"
"There's no more  to be lold."
Mrs. De Montmorency went off,
shaking a playful finger at the Squire
and (old the next person she met in
strict confidence that she knew
where Lady South and Margaret
had taken refuge from the brutality
of old Sir Gilbert. As for the lover
slory, "there wa-- nothing in it, my
dear. Only an old doctor friend
who came lo persuade her to save
her life, and keep her wretched old
husband from the. gallows." She
could tell more ii she. liked but
of course, _s it was told to her in
strict confidence  .   ,   .
Afler all, lhc scandal about I.ady
South was stale. Ihere was no great
difficulty in Idling it die. And to bc
lure, the Squire's visits to, and intimacy with those odd people at thc
New Cottage had not escaped notice. The neighborhood bad not
chosen to call on Mrs.  Egerton.  It
W,     N.      U.     1155
I had a distrust of artists ml-ss they
| wire hung at  the    Uoyal   Academy
nn.I were making money .
"Do ull mc about your friends al
iiie New Cottage," Ni is. De Montmorency said the next lime she met
ihr Squire, "Thc little girl with the
orange-colored hair, and ihal pretty
woman  vvho dresses  ...   mldly   and
I walks about  so  languidly.   They  do
Iheir own kitchen work, 1 hearl"
"Mrs. Egerton is I oi.l lie
i'rac.y'a niece," said lhe Squire, and
left Mrs. He Montmorency to digest
that amazing piece of information,
having caught sight of Mr. Pritchard
walking across the common,
He caught up with the Vicar   hy
! making a sprint quite beyond Mrs
l)c Montmorency's power to emulate. She looked alter the Squire
regretfully for a minute or two. She
had never before found him so communicative. Then, realizing the impossibility of overtaking him, she
consoled herself with the thought of
the bonne botichc she had extratccd
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from him   and went
budget with sonic of her cronies.
nt ofl to share lici
'"^ rum
Willi  so	
Mr, Pritchard had a shadow on
Ins brow. Uc look tilings lo hearl,
as though he came out uf the cloister instead of being the Incumbent
of an English village.
lie smiled absenliy al the Squire's
account of iii, ttt(, meetings with
Mrs. Dc Montmorency, The Squire's
grave pleasure iu his own powers of
fincsseftnust have provoked a smile
In the least humorous-minded,
"They go on from .ure thing to an-
Other," he said. "Tlicy must always
be smirching someone, If It is not
lady South it is another, -Not Mrs.
De Montmorency this lime, but llie
villagers. You arc a friend of the
I'gcrtons, Squire. Could >uii nol
give a hint/to Egerton to keep that
fellow Cooper from being so much
about lhc place? lie has not a good
reputation, even here, where tlicy
arc not very particular, The fellow
is no tit associate lor ladles���-or
good girls, cither, if whal I hear of
him bc true."
"Tlicy do not sny anything againsl
���Miss Egerton?"
The Squire saw red. De was
shaken out of his natural sell-control. His voice sounded a little
"They do nol say���anything���
against Miss Egerton?"
"No "  The Vicar hesitated.  "1
did not encourage the gossip, of
course. It is stupid to give, countenance to such things. ��� They have
some ground for ihinking it odd that
hc should bc accepted there."
The Squire had just wired, bidding
Hilary to  expect him,     He    would
not disappoint the boy again, but he
wanted  to  slay,    He did not quite
know why he wanted to stay    nor
what he expected to do,   But some-,
thing had to be done.    He had fore-j
seen all  the    time    that      Cooper's j
friendship with the Egertons   would i
set people to talk.    And, of course,1
people being brutes lhcy were, they
would fix  on  bis  innocent Dolly as
the cause of the fellow's visits.  She
must be protected at all  costs.    If
only she  would give him  the  right
to lift her out of it all���his poor little girl whom no one wanted,    his
treasure of price!
Hc. would havc to speak more
plainly to Egerton. He had learnt
that Draper, Cooper's brother-in-law,
was very sick of his company. He
had come for a week in the proceeding winter. Hc had stayed on month
?.ftcr month, and now midsummer
was a thing of the past. Draper,
who had built au ugly little Dissenting Chapel at the back of his shop
Snd conducted services there himself
on Sundays, whose shop was a curiosity from the texts inscribed on its
inner and outer walls���you could
buy nothing at Draper's without being confronted with a lurid text���
was ill-pleased al having a cast-away
like Cooper beneath his roof. But
Mrs. Draper���a little woman who
kept her husband in awe of her, was
devoted to her brother, so there, he
The Squire .went up to town very
much preoccupied, and hating to go.
He dined with Hilary at thc Savoy
���an early dinner, for he was returning to Silverdale the same night.
Hilary remonstrated. It was no use.
No use in the Squire telling thc boy
that he had to go, that something
drew him back, some premonition of
evil. There were moments during
the dinner when he was in torture
lo be gone. Hc was in no mind for
the theatre Hilary suggested, which
would have meant Hilary giving up
one dance and arriving late at the
olhcr. The summer night was lovely In London, where the west wind
.brought in counlry smells of new
j hay and ruffled the great river till
! the stars it reflected were, broken inlo shimmering gold-dust. The Squire
did not sec it. He was on Icnlc-
hooks. He might have been caling
sawdust   for all  lie knew.
(To 13c Continued, )
The Torpedo
Engine of Destruction the Invention
ot an Englishman
When a German U-boat sends a
torepdo on iin mission of destruction
it is utilizing a weapon of British
origin, since the. modern locomotive
torpedo was lhe invention of Whitehead, a British engineer. It was in
1877, forty years ago, that the
Whitehead torpedo first came into
notice. Whitehead's original torpedo carried twenty-six pounds of gun-
cotton and travelled eighteen knots.
Tlie twenty-one inch Whitehead torpedo now in use carries 330 pounds
of gun-cotton and has a range of
over si\ miles, at a speed of thirty
knots. At a range of four miles ils
speed is about forty-five knots. The
explosive is packed in tho head oi
the torpedo, and is usually guncot-
lon, although the Germans use whal1
lhcy call trinitrotoluene. The explosion is caused by a steel rod
which projects a few Inches beyondl
the head of the missle. When this
rod or striker comes In contact with,
any unyielding substance, such as a
ship's side, It is pressed back against
the detonation, and, woosb!    '
As Nowadays
"Whal did the old man say when
you-asked him if you could marry his
"Asked me if I could support him
In the same ityle she did."���Baltimore American.
No Doubt About It
I andlord - I've called to colled the
1 idle Boy���Please, sir, mamma's
out and forgot  to leave it.
Landlord--How do you know she
forgot it?
Little Boy   Because she said so.
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Railway Attendant (to man smoking)���You can't smoke.
The Smoker���So my friends say.
Railway Attendant���But you mustn't smoke.
The Smoker���So my doctor snys.
Railway Attendant���Well, you
shan't smoke.
The Smoker���So my wifc says.
"Does your wife believe everything
you tell her?" "Yes. She believe.-,
everything I tell her is wrong."
World's Food Crop Low
Expert Says the Grain Supplies Fal?
Far Under the Normal
The. world's food crop is deficient
rind lhe situation is becoming alarm-,
ing, according to David Lubin,
American representative of lho International Institute of Agriculture,
Mr. Lubin is urging the imperative
necessity of mobilizing of American.
agricultural resources. To a corrcs
pondent of thc Associated Press Mr.
Lubin said:
"For thc first time in many years
there exists a deficit in Ihe supply of
corn, wheat, rye, barley and oats, csi
limaicd at a total of 130,000,000 bush-
fls less than lhc normal requirements for countries open to trade.
7 he situation is worse than was expected last October. The instituted
reports indicated then a surplus of
more than enough to iced the world
until August of this year, when the
new crops begin to come in.
"We must profit by Europe's ex-
pi.ricnce before meal tickets become-
necessary. Wc can avoid high prices
by the eliminating of vyaste, by the.
growing of more food and also by effective organization of our food ��up-
ply, which is more important than
getting men into thc army.
"Two months after the beginning
of the war Germany forbade thc us*
of wheat or rye for feeding livestock,
and two months laler requisitioned
all supplies ot food. Our first duty Is
to prevent the manipulation of food
supplies thus obtaining an effective
mobilization through the same plait
as thc Germans, the substance of
which is embodied in senate bill
Manitoba's Demonstration Farm
Manitoba's first demonstration
farm will bc growing luxuriant crops
this summer, if weather conditions
arc propitious. This farm, the first
of a series that will eventually covcf
thc province, is situated near tht
tr.wu of Blrlle. Man. It consists o}
320 acres and it will bc the purpose*
cf the demonstration farms board to
Illustrate what can be done In thi
way of rotation of crops, scicntifio
agriculture and slock raising. More
half-section plots nill be added from
time to time.
$680      I
Valve-in-head Motor.
Electric Lighting and Starting System.
Three Speeds forward and reverse.
Combination Clutch Brake.
Search and Dimmer Lights.
Double Reversible Windshield.
Oil Indicator Light Equipment.
Heavy Frame and High Clearance.
Strong Springs and fine upholstery.
Mohair Tailored Top-
Non-Skid Tires on rear wheels.
Chevrolet Motor Company of Canada,
Western Service and Dl.trlb_t.ln_ Branch! REGINA, SASK.
Chevrolet Four-Ninety Roadster���the Car for Business
HERE fi a CHEVROLET Dealer in your locality
anxious to give you a demonstrations See him before you buy your 1917 Motor Car,    Write to OlhtV
for a ii��.��' catalogue ibowiug all Chevrolet Models. *ff
Avoid caustic and acid preparations that discolor and damage
aluminum. Keep your utensils
bright as new by using
Old Dutch
German Vandalism
To Bore for Potash
Drilling for potash will he undertaken In northern Alberta during the
���orulng summer by interests rcprc-
acntlng Huron Rhounda of Cardiff,
Wales. li hns been announced at
Edmonton that work will he com-
jnenccd at the salt beds on the Salt
River, near Fort Smith, A rotary
'drill will be employed in lhe opcra-
sions, and a definite attempt will bc
.made to ascertain whether or not pot-
-sh exists in sufficient quantities to
warrant tin' beginning of a mining
industry, llic salt measures will be
'bored through, snd it is believed that
at a workable depth below them the
.tiotash will be struck, as the geological formation of the district is of
ihc kind lhat is found in potash
When th,' baby is ill���when he is
Opnstipated, has indigestion; colds,
simple fevers or any other of the
many minor ills of little ones���the
::i;other will hnd Baby's Own Tablet
an excellent remedy.    They regulate
he stomach and bowels thus banish
ihg the cause of most of the ills oi
.hildhood. Concerning them Ml
Paul Dinette, Clicneville, (Ju
writes:���"1 can recommend Baby's
Own Tahkts to all mothers as 1 have
used them for my little onc for con
Utipatlon and diarrhoea and have
Hound them an excellent remedy."
The Tablets arc sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
irom Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.
JrJrockville, Out.
the   Peace  Conferees   Musi
Regions Devastated by
tiie Huns
Von  Hindi nburg's dc
thc country which he i
partly military, parti} i
partly punitive, it' he
would make it a spongy
en glacis, easily swept by his artillery. Nature forbids that, wilh her
hills and rivers; but hc does the best
��    is
ill tic;
colli.I,     lie
ind unbrok-
Then  lie  probably   desires
Manitoba's Wool Clip
II. L. Arkcll, of the livestock
branch of the Dominion department
of agriculture, and T.H, Evans, deputy minister of agriculture, arranged
for ihc assembling of Manitoba's!
1917 wool clip, which they expect
will amount to about .300,000 pounds.
The department of agriculture assembled 160,000 pounds of thc 1916
crop, and prices averaging 32 cents
per pound were secured. The price
of the present year's crop is expected to increase to 38 or 40 cents a
According to Mr. Evans there are
now more than 100,000 sheep in the
to impress upon the French people
what their northern departments
will look like if they continue to
drive him back over Ihein. lie foolishly imagines that this may incline
them iu some future day oi depression to make peace. What it will do
will bc to harden their hearts when
it comes to the imposition of peace
terms. The Allies should now make
it a lixed rule thai no diplomat can
bc permitted to sit in any peace conference .vho has not seen Ihe brutally devastate.1 BOCtlons of France
and Belgium���of Poland and Serbia
���of Rumania and Armenia.���From
the Montreal Star.
The use of Miller's Worm Powders
insures healthy children so far as the
ailments attributable to worms arc
concerned, A high mortality among
children is traceable to worms. These
sap the strength of infants so that
they arc unable to maintain the battle for life and .succumb lo weakness.
This preparation gives promise of
health and keeps il.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
No Place for Spectators
There, is a comparison which every
man can make for himself. If hc
thinks that a hard thing is being asked of him when he is required to
transfer from work which does not
help the nation in the war lo work
which is essential for the attainment!
of victory, he should in all candor
put to himself the case of the soldiers
in thc trenches or the sailors on the
seas, who arc not only facing discomforts and privations as their daily
portion, but risking life and limb for
Ihe security and protection of our
country and empire, 'ihere is, as
the Secretary for Scotland said, no
room for spectators in this drama, ifj
a man cannot fight (or his country,|
he can, and must, work for it iu
tome other capacity.���The Scotsman.
Bringing Trouble
"That fellow certainly is a dub."
"For why?"
"I told him I bossed my wife, and
he went and told my wife."
Tells Just What
They Did For Her
She Had Numerous Troubles, All of
Which Came From Diseased Kidneys and Found a Cure in Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Ayre's Cliff, Que-, (Special)���Mrs.
\V. Coulcs Macdona, of The Farm,
a member of one of lhe oldest families living in this neighborhood has
consented to give thc public the benefit of her experience with Dodd's
Kidney. Fills.
"My trouble started from overwork," Mrs. Macdona states, "and I
suffered for two years. I was treated 15y a doctor, but the results were
not satisfactory. My joints were
slid, I had cramps in my muscles, my
IS'  Tomp-
Her Secret
Mrs. Andrews���Has    Mr
kyns  any intellectual life?
Mr. Andrews���Well, if she has she
conducts il Surreptiously, in thc
absence of her husband���Life.
A Cure for Fever and Ague���Disturbance of the stomach and liver
always precede attacks of fever and
ague, showing derangement of the
digestive organs and deterioration
in the quality of the blood. In these
ailments Parmelee's Vegetable I'ills
have been found most effective,
abating the fever and subduing the
ague in a few days. There are many
who are subject to these distressing
disturbances and to these there is no
better preparation procurable as a
means of relief.
War and Insanity
Statistics Show Mai hed Rei
Madness Since Struggle
Probably .the avcrngi  mai
lhe impression lhat war In
i ii.'y to increase liinac\ .   11
generally considered thai ai
destructive of life and property,    so
appaling in its nature, would hart an
exceedingly    perturbing    effect upon
lhe human mind aud cause innumerable cases of menial derangement.
Paradoxical, however, as it may
seem, war has just an opposite result
According lo lhc returns issued by
the various asylum authorities since
the war began, (here has been a
marked reduction in insanity.
It might, of course, bc sug
that this is due to the fact oi so
many men being drawn away from
lhc distracling competition nf the industrial world into the army, where
life, if more precarious is more varied and interesting, This, no doubt,
is a contributory cause But recent
returns show a reduction amongst
women as well as men.
Whal, then, are the general reasons adduced by lhe experts for this
satisfactory state of things? Well, in
limes of peace tlicy tell us that lift-
is dreary and monotonous, and, in order to vary their existence, people
resort to forms of amusements
which, instead of affording thein
genuine recreation or gratification,
only produce, languidncss and ennui,
When, however, a great war breaks
out, it dispels the monotony of our
lives, and gives us serious and practical things to consider. Ilenrc, instead of causing intellectual breakdown, it rather generates new intellectual energies.
Minard's Liniment for Sale
Willie Wants to
"Yes, my son."
"Is thc trough of the sea what
ocean greyhounds drink out of?"
Indisputable Authority
The ���vWtfJHir husband laid down his
piece of cake and regarded his wife
across the table.
"Dearie," be began, diplomatically,
"I suggest that there is something
wrong with this cake. It really d.tfs-
n't taste very good."
"That's your imagination," said tlie
wife, with a triumphant smile. "I
made it exactly as set forth in the
cookbook, and the cookbook says
it's delicious."
"1 had my head read yesterday by
s phrenologist."
"The fellow must bc fond of light
to tiie
often lies
m a
change of
W.     N.     U.     1155
sleep was broken and
and I was heavy and
meals. 1 had bad headaches, my
appetite was fitful and I was always
tired and nervous. I was depressed
aud low-spirited, I had a bitter taste
in my mouth iu the mornings and 1
was often dizzy.
"I perspired with the least exertion
and I often had sharp pressure or
pain on the top of thc head. Then
rheumatism was added to my troub
Ics. 1 have taken just two boxes of
Dodd's Kidney fills and they have
done mc good, not only in onc way,
but in many. F'vcn my rheumatism
is much better."
Mrs. Macdona's symptom's all
showed that her kidneys were wrong.
If you have similar symptoms try
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Luxurious Billy Sunday
Revivalism  is Now Organized  on
Business Basis
Finding a suitable place for Billy
Sunday to Jive while he is savini
New York is bothering his Entertain
ment Committee. It was a simple
j enough matter to build a mammoth
tabernacle for him in Harlem, but if
thc committee assumed that a liar
km flat would suffice for his accommodation it reckoned without a proper appreciation of thc requirements
of modern revivalism. The cvanglist
insists on at least a house of fifteen
rooms and four baths.
The needs and the ideals of relig
ious leadership have changed since
ihe primitive days of Christianity,
and besides, "they didn't kno.v
everythln' down in Judee." Revivalism has been developed and organized and is now on a business basis,
and an evangelist who carries secretaries, assistants, a housekeeper, an.
a masseur with him obviously needs
accommodation to fit.
if the salvation of New York depends on obtaining a house lor Billy
Sunday, by all means lct it be found.
is a Fifth avenue mansion too remote. If the mammon of unrighteousness is to be made to hit the trail,
that might prove the best place of
all.���From thc New York World.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
.aunot reach tho seat ol the disease. Catarrh
is, a local disease, greatly influenced by tea
!i titutipnal conditions, and iu order to cure it
yen must take an internal remedy. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts
through the blood ou tire mucous aurlaces
ai the system. Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre-'
Scribed by one of the best physicians in this1
.country for years. It is composed of soma
pi the best tonics known, combined witu
tome ol the best blood purifiers. The per-;
ject combination of the ingredients in Hall's
Catarrh Cure is what produces such wonder*
Send fori
tInr. froiliin.   "ul ���'""It" 'a catarrhal conditions.
unrctrcsliiug, lestimonitU, Ireei
sleepy after] fr. j.  CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo,
All  Druggists,  lie.
. Hall's l'__iii>  Pills  for  constipation.
Double Barreled Revenge
Wilkinson was near the exploding
point when his neighbor met him in
the street,
"That man Potter," he burst out,
"has morc cheek than anybody 1 ever
"Why, what has he done?" asked
the neighbor.
"He came ovcr to my house last
night and borrowed a gun to kill a
dog that kept him awake at night."
"Well, what of lhat?"
"What of that?" .-honied Wilkinson.   "It was my dog]"
A Prominent Ontario Woman
Midland, Ont.���"I am glad I heard
about Dr. Pierce's remedies. When I
waa tired-out und
worn-out I used
'Golden Medical
Discovery' and
'Favorite Prescription.' It is true
tbat they arc grand
remedies, aud I
found that they
built me up and
made me feel like n
new person. I bo-
licve I used seven ���
bottles in nil. I
have recommended Dr. Pierce's remedies
to several of my acquaintances.
"I have one of Ine Common Sense
Medical Advisers and think very highly
of it."���Mna. Ma* Cj-akb:, 117 State
St., Welhiud, Ont.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discover)' is a tonic and builder that brings
new activity to the liver, stomach and
bowels in a short time, thug causing
satlowncss, indigestion and constipation
to disappear.
Good blood means good health; good
health means strong men and women,
full of vigor and ambition, with minds
alert and muscles ever willing. Any
medicine dealer will supply you with
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
in either liquid or tablet form. Send
to Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,
N. Y., for free medical advice.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
I Adviser���a great doctor book���of 1008
pages, cloth bound���answers many important questions. Copy will bo sent,
customs prepaid, for 60 cents (or stamps)
to pay wrapping and mailing charges.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
and invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
Sugar-coated aad easy to take as Gaudy.
Two Washboards
For the Price ol One!
Hoth sides of EDDY'S
Twin Beaver Washboards
can be used���giving double
service for the price of one.
FIBREWARE (which is
really pulp hardened ar.d
baked by a special process)
it cannot splinter or fall
apart. Won't hurt your fingers or tear you clothes.
Double value for your money���almost life lasting,
Don't do another washing
until you get one.
The E. B. Eddy Company
HULL     -     ���    CANADA
Nothing In It
S!ic--Do you believe in phrcuo
He���No. As an experiment I once
went and had my head read, and I
found there was nothing in it.
Many Nationalists Here
It is interesting, as showing tht
cosmopolitan character of the immigration which Western Canada it
now receiving, to notice that out of
the officials of the United Faimcra
of Alberta, a co-operative organize-
t'on, thc president, first vicc-prcrd-
dent, fourth vice-president, honorary
president and two of the directors
arc American, the third vice-president, the secretary-treasurer and fo.:r
oi the directors are English, the second vice-president ami two of the
directors arc Canadian and another
director Danish
Wholesale Coupling
There is a clergyman in an Ohio
city who is very proud of his record
as  a   marrying  parson.
"Why, sir," said he to a Cincinnati
man, who was visiting him, "I marry
about fifty couples a week, right here
in this parsonage."
"Parsonage?" returned the Cincinnati man, "1 should call it thc Union
Soft corns are difficult to eradicat;
but Hollbway's Corn Cure will dr;.v.
them out painlessly.
For every dollar a woman spends
on her dress she gels about 90 cents'
worth of show and 10 cents' worth
of comfort
An engaged couple look at each
other's faults with/their eyes dosed,
after marriage the) use a magnifying
has never been offered as "just as good" as some
more famous brand; for Sixty Years it has itself
been that more famous brand���and deservedly.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it." ��
io,_o,nso.ndioo0ib!B_gi. Made in one grade only���the highest! THE COURTENAY R1VHW
oration of the
City of Courtenay
By-Law No. 29
by rate lor paying  the  deht which will
he   created   hereunder   is  the sum of
A NO WHEREAS the total amount
required to lie raised annually hy r��le
lor paving the interest on lhe debt hereby created is the .inn ol $1,200.00.
'AND VVHEK.3AS lhe amount "I lhe
whole rateable land and improvement
A Bye-Law to raise the Necessiiry Moneys [or the Purchase,
Construction, Operillon and
Maintenance ol Works for sup.
plying for any and all purposes
1'leclric   Unlit  and   Electric
,. i     ii      i.sit���VsH���isi_  ���r the corporation by means "I dclientures
owe. to   the   inliahitaiits ol llcl.ei],f;ftel. me.tifone.l fioiiHtiiy persouoi
}. The said d.hemures shall bear
date as of the 31st day of May, 1917, and
shall be made payable within Twenty
(.-Oi years from the said date at such
places in the Dominion of Canada or the
I'nited States of America as may be designated thereon and shall have attached to
them coupons for the payment of interest, nnd tlie signature to the coupons
iiiiiiy be either written.stamped, printed
within the Municipality of the Olty ot lithographed or engraved.
Courtenay according to the last revised     ^    The saitl debentures  shall bear In.
assessment roll, nnuielj  the asBessmt nt tei.e8t al t)le ,.,,,,, (l( six per r(1|ll per .,���.
roll for tlie year   1917,   is  the   miiii   ol   niun from the date thereof, which Interest
(1768,639.00, _ sliull be payable half-yearly at such places
.NOW 111. IT THKRIU'ORU IJNAt 1-  |��� ,|���. Ootnlniuii of Canada or the United
ED hy the Council of the Corporation ol  states of America as may  ue expressed
the Citv "I Caurteimj un (olio  s ; -       ;  ;��� t|lt. debentures or coupons.
.".    It shall he   Inwful   for   the   Mayor     i.i     thc     Corpoi'ution    of    the
i,    n shall lie  lawful  for the city of
Courtenay to borrow upon  the credit of
the Muuicipnlit) of Courtenay
nnd lln.' Localities ndjnceut
WHEREAS   the  Corporal! I  lhe
Cily of   Courtenny   has  determined  lo
purchase, construct, operate  and main-
persons or body or hod lei co ; unite who
nmy be willing to ndviincc the same n
sum ol money nol exi ceding In the
whole the sum ol Twcnlj tlimninn'l dol
l,ir, | ^20,000.00) and ;" ��� nisi nil such
sums so raised or rcci ived to I" paid
into the litiuds ol  the treasurer of th
���     , .     . I      tl        111"   ll"     ll.tlMl.*-   in      un      <���������	
tain works for mippynm for any and allj    ,d -or.,ornlloll,
purposi s electric light und electric power      ,    it stmll be lawful lor the Mayor of
to the inhabitants ol the Municipality and  tU_'_0    '������,������ ���, Lite cilv  of Courtenay
ol localities adjuceiil then to and hits de-  t {,        nuuiher ol di heiitnres to he
lermlned  to mire the necessary moneys !    _()_ ex_cut.dand issued not exceeding
loi such purposes. | h(m,.'.(.,. llu.  snl|1  0(  Twenty   thousand
AND WHEREAS the amount ..I the rlollnro ($20,000); eucli ol the debenture!
debl whlfch this by-law is Intended toibeing of the amount of not less Ihnn Out
create is the sum of Twenty thousand hundred dollars ('KlO.tiOl and such de-
dollats (.-.JO, oi ii i.i I beiitnres shall be sealed with the seal of
AND WHEREAS the total run- the corporation and signed by the Mayor
ouut required  to   be   raised   annually  thereof.
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New  Spring Goods  Now  on Hand
McPhee Block
cily of Courtenay to dispose of tlie
snld debentures st a mte below pai and
to authorize the Treasurer "I such Cor-
poi'iitloil to p;n ..ul ul llie sum sojraiscd
l.\ tlie sale of tbe said debentures nil expenses connected witli i1" preparation,
engrlit ui" in lithographing ol lhe snid
debentures and coupon i or nny commission or other ch ur;. ���. incidental to the
sn].' ul the said debentures,
6, I'or the purpose ol the payment of
the Interest on the sui.l debentures during their currency there shrill be raised
annually the sum of $1,200.00, and for
the purpose of creating n sinking fund
(or the payment ofl ol the debt nt inn-
turily there shall be raised auntiallv the
sum ol $744.32.
7. Tiie snid sums ..I 51,200 and S744,-
32, making in the aggregate j*l,944.32,
shall be raised rind levied in each year
by n rate sufficient therefor on all the
rateable land or land ai d improvements
within the Mu.ldpality of the < orpor-
ation of llie City of Courtenny.
s. All monies received from the snle
of such debentures shall, save ns afore-
I! said, he used for the pin pi.se of purclias-
ing, constructing, operating and inaiu- '
taiuiiig works for supiilyiug for any and
all purposes electric liglit and electric
power t<> the inli ihitauls of the Municipality .nul of Localities ndinceut thereto.
9.' This Bye-law shall before the final
passing thereof ceceive the assent of the
electors of sueh Corporation in the manner provided iu the Municipal Act, and
shrdi take effect on registration.
10.     This ' Bye-law  mav be  cited as
" The I.nau live-law, 1917."
Passed hv the Municipal  Council ihc
15th day of May, 1917,
1      Receive! the assent of  the electors on
'   the .; day of 1917.
Re-considered,adopted and finally pas-
sed by the Municipal Council the	
day of 1917.
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Best'and cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts,    for 39cts, 2 for IS cts
We invite anyone to dispute thc above advertisement
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
TAKIC NOTICE that the above is a
true copy ol the proposed by-law upon
which the vote of the municipality will
be taken at the CITY HALE in the
City of Courtenay on
Thursday, the 31st day of May 1917
That the poll will be kept open between the hours ot 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.,
and that W. A. W. Hames has been ap-
pjinted Returning Officer for the purpose of taking such vote.
City Clerk
Dated at Courtenay this sixteenth day of
May, 1917.
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review
P /  s o m e t h i n g for his
Some can bear arms
Some can produce food
Some can make munitions
Some can dive money
It is the privilege of all to help.
j[ Fighting���Working���
Are YOU doing your part ?
ALL EYES turn now to
��\_ the Canadian Farmer,
for he can render the
Empire Special Service
in this sternest year of the
But���our farms are badly undermanned���25,000 men are needed on
the land.
With insufficient help, the Man on
the Land fights an uphill fight to
meet the pressing need for Food.
can help.
Municipal Councils, Churches and
Schools, and other organizations,
both of men and women, can render
National Service by directing all
available labour to the Land.
Farmers themselves can exchange
labour.   School boys can assist.
Were you raised on a farm? Can you
drive a team? Can you handle fork
or hoe? If you can't fight, you can
produce. Spend the Summer working on the Farm.
Let every man, woman and child in
th.e Dominion who has access to
Land, no matter how small the plot,
make it produce Food in 1917.
For Information on uny subject relating to
the Farm and Garden writes���
1 ,g___g______B_l


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