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The Review Dec 6, 1917

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����*��H**��M***M- ��+���������������*���������.**+���++*���*>+*,*
Can not lie clone rtny i etter, ami
not unite so well anywhere elmr
hereabouts. Our tyuo ami uinalilu-
ery h complete anil Tlio Revluw
pclooa ,.1-c right
*********** *���***������
VOL. 6
ents'  Furni.sj^r��<*^
and Hatte-
Monday, next, December  1.0th
At roiiiox, (uHiiture, etc. hielitcUiig Plnno, foi Dr, Cox.   Sale
ni I o'cloc. p, in.
Tuesday, next, December 11th
The Orchard, Courtenny, For   Mr,   Dithar,   lurnltiire,  etc.   nt
1,30 o'clock p. in,
Wednesday, next, December 12th
The iilk Motel, Comox, Furniture, effects, etc.,  the contents
nl In n is.   Sale at 10.30 o'clock a. ui,
Part icnl.'irs ol the above Irom
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
We also have a shipment of Ladies  Shoes aud the Rinex Sole
Shoe for Children
Call and see our goods, you'll always find our prices right.
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' VV. Sutliff, Prop.
When You See
A Good Thing���Grab It
Maconochie's Mixed Pickles
25c per Large Glass Jar
Fresh Table Raisins Just in
2 Boxes for 25c.
Consider Carefully
If you need Eyeglasses and if not
quite sure consult
Qualified Optician
Courtenay, B. C.
#     No charge for sight testing
Lccal Lines
M.S, Alex. Urquhart was. al
Ladvsiiiith Inst \vetk visiting her
daughter, Mrs. \V. Aikeuhead.
Mr, Filzpatrick, District   Tn flic
Superintendent of lhe li. C,   Telephone Co. paid   Uie   locnl   oflicc  n
, visil on Tuesday.
i The Sisters of Sl Joseph, I.riily-
! smith extend most heartfelt thanks
to the many kind friends in Comox
District who so generously assisted
with the hazaar, nml prayerful wish
es that God may bless them in their
Mr. c. J. Hardy will conduct
three auction sales next week. Ou
Monday for Dr, Cox at Comox; on
Tuesday for D. Bubar, and on Wednesday he will sell the conteuts of
the Elk Hotel.
Patriotic Fund
Statement for the month of Oc\
tober, 1917,
Balance on hand Oct ist    $157 25
Subsetiptions during month 119.50
R. Hornibrook, who   has joined I     Born���Al Couiti na\
tip wilh the Artillery, was up from j Mr. rikI Mrs. Ciiut m        i    i son-
\ iiiicouvei' over Un week ��� n.i i     ,, ��   ,.     r       1 ���
' I  I.Ill   -   At   St.    J OKI   I   ll   S   1
U s J, Am,and aud children and on Thursday, Nov. .'
-v; ��� Rdiifl Piercy irrived home on Mrs, Berkley Grieve
V\. diiesday from  a  visil   at  Vancouver, Andy McQuillan '
Mr. and Mrs, R, Christie gave a ecl "''������' ''"���' '''���i:
farewell party in honor of An,hew J Monday for.Vunci .
McQuillan  on  Snturduy evening.  t0 leave   ,"i   Toronto 011
He  wns presented  with   a   ailvel-1 **rs��. McQutllau  acconi]
��� igarette case : 'll Vuucouver.
Kent of Agricultural July 26
aud 31st 5.00
j Posters (Review) 3,00
Postage 1.00
Remitted to Victoria 200,00
Balance on hand Nov.
1st     tS67 7:
Some Psalm
The Ford is mv Oir.
I shall not want another.
It maker.- uie to lie down in wel places.
It soileth my soul,
It leadeth me into deep waters,
II leadeth me into paths of ridicule for
its name's sake.
It proparelh a breakdown for me in lhe
pretence of tnius enemies.
Yea, though I ride through the valleys
I am towed up the hills.
I fear great evil when it is wilh me.
It's rods and it's engines discomfort
It annoiiiteth my face with oil.
It's tank runneth over,
Surely to goodness if this thing follow
me all the days of my liie, I shall dwell
in tlle house of the insane forever.
Butter   wrappers,    printed
plain, at tbe Review Office.
For Rent���Mrs. W, D. Stoker.s
house in the Orchard. $5 a month
to a steadv tenant, Apply at the
Reyiew Office.
Slightly used 3 h,  p.   Fairbanks
, gas engine For   Sale at the Ford
Call and see the new 1-2 and 1
ton auto Trailers at $120 aud $140
each, at the Ford Garage.
Nobby tread Ford tires are now
$24 each, and Ford chain tires are
$22 each at the Fold Garage. |
Children's Shoes All the best and
most sensible styles, at Sutliff's.
For highest prices in hides, scrap
j metal and old rubbers see Win.
I Douglas, Courtenay,
j    Cleveland Bicycles   and  bicycle
'supplies at the Ford Garage.
I    Go   to   McBryde's   for   quality
(Safety  First
Maple Leaf   Theatre
Programme for Dec. .s.
,S Acl Drama Neal Hart with Jain t Fastuian in "Bill Brenuati's
1 reel comedy, Little Bo Beep,
featuring Dan Russel,
1 reel Universal Weekiy with all
the latest eve it?,
Programme for Dec 12th,
5 Acl Drama. William Courteuay
in "The Hunting of the  Hawk.''
1 reel comedy, "Luke's Lost
1 reel Pathe's News, opeuin
the world's series of 3,500" ardent
baseball fans'see the White Sox
beat the New York Giants by the
score of 2 lo 1; America under
arms at Camp Millc, Rainbow division 27,000 strong marching in
grand review. The tst U. S, War
Hospital presented by the Columbia
University lo the Govt, etc,
Looking Backward
From Review files of Dec, ,s. nji2
P, I,. Anderton of the Island
Realty Co, sold no less than $12000
worth of real estate during the past
three days.
It is reported that no less than
seven weddings are to take place
this month.
Robt. Grant and., Sam Shore
have purchased the Vernon Block
including the Grotto bar at Victoria,
The Grantham Sawmill has closed down and will be shifted to new
quarters before starting oprations
The E, & N, Ry. is clearing ten
acres of land between Ihe Lake
Trail and Cumberland Road for the
erection of a roundhouse' and machine shops.
R. Cairns; a driver 011 engine
no, 5 of the Comox Logging &
Railway Co, was badly burned by
the explosion of a carbide lamp,
Mr. and Mrs. J. R, Johnston of
the Courtenay Hotel returned from
a mouth's trip to California.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sand
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday   School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and Bible C -
10:30 a. 111. Evening service 7:.'
]). in. All welcome
Anglican  Services
Sunday, Dee- 9, -nd Sunda) in
it a. ni, . alius and Holy 0 m-
munion at St. Peter's Can
11 a, in. Matins and Hi ; G 1 ���
niunioii at St.   Mary's,   Gro
2 30 p. in, Evensong and Sermon at the Lazo Mission,
3 p. 111,  Sunday  School  al   St
John's, Courteuay.
7 p. in. Evensong and ^"- -   1
Holy Trinity, Cm:.! erl in I,
7.30 p. m. Evens ugaud Sermon
at St. Jehu's, Courteuay,
Several head of good  high grade
Holstein Cows and Heifers
from heavy producing stock
Braki-oot Farm,
R. R.No. 4, Victoria
Drug Store
Just Arrived:
Nyoltis Talcums
Rose,  Baby,
Lilac, Violet
Locust Blossom,
Mygracia, Mayflour
and Wood Violet
Courtenay Drug Store
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
Comox Creamery
60c per lb. .Ms week
We are Headquarters for
Rubber and Leather Footwear
to suit any member in
A general assortment of
always Rept in stock
We invite your inspection
Phon   48
I   mon   45
Next the Drug Store THE   RFAT..V-.   COURTNEY.   K. R
The Squire's
I  ���.*!_,   M_U UflN     ��''.    l'___>
She lookpdj --lir closed llic Ooor!
Mid stood slill. her hand holding the1
door ns though slu- would protect
the secret it had liiddcn. To look at
her, she might have been Bluebeard's
wifc, discovering llie dead women
hanging i�� a row. But the closet was
an ordinary hanging closet, with
shelves at one side, The liglit of
day admitted to il revealed a number of garments hanging from pegs;
shelves full of fiats and scarves and
veils and all sorts of feminine frippery. On the floor of thc closet were
rows of shoes, small and dainty. A
pair of grey silk stocking lay flung
between ihein. Some other pretty
things had been thrust into llieir
shelves by a hasty or careless hand.
A grey dust lay over everything.
She slared al tlio contents of the
Closet, as though she saw a row of
dead women hanging there. A noise
nl the outer door interrupted her.
She looked scared out of life. Hastily she locked the closet door, dropped lhe keys iu hot- pocket and wenl
to open the. door to Dolly, who was
rapping- sharply. '
The girl was trembling. She had
had a sudden fear that she might cn-
rounter Cooper in the corridor while
slur waited at the door.
She sprang inlo Kate Bartlett's
arms like a frightened doe, and the
woman comforted her, feeling the
terrified heart thump against lier side
while she held the girl.
"Oh, Kale," Dolly whispered. "1
was so frightened when 1 could not
find yor.i nor get in. If 1 was to bo
left, lo him the mere terror would
kill me."
"Vou shall nol be left to liim, my
pretty girl," the woman said, smoothing baok the hair which had lost so
much of ils life and lustre. "I shall
wait no longer. This very day we
shall make our escape. 1 could never forgive myself if I had waited too
They wont downstairs, talking in
whispers, silent as ihey passed Cooper's door. The escape was a simple
matter, so long as hc did not appear on the scone. Margot had the
key of tiie gate or knew where it was
kept, If she would not give it up
then force must be used. Kate Hart-
let had no doubt of her own power
'u overcome llur frail lillle woman.
although mad women like Margot
could Fi tt 111 wilh desperate energy she
had heard. Tlio thing was to tlo it
quietly, so that the man upstairs
should nol hoar.
She was ihinking how she should
set aboul ii wilh Margot, with whom
she had boon unable to establish any
communication so far.
Sho opened the door of the sallc
a manger, There was no one there.
The dusk was beginning lo fall. She
passed ihr,nigh the door lhat lid lo
the scullery and looked out, averting
In r eyes carefully from Iho half-glass
door and tho woodshed. There was
no one there Sho glanced al lhe
poi,' where Margot hung her clo;ik.
li was empty.   Margot was gone
She snl down with a sudden sense
of irretrievable calamity, turning' her
siclt .unl dizzy. Sho had wailed loo
long, li came over hor thai sho had
lost lur moment, Then- was a niovc-
iijctil in. the room overhead where
Cooper was. Something fell and
was sh.illrinl lo pieces. Was lie
cominp down? She had waited too
long. Sh. listened wilh tlio oars of
;i hare, 'Iini.- was no further sound,
I'm- days she had known lhat he was
steadily nonring iho danger point.
Who should know if mil she? She
had waited. Why had she been such
a fool lis to wait? l>h, I.ord have
nn rev! sho eriid volcelcssly when
she tlioughl ''I the helpless girl in
lur charge. She had betrayed her
trust. God help Inr, she, had betrayed hor trust 1
Thero was n padding sound overhead as of stockinged foot. She flow;
upstairs anil listened al llio door of
Cooper's  r
something ��������� ....  _.__-.  ���������
comfortable coldness. One bullet for
htm, one for her, one for her oliild.
If  that  must he.     If there was  onlv
lliat way she wns prepared lo lakr
il���lho. least she could do since she
had wailed too long. Ch, Lord, she
had waited too long.
Not a sound, lie must have lain
down again, \\hile she had listened
she looked at hor hands, drearily,
seeing, yet not seeing them,
While the tension of her face and
lier acute listening relaxed she heard
a. sound downstairs. Someone was
lapping on ihc front door, insistently,
peremptorily, There was that in lhc
ottnd of thc quick, sharp tapping
which suggested haste, yet basic lhat J
'   da need of being stealthy.
Very quietly she crept downstairs,
s. Ilding one look in the direction Ot
Dolly's room, thc door of which she
knew was locked rind boiled till she.
gave the familiar signal which would
admit her, As she passed by a window it rattled ominously, The wind
sighed outside, rose and fell, clapped
ils invisible wings and sank to quietness. There was going to hc a
She wenl on downstairs, something
like hope stirring in her heart. Who
could it be that knocked? Someone
must have gained admittance, Perhaps after all, it was not too late.
She had not waited loo long. If but
the child were safe, she did not care
what became of her. Lord have
mercy 1
She opened the door, which flew
back with a bang. The wind and
rain came in her face. Outside stood
Margot, carrying a lantern. She had
come back again. The gale outside
banged in the wind. So it was open.
Thc way was free. If only hor child
were here, and not upstairs where at
any moment Cooper might make his
appearance! She measured Margot
with her eye. Whal did the little
mad creature want? How was she
going to keep her quiet till they escaped, so that the man overhead
should not hear, as he would hear if
there was a struggle?
An amazing thing happened.  The
deaf and dumb woman .spoke.
"Is tho young lady ready?" she
asked, in a whisper, "ll is time for
her lo go. I will tell vou lhat 1. am
not deaf and dumb. He said thai I
was lo pretend that it was so. 1 haf
been lo Anglaud and I know the
Anglish, Bring her al once, I will
lell you. There is no lime lo explain,
as you say."
Kate Bartlett fled upstairs, hei
heart heating in her side and a pulse
thumping in her head so that she
could hear nothing, though the house
seemed full of sounds. She gave the
five quick taps on tho panel of llio
door, It seemed an eternity before
she_ was admitted, Her heart kept
crying, "Hurry! hurry!" and thumping in her side and her head.
"Conic at onco," she whispered,
"The way is open. Take anything,
anything. Your slippers. Thoy will
have lo do. No give me your hoots.
Vou can put Ihem on as soon as we
arc free of the house. Only, for
heaven's sake, come. Oh, God help
They stole softly downstairs.
There was Margot vailing by the
door wilh her lantern, wearing lhe
scared look that came to her with thc
They wont out, closing lhe house
door sofllv behind Ihem. The room
in the gable in wliicli Cooper slept
showed tho light Kate had loft there
an hour or Iwo before
There was some ��� sound iu Ihe
house. Thc banging of a door perhaps. Ah, tha't was it. They had
forgotten lo close the door of the
damask room behind them. What
folly! If Cooper were, aroused he
'would know at once lhat tlicy were
gone. Out of the confusionof Kate
Bartlett's thoughts ono thing had
emerged. She must lock the pate behind hor on the chance that Cooper
would have, mislaid his key. It would
give them a little time perhaps, if he
should discover lhcy had gone
follow them.
But lo do that was impossible
Margot, as though lhe wits wcrc
frightened oul of her, had (led
llirougli tho gale and down the road |
thai led lo Audigiiac and the sea.
Thoy could sec her lantern, bobbing
like a will o' lhe wisp before ihein.
Suddenly il went out,
Tlicy overlook her. She was panting and sobbing with fear, ll was
some lime before thev could reassure !
her, persuade hor of iheir identity,:
lhal lhcy were living people audi
friends. The uighl was starless. Ex-1
ccpt for the flashlight thai lil sea and I
land for a second, to bc followed hv I
a more impenetrable darkness, all'.
was obscurity.
(To Be Continued,) i
Prairie Live Slock  Increasing
The live stock outlook in Western '
Canada is very bright..  Our. fanners
are making every effort to get more
extensively into live stock,
The principal handicaps arc lack of
buildings, fences and capital. But
wonderful progress is being made
and these handicaps are being overcome. Our department of agriculture has already distributed eight
cars of cows and heifers thin year.
These, animals are sold to fanners
ou time. The. high price of feed is j
having some effect, but there i.s a
steady increase, and the desire, to
increase the numbers is universal.- -
Hon. W. (.'. Sutherland,
Save Slices of Bread
The department of agriculture es-.
timates that ii each of our 20,000,000
families  throws away    an    ordinary
slice of bread daily,    the    country's
waste for twenty-four hours, is 875,-
000 pounds of flour, or ovcr a million one-pound loaves.    At  this rate
Iwe would    destroy    yearly   1,500,000
1 barrels of Hour or enough  lor 365,-
! 000,000 loaves of bread. San  I'ran-
1 cisco Argonaut.
Lessons in Community
And National life
American   School   Children   to   Re-
ceivc Instruction in Democracy
American, school children will socni
have put before llicni material for
"education in democracy," at the re
quest of President Wilson, through
lhc co-operation of thc food adminis
iralor and United Stales commissioner of Education, P. )'. Claxton,
A series of bulletins entitled "Lessons in Community and National
Life" will be issued lo pupils of all
schools, calling attention to the
itcccssil) for conservation of food
and other national resources. They
will serve iho ^ further purpose of
training pupils In recognition of theii
rights and obligations in thc democracy in which thev live.
The food administrator has addressed a lctlcr lo school authorities,
outlining  the plan as follows:
"To lln- superintendents and prin
cipals oi ilu  schools of the United,
"In keeping with the plan outlined
hy lho president, the I'nited State."
food administration will co-operate
wiih the department of the interior
in issuing llirougli the bureau of education a .series of bulletins which
will contain "Lessons in Community
and National Life." These lessons
will servo. ike very urgent immediate
purpose of calling attention to the
necessity of conserving food and all
other resources of the nation. They
will serve al the same, lime the broader purpose of training pupils in' the
schools to recognize their rights anil
obligations in the co-operative ��oci-
cty in which tlicy live.
"I urge all school officers to pro<
mote with vigor tllis plan for thft
more definite and i-omprehMcivt
leaching of democracy."
om.    Her hand went    lo
in her breast and felt  ils
1 URINE. Granulated Eyelids,
' ~*r^'*_*i'*sJ Sure I'.ycs, liy_tinllam.il by I
ii> Sun, Duet an J Wind quickly i
t���>- ~,��__yr_5^ relieved by Murine. Try It in I
Vfii .Jj^J/fcCvniirEycsandlnDaby'sEyis.
TOUR LltONoS_i.rti.|,JniilE.��C��Blort
Mar IneEye Remedy ftt,tep?t-M^'W'H_I
Cy* Solve, In Till,.. Ue.   Vor lloott nf tl. Hue - fr...
tiak Marine Ere Remedy Ca., Chlcuca *
VI.     N.     U.     1182
Our papers we cleansed, treated and purified with Refined Parafme Waxes and Disinfectants.
They add to the Freshness, Cleanliness and Purity of your goods.
They preserve the Color and Quality of Fresh and Cooked Meats and are Germ-proof, Moisture-proof
and Grease-proof.    They will not stick to the Meat.
\F0R LUNCriES.MEATS,     //'
A.CAKES.PIES.ETC.        S/a
r . ~ ROLLS-. .
PARCHMENT       //
^   WRAPPERS  //
Appletord's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books are no dearer than the ordinary kind. Now made
with new improved Formulas and Appliances and better than ever before. If you are not a customer,
write us for a sample book.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
In tpita of tha gnat luereast In the prlcg a/
Beef {tha rati) material ef Bovril) there hat
' ��� beet, no im reuse Ih **�� price of Bovril during
tha War.
For Nursery Use
you cannot take chances on
Soap. Four generations of
Canadians have enjoyed the
creamy, fragrant skin healing
lather of Baby's Own Soap���
the Standard in Canada for
nursery use, on account of its
known purity.
Baby's Own Is Best for
Baby���Best for You.
v7ef-I'e 3?ho_p_t0d-M.
Tht (Jreat E��elit\ Itemed*,
��� Tono" tt'd in-ijoratea tha wliolt
anarvottl ayitteua. i-akoa new Blood
'In jld V_n��, t'uret Kervou*
tlebility.Mtnle uml Brain Werrv, lietpon-
money, lots el I.'nerny, J-atpitntion ef th*
Weart, t'allin. Memory. Trie, tl per boa. tia
IMS". Cut "nl fil*tso,tix will cum. Bold.yall
IruggUta or -i-i'irl in plr.in pkg. on r��reipt of
Srlca. Kewy-.iiplilrt-mniledfree, THC WOOD
MIBIC|--KGO..T--0IIT0.��_T. (FnmiIiWlaiw.
TU6,, ��.ADIi*.M   UmrdinFreoca
rffeat IUCC.II, CUtIRS CKROHIG weakness, lost vmoa
_ VIM.KIONEV, r-i . .urn. diseases, blood F01SOH,
fOHOKTO. wp.iri r on FltSB book to Dr. le Cleko
tRVNBWUJIAGVEi;^r.TE��.E.,SlFORMOF    .. .y  TO r.t*
THEi APION itlrholl
till. 80V r. ��4Ur Af FIXID TO ALL GBtiUiNK fACKBTI
Public Will (liance It
the Opportunity of Mak- H
Ing  I'xcessivc  Profits I 5
What causes   popular    resentment fi
is  nut a high price,  bul  lire-    belief I 5
that it has tu bc paid merely in sat-' ��
iffy the greed of some individual ami ��� 5
to put money into his pocket,   'tin- 3
great merit of tin-    costing;    system __
adopted by the ministry of food   is | __
that ii eliminates the opportunity of
making excessive profits nut  of lln
public need by reducing ihc
llirougli which a commodity    passes ' ts
INSURANCE   L  S   F  E ��0MpAN^
A _ntm�� Canadian Company
Surplus    Over    Tlu'ec-Quat'terg   Million,    Dollars
|tt"HIIH IMIIIIIIi:illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillii!illll(lillUllillllll||!i;u
slagcs i K _:
l|   yotl)
lo those indispensably necessary, ami  j|
by limiting llic cosl at each lo a fal"
return for work done    We hope llie
public v\i 11 understand tin- point ami
appreciate  the method    adopted    lo  E   Wheal price:, are fixed but service is  not    'I'll
eliminate    "profiteering."    There is, jg when you consign  '
indeed, a danger Hint this may bc loo   ��
effectually done ami that lhe   mark ��
may be overshot,    It i��   a   danger |g
which  always attends    fixed    prices, ' g
and il musl not bc ignored,   If prices  rs ������-    .i    nn  n <��� _.    e	
are so fixed that lhe*/ do not give nig *�� "'*   ' l<- Rcll"blo Oram Commission Mtftshin,*
fair return, liie inevitable result is
lhat commodities are not forthcoming.���London 'rimes.
assured  you    S
found iu
however   gcneralcd,   are
ic digestive, tracts,   where
ihey set up disturbances detrimental! ��
to the health of the child. There can   S
be no comfort for the lit tlo ones un- IS
til the hurtful intruders   have    been   ��
expelled.    No belter preparation for   S
this purpose can bc had than Miller's
Worm Powders.   They will immediately destroy the worms and correct
the conditions lhat wcrc favorable to
their existence.
Wheat, Oats, Barley, Flax or Rye I
I Jas. Richardson �� Sons, Ltd,
3   Sixty years of satisfied ctistomeri. Careful checking of _r_dr-
- eral advances.    Prompt adjustments,
Tbe Soul of a Piano it the
Action.    Insist on the
Otto Kigel Piano Action
Dominion Express Money Orders are on
wale in live thousand offices throughout Canada.
Soldier Priests
���More Than 25,000 Priests Fighting in
Trenches in France
In France more than 25,000 priests
and church students arc fighting in
the trenches, when they are not ministering to their dying companions-
iu-arms. They arc serving as common soldiers with knapsack and rifle
and their presence heartens the. poi-
lus when they go over the top.
"They are not chaplains," says
Sterling Heilig, in the New Orleans
Times-Picayune. "They arc simple
soldiers by universal military service law, without choice, in the name
of equality. They look like soldiers,
they are soldiers, bul���a form
crawls among the wounded on the
battlefield at'-dusk and murmurs: 'I
am a priest. Receive absolution. Bc
til peace."
The writer believes thai much of
Ihc heroic otirage that has been displayed by the French soldier may be
traced to thc fact that fighting side
by .side with them are these men of
the  church.���The   Literary  Digest.
Increase Our Average Yields
Facts and Factors Making  for  Success or Failure
The average yields of Canada's
grain crops can bc doubled in quantity by thc application of more care
in seed selection, and just a ilttlc
more labor and skill in tillage. And
what is perhaps of even greater importance than quantity, is quality of
product. The 50 per cent, yield will
usually be. of inferior quality, so that
the loss involved in raising the small
or poor crop, is two-fold. The gain
in producing the large or 100 per
cent, yield is also two-fold���a gain
not only in amount or quantity but
also in quality and hence in enhanced market value bushel for bushel.
It is in the large yields thai profits
arc made; the smaller yields many
and ofttiines do incur actual loss.
There are facts and factors making
for success or failure which arc apt
lo be ignored or overlooked, and yet
which are of vast and vital import to
tlie individual, the, community and
tlie nation, signally so in this time
of shortage and of abnormal expenditures.
The conditions lhat count for success and ultimate independence for
the farmer arc: Thoroughness and a
fair degree of skill in his work and
intelligent, economic management of
his affairs..���W. J. Way.
Mike in bed, lo alarm clock as il
goes off���"I fooled ye-/, lhat lime. I
was. not aslapc al  rill."���Judge.
The fall is the most severe season
of the year for colds���onc day is
warm, the next is wet and cold and
unless the mother is on her guard
the litlle ones are seized with colds
that may hang on all winter. Baby's
Own Tablets are mothers' best
friend in ^preventing or banishing,
colds. They act as a gentle laxative, keeping the bowels and stomach free and sweet. An occasional
dose will prevent colds or if it does
come on suddenly the prompt use of
the Tablets will quickly cure it. The
Tabids are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail al 25 cents a box from
The .Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
BroekviHc, Out
On the British Front
Wonderful Completeness of the Telephone System
lu the British army, the engineer
regiments are not limited lo sap-
pciV work. For instance, the Royal
Engineers' Signal Service lias
charge of lhe telephone lines that
cover northern France. Here is an
incident illustrating the wonderful
completeness of the system:
A company commander was lying
out in No Man's Land on a scouting
expedition. He had his field telephone with him, aud when lie picked
it up to talk to his headquarters
something went wrong, so that his
line was connected with lhe chief
central's office. Immediately he
heard a voice say: "What number
were you calling?"
He was so startled that he gave
his own telephone number in. London. Two minutes later he heart! his
wife's voice amid the roar of the
German guns.���Writer in the New-
York Sun.
Grain Exchanje,  Winnipeg
Grain Exchange,  Calgary
Canada Building,  Saskatoon
Mala till
Mail   3261
"Do vmi believe iii the survival of
the fittest?"
"No," replied llirrs Cayenne,
"When several men call on the same
evening ihr greatest bore is always
thc last to g'i home."���Washington
You Look As "00 FEEL
You know well enough when your liver is loaf ing.
CONSTIPATION iS* .ratt'-ftS?
Your skin soon gets the bad news, it
grows dull, yellow, muddy and unsightly.
Violent purgatives are not what you
need���just the gentle help of this old*
tlma standard remedy.
Small PUI, Small Dose, Small Prlsw.
AV33��tt_:t Cmtews iron pills
many colorless faces bul ^_**wlll greatly help most pale-faced people.
*���>������>���>.�����-������.�����>,>������".�������������������.��������� >f>.f"f<>a<>i><a��_.>t>.��a-��-i<*
You say lo the drug store man,
"Give me a small bottle of freezone."
This will cost very little but will
positively remove every hard or soft
corn or callus from one's feet.
A few drops of this new ether compound applied directly upon a tender, aching corn relieves the soreness
instantly, and soon the entire com or
callus, root and all, dries up and can
bc lifted off with the fingers.
This new way to rid one's feet ot
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who says that frc.zonc dries iu
a moment, and simply shrivels up the
corn or callus without irritating the
surrounding skin.
Don't let father die of infection or
lockjaw- from whittling at his corns,
but clip this out and make him try
- If you druggist hasn't any free-
zone lelt-hini to order a small bottle
from his wholesale drug house for
Claims of Education
War is a great educator. Onc of
thc lesson 5 which it lias forcibly
driven home is the need for the application of science to industry if a
nation is to hold its own in lhc modern world. A transformation has
come ovcr the attitude of all classes
in the community, and not least the
men of business, towards the claims
of education.
Whether lhe corn be of old or new
growth, it must yield to Holloway's
Corn Cure, the simplest and best
cure offered to the public.
Gramaphones in the War
Three hundred gramaphones are
divided among lhe Canadian troops
in France alone. Gramaphones will
also accompany the Uniled States
soldiers, and as a start a New York
man has bought seventy-five of them
to be sent across to iPershing's men
as Ins personal contribution, through
the Y.M.C.A.
Mr. Bradt,   general     manager   in
Canada of a gramaphone   company,
| says that the war lias not hit    thc
I gramaphone industry to any serious
| extent, and in Canada business    has
I advanced wonderfully.      As    an  in-
I stance, last June's sales wcrc 127 per
cent, better than those of June, 1916,
I a record month, when business   was
1700 per cent, belter than it was five
years back.
* Almond Nut Bar
A rich, velvety, milk chocolate containing an abundance of plump almonds ������
a quality that cannot be surpassed.
Sold everywhere.
Made in Canada.
Strange Infatuation
Find Gasoline in Shale
We in America know that lhe
Hohcnzollcrns arc the oppressors of
the German people England knows
it. France knows it. lint in the
mind of the average German, taught
by thc ingenious system of a Prussia that saw thc sole salvation of
kaisertlmm in thc socialization of the
people for the benefit of the state,
the only oppressors of the Germans
are England and France and Russia
aud America. Even here, after being surrounded for a generation by
the blessings of democracy, there are
creatures who worship, with various
degrees of secrecy, lhc idols of Prussian autocracy.���New York Sun.
Minard'i: Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
W.     N.     U.     1182
A Dangerous Patriot
Maxim Gorky, who in an eventful
career, has been a jack-of-all-tradcs,
turnspit, hewer of wood, and the
famous author that all the world
knows, is now, unfortunately for his
country, a politician and a journalist. The policies of Gorky spell
anarch}-, Maximilianism, Leninism,
anything except national defence.
lSoitrlzelT. who certainly cannot be
suspected of rcactiona-jr tendencies,
says that Gorky as a politician is the
blindest of the blind and has dealt
some terrible blows at the foundations of Russian life,
From the so-called hydrocarbon
shales of Colorado and Utah may
come gasoline for motor cars. Examination of these shales by thc
United States geological survey indicate that the distillation of shal-
from beds over three feet thick ta
Colorado alone will vield more than
20,000,000,000 barrels of crude oil.
from which morc than 2,000,000.000
barrels of gasoline can be extracted
by ordinary methods. However,
there probably will be no shale gasoline manufactured until the present
methods of obtaining gasoline make
the product so expensive that tha
big majority of motorists are unable to buy it.
The Friend of All Sufferers.���Like
to "the shadow of a rock in a weary
land" is Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil to
all those who suffer pain. It holds
j out hope to everyone and realizes it
by stilling suffering everywhere. It
is a liniment that has the blessing o?
half a continent. It is on sale everywhere and can be found wherevc
enquired for.
"Do you fear the censorship'"
"No," replied Senator Sorghox.
"I'm used to it. I've worked for
years under campaign manager* who
rigidly supervised everything I had
to say."���Washington Star.
; Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
A Plan to Keep Cabbage
Cabbage will keep in good condition until late in the winter ii wrapped in paper and placed oil shelves
or hung from lhe lop of a cellar. If
the main part of the crop is buried
in a pit a great deal of labor can bc
saved by taking out riuite a quantity
whenever lhc pit is opened and
keeping il by the above method uniil
it is used, when another supply can
bc taken from lhe pit.
Plans World Air Traffic
Lord Montagu, former chairman of
lhc llritish air board, is working oni
pistil for world aeroplane traffic ail-
er the war, carrying fast mails ana
express packages. The first Britisii
route established will probably be
from London to Peshawar in India.
I.ord Montagu proposed to interna-
toinali-.e the air levels above ten
thousand feet for the fast dispatch
Old Tea Looks All Right
Old tea and fresh tea, poor tea and good
tea, all look alike. No wonder a woman
often gets a bulk tea she doesn't like.
Red Rose Tea in
the sealed package is
always fresh, always
good, always worth
the price on the label.
Kept Good by the
Sealed Package
TllP Pruirlpnatr  Ravi-HA*-'     Hilly Mclnnes   paid  another  visit  to
A I1C VjOUriCnay lAcVieW Courtenay last night, and   for  an  hour
And Comox Valley Advocate
A  Weekly  Newspaper, Published at
Courteuay, B, ''.
N. II, Bodbk, Bditor an 1 Proprietor
Subscription 81 .".u per Y rai
J2.00 per annum if not
�� harangued lhc audience with what
I he called "another version" of Ills previous exhortation, lie declared there
i were ten 1/iiurier Liberals funning in the
west whn liul mil believe iu Conscription
ur  Advance  bul did not give their   names,    lie  r,.iiil
, pnid the nun li li in Canadfl were nut slackers
   They hail lusl confidence in llie war uia-
1917 pagers oiiaccount uf llie uiisiiiniiagiuent
ul the Re urned Soldier question, ninl in
i.i great outburst ui stump oratory declar-
Deruei-   Uleese    under    any  e(i twit Canada would not be n quitter
otlu-r liatlieWllateAer would nt smell , under [.uirier, it llie bo\ ���; at   lhe  hunt
as   bad   as   Billy's   record     in     the  their dependents, and the rei .1   sol-
"STllkon '���'*-'" "'ce treated right,    lit-reiterated
lu his old statement Ur il some (ive or
six months nj .. there ��� ire 1011,01)0 ��� ul
iii. rs in HuglHiid, rn I li e  ul   llie   cabled
Hilly forgot In tell us how he
would raise '.lie revenue in pay any
increase in pay to soldiers and theli
dependenl . Ii" Iso foi ��� il tn
iiuri ion   ini-ii' i    I I'' i ���
11;11 >. Ii    u iw  think
^"^ *** tS}\':*^^T?t\m\\'\iTmt*^*m^^
'  . .       I that   '    lime   11 entiling
reach I ,, ;l is 70IH1 men |n r month,
Imi Im forgot I" nu ui mn Unit i . il
hn lu 2000ti tM_.nlll in l��l   , ��������� I   ll   i!n'
did Ri v   M       I  nzi
;   li IIS   ....
lie   pnul
li.    !n
.ill  his  -iiihid   ' infui 'V  '""    '���  ' "
, , 111,1    ,i 1 -o -it:lli i. 111.1. ,        I I   sol-
ma,i..ri  nboul the i i    pin    ,i��� .    ,     ,
cliusetl from the U, ! i v. mm
pi '���!    were not vet    m        I
i. dnvs,'
pri ved i hey vv i      ui Fi 'lent.- -m
Wil.-' would he ;-    ��� I '��� ;
tli ��� R linbow do with   th ���   pr icti      ;
sli :.    ; ....,     vi th   sail :   Thn n    :
tli :,;   i i ���, board?   Tl in inderl1
i.i ' he Rainbow li il    of i hells   I,    is
load "1 with ihe :::' it ki   I ol   ��� lull  eei .. .,
to sink a German boat had he beeu  ""''J1.,
lucky enough to p'a e n s'lell in the tttrift i
right place, : ed, pai
IP  I,  .. iin facl   that
..... ii  men did nut smell pi lie was
���       .,   .'    .'���...;    cl :    WOI ll
, .
      .���   litutioii,
on    11 to
Id  ������ i be changed,
   .   ;,  , '     j      .       profit-
r i   .i ���. food   iu J
..i u li,...- evi i b< (ore,
rliiues said be would lower the
nu nndei r ull (oodr tuffs  requir- I
in amendment lo : i ihibit   food :
..       ���
nil 111
We wish to .state that when Mr.
Menzies was ar. applicant   for  the
not have to eat less und   let   : 1   bogs
fatten.    He also   said   no   m in   i hoiild
look for recruits who is ii:   lo join  up, '
position ot Chaplain in   the   102ud Uml again worked off his little joke about I
Halt, we wore   quite-  ill   earnest   ill   Pink Tea Charlie.    Hilly, however,   snid
giving him all the assistance in our '. he was not in favor of   the  referendum, |
power. He enlisted the good of- b" . T, "\ 'T* , ��! 1" inT'iTTo
J. ....   ,, ,, ,,   _   ���;, which he declared was to  make  Quebec
hCc-s nl b. Laltioun II, S. Uements al,ii all the other provinces come up to
and oilier Consei v itives, "lid while J 1 man in every 10 before taking another
it may be possible that we advised n'an from B.C., which cannot stand
i,:,��� ,.   ,t .      _ , i     ,i,       . ,      _   another .'000 men.    He  denounced   1'ie
lum lo alsn   seek    tlle   support   ot      ���    . ,        ,       ., i���,,���i������, ���u ,i,_
.. ,..,        . '' wtu-the-war league as a liumlmg, all the
Mayor kilpatrick who was also Allies should get together with men and
Chairman ol tii ��� Conservative   As- | money and build shins in real earnest or
t.ieii rtile prail'ie nnd
Next "Week
c       1 i
sociation, we certain
iy applicanl fi
Ini no
sav. PlU
that a
in the 102nd had to sec Mr.
patrick. The whole thing i
silly in think   about,  and  was
McLean \
^ll*|Uniou ."..
too ! wns costil
��� lion iluila
dastardly nick of Mr. Menzies' po-  sir mU"
liticni friends to make political capital  and he fell iulo the  trap���to
Iiis own undoing,
: i' \: ry v
,; rum nl
the cum
laul    Carveli   nnd
nl l.iln-rnls in   the
Said   the  election ]
\ over three  mil- :
That the Voters of the district
arc- Inking an active inlerest in
the election was again shown by a
bumper house turning out to hear
Mr. Mclnnes on Wednesday night,
J. W, McKenzie Jr. occupied the
chair, and Alex Urquhart and H.
Stewart were also on lhe platform
along with Rev. T. Menzies, who
kept the audience amused until
Mr. Mclnnes arrived, At the
close of the meeting Mr, Kilpat
rick asked what about anyone wishing au appointment in the 102nd
having to see him. Rev. Mr. Menzies got up and said that Mr. Boden
was his informant. The lie was
instantly thrown back at him, and
for an install. Mr, Hicks Beach
also asked to see the letters which
Mr. Menzies had lead earlier in the
evening, but was refused, whereupon he said he did not trust any
one else on the platform to read
Then the Chairman announced
that the meeting would close with
the National Anthem.
Mr. II S. Clements states pos-
i.ive'y tl at the   recommendation
iu forgot Lu mention that
inrier was the direct cause
of tlie expense. In an attempt to cheao-
en Mr. Clements' record, he said he wns
not the pioneer wharf and telegraph getter, said Mr. Sloan and Mr. Templeman
luul il .ni' something.
In u deliberate attempt to bribe lhe
electorate lie said he would il elected,
get just as much as Herb did, get big
shipyards established in the constituency
and wound up by saying that he was a
poor ninii and gloried in his poverty and
inability to pay his debts.
Gifts Suitable
Men, Women
and Children
Farmers' Union
A General Meriting of the Farmer's ,
Union will be held in the Agricultural
Hall on Thursday evening next, Dec.
13th. at 8 o'clock. All interested in
Agriculture nre requested to attend. Ladies are cordially invited.
Hon. Sec.
Mail  Contract
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
Postmaster General will be reeeived
at Ottawa until noon, on Friday, the _8,
December, 1917 lor the conveyance ol
His Majesty's Mails, on a proposed Con
tract for lour vears, six times per week,
from the Post Master General's pleasure
Printed notices containing further in lor
niation a�� to conditions ol proposed con;
 ��� ��� j      hi  a.     ���*.-��        h iwiiiin.iiuuiiuu     iiKiuini  hj i" ��---��� ���><�����������     111/ .
appointing Mr, Colwell    had   been I tract may be teen  and fata* forma ol
sen. to Oitawa before  Mr. Menzies ^^ffic^^
for children 2 to6years^___
These  coats  are   nicely   lined  with
plaid lining,   Tlicy  are very suitable
for win er use
English Raincoats
detachable silk lined hoods $3,75
On  Sale���New    shipment of  Girls'
Serge dresses, 6 to 16 yrs
Seabrook Young
623-5 Johnson St.
Victoria, B. C.
application was made     All the pa !0fljce 0| the undersigned.    _ _
pers in coniiec'ion   with  the  inci-j B'H'Fp  o I sne'etor
'"'   K""L'  Post Office   Inspector's  ollice,  Victoria,
II. C, Nov. 1, 1917.
?p 333***3**44****433443.3^
r -^p%
,rr:rryrry>*JjM With the experienced housewife
it's i ot nn ul\ a qtiestioi] of yet-
ling any sort < f dour to do her
BAKING-, When ..he phones heir
grocer you'll never find her saying:
"Send llie a sack of (lour, please!"
That doesn't cover her needs,
Willi a multiplicity of Hours to
choose from, she avoids error and
all soils of baking troubles by say-
in;; clearly and emphatically���
m ___..-_��"=-wO
If youv'e been a trifle eai less nboui ordering (lour,
and don't happen to think of the nnni - R< 'V Al, STAN-
DA RD- at tlie time j-oii'n doiu yen oi .''liiij-. all
vouv'e got to do is suggesl loth grocei iVd you waul
the "Cbcle V" Flour -lhe well known "Money back"
Flour, He'll known nf. once you n "Royal Standard"���the flour that gives you lhc highesl food value,
ami the big, finely textured, pure wholesome loaves,
The grocer'll know.
Mi!!ecl in British Columbia
to   Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
to Phone 33, End ol Bridge B. Towler,   M_r.
f^t^i*d**g****i&��.*fng^**>&*, ��_^v*1,��>*iA<.rvv'''..^_<nii��* . r om*^t>*i*-.*flfZ\
We have an Exhibit  of a Large
AssorUncut of New Patterns
I.   K\
Store Between  Bridges
��V^**->i<lA^-w��^i^<Wt-��-'*��-V-^ Kfttin*)*^*^** *_/V**-w_w<,_
dent are oil file anu    w
into later if uecessurv,
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For   Victoria���11.35   Monday,  Wednesday    and
Friday, connecting at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni,
From  Victoria���9.00   Tuesday,    Thursday,   and
Saturday, connecting at Parksville Junction with
train from   Port   Alberni, and arriving at Courtenay at 16.10.
Phone R 60
Agent C��rlen��y,
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
\ ���.: i i t  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
Tuning and Repairing
Here about Oct. 1
". - o.ve order? at Rev'ew office
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co. Ltd.
Courtenay Branch
We carry a full Line of Grains, Hay, Stock and
Dairy Feeds, Etc.
.Purity Flour
B.&K. Bread Flour
Warehoure: Movitz's Old Stand. Phone 66
The Telephone and Its High Cost of Living
Materials used daily in the telephone business have increased in
price between August 1st, 1914, and Sept. 14, 1917, as follows :
Glass insulators "1 per cent., galvanized ground rods 7." per cent,
lead coveted cable 94 p.c. rubber-covered telephone wire 41 p,c, dry
batteries 76 per cent,, telephone instruments, pole line hardware, 123
per cent,, tools *.5 per cent.
These are merely a lew items .selected from a list of more than 60(1
articles of material used In the telephone business. Nowhere on the
entire list ol materials used by the telephone company, is there an article that has not increased in price since the war began. Some material
cannot be obtained at present, at any price. While all other materials
and commodities vou use were going sky ward in prices on account ol the
Have you ever consipered the fact that,  compared   with the prices
you are paying lor eve.ything else,
Telephone Service ii Comp_r��tiveljr Cheaper Today lhaa Anything Else yon ut*
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High .,
Still There's Nothing Like Leather  Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & Biseoe
Pine Showing of Horse Blankets, Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cu.:_�����.!?__ and Cuu-'s'iPj THE COURTENAY REVIEW
(%�� *%& @S% ��s*f GE&&&
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
for in.
It liar, a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
I. O. D. E. Notes
uii�� faeis nn I figuri s i i  the  satis
faction of llje   n     n e  presi nl
there wore uo interruptions,    Oeo
Cow in, Is   C,   the  ii.."..'.  speflki i.
delivered all nblc  nddie'-s dealing
principally with  milil .1 y  111 itli
ihr boys ovei    1 .    ��� . v< iu lhe wai
e . up lign.      The   111 cling  1 lo .ed
with Ihree elu ers for   11.   S.   Ch
inei   i, the "'in n���. vV'ir candidate
and i.od Save lhe King,
Ninety per cent ol the food consumed in Canada passed through
the hands of our women. There is.
then n greal responsibility resting
upon ihem to conserve supplies
needed overseas and to utilize perishable foods, Wn to ill all its
many forms should be regarded
not only as n sin. but as actual disloyalty in war time It is important that sufficient and nourishing
food should be provided, suited to
lhe needs of ihe different members
of the family.
Arbitra y rules in this case are of
and Cowan
Speak at Lazo
1 ,i-;i Thin > lay evening 11 S.
Gleinents aud (',. II Cowan add.
ressed the residents of Utile River
at tin- !,.!/<> school house, Thi
���chair was occupied by Mr We't'up
The speakers wore giAen an attentive hearing.
Mr Clements dealt with the
question and necessity of Union
Government, stating that he was
tlie first to announce himself as the
Win-the War candidate of tlle
Union Government. Union Government was in the best interests
of the people and lie was a candidate for all Liberal, Conservative,
Socialist, or whateverpolitical party
in existence,    Mr.   Clements then I m      {     ,n;l the      mdpaI  is of
gave an account ol lus stewardsnip . ^^^
1   ���     .1 .1   i general
dunug the past  six   years  as  the 1 b
representative of the Electoral Dis- ,,,,,  ,,,, ,.;,,,-,.    ~.,.���j���
. .'     , ,, ....     ,   ,. ...   more important patriotic    service
tnct of Couiox-Atlni, dealing with  ......   ,...'    ,:.... :...., ��� ,..
the mail service, public buildings,
wharves, fisheries and Indian
affairs, and that during that period
53,000,000.00 had been voted by
tiie federal authorities for the benefit of this Dominion Con,.tituency, , , ,..- e..ri. nrnHn.u
_ .   ..            .               ...        -     laree   ainouut   ot   hums  prooiicis
and in the opening up  ot  its  vast.       " . ,.     ., i,i,-���-_
r       R   v _  . , ,   saved lor the soldiers,
resources 3.000 miles  of  telegraph ,     Y(ji. m     f   . tha(.   vou   (10    uot
lines had bee. bulk causing sever 1 ^       C   ^ Food pledge-that
million dollars to be invested in tl.e .j, *' _ ������     ��� ���,,��� wiUlout it
various industries in   some  of  tne > about        ���.   neighbor?
remote parts  of   the  district  that Th. ,^-j   ,_d     fflay help her t0
���covers 1700   miles   of  shore   line rememI)er the dutv of food service,
three quarters of lhe coast   line  of housewiveS of Canada pledged
B.C.   Mr. Clements dunug  the t0 food servlce, aud   living  np to
coutse of his remarks answered by thdr pledges,   will  be  a  powerful
his opponent in this political   caul- f       *,a U]e gt       le      inst Ger.
paign. the Ross r.ile, shell contract d      im{ starvati0n.
and transcontinental railways  giv- '
  1 r    ��� ���        ��� - ��� ���
The cactus donated by Mrs, McQuillan '
was drawn tor by  the Mayor,  ami  llie'
winning   number  ii   131.   The person
holding ilml number iu.iv get lho   plant
nl T, Iiooth '; Sous store by prer   iting
die ticket.
I'he Indiau  basket donated  by  Mrs.
Ki'ipulri.k was won by Mi 1.    Robertson.
The I, 0. Ii. Ir. l-.irK for 11  big   crowd
...1 the M iple Leaf  Thealre on   Monday
nl ihi where Ihey will hold .1 Hi id      1 1 I
Whist drive coiiimenciiiK  at  8 p.   m.l
harp, followed by n dance.
Al lhe re [id a uioiithh nn .-r ,������ nl the
I. i). IJ. IJ. ihey villi-.I tlie loll .    ���     lo
nations and bought Iwo  ill    lolhi    Vic
loi -  War B011 Is, uu I di     U-d ���_.* lo ll
1 lualicuni    - ceul liosp
liu- soldiers .   ������ '���'   n lhe   111
diers, I '
11 in I v i'i   miers
ntcre .ted in lln   v.  \
catriet! oil In lhe I. O. I). 1"!
e I in Ileal Mrs. ilusell, I'rovii    ;i
lary, ..I li i- I. n. li. [.', In II, C.,  In lhc
M iple I," il The lire on   I'lm    lav,
Ai lhe next nu   Iii    nl llie I He
���11. Tri neh, Thursday, 1}i Ilh,   I
1116111I11 1   propo 1  lioldiu   -     In    er  fo
llie keliirncd Soldiers ul  lhc  1in
IIos| itol,     As  iiiorI   .-I   lln
; eul Iii ���! ".in is in lhe
right w.��� bhould do nil ��������� 1   can   to   mnke
1 li   .���     11. I bright fm
'our Range Should H��ft i
���a dependable oven, a good warming
closet, u durable and ample-sized
firebc , easy working grates- simple
draft control and a finish that requires
but little attei tii i i) l.eep clean. All
these and -���-���. " r desiraliu fi it-
ures will be found in
!'...    I
u _ / aJ
y rr ,
For sale by C. I J. Tarbell & So    Courtenay
D. Sears, j,   . ui
The folio ��� ing I at I]     lu, T. ot ill
the Rivi; idi  Hotel last \\ ictoria, J.   1101
,     .. i Camp, 1', Warn. 1:: Irom
;Ue'        River, E.   Her'.    H
application,���that the
women in the homes can do no
more important patriotic servict
than by guardiug against waste
The question of substitution is
very largely ill their hands. ,-i
little saving in every home, when
multiplied by all the homes in the
Dominion,   would   mean    a   very
Watson's  Underwear
for Men
$1.00 to $1.75
T. Booth & Sons
Telephone No. 1.
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Bestjand cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for 50 cts, 4 for 30cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement,
The baker of Better Bread Opposite the city hal1
rom Vancouver. 1, innsuaie. ui"'. '"'"*' .-'  _ i ���
River, I.. Ber?,   li. R.
Kriisor. j    Graham  J.   tjrant,  (    . [eveusotl   A. Weir, I
''!' "  :':-   :;   ''   '   "��� '���     "'"" '"'   Sh I'i.a, J   McVe ���    R.
_______________________________    $��� Warner, 'earscu, W.llingto
Articles   ucli 1    linviui paste  cl  A. Fin    '���'    1     Mi    lllvnry,   re|t|   1*oronj;0|    ,���.,���.
tooth brushes, tobacco, etc.  wrapped In   v   Ramsay, W.   Jackson,   1.   Me-!
white paper and tied wilh red  ribbon  if.   f\.laiu, W     Jpffrev,   J.    CrimmillS,
possible, would be very  acceptable.    As ,,     rM.-..���..    i>       ,
there are some limidr, land  twenty-five 0. Severson, b.    Ohvei.   P.  r.uun
members Rometlilng  is  expected   from B. Wilson, J: Lindsay, ��>,   Benson
each one of them, as il   should   not   be J, Olson,  G.   Wilson
left for only a few   members   lo corrtri- p   Anderson    1
Imle. '
New   Won linsl 1.
>.;iil .iiiun.
I ,
Tiie Cumberland 1
11,  J,   cravnor, i ..157 at tlieir coiicci
ell   E,  Smith, I day evening, of wl
Comox Valley Cow Testing Association
I/lst of cows that have given SO lbs of butter during  Nov,
Name of cow                              lbs milk            lbs butter owner
Leouette  1335   70.0 T. 1). Smlt
________    **^*
|$ioo to-vards payinj ofl the  uu.it-
gage on tiie Methodisl ,
Sally fi months	
Dell 6 months........
foi 1 y 9 niniilliM	
Nellie 7 months	
Dolly Carlotla	
Dully Curlotta 7 month
.lll.il ..
.1119  .
60.1 ..
 U, '.,'.   Il.irti.r'
 Va.ts llros
 K. Ree
A-*. T. Wainei S.i
 A McMilla
629  56.5  T.   ii  Smith
3995 306.7
3-19  55.���! A, McMillan
,R. r. Hurford
. 695	
6863       _^^^^_
966 .  53.0....   W   T. Wam St Sun
.1073.....'.   ....... ������ 52.6    T. D. Smith
51 11 A. Urquhart
Donbrev '��""  _
���^��c'' f.\  S3       K,  Ree,,
Kaunyis mo u;:..:::::::::: w-i::::::::::::::::^:- a. mcmiu,,..
Rhodeta, 7 months 7295 431. /
Buggies and Express Wagons
All -tigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Cumberland Hotel
Hood Accomodation      Cusiue F.xcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Palace Livepy
Horses  and   Buggies  for   Hire  *
Terms cash.
We  also attend  to wood hauling
Courtenay Phone .5
Blacksmith and Carriag. Builder COURTENAY
Do You
The Courtenay  Review
Family Herald and vVeekly Sur
and the Daily Province
for otie year
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
Now Showing   ew   Ig    Suitings
McPhee Block    -    Courtenay
for $6
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Christmas Presents
are Economical, Useful
and are
Great   Labor   Savers
for sale by
The Courtenay ElectricLight
Heat & Power Company I imited
(       General Blacksmiths
I IIcr to announce that they nre   prepared
to do all   kinds  of   repairs   at   Illoderat
I prices.
j Horseshoeing  a   Specialty
Ice Cream
Pipes, ���
Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary
Phone 6 Ccurtenay THE   REVIEW.   C0TJRTNE7.   * C;
There are thousands of
children who are bright
but frail���not sick but
underdeveloped ���they
play with their food���they
catch colds easily and do
not thrive���they only need
the pure, rich liquid-food in
lo start them growing and keep
them goin[��. Children relish
SCOTT'S and it carries rare
nutritive qualities to their blood
streams and gives them flesh-
food, bone-food and strength-food.
Nothing harmful in SCOTT'S.
Scott & Ir.'.vut. Toronto, Oul. 16-2
United States Prepares
Money in Sheep
Profitableness of Sheep Raisins'   on
Small Farms
An instance of the success thai can
he attained in sheep raising on small
farms in Alberta is given iu the case
of Mr, II. Sykcs, who lias a 320-acre
farm sonic ten miles northeast of
Castor, Alberta, As a beginning Mr.
Sykcs secured sixty head of sheep
tour years ago. In the two succeeding years he raised about 100 lambs
and sold seven old ewes. Al lambing time Ihis year Iiis (lock increased
UK) per cent., in adilion to wliicli hc
had his wool clip, which be sold on
llie  co-operative  plan.      With    wool
j silling at more than sixty cents a
pound and yearly wethers at from
$12 lo $1.1 a hundredweight, it is
i.ot difficult to realize how profitable
sheep raising in Alberta i-i   to   tlio
I: mall farmer,
This  fanner runs his sluop on  llu
i summer-fallowed land to cut out Cite
; needs. In winter lie keeps Ihi in in
good order by glvhijj them a good
I li i d of prairie hay iu the morning,
villi green feed iu the evening, while
during the day they pick around llic
! straw slack. A shed ol poles, covered wiih straw, with an open front
serves as a protection from the wind.
Entered War
tion to
The war ni:
air.     llie  hi-,
strike ou the
allies, may bc
the victory lh
have a navy
fray.    JUlI  tin
military aviati
he  ready, win
combat with
Golhas  tlie  to
to put new   ob
the  German  a
the enemy's 1'
mans know ll;
the  war villi.
lion to do our
tions and the
effect.���New   Y
With Firm Detcrmina-
Do Their Part
y not he won in the
es we shall presenl ly
and, together with our
tlie principal factor in
il is sure to come. We
apcr to pet into the
American program for
m shows that wc shall
n lhe lime comes, to
all the Taubes and
mums can send aloft,
.slacks in lhc way of
rl ill cry, to pass ovcr
his, and let the Gcr-
it we have nol entered
(lit a linn dctcrmina-
share in all thc opera-
means lo put it into
ork Times.
j      on   Tlorsei,   Cattle.   Ac,  mii-l'v   riirerl   b?
For Snlc by All Dealers
DourI&i  St   Co.,   Prop'rr;,   Na.anee,   Ont.
(Free   Sample   on   ltei|iiest)
Dragged Down by Asthma. Tinman or woman who i�� continually
subject to asthma is unfitted for his
or her life's work. Strength departs
am! energy is taken away until life
becomes a dreary existence. And
.yet ibis is needless. Dr. J. D. Kel-
logg's Asthma Remedy has brought
a great change Io an army of sufferers. It relieves lhc restricted air
tubes ami guards againsl future
trouble.   Tn  it.
Germans Surprised in India
From   a   Letter   from   Ahmcdnagar,
India, to the Springfield
Some day I am going to send you
a letter aboul lhe German prison
camp liii'i'. Imi I musl wait for sunny weather, so thai 1 ran take some
snap shots to "o wilh my letter. The
camp is growing all thc time, and f
hope il will . ontinue to grow-. The
latest additions arrived last Friday���
two German airmen from Mesopotamia. Xew barracks arc being put up
and 1 hope that before long they will
be filled with people from German
East Africa, llic last ones who came
from thai part of the world were;
amazed at being sent to Bombay���
India had revolted weeks before, so
they had bein lold.
Taking the Toll
Germany Must in Due   Course   Restore Conquered Territory
France paid too, and paid heavily
but now, after I? mouths have gone,
takes that for which she paid. Now
the weight of artillery i.s with her.
Eur it is not only artillery. The.
spirit of France lives in the "extraordinary patience of the French soldier, which, combined with his cx-
ccllent physique, makes his mind
and body so tintired in spile of the
tn mendous menial and bodily strain
of the war that lie seems today just
jas full of energy and even more dc-
I terinincd than in thc first enthusiasm
of the rush into Alsace and Lorraine." Verdun was always the key
of the defense of France. In the
last few days one after another of
the bastions of that defense, which
Germany won in the spring of 1916,
have been regained. There is in this
lhc whole hope and confidence of lhc.
alliance. What Germany has won
and still holds she wilt in due, course
bc made to restore; that, and more
also.��� London Times,
1  *-*^TdE1 IN  CANADA*
For   making
' to_p.
For  ��often-
' Inc water.
For    removing
| paint.
For -liin'-ctlng
I refrigerator*,
��� Ink*, closet*,
drain* and for SOO
I other nurpoae*.
mruM _umtitut__
Ship's Fine Fight
Against Plunger
Boatswain of French    Vessel   Gets
the Legion of Honor
Ibe French mini. I. r of marine has
commended in navy orders the
French sailing vessel Kleber, of 27/
tons, which on September 7 stood up
to a big German submarine oft the
coast south of Brltanny and plied a
single gun so well lhat Inr opponent
retreated discomfited . after three
hours of stirring battle.
Pierre Motiici, the boatswain,
who fought the ship after the captain
of the Kleber was killed, has been
decorated with the Legion of Honor,
while lhc twelve men of the crew,
several of whom were wounded, have
been given War Crosses, Seven
members of lhe crew win. particularly distinguished themselves also
received the Military Medal in addition lo the War Cross.
Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited,
Gentlemen,���In July, 190S, 1 was
thrown from a road machine, injuring my hip and back badly and was
obliged to use a crutch for 14 months,
iu Sept., 1006. Mr. Win. Onlridgc of
1.aclinic urged me to Iry MINARD'S
LINIMENT, which I did with the
most satisfactory results and today
I am as well as ever in my life.
Yours sincerely,
The most fateful years in a woman's life arc those between forty-
five aud fifty. Many of lhe sex enter
this period under depressing conditions through overwork or worry
about the home, or llirougli a condition in which the blood is weak or
watery and so they suffer heavily.
Among' the commonest symptoms
are headaches, feverish Hushes, palpitation of the. heart, diz.iness, backache; depression and other well recognized disturbances of the health
which signalizes that the blood requires attention. Women urgently
need rich, red blood all their Jives,
but never more so than in middle-
life, when thc nerves are also weak
and overwrought.
Now every woman eau prove llu.'
prompt help afforded lo her health
by renewing and building up _ lhc
blood, It is a lest lhat any ailing
woman can make by taking Dr. Williams' l'ink I'ills, for these pills
make rich, red biood, which in turn
stimulates the appetite, strengthens
thc nerves and restores full robust
health. Thousands of women have
found in Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills
new health and strength and with
these a hew happiness and interest
in life.
So if you suffer, avail yourself al
t-ncc. of thc splendid home treatment which Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills
so easily afford, and you will bc
among those who rejoice in regained
health. These pills are sold by all
dealers in medicine, or may bc had
by mail at 50 cents a_ box or six
boxes for $2.50 by writing' the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvillc,
'.)n l.
The life work of some men seenus
lo be critici.i ig others.
\ Different Typo
In the Use
Of Wheat
By eatinj
All the food value
oi the grain is used
in making tliis delicious food; and its
blend ul malted "bat-
ley nm only iiclds to
ils nourishing qti;ili-
ties, Imi produces a
flavor id' unusual richness
All Food-
No Waste!
ltn..i!i.ii iv.tum CerefllC... t.tJ,.
v, iu'lsor. '.int.
Politics Must Bc Less of an Exclusive Profession
Thc truth is that there never was
a time when sane, serious counsel
was more needed than in the present j
hour, when thc anxious suspense of|
the war and the grinding misery of
the sorrow which follows in its train.
together with the vast number of
problems which arc in the melting
pot, n quire lhe formation of an active and enlightened public opinion
to help, in due course, towards their
solution, "Notwithstanding tlie need
for concentrating on the war_. says
t' '! i.uics, "it is not too soon to
niaki up our minds thai the men
who speak for us in parliament shall
i onsisi   in   lhe   main   of    a     diU'erent
type f i Ihosc ivho predominate to.
��� day, lhal politii s diall be less of an
rxclu ive profession, and that there
shall be in I.",ni fm- the candidate
��� '.ho thinks more of his own career
i-i 1. nub.n than of ibe interests of
I.i.i constituents,' This is jusl whal
.../��� havc be. n saying for a long lime.
; -Du  dei   People's Journal.
Coal Rations by Ticket
Since September 5 the Berlin
householder has one more card lo
add to the many varieties lhal. already perplex- him. Coal tickets now
regulate tbe coal rations. The issue
and use of these, tickets have pedagogic as wel! as social-economic advantages in addition to their immediate aims. Tiny are teaching lhe
people, arithmetic, method, and thrift
for the hard times after the war.
All coat found in any man's cellar
beyond his legitimate ration i1- lo be
Minard's Liniment  Cures   Garget   in
The Feeding Margin
An Important Factor in Profit Fron
Feeding Steers
llie gain in weight made by the animals, and (5) lhc length of thc feeding period. J he higher the purchase
price, lhe heavier thc steer when purchased, ibe. cheaper the feeds, tin
greater (he daily gains, and lln
shorter the feeding period, the siual-l
br die margin may be between il"
purchase price and the selling price ,
of the cattle, without loss to lhe recti !
er. Willi a sleel of poor quality anil
with high-priced feeds, lhe margir
musl of necessity be great, but wit'
the best quality of Btcers and will
cheap feeds the necessary tnargi'
may be very small.
Autos on Prairie Farms
Ai different farmers' gatherings in,
Wcli in Canada this year every con-1
nyancc al llie place was an automobile.    In some school districts, ii i--,
said lhal every farmer owns au at)to. j
And in Ontario the number of ears
owned by farmers is surprising.   At I
a Vork County picnic of the Holstein
Breeders  over 50 ears   were presenl. I
and  these  were  not   by any  means ���
the cheapest types of car either.
Comfort for the Dyspeptic.���There |
is no ailment so harassing and    exhausting as dyspepsia, which    arises j
fiom defective action of the stomach i
and liver, and  llic victim of it is to
be pitied.    Vel he can find ready relief in Parmelec's Vegetable_ Pills, a
preparation  that  has    established it-j
self by years of effective use.   There i
are  pills   that  are  widely  advertised .
as the greatest ever compounded, but i
not one of them can rank in    value
with Parmelee's.
friend whether lu training, ur already at. tlie fronl ���ui i ,;.i :-,:-.n; ..:,;.
It cannot bo equalled for thc many
small Injuries and ailments Incidental to a soldier's lite.
Sergt, F, Jin-mi.- of tho 8th
Canadian Mounted llifie.., writes:
"""or lieallug cuts, sores, bllstera,
etc., /it tu-flu i; cannot bo bealen,"
Corp. li'ieralln of the tOth field
Ambtilanoe, writing from Francs,
nays: "We llnd Zam-Buk splendid
for Injuries and ollnents, bul ?>��
haven't enough of it.'
Every soldier should carry t. hex
of /.���'���-.! Unit, as nothing ends pain
and stflpa bleeding so quickly; ||
also prevents blood-poisoning, SOc.
all druggists, or Zam-Buk Ce,
Mightiest fwini:
ever     aimed    nl
Mini mm, Suril
in. aii,I l'mn.i
Inn- Calvlllg,  0110
or nm- lninilii'.l
eolilo  hr.iifil
lull    of
lu.'i,    il     nut
iflcil      return
linliimre   null
your   mon. y
.._.        T      jfffBlf   "Kii" Savlr"
\l\vrtR*B����_l"vm"/'/ i I'll        imiiuiH
��"U_____ .___��v__#_r     Hun.    Sruil im
printed ntnlter.
i'Uiu niul  Head Office,  Edmonton,  Alb. r.i
I'.  O.   Box,  321
Building Cargo Vessels
The United Stales has 1,036 cargo
vessels building for ocean traffic.   At
tlu- present rate of German submarine success it would require   nearly
two years lo .sink Ihein all, and by'
lhat lime the shipyards of the allied i
nations would have launched    thou- ,
sands more.���Toronto Globe.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured i
���itli    LOCAL    APPLICATIONS,    as tliey !
.rumot  reach tlie scat of tlie disease,  Catarrh I
is a local disease, greatly influenced by con- ���
itilelion.il condition;:, and in order to cure it
rou  must  U'ke an  Internal  remedy.    Hall's
Catarrh    Cine is taken    Internally and acts
through   lhc   blood   on   the  mucous  surfaced
sl thc system.    Hall's Catarrh Cute was pre-
icribed hy one vi lhe best physicians in this
rrouutry   for  years.     It  is  composed  of  some
of thc    beat  tonics  known,    combined  with
tome of thc  heat blood purifiers.    The perfect combination of thc ingredients iu Hall's
Catarrh Cure is what produces such wonder-
fui results in catarrhal conditions.    Send lor
testimonials, free.
F. J.  CHKNEV .tr CO., Props., Toledo, O.
All Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills for conBtlpatlou.
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Using
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With
EDDY is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
stick of which has been treated
with a chemical solution which
positively ensures the match
becoming dead wood onca it
lias becn lighted and blown
Look for tlit words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
Married Three Birds
"llu- wile of a Methodist minister
iii West Virginia has been married
iiini. times, llu maiden name was
Partridge, lur Inst husband was
named  Robins, Inr second   husband
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper.
Increase in Live Stock
Alberta's excellent harvest is draw
I ins a large number of   landseekers,
I many of whom are purchasing   land
with a view lo breaking it up   nexl
: year   im-  crop.    The high  price    of
live  stock, tno. is attracting   siock-
; men  from all over lhc United States
j to our vacant lands with a view  lo
placing cattle and other Jive    slock
upon it.    Tin   presenl indications arc
thai there  will  be  a  wonderful    inert-.i.c in live stock during the coin-
ing  vear.
Sparrow     and     lire,     present     Quail,
There are iwo young Robins, one
Sparrow ami three Quails iu the family. One grandfather was a Swan
ami another a Jay, but he's dead now
and a bird of Paradise. Tlicy live on
Hawk avenue, Eaglcvllle, Canary Is
land, and the fellow who wrote this
is a Lyre and a member of tin- family.���Valley Enterprise,
Anyone Can Do This
Overheated Houses Mean  a   Waste
of Fuel and Is Injurious
' to Health
The fuel administrator suggests
thai as a measure of economy in
the use of coal, Americans reduce
tlie temperature of their houses at
least five degrees tllis winter. The
American standard of artificial heating is commonly said to be about .0
degrees Fahrenheit, and this is true
in Canada. 'I'he. English standard is
(52 degrees. The complaints of Englishmen in America of overheated
houses and the jeshrof Americans iu
England at the chilliness indoors arc
well worn stories, Climatic differences make identical heating standards unlikely and even undesirable,
Yet American houses arc frequently
kept loo hot, ami not with a temperature of 70 degrees, but 72 and 75 degrees, When Mr. Garfield urges a
general reduction of live degrees in
the temperature of the average home
he asks us to bear no hardship or
even discomfort. Most medical auiliorities would enthusiastically endorse bis suggestion on grounds of
health alone.���New York Sun,
Many mothers have reason lo bless
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because it has relieved the lillle ones
of suffering and made them healthy.
Future Demands Look Good
W. J. Black, Dominion Commissioner of Agriculture, says that sine*
lhc war began llicrc were 28,000,000
less cattle, 50,000,000 sheep and ovei
30,000,000 less hogs in the world. Tin
result would bc, said Mr. Black, thai
in the years after thc war, lhc pricci
of meat products and live stocl
would still remain high. The farmers were not receiving prices out ol
proportion when compared v. ill
prices of other products which tin
people were buying.
W.     N.     U      1182
Portugal's Eccentricity
The mysterious case of Portugal is
exciting wonder, She has 42,000 soldiers engaged in the war in France*
and is training morc to send there.
Yet she has not asked for an American loan! Vossibly it may be an ambition to appear eccentric,���Kansas
City  lournal.
msiDM'jy- j
British Columbia Log Production
The production of logs in the Vancouver district of British Columbia
during the month of August was 12,.
000,000 feet greater than in the corresponding monlh of last year, says
a Vancouver report. There have been
marked increases all tlirougli 11117,
aud the first eight months show a
lotal increase 01 86,815,800 feet. According to Mr. Armstrong, secretary
of the Britisii Columbia Loggers'
association, there is not likely to hc
a shortage of lumber, although the
demand is increasing.
Customer���Which way to the
hosiery department, please?
Shopwalker ,an ex-soldier)���Right
turn at the next aisle, sir, forward
about twenty paces, left oblique, forward, left turn, halt, and It'l there,���
Dainty, crisp little
sodas,made either
plain or with jus.
a little salt to give
them added zest.
FAIRY biscuita
are now packed in
cardboard carton?
instead of tins���a savi
ing to you, yet with
our modern method.
ol distribution!
they reach
you   with
snappy freshness because
they come-direct from the
oven to you,
Most Grocers hove them���
all tan get Ihem.       _t
North-West Biscuit Co., Umttti
Edmonton, Alt*.
Ip.-!*- tt Ketl--. -Mt-rtooii. C-lpry. t-WB-wtj, THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. &
No Relaxation of Military Effort Can Be Contemplated While the
(iennan Government Remains Obdurate, and All the Energies
Oi the Nation Must 15c Directed to the Onc Great Purpose
This was thc rallying ery of the
llritish iireniiei: : i a meeting in London on Thursday last���"Concentrate
upon victory I" il comes with inspired force at a time when tho distractions of internal problems incident to
thc war threaten to divert the attention of Canada from her .unrctnc
lask, the planting of the (lag of Liberty un thc ruins of despotic militar-
inn. Ai ilu lime Mr. Lloyd (ieorgc
was speaking lhe gnus of l-'laudirs
were thundering their approval or
his e.dl io ilu- allied peoples to concentrate upon -. Ictory,
The eaiiying mi uf the war is a
duly that transcends all (Questions of
national import. It is a necessity
imposed upon nations lhat. value their
spiritual heritage and which are truly
loyal lo the fundamental verities of
liie ami progress. The nation or
people that elects to shirk the perils
and the sacrifices of a defensive war
in which life and honor and civilization itself are al slake has pronounced its own doom, Never in the
world's history has the issue been
so clearly defined; never in her past
career bas Canada espoused a cause
with greater certainty that_ Right is
on her side. Varying motives sway
the allied nations in their light witli
Germany, but all are uniled by a
common danger to national security.
Together they stand; divided they
fall. It is this common ground of
quarrel with Germany lhat makes
place impossible while the particular aims of any of the allied nations
remain unsatisfied. German statesmen have endeavored to disseminate
the false notion lhat the war continues in order lo satisfy the ambitions of Great Britain; that Russians,
I'rench and Italians are shedding
their blood in vain to satisfy Brilish
greed and aggrandizement, But Mr.
Lloyd George has been quick to
point to the real cause of the continuance of lhe war: thc declaration of
lhe Girnian foreign secretary that
Germany would never contemplate
the making of concessions to France
tespecting Alsace-Lorraine. The
Hriiish premier has made it clear that
uot Belgium only, but Alsace-Lorraine must bo unconditionally surrendered by Ihe Teuton. France, has
made colossal sacrifices to maintain
her Hag in Europe. She never can
feel safe against attack in the future
while German troops hold her lost
provinces. To the insolent challenge
of Germany the British nation replies with war and more war, unlit,
as Mr. Lloyd George declares,
France has "redeemed her oppressed
ehildren from the degradation of a
foreign yoke."
Mr. Asqiiith was equally emphatic
that no relaxation of military effort
can bc contemplated while the German government remains obdurate,
While lhe desire for peace at any
price is spreading among the German people, there are no signs of
reasonable compromise on the part
of the kaiser and bis advisers, who
have tried lo sow discord between
Britain and France, Mr. Asqiiith
German diplomacy is not celebrated for deftness, but even in its
analysis il will be. difficult to find a
more clumsy or more transparent
manoeuvre than lhis maladroit attempt to sow discord between ourselves and our French allies. Von
[Cuchlmanu relegates the Belgian
question to a secondary position.
"1 have formerly asked whether
Germany was ready to restore Belgium in the only real sense acceptable to the allies, but 1 have received no answer, and von Kuehlinami,
who ran be boisterously definite and
precise concerning Alsace-Lorraine,
preserves regarding Belgium au unbroken but significant silence,"\
11 is Germany thai blocks the road
lo peace. Tin- advantages are now
on llie side ni llle allies. Of litis
there is no longer any doubt. tin
Ihis point il is well to recall lhe
words of Mr. Asqiiith in hi* speech
on Thursday:
Halifax, N.S.
"About .isrlit tnontliJ lip), X rend jour
���dverttiein.nt in one of tlie lUlifnx pnprr*
offering a fn-e .-'ample of (Un Pith for tlie
Kidneys. I lin.l teen n lnnrtyr for years to iu-
lennc pains ucro.ss the back. Before X had
finished the third box I found myself perfectly
.leefruui pain,"       Your, sincerely,
(Mrs.) Jam P__cy.
W.    N.     U.     1183
"Take Uu allies as a whole, including America, whose contribution to
the common stock becomes every
month a factor iu the growing quietude���survey the relative powers of
endurance of tin- two sides: measure
tin in by any standard, naval, military
or   economic,  and    afler    yoll     haw
made allowances lor every dubious
ot hazardous coiitingjMtcy, even lur
the temporary paralysis of Russia as
an aggressive force, eau there be
doubt that ilu- material, no less Ihan
ihe moral, preponderance rests manifestly ami   increasingly   with    out
Willi this preponderance of military power un our -ide, there is only
one way lo minimize the horrors of
war and lu hasten the coming of
peace. Canada must concentrate upon victory, All ihc energies of the
nation must be directed to the one
great purpose that stirs the pulse of
free men. Victory is not lo be won
hy lhc tilt erance of pious platitudes
and Ihc concentration of lhc national
mind on internal affairs. Canada's
oul look is across the seas, where her
brave troops arc battling fur victory.
"Over theni hangs the dust of death,
beside  ihem '
Tlle dead  lie countless���and  the  foe
laughs slill."���Toronto Globe.
Forestry Operations
When War is Over
Europe and America   Must   Adopt
Scientific Reforestation
Canada alone lias sent more, ihan
10,0(11) men overseas in forestry battalions. Besides, many men already
overseas have been formed inlo forestry companies. These facts alone
show thc importance of au adequate
supply of timber for military operations.
These foresters are working in
both England and France. While
exploitation is the first consideration
in the cutting operations to supply
thc timber so urgently needed in
modern trench warfare,, the interests of lhc future arc being considered, so far as practicable.
The cutting iu Great Britain is,
however, so close that the satisfactory re-establishment of lhc forest
can he; expected only as a result of
extensive planting operations, It is
even now being urged that definite
plans bc formed at once for lhc systematic reforestation of the large
areas of non-agricultural lands in
Great Britain that will have been
despoiled of their forest for war
purposes. Undoblitedly, the present
situation will greatly stimulate thc
adoption of a broad-gauged policy of
governmental forestry in Great Britain after the war.
In France, heavy cutting of timber for war purposes has also taken
place. France, however, unlike Great
Britain, has for many years pursued
a systematic policy of scientific forest management, including reforestation. Her forests have suffered severely as a result of war operations,
both by the allies and the enemy,
but it will be accepted as a matter of
course lhat this damage will he repaired after the war, through systematic planting, as rapidly as .circumstances will permit.
In Canada, the war has thrown a
greatly increased burden upon our
forcsis, particularly those suited for
the manufacture of pulp and paper,
'lhe pulpwood supplies of lhc Eastern .States are becoming rapidly depleted, and it becomes of lhe greatest importance tu Canada that the
productivity of her foresi arias be
retained, so that, for all lime lo conn-,
successive crops of timber may be
harvested from lhe east areas ul' noil.
agricultural lauds. This means increased efficiency iu forest fire protection, Inward which wc hnve an excellent beginning, bill with the goal
rrlill far in advance, ll means also the
adoption of stricter regulations governing cutting.
Only by lhc adoption of these
measures can our forests be made
to contribute their proper share to
vard the payment Of the great car
debt with which thc country will be
confronted, while at the same lime
playing Iheir full part in the industrial and social development of the
Bill and Dan
Talk Seriously
"Fanner, Merchant and Banker���
those arc the three strong pillars of
the country town and district," said
Mr. Dcbcred. "Neither can standi
alone, and no two remain ii thc third
bc withdrawn."
e our
"Well, Mr, Dcbcred," said Dan
Brodie, after the banker had finished
telling of thc wonderful prosperity
brought to the country towns and
their tributary districts in Hampden
County, Mass., by 1,000 business men
and' fanners, who joined forces in
order to develop their mutual interests and to circulate their wealth at
home instead of investing it in distant cities llirougli the medium of
mail order houses; "jour address
makes me think of what the darkey
said wInn asked what he tboughl.
of tin- new- preacher: "Why thai ar'
new pri-aeliah of ouru, he axes the
l.ruvd fob moll things than that oiler
preachah knowed  He had.'"
"I didn't kno.w,"    continued
afler   the   laugh   had   subsided,
such  Ihings  had    ever    been
'there's one truth can bc said
Starcross  and district, we've
such  bard times as have com
way lying down,    and    have
sampled what a   little    co-operation
might do."
"Well," said Mr.Vpebcrcd, speaking
very deliberately, VWestern Canada
is at lasl waking up to the fact that
only by co-operation between farmer, banker and merchant, the thr.e
classes most actively engaged in the
development of our great country,
and witli most at stake, can*Wc combat and overcome those, evil influences that threaten today to wreck
our country towns, isolate and impoverish our fanners ami deprive
them, their wives and children, of
all that makes life worth living,
those social and educational advantages to which lhcy are so fully entitled. Of those influences thai have
done so much to paralyze lhc prospcriiy of Western Canada, the most
deadly of them all is the money
sent out. of the town for merchandise which should be bought at home.
The biggest business in tin: country
i.s being done by linns who do not
pay a cent in taxes. And every ccnl
of tax that they escape is added to
the taxable property of the. West,
and you and I have to pay it. But
wc can co-operate and arm ottrselvi s
against mail order invasion, as other
towns are starting out to do. Let us
put Starcross in llie forefront of ihis
movement, and help blaze the trail.'
"That's all very well gentlemen,"
spoke up a weather-beaten old-timer,
Tom Russell by name, a crony of
Joe Piggett's. "Swat these houses
all you like. I've no use for 'em���
never had. But I'm going to tell yon
that not thc country store, but the
Farmers' Co-operative store is lln.
proper medicine for us farmer fellows. We got to protect ourselves
and we've proof enough already that
when we buy co-operatively, we buy
at a price that makes you country
merchants giddy to look down al, its
so far below the best you can (piolc
us i'or the same goods."
More than one farmer murmured
assent to this statement and Mr.
Dcbcred felt that this question which
he knew was bound to arise soonci
or later, might very well wreck and
shatter lhe movement for a better
Home Town, unless it were handled
with considerable caution and lac!,
like many another man, he also realized intuitively that the good ship
"Reform" which he essayed to pilot
through llur difficult and stormy waters of Prejudice and Established Custom, ever needs a resolute hand al:
the helm if she is to reach lier goal.
"1 am not wishing to belittle the
Farmers' Co-operative movement,
gentlemen," the banker asserted.
"But I. do say thai the. operations of
such associations are necessarily restricted and only affect a small minority of our country population. 'I o
ileal wilh them is a luxury lhal only
well-to-do and long-established farmers can afford, sine such associations only sell their merchandise for
Lord   Robert Cecil, British Minister of Blocktcle, States Tha'
Great Britain, France, and United States Must Find a Way tn
Deal With Financial Interests Which Incite War in Germany
cash. If you look at an official map
of Canada, containing the I'cace
River country and other gigantic
northern territories which in course
of time will as surely be reduced by
the discs and the plow as our own
lands here around us have bei 11 reduced, and made to yield crops
equally as abundant, you will then !
realize gentlemen, that the si tiled
districts of Western Canada, as compared to our stupendous and undeveloped empire lo lhc norlh, resemble nothing more than a postage
slump gummed on lhe foot of the
map. Jt is not to llic Farmers' Cooperative societies lhat lhc countless
armies of labor will look fur help���
lhc nun who come lu till and cultivate and reelaiifi thc yd unconquered
lands of this great west. For a hundred years to conic, their sinndby,
will he the country merchant, the
private trader who will follow them
into the wilderness lhcy have come
to reduce, who will give llirm credit
to carry them ovcr thcit bad times,
hel]) to build theni churches and
schools, minister lo their needs in a
thousand ways, and market their produce. In this greal work, Farmers'
Co-operative, associations will not
figure at all, for tin y only profess to
be. of service to those who have survived lhc years of struggle and hardships, and who at lasl have come
through wiih money enough in the
bank lo pay  them cash'"
/'Well, I do believe," said Al Uppinthyme, "that must ui us, when wc
think of those struggling days years
gone by, when the local slur, s carried us over our cashless times,
would prefer to trade wilh our nctgh-
bors here, and pay cash too, if they
show us anything lil..: a right and
proper service."
"My feeling is," <: id foe Piggett,
"that the Farmers' Co-operalivc associations could besl help us I. Hows
by taking hold uf problems like tbe
hired labor question, the fixing of a
standard wage for skilled and unskilled labor -a reasonable wage that
wouldn't break the farmer���the marketing oi our grain and stock, etc.
They could In- of real use to us
along those lines, bul they'll never
amount lo anything as storekeepers!
selling pins and buckets, ladies waists
and lollipops."
"We ain't afraid of Farmers' Cooperative '.Ions eilher," said Bill
Harvey. "Your association has given you good value iu one or two
lines, and the cash you've paid for
them has meant thai iw havi had to
give you just lhal amount of credit
on other goods you've bought locally���mil a lair deal, 1 say. However,
there an' hundreds of lines of goods
your association can't handle, and
never will handle and supposing you
could retail them right here in Star-
cross, it's precious slim business your
salaried storekeeper would do on a
cash basis, even in lhis district, set-
lied for twenty years or more."
"And a gun.i thing for lhe country
thai the path oi the co-operative
stores is inevitably a rugged and
thorny om," mid Mr. Dcbcred. "For
such shops would have the <,iiiic paralyzing effect on the I (uim: Town as
fice-booting mail order competition,
Jl would kill private enlcrprisi which
has been r.ri inspiration of .dl the
best and boldest development in thc
world, ii would banish our best citi-
zens, turn  ever
���   town iijto a
socialistic iradi
. ������ centre, am
!    soon
we should all
ii come jusi  a
butt as
ambitious  and
��� iTcrvcscenl
IIS     the
stalest      slougl
No,    Hi
is undeniable il
lal the three <
of progresi  : m
I true dcvelopi
n nt in
Wi stern Car id
i, an- farmer,
War Memorials for Canada
_ It is announced through the Militia department at Ottawa, that the
Canadian War Records office in
London, of which Lord Beavcrbrook
is the bead, has accumulated about
fifty thousand dollars from the sale
of such books as "Canada iu Flanders" and "Canada in Khaki" and the
official photographs taken at the
front. This money, it is staled, will
go to llic Canadian War Memorials
fund, the purpose of which is to perpetuate the memory of Canadians
who took part in the war by the erection of monuments and the distribution ot oil paintings bearing on
lhe great struggle, throughout the
oL tUZtlVi
Relief Instantaneous, Healed
With 3 Cakes of Soap and
2 Boxes of Ointment,
���ry much annoyed by an
my back, 1 found out 1
laid a bad i j:.c ���,! eczema.
My back was inaven bad
shape, and my clothing
Irritated su that the skin
became vcrysore. 1 sea:
forCuiicui-aSdap.ami Ointment. Relief was Instantaneous and with lire use uf
three cakes of Cuticura
Soap and   two boxes of
Ointment I was healed."  (Signed)  B.
F. Grosch, Y. M. C, A., St, Catherines,
Ont., JulyI, 1917.
For bair and skin health Cuticura
Soap and (.liniment are supreme,
For Free Sample. Each hy Mail nd.
dress post-card:   "Cuticura, Dept. A,
Doston, \S, 8. A."   Hold everywhen .
and merchant, working logeiher for
the mutual welfare of each and all.
Every futuri development in our history v ill I. irh > lhal urn (i .'I and
eon will 'find lhat by arid by mail
unli ���!��� competition and co-operative
ejected from our sys-
rcssary foreign elements
"in best development,
!. ml and banker, those
strong pillars oi coun-
counlry district, S'cith-
.il..n.', and no two re-
bird be withdrawn. Wc
sec ihis al first, but if
j wc rrli wm ;r togelbei for a little
I Space, put all our shoulders lo the
same wheel, help inch other socially,
] agriculturally, and commercially, we
sliall find lhal we have such a mort-
gagi un Prosperity that it can never
gi i  away  from  us again."
"Gentlemen," said Dan Brodie, no'
a little enthused bj the bank r's ardour, "I b.'lii ye the lime lias no.v
ir form :'. li.;:..rue ot
chants, and their
n lou, and line up
campaign, with Mr.
���  v
ill 1.
u >
s     III
'i r
, 1"  1
are  1
try 1
own alii
i r   Cl
.I   ..11
Discussing the possibility for permanent peace after thc war, Lord
Robert Cecil, minister of blockade,
told the Associated Press that the
United States, Great Uritain and
France must find some way of exterminating the German war baron class
which finds war a profitable business
and spends its peace time energy in
inciting war,
'The central powers have bcrn
kept in lhc war so long," said Lord
Robert, "not merely by the German
military caste but by the classes
who get rich out of war���the vultures of commerce and industry. The
military caste of Germany we shall
convince by force of arms, but the
commercial vultures we must attack
in their pockets and teach them that
war is not a profitable business.
"That is partly the business of the
blockade, but a blockade by itself
will not do everything. We must go
further and cut off the overseas
branches of the war barons in tha
far East, South America and elsewhere. The American 'Trading with
the Enemy Act,' is admirably conceived for the purpose of cramping
this business, but more must still be
done. These vultures cannot carry
on wilhout relations outside of Germany. The great source of their
power has been their financial connections with neutrals. Without financial connections they lose credit
and  wilhout credit tlicy  are  done.
"New York has enormous international financial strength, so l'.na
London, and so has Paris. I don't
know exactly how this power can
be applied to the question under consideration, but I am anxious that
tbe matter should be confined in
those centres. Surely our combined
financial strength is sufficient to
smother these international vulture,
if wc act together."
Fight Against Weariness
No Time to Think of Rest Until the
War Is Over
We must fight against weariness.
It is unworthy oi us. We must neither write, nor talk, nor think about
being weary till we have won the
war. Wc at home have one clear
duty, namely, lo support by every
means in our power moral and mat-
terial, our sons, who are bearing
themselves so heroically before the
enemy. They are not weary, and we
have no right lo bc weary either.
"We are at the parting of the'ways."
One road leads to victory, the other
to defeat. These arc the only two
roads open to us, and we have got
to choose between them. All talk
about a third road through Stockholm, Koine, or elsewhere is a device of the enemy to saye his own
neck. Weariness won't help us to
victory. Courage, resolution, endurance will. Did Pitt tire after Aus-
terlilz, or Wellington after_ Burgos?
Nay, but arc the French tiring now?
Bleeding from every pore, they are
facing the foe with the heroism of
men who are out to win,���London
"Waste not, want not" is a wealth
of  wisdom iu  tabloid  form.
Suggestions to Childless
conic win"
farmers ai
wives and child
a definite plan o
Debcred's help."
"There's cnou
Jack Derrick, "li
ment Ihroughoil
Why nol call if
urday evening?"
lo this.
"Say,  Bill,"  ���������
tors ' inptii I oul
lor, "when  we
aboul " .r If om
if ��--���
I  us
thc movc-
c  district.
rn xi  Satiric agreed
id  Dan, as  his  vi.i-
of his spacious par-
had    lhal   first  talk
Town, il I.inks as
���" irti d sonu ihing, don't it?"
Among the virtues of Lydia E.
Pinkham'; Vegetable Compound it tha
ability to correct sterility ia the
eases of many women. This f��t If
weii established as evidenced by the
following letter and hundreds of othvrt
we have published in these, colums.
Poplar Bluff, Mo. ���"I want other
���women to know what a blessing Lydia
iimninmmiiiil E. Pinkham'.Vege-
tabic Compound hut
been to me. We
had always wanted
a baby in our horn*
but I waa In poor
health and not able
to do my work. My.
|mother and hui��
band both urged me
to try Lydia E. Plnk��
ham's Vegetable
Compound. I did
so, my health Improved and I am now the mother of t
line haby girl and do all my own house
work."--Mrs. Alma B. TlMMONS, 21*
Almond St., Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Tn many other homes, once childless,'
there are now ehildren because of the
fact that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound makes women normal,
bealthv and strong
Write to the Lydia E. Pinkham Medl.
cine Co., Lynn, Mass.. for advitt���it
will be confidents _b4 helpM. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
_2#*r_i   t ���'-^���i-r
��� -. -
- -. i
1 i
. -iU-.
. j_ ei   ���:'*__��-��� v .-""���'
S_i-r(ifei��_r.ir_!,;.;Jr..i.,:,.-.'.'-...     "���'.'' :,-     ���;:���'_��� '���_.- .J^r-' r. -        :.;������, "   r.",-:" r V
fi"  :���- _-.____r*,rfe,>:
t_.  To doicat the (Jet-mans and preserve liberty and democrany.
','!"\    cap
... . -.-.Y-iStri. LQ-
. There's just  One Question to f\��l After
You li-vc heard ' i:
"How Soon Can I Get     nc?',
These wonderful new horulci s instruments have talked and sung and played themselves into popularity.
The silent, sinooth-ruii.iiii'j motor, the diamond reproducing point th.ii due; away with bothersome
changing of needles, the beaut.) of design and tho
sweet-toned, unbreakable I'.I.l'K AMKROI, RK
Cl )R 1 *S require uo argumeul
Cumberland, B. C. Nanaimo, D. C.
ity Coin
Be British--" go over the top " with
Clements on December 17
11 ri % i IH9 1
_li_i ___.,_.,i __S-!_L-.*VH_r;
is concentrating its efforts to win the War. It has
gone about raising reinforcements in the only practical way; under the Military Service Act, 1917.
Laurier, Bourassa and their adherents admit their
intention of holding up reinforcements so urgently
needed in the trenches.
Where do YOU stand ?
To Back up the Boys���
To Hasten Victory���
To' Win the War-
To Women Every woman may vote who is a British subject 21 years of age,
\T  t,      , resident in Canada one year, and in the constituency 30 days, who
V Otel*SI -s the mother, wife, widow, daughter, sister or half-sister of any'
person male or female living or dead who is serving or has served without Canada
in any of the Military forces, or within or without Canada in any of the Naval forces
of Canada or of Great Britain in the present war, or who has been honorably discharged from such services and the date of whose enlistment was prior to September
20th, 1917.
Unionist Party Publicity Committee.
The City Council held ;i meeting
! on Monday evening'
The accounts with the exception
1 of the Eieclric Light Co.   account,
> and the account for rails were pas-
I sed on to tlle Finance Cominilte to
pav if found correct.
The next business taken   up was
the matter of the new   Condensory
I building extending some seven feet
i onto the street.    The manag.r Mr.
| Emery stated that he was unaware
I when the building was commenced
i that it   was   encroaching   on   the
street, or other  plans  weuld have
been made, the building was of  a
temporary nature and might not be
used   longer  than   three   or   lour
years,    and   the  company   would
agree to move it   at any   time  the
| city needed the land for road pur-
i poses,    Upon motion of  Aid.  An-
j derton this was agreed   to  by  the
j Council.
j Aid. Auderton enquired it any-
I thing was being done about the
{ bridge over the slough,
Aid. Leighton asked that the by-
la w governing pool rooms be read.
I Several complaints had been made
' to him about gambling and card
j playing in public places. The
j Clerk read the by-law and also informed Aid. Leighton that there
was no law to prevent card playing
Aid, Leighton wanted to know
why the Police Conimi'Sioners had
not made any report to the Council
as to their doings. The Mayor replied that the Police Commissioners
were appointed by the Provincial
government, and did not have to
give an account of their actions to
the Council. Aid. Leighton then
wanted to know if a policeman was
stil! engaged and what were his
duties, The Mayor replied .is, he
wanted to quit as there was nothing
to do, but he advised him to stay
on to the end ol the year. His
salary is $���}$ per month. Aid,
Leighton remarked that the city's
finances should have come consider
alion. The Mayor announced that
a meeting of the Commissioners
would be held on Tuesday evening
when the Alderman could be present and make any recommendations he saw fit.
| Aid. Anderton contended that
the Provincial government had no
business arbitarily appointing com
inissioners or other officers whom
I the city has to pay without haying
any control over their actions or
The tuuddv condition of Union
' St. was again brought tip and Aid,
| Aston reported that it   had   been
1 impossible to get men or teams to
do any gravelling; a lot of coarse
I gravel was needed, and au attempt
will be made fo secure the us.- of
.he government ti tick.
Aid, I.fightoii wanted to know
what aboul the Lake Trail sidewalk
Complaint had come to him about
pedestrians and ducks becoming
mired ou the grade, It was seven
months since the contract had been
let, and it was about time the work
was completed or taken oeerby the
The Mayor also complained that
the contractor had done nothing on
the Orchard sidewalk, and tha
dwellers in that district would have
lo wade out in mud agaiu this
i winter, although they had been
promised a sidewall* for the past
three years,
Mr, Johnston explained at length
that it was owing to the impossibility of getting teams and good
men to work that the work had
been delayed so long. lie thought
that if the weather held good lie
would nave both jobs completed i.i
a couple of months,
The Mayor and Chairman of the
Board of Works wete appointed a
committee to look after the fill in
front of the B. & K. warehouse.
The Mayor and Aid. Brown and
Aston will compose the Court of
Mr. Heisterman's letter re bouds
was read again
Aid. Hurford remarked that the
bond question was not being taken
up with as great vim as it should
be, seeiiiR that the present council
were elected for the express purpose of brinpiim the Electric Light
matter to a close.
This brought out some more or
less acrimonious remarks between
the Aldeinien and the City Clerk,
who maintained that the cause of
the delay was uot wholly his fault.
The Finance Committee will endeavor to get .n offer for the bonds
before the 31st day of December.
The Secretary of the Business
Men's Association asked the Council if a committee from their body
had met the Council re the Union
St   road.
J. Sutton albo drew the attention of the Council to ths unsanitary condition of the bank of the
riyer near his place of business.
Meat Market
Equipped with Modern Refrigerating plant
Highest Price paid for Beef
and Veal
Courtenay and Cumberland


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