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The Review May 11, 1916

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i       YOUR PRINTING        |
I Oan not hu done uny Lottor,  nnd j
i not riuite bo well miywhere olso *
I hereabout*-..  Our type ami maoliln* j
i ury in complete ami Tito  Review j
j pHoea .ire ri^ht |
���****,**********,********** *+*****4.,**************
Classifier! Ads.
Make v nr little Wants known
thn i"li ,\ Classified Advertisement
in The Lie view   ���   ���   ���   Phone 68
VOL. 4
NO. 25
40   Acres of   Land  near   Sandwick,   12   acres   cleared,   house,
barn, fruit trees, etc.
Particulars from
Real Estate Agents COURTENAY
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered iin Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
provides the cleanest, the most sanitary and the most hygenic
method of cooking
The Electric range closely parallels the wobd or gas
range but excells either in flexibility of operation
With the Electric Range you cook
under idgal conditions because
Each cooking unit can be switched to high, medium or simmering heat and kept there as
long as needed
It is the acme of cleanliness
Practically no heat escapes into the room
The air is not vitiated
There is no contamination of food
You save food values through the retention of the
essential salts and meat juices, on a six pound
roast the saving is nearly a pound
All the latest standards of range construction are
used, including high oven, thermometer or
glass door, porcelain splashers
The fire risk is lessened because there are no open
We will gladly give you information on rates and
electric ranges
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power
Co., Limited
Phones: Office 35, Ret. R98       Office: Mill Street
Local Lines
Mrs Cramer (nee Macliin)    has
reopeud her  dressmaking   parlors
opposite I licks Bench's office,
The next regular meeting of the
City Council' will lie held on Monday evening next in the new City
The Spinster's dance on. Friday
evening last was oue oUh? most
brilliant social functions held in the.
Opera Mouse for some time. The
young ladies had gone to great
pains in decorating fur the occasion
and their efforts were duly a pure-1
c'dted, The ladies costumes were
varied and pretty. .Many were
present from distant parts of the
district- The music was supplied
by the Harmony Orchestra, assisted bv a couple of members of the
ic.nd band, who find great attractions in Courtenay.
Welding ���cast iron, aluniinui'i,
brass, steel, etc,    Ford Garage.
45 horse power Overland car for
hire, day ox night. Ford Garage,
phone 40R.
Look prosperous.    Fix up   your
shop front with an up-to-date sign
See Colin Campbell about it.'
For sale at sacrifice price���iooo
gallon tank. Fairbanks engine and
pump, almost new. Apply Box B,
Review office.
For Sale cheap���Child's go cart
in good condition, or will exchange
for small rocking chair with arms.
Apply Mrs. McDonald, ou the
For Rent���Ranch on Deumau
Island. Good buildings, sea frontage, go��d orchard. Low rent to
suitable   tenant     Apply   Box   C,
Rtview office.
Lost���On the Upper Road, May
4, between Grantham and Courte
nay, a i. Amethyst ring. Any information gladly recieved, Apply
at Review Office
If you can ride a bicycle and talk
intelligently about a motor to drive
it, I can offer vou a means ot mak-
in. money. Write Fred A. Catou
6n View St. Victoria, B. C.
For Sale- One 6 h, p. Fairkanks
Morse Gas Engine, one 3 k. w.
Dynamo switch hoard, etc, also
pump and bolting, Capacity 121
gallons per minute. Apply at
Riverside hotel.
For Sale���Hugh Besduells ranch
of about 20 acres at Nob  Hill, Co-1
mox.   Or might be rented, with or
without 5 acre orchard,   for   i year
with option   of   purchase,    Apply I
Mr. Hicks Beach, Courtenay.
For Sale���Cyphers Incubator,
Leader churn, Universal breadmak- j
:er, sewing machine, fruit jars, roll-j
j top desk, White Wyandotte  fowls,!
! Blick typewriter, reading lamps, 2 |
sets bedroom ware,  some  beds and
.other   furniture,   books,   sporting
I rifie,   kodak,   complete   enlarging;
I camera and outfit, Apply at Hugh
I Beadnell's ranch, Comox.
I    On account of leaving shortly I
i am offering at sacrifice  prices the
i following ��� 4 hole Kootenay range
I with water front,  reservoir and 30
gal. tank, 2 h.p. Peerless gasoline
engine, Myers force pump, quantity
pipe fittings. 10 ft  double "Page"
gate,  several glazed  hotbed sash,
roller top desk, iron bed, fruit jars,
gasoline drum aud numerous other
articles.   Enquire at residence.   E.
H. Peterson, phone 98 M,
Victoria Day
The 102nd Batt. will hold a field
clay at the Goose Spit on Wednesday May 24th. The Battalion band
will be in attendance. Besides the
usual field sports of running, jumping, etc, there will be a baseball
match between the liL'nil and the
Courtenay teams. Free transportation has beet* arranged from the
Comox wharf. Everybody welcome
Everybody come.
Mrs E. 0. Etude spent the past
week with friends in Nanaimo.
Miss Marion Gray, of Fanny
nay, spent the we-'k end with Miss
Lillie Woods
Mr. and Mrs Theodore Cramer
relumed from their trip to Heriot
Bay and Valdez Island on Friday
last.      '
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Presbyterian Church did quite a lot
of business on Friday evening
when they served chicken suppers
from 6 to 10 o'clock, Upwards of
200 people availed     themselves    of
the opportunity to have supper
with the ladies. The tables were
Well laden with all kinds of delicious viands, all home made, and it
was almost impossil Ie for mortal
���.nan to resist lhe itnportuuations of
the bevy of handsome young lady
waitresses to "have some more.1'
The net receipts were in the neighborhood of $40, which must be very
gratifying to the ladies, who desire
to thank all those who contributed
to make the affair 11 success.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Sand wick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday  School
and Bible Class 3 p. 111.
Sunday School and   Bible Class
10:30 a. in.    Evening service 7:30
p. 111. All welcome
The Courtenay Preparatory
school commenced the summer term
on May 1st. Puplis admitted at
any time. Apply Mrs. Halliday.
Music   taught.
The Bishop preached at the morning service at S. Andrew's, Sandwick, jn the occasion of the dedication of a memorial window 10
Mr and N rs. Oliver Duncan, At
the conclusion of his sermon tlie
Bishop announced, what must have
come as an unpleasant surprise to
the cotigrtgatii 11. namely, that
their Vicar was leaving shortly to
take over the parish of Vernon, In
making the announcement the Bishop expressed the regret he felt
that Mr. Laycock was leaving not
only Sandwick but also the diocese
and dwelt on tiie advancement in
clinch work that had taken place
iu the district during the two years
of his incumbancy. He added that
it was only after verv careful con-
rideration the decision had been arrived at, but that the Bishop of
Kootenay, in whose diocese Vern ���:
lies, had made such strong representation that tlie decision was inevitable. Vernon is a large aid
important parish whose present in-
CUinbeut is leaving as chaplain to
niie of the Overseas regiments and
the Bishop was unable to find a
suitable successor 111 his own diocese 10 fill the vuiancy,
What Is Better
Than a Nice Fresh Salad these
Warm   Days ?
Green Onions, Spring Onions,  Lettuce, Asparagus fresh daily
Mrs. Porter's Salad Dressing, 15c and 33c
box 256 SHEPHERD'S -^40
Rhode Island Red Eggs
per Setting of 15
75 cents
Bruce Towler, box 132, Courtenay
Comox Creamery
45c per lb. this week
McPhee  &  Morrison
Just now/when fresh fruits are off
the market and unobtainable we are
offering the canned and dried commodity at the  following low prices:
Choice Okanagan Peaches 2 l-2s per
tin 20c
Choice Blackberries 10c per tin
Fancy Dried Peaches per 2 lbs. 25c.
Fresh Seedling Oranges 35c doz.
Try our Fresh Ground Coffee at 35c
Tortures Of Rheumatism Bi<? Commonwealth Army
I       Yield to This Remedy
Ti     ,.    r<  n-  i i       ��   ��r l!,'tu "upon which rests the respons
o Lydia L. finkhams Vegv ibiutj for iis accuracy."
etable Compound, 0n   SaU"'dtt5'   t,'��   riv""" B��vorn
A Strange Career
Irish Born, Ho Fought the Oritish Till
thc   Present   War
Tlir London Standard publishes   *.   .  .. .
remarltuhlo .tory aunt bj u corrcsiion- |A .Marvel ol apeeil, au Unfailing
(lure for Old (Ihronic (.'uses
I mem announced ihe   denlh ol (apt.
Jean Klober, killed In elrcunislauces
Washington Park,  III. ���"I am tlm   providing n lilting end to n euroor full j '   '
Bother of four children and have suf-i "��� __'".nu,,,,,;   and_ tragody. JMs_tmIj ���i^i"�� '���'""������l" ""'   ' ;
f,'i"*it  wilh   f"inai,i
trouble.   liiu'liiK'h",
,r ii weal-
.nn* was Mini',n unl., i
'rh iu] I    lie was ihc 801
.   i,iv I'olfasl  tncrcluuit  and received a
nervoua spoils ���*?<*  good education   grnduutliu! with lion*
the blue-.   My elm-   0|.a    .���    -itj,,n>  college, Dunlin, nnd
dren's loud talking   studying in oermany,'+lo nerved sum1
nil) oni lho pain ul Itlioiiinuti-
Ilea, Liniihngo, or Xeurulgiu
awnj ho comploU'lj thai yuu
M,'V.   ;il!  0\ i'i*.
ii   mutters  not   Hum   ilci pl>
tlio pain Is, or how long you li.iv
I'Ull   il
.���I Ulto
300,000 Australians Will be Under
Anns Next ,'one
Ono rn" lho flrsl official arts ot lho
now prlnio minister of Australia, Win.
M. Hughes, lias been an announce*
menl Hi.ii a fresh army will I ��� turn
lal]i d Iii llir Com wealth nnd Mini
this nrnij   will number   fin.ooo men.
"This fiirther uonlrlbutli n," said Mr.
Hughes, "will bring lho i��t;il number,
l' moil supplied by AiiBlrtillii by ii"xl
Inn,' In aoiui'llilng Ulto IIOO.IIOU men.
n is m 1,0 nnderslood Hint llio principle of voluntary enlistment is lo bo
adlu red  to.    No    reriuosla bad  I n
mil romping would j year. In llio Foreign Legion In North  It    rubbing with the kins of nil lint-   mudo io  lhe  ('onuiioinveallh  bj   lho
make me so nervous  Afrlcu and was   ono of iho party nc   ments "Nei'villuo" will run> you.        Imperial  governmcni   for inon ' n.
I   could   jnit  tear  compunylug   Major Marelituul on Lhe |     Nerviiine highly _oo��io ntratcd   Tho  offer  i   s  quite jjianinneous,  I
everything to pieces | '������nsliodu mission.
und I wouldMh-all |   ,'-*>0, >7:rs.. L".^..!1.0..1?,0!' *T}L ,,,(.,.,.r(,,-
aboul  live im
ordinal';   while
that  1 would not
want anyone ta t-lk
to me at times.   Lydia E. Pinkham's
JVcgotable Compound and Liver Pills re- ,
stored me to health and 1 want to thank   nie
,.., if,..t mAlrlc ' vsi'h ���������*��� 1'","'''i ���""> ���"'"' through lho
���������"''     ��� I ,vi,0| ��� the wur,   Btihsi nlly on
i aping to I'miiep, ai'ii r refuting to
surrender tits commando tiutlor lhe
tonus of ih" Vereenlglng trout).
[ iiis  best  known    achieve
ero iho i npture of Lord  Mc
tbune nnd tho cutting up
lucre's force nt Stroniln ri
After tho Boer wnr "Klcbor" re
luriiod io llif French sen Ice, but tin
belief In an Imminent wur betweei
Cionnany and Britain caused him li
seek Bervice with the Kaiser's army
you for the good they have don* me. I
have had quite a lit of trouble and
worry bill il does not affect my youthful looks. My friends say ' Why do you I
look so young and well 1' 1 owe it all
to tho Lydia E. Pinkham remedies." j
���Mrs. Eobt. Stopiel, Mooro Avenue,   j*|a ,������-,,,.   was peopled bul In 1911 [ f*iml'y ,mo,
Washington Park, Illinois. tho   threat of a   German altnck   o
We wish every woman who stirrers ��� Franc I to his retlromeni from lh
from   female   troubles,   nervousness,   Cloruian service.   On   lho ontbroako
backache or the blues could see the let- !  :'" ,|^!,,,        KIb1 ���""""'' '"
...       , , nt     T        ! 1' 11' lh 11   .UIH * .
ters written by women made well byi,y- .
din E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
11* you hare any symptom about which
you would like to know write to lhe
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn,
Mass., for helpful advice given froe of
roitger ibun lho  ,ur,,. n0| u,,. slightest doubt that Hie
inula   llnlnieiil      necessary  inon  will    be forlhcomlng,
ii |,"iii'ir,ii,'i quickly   .-inks   |'h,,s,. W||| fnrni new units, and ure In
!; de |il>    and gels right al  llic core   dependent of   Hi itli   of 11,501' a
of the pain  in  ,    draws oul  the  month n 'sswy for reUiforcoinonts,
laio"i.i'.'.s. tukes away ihe   itlfl'm A gnvornnioni appeal will bo mad.
eases lho joints lliul have liui'l vou so   i,, -very _mn |��� AuslVulla within the
much, ' uillllai't   ago group bu n d on tho re*
nm comes tho I'.ii'i ever) tlnn  you ; cent  w,.r census   Unit Is, single men
Lien, i;a I rub on Norvlllne which coniatus some  fi-otn 18 lo 11 years.
j of   ih"    most valuable pain-subduing
,,,,."    ,.,.. i n mi'dli's known lo science   Worth Ils
weight in gold In ever'  rainilj  In ih
and    nnd Hiiro to chit lhe i mei -'"iii
unl minor Ills nf a hundred I Ind   iliul
loiisliintlj  arise,    tiel    tin   largo Mc
bottle;   -iha!;   I rial   size,
N"i'i nine is sold l>)  everj  dcul-
Customer Rut tvh)
gone up si, in price?
ones, aren't Ihey.' Bo
It's  ill" cost oT Iteepli
Shopkeeper Nu, mi
truth is. since all llic ,
gone to ib" war, ii tnki
ridges to kill 'em.
ou ran
::     Inn
Fiendish Scheme of Austrian Airmen
A in i" has been Issued by iho mill
i.iry governor Df I'olognu, wurnhig the
iuhabliauls along Hi" Adriatic coast
again il iiifecled Bweels dropped by
Austrian avIulot'H
H wa*. nils, I'veil during tho Incur-
siini of ii!' my ai'i'nplaiu's at Kavenuu
ami codlgnni on February 18 lhal
llic \us;iiaii uvlutors dropped little
packages   from   iii"   sky   which  rim-|
These packages, when analyzed
wero found io contain millions ol
germs of highly contagious diseases
��� INI'    1 '
Nature s (��� reation ('ompany
I Canada, Limited
i    imvc lllilu . ���'... Seine r.lrccl
'oronto    -     Canada
:    I'ltlJIi    HOO Kl.ltT   CON
IU  1,1,    I'll! I III  I. U'.-.    ,.,��
I Ml*. ,
hu*. 'lavoil n mcatinaiiyliorsGS���liiUipiil tit "in
biiilc to work,oven liiti-i' Ui"v have been
Riven up. over 86 years ol succc-S imvs
proved ils value.
Alia., write:    "1 have me.l \���i
SPAVIN CURE.anil found'H
aatiHUctoryarirlnll ii is
rtpreftcittea to be",
ll��l Kendall's Spavin Cir. st
aiiv driii;i;,si's. Price St. a
bottlejDQuttlMforSi. "\
'irratise on tha Horse"
frc   tdrugjlhiiorfrom
����, B. :. Ki'ti.lall c,
Er:ii��b_roFall.,Vl.,U.S A.
Mrs.    L.    Isbell,    Kingston,    On
writes: "l nm using Ruby's Own Tub'
lets and lind ihem as good as adverlis- No Asthma Remedy Like It. Ur. .1.
ed. They aro certainly a wonderful I". Kellogg's Astlunn llemedy is ills-
remedy for little ones," Mrs. Isbell's tluctl) different from oilier so-called
testimony is Iii;" that of thousands of remedies, Were this nol .���*���> it would
other mothers. Once u mother has j not have continued lis great .vork of
used Baby's Ow n Tablets sho will use- j relief until known from ocean to ocean
nothing else for her little ones. The for ils wonderful value. Keilogg's, tho
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers foremost and best of all asthma i*��*mi,*
ur dolls! foi * I ,���. by n.nji at _,-, cents ii bos from The jdiex, stands upon a reputation founded tor
Dr. 'Williams' Medicine Co., Brock- In Lho hearts of thousands who lui
vllle, Ont. I known Its benefit.
lor a Horse
S.iv,.' a horse atttl vo't
W'Jitl have to \,\ty one.
Diiu't sell Mil's!: ly ait'/
hot's-* on accouul ot
Spavin, sjiUiti, Riugbotie,
Cttrl,,.*..,r.ii us or J.atu *<il- ...
Extract  From a  Letter ol  a Canadian
Soldier in  France
To  Mrs.   It.   13,  Bambrlclt,
I'll"  llectory,   Vurmoutli,   \..-'.
Denlli  Mother,   Am    keeping  well,
havo  good   food  and   well   protected I KfP.J
from :h,' weather, hut have some dllfi- . TUCDADlAl-
ctilly  keeping  uninvited guests  from I J ntnAriUW
visiting mo.   Have you any patriotic
Irugglsts  thai  would give something
.lift overseas? If so, do you know
Ihui   is  good    for every-
.  ��c��*__t mi i c��, ( : wr^CJir-nNit: WUKNBSS,LOST VldOlt
!   ��t VIM  KIDNEY'  I'L-MJi'Vf.   DIMAS88, BLOOD   roiSON,
!   rilF.S    RltHEfl NO DltUUOISl'SOt MAIL tl. POS1 4 CM
pBAQEBHASTBLESS)fgltMOf   rasv to  .*���!
"~ ~ "     SACK A.SD
1   li-.,*. I   s;.t.ir -rnilL TO ALL UMi.'it fACASTB.
Jabbers -I ifII vou. old m_.11. it's a T--e '���vl,rU- IH B��-n in t]ic :���'
terrible tiling wlion your wife quarrelH c1anon�� liav'�� Rivon l,l:i,v [�� ":i'
wiih her mother anrtthe old lady lives Ulf mitre t0 n,i,v- :i!11 s;it;!|1 *'���
with vou.   Which side do yo;i Uke? sultpo er. -^ale Keeord.
Xeither     I    ..n^rv..    nn Dot-tor no Airs. Perkins, whoa
thing?   I tl"   i��!��i Minard's Lininieut.
Try and send me some,
i'our affectionate son, Rob.
Manufactured by the
Wood's IMuspbcdi&e.
( The iirrut   l-'nglixh   JiemeAy.
'1 -owe ait'} iovim-rfit''* tlio w1io"a
anorvous tysbam, iiiR.pauew Jilotid
in  olti Vi'iiu,  Cures Nervous
Debility, Mental nnd Uruin Worry, Deapon-
alarmed neutralily.
Minard's Liniment Co, Yarmouth, N.S. I &"��,B" i({ffiJ^_S2H* i'-'.-"^'����'*,'f l>"
i iietii-t, dialling Memory,  rriee t}\ per box, sis
'. for $5.   One -ill please, fit will vim. Sold by all
Coms    and worls disappear  when
treated   wilh   llolloway's   Corn   Curo'
I without leaving u scar, I
B.C. Potatoes
Hritisb Columbia potnloes Uav
found ready sule In liie rVnlipoiles I il
year, and now there bus arisen a ������-.
inand for tl'.ein in Ontario, The i it
of Londou, Ontario, cons imes beltvee
tour and live carloads of tho tuber
every iveelt, and lhe local supply ha
been exhausted.���Victoria Cob nist.
band is ill,    lias be had an>  lucid in- When It Came to That              I ^S''^."^^;^^^^^.^!^.!.
lervals? ,\ cocltney angler, tbinlting his High*; HEP*ciw_ co^TOWHTMifr. (faiamliWtiilm.
Mrs. Perkins (with dignity- -'K's'ad   land   boalman  was  noi  treating biin ! - ���: :���*^-*:���r-r-r-r
nolblng except wliai vou ordered, doc- with roBpoct duo to his station, expos-,    ,,,  want to be ���cusedi" gal(*  ,,le
tulated thus: worried-looking juryman,    addrosaliiR
I.'.ou. here, my good    man,    you   tho jUt*gei   .., owe ., man fivc ,,������.,.���
A  decree  lately    Issued    by  1'opc    . 'N','WV''      'V a, ,6  ",'." B*nll*;.m_?  i!?".t^f" ".'.f'^.!'..*1!." J.11"'',..1.-.0 yo_1   t1'"1 ] borrowed, and, as be is leaving
Hrnedlct  provides  lhat priests  ;n  all
countries,  at  Sunday     mass,    after .
reading  Lhe  Evangel   In   Latin  shall I
is peat it In tie" language of their bear- !
ers,    This step Is regarded as quo of ���
the greatest concessions to modernism
made by Hie Vntlcun. j'
win, had consented lo lake lh
"whnl does ihis fascinating --
Jonah and the w i".i!" teach us'
"it leaches us," sai'i Jolinn*.
father reads practical articles
know   that   my   family   has  been  en*
iry of   titled  to bear arms for ihc last 200
whose      "Hoot!    That's naothing," was the
prac    I' ply.    "My    ancestors    havo  lioon
Ileal people, "thai you cannot keep a   titled to bare legs   for   the last -,00U
loan down.'
town for some yours, 1 want to catch
him before lie nets to the train and
pay him tho money."
"Vou are excused," replied the
judge, in Icy tones, "1 don't want anybody on tha jurv who can lie Ilka
Minard's     Liniment     Cures   Burin, ���
: Etc.
Nova Scotia Man
Catching Flies by Electricty
A  new device for catching Hies is
being added  io  tha equipment  of a
number ot hotels In preparation fori
ih" summer .cason. li consists of nu
electric motor, which draws the Hies j
H i mi by a strong current to a pipe, .'do-'
H-ii I-.find   [\PW*a  !:i--'s or moistened sugar is smeared
tl_j   V-\jw\m.   _.���*������& n ���_   on thl. e(lgea t0(*raw meui to lho vicin-!
  j iiy.    As  the   Hies   alight   upon   llio
finds IN  _ODD'S  kidney PILLS pipe, a strong suction seizes them and
A CUBE FOR HIS RHEUMATISM      quickly drops ihem Into a steel cage,
 . in the bottom ot the pipe.  This niach-
Stntes    Out  of  His  Own   Experience' i,:C   ";ls   demonstrated   an  ability  to
_,,   .          .        ���       capturo over a hundred Hies a mln-
That Dodd's Kidney Pills Are a Sure   ���.,,     ,,  win ,.,,,,,. a ���v i,lf(.st���,| room
in a few minutes and can be easily
Relief From Pain.
Greonfleld, Queen's Co., N.S. -(Spec
lal). "To anyone who suffers from
rhoumatlsm I say: "Take Dodd's Kidney fills.' They will be sure lo give
> on a release from pain." Tlili
message of Cornelius Iltrtle,
known far r living near her
*%we/iful JVwihJbvrdb,
Jl&'tyui e9Udfo\Xeitwt6,
Vjaivucublij dfoniA%cAia
carried from one room to another and
operated from the plug supplying the
current for electric light.
The  Beaity  of  a   Clear  Skin.-
well  condition  of  lho  liver regulates  tho]
Mr. condition of llic blood.   A disordered!
Hlrtle suffered from rheumatism for
four years and found a cul'O th Dodd's
Kidney Pills,
"J wus In had shape for foui . i ar*,"
Mr. I lint" sa.. s in giving his e.<p( ri-
line. "My pack and lilpi iron ileil tne
so niiii-li that I was nol able to do
much without sufforlnp I also : n I
stiffness in lhe joints, in\ in 31 I ���
cramped and 1 fell heavy an 1 il ��� epj
afler meals, 1 had a bluer laste 1.
my monili. 1 specially In the moi'n
Ing. Mj nppe lie was IItfit 1 and i
was often dizzy.
"I suffered frum shortness ot
breath, 1 was often dizzy and I was
depressed and low spirited.
"I look six boxes of Dodd's Kldnej
Tills and they did mo so much 4 1
that I am recommending ihem tt
liver causes Impurities in tho blood ,
and ihe " show  themselves In bleuv .
1 It ., on the skin.   Parmelee's Voge
table  i'ills in ni ling upon tho liver
aci    upon    the    liloml  and  a  clear, I
healthy skin will follow Inlelllgent use
01 tills standard medicine. Ladles, who
will fully appreciate this prime quality 01' Ihese pilh. can use them wilh :
tae certain!)  lhal  tho effect  will be
iiobi   gratifying.
Minard's  Liniment  Relieves  Neural* |
Flowers for Children
i'diicators arc appreciating
lining Inllueiice of llowers on  child-1
. ,, riii.    Moro and more, tile schools are 1
i,!,   :"   renC*?rn"f,f���t���,ei t0 "taking up  school  gardening;    civic
,hey aro better than ai    |  n,������lil���,,,.s ;���... ,r;ill(, ���, _,,  the c0.1
Strengthen, Build up, and Nourish the Children, and you are conferring
incalculable benefits on the country. You are also ensuring the physical
well-being and success of future breadwinners and mothers.
Dr. Cassell's Tablets, whose success in Canada has been both immediate
and striking, owes ils popularity in great part to its safety and unquestionable
medicinal activity, It. is now doing inure for the little ones of three
continents Mian many mothers realise,
A powerfully nutritive food-medicine which can be given to the youngest
infant, Dr. Cassell's Tablets feed the entire system, vitalise the nerves, and
create healthy flesh, blood, and muscle in a manner truly remarkable.
riicy sure the recognised modern home remedy for Nervous Breakdown,
Nerve and Spinal Paralysis, Infantile Paralysis," Rickets, St. Vitus'Dance,
Ana*mia, Sleeplessness, Kidney Disease, Dyspepsia, Stomach Catarrh, Brain
lrag, Headache, Palpitation, Wasting Diseases, Vital Exhaustion, Loss of
Flesh, and Premature Decay. Specially valuable for Nursing Mothers and
during the Critical Periods of Life.
opi ration of   the children for a city
l-lviry one of Mr. turtle's symptoms
was   a   s;!.i,i:0;,   ,,l     fidoey   ,!i,e;,*e               ,      ,      ,                           ���           ,,,,
1 l:ai * v i>  I '"eil > Money I' I -��� cii' ,     , _. ,       ,.,.,, t
beautiful.    If children arc allowed lo]
A crocodile in the London **o >'".:
i<al Hardens has died of tuberculosis
t!     lirs: ease known io science
^ Gr_M.u3aSe.-i Eyelids*
liyci inflamed bv expo-
ft-* �� # rfv .p. Quickly relieved by Msrlnt i ',,-..''
Um* If -CSI tyeBew.y.No Smarting, |
lot   only  help  make,  but  help  keep'
���1 imiiie beautiful. ,
Children shoiilil be given (lowers 1
lhat are sure lo he a success, lest j
they get discouraged with frequpul 1
dlsappoiulmeiits. only grown-ups ,
know that to have 11 garden Is to wago ',
constant war against cut-worms and I
bugs and Insects. Let the children !
have easily crown tilings���nasturtiums, corn llow.rs, California pop-1
four-o'cloeks,   larkspur, Bweel ;
sum.  Candytuft,    verbenas,    Cnlll-|
psis, varieties with a long blooming
Druggists and Dealers throughout Canada sell Dr. Cassell's Tablets, Tf not procurable in
your t.itv send to the sole agents, Harold F, Ritchie & Co., Ltd.. 10, McCaul Street, Toronto,
who will see thai you get them. One lube 50 cents, six tubes for the price of live. War Tax,
2 cents per tube extra.
Sole Proprhtorst���Dr.   CasttU'i  Co.,   Ltd.,   Manchtsltr,  r.r.tj.
V,.nr   I)-,   ,..,*���  Cn.      ......I        U_,        m' 'l:'      ���' ''',:'     :l     i"'1'     "���"""'"!'
0ru__uuolMurlieK,e.trat,yC,"bfcaB4   :" 8Ult tllen,8elvofl  ,,��" """" 0| ";"!l
W. N. U. 1100
plant or cacn j
Iciml is only disappointing; give llioin !
u satisfying (luar.tlly -tho cost U j
small, and thc reward great. I
Send yen* **m mi *Mr*�� tt * unit lee
Wee, rti. in tleeai.1 V. Ku.-J,. fr c*., ltd.,
10, MtCeni siren, ('/.�������,, *M <jan��~-
m��i*le nil li m*il��i ym Irn <4 irnnp-
Qrife-initf Q'Meatfest Remedy (THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   H. C.
Hunt for Pirate'a Treasure
III gotten  Loot Believed to be Planted
Off Coast of Labrador
Declaring lhat be bus posllvo knowledge of u cache of treasures in lhe
North   Atlantic  mar    iho  Cnnuiltnu '
n;*;,>^i'nnn!*.''''i,^;n';iM-:^"\n!''.M;;;:!!   EVERY MAX. WOMAN AND CHILD DOING THEIR III 1
lion by sea io hunt  i'or (he gold.    As-i
soclaled wilh him are Captain Ward,
Some u( tin.- Hardest Fighting in the War lias Occurred in the nn nged navigator a.m two wealthy j So Perfect is the Co-operation. Thut Has Been Established Among
1 ur East, Where Russian  Troops Have Been Doing
Good Work in Keeping Turks Engaged
Ti.,.. cnucusi.s ibeaire, while it has! popuiar Support Required
���ecu somo oi ihe hnrdost (lglillng or;       ��� " '
the war, has remained one of llic least '���
understood,    llcograplilcally    it    bus  Importance of Independent Education*
*n'"iii"'|     remote     from  till   the   Oilier al Work In Protecting Wild
.ones  of major operations   more  in ' |_,'t*
the nature of a liiilo war hy itself. The :    ���.,
��� verace layman when asked to locate      I litre Is Icarili In C'nnudu ol gov
the region places ll i >r Indefinitely  pl'��inont|il ugcncleB acllvel)   eui sed
"somewhere, in Western AbIu."        ' ! !!l..'..""s:'m,l"\  b11'*1 nntl animal  hie
'I'he   Caucasus      lor
jroars has been llussh
cltl-i ns of l.os Angeles,
Mr, McMillan, who, eight years ago
brought tn Hie nolle ��� or some American  BClollllstS,  llic Ill'Olleologlcal   value
| of lhe relics ot San  Nicholas island.
| lallis freely of llu; proposed treasure
hunt until he Is lulerrogste i rcgnrd-
Ing ihc exuel   Im ut ion of the island.
I Then  he  is  silent.
lie says lhe gold and Jewels hidden i'i ii pirate chief, of course, a lu
sum enson is secreted on u mushroom shaped island s,,mew In ro off lhe
consl  nf Labrador.    Ills fnllb lu the
The Allies, That Thev arc Practicall) one Greal Nation in Carrying on thc War of Freedom
The Home Town
��� . ,   ,��� . -   While Hie work Is innlulv In tho hands Illle" lllnl "'��� wi" '"''"������ '�� lift'*1 of ih
lost Troiii Iot lh" lu'ovliiccs. several brunches otl-W' centiir)  lhe Horde of a pirate of
i ver.il brunches d|'(
.which     tdually she bus extendm r|  f��-1V1'"1 k"uvoriimenl are also ren |
influence over Northern I'orslt tl  during Invuliiuhlo service.    U nun
Jiiliiiliallv   ivcnllliv   area   0|   Kasiern   utely, populiir suppori. of official llieuB-
Asia Minor.   The ioitv  iniluins, on suroa, which is the mosl potent single
tii or In  have been Turkey's  factor  In  Insuring  iheir success,  is
btilwurli  against    'roachlng  Mnsco* i ���"''.���   Il"",!l  hicklng.    Tlie  mosl  sor-
lin i ions  ohsliicles  anil   difficulties  arise
il,,, i from Hie lack uf slrong iiuofflcliil soci*
i eiies iii curry mi  liidppeiiilt'nl   work,
Ottoman       Tin'   '.real  ildvilllCO of wild  lit".- pro
vltc-s, held v.iih iloKpernllun nguiusl an
eVCI' ill' I'easill';    pressure       I I'i
The    llrsl  effort  of th"
finny when ii was projected Into lhe lection In lhe United snties, in n
war was direct ed tlirougli thc Cult* years, is dm- lurgoly io lho efforts of
casus ag'Ufllsl liussia. A force based I sueb bodies as lhe American Haiti"
nn ihe I'orlllled tilt of Erzerum sought ��� Protective ami Propagation assoeia*
to clear lhe frontier nnd capture Hears, tlon, lho Nnllonnl Association of And
ihi' metropolis ol lho Itussian coasted uboii Societies, the Camp Firo club
district. Th" column penetrated to and tin- American Bison Society, Sim
tho vol') outskirts m Kill's, ami for n list'organizations exist in Canada, and
few days there wore rumors of iis jibe ,'\""ll"in work of the Canadian
capture, bul iii" itussbins succeeded Society for lhe Protection of Birds,
in tlie end in not oni) retaining ii but the Independent Naturalists Assocla-
driving luieli ihe Turks to ihc frontier tlon, the Dominion Hani" Protective
mid beyond. and   Trnp-Sliootlng  Association    and
All of (lie flrsl winter of tli" war others can not bo loo highly commend*
fighting of iiie iiimosi severity occur-led. Hut Canadian organizations of
re,l iii tlio mouiilnins, where lho this character have failed to develop
armies surged back and forth In snow : llielr efforts uml to utilize their oppor*
that at times reached a depth of _0 tunnies lo the oxlenl which their Held
feet. At least 200,000 men wero en
gaged in a series of desperate conflicts thai liisidl unlit early In April,
when the Turks, with liie battle a
stalemate, withdrew a good part of
their forces to meet the Anglo-French
demonstration agalnsl tho Dardanelles. 'I'he Qerman and Austrian offensive, which wus organized ut tho
same time nnd began May 1st with tho
battle of Donnjee, at the same time
saved the situation for ihe Turks by
compelling iho Russians to end their
activities in the Caucasus uml concentrate every available man uml gun in
flalieia jusl al a lime when Ihe weakening of lhe Turkish front might have
permitted a decisive victory. 'I'he
conditions of the great war as a whole
havo prevented until recently ihe resumption of iiie campaign with anything like adequate numbers ami
Simultaneous!) with ihe beginning
of the drive "ii ihe Arasa the Russians opened an active campaign on
iho southern shores of Lake Van and
increased their activity in Persia.
Perhaps no better Illustration of iho
spirit of cooperation that actual 'S
the allied war offices can be found
than Ibis widespread attack on ihe
Turks. It will he noted that, tlie resumption of Hussian activity against
the Porte camo just ar the lime when
i Im Anglo-French pressure at thc
Dardanelles was withdrawn. Far
from having an opportunity for rest
and recuperation after the struggle
on Gallipoll the Ottoman army was
forced almost over nighl lo prepare
10 meet, a strong and determined offensive oil iis opposite frontier and
over a front. Including throe active
zones, of more ihan three hundred
miles, This was Russia's contribution to the ������nine of "worrying the
Crini determination to fight the tvar
ro li.e oi;ter end and a calm confid*
I once in iis successful outcome ':��� l"ng
The Home Town the Best Investment ; |������,f.   ,���-,,.. ,,,   sl-,t,, 0f  mind,  an  ird*
a Farming Community Can ling tt,  Lewellyn  .1.  Naros  of  Fresno,
Have ''"', v.im reached New Vork recently.
One Simdu) nfler n two lourlsls,      l!'   B,ls "! Mverpool oil the night of
u  man and  ills  wife,    wore    passing il��"    ccm"J   _ounl'M ''"'','     ���" '   '1
tlirougli n sou wn In llll s, com   ���'"������''''���'��� "" '���''"��� l.thoii_rli the. reached
mcnttua lhe wl  on lho prospi ,|��eitb.r   Liverpool nor Manchester, as
bed, ���i ihe place,   When right In froul "     ,;'r" ���* nssertcd ihey did.
of one ��i lho homelike residences, a      "Tlio damagi  the) none was confin-
btiylnB of supplies for ihe trip, which  ,,,.,������ ���,.���., mol,il(, ,,.���w ���,|t -.,,_   ,,, .��� ., ,.,���.,., brewery," he said, "anda
ilui was inn. me travellers wi re tired b * llltle cotlugea and homes in ' lib
nnd dusty, Chunglng a lire is no i as> ,!:" cnsuallles occurred,   No on* seem
task al ail) ii  but   hoi Hundni ed ���'! all excited aboul tho raid. When
iifiernoou  in   ih"   residential   district :':" word was Hashed irom llic coast
of a strange lown, ihe job was a real ''"':. llic '/Sepps'were coming the cl :<--
tragedy for Iwo touselled and grim) and lowns gave lhe usual signals, and
travellers,  having  a  lair    degrei   of I every one,   except the many cu   j:-
the   tmii  is shown by  bi
Will la mad'.' i ia tin Panama Canal
lie -.ays ihis island Is iusi on.- ledge
of blrdseyc porpli* ry looming oui of
ihe di i-p. nlllludi .hui feet, "50 I'd i
Imi:; aiid ICO feci v.iil". Tlie location
is safe I'or navigation nonr lo th"
Island nii.'y two luonlhs om of lho
year, lie says, because ol tli" storms
�� hlch visit those huhiidi s.
The sea captain. Ward whose
grandfather roamed tho deep in lho
early part of lho Itlth century, brought
the slon of pirate ivenllh hidden in
the reef.'
Captain Ward says he gol i
t iperatlons had not been carried fur
before lhe ow ui r of Ibu homelike p aci
suuiitercd out, Inquired of tho trnvt I*
let's where the) were trom. where they
were going and otherwise mudo iii nisei'
agreeable. He Invited lhe lady tour*
ls| in t'toii" up mi iiie porch with his
there ivas an easy
from his grandfather, who in turn re-' wife, whei
eciveii it from   iiis grandfather, lhat! cool shade and an abundance of ice
one of tin> blood-thirsty robbers of ihe   water.
sea    who scuttled many a good ship      After Lho tiro hnd I n changed, the
during colonial days hid his booty of   tourists wore Invited to wash up aud
years on this island and then had toI to re3| ���,���* refresh themselves,
sail awn) ami die somewhere.
look cover,   Vou know the) lower the
lights for about ten mlnutt s an
Hash t ���>i'iii on again   for a lime, an
tl i people go i" Coir h mi< - an I
In the s ne.-! plai >s.   Then, of co'i '-���
trains   and   irnmears   were   stopped
while    the raid was in progress,    ad
ns soon ns the airships i ame nea     i)
town nil the lighl; ivt re    put or.
ivas in Liverpoo  on ih,- night of th"
raid and did not  heal  ar; thing   tbottt
Il until next day.
"1 found hu iinoss cond    a i * .:: king*
laml vi ry good, except I"   I   e il     ' -i i
of labor,    for tlie lirst t me In years
ever) one in ihe United Kingdom bos
i work and ail lln   ��";It  thej  can   I
om    -  '
of usefulness permils and inviles. It
must he recognized lhal, while the in
Intlvo in game law reforms may come
from public officials, lhe success of
praclieai measures requires popular
suppori, which, in turn, must depend
upon persistent educational efforts.
The scope along these lines for independent societies is unlimited, and il
is lo he hoped lhat. as the need for
heller protection of wild life becomes
steadily more apparent, this brand
of lhe work will lie successful in enlisting the services of an Increasing
number of active  workers. .
The Keer and Wine Fallacy
Pernicious Effects of Beer Drinking on
the  Health and  Morals
Ur. Kress, third vice-president of
Ibe American .Medical Society for tho
Stuily of Alcohol and oilier narcotics,
snys: "Thc beer industry in llic United Slates has practically developed
during the pasl sixty years. Previous
to ibat very little peer was sold. Whiskey, brandy antl other spirituous liquors were used. Tito average consumption of alcohol was at lhat lime
one ami one-third gallons per head annually.
The beer consumption has increased
by leaps anil bounds. The breweries
now (urn out over sixty-flvo million
barrels of boor annually. The annual
consumption of alcohol per capita In
I lie form of beer is over one and one-
half gallons.    This means  that now
Can you Imagine a more appro iad ���! !
' courtesy?   This man, tho owner of tho
Haphazard Kecruitinjj;      homelike piuce in mc mile town, was i,, , ���., , is mor	
lhe leading nierchniiLand his altentlon   -        .��� |i](. V(/:,,,:  ,    .
Industries     Suffering    Unnecessarily    �� i'1,*! s |,n"W|'s ��'ns nothing niore nor   *ow  (] an    , ,.
3 '    less I bun his everyday bus less |>a ic).    ,,,,,   ,, ,,, ,,,.    i,,,,,  ..   ,  :,,.. -..
Through the Present Meihod ,,       ,.,,    ,     ,., ,     ���   ,     , ,',    ,.,     nan, woman Ol  e lid  Is U -     - 0
a lie tntd Hie tourists all about the lit-i her bit.   A reniarka ti
The following memorial to the Ho-   Co lown and (lie prosperous farming j present  economic hie  in  Eng
minion governnieni was passed by Iho I community   thai   surrounded   it,   and lup, nimiber of women who  tri    i   -���
Hamilton   Uecrultng   beague,   March   upon which  it depended for support, i (pg at (rades that used to   a   ,;
7,1010: He said that he knew nil the members j exclusively.   There   are-  o  -
Whereas, (his Dominion is engaged of every farmer's fniully within Iii
ina war involving tho ver) existence trade district; lhal h" had visllpi
of llritish institutions a warthal calls every house and lie made ii a prucile
for ihe most rigid economy of men ami . to th, so at frequent intervals,
means���a war that can bo successfully ,,,, sta.-totl in business lwenly-fh
concluded only hy tho fullest utiliza y,,.,rs .,������ wiIh ., ,.ap||n| ,,,��� s,-,,,,, -p,
tlon of all our resources. i ;*.������  he  is   ,���    t.0nirorlublo    circun
Whereas, under ihe present  volun-  slancqs ami doing a  larger busines
tary system there Is groat was i ihe   n,.,,,  .,, am   llmo during  his exper
nation's resources.
'I'he  llamiltoli    Recruiting    League]     jierclrants Ilk
humbly begs ihe government of can-  lm,,���. ,������-��� lhl, m���s, ..���'���������
ada to appoint ii comniisSion for it
purpose of:
(a)    Taking a
if all  llli'll  ill
m in Hi" munition plai I
Mill me tha; i' i- ". omen make thi
���i'i";    of labor   for this     . ��� ��� ��� ��� ���
as they are capable   i i     ad
linesi tools with ;. i ' '���-   ���   er a sl    i
training.   All Unglan ijus   ig
si If lo the new conditions and :n.i_in-'
the best of things.
"For ih"  lirst time in  years, also
there is no suffering ��� loor
iis man make ihe   in  fact, there are now r.o poor   "'-
itsset in I shortage of labor   makes every hand
tho community. A good home town en- j available and in families v   er   [  .*   :
bailees the value of ever) acre ol laud   five pounds a month used to   e the in
iu (bo vicinity;  it  makes every farm
they now received from     ,  ���! -
the Dominion from IS years of age find  a ���������.,. desirable ph.ee to liie.   Thej to forty.   Of course, this  :   .  i
upward, specifying those married and   |.-)n)e |0\vn is tho besi  Investment a jiravngauce in many cases and it is not
unmarried. 'farming community can have and  It [uncommon  for-tbese families to buv
(bl   Classifying the men according  ������|v  refiuires  tho good  will  nml co-jpianos ami other luxuries   - .-.      ���
(o their occupations or their Illness or operation of tho business men and the   fore    >b" war they ��  re     ,.'..'.1 t��
preference for certain kinds of work.   t';mm.,-s |��� ma]-e n pny |j|g dividends,  g0( enough to cat."
lei   classify"   :'i." industries with  socially ami financially, to every tarn-      ... ,...,, .,, ,  ,   .���,.,.   . n.1Tlb^r
a view to the rc.iriction or the ulti-  ���y ,��� 'lll(: community boll, town and j of [,    ' '    '\,    p   , ',������ : SS
male onn nation of such as arc noil-Lnimirv ,     t """."',
essential to the welfare of , toun-' "       ��� ������' a"11 ot ,e" ''���V'11""."-' ��"
,^,. ��,.   ..���__i ��---_.-,    r. -,,.. with    the   work  being   Ion,--   for
\i   "    nblr.mTeMS"   at the      :    "g ^J"   ��Z����� Ore i, ;""i,,ir^ ��"' ^T]'   "i "' !
foregoing is urged with a view lo L_f^����� (    ' ' a   .J f %  e�� heaa      ��'������ ����� ;'!- '!^ ^        '
mnedato application o   some   ust ;,',,.,,","',,, ��� ,.������,���,,.,*,..,...���
,      ��� .....   to     was given as a present to ureece     "i.',-..r\-uh .-.,���,, i \i_,ir i fnnr.i *n ,i,.,
und comprehensive system    o   drait, ,,,,.,;,, ,~���: , n ,   ,i,_- i���,t��� i��� :      t\er>��neie i wear i touno au
wberehv ,l���) men necessary to eom-i^ ^re:"..lll?U,."'.ttltl'.'>,ilf:':.l(!n""!.!""  open places    filled wit!
II.11*0,       is.'      It'll    till I .*-s tt \     It,   it'll"     I,"    ,.     , .,,      , ...      ���.    .   .,   ,!:..,{,,..,    ,.,,���i; ' '  	
lets    the    Canadian    Expeditionary    """'��� ,'m. " "'' "''���������' ''   , "  ,, "",!! . ili<* pw*��. golf courses, playgroirntis
jrces may be readily secured \tlon atlactied-to the occupation    b)   .������, sChoolyards were being nsed, md
      im.* ���       The Hamilton   Recruiting   League \a,rJLect ',",'"'   ";"'.���; �����,��'_!!! u-.u    f neard it said several times tha
thero is more alcohol consumed per has been a verv active ageucy in the  1   ,, ��., ,    i '  ,    ,'"  ���    i    ",,'''""   4'000'W len required had     ���
capita in (he form of beer than  was   enlistment  of soldiers.    H  may fairly j "'"���-"  "'"'!  <%\'   ,'',,   ''S     -'.,,,       ����M��ta��>-
consumed sixty vears ago in the form ' claim n share of the credit that is duo 1       ?,���,;..' ,���      I, ,i! ���,i :     "One of the reasons  thai   Ei .
���in short    was    o  lie  a Cons lit itional .   , fld b       .   ,       .
one.   It lad nol been thai during HI., ,.���,. - rf
-it bad been nn antocra c monarchy, operatio_ hM been eitabUiSed ,,
What Canada Spends
Enormous Total of War Expenditures
For the Present Year
"The expenditure for war purposes in Canada will aggregate $i;no,-
000,000 within tho present calendar
year," according lo Hie estimate ol
the March letter of lho Canadian
Hank of commerce,
This totnl exceeds anything
dreamed of when ihe work of making ammunition was undertaken in
this country, The letter adds: "The
output of iimmunlilon, which at the
commencement of iho presenl year
was valued at $,'10,000,000 per month,
is steadily Increasing as a result of
greater efficiency, Thai siiil heavier
demands will be made upon our Industries is foreshadowed by tho announcement lhat ai lhe request of
tlio goiernujeiii tlie hanks are. preparing lo provide a further credit
of from fifty lo seventy-five millions
for Imperial purposes, li Is hoped
lhat this will result iii bringing new
orders of at least $150,000,000 to this
City Conveniences In Country  Homes
Nowhere is the luxury of a bntli
more highly appreciated llian In u
farm home, lo which one tomes colored wiih dusl from a ilay iu llio fields.
There is no more difficulty in providing for this luxury in n country
home than there is In ihe city.
A windmill, n gasoline engine or
electric power will put tlio water supply under pressure, to be drawn at
will  from laps inside lhe house.
Hard ami soft water under pressure
In tlie home means, too, a saving of
steps ar.d lime in ibe house and
avoids the exposure Involved where
water cannot lie obtained without going out of doors.
io llamilton for her splendid contribution  to lho  fortes of the empire.
From iis intimate knowledge of lhe
workings of Hie voluntary system, the
League has reached ibe conclusion
that for Canada lo continue its prcs
cm methods would be highly detrimental to tlie welfare of lho country.
Camilla has without doubt attracted I
to (he colors a very superior class of
men who are actuated by the noblesl ;
patriotism and duly.
Ven  many of these have lefi  posl-  'V*. -""".'���
ions'���f great   Importai  for which I lishl '" """""'
of whiskey, brandy, beer and all oilier
alcoholic beverages combined,
Thin increase In the use of beer has
not resulted 111 a decrease of the
stronger drinks, We are now consuming per capita Ihree gallons of alcohol
instead of one antl one-third nnd lhat
in spite of the efforts lo stop lhe whole
traffic, it is evident ilicn that beer
has not made for teiiipenwiee iu America,
lleer is nol a "liquid food," or a
"health drink," as ii is claimed. Indeed, pure whiskey wiih pure water
added lo reduce ii to four per cent, nl
eohol is less injurious than an equal
quantiiy of beer wliicli contains four
per cent, alcohol ami other injurious
substances. H is difficult to lind a
heavy beer drinker forty years ol age
wiih a normal heart, liver or kidneys.
These vital organs from the excessive
burden thai  is put ou Ihi-iii. in ar out
prematurely,   The beer drinker mny
have nn nbunilnnco of Mesh bul It Is of I serious  lo*s io anyone.
Inferior quality.   Surgeons do not care     Probabl;  Ibis class would sufflci  to
lo operate on him because tlie chnnces complete the forces which Canada Is
of recovery are minimized. Should the I Pledged'to supply,
l r  drinker bo  taken    il
pneumonia or some other febrile ills
case lhal taxes ihe bean ulld kidneys,
lie would have hm three chances oul
of leu to recover. So ipuch for the
physical ills of beer drinking.
The bad mora' effect produced by
habitual beer drinking is enti more
'narked It produces a moral gross-
lions and set in.-- io destroy ihc liner
tiuil nobler instincts. Dr, a. I'orel of
the University of Zurich Bays; "One
needs only to study in Germany the
Ti'ecr joker.' beer conversation and
beer lileralure among liie academic
youth of Germany; tho drinking of
beer lias killoii the ideals and ethic
I Tiie Treaty guaranteed tho Independence of Clreece    as a Constitutional
- monarch)', and having given that guar-j
aiitee, the guaranteeing powers had a
perfeel   right   lO See lhat   the CollStltll-'
tional governinonl was not viol;
'.! by
violated by holding two elections in a
year, and by the unconstitutional dismissal of the last ministry, ami there
inre tlio guaranteeing powers liai tin
the allies.   They   are practical
great nation, armed to defend it ell
againsi the Germans. In England Hi
receive   things   Ihey nee I    from I
French and Russians,   to sa) nothi  .
of iin- Italians, and the latter, i n
|other hand, get iheir necessities '
England.   There Is,perfect co-open
ilon In finance, manufactures, the n i
\  Ing of munitions, the supplying ol I
lions of en ai   impur
compel"i,i men cannot be found.
Mrnosl every Industry ami family is
married (II men who could be released
from their present occupations without
Waste  in  Forest Protection
armies, and. best of all, at the front
v. Iii ro I he real work of the ��������� ir Is
being done.
  "I  found  England making pri j ira
suffering unnecessary loss through the Because of lack of field supervision, -p ,,. r0r i u reconstruction p-:iod ar-
presenl haphazard method of enlist-i mor.' money is wasted In (Ire protec* -, ,- the war, Tiie Manchester board
ment. . rimi today ihan Is used economically.   .,- ,rade at Ils annual meeting pri
The llrsl class of men who should be , l'';lv wardens are nearly all temporary   --, ,,i;v ,|, elded    lo abandon the pri:
called upon for sen ie v c-   un-  ""'"��� ;""' " '""' ''"''" ""'��� -ivi  lll0m  ciples of   Cobden ami give   up free
supervision and training, and does nol trade, n decided to lighl tor a tdrltt
try to keep lhe good mon Trom ) car to thai would exclude Qerman goods
your, "ii" cannot no1 tlie results de- j from the i'nited Kingdom after the
sired, in the flrsl lire protection ser- war, and this is lhe sentiment all over
vices of Canada, far more  wardens   England.
were wasting money than were mak- ;    ��n |s rclt universally in Great Brit*
ii'wi'i"ivii'l'i I' The country'coiild thus fulfil its oh-   ing good use of it.   Unless we have iiii;, that  tlie empire is  lighting tie*
ebrllo ills- lllgntlons without serious loss of reve* ':'""1 permanent  supervision    of tire   righi of democracy, and all classes ar.
nue or serious disturbance of Its in-1 protection and have the same men as   taking tb�� war   witli philosophy and
icrnai econoinv. permanent rangers year after year we U trim determination to tight to the
A system of wise selection should   will nol gel tho good results because  bitter end.   Several examples of this
appeal*strongly to ever- loyal member   "'' 'iavc ,il,'u'' ureas to protect with   feeling came to my direct notice. At
of the community,   li is not contrary  verj small sums of money.  -McMillan.   a board meeting In Main hosier, the
chairman was called outside the board
Barley or Oats First room   to   receive a telegram.   It was
I  know   that  a  number of farmers i from    London and    tool of the death
deserving of lho same.    No man  is'think oats should come before barley | ot his son at tiie from.   He read it.
to llle spiiii of true liberty for wblcil
ih< empire is lighting. Thnl liberty
for wliicli a man will not light is bol
free from tho duty ()f defending the
It is not suggested that the proposed system of selection should bo permanent,    Extraordinary   need Justifies
extraordinary measures,
ami has produced an Incredible vul-     ll Is hoped il.nl all who are in sym-
garlly."   II. Anion, Mil.. M.c.l'.s.
Soldier's Wife (alluding to black
t ve, a present from ihc lodger when
asked for the reuti   ii ain't my good
looks I cares abahl, lun see the awkward position il lints me in. N'o one'll
believe as my 'ushaiiti ain't bach from
the from.   London  Bystander,
p.'iihy wiih the above memorial will exert their utmost Influence to further
its objects.
Barber I want a mono from Shako-
p pen re to hang up in my shop, Can
you glvo me one?
Patron Of course, now wit! ibis
do?   "Then  sa**  yon not his  face."
in iii" order of spring seeding." said .und on iiis return to ibe room apolo*
prof. c. a. Zaiitz. "In ni) experi- glzed for delaying the business of the
ence, however, the earliest seeding of'moment by saying that, he bad been
barley has invariably given ih" larg- notified of his son's death al tho front.
esl yields. It has nol always been SO He then wenl on with the busines
witli oats. Still, if the land is low Just as though notbin. pad happened,
ami wel I would noi sow barley there although I could see the lines tighten
very early. I have seen barley so | nboul his square mouth, That Is thc
nipped with frosl that ii turned yel-[spirit of the English."
low, but still il gave a good yield."     I   -
Employer���Boy, lake ihis letter ami
"How did the snowstorm affect the . wait for an answer,
train service out your way?" \'"w Hoy   Ves. sir.
"Didn't affect  ii at all    li  merely |    Employe]    Well, what are you wait
gave 'lie company a good excuse I r   ing for?
the irains being as tale as usual ' ,     New BO)   -The answer, sir. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
Antl Comox Valley Advocate
night lieurs all the earmarks of be-
inu a copy of an agreement betw-en
sonic   olclfushioued   electric   light
A Weeky Newspaper,  Pubisbed at   COn,paiiy and a large citv.   There
Courtenav, u. c. I wus very little iii   ii   relative to the
N. H. Bodkn, Editor and Proprietor   kind of  Scrvkv   pro(lumi   |,y   the
iubscrlption $l.to per Year iu Advance Courtenny com] my.    Surely if the
coniinittee   intends   to spend   the
amount Aid.   Aston nnd  Anderton Natural Pongee Silks
spoke of (from  $150 to  $.00) the   at 50c, n useful 27 inch pongee guaran*
|city is entitled to n brim new agree- l"'"1 ll'"' ll'""1 -h-essiiig
Ihe Irish rebellion, inspired nnd|melll] 110| ;l ,,t,������| |l:���i,| ,���u-. Tin
assisted bv    Ci iiiKinv,    uml   taken
nl 65c, this is a silk tli.it   sve em recommend, being .a popular silk for the uink
,  Lily Clerk or tiny High school boy   ing of dresses and   waists, a very clean
part in ly    fcowbaukers, perpetual L|loulc| b( .lllU.   if   Kiveu a copy, lo      ��� weave-itli a nice bright luslre
sinkers, saloon loungers  and ne'er . |i,cc just ns good un agreement  ol 90c nml $1,  36  Inches wide, being a
do wells, wilh a sprinkling of cm_y L, thai pt esented lo the council.       closu """^L.? I*1'* tin
faunttcs, has collapsed,    ll is clini  ; ' _.����..*_   . s     coating wcigut
actertstic of   Britisii  niugnu.uiuily     Soiue people are*cmI   down be- Pretty Wash Fabrics
hut before the  unconditional   sue   , ,llls(. ���nlll. ,,���,,,,;,, ,���    ������. i;,u.   white piques, Me d cords mid gi.rl.ar
endero. Lln   rebels, the   plea was ,,    f |*.���t. el* Amaru,    We  '"", including  printcl  voiles, organ
lais-ctl in iu;iti\ tiu.ulei', I int nieii'\       - , , dies, ere pons, suitable for dresses, waisls
nre not, since   ihe force   onlj stir    and children w
.should be show u,    \\i    fail   to sc
1  rend, red   when   statvi 'I   out, and
.0 ;    pi let s lli'lll   _0c )'
lV   '  ; '"'    T*v,   R,flTS; hflcr a lone and heroic defence,   It Cotton Crepes
Many innocent people   have   lost; k        .,.,���,.s](    f ,        .,,, ,,,_,��� ������,, ���,���,.  ,���,,,,    n,���v come
s'l!;' '   vould otherwise huv,   titled the de*   '"I "  <">" n��rnl. I"'1"'1-
Wt re slitd tlm, n l_j tin H In Is wilh.
out mercy,  ttoi ps   wen    detached
r,  ,,, ,-,,',     , ,' ,, ,, tiiiiiiigti   I'eisin  ,uu!  ine   I'ttssian
lli'lll  I'.llglniid   ti.    iillili tie    llstiie ,, . ....
, ���  , .    , advance    noneh    Ainu ma,    \\ In
fence ngiiinst tin- Russian    advance
through   Peisia  nml  lhe   Russian
t,i'i, , \er)   st ilift .ihi",   ���',;il   w.i--11 air!
near well; _0e yd,
sporl   t'" its,   mis  nnd skii U
price 7.'c pi i yd
Lady's Neckwear
Corduroy Velvets
who tu mi emergi ncy .nigh     have     ��� . . , force .   ,     ���-.   In _.,,,.   c ,,,,,, ,���,.���,, ������,, ,,���,���,,,,,
bee   suddeuly required in   brance ,               ,              .        ���-.���,-    s,,i.abl, ,
business has  been   dislocated   and ,        .,-���,���������
,.     . ,- .      c ,i     ,���                  i    ., -outran  *"  Genera     low. sun   s
tin.- safe;) of tin- Umpire   and   t'ie , .                ,           ,         ,.   ,
.,,;   ,                   ,   '             ,,.,   , advice, is another mallei   cntiidv.
Allies    cause   endangi red.    \\ li\'.
Because silly fools,   wicked    fools, -������-<��                         Wc ure showing a most up to date stock
and    German   tools   endeavoured,      rn one   days   casualty   lifts re-   .,���.,��� iru.   ,.,,,,..���.,,,.  ,;,u,���,iu
foittiu lely    without   success,    lo cently, forty-five   Vancouvei   men   daimy shades,   iuclutliun   ah the  latest
plunge Ireland  into  revolt,    That figured, killed, missing and wound-   ideas in ml I  collars, sets, four in   hand
they   failed is   no  reason   foi" any ed.    This   province   is   not called   lies an.lliutchcullnrs.   .Specially nuirk-
mercy   beyond   just    punishment Biitish Columbia for   nothing.    It             ctpneesa
from n firiu* squad or a long drop is for us lo see   thai they   did in t           Girls Middy Blouses
���   -*��-��_������__ suffer ill vain.                                            made with good quality drill   anil chain-
War   is .aid   to   be   a purifying' �����_,,,,��_.���                        bruys, price $1; also  skirts to  match in
agent and the strengthening factor d     i     -.���            1 ti ������__
,-,  .,,.��� .                 ,        **,, . Production and   1 hurt         .���.,,         ,, ,     , ���,   ,    ,,
in .hehistoiy of a nation,   li it is Childrens   luiorcd Wash   Presses
true,    the   present    war cannot    be ,                                                       A big range ol these  made ol  line t|nal-  _
utar its conclusion, for we see few Tins Wak Book op 1916         itv  gingbuui,   percale oi prints, all the i
are the Acme of Perfection
For ninny years the chief fundamental in producing KOVAI,
STANDARD products has been PERFECTION. The aim has always
been In produce products always superior lo any othei on the market.
This policy has always liven carried out and always will, Whenever
you see the name RI IYAL STANDARD be assured that it incurs tlie
Order a Sack of ROYAL
ROYAI.  STANDARD   FLOUR 1ms long been rcco*-ni���ed ns the
best bread [lour sold in Westi i tt Canada.    It is milled from lhe finest
wheat    grown   und   sold   undei   n   strict
'money back" gmirautce.
^"^"^'^^rM   '
��� .  '
,801   ���
�������������� ..._. ���_.
Royal Standard  Grain  Producls  Agency
I'liniio 33 F. Movlli,  Mgr, End ol Bridge
Royal Standard Mills Chick Food
is iniotlii i nl ih" t iinoii.s fan u. S'liM'.Miii
products     Thousand! ot   pmilli \ nun   havo
found Ilml  tin i  I hick  I'oud is equal to
Kn\ \i.   Si \n[iauii     S'ou'll   ci un-   i"   tills
conclusion, too, .1 vuu In  il.
I. .,-'._.'j..  J   . .   ...~    -.       .i....... .
or no signs ot increased purity.   Ou      it would perhaps be too much lo   1���l1,l?l,nsr'"fJ'ViS!,'   '",,'""!''
the contrary, tl.e   war has   enabled say that the Agi cultural War book    '      'iG"����,' pric. from Wcup
many utiscruplous persons to profit issued for free   distribution by the
Wornens House Drosses
and not only   those   who   dealt as federal Department of Agriculture      Womens Housi
agents iu the   purchase or   sale of is the  most   complete   book   ever  These g Is come in got
war munitions,    Thev   should    be  ,���ii,lislietl in l'.-,,in,la eoiitvl, ,',--, ,,t-   hams m various checks
ley  should   be published in Canada eutireh devot-   hams m various ciecks; c
,   ,     , ,     ' , , . ,     ,   -. .        plain colors with   fancv   in
hanged, i-d |u iii_ subject oi   whi"h it main-
pei cales in i
qtiahlv ging-
i h.iiulir.i', s in
uuings ; iu
ipe ellects.
war lnunitit
treated  us  li
loi there are oth rs, of the smaller ly treats.    Yet in variety it certain
vaiiety of bug, whose  activities go w js,    besides lhe general   matter   ,
on almost unchecked auci uurebuk- brought together by the editor the  Ladies   line .umrner Underwear l
ed.    Then too, attention   has beer, Commissioner of Apricuhure, some   Hvcry garment knit to  fit   comfortable
It, wear ami   servicable.      I hey come in
culled to the   enterlaiuiuents,  con- seventy agricultural in
ci ;'..-, dances and what nuts, arran- experts havecoiitribut
."im aid in the  various   patriotic pages, including the Federal   Miu- als
funds, where the expenses were out isters of Agriculture and   Finance, li"
of all   proportion   to the  -net pin-  the Live Slock    Coiniiii-.-ioiinr.ul
c.    Is handed, if at all, to the bene-  Dairy   Commissioner   foi   the IV.- ,,.
htting    funds.    Tlie     ime   brush  minion,   chiefs and   sul)   chiefs of 'ill
distributes the t_r, wai    or uo war,   various departments and divisions, in
.'mil the unscrupulous are in pocket  federal and provincial, and  profes '"'
?! lbr expei**e ol lion :sl folks.--C.  SOi��� at tlie Ontario and   i the   agri- !"
1   varied  styles  witli   long,   short and no |
n and  fancy lace yoke
iinbhiations,   perlect lit-
,-ck, short nr no sleeve's.
Ladies'   Shoes
hipmeiilof women's high cr id ���
II  It'll ll I) s
li Is,  butti
'i 'ilS (Iocs llll
'liitn in  .mirk
-, willi Cuban   and military
a   tire very  neat ami dressy
cxi client   wear.    Prices
if), *", -1,50 and $5.
*>'. cultural colleges.
��� " ���-���-*������ While there are statistics of   the
The principle  if direct giviug.it world's as well as of Canada's pro-
is to us, should be  more vigor- duce last year, for purposes of .onions!-  pr. ��� ed in    wartime.    There  parisou, aud   two   or three    years
��� "  man) well meaning people who  preceeding. the book is a long way
i ' to raise money for deserving '1'",1, ,,''l;i' ''   '  '   ��� '" figures. On
s, and win, ;. ;i\ form 0f the contrary il contains pages upon
ei    rtainment rather th u go round  pafes oi   textu.tl   inforuiation. in-
and    ask   foi   hard   cash.    While struction and sound advice   apper-
I -    .a'. , |le. taining to its title "Pi    ! ��� "; ���;    ud
thing for their t ���  ��� it   alone    would
satisfaction of giving,   there    must farmer and   breeder be   the   better
be many   whi     ,vo         oner   give for its study but every householder
ight mon ;. than be worried in- every citizen would    profit   b* foi-  scale of sawlogs   for the   province!
to buying tickets to  au    entertain-  lowing   ils   counsel,    which,   in a   amounted to 4,*.8sH,794 feet   board j
.'    i whi li the;    cannot go, oi   *-' ������' !:i' sense, :-   emb. lied in    lhe   measi    . iu    i     ition   to   149,3371
bich they would be  hopelessly  i'1""'"   111:.v   appears on   the front   Hu   '. 1   I ol   j .1 sand   piles, ai I
bored. ier, risks covcr" '    ' ingle   b Its, |
life tain '-"' '        Is etc     The 1   n logs seal-
II Prolu ��� more, ed district     inch
��� '      limn ut beyond thai    provid     ��� ���      ��� :"1'*, v- ;- 1,279,501 ft-,   Cran- ,
e                                          re   told  Savi  in teii             v   sl  ,                 brook 4,145,055 ft  .Island 3,325,-
that the Lord loves a cheerful giver Spend your mom     ,isely.                SiS ft,, Vernon 1.377,528 ft., and
_,���_..��� .... Nelson 386,782 ft.    Oi   poles and
...      ,    . ,.  , .,,,    ,.   , . .      ,.     ,    piles there were   sealed in   Nelson;
.     ,   ��� ,���        I he timber stal ment for  March   ,ijs,,jv,.
I I ' . :       y the H      1 ible the Minis-
lilies Conn 11 Monday  !     of Lauds that the 1 lal   '.'.    ' .
11 . ,   ��� 11.  1 1   -i   ^ \     i    11.      I  1! I
 sales record il during
nn estimated total of   6,581,940 ft.
!'   in. mv, 27,140    Mil    ll
lo produce
revenue ol    . ;
Little River.
'   1,428   lilll    1    f et,     Island
3S,9<)o!' .   Prim"   Rupert   21,763
... 10   Railway
Through Passenger Trains leave Courtenay 11:35 on Monday, Vt'ednesd'ty and
Friday for Victoria and  Way  Stations
RETURNING���Arrives at Courtenay at
16:10, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Steamship tickets 011 all lines to all parts
,.! 1      , or Id.     or particulars etc, ad     . s
Dill. Paitcogcr Agent, Victoria
Agent Courtenay, Phuiic R60
Barrister anil  Solicitor,   Notary
Phone .r": Courtenay
Tin i.ii ;, i. ,-er Red Cross Society held a dance in lhe school
house last Tuesday evening which
was well attended, especially by
officers an icn of the 102nd. The
procei ii- were $37, The drawing
for the piece of silverware d. 11 it. d
by Mrs. Ryan realized$39-25, Mrs.
Brock holding the lucky ticket.
I.yin:; - Hart intends doing away
with li" ��� .,: his logging camp
and will iustal 11 donkey ci gine to
do the haulin-f.
Editor Review:
Sir: -I promised a coup!'.' of weeks ago to tell "Reader"
why 1 associate with the Costerinougers and other workers
the like of ti.em. The following over mv signature iu the
Colonist last Saturday will explain. It 1ms since occured to
ine that if the hand instruments come into possession ol the
city when the wai is over what a gay old time we shall have
if we now all cling together like the ivy on the garden wall
and veto Prohibition. M- 11, women and children will lie si en
in lhe restaurant or cafe grounds in the hot summer evenings,
listening to l!n- music ; the youngsters taking ice cream or lemonade and the men and women .1 glass of beer, sparkling ei
der or light wine nude from barley, hops, apples and grapes
grown in IS. C. This i.-: the continental style an 1 I never saw
a drunk amongst litem.
Editor Colonist:
Sir: While my motto is "never fiollto learn" the
writers on Prohibition have failed to convince me lhat they
are right. What ippeals to me is the common sense business
t ii| of that man Lloyd Gi . wh i'i 1 ;"\;,i 1 lo "- de] station representing lhe Teippei in e Coum il ol Chn lian Churches 011 the 10th March said il was a question of letting men
puisne their avocation under conditions which would ^increase
their self respect, and make them feel that gelling drunk was
below the dignity of theii manhood. He felt it to I "his
painful duty lo beco ne lhe greatest distiller in tlie world, and
he was doint; i;1.- best to provide whiskey for lhe Germans,
and if th< whiskey pellets he wa.s distilling f r them would do
half as 1 nn to the   Germans as they   li   I done to the
people of this country he should be satisfi , H further
sta'.ed ili.it oni difficulties had I" en very largely with whiskey,
Beer was a I ig, bulky, lumbering ihing. One could 11 ilcarrj
a gallon of beei about in his pockets, but he could carry its
equivalent in v- hiskt y Finally, lie said, it wotil 1 be so much
. better to settle this question bv general consent,
I've woi", ui for a number of years, the happiest in my
life, amongst tin osteruiongers in the London markets, and I
feel sure if these industrious workers, and the like of them,
are forced to do islhe Prohibitionists want ihey will be as
stubborn as their donkeys���they may be, as a Courtenayite
tells me, low down in the social scale, and I, iu his opinion,
musl be th for assoi iating with them, but   don'l :       I
they are bum in, and that is the reason why we should start
ai the bottom rung ol the ladder to achieve that which Lloyd
George outlines, which, moreover, is just what my late employer the Baioness Burdelt CoiUts, used to do by taking
supper at Xmas, with these costers and inviting them in hundreds Id a picnic in her c uiutry grounds in tin summer,
Tt has occured to ine, whether out of respect. for that
good old lady, who, by the way, gave a church to Victoria in
the early struggling days, the Prohibitionists will pause and
fall into line with the views of her ladyship, and which have
been .-.o recently endorsed by Lloyd George and hundreds of
others���the wisest men and women of the day- some aloft and
others still below, that il is against human nature to reform a
m;it.' on this drink question b\ drastic law measures, I leel
sure if they will agree to give remedial measures a trial and
call the bar a restraurant or cafe with all Kinds of refreshments, beer, wines and non-alcoholics���no treating���with a
specially appointed liquor control board, it will be an excep-
ti6nal case to see a tottering man through dunk ou the streets
in ten if not five years hence.
J shall await anxiously their decision.
Courtenay, May 8, 1916, b
Christ in Flanders
I,. W., in the Spectator,
We had forgotten Von, or verv nearly���
Von tli'l niitsecin to touch us very nearly,
Of coarse we thought about Vou now and then,
I'speeially iu any time of trouble,
We '.new lli.it Vnu were good ill time ol trouble,
Hut " i' are very ordinary men,
An! there were always other thinc,s to think of,
There'i, hits uf things a mini has jrnt to think uf,
Iiis work, his home, his pleasure, ami his wife ;
Ami sn we only thought ol Vou mi Sunday
Sometimes, perhaps, not even on a Sunday,
because there's always lots to lilt one's life,
Au,I, .ill lhe while, ill street or lane or byway,
lu country lane, iu city street or byway
Vou walked among us ami we did nol see,
Your feel were bleeding as you walked our pavements���-
How hill ive miss Your footprints ou our pavements ?
Can 111  it- he other folk us hlilllt as we :'
Now we remember over here in Inlanders,
(Isn't ii strange to think ol you In I'lnnders)
Thi-. hideous warfare seems to make tilings clear,
Wc in rer llioughl about you much in Iti-gland,
Illll now thiii we ni" far iiwiij fi  Knid'Uid,
We have uo doubt-., wc know that You an here.
Ymi In |pi -I in. ], i is ih" .11 -.1  ilniiu the Ir m lu s,
Willie ill liilil  III.mil   WC  W lilcl   If.  llll'  llTUcllCS,
Vou louchcil ii ��� i ilinltli i ami inaile ii line,
You .tt, nl lie .ih" u ��� in oni  pain  mil ive ikuc is,
We're glial to tliiuk yon uiiilersttiuil our weakness,
Somehow ii '.""ii". I,, help ii-. not in whine,
Wc think aboul Von kuei '"������������������ III llic ������ irtlcu,
All '  . .-ul !   Ill" :"','lli  nl  ii' ll ho ml ���: n.I, n.
Wc 1 now ' i,n pnn cil for us up ��� ', Hi" I ross,
II rtiivtliing . 'iiiM m ike us -I el lo beai it,
'Twuulti in  iii" kntiwlctli'i' ill 'I  Y.ui willed lo he ir it,
I',nn    ileat'i    lit" uttei most ol liuni.iii loss.
Tlinugh ��e I irgft You, 'Vou "ill nol forgt I ns,
We 1.11 -ii '.ni" ih il Vou will nol forget us,
hui -.1,o with us until this dream is pasl,
Ami so we ask Im' couni ���". siren ;lli, anil pardon,
���{specially, I lliink,  We ask lor piinlnn,
Ami tint You'll stautl liesitle us to Hi ��� 11 t.
was neatly staged, and thearray of  er so generally approved, nor is the ren-1
faucy bathiug costumes   ami    silk,",?',' '"r l" *"''''������     i'"iiy-eii>lu counties'
stockings wus verv fetching, ''"' '"V""!',' '":""'' l" ''"' ������������"i.**,,ui*
,    ,,   h,     ,    ,        ,, *'      ,   ,      mi'ami  eicliti seven   counties  .i,.I   mil
In llic fox trots itml l.tney steps of the   sefUl an insane person   to the  ., ,   nuns
choruses Miss Btlie  Sutton's twinkling   last year ; more  than  a   dozen   Kansas
eet easily ou classed  the  others,    Mrs,   eounties have nol c.,1    1   ,   jun
Robertson, the  accompanist   was  ninsl   vears to Irv a criuiiual   cise    liitv-lhree
painstaking ami had devoted much time  counlics were witlioul   paupers  mil,,,,
to the  preparation ol  the programme.  ,,!,���..i ses,   The I'������, ,, ,|, ,,i   ,.���, |,
,   fie company  desire to thank all who  the lowest in the world,   , l       ���ch
helped in any way lo  make   the   enter  ' mull persons ; ami in,  , ei , ipita wealth
tninmeut a success,    lhe  gross receipts  *,, K:���...,. ,, .,,.. ,., ,     .���,������,   ,,,,���.���,
were close loJ2t)0 the Union, approximate!' ���'. oi every I
Ant iibcrol cake plates  were  left al   ���,,���, Woiuau and cln'1,1  i��� i.h, ,, t,      i.
the hall,    lhe owners can get Ihem at literacy among Kan       p, lias been
reduced i"  ' p -i cent,, lie- lout .1 in the
United Slates
Tin- I'.in-.'i -I,, ������ ilnl ire   nl i
Do your Mil Chorus  in |9i,-, ,,,,., ,|   i,    ,,..,
Setting the Village on l-'ire.. A.Shepherd  r0||mv|���,* resolution:
IJverybody Kagwith me, ..Mrs,l*nirl)iirii|     " Whereas lhe 1 [ci    I  through-
-- _*r__i___ii_^_:___i__r.'
ET       Offic ���
r;&V^   Servic���
the   Drug Store.
iSI ni
us   yote the
Garden "t nn  Henri .Mr. ii.ii.I
nil th** country,   ine!   I dlii ���! will      H
must   J
1 ' :
��� cc'l "
kit v
,    , Mrs, Muciulyte tliem iu   lln ir   iri.i   nus .
IleKept on Saying Good Night publishing abroad, iu fo f  paid ad
,  M;'" Aunlc . im ill Vl I'tlseiui nl   in th ���   ncwsi certaii
Down Among lhe Mi.l. i* ,',, ins ,.,..���. ,,,, .���. ���  .    ,  .
  ������������'��� Roberts, ll   ,.||',.,.i |tint   prohibition   in isas  I
I,��� llelle I'arlsieiine Mrs, Cot ki   ,,.���., |   ,.���    ,
\Vhntul,aineills....Mr, Shepher.l hoinocidi
llll I   Ml      Mi, moo     ,.: ���,. ,,',...
J'h' i"  " l-ovc Si ,; ���    'I.  .    i :, .:, ,o reprcscnlati     to'tlu .,.
  .  ,     .     ,.        ���""! ' ���>" i ������ ��� lid ������ v   ,1.-1 re   ��� ill   al it    i..   ���;
lh" hon i tl'" ion,i,  ...  t   ih, nip   n ' e.iuse'of Icmpcr.i
1!'" "���'��� l!l'  """l '""���  ' ;' '������  ug, .-li
'''V' :l   \imi ,Mi ���",". '" ill ol   oi   '   uti iii.il   pr���]
I'hi.l- I'lonk,  lhe Skm ol ., Spin ,   -,,.- ..,,,,..    u,  our mi lhat
,,   ,.    ,      ..   ",,;"" \ W.SIi.i'   ol ,',.,���..
;', inai'cu   'air  Mrs,  Macuitye ,,���,���,,, ,,,,.,-.,-:, ,. . ;   ,.;   ��� . ,,    ,,
[-.""!    "" k"""    ���' ��� ��"'���"       '   ���'1--U-I'   ".'���.. '-,.<���   .    ���
������"."'-?������������������   ,'i.,v''' ""'''"'  Hie prohibitiory imiendni mill   t uo '.,   ,
111 h''    "'' *.lcv.e '���  ""'-"'P--OH   |,,�� which , itsohi ,  I, -'���' B
^���'.''"���'"berc in hance   ...Mr. . Mncinl-re   hshiuent of place    fo, li u| licp, , ���    .
Um,l,"�� "j' lh':.}}��*    ll';   K",;''   anvwhereiu Kansas,   - civet,  !eri     ,
Mrs Cooke,   with   chorus mn I lableai. I ���,,:; ,, ,��� i.leration   eithe,  b,    l,e,     latere    'i'i
I'ylbec pany. or any ol its coimuillei    " *    "__
J.   A. Reugougli, the  noted cartooni i      Thanking yon lor*   in valuable space, I ���
anil lecturer is expected to he in L'ourte-   ' '"" "��� A- '*>���"��� l: vrrii,
n.iy sh irtly.    Particulars later, Hmiorar-   Secretary
\'.,i,,',i,..fr l'-i.,i',l llr.-iuel!
People's Prohibition Vlovctueiit   Good Accomotlal
ol Hriiish Columbia
Victoria Mn*      l  -
Letter to tha Editor
Editor Review :
Sir, .-.Mv attention has been
Irawu to ;iu ai tide in your papi r
from the pen of Mr, Win. Idiens.
I shall dismiss the reference to John
Mrs. Menzies of Nanaimo was a visitor picluie   company    allowed a comic
in town thisi week she war, atlcndiiii; the niir.| . n the screen    which    greatly
w.cldmg of ber sister, Ms* Rri nolils. ���    , ��
,,        ,..,       ,,,      ,, ,,, amused the audience,     lie   dance
Ree. ��� I'.n'cei.il.l has   liken over   the ... ,
expo' .-, 1 usiness lately carried on by II. lowing was greatly  enjoyed    by
Holgkiiisou,   llewil'l meet all   t'rains those who stayed,   tiie only objoo-1 \>ngu\, bv   pointing   out   Unit" tlie
and boats, and  by  prompt  attention   to tlOIl being that there were too many   s.'ii'etiees    nnnli-H    Im    'I,-    I-li  ,
busint's hopes t��� merit the   business ol on th, lloor m some of the  dan       ^^^   ''"��� U''   '"     '','   Id,eI,s
lhe district. mi.
A military wcdtling was solemnized   i.t
the Catholic church   yesterd \    morning
when Pie. P. Uanley and Miss Margaret splendid "runner."    'i'he ladies ami
Reynolds, of Nanaimo,   were united   iu gentlemen who compose th�� Follies
Till      lin'tle      .   .  , .     , , ...
Cuinbei   :
tne lioor in some ol the  dances.;might be applicable tonny bu iuess.
ie ice cream vendors did aroariu'j Until Mr. Miens  furnishes ihere-|
trade,    Kan Macomish proving   a
nianiage by   Pr.   Mertons.   Tlie   untie aK to lie congratulated upon   their
was dressed iu while satin with pink -ilk ,- '    ,,,        ...
hat.   The bridesmaid  was   Miss   l.izzie Peiloriliauce.     1 o criticize ���  would
Walker, and was dressed  in  voile  with be an impertinence.    No entertain-j
Comox, H. C.
Besl Meals North of Nauiunio
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Mm tin.   Prop.
Wm.  ���
ferences I take   the   liberty   of ex-       ~. , * _.j ,
pressing a senous doubt ns to   L-oarles   w nee.eT
whether John Bright was speaking I
of the liquor traffic when he made
the statements quoted.
iiis ppeeed
i,,,":i'iI'l hi','   T!;:';'; ',llwtf  M',n''-"1   '"���',,t is '���������'������r-'-te without   the two to Kansas and Arkansas are really
In- Mr. I.   Reynolds,   a   brother   of   lhe   .\;,...-s   loc|.    '|'h,,n,so,i    -,n,l    tl,,. ,,,, . :
bride.    A guard of honor from the 102ml   p,      ,   J��   ,      'UOlllSOn    ailCl    tlle amUS llg.      I'be oppou.nts ol prolll-
n-tt. was present. ' """!  -siepherd,   and   thev   fully biiion make main wild statements,
The Follies Concert    last    night sl.lslal'led , tllel,r   ��P��tat-ou     last but it docs seem 'a   little  much to
istnethirdof the series staged in! ",R, 7 SI""L''      -,.Irs- ask lis to believe   that   prohibition
was tlie timet ot tlle sen,.-, staged in .V'.*      '. ~    , T';" IasK *ls ''' "''"eve   mat   \.
the Opera Hcuse for the benefit of *-'.''"' '7'"'"s  i11'; n"'v;'>:i   clalllty increases crime,   pauperism and in-
,,',,, ,.      . , ,,, aud catcnv    and    tlllly  appreciated sani>v   and dpcrennpi; tbp birth rnlp
the Red Cross I* und. aud was with ,    ,. ,. ,,'    ���',. ��� , s.uu.i, .mu ..uieisirs tin niiuii.iii
,.    . ... c   ., uy tlie   audience,    .Mrs.    Pairluirn | leioo.-n it, b-u'e  r-fber mnrp   ��,,
few exceotions the best ol   lhe ser     ��� , ,,      ,, ,       , .    ,        , ' mippcn ... ii.tic  miner mote   up.
,,,   ' ,. ,,      ��� ana airs, biiuar also receiver,    well r-,.H���r<- infm-mf-tin.- !���> n-t, ,,,i i , tin
les.    Tue   performers are   all t ...,  ,_..      ....... .",...
dents of Com tenay, and the public n-fnied applause   "'their   songs,  state of  Kansas  than   Mr.   Idiem
fully understanding the cause greel 7 !' ,J .^ I'),,.1,lll-.1 ^T" ' *i*>"<'-'im*-���  to have.    A statement is
edthem   with a full   house.    The Good Night     with   Jock  Thorn- swd hy Governor Copper oil March
Electric Light Companv very hind ���"?".  aml   ,Ml:SS    Jean.     McKeiiaiie 6th 1915 and  heartily endorsed by
ly suppiyine- light for tl.e occasion, sltl."K m tlle I10' cl,e[r,e rece'v��l   "Attorn ���. General    Brevvslei,   con-
-     ,r 1'ocifrotis encore.    Messrs. Robert- tains lhe following infonnntmi. ���
!,    ���   ,    .j son and Burnett's s mgs made a hit I    .m the end of nearly a generation mi-
The Elk Hotel Barber Shop
I'xperl Wiilclimal
5 Sei iiii'.'  Sp.
glasses  from   -
[ncludiiig sight l    tin
eye lested -. ���
correct   vi.i
The Courtenay Jev
GRIEVE aid DARGIE Courtenay   Tailor
Ice Cream
I obaccos
Ladies and Gent-   :u  i
Made-To-Or    .
Suits $27 up Panti $
i ': '      ':; ;
ly suppiyintr light for the occasion, I"'"'"*' '" "*>- r-'*-"<���>..= .c_e,v*-u   ., Aitorncv-(*eiieraI    Brevvslei,   con-1 *-p " *,
the large lamp on I        stag   being voclfrous encore.    Messrs. Robert- tains lhe following Infonnntioi. ���.. lODaCCOS
especially    brilliant      During    the  S"" **lul -hiniett s songs made a hit I    At, the end of nearly a generation un- [skirw
nerft-irmaiice several   vouuc    ladies = witli    the    audience    "don't   you | <,1,er I'roliibilion  it may truthfully be said  o ,   n) , c        ,r, V,-;
perm maiiceseiei.i ting   1   ue_  ,,     ,. I tli.tt thc prohibitory law ot this state was Swan S Uld Otand, Courtenay I Dresses
served homemade candy,   and    the | know.       lhe beach bathing scene  never so well enforced as now. ami nev| ' ,' "��� .75
 .���������.;;.-���...;_;., ... |���|..,.|  | '   "*" 1 ** ',' ��� rt
The Water Qu     ion
Solved !Haney   L        fllida
The same bu 1
Store, Uuioi
i our Good   Houses, '
ivvatcr    and    elecTtric:!
light in each
j Apply, MRS.  WM.   LEWIS
Sand and Gi.
Ciiiiid be done nm
C_t      �����...-.
i aiywliere else in
Buggies and Express V
All Kins Guaranteed and Sold at the ..  ������    I I'i
I the
Blackimith aid Carriag'* Builder CC
e   i    ���   'ry&   ���     r'V..' -o. p*
&:���.- : [   :      lid
'-._���,.      *      ..'.'.-        _*     s��^' :'__:.'- s_-'    ',
_.;____L'..__.-,*'*.'*i*'i-^-i*- jt_.. -....-__�����_____---____��_��_
Get '^Mor('!MoiM*y" for your Fox
Muskrat, While Weasel, Beaver, 1 yn-
Marten and other Fur bearers
SHIP TOUR il If , nil! ii , io"SiilUi:it
house In the World dMllnj excli
.! ���       ,Ie���respoi  ���
ntatinn existing atlilrd o
ce     il record of sendinir Fur S  Ipperspi
AND PROFITABLE returni     W'rlte I  r "(Eot Ahubirt _>l
tb->onl/rellable.accuratemn,      report and ...
Write lor It���NOW���It'll  l-HIll-:
A. B. SHUBERT. Inc. "^ west.aust
:: LADY ::
ll.,u,/��������.'. Co., I Imlltd
Red RoseTEA^goodtea
Hy tuo iiotcctive's dircciion he had       Care of j)ajrv (*at(|e      i gaw ��<Safety First" Film losea llls leBi iiml ��*h" !Kt,llenls ftre
lelcsraiiheil     io ���Wlnlerttaml,   say ur * * roallstleallj   portrayed  In    an e���_lbt'
ll'lo be understooil'thal'lie was travel*   Change of Feed Does Not Appear lo   C.P.R, Officials Viewed Silent Drama t*��U "I '���"��� Safety Italiy I" which Jim
IlllS  �� la sister and  her liusbanil. Affect Percentage of Butter to   Stimulate   Movement Slovens takes    Jack  l''n,!tor-��� flilcti as
J tba shopman who loses ��n eye tnrougli
As  he sal   back  In  Ins corner, lie Fat A  realistic  moving plctura  iiini  in not   wearing   gogglos,   the carpantei
thought over all tlie events of tlie day,      The best dairy eows, as a rule, cur-  tho    Intarests    of  lho   Safcti   "first losing a linger    wlillo  working at a
land pondered upon llic nilu.ul.on. m- ry  ���,������  mt|(. surplus 'n,.,.^ _m(' c011. Movement was rocentlj displayed in a bus.  saw    without  the   guard,    the
peclallj  did Uo linger nnxiougl'  over 1 notiuoiilly arc unable lo stitiul tlie ov- - specially fitted oar at Windsor Station ' brakenian being run over whilo run
. Unit Injunction of  Hetldlngs '" "''   posuro to cold as lho iiff animals do,! before Vice-President Bury and a num- ning between moving oars, the engine-
hold of  iho jewellery    which    laul s() lhl v llll|s|  ||(, u;m,lh  Kl;,t,|,.,| t0 ber of c.P.ll. officials, man being killed while boarding the
I'liyim hud given in l.iuly Ursulii us a  _������_ |lM, |p,,SI ,.egl,]lHi   lr ��� |'.,,.,,(, ,���,., |    ���_-},��, mm waH |,|.oiluce<l b\ Mr. Mar- footboard    of    an engine in  motion
iConlliuied) .    wedding present.   I he detective won hi   _r |h(,  ,-,., tl sitpp]ie(i  ,,, ��� .|alrj   cowlciifl   \.  nor., general    Bafel)    agent I Particularly Impresslvo is the picture
['at ihi* suitpiiicnl of opinion on llm "0I ���"���' *'������-���' '"' wun*ei s�� I'urlkmiihi'Ij   hns  ,,,  |���,  ���,,���,,   rill.  ,���,.,,   pT0��)iiolIon , Now Vork Central Lines and Ions' the of a collision duo lu slowness in lias
pari oi iho iiclectlvc roused l-nrd Kasl \\n ���""' lhr\r- ������"��� ������"�� lllllt '-"''I1 '���','   there Is hm n small auioinil available  slorv of a railroad man, Jack Poster, King.
hm-  in  fiiri.    ii   was  with  difficulty |    ''; ' ���'''',,, ,,'v" "I"""1 "'���'"' 'J!',1,! I for milk pioiliuillon.   n will probably whoso  carelessness  endangered    the
Ihai  ho nits ro-liiiitii'il lo  I
ncler of Paul Payne, II  wan not illffl-
promote the Safety
|in>    much better   to heal very eolld I haiiplncss ot Ms wife and home until   Flrsl  Movement in Canada. Mr. Unrj
In    order   t��
Ion from rushlug hack io tin platform  cult lo Imagine th�� mosl .-niisior ten ; Wlit"r, bringing ii  up to somewhoro his friend, ,llni stevi ns. �� hoosler for has secured n copy of the fllin, which
lhat he was cngai i it on a man hunt.
I'uo  pi rsuaslvo  voice    ul   I'll ear
W'��nl   .ill:
in inalto atioihiT frantic search, and Rons r'"' ''"' officers curiosti \near bodj temperature, by the use of
Hon;  making known    in llic officials     'I'ho vlscounl  kepi  a sharp lookout   a rough, cheap  fuel, Hum  it will  lo
in Hour, ai the hotel whore he slay* have the cow warm the water sun
ul soma hours, on his waj lo the bout, piled lu r u> iho consumption ol vain
and au,ain on llio opposite shore, from able foodstuffs,
"Now, then, my lord, pull yourself  llio boal to tho train.   Bul as ll was      A  , ,,.,���,,,, ,,,-    ,,,,.,,    ,|ul.(.s ���_ (h|- ,
li i, iiier    Vou mustn't 'os.. vour licad now long since dark, his opportunities  ference In the per cenl  of bi r*fai ,
now, wlinlevcr you do." as  an  nmatuur detccllvo    worn  but  -.h*ch    la0 cow  |lllls ,���,��� ,���,,. ,_|llt I
"I imiBl find hitn. slop him," panted  small; and although he fe ire tins j Thl, r|-i,,,osa ot ,,,,, ���,������.< iK ,hl, lllin. |
I.ord I'liisih'i'.i linarsely. "I can'i let loua limn ever, ho wn
urn gel awuj ��i'h her. Don't ybu see wlllioul hope Ihai llu I
thai I can't?" I bo on lho iraln after all
"Listen, my lord. He'll get away, ho ,\| purls, In Hie darkness of Hit
sure of thai. If you'll Im guided by I early hours of n cold December morn
wc, we'll .noi on iiis (rack in no lime."  jngi na ],,, tumbled out of his comparl
Rather because he had no plan of|me,u, shivering and miserable, Lord
the Safety  Plrst, convinces  him   by will  be  offerod    lo  moving  picture
demonstrating iu\f',i axamples lhal it houses at divisional and other import.
is worse   lo ftiuuhlo with life Uiati i.i taut railroad points along Ilia line ol
gamble In uny  other way,   One man the Cntuidtati Peclllc Railway.
>       i.i   '     �� "'      i ii i i i\    i ,i    tin      i 1111 i
.    if  vldnallty of   tho cow, ami you can't |
' chnngo h  hy changing tho feed,    If'
this could bo done then people would
1'aed liolstetn cows a rullon so tlml
Ihey would give milk Jusl us rich us
I Jerseys and (tiiernspys. Diffuront Individuals of lhe saint, breed of cows
Mi own than because he trusteu to J ]_a_lliti(! was almost without hope ns give milk of dlfteronl richness, Por
Lion of the detective, Lord Hustling \,u9 result of a journey wliicli began to instance, two Jersoy rows standing
listened, us ho was nsked lo do. After appear to him In ihe light of a wlltb side by side lu lho same barn and fed
all, Redding was his only friend; with- goase ,.|,i(Si.. tho samo ration, cared for in exactly
out him, tho pair would have been al ,    Then, suddenly, mosl  unexpectedly, alio   same way,   give dttforenl  tests.
lowed rn gel away nt their ease, and U-, caught the flutter of a long, loose I one of Ihem  will glvo 4,2 per cent. I
the     whole    terrible  story  ol   Paul  black cloak ou a tall, erect remale llg* Inillk, whllo tho oilier will glvo 6.5 per
ure. and he breathed a sigh of relief j ceni milk, so lhal   feed, speaking gen-1
which was nlmosl a groan. orally, has nothing lo do with lhe lest
ll was his sister. Lady Ursula. | u might bo that if you would change
Payne's antecedents would have been
unknown to any member of the family whom he bad duped. !s'o longer
was ii possible to have any doubts
about the gulli of his newly made
brother-in-law, I'or did not his disappearance betray him.'
"Whai am I to do?" be stammered.
Ho was amenable to Influence al last
and Redding took him by Ibe arm,
le.l him oul of lho crowd, and opening the door of a laxicnb, Invited the
vlscounl to jump in.
Lord Eastling drew back, startled.
But a no.l and an expressive look
from the detective half-reassured him,
and lie got into lhe vehicle obediently,
Tlnn Redding 501 in beside him,
gave him en expressive wink in answer to his astonished protest, and
"Wt  must let them think we've glv*
en  U|i  tin' chase."
"W what'.1" stammered the bewildered Bastling.
"Toinklnson saw inc. and he saw me
speak to you. and 1 expeel he made un
bis mind lo co by lho next train, lit*
must, leave England, that'*, cerialn. lie
Long before lie could como up with
her. she had gol into a closed cab, and
Paul I'm ue .had shut himself In wilh
Hut Lord Eastling, now completely
the feed from dry  feci lo corn silage |
all  at once  that   temporarily    there
would he a change, and lhe cow would
give either richer or poorer milk, hui j
if the change is made gradually there
B 1
most reliable!  AJ
AT BUST DEALERS      __-"-*W, 1
1   _W   1
TORONTO   -   MONTREAL   ���     ���������     1
WINNING  - VANCOUVER, A                M
reassure.I, chartered a second cab, would be no variation In the milk lest,
and slipping a good English sovereign I Hut when the cow is used to tho corn
Into Ibe hand of the astonished driv* silago rations and gets back lo her
cr. promised him n second if he kept  limit she showed tho same percentage
in slghl  of ils destination the Itacre
in front.
'['lie first cab stopped al a tiiiiel hotel, the choice of which proved that
Paul Payne knew Ills Paris, and avoided the haunts of the casual tourist,
hoili English and American
, tho tender affection the occasion do*
won't want a scandal till lies madehnandod.   Tho sight enraged him. lie
himself safe. dashed   forward   into  the  room,  and
���A   scandal!'   faltered   lhe    young tace(,   lhl.m   |J01lli  g|lenti    *,���..    eyea
���*>lln' ablaze.
���yes.    'I here  would   have  boon  a|    His, sister was the first to see him,
l you'd mci him in lhe train  ������,, ., milp ,.rv 01- amazement, which
of butter-fat thai she did ordinarily.
German Bluster
When General Smuts, aged forty-
five, one of Hie conquerors of German
South-West Africa, has annexed Ger*
By ihe time Lord Basiling had got] man Bast Africt the Uur.r. will be
out and paid the driver the promised shorn of the lasl of their expensively
handsome fare, the luggage, very mod- made colonies. The German press
est for a bride, hud been takbn in* says that Germany will get them back,
doors, and thc viscount followed the end the Congo as well, In exchange
man who was carrying ii. [tor    Belgium.   Well. Britain, France,
At a door on the llrsl floor be stop- Russia, Italy. Canada and New Zee-
ped and when it was opened. Lord lend, not to forget gallant little Bel-
Easlllng saw Paul Payno helping Ladv Slum herself (and the ltritsh fleet in*
Ursula lo lake off her cloak with all  *0 lll<> bargain), will have something
Siberian Alfalfa s
Canada.   This Is
I ready been raised
ini��in  test  Purity
ed Imported direct from Siberia, a country colder than
ne of the very hardiest varieties known aud lias alia ihe w.est and found to be cold resistant. Govern*
I, and i'0'i   germination.    No farm  with slock is
complete without   this   wonderful crop.   A limited amount of seed for
side in reasonable prices. Gel your orders in early.
S. D0WN1E & SONS, Carstairs, Alberta.
rmd iried to drag Mm out or anything
of lhal son. N'ow lie can't afford thai,
nor can we. For. alter all. lie may bo
really vour brother-in-law by this lime,
you know."
Tliis niosi distasteful tlioushl was
indeed over present  to the viscount.
"That won't do much good," he
said fiercely, "for Lady Ursula certain*
ly won t aeknoyvlodge a criminal us
hor husband."
'Vou mustn't reckon on anything
where a lady is concerned," said die
effiter drily.
"But where are wo driving lo?"
"We're only taking a turn to fill up
lime. We know they've not gone by
ih" boat train, bul tiiere's one in an
hour. Ihc threc-liflcen, gels lo Dover
at eight minutes past live, slops al
Priory Station. He's very likely to go
by lhat, and to wall in the lown for
llm ten o'clock bout tonight, Anyhow,
that's the one you must go by, 111 tho
hope of catching tliom either on the
way or al Paris. 1 suppose thoy stop
the nij_l11 then
"Yes," said Lord Eastling with a
"Good.    Yon  may  rely  upon  me  lo
was absolutely unmixed with alarm,
escaped Iter lips.
"Tom!" cried sho.
And, wlllioul slopping to Inquire
why he had conic, she ran forward lo
kiss him. It was llic action of a happy woman, of a woman whose sky is
absolutely serene, who fears no ill.
absorbed in ber new-found happiness,
lie looked down iulo lho clear blue
eyes, and Ids own filled With tears as
he gazed at Tier. Then lie flung his
arms round her, ami murmured
"Thank God. thank God I've got
you!    Thank God, I've got you safe!"
Even then she had no suspicion; her
pure mind yvas incapable of harboring
a disloyal thought, and she saw in her
brother's almost theatrical embraces
and exclamations nothing bul a source
of surprise.
"Why. Tom. why didn't you come
with us. if you wanted It) he with us
so badly?" she asked with a happy
smile, which faded suddenly from her
countenance when, on turning lo share
her amusement with ber husband, she
saw lhat Paul was standing stiff and
straight, at  a little distance, with a
keep watch on this side, but ll.will be  trow_  o(  ���ml.li,.,|  nnnoyance  on  hia
ror you tu deal ��ub luni, my lord, for
I'll wnger you will come face to face
Willi him before Iwelie hours are up.
il.  spoke wiih so much confidence
thai lhe young man fell a sllghl In*
i ������ .. .��� of it nu his side.
"You haw found oul something,"
ho said.
Mot   i, ii li,  but   well,  yes1,  some*
(Iiini     I '  fi '. words with one of
rur nn n wIdle you were on tho platform, nnd I fo ind oul thai you luul
ml   'I him that time."
"Why didn't you lell ne���"." raged the
young man, "I'm nol lo be treated
like ii child. 'I'h" honor of my sister
Is ' oncerned,   l have io act at once."
"}' ?, mv lord, bill il would have
th ui' no good io have made a scene
Ir, lhe station, P would have been a
terrible thing for the lady. N'o Wail
I'll you can gi i him within four walls,
and then - w hy, you can lcl fly."
"By- i will," sail lhe young man,
fii,.  '..
He ended by placing himself inicon-
yes met  those of
' he
Lord  Eastling
"I want io speak to you. Payi
sold, "by your*. If."
He had disengaged himself from his
I sister, who tell back now. for lhe first
lime curious and db lurbed.
"What is it, Tom?" sue erietl ���icntly.
"Nobody ii! at home?   Oh, not pupa'.'"
"So. nu .tlii'i'tv all right, Don't
worry yourself. Go imu the next
room, and let  us talk."
"Hui. why, why .' What can you
have in say lhal i may nol hoar'.' You
are treating mo as If I were a child,
Tom. Say what you have to say. Paul,
I am sure, has no Becrets from me."
She turned, with a smile of ineffable
in amy. towards Paul. But lie yvas not
looking ai her, his eyes were fixed
Steadily  on  his brother-in-law.
"Go into tli" next  room, dear." lie
saiil  w iiienu looking in  her.
i 'I'n be Continued)
to say on thai point, .lusl now :
permanently, too -these German, colonies are rid of their Prussian oppressors. We arc in possession, and,
everyone, except, lhe Hun. is pleased
wiih ihc change. Sea power counts. -
London Dally Mail.
^ iniii-i  Man,   Don't Wait  Until You  are  Fifty
Before you begin to Save I'p For old Age.
Talk   With   One   of   Our   Agents.
���Ihimiiillv ill lie1 bauds of Iiis mentor, i -     .   Mllk
and hy the threo-llfteen that afternoon ,,,,      ,        ,   ���
,���    , .,,.., ������.. Dover. I    Tha essentia factors hi producing a
He .,.. no sign of his sister or Paul clean, sate milk, are: Clean, healthy
Payne befon lie started, or al Dover, I����'��, ������"���'. "' dK,M- "K1"' vvell-venti-
nnd ihis fact made
ilOtlblflll  Will lllfl   lie
him uneasv''end,l1**lcu'stablc--' ��'���>���*������-���-   80 cous'.rucled
had ie right In -1* ���<> '"v ',;isil>' cleaned; a clean, woll-
drained barnyard; clean utensils, thoroughly sterllzed; dean, healthy milkers iliai milk wiih dry hands: a-sinall-
top milking pail; immediate cooling of
lhe milk to .".a degrees P., or lower;
storage of milk at a luw temperature
until delivered; a separate house for
handling milk; an abundant supply of
W. N. u. 1100 pure water.
taking so Implicitly lhe advice given
hliii by Redding.
Hm the crisis was so momentous, ho
felt himself so entirely unable lo
evolve a plan of action equal to llio
needs of It, thai  lie had    no choice.
New Records
Created by
The Sun Life of Canada
PROGRESSIVE business methods, backed by forty-
five years of fair-dealing:, have achieved for the Sun Life
of Canada during 1915 records that are   new in  the
Canadian life assurance field.
Assurances of over $34,000,000 issued and paid for in cash - Total
Assurances in Force of over $250,000,000; Total Payments to Policyholders since organization of more than $52,600,000 ; Assets in excess
of $74,000,000; a Cash Income of nearly $16,000,000 and an
Undistributed Net Surplus of over $7,500,000 ���all are high-water
marks in the annals of Canadian life assurance.
Their achievement maintains the established prestige of the Sun Life
of Canada as
A Leader Among the Life Companies of the Empire
The following substantial and uniform increases registered during the
past year clearly demonstrate the strength of the Company's position :���
Altall ����� ��t December 31 it. .
Cath Income	
Surplus Distributed lo Policyholder*
Net Surplus its at December 31 st.
Total Payments to Policyholders
Assurances Issued and Paid for in Cash
Assurances in Force     .      .       .       .
1915 1914 INCREASE
$74,326,423 fO'.W.OBO $10,138,767(15.8:')
15,972,672 15,062,276 920,397(6.1',)
985,487 8111,703 123,724(14.3'.)
7,545,591 0,503,79*1 1,041,797(16   ���', )
7,129,479 0,1111,287 968,192 (15.7'; I
34,873,851 32,107,339 2,706,512 (  8.4" )
39,104,325 (17.9;,)
.    257,4(14,160     218,200,835
187*2   .
1JS.',   .
icw .
IMS  .
?" U'.'11'.TH
male; Hi
1   ..'S.lk'.l Hi
6.71" lie il
I.III."' l.:i:i
T. B. MACAULA.Y, F. I. A., F. A. S,
I    ���.ofii.aso.oo
1    257,404,1S0.4Z_
Sun L_/fiE^wwE
(Omimot Qf CANADA
1916 p
Thi.v Free Prescription Did Its
A Noble Example
An   English   Moth.r   Who   Has   Given
Seventeen Sons to the Army
"My eyca  w,.ri> jn _  lerrlbln state;   I     Surely there would never have I n
n?i'.!',', 7'd-l'nx'''".1! "���  Tttrr w,Tf .fti��iiti|;imi  need   lo  Introduce    compulsory
���hi-huiioi ion a, iiiotii.1, thoy bad sand In  mllllarv nprvloi*. ir ovnrv nflil.li mnn
Stem.   TH...V would actio nnd burn dread-,       ' ['','   '  " , ",' '' r> "'IllsUniotli
���fully nnd cnuted ii ssant .hoadtchet,   1  eI l*11** followed lhe example ��i Mrs.
iP.'.'hi li.iriity read ut all.*,  \titr wenrlui*  Unvles, of Church Srottou, Salop, Kiig'
Tliis good iii'ly, iin' widow nf :i
stitili, r hus given im [ewer than seventeen sous iii lho iifiiiy. of whom
fourteen wero actunlly im active sor*
vice  witii  iiif  colors on  September
my   eyea
ill.*-     ,yt'.T    WMlil,-,'
.Wi   strained   nml
���vcrworkeil.    ily   chance  I   met   a   man
���lieu, ey,..% ,,..i bothered Iiini Hit* smut*
jay. lir sin.' mi, the following prescription, wl.i.'i, ii. s��i,i h:i,i cured hint, ad
'{nil enable, him i��� discard lti> .tastes :
��� grains ol Bon Ojita In 8 ounces of water,
'I se ni sn eye-bath by means of an eye- ,
tun, three or tour times dally ottener if i '���"'lh,  HUI, six  weeks unlv :illi*r the
tOllVI'Ilit'lil." ' l..,,,i. ,    ..,���   it ���
'���'J'tii.t  hoall
outbreak ot the wnr, |
.      -.    COOltncr,    BOO-tllt.K*    lot t*>ll lunHlAr       nnlt'lnllc       hl���il,,.,.        \l,...   :
Joca nol Bomrl ���r burn   and Is absolutely ; ,  ���"01"!' ,. ,)a*     ,     ,,",'',"     }, ���
laarnileu.    Vour   ilniitijlat  can   nil   iii:�� j ���'""''*  '*'   KJ *��� orrtule   II".nl.  slumlord
��resertpiion, or ihe Viilmas Drujr Co, ���r   Illll. gavo her three triplet suns nnd
aorobto cau fill u rur .,������.������ ��� founl, S0ll ,��� *|���
it you  try ll  I am aura  you will i,<
lust a.-i enthusiastic orcr ir ni 1 am,   Cut
"alj  om   so   you    will    .'iIhiivs   bar*  Hit
"Ilia the groove) ul ihe
worn ask*.
Makei a perfect bearing
I'rrvciit- Ulucied wheels,
Leu   your    lions    pull
l)ig���ci tosdi.
The Mica di>��j it.
Dealer*  Kveryuiher*
Ik,   "_]K*t,|   Oil    CO.,,.,
Than there is Mrs. Poller, n Ports-
mouth, ISng., widow, aged eight}
three, who hus been awni'dcd n prize
locally for being ihc liead ol lho family wiili lhe must members in Hie
lighting bi rvlres. Slxlcen of her
grandsons uro In lhe army nr lho
tiiiiy. mid llio liusbnnds of four ol
of hor graiidduuRhlers lire on active
service, making iwenly tor her ilea
iviiil'ini-i itltogelhor lighting for Kin?;
niiil i mini!} in addition, Iwo oilier
grandsons, mn dead, wero in the
(lured In Toning llic Blood nnd
Slt"cngthening the Nerves
Old Age
V, hut   is  ilir  .-    I.  ,,      hi   , i ,,i  I
llt'r's   \\,-. M>   ri ��� "I  '     ���   ti ttri'il   ihi.
auggosl ion iluit it i' wld   nnj
t ween "i �� Ish ' uml "I wi       rin   iiiiiu
,'. ho hu i  :i'.  ii up ihe    leu "i making
his ilreams , i    I rue i ��� ou  i hi   .... j
in ni,I  il '.'.
itt'i'i' is uiiolIn ;��� angle: i.h,. hi,,, a
in! ui' zi'sl ninl inii'i'i'si to ns in youth,
We looli forward lo the n 'Xi mull or
iii" nexi day wilh pleusuruhl mil lei
|,:iiimi. When we no lou.gi r look forward mid lose our Hilt rest In lhe hu*
ninu specluclo, then j oulli li id Failed,
li isn't ii matter of yi nr.', but of spii li
"Sal."    asked    I In   llrsl   mossou'** r
', "gol any novels ter s     p"
' i ((oi 'Sniikofool  11 ti.-   ,., . .,:.;,.,' "
replied the oilier. i
"Is it n liili'.; storj'.'" i
"Saw :    Ve kin lluls    i easy lu l wu
Minard's   Liniment  for  sale   everywhere.
\  Scotsman wns on hi    deal i b d,
his friends persuade I him In for
give n in i'.'hbur wllli whom be luul bad
;i standing feud for Home yearn.   The
neighbor came to the dying man's bed-
Bide,    After thej   hud shaken  hands
iititl   made   peucp,  tlie  Scotsman   ex*
tallied: "If I get better, Uouald, re.
lenibcr, nil this goes for naught."
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
LIVER PILLS      >>:>-**!'-.
P.���-.*!vv-(:,*r_l,..*   \ .    Aj��&m     ���   V-
.ii,���i,,.t- ....... .i    _^&1iS*\*rr.-���r*'r
*' "������ "���"���'  k^iiPilfirT!"x
CtreCe:,    #3#***H$*f Ipil.1,.
.,',.', II .-.ivrhe nnd Indigulien, a, m Kini
i'mall Pill, iiiiiall Dcjo, Soi-li Pii
Genuine muitbwi Sienntuic
ft7-ir;ui_-o'/ ~_>_!<i
ftMWW HWNffH KW ��t \ <*
An unl scolch crofler.
t", idonco before Ihe en i'lers' commission, tidniltlPd ih;,i. wlille he wns tlie
lowlier of three cows,   "lhe hensiles
; hi ri' ns thin ns Pharaoh's lean kino."
; The chnlrmnn, llilnklng in corner old
: Kenneth   usked him lo say how lean
Pharaoh's kino  were, liven  a seventeenth  century divine    would    bnve
li Is the opinion of lho besl medical   wuiili d a day or t wo lo think Ihis over.
authorities,   after   long   observation,  Hui Kenneth answered ut onco. "They
lhat nervous diseases arc more com-  wore sac lean that they c'u'd only he
ninii   nnd moro seriyus In the spring seen  In a dream."���London  Opinion,
llian at nnj  other lime of the year.  ������
I Vital changes in tho syslem, after long      Miller's Worm Powders ar
j winter months may cause much more ' cellence tho medicine for children who  (evoristi feeling In lhe skin Is sootl	
1 trouble than the familiar spring weak- are foun* suffering from lhe ravages ,lv,.a, ���,ii|oua nis .lmi sioiuach dis
noss and vvearluesa from which most of worms. They immediately alter the order's are slouiied
people suffer a. the result of Indoor stomachic conditions under which lhe. nol\'\. be nervous about u-inr Dr
Ife, In poorly ventilated and orton worms subsist and drive them from Hamilton's Pills-' thev are mild
overheated building.. Official records the system, and, a. tho same time, onougll ror ��� -!,���_ ,��� 11S*. v',t ccrtalll
prove that in April and May neuralgia, they are tonical in their cIToct upon _-,- effective in iicllon
St. Vitus' dance, epilepsy ami other khe digestive organs, restoring Lliom j chronic
���'onus of nerve troubles are at their  to  healthful  operation  and  ensuring thoy    bring
$1,000 Reward
To any person who cannot be cured
of Constipation,    b;   Dr,   Hamilton's
, I'ills. the above reward will be paid,
No medicine gives such lasting sal-1
��� i-taction or  effects   such marvellous
cures as Dr. Hamilton's Pills.    Itellef
Instantly    follows   their   use.    Thai
n"' ox*  blinding headache goes   forever, that
His  Debt to' His  Nation
There is uo more reason to leave I
the paying of his debt to his nation lo
each man's conscience than there is in
     .. ���-���.- ������    ��� --   ..,- ���   ........ ,,.n , ||l(,v    n
worst, and thai then, more ihan any immunity from further disorders from I healtli
other time, a  blood-ninking, nerve-re- such a cause
storing' tonic is needed.
Gi i i
and  ki
th" mosl
_:.!��� bos today;
i'ii  robust  good
Even in a match you should
consider the "Little Things,'
lhe wood���the composition���
the   strike-bility���the   Bame,
are nude of :,lronri dry pin.
stems, with a secret perfected
composition that ijiiaraineei
"Every Match A Light." oo
years of knowing how -that j
the reason!
All Eddy products  are dependable products���Always.
The aiitiqua'e'l  custom    of taking
purgatives in the spring is useless, for
tho syslem really needs strengthening,
, while purgatives onlv gallop tlirougli
���anna the paying ol his debt io his  ,,,��� how,.],  l0(lvlng '.ou ,ven|-er.   Dr.
Williams'  I'inl.   Pills    are    the  best
bank to 'each man's conscience.   The
volunteer system is unsound both from
tlie military and from tho civic point
or view.    It is inevitably unjust und
demoralizing.   It is unworkable, as the
failure of I.ord Derby's moderate and
conciliatory  plan     has    just    proved j
again in England and in the midst of a j
great war.   I'or the sake of American j
youLb and for lhe sake of the nation,
trc ought in adopt  universal conipul-
Coinprcssod    paper    with    a   thin      I'npe   why   hang it   girl,
Barbed wire is being exported from l leather covering    is    being  used   in j low only earns uiue dollars   i '      t
tlle United  States at the rate of a Germany as a substitute for leather!    Pleading Daughter���-Yes, bu-. laddy
million  tons  a  year, and .at   Il'.SS a | shoe soles    owing to the senrcit)   of  dear, a weak passes so quickly  .vh��;";
ton more ihnn before tlie war.
soles    owing lo llio s
[ leather caused by the war
I you're  fond  of t ne   -uot' er
medicine, for Ihey actually make the
new,  rich,  red  blood  thai  reeds  the
starved nerves,    nnd    thus cure the
I many     forms  of  nervous  (Unorders.
! They euro also such other forms of |
' spring troubles a.s headaches, poor ap- j
petite, weakness In the limbs, as well
as remove unsightly pimples and crup* j
lions.    In  fact they unfailingly liritij-'
.new  health  ami  strength    lo  weak,
torv null i an training and service now, t(|      , depresgc(1 ,IK,   women am, ,
nhilo peace permits us lo do it deliber-   r.i1njrell
a'tely, consciously, nol as a hasty bit
ter necessity, bul on principles of
democratic service and unforced patriotic devotion.���Chicago Tribune.
Peevish, pale, restless, and sickly
children owe their condition to
worms. Mother Graves' Worm l-xterm-
iumor will relieve Ihem and restore
Selby���I can't And words for It! To
begin with, you borrow Iwo pounds
trom me on lhe plea that you had n
pressing payment to malic, and now I
find you here enjoying an expensive
Manley���Oul of ihe overplus, dear
boy! To be candid. I never Ihoiisht
you were good for more than half a
Ever Eat
(Made in Canada)
There's a v;ist army
of physical and mental
workers who do.
One reaso i its delicious, nut-like flavor.
Another���il is easily
and quickly digested -
generally in about one
^ But tlie reason is���
Grape-Nuts, besides
having delicious taste,
supplies all the rich nutriment of whole wheat
and malted barley, including Hu* "vital"
mineral sails necessary
for building brain,
nerve and muscle.
Always ready to eat
direct from the package,
Grape-Nuts with cream
or good milk is a well-
balanced ra I ton--lhe
utmost in sound nourishment.
" There's a Heason "
���Sold by Grocers.
Hold by all medicine dealers nr by
mail at Dll cents a box or siv boxes -,
tor f..."i0 from The Dr. Williams' Meili-1
tin" Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
.Mark Twain once desired lo borrow
a book from a neighbor of his, but was j
(old that, though lie might refer to il \
in the library with pleasure, the hooks ;
wero never allowed lo leave his house, j
N'ot   lonu   after   tlle   neighbor   asked i
Mark  Twain, to   lend    him his lawn
sprinkler,   lie was informed lhat the
latter never allowed lhe sprinkler to ���
leave Iiis own garden, but thai lie was
nuite welcome to make use of It, il ho
liked, on lhe lawn of tlie humorist.
Thsr* I"  more c.urrh In this section <
ot the  country   than   ��ll  other diaruaea
pill   toeetlier,   and   until   the    last   tew
ye-ra    wit   euppoeed   lo   be   Incurable, t
For   ��   treat   many   years   ilootors   pro-
I nounced It n local tllaeaso ani prescribed j
' local remedle.". and by constantly rat ling
| to   cure   with    local    treatment,    pro-
I nt,unfed    It     Incurable.      Science     baa I
I proven   Catarrh   to   he   a   constitutional
I disease, antl therefore requires constltu-
i iienn]  treatment.   Hull's  Catarrh  Cure,
] manufactured .,>���  r. J.  Cheney * Co.,
i Toledo, Ohio, l�� the only Constitution.*!
cure on tlt-> market.    It Is taken Intern-
! alii-  In   ih,sos  frnm   10  drops  (o a   tea-
I spoonful     It acta directly on  lhe blood
! stid  mucous  lui'facss    of    lho  syslem.
'!'!i*.y olYfli* on*, hundred dollars fo:1 any
cats It fa!1' to -ure.   Send for circulate
ttn'l   testimonials.
Address:   !���'.   .1.   CHENB-   *   CO.,   To*
leclo, Ohio
Sold bv  Druaasts, 7Sc,
Taka Kail's Family I'ills for con-itlpa'
The penurious woman  wus talking
I,, her maid, who had been wilh her!
three weeks.
''What do you want lo leave us for,
Mary?   I nm sure we havo treated yuu '
as one of the family."
mil !
"Indeed, an' you  have,  ma'am.
I've made up ins mind noi 10 Bland it
W. N. U. 1100
The Poor Man's Friend.���Put up in !
small hollies thai are easily portable '
and sold for a  very small sum.    Dr.
Thomas' '"electric Oil possesses more
power in concentrated form llian one
hundred limes lho tjuanttty of many
unguents,   lis clienpness and the var-!
led uses lo which it can bo put in.ike
il  llic poor (nan's friend.    No dealer's )
slock is complete  wiihotu It.
In the yenr ending with March, '
1015, the prolit on the coinage of silver, nt ihe Itoyal Mint in England,
wan just under 522,500,000. As Hint
period ineiii,led only two-thirds of I
a year of war, the prolll during lho
current twelve months will pri sum-
ably be considerably larger.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Dandruff.
.Student .(writing home)- Mow   do
ymi  spell "linaneialli '!"
Other���P-l-ii-a-n-e-l-a-M-y, and there
are two r's in "embarrassed."
The Internal
The Nerves Which  Drive the Machinery of
the Body���the Heart, the Lungs,
the Digestive Organs.
Ton prick your firitfer- and know that it is the
nerves which carry thc painful sensation to the
brain. You move your hand, and realize that the
idea of movement started in your mind. But did
you ever think that overy beat of your heart and
every breath of air taken into your lungs is dependent on a constant supply of nerve force 1
It is the internal or sympathetic nerves
which drive the machinery of the body, and from
their derangement or exhausted condition arises
weakness of the stomach, feeble action of the
heart, or inactivity of liver and bowels.
When nerve force fails every organ of the
body becomes more or less deranged. Indigestion, sleeplessness, headaches, irritability and
nervousness are sonic of the first indications.
Yon lose energy and ambition, find your work a drudgery, and grow
weak and listless. As time goes on you become more and more helpless,
until nervous prostration or collapse bring you to tlie sick bed. and long
months arc often necessary for thc restoration of thc exhausted nervous
Even in this extreme condition Dr. Choso's Xerve Food will usually cure if its use i*
persisted in, bul how much wiser it is to heed the warning iu the early stages nnd keen 'ho
nerve force al high-water mark.
No restorative lias ever proven its worth in so many thousands of cases as has Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food, What il has done I'or others it will dn i'or you under similar (.���imdi-
tions. By forming new. rich blood il nourishes the starved aud depleted nerves back to
health and vigor, and thereby overcomes the cause of weakness and diseases of the nerves.
fine  n   box,   <>   for  S2.50,   all   dealers,  or
I'dm.-in-oii, Hates ii- Co,, Limited, Toronto.
Dr. Chase's Itcclpc Book, 1,000 selected recipes, .cut free, If you mention Uila pmn, THE COURTENAY REVIEW
This Bright
makes old clothes 1 ink sh-ibby
ilo.sn'l il : There nre I*WO
ways to meet this difficulty,
eithei order a new suit, or net
the old one cleaned and pressed
i it's (inly out dollur,) but llicre
is only  i IN li   [il.u i nl   v hich
!l 1}    wl 11 <'  111.  11   S'.'lllll   gl'l      Iiis
ivoik done, and that is at
R  Willoughby's
Only White Tailoi in l ourteuuy
Nexl door to the  I Ipi rn   lloiise
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next Id lliii.lv & Biseoe
When  In  Doubt
Play   Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
I'ii, tory Uxpcrience
Recommends   from   Leading   Musicians
from tlle Atlantic to llle Pncific.    Copies
of same furnished on request
W. J. Goard   will ue   in this city   about
April   I,     Leave ortlets at this Office,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.    -    Vancouver
Palaee Livery
Hmi'ses and   Buggies for  Hive u.
Terms cash.
We  also attend to wood hauling
J AS.   CAIRN'S  &   SON
Phone 25
Willard's Harness Emporium
l'ine Showing of   Horse   Blankets,   I.ap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases,  Ktc.
Harness Repaired Neath*
Cumberland and Courtenay
Yofl cannot eat youp
eake and have it
But you have the satisfaction
of knowing ihal the ingredients are of the highest
grade when purchasing at the
Courtenay. Customers swear
by, not at, "Purity" Bread for
Cakes of all descriptions made
to order
Courtenay   Bakery
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls 'Promptly
Council Meeting
The Citv Council held n spec'nl
meeting on Monday t veiling lo
lieni lie' proposed ugreemt til w itli
tin- Cour t nay Lvlecliic Light, ' lent
aud 1',iiver Co.,  read.
Aid Kerton was appointed chair-
Aid, Hurfurd reported that he
nnd     \i'i     Auderton   hud   visited
\'lt tin 111 ami hail .seen bodwell &
LllWSOtl mid I'ngiiicil Tripp, with
the result 1 Iini an agtci menl hail
lieiii iiaiiieil up which lhe committee prop ed in hive ri .1.1 and Ihen
presented lo the comp my for their
adoption 01  reject ion.
Theiu wis ns yel 110 bill from the
lawyers ov lhe enginei 1, but the
bill for Hi' ir expenses was laid on
tin table to entile up .11 ihc next
The mayor rein irked that it did
not look as I hough the city would
nol get much sidewalk or road
work done ihis summer.
Aid .'\.*t"ii tiiovt tl that the re
port be received and the committee
relieved of Iheir duties, which after some modification was adopted,
It was then moved that the
agreement In* read clause by clause,
' Afler the ivadi ig of the preamble
n number of letlevs were read
which had passed between Bodwell
& l.awson and Aid. Hurford, rein
tive ami irrelative to the matter,
wiii.ii were afterwards tabled, The
agreement consists of twenty-five
clauses, some of which Aid, Anderton and Aston were frank enough
to admit that the., were, incapable
of understanding.
Stripped of its cumbersome
phraseology lhe agreement proposes to grant the companv a 20 year
franchise, with privileges to use the
streets for pole lines, eij. The
charges for lights to be 1 ic per k. j
w. hour lor firtt 50 hours, ioc for'
nexl 50, 1) tor next 300, 8 for next'
300, 7 for next 300, 6 for next 500,
5 tor next 500, and if 2000 is used]
the price to be 5c,
City street lighting to be ye per
k. w, hour for 500 hours, 6c for
next 200, te* for next 100, 4c for
next 100, 3c for next 100 and 2c
for all exceeding 1000. The city j
to have the right to buyout the'
company at any lime by giving six
months notice. The franchise to
carry no value. The price to be
arrived at by arbitration, if not
mutually agreed upon, The company lo reciove a bonus of 30 per
cent, if bought within 5 years, 25
if between 5 and 10 years, 30 if between 10 und 15 years, 15 if between i,s and 20 years
The company is to agree to furnish power to the city after purchase at IC per k. w. hour up too
h. p.
Clause 25 reads that none other
than Caucasians are to be employed,
A long discussion llu 11 arose over
stveral of the clauses which were
not 'ii conformity with local conditions. The inconsistent clauses will
be sent back to the solicitors for repairs.
Aid, *\slon said the citv should
be backed by law, even if it cost
Aid. Auderton wanted the solicitors to send the company a copy of
the agreement nnd get   their objec
tions, If any, in writing; ihen after |
tlie council   had   discussad   ihem,
they could   bnve a joint   meeting.
The mayor lliougl t   the   company
should be asked in be present und
discuss the mutter before   any fur
lhercxpeii.se wus   added, but   ihis
I was over ruled bv llle majority.
'    The clerk was inst rue. id to write
I to several cities of about the size of
Courteuay to find   out whal   price
Ihey pay for electrical energy, The
'company claim that lhe   maximum
price 14c is a.s low as   th ���> can sell
"juice" at the present   time,   The
committee think it should be 1 ic,
In thc meantime the Victoria
firm of lawyers have been instructed to patch up lhe proposed agreement, at so much per, and notify
the company that the city intends
to take steps to compel litem to
make an agreement with the citv,
and desperate citizens who live iu
the city have to to it llle bills, ride
I over impassable roads ami pled
j through nuid to and from Iheir
d.iii) tasks, aud for what?
Police   News.
Last Thursday  morning  Frank
linking p'e tied   guilty   to  selling
liquor lo Isaac Paul, an Indian. He
was lined $*o  and costs by Magis.
Urates Willard and Hicks  Beach
Ridley Thompson's house at
Dove Creek has been entered lately
by thieves and tiie bath room cleaned out and all the plumbing taken
Ollt, The police hope to recover
the articles soon,
Early last Thursday morning lhe
Police were notified that a Chinese
theatrical woman who was playing
at tlie Chinese theatre, had been
robbed cf jewelry and clothes valued at over $1000. A thorough
search of Chinatown failed to locale
the missing articles,
Three women who were tenting
on Hardy's beach were brought before Magistrates Willard and Hicks
Beach on a charge of vagrancy.
They were fined $*o and costs each
and ordered to leave the district.'
The fines were paid. ,
cBryde^s Bakery &
Tea Rooms
Calhoun Block Courtenay
We win the favor of the  citizens and  soldier boys
because we give value  for  the  money.    Our  tea
room is superlative.    The place to get a dainty tea.
Good cakes and brea I of quality unsurpassed.
Buy direct from McBryde's Bakery
Remember the address     -     Next the Royal Bank of Canada
Mentholated White Pine and
Tar 50c per bottle
Laxative Quinine Tablets
25c per box
Cod Liver Oil and  Malt with
Wild Cherry $1
Cod Liver Oil Compound $1
Wild CherryCough] Mixture
Drug Stoic
Phone   :0
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steamfittiug
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay [
If a Coal Right Owner
to attend the   meeting next
in the Agricultural Hall
at 8 p. m.
Produce More and Save More
The Empire needs food.     If you are not in the fight-
ing line you may be in the producing line.   Labour
 is limited
before.   Grow food for the
you can produce.   Every little help:, ^^
cannot produce as much as you would like, produce all you can
spirit.    Put fighting energy into your effort and produce now when it counts,
all the more reason to do more than ever
icn who nre fighting for you.    The Allies need all thc food that
You arc responsible for your own work.    If you
Work with the right
The more
you produce thc more you can save.    Producing and saving are war-service.
Make Your Labour Efficient
In war-time do not waste time and energy 011 unimportant and unprofitable work. Economize labour.
Put off unproductive i\ork till after the war, and, if
possible, help in producing something needed now. Let us not wa.te labour. Canada
needs it all. If po33ible help to feed the Allies. Make your backyard a productive garden.
Cultivate it with a will.    Ma!:e your labour count for as much as possible.
Do Not Waste Materials
There should be no waste in war-time.    Canada could
pay tlie annual interest on her war expenditure out
of what wc w.iste on our farms, in our factories, in
Every pound of food saved from waste is as good as a pound of increased
Thc way for a nation to save is for every individual to save.    France is strong
The men and women of Great Britain are not
our homes.
pi od action. ________
to-day because of thrift in time of peace
only " doing " but are learning to " do without.'
Spend Your Money Wisely
finance the war
better investment.
Practise economy in the home by eliminating luxuries.   Wasting our dollars here weakens our strength
at the Front.     Your savings  will help Canada to
Save your money for the next Dominion War issue.   There can be no
_��.. i


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