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The Review May 7, 1914

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Array 4       &   '
MAY  _ I
>t__M _-**-_. ...|
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell If
II;ivi* You Mimrv to Invest*
Sec us; w _ Can Make You
barg_ Dividends
Island  Realty  Co.
>��� *������*��_���_��____��'_���_���.���-..���������_���_
VOL. 2
NO. 24
Would You Like a Home
Fronting on the Beach?
We have some choice 20
acre blocks at Little River
Good Land with Splendid View Facing on the Gulf
This is the best waterfrontage in the
district at $150  per acre.    If you
wish to buy we will meet you on
the terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Mr. Wesley Willard, Ksq., the Official Administrator, lias instructed us
to sell by Auction, without reserve, the  undermentioned  items,   being
the property of the late William Styles
Sale on SATURDAY, MAY 9, at 2 o'clock sharp
Eor convenience this  sale will   he held  on the   ground adjoining  our
Offices on Union Street, Courteuay
Sale of furniture for Mr.   Krause Immediately after this sale,   For
particulars see advertisement iu this issue
Real Estate, Auctioneers
Phone 10
Near Station and dose to Lake Trail
$200 is all you have to pay down
and  balance  in  monthly  pay- . ,
ments  like  rent
Act quickly and secure this snap
R. II. Allan
Real Estate Insurance
Give us your order for
Letterheads, Billheads,
Statements, Envelopes,
Wedding, Stationery, Etc.
Mr \V, J. Gourd, piano tuner,
of Vancouver, was in town this
\v eek.
The carpenters here are all busy
just now. There is n lot of building going on.
Mrs. Kepner has a line display
of new, spring, fancy, goods, also
a nice stock of fancy work. A
call is solicited.
Canoe l'or Sale Apply McKenzie's 1'ool Room.
Lost���Top joint of fishing rod,
Reward.   Apply Harry Idiens.
To Rent-two first class offices
over McKean's store. Good light,
rent reasonable.
To Rent���Modern bungalow, 3
niin. tes from P, O Abplv to 1\
A. Smith, Coii'-tenay.
I). A. Thomas will be in Courtenay tuning and repairing plan s
until the end of May.   .
l'or Sale���Pure bred White S.
C. Leghorn eggs for setting,
H. W. Heberden, Sandwick.
For fine painting, paperhanglug
and decorating don't fail to see
Doyle & Home, Courtenay.
For Sale���Gedar posts and pole.;
beardless barley and good seed po,
tatoes. T. C. Woods, Sandwick
1.tone R y6,
For Sale���Rhode Island Red
eggs for hatching; new blood from
the mainland. Bruce Towler, Cumberland Road.
Wanted To Rent���5 or ip acres
with houses, well fenced, with
option cf buying. Apply, Box 6,
Review Office.
To Rent���5 roomed house with
basement, hot and cold water,
modern conveniences. Apply J.
R. Johnson.    Courtenay Hotel.
English trained maternity nurse.
Household duties unuertaken. Miss
Sussex, residence of Mrs. McKean
in the orchard, phone L 72.
For Sale���Good farm horse,
strong working harness and wagon
plough and harrows. Apply to
John Johnston, l,ake Trail, Courteuay, B. C.
For Sale- Sixty-five acres in
Happy Valley, will sell 20 or 45,
Good'first class soil, 500 fruit trees,
100 bearing. Good buildings.
Apply box X Review office.
Young English woman,, seeks
position as housekeeper, good plain
cook, no washing. Full particulars,
wages etc., to E. A. H., Royal
Oak Farm, Saudwick, B. C.
Lessons given in Piano, Organ,
and Violin. Hold senior honours
certificate for theory of music by
the London College. J* rs. A.
Blair, opposite Review Office.
Do you want cord wood or poles
cut with circular saw? If so call
up Grimsley & Hodgkiusou
Telephone 36. or enquire B. C.
Investments. Wood delivered $4
per load.
Cumberland Steam Laundry For
Sale���Buildings, boiler, engine,
aud machinery aud all utensils.
Good business will be sold at a
bargain. Can be seen at any time.
Price $1250.   Liberal terms,
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from,
picture framing and sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
I        Private Day School for Girls and
Small Boys
Kindergarten hours from 10 to 12
Private Tuition in Music, French and
Summer Term commences April 15
Miss M. King     ���    Principal
Miss Maude Creech is at Victoria
this week.
Mrs. I). Kilpatrick has returned
from a visit to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs Broom of Mine 8
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Logi'.ie,
Mr, W. Mason, Fishery Inspector, who has been ill for sonic time
is able to be out this week.
Mr. R. Bowring, of Duncan's
has come to town \\illi a handsome
30 h. p, Everett car for hire.
The Knight's of Pythias held al
very successful dance in their hall
on  Wednesday   evening.     About I
fifty    people    were   present   and1
thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
S. Calhoun's new.block is about 1
ready for the plasterers.    Tlie first j
11001 is all in oue large store with
plenty of side lights.    The  upper!
story will contain ten large rooms
and bathroom.    All steam heated.
The contractors are losing no time
on this job.
Two new plate glass windows
were put iu McPhee & Morrison's
Store this week. Mr. \V. Hall,
wlass importer of Vancouver, did
the job.
Get the habit. Go to the movies
every night, 15c. Pictures change
every Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday, Special show every Saturday. Big program, 25c. Courtenay Opera House to rent as usual.
11. I'-. Krause has difinately decided toloealein ReifDeer, Albert,-,
and intends leaving with his family
for that place next week. He has
decided to sell ill his household
effects by public auction ou .Saturday afternoon. Since coining to
Courtenay Mr. and Mrs. Krause
have made a host of friends who
will be sorry to miss their cheery
faces from the district.
Everitt Car For Hire
nt Duncan & Blrcl_Garage
Union 11.iv Road
Telephone 3S COURTKNAY
B. S. Fenn begs to announce that he will be
absent on business for about two months and on
his return will open a studio in a good position
in Courtenay for portraiture of the best class
H.   H.   M.   BEADNELL
Courtenay Avenue is to be shortly opened up from
the Union Bay Road to the Station. The cheapest
and largest lots in Courtenay, 50 x 120, face on
this street. Prices to be raised shortly. " Now is
the time to buy
Sea Frontage with Beautiful Sandy Beach
25 1-2 Acres, good land and most of it is easily
cleared, on Kye Bay, road to property.   Price for
14 days $135 per Acre.   Terms, 1-3 Cash, balance
in one and two years
Phone 24
Everybody to call and see our choice selection of
Small Groceries, Biscuits, Candies, Etc. Also Hams
and Bacon, Tobaccos and Cigars in large variety
All Fruits and Vegetables in Season
Nothing but the Best.    Pikes Right
Local, Delivery Telephone 40
Is Your House Insured?
If Not, Why  Not?
Call or telephone* for rates in reliable companies
By Mary Roberts Rinehart
She dldn'l mind It. Speaking ;<���-
nearly rs nosslblc from an Impersonal
standpoint, 1 doubl It she was even
surprised, Von nee, tIn- I'lUK was Rime,
und li lnul only been un engagement
ring anyhow, and ovorybody knows
bow binding tbey are. '
Ami then an angel ��lib a burnlug,
sword enine anil jicourged me oul ot I
my Eden, and tbo angel wns Burton,
uud tbo sword  was a dripping umbrella, I
"i bate lo lalto you out," bo said.
"The bottom's dropped out ot tho titty A
imi I want von lo mako a Hub' experiment Willi ine."   Ho paugbl sight
ot Margery through the portieres.
"Don't be nn nss,"
"I don'i know that 1
"Let's go nnd tube
Even the Laziest Liver
and Bowels respond to
the gentle action ��f
At all Drug giets and Storci.
Take    Abbey    Vita    Tablets for Sic
1 snid angrily.
cure lo go out
��� a look at tbe
"It il isn't locked loo light,'1 he was
Baying, "wo enn gel In, perhaps
through a window, und gel upstairs.
Kroin   there   we  ought  lo  be  aide  to
I Every one who  lias counted    the
! passing  or  seconds  Knows  bow  tbey
drag,    With  my  eyes on lhe    room
across, and my linger on ibe trigger,
II waited us best I could.   At ten mill-
lutes l wns conscious Ibere wus some
ono. in the room over Iho Way. And
j then   be  came  Inlo   view   from   the
I side somewhere, and    went  to ibe
table,    lie and bis buck  lo nie, nnd
1 could only sen Unit  he W8B a large
mnn, with massive shoulders nnd Hurl;
ll   was  dlltlcull   lo  make mil   what
lhe wns doing, After a halt minute,
I however, ho stopped to one side, und 1
j saw i li ii I. he bud lighted a candle
I und wns systematically rending und
then burning certain papers, throwing
lhe charred fragments on tho table,
I Willi  Ilie  same  glance thai   told   ine
that,    1    knew    tho    man.     It    wuu |
: Scliwai'lv..
I I was so engrossed in walchiiig him
Ithai when he clone directly lo Ilie
��� window I sinod perfectly still staring
.ul lilm. Wltb Ibe light'al his back I
[ felt certain 1 had been discovered, but
I wus wrong. He shook the news-
i paper Ihul had held the fragments
I oul of the window, lighted u cigarette
1    - , 1   1 ,
Growing Children
are dependant on nourishment Mr growth.
Their health as men and women is largely
established in childhood.
If your child is languid, bloodies, tired when rising, without ambition or rosy checks, Scott's Emulsion is a wonderful
help.    It possesses nature's grandest body-building fats so
delicately predl__t��l that the blood absorbs its strength x����
aud carries it to every organ nnd tissue and fibre. jP&
First It Increama their appetite, then It addi _f_lr-strengthen*   YS|
the bones���makes them sturdy, active end healthy. jLjjf
No alcohol or narcotic in Scott's Emulsion, just purity and strength. **������
Btalrcaso you fellows have been tall
ing about," he said. "1 don'l  believe I
there Is U  Staircase there except the I
main one.   1 have bounded every poll-;
lieian in the city Into or out of that
joint, and  1  hi^e never heard of it."
"Lightning   never   strikes   iwice   lu j
ihe same place," said Margery bravely.  "I  will  usk  Katie  to  come dowu
with tne If 1 nm nervous, und I shall
wait up for iho family."
1 went without enthusiasm. Margery's departure hnd been delayed for
a day only, and I hud counted on tl_
evening wllh her. Burton's idea was
to go over the ground at tho White
Cat again.
"I don't hang so much to ibis staircase idea," Burton said, " and I havo
a good reason for it. 1 think We will
llnd it Is the warehouse, yet."
"Vou can depend on it, Burton," I
. maintained, "that tlio staircase is the
place lo look. If you had seen War-
drop's face today and his agony of
mind when he knew lie hnd associated
'staircase' with 'shot
jnsi as 1 do. A man like Schwartz
who knew Ihe ropes, could go Quietly
up ib�� slairs, unholl the door Into Ihe
room, shoot Fleming und get out.
Wardrop suspects Schwartz, and he's
afraid of him."
"Suppose the sluirs open Inlo the.
buck of the room'.' lie was sitting facing lhe window. Do you think
Schwartz would go In, walk around
ilie table and shoot him from In front?
"lie had a neck," I retorted. "I suppose ho might have turned bis bead
to look around."
We had been walking through lhe
rain. Tlie While Cat, as far off as tile
|_lcs socially, was only a half dozen
b.;rks actually from the beflt residence .portion of the city. We had
stopped near the arched gate where I
bad stood and waited for Hunter a
week before. Suddenly Burton darted
away from mo and 1 heard him splashing through a. puddle In the gloomy
"Come in!" he called softly. "The
water's line!"
The gate swung to behind me, and
i could not see six inches from my
nose.   Burton steered ine toward the
'see  down  inlo tho club.    What  Ihe
I devil's thai?"
Il was u nil, I think and ii scrambled nway among the loose boards tn
ill frenzy of excitement. Iliirton struck
In  match.     II;   burned  faintly   in   lhe
I dampness nnd in "a moment went onl.
having shown us only lhe approximate
locution of ihe heavy rachod double
doors. A second match showed us a
bar and a rusty padlock, There was
no entrance lo be gained in that way.
The windows were of tlie eight pane
variety and in better repair I ban the
ones on the upper floors. We found
one unlocked and not entirely closed,
ll shrieked hideously as We pried it
up, but, an opportune clap of thunder
covered the sound.
Whiie Button held the window 1
crawled into the. warehouse und turned lo perforin the same service for
him. At first 1 could not see bim outside. Then I heard his voice, a whisper.
"Duck," be said.    "Cop."
and I limed hack  inlo the room.
lie wns noi alone, for he addressed
some  one  lu  Ibo room   behind
"You ure sure you gol Ihem
(To be Continued)
Then may he oilier corn euros,
Holloway's (urn Cure stands at
bead of the list as fur us results
It Might Have Happened Anyway
A certain minister wus greatly disturbed by n number of women in his
congregation who persistently gossiped ir. a loud tone during service. Ono
Sunday morning he executed . plan
which lie liad devised to stop this annoyance. Al a nlven signa Ihe choir
stopped ahruply on a certain word
iu Ilie middle of a hymn. Then one of
the gossips, unable to check herself,
was heard all over the church to say:
"I always fry mine In lard." "As wc
know," announced lhe minister, "Hint
she always fries lies In lard, we will
proceed with the singing."
Bays  and   Sleep
One iIiIiik a growing boy wauls lo
he long on' is sleep, and yet be Is
most apt lo he careless about it. It
Is during sleep thai'a boy    rows most
ami catehea up.   During his wakina j
hours  he  tears down  and  burns up   o'ill
more ilssue than  bo bullda    _ocd, 0!
sound nnd sUftlcionl sleep Is essential,
lo  growth,   strength  and endurance.
A hoy scout, should hnve at 'east nine
or ten hours of sleep out'o! evoiy
twenty-four, it you loao out on Ibis
amount on one duy make I1: up lhe
next. Whenever unusually tired oul
or when you feel oul of Irim stay lu
bed u few hours more if il Is passible.     A   boy   should   wuko   up   each
niotiiing feeling like a lighting cock.
When lie dooBu't ho ought to got to
bed earlier 11 _it night, Sleep is a wonderful restorative and tonic. If helps
to store up energy and conserve
strength,���"Boy Scouts of America."
A Resolute Heart
you uotlce ihe trouble that came
your way
ll n res ilule heiirl nud cheerful?
hide your f, CO from Ibo light of
craven heart and fearful?
trouble's a ton or a trouble'-
an ounce,
Or a trouble Is whal vou malte It,
Aud if ii isn't ihe fact il.ni you're burt
iliul counts,
But only, how did ynu lake It!"
In the Room Over the Way
1 dropped below Ihe window, nnd
above the rain I could hear tho
squash  of  the  watchman's  boots  in
vou would think I ""x mud' He "llsll(Kl a tilgllt ,ami> ln
5 ,,,. _.._._.!__.". ! at. the window next to ours, but he
was not very near, and the open window escaped his notice. 1 felt nil the
nervous dread of a real malefactor,
and when 1 heard the gate close behind him nnd saw Burton put a leg
over the sil! I was almost as re-1
lleved as I would have been bad
somebody's family plate, led up in a
. tnbleclol.li, been reposing at my feel.
Unlike tlie first lloor, the second
wus subdivided into rooms. It took a
dozen precious matches to Hnd our
way lo the side of the building overlooking tbo club uud another dozen to
Iind the window We wanted. Win u
we were there at last Burton leaned
|his elbows on the sill aud looked down
and across.
"Could anything be better?" lie said.
"There's our theatre, and we've got u
proscenium box. That room over there
el anils out like a spot light."
He was right. Not moro than fifteen feet away and perhaps a foot
lower than our window was tlie window of tho room where Fleming bad
been killed. It was empty as far as
we could see. The table, neat enough
now, was where it had been before,
directly  under the light.    Any    one
Liniment  for   sale   every
How   it  Is   Done
Owner--Wlmt'll it cost to rcpnlr
tbls car of mine?
Garage Proprietor���Whal ails it?
Owner- I don't know.
Gorage Pr .letor���. blrty-four dol
bus and sixty-five cents.���l'uck.
Baby's own Tablets aro an excellent
remedy for Utile ones. They arc a
genlle laxative which sweeten tbe
stomach, regulate the bowels, banish
constlpatlou, worms, colds and simple
fevers, and muke the child happy,
healthy and strong. Concerning thorn
Mrs. Pierre Xouslgant, Sto; Sophie Cs
Levrard, Que, writes: "I hnve found
Baby's Own Tablets un excellent remedy for my little ones and would not
ho without them." The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or h.v mail i
25 cents a box from The Di'. Will lama'
Medicine Co., Brookvllle, OM.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
In perfect, health, Willi regular and
betllthful action of tbe liver and
kidneys, you need not know there is
such a thing as digestion or indigestion. Unfortunately, however, modern life is artilicial, and not many
people avoid suffering more or less
from troubles of this nature.
Thn great cecret lies In keeping the
liver and kidneys In health and vigor,
for then tlu food is passed quickly
along tbe alimentary canal, the nutritive portions being assimllutcd in the
blood stream am the poisoned waste
materials are passed out of the body.
When the liver and kidneys get
wrong you will obtain relief most
promptly and effectively by using Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. If chronic
indigestion is to ho cured it must be
ly enlivening Ihe action of these iil-
tering and excretory organs. To persons who have tbcught only of the
stomach as being the offending organ
this may seem strange, but any competent physician will tell yju tbis is
by 'oral _pplli _l__ _ tlicy f-inot rer.ch the its
���__ )K>rtlcti ot ilia ear.    'lh-�� �� ooly one way ts
euro _��!__, and li_t _ by ronettluUonal ___!_,
i li earned by an tutlai_<l conditio., et th*
  llninR o_ the KuatJu'tilAU Tube.   When thu
, tube li Inflame 1 you bnvo t rambllug cound _ Ira-
I _rl-l blaring, and when It Is entirely d__. Deer-
neee la the r_u;i, and unleei the Inflammation can be
: taken out aud Uile tube restored to lla normal coudl-
' tlon. bearing * III be fl_troy_ forever;   nine esses
out of ten are <amed by Catarrh, whlrh la nolhlng
; but an J'lflameil condition, of tbe raucous litrlaeea.
Wa VIII give One Hundred Dollars for any est* ol
Peafnesa (___ by catarrh) that, cannot be cured
by Uall> Calairh cure. Hend tor circular*, free.
_ .1. t'U_NKY ii CO., Toledo, Ol
���old by nriiwiati,;_.
SUt Hall'a Family mil (or ecoHlpeUeo.
Soft and White
Embrace 'Em  All
A bachelor minister, when about to
a district, slated quite
call  lu a
"In   fiese
embrace the
visits   I shall, of course,
Cuticura Soap
And Ointment
Treatment: On retiring, soak the
liands in hot water and Cuticura
Soap. Dry, anoint ���with Cuticura
Ointment, and wear soft bandages
or old loose gloves during the night.
Culkura Soap And Ointment fire Bold throughout
Uu. iter.. A liberal sample of each,with _-i>aie
booklet on tbo care and treatment of the skin and
icalp, senl post-free. Address I'utaof _ rug _ Cheat.
Corp., Dipt. 13_,!)_!_, U, S, A.
W.   N.  U.  095
who sat there would bo an illuminated target from our window. Not only
that, but an arm could be steadied ou
the sill, allowing for an almost perfect aim.
"Now Where's your staircase?" Burton jeered.
Above the nil tie of the rain camo
the thump, thump of the piano and a
half dozen male voices. We could see
I think it was then that Ilurton had
bis inspiration.
"I'll bet you a five dollar bill," he
said, "that if 1 lire off my revolver
here now  not one of  Ihose  fellows
down  there would  pny  tbe slightest]
"I'll lake that bet." I returned. "I'll
wairer Hint evcrv time anybody drons
n. poker since Flcmim: was shot the
enlire club turns out to investigate."
"I'll tell you what I'll do," said Burton, "Everybody down there knows
me. I'll droii in lor a bottle of beer,
and you tire a shot inlo tbe lloor here
or into somebody across, if you happen lo sec any one you don't care for.
I suggest Hint you Btny and fire the
shot because if you went, niv friend,
and nobody heard it you would accuse
me or.shoolliisr from the back of the
building somewhere."
He wave ni" Hie revolver and left
me with  a final instruction.
"Wait for fen minutes," he said. "It
will take live for mo to get. out of
here, and live more to get into tho
clubhouse. Perhaps you'd better make
it, fifteen."
He went, away into tbe darkness,
and I sat down on an empty box by
the window and waited. Had any one
asked me at that minute how near
wo were to the solution of our double
mystery I would have said wo had
made no progress, save by eliminating Wardrop. Not for one instant did
I dream lhat I was within less than
half an hour of a revelation lhat
changed my whole conception of tbe
crime. I had an idea that it would
be hajd to stplaln my position, alone
in the warehouse. iTriiig a revolver Into the floor, if my argument was right.
and tho club should rouso to a
search.   I looked again at. my watch.
Has Advanced Ideas
Contrary to the precedents ostab-
l'shed by the former emperors of Japan, the present ruler, Yoshlhito, is
entirely modern in all of "lib ideas relating to his home. The present emperor has erpiipped the imperial palace throughout with electric lights',
he takes a decided interest in amateur photography, and has shown
modern tendencies in many other
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists    refund    money    if   PASCO
OINTMENT fails    lo    curt   .Itching,
Bleeding or  Protruding Piles.
application gives relief.     SOc.
At one time in Holland prejudice
against color was carried so far that
lhe sale of carrots and- oranges was
Truth   About   Grape-Nr.ts
Steam For the Soil
For sonve time certain growers of
tomatoes, cucumbers, and similar vc
etables fur ihe London market bav2
been injecting sleam inlo ths soil witi
t view to destroying certain insects
and slugs. It Is repot tod tbat the
plan works very well for that purpose, hut the operalon has brought to
light an unexpected fact: namely, that
tho soil thus treated increased greatly
in fertility, so greatly, in fact, tbat
the ordinary amount-of uiauurc cannot be used afterward.
This effect has been explained as
being due to the sterilization produc
ed by the sleam, which kills tbo pbag
oeytes or protozoa which in ordinary
circumstances keep down tha nu���ber
of bacteria iu the soil whose operations are bcnelieient in turning or
ganic nitrogen into a form suitable f .
plant food.
The Orange
I    The orange was brought from Asia
lio Spain and Portugal in lhe sixteenth
| century.   It was taken to South Atner-
I lea , by tile early explorers and ran
l wild tn the forests of the Amazon. Originally a small, sour fruit, it has been
cultivated up to lis present sizo and
sweetness.    The orange  industry  began In the United -fates -bout 1875
and  ..bout  18S5  was  well  advanced.
Tho number of orange trees in this
country is now close to 10,0.0,000, of
which    California has about 60 per
cent, and  Florida "0, the remainder
being chiefly  in  Louisiana and  Arizona.
There is no more effective vorifuge
on tbe market than Miller's Worm
Powders. They will not only clear '
the stomach and bowels of Worms,
but will prove a very serviceable medicine for children in regulaiiilg the infantile system and maintaining it in a
heallhy condition. There I nothing
in llieir composition that will injure
the most delicate stomach when directions are folowed, and ihey can be
given to children in Ibe full assurance
that they will utterly destroy UI
An Easy Solution
"llow does the breakfast suit you
John?" Inquired the young bride anxiously.
"It's just right, dearest." said, her
husband. "It mny be plebeian, but I'm
awfully fond _ calves' live.' for breakfast."
"So am I, dear," said (he-wife. "Oh,
John, don't you think it would nay us
lo keep a calf? Then we eoubl hav3
liver every morning for breakfast."--���
Ladies' Home Jouniiil.
It doesn't matter so much what you
hear about a thing, its what you know
that counts. And correct knowledge
Is nfOSt likely io come from personal
. "About a year ago," writes au Eastern man, "I was bothered by indigestion, especially during the forenoon.
I tried several remedies without any
permanent improvement.
"My breakfast usually consisted of
oatmeal, steak or chops, bread, coffee
and some frail.
"Hearing so much about Crape-
Nuts, I concluded to give it a trial
and Iind out if all I haa beard of it
was true.
"So I hega." Witli Grape-Nuls, Cream,
soft boiled eggs, toast, a cup of Postum and seme fruit. Before the end
of the first wet': I was rid of the acidity of the stomach nnd felt much relieved.
"By the end of the second week all
traces of indigestion liad disappeared
and I was 'u llrst rate health once
more. Before beginning this course f
diet, I never : ad any appetite for
lunch, but now I can enjoy the meal
at noon time."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor. Ont. Uead "Tlu Itoad to
Wellvltlc," lu pkgs. "There's a reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
���Starting it Off
Struggling Author 'who bas just
read bis latest story lo bis wife)���
There! That's the best thing 1 ever
His Wife���Yes, dear. What ma a-
'.ine shall you send it to lirst?-Puck.
Cliolly���And was my present a surprise to your sister?
Willie���You bet! Sis said sho never
thought you'd send her anything so
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
And  He  Wantei   More
"Do tlie Irish like the Italians,
"Sure they do."- answered Pat.
"There's 5,000 of 'em where I work,
an' I wouldn't, mind it there were B,-
000 more." '
"Whore do you vvorli?"
"In an Italian cemetery."���Philadelphia Ledger.
Each Mast Find Hie Own
Happiness depends on the taste .ind
not on the ihing. And it ia having
what we like th.it we are made happy,
and no; by having wbat others consider likeable.���La Rochefoucauld.
-T1_ __ 17-1 __*!���* ���Pongy feet colic, tn the tn v_ IMe
JLJ___6 J. Ijfmai ot aueaae���spreads tbem over
in i  ����� i i m__JK ear food ��nd poison* at with typhoid.
The Mosquito-' ��TSjE,E.
WK ARE all exposed to such dangers-onr only armor it good red
blood! Let your stomach be of good digestion, your liver active
and your Imgt fall of good pure ��ir nd you don't Bartender to any ot the dbwie-
bearine g_m��. Tha beat known tonic end ��l_l_i?e, thnt corrects a torpid liver,
and helps digertlon eo that good blood is manufactured nd th* ijitem nosriahed, ls
PiS��e-- floMen Medical Discovery
Thia funoue medicine Uu been sold by medicine dealers Ib Its liquid form for
over forty years, giving great aatlafaction. If you prefer yon can now obtain Dr.
Pierce'is Golden Medical Discovery tablets of your druggist at $1.00, also ll 50c tin
or by mail���aend 60 one-cent��tamps, R.V. Pierce, It. C, Buffalo, N.T., for trial box.
fllica finite nf 1Aft* ����� toil] and properly aniw_ed In the People. Uadlcat A-
%4uesiioiib or itite ttoCT to h, sf. fig*; m. _. ah a. k__-__> ��� _-_��
man or woman, wife or _u��ht_ eWoli have, li contained In thia bi> Rom* Doctor Book
containing 1008 pse w with en��r��__a bound In cloth, (act (ra* ta a_joi_ landing 10 <���__���
cent aUmpa to prepay coat of wrap.r; and p_��'- HfffE WfcVIEW. fcbttRTETTAT, B.C.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
���act iuiely aud
tienlly on the
ili_r. Cure
tDiizi.     _
���CM, and Inclit" .lion.    They do tlieir duly.
.   Small Pill, Small Doae. Small Pike.
Genuine must bur Signature
t���_l> problewa _ Ived,
Clark doea the worrying ami the work-
end aeourea aotisfa.
Order a* uaortmenl.
Sugar Kills Microbes
(lulien. the "father of tlie medical
art," attached great importance to the
antiseptic properties ot sugar, but his
discovery has been hitherto ignored
hy   dOCtOfB  aud   BUrgOOnB,   ,'   tlerujan
doctor ims just published a treatise
demonstrating the extraordinary an-
liseptie. properties of pure cane sugar
in the Irentmeiil of wounds, thus giving additional proof o. the old tulage
that  there is nothing new under lhe
As a result of a number of experiments H is conclusively proved Hint a
solution of sugar is one of tlie best
disinfectants and sterilizers thai can
be found. The German doctor employed ii successfully in n number of
very grave cases, its use was entirely beneficial and prevented putrefaction of wounds and contamination
by   microbes  more  efficaciously   than
any oilier medical aijtiseptlc.
The use of siiKiir an a preservative
of Illinois, especially of milk, is common enough but very few people were
aware o. the faci thai It is a powerful niicrolie-lilller.
Could Hardly Live For Asthma ���
Writes ono mnn who after years of
Buttering  has  found complete  relief
through Hi'. .1. li. Kellogg's Asllinin
Remedy. NOW he Knows bow needless has been Ids Buffering, This
matchless remedy gives sure help to
all afflicted with asthma. Inhaled us
Sinoka or vapor il brings lhe help so
long needed. Every denier bus It or
can gci il. fnr you from his wholesaler.
Uncorker  of  Ocean   Bottles
It Is not mnny years since lhe high
sounding  post   ef  uncorker  of  ocean!
News travelled slowly in Queen E__
aheth's time, and Ihe first  news sho
hud of the taking of Nova ZeaYblla |
hy  Iho  Dutch   wns  found  in  a bottlo|
picked   up   by     a     Deal     fisherman,
named  Donlield,  who  forwarded  lhe;
message   to   the   lord   htgll   admiral.
Queen Elizabeth was struck by th ���
idea and  decreed    thai   all    hollies
Willi   inclosuros  found  on   lie  const
should be forwarded to the lord high
admiral. Tonfleld    being   appointed
uncorker.    T'le posi survived for iton-
Whenever you feel a headiohe con.lng on take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop headaches promptly and surety. Do nol coi.tala
���plum, morphine, phenacslln, a. .tanllld or other danj;eroue
drugs.   25c. a boi at your Druggist., m
Joint and Muscle Pains
Banished by Nerviline
��� The Dye that colors ANY KIND*
I of Cloth Perfectly, .with the '
[ 8AME DYE. i
*  NoChenreof MiMakee.   Ctean end Simple.     I
I Aik yoiir Or UK- "I ar l>_W. Send for Uooklef.
' T_> Johneon.RichardsonCo. Limited, Montreal .
He  Let Them  In
"What became ot your daschiind."
asked the Grouch.
"My wife got so tired o[ swatting
and she gave Iiini away," replied lhe
Old Fogy.
"Whal bad be lo do With swatting
"II, took him too long to-get. In ni.id
out through the screen door."���Cincinnati _ni|iiii_r.
the family  remedy for  Coughs and Cold-
Small  done.    Small bottle.    Brat since  me.
A small boy had been given a penny
with it hole in it. Handing it to a
still smaller companion, he said:
"Jlmmle, I dure you to go inlo that
store and buy something with this
Jiminie. was Unite willing. Entering
boldly, he said:
"I want a doughnut," And, Inking it,
he hastily presented the penny.
"Here." said tho clerk, "this penny
has a hole in It."
"So bas the doughnut," announced
.limmie, triumphantly, holding il up.
-The Delineator.
Thousands of people, chuck full of
tho joy of living���happy, glad, bright
people, ilint Nervllla bus cured of
tbelr pains, all tell the same wonderful story of its power to drive out iho
aches and torturos of rheumatism and
kindred ills.
"My goodness,* hul Norvlllne Is a
miracle-worker," writes Mrs. Charlotte Cliinmun. mother of a well-
known family residing nt Mount
Pleasant. "Last month I was so crippled up With sciatica and inuseuiai'
rheumatism ns to be almost unable to
do n hit of housework. My J jints
were so stiff and tho muscles so
[rightfully sore that I even cried at
limes Willi tii_ pain. For years we
have used Norvlllne In our family and
I just got busy with this wonderful,
good old liniment. Lots ut nibbing
with Nerviline soon relieved my misery and I was-In a real short time
about m.v work its usual."
No matter where the ache is, no
matter how distressing thf ;_ln you
can rub it away with Nerviline. For
forty years it has been curing bun
bago, sciatica, backache, colds, eest
trouble nnd all sorts of winter ills.
Keep a large 50c. family sizo bottlo
handy and you'll be saved lols of
trouble and have smaller doctor bills.
Small trial size. 25c, at dealers everywhere.
A Baal  Lever Simulation
A strel. tionrard reneroue
i,_r   Irmn  im Mt_li_A_.
Ilriii.    We are ci vine ewer
v.'ui. li,,.   to  ihoiiMurie   ol
_ mile all   aver   the
worlii   re   *   tin.
__-tlier_nt.    Maw
le    vom-   dunce   to
obteli. nae.    Writ*
now,   e__elo_.   IU
cent, lor one of  our
fulilonetile l.tdlnt'
Lone     lliwrJe,     er
H.,111,'  Alb-te. loot
rarrle..  i_l to wear
-    _____ - ,i *v^tw        will, the watch, which
I   ^Htfss^** .etfflv       "'"  ''" *'���n  i'rM
UUi_ watehne are
riftmut_il live reet*).
ehiitld yna take _���
fenta. ol uor marvel.
lane oiler. Wa eipect ran ta tell vnnr blende
kbont ne and ehow them the beeutilul watch.
Don't think thia offer too __ to lie lino, but eend
SS cenU to-dar end rain a Fine Watch. Ynn
will lo tinned-���_I_.U_!I * LLOYD, W_l__
Jewelleritllept. 1131, ���,Coinwallie Itial. London, N.,
The marine barracks at Washington
were visited on one occasion by a
party of young girls from a Delaware
town, friends of the officers of the
barracks. The parly exhibited much
interest, in everything pertaining to
��� the life and discipline or the post.
"What do you mean by 'taps?' queried one of the young women.
"Taps is played every nlghl on the
bugle," answered'the officer addressed. "It means 'lights out. Tbey play
it. over the bodies of dead soldiers.
A puzzled look overspread the questioner's pretty race. Then the asked:
"Whal do vou do if you haven't a
dead  soldier?"���Harper's Magazine.
Patient���Doctor, can't you diagnose
my ease���can't you tell what is the
matter with mc?
Doctor Madame, I 1 >grct to inform
you that I cannot. Nothing short of
un autopsy will reveal that.
Patient���Then go right ahead with
it, doctor, Ibis is no lime for me to
display false modesty.���New York
Marion Bridge, (ML, May 30, '02.
I havo handled MINARD'S LINIMENT during the past. year. It is
always the first Liniment asked for
here, and unquestionably'the best seller of all the different kinds of Liniment I handle.        NEIL FBrtQtiSON.
"Fred, do you remember where you
wero in 1910?" asked li:: bride of a
few months.
"Why. no, dear, I don't remember
exactly," replied the young husband
"Why do you ask?"
"Why, 1 was rending today In the
paper that it is said that in 1910 one
person in every 800 in tho United
Slates was tn prison."
We Pay Highest Values
Write for Price List El
and Shipping Tag;
We  also Buy Hides and Seneca Rod,
Wi6(! Boy
"What  is the hlghost  form of animal life?'' demanded the teacher. "A
giraffe," promptly replied  the boy at
ihe foot of lhe class.
C A T. 1? __   NEW OR
50 Princes? Street, Winnipeg
That Dip
"Jack would risk his very bones for
"llow do you know?"
"He's always willing to langO."���
St.  Louis  Post-Dispatch.
Alberta Woman Voices the Sentiment
of t.ie Women of the West That
Dodd's Kidney Pills are Woman's
Best Friend.
Ketlaw, Alia.��� (Special).- -"Dodd's
Kidney Pills helped me wonderfully."
So says Mrs. II. Best, a highly respect-
ied lady living hero. And Mrs. llest
j expresses the sentiment of thousands
of women iu Alberta, Like most
women Mrs. Host does not, care to talk
about her troubles, but she does wish
others who havo suffered us she bus
to know that they can find relief iu
Dodd's Kidney Pills. "I found them
entirely satisfactory. Tbey helped nie
wonderfully," she si.ys, "and I give
you my full permission to tell the public whnt (hey have done for me."
Women who suffer iu silence can be
cured just as silently. The keyston
of woman's health is lhe Kidneys. If
they are kept slrong and healthy; they
keep the blood pure, and pure blood
means good health ull over lhe body.
Dodd's Kidney l'ills cure Kidney
Disease. Dodd's Kidney l'ills make
healthy Kidneys and' good blood.
That's why they are known as
woman's best friend.
Cost of Colt Rearing
Observations made by the bureau of
statistics of the United States department of agriculture show the average
cost of raising a three-year-old colt to
be $10-1, or deducting the value of his
labor, during the period, a net cost of
J9S.50. This figure represents 71 P=r
cent, of the selling value.
The figures are the results of reports made by fen thousand correspondents���reports which showed the
cost to vary widely by states, that, in
the east being about twice ���_ much as
lhat iu the west.
Of the Ui-,1 cost, 51 per cent, is'
churged to feed, 18 per cent, to care j
and shelter, and llll per cent, to mis-,
cellaneotis items. Since more than;
all the cost of raising is chargeable
to feed, it may readily lie seen that
the prices of feedstuffs have an im-'
poitaut bearing upou the cost of nils-!
ing a colt.
One is  usually  unable    lo    scour
such complete    statistics    upon
Many Prehistoric Remaiej
During dredging operations in the
weir stream at Marlow, England, *
piece ol bone, two horns, and a portion of an antler were raised from t!i��
peaty soil about two feet below the
river bed. Tlie hone and horns belong
to an extinct prehistoric animal, ami
the antler to an animal which, it le
slated, lived about 10,000 years ago
Hew to Get New Health and New Streagtk
at This Season
Spring ailments are  nut  imaginary.
Even the most robust iind tiie winter
months   most trying   to their health.
Confinement indoors,    often  iu over-
j'[,'l"s! heated and nearly always badl    ven-
subject. Too often tho cost of nils
ing farm animals Iti a mattir shroud
od in mystery to the farmers them
By the Fireside
Clean   Stomach.  Clean   Mind.���The
stomach is the workshop of lhe vital
functions  and   when   il   gets  out  cf TUanUtnl ror lire in this world,
order the whole syslem elogs in sym-      As bill-aid-winds sweep by,
pathv.    The  spirits  flag,  the* mind."1'' heavon lorbid thai, in the next
Eetlierstoiihaugli _ Co.. 1 end o_.ee,
Kiflg Street cast,  Toronto, Canada.
In Venice there is a cafe which has
Seen open day and uight-l'er one hundred ami fifty years.
Try   Murine  Eye   Remedy
if you have Red, Weak, Watery _yet
_r Granulated Eyelids, Doesn't Smart
���Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists SeH
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, SOc.
-IurinoEye Salve iu Aseptic Tubes,
15c, 50c. Eye Books Free bv Mail.
. tut gys Yonie *>��_ _r an . _ um Need c.-i ���
__M_>9 B70 Rsstady Co,. Ch.c-.3a
droops and work becomes impossible.
The lirst euro should be to restore
healthful action of the slouiach and
the best preparation for that purpose
is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. General
use for years has won them a leading
place in medicine. A trial will attest
their value.
"Now, Willie,' said the visitor, to
a little fellow who had been iu school
only two weeks, "who is the smartest
boy in your class?''
"I'd like to tell you," he replied,
"but papa Bays I mustn't boast."
It keeps up hopping high!
"My grandfather flew his own pennant as a commodore iu tlu navy."
"Yah: My grandfather helped capture one in ta world's serl?s."
N.  U. 995
Not Fer Him
"See here, waiter." c_.lnii.ied the]
indignant customer, "here's a piece -f
wood in my sausage!" . |
"Yea, sir," replied the waller, consolingly, "but I'm sure -er���" j
"Sure nothing! I don't mind eat-]
ing the dog, but I'm blowed if I'm go-1
ing to eat  the kennel Vol'
Most people would be
benefited by the occasional use of
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
Gently, thorough!/, and
withoutdiseomfort, they free
the system of the waste
which poisons the blood and
lowers the vitality. 25c. a
box, at your Druggist's.
. ���tlanat Drill t_d Chemical Co.
of Ciwida, Limited.     1 _
tllated rooms���in the home, the office,
the  shop  and  the schools,  taxes  the
. I vitality  of  even  the   strongest.    The
i blood becomes thin and watt ry ami is
clogged with impurities. Some peoplc
I have headaches and a feeling of Ian-
j gour.    Others  are   low-spirited    nnd
j nervous.    Slill    others    are troubled
j with    disfiguring   pimples and ski|i
! cm;.lions,  while  some get  up  in  lhe
morning feeling just as tired as when
they went 10 bed. These ure all spring
. symptoms thai the blood is out of order and  ii"'.   a   medicine  is  needed.
Many people lake purgative medicines
in the spring.    This Is a serious mistake.   You cannot cure yourself ��itit
a medicine thai gallops through your
sysu-iii uiul  leaves you   .eak.r still.
'Phis is ull  that u  purgative    d'",-
For Weak  Backs and  Headaches
Miss Ethel -i.lcombo of Port Duff-
(���in,  N.S.,  writes:     "I   was  troubled
with   Kidney     Disease    for    several
years.    My back was weak. I hail terrible headaches ami was so restless
that  I  could not sleep at night.  At j
last  a   friend  told  mo    about    (UN
Pll__l.    I, ut once, got, a box nnd :f-'
fer  taking tbem  I felt  better���alien
taking tbree boxes, l was cured."
50e n box. G for $2.50. Sample free What you need 10 glvb vou lcallh ami
if you write National Drug _ Chemi- strength In the spring is a tonic medical Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.! ,.|���f. that  will  enrich  th-  blood  aud
  ! soothe   the jangled nerves.   Ami tho
The Sunday school teacher was one always reliable tonic and blood
catechizing a new junior pupil. I builder   is   Dr.   Williams'   Pink   Pills.
"Do you know," she quorled, "that These Pills not only banish spring
you have a soul"" ! weakness, but guard ynu against the
"Of course, I do," replied the little more  serious  ailments    that  follow,
fellow.    "1 can hear it tick." j such us anaemia, nervous debility, in-
��������������������� digestion, rheumatism and other dis-
llefore the passage of the present eases due to bail blood.
strict bunking laws in Wisconsin,1 Mrs. Freeman Leslie, Greenwich^N.
starting a bank was a comparattvjBly S., writes: "We havo found Ur. WU-
simple proposition. The surprisingly! Hams' Pink Pills the very best lamily
small amount of capital needed is well medicine there is. 1 was completely
illustrated by the story a prosper-! run-down and could not sleep or ito
ous country town banker told on my work. 1 was very nervous and lhe
himself, when asked how-he happen- least sound Btartled me. t began used to enter the banking business:      ing Dr. Williams>Pink Pills and tbey
"Well," he said, "I didn't have soon brought me Back to the best of
much else to do, so I rented an emp- Rood health. Thoy alco cured m.v
ly store building and uainted bank I h-Bband wben he was suffering from 4
on the window
uo, ms 1  lfiiiiii an  i-iup-    &��w��    ..........      .....,,    ������    ...
din .  and  painted  bank h-Bband wben he was sufferln.
w.   Tlio first day 1 was severe attack of rheumatism.
open   for   business  a   man   came   in
1 and doposltod a hundred dollars with
! me;     the.  second  day  another  man
1 dropped   in  und   deposited   two  hundred  and  fifty  dollars;   and  so.   by
I George,  along  about  the  third   day
II got confidence enough iu Hie bank
lo put-in a hundred myself''
If you are ailing this spring you cannot afford, iu your own interest. 10
overlook so valuable a medicine as Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by ull medicine dealers or by mail at .j" cents a
bo. or six bo::es for ?-.���"" from Tha
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock"
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869
Capital I'.'iiil Up _.1,560,000 Reserve ami I'n.liviilcil Profits $13,006,000
Payable in all palls of the world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions ol Ordinary Banking Business by mail
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtenay, ll. C.
N. II. Horn;.., Editor and Proprietor
Sub cr'ption $1.50 per Year iii Advance
General Store
Chas, E. Royal's Stock Company
opened   a week's  engagement in
this district at the Opera Mouse on
Monday night, putting on the
spletidid play "The Lion nnd the
Mouse." The house was packed
with a thoroughly appreciative
audience, who at all times followed
the plfty with great interest. So
groat was the applause at the conclusion of the third act that they
were recalled four times before the
audience was satisfied. On Tuesday
evening "The Private Secretary"
aeain drew a full house. This is _
comedy that has had a great run in
many places, but did not make a
decided hit with the audience here,
although the acting left nothing to
be desired- On Wednesday evening they put on "The girl of the
Golden West," a typical western
play, with Mrs. Royal as Shirley.
To say that the audience was delighted is" putting it mildly. The
Opera House people arc to be complimented on bringing a company
like this here. It
proves that this is a
town when the right class of play
ers appear. To-night they present i
"Paid in Full'.' at the K. of P. hall
Comox, going from there to Cumberland,
For Choice
Family Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
One   Price   to  All
Road work became general iu the
valley this week. There will not
be nearly so much done this year
as in former years, and owing to
the dissatisfaction expressed by
some as to the division of the work,
the foremen have beeu handed the
conclusively following instructions, by the road
good show Superintendent
Comox District
Sir:���Vou will understand that
the hiring of men for work on the
Government roads is left very largely in your hands as Road Foreman.
As you are held responsible for the
work, you will naturally select the
bsst   workmen     available;     but,
Shadow Lace Camisole3
Man Tailored Shirtwaists
Special showing thi? week of
Frillings in White and Cream
Shadow Lace, Printed Chiffon
Printed Crepes and Cream
Shadow Lace with Fur Edging
from 25c  to 90c  per yard
Novelties in Ladle's Fringed
Silk Crepe Four-in-hand Ties,
Plain and Embroidered Linen
Robspierre Collars
Ladie's Dorothv Dodd Queen
Quality Shoes with New Re-
ceediug Toe, in Plain Kid
and Voge, in Black Tan and
Perrins' Guaranteed Kid
Gloves in fashionable shades
In view of all that is being said
about the responsibility of society
for   the fate of the electrocuted
New York gunmen, it is of interest | wherever possible preference should
to note that the New York World be given, first of all, to the settlers
has made close investigation, and a,id ranchers in your particular
comes to these conclusions. "They j locality, who may want work,
came of decent, hard-working | either for themselves or their teams;
parents.    They were born  under i and  then to tax-payers and  resi
dents. In those cases where there
U not enough work to go round
Vork among all the settlers who may
want it. please see to it that each of
them whose work is to your satisfaction, gets h's fair share. Under
present conditions married men
J should also   be  given   preference
exactly the same conditions that
tens of thousands of industrious,
law-abiding men in New
were born. They had the same
educational opportunities. They
had the same chance to make something out of themselves. They
did not become criminals by circumstance. They were not warped 1 over single men. It is, of ccurse,
and misshapen offsprings of our ��� understood that none but British
present social conditions. They subjects are to be employed on the
elected a   criminal   career   as the'rjads.
easiest way of making a living. I Kindly note these instructions,
Society did not lead them to the which are issued by the Department
shadow of the death chair. They of Public Works; and be governed
blazed their own trail." axordiugly.
 ��������������� ��� Yours obediently,
Harvey Creech left for Victoria | J. Wilmshurst
on Sunday morning. I Road Superintendent.
Gent's  Panama and Boater
Shape Straw Hats
W. G. & R. Fast Colour Shirts
newest styles in Close Fitting
Collars, also the Long Point
Duke and Earle Collars in
Plain and Self Striped
Spring and Summer Underwear,   Light   and   Medium
Weights, Elastic Ribbed $1
per suit
with its snow clml mountains in the hack ground, sen.-mil Greenfields in
the foreground, it makes n picture worth painting
We do not sell to Asiatics
We asked you  some months  ago to  watch it grow,
which is now an assured fact.    We have only
A   Few   Waterfrontage   Lots
unsold, so if you want to spend a good time with
your fa . ily this coming summer boating, bathing
and fishing, do not delay seeing us, The youngsters
do nothing but talk about Roy's Beach from the
time they leave until they get back Ring up 36
British Columbia Investments Ltd.
Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Samples of the Newest Patterns   in   Worsted   Tweeds
and Serges
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selecting your New Summer Suit, We can show
you 400 samples cf the
Newest Materials for Summer Suits
Loggie Bros.       Phone 34
The  Corner  Store,  Sandwick
First Class Groceries, Boot-, Shoes,
Dry Goods, Hardware, Etc.
As in the past year we are always ready to attend
promptly to your order whether it be small or large
Call and see us or ring up
Telephone   4
Parkin Bros.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway Lands
Every conveyance from the Esquimalt & Nanaimo
Railway Company, not already registered, should
be lodged in the Land Registry Office before May
31st, next, pursuant to the Land Registry Act
Amendment Act 1914.
Land Agent
Two days after the sad accident
at Mud Bay, Mr. F. Curran lost a
bsautiful driving horse, valued at
$300, which got drowned in the
sam _ spot as his bov, this horse had
been hired out for the day, upou
its return was tied by a rope, near
home. By some means the horse
got the rope loose and started for
home, and having no other way to
get home except swim this slough,
the results were, getting tangled
up in the rope and drowned. Mr.
Editor, this is the second aendent
in the same place, both from the
same causes, If the Government
would bridge this slough, these accidents would not occur,
Clothes   Cleaning
I beg to notify the
public that I have
opened a Clothes
Cleaning and Pressing Emporium in the
Perez Block, Isabel
Street. First Class
work guaranteed at
reasonable  prices
E. L. HEFFNER, Prop.
Ontraio Legislature
Prorogued on May Day
Toronto, Ont., May 1.���With
the usual ceremonies the provincial
legislature was prorogued this
morning. The speech from the
throne thanked the members and
referred to the different bills enacted into law.
May Day passed in Toronto with
out any disturbances in the indus
trial world. No strikes took place
and none are expected. Similar
conditions prevail throughout the
. ��.^>*.���-���������
Moving picture show will be
open on Saturday night, when five
reels of first run feature films will
be shown.
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drug Store. SI
"Move it About just like a Wheelbarrow"
, .-I ��� li '"���_����� .     -S.   '       ' '_.��.
&   .��'   ���. .jii!"._htfi
The Editor, Courtenay Review
Dear Sir:���I read with much interest, the letter signed "A Res
dent of the District," which
appeared in your valued p per a
few weeks ngo, aud as he requ ls
a further outline of our purpose
other than that already explained
in your columns, 1 have great
pleasure in giving him same.
The fact that Courtenay needs a
Public Hospital, hns been ah admitted fact for a number of years, an !
about n year ago u Public Meetiu ;
was called to go into the question,
a committee was formed, and ns far
as can 11_' ascertained thai was tl, ���
end of the mailer. The questlou
having been aglliu opened up upon
the occasion of the last visit i i
Courteuay of Mr, M, Manson, M,
p. P., ii was thought thai the best
means of avoiding a repetition of
our previous experience aud ex-
petite  mailers  would  be  for one
j person to devote his available time
to the project, and then when he
had the full data ready, to
call a Public Meeting to deal with
the same.
This, I am at present engaged
upon, a Suitable site has been
promised at a very reasonable
figure, and the  vendor, Mr.   Win.
' Duncan, has promised half of the
purchase price of $6oo as his contribution to the fund. Plans have
been prepared by a firm of Victoria
Architects and are now in the
hands of the Provincial Secretary
for appoval,
Our Local Paternal Lodges  have
: been communicated with,   and   ai
. though we have no definite promises
as yet, wc have assurance that  all
I have received our requests fnvour-
\ ably, and we -look forward to receiving substantial contributions
from   all,   Our    churches    have
i promised   their   support,   and    at
present we are wailing upon a  few
of our leading citizens to head   the
list hi their usual generous manner
Sec this Great Portable
Outfit Before You Buy
A Stationary Engine
HERE is an engine t'uit can be used for practically
every light power requirement, with equal success.
It will run all ! i 'A of lighl mai hinery as well as
it will pump water, a ���' is the best engine to use for
spraying, opera!ing cnunl y water supply and electric
lighting system:;, etc.  The usefulness of
The Ferro Portable Power Plant
is multiplied by mounting ft on wheeled skids, so that one
person may easily and quickly move it from one job to
Come in and see this outfit���one on hand for demonstration. It will put you under no obligation to buy
whatever.   Catalog free for the asking.
Gasoline, Distillate and Heavy Oil Engine
���I Cycle, J 1-2 lo 350 Horse Power
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can  buy them  at home just us cheap
Courtenay Boat Yard & Marine Way
E. FLETCHER,    -    Proprietor
JE have to offer for sale
__�� _.
the property as outlined
in the accompanping cut, at
the following prices:
$ 800
_ -
_ _
_ _
_ _
1 _ _
Terms not less than 25% Cash, balance in
three equal annual payments bearing
interest at 7% per annum
Apply to
Pemberton & Son
Pemberton Building
Sole Agents for the Synod
Subscription! Payable ia Advance
One Yeah $1.50
Six Months   1.00
Three Months  0.50
One Year $2.00
Editor Review,
Enclosed please find subscription
for The Review for	
P, O	
Cut out unci iiiuil today, with amduut of subscription enclosed
and then will come a period of
stn ss for all men, and n<> one will
be spared.
That there has already been a
Private Hospital opened at Comox
will not deter us irom goillg ahead
with our project, the need for a
Public Institution iu the District is
just as great, the Sisters are to be
commended upon their enterprise,
and I have no doubt that the same
will be conducted by tlu in in the ir
usual kind and able manner, but
still the fact thot their hospital is
denominational and therefore barred as such from receiving any
.support from the < lovernment pie-
vents them from taking in any
other than well paying patients as
it is an unfortunate but well known
fact that these Institutions are not
paying propositions.
Another point iu favour of the
establishment of a Public Hospital
at Courteuay is that in ease ol
serious acoident or illness ihe
patients should be placed ill the
hospital as quickly as possible, had
they to be moved to _omox that
would lie very little advantage over
a journey to Cumberland as is
necessary at present.
I wish to assure "A Resident"
we have uo wisli in any way lo
conllict willi the worthy Sisters of
Comox. Courteuay does now and
will always require a hospital of its
own, and we are going to full speed
abend with our selieiue and we hope
that shortly we sha[l be iu a position to call a public meeting, and
submit the work done to tlie residents of the District, for their
approval and further instructions.
Should there be any other point
Upon which "A Resident" or others
wish to be enlightened, 1 shall be
pleased to give them any further
information in my possession either
through these columns or iu person.
Thanking you for granting me
so much valuable space in your
1 am Sir,
Yours very truly
Frank 1). Cameron.
Dedicated  t.>  the   Memory  ol Chester
I'hillp CuiT-ii, Who was drowned
April 27, 1.1.
A boy ol sweet und sonny nature,
Lived on the shores of Mud May.
With :i happy smile and cheerful deeds;
lie would brighten a cheery day.
Mischief danced in his dink brown eyes,
His pretty brown hair   had   a   slight
little curl,
A voice that was low and sweet,
Like thai of senile Southern girl,
He found his way i > every heart,
lie was a friend to every oue,
And they in return loved iiini well,
All who ever met him;   Yeaeveryone,
Only thirteen years had passed hiin  by;
Hut he was tall, yes, seven inches and'
live feet,
(Ih! to think of one sn young,
So sunn liis doom to meet,
A stroug swimmer was he,
To save his life, his brother tried,
But tlie night was dark   and   the   water
And  the current swift,  of the outrunning tide.
Oh! those cruel, cruel waters.
Always seeking human prey,
There, at its cold and muddy bottom,
Our laughing laddie lay.
He was sought, alas, too late
By grief-stricken, but loving hands,
All was clone to bring hint back,
But   he   had   crossed   the   border   to
anoth'et  land.
When he left his home that evening;
Little did   we  think;   that  be   would
Never return to it again,
That he had gone forever and forever,
While those lhat are  left to mom  his
Are bitterly, bitterly, weeping,
In that cold iind silent grave,
lie is peacefully sleeping.
I,. K. C.
Mr. Dunn, formerly one of the
proprietors of the Cumberland
"Islander" was a caller at the Review Office, on Monday of this
Am iflg those wounded iu tlie
fins, days lighting at Vera Cm/,.
is one John McMillan, a former
Vancouver   policeman.    McMillan
, was well known in Vancouver two
or three years ago.    He joined the
! police force in i . 1 1. and served the
city for one year, leaving for I.os
Angeles in August, L9_��. At Loa
Augeles he again decided to act as
guardian ot the peace, and joined
the police ill that city, but later
forsook the police armv and joined
the naval brigade- It is understood that his wound is not a serious one. and that  lie   will   recover
] lie is known among his fellows in
Vancouver as "Big John." and
was one of the most popular mem-
beis of the police force.
Messrs. Hardy ,_.   Biscoe have been instructed by B.   F,
Krause, who is leaving for Alberta, "to sell by Public
Auction at his residue in  the Orchard, at
2.30 p. 111. sharp, on
Saturday, May 9
The whole of his Household Furniture, including
Piano, by Sherlock Manning, Mahogany ease,
Quantity of Linoleum.
12 Kitchen Chairs,
Child's Rocker,
2 Child's High Chairs,
Coal Heater,
Early English Dresser. 3 drawers
and mirror,
Hall ���Seat with mirror,   Early
Library Table,
8-foot Extension Table.
.Sea Grass Chair,
Two Hardwood Rockers,
Childs Cradle,
3 Iron bedsteads with springs,
3 Mattresses,
Large quantity Cooking and
Kitchen Utensils
2 .Small Center Tables,
Toilet Set,
Japanese Malting Square,   9x9
'2 Bed Quilts,
Singer UropheadSewi ig Machine
Kitchen Table,
Kitchen Cabinet, complete,
6 Dozen Fruit Sealers,
Large Size Nugget Steel Range,
6 rounds,
Baby Carriage,
Oil Stove,
Quantity of 16 inch Wood,
Garden Tools,
5-fool Bath.
Meat Safe,
Floor Mats,
Numerous other articles,
Further particulars may be  had  from   the  Auctioneers
Hardy & Biscoe
Phone 10 Courtenay THE  COURTENAY REVIEW
f*3. tf__   f
I- ��_--.��-.  ,. \'. .M Mj
������������ _    _ ' ������ ��� '     ii
he Call
h-< '':-;,_>A \A . _ab
of the
Comes with the months of sprint'; ami at Plimley's
everything i.s ready for the cyclist and the motorist.
The (9)4 "Indian" Motorcycle, tlie 1914 "Overland"
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catalogue . odaj'
p: rcy winch
5!DNEY,  B.C.
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3 Second Hand Marine Engines. Also some used motor
hull, row boats, skiffs, etc.
Batteries and Marine
Supplies kept in stock
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
Comox, ]_ C.
| First-class   Accommodation.   Best
! Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.   McCuish, Prop.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Cusine l.xcellen
Wm. Merryfield
C. E. Tildesley
B. C. L. S.
��� _>      . ���   ���
Apply at
Riverside Hotel,    Courtenay
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  J_.p
Rugs, Cloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Ktc.
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Cumberland and Courtenay
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
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First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
hT. t. grieves
Builder & Contractor
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Comox, B. C.
Beit Meal* North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Palace Livery
&Fee_ Stable
H��rses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable P.ates
We also attend to wood hauling
Box 124      Courtenay
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
None but the BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
Thursday afternoon last an enthusiastic balj game took place at
"K:v. nlal." .nil park.   The match
was to have been between the married men and single fellow .. but a i
only i.( players put in au appearance
sides wereehoseu, and just as much
fun was enjoyed as though the
scheduled game had been played,
Some good ball was plaj < d at times.
The fielding of G. Hodgson was
especially brilliant, nothing escaping him. He also lnul the honor
of making the hardest hit, putting
the ball over to the railroad bridge.
Several others also distinguished
themselves. Anoth r game will be
played this (Thurs lay) afternoon,
at 3 o'clock. The score was as
Team No  i
���        _        m
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
Phone 27 Courtenay
Phoae 35J
A nderton ...
'cam No. :
L. Harding.
Hodgson . ,.
, 0
Battries���Harding, McNiel for
the ist team. L. Harding, H.
Giieve, Glazbrook for 2nd team.
Fatal Accident at No 8 Mine
A sad fatality occurred at No 8
Mine on last Thursday, the 28th
of April, when Wm. J. Styles met
with au accident, lesulting iu
instantaneous death.
Wm. J. Styles, who was employed as pumpman at No 8 Mine, was
due to come off shift on the
morning of the 28th of April at 7
a. 111. when in some manner he
was caught by ,the cage and received injuries to his head, causing
instantaneous death.
"Billy" as he was familiarly
known around No 8 Mine, was one
of the most popular men on the
job. and deservedly so. his cheerful smile and friendly manner,
making friends of all he came in
contact with,
He was connected with No 8
Mine, ever since its inception,
having started over two years ago,
when the rosd leading to the Mine
was being built.
The body was shipped last Friday, to his home in Nova Scotia.
His friends at No 8 Mine wish to
pay this tribute to his memory, to
express their sorrow at his death,
and their sympathy with his
relatives in their bereavement.
���������_-������.-��   ' _
The Came Act
A new "Game Act" came into
force throughout this Province on
the first day of April, 1914. Following are some regulations complied from the text of the new Act:
The open season regulations shall
apply to big game, bear and game
Farmers, resident Indians, prospectors and surveyors are allowed
under certain conditions to kill
game and deer for food.
Hunting at night, and over cleared or enclosed land is prohibited.
The use of pump, repeating or
automatic shotguns of any description is prohibited.
Three deer of any one species, or
more than four in all, and two hundred and fifty ducks are two items
on the bag limit list.
Resident hunters are required to
take out licenses, good for one
year, as follows: Game birds and
deer, $2,50; big game, birds and
trapping, $10. For non-residents
the fees will be: Fishing, big game
and birds$50, or $5 per week; bear
hunting, $25; fishing $5.
Licenses are not transferable.
No license will be granted to any
boy under sixteen years of age, excepting at the written request of
parents or guardians, who must
undertake to see that such a license
is under constant supervision.
The dance on Saturday night
was the most successful since the
opening of Mr. Hart's dance hall.
There was a large crowd up from
Courtenay as well as an automobile
from Gomox. Everyone praised
the lloor, and declared they hoped
' o come again soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Monahan started
for a trip to Vancouver, by the
Sunday boat.
Mrs. and the Misses Williams
and Mrs. Curran spent Sunday in
The people along the lower road
in Sandwick are also after telephone
service and have been for some time.
V long time ago live or ::ix of them
agreed to become users if the company would install the service.
Some of them even offered to pay
,5 per month if the company would
run the line t bout three quarters of
a mile beyond their last pole. They
were simply laughed at and told
that the company had got control
of the Franchise and that they
would neither build the line nor
allow the farmers to establish a
rural phone service of their own.
This sounds like the old fable of
the dog in the manger. The company evidently will not build a line
to oblige would be patrons nor will
they allow them to build one for
Bom���_t Cumberland Hospital
on Thursday, April 30, to Mr.
aud Mrs. Mark Coe, a son.
COURTENAY   ���   B. C.
The Most Houie-I,ike Hotel North
ot Victoria
Best of Attention Given to Guests
Rales Reasonable
Faber & Faber, Props.
Telephone 35
In North and South, in Ea. t
and West,
Aston's HandmadeShoes will
stan j the Test.
J-  !__   ASTON
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
liar supplied with tlie lineal brands of
Liquors and Cigars
JOS. WAI, K Kit        -       -       Proprietor
Leroy S. Cokely
Dominion and  B. C.
Land Surveyor
Office in Capt. lieadncH's BulldlllR
COURTENAY       -       B.C.
Of Tailoring and Gents' Furnisihing
Store in premises lately occupied
by J. Young, Photographer
Suits made lo order $22.00 np
Pants made lo order 5. .SO up
Overcoats made to order 17. St) up
A nice line of Gents' Furnishings, Underwear, Overshirts, Socks, Suspenders,
Overalls, lite, come and see the Silk
and Wool mixed Underwear, (lie best in
the market
T. D. HIND        -        Prop.
Price $4.50 per load
or cord delivered
Price $3.25 per load
in the b us h
D. CUDMORE ��� Courtenay
Try an Ad. in The Review
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder COURTENAY
General Blacksmiths
Agents (or a full Hue of Farm Implements AllJjWork Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable
Comox, B. C.
Born--At Comox, on Monday,
May 4, to Captain and Mrs. P, H,
Guthrie, a son.
Spades, long or short handle, $1.00
Forks, iong handle] $1.40
Forks, long handle $1.50
Hoes, at 50,60 and 75 each
Rakes, at 40, 50, 60, 75, 85 and $1
Wheelbarrows, each $5.00
Rose Spray, 35 and 50 per bottle    Soluble Sulphur Tree Spray
The Best for all Fruit Trees
COURTENAY     -     and     -      CUMBERLAND _a
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Maunder JOHN AIRD. Ass't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same
careful attention as is given to all other departments of the Bank's
business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this way as
satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank. S2��
W. S. LONGHURST, Acting Manager, Courtenay ami Ccirox Branches
Comox branch oneu on Tuesdays, from 11 to ,.
What Incorporation Means and.
What It Does Not
The last week lias seen great activity i
among the opponents of Incorporation,
Tlio promoters of the  Water Company.'
the gentleman  who lias  four thousand
dollars to make It 11 the company goes
through, the slaoon keepers and  their
salelite . nnd ii   few  other disinterested'
parties, li. v  li en .cgurhlg���the.neig-liliour- j
li mil to get . igiiutu'res against Incorporation,    ileing in   a   desperate   state   of
panic, Iliey have not In sitated to use the
wildest and  most   insi  eo:e  arguments,
Tbey havemisrepresented the Ium claries
tlie reasons lor incorporation, and above
all, the future rale of taxation.
As there are many people who may
not have looked the fact squarely in the
face, and ns moreover we areall inclined
to believe any statement, however un-
, reasonable, if it is repeated often enough,
it may be as well to explain what incorporation means to us, and what it does
not mean.
The area to be included was settled by
the Board of Trade more than a year
ago, taking the C. P, l . depot as centre
au area of 1200 acres was taken ill. It i.s
a fatal error to take in too small an area.
It is easy to contract your boundaries
afterwards, but almost impossible to expand. On the N. K. side of the river
we ouly take in ab< u 25 acres of I. wis's,
including his townsite, and the river
frontage; as (ar as Crawford's barn. The
Dyke road is the boundary of this strip.
We do not take in more of the flats, because the land is too low lying and damp
to be suitable for residences, although it
is great farming land.
The Provincial Government will not
open side streets, nor will it deal with
surface drainage, sewerage or water
supply. They will not provide fire service, street lighting, or any of the things
we need. When population has so increased that these things become necessary, the Government says it is no job
for tiie province. It is our out look. If
we want these things we must do them
for ourelves aud by ourselves. We must
get incorporated.
Does any one deny that we have reached this stage? We certainly have, and
we shall I o a long way the ct'ier side of
It in a year or two. Of course, Mr. Kilpatrick, _r. Fechn'r and Dr. Millard
say that this is a bum little village anyway They cftmiot see that there is any-
future before Courtenay. They do not
(or don't want to) believe that the place
is going to grow. In other words they
are fine old crusted specimens of the
genu knocker. They are knocking
Courtenay in Cumberland. They were
knocking Courtenay at Victoria, even before the Executive Council.' Highly
patriotic citizens! The man who knocks
his own town because he is a born pessimist is bad enough, but the. man who
knocks his own town because he has
some personal end to gain, is wholly
We have been told 15y a high authority
that we are all real estate grafters,   that
we, who .ire trying to get the place incorporated, are only doing so because
wc see that tin re will be a better inarkel
and bigger prices lur our lots.
The suit e authority a fe . mouth;
busk, told us we should scare all Inner-
nw'.iy if we were inco porated, a: d wt
shouldn't si 11 auvlhing. Which way
will he have il? lie can't have it botii
ways. The plain (act is that as a muni
cipality, we shall have tlu- power to pass
u by-law, insisting ���that on all new subdivisions, all roads shall be graded be
fore the lots can be put on the market,
Will this encourage or discourage wild
c itting.
A large'employer of Oriental 'about
has been rushing around crying that his
taxes will be raised eight fold. Hut why
stop at eight? Why not say twenty oi
filly fold at ouce? It is just as easy to
say, and quite as likely. Tell truth, and
shame the devil.
At present we pay 6 1 - 2 mills ill all
unequal assessment of half a million
dol ars. Next vears levelling up \ i
bring it to $700,000. Ten mills on that
would give us JffOIIII revenue. The
Govt at present take $10110 in licenses
o.it of Courtenay. As an incorporated
city it shall get $250(1 from this source.
In Duncans, for instance, the banks pay
$30(1 a year, and the hotels $45(1.
The running expenses of the municipality including rent of hall, salaries,
school maintainence; and teachers'
salaries, and orniuary upkeep will amount
to $3000.    If we  allow  $3500  that  will
1 ave us, on _ ten mill levy, $6000 a
year to spend on road improvement aud
surface draining and other works.
The Government at present spend
under $2500 a year in the proposed municipal area. The Government will still
maintain the Island Highway and bridge
and perhaps the Cumberland Road.     ,
Does that look like reckless finance.
We can feel assured that under the
new Govt, regulation of municipal loans
we shall have uo difficulty in raising
money for waterworks. If we issue 30
year debenture, with a sinking  fuud  of
2 per cent, we shall be able to get par
value for 6 per c-nt, and probably 90 for
5 per cent. >Su,)p >se we want $45000 we
issue $50,000 at 5 1-2; Say we sell at 90
That gives us $45000. For the first year
or two we shall have to raise the interest
by levy. We should need $2750 interest
and $1000 sinking fund, making $3750 a
year in all. This is equal to a levy of
5 1-2 mills. In a few years this charge
on this rate would be wiped out by increasing profits. The sinking fund will
automatically pa_j- off the $50,000 issue
ut Uie end of 29 years.        -
Now mind you the water consumers
have got to pay the interest on the
capital anyway, whoever raises it. These
water Company promoters arn't in it for
their health. The difference is that
every year the city will be growing
richer and the relief of taxation greater
if the water and light are owned by ourselves,   whereas if a private company
On Friday, May 1, and for one week
we will offer our big stock of Ginghams, Prints and Chambrays at lie
per yard, 9 yards for $1.00
This is an opportunity for you to make a good
selection and the season is now on _
Every   Want   Supplied
In Groceries, Hardware, Boots, Shoes,
Dry  Goods and   Gents'   Furnishings
Good s have been arrivi- 3 by every boat for every department.    Our
stoi k ia now complete for the Spring and Summer Trade
Call and see ou? I'nes before going elsewhere
AGENCIES:���Walkover Shoes,  Crompton  Corsets,  Hobberlin  C'.othiug,
Holeproof Hosiery, Carharts Overall; an' Gbvcs, W. G. & F. Shlrls and Collars
.he   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C. E.   DALRYMPI.K,  Prop.
To Bake
Not to Bake?
LMie former i.s really unnecessary when Bread from the
Coiirteiiny Bakery is available
mdby reason ofqnality lias so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
If You Buy a Camera
Buy a Good One
We are agents for
CoiTiOT; Co-Qpera__ve Society
] Valors in all kinds of Meats,
Butter, K,y;gs and Fanner's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty. We fell only the
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Peaey's Drug Store
holds them we shall go on payiug just
as much aud just as long and never be a
bit the better off.
This high taxation cry is just a bogey
to scare y _. with. Once these people
get their water company in, they will be
the first to call for incorporation. For
then they will be able to get the city to
buy them out at a comfortable 30 per
cent premium, as provided by the Water
30 per cent on $45000 is nearly $1.5000.
Are you prepared to give this to the
Courtei a..- Water Works, as the price of
postponing incori oration for a year or
The plain fact is that you are your own
ma-.ters in the rate of taxation under a
municipality. If you are content to go
on as you are now. just maintaining the
present roads, wanting no sidewalks, no
side streets, no improvements, you
could do it on a 6 1-2 mill municipal levy
and save money on it. If you want
these improvements, you have got to do
them youuselves and pay for them yourselves. They won't get done otherwise.
The government won't do them, nor
will the Water Works Company, for all
their philanthropy.
Meanwhile keep your eyes open for
these knockers, when they com.; round
knocking just stop and consider what
they have t > gain by knocking. When
you have figured that out you will know-
how to place them, They are doing
their best to stampede you, but there
are not so many fools in courtenay as
they seem to think.
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Timothy, Clover and Farm Seeds
at greatly reduced prices for
the next two weeks
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Phone 24 Courtenay
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Hot Water and Steamfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
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Swan's Pool Room
E. SWAN, Prop.
Electrical Engineer .md Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installed. Electric Wiring and Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work '
Isolated Lighting Plants a Specialty
Box 195      Phone F9S      Courtenay
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired _ Overhauled
In nil eases of
of :ill horses, broodmares, colls, millions.
on lliolr tongues   or   ln tli"   feed   pin
Bpolm'B Minim Compound,    atvc tl.   remedy to all of Up in.   ll nets on Uio blood
nnd Elands,   ll routes the iiis.-ji:.. by ox-
1 oiling Iho disease germs,   li wardB oR
iho troublo no mallur how they tiro "exposed,"   Absolutely  freo from  anything
injurious.      A  ehlld can safely tulto It,
Sold by druggists nnd harness dealors,
Distributors   .Ml Wholesale  Druggists,
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Ind.,   U.S.A.
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For Your Voyage,
Assures COMFORT,
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Third Class only, nt'9 most admirably appointed. Ths surrounding!
are most delightfully superb iu tti.tr design, with a thorough i��r-
vlec so dlstlnctlvoly Cunard.
-The Cunard Co. also mi(intains services betweeni
New York, Queenstown, Fithguard, Liverpool.
Beaton, Queenstown, Fishguard, Liverpool.
Now York, Mediterranean, Adriatic,
Including tho fastest steamers in tho world, "Lusitania," "Maurttmni,-."
Now building far Canadian Service, S.S. "AU RAN I A"���14,000 tons
All Information as to saltings, ��to��� and beautifully Illustrated
literature may bo obtained from any Railway or Steamship Ag-nt
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to iin.i elaborate advertising, ror
I nut been so atlvortlsetl, hm is i
True Hospitality
I pray you, 0 excellent wife, not to
cumber yourself und me to sot n rloh
dinner for tills man or thin woman
Mho hast alighted at our gate, nor n
bod. hatnhor Hindu ready at. too great
n cost. Theso tiling-'.. If thoy uro curious In, they can set for n dollar at
any village, But let this stranger. If
he will, lu jour looks, in your accent
and behaviour, read .vour heart, and
earnestness, your thought antl will,
which ho cannot buy at nny price in
any village or city, and which he may
well ti .vol fifty miles and dine sparely
anil sleep hard in order lo behold. Certainly, let the hoard be spread and He
Ui these thing . Honor lo the house
where they are simple lo the verge of
hardship, so thai there the Intellect Is
nwako fittil reads the laws of the unl*
��� M'so.    i'lniei'soii.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tako     Laxative   UROJIO   QUININE
Tablets.   DrugglBlS refund money if it
fltlle to cure     Iv  \V. GROVE'S sign -
lure is on each box.    26c.
"Charley has a fortune In politics,
' He knows Ihe ropes," declared tho ad-
i mlt'tng friend.
| "Ves; I judgei iimi he did from the
campaign cigar lhai he gave me."���
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Can always make surs of qstttng the hlaheit prices for WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY ind FLAX, Ly shipping their car lots to FOR WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
Won  Fame on  its  Merits.���The UU-
I hounded popularity that Dr. Thomas'
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il has
Ily due to the -icrlls of   liis oil as a
medicine.    In ever}   clt}    town and
; haiiilei In ilie country ii -  sotiglil after solely because of Us good quall-
j ties.
a  trained  ostrich  recently disconcerted its exhibitor ai ii London music
j hall by continually   endeavoring   to
break awuy from all restraint and to
climb over tho footlights Inlo the or-
; clle-lra.
The widely advertised net came lo
! a   sudden     cad,    und   tho   professor
emerged .from behind the curtain and
apologized for tlio actions or his pel
I in ahoin these words:
"Lyclles  anil  gentlemen:    "ill  am
j very   sorry   to  disappoint ��3'Otl     this
hovening,' We ire compelled to cease
lour hennas, mem until the    management licngnges a new orchestra load-
I er.
"The one at present hem ployed 'an
no 'air on top of 'is 'end. aud my bird
, takes hit  for a hegg."
General Stores Wanted
We have buyers waiting for the following :
Six buyers for General Stores.
Four buyers for Hotels.
Three buyers for Poolrooms.
Also numerous buyers for Grocery, Boot & Shoe, Black.
smith BusKteSS. etc.
Send us particulars of whal you have for sale.   If you desire
we will send you our listing forms to till out.
SCOTT,   HILL   &   CO.,
22 Canada LifeBldg., Business Broker's Dept.^inriipeg, Man
Tubs and Pails retain the heat
of the water much longer than
the wooden or galvanized iron
tubs, arc cheaper than the latter
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"A Pound makes More (ups
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Your Oven Gains
Arithemtic Justice
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
The  Indiscriminate   P'.irase
"What's this?"  exclaimed  the  sensational editor.
"Btory about a woman who put
| Hough and ready justice.In Mexico
In the days oi' .realdonl Dla/. is lllus-lfow  people  to considerable  trouble,"
Ltartod by the following story said the reporter.
Iua lonely part ct tho south a irulir     "But you lavon'l  Identified her."
had been robbed by the inhabitants of���    "We couldn'i learn her name."
a certain village.   The president told      "What  difference does  tahl  make?;
a young officer lo lake Ills company  Not knowing her name would nol pre-
and "put an cud to that-Oi't of thing."  vent  you from referring to her as a:
The young officer had   every   house j prominent society woman, would It?"
'searched, Almost all contained stolen
properly, ll" then marshaled tlio villager, picked out every fortieth man
and had him shot.   After this he said:
-Spokane He'
He  Can'Tell
Hoax The trouble with horse ruc-
"I am taking my troops nway. but lfj|ng ;., that vou can't always pick the
any  more irain  robberies take ptaccI tvinnet*. . I
wo shall come back and shoot every     Joax���No,  but  I   can  tell   when  al
twentieth  man.    Should it  be neces-1,,,.,,, |S n |osei. |iu, minute ��� see him. I
sary to return again, every tenth man! 	
Seek nol to bo rich, but happy. The .
one lies in hags, the other in content,
which   wealth   can  never  give.���William I .nn,
will lie executed."
No more trali.s were altaeked.
e.i'ic'tly i��lm>s  ceil--".  c<:r_  colds,  anrt   neia
_? .h. r.i r.nd lt_- .       ll       ll       �� ecnjs
Jackal Flies of 'nclia
There are eeilain I2asl  Indian files,
several  varieties of them  apparently
���! of similar typo lo our own house fa.
loriie.   Muscn domostlcn, that havo developed a  rattier Ingenious, If souii-
wliai  disreputable, wav of making a
I living.   This is tlm story tojd by Captains Pulton aud Craig In the Indian
Journal  of  Medical    Research,    Tho
' proboscis ot those flies is soft and nol
suitable for piercing tlie skin of man
or tbo lower animals. So ihey hang
.   around somo ono of the several types
lof biting  files, und  when  the latter
pierces   Hi"   Skill   or   tbi'   victim   Iliey
��� I crowd liiui away unci use Iho incision I
for feeding thoinsolvos.    If the biter
happens to be too large or fierce thus
lo lie driven  from liis prey, tho Ily
jackals wall  unl1' ho Is finished and;
then lake his place,   In view of tiies",
���,,,..     , , observations ii  bcouib fiulto possible
Mighty Careful Ul|)( (hr S���.,.H|I(,, ll0n.b|tIug m���, llwv
Marcel;:    Voui    friend     lleanlirougll   j,|nv   ���   hitli. ri,.   unsiisneeled   role   lr, I
-ems lo bo greatly bothered with in-, iho transmission ot disease.
digestion.  i
Wavei'ly- I should say so!    He ab-      Minard's  Liniment Relieves  Neural-!
Bolutely refused to attend a moving inla.
picture  show  the  other evening  be- ' ��������� ���
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I'Cene iu it
Bad Blood
is the direct and inevitable result of
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cloggcd-up kidneys and skin. The
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poisons the blood and the whole
system, Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills
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Dr. Morse's    .
Indian Root Pi 11 s
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"Shakespeare      once    owned     tills
! chair."
"I  love old  relics.    Fine old  chair,
, and there is r. wad of chewing sum on,
Its'under  edge.    Now,  Queen  Eliza-I
! both  may  have Bluett that    there."���'
; Louisville Courier-Journal.
Sweel     and      Palatable,      Mother
i Graves'   Worm   Gxtermlliatol'    is   aC'
| ceptablo to children, and il  does its'
| work surely and promptly.
"And you say you never attend weddings any more?" nsked tlio sweet
ydung tiling.
"Xo, I do not," replied  the bachelor.
"And why not, pray?"
"Why. don't you see what's happen-
-ling every  day  to  Innocent   bystand-
lers?"���Yonkcrs Sin! sman.
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\ V"
4,mWyBread and Better Bread" and
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Cultivation is as necessary lo the
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mure __ rcRuc. '     M.3713.
rni   nisi
1 1 _10Mt,PII
write lot FHEE .   un   iiui '.i.   iuiicai. ��.
iHE_E��vV��ENCHnEMi_DV. _ ili.-'-.l
       ...   ��� _    i,n,|,|,.,|,|,.|,.|
iiuiatj ettee
Nn'follou lit, el-ulnr   KooWIJ_ta_. On. I.i (.!.��� _
MltllCO.lt -RRS/OI  K !'.!>.I UMI'Ml. _  l.<, MM, T- .!'.:.< I
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Ideal Silver Cream
Ih 11 scientific I'l-i'-
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ndnptefl for cleaning all kinds of
SILVER _ <.;or,i>
11 purely vegetable
compound and does
imi contain nn.. in -
illl'li'll.'-  _lli_iuii'._
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wl 1 in'Miiire n Iicjiii-
llful Iiimii'" Hun will
in.I   1 i xli.
Pur rnlo   in    nil
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Catarrhozone promptly opens up
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_-.:-:���.-;������: -:-:-!-:-:-:-j-i-:-:-t-i-H-K-:-M
_ i
I The Man In
I Seedy Clothes |
X  llow ��� t:nni��tiiH (iambling Resort   ij!
��� ���        Came to Be Discontinued        ���!���
_��-.-:-:-_:._-.--w��....m _���:������_:������;������:������. :���
Half a ceiiltiry ago the celebrated
gambling house nl Monte Carlo did lint
exist. At Hull time Itaden linden was
the center ot attraction for 1 hose who
wished to "buck the llgol'." The building devoted to tlio purpose was not as
splendid us that now nl Mottle Carlo,
but il was a handsome one for (hose
One night a man of menu appeal'
Slice entered the spacious gambling
Iiuil tit linden Itaden, shambled up to
tlie table uud stood behind those In-
closing It looklug at tlio game. Ills
eyesight seemed to he sensitive, for lis
wore colore^ glasses. Ills clothing
was shabby, and his appearance was
by no means Improved by tils beard,
Which was long and scraggly.
After watching tho game for awhile
lie pushed his way to u sent beside the
table that had been left vacant by a
woman who hnd lost all her money
and bad nothing for u slake. On tbo
stranger's left was a Gorman baron,
who, looking aside nt his new neighbor
and uot relishing tbo proximity of siicb
a looking man, gathered up the coins
before him aud withdrew.
The seedy Individual drew from his
[locket a purse, from which bo took a
few gold pieces and distributed them
over the numbers ho wished to cover.
Tho wheel was spun, tho ball rattled
about iu tho inelosure, and the croupier aunouneed whnt had won nnd
what bad lost. The stranger was
abend on his bets. The next time he
lost, and next won and eontlni id tc
win and lose, his winnings usually
equaling his losses.
; At tbe table directly opposite the
newcomer sat a young man, whom a
number of the players recognized as a
member of the ducal court, lie was
known to bo talented aud a favoritt
wltb his sovereign. Much of his time
was spent at tbe gaming table, aud ro
port said that a splendid estate be pos
Hcssed was gradually being transferred to others through the roulette table. On this occasion he was playing
feverishly, risking large sums and ustt
ally losing.
, At last be bad nothing more to lost
ind sat with bis hat drawn down ovei
C _ _ -\��
Ills eyes, doubtless to conceal his emotion, looking fixedly ou the red where
be liad lost his last stake.
At the moment n handsomely dressed
IWoman entered the he'i wilb a hasty
step and approached the tablo evidently looking for some one. Seeing tbe
nobleman, she went to blm, stood be-
bind blm and was about to lay a baud
on his shoulder when the seedy individual opposito pushed a handful ol
gold pieces iu front of bis vis-a-vis.
Whether the latter did not understand
tbat an offer of a loan bad been made
him or whether he declined to accept a
favor from-one of such disreputable
_pp.nr.ince uone could tell. Hut he
continued to gaze as before on tho red,
making no motion to use the proffered
coins. Tben the man wbo bad mnde
tbo offer partly rose, reached across
tbe tablo and placed the money be bad
Offered on a spot where If It w n It
(Would win 0 to 1.
��� Tbls Incident held the hand ot the
lady behind the nobleman, nnd Instead
���f letting It fall where sbe bad Intended sbe waited.   The wheel was
spun, tbe imii rattled, and. being at
last caught In one of (tie receptacle*
tlie croupier announced the result. A
dozen gold pieces that the seedy man
bad placed for his vis avis were covered by sixty pieces of the same denomination.
All eyes were fixed nn the winner to
see what he would do. Would lie accept his winnings? If so would ho
repay the lon:f. Would bo replace bin
new stake? Would ho leave the whole
��� mount where it was?
lie answered these (iiiesllons by doing nothing, lie mnde nn motion. Ills
bat concealed the upper part of till
face so that ne ��no could see what It
expressed. Since he did not withdraw liis winnings It wns assumed
Hint ho would leave them where they
were. If ho lost he would lose the
whole amount; If lie won he would
win live limes the sixly or ".00 gold
The direction "Make yntil' bets" was
given, nnd the wheel was twirled.
Hy Ihls (line those about Hie table
bud largely lost Interest in ihelr own
bets lu th�� more absorbing diversion
of watching this reckless plnyer, wbo
teemed resolved tu risk ull on ono turn
nf the wheel. The ball rattled louder
than ever in the surrounding silence.
The bush continued tilt tUOcroupier announced that the !i to 1 bet had won
again, then burst forth a din of e"���
clu illations.
The only Impassive person at tbo
table was the winner. Uo made no
sign of excitement, did not extend a
hand town id Hie gold Hint was poured
on to (he table for blm to lake up.
The seed, unin who was (be cause of
all this good fortune hnd ceased to
bet, being apparently Intent upon tbe
person he bad befriended. But Ids
features, too, were concealed, the principal one, his eyes, being covered by
the colored glasses.
The exclamations oC tho onlookers
wero succeeded hy another hush.
Could It bo possible that the wlnnci
would leave whnt now amouuted to
nearly $2,000 of our money where It
was, taking the chances again ot losing all or winning live times the
amounf Tbe silence was broken by
a soft voice coming from the womnn
standing behind the ob.lcct of all tbls
"Carl, hadn't yon better take up
aomo of your winnings?"
There was no rcply-nt least none
was heard, for at thut moineut tbe ball
rattled again.
For Hie third time the live to ono
What was before mingled exclamations was now a hubbub. The heap
of coins would be too large for the
spot covered, and and 0 tl was laid
on the pile. The seedy man sat stolidly
looking at the mau for whom be hud
rendered possible these winnings, but
be mado i_f protest agalust tempting
fate further.
"Oh, Carl!" cried the woman behind
tho gambler. "Dou'tl Please don't
risk It all agnln."
But the appeal wns disregarded.
The spinner of the wheel waited a few
moments, but, receiving no sign that
the money on the live to one-spot
would be changed, twirled It, and
again Hie croupier announced that the
bank bad lost.
Something like $r_,000 had now accrued to tbo credit of Ibo winner. The
woman behind bim put ber arms nbout
his neck, wltb her face close to bis. It
was noticed tbat she shuddered. The
aeetly man opposite aroso with his
eyes glued to the couple before blm.
Then tho woman gave a shriek.
Some one pulled tho gambler'- bat
off. A burst of horror followed the uncovering of a face thut bore the pallor
of death, eyes that were Used in a va-.
cant stare on the pile of gold before
tbem. Thu woman fainted and wa_i
carried out of tho room by one pnrty
of attendants, while the dead gambler
was carried out by another. Theso two
objects of Interest having been removed, flio crowd looked about for the
mau with the threadbare clothes who
bad furnished the original stake.- -
He had disappeared.
While the excitement, tho horror,
was at its height he was leaving the
gambling hull nnd, passing out of tho
gardens lu which the building stood,
called n cub, got iu and lo tbe driver,
who bent down to bear to wbat polut
bo wished to be driven, snld:
'To tho palace of the grand duke."
Stopping before a door in the rear of
the building the "fare" turned him
over to a lackey for his pay and hurried upstairs. Entering one of the
apartments, he summoned attendants,
who divested him of bis clothes and
banded him others.
"Send for the Count de ���" he said.
Tbe Count de ��� was the prime
minister. In half an hour he appeared
at the palace and was ushered Into au
apartment where tbe grand duke was
awaiting blm.
"Count," said the latter, "Baden
Baden must cease to be a gambling
The count, astonished, waited an explanation.   Tbo grand duke continued:
"One of our brightest young men.
Baron Carl Stclnforth, whom I have
Intended for a high position, bas re-
cently-so I henrd-been losing bla
patrimony. Knowing that be has frequented tbe Casino every  day  and
evening. 1 went there tonight ln aia- |
kuImi partly to see him for myself uud j
partly to look upon what Is going ou
tben.   1 was present when lio staked :
nnd lost his Inst coin.   1 put up h stnke |
for llitu. Which he did not notice, and I I
now believe he was dead at the tiuio 1 j
offered It.  I placed it for him where It
would  win, nnd  ll did  win  several j
times In succession.   The haioucss, bis
wife, enine In to look for him doubtless to get blm nwny at the moment l
put up the stake,    -he waited while
ho  won,  then  discovered  the  truth.
Sbo wns carried out. of the ball unconscious; her husband wns carried out a
"I ile.tire lhat you Immediately Ir.ko
steps to recall the gambling privileges
accorded to this nefarious concern,
Let It lis your lirst business ou the
Such Is tlie stnr.v of the recoil Of the
license for gambling at linden Itaden
as I beard It told by one who had been
Intimate With members of the grand
ducal court, llnd it not (the gambling!
been transferred to Monte Carlo Europe would have got rid of a central
point for gamblers. As it Is, the business was simply moved from one point
to another. But Germany Is fortunate
In putting It off her territory.
_  Socialist  Slate.
New Zealand has the reputation of
being one of the moBt progressive
conn*. ��t In the world. There is
practically no poverty which ls not
the result of laziness or drink. There
are no millionaires und no slums.
New Zealand fo two-thirds the area
of California, It ims a European
population of 1,000,000, almost wholly of British descent, und a Maori
population of aboul  40.000.
The laws of these islands bave become known throughout tbe world
because of Ihe advanced reforms Ihey
���are supposed to promote. Primary
education is free, Beciilar and compulsory up lo a prescribed standard,
with free books, free travel on (he
railways for the children attending
school, and Where there are no railways an allowance for conveyance by
vehicle or ferry or for board of pupils in the vicinity of the school.
LiveR of infants are protected by
taking tbem from hard and unnatural conditions and placing Ihem
wllh approved private families. There
Is a national endowment of 9.000.UOO
acres for education anil old age pensions, besides 2,(100,0(10 for special
purposes of various educational institutions.
Public utilities are cither nationalized or municipalized, including rii.il-
ways, harbors, postal uud telegraph
service, parcel post, postal savings
oanks, street ears, telephones, gas,
electricity', water and other things,
There are nearly 3,000 miles of railway and only 29 miles are owned
Married to Kangaroo.
At (he recent Church Congress in
the Old Country, a speaker eompiai-i-
���>d of the lack of information respecting the Empire at dome. He said be
Had read uf a poor woman who.
when shown a kangaroo ut the /or
ind-tolil that it was a native of Aus
tralia, replied,  "Good gracious, ant'
ny  daughter  is  married  to one   oi
This reminds us of the story of thf
Irish emigrants who went to the Wesi
Indies. They got on so well thai o
year or two later they seut and in
luced more Irish folk to emigrate
When (he second batch arrived the;
were greeted by.a crowd of blaekf
A'ho greeted them with such home
ly words as "Begorruh"; and so on.
"Whal! black already," was the
Amazed comment of the newcomers.
Mayoral Election Customs.
The election of mayors in Kngland
m November Is in some places ac-
lompanletl by quaint ceYeinouies. The
Mayor of Lincoln, for instance. Is In-
dueled by placing on his linger at
ancient ring.
A i. Cheltenham the mayor is pre
ented wllh a gold-headed maloccs
-aue, uud at Orantham the new chle)
'Itlzen Is gravely lapped on tlie heat
,vlth the (own clerk's hammer.
From lime immemorial (he Mayoi
if Brlghtllngsen has been elected ir
the belfry of the parish church, whils'
at Bournemouth the new major receives a solemn ki&s from his predecessor.
A Compromise
The vicar of Leeds, Eng.. Dr. Dick
ersteth, tells of a clergyman who rang
him up on the telephone to ask if
he would conser to his taking a marriage service in which the word
"obey" wis left out. He replied that
he waa not the bishop, but was tolerably certain that tlie bishop would
not allow him to omit the word.
"But who is the lady going to
marry?" he inquired.
The an- cr was, "She is going to
marry a doctor."
He then asked, "Would she mind
if you put in the word consult' Instead?"     	
Virtu* of Hetpitality.
Hospitality solves nnd annuls even
the mysterious antagonism* that exist
hetween races. This glorious nnd beau-
dfnl and sacred rite makes nil men
If some felt tho pain (bey thnnaht-
trasly girt to other* they would nvrsr
'.eel well.
Che Original (lame Wa- Played With
Heads of hum--.
Football Is an aui lenl pastime, *��ys
au exchange, The old Teutons _im
credited with founding the game by
playing with the bleached skulls of
their enemies. Preliminary practice
was lirst beard of in Chester, Lug-,
where the old English had sufflelei ily
brutallsed the game lo giic rise to
many adverse criticisms, fragments uf
which have survived to the present
day.      '
Legend lias it lhat in 962, during
the Danish Invasion of England, a
good man or Chester captured a Dane,
beheaded him and knocked his bend
out into Iho Street to furnish sport
for the "fellows.'' The game of kicking lhe head around the city streets
and even outside the walli Of ihe anient Roman-built city gn w in favor.
The exercise wus Indulged In whenever a Chester sport could annex a
Danish head. But eventually Ihe supply ut Danish heads gave out. But
the sport bad secured a stronghold on
(he exercise-loving Anglo-Saxons and
il "bullo of leather called u footballs" was substituted.
The game developed Into a rough-
and-tumble scrimmage, nnd the ball
itself would often He forgotten for
hours while the excited players chased one another through alleys uud
lanes and even iuto the houses oT the
more respectable citizens as results of
arguments over ihe rules, it seems
that even before William the Conqueror invaded England the interpretation of the football rules was a
much-mooted matter. Sconces were
crack'd, hones were broken und lives
were lost. Yet tho g: me spread in
favor, and, jumping over the intervening centuries, is still spreading.
The modern school of football critics, just at present a subdued mlu-
factlon expressed by ihe public, and
the press, is nol a whit more bitter
than rhillp Sttibbs. a literary Briton,
who way back in 1583 raked football
ot tbat day up and down, over and
across in the following fashion: ���
As concerning foolballe, I protest
unto vou it may rather be culled a
friendlie kind of a light than a play
or recreation, a bloody and murlher-
Ing practice than a l'elowy sport ur
pastice. l'or doth uot everyone lie in
wait for his adversary, seeking lo
overthrow him and plcke blm on tbe
nose, though It be on hard stones, or
ditch or dale, or valley or hill, so be
has him down, and he lhat can serve
the most of this fashion is counted
the only fellow, and who but he. Su
that hy this means their necks ure
broken, sometimes their backs, sometimes their arms, sometimes llieir
noses gush out. with blood, sometimes
their eyes start out; for they buve
the sleights to mix one between two,
to ilush him against the heart with
their elbows, to butt him under the
short ribs with their gripped lists, and
with their knees to catch him ou lhe
hip and plcke htm on his neck with
a hundred murtbering devices."
<_>oil Selling Label.
Much amusement was caused at
Master ton, New South Wales, at (he
way in which a Chinese named Ab
Kong overreached himself In his
greed. Ab Kong was watching the
removal from a lorry of a consignment of miscellaneous articles destined for au auction room, when, pointing to a wooden case which was being carried Inside, he Inquired, in un
excited loue, "How uiuchee?"
"I sell him to-morrow," replied the
"No time- to-uioller," answer Ah
Kong. "Me buy now," and he secured
the case for sixteen pounds.
In half au hour the Celestial returned. For a time he waa unable to
speak for agitation. Tbe outcome was
ludicrous. It appears that the case
bore an inscription in Chinese stating
that it. contained a false bottom concealing a hundred pounds' worth of
opium. When Ah Pong opened the
case he found another label at Ihe
bittom, which read: "Better luck
next time."
A Freak of Ntitii.o.
While cutting up iiii : h-iree. eight
feet lu circumference; at Embitter.
Sawmill, Cumberland, Eng., the
sawvers observed a dark object iu lh(
centre of the trunk, it wub found
lo be a sparrow's uest containing ihi
feathers and skeleton Of a dead bird
and rour eggj. Tbe egg-shells were
exceedingly well preserved, bul in the
attempt to extricate them some were
broken, aud it was found lhat their
contenlt; had been entirely absorbed.
It is assumed that the bird built its
nest ln the hollow of the tree and
died while sitting on the eggs, lhe
hole becoming sealed up as the tree
grew. The nest bad probably beer
built a century ago, the tree beinf
over a hundred years old.
Professional Pit Thrower.
Professional poverty is a paying
pursuit in London, and tlie strollim
police know it. Yuu may have no
ticed the lady wbo buries her hear
in her hands and howls on the step-
of a west end restaurant. She is deso
tato and Is ln a bt. We run to hei
rescue, call the police. And when thi
lady has procured brandy and sundry contributions from the sympathetic public tbe constable explains thai
this Is the lady who has nine fits a
du;-, "And here's your cults, lady,'
says the constable, for the lady li
careful to take off her clean cuffs before having her St.���London Globe.
_CI_tarj of State for tho Colonies
Who Has l'lgtiivd In (he Public
Eye Iu �� -iiuectioif With South
African Labor Troubles- Learned
Politics I'nder Ilia Father���la a
IMigkitful Personality.
Tbo Bight Hon. Lewis llarcourt,
Secretary of State for the Colonies,
(Those name has figured conspicuously in the communications between
ihe Colonial officials and labor loaders over tho South African labor
troubles, is admitted to be personally
the bent liked man in the Aaqulth
Cabinet. The late W. T. Stead once
wrote of tho handsome Colonial
Secretory: "Though you may dislike hla politics, you ninnot help
liking Lulu llarcourt, the able son
of a very able father; In tact, whether in society, or in lhe Ilous? of
Commons, or wherever you meet
him, he ie a delightful personality."
ut. hon. i.kwis juuc'iiri.T,
lorn in 1063 to tho late Sir William,
iy his lirst wife, tho Colonial Secre-
ary, afler Eton, underwent htt
lolitlcal apprenticeship with hla
lather, as hla private secretary ta
be Liberal organization, and wa_
for some time secretary of the Home
Counties Liberal Federation.
He was first elected for the Roe-
- mlale division ot N. _. Lancashtrs
In March, 1904. He was thoroughly
at homo in the Office of Works, bul
he could not frame a plural voting
bill to please the House ot Lords,
and it was said at tbe time that he
took no particular pains to do so.
He was liked so well as a Minister
by bis chief that he was taken into
the Cabinet as First Commissionef
of Works, and in November, 1910,
he was appointed Secretary ol
State for the Colonies.���Family
Herald and Weekly Star.
The Kilt as Regenerator.
Sir James Crlcbton-Browne has
!.<een deploring tbe fact tbat there also few perfect children tn these days,
and he has declared that the first
practical step In the direction of mak-
Inj Medici Venuscs and Belvedora
Apollos is to drag all the flaws to
light, as he ls convinced that many
of these are capable of correction or
cure. Dr. Cantlle, the well-knowm
authority on child life, has promptly
'aken up the suggestion. He Inform*
the public that the direct cause of
very many of lhe Imperfections of
childhood and youth Is Improper
clothing. Babies are adequately protected in this respect, and as a result
"tbey are perfect reproductions la
miniature of their race."
' It ls when the little boy Is deprived of bis swaddling clothes and It
"breeched" that the deterioration begins, and this is all due to the fact
'hat the garments ln which he is by
custom and fashion habited do not
provide sufficient warmth and protection to that part of tho body which
most needs theso things. And of all
garments In which we array our
youths none is more severely condemned hy Dr. Cantlle than the Eton
Jacket, "which ceases just wbere
warmtb is wanted." Witli the case as
stated there can bo no hesitation In
pointing to the remedy. It ls the kilt
���which supplies lu every detail all
the requirements Dr. Cantlie -lesires
lr order that our hoys may grow up
braw lads. In Scotland's national
garb we have indeed the regenerator
-if the race. Let the Kilt Society sound
he pibroch loud and high!���Dundee
Poor Dora.
���'Dora must have suffered some terrible disappointment. Ono never sees
ner smile now.   What Is the mutter?"
"She's had two front teeth pulled
out''���London Telegraph.
Up In a Balloon.
To remain motionless aud watch tu��
earth fall away from you as rapidly at
a baseball falls from you wben dropped from a window Is the sensation of
going up In a balloon.
There Is only one cure for public distress, and that Is public education, directed to make men thoughtful, men*
ful and Juet.-Rnskln. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
We have Just Received a Large Shipment of Paint direct from the
Factory, also a Quantity of  Beaver Board
This is the most favorable time of the year to decorate your house both inside and out.
You cannot do better than follow the lead of the PEOPLE THAT KNOW and use the
is pure   wood   fibre   rolled   into   sheets   and   is   dust
and vermin pi oof and absolutely sanitary
If you are thinking of remodelling your rooms call on us and we will be pleased to give
you an estimate of how much it will cost you and also submit sample designs of panelling &!_td decorating.   You will not be obligating yourself in any way by enquiring and
we will be pleased to give you any help
Phone 66
SUPPLY CO., Limited
P. O. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
im^_m--.  _T���_-
The Ford Motor Co., of Manchester, England, makes ami sells more
cars in  England   today  than  the  combined  output of the  next five
largest automobile manufacturers in England
The I'unl was the first public taxicab in London, as in  St.   Petersburg
and New York
E-  C.  EMDE
Ford   G
age   for storage battery   charging and repairing ignition
166 wiring and lighting, etc,     Gasoline 55 cents per gallon
Notice of Dissolution
of Partnership
NOTICE is he
ncrsliip busii
Notice of Dissolution
of Partnership
Death of Robert Graham
There passed away at St. Joseph
hospital, Como_, an old pioneer of
the Comox Valley in the person of
Mr. Robert Graham, who came to
the Comox District about 35 years
ago from 0. ta'tio. In 1891 he built
the Courteuay hotel, and in partnership with Mr. Jos. McPhee built
the Government road between Cumberland and Courtenay, afterwards
he had the contract for clearing
the townsite of Cumberland.
After the boom, business became
bad and he got into financial difficulties, and lost the hotel, afterwards going to Denman Island,
where he engaged in the logging
business. He had been ill for the
past two or three years, aud his
death was not unexpected. He
leaves a sister, Mrs. M. Piercy, of
Sandwick, and three brothers, one
T, _. Graham living at Happy
Valley, one living iu the Klondyke
and another whose address is not
known, He was in his 56th year,
The funeral, which talces place
I to-morrow afternoon, will be under
I the auspices of Hiram Lodge, A.
F. aud A, M., of which he was a
wash, the hair dye's on the blink,
and makes his whiskers pink, the
horse he bought to drive imagines
it's alive, but it's been tiead three
years- and so he sheds his tears,
and .sounds his bitter wail, which
is of no avail. And when at last
he dies he finds, to his surprise his
box which should be oak is pine���
another joke!
.Ly given that the part-
is hitherto existing between us and carried on at Comox, II. C,
iiii'ln the tyle name of Cliffe & Higgins
has this day been dlsolved by mutual
The said business'wll' in future he
carried on by Edward T. Cliffe, who will
discha-ge all liabilities in connection
witli lhe saiil firm and to whom all debts
111 st bs paid forthwith.
Witness out names this Twenty-first
( ..clay oi April, ill tile year of Our
Lord one  thousand   nine  hundred  and
''""     " William B. Higgins
Edward T. Clu-'ee
Witness: C. 0. Callin,
In i860, 8,000 men stampeded
to Rock Creek, about 20 miles
from where Greenwood uow stands,
Of all that number, only two are
living, Bob. Stevenson and Jim
Copeland. Both of these old
pioneers met in Greenwood some
time ago, and had their picture
taken together. They are in many
respects two of the most notablt
pioneers in this province.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership hitherto existing between us
and carried on at Couetenay under the
style name of Duncan ��� Birch lias been
this day dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts due to the said partnership
must be paid to Mr. H. Newell Birch,
who will continue to carry on the said
business and discharge all liabilities of
the said partnership.
Dated at Courtenay,  B. C,   this  7th
day of May, 1914.
Geo. D. Duncan
Witness: C. G. Callin.
There are so many fakes a mortal's bosom aches, and he to grief
gives tongue, so ofteu he is stung!
He buys a box of pills to cure his
grievous ills, the which they fail to
do, and he is sad and blue, when
comes the good old doc, and says
II. Nbwek, Birch  they're made of chalk,    He  takes
In "A Motor Tour Through
Canada" the author tells this story,
as it was told to him at the club in
Regina, of a man who had been
caught by a cyclone while taking
a bath.
His bathroom was instantaneously demolished, and before he could
scramble out of his tub he found
himself sailing over the city ou the
bree/.e at a fifty knot clip, He was
always a man of quick resources
aud ready expediency. That's why
no doubt, the cyclone picked him
out of the crowd. Anyhow, he
never ouce lost his presence of
mind in spite of his I.ady Godiva
appearance, but he seized i hold of
the "hot and cold" taps with both
hands and started steering his craft.
Would you believe it he found it
answered the helm like a c'atboat
aud he at once turned it a point or
two so as to brilig him to the waterworks. There he descended, filled
the tub again, and camly finished
his interrupted bath.
Telephone M .2     COMOX, I). C.
Plastering Contractor
Jailmates Furnished   Work Guaranteed
An emergent meeting of Hiram Lodge
No. 14, A. F. & A. M., will he held on
Friday at 12:30, for' tlie purpose of
attending tlie funeral of our late brother,
Robert Graham, who died at the hospital, Comox, on Tuesday. Interment at
Sandwick cemetery,
Members and   visiting   brethren   are
requested tu attend.
D. Thomas. W. M.
George a_d_ev. Sec.
his roll and goes to buy a suit of
���=______!���=������?r^__=_=___________  clothes;   then says the merchant
ur 11    1 1- 01 ! wight,   "These duds are strictly
Walked _ rom bpokane I right! Of value they are full,   and
To Prince Rupert every threads of wool!" . And then
  the poor galoot takes home the  all
Prince Rupert, May 2.���By reach wool suit,  and when its worn  a
;__   i_,_   _>_������    ___.   ��!______ week, it has become a shriek.   The
ing   here   today    from   Spokane . . ��_,_.!. _.
*   ...      ,      '    . v       ��� trouser legs are shrunk,  the coat
travelling the   whole  distance  of tnd vest  are   punki   and all the
1490 miles on foot, Mr. E.N. Clarke cotton shows throughout the all
has won a bet of #500. He made a wool clothes. Most everything he
wager with Capt. Larsen, the Nome buys, from pickles down to pies,
millionaire, that he could cover the ^^Zm^aS SSkffiS
A quiet wedding was solemnized
in Vancouver, April 22nd, when
Beatrice Vida, eldest daughter of
Mrs, David Pickles, of Denman
Island, and Mr. Patrick J. Doheuy,
general merchant, of Denman Island, were united in the holy bonds
of matrimony. After the ceremony
the happy couple left on their
honeymoon by S. S. Princess Sophia
for Victoria and Seattle. Mr. and
Mrs. Doheuy will make their home
on Denman Island.
Perfect Hearing For The
Come and you will see the simplest and
smallest device in tlie world. Use it
and you will feel delighted that you
have the most woNm.Ri'ur, piece of
mechanism yet devised for' suffering
Come and let us  prove  to  you that we
have conquered your affliction
Come any MME and I wn,. show you
the little Gem Bar Phone, the latest
patented hearing device. You will be
grateful and so pleased with it. You
can hear under all conditions in Church,
Theatre and General Conversation
The   AUTO'    MESSAGE   stops   head
noises and is a sure cure for deafness
distance in 60 days.
52 days.
It took aim a dizzy fake.   The ketchup'smac-e
of squash, the clothing will not
The residents at the extreme end
of the Lower road are said to beat
tom-toms in order to drown the
noise of the frog band, these "arm
X Born���At Comox, on Monday,
May 4, to Captain and Mrs. P. _,,���
Guthrie, a sou,


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