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The Review Feb 17, 1916

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Array 53
iCan not lie ilmie any Ietter, atnl
not 'jiiite hi- well aitywlii-ie vlnv
hereabouts. Our type ami machinery in coiiiplctw ami Tlie Review
J priced \re ri^-lit
j~~   Cla
HWHHW ���*����������������**����������*���*��������*������_
Classified Ads.
\ Make- y.nir little Wants known
thruugli .1 ('laiiuititiil Advertisement
iu Tlie Review   ���   ���   .   Phone 59
VOL. 4
NO. 13
Good bush land, 10 or 20 acre blocks, 3 miles from
Comox Wharf
House in Courtenay, partly finished, $8 per month
Small farm.   Good house and buildings, 8 acres
of land.   $10.00 per month
Por these and otuer Sood investments apply
Real Estate Agents COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in  Courtenay
AirOrders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
The Motor
Does All
The Work
Running a Sewing Machine is one of the most
arduous clasees of work a woman attempts. It
requires the utmost concentration to the work of
sewing in addition to the work of peddaling. This
is so laborious when long continued, as to completely prostrate the ordinary person
The little Electric Motor can be instantly attached
to any kind of sewing machine, old or new, no tools
or screws required.   The cost of operating motor
is less than one cent per hour
Phone us for a FREE DEMONSTRATION and get
a chance on the free motor we are giving away
Courtenay~Electric Light, Heat 6 Power
Co., Limited!
Phones: Office 35, Res. R88       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Sam Calhoun'*   bam fell down
tinder the weight of snow one day
i last week.
| The Rev. E. P. Lay cock, left on
Monday's train, with Mrs. Laycock
to attend the annual Synod of the
Diocese held in Victoria from the
15th to the 18th inclusive.
j The Anglican services 011 Sunday, the 20th, will he ii a. in. at
S. Andrew's church, Sandwick,
and 7.30 at S, John's church Courtenay, There will he no service at
8 30 a. in.
r agazines and papers are still
badly needed at the soldiers' reading-rooms, both he-re and at Comox
The soldiers find the time hanging
very heavily on their hands just
now, and eagerly read all available
literal nre.
Since the thaw started the snow
I has flattened down nearly three
feet. The roads are in bad shape,
full of pitch holes, and in some
places when, the sleighs break
through they strike lhe gravel and
stick fast.
The funeral of the late Mrs.
Lawrence, of Kye Bay, took place
on Friday morning The first pari
of the burial service was held iu S.
John's Church at 10.30 a. 111. and
was taken by the- Rev. E, P Lay-
cock. The hymns sang were Nos
497 and 600 from tlie Canadian
Church IiytiKi book and a short address was given by the Vicar. Tlw
cortege left the building to the
solemn strains of Beethoven's fuller;! 1 inarch and proceeded to the
railway station from whence the
body was taken to Duncan for interment in the old church yard at
Lost���On February r. black
powerfully built, short haired dog,
like a Labrador Retriever. Small
white patch on chest. Leather
cellar. Answers to "Jumbo." I
will be grateful for any information
concerning him, or leading to his
recovery. Hugh Beaduell, Knob
Hill Orchard, Comox,
Wanted���A lady's astride saddle
in good condition. State orice to
C.E.W., Comox.
Wanted for cash - to pigs about
75 lbs. each, at ioc per lb. Apply
P. O. Box 171, Courtenay,
For sale���sleigh, with pole, also]
top buggv almost new.    Apply W.
Duncan, Sandwick.
Wanted to buy from the farmers
of the Comox valley, potatoes and
oilier vegetables. A."B. Ball,
For Sale cheap���A lot of   agreement and assignment forms, leases,
bills of sale, c.iattel mortagage, re- j
lease of mortgage.    Apply Review j
For Rent���J. B. Bailey's faun
Upper Road, 10 acres, with or
without dwelling house, all cleared.
Apply Hick 1-Beach & Field, Courtenay .
To rent���Nob Hill, Comox, ||4
acre chicken ranch, 2 acres cleared,
4 room house, good well, 1-. acre
strawberries and other small fruits.
Apply, P, ()., Comox.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse (las Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch board, etc, also
pump and belting, Capacity 12
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel,
Ten acre ranch, six acres cleared
Fine six room house, barn, stable.
chicken 1 Dines nd large yards,
wire fenced, 3 miles fron Courtenay
price fifteen hundred dollars. Improvements cost over $1.00. Apply by letter Box n Review office
The mail train from Victoria ha
been late lu arriving at Courtenay
for the past week.
Rev, ' Menzies will preach a re-
crui'ing sermou at the Presbyterian Church next Sunday night.
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian church intend giving a concert and basket social in the Opera
house about the middle of March.
The exhibition basketball game
last Friday night between Cumberland and Courtenay resulted in a
win for the Cumberland boys by a
score of 18 to 2.
The military concert to be given
by the soldiers in the Opera house
on Friday at 8 p.m. promises to be
the greatest attraction ever shown
in Courtenay. What with sword
and physical exercises, musical selections, comical sketches and a
singer who is a gold medalist from
S oti ind, the program will be a
howling success. Reserved seats
are selling fast at the drug store.
A dance will be given after the
At the adjourned annual meeting
of the board of trade held yesterday afternoon J, II. Mclntyre was
elected president, A. W, II. Shepherd, vice-president, and J, Sutton
secretary. Executive committee,
\V. Duncan, F, IJ. Unbar, VV. 11.
Kirk wood, P, L. Anderton. A
vole of thanks was tendered the
retiring president and secretary, to
which both made suitable replies.
Phe iioard will ask the City for the
use of the couiiol chamber for meetings while the agricultural hall is
being used by the soldiers.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sandwick
Service 2 p .:i-     l.iinu.iy   School
and Bible Class 3 p. ill.
Sunday School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. 111.   Service 11:30.   Evcn-
ingservice 7:30 p. in. All welcome
The Mayor and aldermen were
entertained at dinner by the officers
of the 102nd Batt. at tlie Riverside
hotel on Friday evening last.
The boys of the 102nd gave a
jolly dance in the Opera house on
Friday evening last. A goodly
number of civilians turned out to
fraternize with the soldiers. The
orchestra of the 102nd Batt, furnished delightful music, and those
who were fortunate enough to be
present declared it to be one of the
best dances of the season.
2 Last Sunday week tb* ladies of the
orchard treated the soldics to pies.
On Sunday night last the ladies of
tlis Lake Trail gave them cake.
The ladies of the settlement will
furnish fruit for them on Sunday
evening. Those who contributed
the pies were : Mesdames Forde,
Kirkwood, Morrison,Bubar,Stoker.
Bodeii, Campbell. Cooke, Hogarth,
Mckenzie Teed, McBryde, Beaton,
Brock. Perez, Cairns. Fatrbura,
Tratitmnn. Callan, McTyer, Aitken
and Etude, Those who contributed
cake were : Mesdatues Johnston.
Idiens, Crairford, Kerton, A Lin-
don, Davies, Miss , Hames C irr II,
Beasley, Willoughby, McKen -
Smith, Etude, McQuillan, Peterson,
McNeil, Kerton. Aitken, Dun is
Mclntyre, Bubar, Callin, Phe
men of the [O.nd greatly appreciated the kindness of the ladies.
Biscuits 1 Oc per pkg.
Sardines 5c per tin
Oranges  15c, 20c, 30 per doz.
Ranche Eggs, cartons 2 doz., 85c
Big shipment of apples in [on Saturday morning
Box 256    SHEPHERDS     -^-40
Comox JCreamery
45c per lb. this week
McPhee  &  Morrison
Large 50c oranges how selling at 35 and 40c a dozen
Black Twig Apples $1.75 per box
35cjbulk teas are excellent value; also package teas
at 3jlbs. for $1.    Nabob, Empress and Blue Ribbon
Teas at_45c a lb.   Malken's Best 5oc.   Upton's and
Tetley's Teas at 50 and 60c
50 to 6o's ioc lb 1    Also peaches, pears, apricots and
cooking figs
Cross &_Blackwell's  marmalade, jams and pickles
Mincemeat in 4 lb. cans
Canned Tomatoes 2's ioc, 2 1-2 two for 2��c
Corn and Peas 2 for 25c
The Mystery
of (be
._      snn  wllii tlio Key.    Tli"    inesscnser  tlio     lossons   ol  all  tlio  yearn   luul   lir* ���, .,���.   A|__��  \T     Z"1
"��S.   wns ili'tiiinoil, iB stilt tloliilnuil ueeord-   tiiURlil lier no prudence In Unit illree    W 10111111!,    1116   V.   \J,
w  in-.' In arrangements, anil her pock-t ttun.    A kind word or an tipncul fur "
By Fred M. White
Ward,   Lock   -   Co    Limlud
.. London, Melbourne and Toronto
Rlpliick lIl'OPJIL'll
nnd un' in,, ihe key, wiili
OH     Hi     Mill."
Il.'illil'i",   followed   111 -"im
I,  iiuslstnuce always dinar d Mrs. Hor-
il    (lull.
"I hope yuu are
owilder-  uslssil,
Teutonic Penetration
,iules Claws, otlttoi' ol! "Lo Metro-
liola,"    nf    Antwerp,    .tudied    tho
Ama.lno Heroi.nTa, the Battle FrontIff^oWS.'SM S��.
Which  Won the Coveted j11r ho,,Lt i.'r-no German Mole," shows
Honor i how    Belgium      wan     undermined.
Tlio iiiOBsengcr h n     Muj   -inlloil  fnliill.v    Sho im-      |n the big advance on Loos that bo- JlannleSiJ    looking    a.rinnn   clerks,
gun nn Sept. .fi tlie Victoria Cross was bncltod by such bodios ns the Ham-
won bj suvenlccn offlcors nnd men burg Association tor Business Clerlus,
rn' dm Hi-l'ttsli urniy, took jobs  with    Belgian conoeras at
The   wonderful 'stories    of    their I Hltlo or no pay, worked up.'got. bold,
luuu/.lns li.rol.in, coolness ami duvo- ami   slanted  everything  toward  Her-
ii  dutv  tin  told in ilia oltlc'nl niuny.   I'nld German agitators stirred
phrases of the I Ion Uitzcite. Sotuo up  nunrrols    between  Hie  Flemings
of llietn are licro reproduced: and   Wallon.,    G-rnmn    m bonis and
iieSvspnpers   were   planted to make
imbiie opinion Teutonic.   Belgium w
Btrnngc to li iin,
'IHI   \lltl   klllltt    llll
i poured ;i trifle einbiirraased
xlstod'.'" I acting lier purl  beautifully us usual
nsked. Her uudueli;  nml ussiii'nuco bad ear
in' course  I  did,"  lltilpb  growled,   tied   her  through   greal    dllYlciiltlci
n measure, l uilgbl ��nj tlitil I luul,and  she bad  coiilldencu  In  tiie  I'm
n   It,    Many II  time :u   lllglll   liavo ; ure.
Ill lain la n flower bed under lliul wo-     "In  my  body, perfectly," she -^oi.l
I Ilium's window and liennl her rending |"Bill I nm so uneasy in mj mind."
��   ��JJ) ."'"'" l!l   tlIi*"r*s of writing In ll,   That '    "And yon will nul have ti doctor
_____,'  lis why I asked no questions when you I
��� ~ I'cnmo in.    I knew you bnd been suc-ltlij mutter with me.   I lun.' Buffered ' muni' !l    '
���,,,,.���,''���', cessl'ul,    And  now,  Princess Stern, It like Mils before.   1 have a weak benrl
' llu Lh" '���"��� iis my turn." you   know,   and   exctluinenl   troubles I t.,ul'"1K. ��l
As Proof of Holy Writ' liodph's volco dropped ma wlllBp.r,   nae   UilIB,     Hill   l   don'l   v.,mi   ;i   ,h
Tcbigorsky  bun.  over  the  pupers nil  intense, burning  whisper of liute I lor."
before him ns if inspired. There was and vengenneo.    lie  rose und  pncod
ii":   much,  apparently,  in  the  book the room like u enged bird.
with ihe metal clasps, inn thai little     "What   will  he  her  fate?"    united
seemed to be fascinating ton d .roe.  Geoffrey.
I'he    flussian  turn"! It over till he I    "Burn  her, slay  Inr.    hang    her,"
rXVS uiSV = -S rTjone j   ftljtor tho same thing
during operation, on Hill io on si'ei.t. h''1' 'J''""' '",'' <\: ll,;���'.".'.," ' .^ ,T'
i To  lie I'oui inui'il i
The Farm Home
Ralph cried. "No death is too painful, too loathsome i'or a creature like
that. I could forgive Inr fanatical    cruelty;    I  could  forgive th"
e.IIUo.  to  ill"  (Mill.
'Vou appear to be snllsfiod," ('"'of
"Satisfied.is a poor word io expre'i
my feelings,'1 Tchlgorsky replied,   lie | way Bhe foughl  I'or ere.',I.    Unl  when
stretched himself;   in-'drew a  deep tl eomes to those allied by tics
breath like one win has hem under'    The Bper.ker p^UBod and mi down,
water. "Who    talks    too    fust    says  loo
"I have practically everything here much," he remarked  senteiitlounly,
n this diary," he said,   "ll is written      "What  is   ihe   iicxi   move'.'"  Hem'
,ii a language you would [nil to under- frey asked.
-������and. nm it is all like print io ine. "Hod, I should say," Tchlgorsk!
Everything is traced down from the suggested drily. "As far ns one .an
llrst o�� the family catastrophes to the Judge we are likely to bio u im.-:-
attempt by means   uf the bees. I day before us tom.rrow.  And d
at anythin
Things  That  Help  to  Make  Up  the
Sum Total of a Real Farm
There ure  very  fi w  words  in  i he.
I Kngllsh language as dear as the words
homo   mother,   homo    und    heaven.
Not enough farmers puj as much at-
li'iiiiou in milking tlie farm a real
home, as .liny ought. Nol onlj lho
"house" bul the whole farm should
he looked ii)>< ii nu "Inline." und plans
should he so laid as in bring Ih" Linens flelds constituting the homestead
under such manngemeiil as io nol
only   make  them   profllnblo
I .0,    w Inn  I !i" lisll..lions nu  his rlghl
and   I.ft   hud   retired,   he   rallied   his
'own   butlallon  ngalii  and   ngulu  mid
j led bis men forward lour limes, The
lasl   time  he  I'll iiii  ihal   reiiiultted,
��� oil; i: i iu ��� ol nbotil 50 men, in ii mn'
I gnllanl   uiuiiner,  nnd   was   killed  nl
their head.
j     li   wus  mainly  due  lo  his  bravery,
| untiring energj  und spelndhi luudi r-
!   Illp   tlllll   I'i"  line ul   Ihis  pollll   was
I'liahlid   in   check   Hi"   oilellty's   till-
\ llll""
t'npt.  Anlekell    Monlray  lleni
Nm thumptonsiiire  regiment:
During Hm lln I utlaek near Mul
lueli on iii" morning ol Sept. '.'.'. ai-
I hough pal-iiiill) gin sed, t'npt, Head
wiiii mn si i era] times in order io
rally purlieu of different nnilB which
were disorganized und retiring, lie
I: d iliem back in lhe firing iiii", and
uiii'ily regardless   of danger, moved
war is popular in Huston, because it
means ihe rooting nm of German Influence. We Americans are alto-
I cthl r leu Bllliplo and < n- y ahou:;
iin""��� IhillgB, and wo would do well
in ponder the ��� onclnston proved by
Helglum's hiii'i' oxperlenco:
"No country can with Impunity
grant in iiornums tho sum i advan-
inges H grants In other run luners.
: in e (ioniums employ l.hn ntlwui-
���:.--.. derived from hospitality for
imis iin,i arc hostile to the country
ilml grants them sbelicr."   Prom ('ol-
I    lie,"!.'.
.it**,     tl ' t'-llt   ll       IV tMIID HI      I 11.'        II   l T-. '"������.'        "k'>"'        ���������"       ��<" ' "      ���!���'������ ,,,. I ,.       ,,,,, 1.,'.      il,,..,,       ,,,���, .til -.ii     .      Ml       ���!       I Ml. i . , .       .
There are letters from l.iis.a contain- you be surprised at anything you sec        ., '       ,, "t    t,   ,,'' l'""!''' "J��-mUcM   ��-. ���������>'lf''' move,,
Ing inst.'ucions  for  the  preparation or hear,    li  will be all iu ihe day's ;   ','''  " '  ,' '   ,'    ,',,     ,.iii "    Ireely abtnii eueoiirnglng them under
etc rtnln drags and poisons; in fact, work, as you Kngllsh say.   I om going ; ."���'!  ;l V   ,.1"���i'��� Ii inr. "   ul"",1'"'".,1"^'    ""   ��'���"'  'V?rlul;?
ere Is everything" ' to He up In hiding here, bul  I ahall cd "'l|l;' t'1'1'  ' ."h ,K,')'" ��� ,'' . .   ,',?'! I voundod whll   currying out llila gnl-
-"o   hat we are rid of our foes ut turn up'when lhe time comes.   Goo,l-U��   "'; �����*. ones alt iition   us    hej ha.i  work.   	
��� ,,^,.,'. nieht" pnsB, ami ll in glass, uavi un buiiu.i ,    Corp. .1.   I).   Pollock,    5th  Queens
'""No,   n.,U_.    'n,- nrineess  is eu���-      It was late when Geoffre,  rose the smooth and lawn like    alter   bebg 0,yn  Cameron   llighldnd,rs:
"Not  quite.    The prim-ess  is cun- It Wi,K 'ale when i
vni;.   We shall have to extract a con- following    day. end  the  family  had
.--ion  ii'imi her;   we sliall have to long  had  breakfr.sl   when    he came
get her and lier two slaves together, downstairs.   Mosl of the family were
It Is ali a, matter of hours, hut  we still In tho breakfast r.oiu or on the
shall have to be circumspect. If ti.e terrace in the sunshine
..p.   .1.   II.   Pollock.     .Mil
smooth and lawn  like    alter    beb.g Qwn  Cameron   lllftliltiud.r.
mown,   l.i.l lhe fence i orners be neat-'
Ij     mown,  with   no
along I hem; plant soi
berj unci flowers ahou
and allow  no  broken
hedgerows  left
i" ii s, shrub-
ih" biiildingB,
down wuggoi.
woman linds she is unified sue may
bo capable of a bitter revenge to tin-
to do?" Geo!
'\ihal are you
sy asked.
'We arc going
sail) ��� v. u\  wo came," T
plain id.    "We  are  going  to bii'.w
ur uncle Kali h our find,    for the
"���-���"iu ir is not expedient thai Ser-
is Tchlgorsky should come lo'lii'e
"How is the visitor''" he asked.    .''}' "|,|1iBI'*'llll!:
"Mrs. May seems very queer," M:v, ! K"!'l' L1!�� ]      :'
Gordon explained,   "She complains ot
a sort of paralysis in her lower limbs.
Ai  ihe same lime slm refuses to see
casLle I a  doctor,  Baying  lhal   sho  has   had
igorsky 1 something of the kind befon "
Near tho llohi'ii/.oil'. in redoubt
Sept. .7, al aboul U noon, when llu
enemy's bombers la sup. rlor aunlben
wero succesBfully working up H\j
trench toward  liolu n
standing   about.  ���0]i.ru redoubt,   Corp. Pollock, aftei
itoclt in 'i-  obtiiliiiiig periulsRlon, got  oul  of the
il feel ashamed trench ulone, wnlked uloilg the top
contrary, be a ledge wltli lho ulinost coolness aim
elongs  io  you,; dtsrc.nril  of danger,  and  compelled
dltlon Hint y
to own It, bul on ih
little  proud  that   ii
when ymi exhlbll  ii to your friends, i Gio   enemy's   lionber
Ml of these things help io multo up boinljlug lliem' from
The box wus locked
������>(".'s sh account for h
iiefi'."' said Geoffrey.
"Oh, yes. Of course sin
you wore missing and bei
that everybody from the
in the beach.    II   was g
r pre
i Informed
cnstl ' was
more and '" "1(> oaaen. it was geltlng dark
replaced, and then Hi- two burglars when she saw two-straugo susplcious-
orept from tlie house. Thoy had nol looking men coming ibis way. Sin-
disturbed anybody, for the supper fell sure that they bud designs on the
windows of th" farmhouse were all house and followed them, she tried
in darkness. n> get someljody  lo assisl    her, but
A brisli walk brought them to the could nol see a soul anywhere. T'loit
castle. I pstnlrs a dim lighl was still isl"' I"" "" u,al rlUGer 'lr""* ;""! ''"""'
burning  in   Ralph   Ravenspur's   win-1 ��n here.
iw. The liu'ut flared up al the signal,
"The  two  men  entered  the
in total of n real [arm homo
The orchard and garden also come in
us great aids inwards making the
I'ni'ni housa iii" most desirable place
on earth, for when wo write about
tho home, 11 is hardly possible to
think ol any other bul lhe farm
house, because ll is nearer to nature
and thi tilings that make life so
charming in lhe country. Vear by year
aid Bomething Lo make tho lioir.e
more dear. I". II. Dow, in tin- Weekly
retire  by
.   lie   was
i   lire   Ih"
I    '''
l'Gndidl s Spavin Cure luianow
l'i.eiwr//'Hri< for/iuMian use. Us
jumelntliinrpowcrqulckj)' relieve -ivi nines,.;.r��inH.biui-
.-.;. unit nil !' ous "f lain
ncss.  ll i> iui-t ^������ls.l yoi
ore its
id a few minutes later ihc two were 1"'"' ^o swept after them.   Thoy
i" win-
eeati il round the lamp, whll"
dow was darken"'! again.
Kalpii sat stolidly smoking as If hi
How to Develop the Highest Degreo
of Vital, Nervous aud Muscular
under   lieu'
whole lime.
Tcmp.-Seeond r.ii ul. A. .1 T. I'lem-
ing-Suudi s. "n I l-'.a i Sun- y regiment:
Al llolien.ollern redoubl on S"ei.
u;i Second f.leut. I'*lcming-Suudes was
sent in command a company which at
ihe time wns in a very critical poi i-
lieii. The troops on Ills right wero
retiring uud ids own men, who weie
much shaken by the continual bombing and machine .ami Iii", were also
beginning to retire, owing to lho
shortage of bombs. Taking in tlio situation al n glanc ���, he collected a few
bombs, jumped on in the parapet In
fall view of the Gevmans. who were
only .i.i yards away, and throw them
Although very severely wounded al-
.   'most at once by a bomb, he struggled
Snakes   throw   off   their_ outer  skin;.,,, i,js ree| r.nd continued to advance
onco   a   year,   Human   beings   change land Hire* bombs until ii ��� was again
iverely woundc'.
Temp.'Second Lieut, K. ll. Johnson,
ui six weeks. 17r0 Kb id Company, R.B.:
I'ho-value of a clean skin in main-'    in the attack on  Hill TO on Sep!.
covered  her end    one  of  theni  gave
her a blow on the head that sluunetl
lier.    Will n  si nine  to ber senses
had not moved for*hours', lie evinced again Bhe was lying in Led.    Wasn't
not lhe slightest  curiosity as lo ihc jit plucky of her'.'"
success of his companions. Tchigor-     "Very."  Geoffrey  said  drily,    'but
Kkv smote him    n  tile hack   with  un-   whore  is   Marion?"
wonted liilarlty "Marion, like yourself, seems to bo | their .skin perhaps nine tunes in a year;  severely woundc'.
' "So you have been successful?" he  lazily  inclined  today,    li  is so very   thai is, they have a new skin about once      - ���
croaked. unlike her;   Indeed,  I  fear liie  poor  '
"Ob,     you    have    guessed  lhat!" I child   is  anything  bul   well.    Tho.
Ti higorsky eric.I.
"It was a. mem matter of time,"
Ralph replied. "11 was bound to
come. I knew thai from lhe llrsl day
1 got hero."
"All very well," Tchlgorsky muttered, "bul ii was only a 'matter of time'
till me  Ravenspurs  were  wiped  out
lot mid branch."
"Ymi knew the day you got here'.'"
C!i offrej exclaimed.
Ralph turned ids liiBerutabli face
to the r.peaker.
"I di i. lad," he said.   "I came home
l 111!'!       in      ..,��> I II.II'.       lllll        \\ I   ! '. I HUM'             .     .               ,                          .                                                ,                      I                                  "
quiel   people   always   feel   lhe most,  taming  health   is. not properly  under- 25, Second Lieut. Johnson was withe
ami  poor Marion   was  greatlv upset  stood by tho majonty of people.   Clean- section of his company of lho ltoy.il
yesterday." 11'mess is a part of health.   You can- ISngineers.   Although wounded in tin-
Vera came In al lhe same moment, not he healthy unless you are clean, leg, he snick to his duly throughout
She had a merry word Of two for not only externally, but also inter- ibe attack and led several charges on
Geoffrey   as   to his lale appearance,  nally.    '   ' ' the German  redoubl    an    at a very 1
She had not seen Marion as yet. "Run I    The  blood  should  also  be  assisted | critical time,   under   very heavy flr
���tins tin n used T y h^rw-
inr.n, vfUirinarians, aud
farmers for over :!���", vrats.
Its win tli liHskvn/ae,rtf,
for spavin, splint, curb, ring-
tcuc and iho many oi-t-r
hurts tin (come to Pom s.
���nil Iiii', letter from .hum.* 1*.
Wilson, Kingsland, Eos..!
"I hao used yom Sp���* !��� C-.ir��
io Jui .can. ..itli t*. ..ct resulia for
anil lir.-;f..i].l liiiinj
it vciv Ratiilactary.
1 Kcodalri
in i'ure ac
any dmggist'9.
Fur hor-is SI.
bottle���* Un $">,
HOc.-llfOI $2.60.
tkoon ilia
r free from
Ot. E. j. unnn tt}
Mburg Fails, VUU.S.H.'
New  York  to   Eat   Horse  Steaks
Horse steaks aro   in    prospect In
lip lohcr room, ilieri- is a dear girl," I occasionally,   like  Hie  skin,  iu  throw-1 repeatedly rallied the men who were I Now York.   The board of health has
said Geoffrey.   '"This sort of thing is 1 ing off poisons 'so that the system may  near him.    By his Splendid example j repealed a. section of the code  pro-
not like. Marion; I fear something has   not get clogged ami leave a weak soot, ami cool courage 1,.; was mainly in-
happened io her." for disease gen,,.-, io enter llu- Bysloin.  strumental in saving Hm situation,
"I wish you would,"   Ravenspur ob-  When  the blood is clogged we .-.uffci-      Second   Lieut.   A.   Ik   Turner,   lira
serve.l. from what is commonly called a cold.   Princess Charlotte of Wales'   tltoyal
Vera     disappeared  only  to   come |    Dr. l'ieree's tlolden Medical Discov-   Parkshlre)  regiment:
i ascertain how lhe thins waa work-  ''nek presently  with the information j ery   purifies   lhe   blood   and   entirely
"i r  Vermelles,  on
hlbitlng the slaughter of horses for
"Horse meat is without objection
ns a fund," said a New York hcalt'.i
commissioner. "II can be made a
valuable and  cheap  addition   io  the
Before I slew the first nHit un- 'hat Marion's room with empty, ana   eradicates the  poisons that breed  and I Sept. 28, when the regimental bomb-   tables of Ihrlfly persons, and u horse
'    ' li.   thus  cures   scrofula, ers could make no headway in Slug  generally Is so free from disease as
!er the old roof i knew the truth.
\n! I came In time guided by Hie
tan i of Providence to savo the first
"/ a fresh series of Iragedi:  .
"Vou wonder v hj l did not - p :ak;
you have nsked me before why 1 did
not  proclaim  my   knowledge.    And  I
that her bod had not been occupied, i feed   iii
She held a little envelope in her hand,   eczema, boils, pimples and other erup- Alley Second Lioul.  I urner volunteer-  to need less supervision than cows,
."I can only lino this," she said.       ' lions lhat mar and scar the skin.   Pure I ''���-' ,0 leacl n new uomblng attack, II"   hogs or sheep."
Rr.venspur snatched the letter, and I blood is essentia] to good health.   'Jlie I pressed   down    tho    communication |    New Vork is the first city  iu the
tore II open. weak,   run-down,  debilitated   condition | trench   practically    alone,    throwing | United States to permit the sale ot
"Extraordinary,"     ho     exclaimed,  which  so  many  people  experience
"Marion  -ays sho bus found ti clue to   commonly  Iho effect of impure l>lor
replied thai   lie   wide  world  would | the troubles und Is following it up at  lioelor  Pierce's  Gulden   Medical   bis
have laugh il nt me; you would have  once.   If -he does noi come buck till | covery
been the llrsl  to dei Ido mo, ami the
��� -,i- si i  " onld  ha ���   l n v anted.  I
kept my oottii icl; l world il on like n
mole i ii'" darl . and when I hao
something to go on, Tclligorky i ame.
Before you arc inal j hours old t thi
miscreants   ��� ill sum | confessed."
Tcbigorsky nodded approval, lie
..as deftly rolling a i Igarette bel v . mi
i long lingers.
"Ralph i ��� right," he said. "We have
nulj   in fire  the mine now.    Cy  llu
bombs   Incessantly   ivPh   such   dnsh j horseJlosh for food
and determination that be drove back
the Germans about 150 yards without
a check.    Ills iiclloti i labled the r
serves   lo  advance   with   very  little
onco.   if she does noi come back till  eoverv not only cleanses th" blood of  ;l euecit.    ins acuon euauieu me i-
late '.,.' are nol  to worry aboul  her,   immtfities  but "il increases ihe activity  ,8en'ea   ',��  -",vanc(!   ��'lth   vel'5'  ii,nr
Strange.   But I have every c Idonco 0f n,.. blood-uitking .lautU   ui I It en-   1,ISS' ami subseqiienlly    coiered  nm
In the girl." ;;..i ".tholbodv ��i li aft abumluit wonlv 'l,a,lk   "   '"',  l'"-"L"1"   '"   lta  retlre-
"May she not come to harm:" Vera 0f , ,f,e rich bio 1 " lu,.el,t' t!nUi pro,,ul,1} nvcn'tlni! iUnss o��
s��Ul fervently, \   |akc'H M llirec'lcj _-,, it ���;��� bbA ������� ""(' ��[. X'    r",   '""'
"(Ih    I   line,,   ne! "     \!c:      ( iirtliui       ,    - i a.    ill   olluer   lias   since   lied.
"���   '   ���" "'    l'1,1'      ���"'"���    nuiuon  out  impure   afid  poisonous   mallet  in
red.    'Dul   wdl   mis   mystery   and  th0 B|0m_eh, liver, bowels and kidnevs	
misery  never mid." anj lU.-yi. ;,  !r���m ,|1(, BVStcm i|ir,.tigli      An  old negro was    charged    with
the natural channels | chicken stealing, and Hie judge said:
CHAPTER Llll. j- wjjj ,,|.:ir,|.|,i,. in(0 ij,,. i���;ni�� audi    "Whore's your lawyer, iinclo?"
A  Little  Light I _i_acl��s. and .!'������'   '  i tho poisonous ac-      "Ain't got none, judge."
Mrs.   Mu...  Princess Kara, Iho brll- cumulation,   liud blood ii driven out.!    "I;ul  .vu" ""-''L lo have one." re-
".laines, can't you let me
I wanl lo���"
"There you go again!" exclaimed
iiie husband, "it is always money,
money! Winn I am dead you will
probably have to beg for it."
"Well," replied the wife. "1 will lie a
whole loi heller off llian soitio poor
women who have never hud any practice."
lias  :i
way,  Ituliiii, you  wero i lever to get  Hani  mystery  who wielded so greal   It will "tirn_.li v ui ���.'��� li ii :ii, pure blood ! turned ihe court,   "I'll assign one to i nclary.
���'������m key." an  Influence over the destiny of the I full of vh Ifoiee���  i-.�� liud thai increases I deftfnd ymi." ! 	
"lOasv  enoii'-h."  Kalnli  croaked.    "I   bnusn  nf   Uavensmie   lnv   on   line  h,���i 1 ��..��>_..   .,,'.i     ..:...    ,u...   ,���,,;.,,  I     "\o.  sail,   ti...  sail,   lib-use   don't   do I *���
I'uilue    Your  wife
will of her own.
ik���Yes, and I am Hm so|e bene-
"Easy enough," Ralph croaked,   "I house of Ravenspur, lay on her bed
knew iho woman would lie uneasy
aboul lur pupii':'. so I gave her n
��� iucIi of Hie cordial on her litis am!
".,;;��� Ill her to iu's s.i i:M-:-. a certain
.... ss nger '��� uo skill lie nameless was
smiling  faintly  iu   tb i   I'm o
encrav  and
Mrs.   tlie entire bod-.
:.  that rejuveua
American Plan���93.00 nnd up; $4.00 with imih
/ ,   ri n' Hie lamest and mojt comfortable Hotels in the Dominion ol Canada, ���:���> .1:
I J  (irst'Class,  The Queen's is well-known,   too roimr, 120 ." .ui'r win, bath; loan
^^   distance Telephone n every room; elesanlly lurnlshed throughout: cuistne and service
of the hitihest order ot excellence.   Is within easy reach oi r.iUav station.   Hold coaches
meet al! trains.
No,  salt,  n
j din," begged the defendant.
Gordon Ravenspur, who stood regard-] _^  ,    "Why nol'."' persist .1 the Judge, "it
in;; ie. r with friendly Bollcitude.   Mrs.      Bein- iu lie- light, Australia lias to'v'ou'' eosl J'"u anything.    Why don't I
Gordon had no suspicions whatever;   recruit" her nianhood,' voung or obi. .:���'"" v''!',u n lawyer?" \
siie would lone trusted any  one. All  BeUd ii  forth to battle, and keep oni : ���' :
.���- doing  so   uutliiie'.iitigly,  even   ilum.li   '
     | the ^strain  were protracted until she |'
was  ready to stagger mil  full  from
weakness, Wc can nu more meet a| Ximly per cent, efficiency is claim-
call I'm' fresh i n'oi'i wi!h a noil pos-1 ed for a n"��' KPgll .. 'iteatu boiler
uiuiis than a llgiiting mnu in Hi" rile; : under wliicli a mixture of coal gas
inn drop Iiis bands before tlie round i and air la burned through a line munis over. To di so would imply abso- tie of some extremely heat resisting
hue  dei'eai   nml Biirreiidor.  A.stralin  subBtance.
is  contending   for  her  freedom   ami'  ���	
her future, for all that makes national Lead pencil manufacture iu the
existence worth Laving, und, one L'nlted Slute3 is consuming "3,000.1)00
centred upon the quarrel, she, like feet of lumber annually, of which
t!i" gladiator, must fight ii oul ro [ aboul one-half in estimated to l
long us sli" can stand and see.���Th
M dbourne Australasian. away
Murine if prepared by our Fhy-
gfc.^   ��� alciaiifl, ss uped  for
*"��i'1 many I'c.-u'H in their
"%ej practice, new dedicated to Ihe Public ani
ens Hotel
\\GU.     ..u u   i;n   juu.   .h'ii-,'.'.     :,uii ^-y^ ^n^s^A-^'J i<�� the I'liblic nr-J
o olil man confidentially.   Ah wants W\|i|jrPvPVoWl>yYourDruBgiBt.
v enj'y clem chickens rnuliHolf." B VllKJfcl UvTryMurlnotoRefresh,
I Gleante, --'ill StrcnaUion Eyea after enposure iu
Colli Cuttinjf Winda and Duat and lo restore
healthful tone to Eyos Uedtlened iind made iicro
by Overwork nml Eye Strain.
Some b.oodmtnded Physicians use and recommend Murine while others perhaps jealous of its
Success, talk nnd rush Into print in opposition;
thou Whos* Eyofl need rare can guosa why, ������
tJiorr is no Prescription feeln Murine. Just hand
your Drusrsist 60c and you have a Complete Vlv.
Eye Book���Murine Dropper���nnd Corli Screw--
ready for use. Try ii in your Eyea nnd In Hal.'���
Eyes far Eye Troubles No Smart ing -Just Eye
Comfort Write for Book of ihe Eye Fre��,
Muiina Bye Keinedy Company, Chleato
[i-a l wasted  in   sharpening   or   throwing!1
away ahorl riids. '
W. N. U, 108fi 21
Local Option
Some  Facts That  Prove  the  Good  EC-
fects of Prohibition i
The good effects ol locnl option In I
Canada are so ivondorful that If thoy
j were thoroughly   understood,  people i
i would rise hi a' gr0ti| nine of rebel-
ion agalnsl tho i ni mious burden of
Of the liquor 11.1 tl it-. We don't need
to depend on uny man's say or tlioL
i stall ineni  nf persons  who might  be
don't  you  have  th�� good  of your
fiinii^r ol  heart?   Don't you want
to  get  fur  your   family   tlio   very
bost?  For internal   ailments���the
beat medicine?   For sores nnd skin     Prejudiced.    Tho   last  census  report j
diseases;   the besl ointment?  If so,     1D1- B��'M tacts thai  would eonvlnee |
get Zain-Diik, Mothers who hnvn
used SSam-Buk say there is nothing
to oqieil its soothing, healing power
In (_S'>s of akin diseases and in-
'urios., nnd nothing 80 suitable for
icusltlve skins,
This is because Kani-Biik Is composed entirely of medicinal herbal
essences and extracts, anil is free
from the poisonous coloring matter and harsh minerals found in
ordinary ointments,
Children, having onco used Zam-
Ilult, will cry for it when Ihey
met with an accident. They know
how quickly It slops the pain, nnd
I'm n for liuriii, cut., Iiriiie'i. skin
injuria., pita. pdrniA Idoo.-vulion, ulccri,
ehApp.d li.iiil. nml cold .'.'"-'<
SOc, Im., ill .1-111.1*1*1 si' Hnm-Buli Ot.,
any 0110 whn.se  mind is open  to con
I vielion.
I    That   reporl   gl.ves    tho  following |
number ui  convictions for crime per
I ten thousand population In each province,    Priiie-    Edward    Island   I.I.
I New Brunswick 11.8, Nova Scotia l-l.g,
! Ontario 25.fi,  Manitoba 27,0,  Alberta
: .0.6,   British   Columbia   42.3,    Tliosa
I figures show   thai   Alborlti  and   Brit-
I ish Columbia, w hlcli hud no locnl op-
, lion, had nearly forty times ns tnucli !
crime ns Prlnco icdwnrd Island, which
! hail   no lloonses,  and    m er    eleven |
I Mm
Prof. Frankland demonstrates lhal COD LIVER OIL
generates more body-heat
than anything else.
pure oil is so prepared that Ihc
blood profit* from every drop,
while it fortlflei throat and lungs.
If you ar. aubj'rt |o r0!_ 1,,.,��_,
nr foal; if you Jttrrr and catch cM
rully: i.lrr. SCOTT'S EMULSION
for nut raontk anil tv.lrh its vood        ,
��� 'frill. I
Eggs Will Be Dear
Great Opportunity tor Development or
the   E.g  Market  In  Canada I
I'or   the first tiin.��� in n numbi r ot I
years  i ens   have taken  n   [iromltu Hi
place in Canada's i xporl trad i.   This i
is  largely  due  to the unprecedented |
I demand for eggs on the pun ol the
llritish market nnd rhe fact that i
British dealers have shown n marked
preference for Cnnadlim onus ovor
lulled Stales eggs and a willingness
io piij u distinctly highei price for
I    So ureal, iu Fact,   has been the demand   thai  Canadian   dealers     have'
.hipped  practically  all  of the  available Canadian storage product to the
'old country, As a result, there is nol
In Canada at the present tlm. Buftlc-
ient eggs in storage to supply homo
I consumption  until    fresh  receipts In
[appreciable quantllle. begin to come
' in.
Quantities of eggs rrom the United !
| States, however, arc being Imported
into Canada, some In bond for export,
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relitf���Permantnl Care
Ll VER PILLS nevei
tail.  Purely vi-flct-
nble    act suicly
but (irmly on
the liver.
.Stop ailel
gestion ��� improve  the complexion��� bogSt-a
llic eyes. Small Pill, Smalltime, Small ?<ict.
Genuine must b._r Signature
Limes as much crime ns New- limns-11 .hnr in.M.mo in   Mlii-_a_tn I bul Ihe Inrgor part io take tlm place
wink, our nexl driest provlnco. Mo.o JLaDOr lnc0n,e m Minnesota���,  ,,���. Canadian    prot'.uei    exported.
notable still is the fact thai lho nuin-                           On account of the keen demand for
ber of convictions for crltuo in each Larger    Profits    From the  Farm ot Canadian    eggs    above    mentioned,
province  are   In   nlmosl   exactly   In-           Morc   Thi1ll  Averane  Size United States   eggs can ho laid down
verso  prnpuriioii   to  Ihe  atuoutil   id i    ,,.,         ,                  ,. .,'     .'      . in Canada at Iho preseui time, duty
I lie  hi'-!   measure nl   lhe size of a
fiirin'a    business is tho    number of
hours of man ami horse labor annual*
,J:'i'""'!1'1"1'   ') '  of Inbor consists,tlTey _hou,d    ,,���    ,���,;,,���,,,,,
I"   ,'"    �� " ol'nan labor or twenty consumers accordingly.
101 " ��   '""������" l"l""l'     .���;l1""' llK'<"H    On  tho other hand, the Canadlai
13 ""' nmo|ml  oi  Hi" larm  proiluco |milPkc,  .,,  Ihc  present time  I-  r*n
local option,    Tlm mora local option
the li ss crime, tlio less local option
iin v crime,   Finally thoy prove
conclusive!,!  Hun the caiiso ot nearly
Iall tlie crime Is drink.
|    These are startling fuels, bul there
I aro  mail)   others   which   show   whn
[than the price   at  which   Canadian
S arc selling for the export, and
by    l lie
fools ami blind we have boon lo sub-
mil lo be bossed by this lyruiii thai
dolles nil governments and has shown
I iis willingness to sell lho country ti
household, and of larm
llrm  i'or  Canadian   "specials"
s not
C_c��_������� '" J rsN.n.1  tho  im-
_lf.tl~i��.   Biitli-factloii ...in ed ormone"   "icnso   bunion   ol   taxation   that    is
refiuiiled   ikmI lier 26 cmt.     [._-   Rami   Imposed   I'll   'is   bv   tills   brutal   busi-
sit���p,7S_c.nU,o. ic. sirop, $i.so   _.ij | nosa.    II   has  recently   been   shown
us  il   by
i xperrscs aud lutoresl  on  th
menl  ul   live per com.
From records taken from 400 f
liie'"iieni'i'iius "n,liiei'"liinn"_ivc'' up  '? J^o county, Minnesota, il appears | i'-'hi^'melllls I'haUii-h' prices wiii'hni'e!
that .limns will,  .'ess than 200 units  ������ j,���      u,  m C0Il_utuing centres in
0 labor aimuully gave lor Incomi      ,     , , ,,..���,. (il,��� g. ���,,.,. s   ,
01 Wi   ������**���  " """   - " ,; plies   from   local   points.     Produces
luldi tho production of wiili
I enough  in most instances to supply I
nn_s the demand at. local country markets.
if  labor
a  labor Incoino
and farms with mori
Is of labor gave a  lul
The efficiency of man labor is
may thoreforo doflnitoly   expect ret
" ?L?n207;��'lmle ,nl,'ni8 "i"1 ""���"'!' -'Tlsoiiabiyihigh prices during tho period I
I.,    's  eidleeied   111   lhe   nine   ,'1"1"  "'."J'?,-"1   1"1""' gavo  n   hl1""'  ln'   of  low production   I'or fresh  gathered
' come ut ."Hiiiii,
M-.k.���Canada Huu��c.., irawaiicaa, Maafc
tel>4, Canadtt,
 jwoiiiii   sintes  are  slxtv    per  eetit. | """',1'"',���?.""''���        . . I eggs that will grade "specials
higher than In tho eighl prohibition j me olllclency of man labor is even Ti|(, ,luogll0l. ������.��� heon raised as to
-i.ii.s. Think of It, sixty per cent. V010 -mportam than the amount oiL.hclhel. ,,���, pilonomenal demand oni
of lho tuxes going to produce more I ""','  'M'"'."'���'     ' ���'.   labor  income t|10  part ���f tho   llriiish  market   for
poverty  I crime,   Suppose wo say Fatllally  lnR-ease'-   l,'"��l ,.*"���   ��'1-ovo Canadian  eggs    will  continue.    This
thai iu Canada 11 is only half of that,  ""'    ,"'''s  '" ,l>'""  "':'," ,'"'', "  !'��,al  depends entirely upon the quality of
r" -     why  do  we  si ii   to it?    In  1012  jrcro i,500 or loss, to ?l  wliero tlie cnnadlan eggs oxported.   Canada lias
[il  was shown lhal  the liquor traffic u?'!ns ot each_man were more man  iron)B_,i0.lg possibilities us   t gg*|
otintry nine timos as much "���'"!', '':',.' _r ���'',''....,,   .     ...      ��� 'producing country.    The  poultry In-
M-^r -.
...���,. r.���uiiii( ���-.. dk.Lici.iikc
ii BKii.H.MrsTi.iDtosnoji.KKa
.n IMIKAflOM WIL. ��... lut.
Gei many's Vain Hope
cost Ih
us the revenue received from the business ami although ihey had been
freely published no one lias attempted to deny Ihe figures, tu several
places  ii   has  been   shown   lhat   ihe, ,
criminals, paupers, and orphans cans-1 eoiiplotl with  high    laboi
,1, inn each year.
..-,[ of which indicates thai a farm dusM-y"'ishnrpre.onl l.'in" a'mcrc''friic-
businoss ol. more than  average size  (i������   ���. wJ|at ���     ������., , ,,���   ,(  ,. a|cgJ
gives opportunity lor
of iniiii and  horse labor, and a
business of more  than  nv.orngi
eh leleu'-y
From tii- very opening of the cam-led by the fiqtibr traffic cost live times I'"'"!"s l"'0-"8 "��� larmlng
puigu���certainly since  the defeat  on   as  much  as  the  revenue    receivedi 	
the Manic and the failure of Ilinden-j from Ihe business,
burg to destroj  the  llusstan armies      We  would   respectfully   ur
-the one  hope of  victory for Ger- active measures be taken without tie-j victim.   Whal can be moi
many Iras lain In the break-up of the lay to spread the truth and so counter
coalition  agalnsl   her.    The Hrmness acl  the  Hood    of    falsehoods    being
with which II has stood the shock of | spread   bv   the   liquor   traffic.   Whal
war  h
ests und objectives of the allied powers nor the heavy strokes  dealt  sue-;     XVh,.n   ..   ���������,���..,.  ,,,,,,,
eessively by t.oruiany at Belgium and K-Tlihlngs and fretting of
Prance, al   Itussia  and  Serbia luivo,'
been a
therefore, for those mosl Interested In
"!'"   the   development     of  his    trade   lo
���"���"Mmauo lhe besl  possible use   of iheir
'"'���', present, opportunities, nsd by careful
supervision of the quality of Cauud-
         ��� ���  ian  (gas  going forward  io  pave  lho
Asthma Victims.    The man  or wo-  way  tor an  extensive and  profitable
that man    sitbjecl  to asthma Is indeed n oxporl  trade In tho future,   Toronto
terrifying Globe.
We have been making matches
for 64 years now���Domestic
and every other kind.
Some of our specialties are
a-flinch stick-"THE EDDY-
STONE TORCH" fur out
door use���"WAX VESTAS"
for the smoker, and other
For home use the mosl
popular match is the "SI LEINT
5," htti for everj use-
Ueanstd and Bonded De��l��c"r*
een  hitherto    remarkable, aboul a Uncolii-1 Poster campaign?
necessarily varying Inter- ���II. Anion, \l.li��� M.ChP.S.
, ,   | worms a1
shnlte in any degree eilh- c���~- no
from   the
child that
troubling it, she enn pinner  remedy  than   Miller's
Mothers Of Little Ones
No mothfir ot young children slioiili
It pays to ship your cram to a r-.fiab_��
Commission l-'irui. li'-t*. attenttoa ;��� '*��
to consignments.
QOODERHAM   5   MELAOY   CO.   '-""O.
Cratn  F.trVitn^e. WlotUp-t^
er ti.;e unity pi aim or the conviction w<)-n, PoW(|crs, which aro guaranteed     ><In'1   Oldy   Lady���I'm    sure   yen
than 10 suddenly  be seized  with paroxysms ol cliolilng which seem to fair-1
ly  threaten  the  existence  of life It-
self.   1'rom such a condition Dr, .1. D.
lvelloge's     Asthma      Komcdy     has
brouchl manv lo comnletelv restored bo v.iihoui a box of Haby's Own Tab- Shtotjbamuel spunk, Pton��_�� C��_i La_-
moufeiu nniui  in     uuinii  ii   ii-.ioii.il i .,,���,,���.���  .,,,,  ,���,,||,,,....  i,���_i.   mu_.nM.rch.nl,lor but rualtt.   _,���..��._��-.
health antl happiness, Ii Is hnown lots, lhe rablols ale motnei s^ best j_i"fw.tch.d--s��le. nud�� to but ��_nm-gr-
nnd prized In every Beclion of this rrieiul and arc as good.as a doctor in I .Prompt irtumi. Tryiu. Shieolm bill. o�� 11 ���_-��
broad bind lho house.    Concerning them  .Mrs.   I*. 206 Gr_n Eichanf., Wln-t-Kt,Mm.
, I Wttrger,  tngersoll, Ont.,  writes:    "l|   Rei���en<if'-Liriion .nd Ro- _ b.-_.
have used Baby's Own Tablets for tlio
of victory of the    Entente.���Undon  t0 lotMy ox���ei wams rrora ,,,
Daily -\e...- antl ueatlei. torn.   They may cause vomiting, but
 ������ ���                   I ibis need cans,   no anxiety, because
Parent   Wheji    1   was a   boy,  you it Is but a manifestation of their thor-
know, the 'doctor said il I didn't stop  oilgh work.   No worm.; can long exist
smoking  cigarettes  l  would   become where these  Powders are used.
feeble minded. . 	
Hopeful - Well,    why    didn't    vou I TT  ������ .    _���,
stop? Hollows in Eggs
For Years, Restored To Health
by Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
won't  mind  my a_kin_' vou.  but
you a relet Ire of Cum. Jones of Jttid-
ford ?
The Officer���lladam,    I  am  Capt,
Jones of Mudford.
Ship Your Grain To
Kind Old  Lady- .Mi. then, thai  ac- Medicine Co., Brockvlllo. Out,
pasl    eighl   years and  would  not   be
without them,    I  can  highly recom-
niend them to all  ,,,,.,he, of you,.,, S^^nX^^;;i._^f'C^
children,      lhe   lablets are sold by  ,,,,.,(���. ,|vt��� l0 Jrjdj���,.   ub.i.t �����_<-
medicine  dealers  or  by  mail  at   L'." | m.d..
coins  ii   box  from  The
jr. Williams'
I Reason
_     __ * Aii elderly gentleman- was observed I Grain Rxdiauge,    ���    ���    ""..^.ip-i
lading rather nervously in a depart- Minnrapolis,      ���      D.l'.i'.h
A parly of tourlst-s in Ireland came ment store and tho   floorwalker   up
couiiis for lhe cxtrao-'tti
For    Air Spaces  Found  In across  n  natlvo    whitewashing    the preached him
; euit�� Bnn front of bis house. "Anything I can  do  for you, sir'.''
!    ���.,       . y    m I    "Halloa.  Pat,"    said    one.    "Why1
l here is an air suiiee in every egg, aren't vou whitewashing lhe had; as
but wo notice ii particularly in a bofl*|woll as the front?"
led  one, because the    contents have
M.0...1 it 'T-s_��
"I iuive lost  my wife." main co_*ii..ion _����oh_mt.
"All,      yes.    nu>tiril_lg   goods      LWO    GO. Gr.in F..d,.n...        - Wi���,.���i__.
.flights  up."  promptly responded  the '
.    "Well." .said Pat, "It's just for tlio floorwalker thccontinental grain co. ltd.
i pceii made solid by cooking and made samo reason thai vou   aon'l    put a                     tlcemed.Bondod,..Udu *��������_�����-__t.m.gi��-o_��
the hollow space more apparent. This  front on the bank of your shin."            Minard's Liniment Cures Colds etc. h*""1 Adv.nc.-Pr.mpi r.un,..
spaco is a provision of nature so that                                           |                         . ������� ����*"< tttiuu��sm.
| the chick which grows  within the j        r . CK   OIJ, MONFv- The president ���i: tho university had  , �����'">"���__?.: ~ = _*.	
���shell may  have air to breathe [rami         ^ALN   Ul*  MUJNJ.X         I,.,.,.  f!i|.(.1(,ri   , ���,. Jlis    (,yos ���  1|( ri,l-l-toll-ta,Wto*u��-h
Was a Godsend In This Case          (cheek was pale, his lips trembling: he !? '���"' .ii��f*��i'...od,��>po*len:��d Cotao-juw*
tho lime it comes to life until it bo-
(ionics sirotic; enough to break ihrousb '
iho shell to the outside world.        j    it    ig not always
To genorate life in the egg it is -money is a bonefit.
necessary thai   II  bo subjected to a     This lady owes her Health  to the
| wore a hunted expression,
that a lack of     "You look ill," said his wife.
I is wrong, dear'.'''
''Nothing much." ho replied. "Hut ���
_ .,.,.,,, .������ .   . , , .   had a foarfnl dream last night, and
Canadian women arc continually writ* -' da}'.. When this Is not done, the vuncc lho fee demanded by a spec!...* ��� [eei this morning as If a_ If 1- -"
tag us such letters as the two following, I '��fB remains Indoflnltely In its raw igt to treat her for stomach trouble, u was ovldcnl that his nervous sys-
Which areheartfeltcxpressionsof grati. !s!."v   ",,"^"   ! m .   ,,   ' .,"! I"-Ck?t lu lolli"s �����' ber case she says: tem was shattered
hide for restored health- ?'     , "'""" ""' shel1'  'vl'i'1'  ,v0,,ltI     "' had bees treated by Tour differ-
woe ior ratoieo neaun. havo been used up by the chick it the ent physicians, during .m  vear, of
Glanford Station, Ont.���"1 have t��* | oggs had been set  to batch, begins | stomach trouble.   Lately I called on
I certain degree of heat tor a period of fact that she could not p.y In ad- t���hi
121 days.   When this Is not done, lhe  vuncc lho fee demanded by a sped,..* i re,
"What was tlio dream?" asked his
kenLydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Com* to light for its space, and pushes tho I another who told mo ho could nol that- that l should���-thai I sho
**5" ���;*" ;r* ��� - - \ pou nd and never !""'"' ���*ontonta oi the egg back, ieav-j euro me; that I had neuralgia of the pass lho freshman examination fo
-���        -4*-*."j found anv medicine   "'^ ""' linli("v .V".<'<: | stonuieh.    Then I  ivenl  ton  snecinr-; ndmission:" si-bed tli.- president.
'I--! dreamed lhe trdslecs required
to compar..' with it. ;  ���������
1 had ulcers and fall- '     Minard's    Liniment    Cures     Diph
Ing of  womb   and l thcl',a'
doctors did   me   no
Isl who told nic I had catarrh of t
I stomach and said ho could cure me in ��jW���r�� 0f Ointment, for C-Urrh That .
I four months  bul   would have  lo have Contain  Mercury
I Ills money down,   1 could not raise (. mercury win surely destroy the sense
ihe necessary sum and in my oxtrem- ot much   aici  completely  derange
Home, alway. read). I�� buy youi I >** oo U.cb.
MS Grain _��cbiii��i!. ��� Wn��i-)*<
Huomohifo L��WER IN PRICE
nupmOOUC     Greater In Value
G-ltlir i>i*ri!il'.|
���Woed'a _-Jio3plio-ia9.
Thi Great Kngf-'*h Utmtdti*
wjr 'Jt Tones nod iaTigorileJ th��� whofa
Sjy-..gfc : ������; v ' i�� *���.**���-. i, wiknS Cir Blood
*"*��� **^in  c: i  \ .m.',   Cures iMtrvom
Chestervillo, Ont.
medicines highly praised, and a year ago
I began taking them for falling of womb
and ovarian trouble
across the sea.    Nothing can Chang
"1 heard your kho love nnd offectlon lhal the natlv
born Britisher has for his home land.
Tho yoiniK Scotsman, aged oighlean,
who  travelled  6,000  miles  from  lho
w",",., ",".",      .    ,        ��� ..    .,__   wilds of lho far north  to enllsl    s
']I.y.1'-t,Sll'C|'il'nt',!'1;',al,.fl,.fl.t,meio,il.v an example of wl:
and just before my periods which were  irishmen,  Scotsmon, and   Welshmen I
irregular anil painful it would bo worse.
no I continued to drink it allliou-li 1 Ji,"-,?.' ,������' 'J,,,1,*1',"��� 'P''''r��"*,:,'i'.""' c,":'."', i '��'��� troops by land and water a mosl
had reason to believe n was injurious   ^.timonial. frco. ' '   gratifying record  has  been achieved
to me." (Tea, also, is harmful, be- Sold by Druggta-u. rrtce. rsc. per hot- . by limse in charge. There have to
cause it contains caffeine,, the same tlca'..u. ��_��.. r..|]v �����,. ,���r .���..��������� far been transported by rail 225,000
poisonous drug found In coftoo). "mtt  tlon* ' on����P��-   men  and  ont   of  this  largo  ninnbi
when I hud Postum to shin, io it was, there was only on- fatal accident, On
the   ocean   there   were    transported
hat hngllshmen, dtfteront.                                                  Clalhint Major���It's glad I am to see I the  ocean  then
, .                                 ,   ,            "To my surprise I did not miss cot- vo about  again, ine <i��iir lady:  but  121.M3 men, Including 1,290 to Her-
To.lt rlor-n ,.,���������,] m,  n��l- >n��� .nfl>_*  i    '''  ,i 11 11  -m V I      ""i''     i             ,'! r' c K"v" > l'"''''!'1 to ,llink -'<*stt!!n.        what  was  II   lit:.'   wus  troubling  le'.'.mudu and St, Lucia and 1,871 brought
To sit down caused mo pain and suffer-  samo blood that loves freedom and     .,,.������-������,. ,,.���, ,���  ��� Btcad,iy .,���,, Bure.     convalescent-] was very, very III,  back to Canada.   Oul of a I On naming and I would be so nervous somo.  fair play courses through tho veins ,   k|1]ln   ������. .,,-, , am.{ ruI|J. ���,���,.-,,     ���,.���,,, ptomaine poisoning,      her carried on the oca:, there was
times that 1 could not bear to see any ; oi lho men ol  ( anada.    I hey   may ; ,_0 _.h(U ���.a8 |]o|n_ .. |)lU|, , _���,, .,_,, i    Mfl.( r   i)(i.u.   i|ri|1.     ���._.,    w,mt | ���ot ., Bingic ���, cir\, m.
-n�� or hear any one speak,  Little specks  n, '���;V   n      ',',       ,u' nmu changed to Postum."   Name given by with thai an' delirium tremens vou
would ilea', before my eves and 1 was ,"'���'. '.':' ,'," '"", s'"",',':l!  atecii.   1 uo Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.  nevi r km w whal to cat or drink now
always constipated.       - i'oi   ,,       ��� i! r''! ^'Ini^'h, i i!'','     Postum coils In two forms: Ldays.
"I cannot say too much for r.vdia E. :'    '" ,, ? omnlre^Wni ne.  TH        i    Postum Ccrsa,1 nlhP *"'i-in:" r��rm 1 	
..mi   iiii   ompue.   Winnipeg   inour.e. )nug.  ,���, wel|  boiled.    15c    and  25c      Why suffer from corns when ihey
packages, can   he  rooted  out   by  using  Hollo-
"Aw, aw," said SnoblelRh.   "Uiniie!      instant  Postum   it   Boluble  form��� wny'a Corn Cure,
Pinkham's Vegetable  Compound and
Liver Pills, for tbcro arc no medicines
like them. I havo taken them and 11 *)e aw���very unplensanl for vou
recommend them to all women. You maj Americans lo be���aw���governed bj
publish this testimonial."-Mrs. Ste* , pooplo whom you���aw���wouldn't
1>HEN .1. MARTIN, Chostervllle, Ontario   await to dinner."
W. N. U. 1083
"(lb. I don't know," said the American girl, ".\o more so litaii for you
to he govt mi il by poople who would
not ask you to dinner."
dissolves qulckl) in a cup of hot
water, and, with clean, nnd Bugar,
makes a delicious beverage instantly.
"in- and 50o tins,
lieHi   kinds  are  equally    delicious
and eosi nbt iii the same per cup.
"Thero's^a Reason" for Postum,
���sold by On cars,
A ScOiCh minister In need of funds
thus   conveyed   his   ildelll ions   In   his
"Wool, I'rh'iids. the kirk Is in ���, inly
in i>. i tl of siller, nnd n I v. .��� haw failed to gol money honostlj we will have
to sec what a huzanr win do for u_."
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget
Hub Ono nighl while yon were
away I heard a burglar. Vou thouhi
have s.'ii mo going downstairs three
steps ni n time.
wife (who knows him)���Where was
ho, on He. roof?
HUM!. TREATMENT   Draco!,,  van- dlaoaac.
and writ, tor fi ."  hoot, .nd I -��� '.,���������-..:_!-.
The Courtenay Review|&alslet��
And Comox
] Adv
Weeky   New;
.   1'u
lie.l   at
nay, ll. ''���
.   II.    Holll'N,   1
and 1
BCrlptlon St.fin
pel   \
'ear :
, 1916
letters   addressed   to
tters of   greater  length
will not bi delivered.
Red Cross Work
more eases of work
>ss were packed and
While the Gerninu newspapers
are telling of the kaiser and his
armies marching on from victory lo
victory and relating daily new exploits calculated to stir the people to enthusiasm, the fuel that
Gel ninny actually is on the verge of
starvation is becoming daily more
apparent, The conclusion is not
founded on thestnlemnts of alleged
" neutrals," whose impressions,
necessarily aie biased, but is based
on reports of the actual conditions
as related by lhe Get man press.
The I.nilysmitli Chronicle says ���
" One thing can be saiil foi Mr. J .
\V. DeB. Karris' speech before tlie
members of the Vancouver Forum,
and that is, Mr. ['arris knows less
about the Vancouver Island miners1
sttike than any other man in this
province, Statements made by men
likeFarris are likely to do more
injury to the cause he espouses than
anything else.''
 -��.<��.��_ ������
TheCit* of Nanaimo has already
passed a by-law to borrow Syo.ooo
from the Bank of Commerce in anticipation of its tax receij ts for this
year. Nanaimo evidently does not
believe in keeping its treasury
emj ty all the time.
li.d id   Ihc
'I   pair
nu Saturday last .
done lor the Red Cr
sent to Victoria.
'I'he following is
sent: ���
���li pairs of sock:
from Comox,
29 pairs pyjamas,
1 do/.eii handkerchiefs.
.vi roller bandages,
29 triangular bandages,
s 'l' bandages;
I.! chest bandages,
16 grey llunuel shirts.
5 lied jackets.
.* paiis milts.
.* pairs millets,
7 small pillows,
lb square wound dressings.
" do/en loug wound dressings,
19 hclp'esi case jackets.
M luce il..lbs.
2 jute | ads.
'file foregoing work  win done  by the
I following:���Mejdames  fielder,  Stoker,
i Campbell, Anderson, I'. Duncan, Will,
Duncan, W. Mcl'hee, Conic, Premier*
Hast, Vigors, M. II. Pierce, t'.lazliiciok,
Clayton, J. W. McQuillan, W. Parkin,
Dnycock, It. McQuillan, J, Parkin, Beaton, Cairns, I'airbiiru, Mclntyre, J, McKenzie, I'erton, Peterson, Irwin, Gray,
Morrison, Masters, Johnson and I,_dger-
1 wood; also lhe Misses lieuton, Criiini-
sou, Collin, Freeman, Walts and Kiuu.;
aloo all the ladies attending tlie working
parties lielil bv Mrs. II. Idiens, Mrs.
Cnllill,   Mrs,    Kirkwootl,   Mrs.   Ilulmr,
i Mrs. Hickman, Mrs. Iluilcv und Mrs. W.
The 102nd Butt, is to have an of-]
ficial paper, to he  known ns " The
Reveille,"   the   first    number   of
which will be issued in a few days,
Our  Soldiers
March, March, March,
See the soldiers inarch,
They arc going to fight
I'or King and Country
And fight for Victory.
Far across the sen
Our brave soldiers go,
To fight in trenches long and deep
O'er mountains high and steep,
And light lor Victory,
Remittances to
British Prisoner of
War in Turkey
The Canadian Government has
received notice from London that
the Secretary of State for Foreign
Affairs has been informed bv the
United Slates Ambassador that the
Turkish Government desire that in
future remittances of money not
exceeding fiv. pounds from private
persons lor British Prisoners of war
in Turkey should be despatched to
the International Red Cross Committee at Geneva for transmission
to llic Ottoman Red Crescent Society at Constantinople, by whom
payment to lhe recipients will be
effected and a receipt returned to
the International Committee at
Letters and parcels should also be J
sent to the International Red Cress
Committee at Geneva for transmission. Such letters and parcels are
post free. Money should be remitted bv International Money Order
which can be obtained al any Post
Office and which should be made
payable to the International Red
Cross Committee at Geneva and
sent on with lull name, number,
and regiment of the prisoner of
war lo whom the money is to be
Information has also been received from the United States Ambassador that Prisoners of War in
Turkey a'e allowed to wiite   only
Broad plains, and
fertile  vu
Ami thickly woode
d land.
Our brave soldi' rs
For tlie enemy tied
r al hand,
And light lor Vic.
Amidst the cautions firing
Our gallant soldiers stand,
With their bayonets pointing  forward
To meet llic German bauds,
And fight for Victory,
What a grand time there will   be,
When our   soldiers   return u from
o'er tlie sea,
And proudly shout
We've knocked the Germans out, |
Ami won the glorious victory.
M. Jean Beasley. |
Courtenay, H, C, Feb. 14, 1916,
Editor Courtenay Review
We have been instructed by the
noii commissioned officers mess of'
the Courtenay detachment, 102nd.
Battalion (.Comox Atlill) to write .
in vou to express lhe- appreciation
of the Non-Coins and men for the
[generosity arid goodhearledness of
the ladies of Courtenay iu providing Us Willi cube uml t:iu for Ollt
; Sunday meals.
The rations wliicli we-  draw  are
good, but there is a certain   same-'
uess aboul them which renders any
change such as provided for  us by
I the ladies, very welcome indeed, so
that we are glad to be able   to   return lhanks for, and to   show our
| great appreciation of these- gifts.
Sergt. T. B. Cave.
Corp. A. N. Mow.-it.
-��� ���*�����>.���?-	
Lord Alverstone, known as Dick
Webster, wlio recently died was as
Spring 1916
The Following
Now on Show
Ladies House Dresses
Wash Skirts and Middy Suits
Shirt Waists and Middy
Silk and Satin Underskirts
Dress   Goods
Dress Ginghams
Dress Muslins and Ducks
Waidsook and Lawns
Gab teas
Towels and Towelling
Spring Models
now being shown in
C-C a la Grace
Courtenay    Hotel
Comfort  With  Modeiato Rates
Best Wiles
nnd Liquors
Royal Standard Products
are British Columbia Products
ROYAL STANDARD PRODUCTS have been proven SUPERIOR to all others. Thousands of llritish Columbians have attested to
this SUPERIORITY Poultry products-Food products���Gram
products - all - right up to famous WILD ROSE PASTRY ELOUR-
the first essential is QUALITY.
is unquestionably, the very best bread flour it is possible to secure
have been highly endorsed by the H. C
build mn Province by using ONLY (lour
made in British Columbia nnd that ROYAL STANDARD
Royal  Standard   Grain
Products  Agency
F. Movitz, Mgr.
The Mightiest Photo-Play
at the
Opera  House
great lawyer cud judge. When
once asked what he hud enjoyed
most in his life, replied, much to
tiie surprise of bis questioner "the
couple of pints of beer I drank after the Oxford and Cambridge buat
race "��������� Daily Sketch.
Admission 15c
Good Music
one lettei a wei k limited   to   four' fine a type of the true English gen-
lines, aud that this regulation  ap-1 tlemcii and sportsmen as   lie was a
Through Passenger Trauns lea ve Ccurte-
nay 11:35 on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday for Victoria] and  Way^ Stations
(RETURNING���Arrives^ Courtenay af|
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship ticket; flon[all$liues to all parts
U ' of the world. Foi (particulars etc., address
Dial. PaM��kf|er Anon!, Victoria
Agent Courlrtiay, Phone Rl'O
We have pleasure in drawing the
atteiiti ni of our  readers, especially
the industrious working class, to u
letter received by Mr,    Idiens from
our M. P.,  Mr. II. S. Clements.
I louse of Commons,
i Utawa, Jan. ,\\, 1916
Win. Idiens, Esq.
Dear Idiens:��� Yours of 22nd
inst., received with "The Review"
newspaper clipping expressing your
views on watered stock companies.
I heartily agree with the sentiments
expressed and I have long fought
against and objected to companies
US they were allowed lo organize,
especially in British Columbia, with
the vast amounts of watered sleek,
thereby robbing the small individual subscriber. Personally I would
not invest a dollar in any company
with any watered stock whatever,
and if this were carried out it
would be an incentive and a pro
tection to the working man and
otherwise for the I idlest protection
for his money invested, and a boon
to the province generally. With
the vast amount of taw material.
of all kinds in   British   Columbia,
Courtenay  Tailor Grippe!
Ladies, and Gents Suits
Suits $27 up       Pants $7 up
I Overcoats
Cleaning a
SI. 25
.in       Dresses l.'l
,75      Overcoats        1.25
Repairing, Ktc,
Cents clothes kept ill order by the
month S-'.'i1
Haney   I.  Kushida
The same building as  Robertson's Drug
Store, Union St., Courtenay
and h proper organization of healthy Industries it ought in the near
future bring B. C by far the paramount province of the Dominion.
The suggestions have and always
will have my utmost support.
Yours truly,
H. S. Clements.
This letter floin our respected
Dominion representative speaks for
itself and needs no comment.
We hope that all the other members, both Dominion and Provincial
will fall into line with these honest
businesslike sentiments and then
there is a bright future for B. C.
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and   Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil Compound $1
Wild Cherry Cough  Mixture
Drug Stoie
^ Phone 30
-        �� $
Letter to The Editor
Editor Review.
Sir: ��� I have been reading in the
few weeks past the very interesting
notes of your correspondent, Mr,
Idiens, which in my humble estimation appears very favorable.
Now, sir, when we commence to
study the question of that prohibition I think we shall secthepower of
the Government is very limited
wdieti it comes to controlling the
desires, and regulating the thofghts
of the individual,
I would like to usk wdicre does
the frcencss of the country come
in if the Government is to have the
power to dictate what we are to
drink or to eat or wear. I suppose
should this come to pass, we shall
have tin- vegetarians wantiug to
cut out our beefsteak. Then again
there are several millions of .another seel who believe it is injurious to eat pork: however they have-
not commenced to agitate you to
cut out the slice of ham.
There ate many things of mole
vital importance to the human
family Hint needs the attention of
the Government outside slim h
drink. The wisest government
will Drovideconditious under which
people are able to net plenty   to eat
und drink, What be should eat or
drink should be the function of the
Gra'ificatioil    of   desire    is    the
mainspring of all human action.
the escence of human existance,
what things the individual desires
he will have if he can get them
iie may desire some things that
are not good for him, possibly too
much whiskey or too much coffee.
No matter how vou talk to him
against lhe intemperate use of cither
he continues taking them till he
become nauseated, or until h sown
experience lias convinced him that
intemperance brings more pain than
pleasure. Such results cannot be
ga ned by prohibition, but must be
left to experience and education-
People cannot be made good by
law; a hoodlum cannot be made into a gentleman by passing a city
Man is neither pood or bad but
what he is as the result of his en-
voirnm.nt. A barroom, a butcher shop or a church are in themselves neither good or bad, but are
wdiat they are as a result of the
prevailing mode of society in which
they exist.
The Prohibitionists say 75 per
cent, of all cri ne is caused by
strong drink. Such statement
shows an utter lack of knowledge
Oi crime. We never hear of a
drunken man holding up a train or
robbing a bank, and very rarely
bear of a drunken footpad or highwayman.    Then again,   why   is it
they appear in the winter aud disappear altogether iu the summer,
it is because there is more beer
As a matter of fact a large majority of all crimes committed are
crimes against property and are
caused generally by industrial conditions
Again if we consider violation of
prohibitory law., as criminate we
should find that circumstances in
proportion as we enact prohibition
legislation, 1 was reading in the
News-Advertiser a short time ago,
where a minister was speaking in
town in Saskatchewan and how he
expressed his sorrow at seeing so
much mote drunkenness since prohibition cattle in force.
This reminds me of the ancient
Hebrew legend which tells us that
nil sin nnd death and nil sorrow
was brought aboul by f?ve eating
of the prohibitive tree- It appears
thai as soon as they were told that
they could not eat of a certain tree
that fruit became Iheir only desire.
This characteristic seems prevalent
in human nature today. By experience il. would seem that any
attempt lo prohibit tile use or the
sight of anything only stimulates
the desire to get it
Yours truly,
X. II., Happy Valley
Church  Club     '
On Friday evening last the
Church Club had a very successful
patriotic evening. Mr. Win. Duncan read a very informing magazine article on "The Outcome of
the War " The chief feature of
the programme, however, was _
carefully prepared paper on Lord
Kitchener by Mr. Burnett The
sixty-six years of his career were
reviewed and when it came to the
point that he is still a bachelor the
knitters present were anxious to
know the si/.e of his boots.
I.ord Kitchener was born in Ire-
laud yet is no Irishman. He entered Woolwich Royal Military
Academy at eighteen. At twenty
he was aiding the French against
the Germans in the Franco-Prussian war. He received his commission and did survey work in
Cypress and Palestine.
At thirty-three he was attached
as Captain to the British Army in
Egypt. Me was one cf the staff of
the expeditionary force that ascended the Nile in the fruitless attempt
to save General Gordon. He was
promoted to Colonel and then to
Sirdar of Egypt. Three years later he begun his advance into the
Soudan which ended so splendidly
in his great victory at Oindiirmau,
September J, 1898, He received
the thanks of parliament, a  gift of.
30,000 and was cicati(1 Baron   Kit
cbeuer of Khartum.
When the Boer   war was  in pro
gress it was   only alter   I.ord Rob
erts and   Kitchener were   sent out
that   order   was   brought out   of
chaos.    Only when every Boer had
either surrendered or left the conn-.
try  did Kitchener   give   up.    i'or,
this he received the thanks  of par- j
liaiuent   and  a grant   of   51,000'
Taking no rest, we next   hear of
Kitchener's   appointment   to  the1
position of  Commai der-in-chlef of
the British  forces in   India.    This
post he held for seven   years,    He
left India in 1900 aud was promoted to the rank   of Field   Marshall
He   was   offered   the   position  of
Commander-in-Chief    and     High
Commissioner of  the   Mediterran
jean.    This he refused   and made a,
tour of inspection   of the   forces of j
the Empire,
His next appointment   was British    Agent of    Egypt and    beheld!
that position when llic present war:
1 broke out and he was made Secretary of War, His record in eighteen months has qeeti unparalleled,
lie hasiaisid and equipped an
armv of 3,000.000 men. It took
tin- Germans forty years. Lord
Rosebuiy has well said, "He is our
greatest military asset." It is the
Iuniversal judgement of all British
people, whatever happens, Kitchener must not resign.
It is  confidently   expected   that
whether sooner  or later   when tlie
present   convulsion   has   subsided,
the greatest    honours   tvill   go   to
I Lord Kitchener of Khartum,
���     �������� ��� �����. &-      - ���
News Items Always Welcome
If you have a bit of news,
Send it in.
i Or a joke that will amuse,
j        Send it in.
I A story that is true,
An incident that's new,
We want to hear from you!
Send il in.
Will your story make us laugh?
Send it in.
Send along a photograph,
Send it 111.
Never mind about your style,
if it's only worth the while,
And will make the reader smile,
Send it in.
One million and a quarter pounds
of halibut were landed in Prince
Rupert during January.
There will be a celebration of
Holy Communion in S. Peter's,
Comox, next Sunday at 11 a   111.
McBryde's Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun  Block
P. McBryde fur almost S years with   Marocclii Bros,
begs to announce to tlie community that he has opened a Bakery antl Tea Room at the above address
I have had a technical training in tlie Kilmann :k
Bakery School and Glasgow Technical, Scotland,
under the best masters, ami hold a first class certificate, upper grade, in the technics of bread niai.i: g
and a first class certificate in baking confectionery by
the Master Halcers Association I cm assure the public that the bread and caKes made by me will be manufactured by the best methods xliown tu the baking
world today and will lie pur?, healthful and ap] eti'sing
Hoping for a share of public patronage
Remember the address     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
The Time To Act |
The old saying has it ' thai there
is 110 time like the present," That
this applies with telling force to the
selection ol good dairy vows, will
be admitted by every thoughtful I
dairyman. Selection may be made
on the evidence of certain well
known external indications of g8o*d
milking qualities with special attention paid to the udder, loin, s' in,
barrel, etc
But no matter how skilled the I
expert judge of dial y 'quality' in
a cow may be, lie is not infallible '
as to the amount of hard cash that
any one cow in the herd will earn
in a year. He may be, the ordinary
dairy farmer, too may be considerably mistaken in his judgment.
One system will give him accurate
results, that of selection of dairy
records. It is easy lo weigh the
sample, it is easy to add up a few
fi'juics for each cow, it is easy to
compare such totals, and it is eminently satisfactory to know for certain which cows best to keep and
breed from.
Now is the the time lo act, prepare
to keep records all season; write the
dairy division, Ottawa. I'or free
milk record forms, either 3 tit l'es
per month, or daily. You wi"
never regret it.
Advertise In The Review
Lessons given on th': Vi tin
and   Musi
G.   B\R R AS
Riverside Hotel
.    "
Cannot be done any
sr ar
else i
B. C.  than at the
Courtenay Review
The Water Question
Four Good   Mouses,
water    and    electric
light in each
Apply, MRS. WM.  LEWIS
SIDNEY,  15. l.
FirstClass Plumbing
Hot Water an IS
Jackson __ Whittle
Phone ()
Barrister   an.!  Solicitor,   Notary   :���������      :
1'. ().  Box .   -
Phone 24 Courtenay
Expert VVntchuiaki r   Q 1
s selling Spectac'es  in
glasses  from  $2.50 ;   r pair
Including sight testing    E i h
eye tested .
correct vi.ion
The Courtenay Jewelry Store
.'.   i':.v TO   '
.   ���::
Sand and Gravel
Kates Rea _< rial
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guarauteed aud Sold at the Lowest Possibl
c Price
Blacksmith ard Carriag'* Builder
Gef'More Money" lor your F�� ves
Muskrat, White Weasel, Beaver, Lynx, W  Ives,
Marten ami other Fur hearers collected i��� >..ur ictlon
SHIP Yoril PURS DIRRCT lo "-HUBERT" the .iron)
house in the World dealing exclnslvcly In N0R1II AMERICA*. RAH HRS
a reliable���responsible���sme Par House with an unblemished reputation existing for more than a third of a century " alonffsuc*
AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for "Zix fttrabm frlupprr ������
the only reliable, accurate market report and price list published
Write lor It���NOW-Jt*. IHKK
iptC 6S CHICACl , I       i,
��� r..��� ior ���������.���.������"* ���11
A.B.SHUBERT.Inc.^ ���the review. eoraimEY, B. c
 j German Soldiers Depressed
-   --^Tnrl"
liars Saved   By  Bovril
IJovril used in tlie Kitchen means dollars saw.I in
tiie Bank.
It makes nourishing hoi dishes out of cold food
which would not otherwise be eaten. But sue that
y(* get ibe real thing, If it is not in the Bovril
bottk it is nol Bovril.    And ii must be Bovril.
A Low Dentil Rate Remits In Large Profit*
Wat 11.ems : ��� s 'li in .-'i "I surplus
Hoscl Office    Toronto
S.H.    Write lor Memo Book and Ctrculo.
Leave Your Worries on the  Train
When business or pleasure takes you to a large city, yon nre much concerned about convenience nnd comfort. V��ti can enjoy both at (ho Walker House, "Toronto's famous Hole!."
The mamigemenJ have tor years been making a caretul study ol the needsol the Travelling
Public. Everything Ih.-: makes lor Comfort, Safety and Convenience is our polici. Convenience
is a natural asset owing lo the splendid location, a minute's walk from the Union Station nnd
within the heart of the city's business activities. Comlortis assured by n large and perfectly
trained stud ol employees; and a detached brick structure open on nil sides with every modern
convenience Installed stands for ealcly. The rales are very reasonable. C.ive vour baggage
checks to tin: Walker House porter, he will meel you at the train. Kates .$-:0 p.-r dav up,
American Plan: 51 nu per day up, European I'lini.
j Huns   Now   Realize   That   Tliey   Are
Engaged In a Hopeless
in   ihe  Vpres district,  Llic German
���soldier is i�� ;i slut,, of iie..|i depression.     TllOTB   are   mntlv   slfTUS,      I.lltlo
lidilies      Of      ill sellers    llttVO    lieennie
much iiii'i'e rrei|iieiit Tlio saying In
civilian Germany that "no olio coiiiob
'..;e Ic I'riiiii Vih'i s" pervnlls In tlio ;
ranks, ami even tlic hull' humorous ���
r. marks shouted rrotn lhe Ireiiohes
liullcato a state of dlsirttesl The
weather nnd (earful slate of some
___ of the li'enelies are ill purl the cause
'��� t of ilils, bill Hi" real reason Is the sup-
 I pi}  nf artillery antl munitions.
The (.termini  Is  m iv   ub\ lously beginning in feel ll  :���' balance ho.
elituigeil and his Inferlnrlt)   is llkcl}
I rn   he pcrmatienl,   li    is not well lo
lay nver much sir. ���. on n fi w deser-
11[oi - i r iiie confessions ol deserter*!,
1 or even on llic libs, n 'e of ofl'ensb
Iin.vein   111".
Hut ii remains lhat n wave ot deep
depression la over many 11 d inuns In
; the treni lies ol one ���'��� de iiud Itutiorl
I mn district, and our   ��ere novel'
i more cln crful, In spile of snow and
slush and cold and rotting sandbags
awl fren,iteiil landslips.
Geo.  Wright  &  Mack Carroll, Proprietors
Until   I..irtii-i 1 \ Westerners
Muscular     Rheumatism   Subdued,���
When one is a sufferer from muscular
I'lieiiiimiisiii he eniuiei do I..Her than
in have tlie region rubbed with Or.
Tiininas' Ivlecirie oil. i here Is no oil
Lhal .-'i speedily shov i ffecl In siibilti*
Ing pain. I.ei the rubbing be brisk en I
ci iillnue ninii i .i.-e Is secured. 'I hi re
Is more virtu,' In u bottle of il than
can he fully estimated.
I*or slgiiiilllng between iierophmes
tliere has been Inveuti d iippuralus foi'
blowing line black rtn i from a reser*
voir by Hi" exlmusl fn m tlio motors
Stole a Telegraph  Pole JF_L*OSt Gt'tS Bird M��l in  sucn _
A   private    In    the  2nd   Cameron dashes.
Highlanders   glvi ������    an  amusing ex- I   ' _.      ���
iiniple of the c lollies   of our men ai   German Aviators Freeze to Denth in i    VA-lieii n factory recently wr.s built
the front.    lie writes: i the Clouds | jn   Maryland the    ventilation system
"It wus in the trenches in Prance,      Owing to llic Intense cold, Oerman  pipes  were  placed    inside  the  rein-
uml the wood for keeping tho lire lu U*r gCOuts are  becoming  less active  forced concrete supporting columns.
was  running  short,    and   tho    men n*. tuissia 	
didn't know whin to do, when an In-      Thanks' to   the   bitterness   of    the'    Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
verness chap enme to the rescue and  weather, one Albatross  machine was'          ,     ,
asked    tho    captains  permission  to captured  bv  the Russians absolutely     Oswald    My love for you Is like the
;ake down a telegraph pole from 1ho  lntacti    [t'was  observed   over    the  deep blue sea. ,     ,
captain sad Husslan lines, and was allowed to get      Clarissa   And   I   lake   il   with   the
"}''  In '���' Joke ho saltl  W6i|  tu  (hf.  reRT ht.,:oTt.  ���   Russian corrt-spouillng niuouul ol suit,
-"ii that one,   point-   flotilla  ,,,-   aeroplanes   mounted   out
liiiiin |(.llt  of|. jts ,.etreat| iinil concurrent!
"*? l  tile artillere became btisv,
would venliire- oul     thai sain.' unlit
ill.,    and  .lapane-i
back of one ii" nei.
lu   couldn't,
'You can lak
in.;  to one  in  front  of the  (I
parapet,    litilo  thinking    th"
Brimful of sustenance
First  Recruil    What do you  ihink]    The money spent on liquor ia Can*
of the Major   Bill' nt*a     would equip  and  maintain aa
Second Ite'crult ' lie's a changeable ���_""' ��( <:"" hm*?���d,���]\Xl]^ m2
i And vet. tor a gelflsh Indulgence that
kind o' bloke, Last night I says to does no good to anybody, this sum ta
'im: "'do goes there?" Au' lie says: squandered at a time when Canad*
"Friend " An' today 'e'ardly knows has the greatest struggle In her his*
m... tory oa her hands. -VancouverWorld.
nriiii'il   wii
lys went out and
The  Albatross soared
where   the   cold   must   hi
or G;
eg. oi
eturacil    untouched    will  the pole. llcrtt.   So0n it was see,, to be clrclln.
We   wondered    whal    the  OermansLiI_1..gj    _n(| ������_..    ��� ,||.|f,,. .,       j*
when they saw
descent,  quite normally.    Into some
marshes  behind the Russian  lines.
After u couple of hours' -n arch the
Knee Joint Stiff Three Ycarsl^X-T"-^.0!
Anyone would n irv<
e.y, writes Mr I.eotv
young mini well known about Chatham, i hat] inherited n rheumatic
tendency through m} mother's family, ami in my early days suffered
frightfully. About three years ago
the pain and stiffness settled In my
lefi knee joint. I was lame ami walked with a very distinct limp. Nerviiine was brought to my notice and I
rubbed il Into tie stiff .joint four or
live times a day. It dispelled every
vestige of pain, reduced the swelling,
took oni the Btiffness and wive mo tho
lull use of my limb again. I don'l believe there is a pain-relieving remedy,
not n single Unt_i.nl that can com-
pure with Nerviiine; 1 hopo every
person with pains, with sore back,
wiili lameness, with lumbago, with
neuralgia I do hope they will try out
Nerviiine which l nm convinced will
quickly and permanently cure them."
if Nerviiine wasn't' a wonderful
painless remedy, if Nerviiine didn't,
quickly relieve, if Nerviiine wasn't
known to be a grand cure for all rln u-
luiiiie conditions, it wouldn't have
been so largely used as a family remedy for th" pasl forty years. No better, Btrouger, or more soothing lint-
mi ui made. Oel the large 60c family size bottle; small trial size ,5c;
S'.lii by any dealer, anywhere.
seats, ;mil tl ������ m;.
feet condition, 'I
edl}   perished    lln
ul  my rocov-] eo*(l    aggravate,
.1   Lo'tham,  :, I
ne   was  nt  per-
men   undoiibt-
fh    tie- intense
rapid    moiioti i
through the air.
li is probable that the last con-]
selous act of the pilot was to plane'
down, that his and his companion's
arms being frozen, ihey were unable ;
to loosen the straps which hound i
them to their seats, and thai heart
failure from cold brought death. j
Nearly all  children are subject  to |
worms,  and   many  ure    bom    with
tIn��� in.   Spare them suffering by using
Mother Craves' Worm  Exterminator,
-��� besl remedv of the kind that cun
be had.
Some London East En I girls
(matchbox makers) were taken down
to Surrey to spend a summer day Hi
a beautiful house and a garden in a
lovely pun of the country. When
their Iiostes3 was wishing them
good-bye she said sue hud much enjoyed llielr visit, and one guest re-1
plied cheerfull}: j
"I expect we have cheered you up a j
bit;   il   must  he  deadly    dull    down
Millard's   Liniment   Co.,  Limited.
Oentlemen, Theodoro Dorals, a
customer of mine, was completely
cured of rheumatism after live years
of suffering, by lhe judicious use o��
The Good Roads Congress
Tlio announcement that the third
Canadian and International (loud MINAllD'S Ll .VIM I'XT
ii. ni Congri - i to be held In n few
u.i.i Lbs Is Ol ;-!.. . ;'. Interesl to .Montreal, nol only .. -������ the in ��� tins :
ar.' to be held in ihis city, bul because
ihi-' is said l" be II ������ (oeus of all the
,m..-., road   In tin  I lomlnlon, The two
tl -.o     deh ga "���������    from    Canada,
Am, rlca and thigh nil who have sigui-
ficil tin li I nt i; .. o; attending will
hav, object lessons In the . latter
stage, of theli journey here thai
should gh.' n de. ided lllllp to iheir
discussions.   Montreal News.
Th" above facts can bo verified
by v.riling to him, to the Parish
I'rii si or any of his ii, Iglibors.
A   COTE. Merchant.
St. Isidore, Que., \'2 May, '98.
���;*���  -��.i *.���.._"
i.v..,Jf - �����������-Xi ,r. .;'."���?���     ': ,-���-.  v;i-      "',.-���-"',<.;jr  i. ' ���./
l... .i A friend of mine win
makes movtug pictures bumped up
against his (Irst failure Inst week.
Dobbs-   How wus that?
Iiehhe ii.. tried to make a moving
picture of two old men playing a
game ol chess in a village store.
Pills  That   Have   Benefitted  Thousands.   Known far and near as a sure
remedy in the treatment  of indigos-'
lion  and  all  derangements    of   the ]
Women everywhere are
���praising this tu'eat food
curt', because it lifts them
out of this terrible nervous, irritable condition,
and by its reconstructive
influence enables tho
bodily organs to properly
perform    their    natural
">0e ii box, all dealer., or liMmanson, Bad". & Co., T.lil., Toronto.
Fur more women thnii men suffer fvoin nervous
disorders. And little wonder, when you eume to
tliiuk of the thousand causes of worr.v nnd anxiety
wliicli come daily lo the woman in the home.
Particularly to those who nre nervously energetic tlie many demands of society, the anmberless
deta-ils of home life, and the exacting attention
required hy tho children, sooner or later wear on
the nervous system,
You he.iu to worry, and worry upsets the
nerves. The more irritable the nerves heeome the
more you worry. And 11ms is formed a vicious
circle, and there is no end to your troubles. Since
the nervous system holds in control all lhe functions of the body there soon arises a thousand
little ills to make life a burden.
X'.'i'votis headaches, spells of indigestion, irritable temper and attacks of the blues lend to make
you feel miserable. You cannot rent by day or
sleep at nights, and what reserve force you havo
rapidly disappears.
.It may not be convenient for yon to j-'et away
for a change and a rest, but there is within your
reach Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, and there never
was round a nerve restoralive which could be eiiin-
���ptirod to it.
I'se Dr. Chase's N'orvo Pood regularly aud yon
will soon be able to tako a cheerful view of life,
enjoy your daily work and forgot to worry. For
with good health comes new energy and strength,
new hone and courage,
happiness and success.
totuach, liver and kidneys, Parme-
ee's Vegetable Pills have brought I
relief ro thousands when other specifics have failed. Intinumernble testimonials can be produced to establish i
the truth oi this assertion Onco tried
they will be found superior to all
oihi r pills in the treatment of the ais-
aieiit.'. for wliicli they are prescribed.
One of the faculty of a New Eng-
niiil college li lis ol ��������� freshman who
was ash. 'I by one ol the professors
whether he had proved a certain pro*
position in Kucliil.
"Well, sir.'' said the freshman,
"'proved' is a rather strong word ���
but I will say that I h.r.e rendered it
highly probable."
Br. Chase's Itcoir-e Hook, 1,000 selected recipes, sent free, il yeu mention this *>��*��. THE   KEVIJ-W,   COUKTNKY.   B. C.
Doing* Splendid Work
The   Work   of the  Canadian   Patriotic
Fund and the Soldier.'
The establishment of tho Soldiers'
the secretary is Air. r. \. Cochrane,
 ��� ' , parliament   buildings, Toronto,  is  the I ������	
.... ... ...        .,,.., first result of the report  recent!)   is i
tfircc Hundred and   nventy-rive  .Milium', ol Acres of Land sued   by   ihe hospitals commission, Famous  War Correspondent Tells of Actual Experiences In the
and ihe forerunner of oilier..
Suitable tor Agriculture in Canada, and There arc Only
Fifty-Four Million Acres Under Cultivation
The oaro of the soPhr who has returned to Canada, mutilated or weak-]
[cued a,- a  resull  oi active ssrv...
i'or Hfiet'ii    years before tlio war  lands, has ", 1,000 acres occupied and | the   prime duly of   Canadians.   Fori    IL is  11  splendid  trlbtit
Field,  and says that the French Army has Every Detail
of Fighting Arranged with the Utmost Cure
clinic iii IPH lo disorganize the civil- one-third  ol  ihis actual')   under cut- some months  the Canadian Patriotic  Alexander   Powell,   the   famous   war
i,: si  world    t'ttniida  had  been going tlvntlon.                                                Fund has been endeavoring lo on.ure correspondent, pays to the valor and
through an era of prosperity and m- To recapitulate then,   tho .Mtirltlm    that the men alreadj buck from Eur*  efficiency  of  the  French  armies   in
rclopmcnt  which    had hen equnlled Provinces ure cultivating only three* ope should   slitter    no    want.    This the Held'.
only once and never surpassed ui the twentieths ot iheir available    land, work has boon volii.tnrlly undertaken     "Wo    have    heard    a    lot,"    he
lilsinry of the settlement of now coitu- Quebec onc-fli'th, Ontario a little over by loeal committees   of tlio fund, al* .aid  In  an interview,  "of  the  effic-
tries,   lu the ten or fifteen years iui-.n third, Manitoba one-quarter, Rttskac I though In inns'. Instances their time Is  ieney  and  organization  of the  Ger-
mediate!)  preceding lho construction chowan a trlllo over a  fifth, Alberta 1 full'  occupied with th,  task of tnnk-  mans,   In my opinion, the French arc
ut' tho Canadian  I'nclllc Uallwuy, the I less  than  one-twentieth, and  British | Ing provision for the families of soid-  now equally ettlclont.   That Is a sub-
niiihi'e tvesl .unl tho I'acltlc s,opo In Columbia ono-iwenty-tll'th,    We haveners.                                                     Meet on which I wink I am competent
the    United States lllled up ami de- noi. all told. ;i_5,00n,U;!'.i acres ol land      Each Roldler is Interviewed at Que- to speak, for l  wat lied  tho  French
velojied with hitherto iinhenrd of rap sitllitblo   for agriculture    in  Canada, bee b;  a  represontt.tlvc of ihe fund, army [-row, so io speak,   I lone seen
Idity,    Tlnn   record,   up  lo  then  nn nnd  wo  have  under cultivation only I and a conJldentlf.1 roporl sen.; bj  the i It    from   ihe  .Manic to Champagne,
equalled "ns seriously challenged by 64,000,000 acres, or, roughly, one-slxlli   latter io the  patriotic committee ot which  I  left  hut  recently.    In  some
uhi- coiuury n quarter of a century ol It,   Is [hero anyone who will daro the lown in which the soldier is go- respects, Indeed, I think"the French
later.    For years we saw  (he packed to estlmato the wealth ihis land will  Ing, This series the iho fold purpose  army  superior.    The  Germans  have
ttnora swinging Into their docks In an produce,  tho  population   it  will  sup-1ot" protecting    Lhe    fund against the efficiency hut tho French have effic*
niioudiiifc In;" ami groat  trains loav- porl when II Is all tnlcen up, ali ylonl- greedy or iinsciiipiilou   and of glvinc lency  plus  the human  element,  und
ii^, by ill. scores and hundreds car ing the reward ii Is capable of yield, lhe local committee Information Lhat j tnat counts  for a  great  deal.   If a
rjiiij; uew Caiiiuliaiis lo now  Canad inv, for labor bestowed''                       i is helpful in  tinning employment for  French battalion loses Its command*
Ian lioiuou. For iho momofil  Immigration  from  tho deserving, N'ot every man who re-'ing  office,",  ii.  is   not    disorganized.
To control ami  direct  Ibis mighty across tho ocean is iilmo.l nt a stand* turns to Canada, wearing his  males- Every man knows his work, and, if
stream we wero forced to create nnd still, ami  lightl)   so.    Canada  would  ty's uniform is included in the Inlter  necossnry, is able to acl Independent-
si i up unnili iniicbiiiery.   How well il nm nl ihis Linio draw one man from category, bin ihe greal majority have  ],-.   Tbat'ls a factor which the Ger*
did ii". wirrli Fie Lena of thousands of the llting line to Increase lier mater- none their duly in the fullest degree, (mans do not possess."
acres ol rich wheal lands of Western lal  prosperity.    These men, Ifka ourl'l'o ihe latter ii lias been the privilege     Speaking oi  tiie German bombsrd-
L'liiiuda. uuly yesterday virgin prairie, own   hoys,   who  have    foregathered ] of the fund to presenl u small badge ment and occupation of Antwerp, .Ur.
iho   vw"ii built, prosperous towns   In | with them on lho flelds of Flanders or bearing tho words, "For service at the Powell related how tho Teuton wave
whal   were oul)  n deendo ago desert clsowhero, wherever tiie world war ls|Fronl."    The    men who are wearing swept over' what  was apparently an
place,i, hear maple witness. being waged, are lighting our battleslthese badges are   tb,  worthiest clll- empty city,    "At ihe  llrsi   word or
Then cams the great upheaval, the (for us,- spending themselves for lhe -sons lhat we can acknowledge. Like the German approach," ho said, "the
dawn of chaos over a horror stricken i salvation and welfare of Canada just charily, Iiini badge uhould he allowed people fled to the cellars. When the
world and Hie dnmming up, for lae _ tne Indian lighters and the pioneers to cover a multitude of sins. Germans came marching through Hie
time being, of tho Btroam of now life of old spent themselves, They are j The work thai the Canadian Pat*'streets,, there wit-, not a soul to he
ami new blood from nero: s lhe ocean making surnl'ght die paths toward our rlotlc Fund can do for returned sold-'seen. 1 believe that in; photograph-
to our land. future, and ii is the par, ,,r those of iers,  however,  Is  limited  bj   Act oi'���,,,. am- r  standing on tin   balcony of
Those  year,    of   rapid   settlement us who cannot join them so to pro- Parliament,    and it has been specifi-[t']ie  American   consulate,    were  the
were marvellous, but, after all, how vide that  that   pari of    the    future cnlly enacted that no assistance can!only spectators.    I suppose the Her-,
really sum 11 a pari of our country is which lies with in our power to regit-  bo given by the fund to "any person ' mans expected to see a great demon-1'".'"'. ��"          '."'.':      'r'"' '���
uum  yel  under tributo to tho basic Into shall he worthy of their sublime | who is in receipt of any gratuity, pen- gtratlon One would have thought lhat ',    , ?, vimr'" "'' ':'" <:' '"''''' -"uns' :
Industry of Canada, agiicultttre. Fig* sacrifice,  wlivu  ihey come  to us  In slon or allowance paid by hie majestyj(|.e principal streets would havo been       "       ,  , 1' "' ''"' i;";"'u,;~'    '���'���   ���
eh 13. proved remarkably efficient. What
the French government has actually done is tins: It has mobilixed
ail me scene painters irom the the--
tres and formed them Into battalions.
Instead of painting drop acts for
theatres, ; icy are now painting scenes
io conceul gun positions.
"Suppu.se, for instance, you wanted to iuace a battery of guns In
n city square. In tho ordinary
course o�� events, after that battery
had lirrd a few shots, _ German
taube would hover above it, locate
Its position, flash it by wireless to
the Germans, nnd In an hour pro-
bnbly that battery would be out o:
action, with all the gunners dead.
.Sow the scene painters would ere.-,
a contrivance for all the world like
the top of a circus t"Dt over tlio lw-
lory. The canvas would be paiated
lo match the remainder of the square.
It li were summer, it might represent a bed of geraniums or rhododendron., anything which would look
liko tho rest of -.he square. The
Gentian airman above would th, a see
nothing of tlie guns, lie would -��� ���
lhe canvas, hill to him it would look
just like Ihe remainder of the si'irATe.
lie would think, as a metter of fact,
that ho was looking at the square.
The French gunners would be - .-
"I saw a humorous Instancs o: the
efficiency of iho scene painters only
recently.    I    was    motoring along   i
1mule, I
ures arc often
this case Ihey
given hero are necessarily only approximate and given in round numbers, bul ihey are the latest available,
l moil or allowance [jiini ny nil' majesty,. ,r  nrin
il  Iii Illicit-  thousands,  as  come  they  will or hy any foreign government in coiit crowded with sig
no bnve lhe land and the Infinite I curring of incapacity or death m-j up. ["verv doorway
possibilities thai arise from it. But account and largely because the pen- There was nol a pi,
let us not be content with a self sat-|sions and gratuities paid io Incapaci-1 There was noi  even
There was
was     closed.
. ; were probably  no;     m ire    th '"���     "
and a half miles away.    I'.. '������ ��� ������ -  -
road    and ihc   Germans    ho "*rt I
. , , I scone palnlora ha! erecti I a   ���.
i-iv dog oh  screeil   about twelv    '    I       !
based on ihe lasl census and form alistied  contemplation   of  mere  possi-ltated men are oft-times admittedlv In*!ih*e"_ir.eis     Tlie" Germans marched  Grec"  v''"'   *-amD0��  l|0'es-    t>n
reliable source,  says    the  Montreal bilities.    liitilh-d acres am! undevel* adequate, ii    has   been necessary to'down tho magnificent thoroughfare of scl'eon   ,vaa l''":'"!  ���'  !" '   '
Star.    To  tali"  ,mr  own    province,  oped   resources   profit   nobody.    We  establish a hospitals commission and  the main  street   and thai  was their sentatlon of mi empl     oad   vit
Quebec, wo are estimated    to have have had a machine for the direction I disablement  fund.    The   officials   of reception  In- Antwerp     I   think  lnv "-rs growing bj    e.    rhe i
40,000,000 acres of land suitable for  of   immigration   flowing    Into    Ihis I the latier, in their reporl to the fed-  nhoto-ranher described Ihi  sen f. mans  could  s ie   anvas
1 ' ' ' t  Iheir ..lass,    and    It  would
,.','   i them as mn',iter more than .m
'.' ,,,,"���\'y road,   usele-i  to  shell.    3cre,
ISandS   of   Ft
soldiers   marched    al ng,
The   French  had   even  i arri d   I
fficloncy so far,"  Mr. Pow 11 a   I
agriculture. After a century and a I country, but, as it stands, it will bo of I eral governm nt, recommended
half only 10,000,000 acres of it are little enough use to us when the among ether measures, that provine-
occupied ami on])  one-half of this is'crisis comes.   We will need a_far big-  lal  commissions   be  formed   for  the
npner desenuc.i inc scene pi
h   wiien   li"  remarked  to  me  at |
lime:  'You know ll   r< min
... a circus which has conic io town I i      ,
under cultivation, or one-fifth ol  the ger and far more efficient equipment purpose of supplementing ih.se pen- ., day before ii was expected.' I   5\..     canvc
total.    The Marlttmo  provinces have than we have, ever had if wo are to  slons either 'ny monetary grants or by.'  ��������� ' sJ���,|i(.  a    moment     ago,"     Mr.
.0,000,000 acres  suitable  for agricul- handle  Ibe  flood  of  new   population  free iruining in  various trades.    The I Powell went on, "of Lhe efficiency ot I
Lure and 11,000,000 acres of ii is un- that wc can direct io our shores after  Soldiers' Aid Commission of Ontario,  ,,���. French  armies     I  do  no:   wish i
der cultivation,    Ontario has 50,000,- the war* Is over,    i; can he. made la  us  we have  said  above, is the  first 110 be misunilerstood  in  my remarks IlauShlng, _as    to  estao
00,)  acres  of  agricultural  land,  has j break all records ami put nil preced- step in this direction.   Already i; has   _���oul       Crerman    efficiency.    There	
leans at Intervals to keep down   .
23,000,000 of it  occupied and 14,000,- ents to the blush.    Tie-re will be ;.o  announcsd iis inle_ttou of mobilizing  soems lo be an Impression here that    ust lhrow" ul- .'���'���'' '������ " '���'���''���  '  ���
nnu acres or it  cultivated.    Manitoba use in our attempting    to inn,die  It the manufacturers of Ontario and \\"   ,i,n  j;,..���;.���,���,,,.   ;,,w   in   ihe   Held   are ma <    lor       ' ' '"   (,'"r"1,
bus 4,i,ii,i,i,uihi acres of farm land and | with  inadequate    equipment.      We  do not doubt thai the process will be   largely    old    men    trom    soldiers-1Bee I1 l"1'' discover they   rere
raises crops on n quarter of ii. Sas-: have.     i'or  the  moment,   leisure   in  facilitated    by    the    manufacturers  homes or boys from school.   That is
kalchewau     has  08,000,000  acres  ot which either lo enlarge our present themselves. Others also will b
:not  the  cas
Tin   ti.'i'nians  have a
"Thero is another thing the French
land for farming,  ber settlers have I facilities for  ihc  handling of lmmi-|to lend their aid    in discharging ���*��� I very    foriiiiclable    army    today." A j are doing and    I   da  not  tliink    Is
taken up 30,000,000, and have 14,000,- gration or to create new ones. When great national duty and there is every \eev/ weeks ago, 1 saw 20,000 German  known here.   Au intelligence officer,
000 acres under cultivation. .Alberta,  the win' is over and tlio rush is upon j prospect that in Canada at least the prisoners taken in the Champagne. I i disguised as a    Belgium    i_;.or .-
with Die biggesl  agricultural area in j us it wiili be too late.    Failure to pro-, traditional   tragedy  of  llu   returned !ialk"d with at least a seme of them,  what not will ascend  with a Fren
Canada, 82,000,000 acres, ban assign* vide now tor our certain needs will j soldier will havo no place. 'while 1 saw old men and boys of be- aviator. Together, they will eros. ���
ed  only 20,000,000 acres, and nf this j be disastrous.        ��� : iween eighteen and nineteen'years of (German lines und come down ri'  . i
only  4,000,000  is  under    cultivation.     This is our opportunity, golden In fi , ���   ,   i,-*���  _     ���    wt      age   I  .hotild  say that fully 95 per miles or so   beyond.    The pair win
I.us't  of all.  Kriiish   Columbia,  with more senses than one. shall we grasp  L/l'CSCetlS I-OW 1'lgUr.Sin WBX .|_(    were   men   of between twenty  agree that the aeroplane -.'.all return
25,000,000  acres  of   farm    and  fruit. It, or shall we fail'.' .,nd   forty,    in  Hie    pink  of  health.
��-=- ���-������     ��� r-a_=- ��� -;j ��� ^^^-^sz^^:^^^^, | Famous Trotting Horse Sold to Rus-  They  wero    dirty    und    hungry    of
���dans Said  to  Have Been  Sent        course,     hu:   they     were   lirst   class
,    ,,    _     , fighting  men.     rhe    German    army
10 lhe Front lis  stiU  extrem.ly  efficient  an 1   ex-
Miss Helen Keller Says Censors Can-  Increase In Outshlpments Due to 0^1^**,$^ [t     8   ""   ^
Blind Get Uncensored News     Britain a Distributor
not Read Braille Shorthand
.Miss Helen Keller and other blind;
tain Enemy Ports Being Closed I er and driver of tlie lion hearted trot-1 "in-regard to efficiency of the
The increase in exports of tobacco, ter, Creseeus, 2.02'4, stats lhat thi French armies, wire any particularly
persons in the United States arc ob-i resin and petroleum from Britain has former great, trotting stallion is being striking i'nstanei s brought to vour
mining  uncensorea  news  irom    tne subjected  the British government to  used for war service in Russia. notice?"
capitals of belligerent nations. These considerable criticism on the ground! Creseeus was the talk of the bar-; "Weil, take for Instance, tlie or-
newspapers are published for tf.o that the government, while stopping ness world for several seasons when ganizatibn of the Mice painters. I
blind in London, Fans, Merlin and neutral shipments, is permitting iis! bis terrific speed mid wonderful|heard while travelling around in
Vienna, according io .Hiss Keller, own shippers lo increase their ex- gameness made1 him a horse admired 1 Prance lhat the scene painters from
Tboy are nol censored, she says, be- ports, official crlclos, while not \ by tho entire horse fraternity, and an; iua theatres im I be, n mobilized lor
cause they are printed in shorthand denying tlie accuracy of the figures, equine whose name became a house- war service, one heirs so many
Braille, a point typo used for the declare the condition due io a change hold word iu every family where the strange things in the war zone. But
blind, which the censors arc unable in porta of distribution Instead of any light harness sports was the favorite h found afterwards that the mobillza-
to read. |favorltism on the pan of the Brllhli pastime. |,-01l waa   an actual fact,   and   had
Through    the    medium    of    these blockade, j    But famn is,  fi'mine'.    Even  when  ,
journals In the Braille svstem  what!    French  resin  in   normal   limes,   It  the horse reached a fairly old age he ... .  �������-   ���    _ /-i .
is probably Ihc   mosl    authoritativeMs Minted out, reached the continent was wanted badly by a Russian horse-      Peace and lllirillgratu II     I       A MO'lCSt (. onimailder
article on Germany's luck   of   food  generally     through    Hamburg    and man,    and George  ICetcham    parted  i    �� , 	
bus    reached litis cointrv.    For ihe  Antwerp, and  with  Imt'i  these ports  with him loi- a consideration said to I, ..      _        _ ,,���,, .,    ,   ,.,,   ,     _,    .    "
lira lime it   isi revealed that every closed  Brltaiil   has   become  a   trans-  be .25,000.    Crescsus, it is said, did ! Immigration From Europe Will Need I Whole   Fleet  Cheered  the   Hero   on
man,  woman and child  in Germany shipment    place,    Beside,    shipping not please the  Russians us  well  as]      Careful    Consideration    When His Return
is living c.a slender rations, Holed out I enormous    quantities   of tobacco to| they expocred, and therefore it is noi ! Pence is ueci.-rcd Remarkable scenes were v.i'.r  ���_  i
by weight, determined on after u can-lber troops abroad, it Is also pointed   surprising  to   hear  lhat    the  great     j��� tlio annual report of the depart* on the London Stock Exchange when
ference   of chemlsis,   scicnttsls and ��!'\. G^ Brita n has now become a horsi has been sect to the ire,:,.     ment of |lnm,grRtlon .,. obed Smith, kleut-Commander Bruce, of the sub*
physicians  in  Berlin. distriouiing centre    I or n.iich ol the, .  assistant  superintendent of tmmigra- ,   ,   ,
|Chinese, Greek, Egyptian and  Rhod-|    Decides on   Regiment oi Indians     tun in l.onnon, Etittes that Canaaian mar,De h11'
at a certain hour a tew days ken.:e
and tlie aviator will return to his
base leaving his companion. T>- 1
gnlsed officer will penetrate the German lines, pick up all the inforu:..-
tion he can and then fly back wire,
it  at    the  appointed   time    to    _.��
French lines. In an hour or two, it
mass of valuable information will be
in the hands of the French genera!
The British forces in France now
number well over a million men. Mr.
Powell stated. "Tiie remarkable thir.g
about it is that, in all ihi.i transportation of men, not a single life has
been lost." he said. There lias never
been anything like It before and it i?>
lo my mind one of -.iin most :���"..._.'..-
able things of lhe war."
Enthusiasm prevails ou ibe Indian j agents  in   Mropo  nave  net  encour-1 ^.irdaneiles,   v.
reserves over tho dec! Ion ot General  '���>- "i any class ol labor to seek en- memuers.
The    Imiruaf   which brings Ihe In-,
formation is    Da N'eue Belt, or   the f9'0" ,,"';"'''��   ,wnle'\  rormorl'
New Time, a Socialist publication for 1,n^lert, by eon.\^n^ Vprts. ,,
ihe blind, Issued in Berlin. .Mn man    on companies nave Im-[ jiughes to allow the formation of a   gagements     iu    Canada    for  some;    lie was recognized  while   itandii
���These uncensored accounts of eon- ["""'". enoHnoua qunntuies ol  petro- battalion of Indians for overseas -er   months  pasl.    He  states,    however,  outside one ot the entrance, oi the
ditions in   tho wnning countries tell  ������".,.,..'.'.',,'.'..:^ ,''!'"":,".".'?r'! 1L '^ slorrii; vice.    Although   thero are  many   In*  that the whole fleltt of;emigration from | "House," and was eonuueted  lo  the
mo   t.lie true sentiment among   the i��''i''n'i'i'">' ror shipment to tho con* dian's p,  th,. contingents that "have IEurope will need full and exhaustive I Consols market,    wbe a Ins nppe
working people and    tho Intolerable   ,,,!     ,     '  s wante(1 mora. Great g0ne  the policy generally has been' consideration before ana when hostfl* anco  was  tlie signal for a  rousing
 iii������L     ,i���.i     .,,,.,... i     iii.m'i   lii'iiain also serves as    a  storehouse
conililions     Fun     surround     Iheni,
sai.i .Miss Keller.   "Their hearts are ""   ranch   petroleum   pur,
almost  nl  the hr akin:;' point.'
.\lis-s Keller made i his explanation
. to discourage enlistment. All over the  Hies cense, bcc.uso many conditions patriotic demonstration. Cheers irom
' [orI Dominion, loyal  Indians have offered  will have changed.   Canada will have  the largo gathering oi men rs prts-
' '    " "'  "    '"' !orI their service and  have been refused  to meet from Australia and New Zea- ent couid  he heard outside, and tne
whom gha acts as a distributor.         ; ,.,|(|    tne   |n(||an  department    states, land   the  same  competition    In   the heroic   submarine    commander   was
concerning the war    disclosed    In ni-      , ,     ���.   ..   ,   .                     that there  will  not  bo the slightest   I icral emigration  aetd when peace lionized  In  tne   ivldest sense oi  t ..���
speech   she made recently   on   pre- ^""���*���-������������ s    t*lie|i   industry  Permanent{diffleultv   In  raising a full regiment,"* concluded as she has in the past, term.
pni.dncsB.                                           !    Steps to insure the permanency of Und  there might   be u second,           and even nt  present active competi- i-0 was asked foi   a spe-ch   an-
 |the|extensive shell industry develop*                                       tlon prevails, ho states. [standing on a   chair, responded  In
Life Insurance Figures              ?', .,.*,. l"?��� " ,1 VL 'i!" iinniT 'ii ,'!h' I      England is Proud cf Australia      <    ���"  ���''���'��� Smitli'a report also appear the modest way that tnej have in the
...  uiig   .""S  "> me euect that navy.   "Gentlemen," he said,   "1 am
J tho two exhibition motor cars at lhe very    much obliged to   you for the
ed by iho war are being taken. During his sia.v  iii Canada, Lionel Hitch-
It Is estimated thai about one per- ens recommended thai such action Pel    The  English    public    talc-
son in  four of ilie entire population   Instituted,  and   it  Is   announced  of-  pride  in  tne  maimer In  which  Aus-
- about  "300,000
added ouch year, an.i ihe Increase in'tiim. The employes, are estimated at
amount would double the total in less I about 100,000. Subsidiary Industries
than ten years. The security of this in refilling copper nn l zinc have been
vnst business Is In the assets of the | organized,
companies   concerned, amounting io
less ihiin five and a quarter billions of dollars. This ia a triumph
of modern thrift.
Cut dowers will keep fresh many
dnys It their stems be inserted in a travngaiillj dressn,] Queen   Her
mixture of charcoal-and sand. bills run to about $15,000 a yea
The Queen of Norway, King
Georg, '��� sister, 1. the mo.s; economically attired Queen In Europe, She
spends $1,000 yearly on her dress.
The Quesn of Spain la ihc mosl ex-
under the control of the general com- live transports, one torpedo boat, and
under God, shall have a new blrtn of mlMlo_c*. for Canada In that city,    'cue gunboat In lhe course of a forty
"c<-"01'   four days'cruise at the Dardanelles.
A  Zeppelin  Is a costly production,      Allies Can   End  War  in  a  Year ...^\V0Tuu^^v^Ztol
and $200, Is required to build such     If  England   should  put  forth   sup- Ished to find that the whole fleet was
a military weapon and equip i,  for reme (Hon in the coming year, and flying hie Hag,   and at the admiral's
destructive purposes,   The expenses Russia should obtain sufficient equip- orders Ell cruised round the entire
connected with    these airships  dot   |menl for her men, It jeerns to us that British and French fleets,  while tie,
not end here.   Greal sheds must be. Germany  we,,hi   be  brought  to  the bandB played the   National Anthem
erected,    and    gas  producing  plants pass   of urgently    seeking terms of nnd    "See,    the    conquering    Ut   ���
laid down, -ii lhat lhe Zeppelin maylpeace well   lefore the end of 1916,��� Comes," and the bluejackets eheeri-i
have Its dall* b , I ... hydrogen, American Review of Rgrlewi, at Ui. to'ps of the..- voices. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniatuo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C, A. Mm tin,   Prop,
J.  E.  AS TON
Logger's Shoes made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan I the Test.
Tke  Comox  Barber   Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   Hut    First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
C.  E.   DAI.UYMl'U', Prop.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Cusiiie Bxcelle.
Wm. Merryfield
Dr. December the l
Si ..'.v (.'.. Q. I,. -'.
noose Hay, Deceiul
Any iuformatiou
en ol tiiis Scow' wi
u   oil    Xa
el   21st.
leading t
ibe recov'
he rewarded.
Co., I.M
H=.ve Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory l*xperieuce
Lending   Musicians
'he Pacific,   ('opies
JI an tl,
.nils   fn
W. I.
15, 8ih Ave., .V.
Pajaee Lively
I i.'. - -   and   Buggies   fur
Terms cash,
also attend  to wood hauling
Propri tors
Courteuay Plione 25
Uiara s
i\ling of   lliuse   Blaiila
Cloves, Trunks, Suit Cm
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courknty
To Bake
Not to Bake?
Letter to the Editor
Editor The Review.
Re the brilliant scheme of our
esteemed fellow citizen, lor the redemption of those who indulge in
the vino of life. Let us look .il his
argumeuts, candidly and frankly,
Firstly, we rejoice as a city being
favored with the citizenship of him
and others who have I.ecu SO closely
intimate with royalty. It ozonizes
the- common air, so tu speak, especially when the humpback run is
over ami the plebian atmosphere is
thick and colonial in flivor. But
Grief sits, heavy eyed, tiiiive-onsil-
ttble, remembering ever, that while
wc hive pleiltv barns, adds bodkins, alack; Baronesses, sotipkit-
clieus, free fish lunches and other
degrading charities arc as scarce as
Jimmy's "auto fares" iu Jaiur-iiy. I
If the lovely poem quoted iv.is a '
measure of the intellectual stature;
of the "SOl'tpoiliuu.'' could wo net
import one, by freight, for our
park, ttsiiiy him as a live totem
pole, and uy all means secure a
Hottentot dictionary, Canada is
suffering, justly, today, because
she has dared to develop the .social
instinct and the common bleed,
has usurped the prerogatives of
gentlemen, )'t takes a thousand
years lo breed a gentlemen, we are
hopelessly outclassed, being still in
1! C. So justly we ar. punished
for daring to say like a get llemau,*
���POWl'RS j "Let's have another."    To   -peak
I Cotirteiiiaii, let nut   llic skim   milk
mix with the cream.
He refers to England, where one
person in e-icry three-dies a pauper.
Was it not   011   Merry   England's
shore one day lhat a noble lord, or-
dead llic tide to lade away?    His
lory sayeth  little,   but, we   apine,
that His  1 Ugliness   gol   cold  feet
first.    WI1.11 the   sane,   thinking
people of 11 nation demand   th.it au
evil, whiher it 1 v the opium traffic
in China, slavery in America or the
about j drink traffic of the laud   they love.
Office,  shall cease.    All   lhe   pettifogging
J i leas in the world   cannot stop the
tide of I'll ne. .used   public   opinion.
Prohibition i- coming sure und fust
because tin a ous.d free people facing the light   .s.etlie'   coining of a
belter   day,    Of a   day   when Ihc
nation's young manhood  shall foi
low higher ideal-, than in the  past,
looking cleat eyed and clear brained at the problems   and   principles
Hire  a, I which go to make a   strong,   virile
nation,   Some oi the kindest lteart-
| ed, best old scouts we meet,  are ii
cjnor dealers, but   men, to   whom
tiie-words   apply.    ''Self  sacrifice
will often change a  man's   whole
chaiactcr and outlook on life." We
Understand "Liquor  is
on."   Canon   t-arrar, no doubt, a
good  authority, but still   we won.
der if this statement is true? "Eug-
lard would   have    I'rohiliitiotl   toluol row, ii the Bishops and   I. ids
didn't     own   s,,   nuieii    brewery
stuck . '    Liquor is a food, certain-
1 ly, look at   tne "equator"   of nny
La) ! Pabst titer leu proof,    Overfeeding
Etc.   causes dyspepsia,   ergo, brings to
. millions of   innocent   women   unci
j ehildrect, heartache,   poverty,  sor
nnv and criui ; crushed and burnished   flowers ol   love that   might
otherwise blo.som, fair sweet lives The snow is slowly disappearing
in teinpeiaiice homes. On with the but the roads are very heavy yet.
dance, let booze be uuconfiued. The S. D. Adventist church col-
",'lic Czar gave   legislative   soda to lapsed on   Saturday  owing   to the
Sale of the Stock of the
Builders' Supply Company
In  Doubt
I am disposing of the stock of The Builders Supply
Company, in liquidation
at prices less than the  goods can be
imported   for   in  carload  lots
Brick,     Lath,      Shingles,
"Window Sashes,     Glass,
and  out. Roofing,
Building Paper,
Rope, Etc.
sizes and kinds, three cents per pound
Doors,  inside
Wire Fencing
Nails,  all
Harness Emporium
not a pois-  rubbiii
a lilile n ore revenue or bnntally
and selfishly see clean, strong
young men become incapacitated
lor the higher duties in life and
lose their chance in life's victories.
The man v ho stood idly by, loi Icing on while others dug out some
btiried boys, in a sand cave-in,
jumped 111 and dug madly when
a neighbor told him "
is down there
Let us cut out tlfeory,
rubbing bear
Your   bov
or   fancy
oil on the
neck to cure   chilblains     Will  we
I do our part in the building up of a
j strong, free  nation; then <et us remove every obs'acle to clear thinking, for only only   those, who have
j longsighted continuity of thought,
c.iii build wisely   and   well,    Canada for  Canadians, not for Scotch
Johxny Canuck
The former is really unnecessary when lire.ul from the
Courteuay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
manv votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken    -      rop.
Opposltenew Pres byterlau Church
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls Promptly
,' Courtenay
dyspeptic Russia,   and in   the first
vear of war the invalids added $1,-
000,ooj,000 more   to their savings
bank deposits t an   in the   former
year of peace.
,     Kansas, with the banner records
of all the States, hasn't putiperstn,
illiteracy, crowded jails orasvlums,
but she has the- marks of a people's
greatness in bank deposits, industries, schools, churches, loiv   crime
rate and wealth pet capita.    Hut no
dyspepsia,  state   or   private.    We
may change a  rat'.lesnake's  hectic
teniperineiit, by using   /.am   Buck
on his bin itiess end, but   we doubt
it.    I'se an axe on   the other.    If
liipior   ii a   food,   give every grocer and milkman a license.    Father
will certainly jret up and   light the
fires then and thus do a great good
Don't get peeved   Mr, Sectetary
' at J. B. M's strong  language, perhaps he's unselfish, willing to sacrifice a  little   pleasure,   that   his
weaker brother may  not go to the
j wall.    Perhaps he feels like Joffre,
that its a question of   precious human hearts and   lives,   lives   that
! some mothers have   watched   over
I for twenty years or more, and giv-
j en their very beings for.     Perhaps
1 that's the reason.    It's a question
of whether we personally shall pay-
heavy weight of snow, this is quite
a loss spiritually to the vatley, being the only place of worship.
Mr. James Randall of the Roy
road, poultry expert, has over 400
chicks already, ranging from a day
old to 6 weeks, and is getting over
200 e'HKS per day, Not bad considering the bad weather and must
and must involve a lot of care and
There is a rumor abroad that the
persons who valiantly fought lhe
forest fire that threatened the
school will be remunerated for their
valuable services in the near future.
School reopened on Monday having been closed 10 da>* on account
of snow and so much sickness.
Mr. Broughton has lost a valuable mare taking sick aud dying
Mrs. Allen arrived home on Saturday from Victoria, having gone
there to meet here daughter who
has just arrived from Kngland.
Mr. Thornberry, the milk tester,
was snowed up in the valley from
Sunday  tillWednesday.
Mr. Wlimaosn is  getting to be
quite an expert teamster, upsetting
his sleigh on Wednesday, the reason was, so he says, parting his
hair on one side instead of the middle On Thursday he did better
-topping the Cumberland Lim
by breaking a clevis and getting
stuck on the railroad crossing.
(Prom another Happy Valley
correspondent 1
Please allow me space to correct
a Statement appealing in your issue of the 27 Ulto., respecting my
plans of building in Happy Valley,
your correspondent states that I
anticipate building a bam to be
used for raising various kinds of
I might sav Mr. Editor I am
aiming a little higher than stock
raising and have no doubt of your
very energetic correspondent we
shall hit the man. My plans are
to approach the government this
coming session, asking their assistance in erecting a large well aired
building to be padded if necessary
to accomodate the unfortunates
running around the woods affected
with that awful malady abnormal
air space under the scalp.
Any suggestions from your correspondent will be very much appreciated.���A. I.
Courtenay, B. C, January 31, 1916
H. D. Forde, Esq.,
Agent Law Union & Rock Ins. Co., Ltd.
Dear Sir:���i beg to acknowledge with
thanks the 1 _ceipt of the Lav/ Union & Rock Ins.
Co's cheque for the sum of $013.10 to cover the
loss of my house and furniture  by fire  on the 3rd
My business relations with your company
have r .en both prompt and satisfactory.
As stated, my house with contents was
destroyed by fire on the 3rd, adjustment was arranged and proofs of loss mailed to Victoria on the
8th inst., and cheque to cover loss was mailed from
Canadian head office of company in Montreal on
the 19th inst.
Assuring you I will always  have a good
word to say for the Law Union & Rock.
Yours very truly,
Notice of Intention to Apply (or
Retail Liquor License
iei, |_,AK1,. notice Hint the undersigned
iled j 1 intends to apply to the Hoard ol
License Commissioners ut their next
regular sitting to be held on the .second
Wednesday |n the month ol March next,
tor a license to sell intoxicating li(|iior
by retail under Subsection 3 of Section
290, of the "Municipal Act" in that
certain store or shop situate on the
��r aind floor, ol those certain premises,
situate on Lot -1. Map 311, Towusilc of
Courtenay, formerly known as Pcocey's
Drug Store, on Mill Street, in the City
of Courtenay,
Dateii this 15th day of  February,  A.
D .1916.
T obaccos
Swan'* Old Stand, Courtenay


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