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The Review May 16, 1918

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Can not bo done any I otter,   anil J
not unite so   well anywlieto  el.o I
litri'oalioiita.   Our type miilnimrliin- |
cry iu complete an.l Tin, Review j
pt'icus nre ri>-lit I
1\       Latmi
Genls'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 6
N D. ?A
Four roomed house with basement;  double corner
lot 80 x 120 situate in orchard. Prico $453
Four roomed house, electric light, garden,   $8 per
month.    Particulars from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a sliipnient of Ladies Shoes and the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishing^ Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Expert Watchmaker
Qualified Optician
Watchmaker,   Jeweler
add Optician
Union Street, Courtenay
Courtenay Shoe Store
Outing Footwear
Whether its for tenuis, boating or sport wear you'll find shoes in   this
collection to meet your wants.
Men's shoes in blue, black and white, from $1.50 to $3.90
Boys' and youths' shoes in black and white, low aud higlf top.  from
$1.20 to $1.50
Womens' ihoes iu different qualities in pumps, regular, and high top
from $1.85 to $5.85
Childrens' and Misses shoes in  blue,  black,  and white,   all   heights
from $1.20 to $2.50
We give all our attention ta shoes only.
Next the Drug Store
Phone 48
Local Lines
Horace Mi Phee is here irom Victoria.
Mis. 1'. Perrot arrived heme
from Yit-ti tin on Friday afternoon
Archie McGregor and Kenny
Giant are sta linn a .sawmill up the
I lal<e trail.
���   *   *
I M, ('.. I'lilrbatrn just received the sail
Intelligence that Iiii brother I.Ie'tit, Dud-
Icy I'liti'lr-niiii of tbe Royal Flying Corps
had been  killed.    Ilo wns at  Montrose
\ Scoiland.
-���       ���   *   ��
A��iou.{ those who left last week
lo report at military headquarter-.
were Messrs S . itli, bridges, Ci pp
Lever and Allan Fitzgerald, The
latter was not accepted and is home
The I'crd Garage has a Welding
plant with a first class welder.
Brill"*: in your bioktn parts in cast
iron, steel, aluminum, and brass.
etc. Anything from a stove liftet
to a crank shaft. .   -
Now feed the pig,���For Side
cheap- On the farm, 3 or 4 tons
ot culled potatoes, dry and sonn.',
for seed or pig feed, Apply C. II.
TO   RENT���Electric  Vacuum  C;r-
pet  Cleaner���Cleans  carpets  without
taking them up.   ?1 per ilay unt'i
machine returned.   Phone 43.
For Sale���1 buggy in good condition, without top Only $2*.
Apply D?.le & Partridge, Union
1-or Sale���1 Cypher brooder aud
incubator, cost $60. Only used
twice. Wi'.l sell two for half price
Apply Dale & Partridge, Union
STEPHEN LTD., 16th Ave. ami
Maiu St. Vancouver, B. C Monuments, Headstones and Cemetery
- ! Fences, the largest Monumental
works iu the west.
J.175 takes an 18' new runabout
. motor boat 4 h. j*., engine, all iu
I good order. Apply at Review Of-
! fice. *���
-* I Lost���22' launch hull with red
trimmings last seen at -Dyke Sawmill boom on Saturday. Finder
kindly notify N, H. Boden.  phone
i    For Sale���Williams Class A, Ar-
��� tist model, engraved B-flat cornet,
quick change; pearl lined  pistons.
1 Plush lined case, with  all   extra
parts.    Value $60, will sell for $35
Can be seen at Review Office.
For Sale���About 3 i-*> acres of
land in the City of Courtenay,
Terms easy. Address Owner, 3323
Tennyson Ave., Victoria. B. C.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles and bicycle
supplies at the Ford enrage.
,    Go   to
McBryde's   for   quality
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery and I
]     Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Capl .ini Mrs, Headiiell are visiting at Victoria,
J, K   Urquliait is  home  from a
week's v:.sit at Vancouver.
Mrs, Boden  and  daughter  Lila
spent the week-end nt Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. K, C, Brock arc
holida* 'my. at Vancouver this week
Contri clor 'o' 1 s' n li s started
work on   lie   Is-iiel street   side-
Mr. ,\Vx Urqntiart w.-is n   pass-
I eiitrer to   Ladysmith   on   Friday's
Mr and Mrs. Harry Wilson, of
Nanaimo, were visitors at Hugh
McKenzle's on Sunday.
Born ��� At Headquarters on
Tlmr-idav, May 8, to Mr. and Mrs,
J', N. Brown, a daughter.
Mr. A. E. Mullen. Victo in T��n-
nger of Dunn's Mercantile agency,
wai in town yesterday calling i ti
the business people.
E. C. Emde arrived home "on
Wednesday from Vict'Ha, after a
week's visit. He brought a new
Cheverlot c.ir with liim.
Cadet Andrew McQuillan lintx-
iie.*tt*dly arrivd home on Sund .v's
bo.it. Hi.s I rother Gordon also
came home bv the same boat,
S veral s;rio -s I o ine fites are
fitting on t!i ��� logged off lauds at
Grantham. Ge*). Hardy's barn
,wns burned on Thursday nielii.
Mr. aud Mrs. Alex McNeil returned from Merritt on Friday evening. Mr. McNeil has taken a'po
siiioii wirh Campbell Bros., Cum
A t'mnce will be held in the Elk
hotel, Comsix, on May 24th at 9
p. 111. ��Admission for gentlemen
75c, ladies 25c Cards and refresh
ments. Proceeds are for the piano
The Sandwick-Courtenay branch
of St. Joseph's ln.pital auxiliary
will meet at Mrs, R. Christie's or
Tuesday afternoon Msfy 2l*t at 3
o'clock. All those whpwculd line
to join are cordially invited.
Mr. D. Robinson, chief melter in
the assay office at Vancouver
spent a few days with Mr. \V. J.
McQuillan. Sandwick. He expressed himself as grea'ly impressed witlittUe appearance and possibilities of the Comox Valley.
Messrs. Ilorion, Chase and Buchanan are visitors in town. Mr.
Hortoti who lived at Royston for a
number of 5 ears is engaged with
the C. P. R. The other gentlemen are looking for timber l..nd
with tlie intention of establishing a
sawmill. For the past ten years
Mr. Buchanan lias been inspector
in connection with the lead bounty.
Jeff. Hanuay, who for the past
nine years has beeu a provincial
policeman, marly six of which
have be n -pent at Courtenay, has
been discharged by the grit rulers
at Victoria, presumably to make
room for a favored party heeler.
Mr, Hannav has served the gov-
eminent faithfully and assidiously
for a bare living, and now when a
$10 per month raise is 111 sight also
a suit of clothes per annum it is
hard lines lo be turned out. This
district has been cleaned up thoroughly and kept clean since he
came here. Nearly every one resents the action of the government
and declares it will them no good
when, the next election comes
A garden party will le held at
the home of Mrs. Core Owen in the
orchard, 011 the afternoon and evening of Wednesday May 22, weather permitting, Proceeds tube
given to the I,miles Aid. No mini.'.sion. Refreshments :5c, children 15c    Music.
Wi J, Gourd, piano tuner, was
in the di-irie.t tlii* week,
Rev Mr. Bolton expects to leave
for miliia v serice in about a fort-
Jos. Willard of Cumberland and,
Miss Glacijs Hall of Roytton were
quietly married at Cumberland on
Saturday evening.
Mr. Marsdenwho has been visiting with bis brother in law, Arthur
Denton, for a few weeks, has secured a posiiion iu Cumberland,
but owing lo the rcarcity of houses
11 thai place, has mover* Ins family
to Royston for the summer.
The following letter from  General Humbert, expressing appreciation of the woik dime by the Canadian l'ljiertiv battalion,   has been
distributed among the officers. N*
C. 0,'s and men,   who  are  much
encouraged by it ���  " The Forestry
opera! ions undertaken by 55 Compnny.   Canadian    Forestry  Corps,
have   bei n .   conducted   with   the
greatest ability, and the results obtained  have   been   remarkable  ih
spite of tlu- circumstances and difficult conditions under   wlii.di   '.hese
operations  were   performed.    The
company has given at  all times especially under enemy  shell  lire, a
splendid example of engage in the
accomplishment   of   their   duties
The general commanding the Third
French army exp?essesbis satisfaction to all   officers,   N.C O's  an.l
men of this company.
'"' ' ' (Sgd) Gefk-rftl Htitnb*rt "
Comox Creamery
60c per Ib. tMs week
Maple   Leaf... Theatre.
Saturday: " Baby Mine"
Naughty, Naughty"
will be played next Monday.tthe 20th,
also "Jack and Jill." " France in
Arms " one of the best war pictures,
produced, will he put on on June 4th.
Tliere will he a dance will lie held after the show. All the net receipts
will be Riven to the tobacco fund for
tlie hoys In France.
B-eehtier & Whittle
Anglican Services
VVli.'tsuiiday, May 19.
8 a.m..   Holy communion  at St.
John's, Cou tenay.
11 a.m., Matins and holv comimm
ion at.St.   Andrew's Sandwick*
tt a.111,, Mattins and sermon at St
Peter's, Comox
2.30 p.m., Evensong and  sermon
at St. Mary's, Grantham
7 p m. Evensong  and "sermon   at
Holy Trinity, Cumberland
7 30 p in, Evensong and sirmcu at
St. John's, Courtenay.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p. in-     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p: in.
Sunday School and  Bible Clas
10:30 a. in.    Evening service 7:30
p. in. All welcome
Corn Remover
Courtenay   ���   B. C. THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0.
Helps a Weak Throat
Strengthens the Voice
Cures Bronchitis
By  Breathing  the  Healing  Balsam3
of Catarrhozone You Art-
Cured Without Using
\ .jn breathe through the Catarrhozone inhaler medicated air that is
full uf healing, sootlfhii! balsams
full ot pincy 11111i���t*i��� ii��� * essences
dint resemble tin- ait- ni dn- pine
woods in ilnr Adirondack*. This
plncy vapor hns ri truly marvelous
action cm weak throats. It brings
strength and health to the bronchl-
lii-. stops lhat hacking, irritating
cough, prevents hoarseness and dil-
iii-ult breathing. You can't find
anything for weak-throated people
on earth more beneficial than Catarrhozone. It means heaven on
earth to the man thnt hns had
bronchitis, catarrh or throat Irritation. Yotl will realize this the
lirst time you use Catarrhozone
which is ti scientific preparation
specially designed for diseases of
the nose, throat and bronchial
lubes. Get the large size, it lasts
two months, costs $1.00; medium
size SOc; sample size, 25c. All
.storekeepers and druggists or the
Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Canada.
��� BY ���
l_tt__, M-bowle, aid Tortnt*
I Continued.)
When lie left the train at the Wav-
erly station lie saw her on the platform and she gave him a slight bow,
but he understood that their acquaintance ended there, and was
content. After lunch he walked along
Princess Street and back to the castle. The sky was clear, tlie sun
shone ou the old tall houses, and a
nipping northeaster blew across the
Forth. In spite of its age and modern industry, the town looked
strangely clean, and cold. No smoke
could hang about it in the nippphvg
wind; its prevailing color was granite-grey, The Forth was a streak of
ran indigo, and the hills all around
were a steely blue. Edinburgh was
like no English town; it had an austere half-classical beauty that was
peculiar to itself; perhaps Quebec,
though different, resembled it most
of the all the cities he had seen.
Then he remembered lie had Carmen's packet to deliver, and after
asking a passer-by took a tram ear
that carried him tlirougli the south-
cm quarter of lhe town into a wide
road, lined l.y well-built stone,
houses. Standing in small, neat gardens, they ran back to the open
country, with a bold ridge of moors
in the distance. Foster got down
where he was directed and crossed
the road lo one of tlle bouses. They
were all much alike and he thought
hinted al the character of llieir occupants, ('ne would expect lo find
llie people who lived there prosperous citizens with sober, conventional
lie wenl up a short, tiled path and
rang the bell. A smart maid servant
showed liim into a small, morning
room, v.lure everything wns very
neal, and afler a few moments a man
Clinic in. lie was the kind of man
Foster had expected lo find in such
a house, well dressed, with polite but
rather Formal manners, and Foster
hrlcflj stated his business. lie
tlioughl tiie man looked al llilll
sharply, bin il was about four o'clock
iii the afternoon anil the lighl was
nol good,
"Mr. Graham does not live here
now; in lefl a week or Iwo ago." In-
said, "li.. mhi know him personally'"
"N'o,"  said   Foster,      "Miss   Austin
; sked nn  lo give him the packet, bul
lhal is all."
���g^Tlicu you  know   Mr,  Austin!'"
"In a way." said Foster, smiling.
"W'e speak when we meet on the
street, but don'l get much further.
In   fact,  Austin's  a  business   rival  of
The man seemed to ponder for a
liiMiin ni or iwo. Then he said, "I
gather thai you want to deliver the
packet, not  lo post il?"
"That's so. I don't know if il
matters much, but I'd like to put it
in Graham's hands."
"Very  well.     He's  gone  to    New-
t^l/R/NBGnmxlsAei Eyelids,
#/y-|lfi___B_��__ Sore I'ycs, Eves Inflamed bv
0   gnw/taa*S''"- "uif ��nj H-'in.a.M.kly
-_��"|*"i"*T______'^ relieved by Murine. Try It ln
Vni i nL WIT C vou*' Eyes and I n Baby's Eyes.
IOUR LlUNoS-urtiii.JiitErtCealtrt
ar* *.-,., In TiiIim '-.-..-. Par Book ef the l-iv. - rr...
Ask Marine Ere Remedy Co.. Chlcano*
castle, but 1 have his address somewhere. If you will wait a minute or
two, I'll look,"
lie took the packet, as it he meant
to write the address on it, and Foster sat .town. The door of the room
was half open and while he waited
Somebody entered the house. Steps
came along tlie hall, and a girl pushed the door hack, and then slopped,
hinking at him in surprise, lie understood this as he saw she was the
girl In- had helped into the train,
"1 didn't know you were coming
here," she said.
"Nm did I, iii a sense," Foster answered with a smile. "I mean I didn't know  il   wns  your house."
"My name  was on the label of llic
bag and rather conspicuous."
"It would have meant nothing if
I had seen ii. Ill facl, I must own
1  don't know it now."
The girl looked puzzled, and Foster explained that lie had come with
a packet, but had merely been given
Graham's name aud llle number of
the house, lie added that he had
found he must look for lhe man it)
"Then yon are a friend of Mr.
Austin's?   she said.
Foster thought it slra-igc that she
had not told him she knew Austin
when she asked about the Crossing,
but he replied; "I'm a tricltd of Miss
"Ah!" she said thoughtfully, "do
you mind explaining what yotl mean
by that?"
"Perhaps it's hardly worth while,
but I can't claim that Austin and 1
are particularly friendly. Our business interests  sonieliiues clash."
She was silent for a few moments
and he wondered why both she and
j the man had been curious to know-
how far his acquaintance with Austin went. Then she looked up with
a quick movement, "Newcastle
rot a charming town, and if you
have no other reason for going
there, it might bc better to post the
Foster was somewhat puzzled. She
had spoken meaningly, as if she
meant to give him a hint.
"The trouble is that I promised
Miss Austin to deliver it."
"You have brought it to Kngland,"
she persisted.    "It will bc safe in the
post "
She stopped with a glance at the
door, and Foster heard a step in the
passage. Then she quietly turned to
the man who had taken the packet.
"I would have missed the train at
Hawick but for tllis gentleman's
help," she said. "Still, 1 did not
know he was coming here until 1
saw him  as  I passed the door."
Thc other, who had looked at her
rather sharply, nodded and gave
Foster the packet.
�� "As there was room enough, I
wrote the new address on the cover."
Foster thanked him and took his
leave, but as the man went before
him to the door the girl made a
"I'ost it," she whispered and turned hack  into  the room.
Aftrr leaving the . hoysc Foster
walked along the road in a thoughtful mood. The girl was apparently
the man's daughter or niece. Their
relative ages warranted the surmise,
and her quick explanation of how-
she came to be talking to a stranger
indicated that she recognized his
authority, while Foster thought she
had been disturbed when she beard
his step. It was strange that she
should urge him lo post the packet,
and he would sooner have done so,
but it was not a long journey to
NewcaStlcXand hcyfiiust keep his
promise, 'Nu__^Kc saw a tram car
coining and dismissed thc matter.
doing back to his hotel, he found
there was an evening train and decided to leave by it. Edinburgh had
attractions, but he could come back
and was anxious to get rid of    the
ket, moreover be grudged the
time he spent away from the Garth,
'there were not many passengers al
the station aud he found an empty
compartment, where he read a newspaper until he got tired and lifting
a corner of the blind looked out.
I len- ami there a light rushed back
through lhc darkness and vanished
ns the express sped south with a
smoothness thai was a contrast lithe jolting he had been used to in
Canada. Indeed, except for the roar
when they raced across a bridge and
tin- confused flashing past of lamps
as Ihey swept tlirougli a station, be.
could hardly have imagined himself
on board a train, 'I here was, however, uot much to be seen, and be
look out the packet.
(To Be Continued.)
W.     N.     U.     1205
Wider Implements vs. Tractors
In an address at New Brunswick
Farmers and Dairymen's convention, Director Grisdalc of the Dominion Experimental Farms expressed the opinion that tractors are
not adapted lo use on farms in that
province. Instead, be advocated the
use of larger horse-power machines
with more horses, thus increasing
the production with lhe same
amount of labor. Larger fields
were, he.said, another pressing necessity. The chief trouble with
tractors was frequent breakdowns
and inability to make the grades.
Women have heroine so popular in
the trades in London and other cities of Kngland lhat when the war is
ovcr the men whose places theyJtavo
taken will likely havc lo find other
Actually Prevents Attacks
There are two greal causes of biliousness���they are constipation and
defective liver action.
When Dr. Hamilton's Pills arc taken, they not only correct constipated bowels, but act upon the liver
as well.
Unite unlike ordinary medicines
which purge and give, temporary relief, Dr. Hamilton's I'ills remove "the
conditions which cause biliousness,
ami thus permanent cures are effected. No person who occasionally uses
Dr. Hamilton's Fills will ever suffer
from the headache, had stomach or
bilious complaint. Get a 25c box today.
Average and Best
The Difference Between the General
Average Yield and Those Which
Are at the Top
In no line of agricultural work in
Canada is there a greater opportunity to increase production lliail
there is in the improvement of dairy
herds. The average yield of milk
per cow in Canada is only about
4,300 pounds per .-1111111111. Compare
that with individual records of ovcr
2.",00tl pounds of milk in a year and
herd records averaging ovcr 10,000
pounds for each cow, and the great
possibilities for improvement arc at
once, apparent.
The keeping of herd records, commonly known as "cow testing," is
the safest and surest basis for that
intelligent breeding and selection
which, with proper feeding, results
in an improvement iu production
that makes the difference between
the general everage yield and those
wliicli arc at the top.
Heard Both Sides
"Too bad about Tom and the girl
he's    engaged  to.     Neither    one   of
theni is good enough for thc other."
"Where did you  get that  idea?"
"I've been talking the matter over
with both families."
Settlers Are Pouring In
Greatest Rush to   the   West   Ever
"Western Canada is experiencing
an immigration movement the like
of which she has never witnessed before in her history," according to J.
Rrtiec Walker, commissioner of immigration at Winnipeg.
"lu thc four weeks ending March
2," said Mr. Walker, "ihe numbers
of settlers coming into Western
Canada was greater by over 200 than
in the same weeks of last year. During that period the increase in value
of stock and settlers' elTcets coming
into the country was $800,0000.' Ai
North Portal 1 saw forty carloads
of settlers' effects entering Canada.
These people were from tho stale of
Illinois and wcrc going into Alberla
and Saskatchewan.
"The demand for land has never
been so tremendous. The C.P.R. is
selling land, including ready-made
farms, throughout tho west, chiefly
in Alberta, at the rate of 80,000
acres per month. The Hudson Bay
Co. is selling land at the rale of 40,-
000 acres per month, and have kept
up that record since August last. I
never saw such a splendid class of
immigrants come into the' country,
and 1 never knew prospects to bo
better for lhe country than they arc
"An evidence of the way tractor*
are being brought inlo" the country
is instanced by the fact that the Mo-
line. Co. brought in thirteen carloads
of tractors worlh less than $1,400
each iu the week between March 2
and March ���*."
or ox-blood shoes
Why He Did Not Know
Two Kansas farmers met at the
county seat shortly afler a cyclone
had visited thnt neighborhood.
"Well, sir," said one of them, "she
shook up things' out my way, to bc
sure. By the way, Henry," be added, "did lhat new barn of yours get
hurt any?"
"I can't say,'.' replied the second
farmer. "I haven't found it yel."���
Louisville Courier-Journal.
The true sage is not he who sees,
but he who. seeing the farthest, has
the deepest love for mankind. He
who sees without loving is only
straining his eyes in the darkness.���
His Father's Motto
Sunday School "Teacher ��� Now,
Jimmy, I want you lo memorize today's motto, "It is more blessed lo
give than to receive.'!
Jlmiuy���Ycs'm, but I know it now.
My father says he has always used
lhal as his motto iu his business.
Teacher���Oh, how noble of him!
And  what is llis business?
Jimmy- lie's a prize lighter, ma'-
"I'lliggius has two very exceptional children,"
"lit what  respecl?"
"llis boy doesn't want lo be an
aviator anil his girl- has never mentioned a desire to go to Europe as
a nurse."���-Washington Star.
We pay the Highest
Market Price for
Otir facilities enable Us lo give q 11 icli
servicc to country shipments.     Immediate cash settlement.
Winnipeg, Man.
FOR the war against hunger as well as for the war againsl:
the Hun. For every Canadian fighting overseas,at least two
on farms at home are serving none the less effectively because
they wear neither uniforms nor marks of rank or valour.
Long and -Strenuous days are theirs,
without leave or furlough! a Steady drive
through the daylight hours to keep the
work abreast ol the season, and save the
crops so sorely needed to feed our fighting
Only those who spend such days can
realize how good it feels to have a "wash-
up" and a clean Gillette shave at night���
or how it fits a man to enjoy the evening's,
rest or pleasure of the trip to town.
The busier you are going to be this
summer, the more you'll need a Gillette
Safety Razor, with its clean, comfortable,
five-minute shave. And the better you
know and like good tools, the more you'll
appreciate the simple mechanical perfection that gives the Gillette such a lead over
every other razor.
The Gillette Safety Razor is made in
several different styles, civilian and military.
Choose one of the former for yourself and
delight some soldier friend with a new
Military Set. Your dealer can supply you
at $5.00 up.
Gillette Safety Razor
Co., of Canada, limited
Office and Factory:
BULL DOG rs.OO THE    REVfFW,    C0T7RTKEY,    B.    0.
For Constipation
Carter's Little
Liver Pills
will set you right
over night.
Purely Vegetable
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Prie*
Carter's Iron Pills
Will restore color to the facet of
those who lack Iron In the blood,
M most pale-faced people do.
How English Days Grow Less
Under thc Heavy Hand of the Food
Great Britain is under the. heavy
hand of thc food controller. The
present schedule is a severe one.
From unofficial and authenticated
sources we have heard that thc following scries ot "less" days has been
arranged for the suffering Hriiish
public by a college professor. 11 will
be noticed that tlle days grow less
a rhythmic progression���and with
due regard for lhe language as spoken by the native. Cockney.
Whcatlcss days .��� to conserve
white  Hour.
(ll)cailcss days���when restaurants
and cafes will he closed.
'Eatlcss days���to save, coal ami
'Atl'ss days���when   no   headgear
may be worn.
T-lcss d*u*s���during which the national  beverage  cannot be.  drunk.
Hut the   food controller earnestly
hopes that llie war will end before
llle last dread terror of the tea-less
days grips lhe longSllffcring people
of England. The Ins1 lea leaf would
certainly break lhc back of Hriiish
Where Kultur is Understood
German Kultur is nol fully understood in lhis counlry. It is nol, wc
firmly  believe,   full,   understood     by
the masses of llic population in Germany, liul ii is fully understood in
Belgium, laid waste by it murderous
minions; in Serbia, where its manifestations take tho form of violent
suppression of life and liberty; in
northern France, where it drives
young girls to slavery and shoots
aged mothers for protesting against
defilement of their daughters; in
London, where it assassinates the
pupils in primary schools. ��� New
Vork Sun.
Every mother wishes her littic
ones to be well���thousands of mothers have learned thc secret of keeping them well. They have found by
experience that an occasional dose
of Baby's Own Tablets will prevent
sickness, or if sickness comes on suddenly the Tablets will promplty give
relief. These mothers have nothing
but praise for the Tablets. Among
them is Mrs. Gustavc Lord, St. Per
pctuc, Que., who says:���"I have
been using Baby's Own Tablets for
my litlle ones for a number of years
*tnd have found theni a perfect medicine. They regulate the bowels;
stop vomiting; in fact lhcy are good
for all the littic ailments of child
hood." The Tablets arc sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents r. box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvillc, Out.
Jews to Fight for Palestine
What American Jews may do in
helping the Britisii army conquer
Palestine is no longer an academic
question. A battalion of Jews recruited chiefly in New York has sailed for Egypt to join Gen. Allcnby's
forces. Many other battalions could
be sent, composed of Jews above
draft age.���From the Springfield
When Tea Or
Coffee Disagrees
There's alwajys a
safe and pleasant
cup to take its place
is now used
regularly    by
who live better
and feel better
because of the
W.     N.     U.     1205
*,.*���*..*..%.,%���%, ������������*_ ���--_-.��..��..|..t_,t.,#���|_.l,_>.,#���-���,���#���,���i
Vou say to thc drug store man,
"Give me a small bottle of freezone."
This will cost very littic but will
positively remove every hard or soft
corn or callus from one's feet.
A few drops of this new ether compound applied directly upon a tender, aching corn relieves the soreness
instantly, and soon the entire corn or
callus, root and all, dries up and can
bc lifted oil will, the fingers.
This new way to rid one's feet ol
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who sa;s that frc zone dries in
a moment:, and simply shrivels tip the
corn or callus without irritating the
surrounding skin.
Don't let father die of infection or
lockjaw from whittling at his corns,
but clip this out and make him try
If you druggist hasn't airy free-
zone tell him to crder a small bottle
from his wholesale drug house for
Where "Education Has Meaning
Consciousness is the region of
contact between personality and environment, and it is only in that region that the word education has
meaning.���.Kenneth  Richmond.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
.annot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh
is b local disease, greatly influenced by con-
-tilutional conditions, and in order to cure it
vou must t-ke an internal remedy. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally aud acts
through the blood on the mucous surfaces
*f the system. Hall's Catarrh Cure was pre*
'.cubed by one ef the best physicians m tllis
,-ountry tor years. It is composed o( some
ot thc best tonics known, combined with
tome ol the best blood purifiers. The per*
feet combination of the ingredients iu Hall's
Catarrh Cure is what produces such woudcr*
lul results in catarrhal conditions. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CtlENEV  & CO., l-rops., Toledo, 0.
All Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
A Plowing Campaign
We need increased production and
wc need to begin now. Neither registration nor conscription of labor, if
adopted, will provide men in time
for the work that needs to be done
at once. To get right down to business, we must have as large an area
as possible put under the plow, and
wc ought to be talking, not generally
of production, but specifically of
plowing.���Toronto  Star.
A safe and sure medicine for a
child troubled with worms is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator,
Hc���Here's a woman suing for
divorce on the ground that she was
in a trance when she got married.
His Better Half���Well, if marriage won't bring her oul of it, divorce won't.
Minard's Liniment Used   by Physicians.
Our Food Prices Not so High
"High cost of living?" said a woman who knows the gentle art of
housekeeping and home building.
"Listen to these prices quoted in n
letter from my niece, who lives in
Rio dc Janeiro: Prunes, $1.25 a
pound. Apples, five which her husband brought home as a rare treat,
cost $1.50. A box of cereal, for which
the price is ordinarily twelve cents
here, $1.25. Of course, these three
articles come froin America and arc
dearer than their local products.
But wc mustn't imagine we're the
only people hard hit by war prices.
Think of those French women having to pay $125 a ton for coal!"
Shot Sunrise
Recruit���I want to cnlfst in the
mortar battery I've heard about.
Recruiting Sergeant���And why do
you want to join that?
Recruit���Well, you see, I'm a mason by trade and I tlioughl maybe
my previous experience would help
Realizing the Situation
The spread-eagleism id the. complacent days of peace have given
place to a sober confidence in thc
rightness of our cause, llu- fundamental soundness of our people and
a grim determination tu develop and
use all our resources for victory,���
Philadelphia Record.
An Oil Without Alcohol.���Some
oils and many medicines have alcohol as a prominent ingredient. A
judicious mingling of all essential
oils compose thc famous Dr. Thomas' Eieclric Oil, and there is no
alcohol in it, so that its elfects arc
lasting. There is no medicinal oil
compounded that can equal this oil
in its preventive and healing  power.
"What became of that young man
who used to win all the debates in
"He's married, and hasn't won a
debate since."���Vancouver   Province.
World's Wheat Outlook
Prospects Appear    More    Favorable
Than Ever Before
Speaking generally, the southern
hemisphere crops promise to be almost more plentiful than ever before. The area already sown with
wheat in the United Stales is 165
per cent, of that sown at the same
period in 1910. In 1417 an increase
of 15 per cent, has taken place in
the wheat area I'or England and
Wales, as compared with that in
1916, while on the other hand the
Canadian area indicates a decrease
of 4 per cent, lu France the plentiful snow cover which fell almost
throughout the country during December has formed a protection for
the young plant against severe frost,
and the plant is said In he looking
well. In Italy, as will as in Tunis,
tlie winter sowings of cereals arc
more, extensive ihan last year's,
taken as a whole. In Egypt the
crop forecasts are favorable, but in
Japan  lhe weather is nut propitious,
Another Method
liim���How did you like th,.- stage
hangings  in  that Shakespeare  show?
He���There weren't no hangings, y'
boob; he killed 'em wilh a sword.
A Pill That Proves   Its   Value.���
Those of weak stomach will lind
strength in Pannclcc's Vegetable
I'ills, because tlicy serve to maintain
the healthful action of the. stomach
and the liver, irregularities in which
are most distressing. Dyspeptics are
well acquainted with them and value
them at their proper worth. They
have afforded relief when other preparations have, failed, and have effected cures in ailments of long
standing where other medicines were
found unavailing.
Neuralgia    Headaches
After shopping or after a hard day
are quickly relieved with Sloan's
Liniment. So easy to apply, no rub-
bin**, and ao promptly effective.
Cleaner and more convenient than
mussy plasters and ointments. It
does not stain the skin, or clog the
pores. Every home should have a
bottle handy for sprains, strains,
lame back, rheumatic pains and
stiff, sore muscles and joints.
Generous sized bottles at all drug-
Sloan's prices not increased 25c 50c $1
Women of Canada���lhe kitchen is
your fori. Food will win or lose lhc
Ask for Minard's and Take no Other.
At Home
Vicar���And what were your sensations when you were struck?
Wounded Tommy���Well, it was
like wen the Missis cops ye. behind
the ear with a flatiron���you know.
Be Careful
���to keep the stomach well, the
liver and bowels regular, by the
timely and helpful aid of
Largest Sale of Any Medicine ta _n WefU.
Sold everywhere,   la boxes, 35c
Hours of Slumber
"I was reading where   Mr.  Edison
says that four hours' sleep is enough
for any man."
"That seems  to bc lhe bay's id. a,
loo."������Vancouver Province.
t-ien-     gs   m0^nK\ /^>v/y / ____
These are Anxious Day*
NEVER in the history of this
old world have the people
lived under such tremendous nervous strain as to-day.
Millions awake each morning in
fearful dread of what the day
may bring forth, and live each
hour with nerves at highest
While many are falling under the
strain, others have found one means
or another of fortifying the nervous
system so as to maintain health and
The treatment most widely used
is Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, popularly
known aa the food cure, because it
feeds the exhausted nerves and
stores up nerve force and nervous
Nothing breaks down the nervous
system so quickly ns worry and
anxiety, and this is why so many
people are suffering from nervous
headaches, sciatic and neuralgic
pains, nervous indigestion and general failure of the vital organs to properly perform their functions.
When you get so nervous that you
do not rest and sleep well nights it is
time to be alarmed, for it is very
much easier to prevent nervous prostration, paralysis and locomotor
ataxia than it is to cure these dreaded
After years of testing under the
most severe circumstances Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food stands in a class
by itself as the most successful nerve
restorative to be had. This is being
proven every _ay by new evidence.
Ask your neighbors and friends
about it and read the reports in this
paper, from time to time, from persons who have been cured.
Dr. Chase's Nerve F<
��� ��� i
St Mat* a box���do not pay mora���at all dealers or Kdmanaon, Bates _- Co., Ltd.,
Ttoraato.   Om vtatj box ot tb* genuine you will find the portrait and signature ot A. W.
M.D., tb* tenons Receipt Book author. f THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And Coniox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly   Newspaper, Published at
Courteuay, B. 0,
N. H. Rooi.m, Keillor mid I'roprletoi
Subsaription ;-l   n i n   Vear in   Vdvuiu-v
$2.00 per aiiiiutn il n..l sn p lid
niU.t'.'DAY   HAV  lh. 1918
I The Koyai N.i, -.'.  s   Mow letl
Police is being d ��� |nitcl e 1 overseas
aud although its iini ��� -s me  being
assumed by provincial pdice in the
North   West,   sli I   i'.    buiius   up
again the alien question.    IJik-iii-
aliens should be   u- iched  closely,
interned for   prt-t-ience   luit'etn
ployed on ti-r.iul   uui i..    V hi ihel
thus engaged  or working   in   |>'i
vate   capacity,   no    etn in>    alien
shotilil be ri lowed   to  I l .in   in ' ���
then $i.io per day     Al cm nl   nl
lied nations sit in ,1 b.-.-i el u.i I'm
military seivice, the Jt.iiu-se   included.    Here in Onn . :    jmt   as
soon a*, the wjiiI goj-i  fort i   fi >tn
Berlin for  pre arraug .1   f i; -., f ii
ness to begin. w_-  in i.   exp ct   .1
kiudj of eus'tiy o itrugci  n r, e   .i
ten by ill uc  .ery  n le'ii   vg i   I
today   ns   being   li r n     ���      .  ..
more men wll i are c ill.:  i v iv   Uie
more vulnerable liec.ini  miri i-.iu-
tryside,      WJtch   llle   uli n,   nud
keep a gun  loaded   witli  buckshot
ready day and night.
The war is proceeding not tin
favorably foi the Abies, In facl,
tha German offensive has ou|v re
stilted ill hundreds of thousands of
CtDrSii���vltje_s.for-t.hu Hnns. _ lec'.i i
ing morale in Germ tiry aiul Ait-nm
ard n nn ngre gain i f Bin n l ;r
tory th it the Al i.-s eau w ft back
at any time. Hut In s or *' ��� . n of
territory does not u cessn-ilt lal el
defeat or vtctorj The-Huns fell
short of victory when Ihty failed
again and avaiii to break l>'e Allies
line, and more than llm.! t' t\ bro e
several teeth iu.-i-e.d, T i it. Iiii v
victory, Hie Iitins urns' u.'icll tilt
channel ports, nml tii wit s'.a i I defeat the Blilisli, l-'i. it It !'. !,.i.rn
or.d Americans iiiust in rin am t. e-.i
lines, nud Hold tbes Huns buck.
Tin e fi-.li s for righl^and for; t i ���
Allies, nnd every pissing d iv is n
day nearer to the Ge'uian c I tip e
Terrible the price is, a *>ii. e that
is being paid nut everyllllinu e. day
and night, without cessing The
sky i.s biighteniiig, Tiie Alius
liave ha 1 to c.rll up more ni.-n, and
in this respect the Old Counlry and
Canada are re.-pon '.ing ni.igiiifi-
cieiitly. Unlike Ireland, Quebec
has had a notable change of heart,
antl today the French-Canadian
drafts are escorted I y cheering
thousands cheering "Vive La
France." and "Vive las Allies,"
Voluntary enlistment in Cauada is
appreciable, but it has been  neces
sary to cancel   all  exemptions in
certain   sections,     not    excepting
j farmers even.    Our rower iif tortus
i of men and women will shortly be
.registered, Ja   source from which
will undoubtedly l>e summoned ad-
tliiioilal help both fnr the war   and
��� fur  production.    The  ntiti loafing
measure will probably be extended
i to covet men who are hold'ng  positions that wouicncouldJl.il, Tint*
is Canada i ising lo a Fuller appreciation of lier place in lhe Empire.
Here and There
When will our women folk come
out iiiul lake men's places?    It lias
1 not occurred yet to anv extent, A
ll Id costuii e would lie more lic-
e.iuiin J to many than a powdered
lace, twelve dollar foot wear and a
-nil and Imi t i tuntch     Watch the
rIndies faces from henceforth!
| The ir i'i le classes have the
igiea'esl ntnnlier of obligations and
| ibe leasl pi lyileges.
When von come to liiink   of   it,
! it is onlj r-e-mly that in llie   King-
I dom if   lli ayeii  there   slu nld  be
] neither, marrying  nor   giving   in
mailing**,    At   leasl,   a  newlywul
who   lias much  trouble  with  the
"in laws" says so.
There is no time for wrangling���
The call is to pull together both at
home and in the field, How much
can I tlo, not how much can I get.
| What can   1 do,   not  w.liat%can   I
l-.!o !;:,!.-.     Lord Noathcliffe.
It is Mil ro iiine1; what a ma l is
so much as whal he is trving to be,
Canada'*' wnr --aniens added
$35,0011,000 to the national wealth
in 1717. according to estimate-. ,liy
expel ts.
It's Tommy this, and Tommy that
nnd Tummy how's your  soul?
Iim it's Mr, Atkins, step iu front
Wlun the drums begin to roll.
Dress Goods
We nre uow showing lhe Newest
Popular Fabrics of the Season in
the Newest shailOB. Silk Poplins, Plain and Printed Voiles, Kou-
liu-ils, Printed Wash SUkB, Pongees Crepes, and Silk Crepe lie
Wash Goods
In fast Colours In Zephyr, Ginghams, Cliiinibray., Ducks Middy
Clollis, Galateas anil Prints.
Ready-to-Wear Goods
Ladles wash Suits of Paint Beach
CCloth in Newest stylos.. Middy
Suits in plain and strlpod colors,
Willie Pique flop Pnrgeo, and
Striped Wash Skirls. Hottso Dr-
. s .-.--. Miss rr ami Childrens-
\\'a:-li Dresses and Pinafores.
Special Value In Ladles While-
House t'urnishings
Newest designs In A: 1    Sateens
j Chintzs mil Cretonnes, Plain and
Colored Bbi'd.rnl  Serims, White
Cerere and Two-lone Madras
Muslins, Lace Curtains anil Bras:
Curtain Rods.
l'.rrissiers nud Sill: Camisoles
In vidua Slices
What Germany Has Lost
.She lias lost lier '-ioii sens com
I ini-ree,
I     She lias, therefore, lost !n-r for���
I einn trade,
. I c bus losl lier last colony, with
the siu'Ct-ssllil   cmu-liir-ioii   ol   t!'e
.������/ist African campaign
She litis lost tlm respect and con
I li leiii'i- of most of H'h nations."
Slu- lias lost Ler former leadership in many realms.
She has lost lier monopoly of
the dye trade.
Sim has lost many of lier patenl
riohts that wore once a son rue of
great wealth.
She lias lost lier supply of many
raw materials that nre esicnlial to
her industrial life,
Slie lias. Inst millions-of lier sons
She lias lost lier soul.
"Tlie nest C'odd Shoe (nr Women,"
A complete stock "I the newest
Spring and Summer Styles in Ili-jh
tups with eilher Cuban or Louis
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Ladies rcml.v-to-we.ir Straw and Can-
v-.s readv tn--.v-.nr   uittlng hats  stut-
r'-jj- |..r iw'i.lliy nccrisioiis.
lll.li.__, Wliiti- nii'l  -iilured   "r-i!lc and
Li.-i- hosiery,
Newesl *'
in Mens'
liiear ive
ii* nnd Summer Styles
Hoys' 1 nlorcil clothing.
.;* in "liens' nui.le-to-
lling.!    A    large   range
j        61   samples   to   cbui.se   from.
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing New Spring Suitings
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
Esquimalt  &  Nanaimo  Railway
For  Victoria���11.35   Monday, Wednesday   and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
From   Vi'-toria���-9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone R[60
Agent Covrtraty,
\V. C. & K. Sliirts ill the newest
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.:,    ���"       _' r ''
Ij"^'.        '1*.'. J *'
It Yields Richer,  Crisper Flakier Bread
It Yields More Loaves to the Sack
Many Housewives recognize lho fact that. it. Is sane patriotism these days to save on Wheal  Flour.   While "BOY-
AL STANDARD FLOUR" in itself Is n superb "conservation
Flour, you can help stil further by combining with it a certain proportion, nay twenty-live per cent, of our wholesome
^*��**t*#'***000*i**0**ti0*t* t*r*0*******0**^**i*t*j***0ti^%/i&ZS.
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
fl Roya^ Standard Rye Flour
jj; anil still enjoy the most nourishing,  lho most dollghtfully
ffj p.lr.table bread.   If you  have never   tasted the appetizing
(t\ tlaover ��l the two flours merged In the one leaf, innlt.3 up
j*i your jiulnd to do so al youa- very nex| baking,     you'll dls-
.v cover'it makes ideal Bread, and' you'll feel an honest glow
/fll of sa tisfactlon at the restiltahl SAVING.
���f* lintb Ihese dependable Flours al. all Grocers,   Look tor
/ft th�� "circle V" on every Bade,        .   '
V Can we expeet'the French,   llritish end Italian soldiers
\jkj to light with destitntiim in their homes ?
���j- Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
ii) Phone 33, End of Bridfe                       B. Towler,   Mgr.
^���9999999499 99999999999^
Store Between  Bridges
We are expecting Bran and shorts this week. This
sliipnient will be distributed as fairly as possible among
the consumers and sold at Food Oonlrolier's* fixed prices
for Cash.
We have a fair stock of First Government Standard
Purity Flour in stock. This grade is considerably higher
than Flour now being manufactured under government
regulation. We will be pleased to accept your order for
this its long as the supply lasts.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
The Telephone and
Its Part
Speaking of the great telephone system of the United States,
Theodore Vail said:   "Us essential feature Is preparedness."
Just think how this applies even in British Columbia: When-
eyer you want to telephone, you will And It ready for you; should
Interruption occur to the service It Is soon removed; day ln, day
out, night and at all times, you can talk near or far. The great
co-operative factor ls the supervising force behind the scenes.
"The essential characteristic of the telephone ls service."
British Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High
.Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
| [Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Pine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Couiftf-ay THE  COURTENAY   REVIEW
Our Big Get Acquainted Sale is the modest you have heard of
also the most satisfying. World history has never been made
more rapidly than at present, owing to this awful war. In this
sale we are rapidly making history���stamping it indelibly on
the minds of Courtenay people, and it will live a credit to our
store in days to come. High prices were knocked in the head
at'.this store some time ago, and well be right on the job with
tlie hammer should they attempt to rise again
Clothing for Men and Boys at Rock Bottom Prices.   Extra
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Loggers Supplies a Specialty
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53,50 to $8.50 per pair.
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2.0l5 to J.00 per suit
Flannel, 2.50 to 3.50    *
Mercerized Silk, assorted colors 4,50 suit
Phone 72 L
Phone 40
820 Granville Sl Vancouver
Phone Seymour 2359
The Review
has moved to it's new premises
Opposite the Opera House
Make Every Chicken Count
Tlie aim tills Mai should lie to
nuke   everything    count.     Make
!tv ry hen lay her best, make eveiy
c n k tnaturf early enough ami
thereby make every pound of feed
give the in ixiiiuiin rettu ns
; Hatch early. Make every effort
to get your clucks out this spring
before Hie ist ul June.    A.s it   rule
rtlieSlieaviVr  breeds   hatched   laltr
.than that date are uot satisfactory.
I At lrast 90 per cent of the  puueis
,\vtr_ rot lajinn dining   Nov*, nib. r
and December of the past winter.
because they were ha!died tu-Jlate,
I A litile :sand urjgrit first. When
the chicks aie removed lo their
broudi h quarters there, should be
v>,iie to.n��e i.nutl or find-chick grit
scatliiel where they can have Irie
access lo it They .should be lett
until they show positive signs of
hunger, which would be between
the second and thitd day after
hatching. They may then be'given
some bread crumbs that have been
very slightly moistened with milk,
this may be scattered on clean sand
or chick grit. If beingjbrooded by
a hen she will see thai no loud is
allowed to lie around, but if in a
brooder, thai part of the food that
the chicks do not pick "p it, a few
minutes should be removed, as
nothing in feeding causes so much
trouble as leaving food of that
nature around until it is sour,
Feed for the first ten or twelve
days, The following daily Jations
of five feeds given about two hours
and a half apart aid continue*1, from
the time chicks are two or three
days out of the shell until teu or
twelve days of age may Jbe altered
to suit^conditions; ���
First Feed,���Dry.bread crumbs
slightly moistened with milk
Second Feed,���-finely oracked
"mixed grains or .commercial chick
Thiid Feed.��� Rolled Oats.
.Fourth Feed.���Dry breadcrumbs
moistened with milk.
Fifth Feed.���Finely cracked
mixed grains.
In addition to the above givellhe
chicks a little green food, Jsuch as
grass, lettuce," sp.outed ^onis, etc,
Do not have the "moistened bread
sloppy but in a crumbly state, and
during this peripd let the chicks on
to fresh'soil or grass ev.-ry day if
Belgian Relief
Str..ck by the necessity of coming
at ouce to the '-rescue of Belgium,
in her now despeiate plight, lhe
Belgian Relief Koinmittee in Canada have decided that the best way
to help is *;o take under 'heir care
the children of jHelgium; for this
purpose the followiag two courses
will be��f oil owed;
1. Establishment in Brussels of
a Canadian Bureau. This bureau
will be administi r.d by Mr, Ibiet-
aiis, a member nf the Commission
for the Relief iu Belgium, whovill
look specially after ,thc numerous
orphans of Belgium, whose condition beggar description. Charity
will be given in the name of Canada and in this way Canadian  do
II tions will not lose their identity.
2. Active help to the thousands
of little Belgian children who have
so suffered from privations as to
have their health critically impaired. These children are taken out
of Belgium into Holland. Switzerland and Frauce, ��where ihey are
looked after under the supervision
of Mr. Bewyer, Minister of tt*e Interior of Belgium to whom the Canadian donations will bs sent direct,
We need not dwell on how urgently tunds are required to save
these little ones from death, the
cry "��o days without bread" is
eloquent enough.
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
I The Bcstjand cheapest bread in the district
12  18oz.   Loaves for [$1
Vancouver and Victoria 10 18 oz. loaves $1
We invite anyone to dispute tbe above advertisement'
Shop Only Where You are Invited to Shop
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Priee
The baker of Better Bread
Opposite the city hall
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
For  Sale���1   Buggy  in  good  ioii.ll-
tlbm without top.   Only ?_"..   Apply
Dale & Partridge, Union Bay.
Fcr- Ssle���1 Ciphers brooder an.I
Incubator; cost $ii0. Only usedtwtce
'.'.ill .ell for lilt price. Apply Dale &
Parti Ultje, 111111 ion Hay.
Service, 2 p.m.; Sunday School and
Bible Class, 3 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class,
H.00 p.m.; evening service, 7.30 p.m.
All welcome.
'J he shcrta*re of wheat in France
has become so serious that the bread
ration of the French soldiers has been
reduced; 18.000.000 bushels nf wheat
were promised Europe from North
America per month. Since January
1st llie shortage has been 30,000,000
bushels, according to the Hon. Everett Colby, Senator for New Jersey, ln
bis ppeech delivered at Ottawa the
oilier dav.
of Premises
Large corner store added
to Present Stand
623-5 Johnson St.
Great Clearance Sale
at 716 Yate Street
All Goods  Must be   Cleared
Seabrook Young
Johnson  and Broad Street
Victoria, B. C.
Comox   Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
V *.: >.11  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tiin'ng and Repairing
Here about Apl. 1
Leave orders at Review office
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cnsine Rxcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
0 im0*m.i*M0mm0<*tm
****,   *%**0t*-** *���*+**
Do You
The Courtenav Review
Family Herald and Weakly Sue
and thc Daily Province ',
for one year
for $6 THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    a
����   ill   E_-iitn_��.    Ask    lor    .inr    INV'-.N.
luit's Adviser, vUcti win be ��ut nee.
354   Universily St.,  MonirMl.
THERAPION   "    "���
Hoipiuli with
VIM. KIDNEY. 11.ADOM- DltSAIBI, ui.oot* roifiOM.
iho.Cti, iuvi.'iHii.n')cHr).HAM " ilau, London, una.
BI THAT   .RAHK.   yANKCD  WUHO     1IIKMH0N ' 11 Ofl
-t.-k-v..��a-i> aiiiiio io ux giKVisiruilll
Civilization Must
Save Russia
When baying your Piano
Insist on having an
Otto Higel Piano Action
Something Needing
An Investigation
Canadian soldiers rcturilin**; home
weak and broken after lighUng for
democracy in llic trenches, condemned to occupy stulTv and uncomfortable quarters in llur Stefrage and
banished from the upper decks,
while lhcy see cub-officers wjio ncy-
i-r have seen France, luxuriating in
the first cabin, might be pardoned if
tlicy wcrc to wonder whether it was
worth while.���Stratford Beacon.
No Longer Able to Prevent Herself
From Being Devoured
Big Russia, like liitlc Rumania, is
uu longer able   to   prevent   herself
from being devoured.    There is    an
important      difference;       Rumania
fotigh bravely, while Russia, at    llic
moment when she was unconqucred
j and unconquerable, threw away   her
stilus through   mere   weariness    of
war.    Itm for lhc rest of tho civilized  world llie two arc in llic    same
I position  so far as their helplessness
land llieir need nf help are concern-
|cd.    Neither brave Rumania, who put
Iher back  lo  lli.  wall and  fought   to
Itlii- death,    nor    war-weary    Russia,
Iwild turned Iter back on the enemy
and   (tut   his   knife  in   it,    eau      save
I herself; and it is Important to civilization that boll] be saved, So far
as Russia is concerned, ii is not only
important but essential; for civilization will be endangered if llic monster nl' militarism swallows Russia.���
New York Times.
Sparc thc ehildren from suffering
from worms by using Miller's Worm
Powders, the most effective vermifuge that can bc got with which to
combat these insidious foes of the
young and helpless. There is nothing that excels tllis preparation as a
worm destroyer, and when its qualities become known in a household
no other will be used. Tlie medicine acts by itself, requiring no purgative to assist it, and so thoroughly
that nothing more is desired.
The system of boy work with
horses in the fields has grown to be
an inseparable part of country life in
America. It is largely responsible
for the farmer's ability lo produce
foodstuffs in thc past for such low-
prices. Tlie cost of producing crops
is bound to increase wfi-nevcr any
large proportion of this boy labor is
displaced by high-priced hired help.
This year help is hard to get at any
price. The young farm boys are
one of the nation's principal props
in sustaining tlie food supply. ���
Breeders' Gazette.
True Shaving Comfort
The man who uses the AutoStrop enjoys �� clean, comfort;
able shave���his face does not
unpleasantly remind him of
ins morning shave by smarting
lor hours afterwards.
The roaaon Is apparent���a freilily
stropped blade ii ihe easiest to
ihavo witli,
The AutoStrop Ik thr only razor
that sharpens its own hlaiies automatically thus always keeping them
free from rust and in perfect condition.  Guaranlttd to Satitfy.
Complete Outfit $5.00
AutoStrop Safety RazorCo.
���1-S7D.1..SI.,        -      T-rrt-L, 0.1.
C A K E D B A��G S
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Napance, Ont
Canada's Worthy "Bit"
Tliere is plenty of food for reflection in Canada's record in thc war.
She has done her bit well, and her
example is worlh liie study and emulation of American citizens. Canada has been in the war for three
years and a half; we, less than a
year. Tlie sooner wc realize what
sort of task lies before us the better for us all in every way.���New
Vork  livening  Sun.
-=== _ ___y
Just think of it���instant relief the
minute you put a few drops of Putnam's Extractor on your sore corn.
Putnam's makes corns dry up, makes
llicm shrivel and peel off. It doesn't
cat the good flesh, it acts on the corn
alone, loosens it so you can lift it
cut with your fingers. Wondciful;
you bet Putnam's is a marvel, and
costs but a quarter in any drug
store. Why pay more for something not so good as Putnam's?
More Armenian Horrors
"There is evidence, based on statements by German consuls, and,
therefore, hardly likely to bc prejudiced," says a despatch from The
Hague to London, "that as the Turkish troops advance to re-occupy
Armenia, tlicy arc literally exterminating all the remaining Armenian
population at Saostui on thc Black
"Every Armenian male���man, boy
or baby���wns put lo the sword,
while similar atrocities arc being
perpetrated, town by town and village by village. Thc handing ovcr by
Russia nf the trans-Caucasian district will simply mean the extermination, at German instigation, or at
least with German approval, of the
population left behind."
More Erasers Wanted
In 1914 Japan exported 9,000,0)0
lead pencils; in 1916 thc number was
increased to 168,000,000. ��� What the
showing will be for 1917 remains lo
bc seen. Just at present, however,
considering certain threatened alterations in tlie map of Russia, the
world is particularly interested
Japan's capacity for turning out
erasers.���Christian  Science  Monitor.
Keep     Minard's    Liniment    in    the
To Maintain Rigid Secrecy
To prevent information ol the departure of American transports from
leaking to llic enemy, the U. S. war
department has issued a rigid order
prohibiting soldiers from sending
telegrams or other messages from
ports of embarkation. Reports at lhc
lime of the Tuscan sinking wcrc
that an officer had wired his family
from thc port saying when thc slii i
was to leave.
W.     N.     U.    -120J
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs, ��� Your MINARD'S
LINIMENT is our remedy for sore
throat, colds and all ordinary ailments.
It never fails lo relieve and cure
Port Mulgravc,
Lord Rhondda, Britisii food controller, says the food situation for
the allies will bc most difficult during ihc next two months.
When a postcard will bring
Irec   samples
and Ointment
"which give
quick relief
and point to
speedy heal-
nieiit. Then
these sweet,
pure, super-
creamy cm-
ollienls your every-day toilet preparations and prevent lillle skin troubles
becoming serious.
For free snmpli- (well aildri'H-i post-cartl:
"Cutirura.  Dept.  N,  Boston, II. S. A."
fiiil'l throughout, tlie world.
Literary Lady
"Algy, 1 want you to buy mc a
"I am glad you arc becoming literary,  my dear."
"Fudge. This article says one way
to acquire a good carriage is to
practice balancing a book on your
Attacked by Asthma. The first
fearful sensation is of suffocation,
which hour by hour becomes more
desperate and hopeless. To such a
ease the relief afforded by Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy seems
nothing less than miraculous. Its
help is quickly apparent and soon the
dreadful attack is mastered. The
asthmatic who has found out the dependability of this sterling remedy
will never bc without it, It is sold
To Increase Efficiency
Manitoba   Agricultural    Department
To Hold Periodical
The Manitoba department of agriculture is mailing a number ol
changes toward the direction of
greater efficiency. The department
has a number of important sub-departments, and in the past Ihese
havc worked somewhat independently of one another. Under a new
plan the heads of all the sub-departments will meet periodically to
discuss general policy and to effect
co-operation and the cutting out of
duplication of effort and the nullification of effort due to cross purposes.
J. 11. Kvans, the deputy minister
under instructions from Hon. Val
Winkler, the minister, has completed
arrangements for thc carrying out of
thc new policy.
Tlie sub-departments affected arc
such as tho livestock branch, the extension department, lhc immigration
and colonization branch and llie agricultural college. .1. II. Evans Is
llie convener of the committee which
will arrange for the periodical meetings, Oilier members are George
liaiho, editor of agricultural publications and J. 11. Reynolds, president of
the Agricultural College.
Old Jtwtlltrji Plate 1 Silvan Curiae I
Mtnietureti Picturtil Needlework! Laeei
Old China! Cut OUui Oman-emu
Watcben   Mufti T��bl. Wart.
Wrlta or atnd by Bapreu,  W
>.  U.  ft  T.   JENKINS,   Uult*-
Antique  Oallerlei
II lad 10  Collett   Street,      Xorenn,  Oat
"You don't need mercury, potaih
or any other utrong mineral to
cure pimples eauaed by poor
blood. Takir Extract olRoota���
druRgiat calls it "Molner Seigel'S
Cnrillve Syrap���and your skin
will clear up aa t'reak aa a baby's.
11 wil! 0 wee ten your stomach and
regulate your bowela." Get tha
genuine. SOc. and $1.00Bottles.
At drug stores.
Minard's     Liniment
The Soul of Ireland
It is as if we who havc possessed
thc body of Ireland are alone able
to discover its soul���the soul that
underlies religion, history, politics,
its eternal trefoil. The air is filled
with memories. If Englishmen sing,
it is some new song that has caught
their fancy, they do not set it in
figures or patriots; it would seem an
affectation, something outside their
own pleasure, to sing of Drake or
Sydney or of Nelson or Gordon. But
there is hardly a phase of Irisli history that does not conic quite naturally, and without any affectation in
our  street   ballads.
She fs Always Ready
To Tell Reason Why
Miss E. Demers States They Cured
Her of Sick Headache and Rheumatism From Which She Suffered
for Six Months.
Hull, Que, (Special)��� Cured of
chronic indigestion, sick headache
and rheumatism, from which she
had suffered for six months, Miss E.
Demers, of 190 Maisonneuve St..
here, gives all the credit for her cure
to Dodd's Kidney Tills. She is recommending them to all her friends
who suffer from kidney troubles of
any kind.
"I am always ready to tell what
Dodd's Kidney Tills did for me,"
says Miss Demers. "1 am never
without them in the house. My case
was ouc of the worst.
"I had tried several medicines
from llie doctor and was getting no
belter when I decided to try Dodd's
Kidney Tills. 1 took seven boxes
and all my rheumatism, sick headache and indigestion was  none.
"When my father saw how much
good Dodd's Kidney Tills had done
me he began to take them for kidney trouble,    lie is belter now."
Dodd's Kidney Tills make healthy
kidneys. Healthy kidneys strain all
llic impurities, all the poison, out of
lhe blood. 'I'hey arc the greatest of
all tonics.
Increased Use of Telephone
An enormous increase in thc use
of telephones is shown in the annual
report of the American Telephone
and Telegraph Co., published in New
York. According to the report, the
company now controls 3,500,000
miles of loll wire, reaching all cities,
towns and rural communities of the
counlry. Thc traffic for the past
year broke all records, the daily average of toll connections being 1,-
009,000 and exchange connections
30,845,000 which is an average, of
about 100 calls a year for every man
woman and child in thc United
Start a Club in your town, where the
roiing people can
father. We build
���mall tablet lot
hornet, and larg*
er onea for public rooms. Equipment (ice. Write
ut at once lee
_ (ull particulara.
Dept."C"    V     SAMUEL MAY ft CO.
102104 Adelaide  St.  VI.,  Torsnte
A sale, relloUe regulating medicine. Sold In three desreeeo"
Mtenclli. No. 1. II l No. 2. Ill
No. 3, |5 pei Lm. Sold by all
druggist it, oi sent prepaid In
plain package on receipt or
price. Free pnmplilcl. Addicts
Tonnte.OnL ll-rmc/'y Wlndeu.Y
"Do yon regard our friend as a
"No," replied Senator Sorghum.
"He's the sort of man that gets credit for being a statesman when he's
only a publicity expert."���Washington Star.
If You Want to Gain in Weight and Recover Your Appetite,
Energy and Ambition, Try This Well Known Remedy.
With thc passing of winter many people feci weak*, depressed
and easily tired. Thc body lacks that vital force and energy which
pure blood alone can give. In a word, Avliilc not exactly sick, the indoor life of winter has left its mark upon them, and a blood-building, nerve-restoring tonic is needed to give renewed health and
energy. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are an all-year-round blood
builder and nerve Ionic, but they are especially useful in thc spring.
Every dose helps to make new, rich, red blood, and with this new
blood returning strength, cheerfulness and good health quickly
follows. r
If you arc pale and sallow, easily tired, or breathless at the least
exertion; if your complexion is poor, or if you are troubled with
pimples or eruptions, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills arc just what you
need to put you right. If you have twinges of rheumatism, arc
subject to headaches or backaches, if you arc irritable or nervous,
if your sleep docs not refresh you, or your appetite is poor, you
need lhc treatment which Dr. Williams' Pink* Pills alone can give
���you need the new blood, new health and new energy this medicine
always brings.
Mrs. M. I!. Rickcrt, Kitchener,
Ont., says: "1 was weak, run down,
and losing weight when I began using Dr. Williams' Pink Tills. I took ���
thc pills steadily for a month, and
the difference they made in my condition was most gratifying. I gained
both in strength aud weight, and feci
since I used the pills like a new person. I also recommended the use of
the pills to my daughter-in-law, who
was pale, thin and weak.    When she
,,      ...     , ��� ,    ,      ,    ���~ ,   I began using the pills    she   weighed
the pills she weighed only 87 pounds.       ,    ,M , ,     , ...
Before the box was gone 1 sent and j0"1''. 1W P����"-ls and when she   dis-
got six more boxes, and under their continued llieir use she weighed 137
use she constantly    grew    stronger.'! pounds.   For all weak people I think
Mrs. C. Forsythc, R. R. No. 2,
Fishcrvillc, Out., says: "At the age
of fourteen my daughter Viola was
feeling very much run down in lhc
spring. Then she was attacked with
whooping cough which left her a
complete wreck. She had no appc-1
lite, could not sleep well nights and
was subject to chills which sometimes kept her in bed for thc day.
She was doctoring steadily, but not
apparently getting tbe least benefit,
and I naturally grew very anxious.
One of my neighbors suggested giving her Dr. Williams' Pink Tills, and
got a box.    When she began using
Another Point Settled
Mother���What is the plural of
man, Willie?
Mollier���And the plural of child?
Willie���Twins! ��� liostou Transcript,
Warts on the hands is a disfigurement that troubles many ladies, Ilol-
loway's Corn Cure will remove the
blemishes without pain.
Obeying Orders
As thc football crowd was pushing
and struggling to get out at the
game's end a small boy bored his
way to thc fence and began to climb
ovcr it.
"Hi, there, kid," yelled a policeman, "none o' that! Get out thc way
you came ini"
By tills lime the youngster had
reached the top of thc fence.
"Ain't I doin' it?" he said, as lie
vanished on the other side.���Milestones.
Her appetite improved, the color
came back- to her checks, she could
sleep well, and feels and looks like
a different person, and with all tliis
while using llie pills she gained 20
pounds in weight."
there is no medicine cau equal   Dr.
Williams' l'ink Tills."
Miss Gladys Marshall, Chatham,
Ont., says: "I suffered from nervousness and my blood was in a very
poor condition. My face broke out
in pimples and my complexion was
very* sallow. I took doctors' medicine but without beneficial results. I
was  feeling much  discouraged  when
Mrs. Chas. Winegarden, Delhi,
Out., says: "Last spring my daughter Ruby was taken with a bad cold.
She seemed weak, had a constant
paiu in her side, grew pale, and as
the remedies usually used in cases
of this kind did not help her WC
feared she was going into a decline.
I decided lo give her Dr. Williams'
a friend recommended Dr, Williams' j Pink Pills and got six; boxes. Be-
Pink Tills.    1 used in all six^ boxes, j fore she had used them all, she was
again well and strong. The cough
had left her, she had a good appetite, thc pain in her side disappeared,
and a nice rosy color had returned
to her checks. 1 havc therefore much
reason to speak warmly iu praise of
Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills."
and was overjoyed to lind that my
complexion had become quite clear,
pimples had disappeared, my nerves
wcrc strengthened and my old-time
health and ambition returned. I shall
always have a good word to say for
Dr. Williams' l'ink I'ills."
Notwithstanding thc increased cost of all drugs, there has been
no change in the price of our Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. They can
be had through any medicine dealer at 50 cents a box, or six boxes
for .$2.50, or will bc sent on receipt of price by The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
IMMM^ THE    REVIEW,    COURTNEY,    B.    0,
Best for. Canada
These Should be
Included in
Your Order
The numerous items in the Ronnie 101S cam-
hunt* emlimed in slur bordi-rs like thU b._ new
liiich v_ilif standard..   You Mill bu u-iionUlicd
nl lhe hurualns.
BEANS���Dwarf White Wax (Davis) .10
BEET���Crosby's Egyptian 05
CABBAGE--Danish Summer
Roundhead 10
CARROT- -Rennie's Market (iardeu .10
CORN���Rennie's Golden Bantam.   .10
CUCUMBER    Davis' Perfect 10
LETTUCE -- Burpee's Earliest
Wayahead 10
ONION    I'.uly Yellow Danvers ..   .10
Rennie's Extra Early Keel OS
Ronnie's Longkccncr Brown Globe .10
PARSNIP- Reiinie'siXXXCtieriisey .10
PEAS���Thomas Laxton. Extra Early .10
Senator���Best Second Early 10
RADISH���Crimson   Globe ��� Nou
Plus libra OS
Japanese   Mikado (Winter) 10
TOMATO���Bonny Beat 10
Blue Stem liarly���King Edward .10
)'\ lh.
���Ycllow Sets���Selected
While Multiplier Sets.
lb.   Albs.
.35   1.70
.50   2.25
Not Prepaid
lb. Gibs.
.25 1.20
.40   1.85
New Giant Astcrinuni���Mixed	
Rennie's XXX Defiance Balsam���Mixed	
New Red Sunflower '.	
Gold Medal Hybrids Delphinium ,
Rennie's XXX Prize Rullkd Giant Petunia���Mixture..
Rennie's XXX Giant Spencer Sweet Peas���Mixture...,
Giant Zinnia���Mixed	
. .IS
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When buying from dealers, insist on Rennie's.
dealer hasn't them, we will ship direct.
If your
ALSO      AT
Enemy Air Raids Have Not Been Directed Against Military
Objectives, but their Successes Have Always Been Judged
By the Loss of Civilian Life
Supreme Gallantry
A Britisii Captain   Who   Took   Re.
vengc on the  Huns for
The full story ot the heroism of n
Brilish captain who was sn moved
witli haired of lhc Genitalis for
crippling his child with a bomb, lhat
he attacked and killed eight of Ihem
with a club, nnd withstood a sudden
German onslaught by his inspiring
leadership, has jusl been received.
The tale has made the captain's
name a byword of gallantry and
bravery in the Britis.li camp. Here
are the facts:
When the Germans delivered their
tremendous assault against Mnsni-
eres and Marcolng during llieir general offensive ou November thirtieth,
those two towns and tlie territory
about tin-in were being held by a
division of English troops. On the
staff of tin; commanding general
there was a dashing captain who may
be designated as Captain Black for
purpose of tliis narrative. Black was
a man of long service and much beloved by all the Iroops. lie had been
a   jovial   companion until   recently,
when, during a German air raid over
Kngland, his baby girl was crippled
for life by a bomb. Black had become bitter against lhe Germans and
had sworn that he would exact full
penalty for lhc .airmen's deed. The
captain little knew when he turned
in on the night of tlie twenty-ninth
of November how soon lie would bc
able to get his revenge. Next morning the Germans attacked Masnicres
in force and the brigade to the right
of thc troops holding the town was
forced to fall back. The brigade in
thc town, however, stood firm and
fought the enemy off. Meanwhile
waves of Germans had swept by the
south of thc town and wcrc swarming westward.
Captain Black came out of his
headquarters south of Marcoing lo
find live Germans already in possession of a great dump nearby. So
quickly had the enemy advanced that
this was the first intimation _ that
they were nearby. Black had in his
hand a heavy walking stick which
was his only weapon. Without a moment's hesitation hc charget^ the
dump alone and beat about him so
fiercely that he brained all five opponents before they recovered from
the surprise. He had made good his
vow, but his work was not finished.
Other Germans appeared west of
Les Rues Verts, a southern suburb
of Masnicres. Black collected all thc
signallers, cooks, orderlies and other
servants available, and with two
companies of regulars delivered an
attack towards Rues Vcrtcs. The
Germans fell back and fierce hand-
to-hand fighting followed. Black led
his little army from liouse to bouse
and as often as the Germans made a
stand hc drove them out, until finally the whole suburb had been cleared
with the exception of one machine
gun whose crew of eight men kept
pumping bullets into the British
As could have been predicted, the
opening of thc allied air campaign
against Germany���not against the
German lines in prance and Belgium, but against Germany itself���
has been promptly followed by suggestions that perhaps the time has
now come for a limitation, by consent, of airplane activities. Tliis idea
lias been put forward iu lhc Bavarian parliament, where there was
wont to be rejoicing at lhc reports
of damages to open towns in France
and Great Britain by air raids; and
is now being urged ill the French
chamber by a member of that anti-
national group of Socialists who
have, to the. extent that they dared,
hampered tin- resistance of France
to Germany. It is inevitable that
sonic pacifist in llie British parliament will forthwith begin to bleat
about the wickedness of reprisals
and urge some understanding with
Germany. The German propaganda
is going strong in bolh France and
Great Britain; and ils directors find
no difficulty in tricking legislators
and journalists inlo playing its
As for lhc German military viewpoint about attacks from tlie. air
upon open towns, il is indicated wilh
dramatic clearness in a despatch
from Paris describing lhe deatli ol
Capt.    Schoblcr,    a    Bavarian,    who
commanded   the   recent flotilla   of
Golhas which attacked Paris by
night. The Golha carrying the valiant captain came down iu flames
near Chateau Thierry, and he was
rescued from the machine, though
not before he had suffered injuries
that proved fatal, The news dispatch goes on lo say:
"By order of a general passing in
an automobile who bad seen the fall
the officer was taken lo a hospital.
He was in a hopeless condition. His
whole body was covered with severe
cuts aud burns.
"Although in agony, he pluckily
hid his pain. His first request was
t li at he should be well cared for.
The general replied:
"'You are wounded, and a wounded man is sacred among us French.
I wish I could feel sure that our
wounded were as well treated in
"Tin- general then questioned thc
officer, who said that he carried out
tht work assigned him,
"'Did you bomb Paris?' asked the
" 'Then you have killed women and
dlHsrCtl,'  the  general  said.
" 'Ves,' the German replied.
" T had my orders,' the officer answered."
The captain had his orders to fly
high above the sleeping city and rain
bombs upon it, in thc hope that by
llic breaking of.the civilian morale,
through the slaughter of helpless
women and children, some military
advantage would ensue. Similar or-
I dcrs have been given at intervals
throughout the war. Some 1,400 civilians���mostly women and children
���have lost their lives in Kngland
from bombs dropped from airships
and airplanes. There is no longer
even thc hypocritical pretense that
these raids are directed against military objectives. Every raid has been
judged, as to its success, by the loss
of civilian life; and after every killing tliere havc becn screams of joy
from all parts of Germany.
The reports of the air raids carried out by allied aviators in German territory . shows that they ire
directed against stations, airdromes,
factories and barracks. These raids
are made chiefly in daylight, which
makes it possible to control, to some
extent, thc dropping'' of the bombs;
but there is inevitable incidental destruction of civilian life and property. Moreover, it is being demonstrated, even to the arrogant German
authorities, that the allies can now,
al will, carry out terrible reprisals
upon thc towns along the Rhine,
Hence the newly-acquired German
inclination���promptly echoed by the
defeatist groups in the belligerent
nations���to reconsider the propriety
under international law, of launching attacks from the air, Germany
will, in tliis matter of air-raiding,
duplicate her experience with poison gas; she will rue the day when
she threw her scruples overboard
and gave "orders" to her airmen to
carry out a program of (rightfulness
against helpless civilians.���Manitoba
Free Press.
Keep Rabbits
One pair of rabbits in one year
would increase to 2,484 in twelve
months at thc rate of six young ones
per mouth, which is a very conservative rate, some young families
numbering as high as thirteen. This
is also allowing for the elimination
of surplus male bunnies as soon as
they arc big enough to cat. Rabbits can live on hay and get along
very cheaply. They provide five
pounds of meat when full grown.
Europe Can Never Recover From the Breaking of the Elementary
Laws of Morality and Civilization Unless the Pre-W'ar
Moral Code is Restored
The Sultan's Treasures
Many Hidden Treasures of Immense
It is believed that in certain
vaults at Constantinople there lie
many hidden treasures of immense
value belonging to the Sultan of
Turkey. A throne of beaten gold,
adorned with quantities of rubies,
pearls, diamonds and emeralds set in
mosiac, is perhaps t_nc most dazzling
object in thc treasury. Selim the
first brought it from Persia early in
the sixteenth century. There is a
second throne of ebony and sandalwood, encrusted with mother-of-
pearl, gold, rubies, emeralds and
sapphires. Nowhere in the world
arc lliere precious stones to compare with thc two great emeralds
found here, one of which weighs two
kilograms and is as large as a man's
hand, and the oilier of wliicli is only
a littic smaller. There are diamonds,
turquoises, rubies, emeralds, and
pearls by tlle half-bushel. Formerly
the jewels were kept in drawers but
when last seen tiny were in bowls,
each of which held two gallons.
Ways to Economize
Women's slioes (boots') may not
be higher than seven inches if made
of leather according lo the latest ruling of the Britisii army council
wliicli is conserving leather, American women will never begin lo realize that tliere is a terrible war in
progress until ihey arc compelled to
conserve materials that now favor
vanity rather than utility. And men
can do well to taboo broad-end cravats. String tics arc quite as dressy
and satisfactory as neckwear that
consumes silks waslcftilly, ��� From
thc Auburn  Citizen.
Is casv to
I use and
'���<?  will uot
/   lltU'U
Unless we fix firmly in our minds
what should surely bc for all sane
men the fundamental truths of this
war, apparent lo all a short lime ago
and still apparent to all wlio have
kept iheir heads, men will fail, especially tlie more generous and idealist of them, into a catastrophic mis-
judginent wliicli will ruin Europe, It
will ruin this country especially,
The first truth is that Hie war was
made by Prussia. This awful calamity is the direct handicraft of Prussia and of Prussia alone, 'lhc second
truth is that tlie barbaric, precedents
in modem warfare were created by
Prussia, will remain if Prussia survives Unbeaten, and would bc tlie
deatli of England.
The second fundamental truth iu
thc whole affair, which is less often
forgotten, but wliicli is slill too much
glossed over, is this: Prussia in thc
course of this war has gradually dissolved that moral code upon wliicli
the culture of Europe reposed and
without which Europe can never recover herself. Only her defeat can
restore that code, and on lhat code
depends the very life of this island
more than of any other nation.
So true is it that Prussia in breaking these elementary laws of European morality has imperilled the
whole of our civilization, that she
herself���utterly Unscrupulous as her
whole history proves lier to be���
showed hesitation before each new-
step downwards. There was always
an interval between two succeeding
increments of atrocity, nearly always
an attempted apology or explanation,
There was here exactly what you see
in the career of the individual criminal. Things rare in 1871���such as
the shooting of hostages���were done
wholesale in 1914. Things impossible
even to Prussia in 1871���such as thc
massacre of neutrals���were done, as
a matter of course in 1914. Things
such as the use of poison, which any-
sane man in lhis country during the
first six mouths of thc war would
have told you wcrc unthinkable in
Kurope, wcrc done by Prussia before
twelve months had passed. Things
which were quite unthinkable in 1915
wcrc done in 1916���-and so on.
The scries lies patent to all. The
drama has been enacted before the
eyes of all. Nothing but an inexcusable slackness of fibre can explain
a forgelfulncss of such a series. The
use of poison was unthinkable. It
took place. The bombardment of
civilians in open towns was unthinkable. It took place. The sinking of
merchant ships without warning was
still unthinkable. It took place. Even
then the sinking of neutral merchant
ships without warning was still unthinkable. Prussia proceeded to lhat.
Hospital ships were still surely immune we said! So slow is a. civilization���like an individual���to appreciate tbe approach of death. But there
came a time when Prussia announced her intention of sinking neutral
ships���and she did sink them. There
is no end to such a scries. It may
pass from such acts to private assassination, to the corruption of the
water supplies of great cities, to the
calculated spread of epidemic diseases. It is a plain declaration ot
moral anarchy in the midst of
With the moral order between nations dissolved London is always at
the mercy oi an attack from the air
���at any moment, certainly without
declaration of war. The supplies ot
this island arc. at the mercy of a
similar attack bv the new engines at
sea. 11 is true of every European
community���it ought to be obviously true, but one must repeat these
things���that lacking a certain measure of convention between them all
the fabric of Europe is dissolved.
Thai is as true of a country of nations as il is true of a community of
individuals. That is why wc put the
anarchist in society to death. If WO
do not destroy him we are at his
Those who tell us that Such action
can bc avhided in the future by getting tlie originators of it all to sign
their names ou a bit of paper are not
worth arguing with. _ Those who tell
us that it is unavoidable and that
Prussian methods of indiscriminate
murder arc unavoidable hold a more
formidable position. But it is a position onlv formidable because tlicy
have not learnt the main lessons of
History, which is the object lesson
of human psychology, the permanent
experience of how the human mind
acts, teaches one thing quite clearly
It is that an undefeated and unchas-
tiscd aggression upon the essential-
morals of a civilization is always
successful. Any compromise with
barbarism, any playing of daue-gclt,
any postponement or shirking of the
hard duty of warring down the menace, defeats ils own object. It docs
not purchase security at the expense
of honor.   It sacrifices bolh.
It is a thing wc could premise
fiom what we know    of    individual
character; it is al any rale a thing
wliicli stands clearly out from ttic established record of three thousand
years. Who first proposes to yield
is defeated.���llalairc Belloc in Land
and  Water.
Service Badges
Are Explained
Government      Makes      Regulations
Clear by Statement
The militia department makes the
following announcement:
As llicrc appears to bc some misapprehension on the subject of war
badges, the following points arc
(1) Class "A" badge is issued to
men who have seen service at the
front, and lo these only. The design
ot Class "A" badge is the same as
that originally issued by the Canadian Patriotic Fund. This was decided upon in view of the strong representations that it was desired lo
perpetuate this design, as it was already well known and highly valued
by tlie soldiers to whom it had been
(2) Class "B" badge is actually
what is known as the "Imperial silver badge," wliicli is awarded to
British soldiers who are honorably
discharged as permanently unlit for
further service, irrespective ol
whether the service was rendered in
England or at the front. In the
Canadian expeditionary force this
silver badge is awarded not only to
those who have served at the front
(in addition lo Class "A" badge) but
to those honorably discharged as unfit for further service after servin ;
in England,
It will thus bc seen that soldiers
who have served at the front ami in
England are entitled to two badges,
viz., Class "A" badge and Class "B"
badge, the. latter, however, not being
issued until the soldier has becn honorably discharged on account of old
age, wounds or sickness, rendering
him permanently unfit for further
There has been some agitation in
favor of issuing Canadian war service badge, Class "A" to men resident in Canada, but who served in
the imperial forces, and in this connection it should be noted that this
badge is awarded under order in
council to Canadian troops only.
Those soldiers who serve in the imperial forces are entitled to such
badges and other decorations as are
provided under proper authority fertile imperial army.
All lhe jokes arc not found in the
newspaper supplements. The food
controller advised everybody to eat
carrots, because tlicy arc nourishing,
cheap and abundant. Then up wen:
the price oi thc donkey food.
Building-up for the Spring Attack
at the Front ia a good deal like potting
the body in condition for an invasion
of the germs of grip, pneumonia or
" Spring fever" here at home.
At this time of the year most people
suffer from a condition often called
Spring Fever. They feel tired, worn
out, before tbe day ia half thru. They
may have frequent headaches ana
sniiietitnes "pimply" or pale skin and
white lips. The reason (or this is that
during tbe wintertime, ehut up within doors, eating too much meat and
too little green vegetables, one heaps
fuel into the system which ia not burned
up and the clinkera remain to poison
the system ��� a clogging up of tha
circulation ���with inactive liver and kidneys.   Time to put your house in order.
For an invigorating tonic which will
clarify the blood, put new life in tho
body, sparkle to the eyes, and a
wholesome skin, nothing does so well
as a glyceric herb extract made from
Golden Seal root, Blood and Stone
root, Oregon grape root and Wild
Cherry bark. This can be had in convenient, ready-to-nae tablet form at
all drug Btorea, fifty cent., and has
been Bold for tlie past fifty years as
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
By reason of the nerves feeding on
the blood, when the blood ia pure
the nerves feel tbe effect, aud neuralgia
or other nerve pains disappear because such pain ii the cry of thc starved
nerves for food. When suffering from
backache, frequent or scanty urine,
rheumatic paina here or there, or that
constant tired feeling, the pimple way
to overcome these disorders is merely to
obtain Dr. Pierce's Anuric from your
druggist.     In tr-hlets, fiftv cents   ���
W.     N.    U.     1285 \
Tt  '
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
form   '
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco-scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Most Heat
from Fuel
One reason why the
Kootenay Range gives
the most use of the heat
generated from the fuel,
Ms that the grates have
ample vents to make
perfect combustion in
the firebox, which is
properly and scientifically proportioned according to the needs of
the range.
For Sale bv
C. H.  Tarbell  & Son
St. John, N.B.
Saskatoon 79
The Joy of Motoring
LET the Ford car introduce you to the beauties
, of Nature and the outside world.   Let it
* take you into the country, or along the
lakes where the air is fresh and sweet.
A Ford car will open up new fields of pleasant
possibilities for you and your family and at the
same time serve you faithfully in business.
No doubt you have felt the need of a car���
your wife has often said, "I wish we had a car,"
so why not buy one now ? There is no other car
that gives such good value for the money invested as a Ford. This is why the Ford car is
so popular everywhere.
_ The Ford is powerful, easy to drive, economical, enduring.   It is the car you need.
Runabout ��� $575
Touring ��� - $595
Coupe - ��� $770
Sedan - ��� - $970
Chassis - - $535
One-ton Truck $750
F. 0. B. FORD, ONT.
E. C. Emde, Dealer, Courtenay
Courtenay Electric Light
Till' Cit) of Com -lenity la offei iiie for
sale Hie unsold balance ol the above
debentures amounting n. flu.UUU.OO,
These debentures are ill denominations
ol $100.00 each nud hear int. ust rn tlie
rate of f> per cent, per iiiiiiin, papnble
half yearly. The debentures nre repayable on the .'nth day ol May, 1937,
They are offered at 90 cents on the
dollar ami accrued interest, This offi is
a splendid iippo,tunity to any person
who has nny amount from $100,00 up.
wards to Iin est same in an absolutely
���secure investment, at a fair rale nf interest.
I'or further particulars apply at the
City Hull.
w. A. w. HAMBS,
City Clerk.
Simple But Valuable  Method���Worth
The following very simple method
i of water purlfl-atlon has boon advised
In a recent leaflet sent cut bv Hie
Ontario Prnvnolnl Hoard of Health:���
"A level tp-isnn. nful nf chloride of
lme Bhould be rnlibed nto a teaciinful
ful of wafer. This solution should bn
diluted wilh 3 eupsful nf water, and
a teasnnnnful of the whole o-mntltv
j Pddeil to each two-gallon pailful of
drinking w-fer. This will give .4 or
.5 parls of free chlorine to a million
narts of water, -nifflcipnt In deftr*"* 'n
ten minutes all typhoid and eolnn
bacilli or other dvsenterv-nrnduclna:
organisms n the water.    Moreover, all
1 traces of the chlorine will rapdly disappear.
"This   method   nf   nitrification has
i heen tested with Tnvonto I*ay water,
, Inoculated with million1- nf bacteria.
Rverv form has been destroyed, and
it has been unnecessary to boll  the
1 water.
I "This method should he verv valu-
->tile for farmers, poultrymen in par-
llnnlar. miners, prosnectors. cambers,
.���i,i'. .-5 ��"H tbn-re livln-r in summer
reports   where   the   conditon   of  the
i     Tlie Twst- month   h"s   been   the
: must   anxious -.vhIiiivp nvm' known
'lint  when n man's In-art is nnffpi*
ing-lie   livas   1����  hone.     ITopp  is
now a duty.     O"   wn  real I v  he
lievo i-i om- cause?    The   men  at
! tl e front flo.    Never a di-diem-tnti-:
j i io-woi-il from   tlipm     Wn   fils-i
| tnnst.  keep  constantly  hofoi-p   ns
' the -rood reasons wo havo for con- '
j fidence.      . j
The incominj** of the United
States 1ms nnhvip-hed the defection of "Russia Her resources in
men, e'i.*r*rv and inventiveness,
monev, aw wihtont limit. She is
growinr. passionately earnest and
ir throwing them all into the
struggle, and witlj us she will se.~
it through.    She will not fail.
Toronto, April 27. ��� Undoubtedly
every man of every elas who Is medically fit should Immediately he placed
In a training camp." said Hon. Robert
Rogers, late Minister of Public
Works, who arrived in the city from
the West this morning, and who Is at
the King.Edword Hotel. Mr. Rogers
Is Impressed with the seriousness of.
the hour and says:
"This ls no time for talking. What
we need Is action, not talk. Remember this Is a solemn moment for us.
No time should be lost,In following
precedents. Lei us carry on with
firm decision nnd with still more decisions followed by still more action."
.Music Throudh
Mr. Edisorfc
Until you have heard the
New Edison
" The Phonograph with a Soul"
You can have no conception as to how true to life it really is.
The reproducer point is a genuine diamond, carefully selected
and polished, and the lecords used are indestructable and play
for a full five minutes, each
Write ns now for further particulars of this new invention
which actually RECREATES music
Cumberland, B. C.       , Nanaimo, B. C
Does Everybody Trade at the Corner Store ?
We keep the freshest line of Groceries in the
District.   Our prices are Right, and
Our' Service is Unexcelled-
We're going to tell you something about slioes shortly
Parkin Bros.
A Wart 8u*-erttitlen.
Boys la tho west of England belter*
that by squeezing a mole to death between the bauds and touching the affected parts with the blood tbat oozes
from tbe mouth of the dying animal
warts will disappear and will not reappear. The culprits are convinced tbat
moles, worms and other subterranean
dwellers bare no feelings, and there-
fore it is not cruelty to pat them to
death in this way.
To Electric Light Consumers
NOTICH is hereby given that all tenant consumers of electricity are required to deposit with the City on or before the 30th day of April the sum of
Three Dollars under ana by virtue of
the following clause in By-Law No. 28,
being "The Electric Light and Power
By-Law, 1917."
"15.   The Corporation reserves
the right to demand and receive
a deposit of a sum equivalent to
the Corporation's estimate of the
monthly consumption of electrical energy by the intended consumer belore supplying the premises until all arrears due for
electrical energy supplied to such
premises have been paid ''
Notice is also given that no bills* for
electricity will be allowed to run for a
longer period than 60 days,,, after which
service will be disconnected.
Dated at Courtenav this 18th day of
April 1918.
w. A. w. HAMES, .,
City Clerk.
6eareity of English Humer.
It is to be feared tbat If the paperi
reserved a special corner once each
week tor the witticism of the week tt
would bc often left blank. There ls ne
wit to speak of today, only a feeble imitation of II which people are fond oi
calling the saving sense of humor.-
I ondon Saturday Review.
The French and the Engli.h
did not win the battle of the Marne
to undergo defeat; nor the fi?st
and second battle of Fprcs, If in
the first year when we were unprepared we did not go under, we
shall not be overcome in this lime
of our strength. Then tne enemy
was relatively immensely stronger
tlianhe is today. But lie did
reach Pa-is or Calais.
Ice Cream
"    Candies,
Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary
Phone 6 Courtenay
General Blacksmiths
Beg to announce that they are prepared
to do all kinds of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Meat Market
Equipped,with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenay and Gtin.berland


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