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The Review Apr 6, 1916

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Array 5/
Can (mt be done any letter, nnd
{ nut nttlta so well imywlieie else
' hereabouts. Our tyiio and maolihi*
| ery is eniiipleU ami Tlie Review
5 prides ire iL-lit
Classified Ads.
.Make your little Wants known
through a Classified Advertisement
in The Ueview   -   ���   -   Phone 59
VOL. 4
���9 WM* ���)*���****
NO. 20
Auction   Sale!
Agricultural  Grounds
Saturday, April 15, at 2 p. m.
Household Furniture,  Piano nearly  new, Quantity
of Surgical  Instruments, Cattle, Chickens, Etc.
Full particulars on posters or from
Real Estate Agents COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in  Courtenay
, All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phoi.e 43 Courtenay
provides the cleanest, the most sanitary and the most liwenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under idgal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitrated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values througn the retentioo of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometor or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R93       Office: Mill Street
j Local Lines
All the available cars in the district wrre in the ''jitney business"
on Saturday and Sunday conveying
soldiers to and from Comox. Towards evening the supply of gas
gave out mid a load had to be
brought from Union Hay,
Welding-cast iron, nluininuii,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
Housekeeping rooms to let, Apply Brown's furniture store, Courtenay,
4,*; horse power Overland car for'
hire, day or night, ford Garage, '
phone .ifiR. '    ,
For Sale- good family core, jersey, price $55 ca��h. Apply No. 6
Review Office.
Fine new Englishlawn or garden
roller for sale cheap by Iv Duncan.
Too heavy for hillside.
Look prosperous.    Fix up   your
shop front with an up to-dste sign
See Colin Campbell about it.
Forsale���i fresh cow, with calf
:it foot, very quiet and heavy milker
Apply Geo, Davis, Union Buy.
For sale at .saciifice price���iooo
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine and
pump, almost new. Apply iiox B,
Review office.
Found--on lhe Goose Spit, Comox, a sixteen foot row boat.
Owner wanted. Apply Post office,
Comox, B. C.
Tenders for barn wrecking are
invited by E. Duncan up to noon
on Saturday, April 15. For particulars apply at the house.
For Sale cheap���A lot of agreement and assignment forms, leases,
bills of sale, cliatlel mortagage, release of mortgage. Apply Review
Forsale���1 pure bred Ayrshire
bull calf 6 mouths old. Bred for
show and milk production; pedigree and transfer supplied; price
$75.    Apply G. Game, Comox
For Rent��� 20 acres   of   land   in
Happy   Valley,   4   acres   cleared,
house, nam, chicken   house,   fniit I
trees, good soil, plenty   of   water.
also cow and calf for sale.    Apply I
R. Y. McNaughtan, Courtenay   P. |
0. j
For Sale- Otic 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch hoard, etc, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel.
For Rent ���15 acres, 7 cleared ; '
good 4-roomed house and all other
necessary buildings ; school oil the
place ; aliiuit :��� miles from Cumber- !
laud, iu Happy Valley; Apply'
Edward Parkin, box 325, Cumber- j
For Sale���A hot waler incubator .
300 egg cipacity, with thermometers, lamp, trays, etc., complete,
cost $30 will sacrifice for $8, cash.
Also 1 out door brooder, Cyphers
storm king No. 1 A, with hover
and lamp, etc., asbestos lined, 50
chick capacity, only $10 cash ; also
B 6 h.p. gasoline engine with hoist,
mounted on skids, will pull stumps
logs, etc., engine can be disconnected from hoist to run any machinery
11 moit useful machine 011 the farm,
price S-.'j cash, . Also 1 cement
brick machine, capacitv 500 bricks
per diem, four different styles of
moulds and corner moulds, complete, price $14. Apply J. del*.
Lawrence. Kye Bay, Comox.
Rhode Island Red Eggs
per Setting of 15
75 cents
Bruce Towler, box 132, Courtenay
Comox .Creamery
45: per <lb.'this] week
W. Duncan left for Victoria on
Monday morning,
Mr, T. D. Bubar left for Vancouver on Sunday's boat.
Mrs. Alex. McNeil leaves today
for S. Wellington on a visit,
Sam Robertson was the first to
try the swimming this year, he
took a "header" while fishing along
tlie bank on the Comox road,
Dr. Montgomery, who has seeded a commission with ihe overseas forces, and Mrs. Montgomery
left on Monday's train for Victoria.
Emil Tratitman had the niisfor-
fortune to fall off a shed one evening last week and br ke his arm at
the elbow. He was taken to St.
Joseph's Hospital.
One of the most enjoyable dances
ever held in Courten ly look place
in the Opera House on Friday evening last, There was not a large
crowd but the music ivas splendi I,
the Harmony Orchestra being supplemented by a Clar'onet plaver
from the 102nd Batt  band
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'   Sandwick
Service 2 p 111.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday  School und   Bible Class
10:30 a. m.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
On Wednesday eveuiug of next
week the 102nd Batt. Baud will
hold a concert and dance in the
Courtenay Opera House. It will
be remembered that the last entertainment given by the soldierj was
a particularly enjoyable one. and it
goes without saying that this one
will excell the former one. Tickets
including dance and concert, gentlemen $1, ladies free.
The Scottish Concert be held
on April 71I1 is going to be one of
the best entertainments ever held
111 Courtenay. Those who attended the last concert will remember
the dancing o.f v is Nava Rushford
and bagpipe playing, ami will be
repealed this time. A great number of the progra .1 numbers are
from outside points, including some
fine instrumental and vocal selections, This concert is for the
Overseas Tobacco Fund,
'n a letter from H. S. Clements
to a leading Conservative here. Mr.
Clements states his intention of
going overseas with the 102nd
Battalion if at all p issibie Mr,
CI nn nts ha* been atteu ling the
officers school ill Ottawa an ! !; : es
to qualify for a commission sb irtly.
If there is anyone who can move
the battalion frc     '' should
be II. S. C. sws that
he is to be an   officer ut   this Battalion is welcomed by all ranks
For Sale Now
Solid Oak Mission Dining
Room Furniture
Large Oak Arm Chairs
Piano, Carpets,
Good  Hunting Pictures,
2 Bureaus, Double Bedstead,
China and Kitcbenware
Mrs. E. Allen
Happy Valley
t*   t\
Have You Used It?
Stewart's Magic Washing Crystal
It does away with washboards and washing machines. Guaranteed not to injure*the clothes or
hands.     It hurts nothing but the dirt.      Price 20c
Phone 40
McPhee  &  Morrison
We have just finished  Stocktaking and  will now
place on view our new lines of Spring Goods which
have been arriving since the first of the month
Some of them are:
Garden and Field Seeds,
Wall Papers, House Lining,
Dry Goods and Decorations
Come in and make_Jyour choice early
Our stock in  Groceries, Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Etc, is complete
���**** i*w>wvwMv��wwnpann
-ii" -nmmi-wwpf THE   REVIEW,   COURTNEY.   B. C.
:: LADY ::
Ward, /���.'��� 6 I a., Limited
/ii/.'oa n>
though  always  courleoua ami  kind;  has  over  hoard,  iinidim  Ihese   or
and ns long us he could   havo   lho ihese Jacl'soiiB?"
hi'lglil uml comely faces ol his daughters (iixini  iiim  ho troubled hlmsolt
nol in nil about iholr future.
J.udy   (iriivi'iiliiirsl,    (in   thi1   other
hand,  though  sho  wns  no husband-
luniti'i', looked Forward wilh longing
Iin iin   iini,   when slic   should havo
grandchildren nboul her knoo, nml
i rail ihiii, If Hie girls wore lo marry,
III wns lime to bestir herself on their
behalf, Indoed, ll was gelling plain
i Hint.  If  she  did   not,  her  youngest
laughter    would  be culling herself
iidrll'i. from ihc. tod i|iillc Inline, und
Danish Small Holdings
"Ah boo y.i' is lioiiBOclennln'," salt!1
Mrs. Snow   V, iiilc.
"One of tlie daughters married nl ""                              :   "Yes," replied  Mrs,  Marsh Green,
son of I.ord Fincliden," said she. "And An ���E'wmpl** of-what Can be Acootnp- ..(*ej, |a noililn1  Ink    movln'    tilings
another sir  "ocelyn   Harkway." lished by intensive Farm-          'round once In awhile.   Why 1    dei
"Ah!   Money ot course." ing,                            come ercroBS n pair ot slippers undei
"Yes, I suppose so," ..                        .   de bod dm Ah hadn't leen fob tl-. �����
The Kiii'l wan slicni for ii long
I line, imi when ut lusl he spoke, ii wns
to give mi ungracious Mil tleUnite per*
In liciiinui'li 68,550 in ii nnd llii'lr
families iniike a comfortable living
nn ii farm nboul live or i.lx acres, out
ilssion  tor his daughters lo go to -' "W separata lings 133,000 do
inr.. Court with iheir brother;  nnd' ����l "���j?"1*, c ?ven Bcl;��8',  More than
he Countess losi no time iu making: rpne-tlili-tl of tie people ln rural** ilia-
his decision known lo her dnughlers. |
Bj  inc younger,    ISinniellne,   v.ho
Irlcls gel  their   living on farms of
eleven ncres or less, one-nnii of them
mi fnrms of uvo
six acres,
wus tin* constant companion and "pal
Insisting upon going up to town to or her brother, Vlscounl I'liBlllug, the Thla is made possible bj education
throw herself Into the numerous pet-1news wus received wilh delight, But nnd co-operation,   Sixteen percent o��
upon iin. elder dnuglilor, Lady Ursula, -he men and women engaged in ngrl*
ihi' news fell like a blow,   She loved culture In Denmark, botw i .0 and
her ho , loved her poor neighbors, BO years of nge, havo pained tlirougli
who treated  her us  a  snlnl   nml  a high school,   There are 1,'luo Dnnl.li
i|iiccii.    And   ii   required  u   uert��ln I co-operative  .dairy    companies  will*
uiiiiiinii   of  gentle   Insistence  on   the
ij ucllvllles of London life, while
Ursula would concelvnblj become un
Anglican nun,
There wns u long hIIqi.cc, und bo-
fore 11 wus broken there glided Into
ni \I��� i i.i.' i.
"Certainly nol."
Lorn  Oriivenliuml    uttered    i
words  in  so decisive a  lone, frown-1 the room, between the heavy brocade
Ing the while with bo much Intensity, curtains wliicli Boparnted li from lho I pari ot her mother, who laid tho mat*
thut  nobody  bin   Lady    Ciravenhurst,  white saloon, a dgure so ghostlike, so hel. hetore her us u duly, lo prevail
his gentle, meek eyed, yel most dlgnl*
lied wife, would tor u momenl have
ihoughi ii posslbli thai ho would reconsider ii decision iiuiKiiincPd wiin
so much promptitude und with so
much force.
Hui Lady Qmveiihtirst, Bweel   and
submissive ns she looked, wus a past*
Btnrltngly aloof from her envlronnienl (upon her to loin the rather "worldly"
Hi,ii   lhe   Karl   looked   nlmosi   shyly |House party ln the dlaiitnl  Midlands
across the intervening space, und re-Uvli*.   her  brother  and  Blsler.
cognised ihui, his wife had lold the cto bo Continued)
truth, j	
For ihis was iheir elder daughter, j
Lady Ursula, and for the llrsl time |
he awoko to llio facl ihui she seemed
mistress in lite art of governing a Belt I to be growing unlll for lier surround-
Wllled uml dlclorlal husband, und so  Ings.
Hui lhe Countess hud noted the facl
long ago,
serene, placid, her fair skinned face \
and severely plain coiffure surmount* |
lug a lull and Blender figure, In a grey !
silk  dress  oT  studiously   simple   cut,
high to the throat imi   for u square
space    filled  In  with plain  folds of
while net, Lady Ursula, sweet, gentle, I
mild, und saintlike In expression, had
something mediaeval in the absorbed
outlook of her countenance,
The Kurl, who not iced nothing thai
wus noi pointed out to Iiini by his
wife, grew ut once alive to lhe fact
iliul this graceful girl ot flve-atid*
twenty was u grown woman, nol only
thinking her own thoughts, which
were nol his thoughts, but living her
own life.
He   perceived   suddenl)     that   lhe
dress she wore was not the son of |
dress   which   ii    became    n   womun |
of rank  lo wear, lliul  Ihis studiously .
prudish  gown,  mis  plalnlj     parted
hair, were in some soil an offence to
him, ,
A few words nddresBed to her, nboul
sunie trllle, showed Lady Ursula ilial I
lier father  was  displeased,  and  sin
die kept her eyes upon her knitting,
and went on murmuring sofily, "One-
two-three -purl, one-lwo-lliree���purl,"
jusl us if her lord and master had not,
(i moment previously, forbidden her to
allow her two daughters to pay a
vlsil with their brother lo the house
nf ihe parents of one of thai young
(nun's fellow-undergraduates.
They were sitting III the drawing*
room together after dinner, and to
their ears came faint!) the sound of
the click of ihc billiard bulls, und the
voices of their two youngest, children,
Thomas, Vlscounl Kaslllng, down for
the vacation in his third year al Oxford, and his sister, Lady Emmeline,
a healthy, active young girl of twenty-
oiie, who haled tlie (|iilel country
house where ahe was forced to spend
her .lays in quite iincoiigeiillal pursuits,
Presenl!) tho Karl coughed, and, nf-
;. r turning rather restlessly the
sheets of the Field which he wus reading, luiil down the paper with a snap,
uml nsked discontentedly.
"These Jacksons,  wind  are liicy'.'"
Lady Qravenhurs! affected lot- a
niomonl to havo forgotten what ihey
! enough landing grounds for them nt
I tlie theatre of war."
Henry  WoodllOilse,    ii   governor of
the  Aero Club, said  he  hud    heard
i about   tho   "Fokker" class planes of
: the Germans, and was surprised that
they had  not appeared  in the  news
 i despatches before.
"Both the Hriiish and French have
'Riches have wings, ihey say. machines that   can   make the   same
which she had nol lost, and answer: I left the Karl and Countess alone lo-1   ''*"',!5_.Tenevor ' E�� i*tter ll"'"' speed or more than 160 miles an hour,
i.e)  migrate. , l-ut  t',,ey  |iavc,  n0t used  them  exten
sively   because the Germans were not
160,000 members, There are -in co
operative bacon I'm lories with inn,nun
members, and In urn? there were
1,300,000 pigs slaughtered In llieao
factories. There are eighl egg exporting noddles wilh 70,000 mombera and
the) export some 110,000,000 orgs a
Between 1800 and I00G lhe population of lho country increased b) nboul
.0 per cent, bin In the same lime lho
(exports of agricultural products more
ihan doubled, amounting iu iho latter
year lo $100,000,000, In 2' yearn lhe
area 111 permnncn! pasture In lho Unit-
Oil Kingdom Increnrcil b) 20 per cent,
In Denmark old   pastures   have been
(broken up, nnd about  lhe only grass
I kind is that which is loo poor or wel io
! be cultivated.
Britain's Supremacy
I Bi itain is Supreme In Air and on the
Discussing the new German Fokker,
Alan It. lluwley, president of the Aero
Club Of New  Vork, said:
"This now German monoplane will | i-utupou request, to
undoubtedly   bring   out    tlio speedy
RegaiBato Kidneys
Re.Eovo Constipation
Gin rid*; nre ncltnowle'ged In lin-e lhe
lion**! idle "f 'niv proprietory nieotcitiQ It
Cumuli.- nn iichlevemenl solely due t" well
remarkable virtue bsi Ki.hiry mid iiludut;
Bid uhfr�� of f'.in Plllslinvediscovered thnl
tliis Invnlunlile reined) also ncls na .. mil."
cnlhnillc. Tlie evidence ol liundreiU ol i.ticir
wchnvc received ettaM'sbe. tlie very loui.cl
(mi llmt in coinnoundlutf n medicine lo heal
ami lime up the Kldneya and Bladder certain
of llic lupedlenla have 11 sttinulnllng <ff-ci
upon the other orgnns, (.specially Hie bowela,
It is tmportnnt to knot*., lit lhe case of constipated pnlknts, Hint Gin I'llls "lo not ad
harshly on Hie howcls; there in no grlmn.,
but a gradual nnd gentle restoration o.' the
(unction. Try C.ln rills for consllpnUon, in
thus relieving th. bowels, you safeguard your.
s.-ll against possible Kidney trouble.
Oln I'llls nre 60c. n box, ov 6 l>o*.fH for ���".-��
nt your dealer's.    _ tiiiii tuiUiueiit will be
French and British   biplanes,   wind,   National Drag & Ch-mical Co.
il understand, have not been used, be-1 or Canada, Limited, Toronto.
I cause of the difficult)' of having wide
��� ���*���_*-������*__���
had been talking about,   Then, with ii I withdrew, thinking she had  perhaps
lllle "Oh," she recovered the thread Interrupted a confidential talk,    and
ed wiili elaborate Indifference: gether again.
"Ob,  they  call    themselves  'Oare-     "Vou must make her give up that I **-,*n..*\-*,-rivTi>x.*T*   ktiioce* . ������������    ,
ckson,' and 1 think lho man mad.,  absurd dress," he said sharply. A   PROMINENT   NURSE       | using   them, and they are difficult, to
i-inev"in  America'' '" .'(.""faiiii" siti'iili-' hovered" over    Lady I SPE\KS. i handle and trained   pilots are scarce.
The Karl answered with some sever* aravenhursl's mouth  as she answer- _ | This new development of the Germans
ny ,.t,. does not mean lhat they will be sn*
""And do you ti : people of whom      "1 can'l do lhal now.   Ursula bus a   Many Nurses la Canada and Else- jpreine In the air,   except   in Russian
one  knows  no  nior ���   Hum   that, are will of her own," where Say the Same,
proper companions  for    tu\    daugh*     He was amazed. That Ills daughters      rn._ti.-ni
ters?" should  thus  grow   into  people   with   . ^ftW
Lady Gruvcnhursl affected to seem   will of Iheir own, tastes of llieir own, | ���""*' ''������*'
views of their own, without asking his
territory, where they lime thousands
!of aviators to   the hundreds of Rus-
'Bc.ng  ti  nurse   I slims.   It takes several thousand aero-
ion  to use Dr.  Pierce's
planes   and   trained aviators lo give
a little shocked.   Then she \eiitiired
calmly: ' permission or even, as It seemed, nl
"I  suppose  they  would  nol   always   lowing him  to  become aware or the
have been tlioughl visitable persons, fact, seemed a monstrous thing. Lady
Bill   nowadays one  visits  everybody. Oravenliurst perceived her advantage, | ||
Doesn't one?" land hastened to use it
"I don't," said ih.   Earl, "They have lived so much oul of the 11|
"No, Hui lho girls���al leasl Emme- real world," she explained, "that thej
line���complain lhal  life here Is dull,  have made a world of their own."
\nd of course ll is very quiet." j    "But Emmeline, surely she doesn't
After a silence the Karl said: want lo become a nun!" protested the
"Ensiling can go. if he likes." I Karl, disturbed.
"Oh, of course he is going." "Oh, no.   But she will develop some
Favorite Preserip- 8upremac}'.
tion-mile a lot.   Ii    ,.As a nlat|f,.. ,,- faeti    lll(! British
j always recommend navy   )ina been suprenic in iho air as
II *   i",mJ P_tl0nts  well as on llic water during the whole
110(1 ."' "v3.b?en * war.   Tills is large!*  due to Hie large
wonderful  help to  -umj,e,. or'America'' and 'super Amor-
niany or them.   1 j-__, nv|_g 1)0atg| maA& ,u ,,,]��� _������_.
never knew ot  au     ���,],._*, ... eqUiPped with h\o 100-
caae where it failed. hol:Sepowor motors.   More   ihan 100
1 Have  a  patient, i ()j, |hc.se _reHl mac*.lnea .111(1    about
who   is   using   it 500 of t)lc s-.auer types   have been
now   ami _ sue-   �� deliveret. to Great Britain during the
),W dointjfinesincetak- ,_gt __���__   0ne Amerlcan    am ,,as
ing ii,    i   nave ; (||.(le|,s fn��� ,100 ]1|0,.(,  |-cinu)ng somp
"As tor lhe girls, I'm sure rrsiila ' ��.ner eccentricity if we keep her s^
has no wish io spend a week with up much longer," said she, placid). B,lllfl. , 0Jonsidet it6 tho beH medicine ufe flying boats, v he! areverltabe
these-lhese-" The Laid looked ��� plying her knitting needles as she thnroi8 (<v(lav f,���. ,vomen wh��� nre ailing." : f, ���n 'e.i,',,, n','. e i ,��� n, i ����� ,'r
aboul lor a word which should be con- spoke, aud not looking up. '-Mas. Eoi.n Moorb, 30 Doggo St., �����KMth To n����� ml��� in
tempmous enough without being   too |   The Kurl was shocked.   He haled  Chatham, Ont, aeroplanes with   two and moie en-
atrone for a  Ifldv's  ears���"Hir��b  niiv. MSoclelv.  and   il  had   seemed   lo   him  ��������� glues.
strong for a  lady's ears-"these  par* I Society,  and   It   bad   seemed   to   him j
venues." perfectly  natural    Hint  his  children
Then Lady Graveuhursl looked up. should adapt themselves to his own
"Don'l   you  ibink.    John,    that  It tastes.    And now  he had found out
Even in a match you should
consider the "Little Things,"
lhe wood--tlie composition���
the   strikcability���the  flame.
.re made of strong dry pine
stems, with a secret perfected
composition that guarantees
"Every Match A Light." 65
years of knowing how���that's
the reason 1
All Eddy products are dependable products���Always.
  Accompanied by pain here and there-
would be good for Ursula to see some 'lhal scarcely conceivable tiling, he | rxtremenervousness���sleeplesimc.*'.'!���may-
people outside her own small circle? . had made a mistake.                                bo faint spells, chills or spasma���all aro
lie rose from his chair, looked m : nignuls of distress for ti woman.   She may
the  lire   for  ll   was  early  October, '< be growing from girlhood into womanhood
nursing the sick poor, she is getting  and chilly;  then allowed his gai'.o to   ���passing from womanhood to lnolbor-
lYi.lly quite too   100- " She broke off  travel  liie  length  of  the  long  room,   hood���or later suffering during middle
She's twenty-flve, and what with her
parish work, lier district  visiting and
and ended desperate!)     "Well, she's
telling  really   more   like  .1  nun   llian
Perhaps," he said slowly, "It would ' life, which leaves so many wrecks of
be as well lo lake advantage ot ihis'women.   At any ov all of these periods
of a woman's life i-'ic should take u tonic
anything." opportunity  lo  let  ihe girls  have a !
"A nun!" echoed jthe Enrl, surpriB. change,   n  will enable them to ap-! mid nervine prescribed for just such eases
ed und rather alarmed. predate  better the    atmosphere  of  by a physician of vast experience in the
His wife looked up. their own home." diseases Irom.whioh women suffer.
"She win end by  lolning a sister-     Tblg was all that Lady Gravonliurst     Dr. Pierces Favorito PreaoripUon has
desired, hm she was careful m show I successfully treated more eases in the past
i,q elution I ������'' v'"n's ���''on any other known remedy.
I   suppose."   wen'   on     llic     Ki.i! 1 -51' *:a-1 no*v ,-.-'! ,ia!f Jn.fiiKar-V"-*-*1**.! t';1*]*'1
hood or BOinethlng of thai sort, If v.,
d.m'i take care," she said with decision.
���'lull. I     si I pilose.       wen-     un 1 nc       [-..'. 1 1 , - :. ,   ---,-    ���?.      . ,      o   1 |   ,
Lord rjra-venhursl  looked disturbed,  gloomily, "ihey will meet nobody 0f  form as well as in the liquid.   How ny
lie ��as entirely    spolll  and Belflsh, uny standing, nobody of whom one medictoo dealers or trial box by mail on
��� 1 receipt   of   .r>0   cents   in   slamps.   Dr.
upt   ol   .r>0   ce'ils   in   slamps,
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets clear the
you need to pay for ihe
best and purest Soap in the world
-Sunlight. The inducements
offered with common soaps can-
t_ot make up for the guaranteed
i nrity of Sunlight Soap,    m
"Safety lirst" seems to he lhe motto
of some of the judge-i 111 the West
Indies. When an alien prisoner is
brought before them, they consider
the possibility of 11 gunboat from the
culprit's native land popping In to
make trouble.
it is lold that a llayii magistrate,
on examining a prisoner, found that
he was from Switzerland.
"Switzerland," be mused. "Switzerland has no Beacoaot, bus It?"
"No seacoast, your Honor," said the
"And no navy?"
"No navy. Your Honor."
"Very well, then," said Ihe .ludge,
"I'll give him a year at hard labor."
W. N. U. 1095
So Good
Millions of pounds
of delicious "Crown
Brand" Corn .Syrup
are sold every year to
lnothdrx, just for the
Crown Brand
Mothers know il is practically all nourishment.
They know il is a food���that Bread spread wilh
"Crown Brand'' makes a well balanced food
that sustains and builds up lhe strength.
Mothers know, too, Hint "Crown Brand" is the most
economical "sitietfeinng" lor ail sorts ol Cakes, Pies,
Puddings und Sahccs���ttttd is the whole thing lot deli*
cious hotnci-adc Candies.
"i.iia WHITE" lionrpuro white Com Syrup-not
*u pronotmesd In flavor ki "Crown Braiiu"���ts,iinuy
choice loi tho table ..nu lei ..inicy m.klnj*.
����K   YOUR   OHCCtH-IN   2, t, 10 AND  IO POUND TINfe
Tha Canada Starch Co.- Limited, Montr**! THE   REVIEW.   COIXKTNEY.   B. CL
After 2 Year*,' Useless Treatment,   j
Tlio healing power of 5*(im-Buli Is so
nuoh greater than ihai of othor oint-|
omnia, that It bus enroll In many cases
���vliou iiii other olntmonts havo failed.
One such Instance is that ot Mr. Mario
V,. Gardiner, of Martinis, ''ask., who
���/ritos:    "For   I wo   yours   I   suffered
���villi a bud iiiiiick nl' sail-rheum on my'
Ife.t.   During those two yours 1 tried I
BVOl'y known remedy, bill  cnuld   find!
nothing thai  would cure llio disease
Then  I  hoard of Zam-Ilnk, nnd com*
���uonred using It,    After tho lirst row,
applications   l   noi iced an   Improve*
luont, und thifl encouraged me lo con*,
Unite.     Although  I had suffered for
two years, afler   only   two   months';
treatment  with Zam-Buk I am completely cured."
Znm link Is equally good fur eczema,
ulcers, abscesses, blood-poisoning, piles,
told soros, chapped hands, chilblains,
eruptions, olc, Al all drug stores, 50c.
box, or from Zain link Co., Toronto.
1   Keep The Rats   B
fl  They will not touch a
B   harness treated with
BP^y-V     Tlinl    is    liccaii-c
HtfSX      l.urcl-.i contains no
Mm      vr-Brrable   oi
��� I*          Kcepsy 'harness
��� II        soft,pliabIe,strong.
��� 11        Dealers Everywhere
��� Jl       THE IMPERIAL
��� 1           OIL COMPANY
II j         f ranches in all Cities
Should Conserve All
Fertilizer Elements
Valuable Advice on Means for Sustaining the    Productivity    of
the Soil
A receiil Hulled states Agricultural
Bulletin says:
"In the unusunl conditions existing
iu the I'.'HUizer trade, li is tuuiortnnl
thai all Fertilising   materials on the
farm, especially those containing potash, should be conserved,   The fertilizer Ingredients   already   existing In
lhe soil should he utilized and developed lo ihc tun,'si  extent.    A great,
deal can be accomplished in ibis dlreo-l
Hon by deep ploughing, constant oul*
ilvaiion, and ilioi'oiigli tillage. There:
should bo a proper Bystem of rotation, i
Especially   where  on.'  ci'op  has  been
grown  for several years, a different I
one should bo planted this year, tlreeu
luiiliurcs   niiil   cover  crops   SllOllltt   be I
used na much as   possible   In their
"tir the organic substances, manure,
both solid and ||i|Uld, Is lhe mosl Im*
liortnnl and b Id bo utilized wherever possible, mi iiuitorlnl of an or
gniilc nature, such us leaves and bedding Of various soils, should be coin-
poslcd ami lln' composl applied lo Ibe
soil, Special iiiiciiiioii should bo
given also lo llio coiiservul Ion ot wood
ashes, Depending on lho character ol'
ihe wood, Ihej contain potash hi
quantities varying ordinarily irom :!
io 10 per i enl. All iroo trimmings,
brush cuttings, etc., should be burned
nml lhe ashes therefrom utilized.'
"The application of lime to ninny
soils Is of undoubted bonellt. Though
tlio availability of Hie fertilizing elements In the soil may not bo greatly
increased by Its use, the resulting
Improvement in physical and bacterial
conditions, may in.'reuse considerably
the productiveness of ihc soil."
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
What Did Little Mary Buy?
1916 Ford
Touring Car
For the Best Reply
t In other Fine Prizes
Also Given
J OHM DROWN owam proiperoui grocery itori
town, llu ia u live mer. ^
chant  un.I attributes _j,
much of Mi iticccia t'j hii v._d_��
novel methods of creating
lotereit in litntEore,
RcceQtly( ho took B��veml
lll.CS of lila n-Riiliir (jootj I,
IiUt ihem under cover in
-in--, nml battel., uml
Wro tithe iiamo of eacli nrtl��
do on the outside. Only hu
mixed up Uialettcritn each
name bo ilia I intend of
ni)H!i!.�� ihr Hghl name of
tii�� strtlcle, It Hp"tlr-'| sdiu-
tliinn different altogether.
For htstanco hot y contains
Halt,.!., .hut Mr. Iti.iwn
Jumble.) th" l"ii"M in tho
wordfl Raisins until tltey
read "SI Ralni."   Then ha
���ORETS    ' '
_, j.-��AUJj
ut a. thriving Canadian I  rubbed Ute w
.Bppificil the apple bsrrdi find Jumbled the letters h
that name until they read
"Plee pg," u you lee *a
barrel II.    i
l-'niirtfn llRMOf good i Im
Mr. Brown'lltorewerr I j-
played thli woy- and <���
prue wm given ** any cu*
totner who could i la ��� in
order for all fourti en ana
tfll the number '*f the Iwi
each waa In. Little Mjty
went to Ri'-rn'J iforr* ta
make her pun oaei
guetted all-the names cof
rectly and won the prix*
Can you do ai well?
'I wo of the nara*�� art
already given to you �����
���Wart you right.    What nn
the other twelve?
Handsome Sheriock-Mannint:
Piano -Value $450.00
I9U Five Fussenger Ford Tourloft Or.   Valuo |5J9.oe  .
sending the beit correct or nearest correct cet_ of answers can shore fa
the distribution **f
 Thousands of  Dollars Worth of	
Including this 19(6 Ford Touring Car, $450.00 Upright Piano J75.00
Columbia Orafouola. $30.00 Clare Pros. High Oven Range 1916 Cleveland Bicycle,GcnuhioSinserSewIng Machine,$35.00Kitchen Cabinet,
Genuine WaltliamMcn'eand Ladles' Watches, Kngllsh Dinner and Tea
Sets, Roger'aSllvcrwarcandnhostof other grand prlies too numerous to
mrntiorth'.*!'". lHa.lluiUriitc:.|frh.eI.li.twH. bo walled to jou direct
cause headache, biliousness,
constipation, impure blood
and other unpleasant symptoms. If these .troubles are
neglected they weaken the
Beef and Dairying In the U. S.
In llic I'nili'ii stales there was, in
the live, years ending with 11)14, a
stonily deellno in iiie number ot cattle
oilier ihan milch cows. The total
decline for the live years was nearly
6,000,000 head. During the same time
Ihe nuniljer of dairy cattle remained
about stationary. In the last year,
however, cattle, oilier Ihnn milch
cows, showed an Increase of over
2,300,000, while milkers have increased by less ihnn halt that number. In
the I'nlled states as well as here the
drift is from dairying to the heel' end
- -an excellent reason for staying with
the former.
Thousands oE mothers can testify
to the virtue of .Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator, because they know
from experience how useful it is.
Columbia Cabinet
body and open the way for
diseases may be traced back
to indigestion that could
have been immediately
relieved by
Beecham's Pills. This well-
known home remedy has
proven itself dependable, safe
and speedy during sixty years'
use. The fame of having a
larger sale than any other medicine in the world proves the
dependable, remedial value of
Large.* S.I. of Any Medicine in the World.
Sold Evcrjrwher .*.   In bo.e.. 25 cents.
Tiie 12,000 or 15,000 factories that. I
according to I.ord KItehe_ei', nre turn-1
ing oul munitions   for   .*i\"   million I
soldiers In the  -prlng, the five mil-,
lions of pounds sterling that England
spends  daily  without  visible  effort: |
this is England's force; hitherto i/e
have felt if as latent    ami diffused;
now  it. is being transformed, day by
day,  Into  energy that  is  actual  and
real and disciplined    lor   combat.���
Lindsay Post.
If your answer* gain 120 point* you will win First Prize
A FEW HINTS. --Tlie foods in ���intoned under each ol tin fourteen number., nre menl*
line, such as are to be found In every grocery store and In regular u^e In every liomi*. No
trade-mark iiaiucj or products of any particular firm or manufacturer eie given,���last tlit
regular name o( each product or article. A gootl plan I. tr> write (town the namci ot nil the
tilings usually found In a grocery store and use tlie li.t M your guide. Be careful, because
Air. Brown wa" clever, ami sometimes he made two or three word., nml even more nut of n name.
The judges.wiil award the prizes lu this contest, according to the potnte gained by eat li
rntry, and we will fully advlso you of the inrtlicd. when your answer Is received, l-'or Instance.
60 points can be gained by Rending a correct answer to eacll of lhe twelve name, you can cues.,
there nre ten points given for general neatness, t'-n for style, spelling, punctuation, etc.. anil when
you qualify, 40 points additional can be gained. Take lots o( lime to piuele out your answei,
be neat and careful, and ypll can win a nood prize,
THE OBJECT OP THE CONTEST.���Ev ei ���.- loyal Canadian will approve ol lhe oblect of
this great contest. Kranlily, It Is ta advertise and Introduce Evi rvwoman's WoRi.n, Canada's
greatest Diagnzlne, to hundreds of new homes, which should know tli.it n magazine of such
excellence nnd real worth Is being published ii;;ht herein Canada by Canadians lor Canadian...
Yolhcan help us to do this, when you enter the contest, but yon do not have to he a subscriber
nor are you asked or expected to take the magazine or spend a filnele penny lu order to compete
and win the touring car or 0:1.' of I lie other manulfil ent prices.
EVERV1VOMANS Wom.n Is now tlie established favorllo lu more than r.o.non of Canada's
Iwt homes.   Though that h lhe greatest circulation ever attained by nny Canadian magazine.
It doesn't satisfy us.   Our mono li " F.vcrywomnn'a World In Everywomnn*. Home."
Hundreds of Canadian home, which, may not know It now, will welcome this handsome, Interesting, up-to-the-minute magazine, and once It Islntroduccd they will want It every month.
If, tlierefore, when your answers arc received, we llnd them to have g dned
snfnclent points to merit standing for the Judging and awarding d! pii/es, we
will write and tell yon po. und send wittiout cosl. n sample copy ol the 1 test
issue ol th!-i greatest of Canada's magazines.   Then, In order to qualify your
entry, wc will ask you to do us tlie email favor of Introducluglttothreeorfour
friends and neighbors. We will even send you samplecoptcs to leave with each
ot your friends, ll you wilt tell us they would like tohavethem.   Statcyour
wllllngncsi to accord this favor when vou submit your answers. The company
agrees to pay you in cash, or reward you with, a handsome gift for your trouble,
entirely In addition to any prije jour anew ts may win ii the contest.
Follow These Slaiplo It'jlcs Covernlnfl linlry to the Contest
Clare Bros. F.rneui
High (Iron (Unite
1116 Model ITxetj-i l
Minard's Linitn.nt Cures Garget in
I Cows.
Excited Lady���Why don't you interfere lo stop that dog light'.'
Bystander��� I was just a-goin' to,
mum, but you kin calm y'r fears now.
My dog is on top at last, mum.
Warls are disfigurements lhat disappear when treated with ilolloway's
Com Cure.
famous Singer Sewing,
I, WrlteyouettuwersonnneitileetUio a���nnlea for oach eerrMl answer,alwti.ai-
SMI..* oniy, kikI |)nt yuiirnfttnn'sliLthiil Mr. n-ss. Imnitw-illnn. nunr'.ne.tton, r.n.l r;Ufi;iii<
lrs.or_l..n)auaadilresuoiilUAupii��rrli;)i. tneeoniUtlDiisof tlieeoul._.   IV i'i via b.
hand corner. Aortliini! oilier than tho no. ewatded Stat day ol Btaroli, ISIS.
awer.Biiilyoarnutaouad udilrc, must bo     e.   yAcheam*ielltor.|!lberenii[r.ilto.lii>*r
.nau-var.loHbeet. tli. eopr of .TnitrwoMi.v'a Woiii.o, whlan
'J.   All letter, tiiust b. In Ily lirep.ld la  Mill I'.aenl WIUioiitelinr||e, |0 Oni... or four
postailfl. lio not fornet lo. wur tut fit.tup.   friend.0.nelShbOUfS who wilt want to .ab.
II. Member, and (imployco. ori'ontinon. ecrlbs. .ortllta.orvico tho c-oipan*- afrsos
lalPablliblntfCo., f.tmltnu.aniof K7r.aYW0Ml.v's V/oatD, also tbetr relatlOOJ and to raw���.rdyonwltha.fasb, poyment or ansae.
fi-londa ore not oUowod to competa. aeioo $ltt. Such roworri. to ba rnllrelr In nd*
..  Bora or girl, under fourteen rear, of utfo nre not allowed to eompnle. dition to .nr prl.o your oiMwora tnay win.
��.   Coata.tautawillbapern]Jlt��(lto.ubniitasiu.nya.thraAMt.ofanjwer.totbo     9. Thl.fleiitofltl.absolulelyfreaofntpriia*. '
pur lie, but only ono ae. can be awarded a prize. Contestant, ore not required to be .nbsorlbr re
s l.irrerent memberaol a fumily u.iy eoniputu, but oaty one pri.. *.'.'. baa warded or readrra of l:rzaru osi.Ns WnnLli, nor 01 'S
In any ono faintly or houwbold. thoy asked to.ubicrlboor bay anylhlns* In
7 Judslng' will be dooe by three Toronto gentlemen. li.Tln. no connection what- awardlns the prl.ei, iho judgu. wilt hara no
ever with tilt. Arm. I'rl.e. will be awarded accordion I j the number ot poiut. .aloud knowledge of whether the entry oomca front
on each entry; ISO point*, which ia the maximum, will lake era. pri... Polata will ba a ��ub.erib.r or not.
Andreas four replies to tb* CONTEST SOITOR, F.VERYWOMAN'S WORLD *
-.Continental Publishing Co., Limited, 151 Continental Bldg., Toronto, Ont.>
MalniScent Ideal Kltchaa
Voluntaryism Not a Failure
"The  plain fact is  this," says the
Nation, "that while Germany cannot !
put more Ihan from 10.T per cent to I
11.���! per cent of lier population Into
che field, am! France only about lb.u ;
per    cent, wc, wiihoiit  conscription,
have  had  11.2  per cent   of the  male,
population of military tines spoiitane-j
cmsly offering their services."     This
Is a fact which history will remember. H is a demonsl ratable teaching of
history thut little over 10 per cent of1
the total population can ever be placed
In the field.
i---eea-M__M.ll. ���ruin
' Constipation
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief-������Permanent Care
lail.   Purely vegetable--act surely
.ut gently on
liie liver.
Stop alter
cure indi-l
restion ��� improve the complexion���brighten
tbeeyei. Smalt Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
There is a hisli infant mortality In
China.     The English authorities in I
Hongkong have endeavored lo  keep I
statistics, ami the results ituiicale that |
only "2 Chinese children in 1,000 survive the first year.
Winter is a dangerous season for
the little ones. The days are so
changeable���one bight, the no.vt cold
and stormy, thai the mother is afraid
to take the children ont for the fresh
air and exercise they need so much.
In consequence they are often cooped
up in overheated, badly ventilated
rooms and are soon seized with colds I
or grippe. What is needed to keep
tlio little ones well is Baby's Own
Tablets, Thoy will regulate the
stomach and bowels and drive out
colds and by their use the baby will |
be able to Rel over Ihe winter season
in perfect safety. The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mall
at 26 cents a box from The Or.
Williams' .Medicine Co., llrockville,
Britain has the bigsest hospital ship
in the world. She is the new 48,000-
ton liner' Hritaiunie. which was built
at Belfast for the White Star Line.
As soon as completed she was taken
over by the Admiralty, towed to Liverpool and convened into a hospital
ship. The Mauretanla and Aqultanla
are also being used for hospital sen-
Strangled With Asthma Is the only
expression that seems to convey what
is eiitlured from an attack of this
trouble. The relief from Dr, ,f. D,
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is beyond
measure. Where all was suffering
there comes comfort and rest. Breathing becomes normal ami the bronchial
tubes coinpletly cleared. This unequalled remedy is worth many times
Us price to all who use it.
W. N. U. 1035
'"Circumstances alter cases," said
the lawyer gravely.
"Yep," said tlie client. "But in my
case it's the circumstances that I'm
hiring you lo alter."
A Corrector of Pulmonary Troubles
���Many testimonials could be presented showing lho greal efficacy of Dr.
Thomas' Ecleetrlo Oil in curing' disorders of the respiratory processes,
but lhe best testimonial Is experience
and the oil is recommended to all
who suffer from these disorders with
the certainty that they will lind reiki'.
It. wil allay inflammation In the bronchial tubes as no other preparation
First Tommy (waiting lo pick off
a German patrol" to his pal���They'd
ought to been 'ere afore now, Bill���I
do 'ope as nothinli. 'appened to thetu! ���
When King George was Prince of
Wales ho visited a school in India.
The pupils had been drilled Into lhe
propriety or saying "your royal high-
ness" should the Prince speak lo
them: and when lie said lo a bright-
eyed lad, pointing to a prismatic compass, "What is Ihis?" the youngster
all In n flutter, replied "Please, sir,
It's Q  royal  compass, your  prismatic
Complaint Against Canadians
Archdeacon Madden of Liverpool,
who died recently after a very shori
illness, says lhe Canadian Associated
Press, was always fond of relating his
Canadian experiences. Of llic Canadians he made one complaint that
they would not respond lo the humorous side of his speeches, lie invited
them to encourage him with a Utile
applause, or even groans, but Ihey
sat stolid. Even one night when ibe
speeches were Ioiir-, and Ihe evening
lale, and tlie chairman gave out as
the closing hymn, ''The Morning Light
is Breaking," no one smiled.
One day lie was strap-hanging in a
Liverpool tram when he heard close
by cei'tain mutterlngs and perceived
a si rung smell of Scotch, Then up
rose a big worklngman, steadying
himself for ono minute, he glared
round on ihe passengers, saying "Am
I Ihe only religious layman in lhe car?
Mere Archdeacon, lake my seat."
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Wilt Kiinip-n rnit flavor netter .i id Quicker
than can hr ,������-,- ;., .,,- __,(, ���, __��t. .
Lifetime. SaU'nctlmi -ruannteed oi nane-f
refunded n">! He- is  Cent,       Pony ��air
I at:o;.a 78 Ctnte.    O, K. >"noi S1.50    Beit
1 Fit....   Canada Hon* Co.. We
I'.ba, i.., "...el-.
-i   M*3t-
Wanted In every town and village.
I lo take orders for the best .Made to*
i Measure   clothing in Canada.   Gool
commissions.   Mag-illcent Samples.
535 College Street - ToronM
are andersize, under-weight
with pinched faces and poor blood; they
do not complain but appetite lags, they
have no ambition and do not progress.
Such children need the rich medicinal
nourishment in Scott't Emuttion above
everything else; its pure cod !iv;r oil contains nature's own blood-forming, flesh-
building (ats wliicli quickly show in rosy
cheeks, better appetite, firm flesh an.
sturdy frame.-.
If your children are languid, tired
when rising c.itcli cold easily or find
their studies difficult, give them Scott't
Emulsion: it supplies the very food elements that their systems lack.
Scott't^Emultion contains no harmful
drugs and Is so good for growingchildre.
it's a pity to keep it from them.
I-W7     Scott ft Bowut, TorOB.e. Oatarla
The Scotch Again.
I "What on earth are you doing?"
demanded the Indignant dining-car
I conductor to Ihe novice waiter; "serv-
I Ing soup on a straight track? Why
I don'l you wail till we strike a curve?
| You don't know the llrsl principles of
I railroading."
for sport
She���And don't you g
I of any kind?
lie���Oh, vitas, don't yer know
���passionately fond of dominoes.
Tommy  (on short  leave  from the
front during Zeppelin raid)���I never
j saw anything like these bloomln' Germans for gettln' information. All'. Now
row did ihey know we was 'ome?
At a certain base In France is whal
j Tommy Atkins calls "Cat and Dog
jllonie" a V. M. c. A. Hut, the cost of
I erecting which was defrayed from
I contributions collected by household
jpels, In mosl cases by means of collecting boxes liiing from iheir necks.
arc high-clasb, \.eil-made, ami perfect
fliiiuc. All ordered clothim; made l"
measure. Acorns wanted in every town
The Clifton Tailors, Limited
20 Hayter St., Toronto, Ont.
,     Crunulnted   i-'vcliril-
'..yi'. inflamed by expoaura
to Cold Wind* ar.d !'u<-.
iXi^JKr-C"'1'''11' relieved by Murine
lOUR tit J Kye Remedy. Mo Smarting, ju-it Kyo Comfort. At. Your Uru.i-isis'
fiOc per Hot'le. Murine Kye_aIveinTubcs_"'.
For ll'iol; of the Kye Free write
Murins Ey* Ramady Company, Chicaea
White  Phosphorus Matcbes
_ Hon.  T.  W.  Crothers,  minister of
labor,  has  given  notice of a   bill  to
'amen:] the white phosphorus matches
j act.   The amendment will extend for
'six months from Jan, 1 of this year
the  time  allowed   during  which  tlm
' white phosphorus matches  may    be
] sold and for one year the time ilurint;
.which ihey may be legally used. Under the legislation of lhe session of
j inl.t the manufacture of white phosphorus matches was prohibited after
January  1, 1915, and  the sale after
January I, ar>l�����.   it was found that
, considerable stoclis of these matohes
I were still on hand nt  ihe  beginning
: of this year, and it Is deemed reasonable to allow merchants a longer period of six months to get rid of their
The red-blooded Americans of lhe
West do not believe the l'nlted Staler
should be a rag doll among the nations of the world, Thoy arc not thai
kin dof Americans,���Kansas City star.
HOME Tl*t*ATMF.r<T.   Drarri.r  vou,- ri.sra.r,
ami write tnr (r-i. 1. V., .nd I, stimoniaU.
The Courtenay Review
Ami Ciiiuiix Valley Advocate
A   Wccky  Newspaper,   Publslied
Courteuay, B, C,
N. II.  BODBN, 1'tlitoi and I'lnpricliir
Telephone 59
Subscription 11.60 per Veai  lu Advance
THURSDAY, .U'I'll, 6, I'M'.
ment in respect to the liquor trade
lias In u large extent been llu result
of wur conditions and the general
trade depression nt   the pas'   two
years, ii   is hardly   possible   i lx-.it
these conditions count nlone for it.
Much must be laid lo the truth it-
(self,   The liquor dealers have been
i over anxious i<>   make  easy   aud
i quick wealth   from   lhe  business, I
.  Hotels have been conducted   with
Wc regret lo see in lhe casualty ' ��'' eve single to the in..��.,li.li.' pro
lis. the name ol Uncc-Corporal Tils oflire bar, nnd will little e
Desmond Ree ol ihc jrd I'iot.eers, B���1 for comfort ol the pub.ie bj
c i    .i        _.i    ii',,  i;  ,,      ii,, ! w ni so   uvor t icir nnvi I'UffxistL'il.
formerly the .imIi  li.tiinimii.    11-���  ,,,,   . . ',.,., h ,     ,
, i   i    i ,i     it,.,,   I liiir scenting   iitaliililc   in   Keep
has been  \\<>ni:<I��� ��� 1 wln.c mi active .      . ,     ,��� ���    i       i
service and ������" ������"" ;";" ;" *'"'���'""���   -"eir trade oni ol iiolities has  been
I will join in lhe hope
llieii linal
thai he will apt edilj reco\'t i
brother   Maurice,    equnllj
known In this district, has cull	
and is now uiidei  iriiining on the  hnvt enterw
mainland, while In*   fathei In with  ve��Ken"��
111111111111',.   Tin
mini I
IllsI men nnai uutioiiig.
well i l':l1'"" m>w heing co
jsll (|  ginn shews lhat the
n,_ ' have cnIrred upon n
1 nl Re-
it|ttor denlers
upon n coi ^piracy   ol
iis was illtimed and
t..e5oth Goidou Highlanders Ht|vn��n. It is the last creak of King
Victoria, ll ever) fatuilj could Alcoho . VV hat else could be ex-
show such a record there would be P��-cted bit ha tie Government
less difficulty in rilling lhe rauks. would-call the bluff by anticipating
Many latuilies have..ot contributed ���JflJ,nt�� for the final vote on pro
a single member to ihc forces ; per ' ������� i 'on, and make the dentil Mow
haps this example will lead others 8?od nnd sure by adding the weight
to follow. The ,umc men who arc ol the woman vote
in uiiifoim when the Huns sue for
pence, the better will be lhe petite
from lhe ".Hies' point of view, and
tin- more decisive the peace secured,
Young men are lounging around
still who believe that " a live man
is I'd ter than a dead hero," and
who permit mat tied men to go in
their stead. .Shame on such as
these I
Another echo of the blundering
of lusl year.s council came up at
Monday night's meeting in the
shape of a bill of costs from a firm
of Victoria lawyers for fees in connection with the squabble over a
couple of loads of old  planks that
And come lo think of it, the woman vote may prove the salvation
of the Government from the consequences of it, besides striking a
crushing blow at the liquor
���   -*�����_>�����-     ���
Notes By The Way
The Civil Set vice of British Columbia has already contributed 300
ni<fn to the forces from the regular
staff, a striking testimony to the
patriotism of a much'criticised stc-
tion of the community, Needless
to say the critics are -still at home,
The extent of the ravages of war
We have been fortunate in
securing the exclusive agency
in this district for the Individual Ladies' Tailoring Co.,
and we are now showing
did not belong to the city and were|*"oue ��"�����*����- ����>'V '����>��� '>e 8��a*?-
practically valueless, It would be1 ��' h>' ,>,fJ iaf lllat'! re��nt R'u,1nl
Interesting toknow just what those s \��w flft-v 'uo��salld widows in the
Plunks cost the city and some mem- old country alone, bereaved as a
bers of the council j resull ot the present struggle, Not
confined to pae class,  t*-e loss is
 -*.*>���    ���' spf.Su 6ver all ranks and  classes,
gThe Ontario Government must j and the humble costermonger has
be getting short of cash, It has
raised the marriage license fee from
$2 to JS5, The man who issues the
license gets $2 and the government
The Mercury, Estevan, Sask.,
under the caption of "The Last
Croak" says:���"Some lime before
the close of the vear the electors of
this province will have the opportunity to express their considerate
opinion on the dispensary system
in particular, and the liquor tr,-.de
generally. A bill to that end will
be passed at the present session of
the Legislature. liming this session also a bill will be passed ex
laid down his life alongside the de
bounair son of a duke wilh a commission in the Grenadier guards,
and the gay young stockbroker.
"Did he live? No, he died, but the
battle was won" might well be the
epitaph of such as these, but the
fact remains that they have gone
from us, who formerly were part
and parcel of lhe community.
The   New
Spring and Summer
Styles and Fabrics
Individual Ladies'
Suits, Coats, Skirts
to your measure
All  Garments  are
guaranteed for
Fit,   Style, Quality
children.    Of course   the   author!
lies    have    done    what    they can
Nor has the wastage in human
life been at work among men alone
nor has it been directly due to war 1
alone. Last year in Great Britain
infant mortality was alarmingly
high. Women could not replace
slon aiso a oni win uc jjaaocu v_,-, men without some sacrifice or de-
tending the full franchise to women, partment from which such aid \-as
There can be no possible doubt as withdrawn, and along with other
to what the verdict on lhe liquor | sufferers, the burden fell upon the
question will be. l~1.ii.1-_.,      1 if ,.,���,,,.,.   tl���.   mitliori-
Whatever disagreeable features
the dispensary may have, it must be
admitted that it is a vast improvement on the open bar; the custom
of social drinking has all but been
abolished and the people have had
an opportunity to test their capability lo make a clean sweep of the
system. Even without the votes of
the women it is almost certain that
a vote on total prohibition would
carry in Saskatchewan today.
When lo this favorable attitude is
added the weight and influence of
the women the verdict can never be
doubted. '
While the quick change of scnli-
by sending out lecturers,  doctors  debt ������ paid     Therefore does it be-
and nurses, but the   act remains hotve everyone to observe the rules
'       *    ' ���-        ----.-     -.       t... 1 #._.��>     -hr��.i tli- I       -  �� ,., .,, ,a1 _1_
that /he nation   has   lost  dlractlv | ^heBkh7etw^*rfly^rtir*remtd"to
and indirectly through war, valu-1 th-e childre)1,    Tliey may  uot die
able lives  that   can   never be   re
In our Dominion and in our own
province, the same cause is at work
���war, the destroyer. There are
already the widowed, the fatherless
and the desolate. "If blood be the
price of liberty, God knows we ha'
paid it in full," to slightly alter
Kipling's famous lines, but the
price will   be   heavier  before   the
they may escape
- into caricitures of
men    and   women
The very Inkiest quality -eed---c��reliilly tested fur use in llritish Columbia, Owing to present conditions, seed shortage is expected ilirougliout Dominion,   Order BARIA' II you wish prompt supply
CLOVERS mil kinds)   ORASSBS    TIMOTHY (99 1 2 p.c. pure)
All kinds nl Vegetables such as Tuilllp, Mtiugle, Ctirrot, Sugar
Beet, etc., etc. Also (nil line ol Seed Grains, Including lending
varieties nl Wheat, Oats, Hurley, I've and I'eus
Look   tor   Circle  "V"  Trademark  on
each baff,   ORDER WITHOUT D   LAV
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Telephone -VI
p, MovlU, Mi
I'm! ul Bridge
Honeft   Beer
The greatest authority I know as to whether liquor is
a poison is Mr, Samuel Snndcinan, of London, ling',, onetime Governor of the Bank of England, and now a'Director,
who 25 years ago I used frequently lo see drive up to the
private entrance of that great house. He celebrated his s-lth
birthday the middle of lusl month, and says life is still sweet
to him at that age, He has not had a doctor or medicine for
20 years. His specific I'or health aud happiness is���Don't
worry; don't march half way to meet trouble, but stand your
ground and light them. Same as I ant now doing the Prohibitionists. And above till keep your pecker up. Then you can
laugh at the slings and arrows, He'd bad plenty of them in
his time, but cheerfulness had conquered them all, lie said
never touch spirits except in a medicinal way, thev arc poison;
but a little wine for the Stomach's sake is excellent. If in
these tumultuous war limes the Kxeclicqlior will not run to
Port or Sherry, then drink the Wine of your Country,
Honest  Beer---
the grand drink that George Harrow  wrote so nobly about.
Honest Beer-
has done as much to build up the llritish spirit and the British
stamina as the  Roast  Beef of  Old  England,    It's both food
and drink, and you cannot go wrong if you stick to it.
Ask my old sport the Coster if, what Sandeman says
about Beer is true? 'K'll tell you 'e enjoys it quite as much
as'is donkey docs the tea leaves'e saves up for 'i 111 to eat
wen 'e gives 'im er rest in 'is back yard 011 cr Sunday. I've
told 'im to keep 'is pecker up, as those cruel Prohibs wouldn't
succeed in cuttin' it orf.
Wot's more Great Britain, Russia. France and Germany arc supplying the Tommies iu the base camps, if not ill
the trenches, with this glorious honest beer.
Good-day Sir, keep yotu pecker up.
Courtenay, B C, March 20, 1916.
Good going April 19, 21 and 24, return
limit Apl, 26; fare and onc-fiith for'jound trip
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and  Way  Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines to all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
Dill, PuiM-er Agent, V.elori-
Agrnt Courttnaii, Plione R60
in infancy, but
only to grow iq
whal.   healthy
should be. .
Years ago one frequent explanation of the death of a young person was merely " he took sick and
died." or "she went into a decline"
Today it is instead ascribed to the
contaminating influence of the
housefly or to the dread ravages of
consumption. Lecturers come
around and tell about these great
enlmies of the human race, and the
audience, fiercely interested for the
afternoon or evening, says " how
terrible" and goes home to a house
open to attacks both by the housefly and by tuberculosis��� and does
nothing, probably looks forward
iiistead in the next lecture, this
time on dressmaking and nothing
to be afraid of.
The leading municipalities are
having a "clean up" week, add the
householders are joining in. Away
with rubbish heaps, and glory holes
junk cupboards and manure piles,
stagnant pools and dirty poultry
runs, and the like. 'Cause why ?
Cause the safety of every man,
woman, child and animal demands
it, thats why.    Clean up !
M, Manson. M.P.P., for Comox
District has   succeeded in   getting
I two bills introduced in the legisla-
i ture in the Interests of the soldiers
I of the Expeditionary Forces
who have enlisted and already hold
pre-emption records a free Crown
grant to their land.
The second bill has to do with
Returned Soldie-s; that is anyone
who has received an honorable discharge from an Overseas Fotce.
All land owners who   hold land ,	
under    application    to    purchaser
will be  required to  complete said | In   the   Supreme   Court   of
A Special meeting of the Board of Id-
cense CotiniiissioiHTs for the City ol
Courtenay will be held in the Municipal
Office 011 Saturday, the eighth day of
April, at tile hour ol 7.Mi o'cloc., p. 111.
W. A. W. Humes,
C, M. C.
purchase within six months of the
passage of this act. Failing this,
such land reverts to the Crown and
will be administered under the Ke-
t urned Soldiers Homestead Act.
The act provides for proportionate allotments ill case of failure to
fully complete payments, It also
provides that the Minister may administer such lands ill what manlier he may deem advisable tocreat
a fund to loan money to returned
soldiers on their pre-emptions.
The length of time required for
residence will be   set by   order-in-
By this act all lands that are not
payed for in six months and any
government lands that may be required to accomodate returned sol
diers will be set aside and administered under the Relumed Soldiers
Homestead Act,
This act also provides for loans
to Returned Soldiers otherwise
Ihnn the loans authorized under
the Agricultural Credits Act,
Mr. Manson is to be congratulated upon obtaining Ibis legislation which is   particularly   applic-
British Columbia
III the Matter of John Hardy, Deceased,
and 111 the Matter of the Administration Act.
NOTICE that by order of lii��
mour, fudge llurker, made the
22nd day of March, A. Ii. iyit>. I waa
appointed Administrator lo all and sing
gular the I'state ol John Hardy, Deceased, and nil pnrtio- having claims against
the suid Estnle are hereby required lo
furnish same, properly verified, to me
on or before the l.'tli day ol May, 1915.
And all parties indebted to salt! Estate
I are required to pay the amount ol their,
indebtedness to nie forthwith.
Official Administrator
Dated  at  Courtenay   this   1st   Day  ol
April, A. 11. 1916,
.lie r,.\ pciiuioiiiii.)   I'uicc*,. > nnu  ...������*-     1 .-        --
Piie first one guarantees to those able to his constituents in   Comox
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courteu
District, and we should be congratulated on buying a member who is
so alive to the interests of his constituents. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
r**-.*-***-"* i "   ���'������
Letter to the Editor
The Vicarage, Cumberland,
April 2nd, [916
Dear Sir:
We .are much interested lu food
values. Will Mr, W. Idiens kindly tell us what ibe food value of
"hi,'i't'Kl beer" is?
Some of us who lind milk and
cocoa rather insipid might be inclined lo substitute beer if it can be
proved 10 be of value as a " food."
Will lie also Rive us a definition
of "honest beer" and where It cnu
be obtained in 11   C. ?
Does he tii'-.111 the kind not containing arsenic, or is there a special
brand which can be termed "honest" because it docs not steal men's
brains nor rob women aud children
of food, clothing and shoes,
Yum.-- truly,
A,   UlSCMl.AOTtH,
B.C. Sends Another Battalion
The 67th Battalion, Western
Seols, lilt Vit im in for Kurope on
the 2.|ih inst., and in view of the
ninny months spent in the<iiv, will
be gicai Iv missed .    The   regiment
can be relied    upon t<i   give a good
account of Itself when it reaches
lln front, and great things will be
expected of it. The 88th Halt , is
now the senior body in Victoria,
the 103rd, Timber Wolves, being
next iii succession, followed by the
*4_id, Bantams, which last is
steadily filling, lhe two former being practically at full strength,
The 1 nh Canadian Mounted Rifles
has been authorized lo become an
infantry battalion and now requires
500 men tt; complete its establishment, The 50th Re.iment, Gordon Highlanders, are agitating to
be allowed to raise a Scots Battalion for active service, and if lhe
request is granted, Victoria will
have au authorized force of nearly
6,000 men in process of mobilization, and the greater proportion of
them already raised.
Hon fi mill's urea Including lO-'nd Hut-
tnlioti, approxlinatelv 4,nun. Five days
have elapsed nntl no response my ^JS to
,S1 bet Unit Dowser wouldn't bring in 0
bill "no compensation." is it because
betting is Illegal or 1-robibs know Unit it
would be u swindle nol lo compensate?
Have wired Province (o correct. Please
ask Bowser to read this at prohibition
meeting tomorrow,��� Idiens,"
3, What about that free library
I mentioned lasl week? Is it the
intention of that rich ex-alderman
to show' his generosity and have a
marble monument erected to bis
.t, (loud day, Dear Editor, I
thank you for the space given me
to review Ihings, and hope you'll
keep your pecker up in ihese tumultuous war times, which a glass
of that glorious honest beer will
enable you to do.���Critic.
Woman's Auxiliary toM.S.C.C.
The Annual Meeting of the local
brunch was   held in   Couitenny on
I I'lidav lasl, when there was a good
altenclniice,    The billowing officers
I weie elected;
i    President, Mis. I.a vend..
j    Vice President, Mrs. J. 11, Bally'
Hon. Vice Pies,,  Mrs. Wilh mar
I    Secretary, Mis. LJvery-Claylon
Treasurer, Mrs. Brock,   .
Dorcas Sec, Mis. CI a /brook,
Literature Sec,, Mrs. Taylor
Box Sec.,   Mis. Smith.
The delegntes   elected to   ."."end
the   diocesan   annual    meeting   in
Victoria were Mrs.   L,aycock   and1
Mrs. Jackson.
At   the   conclusion of   the btisi-
i ness the Vicar addressed  the ladies
I on the words, Woman,   Auxiliary,1
j Church, and briefly referred to the
church iu Britain from  A. D. 314
when bishops and a priest and dea-
jcon attended the Council of   Aries!
to represent  the Church of Britain
and pointing out the   great honour
of being au auxiliary, or helper, of
so ancient a part of the   Church of
Christ.    The meeting   was   closed
bv prayer and the benediction,
Afterwards   tea   and   cake was
1. In reply to nom-de plume
"Reader" the anti-prohibitionists
intend to call a meeting iu the Opera
House, the Agricultural Hall
wouldn't be large enough, when
they know the decision of the Hon.
Bowser, in case they are not in
unison with his ticket.
2. The Prohibs accuse me of
telling lies, What a shame when
they compelled me to send a night
lettergram on Monday last to our
M P.P., M. Manson as follows:
"Proliliiition meeting reported in Province -'sth ulto entirely misleading,
weather instead of being inclement wus
ideal, und meeting not representative ns
stated, llic attendance being ..i, consisting of IS females and 10   males, popula-
The "Viking" Brand
The "Vikings" is the name giv-
j en to the   197th Battalion   now be-
] ing inoboli/.ed   at   Winnipeg,   the
1 reason being   that it is to   be composed solelv ot Scandinavians. The
attitude  of these  gentlemen   is 111
j marked contrast to that of Norway,
I Sweden aud Denmark, who, whatever thev   may  f.*el,   would   lose
were Germany to triumph.
If reading the ads will help you
to buy more wisely, isn't the task
worth while.
Prohibition Results |
In a long article in the  issue ol j
the Portland ''Ore?oninii" of Aptil
1st, concerning the splendid results
of prohibition the following extract
nppcais :    " The merchants speak
emphatically of  ihe increased volume of trade, and Ihe novel prom
ptuess with which bills are paid.
Many .if them relatevpe< iRe instances     Overdue nc.ouills from salaried patrons are   lessening,  and ancient statements   are bung marked,
The stoics and banks repoi t an
increase in   the  number  of   pay-
cheques cashed with ila in,   Before
prohibition   became effective,  the
merchants and bankers  agree, tbe|
pay '.-heck was commonly cashed at 1
the corner saloon. One of the boys
who used   to  cash   his  Saturday I
niglu check  at  tin mahogany bar
smiled  sheepishly  ivlien this  was
recalled to him.   .
"Yes, and ii used to cosl me $1
or $2 in cash ii " he commented.
So tu 1 y little straws in the economic stack seen) lo be influenced
by piohibition that ii is difficult to j
enumerate them, Inn nil point one
way, low aid a liielicr standard of
living and nunc home comforts.|
Butchers, for iiulnuce, report that
workmen who used to buy and take
home 10 or 15 cents worth of meal
in lhe good old days, now call for
25 or 50 cents worth.
"One merchant told me," declared Major Albee, " that his cash
sales had increased 25 percent, and
his collection;. 35 per c.llt since
prohibition, Just a small percentage of the business men of Portland
are dissatisfied. Of these I know
that one or two were in the liquor
Portland banks note a growth in
the savings deposits made by the
wage earners.
Anglican Services
5th Sunday in Lent, April 9, S.
Andrew's Church, Sandwick, n 0
a, in., Litany and Intercessions.
S. John's church, Courtenay, 7.30
p. 111. evensong. There will be a
service in the old school house at
Lazo on Sunday afternoon at 3 p. 111
S Peter's Comox, 5U1 Sunday in
Lent, April 0,, Matins and Litany
at 10.30 a. 111. Service of Intercession for Ihe Empire every Wednesday at 7.30 p. ta.
���here's an
Chick Food >
Contains absolutcl*  the correi t
I    proportions neei ��� n; n> luisli 11
a iturdj growth ��� 11 ilhinn 11 11 c
Royal Standard
Mills Chick Food I
Will not "scour" yiuinji chicks,
causing mortality Contains
ni'iilii r dusl inn waste, Is not
cheapened for sale purpose.
Si c . e 11 t i li i';ill\ compounded;
contains Special High Grade
Meal Scraps, wliicli have Pro-
n in Value el 7" .
Feed ihis lo your Chicks
Watch Splendid Results
Plume 33 End of llriiltr
F.  IHovilz,   IWsr.
���t-fl'U111"1"1! union        *-j_is
Of f i<   1.
/y/'V-M  Uniforms
':<M'!.'l'l        The    I'HC,    I'll
-WfcrMl'     'lunill.yiin.
wm sk
I >!��� y   expect 110 ul
*"*������*���"������''    1.01  I 1
111 o s I
Ta lot 1 can
1 xpei t li    11 us
you  a cni:i|
kit will 1
���"-JL' I   at .1
��     rcniai
111 ..
lieu    ���   [|]
form. 1
��� alion,
��**_*- teitneoM ino
NAVAL,Ml-ITA'*r'?C'Vli [All      S '
747YatesSt.,VICTORIA.B.C. &
r ���������.-���.*������
Courtenay    Hotel
courtes*ay, a c
Comfort  With M di
Rout Winn
: ml Miiuiira
I        KITH
Get Colin Campbell, the local
decorator, to paper that room that
needs doing so bad.
The Editor's thanks are extended
to Messrs. Sutton, Kirkwood,
and Captain Bates for certain has
ketfulls of delicious sea clam*, also
to Harry Loggie for a brace of fine
Brant geese,
PURSUANT to Section 27 of the Trustees Act, notice is hereby given
Unit ",elters Probate to the last Will und
Testament of Win. Lewis, late of Courtenay, B. C, who died on the -1th January :
1916, at Courteuay aforesaid, were issued out ol the Supreme Court ol Hriiish Columbia on the -.nd day of Mnrcli
1916, to Thomas Morgan of tlie City of
Natiiiimo, the sole IJxeeulor appointed
under said Will.
All persons having claims against the
Estate of tlie said William Lewis, <L-
ceased, are hereby required to forward
particulars of their claims duly v.rlfied
and of the nature of the securities (If
any) held by them, to tlie said Thomas
Morgan, on or before the 29th day of
April 1916, after which date said Executor will distribute the assets of the Estate amongst the parties entitled thereto,
having regard to the claims of which he
sliill then have received notice, and will
not be liable for the assets or any part
thereof so distributed, to any person of
whose claim he hail not then notice.        I
Dated this 2-ttli day of March, 1916,
Solicitor for Thomas Morgan, Executor
Cumberland f h te]
Good Accomodation      Cu- ne e'xcelleo,
Wm. Merryfield
Un orietor
Expert Watchmaker   Qualil
s selling Spectacles a;:  ���'..-:
glasses  from  $2.50 per pair
Including sight testing   Bach
eye tested separately to insure
correct vision
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
Courtenay  Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up        Pants $7 up
Your Printing
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C.  than at the
Courtenay Review
The Water Question
Four Good   Houses,
water    and   electric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
Cleaning a
Pres -'-!
51 23
. 51'
. 2"
(lents c
Repairing, Etc
otlles kept ill '.r
ler 1
j the
Haney   I.  Kushida
The same building .-is  Robertson's Drug
Store, Union St., Coiirtcunv
Sand and Gravel
Kates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith aid Carriage Builder
r *if/'_w_--��.*���_>
Get "More Money" for your Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers collected In yoar Motion
house In llic World ilcullng exclusively In MORI I! AMERICAS He.   URS
a reliable���responsible���safe Fur House with an unblei ;.;
utatlon existing; for "more than a third nf a century," .1Ic-no. roc-
cessful record offlendlns Fur Shippers prompt,_ATISPA( . Y
AM. PROFITABLE returns. Write ter "III* *l*iili*i 1 Mloper,"
tlm only reliable, accurate market report am! price list published.
Write for H-NOW-tt'e FREE
He Knew Some
Kil ml  Innl jusi   hpRitn In  mend
the imiilie Bi'hnol, anil hail io ."'I a
lieu friend, n eliilti of �� eon liiliuuiid's
mother liatl never heard
��� Who In Ihis Utile ivalto'." llic
wtked,   "Is l.e n nice Utile boy?"
"Ves,  liiu'niii,  lie    Is! '  repll   '   I'd
nilllld  elllliusllisllcillly
String Made  From  Paper
Sn source lutvo supplies of ordinary  Won-jln-a Vmh Npimloia
siring ami mine bocoiiio Hint efforts IWI VHlllC LILUo JieUIdil'ld,
Sugar Production in Canada
At u meeting of tin* Society of
Chemical Industry held In Toronto re* I
coniiy. Dr, Potvllet, chief cliomlst of
ihe Dominion Sugar company, told of
the various processes in mo best sits-
ar Industry from Us origin In 1147,
when the heel contained only 2 to '
per ciiiit sugar, un to the presenl con*
ten! of 15 to 20 per cent, lln BllOWOd
lluil liie yield of wheat and onls was
Increased   '..';"   In   ,"ii|   per   cent,   when
planted in rotation with suftar-boets
and presaged thai, with government-
nl assistance, as in Europe the Industry would dovolop so llinl till llio
sngur used In C'niiudn inlghl i��' made
here, tho present fuotories nupplylug
only oiiQ-Leu.Ii of th" consumption,
"Wormy," that's what's lhe mailer of 'om, .*"iou*.��ch
nml Intestinal forms, Nearly as bad as distemper, Cast
.ion inn much i" feed 'om, Look bail aro bad. Don't
physio 'em in ileal ll, Spohn'o Compound ��III remove tlm
worms, Improve tie' appctlle, and tone 'om up -.11 round,
nml don'l "physic " Arcs un nlaii.li und blood. Full itlt*_a->
iliniH Willi rinli bottle, met sold bj druggists,
SPOHN   MEDICAL   CO..   Chemists,   CoBhen,   lnd���   U.S.A.
I lie;
have been mndo to ilml nn effecilvo
siiiiMimie, and mi engineering firm,
nfler it number of exporltneiil t, has
st nit i'ii nm manufacture of siring
iiiaiie from paper,
in nppeiirnnco the new string which
"lines he saj an\  imugluy  ''ords," I Is suitable   or iho lying of purcols
pursued ills mother. of fair size, is exactly similar to Hu
"No    repitod    I'tliuiuul,    .villi    em
Brings Reliei Instantly
Care Pain nr Soroncss
.More than 300 Japanoso have cull k 11> it In Vancouver I'or overseas service. The citizens In Canada from Hie
Empire of japan are doing their share
In furnishing men tor ihe rnnlis.of the
phaslB, "and  I'm  no
him any:
. ���, '.. leach
Ottawa Girl's
Message of Hope
Miss Logan Tells How They Relieved
Her of Pains and Acher, So Many
Run-down   Women   Know.
Mason villi*. June .7. 13,
Minard's Llnlmont Uo��� Limited,
Vannouth, M.S.
tleiilleiiien,    II     affords   tne   gl'oal
,,    ���      .    .���     ...    ,..          I pleasure and must be-gratifying to
,No  Remedy  Like Old     Nerviiine    to | you    to know that after using ::g
bottles of jour Hutment on a case
of paralysis which my fnlher was
afflict 'd wilh, I was able, io re-
stum bint to normal condition,   Mop
inn other sufferers may he benelllled
l.y   ih>* use of > nil c l.lultncul. 1 urn.
Sine.'rely J'OIll's,
t  (cheering up. as ho
I'.iil ish     Mesiipolaiuhiii I:
Ottawa, out. (Special! i am
glad to say I have found Dodd's Kidney Pills havo done me a wonderful
lot of good." So snys Miss Gladys 13.
M. Logan, .04 Queen street, this city.
"I Buffered irom drowsiness and
sharp pains across my back. My sleep
was broken and imrefreshlng 1 had
headaches and was subject lo neuralgia and rheumatism, 1 was depress-,
ed and low spirited und troubled with
palpitation of Hie heart.
"I was nlwii's   tired   and nervous!
Thai  terrible ache   how win fairly
genulno article,   mid II is d mil    >   [    -vlth It   that slabbing, burning
detect lho difference.   Only one thick-1neuralgia���what   misery   it   causes,
uess     li tt m  so  fill'  I n   pi'OtlUCiitl,  hut   Never mind,  will dou'l   have lo suffer
further varieties    will no   doubl  be     use Nerviiine, It's a sure cure.   Not.
manufactured, an experiment, because   nearly forty I
years of wonderful success has made'
a name for .Nerviiine among the poo
pie of many ditferoill  nations. "There       Mr.   I'.'ssh
is nothing speedier to end Neuralgic reads paper)
headache   than   old-time 'Xervliliio,'" success.
|writes Mr (1. ('. Dal_Tolsh, front E\ \ Mrs. Pessimist That's lhe worsl of
niistou, "It is so powerful nnd neno* H, They mess up all their successes,
Iratlng thai  it seems to eat. up any.     Punch.
pain in ti minute.   My famli; couldti'i ' _______	
net along withoul Norvlllne. Wo al- -,,,. |mticatlona or worms are rest*
ways keep the 60c rumlly size bottlo l08BneHB, grinding uf Hie tooth, pick-
handy on the shell, and use il lo end ���_��� ,,|' ,,,��� ������;���, extreme peevishness,
chest coins, sort, throat, coughs, oar* ottcn COnvitli*Ions,    Under ihese con-
lhal     Nouragla    Is ri cry irom tlie  ttcho .toothache and pain In the back. altlong lh(, ,,���s(. remedy that can he
nerves   tor   better   blood.    In other ij-y wife swears   by   Nerviiine.   For ". ������ j}������������& Worni Powdors,   Tliey
Permanently   C!.m*ctl   Through
the I 'st: of Dr. Williams'
Pink I'ills
WeiR-ij Highest Values/
Writ&for Price List E? ���%
jnd Shipping Ta^i ...
���rA��v_i��. / ���*.'��' ifltfeKlWINlPa*. C ivrw.il
Cook's Cottoa Root Compound.
A trtfe, reliable requ/,uinf\
fneitlaine. Sola la toroa de*t
greas of strength. Nu. l,
111 Nn. II, ��*; No, 3, "5
per bu<. Held by all
druggists, ur sent pre*
pni.i in plnlti paokaga on
receipt uf price. Fits
pamphlet.   Aiiiii'i'Hn:
I0.0Sto.osT. (r.__i- .uu-h*
A clever medical   w rlter
that   "Nouralgla
has said
nn il
rHRNKWr-ICN.HREMItOV. N-l. ��-���_ N.I.
THERAPION li':;;1,:,",!:;:;,.
Iron! .in'i'i".**!, i URE8I MnOHIOWBAKNttSBi LOST Vii-iH
VIM. KIDNBV, Hi.Ainii'.t'. liinitAsi'ii, nLOOU POISON.
ni-BH. J.irilKH Nn. i������-.!���-.hi*.i���. ur .(All SI, I'OBT 1 crt
roUOKRA lo.lli), BKKKMAN HI -NEW VORK nr l.ni \H mint
ronouio.  wmir. nil* rftCG hook ro i>it. i ic ci-i'i-a
BI THAI' TRADE MAKMtli -v-'lfi.  ' IHIlKAfluN' ISO!
ll.uovi. ii *_r Arruiu lo all uimii.sk i-ac.it.
words, neuralgia is nol a tllseu
crumps its   effect is astonishing antii^m atlnek the worms as soon as ad-
Is only a symptom, but a very painful  wo believe it Is  belter and sp Uo** mltilstoretl   and   win  grind   thorn   to
3ne.    Neuralgia    Is    the surest  sign than any other household i'tinillj rem
thai your blood is weak, watery and
Impure, lllld lhal your nerves are literally starving, Had blood Is the
one cause���rich, red blood the only
cure, This gives yon tho real reason wh\ I ir. Williams' Pink Pills cure
neuralgia. They are the only medicine thai contains in correct propor-
1- net mora neccMiiry
l)umSmallpox,   Aniiy
-  ������  y.wiw experiencelu��aemootitttei
atoms that pass away In  tho evaetin-1    " " ��� �����---_>��� n,��� nlmIll, ���,lr,cul0UJ ���.���.
Clt}'.'                                                           I lions.    The little sufferer will be iini eacy, nnd barmleunesSior Antityphoid Vaecltt_tlo��>
 ..    ..                         mi.ill-ilelv eased   and  n   i-plurii  or lbs Be Y��coln��le d NOW by yout pkyilclnn, you ��nd
n, (������,,,,,                          | miitl.iliiy i.isi.i   .tii a leiiuii or ino -0..,Minifl  n |, m0re vial than houie Imuwoce,
u' 1*'0ms'*                            attack will not bo likely. Aikyour pby��lclanidm-nr_t,or��endfot ''Haw
ll   was   little   Eddy's    first   term   at                         ��� ���  IW-.-id Typhoid!" telllnt of Typhoid Vaccine,
school and his mother had been tell-      "Was her father violent when you remlte from tne, nnd danjer from Typhoid Cattlen.
ins the rich old uncle how well lhe asked htm for her hand?"
little boy was getting along with Ills:    "Was lie'.'    Croat, gnus:    I thought
similes and how dearly lie loved his   he'd shako niv hand off."
and verv sensitive and there were hui- ] 'l0!1*  Il,e elements  needed  to make school.	
lows under my eyes rich, red,blood,    I ins new, rich blood j    "Well, my little   man,"   said    the      Minard's Liniment Cure. Colds, etc.
: reaches    the    root    of the   trouble,  uncle  as  the  child  returned    home,  _	
soothes tho jangled nerves, drives "whal do yon do In school all day?"' The life ot an aeroplane In active
away lho nagging, starving pain, and, "i wall till it's time to so home," service is onlv threo or four months,
braces up your health iu other ways  was Teddy's matter-of-fact reply,        lit has been found by experience.
"For two years I was 111 tills worn-
oul condition, often having to lay off
I'm' a day or two, I wns attended by
doctors and wasted money on useless
medicines,    bul   I  only   found  reliei
whin I  used  Dodd's  Kidney  Pills,
Miss Logan's statement Is a message of hope to thousands of women
In Canada, They are suffering jusl
as she Buffered, She wants them to
know thev can llnd relief iu Dodd's
Kldiiej  Pills
Nothing slow"aliout the Japanese. A
Tot.in merchant advertises that
"Hoods aro despatched to customers'
bouses with the rapidity of a Shot
from a cannon's mouth."
Farm   Products  in  B.  C.
While the total valuo of farm pro-
duels of llritish Columbia in lull �� is
over 530,000,000 tho  Province bough
lroui  the  resl  of Canada $"0,000,n
worth   of   the   same   class   of   goods,
including $.,400,000    worth of flour,
and   from  other    countries     similar
goods lo the value of $6,000,000. These
purchases    from    oiilsiiln     included
$5,500,000 .vorth or live stock, $4,500,*
000 of dairy products, $8,1100-000    oi
menl  products, $800,000 of fruit    and
$1,400,000 of eggs,    All of which goes
to show thai mere is Btill a good home
market   for   Hriiish   Columbia    fa
products, - Vancouver    News-Advert*
is or.
as well. In proof of these statements
Mrs. A, T. Onlton, Little Sheuioguo,
N.H.. says: "A lew years ago my
mother was nn intense sufferer from
neuralgia, which was located ill lier
face, head nnd shoulders. The pain,
especially in her Lead, was intense,
She doctored for some time wlthoui
gelling relief and there goonied to be
no ceasing of the pain whatever, Instead it seemed Id he oxtendillg and l
her whole nervous system became nf-|
I'eeted.     finally   she     decided   to   try I
lir. Williams' Pink Pills. After taking
I hem for a while the pain in her head
became less severe, and of course litis |
was a greal  relief lo her.    ruder the j
conl in.led use of the Pills she felt herself growing bettor and stronger each
day until she was no longer a sufferer
j nnd was   completely   cured,   and has
fell   no    symptoms    of    Ihe  trouhbi
You enn gel Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
I from any medicine dealer, or by mail,
I post, paid,   at  30 euuls ii box    or six
'   boxes for $2.30 from The. Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.,  Ilroekville, Oni.
MoauciHe vaccinia �� uhjai u*io'- u. I. eon. ticmie
"Have you a stove lifter I could borrow'.'" asked the woman who had Just
moved 111.
"I'm sorry to say I haven't, but my
husband is a piano mover," suggested
the woman next door.
often come from simples1:
For instance���one's daily
food plays a big pari in de-
cidin"" for success or failure.
To bring out the best
menial and physicial forces
sound nourishment is imperative.
..,,,. One form of agricultural co-opera*
'farm I *'"" '���' Ireland has for its object the
purchase of all kinds of farm Implements from a one-horse plow ton high-
power tractor. The implements are
hired out to the members of the
made of whole wheat and
malted barley, supplies in
splendid proportion all the
rich nourishment of the
grains, including the valuable mineral elements, lacking in many foods, but most
necessary for vigor and activity of brain and body.
" There's a Reason "
Made in Canada
Sold by Grocers.
How's This?
Wc cfTer Ono Ilmiclre.. Dollars Ho-
ward for any case of Catarrh tl at
caunot 1j�� cured by Hall's Catarrh
l-\ .1. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O,
Wi*. lho undersigned, have known B\ .7.
c\m ney for tlio last IB years, nml believe
I him perfectly honombto In all   business
transactions and ilnanclall:' able to carry
i out any obligations mado bv his firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh turn fs taken Internal"
j ly, acting directly upon tlie blood nnd mu-
i cons surfaces  af -i e system, Testlmon-
| lals sent free,   'ii e, ',:> ct-uia per bottle.
; Sold  by mi I3ru_.glsts.
Talio Hall's Kamily Tills for constipation. ���
They  ^nauaOrtv-
Can be Avoided
W. N. U. 109*
I". M. Logan of Saskatcliewan lie-
partnienl of Agriculture is nutliority
for  llio    statement    that    llio    lirst
��� creamery In Canada, ns f. r as can he
learned, wns started in 187:l in 11 nut -,
i Ingiton county, Quebec,    Two   years I
Inter u creamery was started tit TeeB*
j wntcr. Out,, and others followed  In
! rapid succession.
A Pill for Ail Seasons.���Winter and
summer, in any lattlttido, whether In
torrid zone or   Arctic   temperature,
i Pnrmelee's Vegetable Pills oan bo depended upon to do their work.   Tho
dyspeptic will find ihem a friend al-
1 ways ami should carry them with him
I everywhere.   They are made to with-
: stand uny climate and are warranted
: in keep their freshness and strength.
They do not grow Btnle, a qualll) nol
' possessed  in  many  pills  now  on  lho
Mater   Whal are you doing   here,
��� Harold"
Harold (apprehended in the pantry)
i -cr   I  lust thou ihi  tnnybo you'd
I lend me a [ew cookies.
I    Mrs. daddy   Mrs.  Richly    lias bo
, miii h i mbonpolnt,
I    Mrs. Comeup    \n.i I bi i -' o bragi
she Imported it. Ilkt  everyllilug   else
I she limi, from Paris,
For Appendicitis���I'sed
Ur. Chase's Kidney-
I.lver Pills ami
\^'hs Completely Cured.
Mrs. .1. A, Ballan-
tyne, Sturgeon Falls,
On'.., writes : "My husband was treated for
appendicitis and tha
doctors ordered an
operation. But ho
would nol consent to
im operation and he-
Kan tho ese of Dr.
Chase's Kidney - I.lver
rills. Sines doing so
ho lias lutd no need of
en operation or even of
a doctor, as the troublo
h is Qinpletely left him,
l cannot llnd words to
npoak our gratitude for
Ills curo. Dr. Chase's
Medicines havo proven
i :' wonderful benefit In
nur home, ns llio Olnt-
moni ourod my little
girl of a severe burn,
when i ol 'iini? elso
v. mid bring relief."
Dr. David II. Reedcr writes aa follows nl appendicitis :������ ���
"In 1'iiiisidei'inK the treatment of any condition of sickness it.
lms a'.-viiys been my rule lo first find the cause. To my
mind, It's tho only logical way. Many people, seem to think
that If they have bad an operation for appendicitis they aro
.forever Immune, and need have no further fear along thai
lino, but I say emphatically, and .1 think you will agree l
mn right, that after an attack of appendicitis, even though
you have been successfully operated upon and the appendix
removed, your troubles have only Just begun unless you
remove the cause.   V.'hat was the cause of the appendicitis '.'
"The thoughtless will say Inflammation in the atppendlx.
No, Inflammation in lhe appendix Is appendicitis, but what
caused th*i Inflammation, V Constipation, yes. that is tho
prime cause. IC you were never constipated you would
forever be safe. Appendicitis is only one ot the results of
the retention of fecal matter ln the colon for too long a
There is no longbr any question that lhe real cause of
appendicitis is constipation. By keeping the bowels regular
you uot only prevent appendicitis, Imt also a host of other ills,
some of which are even more dangerous than appendicitis.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver I'ills are recommended to you ia this
connection, not as a mere relief by effecting tho movement of
tha bowels, but rather as a positive cure for constipation, As
is well known, the bile secreted by the healthful action of llio
liver is Nt lu ''s eallini'tie. So long as ihe bile flows freely
into the in .mes there is no constipation of the bowels and
no clogging of the excretory organs. Hence the wisdom of
using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills to ensure regular working
of the liver, kidneys and bowels. Vou thereby save yoiirsel-
muo.h ineonvenienee from the minor ills of life, and cusuro
against such fatal diseases as appendicitis and peritonitis.
Dr. Uiru-o's llecl-io Book, 1,000 selected -..clpes, seal free, if you mentiou lhl_ puper, 51
War Interrupts Efforts Which May be
Resumed   When   Peace   is
Archangel Now Takes a Lending Place Among the Wheat Exporting Ports, and Should be Kept in Mind in Calculating
The Possibilities of the Hudson Bay Route
most in
In  in
���     Wl
lie       sei
s confine
d   10
ill    ex
row gatigo
Vologda   is very
side of Archangel
for breeding blue
front  Archangel  to
limited.   Just out-
i  large fur farm
white  and  blncli
other locnl   products   of   Northern
Hussln; 'bin  now  Archangel    is Ibe
only   purl   of   European   Itusslu   open
for foreign irntle by direct sen com-
munlcntloii, ami logothor wiih
Vhullvostoll loriiis one of lhe two
channels for suppl} for liussia.
Archangel is situated on tlio Dwlno
river,   which nl Hint iiolnl  is nboul
two  uml   ii   huh   miles   wide,   wilh   a
depth o| between :'!' lo 41! feet.    The
till'    Item   Ihe   While   Sell   ttUlOlllltS   10
feel,    nml    iii     various
foxes is iiii Interesting fe:
Today   Arclinngel    is
mosl    inipiii'iniii    wheal
pnrtti of the world, n  fuel
lu mind iu eiilculnllng ihe
1 ties ui' porl Nelson nml ih
I Bay   rollto   ns   mi   outlet
Western Canadian w hen: >
Untied   Kingdom,  Denmnrlt
I Sweden, llelgluin, nml    Fr
me of ihc
lo he kept
Extraordinary revelations of reputed plans uf German} to establish a
foothold iu several republics of the
western hemisphere, nnd in the Don*
Isll West Indies. In defiance of I lie
.Monroe doctrine, lire in tlie possession
of ihe committee of foreign relations
of the I'lliteil Suite:; senate,
Tii" documents in the possession of
the committee purport io prove:
I Tlutl llenniiuy sought to establish n
sphere of influence in Nicaragua, hy
purchase of the Inier-oceanli canal
route and ihe rlgln Lo establish navalIJjVat ear
bases. lentyflve
i    Thut Germany songlii to gnln :i fooi-
jhohi lu Colombia  by negotiating fur
an  inier oeemih' ennui concession ami
plantations and the
it nuval base nt Car*
Carelessness of Otlr People is the Cause of One of the Heaviest
Drains Upon Our Resources, and Much Loss Could be
Avoided by Exercising Ordinary Precautions
alimil   Hire
landing Btngei
water is, as
i Ily.
11 till HOII
for the
top.    Tlm I*'
Norway, WW-
line have I    Thnl Qc
ihc purchase of
liilillsliuieiil of :
many git
their own consulates al Archangel, IfliUnco in Pnragtiaj
The United .suites has no consular army, uml Is carrj
reiii'eseulnllvo, ' plan in Chile,
That (lermany soi
Tl fee
I  .It
;, narrowly buill
ami    outlying
lhe  While Sen,
more     I huu   ill)
angel is ii lonj
with    suburbs
houses i -.lending lo
Hie extension  being
miles.   The main si reel Is more Ihan
six   miles  long.  The Shipping  on   the
river down lo the White Sen is considerable.   The   city   lias   3D large
phis today, ngallisl Ihree piers two
years ago,    Nol less Ihnn  103 huge
'warehouses have sPlTIHg up in the
;i:si year. Inn yel there is a great
Insufficiency of piers and warehouses, as a resull of which ships
arriving have to lie in ihe stream
lor weeks ami weeks before Ihey
<iin unload. However, Hie authorities have done wonders and are pre*
paring   and   planning  to    meet   the
gain a fool-
Seeking a Non-Rust Wheat111" ��� ""������," i'-rough eoutroi ot the
.customs and  the establishment ot  a
_ _ .      ,,   , _ 'nuval hnse at .Mole st. Nicholas.
'Experiment* Being Made lo Develop,    -,���.,  ,.,.....,.,,,,. practically controls
An analysis of the fire losses In t'mi-o
adit during It'll, ns compiled by lhe I
Monetary Times, discloses some Inter-1
estlng conditions.    Tin's   statement
uhsinntliiies   ami verifies the charge
lessness Is^ilie cause of scv-
por cent, of Canada's   tire
it would naturally be expected that
tho greater number of (Ires would be
lu factories usiiii; power or llres for
manufacturing processes, and  where
I accumulations of shavings mid other
led paramount In- waste are exposed  in tire from  file-
by organizing the Hon.     spontaneous   combustion,   or
hk om a similar other causes,
Such Is nol ihe ease, ny far the
greater number of fires were in buildings In which none of these risks oc-
cur, Factories contributed only iill
llres;  various mills only 12; laundries
Farm Labor Condition!
Solution    of   Farm   Help   Problem   in
Farmers' Own Hands
of ihe ice farmers visited lust similiter in connection with the survey
conducted by the commission of con*
I serration, ll per cent, employ ma!.*
help hy the year; 11 per cent, hy the
month; 31 per cent, hy the day; the
balance employing It in various ways.
Sixty-four per cent, employ Canadian
' horn help; 13 per cent. British born
help, while Iwo per cent, einplo; help
Of alien birth.   A large majority re-
I port the labor satisfactory, while four
per cent, report labor unsatisfactory.
, Fourteen   per cent,  employ  married
Specier. of Wheat That
Resist  Rust
and I
Experiments    are  now   under  way
nl the Minnesota State Agricultural
college���wh'eh are expected to have a
marked effect on the future production of wheal in Minnesota and the
Northwest. The object the experts
have set for themselves Is lhe development of a species of wiieat
which shall resist rust. The Ineffectiveness of the presenl to do this if
an annual worry lo American farmers and grain dealers, and a source
of loss amounting in the aggregate
lo many millions of dollars in unfavorable years.
The authorities at. the Minnesota
enormous traffic next spring. Thai School of Agriculture are endeavor-
chief drawback is. ns is well known, Ing to combine two Important species
the question of Ice in-the winter, and of wheat, the blue stem, which is
if ii had not been for Ihis obstacle j widely grown in the American north-
Archangel would be the finest port in . west, and is famous for Its prollfi-
the world, as It has nearly TO miles cacy, and the durum, equally noted
of river frontage mailable for Ships for its rust-resisting qualities, The
drawing up to 23 feet. | United   Stales  government  and  lhe
Archangel's magnificent system of-stale of .Minnesota have already ex-
Inland waterways, through the pended $20,000 in the work, witli
jjwlna river, is a great fealure, as Important results. The cross has
it is possible to ship Roods direct by been successful, after ten years of
water 1o nearly all the principal experimentation, but the college Is
towns in    liussia.    Barges and river! withholding the new seed  from  the
lho island of St. Thomas In lease from
Denmark, and has established there a
base of great strategic value, particularly because of Us proximity to Porto |
llieo and Hit' Panama Canal. |
The committee also has .loi'tniiciit- i cDiintry. wen
��� I3S barns ami stables, list stores, 48
hotels, 44 business sections and
blocks, 26 warehouses, is offices, ll
men,  lull, only ten  per cent, have a
-,; engine houses, I; machine shops, .; ;,,,-,������_, 0_ .*,��� flll.m t0l. liie hir,.,. ma_
sawmills, 12; foundries. 2; while pow-1unfortunately    many    of those  who
have houses are employing single men
nnd  only a  few eases   were  found
where the farmer employing a married
man had a house for him '.o live lu.
er    houses,    blacksiAith    shops
iothers had a clean record.
Against this and constituting a rec-
; oni which should he a disgrace lo any
(J7li llres In dwellings,
ni'y evidence Indicating lhat, although
the European war has Interrupted the
prosecution of those plans, Germany
plans to resume the efforts to participate In the affairs In the western hemisphere,as soon us peace shall he restored.
Ammunition is Expensive
boats, carrying up io 2,000 tons of
freight and drawing about six feet
of water, can he satisfactorily used
in eairying freight all over the
country. ' The Dwina river begins
freezing 111 October. This year it was
hoped to keep the river open from
Arclinngel out lo the White Sen till
aboul December IB. Two of lho largest ice-breakers In the world are
now in Archangel, and several more
Ice-breakers are now being constructed in England.
The work that was carried out last
gammer and autumn by the Russian
authorities was mosl admirable, in
spite of lhe great accumulation of
goods and
farmers uniil certain difficulties have
been overcome.    Among ihese is the
poor    baking    quality     of    th
It Costs More to Shell Than to Build
a Town
One thing the present war has
shown us���It costs Infinitely more to
destroy u village or a (own by high
explosive shells Ihan it costs to build
Perhaps tl.e linest instance of Ihis
is Soiichez.
Souches. is, as nn artillery officer
expressed it, "beautifully" destroyed. I
There is not one stone lefi standing
on another; there is not even a whole i
stone or brick. Never In the history j
of war has any village received so
! many shells as Souchez, and iheir'
cost'would certainly suffice io build
new Lp that \illage again fifty or a hull* |
dred  tluies over.
schools and colleges and 2!i sheds.
Some of the causes of the fires were I
���Electrical  defects,  .",,",:    lamps and :
lanterns, 20; defective and overheated j
stoves, furnaces, and  chimneys,  llll:
sparks from chimneys,  ll;    candles,
etc., li; ashes, s;  matches, CO; cigar
and cigarette stubs, 15; defective gas
appliances,  21;   oil  sloies  upset and
exploded, in; spontaneous combustion
All of the foregoing causes may he
overcome by the exercise of only ordinary precautions. Not one of them
needs lo he repeated during current
years. Canada cannot afford to burn
up her resources us she has been doing. As in Ureal Britain, there Is need
of husbanding all our available assets
for the great national work In hand,
ami ii behooves Canadians to make
every effort lo reduce 111 u larm: degree' Iho llres resulting from causes
entirely under control.
ll is the general opinion anion, tie
fanners who have little or no trouble
In securing satisfactory help that the
solution of ihe farm help probl
largely in the farmer's own bands, :ti
wages, treatment and heir* ���"".Of.,
lu Conservation.
Young Men and the War
Until (his defect is    remedied the I    There   exists    a    certain   viaduct
cross-strain will not be given to the which   was  blown  up al  the begin-
world.    It is understood that the by-  nlng of the  war an<! then  repaired
brld plant has retained perfectly the | by    the    French at a cost of about
high   productivity of  (he  blue  stem
wheat, and the sound rust resistivity
of (he  durum.    But the  authorities
will   nol.   be satisfied until (hey can
bring (he new strain up to the proper baking standard.
Germany on Verge of Starvation
in. I.  -irriMt" d-iv and     rha tact that Germany actually is
XWiSW _ra��f �� ����� r ��, rn"tlic s,m,e-
&   firms  have  been  shipped   by j �� �� -   ��   *        al.
firms  have
or barges mil
been  shipped   by
s packed for par-
may expect a new period of hungering
on an extensive scale," it says. "The
he-1 gigantic    burden of taxation    which
 ..*.������ I diets a most serioir  situation.    "We
eels (lost, when thev have been taken |
by the railway company. Besides Arch
angel, at Kola. In Lapland, across the
Murman penlsula, a railway is now ._ .
ing constructed, to be completed in a> '",s
this winter,   connecting   the Arctic
ocean with the   peninsula,   so   that
Kola can be used allelnrively a.
^^I'lXtS'^a'IP- emics  ,,:,,������;,,'������  ,i:
Is Impossible to keep Archangel open, . .,
even with very powerful lec break- ��� M '"���-' ���
ere. Around this port uf the Arctic I
ocean the Guir Stream createscsufficient warmth to prevent ice. Many-,
flopping agents at Archangel are|
arranging for offices and habitation
at Kola from early January until
May. The use of the White Sea for
transfer of freight hy boat between
the Iwo sections of railway under
construction will require lhe services
.if many Ice breakers, and these are
being constructed also lo serve ns
cargo carriers during lhe winter. It
Is thought that the railway connection between Petrograd and Kola
mny c.nimence early this spring.
Tltiis .Moscow, Petrograd, Kief ami
Siberia will be finked together with
Arclinngel and Kola.
Archangel presents lo lho visitor
today a peculiar aspect, reminding
one of tho "sudden" Canadian towns
of the west Hun were created "over
night." A great number of houses.
shops, etc.. have hen put up to accommodate the overwhelming Itns-
slan business, end to eater lo lhe
multitude of sailors. A tramway Is
being constructed along the main
Btreet of the town and n complete
ecitrie light Olid power plant litis
lieen put up. furnishing power for
the elect ric railway and lighl ing In
I lie city,
The city has a very bracing ell-
mute nil the year around; the summer is not very cold, whilst the
winter, although cold, Is not too intense. There are many shops, the
most Interesting of which nre the
fur shops, selling furs of Ihe blue
fox. Ihe popular bear, etc., from
Novo Zembla. The population of
Archangel Is now about: 40,000;
good hotel accommodation Is lo bo
had. although the hotels nro not
what might be considered flrsl class.
T_e passenger service   of   the nar-
us and the temporary retrogression of our economic life will
compel every section of the population lo screw down their standards
of living.   We have lived during   the
measure which must he observed in these
Yes She Cured  Him
"So Katharine married her husbaud
to reform htm.   Did she succeed?"
'Completely!    She's so extravagant
that he can't afford even the smallest
of his former vices."
"What man sowcth that shall he
also reap.'' Vou cannot get a good
yield of grain from shrunken or immature seed.
Some Reasons Why Married Men Are
More Willing to Enlist Than
Single Men
Recruiting agents say that their
$70,000. The Germans disliked that -���*���(*( difficulties are with young and
viaduct, and brought up a 420 117- j unmarried men. There is no use In
inch) howitzer, with a battery or so|awlslng Ihem. They have got to be
of .220 (9-lnch) howitzers, to batter educated and stimulated and enoour-
it lo pieces. They succeeded, it took j age(I_ \,Ve in,.st bear in mind lhat Ihe
between 50 and 60 .420 shells and. young, unmarried man does not be-
nobody troubled to count the ttuni- i0���g io a different race from his elder
ber of .220 shells. I brother in the thirties   or forties or
But from the calculations that Lflfties. He is simply In an earlier stage
were made there can be little doubt :���[ development. It is lo a certain e.\-
tliat that particular piece of destruc-Uon| an irresponsible stage. The youth
tlon cost the Hermans over $400,000! j ,aiies (i,e world as he Muds It. Many
 ���  la man of mature age bus said, "I wish
The Old Woman's Knitting |, )la,i |.nov,*i, when I was twelve years
Here is the latest French spy story j of age, or eighteen years of age, what
brought by a medical man who wit* the family troubles were. I know now,
nessed it: but It's too luto."
lag.   on the French firing line, was I    Agaiust that kind of useless remorse
Inge on the Frecnh firing line, was' we should like lo protect young men i Importance of the fleet in tbe world
an old woman, who Industrially in their teens and In their twenties, war.ls often underestimated and un-
knlt a big scarlet shawl. \\n a few years, when Ihey marry and  appreciated, not only abroad but very
An observant sergeant perceived have families, they will recognize and often In Its own country. People talk
that whilst the shawl never seemed ! realize lhe situation. But then it may constantly about tiie Britisii army,
lo be completed, she was very rest- be too late. Either the Germans will |but seldom ever of Britain's proud
less, and kept moving if about. She dominate us or lhe world will be saved
I was arrested, found to he a spy sig-' from the Germans by the older men
I nailing by means of the .shawl, also without tho aid of lhe younger men
by no means so old as siie appeared, | of Canada. We sincerely hope that the
indeed, being a man
Praise for British Fleet
Dutch     Correspondent    Writes  cr   IU
Strength and Efficiency
Once when all was peaceful and Gar-
main's future was pot threatened on
land or water, Field Marshal "on
.Moltlie stood on the roof of St. Paul's
cathedral and east Ills eye over the
world's mightiest city and ��� ��� timed
"What a city lo sack."
If Admiral von Tlrpitz writes .1. C.
Van dor Veer, iho London correspond*
ent of ihe Amsterdam newspaper
ilJer Telegraf) had been our companion,
as we, on board a destroyer, steameil
| through part of the British dee", it-
would certainly have cried out "What
a fleet to sink.'' Well, bis country has
now iho opportunity to send the '~iiot*.
British Heel lo the bottom. According to Gerhard Seelinger one airship
could sink lhe whole business to the
sharks. This war will have disillusioned Herr Seelinger, for in practice Zeppelins appear only to be ah!** to kill
women and children, Von TlrptU has
never ventured an attack: on the British fleet. Sic transit gloria tnundt
German's. 1'nder water the Germans
have attempted many times to reach,
the British fleet. In the beginning
things looked rather had. I have heard
with my own ears British officers
praise lhe bravery of German .-mbmar-
inss, but are they able to do ar.y
damage, to the sea power of Euirlaati.'
The only torpedoed warships were ohi
and not capable of much speed.
No modern British warship has be��r.
lost ln the North Sea, which has been
lhe fate of certain Teuton submarines
which lie, hurled in the sand at th��
bottom of the sea.    The Inest.itr.ablft
fleet. I myself cannot conceive ''ondl-
tions in which Ihe British fleet would
get the worst of it, not on account of
its wonderful tower of strength, but
carefully made I younger Canadians will not be placed  because ot the wonderful    men  who
So the firing parly settled the matter.
F. M. Logan of Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture believes his
Province, which now produces a.Ofio,-
000 pounds of dairy butter, will ere
long produce 50,000,000 pounds In a
man :he vessels. Every now and then
some unit- a division, a squadron, a
flotilla or maybe a group of smaller
vessels���will exhibit signs of activity.
then quicken inlo movement and pais
out of flio anchorage.
The North Sea has been constantly
swept by some sections of the grand
fleet ami not a German vessel of any
'of 111. outrages on lhe women of Hel-I^;.,, ljiis ))Pin S,.0M outside iheir mine-
glum, and lhe murder or English wo* flej_g    since    (he beginning of 1916,
men and babies hy Zeppelin bombs.      when   liiev paid 60 heavily for their
In appealing lo Ihe young,    it    Is jtemeritv.   The one thought which pre*
: necessary to evoke the spirit of adven-! Vjlt]b through all Ihe Britisii heads Is
Iture. as well as (o arouse the sense Of L il0rif. (0 ���,(.,., the enemy again.   The
responsibility.   Ours   Is (he great ad-i0,.,^ -honjtlit which   runs through the
venture of the twentieth century, and German's head is   apparently how to
perhaps  of all  the centuries.     The j avoid -lectin* the British fleet.
| world has never before been confront-1 ___-_-______-
ed by such a criminal organization as ! Aaricultural    Production    In   France
I .....       a   i...   ,-..!���.._    ,   i.e.   .11....    K..  :      *-
The cultivation of every parcel o!
in that position.
That married men are more willing
to enlist than young, Bingle men may
seem strange at first. Hui the truth la
that tho appetite for responsibility!
grows by what it feeds on. The more
responsibility a man assumes, the
more he wauls lo assume. It Is tlie j
family man who is Indignant because !
'that "of the Kaiser and his clique, by
I anything so unscrupulous. To light
', such a gtiug is not only a duly, but a
I glorious opportunity which the youth
| of our land ought to be glad to seize.
I ��� Toronto Slar.
Young pine trees in the Dominion Government Nursery at Indian
Head, Sask. Twenty-live million seedlings have been sent oul to farmers ail
over the west in ten years. There is no reason why (be "treeless" plains
should not In time be broken by a   heavy and valuable wood growth,
land in France to assure (he maximum
agricultural production Is the aim ot
the French government, nnd to bring
this about tlie government itself ""'111
act temporarily as a farmer. A bill
_ has been prepared under the direction
The Hired Boy of lj|e minister of agriculture reiiuest-
There is the making or a good man N-g 1)ie owners of uncultivated land
In Ihc hired boy on the farm, bul h-> I to begin Ullage within two weeks after,
may be sady spoiled in the making if I notice, which will he given by regit*
loo much is put upon him. If his .'tered k-Her. If Und Is not cultivated'
shoulders are loaded with blame for within ihe time specified, the bill pro*
everything that goes  wrong Indoor*lyldes  lhat  mavors    of communities
and out, If everyone feels privileged
to give hint orders, if he Is regarded
as a mere machine without muscles
have tiie right to requisition the
ground and order its cultivation,
which will hn done under the dlrec-
to lire or sensibilities to wound, then |--on 0f ,0.vll committees, the towns to
what can be expected of him?
Those Into whose hands are committed this youth have a responsibility above Ilia! of merely providing
food. Shelter and clothing. There is
laid upon tlicm the duty of dealing
.iusilv und conscientiously with lhe
assure Die funds necessary to carry
on this work.' A municipal or agrl-
cultural committee will supervise tho
harvesting and sale of tho crops. The
minister In a statement accompanying
the bill warns tho country thai thero
I was a deficit in grains of 10 per cent,
'In ll-lf  m   compared with 1114. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Comox, It  C.
Besl Mi tils Kortlt nf Nnni mio
City Council
....   Ci,
Aid.   Hurford   said   lhal   lhe   police
commissioner.*!   bad   tuiiile  no report ns
i yel,    The   city was   gelling   notorious.
lie also wanted to  know it   the citv was
C    A.  Martin,   Prop
The City   Council  tncl   etc;  1.:   mAe  ������   -_,_,  Ul.  ,  ,.,.,.,   {
o'cluCK Oil Monday   cvciiillg.      llic  ceciliugs were not sust lined
Mayor in the chair, und Aid. K.i
nu!, Aston   nnd Ilurford   present;
Aid, McKenzie coming later
THERE'S   NOTHING   LIKE      The  minutes   ol   the   previous
ineitiiiK' were read iiutl ndopted.
LEATHER A letter ��u r��ul from   Bodwell
& I, awson   elicit sing   ticcoiuil   Im
JAMES   E, ASTON fees in  conneclion wilh   the plank
,.   ,.,,       ,        , ,, episode amountinc In $15 00 which
I'radical Sliiienial.ei air! Repair '     ,   ., '���      . .,
wns hud over lor liirilp'i   consider-
Next in llanH Si lliscoe 	
Aid McKenzie siiil it was not sale (nr
woman to walk on the streets us there
was a constant procession ol drunks
singing ami using profane language.
Alii. Aston brought   up ihe  mutter ol
establishing nu honour  roll or   tablet to -'
lie placed in   the   eitv   hall.      This was   j
agreed lo, ami   suggestions  are invited  |
from the citizens in tu llu- most suitable
way tn commemorate, the  names ol our
Ten-lets for painting the  city hull arc
lu lie called  lor.
Aid. Aston wanted to   know what tin
The   Comox   Barber   Si-op *
Another communication from the | ,-iiy W(l, going todoabout collecting dog
tine firm stated    lliul the services t taxes, only 9 licenses luul been issued so
f a Mr.   Tripp, an   electrical  en- rM:..  ., ,. ....        ,   ,   ,.���,
,.,,,.,,. . . .',' , _.. Alii. McKenzie nsked if everybody had
oldest .shop in Courtenay     .    gineer, could be secured ut SIS pei  ,OTlll-agt vei...B lrailc ������-���,..���,, ' The city
Ni   ni:i"    But   First   Class   Work   day to advise the city iu making nn cievk replied no.
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection   ngreemeut   nnd   lhal their   fee fori   The council nt the i elusion of busl-
dnnving Lhe agreement   mid advic
C.  R    DALRYMPLK, Prop,     would be'.ibotit $100.
*       The   I-..   &N,   Railway   wrol
ness went into coininillee of the whole
to figure out how much the recommend,
ed improvements were .nine I" cost,
Red Cross Work
McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun  Block Courtenay
that they were unable 'o keep their
basement dry and   that they would
have in drain to Station street, nnd ...
On Hcceniiier the 17th from Steieston,   the city would have lo take care of I��� the account   given in   lhe last
;':;'.,. ,;',;'Viece'ie'  'I'i""'"  '            the wtttei afterwards week's issue   Ihe number   ol socks
Any Information lending to the recov       ,-,       ,- ���    AlT0UnlS       , ! knitted and   sent off   should   hav*
erv of this Scow will be rewarded                   -lle    following    (ICCOIU ts   WCte _ee��� ,.. am- ,)ot ., as ���-..,_������_            |
iiARSH-HU'l-TOX-POWMRS          presc-nted and   referred lo   theh'-j The .iext\sliipme.il will be made,
nance Committee   lor   payment tl ,���, *\i;,v 2mi
found correct:                                ,
Kew Westmlnst-r I'houe S26  The Review $l().tui  ���	
���-j     m- -���-: Clarke el Stewart     3.35 Joint Duncan returned from Van-  L
,,-,-.             _       __       _         Vancouver Stencil Co     6.95 couver on Saturday,                       i
When    In    Doubt      -V .:.V;r;',,:' ,;;,;     lfQ The Board of Trade   meets  to-
UflCCtriC l.telii l_o           o ju :   i .    . .,       ���      ,    ,,
mi   ,-   .       ,      ,i      i,      i    r night at the city ha  ,
Aid   kerton, for   the   Board  ol .-���������-.                      i
Works'reported that  thev had ex- Jeff Han'nay   shot a   large eagle
1*1 tve Goard iune Your Piano   ami ned the streets and recommend* at Bowser one day last week.
factory Experience                  ed that 15 yards   gravel be  spread Basebnllers had the fir. I practice
Recommends   from   Leading   Musicians   on the   Cumberland    loud, 5 yards ..r ,,.,.���      ,       ,,,',,    ,,
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies  on Berkley's   road,  10 on  Warren ,,u* f*-,M"' on fculltl!l> afternoon
\v T ?lsa"|c f"rn>sl-**��l an request          ave , 10 on   Wallace   street, 16 on Bo1'--    At Headijtiarters, on Sal-
April'  L     leTe orde'rs"S Jm���!   Mill street, 14 on  Union Bay road, ��"��� >>', March 25, ,o Major and Mrs
or write direct to                '   12 on Union   street, 60 on   Comox Hi ton, a .sou.                                    ,
road, 20on Lake   Trail  aud 12 on Hugh Stewart and   a   patty  of
tie for almost s sears with   Marocchi Bros,
begs to announce lo the community that he has opened ;i Bakery ami Tea Room at the above address
I have h id a technical training in tlie Kilinariio.k
Bakery School and Glasgow Technical, Scotland,
under the best masters, and hold a first class certificate, upper grade, in the technics of bread inaidng
and a lirst class certificate iu baking confectionery by
the Master linkers Association 1 can assure the public that the bread and ciikcs made by me will be manufactured by the best niethcds Khown to the baking
world today and will be pure, healthful and appetising
IU ping for a share of public patronage
Remember the address     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
Play  Trumps
845, 8th Ave, W.
Sandwick road.    Lake   Trail from politicians spent  the  week end at
railway crossing to Hudson's lobe I.asquita Island,
widened or a sidewalk laid between
PJ i     ��� widened or a sulewtdi. uml oetweeli ���., .
9 mP.P.       JY/PPV   Mr   lohnstoii's   and  the   railwav,      uf t Whni e has just  r.urcht
vil&^O    LiiVCl  J    A portion of   Anderton   avenue io ^l^e Cole car fonnerly  ow
i ,....  :   i , .,.,  ii, :   i    ������i bv I, Cairns,
lit cl
Harses  and   Buggies  for   Hire
Terms cash.
noney _.
We are open to receive applications
for Loans on   Improved   Farm
be graded aud gravelled  and ,-, cu
vert to be put in: 75 yards  ol Sun- Aid. McKenzie is making exteti-
nyside avenue  to be   era led and a >.'ve alterations to the   interior   of
culvert put   in; Isabel   street to be his house iu llic orchard,
graded aud a liltle  gravel put   on; 0   ,.,_ . , .,    , ,
?<.   iii        iii                    .   i Uvving to the ate opening uo of
(���rabble and    ludson streets   to be ,,    ,                          ,-     , "    '
ii      ,'     ii      i      -ii. the trapping seas.n-has   ben   ex-
ploughed aud graded and sprinkled .     ii                ,
We  also  attend  to  wood hauling with gravel.    Thev   also   thought         c" mw mo'lUl'
  the apple   trees   in   these   streets      Reserved suits   for   the   SeoUh
JAS.   CAIRNS  &   SON should   be   removed.     Sitlewalks conert on Friday night are on sale
Proprietors were   recommended lo be   laid on at Robertson's Drug srore,
Courtenay         '               Phone 35 Isabel and Judson streets. Victoria      Mrs Somerville ol Happy V,l
  street is 111 a bad condition and will iey died- on   Monday   night T"c
require S100 to be spent in ditching t'���,���.,.,t   ,���t.   .   _���_-.    ,   , .      ���
-taking out large   stones'        I:  , "^ ,? "��   l.odd,v   "��   2 Notice of Intention to  Apply  for
nilieiiand   Ceine- _       .  r.
,,,..... Retail Liquor License
drain was recouiiuended   to he pu'.
...... . in on Union street in front of J.W.      Mr. H.   B    Pawky  intends to -*t��akh NOTICK tlmuhe undersigued
Wlilard'S Harness Emponurn   McKenzie's and   that the   bank be reave th--end of  this   week to j in I   1     intends to apply  to the  Hoard of
graded and the   surplus   earth put  tlle overseas forces,    He has secur-': Mcense Commissioners at their next sit*
������,������-,.    r--���,   ,,,    ,,    ting to be held on the Slh tlav of April,
seuce   From   the de-  i9l6, for a license to sell jnlo.ieaii.ig 11^
lie purpose. quoi- |>v r-ct_.il under Subsection 3 ol Sec
thai Ifdson street be   1 pencil from      Fniest Piun nf I'u,  ���,   i>,,���-., ��� tion 290, ol the "Municipal Act" hi that
W1H      ���*._"���"��   .     /���  *r.r\    1 ,,:,",, i,, .!,,   'Y, .,,-,,.,,.                          ,-      , V        , certain   store   or   simp   situate  011   lhe
.    W.    WILLARD       .,-?        ,     ���    .?    I        -,-    ., Il!":ll>'  costs   for allowing his'gr,,,,,,! floor, of those  eertain premises,
liie holes 111 the J.aKe Iran were dog to chase dter    Two oilier doys situate on l.ol 4, Map 311, Townsile of
Cumberland and Comtenay made l.y the E. &N. Railway-..nd owned bv   parlies   at   C'uioi. lia'v ^�����%< f"���'e.ri!{ i1.1**11 {? ����%l
'          the city clerk   will write   tlie coin-  which were in  the habit of chasing. -(llAR,Stt0r' "     "        '   '       *    Uty
     pauy asking that Ihey be   tilled up d.er wer_ tlestroved   bv their own-1 i0HN R   IOI1NSTON
Property    in    the   Comox
Real Hstate, Insurance and
Financial  Agents
-.,....__.       - ,- ���   iinieiai    ia.es   Dial
f.UAMn    SlfCPI   AV   Br����ll����f-.ta**,n��f  01lt   arSe   s'"''^   o'clock .., the   Oil.
UimnLP   Uloi LAI   and putting 111 a  culveit   A box ter���
"-i^Glove? TrimkrSuil"cases   l'v    '" t,,e llole   opposite tlle    builders'   '���! leave of   absence    from
'""   Supplv     Thev also   1 ecoiiiuiended partment for the purpose.
Harness Repan 1! Neath ,,.,',.    ,    ,".    , , , ,-	
y,          . again. ers rather than face n charge
fill OQnrtni   Qtit  Uniil Ald  ���llirf,ad.   for the   Ittlnies
Oil lallllUl DCll   VUlii Coininillee,   reported that   he had A very large number   of   people
0 written to Bodwell & Lawson   and g**1".*-"" a-Jhe home of M s.   Kb
!     Dated   this   Slh   day    of    March,   A.
e   I). 1916.
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and  Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
, ,    , , the fn.sl  communication   read was  I �����������������'������. on  111,1.suae auernoon last j     ,  ,wr. nrr,cT_v ��PT
00 /0   QTjfl   '*.T*n     I     ' their reply.   The   expense  would lche ��,ccasi0�� pemg   the   "shower"      LAND REGISTRY ACT
IM   dlill   i_u\B   11      l>e   tikoiii  $165.   It   the  council '^^^ ^\W   in run ma'^r ol ���. plication Cod Liver Oil  Compound $1
thought the fee too nigh, sav whal "��e presen   iron    1   tppj    \ alley   fm. ft Certificate ���f Title to Sectlous l
thev   considera   fair fee   and the 'UK Ul,L' Sejtlenientiu large numbers Tuellt   six (26) ___���i  Thirty-five u��', WiWrk.�����r.���.l.   M- . _
But you have the satisfaction  balance will be made up from out- fud,the  liospital   benefited   very comox District, British Columbia,      ' 1 Wild Cherry Lough  Mixture
c , .       ., ,      . side parties liandsomely    The band disccursed  xjoTlCKIS HBRHiiV G1VKN of my
ot  knov/ing   t.iat   the   ingre-      ,\,(1   (vgl0��� .,0VC(-  t\wt ti,e mat. sweet music, and the officers assihl-  IN   inteution at the expiration of one
dienta   are   of    the   highest  ter be laid over until all the Alder- * '��.P0^''?.^;,^.    Two boxes ^^^J^f^ ^uC*
grade when purchasing at the
men were present, which   was fin* ��f cake and sandwiches   were sent
all} agreed lo,
Courtenay.  Customers swear  ""\Vhe'u"the matter of bylaws came so-dier*
by, not al, "Purity" Bread for, 1!i' ;i whs decided   not to   consider
1.. any but to call a special meetinp to
qua ity ,���*,    ... ., '
M ' deal     Itli tln.-ni.
I    Then the  matter of   Bodwell &
Cakes of all descriptions made   f..v.son's bill came up for   discus*
to order j sioti.   Aid. McKenzie said that at
I a special meeting lasl slimmer Mr.'
_ Dtindas had been instiucted to take
CoUlftenaV     BakerV Proceedings in the matter and this
J J    was likdy the  result.    Aid. Aston!
toCcmoxfor   the  benefit   of   the
Sutton &. Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
See the
Black Box
at  the
Opera House
Phone   .'
thought the eld councillors should
be interviewed in the matter nml if
Ihey had contracted the debt it
might have to be paid.
Aid. McKenzie wns not in favor
of paying it ,
The account was finally passed on to
the finance  committee to striiKn'e with. 1
In answer to a qaerry the city clerk
Informed the council that if a block of 1
land was cleared to the extent ol $10
per acre it Cnulil not lie classed as wild j
iaild, which conlil he taxed at 5 per I
cent, ol its value. ..,.,,. , ,
tt was finally decided to assesstlis city In   uncivilized   Kentucky   they
; on  last  year's assessment,    The city want to give the   people a  year to
derk was appointed assessor and lie will , ���  k   b    t ���*! a|ld if the vote   ces
nave an   assistant   when   dealing   with ,                        ;.._-��*.    ���....       a    i
wild lands. |dry, two   years to get   out.    And
Title in lieu nf the Ceriiftcate ol Title
issued to Reginald Terry Ciirwithcn on
the 6th day of November 1871, and
Numbered .'7JA, which has been l��st.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Victoria, 11. C., this 2nd day ol March
Registrar General of Titles
Charles Wheeler
I legs tu auuouncce
that he has opeeed
The Elk Hotel Barber Shop
Cleanliness a Specialty
Drug Stoie
Phone   30
here the thieves   want to   give the
trade about four meuths,
The Kentucky senate defeated a
state wide prohibition amendment
by a vote of 20 to 4. The bill
provided for a vote by the people
iu 1917 to prohibit the sale of intoxicating liquors in the state after
June 1919, and the manufacture of
intoxicating drinks for sale after
1921, The House was to pass up-
ou the bill, but   it was   considered
1 Candies,
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
certain that the bill   would   be defeated there to.���The Week.


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