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The Review Apr 20, 1916

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I Tun not ���>�� done any I etter,   and
I not quite mo  well anywhere  else
I hereftbouta,   (Mir typo und ni;u-hiii-
* ery ia uomplete ami The Review
X pl-loOB .vre ?i_:lit
��� ���������������#���������*��������������������������������������   IM��4l-|tH-t.t>��M
Classified Ads.
Mala- y��m little Want** known
through a ClaBsified Advertinen. at
in The Itevlew   -   ���   -   Phone .VJ
VOL. 4
NO. 22
Geo. J. Hardy
F. R. F. Biseoe
Real Estate
and Insurance Agents
Phone  10
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered ,in  Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
provides the cleanest, the most sanitary and the most hygeiiic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under idgal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitrated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values througn the retentioo of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phonea: Office 35, Rea. R9S       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Miss Effie Swanson is in Vancouver on a visit.
Horn���at Camp   i,   on
April 3, to Mr. and    Mrs.
Martin, a daughter.
Dr. Montgomery has been instructed to enlist anj St, John
Ambulance men who are available
lor Geld ambulance corps now being mobolizetl at Vi-toria,
A beautiful stained glass window
lias been placed in S. Andrew's
Church, Sandwick, in memory of
the lale Mrs. Oliver Duncan. Tlie
window is of two lights and represent "Mercy" and "Justice" and
is the work of the well known Can
adiau firm of window artists the Nf.
T. I,vou Class, of Toronto. It is
tlie gift of Mrs. Dingwall and tier
family, and will be formally dedicated by the Bishop on the second
Sunday after Kaster,
Welding-cast iron, ahitninuri,
. brass, steel, etc,    Ford Carage.
45 horse power Overland car hr
hire, day or night. Ford Garage,
phone 46R.
Lost��� a 3A Folding Kodak.
Will finder please telephone 51 or
write box 186, Courtenay.
For Sale���Indian Motorcycle, 7
h.p., in first class condition. Apply
to G. H. Thornbery, Courtenay.
For sale���Duck eggs for hatching, $t per setting of 10. Phoi e
L100, Courtenay.
Look prosperous.    Fix up   your
shop front with an up-to-date sign
See Colin Campbell about it.
Forsale���1 fresh cow, with calf
at foot, very quiet and heavy milker
Apply Geo, Davis, Union Bay.
For sale at sacrifice price���1000
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine and
pump, almost new. Apply Box B,
Review office.
Lost���between Courtenay and
Comox, five golf sticks. Finder
please notify Major C. B. Warsnip
102nd Battalion.
Found---on the Goose Spit, Comox, a sixteen foot row boat.
Owner wanted. Apply Postollice,
Comox, B. C.
Household effects  and   Ford car
forsale   privately   at   Mrs,  J. F. j
Montgomery's, Comox.    Apply in
the mornings, I
Tenders for the fencing of about!
80 chiins and   .slashing    about two j
, acres.    Apply D, Campbell, Union j
Bay Road,    Ccurteuay.
For sale ���1 pure    bred Ayrshire I
hull calf 6   months   old.    Bred for j
show and   milk   production;   pedi-
gree and transfer  supplied;   price
$75,    Apply G. Game, Comox,
i.I,For Rent��� 20 acres   of   land  iu
Happy   Valley,   4   acres   cleared, |
house, barn, chicken   house,   fruit 1
trees, good soil, plenty   of   water.
R. Y. McNaughtan, Courtenay  P. I
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks J
1 Morse Gas Engine, one   3   k.   w.
,Dynamo switch hoard,   etc,   also
pump and   belting,    Capacity   12
gallons    per    minute.    Apply   at
Riverside hotel.
For Rent ���15 acres, 7 cleared ;
good 4-roomed house and all other
necessary buildings ; school or the
place ; about 2 miles from Cumberland, iu Happy Valley. Apply
Edward Parkin, box 325, Cumber-
Mr. E. Lind on and family have
moved to Union Bay,
A sacred concert will be given by
the 102nd Hand on the Goose Spit,
Comox, 011 Easter Sunday, commencing at 2.30 p.m. Arrangements have been made for free
transportation from the Comox
wharf to tlie spit for any who wish
to attend. The concert is free, and
the public is cordially invited,
Tlie Faster service will lie held
at tlie Prrshyterian Church on Sunday evening. Tlie choir which is
again under the leadership of Mrs.
Robertson and which will be greatly augmented will render some
special Easier music A r. Hames
and Sergt. Petch, of the 102nd,
will sing soli s The latter is one
of the best known singers in Victoria. Special music: Anthem,
Our Saviour; Solo. Mr. Hames;
Anthem, Christ Our Passover; Solo
Sgt. Petch.
A large crowd turned out at the
Opera House last   Thursday  night
10 hear l're I Archer, lite Great
"A'one" recite the "Ballad of the
Parson's Son" dl r ug the inleiniis-
son. I is rmati: recitation of
Ibis masterpiece ot Robert W, Ser-
vibe's "Songs of a Sourdough1'
was excellent. The audience listening 111 wrapt attention. The great
"Alone" has a splendid   voice and
11 good dramatic delivery which is
very pleasing, Three episodes of
the "Black Box" and other special
films made up a good evening's entertainment, The next episode of
the "Black Box" will be given tonight.
Comox (Creamery
45c pertlb. this] week
Customs Inspector Marchand
visited Courtenay and Comox offices tllis wsek.
A number of Courtenayitea attended the 102nd band concert at
Cumberland lasl night,
Among those wounded at the
front last week were Corp. Richard
C. Ray, of Comox, _ud Win. Parker, of Qualicum Beach.
The schools clore this afternoon
for tlie Easter holidays and will reopen again on Monday May 1.
Mr. Goard, piano tuner of Vancouver, is again in the district.
Orders may be left at this  office,
The annual ball of the Ladies
Auxiliary of tlie Cumberland Hospital will be held in the West Cumberland Hall oil Wednesday evening, April 26. A fre* train will
run from Union Bav to Cumberland and return for those holding
ball tickets.
Mr. Tlteed Pearse, barrister, etc.
intends locating in Courtenay about
the end of the present month. Mr.
Pearse has been practicing his profession in Vancouver and Victoria
for some time. He is also a notary
for the province of B. C, lit .1
growing city like CourUniv a
member of the legal profession
should find plenty of business. We
Welcome lii 111 to our midst.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'   Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday  School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
ft %**
4 %x *&
^ X
Order Your Seed Potatoes Now
We have the best selected  stock in the  District:���
Elephants,        Early Rose,        Burbanks,
Up-To-Date,        Rose of the North,       Early Ohio
bo, 256 SHEPHERD'S
Phone 40
Rhode Island Red Eggs
per Setting of 15
75 cents
Bruce Towler, box 132, Courtenay {
McPhee  &   Morrison
We have just] finished Stocktaking and  will now
place on view our new lines of Spring Goods which
have been arriving since the first of the month
Some of them are:
Garden and Field Seeds,
Wall Papers, House Lining,
Dry Goods and Decorations
Come in andjmake your choice early
Our stock in Groceries, Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Etc., is complete
*M0^t*^^n*m*^*^^Mgp*^^*^*^��^a*��M**^*^*w^*M^ -mmmmhn THE   REVIEW.   COUKTNET,   H. C.
:: LADY ::
./,.,/,,', Co.J imlkd
with In''.'.
iirely she might help n t
oiv,   ��in ii   sue   ':ui   hui .1   ii   lend
Hut slit' iliiln'i.
Stm just   wailed  inr him ti
\lltl .11   IllSt   III' I.ml to,
"Well, ��ill. mih know, iiuv.  ih. you
tlilnli llu i  would approve, in home, if
llll J   .- IW   i 'HI  elleiilllMgili-   11      .1   I'lT.utt
you ttnil thoj iiini I anil nil ol us tlon
know anything about'."'
Iter i' was as bwooI as happiness
ran   make?   II,i    ruin   ol    any     huilltili
vole : as ..iir nilSWOt'i i! .eiitly:
I lowed the question Lo stand 'over, be
as j ini;   I'ullj   occupied   with   llGV   fBl'OWOlli
tO lili'  villagers in   whoso  welfare sin
had alwas taken Biteli a deep Interest
""��� . (To In- Continued)
Slow But Sure
[li War Time Aspect.
mi, K_E.   The women "I
ng then' ilnl\.    I hoy  ai'1
nf the wounded, or il they cannot
���ssistmworkotl-mHtum hey are aaumg 0f the splendid urmv which It will ever Including those tinn nre ownerless
I,,.,,- savings to promote llio good woi It, ,,,,���.,;��� ,|]( ,,,*��� __,, , . ,|f ,���. u||ns!, m.,���,,,s ,,��� ,���,. , ,,���,���,
Ihey ore "knitting and Bewing for .-bo  .��� ,_      rn||1| u,  , (f ..'      .;.   ,  .���,, ,��� ., MUiur~ condition,
There was, howi vi r. one iuombci ol
the party who sympathized with her.
Paul Payne, not being yet strong, .not
excused from the pursuits and sports
of the rest of the parly, And nohodj
knew that he had taken lo a sort of
amateur district visiting in wliicli he
was a huge success, until someone
Haw him mn.' day, carrying a huge
taskel of cast-off clothes, broken food,
and whatever Bhe could beg from iho
housekeeper, al the side of Ladj l.'r-
There was much timet "chuff" over
iliis discovery in tli i smoking room
Oiat night; nnd I.unl Eastllng, who
iniii lieen too busy enjoying himself
to take much note ol' whal was going
in, was struck witli consternation to
liiiil that his sister had been ma iiini;
herself a target for gossip.
The brother and sisters had been
by ihis time nearly Ihree weeks at
Oare Court, and their visit, wliicli had
been prolonged, was drawing to a
Gastllng tried to gel an opportunity
��� '.' speaking to Lady Ursula upon tho
subject, but failed, she was very
good, noble and sweet, but she had a
woman's power of avoiding an inter*
.11 w which sho did not care about,
lie was curl i<> Paul, but that did no
���juod. Paul was quite as well bred as
Hiiins"if, and much more experienced;
nothing was to be done with li im.
The young viscount turned with disquiet to his friend Hugo, mid asked
wliothei' Paul Payne was "all right."
lingo's fair skin flushed.
"Of course lie's "l! right, or you
wouldn't meet lilin here," lie answered
Tiiis reply ought to have been satisfactory, but It was not. I.ord Basiling had an1'inly met several persons
in the house pari) who would not
have been accepted In houses where a
higher standard was maintained, and
lie resolved lo make Inquiries.
In the meantime, he did not dare
������ii speak lo Ursula herself. The days
went by, until an evening when he
ihui,' upon Paul Payno and Lady Ursula standing in the porch of the village church, talking very earnestly,
The .voting man felt all lhe Inconvenience of playing mentor to a sister
Older nnd even taller Ihan himself,
but the thing had to lie dune.
That evening lie followed Inr as she
went  towards the staircase to dress
for dinner.
"I say, I rsiilii," he whispered in tier
ear, " ie here.    1 want to speak to
She turned and smiled nl him.
There was a great radiance in her face
and l.i,nl l*astling's heart Rinote tiitn
with an uncomfortablo feeling that ho
was too late.
"What is it you wani to say'.'" asked she gently, as she accompanied tier
brother, t|iille willingly, Into the big
square recess formed by tlie oriel window of the ball.
lie- was nervous and agitated, she
was calm and swec' and dignified as
sho waited, ..niie patiently, quite sub-
,,,issi\pty, for him to speak.
"Look here, Ursula," he stammered
oul at tat l, after nnu h fumbling for
the rlghl word. "It's confoundedly
awkward for me io have to speak to
ymi. nnd all lhal don't you know'.' Dm
II was I m ho gol Ihem to lei me bring
ymi ami I'.'iuiiieliiie hero, don'l you
i'i,"i . and well, if anything happened er or went wrong, or or anything nf thai sort, don't you know.
why, I should gel Into the Jolllosl row
t ever gol Into in my life. Life
wouldn't tie worth living at Winter*
sand, >uii know.   Now would ll'.'"
:-"iie had begun to smile more radiantly than ever, perhaps al him and
his boyish confusion, perhaps nl Ihe
thoughts iu tier own mind.
"Why shouldn'l your life, be worth
living, Tiiiir." she usked t ver so sweetly, toying tier large while hand on his
lie faci ii In r frankly, red. abashed,
"Well, look here,  Ursula, I    I  saw
you   and   lhal���that   fellow   Payne   in
ti e church porch just now."
She was smiling still,
"Did you?   Well?"
Lord  Basiling  began   to  lie angry
Hill   everybody
N'aturalty, aliii
i  ureal   slunk.
Diseases Carried by Ifogs
"Victory for Allies Evc'y Dc:<j H,is Hit Di,y iuul Also Hi*
f Germs ���
Allies Arc Moving Little by Little to a       '" '���   ���*'���  ���'���   "''"   "! ''"'   ls    Uui'Cau
Successful    Conclusion    of P.1/"1""1'   'i1'1.1,'8*1'5''     ";'S   i{���   """,'
lislieil  n   liulieiin    on   parasites  anil
Hostilities diseases carried by dogs,    In    which
"The  success  so   fur  attained  lias j lie   points   out   Unit     tho    domestic
,.        _. . ,.   ,    .  been  due  to tlie Indomiillable spirit,  status of the dug-    lias mn  ye'  been
l.iindun, Lug.    llic women ol Lug aim ,,,,,,���,,  ,,,���,������;,,   w|li(.h  know_ ������ ,|,..   adapie.i   in    liygl e    requirements
iv doing: then' duly.    Ihey are inking ,,.,, __(, (lu, ||;,,,ll|(, ,,,������.,,     M,..|!lilm,.  0�� modern life, ami declares that the
are ,,f the wounded., or 1illiey wuuiot |  nl,    ,,,���,,,.���,,,  ,     u     ,',,���k and  Ills  deal ruction of    all  , irlluotis  dogs
nm   t  un  ttnov   soiueiiung  auoui   1(ssiat in work of thnt kind tln'y aro adding
liiui:  I know  all about hint.    Paul and    || . .        .
I are engaged."
Holdirrsallliefri.nL    'nie^nrn^have   u,  _xi    t.   _      ,ir]iL n     ,   ,ui      ,n _ (,,
guenH,) li^ , ,   ,      ,  u ���             *   ,
that it wi I imdoubtedly soften the hearts  _,���������.,��� ,,, ,,.,,, ��� ,,   ,  ,. ��� ,,   ,,    ��� ...       ,    ,���-iun-. ,,,-  i,,ii,,..   i��� n,���
of tlmso in Pni'h.'inieni, since tho "inlH-   V,   f 1 *e lakes inrewel o    crease   of   ml Ions ol dolln.s In lhe
lams" have turned all their energies lo  "I?"1"'- Il1; ';'"0'   Sir John ��� nol ol   wealth o    ho nation.
aid the lighting ,���,��� of  liugland, and   "���!'""'   "��''   ������'"  ��*��     -I'lnllUes  lo      Ho  poll      o���    espoc a Ily    he  dun
so Ruirerago may sue,, come after this   �����"?"   ""   l,���r��     lo    have    n   ger  ol   letting  dogs   lake  Ion great
torrible war is over. "'Is'"'' IM :'  I'!'""1 os�� enterprise,    tin
Thousands of women in Canada have    '�� c��"-���'*v' >'o declares his convict-
overcomo   their   sufferings,   and    have I11"" .""" ;' .**'"noiis endlni; to Iheuo
been cur .1 woman's ill- l.y Dr. Pierce's  ' ��l0'c and splendid efforts Is nut tar
was. tint in iheir set, ur in anj  other   j.*.1V()ril,_ prescription.   This tcmpcrancci  ,I|S,'MI1     ��c  '' H'ose words will be
s.uhni they hnd ever heard of, their t medicine, though started nearly halt a
century ago, sells most widely to-day,
because it is madu without alcohol or
narcotics. It can now ho hail in ia''"t
form as well ns liquid, and every woman i
who suffers from backache, Eeadaelie.
nervousness, shottl;! take t.bis "Prescrip'
Powers as s'luui as ii liecamo known, tiou" of Dr. Pierce. It is prepared I'ron
Bill tlie unexpected happened. | nature's roots and herbs and docs not
In iiie first place, Ladj Ursula, snint- contain a particle of alcohol or any iiiir-
ly as she wus. bad quite an exceptional ' colic. It's not n secret prescription for
facullj for getting her own way. Then ii�� ingredients are printed on wrapper.
she was twenty-five, and lhe money Many a woman is nervous and irri-
leii her by her aunt was in her own I table, feels dragged down and worn out
power. In the second place, Paul for no reasop that.she can think of. In
Payne himself paid the Ear! and Coun- ninety-nine per cent, of these cases it
less n visit, and proved presentable is the womanly organism that requires
beyond expectation of hope. Also he attention; the weak back, dizzy spells
talked for the flrsl lime, so ii seemed and black circles about, the eyes, nre only
to his future wife nnd brother-in-law, symptoms, Go to the source of trouble
with a quite pleasing American ac- When that is corrected the other symp-
eetii, and lie told the must charming toms disappear.
tales nf tiie  vicissitudes experlenet
���nt  over  It.
tgli ii brought si
prise, nnd grief, ami pain lo Lo
I'aislllng and Ladj L'mnieliiie, llu
their sisti r should he rash enough
gel engaged to a man, who, how'ev
handsome and well-bred be mlglil I
in I Im
hen  il
mgs were mild compnri
of lln- Bar] and Countess
news reached their ears.
Al lirst ii was lookc i upon as ce
lain by everybody lhal the engag
iiii-ni would be cancelled by the Grei
ger nf letting dogs lull
llberlles with litinian beings; as. foi
example, licking the baby's faco or
the children's candy, Important dl
senses conveyed li; dogs lo man nml
(lie domestic animals Include rallies,
taken as more than con vein tonal hydatid, aid. muscular cysllcurcosls,
rhetoric of n farewell message. Thoy or so-called "measles,'' in sheep,
remind iis of an aspect of tlio war tapeworm In man an i especially In
which is forgoitcn by the impudent children, roundworm in man, inngue
spectator who has gol Into the habit worm in niiiii an,, stock, etc.
ol talking and thinking as If the war
in ilio west were an interminable wait- Fair llonti ss (entertaining wounded
insv in trenches with no prospect of soldier) '���ml so one Jack Johnson
conclusion or solution, n is, on the hurled yen, ami tho noxl dug you up
contrary, a prolonged and unceasing again ami hinded you on tlie top of n
struggle in which two vas| armies barn! Now whal were your feollngal
are perpetually at grips, in which for;    Tommy    If you'll believe me, ma'am
ia:i\ months (he allies hold on desperately iigainsi superior forces, in
.vhieli for many months more they
uruggled for equality, and ure now at
eiigtlj struggling for ascendency. It
is a war in which the occasional battles are on a bigger scale than the
greatest recorded in history, a war
which needs unceasing vigilance and
prolonged preparation for every movement. We get only occasional glimpses
I was novel' mure surprised In all mj
sin is aunt Inr name for lndl
by his family in South Carolina during' St. Thomas, Ont.���"I. wish lo say for j of Its realities, but long after the fvenl
the war between tlie Federals and tho the benefit of oilier women who suffer | we learn that a few lines In n daily
Confederates. that I recommend Dr, Pierce's Favorite ; communique has convoyed tho news of
The family at Wlnlersand had very Prescription as a great help. J have a battle a.s big as Sedan, and thnl a
hazy Ideas where South Carolina was. personally recommended (he same to single "quiet day" has been varied by
and what tho war in questlou was all many who in turn have been helped a incidents or unsurpassed courage and
about, and tlle Earl's explanation, grcni, deal by Htt use."-- Mits. F. J. during, The popular habit of calling
"Why,     about      the   the   er���slave j Bowden, 10 Oliver St., St. Thomas, Ont. t this   warfare  "stalemate"  dues  most
trade, my dear, you knew," awoke bill j   serious Injustice tu lhe armies and lho
vague memories  whatever in  any  of j Agricultural PlttuS for [generals and the governments which
the younger generation. fe
But tho stories were vivid and pn.* |       England After the War
i o Prevent Young Men From Emigrat-
! ly, and although everybody felt thai
it    would have "been satisfactory It
know lhal  Mr. Payne's friends wer, ,   ,
moro accessible, it ended by tho uc-, in-J to the colonies
ceplanco of tho young American, tin- Andrew   Bonar  Law.  secretary  for
willing, but   inevitable,  as  Lady  Ur- the colonies, speaking al  lho Loudon
sulas husband, on his assurance that economics, ' discussed the
lie would place liimsell entirely in her
hands as to their place for residence. Problems   that   will  arise,  alter  the
lie Pad to go through the ordeal of  war, referring particularly to agrlcul-
an interview with the Karl's solicitors,  ture.   lie declared that II was neces-
' but ho came through this triumphant- sftrj, r01- England to adopt a broad pro-
ly. He was .nut rich, lhal he wa" gramme of agricultural development
frank iu acknowledging. But he bad to prevent a too great number of men
resources wliicli, he believed,  would emigrating to the colonies.
; prove ample, a hank balance which "The government engaged in carry-
was quite satisfactory; and although jng 011 .;���, war," snid the Unionist
lie admitted that lie wns not In a posi- jender, "bus no easy task, but the
tion to make a handsome money settle- government which shoulders the duty
i nieiil upon his wife, he was able l0:()r reconstruction after the -war will
presenl  her  with  the  family  jewels have work no less difficult.   Tlie war
| which bad come down io him hs his has shown us lhat agriculture is
share of the paternal estate, and -f- gt���- iho most    important of all our
|ter making'an appointment lo do so,  industries and    in  the  British   Isles
he brought to tlio lawyer's office tlio ��� ,vo mliat have healthy agriculture,
ornaments In question, and ihen audi    "After the war larg,-    numbers of
[hero delivered them up for Lady Ur-1 soldiers    will    not be  willing to go
I sula's behoof and benefit. back  to  tame    Industrial   life.    Wc
"Most   of them,"  he  explained, as  know how Imoprtsnt Is the strength
I lie opened the worn leather eases, pf |i]0 imperial colonies, and we wish
which il, jewels themselves did not L0 see Ihem grow iii population with
iii. "have been reset, as you see." ] n]on 0f our own race and Ideals, but
Im- solicitor who, in the course of|we  don't  want lo see  the  best and
are laboring to supply their needs. Wc
get a superficial idea of apathy and
weariness when the reality is incessant lighting, unrelaxed strain, feverish activity of attack, defence and preparation. 'Pile belief thai it is fruit
less and endless is an illmiioii of the
civilian. Tlle soldiers know hy a thousand unrecorded signs thai they are
moving, little by little, lo n conclusion I
in wliicli one army will prove definitely stronger than the other, and the
weaker t,e obliged to evacuate Its positions. They know thai there is no
other way than that of the "Indomitable spirir and dogged tenacity which
knows no defeat," and though the war
is long and weary and dangerous, it
Is not from them thai wo get lho cries
tit impatience or dissatisfaction, the
demand for "new and sensational methods to cheer the public with announcements or victories on uewspnpi r po, t-
ers.   Westminster Gazetle.
British Railroads
Do Great Service
One  of   Finest   Peats of Organization
During War is Shown
Calculations jusi   finished    for the
first  year of lho war show tha'  the
orking  of  the   British  railroads
'FOnititm, KIDNEY'S
Why They're Bought
"f can certainly say the .'.in Tills
have done a lot of good fur me.
Some four years ago I could not walk
up stairs, my feet and ankles were so
swollen, Imi 1 took tlirt-e boxes of ('.in
Pills and the trouble has never returned.
Mi mother, Sj years ol sge, is taking
them and feels fint*.
        Camden Hast."
r-lN* PILLS are 50c, .1 box, or 6 botes
for J2.50 at all druggists. Sample .sent
free if requested. .0
N-tion-l Drue ��. Chemical Co. ���(
Canada, Limited, Toronto.
Don't Forget���
that when constipation, biliousness or
indigestion is neglected, it may tause
a serioUS illness. Act upon the lirst
symptom���keep your digestive organ.
in good order by the timely uscof
I nruo.l Salt* of Any Medicine in llt�� World.
Scltl averrwhere.   In boa*-, 25 .mlt.
Ids practice, had seen something of  m0R|  vigorous ot our people leaving probablj  the greatest feat of llritish
family jewels, was Impressed by the  these   shores   even   for the coloiileL
Sight of these. for  that   reason    it    is  essential  to
"They are handsome, indeed," said ��� raako real efforts lo place agriculture
he. here on  an  attractive and  profitable
"Ves," said -Payno, carelessly, "they  basis."
look the better, I suppose, for the re- .    .	
-citing.    Bui  to my mind the things |    y0uth Is full of confidence, snllh the
which havo come down jusi  as they
tSfflllRli'iE-'    Grsuulatod Eyelids,
fft'e&ri.Sfcg ���" e.iiai.ietiliy exposmo
"o-Wftsl-^jP"**' l" '*''*��� 'A'iii*l" and llust
Vfc��7S**B_'_C9u*l-'*ly relievedbyMurlna
YOUR tYWl.'.*. ti, medy. No Smarting, jtut Eyo Comfort. At Your Druggists'
60cper Bottle, MuriheEyo_alveinTabe02(ie.
I.ir Hook of the Eye Free write
Murina Eye Rmneily Company, Chicag.
W. N. U. 1097
wore, heavy as ihey look by comparl*   ndence gnnio
sun, an- Inllnllelj   bettor worth  hav-        '
Ing.    Look here."
Ac he spoke, he opened another old
leather ease, and displayed to view
some diamond sprays and a liarn. In
lite solid and ������ 1 Iff setting ot hair a
cent ury ago.
"These,'' vi ,11 on I'ayno, "are just
as liny  Wl re left  to my mother."
1    "Alt, I see. Family feeling, of course, |
'makes   ihem  inure valuable In  yourI
eyes than the modern jewels*."
"That's il exact ly. ,   1 can re mem* !
in r   small   Incident's   and   accidents I
connected   wilh   these   sprays,"   said
Payne, smiling.
Tlie Interview was soon over. Payne
left tlie jewels with the lawyer, who ;
duly delivered Ihem to Lady Ursula,
She was absolutely Indifferent herself
to tho .illurcments of gems, which she
never   wore  except   under pro'.est.   ns
one of lln   distasteful duties of her
rank.   Jewellery  to ber eyes,  represented money which might havo been
belter spent iu the relief of distress; ;
and lho only Interest possessed for her
by these costlj ornaments from    her 1
I fiancee, was aroused by the suggestion .
that he might allow her to sell them
] and to spend the money obtained up*'
'. on "her" poor.
On learning thai the value was os-
I tiniated at between twenty and thirty
thousand pounds, Lady Ursula became the more determined to insist upon the sale nf a part of the jewels.
Iii   tlie   meantime,  however,   she   a.l-
eynle, uniil it llnds lhat li
organization during the wur. It cost
the government only the comparative-1
ly trilling sum of ten million dollars, 1
wherefor millions of llritish troops!
were transported to all parts of the
country, while the regular passenger |
service scarcely showed any signs of
I the outbreak of war.
All the railroads are under govern-]
intent  control, and nre  winked  by a]
committee of managers, payment  lielng calculated according lo lhe difference   between   the     net     receipts     if
: llil.'t   and   the   receipts   during   war- j
I time. Considering that some of 1 lie
railroads carried occaslonnily fifty
troop iruiiis lu one day, as well as
supplying Innumerable trains for mill* I
tnry supplies and material, lho cost
to the governnieni Is amazingly
small. The low expense is onlj at*
tributable to the extraordinary economical methods of   tlie committee,
I who abolished all wasteful competition white maintaining adequate passenger service.
The success of Ihe committee on
railroad management is bound to
lend to a strong agitation to nationalize the railroads after the war, and I
the proposal is likely now lo meet!
with little opposition from the illrec-
ors nnd shareholders, I
The   satisfaction of government of-!
ficlals ami tlie railroad managers over
[the showing- found n ready   response I
witli the public,   The   British point j
oul Hint  their railroad methods riwil
Germany's vaunted system, and Hint
I the feat is all the more remarkable
because l*ritish   lines were ha'!' with
an eye to pence purposes, whlie the'
Qerman  network of lines always  has !
lind military advantage in view. |
While travel broadens a man, It isn't
necessarily fattening. 1
Wef_HJ Highest Values
" and 5hippifigTa$>
I md.Ataxvide-wmnC.
WeAKoniivHinrsaoti SfNfrAHorr
liven in a match you should
consider the "Little Thin.s,"
the wood���the composition���
the   strikeability���the   flame.
arc made of strong dry pine
stems, with a secret perfected
composition that tfuaran'oea
"Every Match A Light." 65
years of knowing bow���that'*
ihe reason!
All Eddy products are de*
pendnble products -Always. THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C,
t-___ttj*l__Mf_M_h-_U_MM* ' Remarkable Heroism of Italian Airman
Details now made public concerning
tho recent Italian air raid on l.nibnch
reveal the heroism of Capt. Salomono, ]
pilot, of one of the Italian aeroplanes. ]
On his return journey Capt. Salo-
mone's machine was attacked by live
Austrian Pokkers, lie was severelj
wounded in tho head and temporarily |
blinded by blood, while two other
officers aboard Hie aeroplane, one uf
whom was Lteut.-Coi. Barbierl, were)
kilted outright.
Despite the tlll'flcillly    of   v ring,
the b.'itlies of his dead' comrades having fallen over lite lever.;. Salomone
refused io surrender. He succeeded
iii reluming and landed nl Tnlman-
n v a.
Salomone  is  now  recovering iii  a
hospital,    \ modal has been awarded
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
NinMirtiM in l��n when the liver is ri��lit the
Xomich and bowels sue right.
pel a l.*y Iivi-i |���
ilo its duly
Cun*i Con-
Hendnch., nnd Di-"rc��i after Eating.
: -Smnli Pill, Sm_n Dose, Small Price.
Genuine must besr Signature
to him for vulo
Spurgeon   wns once askod    If    be
liiougiit  lhal a nun. v.hu learuod to |
play the cornel  en  the Sabbath  day
)V01lld  go    u  heavi ll.
Tlie reply uf ihe great preacher was
"I   don't   see   why   lie   should   not,"
. .lie answered, "hut i doubt  verv much
'"' '"'    ' ��� lit the. man who lives next door will.."
Mouth  Organs Com-;  Biick
Tiie  ii'aiiiiin lo,l\   of ihe dew's
irp and 'he ,> lid m i   .. iicopalien uf
e haruioulca  ,\ iii nilngla in llu  I.mi
hloned in"'
-  i
plei i
will lull la
i ii
|i and
the t
1 wi
�� ill wn ������
ii i
iiii red
sii ;
1 [nslrun ei
shilling tn
'. ll
ed   ::������
and  as   . II'
till I'll
ie war.
costing  less
are i
1   1.
yttl lavor
al procluuit
ell    ill
Ion  Uuzetl
lhe   i
galls and in
of which
il i
 1 n
ire CKeuipi
i it
'���rs'  hand
nml nr
car i
Bsorles are
are high-class, well-mado, nnd perfect;
fitting.   Alt ordered clothing made to
measure. Agents wanted In every town
The Clifton Tailors, Limited Lame Back Strengthened,
���^IVT^l   |   Stiffness Taken Right Ont
talk's Cotton Roo. C��rc,*to_inl
mtAr&KW,i.u$&! Was Relieved in an Hour,
and Cured Over Night
ill-Ill.   No,   I.
No.   2,   *.i   No,   3,  $6
pit     lies.     Bold    by   all
di-iiB-fflstR,   or   H-mt   I"'*"
paid in plain i hag* on
receipt    el   price.    I're"
pamphlet.    Address!
-ins cook medicihc col
I'ltOSt). OUT. iruaiiti WlatotJ
i.. cuit*i'��� BlMklii Pun Low.
nu, ni, 'rah, riluiila   pr_-, ��� I lu
Witsl.jiii   .'.,��� W,,, li nr,-.. ,,��� .,nv oni-
l��ct     l.li.f.     ctlur     vmi-ln��i     (III.
-,)!)��� t"  ti-inll,,)   inj  l-.'l.'.'l.i'i.
I'I d,i. p.��*>   Hluklll I',III |l,0"
M iin,4 pltH,   HI-..I.0 Pill.    I OH
.\l lain" uncle!   Quite unnecessary.
VII yuu bine lo do is to rub un Nervi-
line, it's simpu a wonder [or backache relieves utter one rubbing, "Nothing possibly could cure an aching
back taster than .Nerviiine," writes
.Mrs. \ ri "���ni- Kobnr, t f Lower Chelsea, M.S. "I caught cold and was su
prostrated ��Itli pain I could nut bond
over. \\'e always have Nerviiine ol
hum,',  and   I   hnd   tiie   painful   region
rubbed  ihoroiiglilj   ,<ith  this grand
1__-L"   -��     . ., ' 'I      .     alluriiiui'.    I,""' \''mili''.,el'".| .... ::   i...,,--'   -..���   .'...!   .-. .������.'.)   <���     , I'leln.
,, loMrt-rtu .���";."-; j..���'���;;;���.���;;'I" �����,'/ll| ''"'l","""" ," ";r PupUlly rctlucec und mternnlly, ll will still the Irrllatlon In years' of needless suffering may be
Jli?.'*n��   '  ",-'"',. ���". ".:"",::(:      a nn hour i ',i' able lo I.- about my ,,���, tlll.on, which induces coughing and prevented  bv using this   wonderful
Bovril make- other food'
nourish you. It has a Body-
building power proved equal
to from 10 to 20 times the
amount  of   Bovril    taken.
church sen Ice wt
prominent members
lion walked home ti
the sermon.
"I tell you," said the first, onlhtis-,,
iasllcully, "Dr. Blank can certainly;
dive deeper Into tiie iruth than any
preacher I ever heard.'' |
"Y-us,"  said   llio  second   man,  "and
he can stay under longer."
"Ves," said the third, 'und come up
drier.."-���Windsor Magazine.
We bnve been using MIX Win's UN-
IMI'.VT In our home for a number of;
years and use no other Linluieni but
MINARD'S, and wc ami recommend
it hlghlj for sprains, bruises, pains or
tightness of the chest, soreness of lhe !
throat, headache or anything of that
sort. We .till nol be without it one
single flay, for we get a new but tic
  .._.; before the other is all usod,   I can re-!
ver nnd three commend it Highly to anyone
the congrcga-l JOHN WAKEFIELD,
ioc, discussing  Laltave Islands, Lunenburg Co.,
Are you a BUfferer? Know
that terrible aching, dragging-
down pain, lhal robs you of
pleasure, even of rest, and makes
life miserable? Don'l you believe
In ill" law of average'.' If a remedy
has cured hundreds of pe.i|.ii*. dun'*;
you think li likely it might at leart
cure you"
Just giro Zwu-Buk a fair trial!
iMr.,J. McEwen, of Dundas, sat-
ferad from piles fur dfteen year*.
He says: "I tried pretty nearly
everything, but sot no permanent
l-plier until I tri"d Zam-Bulc. This
lialni relieved the pain; cunttnue.
use coutple; ily and permanently
cured me."
The rich herbal essences of whloh
Zam-Buk is composed, quickly remove congestion, rollers the dull,
gnawing, burning pain, and cure.
All druggists and stores, or postpaid from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto
for price, 50e. box, 3 boxes J1.-5.
Nervous     Country  Cet
taxi just misses podestriai
carefully, please. I'm nol accustomed
lo taxis.
Driver���That's funny:    I ain't used
to 'em. neither,   as a matter o' fact
I've only  '.alien  this on  for a  bet.���
Externally or Internally, It is Good, i punch.
When    applied externally hy  brisk'  __
rubbing. Dr. 'faf-lns' Electric oil. praises This Asthma Remedy.���A
opens the pores nml penetrates the grateful user of Dr. ,T. D. Kellogg's As*
tissue as few liniments do, touching thma Homed.'finds II the only remedy
Hi" sent of the trouble, nnd Immedl* that will give relief, though for thlr
. l',"a. ;,'i;in^���!; x[ nl'.'' .'..:' J:'':!.1 :!::l���l,,'';,,:!!i I !''*'ly Bffordlng lelier.    Administered |t_e'n years'ho had Bougbfother help.
nu cuiitn LAnoiMrtmr. B.r_.ftr, cdihrnto useworl     I ivun n d nguln Ju~l|V.-||| euro affections of tho bronchial romedv at the first warning of trouble.
-I I1:.'1'1'''.'.'. ''.':"..l"l:'.1!.1!'1.'       "..".V":.'.'1'1.1"  Wl>.e�� ;"'<l respiratory organs. Try It  itB ,,-,0' -s simple, its cost Is slight and
thi Niw m.N.H wimibv *. i m m
TrtEKAPiOW    '"' v:1'"""1, "''���'""
iiioinliiu   tvlthuiit  a     '������   ol  in.,
How to Read the Newspaper
l low many undergraduates are there
who can trace clearly and concisely
nan (us even without going much into detail
i'"'"'lvc the main developments In the wttri
Mow ninny can talk Intelligently os
European relations during the wai an."
produce am real facts to back up their
statements? Hovi man., have at their
tongues' end much other Important and
useful Information? With tv college
man the remedy for his lack o' per
apectlve is nol more titti" spent
the newspaper, but the Buptli itlon to
Iiis newspaper rending of I te sum
principles lie applies to res ng doo'i
In connection with a college course- -
memorizing Important facts, and con
llniiul co-ordination oi e rents ���' i II
lu. ��r.t.e
Ml n iu.
'I'lli'le    . M    01         'Ill'    Mil ill
uimVm! I th"1     Nl '   N "! ''     (I Id v.
��� ���'     . v ;   i'i""' ,.i ti iii  nt  ii  t'tir ii" ninu
'   ,
and lie convinced.
lurehnseil almost aiiywhon
 ,'  '        I'lutl  i I     mgn
ii    Ilk   '' i,    pal It   I'ltthi
I'O" III   I I    liel'M'      li I
��|   | I        illl'l    in   ul      i	
n.iiini" ' i cui mi       ii'lubly   enn
��� --���������" '   ' *i it I- i    , r   a
Iii ' ,li
Much of lhe original sin  lo  In
s.'i't.il   llboill   us   doesn't   show   1
signs er originality,
11 was (lie recreation hour at school,
"Tommy,'' said tho teacher pleasantly,
"do yuu know 'How  Doth  the Little
Iliisj  Bee?'"
Irrigation  ;- more profitable '.then     "Xo, ma'am," said Tommy. "But you
I applied iu llio soli ihan lo the throat, belcher life t know he doth It."
Minard's   Liminent   Tor   s.i -
A    lie    will   travel    !'.-' ���
truth, imi it will not be
arrit e at the destluutt ei
musl double on r* I rack.
In   i t' i,    ,.,
���rn ab ui
pan     <
���il I   M  I,, i.    '   *
ti 1',   I e
SHI       I
foi i
,' Illl'l
I,   .      Illl'l
riu -. u
lien   |
"Wl '
tlllll I .
'I   '
rl ��� I I
llll  lu
Mil II. I   '
gllllll    II  '
aiilu li''
Tli     lull 	
atu i  ���
reil In ��� i
Ills i'iiiisH it .in nut  im"  ibni
Illly iiii,I,       II,
Ih ' I In   di '     ��� '   :
Till     I" "!'
the   ion ii   bill till i    ��� rn   I'll
dlstrli i nml I'lmuiry i i m in
be gl'lllllg   III   llll ' iupiii-1
tlop;   .mil  hi ��� ill ���   ,,        ...      Ih  ,r ,i
Ooptnlloo III  il"   re el :.   are I lliiiiel
bolter con ill I un   11 m ��� . i      mom .i
In pocket an !     ppln
ll   i     el'liiric   In  li" " "ne llrlll     "I   III"
job" the nor1.1 over,"   tilnnl i I'un 11
'        ���    Ih ne
' I >IH
W-. .   i   ��� 4 . I   -. i.bo.I
i , i
I . II | ...  ui.th
I llll . ���.
> ling   il
., ,
., ���
i h nt 'ii ���
, ninu un mi   ni i        i hi
i..., do, Hu      "i it
,ii     i   . i It urn      i.'.n
 ., it dill i'   funorai
nil ultra    It       " ii In si    uftoi
,   . i|   ,   i.wr   Uml  i ,i     iid oi
i hm i ""I   i ���  nm    ��� i"        lloyul
I'livt  Prnu   My  pour tioj   hVliit Is
h&Vlllg u dreadful linn II i . >\ ilh
tlie urniy In  llttsslil.
Si" und l''rai| \ud tt lull about > Oil
Ol li> i   bi'..  Hail*'.'
Kir I   ["mil    nil. lie's all  right,   He's
In the navy,   Bystander,
h nasal breathing
impaired? Does
your throat get
husky or clogged ?
Modern Science proves
that these symptoms result fruni rati- down health.
Snufrs and vapors are irritating and Useless,
The oil-food In Scott's Emulsion
will enrich and enliven the blood,
aid nutrition and anei-it nature to
check the inflammation and
heal the sensitive membranes.
."* .Shun Alcoholic mixtures
smJ intltt upon SCOTVS.
W. N. U. 10��7
Aii Excellent Rented)
Fo. the Children
.ti    I, ur   .'li i, Li.ii'tuiii. iun.,
writes; "I nan rutin I Flub) - Own
Tablet un 'I an '".' i "nt n nn d) lor
children thai i hate na hesitation in
recommending lliotii lo nil moi ion '
Thousands o! mot In r i sfl ��� the same
thing cone 'rn na the Tablet i, Onco n
mother ha unid 'hem Bbo would use
nothing ol n Thoy arc for sale at all
druggists or tit mall at 35 ecu's n bos
from it" Dr, Williams' Medicine <'"..
lirocktiiie. Ont,
"Nn. sub," said Mr. I'rnsius I'inliley
froni behind the bars of the village
lockup. "Ah wouldn't 'a' got into no
(rouble wit do constable, biiIi, el it
hadn't ben fo' wlmmen's tub ob dress."
"What on enrili tins dress got to do
Iwith it'.'" nsked tho amazed visitor.
"Well, sub, my wlinmcn folks, dey
uasii'l salisliiil wlf eatin' ,|at chicken. Hey luul io go an' put do fedders
on delr hats an' p'rado 'em as elrciuu*
slautiiil   obidenco."
Minard's   LioinieiH  Cures   Dandruff.
j    ritcli' Mose was making n greal fuss
I while trying to round up ;t lot of liens
and  roosters that hnd escaped  from
their pen In his back yard.
"Wtiy iiii iho excitement?'' asked u
trood  lln lured  passer-by.
"Ah want lo git 'cm all back in
right   away,"  explained  Uncle  Mose,
"Bill why not wall until evening'.'
Chickens come home to roost."
"Ves," replied Uncle Mose. with a
grin, "an' dey goo hone , too."
an-H Lumbago
Mr. Win. l'.irl.er. 10" Cajllgfl street, Brantford, Oni., lulls in tlie following letter of
Iiis I'ein.'irkiiiile exfioi'iotioo wiili Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver J'ills :���."My doctor treated
mo I'ur nomo time for Sciatica, Rheumatism, Lumbago, bul to no purpose, for I bad to lay
off work. Tho visiting officer of Sick Hcneflt called to see me and advised the us.- of Dr.
��� 'base's Kidney-Liver Pills, staling thai ho had been cured of the same trouble by their
use. I askod tlie druggist about them und he recommended litem highly. N'ot beiug
satisfied with this, I went back to in- doctor, aud when he said thej* wero good I began
their use, The promptness with which they enlivened tho action of the kidneys and
bowels wus wonderful, nud it wus not 1on<" before I was rid of nil ray trouble. I had
awful, sharp pains in tho lower part of my buck and left hip, and wus so bad that I
could nnly walk by hanging on to a chair or the wall, My wife had to lace my shoes.
Only iluise who huve had this ailment can roalize the way I suffered. I am writing
this letter to let people who bnve my trouble know of those pills. You are at liberty to
use ibis letter, nnd if anyone interested will call or write to me I will give every detail."
When you have pains and aches put J)v. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
to the tost. By enlivening the action of liver, kidneys and bowels they
cleanse the system of all poisons, and thereby remove the cause of rheumatism, lumbago and other painful diseases.
One pill ,i dose, SS cents u bov. all dealers, or lldiminsoii, Bates * Co., Ltd., Toronto.
Kid a^u-Li ver Pi 11 s
Dr. OttMri RtClfi liook, l.WO meetM re ripen, sent free, U you meaUoTtbJtptp��rr THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review i       Notes ���___*e Wa*
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weeky  Newspaper,   Pubisbed   al
Courteuay, H. C.
N. II. "ioDicM, Hiliiui and Proprietor
���nbscription 81.50 per Year in Advance
The recently elected Liberals
have nskeil many questions in the
Legislature and have been duly
answered, while their requests into
matters which loomed large in their
campaign at the time of the bye
elections have been granted and nil
assistance given Iheni. The pen
pie ol tlie frounce however expect
sti tietbing more than questions and
di'iiiuiiils The opposition must be
something more llian merely "ttgin
the government," bul so far, we
have had uo constructive policy
put forth by Leadti Brewster or
In.' ;.t i mint. Mac] li nald. The
peneral election is drawing near,
uml it is high time lhat we were
told what the Liberals propose to
do if they .ire returned to power.
One thing is certain, they > ill not
gain much support bv uny policy
that penalizes Conservatives for be
ing Conservative, that rewards
Liberals for be ng Liberal, or that
refrains front tackling the Oriental
question because some of Mr.
Brewster's supporters , happen to
prefer Oriental.-, to white men-
Our member in the Dominion
House, Mr. 11 S-Clements, was
recently accused of receiving
$1,500 bv way of a bribe in connection with the dredging in Victoria' The opposition organs gave
the usual flaring headlines to the
charge, but when Mr. Carvell, M.
p , withdrew the charge, it having
been proved that there was no con- !
necticn between the acceptance of
tin-above sunt and lhe dredging
scandal, and apologized as a gentleman should, politician or not,
the opposition press did not even
notice the matter. Asa matter of
Fact the money was in connection
with the purchase of a farm in
which Mr. Clements was interested
and it is a deplorable thing, and
moreover a reflection upon clean
journalism to "llnow the mud and
leave it,'' iii spite of the utter baselessness of the charge. These Liberal papers should either "play the
game" or leave it lo better sportsmen.
Our; distinguished townsman,
noted for his anti-prohibition activities, appears to secure considerable
space in the columns of leading
and other provinaial newspapers on
bis favourite topic, "straight beer."
We regret to read of his threat to
have B.C., bag and baggage, if the
province goes dry, especially should
lie land.in England only lo find that
bis friends the dukes and the costers, had gone dry also ! Perhaps
Mr, Idiens will reconsider bis decision, and so enable the whole
community to enjoy formally years
the flowing wit at d rolling humor
which has now become an association. Tim loss would be not ours
an,ne, luit that of tlie whole province. It will indeed be a cruel decision to be called upon to make,
vi/., shall we have prohibition and
lose our esteemed citizen, or shall
wc retain him and remain "wet"?
Signs ot "speeding up" are 'ian-
ifest with the warning issued to
the 88th Battalion, of Victoria, to
leave for Europe. The nth Canadian Mounted Rifles too, now to
be made into an infantry battalion,
have been advised that thev will be
moved as soon as they ate lip to
lull strength, This appreciable
movement forward is evidently due
to the lengthening of the British
front in Flanders, and the consequent despatch from England of
britisii and Canadian troops, with
tlie forthcoming departure of the
above mentioned units, senior battalions in the military district, the
iii.'t.il and 103rd Battalions can
sbort'.y expect their orders, Another sign of growing activity at
the front is shown by the steady
stream of invalided troops ai riving
from the Old Country, the hospitals    apparantlv    being    cleared  ill
readiness for what everyone hopes
will be tiie final phase of the operations against lhe Teutons.
Lawlessness among Orientals is
increasing and a would be thief of
jewellery in Vancouver lias just
been sentenced lo 5 year's imprisonment. It is a pitv lhat deporticn
was not substituted lor pail of tlie
term. As il is llio province will
keep thai Oriental in conifott for
his full term and then let him at
large to repeat die effort. The
Oriental has such powerful friends
that he can do anything except
murder and still slay in tlie country. However, until tlie while
people get lively on tlie matter and
tall, to Ibe Privy Council in tlie
same way that Australia did, chicken stealing and other offences, including grave infringements of public morals will increase, the childlike Oriental being ready to lake a
yard, once au inch is couceeded,
Much has been said concerning
compensation lo liquor interests,
should ptohibition come into force
and the plea is raised that in England such compensation is given
when a license is cancelled. It is
true that compensation is given
when in England when the l'ceuse
commissioners decide that a soloon
is 110 longer necessaiy, but the
money conies from taxation levied
upon all liquor licenses for lhat
purpose, mid net from general taxation. In other words, tlie Government forces tlie liquor license
holders to provide a sinking fund
foi the purchase of unnecessary
licenses. Energetic lobbying is being done at Yictori by the would
be invaders of the public funds and
the press as a rule, doubtless because of the liquor advertisements,
gives the advocates of compensation steady support.
In 1914 Canada   imported   merchandise  valued   at   {481,319,309
and exported lo the value of $428,*
315,512, an adverse balance of $53-
003,797.    Iu I915 the tables   were
turned and with imports valued at
��450,547,774,   a   drop on    1914 of
over JijO,ooo.oco. Canadian exports
rose to $553,488,412, a bal.nce   in
tavor of over   ��200,000,000     Canadian industries arc still expanding
Canadian soil is  still being   broken
I for ciop, Canadian people   are still
I bestirring   t emselves in   order to
I live, instead of   waiting   for a real
'estate man to come   along and pay
an option   on their   lauds, aud the
people of   Canada   are   slowly but
surely learning that it is high   time
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo  Railway
Good going April 19, 21 and 24, return
limit Apl, 25; fare and one-fifth for round trip
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria and  Way. Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets oh all lines to all parts
of tlie world. For particulars etc, address
Another shipment ol ladies trimmed and
ready-to-wear lints now on view
Easter .cloves in   Prencll kill anil  Suede
in all  tl e  new  shades, al-o white kill
witli black   corded back and   lilnck with
white stitching
ICaster   novelties   in   ladies   neckwear,
Chemisetter neck lull's,   collars  nml collar unit eulT sets
New spring styles in ladies footwear in
nun metal, viei Unl, patents \tilli clolii
top in black, fawn mid pearl at popular
prices. Special value iii Indies button
white new |*uck slices, laced and button
white canvas shoes, pomps in, gun uiclal
���lici ami patent villi low and medium
Men's Dept.
Easter neckwear in flowing ends, Derbys
ned lint   wing   bows   in nil   tlie   newest
Shirts in   silk  ninl sill;   mixtures, black
ami white stripes.    Also   the   new sport
shirt with large open neck mid  convertible collar
Itivictus   shoes   iu   the newest   lasts in
vici, gun   metal ami   patent with  fancy
vesting tops
Hats and caps in tlie newest  shades and
Campbell's made  to order  clothing.    A
large range of samples to choose from at
popular prices
The very highest quality seeds���-carefully tested for use in llritish Columbia. Owing to present conditions, seed shortage is expected throughout Dominion.   Order EARLY if yon wish prompt supply
CLOVEK. (all kinds)   (1RASSKS    TIMOTHY (99 1-2 p.e. pure)
All kinds nt Vegetables such as Tin nip, Mangle, Carrot, Sugar
Heel, etc., etc. Also lull line of Seed Grains, including leading
varieties of Wheat, Oats, Hurley, Rye and Peas
Look   lor   Circle   "V"  Trademark  on
eacb bag.   ORDER  WITHOUT I)   LAY
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Telephone ii V. Movitz, Mgr. Hud of Bridge
AW person or person practicing Veterinary   Medicine   i ly   nf  Us
branches without passing the Veterinary
Board of Examiners  will lie  prosecuted
by the ll. C, Veterinary  Medical   Board.
tin. KrtNM'Vrn CHKSI.KR, See.
White Rock, n. C
Dill. i'Miciigcr Agenl, Victoria
Agent Courteuay, Phone K60
tbey produced more at home, and
imported less from abroad. Advance, Canada!
It is satisfactory to record that
so far returned soldiers fit for work
have been provided with steady
employment. Whether this may
be maintained when the returning
heroes are numbered by thousands
is another matter. There is one
thing certtiiu and it is that if Orientals are employed to the exclusion of while men there will be
some nasty roits in cetlain centres.
There is a growing feeling among
all classes that lhe Oriental exotic
has got to be displaced, especially
when be displaced a white man,
and when, later on, that white man
may have "done his bit" for the
Empire, and expects something
more than a "no hands needed"
notice posted up, with the sedate
face of a celestial in close proximity.
A movement is on foot to recruit
a battalion of Irishmen in Victoria,
and it is said that already 250
names have been obtained. In
vie**' of the fact that there are so
many units at the present time,
needing men to fill tip their ranks,
it seems a pity that the promoters
cannot sink their project and substitute instead Irish companies in
Bxlsting units. It might be added
moreover, that all eligible Irishmen
worthy of the name, have gone to
the front long ago or else are in
battalions expecting to leave,
By all accounts the Slates are
confronted with a tough problem
iu Mexico, and one which is not so
near solution as at present appears.
There is a lack of enthusiasm manifest in the whole nation, which in
cludes the army, iu strong contrast
to the spirit which animates tin:
British Umpire and ber Allies.
It wns n small municipality with
two newspapers, livals of course,
The''Roarer" announced that its
circulation had been doubled iu a
week, whereupon tiie "Whip-Wop"
retorted b\ congratulating the
"Roarer" upon getting a new subscriber.
Church Club.
Those   who   remembered    the
church club last week found a treat
in store for them.    It was patriotic j
night and the progiamine:  was an
exceptionally gootl one.  Mr. Kirk- |
wood occupied the chair.    Mr. W. j
Duncan read an   article   from   thej
Saturday   livening   Post   entitled j
"Peace at any Price."  It wns most;
amusing to follow  the account oft
how a young  soldier  was  aide to1
prove to a large audience that there |
was a  price   too   high   to pay for
peace to continue even throughout
the course of that one  peace meet- j
ing.    Mr.  Wood   by   means of a
lantern  slide illustrated   the latest1
construction of torpedo and explained minutely its manipulation. It
was irteresting to  follow the account of the various  stages in the
evolution of the present fairly per-'
feet type. Fulton in 1805 discovered that gunpowder exploded under j
water would destroy a  boat.    The
early ones had to be operated near
the boat  to  be  demolished,    The
locomotive type, tlie electrical type I
the comptessed air type and finally
the gunpowder  type,   followed   ill
rapid succession.     Today au eight
inch shell which  will  cut through
any net yet  invented, can bear the
proudest vessel to destruction.    If1
these star blowers could be utilized
to remove 15 C's. stumps, what an
added impetus  would  be given to
 ._���*    *+-*M*m	
Anglican   Service
Good Friday. .Sandwick li'a,
111., Courtenay 8.00 p. 111., lantern
Easter Day. S, John's, Holy
Caniinunioii 8 a. m., Children's
Service 3 p. tu., Evensong 7.30., S.
Andrew's. Matins and Holy Communion 11 a. 111.
Grantham, Good Friday, S.
Mary's 10,30, Easter Day Holy
Gomniunion 9,30, Evensong   2,30.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia
hi tlie Mailer ol John Hardy, Deceased,
ami iu tiie Matter ol tlie Administration Ael.
TALI', NOTICE Hint   by order ul hit
iii in,  bulge Burlier, made  the
2.iul day "I March,   A. t).   1916,    I wo<y
appointed Administrator i"iill and sing
giiln tin Eslulc nl John Hardy, Deceased, ninl all parlies having claims against
lln-  said Estate   are hereby   required to
furnish same, properly   verified, to   me
mi 111 hii..ie the 15th day ol   May, 1915.
Ami nil parties   Indebted to   said lislate
are required l" pay   lhe Amount  ol their
indebtedness t" ttie forthwith,
Oflicial Administrator
Dated   at   Courtenny   this   1st   Day  til
April, A. 1). 1916.
IN THI! MATTER of an application
[or n fresh Certificate of Title to Sections
Twenty-six (2b) mid Thirty-five (35),
Comox District, llritish Columbia.
Intention at the expiration ol one
calander month from the first publication hereof to issue a frcsli Certiiicate ol
Title in lieu of tiie Certificate of Title
issued to Reginald Terry Carwitlien on
tlie dlli day nl November 1871, and
Numbered 372A, which lias been lost.
Dated at the Land Registry Office,
Victoria, B, C, this 2nd day of March
S.  V. WO'i'TEN,
Registrar General of Titles
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
PURSUANT to Section 27 of the Trustees Act, notice is hereby given
that Letters Probate to the last Will anil
Testament of Win. Lewis, late of Courtenny, II. C., who died on the 4th January
1916. at Courteuay aforesaid, were issued out of tlie Supreme Court til Britisii Columbia on the 22nd day ol March
1916, to Thomas Morgan ul lhe City of
Nanaimo, tin- sole Executor appointed
under said Will.
All persons having claims against the
Estate ol the said William Lewis, d-
ceased, are hereby required to forward
particulars of their claims duly yjrified
mid of the nature nf tlie securities (if
any) held by them, to the saitl Thomas
Morgan, on or before the 29th day of
April 1916, after which date said Executor will distribute the assets nf tlie Estate amongst lhe parties entitled thereto,
having regard to the claims of which lie
slll.11 then have received notice, and will
not be liable for tlie assets or any part
thereof so distributed, to any person ol
whose claim he hail not then notice.
Dated this 2-lth day of March, 1916.
Solicitor for Thuitias Morgan, Executor.
Ice Cream
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
Veterinary Surgeon
Phone 57
Isabel Street
Letter to the Editor
Editor Courtenay lleview
Dear Sir: ���In view of the fact
that all over Canada mothers are
giving their sons, some their only
ones, oth-rs six, seven, and eight,
to fight for their country in this
terrible war, without at: audible
whimper; the winnings of   men at
the thought ol' having to give up a ���������"��� placing his aged father behind
luxury seems   inexpressibly   silly. \t,le counter may be all right in   an
Food is a necessity, whether a few
overeat or not, we   all   must   eat,
continent if a minister of the gospel
of any denomination was seen intoxicated he would lose tlie respect
nt once not only of those inside the
church but of those outside it.
In our day no position of trust
or responsibility is open to the
young man who has formed the
habit ol di inking.
The idea of a man opening a bar
by the workmen, has gone up between 30 and 50 per .eilt." Is
such a result au economic disaster?
lu conclusion may I draw tlie nt-1
tention of all   true patii its   to ihej
startling   statement    male  by the
Britisii     Minister   of   Munitions:
)riuk is doing us more damage in
English mind, but is revolting to a
Canadian, as is  also   the   English
the war than all the   German submarines put together."
Your- truly,
Arthur Bischlaoer
here's an
f ChickFood ���*%
nature demands it. Intoxicating
liquor is n luxury wc can easily get
along without if we have not acquired a craving for it, or why no
many sturdy families in every community who never touch it?
The idea that prohibition, at least
during the war,    will   benefit   the
country ii   n   good   one,     II    Ibe
measure becomes law it wili  be because the majority  of   tlie   people
want it     Why should
ition fuss and fume so
predict that il will be a failure tin
til ii bus li.nl a trial?    Besides thev
must admit   Hint   they   have   lind
their own wav I'or a long time.    In
the yenr�� past that the saloon with Sit:
all its inherent evils bus  flourished
in this country,    Half   the   p ipu-
lalion didn't want it, yet were   powerless because they lacked   11 few
to make up   the   majority,    'I'hey
had In Bflll nnd bent    it:     If   pro*
custom of bar maids.
I have read most of Dickens
books and enjoyed them but never
once have I bad any desire to live
in his time with its debtors, prisons, grime and poverty,
Prohibition is n modern measure
by modem people for modern
No man, nr woman either, should
leave un old country Inr tl   new 1111-
the oppos- i,ess capable ol' ad ipting themselves
much   and : to new   ways,   ideas and   customs
I'm their own comforts sake
Cumberland, April i.|
I thank Mr. Idiens fo1" his com���
teotis comments 011 my last letter,
but I aiii sorry It..' did not jive its
the specific food value of "honest
beer," I have looked up the analysis nt u pint of ordinary beer nnd
hibition carries il will give the other lind thnl il contains n very small
side a chance In do the grinning, I amount of heating nnd flesbforming
tints a fair turn about. This cry materials, viz: sugar 1.5 percent.,
of alarm thai the shutting down of! albumin .115, per cent.
breweries aud saloons will throw! It is estimated by leading scien-
niauy out of employment need tisls that .1 man requires 2.406
cause no worry. Let placards such grains of albuminous food daily,
as the B, C. Electric and other j Half a pint of so called "nourish-
companies have had to make use of! stout" gives, roughly, 19 grains of
"Your King and Country need you'albumin. Therefore 1.6 half pints
we don't " be placed in every of beer are needed to supply the
closed brewery and bar room, amount of fleshfornung material re-
It' the individuals are un- quired for the body for one day. I
fi'. fir trench work and fighting leave your readers to judge for
let them work for the North West j themselves the value of beer as
farmers who are in   great  need   of  food.
help.    Canada will   need   all   the      Mr. Idiens   makes   makes   the
grain she   can   produce   and   the statement that   wherever   Prohibi
change of employment might  even! tion has been tried it has proved to
benefit the workers physically, be an   economic   disaster     Russia
We have heard much lately has prohibited vodka. What is the
about tlie London costermongers, ; result? I quote from the official
and it has led me to wonder what Mini-trial Report of May, 1915.
men in Courtenay and Comox Val-1 "Immediate benefits of temperance,
ley correspond to that class. Then : Whereas Hit profits on the liquor
the old fashioned isms of Dickens' ! monopoly during January and Feb-
titiie are held up to us, Is there ruary were Rs. 154,654,000 less,
any intelligent reader living in our j the savings banks received Rs.
day and in this country wito does 103,700,000 more than during the
not know that times have changed same months of 1914."
and conditions altered since then? Mr. Lloyd Gecrge recently ques
True, people tli ink in our day still Honed the Russian Minister of I'i-
iiut the custom has lost its respect- j nance as to the results of Prohibi-
ablility. Ition in Russia.    M   Park    replied,
Fifty years ago preachers of the "The productivity of labour, the
established chut dies both in Eng- amount of work wliicli is put out
land and Scotland made use of in- freely and were not thought any
toxi.an.tS and often   indulged   too'the less of.    In our day and on this
In the interests of increased pro
duction and to encourage thrift
with the utilization of at present
unused opportunities, the Dominion Government will shortly appeal
to the people cf Cauada, Far too
much food is imported that can be
grown here. The local stores dis
play dried and canned fruit from
California for instance, with   jams
and preserves from lhe old country
which are bought largely by people
who could grow other fruits to Like
the place of such articlns, 1 low
inany peopie in lhe valley h v a
re Ily good garden with vegetables,
small fruits ami fruit tree? In the
absence of home products from this
source supplies hay..- to be imported
nl a time when freights nre prohibitive. Then again, for-ed Uttuce
nnd rhubarb is actually brought
from California when il could be
grown locally and the caab retained
in tlie district. There are hard
times ahead for those who refuse 10
use the opportunities afforded by a
bit of cultivable laud, and vacant
lots and barren yards are a credit
.to no white man. John Canuck
has got to work more, and grumble
less, because the government will
not support him.
The Ladies Auxiliary of St. Joseph's Hospital have just closed a
very successful year. They meet
the first Wednesday of each month.
There were about 23 members last
year and $24.30 was raised which
has been given to Mother Majella
to be used for buying hospital linen, etc. The ladies also did a lot
of sewing and mending for the Sisters. The year started the first
Wednesday of this mouth. Anyone wishing to join will please send
their fees, wliicli are 10 cents per
month to Miss Game, Comox, or
better still, come to the meeting
May 3rd, All members in arrears
are requested to remit at the next
The fides of Main street have
been newly gravelled, levelling off
the mud holes The road leading
to tlie ivliarf has also had extensive repairs put on it,
Contains absolute
proportions ii"tvs
a sturdy growth���
ry tn hasten
"thine more
Royal Standard
Mills Chick Food
Will nol "scour" young chicks,
causing tuorUdity Contains
neither dust nor waste, Is not
cheapened for sale purpose.
Sc e n l i ii cally compounded;
contains S| ei :.il High Grade
Meat Scraps, wliicli have Protein Value uf 75 .
Feed this to your Chicks
Watch Splendid Results
Phone 33 End ol Bridge
r. Movie*,  Mgr,
gf       Officers
-' ��� '������       Service
The   cut,   lit,
quaiilyand  ���, tt
regard U di������
Jtf  that vou v. mid
fj   expect : 1 ii in
r     1.mi,Inn's   ��� ire*
most   Militi ". ���
7|      Tailors vou call
1        expect fr  us
Measui men! ;  P
foru 1 1        |j
Naval,Miutary&Civil Tailors I
747 Yates St., VICTORIA.EC. %
Trrri 1111; 111 it- i i_!_j____y*_iy
The Little Red Cross Workers
will visit the Battalion quarters on
The belfry tower of St, Peter's
Church was found to be iu a dangerous state. Repairs tire now being male.
Sergt. Petch, the regimental
postmaster, returned from Victoria
on Tuesday.
Dr. Montgomery expects to leave
shortly. He will be attached to
the field hospital at tlie front.
Dr. Cox has rented Dr. Montgomery's residence.
Tlie 102nd Band will give a
sacred concert at the Goose .Spit
on Sunday afternoon as 2.^0. Arrangements have been made for
free transportation from Comox
wharf to the Spit for any who wish
to attend. The concert is free,
and the public are cordially invited.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Carthew entertained a number of friends on
Saturday evening. A most enjoyable time was spent.
Mrs. Moore gave goodbye tea in
honor of Mrs. (Dr.) Montgomery
yesterday afternoon.
Courtenay    Hotel
COUI'TI-:-'AY, [$   c,
Comfort   With  M ,le: I    I
llest Win's T    ���        .'. I
, ."Il'l  l.i'|i."l's
Cumberland 1[<   _.
(.noil Accomodation scelten
Wm. Merryfield
Expert Watchmaker   Qu
s selling Spectac'es   tn ". ���-
glasses  from   $2.5    per pair
Including sight testing   E  :h
eye lested separate.*  I       - a 1
correct, \ i_;on
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
Courtenay   Tailor
Ladies and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up        Pants $7 up
Cannot be done any
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at the
Courtenay Review
The Water Question
Four Good   Houses,
water    and   electric
.   light iu each
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
Cleo      r and
S     -
-   .'
. 5' ���
���*         :.:-
., 5
lata         ��.23
'.', Etc
Cents clotl
es kej
t in or
let 1 j   he
'.' 5
The suiiie ljuii
lint- a
*  Robe
rtson's Un:.?
St ire, 0
mmi E
t.,   CuL
i'i IR
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
Get "More Money" for yont Foxes
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver. Lynx, Wolves,
Marten and other Fur bearers collected in your section
SHIP YOUR FURS DIRECT tn"sl!IHi'HT'iv l.irs��l
luiii-e tn Ihc World dealing delusively In SOkTIi AMlRll AN R.'.H HHS
a reliable���responaible-s Fur House wl han unblemished rep.
nt.n mn existing tor more than a third ot a century," along suc-
ceMful record otsendlns Pur Shippers promnt.SATISPACTORY
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for "We Mtrbtrt *bl��ptr."
tin* only reliable, accurate market report an-l; rice list published
Writs lor ll-.NOW-it'. FREE
A. B. SHUBERT Inc ��.<���������" west austinave.
n. ls. ouuulim, inc, DeptCJ8CHICAGO.lt "LA THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. D.
Catarrhal Fever
Pink Eye. Snipping
Fever, Epizootic
A.,.I i.l' ,' "���"*< t i'"' ttovso affecting Ills Ihroul Piiectllly :
, iii'i-d: colt.H nnd horsos in same Btnblo kepi tin!!' having,
lljoni i'   using Spohn's Distemper Compound, :��� if G ��*<-*-.***
often ci nc bottle gimranl 1 i" cure ono case, Snfo
I,,i- bi'ootl mares, bnliy eolta, stallions, nil uges ami eon-
,ni nn.-.. Mosl Hklltf.il st'lentlflo compound. Hold bj tiie
bottlo !���    dom       Vnj   ilrugglsl   "i- delivered  by  maniiiac-
SPOHN   MEDICAL   CO..   Goshen.   Intl..   U.S.A.
Supreme Chocolate
A pure, unsweetened, cooking chocolate. Easily
melted and mixed, containing; that rich chocolate
l-ki'or that can onlv be obtained from the finest
and most expensive cocoa beans. For years tlie
most satisfactory cooking chocolate rn Canada.
Sold everywhere. Made in Canada.
It   not   only   softens  the
water but double, tho Cleans-
ing power ol soap, and inakes
everything    sanitary   and
, __^ wholesome.
Mil 111
England's Public Record Oifices
Twenty-five   Miles of Shelves
of I listoricul Records.
Blanc Mange
Hat', you ,'Ct'i.r tried "Crott it Uranct Willi
lllonc Mango .in I other Corn Starch l'uddingn*
They bccui lo blend perfectly���each improves
tlie oilier���together: tin", make siuiple, inexpensive il sserts. that everyone Bays are
'simply Uejiciou-i",
i��������� rend) lo serve over all kind: t.l Puddings-*
"_I_1" WHITE" is units- i n new antl attractive dish ot such au old
it pure white Corn favorite as linked Apples���is lav chcapei than
Bjruti- in ���:.��� ii".i butler ot preserves when spread on bread���-and
cole in liavoi limn is best i"i Candy-making.
���( iikiii DnmtV, ash v_un QflOCER���in 2, b. to a��o ?e i*  tins
Per'tapi vou would
prelci it-
Head Office   -   Montreal 30
w., -;,���: ��������� ���������;;��� 3si,/;:;���:::it:_, i":,-i:.:;i!ii:i.,.in.:.,'...: f:::i3iii:.<:.,::'. ***_ r' _ ���;: _ > _jhl l_.i
Sells Land in Arctic
, Economy Campaign Starts In Britain
Disfigured Soldiers
Have Faces Remade
Noted  British Sculptor  is  Putting  His j
Genius to Unique Use
lierwonl  Wood,   the   distinguished
British sculptor, who enlisted ns a pri I
late in ihc Army tied lea I Ciorps at the j
beginning of itie wnr, is now turnlne
Ills tatonl io it unique use.    Mi Ids lets-
iiro luni' is in pi'escul employed In i'(
placing lhe parta ol' men's faces iK
-tiiitcil ||y wound8 iu btiltlc.   Thcs
Include tnoiiths, jaws, nnd even eye
lids, ull or which lie has iiiuilc ." uiiiv
ih' has .im.i  finished    remaking n i
huso i'or a soldier wliicli  wus blown j
a it ay    belOW    I hi'    bridge.      Ills   lllltll' ;
lion,  tt iiii'h  he  |ii'i'|.ai'i',l in  i'Ii'i U'ical* j
ly trealed meliil, Is   so perrecl    lhal
,'.lii'i'i   ii   is joined   is absolutely  Imperceptible, tiini  tho  pulleni   has  re*
gained his sense of Bluett.
Wood is now giving tip most ol li's
lime in iiiis work, ami is aid,' tu treat
li n c,is"s dally. Surgeons who never
Ihougiil that a .sentinel's an could he1
atlttpled to Ciis work aro now absolutely atiinved nl (he roinurl.ab." results Wood ha.- obtained.
Miller's  Worm  Powders can do no
injury io tin   mosl delicate child, Any
ehilil. lufunl nr iu iho stale of utloles*
I'lici'. who is Infested wilh tioi'iiis call
iulo* I ids propai'al ion willtoiil a tiuuliii
I of lho stomach, and ttill Unit in ii a
| sure  relief anil n  full pro!eel ion from
ilicse destructive nests, which are re
sponsible fur much sickness und groat
i suffering  to  legions of li'ii,. ones,
Des Moines and Booze
A   Year   Without   Saloons     the   Moat
j      Prosperous in the History of the
After going a year without sal.ions
lhe cltj of lies Moines makes ihis re-
i port through the Itegl'li r ninl Leader:
I    "tine  year a no  today,  tlie  eighty-
I six  saloons  of    Hes    tloinos  closed
j their doors,  nnd  there are  few  men i p     ,
Mn touch with the affairs of lite city ' Kest
I who nre  not   ready  to say  thai   ihe
j pas;  year has    been  ihe  best,  most
I prosperous and   must  orderly in  Ihe I    Thero Is a form of neurasthenia, that i dungor of relapse until your blood U
i bistort  of lies Molnc
!     "He*:   Aloille	
i,,n ,',.,i..i"ii ot <i,.���<  ii...k......- Ti,_   'Post-grlppal" neurasthenia. , ,   , ,
nn e-ent i.u lii.iiiei'Sioii-.. nottetei. ine " oil pbvslclan, quoted above, Is rest ami
; record of bank clearances i-- sitft'lc I one ol ihc foroniosl inedicnl author- a .on[,. q.. Williams' Pink I'ills, u
lent  proof of a  new   high  record In  Hies ot Mew Fork city in a lecture In non-alcoholic ionic, aro    particularly
| business prosperity, Police and county  the international clinics, said: i suited for building up lite blood ami
records show a :,n per cent, decrease      "Hroadlj Bpeaklug, every victim of I strengthening llic nerves after an at*
i in crime uml disorder. A walk la grippe will suffer from post-grlpp* tack of grippe. The rich, red blood ex-
through ihe business district  reveals at neurasthenia also. Lowering of iter- pels the lingering germs from the sya-
tlhc absence of untenanted store vous tone with increased irritability tern and transforms despondent grippe
rooms, 'tin* demand for houses, is the most slrlklug effect of the tils- victims into cheerful, health;., happy
collided wiili extensive building opera-  ease, langoiir of mind and body, dis- men and women.
���.lions, demonstrates the continued Curbed, nihil sleep nnd vague pains In ir you hare lind in grippe do not
= | growth of Pes Moines. I the head ami elsewhere.   The   treat-1 wait for a relapse or tor the ueurastlie-
Other cities of Iowa can logically | menl calls for rent nml a tonic." j uin    that so often follows grippe, hut
I'nknow'ii in ihe millions who puss! tlie law conns, ihe government do*
tlirougli lhe clly of London every week pni'luieuls, ami from various other
a work of unparalleled magnitude ill   quarters,
whal is known ns tho public record of- . All son.- of records are kept, legal,
Hoe in Chancery lane, lias been going  lilsloricul,   genealogical,     Bimlstloal,
on for a li n iu her of } oars, lu Ibis of* a ml so vtll'li'tl lire I he contents of tilt)
lice,   there   are   iwentyilte   miles   of   office thai  am iiiuat'ia'i  research of al
shelves, mi full of historical material, most ovnrj l-.li.ci enn bo made. There
going back tlirougli the contiii'los as you will liutl tlie records of ihe stur
far as "Uoinostlay Book." chamber ami lb'' "Id .Minis ami liver-
li cosls over C.(1,0110 a year lo keep tcs, State papers, domestic, colonial
up the record office, the keeper of the ami foreign, formerly,preserved lu tli*
records being the muster of the rolls. I stale paper office iu Whitehall, am
'I'he office waa established by ibe pub 'also in be men there. Usually fifty or
lie records acl in 1838, ami the ree sixty students are seen working lu llui
iii'.ls wore taken thoro from ibe lower. \ record offici every day, nnd al any
the chapter house, Westminster, lhe time there Is iin* fascinating thought
rolls chapel, and elsewhere. IS vol' lhal one of Ihoni ma.', make stuns In*
sinee thai nine ilu- office lias boon��� leresllug historical dlscovot'.v. I.on
eoiistaully   rocelving   aecrelion   from  don Tll-Blls
and a Tonic is the Proper Treatment Distinguished
Medical Authority Says.
,     follows la    grippe.    Doctors    cull    It  built up.
lines nol need io rely   ...    ,    ,      , The treatment, says tho distinguish-
Government Disposes of 20 Acre
Bylot  Island  to  Gold  Syndics
t'lie liiiiiiiiii'.n governnieni is doing I their staffs nml  close  part   of their c''        :
The National Organizing Committee exi'e('1 "' -*ll*,llca,te   ,:il' record made      If you hdve had la grippe read those get a box of Uf. Williams' Pink Pills
i,...,''..,',;.,,.'.'     i,na IbciupiI im nnnpni!1" "'':' ,M"illl:'' l!"111 as *�� '-i'*1 con* sytnplouis again:   "Langour  of mind now from the nearest drug store uiui
" 0n   in nil nnmlnvnr. nf ,lnmMllr.   prvniil.   tlllion '"' ll'��    elt"   illl'J tlle Bl'owtU ot \m<1   lj()ll-v'  disturbed,  tlll'ul   sleep  and | begin  Ihe  llMiiluieul  ut onco.
te      i     I".,'      use-i' in   Zrlcallv iwitipa  I'ublic ^���"���'i"''<"1'    Cuvorable   lo   the  vague pains    lu    lho head ami else-      you can get Dr. Williams' Pink Pill.*
'    "'   '" '""  ���' ,,   closing of lhe saloon.-.    L'nless   theUhere."   if   you    have any or.all of from any medicine dealer or by mall,
'     confused  slalo of  politics  turns  the  them it means thai you are still suf* at 50 cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
control of tat-, i'lifi.'ieeiiuni agencies I'erlng from the effects of la grippe und from the Dr. Williams' medicine t'"..
';  io  unt'rieudl)   luir.ils,   recognition  of  that you will not be well and free.from | BrockviUe, Out,
ilyioi  Island in lit.ft in Hay, in north jdeu'"ltixuries, ""o-peelully ""from" hot-  !h;',,   ii;!|"'"^!!,. !.,""l'li*i"|!1 ,��� "J   u^l'"i,';,   -
I..I!,,, i    -���- ,i  ......     r- ,..:...,,....   ,,. ,i,   'i , -..,���, I will     lie     iiniters.ii       lie ure     many
latitude i-' degrees, 5.1 ininules, to theihouses,   be sacrificed in order to save ._���_���._     ,,.,..���     ,,.,^,���i ������   v .��� ,.������ :, , t
Arctic (lold   lOxploratlon    Syndicate,   ���,".    and release domestic    labor!1',       .     ,,",        I'*--**"-*''     **iiuashaj>
Lid.,    ot Toronto.    The  land  is.  of for more useful purposes. .louimii.
some real estate business iu tin- Arc-1 houses.
lie s.-as.   It has sold for one dollar per     Tlio commllleo    also    urged    ll
acre some twenty acres  of laud on |simpler meals be served, and thai gar*
Scouting in English Schools To Sell School Lands
In Western Frovinci
and Simple Story
EBHlr^^i'i^rdlE-mEX iDeafness Cannot Be Cured i Just a Straight
boundaries.   Apparently the syndicate ,'[{ *'-c;*j nnniicntloiH, m tiiej cniinoi rencii iiie
has   found   traces  of  gold   in   tne   far | u,ciuc'tk*iil'iie*is. nnd   tliiil   Is li   coiiAlttill'iunl
UOflii. rerawlliH.    I'l'.nii.��� i- cinisctl nt- iiii iitD.-tiii.-tl j
' .  ~~~.      , Ttihe.   When ihi- in1',' In liifl'iincil .vtm luit-i
A Great Asset riimblinasotiutl or tmiirrfcct liciirlut, uiul when I
According In Hon. Duncan .Marshall. ; '' ',- entirely clasal, rc,en'*< is lhe mull, iitul
minister onigrlculture In Alberta, the !KKli���^^^
pedigret'it bull''nlrector,;'formerly of jwun,^ Her Kidney Troubles and/,,,,���,���, lmtrollead.'.-s holds good both I concnr't'eaVu the suggestion oYtncTe.t*
',',';;,"! MISS      BLANCHAPD      TELLS      OF
Hundreds of Boys  Go  Under Canvas
During the  Summer
,.      .   * ,   ,     Premiers Have Concurred in Federal
Seoul in1; is becomiug a pari of tlie; ��� .,   _
currie ii of the I3nglish schools. 13. Governments Sugciestion
Young, head muster of the county The announclSineiil is made by llio
school at Harrow, has turned his department "of the Interior that a sale
whole school, which contains some of school lands will be held lu the pro-
hundreds of hoys, into one large troop Ivlnces ol' Manitoba, Saskatchewan am!
jot' scouts, the scheme being so arrang-'. Alborta in tlie early pun of .line. Tii,'
'ed Hint lhe same organization of pal-' premiers or tlie three provinces havi
tlie Jtollischild Ie ''d in lingland, and
now in tlie western province, is lhe
tines' liull in the country, 'liie minister says lie is more than proud of the
animal, which i- finite to his credit,
Prize cattle are a great asset to an;.
province. -Montreal Gazelle.
Acquired the Habit When a Eoy
itilliiiuct! condition of ihc animus siirfhecs. I    other Sufferers    Can    Learn  From   for school work ami for scout ing. Dill'*  eral  government    *'1*1*    "���������    1'I'i'mui
Doll'irs for nn   '
iMiusnl lo ."i'i.i-'i :i." Vl'uit I'iiiiiiuL j    Her Experiences How Tliey Can Find
tttli- Caltirrh  Cure.    Sciul  fni
a Cure.
1   .1. Cltl-.NI.t ,-s CI
��� l>iu__ixl
I'lllllift  I'ills furcoiistipitllu
��� "���  j    I	
Gloucester Co.,  \'.i:.
A Passport
The archbishop oi Canterbury  was
to officiate ai an important service in
I.' mluii. Tlie main entrance to tlio Ab*
ng ihe Bummer tiie pntrols take it In would be an opportune time to place
iini lo camp on iho school grounds, Uomo of these lands on sale ut public
under the supervision of the head auction, in view or the phenomenal
master front fifteen to tweuly-tlvo boys crop of lasl season, Hie good prices
(Special' 'Simple ami straight to the Ibeing always under Hie canvas. When now prevailing, aud ihe strong tie-
I point is tlie statement of .Miss Justine I in camp the boys have to do their own | timud existing for [lie lands, 'i'he am-
Blanchard, of this place. She has cooking and look after themselves, the tlon sales will be held ai various cen-
tried Dodd's Kidney Pills and found j only exception being that they have a trill points lu the three provinces,
ihem good nnd slie wtanls everybody to substantial meal provided for them No general sales of school lauds
know it.    :\li.-< Ulanchai'd says: In the middle ot tlie day.   Manchester 1 have been he'd    i'or   tin'   pusl  lliree
I suffered torn long time with my j CI raniniai'School Is taking up scouting years
ti parents r alizetl the fail thai lea bey was oponed, and a great ni.PCP_i_i--.y_. I used Dotld's Kidney Pills in a similar way. H has been decided
��nd coffee mi. ain a drug caffclm roped oft so ihai the dignitaries might and Ihey cured tne completely." lo sian a troop consisting entirely or, N-0 sni'gicil oneratlou i- necessa
which '* especially harniftil in child* alight from their ciiuipages unmolesl- (i,1(, simple slatemeui like thai is! buys in ihe school, and it is expected in removliur corns if Hollowtiv's Co
ren, tliey would doubtless hesitate bp-1 ed. When a dusly rour-wiieelercros8CiltVOI-ii,    a flozen learned dissertations I about  16u will bo enrolled. ,.,���.,. , .,V,i '
f......    ..;,: I,...,    i....    ....   i.nfi     i:,.. ,,.|,-...  ,..   ..   v..i    .....I ,-..,....i .... .. ..     .,       .... t. tin   ui   u_*-u.
fore  gitiie;   them   o-.i   or  coffee   io   llio square, driven l,.t a fat, red-faced on Kiduey disease,    ii  tells Hie sut-1
drink. cobby,  bobbies    rushed  out  lo  head  ferer rroiii  kidney  Irotible  lust   what]    Minard's Liniment Relieves Neural-
.���tii,., ,,ii" I,    i  ..   ,     .,...      .,.
"When I  was a child in my  moth him off.                                               lhe or she wants to know   that a cur
er's anus mi  i i -;   began  to  nibble "del out of 'ere," one of Ihem called cnn be found in Dodd's Kidney Pills,
things ni  tie table,   Mother used t" briskly. "Tills entrance Is reserved for     |-,,r  ["odd's    Kidney    I'ills are  no
give im' sips ol coffee    Ami so I eon- llic archbishop."                                    cure-all.   They are piu.lv and simply
iraei.-,] Hie coffee habit carl) With a wluk and a backward Jerk of ��� kidney remedy. Tiie reason wh> they
"I conll i1  ' ���  use coffee until  I j Iiis thumb, the Irresponsible cabby re 'lure lllienniatlsiii, Lumbago, Diabetes,
was  J.', ami  when  I  goi   Into office plied cheerfully:                                  I ["right's   Disease,   Heart  I'lutlerlng.,
won.  I - ..i  have nervous Bpelb "I'live the old duffer Inside."              Droiisy,  Paiu iu the Hack, ami oilier
Especlnll)   : r  breakfast   I   was  so   diseases is llial  a!l  those are either
nervous I could    arcnl; nttcntl io my Worm.-,  enuse  fre'i'iilness  ami   rob  Kldiiet diseases or aro caused by tils*
correspoudenci '       'Tea      produces the Infant of sleep, the great nourish- ordered kidneys.   Dodd's Kiduey' Pills
about tlie snme ill effects as coffee, be- or.    Mother tiraves' Worm Hxtermln- cure them by curing the Ithlueis,
oanse the* both contain the drug, cat- ator nil; clear the stomach anil lutes-
felne). I tines and restore healthfulness.
"Ai  night, afi  r lint ing  iitul < offpi i .____
r��'' s,ll!)l'el-;  '   1  ll:"':li-v Hleopi ami ' No  slackers in  Manitoba
on rising In the inornlu ���.  wo,mi mel     .,��� .    . ,
,,.,k .,,,,1 ,;,,,-,,,, I lie provincial treasurer, Mr. drown,
!voiced ihe Innermost feelings of our
Germany's Threat
When Germany lias recovered from
lhe  car she v.iii  undertake a  widespread, well engineered work of education in America as io ihc relative
War Willows to be Settled in Canada
Commissioner O. C, Lamb of ihe
Salvation Army, who came io Canada
iu connection wiih a project to settle
Hriiish widows ami their families in
tin- overseas Dominions, iu an interview hillmalcd thai war widows would
form llic majority of those to be set-
I letl iu Canada by the Salvation Army.
] in connection with this proposed work.
General Booth is calling lor a fund of
a  million dollar..
.. \ friend persuaded me to trv Cos- '' inneriuosl  teeliugs oi  our   cation  in America as io ,ne relative
,1];i] " I citizens when im said thjil  we, as a ' merits  of Germans  ami   Britons.    If
������['-(in IH,. , ,| ���.:...,, 'im frpp province,  "are  ready  to   pledgu  our nccessar the mailed list  will also lie
from nervousness'and  headaches.    |  respureos to tne limit for the defence  applied   lo    American    liberations.  ���
A company of Sherwood Foresters
were walking along the bank of a
river when suddenly tin* commanding
Officer shouted. "Fall la!"
"No fear." answered a raw recruit,
"1 didn't Join the Coldstream Guards."
Strand Magazine.
"Hreddern." said the colored preacher one Sunday morning, "l hub decided
to dlihie mail sermon dis morning iu
three putts. He fust part Ali'll under*
sian' an' yo-all won't, De second ;. o-ull
will iuulerstan' an' Ah' won't. Do
third part iioiiiiihly will understand'."
r-coiuuioiid I'ostu    '   Name'glvcu h,  '" lho empire,   t.'ven blade of grass.   Frankfurter /-eUting.
Canadian  Postum Co.   Windsor, Out. I fve!">' '""������'"' of eral". every ncro of
Postum comes in two forms: I ;a',',,' *!*'.*_'/..___. .?! ""K>!'.', "'"!,,,''I    Attendant (to small man behind fut
'ostum Cereal   He' original f"i ii '''���'"' "l;!l '"'"'" ll",,���,' t��raU"iea slmll. laflj. m thoalre)   Opera glasses, sir?
st be well boiled  toe and 25i  ii.icti ;l  necessary, be pledged  lo maintain     stalllte   No, thank you, but I'll take
decs the    liberties   which  oar  forefathers  n periscope if you hate t .���Judge,
lur.tant   Postum   a   soluble   powd  r i','."'  :''"1,   'l'   *';"il  "   ''"':i1   cost'"   '
���dissolves nulckly h. a en,. ���f hot I ^ Innlpeg Irjbiuie,
water, nnd, with cream   ami sugar,
makes  a  deli -  beverngi   instantly.       Minard's     Liniment     Cures   Burn9,
30c aii.i .".ne tins
ton are hab'tunlly tl'llUittil,
Buiii forms ai.   ecpiolly    delicious
si"l   ' i"1   ii iOIII   I   i    .���*:���    per Clip.     I     "I llO[l
"There's a Keason" for Postum, Norah."
-  sold ti.. Gl'ocoi ��� "I am on me own nccouul, mum.   I
_�� , ���.Ion.',   tells  lies  m  the CRllon  for Hit
W. N. U. 1007 Ifamll} "
"Wli.t are ton asking me for help? |
llaven'l you any close relations?"
��� Ves That's the reason why I'm I
nppeallttg io you." |
aOMf: TREATMENT.-Deicrlba your -lliellt, !
*ij ..'fit-.- lor tree liaok uud '.-:.;.'j����_l j'..
THE _AM".OA C��N.:_!1  INSTITUTE, tiMnio |
Sunlight Soap is made for the
housewife's profit, for only
thereby can the makers hope
to profit. Sunlight Soap makes
your work lighter, your clothes
whiter, your home brighter. It
is mild and pure and does not
harm either hands or fabric.
Sunlight Soap
Will.  Ll i I.CT   DESTINY   OF Till-   WHOLE  WORLD
Premier Hughes of Australia says die Destin- of the Whole World
Is Trembling in the Balance, and Every Nation and livdry
Man Musi Take a Part in the Struggle.
Typographical Errors
How it is Found Possible for Mistakes
to Occur in Newspaper!
New spa per   renders   frequently call
attention to typographical errors, and
are somewhat  given to saying that I
ihej   ''don't sc*o how 8iich a mistake, j ACR  QF   MOISTURE   IS  THE  GREATEST PROBLEM
occurred,     t he wonder is thai so few | .  .
mistakes   occur,     Tlio   Philadelphia  ������-���
Public   Ledger   recently reviewed tho  ���    ,  ' ,   ,     ���    -        ��� L.    , ,, . ,
story that the Oxford edition of the Prof. Bracken ol the I uiversitj al saskatoon, Uemonstrat.es the
liill]'K ��'<������> i ������'������"l re-rend -on times.        Wisdom of Rotation of Crops -  Lowest Yields Follow u
and ihai Immediately after its publlea- .... _ ... '   .      ��� ., ..     .
tion a reward ot 5n pounds wns offered I Wheal (.nip, Highest After Summer fallowing.
Addressing a gathering of the Canadian Club ni Ottawa t ently, Prom-
lor lliighea of Australia paid 11 vert
Strong tribute to the work of the Hriiish navy. "Wc would HOI bo here, free
men, today." lie said. "If ll wero not
for the British navy."   The navy hail
���slopped   ll iimnere.   of   llet'Ulaliy,
While from overs pari of the empire
uliipi-. laden with provisions, munitions and war supplies uf all Limb-.
made their ��,it 111 safely lo lho
mother land.
"If Ureal urlliiln," lie ���said, "lind
bei n as well prepared on land us on
800, this ttar t'.iiuhl mil hate been."
Tho Urilsh navy luul made of tlie
greal Gorman iiavj ti .sort of glorl
fli il canal boat.
The speaker declared oniphiilleullj
thai lho Hriiish empire would novel'
lay down iis arms iiiull Germany und
been benlen, The German ami} had
alrendj been ringed In with walls of
-ttei'i. lie spiii,e with deep fooling of
tlio splendid heroism of the Austral-
tan troops on Llio Penlnsiilii of Gallt-
opli, Instancing one charge In which
an A ust ra I inn battalion wmil forward
knowingly lo certain death oftei Its
members luul lefl their hist farowells
with tiio.se wlio stayed behind.   This
British Officer's
I to any one who should discover a typo
" | graphical blunder,   One was found in
the   lirsi chapter of Genesis,    Then
li  tins in 1885 mat tlie prairie pro*
[is another tradition liiat ihe- man who Ivtiioea were lll-l linked up with each
read proofs on the Lord's Prafer for '"i;il'r in"' """ ll"' outside world by
l.ni-.i, n  *-2ii/��/��<-CCllial edition worn Insane for fear he *��������������� completion of the line of rallwnj
lVU��e cl k)Ui.tC����luoll,,Mllll|i(, ,, mi,,.,!,,.
'Putting One Over" the Germans Dining a Bomblnp Duel
bushels s lbs,
On breaking previous July, ;;���'. bmlt*
els :J7 lbs.
On breaking previous June, 37 bush
I Their ngi'iciilturai history may ihore-jels t Ib,
One of "the" great iTlcltonarlos pub- 'ore bo snlii m date frnm ihai time j    Ortlinarlly fall breaking and spring
lislieil in ibis eiiun'i't a staudnrd nutli* ftl"l the tlilrtj year period of growth  breaking result s  In  partial   failure,
,01'iit, was read III proof eleven times,Ma ll1'"'"  pointed  tn  with  pride as a even  when  well done,    T-hesi   yields
land _omo of llic iiiorI  lenrn.d men wonderful record ni development.   To |represenl iho relative value of break-
Private Ijiirrldge of a gun liulterj   jn ,i���, (Tjit_ed sine'- were constant!'   '"'Ing under cultivation an   acreage ��� Ing done at different   times, but are
mm iii Prance, tells n g I story ofengage,| |p revisliiq ii  tot i> pogrtMJlii-,capable of producing a crop of nearly  moro    favorable    to late work than
a British officers' ruse that "pi   .a! orrors mat  still bo found In tlio a  (housiind  million  bushels of groin  they would be ln iiormnl years.- Mont-
over" llio (Jcrniaiis, completed work,   llliindors In publlea- ,s "" Kl""" accomplishment.   Vet  If real Family Herald and Weeklj star.
"Iiuriim  n   biuiibin.,'  'strafo'    nt   a  lions    of ordinal'-   books,-no matter *������������* wliole history of the ihlrly years 	
Oel'liliin sap." he says, "soineliotv I lie ; from whnl  publishlllg liouse, arc colli- i were Writ)en   it   ..     W.  eoii.ali.   tnaii.t ;        HitilwaV ExpCIHiitlirt'8
fuses of our hiinihs were a little ileiiip. iiiiiui. though  ihey are carel'illlj   rend  records ol  fnHilies aim setbactts that | ���*   r
\nii  imi'iiiv .,  i,nml, nviilniteii  ui  all ; ,ml re-read would  lie discouraging If considered | _ ., _
mih   n,unit   ii   niunii   e.tpiouiii   .n   an.   iiuu  n  nnu. , ' n    o Railways   Have   Cost   Car."   -   -   Hal'
llui the f-ei'inaus relit the fuses, ami      In a newspaper   plain, operators of I"  lMli    detail,     lhe  statement  lias
ltin i
began to throw the limn
titna uiai'iiini"
from Hie oi'-lhccii nmd<' thai the presenl areas iin-
been settled upu
Billion   Dollars
Then our bambini; offleot' had iiii   Iglnal "copy," consldi ruble siieed inns' |('er cultivation hate to �� hirae exieitt ,    -[-i,,, Dominion government's expend*
Idea.    lb- look ihe ilaiup fines from  I" mnlutali :  proof is taken of tlio  oe
I ll us   set      an,l   la   reail     never I mills   hilt ill
be    libs   and   pill   111   s  .ItM*'"'" | !_���__-1',,!i'.!"*,..'!?i   ",!!!'���   ...l_���i'7".e,V_C.. I,, ������,,,   r���,,..i   v
ilie lirst ar
I n up Hi" strti
Itttrea on railways to the end of the
Inst lisea] year wus  *"48,205,*127, and
itiiieotis ones   with  ihe  result    that I m,01'e than twieo- by a proof reader, I ���en  lnceu  uy n tmori crop     '��';���; on canals ��160.205 770.    The revenues
..,*.������    |iln  in,,.iniiiis   mn   a   lislil   to I wlio marks on the nutrgln sucli cor-j111"- be tine oni*.  ..i ,i gt rai  wat.,rrom ra i*,vay8 an(* canals sinci   i or.
then,   after mirf'llowshad  thrown | r >"�� ������������  ���������<��' I"'  necessary.    The  ft   would   probably   be  more  correct fe(]el.atIon  were 9U3.1U.T5*.
ninieiliaielt e.v "nefi "'''"'hod are reset and the new ���M" ���*''.���" ",1" over the dry bolt u large t-|1(- annual report of the depart-
linos of typo stibstlluletl for Uioso percentage of settlers failed to tuai.e ; ,���,,���. 0f rallwaj ana canals sho - I ���
lu wliicli errors were found. Then the '������ permanent home. i total expenditure    on    the  Nations
type goes Into the forms and linpres-     The samo son of experiences have Transcontinental   Rallwaj    for    con*
slon Is made.' [been  recorded  In all of the iveslern structlon Is ,11152,802,745,
Therefore   newspaper   men   smile I stales.    Kansas,  wliicli    Is  now   the     The total expenditure on the Cruel
Thev did" not  disturb  lis   for weeks I when ihey hear, "I don'l: see how such  foremost   wheal   producing   state   of j Trim;,'  Pacldc mountain  section,   ap*
,.li'(-.j. ||,.,| ������                                          a mistake "occurred."  -Richmond iVn.)  the Union has a history almost  Ira- proved and certified up to the end of
Bplendid act, he said, far outBlioiie the     ���..       '        (     - ,,    |i||(,        |lVe  Times Despatch. gic,    Droughts,  cyclones  and   Insect   March, 1915, is given   as (S7.llD.tsa
famous   charge pf tin   bight  l'n'""1('; ��� iiiii,, easy speaking distance of the plagues followed one after ihe other  while  if l".".v;.lx_   was  spent  on  the
nl Balaclava, | ,���,���   ,'���;, '���,���,',.   ���,___i_��� ,���',���,.,���'..,. I \i p.. i��_..i,.... land the farm population was several  prairie section up to     e t  d of Oe-
Ihem   over,     Ihe;
"I   ibink    Ihey    spent    Ihe    mosl
miserable    liiilf-liour    of    their lit
lighting     Insinuttiii is
blowing  llioinselves    up  with
within easy speaking distance of tin
, enemy, ami   main   amusing eon versa-1 'tinm-V  -'11  '"iilliirv
Premier   Hughes, referring lo   Ills hions, generally ended by u few bombs, ���' '"11"ulu" [limes reduced lo a  traction ul  what jtober, 1907, no further certificates _r
..luul....     ���>.���      mil,,.,.    .,1'    ill,,    I'lllllil     l   . '       . .   ' ...        "...             !
Money hi Poultry
Inclusion as a member of the Canad 1 fuvvo"'taken place.  Wo"oafied _vVr one I I" ''���"' '"''" '" prosperous tears. Tho I lug been Issued, for this section.
Ian  government, said:    "I  hold  Ibis  morning   "t-inllo' fritz!   What's    lho |^98s Mart-ted During the Winter and   valiant few who held on tlirougli nil      The   total rallwaj  e:   ���   llture dttr*
position  in  trust  I'or  tlio  Australianiuionu for breakfast?'   Tho answer we        Early Spring Bring Bio Profits       lhe  dark   tears  had  the aiitisl'acllou ing lho liscal year to March  11
people." Tlie war, lie went 01) to say. | ,,,,.,,jv,,,| SV;IK. 'Cocoa, d - vou. COCOIll'
hatl found the empire a scattered ,.;V| an0(],cl. pin,,,, w0 .Vmld throw
family of nations, it would leave It J 'bully' over. We threw two tins, and
a homogeneous whole. presently one of them shouted bach.
"We  could   have  pun based  an   ig-  'Hurry up will] lhe biscuits!'"
noble  peace,''  Premier    t-lughos   as
Whether hatched i  "appariuus" of winning oul in the end.   It was a  was $42,747,532, Including tt    oti
,,!��� under a ben. a wlnler-laving fowl  nattirnl  selection of those who were oh    the    Quebec brldgi   constnu
is a paying proposlllon in our conn-
including tt tla;
i Iii.-    io   inta.pi  tliell* methods lo tin- j Tli is total Includes f It*. KH.SO-
try, ai  least.    To support  mv  state-:m:tt'    conditions    wliicli    confronted   Intercolonial   Rnlhvaj",   M.'a-.rT   an
Iment, I wish to mention a few of ihe  lhe ol  unlike il sis Hint  iverejlho   Prince   Udward   Island   Ki      ���
many eases iu lho county where tlio j nppliecl to Llic men uf Clldeon iu liie |and $10,071,479 ou tin   S'ational  frails
serted.   "Th'e Germans were prepared     mi        -i-��       i   t^ humble hen Is doing her part In keep- olden time. continental Railway,
to treat Canadians ns an Indepemlenl      IflG Iv6-ll  F flmiGr    Ing the prollt and loss bnlnuco on the     *)! ,]u'  iliffictillles   that    face  the     'lhe canal  expenditure    ami
nation and to confer a like favor on Irlght side of the account, says n writ-1 pralrlo farmers   the mosl formidable  to $7,314,181,    Tin*    total outlo
Australia.   In this attitude they werel .., ,   , ,.,,    lei- in an American farm lournal. In llio lack of moisture In certain sea   tlie year on nillways and   _na_t  m
like the man-eating tiger which deals  The Man With High Ideals and Who ,    so���s,    |.*.0gia an,l f���si ���i'e lo bi   ree   $50,063,988. The reven
-���������-������ ' ' . ltoued  with  inn    iu the  majorlly of I government railways and car    -   -i-
12,577,120,  inlntllng  $12,143,357   'nm.
not only  England, but also the  men!,,,,.   .,.'.. ��������� ,,,,.���:    .,.   ,,.,,.,-.��� ' i ,���.,,:��� ������,. , i,-,',,   ,,���:  :,:. ,..    '('     !"''   '""""���     n"'  I"11'1  >,;"' was | railways, and $427,763 from    ,
Lives Near to Nature
with    its    victims   separately.   Ger- Lives wear to mature [be called n professional poultry man, I
many now knows that she Is fighting     T)le   p|nllta   Kh;,.h   grow   |���   our as lie owns, operates and lives 'upon a ,[���J'?.  'I0f S,,IP1 J  "   " '''"'''
fields mat'  bo classified    as flowers,  l,li00-acre farm and inarltels polal     ''     !'"''"  '"'
of adventure and resolution In all the I
Rritisii   Dominions,   who   will
crops and weeds.   A   similar chisslfl- and
iiin by
carload, is verv en-
sxeeption in tliis regard tun
The operation ot the Interci
iiiion may lie made of the farmers  thtisiasfic  over  the  profit
to ih id alongside those who gave  n.*l0 ,.��������� u'u, s0\\,   Tlie farmer who Is | from    the (lock ol  100 Barred Rocks |
them their traditions.   We shall not not llote(, especially for the reniarli
fact thai  heavy yields were obtained   Uaihvay  for the y. ;,.r  resulted   ia ,i
on   liinhs   ihui   luni   very   Indifferent  profit of $49,965 on  to
which  he keeps throng
ihe  winter.
preparations may lead to wrong con-  $11,4-14.8.3.
elusions as to the besl  methods,    li 1
was a  season  when    tlie usual sign !
failed    and  llio miraculous happened.
Witli   Hie abundance  of  rain  during ... . , _   ,   _    '  _
here  was  oool i Weight of  Each  Fully   Equipped  Will
iweaiiter which retarded tlio ripening be 21,000 Pcut-Is
Gigantic Aeroplanes
The strain Is not "l'apey" nor is tiielr
housing or feeding carried on accord*:
Ing io book.   They are just plain hens,:
eared   for  as   many     farmers'   liens L,
should be; hatched early, fed  1 wa-1 tl.".(:..��,l'.w!.n,?,..!!f:i!.s'1.'.'...,.'.',
tered   regularly,  wiih  froo  range  In!1,     , ,,   ,
summer and a warm house in winter. ?'   ,lh" fi,al"',.  IIa<1   ,ll,�� ''"  y    .       Tl'n  tril"'"'""4 'h��r-
Tliis  man  assures  us  thai   chfekens I f-'ost come nl the usual time II would drendnoughts of thi air have been or-
pav well on lhe farm |liave reduced lite i|iiaiitily and quality |dered by the British government fro:.:
not emphasized; ihe fowrs ure given *ov
ii machine will hai e little rftftii alt
quit whilo life remains in us." | able  results "of his large    farm and
"The issues at slaae are vital," con- )a,.ge |,e.,,|Si |.Mi with whom making
Untied Premier Hughes. "Although mtmev ,_-.������,, oarrletl on effectively,
sonic may look on with an air of ������ secondary lo living a life full of
Indifference, and hold themselves helpful deeds to his fellow man, may
aloof, they are being enveloped, j ������, cia8S0U as a (lower In'the rural
against their will, 111 Ihis ���.real stl'llg-' < oniiniinitv.
gle, which, like some great tidal j Rural life may be lacking in many
wave sweeps reslstlessly over th-* things, but of all the tilings lacking
whole earth and cannot bo dammed ' die greatest lack is In life ideals. The
here or there by the act of any man rus|, ������.,,. dollars from oarlv morning
or any nation. The destiny of the ,mt|i |ate at night with a view only
world is trembling In the balance and ���r. expanding lhe farm and possess*
every nation, and every man, musthng moro wealtli than the neighbor
make up its or his mind on which -s ofle ���[ ti10 eVj]a n-liicli has come
side to take a stand." [with modern commercial agriculture.
This war would leave the world Th0 farmer with higher ideals should
different from what it found it. The be more appreciated, for "in propor*
war had come at once as a mighty | i|0n as i-Johog ami the rich men are
spur, a sedative, a corrective- per- honored In the state, so are virtue
haps needed by our race for its sal- on(] virtuous dlsnonored, ami what
vation. It would profoundly affect is honored is cultivated, and what is
sue ?
But al the lirst ranting of the sabreInroiid;                                                    ������, , ��� .,   .        ���    ,   .
turmoil died down, dissension ceased "And who is tbla real farmer?   The' i do not lo,e"chicken-^-�� "0?-M_fA''^"tf^,,*_,_l?_r vv.ea.t,!s.col'n.0.,'|for.two   tractor i
and we were a united people. There man    wlio farms, simplv to see how ,10|   ,,;,. -- i-orsIbiI���    I
was not a man from Dan to Beers- runny   dollars he can gel oul of his 0ther living creaturo    which  has soital farms
slioba, there was no place from one year's labors'.'    Xot    for a moment. ma,*v different ways of being Irrilal     	
end of the empire lo the oilier where That is all too narrow a conception ing ' ilfi    t],<.  \l(.n allowed mil
in  t.-ie in.tM'.i'ii,   ine  iowis  are  -sit en   I,,,, .;.,,,. ,,.,,,..   ,',..,-  . ,.,,.^  ,,,. ,i,,,   ;,, ii,.;  ,. ,. .       _ ,, .  ,       . ���
.   , i i ., [10WH1C  etel.t   lew   t.ais   m   ine .man l- | ],.    sunnol-f intr     is   fnt     n-0l-*-nt     rnlltr
Omfortable   illlaner*;     and    on nmrt- ,.-,,., ���     ,, .u,/iJUiuu_     us   inn   viei.ni.   i,ui'.
are bit   L owner knows l hi    ;      ""? ",li',t""1 *'h "hn', V'"'," ,s "^equipped,   of 21,000 poo,;'-. Wl  . th ���
r"e giving __od returns   or the call*  S?test |,la"; ,?vm ,,n    "" """ ���0,'cehvelglit its speed will he 7a miles an
i     I it     I , ,o1 m""v 0| "l('s,' teachings was ox- hour
"-���.:'.,".'     ..',"?','.:, . ,.,   r einpUnod.    At   tho   university   Far in I    Ti,c   machine hull and motor   will
kens except in roots, this being in  nceordouce with  pusher.   The climbins tower will lie
i  Know of  no results obtained at other experiineit   unusual,   enabling ii soon lo    reach
i    With oats th
ng it soon to    re ic .
10,000 feet,   the lielglu of   the nigl I
ie general reiults  raiding ""eppellns.
iheir veins. Canadians and Austral- pleasure lo llnd i" his rambles afield
iana had both proved themselves to a baby calf, colt, iamb or liner of
ho men.   Tiny   realized   that it af- pigs, with attendant innnifest ma'.cr*
ryo and DO for potuloes.
fected    their    very    existence,    lie nnl affection
stood there as a represi'iiiatife oflprlce of a fatted steer; tho farmer
labor and tie most democratic gov* who fliuls satisfaction in binding up
, I'limeti: on eanh. : n  broken  leg mid ofiiines succeeds
"All the   Ideals   Mini  you   and 11 when   tlio    velorliiarlnn   said,   'Oh,
mliiiiy cherish,"   lie said,   "and ihose shoot ll; setting will never succeed;'
is  il   Is  in grasp the! Milk Testing the Only Way to Deter-
mine   Value  of   Product   From
Each  Cow
Among eleven  differently ciiltivat*j
led piois of w.'tiii   stubble  '.tie one
��� lhal was bun,- ���! in the sp: iie, and
i double disced, packed and harrowed,
returned more not prod! than any
other, and yielded more  bushels per
i w ill cost $50,000 each.
,, i.'.ere than any oilier treatment except
Most o our dairy farmers we well oal,)y sll.lllow fal,   p,ow,_. ���mt WHVS
���deals thai   are   , ..liar   to labor   I tlio fanner   ,���    ���h,������ every horse, I so much, ellhe. M^ or low. Under "el1 voAea 1,own'    T"is Btalen,onl
all these rest upon the foundation of dog, cat, and even the diminutive ba
liberty. Wo In Australia and you [ lams look to, and justly so. as a
here in Canada, have fought, are friend; llio farmer who iimls plens-
Sghtlng ami will continue lo fight uro In lho realization Hint n great
to    the  end,     for those   free   ilistltll* part   Of his  mission   is    lo    feed Niie
tlons which in free -men are dearer| world���-this   type   alone   constitutes
Butter VM in Milk
A Three Years War
We   took Lord Kitchener literall;
observes the London Standard, when,
wiili his usual calm wisdom, he spoke
of a three years' war.   Regard i g t ie
war ns a purely military problem, that
estimate holds good, n was, of course,
so n ie i, outer nigii or low, under-1��� ,.-..     ,,, iiVef-eci oi ihis iiTin'-o'niiIRl)v?-vs 0M tlia '':"'Js l!,',r   Germany
standing ihereby that   ii contains a !'��� ',",,.'.,   , '  '!..,"'s.. ' ,.?,  ��" inlght not consider it worth while to
certain   percentage of fat.   whai   is
noi quite si
tho fact t
In iis i. -
the yield of iidI one crop only, lui; on
persevere to the bitter end. or that
ii'ieeiil.l.e   ,���   mi.      \illHI      IS    .1 .���   ., ,���      ���,     . .-      ���        ,.... .    hv.ol.l.v    ...    .,.���-    ..,,1,.    .������.   ui     mill.
so elear 10 lho majority, Is .Is-whea oa s bailev rane slle '"^ bo rL"""" ! to submission
hat mill; varies considerable :' "],*! ���',,.��� r'' ' ''"k" '"',P' ��� ">' economic pressure: and those pos-
1.   or content of fal    f,om i1   1 ,,    , , ,   ,, ,    sibilities still exist.   But trhen wa re-
>��� o��n irom one milKiJg "o !������ !' l>>]��� ^11 niii-Tof P'l �� d�� : "'"l VVl"" *,efent mCnn= '" i'^'
than lite Itself." the real farmer." - it. C. Taylor. Lint   another on   the same dnj-,   aud from ;,,',, .n.j.n      ,.,,,.     -i,.rT .���,"��������� ���*'���*��� especially t" '
"Tills one lesson musl be learned.'-! versitj   of Wiseomin.  i e  Breed* month    to month.    This applies    to in.vi-j <�� iiii!    r ,<���   \       ',,'H        ';"ill",��� i(  seema
-aid    iiie    t.'ouimoiiwcnlth    premier, ers' (dnzctie. ; mixed herd milk and more particular- ���������_r? ,','', ''��'-m ��" w-J' fl
'from this great  war.    Some day the
wings of ihe dove of peace may beat!
Cost of Living in Canada
I |y io milk from sinnin cows.
opposite was true
,���������[and especially to the lloheuzollern re-
foolish    optimism  tu
'at tor but shei r super-
Next  to the favorable effect  of iit-
lorfly In arm* lo bring about the de-
slred  result.    The   .ear
u";   "',  "   ">"'" '"���"<  ����'  'm����\         ^ost or *-,vl"a '���* canntia Thus, if milk is valued according to tertllled crops on the yield of succeed*        ",    ,,          ,       '"  '    5n"  'in"r'
sort of lullaby ihrotigl.out the land.     During January tho cost of   living its fat content, i, is evidentlyl o   ex- .L ones   he in ],,,,ee      ,.���',,��� otlf'i6"'     l" v'-'; lmve "w,;' reason "'
ut   hat day Is not yet.   I ntll Ihatim  Canada Increased materially, no* treme  Importance    to    every  dairy breaking'on   ,      v ��� d   .r  ,- '��� I   Is bpl,ie" ":ai   "' l"'">"" 'Vt'"r *m seP
my downs ,, ls tlm duty to Tree men C0T��ding to the report ���r the depart- farmer to know whai the milk does perha s the most interesting of ibe ?, '"'""'  " Germau;! s >'<"��^- ��nu
l^,i:r :!',::,':' ilSvUi:,'',:,i!"';:i <��""' or lnb..r for ihc m..nil.. The m* test;    further,    he needs  to  know. ?,. auUs tl tie year at S ska.    n.            "J��_,^l5t?,Tl.,,!B..���1J ,es 1V|" bo
fend  their countrj;.   Neither liberty dex number of wholesale prices went
nor our national rights   can ever be;,,,, um.ing th��� mmh ,,,��� |millN] d,**-*-
*are when we neglect lhe ilefeuoo of to oonsidernble rises in metals, chenii-
our country,     li could   not he lefl
to volunteers, for as it concerns all
sn must  it apply In all."
A Hot Time
"Whnl is the reason they can't get
.'long together?"
"A matter of temperament."
"Blatter of temperature,   I should
v  etner selling en-am or pooling milk,
pot's milk tests ".,", or 1.8, If Hios-
som's milk tests 3.1 or 5.2 per cent, of
The yield of barley;
On spring breaking was 18 bushels
���lii'-i lbs.
On  breaking  previous   Sep'teml
cuts,   grain,   potatoes,   textiles,  coke,  fnt.    in one herd where sL\ samples
gasoline and many other commodities, of milk from each cow were tested 2oliuahels 12% lbs,
In retail pricess of Hour, beans aud each month, it was found that three     On breaking previous    August, :;::
potatoes showed some Increases, The cows averaged only   1.8, 2.8 and 2.T Jbiisliels 20 lbs.
costof a Weekly budget of family conl* her cent, of fat  for lite whole year.     On breaking previous July. 38 bush
Uo your cows give real milk or why els 30 lbs,
modltlos, ihe repori. says, snowed a
considerable Increase over the pre- a skim milk variety?   Vou need qua.     Wheal';-
vlotis month, i.nd a noticeable Increase
when compared with (he cost of (he
same budget In .rnnnni'v, 1hl4.
Ily   iis well as quantity, are you pet I   on sprint', breaking yielded 22 blunting both?   Cow testing is necessary els 15 lbs
organized, if it Is noi actually accompli! i d, v tore another winter has come
an ! gone.
for your peace of mind.
"Recovered from your attack of tho
grip, old iniiti'.'"
"Not entirely."
"Why, ton look as well ns iter."
"Yes, but l owe ihe doctor Jt5."'
I'rii ml ���!  hear that    ,tiitnina   las
away up.
On breaking previous Pr.pt, mber, 28     Urngglsl   It's the i,ittr-r trutfc. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
You have a
Suit Length
Installation of
Vicar of Alberni
Conservative Smoker
The Rev   b'rHukliu vVatsou, wl
��� f ilnth   packed
On Saturday evening a   large number
of ihe electors turned  out  at the opera
,. . home to hear what  Mike  Manson, oar
, IS well known ll) this    district   was  meu,b.r for this district, and the Hon,
���| institute* and   inducted   Viear ol  Win, .unuson luul to say.
iwn*    siiiiie    Alberni with Port Alberni on W-d-'   Our popular member   was in  good
iuesday,    March    21), liv the    Lord  juuuor anil is confluent that he will again
ii will pay  you now  to _et it | Bishop of Columbia t.n.l the Veuer- \* ^ ^'STt'was tt^goofl" SI j
iiintlc tip.    Woollens generally  able lhe Archdeacon nl   Quatsino   lor the Government Hint two  liberals j
I,.,,.,. .,,1,.,,,. ,1    -r.   ,���.,.   ,.,.,( A meeting   of   imi honors    and  got elected  at  tlie   it, I'l.ctlous,    Tlie
";''*  MlVBiiccd    IS   pel    ce.t, t| M   ,,_,',    ,��� Ul_    p..,.,,  Libeml party leaders  had  shouted  that
"nce   ""' w:"   slnnec1' aml "  Hal upon the arrival of   th.tmin    V?Ti"ZL T   �����u  '   "Si
l,h, ly .., still Until.,   increase.   atler J,,,,, .,,��� sm,lr was ,���.,,, in ^A*MR
The price of dyes has gone up   "ill Saints   Church    where a large months lucl been Hammering away, tnk-
nearly S25  congregation had nsseinblfid,    The ing up the time oi the House, and had
M'oin 65 cents tn
doHart. <let \ our suit made
whilst pi ices ure as low as Ihey
will be for n long time locoine
R. Willoughby
Hi ihop in    Iiis   ndtln
ly White 'tailor in Courtenay
si door to the  Opi ra  House
Practical Shoemaker aud Repair
Next to Hardy & His toe
not found anything as  vet,  nor  would
cxpuuntil they Olid anvthing crooked,   and   were
that    tin* new   Vicar Had   come to sick of their job,   All tne heads  ,,f the
tlicin for two mouths lo   fill 11 gap. Departments had been instructed to give
and he hnd 110 intention   originally Uk'",' every lacllity possible in examniu*
of remaining   periniuien.lv   but it "Ze^u'mitfUS1"'- ifi^i'n.l.r  theV
"j    '      . .  . wcie siiiiat u.    He said thut the Govern*
waf extremely graiityuiB to recieve menl were doing all they could   lor the
n petition from the church wardens people, were administering the affairs of
01" both   Albemis   asking to   have ""' i"'"vince as wis iv as possible.   He
Mr. Watson oppohiled  incumbent, I"!;''"1";' ���".*; r."illV,'*v P?,,,CJ "'  ��,,e���<??'
���,, ���'  . , vernineiit, saving that Premier Mclirule
I he same evening 11   Pnrishotiers appealed to the country on it.  mid  tlie
meeting and recep'ion was held in people so overwhehuiugly believed lhat
St. Alban's    Hall,    Port    Alberni h was good that they returned him and
when speeches   were made   by the !"3"J!r'!,ent,tll,0'U,t., "I"-?'f,Wberal
,,,',,, ... , in opposition,    lie said that if the   peo-
Bishop,    Archdencon,    Vicar    and pi. wnuted inhibition they would get it,
mil tli.it   Premier   Bowser   would   give
them legislation to enforce the law,
case prohibition carried. With regard
to giving the women tlie (rrnchise, the
government had decided to take a plebl-
,f     .        ,   , ,- . ���    , .  I cite 011 the question, and il the majority
Mr. Joseph Idiens wns out 111 his ���.ere i��� favol. ���, it UlL. UuVlfs ���,,���,,[ i,lv;.
row boat one day   last   week    and  their franchise,   This was right, the wo-1
succeeded    in    landing    two    fine  men are not all agreed that   they   want j
spring saimon welghinu    i.S und iS  Ihefrancliise, neither are all   tlie   men
1        I B 1 willing that they should have   it.    Now,
I P0"'      ' : if lhe women are iu earnest  and   really!
I he wharf at    Roys'.on    enables, desire to vote, let llietn getonl and work
McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
P, McBryde for alniosl S years with  Marocchi Bros,
begs tn announce lo tlie community that be bus opened u Bakery and Tea Room at the above address
I have had a technical training in the Kiliuarno.k
Bakery School and Glasgow Technical, Scotland,
under the best masters, and hold a first class certificate, upper grade, in tlie technics of bread malting
and a first class certificate in baking confectionery by
tlie Master linkers Association 1 can assure the public that the bread and caK.es made by me will be manufactured by the best methods Khown to the baking
world today and will be pure, healthful aud appetising
Hoping for a share of public patronage
Remember the address     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
When  In Doubt
Play  Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano  ,llL ,o:;"<l Battalion to enjoy them-1;��"  *������}<})���' measure,   The   Agricultural
selves at Cumberland���first  a cons' J-**"*'���ml was going to do great things
Factory Experience it, 1       ,       , ''"' *������*' farmers, us soon as   it gol   into
      '    afterwards a twostep-
, t, , , ""   ....   i.n uiei.-,, u*> Huoil as     11    ei
���     , ,,    ��� >*-i.    anil    title wan s 11  Iwnstep       ,..,,..���,,���������   ,,,.1,,,.     ,,  ,      ,.., ,     ,,
Recommends   from   Heading   Musicians .1      iwoiKiug   01 tier,    Hon.    Win.    Mans,,11
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies   lll*-.V cross  over I iniii    Loiuox 111 a  dealt witli tlie railway policy of the proof same furnished 011 request j few minutes  and   board the   Can  I viuee and outlined the different railroads
\V. J. Goard   will ue  In tills city  about   adian Collieries train   from    there I wliicli lin-l been built during Hie life of
April   1.     Heave orders at this  Office, I ,������,_ _,*,.���    ,*,���  t._���   ..;.,���    ���.,.,.  the adntinlstralion.    He   also dealt with
or write direct to
ride    each
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
WHO give tlic.liui.ee n.ie e.R'll ���,, ,������,, ���-.*_��� a|���, ,,.,,,,,,, ,��� ���u, ,���.���.
ivnv. Good luck to the Canadian hibition aud women's suffrage questions.
Collieries for their   good   lie.irletl-'
lies;. " * ~
Palace Livery
Herses and   Buggies for  Hire  u,
��   Terms cash.
My Choice
Talk about your California Sunshine
Or the Aurora Borealis,
The gentle breezes of the  Sunny   Soutli
Or the Artie's Icy kiss.
Many have been to either place
And knock or boost as the ease   may be,
But nit choice lies between
On tlie coast, of a Province called   II. C
We  also  attend   to  wood hauling   ,',*is there the graceful deer abound,
lhe silvery salmon, duck and goose,
Courteuay Phone 25
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing ol   Horse   Blankets,   I,ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Case*;,  Ktc.
Harness Repair d Neatly
Cunbt riant! and Courtenay
Tin- lordly Indian in his canoe
lit- lives  without effort the  whole year
For boosting this place I need no excuse,
Th.it i.s the place I will take you to
And when sak-ly there turn yon loose,
]. K. Urquliart   has   started his
shingle   mill   running   full   time
There is a rood  '1 .mau I   for shin
giesjus! now bu* car;* are    scarce-
Charles Wheeler
begs to anuouncce
that lit has opececl
The Elk Hotel Barber SIicp
Cleanliness a Specialty
who have taken St. John's
Ambulance course
forField Ambulance being mobilized
at Victoria,
For particulars apply
Dr. Montgomery, Comox.
All owners of Crown Granted Coal
Rights in the Comox District are
requested to attend a meeting on
Tuesday, April 18, at 8 p. m., in the
Agriculrural Hall, Courtenay
1 ��11 11
-*'3**.._-.'_rS3__*K_:.-ll)l'_ ':._..
.       e.U. ���
__B*-k__fc ______��
lull cannot eat your first-ciass pi_mb'ng| |
B&ke and have it
Hot Water and Steamfitthi]
Jackson & Whittle
Phone o Courtenay
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing that the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
'\! tended
Phone   . Courtenay
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and  Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil Compound $1
Wild Cherry Cough] Mixture I
Drug Stoie
Phone  30
AD j
. from lier -.
Dundance can help supply the Ernpii
u's neec!:*,
iig must be a
comforting thought for
those upon *
vhom the      [
he.    y
en oi' directir
g t!?s Empire's i ffaira 1
11   en laid.
Gain cr
.     no gai
i i he
course before
the i ;mers ol C ,n:. .'.a
ia i i ci; ir
;;-.; it was
last ye
hey muiit pi c
duce a' undantly in ordi
r to meet the
i     thatn
ay 1
j made and
. casve this to be espe
ially true in
regard to
he world's si
pply of which mu3t i^e
particularly l
ffected in
this ve
'*'- 3t
uggle,   Strc
3 and strain may yet
be in store
for us all
tragic coiiHi'
t is over, but no. one
of us doubts
the issue,
arrt Canadians will do V
icir duty in the highej
t sensa of t
lat Great
V BURR1SLL, Miniatt
MODERN war is made hy resources, by money, by foodstuffs, as
well ,".s by men and by munitions. While war is our first business, it is the impcr.-'.ive duty of every man in Canada to produce all
that he can, to work doubly hard while our soldiers are in the trenches,
in order that tlie resources of the country may not only be conserved, but
increased, for the &rc.-.t struggle that lies before e.r,. ' Work and Save'
is -i good motto for War-time." SIR THOMAS WHITE, Minister
ot Finance.
We must feed ourselves, feed our soldiers, and help feed the Allies.   The need is greater in
1916 then it was in 1915.    The difficulties are greater, (he task is heavier, the
need is more urgent, the call to patriotism is louder���therefore be
thrifty and produce to the limit.
"THE AGRICULTURAL  WAR   BOOK  FOR  1916" is now in the press.  To be hud from
The Publications Branch, Department of Agriculture, Otttiwu,


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