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The Review Mar 2, 1916

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Array "
0*ti not lie i|i*nt. Any better, ii'"'
nut ijiilto ho well utiywht-ie oIhb
herohbuuts.   Our tyiio ami mnoltln*
ery  jh  tminpleU uml  Tint   RevltiW
priotts nre ri^ht
Classified Ads.
{ Make year little Wants .ikiwii
through a Classified AilvurliiMMnent
lu Tho Koview   ���   ���   ���   I'lnm- 69
VOL. 4
NO.  15
Upper Road, Sandwick
Furniture and  Outdoor  Effects for
J. B. Bailey, Esq.
Sale to take place about the End of March
Full particulars later
Real Estate Agents COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered ,in Courtenay
AlljOrders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Making  the  Most  of It
YOU, us an up-to-date 'merchant, know
that it pays to give a great deal of attention to your store-its fittings and arrangement. Your store represents a
big investment and only by keeping it thoroughly modern and not neglecting any one
feature can you expect to make your investment profitable. The large merchants whose
stores attract hundreds and thousands of customers have huilt their success mainly Joy
takin; advantage of everything which would
lend individually to their stores and bring
them to the attention of the public.
Perhaps tlie most important feature, and the
one which until recently so many merchant!
neglected, is the lighting. There is no reason
why the lighting in yaur store should not be
considered strictly as an investment on which
a certain amount of business should be returned. The way to make this investment profitable is simple when you stop to consider
First, you must use the most efficient lighting
unit available, aud, second, your light must be
different and must make your store individual.
By carefully selecting efficient lighting units
you minimize the cost, which is necessary from
an investment standpoint. Individualizating
your light enibles you to obtain the full advertising value of it which is secured only by
making it different. The commonplace never
attracts���in lighting ar in anything else.
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Res. R93       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Adam Calhoun is at Victoria trying to get on the transport service.
Born���on Tint" d y, February if)
to Mr, and   Mrs. Hurry   I.oggie, a
The Minstrels intend taking their
show to Comox and Cumberland iu
f e near future. I
F, A. McArthur, of Vancouver
has taken G. P. Thompson's place
iu the Royal Bank here.
Tin* soldiers have nearly all left
town and are now quartered on the
spit at Comox. Less than one
hundred are uow here.
Recruiting   tor the   102nd   Battalion goes on   apace.   Sam   Watson, W.   Halcrow,   A.   Jones and
Drew Berkley   have all  joined recently     Gordon   Thompson,   late
of the Royal Bai k, has also join -d
j and wlil be  stationed in  the paymasters division.
j One day recently Mrs. H. Mitch-
' ell saw au owl light ou the back of
one of her hens. She threw a stick
at it and the hen ran under the
house with the owl still clinging to
her. Mrs. Mitchell then ran and
got the broom and carving knife
aud crawled under the house and
despached the owl with the knife,
but not before the owl had killed
the hen.
Wanted���Janitor for Presbyterian church.   Apply Mrs. Emde,
Housekeeping rooms to let. Apply Brown's furniture store, Cour
The Race Track Committee will
hold their next dance on Friday
evg., March 31st,
i For sale at half price���first class
F.uglish saddle, cost $42 new. Ap-
at Review office. 1119
Forsale���1 fresh cow, with calf
at foot, very quiet and heavy milker
Apply Geo. Davis, Union Bay.
Wanted���A lady's astride saddle
in good condition. State price to
C.E.W., Comox.
Wanted for cash���10 pigs about
75 lbs. each, at ioc per Ib. Apply
P. O. Box 161, Courtenay.
For sale���sleigh, with pole, also
top buggv almost new. Apply W.
Duncan, Sandwick,
Wanted to buy from the farmers
of the Comox valley, potatoes and
other vegetables. A. B. Ball,
For sale at sacrifice price���1000
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine and
pump, almost new. Apply Box B,
Review office.
For Sale cheap���A lot of agreement and assignment forms, leases,
bills of sale, chattel tnortagage, re-
lease of mortgage. Apply Review
For Rent���J. B.   Bailey's   faun'
Upper Road,   10   acres,   with   or i
without dwelling house, all cleared.
Apply Hi.*k��-Beach & Field, Courtenay. j
To rent-Nob   Hill,   Comox, 24
acre chicken ranch, 2acres cleared, '
4 room house, good   well, 1-2 acre
strawberries and other small fruits.
Apply, P. 0., Comox. i
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc-, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
Ten acre ranch, six acres cleared
Fine six room house, bam. stable,
chicken houses nd large yards,
wire fenced, 3 miles from Courtenay
price fifteen hundred dollars. Improvements cost over $1.00. Apply by letter Box 11 Review office
Sergt-Major and Mrs. U,til��y are
at Vancouver this week.
If to a dance you'd like to go,
Then trip the light fantastic toe
At the Minstrels tomorrow night.
Mr. Eitzpatrick, of the, B. C.
Telephone Co., Victoria, paid an official visit to the local office this
Mr. J. N. Mcl.eod has taken
Harry Sleeman's house on the
Union Bay road. Mr. Sleeman has
leased the Higgins ranch at I.azo,
aud moved there this week,
After the church club entertainment on Tuesday evening a number of the young people adjourned
to the opera house where the "light
fantastic" was tripped for a couple
of hours,
The mottling preaching service
at the Presbyterian church his
been discontinued. The Bible
Class aud Sunday School will meet
at 10.30 a. m. every Sunday morning 111 future.
Rev. E. P. and Mrs. Uaycoek
entertained about '.hirty soldiers
last Thursday evening. Gaines
and music were indulged in and
refreshments were served. The
boys appreciated their kindness
very much,
A box social and concert under
the auspices of the Courtenay La*
lies' Aid will be given in the opera
house on Tuesday March .2. An
excellent programme is being prepared Ice cream aud refreshments
will be for .ale and a good time is
expected. General admission i.sc,
reserved seats 50c, children ioc.
Anglican Services
Sunday, March 5
S. John's Church, Courtenay,
Holy Communion 7.31 and 8.30 a.
m ; Evening Prayer 7,30 p m.
S -.ndtew's Church, Sandwick,
Morning Prayer aud Holy Communion at 11 a. in,
Douglas Carr-Hilton is spending
a few days in Vancouver.
W. A, Ackland, a former bank
clerk here, has joined the Bantam
regiment in Victoria aud is in the
paymaster's office.
As another illustration that it
pays to advi-rtise in The Review we
might mention the fact that two
weeks ago > r. Thomson, who is
selling the Builders' Supply goods
advertised the fact that he had a
quantity of nails to sell ai 3c per
pnind, In less than three days he
sold every one of the 1,800 pounds,
and could have sold three tons.
Mt. James Laird was the first to
have his automobile out after the
recent severe snow storms. He
was also the last to quit when the
snow came. On Sunday he started
for Comox with a load of passengers, and was going at a fast clip
when one of the front wheels come
off. No one was injured, but the
passengers had to foot it to Comox.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.    Evening servic; 7:30
p. in- All welcome
\%: ����*.
for you to get your seeds planted in boxes
We have our big selection of Ferrry's Seeds on display, so come in and make your selection early
box 256 SHEPHERD'S n�����o
Comox [Creamery
45c per ib. this week
McPhee  &  Morrison
Large 5oc]oranges now selling at ^ and 40c a dozen
Black Twig Apples $:.]$ per box
35-Jbulk teas are excellent value; also  package teas
at 3Jlbs. for$l.    Nabob, Empress aud Blue Ribbon
Teas atj45c a lb.    Malken's Best 5oc.   Lipton's aud
Tetley's Teas at 50 and 60c
50 to 6j's ioc lb.^Also peaches, pears, apricotsjand
cookiug figs
Cross &_Blackwell's Jinarinalade, jamsj audj pickles
Mincemeat in 4 lb.Jcaus
Canned TomatoesJ.'s ioc, 2|i-2 two for 2lc
Corn and Peas 2 for 25c
The Mystery
of the
By Fred M. W hite
Lurk   4   Co     tlmlttd
Mfilbourno nnd Toronto
"l.n;ii lisiinir,     i.',i'i';i:-.y   I'i plII.H   wei'O
iiiulor our i.ti, iiii! clinnniy rocks
ippmoil in ii.' nlivc wltli iln'iii. Vet
thoy illd ns nu hnrm; liulooil, Uiolr
nolo object -ii'i'iiirii in iir in gel oul
ni our ivtiy, Soniollintm ureal i-yes
i'ii uuioil in ns. lint those. I'vns were
over lllli'il with n terror urtmtor tlinn
���ur n
" M'l'T II
I uwny,
hit   Ihi '
Ilml wo
no linpi
iColll.ilui ill
i'ii \i'Ti:i: i.in.
Exit  '.he   Aoi.ilicr.
��� '  ut lOUt' 111188
hi'i'll lllmii', lllltl wo
ni ultlmnto Biilvft'
lion, tlio iin.cen honors of tho plnca
ivoulil have ilrlvon ns mini, Wo should!
hn\ o wninii'i'i'il on in"1' wu luni drop- ���
I" ;l h(i|i"l"s'-'l,v Insane nml pi'i'lshi'il. ;
I'lv.n n man titterl' ilevolil nf linagl-1
tinttoii ruuhi unl linvo fought off ihc I
B-rosfor. And    Astor.  Select    Titles
William Waldorf Aator, formerly ot
NOW   Vinli,   who   wns   riilsi'il   to   lln'
liooi'tigo mi Now Year's Uny. lias
chosen for his title Huron Astor o"
in vor Cnstlo, nfler his splendid Tudor oslnto in Un' county of Kent,
Lord Chnrlos Horosford Inis liikon
tlio lltlo nr lliiiiin I'.ii'i'sl'oril Of Mill-
ciiiini'li mid ('iii'iiif-liiiiiiii'. Molemmoh
u vlllngu in I'gypt, wits iho scons of
ono nt i.nnl UoreBford's o.plolts while
in I'liiiiiiiiuiii of iin' Sufloii In lho Nil"
oxprdltton of i ssr..
Ti'liluor.l'y,   iinlpli   llavonspur  und
offre*.   sm  sunn,in':,    iii tho hllnd
,nr- room,   it was into tlio same nf-
from  tho window could
thunder of the Incoming
Ippi'lirnl   1(1   In'   In
nod his cigarette
mall's room.
ternoou nnd
bo honr I tne
tide,   Tchlgorsky
uxeellcnt spirits, |
out in tlie new I
with Kusin ami
rolo of a raconteur.
"Wo havo them nil now," ho snld.
"Today will sottlo everything. Il wns
.l pretty Iden of Ralph's m hang nboul
the corridor under the Impression Hint
iho woman would
kind of message to
genius, i cnll It."
"Xi'l n hil of ii
godly. "Pshaw, u
dona the samu
hoiuul to try io s
iii.'s there hclple
try to send Borne
her familiars. Ileal
" Kalph sniil
I'hlld would
Tin' woman
mil n Idler.
.  hut   knows
xomebody in moving In lior I racks.
'o add to he. suapenso, sho liasn'i an
idea who is following her up.
"Don't you sen she Is In the dark?
Don't you understand thnl sho suspects she lias been trapped? She
wants to know whai we think about
lier; she wants her information all al
��� ui.- fell swoop. And when she found
.Marion was missing sin.' felt certain
- li ill her lime was near."
"Whal is lier hold over iuarlon?"
Geoffrey asked.
"And wliy has Marion gone away?"
Tchlgorsky said evasively. "Wo shall
uonio to a full understanding nbour
that presently. Lei ns begin to unravel the skein 1 Tom the start. 1 rend !
that letter which Italpli gave to me, i
Hie letter which by this time is in the
hands of thai woman's familiars.
They have Instructions to come to tlio
'���asile at dusk und enter il by way of |
ilia vaults. When tlio family are
dinner tho Orientals will make tin
way up in their mistress."
"But  can they?" Geoffrey inked
mad terror of li nil    \s i'or me, l will
never forgo! it."
Ti'hii'iirsl'v paused and wiped hie
forehead,    Glancing  ni   Italpli, tleof*
trey   COIlld   see   lhal   the   latter   wus
trembling like n leaf.
"Wo enmo lo the end of II nl
length""," Tchlgorsky wonl on, "We
eame lo lighl and ii Ions ilesolale valley whence wo proceeded Into an arid
desert. Mere we found our latitude
and dismissed our guides, We ought
hi have shot ihem, bul we refrained,
II would have saved a deal of trouble,
They were not less dangerous llian
mud dogs.
"We got Into communication with
our nindes and servants In n daj or
iwo, and I here ended ihe first nnd
most thrilling volume of our mh en-
lures. How the PrinccBH /'.ara has
persecuted us ever since you know,
going to turn the
nd ot ii woman you
And  how   we ;
tables on thai
also know."
There   was
People who have impure or Impoverished blood ilioul'l he careful in ml," only
n vegetable remedy such as Ot, I'lorece
Golden Medical lliscovcry is nml lias been
for over 4U years.
Tlie first day you rdarl to lake this
reliable medicine, impure germs and no-
cujiiuliitiuUB begin lo separate in ih'* blood
and nre then e.lpelled through lho Liver,
Bowels and Kidneys,
in place of the Impurities, lln- arteries,
and veins gradually gel fresh vitalized
blood und iiie action of this good blood
on lhe skin means lhal pimples, boils,
Carbuncles, oozemn, rash, iicno und nli
skin blemishes will disappear. Then you
must, remember thai when lho blond is
right, the liver, Blnmach, bowels nnd
kidneys become healthy, nelivo and vigorous and you will have (in more trouble
-iih indigestion, backache, headache nnd
(.let, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery to-day nl any medicine dealers; il
ift n powerful blood purifier, so penetrating
that it even gols at the impure deposil.
iu the joints and carries iheui out of the
' Contains noilher alcohol nor narcotics, lis ingredients arc made public
end printed on wrapper.
Depend upon iliiH grand remedy In
Give vou the kind of blond lhat makes
the skin cleat', lho mind alert, the vision
keener and puis ambition and energy inlo
lhe entire body.    Vou will nut be disap-
' pointed.   For free advice write  Dr.  v,
i M. Pierce, Buffalo, \. Y.
A  Problem  in  Industry
Wniuen engaged iu occupations for-
nici'h   regarded as  reserved  for men
have Increased in numbers, according
in London census roturns, from ."1,000
to .mi,Htm in ihe current ���.������nr. This
momentous change is due chiefly to
Ibe taking of places vacated hy enlist*
: in;; men,    The necessity    i'oreod nn
I many women through the loss of bread
winner, is also un tnflinVhce, and Here
Ian general londonej of luvenllvo genius In every Industry  in devise menus
of ti'iinsforrlng work from men to women.    I'very  Invention thai  enables
women on n large Bcnlo io do work
I formerly requiring men nieana a largo
volume of prom through tho oconomy
effected. Towards the primitive condition in wliicli woman maintains ami
man dofonda lhe race ihe progreBH of
iliveiiiioii is nun Ing,
Another Btiggosllvo Bialtstlcal ills
(.insure is Hint iin. female population
of Loudon exceeds, lho nuilo bj over
ono million,   This presents a problem
' lo till who strive io arrest the cllOllg-
|lng iciiiii'iiiy   ami  contend  lhal   tvo
i man's plni e is the home.   There musl
be n million homeless lo provide I'or,
and ibe nggrognto excess of the to
| male population is likely lo Increase.
Toronto tllobo.
Lloyd George the Man of Action
Mr. Lloyd George is the active man
of ihe administration, lie is always
doing something, and lately ho has
seemed lo he dolus tlie right, thing at
ilie rlghl lime. Popular Judgment of
li tut is based on his words, though, ns
surely us the popular .iiidgiiionl of Mr
AstUlltll, His appeal to the Unionists
for ihe immediate, self sacrificing belli
the nnlion needs was it masterly col
location of words, full oil phrases
I which iiiusi bnve strongly Impressed
his hearers, It was one of ihe memorable oratorical efforts the war has in
spired in Croat Britain, Now Yorl
maoe;. in/\$
.... :4ei into Hie cove the tide would
[.cut     them  off,  and  they   would  lie
"' I drowned   like -ruts   in   a   sewer.     Of
course, they would have no idea  the
, .(Vault  wus closed to them, and "
in course they can.   Many u night
have  they  been  hero.   Hut   wo  have .
already stopped any danger thai way i,
by locking the door of the vault, the
one below sea level.    Then  wo shall
ng silence after
Tchlgorsky had finished and dusk bo*
gnn to fall. (ii.'oiTrcy looked out ol! the
window towards tho, sea. Suddenly
lie started.
"Blobber Hock," lie gasped. "Covered! Not a vestlgo of ii to he seen;
It is high spring lido today, the highest of tho month, and I had forgotten
all  about  It."
"Whai difference docs it make?"
Tchigorslty asked.
"It lills ihe underground caves,"
Geoffrey cried. "We have locked tne
doors of tho lower vault, and In that j ��� ���-
borders' Al? Utss^prJn. j WHAT ONTARIO FOLKS SAY.
tide tills  that vault   with water,    If
those men got that letter, as they j St. Thomas, OnL���"My husband and
are pretty sure lo have done by this! myself have used 'Golden Medical Dis-
limc, Hien they are dead men.   Once | covery1 for liver and kidney troubles, ala
Great Mineral Wealth
A mining tiuthorltj bus e'silnuiteil
i thai itriilsb Columbia   has produced
inotttls and minerals in the last fifteen
| years valued al live hundred and ten
million dollars. Tho year's output Is
.valued at llili'!y-lwo million live hill.d-
i red thousand, The mineral industries
'.oi llritish Columbia include the two
largest copper mines In Hie Brltsh
1 empire, oni of which is producing
I over  one   liuuderd   and   forty   million
pounds of eoppi r per   year.   Bflll.h
Columbia's gold output i'or 10.1 fi is is-
. timated ai seven millions.
Hstcrical Tree Cut Down
The big elm 'ree in independence
Square, Philadelphia, said to have
been planted by King ISdward VII. of
England when ho visited ibis country
| as Prince of Wales in ISO 1, was cul
down recently. The tree had been
dead i'or some time. Under lho ground
surrounding tlie tree when the stump
was removed were found several objects, including a six-pound cannon
hall and a variety of coins, some or
revolutionary date.
for bad blood, and wo found it good.   1 :
am glad of Iho opportunity of giving';
testimony in behalf of Dr. Pierce's rem-
?dies."���Mas.   Guona.   Bubd_tt,   28
Chester St., Ht. Thomas, Oni.
Giant Battleplanes
Huron Codcrstroem, the well-
known airman, ana director of the
Swedish government aeroplane fac
lory near Siockiiolm, says light
monoplanes are things of the past,
and the builders nre devoting their
energies to the construction of heavy
armoured biplanes capable of carry
in)* immense loads of guns, wireless
apparatus, petrol, bombs, and signa.
ling apparatus  for long journeys.
The revolving air cooled motor?
have almost been entirely discarded
for stationary water cooled engines.
ni down ihe cliffs presently and lain
the chaps like rats in d trap.   They
Will   !,>'
the poi
arrested and banded over to
ice because the time has come
wo  can   afford  to  show  our
The end is very near."
I lie    evidence    against     Mrs.
Geoffrey suggested.
Tchlgorsky tapped bis breast
pocket significantly,
"Vou have forgotten the diary," he
said "I have evidence, enough here
to hang that vile wretch over and
over again. I have evidence enough
io place In bands of the government
which Will convince those gentry in
he tempies beyond Lassa that they
had better be content to leave us
alone in future unless they desire to
have their temples blown about their
ears. This diary clinches the whole
business. The house of Ravenspur is
"God maul that it may he so," Geoffrey said fervently. "We have only
lo wail fill dusk. Tell me the rest of
your adventures in the Black Valley."
Tchlgorsky nodded as lie proceeded
to make a fresh cigarette.
"There is not much more to tell," lie
said. 'Some day, when I have more
leisure on my hands, l will aim the
ivliolo business, chapter and verse. I
iiave only told you enough for you to
know   tin   'lass of foe you li'lli   to deal
n ith.
"Well, as I told you, we shot two
ol the priests whose business it was
i i guide our stumbling feel to tlio hot*
toill   and   Hun   leave   us   there,     We
knew thai these men would never be
n isi il, so that we hadn't much anx-
���>  nn that score.   Tlie others, des-
:' tilt Ir Bacrod calling, were jusl as
nanus to live as anybody else,
"To prevent any chance of escape.
.ve took oil' our flowing robes, ture
;:.em Into strips, and bound our
niiiL'S to ourselves. It was a good
thing we did so, for before long we
plunged Into darkness so thick that
its velvety .softness seemed lo suffocate us.
"You will hardly believe me, but
''ur two whole days and nights we
Humbled in that awful darkness
ivilbout food or rest, except, now and
igaln when wo fell exhausted. All
that time we could see nothing, but
'here were awful noises from unseen
Miimals, roars and yells and cries of
'('nit;'   right,"    Tchlgorsky    inter-
oted.   "I never thought of that. And
liad no knowledge of the stale of
I tho tide. And there are other cayeB
j where���"
lie was going to say "where Marion
is." but paused. Ralph seemed to divine what was in his mind. The reply seemed incontinent, but Tchlgor-
sky understood.
"All the other caves are practically beyond high water mark," he said.
"What Geoffrey says is correct and
our forget fulness has saved the hangman a job. But wouldn't it be well to ' profoundly interested in Hie heroic
make sure?" support that Canada  is giving lo Hie
Tchlgorsky was of that opinion.     allied cause, which in many ways rep-
"No need to alarm the household," resents the things that wo most care
he said. "Geoffrey shall procure a for as a naiion. ln this respect at
lantern, and I will come and assist in ! least, the United Slate;; is, as Mr. Do-
Canada's Part
American   Paper   Believes  That   Canada's Part in the War is a Far-
Sccng Defensive Proceeding
As a nation living and progressing
along lhe line of personal liberty ami
Hie individual initiative, and desiring
and Insisting upon tlie opportunity to
develop ourselves  in pence,  we  aro
the search. I don't want to be seen
just yet; bin it really does not much
matter, as there is no need for further concealment. If tlie.se men are
drowned, they are drowned, and that
is an end of the mutter. In any case,
we havo Hie chief culprit by
pew put it "associated Willi Canada."
The Canadian confederation is like
another self lo the American union.
It is an instructive thing lo study tlie
influences which underlie Canada's
action in this crisis. It is not so
Hie I many years since the London Times,
i speaking for the British middle class
These Three Wonen Tell How They
Escaped the l>_*eac_ful Ordeal of
Surgical Operations.
It was possible, after all, lo reach  and Hie British middle position us be-
the vaults without being seen. Ucof-
frey procured a lantern and the party
set oul. When they wero at the bottom of the slops they could hear the
sea slashing and beating on the walls |
and sides of the vault. A great wave |
slipped up us the door opened.
Geoffrey henl down with the lantern
in   Iiis   band.    Tor    some    lime  he
searched Hie boiling spume   without j
"Can  you  see    anything?"    asked
"Nothing  whatever,"  s
j "It is posslblo that they
He shuddered as he raised tlio
Tiie spume ceased to boll for
��� ment, then a si if, rigid band
' horribly  from  tho  flood     A
id Geoffre;
might not-
I    1110
sodden face followed. There lay one
of the Asiatics past the power of further harm.
"Vou have seen one."   Tchlgorsky
ahot'lod   "nnd   there   is   Hie   oilier"
Another face came up like a repulsive  picture on a screen.  A  minute I
later  and   tlio  two  bodes  were  drip-j
ping on lhe steps of the vault.
iTo lie continued)
iwei'ti the great political parties, de
llberately advised Canada to cut the
cord (hat binds her to the empire and
go lier own way, Canada not only did
not go, pui is today contributing her
treasure and ber young manhood io
defend the mother country iu a greal
emergency. There must he something
besides tho "call of the blood" iu ihis
attitude.     I'he Canadians, iu  point  of
fact, are convinced Hint they have
much at: stake, as a free country sus-
pectlng ami hating militarism, as Britain herself. Participation iu the war
is really a far seeing defensive proceeding ua lhe part of Canada. We
are nol politically or militarily associated witlt her in this warfare, but
wc also have our Interests iu the conflict and I'or much lhe same reason.-
Boston Transcript.
Sour-   remarkable facts nhoui tii.
ineial required to fill lho orders for
shrapnel and oilier shells that Europe
| has placed in the United Slates wero
_ivon recently by the Mining and En-
Iginoerlng   World.   A llritish 8.6 Inch
snrapnel shell requires ti pounds irn.i
1 ounces  of steel,  and    ."i   pounds  !i'.��
I ounces of hrass lhat contains from 06
i to 70 per cent, of copper, or about '���',%
New Trench  Caps  Are   Issued
The "7th battalion of Ottawa is the' pounds: and round the shell is a small
first in Canada to bo issued the now | copper'band that weighs i% ounces,
trench  caps which    are    superseding : A  shell
tlm  time  honored  fur  wedges  as  a I pounds "i
soldier's   head  dress    iu   the   winter!sist
?/iV��L> . Ornnuintcd Eyelid*,
Kycs inlliimcd by exposure
to Cold Winds and *~ust
idhy Muriim
... ��� No .Smart
ing, juat Ey�� Cnnifort.   At Your Druggists'
Wc per fiol tie. Murine Eye Salve inTubes25e.
Kur Hook of the Eye Free write
Mur.no Ey�� Ittmtdy Company. Chleam
W. N. U. 1090
lime. Tlie men made their appear*
unco recently wtlh Hie new caps,
wliicli are in appearance a great Improvement on the fur wedges and are
much preferred hy Hie men. Thoy
are made of a wool mixture, khaki
color, very similar in shape to hats
worn by Hie soldiers iu summer, but.
of much heavier material. Thoy are
provided wtih carlaps and keep Hie
head warm without the uncomfortable
heat and wnight of the fur caps.
lhat size require! LH7
ipelter. lis contents con-
if 7.02 pounds of bullets, composed of seven parts of lead nnd one part
of antimony. Now, Europe lias ordered not. less than 26,000,000 shells of nil
kinds. To make Ihem will use up 101,-
000,000 pounds of copper, 46,760,000
pounds or spelter, and 173*260,000
pounds of load.
BOMC TREATMENT.���  Deal,  vonr -llieaM,
aud write for free boat, atid teslia-oaiata.
io cnunctiiLL avS.. Toronto
Hospitals nre great and necessary institutions, but they
should be the last resort for women who suffer with ills
peculiar to their sex. Many letters on file in the Pinkham
Laboratory at Lynn, Mass., prove that a great number oi
women after they have been recommended to submit to an
operation have been made well by Lydia E. Pinlcham's
Vegetable Compound. Here are three such letters. All
sick women should read them.
".larinclle, Wis.���"I went to tho doctor and
ltu (did mo 1 must, havo an operation for a female
trouble, and I hated to have it done us I had, V-een
married only a short time. I would have terrible
pains and my hands and Eeet were cold all the
timi'. I tnnk' i.vili.i E. riiikinun',. Vegetable Horn.
pound und was oured, and 1 feel bettor in every
way. I give you i�� fiuis-.ii'ii lo vulilislt my name
because 1 am Bothaukful that I reel well again."
--Airs. Fkeu Jii'.ii.sivt;, MarhioUe, AVis.
Detroit. Mich.���"When J first took Lydia 8.
 _  !l Pinlcham's vegetable Compound I. was so rundown
with female t roubles that I could not do anything, and our doctor
said I would have to undergo on operation. I could hardly wall-
without, help so when I read about the Vegetable Compound and what
it hint dime for others 1 thought I would try it. 1 got a bottle of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound und a package of Lydia _.
Hnlcham's Sanative Wash and used them according to direction!*.
Thoy helped me and today lam able to do till my work and 1 am well."
���Mrs. Tnos. J'wyki:, (wo Milwaukeo Ave.,East,Detroit,Mion.
Bellevue, Pa.���" I suffered move Hum tongue can tell with terriblt
bearing down pains and inlhiuitni'tiou. I tried several doctors and
they all told me the same story, that I never could get well wiUiout
tin operation and 1 just dreaded the thought of lhat, 1 also tried a
raiotl many other.medioines that were recommended to me and nono
of them helped me until a friend advised me to give Lydia E. *m_:-
lniin's Vegetable Compound a trial. Tho first bottle helped, I kept
taking it aud now 1 don't know what it. is to bo sick any more and I
mn pioking up in weight. I am 30 years old and weigh W"> pounds.
It *vill im the greatest pleasure to me if I can have tho oppor-
(unity lo recommend it to any other suffering woman."���Miss 1r****��
FitoB-.Kmr.it, 1023 Manhattan St., North Side, Bellevue, l'a.
If von -would like special advice write to Lydia 1". Piiiklinni
n.cil.<';o.(-Osilide-itial),J-*fnn,"iIa��8. Your letter will be micncd,
read and answered l��y a wouu.ii and held in.triet confidence. SHE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C
>'cw Russian Force
" 1 w&nt Bovril���not
*f>        m * *,)    No substitute will  save  money in
IH flit J the kitchen as Bovril ilo.s,   or give
the same nourishing value to sotips
and -.lews. It takes the beet ol a whole bullock
to make a dozen bottles ol Bovril. Bovril is thus
so strong that it cannot possibly be put up in cheap
cubes. (Jet the real thing- Bovril in the Bovril
I Germans Buy Coats to Feed Children i
1'1'he poor children uf Hi tlm will stif- I
fer less from ii shortage ni niliit If the I
latosl plan ot tho Prussian nilnlstrj of '"Death's Husenro" Is tho Nam- ol a
i ngl'Iculllll'O   provos   ii   success.    II   is I       New  Irroflular  Force in Russia
I announced   that  ti   largo   number of      \ K,.|m fearsome fnrec  'egulnrs
iiiilch goals will be purchased In the   ������������������ arisen  I ly  i'i  Russia
Throw Away Your
4 _   ,
A Free Prescription
Measuring   Hay   in   Stack
A   tnitiiiii'i'  nf  I'lnitiii'les  have
; uonr  fuliire nnd   farmed  oni
I lienlci's in the  provlni v oi Hraiidon-
I berg, nnd that the mill, from llie.tn will
! im    illstrtbutod    free    to Iho  Merlin
j children
The goat's milk will in- I'eserved ox-
I eliisivel.v for the childroii of fiuuiHoB	
i in poor clretniistances, wlio will not I .o7i'"d.scrlbe'"tiiVm,    biivh  Mr.   ,    t
l need in future in still, i- from the lluel-  O'Conuor, us mi Irregular rone which
i minus in the Bttpply of cow's milk, nets Independently of the general
Tho chamber ol agrlculttire in the pro- Untly of Hie array, and dovotcs Itself
vlnoo ot Brnndonberg Is lo bo charged principally to hurrioii, perilous, and
���with lho buying of the goals, T,ho ill--- mercllesB raids nn the dispersed
Irtbtillon of tlio mlllt will be entrusted   forces of the rjarmtin  enemy,    They
| in the Niillniuil Woiuait'B Association. | cut i,is communications; the.i loll his1
possible to give uny  rule iliul   will In
ui iill iicciirnie us allowances musl he
' made inr ihc lime the hay has been
settling ami the i.iiui nf grass,   The
You Can Havo Filled and Use at I loon   llBlllll Illolllod is In dctennllio the up
proxlmtilo    lielghi    nml    width  und
Do you ui'iii* glasses ? All' .vou ii vie-
tun of eyestrain oi' oilier oye ffOUknossosV
It vi, you win I,.' glad io liuow Uml tlioi'o
,< real bono for you, Many whose eyes
ivoro foiling suy llioy luni' u.nl tUclr eyca
testorod llirougli iin- prluclplu of nils won
iliTful free pl'l'si Minion, oi"' nm" ��H.V��i
aftor trying u : "I wiib nlaiosl blind :
could not soo lo rcud nl oil Now I rail
feud cvoi'Tlliing ivltlioul itti.v alu-.-.'"! nml
niv even Un not water uiij inure. Ai nlaiii
tlioy would pain uieiulCullyt now tiny fool
inn'' till llu' time, It was lll.ii i> iiili'iu I" lo
in.'." A luily wIki lisod H says : '"I'lin
.tmosplioro Bcouiod busy wit li or wiilioui
Classos, but after ii-ina im-i prescription
tor ilfti'cn days ovoryltiuig seems clear. ,l
can oven road Huo prlul wlllioul glasses.
Il la liclli'V'-l Ilml thousands who wear
glasses' ''an now discard lliein iu a reason
nolo time, nml niiiiiiiuili's inoro will i��'
alilo to Blroirgtlioil llu'lc c.m'ii so ns lo In-
ipnrod iin1 troubio and cjpeuso ot ever
live troubles nl many d-
stragglers; they Bonielltneo rush
received concerning iiuiiniliy of hay n._.-,.���.���. Tla��nn' T���_..kl����� down on his officers' quarter.; recent-
In stacks of different Bls.es,   n is in | Uailg^OUS  1 (irOat  l.OUDleS     ly  ihey  enptured  n  general  In  this
. jure n terror, especially by night, and
IT   h'MIK    MlSI'i'V   fill*  InlBlitlj add to lite toll of thai terrl-
II      lii'Nlin      'Til *)*_.(-      Ui'       ,,,.   ,,,,.,,!,    ||H,      W|,|0|,     |g   ni|lng   ||���,
j pages  nl' Hm tlci'iiinu  newspapers,
li  is, nf course, win- in tin- knlf
linn i nun tin night,
Clot nfler your cold now    Ihis very
minute,  boforo   ii .grows dangerous
length ni the siiicK nnd in .tills way.
ilml He millibar of cubic fool, The
number of cubic reel lu ti ton varies
from Pin in raw, depending nu tlio
kind of hay, its   degree of rlpoin
when mil, Ihc helghl of lhe slucli, etc, vim si Ill apply oliHllllo ".Nerviiine."
l*oi' timothy  I clover hny in mod*     Huh your   chesl   and   throat, rub
oritlo size slacks about 600 cubic t'oeL ihoin tliorouglily with Nerviiine, He*
is required to make n ton of well boI Hef will bo Immediate,
lied hay.   Prairie hay nml Blough hay      Nerviiine will save ymi from lying
ure snnti'w hui  heavier end from   100 awake   tonight,    coughing,    choking
to'IB0 cubic feet will miikc a tou. Tho and Buffering from congestion in the
United  Slides (h'parl il  nf agl'Iclll* chest uml acute pain  in the llirnal.
lure  ��'m��;  Hi'  following  tuolhod  nl'     Nerviiine  will  break  up that  dull
determining the u her of cubic fool neuralgic headache- will loll the cold
iu  a   hay  Black:     Multiply   lhe  over- j nnd chill nt   iis  very  beginning    will
throw (lho distance in feet ii i lho save you li i porhaps a serious ill-
grottnd nn niic shir of the stack over "ess.
ihc slack in the ground mi tlie other     fo lake away ���oarsenoss, lo break
side, by ,31, uml then by lhe length -U> a grlppy eold_to cure a sore throat
In l-'nitirc this new force mi-in ho
described as frnnctircui . ihoiigh Hie
title would nm he altogether npprop
1'iatc:   in   Spain   il    would   I ailed | ,,...,.,
guerllleros; In ihc Halkiina comli* Ask them what they think of Zanr-
ndljls, though here, iiguin, the tiiie I nuk and you will Iin sursrls-d how
would nni altogether in them, I can      many of them would oil *ou ll n
the best known healing balm, nnd
iliul It shuuM h" in every home.
A    contest    in    " Everywoman's
World " recently pr d this!
Women from coast to coast have
proved by actual tost that /..unlink is unequalled for the skin diseases and Injuries nf children as
well as of adulto, They have found
*>,nm-Buk different i" ordinary
ointments in that it allays tlm irritation ns soon us applied; prevente
fofltorlng, inflammalion, blond pni-
sonintr, etc,, nnd ssrmanently heal*
in a verv short time, As a mother
and bend of n family you owe it
to yourself to have Zam-Buk Always handy!
If ymi  liave not yet  tri"d '/.__i-
Buk. gel  a box at pnce.
Druggists and stores, 50c
PrPVPIltPfl  hv NcrvilinP     '�� 8horf, tliey ai verywhere, must
llCV-lil-ll  ny l*CIVIII1IC|be 0X1)ecle,| ami watched everywhere,
si'mX^uuiv kTw��%Kt!l$ bStted I and by the'width. This is probably lor had cold in lhe chest, you can use
by following i'ii" slrnplo rules. Uero is tlio a little more accurate than in try to i nothing so speedy and effective as
prescription i C!o tojinyjioilvcjtniB store   dotermiiio   the average   height    ami  Nerviiine.   l"or forty years It lias been
width.���Montreal   Family   Herald.
nml got a bottle of Bon Opto. till a two-
ounce bottle wiili  warm  water,  drop  lu
ono lion iini" tnlilel  I allow i" dissolve,
With tlili liquid, batho II yis iwe lo four
times dally, loii Blioulil iioilee your eyes
clear up perceptibly rlgUI froai tlie start,
��� ml   liiflauimiltlou   will  iiui.kly  disappear, i
ri'ii  a |
Cause cf Asthma.    No one ciin say
wiili eertalntj   exactly    what  causes
the establishing of   asthmatic condl-
1 tiona.    Dust  from  lhe    street, from
lhe most largely used family remedy
in   the  Dominion.    Time  has  proved
nn belli sides: Ihey are In nled with
lhe same rilt.lllesBllCSS as Ihey display nut one caii escape Immediate
dentil if he lie caught; Ihey are in
every sense of tlie word Heath's Hussars.
A Power of Its Own. Ur. Thomas'
Kclecn'ic (HI has, u Bubtle power of
iis own that other oils cannot pretend
in. though there arc many preti tillers. All who have used it know this
and keep ii by them us the mosl
valuable liniment avnilabl
ure innumerable nnd for many years
il lias been prized as tlie leading Unl
menl   for mini and  beast.
���VTtl Sharpen ''cur Razor He;:-- a-:rl Qolefctf
lis uses limn can 1..-.lone in any oUiet *%y. La��ta a
Lifetime. SaUafacUon susr-ateed ot moots
refunded post free 25 cant. I- n t Rjuoj
pie,1.75 canta, O. K, Blropj $1.50 Baal
S-ade. Canada Ho.ioCo.. Wawaacia _*_��
a.b_, _aitu__
The   British   Aristocracy
Oxford, home of aristocracy among
other lost causes, was perhaps hard-1
est     hit  of all   English  Institution
its  merit, so can  yuu    by    keeping   when Hie war broke out.    The nris-
liandy on tlie shelf the largo 50c lam-   tocracy itself never lias given a pre
if your eyes  nre  notuoruig yuu.  even  a   -      ���        * ������ ....v.,  ---".-
lltUo, take Blcps in save tbetn now, betora   Mowers, from grain and various oilier
it Is too late,    Staoy   lionolessiy   blind   Irritants may sel up a trouble Impos*
Ily size bottle; small tiinl size, _5c.
sold hy any dealer anywhere,
Wood's Phospiodiaj.
The  Qreat   English   Uemeds.
Tories and inn/ iro    .  I "I w'rilr*
Dsrvoueiiyil un, la i- ���( a -* IUo.nl
m   old   vclna,    'if*.I   A'Tl'O.'U
Debtlity, Mental and /.'rum Worry, i i .;���<,"������
rfrm''/. Lota of Energy, 1'alpilution of di
lexi for Hie advocates nf conscription,
ecattso Hie aristocracy Ol  England Is    Heart, FaMniMemorii.   l'rit-i It per box, ii.
ill Hie Held anil lias been since lhe lie- i for$(l.   Ono will pl-ane, ���livlll.c ''7 '
ginning, ii is not onij nghting, it is I ^;;:��*ii\".,;.,'7;;;';'/;V?,,!,;.v,/Vrt/*re_��,(��o
Sacrificing   llselt   every  day,   ami   the   MEDICINECO.,T0.0IIT0,0IIT. (FrtairttWlitar.'
Heavy   Mails   For   Prisoners
iniiilil have been saved if limy bad eared I Bible In  irradlcato  except  througil  a!    The  Swiss  mails  have  transmitted
tot tlielr oyes lu tliiie.   riio \a linns Drag | SUI.,, preparation    such us Dr, J. I).! In prisoners of war during Hie period
\er'fntlon by nial'l If .out' dra_gl.l cannob   Kellogg's   Asthma    Remedy,    l.'ncer- i from August Hi In December l", 1916, laud's heart  is appalling even to ns. I
 Z I lninlv may exisl us to cause, lint there ! 13,000,000 parcels,  70,000 letters and ! who consider one life as sacred as nn- j
loll  of  noble  lives  which  cuts   Ell;
can he no uncertainty regarding a
] re ni.a I y which has freed a generation
of asthmatic victims from this scour'*'
of the bronchial tubes, li is soltl
Hoire of the Thoroughbred
Tho llritish Isles form lhe home of
ihc thoroughbred   horse,    iiie breed
; iis   it    is now known, was gradually
-..*-   --.la���..       ���     *, built up  during the seventeenth nnd;      .
kMMWfil   SpaVlll  Core   oigliteentb  centuries,  chiefly  hy  the     Mlnards Liniment Cures Distemper
TSPMlf i    tthasbcetitisedby   crossing of HiiBtern sites with native
' �����"���__?    lioraemeii, vetrri-   stock, and in  n  lesser degree by the
Bartons and form- | Importation nf  Eastern  mui'.s. There
.lid (MUM m'ovei Ie*"-*  indeed   aiitlioiities   who  consider
Us worth in hundreds   Hie present   day   racehorse  lo  he  lhe
of UiouaaiKla of canes.        j resull   of a  combination  nf lhe Arab
cards and ���.',01111,0011 money orders for other,    Philadelphia Public  Ledger,
a tolal sum of 80,000,000 francs    oil **""
French luiso!^ Complete Breakdown      |
000,000 for (leiiiians in France. ��� r         I       fliinnr
The Swiss priest, Philippe Ieeppl of After   La   IlKlPrh
Samadeii, lias been appointed visitor nucl    La   UIUI " u
for  Italian  prisoners iu Austria and I 	
Father   Noseda,   of Morblo,   also   a *[< I ��������� ���,    *|in    Cuii'pi.i-i*    *i
Swiss, will  visit  Aur.irians    in Italy.  ll ljtl'',ej    tne    *-u*-e*t!     �����
Blclcerdike, Alto., J011.20,1018.
"1 have beenustag Ketidull's BjKivIn Cure
for a **ood many years wllb ,i..".i mmiii-.  iu
fa.t, lam neve: without 1 .'
II. Nl II11UU'.
|1 n botUe���0 for $.'., at druggists   er write fnr
Copy or our Looic "'i*r?:'.lC-e "il tin: Itot-SC'1 free.
Enoiburt Falls, Vermont, U.S.A. 100
Room 14 Cosgrave  Bldg.  163
Yonge St.
1 nd Hie British warhorse of mediaeval
times.    Hui no mill tor whal his exact
origin may he, the fact remains Hint
Since ihe Russians assumed Ihe of
f. I
tensive protective machine in pre-
veni lnss in attack are being used
more nnd more hy Hie enemy.
One is called by Germans Teufels-
wand (lhe devil's wall). It is an
elaboration of an Invention of the
Russian engineer Pletneff, which was
Victim of Many Forms
of Weakness
.\sk I hose who have had lu grippe
regarding the presenl condition 0
their health and most of them will answer "Since , had the grip I ltaie
never been well." There is 11 persistent weakness of ihe limbs, bad dlgeS'
Hon, shortness of breath nnd palpitation Of the heart  caused by 'he thin
. I
the thoroughbred IS the most valuablo Fi'!w �� . near Warsaw. Tbe blooded condition in which grip al-
horse iu Hie world, nnd thai his pres- ?Vi ,',, ? ��� '"' Kl0('ls,ll��''- ( ways leaves iis victims after Hie
onco in the Continent of Europe, in!'" breast-high hairier mounted on fevei, .������, Lnflueussn have subsided.
America, holh north und south, and w", .' " ,,,.''s '""" te, '," '"',''''" ' Thev are at the mercy of relapses
'in the Colonies, is due to the breeders E-iS_ "it t .11 al'�� ?",elte''811 b>' and complications, often verv serious,
who have for several generations sold   " irom nil missiles exeepl Hand gren-  Thlg (.���iuijtioii will continue until lhe
Illicit' surplus slock to buyers from all
j purls  of  tho   world.    The  thorough-
I broils, on the whole, does bettor in the
British Isles than anywhere else, and
thus    il   happens    that    though each
country In which racing takes place
; bus  now  thoroughbred  stock ami  a
istiul book of Its own, ouch anil every
; one of these countries has lo come In
lhe fountain bond every now nnd then
to    buy    fresh  bliiod from ihe race-
i horse   owners   and    breeders of the
1 Bl'ItlBll Isles.
On the    front side of the wall are
I Mood  is built  up again, and  I'or thi
��� , , , 1 purpose     nothing can  enua!  a  fair
nruicial    arms,    also    dipping    and  t"reat.m.nt  with   Dr.  Williams'    Pink
hacking appliances, winch me manl- p,,lB) ..���,,,,, quil.k]y make thG blo0[,
palatini     by    soldiers.     Small   trees
forming obstacles lo the "wall's" ud-
rieh   nnd   red,   drive     the    lingering
germs from the system und transform | J_
fc-ven in a match  you  should I
consider the "Little Things,'   i
he wood -the composition��� I
the   strik.abilitv    the   flame, j
nre made of strong dry pine j
stems, with a secret perl'ecred
composition that guarantees
"Every Match A Light." 65
years of knowing how���that's
the reason!
All Eddy products  are dependable products   Always.
, ., . .        . u-riiii.-i   iiuiu   ni'     i-i.-n in   iittu   u uti.-iviiii
vanee can be sawn through, and wire  ��esp0..dent grip victims into cheerful,
e'.iiingleiiieiils can he clipped to bits,  healthy, happy men and women.   Jlr. |
���ew.r. tt Omtm.nt. for C.Urrh  That \ lor  |,,.���|,|,   t|ia|   a   change  to Postlini
John hattersby, Hondo,,. Out., says: I *��MtfRASb"|��|5 %AI��_.
���Must before Christmas, Hill, i was     I nCnMrlUll n     .   .u
taken    down with an attack of In   i'f^^^iSo^'^if,^'.  ;      ;, '
grippe, and  the trouble Iclt  me in a J nut eituesko.D-1-..Gia-n.ar-ju-ai k . ten
deplorable conditlou.    I  was almost ' Scnmm^nmWiinoos^ '   '
effeV;s"���"t���"and eonVe'mid'the 'heH !������.,^k .'�� T*^ ���L���lb���    F��KsSs^r
Heavy Weight on Old Age
When  people  realize  the  injurious
Contain  Marcury
as mercury will surrl" destroy tlir* s-'nsa
! ot nuipii   and  completely  derange  tho
| can   bring,  Ihey  are   usually glad  to;
lend their testimony for the benefit
1 working on a  farm In Western Ontario,   I   was  (|iiile   unublo  to  follow
iinir-ni is oflld to   Rho"_ "'*"<'ui  when cntoi'lng It liiroiiBli pf others.
nmeiil is s.iki io   ,|1c niucoui lurtaccs, Such artleies ghouid I    "My  mother, since
my usual work.   I tried several kinds
of medicine, but ii did nol help me. As
The Manitoba government is said to   tho''J3uSSui,,_.rt_.c.. I.eh aMloios'shouid ! ""My"m'other  since her early child* ? mMov, ot Cact I folt Bteadlly Br,ow* i
havo been contemplating assistance to | never be used except   on prosciiptlons I Hood  was an inveterate coffee drink. weaker, and  in tins   condition,     "I've jusl made free resolutions fur
%  "" "'"    1016, an' I'm goln' to keep every one
the extent of $500,000 to an nbattoir to ' ''"'" It',V,"'?l>1,'' Physician-, as tlio dnning* I
.e established nl Winnipeg. II Ihe c'.ny PMalbly' d.rtvo-��trom \to.riIail'S
assistance is given, the rates and ser- Catarrh Curo, maniifuetured bv !���'. J.
,iee iii the abattoir will be directly Cheney & Co., 'i'oiodo, O., contains no
under the control of the government, j S7'u��"n\^,doo. iST ffJSSuSwr!
It is claimed  thai  this would    he a   faces o( ihe oystem.    In buying  Hall's
.real ndvantago io stock misers  i : Catarrhi Curo bj suro you got th�� g.n-
tarmers .lis,,, sine of their   animals  gl,ftEi&.tiftJX���9R0Sl"%wf_y *WS?
through the Winnipeg market, 'roatlmonlah* rieU.
I Sold by Druggist), rileo, 7.c. per bit-
I tie.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Garget  ill Tali. Hall's Family rills for conslliia-
Cows. ������������-���
had been troubled with her heart Jril<"! lSfd1ln*i,?���FapCi. L""", '"'' ,W1,11'
nuns   iini;   litis  advertised  and  de*
"Whatever    became of thai  chap
i'inison  who was iu our class nt  oul
lege and who gave promise of becoming n wonderful Inventive gonitis?"
"lie made good on the promise all
Serbians  Gnawed   Bark  off  Trees
The i'li'iii-h Hod Cross unii attached to the Hotbliin army had to
abandon $8,000 worthy of tents, sover-
at   motor cars nnd valuablo sots ol
right.    He's doing nothing since ho operating  Instruments,  besides  lenv-
left collego but Invent ways of dodging work."
iue. Hm wounded behind in the hands
nf tho advancing liulgarlans.
Two of Hies..' nurses have reached
Salonikl with nothing but the clothes
they had on. Everything else was
lost, The two young women had
1 ramped for seven day--, making
twenty-four miles  In oik- day.
lionds were covered with mud nnd
for a number of years aud complained i  . ,  , ,     . ,
of Him 'weak-all-over' feeling and sick F1*1?}1 lo try litem. 1 gol a supply and
.tomach." (The effects ,.f tea on the ���>_ "�� i""," ''" s,'!'olul,li,1,x )v���8 PnlJh*
system are very similar to Uiobo of od ' ,'"".,.".'""'' lll!'" . 1|,"'1 (1""!' ""'
oifce, because they en.h contain th." I"!",'1 ls-    !!f,.u:,s.",Vv  ""i1,,��P,er anc '
drug, cnifeiiiei
wiili Dr, Williams' link Pills, bul you
Si'inic tlmo'ago I   was making n may ilopcnd upon it that  It I Und
visit io ii disiiini pari of ihe country
medicine necessary again I will know
and took dinner with one ot the mer-, -1"1;.   '���''"' '" l.aIi?'
chains oi ihc place   i noticed a some*   , \"" oa" u''!. !lu's'' p Us rn!!" ���"���-J
what  unitsuiil  flavor of the 'coffee' deaor "'.I""'1"""' '"' by mail, post
anil ashed him cotioornliig It,   ll.- i I'""1- iu "" cents :l b(,x '"' SIX b0X8S
plied lhal  it  was Postum,
"I was mi plouscd wiih li thai I
bought a package 10 curry hniiie with
me. and had tvlfo prepare some for
the nexl meal. The whole family
liked it so well thai wo discontinued
coffee  and  used   PoslUUl  entirely.
"I had 1 n n very anxious concerning my mother's condition, lull we no
for Jl'..".0 from iiie Dr. Williams' .Med
icine Co., ISrockvllle, Out.
The man who had made a huge fortune was speaking a few words lo a
class of Btildonts at a business college. Of course lhe main tlicme of his
address was himself.
'All my sucess In life, all my Ire-
Heed that after using Postum for a | mondous financial prestige," he said
short time she felt much heller, had Pl'OUdly, "1 owe to one thing alone -
little   trouble with her heart, and uo I pluclc.   Jusl take thai I'm-your motto,
sick stomach:   thai   the   headache
were nol so freilifeni, und her general
condition much Improved.   This con-
the women had to spend the nijiiil lu   lltiuoil until she was well and hearty.
W. N. U. 1C90
barns and earthen hovels. Some ol
the refugees and prisoners were so
hungry, said Iho nurses, Hint they ale
the Iini!; of trees, i'hey declared the
patience and endurance of the Si r-
h In ns was marvelous and there was
no complaining,
It i- lhe good old summer llino In
the Argentina, bul the people there
are going to have the fruits of our
season, oven if Ihey do come high,
says n despatch from New Vork. The
liner Vostrlg sailed for the South
American republic with 2,000 tons of
Oregon apples ami California poars
ami 1,000 rims of potatoes, Doth the
apples and pears  will gell  in  lliieuns
Ayres for about i" cents apiece.
I know Postum has beiielltleil my
self and the other members of tho | did you pluck?"
family, especially my mother, as she
was u victim of long standing." Name
given by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont,
PoBlum comes In Iwo forms:
Postum Cereal the original form-
must be well boiled. 15c and _"c
Instant   Postum���a  soluble  powder
dissolves quickly iu a cup of hoi
water, and, with cream and sugar,
makes a delicious beverage instantly.
30c and BOc tins.
linth  Kinds nre equally   delicious
and cost about the same per cup.
"There's a Reason" for Postum.
sold hy Grocers,   try is predictor
pluck, pluck, pluck:"
lie made au impressive pause here,
bul Hie effect was ruined by one student who asked Impressively:
.os, sir; but please tell us whom
Worms sap the strength und undermine lhe vitality of children.
Strengthen ihem by using .Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator to drive
out tie parasites.
of them," said Dusty Rhodes
"Ye ain't resolved to go to worl.
hev ye, ole pal?''
"\n.    My  resolutions  are de.      I
1016 I ain't going to drink champagne
or take milk baths or put up at ���!���
King Edward when I'm in Toronto."
Minard's     Liniment     Cures     Dion-
Miss Passay is always denouncing
modern literature. She think.- there'"
nothing worth reading except the
"She seems to fnrnct th.it most of
the classics wore modern when the
was young."
Honey Production
A return issued by the llritish ro-
luinbia department of agrlculturo
places lho honey production of the
province this year at 200,000 pounds, I
Brills') Columbia produces u great
wealth of flowers In unmeasured areas
mid as the climate appears to he very
suitable lo bees, n groal honey Indus- I
The Army of
It Crowing Smaller Every Day.
only give teliel ���
cuie Caniti'i.
lion.   Mil..
lions use
them let t
fi.fiou. I
nru, hdigtitian. Sick Headacke, Stllov Skhu
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Prise.
Genuine mug beat Signature
m*mkw*mmsmswm*m THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review Jg^Jj,
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weeky   Newspaper,   Publshed  at
Courtenay, B. 0.
N. H. BonitN, Editor and Proprietor
Telephone 59
���ubscription 91.60 per Year in Advance
While we keep our columns open
to free disctisfioti on any subject of
public importance, we do not like
the ramifications this liquor question topic is taking, The question
of the loyalty of the Canadian bom
has nothing to do with the liquor
qucsiion, Canadians arc just as
loyal to the llritish Crown us the
English, Irish or Scotch born, and
what ls more they are quite con:
tent to live in the land ol their
birth, and if it wns in danger from
an enemy today every man jack of
them would fly to arms to defend
il.   There   would   be no   need of
s, not Swedish recruits,
tude of Sweden towards
the war has left much to be desired
from the Allies point of view
This can be explained by the fact
that Sweden ferns Russian aggression far more than Gertnau conquest, and therelore lewis to Germany. That i< all very well, but
subjects of Sweden, handling Canadian forest resources and earning
a living In Canada, under the protection of the law of their adopted
country for the time being nre not
called upon to commit hostile nets,
that is, unless they sick to be interned, not ns enemies but as dis*
turbers of the peace. Ol course, if
any Swede does not agree with the
attitude of Canada, let him go back
to Sweden, oi Seattle, ar.d good
Major Rothuie and the Officers
of the io2iul must not curry away
lhe Impression that because the
citizens of Courtenay had a bit of a
conscriptiou or  threats thereof, to squabble iu their presence on Mon-
inceut them. Camilla is a great
food unci shell producing tuition as
the mother _��� untiy well knows,
and some one bus to stay at home
to do the work. Does our esteemed correspondent think "Johnny
Canuck " should  employ   stay-at-
dny night our hearts are not in the
right place. We are u very cosmopolitan people .Hid always have
these little family fracases before .
we settle down to do business, be
it ever so simple. We are used to ,
it.it   amuses us  ami just   gets us!
home immigrants and supercilious into the humor to do things in '���
foreigners to work his farms or iu proper style. We're going lo
his shops while he goes oil to fight "kick through" for the band, and
on .foreign soil? Canadians have it's now up to you to make it the
shown just as much loyalty by rais- very best regimental band to go
ing millions of bushels of grain to overseas. We'll watch your re-
feed England and the at my, as the cord with it,
Englishmen   who  have   gone off  ��� .�����������- ������
with the Canadian forces. We believe it is the dutv of every Canadian to do his bit for the Empire,
but everyone should have the right
to do it in the way he most conveniently can.
Regarding the "Miserable Response Johnny Canuck Has Made"
we would just like to refer our correspondent to the following clipping from The Province of a recent date: " From time to time
criticism has been heard from various quarters as to the small po-
portion of native born Canadians
in the expeditionary forces, but
Colonel Tobin pointed out that
only 15 percent, of the native born
population of Canada are between
the military a*es of 18 to 45, and
these include women. This explains the disproportion so evident
in the statistics but Colonel Tobin
proudly asserts that 26 per cent,
of his Tigers are native born Canadians and this beats any other
corps raised in the Dominion with
the exception of the French-Canadian regiments.
Of the thirty-five officers, eighteen are native born Canadians,
eight English, seven Sootch and
one Welsh, and over them rules
I.ieut.-Colonel H. S. Tobin, another Canadian and a graduate of
Kingston and veteran of the South
African campaign where he served
with Strathcona's Horse "
Wc have on more than one occasion stated that Canadian Patriotism was equal, if not superior,
to that of the rest of the Empire,
and mean to stick to it. Henceforth our columns are closed to
any racial discussion whatever.
We note the steady growth of
feeling against Oriental labour, an
exotic in a white man's country,
and neither political party wishes
to be accused of supporting it any
longer. In fairness to the Orient- '
als. the change of policy should be
made without undue suddenness,
but, all the same, the change
should be made.
With persistant optimism, we
have for some time prophesied better conditions iu the lumber industry, Those conditions are now arriving, and when tonnage U less
scarce, British Columbia lumber
will have an even better and wider
market. Logs are no longer a
drug upon the market.
When less than 15 per cent, of
the native born population make
up 26 per cent, of a regiment it ill-
becotues recent stay-at-home arrivals to call Canadians slackers.
Notes By The Way
Spring 1916
The Following
Now on Show
Ladies House Dresses
Wash Skirts and Middy Suits
Shirt Waists and Middy
Silk and Satin Underskirts
Dress   Goods
Dress Ginghams
Dress Muslins and Ducks
Waidsook and Lawns
Gala teas
Towels and Towelling
Spring Models
now being shown in
C-C a la Grace
Seeds MUST be ordered early this year
Shortage is expected throughot Dominion
The Vancouver Milling & Grain Co,, Limited have, for
many years, made 11 careful and thorough study of seeds
thut would prove BUST (or conditions wliicli govern In Brit.
isli Columbia. Today, we believe we curry the best on lhe
Indications throughout the Dominion point to a Bhortage
this your, und it will lie NUCl'SSAKY to order liAKLV if
you wish to secure 11 supply.
Wc curry the following!*���
CbOVBRS   (all kinds),    ORASSKS,   TIMOTHY   (99 1-2 per
All kinds ol Vegetables such us Turnip, Mangle, Cnrrot,
Sugar Beet, etc., etc, Also full line of Seed Grains, Including
leading varieties of Wheat, Outs, Hurley, Rye nnd Peas,
Order Early���Ready for Delivery March 15th, or earlier
'   - if desired.    But Order NOW
Look (or the familiar "Circle V" trade mark on every bag
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
F. Movitz, M|r.
Phone 3.1
End of Bridge
It is a matter for regret that
some Swedes on Vancouver Island
recently showed pro-German sympathies in n most marked manner
on the occasion of the visit of recruiting officers, who   were   after
The Portland "Oregonian" men-i
tions the shortage of   labour iu the
lumbering and logging   industries
as a result of which wages   are ris-!
ing.   The following   is the   latest
scale of rates: rigging   workers $3,'
snipers $2.75, donkey fireman and
swampers   $2.50.   cooks   $50   per1
month, fullers $3.25.
At the secent Synod of the English Church, Diocese of Columbia
at Victoria, the right of women
members in the diocese to membership and voting in vestry was confirmed. In other words, the En-,
glish church in this diocese makes
no distinction between men and
women, aud the latter can now
vote on church matters just as men
: an A quiet but important ex*
tention ci the rufferage   to women.
Through Passenger Tralcs leave Corrte-
nay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and Way. Stations
FETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday ar.d Saturday
Steamship tickets on all lines lo all parts
of the world. For particulars etc., address
DM. PiMMfW Agent, Victoria
Agent Courimaa/, Phone R60
Since the decline of the boom,
accentuated by the outbreak of
war the Canadian banks closed
many branches that were not considered to be profitable. It says a
lot for British Columbia that very
few branch batiks in this province
have been closed.
The return ol prosperity to the
West is evidently assured. The
great mail order h.use of T. Eaton
Limited, in Winnipeg, is about to
rebuild its premises, which will
cover two citv blocks, while the
company of R, Simpson Limited is
said to be committed lo extensive
additious, While the prairie pro-
vinces are the main aim of the
firms mentioned, prosperity in thai
vast urea musl overflow in the direction of B  C.
In order to free themselves of
military obligations to the land of
iheir birth, two young men left
Victoria recently in order to seek
refuge in Seattle, Brave boys!
What a catch for the States !
When the National Anthem is
being sung at the conclusion of
any concert or entertainment it is
not pleasant to sec anyone tnakiug
a grab for his hat or coat. Courtenay audiences are very prone to
this offence, and it would be well
for the chairman of public meetings
to call the attention to this lack of
respect to the king, and also tt, his
loyal subjects,
Follies Concert
Total receipts of  Follies concert
January .1, $156.25.
Bill posting $ 1.50
Cotton 50
Cord and dustbane      1 50
Hall  12.00
Orchestra   18 00
Printing     8.00
Sateen       12 25
Music        1.00
$54- 7 5
Balance of $101.50   deposited in
Royal   Bank, Courtenay, to credit
of Red Cross Sccietv.
is the ben that pays.
have laid steadily thru the past long
winter. Eggs per setting of 13, $1
Bruce Towler, box 132, Courtenay
Charles Wheeler
begs to amiouncce
that he has opeeed
The Elk Hotel Barber Shop
Cleanliness a Specialty
Island Lumber Industry
The Port Alberni mill of the
Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. Ltd.
has been leased by an American
syndicate. With a daily capacity
of 100,000 feet, the lumber will be
shipped by the lessees to Alaska,
and it is reported that the mill will
be in full operation by March   '.0.
Courtenay Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Brock entertained a number of young people on Friday evening last.
A concert and dance 'will be given in Martins Hall, Comox on Fri
day   evening   March   17th     The
proceeds will go towards   the band
fund of the 102nd Battalion.
Service next Sunday at 11 a. m.
at S. Peter's will be mattius and
Ocean Falls Pulp and
Paper Plant Starting
With every prospects of rivalling
Powell River; where one thousand
white men are employed. The
Pacific Mills Ltd., is carrying out
develoyment work in order to permit of entering the producing stage
before 1916 expires. Already a
number of nie-'i are at work, and
several hundred men will he employed as soon as the weather permits. 	
A Busy Week
On Monday evening there was a
Ratepayers meeting at the City ball
On Tuesday night the Church
Club held their regular social evening-
On Wednesday evening the pic-
ure show.
On Thursday evening the 6th
episode of the Mack Box and other
specialties at the opera house.
Friday evening the Kourtenav
Koon Klub wid give their grand]
minstrel entertainment for which
they have practiced assidiously for
the past six or eight weeks. There!
will be plantation scenes, coon|
songs, all the latest jokes and wit-1
Suits $27
Pants $7 up
Cleaning anil
Suits            J
Suits          $1.25 up
Conts                   .75
Pauls                 .50
Skirts                  .50
Vests                   .35
Dresses            1.74
Overcoats        1.25
tig, lite.
('.cuts clothes kept in ordet by the
month '2.511
Haney   I. Kushida
The same building as  Robertson's Drug
Store, Union St., Courtenny
'I'"' lllltlllllllllllllITT
Tlie cut, fit,
quality and strict
regard to details
lliul vou would
expect   I r O 111
London's fore-
in ii st Military
Tailors you can
expect from us.
We can make
vou u complete
kit within three
days uinl nt a1
remarkably low
forms on application,
lAlt Of LOHOON. _���*���*,
Naval, M i lit a ry S Civil Tai lors
ticisnis, skirt dancing, banjo solos
and duets, clog dam ing, cuke walk
quartettes, buck and wing dancing
stump speeches, etc., dance of the
demons by fair little maids. There
will also be a laughable burlesque
on Uncle Tom's Cabin, and a tab-
laux representing the Allies. Tlie
proceeds will be devoted to the
Prisoners of War fund, THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Band For The
102nd Battalion
A meeting of ratepayers was
held in the council chambers on
Monday evening to give an expression of their vievs on the matter of
furnishing a set of instruments for
the lo.nd Band. The Mayor occupied the chair anil invited Major
Rothuie to address the gathering.
He said that the War Department
did not provide bands; they were
provided by the olliccrs. The government, however, would feed and
equip 19 bandsmen, There were
no wealthy men in the Battalion,
hence they wanted Courtenny to
supply the Instruments, and they
would be engraved rs belonging to
the city nnd returned here ut the
end of thc|war in Rood shape as pi s
uible, Music waa essential to enliven and amuse the men. No
bandsmen would go lor the regular
soldiers pay, so they had to provide the extra pay themselves, aril
were "i-iuu to endeavour to make
the to-iul the best regiment
to go overreas, and also Intended
to make their baud the best also.
Tin* instruments were here, having
been bought in the States, the cost
nveiaging $6o each, and they were
well worth the money.
Onpt. Coldwell followed in the
same strain, saying that the men
had to be entertained and this was
the verv best met hod.    The   bund
'here and at
them while they were
the front.
Dr.   Millard   said   a   band  was  _...,   ._
needed to  keep  the men  in good district for requisite amount
spirits.   Ambulances,   etc.,   could committee selected wis as   follows
*   "   """*��� John   Johnston,  Horace   McPhe
and declared the meeting  adjourned. ;
Before dispursing   however, the
gathering resolved  themselves Into
a meeting of ra'epavers, and after
some discussion   decided   to assi-.t
the council in   financing   the band
proposition,   aud   to that   end up |
pointed a committee of   three with
power to add to tin ir   nuulbers  to
thoroughly   canvass   the   city and'
���    The
come lat.r. Courtenay had not
done her share for King and Country; would rather be bloke than be
accused of not having done his duty
by the Empire.
Mr. MePoee said he was ashamed to have so many s'ttrs thrown at
Courtenay. The people were poor
aud had no money. He had no
money   just   now;  there   was   no
means ,.f raising money at the pre , f h    ,
sen. time     1 he Iml an eo Co mo* I ^ h  .. ,,m|ttee 0|, ������.
Atl.u should also help ...  this mat., ^ ��||C,uded ,*K. si���u.,..,t|. SV110(,
Mr, Perez wu quite in favour of'of the diocese of British Columbia at
the city   furnishing   the band.    It
was a good thing for the men  kept
them livelv and   in bud places <lis
and Rev. Laycock.
A subscription list was then
opened and over three hundred dollars subscribed before adjournment.
The English Church an
' The Liquor Traffic
McBryde's Bakery
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
traded   their attention   irom pain
lul r flections,
John John slon was not in favor
of having the people pay for the
blind out of the taxes. Just at
present our streets and roads needed repairing and what money we
hud was needed for that.
Geo. Leighton said he was in
favor of raising the money for the
W. II. Kirkwood said it would
be   unfair to   place the   burden of
a late hour yesterday afternoon,
Before adjourning two or three important resolutions wete passed,
The first of these' introduced by
Rev Septimus Ryall, seconded by
Rev. Robert Coiinel, wits as follows
"That, whereas, the question of
the prohibition of the liquor traffic
is now in the public mind, and
whereas, a plebicite has alreudy
been promised by the Government;
therefore, be it resolved that this
synod heartily approves the propo
sal to submit the whole matter to
the vote of the people, and strongly
Urges that this be done at the earliest possibl* dale it such a form us
to ensure the rendering of an   tin-
P, McBryde for almost 8 years with Marocchi .3ros.
begs to announce lo tlie community that be lias opened a Bakery and Tea Room at the above address
I have lvil a technical training in the Kilm;t'.no:k
Bakery School and Glasgow Technical, Scotland,
under the host masters, and hold a first class e. rtiti-
cate, upper grade, in the technics of bread inaKing
and a first class certificate in baking confectionery I y
the Master Makers Association I .an assure the public that the bread and caKes made by me will be manufactured by ihe best nietlii ds Kliown to the baking
world today and will be pur., healthful and appetising
Ih ping for a share of public patronage
Remember the address     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
��� a a
Mr, Corkum spent the week end
visiting friends in Union Bay.
Miss M- Gray, who is in charge
of the school at Fanny   Bay:   has
played the men out to the trenchesIthis on some who couldn't afford to
and met them on 'heir return. ' give.    He and many   others would
Mr. Hicks-Bench was in favor of be willing to give much  more than equivocal verdict."
purchasing the   Instruments,   said their share.' |    The Very Rev, the Dean of   Co-
Courtenav had not done what she Horace McPkee thought Courte- lumbia, seconded by Chancellor
should in the matter of giving to nay could not very well furnish a Undley Crease, moved the follow-
the patriotic funds, and mentioned bund; thought a subscription list ing resolution, which was also pas-
Creenwood  with a   population   of should be circulated throughout the sed.
6oo giving $g ooo.    Hedley,  only district. |      'That in   the  opinion   of   this
400, had also given $0,000. Tho- T. D. Smith was in favor of gtv- sy��od the time is opportune for at-
ttght we might also ttive the Bat- ing something but objected to be- tempting to ameliorate the condit
talion   a   motor   ambulance.    We ing compelled to fork over; | ions consequent upon the abuse of
could borrow the money and repay Aid. Hurford, N. H. Boden, the | intoxicating liquors as beverages by
it in instalments out of future tax- Mayor and others were in favor of the enactment of prohibitory legation, It would be a good invest- circulating a subscription list first., lation."
ment from a business standpoint, and if enough was not forthcoming
It was expected that the band the city could make up the balance
would give concerts at Albert Hall and a motion to this effect was
in London, and we would not like made, but the discussion became so
our band to be behind the rest. personal and irrelative   that it was
Rev. T. Menzies said   he bad no not put.
brief for anyone.    We   should   be     The Major   pointed   out   that it
proud   to be   able to  contribute a was against   the army   regulations
band.    If the tax rate  went up in for the officers  to solicit   subscrip- r"-- <����� -- .	
consequence it would be nothing tions. The council could legally A young people's party was held
against the Aldermen. vote the money, and that   the offi- at Crowton ranch on Friday   even-
Rev. Laycock   said   these  men cers could accept money   from any ine-    Everybody had an enjoyable
were going to fight for   those who one, but seeing that the discussion time.
stayed at home and we should be was not favorable he would with- All the Cumberland people who
ready to provide them with any- draw, but they would have the have been enjoying sea side life for
thing they   really   wished.      We band anyway, this last two years have gone back
should do anything   we  could fori    The Mayor   then left   the chair to the city.    I guess they find  tin-
Your Printing
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C.  than at the
Courtenay Review
earthing blue.; diamonds more remunerative.
Mr. Williamson is busy ditching
these days, he is just pulling ill the
Inst drain on the cleared land comprising 50 acres, having put in
about 1500 yards since the fall, the
drains being front 4 to 6 feet deep.
Mrs. M. l'rnser of Vancouver is
the guest of Mrs. H, Carter.
Courtenav    Hotel
omfurt   With  Modei it*
Beet Wines
uml Liquors
1 ate*
I.  _ "'III
I      .
Against  Prohibition
Drink Reformers  Spoil Their Case
by Going Too Far
A resolution for total prohibition
during the war was moved at the
House of Laymen Convention of
the Archdiocese of Canterbury, held
in London the 17th inst., but de-1
feated and one in a much modified
form wns adopted. It expresses
merely the wish for strict moderation and selfdeuial in the use of
intoxicating liquors.
Athelston Riley, a writer on religious topics, opposed the resolutions. He said that drink reformers always spoilt their case by going too far. Alcohol itself, he contended, was not an evil, it was
"one of the good creations of God"
It was the excess in its use that
constituted the evil.
This is food for reflection for the
B. C. extremists.
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Old Dutch
! Navigation in Hudson
Strait is Restricted
j Engineer in Charge cf Surveys Makes
His Report to Government
I"   Anderson,   the   11ITii��� i��� i-  in  t'llltl'go
foi ihc Hudson Hay surveys, does tint
tnlcc ii   verj  optimistic view ol  llio
navigability nt nu- Hudson Siruli tin-
tier any conditions. Ills roport ol IIiIh
Investigation during llio your conlnln*
, I'll 111 (111   Ulllllllil report  ill' ihc depart*
iiU'iH   ol   iiaial  affaire, sullen  Hull   us
��� iilri'inl.    nn utloilQil   navigation   ivinilil
I would lutvo been greatly Impailcirt by
! Ii'ti  until  tlio  cnil  nf  AllgllBl   ior vessels entering  ihc Btrnlt    Irom    llio
i list nml from earl} In October onlor
i Inn from lie hcsi iii'i'iiusc i'tii ciiiiu-
i nol Ice begun to appear nl llio ivobI
entrain e nboul Hie latter ilnto grout!}'
i interfering wiili vuBsela.
\ ��� in ihc ending ol llio mn Igntloit
in i'ic BtrnltB,  Mr <*Antteraon Bltilt'B:
j During   tlie    pasl season tittor   llio
middle   Ot     Si'lilctnliiT     siiiiwsliu ins
I ivere lln  oi-dor of llio tiny, antl tills,
j lill.l II    III    I (llljllll. Hull     w Itli    ihc    loo
roiidltltiiiB   flotnih ���! nbnve,   roqclorcd
iiiMii.'ii/...       pink
10 .V I' , "Clli/.i'titir.
Distemper    uml    ail
ii"-"-      iniir     tliroilt
illiU'iiHCH curoil, nml nil nilir-rti, nu  i<    how   "exposed,"
Ic'l'l li'i'iu having un.,' "I llli'Hc illHi'llHi'H mm SPOHN'S
DISTEMPEIl COMPOUND, I'm," h, bIjj .1.i-.es nihil cure
.i im" One Bliinll .-H*" Imltlo Kilnriinlecd to tin Bn Ili'Bt
thing   I'"    I I   IIIUI'PB:   iii-Ik   nn   Ule   lilui'.l    SPOHN'S   i-i
.-'Hill   lit    llll   K.inil   lll'llKHlslH   llllll    lllllill'Kd   HllO|lB   111'   llll 'll''-
A tow Death Rate Remits In Largo Profits
War i l.tim > li"s 'li .ti \��/t of siuphis
Head Officii   Toronto
Wiile Inr Memo Rook ami Circular,
Color Blindness
Ambulance     Funds    and     Aeroplane
A   Rare  Case   Believed  to   Have   Been
Discovered in a Soldier
in mi Uugllshmnn who enllstei    or
Bbrvlco wiili tlie Canadian contingent
psychologists believe Ibey |
ci'ci a person eolor-bllml ;
yellow   n pliem menon lis
proi ci'iiiii**'- i\ like   cow,
I'lai'.' William  ,
psychology of the I'nlversltv ol Iowa, general hospital with ::.  beds forl talnlng  ii   In  vigorou
Is uow nt the Nela Jtesenrch Labora- Mesopotamia   has   been   raised,   ami I tlutt. besides being im
ion.  Cleveland,  Ohio,  making   tests ""' (Creator part of the malorlul forjfuge. tlie> are Lonic-iil
with delicate Instruments, which arc '���  collected.    Special gifts  cf aboul   Ing In their effects.
only tn lie had there   to prove thnl $80,000 from the Pepnul and Durbar - ���    ���
tho case is penlly what ii seems to bo ;lml **DOul *40,000 from He- prime mill* Auction Sales of Live Stock
Flour  Milling
Cii'iiiiiin.:  Wcsici'ii Canntla'B  wltoal
Into Hour is one of the nnturnl Indus*
U'los m the ('(iiiiui'y, which i�� growing!
rapidly In Importance,    ai  Medicine
Iihc    period during    wliicli    orillnury | Hut, ulone, the mills arc now snlil lo
tramp .tcittn.ru   could havo navlgnl*i roproBenl a cuplltil Invostiueiil of up
|ed He   .-trails with Hnl'ety is limited.  K'urds ol a mlllii n,i a lull dnlliii'B,
'I'ic euiploymeiil of liytlrn-uoro- Tlie( nun mil eight ilioiiBtind hugs
planes in eotincctlon with wit-lens of flour over) iwenty-t'oiir hours, lutvo
stations Ie warn vcbscIb in nr mil nl' an nlllllllll payroll nf $11111,000, employ-
ihc iceberg daugorB in Hudson Blratt. lug 120 men, and pay a viihI 'aim for
Ib the rn titer uultiiie recommendation! I lie produclB wliicli t licy consume
Inl Mr,   \ii-1. r. i.u 'I'he products of Uiob Ills go io
   . Ilir  iillel'inusl   purlti  nl'  Hie  onrtli.  In-
Miller's Worm Powders net so tlior- eluding    t'hliui, .liipitn,  l"IJ|  Isliuid
Western t'uiuida, ami bran am
farmers mid BlocltralBcrt
Funds Have  Now  Readied  Large     | ougli'tv  tVini''f*Voiinicl'iY��" niitl [lilCBtVluil | N't'""   *<<':i|a��'l   "��H   Aiislialia.   besides
Totals worm's arc literal!}   ground  up und ' fiu'iilBhiiig  Hour  for the citlzeiiH nl
Tlie  princes ami  people  nf  India  puss from llio child wlthoul being in
lontinue to shower their gifts to carry Heed  ami   tvllliotii   Inconvonlenca  i
uo and  O" ""' ������'81' '" ''' successful Issue. Tlie  tlie Bllfferer,    The1   are painless ami
.s die   I'un.iali  aeroplnno   ruild   mi   wexcoeds   perfect In action, and at ull tllllos will Canadians Are Volunteers
Mabel  **r5,000 pounds,    Ambulaace carts unit  be i id a health} inedleliio, strength j    c'linadu i I nol have gone t" ivur
sisinni professor el  motor ears havo been given while ajenlug lite lufnjilllg stonuicli and main |.\evor lose slglil Of thnl fuel. Wc at:
operation, so
ffOCtivC   H'l'lni
unl heallh-glv*
i' nl]
Ihc  tests  nf  Iiis
Ister nf Xepniil have been made to the
viceroy us the donation  toward  lhe
a boII' governing people, ami if we had
refused lo permit our boiib in nn in
I'liiropeuii battlefields, no power would
iinvo iindertiiki n in loll us Uml they
musl n". Wc were mil oven iisliod lo
give our assistance, Wo offered what
which a seiiler would ox-1 wo had in mier. We entered the lighl
if buying live stock inlbecniiBo tin.' honor .ot Britain is our
arc being mud". expenses ol  the war.    Strenuous et* \\-eBtern Canada   6r which be would honor, because ibe pledges ni Britain
Aboul lour per cent, of all persons  "llls ���'��� lisjilsl ���" lli,' manufacture of    e| l( semng js we\\ indicated bv the arc our pledges, because He safely nf
���ii.   color-blind, bul only to red and j munitions continue  to he pui  fo'"*11 tteifres prevailtng at unction sale_i liold Hrllnln  is our safety,    becauso the
green, The usual color-blind   person |���*������'' Indeed India's endeavor tn assist. throuuhotit the country from time to cause of Britain ik our cause, n has
cannot distinguish between the color  ""' nines in victory grows daily.       | nme.   As a recent bucIi sale al North come.aboul in tho providence of Cud
of a Btrawberrj and its leaf in;; ' :is  Battieford,     Saskatchewan,     Bprltvg that ibe Union .luck is the emblem of
im ilirrlciilij  in separating blue from      These Pills Cute Rheumatism.   To  calves  broughl  $.1  l" $30;  yearling liberty, equal rights and Christian civ*
i���; tii<��� many who suffer rrom rheumat- steers. $1". and cows averaged about lll.ution. Wc rallied around tlio Union
M ism a  trial of  Parmelee's  Vegetable  str.iv                                                      ' Jack.   Victoria Colonis'
1.11b is rceomnicmleil. They have pro-
yellow,    If the tests   prove that
chigllsliman has tlie rare    form
color-blindness,   the    discover}     '.'ill
have  much  theoretical   value   in  Hm
B-clence of psychology.���V.    cf   Jc.vu
the lliternntionnl pur
Mnrkrt, nml Secure the
Higlirsl C'aih |>rjCea.
Why ildp I,, ilia niiJill-imn, win,
mini , ,,.���i���,||. ,,|| ,,���,, |������ j���
Now Voti iliil nmloliliiiioTil out
olyou? We*urllwl>lil(_tin��M
pilca Ourmeiliodaofa-adjiagara
itnii-iii,llylil,ri��l. wannvrrcliam
(-tniitiiuiiimi, uii inn vm lull mlii-
('ii you, fun.
Wiii' (m ..in mice l.-i niij apccial
r���.i..li,..,.  ,.,,!:.. i;,rli���m
1*3 W. 271k St. N����Vatl,N.T.
".Unison has become a very lirtu bir
Hover in sinus," remarked Hindi.
"Whai caused ll?" asked White.
"Why, li" picked up a horseshoe in
front  uf  his   house    yesterday,    and
when    lie    Weill     ill    lie    lllllllll    ll    HOlO
from bis wife saying thai she'll run
away with the clmiifl'i'iir."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Knlhm-iastie Aviator (after long ei-
plunallon of principle iiiiii workings nf
Iiis biplane)- Now, yuu understand it,
don'l vim?
Young   l.ady    All   hut   one  thine;--
hut makes il slay up!
nouncod action upon the liver an
kidneys ami by regulating the action
of these organs act as an alternative
Mn preventing lhe admixture of uric
acid ami blood lhal causes this painful disorder. They must lie taken ae-
AGAINST SICKNESS: *"����������������.- "> directions and used stead-
ily ami they will speedily give ciai-
,    ,  ,    ,,    ,,     .,,   ,, ,   .    ence nf their beneficial effects.
(.ui    besl  la' touglit   with   Bab} s 	
Own 'I'alilc:-   Mm little pleasant taste , _     ,
ine, Tablet that never fails to regulate I Zeppelin   Dombs
the stomach and bowels anil drtv nut     Zeppelin  bombs differ   from orduv
ail minor ills of little ones. Concern- ary explosive   bombs,   Inasmuch   us
ine.  ihem   .Mr.-. II,  llower   Eastburg,   thoy aro Intended not to scatter frag* 1
Alia.,  suvs:    "I  have  rour    healthy  meals   over a wide urea, bin tn pro*
children thanks to the n^o nf Baby's  duce a sudden and intense heat at a
Own Tablets,   I have been using the   given    point,    thus starting a  fierce
Tablets for Die pasl eighl  war.- and   conflagration.
think them lie besl medicine in ibe'    'I'he bomb, as a rule, is conical, of
world lor Utile ones."    The Tablets J I" Inch diameter at the base, corded
are sold  hy medicine dealers ft b;   round, and has a metal handle at the
mail at ���.'.", cuts a box from Tic Dr.   apex.   The   base is a flat cup. on to
Williams'  Medicine  Co..    Brockville.   which  a.  pierced  metal  device    and
dm. : handle fitted in the top.   Tli" funnel
 . j is generally filled with thermit, which
Half of Crop Still in Hands of Farmers ; upon Ignition genorates Intense heat, ���
Figures supplied by the Grand
Trunk Pacific, Canadian Norl icrn
and Canadian Pacific railways, report
thai on December ::i. ifiifi, there lad
been handled by these roads a total
of 43,820,00 bushels of wheat. It is
estimated that not much more than
linll nf tl'.e wheal crop of 1015 is out
ni llic bands cf the farmers a; present.
Hard and soft corns both yield lo
Holloway's Corn Cure, which is eniire-
ly suit' in use. anil certain am! -atis-
factory in i"- action.
The Senator and the Major wen
walking up the avenue. The Sena I or
was more than middle aged, and considerably more than fat, uml. deal . as
Ibe Major hived him. he IllsO lot .���: his
The Senator turned n Itli a pleased
i spn "-inn mi bis benign couuti uai i e
and said "Major, did you u I ul
id' tty girl : mile ai me?"
"lib. Ihal's milliiiiK." !",.'.""! Ills
It "lid. "Th" llrsl lime I -..iv .mi i I
laughed nm loud."
ami by ibe time of the concussion has
talien'lho form nf molten metal of me
extraordinary high tempi rature nl
over 5,000 degrees Fahr, The mo
tin metal is spread by the concus-
sion. Outside Hie funnel i- a padding
of a highly Inllammablo or resinous
material bound on with an inflammable form of rope. The resinous
material creates a pungent smoke.
There la generally some melt rt
white pluraphorous in Hie bottom of
111" cap, which develops nauseous \
fumes In sonic cases celluloiu
clippings nre added, uml occasionally
a small t'ltantUy of petrol.
Minard's  Liniment Co.. Limited,
Kirs. I havo used your MIXAHD'S
LINIMENT inr ihc pasl .5 years a:.';
whilst i haic occasionally us. d otl   r
liniments I can safely sa>  11 a'  I 1..,: ���
never  used  any  equal  to  yours.
if rubbed bal ween llio l ands and in- '
the People You Meet
The Irritability, the Worry, the Gloom, the
Despair of Nerve and Brain Troubles.
The  Blood is  Watery,   the
Nerves Are Starved.
Wife   i see thai .'It-   K   i .is
.ot a divorce
Hub Confound It! Thai ������ ..��� a
other wedding present
haled frequently, ii will never fail in
cure cold in ibe head in :'l hours. II
is uImi iin  ii" i I'm- bruin -.   Bprnlus
Yours i t-iil*.,
,i   i:    LESLIE.
Dull mil
Woman Can Out-Talk Man
\ woman   can talk longer than a
1 man, ami dues so because she  uses .
I less force by a large percentage thau
a in un doe-,   a Oerman professor la- i
I proved  by actual ami  very   delicate
measurements that the baritone slug- \
cr uses far more energy iliac, either. I
'I'he range or voice differs greatly, so j
the percentage varies io the same cx-
tent, but m- a general result  it  was I
proved thai  a tenor usi s only  from
one-seventh  to  one-sixteenth   nf  the
The best  physicians  point  out  that!1"11'-- power of Ihe baritone ur bass |
(hiriiigchaiigiiig'seiisons the blood should ! T''"    difference in tlie fore used by
be wade rich aud pure and active by tak-   "lc contralto and soprano who rln.   .
ingScott'sBuuilslonafteriueals, Theood I '" very tleep lones uses at !  i-   t n
liver oil in Scn'.t's Emulsion warttis the ! nn" ;  the  force  of  the  thrlllu..   .
bodybyenrlchingthe blood; it peculiarly : prano,
���trcutrthens the lungs mid throat, while it I    Tl,�� explanation is so simple thai i: i
upbuflds the resistive forces of the body li; surprising lhat ii wus noi thought
to avoid colds and prevent consumption.   "' '011B n8��'   '' llua ion" bee11 known I
Hundreds ol people succumb to con.
���uiiiptioii every day.
Science proves that the germs only
thrive when the system is weakened from
colds or sickness, overwork, confining
duties or when general weakness exists.
11 you work indoors,  tir�� easily, fee!
languid or nervous, Scott's Rmulslou lithe
It i�� lot.Ily her- (ram stup-fviiig dniM
Avoid substitutes,
IHI     Bcotl & Untrue. Tortmta. OaUite.
W. N. U.  1C0P
thai ihc tenor or soprano brings the
vocal chords together and keeps the
edges vibrating only by tiie emission
nf air.   Tim bass or contralto leaves i
ihc space between the chords wider 1
open, niiil has In vibrate much more !
of Hie membranes to a considerable j
larger nmounl nf air required,   Popu-1
Inr Science Monthly |
This is llic aye of nervous troubles, of brain fuji;. <>f heraifailure, of
paralysis and bodily weakness. You can read it in the faces of the people
yuu meet.
Tlif businessman, tho factory band, the professional man. the woman
in ilic home, all find their nervous systems giving way before tlie terrible strain of modern life and keen competition. Nervous force is consumed at a terrible rate, and the blood wliicli must make good ilhs Imss
becomes thin and watery, lacking in quality as well as quantity.
The whole secret of preserving health and curing disease in all such
cases is to supply au abundance of rich, red blood. Stimulants uray
drive Hie heart at a more rapid pace fur a lime but the breakdown will
I'liine with greater force.
The blood demands nourishment, the nerves cry for sustenance, i hey
call \'��r just such help as is supplied by Dr. Chase's Nerve Pood, tho
greal blood builder and nerve restorative.
In many, many thousands of cases nf this kind Dr. Chase's Nerve
i'luul has proven exactly what was needed. In using' it yon are nd experimenting, but arc supplying to the system the very ingredients from
wliicli Nature reconstructs tire wasted nervous system.   For Ihis reason
euros are both tlnuY-ugh and lasting.
Dr. Clmsc'b llccijc Book, 1,000 selected rcducs, cent free, U jrou mention tills paper. THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. L.
"As soon us we appenn .1 around ,
lhe  bOW  nf lhe  Nu ti   all       e    It-hn'ni
.no tired niie shol Ui  111    ,���. hi h wenl '
wide.   The imiriiics tin n opened with
a well aimed vo cy, v i  sv opt the '
I dock, of the submarine ami . 1 und to
demortill.o lhe crew, for they mum;
lately left, their guns and rushed fori
(the conning tower, several golug over
nol sii\
In O11I5 (>ne \\ ay ('un German)
to Permit Her Ships to Sail
Relinquishing all Territori
in em 'Flag the wnr Qurmany hoped
and   c>,| led   lu   defeiil    France   tlllll
Hussln with ease. 1 icr stntosmon
counted nol perlinpi upon permanent
Hriiish neiitriilliy, inn upon u temporary paralysis (li llrliisli slut 'Siiinii-
slilp, which would penult lioiwgen*
oral! In repeal lho BllceeSB of 1870
nml enable lu r lo confroni Qroal
Britain v,iiii (i stupendous accomplish.
ml   fuel.     The   pi'iiinpi     (ill I'm      nf
Ureal llrltaltl lulu Hi ' wnr wltoll}
trntisforiiied tlm situation, says lho
Nnu Vorlt Tribune, ami, despite lho
military failure nf ibe iiritish in the
pi'cuctii moment, lu b been the doniln
_ni factor in iii   del 1 tiermnii);
Hun 11, In ihc foiling nml Ihwiirtlng uf
11 lull   Here llic main  purposes nf (iii
mini Btntcsmntisiilp ,11 lite hoglnnlng,
In losing control of ihc son, or rniher
ill   lOBlllg   Hm   llblllly   In   use   ill"   sell,
Oerman} loal a decisive battlo far
more serious than that 111 ibe Marno,
The liuui Biipprei'slon of the Biibmar*
[no cuiiipiilgn, which Bitrvlvoa now
only us spnrnllc rnlds succeed lu sinl,
Ing 1111 occnslnnnl ship of rolntlvoly
Btniill Iniportancc, ended tho naval
phase nf ihc war uml brought whai Ib,
so fur, ibe only decision in any campaign thnl has been opened.
Here ono strikes al tlio hoar! of
tho real disaster ihal ihis war has
already foreshadowed for Oerman Industry. Before lie war Oormany dominate- RtiBsInn markets; she was able
through Hm terms nf ibe Treaty of
I'ranlifori, to sell advantageously In
I'ratlCO.    Dili both  Russia am! I'ranee
havo taken bach their ectiomlc treo*
dom and both have strongly Indicated
their purpose in discriminate hereafter against German manufactures, Unquestionably llritish products and
those of the United Stales conceivably, will receive more favorable tariff treatment than Germany when the
war Is over. Again, up 10 the present moment Great Britain lias competed with Germany on a parity in
lier home colonics. Nothing Is more
certain than that after tlm war there
will lie imperial preference, und probably International preference, between
France and Great Britain and their
respective colonies,
Now, caking ibe war as a contest
between France ami Ureal Britain on
lhe one hand and Germany on the
other, what bus happened? First of
all, Germany has occupied .some S.40U
square miles of French territory.
That area hud a population of some
.,600,000 before the war. but all tlie
men were cleared out before Germany
came, by the mobilization, ll contained the busiest. Industrial plains,
the richest coal and Iron mines. Tlie
possession of both lias been of great
advantage to Germany, and France
has Buffered severely by the loss of
them. Hm, mi the other band, Germany has lost all of her colonics;
most of them have been actually conquered; only German blast Africa is
practically intact, and even hero the
llritish have occupied the coast.   All
Ever Hope io Persuade Britain
the Seas, und that will he hy
nl Gains Mail, bj the War
German ooloninl Investments have
boon swcpi away, This is. however,
nnly a relatively minor loss compared
with Ihc loss uf lhe use of tin- seas.
Germany Is nbovo all else a country
highly Industrialized, which live.-, by
oxpoi'tlng lis product, of Gorman efficiency In all parts of ihc world, She
mi  sell  supporting  In    Hie sciist
"We then opened tire wiili our pert
and stern guns, but I be llrsl sine hit
sliorl. However, It tuny have hit lhe
submarine beneath the wr.lerllno, The
iicnI shot hit lhe conning tower which
appeared 10 be spill in half, sending
mn in,m flying Into ihe air, The next
ami succeeding shots all bit tin submarine wliicli gradually sank, every-
nnc nf her crew helm;' either drowned |o( fe'reig
or shol, anil only a few pari* m',,,,.., opportunity to visit niie uf the
bodies and a largo nuiititlij of oil re* Lreal naval buses on lho coast, where
lllalnlllg on Lhe BUl'lllCe, cruisers,   doatroyera   ami   submarines
"Nol   ony were their two ginifi of are assembled fur their watch  over
.heavier calibre than own, mn. In .m   the North Sen and from    which  big
ihai Fiance is, 1,1,1, iihc ureal Britain, dltloti, tlie} hud several torpedo tnfl-s, point  ocean  going Btibmnrlnes    are
ibe la prlmnrll} a factory, ber miiion-, whereas we cqilldionly get two nuns [sent on forages to ihe Bnll
ai Income depends mi the returiisHl
\ Party ol Foreign Journalists Given an Opportunity of Viewing
Some  of the Watcji Dogs of the North Sea, anil Securing
Some Interesting Information
Under the escort of officers assign-
d by Hie admiralty, a correspondent
of ihc Associated I'reSB and a party
juajNuillsts were given tho
gels Irom her mantifat'tiirea, plus 11
irolghl hie   greal   mercluiiit marine IBtood 11 sporting chain
onriifl in transporting those products jontly   Gorninn   gubmarli
ami bringing blicll raw material-, and
Im id.
The  rlghl   Iii  u.-e  the  sea  U 'I'liiany
lean nnly regain in inn ways bj compelling Ureal Britain IO relinquish
] column iiii of the seas 0? h} complying
, with Hm lornifl lived hi u'reat Britain
i as  Ibe  price  nr  tin-   iifc of lb"  seas.
One would be the consequence m' victory, ihc other defeat, lint up in the
present   niomenl  Germany    hm1    no!
, 1 n able lu Hm smallest way tu even  any force ilium Greal  Britain io
1 compel her in give up ill.' mastery of
seas.     I'very effort made by Got
ii- j 10 benr upon ihem. if they had slticit 'ihc Dardanelles,
1, 'in their nuns they would ai least have      it  mis an improsslv
i"i'  appar
-'.  llll.,n .-.   .
always ready to   attack   defenseless
merchant ships ami Kill and malm
licit' pass,mucrs uml crews,   lave no
sluiiiaeh fur lighting uniiiii Blllps of
lils mnjosty's navy, even when the
odds arc in their favor,
Constantino Praises
Lord Kitchener
ui.I sunk.
"Vi'i, this is the one Unit did It,"
ami he patted this terrible death _c��l
tug engino aucctionateiy, as n it wen
his child, which In truth It has been
since be laid tne Bluchor low. _c_i_
c battle were all over the ship, which
tne officers pointed out with the piidc
unit a Heldeiburg student displays
when Im exhibits Iiis wounds. A deck
ami iu galley amidships had 1 n   1 niireii
sunt away, 11 meielle shell having will  Impressive sight  uf emi-   plotlod  In  il.    Tills has  been  rebuilt.
eeiitrutcii power uml alert  readiness |One dent In the sldo armor was p  nt
���     "'it, as big as a washbowl.    The
��:ih long linos of balllc-scnrred cruisers stretching soaward and headed by
upper works were literally peppered
wi Ul sbrapiii'l, but the scars wire now
neatly bandaged witli two incli rivet-
|c,1 steel piates so thai, tho saucy Are-
tluisa was again as good as ever.
The party now went aboard thi
latest type of big destroyers, which
are hero ranged in great battalions
with Steam up. They are very fust,
some of tli"in ranking ;!7 to :;*s hno_>
j ml even touching 42 knots on a m__-
Kltchenor's Louie and Stories of War
Convinced All Who Heard Him
Field .Marshal Earl Kitchener left
many iiii's ('iidcii'in'decisive'dcfcal!' it [�� rory vivid impression nn Ihe At
ihe famous Arethttsa. Bnclt of them
a vast flotilla of destroyers, then a
ciiiin less number of Btibmnrlnes of
the Intesl I) and 13'typo, which have
recently performed such brilliant
worn trom the Dardanelles to tho Bos-
pliorits ami throughou   lho Baltic.
The dii\' was typical of the rigors ;
lite British fleet in now experiencing
in ihe North Sen, witli rain pelting |
ihc sailors iu oilskins, a north wind stired mile, while all of them reg alar
cutting the Hea Into foam, and sea* ly do 35 knots on rofriiliii* service. (A
sails everywhere.    The litllo fishing | knot is 2.U25 yaros),
iau population niiil especially on Con-
Utnntlne I, King of the Greeks, Speaking of tlie llfltish war minister's visit,
I ihe Greek monarch said to tic- a.P.
: correspondent:
"I am a soldier. ICItehcner Is n sold-
i let'. We speak lhe same language
und we understood one another per*
fectly from the outset."
I One story which Lord Kitchener
1 mid in Alliens iiimle a. particularly
industrial establishments in such a deep impression, No public account
fashion that what used lo be made at of the Incident has ever been given.
Mile and nt Hon mix, at Hi. Qtientine      "When    the    manoeuvres
1 you set agalnsl dm German occupation of 8,400 Btiunro miles 01. French
territory the British control of the sea
1 you havo measured tlie exact condition between lhe contending powers
of ih" west, || is plain lhat no bard-
ship of France is comparable wiih
thai   of  Oormany,  because    France,
ilhanks lu  Hriiish  sea  power,  is aide
1 to get coal and iron from abroad. She
has now been able 10 reorganize her
village on the coast had been transformed by the war Into a vast naval
rendezvous, with storehouses stretching a half mile, prepared in re-equip
an armada and .send il back to sea
within two  hours of iis arrival.
he tilings
mil comfort -
great. Ileal were held about a month
ago north of Scotland," .-aid Lord
Kitchener, "eight German submarines of tile newest ami strongest
type went out with the purpose of
getting lo the (lent ami playing havoc with the manoeuvres.   One came
persuade   lhe   llritish   In  permit  beHtO grief in our .North  Sea  net.    'I'he
ships lo sail the seas, and she has no  others  11
I and Tourcolng��� lhal is
, sentlal 10 national life
' are made elsewhere,
I    Now, if peace were lo be considered
I today, it Is plain that Germany would
have to evacuate France, nml Belgium
I us well.    In no other way could sho
llic   Hriiish   10  permit  h
present     means of compelling such
Hriiish consent. 'Hut this would lie lo;
1 restore   filings   to   their  exact   .-'talus
before the  war.    II  would mean lhat
for  her  tremendous
many    had    gained
France or from Great
sacrifices Ger-1 more were lost
nothing from the remainder
Britain, bul had 1 their liases ai
nosed through 11111I approached lhe Heel, iint^ there was another
mi heading I hem'off. They tried (0
break through to got around, to lind
an opening, but there was none. Two
could no longer llnd the way out.
Tim .mite in the net had been closed.
Two were lost desperately trying to
get through. The remaining three
Anally were forced to come to ihe
surface and surrendered themselves.
'lost her colonic . Conceivably tin:
British would nol make such a bargain.   Then what.'   Kither Germany
j would have to offer more or she would
I have lo continue In a condition which
meant paralysis to lier industrial establishments.   She might make peace j We look ihem Intact
I with France, with ftussia, and with all | lues and all."
I lier  continental  enemies,    but    she
1 would not be one step nearer the free*
1 dom of tlie seas than  was  Napoleon
I after he had conquered the continent.
She could, lo be sure, semi lier mail 11*
I fnclures to Russia and 10 France, if
1 they were prepared to resume friend-
i ly relations, but would they he?
in this effort. Finally
decided to return to
Heligoland, Hui they
Hero  also wero tho "mother ships," boats have   the
ranged in long lines along the quay, |elght*oar racing
ready to receive    buck Iheir lighting
Children each time they came from a
'raid or a battle, 'I'he huge establishment was vibrating with ->nerg)
and   in   lhe  harbors    mine  sweepers
Iwere coming bach from their work,]
hydro-aeroplanes were manoeuvring j
unl black smoke from the funnels ofj
��� ihe cruisers and    destroyers told of j
their readiness to dash out to sea after an enemy craft,
The Arethusn and the light cruiser
squadron had    just    returned    from |
I scouting along the German coast   in
1 search of a German fleet  which was
I said in bine ventured out from tlm
Kiel canal. Nothing bad been Boon of
the German ships and llic British of-1
fleers- tho men who had now received iheir siars In the famous fighting
under Vice.Admiral Sir David iically
��� were derisive al llic idea Ilia! ihe
Germans would venture forth.
One of Ihc officers who was in command of ihc torpedo lubes when ihey
I fired the deadly-missiles wliicli struck
tiie German cruiser Blucher, und sent
in.!' reclins' lo ihe bottom in the greal.
fight   uf  lasl   January,    pointed  out
i these   self-same  tubes and  told  how
!they had worked
Lying outside of them were the submarines of tiie 11 aie! 1; type, tho latter being Bea*golng craft of great
radius which now are making distant
under sea voyages to the Baltic anil
10  t.'ie  Dardanelles.     The  -mailer D
trim outlines o�� _.c
shell, but the new
ocean rangers are ;,s ugly as some
sui,murine monster with a steel tic.
running fore ami afl ami a camel's
hump amldshlp for a deck. One of
the commanders pointed out :'..������.: lia:
"They can -lay limb r wati " tor '.'.
hours," he said, "yes, tiiri" d.i; - .viih-
out Inconvenience to the crew from
link of air. Tlie |) boats ar" good for
runs ot "���! hours under water, but ties
K boats malic 7" hours just as e-isil}'.
liming these long deep water man
they thread their way through the
Skager Hack or skirt around r<*ner_ta
ami past Gibraltar, witli as mnch ease
under  water  as  above,
"Die direction and proximity 01' dis-
tnnco from land are all determlntd
with mathematical accuracy by tne
science of navigation and th" steering
goes "ii as easily under wn:-".' -.;
1 There are many famous sea fighters
among iho destroyers, Including ���_���-
Lance, which helped t, sink tic: Ko.e-
Igen Louise off Havre and was m the
Heligoland battle. In fact, all t.:-*;;.*
'ships had seen battle service unless
I they    had just com:- from the yard 1
The Banker and Farmer
Prosperity of the Bank and Farm Go
Hand in  Hand
The banker stands close to ihe
farmer, He is iu position to know
about tlie farmer and his business,
When Hie fanner goes to a bank to
borrow money the hanker learns Iiis
financial circumstances; his various
sources of income; the kind of farmer he is; llic number of children he
lias, and whether his wife works in
the Held. We would nol claim that
tlio hanker is no modest because lie
pries so deeply into tlie farmer's affairs as be doc not do ii through
personal Inquisitlvenoss, hm to get
al. the facts concerning lhe security
for tlio loan. However, il makes no
difference as to the reason why lhe
banker asks questions thai will unfold the farmer's affairs; he gets
them and what is mot'.' the fanner is
willing to confide in tho good 1 anker.
In many Instances, the banker
does not need to ask any questions,
for lie already knows the character
of the farmer, his income, and all
matters pertaining to his welfare.
Tim farmer's business is an open
book, lie cannot hide his wealth.
Ills buildings ami Improvements aro
in the full glare of God's sunlight;
Hie crops are in his fields or granary, nnd stock will be found in pasture or stable, The value of Improvements can be judged, tlie Ileitis
measured, and the cattle counted, and
the Millie of all recorded. There is
no basement business in farming, If
is all done above the ground.
But there is another side 10 this
question which is complex and needs
a business judgment to sohe. It is
tho combining of forces of the farm
to produce the largest as well as the
most profitable crops. Farming is
more and more requiring a keen
business judgment, and tlie hanker
is willingly assisting Ibe farmer in
the adoption of better business
Not all bankers have seen this nor
'Informed themselves upon the business practices of farming, for recently our attention was culled to a
rather stupid act of a banker, lie
had lent money to a certain farm, r
lor a year for tin: purpose of pu.*.
chasing some dairy heifer calves. At
the end of the year the banker de
manded   his    money,  so  lhe  farmer   -
���was forced to sell his heifers.    The Im*7'   ," "1!t ll"'"
! hanker bad not helped  this man by|a"  back when    v.
lending  him  money,    in    fact  Im  ln*'|
Mjured  him.    if he had  extended Hie
. loan till  ihc heifers  began to return
'something lo the  farmer Ibe  banker
'would have  helped both  tlie farmer
ami himself.
II is a hopeful sign 10 note thai,
���most bankers arc Informing them-
! selves    upon   burliness   methods   of
farming so that they can render the
farmer  a  good   business    judgment.
At   tlie   recent Banker-Farmer   convention there was 11 motto on the wall
that   reads as  follows:    "Tall
est in tho   farmer as well i
him."   'i'he banker who n  not
ing to do this and to lend mom
Arethusa's men were proud of
siibmar-1    "pjrst, we let go that one," he said, [the fact lhat she had gone from "h-i
I "and then tills one.    H was this one [.shipyard into battle.
Another declaration of the British  that hit ihc Blucher amidships. She     "Yes," said one of her officers, "we
war minister made to General Dous- was lying off shore nboul 1,500 yards,  got out of the yard on .1 Saturday, we
maris, the chief of tlie Greek general 1 The thing that impressed 1110 after we   were in the light hy Wednesday an'!
staff, was less favorably received in. hit her was   lhe deadly stillness,    it j had sunk a Lattleshlp and were back
Alliens. [ was terribly siill uiilil the greal ship  In the yard again by next Saturday.
for a record?"
Suppose    they    extend    their   line I,
throughout Turkey and  hold the  I3u-'
phrates   valley.    Suppose  they    take '
"Suppose the Germans do conquer  threw up lier how, turned clean over  How is that
Egypt," he  is credited  with    saying. : .    . ���	
Battleships to Survive Shooting at Close Target;
Single Torpedo
on the basis that will be 10 the lies!
advantage of the farmer is short
sighted as to iiis own welfare. Tlm
prosperity  of the   bank   and   fan;.   go
hand in hand,
Sinking of Submarine
We shall get it
defeat th ��� Germans in France. Tlie war is not going to be fought oni in Egypt or in
India or the Balkans. It is going 10
lie fought oul. in Germany."
King Constantino's only comment
was: "It's all very well for England
to talk about what she will get back
at. the war's end. Hut we Unci:,;
live in Hm Balkans."
National Registration
Similar      Plan
Adopted to
Future  American  Vessels  Will   Have
to be Hit Twice to Sink
Future American battleships will nc
able to survive ihe    explosion    of a
! sing!" torpedo against tr.eir hulls, regardless of where ihey are struck, in
tne opinion of t'.S. navy experts. Experiments  which  have  neen  in  progress for more than a    year,    ii    is
learned, have demonstrated that two
Li- more torpeuoes musl    nnd    their
In Nam '/..i.-j i murk     before  ships   sub-divided  and
in itevv -.ea.anu protected as the new American craft
������ can be sent to the bottom,
The two " super-dreaonoughts and
two baltie cruisers congress pus been
iislicit  to authorize tins  vear will  ne
Story From Gallipoli Tels of Work of
New Zealanders
Remarkable performances in the
way of close shooting upon the Gallipot Peninsula are recorded of the
New Zealand howitzers and field
gnus. The New Zealand offi'.ial war
correspondent, Malcolm Koss, reports
that toward the end of August a
major nf infantry telephoned, calling
attention to the fact lhat tlie New Zealand howitzers were dropping shelis
Into a "Turkish trench only live yards
ill front of tho trench occupied by
ilis men. He therefore asked the
battery to cease tiring at that par-
licular trench of the enemy. The
reply was that iho tiring was being
done purposely, inasmuch as the bat-
designed     on  this  piau.   Battleships  tery commander    fully    trusted   his
Xos. ���!:: nnd
have already
.care Island
Mir Is. have
14, contracts foi  which
been   awarded     to   tne
and   New     Vork     nav\
idilcd  interior construc
tion and his guns even with .1 margin of only live yard--. The rea-on
for ihis , lose lire was because the
in the front trench had
un out of bombs and
.-.\  rely  dealt    with by
Might    Possibl
Raise Half Million
Troops Here
Details of the national registration
act recently passed by the New Zealand  parliament have been recelv  !
by the department of trnde nnd commerce,    ih 1 is of Interest to Can*jt|0n resulting from tho study made 0
ada, as being nlong the lino of pos- the question of torpedo d.fenso since
  Islbla adoption here In case the warm,, outbreak of tho  European  wnr.  tne 1 urns
Gunner of "Baralcng" Gives Details of  ?1hoult)1 ba I""1,1';":"''1  ""''  "",r" <lras-   Hu< |Rter slllpfl will have even Increas-      Dur|nB  ,;,,   Turkish  counter attack
...      -, u-        .,       .        tc act on slioud become necessary to  ed nrovlslons in this ro.nrd It. J*       .     ��� \   .   ,,.   .1 ���    v-
Action   Showing   Cowardice   of        ;    ���.,,,.,, ,|,��� .,,,,1,0,1-/0,1 Incrnnao nf 11,0 ' " reguru. ,,:,     ,,,,,   n|gn|   ,,,   M;1J-   ip.   t!je     \t.w
r.-!,,-�� secure the nuihorisert increase of the     TIli,     exper ments  are  continuing Zealand Mo. 2 battery of field artl*.
,.���     ,   ���, _��!T���."��� .        ,   rSrCl?      Th��Bl1 ����Mnl* e*Pect  tur-hcr ""'"���"'"    ''""���   '���<">  ���" ��undi1 ot shrapnel at
he London  Daily  Chronicle pub      1 .dm- the \,', /.,���   1,1 act, which tlon ������ lh,, s���,    , t��� ,,��� devei���pod,  T ,���,...���,, lrenche8 oni..   ,,. yards dis-
llshes the story 01 a gunner who was   contemplates the securing ol lull and ,.eta|ia ,��� ,.���, ���.���rk ���re regarded us miit  from tb >   lustralaslan trenches
a member of the  Baralnng's   crew, detailed   "formation as to the num- '^Snt a    but it  Is  known  tlm     rim   sh.ll     shrieked    c_ntauo_sly
concerning  ho attach on the Nicosia!!. ber 01 men ova lable for   enlistment, ,��� ,,   ..,'��� nro al ,_.���, ,,.-..���* ���,.���  ,    ..   -     ,    d     f lhe A_strltla"'_'n',
and ihe sinking of a German submar-   ���'���'���7 male   esldem;    la required to a -ype of construction will be Invoiv* :, -' ��� hlng    in    their   trenches    an,
'",n    .        ��� 1 ��� 2vtattntatoSt.^_rt w!lk'" vi" sreawtly n"",,'e ,h" *f- throughout the night there was only
"On August ID at 2 p.m.," says tho  ?.     S,       Pan'c,mars. ,ls lf a*"ei ?a   fectlvencss  of eiiher  min
gunner, "we received a wireless nics- j tumaluy. occupation, dependents, etc,  pedoes aga)ngt ,lC.lvv ships
sago from the Nlcosinn, snyln  ' ,K" '   '     '
ivlng full particulars as to ag
I lioiiiiiiiy. occupation, dependents, etc.,
and also slating whether he !s willing
,.���s b nig chased hy a Gorman suli-'"' e**l*st for active service. For fail-
marine.    We   accordingly   proceeded IurB t0   furnish the   particulars    re
full   speed to   her   assistance    At 3 I quired or for making false statements
or   tor-
p.m. wo sighted the Nleosian, wliicli
was being shelled by ihe submarine,
while the crew was getting the lifeboats out.
"We got plenty ot ammunition ready
on tlie poop and at 3,80 p.m. the marines took cover behind the bulwarks
on the port side of the afterdeck with I cow
rifles.    The  gunners also took cov
lehind their guns.   The excellent sen
a penalty of $500 or six months'
prlsonnient is provided.
iniinship of our captain brought our
ship up on tlie starboard of the N'ieo-
slnn, the submarine being on the port
side, so that for a few minutes we
weie hidden from the submarine's
view. During that short interval we
cleared for action, trained our guns,
set the sights for 700 yards and hoisted the whin, ensign,
j The  Will  to Win
| The empire is securely anchored in
the sea; from the Inexhaustible resources of the sea we are drawing our
��� strength.    Them   ls   no  ground   for
I pessimism,    Pessimism   is  u  crime
making uiiei^'1��� wr confront determined, well- j "^li'it Vliat
informed and highly organized enemies. Pessimism atrophies the mind,
sans lhe energy, dispirits the nation,
and encourages the foes. We must
preserve ihe will to win. If the peo-
ture; light even sailing; careful work* Ipie of thin couniry (with their rulers) New Zealand Infantrymen, was acting; attractive package, and good could Obtain a vision of what has been ually within sight of tlie Narrows.
salesmanship. The person vim com* done and the greater things which :having surmounted tlie Kari Iialir
bines ail these can rest assured of a I still can be dene by tlie aid of sea ridge, lie was killed by shrapnel be-
good market at paiiiu;- prices for all power, there would be no feeling of Ing fired bv British warships at the
the good butter that can be pro- depression, bul ve should be full of; heavy Turkish counter attack, and
diiced on his farm during Urn winter Iconlblence, and that confidence would'I that there were numerous otlier
months.���11, H. lean, in the Canadian be -bared by allies ami neutrals to'Icasualties among the New y.ealiad-
Counlrymai, lour advantage.���Fortnightly   IteYlaw*'ers trom the hbi ��i��i_*ki,        Ma*}
Butter Making
Tb.: main poinu in
winter butter on the farm are to have
clean, well fed, preferably some fresh
fairly rich cream, properly
ripened, but not kepi too long before
churning; proper churning   tempera-
one  premature  burst.    As  It  was  a
dark night and the rang" only 1,000
yards, giving necessarily a very flat
trajectory,   "ihe feat." the correspon-
j dent   says,   "involved   accurate    and
; careful  'laying'  on  tho  part  of  the
gunners.    The  slightest   error,  such
; as the short setting of a fuse, would
|havo been serious under such circumjj
lose shooting in the DarJ
darnelles operation .occasionally am
cldentally worked havoc among' tlie
Hriiish forces is showu by the fact
thai on liie afternoon of August 8tn,
whin Col. Malonc,   with a handful of THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Comox, B, C.
Host Meals Ninth of Naiilatuo
Choicest Liquids and Cigars
C.  A. Martin,  Prop,
J.   JK.   ASTON
Logger's Shoes made lo order,
In North anrl South, in East
ar.d West,
Aston _ HandmadeShoes will
start 1 the Test.
The   Comox   Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop 111 Courtenay
Motility   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed,    Baths in connection
C. E.   DAL.HYMPLE, Prop.
On December the 17th from Steieston,
Scow G, Q. I,. 2. bust seen off Na-
noose May, December .1st.
Any information leading to tlie recovery of this Scow will he rewarded.
Co., l,td,
New Westminster Phone 826
When In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factorv Experience
Recommends   from   l.cading   Musicians
from the Atlantic to Hit- Pacific.    Copies
of same furnished oil request
AV. J. Goard   will ne   iu this city   about
April   1.     I,enve orders at this  Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave, W.   -   Vancouver
Palace Livepy
Horses  and   Ihlggies for  Hire  a.
Terms cadi.
We  alto  attend  to wood hauling
Courteuay Phone ��5
Letter to the Editor
Editor Review '
Manure the  land with  mains as
advised by Lord Salisbury, '
There   lias    been    tt   1 >i*_;  discussion the last lew weeks ns renders of the   "Colonist"   may   have
observed on Spraying  1"'ii.t Trees;
the person   win* started   it being a
Mr.   Simpson,   of   Victoria,   who
dues not believe In  it, an I myself,
others, iucluding Mr, Scott, Deputy
Minister of Agriculture, have tried]
to convince him thai he is wrong,
['ve just   mailed n letter  over my.
signature to the Co|oni',t  in which
I state that personally 1   had rend |
enough   about   spraying,   at   all
events for the present,  Mr.   Simpson being one   of the  many who   make
the mlsttikh iu   thinking that other people cotiuot  teach  tlicin  anything, nml
that agricultural colleges and   iuuversl-1
ties as a   means ol one  acquiring sclen*,
tide knowledge in agricultural aud hortl*'
cultural   matters   arc  a   farce,   That it
would be belter   to discuss   the manure
question   which, owing  to  tlie  altered
condition of tilings   lite last   few years,
has become ol such vital Importance that
wc ought not to  lose a moment   in get-1
ling right down to business.   Tins concerns and affects the farmers ill this (lis- \
trict who should insist. j
| Since the introduction of road motors
and steam, also electrically driven farm
Implements there is a dearth of stable manure-absolutely the very best
of manures���the supply of nitiate ol soda
it's predicted will lie exhausted in -0
years. Superphosphate is also increasing in price owing to the llritish Government having taken over all the sul- .
pliuric acid from which it is derived, ���
and the only source of potash is Germany from which we are not likely to get
any lor some time to come. Prom this
it will be seen that if scientists are not
the useless creatures Mr. Simpson tries
to make out it is their duty to find some,
tiling to take the place ot what wc could
no longer get, and I'm right glad to
know that Professor Dottomlev, of
King's College, ling., an Kuglislinian
like myself and not a German, lam
proud to think, lias after .' or 4 years
study found a substitute iu bacterised
peat -claimed to be 50 times more valuable than stable manure, wliicli will enable us to grow all the potaloes we need
iu tlu- top garret of our homes in luxes
iu 7 1-2 weeks without any soil whatever, If Mr, Simp-oii can go one better
than Ibis good luck to him.
The le-,ts of this new discovery already
made bid fair lo revolutionize our methods of cultivation, and tlie discoverer
will lie hailed for all times as one ol the [
greatest benefactors of his race, more]
especially since he has set an example Hon, Mr. tislall was deteated
of patriotism by offering bis discovervto . at Vancouver and Hon. L. Cainp-
llte British Government lor tlie good of hell was el.cted at Rossland on Sat
Sale of the Stock of the
Builders' Supply Company
I am disposing of the stock of The Builders Supply
Company, in liquidation
at prices less than the goods can be
imported   for  in  carload  lots
Brick,     Lath,     Shingles,
"Window Sashes,    Glass,
Doors, inside and out, Roofing,
Locks,      Building Paper,
Wire Fencing, Etc.
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Cloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,  Etc.
Harness Repaired N'cntlv
Cumberland and Courten.-y
,    Misses Annie and   Leila  Carroll
I were at home to a number of their
friends .ti Thursday evening.   G.
Percival Thompson  was the guest
You cannot eat your
cake and have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
bis countrymen, instead nl exploiting it
us tlie watered stock co's shark would do
causing the consumer to p y a high
price before be could get it
1 (Ij not at the present moment posses
a full knowledge of this new   discovery.
All I   know is   that pent   in its   natural
state is a plan' poison, but   by means of   Qf honor,
bade ia this plant poison can  be cluing-
ed into one of   the most   valuable plant ]     w, t   ,    b    fc
foods ami fertilizers   ever known.    Peat        , , '. ' .        ,      .
is decayed vegetable matter which has *0 lcoscll their ptirse strings ? A
been -ic���'.'.ihting for centuries, and British Cabinet Mini ter, Rltr.ci-
Profess-r Tlotlotnley discovers that by' *;.atl savs they illtist be a little
watering it when   ill   a crude   state and   Q atlvtlltliroilS and afford facili
keeping in a temperature of  30 degrees1.. ,, .
centigrades for four or live days the re-  t'es to enable  young   Finns  to get
suit is a   black   powder,   quite   half   of   upon llu it feet,
wliicli is immediately valuable.    It   has'
been tried al I'ew Gardens with remark-1 Sill ScriptioilS lire being as! ed to-
able success. In 20 days after planting ward provjuing and establishing
out cucumbers grown witli  its   use   Lne ,*      , .       ���_.������*_-__
fruit wns readv to cut. Tomatoes treat- Clips for the camp hospital of the
ed ill the same way yielded 16 pounds of lo.lld Halt. C, K. F. The foi low-
fruit to the plant, and potatoes grown ing ladies will gladly receive con*
indoors -is herein before described ill a ,rl,utions a�� SOOI1 as possible: Mrs.
box without unv Roil ilit all have shown a    .   , . .. T    ���'   .,  .,        ...
remarkable   yield,    The    tubers    were   Atkinson, Mrs    J. B.  Bailey, Miss
simply placed in the ordinary peat moss Game, Mrs.  Martin   and   Mrs. Vt
which was moistened with liquid huino-  gors, i
gen, and in 7 1-2 weeks,   the   box   was
readv to burst with its wealth of pat-toes. I     0n Monday  morning  Mr. Alex. I
I Ins new fertilizer is not d present on   ���     , .     . ., . ���   . ... i
the market but two factories in Knglund   Beaton received the sad intelligence
for its manufacture, and when ready the that Ills son   Jack  had   died   in a |
price is expected to lie about 520,0(1 aton   hospital ill   England.       Tile   news
of 2240 lbs. P 0. Ii.   which  would  be , came as a gre.u shock to tl)e family
equivalent lo 60 tons of ordinary   stable        , ,   .     ., ..   ������
,..Htlurg as he    was expected     home in  n
I'm  hoping  to  get a  small  sample] few day. on sick  leave.     He  was
shipment shortly, nieanwhlleamanxious but 2f> years of age and was one of
to know about the peat deposits In It. C. i the (--j.- o{ tj,e fjourtenay boys to
^^i^^l^��%�� reS-,0,'d l�� *tf*\ fo arms, joining
where there are millions of tons of it j the colors at Victoria tn the fall of
available,     one  deposit in     Lancashire   I9I4 aud going tO England about 8
Money To Loan
We are open to receive applications
for Loans on  Improved   Farm
Property   in   the   Comox
sabel St.
Kent l'stute, Insurance and
Financial   Agents
alone containing .7 square miles witli
depth of ISO feet.
Any information wliicli your interested
readers can give me will be appreciated.
Yours truly
Harry Idiens.
Farm Specialist
Courtenay, I). C. Feb. 26,  1916.
Undertakers and
or Day Calls Promptly
II tended
Mrs. Parkin, sr., left on a visit
to Nanaimo yesterday morning.
Miss Belle Berkeley left for Vancouver on Wednesday morning.
The Board of Trade meets tonight at 8 o'clock at the City nail.
The soil and climate around
Hazelton is suitable for growing
sugar beets.
Mrs. Hutchison is at Vancouver
this week. John Duncan is taking
her place at the school  during her
year ago. The sympathy of the
entire community goes out to the
bereaved family.
The news that J. H. Arnold has
been made a Companion of the
Distinguished .Service Ordei will be
of interest to our readers. He was
stationed at Lazo for a time, going
from there lo Ikeda, Queen Charlotte, Islands. Mr. Arnold enter-
the Canadian Government wireless
service in June, 1911, being first
employed at Triangle station then
at Cape Lazo. During one of the
heavy gales at Triangle the areal
halyards were carried away. Operator Arnold volunteered to "shin"
up the 200 ft mast and reeve a new
halyard. This he accomplished,by
no means an easy nor safe exploit.
He won his D.S.O. for sending
wireless signals from an areoplane
during the bombardment of the
Belgian coast.
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil Compound $1
Wild Cherry Cough Mixture
Drug Stoie
Phone  30
Notice of Intention to Apply for
Retail Liquor License
TAKK NOTICK that the undersigned
intends to apply to the Board of
License Commissioners at their next
regular sitting to lie held on the second
Wednesday in the month of March next,
for a license to sell intoxicating liquor
bv retail under Subsection 3 of Section
290, of the "Municipal Act" in that
certain store or shop situate on the
gr innd floor, of those certain premises,
situate on I,ot 4, Map 311, Townsile of
Courtenay, formerly known as Peocey's
Drug Store, on Mill Street, in the City
of Courtenay.
Datea this 15th  day of  February,   A.
D .1916.
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay


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