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The Review Oct 30, 1913

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In the House
Now you must, toll mo all ;-.r#rrTl il
from the beginning to tho cud. li
was a lady who gave the somewhat
comprehensive command; otto who
looked as If sho had a right to be
obeyed, not by reason ot any inipir-
kmsness ot manner, but from a happy combination of youth und loveliness. For, after all, these two things
���In woman���do rule the world.
Maud Hanley was sitting In her favourite chair In tho boudoir, in the
lame evening dress she had worn when
Murgatroyd had first Invaded that favourite sanctum. In lier hair was a little diamond star her father had given
Murgatroyd had been in the Strangers' Gallery of the House of Commons
during the debate, and had si riot, orders to report himself and it, immediately it was over. He was hero In
consequence, although il waa nearly
11 p.m.
Rarely had the House of Commons
been so stirred on the opening night
of a session. The formalities of moving and seconding tlie Address having
been gone through with the usual complimentary speeches from tlie loaders
on botlt sides, Mr. Thompson-Halllday
rose to move his amendment, from below the gangway. Not only was every seat occupied, but members stood
on every    available    vantage-ground.
The heir to tho throne looked on at
the animated scene witli sympathetic
curioslly from the Distinguished
Strangers' Gallery, where several of
Sir Richard llanley's colleagues in the
Upper House were also silting. The
Pioneer was in every one's hands. It
had come out very strong.In favor of
the Government; but, In wis respect,
It stood alone. The Opposition journals were jubllianty aggressive; the
papers on the Government side were
ambiguous and wavering. Sir Richard Hanley sat at one end of the front
bench, facing the table. His hat
Bhaded his eyes, and beyond a certain
gravity, his look failed to'Indicate the
ultimate trend of debate and division.
He was the cynosure of all eyes; hut
long training had steeled him against
the outward indication of any emotions. Yet was It a vital occasion.
The symmetry of a life, long lived before the public, honorable and successful beyond the lot of even the front
rank of public men, was about to be
either completed, or for ever marred.
���Which it would be, hardly one in that
great assembly knew. Hanley, as
everyone knew, was the mainspring,
the living embodiment, of the policy
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111 bt arralgin .1 that night. rt> it lie|
'���" ���'���-'��� stand or fall. And the fall,,
��� ih ii ivero the alternative, would be
"''':i' i ��� I     Npvot before, probably !
i atl Sir Rlt hard been so popular as
lie was thai night, nn the eve of what
mosl men tin light would bo his political eclipse,     liis   was   naturally   tt
sympathetic t r magnetic nature, wt I
in' had don,' numberless kind anions
and tltey  were busted aboul  In the
clubs during the lasl Cow days.     He
had never snubbed or discouraged a
young asplrani to public life, On tha
contrary, he had helped and oncour-j
aged, and nol Infrequently rewarded.,
rising merit.    Men who had forgotten j
those thing.! remembered lliein now; I
for nowhere does a man llnd his level  '
more surely than in the House of Commons.     Nol a few of the Opposition
would have been glad to see the inoal '
prominent statesman on the other side I
come oul of the ordeal satisfactorily, I
and Ilie Government were with hint to
a man. i
But if sir Richard Hanley was the
cynosure of all eyes, not less so was
Mr.  Tlioiupsou-llalllilny,  as  lie  stood
flushed with approaching triumph and
self-consciousness to move till; resolution.
Indirectly It had gol about that this
was the payment of some vague debt
of obligation. No one could hnve
told the story, but it was In tlie ulr;
and while It helped to vulgarise and
belittle Halliday, it. served to raise his
victim lo the pinnncle of personal appreciation.
Halliday had a dlflicult task lo perform, and he did it wllh adroitness,
and a certain amount of fact. It was
his business to harry the Government
and yet not tj offend the patriotism
of tho House. Halliday had no intention of posing as a Little Kngland-
er. That would endanger his popularity In his constituency, and might
lose hlni his seat. So lie adopted
a magnanimous tone. There an attractive flavor of patriotic and politic
generosity. Kngland was credited
abroad Willi grasping proclivities. Her
systematic policy of universal expansion was misunderstood. Hence her
general unpopularity and Isolation.
Much of thiB arose from misunderstanding, with, of course, a substantial substratum of jealousy. All the
more reason that when she was in the
wrong, or even in c position of doubtful legality���as was the case In the
question under discussion���she should
take the strong and liberal course of
gracefully yielding, displaying her regard for the comity of doubtful, and
at the worst untenable. Where were
tho proofs that the territory in question, within the lines the Government
had laid down, had ever recognized the
away of British dominion?
Once only Thompson-Halliday lost
his magnanimous tone. It. was when
his speech became personal to the
minister who had led the Government,
the House, and country into tills despicable imbroglio, The lion, member
sketched the attitude of the minister
in words of fiery scorn. It was with
him a matter of personal ambition, of
the strong will asserting itself against
the better judgment of his colleagues,
and of the Prime Minister. Mr. Halliday dissociated Sir Richard Hanley
with a certain sharp acumen from the
rest of the Cabinet, and wound up by
saying���Proofs! Proofs! We ask for
proofs. Show us by one genuine document; such as the public can understand, apart from any legal chicanery,
and we withdraw our motion; we yield
our opinion; we subscribe our allegiance, and England, of all parties and
both sides of this House, stand shoulder to shoulder together.
After Mr. Thompson-Halliday's motion had been briefly seconded, In an
apologetic speech, by an independent
member on the Government side of the
House, Sir Richard Hanley rose to reply. Before doing so, he deposited
certain documents on the table before
The speech began with an almost
pathetic reference to the responsibility of the statesman to whom the honor of England was entrusted In the
face of a difficult situation, where a
false step could never be recovered,
where there was doubt and difficulty
on both sides, and right was obscured.
In one sense, he added, it does not
make it easier to have the most loyal
colleagues���hero he turned to his
more Immediate supporters and received an eager, responsive cheer���
who are willing to believe in the individual judgment of the minister entrusted with that special department
of administration, and to stand by his
decisions. Yet, he added, I should
be sorry to forfeit that confidence, nor
could a man standing in my place
tork with effect for his country unless
he had that confidence and comparatively a free hand. It is easv for the
hon. member who moved the resolution before the House to lay down laws
as to abstract rights, and to speak of
generosity towards States smaller and
less powerful than our3elves; but
there are fifty thousand people to be
considered, who have learnt to look to
this country for protection, for good
government, for the certitude of civil
and religious liberty. It is not my
place, speaking as a Minister of the
Crown, to say one word deprecialive
of the State with whom we have been
���the past tense struck the House as
used with deliberate emphasis���in dispute; but ideas on such subjects vary
with climate, with race, with geographical areas. The ideas of Transal-
pia on such subjects are not our own.
Sir, there are Englishmen In hundreds within the disputed line of territory; there is English money there
What has been done for it in the de
velopment of its Internal resources
has been done by British pluck and
enterprise. Sir, these men appealed
to me���they do so daily. I had an urgent message this very morning���and
For nursing mothers
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Ihe lvst of the system or
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uf Canada, Limilad.     I7J
the minister look o cablegram and
handed il to IiIh nearest colleague on
Ilie Treasury bench we may bo generous 10 Trnnsaipia, but if thai generosity involves the sacrifice ot men
of your own kin. who have developed
these resources under Ilie belief that
they were safe beneath your aegis���
if 11 Involves Ilie depreciation of properly acquired by British energy, and
which you lui'o undertaken to safe-
uavd���then, sir, I venture lo think
generosity may assume ail unfavorable
guise; It may come perilously-near to
When the cheers which Interrupted
litis declaration, in which the word
generosity wiih Uttered Willi due irony,
wen' ringing through   tin'   Chamber,
Mr. Thonipson-llallldny rose white
with rage, and shouted -
Rights! Rights! They have tlieir
rights! Produce your proofs���If you
have any!
sir Richard looked ai tho Interrupter Willi calm sc.ruliny for tt moment,
having first rlaced his glasses on the
bridge of IiIb nose.
Yes, sir, this gentleman is correct,
They have tholr rights- -and so have
we. I am asked for proofs. I have
them. They are lying on Iho lable
before me. They are absolutely Indisputable.
I'ho effect of these words was extraordinary. The greater pari of the
House shrieked itself hoarse with delight. Thompson-Halllday and one or
two of his staunchest. friends and supporters jumped to their feet, gesticulated, and strove vainly to make them-
selves heard above the din. Al length
silence was restored, and ll.lliday
What ls the good of making such
statements?     Prove It.     Prove It.
J intend lo prove It. The great
statesman took up the papers. Here
Is a grunt of land, more than a hundred years old, by the British Government to a German squatter named
Muller, at the furthest point of tho disputed line. If that spot is included
all is included.
Oh, the Gover.in nt of that, day
would grant anything���for a consideration, interpolated one of the leaders
of the Opposition, with fine scorn.
Possibly, put In Sir Richard mildly.
If my recollection is correct, one of
the right hon. member's ancestors was
a prominent member of Ihe Government when this grant, was made. The
House was convulsed with laughter.
Sir Richard went on���
This Mr. Muller was a far-seeing
man. He might almost be styled a
prophet. He went out of his way to
procure from the Government of Tran-
salpla���the then Government���a declaration that the property he had secured was within the sphere of British
influence. He evidently thought
there might be   a dispii'i   about   it
some day.
The House [orgol to cheer,     It was
the emphasis of silence.     Never bad ''
a more complete answer been offered
by a minister in the memory of man.
I  liave only tine tiling It) add.   The
proofs   for  which   tlio  hon.   member
was so anxious���have been submitted!
to the representative ot Transalpla In
tills country, and he lias expressed
himself completely satisfied. Sir. 1
leave the issue and this motion In tho
hands of the  House.
Maud lay lack  with  her hands be-,
hind her head, listening Intently, occasionally   Interpolating   a   question,
while Murgatroyd described ths scent1.
Only her eyes showed iho intensity
of her interest. When Iho narrator
c.aiiie to the climax, with lhe conclusion of her father's speech, she lent
eagerly forward, clasping her knees.
oil, il was splendid, Father must
have  been  de ightod���proud.
We all were of hlni.
And it. is your doing,
No! Only a little part.
We shall never forgel II-  never.
it was fortunate nl this juncture sir
Richard Hanley came I', or Murgatroyd might have said more than was
Sir Richard wruti 5 his hand.
Once again, true thanks. You
have placed me under an obligation
1  can  never repay.
Then his eyes rested on lhe two���
and something seemed lo cross his
mind. First he looked a Utile stern
nnd then lie smiled, Mtirgntrnvil
read th" ulanee and was nol altogether dissatisfied.
Deafnetr Cannot b; Cured
bv local applications1, aa they cannot
reach the diseased portion of tbo ear.
There Is only one way to cure doafncia,
and that Is b constitutional rrmedlee.
Deafness Is reused by nn Inflamed condition of tbe truoous lining of tho Euc-
tachlan Tube. When thin lube la in-
flumed you have n rumbling Bound or
Imperfect heating, and when it la entirely clcaed, DeMnras la tho result, and un-
tesfi the inllR-nmatlon enn bo taken out
and Ihls lube restored to its normal condition, licnrfng will lie destroyed for ever;
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will giro Ono Hundred Pollarn tor
any case of Deainess (caused by catarrh)
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the garbage barrel, as well as
in the house or store.
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General Storekeepers sell Wilson's Ply Pads.
Literary Contest In Which Prize hv
Cask of Burgundy
Knights of the kitchen .with Wormy
aspirations nre to hum an opportunity
of Indulging their bobby, The I'nrii.
publication Le t'nrnet d'Eplcuro, which
is ihe otiieiai organ of tlio league nt
Gourmands, has organized a llternrj
compplillon for Its readers.
Candidates are Invite to send- It.
contributions olthor In prose or verse-
on some subject of cullnery Interest,
which will be Judged ou ihelr literary
and Instructive merits. The pricea
will lie appropriate, consisting of oases
of champagne, llquers, wines, intuit,
pales tl" fplo gras and other dainties.
The besl poet will receive a spedlal
prize of 11 cask of lino old liurgiind.v,
and in addition to all theso gdui.
things thero Is the Increased prestige
In tholr calling -.v.'.-Vh success in the
competition will bring the prize winners.
Building the Bagdad Railway
Always there is a different, way or
doing things. A photograph from lhe
East, illustrated the building of the
Bagdad Railway shows lhe laborers
carrying the heavy metal sleepers, uot
on their shoulders, but on the lower
part of their backs, where a wide belt
helps to Biislain the load. Both arms
are looped over the burden, holding it
securely, and l*ie scheme se-ms lo be
a rood one.
Do Sharks Attack Humans?
A subscriber, apropos of the newspaper controversy as to whether
sharks ever attack human beings, that
In Sydney, New South Wales, all Mm
bathing beaches are surrounded tor
submerged fences to protect bathers
from the sharks. And, anyway, wh:u
are all those sharp teeth for, if notitn
make an occasional experiment on- a
new kind of fish that comes into hla
A pleasant medicine for children is
Mother Graves' Worn: Exterminator,
and there is nothing better for driving
worms from tho system.
Thoughtful Farmer Learns About Tea
and Coffee
Many people exist in a more or less
hazy condition and it often takes years
before they realize that tea and coffi j
are often the cause of the cloudiness,
and that there is a simple way to let
the light break in.
A worthy farmer had such an experience and tells about it, in a letter.
He Bays:
"For about forty years, I have had
indigestion and stomach trouble in
various forms. During the last 25
years I would not more than get over
one spell of bilious colic until another
would be upon me.
"The best doctors I could get and
all the medicines I could bu;', only
gave me temporary relief.
"Change of climate was tried without results. I could not sleep nights,
had rheumatism and my heart would
palpitate at times so that it seemed
it would jump out of my body.
"I came to the conclusion that there
was no relief for me and that I was
about wound up, when I saw a Postum advertisement. I had always
been a coffee drinker, and got an idea
from the ad. that maybe coffee was
the cause of my trouble." Tea is just
as harmful, because It contains caffeine, the same drug found in coffee.
"I began to use Postum Instead of
coffee and in less than three weeks I
felt like a new man. The rheumatism
left me, and I have never had a spell
of bilious colic since.
"My appetite ls good, my digestion
never was better and I can do more
work than before for 40 years.
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Write for copy of
the little book, "The Road to Well-
ville." '
Postum comos in two forms:
Regular Postum���must be well boiled.
Instant Postum ls a soluble
powder. A teaspoonful dissolves
quickly In a cup of hot water and
with the addition of cream and sugar
makes a delicious beverage Instantly.
"There's a reason" for Postum.
How to Read the Moon
Few people can tell at a glance
whether the moon is waxing or waning. Here Is a whimsical rule to remember by. It is very simple to those
who know Latin, and is not. difficult
for those who do not. The first thh.g
is to notice whether the moon is like
a D or a C���that is whether the full
semicircular curve Is on the right, or
the left. If the moon shows a D that
naturally stands for decrescit. It
But then comes in the great principle. The moon is always deceitful,
and one has to understand the opposite of what the moon says, so that a
moon which shows a D is a waxing
moon, while a waning moon is like a
Those who have no Latin will :.o
doubt look to see whether the moon
says It is decreasing, in which case
they will understand that it is waxing,
while a waning moon will deny that It
is decreasing.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Mrs. Exe���How could you lie so to
Mr. Dauber about that absurd picture
he has at the exhibition? You told
him his picture was worth the price
of admission alone.
Exe���Well, Great Scott! the frame is
worth more than fifty cents, Isn't it?
Are Packed in Glass and
Gold Cans.
Absolutely Sanitary-
Demonstration Wanted
The girl was willing but the baseball
player was diffident. She had to resort to strategy. ��
Jim, sho said, the: 1 are several,
points of the game that I wish yoa
would expiate.
Where shall I begin? lie asked delighted.
I should like to���or���she hesitated,
blushing ��� know more about the
squeeze play.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
In This Rapid Age
Mamma's good little   boy   want   a
slice of bread and���
0 mother, cut out that sort of thing.
Tin nearly four years old.
The Mosquito V'ar
Dr. Ah ah H. Doty, formerly health
officer of tho port of New York, in.t
recent interview declares that the
work of mosquito-extermination has
made good progress lately. On-Sla-
ten Island the pests have diminished
80 per cent., and on the Long Island,
New Jersey, Connecticut nnd Massachusetts coasts the reduction has beeiv
about 40 per cent.
Corns cause much suffering, but Hot-
loway's Corn Cure offers a speed,'*,
sure, and satisfactory relief.
Formerly the Alaskan Indians dressed in blankets, and some of tlie well-
to-do wore those of great beauty, say*
the Progressive Teacher. These gorgeous coverings were mado by lhe .
Chllkat tribe of Indians, who aro the.
weavers of Alaska. The blankets are
made from the wool of mountain goait��
which Is dyct, in brillh.nt colors, uni
woven Into fancy designs. The borders
are rich .end heavy, and finished on on��
side by a dee.) fringe almost aa wide
as the blanket itself. They arc .-.till
worn on all public occasions and command ir. price as much as $100.
"A Perfect Woman Nobly Planned
To Warn, to Comfort and Command"
Nature never Intended woman to be delicate, ailing, or a sufferer from
"nerves." Women in middle age complain of "hot flashes." Many
women suffer needlessly Irom girlhood to womanhood, and from motherhood to middle life, with backache, or headache, dizziness, (aintness, or
bearing-down sensations. For a permanent relief from these distressing
symptoms nothing is so good as*
as a soothing and strengthening ner- The "Favorite   Prescription"
vine-allaysand subdues nervous excitability. I�� known everywhere and for oyer 40 years at
Irritability, nervous exhaustion, and other ';��"> **$^A*S2f&J%i&tJ%$��*u' ?'
.ti.��.���.*;���.�� ...��.��,��.. M��.mAni.. ... j..a women. Your dealer In medictnes sells It in
distressing symptoms commonly attendant {fquid()r tatbletform; oryoucansendMone-
upon fundional and organic diseases of the c��nl ,tamD$ fot a trial bote oi Dr. Pierce's
feminine organs.   It induces refreshing sleep Favorite Prescription tablets.   Address Dr.
ami relieves mental anxiety and despondency. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce'* Pleasant Pellets regulate and Invigorate
stomach, liver and bowel*.  Sugar-coated, tiny granules. wm
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Grtoukctttlnrttn n...l puryatlv��i  Tliry ir#
brutaMiarui-unneccuary. Try
Purely voifctablc. Act
nenllyoa tha liver
raotbetltc teti*
uftheli iwel
C.irc> Con-
ticse, ...   ��� .
Su-A Ue.-t.hilf- and fmfawtton, ns million*, know.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine muei bear Signature
atasu'ance    ineorpi',��i.j uss      Compa y
<  tf^A WV
111IMW FstViini potitty c >i tmCll if" llir licit for pitrtrctim,
i��nim-��i, i�� envida hintfo for liquidating reoftsagM* ct&
Montr la Labi
VMeHdw (v tnntl giv 113 eiti.81 ttilifo or ipin time
\��!', ���ail'itn'.i. m (J lien, Winnipeg, Edmonton, SrVattmi,
Viau' r:r ar la If* J O.li'.', Toronto
SKSs'l "ln'" lmn nuNBOWNwooTTimtunJ
'SaWS   """ ''���""""��� Hl.AiwhH, HBRV0V1 DIBIAKt,
sen. for ny FRCC b.iok.   1 lire must instructiVI
i^'c*'-l,0o,"l!v""��'"lr'''l'-".��TSI.l.s All. aboul iIibii
THERAPION ?.����?;
-IK a flu rwurtlrturvoua. own ailment. Don'tsaBdaoaat.
la-ulijtalrl'KEK. No'Mloirw'clrciilirs. U�� LSCtsS
WANTED at once
Persons to wot-lt tor us
... spare titno at home. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLOR-
.NG 'PROCESS Baoy and fascinating
tfnrlc'. Good pay. No canvassing. Write
.'or trtstructinns ffree).
JI5 College Street. Toronto, Canada,
Mas. Wihslow's Soothino Svrup has been
-ned ktrover SIXTY YHAKB by MILLIONS of
'�� the best remedy for DIARKHCliA. It is ab-
��lutelv harmless, Be sure aud ask for "Mrs,
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," aud take 10 other
'xiud.' Twenty-five cetits a bottle.
Somclhlim   better   tiian   linen   nnd   no
sundry  bills.      Wash it  with soap and
* titer.     All stores or direct. State stylo
���nd size.      For 2Gc.   we will  mall vou.
S3 Fraser Avenue. Toronto, Ontario
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action,   Insist on the
"Otto Higel"
Piano Action
Swedenborff's great work on Heaven and Hell
and the life after death. 400 pages, only 25 cents
postpaid.       H.Uw 4MtucliiAta.,Tor��ita, Oat,
A Sweet Refrain
Bacholoi���Before the wedding you
'.old me that married life would te
��6 'grand sweet song.
Benedict (gloomily)���Yes, and since
Uien' I have found it h one grand
:>weet refrain.
Benedict���Yes; my wife insists that
1 refrain from cards, refrain from
Fmoking, and refrain from the club.
Tight Skirts in Emporia
An Emporia girl met a friend the
Miter day and said: Why weren't you
��t the party last night? The friend
replied: Oh, I had a dreadful accident.
! sat on the lawn and a mosquito hit
me, -and I could not get my ne'f skirt
On over the bite.
k PILLS '/
la     la-.lrSs.tCV      \}y.      J
50c. a I:ox or six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Comppr.y, l.ln-.lted, Toronto,
W. N. U. 966
Lord Mayor Appeals to London Times
to Raise Money to Make it Public
At tlie urgent request of the Lord
Mayor of London, sir David Burnett,
Thu London ' lines im- undertaken to
raise $150,000 to save the Crystal Palace Which he Court Of 1'hancery had
ordered sold by auction, a'ul make ft i
palace iiuil its grounds, covering some
'20O acres, public property Instead of
being split up into building lots.
For nearly two years the present
Lord Mayor ami two predecessors had
been seeking to raise $1,150,0011 neces-
hiiry to make the purchase, and despairing of completing the fund, Sir
David Burnett appealed i the London
Times to open lis columns for sub
sci'lhilona to the amount of $450,000,
lhat being bis estimate of the balance
he will be unable to obtain. The Times
responded to the anpetvl with the explanation:
So far as we are a war J The Times
lias never before, In nfl Its ions history
mado so direct an appeal to lis readers Cor tt large sum of money for an
liuporliint untlniiiil object as we make
today. But the olrcumstanees arc n-
usiial and Hn ens;', iii our opinion, as
oogenl as it is Intrinsically good,
King Qeorgo promptly subscribed
$l,ooo, Queen Mnry $500 and Queen
Alexandra $500.
Lord Plymouth, whose means and
public spirit enabled him to advance
the $1,150,000 needed Ij preserve the
property, wive $25.ooi).
A private citizen, whose Identity Is
it, remain unknown except, to the Lord
Mayor and The Times, offered to contribute ten shillings for every sovereign subscribed by I lie end c. a certain
month, limiting his responslb'llty Iu
this respect, however, to $150,000.
The Times gave $5,000, the Duke of
Westminster *r��.ooo. VV. Perkins Ball
$5,000, the Uoihscliiltls $1,250, and further iarga and small sums were soon
:i titled.
The other i.ewspapers of Kngland
immediately rallied to lite support of
The Times, and the prospect Is favor-
aible for speedily securing Crystal Palace for the l ation.
Requisite on the Farm���Every farmer and stock-raiser should keep a supply of Dr. Thomas' Eeleetric OU on
band, not. only ns a ready remedy for
ills in Ihe family, but because it is
a horse and cattle medicine of great
potency. As a substitute for sweet
oil for' horses and cattle affected by
colic it far suipasses anything that
can be administered.
Only a Difference in the Kind
Professor Nichols, a famous physicist, during the recitation of a fresh-
mau class ln natural philosophy, observed a tall, lanky youth in the rear
seat, his head in a recumbent position, his body in a languid pose, his
eyes half closed, and his legs extended
far out. Ho was either asleep or
about tc lose consciousness.
Mr. aicardo, said tho scientist, you
may recite.
The freshman opened his eyes slowly. He did not change his somnolent
Mr. Rica.do, what is work?
Everything is work, was the drawling reply.
What?     Everything Ib work?
Yes, sir.
Then I take it you would like the
class to believe ;hat this desk is work?
Yes, sir, replied the youth wearily,
wood work.
Meeting r. Negro, a certain soutnem
gentleman asked him how he was getting on. . .
The Negro assumed a t'.oubled ,ook
and replied:
Oh, so far'n physlcality goes, I m all
right, but I sure do have ma troubles
wlf ma wife.
Well, Sam, I'm sorry '.o i.ear that.
What seems to be the matter?
She thinks money grows on trees,
I reckon. All the time she keeps on
pestering me foh pinch o' change. If
it ain't a dollah, It's a half or a quarter she wants.
What on earlh does she do with the
money ?
I duntio.     Ain't nevah give her none
yet. |_4
Tommy's Aunt���Won't you have another piece of cake. Tommy ?
Tommy (on a visit) - No, I thank
you. ,
Tommy's Aunt���You seem to be suffering from loss of appetite.
Tommy���That, ain't loss o.' appetite.
What I'm suffering from is no' teness.
Lime in Water
In answer to a communication from
a lay correspondent, who expresses
his belief that the lime in common
water has mucii to do with the bringing on of old age, the Lancet says
that while that opinion is common,
it is of course, fatuous. To those
people who believe that watc is the
only possible channel by which lime
salts are convey:d to the organism
the writer says: Lime salts are inseparable from the common, everyday articles of food, so that if hard
water were left out of the dietary
there would still be secured a large
dietary intake of lime salts, which
could miy be avoided by a hunger
Canadian  Peace Centenary
The Canadian Peace Centenary As
socltitlon Is now actively at work or
goatling Provincial Committees and
prosecuting Its campaign for the com
ing celebration of one hundred years
of peace between the Ur'iisli Empire
and tho United Slates.
K. It. Scammell, the organizing secretary, has Just returned from a brief
visit to the Maritime Provinces, where
the movement has been most cordially received, ln New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia nud Prince Edward iBlatid
strong Provincial Committees aro being formed, and there is every inclica-
(It ni of a large and growing Interest.
Mr. Scammell will visit Manitoba,
Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, with a view to considerably enlarging tlie membership of tho Association, and securing lire active co-operation of tlie Provincial Governments
and Iho leading professional and business men tn lhe four Western provinces. As this celebration will be
more Hum ti gathering and detnon-
strallon it Is desired It, secure the assistance of iho Educational authorities, Churches, National Soclelies, Women's Organizations and Labor Unions.
lu addition to the Canadian Association I here are two others at work, one
lu the United States and one In Great
Britain, both of which havo extensive
programmes,    Sir Edmund Walker is
President of the Canadian Association,
Mr. Andrew Carnegie chairman of tho
American, and Ut. Hon. Bart Grey, late
Governor General of Canada, chairman
of ihe iiriiisit Committee.
Forty-Sixth Anniversary of Great Ammunition Company
Just, forty-six years ago, with the
spirit of reconstruction then abroad in
the land as a moving influence, began
the llrst successful manufacture of
metallic cartridges in the United
iitates. Somo while before, when
Journeying through the West, Marcel-
lits Hartley had seen a roughly made
melallic shell or case made to contain
the charge of a gun and had given this
idea considerable thought. After the
Civil War some ten years later, realizing the importance of metallic cartridges for the new breech loading
arms, Mr. Hartley's firm bought up the
plants and patents of several unsuccessful factories and on AugtiBt 9th,
1867, the Union Metallic Cartridge
Company was incorporated, ; half century after the first Remington gun was
made at Uion, N.Y. .
In the 50's, skin cartridges and those
of parchment and linen holding the
powder and bullet and percussion caps
had been made, together with a few
inferior rim fire cartridges', but now
came this new industry wore important than all the rest combined. A
mechanical genius was sought and
found In the person of Alfred G. Hobbs
whose master skill had brought him
the $1,000 in gold offered by the English Government for the man who
could pick the lock of the bank of
England. Nearly all the special machines required were the inventions of
Mr. Hobbs. At first, rim Are cartridges were turned out, but with Col.
Berdan's revolutionary Invention of the
primer, central Are cartridges became
the bulk of the output. The far-famed primers developed by the Remington U.M.C. experts have, enabled the
company's ammunition to go through
all climatic conditions and prove absolutely normal lu any test.
In 1873 equipment for making shotgun shells was installed and in the
early 80's shotgun loads were supplied.
As our readers well know the two
great companies, the Remington Arms
Com; any and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company, amalgamated several
years ago, and since have reee- doing
business as one.
Good Dope
Boost when you can, and when you
Close down    you.-   own   talk-makt-g
For. though  it sounds queer, I'll admit,
No knocker ever made a hit.
Ethel, didn't I see you out walking
yesterday with Mr. Wombat?
You -..Id not. I have no acquaintances below the taxicab mark.
Easy to Get Along With
How  are  yoti   getting  along  with
your neighbors?
Fine. They don't, foem to care what j
our children do to theirs. j
From the captain of industry to the
hod carrier���from milady in the auto to
the woman with the scrubbing brush���
the accomplishments of every one of ua
depend absolutely on the accomplish,
incuts of our stomachs. Backed by a
good digestion, a man .can give the best
that is in him. When his stomach fails,
lie becomes a weakling.
To this loss of power no one need
submit. Right habits of eating,
drinking, sleeping and exercise, aided
by Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets, will
restore and maintain the full efficiency
of the human mind and body.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets contain
the active principles needed for the
digestion of every kind of food. They
go to the assistance of the weakened
stomach, and enable the sufferer, right
from the start, to assimilate aud get tha
benefit of the food eaten. With this
assistance, the digestive organs regain
their tone, and soon the use of the tablets
Is no longer necessary.
If your stomach is not working properly, try Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets.
Soc. at your druggist's. National Drug
and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
Montreal. <���**,
NoflDisagreeable Odor in    f-is.;
Hot Weather because the re
is No Turpentine
Easy to Use, Good for tho Shoes
Daily  Market  Letter and Sample (ira'n  Bags,
Send us your name and adun'Ss and  we will
put you on our mailing list    it's free,    I et us
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to H'-iiin^ und grading "f all
cars. Our Car Tfaelng and Claim Departments worli In our
clients' Interests. Wo hove, every facility tor prompt servloo and
we Ket best results for shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of sample bags and deal wllh n
firm whose business b|ls h ' built np by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital, $150,000
Reference!",    any     Bank
Commercial Agency.
Muscallonge, Pike and Pickerel are
all Closely Related.
Three divisions of the pike family
are known lo anglers, and these are
named muscallonge, pike and pickerel. The gainest of the group, of
course is the muscallonge, and students claim that two varieties are
found, This may or may not bo
true, but they confuse the Great
Northern pike with the muskle in
many parts of the country.
In this section we generally consider the niuscallonge as the largest
member of the pike family as specimens as large as 100 pounds have
been reported, but In Europe the common pike often runs to a corresponding size.
Muscallonge, pike and pickerel of
course, are all more or less stellar
ln shape, and their fins are of the
same number, the base body coloring
of green or yellow also being similar in the different species. In all
too, the belly color ranges from white
to cream. But this is as far as the
similarity goes.' In the muscallongo
the body markings are always and
invariably a dark brown or black and
are either round spots or vertical
blotches, according to one well
known author.
St. Isidore, P.Q., Aug. 18, 1904.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,���I have frequently usef
MINARD'S LINIMENT and also prescribe It for my patients always with
the most gratifying results, and I con-
alder It the best all-round Liniment
Yours truly,
Professional Criticism
At a banquet of New 1'ork newspaper meu recently, a story wus tol-d to
exemplify ,he pride with which every
man should take in the work by which
he makes a living.
Two street sweepe:s. seated on a
curbstone, wero discussing a comrade
who had died tho day befor..
Bill certainly was a good sweeper,
said one. Yes, conceded the otlwr.
thoughtfully, but ���don't you think he
was a little weak arotti. 1 the Ixmo
There was a travelling man once
who found himself short of fu: ds. His
first thought, of course, was to wire
his firm, which he did. In a night
letter he explained the situation and
How shall I act?
The next morning he got a day message, which was nothing if not illuminative.
Act as if you were broke.
There wns t cow on the track. The
shoe drummer, who had geen cutting
cards for the cigars, beckoned to the
Boy, 13 that cow still on the track?
Yeas sir.
How fast is the train moving?
'Bout fo' miles an houah while de
eow am on de track.
And how fast is the cow going?
'Bout five miles an houah, sah.
Well, here ls a quarter. Take a few
yards of rope up to the engineer and
tell hm to hitch the train to the cow.
We might make make better time.
I understand Harry, remarked the
acquaintance, that your wife has started to practice economy. The missii3
was saying something about it last
Yes, replied Harry, she is practicing
economy, all right, and if your wife is
thinking of taking a turn in the same
direction you had better get busy and
head her off before it is too late.
I don't understand you, Harry, s.iht
the acquaintance, with a perplex ?1
expression. I should regard economy
as something to commend.
Yes, was the smiling rejoinder of
Harry, but not when your wife is buying your shirts at three for a dollar
so that she can get herself a $20 hat.
Mabel (apropos of ;iow evening
dress which has just arrived from the
dressmaker)���Oh, mother, how lovely!
Do wear it tonight.
Mother���No. dear, not tonight. This
is for when ladles and gentlemen come
to dinner.
Mabel���Mother, dear, do let's pretend just for once that father's a gentleman.
Sleeplessness.���Sleep Is the ..great
restorer .and to he deprived of it is
vital loss. Whatever may be the
cause of it, indigestion, nervous derangement or mental worry, try a
course of Parmelee's Vegetable PilU.
By tegulatlng the actio- of the stomach, where the trouble lies, they will
restore normal conditions and healthful sleep will follow. They evert ���
sedative force upon the nerves and
where there is unrest, they.bring re.L
Senator Ashurst, of Arizona, the other day discussed a fellow senator who
had geen sitting on the political fence
with great skill for months. Every
one suspects his true position, but no
one can probe it. It reminded Ashurst of the incident that followed the
kidding of Jesse James, the outlaw.
A stranger entered the morgue, said
Ashurst, and raising his hat politely,
addressed thy morgue keeper.
Sir, said he, would you do me a
great favor? Will you permit me to
see all that is mortal of the honorable
Jesse James?
Sure, said the morgue keeper. He
walked to the marble Elab and pulled
out the dead robter. The stranger
gazed earnestly. Then, replacing his
hat, he started to leave.
One moment, said tho morgue keeper. Why did you call the dead man,
tha honorable Jesse James?
Because, sa'd the stranger. I wasn't
quite certain he was dead.
An Oversight
My home for cats is not a success.
I have provided gocd food, nice sleeping quarters and yet the cats are not
You are shy on amusement features,
old man. You haven't provided any
back fence.
Confidence in
the efficacy of this thoroughly tried
home remedy is never misplaced. In
every way���in health, strength, spirits and in looks���women find themselves   better  after timely nso of
S��td everywhere.    Ia boies, 25 cntfc The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated 1869
Capital Paid Dp |11,S60,000        Reserve and Undivided Profits $13,000,000
Payable In all putts ol the world
Special attention given ti> Savings Department aud Transactions ol Ordin-
nry Banking Business by mail
(."IMltf.Kl.ANl> BRANCH   -    I). M. MORRISON, Mer.
Dry Goods
Showing this week special bargains lu
carpet etuis ami curtain cuds
The Courtenay Review
And Comox Valley Advocate
A Weekly  Newspaper,   Published  at
Courtetiay, H C.
N. II. Iloin-N, Editor and Proprietor
Subscription 11 60 per Year in Advance
Tlie members of Courtenay
Orange Lodge no 1.S59 intend holding a concert in the Opera House
on Wednesday evening next Nov 5
A good programme, consisting: of
songs, dialogues, readings etc. will
be given. After the concert a
dance will be held Admission to
concert 50 cents Children 25 Dance
75 cents Ladies free.
Road Superintendent Wilmshurst tested lhe bridge one day
last week by driving tlie 5 ton auto
truck loaded with nearly 4 tons
of gravel across it several times and
this should convince the most skeptical that the bridge is safe. Yet
it is not advisable for people who
are iu a hurry to drive over it faster than a walk unless they wish to
pay a substantial fine.
On Friday evening November 7th
tbe first of the series of entertainments to ha given by tlie race
track committee to raise funds to
pay off thu- indebtedness on the
track will be held in the Opera
House in the form of a basket social and dance. Vou tire cordially
invited. Nu pains will be spared
to give the patrons a pleasant evening.
The new United States tariff, admitting Canadian cattle free, appears to bo affecting tlie cattle trade
of Western Canada. Wednesday
night a special stock train of 20 cars
containing 400 head of steers from
the MeClay ranch, Bassano,
Alberta, passed over the boundary
destined for Chicago. Another
train of 20 cars arrived at the boundary the next day
New post-ofhees have been opened in British Columbia as follows:
Oualicttm Beach to be served three
times a week from Parksville; Woden River to be served fortnightly
from Masset; Smittaers, to be served,
via Prince Rupert on Thursdays and
Sundays. From Smithers mails .
will be despatched tor Prince Ru-'
pert on Thursdays and Sundays.
The following postoffices have
been closed: Allford Bay, Ground
Hog, Stoveley, Kennfalls, Kims-
quit, Manson Creek, Schooner Passage and Saltair. The nam! of
Brickenridge postoffice has been
changed to Remo.
Carpet Ends
51 Inches in length in Tapestry, Brussels
ami Wiltons Irom 75c, to $1.50 each
We Invite Your Inspection ot (lur
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods
Carpet Squares
Samples 54 inches square (rout 11,00 tu
2.50 each.
New Goods Coming in on Every Boat
Prices as I.ow as the Lowest
Chas. H. Pigott
Last Monday night ivas Author's
night at the Debating Society.
Next Monday evening officers for
the ensuing term will be elected.
An interesting paper will be read.
200 Lace Curtain Ends
One   yard   nnd   a Pali   to   two yards iu
length, is cents each,
The opening of the new Bevan
sehoolhouse was the occasion of a
most enjoyable conceit and dance
last Wednesday evening, which was
well attended. Tlie talent displayed by the artistes was a revelation
to many. Mr. Spruston acted as
After III'1 concert   a   dance   was
held ai which dainty and abundant
refreshments were served,
The following is tlie programme:
Overture Bevan String Hand
Song Mrs. I'. Myers
"Dark koclmagar"
Recitation Mr. il. Davidson
"The Irish Schoolmaster"
Sou;,' .Mr. j. O'Connor
"The Paper Bag Cookery"
Song Selected Miss I.ungslow
Clog Dance.., Mr. Hugh Brennan
Song "Sweethearts" A. Ward
Recitation. ..Selected...Mrs. 11. Murphy
Song..  ."Thorn" Mr. T. Parkinson
Song.. "Blue lives".. .Miss K. Spruston
Mr. Ferdinand Honevton
Mr. H. Murphy
Mrs. Ferdinand Honeyton
Mrs. II. Murphy
Scene: Breakfast in Turtledove Villa
Song Selected Mrs. V���   Wells
Song Selected Mr, J. Coffey
Recitation Mr. T. Parkinson
"The I/ifeboat"
Song M, A Chisholm
"The Preacher"
Stump Speech .Mr. R. M. Murray
Song Mr. 1'. Bettiker
"The Old Mill Stream"
Mrs. E. Wells. Accompanist,
Latest novelties  iu   Infants foot wear,
ladies,      misses     aud     childrens     felt
A large assortment of   Fiderdown   flannels in plaid self colours and fancy stripes
suitable for kimonas and childrens coats
65 aud 75cts per yard
A complete range of ladies and childrens
underwear, sweaters arid sweater coats,
Comforters, blankets, flannelette sheets
nml pillows
No. 8 Mine Townsit
In our previous ads we omitted to state  the size of these  lots
is i 4 to 1-2 acre each with frontages
60 to 80 feet by 120 feet deep
Prices $150.00 to $225.00
Easy Terms or a Good Discount for All Cash
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full working order in 3 months time
You will be on easy street in buying these because the price
and location is right.    Lastly but not least it is the White
Man's Abode,    We do not sell to Asiatics
British Columbia Investments, Ltd.
Mens Department
Sweater Coda
We can fill every requirement in the best
hand-knitted sweater coats that it is
possible to obtain and in the most popular stvlcs. We have them in all shades
and combinations.   Prices 53.0(1 to #8.50
Mens Overcoats matte from tlie finest
imported tweeds and cheviots and made
in this seasons designs. A large variety
of colorings in all sizes. Values from
$S.OO to $35.00
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popular    Currie    Raincoat.     No    finer
material displaced  in Waterproofs anywhere.    Price $8.50 to #25.00
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and flannelete shirts are of  exceptional
merit and  will wear.    Prices ranging
from $1.25 to $4.00
We have   a complete stock in   Curdroy
pants, also  MacKinan coats, shirts and
pants, oil clothing, gum boots, all rubber
goods, etc., etc.
For Fall Wear
Mens and Youths Heavy, Medium
and Light Woollen Underwear,
Woollen and Cashmere Sox, Dress
and Working Trousers, Light and
Heavy Raincoats, Winter Shirts, Etc.
Sole agents for Up-To-Date Tailored Suits, tailored
and guaranteed by the
FEED !        FEED !        FEED!
A large stock of shorts, bran, crushed oats, hay and poultry
feed for sale at exceptionally low prices
Phone 32
The   Corner   Store,   Sandwick
A fine selection of Dinner Sets, open stock patterns
just arrived
First-class Groceries and Dry Goods
Leave your order with us  for Good Hard Dry
Onions for family use
Prompt Delivery
5 per cent, off for Cash
Telephone 4
Sandwick, B. C.
Single Comb Rhode Island Reds
I have a few cockerels left. Thev are from the
best strain on the Island, are fully developed and
in the very best of condition. Anyone knowine
this famous breed will appreciate the chance to
get a really good strain into their flock. Call
early as they will sell quick at the price. Will
deliver in Courtenay if desired. Write or come
and see for yourselyes. Price $2.50 each,
Kye Bay
Acadia Trust Co.
Acts as Trustees, Administraters of Estates, General
Financial Agents, Real Estate, Mortgages,
Loans, Insurance, Etc.
4 % Paid on Deposits    j
Property owners of the Comox Valley are specially
invited to Bst their real estate with this Company ���w
Its >
aW'f*"*;-!' *wto.**wBs
We beg to atinouticc that we have just received one of
the finest lines of Undertaking and Embalming Supplies
ever  shown   in B. C��� tonsisting of   Caskets.  Collins,
Burial Robes, Etc., Etc.
We are graduates iu Anatomy, Sanitary Science, and the
Science of Embalming, and are prepared to do  Embalming for Export or Domestic  Burial, in the most scientific
manner. Calls answered day or night
Respectfully submitted,
The Furniture & Undertakins Co.
.'jssm.~M.m^EiJExxm:A:A &?.
kiXEtsiz. sm;ctgwaasa.'
If You get it at PLIMLEY'S It's All Right
Take Advantage of the Open Country
It's at your door when you ride
Anybody wbo bas ever ridden a bicycle can master the Indian ii live
nt|nutes.    You need no mechanical knowledge or skill.    You need only
I to become faniilar with tlie control devices, and in tlie Indian  they are
very simple.    A twist of tbe wrist applies  anil releases tbe power, and
absolute control is assured at all times.
The leading  feature  of the  1913 models is  tbe Cradle  Spring Frame.
.There are several models ranging ill price from $290
Thos. Plimley
I    739 Yates St. Victoria, B. C.
T. T. GRIEVES iRiversiae Hotel
Builder & Contractor
! Jungalow Specialist
Plans and Estimates Free
3ox 124      Courtenay
|R. Athey
Contractor and Builder
'.;  Plans and Estimates Supplied
on Short Notice     ;
. ��~
Stage meets all Boats
Telephone  29
Day or Night
Oscar W. Davis
Comox, B. C.
' Beit. Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors and Cigars
C. A. Martin,  Prop.
Bar Supplied with the Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars
Travellers Always Made Welcome
O. H. FECHNER, Prop.
A mSeliug of tlie Campbell River
Co iservative Association was held
at that point on Friday evening
Oct 24 ia'the Willows Hotel.
i    The meeting was '.'ailed to order
,ly Mr. W. A. Milne wbo acted as
chairman and Dr. T, II. Jwniesou
I was elected as temporary secretary.
Thirty-five new members were
enrolled and the chairman called ou
R. C. Bertau'x to address the tncet-
l ing;, The benefits of organization
were stated in clear and convincing
language by the speaker who took
occasion to refer laughingly to the
Liberal- Democratic party proposed
by Mr. Ralph Smith as snowing the
desperate straits to which the Liberals were now reduced. He also
nave notice of the meeting called
for the 15th of November at Shoal
Bay. Dr, Janiieaon who was the
uexl speaker said that the prospects
of the party were never so promising as at present. I lis remarks
concerning'tile Naval Policy of lhe
I Government  were   received   with
great applause.
Resolutions were passed dealing
1 with organization matters and after
the chairman Mr. Milne had payed
a glowing tribute to the conscientious and able manner in which H.
S. Clements and Mr. Manson had
represented the Constituency. The
meeting went on record ns expressing tlieir appreciation of these gentlemen to represent their Constituents in so efficient a manner and
assure them of the continual support and influence of the Campbell
River Conservatives.
Mr. Berteaux called attention to
the good work that had been done
many sections of the Province by Mr.
J110. B. Wilhamsou the popular
secretary of the B. C. Conservative
Association and a hearty vote of
thanks w��s tendered him for the
manner in which he had always
looked after the intrests of small local Associations
The following officers were elected for the following year:��� Hon.
Pres. H. S. Clements M. P. Hon.
Vice Pres. M. Manson M. P. P.
Pres. Chas. Timlin, Vice Pres. J.
Smith, Sec. Treas. Dr. T. H. Jam-
ieson, Executive committee:���Andrew Johnson, Chas. McDonald,
A. Falamcan, J. Forbes, T. Verdier
J. Knight, F. Nunn, Wm. Crawford. The meeting then adjourned
to meet at the call of the president.
port augusta hoteli First-Gass Plumbing
Comox, li. C. ��
���, . .       . , .,       ,, Hot Water and Steamfittiu'
First-class   Accommodation.    Besti .    . _  wis-   i
Quality Wines Liquors aud Cigars! Jackson & Whittle
R.  McCuish, Prop. j Phone 9 Courtenay
Potter's Pool Room
J. POTTER, Proprietor
J.   E.   ASTON
Basement Willard Block
Loggers Hoots nml Shoes Made
Repairing  Nciitly and  Promptly   Done
Estate of Walter S. McPhee, Deceased
All persons having claims against the
above estate are requested to  furnish
particulars thereof, and all persons iu-
(lelitcd thereto are requested to pay the
amount of such claims to the undersigned at once.
Agenfor Executrix.
Union St., Courtenay,
July 24, 1913.
C. W.  Shannon
Estimates Furnished Free of Charge^
Shannon Block,     Courtenay
Express  and Cokely & Ferris
***��� ^^���t ^m a| **���   ax*a, .J ^J t
Dray Stables
Dominion and B. C.
Land Surveyors
Plastering Contractor
Cement Work a Specialty
��ubicribe for The  Review
Sub-division Work
a Specialty
Courtenay - B. C.
Palace Livery
& Feed Stable
Horses and Buggies for Hire at
Reasonable Bates
We also attend to wood hauling
Courtenay Phone i*
In tha Matter of the Estate of
Andrew Byron Crawford, Deceased.
Notice is herehy given that all debts
due the above mentioned Estate must be
paid forthwith. Payment of such debts
must be made at the office of the Acadia
Trust Company Minded at Courtenay
I!. C.
Executors  and trustees of above-mentioned estate.
Executrix and trustee of the above-mentioned estate.
May 14, 1913.
The southern end of Graham
Island one of the Queen Charlotte
group was shaken by an earthquake
phock which lasted 10 seconds at 7
o'clock on the morning of Oct. 18.
Heating and
Electric Wiring
Allan & Drinkwater
Next to Royal Bank
Ed. Wilson
Carpenter and Builder
Moving Buildings a Specialty
COURTENAY     -     B. C.
Sibley & Pollock
Contractors & Builders
Artistic Bungalows a Specialty
Masonry and Brickwear of every descrip'
tion.       Plans furniseed
Estimates Free
All Work Guseanteed
B. C.
R.  N.  Fitzgerald
Contractor and Builder
Plans  and   Estimates Furnished,
First   Class   Workmanship and
Materials Guaranteed
Established Resident of Courtenay
I have on hand about 13 suits of
mens clothes, sizes 36 to 40 which
will be offered at $16, $18 ond $20
per suit, and prices of pants $4.50
$5, $6 and $7 per pair These are
all 35 per cent, less than regular
T. D. Hinds
Board of Trade Building
Union St. Courtenay
Manufacturers of
High-Grade Havana Cigars. "Monarch"
and "Oak Brand"
For Sale at All Hotels
619 Johnson St.        Victoria
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and
Shoe Shining done by the
Courtenay Cleaners
W. L. SCOTT, Prop.
Next door to the Butcher Shop
The Courtenay Hotel
Every Convenience for Guests
The Central Hotel for Sportsmen
Nfonj but ths BEST WINES an
LIQUORS at the Bar
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       C isin ��� Excellen
Wm. Merryfic'd
I Proprietor
Waverley Hutel
Cumberland, ]!. C.
Best  of  Liquors  and  Cigar5,   Hot  and
Cold Water, Baths, *..���.
FRANK DALLAS, Proprietor
"Mac's" Billiard
and Fool Room
Basement McPhee i lock
Cigars, Tobacco, Soft Drinks
and Candy
5 Passenger Stoddart-Dayton
Motor Car For
A. J. MARSHALL, Ownsr and Driver
Phone   36
Union St.     Courtenay
Jos. Barrie
Dealer in
Choice Fruits,
Soft Drinks
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland
Tlje Star
Livery Stable
Livery and team work promptly at-
I       tended to.   All kinds of
hauling done
Ii     First-Class Buggies for Hire
Alex. Maxwell, Prop,
We have now on display the finest assortment of Rifles and
Shotguns in the Comox Valley,  including all of the best and
popular makes, and at the lowest prices*  Come ln and inspect
our stock
Single Barrell Shotguns from $7.50 up
Double Barrell Shotguns from $14.00 up
Marlin; Stevens, Savage and Winchester Rifles.   Cartridges
in all the popular calibers
COURTENAY     -     and     .      CUMBERLAND
1 High Class Job Printing at
The Review Office
OUR type and machinery equipment is
complete.    We make a specialty of
good work���the kind you are proud of
and like to tell your friends about
Classy letterheads, cards, folders, etc.,
as well as the larger work���we are
there, gentlemen, and you will never
quit us if we get one chance at your
Direct from tlie  Heney Manufacturing Co., 'ol Montreal, �� ear  load of
Buggies, Democrats and
Express Waggons
Also a Quantity of Extra
Wheels, Shafts and Buggy Poles
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Suld at the Lowest Possible I'rice
Geo. Leighuon
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder
COURTENAY   -   ���   B. C.
Stoddart, the Jeweler
Is now located where he gets the most business
You all know where?
The future business center of the
Comox District
New Courtenay post caids, finest
selection by first class photographer
at Peacey's.
Mr. Sutherland from Australia
is acting 3rd operator for a time at
Cape Lazo.
Mr. George Carwithan is building Mr. G. li, Rates' summer cottage at Kye Bay.
Mr. H. C. V. Popham returned
to Summers on last Tuesday's Cowichan after spending a few months
in the Comox Valley.
Mr. Edwards Superifitendant of
of the Government Wireless station |
in Canada paid a visit to Cape Lazo
last week coming to Comox in the
Fishery cruiser William Joliffe.
Miss Whitman formtr school
teacher at Grantham and now at
Fanny Bay spent the week end and
Thanksgiving dav as guest of Mr.
and Mrs. G. R. Bates at Kye Bay.
Mr. Lyman Hart has the contract
for supplying the lumber for the
new Condensory at Courtenay.
Earl Roberts, on his 8ist birthday
was asked to give a message to the
nation, This, in part-, is what he
wrote.'' The words I am speaking today are the result of earnest thought
and practical experience, but, fellow-citizens and fellow-Britishers,
citizens, of this great and sacred
trust, this Fmpire, If these were j
my last and latest words. I still
should say to you, 'Arm yoursel-
Tes!' And if I put to myself the
question, How can I, even at this
late and solemn hour, best help,
Britain?��� Britain that to me has:
been so much. Britain that for
me has done so much���again I
answer, 'Arm and prepare to quit
yourselves like men, for the day of
your ordeal is at hand.' I have
commanded your armies in peace
and in war. In my early years, as
in my middle life, and now in these
my latest years, I have felt to the
quick the glories accompanying the
armies of the past across every battlefield.
Feed and Livery
Heavy Teaming Promptly Attended to
:      R. MacQUILLAN, Prop.
Phone 7
Union St. Courtenay
Extra fine Peppermints, 25c per lb.
Courtenay Drug Store
Close at 1 p. m on Thursdays
What about those Xmas Cards?
Drop in at The Review and see
samples.       ___________
J. Maitland Dougall, city police
magistrate, returied from a visit to
Duncans on Tuesday evening.
A Jap known as Frauk, w' 0 had
been in the employ of the Waverley
Hotel, was found dead on Monday
hung to a tree on Perseverence
Road. The inquest has been adjourned. !
Mount Horeb L. 0. L. No 1676'
will celebrate Guy Fawkes day on
the evening of the 4th bv giving a
social evening in the Odd-fellows
hall. A very select programme is
being prepared for the occasion.
Refreshments will be served during
the evening and a cordial invitation
is extended to all members and
ladies of the orange association.
The Conservative Association
will in future hold their regular
meetings at the Oddfellows Hall
on the second and fourth Tuesday
of the month, in place of the first
and third as in the past. At the
meeting there were sixteen applicants for membership, and the association is in a flourishing condition. A committee was appointed
to arrange a programme for a social
evening to be held about the middle
of November,
The Mill 01
It is   worth   the time  of   any    man   who   is   in
the   market   for   lumber   to  see   us,  whether   his
order is  large  or small
We  have  in  Stock:
Also some special grades and prices which will
surprise you
A  Liberal Discount to  Cash  Buyers
Knowles ��� Smith Lumber o., Ltd.
B. t
,1 ��� ���
.    --.'
'" '  i7 1%
Kilt EDMUND W-U.KKR, C.V.O.. I.I..I)., D.C.t... I'i.-.Mi-nt
(leiu'iul Mminc-r AnHiMiunt General Manager
-      (F
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, .l3\'2,.500,000
Accounts mny be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business.   Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.        e4
W. T. WHITE, Malinger, Courtenay, Comox mil Cumlierlar.d Bra 11
Comox branch open on Tuesday, from in t<> 3
Comox Co-Cperative Society
Union Sheet
Dealers in
All kinds of Meats,
Mam, Bacon, Cooked
Meals, Fruits, Vegetables an Chicken to
order. The prices
are always right
On Friday last William Smith
was considerably under the inllit-
etice of liquor dorm at Union Bay,
and while there the Argus eyed
minions of the law at that place
spied I11111 and promptly pulled him
out of his wagon and haled him to
Cumberland goal. The next day,
instead of letting him go or giving
him a trial, he was told that he
would be "relieved of $15" and as
William hadn't that much coin
about him he was told that he
would have lo remain in quod until
someone got il for him. A responsible business man of Courteuay
was communicated with who offered
to lie responsible for the amount.
This was not accepted. lie was
peremptorily told to send up the
money and Hill would be released,
which was promptly done. Now
wliih Bid perhaps had no business
to get drunk, the constable certainly had no right to take him off his
wagon, and hale him to Cumberland and then luive him "relieved"
of his moneyjwithput a fair hearing.
This does not sound like Britisti
Fair Play, and seems most irregular.
These selutln could have been employed in unearthing the blind pigs
of which there are reported to be
several   running   full blast r.ol
thousand miles from here.
The regular meeting of the
Tsolum Lodge 110.52 K. of P.
Thursday evening at 7,30 pm. in
K. of P. hall Courteuay.
Among the guests at the Rest-
more this week are the following:
'A. B. Saymouds, II. King, A.
i Pailthorpe, Victoria. \V. S. D. Si !-
I dull, Vancouver. VV
I Anderson. J. Asslin
1 Comox. J. Hansen
I,. Trogue, G.
S.  Swanson,
J.   R.   Hill,
Timber Sale X 105
SEAI/ED TENDERS; will be received
| by the Minister of panels not later than
noon on the 24th day of November, 1913,
for the purchase of Timber Sale X 105
covering Hopper Island, Drury Inlet.
One year will 1)3 allowed for the removal of the timber.
Particulars of Chief Forester, Victoria.
B. C.
It has been truly said
that the clothes do not make the
man, but at the same time if a
man wears a Fit-rite suit he can't
help looking dressed,
and when a man looks
dressed he   looks his
This is the only
store   in   town
where you can
buy a
jgy ��ii> (i, ,-,w��.
; Phone 6
IO O M ���L
On and after November 1, next,
& Morrison's terms will be as follows:
Dry Goods,
5   per   cent.   Discount   for   Cash
Hay and Feed
Net Cash, 30 Days
Specials in Fruit this week:
Bananas, 25c. per doz.
Grapes,  10c.  per pound
wr-fi. vu W x
�� m f\irt\ in* Ttn f\\\
Jeweler, Courtenay
has engaged Chas. Simnis
latsly with O. B. Allan,
Vancouver, and 20 years
Old Country experience
Mend that Watch
of Yours
Advertise in The Review.
We have just opened up our
Fall Goods, including Shoes,
high and short legged Gum
Boots, Rubbers, Hats and
Sweaters, all the latest styles
and regular town prices
Give us a trial for your grocery order.   Phone R88 and
have your  order  delivered
right awayj
5 per cent, discounter cash
The Undersigned hereby give notice that
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford
will not be responsible for nor pay any
debts or other obligations contracted by
any person without the written order of
the undersigned.
Bkrtha Grace Crawford.
Acadia Trust Co. , Ltd,
Executrix and executors respectively of
the Estate of Andrew Byron Crawford,
June 3rd, 1913
DR.   MORRISON,   Dentist
Dr. Morrison is a graduate both of the
Chicago and Detroit Dental Colleges.
Having a central office in Courtenay he
will visit surrounding towns at regular
The   Comox   Barber  Shop
Oldest Shop in Courtenay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
Summer Drinks
Hoving Pictures
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday
By a new up-to-date electric plant
COURTENAY OPERA HOUSE _ >      O      1    O
Au Entire Change of Programme IjWan S   1 OOl.   Room
Twice weekly '
H. F. WHITTLE, Proprietor    j E. SWAN, Prop.
[The most Home-like Hotel North of���Victoria
Rates Reasonable
FABER & FABER, Props.       \
Telephone 3-5 COURTENAY, B. C.    j
?���+������������*������������������������������+*���**�����������������������������+���++*+++<���++++*+���!���++���< TIIK REVIEW. COTTRTENAY, H.C.
I ;y'i BEST Yeast in the world
An Historic Boat
Whal New Vorlter hOBn't taken a
trip mi iii" Hudson River Bteamboat
Mnry Powell? What American lias
1101 nt hast hoard th name of thli
wblt.-Iiniri'il i; 'nndmotlier ot steam-
boats? So questions thj Now York
Outlook, nu.i . nikls: She has travelled 1.164.000 miles. Sho has carried
millions cf passengers, and never lost
a lite, Sho lias been practically re-
btilll Hire- times. Now, like a veteran preparing to go on tho retired list
ih" is, i: is announced, to be relieved
from continuous service. She will
continue however, to make special
ii'ips an' some regular ones.
More Ilttlo ones die during not
weather than at nny other time of
Iho year. Diarrhoea, dysentry, cholera Infantum and stomach disorders
(���(mie without warning, and when a
medicine is not at hand lo give promptly lhe short delay . ton frequently
means thai the child has passed beyond aid. Baby's Own Tablets should
always be kept in the home whero
there are young children. An occas-
lonal done of the Tablets will prevent
rtomaoh and bowel troubles, or if tho
trouble comes suddenly the prompt use
of the Tablets will cure the baby. The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' .Medicine Co.,
Brockvlilj, Out.
Alpine Tunnels
Ily ihe forthcoming opening to traffic- of the great Loetschberg Tunnel in
Switzerland, and the mil advantages
of the S-'lmplon Tunnnel route, with
which it connects, will be available for
the first time, greatly Improving the
railway route from England and
France li Italy. Tho Loetschberg is
nine and one-quarter miles in lengt'.i
���a age tunnel, but one surpassed ty
tho St. Oothard. which is about n
quarter l.f a mile longer and the sim-
plon, twelve aud one-quarter miles in
The Output of Diamonds
Forty-five years have elapsed since
he first diamond was found in Africa
ind It Is calculated that since tlie development of the diamond mines the
world has paid more than $2,000,000,-
noo for their products. This represents a weight of 90,000,000 carats,
If tho Immense loss Erotr. theft In the
early years be taken Into consideration, and tho diamonds taken from
Brazilian mines and others in different parts of the world be added to tho
estimate, it is probable that not less
than 100,000,000 carats would be a conservative estimate of the outj. t. The
value of these In tlie rough would be
more than $760,000,000; lo this must
be added the cost ot cutting and lhe
profits to the syndicate, to Ihe exporter, to the middleman and the retailer.
Among tho most famous diamonds
are those of the royal houses of Bra-
ganza, and nmong the most valuable
of tho Braganza collection Is lhat. called the King of Portugal, which weighs
1,080 carats. It was found in Brazil
and ln.s never been cut. The most
important cut stone of Brazil ia that
called the Star of the South, which
was found by a negress in 1853. -t
was appropriated by the mine owner
who gave her in return a pension for
life. The stone was sold for $15,000,
the new owner depositing It In the
Bank ot Uio Janeiro and receiving
on this security a loan many times
greater than the value paid for the
gem. The diamond was at length
sold for ten times the amount paid.
It was finally acquired by a syndicate
and cut in oval form at a cost rf
$2,000 by a firm in Amsterdam. An
Indian Rajah offered more than half
a million dollars for It, but was refused. A lit(le later it was bought for
the Qaekwar of Baroda.
Mrs. Heck's Fondest Hopes
Realized���Health, Happiness and Baby.
Upper Lnhave, N. S., Can., ���"I wish
to thank you for the benefit I received
by taking Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for
female troubles
from which I was a
great sufferer, so
that I was completely run down in
health. Other medicine did not help
me, but Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound made
me well and strong. I now have a big,
hearty baby boy, and praise your medicine for the wond.'rful lot of good it has
done me."-Mrs. ISRAEL BECK, Jr.,
Upper Lahave, Lunenburg Co., N. S.,
The darkest days of husband and wife
are when they come to look forward to
a childless and lonely old age.
Many a wife has found herself incapable of motherhood owing to some derangement of the feminine system,
often curable by the proper remedies.
In many homes once childless there
ire now children because of the fact
lhat Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound makes women normal.
If you have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinklinm's Vegetable Compound will help you.write
to Lydia E.Plnkliam MedicineCo.
(confidential) Lynn,Mass., for advice. Vour letter will he opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict confidence.
W. N. U. 966
Conquers Asthma. To be relieved
from the terrible suffocating due to
asthma is a great thing, but to be safe
guarded for the future Is even greater. Not only does Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy bring prompt
relief but, it introduces a new era of
of life for the afflicted. Systematic
inhaling of smoke or fumes from the
remedy prevents re-attacks and often
effects a permanent cure.
A mlcroTie It an Imaginary being Invented by doctors to scare people out
of dying a natural death. Microbes
have taken the place of the evil spirits In vogue before the period when
people grew so intelligent that they
wouldn't beliove anything they didn't
Microbes come In assorted packages
and spend their entire tijie in multiplying, adding, subtracting and dividing. They multiply scrums, add to
the fears, subtract you from your money and divide all the profits among the
Just as everything was once represented by a deity, so everytLing is now
represented by a microbe. Some men
are born with microbes, some achieve
microbes, but all at some time have
mici bos thrust upon them.
Minard's Liniment for sale evervwhere
The Kite in War
Kites are to form pari of tlie regular
equipment of French warships hereafter, being classed as aeroiiautlo apparatus with aeroplnnej and dirigibles.
They will be .lowerful enough i" take
up an observer and  will  lie used tor
purposes of military observation, for
which we aro told they are vastly superior to balloons. The greater 'he
wind Ihe more easily they nre handled,
say a writer in [/Illustration.
Tlie mou.'.ted kites of Captain S'le-
ouney havo been used liy Ihe French
army for some months. Afler n long
.series of experiments, they are also
to bo usml by the navy, which has laid
out au aeronautic programme, as foi-
ows: Tlie use of aeroplanes Is lo be
limited lo coast defense. Dirigibles
of groat radius of action will be utilized for naval Bcouttng. Recourse
will be had lo lhe l.lle for lightering
iho squadron as a whole a. d for sur-
veyli.g u foreign blockaded coast,
The kite has lhe advantage thai I'"'
wind, the great, enemy of oilier aerial
devices, facilitates lis evolutions,    if
the weather Is calm. Iho ship make;
lis own wind by its motion.   A Bpeed
of 18 kno'ts is necessary lo elevat0 the
observer. These kites, dismounted
and stowed nway lu some corner, can
be mounted five minutes after being
brought to tho bridge of the ship;
while this is being done another party
makes ready ihe apparatus for sending
up. There arc required liflcen minutes for sending, gelling ready the basket, and installing tlie observer, who
remains connected with the ship by
telephone. Five minutes is nocessary
for an ascension of 1,000 feel. Ten
suffice for hauling in the tig ami slow-
lug It away.
curejor nerves
Irritable,    Hysterical.    Sleepless,    Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food Restores Health.
There ls a message in this letter for
thousands of women who are suffering
from broken-down nervous systems.
Sleepless nights, much irritability over
little things, spells of dizziness ami
nervous Bick headaches are among tlie
You may not realize the nature of
your ailment until nervous prostration
comes upon you. But, ln whatever
stage you find yourself, Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food is ready to help you.
Mrs. W. .1. May, 88 Annette street.
Toronto, writes: "Some years ago I
suffered from nervous trouble and
took Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, which
completely cured me. About six
months ago I received a shock which
again shattered my nervous system
to such an extent that I was irritable
and hysterical, and could not sleep
nights. I be.jan to use the Nerve
Food again and was not disappointed.
Improvement was apparent, from tlie
first box, and now I am entirely well."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a
box, 0 for $2.50, all dealers.
'   *��� J   1
SPORTSMEN ' ;'\T(�� - - "::-'���. *
all over Canada have        '>*��5|���-"'   '^\
RIFLE    fig.
Solid Breech Hummcrlcss-Safe
be&n quick to recognize the
thoroughbred in the new Rem*
ington*UMG high-power illdeectti
repeating rifle* V
Just the lightweight and balance for the   ^
wood j.   The action ii completely protected
by tl.c Reminston-UMC solid breach comtrucdoo
���the protruding hi mmer eliminated*
\VV will bo clad to lend yon n bpoklel ftXpWntnf
simply why Inoia futurumc m vitnl importance
lo you in your eholca ol mi ..tin
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Curtridgo Co., Windior, Ontario
Service! from Montreal, Qoston, N��w York
The cutinvd Line haa long been famous for the comfort and luxury o( He
passenger accommodation, mul lu this, ns In oilier raspoota, iho steamers
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Co.,  Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances                        Prompt Returns Best Grades
Ontario Veterinary College
Temperance Street, Toronto
Affiliated with the University of Toronto and under the control
of the Department of Agriculture of Ontario.
N, B.���Calendar on application
E, A, A. GRANGE,  V. S��� M. 8c���  Principal
Moral Clean-Up
A Sunday schapl teacher on Uie
Park Slope, la Brooklyn, told her boys
of the city's spring clean up, and ot the
admonition that oven the cellars and
backyards should be cleaned. Thence
sho drew a lesson in moral cleanliness,
telling the youngsters that while regard for outward appearance was commendable inward purity waa much
more meritorious. To make them further interested she offered a prize to
the boy who should bring the written
or printed motto that best expressed
Remember she said, that the motto
must bear especially on the necessity
for inward cleanliness���the purity tf
a heart as pure and polished i spotless gold.
Last Sunday one of the smallest of
the boys handed ln a placard printed
In big black letters.
Where did you get this? the teacher
Swiped It this morning off Tonys
bootblack stand outside the corner barroom.
The mot.o road: Shine inside.
Helping a Brother
Suddenly tho man with the chin
beard who was eating his luncheon
In a restaurant, reached across the
tablt', touched the button In the lapel
of the coat worn by the man directly
opposite him and gave him the grip of
the secret order to which both Le-
Brother, he said, I see you're in
need, and to live up to my own sworn
duty I am compelled to���
In need! Interrupted the other, in
wide-.-.yed astonishment, in need of
Of somebidy fo tell you that a knife
is not the proper implement to use
when you are eating corned beef
By prompt action half c dozen waiters quelled the disturbanc that began Immediately, but they were too
late to prevent the destruction of
about $10 worth of taVleware.
A New England mother had come
upon her eight-year-old son enjoying a
feast whereof the components were
jam, butter and bread.
Son, said the mother, don't you
think it a bit extravagant to eat butter with that fine jam?
No, ma'am, was the response. It's
economical; the piece of bread does
for both.
Looking for Pointers
Husband (..t police station)��� They
say you have caught the fellow who
robbed our house night before last.
Sergeant���Yes; do you want to see
Husband���Sure. I'd l'ke to talk to
hlni. I want to know how ho got in
without waking the wife. I've been
trying to tio that for the Inst twenty
Evidence of Expertneso
Does .hat young man understand
I think he must, replied the man
who always gives the benefit. When
he plays he sounds exactly like a piano
Mrs. Buggins���Do you darn your
husband's sockr.
Mro, Dashaway���No, I speak of them
a little mo'e profanely than that.
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Animals Make Poor Sailors
Probably many people have not witnessed the performance of animals
when on a sea journey. It would no
doubt be as interesting to watch their
antics on board ship as on the stage.
Most animals make poor sailors.
Horses and tigers suffer most of all;
they whine pitifully, and their eyes
water continually. Elephants, too,
suffer greatly, but they are very amenable to medical attention.
When the elephant falls seasick, a
bucket of fresh water, containing seven ounces of quinine and three and
one-half pints of whisky, is supplied.
Birds, howevei, delight ln sea voyages. Recently a number of English
songbirds, such as the lark and robin
were dispatched to British Columbia.
The polar bear, too, enjoys a sea
journey. Ho is described as very
gay while on beard ship. But most
other animals greatly resent sea trips.
Do not allow worms lo sap the vitality of your children. If not attended to, worms may work irreparable harm to the constitution of the
infant. The little sufferers cannot
voice their ailment, but there are many
signs by which mothers are made
aware that a dose of Miller's Worm
Powder is necessary. These powders act (illicitly and Will expel worms
from the system without nny Inconvenience to the child.
Birds Build Nests In Gourds
By hollowing out gourds and sun-
pending them from lre..s and poles, au
Illinois farmer provides nesting places
for the native American birds, the
wren and lhe bluebird, and protects
ihem from Ihe aggressive English
sparrow, which has a tendency to monopolize the desirable nesting places.
Tho gourds designed for wrens have
entrace lioles ab-ut the siz.' of a silver
quarter. This Is sufficiently large fo��
a wren to poss through but not larga
enough for a sparrow.
The bluebird is about Ihe same she
as the sparrow, so a different arrangement was necessary. TU* farmer
discovered that the English sparrows
would not use the gouris if they were
placed in the sun, but that lhe bluebirds would. Secure nesting places
were therefore provided for the latter
by suspending the gourds from poles
placed out in the open.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff
Justice James W. Gerard, at th*
Tuxedo Club, ouce defined a flirt in
a scorching epigram thai Is still remembered.       '
A flirt, he snid. is a rose from which
everybody takes a petal; the thorn" remain for the future husband.
There ls a delicious flavor about lliis
story of a Virginia lady married to a
man who. though uniformly unsuccessful in his hunting trips,, boastlugly
spoke of his Hillings.
One day, returning from a trip with
the usual accompaniment of an empty
bag, it occurred to him that bis wife
would make fun of him if he returned
without even one proof of his oft-boasted skill. So he purchased a brace of
partridges to deceive his trusting
spouse. As he threw them on the
table in front of her he observed:
Well, my dear, you see I am not so
awkward with the gun alter all.
Dick, replied the wife, turning from
the birds with a grimace, after a brief
examination, you were quite right in
shooting these birds today; tomor.ow
it would h .ve been too lite.
I had a dream the other night, said
the joker at a luncheon table recently. I dreamed I was In business with
a rich mnn, selling potted flowers. But
business waa bad and -we decided to
discontinue busi..ess, I wanted the
pots and flowers and toDk tliem.
What did the rich man want? asked
one of the guest��. innocentl/.
He wanted the earth, replied the
All He Got
Struck Wombat for a quarter just
now. A rich relative had just scut
him ten dollars and some advice.
Did he give you tlie quarter?
No; but he passed along the advice.
It w!U clean your hands thoroughly and quickly no matter how foiled they
arc ami leave them smooth
and soft. 'Ink, paint, oil or
grease staln3, off they come
With Snap, (id aCld T01U7.
Sara {!iq Couptm,
CaiD C Ji;i3iny limit -J, Montreal
gllll ���II ������!������!������������ !���������!! Ill THE REVIEW, COURTENAY, R.C.
$        THE
| How They Were Punished ���
$ For righting
By  F.  A. M1TCHEL
Ciirdlniil Richelieu was sitting at bli
desk In bis palace lu Paris attending
to ofllclal business when an attendant
tutored und said:
"I'lcase, your eminence, a wonini
las been arrested for masquerading l<
man's spimrcl. Slio desires to lit
brought before your eminence."
"Wby should I be troubled by a mat
ler tbat pcrluliis to lhe watch';" asked
Ibe cardinal, looking up from bis pa
"Tbe young ludy says, your eml
nence. that she has tuformutiou to glvi
which yon would mine."
"Of what nature'/"'
"Dueling. Sho will give you tin
���utiles of (wo officers of the army wh��
��� re Id flgbt today."
The cardinal's manner changed al
once. "Another of theso affairs, ch,
despite my orders but Just published!
If I don't put n stop to (his practice 1
shall In time lose every ollleer ln thl
service. 1 will stop It If I have to
Aung lhe whole army. Admit tho
She came In, blushing for her ��p
juirel, (all for a woman and well form'
��l. She stood before the cardinal wltb
bent head.
"Wby nre jou so ntlired?" he asked.
"Because I Intended to take tbeptaci
of a mnn In a duel today."
"Von Bght a duel!" snarled his eml.
nonce. "Shall I have to bring tho wo.
men of lhe kingdom to the block a*
well as the men';"
"Hear me, yonr eminence. One of
the best swordsmen In France Is to
meet on tlie field of honor one of tin
worst. I learned of (he meeting In
time, sent for the latter nnd succeeded
In locking him ln a room from which
he onmmt escape. I Intended to flgbt
In his stead."
"Their names!"
"I will die, your eminence, rnthet
than reveal them without your promise
that tbelr lives shall be spared."
'Ibe cardinal hesitated for n moment,
thru gave Ihe required promise.
"Cnptnln de In Toiir, the famous
swordsman, nnd Lieutenant Dnrnnt,"
said tbe girl.
On the rold visage of the cardinal
appeared a trace of admiration for tuts1
woman who was going to meet death
In place of another.
"Vou are Mile. Itemcrclcr, I believe,
one of lhe queen's innlds of honor.
This nefarious dueling pest thnt is killing off every year hundreds of tho
king's best officers seems to bo more in
vogue among persons of quality than
the lower orders. I wish you were a
man. I would behead De la Tour and
giro .vou his commission. Why were
ynu nbout (o give your life for that ot
J.leulewtnt Durum?"
"Hecause I would rather die than
lose Mm."
The cardinal paused a moment In
t!lou��lit. "Singular," he said, half to
himself and half to the girl, "this thing
called love! I can conceive of alt other
passions, hut not this one, and a lore
that will sacrifice a life for the object
loved Is to me ns great a mystery as
Jlfo itself." Then, looking up, he nsk-
ed, "Where Is Ihls duel to tnke place?"
"lu a wood on the outskirts of tbe
city, on the bank of the Seine."
"At noon."
"It Is now npnr noon."
"Ves, yonr eminence. I wns going to
the ground when n gendarme of keener eye than others suspected my set
end arrested me."
"I presume Cnptnln de In Tour Is
now waiting fnr his victim."
"Doubtless he Is, and {rendering wby
lie dues not appear."
Something wns running with electric rapidity through the cardinal's
brnln. Whatever It was, It enmo to a
bend nt ouce. Summoning an attendant, he directed him to proceed to tbe
dueling ground and bring Cnptnln de
la Tour to lhe palace. Then, turning
to Mile. Rcmorclor, lie asked If she
hid lhe bey to the room where ber
lover was confined. She gave It to blm,
nml ho sect another nttcndnnt for Du-
jnnt. Then he sent the girl to another
"apartment to await the coming of the
would be duelists.
The messenger who went for De la
Tour found him pacing back nnd forth
impatiently waiting for his enemy, hla
seconds standing together chatting tc
pass the lime. When the cnptnln saw
a man coming wearing the cardinal's
livery he turned pale.
".Mon Dleu!" be exclaimed. "Tbe
���cardinal has pot wind of the nffalr. I
am Inst!"
"His eminence desires your presence
at tlie palace," snid the messenger.
He in Tour bade hi.-, comrades good-
fc.v,  he and they believing that they
Wilu.M never meet again duly a rew
day* before tWU men bad been beheaded lor a like affair, and wllh every
rase lhe cardinal bad grown more determined Having pressed the baud of
each of Ihem, he set out for the Palais
Richelieu, afterward called tbe Palais
itn.vnle and today occupied by shops.
Meanwhile Lieutenant Durant was a
prisoner, bewailing his faie. Proud
and sensitive, his mind dwelt on tho
contempt with which his brother officers would receive him when he met
them again for not keeping an engage- ,
went to tight. He heard the clocks
Without rtrlkej..    For sn   hour  he
chafed, and when they clanged tbo
hour of noon be groaned. He knew
bis betrothed had locked him In, but
did not know that she had intended to
tight in his place. Had ho even supposed tbls be would have well nigh gone
Presently, hearing a step lu the hall,
be listened intently, hoping for a release and that he would uot be too late
to keep bis appointment. The door was
unlocked, and ho was about tu push
out Into Iho corridor when he was
slopped by u man, whn said:
"The cardinal desires your presence
���� tfce ualace."
imrunt quailed. He could face dentil
like a gentleman and a soldier, but to
be executed in cold blood was not to
bis liking, and ho did not doubt that
he would suffer tho execution of a
felon. As he accompanied lhe messenger to the palnce he wondered If the
girl he loved could hnve given away
the secret of (ho meeting. No; she had
locked him up to prevent his being
killed by De In Tour. She surely would
not turu him over to another fnto far
more terrible. Uo was wondering how
the secret could hare got out and
whether there was any hope for blm !
when be nnd the messenger entered
ibe palace. He was taken to a chamber, where ho was placed In charge of
a guard and notice uf his arrival sent
to (he cardinal.
Presently nn attendant came for blm
and led him to another apartment, and
as ho entered by one door he saw Do
la Tour ushered In by another. The
cardinal sat In an armchair at one side,'
and near blm stood Mile. Rcmercler In
man's apparel. The two duelists advanced and bowed to the cardinal. Rut i
what was most astonishing were a
beadsman's block and ax at one end of
the room. There was no executioner
present, but the culprits expected to
see blm enter at any moment. !
"Gentlemen," snld the minister, "you
arc doubtless aware of Ihe recent edict
agalust dueling, and, having conspired
to disobey It, your lives are forfeited."   I
Rotb men bowed low. |
"I hare decided, however, to permit
this meeting and to witness It myself.
There is nn unfairness about these
duels which In this one I hope to counteract Tou, Captain de la Tour, are
accounted tbe best swordsman In
France. Ton, Lieutenant Durant, I
learn, are one of tbe poorest. To enable'
you to tight equitably I bare decided
tbat you sball continue tbe contest till
one kills the other. He who remains
alive wilt be dispatched by the headsman."
"Rut, your eminence," interposed tbo
informant, deathly pale, "you promised
me lhat their lives should be spared."
"And my promise Is not broken by
this disposition. But for you both of
them would be ordered to execution at
once. I cannot conceive a more noble
part than (bat you hnve acted. Since
ln this realm a practice exists by whlcb
an expert swordsman mny kill one wha
Is practically defenseless you wen
about to suffer death to save the unskilled combatant Falling in tbis,
knowing that I alone bad power ta
prevent this Injustice, you Informed
me of It, but not till you hnd received
my promise that Ibe combatants should
not be punlsbed by death.' It ts not my
Intention to punish either of them fot
disobeying the edict, but to render the
nffnir between them perfectly equitable. Gentlemen, there Is ample room
for you on the floor of this apartment,
Take yonr positions and an attendant
will hand yon yonr weapons."
As the cardinal spoke the last words
the men were given rapiers, and at the
same time a door opened, and a masked
man In tight fitting garments entered, I
went to the block, took up the nx and !
stood ready fur duty. The duelists, j
who understood that this was a mere
subterfuge of the crafty cardinal to
keep his promise to Mile. Remercler In
the letter and break It lu the spirit
and that ono wns to execute the oilier
nnd the headsman the victor, stood
facing each other, awaiting a signal to
begin the combat. ��� They had been
friends, nnd Ihelr quarrel had been in
their enps. Neither had the faintest
remembrance of Its cause. Realizing
that they were nbout to die, they stepped forward nnd embraced each other.
Meanwhile Mile. Remercler had
thrown herself nt tbe feet of the cardinal to beg for their lives. Her back
being turned to the combatants nnd
ber head bowed, she did not see the
embrace. The cardinal raised her and
turned her toward them.
"Look!" he snld. "The nfTair Is ended Ihe way I would have all such affairs ended-In n reconciliation. Gentlemen, put nwny your swords. If you
supposed Richelieu to lie so crafty as
thus to break his word to one whose
life Is demanded bv the king's wel
fare perhaps you are ngnr, unt yon
wrong him If you think he could act
such a part toward this noblo girl.
Vou, Captain do la Tour, go to your
quarters and bo assured that If you
offend again lhat masked person yonder will see that you do not offend a
Ihlrd linic. Lieutenant Durant, I give
you to Mile. Iteinercler."
Tho lady seized (he minister's hand
and kissed It rapturously, while tho
two men. kneeling before blm, begged
that he would add his blessing to their
pardon. He gave It, and De In Tour
departed alone, Durant and Mile.
Remercler were driven nway ln the
cardinal's carriage.
The practice lhat Richelieu strove so
hard to eradicate still exists In France
to a greater extent than In any olher
country. While tho Anglo Saxon has
abandoned It. tho Latin and Teutonic
races still retain It. But nowhere Is It
so deadly ns It wns In France when
Cardinal Richelieu tried to break It
up. Today there nro several hundred
duels fought annually In France, hut
rnrely does one result fntnlly, the object of each of the combatants being
to "pink" tho other, and nt tho letting
nf n few drops of blood the affair Is
ususllv called off.
Plenty of Change.
Fashionable Physician - What yoa
really need Is a change of climate.
Tho Pntlent-Change of climate! Why,
l'vo never had anything elsel I've
lived In New York all my life.���Lire.
"Pa, what Is a receiver?"
"A receiver, my son. Is a man who
winds np n business after It has ran
down."���Boston Transcript.
Young Parents.
"What Is the baby crying for, husband?"
"Wife, I can't imagine, ne Is only
six months old, and be doesn't know
that there are such things ns moving
picture shows or candy."���Louisville
Courier-Journal. **
Cautious Hiram.
Two fanners met in a certain town
a day or two after a cyclone had visited that particular neighborhood.
"She shook things up pretty bad oul
at my place," said oue, stroking hit
whiskers meditatively. "Ily the way,
HI," he nddvd, "that new barn o' yours
get hurt any?"
"Waal," drawled the other, "I dunno
I hain't found it yet"���Youth's Coin
Folding a Coat.
Here Is the way lo fold n man's cost
whfn you want to pack It In a box
or n trunk. Lay Iho coat ont perfectly
flat, right side up. Spread the sleeves
out smoothly, then fold them back to
the elbow until the bottoms of the
cuffs are oven with the collar. Fold
the rerers back and double Ihe coat
over, folding It on the center seam.
Smooth out nil wrinkles nnd lay it oj
s level surface iu the trunk.
Wild Schemes ef Oinoerates.
The most remarkaole proposal ever
made about Mount Athos wus Hint nf
tho architect Oinoerates. His plan
was to cut it Into the shape of a gigantic statue of Alexander the Great,
holding In the right hand n dry, in the
left a tank Unit was to receive all the
waters of the region. Alexnnder was
much taken with lhe scheme. Rut It
was eventually rejected on the ground
thnt the neighboring country was not
fertile enough to feed (he Inhabitants
of the projected city. Another of Uinoc-
rates' plans Was a temple to the wife
of King Ptolemy of Kgypr. with n root
of loadstones Hint would keep un Iron
statue of her floating iu tbe nlr.
The Earth's Shadow.
The earth has n shadow, but very
few ever see It, except In eclipses ol
the moon, or elso few recognize It
when they see It. Nevertheless many
of us have noticed on flue, cloudless
evenings In summer shortly before
sunset a rosy pink arc on lhe horlzou
opposite tbo sun, with a bluish gray
segment under It. As Ihe sun sinks
tbe arc rises until it attains the zenith
and even pusses It This is the shadow
of (he earth.
Rl.  Hon. Walter Runcim n Is Doing
Belter In Agriculture.
The nt. Hod. Walter Runoiman bids
fair to aeuie.a  - greater neaiura of
success at tlio bead ot tb' Hoard cf
Agriculture in Great Britain 11 an he
did when superintending tHe education of that country, There can lie
little doubt as to this ability, but lia
was never happy when chief '.f the
Hoard nf Education, and in several
instances lie was the victim ol circumstances.
Mr. Runoiman ii the son ol that
staunch Radical, Sir Walter Runei-
man, founder of lhe Moor Line of
steamers . The Runcimans nr-j a nautical family, and both Mr. Runciman'a
great-ffrnndfatlicrs fought nt Tiafnlgar
as midshipmen. The family baa also
played no small part in iho literary
world, and it was nt the house of his
uncle that Mr. Runoiman, when ��
boy, often used tn meet Robert Louis
Stevenson. According to hi-* account:
"Stevenson was generosity itself. Of
course, be was egotistic, Vit bis verv
vanity was part of his charm, -le used
to stand in (he middle of tlio hearthrug, with liis back to 'lie fire, dressed
always in a velvet jacket nud waist-
cent, and smoke his pipe in silence
whilst lhe rest talked. Trtc.1 he would
suddenly break in, and for the hnlf-
licur together weave the most fantastic but brilliant perversions of the sub.
jeet nf discussion. He was :i splendid
fellow, too. I remember once, when
I was six years of ago, I was staying
at Greenwich, and we had a splendid
game together, Louis and I, making
boats out nf furniture, and having all
sorts of delightful adventures���though
my aunt did not much like the way
)i ��� nulled t'lines about, tn nmn-'e me.
After I had gone to b:d I woke and
beard the voice of Louis Stevenson
downstairs. So up I got. and ran
down in my nightshirt and bare-fool
to the room where all those fellow*
were smoking and talking."
As a child, young Walter Runoiman
often went to sea with liis father, and
when his Cambridge days were over he
entered his father's shipping business
on Tyneside. Then be erne under
the influence of Mr. John Morley, who
nt the time wns ono of the members
for Newcastle, and resolved to enter
public life. He put up for the Newcastle School Board, and was relurned
along with a Miss Stevenson, a Gir-
ton girl, who polled more votes than
he did. This election hnd important
results In more senses than one, for
Miss Stevenson eventually became
M-s. Runciman.
Mr. Runoiman first endeavored to
enter Parliament by way of Graves-
end, but was defeated. At a Inter period when on a yachting tour round
Norway lie received a telegram asking
him to stand for Oldham. His opponent was Mr. Winston Churchill, whom
he defeated. Not long afterwards Mr.
Churchill turned the tables, and Mr.
Runciman had to seek a refuge at
Centenary of Pansy.
Just one hundred years ago Lady
Mary Bennett, a daughter of the Earl
of Tankerville, was so struck with the
simple beauty of a tiny wildling, viola
tricolor, that she collected some of ths
best plants and gave them careful cultivation, says The Pall Mall Gazette.
The first batch of seedlings raised
by her gave such promise that systematic selection was at once instituted,
ond thereafter the improvement of tha
genus was taken up by the loading
growers. Thus to an enthusiastic amateur we are indebted for one of the
most popular and beautiful of our
garden flowers, a flower which has
marvelously developed ii size, and
with wonderful and bizarre markings
and colorings.
Many fanciful names have been
given to the pansy by country folk,
the best known of which is heartsease,
from the notion that it was efficacious
in diseases of the heart. This favorite
blossom can indeed boast a longer list
of pet names than most of her companions, a sure sign of popularity.
Among these aro butterfly-flower, kiss-
me-quick, herb trinity, three-little-
faces-under-a-hood, and love-in-idle*
Its Course From Chaos to Its
Hopeless Death Struggle.
He was brought lo Hellevue hospllal
with some Injury lo the skull, and ii surgeon, having examined the wound, de-
Icrmlned to keep the man In Ihe ward
for a day or two.
"Oh, doctor," cried the patient, "do
you think Hint I'll lose my bendi"-
Ncw York Times.
Labor's Spokesman.
The return of Mr. Ramsay Macdon-
aid to the House of Commons, after
his tour in India, has added greatly
i to the debating strength of the Labor
j Party,  for whom   he  is usually  the
official  spokesman.    Mr.  Macdonald
, created a  very  good  impression  on
f imminent Indian Civil Servants by
lis cultured manner and his general
abilities, and he intends to write s
book on his experiences.
Mr. Macdonald is the son of an
Elgin farm laborer, and began life
as a pupil teacher. He then became
a clerk in a private warehouse. He
obtained his insight into political affairs whilst acting as private secretary
to Mr. T. Lough, M.P., and after working hard in the cause of Socialism, bt
was elected member for Leicester.
Too Slow,
"Why has your daughter dropped her
hospital work so soon?"
"She found she'd have to nurse poor
patients for two years before they Intrusted her with any millionaires. Kn
she's going on the stage In n musical
comedy."���Kansas City Journal.
Jumbled Wrong,
Manager���My dear madam, your complaint Is a very foolish one. The stage
director did not slander you because he
gave your role to another actress. Actress-Of course be slandered me.
Didn't he take away my character?-"
Bultlmore American.
"Of whnt use ts a fly, nnywny?"asks
an exchange.
Well, If there Is only one out snd It
happens to be n lung one It will score
a man from Iblrd-Detroit Free Pr-ss,
He Knew.
; Lady Customer-1 wish to tell yoo
how these shoes ��( mine are to be
mnde. Shoemnker-Oh, I know that
well   enough-large  Inside  and  small
1 gulslde.-MeggeudorfM Blatter.
The First Is Shown by Jupiter, tn*
Second by the Earth and the Third
by Mars, While the Moon Snows tho
Empty Stage After the Play  Is Done.
No stage wns ever set for such s
tragedy as the plane! Mars presents,
It Is the last act lu (be drama ot s
wm Id's history I
The first net tn such a drama consist!
ol scenes from chaos. Tlie huge plni ���
ci Jupiter oilers us a spectacle ot thai
kind In Its streaming hells or I hick
Clouds and lis whirling vapors, glow
Ing like steam above n fiii'inne.
'Ilie second ml l.s represented by Iho
eni'lll, wllh It a fertile crust. Us cool, invigorating atmosphere and Its nr�� sua-
taming seas that give birth to lha
clouds Which, condensing on III*
mountains, furnish the rains ami set
Ihe rivers flowing.
The closing ml ls the role of .Mars,
where the seas have vanished, (lie nt
Unisphere bus  thinned out.  Itiu  rivers
bave disappeared, lhe continents imvn
turned into deserts, and life, driven inlo
tt corner, Is battling ugalnsi linul t-s-
That there Is yet Intelligent lire on
Mars Is Ihe universal belief of nil tin
observers whom Mr. Lowell ims gathered about him nr his flagstaff observatory, where the extraordinary phenomena of tbat wonderful pin net nre
studied ns nowhere else in (he u.n In
.More thnii that, they tell us wllh
ever increasing emphasis Unit tlie people of Mars, compelled by necessity,
have developed a command o'er na'ti-
rill forces which would seem mir.i li.
Ions if exhibited upon tlie earth,
With tbem It Ins become simply .i
question of brnln power agatnsl the
Inanlinnle powers of nature.
They have nights and days of the
same length as ours. They have ten
sons almost precisely corresponding
With ours, except that (hey nre eiwli
twice ns long. Rut their oceans at*
dried up, uo rains fall (Ibotiph iheiv
mny bo dews), nnd nearly nil tlie at
niospherlc moisture Is alternately loi fc-
ed up In oue or the other of the polite
In such a situation no vegetation can
flourish unless artificially stimulated
by a glgnntlc system of Irrigation An.l
without vegetation nnlimil existence is
Rut whence can tbe Inhabitants nf
Mars derive the water needed for irrl-
got>.,n? The nnswer given Is tbat they
gel It periodically from Ibe melting of
the polar snows. Being without sens
and rivers they have no other source
of supply.
Ou Mars tbe reign of universal pen.'*
must have beguu ages ago, Introduce/
not by moral or sentimental considerations, but by tbe necessity of uniting all the engineering skill, all the inventive powers and all tbe physical
forces of the entire population of the
planet in a common battle for life.
The only thought of their Inventors
ts of Improved means for controlling
the slowly lessening supplies of moisture that once In about two of our
years mny be drawn away from one
of the poles while tbe summer sunshine Is dissolving Its thin snows.
This universal concentration of mental energy upon a single aim is conceived as having developed upon Mnr*
a knowledge of the bidden forced ot
nature such as has up to the preset t
merely been dreamed of on lhe earth.
We have Just begun to learn how Is
use electricity in tbe mechanic nits.
but they may have unlocked the secret
forces inclosed in the atoms of matter
which our science has recently assured
us exist without showing us bow to
utilize tbem.
Only by such suppositions can the
"canals," hundreds of miles wide aud
thousands of miles long, be accounted
for, If, as the Flagstaff observers in
slst, those objects nre really of aril
(lilnl origin, it should be snld. bow-
ever, tbat In Mr. Lowell's opli.lnn the
bands called canals are, in fact, Ini
gated belts.
Tbe real canals within tbem nre in
visible, while tbe progressive darkening of these belts, as the polar melting
Increases, is duo to the growth of vegetation, stimulated by tbe water.
After tbe world life drama closes
there Is left an empty stage, and Ibis
Is represented by the moon. The lunar
world baa lost nil its water. Its tragedy Is finished. Tbe actors are all dend.
Millions of years ago there mny hnve
been a battle fer life there like tbat
which now appears to ffe raging on
Mars. And millions of years In the
future tbe stage of the earth will prob-
ibly be set for a similar tragedy. For,
to the eyes of the overlooking gods (tn
change a little Shakespeare's figure):
All the sky's a stage,
And all the worlds and suns are merttr
MJarrsM P. Berrls* fa New Tort J<"��
Pi fell iii
With a Coat of Bapco Pure Paint
If you want your house to look as  clean and smart outside as
inside you cannot do better than take the above advice
Agricultural Drain Tile, 2, 3 and 4 Inch
Rubberiod   Roofing is   known the   world over   as an   absolutely
first class material.   Made in three grades
Phone 66
P. O. Box 230
"Not better than the best, but better than the rest
General Blacksmiths
Agents (or a full line of Farm Implements All Work Guaranteed
Next to Livery Stable Comox, B. C.
Coming Events
Hallowe'en Concert ��� Friday
livening Oct. 31. Orange Concert
���-Wednesday Nw. 5. Masquerade Ball ��� Comox Friday Nov. i4
Race Track Committee Dauce -
Friday Nov. 21, and fortuigutly
Church Notes
St. l'eter,s Church, Comox, Nov.
2nd, Mattins aud Holy Communion
11 a. 111.
St. Andrew's church, .Sandwick,
Nov. 10 Holy Communion 10 a. m.
There will be no services on Sunday Nov. 2nd owing to Mr. Lay-
cock's absence in connection with
the Diocesan Synod in Victoria.
Its better to be bom lucky than
rich, at least thats whal Charlie
Callin thought when Uio news
was broken to him that his ticket
no. 33 had won Harvey Creech,s
automobile on Saturday night.
By the time he gels all -the necessary repairs made aud takes all his
friends for a joy ride he expects to
be broke.
The Rev. and Mrs. McElmon
ol Bellingbam, Wash, paid the
valley a visit last week, the guests
of Mrs. Joseph McPhee. The week
was spent in mewing old acquaintances who who were glad to again
meet them and to see them looking
so hale and hearty. ��� Mr. McEl-
mon was the first Prespyteriau
minister of Comox District arriving
here 36 years ago, when the present
church was under construction aud
leaving six years later for his present home. Pie conducted service
Sunday afternoon from the same
pulpit and to a few of the same
people ashe did 36 years ago.
J. B. Holmes and his good wife
are expected back from England
next week.
Mixed Professions:���
The cashier is a soldier when he
leads a column.
The Doctor is an artist when he
paints a bad throat.
The auctioneer is a parson when
he preaches about Lot.
The actor is a housebreaker wben
he brings down the house.
The financier is a showman when
he juggles with bulls and bears.
A counsel is a manufacturer when
he fills the box with soft soap.
The " Commercial " is a builder
wben he constructs those tall
A newspaper proprietor is a rite-
works maker when he manufactures
A wrangler is a wrangler when
he " wrangles."
Bachelors' shacks here in town
are filling up rapidly. Overalls ate
discarded and everyone ''wrangles"
The Sisters of St. Joseph have
purchased the house anil laud lntely
; occupied by k, Kopcagywski and
! are Imping to have the house equip-
i ped for hospital work, these ladies
I are a great acquisition to Comox,
j and have come to stay.
I His Grace Bishop McDonald has
; lately been here on business.
The ship company of S. S. Eagle
have been in Comox again. Report
was that the good ship had sailed
for parts unknown with "Sealed
Orders." The colour of the uniform seems to be Khaki and the
material Corduroy Peter was
seen in A. B. Ball's store negotiating for Patent Enamel Helmet, no
doubt his rank demands something
The Bay Store, Comox
Having taken over the business lately
carried on by McPhee & Morrison, A. B,
Ball, late manager, hopes by strict and
personal attention to business to still
maintain vour patronage and support.
Thanking you lor past favors.
A. B. Bai,i..
beyond the ordinary every day
head gear.
Mrs. Cyril Piercy and daughter
took a trip to Victoria, Kathleen
is to be a pupil at St. Ann's Convent Academy.
Cap, Neroutsis, C. P. R, official
was here a few days ago. Upon
being asked why the S. S. Princess
Royal did uot make a lauding here
he replied that it was the original
plan of the company to call in here
but owing to the ui.safe condition
of the steamer wharf thty had decided not to do so. The wharf
requires leugthiug as well���seems
a pity dosen't it that this ship cannot laud here.
"Little Tick" is wearing those
large boots. Indians have been
ki.own to land Salmon ot 65 to 75
lbs. weight in far frailer structures
thau his "trotter cases,"
Someone else has staked a claim
by the P. 0. building again, every
one expected a mad stampede, up
to now things seem very quiet,
"Color" is reported "fair" to
Contractor   Ashley  is   making
Messrs. E. T. Cliffe and W. B.
Higgins have purchased the Comox Livery Stables from Mr.
John McKenzie, and will continue
to carry on the business as formerly. Your patronage is solicited.
E. T. Cupfe
W. B, Higgins
& Hand
Gasoline Engines Repaired & Overhauled
Electric Wiring
I wish to inform the residents of
Courtenay and the surrounding
district that I am in a position to
install up-to-date Electric Light,
Heat and power equipment at very
good with the new school here, he  ��"������Me prices
^ -     - I shall be glad to furnish inform
ation and estimates   to   interested
parties free of charge.
Interviews can  be arranged for
by telephoning F 95.
Electrical Engineer aud Contractor
Courtenay B. C.
has not come to stay but hopes to
make a good substantial job that
his name may live after him.
Who are the female musicians
who are to play at this next dance?
A stranger who had dropped into
a nigger church placed a $5 bill on
the collection plate. The minister
after examining the result of the
douatian, said "the collection my
brethern is $9.40, and if the $5 bill
which the stranger here has put in ������,��� ,~���^ . . ...
the plate is genuine the repairs on ESTATE OF A. B. CRAWFORD
the Scantuary will be able to be i DECEASED
started next week. j    0n and after Noveraber ist  1913
The velvet hat is the fashionable : aU accouuts and debts of the above
wear, for ladies this autum-any- estate must be paid t0  charles G
thing else.
Callin of Courtenay B, C-, the
only authorised agent. As Mr.
New Courtenay post cards, finest j W. H. Hoff has left the employ of
selection by first class photographer j the said estate.
at Peacey's. I     Signed, Bertha G, Crawford
Watch", Clocl
and Jewelery Repairs]
AU Work Guarauteed
Choice selection 03
Watches, Jewelei.
Clocks  and  Silve]
Plate at
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Notice is hereby given that on
First day ol December, next, applicati]
will he made to the Superintendent]
Provincial Police for renewal of tl
hotel license to sell liquor by retail!
the hotel known as the Port AugJ
Hotel, situate at Comox, in the P|
vince   of British Columbia.
Rodkrick McCui.1}
Dated this 29th day of September,
Notice is hereby given that on !
First day of December, next, applicati
will be made to the Superintendent
Provincial Police for renewal of
hotel license to sell liquor by retail ini
hotel known as the Klk Hotel, situatij
Comox, the in Province of Ilritish
Dated this 2W\ day of September, if
Aitken's Bread raised the standard procurable 50 per cent,
and dietetically is
the best investment
in   Comox   District
Scotch Shortbread a speci)
Courtenay Bake
Opposite new Presbyterian Chu


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