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The Review Dec 18, 1913

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List Your Property with
Island Realty Co.
We Can Sell It
Have You Money to luvMt,
Sec us; wt Can Make Vou
l..ugr Dividends
Island Realty Co.
VOL. 2
NO. 4
$100.00 CASH BUYS
10 Acre Block
Good Land, Easily Cleared,
Good Situation
2 Miles from Courtenay
Price $800, $100 Cash, balance
on easy terms
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
Phone 22 Courtenay, B. C.
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
Don't forget the Furniture Store when
you go out to select that Christmas
Present. We have just recieved a
shipment of Toys for the children,
Engines that will run, Guns that are
safe for children to shoot, Dolls,
Etc., in great variety
A large selection of Framed Pictures
and Photo Frames
Courtenay House Furnishing Store
C. A. BROWN, Manager
Our "Depot Addition"
Lots are the Best Buys in Courtenay Today.   Only
a Few Months before the Railway will be Here
We have Lots fronting on tlie Station Grounds.   Also nn the 12 Acres
which the C. P. R. have cleared for Station Buildings
Lots from $300 to $500 Each
To give the Small Investor a Chance we will sell  these Lots on easy
$50 Down and $15 Per Month
The Best Buy in Courtenay Today
Real Estate and Insurance
Mr. Wal.act Piercy returned to
town this week.
Charles Callin left for Victoria
on Tuesday evening's boat,
Horn���on Friday Dec. lath 1913
to Mr. and Mrs. Perez, a noil.
Mr. Glazbrook and family of
Texas are spending the winter with
Mr. and Mrs. liiscoc.
McPhee & Morrisou's store will
remain open evenings from Dec, 18
to Dec. 24 inclusive.
Word reached here this morning
that Mrs.(Dr., Fao'.e died at Vancouver hist night.
Born���nt Cumberland hospital on
Thursday, Dec. nth, to Mr. and
Mrs. Hugh McKenzie of Courtenay
a daughter.
Mr. James Knight suffered a
paraletic stroke last night at Comox.
He was brought to the
Riverside this morning and is iu a
verv precaurious condition.
Among the guests at the Rest-
more this week are the following:������
A. Peel; A. Fornes, H. Hooper,
Vancouver; J. Gibbons; D, La-
inarche; H. Davidson, Vic'oria;
Miss E. Swanson, Ladysmith; Mr.
McDonald. Cumberland.
To Rent���4 roomed Bungalo,
close in, P. A. Smith, Courtenay.
Wanted���Office or outdoor work.
Apply Box 3, Review office.
For fine painting, paperhanging
aud decorating don't fail to see
Doyle & Home, Courtenay.
Store aud warehouse to rent, opposite Courtenay hotel. Apply,
Wm. Lewis, Courtenay.
Lost���On Wednesday, Dec, 17,
on the Comox road, the forearm of
a shotgun. Reward.. L. Cliffe,
Wanted���for a client,'jia.cioo on
first mortgage. First class security, good intrest. Apply Cameron
& Allen.
Will consider an exchange of
fine home in beautiful district Victoria, for a good paying business.
G. W. 14*0 Point St. Victoria.
Stove Wood���Delivered in Court-
nay at reasonable rates. Geo. F.
Russell, Lake Trail. Orders may
be left at the Review Office,
Five acres, part lot 155, with 423
feet frontage on Puntledge River,
close to Power House, logged off.
Price $500 spot cash. Apply E.
D. Thwaites, Parksville.
Lost or left somewhere by Mr.
Rawlins, a box containing samples
of Christmas cards, order books etc.
will the finder kindly communicate
with the Review office.
Lost or Strayed���Light Jersey
heifer about 13 months old, half
circle cut out of bottom of right
ear and hole punched in end of
same ear. Send information to W.
H. Grieves, Saudwick.
For Sale��� two hou ies and half
lot next to the Court House, Cumberland. 6 feet concrete cellars
with pillars from bed rock. Price
$3,500. Apply to D. Potter,
Box 441 Cumberland.
If you want any special pieces of
furniture mnde, kitchen cabinets,
cupboards, sideboards or pantry
work, store or office fixtures, counters or show cases, made to your
order, come in and give us an idea
of what you want or we have
sketches for you to select from.
Picture framing and sign work
promptly done. Sutton's Cabinet
Boats For Sale
and Hire
Boats of Any Size
Built to Order
On Short  Notice
Courtenay   Marine
Construction Co.
I The Sunday School Xmas tree
will be held on Tuesday evening
next. The door�� will be open at
7 o'clock, and the concert wili
begin at 8. Parents and friends
are requested to furnish presents
for the children. General admission 25c. parents and children frej.
The fine pipe organ which has
been ou hand for some time is being erected in the Presbyterian
Church this week, under Mr. Meuzies' supervision. In connection
with the opening on December aStU
and 39th the ladies intend holding
a Chicken Supper in the basement
before the lecture.
St. Andrew's School, Sandwick
formerly Courtenay Ladies College
Spring Term commences Monday, January 12,1913
Private Lesions in French, German, Music ami Tainting
by arrangement,    l'or terms and prospectus apply
Local Agent for the Nanaimo & Esquimalt Railway
Lands, Comox District
Offices at
Courtenay ��� and - Comox, B. C.
TeitH..~ne 24
We specialize in Fruit, Vegetables
and Provisions
A large assortment of Biscuits, Candies, Cigan
and Tobaccos
Local Delivery
Telephone 40
The oldest established firm of Auctioneers, Real Estate and
Insurance Agents in the Comox District
Some of the Finest Five and   Ten Acre   Blocks, black   loam
soil, easy to clear, 1-2 mile from store, 1 1-2 miles from beach
$85.00 to $110,00 an Acre, easiest of  terms, say $200 down,
can be arranged
One   central   lot iu  Courtenay, practically cleared $275 on
terms.   One minute's walk from Post Office.
Pnone 10
(Formerly of Beadnell & Callin)
Accountant and Auditor
Estate^and Insurance Agent
Collections handled with promptness and dispatch
Phone F91
A Bridge of Ants
A. species oi anta which spin Bilk is
Common in hot countries'. Tlie ants
neat in trees, bludlni the leaves to-
gather to make their nests, Tlio sill;
usi'ii tor tills purpose is not seorated
by tlio adult aula, but by tho larvae.
in order to attaob. tlie silken threads
und draw tbe leave* together the ants
must carry the larvae about from one
leal to another. When two distant
loaves are lo be drawn together a ro>
iiiarl.nblo method Ih employed. Five
or six i uth li rni a chain bridging tho
gap h.-l ween the leaves In Us ninnill^.
hies. A number of suoh chains will
co-operate ln bringing two leaves together.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief��� Permanent Cure
Fail,   Purely rage*.
mhlr    act llirely
but Realty on
the liver.
Slop alter
euro iu.tli-1
(jertion -improve the complaion��� brighten
tlieeyei. Small fill, Small Dost, Small Price.
Genuine mustbcai Signature
WHEN you buy a "Sask-Alta" Steel
Range you make a permanent
investment. The "Sask-Alta" is an efficient and economical cooker and baker aa
well as a very durable range.
Have your dealer explain it fully before buying.
Sask alta IRansci
made by tlio modern master* ��� C.'urotoli, Q1 a s 9,
Heberlln, Oliadwlck und
I.owenilall ��� aro among
the musical treasure* to be
found described nnd beautifully illustrated in our big
Musical encyclopedia, and
listed at prices far below
their real values.
Violin Outfit* from SMSX
lo tjll IB.tlOj Mandolin Outfits
rrom 94.40 to $13000; (inline Outfits from H4.0H to
$05 00; Banjo Outfits from
$4.50 to $20.00; Cornels and
oilier Baud Instruments
from $7.25 to 9200.00, are
bul. a few of the Items you
will mid described in this
big Musical Encyclopedia,
that every musician and
every person thinking of
buying a musical instrument
should buve.
Write us on a postal card
to send you "Claxton's Musical Treasures," anil we'll send
It FREE by return mall,
Write Dept. \V to-day.
���/fiuNathn Vimi/a/.
 303 YONGE ST.
Something   better   than   linen   and   no
��� laundry  bills.     Wash It with soap nnd
Water.     All stores or direct. State stylo
'intl size.      For 25c.   wo  will  mall you.
THE    ARLINGTO       CO.    OF   CANAlSA,
68 Fraser Avenue. Toronto, Ontario
Gentle Reminder
It. wns midnight. The man had entered the house us iiuletly as possible,
Ills shoes inndo some nolle. 1 lo luid
just, reached the tloor of the bedroom
�� hen ho lonrd somo oue moving in
tl -3 hod nu if about to get up, nnd he
paused, The sound ot a woman's
VOloe floated to his ,>nrs.
if yon don't lake your hoots off when
you como Into this houso, it snld.
there's going tj be trouble, nnd a whole
lot of it. Hero It's been raining for
threo hours, and you dare lo tramp
over my carpets with your muddy
boots on! Uo downstairs and take
iitoni oft this mtnutel
lie wont downstairs without, a word,
but ho didn't lake off his hoots. Instead ho went straight out Into the
night again, and the pal who was waiting for him saw a tear glisten In his
1 can't rob that house, be Bald. It
reminds me of home.
Was Ordered by His Doctor, But
Complete   Cure   Was   Effected   by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Almost anyono who ha:, suffered
from appendicitis Will assure you
thnl. this trouble developed only after
months or years of derangements of
the liver and bowels.
Appendicitis can almost invariably
bo prevented, and very frequently
cured, by the use of Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver l'ills. In Uio case described in this letter tl,o doctors had ordered an operation, but a thorough
cure was brought about by this great
Mrs. .T. A. Ballautyne, Sturgeon
Falls, Out; writes; "My husband
was treated for appendicitis, and the
doctorB ordered an operation. But
he would not consent to an operation
and began tlie usa of Ur. Chase's
Kldney-Llver Pills. Since doing so
lie has had no need of an operation,
or even of a doctor, as tlie trouble
has completely left him. I cannot,
find words to speal; our gratitude for
his cure."
Dr. ChaseV. Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, all dealers, or Edmanson, Rates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
WANTED at once
Persons to work for ns
in spare time at homo. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Easy anoV fascinating
work, cinotl pay. No canvassing, "Write
Tor instructions (tree).
315 College Street. Toronto, Canada.
When buying your Piano in-
sist on having an
Piano Action
There are twenty-eight pounds of
blood In the body of an average grown
up person, and at each pulsation tho
heart moves ten pounds.
Ik h'��ht's d'5���
50c. a box or six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Oodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
Translantic Record
Mr. J. W. Alexander, chief engineer
in the White Star Co.'s service, who
has; just retired, crossed the Atlantic
912  times.      lining tho thirty-eight
and a half years he has never missed
a voyage.   The whole of his seafaring
career has been spent in association
with tho White Star fleet,     it is com-
, pitted that he lias traveled !!,000,000
I miles at sea.     Mr. Alexander commenced aud ended his seafaring career
in vessels named Oceanic.
No  More Asthma.   Dr. J. D. Kell-
! ogg's  Asthmr.   Remedy  sounds  tho
i death knell of this trying trouble.   It
l stops tho awful choking and painful
breathing.   It  guard*   against  night
ai tacks and gives renewed ability to
sleep and rest the whole night, long.
Much is claimed for this remedy, but
nothing but what eau be dsmonstrat-
oil by  a trial.     It you suffer from
asthma try it and convinc i y mrself
of Its great value.
Explained at Last
O'Keefe���"Ns slhrange how slow an
arthic explorer Uiravels whiu lie's goto'
towards the pole and how fasht he
covers the ground eomlu' l'ritni It.
O'Shea���Nawthtn' Bthrange about. It,
bedadl Share, don't lb' law iv gravitation tneho us that Jt'a harrier to go
up thin to come down?
Mlnard's    Liniment    Cures    Dandruff
The only building material that has not increased
in price is
CANADAPortiand cement
It nuke* concrete that you can depend upon tor satisfactory remits, whether you tne it for a silo
or a garden walk.
High quality and low price are made possible by efficient organization and   manufacturing
economies due te a large and growing demand.
See that every bag of cement you buy bears the "Canada" label���k is your guarantee
of satisfaction.
*     Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Write for a free ctp} tfthe ttek '' Whtt Ihe Farmtr Can Di YTtth Ctntrett."
No. 100.
fir rut.
of Collars,
TV- j      - - t-   , t;,. .rjzir-i.!1*****--
Our Ltcoi W4ra iwiruM Gold Mnii If   Tito, Fronts,
t.:�� Ftitival ot Eraptrt antl ItnptrU.   Stti, Vok*i,
'- *������--  "- '  ���   ""' Siocka,
edllbuloa, Cry.tnl Pallet, llll.
STOCK COIL**, 15 WIS (laaljl
Fivt o'clock
lhat ein ba
Milt In Lac*. Yard Laco
and taaartlon from ���'
.20, .IB up ta S3,
per it,
���aoklal anlitlad Aa
tataraitlng Haaia Inau..
irr," lllustrattag ovtr
100 Seallns of Pillow
Lace, poll fraa to any
fiart of world. The
aca.makf.ra ara very
alad of any ardars.
ba-iaavir imlll
lUCtS it.<��naa,
PILLOW   I.AC��    aa
araara ur alaaft
Mrs.  Uns
Olney, Bucks.
W. N. U. 973
Pictures to Teach Farmers
Tho Department ot Agriculture for
Ontario is nothing if not wide awake.
Thanks to its activities, the quality
ot agriculture in the province during
the last decade has substantially improved, as official figures show. Learning that the mcvlng picture machine
was being utilized elsewhere for agricultural demonstration work, the
officials of the Department have been
studying the possibilities ot the ciue-
matograph for the extension of their
own work. It is believed that moving pictures wo :ld be particularly
valuable at the lectures which for
some time hare been an attractive
feature of the farmers' institutes.
��� Possible Mourner
j    And there was not a soul to mourn
I liis death.
I    Oh, well, thero may be some time.
;    llow can ihere be?
)    Ills widow may marry again
mi nr.ii ua iik.hiiahi r,i,r,n3/ runnuy
died in French
Fpiula with
freat succesi, cvf.rs chromic wkakksss,lost vinoa.
ft VIU. KH'.M.', BLADURH, D1Hi*ASP.9, BT.OOD FGIflOtt, ���
FILM. Bll HE* NO. I��Rt .'O019TS or MAU. tl. POST 4 CTt
VOUOSiU to. M, BStKMAN sr. HEW vonKofLVMA.t UROi
toftoMto.  w.tu.-:roR PftlE hook to Dr, le Ci.kro
WlD.Co,IUVR��s-.*ncxttn.HAf!Prtfi!An, LOHDOtl, ttSO.
��� - ��� ��� -   SAFK aujj
���IIT. 00V I. S i AM 1* Aft USD TO ALL ftlHUI.'i* F ACKSIfc
congenial ncodloworU at homo; make
from thr*?o to five dollars per day deoor-
atlng cushion tops. Armour Art Co,,
.Oepi:. B(J Bred al bane Block, Winnipeg.
Keeps it Weil
Nell���Don't you think Mias Antique
keeps her agw romarkably well? Belle
���Sine.     Sha never gives it away.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pill*
exactly meet the need which so often
arises in every family for a medicine
to open up and regulate the bowels.
Not only are they effective in all
cases of Constipation, but they help
greatly in breaking up a Cold or La
Crippe by cleaning out the system
and purifying tlie blood. In the ��ame
way they relieve or cure Biliousness,
Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Rheumatism and other common ailments.
In the fullest sense of the words Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills are       47
A Household  Remedy
Why the  Burglar laughed
One ot the most interesting collections of burglars' tools i3 that possessed by Canon llorsley, rector of
St. Peter's, Walworth, England, who
years ago was chaplain at Clerken-
well and Pentonville, A short time
ago he took to a bazaar a big assortment of skeleton keys, jemmies, crowbars, and a photograph of Charles
Peace, once a member of his congregation. The canon is au authority on
burglaries, aud tells a good story of
a burglar who used to carry pieces of
doctored liver l'or silencing dogs. One
night he entered a house, saw a dog's
staring eyes in the hall, and at once
produced the liver. The animal did
not move and ou close inspection the
burglar diseoveied that tho dog was
stuffed. Here is a jcke! he thought and
laughed so uproariously that the members of the household awoke and he
was caught.
These Pills Cure Rheumatism.���To
the many who suffer from rheumatism
a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
Is recommended. Thoy havo pronounced actios upon the liver and
kidneys and by regulating the action
of these orga ,s act ns nn alteruative
iu preventing the iiiluilx.uro of uric
acid and blood that causes this painful disorder. They must be taken according to tUrec.tlnrs and used steadily and they will speedily give evidence of tlieir beneficial effects.
New York's Speedway
Drivers or ruft horses ln New Vmi,
city have the costliest speedway in
the world. It cost $8,000,000 and Is
reserved by the city for the special
use of Olivers ot fast horses. It begins at One Hundred and Fifty-fifth
street i.ud extends north to Dyokman
street, a distance ot four and one-
nuarter miles.
Patent Your Ideas���No delay, and
we will soil It for you If th? idea has
merit. Send sketch for free report. Information on pate.i'.:, and Ust of inventions wanted mailed free.���J. A.
MACMURTRY A CO., Patent Attorn-
eys,   154   Bay   Street,   Toronto,  Can.
Mas. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been
Weil for over SIXTY YEAKS by MILLIONS ot.
is the beat remedy for DIARRHffiA. It is ab-
soltitelv htrniless. He sure and aslc tor "Mrs.
Winslow's SootliliiK Syrup," and tiijtc ao otter
kind.  Twenty-live eeutu a bottle.
Glass Windows
'Glass  windows were first used  for
light iu 1180.
Mlnard's Liniment for sale everywhere
A Legend of Lace
According tc Melohior do Vogue, tlie
legend of lace is as follows: A Venetian sailor gave his ladylove a frond ot
spreading seaweed to keep him in
memory while at sea. But. tho girl
found that the seaweed was rapidly
drying up and disapt.earlng, So she
caught Uie fine branches and leaves of
the plant with 1 bread against a piece,
ot linen and, working on, with her
thoughts following her lover, invented
A  Natural Obstacle
lie--It you women rltd get the right
to vote you couldn't iu the nature of
things keep It.
She (indignantly)���Why not, sir?
lie���Because ir is a secret ballot,
you know.
and cream
1 here's ii delicious smack
in these crisp, appetizing bits
of toasted corn that brings
brightness and good cheer to
many and many a breakfast
Toasties are untouched by
hand in making; and come
in tightly sealed packages���
clean and sweet���ready to
eat with cream and sugar.
Easy to Serve
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Canadian Tostum Cereal Company, '
Ltd., Windsor, Ont. _TIE REVIEW. 'COURTENrAY. B.C.
�����**���!��� ;K*��K-���!������:������:
She Was an Apt Pupil
Waving aside au obsequious attendant Pauline Fenn passed between rows
ot glass Inclosed desks to her father's
private office. She lapped be fore opening the heavy door nnd��found him sitting in grave meditation before a woo*
���re on the hearth.
He turned his head ss his youngest
daughter entered and sat down In Um
opposite chair.
"I've done It nl lust, father," she said,
rather breathlessly.
"Done wliuii" be tilted lu n startle*
"Broken my engagement lo rtoger."
"My dear!" Ho Jumped up and pae-
avY^hn floor thoughtfully, now and the*
��� It. jvl-3-
his  keen  eyes  searching her young
face.   "Are you wise?"
"It is best"
"1 thought you were fond of Roger-
loved him, in fact"
"I-I did." She was speaking nerv��
���usly now. "But yon know he Is la
no position to marry now; the doctor
has ordered him to go west and lire la
the open for Sve years, otherwise he
predicts a total nervous breakdown. I
Lad a note from blm this morning. Hs
has sajH his seat on the exchange snd
Is going to buy a ranch ln Montana.
He wanted me to marry hlt_ at ones
snd go with him."
"And you have seen him?"
"I went to bis office. I told him
what you said���tbat if he must give tip
business, why, yon would back him
with money to any extent and when
we were married we could live In ths
same style to which I am accustomed.
I could go with the same people snd
"iij'oy tbe same amusements of my set.
I simply couldn't give up ell thoas
things and sort of grub along, now,
r.ould I, father?"
He frowned thoughtfully.
"I thought yon could, roily, hut 11
teems I am mistaken. Itoger Dais
went Into Wall street when hs was
nineteen. For fifteen years he has
worked like a steam engine, bnt ths
engine has been overworked; it ls a
ffne piece of mechanism, snd If It continues to work without rest and repair,
wby, it will go snap some day and ona
ef the eleauest and sqnarest'men I
know will spend ths remainder of Ms
days lu the madhouse."
"Ah! That ls the plain truth. I had
Itoger here yesterday and offered to
do anything for him that money and
friendship can do; hs was engaged to
roy daughter and I wanted to help bim
far that reason, as well as because I
admiro his pluck. He refused point
blank to accept any help. Said ths
sale of his exchange seat would set
Wm op on a paying sheep r>nch ln
thi west, and he also declared that he
had an old fashioned notion that hs
wanted to provldo a home for his wife
with his own hands."
Paulino was silent for n moment.
Her cheeks were burning now.
"But mother would bo broken hearted If 1 married Roger now and went
on to a ranch. It is a primltivo life at
the best, find I would b�� shut out of
the society of my friends, and the oth
er gins wouia tie so nioriinea. aney
hnve married SO well, you know.
Mother never did approve ot iny engagement; io Roger," she explained
"No, she did uoi approve of It," he
returned coldly. "Your mother and I
begau Ufa humbly; your mother worked In a millinery store nud never ha'1,
n pair of kid gloves until she was married. Now sbe has married three of
her daughters to penniless but titled
foreigners, and the fourth she withholds from an honest American. I
ihonld think two countesses and s
princess Quite enotjgb glory for one
plain American family to acquire and
quite all I can afford," lie added grimly.
"I thought you'd he rather glad,"
said Pauline uneasily ns she arose to
go. "Under tho circumstances, 1 wonder if you care If 1 g�� abroad with
Helen." i
"Just as you please, Polly," he said'
sadly. "All 1 live for Is to make you
When he wus alone John Fe'iu drew
his chair lo the hearth and gassed long
Into Iho flro of apple tl'oe wood. A
close observer might have noticed that
something very like tent's glittered in
his due blue eyes.
Kir months afterward Paulina Fenn
stood on tho steamer at; Southampton
snd watched tbo passengers coming
aboard for tho homeward voyage. Her
lovely face was a tritlo thinner und
thero was nn nlr of costlessnosa about
ber that disconcerted tho dark little
monkey-like man who stood at her elbow, chattering.
"Mademoiselle, ah, yes, tees a gay
scene-like Cherbourg���but England
ecs what you call tame, dead!"
"Do you think so, count';'' murmured
Pauline indifferently.
"Ha! There is no country like
France, no city like Paris!"
"You havo never seen America or
New York," sahl Paulino over her
"I go tbe happiest of men now to
Interview mademoiselle's papa," grinned the count delightedly, l'or it was
quite true that Paulino's sister, the
Countess de Laon, had arranged a
match between her beautiful sister and
a money hunting little patrician, Count
Servan Lagres. Helen was accompanying her sister to New York, and
Lagres had taken passage on the same
Sho tried not to regret the step she
had taken in breaking her engagement,
bnt every hour of ber stay abroad had
been spent to the accompaniment of
burning remorse and useless regret
She had not given her promise to lagres. Sho bad not cveu encouraged
him, bnt Helen was pushing the affair
ln her high handed way, and Pauline
was meekly being led. Sho blushed
when she thought of what her father
would say when he saw this fourth
foreigner presented as a possible son-
"Mademoiselle is weary. Come and
sit down and I will send a cup of tea,"
twittered the count at her elbow.
"Please go away!" cried Taullns
Pauline moved slowly along the rail
until sho could look down upon a little
group of second cabin passengers.
Two were separated from the others,
s pale, anaemic looking man and a llfr
tie pink and white roly poly woman.
Ths woman was speaking despair-
"George, I don't know *ow it 'appen-
ed; I 'ad the purse sewed tight in my
skirt snd now it's gone, every shlllln'
that I've scraped and saved for this
goin'l" Her voice broke suddenly and
the man's thin hand gripped her shoulder.
"Cheer up, Sally, old girl; maybe Jos
'11 'elp us out; 'e promised to meet us,
yon know."
One day during the voyage Pauline
found them out and heard their story.
It was a simple one. They had been
engaged for many years. George Mars-
ton was butler and Sally wns upper
housemaid in the same noble family.
George's health had deserted him, and
s brother in Canada had offered him
land on which to build a boms and
plenty of work if ho would come to thl
When Paullue left them they were
riotously happy. Her generous pock-
etbook had replaced tho contents ol
Sally's wallet, and they were to repay
her when they could. They were independent
The remainder of the voyage Paulina
went about with shining eyes. Helen
eould not understand the new mood,
snd the count broke through bis conventionality and proposed outright snd
was refused.
He proposed again and was refused,
and yet again with kindly bnt monotonous regularity. When they reached
quarantine he borrowed fuuds from
Helen and morosely decided to take
the next host borne without that important interview with John Fenn.
Roger Gale stood on tbe veranda of
his ranch house aud looked away over
the slopes where his sheep were crowded, huddled flocks of dusty gray against
the green grass. From the flocks and
the rippling.hills his eyes turned to
the winding trail that led from town.
A light buekbbni'd was npproachlng
the ranch, uud he saw that while tha
outfit v:i s his own end ose ot nis men
; was driving thero wero twj passcn-
1 iters In tho rear scat. One wns a cltl-
1 tied looklug man; (he other was a girl
1 dressed in blue. Now, Roger Dale wns
uot In tho habit of receiving girt, vis-
I Itors. and his Interest wns quickened
at the sight of (he newcomers. He
I stepped iuto the house to make anxious
] Inquiries of the Chinese cook.
When ho passed through bis silting
room to the front porch Pauline Fenn
was sloudlng there looking at him with
wet. wistful eyes.
"Polly!" he cried, with unbelieving
She nodded. "Itoger, t havo come.
Father came with me. I cannot bs
happy without you. T want to bo a
rancher's wife"��� Sho never finished
ber confession, for Soger's arms wors
��round her and his bronzed cheek
v. os against hers.
"You are sure, sure you won't regret
ll, love':'' he asked over and over again.
And Pauline clung closer to him and
whispered softly what George nml Bally had awakened in her heart.
"I won't regret anything so long as
ws are together," sho said.
Older ef the Thistle.
The order of the Thistle is the .smallest of the threo great, orders of knight
hood in Groat Ilrllalu in point of mint
hers. It consists of tho sovereign,
British princes and sixteen knights.
Work of the Bees
Some boos apparently work on the
eight hour schedule, others ou a ten or
twelve hour basis for their working
day. A beekeeper says that one of
his bee colonies begins ils day's labor
at sunrise and continues till after dark,,
milking a working day two or three
hours longer than nny other colony in
over 100. No two colonies of bees',
says this apiarist, arc alike.
License Fee In Brussels
A liquor license costs only $103 In
Brussels and is permanent.
Pineapples ef Hawaii.
Some of the pineapples Iu the Wa-
hiawa district in Hawaii extend in
parallel rows for miles, aud it is not
unusual lo find the fruit weighing ns
union" as fourteen pounds.
Earthquakes In Chile.
About fonr per day is the average of
earthquake shocks in Chile.
The Name of 8noeke.
The surname Snooks by no moans
seems to be an imposing cognomen,
bnt as a matter of fact it is a name
of great antiquity and one of which
nobody should be ashamed. In reality
It is a contraction of "Sevenoaks," It
was first corrupted to Sonnocc, which
in tnrn was corrupted to Snooks of today. 	
Rancid Butter.
To sweeten rancid butter melt the
butter, skim it, then place n piece ot
light brown toastln it, and in a few
minutes the toast will bare absorbed
(he unpleasant taste and smell.
Flounders and Turbote.
Tbe flounder lays 7,000,000 eggs a
year, (he turbot 12,000,000.
Three Big Cathedrals.
St. Peter's, at Rome, -will accommodate 51,000 persons, M��l!an cathedral
87,000 persons and St Paul's cathedra),
London, 25,000 persons.
Hamburg's Big Organ.
Oue of the world's largest church organs Is au electrical Instrument at
Hamburg, which has 12,173 pipes,
some of which are thirty-seven feet
long.        ^	
The Cunning sf Ante.
A naturalist found black nuts were
devouring the skins ot some bird specimens on n table, so be made tar circles
on four pieces ot paper and put ona
under each leg of the table. Ants will
not cross tar. Pretty soon be found
the ants busily at work again and
looklug nt the tnr circles, found each
one was bridged by bits of sand which
(ho clever ants had brought In from
the street
The last order ever signed by Maximilian was for 2,000 nightingales with
which to stock the groves of Chapnl-
tepee. ______
Twenty Inch Rate.
The biggest rats in the world belong
to  tbe  neighborhood  of  Manzanillo,
Mexico.  Thoy are reddish In color snd
attain a length of twenty Inches.
�����*���__"���*    'HEBE AND HEREAFTER
Fine Relies of Ancient Times In New
York's Art Museum.
Very few people are aware that In
tho heart of modern New York l< a
I'oraplelo armorer's shop, writes _. A.
Suverkrop in tlie American Machinist
It Is iu the basement of iho Metropolitan Museum of Art and Is equipped
with a complete outtit ot over COO nr-
motor's tools. Many of these aro very
old, having descended from master to
man or from father to son through
ninny generations. Their workmanship Is excellent. Where steel faces
havo been welded lo Iron bodies the
welds lire clean and perfect, nud the
junction ot iron und steel Is distinguishable only by tho difference in luster of Iho two metals.
Tho tempering of tho steel faces
seems to lie good and uniform, us neither cracks nor dents arc apparent. A
cursory glance at theso (ools will at
once apprise ua of tba origin of many
of our modern shoot metal workers'
implements. Tlio working faces of all
tho tools aro highly polished, s,�� that
tbey do not "grip'' tlie metal being
worked, which It is free to "slide" to
tho shape desired by the armorer.
Every collection of ancient armor re
quires technical caro for its r.pkeep.
U'lic objects must bo kept, free from
rust, occasionally remounted, and from
(lmo to timo restorations must bo made
to preserve theso priceless specimens,
Jn order to carry out tills work tho inn-
suem has arranger! the shop referred
to so that these necessary operations
may be carried on. Tho armorer's
tools once belonged to Daniel Tacbau.v.
but are now the property of tho museum. Mr. Tachaux brought them
to this country when he camo from
Paris is 1000 to make some repairs lu
tbo museum's collection of armor,
The oullit consists of over 000 tools
and includes nearly 100 kinds of slakes
aud a greut variety of hammers,
swages, etc.
SIR OI.IVF.lt l.OIH.K ANNO! Nt I���::.
A Square Foot In Spain.
In Spain a square foot is only 11 by
11 inches. ,	
Keeping Cups Whole.
To prevent custard dishes or cup'
from cracking when pouring boilcu
custard iuto them place the dish or
cup on a damp cloth.
Curious Suspension Bridge.
A river in  Hem ls spanned  by a
bridge more than 200 feet in length
which Is suspended from thirty two
ropes made from cactus fiber
Celebrated   Brhish   Sciential    \ftei
Applying Ihe Most Rigid Tests to
Spiritistic Phenomena For Many
���Jears Hns Arrived nt tho Conclusion Thai Tholr Real! y Is Beyond
11 will be remembered 'hat W. ..
Slead, heroic victim of tho Titanic disaster, welcome acquaintance of ixingf
and Emperors and others ln the seats
���if the mighty, and probably ths moat
noted journalist In the world, was a
I linn believer In psychic communlca-
I Hon with ihe world of the hereafter,
When preparing to face death, he r ������
I iterated lhat belief nnd rpoke of joln-
I Ing IiIh previously deceased son, from
whom he had staled, verbally and in
carefully  prepared  printed  volum .,
he had received numerous msssngei
from iho   aplrlt   world   through ttin
Northern Ice Fields That Once Met the
Sea Are Now Inland.
Somo attention is being directed lo
the fact that Ibe Mitir glacier Is disintegrating along its face, and there Is
some speculation as to how loug it will
continue to present a great attraction
to touilsts. No ono can auswer this,
of course, for the causes of tho unusual movement aro not known. Neither
ls it known with any certainty for how
long a time this great ice mass has presented his appearance, which made It
Assuming that the earliest charts of
the coast are correct���and there is
every reason to suppose they are-
there havo been very remarkable recessions of glaciers along lhe Atlantic
coast during tbe last century, so that
ice fields that formerly came down to
the sea ate now a considerable distance from it. As, we understand, tbe
earlier charts do not indicate tlie position of Muir glacier, so there are no
means of telling if it has receded.
The cause of tbe recession of glaciers
Is uot fully understood, but it seems to
imply an average amelioration of the
climate. Glaciers are fed ijora snow
fields, and If thoy become smaller ouly
one of two explanations seems possible. Either tbe snowfall in the higher
levels must have diminished or the
temperature in tha lower levels has
grown higher. There are several reasons for supposing (hat the climate of
the north Pacing zone is becoming
gradually warmer,although tbechnnge
is very gradual. Sir Charles t.yell, the
famous geologist, in one of bis books
speaks of tlio breaking away of a great
ice barrier near Greenland, which occurred, if wc are not mistaken, in 1S40,
and says it was ouo of (he most significant events iu the modern history
of the world.���Victoria Colonist.
Kansas City Star.
A. man once arrived at. Kansas City
with a terrible pain under bis belt.
"Go for a doctor," said the sufferer,
"and go quickly."
"What kind of a doctor do you
wauti" inquired the messenger. "We
have all kinds-allopath, homeopath,
hydropath, osteopath"���
"Ob," cried Iho traveler In his agony,
"any path will do! All paths lead to
the grave"���Kansas City Star.
A Mixed Quartet.
Among other curious things 1 have
heard was a quartet sung simultaneously in four languages, writes a
reminiscent contributor to tho Now
York Sun. It was Clara Loniso Kellogg's company in "Martha." Miss
Kellogg sang In English, Brlgnoll in
Italiau. a German woman ln German
and a Frenchman in French. The audience never noticed the confusion of
Caught Dead to Rights.
Mrs. (ladder���Amaudy Browo told
Siig Perkins that 1 was a sneak and
nilors prying into other people's af-
j fairs.
Mrs. Blabber���How do you know?
Mrs. Uaddcr���Heard 'em over th��
telephone. I always listen when them
two cats l�� talking togothec.-Ksnsas
City Stsr
611! OI.IVKR   I i
medium of an Inhabitant of that region whom ho knew as "Julia."
Science lias now taken a decided
hand In this problem, debated and u>-
bateable from the beginning Ol sentient existence, iu a recent statement
nt tho famous Englishman, Sir Oliver
Lodge, admittedly the beet all-round
scientist In the world at the oreaenli
time. Ho ia president of the British
Association, tbo most authoritative
scientific body on earth, ami he has
announced that, iu his presidential address on September 10. he will offer
complete evidence to show "an ulti-
'ate continuity of existence before
and after death as essential to science," which, It accepted, will be a
distinct alignment of the most, advanced scientific thought on the aid*
ot Immortality. Sir Oliver already
has asserted that "the boundary between the two states���the known and
the unknown, life and death ��� ia
wearing thin in places, and excavators
are eugaged ln benng a tunnel from
opposite ends. We are beginning ts
hear now and then strokes from the
pickaxes of our comrades on the other sido."
Sir Oliver Lodge has been a clos*
and skeptical student of psychical
phenomena for many years, and after
long and patient observance of the
famous Italian pe/chle, Eusapia Pal-
ladino, was forced to admit that "any
person without Invincible prejudice,
who had the same experiences, would
come to the same broad conclusion.
namely, lhat things heretofore held
impossible do actually occur. . . The
result of my experience is to convince me that certain phenomena considered supernatural do belong to
the order of nature."
It is evident that the world is sooa
to witness the prcii.'.lgation of another accession to Ite natural laws which
govern its place In the universe, and
one likely to arouse spirited religlotoj
anil scientific discussion.
To Mako Coal Mining Safe.
One of the simplest of the many
suggested tests for fire-damp In mine*
Is that described by Henry Krif-sfs to
the Scottish Society of Arts. It la an
attachment i bar may be appllod to
any oil or aplrii safet;. lamp, an'! 'on-
sisls of a loop of copper wire sjppert-
ed on a brass rod passing through tho
oil vessel, To make a test the loop
is moved into the flame. This le-
eomea Instantly non-luminous, but
If lire-damp Is present in the air Ihe
gas-cap Is clearly seen. The test can
be made iu a moment at any time.
; without turning dowu or putting out
I the light.
I It is claimed thai the pereen.'arra of
I fire-damp this method will detect Is
I exceedingly small, and the results of
t. ials on both laboratory and mlns go
to show that this is one of the most
sensitive, accurate, and expeditious
means of revealing tbe presence at
Inflammable gas In mine or other sir.
- Bolton Journal.
About All.
"Do you dye whiskers':"
"Yes," answered the barber.
"Do they fool anybody?"
"Seem to fool the man that wean
'em."���Hartford Post.
He Belongs.
"Does he belong to ths Four Ha*
"Yes, indeed; he's one of the eipnenf
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1S69
Capital Paid Op $11,560,000        Reserve and Undivided Profits $3,000,000
Payable in all parts of the world
Special attention given to Savings Department and Transactions of Ordinary Blinking Business by mail
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The Courtenay Review LAZO
General Store
And Comox Valley Advocate
A   Weekly   Newspaper,   Published   at
Courtenav, H. C.
N. II. Bodbn, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription ���1.80 per Year in Advance
The annual General meeting of
the Courtenay Conservative Association will be held in the Opera
Hor ss on Thursday January 15th
The winter so far has been very
mild, yesterday Mr. Towler picked
some primroses in front of his house
and tlie pansies are still blooming
in his garden,
The Co-operative Society   will
hold tbeir annual Christmas Turkey!
Shoot on Christmas Day.    A lot of
fine turkeys will be on  hand  and
good sport is promised.
Ou Wednesday afternoon the
17th inst. a very pretty double wedding took place at Kllerslie Grange
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Halliday, Lucile, their youngest
daughter was united in marriage to
Robert Bernard, the youngest sou
of Mr, William Grendergast, of
Went. Shropshire, England. Aud
Jessie, the only daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. John Cooper of New
Whittington, Derbyshire, Kngland,
to Robert Merle, third son of Mr
aud Mrs. J. A. Halliday. The Rev.
Thos. Menx.ies officiated. Miss
Halliday, who was attired in a
beautiful while chiffon dress over
silk, trimmed with lied ford lace,
was attended by two of her nieces,
Miss Louie Ploynrt and Miss
Georgie Smith, who both wore
very pretty white silk frocks tiim-
med with Bedford lace. Mr. E. H.
Smith performed the duties of best
man to Mr. Grendergast. Miss
Cooper was attired in a lovely gown
of Battenburg lace over satin and
was attended by Miss Lila Grieve,
who wore a dainty dress of pale
blue satin trimmed with lace. Mr.
Richard Carter acted as best man
to Mr, Halliday.
For Choice
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January  1st, 1914
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Emb. Handkerchiefs -laidies Swiss embroidered handkerchiefs,   15c to  SI inch.
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Happy and Prosperous New Year
For trapping beaver Jesse Mansfield was fined $io and costs by the
court in New Michel.
By next spring the C. P. R. will
will be nearly all double tracked
between Vancouver and North
The Courtenay Literary and Debating Society met ou Monday
evening and listened to a very
interesting papea by Dr. Morrison
on the animal and bird life of 3. C.
His experience in the wilds of B. C.
has made him an authority in the
subject. Mr. Morrison went into I
the "Geological Formation" of B.
C. showing the early time of bird
and animal life as recorded in the
forests. Tlie society ajottrued for
two weeks owing to the holidays,
and will meet the first Monday in
January to discuss the resolution,
That Socialism is preferable to the
present system.'' The feasibility
of the provincial Government granting loans to farmer! to clfar land
and other assistance will also be
treated in January,
A  limited  supply of  me-
Schanical Teddy Hears, b'ur
Animals, Ktc., on display,
Phone 35
Iu B  C there   are over 40,175
telephones in daily use.
No. 8 Mine Townsite
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5 to 20 Acre Blocks,  adjoining
the townsite, $100 an Acre, Easy Terms
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have lived at Union Bay for years, who intend
making it their home with a good living in Fruit
Vegetables and Poultry
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British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Harry Idiens, Manager
Phone 36 . Courtenay
This season the hay crop in the
vicinity of Mara and Enderby amounted to 2,500. It will be sold at
from $i5 to $20 a ton.
Mr. W. W. Fosttr carried the
Island constituency by a majority
of over two hundred votes, the result being: Foster 467; Hamilton
265; and Maude 24. Mr. Foster
was the candidate selected at the
Conservative convention; Mr.
Hamilton was the Liberal nominee
and Capt. Maude posed as au independent Conservative.
At Armstrong last month a
Chinaman bought eight acres of
land for $745 an acre. The best
celery iii the world is grown at
A Montreal professor, in a paper!
on thet)lympic games, states thall
the Greek race included iii theiif
athletics drinking and kissing com
petittons, No doubt there arr|
many who will feel that the reviva L
of the ancient sports there havi|
been- some grievous oversights.
Ottawa Journal. p
Discussing  the   Waterworks  Question
At the special meeting of the Board of Trade, on Thursday last, Mr. Clinton laid great
stress on the advantage to his proposed Courtenay Waterworks Company of supplying the
territory in and around No, 8 Townsite, For, said Mr. Clinton, No, 8 will be, here
he paused,���
To catch the significance of that pause one had   to be present, but the
remark itself, coining from a man so well informed, may be accepted as absolutely reliable,
and only confirms the general  public's belief that Tlie  Canadian Collieries   have  big
developetnents in store for No. 8
Take any new town, no matter where, and providing sufficient developments are under way
n population,  CLOSE IN BUSINESS PROPERTY to that town i
assure  a  population,   U.O.Slv IN  BUSJJNttSH J'KU.'J'.k i\   io mat town  invariably
stands for one of the safest and most paying investments Ih t money can be put to
At No. 8 Townsite an investment as outlined above means only one thing���
A First Avenue Perez Park Lot
This ad doesn't prove the statement -your inspection will���are you aware of the accepted
fact nowadays that each looo'of a population added to a new town TREBLES the value of
the business lots. No. 8 in three years will have at least 3003 of a population, and FIRST
AVENUE PEREZ PARK LOTS,  are now and  always will be the big money makers of
the new townsite
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksimth and Carriage Builder
A stock of Quarter Cut Oak Buffets and  China
Cabinets, Royal Weimar China.   Speciel lines of
Diners, Rockers, Etc. for Xmas Gifts
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland
We have but few left.   Price $500, on terms
Exclusive   Sales Agents
Telephone 31 Courtenay, B. C.
Letter to the Editor
Editor Review
Sir:���There seems to be consider-
able antagonism at the present time
between the trustees of the Courtenay School District on one hand
and the patrp is and rate-payers of
the said school on the other. The
trouble seems to have arisen
over the action of the trustees in
calling for the resignation of the
principal of the school.
The principal reason I understand in asking for his resignation
is his inability to maintain discipline. Now, I have no intention of
taking up "the cudgels" in favour
of Mr. Barron for I feel sure that
his work here during the past eight
years speaks for itself. But as a
resident and rate-payer of this
district I should like if you will
permit me through the columns of
your-vsluable paper, to say af few is remedy-andThe remedy  in   this
wordsonthisquestsouufdisciplme. |Case is t0 forbid  the  child   from
can x ever hope to have children
strive to do their best nor can he
help them to the best advantage
unless the child is interested. For
a child to be interested he must have
confidence in the teacher and for a
child to have confidence he must
have respect for the teacher. No
child can ever have this if a parent
when a child comes home with a
tale of fancied wrongs gives a free
lecture on how schools should be
conducted and tells what a fool the
teacher is, The lad glad to find
someone whose idea of the teacher
is iu strict accordance with his own
goesto school the next day determined to show the teacher how a
school should be run, and as one
bad apple soon spoils the
whole barrelfull the influence of
that child soon penetrates the whole
school and the first link in the
chain of discipline is broken.
Wherever there is trouble there
Letter to the Editor    -
Editor Review.
Dear Sir:���Please allow me a
little space in the Review in au endeavour to straighten out the tangle
r egarding the awarding of the
Bronze Medal for garden vegetable
prizes at the Courtenay Fair. At
the annual meeting when I accepted the medal, I was under the impression that I had won it bv score-
ing the greatest number of points,
not having seen the score posted
up in the hall on Fair day, nor,
seeing the Judges books or other
authentic information, but, on
reading Mr. R, J. Smith's letter
and a subsequent conversation I
had with Mr R. Carter, Jr. I found
that was not the case, Mr. R. J.
Smith having scored 12 points to
my 9?poiiits.   Mr. Carter informed
j ine that the rules of the competition
as laid down by the Bank of Com-
j nierce, were that the medal was not
for the best display, not for the
highest score, but   for the most
I prizes, and that the medal had been
awarded on those lines   Mr. Smith
1 after being credited with the mis-
', sing first prize, won eight prizes,
imy score being nine,   (all second
prizes)   Mr. Smith being in error
about the number of my prizes.
Now Sir, knowing the whole ol
the facts I cannot accept the medal
for in doing so I would be going
back on a principle I advocated
during the four years as secretary
of the Agricultural Society. During that period all the special prizes
were introducted into the Prize
I<ist. Introduced in an endeavour
t) find the best things in the district and having found them to give
them proper recognition, with that
idea in view we awarded the special prizes by score. Iu all the competitions in the hall, a first prize
scored two points and a second
scored one point, in the live stock
competition we used a sliding scale
so that a $300 horse \rinning a first
prize scored a greater number of
points than a $10 hog would although it won a first prize, this I
yet consider the only fair way of
awarding these special prizes. I
have returned the medal to the
secretary. There is not any reason
why the medal cannot be given to
Mr. Smith, as I have not had my
name engraved on it.
Yours sincerely,
Markham B. Ball.
Discipline like charity begins at
home; for it is in the home and not
in school that discipline begins.
Children as is well known are great
imitators this is how they learn by'
imitating the things they see around
ti:c:n: judicious parents are alive to'
this lact and are therefore careful1
what lhey say before their children.
A child; i dgment is therefore
necessan./ . mature ^heir sense of
right and wrong is far from being
acute, so that if'their teacher fails
to think and act as they (he or she)'
think they should, they feel as if
they are unjustly treated; they then
go home and ponr out their tale of
woe iu the sympathetic ear of the
parent. The parents naturally
teal that the teacher and not the
child is at fault and begin to rouub-
ly abuse the teacher and often advise him wbat is the best course to
get even with the teacher.
Such a course of action is not
only detrimental to the growing
mind of the child but it also makes
it hard for the teacher. It pre-
djudices the childs mind against
him and it belittles the teacher in
eyes of the child.   Now no teacher
bringing home tales from school;
show the child that the school
is a place to be taught in not to
teach in give the teacher credit for
a little common sense and humanity
rememder that he is only a humau
being therefore liable to all the sins
that beset the human race remember that children are not angels and
can be very troublesome when they
wish to be and-if the teacher should
accideutly punish the wrong child
don't blame him for being partial
try and remember that even our
courts of justice sometimes make
mistakes And last but not least
.if you suspect that your child is
not getting justice don't speak
your mind out in front of the child
send a note to the teacher asking
for an explanation or better still,
try and see him in person and if
you caunot get redress in this way
bring your complaint before the
trustees and have the matter investigated. Aud I [feel assured if
this course was followed there
would be no teasou for complaint
on the score of lack of discipline
Yours truly
Save 25|
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nml are holding en end of season clearance at big
ri'iluol oils.    Look into this.
Thos. Plimley
739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
> rs. W. K. I.awr.'iice, who liar.
been visiting friends iu the East for
the pas! six months, returned on
Wednesday evening.
Mrs. A. II. Peace)' and family
returned on Sunday from visiting
friends iu the Kast.
James Abrams, S. M., has been
re-appointed city police magistrate
by His Honour tlie Lieut. Governor in Council, at a salary ot $300
per annum.
Wesley Willard litis a gang of
men at work remodeling the upper
story of his brick block on Dunsmuir Avenue. When completed it
will be used as a photographer's
At the annual election of officers
of Cumberland Lodge No. 26 A. F.
nnd A. M. the following were elected for the ensuiug year:���W, M.,
J. W.Cooke; S. W., W. T. White;
J. W., F. Jaynes; Treasurer, J.
Baird; Secretary, F. I). Pickard;
Tyler, T. II. Cwey; Auditors, G.
VV. Clinton and W. P, Ramsay.���
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administraters of Estates, General
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Someone has .struck oil in Alberta
ami someone is going to be fleeced.
This does not mean that there
is uo oil, nor that tlie oil supply
may not prove both plentiful and
permanent, but simply that the discovery will be used, aud, we understand, is being used, to float oil exploitation companies which will
net a profit only to the promoters.
Tlie City Council aud Board of
Trade of Calgary have thought it
wise to issue a warning to the public to be careful not to believe all
the stories that are being told about
the wonderful oil discoveries made
in the neighbourhood of that citv.
Tlie Canadian Geological Survey
Department has also published a
statement which        deserves
consideration. It has received
samples of oil from a well 16 miles
west of Okotas. The oil was struck
at a depth of i,5oo feet, and it consists largely of gasoline. This class
of oil while valuable, is rarely
struck in quantities but is usually
an indication of the presence of
large bodies of ordinary petroleum.
It is possible that there may be a
very large supply of this "white
oil" in the vicinity but it ls not
probable. It is probable that there
does exist considerable quantities
of ordinary petroleum but so far
they have not been struck and their
location is uncertain bnt the discovery is being used to exploit
many companies-which, so far have
nothing but leases of land, which
may or may not be oil land. To
those who after reading some glowing prospectus which dangles before the bait of a possible 1,000 or
10,000 per cent on his money, feel
like investing in this "sure thing,"
we would like to say "Go slow."
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Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. 111 on Thursdays
A Farmers' Institute has been
organized at Milne's Landing in
the Nechaco valley.
Last month the Cariboo road was
almost impassable in some places
on account of slides.
alaee Livepy
Feed Stable
rsis  and  Buggies
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for Hire at
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Night or Day Calls [Promptly
Phone 27 Courtenay
S'!ALE�� TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tenders for
Public Building, Port Alberni, B. C."
will be received at tbis office until '00
p. 111. on Wednesday, 31st of Decembei
1913, for the construction of a Public
Building at Port Alberni, B, C.
Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at tbe office of the undersigned,
Postmasters at Port Alberni and at Nanaimo, anil A. J. Cbisbolm, Caretaker
Public Building, Vancouver.
Persons   tendering   are   notified  that
tenders   will   uot   be  considered unless
maMe     on       the     forms     supplied,
and signed With tlieir   actual signatures,
stating their  occupations   and places  of
residence.    In   the   case   of   firms, the
actual signature, the nature of the occupation,   and place   of residence   of each
member of the firm must be given,
i    Each tender must be  accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
i payable to the order   of the  Honourable
' the Minister of   Public Works, equal  to
ten per cent. (10 p. c.) of the amount of
' the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into  a
contract when called   upon to do   so, or
fail to complete the work contracted for.
If tbe tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
Resident Architect.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. C. Dec. 9th 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisment if they insert it without
authority from the Department.���49327
IN THE MATTER of an application
for a fresh Certificate of Title to Lot 212
and part 69 acres of Section 18, Comox
NOTICE is hereby given of my intention at the expiration of one calendar
month from the first publication hereof
to issue a fresh Certificate of Title issued
to William James Andrews, on the 26th
day of June, 1905, and numbered 11343C
which has been lost.
Dated at Land Registry Office, Victoria, B. C, this 27th day of November,
Registrar General of Titles.
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by
John Shelbun
Candies, Cakes, Soft
Drinks and Lunches
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Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is* given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.   Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Put.k.        ��.4
W. T. WHITE, Manager, Courtenay, Comnx an J Cumrei   nd Branches
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All orders will recieve our verj best attention
Phone No. 2 Courtenay
There is some talk of Vernon
being a wide open town next year.
A cannery is being built in Grand
Forks that will employ   50 people.
The beef raised in B, C. is only
enough to suppl) this province two
months in the year.
The Standard Mine at Silverton
is shipping 2,500 tons of zinc ore to
Argentine, Kansas,
Vernon has voted against increasing the number of its aldermen from
five to seven.
From Canyon City in East Koot-
enay 500,000 feet of lumber will be
shipped to Seattle this season.
" Carloads of Halcyon water are
bieng shipped to Kelowna. There
is notyphoidinthat water.
George Macaulay died in the old
man's home in Kamloops last
month.    He was a Cariboo pioneer.
The telephone is a great boon.
It enables many a small man to
talk mighty big.���Delroit. Journal.
The Kettle Valley railway bridge
across the Fraser River at Hopewell will be 1,000 feet long and
will cost a million  dollars.
Over 60 stores and houses are
under construction in Smithers.
Mr. Justice Clements will enter
an appeal againtt the decision of
Justice Cassels in wliii h the former
was instructed to rett rn oyer four
thousand dollars to tlie government
overcharge 011 mileage,
The Dominion d partment of
public works is adver isiug for tenders for tlie construe1 on of the immigration detention heds at Vancouver, for which p ans were recently completed. The tenders will
be opened on January 8, and the
contract for the work let early in
the new year.
NOTICE is hereby g'ven that the
time for the reception of enders for the
construction of wharfs nt Victoria Harbour, B. C, is intended to Thursday,
January 8, 1914.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, December 9, 1913.
On Monday Morning
Decmber 15, at 9 a. m.
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Having a central office in Courtenay lie
will visit surrounding towns .it regular
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Nothing Hut First Cms Work
Guaranteed. Baths in connection
C. E.   DALRYMPI.E,   Prop.
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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday   '
and Saturday
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Twice weekly
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��� Rates Reasonable
Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, B. C.
******** :���:������    *********** *******    .,*������,**** TI1K REVIEW. COURTENAY, B.C_
By Mary Roberts Riiirhart
Little Miss Jane
Wiim iliil you do with thiii bag? demanded tho man with the gun. and 1
Mi hln Unci' on my chest.
What hug? i enquired feebly,
Don'i, bo a tool, he persisted,    if I
dmTi get. that hug within five minutes
I'll fill you as   full   of   holes   aa   :i
l haven't seen tiny bug, ��� said stupidly, What sort of a bug'.' J hoard
my own voice, drunk from iho. shock,
Paper bag, It.midry bag--
you're hidden It in the house, ho
said, bringing the revolver a little closer with every word.
Oo in and look, I responded. I do
not know anything about a bag, hut
It you will give mo your word there
was nothing in It belonging to this
house 1 will take yon iii und let you
look for il.
The next moment he had lowered the
revolver and clutched my ami.
Who In the devli a uam<; arc yon?
he asked wildly.
T think the thing dawned on ns Iwth
nt tlio same moment.
My name ls Knox, I said coolly���
.lolln Knox.
Knox! He snatched the candle
from mc and, holding If. up, (searched!
my face Then good God���where is
my travelling bag? 1 am Harry War-
ilrop, anil 1 havo boon robbed, Mr.
Knox-. 1 was trying to get. in the
house without, waking the family, and
when I came ba.k here to the front
<loor, where I had left my valise, It was
gone. 1 thought you were the thief
when you came oui, and���we've lost
all this time. Somebody has followed
me and robbed mo!
What was in tho bag? I asked.
Valuable papers, he said shortly.
You are certain you left It here?
Where you are standing.
Something glistened beside the step,
tud I discovered a small brown leather
travelling bag, apparently quite new.
Here It Is, I said, not so gracious us
I might have been. I .ad suffered
considerably for that travelling bag.
The sight, of It restored Wardrop's
Hy .iovc. 1 am glad to see il, he said.
I can't explain, Hit tremendous .things
No other keeps the skin and scalp
so clean and clear, so sweet and
healthy. Used with Cuticura Ointment, it poothes irritations which
often prevent sleep and if neglected
become chronic disfigurements.
Millions of mothers use these pure,
sweet and gentle emollients for
every purpose of the toilet, bath
and nursery.
Cutleura 8oip and 0!r.tmcnt ar* sold throttlrtiout
the world. A liber.) enmple of each, r. It h :i'J-r_e
bookie, on the care and treatment or the nkln :.:ul
���ealp, tent poet-free. Addrees Potter Drue & (.'hem.
Corp., Unit. ill), liof.or., V, H. A.
W. N.  U. 973
were depending on dial bag, Mr, Knox.
11 don'l know how to apologias to you
i for I liuisi have nearly brained you.
V nd, i gaid grimly, and gate ldm
I the  bag.    Tha   -'1111111111   lie   look   il   1
| knew there waa something wrong,   lie
hurried into the house imd lighted lhe
|library lamp,   Then he   opened   the
travelling bag with shaking fingers, II
wrs i mptyl
It's a trick, no snid CtirlouBly, You'va
hidden ii Botnewhero. Tills ib imi my
bag, ^ on'vo substituted one lusl Ilka
Hon'! lie a fool, I retorted, llolv
could 1 biibst.tuto an duply satchel
for yours whan np to fifteen minutes
ago I hud never seen von or \our grip
He dropped Into u chair, and afler a.
pause: I was followed in I'hittsbnrg.
Two men watched ine from the minute
I got thero on Tuesday, i changed
my hotel, und all of yesterday- Wednesday, that. Ib-���I folt secure enough.
But on tho way to tin train I felt that
1 was under survellltance again, and
by turning quickly I Came face to face
with one of the mon, 1 thought he
was a detective, You know I've hud
a. lot of that sort of thing lately, with
election coming on. lie dl.'.n't get. on
the train, however.
Hut, tbe other one may have done
When we drew in at Bellwood station 1 distinctly remember opening
tho Ing aud putting my newspaper
and railroad schedule inside. It was
the right bag thou. My clothing was
ir. It and my brushes,
I had been examining the empty
bag at   lie talked.
Where did you put your railroad
schedule? 1. aski-ii.
ln the leather pv.li.et. at the side.
It Ih here, I said, drawing out tho
yellow folder. For ;-. moment my
companion looked almost haunted.
The whole thing is impossible. That
valise was heavy when I walked up
from the station, i changed it, from
one hand to the other because of the
weight. When I got there 1 set. it
down on the edge of the porch and
tried the door. When I found it locked.
. But it wasn't locked, I broke in.
When I came downstairs to. look for
a burglar 1 found it opeu at least an
He stopped in his pacing up and
down and looked at mo curiously.
We're both crazy, then, he asserted gravely. I tell you I tried every
way I knew to unlock that door and
could hear Uio chain rattling. Undoubtedly you are Ignorant of the way
this house is tautened up at night.
Nevertheless It was unlocked when
I came down.
The sound of a smothered exclamation from the doorway caused us both
to turn suddenly. Standing tlicre In
a loose gown of bouic sort, very much
surprised am. startled, was Margery
F' fining.
What is the matter! she asked uncertainly.   I heard such queer noises.
Mr. Wardrop was trying to break
in, I explained, and I came down. On
the way I had a bloody encounter
with an open door.
I don't think she quite believed me.
She looed from my swollen head to
the open bag and then to Wardrop's
pale face. Then I think, womanlike,
she remembered the two grcat braids
that hung over her shoulders and the
dressing gown she wore, for she backed precipitately  i to the hall.
II Is oniy hi.lf past two, I said,
glancing at my watch. We might,
look around outside.
Reticent as ho was, his feverish
excitement made me think that some
Uiing vital hung on the recovery of
the contents of thai, Hussla leather
bag.      Hut we found  nothing.
As I look back on that night the
key lo what had passed and to much
that was coming was so simple, so directly and yet we missed it entirely,
it was some time before wc learned
the true inwardness ot the events of
that night.
1 was almost unrecognizable when 1
looked at myself in the mirror the
next morning, preparatory to dressing for breakfast. My nose boasted
a new arch like the back of au angry
cat, making my profile Reman and
ferocious, -r.d the lump on my forehead from the chair was swollen,
glassy and purpK. I turned my back
to the mirror and dressed in wrathful
irritation and my yesterday's linen.
Miss Fleming was in the breakfast
room. I have carried with me during
all the months since that time a mental picture of her us she stood there
In a pink morning frock of some sort.
But only the other day, having mentioned thi. to her, she assured me
that the frock w-as blue So I amend
this Miss Fleming in a blue -frock
was .'acing the door when 1 went, into
the breakfast room, Ot one tiling
] am certain, she held out her hand.
Hood morning, she said. What: a
terrible face.
It Isn't mine, r replied meekly. My
own face is beneath these excrescences 1 tried to cover the hump on
my forehead Willi French chalk, but
It only acnrntuutcil tlie thing, like
snow on a mountain top
The purple peaks of H.ii'ieii. she
quoted, pouring me my coffee. Ho
you know, 1 feel so much better since
you have taken hold of things. Aunt
Letltla  iliinks vou are  wonderful.
1 though! ruefully of the failure ol
my tirsi attempt to play  the sleuth,
and  I  disclaimed any   right   to  Miss!
l.eliliu't'.  high opinion of uie.
Before nny one comes  down,  Miss
I Fleming, I said.   1 want    to   ask   a
question or   two,   Whal    was   the
niiuic of the maid who    helped    you
Benrch  tlie Iiourc that  nigh'"
Annie j
Whal oilier maids did you say Un rei
Delia, and  Hose.
Do you Miow anything nbout them?
Where they eaine from or WllQl'e Iliey
Weill'.'        ��� ������
She smiled a little,
(To be Continued I
Wa unhesitatingly
recommend Magic Baking
Powder as being the best, purest
and most healthful baking powder that it is possible to produce.
All ingredients are plainly printed
on the label.
Canntngton Manor, Sask,,
Writes:���"My brother suffered severely from eczema.
The sores were very extensive, and burned like coals
into his flesh. Zam-Buk took
out all the fire, and quickly
gave him ease. Within three
weeks of commencing with
Zam-Buk treatment, every
sore had been cured."
This is but one of the many
Idlers we are oon��t_ntly receiving
from people who have proved ilie
healing powers of Zam-Buk. l'or
ecaema, piles, sores, burns, cuts
and all skin troubles there is
nothing like this wonderful balm.
No skin disease liiould be considered Incurable until Zam-Buk
has been tried,
AllDmiiltu, SOc. per Box
Rtfuu Substitutes.
Men Are so Uncertain
Why did you jilt that man who
wanted to marry you?
Because, replied the prima donna, 1
couldn't decide whether he was in love
with me or merely wanted to hear nie
slug for nothing.
Warts are unsightly blemishes, and
eornB are painful growths. Hollo-
way's Corn Cure will remove them.
Mistress (to newly arrived Norwegian girl)���Can you cook?
Mistress���Can y -i. do washing?
Mistress���Can you wait on table?
Mistress���Well, what can you do?.
Girl���Ah can milk- reindeers.
Tlie private opinion is apt to he that
the general Is an old blockhead.
Stomach, Nerves f.nd    Thinker    He
stared by Grape-Nuts Food
The number ot persons whose ail-
mentc were such that no other food
could be retained at all, ls large and
reports are on the Increase.
"Kor 12 years 1 suffered from dyspepsia, llnding no food that did not
distress me," writes a Wis. lady. "I
was reduced from Ho to !I0 lbs.,
gradually growing weaker until 1
could leiiv my bed only a short
while at a time, and became unable
to speak alor.il.
"Three years ago 1 was attracted
by nn article on Grape-Nuts and decider, to try it.
"My stomach was so weak T could
not tuke cream, but 1 used Grape-
Nuts with milk and lim-i water. It.
helped me from the first, building
up my system In a manner most astonishing to the friends who had
thought, my recovery impossible.
"Soon 1 waB abb to take Grape-
Nuts and cream for breakfast and
lunch at night, with an egg and
Grape-Nuts for dirner.
"1 am now able to eat. fruit, meat
a: 1 .lcaiiy all vegetables for dinner,
bnt fondly dontlnuj ^rape-Nuts for
breakfast and supper.
"At the time of beginning Grape-
Nuts I could scarcely speak a sentence without changing words around
or 'talktui, crooked' In Ssnie way
but I hftve b-come so st: .'ligthenetl
that I no longer have that trouble."
Name given by Cum iian Postum
Cereal Co., Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
"There's a reason," and it is ox-
plained in the little book, "The Uoad
to Wellvllle," in pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are jenulne, true, ind full f human
Testing  Butter Moisture
A number of InBpeolors employed
by the ilali-} and fold storage branch
of tho Dominion Department of Agri-
cull ure. are now on a tour of lhe
country lairing samples <if butler in
order to ascertain If tho provisions
of the Oalrj Ant arc being compiled
with hh regards moisture content.
Nearly one hundred samples have
been taken In oat tern Ontario al
ready, and only threo were improper,
A  Fine Voice
Smith   Your wife has a line voice.
Jones Yen, one ul Hie best In Hie
world; otherwise It would have been
worn nnt several > cars ago.
What is jnore tragic than to forget
on 'lhe morning after' that convincing
excuse yon gave tlie night, before'.'
Miller's Worm Powders work sn ef-1
feotiyely that no traces of worms can
be found..   The pests arc macerated
in the stomach and pass away in tho|
stools without being perceptible. They i
make an entire and clean sweep of j
lhe Intestines, and   nothing   In    the
Shape of it worm can llnd lodgement [
there when these powders are in np-i
eration.   Nothing could be more thorough or desirable than their action.
An Old New York Grave
The oldest, grave In Trinity churchyard, New Yurie city, so far as can he
determined, is that or Richard Church-
er. The stone on the grave indicates
that Uio hoy died at the age nf five and I
a half years, April 5, 1081.
How's This ?
We offer On�� Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
P.  ,T.  CHENEY  ft CO., Toledo,  O.
We. the undersigned., have Itnown K.
J. Cheney for tli _ lust ID years, end believe l-.lm perfectly honest In all business
transactions nnd itmuictnlly able to carry
out ar > obligations made by his Arm.
Toledo. 0,
trail's Catarrh Cure ts taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tlie system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle.
Bold by nit drue-Rlsta.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
That Settles It
Bill���They say a ton of newly stacked hay will occupy about; 500 cubic
feet Three months later it will have
settled lo four fifths of that bulk.
Jill���Well the poor tramps have got
to sleep some jtlaco, you know.
Minard's Liniment Co.. Llmitefl,
Dear Sirs.���1 can recommend your
MIN.lllVS LINIMENT for Rheumatism and Sprains, as I  have used- It
for both  will  excellent results.
Yours truly,
St. John,
signature Experts.
A number oi1 the larger haul.ing Institutions employ from one to half a
dozen men whose sole duly is to examine every check that comes in
through the clearing house and vouch
for tho genuineness of tho signatures.
Follows Instruction;
The faille uj,, Hm���n raiu; y tolls us
t! Is one:
,U; wife Instructed our Ilttlo boy
When be was invited out to lunch tho
other nay that when lie iis'totl tn have
u second helping of cuke lie should.
refuse, Vou must say:. No, I thank,
ynu. i have bud enough, said she. And
I don't you forget It.
j    tie didn't.   When   asked   If   ho'tl
have some more cake be snid:   No, I
thank you, I'vo had enough, and don't
j ynu  forgel.  It.
To be' Healthy You Must Keep the
Blood Rich, Red and Pure
Dr, Williams' Pink Pills are useful
in any dlseast caused by tIifn or Impure blood, and lhe list of suc.ii diseases is astonishingly lnrg.. Anaemia literally means a condition iu
which the blood Is thin and watery.
Chlorosis is a. form of anaemia mosl;
common to growing girls, ln rheumatism the blooi' becomes thin more
rapidly than lu any other disease. After an attack of la grippe or acute
fevers lhe blood is always thin and
impure, and Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
are the tonic to use during convalescence. When the blood is poor and
thin the Btnmac.li suffers. The food
ferments, gas and certain acids form
and the trouble is pronounced Indigestion or dyspepsia, The nerves receive from the blood all of their
nourishment to keep up their energy
and repair waste or damage. Some
forme of paralysis are caused by thin,
blood. The progress of locomotor ataxia is stopped in many cases when
the blood ls made pure, t'io'l and red.
This Is only . partial list of the troubles haling their orlglt in Impure,
watery blood, and all can be cured
by supplying tho blood with its missing constitiiei ts.
This is exactly whal Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills do. Their chief mission Is
to make rich, red blood, aud this good
blood reaches every organ and every
nerve in tlie human body, thus driving out diseas. and bringing renewed
health and strength t thousands of
weak, despondent people.
Ask your neighbors. There is not
an inhabited cornel In Canada where
Ur*. Williams' Pink Pills have not restored some sufferer, and all over
this country t.hcrD are grateful people who do not. hesitate lo say they
owe health���In some eases life itself
���to this great medicine, if you aro
ailing begin to cure yourself to-day
by usin;. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Sold by all dealers in medicine or
by mail at SO cents a box or six
boxen for $2.D0, from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., BrockviUe, Out.
A Stage Episode
A breeze blew down the valley,
Thoy set It up again.
Stage scene;:, yon know,
Are apt to grow
Topbeavy now and tl.en,
Only i per cent, oi the cablegrams
seill m.T.ieur. are concerned with
family or private matters. The rest
are commercial, journalistic or official.
K the harem skirts arc lo contribute
to thn emancipation of woman much
will depend whether they have pockets or not.
No man is
Than his
The Medical Adviser by
R.V. Pierce, M. _>., Buffalo, N. Y. answers hosts
of delicate questions
about which every viun
or woman, single or married ought to Imow. Sent,
free mi receipt ofCOar.c-
cent stamps to pay for
Wrapping and mailing.
LET the greatest athlete have dyspepsia and his
strength will soon fail. One's stamina���force-
fullness and strength of mind or muscle
depend upon the blood, and the blood in turn,
requires a healthy Stomach, far the stomach is the
laboratory where the food is digested and such elements are taken up���or assimilated���which make
Hood. In consequence all the organs ef tlie body,
such as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, as well as
the nervous system, feel the bad effect :f the stom.
ach is deranged.
Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
kelps ths stomach to digest food properly, starts ths
liver into new activity, removing the poisons from the
Mocd, and the various organs Ret rick, red blood, instead of being Illy nourished. The refreshing influence
of this extract of nstive medicinal plants tiss bean
favorably known for over 40 years. Everywhere
Kn.r.a neighbor can tell you of the good it has doat.
Sola, br all ae4lcl_e dealers la llajaMar takWt tent*
��r eemet 00 ano-cent alamo* to Br. Pierce, iBvalMo'
Hotel. tJrtTal*. *m* a trial tiox will 9* milt- r*_> THE REVTF.W. rnnti'rv \ V. l;f\
V.'hy doesn't she take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
TV.ystopaheadaoh-. promptly, yat da not oontslu any tt
the dangerous drugs common lu reaisohs tablets. Aak your
Diuf_lil about them.   25c. a bo.-..
National u��u�� anb Ciumo.i Co. or Cnaoa. Limits a  13]
Life is Uncertain
���the   life   of   a   wooden
or   pail.
Save time- -temper-��� dollar*   bv  uning
tonsils that seem to never wear out
Made of
Eddy's Fibreware
Ask Your Dealer
Just as good
Eddy's  Matches
Hatty MurkM  f.etlcr ami Bamiple drain  lings.
Bond us your name and address nnd ive -win
nut you on our mailing list���it's froo.   let us
I��cf>n yuu posted on market .prices for grain;
Personal attention given io selling ami grading of ail
un.    Our  I'ur Tracing and  Claim  Departments  work  In  our
ioiitjs" Interests,  We Uu\o every facility for prompt sarrlce and
e get host results for shippers,
Komi to-day for a supply of sample bags end deal with a
���in whose bustnpsii ims been built up by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital, $150,000
References,    any    Bank    of
���Commercial Agency.
Da Vinci's Prayer and Triumph of Art
While still a Pupil
it la told of Leonardo da VJnol that
wliile still a, pupil, before hla genius
burst into brilliancy, he reoelved a
special Inspiration lu ihls way:
Ills old and famous master because
ot his growing Infirmities of ago felt
obliged to give up Ills own work and
ono day hade D.. Vlncl llnisli for blm
a picture which ho had begun. Tho
young man had such reverence for his
master's skill tl.at ho shrank from
tbo task, 'libs old artist, however,
would not accept uuy excuse, but persisted In his command, saying simply:
Do your boat.
Da Vlncl at last tremblingly seized
tho brush and, kuoellng boforo the
easel, said Iho following pr.-yer: It Is
for tho sako of my beloved master that
I Imploro skill and power for this undertaking- As ho proceeded his hand
grow steady, his eye awtiko with
slumbering genius. ifo forgot himself and was filled with enthusiasm
for his work. ,
When tho painting was finished the
old muster was carried into tbo studio
to puss Judgment on tho result. His
oyes rested on a triumph ot art
Throwing hla arms around the young
artist, he exclaimed.- My son, I paint
un move.
Gives a Quick,
Brilliant Polish
That Lasts
No Turpentine
Easier to Use
Better for
the Shoes
Canada Atlantic Grain Co., Limited
tli,tin   Exchange      -       -       Winnipeg,   Man
Licensed -Bonded - - k'stabllshad    1910
120 feel wide, electric car line passes thI property .In SD Iteni Sewn? StCe''
conditions Winnipeg continues Its phonomSiml growth the Si dFnTna mUs'lo
date for present year amount to $17,000,000,   Winnipeg lias ��� wonferful t,n������
and ml lions of profit will be made by p. ont day Investors,   to" 18 you   on?
portuntly.      Hunk ot whal you may do now, and not later    on.    Think    of
what you might   havo   dono.   Qet our   look   on   profits    n   Heal   #._*_
KINLOCK PLACE Lots $200 each. $10 cash and $10 per month   Torrens Title'
22   Canada    Life    Building,
Winnipeg,   -   Man.
Agents   wanted.
Advise  US what you  have in  laud
01* Ileal Kiuate for sale or excliaiifi-e.
With no obligation on my part,
please send me plan aud all particulars of Klnlock Place.
Name ..
is a
can use
^The Guaranteed "ONE DYE for'
*        All Kinds of Cloth. ,
i Ctaan, simple. No Chance of Miatakaa. TBY
i   IT I Seii.l tin- Free Color Card and Booklet.
|Tbe Johiihon.IUcliiiru.OD. Co. Mtulted.llMooueel J
Ship your Furs and Hides to
281-283 Alexander Ave., Winnipeg
Write for Price List ant. Shipping
Fish In the Sea of Galilee
Bible students may he Interested to
Know that there is still good fishing ln
the sea of Galileo. Dr. Ernest W.
Gurney Maaterman, who liai. practiced
medicine in Galilee, made a special
study of fishes found there and in a
recent, hook snys that he found forty-
three varieties, twice as many ns can
be found ln the British Isles, The
fishermen are taxed a fifth of the value of tho fish caught, the revenue
going partly to the sultan and parti?
to a pashu in Damascus.
Public are Warned   Against   Strong
Smelling, Oily Liniments Containing Harmful Acids and Amonla
Many people have clung to tho old-
fashioned Idea that a thick, greasy
llnlmont  is  tho  host kind.   Doctors
say not���and they know.
Recently a number of theso white,
oily liniments ..-ore analyzed and they
wero found to contain an enormously
high percentage of harmful acids, and
such irrltatlius chemicals as amonla,
etc. For tho moment they may cause
a warm sensation when first applied,
but their continued use never cures
rheumatism, and only deteriorates tbe
skin, sets up Inflammation, and
causes  endless trouble.
When the doctor warns you to quit
usitiy a white, oily liniment���do so.
He knows that a thick liniment can't
penetrate, can't sink through the
pores and reach the sent of the pain.
When asked his opinion a few days
50, an Important physician stated
that he considered a strong, penetrating pain-subduing liniment, such as
"Nerviline," to bo superior to any of
tho white ammonia HnlmenU. In Ills
twenty-five years <t practice he had
witnessed cases of rheumatism, set
atica, and lumbago that simply would
not respond to ordinary treatment���
but Nerviline cured them. The same
physician also spoke of tho grcat advantages of koeplng a propr-atlon like
Nerviline In tho house, because of
cramps, dlarrloea, stomach disorders,
earache, toothache, headache, and
such minor ailments. Nerviline is a
first-class cure. There ls scarcely
an ache or a pain, Internal or external, that Nerviline won't cure. In
thousands of homes no other paln-re-
lleving medicine is used. Fifty years'
continued success nd the endorsement of the profession are proof that
Nerviline is the liniment for the
Mlnard's Liniments Cures Burns, Etc,
Deserves no Credit
When a man can do a thing that
you can't observed the philosophical
boarder, you generally explain it on
tlio theory that It's nothing for him
to be proud of���he's merely gifted in
that direction, (tan I have another
cup of coffee, Mrs. Irons"
The Oil for the Athlete.���In rubbing down, the ..tlilete can find no
thing tlner than Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil. It renders the muscles and sin
ews pliable, takes the soreness out
of thein and strengthens them for
strains that muy be put upon them.
It stands pre-eminent for this purpose, and athletes who for years
have been using it eau testify to its
value  as H.  lubricant.
What They Do With Wood In Germany
In Germany, says the Scientific
American, wood Is Lo expensive to be
burned, and It ls made Into artificial
silk worth $2 a pound and bristles
worth $4 a pound, into paper, yarn,
twine, carpet, canvas and doth. From
sawdust parquetry flooring Is made.
The materials for this may be bought
by the pound aud then mixed so that
the householder can lay his own hardwood floors according to his individual
taste and Ingenuity.
.   LUMSDEN  ��LD_,(t,|-��1jWiM) TORONTO.
\wnire n* rums. ** "���*
Mlnard's Llnlrr.ent Relieves Neuralgia
Wby George Exploded
I neter knew that George had such
a frightful temper.
How did you discover that he has
1 one?
lie took mc. to a baseball game, and
when I asked lilm why they didn't
make the bats square and lhe diamond
round the language he used was terrible.
All is Well
Your letter came. Glad yor. bought
a team of horses. Hilda is sick. She
has dlptheria, and she will die, I
think. Clara 'died this eve. She had
It too. We aro quarantined. Five
nf Fi.iier's fami'.y have got it. My
wife is sick. She hain't got lit. If
this thing gets worse we may have
to get a doctor. Them trees are budding good.    Everything O.K.
A Safe Prediction
Well, whnt is your opinion or t_e
political outlook now?
My opinion of it is that there is going to be a lot of useless talk before
anybody is elected and tha' the man
who is chosen will not succeed in
satlsfylnB everybody who voles for
Mrs. Adelare Ouillette, St. Bruno,
Que, says: "My little boy cried night
and day from stomach trouble and
nothing seemed to help Iiini till I got
a box of Baby's Own Tablets. They
soon made hlni well and happy again.
I have also found them valuable at
teething time." Thousand-, of other
mothers have tho Baiue praise to offer not only for stomach trouble and
teething troubles but for all the niin-
o ills of little ones. Tho Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents a box fron The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
j Fisherman���Here comes another
dead   lish   Pat.   The   river's   full  of
' them.   Willi's  the  meaning of it?
j    Pat���Slituv, I cannot tell at all, at
I all. sorr, onless it's thiii terrible fut
and mouth disease.
Much of the original to bo observed
about us doesn't show many signs of
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
���Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist? Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murine Eye Salve In Aseptic Tubes,
25c,  50c.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
���a ty. Tenlc Oee* tar till ty*. thai New Cere
Murine  Eye  Remedy  Co.,  Chlcaio
W. N. U. 973
Can always make aura of getting tho highest prlcea for WHEAT, oats.
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car lota to FORT WILLIAM ano
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
When You Cross the Atlantic
tbo pioneer lino of Atlanllo Steam Shipping. Recently two palatial nans
steamers have been added to tho Cunard Canadian Service, tho "Andanla"
and "Alaunla," carrying one class cabin (II) nnd third class. Then*
splendid ships afford every luxury and comfort for the accommodation
of passengers. They aro fitted with MaroonJ Wlreloss Telegraphy, Submarine Signalling, etc., in fact, every modern device for ttio Safety of
Lounge. Gymnasium, Drawing-room,  Smoking-room.      Open  and Covered
Promenades,  Spacious Staterooms, Orchestra,
Liverpool. New'(1913) 8.S. "Alaunla" carrying one class cabin (ID and
third class only.    Early application for reservation Is recommended
For particulars of sailings and services from Montreal, Portland, Boston
and New York apply to Local Agents, or
THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO.,  LTD.. 304  Main Street.  Winnipeg
Oraln Commission Merohants Winnipeg. Manitoba
Make Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fort William. Notify Peter Ja___
Co., Winnipeg.
Hberal Advancet                       Prompt Returns Best Grades
Lit nt tenet/tutor
itek" The evolution
if the Cookstove"���
an Interesting
hittory of cooking.
It alio gives a clear,
simple description
if tkt Dominion
Pride Range���complete In every detail.
Reading Ihii book is
like examining ths
range itself.
Send for a cofiy.
Save 30%
on your New Range
That's about $20.00 isn't it? And you un
save it by ordering direct from the factory (the
biggest malleable range plant in Canada.)
Dominion Pride Range ii the range you would
choose al any price ���a beautiful steel range with
unbreakable doon, castings and lids of malleable
iron���a range thai nvei coal���a range so solidly
built lhat with cue it will last a lifetime.
And you can secure a Dominion Pride Range by
making a small payment with your order���the balance on terms to suit your convenience.
Dominion Pride
Thousand! upon thousands ���
of Canadians have test to us
direct for their ranges,
and we hsve jretto hear
a complaint. Our unconditional guarantee
goes with every range.
Canada Malleable & Steel
Range Manufacturing Co.,
Send a free copy of your book
"The Evolution ef the Cookstove."
In order to cope with the large amount of Detail Work that is
sent to us, we have installed a complete Bandsawing Plant.
This places us in a position to undertake  any special work   at
the shortest notice
We have a large stock of Barn and Stable Sash, also the famous
"Storm King" barn door rollers and  track
Now is the time to renovate and touch up the inside of your home
Beaver Board ^jfflr1      -      Alabastine 1Wh!__ffd
Phone 66 COURTENAY, B. C. P.O.Box230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest"
General Blacksmiths
Agent.-, for it full line of l-'arui Implements All Work Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable Comox, B. C.
The  meeting called by the   Hoard of;
Trade  to hear  Mr.   Clinton's  proposal!
was quite interesting.   Two points stood '
out c.early: One that the rival companies
are tlesde ately anxious to bring water t)
Courtciiiiy; The other that tlie Courtenay
part of tin- meeting did not want either
or any company,
Mr. Clinton's proposal diflers from Dr.
Millard's only in this; that liis company
will have the right to supply water to
Mine S as well us to Courtenay. This is
an advantage because the distance from
the source of supply to Mine S Is small
and the capital expenditure therefore not
Dr. Millard again expressed his willingness to turn over tlie ehartei of Ills company to a body of citizens on repayment
of the expenses already incurred. But
he can hardly expect us to consider this
proposal unl 1 it is decided which of the
the two companies lias tlie right to the
water iu the creek. There is not enough
for both. Ur. Millard and Mr, Clinton
each strenuously asserted his possession
of the water right.
There were a few Cumberland supporters of Mr. Clinton at the meeting. They
trotted out the old humbug about Cumberland's experience as a municipality.
Mr. Clinton explained that tlie Cumberland waterworks started running before
the place was incorporated, and seemed
to think that tint was a (nil and sufficient
explanation of the relative position of
tlie private companies and this municipality, We must remember that while
the municipal income of Cumberland is
only about 915.000, the profits of the
water and electric light companies are
over $16,000. Mr. Clinton only sees in
this an argument against incorporation.
He must excuse us if i.e see in it au
overwhelming argument in favour of
municipal ownership of these utilities
and against letting in any private company,
Mr. Clinton, like our own water company, asked us if we should not prefer
local men to run our water company!
Has Cumberland any reason to congratu
late itself on the result of bavin;  local
men to run its water?
All discussion of this question takes us
back to tlie main issue-incorporation. It
is remarkable that every man of experience who visits Courtenay wonders why
we are not already incorporated and advises us to get busy right away, while
the opposition withiu is confined to the
waler company aud their friends.
None could have been at tlie meeting
without seeing clearly that there is
money in the waterworks propositi m.
It did not need the tardy admission of
Mr. Clinton to make us renlize this.
Nothing else could explain the anxiety
of these two companies to get ill here.
Since tlicre is money in it, why on earth
sltou.d we not do this thing for ourselves?
livery cent that we shall have to pay a
company beyond the cost of running and
reasonable interest or capital will be so
much blackmail paid to the capitalist.
As a small town we cannot afford to lose
an asset like this. The water and electric light will be the taxpayers best
friends later on.
If the worst conies to tbe worst, and
one of these companies forces itself into
Courtenay ill spite of tlie open and general opposition of the community, then
we must form a Citizens Defence League
to protect our rights. There are many
ways in which sucli a league might act.
Hut the first thing we would do would
be to bind ourselves not to use the company's water unless absolutely compelled
to do so by reason of the impurity or insufficiency of our own supply. As nine
out of every ten of us have good water,
we should make sure at any rate that
the com t any would not bleed the town
The jest Citizens Defence League is
after all a municipality. Most of us have
the interests of Courtenay at heart; most
of us take pride in our little town; very
few of us wish to see it tied up and supplied by private monopolies. If we pull
together we can and shall be incorporated in spite of all reactionary and interested opposition.
So long as we remain as we are we
remain a back number. Once wt get incorporated and get a foot on the ladder
we shall mount steadily up, and there is
no man can put a limit to the future possibilities of Courtenay.
XMAS GIFTS  ���   ..a
in Gold and saver Health Factor
that will give satisfaction we lead
A Choice Selection of
Souvenir Jewelery for
Old Country Gifts
Jeweler and Watchmaker
Union St. Courtenay
Aitken's Bread raised the standard procurable 50 per cent,
and dietetically is
the best investment
in   Comox   District
Scotch Shortbread a specialty
Courtenay Bakery
Opposite new Presbyterian Church
Ladies' and Gents*
Fine Tailoring
Having   secured  tlie  services of  one of
t.ie best Ladies' Garment Makers in
B.itisli Columbia
I  can   now guarantee  perfect  work in
that line
K. of P. Hall Courtenay
i       Letter to the Editor
Kditor Review
1    Dear Sir:���In Mr. R. J. Smith's
able letter in yonr paper Dec   nth
issue,  with regard to the bronze
medal donated by   the   Canadian
j Bank of Commerce for most prizes
Jn garden vegetables.    Mr.  Smith
states "perhapsexpresident Richard
I Hurford can explain why they left
I out one of my first prizes iu  the
1 recount."   I may state that checking over judes books is doue by the
secretary as part of his duty.   I
would be  pleased however to go
through tlie same with  Mr.   R. J.
Smith at any time to suit his convenience and clear up this matter.
Yours respectfully
Richard U. Hurford.
NOTICE is herein- given tbat the
partnership heretofore existing between
P. Pigueron and M. Francis, as boat
builders at|Courtenay, has been dissolved
by mutual consent.
All   accounts   are   to   be  paid  to  P.
Pigueron,,who will also pay all liabilitie'.
Signed: P. Picurrox,
M. Francis,
Witness : N. H. lioibn.
Dated tbis Kith day ot December, 1913.
Live Stock For Sale
Boar,    champion    strain,    larg.-    white
Yorkshire, 4 1-2 mouths old, eligible for
registration.    Price $12.50.
Particu ars from
G. W. Russell        Courtenay
J. C. Wallace has 100 angora
goats on his ranch near Republic
They helf> him materially in clearing bnsh land.
A meeting is being called to take
place to-morrow evening to protest
against the building of the new post
office on the present site. At the
meeting called last spring to make
the selection the site chosen was
the third selection. When the
Dominion Government's representative came here to look over the
situation he promptly selected Mr.
Perez'.< lots as being the largest and
most central. Negotiations have
gone forwarded since then, The
deed to the land has been executed
by Mr, Perez and plans for a $30,-
000 building have been prepared,
probably with special reference to
the location. To change it now
would likely cause a lot of inconvenience snd unnecessary work.
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
Special Sale of Japanese
Goods and Jewelery at
Reasonable Prices
Next to Royal Hank
Cumberland - B. C
Willard's Harness Emporium
Fine Showing of  Horse  Blankets,   Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
One Dwelling House
$12 per month
Stable, $20 per month
Store. Warehouse and Barn.
$40 per month
For particulars apply to
Chas. G. Callin
Phone F91 Courtenay
New Courtenay post cards, fines
selection by first class photof raphe t
at Peacey Dim* Store.


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