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The Review Aug 5, 1915

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Can not lie iluue miy letter, ami
not unite nn well anywhere else
ht>re��boutn. Our type anil machinery ia complete ami The Keview
prloM are ri^lit
************ ***********************
Classified Ads.
Make your little Wants known
through a ('l-Htfitieii A<lvi>rtiWin(?nt
in The Review   -   ���   -   Phone 59
VOL. 3
NO. 36
Local Lines
Mrs. VV. R Cooke is home again
from the hospital.
Mrs. R McQuillan is visiting at
Vancouver this week.
Dr, Judson McP.iee, of Nanaimo
was a visitor in town on Sunday.
Corn���Ou Saturday, Julv 30, to
Mr. and Mrs. II, V. Collins, a
Mike Glazbrook has secured a
position with the bank of Commerce here.
i\'r. T. A. Graham, of Denman
Ishnil, w.isa visitor in town on
Friday last.
The Courtenav baseball team detente 1 the Cumberland aggregations
by the score of 6 ��� 2.
E, C. Etude is having his garage
painted this week. Harry Grieve
is wielding the brush.
Mr, Wil Ison, of the American
Type Pounders Co , Vancouver, is
spending a few days in town.
Mr. Fred Breaker has the honor
of being the first rate-payer to pay
his taxes for the year 1915.
Mr. Chas Hummer has moved
his family to town. Thev are at
present camping at Millard's beach.
Jas. McKenzie has succeeded in
passing the first and second year
'examinations, and intends going to
Victoria to attend Normal school.
Mrs. Drayton, who has been the
���guest of Mrs, Fairbtnn for the past
month, left for her home on Friday
last Mrs. Fairburn accompanying
Mr. W. S, Hodgson's family are
camping at the beach. Mrs. Ker-
ton, who is with them expects to be
thoroughly convalescent on her return, ,   .,
On Monday evening the "Outlaw" teams clashed at the Athletic
grounds, and put up a good snappy
game, which ended in a chewing
A large crow of enthusiastic
"fans" from Cumberland aud
Courtenay attended the game on
Sunday, and succeeded in .(taking
quite a noise.
A. bad fire was raging ou Denman I
Island ou Monday, a large tract of 1
bush was   burned   over, and   one!
Wednesday, August 4, the anniversary of the declaration of war
against the Allied Forces, was observed as a civic holiday iu Courtenay. The school children and
lodges of the district had been invited, but did not respond in sufficient numbers to form a procession.
At Athletic Park Rev. T. Menzies and Rev. E A. Laycock delivered suitable addresses commemorative of the event.
A programme of running events
for the youngsters was carried out,
and a baseball match between the
native born and all other players
was pulled off, whicli resulted in a
win for the native sons by a large cock, both of whom gave splendid
score. patriotic addresses.
The Ladies' Aid Society did a At the Cumberland demons���-*
thriving business selling refresh- tion yesterday afternoon Dr. Mc-
meiits, which netted them about Naiightou und Revs, Wilson, Hood
thirty-seven dollars. ar.d Menzies   gave   addresses   and
Iu the evening thc Agricultural the Boy Scouts went through their
Hall was well filled to hear the re- various niauouvers ou the athletic
marks of Revs. Menzies and   Lay- field.
rancher lost his home and barns.
About midnight the blaze could be
seen from Courtenay.
J. W. MeKeuzie's horse got
frightened white tied to a post at
Headquarters one day last week,
and decided to come home. When
she arrived sh had her bridle on,'
the rest of the harness and rig were
strewn along the road. The buggy
is badly smashed up.
Where  everybody goes for  choice
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco, Fruit,
Vegetables, Groceries, Etc.
Phone 40
$6.00 Per Ton
Delivered in Courtenay
All Orders Will Recieve Prompt Attention
Phone 43 Courtenay
A baru danc- will be held at
Royston    on   Saturday   evening,
The proceeds  will  be  devoted  to-
1 wards  purchasing   an   aroeplane.
Roy's orchestra will furnish the
music, and a splendid dance is assured those who attend. The admission is 50 cents,
Messrs. Cooke & Matthewson,
the Courtenay 1 utchers, have taken
the store formerly occupied by the
Co-Operative Society, where they
will carry on their business in future, and where they will be pleased to meet all their old time customers.
Married���On Monday, August 5
by Rev. T. Menzies, at tlie Manse,
Sandwick, Mr. Evan Htindoti to
Misf Elizabeth Shearer. The bride
was attended by her ��ister Miss
Lexxie Shearer, while the groom
was supported by his brother, Mr.
Edwin Huudou, all of Cumberland.
See the full selection of War
Spoons at Hornby's, 25c each.
Wanted���Girl to do housework-
Slight knowledge of cooking. Apply P. 0, Box 246, Courteuay,
Do you want a 40 x 120 town lot
for��i? Get yonr ticket at the
Riverside, or at Robertson's Drug
Early and late Savoy Cabbage
Plants, al.so cauliflower plants for
sale at R. Ferris' Greenhouse, Lake
Trail road.
For Sale���Fine driving horse, 4
years old, cheap, and will trade
evenly for young milk cow, Apply
Arthur Dumaresq.
For Sale���Four roomed hotife in
the orchard, full basement, cement
foundation, Price ��500, Apply
Spencer Taylor, Courtenay.
A few remaining���Summer Outing Hats, selling at  less than half
cost  price.    Also   trimmings  and)
flowers.      The   Millenery    Store, J
I For Sale���A St. Alban's two
! horse threshing machine as good as
jiiew.    Price   $150.    For     further
(particulars apply at the Review.
For exchange���One of the best
building lots in Courteuay for one
or two acres of good garden laud.
Will pay cash difference. Apply
Box A, Review Office.
Lost��� One imitation Buffalo robe
and one plaid knee rug between
Williamson's ranch and Headquarters. Finder please return to the
Review office, or to Headquarters.
Horses and young stock wanted
to pasture at the Garvice ranch,
Union Bay. $2 per month during
summer months, $3 during winter,
which includes stabling and feeding,
Advertiser will build 4 roomed
house at Royston to suit tenant on
lot with 147 foet sea frontage, at a
very moderate rent. For particulars apply to John Thompson, carpenter, Courteuay.
Cooke & Matthewson have put
on an extra man to deliver meat in
Comox on Tuesday's and Friday's.
Phone your orders early to insure prompt delivery. Satisfaction 1
For Sale��� One 6 h, p. Fairbanks
Morse Gas Engine, one   3   k-    w.
I Dynamo switch l.oard. etc. also
pump and   belting,    Capacity   12
gallons    per   minute.   Apply   at
Riverside hotel,
For Sale���Team, wagon, and
harness, or enchange for cattle,
Also 30 acres 1-2 mile from Gran-
thani school, part cash, or exchange
for anything of value. What have
you to offer? Apply Box 8, Review Office,
For sale ��� Cumberland Steam
laundry, the only white laundry in
the district. This is a good opening for man with family. During
the stringent times the present
proprietor has been busy all the
time. Apply at the Laundry, or
at The Review Office.
Found���Straying on the beach
at Royston, a large brown cow
with udder very much enlarged and
trailing on the ground. The animal was taken in charge of the
Provincial Police, and is at Ed,
Woods' barn. Owner is requested
to pay expenses and take the animal away, otherwise hhe will be
C:y"- : C?��t ������ --ry
iiu ���...Si'
40c fjei lb. this week
Geo. J. Hardy
R. F. R.Biscoe
Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
Phone 10
Courtenay THE   HifiVJCEW,   COl'KTNKV.   B. C,
To Establish Refinery
A Plucky French Woman
For _ve?jv StPORT
Sold by oli ��ood Shoe Dealers
VVblM'i 1vjir SSBBSf b-.V'Itlij.'i"
oi the wisi.ily ,
Value of Vegetables
Have    n    Hirjli    V.iiue as Food, and
Recommended for the He.ilth
Carrots liave Ims been advertised
us beautlfters ot tlie complexion, anil
the advertisements nre not wholly
misleading. Carrots, pursnlps mil
turnips liave a laxative efteel on
runny people, uml : u assist in eliminating ivaste matter;  ami an Internal
bath HI:'.'    un "������ i"1  ���������� imi.ii.vi
the appearand
give    lo    the
it up.
In    the  lish.  .
easy to understand    whj
and cereals are recomended us food
tor Uio growing   child.    In this con-
nc '
green  vegetables   many  arc  90  per
cent,   water,   these    two  dried  ones ;
have about 90 per cent, nutritive m it-!
trial and  only   aboul   in  per cent,
water.   Here again, chemistry shows
not only the quantity but the quality ,
ot this nutritive material Dried beans
ami liens differ from musi vegetables j
in having n large proportion of protein, while   most   other   vegetables
have relatively little,    it is well to
Government     May     Assist
Arrangements are well under wny
for the refining   under   government
auspices  and  possibly  with  governmeni  assistance of copper and zinc
, mined In British Columbia, nnd for the
manufacture i>f brass in the Dominion,   At present the < opper from the
British  Columbia   mini      I    shipped
' across  t i  tho  L'nited  Stnti i  In  the
j face of n freight of (in per t nil of
' i heavy duty, it li i-eiineil there nnd
I musi pay n furtli r In a\; fveigl I rntc
I when reimported into Canada, n Is
I computed thai nl Trail, B.C., n refill-
i ery phml could li estnl 111 hi ,i for a
million mill n half dollars, aud the
o it of refining llu i oppi ' nnd manufacturing the brni i\ ould be moro
than compensated for by lhe saving In
, price of the manufin tun 'I nrtlcle. This
i :! the only part ol th s lla being
I made here whicli la noi mat nfnctnred
| ill I'.niiiiln nl present.
Brass, Will     Likely     be   Rewarded   For   Her
Heroism  anil  Self-Sacrifice
\ I'lviicii woman who hnd equipped |
oxi irnal
of the sk
and so ui
Of   I ill'S
in bulldiii
tacts it i
tor the growing .-nun. in tins connection one should not overlook the
value of siiiiie of the dried vegetables. Beans and pens deserve special j
mention, because while of the fresh
green vegetables many nre '.''i ner
cent, wnter. these tv
have nbout 90 per cent.
Miller's Worm Powders prove their
value. Tiny tlo not cause nny violent
disturbances in thc stomach, nny pain
or griping, but do their work quietly
and painlessly, so that the destruction
of the worms i.s imperceptible, Vet
thoy nre thorough, nud from the first
dose there is improvement In the condition of the sufferer and an entire
cessation of manifestations of internal
The   Few   Have   It
Little Sophie���Father, what  is ex-1
ecutlve ability?
Professor   Broatlhead  -The   faculty!
of earning your bread by the work cf
other people.
Increased Wealth of U.S.
From a total valuation of sixteen billions of dollars, or $514 per capita, in
I860, just before the outbreak of the
Civil war, the wealth of the United
States had Increased to nearly 188
billions of dollars in 1012, nearly $:;,-
000 per capita,
Population in the meantime Increased from n little more than 31,000,000 to
more than 95,000,000, having little
more than trebled, while the wealth
had increased nearly twelvefold. New
fork's share of the total���about twenty-live billions uf dollars���is so much
larger than that of any other commonwealth as to justify her title of
the empire state.
The increase of wealth in a greater
ratio than growth of population means
general increase is.well being. Complaints about unfair concentration are
not well founded. There never before
was, a time when the comforts of life
were so widely distributed or when
the purchasing power of a day's wages
was bo high compared with tlie in-
couie from capital.���New Vork Herald,
Made Well By Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Philadelphia, Pa. ���"I had n severs
ease, nf nervous prostration, with palpitation of the heart,
constipation, head-
aches, dizziness,-'
noise in my ears,
timid, nervous, restless feelings and
"I read in the paper whero a young
woman had been
cured of tho  samo
troubles by taking
Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound bo I threw nway '
the medicines the doctor left mc and begun  takinp; the Compound.    Iloforo I
had taken half a bottle I was able to sit ,
up and in a short time I was able to do |
���It my work.  Yottr medicine has proved
Itself able lo do all you say it will ami I
have recommended itin every household
Ihsve visited."���Mrs. Mary JOHNSTON, i
110 Slegel Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Another Bait Case.
Ephrata, Pa. ���"About a year ago I
was down with nervous prostration. I i
was pale and weak and would havo hysteric Bpolls, sick headaches and a bad
pain tinder my shoulder-blade. I was
Wider the care of different doctors but
did not improve. I was so weak I could
hardly stand long enough todo my dishes. 1
���' Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com-
rrand haa made rue well and hnppy and j
have bej^rn to gain in weight and my j
lace looks healthy now,"���Mrs. J. W. \
EoKMBERiiEit, It. No. 3, Ephrata, Pa.
It yon ��vii;it special advice write to '
lydia P.. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confidential) Ijun.Muss.   Yonr letter will
tie opened, road nnd answered by a
woman nud held in strict confidence.
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
P,   ,T.   CHENEY  & CO.,  Tolc-ilo,  O.
We, Ibo undersigned, have known F.
J.-Cheney Ior tht la-1 IC years, and believe Mm perfectly b ne: . in nil business
transactions and financially able to carry/
��,ut nnv cbllgatlons made by his firm.
Toledo. O.
Kall's-Catarrh Cure Is taken internally,
acting directly ut-on tbe blood and mucous sin faces of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle.
Sold by alt diu^.-tsts.
Take Hall's Family Fill" 'or constipation.
Many Grant! Trunk Men In Firing Line
Tho Grand Trunk and Grand Trunk
Pacific Railways bave now supplied to
lhe Canadian active service contingents, it is announced, over twelve hundred men.
Every department in the system has
sent its quota. The president, Mr.
E. J. Chamberlln, has his secretary in
the fighting line, and in another battalion is the secretary of Sir. Howard
K. Kelley, vice-president, in charge of
maintenance, construction nnd operation.
The Proven Asthma Remedy. Since
asthma existed there lias been no lack
of much heralded remedies, but they
have proved short lived and worthless,
The ever-growing reputation of Dr. J.
ii Kellogg's Asthma Eemedy bus
Kiven ll n place in the Held of medicine
which no oilier eau approach, lt has
never been pusued by sensational
methods, but hns simply gone on effecting relief nnd making new concerts.
Agreements have been reached between the department of agriculture
and four mure provincial governments
covering expenditures during the fiscal
year under the provisions of the federal instruction act. The agreements
provide far the spending of $50,n2S of
federal money in Alberta, $fi8,nnn in
Nova Scotia, $29,138 in Prince Edit ard Island nnd $54,308 in Xew Brunswick.
Thc details of the Alberta agreement are as follows:
Schools of agriculture $38,000, provincial instructor's salaries $4,000, instruction and demonstration farms,
etc.. $11,200, women's work $1,600, bulletins and publications $1,800, miscellaneous $2S.8H.
her   husband's   factory   as   a   hospital
is likely to be rewarded for her gre: i
The Germans wore bombarding tho
town when a shell struck the fn tory
killing eighteen of the   ��� ounded, hor.
��� wo   assistants,   and tb ��� boh of the j
cook,    The   brave  llul"   woman   !"-- \
came a captain,   "I el    all who ��� an
walk save themselves," sin- cried  In
hi r consternation,   \\ lib   Ire Arc extinguishers of the factory she fouglu
the  flames  In order to endeavor  to
save    the    survivors     Then  she occupied herself In getting  those who,
had  escaped  taken away    to    otb ii
hospitals; end across exploding shells]
and flames, Bhe went to the n glstrar;
to tell of   the deaths which had oc
Three days passed, She had re-
inuineil all I Imi time in the house ;
���a itli the dead, and then came the or-,
'I r to have theni Interred, Duly one !
army doctor would go Into the place
This Frenchwoman and he put tlie j
".I dead bodies Into their co/flns, and
I".   hi
idled very easily. The slcl, are cured, and all
,.;;.,'!:- in same stable, no matter how "exposed," kept
from having tin- disease, by using spohn'S liquid
distemper COMPOUND. Give on the tongue or in f"erf.
Acts on ibe blood and expels germs ot nit forms ot din-
toinper, Besl remedy over known for t vs in foal, Drug-
u;.-is and harness dealers, Our free Booklet gives everything, Largest wiling horse remedy in existence, '.'i>
s��ohn medical CO.. Chemists and Bacteriologists,
Goilien,   Ind.,  U.S A.
Ig  Viur  Life   Insured?    Keep    Your    Policy    In     Force
And Increase the Amount as Soon as Possible
If You're xm insured, Mako Application Today
Head Office, Toronto.
Over Tour Million Dollars Assets tor Policyholders.
N.B.��� Writo    Tor   .Memo. Book nnd Circular.
followed Ilieni to the eem 'I'
v.   Then,
when this doleful work �� is ended,
nnd she liiiil no more wouildtd to enr.'
for, she offered lo go lo Pari.-, lo gel
n suppiy ot bandagi s and dressings,
which had begun to be : i nrce.
Her proposal \\n^ accepted with joy
and her pleasing   personality   made
soldiers���French   anil   English    wlthoul   knowing    anything    about    her
Btory, eager to faollltute her journey i
She returned In course, nnd has con-]
tinued  lo solace the ml ier.i   lu  ihis i
large town which has been bombard-1
e.| nud burnt,   The doctor who heard
the story of her heroism tins seui nn,
account <>r it  to the government. N'o
more worthy breast than thai of this
brave  Frenchwoman could  wear the
Cross of Honor.
A Fine Complexion1
Minard's    Liniment   in   the
W.  N. U. 1058
Mrs. Waring���What language do
the Belgians use, Paul?
Mr. Waring���1 don't know; but I
know what language I'd use.if I were
a Belgian.
r Be Had Through the
Rich, Red Blood Dr. Wil-
Hams'  link  Pills
Actually Make
A   girl's  complexion   Is  something
more than a matter to concern her
vanity.   It is nn Indication of the state
of her health. Pallor in a growing girll
means a thinning ot the  blood.  Parents    should    be    watchful of their |
daughters'  complexions    and  should
see to it that these danger signs are
corrected.    When a girl In her teens
becomes pale and sallow, if siie 3howsi
nn Inclination to tire easily, is listless
nnd inattentive    to    her    work    or
Studies, sbe needs Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, n Ionic which directly nnd spec-!
Ideally  corrects  the condition    from'
which  she  is  suffering.  A  chemical
analysis of the blood of such n girl
would show it to be deficient in just
the elements that Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills can  supply, and  which restor -
brightness    to    the    eye    and  . olor
to   the   cheeks.     .Miss    Delina Arse-
unull,    (Jrbatnville,    P.E.I.,    Is    one
of the thousands of anaemic girls restored  to  health by  the  use  of  Ur.
Williams'  Pink  Pills.    She  says:   "1
was attacked with anaemia, and was
in such a miserable condition that 1
had to consult a doctor, and was under his cure for several months, but
without getting better.   1 was growing
thinner every day, had dark circles
around the eyes-   1 could hardly sleep
at night, but tossed restlessly and got!
up in the morning with black antiei-j
pation of tbe  day's  miseries  before
me,   I was always bothered with headaches     and   pains  In  the  back  and
limbs.    My appetite was poor and I
frequently   vomited    what 1 did eat
My friends feared that I would not recover.   I had often seen Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills advertised and finally decided to try tbem.   1 used altogether nine j
boxes and tbey made me as well as
ever I was in my life. All the pains and
aches  disappeared;   my  appetite  re-1
turned.   I could sleep soundly at night,
and the color returned to my cheeks.
I   also  gained  seventeen  pounds  in,
weight-    I am now always  well, and
for this   h-ppy condition   1 have to,
thank Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
You can get these Pills  trom  any
dealer in medicine or by mail at 50
cents u box or six boxes for $2.50 from
Tbo Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Broek-i
ville, Ont.
Army Stcrer,
Tlie vaslness of the work of maintaining  the   army���apart   i'rom   feeding It���may  bo guaged  from  a  few i
figures.   In    ono   mouth there were
issued lo the troops 4.">n miles of telephone-wire,  570 telephones,    534,000;
sandbags, 10,(wo pounds of dubbin for
boots, 38,000 bars of soap, 150,000 pairs
of socks, and 100,000 pairs of boots.
ln  ten  days  there   was  also   dis-1
tributed  11.8,100  fur  waistcoats   and
315,075 flanhel bolts.
The wny that Insignificant Items i
mount up where large numbers of j
troops are concerned is shown by
the fact that every week there is j
issued on an average five tons ot i
vaseline for the feet and 100 tons of!
horse shoes-
Some idea of the complexity of,
the work can be gathered by reference lo the official "Vocabulary of|
Stores," which contains 50,000 items,:
As the head of an insurance com-|
pany, he decided to visit one of the;
districts which showed a falling off in j
business     and    quietly    investigate.;
While thus engaged ho was asked how
his company found business, speaking
for itself.   ''Oh, we will be about half
a million ahead of the first half of thia
year," he replied.   "Ahead of what?"
"Why, ahead of the undertaker."
How Plants Grow
Hovi   Plants  f-i  J-e.cs  Obtain   Nour-
 .'-.  For Their Natural
: li pi ��� imenon of plant growth
;. on ��� f the mo - Interesting of
studies iui .: in ill Uf i processes
tunny u '���'. ��� ict ��� il les are nol understood by in in,
Plan's have the power of convert-
; ig In irg nile jubsPuices, that is the
ii ater, soil .md the air, Into organic
.else nie is VuimuU i annul do this,
l lie; tin ai ll ��������� on vegetable food
or on  eii"- itilmals ��hlch have lived
1)11 i ���:, 'table 'nm ���!' Plains ean live
wlthoul animals, lei; animals cannot
Indefinitely i i ivlthoul plain food
I :���...-. ll - mosl plants, gel a largo
proportion ol their nourishment from
the . in the form Of > .irbon dioxide. Phi i must be supplemented by
v al ;���   hi I  minerals  ��liich   ure de-
ri   ��� 1   '.;��� nu      ll ���     soil.     The     leaves
absorb the ?ases of the atmosphere
and l :������ ��� lots absorb from the ground
water containing minerals In solution. The rater Is transpcrted to
the lea' ia through the outer or Bap-
wood of the tree, By means of siin-
llglil the ��� tirbon dioxide nud water
In the leaves are united and changed
Into it'll itihydt it ���- 13ap), which are
then transported through the inner
hark aud distributed to the growing
pari       E plant, where they are
changed Ito itisolubb cell substance.
Trees lo aol grow throughout their
bodies as animals do, but only at
the tips of the branches and roots
and in i thin layer immediately under the bark It n nail is driven into
u tree iruik ii will always remain
the   ��� he >   It:. in ���..'   from  the centre
Your hnrse can pull
biutier loads if you
Urease your wagons
]t is the Mica that dues
it���makes a smooth
bearing surface, per-'
iectly lubricated, on
which the wheel revolves without friction.
Dealer* I'oeryuihcr*
Mac/c in
one.-; appe .ring
gro  tl   .;, II: i
A   ',,
W.i i
,1   from   the   ground.
���v,. of an old tree i.s
'. i   ground   than   that
, It is improperly bene   whole   trunk  has
Is n it the case. The
row;; ls due to the
dviiig  off and  new
at tlie top. Since the
iter lakes place under
ild hark must be push-
i ;.l farther outward each
would  naturally    expect
irk   vould he ruptured in
ii time.   This is .lust what
id  ii  the reason why old
, rigid nn.i furrowed bark.
jr of bark is forced each
the   ild bark,  thus  pre-
wood from being exposed
, irk  tiecomes ruptured.
II r inder the prettiest hands
Clear    the   excrescences
iing Holloway's Corn Cure,
thoroughly and painlessly.
No, cutting,  no plast-
��� g~t     tt erB or l)ad3 t0 i>re3S
1-j.fk' the sore    spot.    Put-
vHVJ" ��� nam's     Extractor
makes the corn go without pain. Takes
1 out the sting ove.'niglit. Never fails���
I leaves  no scar.    Get a 115c  bottle of
Putnam's Corn Extractor today.
Flurjl Co-operation
Extreme  individualism   in   agriculture lias had its day.   There can bu
| no question that the key to the solu-
, tion of many of the problems of rural
| life will be found in s;>me form of con-
! certed action or of co-operation, soma
I form of organization is as Inevitable
I as it is desirable. Without it tho farin-
'er cannot have adequate schools or
social life; without it he cannot secure
good roads, standardize his products
or economically market them; without
it he cannot have the proper health
facilities or lay    credit    foundations
wliieh will enable him to secure capital at more reasonable rates."���Secre/
tary of Agriculture Houston.
���Must Make Money Faster
to ere. ale ingots for making one
cent n:ui live cent pieces, which aro
being ��� oin '1 in larger quantities every
year, says the Popular Mechanics
Magazine i new- casting machine that
turns out ingots weighing more than
five times ns much as those heretofore used has been placed in service in
the L'nited States Mint at Philadelphia. In connection with this machine i.nger rolls for forming the plates
from which the coin ' blanks" are cut
are also being used, the whole purpose of the improved equipment being
to turn om more coins in a day. How
important this is i.s shown in the fact
that each year ihere is now a demand
for approximately 100,000,000 ono
cent pieces and 60,000,000 live cent
piece;-, or nick 'is
At the Yarmouth Y.M.C.A. Boys'
Camp, held at Tusket Falls in August
beneficial for sun burn, an Immediate
relief for colic and toothache,
General Sec'y.
English Village Worthy (discussing
possibilities of invasion I���Well, there
can't be no battle In these pans,
Jarge, for there baint no field suitable,
as you may see; an'-Squire, 'e won't
lend 'em the use of 'is park.
A Great Blessing to be
Freed of Indigestion
For   Years   He  Suffered   After   Almost   Every Meal-
Attributes Complete Cure to Use of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills.
Tha experience nt many people who
suffer from indigestion is lilte that of
the writer of this letter. Slomach
medicines may
bring some relief,
but chronic nidi-
geutlon Is almost
invariably the result of derangements of the
liver, Uidneys and
bowels, nnd cannot
be actually cured
until thcs'i organs
are set right.
With    the    liver
sluggish    there    ts
constipation,    and
the   food   ferments
in  the  bowels   instead of lieing dl- MR. BARRETT.
Rested.   This i.i the source of pain and
suffering, and the cause of such dreaded diseases as appendicitis, peritonitis
and kidney disease. It Is much better to be on the safe 3ide and prevent
such nilments by tho timely use ut
Dr. Chime's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Mr. J. D. S. llarrelt, Kelson, B.C.,
and formerly of Twilllngate, Nfld.,
���writes ;���"For several years I was a
grcat sufferer from indigestion. The
least bit of food caused me considerable trouble, and often I could scarcely eat a meal a. day. The many remc-.
dies I tried proved futile until I be.
gan tho use of Dr. Chase's Kldney-
I.iver Pills, and after using about
eight boxes I was completely cured.   I
"Since that time I have not beea
troubled with indigestion, which I
consider a great blessing. I feel grate*
ful for this cure, and shall gladly an.
swer any inquiries from persons suffering as I did."
Dr, Chase's Kidney-Liver Piftt 2B��
a bos, 6 for $1.00. all dealers, or Ed.
manson, Bates & Co., Limltti, Toi
ran to. THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
Has Kept in Seclusion the Boasted German Navy, and
the \\ orld-Wide Commerce of (.rem  Britain and
Allies in go on Without the Slightest Interruption
The splendid
record of the ilritish
li. , y since the declaration of war,
inns; command the unstinted admiration ol .ill who give ii due consideration. Tin operation.; ot ths magnlBc-
lent fleet In the North Sen under tlie
command of Admiral Jellicoe have
noi been 11 a spectacular nature, but
they have proved thoroughly effective.
Although eery offlcei nnd sentnun iu
tniii ileei has been longing tor nn opportunity tu try conclusions with the
German navy in u decisive battle, the
fulltlinenl ni thai wish has been denied tin-in im,i thoy hava been compelled i" maintain the mosl difficult
ol nil parts, namely thai of patiently
waiting uml watching In vain lor some
sign ui uclh Ity upon lhe pari uf lhe
enemy,     Hay   niter   duy,   week   after
i, eel;, month after month, in all sorts
<>i weatlu i. iiie strain Ims never I n
iciii'imi for n illinium duy or night, in-
ccssnni vigilance haa been u vital matter, one nils-step or the slightest re-
luxlng ui Uiul perpetual watchfuiuesB,
mlghl lime afforded the enemy opportunity tu work Irreparable mischief,
'I'liroiighotn these many months, however,  Iiie   British  Heel   hns  pllived  IIS
sllenl pan In the great world tragedy
with remarkable effectiveness. The
bousted modern navy upon which Germany expeudi tl many years of labor
and vast 8U.1I8 of money bus been held
altogether useless in tho seclusion of
strongly fortified German
Meantime Germn
innn commerc
driven   fiiim   I
slightest dernngemi nt; sb< pui
ii rses. ammunith a, �� pnpom
every sor; if Bupi lief rt'i rei
existing conditions, fron neutral ua-
tlons and transpi ru tl ��� ni ti In ��� own
shores ns Bnfel; and regular)} ..- In
I Hues of I'eiii . S , li,Hint:.ne- ii great
iiiiiI crowded oceai highway oi transportation from British port! ti tht
portB ol Pr in ' alone " blch man,
hundreds of t- o isand 11 mi i ; rt i"1-
ing corrlt d to nntl !r< i n si anil; na
well ns Incaloulnbli nmountf i : supplies und innn tloi of v.,-. vrhlli Germany stands aside gnashing In teeth
in Impoteni i un lit Hon I rltalt mob
ili/.es large and well i quipi ed armies
in tiie overseas dominion! anil tin nl
respeet to thi particular quarter ot the
globe wh nee they 'tune, launches
them in unarmed transports upon the
high sens over which tin;, traiel In
perfect coufidenci through thousands
uf miles of frequented sen lanes, con-
Vtoyod bj n few men il war, Although
lhe shores of Ureal Britain .re within
Has  Conspired  Against   che   Peace  of
the World For Twenty-Five
The German Kaiser, a hypocritical,!
cunning potentate, who tor 26 years
sceii'tly  conspired against the peace,
ci the world. Is thus described by a
I German nobleman, claiming to be one j
iol bis most Intimate friends, in a vol-
Enabled  "me of memoirs recently published In
| London under the title, "The Berlin \
her Court ruder William ll"
In what  purports to be an unetn-
! belllshed diary   record   of   moments
nnses ' slH',n '" friendly talk with the Em-
and I P"r"r during the days preceding und
...j, ��� I Immediately following   the   outbreak
'of hostilities in the present wnr, statements of the Kaiser nre quoted which
show    him  to  have  been  Imping  for
such an incident   as    iho   Sarajevo
crime, to   have welcomed the break
between Serbia mm Austria  as an opportunity for   blm to throw   off tlio
musk of peace-maker be   had grown
wenry nf wearing so that be might
emulate und continue  the great tl ieds
uf his grandfather,   William I., strike
terror to the heart of the world, nnd
"put Germany on n pinnacle of glory
nnd  power where nunc other
worthy to i,e mentioned beside It."
The author of this dramatic revelation of the German Emperor's inner thoughts during Ihe catastrophic
i days of last July and August signs
himself ns "Count Axel von Schwer-
Ing." The inlriinsigennt of Paris,
however, declares 'bat this count Is
The Call for  Food as a Patriotic Contribution Seems to be
Little Understood, but the Farmers ��f Canada arc Doing
Their Part for National Defence
(By C, C. James, C.M.G., Commissioner  laiion and extravagance that permeab
a few hours steaming ol
which the grcnl G Tinan
anchor, the shores ol ;l
e. tight Little Islam
ii harbors in
fleet rides nt
. 'Right 1.it-
reman, tibso-
raiders and Uer-
inve be n completely j ius
high seas nnd it is j in;
only by surreptitious means and under
(���ever Of some other flag thai thut
iintion is able lo obtain the most
meagre Imports from abroad, On the
other linn a ihe woild-w.de commerce
of llrent Britain nnd her allies goes
on without the slightest interruption
and the Germans manifest their exasperation by Ihelr dastardly deed of
wholesale murder ill tiie submarine
attach upon tha Lusitnnia. Grout Britain steadily imports tho immense fool
supply required In war lime, from all
corners  of  the  glnbe,     without    the
luie'y  Immune   from  asssilmei
German guns.
When some hist'rian BorioiiBly un-
dcrlakes to write the history ol this
war, lie will iind it necessary to give
a foremost pine' in thi narrative to
tl e phenomenal work accomplished In
the name of Great Britain by the genii Admiral Jellicoe and tin mtir-
ing faithfulness ol hij officers and
men by menus of thc consumption of
little or no munitions of ��n
than thc burn ing ol lh( coa
sary to keep hi.- oci ai t li :,'.'.-
Incessantly up and flown
night, In storm and suns) ine, i
waters through wliloh, i. i.i
German tleet musi mak its w
its haven to the his - 5! .,��� 1':
of its tireless wat< hi lines
silent self-restrain! tht Briiii
is making lor itself a record
unequalled ir
of Agriculture).
l-'or over a year wc have been celebrating; a hundred years of peace-
Canadians of early stock must go back
tour generations lo Iind ancestors who
fought lor their country, ln tens of
thousands of our families all warlike
traditions have long since disappeared, und we hnd become so accustomed in peace that, when war was de-
(���lured, it took time tor us to realize
that the country wm in such peril
tbat that we were called upon really
;o offer our lives ngi Inst the attack of
,vill be j n powerful enemy. The scene of conllict wns thousands uf miles away,
and mnn/ did noi realize in fact do
not y. t realize, thut our country Is In
danger. For three ur four generations
we have felt safe uud secure as a pint
of the British empire, and hundreds of
thousands of our people still quietly
.go about their business confident that
ay  nnd
!'! thosi
iv from
really Prince Von Fuetrstonburg, who I the British navy will surely seo us
really did accompany the Kalaor on safely through. Only now, as reports
Ills yachting trip to Norway in Aug-J of casualties reach us every duy, is
ui-i. The Prince, it is also stated, the war beginning tn come home to
made ihe revelations contained in his i us. Considering these things, we real-
published memoirs lo avenge on the | ize why French nnd British reservist
Kaiser the tragic disappointment th
the  Kaiser
In reality   a "scheming,    cruel
who luid served their country across
I prince suffered
peace-loving friend
that his 1 the sea und who wore moved hy the to sn.
was | traditions of their family life, respond- tion a
un-  ed so readily to the call to arms, und
enmity   thai
the Emperor
because   nf
to   win  mill-
tne  gioru
of ils byegone achievement
German Toy Trade
Crippled by tlie War
American Manufacturers Take Advantage of Opportunity and Are
Developing Business
Wiih every advantage in their favor an.l bucked up by the assurance of
anj material assistance which it may
he in the power of the government to
idler, American manufacturers of toys
arc now enlarging llieir facilities with
the prospict cf making an active bid
for ine foreign as well as the domestic
One toy manufac.urer in Massachusetts is employing about three
hundred hands, more than twice the
number on his payroll tbnn at the beginning of the war, and others have
Bbown a proportionate expansion,
I ner- ure some loys which will always come from Germany, under normal conditions, of course, because of
the high development of the industry
in that country, but there ure mnny
which can be mude on u competitive
basis in the United Slates, says the
New York Herald.
Particular reference is made to the
manufacture of dolls, of which the
United States tomerly bought more
than $2,000,000 .vorth, or more than
one-fifth of the total production, in
SaxeCoburg-Gotha, The embargo will
tbut off all this tra.le, and American
manufacturers seek to supply the market. Purchases for holiday delivery
being made ut this early day, and
as this couu
tmO  worth
annually buys $6,000,-
of  miscellaneous  toys  in
'any, ihe importance of the sltua-
is readily recognized.
Why Italy Fights
Huns' Reign of Ttrror
Crimes Ur.mEtchic 1-. Tirte Centuries  ci  War
Murder, Ius: and piling: prevailed
over many parts e: Belgium or, a
scale unparalleled in any war between
civilized nations during the last three
centuries, In this sentence is embodied a damning indictment uf the
German troops which bave overrun
Belgium��� sin indictment contained in
the report of the powerful committee
appointed in December by tht prime
minister "to considei nnd advise on
the evidence collected on behalf of his
majesty's government a.-, te outrages
alleged to have been committed by
Gorman troops (Hiring the present
war, case of alleged maltreatment of
civilians in the invaded territoiies, and
breaches of the laws am. established
usages of war."
It is proved thnt in many parts ot
Belgium the massacres of the civil
population were dclibsrately and systematically organized. Innocent civilians, men and women, were murdered
in large numbers, women violated and
children murdered- Looting, house-
burning, and wanton destruction of
properly were ordered and cotinten-
need by the German officers. Blabor-
ie provision had beer, made for systematic incendiarism as a part of the
system of general terrorization, The
rules and usages r,f tvai were frequently broken, especially In using women
and children as a shield fer advancing forces. Wounded and prisoners
were killed and thc- Red Cross and the
white flag abused.
Thc report (which Ie Issued in the
form of a. (11-page pamphlet) is lhe result of lhe examination of mere than
1,200 witnesses. Belgians imostly civilians) aiul Ilritish officers ana snid-
icrs. Nearly all the depositions were
obtained under the supervision of cir
Charles Mathews, director cf public
prosecutions, ar.d of Mr.'K. Grlrawood
.Vicars, barrister,   li
scrupulous brigand "
After   retailing   thc
oner   existed   between
and   the   Crown   Prince
the letter's Impatience
tary glory,   showing
Relchstag    is   real!"   less   powe
than  the  Prussian   Landing,  nnd  ex-1
plaining that one of the enrly causes j
of the present wur vas not a personal enmity between Emperor William !
II, and King Edward VII., contracted j
while the latter    was still a Prince,
the author tells of a personal encoiin-1
ters with ihe great figures In the wur j
and tha accuracy   with    which lhe
Kaiser   foresaw   Germany's   pari   in
tbe hostilities.
The Kaiser's friendliness to Jews
is instanced as an indication of his
essentially democratic nature. In this
connection he says that the Emperor
even appointed to the responsible
post of minister of the Herman colonies a baptized .lew, Herr Dernburg,
"nn appointment whicli wns Hi?
cause ol one of the greatest scandals
that Berlin has ever seen."
On board his yacht in the Baltic
on July 1. after lc-e'/ling of the assassination of Grand Duke Ferdinand
the Kaiser seemed meditative, Imperturbable, "This may be tbe lasl
holiday I shall enjoy for a long
lime," he said to the writer. "Who
knows what the next, month may
bring us? .Sometimes the necessity
arises for a nation lo assert itself, if
only because siie feels' that otherwise others may do it lo her disadvantage."
'A spark may set fire to the whole
'The Kaiser,"   snid   the   narrator,
why  peace-bred    und peace-nurturec
Canadians  have  moved  les3  rapidly,
We  had  well-nigh  given  up the art.
of war and we had become absorbed
in the peaceful building up nr u ni w
how thc German 1 country.   We have nol been called up-
less   powerful j on in make sacrifices for the security
' of  our   laud   nnd   the   safely   of  our
people.     There   hus   been  developing
desire f
sonal v
more among our people a
wealth and office and per-
ermeut Hint bus made us
selfish, and there has been
if laic a tendency to specu-
ed tl.e whole national life and threatened somewhat thc best elements ol
national   growth.     Suddenly   tin-   war
has come ami we have to adjust ourselves to new conditions. People .iho
have been living to ihem,. >,, and
for themselves suddenly find themselves confronted by a new Bltuatlon.
Tiie empire calls for men whe are willing to sacrifice ever thing, nut merely
fnr imperial existence, bin for humanity, Uut more, thc empire calls for
ini.;;. And this Becond, but equally ur-
g mt nnd important, call, sun.,.. Iind
hard to understand. We bave pre-
duced food for ourselves und a surplus for our profitable export To
call for food as a patriotic contribution is perhaps tlie most difficult ot
all to understand. What is the first
tiling needed? Instruction, education,
the placing of the full facts before the
people. Wi.it, you say, do they realiy
iced to be told what is needed.' My
answer to that is, tlicre is just as
linn h need for information for the
people as to tho material needs of the
empire as to have clearly set before
them Ihe need for men to sen-. Further, it is the duty of the governments
that full und .. rrect li ''"rma.
tn food conditions of the allies
anj of the enemy be given to tlie peo-
, pic   What would have been Bald it no
such action bad been taken?    Surely
I no apology,  no explanation need be
i given for a campaign to give the people the fullect and most reliable Information along this line    As for  inking up patriotism with production, I
| Shall not he nne to deny to the farmers of Canada human    teelli g  snd
'mental   make-up   equal   to
i workers In other lines.   Rural patriot-
J ism emanating  from  full  knowledge
I of needs nnd opportunities may yet be
I tb   salvation of this < ountry
Italy's Fighting Strength
Should   Pnve   a   Considerable   Factor
in   Support of tlie Allies
Field army of 1_ corps and 3 divisions of cavalry, 100,000 men; nine
yearly classes of reserves, fully equipped, 800,000; reserves not equipped,
but training, 500,000; making a total
of 1,700,000 men.
Fach army corps of the Aeld army
consists of two different divisions except the Roman district corps, which
hns tbree.
Thu-e nre two brigades of Infantry
Itwo regiments to u brigade) and a regiment of field artillery in each division. The total war strength of a division is 1-1,158 men and iftlcers, 1,309
horses and 30 sun -.
The army also has 39 aeroplanes,
The navy:
Dreadnoughts  in  commission....     4
Dreadnoughts to be completed
Allied    Navies    Have     P..raly:?d
Enemy's  Shipping
The  magnitude  of    Hie    task
navies of the allied powers ha.
formed since the outbreak of the
Is in a measure indicated by the
e ot
Armored cruisers .
med to lie brooding over    some j Protected cruisers
plan."    On July 2 the    writer dined : Torpedo gunboats
with   Moltke,  head    nf    the  general
"The Emperor," said the general,
'has been deceiving us for years.
While pretending to be an adversary
of war, li? has in bis own mind been
continually thinking of the day when
h? could declare it.'
Destroyers ...
Torpedo boats
Submarines   .,
Homestead Proxies
Are Restricted
Total number of warships ...
The two dreadnoughts to be completed this year ure the Duilio ami
Doria, Their principal armament will
be  thirteen   Ill-inch   guns.  Four   new
that a year ago the actual tonna^
Germany's shipping stood second in
the world and in eight months the
Herman Hag has been swept off the
seas- This means, says the Military
and Naval Record, that the en imy i
mercantile marine, which consisted of
-.388 steam and sailing vessels, with
a total tonnage of nearly 5,500,000,
has been paralyzed so that, apart
from the fact tbat tbe enemy's food
supply has been jeopardized, the income Of the holders of shares haa been
depicted almost to vanishing point.
Tbis has already hoeu shown by the
reports of some German steamship
companies lor 191-1, and now the report of the Reederel Aktlengeselt-
schaft of Hamburg permits of a comparison in tlie ease nf sailing ships.
According io the Financial "Times.
the Reederel is the biggest concern
in Germany engage! in the sailing
251 ship  trade, and formerly had  a  wide
 i connection, mainly in South American
11061 ports. The outbreak of hostilities
brought the earninig power of the
company to a complete end. and
eleven vessels were captured or detained by the allies, while all those
iO !
bt; i
p, New Age is Battling With the Old,
and  Must Change  It or Perish
Austria made out no case which jus-
tilled  her action-    Germany  had  no, ,      .. . .
case which could stand l'or a moment I !!."?���.l?.t??.?_,Alal
in a court of law, aud the great assize of civilized .mankind hns already
found it wanting. Those governments, I
irresponsible lo Hie people
ribe win,
tided il.at sel-
<; si en
desire to des
. I or suffered.
The lawyers tal.ine the deposition
forced the ' were surprised to find how little vin-
wsr upon the worm, while the gov- Mlcttveness tbey showed, and how
ernment of Italy would have preserved era ly In-c trom emotional excitement
Bc.nn.litv it it could. But the popular ��* narratives were. Many hes tot-
overbore it. The dynasty ;?�� t�� speak lest what ihey Bald might
i down had it withstood involve their fnei.es ,r relatives at
popular demand that I borne in danger, and it was found nec-
i, itself with the forces j fssa''.v to give an absolute promise
remaking the world. itn;>1 mimes should not he disclosed.
which ure al wor ^^^^^^^^
Civilization is in a grapple to thc
death with reaction. Feudalism and
the preposterous assumption or divine-
right kings and east s are reddening
Kurope with blocd to perpetuate a regime wliieh humanity has outgrown.
A new age is battling with the old and
must strangle it cr perish; and the
Italian people and we of America know
by an  instinct    which    brushes    all
SSpbistr..  r	
belong and where our true interests paring the way for the large business
lie. Humanity, like the Laocoon in which is expected lo develop after the
marble, has gripped the snakes that war. The marine officials state that
seek to crush it, and will come out of the Gtand Trunk Pacific drv dock at
the terriiic struggle naked and breath-. Prince Rupert, the largest north of
less, prostrate perhaps, but free; and ' San Francisco, which it about corn-
that old world we knew a year ago pleted, will be ot material assistance
will never be the same u aim -Roch-1 in the development ol tot Pan In coasl
���ster Post-Express, trade.
Will   Help   to   Develop   Trade
Alex Johnston, deputy minister, aid
I Col. Anderson, chief iriginter nf the
department of  marine  end  fisheries,
have returned io Ottawa from a trip
I of  Inspection   to  tht     Paiilic  coast.
They say that while- trade is quiet at
I present, ihe development oi ports and
the construction of railways now in
aside where our sympathies J progress in British Columbia is pre-
Department    of    the    Interior Takes
Stepc  to  Curtail   Practice
An Important notice has just beeu
issued in circular form by the department of the interior affecting the filing  by  proxy  upon  homestead  hind
and   lm..r  uliundonlhg  the  claim  iu
j favor of relatives. The custom ls be-
I ing brought under more severe regu-
I lation,  as    the    following  letter,  addressed io Dominion lands agents and
inspectors, would indicate;
'Hitherto it has been tbe practice
lo allow a settler who holds a proxy
entry for a homestead to abandon
such homesl ad in favor of certain
relatives, provided such abandonment
is received by the agent for the dis-
ttict in wliieh the land is situated before six months have elapsed from the
time the entry war. made, nolwith-
''"'! standing that the entrant had not fur-
,,���'���," j uisbed proof that such entry had been
"I am now to inform you that it
has bern decided io change this practice, and in future an abandonment
in favor of a relative, executed by a
settler, who holds a proxy entry will
only be accepted provided the entrant has appeared before the agent
for the district and lias fyled the usual statutory declaration on form
"82C," and. further satisfies the agent
by statutory declaration that he (.tho
entrant), has lived upon the land for
a period of not less than thirty days.
"By order,
.    "L, PERBIRA, Sec."
dreadnoughts were^ald down In 1914.  on  outward   voyage,  are  now   lying
Their    principal    armament    will be   idle  in  neutarl  harbors.    The  gross
eight 15-inch guns of the type of the  receipts    slumped   from   1,333,000  to
latest British dreadnoughtB, like the | 460,000 marks,
Queen Elizabeth, now at the Darda
In addition to ths permanent army
' there are      all times nine classes of
i reservists, men who have served two
years in the permanent army nnd who
, are  armed,  equipped  und   ready  for
' service.   There are about no.tioo. in
each s'u'u class, what is left of the
men who have retired from the perm-
; aneill   army   each   year  ,'or  the  pas;
, nine years. They know at all limes jnsi
' where to join their regiments, and thc
mobilization of such an army 13 a matter Of only a   hert time,
j    Aft-r two years' active service ar.d
nin >  years   In  the reserve,  the men
are subjected '0 militia duty for eight |uew
I yours.
and    tbe net revenue
after reducing the depreciation allowance from 6M,"i00 to 110,900 marks,
comes out at 161,300 as compared
with 4!'T,nun marks. The di
scales down from 12 to i per ce
'. i,i  r. ;
Wheel Suppresses Noise
Value of Rotation Crops
The First Essential to Good  Farming | ponc-
Is  Crop  Rotation
No real friend ot agriculture advo-
1 cates the heedless raising of things,
I That has ruined too much goud laud
1 in this country in the past. It is wasting the fertility of many arres now.
' 3ut raising things by good farming Is
In different propost'.on, because it requires the maintenance of the means
of raising them. The tirst esseniial 10
a      good      system   ot    farming    Is
profitable use of the products. A pie-
vailing crop rotation is usually the result ot the  past  experiei.ee'  of the
farmers of the locality and It rhould
not be lightly discard. 1    But it may
sort of bal       It niiglf
Portland,   Me,  Said  to   Rjn
Like Automobile
Elimination of the greater part of
the rrnlsj that now nccompanh ���  | .-
operation of street ears and elevated
and subway trains is a prosper t of :he
Immediate future as the result of .-.
noiseless wheel wliieh la d
In  the  Popular  Me, bi : ii -   Magazine.
A street ear equipp"!  with  wheels
of this  kind  and  recently subji  ted
lo  test  runs  at  Portland.  Me.,  is reed to havo run as noiselessly as
oinoblle.   The wiieel is made of
] i��c. sections, and is in effect a wheel
within a wheel.   The inner section is
; fiX'-d to the axle while lhe outer sec-
! tion takes the bearing on the Hack.
j Between H12 two sections is a cushion of rubber of special composition
which absorbs the vibrations caused
! by ihe grind of the tire on the rail
! and by irregularities in the track,
' i' is this that gives the wheel lis nc
1 less qualities.
The rehearsal had not gone at all i have become a
to please the stage director, who at its | bo much improved. . his 11 worth
close severely and unjustly criticized thinking about. Is the rotation .o.low
the leading man. In conclusion he ed the hest possible one. Could it be
said- "Sav, do vou think I have been 1 changed with benefit to the 1 arm and
a stage director for fifteen years for! farmer? What have been the effect?
nothing?" "I cannot say as to that," \ of the pa?t system on thc land and on
answered the actor suavely, "but if j Its present capacity to nrnduce good
yon haven't, you have cheated Hi: crops? -National stockman and Farm-
management." er.
i Two Words
"I  hist    read  that they're sending
I French conscripts to   the   front," he
was saying,
"Well,  1  suppose  the  poor  things
might as well be there as in prison,"
: murmured his sympathetic hostess.
If the swine are in the fattening
stage they should have all they will
eat up clean, but growing animals
should have just enough to keep theni
ic a thrifty growing condition. THE COURTENAY REVIEW
The Courtenay Review
And t'omox Valley Advocate
A   Weeky   Newspaper,   Pubished  at
Courtenay, B. C.
N. H, Moi.KN, Editor ami Proprietor
fcbscriptinu $1.60 per Year iu Advance
Telephone 59
THURSDAY, Al'Gt'ST.S, 1915
Notes and Comments
Lv'ng as well as thieving seems
to In- characteristic of so .ie German
princely families, The latest instance of the former appears in a
French official statement answering
a Germau prince's assertion that
50 percent of the shells used hy the
French artillery north of Arras
were American-made. As it hap-
pens France has bought ro shells of
any kind in the United States since
the war began.
The value of advertising wns
never moreconclusivel) shown than
in the enthusiastic response which
has ccinc, 1 nth from masters and
men, t'i Mr. Lloyd George's appeal
for the nations cooperation in
Spi .ding up the output of war munitions. The replies of all 'he employers and leading tepresentatives
of labor has been "tell us what you
want done and we will do it." It
is the patriotic equivalent to the
commercial advertising giving pub-
licit y to a sale of goods, and it has
brought the same result. There
never was a clearer evidence of the
fact that ''it pays to advertise."
Two scientists from the United I
States department of agriculture,
accompanied by a number of assistants and guides with a pack train
are to spend the summer and fall
months of this year in the Chilcotin
pull Peace river districts, making a
utudy of the big game there, Their
work is part of a bijj plan, which
has beeu in progress for some years
for an exhaustive study of the animal life i.f the entire North American continent. The gentlemen employed to lead the expeditions are
for the most part men of means and
leisure with a taste for outdoor life
and scientific research who serve
the United States Government iu
an honorary capacity.
known here in Victoria. A little
publicity would be a certain harvest and would not lie a costly operation, The railway company
coukl do much too to help Courtenay by giving note favorable terms
for return tickets, but this concession and the advent of tourists will
not be secured unless steps are taken at the Courtenay end. Publicity campaigns to sell B, C. apples
and strawberries have been eminently successful. Why not a campaign with the object of getting
holiday makers to patronize 11. C.
It was announced in Victoria hist
week that no more Comox butter
wou'd be forthcoming. Happily
the rumor proved to be incorrect,
although it was given out on thu
authority cf one of the wholesale
firms handling butter. The Cowichan people make r. point of
regularly advertising their milk,
cream, eggs aud butter, with the
price of the latter.
Now that New Zealand butter
hns ceased to come in, in fact the
butter is going tbe other way now,
fiom Canada to Australia, Alberta
butter nnd eggs are making a bid
for the housewives' custom. Alberta eggs command a price of 30
cents a dozen, while local new laid
fetch 35 cents. There is every
reason to suppose that a large
quantity of eggs is being placed iu
cold storage, uud that pi ices will
steadily rise.
The news of the approaching nr-
rival at Fraser Mills of the steamer
"Llandudno" to load one million
feet of lumber will give pleasure to
the Valley. But for the lack of
tonnage, the lumber industry
would be iu a much better condition than it is today.
Barrister   and [Solicitor,   Notary  Public
P. 0. Box 209
Phone 24
Mitchell & Son
Milk and Cream Delivered
Daily in Courtenay
Telephone R 81
Dyeing, Cleaning
and Pressing
Garments turned out liKe new-
Alterations and repairs
of every description
Old Bank Building
Phone 17 Courtenay
A new attraction for Comox���
Shrimps have arrived on the .Spit.
Mrs. Brown, of Vancouver,
caught a 26 Ib, salmon at Little
River the other lay,
The Pori Augusta hotel has been
NOTICK is hereby given that I intend ti> apply to tbe Board of License Comtnissi< liters, one month from
this date, for a transfer of Hit license
held by nie to sell spirituous and fermented liquors ||by retail from the premises known us the "Courtenay Hotel,"
situate in the City of Courtenay, Britisli
Columbia, to tbe building in tbe City ol
Courteuay, on I.ot 5(1 in subdivision of
part of Section 61, registered as No. 311,
and now occupied by W, C>. McKean ns
a General Store, the hotel to be known
as the "Hotel Alexandria," according
te plans and specifications which will be
laid before tiie Board,
Dated tbis 24th day of June, 1915.
When  In Doubt
Play Trumps
Have Goard Tune Your Piano
Factory Experience
Recommends   from   Leading  Musicians
from tlie Atlantic to the Pacific.   Copies
of same furnished on request
W, J. Goard   will Be  in this city  about
August 1.    I.enve orders  at this  Ofiice,
or write direct to
845, 8th Ave., W.   -   Vancouver
��� jrs V"
a.W&��   Iff
*W A
f  A
The ho.iday season is now on
and there nre still a number of
people able to leave this rock pile
for change and rest. By all accounts however there is a surprising neglect of the Vancouver Is
laud resorts, the holiday makers
preferring the delights of the American side. But the island is not
altogether free from blame, for the
attractions of places like Courtenay
and Comox   for instance   are   un-
This will be the greatest sale in this (1.5-
Mr. Vv*. Robb is ill at the hospital j tricts' history nnd will be the biggest
The steamer Walrando, with the | bariraiii opportunity in years to purchase
Liquor License Act
Notice is hereby given that at the next
sittings of the Board of license Commissioners, for the City of Courtenay, I intend to apply for a license to Sell spirit-
ous and malt liquors, by retail, ill the
premises known os the "Courtenay
Hotel" situate in the City of Courtenay
on l,ot 19. part of section 14, Comox
District, in the Province of British
Dated at Courtenay this 14th day of
Tulv, 1915.
Inspector of Dredges on board, was ( lliRll cl..
tied up at Coinox wharf on Sunday, j
The marrage is announced to take :
place ou Wednesday, of Bert Beckensell and Miss Maggie Hornal.
s Dry   Gi
ods and   Men's
it low prices
Mrs Brydges, Mis. E. S. Woods,
E. M. N.   Woods, Harold Cooke,
Mrs, Mslvill Green and Mrs Mailer
all of Vancouver are camping here,
for a few weeks.
Prof. Macoun Dominion do: 1 i
ment Geologist, who has been here
for some week:', hn   | 01K to :
11.   C, while J.   M,   Macoun  has
gone to Van Anda,
Rev, and Mis    Franl "
hav  ) '- :   dl    in
p   t nl
pre' iate very 1
We are going to deluge onr entire store
with n distribution ol Summer Merchandise for men and women at prices that
will be well within the reach of everyone
This Sa'e Wi'.' Cor-t'-v:?: For
Tenders Wanted
TTiNDERS will be received by the
undersigned upjto Saturday, August 14, 1915, for the shop fixtures, etc.,
belonging to the Coinox Co-Operative
Society. Also wagons, horses, refrigerator plant, scales, sausage marbhie, gasoline engines and other articles.
Highest or any tender not   necessarily
Courteuay, B. C, Aug. 3, 1915.
Cumberland Hotel
Good Accomodation       Cusiue Excelleii
Wm. Merryfield
for  your
Horses & Cattle
25c.  per Wine Bottle
tin k
who helped tin
The village p
��� 1 in
& 1X    .
to Po
Comox, B. C.
Best Meals North of Naniamo
Choicest Liquors aud Cigars
C. A. Martin,   Prop.
Drug Store
Palaee Livery
Horses and  Buggies for
Terms cash.
We  also  attend   to  wood hauling
. B   I
Phone 2*,
Hot Wai
Jackson! i.
Phone 0 Courtei
Ford Touring Car
Price $590
������ ���
ci ... ti say the
p, '���. ivererli eply-grate-
ful to Capt, Moody, and greatly
... ge', but at the same
time ! ;    hi ve   preferred   the
Powell River trip.
; , li .���.>',. ; s held at St Peter's
011 Sun lay 1 \  uing at 7.30.
The Boy Scouts, who were in
camp at McCutchen's Point attended i)e\ hie Service at St Peter's
church on Sunday morning, when
the Vicar, Rev. Franklin-Watson
conducted the service and also addressed the boys. After welcoming
the scouts the speaker informed the
congregation that he had prepared
a sermon on the Gospel for the day
but when he learnt, late on Saturday, that the Boy Scouts were to
attend, he had changed his snbject
and addressed them on Spiritual
Warfare. There were some amongst
them whom he had prepared for
confirmation during the time he
had charge of the parish of Cumberland and tno��t of the others were
known to him. The speaker exhorted the boys never to sleep out
of reach of their arms as men who
can see from the tents in which they
Sand and Gravel
Rates Reasonable
rest, llie camp fire of the enemy, an
enemy who is able to destroy both
body and soul in hell���he reminded
them of their Baptismal vows, and
assured them that if they were ouly
faithful, the Beautiful Prince of
their Salvation should at last wel
come His trne soldiers home. After
the service the boys were drawn up
and inspected by the Vicar.
olloll   Your  IV
Oh. 1
Ml 1,1. SI REKT
I ... ;
Comox, B, C.
First-class   Accommodation,    Best
Quality Wines Liquors and Cigars
R,   McCuish, Prop.
Presbyterian Church
St. Andrews' Sandwick
Service 2 p.m.     Sunday School
and Bible Class 3 p. in.
Sunday School and  Bible Class
10:30 a. m.   Service 11:30.   Evening service 7:30 p. tn. All welcome
Not to Bake?
The former is really unnecessary when Bread from the
Courtenay Bakery is available
andby reason ofquality has so
many votaries. Get the A B
habit and satisfaction
W. Aitken
Oppositenew P
i1 3111 il 1  (1111 li THE COURTENAY REVIEW
Wild Rose Pastry Flour
This Good Dependable Flour, Home Made in
British Columbia Has Solved The Baking Question   for   Thousands   of   Careful   Housewives
Wild Rose   Pastry Flour  Is Uniform
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Housewives Who Are Proud of Tlieir Baking
have good reason when they use this fine family
flour. Because it is the only Pastry Flour Made
in B. C and we are all commencing to realize
the fact that it pays to use goods of B, C. manufacture when thev are just as good or as in the
case of Wild Rose Pastry Flour, Ear superior to
other brands of foreign manufacture. And we
make this claim of superiority without hesitation
or fenr of contradiction
Prove its truth al onr expense. Order a sn-k of
Wild Rose Flour from your dealer today. If
you are in any way dissatisfied, If it does not
give vou the best results you have over had from
and other pastry flour, the full purchase price
will  be refunded  to   you     Ask Your Dealer
Royal Staradtard 'Grass Products
Wholesale rw 33; ...,d *i Bridge; f. movki, tv. Retail
The death is announced from
wounds of Hugh Mark Cooper, of
the King Edward Horse. He was
the eldest sou of the late Rev, H.
S. Cooper, [of Saint George's.
Canterbury, and was well kuown
in Canada.
Mrs. Jos. Idiens of this placi is
his sister, and to whom the sympathy of the community is extended.
Hugh Cooper was one of five
brothers, all at tlie front, and single. He was formerly in the Bank
of Commerce, Vancouver, leaving
seven years ago to take a responsible position as Financial Agent m
London, Hug., for Amelitts Jarvis,
Hugh was the eldest of the live,
the youngest, 15, is a bugler.
What a pity it is that he  caunot
be in Courtenay for a short time to
make a bugle call to see if there are
any more single young men like
the Coopers in the Comox valley
willing to throw in their lot at this
vital moment to save their country,
Those who will not facejthe music
are sure to be marked when the
war is over, the axiom that tkose
who hesitate are lost will prove
ir tie.
Silver Wedding
O. H. and Mrs. Fechner will
celebrate the 25th anniversary ot
their marriage, 011 Monday evening
Aug. 16th, by holding a free dance
in the Opera House, at which refreshments will be served. All tlieir
friends in the district are invited to
be present. Splendid music will be
engaged for the occasion.
i(TEE QUEEN     .
is m the
; uHJbPl -
(���' : tty.)
P     m
At a meeting ot farmers held in
the Agricultural Hall, Courtenav,
on Friday last, the committee ap
pointed in April last to consider the
question of co-operation in this
district, made a report. The following were stated to be the conclusions
to which the committee had unanimously come.
(1) That co-operation would be
much more effective in thit-. district
if it were found possible to have one
stroug central association upon
which the farmer could rely to
handle his business with safetv as
well as with economy to himself
(2) That the difficulties of
forming such an association lie
mainly in the directions of capital
and management, and also that the j
turnover of the business likely lo be
handled by such a business, at anv
rate in its early stages, would not
justify the expense of such a staff
as would ensure its continued sue .
cess and salety. That there would
be a difficulty in borrowing the
necessary capital to run it with the
proper margin of safety, having regard to the fact that it would be
in w and untried,
(3) That in th se circumstances
before trying to deal with difficulties
which on tlie face of them were
formidable, it would be wise to approach the Cowichan Creamery
(which in that district forms such
,1 central association as is contemplated in paragraph one) with a
view to seeing whether some work-
iu r arrangemeut between the two
districts might not solve the difficulties referred to above, and so,
in the first place obtaining by such
an arrangement a larger volume of
business to justify the expenses
necessary to run it with real safety
to the farmer and in the second
place to procure for this district a
share in that closer associatiou with
the markets already possessed by
the Cowichan Creamery.
(4, That under tliese circum-
tsatices the meeting should be asked
to request the committee to undertake such an exchrn^e of views
with the directors of the Cowichan
Creamery, and to report to a meeting to be called at a later date, when
if there seemed to be a reasonable
prospect of doing better business in
that way, further steps could be
The committee wished to make it
quite clear that they approached
the matter with an open mind and
that they were by no means convinced that such an arrangement
would be possible or profitable, but
that they felt it would be extremely
unwise to leave such a possibility
out of account or to abstain from
looking into it.
Accordingly after some discussion
tlie following resolution was passed
"That this meeting rcauests the
committee already appointed, to
treat with tb. Dire t r of the
Cowichan Creamery with a view to
ascertaining whether tiie two districts may not become associated
co-operatively to the better
vantage of both, and to reporl
farmers meeting to be held at a
later date,"
The meeting, over which Mr
Urqtthait  presided,   then h 1
pi     ure of listed
prog tan'tne of unit   ',  111c .
      d !.'���,   Mrs,  i "]��� ;'��� 11    t
the ;,,.. istant e of sevei il ladii    i    .
.  1 to-d: y like the best
diner!      Euroj , i0 ���� electrically
grilled steak, potatoes baked liy electric beat,
and coffee uf that delicious even mild richness
that the Hughes Eleciiic Range makes possible.
Yon can do it. The Hughes Electric Range makes
perfect, complete cooking by electricity possible.
It roasts, broils, bakes, stows.
ughes Electric Rang<
And the cost of installation and maintenance is
moderate.   By all means come see and learn about
this wonderful stove.
For sale by
Courtenay Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.,
:������'     '������
,    ���
���  ' '��� -   >T'h
Tliese  nre  features  in   our
offices.    It will pay you to jj,
'",-    have your dental work done |<i
<*"    in  Vancouver.     All  work Au
Slji       guaranteed Ior 10 years hii
Phones: Office 35, Pes. R68
Office: Mill Street Try an Ad. in The Review
Buggies and Express Wagons
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Snld at the Lowest Possible Trice
Blacksmith ard Carriage Builder
Comox Co-Operative Society Ltd.
Dealers in all kinds of Meats,
Butter. Eggs and Farmer's
Produce, Cooked Meats a
Specialty. We sell only the
best. Prices are always low
and satisfactory. We pay
best prices for produce
Phone No. 2
Insurance Company Limited, of London, England
Fire and Accident
Assets Exceed
Funds Invested in C
. rrei
Now that tlie warm dry weather is coming on, when th     ��� -w
on the roof of a store  or dwelling  may result  in
fire insurance policy iu a good company is tlie  best of
are agents  lor  the  I*aw  Union  and   Rock, a   Ci	
second to none.    See us Ior rates
Phone 57
iJ, ���-,.'.
A% est   '
��� .��� .
1 t. 'HE   British    Co
I    Comp my has in'hand
worth of exteiitioiis   ind
exteiitious ;
ments in the province,
in  Nanaimo  and   North
been completed.    In Victoria, $30
being spent in providing additional fi 1 iii
ties;   in Vancouver  another $30,000  is
being spent.    In Cloverdale and Milner
Districts many miles of poles are being
set to reach new subscribers.    On Lulu
Islaud, 40 miles of wire is being placed.
In the Interior, extensive work is being
carried out in Nelson and Rossland.     in
addition, the company [has overhauled all
its exchanges, renovating and redecorating
All this is in line with its policy to be al-
way prepared to give telephone satisfaction
B. C.  Telephone  Co., Limited THE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY,   B. C.
The Mystery
of the
By Fred M. White
Ward,   l_o(.k   &   Co,   Limited
...London,  Melbourne  and  Toronto o
He lui'l dropped tlle match he was
about to apply to his cigarette and
was Btartng oul of the window. The
bliml ln"l noi been drawn; tlie panes
were (rami ,i with flowers.
\ml Inside thai dark circle lliere
came a tape, a 'Ian, Hastern face, with
awful eyes, filled with agony and rage
and pain. Across the dusicy forehead
was a out from which blood streamed
"Vou are not listening to me," Mrs.
May cried.    "Whal   is  the  matter?"
"The face, a faee at the window,"
Geoffrey gasped, "A horrible looking
man. nol of this country at all; a man
with a gash in his forehead, lie seemed io be looking for something. When
he caught sight of me he disappeared."
Mrs- May had risen and crossed to
the long French window opening on to
the lawn. Her hack was towards
(leoffrey and she seemed determined,
or so he Imagined to keep her face
concealed from him.
"Strange," she said, carelessly,
though she was obviously disturbed.
'Surely you wore mistaken 'dome
trick of the brain, u freak of imaglnu
Geoffrey laughed. Voung men nt his
time of life, men, who follow healthy
pursuits, are not. given to tricks of
the imagination. His pulse was beating steadily; his skin was moist and
"1 am certain of it," he said. "What
is that noise'.1"
Something was calling down ihe
gulden. Long before this lime the
good people of the farm had gone to
"Shall I go and see what it is'.'"
Geoffrey asked.
���'No, .no," Mrs. May whispered.
'Slay here, I implore you. 1 would not
have had Ihis happen l'or anything.
What am I saying?"
She passed her hand across her face
and laughed Bteadily,
"Thero are secrets in everybody's
life and there are in mine," she said.
"Stay till I return. There will be no
danger for nie, 1 assure you."
She stepped oul Into the darkness
."nd was gone. Geoffrey stooped and
bent over a dark blot or two that lay-
on the stone still ill the bottom of the
"lllood," he muttered, "blood beyond
n doubl.   it. was no delusion of mine."
I-'roin outside eame the swish of
silken drapery. It was Mrs. May returning. She seemed herself again by
Ihis lime.
"The danger is past," she said, "if
danger you choose lo call It. The next
time we meet we shall laugh together
over this comedy. I assure you it ts
a comedy. And now I am going to
ask you to leave me."
The woman was playing a part and
playing it extremely well. With less
innate knowledge, Geoffrey would
have been thoroughly deceived. As it
was he affected to make light of the
matter. Ile held out. his band with a
Bin ile.
"1 am glad of that," he said. "You
musi lei ine eome aagin. when, perhaps, you may lie disposed to allow
me to asslsl you. Good-night and
thank ynu for one oT the pleasautest
evenings of my life."
The door closed behind Geoffrey,
and he stumbled along in the darkness
until his eyes becairi :i ustoiued to
the gloom, om iii the road some one
crept up io him and laid a hand on
his ariii. Like a (lash Oeoffrey had
hlni by the throat.
"Speak or I will kill you," lie whispered.    "WllO are ynu'.'"
' Coin,, wilb  nie al  onee," came lhe
hoar.' reply. "And roleasa thai grip
of my ihioal | am Serglua Tehlgor-
sk> "
l he   tested  to  the  utmost.    Are  you
i ready?"
I     (leoffrey     hesllul  tl   bill   for   a   mo-
1 ment.     liis   senses   seemed     lo     lie
braced and strengthened, lie seemed
i In  hear  better all  at   onee-,   his eyes
I penetrated   farther    into  the gloom.
There was a feeling of eagerness, of
exultation upon him. He look Tehlgor-
sky's  lean   elaw   and   laid   it   upon  his
I left wrist,
"Feel   lhat,"
! pulse  Bteady?
I forward.    Only
| llnd the truth."
Tehigorsky cl
' kind of grit he
said ' Is nol my
am longing to go
re me a chance to
The Mystery Deepens
Geoffrey recognized the deep rasping tones nf Tehigorsky directly. His
hand dropped to his side. No need 1"
tell iiliii thai danger was In the air.
II was tho thick, still kind of night,
that goes with adventure.
"Somothlng has happened?" (leoffrey asked.
"Something is going lo happen mill ss we prevent It?" Tehigorsky replied. "The enemy has been foiled
three limes lately nml is getting uneasy, lie begins to realize that ho
has to cope wiih somebody who understands the game, ll is no use to
work In this deadly mysterious fashion as long us certain people can read
Hie danger signals and act upon Ihem,
and therefore it has been decided to
fall buck upon more vulgar methods.
Vou are not afraid of danger?"
"Not in the least.    Try me."
"The danger is great. You are dealing with some of llie cleverest people
on earlh. If you ure discovered you
will be put away.   Your courage will
llekled.    This was the
"You will do," lie said. 'Aud you
will go alone on your expedition. Vou
are acquainted with all the vaults and
passages of the caslle by tills time;
every inch of the ground is known to
you. Give me your coat and shoes."
Geoffrey handed diem over, getting
a pair of rubber soled shoes and a
rough pea jacket In exchange. In the
pocket of the latter lie found a revolver.
".Now   what   am   I   in  do?"  he   demanded.
'Sland here," Tehigorsky; explain-
I ed. "Presently you will see a ligure or
, two, perhaps more   Vou will not understand   what  Ihey   are   saying,   but
I that makes no difference. You are to
j follow Ihem, slick to them. If nothing
I happens  by  dawn  you  enn  afford  to
i leave them to their own devices.   If
i circumstances place you in dire peril,
I be brave, for help is not far off."
(leoffrey might   have asked another
question or two.   inn Tehigorsky turn-
ed  away  abruptly  and  was  speedily
j lost  111  thc  darkness.    And  then  followed  for  (leoffrey    the  most  trying
i part of the business, wailing for the
lirst sign of the foe.
Half an   hour  passed  and  slill  no
sign.    Had  lhe affair miscarried and
lhe miscreants gol away in some olher
| direction?     Strain    his    ears   as  he
j would,  (leoffrey  could  catch  nothing,
i Then  al.  length  something soft and
rustling seemed to he creeping along
on the lawn on the other side of the
Geoffrey crept Ihrough the gap in-
I to the garden.    Almost instantly he
| dropped on his fnce, for somebody carrying a lantern was softly creeping in
his direction.    It was the ligure of a
woman, a woman who had a black lace
shawl so wrapped about lier that in
the feeble light it  was impossible to
make   our  her   features.   She  paused
I and made a hissing sound between her
I leeth.
| As if they liad been evolved out of
! Geoffrey's inner consciousness, there
appeared two men upon tlle lawn. One
was lying on ids back, his head supported on the arm of his companion.
They were Indian unlives of some
kind, but of what race precisely Geoffrey could not say. The prostrate man
had an ugly cut across his forehead;
it was lhe same man that Geoffrey
had seen looking' through lhe window.
A crafty, ugly, sinister face it was,
full of cunning malignity. The eyes
were dull, but the fires of hate were
still in them. The woman stooped
down und produced cool bandages
soaked in some pungent liquid, which
she proceeded to bind round the
brows of thc injured man. Even at his
respectful distance Geoffrey could
catch tile odour of the bandages.
Ile watched the weird midnight
scene witli breathless interest. There
was something creepy about, the whole
business. If tliese people had nothing
to conceal, all this surgical work might
have taken place indoors; they might
have called assistance, Geoffrey tried
to catch sight of the woman's features.
Ilut that was impossible. Still, there
was something familiar    about    her.
i She stood  up presently and Geoffrey
no longer hud any doubt.
It was Mrs. Mona May.
The injured man rose also, lie staggered along ou the arm of his companion and Geoffrey could wiih some
difficulty see ihem enler the sitting-
' room,    ile paused in some doubt lis to
bin n xl move, but before he was call-
I id upon to decide,  Airs.  May and the
other unlive came out again.
!     Evidently Ihey had left  the injured
j man  holllutl.    Then  liny  emerged In-
I lo llie rond and Btarti il off rapidly to-
1 wards tlle cliffs.
"doing    ome  way  hy  lhe  pace  they
are walking," Geoffrey muttered,"and
1 nl lhe mine time Ihey must be back
before daylight, or they would never
I have dared lo leave Hint fellow at Jes-
son's. Whal a gotod thing 1 know Iiie
��� country."
(leoffrey followed at a respectful
distance, his rubber shoes making no
sound. For the lime of year the night
was intensely dark, which wns in Geoffrey's favor. Also, with bin close
knowledge of lhe locality, he had no
fear of making mistakes.
The couple were not more than fifty yards ahead of iiim. They had not
tiie slightest idea they were being followed seeing that they were talking
earnestly and none too quietly in a
language that was Greek to Geoffrey.
Now and again he cauglil the low
laugh that came from the woman's
By and by the cliffs were reached,
and here the two begun to descend a
path that would have been dangerous
lo unuccUBtomed feel oven in the
broad daylight. Um Hie man seemed
to know'tlie way perfectly and llie
woman followed   without   hesitation.
They came presently lo lhe firm sand,
fringed   hv  the  ebbing tide.
Then they turned to the right, pausing at length before a solid-looking expanse of cliff that stood right under
Ravenspur Castle, "ne inomenl they
loomed darkly agalnsl ihe brown
rocks, Hie next minute Hi y sec mel to
be swallowed up by Hie cliffs.    They
had entered Hie mouth of ,i cave.
Geoffrey followed still more cautiously. On and on they went, until
at length they paused, Then Hie light
from tlie lantern grew stronger, I'rom
behind a ledge of seaweed-clad granite
Geoffrey winched them furtively. They
were waiting tor something n Bignal,
probably-   before going further.
The signal seemed lo come at last,
from  whero  ii   was    Impossible  for
Geoffrey to judge, and then Hie advance was resinned. Presently ihey
emerged into the deep, lielow-lide level
vault under the caslle, where Geoffrey had seen Marion walking iu her
.Mrs. May turned In her companion
and gave him some sharp command.
She had lost ull he'' levity and Geoffrey could see lhal her dark eyes
were glowing. The native salaamed
and laid liis hand upon tha lantern.
The next instant the place was plunged inlo pitchy darkness. Five, Ien minutes passed,' and nothing wns heard
but the lap of (he ebbing tide on lhe
shore. Then u hand was gently laid
on Geoffrey's arm.
(To be Continued)
The total imports of merchandise
into the Union of South Africa during
1914 were valued at $150,812,600 compared with $192,631,900 for 1913. The
largest decrease wus in imports of articles of food and drink, of which the
values were $30,000,000, and $35,000,-
000 respectively. Exports decreased
from $326,o73,000 in 1913 to $192,474,-
000 in 101-1. This large drop is accounted for principally by the stoppage of Hie export, of gold and diamonds, the value of the former being
$187,000,000 in Hint, compared with
$102,000,000 in 1914 and ilie latter
$00,000,000 and $27,000,000 respecively.
"He tells me he left office in a
blaze of Klory."
"Tlio people fired him. Perhaps
that is what he means."
"What's that guy doing wilb lhat
camera? He's been, standing on that
corner all day."
"He's taking a motion picture of
thut messenger boy."
Orenu.aicd Eyelids,
Eyes infiiuued by espo-
^_^ ��ure to Sun, BHSlsmd Willi
t%���T-m fat-Kari quickly relieved b> Murine
LjCS Eye Rem��iy. No Smarting,
tf just  Eye Comfort,    Af
Your Druggist*! 50c per Bottle. Murine Eyo
SalveinTubes25c. ForBtoWllhcEyePreeasIc
Druggists oi Murine Eye Sealed y (,��., Chic sue
W.  N.  U.   1009
Safety First in
Poultry Raising
Conditions Necessary to Ensure Success in the Poultry Business
To produce poultry that will meet
the present day high standard of (nudity requires business-like attention to
the essential things lhal tend to influence the proper growth and l.cep
llie flock in such condition ns to keep
production proportionately great
throughout Hie whole year. Thai
great success can be attained In small
lioeks on comparatively small spiicci
has been repeatedly demonstrated.-
Of course, lliere are a number of
very essential considerations that may
make or innr success, but we believe
failure is due hi more eases lo neglect io avoid difficulties than by lack
of attention to furnish whal mny be
generally termed every day essentials,
The pouliryuuui who raises birds to
show wants to produce something that.
will  outclass  Ills   rival's  birds  al   Hie
tlmo of the show and the market poultry man wishes to produce moro marketable eggs and poultry of prime
quality to secure the top prices for
Ids product, lie who can produce liis
goods nut of llie regular season iu as
vigorous nud thrifty condition as those
produced during llie natural si .non
has gained an advantage that his rlv
als cannot make up on him,
In considering any aspect of poultry
work we believe it wise to most carefully consider Hie season's work nnd
plan in advance the possibilities with
tiie available material and conditions
and on a most conservative basis
make preparation lo carry out the
plan by taking all the precautious that
will avoid the difficulties frequently
seen where poultry is Kept.
Generally some objective is Hie incentive tu" any special effort during
tho season, lt may be some special
show at. the end of tho year or a group
of shows. It. may be to supply winners for customers or perhaps to fur
nish early broilers or soft roasters or
to get eggs early at the season when
prices are high nnd in consequence
obtain a much bigger return. Whatever the results desired it is necessary
to plan a sufficient time ahead to lie
sure of accomplishing what is wauled
with some allowance fnr shrinkage or
failure on Hie hoped-for results.
If seasons were nil identical one
could plan le get llle same resells
wilb the same treatment year after
year, but conditions vary so lhat ordinarily Hie crop i.s materially affei ted
by any deviation from the regular season. The shortage of early chickens
last fill! was a marked example of this
Before starling ihe season's hatching, which is usually Hie big factor in
lhe year's work, the condition of Hie
breeders must hnve the closes! consideration. Here is involved Hie task
of having the breeders in the pink of
condition when the hatching eggs are
Io be secured. Tlie best eggs for Ihis
purpose will lie si cured from lhe
hens when they are in lhe best physical condition, If tbey nre run down
from too much showing or from forcing for egg production Ihey will not
become physically Ml until well en iu
the season, We would consider il
easier lo hatch chicks in December
if Hie breeders were in line tit then
and carry them through a month moro
of winter weather than to hatch in
January from the same birds if liny
bad lost llieir simp, 'the chicks with
one month less of winter to go Ihrough
wiih a weaker start would lie harder
lo handle than (he sturdier chicles out
of eggs laid when the hens were most
physically fit.
Ho much is dependent on the good
qualities of the male thai we consider
one of"the tlrst considerations of snfe-
ty is the selection of Hie male, lie
cannot be too good, either, from a
standpoint of ihe productiveness of his
parents or his own constitutional vigor. Wc believe this to be true no matter what branch of poultry work is
contemplated, fancy or utility. A
weak, well finished male may produce
something nice mated with strong females, but it takes the most careful after-selection to keep up the vigor and
prevent the lowering of the vitality of
tlie progeny on account of Hie introduction of the bird lacking vitality. As
a general plan we consider it wise
to select the very best type of male
nnd male to him such females as will
affect his faults by Hie qualities they
may show that he is lacking. At Hie
same time it, is a help to remember
that the more nearly alike two birds
are the more nearly alike should the
progeny be. Great extremes cannot
produce u great proportion of similarity and require longer careful breeding to utilize Hie original trails of
value in both specimens.
Having cur breeders selected il is
advisable lo incite sure that tlieir environment is all that could be desired
to give all the nattual comfort. Ihey
need to keep them vigorous and capable of reproducing themselves in the
largest possible way. Hy ibis we do
not mean thai lavish expense must be
made l'or llie birds- Very frequently
the simple conditions are much more
result-getting than extravagant conditions, and require less production to
make a profit,
Tho housing must be of a nature
lo provide great abundance of fresh
air and sunlight at all times of the
year. 'The temperature is not Important, but the birds must, be protected
from stormy winds and lr.1 well
well protected when on the roosts at
night. Males that we carry over the
winter get out every day and most of
the time have nothing but snow for
drinking water. We know of no method that has made hardier, sturdier
breeders than this rough treatment of
the males.
While the male is h.ilf lhe pen, llie
besl male lhat could be secured could
not. possibly produce d ipendable stock
unless lhe females were nlso of a high
calibre. Hood females wilb good males
that will mate well wiih Ihem make
the best selection -for building up a
sturdy  (lock.
Having the pins tcleeted and muled
and everything in order so lhai they
will be In good condition to produce
eggs that are capable of hatching
strong, sturdy chicks it becomes necessary to plan ahead SO as to have
everything in readiness to give these
chicks every opportunity of mnklng
the best growth. Willi the early
hatches il Is necessary tn provide conditions that will us much rs possible
furnish those elements Hint make
them thrive in the natural season,
We believe It possible lo mention
these in a single sentence. They need
sanitary quarters, clean feed of lhe
right properties, lols of sunshine ar.d
fresh air of suitable temperature, pure
(lean water and conditions that
make them scratch and work for
lhe feed they got, All of Ihese conditions can easily bo supplied if a
little thought is given lhe matter in
advance of the actual need of Hie
supplying of them, Ordinarily d'tli-
, cully does not develop with the lirst.
i brood or two, but as the chicks in-
��� crease and space and equipment become used up anil the work begins to
crowd, Hie little fellows or the later
i hatches get less attention and either
from having lo be accommodated in
coops that have already been used
by earlier broods or placed on tlie
same ground that lias become soured
or contaminated do not make the same
growth as the older or earlier ones.
Perhaps there are no causes thai
have made failures Willi poultry like
overcrowding aud contamination of the
soil. The last we believe to be tlu
greatest usual factor that Impoverishes successful plants, the former being contributory to the same result.
Even on large plants where Hit
acreage is larger than i8 always in ao
tual use for the chicks, it haB sonic
limes happened on most successful
plants Hint soil contamination lias
has made it necessary to abandon foi
the time the location where llieir nper
aliens have been heaviest. This if
one of the troubles that can bo pre
vented by taking safety methods be
tore conditions arise that will affecl
the growth of the young stock. But t
short time ago we heard of a vcrr
successful poultry man who had mnde
iu a few j ears $110,000 lo $30,000 whe
found it necessary lo abandon hit
plant on account of the ImposBlbilttJ
of gelling the same growth in his
young stock due lo soil contamination
When this occurs ou ,i farm with reasonably good management how much
easier can it occur where the runs
are smaller and tho birds niorc closely confined all the year round. By us
ing the proper precautionary mens
ures this tendency may be entirely
prevented and u benefit to both the
fowls and the soil from lho treatment
to prevent this contamination from
constant use without any treatment
By frequently turning the soil nnd
occasionally treating with air slacked
lime aud sowing lo a crop such as
oats, rape or any other quick growing
vegetation, the trouble will be entirely
prevented and no evidence of soil or
stock deterioration exist from soil con
Where chicks are being raised in
large numbers, we believe much
trouble can be prevented if all specimens showing the least tendency to
contagious disease aro removed immediately from the others. How hard
it seems to the inexperienced to kill
off any sick stock for the sake of the
others. We fully believe that 00 per
cent, of the losses in young stock could
be prevented if those showing sickness were removed or killed the moment signs of illness appeared, lt is
better to kill one -lick bird than to
take a chance of losing dozens that
might be most excellent specimens.
if all people could appreciate fully
Ibis fact the country would have a
much larger poultry crop to recor I
ar.d more good breeding specimens
for Hie next season's operations. Afler the hutching is over wo find must
people give tlieir poultry less attention than perhaps al. any other time o!
the year. This is u great mistake for
lliere perhaps is no period of Hie year
Hint is more trying to tho birds than
thc hot summer months. Fresli
waler, shade, proper uoi'.-licating food
are most essential now and above all
quarters that are sweet and clean,
wide open to all the fresh air thev
can get. lt is nol. reasonable to expect lhal the stock may be neglected
l'or a couple of months and then extra
care may be given with expectations
of the best result::. No, the care musi
be given nil the year round or tl.e
greatest possibilities cannot be realized. When the breeding season is
over it is time to begin to think of
the next season and do everything
possible to prepare the breeders for
Hie next year's work. They should be
started on their moult early enough te
have them entirely through before it is
time for cold weather. If speclallj
early are desired, lhe birds that are
well moulted early and put in prime
condition so that they can lay strong
well fertilized eggs are the ones to
use, for H.ey only will be the ones
that can produce strong embryos front
which to get vigorous chicks in tht
late winter or early summer, Hy Riving the closest attention to this i
whole season'!! work can be much improved.
This is a most excellent time lo oi-
serve which are the most, vigorous foi
where there is any likelihood of weakness it will generally show liseir
when Hie strain of moulting is on. Al.
Ihis lime if lliose having any tllfflcu.
iv or showing weakness are discard
ed tho product for thn next reiisoi
should be considerably Improved.
Many are tlie ideas mul appliance.
offered lo improve Ihr; possibilities il
reusing poultry. Many of Ihcm art
most practical and helpful and an?
plan Hint proves Itself an one that increases the result is well worlh adopt
ing, but we think if each poultry raiser would not neglect lo supply tllOSl
needs that ho knows are necessarj
and will bo sure of giving bigger rt-
turns and belter grown and flnlshcl'
stock, the crop would be conshlerablf
increased and be of much belter quality and hiwher value.
Let 1915 prove to be one of wef.
thought-out plans curried to complt-
tlon so as to get tlie maximum possible results with the knowledge and
equipment available. Only in Him
way shall larger results be posslble.-
A. P. Marshall, Niagara Falls, Cat-
aiia, Breeder of Ningradot Whim-
Bed Rose Teaisgoodtea- IHE   REVIEW.   COURTNEY.   B. C
The Bankers
and Breeders
Evct y tennis or ball player, c7ory
swimmer, every canoeist, every man or
ft'orSon who loves outdoor life and
fxercisc, should keep u box of Zam-Buk
Zam-Buk t3 a purely herbal propara
Don, which, as soon as applied lo cuts.
*rulses, burns, sprains, blisters, etc.,
sets up highly beneficial operations
First, its antiseptic, properties render
Hie wound free from all danger fron:
Mood poisoning. Next, its soolhtnr
���ropertlea relieve and ease the pain
Then Its rich, herbal balms penetrnti
Hie tissue, and net up the wonderful
irocess of healing. Barbed wir<
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�� Um  Best  Uemody  for  liifnntllo  Dlur-
Sonteihing belter than linen nml bur
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linn- All stores or direct. Slate style
ml me    Kor '."ie  wc will mail you
58 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Onlarlo
; arc,  and  have been for more
| tlian Sixty Years, Leaders and
��� Standards of Canadian  Trade
��� and   all   thinking   Canadians
��� will continue to always
Insist  Upon Having
None but
Wise Bankers Will Hcip t'nc Wise
Farmers  to  Raise  Stock
Every farmer who lias tho feed and
roughage, and any experience with or
aptitude for livestock raising and
feeding, should use it. If he hasn't
had such experience he should begin
to acquire It- If he hasn'l the ready
money, bul is otherwise prepare.I, his
bankers ought to be glad to make the
loan for livestock purposes, for it is
not going io slump in value ami every
bushel of corn fed makes the stock
and tlie loan that much better,
I'nder any reasonable conditions
this practice gives the farmer a utco
additional profli on his gralu a
chance to work up n Iol of straw and
roughage Hen otherwise would bring
Ium little or notliln l and manure
is mude and the farm's ti rtlllty not
hauled away and sold, Stock cattle
ure so high Unit under all average
e mdltlons Ui iv  is u   sood  profli   in
raising f lers thai nre worth ��75 or
$80 nt eighteen months, many ol
,\ iii. h never saw anj corn.
Hogs are easy to huudlc, require
very little Investiueiil lo start with,
and cholera ean he prevented. The
great world scarcity is certain to
iiinke prices lilghor, especially In
cattle Cattle scarcity Is bound to force
im reused   consumption   of     pork   and
million ami thus they easily maintain
their high price, in spite of n more
rapid Increase thnl inighl eome in
these mere quickly matured meats.
It is the banker's duly to urge such
a policy ami encourage loans of this
kind: il is real and resourceful banker-farmer work. Illinois figures in
more or less degree are typical of
many of the older and richer States,
and newer Slat'���s und lliose with
cheaper lands can vastly profit by
her short Blglltedness. For example,
not since the war has Illinois marketed as few cattle as this year; not
since Hie state board of agriculture
began keeping statistics 58 years ago
has she sold so few hogs; not in 35
years lias she reported less dairy
cows. A man who doe" not raise or
feed some livestock, who does not
have a proportion of colt-raising mares
anions liis horses, who does not have
a manure spreader working on schedule or a few sheep to clean up, is
not a real fanner and is not .getting
more than a fraction of the return
he would otherwise gat- The banker-
farmer who is not alive to or who is
partly responsible for this situation
and does not attempt to improve it, is
not a real banker.
As soon as the livestock farmer has
made a good start, the silo and paved
feed lot. must follow. Ths silo makes
profits in every direction and a paved
lot permits the hogs to save i.i per
cent, of the corn fed to cattle above
what they would save if fed In the
usual mud lot, ., in addition to cattle
comfort and manure saved. Bankers
know that under proper conditions,
livestock or notes secured by livestock
on feed, is one of the best and most
liquid loans lo be hud. The farmer
must "stock up" and llie farmer-banker is wise who will "stock up" with
his notes.
Keeping Cream (Jtiol
Attention  Should   be   Paid  to  Cooling
Crc.nn as Soon as Separated
Now thai warm weather is here,
every possible means must be taken
to gel cream on the market in good
condition. The warm days that have
ilready passed have Led a marked effect iu lowering the quality of cream
now being made intu bin ter.
Attention .must be paid to cooling the cream just as scon as separated. However, the greatest exposure
to heat usually comes when the cream
is hauled lo market, und the cans are
left uncovered, and exposed to the hot
sun nnd dust.     ,
ll has been found by experiment
that the temperature may bo kept
more than twenty degress lower when
dampened blankets are thrown over
the can or dampened blankets are
us:d than when tho cans are left uncovered. In addition, the dirt end dust
are kept away from tl:e cans and
ere u in.
It is nol only to tlle advantage of
ihe producer to help in keeping up the
quality of the cream so that good
prices may continue, but low grade
cream cannot be allowed to come upon
tlu market in the future.���It. McCnnti.
Colorado Agricultural College, Fort
Collins,  C'clo-
H ]TOU Ull'OUT Of SOKtS'ltUN DOWN' 'i.ot the ili.UKS'
~\e*i dllMifi sad WbXOKtlFUl, CURBS erWtfiJ Uy
Vinrtm.df (er YOUROWH ailment,   nb&olutllr FREtt
���ij follow up circuit,,,,. Kaolllijtallo&s, UK. LECI.BftG
^KrtC'J.llAVE.KMncitRn.llAUI-slKAl, l.ciNUnN.ENCl
It   WANT  TO PliOVa:   TII KK A I'I .>.N   V. 11 I. C U Hit   VOU.
South Dakota Bankers Meet
The bankers of Qroup Ten, South
.lakota State Bankers' association,
isld a meeting at Selby recently,
.lattle and other farm loans, the new
can ia n tee bank law and other timely
/jpies in banking circles wore dls-
���iissed. The elect inn ot officers con-
���ittded the session. W, 10. Ilriggs, vice-
>resident of thc Northwestern Nation-
ii bank of Minneapolis, spoke on live
.tock loans.
Ask for Minard's nnd take no other.
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ave to keep explaining to people of
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Minard's   Liniment   used   by   Physicians.
Worth More Than Crop3
What, about the modern conveniences l'or the house? Has Hie wife
facilities for making lier burden easier as she takes on the passing years?
Remember that a woman's strength
and energy are the most sacred asset
of the farm and that you will be sorry
when they are worn out.���Farm Journal.
Complete in itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not require
the assistance of any other medicine
to make it effective.   11 docs not fail |
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Submarine For Salving Sunken Ships
"A spherical submarine now lieing I
built, solves the problem of recovering !
treasure from ships sunk at great >
depths," says the Popular Mechanics I
"The new submarine consists of a
steel  sphere,  eight feet in  diameter
and   capable  of carrying  two  workmen.   It in designed to be lowered into the  water from  a  tender,  but  is
provided with electrically-driven pro-!
pollers  by    which  it can  lie  moved t
about  In  the  water as  it  hangs  nt i
the end of the cable.    One of Its es-1
sential features is a set of four elec-1
tro-magnets,   which,   wheu   energized
by   current   from the motors within
(he sphere, serve to hold it securely
to Ihe sleel hull of a sunken ship.
Current for Hie operation is supplied
througb  a cable running down from
the tender.   In addition to this equipment it will be provided with  electric   drills for piercing the side of a
ship,    and    with a powerful searchlight  for  working purposes  and  for
exploring the bed of the ocean when
Iho exact  local ion of a  sunken  ship
is not known."
'I Ihlnk you ran over a man a
BOment ago," snld the taxi passenger.
'Do you?" replied the chauffeur.
'I'll look in tho papeis tomorrow
Burning and see."
The Army of
U Growing Smaller Every Boy.
My give relief���
vy permanendjr
line Const: \
���Son.    Mil.
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iem for
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Dropped a Remark
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��� "Ves. yes, and then?"
'Her voice broke!"
Mrs. Knagg���Young Mr. Benedict
Beams much more fond of parties ami
receptions since he married
Mr. Knagg���Yep. Misery loves company,
Young Lady (on first visit to west
cm ranch)���For what purpose do
vou use that coil of line on your saddle?
Cowpuneher���That    line,    ns    you j
call It, lady, we uso for catching cal-
tie nnd horses."
Voung Lady���I dare say. Now,
may I ask, what do you use for bait? j
The Supply Comes  From  Food
If we get power from food, why not
strive  to get  all  the  power  we  can. i
Thnt is only possible by selecting food ���
that exactly fits the requirements of
the body.
"Not  knowing  how    lo select  the]
right food to ill my needs, I suffered
grievously for n I ing time from stomach trouble,"   writes a lady from a
Utile Western town.
'II seemed us If 1 would never be
lib!' In 11 ii.1 out the sort of food that
was li ������! for me. Hardly anything that
1 could eal would stay on my fftomach.
10%��ry ait 'inpt gp.ve me heart-burn
and filled my stomach with gas. I got
thinner and thinner umil I literally
became a living skeleton und In time
was compelled to keep to my bed.
"A few months ago I was persuaded to try drape-Nuts food, and it had
such good effect from the very beginning thai I kept up its use. I vas surprised at the ease with which I digested It. It proved to be just what I
"All my unpleasant symptoms, the
heart-burn, the inflated feeling which
gave me so much pain, disappeared.
My weight gradually Increased from
08 to 110 lbs., my figure rounded out,
my strength came back, and I am now
able lo do my housework and enjoy It.
Grape-Nuts did it."
A ten days trial will show anyone
some facts about food.
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co.. Windsor, Ont. Head, ' The Uoad
to Wellville," in pkgs. "There's a
Ever read tbe above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Alfalfa in Alberta
|8   Peculiarly   Adapted   to   Irrigation
and Produces Large Crops Each
Tin- acreage of alfalfa oil Irrigated
amis In Alberta is increasing rapidly
from yenr lo year as the importance
and value of this crop Is belter appreciated by the farmers, ll has
been grown successfully in the Lethbridge' district for the past dozen
years. The total acreage now well
exceeds 10,000 acres. On the Canad I
Ian Pacific Railway Company's irrigated lands In ihe Strathmore and
Gleichen districts it is being introduced more slowly Everything indicates, however, that it enn be profitably raised Ihere. provided care
is exercised in ascertaining th i
source of the seed so thai only hardy
types are used, and proper cultural
operations in the manner and Huie
of Irrigation are i raployed.
Alfalfa is peculiarly adapted to Irrigation, n produces large crops
each year and owing to tho tacl
thai a stand will last for many years
after it |a sown, it is very profitable
there   being  no  expense    attached   lo
It   excepl    Irrigating and harvesting
the crop.
To gel the best results tha land
should be Irrigated for each crop or
eiitting. The yield depends entirely on
tbe care exercised in Irrigating, tbat
is, nn parts of tlie Held should he missed and no parts over-irrigated sufficiently to injure the crop. In this connection it must also be mentioned that, according to reports in
lhe spring of 1914, fall irrigation is
not a safe practice in all districts.
The average yield per acre on the
Experimental Farm, Lethbridge, since
llltifl (the lirst fields were sown in
11)08) of field-cured hay has been
just a little over live tons per acre.
Some tests have been made to ascertain the best, quantity of seed to
sow. The results obtained are given
In the following tables. The plots
were all sown alone, no nurse crop
of grain being used
'i'ha farm superintendent recommends using from 15 to 20 pounds
of seed per acre. If conditions ale
very favorable, i.e., If good rains
come just, after the seed is sown, less
will do, but as it is a crop thai will
remain a long lime on the land and
one that will nol thicken but rather
is apt In become thinner as il becomes older, a liberal supply of seed
is usually Hue economy. The hay
from a thick sland bus finer stems
and so is better in quality.
He Meant Every
Word He Spoke
He  Had Sore  Back and Other Symptoms of Kidney Disease ar.d Cot
Real Benefit From Dodd's
Kidney Pills
Sixty-Nine Corners, Ont���(Special),
���'! am recommending Dodd's Kidney
Pills as the best of medicines," The
speaker was Mr, J, A. Hill, a well-
known resident of tin'H place, and he
left no doubt In the minds of his hearers that he meant every word he said.
'Some time ago," Mr. Hill continued, "1 had a very sore back. It
started from a cold and 1 suffered for
six months with it. I also had stiffness in my joints anil cramps In my
muscles and I felt heavy and sleepy-
after meals. My appetite was fitful
and my limbs wero heavy- Then I
decided lo try Dodd's Kidney Pills.
I took four boxes and received great
benefit from them, That's why 1 recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Every one of Mr, Hill's symptoms
showed that his trouble was of the
Kidneys. Thai is why he got such
benefit from Dodd's Kidney Pills. They
are no cure all, but they do cure sick
Kidneys, and lhe Kidneys are the
keystone of health,
More than half a
Century of Quality
is behind every
package of
Always order
by the name
in order to get
Practically every
grocer in Canada
The Brightest
Woman Find
sometimes that they are dull in
mind, depressed in spirits, ami that
they have headache, backache,
and Bufferings that make life
seem not worth living. But these
conditions need be only temporary.
They are usually caused by indigestion
or biliousness  and a few dosej of
will quickly, safely and certainly
l ight the wrong. This famous family
remedy tones the stomach, si a-
lutes the liver, regulates the bowels.
Ijcccham's Pills cleanse the system
of accumulating poisons and purity
the blooil. Their beneficial action
shows in brighter looks, clearer
complexions, better feelings. Try
them, and you also will find that they
a a mi
LarccGt Saloof Any Medicir.e tit the World,
Slid , v,Tywhfr...   In L..T.-I, 25 crafta.
Spare the Birds and Save the Crop3
llird hunting if carried on under restraint may be legitimate sport, but
bird slaughter is merely a means of inviting calamity. Take as one little instance the "sealp act" ot Pennsylvania, which paid In bounties Si'O.eOO
for the extermination of hawks and
owls. These "pests" were destroyed
but the small rodents upon which they
fed turned on the farmer and did almost $1,0011,000 worth of damage. Our
bird friends possess infinitely more
than sentimental and food values.
Were it not for their intervention the
insect hordes would blot mankind
from the face of nature���Country
World's Wheat Farm
Western Canada Has the Dest Wheat
Land   in  tbe  World
They     have    only    jusl   begun   to
scratch the surface of prairie Canada,
which is offering hemes and fortunes
to  millions, Bays    a    recsnl    writer
abroad.   Manitoba, Saskatchewan and I
Alberta, now coiibI Ituto    the  world's I
largest    wheal farm, a trad bo vast I
lhal  it has not all beeu explored yet
and uo one I noWB ils extent and  resources.    This nr.'in  plain  1,000 miles
long nml of undetermined productive
width contains approximately 484,000,-
000 acre.- Of the besl wheat hind In
the world, of which half is unknown,
Of the total surveyed area Of 140.-
000,000 acres only about 16,000,000
acres have been brought under cultivation, an area which" in 11111 produced 560,000,000 bushels of wheat, oats,
barley and flax���104,000,000 bushels of
it being wheat, lt may be seen that
there is land enough to keep the world
111 bread for some time to come. Furthermore the country is weil supplied
with railroads and is offering pi-eat inducements io settlers. Something of
the size of prairie Canada may be understood when it is known that it is
five times bigger than Great lJriiain
and Ireland and three times the size
of the German  empire.
Externally or Internally, it is Good.
���When applied externally by brisk
rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil
opens the pores and penetrates the
tissue as few liniments do, touching
the seal of the trouble and immedl-
ately affording relief. Administered
Internally, it will still the irritation in
the throat which Induces coughing and
will cure affections of the bronchial
lubes and respiratory organs. Try it
and be convinced.
Minard's    Liniment,     Lumberman's
Hecause of the lack of humus fields
wash, and the running off of the
water carries off the top soil. There
are parts of America In which fields
are worn out not because crops have
exhausted the fertility, but because
the tortile surface soil has been carried off by washing, Humus acts as a
Jap Standing Army to bs Increased
The budget committee of the house
has approved the project to Increase
the standing army of Japan. The measures provides tor the addition of two
divisions or about 24,000 men. The
previous diet was dissolved by the
emperor in December last for declining to uphold the program of the ministry for military development.
The budget oommittee also approved a mrastin for the construction of
three submarines and eight torpedo
boat destroyers.
���with burning, highly colored
urine���are sure signs of weak or
inllauimed Kidneys. Gin Pills
cure all Kidney and Bladder
Troubles. Mc. a box, 0 for $2.50.
���at all dealers. jes THE COURTENAY REVIEW
May flower D
���   POWDER
Mayflower Talcum Powder
The distinctive odor of Mayflower Talcum
is entirely new, and of such charm and delicacy
as to immediately appeal to every woman of
refinement.   Antiseptic���exquisitely fine in
texture, it is pre-eminent for use on baby.
All Ny.il preparations are in a class by themselves.
Nyal's Face Cream and toilet requisites arc almost indispensable for the complexion. Ask at the Nyal Quality
Store fer free copy of our booklet, "Your Complexion,"
which includes directions as to proper methods of Massage.
Aid. McKenzie on behalf of the Ath
letic committee, reported that it had
lieen decided to fittingly celebrate Aug.4
Rev. Mr. I.aycock was present and on
invitation of the Mayor addressed the
council. He asked tint the concert ami
dance be eliminated from the program
on Wedn silay evening.
Ah! Robertson gave notice that he
would defer tlle introduction o( the pound
bylaw until next meeting.
The trnllic by-law was given its third
I Aid. Kirkwood suggested that motors
j and teams should not he allowed to stand
on the main street alter a certain length
| of time. Tbis will be brought up again
and embodied iu a special bylaw.
The clerk presented the financial statement as follows :
Dog License	
Gov. School Grant..
Tiade Licenses	
Loan from Hank....
' ��� * -j .��� . .
���  >  -2f / M .-'isffr ,
mL*:<s;b   _
Robertson's Drug Slore        Courtenay, B. C.
Comox Co-operative
Society Limited
At a meeting ot the creditors and
shareholders if the Comox Toil '.relive Society Limited held in
the Agriculture Hall on July 31st
it ivas decided that for the present
the Courteuay branch should be
closed and that the Cumberland
ich   hould be kept open.
The creditors agreed to give the
Socieyt six months time before
taking any proceedings.
Shareholders having beef, veal,
mutton or pork for sale are requested to phone particulars to Wm.
Duncan, Phoue u.
The regular meeting of the City Conn
cil was held  on Monday evening
the members were present.
A letter was read from Moon & Silver-
tun requesting employment in ease the
city build a wnter system.
The following accounts were referred
to the Finance committee to pay if found
G. C. Callin $15,   C.   P. Dnndas $12.10,
School requisitions $60, Review, $22.
Aid. Kirkwcod laid on the table report
of pound bylaw  committee,   which provides that no animals shall be allowed to
run nt large  but  tbat  horses  and cows
I may be tethced out.
I    Aid. Johnston  took  exception to this
1 owing to the fact that there are so many
stumps and snags.
Bank loan and interest..
Travelling expenses ....
Fire apparatus	
Public Works	
Oflie   furniture	
Office expenses including
$   ��'-52
$ 511.IO
733 29
1559- -4
He Who Chooses
will be safe from
clothes worry.
He gets style, fit, all
wool and satisfaction.
Cook Bros. & Allen,
Limited label is an
insurance  policy  of
For Sale  by
Phone 34 Next Royal Bank
Balance on hand 24,30
Aid Johnston suggested that an audit
of the accounts be made. It was pointed
out that this would be done at the end
of the year.
lie also thought it was time the city
clerk should serve written notices to
the businens men who have not paid the
license fee to do so at once. He had
taken the trouble to wire to the cities of
Duncan an! Alberni and found that the
fees were the Same as ours.
A vote of thanks was tendered to Wm.
Duncan for giving his services to the
city in going to Victoria in the city's in-
1 A vote of thanks was also tendered to
Ur. Crompton for his services on the
board as alderman.
' Aid, McKenzie wanted to know what
lights the city was paying for and by
what authority.
Aid. Robertson, for the utilities committee said they were only paying lor
lights from the Builders' Supply to the
Courtenay Hotel corner, which also included the two lights on the Comox road
Aid. Kirkwood asked that the Kleclrie
I/ight Co. meet the committee and state
definitely their proposition.
Aid. Johnston said they would want
something unreasonable and then we
could not agree to it.
Aid. Leighton brought up the nntter
of appointing a medical health officer.
Aid. Johnston said lie had heard that
Dr, Montgomery might be moving to
town shortly.
The matter was left over until next
meeting at which a committee will report.
Aid. Robertson wanted to know whit
had become of the fire ladders, etc.,
whicli had been purchased.
Aid, Kirkwood said he intended calling a meeting (or the purpose of forming a lire brigade shortly.
Aid. Kirkwood gave notice that he
would bring in a bylaw regulating pool
The matter of holding up Read's sal-
nry came in for a lot of discussion. There
are several garnishees against it. The
mayor was of the opinion that the city
were not liable to pay it. Aid. Robertson thought it should be left to the lawyer for his decision; if he said pay, do
so. It was then pointed out that he was
the solicitor for the creditors. Aid. Johnston asked the council to wait until he
could send to the place where they had
brains for an opinion. Aid. McKenzie
said these little insignificant personalities occupied more attention than the
city's business.
Aid. [.cighton reported that the city
constable had refused to perform his duties, and he had asked for his resignation, which he understood was in the
hands of the police commissioners,
Afler adjournment, the police commissioners met and left the matter of accepting the resignation over for another
month, nnd gave the constable a certain
number of hours to work each day.
The anchor was solen from Aid.
Kirkwood,s launch on Sunday
Sir Robert Borden will be the
guest of the Canada Club in London to-day.
l.ost���On Friday nhht, July 15,
black wool rug, between Royston
and Courtenay. Kinder will be ti-
warded ou leaving same at this
c (Tire.
Sutton & Kirkwood
Undertakers and
Night or Day Calls (Promptly
' I tended
Letter to The Editor
l'.ditor Courtenay Review
Dear Sir,���I would be rauch obliged if you would give publicity
through the medium of your paper
to the following extract of a letter
to me from the Honorary Secretary
of the Over Seas Club.
Christmas gi��ts for Old Country
There will probably  be  a  gool
deal of distress Ihis   winter iu  the
Old Country,  and our committee
wonder whether you or any of your
��� frieuds or any   local   organization
I known to you will be contemplating
j sending any gifts of clothes, etc.
for distribution in the British Isles,
or Belgium,    If so.   we   shall   be
only too pleased   to   act   as   your
j agents in the matter, and   see  that
I these iifts  are   distribute 1   where
t they will be of much  good.   We
j are in touch with  all   the  leading
charitable organization 1 in London,
I and have done a great deal of work
of this kind.    Practically iu   every
case the steamship companies  have
been good   enough   to   cany   the
goods five   of   charge,    It   see ns
rather   premature   to   talk   about
Christmas gifts,   only   matters   ol
this kind require a lot   ol  arrangements in a Ivauce."
If the above appeals to anyone in
this district I   shull be   pleas
forward parcels if sent to me.
My services ure also .it tlu dis
pogal of anyone wishing to >ciu
gifts of any kind to wound) I I'i ieud
iu the Military hospitals,
I can also give assistance iu trac
ing missing   soldiers,   supposed   to
hi prisoners of war.
I am, dear sir,
Yours truly
H. Scott Porteous
Hon. Corresponding Secretary O.er
Seas Club
The  Comox Barber   Shop
I        Oldest Shop iu Courteuay
Nothing   But   First   Class   Work
Guaranteed.    Baths in connection
Phone   ���
Swan's Old Stand, Courtenay
logger's Shoes made to order.
In North and South, in East
and West,
Aston's Handmade Shoes will
stan I the Test.
Willard's Harness Emporium
I'illi' Showing Of   Horse   Blanket*,    I,up
Hugs, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, lite.
II iruess Repaired Neatly
Cumberland and Courtenay
It was reportt-d this evening that
the Germans had entered Warsaw
The seizure of the steamer Dacia
has been declared legal by tl e
French prize court.
A despatch from Constantinople
says that the Sultan of Turkey who
was o erated unon in June, ! as
completely recovered.
The fire on Denman Island is re"
ported to have destroyed the ranch
buildings and crops of Mr. Pickles
and also of K. Sharp, together with
boathouse, etc.
Try a Want Ad. in
The Review      .
These Tires are Al Seconds, and they
are sold at the prices noted bcljw in
order to meet a demand for a reliable
9 30x3 1-2 MX, Non-skid at...
2 32x4 NX, Non-skid at	
1 33x4 Dominion, chain at....
10 33x4 Fisk, non-skid at	
4 34x4 MX, Non-skid at	
I 34x4 National Nonskid at...
1 35x4 MX, Nonskiclnt	
2 36x4 MX, Nonskid at    	
I 34x4 1-2 MX, Plain at 	
1 36x4 1-2 Dunlop Traction at.
2 37x4 1-2 Duiiloo Plain at.,..
3 3'ix4 1-2 MX, Nonskid at...
2 37x5 MX, Nonskid at	
J14 00
. 17 25
22 50
23 50
24 85
17 50
25 SO
26 20
2+ SO
30 00
23 00
36 20
41 50
C. O. D
We Pay Freight
727-735 Johnson St., VICTORIA
JT^tL ^LZSu��S3St^ESa\~ .iTr^JISil
Exact roiling
TTAYK you ever con-
* * sidered the quality of
your work from the standpoint of careful type composition and efficient proofreading? The reputation
of this house for good
printing lias been established through accuracy and
attention to the little details. Send your printing
here and we will do it right
. t. j. ��5 r..aaalHYar.il


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