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The Review Jan 3, 1918

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Can not be done any t ettor,   ami f
not quite lo well anywhere   elne |
hereabout*.   Our type and iinwliiii- t
ery ia complete and The Review j
prices are right |
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 6
N D. 5
Telephone 10
Gents* Furnishing Store
We also have a shipment of Ladies Shoes and thc Ritiex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and scc our goods, you'll always find our  prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' \V. Sutliff, Prop.
We Wish Our
Friends and Customers
a Happy New Year
Lo cal Lines
Geo. Win-jet' who has been up
north for the'past live or six months
was iii town last week.
Mr-. Altketibead and family ol
I/.ulystnitli are visiting her parents
Mr, and Mrs. Alex. Urquhart,
Pte. Albert Saddler was up from
Victoria to spend .the Christmas
holidays with pis father, Mr Geo,
The recent heavy ruins, coupled
wiih u lot of heavy traffic have
rendered the roads hereabouts almost impassably
The   \vunl  2  people are   very
much incensed at the nou-nrrival
of the new sidewalks promised by
the   Minister of  Sidewalks and
Elections.    If his nominees in this i
ward do not promise to see that he J
makes good in short  otder their i
chances of election nre small.
Mr, ]��� N, Muir has secured the!
position as school teacher at "Bowser. As Mr. Muir has a-tpiece of
land there this will be handy for
him, He will live on his farm and
besides teaching tbe voting idea
how to shoot will do a little land
clearing nights and holidays.
Good Show at the
Maple Leaf   Theatre
on Saturday Night
For Sale���Horse, harness. McLaughlin buggy, cutter, first class
condition: Cheap. Apply G.
Burrowes, Phone 96L.
Found���A dark Jersey heifer with
punch hole in left .ar. John Grieve
Lost���A mink stole with font-
heads either on Comox Road or
Island Highway, about a month
ago. Finder please return to Mrs,
R. Stewart Comox.
Lost���A two-year-old liglit colored Jersey heifer, round hole in right
ear, Finder please communicate
with J, Carthew, Comox.
For Sale���A quantity of good
marketable timber by the sea; one
haul will put it in the water. A
good safe booming ground, Will
sell cheap for cash. No reasonable
offer refused. Apply at Review
To Rent���House lately occupied
by T. Booth. Electric light, hot
and cold water, and all modern
conveniences.   Apply W. Duncan.
Mis, Jos. Asselin, uf I-.ea.quar-
lets, wns taken to tlle Comox Hospital in Monday morning.
Owing to the recent heavy ruins
the Courtenay river has been up to
bi-li water mark for the past three
or four days. A large number of
logs nnd trees, and great quantities
of driftwood are coming dowp,
Jus.   Asto.i,    the   expert    ^iui..e
hunter, nud Wm, (layman caught
2- line tiout in llur Courteuay Kiver on Sunday afterhoou, Several
desclple. of Isaac Walton are bulking with longing eyes at the river,
but tlie lluod is too Iii^li just   now,
, A verv pretty liou--e wedding
wns solemnized at the home of Mr,
and Mrs. N. II. Boden, the Orchard, 011 Wednesday evening, fan.
2, when their daughter Nellie was
united in marriage to Mr. Robert
Grieve. The . bride, who wus
given away by her father, entered
the drawing-room on bis arm
lo the strains of Lohengrin's
Wedding 'March, played by Mrs.
Colin Campbell, where llie wedding
party stood under an arch of evergreens, holly, and ; while bells.
Rev, T, Menzies performed the
ceremony, while Miss Lila Bodeu
and Mr. Arthur Grant performed
the duties of bridesmaid and grooms
man. After the ceremony a reception was held and a very enjoyable
evening was spent with music, etc.
The house wns tastefully decorated
for the occasion, and upwards of
fifty guests were present. The
bride was attired in a Holland bl'ue
silk crepe de chene dress trimmed
with cream colored georgette crepe
and carried a bridal bouquet of
white carnations, chrysant hem urns
and maidenhair feru. The bridesmaid wore a gown of champagne
colored silk niiion trimmed with
gold beads and carried a bouquet
of pink and white carnations, chrysanthemums and ferns, The gift
of the groom to.tbe bride was an
amethyst aud seed pearl pendant
aud chain, to the bridesmaid a pearl
and sapphire brooch, and to the
groomsman a pearl tie pin, The
bride's going away gown was a
burgundy colored serge dress trimmed with gold biaid, with blue
coat and black velvet hat. The
young couple were the recipients
of many useful and'beautiful presents. They left on the ' 'Charmer''
for Vancouver and Victoria, and
on their return will reside at Cumberland,
Mr. und Mrs. Hoy of C. ret n woo
are visiting at Comox.
Mr, McGibbou i.s u visitor ill mir
Miss Hood of Demuan Island will
take Miss Creeden's place on the
teaching stuff of 'he Comox school
A very successful whist drive
was held at the spacious home of
Mrs, Jack McKenzie on Monday
to   $18.
I'he proceeds nnumiiie'l
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.ni-     Sunday  School
and Bible Cluss .. p, in.
Sunday School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. m.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
Anglican Services
Jan, 6th, The Epiphany.
11 u, m. Mutt ins and Sermon at
St. Andrew,s, Sandwick.
2.30 p in. EyeusouR and Sermon
at St. Mary's, Grantham,
3 p. nr, Sunday  school  ut  St.
John'., Courtenay.
7 p, m. Evehsbug   and   Sermon
at Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
Slightly used 3 ta, p. Fairbanks
gas engine For Sale at the Ford
Garage. i
Call and see the new 1-2 and 1
ton auto Trailers at $120 and $140 ,
each, at the Ford oarage. i
Nobby tread Ford tires are now .
$24 each, and Ford chain tires are
$22 each at the Ford Garage.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford cmrage.
Go to McBryde's for quality
For sale
Several head of good high grade
Holstein Cows and Heifers
from heavy producing stock
Braefoot Farm,
R. R. No. 4, Victoria
Drug Store
Courtenay   ���   B. C.
Christmas Presents
Best Selection Yet Seen in Courtenay of
also Real French Ivory Toilet Goods
and enquire prices before mailing away your ordcri
fmm^'tfitmmwmmmmv w^wwwi.w'b .f_!-��i.a��a.i_i^>*^M������
ISafety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
60c per lb. this week
Courtenay Shoe Store
We are Headquarters for
Rubber and Leather Footwear
to suit any member in
A general assortment of
always Rept in stock
We invite your inspection
Phon- 48 Next the Drug Store
/ News Slackers, To;>
It Doesn't Dare to Now
A correspondent writes lliat in the
Rule \i!!;it,'cr. where American troops
��rc quartered in France the stores
pri! American matches, American
mustard, American groceries, American sterilized milk���"everything
American except American whisky."
VVhisky used to follow the flag, but
it docsn'l dare to tin il now.���IH-truil
Ni -s.
T wns cured of Rheitmatic Gout by
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
I was cured of Anile Rheumatism
Markham, Out.    C. S. BILLiNG.
Lakcfield, Que, Oct. 9, 1007.
"i wonder why it is that wc love
the old songs best?" ;islu-tl the sentimental  011C.
"I think." suiii li cr workaday hearer, "it's because they're nol sung so
often."���Buffalo Express.
"Do >on have any trouble with
your steam furnace?"
"Notliiui; except getting coal for
it."���Detroit Free Press.
Wheat for Rumania
Canadian Officer Says Food Outlook
Is Considerably Improved
An arrangement has been perfected between the Rumanian and the
Russian governments for lhc diversion of llic Bcssarabian wheal crop
to Rumania. Storage depots have
been established and 20,000 Ions of
the grain already assembled. The
crop is abundant, and it is estimated
it will more than meet the needs ol
the army. Li.iit.-Colonel .1. VV.
Boyle, Canadian militia engineer,
who has just returned from Rumania,
pronounces the foot! outlook as considerably improved.
Awful Asthma Attacks. Is there
a member of your family who is in
lhe power of lhis distressing trouble?
N'o service you can render him wjll
equal lhc bringing lo his attention of
Dr. .!. I). Kellogg's Asthma Remedy,
This remarkable remedy rests its reputation upon what ii has done for
others, It has a truly .wonderful
record, covering years and years of
success in almost every part of this
continent, and even beyond the seas.
Everybody   Should    Read   a   Good
Newspaper and Keep In Touch
With Events
The man or woman who in these
crilical times fails lo read a good
newspaper rcgulavh is a slacker, declared Professor Willard (i. Blcyer,
head of ihc department of journalism
at lhe University of Wisconsin, in
addressing the students of the. library school.
It is the patriotic- duly to keep informed in regard to the epoch making.events and--utterances that arc rc-
ported iu the press from day to day.
"The food of opinion is the news
of the da)'," as President Wilson has
well said, and it behooves every citizen not only to read the news hut
to form intelligent opinions In regard lo it.
Intelligent public opinion, without
which we cannot have true democracy, is the sum total of the opinions
of Individual citizens, ami must be
formed largely from lhc news which
is printed in newspapci -.
By failing to read the news and to
consider its significance, a man is
shirking his duly lo Ids country jusi
as lndy as he is when he fails lo
express his opinions h\ casting his
vote at an election.���From Ncwspa-
perdonii New York,
Th* only well known medium prlo*_
baking powder mad* In Canada I
that do*i not contain alum and
whloh ha* all It* Ingredient*
plainly ttatad en th* tab*.
,-.-..���        TORONTO. ONT.	
Is This the Cause?
The Uniled Stales military draft
shows that the number of those physically defective is from 7 lo 20 per
cent, higher in rural districts than in
cities. The officials blame this on lhe
lack of medical inspection in country
Baby's Own Tablets arc a grand
medicine for little ones. 'I'hey are a
mild luit thorough laxative; are absolutely sale; eas\ to give and never
fail to cure am of the minor ills of
little ones. Concerning tlu in Mrs.
Jas. S. Hastey, Gleason Koad, N.B.,
writes;���"1 have tiseil Baby's Own
Tabids and have found than perfectly satisfactory for my little one."
The Tablets are sold by medicine
dealers or by mail nt 25 cents a hox
Irom The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockvllle, Ont,
School Boys and Birds
The little .22 rifle in the hands of
llic boy is a serious menace to bird
life, Give a young lad one of these
miniature rifles, and he i-. al once
ambitious lo lent it out on hilling
something. If school Inns wire
taught their dependence upon the
work the birds do to protect man's
food supply from destructive insects,
they would place a much greater value upon their feathered friends.
Gun That Never Stops
New Machine Spits Bullets   by   the
Announcement has been made of
the development of an American machine gun capable of continuous fir-
lug says Popular Mechanics." Ammunition is carried to il, feed block
by an endless belt kept tilled by an
automatic reloading mechanism, Supply hoppers contain from 2,500 to
10,000 cartridges and are replenished
or replaced without Interfering wilh
operation. Most machine gnus fire
500 shot:, a minute and are supplied
with ammunition by belts holding
approximately 250 cartridges, 'Jims
tlicy are able lo lire uninterruptedly
for only tlilrly seconds, while Ihiin iv instrument s|iits thousands of
mi ,^il��.. without pausing, and thereby docs the work of two ordinary
Fire Loss in Saskatchewan
Arthur E, Fisher, superintendent
of insurance for the province of Saskatchewan, reports lire losses ill his
province dining 1.10 as $1,558,192,
Property destroyed included I7R
barns, M churches, -188 dwellings, 31
grain elevators, 37 granaries, 27 hotels 54 general stores, 36 stables and
11 warehouses.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Judge���The police say that you
and  your wife had some words.
Prisoner���I had some Judge, but I
didn't get a chance to use them.���<
How's This?
We offer One Ilniulred Dollars Reward
for nny case of Catarrh Unit cannot Le curf-J
ly Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Halt's Catarrh Cure has been lnl.cn by
catarrh PufTcrers for the past tliirt*.-five
years, and lias become known a* tlie most
leliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure acti through the Blood'on thc Mucous
surface.^, expelling thc Poison from the liioort
and healing the diseased portion-',
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Cure
for a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health, Start taking
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggist,, 75c.
"Do you miss thc old excitement
tlial Crimson Gulch offered before
tin- town went dry?"
"Not so much/' replied Broncho
Bob; "prices have gone up so that
two buckwheat cakes and a fried egg
seem like regular dissipation."���
Washington Star.
He lives in Constant Fear
Who Has Neurasthenia
SUCH ideas often dominate the
mind of the sufferer from
nervous exhaustion or new-
He may be strong and active
physically, but he iinds himself
unable to concentrate the mind,
fearful to depend on himself, and
shrinking at the thought of any
Some fear to be in a crowd,
while others dread to be left
alone. Some dislike mooting peo.
pie, while others live iu constant,
morbid dread of the future, fearing insanity or accident or
Fear brings worry and an irri-
tation of the nerves, so that sleep
is interrupted and digestion
fails. In this way is formed the
vicious circle of neurasthenia,
and the nervous system becomes
weaker and weaker, until it collapses, and the result is some
form of paralysis.
Fear of Self���Fear of
Others-Fear of
the Future
The Food Cure
Mr. I-Mirenoe I_ Done., 39 Stanley
direct, London, Ont., write.*:���"About
three years ago I got my foot (mashed In
an elevator ln Detroit, wliicli completely
vi recked rny nerves. I doctored with
tit* doctors there, but they did not aeem
to be ablo to help mc. My nerve* were
In sueh a. state that I could not go down
town alone, or go any place where titer*
was a crowd. Sometlmos my mother
would have to elt and watch over ma
at night, and sometimes I could not let
any sleep at all. But on* day last winter
I commenced ualn_ Dr. Chase's Nerv*
Food, and before I had? completely used
th* first box I could see a difference In
my condition. I continued using thes*
pill* for sum* time. The result wa*
splendid. I feel so much better, can
sleep well at night, can go out on ths
���treet and attend gatherings like th*
rest of people. I am so pleased to be
ablo to tell you what Dr. Ch'__e'_ Nerve
Food has don* for me, and to recommend it to other people."
New vigor and energy and
vitalty must be instilled into the
depleted nerve cells if cure is to
be effected, and this is most certainly accomplished by such
treatment as Dr. Chase's Nerve
Since the digestive system is
incapacitated it is most essential
to get into the blood stream the
very elements which are found in
this great food cure.
The blood is made rich and red,
the starved nerve cells are restored and revitalised, and with
returning vigor and strength and
confidence the harmful notions of
a diseased brain soon disappear.
Nervous diseases take different
forms with different people, but
to effect cure in any case the depleted nerve cells must be nourished back to health and vigor by
such reconstructive treatment as
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
Dr. Chase's Nerve F
��� IIII
BO cent* a box, ft full treatment of 6 box*, for $175, at all dealer., or ISdmanioo, late, k Co,
limited, Toronto.   Do not bo talked into aeeepttaf a Bubetitute,  Imitationi only disappoint.
Aviator Tackled Nine Cothas
Tackling; nine Gothas singlo-hand
cd, and sending two crashing down
iulo the sea after a thrilling fight nl
a height uf 12,000 feet, was the pliant deed for which Squadron Com-
ii audi-i- Gerald Hervey, of the
R.N.A.Si, has been awarded the
Distinguished Service Order, Commander Tcrvoy was bom in Stratford, Out,, and took oul his certificate in Toronto, Mr. and Mrs. I'. ('.
II. Hervey, hi> parents, reside in Calgary,
I..IMI.I-    .'Illll     (llU.1.1,
Cured with
For Sal. by
All  Denier!
Knnnnee (int.
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Umg
Chemically Self-Extingnishing
"Silent 500sB
The Matches With "No
EDDY li the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted and blown
Look for thi words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on Ihe
Substitute for Linseed
The itin (lower seems destined to
play an important part in thc. economic life of the United States as a
sulistitiitc for linseed. A report was
recently made before a convention
(if the National Faint and Varnish
association, which declared that the
cultivation of lhe sim flower for this
purpose can he made to yield a gross
return to thc fanner of from $30 to
$35 an acre.
Miller's Worm Powders not only
exterminate intestinal and other
worms, hut they are a remedy for
many other ailments- of children,
'ihey strengthen the young stomach
against biliousness and are tonical !,i
their effects where thc child suffers
from loss of appetite. In feverish
conditions lhcy will be found useful
and they will serve to allay pain and
griping in the stomach, from which
children so often suffer.
He���Old Peaches and Cream!
She���Harold I've been talking lo
thc milkman���and we can't afford for
you lo call mc anything but peaches.
It Bids Pain Begone.���When neuralgia racks the. nerves or lumbago
cripples thc back is the time to lest
thc virtues of Ur. Thomas' Electric
Oil. Well rubbed in it will still Ihc
pain and produce a sensation of case.
and rest. There is nothing like it as
a liniment for its curative properties
are great,   A trial of ii will establish
faith in it.
"You shouldn't worry over what
thc newspapers say about you."
"I don't," replied Senator Sorghum, "What strikes ine as ominous
is the fact thai they arc overlooking
mc as a topic."���Washington Star.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Miss Sorghum���Isn't Mrs, Roxton
pretty! She seems to be growing
younger every day.
Mrs. Oldhiyrix���Yes, indeed; she is
one of our most successful ca.mott-
Complete in ilsclf. Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator docs UOt require
lhc assistance o^ nny other medicine
to mal-e.it effective, Il docs noi fail
io do tis work.
Tlicy seated themselves at a table.
"Will you have a lillle shrimp?" he
"Dear me." she exclaimed.    "This
lis so   ���uddciJ!"���Louisville Courier-
~yj.    N.    U.     1186 3t
r'oi'PTx b'v
the great economy of
f   Milk  CKocola.e
Dainty chocolate pieces, out of the run of ordinary milk chocolate, containing a real flavor of rich,
creamy milk and the finest cocoa beans well
Sold everywhere.
Made in Canada.
The Whole German System is Pounded Upon Military Victories
And the Legend ol Successful Wars Followed by Profitable
Plundering, and This Idea Must Be for Ever Destroyed
We shall not have dune with lhc
German peril until we have d_8troy-
ed the structure on which German
foreign policy rests and has rested
for more than a century. Wc. shall
not bc free from recurring dangers
on the side of Germany until wo
have proved that Germany will be
the worst sufferer from sueh wars.
No one need think twice of air,- appeal to German conscience o: German humanity; these arc attributes
which have still to be acquired by
Germany, so far as international relations arc concerned, Our sole
chance for permanent peace lies in
< stablishing the fact in the German
mind that there is no profit in International thieving, assassination and
other equally characteristic Teutonic
Whatever hc may be at home,
abroad the German is a I lun, a barbarian. He murders, he pilfers, he
defies and he destroys solely to profit
himself. He docs these things because ill thc past hc has profited by
them. He can see upon the map,
written in German colors, the proof
of lhc wisdom of such policies, as he
lias pursued theni in lhe past. And
as long as this evidence stands uncontradicted wc shall have lhe German barbarian coming out of lhc
north on plundering expeditions in
thc future as we have had him in the
past ever since Rome had to face
similar incursions.
Wc shnll not gel permanent peace
hy treating a Hun as if hc were not
n Hun. One might just as Well attempt to cure a man-eating tiger of
his hankering for human ih-sli by
soft words as lo break flic German
of his historic habits by equally (utile
kind words. The way to treat a
German while Germans follow their
present methods, is as a common
iwril to all civilized mankind. Since
the German employs thc methods of
a Soldier's Strength
Every enlisted man
would stand up stronger
and resist mucn sickness
if he could have the benefits of
because it fortifies the hings
and throat, creates strength to
avoid grippe and pneumonia
and makes rich blood to avert
rheumatic tendencies.
Send a bottle of
SCOTT'S to a relative
or friend in the service.
Scott ft Bowiie, Toronto. Oat     17.14
W.      N.      U.      1186
the wild beast, hc must bc Ireatcd
as beyond the appeal of generous or
kind methods. When onc is generous to a German he plans to take advantage of that generosity to rob or
murder; this is his international history, never more conspicuously illus-
trated than here in America. Kindness he interprets as fear, regard foi
international Jaw as proof of decadence; agitation for disarmament has
been for him the final evidence of
Ihc degeneracy of his neighbors.
The beginning of security for the
world and of civilization for thc German will he thc demonstration by
lhis war that the German cannot win,'
cannot escape defeat, with nil its filial consequences, whenever hc attacks
his neighbors solely for plunder and
for power. The whole German system is founded upon military victories and the legend of successful
wars followed by profitable plundering.*. This legend can he destroyed
only upon thc battlefield, and under
the contemporary Hriiish attack it
is fast bring destroyed. Fools and
faint-hearts behind the line may yet
rob the dead and lhe living, who
have fought this war, of the fruits of
their labors and their sacrifices; but
only these can save a German military machine whose defeat is ' now
assured if the war goes through another campaign. U'c arc near to liberation, wc arc approaching the certain realization of all that millions
have died to attain, and, as always
happens as victory approaches, those
who are winning the light have to
face the enemy at the front and fear
the cowards at home.���From the
New Vork Tribune.
I Women Exposed
To Shell Fire
More  Gci'man   Hrutality  in   Belgium
Revealed by  Roche's Letter
Belgian women and girls ���re being
compelled to build concrete dugouts
under artillery fire. The statement
that this form of slavery hns actually
been practised is recorded in the
diary of a German soldier who was,
recently captured. He belonged to a
Landwehr division and was personally in charge of a number of these unfortunate Belgians, who wire daily
herded together and taken lo a zone
mar the German lines to perform
manual labor of the hardi si kind, in
constant danger of dealh, The soldier's diary lells the story ns fol-
I low-s:
"I am going io_ give another in-
Btanci i lhe inefficiency of the German auiliorities. Since lhe lKtIt inst,
fifty women and young girls have
been working al concrete dugouts al
I.eke. As I.eke is in the zone of lire,
ami was shelled no later than yesterday, ihis is another cose in which wc
cannot understand tho action of lhc
authorities. If this isn't taken by way
of reprisal, then it is a shameful deed
on the part of Germany, which cannot bc surpassed even in imagination, The civilian population of Lckc
was evacuated three or (our weeks
ago. and now wonn it and children
are compelled to work at lhe concrete dugouts of the village.
"It is a shame that such steps
should be taken, whether there is
reason for it or not, I am sure of
the facts which 1 stale, for it is my
duly to take a gang of forty-seven
women to Lckc every morning and
bring them back in 'he evening."
An illustration of the German disregard (or the laws of war and humanity can be found in an incident
which occurred the oilier night near
Houtholst Forest. The Hriiish heard
cries of "Stretcher bearers!" from
No Man's Land. It naturally was
assumed that a wounded man wns
calling for help, and Red Cross bearers rushed out through tlie darkness
to render assistance. They were
shot down by German snipers, who
used this ruse to entice them into the
There have been many other eases
recently in which German snipers
havc shot down Red Cross workers
deliberately, despite the facl that
Gernlan Red Cross workers have
becn permitted to work unmolested.
A Strong Canadian Company
Surplus    Over   Three-Quarters Million   Dollars
1*? mWt 3Ha.hgr JAause
T ii i:  H o u s E of P 1.1: n t y '
"You noon depart fur il
,,-ilon is opened before me,
��� Weitern and I (or thu ""intern Hemisphere.    A eew career 'it
ne with new and cre.w evenls ind
  ltl 1 hop. to unitir my n.       ^^^^^^^^^^^
with ilu: unrivaled greaineu ol the republic, you go to unite younelf on-rc more with a
people among whom I behold at onco the simple manners of the lirst ago of Roma -uJ tlu
'���; u hire I see the taste, the sensibility urvl science ot Athens, with l.-.r
luxury of her di ^^^^^^^^^^^^
factions, ninl the valor oi Sparta without lier discipline,
"As a titizi'n of the world, I would address your country In thc following Lingr...	
man anil every nation is ambitious*, and amt.itlon ���rows with power, as the hloze of a ��� ,.rri al
sun is. most fierce. Cherish, therefore, a national strength; strengthen your political institution; remember that armies an-1 navies are of the 'ame use in -.he world as the i .lice
London or Paris, and soldiers are not inaOe like, potters vessels in a minute; cultivate union
or your empire will bc like a colossus of sold fallen on tl.e earth, broken In pieces, ami the
prey of foreiiin un.l ddmestlc Saraeens. If yon are wi'e your republic will be permanent:
nnd, perhaps, Washington Will he hailed as ihe founder ol a glorious and happy err;;.ire when
name, of Bonaparte shall be obscured by succeeding revolutions."   (Copyrighted).
GEORGE WRIGHT ami E, M. CARROLL, Prq.r__.or*
The Battle in Germany
The Spirit of Unrest in Germany Has
Good Omen
The contest between democracy
and kaiscrism is one that we cannot
help following with the warmest
hopes  for the triumph of lhe    Ger-
The Soldiers' Sewing Class
A new means of distraction for
men still under treatment after discharge from hospital lias been found
at Boulac Dakhrour convalescent
camp, which accommodates wounded
fiom lhe western-front. A sewing
class was started, under skilled instruction, to provide garments for
tcfugces from Palestine who havc
come into thc Britisii lines for shelter and succor. At first the men
v.ere given only the straightforward
sewing of children's dresses already
cut out and tacked together, but so
rapid was their progress that they
were soon allowed to do the cutting
out as well. Several hundred small
garments have already been forward-
id to the camp where the refugees
arc concentrated.
man people;    not only (or our own
s;;kc, but for lhe sake    of the    new
Germany which   this  country would
wish to lake its place in a new world.
W'e cannot say  with certainty    how
near the battle is to a decision, but
there arc indications   of  victory for
the   bitter   side.      Imiker   countercharges,    Pan-German     raids,    and
concealed   Rcventlow    machine gun
emplacements may hold up the    attack of lhe    German   people on   the
Hohcnzollern   redoubt,     It   maybe
some time yet before the determination o( the   German masses to wipe
out thc shame    of Belgium, inflicted
upon theni  by lhc  German military
caste, will have its way; before the
idea of world domination surrenders
with the world,    l-'or the present   it
is encouraging that the battle is slill
in progress.���From the New-    Vork
Evening Post.
The First Contingent
Survivors of First Contingent   Who
Have Done Their Part Nobly
Mr. Stewart I.you's suggestion th
leave should be granted to the' survivors of the first contingent to return to Canada is one that will meet
with a sympathetic response from
the public at large. These men, ���������'..a
hesitated not a moment to sprit-,_: I >
arms at the call ot duty, have - i
something like three years of actn :
warfare, and their ranks, as Mr. Lyon
says, have been terribly thinned, tt
comes as a. shock to hear that
highest number of original fin
any baiialion is ll1*. out of a
strength of 1,100.   Many have   ma
'Of course, yotl will want an engagement ring,'' said he.
"Yes," replied she.
"With a big diamond in il?"
"No. A diamond is only carbon
tftrr all. Make it a small diamond,
and put tin- change in the shape oi a
f��W tons of coal."���Washington Star.
An old story
vived nowadays
sausage makers.
positc sides of
which is being re-
concerns two rival
They lived on op-
i certain street, and
one day onc of them placed over his
shop the legend, "We sell sausag.es to
thc gentry and nobility of tin; country." The nexl day, over thc way, appeared the sign, "Wc sell sausages to
the gentry and nobility of the whole
country." Not to bc outdone, thc rival put up what he evidently regarded as a final stalnicnt, namely,
"We sell sausages to the king." Next
day Ihere appeared over ihe door of
thc first sausage maker the simple
expression oi loyalty, "God save the
l     .
-      i
the suprciue. sacrifice, and irar.y
have been invalided home, either
through wounds or sickness, I; is;
hardly possible to believe that the remainder an: not utterly war-weary, i:
there arc no military reasons in the
way of their return to Canada,
would seem only a simple act i
justice to allow theni to return " nr.
They have done  their   part   nobly ���
Montreal Herald.
IA Dyspepsia Core |
t* M. D. advise* t "Person, who ���>
S suffer from lever, indifestion '*
���5 and constipation can cure them- '���
V* *l
��) selrea  by taking  fifteen to ���
|g thirty drop* of Extract of Root* *
'��� after each meal and at bedtime. *>
(��� This remedy ia known aa Mather *)
_.-g<l'sC-_-'ive Syrup in the drug *,
trade."  Get the genuine.   50c <���
% and $1.00 Bottles. i 2
.5 8-_e_i4tSSS'S88 ��������!_.����.��!
Bullets of Gold
Few Materials  From  Which Bullets'
Have Not Been Fashioned
The recent recovery of a silver
bullei from the leg of a Frenchman
at Verdun recalls the days when
thousands Of Sardinians and Atls-
trians wcrc sent to tin ir death, by
similar missiles fashioned from thc
altar-silver taken by Napoleon's soldiers from Italian churches,
Bullets of solid gold, too, have been
used with deadly effect. It is said
that thousands of lives havc been taken by them In the Mexican wars, and
the favorite bullet of the Kashmir
warrior was for long a garnet enclosed hi lead, which he regarded a.s
a certain messenger of death!
'Dicre are, indeed, few materials)
from which bullets have not been
fashioned, from iron and a'ttminum
to copper and brass. They have
been steeped in deadly poisons, filled
with explosives and acids, and have!
been made heavy with mercury, In
flic Crimea many a soldier, when his
bullet pouch was empty, fired his
ramrod as a parting salute to the
enemy; and in thc Peninsular war
onc of our most gallant colonels
was found dead with a silver pencil
case embedded in his hearl.���Tit-
"Charlie is so systematic."
"How now?"
"I asked him in my last letter if
he liked my eyes, and now he refers
me to his communication of February ?A. Says he treated thc subject
exhaustively iu that communication,"
Pe.h.pft you've forgot I en lhat old slory about modest Abou Ben Adh.ni and the Angel. Abou woke up ami
saw the angel writing something. Abou, being a naturally curious old fellow, wanted to know whir.
the writing was, Finally, artcr some talk at to who was the best man in those parts, tbe angel told
Abou that be was writing tbe names ot the best people on his scroll. Then he showed Abou tho
scroll���"and lo...Abou's name led all the rest!"
The modern Abou Ben Adhein Is the Canadian farmer, the back-bone of the country. Winn Fair Canada
writes a list of those who did most for Canada by his purchase of Vlrtory bonde, tbe Caimdlaa
farmer's nsme will leRd all the reetl THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper, Published at
Courteuay, ll 0,
N. II, Hoiihn, Bdltor snd Proprietor
Subscription 81,80 per Year in Advance
!*2.(io per annum if not so pnid
THUKSDAY JAN.  3,    1917
Notes and Comments
Tlie Oerman peace proposals
have not been kindly received by
the .French who sin1 they wil have
peace of their own making iu six
Two men wen- fro_en to death
on the Yukon trail recently, Geo
Scott, a government mail carrier,
nii'.l W, II. Brethour n mining man
nniii wus also dozen   in   the-  sAnie
B. C Farmers have produced
$351000,000 in crops and livestock
iu 1917. This is nearly 7 per rent
better than last year. The honey
yield is over 50 per cent greater
jhan last year,
Conscientious objectors to the
war iu Euglaud ai'e to have their
franchise taken from them, This
might be S good plan to follow
over here, as ihe ninu who does not
appreciate his citizenship sufficient-
ly to light for it does uot deserve
its rights ami privileges.���Baltimore,
" Ilnliy Jim" Simons, colored,
said to be the heavies', man in the
world, died at Philadelphia on Dec
29th, lie weighed 800 pounds,
and for years had been one of lhe
sights of cil cus'sideshows, He was
thirty-seven years of aje, nnd is
sin vice by n widow and two small
children. The body was taken to
the former home of Simons in Texas.'
A Buddhist priest who-has been
eight years on tlle way to I.assa.
expects to arrive there eighl years
hence, lie .tinted from the north
east of Pekili, aud when met by an
English missionary he. had completed 2,000 miles, about half his
journey. Me does 111 -t walk, he
crawls, or rsuhcr, lie combines both
methods. On his hands be wears
boards, on his knees he wears pads
He lies full length upon the ground
then getting up, walks to -where
his lingers had readied and measures atresh, He is under a self-
imposed vow aud believes that if
he crawls iu this manner to the
Tibetan holy city his sins will be
forgiven and honors bestowed upon
luni by Buddha.
It cannot be too earnestly urged
that Canada's supply of pork to
the Allied nations must be increased almost without limit. Patriotism and good business combine to
mak. tlie effort commendable. The
need for animal foods by the Allied armies and civil populations is
increasingly great; the need for ba-1
con and pork products most of all. '���
because they   contain   the  largest
quantity, weight for weight, of the j
animal fats needed for the soldiers.
Bacon contains -*..\*o calories as!
compared with 1,180 in ibe same!
weight of beef, anil of only   670 iu
lean beef.   Shrinkage,  too,  in a I
dressed product is only 25 per cent
ol the li ve   weight   of   hog   meat,
while in veal, mutton! and lamb it
is 50 per cent.
Among the deliberate falsehoods
which have gone abroad and ob��
tallied considerable credence In the
Dominion regarding tlie hood Controller nnd bis administration are
the following: Thnl whilst advising
conservation Mr, Hanifa personally
indulged in meals costlug $4 and
upwards: thai his home was extravagantly managed: thai exhor-
bitatit salaries were paid to his office stuff; that he was going to
commandeer all preserved fruit in
excess of a ceil 11 in number of jus,
and ihai he intended to Qx a maximum price for hogs. The pledge
card scheme was systematically decried and all unwittingly innocent
and patriotic people were 111 ide the
purveyors of ihese mischievous Illinois.
Eat less wheat, meat, sugar and
fats, to save for the Army and onr
A Hies"-says ilu- I'ood Controller,
"Eat more coin, oals and rye products, fish ninl p nillry, fruits, vegetables and potatoes, baked broiled
and boiled foods,"
This means you! To ask the
Canadian people Io pat less of certain foods iii euier lhal llie soldiers
at the trout nmy not go short is a
matter of intense seriousness.
[n a recent statement issued by
Mr, Maurice Long, Minister for
General Revictualliug of France,
it was shown lhat the 1917 wheat
crop wns onlv 39,90.0,000 hundredweights, as compared with 87,830-
000 in  1915.
The provincial by-elections are
announced to be held on  Jan.   24.
The annual meeting of the Co
mox Farmer's Institute will be held 1
in tlie Agricultural Hall at 8 p iu.
.on Thursday, Jan, 10, 1918. \V,
Scott, lleputy Miniuster of Agii-
culture has been asked and has
consented to come and address the
members on tiie questions affecting
the interests of Agriculturists. A
large turnout of farmers and all
others- interested in Agriculture is
Annual Meeting '
The Annual General meeting of
the Courtenay Branch of the United
Farmers of B. C. will be held in
tlie Agricultural Hall: Courtenay,
on Monday, the 14th of January,
1918, at 1 o'clock p, tn. All interested iu Agricultuee are cordially requested to attend.
G. J. Hardy.
Hon, Sec.
_j��_n_r>_^-_nj-u-Lrij'uu-u,i.'i.rir-n--irii-i*' -���---�����- _,-_, _���-._���
Suggestions (or
l-'iu Sets, Sweater Sels. Silk
and Crepe Waists, Neckwear
and Neckwear Novelties,
Hdkfs ami ll.lkf Boxes, Silk
Parasols,   Hand  Embroidered
Centre  Pieces,    Doilies,    Trav
Cloihs niiil Bureau Scarfs,
Ladies' Silk Scai fs and Cups.
KimoitaSi Vases, Cut Glass,
Trays, Picture frames. Kid
(i loves, Glove Cases, etc.
Gifts for Men:
Dressing Gowns and Sfnokin
Jackets, Umbrellas, Silk Shirts]
Newest Creations in Neckwear
New Styles in lints and Cap.-, j
Ready-to-wear Suits and Overcoats, Ttell fs nii'l Hdkf Boxes,
Fancy  Suspenders -and  Suspender    Sets.   Collar   Boxes,
Tie   Boxes,   Armlets,    Scent j
Cases,   Club   Bafts,   Hells and
Fancy Hosiery   Neck  Scarfs.
Mufflers, etc.
ty ���
ty I
��� is milled from lhe finest wheat Ihe world produces,
Not until this wheat is up to tlie standard set by the
company is it ever turned into "ROYAI, STANDARD
The scientific process through which it passes���the
exacting tests !t undergoes absolutely insures llie results
we demaud���PERFECT FI.01JR,
So the housewife and her family will have the com-
fortingknowledge that "ROYALSTAFDA-fcD M,QUI.'
REMEMBER tlie "Circle V" on every sack in your
guarantee of protection againsl inferior limns.
Milled in Britisii Columbia
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End of liriJ.c B. Towler,   Mgr.
VdH$;����&*d.-*9 M**********^*'
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rius Guaranteed and Sohl at the Lowest I'ossihle Price
Blacksmith ard Carriag'* Builder COURTENAY
We wish all our Friends
and Readers
a Happy and Prosperous
New Year
Seabrook Young
623-5 Johnson St.
Victoria, B. C.
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
*^*g0^g^*\ sy\r,^**t*,nnAe*^**^i*A*e^*.^^e
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday, Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
From   Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone \\~fiO
Agent Ceortenijr,
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonable rates
\.:-.i 1 *  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tun'ig and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
Leave order? at Rer'ew office
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
We carry a full Line of Grains, Hay, Stock and
Dairy Feeds, Etc.
Purity Flour
B. & K. Bread Hour
Warehouse: Movitz's Old Stand. Phone 66
No Isolation when you have
the Telephone
Winter weather does not mean that you have no intercourse with friends. The telephone is right at hand to enable
you to talk with theni at any time,
Whether thev live near or far distance does uot count.
It is as easy to telephone ioo miles as it is I mile. Telephoning is simply talking���you know how easy that is ?
Whenever you think of your friends, telephone.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
n    ,���.. .....GRAND DISPLAY
The costof Living is High ���t
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
JAMES  E. ASTON Fhie Showing ol Horse Blankets, Mp
Rugs, Oloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Practical Shoemaker ami Repair ,. .    , ���   .,
Harness Repaired Neatly
,.__..____.__.      w w WILLARD
Cumberland and Co*r.!e\ay "
It is manufactured
tobacco ft its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
���';   ?*
1      I
ff A'
y\urUi *:.!
,    Pipizz -1
*T�� *
';..'"(�� 1 ..,.;   -r        ,
rjjA-���r..:       ���. -���
B*W��..^S ''���������'/' ���'
One of the  many beautiful churches destroyed
by the Huns. >
Special Holiday Goods
Mixed EJngliih Peel in pkgs  40c
Currants, 2 pkgs ,  35e
Raisins, seeded, 2jfor  25c
Raisins, Sedless, 2 lor  25c
Shelled Almonds, per lb   60c
Shelled Walnuts, per lb  60 and 75c
Table Raisins, per pkg  30c
Mixed Nuts, per lb  30c
Mince Meat, 2 lb tins  45c
Mince Meat, 4 lb tins  _5c
Boiled Cider  per Ixrttle  30c
Our Special Tea, per lb  40c
Chocolates in fancy floxes, (rom 75c lo $4 per box.
T. Booth & Sons
Telephone No. 1.
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
Th�� nestjatid cheapest bre .d' in the district
14 Loaves (or $1, 7 for 50 cts, 4 for 30cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement)
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Mrs. Chri>tie is holidaying at
Rev, T. Menzies shot a large
white owl near thc Manse one day
M,, II. S. Clements is expected
to he in town on Friday . The
Union Committee rooms will be
open in lhc evening when everyone
will be welcome.
A Song Service will Jbe held in
ibe Presbyterian churcli onJSunday
evening, Jai, 6.   The leading solo-
sis w.d be Mrs. Macintyre, Mis.
Campbell, Mr, Macintyre ami Mr,
11 nines
')u New Year's* afternoon lhe
Misses Carroll held ;i "Kitchen
Shower" in honor of Misa Nellie
Boden, A large number ol' young
Indies wete present and an enjoy,
able afternoon wns spent.
Special   Truck  Bargains
Our Usual Six Months' Guarantee
;   112 to 2 Ton Federal fittei
unl top, twin lives, to rear wliec
ill in perfect condition,    Price when  new j
immediate sale  $1750.
i 2 Ton Gramm truck.   I,nr,;e express body,
rear wheels.     In good running.order,    Pri
I   1 Toil  Gramm,   fitted   with   slake   body.
overhauled and rebuilt at a cost over $600.
witli large express body
,  engine,  i mining .gear
:rn.    For
single tires
e  .1.iill I
Jt 11 n ii i
Happy Valley ���
An enjoyable time wns spent by
all who attended the Christmas tree
at tlie Minto school house on Thursday evening last.
Alfred and Ted Williamson are
going to Vancouver next week to
intend the Agronomy classes which
commence next Tuesday nt tlie B,C.
I. O.D.E. Notes
Dr Millard was the lucky wiu-
.ucr of the dream gown drawing
with ticket number 186.
116 is the winning number for
the box of chocolates donated by
Shepherd & Co. for the Qualicum
Anew drawing , lias been held
for the Christmas cactus the winning number being _,*. The plant
should go now,
A Grand Masquerade Ball will
be held iu the Maple I.enf (Theatre
on Tuesday, Jail.   1$.
T, Booth & SoiTs hnve donated a
dinner set of 97 pieces to be drawn
for, It can be seen in their show
windows at any time     Tickets "SC,
Rain and Snowfall i'or 1017.
1 Ford Form a Truck,   New tires all wheels, solid rear,
Engine and transmission all rebuilt.     Fitted with c-xpress
body,    Price $650
1  Overland delivery, covered body.    Price $550
Johnson Street
Victoria, B. C
^mmMmmmi     . Ii
's in
16 in
2 in
��� 31
2 111
36.4* 35 i"
Drought still follows us. In
rainfall we are four inches short of
what weconsidered "the dry 1916"
But the cold has let up. We have
only three feet of snow against the
ten of that remarkable year.
E- Ducau,
Jan. 2nd. 	
Alberni Conservatives
Select Candidate
Mr Richard Wallis, a prominent
farmer of the.Natioose district and
one of the prominent residents ol
the riiling, wns nominated ns Con-
servative standard bearer in Ih*
forthcoming by.election campaign
at a Conservative convention held
nl Port Alberni on Friday night.
'I'he meeting wns attended by over
fifty delegates, representing with
proxies, eighty-seven votes, nnd
every section of lhe riding wns
represented. Tliree 1 antes were
placed in nomination, those of Mr,
Wallis, of Nnuoose, Mr, J. P. Latham, of Old Alberni, and Mayor
Macintyre of Port Alberni. Two
ballots were required to decide
to whom the honor of the nomination should go, Mr. Wallis being
successful and his selection being
greeted with enthusiasm, The
meeting, after the business was
concluded, heard spirited speeches
from the nominee and Mr. W. J.
Bowser, K. C, leader of the party
in the Province, the latter receiving
a hearty ereeting and his remarks
being voiciferously applauded. A
feature of the gathering was the
attendance of a number of ladies
who took a keeti interest in the
proceeding* and predicted that the
candidate wouid be assured of a
majority of the women vote in the
riding, Mr. Harry Brown presided at the convention. Mr, Bowser
proved a keen critic of the government and its record.
S. ODa
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing  ew
McPhee Block
t Suitings
Practical   farmers   know  more
than most classes  of   worker
necessity for planning well
Success in the fields 11 1 less th
the field    may   depend    in
'���llie long view.''    Can 1 li m I 1 . 1-
ers therefore,  more th ���-.
else may profit by   .��� ighittjj
irestly   the   words 0? a 1   Ru ;
economist that,   even  if  the  vt ir
were to cease  ton irtow,   .
crop conditions could i.oi '.
ed in the world for from
six ye ns.    The store I  tp s-jj
of food have been  heat ily  ��� ;: 1 ,v 1
upon and in some cases ' .1
actually exhausted.    Tin-*  m   us
as no one  heller  ihan   the  fa;
will comprehend, thai there will be
nn acute demand, as com] .u I
pre-war years, for f iod grain (    j i
olid food auimals.   Should warfa !
be suspended, of which  tlice is co
sign at present, the  demobil zation
would lake months and iu   th-;   reconstruction period the re-st icki :^
of farms in Belgium, France, Italy
aud Great Britain uuir-t   inevitably
be done from this side  of  the   At.
lantic.   Only by the "long  view"
can the  Canadian  farmer  prepare
for tliis    It is in  this season  cf
comparative quietness that  he wili
have the most  time to  think  cot
the means at his disposal.    He will
see that there is both good busines..
and good patriotism in   the   advice
of the Food Controller nud of   the
Department of Agriculture to produce more pork: he will  do  what
he can to add to tlie grain area  of
1916.    Owing to the lack ot fertilizers, so necessary for  the  intensive systems of farming in the older
lands, and to the cousequei t  impoverishment of the soil  especially
of France and  Italy,   next vear's
crops in Europe may ,be smaller
even than those recently harvested
which fell far below  the average.
Shipping is not availabe  to carry-
fertilizing  snpolies,  and labor is
extremely scarce, so that  the di-
munition of the crops for 1918 will
be exceedingly   serious.    A  consideration of these things should
give the Canadian   farmer matter
J I for thought as to what he  will do
(to meet the shortage overseas   aud
j I to derive a legitimate benefit  from
.���! his favored economic position.
Christmas Presents
are Economical, Useful
and are
Great  Labor   Savers
for sale by
The CourtenayElectricIight
Heat & Power Company I ��mited
The Courtenay  Review
Family Herald and Weekly Star
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable TEE!    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    C.
They Arc l"or Peace
The Peace River ilislricl is benc-
fiting from a revival oi immigration
Irom the United Slates, ami lhis season ii is estimated that fully 75,1)00
of a very desirable class havo conic
in and taken up land, it double llur
number who entered lasl year, says
j-. I..  Pease, of the Royal bank,
!���_;.. in tlie Rack or Sides, Corstant
Headaches, Swollen Joints, I'linary
Troubles, Stone o- Gravel? Yon will
Iimi tlie remedy In tlie box below���
might push open lhc swinging door
front tho street, or come in irom lhc
interior of tllO house.
The veiled woman stood in the
background humbly, now and .Rain
sending a glance llu way slu- had
come ns though she meant nr go thai
Thc S.
I1IIIT   I .HOC      (i
The Squire's
__n,'. _. M��_w'jfi_, ud T_~_w
N'o onc came into ih< restaurants
Madame, who dispensed her sirops
ni d strong drinks like a queen, had
delegated that duty to Jean, the gar-
''���II, during the dull scoson; Jean
served tlicui ..".il '.ir pcasanls and
fishermen, the only customers, from
(���"tin: place at the back of the hotel.
.Any common person in search oi a
drinh uh.i ventured to put his nose
inlo lhc restaurant was discomfited
by Madame's stormy indignation.
Dufour came in with a suggestion
that Monsieur should dine. It would
he easy to send a word to lhc Splcn-
ilidc. The Squire agreed. He had
i.o wish to go hack to thc diminished
glories of ihe Splendidc, Dufour
went into lhc interior of the house
tigain, pulling in his head once more
io remark that M, Ilari and Mdllc.
Keetee were enjoying themselves in
die billiard room.
"You have dune everything, my
friend," Mrs. Lloyd said softly.
'There is bul patience���and prayer.
There was a time I did not think of
prayer. Some lime I will tell you
sow 1 came to believe in it."
Si icouc pushed open the door of
he r' -lam-ant and closed it again.
Ihi  bolt clicked.
"Ii i< one oi il.e village children,-"
laid Mr.. Lloyd. "There are. such
nines whin Dufour is here, though
ic adores children, Ilo has really
brilliant invcctivi."
I ho door canu' open again. A
ouple or hooded figures entered.
lhc Squire sprang to his feet; leap-
-d io meet ihnn, another man���-full
��� i life, full of lovci full of energy,
i In - "I'h ii \ ei figure was in Ids
I'm. lie had pushed hack the hood
'rom a mass o( silky golden hair.
"M.. rh _rl My deal'." ho crli d,
iss'u-.p ihc girl who was clinging to
Mm, while tin wi 1 cloak slipped
*i"!:r hor shoulders and fell In a
... np lo llu lloor. There inifrlit hav
been no onc in the world but jusl
himself and his sweetheart, losl,
.   tl  found again,
Tin: other woman wns wearing a
sort of close-fitting cap under lh<
hood of her cloak. Her face \va"
hidden by -r veil.
"1 havc brought you hack Mis,
Roily quite <a!e, sir," she sail', with
the manner of a wcll-traiued servant, "Sin has twisted her poor litlle ankle coming across the dunes.
She will h;t\, lo rest il for a day or
'I he Squire heard nothing, heeded
- - si11itij.--. wr.s aware of his recovered
'.i ������- nn   safe in hi' amis only.
The Last Chance
It was, ns Mrs. Lloyd said afterwards, n shame that anyone should
have looked on ; I that passionate rc-
miiotv- ��__: '.-.-j delisted tor have
been prr.st-.it at the denoii-ui'iit, but
she had no desire lo look on at
something sacred which, should bc
secret, lind -he was apprehensive of
Mi audi, ncc    Ati_   Moment someone
suddenly _______________
"You are wel ihroilgh, my dear little child," he said, "and you arc
ll was Mrs. I loyd'fl lum,
"Lei ine have Iter," she said wiili
a manner of large beneficence, "I
will get her what she wants in the
way of dry garments, Can you fetch
some wine?   She is alniosl fainting,''
The veiled woman look lhe opportunity lo slip oni in lhc night again.
When lhe Squire remembered her
she was gone.
She, Kate Bartlett, -ret out walking quickly along lho sea road. The
night was very dark, exccpl for the
flashlight; not a star to he seen
through the drifting cloud rack-. She
drew her cloak aboul In r mechanically as the wind luil'fellcd her and die
rain sent little slinging arrows in
her face.
After she had gone a little way she
stopped. Her wel veil clung uncomfortably to her face, hindering her
vision. She stood while she unpinned the veil. Having accomplished
it, she held the wet veil in her hand
for a second; then let it drop, as
though she in re done wilh it, and.
went on, her poor scarred face exposed to the wind and rain. If any
imaginative person had been present
and could see her lhcy would have
delected a significance in lhe act,
She felt oddly lighter as she lifted
hey face to the storm, feeling the
rain cool and fresh upon it. She was
uot at all afraid. On the contrary,
she felt something tingling within
her that gave wings to her feet. She
had a desperate need of hurry at this
moment. She must tret there in time
I ���to prevent something. There was
' need of hurry afler the slow weeks
in  which nothing had happened.
She left the m a road behind, passed under the churchyard wall wilhout a thought of thc graves and the
leaning crosses. She had nothing to
be afraid of now except that she
might not he in lime. As she mounted the hill the wind all but swepl
her off her fei I. She struggled
against it, paining, holding her cloak
lightly about her so that it should
not Iill like a sail and further impede lier progress.
far ahead of her she saw a light-
moving, else il might have been a
star. A lantern blown about bv the
windj lhc light appearing and disappearing. She came closer to it,
though it went before. She was
aware of a high black mass���the tilt
of a wagon. Why, it was the cart,
driven hy Margot's son, poor Leon,
which was lo have carried Cooper
and Miss Dully over the frontier.
She walked in the shadow of the
cart undetected, and had some shelter
from the rain and the wind. Her feel,
went upward, upward. With a crack
of the whip lhc horse came to a
standstill. The gate of the farm
yard was open. Beyond was i'ic
open house dour, the light streaming
out on the wet cobble stones of the
courtyard, on St. Roch and his dog
and  the  hush  of  late  roses.
She slipped through lhc gate in
the shadow of thc wagon, passed
llirougli the door of the liouse, which
she closed behind her as though she
cut off a chance of escape. The saile
a manger was just as she had lefl
it���clean and lamp-lit, While she
Stood looking about her, Cooper
tame in fronl the scullery and faced
her, where she kept her hack against
lhc door.
"So iuii have come hack again," he
said, blinking in the lamplight, which
made deep golden reflections in llis
ryes.    "Where is  Miss  Egerton?"
"With lur lover. You will not see
her ...,���.;.."
"If I'd known you'd have played
1110 that trick I'd have sill your wra-
zand,   Why shouldn't I do it now:"
"Because it would he another black
sin on your soul, Harry Coopers I
came back to implore you to leave
tliis place wilh all possible speed.
The cart is at the door: you will he-
over the frontier before morning.
Only���hurry, hurry! Oh, my Gojh
will you go, before the   gendarmes
arrive?" The cry seemed forced
from her while lips by an intolerable
fear and suspense,
Ho  came nearer, peering at  her.
"You are Infernally hideous," he
said. "You did well lo hide your
face. 1 hate an ugly woman'liki llie
devil, But you remind nre; you al-
| ways 'lid remind mc of my wife. Kate
Cooper, whom I lefl behind iiie by
lhe Litfcy. She diid in the Richmond hospital. She was a comely
woman���not like vou, you mouslro-
Her face quivered sharply.
"1 always km w you would feel
like that," she said quietly, "so I
kept out of your way. 1 did not die,
though 1 got a friendly nurse Ij
write and say 1 was dead. My face
is���is���the result of an accident. 1
had conic on your track���you had
hidden your traces well, hut I had
run vou to earth at last���when this
befell me. Mr. Meyrick saved my
life that night, lie has befriended
me ever since, 1 owed him a life for
a life. That is why T am here. I havc
been able lo render him the greatest
service possible, thank God. lie aud
his sweetheart arc together once
(To Be Continued.)
Burning Kept Her Awake
Nights. Hard Lumps Came
Then Turned to Scales.
"My scalp began by being very itchy
and burning which would keep mc
awake "lights it was so
bothersome. First Ihero
would come little hard
lumps and when I
scratched ihem they
would turn to flaky scales
and dry.
"I got no relief until I
got Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. They gave instant relief and
in a week 1 was completely healed."
(Signed) Mrs. Alfred Benhclotte, Ed
KivcrCrossing, N. B., Febniary 11, '16.
Most skin troubles mightbe prevented
by using Cuticura Soap and Ointment
for every-day toilet purposes.
For Free Sample Each by Mail address post-card: "Cuticura, Dept. A,
Boston, U. S. A."   Sold everywhere.
UHiNb\ Granulated Eyelids,
"^"""""""H- Sure I'ves, Eyes inflamed by
uyiSun, Dux an J "Vina; quickly
. relieved by Murine.  Try it in
���x,. _ -rj}_" Cyout Eyes and In Baby's Eyes.
OUR LlUNoS��rti_|>itE-.Ct_���ort
Ky* S_*lvc, in Tube I 2G��,   For livo!; of the J?v< ��� tree.
Ask Marine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago*
t*���mm*- *Y*M
VV      N.     U.     11.6
4'��� llilll ii m**em*)*a**
Plans Mirrors to Blind Foe
Invention Offered Is One of   10,000
Schemes to Help U.S. End War
Fifty new ways to end thc war arc
proposed daily to the U.S. war department, for that many military inventions are submitted every twenty-
four hours and nearly every inventor
claims his device will revolutionize
warfare. Ninety-nine out ot 100 are.
discarded as impracticable in the war
emergency, but for the sake of the
possibilities in the one all arc welcomed, Hire are a few of the. devices before the war department's
board of ordnance and fortifications,
which Rives preliminary Investigations to inventions.
Polished reflectors to throw sunlight Into thc eyes of the enemy and
blind liim; elaborated sling shots for
throwing bombs; land torpedoes rc-
iseinbling small iractor engines to
I run across "No Man's Land" and ex-
! plode in Ihe enemy trench; aerial
torpedoes to Ily without a pilot;
! double shot connected by chains to
entangle airplanes in Ihe skies; self-
propelling bombs resembling sky-rockets; sabres with pistol attached
lo the hilt, to inflict double wounds;
coats of mail, like medieval armor,
lo make soldiers shed bullets like
raindrops; hand grenades with trailer
strings, lhc pulling of which causes
explosion after lhc grenade lands in
thc enemy trench; centrifugal guns,
wliicli whirl bullets until they gain
sufficient momentum and then feed
them out in a steady stream; safely
parachutes to allow aviators to drop
from disabled machines; modernized
catapults for hurling trench bombs
and smoke bombs to bc thrown by
charging infantrymen a moment before the bayonets clash,
Nearly 10,000 inventions have becn
oi.cr.cd the war department since war
was declared. Many with strong elements of merit are rejected because
they cannot he adapted in short time
to war exigencies,
I.ady���I'm   afraid    you don't like
work, my good man.
Tramp���How kin I, lady, scein' it {
killed mc pore wife?
Reflex of Good
Prices for Produce
Some Indications of Western Canada's Prosperity This Year
After a  careful  study  of available
statistical mutter, a Winnipeg newspaper estimates that the cash returns
which will he received by the farmers of .Manitoba this year for thcll
crop and produce will lur between
sixty-live and seventy-live millions
greater than last year's. The largest
increase i.s iu the wheal crop, which
in min is estimated to have yielded
$46i722|588, while a conservative estimate for lhc present year shows lhat
Ihe wheal crop in Manitoba should
yield $199,239,760, or nearly $153,000-
000 more than in 1910. Tin- lain i
estimate is based upon lhe price of
$2,05 per bushel, which in view of
the facl lhat the wheat is grading
high, seems a very fair basis for an
stiinnle. The. acreage in wheal this
year is nol so greal a.s in 1916, hut
lhe average yield per acre is alniosl
seven bushels more.
While, the oal crop is nol so good
lhis year as in 1916, the estimated
yield being lower despite an increased acreage, thc increased price will
make the value of thc oat crop exceed last year's hy more Ihan live
million  dollars.
Dairy products will show a marked increase, and although it i.s yet too
tarly to estimate the total cash receipts for butter, cheese, milk and
cream, it seems safe to say that the
increase will be considerably more,
than $5,000,000. Last year dairy products were valued at $4,483,614. Manitoba butter continues to bc in great
demand and thc Montreal market m
particular, is bidding for every pound
it can get. Morc than eighty -cars of
Manitoba creamery butter havc been
shipped east this year, and as each
car represents $9,000 in cash, it is
easy to realize the importance of the
export butter industry to this province, which a few- years ago was importing tne larger part of its own requirements.
Equal conditions exist in Saskatchewan and Alberta. No belter indication of the general prosperity of
thc west can bc given than is afforded by the present state of the banking business. Winnipeg, which may
be termed the gateway of the west,
has stepped into the second place in
the bank clearing returns of the Dominion, running Montreal very close.
In a recent week lhe figures were
nearly twenty-five millions and a half
more than Toronto's, and only about
five millions less than Montreal's.']
Calgary has jumped up lo lhc fourth
place, having doubled or almost
doubled thc figures of last year every week for the past six weeks.
While it is not suggested that the
bank clearing returns indicate an exact financial comparison with she
cities of the cast, which have a much
larger population, they arc decidedly
favorable and presage great ihings
for the west.
$4,356 from Cucumbers
The department of agriculture of
British Columbia has heen officially
notified hy the proprietor of lhc Kill
Kare Farm at West Sunimerland,
British Columbia, that the cucumber
yield from one and four-ninths of au
acre filled 5,445 peach boxes and
weighed approximately lifty-four
tons. The selling price of the produce netted thc grower an average of
eightv cents per box, or a total of
Madame SukhomlinofT, wife of the
general of that name, sentenced recently to a bastille for treason, is, or
perhaps was, the most extravagant
woman in Kussia. I ler dress bill
came to 150,000 roubles per annum.
Her perfumery account reached onc
year In 15,0(11) roubles, am] on being
solicited for the reduction of the ac
count she ordered tlu- messenger
who brought it to her to be horsewhipped and driven from lhe precincts of her mansion
Co-Operation in
Live Stock Shipping
Co-operalivc Associations to Take up
Shipping of Live Stock
With   tho  object    of    encouraging
agricultural co-operative associations
to lake np moro extensively the shipping  of  live   slock,  the  cooperative
organizations branch of ilu- department of agriculture of lho province
oi Saskatchewan is issuing receipt
and accounting forms for use in connection with the marketing of stock.
'Ihese are based on lln: experiences
of associations carrying on this kind
of work during recent years. Tho
forms lend I" simplify the business
greatly and contain many labor-saving devices. Tlicy nre accompanied
by a bulletin explaining their use.
I hie set, which is sufficient lo record
a whole year's business, is supplied
free to every association engaged in
live stock marketing; and afterwards
lhcy are to be supplied at cost, which
will be in the neighborhood of $5
per set.
Woman Saved From a Serious Surgical Operation.
Louisville, Ky.���"For four years 1
suffered from female troubles, headaches, and nervousness. 1 could not
sleep, had no appetite and it hurt me to
walk, If I tried to do any work, I
would have to lie down before it was
finished. The doctors said I would
have to he operated on and I simply
broke down. A
friend advised mt
to try Lydia B.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
and the result is I
feel like a nf w woman. I am well and
strong, do all my
own house work and
have an eight pound baby girl. I know
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound laved me from an operation
which every woman dreads." ���.Mrs.
Nellie Fishback, 1621 Christy Ave.,
Louisville, Ky.
Everyone naturally dreads the surgeon's anife. Sometimes nothing else
will do, but many times Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has saved
the patient and made an operation unnecessary.
If you nave any symptom about which
E-u would like to know, writo to tha
ydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
Mass., for helpful advice given free.
Proved a Boomerang
In order lo demonstrate    to    lhe
public the achievements of their Hying corps thc Germans recently decided to tour the country with one
of ihe latest British aeroplanes which
had fallen inlo their hands. But the
result w-as hardly what they had anticipated. Thc inhabitants of the first
lown in which the plane was shown
were terrified rather than cxllilinrat-
ed. They said they had uo idea that
the enemy had such awful weapons
and that it was quite obvii us that
lhe British would verv soon he raiding German towns���a contingency
too dreadful to contemplate,
Rather Absurd
l-'or a gallant crew io sl.-.rt out on
the conquest of Greal Britain in a
million-dollar airship 600 feet long,
io bc brought lown in France by
lire trouble or something, and lo bt
captured by n farm-hand with a shotgun out hunting rabbits���well, ihal
is adding terrors io war!���New Vork
It is hard to break the
chains of habit. It took
one man six months to stop
saying "Gee Whis."
Perhaps habit has kept you
ordering "the same tea as before" when you
had intended to buy Red Rose.
This will be a reminder.   So next time you
will order Red Rose.
You will be pleased, we
are sure.
Kept Good by die
Sealed Package
You know well enough when your liver is loafing.
Ycur skin soon gets the bad newt. It
grows dull, yellow, muddy and un-
Violent purgatives ara not what you
���aad���Just the gentle help of this old-
time standard remedy.
Small PHI, Small Dost, Small Prlos.
many colorless faces but m-_��*wlll greatly help moat pale-faced people.
j     Many New Elevators
i Capacity of   Co-operative   "'levators
I Is Increasing
I   During the present year   the Saskatchewan     Co-operative     Elevator
, Company has erected thirty-one elevators, and has still under coustruc-
. lion  six more, which  will  he    com-
j pleled   this   fall.      The    thirl.-seven
��� elevators will involve au expenditure
I of $350,000, and will bring the ntim-
' her of elevators in the province cooperatively owned    lo    more     ihan
three hundred,
Iu Alberta the United Grain Growers, formerly tlle Alberta Farmers'
Co-operative Elevator Company, will
have 145 elevators in operation in
time to handle this year's crop. Last
year they handled 16,068,01)0 bushels
of grain llirougli 10,1 elevators, which
was the number then In operation, all
average of 156,000 bushels per elevator.
tit   ���!�� __-!��    tl*   tl��_jl�� ���!-   ��lf|
F. F. Dulley Co. of Canada, Ltd.
Hamilton,   Can.
'I' '1' -1- 'I' ������!��� ������
���   Wheat prices are fixed but servicc is not,   The best is assured you   S
| when you consign your S
j Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax or Rye 1
g To the Old Reliable Grain Commission Merchants 2
j Jas. Richardson & Sons, Ltd.
:   Sixty years of satisfied customers. Careful checking of grades.  Lib-
Is era! advances.   Prompt adjustments.
S Cr��in Exchanac, Winnipeg Main tS22                            "
S Grain Exchange, Calgary Mala   2261
S Canada  Building,  Sas.noon JJ41                             ��
The Heart oi a Piano is tha
Action.   Insist on the '
Otto Higel Piano Action
When ordering _oodrt by mail, send a Dominion Express Money Order.
Talented Cow
Advertisement in a rural New England weekly���Wanted���A steady, respectable young man to look after a
garden and care for a cow who has
a good voice and is accustomed to
sing iu the choir.���Christian Register.
Minard's Liniment Cures   Garget in
Saskatchewan's Potato Crop
After completing ihe tabulation of
scleral thousand reports from all over the province, the department of
agriculture of askatchcwfln estimates
that the average yield of potatoes
thi-> year is 10.' bushels per acre, from
about 07,000 acres under cultivation.
Wheat Grades High
Seventy-five Per Cent, of Crop Grading No. 1
The new official estimate of thc
department of agriculture of Saskatchewan places the wheat crop of this
province at 130,000,000 bushels, which
is considerably in excess of the estimates previously made. The increase
seems to have becn brought about
largely by better yields than were
expected in the western part of the
province���the territory tributary to
Saskatoon. Seventy-five per cent, of
the crop, it is ofiicialy stated, will
grade No. 1  Northern.
)k PILLS..
: ' x *-        n J.
.KIDNEV <Tr.*(
H?T;_._-rlSr_VV  ,'
W.     N.    U,     1186
Hope for the Chronic Dyspeptic���
Through lack of consideration of the
body's needs many persons allow disorders of the digestive apparatus to
endure until they become chronic,
filling days and nights wilh suffering.
To these a course of I'armelcc's Vegetable Pills is recommended as a
sure and speedy way ta��� regain
he.illh. These pills are specially
compounded to combat dyspepsia
and the many ills that follow iu its
train, and lhcy arc successful always.
Western Cattle Receipts
In lhc nine months ending September .10, 13,948 more stockcrs passed
through the Winnipeg" yards than
for the same period in 1916. Of the
38,579 head of stockcr cattle received
at the Winnipeg yards, 20,267 went
back ou lo thc Western farms lo be
finished, while thc United States has
received a much smaller percentage
than in previous years.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Prices of Lower Grades of Wheat
The board of grain supervisors
have set thc following prices per
bushel of wheat of the following
grades from the 1st of November,
1917, until the 31st of August, 1918,
No. 4 wheat. $2.08; No. 5 wheat,
$1.95; No. 6 wheat, $1.87.
These prices arc based In store
public terminal elevators at Fort William and Tort Arthur,
In the days of our fathers nnd
grandfathers rheumatism        was
thought to bc the unavoidable penalty of middle life and old age. Alniosl every elderly person had rheumatism, as well as many young people. Medical science did not understand the trouble���did not know that
it was rooted iu tho blood. Il was
thought that rheumatism was the
mere cITecl of exposure lo cold and
damp, and it was treated with liniments and hot applications, ivnlcll
sometimes gave temporary relief, but
did not cure the trouble. In those
days there were thousands of rheumatic cripples. Now, medical science
understands that rheumatism is a
disease of the blood, and that with
good, rich, red blood any man or
woman of any age can defy rheumatism can be cured by killing the poison in the blood which causes it.
There are many elderly people who
have never felt a twinge of rheumatism, and many who have conquered
it by simply keeping their blood rid:
and pure. The blood making blood
enriching qualities of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills is becoming every year
more widely known, and it is the
more general use of these pills that
has robbed rheumatism of its terrors. At the first sign of poor blood,
which is shown bv loss of appetite,
palpitations, dull skin and dim eves,
protect yourself against the further
ravnn-cs of disease by taking Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Thev havc
cured thousands of _ people���if you
eive ihem a fair trial they will not
disappoint you.
You cau get these pills tlirougli
any dealer in medicine or bv mail n*
50 cents a box or slv boxes for S".50
from The Pr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Bie Potnto vj��ij
A farmer   at    Delacour,    Alberta
look from three-quarters of an acre
,300 bushels of clean potatoes, three
1 of which  weighed more  than  seven
aud a half pounds.    It was declared
by experts that out of the 300 bushels at least onc hundred bushels of
potatoes weighing more than a pound
and a half each  could bc    selected.
Some of the potatoes were on view
at a store in  Calgary, and created
much interest.
Wifc (reading letter)���Well. I de
clarel Here's Jim Brown that I
used to know, come back from the
West with a  fortune.
Hub���Well,, go on!    I'm waiting.
Wife���Waiting for whal?
Hub���For vou to throw up to mc
lhat you mi ,ht_ have married him.���
Boston Transcript.
- ���g'-.'T"*
X              ll
______!     _______
[mm ���
*!*.���_�� ftrrtj-g-SM. j
and i
for 1
the spir
times ]
y.  It is
\o{ plea
( ready
V, Mutant
s a plea
esome, <
>oth y<
e's a Rei
Postum Cereal
Clndaor, Ont-ric
for \
Co., Ltd.
The Tragedy of the Sea
War Has Brought Greatest Tragedy
of Maritime History
Wc have fed the sea for a "thousand years," but never as we are
forced to feed it today; it has become in the past thirty-eight mouths
a place of quiet sepulture for tens of
thousands of our fellow-countrymen,
tlu-ir graves unmarked except for the
(lowers of memory. Where is the
romance of the sea which lured our
seamen, as hoys or youths, away
from the comlort and security of
home? The great adventure has become the great tragedy of maritime
'llstory, Romance has been overlaid
>y realities of crime and cruelty,
which are, happily, fresh in human
experience. The naval bluejacket
thought lo fight In the open an honorable foe, both sides using legitimate weapons of war, in accordance
with the immemorial restraints; instead he is confronted by men who
have forgotten the meaning of honor
in word or deed, and lake pride iu
striking felon's blows. "Humanity
afler action," was Nelson's motto;
Inhumanity before, during and after
action is lhe cry of the Germans,���
From the London Daily Tclcgrnpli,
**-*-.��M��l>|H-Hl|--||-t*ft-��< '!-���������
No humbug!    Apply few drops
then just lift them away
with fingers.
.���-.���._._>.������������>.������>���-���..������<�����_.>��� ......a..,..,,...,,,,,....,,,,,,.,.*
This new drug is an ether compound discovered by a Cincinnati
chemist. It is called free-
zone, and can now bc obtained in tiny bottles as
here shown at very lit'lc
cost from any drug
store. Just ask for free-
zone. Apply a drop or,
two directly upon a tender corn or callus and instantly the soreness disappears. Shortly you will
find the corn or callus so
loose that you can lift it
off, root and all, with the
Not a twinge nf pain,
soreness or irritation; nol
even the slightest smarting, cither when applying
freezone or afterwards.
This drug doesn't cat
up the corn or callus, but
shrivels them so they
loosen and conic right
out. It is no lutmbugt It
.vorks like a chant;. For
.a few cents you can get
rid of every hard corn, soft com or
corn between lhc toes, as well as
painful calluses on bottom of your
feet, It never disappoints and never
burns, bites or infla;ncs. If your
druggist hasn't any freezone yet,
tcb him to get a little bottle for you
from his wholesale house.
Bruises and Sprains
Have Sloan's Liniment handy for
bruise* and sprain, and all pains and
aches. Quick relief follows it*
prompt application. No need to
rub. It quickly penetrate* to the
trouble and drives out the pain.
Cleaner than musty plasters or ointments. Sloan's Liniment does not
stain the skin nor clog the pores.
For rheumatic aches, neuralgia,
���tiff muecloe, lame back, lumbago, gout,
strain!, and sprain*, it tiy.e quick r_lir_F.
Generous aired bottles at all druagUu,
25c Mc.. $1.00.
Ship to us at once and Reap
Benefits of High Prices
now prevailing.
Pries List and Shipping Tan FflEE
Kl.li.lr_ M. f-i_.._. M.iniK". i
'rWI-fflfDEO CirTtfa
"vToci-i _&onl-odi&a.
The Ureal B*gttt\  Remedy
Toms aad langwalH Im was!
*"*". V ���_ ***"". saakas aaw Bias
IS/ Oi
Immigration Increases
Immigration inlo Western Canada
during the first 10 months of the
present year has more than doubled
the returns for thc same period in
1916, and more than tripled .the 1915
Warts will render the prettiest
hands unsightly. Clear tlie excrescences away by using Holloway's
Corn Cure, which acls thoroughly
and painlessly.
Canary Causes Britisii Panic
It Is Shot Before Revealing Weeks
of Mining Operations
How one little canary bird caused
consternation among an entire division of Britisii troops and had to bc
killed, is told by Dr. Kobert Davis,
recently arrived iu the United States
lo lecture at lhe ofhrcis' training
camps on activities of the Red Cross
in Europe.
'Tor more Ihan a month on a
northern sector of the line the British had been secretly mining beneath the German trenches," said Dr.
Davis. "The work was almost complete. Ruling the operations several canary birds were, as usual, kepi
iu the excavations to warn the workers of the presence of lire damp,
which Is fatal to the birds. One Utile songster, however, escaped from
its job, flew into the middle of N'o
Man's Land aud alighting on a bush
began to sing.
"Consternation reigned in the British lines. If the bird had been discovered by the Germans lhc work ot
weeks would go for naught, as the
enemy could easily interpret the
meaning of its presence and prepare
to combat the sapping operations.
Ihc infantiy was immediately order-
ed to open fire on the canary to destroy it. But it seemed to bear a
charmed life. Even the sharpshooters failed to bring it down, as it hopped from twig to twig. Finally the
artillery had to be called on. A
trench gun with a well-aimed shell
blew- thc bird and the bush and .the
song into nothingness."
, The Saskatoon "Star" savs: "There
is a dispute between the C.P.R.
and thc conductors. Just what thc
point of difference Is, Is not yet
known, but those conversant with
railway matters say that the company is demanding a share of the
therapion ; 4 ;.H
Ireat tucceii, cures chronic we ��.-_<-ei*. lost n-Mfl
tftYNSWDRAOF.K(TfcSTt_,K3S>ro-t._Or   (.��-_   r-_   \ ______
Save tftet calves
Mifktlasl swiaf
ever a'auhl al
AborttM, SirriS
It., aad Frees*
euro t'al?la(. sal
or one hnadsel
cattts treated li
I minutes. Cat
one hall ol *'*
product, il ad
unified fetsrf
ths balance a-<
get   your  mean.
"Keif inV
sells   -i   pou-Slf
MOO.     Se.id  tl
printed matter.
Plant and Head Ofice, Bdmentoa,  Albert*
P.  O.  Box,  121
Value of Corn
Luther Burbank   Says   It   Is   Best
. Cereal Except Wheat
and Rice
Luther Burbank of California haa
declared that he was misquoted in.
the statement recently attributed tn
him that corn diet is injurious to tba
national health.
In his denial he says!
"I am in thorough sympathy witli
the effort to get corn more Renera*1jr
introduced into the dietary of ths
I'nited States. It is in my opinion
the best cereal food, except wheal
and rice, and people should by all
means bc encouraged to use it far
more liberally than it has been usird,
as il supplies all of the elements o!
nutrition in nearly thc right propt>r��
lions and will take thc place of sa
much meat with great advantage to
the health of those who use it It
will certainly bc far better to utt a
good proportion of it rather than so
much fine white flour."
Skin Sores
. ...en troubled with fall
ra��het,ec2-ma.or anyaldtt
disease apply Zam-Buk!
Surprlsia. how qulcktr It *****
I tha ifaartlnj ^-d ���!��=;!__:   Ale��
I cures cuts, barm, sorts and -pitas.
Zaa.luk Is madaf ross pursers..
balsutncsi. Noaalaalfats-a*
���Insral polioai. finsst ksalsrl
Ji_wIsi��ii*"iiu **�������-an
Your Vote and Influence
is respectfully solicited for
���      FRED  KERTON
The Independent  No-Machine
Candidates for Aldermen
for Ward 1
Municipal Elections
Having been requested by a large de
pntalion o( ratepayers l" stand fnr the
office n( Mayor, I hnvi- consented lo ilo
so nml respectfully solicit your vote and
Consider   Only The  Best
Final Appeal Judffe
Gives Ruling on
Exemption of Farmers
Mr. Justice Duff (the Final Court of Appeal) De
clares it is Essential that there shall be No
Diminution in Agricultural Production.
Ai the request ol .1 large number ol
the ratepayers nnd voters lu lhe Cily ol
Courtenny, I have consented to be a
candidate (or Alder'nnn in Ward I at
the forthcoming Civic election, absolutely free (rom any part)1 politics.
I,. Dl-MIAM,
At the request o( a large number "I
the ratepayers and voters In the Cily ol
Courtenay, I hnve consented to be a
candidate for Alderman iu Ward 1 at
the forthcoming civic election, absolute- j
ly lice liotn uny parly publics.
j. k. ri-uniAUT.
; ���������' ,;-'_ "��� ia*
,1     jrxjffl i\ sr
.    'C rj>
'���' '-'r
_ -1
^fli-c ���������,V'','.'-; The piano question
^.Av.iV^lr '��� " is   i>cctiliiir   in   itself.
jfe. Every 111 ill ig    about   a
    *''    'S piano is viial to ils tone
or li c- and 11 weakness
anywhere proves eventually to be like the bad
upp]e in the barrel. In
oilier words, there can
hardly be a " pretty
ivond piano,1' ll is eitli-
o I
er good or ii is not
pood.   The
1 h ftbf
\\\i\\ *ucj*r: mmi ���.
, " a
(Published by authority of Director of Pahiic Information,
Hon. Mr. Justice Duff gave judgment on December
6th, in the first test case brought before him, as Central
Appeal Judge (the final court of appeal), f .-. the exemption of a farmer. The appeal was made by W. H. Rown-
trce in respect of his son, W. J. Rowntree, from the
decision of Local'Tribunal, Ontario, No. 421, which
refused a claim for exemption. The son was stated to
be an experienced farm hanrl, v/ho had been working
on the farm continuously for the past seven years, antl
* ever since leaving school. He lives and work.'; with his
father, who owns a farm of ISO acres near Weston,
Ontario. With the exception of a younger brother, he
is the only male help of the father on the farm. The
father is a man of advanced years.
In granting the man exemption "until he ceases to
be employed in agricultural labdr," Mr. Justice Duff
"The Military Service Act does not deal with the
subject of the exemption of persons engaged in the agricultural industry; and the question which it is my duty
to decide is whether the applicant being and having
been, as above mentioned, habitually and effectively engaged in agriculture and in labor essential to the carry"
ing on of agricultural production, ought to be exempted
under the provisions of the Military Service Act.
"These two propositions are indisputable :
"(1) In order that the military power of the allies
may be adequately sustained, it is essential that in this
country and under the present conditions, there
should be no diminution in agricultural production.
"(2) The supply of competent labor available for
the purpose of agricultural production is not abundant,
but actually is deficient.
"The proper conclusion appears to be that the applicant, a competent person, who had been habitually
and effectively engaged in labor essential to such production, ought not to be withdrawn from it.
"It is perhaps unnecessary to say that such exemptions are not granted as concessions on account of personal hardship, still less as a favor to a class. The sole
ground of them is that the national interest is the better
served by keepihg these men at home. The supreme
necessity (upon the existence of which, as its preamble
shows, this policy of the Military Service Act is founded) that leads the State to take men by compulsion and
put them in the fighting line requires that men shall be
kept at home who are engaged in work essential to enable the State to maintain the full efficiency of the combatant forces, and whose places cannot be taken by
others not within the class called out,"
Ottawa, Dec. 8,1917.
At tlie request ol a large number of
the ratepayers and voters in the Cily of
Courtenay, I have consented to be 11
candidate (or Alderman in Ward .1 nt
the forthcoming civic election, absolutely (ree (10111 any party politics.
has no weak feature,   Ii hns n construction, tonc'i'i-ility and
design thai eminenl inusicinni, music lovers- yes nml competitors look to witli n respecl
Vniir presenl Instrument taken ns purl payment
and convenient terms nrraii-rcd
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, B. C
Ai the.request nf a large number of
the ratepayers and voters In the City o[
Courtenay, I have consented to he a
candidate (or Alderman in Ward 2 at
the forthcoming civic election, absolutely free froui nny party politics,
At the request ol a laige nunibc-r ol
the ratepayers and voters in the City of
Courtenay, I have consented to be a
candidate for Alderman in Ward 3 at
the forthcoming civic election, absolutely Iree from any party politics.
Parkin Bros.
wish their many Customers
and Friends
a Merry Christmas
and a Bright and Joyous
New Year
At the request of a large number of
the ratepayers and voters in the City of
Courtenay, I have consented to be a
candidate for Alderman in Ward 2 at
the forthcoming civic election, absolutely free from any party politics.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cnsine Excelled
Wm. Merryfield
A distressing accident occurred
at the L,��Bi?'n_ Camps ou Tuesday !
afternoon about 4 o'clock whereby
a Feller named Fred Jonston lost
his life and H, Davidson was badly though not seriously hurt. The
two men were felling trees, when
the one they had just cut went
down it struck another and in the
rebound Jonston was caught 'and
instantly killed, Davidson miracu-
otisly escaped although one leg was
badly crushed. When the cotouer
who resides at Happy Valley was
sent for it was found that be was
away at Quathiaski Cove and was
not located until some tin e next
The steamer "Clansman" arrived at the Condensory wharf'yesterday morniug'with a cargo of boxes
for the Condensory,
The recent rains have caused a
bad washout in the road to the
wharf opposite the Elk Hotel.
On the_advice of the Superintendent of Dominion Telegraphs Mr
J. Aitken haa definitely decided to
withdraw from candidacy 'for Alderman in Ward I, Mr. John Urquhart has been persuaded by those
in charge of ��the ticket to stand
hi his stead.
No tenders were received for the
city bonds. Both American and
Canadian bond houses wrote that
there was no demand for municipal
bonds at present on account of the
depletion of the money market owing to the flctatiou of the numerous war bonds.
Mr. H. Scott Porteous has ie
ceived a card from Mr. E G. Fver-
ett who is with the 13th Field Ambulance Corps acknowledging with
thanks the receipt of a pare 1 sent
by the Overseas Club trom liie people of Courtenay,
The regular meeting of the Comox Women's Institute will be
held at ih homa f Mr.-, W. Em
can, Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 2.30 p. m,
The Secretary begs to acknowledge
the following amounts collected bv
the school children for the Blue
Cross, and sent in by the teachers.
Grantham $2.39, Sandwick $3.20,
Comox $1.50, ��
During Wednesday night a jamb
of logs aud driftwood collected
amuirt the centre pier of the Courtenay bridge, and when the tide
came in fears were entertained for
tbe safety of the bridge. The Mayor and Chairman ot the Board of
Works put a Rang of men at work
clearing aw y the obstruction aud
by noou everything was running
smoothly and the bridge was saved,
Ice Cream
Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary
Phone 6 Com. tenay
Mooring &MansMd
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at uioderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenay and Ciih.berland


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