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The Review Dec 11, 1913

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Array 3>*
List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
Hare Yon Money to Inraat,
See ua; wc Can Make Yo��
Large Dividend!
Island Realty Co.
I ������*���*> ���*0******>*0*> ��� +0 ********9*
VOL. 2
NO. 3
$100.00 CASH BUYS
10 Acre Block
Good Land, Easily Cleared,
Good Situation
2 Miles from Courtenay
Price $800, $100 Cash, balance
on easy terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
Don't forget the Furniture Store when
you go out to select that Christmas
Present We have just recieved a
shipment of Toys for the children,
Engines that will run, Guns that are
safe for children to shoot, Dolls,
Etc., in great variety
A large selection of Framed Pictures
and Photo Frames
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
C. A. BROWN, Manager
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have Ivots fronting on the Station Grounds.   Also on the 12 Acres
which the C. P. R. have cleared (or Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a [Chance we will sell these I<ots on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
The Bay i�� full of Brant geese.
Mr. James Martin lias started a
saw filing business in town, Orders
may be left at the furniture store.
Mr. Sara Calhoun lias purchased
a new six cylinder Peerless car,
Next to our own we would rather
have Sam's car than any oue in thf
In Mr. Forde's advertisement last
week tlie pay roll of the Collieries
Co. was made to read $1000,003
monthly, it should have read J> 100,-
oco. This was but a typographical
error, and was not intended to deceive anyone.
Owing to the very rainy weather
the proposed "Bee" to clear fhe
site for the new church of Kngland
did not materialize. However the
pleasure is only postponed, and if
conditions are favorable, it will be
held ou Saturday of this we.k.
The new Presbyteriau Ghurch i>
rapidly Hearing completion, aud arrangements are being made for the
opening, which is expected to take
place the last Sunday iu this month.
Rev. Dr. Pidgeon of Vancouver is
expected to preach the dedication
Mr. W. li. Coulson, general
manager of the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Limited has handed in
his resignation. Mr. J. R. Lock-
ard who has been general superintendent under Mr. Coulson has
been appointed general superintendent of all the company's mines
and properties in the Cumberland
and Extension districts.
To Rent���4 roomed Bungalo,
close in, P. A. Smith, Courtenay.
Wanted���Office or outdoor work.
Apply Box 3, Review office.
For fine painting, paperhangiug
and decorating don't fail to see
Doyle & Home, Courtenay.
Store and warehouse to rent, opposite Courtenay hotel. Apply,
Wm. Lewis, Courtenay.
Will consider an exchange of
fine home in beautiful district Victoria, for a good paying business.
G. VV. 1420 Point St. Victoria.
Stove Wood���Delivered in Court-
nay at reasonable rates. Geo. F.
Russell, Lake Trail. Orders may
be left at the Review Office,
Five acres, part lot 155,'with 423
feet frontage on Puntledge River,
close to Power House, logged off.
Price $500 spot cash. Apply E.
D. Thwaites, Parksville.
Lost or left somewhere by Mr.
Rawlirs, a box containing samples
of Christmas cards, order books etc.
will the finder kindly communicate
with the Review office.
Lost or Strayed���Light Jersey
heifer about 13 months old, half
circle cut out of bottom of right
ear aud hole punched in end of
same ear. Send information to W.
H. Grieves, Sandwick.
For Sale��� two he uses and half
lot next to the Court House, Cumberland. 6 feet concrete cellars
with pillars from bed rock. Price
$3,500. Apply to D. Potter,
Box 441 Cumberland.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture made, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from.
Picture framing aud sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
Boats For Sale
and Hire
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short  Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
Mr. Joseph McPhee has taken
over the management of the McPhee & Morrison Co's business
Mr. S. S. Teed has purchased a
team of horses and has started a
draying and express business in
town. Mr. Teed is an obliging
fellow and will likely succeed in his
The Courtenay Literary and Debating Society met on Monday
evening with a full attendance and
discussed Evolution vs Creation.
Two of the best papers of the season ever read by the Itaders and the
debate that followed was wide
general and instructive. The evolutionists had the majority of
supporters. Next Monday will be
devoted to a paper by Dr. Morrison
on the Bird aud Animal life in
B. C.
Mr. O. H. Fechuer is slowly recovering and expects to be able 1a
sit up for a while each day very
W. H, Kirkwood shot a fine
canvass back duck yesterday. This
is one of the first secured here for
some time.
All Scotchmen who would like
to celebrate Bobbie Burns Anniversary will kindly meet at the
Courtenay Hotel on Friday evening
at 8 p, m. A banquet is proposed
for the 25th of January.
The annual Sunday school
Christmas tree entertainment will
be held on Tuesday the 23rd inst.
in the Agricultural hall. There
will be readings, recitations, dialogues etc. by the children aud choir.
Don't forget to go. Santa Claus
may have something for you.
Local Agent for the Nanaimo & Esquimalt Railway
Lands. Comox District
Offices at
Courtenay ��� anc*     Comox, B. C.
Telephone 24
We specialize in Fruit, Vegetables
and Provisions
A large assortment of Biscuits, Candies, Cigars
and Tobaccos
Local Delivery
Telephone 40
The oldest established firm .of Auctioneers, Real Estate and
Insurance Agents in the Comox District
Money Loaned in Small Amounts on First Mortgages
Some of the Finest Five and   Ten Acre   Blocks,.black   loam
soil, easy to clear, 1-2 mile from store, 1 1-2 mi!es from beach
$85.00 to $110,00 an Acre, easiest of  terms, say $200 down,
can be.arranged
One   central   lot  in  Courtenay, practically cleared $275 on
terms.   Oue minute's walk from Post Office.
Pnone 10
(Formerly of Beadnell & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor
Estate^and Insurance Agent
Collections handled with promptness and dispatch
Phone F91
By Mary Roberts Rinehart
^ ou'd better wash lliosp cups your
���elf, June, she said, I don't see any
sense anyhow iu gelling out the besl
China unless there's ren) company.
Besides, I'm going to talk business.
When the door had closed behind
her, Miss lietltla listened for a moment, got up suddenly and, crossing
the room with ".mazing swiftness for
lior years, pounced on the knob and
threw Ir. open ag<>.ln. But the passage
was empty; Miss Jane's slim Utile
flgun wns disappearing into the kitchen.
1 didn't want to ;ie you about the
will, Mr. Knox, Ihe older sister began.
Tho will can vvtiit. 1 ain't going to
die just yet���not If I know anything.
But although I think you'd look u
heap belter and more responsible If >on wore some hair on
your face, still in most things I think
you're a man of sense. And you're
not. too young. Thnt's why I didn't
send for Harry Watdrop. He's too
I winced at that. Miss Letltla
leaned forward nnd put her bony hand
on my knee.
I've been robbed, ska announced ln
a half whisper.
Indeed! I said, properly thunderstruck. 1 had always believed that
only the use of the fourth dimension
in space would enable any one not de-
nired to gain access to the Maitland
Not the pearls? I asked.
Hho answered my question with another.
When you had those pearls appraised for me al the Jeweler's last,
year, how many wero the;..'
Not 'luilo a hundred I think���yes
Exactly, sho corroborated, In triumph. They belonged to my mother.
Margery's mother got some of them.
That's a good many years ago, young
man. They are worth more than
they were then���a great, deal more.
Head so Itchy Could Hardly Stand
It. Dandruff Showed on Coat Collar. Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Cured in One Month.
323 Ellzabolli St.. Montreal, Quo.���"Cuil-
cura Soap and Ointment cured nie permanently from dandruff and sealp itch that I
was Rufferinn wllh Blnce over a'year. 1 had
an inflammation of the lungs and a very
strong lever. When I recovered, my head
was covered wiih wales and dandruff, and
It was fo Itchy I could hardly stand It. The
dandruff showed on my coat collar. I bad
used various medicines without, relief. I
heard of Outlcura Soap and Ointment and
decided to try them, and I am very glad of
it, bocauso I am perfectly cured. 1 used
two boxes of Cuticura Ointment witli the
Cuticura Soap. It took ono month to euro
me. 1 take pleasure in recommending Cuticura Soap and Ointment lo anyone who ll
���ufferlng with scalp or eldn diseases."
(Signed) Hector I'crras. Dec. 30, 1011.
Prevent falling hair, remove crusts and,
���calcs, and allay itching and Irritation of
the sealp. frequent shampoos with Cuticura
.Soap, assisted by occasional dressings with
Cuticura Ointment, afford the speediest and
most economical treatment. They assist in
promoting tbe growth and beauty of the
Iiair by reffloting those conditions which
tend to make it dry, thin, and lifeless, oflen
leading to prcmaluro grayness and loss of
hair. Outlcura Soap and Cuticura Ointment
are sold by druggists nud dealers throughout
the world. Liberal danvplo of each mailed
free, with M-p. Skin Book. Address post
card Potter Drug A. Choni. Corp., Dept.
4.BD, Boston, U. 8, A.
W.  N. U. 97?
Twenty-two thousand dollarB. 1 re-
ii in -'I. Toil remember. Miss i.eiiiia,
thai i protested vigorously al ibe
time against your keeping tbem In tbe
Miss I .ell tin Ignored tbls, bul be'
fore sin' weni on she repeated again
ber catlike pouncing al the dour, only
to Hnd ibc'biiii empty ns before.
yesterday morning, she buid grave
ly, 1 gul down I lie huv they have always been kept, in lhe small safe in
tlie top of my olosot, When .lane
found a ptoture of my niece, Margery
Fleming, in Harry's room l thought It
likely there was some truth la. the
gossip Jane heard aboul the two; and
If thero was going to be n wedding,
why, the pearls were to go to Mar>
gerj anyhow, Bui l found the door
ol the safe unlocked and a Hit lo bit
open, and ten Of the pearls were gone.
Gone I i echoed, if ten, why nol
the whole ninety-eight?
How do I know? she replied with
asperity, That's whtti I keep a lawyer for.
Bul  ynu need a detective, I cried.
I win not hat ibe police, she persisted inflexibly. They will come
around asking impertinent Questions
and telling tho newspapers 'bat a
fonl!uii obi woman had got what she
Then you ni'e going io send them In
a bank?
You have less sense ibnn 1 thought,
she snapped. 1 am going lo leave
Ihem wiiere they ore and watch. Whoever took tho ten will lie buck for
more, mark my words.
l don't advise it. i said decidedly.
Stuff and nonsense! (be old lady
said, wilb spirit.
Then what do you want me. lo do?
i asked. Have Bella arrested and
1- ��� trunk -enrobed.
Her trunk! she snid scornfully. 1
turned it. inside out tills morning. 1
want you to stay here for three or
four days. When 1. catch the thief
I want my lawyers right by,
It ended by my consenting, of
course. Miss Letltla wns seldom refused, l.ittlc Mis^ .lane lighted me
to Hip door of the guest room. Her
thin gray curls bobbed as she examined the water pitcher, saw to the
towels and felt the bed linen for dan.y-
ness. At the door sbe turned around
Has���anything happened lo disturb
) iy sister? she asked. Sho lias been
almost, irritable all day.
Siie is worried about her colored orphans, I evaded. She does not approve of fireworks for them on the
Fourth of July.
I put out the light and sat down
near the window, with my cigar and
my thoughts. 1 had finished my second cigar. There was a sound ef fumbling at one of tlie shutters below.
With Miss uetitla'a story of the pearls
fresh in my mind 1 felt at once that
the thief, finding bis ten a prize, had
come buck for more.
I found on the mantel a heavy brass
candlestick, and with it in my hand I
stepped int.j the gloom of Uio hallway
and felt my wnj down the stairs. I
had kicked off my shoes, a fact I regretted later. I went into the library,
which was beneath my room, but the
sounds at the window had ceased. 1
thought I heard steps on the walk going toward Ihe front of the house. 1
wheeled quickly and started for the
door when something struck me a terrific blow on the nose. I reeled back
and sat town, dizzy and shocked. It
was only when no second blow followed the first that 1 realized what had
With my two hands oul before me
ln the blackness I had gror 3d, one
hand on either t'de of the open door,
Which of course, 1 had struck violently
with my nose. My candlestick had
rolled under tho table, and after crawling around on my hands and knees I
found it. For all her boasted watchfulness Miss Letltla must have been
I got back into the dining room.
Some one was fumbling at the shutters there, and as I looked they swung
open. It was so dark outside with
Uio trees and the distance from the
street that only the creaking of the
shutters told it had opened. I stood
in the middle of the room, with one
hand firmly clutching my candlestick.
But the window refused to move.
The burglar seemed to have no proper
tools. He got something under the
sash, but it. snapped, aud through the
heavy plate glass I could hear him
swearing. Then be abruptly left the
window und made for the front of the
I blundered In the same direction,
my unshod feet striking on projecting
furniture and causing me agonies even
throughout my excitement. When I
reached tlie front door, how. vcr I was
amazed to find it unlocked, and standing pen perhaps an inch I stopped
uncertainly. 1 was in a peculiar position. Not even the most ..rdent admirers of antique brass candle stickE
indorse them as weapons of offense or
defense. But Here seeming to be
nothing else to oo, I openeJ the door
quietly and stepped out into the
The next instant 1 was flung heavily
to the porch floor. 1 am not a small
man by any means, but under the fury
of that onslaught I was a child. It
was a porch chair, I think, that knocked me senseless. I know I folded up
like a jacknlfe, and that was all I
did know for a few minutes.
When I came to I was lying where
1 had fallen, and a candle was burning 1 esldo me on the porch floor. It
took me a minute to remember, and
another minute to realize that I was
looking into the barrel of a revolver.
It occurred to me that I had never
seen a more vlllianous face than that
of tbo man wbo held it���-Which shows
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
are different iu that they
do not  gripe, purge nor
cause  nausea,   nor  does
continued use lessen their
effectiveness.     Vou can
always depend on llicm
:5c, a box at your
Druggist's.    178
. rJHlwut Dru| anil ClMMlOil Co.
el Canada, limit"!
��   NADRU-CO    .
"witch "hazel
A.".ootlilng. ooollnglollon���the
very be:.t thing you can use
for Ibe chafed akin, chipped
hands and cracked lip,-, which
raw cold weather brings, 203
?.&a 3. bollle,.at your Druggist 8.
my stntp or mind���and that my position wns the reverso of comfortable,
I To be Continued.
Matrimony Declining in Scotland
Marriages registered in Scotland
during 1010 numbered ilO.Htifi; 744
more llinn were registered during I lie
previous year, but 1,010 fewer than
the average number registered during
Uio preceding flvo years, und 1,111
fewer than the average number during
tho preceding 10 years. The marriage rate of the year la 6.26; il, is
.09 abuvo tht'.t of the previous year,
but is .42 less than the mean of marriage rates of the preceding five years
and .112 less than the mean of lhe
rate:; of the preceding ten years.
Safe Bet
The colonel remonstrated with bis
subaltern tlmi niter Um., but all in
vain. The latter was a born. Incurable gambler, Ono day, however,
Just about the I line when ho was
transferred, bis old colonel met the
new one nnd gave ibe hitter a word
t.f warning. Only two flays alter lie
bad joined    :.;s    nr\     regiuienl    lhe
young officer accused his new colon.!
of suffering from corns.
My dear young fellow, I've never
had u corn in iny life.
I'll bet you five dollars you've got
one on each foot  n w,
Hone, snid the colonel, uiul be look
nff bis    boots.    .No   corns   could   be
found, and ilu.' ��� nionei got hla money.
Hence when  Uio two colonels  met
the young man's old oommander was
told ot all thai bud happened.
Good heavens! oiled the old warrior. And lie In I me ten pounds lie
would have your feet bare before he
hnd been in your regiment s week.
The pie trust would retire from the
field vanquished and binding 1111 Uie
wounds to its pocketbook were the
women to fight wllh the kind of plos
that mother t-sed to make.
Why suffer from curns when thoy
can be painlessly rooted out by using
Hollowny's Corn Cure.
Obeyed Orders
I thought 1 told you not to oul your
corns with my razor! thundered the
exasperated husband who was trying
to lose a few of his whiskers.
Ar I haven't since you told me you
wore so particular with your old but oiler Unite, rcpliec'i the wife sweetly.
Well, it feels that way.
I did open a can of tomatoes with
it. Would that hurt it any? Vou
didn't say I wasn't to do that.
Mlnard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
With the Tide
It had been ruining for twenty-four
hours, and the ground was more like
a lake .'tan a football field; bul the
referee could net sea his way to postpone the match.
Surely you aren't going lo make us
play lu .liis? asked the visiting captain.
Of course you must play, declared
tho man with the whistle. Now,
don't hang about. You've won the
toss.     Which end are you taking?
Oh, well, cairu. the reply, with a
sigh of resignation, I reckon we'd better kick with the tide.
Which BringL Dally Enjoyment
A lady doctor writes:
"Thot'gh busy hourly wiih my own
affairs, I will not deny myself the pleasure of taking a few minutes lo tell of
my enjoyment dally obtained from my
morning cup of Possum. It is a food
beverage, not an irritant like coffee.
"I began to use Postum 8 years ago,
not because I wanted to, but because
coffee, which 1 dearly loved, made my
nights long, weary periods to be dreaded, and Unfitting me for business during the day." Tea is just as injurious
as coffee, because Uie drug, caffeine,
is found In both tea and coffee.
"Ou advice of a friend, I first tried
Postum, making it carefully ns suggested on tlie package. As 1 had always used "cream and no sugar," I
mixed my oslum so. It looked good,
was clear and fragrant, and it was a
pleasure to see tlie cream color it as
my Kentucky friend wanted her coffee
to look���'like . new saddle.'
"Then 1 lasted it critically, for 1 had
tried many "substitutes" for coffee. I
waB pleased, yes, satisfied with my
Postum in taste and effect, aud am yet,
being a constant user of it all these
years. I continually assure my
friends and acquaintances that they
will like it in ph ce of coffee, and receive benefit from its use, I have
gained weight, can sleep and am not
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Write for the little book, "Th'* Road to Wellville."
Postum comes in two forms:
Regular Postum���must be well boiled.
Instant Postum ls a sol able powder.
A teaspoonful dissolves quickly in a
cup of hot water and, with cream nnd
sugar, makes a delicious beverage in-
Btantly.    Grocers sell both kinds.
"There's a reason" for Postum.
Nearls all obllJri n arc subject 10
worms, nnd many are bum with tbem.
Spare tbem suifwlng by using Mother
0raves' Worn. Qxlermlnator, tho besl
remedy of the kind that, can lie bad.
A Scottish niiulsler wns called In to
see u man who Mas extremely ill
After finishing his visit, us ho was
leaving the house, lie snld to the man's
wife: My good woman, do S'OU not go
to any church at all?
Ob, ves, sir; wo gang In Ibe llarony
Then why In Uie world did you send
for me? Why didn't vou send for
Dr,  MacLeod?
Nil,  na,  sir,   Meed,  no;   we  wadna.
risk blm.    Du ye nu ken it's a contag'
Ions ease of typhus?
WANTED at once
I'crsoni to work far us
In ���.nam Um* st home. No experleno*
NQUIret wilb our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Enty snfl fascinating
Worit. Go.nl ray. No canvassing. Write
far Instructions ffree).
815 Collene Street. Toronto, Canada.
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars He-
ward for any ease of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hull's Catarrh
F.  J.   CHENEY  *  CO.,  Toledo,  O.
Vfe. the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for ihe Inst IB years, end believe him perfectly honest In all business
transactions and financially ahle to carry
out nr.r obi I gat Ion B mnde by bis Arm.
Toledo. O,
Trail's Catarrh Curo ia I alien Internally,
.letinR directly unon tlio Wood and mucous surfaces of th- system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle.
Sold by nil druggists,
Tnlto Hall's Family Tills for constipation.
Mrs. Wiiistow's soothinc. sinter has t>��u
Medforover sixrv YEARS by millions of
800T11R8 Hie CHILD, BOnTBMB tha OVMB.
it lii�� lirit remedy im DIAKKW8A. It i�� ul*
solnieiv harmless, Re sure anil aas. for "Mr*.
Window's SuHiliiiii: Byrlip," und inkc rootlet
kiud, Tweutyavocenlis bottle.
LUMSDEN   ���LDO.W'yffi}]'') TORONTO.
weirc rem rcsua.    *"""" '     m.3713.
Piece for Little Brother
The family had been composed of
jus' Raymond, liis brother and his father. One evening when Raymond
camo home from school he was taken
into the room where n little mite of
humanity lay and was told that It was
his baby brolher.
Raymond stood silent for a moment
and then said: Well, pop, we'll have
to cut the pie In more than throe
places now, won't wo?
Mlnard's Liniments Cures Burns, Etc.
Boek Tree. A t.mpK
���em* treatment reaovei
Old serei, ulcere mei
intiik* cured. Deacrlbc
roar trestle; wa will aeaa keak aod leeliaeaiela.
that eovre glre more milk after 6*1
homing tlian before, 'ihe. Iiepirt-
rnent of Afrlcultltro fiavH tt*
instrument to perform tbe opera,
lion--does tlie job quicker, belter,
more bumanclr. Seed for booklet n .
B. E, M'KENKA, SIS Robert St.,
I'oronto, Can.
Excelsior Life
ASSETS Ak. Absolute
Westy Hogan's Draws Crowd of Shooter: to Seaside Resort
Two hundred and eight trap shooters
went, to Atlantic City, N.J., thlB year
to compete in tbe always popular
Wesly Hogan's Tournament, For the
first lime a Westy Hogan's Handicap
event was scheduled���this to be the
premier number on th? week's program. Ij. W. Colquitt went over from
East Orange, N.J., and made (lie maiden winning Willi 98 oul of a possible
100 in the handicap and 17 out ot a
possible 20 In the shootoff, which lie
contested with Hurry Byre, a Penn-
sylVanian, who dropped one bird more
tban Mr. Colar.it in tlie deciding
string. Charles Newcomb, the noted
Philadelphia amateur, won high amateur average for tlie lheot, breaking
4S3 out of a possible 500, shooting
Remington-TJMC shells as did the
handicap contenders mentioned, tn attendance, the 'Westy's' exceeded lhe
record of some ef tlio minor Interstate
Handicaps, this year, and set a high
standard for next year's meet.
Second Choice
1 hear lhat the Browns ar: going 10
lead the simple life this summer.
That is news lo me.
That they are to Hv   lhat way?
No; that li own is so deeply involved. '
$18,000,000 jetgft
A Representative wanted In every run*,
to sell the New Excelsior Policies.
Apply to our Offic- at Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon or Varicsuvsr.
is a
can use
Old man Aesop had just promised
his wife be would be home early.
You don't seem to put much dependence In Ills promise? remarked
the friend.
No, laughed Aesop's Wife; 1 though:
perhaps it might lie another of his
kTlie Guaranteed "ONE DYE for*
1 All Kinds of Cloth. ,
, Clean. Simple, No Chance of Mlatakee, TRY
I ITI Sand for l'ree Color Card and JlooUrt
ITheJotinaon.KlchardaoliCo. l.lmlted.l.MonUeal
No Moie Than Natural
Thai, girl may be a popular favoiits
but sbe is entirely loo prominent, uot
to say speclacuhi'.
Thaf's all right,     isn't ii rigid and!
proper tor .1. belle to havo a striking
The man who waits for opportunity
lo knock finds the waiting good.
DO YOU Feel     w    rbaduclM �� Headache   *|
I Dratiing Down Sensations I
I Nerrrat���Drains��� 1
^Tenderneii Law Down.   J
This Way
It is because of gome derangement or disease
distinctly feminine.    Write Dr. R. V. Pierce's
Faculty at Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N.Y.
Consultation is free and advice is strictly in!
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
restores the health and spirits and removes those
painful symptoms mentioned above. It has been
sold by druggets for over 40 years, in fluid form,
at $!.0'j per pottle, giving general satisfaction. It cap
now be had in tablet form, as modified by R. V. Pierce, M.D.
j i.y mull OS* V999tmt ttf *W tt* ���*��*#������.' THE REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C.
Solid Breech Homntcrlcsa-Safc
Tl IOUSANDS of sportsmen have first
choaan a Remington far its looks*"
; its balance���'its speed suggestion   ami
have hern delighted to und that they
had nn arm that was u litllr fatter    a
���%*"^   little more accuraly than any rifle thoy
,..��� ....��� *r\t..t everownedi
YJs    ��. w$    *22Repeating Hiflea^1 easy take-down.
���W        t*    straight lino teed.   .2"), ,30, .32 Rom-
* Ington high power rifles,
An Intsrwtiag booMat limply uplalnlng msny <��( tli- mors tsahnlesl DoInUof rapdsrc rids ton-
itructiou li yours Foi theultingi Youi" oams snd auclrsssoD n poitura brings it by return mail, 4
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontario
A Belter Cup of Tea-
More of Ihem loliie Pound'
Can always make siir��. of getting the highest prices for vVHEAT, 0A^>
DAI1LEY and FLAX, by shipping their car lota to FORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having Ihcm sold on commission by
He Took the Hint
Muriel, wild lim old gentleman
iharply, iiini young man yon lnul In flip
parlor lasi ulglit is dull of compreheu-
Blon. All l lnul to Co wns cough
when tlio other chaps remained too
laic, and they would take the hint ami
depart, bid this one sny anything
when I coughed last ulglu?
Yes, replied the beautiful daughter,
lie said I lie next time he called he was
going to bring you ::ome cough drops,
To safeguard the child from damage
(hat worms cause, use Miller's Worm
Powders, the medicine pur excellence
for children, These powders will clear
Hie system entirely of worms, will regulate and siiniulaii' the organs Injuriously affected l)>' lhe worms, anil will
encourage healthful operation of the
digestive processes. As a vermifuge
ll cannot be surpassed in effectiveness,
A lady of greu beauty and attractiveness who was an ai'deni admirer of
Ireland one crowned her praise of It
at a party by saying:
['think I was meant for an Irish woman.
Madam, rejoined a witty son of thin,
who happened lo he present, thousands would back me In saying that
you were meant for all Irishman.
MrSaDoucetteTells of her Distressing Symptoms During
Change of Life and How
She Found Relief.
Stopping Hi6 Talk
A. man carrying a small handbag
such ns commercials use entered a
barber's shop aud proceeded to take
various things out of the bag.
1 don't think I want anything today, said tlie barber.
The other showed bim a bottle.
This Is very line bay rum, ho said.
Possibly, naiil tlie baiter) but I
have got plenty.
Shaving soap? said Ihe other, producing a packet.
No, ihanks, replied lhe barber.
Faoe powder? said tho caller, producing another packet.
No; it no good, said the barber, I
uuiHi gel rid of my present stock
Apparently undaunted, the caller
produced various oilier things���a bottle of hair tonic, a pot of pomade, a
lube of face cream, and so on.
No, no, no! said the barber, des-
p vainly. 1 tell you I don't want any
of them.
I know you don't was the calm reply.
Then why do you ask me to buy
tbem? demanded the barber.
I didn't ask you to buy them, declared the other. 1 only came in to
have my hair cut. but I wanted to
show you before I started that I've
got all the toilet articles I want.
Minard's    Liniment    Cures    Dandruff
Wher..   Not   One   but   Two   or   Three
Oxen Might be Roasted
Tie' iillehi't   of olileu limes seem lo
have been of extraordinary size, judg-
ng from tha Investigations mado by
au I'ingii'h b.l��tor.onl Boolety, \i
lluivituou' nu\ for example, thero
was a kitche twenty-eight Feet high.
with liire' i uge fireplaces and u hake
louse with an ove   fourteeu feel In
There is an old Welsh kitchen near I
Llandudno, dating from tho fifteenth
century, u'Uloii has' many primitive
culinary contrivances, now obsolete or]
superseded by modern .'."vices. Among
these curious old devices may be mentioned a tneatjack with a flywheel, a
steel toasting stand and n tan bellows.
Ai Battle abbey thero" ts a oujloui
old Micheu containing much of Inter-
esl in (he antiquary, nnd a kitchen
m si. Mary's hull, Coventry, is remarkable for the famous 'knaves' post
in which, li appears, refractory scullions were temporarily attached hy
way of punishment
There Is n medieval kitchen al.
Westminster abbey, although Utile remains by which to Identity ll aside
from ihe rubble flooring, lhe buttery
batch and an adjoining cellar. [lamp-
ton Court palaofl shown lis great
kitchen wilji vaulted root and sots of
antlers on Its walls.
Englishmen of other day., fully recognized tho advantages of a large
kitchen. There Is extant au order,
dated April 18, 1206, wherein Hugh
do Nevlll is commanded to have the
king's kitchen at Clarendon roofed
with shingles' and to cause two new
kitchens to be erected, one at Marlborough and tho other at I.udgershall,
to which 'to dress' the royal dinners.
In this order it is slated that it Is
particularly directed that each kitchen
shall be provided with a furnace sufficiently large to roast two or three
Waa Too Sore and   Lame   to   Work
Quickly Cured by Nerviline
"J bave had a long experience in
treating horses, and I can safely say
that I know of no liniment for strains,
sprains, and swelling that Is so useful
around the stable as Nerviline." Thus
writes Mr. J. R. Murchlsnu, from his
home, Crofts Hill P.O. "I bad a fine
young mare that wrenched her right
foreleg, and from the shoulder down
she was stiff, sore, and swollen. I
applied Nerviline, and It worked llko a
charm; in fact, that mare was ln shape
to work a day after I used Nerviline.
"We have used Nerviline on our
farm for twenty-five years, and never
found it wanting. For man or beast
It ls a wonderful liniment."
Five thousand letters recommend
Nerviline as a general household liniment, as an all-round cure for aches
and pains.     Try it yourself.
Large sUo bottle, 60c, or sample size
25c, sold by all dealers, or The Ca-
tnrrhozone Co., Kingston, Ont.
���A i$mM^
Grain  Commission  Merchant! Winnipeg.  Mamto&i
Mai��* biiim Lading raadi Port Arthur or Fort William*   Notify rattr Janata
Co.,   Wlnnlpefi,
Liberal Advancei Prompt Return! Bait G-adfi
Wlicn    yon    Cion��     tlie      Atlantic
Choose     the       OLD       RELIABLE
the pioneer llmi of Atlantic Btgam shipping, Reoenty, two paiatl.
Btoamora have boon added i" tho Cunard Canadian Borvloe, the "Andanla"
mul "Alaunla," carrying ono olass oabln Uii nnd mini class. Tliesi
splendid ships afford ovory luxury and oorafort for the accommodation
of paBBonsoi's. Thoy aro nti"ii with Marconi Wireless Telegraphy. Submarine Signalling, etc.. In faot. every modern tlovloo for tho safety of
passengers. magnificent appointments.
Lounge, Gymnasium,   Drawing-room,   Smoking-room,   Open and Covered
Promenades, Spacious Staterooms. Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) 8.S. "Alaunla" carrying one class cabin ill., ana
third class only.    Early application for reservation Is recommended.
For particulars oi' sailings and Bervloes from Montreal; Portland, D   ���.
and New York, apply t" fjooal Agents, or
THE  CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO.,  LTD., 304  Main  Street,   Winnipeg
WHAT we can do is to SHIP US
Grain Exchange -      ��� Winnipeg,
Belleville, Nova Scotia.Can.���"Three
feBi'S. ago I was suffering badly with
what tho doctors
called Change of
Life. 1 was so bad
that I bad to stay in
bed. Some friends
told me to take Lydia
E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound und
it helped me from
tin' first, It is tbe
only medicine I
took that did help
me and I recommend
it. You don't know how thankful and
grateful I am. 1 give you permission
to publish what your gond medicine has
done for me."���Sirs. Simon Doucettb,
Belleville, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia,
Such warning symptoms as sense of
uuffocation.hot flashes,headaches, back-
���ches.dread of impending evil, timidity,
sounds in the ears, palpitation of the
heart, sparks before the eyes, irregularities, constipation, variable appetite,
weakness and inquietude, and dizziness,
are promptly heeded by intelligent women who are approaching the period in
llife when woman's great change may
be expected.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound invigorates and strengthens the
female organism and builds up the weakened nervous system. It has carried
many women safely through this crisis.
If you want special advice write lo
liTdla H. PiuUhain Medicine Co. (conft-
itciiliali Lynn, Mass. Yonr letter will
��e opened, read and answered by a
woman, and held in strict confidence.
W. N. U. 97'
Art Tamed the Tigers
A privileged few may have seen the
Interesting sight of a sculptor making
his studies ami models from life for
the statues of the two tigers which
guard the entrance to Nassau ball at
l'riui'oton. The studies wore made for
tlie most part in the animal bouses
near the Arsenal in Central park. At
first considerable prodding by the
keepers was necessary to Induce the
zoological samples to come forward
wben the sculptor wanted them. After a time, however���Ihls is upon the
sculptor's solemn word���the beasts
got so that; when they saw him set up
liis stand they came forward of their
own accord und lay crouched, as be
wished. Tho tigers lint] learned to
Cigar  ir Cocoanut?
Tlie ncciipniils of tlio railway carriage were listening witli joyful interest. In the tales of the young man
in lhe corner. I.' i Hud been all over
lhe world several times, apparently
uiul ids adventures had been marvel'
Coolness nud courage is (ho tiling,
he wns saying. Take this case. VVe
were in Central Africa, traveling
among cannibal tribes. One evening
wben we camped, I had strolled off
while my men prepared supper, when
suddenly above a rock in front of me
I saw (he heads of three natives who
were watching me. What Wta I to
do? My gun' was at tlie camp. To turn
back meant having spears through
nie. In a moment I decided. Close
by were some stones. Pretending I
didn't; see the niggers, I bent down
aa if lo examine tile stones, then,
quick as lightning, I picked up three
of them and flung them with all my
force at. their beads. Every one
found Its mark, and tlie three natives
dropped like sheep. 1 always take a
good aim, and it served me well then.
Then the red-faced man opposite,
who had been listening carefully,
chimed iu: And whal did you get?
.'. cigar or a cocoanut?
Nature's Rival
She���Did you hear the thunderstorm
last. night?
He���No. There was u suffragette
meeting In the next house to mine.
The Reason
A well known Idiot named Jamie
Fraiter surprised people sometltnos by
his replies. The members of one parish had for soine time distressed tho
minister by their habit of sleeping ln
church. He had often endeavored to
impress them with a senso of the Impropriety of such conduct, and one
day when Jamie was sitting in the
front gallery wide awake when many
wero slumbering round him the clergyman endeavored to arouse the attention of his hearers by stating the
fact, saying: You see even Jamie Fra-
zer, the Idiot, dees not fall asleep, as
so many of you are doing. Jamie, not
liking perhaps to bo designated, coolly replied: And If I hadn't been an
Idiot I would havo been sleeping too.
Trial Is Inexpensive. To those who
suffer from dyspepsia, indigestion,
rheumatism or any ailment arising
from derangement of the digestive
system, a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills Is recommended, should tho sufferer be unacquainted with them. The
trial will be inexpensive and the result
will bo another customer for this excellent medicine. So effectlvo is
their action that many cures can certainly be traced to their use where
oilier pills havo proved ineffective,
Dally Market Letter una Satniple drain  Bags,
Send us your name and address anil  wo will
put you on our mailing list���!t':i free.    Let  in
keep you posted on market ipi'TceB for grain,
Personal attention given to selling nnd grading of t
cars.    Our Car  Tracing  and  Claim  Departments  work  Iii   OUT
clients' interests.   Mo liavo every facility for prompt service and
wa get best results for shippers,
Send to-<lny for a supply of sample bags uud deal with *
firm whose business hns been luillt up bv satisfied customers        Ml
Paid-up Capital, $150,000
References,    any    Bank    o
Commercial Agency.
A Paste | the F E Dallev Q. ltd.I No Dust
NoWisteI      Hamilton.Ont.    I No Rust
Loved Another Too Well
lie -You refuse me. Is It because
you aro fond ot another'.'
Ho (savagely)���Tell me who this
other Is.
She���She stands before you,
I  .aan���aaaa���
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
She Knev  It
One day a teacher was having, a
first grade class in pbysh! gy Sbe
asked them if they knev. lhat [here
was a burning fire in the uoi; all or
the time. Ono little girl spnlre up and
Yes'm. When It is a cold da.' I can
see tho smoke.
At the
Buying at the ftctoty will land
this range et your station freight
prepaid fot $20.00 lets thin
the next bent rtove on the market. You pocket the
dealer's profit���about 30 per cent.���get a beautiful steel
and malleable iron range built to last a lifetime. And what'i
mote you lave money every month on your fuel bill.
Every Range is unconditionally guaranteed.
T"\ ���      ��� T4    * J SsU'es
Dominion rnde  ;;nr;
Try Murine  Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
���Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c,  50c.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
tn ly. Tanlo B..S far All tyaa thai Naaal Car*
Murine Eye Itemed* Co.,  Chicago
It'a as good as seeing
.the range to read the
complete and clear description in our book.
Ihe book also contains a
history of cooking worth
reading. Let us send
you a copy.
Canada Malleable & Steel
Mfg. Co., Limited, o��hawa,
Uilleabla I
Sttel Ra��|�� Mfg.
Ci., Limited. Othiwa
Pius. SsnJ Book
Bank of Canada
ncorporatcd 1869
Capital I'm
p Ml,
Reserve nml Undivided Profits $13,000,000
tyuble in ull purls ul lhe world
Special tun
ntiiitt give
i tn Savings Department and Trnnsnctloiis of onlin-
nry Banking Business by mail
For Gifts that will
be Appreciated
The Courtenay Review
Ami Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  nt
Courteuay, It C.
N. II. Bourn, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription fci 0 per Vear in Advance
LAZO       j
ral Store
The   contract for the  wharf  at
Roy's Beach is let to Mr.   R, II.
2o 11). sack Granulated Siignr$i,2S
Currants, Raisins and Sultanas, to
oz. pkg, ioc each
All Spices at ioc per tin
Egg-0 Baking Powder, 16 oz. tin,
15c each
Woods,  of Port  Alberni,  who is Cutting Tomatoes,   2 1-2  lb   tins,
coming here in a few days to ar
range for the work being started.
The approach to this wharf will be
1284 feet in length by 16 feet wide
and the wharf landing 100 x 40ft.
with a freight shed 14x20, the top
floor of the wharf and approach 5
feet above high water mark, this is
on the modern principle of the
wharves at Victoria and on the
mainland, allowing vessels to get
alongside at any state of the tide.
Undoubtedly this wharf, which
was urged 17 years ago, but not
possible of accomplishment under
the late Dominion Government,
will prove of immense benefit to
the surrounding district, especially
Cumberland and Comox, aud our
Dominion member Mr. H. S. Cle
ments deserves our best thanks
2 fur 25c
Fairbanks cottoline 4 lb. tin 50c
Morning Glory Coffee
We are clearing this out at 3 lib
tins for $1.00 to make room for a
good article
Winnipeg prices for boots and shoes
dry goods and hardware at
is another of his achievements "the
greatest good for the greatest number" this is his motto, but not so
with the late government in regard
to B, C, who when they vacated
office left us 20 years behind the
Swiss Chalet style to be ruu as a
good class residential hotel and
yacht club combined, it is conceded
that such will be needed at Royston
and should their application be
it granted the next nearest hotel will
be four miles distant and would not
injure any other lienor license
holder, on the contrary, it will do
these aud the district as a whole
good by drawing a good class of
settlers and those  of independent
A Large and Varied Assortment of the
Holiday Goods mul Cnrlstuias Novelties, Everything displayed where
you vun readily luspect tbe
.    ninny different lines In
make yonr selection
Military Brmhei Novelty designs in Sterling   .Silver     photo    fniines,     hair
brushes, mill tarybrnshes andclothse
HatldlnTchicfi l.iulies pure linen handkerchiefs iu fancy boxes, from 75c to $2
per box; children's fancy handkerchiefs nt 20c und 25c per box,
Handkerchief ruses silk embroidered nml
band painted iinndkerchiel cases,
Emb. Hauilkcreliicfa---l,M<lics Swiss embroidered handkerchiefs,   13c to SI each.
Mantle Urapci- Silk embroidered table
covers and mantle drapes,
Linen. - liyclct embroidery and punch
work linen center pieces, runners,
cushion covers aud necktie racks.
Motor Scarfs���Silk and lace motor scarfs
nml neck mufflers.
Collari���Latest New York styles in ladies
lace collars, ties and jabots.
Fnr Seta---Ladies fur sets, muffs and
stoles, in black, beaver and white,
from ji.5 to $10 per set.
Boat---Children's white fur boas, at 50c
and 75c each.
Silk Blouiei---l,ailies blouses ill plain and
fancy silks, from S+.5U to #15.
Waiit Length���Silk waist lengths in plain,
striped and brocbe, from 75c to
$2.25 per yard.
Evninf Silks���1'oilettu. mescaline and
crepe-de-cbene in all evening shades
at jl.25 and $1.65 per yard.
Umbrellas���Ladies fancy bandied umbrellas iu silk and silk mixtures, from
#1.50 to $5.
Novelties���A complete stock of childs and
infants wear in fancy slippers, wool
boots anil bootees, polka jackets,
toques, leggins, silk buggy robes,
silk and muslin dresses.
Irish Linen Sets���Sets of Irish linen table
covers and napkins to match, suitable for Christmas gifts, from $4.50
to $6.5U per set.
Union Bay
Born���On the 3rdinst,, at Union
Bay, to Mr. and Mrs. Lome R.
Campbell, a son.
Born���On the 3rdinst., at Union
Bay, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Haywood,
a son.
times. We only want our pound means on pleasure bent for yacht-
of flesh which under the present ing, shooting and fishing,
government we are getting. Regarding Comox and this new wharf,
the C. P. R. will not run the steel
to Comox and when it is figured
out that the distance between Comox and Royston wharf across the
harbour will be approximately one
mile, passengers using the C. P. R.
Royston flag station will be able to
cross to and from Comox by a
gasoline lauuch in a few minutes
Mr. Harry Idiens and his brother
are applying for a liquor liceuse for
an hotel to be built at Roy's Beach
ou the beautiful residental site formerly occupied by old gentleman
Roy overlooking Comox Harbour,
"With its snow clad mountains iu the background,
sea and greenfields in
the foreground, it makes a
picture worth painting."
Such hotel to be named "The Pier
Hotel'' and built somewhat on the
A limited supply of mechanical Teddy Bears, Fur
Animals, lite, on display.
The Womans Institute held their
regular monthly meetiug on Wednesday afternoon. The subject for
discussion was "Christmas Recei-
pes". The subject was timely and
was ably discussed and no doubt
the palates of the male portion of
the community will be gratefully
tickled during the holiday   season.
 ���aaMa> �������..���*����*������	
Kelowna wants a po;t office
building that will cost $55,000 to
No. 8 Mine Townsite
The Next and Nearest Property to the Mines, Sawmills, and absolutely Inside Property
1-4 to 1-2 acre Lots, 60 x 80 by 120 feet deep,
Price $150 to $225 per Lot, on Easy Terms
You'll be on Easy Street in buying these.   It's the
White Man's City.   We do not sell to Asiatics
Lots are selling fast, apply to A.   Pailthrope "The Store" Berwick, or
Harry Idiens
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
^.      Telephone 36 COURTENAY
Neckwear���This season's newest creations
put up in fancy boxes, 50c  to $1.25.
Gloves���A big selection.    A pair of these
would make a very suitable present,
60c to $3.50.
Handkerchiefs���Linen   and colored   silks,
plain and  initialed, from 20c to  $1,
Silk Neck Scarfs���Servicnble and beautiful,
will make au  excellent   Christmas
gift, from 75c to $2.50
Bath Robes and  Smoking Jackets���These  are
comfortable,    handy   aud    useful;
nothing could  he more appreciated
for   a holiday   present tban   one of
these, from $5 to $12.50.
Hosiery���An immense line of good bosiery
in all the popular  shades, 35c to $1.
Fancy  Vests���Are   very  much   liked   by
most  men,   and will please   careful
dressers, from $1.50 to $5,
Stylish New Hats���Tlie   latest   shapes and
[        shades,   stiff and   soft, made   from
rough Tweed   mixtures, finest   felt,
from $2 to $7.50.
Sweater   Coats���Everybody   likes   them,
j        Tbey   arc   useful   every   day.    We
bave a large range of pattern's made
witli the  newest "V" shape collar,
and other styles.    Prices $1.75 to $7.
Umbrellas���Make an attractive gift, a good
article ami certain to lie appreciated,
from J1.25 to 17.50.
Winter Caps���Stylish   shapes and   shades;
made  to  keep  the  head  and  ears
warm, from 50c. to $1.50,
Shirts���Mens   line  shirts iu   the  newest
colorings and patterns, witli soft at-
I        taclied  and detachable  collars  and
cull's.   Prices 11,25 to j2.5o.
Combination Sets���Suspenders, arm bands,
belts and garters.    Nothing   else so
sure   to   lie   ''Just   what 1   want,"
prices, 75c to $2.50.
Men's Jewelery���Cuff   links,    watch   fobs,
|        scarf pins,   collar buttons,   tie clips,
,        badges, etc.
Fancy Slippers���Our ideal  Christmas  pre-
|        sent, nnd  always  acceptable, prices
I        from SI, 25 to $2.
Boy's Novelties���We have  a big  selection
of boy's novelties; also the   popular
Snndford suits  and  overcoats; hats,
caps, sweater coats, fine .shirts, ties,
in fact everything that is newest and
best for boys to wear.
We would suggest the sooner you come
to make your selections the better
the assortment will be. We are
showiug by far a finer collection of
desirable gifts for men and women
than ever before.
Dr.  NefPs
Sanitary Underwear
People are now looking for pure
wool underwear, garments made to
suit the Canadian climate. They
want perfecl fitting underwear, soft
smooth and comfortable
We   guarantee  this   underwear   to
meet all these requirements
Call in and examine it
Cor. Union and Isabel Sts. COURTENAY
FEED!        FEED!        FEED!
A large stock of shorts, bran, crushed oats, hay and poultry
feed for sale at exceptionally low prices
Phone 32
How do I know?
The Corner Store has an Excellent Show
Ornaments, Fancy China and Glassware, Books for
young and old, Xmas Fruit and Candies
Presents for the Girl Presents for the Man
Presents for Everyone
Don't believe us?   Come and see for yourselves-   Always at
home to your wants and requirements.
Parkin Bros., Proprietors
Telephone 4 Sandwick, B. C.
THE Wise Real Estate Specialist looks to the centre where
transportation   facilities   abound.
5 to 20 Acre Blocks, adjoining
the townsite, $100 an Acre, Easy Terms
No Better Proof than what we Offer is
is the fact that all the buyers so far are men who
have lived at Union Bay for yean, who intend
making it their home with a good living in Fruit
Vegetables and Poultry
Ring up
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Harry Idiens, Manager
It Was More Out of Curiosity
than anything else;  I really had  no intention of buying a lot, Mr. Forde,
when you brought me out here to see
Wat the remark made by a prominent Courtenay Business Man, a couple
of days ago, as he signed his application, on the spot, for one of our
First Avenue, Perez Park Business Lots at No. 8 Mine
Only after examining the location of your property, the buildings under
construction, the street improvements already commenced by the owners of
the property, I am convinced that the lots are a good investment, and one
that will net me 150 to 200 per cent, profit inside twelve months
THE Gentleman who made the above remarks has handled ^so much real
estate, that we value his opinion highly, He bought, of course, on
FIRST AVENUE, the business street of No. 8 Mine Townsite. Looking
ahead but a few months to when 175 of the Company's houses are built
and occupied���a total that means some 50 more houses than there are in
Courtenay today, stores included���to when a thousand people are living on
the new townsite, to be fed, clothed, amused, etc., and after that to when
as each month goes by, more and more employees are added to the payroll
as the mine is opened up, we are more than ever convinced that PEREZ
PARK LOTS are a good investment.
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold nt the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
A stock of Quarter Cut Oak Buffets and  China
Cabinets, Royal Weimar China.   Speciel lines of
Diners, Rockers, Etc. for Xmas Gifts
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland
First Avenue Business Property we Cannot Recommend Too Highly. Next
Summer the Width of the Street Only Will Separate the Company's Houses
from the Business Buildings on This Street.    Business Lots $500 on terms.
Exclusive  Sales Agents
Letter to the Editor
Editor Review
Dear Sir.��� In corroboration of
of Messrs. Hardy & Biscoe's letter
in your issue of last week we may
say that we have not found real
estate movements around Courtenay entirely stagnant. Our sales
during the last two weeks being
$6,000 worth of close in acreage
besides several town lots. During
November aud December business
is naturally not as brisk as iu the
spring months but we may add
that payments are coming in very
satisfactorily and everything points
to a very bright New Year.
Very ,trnly
Island Realty Co.
per. J.S.Potter.
H.      Da
Telephone 31
Letter to the Editor
Editor of Review,
Dear Sir:��� Kindly allow me
s pace in yonr valuable paper to
state a few facts, in regard to the
awarding of the Bronze Medal
which was donated by the Canadian Bank of Commerce to the
person receiving the most prizes
for Garden vegetables at the Comox
Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition held at Courtenay on Sept. 19.
.On that day, before I entered
(to see the exhibits) I met Mr.
Carter, secretary of the Agricultural Society at the door; he congratulated me for winning the
Bronze Medal and on the wall in
the hall was posted thus "R. J.
Smith won 12 points, M. Ball won
8ppints," the twelve points winning the medal.
I must say I was surprised when
I read the report of the business
meeting of the ���Society in yonr
paper to see that Markham Ball
was awarded the Bronze medal for
taking the most prizes for garden
vegetables at the Exhibition, who
appeared to be also surprised and
elated and said "he appreciated the
medal more, not only for its value
but for what it represents. It had
taken him five years to get his
ground into shape to grow the
vegetables to win with," and well
he might be surprised to have a
medal awarded to him for winning
eight second prizes, whereas I won
four first prizes and four seconds
and one of my first prizes was a ten
dollar prize for the best display of
vegetables, which was counted two
points the same as a common first
prize at $2 which in reality is ten
points, or in other words Mr. Ball
should receive eight dollars in prize
money for his garden vegetables,
whereas'I was awarded twenty
dollars in the same class; I have
received eighteen, two dollars I
have not got yet, viz: the first prize
for Scotch Kale which they omitted
ot give me in the recount, they
made a mistake in this, as there
were only two exhibits of Scotch
Courtenay, B. C.
Kdle iu the hall, Mr. John Knight,
of Point Holmes, took second prize
and I took the first prize for Scotch
At the first meeting of the new
Board of Directors there was a committee appointed to look into this
affair but as yet 1 understand they
have received no light on the subject. Perhaps ex-Pres. Richard
Hurford can explain why they left
out one of my first prizes in the
In a letter I received from Secy.
Richard Carter a few days ago after
the prize was awarded in which he
stated the following:
Mr. R. J. Smith,
Sir: -At the Fair held on the
19th of Sept. it was posted you had
won the Bronze medal for garden
vegetables, but now find after a recount that Mr. Ball has scoreQ one
point more than you did, therefore
is entitled to the medal, which was
presented to him at the annual
meeting on the 4th inst.
I am sorry this mistake hes occurred and hope this explanation is
Yours truly,
R. Carter, Jr."
I would like Mr. Carter to prove
this statement by giving figures
from the Judges books.
Thanking you very much for the
space I have taken in your paper.
I am yours respectfully,
R. J. Sminh.
Little River, Comox.
The Vancouver Board of Trade is
in receipt of information from Mr.
I. A. King of Edinburgh representing James M. Davidson & Co.
fisheries to the effect that a large
fertilizer plant would be installed
on this ��oast somewhere near the
Skeena river. This is to be a fish
fertilizer and the first outlay in its
installation will be $2OO,C00.
A tree that was said to be the
largest on Vancouver Island fell
down on Monday last, It was located near Westholme and for
several months has been regarded
as dangerous from the fact that it
was shaken from its foundation
and leaned iu the direction of the
E. & N. Railway track at an angle
of 45 degrees, The Government
road gang were instructed to remove
it and last Monday were just beginning to chop it down when it
took a lurch and fell to the ground.
The tree was 16 feet through although not very long ago its top
had broken off. On Monday afternoon and Tuesday a great number
visited the scene of tne dethroned
monarch of the forest and got several good snap shots.
The Court of Appeal has refused
a new trial to the two Indians Paul
and Spitlum who have been convicted of murder aud are to be
hanged in January.    These Indians
are credited with killing John
White a miner; a Chinese witness
of the first mnrder, and a third a
police constable who sought to
arrest the natives last June.
Richard Scott, a rural mail
carrier of Cambridge City Ind.
recently covered his twenty five
jnile route on a motorcycle in
ninety seven minutes. He delivered mail to ninety seven boxes
on the route.
The following interesting item
appears in the "Fifty Years Ago"
column of the Colonist. "Dr.
Tolmie gave notice that at the
next meeting of the House of Assembly he would launch a scheme
to memoralize the Duke of Newcastle as to the necessity of fortifying the whole of Esquimault harbor.
On Your Xmas. Suit
We have  a full  range of  FIT-
RITE Clothing in all sizes
For the next two weeks we have
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Telephone 6
A word to the wise is sufficient
Q. ricKEAN
If You get it at PLIMLEY'S It's AH Right
Big Fall
Daring stocktaking wc liave   found that we have quite a number of
second lnul, shop soiled ami "returned from hire" machines
anil nre holding pn end i>( season clearance at big
reductions,   book into this.
Thos. Plimley
739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
Riverside Hotel
Bar Supplied with the Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
0. H. FECHNER, Prop.
Cokely & Ferris
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyors
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay -  B. C.
C.  W.   Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of Charge
Shannon Block,     Courtenay
Express and
Dray Stables
Stage meets all Bo, ats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Orders left at Brown's Furniture Store
will be promptly executed.    Satisfaction
Campbell River
On Friday Dec. 5th, the ladies of
Campbell River assembled at the
Willows Hotel for the purpose of
forming a club in the District.
It bas been considered advisible to
build a hospital at Campbell River
owing to the increased labour in
the lumber camps, snd it was with
this idea that the formation of the
club originated.
The club is to be known as "The
Campbell River Social Benefit
Club," and as will be concluded
from the proposed name, it is to be
a pleasureable combined with an industrial organization.
Officers were elected as follows;
Pres. Mrs Thuliu, Vice-Pres. Mrs.
Morrison, Secretary-treasurer Mrs.
McDonald, executive committee,
Mrs, Jamieson, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs.
Holm, Mrs. Bay, Mrs. Glenville,
Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Deiner,
Misses. A. Thulin, E. Thnlin, E.
Barwise, M. McNeil, R. Morrison.
The first meeting of the Club
takes place on Monday Dec. 8th,
when the ladies are to be engaged
iu making costumes for the coming
masquerade which will be held at
the Willows hotel, Campbell River,
Dec. 29, the proceeds of which is
to be devoted to the hospital fund.
Mr. and Mrs. Thulin returned to
Campbell Riyer on Dec. 4th after
a few weeks trip to the city. The
sum which they raised towards the
new hospital, to be built at Campbell River, is praise in itself for the
energetic and sympathetic couple,
and the response of the people of
both Vancouver and Victoria denotes the interest they take in the
welfare of their province,
Mrs. Dr. T. H. Jamieson has
been spending a couple of days in
Vancouver from which she returned Dec. 5th.
Sibley & Pollock
Contractors & Builders
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administraters of Estates, General
Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
Loans, Insurance, Etc.
4 % Paid on Deposits
Property owners of the Comox Valley are specially
invited to list their real estate with this Company
Thoroughbred Cockerels l'or Sale
$2.00 EACH
Wood For Sale
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Stcamlitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cuslue KxeeJlen
Wm. Merryfield
Stove, Cord, Alder,
Maple or Bark
Apply to
Artistic Bungalows a Specialty
Masonry and Brickwear of every description.       Flans lurniseed
Estimates Free
All Work Guaranteed
B. C.
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans   and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
Builder & Contractor
Comox, B, C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Bung alow Specialist
Pla.^s and Estimates Free
Box 124       Courtenay
Palace Livery
k Feed Stable
IIarses  and  Buggies for Hire  at
Reasonable Kates
We also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay Phone 23
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convent ence for Guests
The Central Hotel" *>���" Sportsmen
None: but the BES T WINES an
LIQUORS at ��ke Bar
An Ottawa despatch says that
Hon. R. L. Borden has returned
to Ottawa after a months sojourn
at Hot Springs, Vs., apparently
much improved in health. It is
likely that a number of cabinet
meetings will be held At the first
one it is understood that the question of dealing with the Hindus and
the Oriental problem generally is
being taken up with the Imperial
authorities and the Government is
hopeful of reaching a permanent
Premier Borden, at the close of
the Cabinet meeting, would make
no statement other than to say that
the date of tbe opening of Parliament would be settled this week.
January 15th is now regarded as
the most likely date.
The death of Alfred Ford, aged
87 years, is reported from Duncan
where he has lived for a number
of years.
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.   Local views for sale.
Cliffe & Higgins
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
R. MacQUILLAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
The  Finest   Styles
and kinds of English Tweeds and Worsteds to select from at reasonable prices
Cumberland B. C
Sutton & Kirkwoi^j
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls .Promptly
Phone 27
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed ' 'Tender for
Immigration Detention Hospital Building, Vancouver. B. C," will be reciev-
ed until 4.00, p. m., on Monday, December 29, 1913, for the erection of the
above named building.
Plans, specification and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at this Department, at the
office of Wm. Henderson, resident
architect, Victoria, B. C.;.on application to Mr. A. J. Ch'sholm, Public
Building. Vancouver, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms 'supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures,
stating their occupations and places of
residence. In the case of firms, the
actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each
member of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p. c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or
fail to complete the work contracted for.
If the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, November 19, 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
aftyertisment if they insert it without
authority from the Department.���49327
IN THE MATTER of an application
for a fresh Certificate of Title to Lot 212
and part 69 acres of Section 18, Comox
NOTICE is hereby given of my intention at the expiration of one calendar
month from the first publication hereof
to issue a fresh Certificate of Title issued
to William James Andrews, on the 26th
day of June, 1905, and numbered 11343C
which has been lost.
Dated at Land Registry Office, Victoria, B. C, this 27th day of November,
Registrar General of Titles.
Waverley Hotel
Cumberland, B. C.
Best of Liquors and  Cigars,   Hot and
Cold Water, Baths, etc.
FRANK DALLAS, Proprietor
Xmas. Suggestions
Hair Brushes
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. ui on Thursdays
Candies, Cakes, Soft
Drinks and Lunches
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by
John Shelbun
J.   E.    ASTON
Basement Willard Block
Loggers Boots and Shoes Made
Repairing Neatly and Promptly  Done
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
Comox, B. C.
First-class   Accommodation.    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R.  McCuish, Prop.
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns in the Comox Valley,  including all of the best and
popular makes, and at the lowest prices]*  Come in and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marlin; Stevens, Savage and Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
COURTENAY     -    and     -      CUMBERLAND *u
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. LL.D.. D.C.1-. President
General Manager
Assailant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.   Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the F u.k.       a4
W. T. WHITE, Manager, Courlenay, Comox am! Cumbei  .nd Branches
Cotnox branch open on Tuesday, from io to 3
If you wish to secure a good Xmas  Dinner, place your order
as early as you can with the
Comox Co-Operative Society
As we are having a special shipment of the finest
Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, Chickens, Etc., obtainable
at the lowest possible price
All orders will recieve our very best attention
Phone No. 2
Board of Trade
The regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Trade was held last
Thursday evening. In the absence
of the President and Vice President,
Dr. Millard was voted to the chair.
A letter from the Attorney General informed the Board that the
Department did not see its way to
appoint a stipeudary magistrate for
Courtenay at the present time, and
pointing out that Mr. Abrams of
Cumberland wis ai liberty to try
all cases arising here. This was
not satisfactory to the Board, and
now that the new lock up is finished it is thought that a resident
magistrate should be appointed.
This will be brought to the Attorney General's attention.
It was reported that the recent
floods had worn away a great portion of the bank opposite the mouth
of the Puntledge River, which, if
not attended to shortly will cause a
deviation of the river. A committee was appointed to look after
the details of calling the attention
of the proper parties to the circum-
6 a ices.
Mr. Clinton of Cumberland telephoned for permission to meet the
Board and the citizens of Courtenay
relative to his proposed waterworks for Courtenay. The matter
was left in the hauds of the Secretary to arrange date.
Two new members were added
to the roll.
Among the guests at the Rest-
more this week are the following:
Mr. McDonald, Cumberland; A. F.
Pickup, Victoria; F, Laco, J. Laine,
Vancouver; Y. Lalo; Mr. Seela;
Mr. Isbestor.
"Died���At Comox on Sunday
Dec. 7th Mrs. Helen Anderton
aged 75 years and 26 days. The
funeral took place on Wednesday
forenoon from the residence of her
daughter, Mrs. P. Downey. Re-
quieum mass was celebrated by Fr.
Mertens, and interment took place
in the R. C, Cemetry. The de
ceased was an old resident of the
district, and was well known and
highly esteemed by her friends.
Her husband predeceased her some
eight months ago. All the family
were home for the fnneral. The
pall-bearers were her four sons and
two gradd-sons by her special request .
On Monday Morning
Decmber 15, at 9 a. m.
WE will place iv our window a bottle filled with beans, and
we will give a THREE HUNDRED CANDLE POWER  WICKLESS  COAL Oil, LAMP to  the person who
guesses accurately (or nearest) the number of beans iu this
Every Dollar you spend in our store (cash or credit) entitles
you to one guess from December the 15th to 24th  inclusive
Our usual Drawiug Contest will also take place under the
above rules.   The   person who holds the lucky ticket recieves
a beautiful CARPET SQUARE, size 3x2 1-2 feet
Remember every dollar you spend in our store from December
the 15th to 24th entitles you to a chonce on either of these
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to $5.00
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" 3-50
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" 350
" 5.00
Cnff Buttons
Scarf Pins
Slippers   ~ ��!*
Arm Bands "^      "~ Pfc|
Combination Suspender Set
Pocket Knives
Safety Razors
Alarm Clocks
Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., in
large varieties j��      ,
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1.00 "
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Sleighs 1.00 "    1.25
Hosiery   A)      ,25 "   .35
Slippers .50 " i.oo
Santa stockings .15 " 1.00
Santa iClaus'^Headquarters
Union St.
When you want amateur photo
supplies go to the Courtenay Photo
Studio.    Local views for sale.
Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Complete Electrical Equipments promptly installe.    Electric Wiring and Installation of all kinds of Electrical Work
Isolated Wghtfng Plants a Sdecialty
Boxl 95      Phone F95      Courtenay
Our Xmas goods are arriving by
every boat. Currants, raisins, peel,
sultanas, almonds, walnuts, flavor
ing for Xmas pudding aud cakes
We have a full line of Ladies neck
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table centres
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sets, fancy wool vests, ��ilk mufflers
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A  large assortment of chiua and
glass ware, Xmas and New Year
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our stock, we cad suit all ages
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That THIS YEAR you
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gifts in Jewelery, Cut
Glass, Watches or Table
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Jewelery Store, Courtenay
DR.  MORRISON,   Dentist
Ur. Morrison is a graduate both of tlie
Chicago and Detroit Dental College*.
Having a central office in Courteuay he
will visit surrounding towns at regular
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courteuay'gjJ 3
Nothing But First Cias, Work
Guaranteed, Baths in co mection
C. K.   DALRYMPLE,  Prop.
riovirig Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a new up-to-date electric plant
An Entire Change of Programme
Twice weekly
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor    iSwail's   Pool   RoOIH
Soft Drinks
E. SWAN, Prop.
Subscribe for The   Review
file most Home-like Hotel North of Victoria
Rates Reasonable
Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, B. G    j
'���***************************************************, THE REVIEW, COURTENAY. B.C
His  Cleverness !
Don't be 80 hay. There's plenty ot
room at tho top, ami you've clever
enough to get there.
But, replied the lazy (renins, think j
how clever tt is of me to runt a place
ut the bottom whore ther*.  Isn't  sol
���uncli room.
No More Tips
(luesi -Are tips expected here?
Waller -No, sail.     Wo don't accept j
i.i vulgoh tips, t '1.     Wo la tree holm
American citizens wo is, and we wish
jo preserve ouah sell reBpcct, sah
I'm glad to hear that.
Ves, Bah,     All wo requlah La a re
lalulllg i'ic, sumo as lawyers, sah.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut Out CfttilAttlCfl ami purgative.   They |
Dnital"har��.h"iintuvi,Hn,irv. Try
Puralyvtmtabl*. Act
eliminate bill!,and
Care Con.
Sick Ueadache and IntHgetlian, at millions
Smtll Pill, Suall Dose, Small Prico ���
Genuine must bear Signature
London    Toronto    Montreal
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���pHE name "McClary's" guarantees   Vm
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Clark s
writ* (or my FREE boob.  THE must instructive
��� H'a tha ran.M. (ar vour own adBflut. Dom tmttmtL
AhaolntelaPRCK. No'followap'elrcr.lara. DI-LICUM
���ID. CO, lUVaM JOCI HO. mill'! J MD, LOftBOli^SS
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel'
Piano Action
Something   better   than   linen   and   no
laundry  btlln.      Wash It with soap and
Water.     All stuns or direct. State style
ond size.      For 25c.   we  will  mall you.
68  Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Red   Has  More  Meaning and Greater
Effect Than ,'.ny Other Hue
Bed has a greater effect tifinn both
iiuiu aud the lower animals than any
other oolor. tt Ls, in fact, tho king
ol colors, aooordlng to Professor w.
t'onbody Bartlett.
\ Perhaps, Bays Professor Bartlett, if
I our blood were groen Instead ot rod
we would hold green as the king of
colors, beoausa blood la life. Tlio
sight of IL stirs both man and the lower animals, nnd for tha'i reason (He oolor of ii Ih the most effective of nil
Every ono knows tho antipathy a
bull has to red, how bo will bellow and
become blindly enraged at tho sight of
il, bnt the bull Is by no means tbe
only animal that is affected by this
color, rut a dog In a kennel and
cover tho end that opens to daylight
with a white cloth or a black cloth,
and the dog will pay little attention
to It, but cover the opening with a
bright, red cloth so that tbe daylight
comes through to tbo dog Ir. a red
glow, and the dog will at, once begin
to hark furiously.
PtiL a rooster ln a dark bag or a
green or .yellow bag and ho will remain quiet, but put. blm la a bag ot
thin ved cloth, so that (he light may
whine through and show tho color, and
the rooster will crow lustily. This is
not because he might thin'.: r.lio red
indicated sunrise, because roosters
will crow long before the first fiiint
tinge of color appears in the east.
Suffragettes haven't thought of horrifying the men by appearing iu their
last year's hats.
GIN PILLS Give Prompt Relief By
Curing the Kidneys
Jlr. Samuel I^ongmoro, of Montreal,
says "Just a word of praise for GIN
PILLS. About fifteen months ago I
could not walk across my room, suffering severely with Rheumatism, I
took GIN PILLS and became quite
well. Two months ago, I had llbeu-
matlc Pains with Neuralgia, t resorted to GIN PILLS again for one
week and became quite well."
50c. a box, C for $2.50. Sample free If
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto. 218
What Makes a Good Cow?
Professor \V. .7,. Kennedy of the Iowa
station recommends tlie following in
reference to the selection of breeding
stock for tbe dairy.
In selecting dairy cattle the real test
must be the scales and the Babcock
tester. The cow is a machine to convert food into milk Thus she must
have a large middle antl a strong constitution to insure Iho   best   results.
Ship vour Furs and Hides to
281-283 Alexander Ave., Winnipeg
Write fer Price List am", Shipping
*-*  congenial needlework at home; make
from three lo live dollars per day decorating cushion tops.    Armour Art   Co.,
Dept.   Tl..   Flir-dalluine  Ttloc',  Winnipeg.
A He will travel faster than tho
truth, bul it will not be the tlrst to
arrive at the destination, because it
must double ou Its tracks so often.
mods \
'NTS   013
DOc. a oox or six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. 972
Every mother is anxious for the welfare or her little ones���above all she
wants them to have good health. Thousands of mothers have learned tlie see-
ret of keeping their little ones healthy
���tbey have learned that by keeping
Baby's Own Tablets in Uie bouse and
giving an occasional dose to the little
ones that they will oscapo constipation, vomiting, colic, colds, worms,
etc. The Tablets never fai; to he of
service ln keeplrg lhe baby healthy
and happy. Sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at -5 cents a bos from Tlie
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Mrockvllle,
Help for the Dense
That was 0 lln" joke you had In the
Glad you liked ft.
Hut wasn't there something missing'.'
What was ii V
Don't you throw in a diagram'.'
The Last Asthma Attack may really
be the last one if prompt measures arc
taken. ]>i\ .1. TJ. Kellogg's Asllima
Remedy will safeguard you. It will
penetrate   to   the smallest   bronchial
I passage and briny about r. healthy condition. It always relieves and its continued use often effects a permanent
I cure.     Why not get this long-famous
I remedy to-day and commence its use?
| Inhaled as smoke or vapor it is equally effective.
A Demoralizing Change
I have to watch those players who
wero  one  the  stage  all  winter,   remarked tin manager.
Why so?
It's hard to get 'cm to go nine ir.- j
, nings after they have got used to a ;
drama that only la-i'ed four acts.        i
!    Mosl   every   statesman   and   nearl
I statesman   now   bus   a   presidential
lightning red sticking out of his hat,
Make Htm Prove It
I'"  I  look an Idiot?
i refuse io commit myself.
But B fellow jusl called me ona.
Chance ol a lifetime,    sue blm for
libel and see what the jlU;   says,
Nervous Prostration of Three Years'
, Standing Cured a Year ago by Dr,
Chase's Nerve Food.
Anyone who knows lhe discourage-
nieni nnd despair which accompanies
tlie helplessness of nervous prostration will appreciate lhe gratitude [elt
by Ilie writer of this letter.
Mrs. II. 0. .tones, Scotch hake, CD.,
writes: "I suffered from nervous prostration for nearly threo years. 1 had
frequent headaches, hail uo appetite
and was troubled witli my heart. After cousultlng two doctors without obtaining snl is factory results, I began
tlio use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
and was completely cured by tills
treatment. It is nearly a year -since I
was (Mired, and 1 want', others to know
of this splendid medicine. I now attend lo my l.ousework with pleasure
and comfort, and am glad to bave the
opportunity of recommending Ur.
Chase's Nerve Food."
At least some benefit Is bound to l.e
derived from each dose of this great
food cure, as day by day it forms new-
blood, and builds up the system. 50
cents a box, 6 for $2.50, all dealers, or
Bdmanson, Hates & Co., Limited, '.Toronto.
A Wis. Child
Tlie tittle daughter of a prominent
divine, whom it would be cruel to
name, was recently taken to her father's church for the first, time. She
was, of course, intensely Interested iu
all lhat went on-
A trito little Yankee, her lirst remark on coming out was:
Do'all those little boys in nighties
get paid for singing?
Yes; I suppose so. replied ber mother.
And does father get paid too?
Well, I shouldn't think they'd have
to pay him much, for he does nothing
but talk, and lie just loves to do that.
Bear Island, Aug. 20, 1003.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Heat' Sirs,���Your traveller is here
to-day and wo are getting a large
quantity of your MINARD'S LINIMENT. We find it the best Liniment
ou the market making no exception.
We havo been in business 111 years and
have handled all kinds, but have dropped them all but yours; that sells itself; the others have to be pushed to
get rid of.
W. A. 11A fllC ft MAN.
Proper Treatment
A big fish has been playing around
here l'or some time but it is a bad
Give It the hook.
< f& y
To Restore
Good Health
The first thing to do is to correct the minor ailments caused
by defective or irregular action
oi' the organs of digestion and
elimination. After these or-
gana have been put in good
working order by timely use of
(T)ii Ur.nl Sale tl Any Madlclm In Hie Wtrld)
better digestion results, and then
tho food really nourishes and
strengthens the body. The first
dose gives relief and sounder sleep,
quieteivnerves, and improved action
of all the bodily organs are caused
by an occasional use of Beecham's
Pills. They give universal satisfaction and in safety, sureness and
quickness of action Beecham's Pills
Have No
Known Equal
Sold everywhere.   In box->s, 25 cenU
The direction! with every
box ��r�� very VA.Uftblt-
Gives quick, glowing warmth where
and when you want it. Easily portable. No smoke. No smell. Safe,
clean, convenient. Steady heat for
nine hours on a single gallon of oil.
Stock carried at all chief points
For best results use ROYALITE OIL
St. John
Do not ship your grain to Fort William or Port Arthur, before you have
written us for shipping instructions, as we are able to obtain a premium
if vou ship according to .ur special instructions.     Write us to-day,
Licensed and Bonded  Commission Merchants
118-122 Grain Exchange,  Winnipeg 	
How To Get Rid Of The Drink Habit
The Irrlslstlblo craving which drive* all drinking men on anil ultimately
wrecks thorn physically, mentally and financially can bo removed by the
Treatment In three days. Tho Neal Treatment ls a safe, sure vegetable
remedy taken Internally which eliminates all craving or deslro (or drink and
removes all traces of alcoholism from the system. No hypodermic injections are employed and no ill after effects are experienced.
The drink habit ls discouraging both lo the drinker and lo the drinker s
family. Drinking men promise themselves that they will step and often conscientiously try to do so but the craving la stronger than the will power
to resist, and invariably after ono or two attempts to stop they begin to drink
harder than ever.
The only hope for these men is in tho Neal Treatment.
If you aro a drinking man you can visit one of the Neal Institutes' and In
threo days bo freed from the drink habit and return to : our home free from
all desire for drink and complete master of yourself.
You can take the treatment at ono of tho Neal Institutes and return home
In a few days and vour friends will scarcely have time to note your absence.
Only three days and vou are forever free from the curse of the drink habit.
Write for full information to the nearest Neal Institute.
ins   Broadway,   WINNIPEG. 820   Thirteenth   Ave.,   W.,   CALGARV .
*UJ ' 3124 Victoria Ave., W., REGINA
Proved His Case
Every one knew Jonathan Skinflint
ns a millionaire, with the exception, so
it appeared, of Skinflint himself. He
invariably wore the shabbiest of
clothes and Is, reported to have dined
one day on a couple of peas and a
grape skin.
One day an old friend endeavored
to persuade the miser to dress better.
1 am surprised, he suld, lhai you should
let yourself become a.) shabby,
But t am not shabby, expostulated
Skinflint , .    .
Oh, yes you are, repllet. the friend.
Remember your father. He was always neatly, even elegantly dressed.
His clothes were very handsome.
Skinflint gave utterance to a hearty
laugh. Why, lie shouted triumphantly
these clothes I've got on now were
Serious   Loss
On the third day of his Aunt Jane's
visit to tlie city Motorton took her for
a ride In the hiKh power runabout.
They had proceeded only a mile or so
when 'Hang the luck!' exclaimed Motorton.
Ooodness! What's wrong? said
Aunt Jane.
Engine's missing, tersely replied
Dear me! said Aunt Jane. I do
hope It's been found by an honest person. Where do you suppose we dropped it?
A simplified X ray by which a bill
collector could see how much money
a man hud in his pocket would fill a
'ong felt. want.
Out of the Course
Owing to fog a steamer stopped al
tlie mouth of a river.     An old lady Inquired of the captain the cause ol' the.
Can't see up tho river, replied Hie.
But, oap'taln, 1 can see the stars
overhead, she argued.
Yes,  snid  the oaptalo  gruffly, but]
until the boiler busts we ain't going
that way.  .
It Rubs Away Pain.���There is no liu
iment so etlicaek,i'.:i in overeitinlng]
patn as Dr. Thomas' Eclectl'lc Oil. The
hand that rubs it in rubs the palul
away and on this account, there Is no
preparation that stands so high in public esteem. There is no surer painkiller procurable, as thousands can attest who have used it successfully J.ri
treating many ailments.
Of course you like the big, juicy
red and white streaked strips of ha
con. But you may not know that
this kind of bacon ls produced by feed
ing ground barley mixed with ski
milk. Soaked barley alone is an ex
cellen't hog feed. Barley also is goot
(or sheep and as a feed for horses anc
cattle is nearly equal to corn.
The Three Star Lodgers Have a
tt Was All Because of an III Timed Taxi
Ride and Feminine Jealousy, According to the Janitor���Another Outbreak
[Copyright, HIS, by AatocMwl LIUrarT
MAS dot you or somopody
else, Mr, Sprocket J" queried
tbe german grocer ns the
Janitor of Paradise Plate
lounged Inlo the store (he nlher even-
"Yes, It's" inc."
"llnd you vbna alive?"
".lust about."
"Vims It morn (roubles niif your tenants'/"
"That's It   Do I look iill broke up 7"
"Mr. Sprocket, you vims looking like
���ome man mil; his toes In der grave."
"I shouldn't, wonder. There wns an
hour or so Inst night when f. didn't
know whcllicr I'd lie living lodny or
"Did yon go most, dead mil dot nslh-
"No, II: wasn't (lie asthma altogothor.
In fact, the asthma was ss good as left
out of It. Thoso pcoplo broke loose
again, you see, mid the nervous strain
on me almost knocked me out."
"Vhat a wicked people, That a wicked worldl Und so dero vhas soul*
more rows?"
"I told you the other day about the
three ladles having a scrap," replied the
Janitor as he settled himself down on
the head of a barrel. "Well, they went
about with their noses ln the air for a
day or two and then decided to make it
np. That's a woman's way, you know.
Tbey couldn't visit each other while
they wero mad, and each one ot the
three was Just dying to see how the
others had furnished up their rooms
��nd whether the whole family bad to
sleep iu cue bed or not. Mrs. O'Sullivan had the most curiosity, and as
.she had drawn a diamond ring with a
pound of fifty cent tea and wanted tc
show it off she decided to give in first.
Yesterday morning she knocked on the
dago's door, and the dago put her nose
out and asked:
'"Whata you wauta of me. eh?'
Makes First Overturet.
"'Countess, I've come to make ur,
wid ye,' said O'Sulivan. 'Sayln' nothln'
of the words in the Bible and the
feacbin's of good mon that we should
dwell together in harmony, I'm will-
in* to believo that I was mistaken in
ye as a dago. The way ye used yer
lingers in me hair, to say notbin' of the
bat on me mouth, proves that ye ar��
UBS. OSCXUVA.V GOl' iier miss cr.
i perfect lady and entitled to my
esteem. Shako mo hand, Countess
Olvlto, and lot's be friends.'
"'You no wanta flghla any more?'
asked the countess as she came out
into the hall.
" 'Not another wallop,' auswered
O'Sullivan, 'It's rather airly ln the
mornin' for a high society call, but If
ye'Il overlook It for once I'll como lu
Bud show you the $150 diamond ring
me Tim handed me from his hind
pocket this mornln' for a birthday pris-
"I heard it all," said the Janitor, "and
the countess let her In and met her
half way. I thought it would be a good
thing for me and McMurpby and a bad
thing for the darky, but it turned out
tiptop all around. When two women
get to making up a quarrel tbey Include all creation, and It wasn't over
half an hour before the f^vcsiHe out
with tbelr arm-, ^^5 CRclj other and
^rtsa'Up" to see the barber's wife."
' "Py golly, but I like dot I" exclaimed
the grocer. "Vhen I was mad at somo
mans, uud he come around next day I
vhas all oafcr her. If nobody vhos
mad, den you see how happy we nil
>hO! "
I "That's It. Mr. Washerman. If yon
(only line] Ihe nstbnin you'd mako a
[good tlatliou.se Janitor, v��s, ibcy went
[dp, and the darky heard tliem coming
and was ready for them with nn old
chair leg. She was spilling ou her hands
for 11 good grip when Mrs. O'Sullivan
���'old her (hat the quarrel was nil made
ap and (ho dove of peace had come
thero to hatch her brood, She'd been
thumped pretty bard, and sho w��s
,'ather offish, but sho toed tbe murk
tifler awhile, nnd thero wns kissing
nud hugging all around, An hour latar
O'Sullivan pure n morning ten, which
was mostly herr and crackers, aud
such quietness fell upon the house Unit
I began to Cool lonesome. About 1
���'clock ln the afternoon the throe got
dressed to go out In Company, and of
COUl'Se OaOU one put on her best, duds
lo mako the other Jealous. You know
what women are, Mr. Wnssni'mnnV"
"Vheii, ranypol   1 Iif mil my old wo-
11:11ns for oafor dwenly yonr."
Out For an Airing.
"Of course, Thoy pi'lllsod OflCll Olb-
er's hills nnd dresses ns (hey stood In
the hull, but It wns nil hypocrisy, you
know. Tbo countess was perhaps Ihe
Lest dressed. I hough it was a pretty
even thing all over. They sailed nwny
llko threo graces, nnd 1 kicked lhe goat
fi'jt nf the hulls, run the dogs oil lo lhe
street nnd henved tbo ClU'tfl in tho back
yard, l'or two hours I had n house lo
be proud of, nnd I hnd inndo tip my
mind to (ell McMurpby to rnlse (he
rent when Iho Indies relumed. They
hnd (rented ench other to clam Imilh,
ice cream and candy nud bad come
back in a taxi lo cud up in a swagger
way. When (he taxi camo dashing un
there was a sensation on I lull block,
and fifty oilier women turned pule us
they looked out of Ihelr windows."
"Vhas somo rubber tiros on der
wheels of dot taxi!" asked the grocer
as he seemed to call up n picture In his
mind's eye.
"Aye, thero was, Mr. WnssormBu,"
replied the Janitor. "Yes, I here was
rubber tires on every wheel-none
missing���nnd (he ehoffcr wns in uniform. Tor a ininulo or two I fell, so
proud that f was determined 10 ask
McMurpby to raiso lay salary to $.0 a
mouth and fuel (browed in: bnt, iilas,
it was the taxi that wns our undoing."
"Did sbe broke dowu';"
"Not nt all. The ladies didn't have
money enough lo settle lhe fare, you
see, or they wanted to beat; each other.
They could scrape only 4r> cents together, while the fare was n dollar and
s half, and the ehoffcr wasn't slow In
giving them his opinion of bilks. II
wasn't two minutes before lite whole
neighborhood was on lo the racket, find
then there wns fun. At first the three
women hung together ns against the
ehoffcr, but pretty soon Mrs. O'Sullivan got her Irish up nnd turned on tlio
others wltb:
"'Be me sowl, but 1 might have
knowed HI What but (his should happen to a dlsciudant of the O'Sluines
who -joes out with a dago and 11 nny-
Hostilities About to Begin.
'"Who you calla dago?' yelled thf
"'And who's n nnygnr?! shouted Mrs.
"Then a great crowd gathered
around, hoping to see a scrap, and
when I toll you. Mr. Wasserman, dial
the reputation of McMnrphy's flats
for chick and gentility suffered a sot
back that they'll not get over for years
I speak the word with aching heart
To satisfy the choffer and avoid a row
ou the street, Mrs. O'Sullivan banded
over that tea store diamond nnd sailed
into tho house as grand n's a qnqjin.
and when the others bad followed hei
I lojked the doors on tho crowd."
"Ond so all vbas peace ouce inorc?':
queried the grocer wilb n sigh of relief.
"Not on yUtir life, old man! You
know wbat a prelude Is, don't you?"
"1 pellef I do, but I don't carry some
tn stock.   She vhas too perishable."
Just a Curtain Raiser.
"Just so. Well, tbat little affair on
the sidewalk: was a prelude, a prologue, n curtain raiser. It didn't take
the O'Sulllvnn over seven miuutes to
get back into her fighting togs, and
she made a break for upstairs at once.
The dago nnd the colored woman were
ready for her and also for ench
other, aud tho way tbey did sail in
nnd break dowu doors and knock oft
plaster gave me palpitation of the
heart aud thoughts of graveyards. 1
limped off and let tbem have it ont,
and the threo of them are In bed and
will be for a week to come."
"But maybe dey shall make oop good
friends und stay sol" suggested the
"Maybe; but you cau't expect it, Mr.
Wasserman. It ain't In what they call
nature, you see. It's Ireland agin Italy
and Africa, and Italy and Africa agin
Ireland, nnd three women ngln ench
other, and If you don't mind I'll take
a cucurflber home for my lunch and
get what rest I can for my asthma before the menagerie breaks loose again."
Red  Has  More Meaning and  Greater
Effect Than Any Other Hue.
Iled bas a greater effect upon both
. man nud tbo lower animals than any
' other color.   It ls, In fact, (lie king ot
colors, according to Professor W. Pea-
' body Bartlett
"Perhaps," snys Professor Bartlett
"If our blood wero green Instead of
red we would hold green ns tho king
I of colors, because blood Is life. Tho
sight of It stirs both mnn nnd the lower nnluinls,*and for thnt reason the color of IL la tho most effective of all col-
; ors."
Every one knows the antipathy a bull
1 kss to red, how he Will 'ocllow and be-
1 como blindly enraged a I the sight of It,
but Iho Iiuil ta by no-means tho only
animal that is affected hy this color.
i Put a dog In a kennel nnd cover tho
end  Unit opens  to  daylight  with  a
1 whllo cloth or a black cloth, and tho
dog will pay llltlo attention lo It, but
I cover tlio opening with a bright red
I cloth   so   thnt   tho   daylight  comes
j througb lo tlio dog In n red glow, nml
I tho dog will nt once begin to burlc fu-
j rlonsly.
Put a rooster tu a dnrk ling or a
green or yellow bag and ho will remain
i quiet, but put him in a ling of thin red
i cloth, so thnt the light mny shine
1 througb nnd show the color, and the
1 rooster will crow lustily. This Is not
j because he might think the red lndl-
I cnlod sunrise, because roosters will
; crow long before tbo first fnlnl tlngo of
. color appears in the cast.
In ono experiment u spider and a
'��� wasp wero placed In n glass bottlo and
��� seemed to got along very comfortably,
wllh no attempt nt fighting each other,
' but ns soon ns they were put In a hot-
j Uo of red glass thoy began to flgbt
until Iliey bad killed each other,
Hold three apples before a baby, ono
: green, one yellow nnd one a bright red,
nnd  the child will almost invariably
j pick the rod apple.  Tbo color appeals
to It Ited blooms In the check of beauty nnd touches Ihe lips of'feminine
! youth.  Iled plays a greal pnrt In life,
' nnd it mny bo, ns Professor Bartlett
snys, duo to the fact Hint red Is the
; color of blood nnd blood is life, so It
! seems from humble wasp nnd Ash to
rooster, dog, bull, nnd so on through
tho list of lower animals to man and
1 woman,  red  litis  more  meaning nnd
greater effect thnn  nny other color,
i making it Indeed tho king of colors,���
j New York American,
Sure Proof.
"But nre you sure," persisted tlie
grouchy customer, "that tbis 'ere stuff
will euro my rhcumntiz?"
"Oh, yes," replied the drug clerk; "all
the doctors refuse to recommend It"-
IricJio-Platinum and Its Qualities oi
Accuracy and Durability.
I There are undoubtedly no products
I of human skill 011 which a greater de-
i grco of care Is oxponded than tho
I standard of weight and measure ln use
i among tho civilized nations. Two
tilings In particular must bo considered
I "-accuracy nnd diirnblllly. Nature does
j not, It is contended, furnish any single
I metal or mluernl which cxnclly an-
j swers the requirements for a standard
\ of measure or weight thnt sbnll be as
1 nearly ns possible unnlternble.
It Is held that tlio best substance yet
produced for tills purpose is an alloy
of 00 pur cent platinum with 10 per
J cent of Iridium.   This Is called Iridlo-
I platinum, ond it Is the substance of
1 which iho metric standards prepared
hy  the  international  commission   of
weights and measures are composed.
It is hard, it is less affected by heat
than any pure metal, It Is practically
nonoxidlznble, or not subject to rust,
and It can be finely engraved. In fact,
tho lines on tho standnrd meters nre
hardly visible to the naked eye. yet
they are smooth, even, sharp aud accurate.
It Is snld that If our civilization
should ever be lost and relics of It
should be discovered in some brighter
age In the remote future thero Is nothing which would bear higher testimony
to Its character tban these stnndnrd
measures of Irldlo-platiiiuui.���Harper's
A Police Sinecure,
An Inquisitive member of the house
of commons wns struck one dny by the
presence of a policeman in one of tbe
lobbies. He wondered why this particular lobby should olways have n guard-
Inn strolling up nnd down and mnde
inquiries. The records of tho house
were searched, and It wns found that
fifty years previously, when the lobby
wns being decorated, a policeman bad
been stationed thero to keep members
from soiling ihelr clothes. The order
never having been countermanded, tho
constable bad kept his beat for half a
Antediluvian   Monsters.
The Government explorers, who
spent last summer in the Canadian
west, looking foT fossils, returned
with tons of specimens.
Two monstrous skeletons of the
dinosaurs, one 32 feet long and the
other 40 feet Ion?, were discovered in
the bone beds ol tho Red Deer river.
The remains ot a horned plant-eating dinosaur and of the flesh-eating
dinosaur were found.
These interesting specimens will he
mounted and placed on exhibition ��t
tbe Uatvaovm in Ottawa.
Explor��r Stefansson's Story of Awkward Mishap In the Arctic.
With a rifle snd a Sufficient supply
ni ammunition, said Mr. Villijiilmur
Stofansaon, the Canadian explorer,
lecturing before the Royal Geographical Society in London, it is possible
to go over the discovered lands of
the Arctic, ln the ooursa of an interesting lecture Mr. Stelansion told
a remarkablo story of a live years'
Bojourn in Arctic regions in searoh of
a race of Eskimos who had never before seen a white mnn. They left
New York in Apiil of 1908, and tho
small item that may upset, the best-
laid plans was illustrated by the fact
that they were relying upon a supply
of matches at llerschel't Island on tho
north Alaskan coast, nnd as these
wero not forthcoming Dr. Anderson
had to retrace bis steps a distance ol
1,900 miles to llarreiit. Point fur them.
"The whole expedition cost only $10,-
000," said Mr. Btefanason, and quite
half tli tit nun wns sp"nt in securing
matches. From Hersehell Island tho
party pushed steadily eastward and
reached Cape Party iii the winter, and
hero they found 11 whale, which eked
out their provisions fortuitously.
'"That whale," recalled the explorer
with a dry smile, "bad been dead four
years." Tlie Eskimos snid so. It had
frozen in the winter, and hnd I hawed
in the summer. It was after he had
teen two years in the Arctic that Ste-
iansson set out upon his specific quest
for the Eskimos who, to use his own
words, "had not been contaminated
toy missionaries or traders���(laughter)
--of course, I mean from the scientific
.point of view." After a long pursuit
Btofansson, standing on a nut, saw
the party be was searching for seal
hunting about seven miles uway, and
went after them. The Eskimos thought
they were spirits, and prepared to
defend themselves, but his (Stcfans-
ion's) Kskimos discovered that they
spoke a similar dialect, and peace was
scoured and introductions to all the
tribe���men, women and children���ensued. Intellectually these Eskimos
were on a level with the inhabitants
of Great Britain 10,000 years ago. It
was on Victoria Island that he came
across tbe blonde Eskimos, whom lie
preferred to call bronze or copper.
They eyes were blue, their eyebrows
and whiskers fair, nnd the formation
ol the bead nnd face akin lo Europeans. Sir John Franklin bad re-
curded tbat he saw one such Eskimo
in 1824 in the Coppermine district,
and StefaiiBson said he 1 ad come to
the conclusion that tbey were descendants oi an ancient race ot settlers
who, originating in Scandinavia, bad
traveled to Mackenzie by way of Iceland.
Big Birthday Cake For Little Bible Students.
Gave Wolseley Raspberries.
Now that tlie British nation is lamenting the loss of one of her greatest
warriors of modern times, it is interesting to meet with people who accompanied Lord Wolseley on tho lied
'River ��� expedition, which made bis
name a novcr-to-be-forgotten one to
the Canadian people.
Snob, an one is Alexander Ritchie,
of North Toronto. Mr. Ritchie, moreover, as far as be is aware, enjoyed
the unique distinction of being the
youngest member of the volunteers
who took part in repelling the Fenian
Raid in 1866.
Mr. Ritchie was born at Kingston
in 1850. and at the age of 14 he joined
tbe volunteers. When thn Fenian
Raid took place in IS6G, Mr. Ritchie,
then only 16 years old, was sent with
bis regiment, to Cornwall, where it
was stationed till tbe trouble blew__
In 1870 the Louis Rial rebellion,
which led to the Red River expedition, broke out, and Private Ritchie
was one of the. members of the expedition. Mr. Ritchie recalls how one
day, at a wild spot away beyond Lake
Superior, he and some of his com-
panions-in-arros were picking raspberries when Col. Wolseley rude up on
horseback. Mr. Ritchie, who had his
linen bat cover full of the berries,
offered them to liis commander, and
the colonel helped himself.
Asked about Hie expedition, Mr.
Ritchie described how they went by
boat to Prince Arthur's Landing, now
Port Arthur, but at lhat time, an unsettled wilderness, and of the arduous
journey from there to Fort (larry.
Specially prepared boat?, manning
six oars and about .'10 feet long, wero
used for transporting the men and
supplies up the Red River, lhe lirst
boat set off on the 4lh of July and
it was the 27tli of August before, the
last beat reached Fort Marry,
Her Troubles.
Children Helper! of tho British oibi*
Society Meet tho Lord Mayor at An-
nivereary Party���TW�� j�� of Irtereit
to Small Peoplt.
Au unusual birthday party, attended
by nbout 2,000 Children, w-as held at
Guildhall. London, with tho lord mayor
and aldermeu as guests. Tlio celebration was in honor of the one hundred
ond ulnth anniversary of tlie birth
of the British and Foreign Bible socle,
lies. Tho invitations ware confined
chiefly to the London children's helper*
of the society, ond each of them carries]
away a small cardboard bux containing
r*y,j **x&
1, * %F
U ?* v j.' f;-.,iXi
"Is the new nurse kind to your children':''
"Oh, yes. But one always has trou-
bio with the nurses. The now ous
lakes such good care of tho ebildre*
Unit they Won't come to me any more."
(81J13, by American Preei Association.
jjauuoi'B nir.rudat CUES
s piece of the mammoth cake provided
for the occasion. Tbo cake was a beat*
tlful sight nud weighed I0J pounda-i
one pound for each year of the society's existence. Tbe first celebration
took place In 1001, nud the cake mad*
for tho children then weighed ninety*
seven pounds, but the passing Of yean
has added twelvo pounds to the mon��v
nteut ot sweetness.
Tbo cako was cut by a graudilauglt-
ter of tho lord mayor and then paclj��l
ln boxes for distribution to the obil*
dre.n nnd others fortunate en i'ljli C*
get a piece.
Thingi That  Interest.
Kissing tbo bauds of great men was)
au old Grecian custom, tbougb originally of eastern origin.
The smallest flower known to tlu
botanist is said to be tbat of tbe yeast
plant   It is microscopic In siie.
So strong is the light omitted by J*>
mnlca fireflies tbat tho presence of sly
will cnnble n person to read.
Daffodils, which uro one of the Dai**
blngers of sprbg, nre so called front
tlie old English "affodyle"���that whin*
comcth early.
Elephants enn climb to a great
height. Their tracks have been seea
upon tho very summit of mountain*
7,000 feet high.
The mummy of an Egyptian prince**
wbo lived 2000 B. O. shows around ttv*
wnist a contrivance similar to the modern corset.
Among the Panlyans, a laboring
class in Malabar, when a man wlshee
to marry a girl ho must carry a bnndi*
of firewood lo her house daily for rj��
How Do You Like Your Neighbors!
The company must bo seated In ft
ring, with oue person left standing In
the center. This person may ask tiny
one lie chonSea, "How do you like yoitt
neighbors." Only oue of two answer*
Is allowed, "Very much" or "Not it
If the person questioned answer*
"Not at a-IP he Is asked whom he
would prefer, when ho must ntune two
oilier members of the circle. The oldl
neighbors and the new must then
change places, and while they are out
of their seats the player In the center
must try to secure oue of tbem.
Tbo person who loses bis sent must
then take his place tn the center.
Should the person questioned euswer
"Very much" every ono of the player*
must change scats, so tt Is not very
difficult iu this case for the questioner
to find a seat.
The Lsmb'e Protectors.
Tbe shaggy wolf dog was set W
watch a lamb. Another dog, nlso neat
a wolf iu Ehape and color, saw blm nn4
fell upon him at once. "TVolf, wolf,
wbat nre you doing with this lamb?*
cried he. "Wolf yourself! Bo off of
you'll find out to your sorrow." wai
tho answer. The one tried to carry oft
tbo lamb, tlio other lo beep It by forces
and between the two It was tarn tt
foint Not Well Taken.
Mrs. Tlmklns ito small daughter sty-
Ing prsyersl-A little louder, dear    I
can't  bear.    Daughter-Ves.  hut  Cat
not sneaking to you -New York Tost 1
Into  thinking that you will save money
by purchasing cheap goods
Buy Goods that will last as long as your
house does.   We are specialists in
everything for the Builder
A Call will Amply Repay You
Phone 66 COURTENAY, B. C. P.O. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
General Blacksmiths
Agents (or n full line of Farm Implements All Work Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable Comox, B. C.
The meeting called by tlie Board
of   Trade to   hear   Mr.   Clinton's
proposition for a \v; terworks system
for Courtenay was held   Last night
Mr McPhee, tin.'president occupied
tlie chair and introduced Mr Clinton
who briefly stated lhat   two  years
ago he had made overtures to   get
his company to come here but was
unsuccessful     He had obtained an
option to supply Mine 8   and   had I
plenty of water to   supply   Courtenay also.    It would cost from 35
to 40 thousand dollars to iustal the
system.    In the event of Courtenay
incorporating it would sell at value
fixed by   arbitration     The   stock
would be offered here for   30 days
and any not taken would   be   sold
elsewhere     It will be run absolutely h��nest,   no   promotion   shares.
We did not expect it would pay at
the start-    Cumberland waterworks
did not  pay  dividends   for   eight
years and Electric light did not pay
for five years,
The company would not be overcapitalized, and the territory served
would make it very valuable to
Courtenay in the event of her buying, If Courtenny comes into the
scheme water would be here by
June I, Said the local company
would not have head enough to
supply No, 8, and could not get
permission anyway. With all due
respect to the Review, the Cumberland people did not consider the C.
& U. W. Co. any octopus, thought
they could do Courteuay good if
given the chance,
Dr.  Millard said   his company
was not on the defensive, and he
had nothing to say at this stage.
Mr. Clinton said there was absolutely no animosity between the
two companies. By supplying
Mine 8 and Courtenav he was sure
it would pay dividends, There
was no inonex in supplpiug Cumberland alone,
Mr, Willard advised against incorporation,  f.nd thought the citizens  should  form   a  league,   and
make the best terms possible with
one of the companies, taxes would
j surely raise if we incorporate.
;    Mr. McPhee was a believer in cc-
j operation,    co-operative    societies
;seiied   to    flourish   here,     and
I thought the citizens should get together and build their own waterworks���they could  make just as
much money out of it as a company,
Mr, Blight wanted to know, why,
if there was nothing in supplying
water, the company were so anxious
to get in here.
Mr, Clinton said he was cot trying to slip anything over on courtenay.
Dr, Millard said it was up to
some of the public spirited men to
take hold of the matter, So far as
he or his company was concerned,
they could have tlieir charter and
franchise at cost, If there was water
here more substantial buildings
would be built, and the company
would not be opposd to incorpor
Dr, crompton said that courtenav
seemed to be in the position of a
beautiful maiden with two suitors,
Mr. Clintou said that he thought the
coal company was quite as much the
backbone of Courtenay as it was of Cumberland. He thought there was money
in water or he wouldn't be in it.
Mr, McPhee said the citizens of Cour-
In Gold and Silver Health FaCtOF
that will give satisfaction we lead
A Choice Selection of
Souvenir Jewelery for
Old Country Gifts.
Jeweler and Watchmaker
Union St. Courtenay
Aitken's Bread raised the standard procurable 50 per cent,
and dietetically is
the best investment
in   Ccmox   District
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
Courtenay Bakery
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
Ladies' and Genis'
Fine Tailoring
Having   secured  the  services of  one of
t.ie best Indies' Garment Makers in
11 itisli Columbia
I can  now guarantee [.erfect worV. in
that line
K. of P. Hall Courtenay
enay sli mid get together nnd  do somc-
' thine; for themselves.
|    Mr. Towler said the reasou Cnmber-
, land was mentioned was because she was
always beiug held .ip to us as a horrible
| example of incorporation. Disinterested
men of wide experience advised us to incorporate a ed to do it at once. The ap-
proxinctc cost o'. bringing water from
Brown's river was #33,501). The cost
of bringing it from Dr. Millard's springs
21,000, plus 4,000 for D. Kilpatrick's
rights, and if we buy from tlie company,
an additional 30 per cent.
After some more short passages the
meeting adjourned to consider the matter and report later.
A vote of rliauks was tendered the
chairman and Mr. Clintor.
Dissolution of partnership
NOTTC15 is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing Jbelween
I', Pigueron and M. Prancis, as boat
builders at|Courtenay, has been dissolved
by mutual con ent.
��� All   accounts   are   to   be  paid  to  P.
Pigueron,.who will also pay all liabilitie\
Signed : P. Piguukon,
M. Francis.
Witness: N. H. Boden.
Dated this 10th day of December, 1913.
3. A.COT i ON
Gasoline Kngines Repaired & Overhauled
BOX  124,  PHONE
Special Sale of Japanese
Goods and Jewelery at
Reasonable Prices
Next to Royal Bank
Cumberland -        B. C.
Live Stock For Sale
Boir,    champion   strain,    large   white
Yorkshire, 4 1-2 months old, eligible for
registration.   Price ��12.50.
Particulars from
G. W. Russell        Courtenay
Bossy Boys running away with
the candy box, however they were
eventually discovered devouring
their plunder, and were pounced
upon and made divide with the wee
As Happy Vullev is noted for its
fertility there are quite a few left
���.>aaaaaaa>��_   i ^'
Happy Valley I    Now boys get a move on, don't
The younger element turned out j let them all escape, lots to choose
in their usual form on Monday and [ from, all the making of good house
Wednesday evenings of last week j wives,
to serenade two of their old school'
Willard's Harness Emporium
Pine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Cloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Ktc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
mates, Miss Gray and Miss White
whose sparking days terminated
the usual way.
I am sorry to say the fun was
considerably damped by two of the raising.
It is reported that 30.000 sheep
will be taken into the Chilchotin
country next spring. That section
of B- C.   is   favourable  to   sheep
One Dwelling House
$12 per month
Stable, $20 per month
Store, Warehouse and Barn,
$40 per month
For particulars apply to
Chas. G. Callin
Phone F91 Courtenay
New Courtenay post cards, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey Drug Store.


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