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The Review Sep 6, 1917

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Array /&
I   '"*  ���        w--*
Can not h* done any better, and
not nuite to well anywhere else
hereabouta. Our type and machinery is complete and The Review
price* xre right
Gents'  Furnishings
and Hatters
VOL. 5
N D. 4 2
The Fall Fair
will be held in the Agricultural Grounds
Courtenay, on
Thursday & Friday
Sept. 20 & 21
Prize Lists and Entry Forms may be had
from the Secretary
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
Gents' Furnishing Store
Have you seen the H. S. & M. fall samples.of clothes ?
If not be sure and see them before placing your order for a
suit or overcoat elsewhere.
the best shoe in the west for men, boys aud children
We also handle the famous Satifield Underwear in all
sizes and our prices are right.
We have just received a shipment of Stetson Hats in
various shades. Come in and try one ou. They are "The Hat"
Courtenay Gent's Furnishings Store
Opposite Shepherds' W. Sutliff, Prop.
Do Not Delay
will be in in a few days
Place your order NOW
and be sure of a crate
The supply is limited and the demand is great
Chas.  Simms
Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician
Special 15 Jeweled Lever watch      -      $ 6.50
Special  7 do do ��� 4.50
Walthaml7       do do ���        12.50
Fully G*ar nteed in Screw Cases
Local Lines
Mr. Sam Calhoun spent the week
end at Victoria.
Miss Mable Ma'.thewson left   an
Friday last on a visit to Vancouver
Mrs. R. B. Dixon left on Friday
nioiimig to visit her mother who is
very ill.
Mi. J. D. McCormack, Manager
of the Comox Logglug ik Railway
Co. was up on a visit t o the camps
last week.
Mrs, B, C, Van Home, who spent
a fortnight with Mrs, N. H, Boden
left for her home at Vancouver on
Friday last,
Mike Glazbrook was iii town over
the holiday.    He has   been  transferred to the Bank of Commerce at
i Cumberland.
A letter received last week from
Sam Watson bv one of  the  Belles
I of Courtenav. states that he is well
and in the best of health, although
still a piisoner in Germany, .
Mr. Wm. Iredale, of Prince Albert, Sask. spent a few davs last
week with his sister Mrs. C. H.
JAdev, and mother, Mrs. Anderson
He visited all parts of the district,
and was much taken with it,
My iq17 Fcrd Touring car. At
a bargain, perfect condition. Nun
skids, one spare one unused inner
tube. Leaving the districl, Apply
Creer, Comox. P, O,
A general meeting of the local
branch of the United Farmers of
British Columbta will be held in
the Agricultural Hall on Saturday
evening, the 15th inst. at 8 o,clock
All interested in agriculture are
requested to attend.
G, J, Hardy.
Hon. Sec.
For Sale���Horse 8 years old. in
good condi tion, weighs about 1500
lbs. Sound, and a good worker,
also heavy Bain waggon and set of
double harness, in good condition
For terms, apply at Review Office,
For sale by tender���2 1-2 acres
of oat hay, Cumberland road, opposite Bruce Towler's residence.
Apply A. Kerton, Lake Trail
Butter wrappers, printed or
plain, at the Review Office.
We pay the highest prices for
good beef and veal. No. 1 Beef
j 16 1-2 cents per pound dressed,
JNo. 1 veal 17 cents per pound
dressed, Comox Co-Operative So-1
jciety, Courtenay and Cumberland,
Phone 2 1
Miss Leila Carroll will attend
the Collegiate Institute at Cumberland this year.
Mr Grogan, manager of the Elk
Hotel, Comox, was a visitor in
town yesterday.
There was no meeting of the
Ci'y Council on Tuesday evening
owing to the lack of a quorum.
George Millard eft yesterday
foi Victoria, where he will attend
Mount Tolmie University school.
Miss McMautis. of Vancouver.
; has been engaged to teach the
1 Grantham school for the ensuing
I year.
Mr. F. H, Cucksey has resigned
his position as lineman for the B.
C, Telephone Co. here, and expects to leave shortyl for  V_n.cii-
Win. Dbulgas; the hustling j link
dealer has shipped out many tons of
junk during the last four months,
some of it going to Vaneou ver and
some to Victoria,
The Courtenay Shipyard presents
a busy appearance these days.    O.
II. Fechuer's launc.'i is  being over
hauled, and  several others are in'
the river awaiting their turn,
Mr, Casaneva, of Victoria, who
has recently 1 urchased the Harvey
ranch, paid a visit to the clistrct
this week. He came to this country from France 56 yeais ago, His
only son, for whom he purchased
the property, is now at the  front.
Tl,e local campers who have been
encamped at Millard's Beach for a
number of weeks,   returned home
I Mr. and Mrs. Christie motored
I to Alberni ou Sunday, returning
j 011 Monday.
Ball's Big   Sale   lasts  jusi   two
days longer,   Hurry or  you'll be
I too late for genuine niouey   saving
! Bush fires have been raging out
/Lake Trail way for ihe past week,
The fire 111 Dan Kilpatrick's slashing broke out of bounds and got
into the standing limber, causing a
considerable loss.
Mother Majella, for the past four
years head of t'.e S'.stets of St.
Joseph's Hospital at Comox. left
on Friday morning last for Ladysmith where she wiil be iu charge
of the convent just opening at that
place. Mother Majella is au accomplished musician, and during
her stay iu the district has made a
host of friends who are extremely
sorry at her departure from our
j    Children's  Shoes    All  the best ami
; most sensible styles, at Sutliff's.
I New two horse power Fairbanks
gasoline engine for sale cheap at
the Ford    arage.
Hats -All the latest shades and styles
at Sutliff's.
For highest prices iu hides, scrap
metal and old rubbers see Wm.
Douglas, Courtenay,
Cleveland Bicycles  and bicycle
I supplies at tbe Ford Girage.
I House to Let���At corner of Uu-
ion Street and Cumberland Road.
Also lot adjoining For particulars npplyat Review office.
o   to  McBryde's  for  quality
, bread.
Safety  First
Go to
For Fresh   Tobacco, Cigars
Confectionery   and
Soft Drinks.
Isabel St.    Next Royal Bank
this week. The party included
Mr, and Mrs. Masters and family,
Mrs, Carroll and family, Mrs. Camp
bell and fa.'ily. Mrs. Parer. and
family and Harry Loggie aud family
returned last week.
Work started finishing the Opera
House ou Tuesday. It is expected
to be ready for occupancy in less
than thre* weeks' time. When
completed this will be one of the
finest picture show houses outside
the big cities. A splendid floor
for dancing will be p_t in, All the
lumber bas been supplied by Mr,
Dan Kilpatriok at the Courtenay
:iill. Jock Thompson has the con
tract for finishing tlm building.
The date of Courtenay's great
Annual Fall Fair is Thursday and
Friday. September 20 and 21. If
you are uot a member you are requested to join at once. You can
d*g up something or other to exhibit Owing to the severe drought
the field products and vegetables
will likelv be much smaller than in
some former years, but the quality
will be good. The Society needs
your help. Mr. Hardy, the Secretary has his office open all the
time aud will be pleased to take
your entry.
Anglican Services
14th Sniiilay after Trimty, Sept, _>
9,30 a. in. Holy Comma-ioQ at
St. Mary's, Grantham.
II a. in Morning Prayer ami
Holy Communion at St. Peter's
3 p. m. Evening Prayer ami
Sermon at l/izo Mission.
7.00 p. m, Evening Prayer ami
Seimoii at Holy Trinity, Cumberland.
7,30 p. m, Evensong a_d sermon
at St. Johns. Courteuay.
Drug Store
New Premises Next to
Royal Bank
Health Salt
Lemonade  Crystals
1 bottle makes 2 gallons of
delicious Lemonade
25c per Bottle
of all kinds
W.G. Robertson
Courtenay Drug Store
L,.iTigiiirrinTci"-"-|- I **   SM^smVVSbtw��Wn lWf)BfTal-Ba_____MBl'.���Jrr
Comox Creamery]
60c per Ib. ihis weekj     ph
10 p.c. Reduction
at The Shoe Store
We have made a reduction of 10 percent, to clear
on all lines of
including   Men's   Boys' Women's,   Misses
and ^hildrens'
The Squire's
I _a_M, M_i ...<_���   ..I .or_!l��
" \s
llicrc  ir-  nnyll
ys, during  which  lir  walked    midI sed, lhal  Mr.  Unglon's [..Hunts   at
[ urove about, north-vest London, hop-1 the nursing home    musl    riiiss    liim
lhc door opened ngaiu; ninl this mg v.unly lo come upon sonic land
ime it was l.i..ml hgcrlon who mark that lie could recognize from
.mc,    Hilary shook liiinds wilh liiui|lliat night drive    in    Mr   Langton's
" I'lial is llu' woi -i "i
.onnon. very much,'' l.i
ly. "I Inr i:. upi in he v linn nsol
tring    lor
aid  sober-
1 oul, iii,I so engrossed
in li. own troubles ili.it In forgol to
:,.ll \\ illirini ilint hi. master had m.l
dined ami Hi.it food li.nl better bc set
in tin  dining room,
h wns "nly when lir was in lln
train lhal In. remembered the Squire
..nl kepi io himself what uns in lhe
I, iim lhal contained news.
At Chappcll Place n disappoint
menl awaited liim; Mi. Langton was
..ut ,,i town. A new s rvant opened
lhc door tn liim.
"When  did  lir  go?"
"Hc wenl  yesterday
very much in need of
1 it is urgent, sir, Dr. \
afraid,   Think, Don, Liter
them,    Two women arc nol run Over
in   llic   London   streets  I ill-mil   s mil
account of them."
"I did not think .ji them being inn
over,"  tin-  Squire  said  wearily.    He
said  no  more nothing  of  llic  thing
he ilid fear.
Hi1 made nn .���iTi.ri tu rouse liim-
.i.li, while bi.-> eye turned towards llie
door. There wns somi tiling in the
way he warmed hi. hands ns though
tin- frost of age lind suddenly conic
I    ll<-  was
holiday,    If
cr, rn Will
iis  palienls,
ibly shiro  Street i
No, 11, si'-."
"'lb,ink you."
Hilary went away, baffled .nul dc
fcatcd���walked llirou_h miles of un
accustomed streets, gol back to his
rooms in lhc small hours, and only
thru remembered that lu* had not
asked when Mr. Langton was comlfig
He was at Chappcll Place ns carl}
as In- dared present himself in    lhc
morning to ask the question, but wns
let wilh a rebuff,   Mr, Langton luul
ii|ion  him.      As iin-  firelight  playedI not said when In- wns coining back,
over his face  Hilary wns astoiii-n-ri|_t might  be a    month,    maybe    six
nl the ravages a few hours had mad
in it. Poor old Don! He hnd laken
love very badly, since nn inexplicable
absence of a ii.w hours of tlie girl he
lovd could have so ravaged his sensitive fnr,-.
"1 dare sny if ynu wenl back to
town ymi would lind ihej bad returned," Hilary ventured, "I thought
of going back by lln- tin o'clock.
Belter ring for some food and ironic
wilh mc. It is awful to r>it nml do
nothing,    1 shall go mad."
llu'  Squire's  face kindled    fo
Could a letter bc forwarded to
Hilary's appearance forbade his being taken ns an importunate 'lun.
wliicli was jusi as will. He noticed
vaguely that tin- house luul a dis
bevelled air���a clcaning-up going on,
'ilu- man answered respectfully
enough that Mr. Langton's were not
to bc forwarded, a.s he would Ik
moving aboul from place io place.
Hilary went away more bullied nnd
moment   with  a  gleam  of  life    nud  disturbed  than  ever.
I'm rgy which soon went nut. ________________________
"Slu would not havc come back," -
Ik said, and turned round with his'
back to the Tire. "Besides, I have
mm a message to F.gerlon In conic
lo mc here. I cnn'l talk things ovcr
before lhal woman. Perhaps v.c may
nun- io some conclusion between
"Then you won't wnnl mel I had
made up my mind to go back by the
tin  o'clock.    I   have plenty of lime
"Can'l you stay?" the Squire asked
in il tone nf mechanical kindness.
"Why should you run away, Hilary,
when you hnvi- jusl come? Vein arc
imi looking yourself, Been overworking? I thought you'd have been
down a month ncco."
"I shall come back. As a matter
of fact, Don, I'm infernally worried.
Vou have not got nil the troubles of
liie tn yourself. Since I came down
this afternoon I've heard thai old
Gilbert South has filed a petition (or
"Ah, that's bad that'', very bad!"
said tin Squin'. "He'll be hounded
out nf court. IL hasn't a leg to stand
on. the old scoundrel, h will only
make that poor woman whiter and
him Id;" ki r."
"It will kill her," said Hilary
There wn- a knock at ihe door.
The Squire looked  up eager ly,
"ll will hardly bc l.gcrton yet," he
s.iid; but Ins face fill ns William
brought in iin- evening's letters ou a
"Then- rnny be  some  word."    -n;.-
gi ^I'd  Hilary. H	
I'he Squire lu ned over lhe letters
rapidly, il wa; .:- in- luul known il
would In. 'I here was im letter in
Dolly's large, somewhat unformed
handwriting, which had been used to
nun.iin so mam sweet things fnr a
1, v. :
He pui die Ictti - on one side, 11
look ll" iu up :���-- ui uml glnnei ,1
llirougli iin ;u more .���; i fully. 1 he
siipcrscrir lion nu cm seemed lo puzzle liim. II,- am i ed il, look in llic
co.'Mir of ih,- lirsl paper b<r yx-
Iracli d. lh'" ��� nl ":' in the "I'm',
nml ilu express!! i'of his face chang
"There i-- some news," he said.
"Good!    I  lold you il  would be nil
I lu Squin looked at him as though
In- luni nnt heard or did not quite
undi'i 'Stand  him.
"I wish I��� m rton would come," he
"W In,  took  ih-  mcssagi ?"
"(Ud   Hall's grandson."
"I'll hive iim lo i-alt at llm Xew
Cotl rr"', ii I Start now. Tin"' lircs-
s.'.r:-  ma\ Ir ���-.'   miscarried."
"Stay, Hilary! I'll conic with you.
1 can't wait inn-. Ho villi know���
oi course ynu don't���how the ticking
cf a clock can bc like llm dropping
of ice-cold water nn your heart? I
dnre .ay we'll inert I'gcrtoll nn the
way, ami 1 can '.urn back wiih him."
"Hav snme food first, I ouglil I"
stay nm! see lhat you enl it, lull I'll
lost mv train if 1 do. I'll send ligcr-
ton all ri��ht. You'll lct me know at
once what has happened,"
After    n   few
motor, he wi nt and Interviewed Dr
.'crner���a fat, rather foolish-faced
young man, who war, nol likely Hilary thought bitterly, to deprive Ml
Langton  of many  patients.
!'r. Vomer a glass iu oni eye ihal
turned u fixed _lare on Hilar;, rc
ir retted thai he was not in a posi-
iimi In give Mr.���er���Strangways any
information wliicli would enable a
letter to reach  Mr,  Langton.
He added, in a inon- human and
friendly way thai Langton was always a solltarj Fellow. Hi had In cu
just the sniiu' when he hnd been up
ni Oxford wiih Dr. Vcrncr's patciv-
Sir William Vcrncr, you know. Lang
Ion was quite popular according in
Sir William Verner, bin always a
quiel fellow, though In- had retired
more and more into his shell ns
years  went by.
"He's a splendid fellow all the
same," Dr. Verner concluded, in a
genial outburst. "If you want to see
triiii wry badly - I daresay he won'l
slay away ton long. He'll br think
ing of nil the people who depend mi
him. Some people pitch their palienls in ihe devil wlun they go for
a holiday, Nol Langton. Langton
would rush back from lhe finest hoi
idny ever wns if he suspected that a
patient wanted liim badly. He was
thoroughly done up this iune. I advised him not to have letters forwarded; held nevej- stand the winter
if he hadn't a good holiday."
Some people might have tlioughl of
Mr. LUhgton's chauffeur as ilu one
to discover for Hilary the place he
searched for so incessantly in those
days when he, had thought to be in
Scotland. That was something Hilary could nol ilo. He had suggested
tentatively to lie Vomer, who be
came more friendly at llu- time par.
(To lie Continued,)
General Jlrusiloff
Mr. Hamilton l-'yfv, giving his Impression of General Brusiloff, in ilu.
Daily Mail, nays thai lor his age,
wliicli is sixty four, he looks marvellously lithe and young; he is marvel
lously active. "Me eats little. Twenty
minutes foe dinner he considers more
than   enough,     Hi'   is   never   flurried,
Drowning Accidents
Many    Lives     Uselessly     Sacrificed
Through Carelessness
Each year many lives are lost    by
drowning   accidents,      Carelessness
and bravado arc.the chief causes,
consequently many lives might be
saved by the exercise of caution.
Learning to swim is of course the
first essential iu the preventing oi
drownings, but, even in this, there
is au element of danger, as the learn-
never worried,    Ik- makes his plans]61' is often tempted lo go beyond hit
md applies all lhe (one of hia clinr-, "'I'th before fully competent to take
aelir lo getting ihem curried out
He inspires trusl in good tnen, fear
In others, llis orders have got to he
obeyed; everyone knows that. Binsil-
off is eager for action, eager to end
lhe war. If any man call pull Russia
together and make her see which wily
the parallel paths of duly and self-
interest lie, thai man is Brusiloff. His
universal popularity is a very valuable asset."
Ship Losses Tremendous
Norway's losses of ships in Ihe U-
boat warfare for llu: six mouths ended June 29, says a Christiania des-
patch, were about 4,490,000 tons. Indiscriminate Q-boat attacks resulting
in several sinkings hnve jusl com
lulled the Swedish fishing licet on
lhe coast oi Norway outside lhe German danger zone to suspend fishing
nnd return home before thc end of
lhc  season  after  heavy losses.
"What did lhe jury do to Si
Hawkins for slealin' Bill Bailey's
"Found him not guilty, but said
thirl if tiny wen- him they'd take the
sheep   back."���Browning's   Magazine.
lu making a goose Dame Nature
required a loi of quills, bul a nan
can make a goose, of himself with
only one quill.
arc of himself. To keep within hii
depth is the only safe way for lhe
Carelessness in the use of row-boat,
and canoes has claimed many victims. Ordinary common sense only
is necessary to overcome these
drowning accidents. Theso frail eraf(
arc only intended for the. use of ihose
who know how to use ihem, and.
safety depends upon the oocupanti
refraining from moving about.
The me of high-speed motor bono
of late has added Us chapter to the
record of lives lost hy drowning.
Lack of speed restriction on our inland lakes and rivers has encouraged
ilu- "speed fiend," and consequently
many accidents are due to his running down and swamping tow-boat'
and cailOCS, as will as collisions with
oilier motor bouts.
Tluse accidents are avoidable, ami
llu- most elementary application of
'safely first' principles would save lo
Canada many needlessly wasted llvet.
Tactful Boy
Green Golfer (to raddie)���Wha*
arc you looking there for? I raii.S
have driven it SO yards further that
Diplomatic Caddie- Yes, sir; bu*
sometimes tlicy hit .a stone snd.
bounces back a terrible distance, _b."
VV.     N,
Our papers are cleansed, treated ar.d purified with Refined Parafine Waxes and Disinfectants.
They add to the Freshness, Cleanliness and Purity of your goods.
They presetve the Color and Quality of Fresh and Cooked Meats and are Germ-proof, Moisture-proof
and Grease-proof.     They* wiil not slick to the Meat.
Appleford's Carbon Coated Counter Sales Books are no dearer than the ordinary kind. Now made
wilh new improved Formulas and Appliances and better than ever before. If you are not a customer
write us for a .ample book.
Appleford Counter Check Book Co., Limited
Why Don't Restaurants
Use Sticky Fly Paper
Instead of Nauseating Guests   With
the Gory Fly Swatter
Now that Ily time is again with us,
diners at. many restaurants arc forced to _ watch individual Ily swatting
campaigns while endeavoring to enjoy the. food ordered.
Unless one is blessed wilh more
ihan ordinary poise, such interludes
lake lhe joy oul of life and make
luinnier dining a debatable pleasure,
Why don't restaurant managers and
loda fountain clerks and all who offer the public food and drink come
to their senses and substitute lhe un j
obtrusive fly paper���that reliable
sticky Ily paper thai does lhc work
(juletly Imi  so thoroughly.
So you, ihe iunoieiil bystander,
ran eat untroubled by buzzing marauders or au active campaign foi
iheir extermination,
Ami jusi remember, Mr. Restaurant Keeper, thai Hies In tho dining
.room, swatted and uns watted, indl
vale iliorc Hies iu lhe kitchen and
general untidy conditions. They arc
�� very decided indication of bad
housekeeping, very casilj eliminated
from your domestic arrangements by
good screens, and lhe above incnlion-
ed (ly paper. Vou would be horrified
at the idea of mice or cockroaches
invading the sacred precincts of your
dining room, but Hies are just as objectionable. Clear them out and let
your patrons cut in peace.
hard on baby
No season of the year is so dangerous io ihe life of little ones as is the
milliner. The excessive heat throws
Ihe little stomach out of order so
quickly that unless prompt aid is at
hand the baby may be beyond all
human help before, lhc motlrer realizes lie is ill. Summer is thc season
when diarrhoea, cholera infantum,
dyscntry and robe are most prevalent. Any one. uf these troubles may
prove deadly if not promptly Ireatcd.
billing the summer the mothers' best
friend-is Baby's Own Tablets. The)
regulate the bowels, sweeten the.
Stomach and keep baby healthy. The
Tabids arc sold by medicine dealers
or by mail nt 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co..
iiroekville, Out,
Canada's Trade Still Going Up
Canada's total trade for April nnd
Way, the lirst t\\o months of lhe fiscal year, was $408,606,875, compared
with $269,509,815 for the same two
months last vear. Imports amounted to $194,404,188 and exports $214,-
202,685. Imports for May amounted
to $107,596,379, an increase of nearly
forty'million. Exports for lhc same
period were $152,000,000, an increase.
of fifty-five million. There was au
increase in every class, but the big
Increases were twenty-five million in
agricultural products ami twenty-five
million in manufacturers' customs.
Revenue for May increased four million.
Could    Do    No    Work.
Now Strong as a
Chicago, III.���"Fo* about two years
I suffered from a female trouble so 1
] was unable to walk
or do any of my own
work. 1 read about
Lydia E.Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound in the newspapers and determined to try it It
brought almost immediate relief. My
weakness has entirely disappeared
audi never had better health. I weigh
165 pounds and am as strong as a man.
I think money is well spent which pur-
ehases I.ydia 10. I'inkham's Vegetable
Compound."���.Mrs. Jos. 0'Bryan,1755
Newport Ave., Chicago, 111.
The success of Lydia K. Piiikh-.n's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots
and herbs, is unparalleled. It may be
used with perfect confidence by women
who suffer from displacements, inflammation, ulceration, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, bearing-down feeling, .flatulency, Indigestion, dizziness,
and nervous prostration. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is the standard remedy for female ills.
W.     N.    U.    1169
Cost of Preserving
Greatly Exaggerated
Women Now Determined to Save the
Fruit Crop
Last slimmer many women did not
put Up '.hur regular supply of homemade preserves; and bitterly thev regretted it. They became seared at
what they called lhc high price of
sugar. When sugar reached 7 1-.!
cents a pound, Ihey let the strawberries and cherries go by. When
sugar sold at 8 cents and 8 1-2 cents,
they permuted the luscious penches,
pears, plums and apples lo rot on the
But never again. This summer will
see a genuine, old .time revival iu
homemade preserving; because the
women of Canada -low realize what a
foolish extravagance il was to do
without preserves; especially when
the Increased cost of pulling them ur,
is infinitesimal,
As a innttei of faet, every woman
can prove with her lirst loi of
Strawberries, '.hat the increased cost
of sugar i-. surprisingly small.
Turning back the files ol papers
publishing mnrkel prices, wc luul
that in 101.', 1013 Mc\ 1914. ���,, ,,
the outbreak of war the avcrag
price of granulated sugar was 5 1-2
cents a pound. Today the best gran
���dated sugar retails at 8 1-2 cents.
I his is an average of 3 cents a
pound for the whole of lhe country.
A quart jar of preserved berries
or fruit, requires but half a pound
of sugar; so that the increased cost
of preserving, due to the increased
cost of sugar, is only 1 1-2 rents a
quart, compared with llie cosl oi
preserving before the. war when
sugar was unusually cheap,
Now is thc lime for the. women of
Canada lo come gallantly to the aid
of the counlry, and help to conserve
our food supplies, The fruit crop
lhis year promises lo be a record
one, bolh in quality and quantity.
foreign markets being closed because of thc shortage in transportation, it rests almost entirely with our
hoiiicniakers as to whether this crop
worlh millions is to be a source of
profit or a complete loss.
Willi the home pantries lilled
.villi delicious jariis, preserves and
jellies; with these delicacies served
for dessert instead of pies and
cakes enormous quantities of wheat
will bc released for the Iroops In
Trance and for tlle starving children
in Belgium.
A careful consideration of the
above facts will show to the Canadian housewife that sugar is not too
high for preserving profitably; tbat
llie increased cost of sugar has not
materially increased the cost of
homemade preserves; and thai preserving i- both an ccoiiom,. ami
patriotic action.
Stale oi Oliio. lily of   loltr'lo.
I.uf-f  County, *.*.
Frank J. Clicney make.' oatli that ne la
senior partner ot liie firm ol I-'. J. Cheney
& Co., Joins business iu lite City oi Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that said
linn will ,,.y thc sum of ONI! HUNDRED
HOLLARS lor each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured hy the use oi
Sworn to before ine and subscribed in my
presence, this 'th day oi December, A. D.,
188f.. A. W. GLEASON.
(Seat.i Notary Public,
Hall's Catarrt Cine i- taken internally ami
acts through thc Blood on the Mucous Surfaces oi  llie System.    Send  ior testimonials
F.  J.  CHENEY  &   CO:,  Toledo.  O.
Sold by all ilui.Rists, 75c.
Hall's  L-'auiily i'ills foi  constipation.
Enemy Aviators Afraid
Captured Flier Relates Why He Slid
to Earth Instead of Behind Own Lines
German aviators are being told by
Iheir superior officers that capture by
the French or Americans means torture. Evidence comes from tbe front
of the enemy's growing lack of air
morale, and the fear with which he
enlcrs colnbat. Near lhe headquarters of thc Lafayette Kscadrille, Aviator Cailcr, French flyer of au esea-
drille working in conjunction wilh
the American birdmen, attacked .1
German biplane. Twenty-five well
placed shots wounded the enemy pilot in ihe arm, The latter, obsessed
by fear of capture became so fright
cned that he almost losl control or
his machine He hurriedly and ungracefully pinned tlov, 11 to the mar
est point and landed. It wns behind
the   French   lines.       He   could     have
easily niaiiocuvcrcd in such a manner as to reach the German lines in
Tiie story of the German airman's
fear developed -when he was questioned by bis French and American
captors, lie explained that, during
tbe combat, his machine gunner bad
bidden in the body of the biplane
loo much afraid lo look at the attacking French machine. before,
leaving lluir aerodrome both had
been impressed thai they would be
doomed to hideous physical agony if
captured. They were accordingly
relieved when told lhat a prison camp
with belter food than tlicy might expect in Germany was the worst they
could expect.
The Effervescent Purse
The  Walter���And     what     would
Monsieur like to drink?
She��� Oh,   let's   have     something
fifty, old dear.
ITe���Certainly.     Two   ginger ��les,
please, waiter.���Passing Show.
2 and 5 Ib. Cartona-
10,20, 50 and 100 lb. Bn_..
No one ever doubts REDPATH quality, because
in its Sixty Years of use no one has ever bought a
barrel, bag or carton of poor Redpath sugar. It is
made in one grade only���the highest.
"Let Redpath Sweeten it." ._
Canada Sugar Refining Co., Limited, Montreal.
New Promotion I.egulations
The Canadian Associated Tress understands thai 111 w regulations have
been issued governing the promotion
aud graduation of officers with the
Canadian overseas forces. Promotion will bc by selection based on
efficiency, but seniority and
length of service must bc considered.
It is learned that special orders have
been issued for Canadian drafts training iu England to be supplied 011
their despatch overseas with Canadian bools in good condition and
properly broken.
Counter Check
Or Sales Books
Mr. Merchant:���
If you arc not already using our
Counter Check or Sales Hooks we
would respect fully solicit your next
order. Years of experience in llu
manufacture of this line enable us to
give you a book as nearly perfect as
ii i.s possible to be made in these difficult times.
All cesser, and grades of paper aie
now from 1IJ0 to 400 per cent, higher than they were two years ago.
Carbon papers, waxes for coated I
books, labor, in fact everything that
goes inot, the. cost of counter check
or sales books are .'ery high in price.
Notwithstanding these facts, ou;
modern and well equipped plant for
lhis particular work enables us to
still keep our prices reasonably
low. Before placing your nexl order
write US for samples and prices, or
consult the proprietor of this paper.
Wc make a specially of Carbon
Back or Coated Books, also O.K.
.Special Triplicate books. .On these,
and our regular duplicate, and tripli
cate separate Carbon Leaf Books, we
number among our customers the
largest and best Iconinicrcial houses
from coast to coa��t. No order is too
large or too small to bc looked after
We have connections with the
largest paper mill in Canada, ensuring au ample, supply of thc besl grade
paper used in counter cheek books.
Vou are. therefore assured of an extra grade of paper, prompt service J
and shipments. ,
Waxed Papers and Sanitary
Wc also manufacture Waxed Bread
ind Meat Wrappers, plain and printed; Confectionery Wrappers, l'tire
Food Waxed Paper Rolls for Home
Use, Fruit Wrappers, etc.
Write for samples of our G. & B.
Waxed Papers used as a meat
Wrapper. It is both grease and
moisture proof, and the lowest priced article on the market for this
Genuine   Vegetable    Parchment    for
Butter Wrappers
We are large importers oi this
particular brand of paper. Our prices
on Sxll size iu llHlM quantities and
upwards, are very low considering
the present high price of this paper.
We can supply any quantity printed
"Choice Dairy Butter" from stock.
i.iui  machinery and equipment for
Waxing and   Printing   is   the    1
modern and complete ill Canada and
ensures   you   first-class    goods    and
prompt service.
Hamilton, Canada.
Offices:  Toronto,   Montreal,    Winui
peg, Vancouver.
A Golden Hen
The hen that lays the golden egg
has been found. She lays eggs for
lite American Red Cross at fabulous
prices, and is located in Middleton,
Ohio. The hen and a dozen of her
eggs were given to the Red Cross by
a poor woman. It wns her "widow's
mite," but, auctioned, the gift brought
$2,002; $206 for Biddy and $1,734 for
thc eggs, $144.66 each, the highest
price ever paid for eggs.
Japan's Shipping
For American Steel
Arrangements  Under Way Wbeieby
U. S. Will Secure Trans-
port F'acilities
"The Japanese government is making arrangements with the United
Stales government whereby Japan
will get steel in exchange for ships.
'Ihc first part of ihe agreement will
be that the Uniled States expedite
shipments of steel for Japanese shipyards, and in return Japan will scud
about 50,000 tons of ships to carry
I niled States iroops and war material lo Europe,
"A further effort will be made by
Japanese ship builders to induce Gen.
Goethals to order ships for the emergency llcel from Japan. These shipowners say lhcy can complete steel
steamers and have them in commission in four months if they gel the
steel. American producers have been
quoting Japanese ship builders as
IukIi as 12 cents a pound for fabricated steel plates. Deliveries are slow
and Japanese construction is held np
by shortage of plates. If the shipping board places orders and rushes
deliveries of steel, the. plentiful supply of cheap labor will enable Japan
to build i0,Q0.-i,in steamers in a few
months at a price conslderahlj below
the presenl market price."
The same authority says that Japan is sending more warships to the
Mediterranean and the Atlantic war
Facilitating Train
Movements In U.
Ffolloway's Corn Cure "lakes the
corn out by the roots. Try ii and
prove it.
Big Trade Increase
Remarkable Increase Shown for First
Two Months of Present
Fiscal Year
The report of American Consul-
Gencral John G. Foster, stationed at
Ottawa, shows that the trade of the
Dominion of Canada for the first two
months of the present liscal year beginning with April 1, 1917, has shown
a remarkable increase as compared
with the corresponding months of
1916, the total value of the imports
of merchandise for consumption aud
Ihc domestic, exports amounting to
$41)8,606,873, as compared with $269,-
590,815*111 1916. The merchandise
imported for consumption amounted
to $194,404,188 compared with $199,-
845,642 in 1916. The domestic exports
were. $214,202,685, compared with
$149,745,173 one year previous. The
duty collected during the. lirsl two
months of the fiscal year 1"17,
amounted to $30,858,301*. compared
with $22,887,138 for the same period
in  1916.
American    Roads    Taking    Drastic
Measures to Speed Up Freight
In order lo facilitate train move-
menu and release passenger train
crews for other work, the railways
of the United States are making drastic reductions compared to whi .1
ihosc "H Canada early this year appear mild. Thus, for instance, t: e
Pennsylvania railroad lias eliminate.
no less than 102 trains, or more than
double the number taken off the
whole of the Canadian railways. TUi���
will cut down the passenger movement by an amount equivalent to
2,268,000 train miles per annum or
over 6,500 train miles every ween
day, A number of parlor ears, r:<
taurant cars nnd observation car.
arc being discontinued. The Boston
and Maine has taken ctt no Ies- I
255 trains, or more than five times
the number taken off in Canada, sa_
ing approximately 41,000 train miles
Per week. Strenuous efforts are also
being made to increase the carload
and lo impress on merchants trie 1
portance of rapid unloading so ___*
the freight equipment shall be kept
busy to its utmost capacity, ami le_-
initials should be kept clear. Tha
American railroads realize that spe-rl
in freight movement is one ot th-
greatest aids they can givt to ruil.
win the war and according to all ce
ports are achieving remarkable results. It is up to Canadian, to vn
that Canada is not left behind ia t 1
patriotic race.
The   Pill   That    Brings    Relief.���
When, after one has partaken 01 _
meal lie is oppressed by feelings ot
fulness and pair, in the stomach h��
sulTers from dyspepsia, which will
persist if it be not dealt with. Parr ,:
lee's Vegetable Pills are the very best
medicine that can be taker, to bring
relief. These pills are specially compounded to deal with dyspepsia, aud
their sterling qualities in this respect
can be vouched for by legions ot
*a*Mm |L. ""iHiMiiimiiiiiiiiiitiiMimiiiiu
fflUT ins Two -.������ for ��� Llf.tlm. ���
���Inula.: Marina in for T
Tired P.M. Kira
Marina ta a Favorlt, Treatment
tat feel dr. ana imart.   Olr,
1 matrn of four lor Ins ea
ne wIlh (be lame tea olarl
cue wi nn, m cum m ��__.
Hol-et Ora| an. Op tloal None or br MalL
11k Mui'ii l|i Sunlit Cl., Ckleiii, hr tm tut
.11,llll HUM,I illll lilinilllM,I llilll III,NIMH 111,II OH,mini!
aye.',, maun of your lorlng eara aa .oaf
Teeth and with tha laant rea Blarltf.
Sores Ileal Quickly.���II.i\e you a
persistent sore that refuses to heal?
Then, try Dr, Thomas' Electric Oil
in the dressing. It will stop sloughing, carry away the proud flesh draw
out the. pus and prepare a clean way
for lhe new flesh. It is lhe recog-l
uized healer among oils and myriads'
of people can certify thai it healed I
where other oils (ailed utterly.
Bread Card Thieves Active in Berlin!
After an interval of quiet bread
card thieves have resumed their handiwork in Berlin. According lo reports'
reaching Condon, 18,000 weekly bread I
cards were found iu one raid. These
cards represented more than twenty
tons of bread.
A Bigger Haul
Burglar���Let's go out to de seashore an' rob dc gir--ts at a - .-.r ������
iiis Pal���Aw, what's de ose? Le'i
wait till September an' rob Je pr-}
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Shocked at Depravity of Enemies
I'he Reichstag was opened recentlj
with a speech by the president, who
said lhat llu- war continued to rag.
and asked what a "shocking amount
of miseiu nud distress would be spared the world if Germany's encmiei
bad agreed to lhe magnanimous peace
offer of Emperor William and his _!
lies to find a peace which would preserve the honor and the interests o!
all nations." The Reichstag's president declared that tlie war aims ol
Germany's enemies meant disruption
if Germany and her allies but thai
against this existed the unanimoul
dlltj to rf.i^t with, all her power and
defend Germany's future, cosl what
it may.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds. F.tc.
Would Endanger the Empire
The semi-official Baycrische Stasis|
Zcitung of Munich protests against;
the efforts being made to introduce |
a parliamentary regime in Germany,
alluding to the plan as ".1 measure j
which is impossible, because il would
endanger the very existence of the
"It must be fought with the utmost
energy," continues the newspaper.
"On llie other hand, measures iri conformity with the federal character of
the empire and capable of assuring
closer collaboration between the imperial auiliorities and the representatives of the. people cannot bc received with satisfaction as likely to pro-
mod- the interests of the COUtitrj "
"Did you know that ihe Bentleyj
are noting?"
"Moving? Why, they've only bee*
here, a year. People arc just begin,
ning to get to know them."
"That's why they're going."���Clip
Nature Says
"I can remedy most ills, and
help you to escape many ailments, if you give me timely
aid." Naturally, Nature prefers
Ler.elt Sal. tl A-f Ma_k-M t> tit* WWi
SM e.er.--ere.  fal baaee. It*. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And t'omoi Valley Advocate
A   Weekry  Newspaper,   Publshed  at
Cejurteimy, B. 0.
N. H.  IIodhn, Rdltor and Proprietor
Babscription $1.80 per Year in Advance
$2.00 per annum il not so pnid
THURSDAY SEP, 6,  1917
Note and Comment
In a stirring appeal. Director W.
S, Thoruber, of the Washington
SUte College extension s.rvice, nr
ges the people of Washington lo
obssrve every possible opportunity
for the production nnd conservation
of food for tlie United States nud
her Allies in the world war, lie
strongly urges that people be nut
deceiveil'as to  the   seriousness   of
the situation by the present plenty
of food,    He says we me enjoying'
the diminishing end of inc   woi Id's!
supply, which must be replaced by
th. production and conservation of i
the present aud future years, if lhe|
armies aud civilian  populations of
the United States and her allies are
saved from the  impending  world
famine.   He says,��� ''Every  time
a German submarine sends a vessel
loaded with food to the bottom of
the sea, the people of the earth are
by that iuiquitu. act moved a little
closer to the deadline in the worlds
food,    across   which   deadline   we
must not be thrown   if   we   would
As to what each can do now;
economize, make what you have
go as fat as possible. If your
neighbor lacks something, divide
up. Produce all yon cm. Use
every inch of ground, and farm it
in tlie best way possible. Potatoes
can be stored in dry cool cellars
or 'holed up' until next spring
when the world's food may be ebbing low. Con. should be canned
or dried. Every family should
have a hundred pounds of dned
corn��� more if the family is large.
Proyide for your own needs, and
double ai many times as you can.
Make every inch of soil and evtry
minute count in this spriut of the
world to save it<elf from hunger,"
All subscribers to the Patriotic
Fund are requested to hand ill
their .itibscri-tions to the Treasurer
or the either Bank before Sept. io.
The Department of Agriculture
has issued a circular relative to the
curing of Cod, Herring and Salmon. Anyone wishing a copy can
get one from the Secretary of the
Farmers Institute or bv writing to
the department at Victoria,
The I. 0. D. 15. i.s goin-. ahead
very .successfully since its inception
152 members have been enrolled,
ami so far $173 w< rth of wool lias
been bought and paid for. which is
being knitted iulo sox lor soldiers.
Mrs. IMim Niiu wife of Chief Joe
has already kmlted three pair,
which the Chapter were much
pleased to receive,
While cuiiiu;' fiom the- dance at
Coiiio.n cn M.ndfly night, n cur
drive., '..y .'\i -, M Gre^oi of Mead
quartets niii . yei the b ink .it the
beml in lliv fii'vasll lull. I���
car besides ill.' d'rivtr, wer.
Cuiiiniiiig.iini, Jon Ji.lnisLt.tl,
Ben lY.ii.-.e. MiGiegoi 1 tul
co'.Ur bone broken, and all
others I1.1J minor cuts ami bruises
They were at otice taken to the
Comox hospital where their injuries were attended to, The car, a
new Ford, was badly wrecked.
We are showing this
week our first shipment of
Ladies'  Fall Dress
Goods and
Special values In Dress Goods,
Inst dves, and popular prices, iu
_cr_fs, Po; lins, Cnshiiieres,
Yuo'ils, Ci ibirdiiies nud Bell-
gfillucs, Novelty weaves in
plain mid fitiicy Voiles. Mur-
Hiierile nud Silk Uroche ill
liniii shinies suitable for evening we.ir iu costume li'lifi'llS
"WV^hj.ii hm "u '***a6Sj
Lead to Comox During
Ball's Big Sale
Still a Few Sacks of
$9.65 per   100   pounds
Also a Few Other Lines Still
to Choose From
Just Received a shipment of
for Men, $6.50 and $7
You will have to hurry
The Bay Store, Cctnox
In a recent letter to Miss Berkley, .Sam Watson writes ns follows.
under date of May 24.
"W'e arc having good enther,
and had a good winter. I have
the the best of health, When you
get this phase write niv mother
and sisters and tell them I am still
in the gmne. I have written them
but the letters may go astray. Have
not luul a line from anyone since
being captured, so do not know
what is going ou at home. Mope
Drew is going on alright, he was
in ho.-pital when I was taken I
suppose the old crowd is pretty
well scattered by now. Remember
me to the bunch and ask them to
write me. well, Ihis affair must
end "onie day, aud it will be a happy one for me when I see Vancouver again. B. C. will be big
enough to hoi me for a while. I
certainly missed mv Christmas
dinner with you. Remember ine
to your mother and the kiddies, I
expect Courtenay is built uv again
bv now. and doubtless will have
better buildings and better fire protection than before. There.s nothing doing here lhat I can write
about,   with good wishes.
in 51 inch IvIrUlis in Dlunket
Chillis,Chinchillas, Sport Checks
in lighl nml ikirk similes at _."...(I
per viinl ; id..,, Shepherd's
l'l.-ii Is in small ind larife checks
from $1,15 p,.i dl to J3.J0
Crepe de Chene Waists
.ill: mid Dead embroidery Crepe
ih- chene  waists  in  pink, sky,
maize,   old   lose,    cremii   mid
blick .it .4.75
Note-���We invite vour inspection t, our
Fall Millinery 0, ening nn Saturday
September 1st, ivhen we wnl have
on display tlie newest American
models iu lv,i,lys Trimmed and Un-
trimmed Hats ; also newest fabrics
in dress goods, Misses and children's
sweater coats, etc.
New Clothes for School
MUle Tot Tub Dress,   2  to  4 years,
75c value for 35c
12 to 14 yrs, $t,50 values for 75c
Fine or heavy rib hose, 4 pairs for Sl
Big Girls' Grey   Sweater
J4.50 values lor $2.50
No catalogue published.     Write fi r
our prices iu women's and Children's
Seabrook Young
623-5 Johnson St.
Victoria, B. C.
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo   Railway
For Victoria���11.35 Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, counseling at Parksville Junction with train
for Port Alberni, and at Nanaimo for Vancoaver boat
From Victoria- -9.00 Tuesday, Thursday, and
Saturday, connecting at Nanaimo with boat from
Vancouver: ank at Parksville Junction with train
from Port Alb _rni, and arriving at Courtenay at
>;e R 63
Ajcnt Cturteonjr.
I Deliver
your ordei for
Fresh Groceries
Vour patronage solicited.
Comox  Livery   Stable
Phone 84 L
Auto Truck Meets all Boats
and Courtenay Trains
Autos and Teams for Hire
at reasonab'e rates
Vsjju  ts Audited and
Books Kept
Office with Hicks Beach  &  Field
of Course!
���Delicious, Appetisinc, Melt-iii-tlie-iuoiith Buns and
Biscuits that taste as good as they look and smell. Made
from ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR they couldn't be other
is made from n wheat that has no peer���No, 1 Canadian
Hard-carefully selected and just as carefully milled.
It's kernels arc ns sweet as a nut. And because everv
atom of goodness goes into ROYBL STANDARD FLOUR
Vou get tiie iiiOs. perfect and satisfying Flour that ever
entered a household.
Royal Standard Grain Products Agency
Phone 33, End ol Bridge . Towler,  IM.r.
/^WV>��A>*ftiAVlli  ��v^��*">*lA-.MAW_��-*Wt>'>-^**����*��r>'<-Aj^>
We have an Exhibit of a Large
Assortment of New Patterns
Store Between  Bridges
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
Distance is Everything
when travelling: It i.s nothing when telephoning.
When you travel, vou take time to get ready, aud you
subject yourself to a certain amount of inconvenience en
route to your destination. When yon telephone you simply
go to the other side of tlie room and talk, It i.s a face to face
conversation, with the elimination of every inconvenience,
Travelling, too, depends on the weather: you can communicate at any time by telephone.
British  Columbia  Telephone Co.
The costof Living is High
Still There's Nothing Like Leather   Willard's Harness Emporium
Practical Shoemaker and Repair
Next to Hardv & lliscoe
Fine Showing of Horse Blankets,  Lap
Rugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Etc.
Harness Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay THE COURTENAY REVIEW
[Comox Valley Cow Testing Association
Ust ol cows that have given SO lbs ol butter during July    |  J^^JS
iNauie ol cow lbs milk lbs butter owner���**'
Nellie  1280  74.7 A. McMillan
Nellie, 4 months 6099 305.1 ������
Sally 1296  69.5 "	
Alice 133(1  65.2     '���	
Rhoilenn  1066  64.6 , "	
Rhodena 4 months  4981 285.6 ���'.,  ..
Fanny   1156  63.3 "	
Fanny, 5 months 7209 365.0..       '���	
Oetha    1032 61.4 A. Urquhart
Heather      837  60.5  A. McMillan
Heather 6months 5719 364.5 ���'
'Dolly  946  59.6 R. U. Hurfoii!
lolly, 4 months    4592  275 7
Blackie  951  56.7 A. Urquhart
iPolly 1128   56.6 A. McMillan
.���oily. 6 months 7943 406.9
Darkie  853  55.8
Darkle, 6 til.IItill., 6190  371.6
3��lty -.    787  53 8  A, Urquhart
M-tudie  831  52,4
D-t-1 760  Sit,2
Betty  967  51.9
HWsday  812  M.l
"Pansy 707  51.1
Brownie    1054    50.4
1 Squint 766  50.0
'Roxv, 9 months  7076 526.7
Jewel, 9 1-2 " 10872 510.8
Beauty, 8    " 7366 447.9
Y. 1). Smith
Pritchard & Son
A. Urquhart
T. Chalmers
G. Diil'/iel
A. Urquhart
T. I). Smith
W. T, Wain & Son
Tuning and Repairing Ice Cream
Here about Oct. 1
|Leave orders at Review office
Letters to the Editor
Institute Library
Dear Sir;���would vou kindly
publish through the liuidiuin of
your paper _ list of books on Agriculture I have received from the
Department for our library for the
benefit of the members, and which
are. ���
The Marketing of Farm Product
by L- l>   H. weld, Ph, D.
Diseases of Animals, by Mayo.
Profits in Poultry.
The Principles of Soil Management, by L,voti and Pippin.
Sheep Farming in North Atnrrica
by J, A. Craig,
The Principles of fruit growing,
by Bailey,
The Fertility of the Land, by
Productive Feeding of Auimals,
by well.
Farm Management, by warren,
Forage Crops, by Veerhees.
How to keep Ikes, by Anna B,
Thanking you in advance,
I am. yours truly,
Geo, Bigelow,
If you can':
be a waster,
Le_ fighter, don.t
Fulfills Every Claim
No furnace can do more than satisfy-
but the "Sunshine" furnace absolutely
and invariably does satisfy fully and
completely when properly installed.
Ask our local dealer to show you this
good furnace, or write for free booklet.
For sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
"Economv puddings
1 nomy meat *.ie.$"
and "eco
aie the latest
t'oriii. in which food is s.i'V'ed in
certain fashionable households,
Plain _?��ds are growing into favor
again the worla 2ver Since the war,-
Ihe average man can easily afford age on a Ford  than on anv other larger car
Ford car.   It is the most inex- car.         " r>      _ . i         ���_-._..-
_   . .                               ���                    ���   . , Ixo and take a ride in the 1917
ensive car to drive,                           You can buy a Ford for yourself
20 to 25 miles on a gallon of and one for your wife for the price model- See how comfortable it is
asoline is an everyday occurance. of one car at $1000, You can run And sty''*1*, too���stream line effect
3 miles is frequently reported by both Fords at about the same ex- tapered hood, crown fenders,
ord owners, Yearly repair ex- pense as one larger, heavier car. beautiful finish. You need one
enses of less than one dollar are You can always sell a " used " for business. Your wife and child-
ot unusual. The car is light in Ford at a good price- You have to ren need one for pleasure and
[���eight, and tires give more mile- accept a big reduction for a "used" health.
���ord Garage
Courtenay B. C.
������ ,
****** tt****. ** ���* "��� m**t0ti m ��� ~t~tt--*-*ratr*r\f*fi*j'    *****.,***********
I beg toJannounce that I have opened a Flour and
Fed Store on Mill Street, Courtenay, and will be
pleased to supply your needs in
Wheat and Flour, Bran, Shorts
Hay, Straw, etc.
Frank   flovitz.
Veal has been  barred  from   the
tables of hotels'in the United States,
The Britisii people, in the .army
aud oul, need o ur entire surplus.
They need more-they need
o, what we usually consume.
Comox, B.C.
Comfortable  Rooms    for  Tourists  and
MRS. T. D. HIND, Managress
Bar supplied with best wines
liquors and cigars
General Blacksmiths
I!eg to announce that tliey are prepared
to ilu iill kimls of repairs at moderat
Horseshoeing   a Specialty
School re-opeiiad on Tuesday
with a full attendance of scholars.
The Daughters of the Empire solicit your patronage on the 21st,
The residents of Happy Valley
held a picnic at Millard's Beach on
win, wain, ViolaHaiuistfti, Edgar Cliffe, nntl Janet Hityrllan motored to VictoflB Oil Saturday, re-
turning 011 Monday.
Frank Movitz has decided to quit'
business  in   Courteuay,   and  has
sold out his interest ill   lh.   flour'
and feed business to the Brackman
& Kelt Co
Labor Day was very' !|(ii .tly ob-'
.served in fifeWirteiiay, Ai'! ���ila'C'-is ;
of business we.*' closed and tne
city presented a .-fesolate appear-!
ance. A number of baseball enthusiasts chartered Billy Willy's
launch and went over to Powell
River to engage in a game with
the exponents of tlle art of t hat
flourishing town. However, they
were not in the money, as the
score at the finish was 8-2 Those
making the trip were: W, Hames,
Manager, R. Fraser, Official scorer
R, 13. Dixon, Captain and 2nd base
E. Bailo, pitcher, J Donnelley 1 b,
E. Miller s. s, Shepherd 3 b, Geo.
Millard 1. f. Murdock c. f. McDonald r. f. F. Fillinger, spare,
Gillanders c.
The following guests were registered at the Riverside Hotel last
week. 1
W. Heslip, M. Levy, T. Yasunka,
W. Holt and wife. J. Whitney. A.
Lockyer, A Revere, A. Provost,
A, Ezzy. T. Nevins. F, Dickinson
J. Peterson, from Vancouver; W.
Ericson, G. Gilbert. C. Hellstrom
W. Robertson; S Anderson, H.
Mahrer, J. Little, from Nanaimo:
A. Kendle, Mi, and Mrs E. May-
nard. H. Johnston, J. Bates, J.
Koskie, from Victoria: B. Ward,
J, Johnston, B. John.ton. W ,
Stevenson, H. Rhun, from Headquarters: T. McBey, Cameron Lake',
Mrs. K. Gordon, H. Vogel, Otter
Point, B   C,
Buy perishable food and eat
plenty of it���but don't waste it.
A public reception was tendered
Pte.   Ben   Nicholas  on   Tuesday',
evening in the City   Hall   on   his
return from the battlefront,   when
His Worship, Mayor Bate present- j
him with an address  of   welcome,!
Patriotic speeches   were   delivered J
by Rev. Henry Wilson,  ex-Mayor
Parnham, Wesley Willard. and R.
Pearce D. C. M.     P.e,   Nicholas
ieft British Columbia with the^th
Battalion on Nov 5, 1915,   On his'
arrival in England he   was   trans-
ferred to the 7th Canadian Battalion
He has been allowed leavs of  absence to regain his strength. '
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews'  Saiid-vi?.-,
Service 2 p.m.     g\ffl9&Y' pehool
and Bible QJa����*3 n, m,
i :ourtenav
Sunday fcVfii !,_'. ?!b,e CJa*
io.ina *.,   ttw-mtia __.Vf��g .-���?{.
P- 111. All welcome * ' '
��� *��� ' '
iiid Bd'leitor,
Phone 6
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation      Citsin. "'xcellen
Wm. Merryfield
Palaee Livery
Herses and  Buggies for  Hire *
Terms cash
We also attend to wood hauling
Phone 35
Do You
The Courtenav  Review
Family Herald and Weekly .ur
and the Daily Province
for one year
for $6
First-Class Plumbing
Hot Water and Steatnfitting
Jackson & Whittle
Phone 9 Courtenay
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
Buggies and Express Wagons
All Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest Possible Price
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder COURTENAY
W*m*fn**gM*1*a*jf ^ .CHE   REVIEW.   CptlETNEY.   ����� CL
Community Work
In Manitoba!
Vaki.lile  Work Being  Accomplished
Under   Direction   of  Manitoba
Agricultural College
This new line of work lias been rc-
-.cntly undertaken by ilie Manitoba
Agricultural ( ollcgc. M iss Esther
Thompson wenl to Whitcmouth on
May lirst ns ,i conimunity worker.
During the i���..��� i vuntcr slu- attended
tin college as fl fourth year student.
The followini extracts from letters
from lur v,ill give an idea of what
lllC   lias   bi ���
"I  helped
while  she   |
g 1 deal
she  vvatchi
oooker and
ridge,   l bi
ii lining:
her witli ihr housework
i in mi papi ring. I did a
,i baking (or lur, and as
I in do it she would ask
I also in,uie a nr.le.s
. I rli 'I lo cook the poi ���
n   I r away with mc some
pieces of wh.ili salin and a wire,
frame \vlii li I yesti i.i i\ luriile over
into a vei -. nil c litlli hat for one of
the girls. I look ii back lasl nighl
and she was very pleased with it.
She said i; sei med as though lioil
had mih im just when she needed
"Today   I   visited  five  homes,    A!'
seem in know nboul me now, so thev
.-��i BWGSirs!
on   Ildi.es,  Cattle,  &c,  qu'cttly  cured  by
For Sale l.y All Dealers
Dougl&l   tl   Co.,   Piop'r .   Naiianee,   Ont
(Free   Sample   on   Request)
giving, the methods of preparing,
and time of feeding, ac, and sent it
with him to llieir doctor, and he 0,
U'.'d everything. I was very glad, as
she has so much lrouble with the
child and the father jusl tells her lo
let it die, it i.s not worth the trouble,
from dinner till live I worked for a
lady ( a different nationality), 1 uns
making over a hat, which I am going
to finish this afternoon. At five I
vent back to see. Mrs. X, and 1 made
lier an omelet for her supper. An
old lady (diffi n nl nationality still)
was in, and she wasn't satisfied till
she got a piece to lake home lo her
husband. I also made a tireless cooker and slarled to cook the cream of
wheat, Afler supper���going to deliver a bandage���1 met Mrs. V. She
could not speak much English, but
she asked ine. to come and lix her
sewing machine, which  1 did,"
" . .... the youngest is twenty
months old, and the mother was slill
nursing it because  she could not  af-
receivc me quite kindly. I was asked to cover sonic upholstery, In lhe ford to buy milk. Ohl she was so
second I wroti two letters'for sam/ thin. She has to keep a family of
pics of dress materials and promised seven on $2.20 a day -thai is her hus-
to come back and help to make coats hand's wage."
and make, a hat over.   The third lady
wauled some In lp with canning.   The
"This morning 1 again went hack
to Mrs. X. 1 showed her how to
make barley water and showed her
hew lo use lln peptonizing powder
the doctor had recommended."
'"This morning I was called down
to see about the milk a little baby
.was getting. Then 1 made a couple
ol calls. One wauled help with her
sewing; the other wauled some help
with the painting of some picture
frames. The rest ol the day 1 have
spent  on a house plan."
"The next two wanted help with
their gardens. On May IK I was
called back to Mrs. I-', to show lier
how to make barley water. Sin-
said since I came she has nol worried so much now that she has someone to ask. At least three-quarters
of the women 1 have met arc ailing."
"1 made seven calls ye.itci'duy. She
wanted to know aboul the care of
house plants. Tomorrow 1 am going
to help a lady lo cover her furniture."
"I  planned  a   picnic  progr
planned the program for the    Girls'
lluli.  who  will  meet  every   week.     1
run trying tn gel a soldier's little buy
to the hospital for treatment."
"1  have Intel so many requests for
help,  so  I   real!)   have  work  heaped
up mi all  sides,    t cut  out  tour suits
of underwear for two little buys.    In
lhe   afternoon   I   went   to   the   school
and laid out the basket ball field. The
hidy   wauled   lo   know  how     to   lake
heat and lea stains off her oak table.
The  boy   wenl   to   the    hospital   tllis
phlcts.      In    the    fifth I morning.    I arranged with thc lios-
little    thrcc-monllis-old pital ami then  1 got    the    Patriotic
-  being  raised on    the  I-und lo pay the child's bill and c..-
I a half hours: pensos."
���and."  Several  cases  needing medical at-
Deepest Mine In World
The deepest mine in the world is'
the Morro Velho in Brazil, the low-;
est galleries of which arc 6,000 feel!
below thc surface.     The Morro Velho  is  a  gold  mine,  worked    by    an'
English company.   Thc gold-bearing|
vein descends into the earth like   ;
great knife, at an angle of 45 degrees
'lhe. normal temperature at the hot
torn is only 113 (leg. F., and by ven
illation is kept down lo about  100.
Ontario Veterinary College
110 University Avenue, Toronto, Canada
Under the control  of llic  Department  of  Agriculture  of  Ontario.
Affiliated  with  the  University of   Toronlo.
College Reopens Monday, Oct. I, 1917. Calendar Sent on Application
E.  A.  A.  GRANGE, V.S...  M.Sc,  Principal
..ft..!.... _-.���.-.-...*..���... .���....��., ...a..,.....,.,,.,.
You say to thc drug store man,
"('ive me a small botlle of freezone."
This will cost very little but will
positively remove every hard or soft
corn or callus from one's feet.
A few drops of this new ether compound applied directly upon a tender, aching corn relict cs tlie soreness
instantly, and soon the entire coin or
callus, root and all, dries up and can
be lifted off with the lingers.
This new way to rid one's feet of
corns was introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who says that freezone dries in
a moment, aud simply shrivels up the
com or callus without irritating the
surrounding skin.
Don'l lct father die of infection Or
lockjaw from whittling at his corns,
but clip this oul and make him try
If you druggist hasn't any free-
zone tell him to order a small botlle
fi mn   his   wholesale  drug   house   for
President Manitoba Agricultural
College, Winnipeg
baby who  was  oci
bottle.    I spun iw
here giving   formulas  aud hel.
Dry Period Coming:
Whisky Will Not Last More Than a
Chapin and (lore, for du years one
of the largest whiskey manufacturing
firms in the country, is to go out of
Mr. Hermann declared thai within
CO days not less than J.000 saloons
in Chicago would be. forced out of
business by the new legislation, and
that a ifke proportion throughout thc
md country would bc similarly affected.
He estimated that lhc whiskey now
in existence in the United Slates
would he exhausted within a year at
the present rale of consumption, saying lhal he had positive knowledge
that there was. not more than 200,-
000,000 g
Russian Law Is Suspended
New    Socialist    Minister      Submits'
Bills on  Land Reform
The provisional    government    has
decided lo suspend operations of the
Agrarian law passed iu  1906.    Willi
out the Duma's consent, M. StolypinJ
the premier at the lime, provided for
the  abolition  of  commercial  ownership of peasant land and thc substi
lution of individual ownership,    The
sponsor   for  lhc   repeal  is  the    new
Socialist minister of agriculture,   M.j
.1 chernoff.
The minister has submitted to the
council of ministers ten other bills
on land reform, town as well as
counlry. One provided for the better aplicaliou of science ill the work]
ol the ministry of agriculture; an I
other establishes a department of ag-|
ricidlure, economy and policy; an
other regulates the exploitation of
forests. In principle thc council approved these bills. It is intended In
promulgate lliem speedily, leaving
for lhe constituent assemblies decision the basic question of the Irans-
fci of the lands of lhe nobilit) to the
Minimize The Fire
Peril By Uting
Chemically Self-Extinguishing
"Silent 500s"
The Matches With  "No
EDDY Is the only Canadian
maker of these matches, every
slick of which has been treated
wilh a chemical solution which
positively ensures thc match
becoming dead wood once it
has been lighted aud blown
Look for the words "Chemically self-extinguishing" on the
When  a  girl���or  a     woman���finds
Irer  color   fading,   when  her    checks
and lips grow pale, and she gets po nwoy whli ��ll Laundry Bill*. WhontliM
short of breath easily and her heart become lo_��d Just ������_ them vd'h "oop and
.   ,,.,.,        r.        r   i .' < water.   No Ironing   _-.os.-ry.   Suitable   lot
palpitates after slight exertion, or uu - ,\,0,int the moit faaH-loui laile al they look an
der the leasl excitement, it means thai i iroodaallnen.   Ask your dealer (or them.
. ra.ar Avenue, Toronto
she is suffering from anaemia-.thin,
watery blood. Headache and back
ache frequently accompany this condition, and nervousness is often pres-
I enl,
The remedy for this condition is to
build up the blood, and for this purpose there is no medicine can equal
Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills. They build
up and renew the blood, bring brightness to the eyes, color to the checks,
and a general feeling of renewed
health and energy. Thc only other
treatment needed is plenty of sunlight, moderate exercise and good,
plain food. The girl or woman who
gives this treatment a fair trial will
soon find herself enjoying perfect
, ��� , ���     , Ymi  can get  Dr.   Williams'    Pink
of whiskey now in the   ,,.���   f *   llcaU.r ,��� mcdicine  or
governnieni  warehouses    Ihe normal , .,       ,' .M :lt 50 cents a box
consumption is said to be about 135.- ��� ��� ,��� { $250 from The Dr.
000,000 gallons, while, with the pros- wm{ . M0(iicinc Co., Brockvillc,
peel ol a dry period coming, il is
expected that drinkers will iry to
store up a supply that will lasl for
some lime, thus taking all that is left[
over before the end of the next 1-'
advice, and I am going back tomor- lention or operation have been rc-
row to teach lur how lo make cream'ported to Dr. Fraser, provincial med-
touiis. etc. I also lectured to thci ical lualth officer and to the. Patri-
ichool children today." otic Society.    She has purchased for
"I spenl all morning with Mrs. X. her work a basket ball, a clinical
(not Canadian). She has a three- thermometer and an inexpensive
months-old babj and has lo bring it c-qtiipmcnl for giving a few cookery
up on the bottle and knows very lit-, lessons.
tie about it, bill is very glad lo learn. The various things bought will be
1 worked mil formulas for her ac- brought to the college, and kept as
cording i" Dr, I loll, and showed her {equipment for such work in new (lis
how in prepari albumen water, and tricts. ft is expected, as this valuable
finally 1 prepared her dinner which work becomes known, that districts
consisted of a cream soup and toast.; will be willing to share expense, and
She liked the soup and    wanted   to make such outlay-as'seenics desirable.
know how  to make it.    Her  husband 	
went I" the cily yesterday, so 11 Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in
viroii an account of the food we were! Cows.
The Sw.agger stkk
Tne   Universal   Use  of  the  Soldiers'
Cane Is Explained
Tlicsi   cute  lillle  "swagger  slicks"
lint  officers iu uniform are canting
on the Street are the reverse of mili
lary ill their appearance,    Odd linh
affairs, sometimes not    mure ihan ,
fool  and  .i   half  long and  inure  sug
I gcstivi  of effeminacy than of mascu
I hue swagger   Thc swagger stick-, a
J uiarli  as its   <>iii_-i11    call   be  traced
came from I'ngliind,   where, in days
j in piping   peace,    ilu  soldier's   vcryl
, iighi dress uniform   made it   almost]
impossible [or him to dispose ol his
| hands  when   walking about  off duly,
I : nd ii  apparently    became necessary'
hm- him in have something ic cany
and  in iri.    Iu   England the    private
soldier    carries    ,i    swagger stick as
well as iiie officer.    They  are incongruous   with  khaki.   Bill   ptlt   a   lighl,
ml   tunic ou  a  man  and a  gay little
pill  box on  tire  side of Iiis  head, and
thr     stick    In comes  logical    enough.
However, swagger sticks are not carried in the trenches.���From ihe Boston   I ranscripl.
Miller's Worm Powders are not
surpassed by any other preparation
as a vermifuge or worm destroyer.
Indeed, tlu rc arc few preparations
that have the merit that ii has |(, re
commend it. Mothers', aware ol ils
excellence, seek ils aid at llie lirst indication of lhe presence of worms in
their children, knowing lhal il i-- a
perfectly Irustworthj medicine that
will ifivc immediate and lasting rebel.
A Perfect Day
should end ��� as well aa
be;; in - with   a   perfect
food, say ���
with cream
A crisp, delicious food,
containing the entire
nutriment of whole wheat
and barley, including lhe
vitnl mineral elements,
so rirlily provided i.y
Nature in these grains.
Every lalile should
have its daily ration of
"There's a Reason"
The Quicker Method
"Aioilce, In was just thinl.in    Suppose I 'i had a lit an' yez had a pint
of whisky, would yez kneel down an'
pill the bottle lo me lips''"
"Oi would nol."
"Yez wouldn't'"
"No; ('i could bring yez i
quicker hi -sthandin' up in
vl/  an'  I'rinkii;' il   un-siif."
Not His Name
Ir, I ml,Iin a zealous policeman
caught a cab driver in lli.e act of
driving recklessly. The officer stopped him aud said:
"W hat's  ycr name?"
"Vc'd betther try and lind out," said
tne driver peevishly.
"Sure, and 1 will." said lhc policeman, as he v.dit round to the side of
lhe cab where the name ought lo
have been painted; but the letters had
lu en rubbed off.
"Aha," cried the officer. "Now ye'll
git yerself inlo worse disgrace than
ever! Ycr name seems to bc olilithcr
"Vou'rl wrong!" shouted the driv-
,r triumphantly,   '"lis O'SuUivanl"
Montreal, Mat 2.ili   '09.
Minard's Liniment  Co.,  Limited
Varuioiith N.S.
i ienlh���in, ii.    I lug lo lei you know
that  I  have used MINARD'S I INI
M KYI    for  some  tiun   and   I   lind  ll
lhc   In 51    I   base   ever   used   for   llic
joints and muscles.
'i ours vi ry inil,i.
The  Champion  'log  and   I'cdc.lal
I i,i ii . i oi Canada,
When Asthma Comes do not despair, luni at once to tlie help effective���Dr, .1. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. This wonderful remedy
will giwr you the aid you need so
sorely. Choking ceases, breathing
becomes natural and without effort.
Others, thousands of them, have suffered an ymi suffer but have wisely
turned to lhis famous remedy and
ceased to suffer. Gel a package this
verv day,
Not Quite Plucked
Sally Fanner���If tint! summer
boarder proposes to me lonighl what
.hall I tell liim. ma?
Mrs.  Farmer���I'm him ml    for
week.   I think he's got money enough
left for another week's board.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Dist-mper.
VV.      N.
t ti."*
The Cow Beat Them to It
'ui  official  of  the  hoard  of  health
iu a iin.it urn far from  Boston, notl-
ficd a riti.-en that his House to keep
I a cow  mi hi* premises had expired.
! l.i  reply lo this letter, the official  rc
reived ihe following communication.
"Monsieur   Bord  cf lull   -I  j��s  get
your no.is thai my liens to keep my
| cow has expire, I wish to inform you,
M'sier   Bord  of   Hell,   lhat   in,   cow-
she  beat  you  to  it-she  expire   I'lec
week agri.    Much oblige.    Y,,urs with
..speck, PI IF-���"
Coal Cards In Berlin
i o.il cards have I n Introduced in
Bi rlin i" order lo regulate the winter supply. Apartments with hcatin.
stoves will 1" limited to a quttrtei of
a Ion per roo .i and a nia.xi-.nu n of l
ton and ii half for more linn live
rooms, Sieauihcaliil houses will be
limited in hall of last  .tear's supply.
Austrian Revolution  Probable
|     The probability of a revolution in
Wislria if a pi ace treaty is not sign-
leu  lhis  year is  Indicated  ill  an  Amsterdam  despatch    to    the    London
Daily  Express.      Emperor   Charles,
who recently  received the leaders of
the  parlies ill  the. reichsral,  was solemnly  warned, lhe despatch  says, ot
the danger of a revolution. The party
leaders are said lc, have told the cm
p, nu   thai  both  lhc    Austrian    and
I Hungarian peoples were beginning to
und  aiidju,aijze  mtt,   Lticy   were  fighting    for
the aims of Germany, and thai  lhcy
I ,i   have   the   children
i.reallhv  is the lirst care (
They  cannol  bc  healthy  if  irouble,-! I {'.,',��� "decided positively to make    an
1   worms.     Use  Mother    luni t   ,.,.,( ���,- ,),(,(,. present plight, provided
the  allies   would   permit   the   AllStrO-
Hungarian empire lo continue to ex
asked  the 1st.
W mni  I'.xlcrtnniator,
"Is  \h   flubdub busy
diffident customer i  ���
"Mr.   Flubdllb is always  busv,"  re-j     "Won't  you give  nu- a kiss lo    re
plied the pompous attendant member you by?"
"Well, \e.{ him  stay busy."      \n,|!    "You'll  remember  longer  the  kiss
that's   how   Mr.   Flubdub   lost   a   big- you didn't get."  said    lhc   wise    girl.
older    Louisville Courier-Journal,     I And he did.
. itfe, lettable regulating med,
cine. Bold in three degrees ol
5tr.ui.th. No. I, It; No. 1, Hi
No. 3, |3 per box. fold b. all
drufglsm. or lent prep-M In
plain package on receipt oi
price. Fret pamphlet. Addre_l
Tenet*. Ord. Wrmutg H'tntmei
freih.   felUiilei
western   etock-
tnea.   beotiso 	
vrtiiet whert itticr
v��ocln��  .all.
Write tor booltlst arid ti. UnioaUIs.
10-doupkc.lIaekIigPlHt, $1.00
SO-dtst **M. Mickllf Wilt, 94.00
Via anv Injector, but Cutter's limplest UdstfHg.lt
The nuperl-irlty ol (.'utter products ia due to over U
y__.no.-p..tal...iiff ia VACr-INHS. ANti -.KRCMS
ONLY. INSIST UN CUli'JiR'S. If UiiubtAlii-bla.
order direct.
Tin Cutttr lifc-trttory, MrtHt., Cillfwnli J
treatlucceii, curbs ciuosicwb.kni.s--, lost vtaou
riLSS. BITU_.lt NO. DRUOQISTSor MAtl. ft. POST . 0T!
IKV NKW DR,.iJ_.(.ir*jr,_f.!-._'>irORMOr    (iflv   TO  TAK.I
THERAPION -_��_��-_.
Mir.liOVr.STA_{- A. FIXED VO ALL iif.O IM. r.,CK.I_
. loneir
And How to Feed
UalM fron to 1117 iddrew k.
the Author
118 Weil 31 il Street, New York
Remit by Dominion Express Money Order.
It lout or stolen, you Ret vour money back.
Secure the agency iii jour district
|,;u; exclusive territory. Our agencies arc valuable. Write PELHAM
NURSERY CO,, Toronto, Ont.
Inside  Influence
cording to the Daily Express, a
personal friend of the Empress Zit*
of Austria has informed certain members of llic house of commons that
lhe Empress is cserting herself
Strongly in the interest (if l-'ranec. She
is credited with sufficient influence
dver Emperor Charles to induce him
In Iry tn withdraw frmn the Austro-
Himgarian alliance with Germany as
soon as Austria-Hungary is enabled
to  lake  stu-li action.
i/h PILLS 4
TJj_3- fi&
It Is Very Difficult To Set Limits To Effectiveness of Airplanes
Used In Large Numbers ln Destroying Enemy Gun-Making
And Munition Plants, Paralyzing Military Activity
Cannot Push Through
Foe Lines Faster
Why  Advances of Britisii   Are   l-or
Small  Distances
"Why is it afler British furies have
broken llie German lines, as at
Hiilleeoiirt, .Messines or Vimy Ridge,
llicy don't push on through?"
i Ine of England's forcmosl slrnlo-
gists was asked lhis question. Here
is Iiis answer;
"The whole process of this war is
a mailer of lines of romniuiiicalioii.
I he reason lhe Brilish offensive
seems to nibble a hit of ihe .linden-
burg hue In the north and ihen
Strike a few days later far lo the
south, is ihe vital necessity uf .-s
tablishing communicating lines and
of consolidating positions.
"When the Hriiish move forward
after a terrible artillery preparation
which has lefi li ti Ic of ihc enemy
trenches but powder and corpses,
Ihey don't lind many Germans there
���not live ones al least, The Germans know a day or so in advance
when a big push i.s coming. Thev
can't help it. They fall back lo
llieir reserve lines iu the rear, ami
consolidate llieir guns and nu n,
leady for a counter-attack.
"'lhe way to slop ihis counterattack and hold the advantage wc
have won is to rush up our heavy
guns and be ready to cut I hem to
pieces when they iry to 'come hack.'
"1 have seen 45 miles of railway
laid in three days. Our engineers at
the front work nighi and day and
this is largely why, when wc once
get hold of a piece of ihe Hindenburg
line, we hold on to il. Bulldog tenacity, the papers call il, but it's
urililary knowledge and foresight
just as much.
"Furthermore, when the Germans
feel sure, that a certain spol at which
the British havc been hammering is
about to be attacked, they rush, their
reserves and guns ovcr to back up
that particular sector. lhal i.s lire
time for us to strike somewhere else
while they are using all iheir energy
lo slop us at another poinl."
I he unprecedented achievement of
the I'n iu h aeronaut, Sergcanl Gallois
in wiping mn single-handed _a large
ma tiun of the Krupp munition works
'���a I ssen in Germany, is one of lhc
mosl notable adventures in thc history of the war, There was nothing
irc'i'li nlal ill his sue. i ss. He knew
whal he had to do; lie planned his
mule and stuck lo it; hc Hew across
Essen and back, dropping bombs on
the works; aud he returned lo the
spol wlicni e he had slarled si veil
hours before, The lotal distance coveted during lhat interval was near!)
four hundred and six!- seven miles.
fortunately he was left unwouiided,
nud practically uninjured by his
oln ntiotts adventure,
^ Interesting as the ai hicvemi nl of
Gallois is, ii is still more important.
If shows, as uo'previous incident has
done, ilu- potentiality of file airplane
for military purposes. If one aviator can Ily so far wilhout injury and
il. so nm li harm to the enemy by
dropping a few bombs on the most
important spol in Germany, il is dif-
ficull to set limils to what might bc
iiliiiveil by a fi w dozens of such
men. 11 seems altogether likely jusl
mJw lh.it Gallois will have scores,
perhaps hundreds, of ambitious imitators, many of whom will lose llieir
lives, Inn some of whom will succeed.
It should be borne in mind lhat to put
the Krupp gun-making and munition-
i inking establishment out of business
Mould go far to paralyze the military
activity and destroy the military efficiency of the German empire.
For some time past there has been
developing a disposition among tnili-
lary and naval experts to institute
comparisons or contrasts between the
future of thc airplane and that of the
submarine. In a recent public address, Secretary Baker of the War
Department of the United Slates
made lhe. announcement lhat "American slill nud ingenuity, American
scientific knowledge, and lhe inexhaustible resources of supplies shall
all be drawn upon, and we shall contribute io llic unquestionable supremacy of the air," so that the efficiency
of military operations may be maintained. Some months ago Admiral
I'l-rry, of North Pole fame, suggested
that small but swift seaplanes might
be used effectively as destroyers of
rubmarincs by housing them on a
"mother" warship, from whose deck
they mighi make short but Swill
(lights lo search for submarines and
drop bombs ou them wilh fatal effect, even when submerged. As both
the airplane and llie. submarine are
recent entrants into the field of warfare, it will be increasingly interesting to' watch iheir future evolution,
respectively.���-Toronto G^obe.
Interesting Letter
From Front Trenches
We recently were successful i
ting a band. The instruments wcrc
donated by au Edmonton oiutii with
lhe proviso that they be sent back lo
the Edmonton armory after the war.
I here is one Saskatchewan battalion in each of lhe Canadian divisions
at the front and it has been stated
that a grant of $1,00(1 was made, by
thc province of Saskatchewan lo two
of these battalions. This may nol he
line. 11 i.s a well known fact that every battalion in lhe divisions which
followed lhe lirst inlo lhe field had
a verj substantial regimental fund.
These funds wcrc created by gifts of
money from the towns and the cities
'..lure ilu- battalions were organized
and from profits on regimental canteens which their long periods ol
training in Canada made possible as
a result of the unfortunate experience
of the lirsl division al  \ alcai lier.
do give more ihnn we rei eit e. slill
we do not yet give enough. Mnn
men and more guns are necessary
and Canada must sic lo it lhat when
a Canadian soldier falls, am,iher is
immediately ready and trained to
lake his place. She has done well ill
Ihe pasl. i'he future demands greal-
(rr efforts or former sacrifices will
count as naught. Were any Canadian
soldier in France asked lo send a
message to his beloved    home-land,
[ ihai message would mosl    proliably
lhe  colonel uf this baiialion    am,11 be���Be of good cheer, send us more
Ex-Soldiers Will
Flock to Canada
T'nicc  Walker Says    it    is    Certain
Thousands  Will Come
After War is Over
"Ml investigations lead lo the decided belief that there will be a
tremendous immigration of Imperial
army ex-service nun to Canada after
lhc war," declared J. Bruce Walker,
commissioner of immigration, wliu
lias jusi returned from .London, Mr.
Walker has heen in the Old Country
for live months, acting on the Empire Settlement.committee, in connection wiih the settlement of sol-
Cossacks In Revolution
How They Routed Petrograd   Police
in the Znamenskaya Place
The aid given by ihe Cossacks to
the Hussian revolution is described
in the "New Republic in a diary written by an American who was presenl
during the revolution and to whom
an eyewitness lold thc following:
"The Znamenskaya place was full
of people," be said, "orators everywhere, especially around the statue
in the (-(litre of tlle square, and a
company of Cossacks riding around
and around the crowd. I was on the.
outskirts, near the Ncwski, opposite
the Goncharnaya. I looked up thc
Ncwski. .Suddenly there was a shol
behind me, close lo mc. I looked
around and saw a man's arm and
hand holding a smoking revolver
straight up inlo ihe air, and then I
saw a troop of mounted police issue
from the Goncharnaya with naked
sabers and charge at the crowd. Suddenly a shot came from the Cossacks
tho were on my right, and the leader of lhe police fell down from llis
horse. The Cossacks yelled and
charged lln police, harking and
springing their whips. The. police
bloke and lied. Then," he said, "you
should have seen lhc crowd.    People
some of his friends purchased very
recently one thousand pairs ol socks
for ihe boys, but of course unless we
gel funds from somewhere our private resources as our regimental
funds will soon be exhausted and
tin re will undoubtedly be great discomfort.
Jt   may   not   he   possible   for     the
province lo grant money oul of   it.
nien  and  please  don't   forg
turned wounded.
But  I   am-   wandering    somewhat
from my subject,    I intimated in my
opening  sentence  that The  5th   Battalion   had   many   friends,     li   richly
deserves  Ihem  all  and  these  friends
musl be intensely proud of lhe battalion's record.    No battalion  in    all
our gallant corps has :i prouder one.
treasury,  but  1 am  satisfied  that   if! During the  twenty-one  mouths    the
Ibe prominent citizens    would    takeIbatlalion has fought in France, ii has
the matter up, the people would be been "over thc parapet" many limes,
very  willing  and    even
anxious to
help us along. Vou. must he aware
of the reputation which the battalion
has gained. I have sent you a copj
of our Christmas animal. In this you , implicit confidcnci
will  read  what  the  senior  Canadian'ers and the meast
lias never failed to
live, and has never In en i
a single inch of trench i
occupied, li enjoys lhe a
of all
���j of a
I     Us
rd or
General said of the Fifth. But his
words them have been altered by thc I
censor, so 1 am now enclosing Gcu-J
cial Ctirrie's statement in his own'
handwriting, which I will ask you to J
please preserve.
ciency is the amount  ot
placed in il.     I'he  I .fill ha
ly  nml    gallantly    perforn
duly, nobly responded I" c
maud,   patii
d tired
soli tc and
unit's effi-
- rcsolulc-
i.d every
verv      dc-
illy   and   cheerfully     cil-
very  hardship    and    discoin
1 could tell you many things bul  11 foil.     It  has  made  many    sacrifices,
do not think it is necessary,    ll    is | liul lhc,% have nol heen male in vain.
slalid  that  the   Fifth  Baiialion    ha,
gained more, honors and decorations
in the field than any other Canadian
���regiment.    It has been specially men-
tioncd in despatches and after    one
vi ry trying engagement, Sir Douglas I so proudly wear lhc
Haig said, "I  am proud to have    a| their shoulder straps,
t lhe
ba Hainan v
I Will
baiialion   of  this  description  in    my I not yel been told.    It
army and wish to thank you for the  tioncd in despatch
magnificent gallantry which you havc niaiider-iii-chief,
displayed."      So  higher    words    of | game.       '
praise have ever been given to    anv
unit, and 1 am sure you all have every reason  to  feci  proud of  Sasknt-
cehwan's  representatives in  the  lirst
Canadian  division.
Will you not take the. matter up in
r' vigorous way and perhaps a sort of
Fifth Battalion day could bc arranged throughout lhc province? We
had recently a draft of 250 men from
Wevburn and Estcvan so men like
Dr. Mitchell and Hon. Geo. Bell
ought to be interested. Of the thousands of reinforcements wc have had
ivith the exception of about four hundred, all have been from Saskatchewan so that every cily, town and village is or has been represented in
this unit.
I imagine that the ladies would al
once do something if lhe right ones
started things, l.t. Col. 11. M, Dyer,
D.S.O., is naturally somewhat diffident about writing you as hc himself
is nol from Saskatchewan, but hc Iris
spent a great deal of his own money,-
on thc boys and besides being a very Scrae F��6��res Regarding   Shipments
gallant and capable soldier is a kind of Foodstuffs During War
and big-hearted  gentleman.    I   have Times
lold liim that I wished lo address you!     .        , .
in this connection and he has    con-   , 'llc oiirucii ol  America in feedm
seined.    Would vou hc so kind as to  u.lc ,v��rld, ,lnn"  lh.  war is empha-
i sized I.-, the export hgurcs on certain
foodstuffs lor tin month of April, ob-
abotit    tin
'Although not Inclined io speak ni  "l",",ll llavc s"c'" lllc crowd.   Pcoph
ny length on the   features of   Im-! 1\'.ss',. :""1    l"'L't;"1    ""'   Cossacks
trip, he admitted, when qui siioned I ''"nibing np on lhe horses lo reach
ou ihe submarine menace, thai his l ,' (Tf,'r''s hissed and embraced
-hip was chased for many miles bj .'"'"' I""'\'s- the ( osr.acks' bools, slir-
eubmarinc and thut for four consccti rllDS' ������"'"Sfi 'lu ' were given cig-
live hours it was engaged in a run I ""',,,'s- "inney, riKar eases gloves,
ning fight with the en, my craft. Thc] ���"tiylliing and everything. llis eyes
ship zig-zagged for mi es mil of its w~rc full of lea rs, "Go home," he said |
course. \ companion ship was less ' ."'"J,' t'ICrc 11 be war iii lhe , ily to
fortunate, nud those nn deck  saw ili mglit.
communicate wiih    him
baiialion and its affairs?
1 have been greatly honored bj- being asked by the 5th Battalion lo
write an introduction to this French
magazine published as a Christinas
greeting bv lhc officers, non-commis-
sioned officers and men of the regiment ,to Iheir many friends throughout the empire. There is nothing 1
would nol do to oblige lhe 5th Baiialion and so I comply wiih their request; fully realizing my inability to
do proper justice t" my theme.
1 am <|iiilc sine that rill who had
lhe pleasure of reading ilu- "Christmas Garland," published by lhis baiialion iu 1915, have hi en awaiting
this year's number wiih eager anllci
According To Code Of The 1 fugue Convention And Subscribed
To By Cerniany, Belligerents Have Nol An Unlimited Righl
To Choose Means To Harm The Enemy
"It is a legal and loyical principle
that ordinary penal laws may be applied lo acts of war lhat are nol justified l,y international lav,." said
Monsieur Carton De VViart, Belgian
minister of justice, rcj lying to au in-
(|uir\ by Ihc Associated Press ns to
his opinion of the proposed interallied high court for the trial of ol
lieers, soldiers and individuals guilty
of atrocities in this war.
"lhc Hague convention," continued Mr. Ue W'iart, "snys that 'belligerents have not au unlimited right to
choose means lo harm the enemy.1
All civilized countries admit thai
acts perpetrated during a state of
war and which arc not technicallj
'acts of war' may bc punished hy lhe
ordinary civil courts or the military
courts, whether they are crimes or
mere offenses. In facl, the. 'German
manual of laws of war' mentions _
considerable number of prohibitions
as, for instance, those regarding the
employment of certain weapons and
the  killing of  wounded  soldiers.
"'Whoever should violate those
prescriptions,' the manual says, 'shall
be responsible to his country, li
he is taken prisoner, military penalties could be applied to him.'
"lhc same principle is stated in instructions of the United States of
1863, which form a wonderful
of human principles.
" I hese instructions say
crimes committed in time of
may be punished according to ordinary penal laws, nol nnly by the
army to which the criminals belong,
but also by the army by which they
are captured,
"Under the circumstances it is obvious," the minister continued, "that
Germans who have killed, have stolen, have sei fire lo buildings without
necessities of war, may be judged I���������
the courts of the allied ar-niies ami
allied countries. So ue applications
of this principle have already been
made. If lie guilty frill into our
hands wc must not hesitate; we are
obliged to judge him, but let us nor
judge, contumacious enemy officers
or soldiers, as there is a chance that
we shall not bc able lo cveci'ie. the
"Even  when   wc   hajre   the    guilty
man in our hands llicrc are difficulties    in    obtaining evidence   n-iirrr
him, and if he argues, as he certai
ly will, thai  lie acted only  by order,
what  can  v.e  answer if  we  wish   tu
remain just  and  fair.      I  am of the
opinion,  lhat.    in    these     questions
lawyers and magistrates will have to
apply strictly the principles of inter
national  law.    If  this  application  of
justice  is  not  sufficient���and,    unfortunately, I  fear that such may be the
case���competent    authorities    should
lake oiher measures to give ^.i-i-f:t.-
lion   to   public  opinion   in   regard    to
German atrocities.
"Whit may ihese measures be'
'ihere are, lirsl, reprisals; there is
another solution, the consequences ot
the third paragraph of lhc Hague
convention, which was proposed by
German delegates and which reads
a.s follows: "The belligerent who
should violate lhe dispositions oi
thc convention shall eventually have
to indemnify the people he has robbed- lie .hall be In Id responsible
for nil ids done by persons belonging to his army.'
"Thi- is lhe great point,"  said  Mr
Dc \\ iarl in conclus
opinion  lln re eau be
out such reparation."
A MandrVl of devotion  lo duty    has
hei u  si I  wliicli must    be     iilated.
Thc  record   of its  lighting     | rowCSS
fills many a pag(  in lie glorious history of the heroic deeds of ihosc who
���il Can da on
i lhe half has
,'  by    lhe
ll  has   playi
.hank Cod.   for  such
lions as the Fifth, and ihere ai
such iu Britain's mighty  ami
ous army.
And so I commend this magazine
to all, feeling certain thai those who
read it will be More Ihan repaid for
thc time thus spcnl md asking that
they will uot forget lln- men.who arc
daily laying down their lives in order
that "Peace cm Earth and I
to Man" may once mor: p
Ist Canadian  Division,
November, 1010.
Vou are at liberty to use, n ynu
deem it necessary, General Ciirric's
eulogy aud any portions of lhis letter. , I would prefer not lo he mentioned myself as I do not like either
notorii iy or advertisement.
Yours truly,
Exports From United States
the mon
lained from an official source by lit
food administration
The figures show lhat wheat exports increased from U,392,7SS bushels, as an average lor lhc preceding
nine months, lo 1-1,233,013 bushels for
April. Tin nine-months figures represent au increase of 52 per cent, as
compared with a three year pre-war
i period.    (1912 1-1.)
Href exports, which  had  show'n  a
i ci iiipai ttivc gain oi 330 i
; ihr   riiu ���   mouths  over    th
i-  rent,  in
_'_ 295 972
sink after a few minutes' light, about
:t  mile  and  a   hall  away.
Referring to ihe settlement of sol
diers, Mr.   Walker continued.    "Th
Germans Furious With Venizelos.
.Ylfen   lhe   Greek   charge  d'affaires
 I al Berlin wenl to ihe Wilhelmstrassc
committee took special sups    to as   to ask  for his passports,  Herr /im
certain the opinion, of all members, menuann, ihe foreign secretary, losl
j pi i iod,    incrensi d    from
pounds io 48,211,592 pounds,
Sue.it.  which  had   shown     n     1,501)
per iim. increase in lhe nim   months
j | eriod,  on   llu   refined   product,     de
l-ration.     I'hey will nol hi. disappoint
id and doubtless  will  lind  llm    191/1 creased in April from llu  average ol
number still morc cnt.rtainmg, i 103,486,176    pounds     in     92,283,738
For there will be a 1917 number,  pounds.
Thc war is by no means over, nor is,     A nolabh  decrease was in lhe mnt-
Ibe end even in sight.   The Blrngglclter  of fish  exports,    which    include
must not and will not cease uniil, tin.   canned  salmon  and  dried  fish.     The
nnd we are abundantly satisfied that
n vast proportion of ihr men of
jedentary occupations will nol rc
turn io such work, hm will seek (-:
perpetuate the outdoor life by emigrating to one of lhe overseas dominions. It is generally recognized
to England that lhc conditions of-
ered by the Canadian government
ere more attractive and provide
greater inducements than those of
���<my ollii r overseas dominions. As
noon as the war is over, demobilization takes place and if the necessary
transportation equipment can be
provided there will be a tremendous
immigration, and particularly to the
western provinces."
"Did  be   have    words    with      his
"He had a few of them." ���Judge.
his temper and said lo Ihe Creek
diplomat: "This does nol mailer to
Germany, but ii will matter mucli to
Greece. Vour Venizelos uill smart
for ihis."
The pan-Germans wen- furious nt
thc news of Venizelos' triumph, Some
of iheir leaders said thai if Grerci
mobilized againsl Germany the German governnieni should institute
mobilization throughout Belgium,
Serbia ami lhc conquered portions
of I'ouuiania and Russia, They declare in justification that Greece was
a counlry conquered by Ihe Allies,
and ils inhabitants they claim, sn
being mobilized by lhe allied ag;cnts.
Mistress���-Why, Mary, I'm astonished!    liow (lid you learn lo lie so?
Mary���Answering the door for callers you didn't want to see, mum.
power, which has violated every principle of right and honor, which has
ruthlessly disregarded lhc rights of
neutral nations, which has treated its
most solemn obligations as 'mere
scraps of paper', which has murdered
innocent women and children, which
has maltreated ils prisoners, which
has bayoncttcd our wounded, shall bc
forever  destroyed.
As to how the war is going to end,
llie men iu the trenches have not ihe
.slight. s| doubt, i'hey arc the greatest optimists in the empire, Even in
lhe dark days, now- happily past, when
cur men were few, when machine
guns were very, very scarce on our
side, when we bad little artillery and
less ammunition, the same optimism
prevailed. The Britisii soldier slill
had his bayonet and was anxious to
use it. ���
Now it is no longer three rounds
pei gun per dav.    Wc can giwr and
average of 15,122,474 pounds exported in lie nine months period drop-
lied to 7,544,877 pounds for- April.
The figures an- for exportation, of
domestic origin only.
The Mysterious "Dora"
Scotland 'l ard would appear I
governed in tbese days by a mytical
lady who always manages to keep in
the background, says the London
Chronicle. Several inquirers have
been informed of late that "Dora"
makes il impossible for their requests
to be granted. "Dora" is always iu
evidence. She wmi'l let you do lhis
and she objects io lhat, but always
quite politely. Who is Dora? Who is
she, lhal bold,' bud men condemn
her? iin secret leaked out recently,
She is nothing more dreadful than
the official name lor lhc Defense nf
lhe  Ki.di.l Act.
111   my
Conserving Food !n Britain
War    Savings    Committee    Report
Shows People  Voluntarily
Cutting   Down   Kations
Premier Lloyd George has written
io ihe chairman of tin   national war
savings committee thanking him for
ihe. committee's  efforts and    paying
tribute to its success in effecting f ;
icon.nny. Mr. Lloyd George adds
that he has every hope "lhat tin people of Great Britain will be. able tn
claim that .Ihey accomplished of their
own free will what lhe people oi
other counlries could only achieve b>
What the committee has done may
be illustrated by the figures relating to the reduction iu ihe consumption of bread. Thus, in lire Padding-
ton district of London, the consumption of bread dropped by -'.* to 3D per
ccnl. in two months. In VVillesden
bread salts per week in May amounted to 481,839, in June tiny dropped to
380,4(14 pounds. Brighton is eating
JO per ceil), b ss bread, and Reading
25 per cent. less. Portsmouth reports lhat 180,540 pounds less bread
per week was sold in May, and a further reduction of 78,840 pounds in
These are. only some figures chosen
at random from reports collected by
the committee, but they show Ihe
thoroughness of the.work it hat done. TH-5 OODTtTENAY RBVIEW
Ideal For Wash-Day
The Kootenay Range accommodates
the wash boiler and still leaves four
holes free for cooking. This allows
you to serve wash-day dinners that are
just as good as other days and doesn't
interfere with your laundering. Ask
our dealer or write for booklet.
For Sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son, Courtenay
Mr. C. Owen is spending his
holidays al Vancouver.
Miss Amy Kilpatrick left on
Sunday's boat for school at Vancouver.
Miss Ethel Miller has gone to St
Ann's Convent school at Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs Robt. McCuaig
were up Irom Victoria over the
Ladies and Gent's Tailor
New Spring Goods Now on Hand
McPhee Block
P. McBryde's
Bakery and Tea Rooms
Brown's Block, Courtenay
The Bestfand cheapest bread in the district
14 Loaves for $1, 7 for SO cts, 4 for 30cts, 2 for 15 cts
We invite anyone to dispute the above advertisement
The baker ol Better Bread
Opposite the city hal'
I. O. D. E. Notes
At the regular monthly meetiug
of the io.nd Regina Trench Chap
ter I. 0. D E., it was decided to
adopt a Prisoner of war, one fron,
this district if possible. It means
five dollars a mouth until the end
of the war, so i. was decided to give
a ten cent tea once a month at the
regular business meeting iu ordei
to raiss the required amount.
The D lighters of the Empire
will have a stand at the fair on Exhibition Day, when they will serve
light refreshments, in hiding sand
wlchetl, cake and pie, ed., all home
cooking, at a nominal price. The
proceeds will be used for the Sock
Fund, The Ladies of the district
are requested to send in refreshments to the Orange Hall,
The Red Cross nurses will sell
tags on the ground, the proceeds
will be used to buy wool for knitting. I
The Comox members of the I,
O. D, K. are holding a tea this afternoon in aid of the Prisoners of
war Fund,
Tbe Red Cross Nurses will be In
charge of a novelty stall at llic
Exhibition. A lot of articles including a lot of articles suitable
for Xina. will be on sale including
pin cushions, hair' receivers, crocheted slippers, fancy haudker- ;
chiefs, .centre pieces, sofa pillows,
dressed dolls, fancy beads, pictures
china, billy candles for boys ii the
trenches, A sweater, cushion, and
dressed doll will also be ruffled for
the Sock Fund.
Anyone having a small artilce they
would like to donate to the stall,
kindly send same to the Orange
Hall ou Thur-day afternoon. A-
splendid display of cookies will be
on sale for the   Prisoners   of   war
Andrew McQuillan spent the
holiday at Vancouver.
Mr. Chas. Smith and wife, and
wilfred Smith and Miss Smith mo
red to Campbell River on Monday
Oregon & California Railroad Co. Grant Lands
Title to same revested in Utmited
States by Act of Congress, dated
June 9. 1916. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres to be opened up for homesteads and sale.
Timber and Agricultural lands
Containing some of the best land ''
left in United States. Now is the
opportune time- Large map showing lands by sections an d description of soil, climate, rainfall, elevations, ect. Postpaid $1, Grant
Lands Locating Co., Box 610.
Portland, Oregon.
Your Printing!
Cannot be done any-
better or any cheaper anywhere else in
B. C. than at th
Courtenay Review
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
SAVig.es Certificates
$25.00   FOR    $21.BO
SO.OO     " 43.00
100.00      " S6.00
JAN. 9, 1917
f-inanok  dbpartmint
Cooking three meals a day over a hot
stove. There's no longer any need for it
An Electric Kitchen
.   is Cool
Make Hubby order an
Electric Range
He uses the most up-to-date and efficient machines in his business
You, his wife, are entitled to the same
up-to-date equipment for your kitchen
For Sale by
jhe Courtenay Electric
Light Heat and Power
Company Limited


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